Hunters of Terra Dolor (Role Playing Section)


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Jun 23, 2013
Part 5

"Hmm..." Marilith rubbed her chin.

"Something on your mind Marilith, what are you thinking?"

"She's supposed to be hiding... yet she gave up so easily." Marilith shook her head. "She isn't the princess. She's a decoy."

"Ah well then, that makes things more annoying." Wulfric walked to the woman and grabbed her by the throat and started to squeeze, he then pulled her hair seeing that it was a wig." Alright you have three seconds before you and the rest of theses women become play things to my men right here, were is Veronica!" Wulfric yelled.

"Stop, please!" A woman with brown hair and eyes rushed out of the group. "She was only doing her job! Please, I am the princess! Let her go now!"

"Really, because I don't believe you unless you have some way to prove it to us." Wulfric continued to squeeze when the woman eyes started to go red." And I would recommend that you prove your royalty or you all will be playthings."

The brown hair woman quickly reached into her purse and pulled out a pendant. "This is the royal insignia. Only royalty is allowed to carry it. I am Veronica Annabella Themosia, and I command you to release my subject!"

Marilith flicked her tongue a few times. "Hmm... she does smell of fancy bathe oils and perfumes. If Angelika was here, she might have a spell to know for sure... but I think she is telling the truth."

Wulfric put the decoy down and walked to Veronica."You are a pain you know that I do hate royalty, but I will give you props for aiding one of your subject."

"I will not let one of my people suffer for me against such a... brute." Veronica folded her arms. She had an air of confidence despite being on the short side, especially compared to Wulfric. "As it stands, I will stand by my word. Promise no harm will come to these people, and I swear to come quietly and without struggle."

Marilith rolled her eyes. "She sure talks like a royal," she muttered, obviously having no love for authority figures, even a cooperative Princess.

"Ou your people will be fine but as for you." Wulfric punched Veronica giving her a black eye and tied her up." Marilith take the rest of the woman and the conductor of the train of the prisoner, I will take this brat to Crixus and the others."

"I'm on it. Move it, people, move it!"Marilith used her tail to push the crowd along and off the train.

“Alright then hopefully our godly friends can send us back to camp, hopefully the others haven’t started the siege yet.”

Outside the city walls Crixus Lorica And Korra looked at the city from afar.” Ah Look at that this brings back good memories of when we were in Helvan.” Crixus said.

“Yea now remember after all the raiding we’ve done, I’m sure it’s full of people from the country side.” Lorica said.

"Yeah, a lot of innocents." Korra glanced over. "Remember, we want to avoid civilian casualties whenever possible."

"But bist heads when it comes to city guards." Bethany grinned, rolling her neck around and looking excited. "I know this city. Stationed soldiers are pricks. This is gonna be fun."

“Ou Trust me raiding cities are always fun.” Lorica yelled and charged at the city along with har monsters and the harpys flying into the air.

Korra rolled her eyes and charged herself, her people loyally following her inside. They were more organized then the bandits, set on taking down guards and not stealing or looting. Korra had to except the latter was important to the raiders, even if she didn't like it.

Bethany tore through a few guards in her giant demon wolf form, then shrank down to ask, "Think they secured the train station?"

"Ou knowing Wulfric yes, hopefully they secured weapons for us." Crixus said as he trusted his sword into one of the guards and smashing his shield into another kicking him to the ground and slamming his shield into him repeatedly.

Lorica on the other hand looked like her usual savage self, using her duel axes slicing and dicing. arms and heads and slicing stomachs." Raaaaa!" Lorica jumped on another guard and bit into her neck ripping out her throat with her teeth.

"Calm down, Lorica!" Bethany did a spinning slash to behead a soldier charging her. "Are you a woman or a beast, because it is honestly hard to tell sometimes..."

"Ou why can't I be both, it's so much fun being this it's so annoying containing myself." Loria thrusted her galent into the skull of another guard. "Why can't I just enjoy my animal half and just be savage!"

"Because it makes the people you work with afraid you'll turn savage on then?" Bethany proposed.

"Ha, these people know me, and my ways. They know i'm ferasly loyal to them." Loraca used her ax to chop the face off another guard and kicked her to the ground.

From the sky's the harpys threw bombs on to the city's guards, and took some into the air and dropped them. As for the monsters they rammed and tore into walls of soldiers. when those tried to retreat to the docks, they saw that the ships that field the docks were destroyed.

"I hope your harpies remembered to keep at least one ship intact for us," Korra warned.

"That my friend was not the harpys, see we don't have enough explosives to destroy a bunch of ships." Crixus look past the burning ships and saw a familiar man of war grade ship. "Ah there she is and on the old ship too brings back memories."

"Yea look we need to keep on moving and hurry up and get to the lords of this city, there's not way these guards can last much longer against us we should start rounding up whoever's left and head to the castle." Lorica said

"The mayor lives in that big manor on top of the hill," Bethany said, pointing. "He's a major prick too. Taxes the hell out of the city in the name of the king, but most people think he keeps most of it for himself."

"Ou sounds like we will be getting money out of this after all, come along Bethany were gonna round up the towns people and keep them away from my monsters and the rest of the army's."

"Oh, that sounds boring..." Bethany moaned, yanking her curved blade out of some hapless soldiers skull. "I'm coming, I'm coming..."

As the tow leaft to round up the civilians, Crixus and Korra carved there way to the mayors manor killing the guard there ." Alright then come on out MR mayor come ount and surrender."

A plump man in his fourties poked his head out from behind a desk. He seemed to recognize Korra, and slowly stepped out into the open. "You're the rebellion group, right? Th-that means y-you won't hurt me, right?"

“She may or may not kill you, but me on the other hand.” Crixus grabbed the piggy man and tossed him to the ground, he then put his foot in his neck.

"H-hey! You... are supposed to be... fighting for justice and stuff!" the man whined in pain.

Korra held out her hands. "Easy. He is better as an intact messenger to the king then a bruised or dead example. Don't go and give my freedom fighters a bad name."

“Ugh Fine then.” Crixus let go of the man.” You sure I can’t just hurt him just a little bit?”

"Sure you can hurt him. Hurt him where it counts though." Korra pointed her staff at the wall. It extended, knocking a picture aside and bashing open a wall safe. It creaked open, revealing it was filled with gold, silver, and bank notes. "Hurt him in the wallet."

The man sat back and pouted. "Oh... how did you know that was there?"

Korra scoffed. "I've been here before as a nobel. You confused my human date as my owner and offered to buy me. Honestly, I was less insulted by that then by how much you offered him." She looked back at Crixus and waved her hand at the safe. "Help yourself. I'll parade fatso outside to get the guards and soldiers to stand down."

“Ou don’t mind if I do, thanks fatso for your donation to the Norsca I just got raided funds.”
Crixus looked over and took the gold and silver bars as well as the bank nots.” I’m gonna go and check on our pirate friend, Wulfric should be back by now as well.”

"I'll be there as soon as I can be." Korra forced the man to his feet and out the door, leaving Crixus to do his thing.

As Crixus made his way to the doc, he saw that Wulfric did return with a hostage over his shoulder, and a familyer vampire.” Well it’s been a while you three, I see that you have been busy.”

Lorica hugged Scarlet practically forcing her to the ground.” Scarlet! Yea we’ve been busy, we got Grot back made some new allies and.”

“Lorica come now don’t tackle the woman give her some air.” Wulfric said.

Bethany looked over the group of women. "And who are all these people? They don't look like freed slaves."

"They're not." Marilith folded her arms. "Their hostages. Got a problem with that."

Bethany scoffed. "As a matter of fact, I do, serpent! And Korra will too."

“Well I don’t think Korra is gonna be mad when she sees that we captured the only princess in Themosa, the other woman she was the train conductor who I did say i would pay her for helping us. So Crixus what’s the take Look like?”

“Couple gold and silver bars, as well as bank bonds.”

Wulfric took one of the gold bars and a silver on and gave it to the train conductor.” There that should be more then enough.”
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Part 6

"Whoa, really?" She looked between them. "Hey, um... you gonna be using that train station? Because if you need someone to run the trains, I'm looking for a job."

“Fuck why not, we now have a train boys and girls.”Wulfric said as her tossed Veronica to the ground.” So now the question is what do we do about her?”

Korra's personal assistant Terra ran over, the Light Elf looking at Crixus. "Hey, Korra just finished sending off the surviving soldiers and wanted me to tell you the town... is..." She looked down at Veronica and turned even paler then she usually was. "I-i-i-is that... th-that...?"

“Veronica Themosa Yes, she happen to be on the train that we took. Why is there a problem?” Wulfric said.

“Veronica Themosa Yes, she happen to be on the train that we took. Why is there a problem?” Wulfric said.

"Oh, gods... oh, gods, you... you..." Terra turned around, only to see Korra approaching. "Oh, gods! I... I-I-I-I gotta gotta gotta go... go..."

"Nah, stay!" Bethany grabbed her shoulder and held her firm with a sinister smile. "We'll watch the show together and see how happy Korra is about this."

"Happy about what?" Korra asked as she joined them.

"We brought you a special present, Korra meet Veronica Themosa she happen to be on the train that we were robbing. Though personally I would have perferd weapons." Wulfric said.

"Ou great we seem to run into a lot of royalty lately." Lorica said smiling at the catch

"Veronica?" Korra rushed over, kneeling in front of the woman. "Veronica! Are you okay? Did they hurt..."

There was a loud crack as Veronica's hand passed across Korra's cheek. "How dare you? How dare you?! After I risked everything to get you that money so you could... Bandits? Raiders?! You actually turned to this band of murderers for help?!"

Korra's face was the picture of guilt. "You don't understand. I... we were on the verge of losing... I didn't want... I had to..." She shook her head sadly. She studied Veronica's face, and practically snarled. "Who hit her?"

"She was being unruly, so I gave her a love tap. " Wulfric said.

"Wait a minute, Korra who did we just capture who is this woman?" Crixus asked.

Korra slowly stood up, clenching her fists in anger. "She is Princess Veronica Themosia... my friend, and the only reason I was able to get a hands on my family's money to start our revolution." She slowly walked over to Wulfric. "Let me ask you something. When she was being unruly, did you ever think giving her a black eye..." She suddenly slugged him in the chin, dropping him to the ground. "...might piss off the people who care about her?!"

Marilith charged Korra. "You little monkey bitch!"

Korra jumped, again showing incredibly speed, agility, and strength. She landed on Marilith's chest and sent out a flurry of kicks that dropped the snake woman. Korra positioned her staff over Marilith's throat and said, "Just give me an excuse to crush your throat! I dare you!"

A gun shot was fired into the air, when they turned around it was Crixus that fired it."Enough Korra, we had no idea who this person was until just now did he realize she matter to you til just a second ago. Now will you pleas get off our snake friend before you regret what you did!" Crixus said pointing his pistol at her.

"I regret nothing," Korra stated, but got off of Marilith. "I thought your people had more honor then this, Crixus, raiders or not. Is it normal for them to punch defenseless women in the face?" She looked at Wulfric. "And was it because she was acting up... or just because she's royalty. I used to be a noble, you know. You wanna give me a black eye too?"

"Enough, Korra." Veronica looked at Crixus, still holding his gun on Korra. "It doesn't matter..."

Wulfric got up and smiled at Korra. "Decent punch there, and yes it was because she was acting up. Do you see the other woman there with black eyes no just her."

"Well this is a fine mess I walked into." Scarlet walked to Korra. "Hi i'm Scarlet, I heard that you had people that you needed to transport. I need to know how many people i'm taking here."

Korra looked over to Terra. "U-um..." She looked over her notes. "So far, from past experience, about a third of the slaves we free want to join us for the rebellion, and another third want to join as raiders. So given the size of this city, the third you would take would be... anywhere from about 100 to 250 people. I can have exact numbers for you in a few hours."

"Well that doesn't sound to bad I know some smugglers that can safely transport them to Elluviana they won't have easy lives there but they will be with their own kind at least." Scarlet look to the side of the ship and saw Wulfric Lorica and Crixus boding the warship.

As they made their way to the captain’s quarters there was a picture there, of Alice Satako the seven and Ergo. "This seems like old memory now doesn't." Lorica sad as the three of them looked at the picture.

"Those the people you lost?" Marilith asked, picking up the picture and looking it over. "Seems like a nice crew."

"They were the best, that woman with the purple hair was our leader. She was defiantly something a leader worth fallowing and dying for." Crixus said.

"She was gave us all a chance, when others didn't. Lorica said.

"She made a raider army, This ship was her and Crixus first raid. They stole it from a shipyard, we beat may outpost with this ship and burned many ships with her as well." Wulfric said.

Marilith nodded. "I wish I could have met her. And the others? They all die?"

The purple haired woman and the woman with the giant sword, they are dead. The others are out of our reach, that is unless you feel like fighting the entire vampire race." Crixus said

"Look let's not think about it alright, I believe we have a ship load of money to unload." Lorica said as her and the others went to the bottom of the ship and they saw tons of gold,silver bars as well as gold silver and copper coins.

Marilith gawked. "Whoa, you weren't kidding! Scarlet sure came through, huh?"

“That she did? This may take us a few days to take off but it will be worth it. Crixus said.

"Boss!" One of the Ophidian Raiders rushed inside. "We gotta problem. Korra is demanding we give a horse to that woman Wulfric and Marilith brought back so she can leave."

“Has that woman lost her damn mind, she wants to let her go after all we did to get her!” Wulfric yelled.

“Ugh come on let’s go and see what this is all about.” Crixus and the group left the ship and looked the treasure room.

Alright Korra what’s this I’m hearing about a horse?” Crixus asked.

Korra turned to him and folded her arms. "Exactly what it sounds like. Veronica is leaving. She is an ally of the rebellion, not an enemy, and I won't have her used as a hostage for your greed."

"And what makes you think that she's still your ally since you aliened with us, please try and convince me that she won't tell her father about this and bring the entire army on us?"

"This isn't about that!" Korra waved her hand at Veronica. "How long until word spreads who she is? How long until one or two or ten of your men want a little piece of royalty pie, huh? You think I'm just going to stand by and let that happen to her?"

"Mrs Korra we captured royalty before, the royal family in Halvan now we did not touch them. Now the majority of us don't know who this woman is alright. But if you think it's such a big deal why not protect her yourself and threaten thos that would touch her?"

"They're not going to let me go," Veronica stated simply, glaring at Crixus. "And while he questions my loyalty, I question his. You can try and get me out of here, but he'll kill you and every one of your rebels to keep me here. So it seems like I'm stuck here whether it is with you or not, Korra. So it might as well be with you."

Crixus eye twitch as he walked to the woman as he keeled down." You know nothing about me, If I wanted to betray Korra I would have sold her out the moment some man wearing royal cloths asked me to tell him about all of Korra outpost. But I didn't so I recommend shutting it."

"Or what?" Veronica raised an eyebrow. "You'll hit me again? Do all you raiders know how to do is solve your problems with violence?" She lowered her voice and whispered. "Before you go and strike me again, take a quick look around at the rebels watching us."

"Ou is that suppose to be a threat these rebels have fought side by side with the hundreds of raiders out there." Crixus stood up and walked to Korra. "I would recommend that you get her out of those fancy cloths, so people don't know that she's royalty I would also recommend that she stays by your side and keep her on a leash don't need her mouthing off the rest of my men us fighting each other."

"She'll behave herself. She'll keep her mouth shut." Korra narrowed her eyes. She lowered her voice so none of the raiders could hear them. "We've had a fairly beneficial deal going here. I don't want us to fight either. So I'm warning you now. If anyone touches her, they die. If I find one more bruise on her, one scratch, I find out who caused it, and I kill them. It doesn't matter if it was your men or mine, I will kill them. And that goes for you, Lorica, Marilith... and that goes double for Wulfric."

"My inner circle won't touch her trust me i'll make sure they don't, but if you kill any of my or your men do it away from the city. We don't want your own men finding out there leader is killing there own or my men seeing the same thing." Crixus whispered to Korra.

"Oh, don't worry about my men." She pat him on the shoulder. "My people won't touch her once they know who she is. I just said that to reassure you in case I misjudged someone." She took Veronica by the shoulders and led her away.
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Part 7

Behind him, Crixus heard a round of laughter from Bethany. He turned to find her drinking with the giants, a big smile on her drunken face. "Woo! That was tense! Thought everyone would start throwing down!"

Lorica was also drinking with her her smiling from ear to ear and just finishing her bottle of mead." Ah Ou that was a good scrap, it's been to long since we raided a city and hay we have a home of our own again."

Bethany wagged her finger. "Wanna know... a secret about... Korra and Veronica?"

"Waaaaaait let me guss there lovers right, I mean I could see Korra playing for the other team." Lorica said in a drunken way

Bethany laughed. "Totally. I mean, I don't k ow if they ever did it, but definitely in love." She cracked up. "If Crixus had hit her and started a fight... I was totally going to jump you and try and slit your throat!"

"Ou come onnnnnnn now, Crixus wouldn't ha dud nothen he's smart. He wouldn't be that stupid."

"Well, I don't know dat. besides..." She belched, and filled up her mug. "Besides, imma always lookin' for a good fight. Just like you. We're..." She gasped, and whispered, "We're like sister...!"

"Ya sisters, were sisters." Lorica hugged Bethany and they started drunkenly singing

"By the fucking god, that is one of my leaders. Wulfric... Wulfric Mirilith were the hell are you two at?

Marilith made her way over, having gotten some food to hold in each of her hands. "You know... these Themosans don't use enough spices, but the food isn't half bad once you get used to it."

"Eh i'll eat just about anything, so it doesn't matter to me how this stuff taste i'll get used to it." Wulfric said. "Now then you gonna tell me about Angelica father, i'm curious how someone else wasn't afraid of you and that lead to you having a child."

"Mmm?" Marilith swallowed. "You know, I don't really know why he wasn't afraid of me. His name was Angelo, and he was from Stormrend. I actually got him as a slave, but he was stubborn. So stubborn in fact that I... found him alluring. One thing led to another, being a snake Thrope allowed him to give me a child, and I wasn't going to have my child's father be a slave, so I freed him."

"Huh that sound interesting, so a snake Thrope from Stormrend. So tell me you ever thought about being with a human, I mean why not right?"

Marilith shrugged. "I'd have no problem with that." She smiled. "Have someone in mind?"

"Well there is this very tall red head, that was a gladiator he's very strong mighty not afraid of a good scrap or three. And has had his eye on this snake woman for a while when she originally looked down on him."

Marilith laughed. "Well... maybe if this certain someone comes to my room later tonight, I'll show him a good time," she said with a wink.

"Really now let's just say that person really doesn't feel like waiting." Wulfric started to walk to Marilith." What we do about that huh?"

Marilith chuckled and tossed the food away. "Then what am I and this hypothetical person waiting for?"

Crixus smiled at the two glade to see they found happiness in each other. He then walked to the mayor’s office and sat in the chair looking at the city.” Ugh there are dark days coming we need win this war quickly.”
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Frostlich1228 & ZombieSplitter53
Desperate Measures

Northern City of Califusia
10:23 p.m.

A whole city for the rebellion to operate out of. Korra should have been excited. Ecstatic. Now they had a strong hold to build out of, to hunker down in when things got rough or scatter away from should opposition get too tough. Her people had already set up half a dozen secret ways out of the city and were working on half a dozen more.

So... why did Korra feel so empty inside, staring out at the night sky from the hotel she had taken residence in. Was it because she felt like she had sold her soul to a demon. She looked back at the woman sleeping in the other room. What had happened with Veronica made her wonder if her recent successes were at too high of a cost. If she had damaged the integrity of the rebellion.

She heard a whistle outside the window, then another, then another. Looking out over the ledge was a familiar looking crab Thrope, Cancer, Agent of the Railroad, and a familiar pink mohawked bird Thrope tapping his foot.

She titled her head. "What the..." She jumped over the ledge, summoning her cloud at the last moment to cushion her fall. "What are you two doing here?"

"Could ask you the same thing." Peacock responded. "I heard raiders were attacking this city. Robbing trains. Where you here?"

Korra scratched her chin, her stomach sinking. "L-look... I-I... I can explain..."

"You can?" Peacock raised his eyebrows. "That's good. I've heard some things about the rebellion lately."

Korra frowned. Her heart sank a little more. "What... what have you heard? What are people saying?"

"I've heard that the rebellion is working with the raiders. Killing people, guards, whoever else gets in their way." The Bird listed off. "I've even heard they fly the flag of Norsca, the same raiders that took Helvan. That's got people really fired up, especially all those Themosans that lost loved ones in that bloody battle..."

"Now... n-now listen. I... listen, don't... judge..." Korra seemed to be getting frustrated at them even though they weren't saying anything. "I... we needed help, damn it! We were losing! What... what were we supposed to do? Roll over and die?"

"Oh. So you admit it?" Peacock walked up right in front of her. "I understand survival, but Raiders? Murderers and Rapists? The same murderers that took Helvan what are you thinking!? That's who you want to work with?"

"Of course not!" Korra cried out, holding her head. "I thought... I don't know what I thought! Maybe... maybe I could use them to help us... and at the same time change them? I mean... they have been following me 'no civilians' thing... I think... mostly... I was desperate..."

"I didn't exactly approve of the violence before, especially now that it's ramping up, but what kind of message do you think this sends!? Many Themosan Thropes had loved ones killed by these Raiders. Now they're talking. You're beginning to lose the faith of the very people you're fighting for..." The Railroad Leader tried to explain. "Don't you think that you're proving the Humans right about us? That we're all just savages and killers?"

"I don't... I... I just..." Korra hung her head in defeat.

"Korra?" Veronica walked to the balcony, the princess looking down at them. "Who are you talking to?"

Peacock sighed, looking over, "And you... Are the Princess of Themosa... Right? Funny place for you to be, name's Peacock."

"Peacock, huh? That sounds familiar." She walked back into the room, coming out the main door a minute later. "I am indeed Veronica Themosia. And might I say, you have such lovely plumage!"

"That's quite a compliment coming from you." He gave her a small bow. "You may not of heard of me, but you've probably heard of my organization. I'm the leader of the Railroad."

"Ah, yes. The one's who were giving my father trouble long before Korra started her rebellion." Veronica giggled. "My father hates you very much, as do the nobles. Guess that means you're doing a good job, huh?"

"We try Babe. Although we prefer... Subtler tactics than the rebellion." He chuckled, walking over. "A little Birdy told me you were on a train that was recently robbed... You didn't arrive at your destination..."

"Nope." Her eyes briefly sent an angry glare over at Korra. "A certain someone's new best friends decided to kidnap me."

"They aren't my best friends." Korra folded her arms. "And if it weren't for me joining them, you'd be with them, not me."

"Or they wouldn't have made it this far north yet," the princess argued. "Let's not make assumptions about what could have been and stick to the facts at hand."

"Yeah. Her working with raiders. Tell me, what are they getting out of this arrangement Ms. Devolina? Just money or... Something else?" He turned back towards her.

"Money... and..." She looked away. "New recruits for anyone who wants to join them... but no one is forced to!"


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"You're... You're letting them press slaves into their service?" He narrowed his gaze. "Desperate people. Vulnerable people. People that are full of rage and sadness after years of slavery. Do you really think that's an fair choice? Do you really think they're in the right mind for a choice like that?"

"Well... when you put it that way..." Korra groaned. "Okay. I think we have effectively determined that I fucked up. B-but... what do I do about it?"

"Fuck if I know... You've Essentially brought an entire hostile army into the city and you've been feeding them troops and supplies." He said in a hushed but urgent tone. "There are probably more of them now then there are your people."

"B-by last count.... y-yeah, there are." Korra sighed and dropped her head. "I knew I would come to regret this. But I hoped the positives would outweigh the negatives. I was hoping... a way to break ties with them would present itself when the time came. Now I'm deep in it and I don't know how to get out. I could just tell them it's over and we need to go our separate ways... but..."

Veronica folded her arms. "But what's stopping them from deciding to silence you by desteoying your rebellion. It is one thing when them King's army outnumbers you but can't pin you down. Another when the raiders are sharing the same bed."

"They might already be planning on killing you and taking Veronica here to use as a ransom. If they're clever they might even pin the death on one of the Humans, you become a martyr and the rest of the Slaves join them as raiders..." The Railroad Leader said grimly.

Korra rubbed the back of her head, losing the strength in her legs and having to sit down. "I'm in deep shit, huh?"

"Quite possibly... Damnit Korra... We could've worked something else out for men... Maybe gotten in contact with the Helvan Light Elves that were freed..." Peacock took a seat on the ground as well. "We have to consider our options carefully because whether they realize it or not, they hold all the cards."

Korra nodded. "Well... one thing is clear. I need to seperate our groups, sooner rather then later. For our sake, for the sake of the slaves, for the sake of our reputation..." She gave Veronica a sad look. "For... many reasons..."

Veronica sighed. "If I didn't know better, I'd think my father knew you would end up doing this if he kwpt the pressure on your group and left them relatively alone."

"Truthfully... It hasn't been easy for my crew either... We've had... A lot of casualties..." Peacock admitted, "Not even just us... They've been hitting the homes and finding the loved ones of anyone they can identify..."

The Large Crab Thrope shifted, "They... They have my Sister... I don't know where she is..."

"They've been turning the city upside-down to find our safe houses... We've lost big parts of our network..." The Flamboyant man continued.

"Damn it..." Korra punched the ground. "I... I could have helped you. I should have been there to defend people like your sister. Instead I've been... storming around with thieves and killers! Damn, damn! I..." She looked up at the with despire in her eyes. "I don't know if I can salvage this. Even if I make a clean break from the raiders, we... we've lost so many people and hideouts..."

Peacock fell quiet, "Well. What options do we have? If we can convince the slaves that have joined up with the raiders that they're evil... Or that they don't care about the Thropes... That might help solve the manpower problem..."

"But the Raiders. If they don't break off this agreement mutually... Well have to find a way to beat them... We'd need allies for that..." He pondered seriously.

"I... hate to say this, but..." Korra cleared her throat. "They agreed to help the gods they are allied with fight some cultist soon. When they're done, they'll likely be at their weakest. That would be the best time to try and seperate from them."

"It's underhanded... But they are Raiders..." He sighed, "Might be our best bet. We should take this time to pool our information."

"You know... this might sound crazy... but we could rely on their sense of reasoning." Veronica paced a bit as she spoke. "I mean... what would be the point of them fighting the rebels just for wanting to leave. When comparing everything, from numbers to strategist to strengths and weaknesses, both sides are about equal, or close enough."

Korra shook her head. "What are you suggesting? It sounds like your saying a fight would just end..."

"In a loss for both sides. Say what you will about the raiders. They aren't stupid. If they foght the rebels, not only will both sides be wiped out, but the King will win by getting rid of both problems without lifting a finger." She placed her hands on her hips. "And the last thing they want is for royalty to win. Trust me... I think I can negotiate us out of this."

He nodded. "Alright... I can bring my Agents to help support the operation, there aren't many of us, but we are all highly skilled."

"Are you sure?" Korra stood up. "This is my mess. I'd hate to impose on you guys and make you have to help me clean it up."

"Well. If you lose. It won't be good for us... Besides, I think you're a good person somewhere in that ditzy head of yours." He teased lightly.

"Thanks... I guess." Korra stood up, and bowed her head to the two gentlemen. "Thank you for coming to set me straight. I really do appreciate it."

"Don't mention it. We're on the same side after all." He smiled. "Just... Be careful..."

Korra nodded. "Of course." She headed back inside, Veronica quickly following.


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Like Old Times

Havenbrook Manor

The whole mansion was abuzz with activity. The forces were coming together, and only a small group was being made to watch over the manor. The rest were getting ready for an assault on Hastur's castle, to buy the gods the time they needed to eliminate the Old One, and possibly take him on themselves should the gods fail.

One individual was not preparing for this, however. Though she so much wanted to, Mina refused to let Esmeralda join the raiding party for the same reason Mina herself wasn't allowed to go, that being their respective pregnancies.

And so Esmeralda was keeping herself busy in other ways, organizing the library, which had been neglected in her absence.

Charter was extremely busy preparing for the raid, giving his wolves armor sharpening his weapons and making tons of potions and poisons for the group. But when ever he could he would be with Esmeralda as much as possible and help her out in the library." Ugh, you know since you've come back I have not made time for you haven't I. with the everything going on."

"W-well, it... isn't like it's not understandable, given the upcoming battle." Esmeralda pouted as she placed some books on the shelf. "It isn't fair. I learned these new abilities and I can't come with to help you guys. I mean... I could... stay in the back, right?"

“Es you’re pregnant, and gods know what will happen if out of all of us. Seeing as though you were his puppet till recently.”

"I'm not anymore though..." Esmeralda looked down at a lock of her golden hair. "We're... still not sure why. Xelia said... that if something bad happened to Hastur, it would explain why the corruption left, but... but if something bad happened to him, why is the castle floating? What if it is Hastur's father! What if he kills the gods, and you, and everyone else?!"

“I'm a knight Es I accepted my death a long time ago, but if his father is somehow summed what does that mean for our child?” Character looked at Esmeralda stomach.

Esmeralda looked down at her stomach. "The doctors say the baby is healthy, and that the protection Elma put in him is still there. Maybe... maybe it protected the baby from whatever time shenanigans Hastur did. I heard Destani is still trying to fix it." She looked out the window overhead. There was both a normal moon and a blood moon out. "So if it is Yog-Sothoth, either he captures our baby in the future and we are seeing it now, or... or he found someone else to inhabit. Someone else that was as corrupted as I was."

Charter walked behind Es and hugged her."I don't know Es I wish i did but all I know is that this will end one way or another, and if I do end up dying you and our son need to run. Run far away from this land and never look back do you understand that?"

Esmeralda nodded. "Can... can we talk more positive things? Like... what happens if you do come home?"

"If I live through this, I will marry you maybe make ourselves a Nice home somewhere maybe I could cut back on the guild work and make an Alchemy or blacksmith shop. Or I could try being a mercenary and only being gone for a short amount of time. I could teach our son how to fight use a sword have Slone mess with him for a little while."

Esmeralda nodded. "And my library?"

"I'm sure we could find some way to make one probably in the city. What kind of books would you be selling?"

She smiled softly. "All of the books. Every kind you can imagine." Her smile faded a bit. "And... Xelia...?"

Charter rubbed Es belly and tapped it. "I've been thinking about that, I'm willing to give her a chance. Even though every part of me want's to tear her apart limb from limb." Charter sighed." But I will try and work with her, and not harm her." Charter kissed Es head.

Esmeralda smiled widely. "Thank you Charter. I had the same talk with her and she agreed to give you a chance too. Though I... had to make her a promise."

"What kind of promise did you make to her?"

Esmeralda looked away. "That, um... if you ever betray me again, she... gets to kill you... heheh..."

Charter rolled his eyes, and turned Esmeralda head towards his and kissed her something the two haven't done in months." I will never betray you ever again, you hear me I was weak minded then and heart broken I need to find something to comfort me. And for that i'm sorry. Now can we please for the day be ourselves before you were taken?"

Esmeralda nodded. "I would like that. A part of me, hidden deep in the hate, missed having someone hold me in their arms. Someone I felt safe with in a way only you have made me feel." She looked into his eyes. "It... it isn't your fault, you know?"

"It is, and I want to make it up to you." Charter kissed Esmerelda again being more passionately for several minute till finally stooping. "I have months of catching up I need to do, I love you Es and I have not been keeping up my part of the relationship up."

Esmeralda giggled, and looked around. "You, um... you want to head to my room?"

"Oh I would love to, after all it's I don't know how long since we've had our personal time." Charter picked up Esmeralda and carried her to her room.

Over an hour later, the pair laid nude and embracing, Charter running a hand across Esmeralda's belly. She pouted and asked, "Do I look fat?"

"Not at all you arms are still the same, your legs are the same. None of you body has gained weight in the slightest, but Es can I be serious. I worry for our son and what will happen to him, he's been through so much and he isn't even born yet."

Esmeralda looked down sadly. "Maybe... maybe we should have Elma have a look at him? Or Erin? Or both. D-do you think he is still in danger?"

Suddenly the door flew open." Es! I heard that your back and Charter was the one that got you?!" Elma looked at the two and saw that they were bare naked and she quickly closed the door.

"Well I think we found the person we were looking for, God's damn Elma we should probably go and calm her down. I was really hoping to go another round."

Esmeralda giggled, lightly nibbling his ear and brushing his nether regions with her hand. "Patience, Charter. As soon as we are done... we have more fun..."

Charter smiled and kissed Esmeralda cheek." Come on then let's go get you checked, hell i'm Sure Elma could be quick about this."

After the two put there cloths on and left Es room they saw Elma wearing a purple mage robes and witch hats, they also saw another light Elf with her. "Sorry for that Elma."

Elma punched Charter. "You're an idiot! How could you go after Es alone, by yourself god damn you!"

Esmeralda nodded. "She's got a point, you know?"

"Hay I had a plan, and it worked it'self out. I got you back in the nick of time by the looks of everything. But the question I have is who's that person behind you?"

"Ou that's Dmitri my boyfriend."

"Excuse me, you wanna repeat that?"


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"H-hello!" Dimitri stood up straight and bowed. "My name is Dimitri Constone. I am very pleased to meet you, brother of my..." He looked over at Elma. "G-girlfriend? Really?"

"Yes Dimitri come on now we've been together for a few weeks now." Elma said kissing Dimitri cheek making him blush.

Charter's eyes twitch and put his hand on his forehead."There way more important things then my sister's love life right now, look Elma can you do your thing with Es stomach and check on our baby?"

"But of course it shouldn't take me long."

"Thanks." Es rubbed her belly. "We just want to make sure that everything is okay. Make sure that no corruption leaked in or anything."

"If it did then I can surly purify it with no issue with it." Elma used her light magic and her bracelet to search for corruption." Huh there's nothing nothing at all. Your child seems to be fine."

"Thanks sis I very much appreciate hearing that, now then." Charter walked to Dimitri. "Who are you and why is Elma dating you?"

Dimitri's eyes widened. "Um... I, uh... I'm..." He cleared his throat, and act to buy time as his clearly intimidated mind tried to come up with a satisfying answer. "I-I am a consultant and senior alchemy student at the Fairaven Institute of Magic. Um, for your your second question, because I... because we... b-because she... likes... me?"

“Character will you please not interrogate him please, I know you’re my big brother and all that I just never pictured you doing that?”

It’s because I’m your brother that I’m doing this, and if he does harm you Elma I will break fingers.”

Elma rolled her eyes and went to her pouch.” Oh Es since you’re back I’ve got plenty of spell books from Fairvan.”

Esmeralda eyes lit up in a way they hadn't done in a long time. "Really! B-because..." She poked her fingers together. "Because the castle had a lot of books, but they were on... scary occult stuff. I mean... y-you don't have to bring me... b-but if you already did..."

“Es these are books from the country of scholars and magic, when will a chance like this ever come again?”

Es squealed lightly, and hugged Elma tightly before she even pulled out the books. "Thank you, thank you! You're the best!"

"She, uh... really likes... books, huh?" Dimitri said, awkwardly trying to converse with Charter.

“Well she does own this entire library so yes my soon be wife does love books there her passion. So you’re an alchemist then huh, tell me how long have you’ve been working at that country or better yet how you get in you born there?”

"N-no. I was born in Lustania. Lustania. Grinichburg to be specific."

"I know Grinichburg!" Esmeralda said as she looked over one of the books. "They farm the most delicious bulb onions."

Dimitri nodded. "Thank you. I mean... you might not have had them from our farm, but we did... a-anyway, I went to Fairaven to study magic... but wasn't very good at it. I-I, um... this is embarrassing, but..." he hesitated.

“Relax Dimitri Charter is just being a big brother, he may come off as intimidating and he is most of the time. But Charter is a nice guy he’s just being overly protective especially with recent events.”

Dimitri nodded. "Truth is, I didn't impress enough to get into the institute on my own. But as I wqs leaving, I pulled a man who wasn't paying attention out of the way of a carriage. That man happened to be the Institute's director, and he allowed me to join."

“So you’re a carriage driver.” Character raised his eyebrow.”

“And Esmeralda is a librarian shut up, Look I do care for him I said that what matters?”

"And I care about her," Dimitri said confidently. "I have since the moment we met. I will become something to make her proud. I will become a great alchemist."

“Well then you better be praying for her, seeing as though she’s coming with us to assault Hastur castle directly.”

“I know, it won’t be an easy fight. But while we prepare I brought tons of spell books for everyone!” Elma said excitedly.” There’s some light and wind magic books, and some for general reading for Esmeralda. Water spells for Jay. And a mountain of books for Erin.” Elma also seemed to have brought a new staff for herself.

“Now as for me, I’ve gotten way stronger since you last saw me.”

"You said you were training with the Warlord gods chosen warriors, right?" Esmeralda confirmed.

"Really?" Dimitri rubbed the back of his neck. "Does everyone here have direct contact with a god or two?"

“Not everyone boy some of us do others don’t. Now to answer your question Es yes I have it’s one of many reasons I came after you. I knew I would be fine, but the extra equipment was also a big help.”

"And Xelia," Esmeralda reminded him. "Don't forget her help."

“Ou yes and that mass grave, tried to forget that part actually.”

Es slapped him on the arm. "We all have skeletons in our closets. Let's not... focus on them, okay?"

Elma looked confused at the two but smiled at them.” It’s nice seeing you two like this again, really warms the heart. Come on Dimitri we best get to delivering these books to the others.”

Dimitri nodded, picking up a stack of dusty old tomes for Erin. "It was a pleasure meeting you two. Um... thanks for not breaking any fingers, Mr. Van Dam."

“Yeah you’re welcome, best treat my sister with care or it will be more then just your fingers I will break.”

Dimitri laughed nervously, and quickly exited with Elma.

Esmeralda leaned against Charter. "So protective. I hope you don't threaten every date our son brings home like that some day."

“Es were having a son in pretty sure it will be your job to try and keep certain girls away from him, though I would like to see you be protective of our child.”

"Oh, that's true." She put on a tough face and punched a fist into her palm. "No bad girls allowed. I'll make sure to check on them all. And no studying with the door closed."

"Boy he's gonna have fun in his teen years isn't he, say you wanna take a bath together i mean we haven't done that since we were in the woods together. I believe that was when I was the one trying to please you."

Esmeralda giggled, and leaned against him. "As long as you promise we can have some more fun together."

Charter smiled wrapped his arms around Esmeralda. "I have searched for you for a very long time Es, then there was a succubus that tried to take me before I over powered her." Charter then started to rub Esmeralda breast." I have months of frustrations that I need to let go, I'm gonna enjoy every second were together till it's time for the battle." Charter turned Esmeralda head and kissed her. " And I don't plan on resting with you next to me."

She smiled and nodded. "And I don't plan on letting you rest." Charter let go of Esmeralda and locked the library doors and went back to Esmeralda and started taking off her cloths." That's great to hear be I have all day, and I will enjoy the time we have together."


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Some trouble in paradise

Conquered city

Since being given the news about the coming battle with Hastur, Norsca has been desperate to find some Themosa advance magic weapons and to make some of their god friends stronger. The past few days they burned entire mines, towns, and villages to the ground.

Crixus took residence in a nearby house, as he looked over maps. Marking places they conquered, were to protect the city escape routes.” Ugh come on now we’re are those advanced weapons, we can’t fight the cult without it. And it’s pretty obvious that there moving them, but how are they transporting them?”

"By bus." Terra walked into the room, nervously looking around. "We... we believe they're using armored vehicles as a distraction, and transporting their tech away from you using commuter vehicles."

Crixus rubbed his head.” Well that’s gonna be hard to find lit alone catch. I’ll send Lorica and a few harpys to scout for these what you call it bus? Anyway thanks Veronica I’m surprised that you gave me that information.”

"You were going to find out anyway," she stated. "I'd prefer you found out in a way that doesn't cost me even more of my innocent subjects."

“And she still sees me as a common raider, thinking I’m doing this for fun or because I can or the money. Look lady we haven’t harmed your civilians just your guards mean, who you don’t train enough bye the way.” Crixus said while looking over Lorica last report on food/water rastions.

Veronica looked around, noting it was just the two of them. "Who... are you trying to convince here? Me? Or yourself? Because there is no one else around here. You really think you're some nobel thief, punishing the wicked while protecting the poor? You're a raider. A marauder. A murderer. You have hundreds of people under you. Do you really think none of your men kill any civilians that get in the way? Or sneak off to rape and pillage while you're busy patting yourself on the back? And the people of that last village you sacked... where are they going to live now that you burned their homes to the ground?"

Crixus put the map down and looked at Veronica.” I never claimed to be a good man miss Themosa, I’m a horrible man but I’m not a monster he’ll most the people of the villages we sacked live with us it’s not the best but it works. And before you say they didn’t have a choice, any army would take the towns resident under there protection. Now as for the rapeing or pillaging on the side, we don’t do that we have been together to long and hade that side of us beaten out.”

"Right... sure." Veronica shrugged. "Well, lucky for you, I'm not the one you have to convince. I know my opinion means nothing to you. But Korra's opinion, on the other hand... well, let's just say she isn't happy. In fact, last I heard, her and Bethany were in the midst of a very heated, very loud argument."

Crixus rubbed his head and said under his breath.” It never ends.” He grabbed his two pistols and looked at Veronica.” Mind coming with me to show me were they are?”

"As long as you promise you won't shoot them." Veronica led him down the hall where indeed he could hear the two having a shouting match.

"When is enough enough!?" Bethany screamed, half transformed out of anger. "What are we even getting out of this anymore?"

Crixus whisled and the two looked at Crixus.” Now lady’s do you mind telling me why you’re having a shouting match right now, I mean if you wanna fight each other do it in the arena please.”

Korra held up a hand to calm Bethany, the latter looking ready to pounce on Crixus. "We had an agreement, Crixus," Korra stated. "When we first joined you, I gave you a list of our bases to avoid and towns not to attack. Nora was on that list." She shook her head. "Now it isn't on a map anymore."

"Nora was mostly populated by Thropes, you jackass!" Bethany shouted. "Even the noble mayor was a Thrope!"

“I’m aware of that what you saying that my people burned it to the ground? Korra come on now do you have proof that my people did it and not the Themosa army?”

"Why would the Themosan army burn their own town to the ground?" Korra pointed to a map. "This is where Nora was. Are you claiming you had nothing to do with its destruction? Because you got an awful lot of new raiders recently."

Crixus breathe deeply.” Would you give me about twenty minutes Miss Korra, I need to go and have a chat with the new recruits.”

Korra sat down and waved her hand. "Go on. Not like I can tell you what to do anyway..."

“Korra I need you to come with me in this one, so would you kindly join me?” Crixus said in a calm but angry tone.

Korra nodded, looking back at Veronica and Bethany. "Hold the fort and... try and stay calm."

"Hmph!" Bethany looked away. "No promises."

Veronica waved her hand. "I'll calm her down. Go ahead, you two."

As the two left Crixus started loading his pistols.” See this is why I hate raiders, bunch of rabid dogs. I had forgotten what it was like getting new undissapaplend raiders in our family.”

Korra raised an eyebrow. "Well, I'd think it comes with the territory. I don't know what your end goal is, but I'm sure most of your men join to get rich as quickly as possible. That, or they like killing people."

Crixus stoped walking and looked at Korra.” Korra when we were first founded yes we were your typical raiders, looking to get rich without working ourselves to death. But our then leader realized that raiders don’t fallow orders and will do their own thing, she made an example out of one and put fear in the others. Now most If not all of us are freed slaves, former mercenaries and the raiders we used to be were dissaplend soldiers now, we became a tribe under Alice we had our own village once but had to abandon it. Once this is all over I hope to give my people a home again.”

"So that's what all this is about?" she asked softly. "Finding... a home of your own?"

“I’m not dumb Korra this life is only good for the desperate, and for those that like killing. I need to find us a permanent home again, so we can grow our own food have our own water and our culture, if could call it that can finally take root.”

Korra sighed. "Well... that is a more sympathetic cause. But it is going to be hard to find a home in any country you spend the better part of your time in destroying. I mean... maybe if Veronica was in charge, you could convince her you'd give up your raider ways in exchange for land, but you need to be on her good side for that. And she still has a black eye your friend gave her just for speaking her mind."

“We can’t live on the mainland here, we have to go further North West or east, or Hell live on a nearby island big enough to hold us. If we stay here and any country knows we’re still around they will invade and probably kill you guys as well, and sorry about your friend’s eye.”

"Well... she'll be happy to hear at least someone said sorry." Korra folded her arms. "So once you have enough money and enough people, you'll probably move north? There are plenty of uninhabited islands on the equator. You'll be just south of the Land of Dragons, but I doubt dragons even exist anymore. Though I did hear this story recently of a certain boy..."

“I heard the same the boys a Thrope, a rare dragon one, I’m not sure of his wear about though. I’m not sure he’s still with a certain someone or not. But if my tribe does go north and we do find dragons, I’m sure Lorica will be forming at the mouth to fight one.


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Part 2

Korra chuckled. "Yeah... I bet. Come on. We were going to talk to your men."

“Yeah talk I wanna hear what they have to say, depending on what they say will determine what I do to them.”

Korra cleared her throat nervously and walked on with him. Crixus and Korra made there way to the inn, were some of Norscans we’re drinking mead. Lorica also happened to be there working the bar.

Korra grinned at her. "That's a good look for you. Helping out others. Ever think of becoming a professional bartender?"

“Bite me, someone has to keep these fools from drinking all alcohol. And of course my damn mead!”

“You’re homemade mead is delicious though Lorica, You should try selling it.”

“Yeah and maybe I could own my own inn while I’m at it. She said sarcastically.” Look What is it you two want?”

Korra placed her hands on her hips. "We want to know if any group of your men slipped away and raided a Thrope village called Nora. It was wiped off the map a few days ago."

“Yeah those boys and girls over there by the fire, there’s like twenty of them he’ll they fill up a part of the inn why do you ask it was just one village, and that village probably made the goddess of destruction stronger.”

"Alright..." Korra walked over to the raiders by the fire and asked, "Are any of you from a village called Nora?"

The man and woman looked at Korra, the man smiled at Korra." Yea we were that place burred pretty good, not a bad haul we got from those bastards as well."

The woman laughed."Yep that place burned nicely they had plenty of food and drinks, not bad for our first raid with your guys huh?"

Korra's hair stood on end. "You weren't supposed to raid that village! It was protected!" She turned the Crixus. "What is the point of joining with you if you destroy any credibility I have as a freedom fighter? This is why people are calling me a pretender! If the King finds out about this, he'll turn everyone against me!" She held her head. "Not to mention all the innocents these idiots most likely killed..."

"Were raiders lady you think we care about you or your little movement, please I'm only doing this for money." The man said.

"Exactly who cares for a couple of Thrope, they had riches we took them and we sold off the citizens to the military so there's more money coming our way right Crixus?"

Crixus eyes twitched." You raided without my permission, and then you sold the people to be slaves." Crixus quickly fired a shot into the mans face and used his other gun to slap the woman face." Who the fuck do you think this is huh!?"

Korra jumped, not expecting him to react like that. "Crixus... I... you..."

The woman tried to pull out her ax but Crixus stomped on her arm and her other arm and grabbed the nearest drink and shoved it down her throat." Who do you think you are huh, you and your pathetic gang think you could come in and think we will have your back during any raid you worthless little maggot!" the woman struggled but Crixus had her pinned and she started to louse conscious not being able to swallow all of the drink.

"Okay, Crixus..." Korra held out her hands. "I-I think they understand..."

Crixus shoved the bottle even deeper down the woman throat causing her to vomit into the bottle, that also went down her throat she eventually stopped moving. Crixus stood up and look at the rest of the raiders. "Let me make this clear to you worthless lot, you are apart of Norsca. We are solders not a bunch of savages that live in caves you fallow my Lorica or Wulfric orders! Now get your sorry ass out of my inn, no better yet Lorica.

Lorica entered the back and saw the dead bods." Yea Crixus?"

"Please train these men to were there not a bunch of vermin."

"Humm Let's let Korra decide it was her out post her her people did die to this rabble."

Korra looked mortified by his actions, blinking several times. "I, um... Lorica's... training should be fine, um... j-just make sure they... know that Thrope civil... a-all civilians are... off limits and... do wahtever else it is you... do..."

"Fine I’ll give them the Satako treatment, which means you will be training till your limbs fall off! Come on." Lorica took the raiders and the bods and closed the inn.

Crixus took a deep breath and sat in a chair rubbing his face.

Korra slowly, cautiously, sat next to him. "That, um... th-that... that was... intense..."

"It was group of raiders that was hired by the Themosa army that attacked Nora, they gave them supplies and everything they needed to destroy the town and sell the living people as slaves. They hired raiders to make it look like it was the resistance and Norsca doing, but we had nothing to do with Nora down fall."

Korra nodded. "I believe you. Um... thank you for setting them straight."

"It's not just that, I have been slacking with the new recruits with the latest news of the gods and the world possible coming to an end. Me trying to help you best that I can, I guess I've been letting things sleep through the cracks."

Korra sighed. "At least we caught it. You know... you'll be facing who knows what. Cultist, their monsters... are you sure you're up for this. Your people could be wiped out."

Crixus grabbed a drink and took a swing. "Ou former leader Alice made us for two reasons, one to make a large enough force to were we could make second Noctur war only this time have the vampires join the other races against us and two so we could fight Hastur. Why do you think we have been gathering the toughest monsters in Terra training to fight army if in the hight of our power it took this country Mirandia what was left of Helvan and the vampires and a certain guild to beat us, and that army of four got lucky and barley won. A bunch of cultist doesn't stand a chance, and we also have monsters you haven't seen yet with us a well. Point is we were born and forged for this battle."

Korra nodded and smiled. "Okay. You're right. Nothing to worry about, right?"

“There’s plenty to worry about, but I’m not gonna let my men and family go out with out a fight. Besides I have a handful of promises to keep that I need to do before I die, and I need to find us a home so Norsca won’t be dying just yet.”

"That's... that's good to hear..." Korra frowned. "I... I need to head back to the others. Let Bethany know everything was taken care of."

“Mind if I come along, I still need to sort out some things.”

"With... Bethany and Veronica?" Korra shrugged. "Of course. Come on."

As the two left the inn and locked it, Crixus looked around. "You know it may not be the way you wanted it to be, but were getting your resistance back on its feet. Your getting slaves freed quickly and outside of some hiccups yours slowly winning."

Korra turned her head away. "Yeah, but... as we are... we could never win without your assistance."

"Well us coming here was Lorica idea, she wanted her race to be free. Me I just enjoy a good fight but you all have been growing on me."

Korra nodded. "Th... thank you." She led him back to where the other two were waiting. "Hey."

"Hey," Bethany muttered, not happy but calmed down.

"Good because me and Korra were discussing how Veronica and I were going to get married, she be my queen and us having plenty of baby's."

Veronica rolled her eyes. "Gag me. I'll marry you when pigs fly, dragons bark, and manticores become a common place household pet."

"Well I could launch a pig from a catapult, I'm sure I could give a dog a dragon costume and last one I’m sure Lorica does have Maticores as battle monsters and tamed. So when do I plan the wedding?"

Bethany glared at him. "Did you find out about the town or not?" she snapped, looking ready to pounce.


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Part 3
"Ou yea the burned down the town, the two that lead that assault have been dealt with swiftly and permanently."

Bethany sighed. "It shouldn't have happened in the first place. You're responsible for these... people. If a bunch of us rebels decided to kill a bunch of your bandits and Korra put one or two of them down as an example, would you be happy."

"Enough, Bethany," Korra insisted. "What's done is done. We can only learn from our mistakes and improve. As I am sure Crixus intends to do.

"Ou it won't happen I’ll be sure of it, I need to make sure that. But for now we would say that the Themosa army hired raiders, to destroy a Thrope town. That's what were going with, now I need to plan out my peoples main battle and how were gonna be coming back. And if we fail how to get you lot out of the nation and running some were."

Korra shook her head. "That's very kind of you, but we can't run. We have a battle here and we're going to finish it... one way or another."

"Korra let me make this perfectly clear, if we die in that battle this doesn't matter your war doesn't matter. Themosa Mirandia this hole contestant doesn't matter, so if we don't come back you your friends and anyone you can have escape take them and run you hear me."

Korra blinked, and nodded. "A-alright. Don't worry about it then. We... we have an escape plan."

"Thank you now then if you excuse me, I’m goanna get to planing and look after every new recruit. And possible plan me and Veronica wedding if I live." Crixus went into the house and into his room."

Korra made sure he was gone before she turned back to the others. Bethany frowned at her expression. "Come on, you're not getting soft for these raiders, are you? We're still going to..."

"Operation MK," Korra said simply, walking past the two other women and sitting down at her desk.

"What?!" Bethany jumped to her feet. "Surely things haven't gotten that bad!"

Korra glanced up. "We can not continue exploiting a partnership with the raiders without destroying the very foundation of this rebellion and losing the confidence the Thropes of this country have in us. But... we're too weak to continue alone. To do so without the raiders would mean our destruction. Option A doesn't work, nor does B."

"So we are jumping straight to plan M?! But that... if it doesn't go exactly right, we... y-you..."

Korra nodded. "Which is why we have to all be of the same mindset and make sure it goes to plan."

"Excuse me, but what is MK?" Veronica asked. "Don't keep me in the dark."

Bethany sighed and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Come on," she said, leading her out and saying, "I'll explain why... you'll be going home soon..."


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The fallowing is done by Dhalexpert&Blackout

A student and her teacher machining together

HaveBrook manor

Elma was in the courtyard reading on of the many spell books she brought from this institute." It always amaze me how fascinating these spells are and how they work."

A shot of water went past Elma, not even close to hitting her. "Come on, you should have been able to have blocked that..." Jay lectured half-heartedly.

A shot of water went past Elma, not even close to hitting her. "Come on, you should of been able to have blocked that..." Jay lectured half-heartedly.

Elma smiled and closed her book.” Well I was reading my book, going over different spells. It’s nice to see you in a better mood Jay.”

"Define better. I'm still depressed as hell, but seeing my old student fills my old jaded heart with joy." He offered a faint smile, while his eye practically beamed with happiness. "How've you been?"

“Good, bad. Being hunted by Hastur, driving him back being offered to be at the institute of magic. Got a boyfriend now. I’ve been busy.”

"Oh, a boyfriend? Do tell..." Sancros leaned on his staff, a grin promptly coming to his face.

Elma smiled fine seeing Jay have a smile on his face.” Well he’s not the strongest, or the smartest. But he’s a talented alchemist, he’s a little shy but I like that about him.”

"Oh? So you like that much? Are you still doing the sweet gentle romantic phase or have you, for a lack of a better term, been fucking like rabbits?" Jay asked bluntly.

Elma face went beet red.” No! We’re still trying to figure things out, we’ve just been hanging out and kissing here and there. Must you be so damn blunt!?”

"Ohhhhh? Why you are so innocent my dear pupil... if he's a man, he's already thought about banging you. Must be hard for you two to dance around your lust." Jay teased smugly, creating several shields just in case he annoyed her. "And yes. It's a part of my charm."

“You do realize that I’m way stronger now than I was when we last fought right, I could just use my lightning magic to zap you.” Elma smiled. “But for a person that’s so depressed you sure do make a lot of jokes, and you’ve been smiling this entire time.”

"Am I not supposed to be happy when I see a grown up mage? Besides, I didn't use my two scariest spells against you." He said, a bit of water dripping on her. "And by the way, I love how innocent you still are."

"Well i'm still young and I still haven't seen the world or been in that many battles, though i'm as green as I used to be and besides." Elma used her ice magic and used it to make snow fall on Jay head. "My innocents aloes me to be cheeky as well."

"Apparently so. After all, I might try to get your boy toy to do something... and then my lewd comments won't even bother you anymore." He warned with a small smile as he began walking away. "I'm heading to our pub, if you want to continue this conversation. I, uh, owed someone a favor and now I'm bartending."

"Ou so you found a better hobby then trying to make me blush and embarrassed, I thought that was main joy in life. Ou that reminds me." Elma went into her bag and bulled out several magic books." Here these are spell books I brought from the institute on water and light magic, I figured even you could learn something new from these books."

"Thank you... I'll try to study them well, but it may be hard for a semi-literate hedge mage to learn. I appreciate your efforts, though." Jay replied, conjuring an arm of Light to toss the snow on him at Elma.

Elma used her magic to make a handful snow and shoved it down Jay shirt." Ou come now I can make snow you will lose this one." Elma said running to the manor.

A ball of water splashed against her back. "Well, who said I had to use snow?" Jay called as he took off after her, using his light magic to ball the melting snow up to toss at Elma.

Elam ran to the side and made more snowballs, and throwing them at Jay." Ou come on now I thought that we were gonna go to the pup, not have a magic snow ball fight."

Edan brought a light shield up after the first ball made contact. "Guess I'll just walk in after I pummel your ass with water!" He conjured up his light arm, which began to throw balls of water at the younger mage, his shield forming holes so the balls could go through.

Elma made a ice shield to block the water.” Ou Come Jay We’re your creativity?” Elma made three ice cannons each firing snowballs at jay.

"Are you declaring war?" Jay asked as his shield was battered and began to crack under the pressure of the snow cannonballs. Five trebuchets of light formed with balls of water appearing. "Because if so, I'll have to shout... Fire!" The trebuchets launched over his shield at the cannons and, mostly, at Elma.

Elma expanded her sheild but her cannons were lost, so she made seven snow men with rifles.” Fire boys!” The snowman did as they were commanded and fired at Jay.

Dropping to the ground Sancros cried out, "I'm being overwhelmed, I need some fire on that mage!" Several watery versions of himself that held what looked to flintlock pistols, charged forward firing at the snowmen. One of the brave souls charged even Elma, trying to use his pistol to dampen her clothes.

Elma sent an ice spike into the clone freezing it.” Come on bots there water, your snowman you should be winning this!”

But with the trebuchets still firing, the water men advanced with minimal casualties. A water bird formed overhead, eager to drop its payload. "You are going to get soaked, my dear pupil. Perhaps you should surrender?" Sancros said as the bird turned into a solid blob of water falling through the sky like a giant raindrop.

Elma looked up and saw what was coming her way.” Ou crap Um Ugh, Alright Fine I surrender you win.”

The water ball stopped, but dripped a few drops onto her before flying off to water the grove and forest. The watery men sunk into the ground making the dirt wet. "Alright, now let's go to the bar. You get a free drink for losing."

The snowmen also melted into the ground, Elma fallowing close behind Jay. "You do realize that I could have stopped that attack with my fire right, I only surrendered because I figured me using a different element would be cheating and less fun."

"True, but more elements is only more versatility. Keep in mind I don't want to accidentally hurt you, so I've been using low tier magic." Edan corrected, before chuckling. "Bet your alchemist wants to try some magic with you." He opened the door for her, closing his eye. "After you."

Will you stop with those, seriously I’m gone for a few weeks and you become this happy pun spewing person?


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Part 2

"Depressed, irritable, and isolationistic is more accurate. I'm trying to extend some kindness and fun your way." He said quietly, as he entered, using his magic to hold the door open. "Hell, I even baked you a cake as a welcome back gift. Apologies, I won't try to be nice to you anymore."

Elma was caught off guard by Jay trying to be nice and. She smiled and hugged him." Aw I'm so proud of you trying to be nice to me, it's a welcome change, it just caught me off guard is all I wasn't expecting you to be like this is all. Come on let's enjoy this cake you made together. Hell I can even tell you what I've been through since I was gone. "

Several bursts of light went speeding off at her request as Jay grumbled, her hug appeasing his grumpy mood. "I still have to go bartend..."

“Ou come on now, I give you a hug and you go back to your grumpy self. Come on stay talk to me it’s been weeks since we talked.”

"I still have to go bartend... but we still can chat while we walk." He said neutrally, before sighing. He wrapped an arm around Elma in a half-hug. "You do have to be careful with me; I am quite fragile with my emotions."

"I'm sorry, I will try and if we survive the coming battle I.. Um well, I don't exactly know what to give you after the battle. Which now that I think about it is my first real war. Ou gods my first war is for the sake of the world, that's just swell."

"You'll be fine... I promise to keep you as safe as possible." He patted her head, a kind look in his eye.

"Thanks Jay I have you and Charter, and I promise to keep you safe as well. I've learned a lot when I was gone including all sorts of healing magic and light magic."Elma eyes widen. "Actually you don't know this, but Light magic is great against Hastur he hates the stuff."

"Given my intelligence network's ability to find old scrolls, I had guessed as such from three scrolls they procured." Sancros replied, as he started walking. "I can give them to you to read, but it is very old elvish. I can barely transcribe bits and pieces and I am an Elf. Still, you're more persistent and you may be able to learn more than I have. So, do you want to try?"

"Well I am a determinand witch, I also know how to read. So I’m sure if I’m persistent with it for however time we have before we leave I could figure something out, we could do it together like teacher and student again."

Jay looked away from Elma, trying to hide a genuine smile that seemed to brighten up his features, making him seem like he was in his early twenties. "I would love that. Perhaps I can even show you a few spells that should improve your magical attacks." Sancros suggested as they arrived at the bar's entrance.

"I would love that, now then what is so important that you had to be in this bar again? Are you meeting someone special here or something?"

"I owed a favor to a guy and he wanted a week off from bartending. So here I am." Jay answered before going behind the busy counter in the bar. "You get a free drink for talking with me. What do you want?"

"Um let me get a, whit wine good sir. I don't drink alcohol that often, hopefully people don't get on you that much for this."

"A white it is." He murmured as he set to working on her order as well as several others. "And they won't. I've beaten everyone at drinking games, and have bought them drinks. They should be fine... Probably. So... Why do you like your boyfriend? What qualities does he have?"

"I don't know, he's nervous when I first met him and for some reason over time I just wanted to give the hole dating thing a shot. I mean I've seen Charter and Esmeralda relationship and I guess I wanted something like that, yes they had some hiccups but part of me wants that."

"Huh... Never pegged you for a romantic. You thinking he's marriage material?" The Light Elf asked as he slid four drinks across the bar, Elma's in a petite looking glass.

She took a swig of the wine and looked at Jay.” I wouldn’t go that far, I mean I’m nineteen years old I’m not even thinking about marriage yet. I just, I’ve been so busy with my studies that I haven’t given romance a try.”

Letting his magic pour and serve drinks, Jay looked at his protégé. "Alright, fair enough. But do you love him?" The Light Elf leaned against the bar, as a pair of faintly glowing hands slipped on a vest.

"I mean it's only been a few weeks, so Love is out of the question. Maybe over time I could but for now being boyfriend and girlfriend is just fine for now."

"So let me get this straight: you found a guy who if I say dirty things about him, you get flustered, but you don't love him. But not only that, but you're dating him and looking happier than ever. That's a bit contradictory, Elma." Sancros shook his head, a sigh promptly coming out.

"Hay come on now love takes time, hell you didn't instantly fall in love nor did Charter. I'm just trying things out is all, will love grow over time I don't know but I will see in time if love will bloom or not."

"Fair enough. Be careful though: if this relationship fails, you might accidentally hurt people with your magic, or it might hurt you." Jay advised solemnly, before a bottle of white wine floated into the bar, as well as an ocean blue cake with white frosting. "Here, a little thank you for talking with me."

"Aw." Elam took a fork and dug into the cake, and smiled after the bite." Wow this is delicious you should think about backing more often." Elma continued digging into the cake.

"I could bake more often, but that would take away from the fact I only do it for children and people I care about." Sancros pointed out, as he caught a drink heading to another patron and served v them with a friendly nod.

“Ou well then guess This makes extra special then, thanks Jay for well all the things we did together. And sorry about breaking your previous staff.”

Said staff gently bonked her on her head. "It's fine. I went in and cleared the corruption monsters, although Sylvie was not at all happy with me fixing my staff. Apparently nearly dying these days is not acceptable." He sarcastically murmured, as the staff flew behind the counter, and twirled slowly like a clock.

"I'm sorry for that, I should have stayed and helped you with the cleanup. But if it wasn't for that I wouldn't have be determined to be better than I was back then and take responsibility for my actions and know that the way I was was unacceptable."

"I know. And I don't hate you for what you said, nor for you leaving. I can already tell you've grown, evidenced by your power. You even talk respectfully with me, and not with the bratty attitude you used to have. I acknowledge you as a fellow master of the Arcane arts, Elma." Sancros bowed, as did his staff at the younger mage.

Elma stood up and bowed to Jay as did her staff." Thanks Jay for the well everything, i'm gonna take this cake and get back to my studies and look at those scrolls you gave me. Hopefully I could learn something from them, I won't let you down Jay with this Jay."

"Just make sure you don't overwork yourself, Elma. Be a shame if your brother and I had to drag you to bed, although I'm sure he'd tease you about it for years." Sancros smiled at her, closing his missing eye in a wink. "You get some sleep tonight, alright?"

"I will try, even though my mind would want to study all night figuring out these scrolls. But good night Jay, try not to say in the bar to long ether."

"I'll try. Rest well, young Elma." He said as he turned to attend to the other patrons.


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Frostlich1228 & ZombieSplitter53
A Duet of Invention

Betty took a deep breath, having been working overtime now that Hastur was up to something bad. She had maybe only a scant few days to prepare for the most important battle of her life. Her eyes drifted off to a blueprint for a weapon she had been brainstorming, if she could get that ready, build at least one working prototype, it could be a great boon in the Battle. Erin came behind her, placing a cup of tea next to her. "So this is it, huh? The biggest fight of our life, and with it, one of the greatest inventions of yours."

"But... I don't know if it'll work... I can't get ze powder measurements right and... And we don't have much time..." Betty sighed, turning her head to look at Erin.

Erin nodded. "I've been looking over your design. I'm no expert in building... but I know something of chemistry and mixing. Perhaps, together, we can work it out in time."

"We might get a Prototype done in time... Zhat's one hell of a trail by fire..." Betty chuckled.

Erin reached up and placed a hand on her lover's shoulder. "We'll have to burn the candle at both ends, but I know we can do it. Anything you make will be perfect."

"Same with you..." Betty kissed her on the cheek. "We've come a long way, haven't we?"

Erin leaned against her, smiling nostalgically. "A long way together. I can't imagine my life without you."

"You either. Zhat's why I'm going to be by your side the whole way... All ze way to Hastur if we have to... And we have to remember, we have two kids to come back to..." The Engineer pressed her forehead against hers.

"Mama Erin? Amam?" One of their daughters, the one of the demon variety, walked up to them. "I... I want to fight to. I want to protect people. I want to protect my friends."

"Eliza... I... I won't say no... If we lose well... But please, you have to be careful..." Betty gave her little girl a serious look, a hint of worry was in her large eyes, but she was holding it in.

Erin nodded, surprised by Betty's agreement but fully understanding why. "Are you... sure you wouldn't rather protect the manor...?"

Eliza shook her head. "I am too strong to stay behind. We all know it."

Erin sighed. "Yeah... I know..." She leaned against the desk, rubbing her head. "Where is your sister? Is she still... older?"

The Girl in question poked her head out from behind the corner. "Mommy Betty? Momma Erin?"

Erin waved her hand. "Come her, dear. Let your momma's have a good look at you."

The Fluffy Bunny Eared girl slowly walked up to them, "Yeah? What's wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong dear... as long as nothing is wrong with you." Erin rubbed her head. "Are you feeling... um... normal?"

"Better now... Still kinda... Funny..." Pearl rubbed her fluffy neck scruff.

"Are you sure?" Betty poked her antlers a little bit.

"Why're you guys giving me such weird looks?" Pearl questioned. "Sis?"

Eliza thought about trying to explain it, as best she understood it at least, but realized Pearl would either not understand or the truth would upset her. So she shrugged. "Grown ups are weird. But good grown ups care about children, and good parents worry about their children. They're just acting strange because of all the weird stuff going on in the sky..." She smiled. "...and because they love you and want you to be happy. Besides, you're so cute! Who wouldn't want to look at someone so cute?"

The little Jackalope girl blushed, "I am pretty cute I guess..."

Erin ruffled her hair and kissed the top of her head. "You're a good girl, Pearl. We're going to need you to be one. Momma Betty and I have some very important work to do, and it is going to take a lot of our time. But we need to work on something to stop and very bad man."

"Has...Tur... Right?" She rubbed her cheek with a finger.

"That's right." Erin placed their foreheads together. "So while we're away fighting Hastur, we need you to stay back and pray super hard for us, okay?"

Pearl shivered for a moment, "I... I thought... You already did that?"

"You thought we...?" Erin's eyes darted about. "You mean we went and fought someone named Hastur and... and won, right?"

"I guess so... You guys got all prepared like you are now... It was a while ago I think... I'm... I'm not sure..." The Little Girl shook her head. "It's... Hard to remember... Like... Fuzzy..."

Erin rubbed her head again. "It's okay. We're just... going back to make sure he is gone for sure. And I am sure, thanks to you, that we will make it back safely. So thank you, little one." Pearl just reached up and hugged both of them at their waists, her antlers dangerously close to jabbing them in the stomach. Erin hugged her tightly. "Now do me a favor, okay? Go in the other room and tell Eliza everything you remember us telling you about the fight. Like... a game. To see how much you can remember, okay?"

"Please. Be careful Momma..." Pearl rubbed her cheek against Erin's belly.

"We will." Betty patted her head.

After the two children left, Erin turned to Betty. "It seems Pearl isn't just physically older. She is actually as she will be in the future. Which means if we decide now to tell her everything about the fight to come when we get back, we can exploit this and learn information now that we wouldn't learn until the future by telling the Pearl of the past information in the future so when she is currently Pearl of the present... who is now the Pearl of the future, she'll... you know, tell us what we told her." Erin rubbed her head. "Time paradoxes are headache inducing..."

"Or she's from a point in time where Hastur didn't do whatever he just did to jump us forward or she'd remember this. And we'd... Remember this?" Betty scratched her head.

""Try not to think too hard about it," Destani said, leaning against a fileing cabinet nearby. "I'm a god of time and even I can't wrap my head around every time paradox." He gave a small wave. "'Sup?"

Betty did a double take, "De-Destani? Uh... Hi..."

He sighed sadly. "All the gods are doing what they can to help out you Havenbrook folk. I've been working on restoring the flow of time to get rid of that blood moon, but in the meantime, I figured I'd see if you two needed any help."

"Actually... We could use your help..." Betty considered, but first and foremost she asked. "How are you doing? We heard the God's are preparing too."

"Yeah... big fight coming up. The only ones not participating at first is me, and I'll join the fight as soon as I fix the time flow. My father... would have had it done by now..."

"Would have? Then why doesn't he..." Erin gasped. "No. Don't tell me... they killed..."

"I'm... So sorry... Zhat must have something to do with ze time shift then..." The Fly lowered her head.

"Yeah..." Destani took in a deep breath and smiled softly. "But now is our chance to avenge him, right? I want to make sure we don't lose anyone else to him, mortal or god."

"Yeah. You're right... Um... Your Mom is Methos right?" Betty asked cautiously.

"That's right," Destani confirmed with a nod.

"Well... I'm sure she'd like to see you." Betty pointed out, smiling. "My friend is pretty um... Close to her."

The god nodded. "I'll see her then. Never know what will happen. In the meantime, how can I help?"


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Erin shook her head. "Not much you can do unless you're a master engineer. We have the plans, we have the supplies. The only thing we need is..." Erin snapped her fingers. "Can you give us more time?"

Destani smirked. "How much time do you need? Can you finish your work in, say... ten days?"

Betty smirked at Erin, "I zhink that's possible..."

Destani rummaged around in his pocket and found a small seed. "This is from a time tree someone... uh, planted in Hell. Long story. Point is, it isn't as potent, but it should speed up time around this lab enough for one minute out there to be like one hour in here. With that, you'll get ten days to work on your project in only four hours."

"You are ze best... You know zhat?" Betty gave him a soft punch to the shoulder.

The god chuckled. "Yeah, well... just don't spread it around too much. I don't want the other gods to get jealous." He placed the seed on a wooden table. "You two ready?"

"Uh... Yeah. I zhink we are." Betty chuckled, picking up her blueprints.

Erin nodded. "Let's do this."

Destani placed the seed on a wodden table and poured some magic into it. It sprouted and grew into a miniature tree, no bigger then a bonsai tree, and a bubble expanded and encompassed the entire lab.

"I'll be back in four hours." Destani waved as he walked through a portal. "See you in ten days."

Betty laughed, "Zhis is so efficient! Okay. You work on measuring out the right amounts of elemental powder and I'll work on the Gun and Mechanisms."

"You got it." Erin got busy gathering materials. "Remember, we need to pace ourselves. Ten days can be the perfect amount of time or not enough if we end up burning out on the first few days." She peaked around the corner and smiled. "Though I am ever so excited. This will be one of your greatest inventions ever!"

"Our." Betty raised up a finger. "Your name is going to be on it too."

Erin giggled and nodded before getting to work. They were still on a time crunch, but days rather then hours left more room for a relaxed approach. Erin was far from an expert with firearms, but gunpowder was basic chemistry. So she spent days mixing said chemistry with the not so basic magical element that would make the weapon in question revolutionary.

Meanwhile Betty spent much time working on the mechanical aspect of the firearm, namely designing a system to ignite magical powder as well as forging a barrel that would survive a powerful elemental blast and creating a stock that would be able to absorb a rediculous amount of energy. Eventually, she located the perfect alloy, a metal know to be resistant to magical corruption combined with another one that was known to harden when exposed to large amounts of magical force. Next she completed her advanced stock, a hard outer shell outside with a series of alternating absorbant polymers and springs on the inside.

On day eight, a tired looking Erin stepped around the counter and placed a gunpowder bag on the table next to Betty. "Infused with fire magic. If it works, I can make one for every other element."

Betty, her bun untied and her hair frazzled with sweat smiled, passing the Blunderbuss style Cannon forward. The Barrel wasn't as open at the top as a traditional Blunderbuss, as well, the metal that made up most of it was a smoky grey with flecks of an almost rainbow crystal. It was mostly functional with no inlay or decoration, but she was sure it would work, that's what was important. "Nice isn't she...?"

"A beauty. You best work yet." Erin reached up, adjusting Betty's hair. "You should be proud. Want to... test it out?"

"Alright. We have to see how much residue the powder leaves in the gun, that'll determine how often we need to clean it to-" She yawned, "Prevent Magical Corrupted or Corrosion of the Internals."

Erin frowned. Maybe we should get some rest first. We do still have two days."

"One test fire? Or can you really wait until morning to see it?" The Fly Rubbed Erin's head.

Erin chuckled. "Alright. One test fire. Just be careful." She went and set up a large, thick, metal block for them to fire at. "I set it with a layer of magical resistance. If it breaks through that and damages the block itself, we know it is doing magical damage in addition to physical."

Betty handed Erin a pair of goggles, pulling down her own larger pair. The Fly lifted up the gun, carefully pouring in a measured amount of elemental fire powder, pressing it down into the barrel with a ramrod. Then the shot, taking a handful of simple steel ball bearings and gently sliding them into the barrel one at a time as an errant spark would set off the powder early. One last use of the ramrod to push them down and the weapon was ready to fire. Lifting it up then aiming it level to make sure none of the powder was lost, she looked over at Erin. "Ready, dear?"

Erin grinned. "Ready as I'll ever be. Let's make history."

Aiming the Weapon Betty smirked as she cocked back the hammer and pulled the trigger. With the trademark snap and click of the ignition system a spark flew into the chamber. After a split second the device fired, a bright light in the barrel heralding a torrent of flame as an inferno swirled out of the cannon. Betty grid her feet into the ground, the kick pretty intense even with the extensive dampeners, but as that smoke cleared it revealed a huge black scorch mark on the wall, embers still burning on the cracked stone block.

Erin cheered, jumping up and down and clapping her hands like an excited school girl. "You did it! It's perfect! Oh, I can't wait to see how it works with the other elements! I'm going to get to work on them right away!"

Betty smiled, looking over at Erin. "Yeah but... Sleep first..."

Erin pouted, even though sleeping was her idea. "But I'm... so pumped..." The initial adrenaline started to ware thin, and she let out a mighty yawn. "Okay... a little sleep first."

Pulling up her goggles, Betty rubbed Erin's shoulder gently. "I know somezhing that would wear us both out..."

Erin grinned. "This might be our... last chance. So let's make it a night to remember, yes?"

"Don't say zhat... We'll make it out of zhis..." Betty lifted her shirt off. "We have a family to start. Really start."

Erin nodded, pulling her own shirt off and leaning against Betty's chest, standing on her toes to give her a passionate kiss.

"You are ze best thing that ever happened to me..." Betty pulled away for a moment, kissing Erin's neck.

Erin chuckled. "Not fair. You stole the words right out of my mouth."

Betty gave her a contemplative look before saying, "Erin... I zhink it's time zhat I finally drop my accent with you... You will now hear what I really sound like..."

The Fly Thrope cleared her throat before saying in a comically deep faux accent, "Mah name's Betteh! Hoo wee! It feels so good to open up 'round ya! Uh... Mate?" Betty finished, holding in a chuckle.

Erin, on the other hand, couldn't help but laugh. "Just so you know... I'd love you no matter what you sound like... my mate."

"I just thought I'd lighten up ze mood... And... One more zhing before we rest for tonight..." Betty got down on one knee, reaching into one of the deep pockets of her apron and presenting a small box. She opened it up before her love, revealing a unique gold ring fitted with a Ruby and a Pearl, both spiraling together. "Erin Starstorm... Will you Marry Me?"

Erin gasped, letting out a squeak. Unable to speak through the tears, she quickly nodded, and wrapped her arms around Betty. "Yes!" she finally managed to squeezed out.

Betty rubbed some if her own tears off onto Erin's shoulder, "You make me the happiest girl in the world..."

"And there she goes again," Erin whispered. "Stealing the words right from my mouth..."


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An End to an Evil

It was overcast and foggy. The ground was damp, the air was cold, but the men and women were ready. Nearly all of the Hunters of the Havenbrook Organization were waiting, save a small complement of newer Hunters tasked with looking over the Manor. In addition to them, Hunters from across Terra Dolor had been recruited by the gods had joined the fray. Even most of the Old Knights of the Nocturnum War were here, and they had brought along a complement of vampire soldiers, compliments of the new Vampire Queen. Additionally, the god of Death had provided them with a small group of Reapers to bolster their chances, including a familiar face.

Both Mina and Eraqus had given a rousing speech as they prepared for battle. The importance of their fight. The struggle they would face. How proud they were. They were steering words, but ultimately words were all they were. Would any of it matter in the coming hours? Would anyone survive? Would it be a rousing success, or utter defeat? Everyone had their own thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Sancros felt fear crawling along his back, a deep worry like he had never experienced before. His entire family was here, and their friends and their friends. He had already run the statistics quietly and knew many of the faces he saw would be lost forever. He let out a deep sigh before locking his emotions away. He wouldn’t- couldn’t- allow his fear to interfere with everyone else. He was damned and determined not to let a single family member die, not as long as he had breath in his body and a will to protect.

Faith glared through the shadows covering her face underneath her robes, her hood atop her tiny head. She gritted her teeth, the energy around her getting to her. She had her trickblade at her waist, Titania’s shortsword on the other hip, and a new blade among her collection that was newly cleansed of its corruption, though the blade itself was permanently wind. As she stared ahead, the feeling of the blade’s essence still new in the palm of her hand, she was unsure of how it would play into this war. She wore her new armor: the light and the chainmail, underneath her robes. Her gemstones of magic were glistening through the fog. She had no intention to lose, and her arsenal of weapons made that very well known.

Meanwhile Betty stood alongside Erin, her signature gauntlet, now with upper arm support, gripped tightly around her hand. The Engineer was in her traditional leathers, however, she had added some metal plates between the leather sheets for extra protection, it was something simple to keep herself busy during the wait to mobilize. She quickly checked her pistols, making sure they were clean and looking back at her new creation holstered onto her back, what looked to be a large wide barrel blunderbuss. They could do this… They had to… They defeated her Father, another Old One, Time Itself breaking, and of course Tecunte… There was just one more step in securing the world's future… Her Children's future…

Sylvie stood near Jay, she could almost feel his worry, she'd say it was unfounded, but she felt it too… Thankfully she had had much practice with her new body since she obtained it, and being equipped with her legendary spear, she knew that this was the best chance they were going to have.

Charter looked over his weapons making sure they were sharp, and his armor wasn't dented he also had chainmail underneath his armor. Charter passed out potions to other people to calm his mind and kept some poisons to himself, he looked up at the castle and saw how different it was from his last visit he could also feel a overwhelming power coming from it. He gripped his sword and ax remembering everything Hastur did to him and his soon to be family, kidnapping Esmeralda and there child corrupting them attacking Elma. Charter looked at his wolves and petted Slone and motioned them away from the camp as he prepared his explosive arrows and kept a few on Slone in case he ran out.

Elma looked at the castle her hands shaking and her knees feeling weak, her more then the others has faced Hastur many times but she never felt this presence. She took a deep breath to calm her nerves and looked at the bracelet the goddess of compassion gave her and held it tight, Elma was also wearing a few pieces of jewelry on her neck and fingers that will enhance her magic and hopefully help her not pass out from using too much of it. Elma went to both her brother and Jay hugging each of them, her internally praying that both the people that were a major influence on her live don’t die.

Mags took a deep breath and let it out slowly, looking down at her Scythe in her hands, her thoughts immediately turned towards Methos and how if she lost, Hastur would Enslave her or worse… She couldn't let that happen… “Ready… Baphomet?”

“Always. My dear. I know you're worried about her. But she will likely be the least of his focus.”

Magdalene shook her head… “I hope you're right…”

Kva floated over by Titania, her spectral form surprising a lot of people that had not known about her fate. She wondered if she would be mistaken as an enemy… but much more than that, she was going to finish this fight… she refused to stand idly while her family risked their lives for the fate of the world, even in death, she would protect them…

Zodiak looked upon the crowd and whistled surprise to himself, his eyebrows further enhancing the amount of surprise present within him. “Geez…” he muttered, his fashionable leather jacket blowing loosely behind him in the slow winds. He grinded his boot into the ground, making sure the surface wouldn’t betray him at a moment’s notice. Compared to the rest, he stood near the back, bow at the ready with all sorts of crazy tips to the arrows stranded loosely in the quiver on his back. He never thought he would touch any magical items until he had found some weird shop before the war.

Titania ready her blades sharpening each with a whetstone. She would not let a dull blade stand between her and protecting those she cared about. She idly glanced at the daggers she had, making a mental note not to throw them too far, lest she get winded from cutting through too many enemies to retrieve it. She wasn’t nervous however. She was scared. Scared of how badly her bloodlust was boiling up. She knew that she had to be careful, because if she even gave into that primordial craving, there might be a chance she would lose control and hurt someone she cared about. “Let’s see these bastards try anything while they’re on fire.”

Faith coughed to herself behind the Wolf Thrope. “Titania. Your tryhard is showing again.”

Tack meanwhile, was doing the unthinkable. He was reading a joke book about dogs. He, of course, was not worried. He’d live and see Nanscy. But while the pre-battle speeches had raised his spirits, he was bored and the jokebook was all he had. The rest of the Hunters assembled did not, as he ascertained from their grim looks, enjoy the levity he was providing. Oh well. He had not really mingled too well with them anyways, as he had been forgotten by all he met, save Betty and Veeti. He shrugged, putting the book in a compartment within his construct. He hoped for a speedy end to this battle.

The Knights of the Old War stood tall and proud, ready for one last great battle ahead of them. Valyrie, the Platinum knight, had a big grin on her face. She was excited. She had missed the end of the last war three hundred years ago. Missed her chance to be a true hero or die in battle. Perhaps both. She was excited to get into the fray, and her sword arm was aching for victims.

The White Knight, Aldren, stood next to the Black Knight, spear at the ready and completely willing to sacrifice himself for her. His armor seemed to be more radiant today, had anyone seen him before the war. He was sad to see that one of the knights wasn’t present, but was still happy that four were still alive and kicking, the absent one not kicking as well as he could back in the day.

With everyone prepared, the floating city of Aethereum flew overhead, heading straight for the floating castle of Hastur with incredible speed. As it did, large portals opened in front of the chosen warriors, and they entered, fearless, determined. As they did, they seemed to walk in a void for the longest of times, though in reality it couldn't have been more than a few minutes. As a few started to murmur and wonder what was happening, the other sides of the portals came into view, and they stepped out.

Behind them, the massive throne room of the castle's master sat, the place where the final battle between the gods of Terra Dolor and the Old One would take place. The Hunters weren't concerned with that, at least for now. They had their own battle, and it was right before them. The courtyard and corridors of the castle were packed. It was disheartening to see so many people suckered in to this cult, but there was a veritable army of cultist before them, ready to charge the throne room and interrupt the fight.

Were it them alone, it would have been bad but nothing the Hunters couldn't handle. But they had their own back up. Manticores. Basilisk. Gargoyles, Phantoms, worgs, giants, skeletons, zombies. A who's who of monsters, from familiar golems and mad ones to creatures they had never seen before. They had the fight of their lives ahead of them.
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As both sides eyed each other and prepared to charge, the floating city was once again seen overhead. It was coming in fast, and it was on a collision course. The bell that sounded off the fight was the sound of Aethereum crashing directly into the Throne room, and the gods and goddesses letting out their battle cries as they rushed to confront the Old One within.

As the dust settled in the Throne room and the gods fanned out, they saw their enemy. He looked so meek, an obscured being hidden behind a yellow cloak. But he had an intimidating, massive aura of power, a red glow that not only encompassed him, but spread out to encompass the entire throne room, weakening the gods. Many, especially the lesser gods, felt almost mortal in his presence. Only Xelia was unaffected.

“So that's it. That's what happened.” Nemesis pointed her sword forward. “Yog-Sothoth! You lost your mortal host, so you possessed your own son! If you could do so, why was that not the plan from the beginning?”

A deep, otherworldly chuckle. It was Hastur's voice, but at the same time different. “It was my back up plan from the beginning. A mortal shell to transform into my own was a good idea. Would have been easier to mold. But I always knew my incompetent son would likely screw things up, so I planned to snatch him up if need be. His noncompliance was barely an issue.” Yog turned his gaze to Xelia. “He is still in here. Would you like to say hello?”

“You… You bastard… After the centuries of work he gave to you… You did the same thing to him that he did to me…” Xelitha'qha shook her head, looking almost pitifully at Hastur. “I guess there really is no Honor among our kind.”

“He misses you, you know. He still longs for your… intimate touch.” Yog cackled. “He cries out for you, you know. You know what he says? He wants you to kill us. Kill this body, so I might be banished once more. So sad. He is willing to die, but will instead have to watch me kill you and these pathetic excuses for gods, and there is nothing he can do about it.”

“My love… I'm sorry…” Xelia said sadly before turning her focus to Yog, her eye bubbling with hate fueled Psychic Energy.

The plethora of gods and goddesses drew weapons and prepared for the fight, Yog grew. And grew. And grew some more, until his monstrous form cast a shadow over the gods. The gods charged, and giant tentacles spread out to meet them as two large orbs floated down from the ceiling, two unexpected allies about to fight on Yog’s behalf.

The battle outside raged on. For some, it was easy. Not so much for others. The Platinum Knight actually seemed to be enjoying herself. She leaped forward with incredible strength and brought her giant sword down on a manticore, obliterating its spine and killing it instantly. “Bring it on! Is that all you've got!” She swept her sword to the side, sending a half dozen cultist flying off the side of the castle to their doom a very, very long distance below. She looked back at her fellow knights to see how they were doing.

Several cultists were melting due to Black’s corruption as she consumed their bodies and mana to power herself further. Taking her blade out of a Lycan head, she waved at platinum, before a cultist club knocked her helm off. Turning around, her armor spewed a dark mass out, that cut her armor open. The cultist had little time to scream before the corruption dragged him into the armor, sealing shut with a clack of metal. “Delicious… All these people here… and I don’t have to restrain myself… At least they don’t have-” She started to say before a Wraith tackled her trying to rip her magical essence apart. “Oh for fuck’s sake! I didn’t even say it!” Black cried out, using some of her distant corruption to spike the wraith off her. She evaluated herself, noting the severe damage she had received. No matter, she still had enough corruption to convert any living being. She briefly looked over her shoulder, checking on a certain someone special to her.

All of the more spectral enemies seemed to cower in fear at the sight of Aldren. “Alright, motherfuckers. Let’s fucking dance.” As the White Knight pointed to each enemy with his spear, a smirk visible underneath his helmet, a celestial beam of light struck them, evaporating them upon contact. He seemed to be in no difficult situation, however a tentacle did strike at him from out of nowhere, causing him to switch focus to deal with the new threat.

The tentacle sizzled into dust as an old mage with a long white beard chuckled merrily. “Sorry for nearly incinerating you! I haven’t casted a spell since… a century ago? Ahhh… it feels good to stretch my powers again!” A Bolt of pure arcane magic went through two cultists’ chests, the pair falling over with gaping holes and surprised expressions. “You All better give me a case of cranberries! Jacq- erm, Silver! I get a lot of cranberries if I kill enough people, right?” The Old Knight called out, a burst of Lightning knocking three people off the floating castle.

“Just like old times… Almost…” Silver chuckled, twirling his silver blade in one hand and gripping his whip in another. He looked up, a number of cultists in black robes glared at him with red pinprick eyes. “Now it's really like old times…”

Four Vampires rushed him, the first ones dagger being easily deflected by Jacque's sword and with a quick motion almost faster than the eye could track, the Vampire fell backwards with a wooden stake in his heart. The Second hesitated just long enough for Jacque to catch his leg with a crack of his whip, pulling him off his feet and towards him. The Vampire only had a moment to reorient himself as a silver dagger hidden within the Dark Elf's boot found its way through his temple.

The next two came at him together, a large axe being swing towards him with unnatural force, however with a perfectly timed jump, the Vampire Slayer was gone. The Axe Wilder looked around quickly before he felt two feet land behind him, his Vampire reflexes only allowed him to turn ninety degrees before his head was severed at the base of the skull, the body falling limp and the wound sizzling violently.

The Fourth Vampire, a woman, quickly used the opportunity to lunge at him and sink her fangs into his neck, but as she tried to drain him all she felt enter her body was a horrible burning sensation. She released her fangs as she stumbled backwards, coughing up blood as her flesh was burned out from the inside. “You really should watch your drinks. You never know what someone might have put in it.”

He then felt a large quake of a stomp then another, he turned around to see a charging giant, rage filling his… Red… Eyes? “A Ghoul Giant!? Really pulling out all stops!”

Popping the tops of two philters of liquid, one a silver almost mercury like color, the other a fogging black. As he ingested the mercury concoction his body seemed to fade and blur with speed, but the other potion made his body vanish entirely, turning him completely invisible. The Giant stopped in his tracks, looking around quickly and slamming his club at every slight sound. But despite that, it was over as soon as it felt a burning slash up his leg, the next split second was filled with fire and pain as he was cut a thousand times in a second by an unseen foe, the final strike carving his head in half as Jacque rode the falling giant to the ground. “Three Hundred years, feels like yesterday…”

Eraqus infused his sword with fire and ran among a group of Basilisk, his movements a blur. As he moved past them, they ignited one after another, leaving the charred smell of a dozen reptiles in his wake. He skidded to a stop, and his sword clashed with those of several cultist. Parry. Slash. Dodge. Elbow to the face. Dodge. A slit throat. In top form, Eraqus barely felt tired as he took out one after another. He jumped off of the shoulders of one of them. In the distance, a Hunter was being eaten alive by a hoard of zombies. Eraqus couldn't save him, but a massive fireball ended his life quicker and blew up the zombies to boot.

He landed and backed up, his back bumping into Charter’s as they were surrounded on all sides. “Huh… twenty cultist versus just the two of us? Hardly seems fair, huh?”

“Well considering I was here not that long ago and I killed probably thirty by myself, yea not nearly as fair.” Charter fired one of his explosive arrows at the cult, taking out at least five of them.” Solne chow time.” Slone and his pack came behind Charter and Eraqus biting and tearing into the cult, while Charter kept shooting explosive arrows away from his pack.” Gods do I love having these, glad I ordered a ton before coming here.”

Eliza proudly soar over the battlefield, the harpy Andy at her side. Andy left no quarter for the harpies that had joined Hastur's side. They were as good as dead in her eyes. And so she plunged herself among them, spear in hand. Titania's teaching made her as fast, strong, and agile as any adult harpy. She flew around Eliza, guarding the demon girl as Eliza surveyed the ground. Whenever she would spot a group of cultist or monsters away from any Hunters, she'd open her mouth and send a fireball their way, incinerating some and launching others off the side of the castle.

On occasion, a more dangerous foe would fly to meet the pair. None could stand up to their teamwork. Eliza tore off the wings of a gargoyle as Andy stabbed it in the chest. Andy thrust her spear into the side of a manticore while Eliza tore its throat out. A giant spider tried leaping at them, only for Eliza to slash off four legs on one side while Andy took out the four legs on the other side. A giant tried to reach them. Eliza tore out its eyes and Andy thrust her spear into its throat. For this pair, there was no contest.
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Sylvie found herself moving towards the sounds of screaming, coming face to face once more with the large horde of Zombies. The Huntress flexed her magic a little, knowing she didn't have to be careful this time as she blasted out a green wave of force towards them. Nothing happened at first, but then various kinds of fungus and plants began to grow quickly on the undead creatures, and with another wave, she supercharged them, the decomposers completing a task that would've normally taken months, now seconds as the fungi spread through and devoured their rotten, sickly flesh. However this revealed a sizable group of Skeletons in the fray, one currently cutting a young Hunter clean in half with a long scimitar.

Several of their heads cracked and exploded into dust, the culprits tiny balls of water. Jay hovered with aid from his Light magic, shooting grapeshot-like water projectiles at a Giant, tilting his head as the creature clutched at a missing arm. Another shot soon killed it however, a hole through its head this time. “Song of life, rain of strife…” He started a chanted, remembering a specific spell from a book Elma had given him. “Empty their life.” A watery form about six feet, formed clutching a massive club. It charged into a nearby pack Human Ghouls, smashing one into pulp before smacking a head off.

Noticing a Lycan sneaking up behind Sylvie, Sancros roared out a battlecry, sending his staff barreling towards the wolf creature. It dodged and lunged at him, claws outstretched and jaw snapping menacingly close to his only arm. The Light Elf managed to put up a weak barrier of water before he was knocked out of the sky, the Lycan desperately trying to break through.

However as the Lycan opened his mouth again, seemingly to take his head off, a twisted, gnarled branch grew up out of it's throat, the sharp points piercing and tearing it's flesh. Then, it began to wither like a rose petal as all the life force was drained out of it, the skin pulling taught against the dried flesh like a mummy. “Edan, are you alright?” Sylvie asked from behind the creature as it fell to the floor.

“A little sore, but otherwise-” He started to say before a watery club smashed behind where Sylvie was, crushing a cultist. “Fine. You may want to back me up for my next attack, explosions with pure arcane magic tends to damage most people.” He floated back up eyeing, a striking target: a large group of monsters and cultists who had not yet engaged were waiting to join the fight. Sylvie placed a hand on his shoulder, filling him with extra energy. Sancros smiled coldly, before his staff flew to his hand. “I demand extra snuggle time later.” And with that he dived straight into the large cluster of enemies. At first, nothing seemed to happen besides a cultist being impaled. Then a large explosion tore through the area, ripping apart enemies or throwing them off. The Light Elf panted, not having expelled so much energy in one blow. His staff as well as a boney hand that usually hung around his neck floated up to guard him striking any enemy that dared to near him while he recovered from his magical fatigue. “Two hours of snuggletime… just… need to not die…” He grumbled, surveying another battle from afar.

As Faith removed her glasses, the whole battle seemed to become so much easier to navigate. As she floated above the war waging below, a few Harpies moved in to face her. Two eyes peered from underneath the hood and the Harpies lost their wings, causing them to plummet, and with a little guidance from Faith, down and off the floating castle, blood spurting out from the nubs that were the only sign that they had wings in the first place. “Hmm… It’s just as the book told me… I suppose the same can’t be said for me unless I’m in my duck form, though…” As the knives returned to her side, the trickblade still unused and the longsword in her right hand, she allowed her eyes to roam the battlefield, slowly deciding which enemy she would take out next.

A Hunter was being heavily pressured by a few cultists, their maniacal laughter able to be heard from even as high up as Faith was. The knives by her side soon became not 2, but 22, as her dull throwing knives relinquished themselves from their pouch, only to strike the attacking cultists, pulling out their eyes, slitting their wrists, cutting off their heads, stabbing their brains, slicing their torsos, removing their hearts, and puncturing their lungs, not to mention sliced ankles to make them fall to their knees first. All that could be seen was just a pile of blood where the cultists once stood, had they not been paying attention.

Bea was not as lucky as some of the others. A lucky shot early on from a Phantom had damaged one of her arms. She had it patched up by the healers in the back of the group, but it bothered her whenever she took flight. As the minutes turned to over an hour of battle, it finally caught up with her. A stone tossed by a golem should have been easy enough to dodge in the air, but her arm and wing locked up and she fell to the ground, that same arm shattered. She continued to fight despite it, but she was out numbered, far from safety, and no one was close enough to save her. She took over a hundred heads with her scythe that day, but in the end a group of Mad Ones, driven crazy by corruption, iver powered her and beat her until she was unrecognizable.

Tack rushed forward with his construct, leaving burning corpses scattered across the battlefield. Firing a net arrow he managed to kill a large group of enemies, limbs being the only recognizable state of those unfortunate souls. Tack let his Construct continue to rampage, Rocky gleefully ripping apart several cultists, two harpies, and a lycan while he scanned for other targets. A shot rang out, exposing Rocky’s core. Tack had only enough time to let out a short laugh before a second shot vaporized him, the enemies Rocky was killing and several Havenbrook Hunters. Shadows stabbed into even more people and monsters, killing them regardless of what side they fought for, several going for stronger Hunters and Cultists. “WHERE IS MY ANAQUA.” A voice boomed, angry and malicious as Shini revealed himself leather armor, a rifle and dozens of other weapons on his person. He took another shot, grazing Titania. He reaimed and quickly reloaded before firing into a Giant as it charged at him, only for it to fall short and crush several under its body. “WHERE THE FUCK IS MY ANAQUA.” His shadows stretched out, one aiming for Titania’s head.

A Scythe carved through Shini's arm, the blood rolling up it and dripping off the weapon. Kva grit her teeth, “Who the hell are you!? We're here to stop Hastur!”

The shadows returned to strike at Kva, as Shini used his remaining arm to unsheathe a blade that was too short to be a sword and too big to be a dagger. The design was reminiscent of Stormrendian design and when Shini swung it at Kva, it managed to nick her. Moving back, he stared at her with incredible bloodlust, easily overshadowing Titania’s. However, there was an intelligence to his eyes under the rage that marked him as a dangerous combatant. “Where is the Illithid known as Anaqua? If you even laid a hand on her Reaper… I will make sure to beat the shit out of Taydar himself and make him kill you.”

“With every Hunter you kill, you help the one who hurt your Anaqua.” Eraqus cut his way over, afraid the two would kill each other. “Kva is not your enemy. She is the enemy of your enemy.” He pointed back towards the throne room. “According to the gods, an Illithid help Hastur kill Tempora and kidnap the King and Queen of the Gods before Hastur betrayed her. She is likely returned to her master. So you can search there, or you can help kill these cultist to get back at Hastur. But kill any more of my men, and we will turn our swords on you.”

“You could try. I am a demigod of Yig, meaning your Reaper only pissed me off. I am on par with one of your Gods, but… I’ll let it slide.” A Tendril stabbed into Kva’s shoulder. “I’ll help you… for now. If I find out that you are just telling me what I need to hear to join your side, I will kill Mina Havenbrook and her family.” Shini warned, his eyes cold and emotionless. He quickly seemed to disappear, a shadowy mass slowly killing many of the cultists. “And Reaper, attack me again, and I will kill Titania. She’s not strong enough to deal with me.”

“I’d die again before I let you do that. But the only way to get your friend back is to help us.” Kva casually pulled the tendril free.

Eraqus grit his teeth. An uneasy alliance with a demigod was not what they needed right now, but at least he would be fighting with them for now. He had one problem to deal with right now. He would handle the next one if and when it came up.

While Andy and Eliza were unstoppable above, Arale and Yuffie made for quite the pair on the ground. Their master would be proud of the great teamwork and offense they showed. Arale fought with a single short sword while Yuffie battled with dual katanas. They went straight into the fray and never had to come out. Even after over an hour, with knicks, cuts, and a layer of sweat the only sign they were in a fight, they battled on and on. The secret to their tenacity was, despite watching each other's backs, they were competing. They simply couldn't die. They couldn't slow down. To do so would allow the other one to get ahead in kills.
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And so they pushed on. Arale healed a gash on Yuffie's arm then purified a Phantom. Yuffie tripped up a Cultist before her got to Arale then used her swords like scissors to cut off the head of another. Naturally, combined kills were counted as a point for both. For example, Arale taunting a Chimera towards the edge, only for Yuffie to slice off its wings so when Arale dodged, it tumbled off the edge towards death. But their luck couldn't last forever and their injuries did start to pile up. With their score pretty much even, they started to retreat back towards the healers to fix up their injuries and hopefully get an energy boost to continue the fight.

Elma was conjuring all sorts of heavy altly to shot at the giants, and constructs to fight off the mad ones. Until one came behind her and tackled her to the ground but she used her ice magic to freeze the mad one in place and kicked it off her. Elma used her staff to fly up and look at the battlefield.” Ok Elma be creative there are harpies all around giants and all sorts of things that are hurting everyone think..come on think.” Elma came up with an idea, harpys started to fly towards her. Elma sat on her staff and started chanting something under her breath, the clouds started circling around and elma eyes started glowing blue. As she raised her hands she realised lighting into the sky, the light went across the sky as thunder over the sounds of battle. She looked at the harpies who stopped in there tracks at the sight of Elma.” Allow me to introduce myself, i’m Elma and I am hand chosen by the goddess of compassion. She may be forgiving, but in her name you will not harm my home!” strikes of lightning vaporized the harpies in the sky as she looked down she looked at some zombies attacking the other guilds, as she pointed down bolts of lightning came came crashing down sapping the zombies melting there very skin as everyone looked up at Elma.

With the weather changing, the winds soon picked up as well. Tornadoes formed on the battlefield, with a little push from Faith. The little duck girl smiled at the fact that the area around her seemed to accept her wind gratefully. If her throwing knife blenders wouldn’t slice the enemies to ribbons, then the tornadoes sure would. As the death cyclones touched ground, Faith did as well, helping the injured off the battlefield and hoping to get them to safety, blasting away enemies as need be.

Shots fired from the back line, erupting in different flashy explosions each time. One was a blast of lightning. Another a plume of fire. Another just compressed wind pressure, but the amount of bodies it sent into the air was just as flashy as the other two. Another shot split into 5 and pierced through the heads of the 5 nearest enemies, which caused Zodiak to chuckle to himself. “Why would I use any other types of arrows? These are fucking awesome!”

Magdalene found herself parrying blows with the shaft of her Scythe, deflecting them away and taking heads off with the blade, something she had gotten very good at. She scanned the battle, something strange catching her eye, a beautiful long haired woman casually walking into the fray, clothed simply but wearing a metal chained collar around her neck, the chain itself seemingly broken with considerable force. She gingerly walked, until she suddenly began to sing and a few of the nearby Hunter's seemed like they were tiring. As she walked up to one, her head suddenly snapped around sickeningly revealing a horrible mouth that devoured the Hunter's entire head whole. Magdalene gulped, the rushed for it, almost lopping off it's before it unnaturally dodged.

The head stretched forwards and tried to bite into her arm, but Mags skillfully blocked with her Scythe, the creature breaking some teeth as she pushed it off. Tapping into Baphomet's power, her hair turned black as she let loose a flurry of blows, the Two Headed Woman dodging every one. It let out an inhuman chuckle or gurgle almost before noticing that Mags had pushed it against one if the precarious castle walls. Quickly reaching out and swiping with her hand the blocks holding that section of the ground to the rest of the structure vanished into nothing, the ten or so square feet of masonry crumbling a thousand feet to the ground, taking the creature and a number of other monsters with it.

“Fenix gonna do more da boom boom!” The cute little fox Thrope Sylvie had brought home made good on her word, launching massive fireballs that obliterated everything in its wake.

“Fenix!” Ferron gasped and wheezed as he tried to keep up. He knew, with his level of skill, the only reason he had survived for over two hours was because he was staying so close to someone so strong, believing the young Fenix to be a demigod. Befriending someone so powerful was the best- “Watch out!” He let loose a flurry of arrows into a worg that jumped towards her, felling it before it could cause any damage. Now that he thought about it, the number of times he had to save the reckless tyke made them near even.

After a while, Farron yelled, “That was my last arrow! Let's head back so I can get some more!”

“You go! You go! Fenix has the fun being too much for the stop! Fire! Boom!” She launched another fireball, then another.

“We had a deal to watch each other's backs!” Ferron protested. “I can't do that if I have no arrows, and I certainly can't do that if I leave you alone.

“Tch. Ya, ya.” Fenix floated down to him, hands on her hips. “You be the too wah wah. Bad bad no brain. Not even touch-”

Ferron suddenly lunged for her, turning her around as a lycan slashed at them.

“Bad woof! You fly, fly away!” Fenix let loose a burst of wind under the lycan. It went flying high up into the air. It didn't really matter of it went over the edge. It would never survive the fall back to the castle whenever it finally landed. “Heh heh. Brainless, brainless! Come, Ferfer. We goin’ back…” She looked down and blinked. “Ferfer?”

Ferron didn't say anything. He didn't move. He lay motionless on the ground, his eyes glazed over, a pool of blood pooling around him from the incredibly deep cuts in his back.

“Ferfer? Ferfer!” Fenix dropped down and shook him. “Get up! Fenix need Ferfer watchin’ back! Ferfer! Please!” She sobbed softly as a group of Mad Ones closed in to help her join her downed friend.

Of course, Fenix didn't stand for that. A burst of wind sent them tumbling away. Fenix's eyes glowed a deep orange. She was angry. “Fenix kill… All bad men!” She soared up into the sky and scanned the battlefield. Any cultist or monsters unlucky enough to be near any lycans she spotted were incinerated along with it. In a mad rage, fenix started obliterating men, women, and monsters by the dozens, all while a stream of tears flowed from her eyes.

Betty knocked a Gargoyle out of the way as she saw that, running over quickly and trying to bandage up Ferron's wounds. “Hey! Come on Ferron! You didn't get zhis far to die here!”

A Duck Thrope descended from the sky, leaning down next to the fox. “Hey. Would you allow me to take him to the medical personnel? If he died only recently, he might still live.” Her voice sounded rushed, as if she already had to do so for at least 50 others.

Fenix looked at her with a desperate look. “Yes, please save, please save!”

“Alright. Up you go!” The man started floating and glowing yellow, a small patch-up so that he wouldn’t lose more blood along the way. “Keep it up. You’re doing well. Find someone else to partner with for now.” The duck gave the fox a friendly smile as she floated over the fighting between where the man had fallen and where she intended to bring him, arrows and bolts of magic deflecting off of knives and simply the air around her.

Erin watched as she flew off. “I’m sure he’ll be okay,” she said skeptically, and charged another fire and ice all, bowling over several enemies.” She pointed ahead. “Betty, you have a straight shot. Why not give that new weapon of yours a trial by fire?”

She quickly looked back, then forward, seeing a Chimera much like that one from Fairaven coming towards her. She quickly ran through whether it would be worth it to use it but as she laid her eyes on the ruined wreck of Tack's construct Rocky she suddenly felt full of anger and emotion. Taking the weapon and loading in a measured amount of lightning powder and shot she pointed the gun at the Chimera. “Everyone! Out of ze way!”

Exploding from the weapon came a massive discharge of lightning, bouncing between the metal balls and arching off to ant of the targets they hit. Recovering from the kick took a second but when she did, an entire swath of the enemies reinforcements lay smoking before her. She would've taken time to appreciate her work, if a Golem's arm hadn't slammed into her back, attracted by the energy, throwing her to the floor with a hard thud.

“Betty!” Erin’s staff crackled with lighting power, and blasted the golem, hard enough to knock off an arm and make it stumble over the edge. “Charter, watch my back!” She reached down for Betty. “A-are you okay?! Please, be okay!”
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Charter looked up at another golem and switched to his ax.” Great It’s been awhile since I fought a golem, so why not.” Charter switched his ax out for his explosive arrows, knowing it will be more effective. As Charter fired the arrows at the golems legs chunks of rock started to all off it, and started going after Charter and away from Betty. Charter quickly tossed Erin a potion. “Best go check on her quickly you should be good, and if not throw this bottle of poison and cover your mouths.” Charter ran off continuing firing arrows at the golem, as chunks of rocks started of fall off it threw a rock at Charter. He slid under the rock as started to move closer to the rock creature, as he ran out of arrows he pulled out his ax and poured a green liquid on it sharpening it. He slashed his ax on the goloms arm and drove his sword into the core of the rock monster.” Slone come on boy help get some of the injured to the back.” Slone listen to his master as his pack spread out seeing who need help.

As Erin ran over to her and Charter left fighting there was no one to watch Erin's back, a group of Imps appeared out of fiery portal behind the mage. Quickly noticing, Betty pulled out two of her pistols, taking a pair of shots past her lover and nailing two of the demons in the chest. She then leaned up and physically pushed Erin aside, taking her Gauntlet and scattering another against a nearby wall, pistol whipping the forth in a sequence that only took a few seconds.

Erin sighed. “I thought you were down for the count, and instead you end up saving me.” She looked around at all the devastation around them and said, “Let’s regroup with the others and make sure you’re okay… okay?”

“Erin…” She gripped onto the Rabbit Thrope's shirt, “Have you seen Tack? Is he okay?”

Erin lowered her head and shook it. “There’s… nothing left of him. I’m sorry…”

“Fuck…” Betty lowered her head, “We need to move… I'll… Process zhat later…”

Her eyes darted to the side however, taking a deep breath and picking up in both arms the Netzi's decheveled mech before it plummeted to the ground far below, taking it with her.

Titania panted. She hadn't taken a rest, using all of her endurance to make the enemy pay for every life they took. She had been too far to save Tack, too slow to rescue Ferron. She had to keep fighting, yet… her arms were weak with many cuts, bruises, and gashes. Her legs were practically begging her to rest and it didn't help she was half-way through a Mad horde. She quickly poured the accelerant onto her blade, lit it on fire and cracked her neck. “I should've become a merchant noble…” She whined, before severing a head with ease.

The horde charged, but instead of overwhelming her, they fell down dead, many small holes in their bodies. “Miss me?” A smug voice called out.

“Perfect timing, Jay.”

“Get back to the healer's and rest. I'll cover you till you get back.” A small burst of magic healed some of the cuts away. “Sylvie! Can you make a distraction?”

“I can do that.” Kva responded instead, appearing and then vanishing just as quickly. Suddenly the blood one the stone pooled together forming a massive Blood Werewolf which let out an inhuman roar. Many of the Hunter's turned to face it, but instead it turned to face a horde of Cthuli coming into the fight, tearing them apart and getting their undivided attention.

Most of the Hunters headed back to get healed. Things, relatively speaking at least, were looking good. As the number of enemies finally thinned, the Hunters pulled back towards the throne room, consolidating their forces and preparing for the next wave of enemies. But it never came.

Erin used a pair of binoculars to scan the battlefield, watching as allies fell, returned alone, or returned with injured or the dead. By rough estimates, after felling thousands of enemies, the Hunters had lost half of their numbers.

As bad as that was, something else interested Erin at this time. “There… there are several portals at the back of the enemy line.”

Eraqus nodded. “Makes sense. They wouldn't be able to fit all of their forces here comfortably if they had any more then they started with. Those portals likely lead back to a base on the surface where reinforcements have been coming from.”

“Yeah, except…” Erin looked away from the binoculars. “There are hardly any troops coming out. If anything, I've seen just as many cultist retreat into the portals as ones coming out.”

Eraqus thought, and smiled. “The gods provided us with backup on the ground. Someone must be eating away at their reserves to give us a chance.”

Before they could speculate on it further, a crash behind them made everyone turn their heads. From out of a hole in the massive doors flew a body that crashed to the ground. It was the broken and bloodied form of Nemesis, writhing in pain.

“Gods, hold on.” Elma ran to the goddess and tried to heal her wounds, to the surprise of everyone Elma still has magic left in her. “Ou man she’s in bad shape, her bones some of her organs. I can probably stop the internal bleeding.” Elma said as she made her healing stronger.

“Please… save your energy. I am… too far gone for mortal magic. Even the magic of the gods couldn’t… listen…” She held out a shaking hand, an orb appearing in it and floating into Eraqus’ hands. “This… is our ultimate weapon. The only thing that can… stop him now. We were afraid to unleash it. It costs a… heavy price. And is the reason… he kidnapped our king and queen.”

“Wh-What price!?” Mags knelt down next to the Goddess.

Nemesis pointed to the orb, at one of many cracks that grew with each ragged breath. “It costs the lives of… the original ten. Only when the world… is in such dire straights as to lose us will the weapon activate. We… would have made the sacrifice… but he took two of us. They now fight for him. Please… if you can kill those two… the others will know what to do.”

“All of them…?” Tears welled at the corners of the Sheep's eyes. “No. I won't accept that. There has to be another way…”

“I… know why you cry…” Nemesis wiped one of her tears. “Do not worry. I believe… with the amount of corruption Jerin'dek and Xia'tar have absorbed… they will count for more. With that… you can spare two of us… including the one you love…”

“Nemesis...” Mags laid a gentle hand against Nemesis’ chest, “Thank you…”

She nodded, and closed her eyes. After a moment, she stopped breathing, and the crack was complete.

Eraqus took a deep breath, and looked around at the others. “I need volunteers to go fight the Old One. We need to end this, here and now.”

“Me.” Magdalene instantly raised up a hand. “Who else is coming? Quickly now.”

Along with her stepped forth the Old Knights, Titania and Jay, Sylvie, Betty and Erin, Faith and Zodiak, and Charter and Elma. The rest stayed behind to keep the line guarded, as there were still a number of enemies to guard against. Eraqus led the group to the throne room doors, slightly ajar after Nemesis crashed through them.

The throne room was a mess of blood and gore. So many gods and goddesses, seemingly immortal beings of unmatched strength, lay dead on the ground. Even some of the original ten, the most powerful of the gods, had fallen. All that were left standing were Ahusirra and Skye, Methos, Reht'nar, Ledono and Birusu, and Runseca.

They faced three opponents. Two of them were Jerin'dek and Xia'tar, the king and queen of the gods corrupted and serving their new master.

As for the fusion of Hastur and Yog-Sothoth, he towered over everyone. A humanoid, faceless humanoid form stood atop and within a glowing yellow effigy of dark desire, indescribable for all those who did not see it. From it, three pairs of wing like objects periodically fired lasers at the gods in odd, hard to predict patterns. Dozens of small tentacles stretched and grabbed from underneath while for larger objects, like large tentacles made of smaller tentacles, smashed and crashed. It was a horrifying sight to behold.

“Hmm!” Yog's voice boomed in everyone's minds. “So the pathetic gods are so weak they call upon mere mortals to assist them? How utterly sad…”

“Says the all powerful Old One that needed help from the two Strongest Gods in order to defeat the Pantheon and couldn’t return so he possessed his son like a bitch. No wonder no one from the mortal realms remember if you were this pitiful.” Shini commented, his shadows opening to reveal corpse-like shadow warriors. “If my bloodline wasn’t connected to you in some way, I’d assume you were a weak, little shit. Now, are you going to keep taunting how you are, ‘oh so powerful’, or are you going to actually show how strong you are? Come on, I don’t have all day.”

In anger, the Old one launched a barrage of lasers at Shini. The assassin had little time to position his meatshields, some with very familiar faces, in front of him and the beams. Using his shadow magic to send a bolt right back, he silently hoped that the beam would stop when it ran into his shadows.

As each body was hit by a laser, it burst into ash and was no more. The bolt shot back at Yog simply stopped and disappeared before hitting him, and he laughed. “You think I would be hurt by my own attack. I would be insulted if your very presence here did not anger me to the core! What good do any of you think you can do against the likes of me?!”

“Not all of us are good. Some of us just don’t like you.” Sancros started, as a beam of light shot at Yog slash Hastur. “I just want to go home and relax… and you’re annoying everyone here. Kindly die, will you?”

Xelia huffed and heaved, having been exhausted by the hour long fight with the Lord of Horror. “Please… Keep Talking… Everybody take five…”

Magdalene however quickly made her way over to Methos, wanting to make sure she was okay but ready for any attacks coming from Yog, clearly not in the mood for banter. Methos gave her a weak smile, and fed some of her energy into Jay.
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Not wanting to be left out, the duck let off a beam of light of her own towards the being in the center. “To be honest, I don’t know how many of us will make it out alive. So, I’m putting my all into this.” Faith guided her other hand to meet her first one, amplifying the light she shot forth.

A shot fired from an abnormally shaped spear, seemingly based in light but held much more power. “I’ve been brought back to life to defend people like these from Gods like you. It’s time you stopped causing unnecessary suffering and just lied down dead!” Aldren growled, smacking his chest armor with a closed fist.

The Old One snarled in defiance as he put up a barrier to block the attack. “Go forth! Kill them! I will decorate my new throne with their bones!” Jerin'dek and Xia'tar rushed forward, matching swords and shields in hand. Though they were celestial gods, they coursed with an aura of corrupted chaos magic too powerful to dissipate. It seemed they were completely lost as long as the Old One survived. To supplement their attack, dozens of Hastur copies sprang forth from the ground, moving forward and wiping their tentacles.

Valyrie was cornered by three. She cut them down, the copies bursting into black dust, and four more came forward. Then five. “Guys, we have a problem! We need to take out kingy and queeny as fast as possible if we are going to have a chance!”

Betty's eyes glanced between them, Jeren'dek and Xia'tar… Focusing on the Queen, Betty moved to intercept her, a feeling of dread deep within her stomach. Xia’tar swung her sword with incredible speed, Betty barely able to block each blow, let alone get a strike in. “I have you covered!” Erin swooped in from behind, launching a orb of wind that was like a blow to the back of the goddess’ head.

Betty quickly followed up, landing a powerful uppercut that would've easily taken the head off of a normal person straight to the jaw of Xia'tar.

As for Charter he charged in with his ax cutting into a Hastur clone, Charter seemed to be enjoying cutting down the fake Hastur clones more then anyone should. Charter hacked to pieces dozens of the clones, until he saw the king of the gods coming behind Elma. “Elma Turn around!”

Elma firing her light magic at the Hastur clones until she hear her brother called out to her, when she turned around and saw the king of the gods about to impale her. Elma quickly made a barrier around her to stop the blow, but the barrier was incompleast and he easily broke through it sending his sword into Elma side she screamed in pain since she hadn't felt this kind of pain before, Elma grabbed the shoulders and used her fire made from light Magic to burn the corrupted god reeling him back and taking his sword out of Elma.

A blurred sword slashed and narrowly nicked the King God. Titania backed up to Elma, ready to protect her from harm. “Go to the back and heal yourself. Support from the back, not the front.” She advised, before charging her Grandpa. “And for fuck’s sake, the first time I meet my grandfather and he’s already trying to kill me and my mother. Not a fucking nice gift, Jerin! Your opponent is me now, and Imma fuckin’ knock some damn sense into you!” Her blade lit on fire as she kept herself at a distance, using her sword’s length to slice at her Godly relative.

He struck back, slicing at her with a similar pace. Despite being the King of the Gods, Titania’s abilities made her slightly faster then him, and he started to take damage.

Meanwhile, Sylvie stabbed and impaled four of the clones in quick succession, her eyes focusing on the Queen harrying Betty and Erin. The Sylvan decided to fall back to a tried and true trick, thick vines coming up through the stone work and wrapping around the corrupted Goddess, then with a powerful snap of her wrist, her gifted Wooden Spear cut through the air towards its target. It impaled Xia, but despite leaking a copious amount of corrupted blood, it only seemed to annoy her. Branches and bark started to sprout from her, and it seemed the only thing saving her was the corruption inside her body. She at least seemed to be slowing down.

Eraqus slashed at the never ending wave of Hastur clones. It seemed that in a war of attrition, Yog had the upper hand. He was taking almost as many blows as he was dishing out. He wiped the blood from his brow, and looked back at Titania, single handedly dealing with her grandfather. She seemed to be holding her own, but a dozen Hastur clones were moving to attack her from behind.

As Faith floated above her guild and otherwise, she glared at the opposition: the big boy in the middle. “Don’t resort to cheap tactics, you fucking weasel.” Her beam of light centered on Titania, creating a sort of barrier to prevent attacks from the newcomers to her battle and to heal her wounds. “Otherwise I will have to do the same.”

Methos, still assisting in Jay’s attack, looked up at Mags. “Please. I… know you want to protect me, but you need to help the others. It will take… more than the likes of these to kill me.”

Cutting through a clone, she looked up at Methos worriedly, “Please be safe…”
She then made her way quickly over to Titania, cleaving through clone after with her Scythe. However, when one split, it split into five, all surrounding her, her first instinct was a sweep of her weapon, which killed three, but she quickly felt the tendrils of two of them wrap around her throat from behind.

Thankfully, a blood crescent quickly cut through them from the Reaper Kva, using the potent god blood from off the floor to slam Jeren'dek with a relentless string of razor sharp projectiles. She tried her best not to think about what had befallen Taydar and Grimora, even when a severed gauntleted arm she recognized from her god was pulled into view by her assault.

As the Yog looked on at the battle, getting more annoyed by the second that some mere mortals are lasting this long. It wasn't until he heard a loud roar in the back of the room and large rumbling shaking the very ground, what came from the back of the room was a massive dragon. But it looked off like someone had conjured it The beast spread it wings breathed fire made of light magic at Yog. The dark god looked amused by this construct and sent tentacles to block the attack, when the tentacles burned away the construct charged forward pushing the false god taking him off his throne breaking him through the wall.

“Insolent little wench!” His voice boomed throughout the room. He had underestimated these mortals. As they were not gods, they were not weakened by the field he had placed around him. Now trying to keep his shield up and wrestling with a conjured dragon, he sought to recuperate some of his power. Spotting the Black Knight, her body coursing with corruption, he snaked a tentacle across the ground to claim her very being for his own.

Sensing him, she liquified into a puddle, trying desperately to dodge the incoming appendage. Gold, hovering above the battlefield like Faith, saw this and fired several bursts of lighting, ice, and stone magic at the tendril to buy her time while he charged up his own mana to be a pure bolt to launch at the Old One. “Yog-Sogoth, would you care for some attacks? You did attack Birusu after all, or maybe she attacked you… regardless, she’s hot and while I may be wrinkly, old, and due for death… I will kill you, grind you into paste and feed to slovenly swine. Okay?” He fired the burst of arcana that contained all his mana, and then some, at the Old One. He raised his tendril, and it burst into flames from the attack, but still moved as it moved in on the Gold knight.

The tendril pierced his armor, which, as it was no longer held up by his magic, fell to the floor in pieces. “You can’t kill us all… And I know Hastur will eventually help us kill you. A war on… two… fronts…” Was all Gold could say before his life drained out of his eyes and the blood began to drain out of his body.

Black paused in her retreat, horrified at Gold’s death. “S-silver… I… I need you to watch my back okay?” She called out, as she tried to slip away from the horrible scene.

Silver tried to distract himself from what had happened, but he realized that he had just lost his friend all over again. Still though, he carved his way through the enemies with lightning speed, doing his best to cover his Old Teammate.

“Damn it.” Platinum cried out. “To die in battle is the greatest of honors… but not to a scum sucking pig like him!”

“Don’t let it distract you,” Eraqus advised. “We will have time to grieve later. For now, concen-” He cried out as a tendril pierced his shoulder. He sliced at it, only for four tentacles to grab his ankles and wrists, his body quickly starting to turn to stone. “Shit, not this again!”

When it looked like it was happening too quickly for anyone to stop, an unfamiliar high pitch voice spoke out loudly and powerfully. “Phoenix Fire Cannon!”

A white hot beam of flaming celestial magic lit up the room, cutting through the air and slamming directly into Yog's chest, enough to send even him reeling. As the burnt ozone cleared, there where the shot had formed was a tiny Red Headed Fairy, huffing confidently. “Get the hell off of him!”

“I got it.” Valyrie sliced the tentacles off of the Hasturs, and Eraqus dropped to the ground. “She with us?”

The Elf panted heavily, slowly rising to his feet. “Yes, thank the gods. Did you call her?” he asked, looking towards Ahusirra.

The Nature Goddess was holding up a barrier with her Daughter Skye, blocking the lasers that the Old One was firing the best she could. “I didn't!”

“I saw you mobilizing, I wasn't just going to let you fight alone! Besides, I still owe you a favor Elf Boy!” The Fairy Princess yelled, firing another beaming towards the Old One.