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The following is a collaboration between AaronBryant & ZombieSplitter53

No One Puts Psycho in the Corner
Part One

Aaron Knocks on the door to Dr. Picardo, praying there are no pods involved. "Come in, Mr. Bryant," The doctor says, closing the email he was reading and reaching for Aaron's file.

He steps in and takes a seat. "Dr. Picardo, good to see you again sir."

"Likewise. How are you feeling today?"

"Confused, but excited to explore my abilities!" he smiles.

"That's good." Dr. Picardo reads his file for a moment. "How are your abilities coming along? I see from your file that you reported difficulties manifesting them, particularly physical side-effects.

"I have a lot or spikes of pain when i use them too long or too hard. It makes my nose bleed, I think its like a hemorrhage or something. I'm not sure." He lets out one. "Ha, but you're the doctor, and that's why you're here."

"Indeed." The doctor thinks for a moment. "Can I be perfectly honest with you, Mr. Bryant?"

Aaron gets serious. "Yes sir. I wouldn't want you to be any other way."

"I not exactly qualified for this, but then, who is? You are the first of your kind, the next step in human evolution, and this is as much a new experience for me as it is for you. Honestly, Dr. Valhen would probably be the best suited for you, but she's busy in the labs as I' m sure you can imagine. However, I am nothing if not diligent, so you can trust that I have your best interests in mind and will do all that I can to help you through this."

"Oh, well, damn doc, that was heartfelt." He smiles. "I thought you were going to tell me I had cancer or something, which would have been a real buzz-kill your know, but I really . . ." he notices Dr. Picardo's unamused expression. "Thank you, sir, I appreciate your honesty and I want to do all that I can to help you all discover what it is you need too."

"That's good to hear." He glances at something on his computer. "Now I know this probably isn't something you want to hear after spending over a week in those pods, but I'd like for you to have an MRI done. If that's okay with you, of course."

Aaron looks up at the ceiling "GGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah fine!" he grumbles. "I swear to Christ if i wake up in three days i will punch someone in the face!"

"It will only take about a half an hour. Can you stay still during it, or do you need sedation."

"NO! Nonononononono, do not put me under! As long as I can stay awake then I'll be fine!" He sigh.

"Very well." The doctor stands up and holds the door open for Aaron. "Follow me, please. As I said, it won't take more then a half an hour. I need to see what's going on upstairs."

A lot doc. Aaron laughs to himself, following the doctor.

The doctor leads him to the MRI room. As Aaron slides into the machine, the doctor says over the machine's Com, "Now just close your eyes and try to keep your head as still as possible."

"i don't wanna, but fine." He shuts his eyes and holds his head still.

The machine starts up. After fifteen minutes, the doctor says, "Looks good so far. Are you okay?"

" Yea, I'm fine, just getting kind of antsy is all." He feels uneasy.

"You're doing fine. You'll be done before you know it." After another fifteen minutes, the machine powers down, and Aaron's seat is slowly moved out of it.

"Thank God." He jumps out of the seat. "Alright lets go do something awesome."

"The results will be ready in a bit," the doctor says, walking in. "In the meantime, why don't you show me a demonstration of your abilities first hand. Come with me." Aaron follows close behind, relishing a chance to let himself use his gift. The pair walk to a small room with a heavy bag on one end. "Do you mind showing me a physical manifestation of your abilities?"

"WOULD I EVER!" His eyes immediately light up tendrils in the palm of his hand, he punches toward the bag, the tendrils following the path, shooting through the bag. "WOO," he smiles "feels good." The tendrils dissipate and reform in his hands.

The doctor nods, his expression neutral as he rapidly writes in a small notebook. "Tell me Mr. Bryant. I know this might be hard to put into words, but can you describe how you do that?"

"Well, the way I think about it, it feels kind of natural. A sword isn't supposed to be thought of as a weapon, but an extension of ones self, so really, all I'm doing is extending myself across whatever space is present, and connecting with my energy. My energy is more easily accessed when i use an emotional trigger." He seems surprised at his own explanation. "I almost sounded smart!" He smiles.

"Indeed, that is a very interesting way of putting it." The doctor thinks for a moment. "I've heard from others that you rely on aggression a lot for your abilities, an yet the Commander ordered you to develop them in a less aggressive way. How did you feel about this?"

"Well, to be honest, that was how it started. I had a lot of pent up anger about Tytus, and then I used it, and it was easy...but then i looked at myself and asked 'Would God want me relying on anger to win battles', so instead I started thinking about..." he scratches the back of his head. "Jessicaaaa, so my strength is fueled by good feelings, which I'm happy about and it helps my friends out, which is even better." His glow turns whiter as he mention Jessica.

Dr. Picardo raises an eyebrow, asking, "Ms. Chambers? So the two of you are in a relationship, I take it?"

"Well, we have been for a while.....Sir" He feels like he is talking to her dad for a moment, then laughs at himself.

The doctor shakes his head, saying, "It is none of my business who she starts a relationship with, I'm just aware of how hard of a time she has had having a stable relationship. I wish you both well, and I am glad to hear our psionic soldier has something to motivate him."

"Thank you sir, that means a lot from you." Aaron smiles.

"No problem," The doctor says. "Now, back to work. Besides the ability you just demonstrated, what other powers have you manifested?"

"I learned how to inspire others through the resonance of positive emotions. I have been able to, at times, get into peoples heads, see what they are dreaming, or send them images to affect their state of being. I can make shapes from my energy, and I don't know if I have done anything else really." He thinks hard.

"I see. Would you mind demonstrating these to me as well?" The doctor steps over to the door and opens it, sticking his head out and saying something to someone, then looks back at Aaron for his answer.

"I don't mind at all." He readies himself.

The doctor nods to Aaron, then to the person outside. He steps aside to let a young Asian women into the room. "Mr. Bryant, this is Tomoyo Kinomoto. Tomoyo, Aaron Bryant."

Aaron bows, thinking for a moment. "Moshimoshi!"

Tomoyo bows back, and smiles. In perfect English, she says, "You're accent is very good, but 'moshimoshi' is more appropriate when talking to someone over the phone or on the computer. In person, you should say 'Konnichiwa'."

He laughs. "Sorry, still learning." He bows. "Konnichiwa, Are you the volunteer for testing my abilities?"

"I am. And I'm glad to be of service. And nobody is twisting my arm, so don't hold back on my account, okay?" She takes a seat in a chair on one side of the room. Doctor Picardo starts hooking a machine to her, placing several sensors to her head in various places.

"What do you want first? Shapes, me in your brain, me sending stuff, or to be inspired with my noodle?" He seems a tad uncomfortable.

"Why don't we try some telepathy." The doctor takes a step back. "Aaron, if you could send Tomoyo an image of...an animal."

Aaron focuses, his glow intensifying. He sends an image of a Gorilla through his tendril. He attempts to be gentle, lightly touching her mind, almost like petting, afraid to let loose. Tomoyo closes her eyes. "I...I see an ape? No...no, a gorilla, right?"

Aaron retracts the tendril. "YES!" He smiles.

"Fascinating." The doctor rubs his chin. "Why don't you try sending her a specific animal, something she wouldn't be able to recognize just by glancing at it."

This time he thinks about an Okapi. Tomoyo strains, trying to think. "I...I'm not sure....it...it's some kind of hooved animal...it's kinda like a zebra, except only it's legs are black and white, the rest is...brown..."

Aaron smiles, looking at the doctor. "Need me to fill her in?"

"If you could," he answers.

"Its an okapi." Aaron looks at them. "You told me to be specific."

Tomoyo smiles, and Dr. Picardo nods, saying "Indeed I did, and this is exactly the result I was looking for. The fact that she could describe an animal she is unfamiliar with tells me that your abilities go beyond simply letting others know what you are thinking, it actually allows you to create a vivid image in their head."

He turns to Tomoyo and says, "Now, if our subject approves..." Tomoyo nods, "I'd like you to now take from her mind instead of giving. There is a reason I chose someone you wouldn't know. Please try to read her mind and tell me some personal information."

Aaron channels his energy and sends his tendril forward feeling for her mind he worms his way in and looks around trying to gain as much info as he can. "There is a bird in a blue field, you had it's yolk? And you took it home? No the yolk is your home." He looks upset. "NO Yokohama you learned with a bird in Yokohama?" he looks defeated. "I'm sorry, reading others is difficult, its like reading a painting, a lot is left to interpretation."
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This is a collaboration between Zain Shah and ZombieSplitter53

Alexia slowly walks up to Zain's door, a slightly worried look on her face. She reaches for his door, but hesitates. She stands outside of it for a solid minute before finally knocking. "Zain, are you in there? We, um...need to talk."

"Coming" Zain opens the door in a few moments and notices her worried face and says "What's wrong?"

Alexia steps inside and takes a seat on Zain's bed. "Zain, you know how...you told me you loved me the other day?"

"Y..Yeah" Zain starts to look worried, just like Alexia "W...What about it?"

"Well, I realized that I didn't say it back, and recent happenings have forced me to buckle down, search my feelings, and decide if I truly love you to, and...I've decided I do. I love you Zain, and I hope you weren't just saying it to me in the heat of the moment."

Zain walks up to her and kisses her "Of course I love you...and I'm glad that you love me too."

"Good, because there's more." Alexia thinks for a bit, trying to find the right words. "Um...you know how...if you don't take steps to protect yourself, you might have to deal with the consequences. Like, if you don't wear the proper protection on the battlefield, you could get seriously hurt?"

"Yeah I guess." Zain scratches his head and thinks why she said protection and not armor and suddenly his eyes shoot wide open "P...Please d..d...don't tell me what I th...think you're saying." Zain's legs start shaking.

Alexia nods slowly, giving Zain a cautious smile.

Zain starts pacing around the room "Oh, HOLY FUCKING SHIT." Zain looks to Alexia with depressed eyes "You know what we have to do, right?"

Alexia looks confused. "What we...have to do?"

"An abortion...right?" Zain's worried look becomes even more worried with her response.

Alexia looks mortified. "Did you...d-did you, you, by yourself, just decide what we are going to do with our child in my body?"

"I didn't think that you wanted to throw your whole life away because of this baby."

Alexia jumps to her feet. "So the first thing you go to is abortion. You didn't think there was another option, like adoption, or that maybe I might actually like to have a child, that I might have a plan? Is this about me 'throwing my life away', or you?"

"I don't want my first baby to be a mistake, I want for it to not feel like it was a burden on us." Zain holds Alexia's shoulders.

Alexia gives him a pleading look. "Zain, it...it doesn't have to be a burden. And it'll only be a mistake if we let it be. My...my parents will help us. And I...I want your baby."

"It doesn't have to be this one, we just met a few months ago and already we're thinking about a baby...we're not even married yet." Zain tries to hug her but his instincts force him not to.

A few tears roll down Alexia's face. "Did you...see what happened to Lemonade? Gunned down by his own squad mate? What if you go out there and don't come back?" Alexia takes Zain's hand and places it on her stomach. "This isn't just a child, its a piece of you. Please Zain, don't ask me to give it up. I...love you. Every part of you."

Zain let's out a deep sigh "I don't know." Zain starts thinking hard "I just hate that you would have to let your intelligence go to waste taking care of a baby."

"I...don't understand what you mean? My mother took care of two babies, and she's the head doctor at my father's hospital. Of course, our nanny helped, but I'm sure we could re-hire her."

"Um...Uh...Erm..." Zain desperate to find other reasons, finally says "I took cocaine and smoked weed."

Alexia gives him a surprised look. "Recently?"

"Um...yeah, I took cocaine like last week." Zain gives her a guilty look.

Alexia backs away from him in horror. "Oh...oh my God! You do drugs? Oh God! I...I..." Alexia bursts into tears and makes for the door.

Zain starts to feel guilty about lying "It was actually a month ago."

"I can't believe you'd do drugs while seeing me. While sleeping with me. I...can't believe I told you I..." Alexia flings open the door and runs down the hall, crying loudly.

"Fucking hell, I'm such a fucking idiot." Zain looks at her running away, and then punches himself in the leg.


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No One Puts Psycho in the Corner
Part Two

Tomoyo chuckles, adding, "It probably doesn't help that my thoughts are probably in Japanese, though I did get my Masters from Yokohama National University, so that counts for something, right?"

"It does," The doctor says. "One more thing I want to try. Mr. Bryant, the new sectoids show some sort of mind control ability. Have you found this is something you can do?"

"I remember when they had me in the pod, I kept, um...mind yelling? At this guy to play with a block and he ignored it a lot, but then smacked it." He looks upset "Then after I saw the mind control first hand on my last mission...I think I've started to figure out how to do it myself."

"Why don't we try this. Try using it on Tomoyo."

"No." he frowns.

"No?" Dr. Picardo raises an eyebrow.

"I-It's okay Mr. Bryant," Tomoyo says, "I can handle it."

"Absolutely not. I...I won't use it on a person."

The doctor sighs. "Can you at least try sending her some negative emotions? Anger, perhaps?"

Aaron shakes slightly, his tendrils darken to black and purple, and he feels sick to his stomach. "I'm putting this down for the record that I don't want to do this, its...disgusting." He feels anger quake in him. He tries to control the tendril but it shoots out like a whip. A tear drops from his eye. What do you hate most in the world?

In Tomoyo's mind, Aaron sees a flood of paperwork. Tomoyo clenches her fist, angrily yelling, "Why can't you people act like proper adults and stay out of trouble!"

"That's enough, Mr. Bryant." The doctor jots down a few notes.

Aaron tries to retract the tendrils, but it is hooked in, this making him angrier. "I said no, damn it, look what happened now!" He keeps trying to work it out. "I'm stuck, GOD DAMNIT!" Tomoyo and Aaron start speaking at the same time. "ALL THE GOD DAMN FILING, THE MILLIONS SPENT ON THE SOLDIERS, AND THEY CANT AFFORD ONE FUCKING ASSISTANT!" Aaron rips the cord. It slams back into him. "Fuck.....I..." His nose drips some blood. "I said no for a reason, anger is to easy to get lost in, damn it." He wipes his nose. "Lets keep going. No more anger related tests though."

The doctor seems frazzled for the first time, but keeps his cool. Tomoyo looks a little frustrated, but is otherwise fine. "I apologize, Mr. Bryant. Why don't we do that again, only this time, instead of negative thoughts, you send Tomoyo pleasurable thoughts? It'll both help with the test and calm you both down."

"Yeah, I'll do that." He breathes slowly, thinking about Jessica. His glow returns to white and purple, and he gently extends his mind, calmly brushing her's. He thinks about having sex with Jessica for the first time. Flashes of that night pass through his brain and he smiles, but then realizes what he is sending. He switches to something else, a river trickling, a path down the side of a mountain. He sighs and relaxes.

Tomoyo's breathing slows and she closes her eyes. "Are you okay, Tomoyo," the doctor asks.

"Y-yes doctor," she answers. "I just feel... euphoric. Like everything is right in the world. I feel...I don't know, inspired, like I could take on the world." She chuckles. "And I really enjoyed that feeling you gave me at first. Whoever you were thinking of is a lucky person."

Aaron laughs nervously, blushing. "Hahahahahahahahum, thanks, i, um, she....N-Next test?"

There is a knock on the door. The doctor says, "That's enough for now. That should be the results of your MRI."

As the Doctor steps out for a minute, Tomoyo walks up to Aaron and extends her hand. "It was really nice working with you, Aaron."

He shakes her hand. "I'm very sorry that happened, and if you really want some help, I'd be more than willing." He returns to Dr. Picardo.

Dr. Picardo examines the results of the MRI carefully. "Interesting," he mumbles to himself.

"Oh, come on, you're gonna make me ask?.....Okay, what's interesting about an entirely new medical and scientific field." Sarcasm drips.

The doctor holds up two brain scans. "The scan in my right hand is from when you first came to X-COM, while the one in my left hand is from today. Now the various colors you see indicate brain activity, and as you can see, the scans are very similar, except for specific areas...here...and here."

"Okay, and this means what exactly?" Aaron asks, hoping for a clear answer.

"Well, Mr. Bryant, these sections control emotions, which doesn't surprise me, and this part controls memories, and is especially responsible for dreams, which is the interesting part. I believe this might be the source of your difficulty in using your abilities. You are making use of a part of your brain that is usually only used in small amounts, and only when you are asleep, so it causes great strain. You said it was getting a bit easier, correct?"

"Yes sir." He seems confused. " So essentially I'm using the part of my brain that dreams...the most subconscious area of my brain? How would that link to my abilities?"

The doctor shakes his head. "I can't say for sure. This is all new to us, and there are some mysteries of the brain we are still working out to this day. I can only guess that the part of your brain that controls your abilities is located in this section. And again, this is just a hypothesis, but I'm guessing that, just like the way your body compensates for damage to your muscles during exercise by repairing them to be stronger, you're brain will likely respond to the stress you are putting on it by becoming stronger, until it eventually becomes second nature for you."

"Cool, I like that!" Aaron smiles. "I want to do push ups with my mind!"

"Take it easy at first, Mr. Bryant. A man of your figure and interest in exercise should know better then anyone the kind of damage you can cause if you hit the gym and use weights that are way too heavy for you. And this is your brain we're talking about."

"I know...I just...want the bleeding to stop. Its a lot of fun being able to use my mind the way I can now." Aaron sighs. "Sorry, I just kind of hate being inactive." He breathes and calms himself.

"I understand, Mr. Bryant, but please be patient. We need you." The doctor slips the MRI scans into Aaron's folder. "That'll be all for today. Get some rest, Mr. Bryant. I'm sure the Commander will be relying on you heavily from now on."

Aaron sighs heavily, the weight of a loss still fresh in his mind. He had barely known Jorn, but they would always be akin to twins, both birthed with these new powers, and now his brother in this was dead. He pushes his thoughts to the side. "I suppose you're right."

The Doctor stands up, opening the door for Aaron and saying, "Say hello to Jessica for me."

Aaron smiles and softly hums 'Hello darkness' as he leaves.
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Dream Log: Ayame-Chan in Wonderland
Part Two

"So...let me get this straight," Ayame says, trudging through the woods, "you...both of you, fight zombies, as in walking corpses, and yet you find it hard to believe I fight aliens."

"Hey," Sword-Ayame says, "I might fight zombies, but at least they're zombies from Earth. Not your...chrystal bug aliens."

"Honestly, I find your zombies made without magic or sorcery hard to believe." Martial-Arts-Ayame scratches her head. "So a bunch of germs can turn people into zombies?"

"It's a virus," The swordswoman insists. "And yes, of course it did. I'm living proof." She straight kicks a tree, causing it to fall over. "Honestly, you're talking about magic zombies and alien zombies, and you act like a virus is the hardest to believe."

"Well, whatever." The martial artists runs up to Ayame and wraps her arms around her as they walk. "So tell me about that little girlfriend of yours!"

"Gay," The swordswoman mutters, smirking at Ayame so she knows she's just kidding.

Ayame rolls her eyes. "Her name is Persephone, and she's probably the best thing that ever happened to me. I was unsure at first, considering she wasn't my first love, but Anna gives us her blessing, and I know Lizzy would want me to be happy. Persephone makes me feel like I can do anything, that I can make it through any problem, just as long as she's by my side. I love everything about her, and I want to be with her forever."

The martial artist squeezes Ayame, lifting her in the air. "That is so wonderful! Oh, it sounds like true love! I am sooooooo jealous!" She puts Ayame down and asks, "Have you two been...you know, intimate?"

The swordswoman laughs loudly. "Wow, you're getting off on this aren't you, you little pervert!"

"I am not!" The martial artist shouts, blushing slightly.

Ayame closes her eyes, smiling brightly. "It was the single most beautiful moment of my life. We were just in sync with each other. We held each other, exploring each other's body, using our knowledge of our own bodies to please each other. I'm not going to force her into anything, but I would love to do it again with her every day."

"Wow, you're one horny little girl, aren't you." The swordswoman grabs Ayame and roughs-up her hair. She tries to bat her away as the three walk into a small clearing. In the center, drinking from a lake, is a small animal. It resembles a lime-green puppy with a wolf-like snout and a fox-like tail. The swordswoman unsheathes her sword, but the martial artist screeches with delight, running forward and picking it up. "Are you out of your mind?! What if that thing is dangerous?"

"Oh, please, how can something so cute be dangerous?" The martial artists nuzzles her nose against it's.

Ayame steps forward, noticing a transparent orb the size of a basketball filled with a deep blue smoke floating over the lake. "I'm guessing Alice is in there. This seems a bit too..." Suddenly, the green animal leaps from the martial artist's arms and stands between Ayame and the lake, growling. "And what do you want you.....um, whatever you are?"

The animal's body starts making creaking and snapping sounds. It's body starts expanding and stretching. Each of its limbs split, forming into a total of eight clawed legs. It's tail splits and stretches as well, extending into seven long, multi-sectioned arms. It's snout extends and opens to reviles dozens of razor sharp teeth. As it grows to the size of a truck, the swordswoman sends a 'I told you so" look to the martial artist, who pouts and mumbles, "I said it wasn't dangerous when it was cute. Does that look cute to you?"

Ayame jumps back to the other two. "The bandersnatch, I presume." She takes a defensive stance, as do the others, ready to defend themselves against the creature as it roars loudly and charges.
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The following is a collaboration between AaronBryant & ZombieSplitter53

Tomarrow, I Will Still Be Here

Jessica sits in her room, sadly looking at her sister's empty bed, and sighs. Aaron walks in gently, his eyes glow faintly. He can feel her emotions, and he strolls over to her. "Whats the matter?" His usual concern amplified in copper and violet eyes.

"Oh, nothing," Jessica mumbles. "Just a bit lonely."

"I hope I can fix that." He hugs her tightly and gently enters her mind, being as close to her as he can be. "You know if you yell loud enough," he points to his head, "with this, not your mouth, I will always hear you and I will find you."

Its Alexia, she thinks, she's...gone.

"Where did she go, Jess?" He seems determined. "I'm part of your family now, and I want to help her."

"She left the base a few days ago." Jessica looks down sadly. "She went back home to Chicago. And my father's hospital."

"WHAT!" Aaron's looks shares her look. "I'm.....what...but...Jessica...I'm sorry. Do you know why?"

"Yeah...she said she was...probably going to get...an abortion. We don't have the facilities for that on base."

Aaron looks confused, then his eyes flare brightly. "ZAIN! I TOLD HIM IT WASN'T HIS CHOICE! HE PRESSURED HER, GOD DAMNIT!" He starts heaving heavy breaths. "I swear to God I'm going to kill him!"

Jessica lets out another deep sigh. "Maybe it is for the best. She found out he does drugs, and it would be bad to have such a man's child. But...she still seemed unsure..."

Aaron lets go of her. He takes a step back, tendrils cracking like whips around him. They fall and his glow fades. "He told me he stopped...he's going to regret this, Jessica." He breaths deep. "He is scared and stupid, he probably lied to her to make her want to abort it. He is stupid..." He grabs Jessica and hold her tight. "You know Alexia better than I, what do you think we should do?"

"You...you really think he would lie about something like that?!"

"He may be 26, but he is a kid, I think if something scared him enough, he would do anything. The last time we talked, he was clean, and if I'm remembering correctly, the last time he talked about the whole drug thing, he said it was before he met you. Jessica, he is scared out of his mind. All I want to do right now is kick his teeth in for breaking your sister's heart, so I'm not thinking straight. She is your sister, so what i do now is your call, and no matter what, I will support you and help you." He gently wanders into her mind again, sending calming thoughts and gently stroking her hair.

Jessica smiles, and quickly walks over to her computer, opening her email. As she rapidly types, she says, "I can't believe he would do something so stupid. I honestly think its worse then if he was telling the truth." She hits send, and turns to Aaron. "I sent the email to my father's emergency address, so he should get it in the next ten minutes. Of course, there's a good chance its already too late."

"Then at least we did what we could..." Aaron seems confused. "What do we do now. I'd feel useless waiting and doing nothing."

Jessica sits back down on her bed. "Unfortunately, there's nothing more we can do." She slams her fist down. "Damn it. You should have seen her when she found out. Terrified at first, but then excited. She started making plans about how she'd tell our parents, getting in contact with our former nanny, picking out names."

"I was like that too." His smile is soft but somewhat dark. "Its an intense thing. I was like Zain at first, but after a month, I was about the happiest guy in camp. They teased me a lot but it was harmless..."

Jessica lays back, putting her arm over her eyes. "You know, she didn't even realize how late she was. She thought the idea was ludicrous. When I urged her to have it tested, she said, 'well, what about you. I know for a fact you've been sleeping with Aaron'. The only way I could finally convince her to take a test was by offering to take one myself."

"I jus..." Aaron's heart literally stops for a full second. He sweats, his fear racing through him and adrenaline rushing through his veins. His heart, his brain, receding from hers, trying to mask himself, his tongue dry. He opens his mouth. "Whhhshh.....Whaaat'd id...it say?" His heart beats hard and fast against his chest, like a fist trying to break through. He feels tears form at the edge of his eyes.

Jessica remains silent for several seconds. Finally, she says flatly, "It said she was pregnant, of course. Now, what are we going to do about Zain?"

"Jessica, what did yours say?" He pleads.

Without lifting her arm, she says, "I-It...was positive."

Jessica feels warm, strong arms surround her. "I'm going to be completely honest with you Jessica, I am scared. I'm afraid that this baby will die because of me. I dont want to lose you though...I want to be a dad...I want to make a happy home, but I'm afraid and I'm going to need you to walk me through this storm." He buries his head in her hair. "Sometimes I wonder, if I never joined X-com, if I could have saved her, and my little baby but that is the past. I did everything I could and I didn't understand that at the time. You make me strong, though. I want to run...but I won't, I could not do that to you." He rubs her belly, "Or you."

Jessica bursts into tears, kissing Aaron and wrapping her arms around him. "Oh, Aaron, after what happened between Alexia and Zain, you don't know how scared I was to tell you! I can't tell you how happy I am to hear you say that!"

"We got to help each other first though, okay?" He kisses her back. "Promise you will keep me strong?"

Jessica laughs through her tears. "You're the strongest man I've ever met. I don't think you really need my help, but I swear to you, I will be there for you as much are you are there for me. I love you so much, Aaron."

He lets his feelings through into her mind, knowing that words will never suffice for his feelings, and now they never have to. "What do we do now?" he keeps his hand on her stomach, rubbing it gently.

Jessica rubs Aaron's head. "Well, I'm only about a month along, so I'll be able to work for at least six or seven more months. When I have the child, my parents will help us care for him or her. I had a wonderful nanny growing up that will care for the child, and my parents will make sure we will be well in hand when the war is over. All that is left is to decide if we want to know the child's gender, and start thinking about names."

He laughs. "I meant about your sister.....I'm gonna need some time to get used to that alone." He rubs her tummy again. "Should we talk to Zain?" His eyes glow gently and they seep concern.

Jessica thinks for a moment. "I...I think it would be best if you talked to him alone. He'd probably be disinclined to talk to me since I'm a woman and Alexia's sister, but I'm sure he'd talk to you man-to-man, and I trust anything you'd say. I...I just...I'm not sure I..."

"Not sure about what?" Her lips taste sweet when he kisses them.

Jessica kisses him back, but looks sad. "Do I really want them back together? After what he did? I don't want to sound like an over-protective big sister, and I know she loves him, or at least she said she does, but...you know what I mean, right?"

"I do. Zain's not a bad person, just immature, and I wasn't going to get them back together, I was going to get him to call her and apologize for his idiotic behavior. If he wants the child, then he needs to work to get her back, and its his battle. If he doesn't, he needs to be ready for Alexia's decision, let her know its her's not his, and then he needs to be there for the baby, if not for her. I think he understood the moment she left that what he did was wrong, it wont be wrong to sway him the other way. Plus if words dont work," his eyes flare up" I could always make him." He nips her nose.

Jessica smiles."Aaron, if you're parenting is anything like your capacity to make me happy, you're going to be the perfect father. I only hope I make you as happy as you always seem to make me when you're near."

"You make me pretty happy too, Jessica. What would you want to name him if he is a boy? Or if she is a girl?" As the questions come forth, he retreats behind his normal smile.

Jessica thinks. "I'm not sure. I've never been good at this kinda thing. You should have heard all the names I gave my pets. Any ideas?"

"I put a lot of thought into names." He thinks for a long time. "For a boy, I would give him an Irish name, Neart (Na-Art) means strength. For a girl I usually look for something elegant but still meaningful, Bellezza, Decus. I would like to see them before we give a name though, or at least know something about them." He laughs. "I just want to have a reason behind their names..." He looks thoughtful. "I never thought about my own name this hard before...I guess it really is fitting."

"Hm? Those are good, though I admit I've never heard them before. I've always liked girl names that start with a 'V', like Victoria, or Veronica. But you're probably right. We should at least wait until we know if it is a girl or a boy before picking out a name." She kisses him gently, and cuddles against him, content in his arms.

He feels inexplicable sorrow deep in his heart. He keeps it inside, not wanting to spoil the moment. "Go to bed sweetheart. I'm going to talk to Zain and try to get this sorted out, okay? I'll be by later."

"Okay. Thank you for..." She looks at with and her expression turns to worry. "Are you okay, dear? I haven't been able to read you very well since the psionic testing, but you look a bit...off."

"I'm fine," he lies, "Just thoughtful."

"Um...okay. Just...let me know if you want to talk about anything. And good luck with Zain."

"I will, thank you." He breathes deep and marches forward.

As Aaron opens the door, Jessica says, "Thank you for being so supportive."

He sends a tendril to her I could never be any less.
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May 27, 2013
R'lyeh, Pacific Ocean, 47°9′S, 126°43′W
Name: Ayame Kasagi
Rank: Trainee
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Place of Birth: Central China
Nationality: Chinese/Japanese
Height: 150 cm (4 ft, 11in)
Weight: 42 kg (94.5 lbs)
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: To the small of her back
Eye Color: Heterochromia (One Dark Brown, One Hazel)
Known Relatives: Guì yīng Takahashi (Sister), Ayaka Takahashi (Niece), Masao Takahashi (Brother-in-Law)
Place of Residence before joining X-COM: None

Video Log:

Ayame sits with a defeated look on her face. As she speaks, her tone matches her expression. "It looks like...l-like they don't need me after all. I joined X-COM to finally make a difference with my life, but it looks like that was all for not. After only two missions, after only three or four shots, it seems I have been removed from active duty, if not officially, then in the minds of my superiors."

Ayame angrily wipes her eyes, refusing to shed a tear. "I was hoping that, while Jorn's loss was hard on everyone, at least, as an assault, the Commander would have to retract his previous statement of me being a disappointment, but it looks like he's given up on assaults entirely. My last hope was the psionic testing, but without field experience, I failed at that too."

"In the end, my uncle was right about my abilities. I can only hope I made a difference off the field. I must be here to support my friends, especially Anna as she has quickly surpassed me, and Aaron as he stands alone as our only advanced Psionic soldier."
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Nov 3, 2012
Name: Booker "Dewitt" Conan
Current Rank: Colonel
Mission Name: Bleeding Mountain, Cold Stallion, Purple Fall
Kills This Missions: Bleeding Mountain - 4, Cold Stallion - 1, Purple Fall - 4.
Total Kills since joining X-COM: 90 Dead
Status: Normal

Bleeding Mountain Mission Log:
Today Commander Odd sent me, Farmer and the rest of the team to sort out a Terror Mission in France and Odd got to try out a new weapon for heavy class a new plasma rocket lunch system and Odd loved it very much.we also had a squaddie named Ayame she got scared on her first mission but i hope things go well on the next mission for her.

Base Log #1:
R&D finished testing the people today and only 2/3 people was good and a new class was made for what they called Psi Class paper worked went though just fine and great new people begin with testing for more Psi people and looking into high will only right now. but good news that Farmer has hit Colonel Stats and start doing what i did for him when he was lower stats training Oudwater he is now at Sgt. level good job doing my training proud.

Warring Power overload.......

Power levels Hitting In Normal Levels Have A Nice Day...

That was new?....

Cold Stallion Mission Log:
Command sent me, Oudwater, Kiaer, Lemon, Bryant and Zhang were sent to Australia to find a Overseer Class UFO that was found by what R&D Called Hyper-wave Relay and shot down by the Firestorm at that area and says we have a 13 man crew on board and some dead some alive and well and new unknown alien is on broad too hope to take in alive. mission went well as a normal UFO mission till we found in the bridge of the ship we saw some new tech we had to bring in without blowing it up, 2 armored mutons and this new alien is the man in charge of this ship then as we got close it had Psi powers and got Kiaer under it's control and put Lemon into shock and we need to save him and we shot the alien and killed it, but lost Lemon by a Psi expulsion. we got the area save and start to scarp the UFO down and bring the new tech on board. We had our only Psi Bryant with us. so not knowing what this thing does to Psi so i personally scraped it down off the floor being careful and asked to bring the cart from bring the hyper wave relay and we did and i personally asked to have R&D to contain it when we got back. the R&D came with what i asked for and making sure it does not damage the tech and now down in the labs safe and sound. Fell sad about Kiaer's Moument.

Base Log #2 :
Just as we got back something huge came to earth a Warship Class UFO came and when it came a earthquake happened we are still OK but we have a huge problem.

Purple Fall Mission Log:
The Team was sent out to a landed UFO and got news on a what they call the bosses of the aliens called an ethereal and this time to bring him in. I think that Kiaer did much better and got the ethereal to the base, but man i had a good shot if things went bad. the new tech that got sent to R&D and asked some Psi Solider uses that thing now and now i ask who is going in that room with it....



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Jul 23, 2013
Audio log 18

"I dreamed a dream . . . i was stronger than even them but it came at a price God told me i was going to be put in a difficult situation soon." crying is head "Im pretty sure I wont come back so im going to update my video will one last time . . .i hope they remember my the password" he laughs. "Im ready no matter what lies ahead i will protect the earth thats been my dream since ive been here though to help earth and here i am the strongest amoung the strong ready to take down the enemy for all time."

Audio log end.


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Jul 23, 2013
Warriors in a dream.

A collabarative effort between Dahlexpert and Aaronbryant

Aaron lays in his own bed meditating listening softly for anything. He drifts of his mind still wide open and he falls asleep. "Aaron....Aaron....." Axton sighs "HEY WAKE UP BOY I'M HERE TO HAUNT YOU!". His eyes Flash open around him is the meadow where he meet the Ethereal. He sees Axton and he gets a grimace on his face "Your messing with my mind again you blue basterds!". His eyes light up pure white and he pulls his mumbling sword from his eye. "I WILL SLAY YOU!".

"Blue bastard?" Axton turns around and looks for a blue person. "Who the hell are you talking about you nut case...wait a minute you can see me how the hell can you see me?". "Im not falling for your stupid tricks" Aaron thrusts his blade through the ethereal. "Wha how are you still here?" he retracts his sword. "I . .wait AXTON?" the blade vanishes and his eyes lose there glow. "Axton I missed you!" he thinks about Axtons question "I suppose this is a dream so you would be a figment of my imagination why wouldnt I be able to see you?"

"Really because you putting a sword through my chest says other wise you fucking prick." Axton crosses his arms and forgives Aaron putting a sword through his chest. "Oh hell I missed you to you bastard", Axton gives Aaron a short hug realizing he cant hug him back. "wait why wouldnt you be able to touch me and why did my sword go through you like thin air." Aaron seems sad "your dead . . . i almost forgot so your a ghost?" his eyes glow a gentle white light.

"Yea i'm kinda A ghost,it's a long story, the short version is God and the devil have no Idea what to do with me yet so yes i'm a ghost, but enough about me you mind telling me why your eyes are purple now and how were you able to do some magic sword bull crap just now?" Axtons curiosity is piqued. "Oh um well the eyes are my representation of my psionic abilities and the sword is my representation of well inspiratio the sword i forged. So have you been watching whats happening around the base?" he looks at the old rival and feels sad that it took his death to make him forget what he did and want to be friends with him.

"Wait Wait wait, psionic abilities when did that happen, man I miss every thing, and Yes i'v been watching things around base even...you and Jessica and no I don't watch you guys during your private time,but I can hear it and I wish to GOD I DON'T." he makes a grossed out face. "Yea psionics we unlocked them a while ago. It was hard getting my powers to manifest but . ." he smiles " im now the most powerful soldier on the base "Stronger than almost any one and now able to use my mind as a weapon and shield im damn near unstopable. Jessica .. . . she is pregnant you know. . ."

"Ah well to address the first thing you said, I didn't watch many movies or read that many comics but to reference spider man."With great power comes great responsibility" don't get to arrogant or cocky because those people usually die first. Now as for the second thing congratulations I mean I can't believe Jessica picked you over a lot of people here, but I will respect her decision,and if you both love each other then do your best to make her happy." he sighs " look Aaron to kinda help you and Jessica out, because i'm pretty sure that you are not getting paid at all doing this but,there are two things in my room that I think that can help you out."

he takes a deep breath "First is an engagement ring it's six years old but it's still good, and second you need to ask Ayame for this one, there is a safe in my room behind me dresser in that safe is about three....four..five hundred thousand dollars in there that should be enough for you and Jessica to buy a home and then some all right."

Aaron just stares at him his eyes turn bright white again and bits of light fall of his cheeks like rain drops. "I . .I dont even know what to say . . . " he falls to his knees " Please there has to be something i can do for you!". "Heh Heh Heh unless you can give me my old flesh and blood body again there's not much you can do for me" he straightens his face and looks at Aaron with a serious expression "Well there is one thing you can do for me, I want you to take care of your family to love and care for them and make sure no one hurts them, that's all I ask."

Aaron laughs "thats all i . . . Wait why did you have an engagement ring?" his face seems sad almost as if he can sense the answer. A sigh comes before the answer "I was really hoping you would not ask about it ,four years ago I was engaged to a woman named Jasmine she was the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life." he seems distraught beyond consolation. " to make a long story short she was murdered ,and I waged war on every triad gang in china until I find the man that killed her,I found him killed him and mourned my fiancee.". "why didnt you say anything when we talked?" curosity had over taken him.

"Because it's a part of my past that I wanted to forget about" he covers his face with his hand "look Aaron I killed thousands of criminal those few months I spilled probably fifty thousand galiens of blood during those months it's something i'm not proud of doing,but I would do it again if any criminal organization did that to my fiancee."

He bobs his head up and down understanding "Axton what does dying feel like?". "That's a good question,um well i'v always been a free man never working the government or any one else so to me,it feel like nothing has changed I still feel like a free man so I guess,dying is like getting all my guilt anger and regrets off my shoulders." he smiles."thats tranquil and all but I meant the physical side of it?". "What do you think,I can't eat drink or sleep,I can never protect my friends again so it's pretty terrible" Axton looks at Aaron as if he should have known the answer. Aaron scratches his head "I mean the moment you died did it hurt or did you kind of just let go of your body? Though i imagine being unable to do anything and being trapped on this plane would be aweful."
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Warriors in a Dream part 2

"To answer your question, yes when I got shot by that muton I dead kinda give up and accepted my death." he seems solemn. Aaron lays down "what do you do for fun?" the question sounds odd to him but he stays quiet waiting for the answer." Axton replies "I hang out with my ancestors,since me and all of my ancestors are not good enough for heaven or hell,so we hang out in limbo,we drink tell story's and it's basically me living in one big party for all entirety." "Well i mean that doesnt sound aweful. Hey Ax i have this feeling like im not going to make it. . ." Sighing he feels the warmth of the dream sun on his skin and the soft grass beneath him.

"You mean to tell me that your just now starting to have those feelings,Aaron were have you been for the last seven months,My god Jessica must work wonders if your just now having those feelings." Axton smiles. He blushes "shes pretty good with her hands" he laughs and scratches the back of his hand. "Yea i mean i saw jorn die in front of me and he was stronger than i was and it feels like everything is going to end soon" breath seeps out of his lungs "Im more worried about all the people i promised my survival to."

He gives Aaron a serious face once more "Aaron I Know better then any one that there are some promises you can't keep ,I made a lot of promises when I was alive some I kept some I didn't ,Me promising that I will come back I never did,because unlike you I was a mercenary I took down the most defended the most ruthless humans on the planet so I expected to never come back,and even though she loves hearing you say I will come back to you, i'm pretty sure Jasmine nos that you will not come back one day that's why i'm giving you the money so she can have some money to provide for your kid." He is silent for a few minutes " I havent broken a promise yet. . . I dont want to" he feels his cheeks grow moist.

"Aaron this is a war people will die,You zain and a lot of people on this planet know what it's like to lose some one in this war,and what i'm saying is you can not keep this promise of yours that you will come back, because thing in war are out of your control even your own life." The surronding area darkens Aarons fear Manifesting into darkness. Shadows creep up from the ground "crap" his eye blaze white tears still falling and he pulls his mumbling sword from his eye "Is there any way you can fight?"

"All you can do is fight,and fight and fight until one day your luck runs out, and no matter how skilled you are you will die that's something you need to accept." Axton seems almost oblivious to the shadows.

"AXTON Im all about the metaphyscial bull shit but i mean right now" the shadows charge Aaron he blocks there sickle blades with his sword. The Shadows phase through Axton like he is nothing "WHAT THE HELL MAN ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME!" The shadows close in on Aaron he stabs with his sword and one disspates only to be replaced by five more all rearing clawing biting forms hurting him. "Help Axton I cant do this alone!" his cry is almost muffled by a shadows wicked hand. "Oh damn it" Axton pulls out two swords out of his back "I was really hoping not to fight any one."

Axton lunges forward and starts hacking and slashing most all of the shadows around Aaron "Hold on Aaron give me some time all right." Aarons glowing eyes are covered in the Sea of shadows silence abounds. the shadows not making a peep still clawing and biting. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH" a blinding flash of light fills the meadow Aaron is now clad in white armor and carrying a sheild with a spiked center "I am Aaron Bryant the SWORD OF GOD!" the surronding shadows his at him and Axton seeming to grow bigger "Axe let us vanquish!" he slashs away three shadows as he says this and spike one with his shield.

Axton hunchs his shoulders as if to say what can I do. "Fine I have no problem using my swords" Axton runs forward and and punches one of the shadows after punching the shadow he grabs it by the neck and puts his sword through it's chest,a shadow claws axton's back. "You really shouldn't have done that." Axton slashes the shadow that clawed him head off "Come on at least make this challenging."

The shadows swell becoming 50 feet tall. "you are a nightmare nothing more" he grows tendrils of light form his back they gain feathers. He flaps them "Axe you can fly right?" he flys at mach 5 straight at the head of one of the shadows. He drills through it causing it to collapse. "because i dont want to steal all the glory!" Axton starts to laugh manically "OK Aaron but if i'm taking this thing down" Axton changes his swords into katars "it's going down with massive internal injuries." Axton jumps up and dives straight in to the beasts mouth, while in side it Axton is cutting and slashing every organ that he can reach,the beast falls to the ground and Axton emerges out of the beast stomach covered in blood.

Aaron and Axton fight until the last one falls "Its done . .the night mare is over" the meadow blurs "I think im waking up Axe." Axton is snarling and growling not listening to Aaron but after calming down he tells Aaron. "yea...yea OK and Aaron the combination to my safe is, 42 42 60 just take my safe to Jessicas room all right."

The world fades "I promise" Aaron rushes to Axtons room. He finds the ring and picks up the Safe. He takes it back to his room goes to his online bank and makes a purchase. "There Axton thats what some of your money but her . . . a home". The website he was on sold plots of land with log cabins on it and 5 acres was now under his name.
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Colonel Zain Shah
Kills- 23
Missions- 14

Zain seems very depressed "I fucked up...I wasn't the wrong one, was I?...She was completely disregarding my feelings towards it; I know, I've seen those fucked up teen parents. I didn't want the baby and now I'm in a bigger pile of shit than I would've been if I had just said that." Zain covers his face with his hands "Now, I'm probably going to have to deal with Jessica's endless scolding and I'll have to apologise to Alexia." Zain's eyes shoot wide open "For what? For not wanting a child with a girl I met a couple months back, for not wanting to ruin my own and her life, for trying to protect my child from the obvious struggles for a couple like us." Zain changes his face to resemble determination "I'm not going to say sorry...everything I did and said was to protect her and now I'm the one who gets all the blame just cos I'm a guy and she went off crying."

Zain thinks "Sure, I did forget the condom but she obviously knew that." He puts his hand on his forehead "Who was right? I forgot the condom but she didn't acknowledge the fact that I don't want a baby." Zain sighs "I'm not gonna bother, we're probably on our separate ways now and we probably won't see each other again." Zain hangs his face low and gives a look of depression before turning off the camera.

Zain Shah

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Jun 2, 2013
This is a collaboration between Zain Shah and AaronBryant

Resolution, Revenge, Rage

Aaron is sitting in the gym eyes closed he seems focused he is projecting his field of thought with powerful feelings meant to inspire practicing the lessons he was given.

After a few moments, loud footsteps boom in the gym and soon comes Tytus, even bigger and stronger than before. He locks onto Aaron and approaches him "Hey, pussy; ready for me to pummel you again, I haven't hospitalized anyone recently and it's been bothering me." Tytus punches his left palm with his right hand.

Aaron stays silent trying to ignore him. He prepares his psionics though. "leave me Tytus I dont want to hurt you. . . not any more."

"A soldier that doesn't want to hurt people...Are some pacifist?" Tytus shoves Aaron, causing him to lose his balance and he falls to the ground.

"No im just stronger in ways you could never be Tytus. Im going to give you one more warning." His eyes flare up purple and black the tendrils in his hands becoming like tentacles and whips waving wildly. "LEAVE!" he takes his boxers stance.

"So you think you're better than me just because you're not human anymore; you're one of those aliens now, you're a freak of nature, you don't belong in society." Tytus speaks inches from Aaron's face.

"No im better than you because Im what humans used to be before bablyon." his glow recedes. "You though you are a lost cause" he sits back down attempting to meditate.

"Whatever, all I know is that you'll be treated like someone who doesn't belong on Earth...You'd might as well join the aliens now rather than later."

He begins humming radiating his presence.

Tytus is on the verge of cracking Aaron's skull open, he shouts "You're just afraid that I'll break that fragile, feminine body of yours; that's it, isn't it?" He begins walking around Aaron.

Aaron continues to hum his peace being broken by lumbering foot steps. He remembers what he tried to teach Ayame and focuses on there noise.

"You're a tough nut to crack, but don't you want revenge? Don't you want the satisfaction of beating the one person stronger than you? The one who almost killed you and would kill you in a heartbeat?" Tytus blows a strong gust of wind at Aaron's face.

"Ive forgiven you Tytus if its really all that important to you i will fight you." he sighs.

"So you're mister big man now, huh? The arrogant jerk who thinks he can take on anything...Well, I knew someone like that; wanna where he is?" Tytus doesn't wait for a response "His body is in about a thousand pieces and no one knows where he is...he was my friend."

Aaron looks confused "Tytus i dont think i can take on anything im not that arrogant i dont want to fight if i dont have to. . . who was he?"

"It's not important...He was just a good soldier who let his arrogance lead him, he was a good friend but a soldier's job is to die fighting and that's what he did. All you XCOM soldiers don't know the real consequences of war; you've lost like 10 soldiers whereas we lost hundreds...all of you get upset over one death but we had to withstand all those deaths like they were nothing and keep fighting." Tytus clenches his fists.

"We lose many less because of the few we send which is why each loss hurts us. Every one here was sent here because they are the very best of the best. This includes you no matter how terrible you may act." He looks at Tytus and stands "Why do you fight Tytus?"

"That's what wrong with XCOM, soldiers don't need a reason to fight, they are simply pawns in the game that is war and we are merely there to fulfill our role and if we die, we die."

"You lost friends i bet you they all had there reasons. A man with a cause is always more dangerous than the one with none. I lost the reason i fought for and in that time i did nothing but train and grow into a terrible depressed shell of the man i once was." He feels pity for the giant of a man.

"Don't give me pity; I would not give you any if it was your friends. If a soldier dies, he's done his job and he can rest but until then, you must fight to the end."

"Just because you wont give it to me doesnt mean i wont to you. Tytus you were an asshole and sadly you probably will push people away for the rest of your life and i dont think you will die a happy man not unless you change the negativity you carry inside you. I dont think im the one to help you though not after what we went through." He returns to where he was sitting before and tries projecting a calm aura to lessen the rage inside the goliaths heart.

"Who said I was a man? I gave up my humanity when I killed some of my squad mates to save myself." Tytus gives him an evil look "I don't care about anyone but myself."

"Not even Zain?" his breathing deepens.

"Oh please, he won't gain any fighting experience from that...Besides, I never really cared about him, I just wanted him to think like what he was doing was actually doing something" He laughs.

Aaron sighs "Tytus be as inhumane as you like, but im away from this now and id prefer to keep it that way."

"I don't care what you prefer...come on, you don't have a choice."

"our lives are nothing but choice" he breathes in "make yours"

"That's where your wrong...I didn't have the choice to not join the army, I had to." He gets ready in a proper boxing stance.

Aaron stays seated breathing long slow breathes. "Perception is our reality. . ."

"Stop talking about all that philosophical stuff... Let's fight." Tytus throws a punch at Aaron.

The punch connects and Aaron falls to the ground. He wipes his face and goes into his stance calm as the eye of a storm.

"I hope that psionic stuff made you strong enough to actually be worthy as my punching dummy." A flurry of fists from Tytus hit Aaron.

Aaron takes all the hits a tooth falls out and he starts bleeding he seems slow and weak " Tytus you will never beat me" he Throws a punch and misses Tytus he looks shaky. "im stronger now!" Aaron shouts this almost feebly.

"Have fun thinking that while a beat your ass" Tytus simply smiles arrogantly. He gut punches Aaron and pats Aaron's head.

Aaron falls on his knees "You punch like a little bitch Tytus, a little bitch in heat!" he covers his face with his arms.

"Do you want to get hurt? Do you remember what happened to you last time?" He kicks Aaron.

"I asked your mom the same thing after having visceral sex with her!" Aaron laughs as he continues to be kicked.

"If you're trying to anger me, it won't work, I'M ALWAYS ANGRY!" Tytus sweeps Aaron's legs off the floor; he then grabs one of Aaron's legs and twists it behind him.

Aarons leg snaps he just keeps laughing "Oh yea Tytus that sooooo good. Come on you coward you aren't able to make this hurt at all!?"

He grabs Aaron's collar and lifts him to his feet; he then hits 2 jabs at Aaron's ribs and then a spartan kick, launching Aaron back. "Your words do nothing so stop wasting your breath and use it when you're almost dead after this fight."

"Tytus i want you to know your nothing and its funny that your doing this because you think it makes you relevant." Aaron falls unconscious.

"I know I'm not relevant, I'm a soldier like you but I know that I'm a pawn who is waiting to die. You know nothing about being relevant, that Zhang guy can replace your ass in a day." He walks out of the gym, giving no concern for Aaron's safety.

Aarons eyes glow brightly the illusion he created for Tytus still up he watches how the saddest man he had ever seen walks away he sees the broken imaginary version of himself on the floor and once Tytus was long gone he gets rid of the illusion. He sheds a tear for this monstrous man who would do this to someone else for now reason. Body whole and heart strong he goes back to meditating.


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Sep 21, 2012
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To Project X-COM Commander Odd,

I feel it is my duty to bring to your attention a number of complaints and concerns circulating amongst your lower ranked officers. They believe you are actively and knowingly playing favorites with a select few soldiers on the battlefield, and this leads to the concern that, if you should lose these soldiers, we will be left unprepared with only lower ranked soldiers. In addition, many believe an event during a recent terror mission shows you are willing to sacrifice lower ranked soldiers just to keep these favorites out of harms way, which puts them in serious doubt about their safety. These thoughts a poison for morale, and I ask you to please address them as soon as you possibly can. The soldiers themselves are too afraid to talk to you directly as they fear negative repercussions for speaking their minds.

Sincerely yours,
Tomoyo Kinomoto
Project X-COM Human Resources, Soldier Relations
To: Tomoyo, Ayame, and other "lower ranked officers"

Thanks for bringing forth your concerns. As the Commander of the XCOM initiative, it is my duty to put the best squad forward at all times. This means that experienced soldiers, with a proven track record of success, will see more action than others. It is also no secret that you've been in contact with Ayame Kasagi, who has recently expressed her concern to me in private. I would like to highlight a few things:

1) Playing favorites is what happens in XCOM. You have a bond with your top level recruits and you know their strengths and weaknesses.
2) It was recently brought up that I prefer snipers, and that upsets some people. You know my history with XCOM, and it shouldn't be a surprise by now that typically, my snipers perform extremely well, and my assaults...well...they die.
3) I will absolutely take more risks with a less experienced soldier, as there is less to lose. As the commander, I have to make difficult choices. One life to save many is but one of those choices.
4) "These thoughts are a poison for morale" - People are in control of their own beliefs. If they are not seeing enough action on the field, they can be happy that the best squad is out there, or they can be upset about it. This is XCOM, it's not a popularity contest.
5) I don't recall a recruit ever reaching out to me directly and having a negative repercussion. It seems that there are a few vocal minorities that aren't happy with the way XCOM is run, but there is also a very large majority that think the way I command a squad to kill aliens and save lives is extremely effective and efficient.

Thanks for bringing forth all of your concerns. Hopefully, in the future, you are able to put some of this time into your regular duties instead of reporting on gossip.

Commander Odd


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X-COM Video Chat
2200 Hours

Jessica sits at her computer, wearing her night clothes in preparation for bed. Similarly, Alexia sits in her night clothes, having recently woken up.

[JC] Hey, Alex...um, how are you feeling?

[AC] Uh...okay, I guess, all things considered.

[JC] Yeah, I know how you feel. Well, okay, not exactly, but I understand what you mean. This is all so difficult, and I hate to think you having to go it alone.

[AC] (Alexia shakes her head) I'm not alone, I have mother and father, and everyone here at home. Everyone is really supportive, and they all want to help.

[JC] So...how mad are you?

[AC] (Alexia sighs) I'm not mad. Well, I'm a little mad, but I'm mostly just disappointed. Disappointed and hurt. Even if he is the older one and I was drinking for the first time, it was still as much my fault as his. (A maid walks up to her, placing a platter of steak, eggs, pancakes, and fruit next to Alexia, and starts cutting the steak.)

[JC] Yeah, but the difference is, you wanted to take responsibility for it, while he immediately wanted to take the easy way out! I mean, doesn't he realize the kind of risks there is with an abortion. What if you ended up sterile? Would he have stayed with you knowing you could never bare a child for him? Not to mention the fact that he lied to you like that.

[AC] I know, I know. I just...wish we could have had a more mature discussion about... (The maid moves a fork with a piece of steak towards Alexia's mouth, and Alexia gives her a dirty look, taking the fork from her) Honestly, Mandy, I can feed myself. (She takes a bite, and the maid simply smiles)

[JC] Must feel nice to have such good food after having to put up with the Base food.

[AC] (Alexia shrugs) Honestly, I'm easy either way. I feel like such a spoiled rich girl sitting here. (The maid offers her a bite of pancakes, and Alexia concedes, rolling her eyes as she lets the maid feed her)

[JC] (Jessica laughs loudly) You are a spoiled rich girl, though you really did mature while you were here. (Jessica smiles devilishly) Maybe you should have told Zain we had money.

[AC] Yeah, sure, cause that's what I want, someone who wants a child just to get his mother's money. Do you think he's gonna going to call me?

[JC] Aaron said that if Zain doesn't do it on his own, he'll force him to. Do you know what you'd say to him?

[AC] (Alexia shrugs) Not really. I just...wait, did you tell Aaron yet? (Jessica nods) How did he take it?

[JC] He took it well. He was worried, especially because of what happen to his fiance, but I really think I can count on him. (Alexia frowns) I'm sorry, Alexia.

[AC] It's...it's okay Jessica. (A butler walks up behind Alexia and whispers something in her ear) Sorry, mother is looking for me.

[JC] Of course. Just tell me...are you going to tell him?

[AC] ...Probably not. It's probably for the best that he doesn't know.

[JC] Alright. I have a good day Alex.

[AC] Good night, Jessie.
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Dream Log: Ayame-Chan in Wonderland
Part Three

The bandersnatch rapidly swings it's seven arms at the trio, three towards Sword Ayame in the center and two each for the other two on either side of her. "Damn it!" She yells, rapidly blocking the attacks. "This is insane! What the hell is this thing's fur made of, steel?"

"At least you have a weapon to defend yourself!" Martial Arts Ayame shouts, dodging the creatures attacks.

"Trying making one!" Ayame jumps back, and extends her arm, forming a copy of the swordswoman's katana and using it to barely block the bandersnatch as it swipes with two of it's legs.

"Good idea!" The martial artist forms a long staff and starts beating back the arms.

"If you could GAH!" The bandersnatch connects with a solid punch to the swordswoman's stomach, but she shakes it off. "If you could do that at any time, why don't you make a bazooka?"

"You don't think I've been trying?" Ayame responds. "I've been trying to form every firearm I can think of! There must be some kind of rule against projectile weapons!"

"Rule?! It's your dream!"

"It's also Wonderland! Even in my own dream, I can't completely control it!"

"I have an idea!" The martial artist turns and runs into the words, yelling behind her, "Get it's attention!"

The other two run to either side of the bandersnatch. As it sends three arms to each, the martial artist comes running back with incredible speed. As the creature sends it's seventh arm to attack her, she uses her staff to pole-volt over it. She lands on it's head, and starts rapidly punching it. It retracts all of it's arms and lifts them into the air. "Watch out!" Ayame shouts, and the martial artist jumps out of the way at the last second, causing the bandersnatch to drive it's fists into it's own skull.

As it woozily stumbles about, the swordswoman runs forward, wraps her arms around the bandersnatch's arms, pinning them to the ground with incredible strength. "Go for the base!" She yells. Ayame obliges, slashing at the base of the arms, only for the sword to snap in half. The bandersnatch kicks her away, sending her flying, and lifts the swordswoman into the air.

The martial artist runs to Ayame's side. Ayame tries to think. "Damn it, if I only had a gun! A rifle, a rocket launcher, any kind of progec....wait, can you fire a bow?" The martial artist nods, standing up and forming one. She lets out a yelp as the bandersnatch drops the swordswoman into it's mouth. "Quick!" Ayame yells.

The martial artist takes careful aim. She launches an arrow, striking the monster in the eye. It lets out a painful roar. As it starts to close it's mouth again, the swordswoman grasps it's upper jaw, causing teeth to drive into her hands. She pushes up with her hands and down with her feet. She is covered with blood and dozens of cuts, not to mention a copious amount of thick saliva. She stretches it's jaw out, screaming "Shoot it!"

Ayame stands next to the martial artist, forming her own bow, but the pair hesitate. "We'll hit you."

"Just fucking do it, you stupid twat! I'm already stuck in its mouth, are you gonna let it eat me?"

The pair reluctantly start firing rapidly, striking the bandersnatch in the inside of it's mouth over a dozen times, as well as hitting the swordswoman in her left arm, right leg, the stomach, twice in the chest, and once in the forhead. The bandersnatch slumps to the ground, dead, and the swordswoman slides out of it's mouth, seemingly sharing it's fate. Ayame nervously reaches towards her, letting out a loud scream when she reaches up and grabs Ayame's arm. "You're alive?!"

"GOD, THAT FUCKING SMARTS LIKE A BITCH!" She sits up, painfully pulling the arrow from her arm, then the one from her stomach.

"Are..." The martial artist kneels down next to her. "Are you okay?!"

The swordswoman raises an eyebrow towards her. "I have a fucking arrow in my brain! What do you think?" She pulls said arrow from her head, and then struggles to yank out the one in her leg.

"How?" Ayame asks, yanking the arrow out for her.

She pulls out the last two arrows from her chest, saying, "Ugh, you'd be surprised what I can live through as long as I don't get hit in the heart...which, in retrospect, I should have told you to avoid, but whatever." She points at the orb. "Will you go see who Alice is already?"

Ayame nods and walks over to the lake, saying, "I think I know who it is, knowing that stupid cat." She wades through the water, and reaches for the orb. It bursts in a flash of light upon her touch, and Persephone appears in a beautiful blue Victorian dress. She falls into Ayame's arms, locking lips with her.

"Oooooooo, happy ending!" The martial artist claps her hands as the swordswoman rolls her eyes.

Ayame gazes into Persephone's eyes, saying, "You might not be real, but at the very least, you remind me of how beautiful she really is." She leans forward to kiss her again.....


.....and falls out of her bed, thumping her butt on the floor. She looks up to make sure she didn't wake her roommates. She feels a bit frustrated that her dream had to end when it did, then blushes when she realizes why she's so upset. She climbs back into bed with Persephone, wrapping her arms around her waist and nuzzling against her back, quickly falling back to sleep.
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To: Commander Odd
From: Stevie Steve

I know you have your reasons for what you do, but, with Aaron being a very big necessity, and his psionic abilities, I figure that you will send him on the Mother Ship. I have made one of the greatest friends out of him, I have had quite a while to think about what I am about to ask you. I want to go with him when you execute the assault on the ship, I need to do my part to help and protect him. On this mission you will need your strongest people, with the passing of Jorn, I am one of the strongest assaults left, I know there will be a meager priority to get to the end, I want to make sure I have something to do about it and not sit there helpless.

Thank you for your time.


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Jul 25, 2013
Name: Persephone
Date: 11/17/15
Current rank: N/A
Status: meh.
Mission: Off duty Operation: Not Gonna Happen.

I'm starting to find less and less use for this thing. I mean whats the point now? The only form of insanity this journal has protected me from is the insanity of boredom. I know I'm never going to make it into the field at this point unless the commander loses his entire squad and thats the last reason I'd want to be out there. God forbid anything happens to Anja, Zain and especially Anna. When I first agreed to volunteer for this program all I wanted to do was accomplish something great, something that would make Rose proud if she were still alive. I wanted to make up for the six months of pain I experienced watching the one person I idolized the most fall apart before my eyes,. However if it means losing other people I look up to in the process, then do the ends justify the means?

I'm starting to think that unless she comes out of the psionic labs positive, the commander has more or less given up on Ayame at this point which makes me both relieved and irritated. I'm relieved that I won't have to helplessly watch him use her as a meat shield anymore, but irritated at how dismissive he was of her after that second mission he sent her on, despite the fact that she was somehow still promoted. I mean come on, you don't criticize an assault for missing a shot fifty feet away! It sickens me that after every missed opportunity he had to give her the proper experience she needed on top of all the boneheaded decisions he made with her during that terror mission, he has the nerve to dismiss HER?

You know what scratch that, I'm not even irritated anymore I'm just relieved. I'm relieved that we're nearing the end of this war, I'm relieved that Ayame won't be seeing action again, I'm relieved that the commander hasn't chosen me, and finally I'm relieved that I'm spending the remainder of this fucking war stuck half a mile underground bored to death with no fresh air and noting to do but sit on my ass and write while everyone else is out saving the earth! To Booker, Zhang, Aaron, and any other personal favorites Commander Odd may have who could be reading this, I wish you all the best of luck. Believe me, if you're the one's who have no other choice then to trust him with your own life, then you know what? I don't fucking envy any of you in the slightest!
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I hear her dreaming
A collab between frostlich1228 and AaronBryant

Aaron is sitting in the gym meditating he looks almost peaceful.
Anna turns the corner and walks into the Gym, Starting up her regular workout routine of Jogging, Lifting Weights, and Doing Sit- Ups.He hears the foot steps. A whisper enters his mind like a scratching noise nails on a chalk board. He winces, it laughs. "Hey what is. . " he turns around seeing Anna his eyes glow faintly. "Hey Anna how are you?" he smiles at his new friend hoping to learn more about her. Anna turns and smiles at him. " Oh good morning Aaron... How're you doing? ". "Im practicing my psionics so pretty excited . . .do you mind if i practice with you?" the whisper scratches in his ear. Anna gives him a Odd look. " Practice how? ". "My inspire maneuver i wouldnt practice mind control with you thats kind of weird." his eyes glow "I hear its exhilarating, but i understand if you dont want to its kind of intimate letting some one into your mind."

Anna Nods. " Sure, I'll help you practice... " She applies a bit of pressure to her temples with her Thumbs. Aaron laughs "Thats not how it works its better if you just relax and try to think of nothing" Aaron sends a tendril forward attempting to be gentle and finds her he sends her an image of Ayame "Did you see that?". Aaron hears a sort of Dark, Disconnected whispering in his head. The words are quiet and Jumbled, too jumbled to make out effectively. Anna takes her thumbs off of her temples. " Yeah... I did see that! ". "good!" he worms his way further and searches in her head throwing feelings of warmth and empowerment "you should be feeling safe and powerful" He tries to follow the whispering.

The Dark Whispering gets louder. Aaron can now understand small portions of what it's saying, " Leave...----... ----... Go...---...--- Out ".
Anna puts her head in her palm. " Agh... Aaron is my head suppose to hurt this much? ". "Anna you have something else in your head" He pulls his tendril out to stop the pain "is that the chrysalid?" he tries to find the chrysalids mind instead of Annas. The Dark voice grows louder more evil, saying. " Leave...---... Or...---... Kill...---... Host...---... Transform... ". The other soldiers in the base back away from Aaron and Anna, She slides down the wall still holding her head, It is obvious that Aaron's Attempt to stop the pain isn't doing too much. Aaron is unsure "Anna I need you to tell me if its ok to mind control you if your undermy control the pain comes back to me. . . .I think, I need your permission to try something shes going to kill you!"

Anna, Still holding her head, looks at Aaron. She tries to form a sentence but can only muster a few words. " A-Aaron... Pl-Please... S-Stop... ". "DAMNIT!" he cancels his psionic energy. He runs to her and grabs her "Im sorry i left when it told me to i could still hear it though. Are you ok? Crap Im sorry." he sits her down gently. Anna's nose starts bleeding and she just stares off into space for a few second before coming to " Aaron...? I... Ugggh... ". "easy does it Anna" Aaron is holding Anna gently if a tad awkwardly "You ok to stand?"

Anna Slowly climbs to her feet, using a Treadmill next to her to help keep her balance, She life her head up at Aaron and gives him an Angry Look. " I said... You could Practice on me... and make me feel better... not fucking snoop around... my brain... ". "I was and then this thing called out to me and I was just curious im sorry it seemed like something was wrong. How is that embryo talking? Have you heard it before?" he seems distressed searching her eyes for answers. Anna stops leaning on the Treadmill for support and is able to stand normally. " I'm sure you know now... That the Embryo is Alive... And it's not just Alive... It's Special... They detected Psychic energy in my brain... and found that the Embryo was emitting it... "
" yea i kind of got that from it speaking to me. . .but has it spoken to you?" Aarons face dawns a serious gaze. Anna takes a napkin from her pocket and wipes the blood off of her face. " I think it talks to me... in my dreams... Sometimes... ". "Its . . .terrible thats aweful . . .I . ."he hesitates but says something any way "Is there anything i could do?". Anna sighs " No I don't think so... I doubt that headache was caused by you... That must mean it'll physically hurt me if you try to Do something to it... ". Aaron looks helpless almost defeated a puppy kicked "But there has to be something . . . it cant just be invincible."
Anna takes a seat on the treadmill next to her. " I'm sure it can be killed... The problem is what'll happen to me if you kill it? "


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Part 2

Aaron sits silently for five minutes "She cant do anything to you if she is seperated from you mentally obviously you share a link but if the link with you is cut off she cant touch you." he sighs "but this is theory. I want to help though.". " Sure it can be cut off from my mind... But Dr. Van Damm Explained that it is attached to my brain stem... even if you severed this Mental Link It would still be alive and is still be extremely dangerous to me... " Anna gives Aaron a questioning look all of a sudden. " Why do you keep calling it a She? ". "It sounded like a girl . . ." he scratches the back of his head " i can still hear her she is like an itch in my ear."

Anna thinks for a moment. " That's interesting... Because according to Van Damm's Theory the Embryo in my Brain will Grow into Cryssalid Queen... Maybe her theory is right after all... ". " that sounds really really bad what is her theory?" he feels a shiver down his spine. Anna pulls Aaron in closer and whispers. " Her Theory is that the Thing is my brain is a Special type of Cryssalid called a Broodmother.... These are created though a Mutation that affects the Development of the Brain in a Embryo, Giving them Psi powers, But according to Dr. Van Damm they are Extremely Rare. These Broodmothers are responsible for controlling the Cryssalid in the Alien Army... She says that these Cryssalid act has a sort of Queen, using their Psi powers to Command the Cryssalid by acting like a Hivemind, She says that is why Cryssalid are Immune to Psi Attacks and how the Aliens control what seems to be a Race of Instinct Driven killing machines in the first place... ".

"why are you whispering im pretty sure she can hear you" he whispers back. "so i can do nothing then?". Anna rolls her eyes a bit at him. " Of course She can hear me... I don't want them to hear it. " Anna points at the Soldiers around the room Staring and trying to see what's going on. "Oh right" a frown crawls into his face "what are you going to do?". Anna takes a second to answer before saying. " I... Don't know... ".
"When this is over do you want to at least try to get it out" his statment seems phantasmal. Anna's look turns Grim " Aaron... They'll kill me when this is over... ". Aarons quiet "Why cant . . " a gentle glow wisps around his eyes tears soon follow "Im sorry". Anna puts her hand on his shoulder. " It's not your fault Aaron... I didn't think I'd survive this war anyway... At least they'll Shoot me in the head so I'll never turn into one of those things... ".

Aaron looks mad "AT LEAST? what do you mean at least you shouldnt die like a dog Anna you fought and bleed in this war for earth the only thing that should put in you is a god damn medal!" Aaron punches the wall a dent is formed there his psi energy swirling around him now gently fading. Anna lowers her head. " I'm Pissed off that they're going to kill me, but can you see any other option? it'll be quick and Painless... And I'll never have to turn into a Cryssalid... It's definitely not the worst way to go I suppose." . "YEA I see plenty of other options killing the thing in your head. If it doesnt work at least then we tried! whats the point of all this advanced tech if we can use it to help people after this is done!" he is breathing heavily. Anna crosses her arms and looks back up at him. " And if it doesn't work and I turn into a Cryssalid?"

"Then we kill you, the point isnt about making sure you come out of it ok if you die then your eant to die and thats sad but at least we tried. Doing nothing is just as bad as suicide!" he stares at her his fists clenched. " And I say that I'd rather get shot in the head than risk Turning into a Cryssalid and hurting any of my Friends! ". "I wouldnt let that happen and who sasy any one else would have to be there. I just think its ridiculous you would give up so easily is all but its your choice and i have made my case" He throws his hands in the air. "should you change your mind talk to me." he sits and begins meditating.

Anna sighs. " I'm not just going to lie down and die... But if worse comes to worse I'd rather not become a monster... Ask yourself this Aaron... What're you going to do when this war is over? " And with that Anna leaves the room.
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