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The following is a collaboration between AaronBryant & ZombieSpliter53

I'm In Your Head...

X-COM Primary Laboratory
Alien Interrogation Room

Dr. Vahlen walks into the lab, followed closely be Jessica and Ayame. As they walk, Ayame asks Jessica, "So, um, why did you want me to accompany you anyway. There were plenty of other more impressive soldiers then me. I mean, what about Aaron?"

"Because I like you, Ayame," Jessica says. "Besides, the alien's psionic abilities is far stronger then any alien we've ever met. We should be fine with the containment pod...uh, thingy, but they're making sure no one with psionic powers gets close to it, namely Big Farmer and Aaron."

"Alright." Ayame smiles. "So what do I do?"

"It's simple, Corporal Kasagi," Dr. Vahlen says. "If in the ever so unlikely event that something goes wrong, you will resolve the issue by dispatching our pschic friend. Of course, I realize that your syesteshia hasn't had much success with the aliens, Ms. Chambers, so this is likely just a formality. But we would like to cover all of our bases."

The containment facilities blast doors slowly open. Ayame lifts her shotgun slightly as the Ethereal comes into view. Jessica steps forward and gets to work examining it, trying to read it's color. However, just as before, she can not get a clear reading. "So Doctor, no good," She says, turning around, "Can't read this one...um, doctor?" She takes a step forward, and realizes that the Dr. Vahlen isn't moving. She looks at Ayame, who is the same way. She looks around her, and sees that everything is seemingly frozen in time. She feels an unsettling feeling from behind her, and turns to find the Ethereal directly behind her. She takes a step back, and trying to hide her fear, she says, "This isn't real. H-How are you doing this?"

The Ethereal lift one of it's arms, pointing at her. "You," says a voice in Jessica's head. "You allowed me...to enter your mind."

"No," Jessica says, shaking her head. "Your lying. I wouldn't, I couldn't. They tested me to see if I had any psionic abilities when I first started trying to read your buddies. I was completely negative."

Tendrils of psionic energy flow from the Ethereal into Jessica's mind, and she clenches her head in pain. "You...are correct. Not you..." It lowers it's hand, pointing at Jessica's stomach. "There...I hear them...two voices in the dark. They are weak...but they will be strong..."


Ayame looks at Dr. Vahlen. "Does it...usually take this long?"

Dr. Vahlen shrugs. "Perhaps she has found something." She takes a step forward. "Ms.Chambers, have you...M-Ms. Chambers?"

Ayame walks up to Jessica, who is standing completely still, her eyes glazed over. "Jessica, are you okay?" She shakes Jessica's arm, but gets no response. "Dr. Vahlen, somethings wrong!"

"Quickly!" Dr. Vahlen yells to one of the attendants. "Close the shield! Now!"


"W-Why are you...doing this?" Jessica continues to hold her head, collapsing to her knees. "What do you want from us?!"

"You...have potential...We will...add you...do our collective...or you will be destroyed..."

"Why are you so aggressive?! Why not come to us in peace?!"

"If you are worthy...you will be one of us...and your troubles....will prepare you for this...If you are not worthy...we will dispose of you....either way...you are beneath us..."


The lab tech's rapidly examine Jessica, looking into her eyes, checking her pulse, and examining her with a variety of odd machines. "We don't know what's happening, Dr. Vahlen," one of them says. "She seems to be emiting a small psionic signiture before, but she never did before. Even with the doors closed, it's still reaching her."

"Can we kill the alien?" Dr. Vahlen asks fervently.

"I don't know," the tech answers. "Killing it might free her, but if it has this strong a link on her, it could kill her too."

"Damn i! Corporal Kasagi, I need...Where did the Corporal go?"


"Why do you resist...you have no hope to win..."

Jessica slumps to the ground, her face the picture of anguish. "A-as long as.....a-anyone is left to...t-to fight you, there will a-always...be hope." Blood starts to drop from her nose, eyes and ears.

"I would kill you now...but first....you will bare the two chosen one's...then you will die..."


Ayame bursts into the gym, relieved to see Aaron meditating in the corner. "Aaron! Aaron, Jessica is in trouble!"

Aaron immediately dashes forward, his eyes blazing dark and purple. His tendrils almost form wings behind him, and his feet hardly touch the ground. His voice sounds booming and echoing, almost like a lion. "WHERE IS SHE!"

Ayame steps back in fear, but quickly gets over it and grabs Aaron's hand, pulling him along. "She's in the lab," she says as the two run. "She was doing her syn..,uh, her color thing with the new alien, the really tall psychic one, and she just, I don't know, froze, like she was in a trance. They can't snap her out of it!"

Aaron picks up speed. He throws Ayame on his back, covering almost twelve miles an hour. He crashes through doors, racing past other soldiers. He breaks through the doors in mere minutes and he sees the lab, a drop of blood falling from his nose. "Slow down, Aaron! Everyone is on high alert in there! DO you want them to shoot you when you burst through the doors!"

Aaron stops short of the lab doors. The tendrils near his back fade, they grow darker and form around his hands and temples, now almost like horns. He breathes heavily and feels the energy from the creature. He lets Ayame on the ground and opens the door. As Aaron approaches the entrence to the containment facility, a tech stands in his way, nervously saying, "M-Mr. Bryant, you can't...we have a problem we're dealing with...I can't let y-you..."

He slowly turns to look at the tech. "Stop me then..." He then proceeds to walk past him. He speaks psionically and verbally. "Dr. VAHLEN END THIS NOW!"

"Major!" Dr. Vahlen looks at him in surprise. "What are you doing here." She glances at Ayame as she walks in behind Aaron. "Major Bryant, we are trying everything in our power, but we were caught unprepared. The alien latched on to some psionic reading with Ms. Chambers she didn't have before. We tried closing the doors, and we've even sedated the alien. The only thing we have left is to terminate it, but we are afraid of what would happen to Ms. Chamber's mind."

Aaron turns around without a word and rushes in front of Jessica. He roars psionically. LET HER GO OR I WILL RIP YOU APART. A drop of blood gently falls, the tendrils near his temples point towards the being. YOU SAID I BROUGHT YOUR SEARCH TO AN END THEN TAKE ME ON COWARD!


The Ethereal stands over Jessica as she screams in agony, as if lording over her. "You...will tell me all you know...then you will tell your people...of the pain and terror...you feel now."

Suddenly, Aaron materializes behind the Ethereal. It turns to him, looking into the eyes of an unleashed lion ready to pounce. Aaron shoots two tendrils, one into Jessica to take away the pain from her, and one at the Ethereal. YOU WILL NOT HAVE HER! He launches his essence at the Ethereal, growing purple claws like a dragon and saber fangs like a lion.

The Ethereal fights back, sending waves of energy into Aaron's mind, but quickly loses ground. Ite retracts it's hold on Jessica to focus on Aaron, but even this isn't enough. The Ethereal collapses to the ground, Aaron's fury pushing it down like mountain on it's shoulders. "Why...do you fight...for this one...she is...only one...of many..."

Aaron's nose begins gushing blood, but he stays determined. SHE IS MINE, YOU CAME FOR ME AND YOU GET ME ONLY! The psionic form of Aaron slits the pieces of the Ethereal's body to bits with his fangs and claws. WRETCHED DEMONS!

As the parts of the Ethereals body fades, it sends out a grim laugh in their heads. "I...see...they are... yours...But...you can not...protect this one forever...soon, she will...be dead...and you...and the little ones.....will........be..........ours....."

The last of the Ethereal fades, and the illusion shatters. Jessica collapses, Ayame barely able to catch her. She lays her on the ground, checking her pulse and placing her head on Jessica's chest. She lets out a sigh of relief, and gives Aaron a nod. Aaron sees this, but his nose is still gushing blood. He falls to his knees, then screams. "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" The pain in his head coming all at once.

The medical staff standing nearby quickly get to work. They examine Jessica as she finally starts to blink for the first time in nearly ten minutes, and force Aaron to lay down, shoving cotton balls up his nose and examining him as one prepares an anesthetic. "Jessica...are you alright?" His voice surprisingly strong, his mind losing bits of what the Ethereal said, his brain feeling so weak.

Jessica slowly turns her head to him and smiles. She weakly says, "You...came to my rescue. Like a...true knight." Seeing she is okay, he collapses, the world swiftly becomes black, his mind resonates with his pain.

As the medics lift the two onto stretchers, one of the techs whispers to Dr Vahlen, "It's still alive, but I believe it's Brain Dead."

As the pair is rushed to the infirmary, Ayame following along, Jessica weakly places her hand on her stomach. She briefly looks scared, but then smiles, whispering, "Twins." Ayame gives her a curious looks, but Jessica passes out before Ayame can ask her what she said.
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Name: Aaron Bryant
Current Rank: Psi. Major
Mission Name: Silent Night
Mission Objective:

  • Locate the ship
  • Netreulize any enemy forces
  • Avoid damage to the craft.
Kills This Mission: 3 Dead Aliens
Total Kills since joining X-COM: 26
Status: Prepared

The commander told us this will be our last mission before we end this war so I tried to enjoy it. I finished my video will last night so if anything happens to me my affairs will be in order.

The mission- Clunk the heavy drops ship groans and creeks and lets us out. We rush forward like children eager for candy. We got our candy almost immediately. Daniel spoted the elite and the Ethereal they rushed away as soon as they were found. We all begin piling into the craft Eddings ghosted i followed him closely. We run up to the door nothing behind it but we hear them in the hallway up ahead. It felt like they were leading us to an ambush. The Ethereal walked into our trap but he blasted back our bolts. Then the Elite ran away I had a bad feeling in my gut and down dropped three heavy floaters i unleashed a huge volley on them. Blasting them pretty bad Stone took a shot on another one. She took it down and Anja got the next one. Eddings unleashed his alloys all over the last ones face and farmer my Psi protege went all up in the floaters head and scrambled it. I used my blaster launcher and curved the missle around the corner. Eddings took some heat but was unscathed. I decided to give them another lovely little pacakge and shredded them to bits. We all ghosted into the room and Farmer took out the elite. I rushed the Ethereal and it reflected my own attack back at me. It did the same thing with Eddings. A shot came over my head where eddings was and then the thing exploded again and there was Anja telling it who she would see him in hell. We move swiftly through another section and open another holo-door we didnt see a thing. We piled into the next room and a drone just popped up behind us. We got covered with smoke real quick all except for oudwater and he got blasted by both. He took one down though. Anja went around the corner looking for the cyber disc and was met with an opposition the likes of which were quite exhilirating. Three Elites and a Sectopod, the commander had me pull back and put everyone else in the fray ghosting them. He told me to take down the drone I cant believe i missed. Every one hunkered down, and Farmer took out the drone. Oud water went on the roof, and i ghosted right next to the sectopod. Anja seemed to go for the long haul. Eddings went up and hunkered down, while farmer went around the bend. Stone pecked the big metal turkey for us, to clean up. Then oudwater was shot out of the sky like a big metal turkey. Stone took a nasty hit and i was starting to feel the pressure, I acted fast though and my tendril whipped out like lightning and i got into the dome of the nearest Elite we were going to need the fire power. Eddings and Farmer unloaded on the elite near them but he some how with stood all there hits. Stone . . . Jesus the girl must be suicidal she just took the shot on the elite barely standing instead of getting out of the way. Anja suppressed the elite on the ground and then a huge number of rockets popped out of the sectopods back raining Farmer like the fourth of july. Lucky for us the sectopod didnt eye beam Anna and instead went for my mind buddy. I felt his pain lucky for me it had no physical effects i made him run up and blast the sectopod. I couldnt focus hard eough though because when my turn to hammer him came up i ended up missing. Eddings came up and recupirated my losses and then i made up for it two fold ending the fucker hard and fast. Next thing i know Eddings is beeping and we still have a heavy up. I send the elite in and say see ya later and have him blow him and his other fucking friend sky high. I pull my link before i feel it. Kjaer took a shot as i came in from behind. . . yea i did. I unleashed a huge load right into his rear end and he took it like a bitttttch! Thats a rap.


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X-com Email Logs
From: Psi. Colonel Aaron Justin Bryant
To: Commander Christopher Odd
Subject: The Gollop Chamber

In the short time that ive been here I have lost and then gained everything in the blink of an eye. I would like it to be stated that while big farmer is also a psionic I am stronger naturally and by experience. I think i was meant to be the one sent to the gollop chamber. I respect your decision as my commander though. I hope we can bring a swift end to the war.

Psi. Colonel Aaron Justin Bryant


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The following is a collaboration between AaronBryant & ZombieSpliter53

Merry Christmas

Aaron approaches Jessica's room In his button up and slacks he got them in a order recently. I may as well leave her with a beautiful image he laughs to himself. He knocks on her door his heart fluttering his beautiful pregnant girlfriend and they had the rest of there lives together. He smiles to himself and sets his shoulders straight your so young and yet you have come so far Aaron be proud of the things that you have done and the friends you have made. He holds a box in his hands wrapped in brown paper.

Jessica opens her door. She smiles at Aaron, and looks him up and down. "So nicely dressed. What's the occasion, my valiant knight?"

He scratches the back of his head wishing he had some hair-gel to keep it in check. "Well Christmas was right around the corner and . . . I wanted to go dancing with you . . and give you this." he holds the present out smiling like he was a sheep in front of a wolf.

Jessica excitingly takes the gift. "You spoil me. Dancing and presents. Can I open it? Or should I wait until Christmas?"

"I dont mind you opening it now and of course I do." he bows ridiculously low "Your a princess! Rich girl!" he smirks at her with his eyes.

Jessica giggles, and walks back into her room, sitting on the bed and quickly unwrapping the gift. Inside she sees a wind up toy with two porcelain figures. One tall with purple eyes and brown eyes at his hip is a sword and a shield he wears a small suit of armor. The female has long black hair and reddish copper eyes she dons an elegant dress. "I drew it up and had it come in with the suit." his voice breaks for a second then comes back. "Don't wind it just yet wait till Christmas okay!"

"I-It's beautiful, Aaron. I...I don;t know what to say. I...I don't think I've ever been given such a nice gift." Her eyes sparkle as she stares at it.

"Say yes" he leans against the wall swallowing the lump in his throat. You moron calm down she can see you, you've done this before your a gentleman dammit! "May i have this dance?" as he says this he takes a small music player from his pocket and presses play. Music drifts in classical mellow from the 50s it sounds. The sweet sound of Nat King Cole's voice slips into the room serenading the room with the classic unforgettable.

Jessica stands up, taking his hand. "Yes. Of course." She leans close and slowly dances, softly humming along as they slowly enjoy their little Christmas party of two.

He takes her through elegant steps and holds her closely. "I honestly thought I wouldn't learn to love again you know . . " his eyes fill up with held back tears from happiness and anger and sadness. "Thank you for saving me. . ." his voice breaks again he holds tightly to the knot forming in the back of his throat and swallows it forcing his emotions to stay in him.

Jessica places her head on his shoulder. "And I never thought I would find some who makes me as happy as you do. Thank you. And...if you're holding anything back, please let it out. I'm here to make you strong, remember?" She sways slowly, enjoying both the music and Aaron's touch.

He runs his hand down her back resting it at her waist. "I'm just afraid if I'm to happy it will just crumble around me like last time." his eyes are dry and almost distant. "I wish you couldn't read me like a book I'm the psionic one here and yet you always see my true" he laughs at the very intentional pun "colors." he grips her tighter as if that would make him stay forever.

"I...I can't read you, Aaron." She smiles at him. "It's something that's never happened to me before. I can always see someone's colors, but when I look at you, all I see is a brilliant glow of white. It makes you look like an angel. But it also means I'm completely blind to someone's emotions for the first time in my life."

He seems shocked and a little chocked. "Then your just reading me, my body language, when did the white coloring start?" he feels the lump come back up his throat.

"After you came out of the psionics labs. It reminded me of when I tried to read the aliens. But their colors are jumbled, chaotic, and at best, dark colors trying to escape from black. But you're white, pure as the snow .Pure as the a being come down from Heaven. Pure as you're beautiful heart." She gently places her hand against his chest. "That's why, once I realized this, I knew I would never fear your powers again."

He grits his teeth fighting through the pain "I will always protects you" he looks in her eyes jaws clenched "always" his heart sinking into sorrows and he lost it. He cries softly into her perfect hair, smelling the perfect smell.

Jessica starts to cry herself. "Please, Aaron, tell me. I can't take not knowing. I might as well be blind, unable to see your loving face."

He digs himself deeper into her hair. "I'm just....." his Eyes begin to glow and his tears turn to shiny white globs. He sends a tendril to her letting his emotions say what he can not. She sees his fears and doubts, the angst, his worry about the baby, what there child will be like, and finally she sees him standing in front of a purple orb controlling some giant machine everything turns white.

Jessica shudders, and collapses into Aaron's arms, the shock of it all draining her ability to stand. "Aaron...I...I-I...you are...in so much...pain. I...you make me feel...so...s-so happy, but...I can't...do...anything...for you..."

Aaron stops crying for a moment and then laughs a little darkly but then squeezes her close. "Its okay I got everything I ever truly wanted. My ego has always been pretty big but i guess its because deep down I was just trying to bolster myself to get here.. . ." he holds her close again. " I wish you could have met my dad. . ." he clenches his jaw again "he always made me feel stronger" he laughed "he was quite a man."

He pulls her closer gently putting his hand over her curves and etches them into his mind. He presses play once again. He hums with her and takes his suit jacket off. He Kisses both her eyes and her nose. He lets his mind speak for him again this time letting her feel his indescribable joy at simply being able to do just that his insatiable hunger for bringing happiness filled. He relishes the moment his thoughts gently sway like a leaf as he kisses her neck to his time spent pleasuring her. He goes through the small treasure trove of emotions and at the end he thinks Its all because i bumped into you looking for alcohol. That scene plays in his mind seen through his eyes seeing how nervous she made him feel.

Jessica bursts out laughing, and plants her lips on his. After an extended kiss, she says, "Like a scared child, you were, but somehow I could feel there was something special about you." She steps away and says, "I actually have a present for you...I was just too nervous to give it to you, because I was afraid you'd think it was silly."

His smile goes wide "What is it?" he is excited and nervous.

She reaches under her bed, saying, "I really loved your sword, and as you are my valiant knight, I thought it only fitting you have this." She struggles a bit to pull out a sizable escutcheon. On it is the image a a powerful knight holding a sword in the air, a slight green aura around the sword. At his side is a beautiful woman lovingly gazing at him. Behind the knight is a brilliant aura of white that appears to form the shape of angel wings.

He stares at it like its the most precious object in the world. He straps it on to his arm and feels himself about to cry again he looks at her not having the words. He cant even send her his thoughts all he can manage is to project his happiness. "I.....I dont" he holds the shield tightly.

"You...don't think it's silly, do you? I mean, it does look good on you."

He stumbles over his own words and then swallows " I think its the most beautiful thing I've ever received and damn you for one upping me!" he smiles and clutches the shield even tighter.

Jessica shakes her head. "I didn't one up you." She picks you gift up, looking it over. "Like I said, this is the most thoughtful, heart-warming gift I ever received."

He lays the shield down a kisses her. He let her know how much he loved her through the act the simple touch of two set of lips, he cradled her face in his hand rubbing her cheek gently and sighing. " I know this is corny " he kisses her again " and my god i must be made of corn" he strokes her face with his hand and pushes it into her hair feeling the texture of it "Your the best gift I've ever received." he laughs. "I'm really nervous right now i dont know how you do this do me."

Jessica kisses him back, saying, "Your right. That is the corniest thing ever. And the most wonderful thing you could say." Jessica stands up and walks past Aaron, stroking his chin as she does. She restarts the song again, and slowly unbuttons as she locks the door, saying, "You don't we give each other one more gift tonight."
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This is a collaboration between Zain Shah and Aaron Bryant


Aaron Kicks Zains door down a sour look on his face.

Zain immediately stands up "Hey, why do you look so angry?"

Aaron rushes Zain pinning him against his wall and slapping him "WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT THE BABY ZAIN?" his eyes flare and his tendrils are dark with rage they bore into Zain skull Aaron channels betrayel sorrow and regret the feelings Alexia most likely felt when Zain had talked to her into him. "HOW DOES IT FEEL? THATS WHAT YOU MADE HER FEEL ZAIN?"

Zain closes his eyes and grits his teeth "Get the fuck outta my mind." Zain charges at Aaron, every step he takes, he expresses pain. He tackles Aaron to the ground.

He slides out "What do you have to say for yourself?" he looks at Zain with disgust.

"She wanted the baby but doesn't the father of the baby get a say." He stands up and offers Aaron a hand.

He stands on his own "Yea you dont manipulate and lie to force her into it and in the end Its not your choice Zain you didnt use a condom! Its her body you dont get to choose you can say what you want but thats it. Own up to what you did and support her, or forever be a coward. Oh and if i find out youve been doing drugs again ill break your nose so you cant snort shit up there! I know the last time you powedered your nose was before you even met Jessica. How could you just lie like that to some one you loved?"

"I...I er...Fuck, it was scary man. You have to understand this was my first time with a girl and the first time you have sex, you impregnate her." Zain shudders and puts his hand on his forehead.

"It doesnt matter how scary it is you need to be a man and face your fears. Trust me id rather fight aliens all day than face that kind of fear. Your a man though Zain we have to be strong no matter what and thats not a choice. Its our lot in life feel all the fear and despair you want but through it find strength and use the one thing in your life that brings you happiness to your advantage. Do you want her to go through this alone?" Aarons disgust is replace by sympathy.

"No...but I don't want to have a child while I'm still fucking 26 and she's 18! I don't know why I'm getting all the blame, sure I didn't use a condom but I'm still the goddamn father and I don't want my first child to be a bastard who'll always think of it's self as a mistake...All I said and did was to protect us." Zain sits down on his bed.

"Idiot lies dont protect any one they come back and bite you on the ass, I was a bastard Zain and look at me now. You need to call her and tell her that that you lied, after that you need to let her know how you honestly feel aout the abortion. If you really think thats the best course of action . . . fine let her know that. Then you need to tell her no matter what her choice is you will be there. Oh and another thing the only way that child will feel like a mistake is if you let them feel that way." His face is like stone looking at Zain.

"Fucking hell, that's what she said but what if when my child grows up and realises all he or she was was a just some unprotected sex, it could fuck up its life."

"No, it cant. Not if they have a father or mother that cares and make the feel like they matter. Some ones origins are only the most miniscule part. I know for a fact that what some one does and the life they have are much more important then how they were made. I was a baby born of sex my parent had when they were breaking up. You know what i thought about that? I thought oh well thats gross, and then i went on with my life Zain. Go call her now!" he crosses his arms his eyes flaring.

"Fine...but you don't know how it is to find out you're having a child after you've barely known a girl." Zain searches for a phone and then realises "Dumbass, we're underground so there's no signal."

"We have the internet and yes i do Jessicas pregnant to but we arent on that we will smoke cigars later just use your laptop and connect to her phone through our wireless signal." he taps his foot.

As Zain turns on his laptop, he says "Wait, so are you having an ... abortion?"

He looks at Zain like he is the biggest freaking idiot on earth. "Why would i ever consider that, i was ready to be a dad when my fiance was pregnant, now an older more mature women is in my life who quite frankly has some good genes now mixed with mine. That baby is going to be more beautiful than any other human being on the planet no way am i going to end that!"

"Wow, so your 21 and your ready to have a baby? Don't you want a career." He finds her name in video-chat "Oh shit, she's online."

"Ive been a soldier my whole life zain thats all i need" he walks toward the door and stands near the entrance "you talk to her ill wait out there for you to be done."

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Jun 2, 2013
This is a collaboration between Zain Shah, ZombieSplitter53 and Aaron Bryant

Clearing the Air

Zain takes a deep breath and calls Alexia for video-chat "Oh fuck, how am I going to start the conversation?"

The video chat window opens showing Alexia. She wear what looks like a very expensive pair of silk pajamas. She looks at Zain nervously, waiting for him to speak first.

Zain looks around the room, thinking about what to say and not making eye contact. He opens his mouth to speak but then closes it and shakes his head.

Alexia smiles. "How are things on base, Zain?"

"Um...Tension is high I guess, we're nearing the end." Zain shakes his head again "Alright, let's cut the shit. We need to talk about the baby."

Alexia frowns. "Why did you lie to me like that? Because you realize what you were doing was lying to a woman in order to trick her into having an abortion, right?"

"I thought I was doing the right thing by doing what I did but now I realise all I did was upset a ton of people...I'm sorry" Zain displays his empathy by looking guilty.

Alexia sighs. "I understand Zain. And I'm sorry if I was too pushy. I just hoped you would be more open minded. My parents would have made sure the child had the best childhood, attended the finest schools, and have all of his needs attended to, and all you would have had to do was let the child know you loved him."

Zain looks down in disappointment "I screwed up my first love and my first chance of having a child...I'm some fucking heartless bastard." He angrily punches his head.

Alexia shakes her head. "Stop that. You're not heartless, you were just scared. You made a mistake,and for what is worth, I've already forgiven you."

"That doesn't change a thing, I lied to my first love and now I lost her." Zain rubs his eyes and inhales some air from his nose.

Alexia shakes her head. "You didn't...Zain, I...I wasn't...going to tell you this, but..."

Zain's hopeful eyes widen and he glances at her, giving no attention to anything else.

"Before I left...I double checked you files. They do blood tests on you when you get injured, you know. I saw that they were clean, so knew you weren't doing any drugs." She looks him in the eyea. "Zain, I...I didn't.....I-I'm still pregnant."

Zain gives a sigh of relief "Alexia...I know I fucked up bad but I've changed. I realised that I just scared and now...I'm not scared anymore, I'm ready to have the baby."

A tear rolls down Alexia's cheek. "Zain...I can't force you into this. It isn't fair to you, and it isn't fair to her. I need to know you mean that, and that you aren't just feeling guilty. What ever you decide...know that I love you."

Zain smiles "Maybe the old me would've just forgotten about you and moved on but I've changed and I know that you're special. Remember that I said that I would love you even if we broke up...I still do."

Alexia bursts into teara. "Zain, you don't know how happy that makes me." A man dressed as a butler walks up and hands her a handkerchief. "Thank you, Sabastian."

"Whoa, you have a goddamn butler, guess it's a big upgrade from XCOM."

"Hm? Oh, yeah this is Sebastian, our head butler. I told father that if he wanted to have a butler follow me around, that Sabastian was far to busy, but he insisted."

"Actually, Ms. Alexia, I'm the one who insisted." He smiles, bowing slightly.

Alexia shakes her head. "You guys need to stop trying to spoil me. I'm a woman now, right Zain?" She gives him a wink.

"How could you not enjoy having a personal butler? But you are definitely a woman now!" Zain acknowledges the wink and smirks.

Alexia places her hand on her stomach. "I'm sure as long as we both love each other, and we both love her, she'll be just fine."

"A baby girl, huh? Have you thought of any names for her yet?" Zain smiles, staring at Alexia's stomach.

"I was thinking of one, one that I was hoping you'd approve of. I was thinking...we could name her after your sister."

"Uh...No, I need to get away from my past and the first step is accepting what I lost was for Earth's victory. I want to name her as my new child not sister."

Alexia smiles and nods. "That's very big of you. Did you have any ideas?"

"Well, when I was thinking about what to say I thought of 2 names: Matt if it's a boy or Hayley if it's a girl." Zain glances at Alexia, waiting for her approval.

Alexia smiles brightly. "Hayley is a wonderful name. I love it!"

"I'm glad you like it." Zain turns his look serious "I know it may be a little early but I don't want my child to be a bastard so I know this isn't the best of proposals and I haven't got a ring yet but..." He moves his laptop and kneels onto the ground "Alexia Chambers...will you marry me?"

Alexia's eyes practically bug out of her head. She starts crying again, and nods yes, unable to say the words.

"Oh, I wish I could hug you and kiss you...but I promise you, I'll be back in a few weeks...we're almost done so try not to worry too much, alright?" Zain stands up and sits back down on his bed.

Sabastian smiles and says, "I 'll let your parents know the good news."

As he leaves, Alexia calms down enough to say, "I wish I was there with you. Now I feel bad for running away from you when you need me the most.

"You had every right to run away, I acted shitty...By the way, I have someone who would like to say hi." Zain shouts "HEY, AARON; GET IN HERE."

Aaron walks in "Furthermore I demand! that im the best man considering its my fault you crazy kids are back together and how is the blushing bride. Yes Zain i heard everything and yes I used my psionics!" he smiles "Im glad to hear this."

Alexia claps her hands together excitedly. "I know isn't it exciting?! You need to catch up, Aaron. You keep falling behind! Oh, and Jessica told me she was pregnant too. She also told me about you new abilities and your promotion too. Everythings coming up Aaron, isn't it!"

His disturbing visions flash through his head and he forces a smile on his face. "They are and im glad for you both and dont worry about catching up. An old friend visited me a few days ago and I have a ring." He winks his smile felt like the biggest lie on his face.

"Really?! Oh! Shhhhh, I won't say anything to Jessica, I promise!" She seems like she's about to jump out of her seat.

"I know you wont. Im just glad i could get this idiot to calm down enough to call you." he cuffs Zains head. "So I didnt realize you guys were rich it never seemed to come up i always assumed you were well off but butlers . . . i mean wow."

"Yeah, sorry. We didn't want to say anything because...you know, we didn't want anyone to look at us and think of us differently, like we were full of ourselves. But yeah, our father owns Salutaris Pharmaceuticals, which supplies about 99% of the medical supplies for X-COM.

'Gettin rich off of war" he smiles " I like daddy in law" he laughs.

"Yeah, but he doesn't let it go to his head, and the supplies only cost X-COM about 10% of their usual price. In exchange, they've promised my father the patent on any new advancement in medical tech."

"He is going to get even richer especially on your green goop!" he thinks back to the time he had been beaten half to death by Tytus.

Alexia thinks for a moment. "Hey, that's right! Damn, my father is going to get my invention! I better get some kind of commission."

"Im sure you will" he tries to hold back tears his body damn near betraying him. "Hey Im really happy for you kid when your able to You, Zain and I should all go hunting. . . . Id really like it"

"Yeah, I'd like that very much. Of course, depending on when you guys finally get out of that hole in the ground, it might have to wait a bit." Alexia lightly pats her stomach.

"yea" he sniffs "Alright i gotta go you two but I want you to know that im glad I was a part of this even if it meant this idiot needed to be knocked around a bit" He strides to the exit. A purple tear falls to the ground.

Alexia moves as though she could get a better look despite not being there. "Aaron? Are you okay? You seem upset."

He stiffens turns around and yells back "Im just a big emotional baby over the whole happy ending thing is all." he walks out closing the door behind him.

Alexia looks worried for a moment, then shrugs. She smiles at Zain, and says, "I want you to promise me that you and Aaron will keep an eye on each other, and make sure you both make it out of this alive."

Zain's face turns depressed "I'm not so sure about Aaron, he's the person who is meant to stop this war and it might mean that he doesn't make it out."

"If...if that turns out to be true...then we need to support him until the very end, and be there for Jessica."

"I promised him that I would help Jessica find someone if he died and the same for me."

Alexia nods. "Good. I'll hold you to that." Her excited smile returns. "We have a lot to plan for. I hope you can finish those nasty aliens off quickly so I can..." A maid walks up behind her and whispers in her ear. Alexia nods to her, and says, "I gotta go, Zain. Father wishes to speak with me."

"Alright, I thin I'll be going to bed now." Zain ends the call and goes to sleep, with a smile on his face.


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May 26, 2013
Name : Anna Stone
Status : ...

Anna Flips the Camera on and places it on her desk so it faces her, She sits down, running her fingers through her hair before undoing her Pony Tail, letting her Long Dark hair flow down.
She takes her carving knife and her last block of wood from the bag next to her and starts to carve, After about an hour of carving she sets it down and examines it. Anna faces the camera towards the Project she's been working on, You see that it is a Necklace with Eight Wooden Hearts hanging from the String. The hearts each have a name etched on them, They read, Anna, Ayame, Persephone, Jasmin, Aaron, Zain, Axton, and Colin. Anna flips the Necklace to show that each Heart has a indented area in the back of it, Inside that area is a picture that matches the name on the front of Each of the Hearts. Anna takes the Necklace and hangs it on a Clothes hook on the outside of the Closet in the back of the room, she also hangs a sign that reads " For Ayame, We'll Always be with you. " On the same hook.

Anna sits back down at the desk and turns the Camera back towards her, she just stares at it trying to find something to say but can't, afterwards she flips the camera around to face the Computer Screen. She clicks on her Email and sees if she has any messages, A Golden Envelope symbol pops up on the screen telling her that she has One new message, Anna clicks at the More Information tab next to the Symbol and a Bar of Information pops up one screen with a loud ping. The Information reads " From : N/A For : Anna Stone Date : Yesterday at 2:00 PM Sent From : Russia Subject : Be Strong ". Anna clicks on the Message And Three different windows pop up on the Screen, She looks at the first one and Realizes it is a Letter of Acceptance from X-Com to a Marx Kjorn, you can hear a faint gasp behind the camera as Anna speed reads the document, The Document says that Marx Kjorn was Admitted into X-Com from Russia about a week before Anna joined X-Com, it also goes into detail about what job he was accepted into, He was to be a Teacher of squad tactics at the base. She minimizes the First document and starts reading the second one. This Document is a Resignation Letter from the Same Marx Kjorn To Commander Odd, This Resignation letter states that Marx Kjorn left X-Com about a Week before today's date for Medical Reasons and is going back to his Family's home in Moscow, Russia. Anna minimizes the second document and moves the last one to the Middle of the screen, The Document is Titled " Be Strong, Anna. ", Anna pans down and sees the rest of the document, It reads " Anna... My Cousin... It's been a long time since I've sent you anything... And it's because I've been at X-Com... It took me a While to find out that you were here too... but when I found out, I watched you... I wanted to support you... Now you're probably mad at me for not telling you that I was here... I can understand that... But I figured if you thought I was Dead you'd have less to worry about at home... I would rather watch you from afar and be there to give you strength in your time of need... I was always there to support you Anna , I snuck into Your hospital Room when you were Injured by that Cryssalid, I was there for you when your friend Colin Died, I was watching when you went out on your first mission... I was silently giving you the Hope that you needed to defeat these invaders... But Sadly I had to return to Russia a Week Ago... I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer... But know this, Just cause I'm not around you anymore doesn't mean I'm not here for you... I'll be rooting for you in Moscow my Cousin... Теперьидти,тамипобедаэтавойна... Иубедитесь, что выприходитедомой, поэтомуямогуувидетьвасснова,хорошо? ".

Anna turns the Camera to face her, and you see tears welling up in Anna's Eyes as she cuts the Camera off.

*End of Recording*
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Jul 23, 2013
Aaron Dream Log
The Angel and The Paladin
Collaberative between Aaronbryant and Zombiesplitter53

Aaron finds himself in a desolate landscape. All around him is the decaying ruins of what was once likely a prosperous city, now destroyed by some disaster. Around him, he can hear the sounds of moaning, the shuffling of dragging footsteps in the distance. "What the . . . this isnt the meadow" his confusion springs forth his reaccuring dreams of the Ethereal meadow having been broken by this. He looks around for anything familiar person, place or thing. "where am I?". Out of an alley walks a large, mangy wolf-dog, it's eyes glazed over as it slowly sniffs the ground. What appears to be black bile leaks from it's mouth. "what the hell is. . ." he thinks for a moment "oh crap Zombies." he ducks low and his eyes glow he pulls out his mumbling sword. "shhh" he whispers to the sword and the sword whispers quietly.

The wolf-dog's head darts towards Aaron. It's eyes turn jet black, and it's fur irrupts into blue and red flames. It lets out a demonic howl, the few windows left in the cars around it shattering. It makes a bee-line for him, leaving flaming paw prints as it charges. "K demon zombies then?" He makes his sheild and stands in a deffensive position spike up and sword ready to slash. The hell-hound leaps into the air, claws extended, it's fur burning as it attempts to pounce on Aaron. He raises the sword into its gut the light flowing through to the other side. "Fucking hell thats hot!" his throat feels parched from the heat radiating from the wolf. The creature howls in pain as it bursts in a flash of bright light. Behind Aaron, he hears a woman say, "Wow, impressive." He turns to find an Asain woman, tall and slender, appearing to be in her early to mid thirties. It takes Aaron a moment to realize she looks like a more mature Ayame. The woman squints her eyes, studying him. "That aura. You're not just part of this dream, are you? What choir are you?".

"Ayame? and whats a choir when did you get hot? and where the hell am I?" his confusion and curiosity peaked and piqued.
The woman smiles. "Not from my world, but you know my name, so you know one of my counterparts, likely one of the shorter ones based on your reaction. These impressive abilities are likely what allows you to be here." She waves her arms around her. "My good sir, it is with a heavy heart that I welcome you to what is left of my world. I believe we are somewhere in the US, but who knows where from the destruction. My name, as you already know, is Ayame. And you?"

"I am Aaron Bryant Psionic Colonel. This is mumbles" the sword mumbles inteligebly. Ayame snickers. "Your sword is aware, that's cute." She approaches him, and slowly circles him. Psionic, huh? As in psychic? I honestly confused you for a celestial at first.". "Its not cute" he blueshes his eyes glow and he places the sword back inside of it. "and not exactly psychic either. What is a celestial?". "A heavenly being," she says matter-of-factly. "Charged with watching over humanity and following the decrees of Him. Did a bang up job, didn't we?". He looks around scratches his head. "um . . . No?" he laughs nervously. "Well what am I doing here? Did "Him" send for me?".

"I don't know. Maybe your here so I can put things into perspective for you, or so you can put things into perspective for me. Tell me, how are things in your world? They can't be as bad as the Apocalypse.". "To be honest im pretty sure were almost done weve made a many advancements as we can. We have given human beings the power of psionics and out armor and weapons are beyond powerful. We have won every mission thus far. I think there is just one missing piece of the puzzle." he seems confused and sad. "Interesting." She leans against a car. "What piece is that, do you think?". He laughs "A lamb".

Ayame grimaces slightly, then smiles. "I believe it is you who is here to inspire me. Your devotion to your duty is clearly something to aspire to. Tell me, dear Aaron, where do you find your strength? Is it in these...psionic abilities you possess? Or perhaps, something greater?". He laughs "Psionics are nothing but an extension of me. God is my source of strength he made me and shaped events to turn me into the man i am today. With out him i would never be as powerful nor as compasionate as i am.". Ayame nods "I wish we had more celestials with such devotion. None of this might have happened. It is nice to see such a strong human.". He blushes " chill with that im not strong like i said its simply my faith!". Ayame frowns "You'd surprised how much faith alone can do, or what people a capble of when they lose said faith. The horrible acts of betrayal.". "is that what caused all this?".

Ayame nods. "This is what happens when the Fallen One spends ten millennia recruiting the unfaithful, the ones who you'd think were incapable of being unfaithful, to his side. Then, when the humans needed us the most, my comrades turned their backs on the realm of man, declearing it lost. Those of us who refused to abandon humanity stood little chance. I lost a lot of good friends that day, and more." She glances at her back, a disappointed look in her eyes.

"Is there anything I can do?" he feels sorrow for the look in her eye. Ayame shakes her head. "That's sweet of you to offer, but unless you know a way to regrow wings, there isn't. Besides, your world needs you. I'm dealing with my problem with a few friends of mine." She glances at the sky. "I used to take my job for granted.". He thinks for a second "I. . . want to try something. It may not work but its better than not trying. It worked once before.". Ayame raises an eyebrow. "Something? She, why not?". Aaron strides over to her his eyes glowing. He tries to form his tendrils into wings and then channels this into her using both her energy and his to form nubs on her back. On Ayame's form to giant angel wings of pure energy. Ayame looks back at them in awe, several tears dropping from her eyes. She smiles at Aaron, and in a cracking voice, says, "Thank you, Aaron. Even if it is just for this dream, you've made me whole again. You're more of an angel then many of the actual angels I know."

He awkwardly punches her arm his nose dripping "it was nothing. Just trying to be helpful" he touches his nose "thats never happened in a dream before.". She chuckles. "Maybe I can help you too. I might not be a Principality anymore, but I still have divine touch." She places her hands on either side of Aaron's head, and forms two white orbs of energy. "I don't know how this'll translate outside the dream, but it should strengthen your focus, your will, and your mental strength.". "Thank you" he tears up "I hope you help this place get back to normal. Oh wow this is like saying goodbye to you in real life." he laughs through his tears....

Ayame takes a step back and nods. "I'm sure your real, and I hope you'll return that belief.". "I guess you are . . ...." he breathes in gently. His nose stops bleeding and he just watches her for a moment. Then he runs up and hugs her "Its weird meeting your friend but shes not the same, I have to tell you something that I havent been able to tell my other friends. Probably because i wont see you again." he chorts " Im pretty sure im going to die . . . but thats okay because at least then everyone else will be ok and im ok with that."

Ayame returna his hug. "To go so bravely in the service of the ones you love is the most noble of deaths. It was my a absolute pleasure to meet such a vvaliant warrior.". "Go get out before i turn into a freakin puddle. . . Oh shit how do i get out of here?" confusion covers his face. Ayame takes a step back and flies up into the air. "Just close your eyes and think of waking up. And good luck." She waves, and takes off, quickly becoming a dot in the distance. Aaron watches her "well I guess its just you and me then." he sighs closes his eyes and then opens them. His bunks headboard is above him and he wonders about his dream.


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Jul 23, 2013
Meeting the Gifted

Aaron walks through the hall having just seen zain he is frazzled but ok He sees Jasmin. "hello" he mumbles thinking to himself. Jasmin notices aaron "Hey, you were aaron right? I heard you became a psionic". He snaps out of his thoughts "I am both these things." "So how is it being psionic and all?". He breathes in "Complicated really, its powerful but draining and it lets me see things in peoples heads. Its really powerful.". "I feel alot safer around psionics because I know my subconcious isn't exacly the easiest thing to be penetrated because back in russia all cover mission operatives had to go trough very specific hypno training. It was basicly to try and make the life of hypnotisers hell when trying to get info out of us. I don't know how it transfers to someones psionic abilities trying to get trough my mind, but it isn't a whole lot different from what I understand. This time its not a sneaky little voice trying to get to my head, instead its an enormous power trying to ram trough everything. I haven't asked anyone to try and poke into my mind, thats the last thing I want is someone poking trough my thoughts. The whole idea of it just.... creeps me out. What kind of things did they do to you at the psionics lab? I've been observing from where us soldiers are allowed to observe and the whole thing just looks horrifying in my eyes, the sheer idea of becoming a weapon and tool for X-COM to use at theyr will is just.... I don't know what to say."

"I hated it but its only because i was kind of trapped in those purple pods. Im such a muscle head i couldnt take a week long break" he laughs "I wouldnt imagine my mind like a battering ram the way i have entered others minds thus far has always been a gentle process i dont want to force my way into any ones head.". "Just don't go creeping inside my head.". "I wouldnt dream of it " his eye flare up "Besides this would kind of give it away it happens every time i use my psionics" the light fades. "Its for your own best, from what I hear when a person flips off to emotions like hatred and anger its very hard for you to pull out. Well my mind is like a land mine, you step on it and it blows up. Lord knows what I might do to you if I snap.". He cocks his eye brow "Id be fine considering id be the one in your head i could make you think you were punching me when your just hitting thin air" he starts wigling his fingers at her "maybe im not even here and this is all just some psionic projection!" he laughs. Jasmin quickly grabs a pistol from her hip where she holters it and puts it to aarons forehead smirking "Wanna put that theory to a test? You'l be fine if you're just a projection.". "how do you know thats not a projection?" his eyes flare and a tendril smacks the gun from her hand "Also pointing guns at people isnt very nice!" he makes a tsk tsk noise.

"Very nice tendrills you got there. " Aaron blushes "that sounded weird" the tendril retracts and the glow fades "I promise i wont go in your head unless you want me there" he walks down the hall waving his arm as if to say come on "what have you been up to?". Jasmin walks along. "Well I was to russia to take care of some unfinished business, I'm trying to figure whats going on with zain, I saw someone running and crying from his rooms direction.". "Yea . . .Im not sure its my place but i just talked to him about it it should be resolved i hope."
"I don't really dare ask him in person.". "it was really bothering him i just helped him straighten out his perspective is all" his sigh belies his grief "Jasmin i dont know you very well but i thought you should know i dont think im going to survive this war.".
"Be honest with me here Aaron, Is there someone you love on this base who loves you?". "Yes mame" his hands go behind his head and he hums gently. "End it now." Jasmin takes a very serious face. "You not making it out of the war would break the poor girls heart. A mans death leaves an eternal scar that won't fade out a man ending a relationship leaves a temporary scar that fades out as time goes."

"I couldnt do that even if i thought that was a good idea. . . she is pregnant and she needs to know I loved her till the day I die." he scratches the back of his head. "SHE'S WHAT!?!?? ARE YOU INSANE!?" Jasmin takes a Deep breath to calm Down. "You need to send her out of here ASAP, the environment around here is not ideal for her. The food does not contain Enough nutritioun to sustain her Baby. And We don't Have the eguipment around here to give birth to a child. The further her pregnancy goes the more complications Will come With getting her out of here. I Can arrange her a Flight out of here but she has to go as soon as possible. A child needs to grow in the environment it Will live in and You Can be damn sure no child Will enter This base. I know its hard for You Aaron but she CANNOT stay here, You need to understand that You might Never get to see that child but its Still for her and the child's best.". He watchs her rave then calmly states "Military food doesnt taste great but by far it has every vitamin mineral an nutrient she will ever need and then some. She doesnt want to leave either she is only a month pregnant and she loves working here."

"You want Your child to Be Born Inside a millitarry base? I hope You Are kidding me, because XCOM HQ is not the place for a child. A millitarry baseis not a place for a child to Be Born into, Like I said the further she gets With her pregnancy the more complications There Will Be getting her out of here. You have to realise that our med bay does not contain the equipment to save a child if There comes complications With the birth. We don't have oxygen Chambers fit for a child, We don't have jackshit to save her kids life if anything happens. If not for me or her, do it for the child. The war could last Lord knows How long, and if the child is Born here it might not survive the birth. Any complication Would most likely end up as a death for the child. I don't want to have a friend who Lost a child because of his ignorance. I know its hard for You and her but When the time comes it may allready be too late to get her out of here."

"I never said i want our child to be born here, she is only one month pregnant, she wants to keep working here and when she is ready to leave she will. I wont force her to do anything she doesnt want to." he smiles "She will be fine Jasmine.". "No offense Aaron but you don't get the point, she has to get out of the base on the first couple of months shes pregnant. When shes incabable of working, it might already be too risky to transfer her out of the base. Every month of pregnancy increases her risk of miscarriage when the pressure changes on a plane. I recommend you have a conversation with her about when she will be leaving, it really isn't a decision you can make on the fly." Jasmin smiles. "And Aaron, if I may ask, could I perhaps see you and your family after this is all over? I would love to keep in good contact after all this is over, I don't really share too much interest in returning to the russian army." Jasmin smiles at aaron once again. "Sure if all goes to plan we are probably going to be in Tennessee. Im hoping to get a couple acres of forest there." he turns to her "Whats the problem with mother russia comrade?".

"I served mother russia for my whole without asking questions but researching my fathers actions opened my eyes to the horrible things. XCOM has been the best thing that ever happened to me, I've met wonderfull people over here and realised how little I had in russia. I simply have nothing to return to in russia. I would probably be treated a hero, but I would feel so hollow because they don't know how I was born. They don't know of my fathers actions. But I can't tell that either, because my family name would be stained in shame, people would frown upon hearing the name "Lebed". Do you see where I'm coming from? I cannot return to russia, because if I do, I get to choose in either a life of lie or a life of shame. And Neither of them fancy me exacly."


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Jul 23, 2013
part 2

"I feel you. . your welcome to live on my property im going to have 5 acres so there is plenty of space." he closes his eyes and breaths deep. "Military is the only thing I got, I think I'l take a fresh start and join the military somewhere not-russia.""I could recommend you for a commando position?". "You Would do that for me? That's so nice of You, thank You Aaron" Jasmin gives Aaron a friendly hug. "Now You damn well Better Survive This. I Won't let You die before I become a commando.". He feels odd accepting the hug but squeezes back any way. "no problem Jasmin. Just be careful with the C.O. SGT. Bradford is kind of an asshole.". "Oh I'm sure he will love me, I'm as big of an asshole as mister SGT. will be. Probably bigger, no one fucks around with me." Jasmin chuckles. He stops in front of Jessicas room "This is were i leave you Jasmin. Ill email Bradford tommorrow." "All right, goodbye Aaron. And you damn well better make sure you get me to commando before dying. After that you can go die for all I care" Jasmin forms a very evil smirk and chuckles afterwards.
Sep 22, 2013
This is a collaboration beetween AuguryOfRuin and AaronBryant
Part 1
Meeting the "Gifted"

Aaron walks through the hall having just seen zain he is frazzled but ok He sees Jasmin. "hello" he mumbles thinking to himself.

Jasmin notices aaron "Hey, you were aaron right? I heard you became a psionic"

He snaps out of his thoughts "I am both these things."

"So how is it being psionic and all?" Jasmin asks.

He breathes in "Complicated really, its powerful but draining and it lets me see things in peoples heads. Its really powerful."

"I feel alot safer around psionics because I know my subconcious isn't exacly the easiest thing to be penetrated because back in russia all cover mission operatives had to go trough very specific hypno training. It was basicly to try and make the life of hypnotisers hell when trying to get info out of us. I don't know how it transfers to someones psionic abilities trying to get trough my mind, but it isn't a whole lot different from what I understand. This time its not a sneaky little voice trying to get to my head, instead its an enormous power trying to ram trough everything. I haven't asked anyone to try and poke into my mind, thats the last thing I want is someone poking trough my thoughts. The whole idea of it just.... creeps me out. What kind of things did they do to you at the psionics lab? I've been observing from where us soldiers are allowed to observe and the whole thing just looks horrifying in my eyes, the sheer idea of becoming a weapon and tool for X-COM to use at theyr will is just.... I don't know what to say." Jasmin says to aaron.

"I hated it but its only because i was kind of trapped in those purple pods. Im such a muscle head i couldnt take a week long break" he laughs "I wouldnt imagine my mind like a battering ram the way i have entered others minds thus far has always been a gentle process i dont want to force my way into any ones head."

"Just don't go creeping inside my head."

"I wouldnt dream of it " his eye flare up "Besides this would kind of give it away it happens every time i use my psionics" the light fades.

"Its for your own best, from what I hear when a person flips off to emotions like hatred and anger its very hard for you to pull out. Well my mind is like a land mine, you step on it and it blows up. Lord knows what I might do to you if I snap."

He cocks his eye brow "Id be fine considering id be the one in your head i could make you think you were punching me when your just hitting thin air" he starts wigling his fingers at her "maybe im not even here and this is all just some psionic projection!" he laughs.

Jasmin quickly grabs a pistol from her hip where she holters it and puts it to aarons forehead smirking "Wanna put that theory to a test? You'l be fine if you're just a projection."

"how do you know thats not a projection?" his eyes flare and a tendril smacks the gun from her hand "Also pointing guns at people isnt very nice!" he makes a tsk tsk noise.

"Very nice tendrills you got there. "

Aaron blushes "that sounded weird" the tendril retracts and the glow fades "I promise i wont go in your head unless you want me there" he walks down the hall waving his arm as if to say come on "what have you been up to?"

Jasmin walks along. "Well I was to russia to take care of some unfinished business, I'm trying to figure whats going on with zain, I saw someone running and crying from his rooms direction."


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Jul 23, 2013
Aaron Bryants Thought as he walks through the chamber

God please help me through this I am doing just as you asked just please protect me. The Door opens, the pulsating purple object at the other end resonates Psi energy. Aaron places his hands around it. I feel them OH GOD LEAVE ME ALONE. The energy spikes and Aaron looks in the water his eyes no longer copper no longer on fire with psionic energy now just. . . purple.


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Jun 23, 2013
Location Alaska

Time 9:33 am

The aliens are closing in on Axtons house.


An alien sectopod shoots Scarlet off of her meat grinder turret. a cryssaild is closing in on a knockout,Scarlet.

before it can even pick her up,her cousin sly shot it straight in the head.Damn the keep coming hay Richard protect scarlet we can't lose her.

Scarlet slowley gets back on her feet,i'm fine sly but it looks like were finally going down shit, I all ways thought I was going to die in a big ass explosion but getting killed by aliens isn't so bad ether.

Right when she says that sentence,a huge explosion is seen above Alaska. and after the explosion the aliens started to die off.

What the hell.

um scarlet does this mean we won.


A roar of cheering is heard form both the Van Dam family, and the civilians that stayed with them.

Zain Shah

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Jun 2, 2013
Colonel Zain "BrownNose" Shah
Kills- 23
Missions- 14

"From start to end, Booker and I made it yet I didn't go on the mission to end the invasion." Zain swipes a shot glass off his side-table and it crashes onto the floor, Zain looks annoyed. "Third in command yet I don't go on the fucking mission" Zain sighs "Aaron's dead...he was a good soldier and a great friend. Most importantly, he had a family." Zain drifts off in thought "I'm getting married...fucking hell, I'm getting fucking married." Zain suddenly feels a presence in the room "Aa...Aaron, is that you?" Zain gets mind-controlled "I'm fine Zain, we'll meet again someday...and don't bother finding Jessica a new lover, I'm still with her." Zain comes back to his senses and smiles "I guess we'll always have your fucking mind-control stuff."


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///Video Message Recording////

///Warning! Low Memory Storage!///


"Ah! Is this thing on? "

An inquisitive face pops out of the helmet.

"Joy. Well, Hans, Pia. Here we are. You may have been wondering where I was for the past 6 ish months, and i'm here to provide you with an answer. All around me are my squad mates. We are on a final mission. This may be the last you see of me. Hopefully this transmission will make it out safely-"


"Got something over here"

A sectoid commander scurries off behind a piece of cover. Two plasma bolts follow quickly, easily hitting their targets. More sounds, the sectoid is dead.

"What the hell is that over there?" "Cyberdisk! Get down"


"HOLY SHIT, that hurt... Ow Ow Ow..."


"Anja move forward"


More plasma bolts and exchanged gunfire. The camera, tied around Anja's neck is constantly shaking, as if explosions are going off all round. Sounds of Psi-powers and teleportation are the only things that can be heard over Anja's heavy breathing.

"We're good, lets keep moving"


"Now watch this." Anja hits a button, and she's gone, a floating space appears where she should be.


The Giant robots still haven't noticed anything unusual.

"Here we go!"

A green orb floats down and gracefully lands between the two mechanized beasts, and then promptly explodes.

"My turn!" 2 more bolts of plamsa fly out of the gun, seeming to do nothing, but still have some effect.

A man decked out in white gun and red armour comes barreling past.

"Moving to firing position!"

One shot. Two shots.


More plasma comes raining from above, dispatching the other one.


"Allright single file; everyone in there."

The camera bounces over to some cover, where a terrifying alien makes it's throne speech.

"Hope this works..."

Anja turns invisible again, followed closely by the sounds of cloaked team-mates.

5 people uncloak, and a sniper starts firing.

With every shot, the ship rumbles, as if it was some sort of stabilization module.

And then finally, 4 shots are heard from below. And they all disappear.

"What the hell is this area anyways?"

Anja, Booker and Aaron begin walking towards the discarded artifact.

The ground begins shaking, and the ship starts to lose control, all 3 immediately begin a mad dash for the exit.

But Aaron is pulled back.

"What the hell man! Let's get moving! What are you doing?"


Anja and Booker are blasted out the hallway with psi energy, and the door immediately shuts on them.

They look at each other.

"You heard the man! FUCKING RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!"

The 5 remaining crew members start running, and the camera starts to break.


"Where the hell is Bryant?" Asks a voice on the intercom.


"Well what's that?"



///Recording Ending.. End of Memory Space...///

OOC: Woo Hoo! Amazing season ladies and gents. Can't wait to see more with Enemy Within, and I am going to write a small epilogue before the thread gets locked and I would encourage you guys to do so as well.

Have fun!

Ciao for now!
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Jul 25, 2013
The following is a collaboration between Sharkdragon96, Zombiesplitter53, and Aaron Bryant that takes place before the events of the final mission.

Part #1

INT. Medical Bay

Jessica sits in a room in the infirmary after her encounter with the Ethereal.

A few nurses are lookingher over, but everyone seems rrelatively calm.

Aaron watches her as he rests his mind still heaving with pain from the battle with the Ethereal he can hardly focus.

Persephone enters the room upon seeing Jessica she walks up to her and kneels down by her bedside.

"Hey, are you alright?"
Jessica smiles at Persephone, but is still too weak to look at her.

"Hey, I'm okay. Thanks for visiting me."
Persephone gives a faint smile.

"What are friends for?"​

She looks up and sees Aaron.

He sighs hearing these words the pain in his skull becomes gentler.

"Hi, sorry I didn't notice you. You're Aaron, right?"
He nods slowly his words failing him.

Jessica gives him a worried look.

"Aaron? Are...are you okay? I screwed things up, didn't I?"

He quickly shakes his head and manages a half cocked smile that more resmbles a dog pulling its cheek muscles back.

"I'm sorry you guys. I...just wanted to help. I haven't had much to do since my sister left."
Persephone gives a sheepish look.

"I'm sorry, did I come at a bad time?"
Jessica shakes her head.

"No, please don't leave. You being here means a lot to me."
He pushes himself to speak.

"Thaaaaaaak youuu"
he smiles at Persephone and turns to Jessica.

"Diiid your beesht"
Jessica gets a worried look.

"Persephone, can you please check on Aaron. I fear he needs far more attention then I."
Aaron waves them off.

"Jusht some pain I'll be fine."
He pushes through it his mind taking its sweet time to heal.

Jessica holds her pounding head.

"What did you do to that thing, anyway?"

"I tore him to shred with cold pure rage."
He says losing his smile and dawning a serious face.

Jessica chuckles.

"Isn't he great, Persephone. Goofy for the most part, but as powerful as a lion when he needs to be."

Persephone gives Bryant a look of respect.

"I can see why the commander likes you. He's incredibly lucky to have someone like you on the front lines, you have the kind of charisma and resilience I wish I had more of. I'm sure that if he loses you it'll be his own damn fault!"
Aaron blushes, smiling again.

Jessica says suddenly.

"I've been meaning to ask you how things are going with that... friend of yours."

Persephone sheepishly bites her lip as if she's embarrassed to admit something.

"Oh good, very good. We're settling things quite nicely. I... I wanted you to know that the advice you gave me seems to be working."
Aaron keeps quiet wanting to understand the nervous glances and facial expressions.

Jessica smiles.

"That's good. I knew you'd work things out for the better. And my talk with you helped me as well."

"Really? How?"
Aaron thinks about Ayame and makes the connection smiling.

"And what was it she helped you with."

Persephone almost loses her patience but stops herself.

"Sorry, I was having some problems with a friend that's all."
Aaron gives a faint half smile.

"Hey no need to get defensive, I was actually asking what you helped Jessica with"
Jessica smiles at Aaron.

"She just...helped me find the courage to give someone a chance."
Aaron sits himself up and quirks his eyebrow.

"well thank you then, I had no idea I was walking such thin lines!"
Persephone seems confused at first but then proceeds to make the connection herself.

"Wait... You guy's aren't..."
Aaron attempts to hold her hand with his enegy but the tendril snaps back at his head.

He clenches his forehead in pain.

"AUGH! YES, and it's pretty serious."
Persephone doesn't know what to say at first but she gives them a faint smile.

"I'm glad I could help then."
Jessica sighs and turns her attention to Aaron.

"The alien...it said something...strange to me."
Aaron scowls.

"Lies probably it lied to me to make me think it was somewhat friendly!"
Jessica shakes her head.

"I don't think so. It had no reason to. I think it said the reason it connected with me is because...of the psionic energy coming from here."
She gently rubs her stomach.

"Im not buying it Jessica, he probably picked up that you were connected to me and tried to use you against me. . . "
Aaron starts breathing heavily the fear evident on his face a smoldering purple flame wells in his eyes.

"Maybe. But...what if it was telling the truth. And...it also said it heard two voices within."
Aaron's eyes light like fire blood drips from his nose.

The normal white fades to purple and black.

"Dont you tell me that HE LIED THAT THIN. . "
Aaron blacks out again.

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Jul 25, 2013
Part #2

"Is he going to be alright? Should I get a nurse?"
Jessica glances at his monitors.

"No, he's okay."
She gives a sigh of concern.

"What do you think, Persephone?"
Ayame walks in.

"Oh my, did I miss much. Sorry, they were debriefing me. Oh hey Persephone."
Persephone's eyes brighten when she sees Ayame.

"Thank god you came out of that unscathed."
She gives Ayame a hug, not caring if Aaron is conscious enough to see.

Ayame squeezes her back.

She looks worried when she sees Jessica watching them, but relaxes when Jessica smiles and nods.

Persephone looks back at Jessica.

"Sorry about that. What do I think?"

"Do you think the alien would lie like that?"

"Well, what exactly did it say to you?"

"He said...um, well first off, I'm pregnant. But I already knew that."
Ayame looks surprised, but stays quiet.

Jessica nods.

"Okay, but what else did it say? Do you think your baby might be gifted... like his father I'm guessing?"

"I have no psionic abilities, they made sure to test me a while ago to make sure of that. The only way the alien could have made a connection with me is if I suddenly gained powers, or if my baby inherited it from Aaron like the alien implied."

Aaron softly mumbles.

"Noo... my baabss.."
Jessica laughs.

"Yes sweetie, it's your baby."
Ayame lets out a soft chuckle.

"Do you think it would lie? What would be the point?"

"Exactly, what WOULD be the point? I mean I know less about these creature's motivations then you do but what kind of motivation would it have to lie to you? Just out of spite for being locked up?"

Jessica thinks for a moment.

"It...it also said something about 'two voices in the dark'. I'm not sure what it meant...do you think it meant...like, twins, perhaps?"
Persephone scratches her head and sighs.

"It could mean anything, but... I don't know. My only question is why all the fascination? What would it want with your children?"

"It said...it would add them to it's collective. Aaron too. It said anyone who was 'worthy' would join them, and the rest of us would die. And Aaron told me the alien said it was looking for something, something it found with him."
Aaron whimpers as he snores.

"Nooot the baby"
Persephone ponders for a moment.

"I think it makes sense now. Filtering entire races for the few that stand out, it would explain why they seem to abduct people at random. With the menagerie of alien species they have at their disposal, are we the next step?"
Ayame shudders.

"What if this is all part of their plan. What if every attack, ever abduction, ever time they terrorized a city, was all to test us, and to push us to be just like them."

"Good point! I mean why go through the trouble of filtering for the ones they deem worthy when we're practically doing it for them at this point?"
Jessica gives Aaron a worried look.

"But it won't work, right? No matter how much we advance, not matter how much of their technology we barrow, we'll never be like them..... right?"

"I want to remain optimistic and say that we've learned a valuable lesson from this experience, but it's not easy when we take our own destructive nature into account."
Jessica continues to look at Aaron worryingly.

"We...we can only hope we can learn from the aliens and not let these new gifts turn us into monsters."
Persephone gives Jessica a reassuring look.

"Hey! I don't know about the rest of humanity, but I'm sure he's not going to become a monster anytime soon. Not as long as he has you to say anything about it."
Jessica smiles brightly.

"Thank you Persephone. You're absolutely right."
Ayame places her hand on Persephone's shoulder, giving her an approving nod.

Persephone smiles at Ayame and puts an arm around her.

She looks back at Jessica.

"I hope you two make it through this okay. I wish you both the best of luck in the long run."
Jessica weakly smiles.

Ayame and Persephone keep her company until she eventually falls asleep.
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