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ZombieSplitter53 & Black0ut present:
Dealing with Death

A symbol was drawn repeatedly into the ground, the person drawing, running so fast to create the glyph for Taydar. A tiny bit of blood trailed as the runner gripped her hand so hard out of nervousness that she bled. "Come on... answer the glyph..."

A viscous black smoke arose from the ground, meaning it either worked, or she had managed to summon a demon. Granted, when Taydar appeared out of the smoke, his armor was reminiscent of a demon. He looked over the woman with suspicious eyes as she slowed from her sprint. "Who dares call the God of Death directly?"

"Hey, cousin Taydar." Titania said casually as she removed her mask. "You may be the god of death but from how Kva talked about you... you sounded incredibly sweet. I'm Titania Regallis, of House Regallis, formerly just Regalia. Say... you wanna go get something to eat as we talk?"

Taydar was taken aback by her casual nature. He slowly removed his helmet, revealing a scarred but handsome face. "You are the one Kva spoke of. The one she wanted to see one last time before coming under my service, yes?"

"Yeah. Her visit is part of the reason I'm not entirely batshit crazy and murdering the group Alice made. But seriously, you want get some food? I know a guy who makes some amazing stuff. It'll give us a place to sit down and talk, rather than standing in a field being too formal with one another. Plus, I'm pretty sure this is the first time someone called you cousin, Taydar, and didn't immediately ask for all your cosmic help with everything." Titania started as she started walking away, looking over her shoulder at the god before smiling. "So... what do you say? Have some dinner, I treat you like the person you are and we talk?"

Taydar scratched the side of his head, a bit perplexed. After a moment, he shrugged and hurried after her. In a flash of smoke, his clothing changed to something more casual, a red shirt, black vest, and black slacks, along with a red bandana that showed off his insignia.

"Nice clothes. They definitely suit you better than your Godly ones. Shows off your ruggedly handsome features." Titania commented, offering him a smile. "So, cousin, do you like this bit of informality? I bet great Aunty Nemesis wouldn't be too thrilled, but I think a few other cousins, like you, love being treated like actual people rather than just personifcations of their powers. Or am I wrong?"

"Well, it's different," Taydar commented. "But... not all together unpleasant. It does get a bit tiring being big, scary Taydar all the time." He gave the smallest hint of a smile. "You're Runseca's daughter, right? For the last few months, she won't stop talking about you."

"Yep, that's my mom. She... I didn't know she was my mom at first, but... we bonded. I hope to eventually ease some of her burdens of being the messenger goddess. That may have to happen after my life here on Terra Dolor, but... hopefully it does happen. She deserves a bit more time to herself." Titania said with a twinkle in her eyes, before blushing as she tried to change the subject. "I-I plan on honing my artistic skills for a couple of paintings for her, but if you want, I could make one for you. It's not often I make friends with my family, especially with such distant one. S-so... would that be fine with you? A painting?"

"A painting..." Taydar rubbed his chin. "That sounds rather pleasant actually. I have been captured in an artistic way many, many times over the centuries, in paintings and sculptures and the like, but never from the viewpoint of a relative. They are always so... you know, dark and foreboding. Perhaps one from a new perspective such as yours would be... nice." His smile was more noticeable now.

Titania paused briefly as she noted his smile and how relaxed he seemed. She would draw this very moment where he seemed happy and normal. "Alright. A painting to a very sweet cousin. Be careful... smile like those tend to stick. I might have to bail you out from all the ladies who see you like this... they'll surely fall for you immediately." Titania teased lightheartedly, playfully bumping into him.

Taydar let out a gruff chuckle. "I doubt that very much. I am Taydar the Death Bringer. Taydar the Blight. Women tell their children scary stories about me to set them straight. I doubt any who know who I am will come running for me..."

"Keyword: know. Right now, you're Taydar the man with scars who's big and strong. I doubt very much that women won't be trying to either sex you or date you, my edgy friend." Titania replied as they neared the town. "Besides, those titles don't define you. So far as I've been with you, you have been nice and kind. Lots of women want a man like that."

Taydar nodded. "Thank you. That is... quite kind of you." He raised an eyebrow. Several thoughts ran through his head. She didn't seem like she was flirting with him. She would no doubt be calling him anything other then cousin if she was. But it did feel like he was being buttered up for something. But did she mean what she said. He was not used to anyone being either so casual or so complimentary with him.

"Listen... I know I seem a bit extra." Titania said without the joy that had been in her voice earlier. "I'm not... as happy as I normally would be. Kva's death hit hard for me, and it changed me dramatically. I'm unhappy with how things went, but... Kva she absolutely adores you. She respects you so much... it's almost silly. Regardless... what I'm getting at... thank you for being so sweet and kind to her. I'm not really good at this whole socializing thing... but when I do ask my favor, I want you to disregard anything I've said up until that point. Look at it purely in a logical and business-like mindset, okay?"

Before Taydar could respond, she added. "I'd rather have you as a friend and not abuse our friendship then use you. Though," Titania looked ahead at a woman who was trying to discreetly look at the God, "I think she's interested in 'using' you’, though."

Taydar gave a small wave to the woman. "Yes, she... does seem interested." He cleared his throat. "But I am here to... to have lunch with my cousin. It has been a while since I ate mortal food, and even longer... since I had company."

Titania looked up at him. "You don't spend much time out of your role, do you? Tell you what: come find me sometime in the future and we'll do whatever you want, Taydar."

"Really? I mean..." He looked over at the smiling woman. "How about tomorrow?"

"Sure. Just be aware I might try to set you up with a girl. In fact," Titania started, a laugh bubbling up inside her, "I worry more for you than I do her."

The fresh and pleasant aroma of pastries and bread floated through the air accompanied by the sound of idle chatter.

Taydar smiled and nodded, bowing his head before walking off to talk to the woman, smiling back at Titania as he went.

"Hello there, handsome. Is the anything I can do for you?" The woman asked, offering him a warm, if not flirtatious, smile.

Taydar rubbed his arm nervously. "Well, I'm... just looking for a... good time? I'm new around here, and... ahem..."

"Well... how about this: you and I can go around town and I'll show you where everything is." She batted her eyes at him as she took his hand gingerly, his nearly twice the size of hers.

Titania snorted at the display, as she ordered some food for them both.

Taydar smiled at her. "That would be lovely. My name is Tay... T-Trey, by the way."

"Tay-Trey? Seems a bit exotic. Where are you from, Tay-Trey?" The woman asked as she started to lead him out.

"As much as I like watching my cousin stumble around women, he's got prior engagements with me." Titania butted in, placing her hands on her armored hips. "Perhaps tomorrow?

The woman narrowed her eyes at Titania before the warm, inviting look returned. "Well, if that's the case, maybe I can see you tomorrow, handsome?"

Taydar nodded. "Yes, of course. Tomorrow. The, uh... the gods themselves couldn't stop me from coming."

"Alright... see you, cutie." The woman winked at him before walking out.

"Cousin... that's why I worry for you. You're a bit rusty at romance. Enough so, that any girl can seduce you." Titania grabbed their food and began walking towards a table. "Hells, I probably could and my version is to swing a weapon at you."

"Do many women attempt to seduce the opposite sex by trying to assault them?" Taydar asked, looking over his dish with curiosity.

"No, but I'm more of a tomboy kind of girl and I can read people better when they fight. As for your question," Titania started, taking a bite of a pancake, "we flirt like we would with most guys, trying to either show a bit of our personalities, or we just seduce them with suggestive sentences. You are... easier than most to get all bothered, Taydar. How long... has it been since you were intimate with someone?"

Taydar sighed. "Longer than I can remember if I am being truthful. My job leaves little free time. Making sure the dead pass on and get to where they are supposed to be is a full time job. If it wasn't for my Reapers, I'd have no free time at all..."
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Dealing with Death, cont.

"Then my question to you is this: if you found a woman you loved so intensely, would you try to keep her or would you pass her soul along? Are you a man first or are you a God?" Titania asked, before waving her hand. "Don't answer yet, do it when you have met with me enough times to truly call me a friend."

"Mr. Big, Scary Edgelord... I... hesitate to ask how everything with all my relatives up top goes. How is..." Titania's eyes twitched and went briefly feral before she resumed her carefree demeanor. "That new Goddess doing?"

Taydar took a bite, surprised how good it is. "Are you referring to Grimora's daughter, Erinika... or my newly revived daughter?" He was sure by her reaction he knew the answer to that.

"Neither." Titania started, before shaking her head. "Believe me, your daughter and I will have a talk, which will end with me either punching her or starting to forgive her. She's still on my shitlist until then, but not the one who has my ire. I'm referring to the abandoned Goddess. Mevah's kid."

"Ah. I see. She is... struggling to fit in. She has many ideas for how things should change and is... adamant about her beliefs. So much so that she is producing a following of other gods who share her ideals. I fear they may come to ahead with the gods that oppose those ideas. Hopefully not a violent one. I... remember she transformed one of your colleagues. I take it you are not happy about that."

"I was more shocked then upset, but... in doing so, she made a man born in slavery, who's mental fortitude was quite high, break. She destroyed his psyche, leaving him a hurt and bitter man." Titania explained, her eyes losing their warmth as they grew murderously cold. "The man in question was my best friend, so... you see why I wouldn't mind hitting her over the head with a trowel."

Taydar scratched his cheek. "Y-yes, well... I am... neutral on the subject of her and her activities, but I can certainly see where you are coming from..."

Titania took a deep breath, followed by a very large bite of her meal. "She was my friend. We were planning on sparring together, she'd take it easy on me and still win. That..." Titania paused as she realized that she was ranting, "isn't your problem. Sorry. I'm kind of out of friends right now. One is currently too bitter, two caused said friend to be bitter, Kva works for you, and lastly, my sister is Gods know where. Which leads me into my deal with you. The matter of Kva. Before we begin, I again ask you to be objective and business-like. Do you think you can manage it?"

Taydar folded his hands and nodded. "I am nothing if not professional. Please, speak your mind."

"I want Kva back for a week every year. In return, for I know a week, even though short, will affect you greatly, I will serve you and hunt down unruly souls for a time. Given the fact I possess great combat skills as a mortal and given my reputation for being hard to kill, even against God fragments, I would serve well as a temporary Reaper. The only two questions are if you'd consider me and for how long you'd request my services." Titania finished, her accent fully coming out to reveal her as nobility, her posture straight and her etiquette refined.

"Hmm... an interesting idea. You're not the first to request time with a soul, but never a Reaper. Not that it is beyond the realm of possibility." Taydar leaned forward a bit. "How long a service do you believe a week of her time is worth, Titania?"

"Well... to keep this contract as an annual agreement, it would be under a year. Given the fact she never tires and never rests, qualities I do not possess, along with her skill... I'd say two months of service from me would be equivalent to a single week of hers." Titania eyed Taydar with an inquisitive look. "Unless... you think more time is needed. I doubt a week, even for your best Reaper exceeds half a year."

"Well..." Taydar slowly took a bite of his meal. "You have shown me quite a bit of goodwill and patience. You have treated me to a lovely meal, and treated me like a normal person. I have not been shown this degree of kindness in a long time." He smiled. "How does a month sound?"

"I..." Titania hesitated, as she seemed torn. She wanted to accept it and have it as a month, but it seemed he was favoring her and that wouldn't be very honorable if she accepted. "Are you sure that my past actions aren't... influencing your decision? I..."

"They are, in a way." Taydar sat back. "You have done much for the gods and gotten very little in return. I know your noble heritage makes you want this deal to be fair on both sides. Trust me, it is. You are owed a favor or two."

"Still... by ancient Regalia creed, I cannot accept a deal that leans too far to my side, favors or not. I, personally, have not done anything for you, and while I may have helped Destani out, he is a separate entity from you." Titania countered softly, a rogue smile appearing briefly.

"To stack favors on 'The Gods' and distribute them across everyone... I believe that ignores who each of you are. Jerin'dek is more than just King of the Gods, he's my grandpa. Destani is more than his station. He's a friend and potentially a good drinking buddy. You too, are more than just a God to me... which is why I can't accept something so weighted in my favor. I haven't earned a favor from you."

Taydar chuckled. "Such resolve. Such a noble heart. It really does bring a smile to my face and a warmth to my heart. Very well. Two months a year for one week with Kva. Is that acceptable?"

"Perfectly. I appreciate you hearing my request." Titania started, offering a small bow. After raising her head, her casual smile returned. "Normally, I'd curtsey to show you respect, but uh... full armor is near impossible without falling and the last thing you need is having a girl fall on you."

Taydar nodded. "A curtsy doesn't seem your style anyway. Though I would accept a handshake." He offered his hand.

Titania reached out and shook his hand. "I thank you for hearing me out." She said quietly, a twinkle in her eyes as she switched subjects. "I also am going to enjoy playing matchmaker with you, just because you're sweet and dare I say, shy. Maybe, just maybe we can find a woman who can help you with your work."

Taydar chuckled nervously. "I, um... am looking forward to it."

"So... how much more time do you have? I feel somewhat bad for monopolizing your time like this... so if you do have to go because of your work, I understand." Titania said quietly, offering him a big smile.

Taydar smiled back. "I really should be getting back to be honest... but if you had something in mind, I wouldn't mind staying a little longer."

"I have a bit of an errand at a clothing store. I'm pretty sure you'll like it, the place has clothing from everywhere you can imagine." Titania offered before recalling her friend at the shop. "Oh, and there is a woman there who probably has humbled Gods before. But it's up to you, cousin, if you want to go."

Taydar laughed, but shook his head. "One woman is enough for me for now. I... suppose I have a date to prepare for tomorrow, don't I?"

"You do. But try to relax, Taydar. I can almost smell the nervousness coming off you... and I'm almost tempted to ask you how long it's been since you went on a date..." Titania teased, smirking at the God.

"That is an answer I would rather not give." Taydar stood up, and walked over to Titania. "Thank you. This has been an enjoyable experience for me. And I am glad we could come to an agreement."

Titania stood up as well. "Likewise. If you need anything, let me know, okay? I hope you feel you can come to me for a friendly ear and a mostly indifferent opinion." The Thrope began to blur then disappear from sight, save from the God. "Oh! Before I forget, there's a pretty strong Ophidian in the Four Hells. Assassin fellow, so not exactly clean, but extremely capable. Look him up if you need anymore Reapers, but bind him to a contract. He's annoyingly honorable when it comes to contracts. Anyways..." Titania hugged her relative quickly offering him one last smile before dashing out. "Take care and have fun on your date!"

Taydar smiled as he waved, letting out a happy sigh.


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(With help from Zombiesplitter53)

Havebrook manor

After the business with the succubus and feeling pity for himself for months Character went to the forge area.” Ed we’re are you I need some help with something.” Character said sitting down on a bench.

Ed slowly walked out from the back behind the counter. "Charter? When did you get back? It's been so long, a lot of us thought something happened to you."

"You could say something has, look Ed I need you to make me an ax, also my bow need some improvement or replaced all together. Think you could do all that for me I can help and this should take care of the fees." Charter pulled out ten gold coins.

Ed took the coins, closely examining them. "This should cover it, yes. What kind of axe did you want? Though you were more of a sword and board kind of guy..."

"I'm adding verity in case I lose my sword, and just a regular one handed ax. Besides i'm not staying here long I have other things I need to handle."

"Uh huh. This involve killing more cultist in search of Esmeralda?" Ed asked knowingly.

"No I’m goanna get Es I'm goanna kill that false god, then I’m goanna bring her to Elma so she could help her then I’m goanna bring her here. That is the plane I’m going with."

Edminfar sighed deeply and leaned forward. "You up for a little advice, my boy?"

"Not really, but I'll listen to it regardless." Charter said while looking at his sword and used his whetstone to sharpen it.

The Netzi shook his head. "You don't have to do this alone. We're planning on going after her ourselves. I bet Lady Havenbrook is planning our assault right now."

"Ed I need to do this alone, I lost Es months ago when she was first taken. I was injured then I couldn't do nothing, then someone else rescues her. Then I tried to make things right with her and she leaves of her own free will. I need to handle this on my own, I need to see her for myself this is my problem not HaveBrook yet. So many people were hurt during during that fight, I can't let anyone else get hurt for my problem."

"Damn it, Charter, you're being stubborn!" Ed floated onto the counter. "Can't you see this isn't a one man thing? She isn't going to be out in the open like last time, she's going to be surrounded by their best, including Hastur himself! You're just going to get yourself killed!"

"Who cares I swore that I will protect people, I need to do this alone so nobody else can get hurt."

Ed snarled and stomped his foot. "You pig-headed idiot! When you die, and you will die, we'll go in with one less fighter! Can't you see you'll have a better chance of protecting people by joining us?"

"I have a plan Ed I can reach Esmeralda, but I need you to improve my bow and give me an ax. Believe me I will reach Esmeralda if it's the last thing I do."

"It will be the last thing you do, you stubborn fool," Ed muttered, floating down fromthe counter. "Whatever. I said my piece so I have no guilt. But it'll take a few days to get your weapons ready. Why not go see Lady Havenbrook? Maybe she can talk some sense into that thick skull of yours..."

"Fine i'll talk to Mina you take care of yourself Ed." Charter left the forge and went to Mina office. “Miss HaveBrook its Charter can we talk?"

Mina looked up from her desk, various papers and maps strewn about it. "Charter! Gods, where have you been?! I've been worried sick! I thought the cultist got you..."

"Not yet they haven't, listen I need about three weeks of my payment I need that money because I have a plan to get Esmerelda back but I need to go alone at it."

Mina folded her arms. "That... sounds extremely dangerous. What is your plan to take on the forces of Hastur alone?"

"I'm going to Stormrend to get some explosives, and add those explosives to my arrows. I'm not letting anyone else get in this fight Mina I can't allow anyone else to get hurt in this."

Mina folded her arms. "Alright... I'll help you. But only if you agree to my stipulations."

"Stipulations? What kind of stipulations are those Mina?"

"You'll go in ahead of us and cause as much damage as you can, but your job is to get Esmeralda out. Got it? If you have the opportunity to grab her and go you take it. We'll be waiting in the back to move in and finish what you started."

Charter looked confused. "Your not goanna stop me or disappointed in me or something like that? Why dare I ask are you not goanna give me typical speech of convincing me to not go in alone?"

Mina placed her hands on her hips. "You want me to be honest? I think it is a stupid idea. If you had any sense of self preservation, you would be fighting with us. Especially since that has the better chance of getting Esmeralda back. But... I've known you long enough to know you won't listen to reason, so I am trying to work with you. Why? Will you listen to reason?"

"Mina I need help I do, but I can't let other people get hurt for what is mine to handle. This is my problem i'm the one that was to injured to save Es the first time, the second time she left with them, I need to know personally if the Es I know is still there. I need to know if i'm wasting my time trying to save her or put her down, I need to see Es face to face so I can see if she's to fare gone or not."

Mina walked over to him and placed a hand on Charter's shoulder. "But why can't you trust us to do that together? Everyone is trying their best, including your sister who is preparing in Fairaven. Remember, this isn't just about Esmeralda. This is the fate of the entire world we're talking about."

"I know I know. But please understand I just." Charter rubbed his head." Look I need to handle somethings not just getting the materials I need and I need figure out somethings with myself as well and fix things with the warlord god. I just need you to give me the money i'll be back in a few weeks, I promise Mina i'm trying and I have a plan OK?"

Mina sighed, and nodded. She walked to the door to her room and asked, "Three weeks of pay?"

"Three weeks of pay, trust me Mina I need to handle this I will be back soon I promise. And I will try my damnedest not to run off to chase Esmerelda alone but no promises though."

Mina walked into her room to her personal safe, returning with a sack full of gold and silver coins. "Here. This is three weeks plus a bonus for all the cultist jobs you've been doing. Just... please, be careful."

“No promises Mina, but I will try.” Character looked at Mina stomach.” Hum say Mina when is your baby dew?”

"Some time in the next month," Mina answered, rubbing her rather bulky stomach. "I... know you're worried about your child. But I want him to have a father waiting for him."

"I know and I thank you for being worried about me, i'll be back in a few weeks and I will try and be careful Mina." Charter walked around Mina desk and hugged her, while being cautious of her baby.

Mina hugged him back with a small, worried smile. "Good luck."

"I will be, and thank you Mina." Charter let go of Mina and left her office making his way to the stables grabbing a horse and riding it to the train station, once Charter paid for the ticket he got on the train and made his way to Stormrend. After several hours of travel Charter made it to Stormrend at dusk and looked around. “Ugh it’s been a while since I’ve been here, I’m not goanna learn what I need at this time best find an inn and get some proper sleep.” Charter made his way through town and asked around for a local inn, once he found an inn he payed for a room and went to bed.” Ugh I know I’m wrong but I need to get Esmerelda back before she’s too far gone and my kid… Our kid goes with her.” That morning Charter asked around town if there was anyone that could teach him about Stormrends gun powder.


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Part 2

Eventually Charter started to see a pattern with everyone pointing north of the mountains, as Charter fallowed were people were pointing to he saw a forge in the mountain. As Charter looked around he could see rows of guns mortars and other weapons, as Charter entered the forge he asked around to see where he could learn about gunpowder. The weapons smiths escorted him to the back of the forge away from the fires were he saw a group of people covered in charcoal dust.

“Ah and who is this a new worker perhaps.” A man in his mid-thirties asked.

“No, my name is Charter sir and I would like to learn how you make gun powder so I could make some explosive arrows.”

“Hum so you wish you make explosive arrows boy, are you even skilled in alchemy to even know what you’re asking for?”

“Yes I’m an alchemist, a very skilled one.” Charter opened his pouches and showed him tons of potions.” See I made all these in case you asked.”

“Anyone can buy positions and pass it off as they made it, I need to see you make a potion.” The man handed Charter a death bell and a wolf bane. “Here make me a healing potion out of these.”

Charter looked at the materials. “You want me to make you a potion out of poisonous plants?”

“Hum so you at least know what plants are poisonous right off the bat, Ok so you said you wanted to know about gunpowder huh or the composites to make it right?”

“Yes I need to know how to make this so I can save someone I love, and protect them.”

“Hum very well luckily for you I could teach you right now come on, we could use and extra hand around here you don’t mind do you?”

“Not at all I would love to help if needed.” As charter helped with the gunpowder he realized that this was something he couldn’t make easily, the Charcoal was the easy part it was the sulfur and the Potassium nitrate that was the difficult parts. Charter soon realized that the making of gunpowder was near impossible for one man to do despite Charter trying anyway. After severial days and Charter being covered in chorale Charter stepped outside and took a breath.

“Do you see now son, Gunpowder is not something anyone can make.”

“Yea yea I get it sorry to have wasted your time, with my foolish request.”

“It wasn’t foolish boy, you learned how gunpowder is made and admit its damn near impossible for one person to make. You be surprised how many people think this is very simple to do.”

“Yea…Yea I did so it’s better to just by the stuff then it is to make it then.” Charter reached into his pouch and pulled out his pouch and showed a half of his money. How many explosive arrows can I order with these?”

“Ou I would say about thirty five in total, which should be plenty for whatever you need to get done.

“Thank you for this, I very much appreciate this lesson and for you humbling me in thinking I could make this.”

“Very few people get to see gun powder Charter, fewer have the money to use it in any degree. I hope we made a customer out of you?”

“Ou you did I will be sure to keep ordering from you guys, and I will also be sure to tell Mina HavenBrook about your guys.” As Charter got his explosive arrows he had one more thing to do, and that was to go home and make his peace. As Charter entered the train he couldn’t get Es out of his mind.

Once Charter mad it to Mirandia he went to the church where he saw one of his old friends.” Father Dutch drunk again I see, you know it’s amazing that you’re a preacher.”

The man looked at Charter and smiled, he was a human but around his mid thirty’s. “Charter my boy! It’s so good to see you again it’s been year’s son.” The man hugged Charter and patted his back.

Charter patted the mans back and let him go.” Father can I talk to you, well I need some advice.

Dutch looked confused by what Charter said. “Um sure my boy, please come it come it.” Dutch escorted Charter into the church and sat him in a bench. “So tell me my boy what seems to be the problem you never talk about anything wrong with you?”

“Well you see Father there’s this girl that I love.”

“You… You fell in love with someone, gods this is serious I never thought you of all people would fall for someone. Is she human, Thorpe Elf Light Elf?”

“She’s a light Elf, around my age well she’s about two years younger than me actually.”

“Ah young Charter like Light Elves huh, I don’t blame you they are very attractive there curves on some of them. There beautiful skin there amazing features.”

“Father!” Charter yelled, then regained his composure. “Dutch She’s pregnant with my child, and she was kidnapped by the cult of Hastur and now they plan to sacrifice her!”

Dutch looked surprised by what Charter told him, the fact that the young boy he saw around the church helping around the area. He would soon be a father but to hear that his woman was taken by cultes and a false god surprised him, Dutch held Charters hand.” Son, Charter why are you here what is bothering you?”

“It’s just, I cheated on her with her sister and I think that’s the reason why she left with the Cult. And I want to get her back but… I’m scared Dutch. I’m scared the woman I love is lost to me forever with our child, I’m scared that she may never come back to my arms. But most of all I’m afraid that if I go after her I may have to kill her and my child.”

Dutch cold see the fear in Charter’s eyes and sweat dripping off his head.” Charter your human, we make mistakes son. No matter how trained you are or how strong you think you are you will make mistakes in a relationship, things will get rocky for you but you must persevere. Now as for you fighting the cult, Charter I’m glad that you admitted that you’re scared. But you can’t do this alone son I know you want to save this woman and get your child back but you can’t be stupid in this one. If you die that woman will regret what she did forever and she will be a widow to that child of yours please be smart about this.”

“I know father it’s just that, I don’t want anyone else to get hurt for my problems.”

“Charter you’re a knight, I know you have your codes. But you can’t be stupid here don’t let your pride be the down fall of you both.”

“I know father, but I just I just don’t know what to do.”

Dutch put his hand on Charters back. “Charter I know your scared but I know you Charter and I know that you will do anything to help this woman, but don’t do anything to reckless you have to be smart about this. “ Dutch then stood up.” Cheer up boy I’m sure you handle this and make it somehow work for you, after all you’ve lived this long doing what you do which is saying a lot in Terra.”

“Yea thanks Dutch, but I need to go home and prepare myself and there’s also one more person I need to speak to and patch things up with.” Charter reached into his bag and pulled out five gold coins and ten silver coins. “Here this should be good for the church and not for your drinking.”

“Ou come on Charter have some faith in me won’t you.”

“Charter rolled his eyes and left the church and go on the nearest train, and went back to HaveBrook.


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Finally Set in Motion

Library of Time
December 13th, 3349
8:47 p.m.

It was cold and musty in the great library, the smell of ancient books bringing a smile to Tempora's face. The God of Time was preparing for slumber with one of his favorite activities, reading the book on the life of one of histories greatest heroes.

He stopped reading and slowly lifted his head. Something was off. Something was wrong. Someone was there that should not be there. Someone who shouldn't have had the power to be there. There was a crackling sound to his right. A magical orb responsible for inscribing time onto pages sparked and zapped in ways Tempora had not seen in the over three millenia he had been there. Something was seriously wrong with the very near future.

Slowly, trying to remain calm, Tempora stood up and looked around. "Whoever you are... show yourself," he stated in a steady voice.

"This is quite the collection. So much knowledge... Shame you hoard it to yourself like a child with his favorite toy..." A posh and arrogant sounding female voice replied from below, a tall figure in dark blue, swirling robes flipping through the pages of a thick book.

Tempora sneered, quickly walking downthe stairs to face the intruder. "What are you doing here?" He demanded. "Who are you?" He gave her a perplexed look, like he was looking at a ghost, or at least someone, or something, that shouldn't exist.

The light blue tentacles hung out of the hood, two peircing eyes looking in his direction. She spoke again, but this time his voice was deep and masculine with a wised, older quality to it. "Tempora....The God of Time... For someone so... Knowledgeable... You seem... Surprised to see me?"

"You... your kind should be..." The god squeezed his fists shut. "Who did you work for? Hastur?"

"Please. I don't work for that glorified manchild. I have a higher calling. We just happen to be on the same wavelength as of this moment." He shook his head, sitting the book back on the shelf.

"Cthulhu then." Tempora grunted. "That doesn't explain how you got in here. Cthulhu's power alone..."

"Wouldn't be enough to break your precious barriers. Yes, we know." Hastur stepped around a corner. "But with our powers combined..." He looked at his partner in crime. "Glorified manchild? Really? Is that you or my brother speaking?"

"Simply because we are working together doesn't mean I have to like you..." He looked over, "Besides, six of one half dozen of the other."

Hastur shook his head. "Anyone ever tell you you're weird? And that's coming from me!" Tempora suddenly took off for the stairs, and Hastur chuckled. "Isn't that cute. He's going to lock this place down and alert the others." He waved his baggy sleeve. "Would you like the honors, Anaqua'serenis?"

"Very well. If I must." He reached out a hand, a water blue glow forming around it. As Tempora ran a portal suddenly opened up in front of him, pulling him in and depositing him right back in front of the two Old Ones. Chains of blue lightning then wrapped around his body, constricting and holding him in place as well as shocking him if he tried to move. "You Gods have gotten too slow. Too lazy."

"Try... this!" Tempora glared at them, and time froze fro the pair... for a few seconds. The space around them shattered, and they were instantly freed. Hastur laughed. "Do you really think we would come after the false God of Time and not have magic to stop him from manipulating time? Give him a few good zaps as punishment, please."

Anaqua placed a gangly hand on his shoulder, suddenly the God was filled with a white hot pain that shot through his body. "Can't you see when you are in unwinnable situation?"

Hastur grunted. "Noted. I know my brother enjoys seeing them in pain as much I can. Too bad he couldn't come himself. Of course, even if he wasn't dealing with death, the only reason he agreed to help me as father can fix that, he wouldn't fit through the door."

Tempora panted heavily, glaring at the with pure hatred. "You think you'll get away with this? This is a direct assault on a god! The truce..."

"You Senile Fool. Can't you see we've already gotten away with it?" He leaned down, speaking in the female voice again. "The Truce... Is no longer useful..."

"Hold him nice and tight." Hastur walked up the stairs. "I'll be right back."

Tempora tried to look after him, but was shocked again for trying to move so much. "S-stop this! If you're here to manipulate time, you don't know the reprecutions! You... you could end up doing more damage to your own plans!"

"We're on a bit of a crunch. If you're so worried about the time stream you could always help this go smoother..." She stood above him, placing a single finger on his forehead.

Tempora grit his teeth. "If you think I'd ever help a lowly, bottom feeding, piece of sh-."

The Illithid seemed to not be amused, leaning down and wrapping her tendrils around his face and gripping the back of his head. The God was then face to face with a sharp pointed beak as the sigils on Anaqua's tentacles glowed with magic. He quickly felt the creature trying to magically drain his intelligence and will with the power of Cthulhu, she seemed to be making slow progress. "Do you want to say that again? If you won't help us... Maybe you could share that knowledge of yours? I bet it would be delicious..."

Tempora squeezed his eyes shut, in so much pain. "Stop! Stop!"

"Found it." Hastur walked back down with a large, glowing orange ball. There was a single, solid black line running through it. "Weird to think the universal structure of time itself can be contained in such a small thing. Drain any knowledge on bending time or time compression from that noggin of his?"

"Almost there... Last Chance to tell us before I rip it out of your pathetic little skull..." She warned him, pushing more power into painfully breaking though his defenses.

"I would... rather... die!" Tempora declared, fighting this losing battle as best he could.

"Very well. Perhaps this will put things into perspective for your simple mind." Anaqua belittled him, the magic finally breaking through. Pain filled him as he felt the Illithid search his mind for what she needed, but it felt more like she was digging through his very soul, it felt almost like he was bring choked. After a few moments of horrible choking pain, which to the God felt like much longer, he finally felt something in his soul pull away, then something else, then something else; leaving in him with an empty feeling as Anaqua retracted her tendrils.

Hastur stared down at the broken god with no pity. "Do we need him anymore?" he asked simply.

"Are you suggesting we kill him? Don't be so simple, he could be a useful bargaining chip." She reached down holding his chin up. "Then again... I would enjoy killing you, not as much as Xelia would, but stealing her revenge from her would be amusing."

"We don't need a bargaining chip. What we need is energy. A lot of it. And while our power combined would be enough, why tire ourselves out when we have him." Hastur let the orb float between them. He placed one tendril on Tempora's head and held the other one out for Anaqua to take. "This is the beginning of the end for their kind. Let us do this."

"Very well. Looks like it's the end Tempora. A shame." The Male voiced returned, grabbing him and using her magic to channel his power into the orb. However, he didn't convert it all into raw power, storing enough of his soul to use for him and his Master's designs if need be.

Despite what Hastur assumed, the power of the single god wasn't enough alone. He and Cthulhu channelling through Anaqua poured into the orb, and slowly, the line within started to fold.


Mina gave Betty a serious look. "You're sure you're up to assault Hastur? You and Betty took a bit of damage in that last fight with his underling."

Betty sighed, rubbing a harsh looking scar that ran from her collar bone down diagonally to her belly button on the side of her heart, currently covered by her clothes, that had been caused by Charter's blade. Despite the extensive healing, that wound was deep, she had pretty much been cut straight down the middle, narrowly avoiding her heart, the Tinkerer only surviving due to quick medical attention and raw willpower. "Yeah. I'm not scared. Besides, I owe her back for zhis."

Erin nodded. "This isn't just about Esmeralda anymore. We have to..."

She was cut off by the shaking. The trio were barely able to stay on their feet. It wasn't an earthquake though. It was more like the very space around them was shaking. Erin fely split, and for a minute could see things here and in her lab. When Betty looked up, she could see two Minas, both looking very confused and shaken but in two different spots of the room.

Slowly, the duplicates came together. "Whawhatt isis haphappenpeninging?

"Sosomeme kikindnd ofof titimeme compcompresionresion..." Erin held her head as unfamiliar memories flooded in. "Iitt ffeelleellss lliikkee tthhee pprreesseenntt aanndd tthhee ffuuttuurree aarree hhaappppeenniinngg aatt tthhee same time..." The shaking died down. "Betty, are you okay?"

Betty began breathing, having a mess of emotions and seeing phantasmal images of her daughters, Pearl still in her hospital bed. "Wha-What happened...?"

The Fly suddenly flashed back to the experience with Destani and the Time Bubbles, grabbing both of them by the hands and pulling them into the center of the room. "Stay... Stay away from the walls..."

The sound of a baby crying made Mina gasp. She rushed away from Betty and into her adjoining room, returning with a baby girl in her arms. The child looked to be about half a year old despite Mina still looking very much pregnant. "This is weird..."


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"What... I don't..." The Fly looked down at it.

"M-Maa-Mahhma... Mama Betty? Mama Erin?" A staticy voice soon became clear, a little girl walking in behind Mina. They both recognized this as Pearl, but there was much different, it looked as if she was wearing a white scarf around her neck. She also had what appeared to be rabbit ears and small antler like horns poking out of her head, the latter in front of the former. She wore what looked to be thick clothing designed for colder weather, a thick jacket with lots of puff and heft to it. "What's going on? I heard you yelling?"

Erin blinked. "It... it's okay, dear... we're okay. Everything is fine." She looked around. When the white void didn't come rushing in, she said, "I think we are okay. Someone is messing with the future, not the past. It is like... we are living in two time periods at once." He eyes widdened. "Look!"

Out the window, the sky was dark despite the sun being out. Also out was a big, full moon, colored blood red and glowing.

"Zhat... Can't be good..." Betty shook her head, "What... What do we do?"

"Mrs. Havenbrook?" The little girl looked out the window and then back to them. "I... I don't feel so good... Like... Fuzzy... What's happening?"

Mina knelt in front of her, trying to smile but having a hard time at it. If Erin was right, this girl existed like this and didn't exist like this at the same time. "I don't know, dear," she said softly. "I honestly don't know..."


Anaqua'serenis and Hastur stepped back from the God of Time, their task complete. The l8ne in the orb was folded some a point on the right side was touching the center.

"Dad!" Destani rushed into the room and over to his falling father, just in time to catch him before the withered husky crumbled into dust. "No... you bastards!"

"What's the matter? We left you enough to bury... Or whatever it is you gods do." Anaqua chuckled, clamping down on Destani's shoulder. "Perhaps you'll be more cooperative, unless you want to join him."

Destani grit his teeth. Hastur walked over. "Leave him. He is nothing. I had a premonition, and we should attend to it quickly." If Hastur had a proper face under his mask, he'd be grinning ear to ear. "You suggested a bargaining chip against the gods? How about the two biggest chips of them all?"

"If you're suggesting what I think you are... You're an ambitious one... Why not simply Summon your Father first? Secure our victory? They will bend the knee in due time." The Avatar of Cthulhu spoke.

Hastur stepped past Destani like he wasn't even there. "They have a weapon, one so powerful, it could beat even my father, and I sensed its partial activation. We need to take steps to assure it is impossible to activate." He opened a portal to a qhite, vibrant room and looked back. "Come on... don't you trust me?"

"I don't. Obviously. You're being very clearly vague about this 'weapon' of theirs and all I have to go on is that you sensed it." He looked back at the library. "Besides, this is a prime opportunity to learn much the Gods never wanted us to know."

"Stay if you wish. I am going to capture a knig and queen." Hastur started forward again. "I am grateful that you do not feel like you have to keep an eye on me. ."

"I'd prefer not to get too close to you, lest you get too comfortable and try to lay me like you did my Sister." He snarked, beginning to pull books from the shelf.

Hastur grunted, and walked towards the portal. "Pathetic. To think a follower of my brother would be so afraid of Jerin'dek and Xia'tar. Or myself for that matter. I wish Xilia had come with instead. She has more of a spine."

He squinted, "I am the Right Hand of Cthulhu. Do you think me scared of them after we have already won?"

Hastur looked back. "Considering you have been with me this whole time but suddenly have an urge to read some dusty old books now that I am going to see them? Yes. Yes, I do. Please, enjoy your reading while I do the hard work."

He put the books in a bag, grumbling. "Very. Well. If you insist on my help so badly I feel as though I have to come so you don't muck it up somehow."

Hastur smiled on the inside. "Such little trust. Very well. Come along."

The pair stepped into the thrown room of the gods, where the king and queen were already prepared for a fight, standing with swords drawn. "You do not belong here, monsters!" Jerin'dek declared.

"Such harsh words..." Hastur's attention turned to a large, glowing sphere giving off a radiant light. It had a large, obvious crack going from the edge to the center. "So it is true. That is how you use the weapon..."

"Tempora!" Xia'tar raised her sword. "What have you down with him?!"

"He'll no longer be an issue. We made sure of it." Anaqua spoke, her feminine voice growing sinister and devious. "He was old and lazy... Just like you two... Sitting upon your Thrones without a care..."

"I'll show you old and lazy!" Jerin'dek charged the Illithid, intent on slicing him in two.

A small portal opened before the King of the Gods, quickly consuming his sword arm as well as the blade itself. It lingered and as Jeren'dek tries to instinctively pull it out, he found it stuck, the portal holding it in place.

"Jerin'dek!" Xia'tar rushed over to help. Yellow electricity emerged from Hastur's robes and struck her, pinning her to her knees. "How are... you two so strong?"

"How?" Hastur laughed. "Are you so blind you did not noticw the Blood Moon? It is the one time in 335 years that we "monsters", as you put it, are strongest! You are nothing compared to our power!"

Jerin'dek pulled and pulled. "I will peraonally see your heads mounted outside on pikes!"

"Ahh... You gods have the situational awareness and understand of a deaf blind man... Allow me to illuminate..." He flicked his finger and the portal holding Jeren'dek's arm snapped shut, taking the arm with it wherever it went and leaving a clean, precise amputation.

The man cried out in pain, dropping to his knees. "B-bastard..."

Hastur laughed. "Good show. Do you happen to know the Curse of Power Contained?" As he asked, a bubble surrounded Xia'tar, sapping her strength and growing stronger as she grew weaker.

"A fine choice." The Illithid Woman chuckled, walking up to Jeren'dek casually. "Ah... It is nice to see a man like you on your knees."

Jerin'dek glared at the Illithid. "G-go to... hell..."

"Jerin!" Xia'tar banged on the inside of the bubble as it seemed to seal like it was being frozen. "Help me! Help...!" She froze mid sentence.

"Ah. I guess she loved you after all. Or is that merely desperation? Who knows?" She ran her fingers gently across his shoulders. "Now. What to do with the little god king here?"

Jerin lunged forward, only to suddenly be caught in a bubble of his own. "Really, Anaqua." Hastur stepped next to her. "You really are like a cat, playing with their food before killing it."

"I've been looking forward to this day for a long time. While I have little love for my kind. They did kill my entire people." She looked back down at The God King. "And I'll admit... I take pleasure in this sense of superiority over them..."

"If you think this makes you at all superior..." Jerin'dek started before he too was frozen, the King and Queen of the Gods captured.

Hastur placed a hand on Anaqua'serenis' shoulder. "We make a pretty good team, huh?"

"What did I say about trying to lay me? I'm sure my sister would prefer you all to herself anyway." He nonchalantly glanced over.

"Oh don't worry. I have no intention of doing anything with you. In fact..." The orbs containing the gods flew behind Hastur and started feeding energy into him. "...our business is complete." He began electrocuting Anaqua with the same yellow lightning he used of Xia'tar.

She let out a primordial wail, her muscles locking up, but as soon as she regained control she fired a blast of blue magic backwards at where Hastur had been.

Hastur deftly dodged back and continued his assault. "It is nothing personal. Actually, it was my father's idea. He said he doesn't appreciate Cthulhu's selfish reasons for helping. I do though. Really, I do. Things wouldn't have gone nearly as smoothly without you. So thank you." He turned up the intensity of the attack.

Anaqua opened up a portal, the attack passing into it and bring redirected back at Hastur. "How very unsurprising. For him to call My Master out on his selfishness while being selfish himself... You were always the lesser son anyway... What's the matter? Finally taking your chance to get the attention from Daddy you always wanted but could never have?"

Hastur snarled angrily, cutting off the attack and dashing forward. He wrapped a tentacle around Anaqua's throat and lifted her up. "You have a big mouth and a big head! I was goingg to let you crawl back to your master... but perhaps I should bring this head back with me..."

"Gah! Guh..." Anaqua gasped, choking around the tentacles. "You'll... Get your due... You disgusting worm... We won't forget this betrayal... Lucky for me... I never trusted you..."

The Illithid glowed with blue magic, tapping into some of the power of Tempora's soul as she began to fizzle out of time, likely reversing what they had caused only on herself, enough to send her back to the original unmelded timeline. "Yougghh wiillllll anssswweeeerrrr."

Hastur scoffed, and looked up at the frozen gods. "Answer to what? I have time where I want it. I have these two where I want the. Now as long as... Xelia..." Hastur suddenly turned around. "Something is... happening back at my castle. Something is wrong... Xelia isn't there! What is happening!?!" He opened another portal, rushing back home with the two gods in tow.

His portal suddenly fizzled out, the spell being cancelled by a counter magic spell. Anaqua knew it was only a minor inconvenience, but yet, he chuckled, laughing harder as he realized what had happened as he faded completely from the current time stream.


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The End Approacheth

Havenbrook manor

Charter returned to the forge, after getting his explosive arrows he needed his new ax which Ed has had several days to work on and hopefully completed. "Ed It's Charter you around here?"

"Yeah!" He called form within the forge. "Come on back. I have something for you."

Charter looked at his bow and didn't want to bring explosive bows to a forge, so he put them to the side of the room and entered the forge. "Thanks Ed and sorry for the last time I was here so where is my new ax?"

Ed placed his hand on an obsidian black axe with a long, slightly curved handle, and a head with a crescent curve on the front and a deadly spike on the back. "Here you are. I made it with a special feature too."

"This is... I must admit Ed this is a masterpiece this is easy one of the best weapons you made for me by fare. But you said this came with a special feature what is it?"

"Twist that little knob in the center of the handle." When Charter did, the bottom half of the handle slipped off, making it the perfect size to be a throwing axe. "Thought you might as well get the best of both worlds."

"Ah that's quite impressive Ed, I have to say this was worth every penny." Charter put the ax on his hilt." Thank you Ed for this I very much appreciate it, but if you don't mind I have to leave there's a certain someone I need to talk to."

Ed nodded. "Keep yourself alive. I gave you that axe to help with that. Just... don't do anything foolish."

"No promises, especially with what i'm about to do." Charter left the forge and grabbed the his arrows, but before he left he forgot something. "Ou Ed I forgot I gave you my bow as well how did that go?"

Ed floated out with the bow in hand. "Still in great condition, but I re-stringed it and worked out the damage. I reinforced the frame as well so it should be able to take a beating."

"Thank you Ed IOU one, well several times over. Anyway It's best I get ready for a fight hopefully the person I wanna talk to has calmed down some since we last encountered."

Ed raised an eyebrow, wondering who he was talking about, and nodded. "Good luck. Come back in one piece."

"I will try." Charter left the forge and went outside, he looked around to see if anyone was around. When he didn't see anyone her called out. "Alright hey Fya'munt you and I need to have a little chat."

There was a flash of light behind him. "Yes, we do, boy," the Warlord god said, stepping in front of Charter.

Charter didn't flinch at the light and looked at the warlord god, he then rubbed his head." Ok let me get this out of the way, I love Esmeralda and I will do my damned dist to protect her and my child. Now do you understand why I fought you?"

Fya'munt turned to face him. "Of course I do. Though I thought you came with me in the first place to get away from that."

"No I came with you because I was weak, I came with you so I could get stronger to protect my family and others. And for that I'm sorry for using you like that, now I still worship you and respect. But know that I will not abandon my family."

Fya'munt sighed. "Yeah... I know. So... what now? Going after them?"

"That's the plain, but i'm probably gonna die doing it." Charter sat down and sighed." Do you think i'm a fool for doing this?"

"Probably. But... I know there are things a man must do to prove himself to... well, himself. And I know you still carry a lot of guilt for what happened between you and her sister."

"Is it that obvious, I mean I do regret that. But in the moment it was great, she was wonderful in that moment all my guilt and everything just went away. and then I realize what I did, I need to get her back and I know Es is still mad at me for what I did. I felt like we were getting past that until she was taken again."

The Warlord nodded. "Are you sure... she will come back willingly? What if she fights you?"

"Then that says how far she's gone and the Es I know is dead, and I will put her down as such." Charter stood up. "Your gonna send me there, if so let me gather a few things." Charter went back to the manor and garbed some potions, as well as his sword and shield and picked up his arrows." Alright then, hopefully this goes well."

Fya'munt tossed a small, pink pill to Charter. "We need to stop off at Aethereum first. Swallow that and come with me."

Charter looked down and the pill and swallowed it." Um why are we going to Aethereum, first is there something there that I need? Or someone you need to talk to."

"The latter. There is someone I want you to talk to." Fya'munt opened a portal. "There is a reason I was so quick to come here. The timing is perfect. We need to talk strategy."

"Um Ok, I gotta admit this is kinda weird. But i'll follow along with this, after are you are a warlord and if you have plan I won't argue with it."

The Warlord god led him threw a portal to the heart of the gods' city, straight into what looked like a war room. There were two women there, whom Fya'munt introduced. "Charter Van Dam, this is my mother Aratenda, Goddess of War, and Nemesis, Goddess of Justice. Ladies, this is my reluctant protege, Charter Van Dam."

Charter kneeled to goddess.” It’s a true honor to meet you two.”

Nemesis raised her hand. "Arise, Mr. Van Dam. Your respect is appreciated..."

"But we don't really have time for it." Aratenda waved for him to come over. "We are on a time limit so to speak." She waved a hand over the display on the table. "This is Hastur's castle. I hear you plan to drop in and say hello."

"That I do, and i'm surprised that you all want to help me. So you all have a plan for me to do this?"

Nemesis nodded. "The truth is, we were going to stop you. If you went in and faced Hastur alone..."

"You'd be killed like an ant under someone's shoe," Aratenda said with a laugh. "Lucky for you, we have an inside source. They told us Hastur is leaving his castle for a while, so now will be the perfect time for you to go in."

The Warlord god nodded, and tapped the display. A yellow sphere appeared around the castle. "Naturally, one of us could go in ourselves to try and get her. But as you can see, their is a magical shield around the stronghold. The moment any being with godly power stepped in there, Hastur would be alerted and be back to stop us in mere moments. But a human would be undetected."

"I don't know what's more shocking the fact that Hastur is gone, and to who knows were. Or the fact that you all have a spy in this Castle, so the question is how i'm gonna get in there?"

Nemesis pointed to the east side of the castle. "We will be dropping you off here, just outside of the barrier. With your level of power, especially as a non-magic user, you won't set the barrier off by entering it."

"There is a small hitch though." Aratenda pointed to a section of the castle. "According to our spy, every group of Cultist has a leader with a direct mental line to Hastur. If he connects with Hastur, you're dead. So before you do anything, find him and kill him. He should be in one of these rooms on the first floor. Apparently he wears a really obvious and stupid looking headdress."

"Don't they all through, but I think a have a way for the cult to just lead me to him. I just need one of the cults get up make a little noise, while in the panic I ask to see this cult leader and put him down."

Fya'munt nodded. "As long as your acting skills are up to chops."

"Before you go, I have to warn you of something." Nemesis gave Charter a serious look. "We can not let Hastur bring his father into our world. No matter what. We have decided to give you a chance, but if you fail, we... we will have no choice but to try and kill Esmeralda before he can use her."

"I understand I hope it doesn't come with that, but if I see Es has fallen then you don't have to worry about that part then. I'm hoping it doesn't come to that."

"Are you ready to go?" Fya'munt asked. "We don't know how long Hastur will be gone, so we must hurry."

"I'm ready to go, I want to get my Esmeralda and my baby boy back."
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The god nodded and opened a portal. "I will be able to get you a portal out of there as soon as you get clear of the barrier. Good luck, and godspeed."

Charter nodded his head and went through the portal, when he came out of the portal he saw that he was in front of a castle." Alright now what I need first, is one of those cloaks now I just have to be careful." Charter started to sneak around the castle.

He quickly ducked into a bush when two sentries rounded a corner, one looking to be about his size. "I don't understand why we have to patrol in the snow like this," the larger of the two complained. "Who even knows we're up here, let alone would come up here."

"Ssh! Watch who you are saying that to. You know Hastur doesn't like his orders questioned, and he is not in the best of moods lately."

"Oh yeah? Well, rumor is Yig gave him the brush off. Boy, is that snake going to be sorry when..." He paused. "Whose footprints are these?"

Charter stayed in the bushes and pulled out his ax, he had to make this count without destroying the robes. but just to be sure he pulled out one of his normal arrows, and aimed at the furthest guard away from him and waited.

They followed the footprints and stopped near the bushes. "Quickly," the taller one said. "Run back to Master Richard and tell him we might have an intruder!"

An arrow pierced the eye of the smallest of the two cultist, and Charter wrapped his arms around the man that was his side and put him in a choke hold and brought him to the ground and snapping his neck. Charter then picked up the body of the other one and threw him into the bushes, he then grabbed the rob of the man that was his size and put it on. "Ok that was easy, now then let's get this over with." Charter also covered up the blood with snow and went into the castle.

He was walking through it for a few minutes before he heard a high pitched woman's voice behind him. "Hey! You!"

Charter stooped and sighed." Well time to try my hand at acting." Charter coughed and try to clear his throat. "Yes mam can I help you?"

"Ma'am?" The cultist looked like she was now more than sixteen, a young and chipper rabbit thrope that reminded him of Erin, save for the white hair. "That makes me sound old, silly!"

"Hum yea I guess, sorry about that. But um can I help you with something, or did you want to talk?"

"Yeah, do you, like... know if I have to present myself to Master Richard or something? 'Cause I'm new around here and stuff?" She tilted her head in a cute way. The last thing she looked like was an evil cultist, save for the robes with Hastur's sign on it.

Charter looked at the teen and saw that she was confused in herself. Charter put his hands on the teens shoulders." Tell me kid do you know why your here, why did you join our church?" Charter said through his teeth.

She tilted her head the other way. "Why? Um... I don't know. They said I wouldn't have to listen to my parents or go to school. And, like... the world was gonna come to an end and stuff, and I would be spared if I put on this robe and did what the creepy guy in the yellow robes said to do. Why? Like... why did you join?"

Charter looked at the teen and looked around. "I need you to listen to me, i'm not with these people i'm here to rescue someone I love that this cult kidnapped. I'm telling you right now child find some place to hid and don't come out until the fighting is over, because believe me when I start the attack i'm killing all in my way. So for your own sake stay hidden understand, but before that happens." Charter put his arm around the teen. "Were both gonna talk to this high priest and you pretend like your gonna join alright?"

Her hairs stood on end. "U-um... o-okay. J-just... p-promise not to hurt me..."

"You won't get hurt that I can promise, now let's go ask around so we can find this high priest." Charter and the young teen asked around until they were lead to what seemed like a church.

Several cultist were walking out, having just listen to a sermon of how great Hastur was and how the end was near and how they would be exalted for their place here. A man in a funny looking headdress, with tentacles on the side and Hastur's symbol in the center, was chatting with a few other cultist. "I-I think that's him," the girl said nervously.

"Ok now then let's play this cool and calm and then when I give you the signal you will run and hide." Charter escorted the girl to the priest and bowed his head to him." Father I brought you a new child."

"A, thank you my boy, thank you." The high priest turned to the girl. "I am Master Richard. And you are?"

"M-me! M-my n-name... i-is J-Jackie..."

"No need to be nervous." Richard raised an eyebrow. "Is there something the matter?"

"She's just nervous about joining us, that's all it is father." Charter said while putting his hand on his sword. while his hands are under his robes.

"Y-yes, I... I am... h-happy... ah!" Jackie ran away, hiding under the podium. "I'm sorry!"

Richard pulled out a knife. "We have a heretic! Sacrifice the heretic! Sacrifice the..."

Charter pulled his sword out and in one motion trusted it through his chin into his skull dropping the man to the ground. "Damn cultist scum, do you see now coming here was a bad idea child." Charter said taking off the robes.

She poked her head out. "Uh huh. Look out!" She pointed at the four cultist rushing him from behind.

Charter looked at the cultist and was unimpressed he then changed the cult, he slashed at one of the cultist stomach and quickly thrusted his sword into the others heart.” Ou come now is this all you got?”

Twelve more charged in, grinning widely as they completely surrounded him.

“Hum well I guess now is the best time to test these.” Charter put his sword away and pulled out his bow and put something on the tip of them, when he fired the arrow it exploded on impact killing the surrounding cultist.” Woah now that’s incredible!”

"Th-that was pretty cool, but..." Jackie peaked over her hiding spot. "You realize most of the castle will know you're here now, right?"

“Yep that’s the plan, I want them to know I’m here. Now as for you.” Charter grabbed a weapon off one of the cultist.” Hid somewhere or steal a horse to get out of here alright.”

"A-alright. Th-thank you, sir..." Jackie rushed out of the room as fast as she could, leaving Charter alone with the sounds of people running around and panicking all around.

Charter chuckled to himself.” Alright you bastards you took someone I care for now I’m getting her back!” Charter yelled while firing another explosive arrow at another group

As he ran through the castle, he soon found himself against more then just cultist. The castle was also home to the squid faced Cthulhi. Several shapeshifted into huge, gelatinous squids, legged sharks, and gigantic humanoids to charge him, trying to get too close for him to use his bomb arrows.

“Whoa!” Charter yelled as he slid under it.” What kind of monsters are you?”

It let out a garbled mess of unknown words as the shark leapt forward, rows of teeth coming right at Charter. Charter ran towards the monsters and slid under it, his sword slicing through its chest. It let out a gurgling death rattle as it flopped down and started to melt. The creature in the form of a squid shot out its arms, trying to entangle the man.

Charter quickly fired off two arrows at the monster blowing it to bits, Charter then saw he was running low on arrows.” Ok I have about twelve left, Ok then guess I better start saving these.” Charter then yelled at the top of his lungs.” Es! It’s Charter I’ve come to save you.”

Esmeralda was sitting alone in her room, Xelia having gone off to work on "something important". She blinked when she heard what sounded like Charter's voice echoing through the castle. "No way," she muttered as she walked out of her room and headed towards where all the commotion was.

She could see what looked to be flashes coming down the hall. Charter fired another explosive arrow at the cultist and saw that he only had seven left." Alright then, I guess i'm gonna have to do this the usual way." So who wants to come at me first huh?" Charter said pulling out his new ax and shield.
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Charter felt an incredible pressure pushing down on him as he was surrounded once more. He was momentarily vulnerable, one of the cthulhi jumping forward to take advantage, but was shoved away with such incredible force, it practically splattered against the wall. "What are you doing here?" Esmeralda asked, walking over with her arms folded.

Charter looked at the woman that looked liked a dark elf. "Well hello Es, you know I just got tired of feeling pity for myself and I figured to myself you know what I feel like dying I might as well die trying to save the people I love."

Es chuckled, releasing the pressure on him. "You know, I..." She started when a cultist tried to stab Charter in the back. He was telekinetically lifted in the air by his neck. "What part of the squid splattered on the fucking wall didn't tell you I was going to talk to him!" she yelled with a sudden burst of anger Charter had never seen in her before snapping the cultist's neck and tossing him to the side.

Charter's eyes widen at the complete change in Esmeralda." Well it would seem what I feared has happen, that bastard did change you, Listen to me Es HaveBrook isn't here. There's no men behind me or waiting outside to save me, it's just me I'm alone on this I came all this way to bring you back home or die trying."

Esmeralda sighed and placed her hand on her head. "Why is it so hard for you people to understand that this is the better place for me? I'm allowed to be who I really am here! I get to be with my mother! And soon, I'll be queen of the mortals! Don't... don't you love me enough to want what is best for me?"

“Have you lost your damn mind, I didn’t realize that you were a murderer. That’s who you wanna be Huh. And what’s this queen of mortal crap since when did you ever care about being queen of anything!”

"Since... since..." Es faltered for a moment. "S-since... my mother told me I could be the queen. And... a-and..."

“Es there lying to you, I know you’re smarter than this. I will admit Es I’m not perfect and after everything that I did with your sister when you were first taken I’m sorry about that. Hell I’ve haven’t even been back to the guild since you were taken again.” Charter slowly started to walk to Esmeralda.” But I came here because I love you, and will do anything for you. Es I helped you with your family, your real family when you couldn’t stand up to them I was happy to hear that you were pregnant with our child, for helping you with the library to your garden or just being around you Es. I love and cherish you more than anything so please come back home with me, these people are just gonna kill you when they're done with you Es.”

Esmeralda took a step back. "No... n-no, Xelia said... said they'll keep me alive. Why... why are you calling her a liar?"

"Es think there buttering you up, they will tell you what they want you to hear. They will kill you, hell they made you almost kill your brother but he's alive and back at the guild."

"E... Elma said that. But... but it isn't fair..." Tears rolled down her cheeks. "D-don't you see? I'm... I'm strong now. I... was so weak!" She reached into her bag and pulled out her tonfa, throwing them to the ground. "All I knew how to use were weapons to block attacks!" She pulled out a smoke bomb. "And these... these... stupid things! They just let me run away! I was pathetic! Everyone thought I was pathetic! They would..."

She burst into tears. "They would laugh at me! That's all anyone ever did! And I would laugh at myself. Esmeralda the airhead. Esmeralda the dummy! No one respected me! But now... now, they... they..." She let the smoke bomb go. It rolled across the floor to Charter's feet.

Charter looked down at the smoke bomb and back at Esmeralda, he then raised his eyebrow and looked at his ax. Charter smiled and slashed the ground making sparks, the sparks hit the smoke bomb and Charter ran to Esmerelda and grabbed her. "Time to go!" With Es in hand Charter ran down the hall, as the cult tried to go after him the smoke bomb went off making a good distraction. For Charter and Es to go into a nearby room, he then closed the door and used a shelf to block it.

Esmeralda sniffled, and wiped her eyes. "Please... stop this Charter. Don't you see? I... don't want to go back to being that weak woman again."

Charter rolled his eyes and held Esmeralda. "Who called you that, Es you look I know that this is frustrating but everyone has their role yours is not to fight. Es you’re not weak alright nobody calls you that."

Suddenly he heard a familiar voice from behind him. There before them, stepping out of the shadows, was the tall visage of Xelitha'qha, clad in her green robes and still missing her leg. “You've made quite the… Oh. It's you. Of course. You're very stubborn if nothing else.”

Charter’s eyes widen and he quickly pulled out his bow and arrows and put Es behind him. “Hum of all the things I had to run into I had to run into you, well then I’m curious if these arrows will effect that damn magic of yours.”

“Stop it!” Esmeralda yelled. “I don’t want you to hurt her! I… I don’t want you to hurt each other…”

“Es this thing assaulted the manor, and harmed so many of our friends. And as far as i’m concerned made you this monster!” Charter pulled his bow back ready to fire his explosive arrow.

She sighed, raising her hands up. “Enough. I'm on your side boy.”

Esmeralda gave her a surprised look. “On… his side? I don’t understand…”

“Is this some kind of a joke, why would you help me take Es away from your master?”

“Because unlike what you may think I actually do care about her. Why do you think I gave my leg to stop you lot from locking in her room for who knows how long.” Xelia put her hands down. “Hastur refuses to listen to me anymore. I implored him to spare Esmeralda. To reward her by becoming a Queen, but it seems my Master has become rash and arrogant. He would rather kill her all for the sake of petty revenge or sport.”

Esmeralda had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. She moved between the two and looked back and forth. “Th-then we have to get out of here!” She looked at Charter. “You can work with her in order to save me, right?”

Charter’s eyes twitch as he still held the explosive arrow Xelia, he then heard the door being broken in by Hastur's followers getting into the room. Charter then turned around and fired the arrow at the cultist killing several of them. “I’m going against my judgement here, well it’s clear that i’ve lost my mind just coming here. But i’m getting Es out of this mess you wanna help fine but i’m watching you.”

“I don't want help you dolt I'm helping you. Who do you think contacted the God's about this places location? Including the exact time Hastur would be away? But we have to hurry.” Xelitha'qha stepped forward past him, her head glowing slightly green. Charter could then hear the cultists begin moving away from them in different directions. “They don't think we're here anymore. I made them forget about us for now but there will be others.”

Es watched with confusion as one ran right past her, ut shrugged. “Cool. How, um… how do you get out of here?” She looked at Chater’s bomb arrows. “Make a hole to the outside?”

“Before we do that.” Xelia stopped them. “I need to get something. It's in my workshop. I would've gotten it already but you made so much noise you attracted everyone.”

“Hay that was the point, I was hoping that if I got enough after me so I could use my arrows to destroy the roof above me and bring rubble down on them. Thuse blocking them off, and giving me plenty of time to search for Es.”

“No arguing, either of you.” Esmeralda turned to Xelia. “So, you lead the way to your workshop, and I guess Charter and I will cover you.”

“Esmeralda.” Xelia leaned down, placing a hand on her shoulder. “Just stay safe. I can handle these pitiful excuses for followers.”

Es smiled. “Okay. You be safe too. You’re important to me, you know? And now, with Ma… Hastur betraying us, you’re the only one here I can trust.”

“Gee thanks for bode of confidence Es, aint like I went against Havenbrook orders and probably gonna have her rip my head off for this. And you know possibly dying.” Charter said in a agitated tone.

“Enough. While I could talk about your incompetence all day Hunter, we have places to be.” The Illithid poled her head out to make sure they were indeed gone for now, she ushered them out. “My Workshop is down the hall a ways and around two corners. Should be quick but expect a fight just in case.”

Esmeralda nodded, rolling her neck as her eyes glowed pink.

They quickly made their way out of the room and down that hall as silently as possible, Xelia using her suggestive powers to cause patrols to avoid them, the Cthuli and young men and women were easily manipulated, that was why Hastur preferred them.

Esmeralda followed closely with Charter by her side. She was creeped out by the way people ignored them, almost as much as how creeped out she was that all these former allies were now her enemies.


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“You know Es before I came here into the castle I ran into one of your cultist, she was a teen she looked so confused and not aware of what she was getting into when she wanted to join this cult.”

“That's how Hastur likes them. He picks young, desperate people, naive peasant farmers and the like… Easier to intimidate kids and easier to indoctrinate them to murder and chaos.” Xelia replied without looking.

“Teh some master you got there, praying on the weak and feeble minded sounds like quiet the leader to follow. I swear I will kill him at some point.” Charter said standing next to Esmerelda.” And as for you Es, your brother will be happy to see you. If I live long enough through Mina rage at me to see it.”

“That's rich coming from you. Servant of the War God. Never has there been such an agent of slaughter and depravity before.” The Illithid bit back, nearing the room now.

Es rubbed her head. “We all have our negative points and things we can argue about when we get out of here. For now…” One of the Cthulhi elite rounded a corner, it’s mental fortitude too strong to be simply mesmerized. Using its own mental abilities, it commanded a squadron of its people to attack. Es quickly put up an invisible wall to block their progress. “Xelia, please hurry!”

“Keep it up. We're here.” The Mindflayer strengthened the barrier with her own mind as she quickly ushered them through a steel door on their right. Inside was a cold, dark interior, a low mist was covering the floor like the inside of a cooler. Lining the walls on shelves were severed heads and brains in jar suspended in a strange slightly opaque blue fluid. In the center on the room was what looked to be a black leather tarp covering a large cuboid object.

“This place is horrid, though to be fair it’s not the worst place i’ve been through. I take it that is our way out of here and down the mountain?”

“No. It's my special project.” Xelia floated forward towards it as she spoke. “And while it may be grisly these were all victims of Hastur. I merely kept them alive when they would've died. Although… I can't say honestly that they were all dying when I did this.” As she spoke one of the heads opened his eyes, the sockets dark and sunken as he silently watched the two newcomers.

Esmeralda shuttered. “C-can we make this quick? I have to admit… this is creeping me out.” She flinched. “And… they’re going to break through my shield soon…”

Picking a key off of a table Xelia moved the tarp away with her mind, revealing what seemed to be a large metal cage. Inside was a bed, dresser, toilet, bath, all the necessary amenities… as well as a familiar looking girl laying on her back in the cot in a fruity, frilly dress. She had dark skin like it was covered in soot as well as a unique fair of Fly Like Eyes. She was an exact mirror of Betty, except for her hair and her outfit of course, the former done up in a fancy braid inlaid with flowers. “Girl. Get up. We're leaving.”

She tilted her head back, “We are? Good. This place was stuffy and boring.”

“I, um… have so many questions.” Es dropped to her knee. “L-later. Charter! Get ready a couple of those arrows!”

“Finally, look i’ll hold them off for as long as I can.” Charter looked at his explosive arrows and saw that he only had seven left.” Alright seven arrows left huh.” Charter kneeled down and went through his bag, and pulled out a wine bottle. “Ah there we go this should come in handy. Ok so just so you two know when I through this bottle you might wanna cover your mouths.” Charter pulled out a cloth and wrapped it around Es mouth. “There that should do for you.”

Xelia grumbled, quickly unlocking the cage and tossing the Copy Betty a scrap of her robe to wrap around her mouth. “You're lucky. I have an alternative way out of here. Although… I hope you have strong stomachs.”

“If I didn't I wouldn't be a knight, now would i, now then let me slow them down a bit.” Charter threw the bottle out of the lab and into the group, when the bottle broke the cult started to grab their necks and started to choke the then dropped to there knees with blood coming out of there mouths and there eyes turning red.” Right well that group is dealt with, now don’t breathe this in alright, especially you Es.”

Es rubbed the back of her neck. Hastur’s betrayal, this lab, the copy Betty, and now Charter’s brutal weaponry were really starting to get to her. “Y-you said you had a way out, Xelia?”

Xelia opened up a latch on the metal floor with her mind revealing a hole a number of feet deep and pitch black. “Down here. It leads out to the mountain side.”

The Copy Betty stretched lightly, making the way out of the cell and quickly hopping form with much of a thought, they even heard what they thought could've been… giggling?

“Who in the god's name could be giggling at a time like this, this ain't exactly fun times!” Charter said while firing one of his arrows to seal the door behind them with rubble, and quickly made a torch so everyone could see. As everyone got down the hole they were met with the acrid smell of old blood and rot and as the torch was lit it reveal a canal of blood and strewn body parts leading out to a point of light not too far away. It was almost like an abandoned butcher's market had exploded, rats scurrying around and collecting bits of the unidentifiable meat and organs.

Esmeralda shook slightly as they walked along. “What… is this place? What were you doing in your lab?”

“It connects to the other sacrificial areas too, but I used it for… disposing of… unusable parts…” Xelia sighed, wrapping an arm around and trying to comfort Esmeralda. “This is how we fed the Cthuli. You were on the set of a stage unfortunately… And this is the reality behind the curtain…”

“Some mother you have there Es, and wanted to follow these people this what you wanted huh the ruler of this.”

“Watch your tongue. I saw the Cultists you butchered and tortured needlessly. I will admit that I'm a monster, but I did all this for a reason. You did what you did to those men and women because you enjoyed it. Besides, the bodies have to go somewhere… I didn't kill all of these people myself… with my own two hands…” Xelia countered with her own biting insult.

“I did not enjoy killing your cultist, and I at least disposed of the body's by burning them to ash once they were dead. Not keep a massive grave under the castle, you sick fuck!” Charter said keeping his agitation and annoyance working with someone he would rather kill.

“Enough… I've had enough of your self righteous preaching.” The Illithid looking down towards Es, pangs of newfound guilt hitting her as she brushed her hair gently.

Halfway through, and their loud arguing came to bite them. The halls suddenly surged forth with dozens of Cthulhi at once. These ones were young and feral, like rabid beasts that piled on and over one another as the charged their fresh meat. Esmeralda held her hands out, slamming one after another into the walls, but there seemed to be no end to them as they got closer and closer.

Xelitha'qha put herself in front of Esmeralda, blocking her as she send out a shockwave of psychic force, the first dozen or so Cthuli in the front falling over as twitching as they bled from their ears. “Hunter! Don't use your explosives! You could cave us in with them!”

Charter put his bow back and pulled out his sword and shield and charged into the group, Charter cut through the Cthuli like they were paper and used his shield to bash their skulls. “ Hay what the hell are these things weak to, if I can’t use my explosives they will overwhelm us so what are the weak to what spell of anything flammable?”

“Um…” Esmeralda tried to think to her studies. “They are normally in the water, so they are very dry on land. So… yeah, fire is their weakness. Though these ones are extra squishy and can’t transform yet.”

“Great if there was ever a time for Elma to be here.” Charter then remembered that Erin made some enchantments for him some time ago, Charter slashed one of the Cthuli and ran to Xelia and stood behind the barrier and looked through his bag. “ Poison potions, come on where are this damn ha.” Charter pulled out a small vile of orange liquid and a few others. “Ou it’s been forever since I used these, Es hold my shield use it to protect you.” Charter looked at the viles and poured two with liquids on his sword and ax a green liquid on them and a orange liquid on each. “Ok now we should have a way out and I should be able to get us out of here.”

The Illithid was blasting waves of force out at the oncoming swarm sending them hard into walls and causing them to splatter against the stonework. “You have an a plan!?”

“Yes and no, look just stay back.” Charter slashed his weapons and a line of fire came out of them burning the Catuli.”Yes! They still work ou how I have forgotten about these enchantments, now get behind me these don’t last long so stay close and protect Es.” Charter then slashed his weapons again and a row of fire came out of them making a path for the group to to find the exit, He continued to slaw and slash at the hord killing dozens of them at once with his enchanted weapons and the fire coming out of them.” Hay how much further?”


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Looking ahead it was pretty easy to see the light coming into the tunnel only forty or so feet away, they began making their way there as Xelia added her psychic walls of force where needed to keep the swarm at bay. They slowly but surely made it to the exit of the tunnel system but the Cthuli we're right on their trail as the sunlight hit their faces. Xelia turned to look at Charter, yelling, “Now! Use your Explosives and block off that tunnel!”

“I know that.” Charter used his weapons to kill of the Cthuli to drive them back, he then pulled out his bow and firered his explosive arrow at the entrance causing a cave in. Charter then looked behind him and looked at Es. “Es my Esmerelda are you alright, are you hurt in any way?”

Esmeralda let out a sigh of relief. “I’m just glad it’s over. Though how are we…” As if to answer her question, a portal opened up before them, a glowing one from the gods now that they were clear of the castle. “Oh, great. Now we have to rely on… the gods to… to safapafa…” Esmeralda suddenly collapsed, falling unconscious.

“Esmeralda!” The Eldritch Creature ran over to her side, looking into the portal with a glare.

Charter got under Es helping her up but being careful of their baby.” Come on we have to get her out of here it won’t be long before Hastur finds out about this portal.”

“Honestly.” The Doppelganger Betty spoke up, helping pull Es through as she was getting impatient. “You two are like… The worst at this.”

Xelia grumbled, agreeing as she carefully brought her through, on guard for any treachery by the gods. As they passed through, Esmeralda’s hair slowly turned blonde.


Up in the Grand City of the Gods, Xelia and Charter were in deep conversation with the gods of recent happenings. Meanwhile, in a special room designed for mortals, Esmeralda rested comfortably, her features now completely that of a Light Elf.

Watching over her were two individuals. One was a curious looking fly Thrope, the secret project of Xelia bearing a striking resemblance to a certain Havenbrook hunter. The other was a fleeing former cultist, a rabbit Thrope still in the robes of her former cult who was looking rather distraught.

The latter shot the former the occasional look. A look of curiosity. A look of confusion. A look of bewilderment. Finally, she broke the silence by bluntly asking, "So are you, like, a demon or something? Or some kinda... weird spider Thrope? Because the first is, like, really weird, but the second is even weirder. Like, who would bond with a spider?"

"I'm a Fly. Actually. Preeeetty rare Ms. Cute Bunny." She smiled as she replied, almost too friendly. "You're one of those cult guys right?"

"Pft. Not anymore." Jackie pulled her legs close to her body. "Thought I was going a cool ass sect with a strange but understanding leader. Turns out I was joining a cult with a squid faced maniac that likes to sacrifice people. And experiment on people. And just, like, plain kill people." She placed her chin against her knees. "Actually makes my parents look like decent people..."

"Well. My Daddy is great. But... Things happened and I got separated from him. Xelia saved me." The Fly girl kicked her legs lightly as she sat.

"Your daddy... right." Jackie gave her a suspicious look. "And... who is your dad? Where is he?"

"Themosa probably. He's a Netzi. Don't really have a Mommy. Guess Xelia's my Mommy." She leaned her head on her fist with a bored expression. "So what about you? What's wrong with your parents?"

"Tch!" Jackie waved her hand irritably. "All they ever do is argue. They barely talk to each other without raising their voices. And they fight so much, they barely even pay attention to me. Probably don't even notice I'm gone." She pouted, looking away. "I hate them."

"Oh. Well. Sorry." She scratched her head. "What's your name? I'm... Amy. I'm Amy."

"Jackie." The Rabbit Thrope smiled lightly. "N... nice to meet you, Amy."

"Who... are you?" Esmeralda, now awake and staring up at Amy, asked," What are you?"

"She's a fly Thrope," Jackie explained.

The Light Elf frowned. "That's not what I meant. Why do you look just like Betty? Did... Xelia make you?"

"Yeah. She did. Kind of. Betty made me. Mommy just gave me a body." Amy smiled. "Oh! Hi Esmeralda. It's nice to meet you again."

"H... hi..." Es slowly sat up, holding her aching head. "What do you mean, Betty made you and Xelia gave you a body? I don't understand. Can you... explain how you came to be?"

"I'm part of Betty. Or I was. Although she didn't like me very much, we were always fighting for control." Amy explained briefly. "But I was really created when Daddy took her and Erin in and I've been around ever since. I've been trying to get Betty to accept that I'm the real her, but it wasn't flying, she's so serious."

Esmeralda shifted so she was facing her. "What do you mean, the real her?" She looked Amy up and down, studying her expression. "You mean... ever since she was kidnapped, she has become too stern, careful, and serious, and the real her is more joyful, carefree... and happy?"

"Kind of. You see, I'm the her she's always wanted to be. She liked being 'kidnapped', she liked serving Daddy. She just didn't want to admit it. Instead, she locked me away, but I'd always come back to remind her." The Other Betty added.

"O-oh. That... i-interesting..." Esmeralda said with a blush.

Jackie giggled. "Kinky. I guess that explains who you are and how you were made, but not why..."

"Maybe..." Es' expression fell. He head lowered and she closed her eyes. "Maybe... Amy is my replacement. A daughter Xelia could rely on more. Maybe... she was suppised to take my place..."

"What? No. From what she was telling me she wanted me to be like your sister. Like a friend." Amy told her, shrugging.

"Really?" Esmeralda let out a long sigh. "Sorry. So much has been going on. I don't know who to trust anymore. Charter did so many terrible things trying to find me. Xelia had that... th-that creepy tunnel under her lab, not to mention the lab itself. And Hastur just outright betrayed us."

Jackie walked over. "On the other hand, Charter risked life and limb on a practical suicide mission to save you, and despite what Xelia might have been into, she did betray someone as big and scary as Hastur just to protect you, and that has to be worth something, right? I mean, if that's not love, I don't know what is." She looked to Amy for more words of encouragement.

"Well. I think Mommy Xelia loves you lots. Especially since she went out of her way to make me so you'd have a friend." The Fly pointed out.

Esmeralda nodded. "Thank you. I just feel so... strange..." She looked down at her pale hands with a surprised look. She then reached back and pulled her hair forward, noting it was blonde again. "The... the corruption for Hastur is gone! But how? Did one of the gods do this?"

"I... Don't know... I mean, you'd know right?" The Doppelganger asked.

"I don't. I mean... I... I remember escaping the... pits... and the portal, then it all goes dark." She rubbed her chin. "Did something happen to Hastur?"

"I doubt it. Who could be stronger then him?" Jackie shrugged herself. "So, um... Amy. What are you going to do now that you're free? Are you going to stay with Xelia? Go find this Betty person? Or go do your own thing?"

"I wanna rekindle my relationship with Erin I think... I dunno..." Amy leaned back, "You actually look a lot like her. You know. With the ears."

"Thanks... I think?" Jackie looked at Esmeralda. "Was that a compliment?"

Es nodded. "Considering how close they are, and that they have two children together, I'd say yeah."

"Oh, Erin is a guy?" Jackie tilted her head and looked back at Amy. "But... you said 'her'. I'm confused."

"It's complicated. Buuut... If Xelia can do to her what she did to Betty I can have my Girlfriend back."

"Girl... friend?" The rabbit girl blushed. "Ooooh..."

Es giggled, and nodded. "That would probably be for the best, considering it would get pretty complicated with two Bettys. I can try and convince Erin..." He smile faded, and she looked sad again. "I mean... I can try. But after everything I have put them through... put everyone through..."


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"Oh hush. If I know Betty. And I do. She was worried sick about you. You'll be fine." Amy explained.

Esmeralda took in a deep breath. "I... I hope you're right." She twirled a lock of hair. "Incidentally, why were you in a cage when we found you. Doesn't seem like you'd run away from Xelia or anything." She reddened a bit. "Is that p-part of your... interests?"

"I'm not opposed. She just didn't want the Cultists to see me. Hastur might get upset." She shrugged.

"Probably." Jackie sat back down. "Glad I got out of there when I did."

Esmeralda nodded. "Well, Amy... it is a pleasure to meet you." She offered her hand, and her old, bubbly smile returned for the first time in a long time. "I hope we can be friends, and sisters, for a long time to come."

Amy smiled widely, shaking it quickly. "Thanks. Hopefully after I replace Betty and steal her life for myself."

Esmeralda's smile dropped. "W... what?"

Amy just laughed, nudging her arm. "Ha! You should've seen your face you totally fell for it!"

Esmeralda chuckled, running a hand through her hair, then laughed out loud. She reached into the pack at her side with a smile, and pulled out a round object. "Wanna... see one of my home made smoke bombs?"

Xelia made her way into the room with the girls looking quite a but spent after the escape. Her eye perked up however when he saw Esmeralda though. "Hello Dear. You know. I liked the black hair more, but hair dye is easier to get out than dark corruption..."

Esmeralda lowered her eyes. "H-hello, Xelia. Are you... okay? Are you well?"

"Yes... For the time..." She sat down slowly. "Hopefully Hastur doesn't get any ideas."

Es raised her eyes a bit. "Ideas... like what?"

"To come after us. But don't worry. If he does I won't let him lay a single tendril on you." Xelitha'qha looked over, trying to comfort her.

Esmeralda smiled softly. "Are you... sure you still want to protect me? I've... changed back. The corruption is gone for some reason. I'm... not the same Esmeralda you liked before..."

"Yes you are. You weren't corrupted when you listened to my story back when we first met. When you showed me that empathy." Xelia noted.

Esmeralda nodded. "I, um... I have something to... confess to you. Something about Charter that you're... not going to like..."

"What?" Xelia said plainly.

Esmeralda stared down at the ground. "I... I-I still... I think I... still love him. A-and I want to find a way to... to have you both in my life."

She seemed utterly confused by this. "You're confused. This is the same man who cheated on you when you were captured. Who tried to kill and attack me despite your protests. Wouldn't even consider your desire to leave. You're too good for him."

Esmeralda sulked. "He... is also the man that went on a suicide mission to bring me back. And..." She rubbed her belly. "He is the father of my child. Please, I... I-I don't want you two to fight over me anymore. Can't we find some common ground?"

"I know his type. As soon as you stopped being the obedient little girlfriend he left you. He gave up on you. He only saved you because he's desperate, because no one else will take him. Or even more likely because you are the key to Hastur's plans, nothing more." The Illithid explained.

Esmeralda curled up, placing her head against her legs. "This is... the same thing I'm going to have to go through when I talk to him about you, isn't it. The two of you will never accept each other. You'll force me to make a choice between the two of you... a choice I can't make." She started to sob softly.

The Eldritch Creature took a shot of guilt to the chest before sighing. "Very well dear. I'll give him a chance. For you. But the second he hurts you again I'll have his head."

She looked up and smiled lightly, wiping her tears. "Deal. Thank you. I... I knew you would understand."

"So, um... ahem..." Jackie cleared her throat, looking very unnerved. "What, uh... like, uh... what are you? Are you, like, related to Hastur or something?"

She looked over quickly, almost as if they had forgotten they were here. "Oh. I'm an llithid. The last of a long dead race from before the God's came into power. I believe a Human once called me a... Mind Flayer? A less than flattering title, but it's merely a very literal common colloquialism."

"Uh... cooool..." The rabbit teen scratched her ear. "And you're, like... on our side, right?"

Esmeralda nodded. "She risked everything for me, and betrayed her long time master for me." She gave Xelia a concerned look. "Are you going to be okay? Where will you go? Um... if the gods support you, I'm sure Ms. Havenbrook will take you in. There might be a few people who are... bitter towards you, but we'll work it out somehow."

"Mina Havenbrook will really take me in? And what? Will I become a Hunter I wonder?" The Gangly Woman chuckled.

Esmeralda giggled. "It is a big world. You can do anything you want." She frowned. "I... I hope the gods are going to give you more then me for all you have done for them. Please tell me you get something else out of this."

"I get you." Xelia replied sweetly. "And perhaps even... My people can come back... Although that seems like a pipe dream..."

Esmeralda leaned against her and closed her eyes. "I hope they can. I truly do."

The door opened a minute later, the Goddess of Justice stepping inside. She looked at Xelia and said, "Can you come with me?"

"Right." Xelia stood up, looking over at Es. "Whatever is decided... I... I love you. Esmeralda."

The Light Elf nodded, smiling back at her. "I know. I love you too."

The Former Servant of Hastur nodded slowly, following The Goddess out of the room without another word. Nemesis was silent for a while as they walked through the empty streets of the mega city. When they reached its edge, she pulled off her helmet, and looked to be in the midst of a nervous sweat. "We have a problem." She pointed off in the direction of Hastur's castle. Even though it was hundreds of miles away, they could make out what looked to be a glowing red sphere in the sky.

Xelitha'qha leaned forward slightly, shaking her head. "What... How!? We took her he shouldn't have been able start the ritual!"

"We don't know. Maybe he found a work around we didn't think of." Nemesis waved her hand, and an image of the castle appeared before them. Its walls were pitch black, oozing with sinister energy, and the entire building and the ground underneath was floating in the air.

"The energy coming off of it is... is an equal combination of Hastur's... a-and Yog-Sothoth's. And Yog's power is growing. As it does, Hastur's power grows weaker. Yog's strength is currently equal to his son's, but at the rate it is growing, it is only a matter of time until Yog is at full strength."

She snapped her head over to her. "Well. What is your plan!? We need to stop Hastur while he and his father are weak!"

Nemesis nodded. "Things are a mess with the gods now. While Hastur was away from the castle, he managed to capture the king and queen of the gods and... and kill Tempora. It has shaken our confidence..." Nemesis smiled nervously. "But I have a plan."

"Oh? Because now would be the time to hear it." Xelia ushered.

Nemesis waved her hand. "I know what you're thinking. I know what you're going to say. This is our fault for sotting on our hands for so long. Well... I believe I can change that. The other gods, for whatever reason, are looking to me and Reht'nar for leadership, and we are going to lead them..." She pointed off into the distance. "Right into that castle. We'll need the mortals' help to keep his subjects busy, and while they do that, we gods will assault Hastur, his father, or whoever is waiting for us head on. We have stood ideally by for too long, and that has cost us. No longer."

"All of you against Hastur then? Well perhaps if you're quick you can defeat Hastur before he summons his father... If he does..." Xelitha'qha told her with a forboding tone.

Nemesis started counting on her fingers. "Omniscience, Omnipresence, Immortality, Invulnerability, Reality Warping, Non-Corporeal existance, Acausality, Telepathy, Causality Manipulation, Durability Negation. Yeah... we have an idea of what happens if we fail." She frowned. "Look... you have no love for us for obvious reasons. And if any of us survive this, I will try and make sure your wish is fulfilled. I won't ask you to fight with us, but please... fight along side the mortals. They deserve to have your help."

Xelia sighed. "I'm around as strong as a weak God. I may be of more use helping you, if you all fail, there won't be much point protecting the mortals."

"Then... can we count on you to fight by our side?" Nemesis extended a hand.

"And you won't choose to quickly and conveintly forget about this in the frankly unlikely event that we win?" Xelia's hand stopped only a few inches before hers.

Nemesis chuckled, and shook her head. "On my honor. It is ths only thing I have. My Hastur himself do cruel and unspeakable things to me if I am lying."

"Oh he will. He is made entirely out of tentacles. I bet he could fit three in every orifice." The Illithid cruelly taunted, shaking her hand.

Nemesis laighed, until she realized Xelia was being serious. With a sunken in, fearful expression, she sadi, "C-come on... let's... talk to the others..."

"Don't worry too much. I'll be right there beside you if that happens." Xelia noted, the two of the making their way through the door.
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