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    Can I be part of the next season of X-com role-play please?
    Since Chris is not active I will answer this for you. There will not likely be a next season of an XCOM roleplay for a good while, so I wouldn't be making plans.
    Hey sorry about season 4 but you have season 5 can you put me as a soldier or a doctor at base just asking?
    Call me Kryten Starr.
    Hey can you put me in as a soldier in the next season please as Killerkitty64
    Just wanted to say I'm loving the ME playthroughs. I like how you're doing the side stuff and making judgement calls on Para/Rene things. I usually played the same way, doing side objectives to make up the Charm points I lost on cursing out the Council. :p
    Commander, I feel as though my enthusiasm for this RP has been dwindling these past few months, and now I feel as though I can't even be bothered anymore. Do I have your permission to have my application removed from the list of inactive recruits?
    Hey Odd, Would you possibly be interested in a graphic novel adaptation for the RP? Of course I would want the support of the recruits as well.
    hey Odd i just got an idea if i can be a medical doctor who study the dead aliens and help the soliders who are in medical center just asking that all.
    Hay Christopher I just came up with this,but I was wondering if I can enlist my character Ashley van dam as a doctor.because in her profile I did mention that she was a nurse,and I figured that since you have people as scientist and engineers,I figured that you can recruit some doctors to show the medical side of X-com tell me what you think of the idea.
    It takes to long to type up a character with all the stuff that u have to put in to it and then theres a 25 / 75% chance of being picked so im not going to try enymore ill just watch
    Im disappointed my friend only told me about the recruit forum today.
    Wait until next season little pet...wait until next season...
    My character has been submitted,as I got new ideas I edited it a bit,but I think I've decided on a perfect point before journals.
    been a fan for a little while now got in through xcom, now I hope to be recruited :3
    any ways I just wanted to say you are a really solid youtuber and I for see you being in the top 100 subscribed channels on youtube soon. I love your videos and there a ton of fun keep being cool.
    Mr Odd It took me forever to finally summit my character and I'm not acually sure if it worked but I had to do it all through Phone
    Ive been encoreged by alot of people who have characters but im just not shaw ......
    Hewie Belli
    I think you should do it :) its worth a try
    dark sky
    dark sky
    I did a little while ago
    Im gonna keep track of things ive seen everyone of your video's but ive never relly even tryed to get into the xcom rollplaying
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