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Hi everyone, with a new season of X-COM, comes some new rules that I'll address through a series of Q&A

[The reason for these rules is simple: I'd like to make this story as approachable as possible for people visiting the website. Remember to stick to the X-COM universe and the approved back story of your character.]


Who can write journals?
Anybody that's had their bio approved in the Season 3 Recruitment Centre can write journals.

How many journals can you write?
You can write as many journals as you'd like. Keep in mind that the focus should be on soldiers that are actively recruited in-game and you may want to align that with the frequency of your posts. (Hired = more, not hired = fewer)

What makes a good journal entry?
Think about what kind of things your character would outline in his or her journals. It can be anything from events that happened during the episodes to relationships your character establishes doing things around the base. Though most characters will train a lot, there will be a tremendous amount of downtime for most characters. Ideally you want to make the mundane interesting in a roleplay. These journals are where you truly establish your character.

Remember your pledge; you have pretty much signed away your life for this project and sworn it to your Commander. There will be a constant atmosphere of impending doom and it is the every day mundane stuff that will be your only way to distract yourself from this. I have personally found journals that include interaction with other characters to be the better ones, rather than the ones outlining what happened during the last mission (although both are important). It should be the impact of other characters and progression through the missions that are the vital parts of a journal entry.

What areas of the base can I access as a recruit?
As an X-COM soldier you have full access to the Barracks, Mess Hall, Range, Recreational Areas, Gym, Auditorium, Hangar, Officer Training School and similar facilities. You have limited access to both the labs and engineering and similar facilities, which is limited to outside the glass windows to the actual lab and manufacturing floors. You do not have access to Satellite Uplinks, Generators, Experimental facilities (typically one-time builds such as the Hyperwave Relay and Alien Containment), Mission Control and the Situation Room.

How can I interact with other people if my journal is private?
Since your journals are a place to react to all events, this includes interactions with
other characters. When another character does something and you can place your own
character somewhere he or she would have noticed this, you can write about this and how
your character responded.

For instance, Alice wrote in her journal that she yelled something about the great
quality of the potatoes at X-COM while she was in the mess hall. Then Bob can write in
his journal that he noticed Alice yell this and decided to confront her about her love
for potatoes.

Since it is difficult to write for other characters, if you want to pull off a more
significant engagement, I suggest you contact the person you want to do this with and set
out the details for the engagement together. Then one of you can post the result in a
co-operative effort.

Will there be a place where we can talk out of character?
Absolutely. You can head on over to the Think Tank thread where you can discuss anything you want out of character. It can be related to character/relationship building, strategic advice for the commander, or anything else related to X-COM.

The List (In Order)

Active means you are listed in the game itself and can be taken on missions. Inactive means you are not, but you are presumed present at the base.

Space Paddy - KIA
Booker Conan
Anja Kjær
Presariov Astaeri - KIA
Zain Shah
Rex Rumbler - KIA
Vash The Stampede - KIA
Jorn Lemonade
Joel Freeman - KIA
Colum Campbell
Big Farmer
Daniel Oudwater
Colin Weger - KIA
Axton Van Dam - KIA
James Love
Caesar Martinez - KIA
Stevie Steve
John D. Eddings
Leon Ensslin
Aaron Bryant
Anna Stone
Ayame Kasagi

Jesse Cooper
Nadia Ali
Samuel Wright
Zeke Kraven
The Captn
Ed Cameron
Roger Jarvis
Cyrus Hart
Evan Royce
Ray Heiven
Persephone Brown
Gavin Balter
Thef Rebell
Ian Mond
John Cooper
Necron Overlord
Tim Foster
Thomas McKenzie
Tilly Hunt
Paedar MacLochlainn
Joshua Sherill
Robert Robinson
TDog Jackson
Dylan Villerot
Thomas Kincaid
Jasmin Lebed
Peace Keeper
Leo Bernervall
Joachim Bloodas

Active Interceptor Pilots:
Derick Lee - Asia
Pierre Manglaise - North America
Bahhar Jurist - Africa
Jett Storm - Europe
Pinky Pirate - South America

Skyranger Pilot:
Toni Szanches
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Name: Colum Campbell
Rank: Rookie
Status: Temp Off duty

Journal entry:

My first day being here at XCOM: I had to write my Biography, swear my oath of allegiance and go through a few fitness and mental tests just after confirming my ID. I then had to get my equipment fitted to make sure it fitted well and I got equipped with a standard assault rifle. I was then lead to my new room where they'd put my bag, it was right next to the canteen so the room made me hungry due to the smells. Aswel as the bunks, there was a round table with four chairs in the middle of the room, an En'suet bathroom and our own personal journal recording devices. There were two bunks and I shared my bunk with Jorn Lemonade, so I guessing the other two aren't coming or they're just late. Not only that but and alarm went off meaning all on duty soldiers such as my self must report to the skyranger ready to go. Commander Odd told Zain Shah, Space Paddy, Booker Conan and Presariov Asaeri to gear up and to head to the Skyranger. I personally found it rather exciting, the first contact with alien life! so I guessed from my induction. It was sad that they have committed hostile actions because we could've learnt allot from them. I wish I could have gone as well at the time, but now I am glad I didn't because Space Paddy and Zain Shah returned wounded. But despite this: they managed to neutralise all the aliens before leaving according to their reports, which I guess makes it a victory but it could've been better either way.

A few days later Anja Kjaer arrived, the first female to join the active duty team in XCOM. A couple of days after that; aliens had been reported again. Anja, Booker, Presariov and also Rex Rumbler were shipped out . They killed all the aliens again but Anja came back critically wounded and Rex also came home wounded but not as seriously. I visited them both in the infirmary right after the mission; I was surprised when the Doc said she'd be back in the fight in a couple of weeks, she was unconscious when I arrived. Commander Odd seemed quite happy with himself in the control room, having stopped two abductions and he was glad to see Anja back, so much so that he promoted her allong with all the other squad members who went out to fight.


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Name : Anna Stone
Status : Amazed

Non-Combat Log 01 :

Well X-com is nothing short of Amazing, When me and Ayame got here we were both Entranced by all this Tech, We made our way to our bunks, ( We managed to share a room with one another ) I Immediately set my stuff on the table and passed out on the bed.
The Trip here was ridiculously long...Its not easy traveling from Russia to Japan, so when I got here I couldn't wait to sleep...I think Ayame felt the same way.

I noticed that there are a lot of men here...I mean ALOT of men...I know that in a Military Operation like this you should expect to see lots of Men, But the only other girl I have seen ( Other than Ayame of course ) is that Anja lady....Is that how you spell it? I think so.
Let's just hope they're aren't too many Asshole American Douchebags on this base...But so far that's not the case, The Few I have met so far have been really kind... I hope it stays that way... I know I will see more though... They did make me learn an Entirely new Language just to join...Good thing I am a fast learner.
I Haven't talked to anyone other than Ayame and some of the Faculty since I got here... I Probably should socialize while I am here... I Might end up having a lot of Down Time.

The Faculty here is really nice... C.O Bradford is one of the few Americans I have been able to tolerate in a long time... Dr. Vahlen is Incredibly Intelligent and Kind, She deserves her place as head Scientist, And Dr. Shen ( The Head of Engineering, Meaning he will be the one I'll be seeing the most ) is also really nice, he respects his workers and doesn't take too many chances, that's definetly a guy I could learn to like.

An Alarm sounded a little bit ago... Calling all Rookies ranked soldiers to Mission Control...Did they actually find Aliens? I doubt it....But I guess I'll find out when they return, huh?

I guess I am waiting for Dr. Shen to call me down to Engineering so I can Build some things... I hope he lets me rest a little bit but if not I'll Still work my hardest to Impress him, Don't want to make a bad impression on the first Day now do I?

*End of Recording*


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Name: Rex Rumbler
Current Rank: Squaddie
Mission Name: Hidden Giant
Mission Objective:
- Sweep the the abduction site and identify threats.
- Neutralize all hostile targets.
Kills This Mission: 1
Total Kills since joining XCOM: 1
Status: Wounded
Journal Entry:

I reckon things could have gone better, lying in this here bed really gives a person time to reflect on his mistakes. At least I get to share this room with a pretty looking lady, man does she look fine, even if a bit beaten up. Working up the nerve to speak to her after I can walk again. From here I can see on the clipboard that she is called Anja Kjaer, if I am to impress her I must first learn how to pronounce that name right!

But before all this, when I was brought in this facility with a few others we were showed to our quarters. They explained everything and they sure didnt waste any time finding us work. A few minutes later the entire place was lit up like a christmas tree, 4 people were picked for "The first encounter" they said. Space Paddy, Zain Shah, Booker Conan and Presariov Astaeri were sent off. The rest of us waited.

I couldnt make sense of it at the time. But when they came back and it was my turn to get on that plane, I got chills. Thought we were gonna crash in the ocean before we got there, but we didnt. Me, Kjaer, Conan and Presariov were sent in this time, I was quite confident because we had 2 men that were on their second mission thus had expirience.

After we landed and moved up, we spotted the things that looked like they came from my grandpa's stories. We were in cover at the time so when they did take their shots, they managed to hit Kjaer. She then panicked and with that took 1 down. A few moments later I was nearly torn to pieces by Presariov, only thing keeping me from tearing him a new one is this job, and the fact that if not for him Kjaer would be dead.

After that little incident, we managed to clear the area of aliens, even killing one myself. Presariov blowing sutff up, Conan sniping away. We make an almost good team.

Right now, too tired. Better rest up to get better soon. Them alien folk aint heard the last of us.


Name: Daniel Oudwater
Current Rank: Rookie
Mission Name: none
Mission Objective:none
Kills This Mission:
Total Kills since joining XCOM:
Status: Healthy

"This is it, my first day on the base. Heh, aliens. If they didn't have this whole operation
to back it up, I think I still wouldn't believe them. Never the less
it's a fresh start. Let's see if I can set some things right.

It seems the commander has read up on my file. I had hoped to see those
charges removed upon joining the X-Com project, but I guess some things
will keep haunting me.

They wouldn't even be there if it wasn't for that idiot of a drill sergeant. But I digress.

It seems like they send out the first batch of troops today. Haven't had the chance to properly meet them. It's a diverse bunch to say the least. Plucked from all over the world.

I watched from behind class as the shuttle returned. I'm not sure exacly what we're facing out there, but I saw one of the rookies return in a pretty bad state."



Name: Presariov Astaeri
Current Rank: Corporal
Mission Name: Operation Enduring Giant : : : : Operation Hidden Giant
Mission Objective: Sweep The Abduction Site and Neutralize threats
Kills This Mission: (Enduring Giant: 2) : : : : (Hidden Giant: 3)
Total Kills since joining XCOM: 5
Status: Healthy
Promotion: Squaddie to Corporal

Journal Entry:
Wow, this is insane. I mean, I've been a sci fi nerd my whole life, but to actually live it is awesome. And also a little terrifying... I hear that these aliens are abducting people all over the world, and I have to wonder why. Maybe they're studying us, or using us for food. All I know is I'm not going to let them get me.

So we just had our first two missions in the last few days. On the flight to our first, my squadmates were saying that we were fighting aliens. I didn't believe them at first, because who would actually think there were aliens invading? Then I saw the things in the field. I'll admit I was a bit freaked out by them at first, but at least they go down easy. Killed two of the things first mission.

When we got back to the base, Commander Odd asked me if he knew me and if my name was Chike. I said no of course, but it is a little disconcerting that there might be someone else out there with my stunning good looks.

A couple of days later, we had out second mission. Unlike the first, this one was at night, which as it turns out makes the aliens way scarier. I accidentally almost shot Rex when I thought I saw an alien in the corner of my eye. Anja was getting pretty nervous too, I think. She took a ton of shot from the green plasma guns the aliens had and was sent to the infirmary for a while. At one point during the mission we were both in cover behind a car and I asked if she was ok after being shot, she told me she was never better. She's tough, I like that. I'm definitely looking forward to making friends with these guys.

Eventually we got through all of them, but not before I getting to blow the hell out of them with rockets and grenades. The flight back to base took hours and hours, so to pass the time we talked, slept, and played cards. There was also talk of starting a DnD campaign, so that should be fun. I started drawing up a character sheet a few minutes ago. I feel like, threat of the Earth being taken over by aliens aside, this is going to be a lot more fun than assassination. Plus I've already been promoted to corporal!

Ooh, I'd better cut it here. An alarm just went off, I think we might have another mission already. Hope it doesn't take too long...

Journal End


Name: Jorn Lemonade
Current Rank: Rookie
Total Kills since joining XCOM:
Status: Healthy
Audio Log #1:
............................................................hmm.............................So.......This is Jorn Lemonade, or rookie Lemonade now....................................................................A journal....I think this will be used to see what my thoughts were before I died.Or a euh... Maybe like captain's log kinda...yar har har I'm now 11 days on the sea......This is so wierd. It's like talking to myself outloud about nothing.
That guy sead that I sould use this, or have to use this. Is this the same as on the internet or your telephone? That everything is recorded and everything you type or say is recorded and tested to prevent a robbery or something like that? If so... hey dude who is listening....you suck!..hehe... That was pretty funny. I'm worried that this is not personal, like a feeling that everyone can hear this.
Oh! Already 3 minutes filled with useless jibber jabber, this is going great! Now let's try some serious stuff.

So I was picked up by some people from X-Com, went on some kind of skyranger and flew for a good long while. That was pretty boring, luckily they had some sudoku books....euh jeah then we landed in a underground base, best type of base...Underground base...Or maybe under water, that would be even better. Anyway then some stuff was pushed in my hands and they told me that I and many others would fight aliens.
I thought he was joking... fighting aliens? What?...what? that is sooo wierd! Aliens? Now, in this year? They gave me a lot of information, it was pretty hard to take in. If there are still people lissening to this, do it different please next time you get some new recruits.

Then I went to a bigger room where more poeple...like me where standing, then more words words words and information. But I get it now. Most around me looked pretty tough, especialy one guy more that 6 feet tall with a funny name I can't remember. After that I went to my room and put my stuff down. And looked a bit around, my room is kinda near the mess hall, so when I look out of my door I can see some people sitting there.
I saw a guy sitting there eating a sandwich looking skittish around him before he secretly scratched his ass. I hope that I won't be seeing anymore of that...

I was still looking around when siren started making sound and a voice kept telling about all rookies reporting. They chose some soldiers for going on a mission, they didn't chose me, not really surprising... Most of them look pretty well trained, and compared to me.
Well I'm just a fisherman according to the commander...with his odd name...hehe odd name..........I think I need to stop talking to myself....... laughing at my own bad jokes.

I'm now back at my room waiting to hear news about the soldiers who have been send on a mission......hmm... A full 14 minutes...not bad...I think.
--] End of log


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Name: Axton Van Dam

journal entry 1

Well it took me a while to get here and I gotta say, this place is amazing. I never been on a military base like this but,on the plane ride here they told me that ill be tacking on aliens,and I laughed at them not believing a word they said,and then they gave me this look like were serious look.And then my laugh turned in to joy,I mean a chance to face actual aliens,who wouldn't be excited to hear that,I mean a chance to face something new,something never seen before,because for me I got tired of wars, and doing jobs the government couldn't handle,now this finally gives me a purpose to fight some more,I can't wait to face these aliens on the battlefield.

So after the plain ride,I noticed that there are a lot of guys here,I mean damn I know there are a lot of guys in the military but this is ridiculous,but there was hope two women come on base right after I landed,and they looked dead tired,and I don't blame them this was a long flight,I don't know what country they came from but it was a long ride regard less,I mean i'm from Alaska and that trip was loooooooong,so were ever they come from there trip wasn't as long as mine.

So,after I left the hanger area I went straight to my boncker and unpacked.And after three days I heard this alarm,which stated that the aliens were abducting.so the commander selected four people on this mission.and there names were Rumbler,Conan,Astaeri,and Kjaer. So these four were the second team to go on a mission,I have no idea who were the fist. So the aliens seem to relay like Kajer because they were attacking her like no tomorrow,and a few people panicked on the mission,and one of the people that panicked shoot one of our allies,now I don't care what the circumstance is you do not shoot the person that has your back,true Kjaer panicked but at least she killed an alien,now if Astaeri is gonna shoot his own man because hes scared, you have two options,ether get it to gather or leave because that is not acceptable here you are sapose to be the best this planet has to offer,not a cry baby so get it your head on straight and work on your will so this crap doesn't happen again.


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[Entry mostly translated from German, excluding titles and names.]
March Second, Two Thousand and Fifteen
Dear Onkel,

Today and yesterday have been interesting days, to say the least. Yesterday, a few men in black suits, like out of an American conspiracy movie, approached me while I was doing some paperwork. While normally it would be a welcome reprieve from the task, the news they brought was disconcerting. Apparently, I had been selected for something they called the Außerirdischen Kampfeinheit, or X-COM as they told me to refer to it, and was to report to a processing base in Russia to be transferred to the headquarters in Asia. I asked who would fill my position in the platoon if I followed their orders, despite them showing no authority to do so. To my surprise, they handed me the proper orders, directly from Strausberg, then explained that my subordinate, Oberfeldwebel Prager, I have told you about him numerous times, would be taking over my position. Then, I asked them why I had been selected to fight a fictional alien menace.

Another surprise was in store for me, as the second man placed a file on my desk. I opened it, and in it were scope cameras of what can only be described as something not of this Earth. As I looked through the pictures, attempting to withhold my shock, he explained to me that six hours ago, the X-COM Project was activated in response to an alien invasion of Melbourne, Australia, and my combination of discipline, skill, and experience made me a prime candidate for this project.

So, I packed my essentials, including that poetry book you gave me on my seventh birthday, you know I wouldn’t forget that, said my goodbyes, and left with the suited men to the air base in Cologne. There I boarded a military aircraft of a make I am not familiar with, though I am no expert on such matters. A few hours later, we arrived in Murmansk Oblast, and I was driven to the processing base. I rested there for the night, and then this morning a handful or so other recruits and I were sent out to the headquarters. I am writing this letter now, we should be arriving at the base in a couple of hours. I promise to send another letter as soon as possible.

May we meet again as I pass the veil,


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Name:Booker Conan
Current Rank:Rookie
Mission Name: Enduring Giant & Hidden Giant
Mission Objective:
  • Sweep the abduction site and identify threats
  • Neutralize all hostile targets
Kills This Mission: (Enduring Giant - 2 , Hidden Giant - 1)
Total Kills since joining XCOM:3 Dead
Status: Healthy
Promotion: (Sniper Class - Headshot)

March 13 2015 Journal Entry:
It is so hard to me that i have been picked for some thing called the X-Com project things were good before this whole mess i have been on this for 13 days and been on 2 missions now. I can remember now how i good to here. i was just finishing up my last mercenary job cleaning up the mess of the job then that night while having a drink before i head back to Canada. 2 men in black say that i have to come with them. i was only thinking it was for some thing small charge, but things went nuts when i got taken and knocked out put up a bit of a fight next thing i know i was in a in some room with a guy who will be my boss Commander Odd and saying he knows who i am and what i do for a living and list my handy work and says i have to go to Australia now. i got armed up for battle and jump on a jet plane with 3 other people named Space Paddy, Presariov Astaeri and Zain Shah and we were off when i saw them for the first time. during Enduring Giant saw them for the first time was able to kill 2 aliens with one bomb and then after i got back i was made the first sniper for this project did some clean up and R&D took the bodies when we got in than next mission just 1 with one bomb even with the miss with the sniper gun thing are going OK on the people i meet and the alarm means i may go again. so may fill in more when i get the time soon.
Journal End


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Name: Cyrus Hart
Rank: Rookie
Status: Off duty

Journal Entry

So here we are. In the Philippines.

You would not expect this kind of operation to be led from such a small country. My previous work made me travel to a lot of places, but I never been here. Not that I will have the chance to visit, though. We have to stay at the base at all time; after all, we are facing what is for now an unpredictable enemy.


This doesn't happen too often but I do have to make a lot of efforts to keep my composure and not crack a silly smile. This is fascinating! One of the biggest mysteries of our existence has been solved, but there are still many things to uncover about them. First contact was for Australia, is there any movie in which this happens? I guess I should feel lucky that it wasn’t the USA. As the only thing we can regret is that, out of the four contacts so far, all of them can be classified as terrorist attacks. Our teams took care of two, and there was no other choice than to return fire. But I am disappointed by Commander Odd choice of using as much explosive as he could. These corpses and their technology are way too precious to prioritize a method as messy as this one.

But I have made my pledge, and I don’t intend to break it. I can clearly see that this project is no child’s play. I heard the labs have already made some kind of new protective gear for us based on the alien artifacts. The staff is not big, but they work fast, probably the best of the best. It is clear that all of this was made ready for the day we would need it. I am glad my superiors chose to recommend me for this. I can’t wait to see those aliens myself, but for now I shall study the reports and practice at the range.

Zain Shah

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Journal No 1

What were those things! I have hunted the some of the scariest predators in the wild but they were nothing compared to those gun wielding aliens. That gun shot felt so weird because I'm not used to the other side having guns but I guess I'll have to live with it. I was a mess in the mission, missed my first shot and then panicked, luckily it worked out in our benefit but I definitely have to make sure I stay calm and collected during missions and that one kill will at least show everyone that I am a competent shooter. I'll be out for 6 days but hopefully I can do the next mission and this time really show what I am capable of. I hope Commander Odd sees my potential because I'm still new to all this tactical gunfights.


Please select Log: Log 1, Entrance


Name: John Eddings
Rank: Trainee
Status: Amazed, slightly disappointed


[the camera flickers on to reveal a sandy hair man of about 20 looking around excitedly, his vibrantly green eyes, in a curious mixture of rapt attention and overcoming distraction, never focuses on anything for more than four seconds, however there is the distinct impression that he doesn't need more time.]
[John is stranding open mouthed at something out of frame, there is a childish delight in his eyes, the camera pans to reveal a lounge-like area with four screens with an amazing picture quality in the center of the room. Each screen depicts the viewpoint of one of the four currently active soldiers' gun-mounted camera, as well as their current vital signs. Several staff and soldiers sit around watching the unfolding battle anxiously. One of them looks curiously at the camera, and in response the scene recedes as John makes a hasty retreat.]
[John looks severely disappointed, slowly the camera pans around, revealing a door with a sign saying " Research Labs. Researchers and Authorized personnel only. The camera pans back to show John looking longingly through the glass.]
"Maybe Engineering?"
[the camera revels a similar sign adorning the Engineering entrance, the camera turn to record John pound his head into the glass]
[footage show John walking down the hallway, he stops dead as he sees two girls, one Russian and the other Asian, turning the corner on the far side. The camera shakes slightly as John begins to backpedal quickly, before stopping again, a sigh is heard and John begins to move forward. The camera warily watches the pair as the pass, and once they're out of earshot, a relieved sigh is heard. John continues to a door further down the hallway, and opens it to reveal his room


(OOC): sorry its mostly description, but John isn't comfortable enough in this new environment to talk much


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New Name: Colin Weger
Current Rank: Rookie
Total Kills since joining XCOM: 0
Status: Confused but Excited

Date: 3.1.15-3.13.15

So I followed the mysterious person, we went into a military transporter airplain. I saw a couple of other soldiers, but can't remeber if any of those were my comrads, didn't think it was important at that time. So what I have learned so far is that Xcom was created to fight against aliens, I should probably find out a bit more about my new home and family. I do hope my wife and kids are alright, they dont know anything about this yet, I still have to ask the commander if I can have contact to them. Which reminds me, I heared there was a science lab here in the base, I do hope the Commander allows me to go in because if there is one think I'm better at then creating tacticts, its inventing new stuff. I probably wont be able to since I'm a soldier and not a scientist, but this alien technology is just so amazing, if only I could have one of those weapons in my hands, maybe I can take one from the alien's and use it against them, anyway so we got to the base and not shortly after a couple of us were called down for the first battle.

In the mean time I found my bunk, still dont know who are my bunkmates since I was in and out in a bunch but I hope to meet them soon. I wanted to get a lode of the action. Also we are in the Philippines here, never been here I also wonder if there is some time for me to leave the base during my off time and go around and explore the Philippines, got to ask the commander about that too, I still have so many question's I hope in the coming weeks I will find out the answear to most of them.

Disapointed, those aliens are clever, looks like I wont be able to steal a gun and use it against them, they appear to explode. As for the battle, we won. Great but something is telling me they got more. I always belived that aliens were real, but seeing one for the first time, wow. I mean I have lifed a long life and got a family, I have seen lots of things, but this, this is something diffrent. I wont be fighting any of them for some time, so in the mean time, I hope I can get accses to the lab, and do some bodytraining for battle, since it's been a while I have done hardcore training. Also I'm right handed, and my right eye is slightly out of sight. I do hope that wont be a problem in future battle. Oh another battle is happening I'm going to watch it.

We are so unprepared for this battle, I do hope we can take the technologie of the aliens and turn it against them. Since I got a bunch of time I should spend it in getting to know my teammates, but I'm afraid they will see me to much of a father preson, I havnt spoken to anyone yet, only said Hello to be kind, but I care for most of them already. I feel like a person to be looked up to, yet I look up to all of these people.

Anna Stone seems like an intressting person, not one of the normal typ, also a women, respect. I would like to get to know her a bit better, who knows maybe she will be saving my life one day. Presariov Astaeri is also someone who I hope to make as a friend, I still don't know anything about my new family, but I hope to find out soon, I also hope they like me.

Jhon Markith

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Journal Entry 1
Name: Stevie Steve
Location: New York Docks

I have been waiting for these men for an hour. If they don't turn up in the next few minutes I will have to go.

This all started this mourning, I woke up and went to work like most days, went to lunch, cut up with some co-workers, and finally went home. I get home around 6, 6:30. I watch some TV and after a show or two, I hear a knock on my door. I walk to see who it was and I see a man dressed in black, like the guys from men in black. I go to open the door when they then slipped a letter under my door. I pick it up and when open the door, they were gone. The letter said to meet them a the docks, pier 6 at 10. I wait until it was 30 till 10. when I arrived no one was there so I waited, and that lead to n

Continued Journal Entry 1
Location: The Mile High Club

I woke up in a van and they told me a secret organization need my expertise and asked me questions, like what kind of computer system I have dealt with, but the final question freaked me out, the said "have you had any experience with a gun." it was only weird because of the previous questions had nothing to do with this one. I tell them some, only with hunting, and Paint ball with my kids, me and my wife have been divorced for 3 years now, so my kids don't live with me at the time, anyway I knew something was up.

They take me to an air craft, which is where I am now, and said I was making a little trip to Asia, so there goes any chance of a promotion.



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Name: Anja Kjaer
Current Rank: Squaddie
Mission name: Operation Hidden Giant
Mission Objective: Sweep and Neutralize all Hostiles
Kills this mission: 3
Total Kills since joining XCOM: 3

//Letter Intercepted From Anja Kjaer//

//Letter Partially Translated from Danish//

//Letter Censored to Avoid Intelligence Leak//

Mine fineste Hans,

I need to tell you some thing hurtigt. I fear my days as a soldier are not over. I have been drafted into the XCOM Initiative, in a hope to make the future better for all of mankind. I cannot tell you much, as this this letter will likely be censureret. All I can tell you is this. Take Pia, and leave København. Go somewhere depopulated. Take my word for it. As for me, I doubt I will ever come back. I do not know why XCOM har valgt mig, but I do hope they are for good reasons.

Unfortunately jeg scriver ikke from the best of health, as I have taken some serious wounds from our first encounter with this unknown foe. These aliens are so fascinating, and their technology is obviously superior to our own. Unfortunately I was almost killed in this encounter. And now I am writing from the medical bay in our base of operations. I may soon send out a form for the requisition of a helmet, to avoid future incidents such as these.

Jeg er så ked af det that I cannot write anymore. I wish I could say something to you to, but I can't.

Hel or lykke,

Name: Toni Szanches
Rank: Pilot.

WOW! That plane! The Skyranger. What a.... What a women!
I never flew anything like her before. They let me take her for a few, very few and short, spins. And only with an officer on board.
But how she handles. Her sleak feel as she swim though the air. The gentle voice of her engines.

I think I'm in love!

If one thing she's missing, it would be a coffee mug holder.
Mental note "Mug holder".



First day on the field.

Operation Enduring Giant.

Four men.
I could not really read them at all as they entered.
I just sat at the head. My mind clouded. What to think? Australia? I know she's fantastic, but would she be able to take it? it is to be a long flight...
But ofcouse she made it. She's the best. She's mine. My Skyranger.
Of to fight aliens.
I remember first time they told me aliens where to invate. I laughed.
Today I saw them though.... I almost outright shit my pants!
Fuck man.
Aliens... On this planet... This shit is real.

Some of the recruits got hurt.
One really badly. Paddy I think his name was...

I did my best to get to the base as fast as I could. We both did my best... Me and Skyranger.

It's good to be.... Home.




Name: Joel Freeman
Current Rank: Recruit
Total kills since joining X-COM: 0
Status: Anxious

Audio Log 01:

"I finally made it. God knows how long it took me to get here, but I have to say... i'm impressed. Compared to the food and rock hard bunks I endured in the Rangers, this place isn't half bad. There's plenty of space to relax in my room, a gym to occupy myself, and a basketball court that keeps me from being driven crazy by boredom. I don't know about these other recruits though. Better to just stay to myself for the time being."

"A couple rookies came back wounded today. The guy, Rumbler, had a few cuts and bruises. He would be fine. But the woman, Kjaer... I don't know. She looked bad. Her wounds were unlike any I've seen before, and I've seen a lot. The weapon didn't just cut through her body... it melted it. The skin, the flesh, the bones, everything just... disappeared... ugh... hope that doesn't happen to me..."

"Another alarm's going off... hopefully I can get my boots on the ground this time. Wish me luck."


Game Master
Staff member
Name: Ayame Kasagi
Rank: Trainee
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Place of Birth: Central China
Nationality: Chinese/Japanese
Height: 150 cm (4 ft, 11in)
Weight: 42 kg (94.5 lbs)
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: To the small of her back
Eye Color: Heterochromia (One Dark Brown, One Hazel)
Known Relatives: None (All Deceased)
Place of Residence before joining X-COM: None
Status: Nervous

Audio Log [Translated from Mandarin]

"Is this on? ...ahem, m-my first day at X-COM, I, I mean, I guess.....I guess I'm a little overwhelmed. I'm happy I got a room with Anna, i-its the only thing helping me keep it together right now, but it isn't that surprising considering there is only one other woman on base. The PMCs I've worked for have usually been small operations (its one of the reasons I was surprised Project X-COM even knew who I was), and I have to admit, I'm a little put off by how many men are here, cramped together with me in this underground facility. I even think I saw one of them recording Anna and I around a corner. Pervert.

Anna is really excited, and I know I should be too, what with they advanced technology and the fact that I've finally got a chance to visit my father's home country, but.....I'm not. She's so much stronger then me, she's even learned English really fast, where as I'm still struggling with it, and I barely learned it well enough to be admitted into X-COM. I feel so helpless compared to her. I can see the way everyone leers at me, wondering why a child is wearing a soldiers uniform, and that's what I feel like right now, a child. I scared little girl who got in over her head. Years of martial arts training, years working for private military groups all over Asia and Europe, and I'm suddenly coming apart at the seams. I mean, aliens! Really?! I can't believe it. Seriously, if you had told me just a few hours ago that aliens are real, and I'd have laughed in your face and said "yeah, sure, and I was a zombie in a past life". Why didn't they tell us? Did they know when X-COM was first formed that his was a possibility? Its those pencil pushers up top, they don't care about us grunts. I bet they didn't even tell Commander Odd what to expect.

But.....I made an oath, an oath to give my life in service of X-COM, to protect this world from any threat, and it is an oath I plan to keep, no matter how scared I am. I made a personal oath, as well, to defend that one person who is precious to me, and being here will help me with that oath too. I only hope I can hide how worried I am from Anna. I've burdened her more in the two years I've known her then most people burden others in a life time, and I need to at least try to stand on my own feet.

Now, where is that English Language program...

*End transmission*
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