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  • Hello. I have a question about your interesting character for season 4, Heisan, if you don't mind.
    His bio is unclear about his gender identity (I am using male pronouns right now as the bio does). What I mean is, what is his assigned gender at birth, and what does he identify with? The bio doesn't exactly answer those questions. Or is the ambiguity on purpose?
    I'm curious to know what Persephone is thinking after Ayame's little confession, since Ayame does plan to ask her what she said.
    So, I was wondering, after you were done with what you're doing now, if you wanted to have a little bonding session where Persephone and Ayame talk about their respective sisters, since they were both so close to them.
    This'll probably sound like a random question, but did Persephone receive flak growing up over her name from her schoolmates? You know, like telling her to go to Hell all the time, or constantly throwing pomegranates at her. Because resentment of one's name could make for an interesting character feature.
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