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Sep 22, 2013
Jasmin Lebed Final Video log

Jasmin turns on her camera at the memorial where Aarons name and picture are at. "Rest in peace soldier, you did the right thing." Jasmin salutes to the memorial before putting her bag on her shoulder. She then takes her video camera and turns it to film her face. "I am simply a missguided lost wonderer now, I have no place to call home, I have nothing. Aaron destroyed the alien mothership and now XCOM is done. We're returning to our "homes". I really don't have any option but to return to my life of lie at Russia. All the friends I gained here, all flowing to waste. I will return to my life alone, Aaron promised me a life as a commando, but he died before X-COM ended. I have no evidence of Aaron messaging anyone, so I can't go anywhere. Thomas promised me a ride home, after I get home I will return to the service of russian army and hope that I die on the battle field like my father. This is the final video log of Jasmin Lebed, the daughter of the Immortal swan. Jasmin Lebed, singing out." the camera turns off.

OOC: WOO! I never got to see the field of action but thanks to all you wonderfull people who so open handedly took me in! Special thanks to ZombieSpliter53 for the experiences we had roleplaying! It was a fun ride in the base, it wouldn't have been the same first season for me without you! Same goes to everyone who took part with me in roleplaying. I will most definetly remain here and be back with a new character when Enemy Within roleplaying seasons and if Enemy Unknown roleplaying seasons come again, I will be there too!


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Sep 21, 2012
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It is over. The invasion ended as soon as Bryant imploded with the Temple Ship into a microscopic black hole. The Earth survived, but to what end has our humanity been affected? What can we tell about the people who saved the planet? Did we sacrifice our sanity just to survive? Perhaps we would be better off dead. Perhaps this is not an existence I would wish upon anyone.

To think what I have sacrificed to come here and to think no one will know. That the technology I stole from the Triad came only at the biggest price I have ever paid. That they threatened to kill my family would I not return the device. That I thought that it would be worth sacrificing them, sacrificing myself... Just to save this miserable planet. Oh, such a noble man I am.

I arrive at that base, forced to sleep on the couch in the common room of all places. I suffer through their looks, gazing at me as though I am the scum of the Earth while they think of nothing but themselves. How I tried to reach out to the soldiers, be one of them, share in my experience, try my very best to keep them busy and have them ready to face anything. Hell, I kept some from killing themselves outright. To think now it was only the start of the wave of insanity.

What little time I had between missions and sleep I had spent evaluating, helping and training these soldiers. I did not mind not getting any thanks, I don't mind being taken for granted, but it is the downright ignorance of some of them that is insulting. As if they had forgotten why they were here, a set of the arrogant, self-centred and self-righteous. Yet, no time for me to slap them in the face and tell them to stop their pitiful moaning. And it is those who will need to carry this broken world, for they a of the few who know what truly happened. It is that which I find so depressing.

There is nothing I expected to get for what I had done. I joined this programme out of necessity, I had no choice. They dropped me where they picked me up, stripped of my rank, leaving me to fend my own against an angry Triad. Good. I have nothing to lose. I helped save this ball of dirt, now I might as well serve it again. Fighting the Triad will be the start of something big, I will make sure the next generation will inherit something worth fighting for.

Perhaps a few of those who stood beside me against the alien threat will understand my purpose and join me. Those unaffected by the insanity spread by some. Those whose minds weren't taken by those they thought they could trust. If I can find them, there might be hope. For now, I am alone.

Signing off, perhaps a last time,
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Nov 3, 2012
Name: Booker "Dewitt" Conan
Current Rank: Colonel
Mission Name: Avenger
Kills This Missions:
Total Kills since joining X-COM: 90 Dead
Status: Normal

Before Avenger Log:

So this is it that we are going to use that thing down deep in the ground and Commander Odd says that Aaron will do it and says yes it is the best shot we had. i asked to come on this moment and they say i can i be escorting him down. On the way down to what R&D called the gollop chamber i asked you scared doing this i be if i was in your shoes and the moment was recorded to the base. After that i know i had to suit up for a death trap on the warship and i been asked to use the ghost armor this time and before hoping the ship i say to myself "I am a warrior let the battle be joined".

Avenger Mission Log:
Before going to the warship i sneaked some fine wine and asked the team lets have one last drink before doing this we drink and then the mission started during the warship the PTA on broad played saying about Aaron being here and saying how useless the other aliens are. we made our way to the front and see the head alien with an armored helmet but we took that guy down!

As soon he was killed the ship started to rip apart and i say "that was not part of the plan we have to leave before we are crushed." as we started leaving Aaron looked at that tech and i say "Aaron We have to go now!" and Aaron says just one word "Go" and as soon as i know me and Anja was outside the door pushed by Psi and i Say "You heard the man! Lets Go."and as we were on the ship the Warship was gone with Aaron with it.......

OCC: Well season 3 is now done and this has to be my best season ever can't wait For season 4 and Within i hope in season 4 i be a Tech Trooper see you then.
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Dec 25, 2012
Collaboration between Stevie Steve, ZombieSplitter53 and AaronBryant

Good Bye Dear Friend.

Stevie lumbers into the room, on Aarons bed lays his sword, his laptop and his bible. "Aaron, you were a true man of god," Stevie's eyes tear up. Stevie walks over to his bed and sees a sticky note on the laptop. It reads "Open only if I'm dead which you know sorry about that". Stevie looks at the note, "smart ass." and then opens up the laptop.

The lap top opens on it is a website listing locations in Tennessee with cabins and acres of land for sale. Stevie sees one of these is under the name Aaron Bryant the files on the desktop include: Audio diaries, DnD folder, forging ideas, Books, and DO NOT OPEN. Stevie opens the file that says DO NOT OPEN. Following a simple cliché of curiosity. A Box pops up entitled Password. _______. "Lets see," Stevie looks on the back of the sticky note, revealing the code is Jareth13. "Thank you Aaron."

Stevie types the in Jareth13, a message saying access acquired. A document pops up saying video will. The Video will begins playing. Aaron appears on screen smiling his stupid big smile. "Hey Stevie if I'm dead then well you have found this and if I'm not get the hell off my laptop man!" he laughs. " If Ayame isn't here pause me and go get her!" Stevie pauses the video and rushes out the room returning with Ayame a moment later. "Ok so hopefully you are both here now. I have some stuff that I need to say and some items I need to give. If my body can be recovered then I want to be cremated and then used to form the carbon in steel. I would like to be forged into a sword and if I cant then id like for Inspiration to fill my place in the next request. I would have sent this sword to my next of kin however I learned that Jessica is pregnant. So the instructions for the sword are that I would like my son or daughter to be given this sword on there tenth birthday. My bible goes to Stevie its got notes in there since I was a kid its pretty important. Ayame I don't have anything I could give you I am sorry for that. However I have a stash of Comics that i put in a bank in Florida. They were my dads most are about 20-30 years old and worth a lot I would like you to give those to Ayaka. Tell her I'm sorry the psionic Commando couldn't help her show all her friends they were wrong. Now for the serious part . . . Jessica should be here for this one. So pause me." Stevie pauses him.

Ayame rushes out. She returns a few minutes latter with Jessica, saying, "Why didn't you tell me you were pregnant. Here, there's something you should see."

Stevie presses play "Assuming your not blind from the amount you've cried I wanted you to know. . . I love you. It sucks that I cant reach out, and just let you know with my mind the exact way I feel" his eyes start to tear up and his face goes taut. "I'm so sorry I wasn't able to say good bye to you Jessica. In my foot locker is Axton's safe he told me where it was and the combo for it. 42, 42, 60. It has a ring . .. . I was going to ask you to marry me if I came back, there is also some money." he hangs his head "I'm so sorry that I wont be there for you and the baby. . . I'm so sorry that I wont get to watch them grow up or see you ever again I want you to know no matter what I will always love you and I'm pretty sure that I got my wings." he laughs through his tears. "I bought some land on the side of a mountain in Tennessee and with the money left over I hope that you and our child can live in comfort and that they can get a good education. I don't want them to be a soldier like me." he sits silent staring almost as if he can see them. "I'm sorry I cant keep my promises. I will see you again though I know it." the video ends. The file closes and a small animation pops up accompanied by the music unforgettable. Its an angel dancing with a beautiful women that looks like Jessica the Angel is all white with purple eyes. When the dancing ends the angel hugs the women and flies slowly away.

Jessica falls to her knees, sobbing loudly. Ayame wraps her arms around her, several tears falling from her own eyes.

"It's ok Jessica, he is in a better place. As his friend, it makes you my friend as well so I'll be here for you." Stevie says with tears pouring down his own face.

Ayame nods in agreement. "I'm sorry about Aaron, but he...he wouldn't want you to...ugh, I know that won't make you feel better, but we are here for you."
Jessica nods, but continues to sob. "I know...I just...wish Aaron could have seen his children."

"It will be ok, He is in a better place now." Stevie says reassuringly, "I know how you feel, even though my wife and I were over, it still felt like a grenade in my heart, you can ask Ayame, I had passed out."

Ayame nods. "We both know what you're going through. It's hard, but we'll help you through it. And you need to be strong for sake of the children."

"Yea, what Ayame said, you still live your life even if you lose someone beyond dear to your heart."

Jessica nods. "I know. Thank you. She climbs to her feet. "I...need to be alone for a while."
"Just come get us if you need anything," Ayame says. As Jessica leaves, Ayame turns to Stevie. "Do you think she'll be okay?" She doesn't seem to notice the tears rolling down her cheeks.

"I believe she is strong, and if she starts to break down, we will be there."

Ayame starts to cry even harder. She wraps her arms around Stevie, burying her face into her stomach.

"Its ok, without him we would not be here, now would he want us to just sit around and cry." Stevie says with a tear running down his face.

Ayame shakes her head. "He wouldn't. I'm sorry. It just...isn't fair!"

"I know, its never fair."

Ayame steps away. "I told you before, I have a different way of thinking about God, but still I ask why He didn't save Aaron. Why give us such an angel, only to take him away like that."

Ayame steps away. "I told you before, I have a different way of thinking about God, but still I ask why He didn't save Aaron. Why give us such an angel, only to take him away like that."

"He was a good man, I hate to say that his time is over, but God knows all and sees all, so he knew this would happen, what he did was not anyone's fault."

Ayame wipes her eyes. "I...thank you Stevie." She looks down. "I'm sorry, I need some time alone too."

"I understand, if you need anything I'll be here."

Stevie walks over to his bunk, gets on his legs and cups his left hand in the right and begins to prey.
Lord, thank you for giving us the strength to win this war, I just want to ask you to do a few things. The first being, make sure Aaron gets to Heaven as soon as possible, he deserves it and the rest, the next is to make sure that Jessica has the will to keep strong and continue her life and to give their kid a great life, finally, will you make sure Ayame has a happy life with the one she loves, you know I am not for the same sex deal, but if Ayame is happy, then she deserves it, I wish neither of them had to experience this pain, because Lord, you know I have felt they kind of pain, not to long ago to. That is all and amen.

For the Hero of X-COM
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The following is a collaboration between Frostlich1228 & ZombieSplitter53

What Lies Ahead...
Part One

Anna walks into her room and flings herself on the bed, she glances over at the closet in the back of the room and sees that the Necklace she made for Ayame is gone, then she turns her head back towards the door waiting for something to come through it. Ayame walks in, wiping a tear from her eye. Around her neck is the necklace. She sees Anna and smiles, stifling a cry. She sits down next to her, not saying a word. Anna sits in silence with Ayame for a few minutes before saying. "So...did you like the necklace?"

"Yes. It's lovely. Thank you so much. I...I wish I had something to give you."

Anna gently strokes Ayame's hair. "It's alright..." Anna Sighs "I couldn't find Dr. Van Damm. So I suppose we'll just wait for someone to walk through that door."

Ayame's eye twitches. She sighs. "I'm...scared, Anna."

"So am I Ayame...so Am I..."

"What do you think they'll do?"

"They'll kill me for sure. All I can do is hope that they make it quick..."

Ayame twitches as thou stabbed. "I...won't...I can't..."

"What can we do to stop them?" Anna says with a look of defeat in her eyes.

Ayame reaches to her side, pulling out a simple handgun. "I won't...I can't..."

Anna quickly takes the gun out of her hands. "Ayame, no! I don't want you risking your life for me. Think about Persephone or Gui Ying. What'll they do without you? If you defend me, then they'll just kill us both. I don't want that..."

Ayame bursts into tears. "And how will I face them, knowing I just abandoned my friend. I told you, you're as much my sister as my actual sister. I can't just...I...I..."

Anna holds Ayame close. "You didn't abandon me. You stayed by my side till the end..."

"Then...at least let me stay with you as long as I can. Until the very end."

Anna starts crying too. "I...I wouldn't want it any other way..."

Ayame closes her eyes and leans against Anna, placing her head on her shoulders. They Sit in silence together for what seems like eternity before a loud knock is heard at the door. Ayame looks at Anna, as if asking her if she wants her to answer it. Anna gets up slowly turning back and giving Ayame a sad looks before opening the door. As soon as she opens the door a Large man in a Dark suit with long black hair walks through the door and stands in front of Anna. Ayame quickly stands up. It takes every fiber of her being not to pounce on the man.The Man gives Ayame a cold stare before saying. "I need you to follow me. Both of you."

Ayame looks between Anna and the man, giving them a questioning look. "Follow you where?"

The man steps up to Ayame, towering above her. He crosses his arms. "You'll find out when you get there."

Ayame looks at Anna. "I'll...follow you wherever you go, Anna."

"Thanks." Anna gulps, obviously wary of the tall man.

The man points to the door and Motions for you to follow. Ayame steps out first, wanting any surprises to hit her first.The Man leads them through the hall and passes many cheering crowds, drinking and partying, eventually he comes to a door Marked "Office Of Dr. Faye" With a sign hanging off the door saying, "Relieved of Duty".

"What...w-what happened to Dr. Faye?", Ayame asks.

Anna slides over to Ayame and whispers. "She's the one who told me that Van Damm was keeping secrets about my condition. I knew she would do something to punish her..."

"No good deed goes unpunished, I suppose," she whispers back.

The man opens the door and steps inside. "Come in..." Again, Ayame goes first. She realizes that Anna is technically her superior officer, but pushes the thought aside, just wanting to protect her.

The man pulls up two chairs. "Please take a seat, we have to wait for one final guest."

Anna takes a seat in one of the office chair and gives Ayame a worried look. Ayame returns the look, sitting next to her. "What's this all about?"

The man pulls up his own chair and takes a seat, he crosses his legs, saying, "Now that we're here, I can tell you...Dr. Van Damm wants a private chat."

Ayame grits her teeth. "Private chat?"

"Yes." The man says. "She asked me to bring you here because this is the only room in the base that cannot be monitored. The Doctor doesn't want anybody to hear."

Ayame glances at Anna. "This is the same doctor that wanted to follow procedure so much she kept practically every thing from Anna?"

The man stares daggers into Ayame before responding, " es it is. But she did it for the good of Ms. Stone and this Project..."

Ayame folds her arms, letting her dirty look act as a response. "And who are you?"

The man smiles. "I'm merely her Assistant."

Ayame looks at Anna for her thoughts. Anna has been sitting silent, Not sure if she should trust this man or not. The door swings open and Dr. Van Damm steps though, she takes off her coat and lays it on the table in the middle of the room, afterwards Sshe signals for the man to leave. The man bows then steps out of the room. "I've never been much of party animal myself. All this noise is killing my eardrums." Dr. Van Damm smiles.

"Me either," Ayame says. "Especially when one of my best friends is about to be put down like a wounded animal."

Dr. Van Damm smiles widely. "Well, I don't plan on letting that happen. I have a deal, if your willing to hear me out..."

Anna gives her a suspicious look before turning to Ayame. Ayame raises an eyebrow. She looks between Anna and the doctor, cautiously saying, "We're...listening."

Dr. Van Damm takes a sip from the coffee mug on the desk. " It's Simple... Me, Vahlen, and the other scientists have been funding the creation of a secret Research facility under the Atlantic Ocean, And that's where we'll be headed in a few days to continue our research on the Aliens and their Technology... Now regrettably, The heads of the project are going to be Finishing off any remaining Aliens that could pose a threat to humanity... That means the Embryo in your brain Anna... and there are some certain people, Namely me, that want to keep that Embryo Alive for Research... We also think that the Broodmother in your Brain could be used to help make the world a better place... So I'm offering you a choice... Either the Big Wigs at this Base put you down like a dog... or you can come with us to this Facility so we can Transform you into a Cryssalid in hopes of Changing the world for the better... "

Anna sits, Speechless, She looks over at Ayame and says. "How will changing me into a Cryssalid help make the world a better place?!"

"This is outrageous! You talk as though changing into one of those monsters is some kind of better alternative. Are you out of your mind?!"

Dr. Van Damm puts her coffee down. "Why wouldn't it be? We could use the Broodmother's power to control the Cryssalid! You're the last Broodmother on earth, Anna! We can't let that gift go to waste!"

"Stop talking like she isn't going to die either way!" Ayame jumps to her feet. "Anna isn't just some experimental play thing for you to breed into some creature for you experiments!" She takes several angry steps closer the the doctor. "Did you even consider thinking of a way to safely remove it, even if the chance is one in a million? No! Of course not! You might risk your precious broodmother!"

"Do you want her to die for no reason or do you want her to die for a purpose! And who knows? Our studies show that Broodmother have memories from their past lives! Maybe she could control this! She could be the Anna you know and love but better!" Dr. Van Damm's face gets serious.

"AS WHAT?!" Ayame grabs the doctors collar. "Some monster? You think I'd actually be happy with her being turned into one of those things and then to have you poke, prod, stab, slice open, and fuck around with her for the rest of her life, just because she has her memories?! I'd rather she didn't keep her memories! I'D RATHER SHE DIE IN PEACE THEN SPEND THE NEXT GOD FUCKING KNOWS HOW MANY YEARS BEING EXPERIMENTED ON BY YOU, YOU HEARTLESS BITCH!"

The Doctor pushes her off. "Fine. Let's see what she thinks then. Ms. Stone? "

Anna looks up at Ayame and says. " I Agree with Ayame...I don't want to be one of those things!" Ayame hides a sigh of relief that Anna agrees with her.


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What Lies Ahead...
Part One

Dr. Van Damm Frowns. "That's a Shame. So much Potential...gone to waste. Fine then! If you want to die so much, I'll do it myself!" The doctor pulls a pistol out of her coat and points it at the two of them.

Ayame reaches to her side to her holster, cursing as she remembers Anna took her gun. "Is there no other way! What are going to do, kill her in cold blood out of spite, and then me to shut me up?"

Her smile turns almost psychopathic. "Why not?! You all seem like you want to die so much! Why not spare you the wait?"

Anna tries to calm the Situation. "Doc...Just put the Gun down...we can talk about this..."

Ayame slowly inches forward and to the side, wanting to put a bit of distance between her and Anna to divide the doctor's attention. "You assistant will hear the gunshots."

The Doctor notices what Ayame is doing and backs up. "If you take another step I'll put one in your chest!"

Ayame stops. "How are you going to explain this? Please, just put the gun down and we'll talk. Maybe Anna should go with you. Heck, I'll volunteer too. Maybe we can breed a second one off of me."

Anna gives Ayame a look of shock. "Ayame you can't be serious!"

"Think about it. If we're both one of those things, at least we'd be together. Would that be okay, doctor? I just want to be with Anna." She extends her hand for a shake.

Dr. Van Damm Smiles. "How stupid do you think I am? " She turns and fires at Anna, hitting her in the midsection, causing her to fall backwards, Anna slams into the wall behind her, she starts sliding down it, putting pressure on her wound with her hands.

Ayame rushes at the doctor, screaming like mad. Somehow keeping enough of her cool to remember her basic training, she dives behind the doctor before she can get a bead on her and sweep kicks her. The doctor falls to the ground and her guns slides across the room and as soon she sees it she starts crawling towards it as fast as she can. Ayame leaps forward, mercilessly kicking the doctor in the face. She retrieves the gun, pointing it at the doctor, and she has to fight every fiber of her being not to unload it into the doctor. Dr. Van Damm springs to her feet. "You little bitch! You don't have the guts to pull that trigger..."

Ayame growls, it shoots the doctor in her left knee. Despite her cries of pain, she shoots her in the other knee as well. She kicks the doctor, and stands over her, pointing the gun at her head and practically foaming at the mouth, her eyes filled with a sociopathic rage.

Dr. Van Damm struggles trying to get up, but her efforts are in vain, in one last desperate effort she yells for the guard. He busts through the door and sees Ayame pointing the gun at her. The Guard smiles at Dr. Van Damm and leaves the room. "Where are you going you bastard!? You're suppose to help me! Where are you going?!"

Ayame laughs manically. "Even he knows you don't deserve to live. ANY LAST WORDS BEFORE I SEND YOU TO HELL?" She giggles and snickers, her senses seemingly lost.

She lays down, defeated. She looks up at Ayame and says. "I'm one of the greatest minds of this generation. This is a crime...against humanity..."

Ayame laughs loudly, wiping some drool from her mouth. She shoots the doctor in the left arm and right hand. She sits on her stomach, slowly tracing the doctors face with the gun. "Your...life... is the crime." She comes to her senses long enough to glance over at Anna, keeping the gun pointed at the doctor's face.

Anna is clutching her chest, bleeding in the corner, watching everything happening. "A-Ayame...don't..." she says weakly.

Ayame's smile immediately drops. She looks at the doctor in horror. She jumps off of her, and runs to Anna's side. She looks her up and down in horror, trying to figure out what she should do. "Oh God, Anna, I'm sorry. God, I...what..." Ayame starts crying profusely. "Anna...I don't know what to do...I can't..." She sticks her head out the door, screaming for help. She goes back to Anna, pushing down on her chest.

Anna slowly grabs Ayame's hand. "I-I Don't think...I'm going...to make it...Ayame..." She coughs and a few drops of blood drip out of her mouth.

"Oh God, Anna, I'm so sorry." She sobs loudly. "Not another one. Everyone I love dies. If I hadn't said anything, this wouldn't..." She clenches Anna's hand tightly.

"Its not your fault...Please don't blame yourself...You said it yourself...this was bound to happen...one way or another...At least I didn't give up my...humanity..."

"Anna, please...don't leave me...I can't lose you like this...it isn't fair, struck down by some heartless woman who couldn't get her way. And if...i-if you die, that thing, it'll win and turn you into a monster,,,"

Dr. Van Damm coughs. "Get...her to...the Med-Bay...They can save her...I can...pull some strings...Have to...keep the Embryo Alive...It can't Mature here...They'll kill it..."

Ayame looks at Anna, and down at her gun. She puts the gun in her waist line and goes to pick Anna up, saying, "Come on, I'll carry you. I won't give up on you." Anna somehow manages a smile as Ayame carries her to the Med-Bay. As the doctors rush to the short woman carrying a profusely bleeding soldier, Ayame practically pleads, "Please, save her! Don't let my sister die!"

One of the doctors rush up to Ayame. "What the hell happened?!"

"D-Dr. Van Damm, she shot her when she wouldn't agree to be her lab rat! Please! Can you save her?"

He puts his head in his hands. "Crazy bitch...Is she alright?"

"She's fine, non-lethal shots, please, SAVE MY FRIEND!"

"Don't worry, we will do everything we can..." A team of doctors grab Anna and load her onto a stretcher, rushing her into the Med-Bay, He also sends a team of three to get Dr. Van Damm. Ayame rushes along side Anna, refusing to leave her side. She cries uncontrollably, begging the doctors to save her. One of the doctors stop her at the door. "I'm sorry miss, but I can't let you into the operating room... "

"Please, don't make me leave her!"

"I'm sorry Miss. But I can't let you in..."

Ayame briefly considers forcing them to let her in, but reluctantly gives-in. She sits outside the operation room, nervously shaking her leg as she continues to cry until she's too dehydrated to cry anymore.Dr. Van Damm comes out of the operating room first in a Wheelchair. She looks at Ayame. " Your Friend is on the brink of death in there...I'm sorry for what I did. You forced my hand. But I want to give you one final choice..." Ayame looks up at her through puffy eyes, giving her a questioning look. "Your friend is alive in there. But our problem still remains...I could take her to the base if you want. Or I could tell the doctors to just pull the plug here. She won't feel a thing..."

Ayame closes her eyes for several moments. Finally, she says, "Can I...say goodbye?"

"Of course you can." Dr. Van Damm motions for the Guard to let Ayame in.

She rushes inside and drops to Anna's side. She grasps Anna's hand tightly, trying to find something to say but unable to say anything. She just gives her an apologetic look, finally mustering the strength to say, "I...love you, Anna." Anna's eyes barely open, and she turns her head towards Ayame.

"I'm sorry, Anna. I couldn't protect you like I promised. But...I-I won't let them turn you into a monster."

Anna smiles at Ayame and with the rest of her strength forms the words. "I...love...you...too..."

Ayame kisses her on the forehead. She stands up and says to one of the doctors, "Please...put her out of her misery...and kill that thing inside her..."

The doctor nods. "Do you...do you want to watch?"

Ayame nods. "I...need to make sure she's gone, and that monster out there can't use her." The doctor nods and walks over to Anna's bed, He pulls the Power cord out from behind the Bed and Anna's heartbeat starts to slow. Ayame squeezes Anna's hand, slowly moving her other hand to the gun on her waist. Anna closes her eyes and a single tears runs down her cheek, as her heartbeat slows even further until it flat lines. Ayame slowly lifts the gun from her waist and puts it against Anna's temple. She hesitates until the doctor steps forward to grab the gun. She pulls the trigger, then immediately drops the gun, and collapses, crying uncontrollably.

The Doctor covers the body in white sheet. he puts his hand on Ayame's shoulder. "I'm Sorry for your loss..."

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" Ayame slaps his hand away. She stands up, shouting, "You're all heartless monsters. You got what you want. You're no better then the aliens, any of you!" She runs out, not looking at anyone as she leaves.


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X-COM Staff Barracks
1200 Hours

Jessica slowly packs her things, preparing to leave the base. She has a small smile, if for no other reason then to only stop her from crying any more. She takes a seat on her bed, lightly stoking her stomach. "How's the bun in the oven coming along?" Jessica darts her head up to find Alexia standing in the door way. Alexia walks over to the bed and sits next to Jessica. "I'm...sorry about...y-you know..."

Jessica nods. "I know. I...miss him terribly. But..I know he's here with me. He's part of me. Part of them." She continues to rub her stomach.

"Them? How many? Did you think of any names?"

Jessica nods. "There are two. The girl will be Bellezza, and the boy will be...Aaron."

Alexia smiles. "It's fitting."

Jessica looks at Alexia. "So what are you doing here. I wouldn't think mother would have let you come back."

Alexia nods. "Yeah, she was upset. But I really wanted to see you and Zain again, and I didn't know how long they were going to keep you here, so father convinced her to let me come back."

Jessica lays back. "I can't believe it's finally over. We lost so much, but I'd like to think it wasn't in vain."

Alexia nods, picking up a small toy on the bed next to her. She winds it up, and it starts playing Unforgettable. Jessica darts up and looks at her. She starts crying, and Alexia wraps her arms around her. Suddenly, Jessica's stomach starts emitting a light purple glow. In her head, she hears a familiar voice yell, "JESSICA!"

She snaps back, and Alexia gives her a worried look. "Jessie? Are you okay?"

Jessica continues to cry, but now with a smile on her face. "I...I'm okay. I...think I..." She shakes her head. "I just have this warm feeling I might see Aaron again someday."

Alexia chuckles. "Yeah, that would be nice." She kisses Jessica on the cheek.

Jessica pats Alexia on the shoulder. "Go see Zain. I'm sure he misses you." The sisters hug each other tightly, and Alexia heads out. Jessica lays back again, smiling and placing her hand on her stomach as it again glows lightly.
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Zain Shah

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Jun 2, 2013
Zain's Plaque of Remembrance

Aaron Bryant, he saved humanity

Ayame Kasagi, she grew from a shy girl to the bravest of them all

Alexia Chambers, my first girlfriend and wife

Jessica Chambers, my first crush and a good friend

Anna Stone, gave up her life rather than her humanity

Persephone Brown, she was a great friend who cheered us on the side lines

Booker Conan, my roommate and friend

Stevie Steve, guy with badass beard

Dr Faye, thought I was psycho

Tytus Abramczyk, dude with serious strength

Axton Van Dam, guy who lost our bet

Anja Kjaer, our "second" best support and first time we met, I was on cocaine

Dr Something Lee, pedophile and pervert

Christopher Odd, still a bit of a dick for not letting me go on the mission

Zain Shah, ...

Zain stops typing, "What did I do?" Zain resumes typing:

Zain Shah, From the start to the end, I got shot loads of times but I'm still around motherfuckers


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Jul 25, 2013
The following is the last collaboration between Sharkdragon96 and Zombiesplitter53 of season 3.

INT. Soldier Barracks
Room of Brown & Kasagi

Ayame sits on Anna's bed, huddled up and rocking back and forth.

Her face is a wreck from constant crying, her eyes darting back and forth like a mad woman.

They dart to her side, and she glances at the gun sitting on the bed.

She lifts it up and examines it for several second.

She suddenly starts laughing hysterically, giving the gun a curious look before the tears start flowing again.

Persephone exits the bathroom, her eyes still red from hearing the news.

She makes her way back to the barracks but stops at the door to her room and hesitates, unsure wheather or not she'd have it in her to confront Ayame about what'd happened.

She proceeds to march in anyway but stops dead in her tracks with a look of shock when she sees Ayame holding the gun.

Ayame glances at Persephone, but continues to examine the gun.

She traces her fingers across every curve, studying it like a piece of art.

Persephone watches her with anxiety.

"Ayame? I'm in no mood for this melodrama bullshit, can you please just put that thing down and talk to me?"
Ayame cocks the gun.

"Just...can't save...anyone..."​

Ayame eyes snap open like she's come out of a trance.

She uncocks the gun and slowly puts it down.

"I'm sorry Persephone, I'm...just not taking it well..."
Persephone gives a sigh of relief, but her mood quickly changes.

She snatches the gun from Ayame's bed and says to her with a mix of worry and anger:

"What on earth were you going to do with this?"

"I'm sorry, Persephone."
Ayame's face twists into an odd smirk.

"Don't you see how cursed I am. I can't protect anyone. Everyone I love is destroyed. And I love you most of all...so your next. I...want to end this... before that happens..."​

Ayame's smirk drops, the tears coming again.

"I'm...oh God, Persephone...I'm just...I didn't..."
She places her face in her hands, sobbing loudly.

"Ayame, I'm sorry, I just don't have the energy for this right now."
Ayame suddenly sends her an angry look.

"Oh, I'm sorry YOU don't have the energy, but I'm struggling here! I knew Anna for two years. She was one of the first people to ever show me kindness! She saved me from a trio of men that were RAPING ME! She was my sister, and the one time she truly needed me, I cost her her life and had TO PUT A BULLET IN HER HEAD! You don't know what it's like, telling someone you'll always be there for them, then getting them shot and telling the doctor pull the plug, then having to shot them yourself."
She wraps her arms around her legs and rocks back and forth.

"I could have saved her. I could have been more open to the doctor's proposal. I could have gone for the gun faster. I could have let them save her as a chryssalid."
The tears pour from her eyes.

"But I was a coward. I didn't want to think of her as one of those things, risk my own perception of her, even if it would have saved her. I could have let them take her, but instead I had them put her down like a sick dog seconds after she said she loved me. SO WHY DON'T YOU TELL ME AGAIN HOW YOU DON'T HAVE THE ENERGY!"
Ayame continues sobbing uncontrollably.

Persephone finds herself startled by Ayame's outburst.

Never having been yelled at by Ayame before, her first instinct is to start getting defensive but she can't think of any kind of reasonable rebuttal.

After a minute the only words she's able to muster are "I'm sorry."

Ayame tries to calm herself down.

She shakes her head.

"No...no, I'm the one who should be sorry. You were right. I always think I'm trying to put others first, but really I'm only thinking of myself. I couldn't stand the guilt, you stopped me from taking the easy way out. I'm sorry for yelling at you."
She looks down in shame. After a minute of silence she looks back up at Persephone pleadingly.

"Will...will you hold me...please?"
Persephone takes a seat next to Ayame and wraps an arm around her, gently rubbing her shoulder.

"I should be sorry too, Anna wouldn't have wanted any of this."
Ayame nods, wiping away the tears.

She sits content with Persephone's touch for a few minutes before turning to Persephone with a worried look.

"So, where...w-where are you going now. B-Back to America?"
Persephone sighs.

"For now maybe. I mean if you're planning on going home to see your sister and your niece, I'll do my best to visit you guys, but that's going to take some time."

"Actually I... I was... going to go back to being...a freelance soldier. But I...was thinking of trying some PMCs...in the US. Maybe I could...come with you."
Persephone smiles ear to ear when an idea crosses her mind.

"Maybe you could train me!"
Ayame looks at her with surprise, smiling a bit herself.

"Yeah... I mean, if you want me to. I might not have made it as an assault, but I'm pretty good with a pistol, and I'm not a half bad sniper. I've also wanted to try my hand at teaching someone martial arts. Just not as violently as I had to learn it."

"That would be awesome! We could be a team, working as partners undercover!"
Persephone starts geeking out at the possibilities.

"I mean I haven't really given my future outside of XCOM much thought, so it's not like I have any other plans!"
Ayame smiles brighter.

"And I'm sure there is plenty I could learn from you. You might not have gotten very far in the military, but you have a lot more official training then me. You could teach me things like strategy. And I've seen you in the shooting range, very impressive!"

"Why thank you. I'll see what I can do, I promise I won't let you down!"
She takes a moment to reflect on everything she'd been through over this past year.

"You know I actually don't mind the fact that I never got the chance to hit the field."
Ayame chuckles.

"Me either. I was more upset myself when I wasn't sure we would win, but now that we have, I'm a little grateful I didn't get more chances to get killed."

"Same here, but that's not really what I meant."
Ayame gives her a curious look.

"Then... what did you mean?"
Persephone gives her a sincere look.

"You know, when I first met you I saw a lot of my younger self in you. I remember I was once as flawed as you are but... seeing as though you didn't really have the luxury of growing up with any kind of real family.."
She pauses for a moment to collect her thoughts.

"I knew for a while that Commander Odd wasn't going to choose me, hell I've probably had the least amount of actual combat experience out of everyone here so the thought of him sending me out was foolish right from the start. I wanted to accomplish something great for my sister's sake, but I think I've found a better investment for that energy."
Ayame smiles, squeezing her tightly.

"I think I know what you mean."
She leans forward for a kiss and Persephone returns the offer.

The two of them continue to sit, huddled close to each other, slowly savoring the soft sensation of their lips against eachother.

Persephone pauses for a moment.

"It's okay, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon."

"Good, cause I don't plan on letting you go anytime soon, either."
Ayame wraps her arm around Ayame's waist and leans her head against Persephone's shoulder and closes her eyes.

"What do think is going to happen now? I mean, with the world. So much life lost, so many cities wrecked. Not to mention so many big advancements, especially with military tech."

"I honestly don't know. I only hope we'll have it in us to learn our lesson from the aliens and use it for some form of greater good. Though one thing I'm sure of is that this experience has certainly brought us closer as a species, now that we know we're no longer alone in the universe we're going to have to become more unified. I bet you a couple generations from now the word nationalism will have been completely erased from our vocabulary."
Ayame smiles.

"Yeah, that makes sense. I just hope our world leaders are as smart as you are."
The two of them continue to sit together in silence, content in each other's company.

"Do you think we could stop off at Japan before heading to America? I'd love to introduce you to my sister and my niece."​

Persephone gives her a warm smile.

"I would love that!"​
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