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Bandits of Themosa

Somewhere in Themosa

Since the Norscans allied with there new Ophidian friends they have been cutting a sloth through Virando and finally made there way to Themosa burning entire towns to the ground." Ou it feel great being back in the field, so how do you feel Marilith?" Wulfric asked.

"Glad to be farther north where it is warmer," the Ophidian woman answer truthfully. "Is it always this cold outside of the desert, even in the middle of the day?"

"We are approaching winter," her daughter stated, riding on her mother's tail. "The time of the year when the weather gets colder. But Themosa is plenty north, as you said. The men should be okay here."

"That's good to hear, I was concerned that you all would be in trouble." Wulfric said rubbing both of there heads.

Lorica road on her worg looking around the area, making sure that no guards were around." Alright I think we should make camp, this county is very large pulse we have some history here best get back to a hundred percent again." Crixus agreed and called the order to make camp, everyone started chopping down trees and clearing the area as well as unpacking there food.

It was late at night. Not late enough for people to be turning in, but the sun was down, only moonlight and the fires lighting the camp. A solitary figure moved stealthily around the area and among the tents, listening in to whatever they could hear.

"Ugh it feels good being back on my feet again, raiding pillaging hunting, again. Though I gotta admit Marilith your people are quiet tough It's no wonder Lorica and Wulfric respect you, how do you being with us by the way and my two friends?"

Maralith grinned. "I have to admit, I was expecting this whole thing to fall apart pretty quickly. But you're all pretty strong yourself. And I love the loot we've picked up. Though we just bearly escaped the Virando army comong down on us. We might want to be more discreet here in Themosa. Hear the king is pretty strict."

"We know, they kinda hate us after all we raided there shipyards devastated there country before we ran into you. That's why were a horde now this way we can move at our league away from the coming army, we need more people. We could hire mercenaries we did used to have mercenaries with us as well before hand."

Marilith's young daughter looked up from her book. "What about that resistance group? Are you still going to try and contact them? Or are you going to attack them?"

"Were gonna help them." Lorica said rejoining the camp coming with plenty of food and sat next to the group."

"Lorica why should we help them, and why do you care you never cared for anyone outside of the Norsca?" Crixus asked.

"I don't know much about the main land, but I know from the breaf time I've been here my people have been enslaved in certain countries. If these rebels want to save them I wish to join them, besides the rich are much better targets then some rebels."

Crixus rubbed his beard." Hum fighting one army that's the strongest and that have a foot hold on this country is a good idea, if we see them then will ask if we could help them. For now we keep burning there cites and eventually a mine again.

Angelika blushed slightly and smiled at Crixus. "You're such a strong, wise leader. It is no wonder..." She paused suddenly, her eyes darting to the side. She slowly turned her head to look off to the left.

"Whoever's out there best come out now." Lorica said to whoever was watching them and hiding some where in the camp.

A woman with snow white hair and wolf ears stepped out of the shadows. "Thought I was pretty quiet. How did you know I was here?"

Angelika answered, "I noticed the glint of light reflecting off your eyes, and I knew no animal would dare get as close as a person."

"Not to mention your around snake people and your own kind, we were bound to smell you at some point." Lorica said. "Now before we start tearing you apart limb for limb best get to explaining who you are."

"Puh-lease. You look like you could bearly tear apart a one course meal..." The woman placed her hands behind her head. "Maybe I was working for that resistance you were talking about. Maybe I work for the royal guard. Either way, it should be obvious what I'm doing; spying on you, duh."

Lorica laughed and quickly let her Thorphen side out her skin became cat like her hair more wild and her teeth became razor sharp." Lady I suggest that you be very clear who your with after all." The entire camp started to surround the woman, she saw Monsters and other raider around her. "You best make it real clear who your with woman, Or you could be food to my beast."

"Lorica stand down for now, after all a spy wouldn't just come straight to us and reveal herself to us." Crixus said.

"Best listen to your friend." The mystery woman started to transform, but she didn't just take on wolf features. Something about her appearance was... demonic. Not to mention she started to grow. "Ask nice, and I might be more forthcoming. Threaten me, and I can promise half of your men will die before you take me down... at least."

Lorica instead of being intimidated, started to smile at the beast woman. Her tiger torphen blood almost demanding that she fight it. Lorica started to take her spear out." Ou i'm gonna injoy-"

Crixus punched Lorica head." Enough Lorica I know you like a good fight, and we have fought demons before but she hasn't attacked us." Crixus looked at the woman." Now as for you, we have fought many enemy your new sizes doesn't matter to us, we can still fight you. So instead of us threatening each other, you best explain why your here." Crixus demanded.

The woman considered for a moment. Like Lorica, she had the urge to fight. After some consideration, however, she slowly shrank down. "You have been causing quitw the ruckus. I was scouting to see if you were a threat to the Themosan Resistance Front."

“You’re with the resistance, and here I was thinking we should help you sorry lot.” Lorica said.

"Oh, yeah?" The woman pointed angrily at Lorica. "Like we want help from a bunch of cutthroat murderers and bandits!" She looked over at Crixus. "Shw speak for all of you? Because if big mouth here does, I'll go back right now and let the others know you're our enemy!"

“Do That And you’re group won’t last the knight I doubt you could fight us and the army, so here’s the thing you can accept our help or die fighting us and the army.”
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The woman sneered at Lorica. "She has a big mouth yet I get the threats. Look, it isn't my decision anyway. You want to talk to Korra. I can arrange a meeting, but you need to know how to talk to people. Threats will go even less well with her then me... and she's a lot stronger then me. Now... you want to meet her?" She eyed Lorica. "Or you want to insult us some more. Because I could sling some insults myself. The smell here for example..."

Lorica snarled at the woman.” Last I checked your in my camp spying on us, you don’t deserve hospitality.”

“Lorica stand down Crixus yelle.” She’ll be Good around your leaders.”

"Fine." The woman pointed behind her. "About five miles north from here is an abandoned fort. Run down piece of junk you can't miss." She held up a trio of fingers. "Bring only three people there in two days."

“Fine will be there, it shouldn’t take us that long anyway.” As the woman left Crixus looked around.” Alright then Lorica Wulfric and mamba will go to this meeting.”

Marilith folded her arms. "What about you? I'm not one for negotiating. You'd probably be better going in my place."

“And that’s exactly why you’re going. Look we all must do things for the clan that we normally won’t do, and for you and Lorica that’s negotiating.”

Marilith shrugged. "Very well. And what will you do in the meantime?"

“I will be preparing our forces for an assault just in case, this goes south.”

Maralith nodded, and cracked her six sets of knuckles. "This should be fun."

Two days later, the trio approached the run down fort.

Lorica paced back and forth in her tiger form, like a wild beast feeling impatience." Were the hell are they, they should have been here by now."

"Relax Lorica, besides I need you to be on your best behavior." Wulfric then walked to Maralith and started rubbing her." Are you gonna be good I don't want you to eat one of them or coile them."

Marilith nodded, sighing. "I'm with Lorica though. Making us wait so long is infuriating."

"Patience is a virtue." They all looked up and saw a fluffy, white cloud floating above them. "I needed to make sure you were all alone," said a voice from the cloud.

"And here I thought we were going to talk to a Thrope not a cloud, ether come out, so we could talk or you could keep hiding we could fight each other and your little group can be destroyed." Wulfric said.

"Really?" The cloud floated down, a woman with a voluptuous body, as well as monkey ears and a tail, sitting on top of it. "You know, I came here in good faith. Are you really going to start threatening me now?"

"Relax I just don't like being messed with, I was expecting a person not a cloud is all. That is quiet the interesting cloud you have there what is it?" Wulfric asked out of curiosity.

The woman grinned. "My own mix of wind and water magic given minor sentience with a special spell." She jumped down, and it flew off. "Korra Devolina."

"I'm Wulfric, the tiger Thorpe is Lorica and the giant Ophidian is Marilith. We have come to make you an offer, the thing is Norsca has a history with this country. We've been raiding here for months, then they united with Bevlan to take us down. Since were here again and looking for a certain item we might as well get some payback on them, now we decided that instead of fighting two army even though we could but we would rather help one side then take on two armies we decided to make a deal with you."

"Is that so?" Korra leaned against her staff. "And what is this certain item you're looking for?"

"A fight that's not your concern." Lorica said." The point is we are offering to help you, we could ether help you of fight you both. I would rather help you." Lorica walked to Korra." I'm not from this land, i'm from and island several miles away I had no idea how my kind was treated here. So I wish to help you because something tells me you need it."

"I see..." Korra took a deep breath. "Tell me... why is it help us or fight us? What about the third option of... stay out of each other's way? I mean, not to be rude... but you guys are a bunch of murderers and thieves."

"Hmph." Maralith folded her arms. "Says the woman marked as a terrorist."

"I am no...!" Korra shouted, then turned away. "I... am not a terrorist."

Lorica took a deep breath." Look were gonna be here no matter what, we burn entire towns to the ground we destroy army hunt beast no one dares to do. Look we have experience doing whatever we want, we also can get into areas your people can't say a mine filled with slaves." Lorica said suggestively.

Korra raised an eyebrow. "Oh? Is that so? And... what's in it for you, hmm?"

"We get part of the slaves to join us, you get the other half. Now we can do this together or we could do this alone and you get nothing." Lorica said.

Korra turned and pointed her staff at Lorica. "You will not barter with peoples' lives! They will all be free to do what they wish! No one joins my resistance because we released them, so there is no splitting of people 50-50 like a pie! If people want to join you, fine. But I will NOT stand by while your use scare tactics to force them into a life of villainy!"

All the leaders of Norsca rolled there eyes” Guess lady must you be a goody goody.” Lorica said.

Korra grit her teeth. "You know what lady? You're starting to piss me off."

Wulfric got in between the two lades."Alright look we don't need this, Lorica I understand you you want to get things done with force it's why I like you but we're trying to make friends here."

"Says the woman that won't let people join her after freeing them, tell me something how many times have your freed people that they ended up being captured again because of you not recruiting them?"

"Tell me, how many people have you 'saved', only for them to either becomes killers or die in some wicked fight." Korra pointed her staff threatening. "Heartless, vile, unkempt witch!"

“You worthless excuse of a leader.”

Lorica!” Wulfric yelled.” Have you forgotten why we’re here? We’re hear to talk not fight remember what the god hunters said and cool it.” Wulfric then turned to Korra.

“Now as for you, you don’t know us. Yes we’re marauders but the majority of us were slaves and gladiatos as well as mercenaries so don’t you judge us.”
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"Then don't judge me." Korra folded her arms. "You think I don't know some of those people I let go were recaptured or killed. It hurts. But I have no choice." She glared at Lorica, obviously about ready to snap.

Lorica rolled her eyes and breathed out.” Look I wasn’t born on the main land, I was born on a island mills away so I don’t know about slavery. But I don’t like it so excuse if I feel like you’re not doing your best, if had brought those people under your protection then maybe you have a better fight. You stop this then give those people you freed something worth fighting for.”

Korra's eye twitched. She had come in good faith to talk to a bunch of marauders. The last thing she had expected, or had been prepared for, was for her methods to be questioned.

Slowly, creepily, she smiled. "Hey... Lorica, was it? Want to see a neat trick? See my staff?"

“Ou if you’re gonna make it “disappear” or something, you’re welcome to try.” Lorica slowly pulls out her spear.

She was then punched by Wulfric sheild.” No! We’re not doing this, Lorica stand outside and stand guard.” Wulfric shouted

“Fine anything is better then these talks!” Lorica stomped outside.

“Look sorry about her, she’s a good general and fighter but not so with words.”

"Damn. Now I'm all riled up and have no one to take my anger out on." Korra knelt down and sighed. "Do you have any idea the kind of pressure I'm under? I don't agree with what you do... but I envy your freedom. You go where you want. Do what you want to do. Meanwhile, I have many, many, many people out there expecting me to change the government. I wanted this to stay peaceful. Now... I'm the terrorist former noblewoman who started a civil war. Hundreds of people have died under me and it... well, it's a bit stressful."

Wulfric chuckled.” You remind me of our former leader, thong with her was she went straight to the war part in order to save her people. And in the end she gave her life for them.”

Korra nodded. "Truth is, you have me up against the wall. We're not doing so well and... a few more losses, and that'll be it. This war will be over."

“Okay look, Lorica despite what you saw she’s a great leader. She’s in control of our monsters that we captured, now we also have plenty of battle of experience. Now we can help you but you must let us be us, like you said we’re marauders we enjoy war and battle plus we can do the things your people can’t. So here’s my offer, we’re gonna burn city’s that’s just what we do. But we won’t kill any woman children or men fleeing with their families, now we share the loot with each other and you let us give the slaves we freed a choice to join us.”

Korra huffed. "Fine. We'll stay out of your way. I'm o ky agreeing because things aren't going well. Rather sell out my principles then lwt everyone down. But you need to tell us before you sack any villages so we can pull out any groups. And when you free a slave camp, they get an equal choice to which group they join, and no intimidating those who want to leave. Deal?"

"Fine we can work with that, we will try and inform you on which village we assault it would be best that you have someone in your group join us were very active. Were a horde we tend to move a lot so if one of your people joins we can inform you a lot quicker.

Korra nodded. "I'll send Bethany to join you. You already met her. She'll be in your camp in a few days." Korra whistled and jumpwd, landing on her cloud. "And a word of advice for your companion Lorica. Bethany has only ever lost a fight to me, and if you think I displayed a short temper, I am as patient as a monk compared to Bethany. Best the two avoid each other, else you might end up with a fight on your hands."

She flew away without another word. Marilith moved to Wulfric's side and asked, "So that went... well? With all the yelling, I'm not quite sure."

"It was something though Lorica will not like that that spy will be with us for the time being, so best we get back to the camp and handle this our way." The trio returned back to camp and told Crixus what happen

"Huh Lorica what did I tell you, you need to hold that timer of yours it's great on the field of battle but not with negotiations. But it sounds like our little spy friend will be joining us so we will be giving her a warm Norscan welcome when she get's here." Crixus said.

"Is that so." Everyone turned to the source of a new voice. A man in formal, royal looking ware had come out of nowhere, standing before the group with close set eyes and a wide grin. He lifted his arm, and waved a small white flag. "Then perhaps we should talk before she gets here."

“Ou great a noble please tell me I get to kill him.” Lorica said.

“Is there a reason some rich fool has come to my camp, you best get to explaining quickly.”

"Don't let the fancy clothes fool you. I am simple a humble soldier. Well... maybe not humble enough not to admit to being one of the most deadly assassins in the Themosan army." He grinned and Lorica. "How was your meeting with Ms. Devolina? I hear she can be... quite the handful."

"She's a softy, that lacks a spine for war. She's to soft and wants to dance around war instead of just straight up attacking you bastards, now as for me i'm in a relay bad mood which means you better get to talking quickly before I get to killing you." Lorica said.

"You best not underestimate Ms. Devolina. Many of my allies have, and it because of this that this little... resistance has lasted so long." The stranger turned to Crixus. "I have a proposition for you. A lucrative one that will make my people happy and you a lot of money. Is there somewhere we can talk away from... hostile individuals threatening to murder me before I can make you said money?"

Crixus looked at his clan." If i'm not back in fifteen minutes hunt this man down and feed him to the monsters." Crixus fallowed the assassin into the woods and he crossed his arms." Let me guess you want me to help the your clients in beating the Resistance, instead of you know killing all of your people and raiding all there precious banks."

The stranger chuckled. "You are very intuitive. But we only need the smallest degree of help. If you were to inform us of any outposts you discover or town they are stationed in, we will make it worth your while. We'll even turn a blind eye to your raiding."

"Your aware that we raided your country and brought it near it's knees a few months ago, we can destroy you besides I can get more money out of raiding your banks then your masters will ever pay me and my men. Were not for hire."

The stranger shook his head. "I don't understand your hostility. And you under estimate how much we are willing to give you. You see, if we stop the resistance, that is a lot we are spending on the war effort that'll go into your pockets." He grinned. "Meanwhile, our spies will stay one step ahead of you and clear out the banks of any cities in your path. So I ask, why turn down the easy payment?"

"We love a fight." Crixus walked to the man."We enjoy battles hunting, the money is a bonus. We fight for our gods and burn in there name we do this because we can, so go ahead clear your banks we will kill your soldiers destroy your mines prisons and everything you ever built because it's what we do for glory."

The man sighed. "Very well. I will be on my way then." He turned and walked away, saying, "I will be back when you come to your senses."

"I wouldn't hold my breath, on that happening." Crixus came back to the camp." Well that was a interesting talk ."

"Let me guess he wanted us to help him and the there army right?" Lorica said.

"Of course he did, now I didn't want anything to do with him or his people. Now we can continue with raiding there country."


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Dealing with rookies and a demon

Sacriam middle of town.

Charter was walking through town after knowing were Esmerelda, Mina doesn’t want him to rush after her like some madman but to instead keep taking jobs to keep his mind busy and to keep testing himself.” Ugh I mina is right I can’t go after Es yet like some madman and let myself get surrounded and taken.” Charter mad his way to the bounty board he then saw a group of adventures that looked to be a bunch of rookies just by looking at their equipment.

“Ou come on there’s a job to take care a necromancer out near the Mirandia, we can take them!” A young human boy said with a short sword and shield and some, not the best steel armor.”

“I don’t know Solex I’m not sure were ready for Skeletons let alone a necromancer we have no idea how many there are.” The woman seemed to have no weapons on her but she wore basic armor.

“Ou come now Alexia we could handle a few skeletons besides I will have our backs and handle them from afar.” A light elf said with a bow and arrow on her back.”

“She’s besides how hard can a few can bone heads and a necromancer be right, I’m sure we’ll be fine.” A Thrope said who looked like a bull Throphe with a very large hammer.

“Humm I wouldn’t recommend it, for what I could guess are a bunch of novices.” Charter said to the group. Skeletons may not be much if you have light magic ore the right amount of potions to deal with them, a necromancer is a whole other story especially if it’s in a graveyard I would recommend something easier for a bunch of novices.”

Solex looked at Charter with hate in his eyes.” Hay nobody asked you, we can handle a bunch of skeletons!” Solex shouted.

“Humm have fun then, I hope you make it back.” Charter went to the front desk.”

“Ah Charter it’s good to see you again, we do have a great job for you. A bunch of trolls near a farm, there’s also a necromancer in the grave yard, as well as imps to the south.” The desk woman said.

“Ugh Terra is getting more and more dangerous by the day, I will take all three jobs. But that farm seems like it will benefit everyone in the area so I guess I’ll head there first.” Thank you Mr Charter happy hunting.”

Charter looked at all three jobs and nodded his head, he then started to go outside of town looking at the troll job and saw that it was west of there. “Guess this will keep me busy for a while.”

“Hay you!” Charter turned around and saw the four adventures that he saw earlier.” Mr. are you really goanna fight all those monsters by yourself?” Solex said

“Of course I am it will keep me busy for the next few days?” Charter whistled hopping his wolves will come.”

“That’s nuts you can’t fight all those on your own.” the young archer said.” Let us help you I mean you shouldn’t do this alone.”

Slone and the rest of his pack came out of the forest and surrounded Charter, the group of adventures backed up in shock epically of the alpha of the pack who had better armor then they did. Charter pet Slone and got on his back. “As you can see I don’t need help, like I said go do something easier kids you will live longer for it.”

“But why don’t we come with you.” The woman wearing only robes said.” Like you said were not experiences with this but it doesn’t mean we haven’t trained for it, please we could use the experience.”

Charter looked at them, they reminded him of how he was a few years ago before HaveBrook and sighed.” Fine I guess I could use the company, it’s been a while since I had some hunting partners.”

The grouped cheered as Charter accepted them.” Ou guess we should introduced ourselves.” I’m Solex, I guess you could say I’m the leader of this group, the woman with no weapon is Alexia, the woman with the bow is Anna and the big Thrope is Gravel. So what’s your name sir?”

“I’m Charter and this giant dire wolf is my partner Slone and this is his pack, and don’t worry they won’t eat you the only attack when commanded.”

Alexia ogled at Slone.” Wow you tamed Dire wolves how did you do that?”

“I raised this one when he was a pup, the others fallowed him when he became there alpha. Now then best we get moving were breaking day light.” Charter and the group started to move to the farm, as they started to set charted put his sword away and pulled out his bow.” Hay it’s getting dark why don’t we go hunting?”

Um sure Ok.” Charter whistled and made a motion with his hands and the wolves went ahead of the group.” Good why don’t you all fallow me?” Charter lead the group into the forest, were Charter found some tracks, as he followed them he found a heard of Elk. The Dire wolves starting to chance the heard killing a few in their wake, Charter started to fire arrows at the heard killing two Elks, Anna also fired some arrows bun only hit its leg as Charter dragged his meal to the camp and the others started to make camp , Charter stopped Anna and brought her to the side.” You’re not used to this are you?”

“Well I am I’m just not used to hunting is all, don’t worry I will get better once we get to the farm.”

Charter stopped the woman and asked her to draw her bow, she looked confused at the statement but did what she was told. Charter quickly pointed out how she was holding the bow wrong, Charter fixed her posture and her stance and how she held the bow. Once then made camp Charter went to the Elk and started to prep the Elk and made a few ribs out of them and put them on the fire as well as grilling its legs.

“So Charter how experience are you?” Solex said.” I mean how long you have been doing this huh the whole monster hunting thing.”

“It’s been ten years now, and the last year has been the craziest of the last decade.”

“Wow you have been at this for a really long time, I would have never imagined someone doing this for so long.” Anna said

“Were you ever a solder or a mercenary?” Gravel asked Charter

“In a way, I was a wonder for that time I just went to place to place seeing the world helping anyone that I came by and killed my hand full of monsters going from Worgs to Giants.”

“Yes!” Solex shouted. “That’s what I want to be, the kind of guy that can take giants and all sorts of monsters even a dragons one day!”

“You see that, it’s that aragonites that will get you killed.” Charter said not just to Solex but to the others.”

“What, isn’t that why you became an adventure to fight monsters and for glory, to have songs sung about you?”

“No I became a hunter to help others, not for the glory or the many things people wishes to get being a hunter. Let me tell you something Terra takes the arrogant and ether kills them or mess them up mentally that they never fight again.” Charter said bluntly.

“Well I’m goanna be the best swords man, to have been seen these trolls are just a stepping stone.”


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Part 2

“Is that so?” Charter stood up “Then come at me, come on let me see what you got.”

Solex gritted his teeth thinking Charter was being arrogant, he charged Charter with his sword. Charter dogged the attack and tripped the young man, Solex got back up and started to swing his sword at Charted. Charter dogged the sword slashes, he then punched Solex stomach mid slash and punched him in the jaw.”

Your swings are too wide, that’s not a great sword your carrying not is it an ax.” Charter took the sword and helped Solex up. “The sword is a piercing weapon good for multiple things, but its best stabbing or slicking throats. You used your shield you block attacks and if possible use it as a weapon, if your goanna swing like that get an ax it might be better for you. Also while you swing like that you leave yourself open to be stabbed in the sides.”

Solex looked at Charter and took his sword back and went to his tent to sleep, Charter rolled his eyes and had everyone ate the Elk. The following day the group mad it to the farm.

“Ou thank goodness your hear, some damned trolls came and killed all of my livestock. We can’t live much longer.”

“Don’t worry we will handle this, would you mint telling me were the trolls are coming from?”

“They’re coming from a cave nearby, please hurry my son went after them.”

“Hum we will try and save him if we see him. Let’s go get this job over with.” Charter lead the novices to a cave were bones are littered on the outside of it. “Right so Slone and the rest of my wolves will stay out here, now then as for the rest of us Anna you will stay in the back as for the rest of you Solex you will stay with me, Gravel watch our right flank.” Charter looked at Alexia. “Um no offence but what can you do?”

Alexia smiled “Don’t worry I will watch your backs, I can watch our left flanks.”

Charter raised an eyebrow.” Very well I’ll watch your back, alright then let’s head in.” The group walked into the cave and saw traveling a good while the saw one troll, covered with scales and green skin. The group laid down staying downwind so the troll won’t catch there scent.”

“What are we waiting for, it’s just one troll let’s just take him out.” Solex said.

Charter stopped Solex and grabbed a rock and threw it near a part of the cave, then two more trolls came from the side.” Great and now I know where they are, Ok so here’s the plan we make this quick. So here’s the plan Anna and will fire arrows at the trolls while Gravel and Solex take on one Alexia will fight one of the with Anna support.

The group nodded and they got into position, or they were until Solex charged in and plunged his sword into the troll side. The troll looked at Solex and Solex sword was stuck in the troll side, as its wound started to heal. The troll grabbed Solex and slammed him into the tree and around the cave and the threw him to the side, the troll opened its mouth as it hovered over Sloex. A sword then appeared in the trolls’ mouth as Charter plunged his sword into the troll’s skull and through its head he then dropped his sword and backed up.

Suddenly Gravel came and slammed his hammer into the side of one of the trolls, Alexia came and kicked the troll to the ground she then quickly made her way to the second troll while Anna started filling it with arrows. The Arrows kept the troll distracted while Alexia kicked the troll in the stomach forcing it down to her level as she then kicked it in its jaw, she then went for another kick but the troll grabbed her leg and slowly started to stand up.

It then found its arm cut off and its heart in great pain. As it looked down it saw Charter next to it. It tried to swing it’s free arm but Charted used his shield to block the blow and used his sword to slice the knees bringing it down again and thrusting it’s sword through its neck. Charter looked at the third Troll and saw that Gravel was smashing its head with his war hammer.

As Charter looked at the trolls he then went to Solex and looked him over, he was alive but barley. Charter picked him up and took him out of the cave, once outside Charted went through his pouch and pulled out a large red bottle and poured the contents of it down Solex throat.” He’ll live, but he has several broken bones, I told him that charging in and being arrogant would get him killed all of you.”

The Trio looked at Solex and Charter.” Um Charter were sorry that we asked to come with you on this we were clearly not ready for this or to be hunters.”

Charter looked at Solex and sighed.” Look you weren’t prepared, it happens there are just situations you aren’t ready for it. The thing about being a hunter is that there are trials and error things will go bad, there are things you won’t be ready for. But as hunters you must overcome these trials.”

Gravel looked at Charter.” Thanks Charter for this experience were sorry for slowing you down.”

“Humm.” Charter went to Slone and pulled out a huge bag and tossed it to the group.” Look you will gain Experience over time but a little help won’t hurt, for now let’s tell the farmer that the trolls are gone and give him the bad news.

As Charter went to the farm the Novice adventures opened the bag, and they saw plenty of gold silver and chopper coins more then they seen in their lives. As they fallowed Charter to the farm Charter told the farmer about the job and how they didn’t see his son survive, the farmer had tears in his eyes but payed Charter. Charter looked at the adventures.” You three take care of your friend there, and make sure to keep him in line.” Charter then got on Slone and road back to town.

In town Charter rented an inn, and tried to relax before he headed out tomorrow to handle the imps. As Charter headed to his room a woman fallowed him all the way to his door.” Can I help you with something, I already have plenty of jobs on my hand so I’m not for hire.”

The woman started to laugh. Ou I’m not here to hire you, I’m here to relieve you of your frustrations.” The woman hugged Charters back and Charter started to feel something wrong with him. “Ou your frightened, that’s cute see I’ve had my eye on you for quite some time I’ve seen just how lonely you’ve been. Working yourself to death, training to the point where your mussels fell like falling off my what a busy boy you’ve been. “

Charter couldn’t fight back agents this woman.” You’re a succubus aren’t you?”

“Ou you’re a smart one aren’t you, yes I’m a succubus and I’ve had my eye on you for a good while now. And I see that you need to release yourself you went so many years before without reliving yourself, then you found that Light Elf and then you lost her. My your one dedicated man but who’s there for you now that she’s gone again of her own free will.” The woman walked Charter into his room and started to take off his armor and threw his sword to the side.

Charter wanted to fight back against this demon but his body won’t listen to him. Damn I’m in trouble, my body won’t listen to me. But I do admit that she is sexy, damn it! It’s the Aura around this woman it’s her.”


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Jun 23, 2013
Part 3

The succubus laid on top Charter stomach and looked behind her.” Ah there he is and I see that this guy is resisting me, my you are stubborn the fact that my Aphrodisiac effect isn’t effecting this little guy says you have quiet the mental fortitude. Ou but I know how to get you up and ready.” The woman body started to change, as she touched her clothes they started to disappear revealing her wings and horns and pointy ears. But her skin didn’t change in fact her skin looked as pail as a light elves same goes for her hair which was white as snow, unfortunately for Charter this meant that she was at her full power and her Aphrodisiac effect filled the room and was stronger than before.

Charter expressions changed to someone that had hate in his eyes, to ones filled with lost and who lost all reason with his mind. Charter jumped on the demon and started kissing her.

The succubus started kissing Charter back, she then removed Charter’s pants and started rubbing his manhood.” Ah there it is, Looks like you good and excited now. But let’s enjoy ourselves first, no need to get to the good part yet after all I do plan on taking my time with a noble warrior like you, who’s so dedicated with his job.” The Succubus stopped kissing Charter, and moved down to his manhood and put it in her mouth using her throat and tongue to pleasure him. After a few minutes of this she took it out of her mouth and looked at it.” My you are resilient one aren’t you.”

Charter grabbed the Succubus horns and shoved his manhood down her throat, and started thrusting into her throat. The Succubus was taken off Guard as he ejaculated into her throat.”

She started swelling his sperm. How delicious, it’s so rich with just the right amount of taste. It’s not too thick nor is it like jelly, such an amazing treat. She tried to move away from Charter, but he was still holding on to her horns and he started thrusting into her mouth again. What! What is this why isn’t he slowing down, why does he still have so much energy I haven’t finished the last batch of energy and he’s continuing like it’s nothing.

Charter continued thrusting his manhood in the succubus mouth, The succubus was able to remove her mouth form Charter. “Hold on their big boy, let me take over for a little bit there’s no need for you to try and rush this.” The Succubus wrapper her breast around Charter man hood and moved them up and down and wrapped her snake like tongue around Charter until he ejaculated again.

Charter then grabbed the demon and put her on the ground, and started licking her lower area when the demon was weak enough he put his fingers inside her.

She mooned with pleasure, as Charter kept his fingers inside while his other hand fondled her breast and he started kissing her.” What is with this human, he’s taking complete control in this situation I may have underestimated him but he’s acting like a lover than anything else. Ou how sad well the longer he’s like this the more energy I can steal from him, so I might as well enjoy this at least I can finally enjoy myself before he dies. As Charted continued fingering the demon she screamed as she finally climaxed.

Charter mind started to come back slowly, he then looked around and saw the situation. What the hell happen, how did it come to this how long has this been going on! Charter could feel something tightening around his finger. Wait is this because she climaxed, if I can make her do that Enough I might be able to control my body again.

The succubus breathed heavily and smiled at Charter as she crawled to the bed.” Come her my lovely warrior claim your prize and be bound to me forever.” Charter body moved on its own as he inserted himself into the succubus, and started thrusting as he fondled her breast and rubbing her sensitive areas with his fingers causing her to Climax again. Ou what an amazing pens I’m goanna have fun taking this one back home with me.

Charter continued thrusting into the Succubus as he is again slowly gains control of his body. Come on just a little more I can’t climax inside her if I do that then my soul will more than likely be take by her. Charter grabbed her arms and started thrusting faster and faster causing her to Climax again. Charter then wrapped his hands around the Succumbs neck and started strangling her. “You are goanna pay for this, you fucking bitch.” Charter then took his penis out of her as he add pressure to its neck.

“What you shouldn’t have control of your body again, this shouldn’t be happening your soul should be mine by now!”

I’m a very stubborn man demon, now will you just shut up and accept your death!” Charter started to add more force and the succubus started to lose contuses, she then vanished in thin air leaving a trail of dust in the room.” Damn thing almost had me there, I’m sorry Es I wasn’t myself during that.” Charter went to the side of the room and grabbed his clothes and stood awake the entire night.


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The fallowing is done by Dhalexpert&ZombieSplitter53

Elma and the institute

After her battle with Hastur, and after the goddess of compassion teleported her near the train station Elma finally reached Fairaven.” Wow Look at this place I can practically feel the magic all over this place.”

"Ms. Van Dam?" A Light Elf in a clean, black suit that contrasted his light skin tone walked over. "Is that you?"

“Ou Um Yes I’m Elma Van Dam, I’m sorry about this I wasn’t expecting an escort. Or Um who are you?”

"My name is Dimitri. Um..." The light Elf bowed his head. "Word of your arrival has spread. Your father is quite an influential man, so when his daughter comes here unexpectedly, eyebrows are... you know, raised."

“Ou right, it’s Um been a while since people recognize my family name and what it means. Huh I forgot how this was like.” Elma cleared her throat.” Right I’m here for a more personal reason, you see I seek to expand my magic abilities and since this is the land of magic and scholar what better place.”

Dimitri nodded. "My employer’s expected as much. They have been watching your progress and are quite impressed with your skills. Watch... in a professional sense, I mean. They, uh... have eyes everywhere."

Elmas bright smile went to a Saturn scowl.” Really,I seem to catch the attention of damn near everything these days.” Elma sighed.” Well at least these guys are mortal, so do you mind telling me We’re I’m heading I would like to start purchasing book now. Or do you have any raider or beast giving the town trouble?”

"Raiders or... n-no, the city guard keeps the general public safe. Um... the director would like to speak with you, though if you would like to purchase some books, I could take you to the market place on the way first."

“Hum I think it would be best that I go see the director, I wouldn’t want to keep him waiting besides I need to learn magic that isn’t sold in the market. No offense.”

"None taken. Some of the best magic is learned in use, not from a book." Dimitri waved his hand to the side. "If you'll follow me, I have a carriage waiting for you. It is not the most luxurious ride. I-I tried to get you one of the institute's automobiles but... alas, they, uh... don't trust me to drive it..."

“Don’t worry about it, I haven’t been living a luxury life for months now. I simple wagon is just fine with me, actually it’s almost purred less eye looking that way.”

Dimitri led her to the carriage. Despite his apologies, it was quite the lavish piece of work, fancy enough that her own family might use it. As they rode down the streets, the Light Elf laughed out loud suddenly.

Elma looked confused at the light Elf. “What’s so funny, did I miss a joke of some kind?”

Dimitri shook his head as he watched the road, slowing the horses down at an intersection. "Forgive me, Lady Van Dam. I was just thinking... well, I have studied your family a bit before now, and given the difference in upbringing, I expected you to be quite different from your brothers. And yet the first thing you wanted to do upon arriving was slay some bandits and monsters, just like them. I... found it humorous how my expectations were false. In a good way, of course."

"Well your expectations weren't completely wrong, a few months back. Well almost a year ago now I was that person I was soft and didn't understand the world, But after being with a guild for so long and many failures I gotten better and my attitude changed as well."

Dimitri glanced back. "For the better I hope."

"I would say so, my brother would as well agree and i'm sure If I ever return home my father would be proud of me as well." As they ventured further into the city, Elma was amazed by people using magic in the open and around other magic casters." Huh this truly is a interesting city."

"Yeah, if you're not a Light Elf..." Dimitri muttered sourly. He cleared his throat. "I mean... it is. The center of magical studies in the world. Only Themosa comes close, and they are more focused on megitech. I think you'll quite like it here."

"Hopefully but more importantly how long will it take us to reach this director person?"

Dimitri pointed ahead of them. "See the big building a few blocks down. That's our destination. The Fairaven Institute of Magic. The biggest magical research facility in the world."

"Ou well then that's not nerve wracking at all." As the approached Elma could feel magic energy leaking out of the building, when they opened the doors saw mountains of books and scrolls as well as magic filled orbs around the area." Ou by the gods look at all this!"

Dimitri chuckled. "I had the same reaction when I first came here. Would you like to look around before seeing the director?"

"Yes Yes a thousand times yes, this may be a once and a life time opportunity for me I never see so many scrolls and books in one place Ou I can't wait to see all the research and people testing there magic. Pleas show me."

Dimitri took the woman on a tour of the building, showing her all the ins and outs. He was sure to point out restricted sections, and there were a lot of them, but more then enough of the building was accessible to sate her curiousity. He would often stand amused, watching in silence as she attempted to read several books and scrolls at once.

It was nearly two hours before they made it to the director's office, the time flying by. "And this is where I take a step back," the Light Elf stated. "Though I will be here when you are done if you need anything more."


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Part 2

"Thank you so very much Dimitri, this was so much fun I learned so much just being here and ou the books I have a friend that would love this place." Elma then frowned at the thought of Esmeralda. Just hang on Es were coming for you and who know I might bring you here. "Anyway thanks for the tour I best meet this director guy."

Dimitri bowed his head and opened the door for her. Elma stepped inside the lavish office, big enough to be a bedroom at the manor. The chair at the desk at the other end was turned away, a deep voice from it saying, "Did you enjoy your tour?"

"Yes this place is amazing, I couldn't imagine a place so filled with magic it's amazing with all the books and scrolls. Also i'm sorry for being late."

"Don't worry about it. It was expected." The man turned in his chair, an Elf of dark complexion and growing years. "I am Dr. Lizar Streamwood. It is nice to meet you, Ms. Van Dam."

"It's a pleasure to meet you to Mr Streawood I.. I'm new to this place so um how long have your people been watching me?"

"Hmm..." Lizar tapped his fingers. "I wish Dimitri hadn't mentioned that. It unsettles people. But the short answer is since you helped us with our little... chimera problem. Though you showed some trouble with your magic, you showed incredible potential. We are always looking for one with both your talent and your... rank."

"Ou you mean from, wow you've been watching me for a while I would like to say that I have a improved a great deal since then. But I've come here to of course to expand my magic even further then it's at."

Lizar nodded, and motioned to the chair before his desk. "Have a seat. Want anything to drink?"

Elma did take a seat."Um Water if you have it, so um about me getting into the more advance spells. I need to learn about this so I could get stronger to help people that I care for."

"We heard you had a run in with a cultist of some sort before coming here." Lizar poured her some water from a jug in a cold box. "All we know is he went into your room, there was a lot of noise, and when you came out, he was dead. Looked like you gouged his eyes out?"

Elma looked at the water and decided not to drink it. "Yea about that, I caught the attention of that cultist god and when I saved that cultist he decided to kill him. I was able to drive his god back but not before that happen. That's the real reason why i'm here to improve myself even more so I could prevent that from happening."

"Oh, my." Lizar poured himself a glass, and stared down at his reflection. "That is unsettling... but it does not change anything. I still want you."

"You still want me here? Even though there's a corrupt god calling for my head, look I do appreciate this but more then likely he's watching me right now. You might want to have mages that know light magic to draw him back if he comes after you."

Lizar nodded. "It is worth the risk. You have a talent that would go to waste anywhere else. Please... join the institute. You could learn so much here."

"I'm sure I can and I plan to, but I need to learn what I need and then get back to the guild. I have people that need my help and I need to learn new magic and become stronger to help them."

"Very well." Lizar smiled, taking a sip of water. "You don't know how lucky you are, you know? Do you have any idea how many non-elves get a personal invitation from the director himself to join the institute? Not many. There will be many jealous of you."

“I’m sorry for this, but there are people that need me. If this was months ago I would have been ecstatic to join this place, but the gods have chosen a different path for me. But when my business is done with I will be glad to come back.”

Lizar sighed, but nodded. "Very well. Well... Dimitri will be at your service for the duration of your stay, and of course you are welcome to use our facilities for your studies." He smiled. "As long as you promise to consider us when your task is done."

Elma couldn’t hold her excitement as she quickly tapped her feet.” Thank you, Thank you, I promise you won’t let this down.” Elma snapped her fingers.” Hay do you mind if I had a small contest with one of the instite members?”

Lizar blinked. "Um... sure. Who is that?"

"Um against anyone, I need to train myself against some of the best. And it's been quiet some time since I had a magical contest against another mage. Pluse I could learn from this as well."

"Hmm... you know, I have just the person in mind. An old associate of the Havenbrook Organization. Go ahead and prepare yourself. Dimitri will bring you to one of the testing labs when you're ready."

Elma bowed her head and left and hugged Dimitri." Ha ha they want me but I had to turn them down, but once I'm done with what I have to do I've been invited back."

The light Elf blushed, not expecting the hug. "Th-that... the, uh, that uh..." He cleared his throat. "Th-that's g-great! It is such a-an honor. B-but... why turn them down at all?"

Elma let go of the Elf." Because there are certain things I need to do, people that need my help. And well there are certain people I have to save before I come back here, but for now I’m going to a practice battle. And you've been told to be my escort the hole time I’m here."

Dimitri bowed his head. "I-it would be an honor! I've always wanted to service..." He placed a hand over his mouth. "N-never mind..."

"its fine I’m not a typical master anyway, Well just don't call me Mrs or master Elma would work. Just Elma alright?"

"Elma will do nicely." Dimitri smiled at her. He never expected to be serving a Van Dam, even if he was still technically working for the institue. And she was so attractive, he could hardly stand his own nervousness. "So, um... was, uh... w-w-was there anything you needed to do to prepare? Reading, meditation, anything like that?"


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Part 3

"A battle, see I asked the director to set me up against someone in the institute, mostly so I could test my strength against someone that used to be with Lady HaveBrook when I go back there I might have to ask Mina about this person, but I gotta go and prepare!"

Dimitri nodded. "Come. I will take you somewhere you can rest up and get ready."

As the pair traveled through the building Dimitri brought her to the living quarters of the building."Ou wow this place is very beautiful the lights, the well filled with magic and all the people."

Dimitri nodded. "It really is a great place to work. I... must admit, I wish there were more Light Elves working in the labs and less in my position, but... but they treat me pretty well here. I've been at worse places, like when I was a child."

"Hum Your kind relay are treated unfairly aren't they but I heard that your kind ended slavery in Bevland so your kind are slowly getting rights like everyone. But there's Mirandia were your treated fair you could go there, but maybe there's a chance we can show people that we can be accepted here."

"That is my hope one day." Dimitri laughed. "If not, maybe your family could give me a job."

"Well we are a very kind family, but you should aim hire then being a lackey. I mean your in this country why not improve on your magic?"

Dimitri rubbed the back of his neck. "Well... being born in this country is probably worse for someone like me who... can't use magic. No one in my family can."

"Ou that's um. Well if it helps my family don't have magic ether, but we survived why don't you become and alchemist they are plenty useful and helpful to the world."

Dimitri smiled. "I... I have studied alchemy a bit. You really... think I could make something of myself?"

"I did, I started out as someone that didn't understand the world was terrified on my first few assignments with HaveBrook. Now I’m one of her best people, so and I’m just a simple human." Elma said smiling at Dimitri.

He nodded. "Alright. I'll study up then. Do you think... you would ever go out with..." He trailed off, looking away. "Um... you, uh... there is a room you, uh... can use..."

Elma raised an eyebrow to the Elf wondering what he was gonna say."Um Ok so where is this room then? I'm curious just what does the rooms here look like, I bet they look like a my friends room a library with in a room."

"Actually, yes. We have so many magical tomes and grimoires, we need to use every non-lab." Dimitri opened up a spare room. It had the standard bedroom amenities, including a bed, dressers, and desks, but the walls were lined with scrolls and books. "Don't worry about anyone coming in to check out a book while you are in here. Of course, you are free to read anything you like."

"Ou look at it all, I will at least be entertained when i'm here at least. I'm sure I can find some new spells to help me in my coming sparing session." Elma open the book and found spells on fire magic." Humm this will defiantly help me out, ou and so will this and this." Elma looked like a kid in a candy store as she was going through books like there nothing.

Dimitri watched her as she danced about the room, reading books with such vigor. He frowned lightly, kicking himself for not having the nerve to ask her out. He was just a lowly assistant, a vassel in service to real important people. Even if he did brush up on his alchemy, even if he made a small name for himself, she was an amazing sorceress and a Van Dam, one of the last and greatest noble families in Mirandia. What could she ever see in him...?

He was so lost in thought, he was shocked to see an hour had passed when he checked his pocket watch. "Lady V... um, Elma? I believe we should head down now. I know what lab they'll likely use."

Elma practically had to tear herself from her book."Ou alright I got a good bit of what spells I could try, but best I stick with what I know. So then lead the way Mr Dimitri."

"Please... n-no Mister. Just Dimitri." He led her to one of the main labs, a grand space with a plethora of instruments set up to monitor magic. It seemed they would be studying this display. Lizar was already there, as was an Elf who was likely her opponent. "Ms. Van Dam?" he walked up to her. "Is it true you are from the Havenbrook Organization?"

"That I am, Mina has been doing great by the way. I heard that you were with them prior so what made you leave the guild?"

He poked his fingers together. "D-differences... in opinion. And a new job opportunity. And some... other things I hate to admit. Look, my name is Alfondo Charmles. Do you know two Thropes named Erin and Betty. Is it true they were rescued after being kidnapped by a slave trader?"

"Yea they were both of them are doing great, but we were attack recently but both of them are in great condition and they are still with the guild unharmed

Alfondo wiped his brow. "Thank goodness. I... I must admit, I am the reason Marc found them. He claimed he wanted to being his daughter home. I had my differences with them, but I never wanted them to be turned into slaves, I swear."

Elma smile turned into a frown."Ou you’re the fuck that got them enslaved do you have any idea what they went through!" Elma calmed down. "But don't worry I will go easy on you during this battle so I won't go all out and try and kill you OK."

Charmles laughed nervously. As he walked back, he said, "Just remember I... I tried to help. And I am sorry."

Lizar cleared his throat. "Are you ready, Elma?"

"Ou i'm ready and I’ll play nice with him and keep my emotions in check and not do anything to crazy to him."

Lizar raised an eyebrow. "Rrrright. Please remember that. Begin."

Charmles nervously raised his arms, forming a massive fireball in front of himself.

Elma made a barrier to block the attack, the then used ice magic to send balls of ice to him.

Charmles launched the fireball, then shot out smaller ones to block hers. There was a huge explosion as the fireball destroyed the barrier but didn't harm Elma. Their first attacks were evenly matched.

“Okay you can handle small pellets, now let’s try something bigger.” Elma used her magic to make several ice balls but much larger then before, and launching at her opponent.

Charmles started moving. He held out his hand and lighting crackled out of his fingers. They started popping the ice balls, but not fast enough. Unable to dodge them all, they started to slam into him. Yelling in pain, he shot out the lightning again, but this time it started to chain from one ice ball to the next, heading straight towards Elma.

To Elma surprise the lightning hit her, she looked at her bracket wondering why it didn’t protect her. She then realized that her heart was filled with anger, so she stayed on the ground trying to forgive her opponent for what he did to her friends.

Charmles formed a massive ball of electricity and pointed it at Elma, but hesitated. Something had changed in him since is involvement with Marc. His bitterness and resentment had nearly doomed two innocents, and he didn't like who he was all of a sudden. The old Alfondo would have taken advantage of Elma's prone state. This Alfondo couldn't bring himself to strike her while she was down. "A-are you okay?" he asked with concern.


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Part 4

Elma smiled as she got back to her feet.” Ou I’m fine in fact I was forgiving you for what you did to my friends was all.”

"Oh? Well, good. Though I doubt it'll be that easy for those two. So, um... watch out?" He launched the lightning orb, the magic attack moving about erratically.

Elma didn’t panic as she used her magic and her goddess gifts to make a quick barrier to block the attack, leaving everyone stunned at how Elma quickly blocked the attack.

Alfondo blinked in surprise, taken off guard for a moment before trying something new. He knelt down and placed his hand on the floor. Three trails of fire flowed along the ground towards her, zipping around erratically.

Elma did the same thing with her ice magic making steam form in the when the two spells collide.” Well seems like we’re evenly matched, or we would be if I wasn’t using only my ice.” Two orbs of magic appeared in Elma hands on fire the others lightning.” So how about I make you some friends.” The fire orb turned into a dire wolf and the lightning orb became a worg.

Charmles gasped. "Familiar conjuring?" He reached deep within his reserves of magic, firing off a massive orb of fire and electricity at the magical beasts, attempting to overload them.

The familiars ran towards the attack and like he thought the did overload at the attack as the familiars canceled out the attack.” Ou well if we’re going all out with might as well show you the main course.” Elma put her hands on the ground and ice started to fill the room until there was a massive orb in the middle, the orb started to form a giant ice dragon.

"Ha!" Charmles pointed. "That used up the rest of you mana! I'd have you..." He sighed. "...if I had the energy left..." He laughed loudly, forming a fireball that was half the size as the last one. "This is the best I can do right now. I... think you won." He casually tossed it at the dragon.

The ice dragon roared and blasted the fire ball with its ice breath, slowly bringing down the fireball until it dissolved into steam. The dragon roared triumphantly as it stayed in the room.” Actually I could still use magic but I can’t move, so I still have plenty of magic to spare.”

Alfondo laughed, falling back and sitting down. "Looks like there is plenty I still have yet to learn."

Lizar clapped his hands together. "Very nice. Good show the both of you. Elma, you are even more impressive then I thought."

The ice dragon disappeared and Elma stood up.” Ou I’m not done yet, if that impressed you I got in my arsenal.” Elma walked to Alfondo and started healing his wounds.” I also got healing magic and also.” Elma made a orb of light magic and tossed it in the middle of the room causing it to explode light, but damaged nothing.” I can also do light magic.”

Lizar laughed, walking over. "Tell me, my dear... how long can you stay with us until you have to leave?"

Elma put her hand on her chin.” Until Mina calls me again, or needs me for an assignment I guess?”

"Excellent. Well... you must be tired." Lizar motioned to the side. "Dimitri will help you get settled in and attend to your every need."

“Right well then.” Elma looked at Dimitri.” Dimitri would you mind showing me were the baths are, I really need one.”

"Th-the baths? S-sure..." The Light Elf led her back into the residential area, stopping in front of one of the doors. "Here you go. There is no one in there now, so you have it all to yourself." He laughed nervously. "Just let me know if you need someone to wash your back," he joked.

Elma looked at the man.” Ou are offering to bath stormrend style, because I’ve never washed with a man before.” Elma said keeping her head down.

Dimitri blinked. "So you... want me to? Because... because I promise not to look."

Elma kept her head to the ground, her hair covering her face so Dimitri didn’t see her face turning red.” Just... just make sure you wear a towel, to cover up there.”

"Yes... yes, of course! I mean... o-of course." Dimitri opened the door for her and walked into a side room. His heart was beating a mile a minute as he quickly undressed. He was so excited, he almost walked out with a towel. Wrapping it tightly around his waste, he slowly walked out. "Elma? Are you ready?"

“Y...Yea I’m coming out.” Elma came out with a towel covering her body and her hair being tied up.” I’ll Um lead the way.” Elmas head being beat red.

Dimitri followed her to the faucets, turning on the water and waiting for it to heat up. Elma sat down on a stool and Dimitri knelt down behind her. "I, um... need you to move the towel... p-please."

Elma undid the back end of the towel.” that good?”

Dimitri's eyes wondered down to her small but cute rare end, but quickly darted up again. He lathered up a loofah and dipped it in the warm water. He slowly washed her back, smiling nervously. "I, um... I just wanted to tell you, um... you're very beautiful. I... sorry. You probably don't want to hear that..."

“Ou Um Thank you for that, I don’t get compliments that of tin.. Especially ones were people call me... beautiful.”

"Oh, that's hard to believe. I mean... not that I'm calling you a liar. I-I just meant... you're so attractive." Dimitri cleared his throat. Getting a bit more bold, he started washing her sides. "Look, I... I know we just met, but... y-y-you wanna... g-get some coffee or... tea... or something... sometime?"

“Um sure I guess, I wouldn’t mind that it would actually give me time to go over the city and how things are here.”

"Really?! I mean... um... c-cool... I, uh... ahem..." Dimitri quickly stood up. "Your back is all clean. I'll... leave you alone to finish washing up. Um... thanks for trusting me."

“Ou no I should be thanking you for not taking advantage of this, because if you did.” Elma eyes glowed blue.” It would not have ended well.”

Dimitri laughed nervously, realizing she wasn't joking as he stepped out to give her privacy.

Elma breathed a sigh of relief as she took her towel off and washed herself.” Hang on everyone, I’ll be back soon and when I come home I’ll be stronger than ever.”


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One Sheep, Two Sheep

Mags lay in her bed after the attack, resting but having a hard time sleeping due to the pain. Her wounds, while healed, were many; bandages covered her legs, arms, and chest. Jay's healing had kept her from bleeding out, but didn't heal it completely, that's what the doctors and bedrest were for.

She heard an ethereal voice humming a pleasant tune. There was a clash of light, and a familiar goddess was sitting next to the bed, smiling down at the Sheep woman.

A smile instantly grew on Mags' face, sighing happily. "Do you have to try to be so beautiful or is it is a kind of omnipresent thing...?"

Methos giggled softly. "Oh, it is a lot of work. Much more in the waking world. But thank you. Even injured and impaired you flatter me."

"Jay... Said you were there... I didn't hurt you right?" Magdalene looked up at her with soft eyes.

Methos shook her head. "No. Not at all. I... was going to ask you the same thing. I know I only put you to sleep, but... the look of hurt as you fell asleep..."

"Some parts are clear. Some parts are fuzzy. I remember being hurt... Feeling lots of pain... I called out to you..." The Sheep told her. "I... Thought you were betraying me..."

Methos looked away. "In a way... I guess I did, huh?"

"You were right. I only felt that way because of Xelia. She made me want to get Es out more than anything. You didn't betray me." Mags reassured her.

Methos turned back and reached out, taking Mags' hand. "And you didn't willingly betray us. You know that, right?"

"I know." Mags said, looking down. "But that was me talking... All she did was put a little thought in my head... It was all still me..."

Methos frowned deeply. "Please don't do this to yourself. A mortal mind... it can be pushed. Sometimes a small whisper is all it takes, and Xelia is an expert at her craft."

"Thank you for coming to help me when I called... Maybe instead of helping me with Jay... I was really calling you to help free me..." Mags smiled again, reaching up to brush Methos' face.

Methos smiled back. "How... how is Bephomet? Has he spoken to you at all?"

"No. He's tired I think... He was fighting so hard all that time..." She explained, sighing lightly.

"Want me to try and reach him?" Methos offered, tilting her head slightly.

"I think he... Could probably use a rest. But maybe you could make him better? I don't know." Mags stated, shrugging.

"Well, we'll let him rest for now." Methos rubbed Mags' cheek. "I'm sorry. I should have been there for you. I should have checked on you. If I had known... maybe none of this would have happened."

"You have... Important things to do. You're a founding God after all." Mags comforted her. "Although... I wouldn't mind seeing you more..."

Methos nodded. "And you will. In fact... I was thinking..."

Mags blushed. "Um... If you're thinking that um... I might still be a little too hurt dear..._

Methos took her hands. "I want to take you away from here!" she blurted out. "Y-you... and your family. Please, I... I just want you all to be safe and away from this... this place where so many get hurt."

"To... Where? Atherium?" Mags blinked, clarifying.

"If that is where you want to go," Methos answered. "I-I will make sure you are all comfortable up there. You wouldn't be the first mortals to stay there?"

"How... Would we breathe?" The Sheep asked.

Methos reached into her pocket. "We have these special pills that will make you stronger. We gave one to Lyr when he did his trials. It will allow you to breath and move around just fine."

"And.. Is this arrangement permanent?" Mags continued.

Methos nodded rapidly. "Just say the word and we'll go. No more danger. No more fighting monsters. I'll... I'll take care of you. You'll be away from all this danger."

"But... They need me... My friends... I can't just leave them to fight Hastur alone..." Mags had a guilty look.

"But... but..." Methos lowered her head. "I don't... want to lose you. I... I know I can't have you around forever. That is the curse of my immortality. But... to lose you to Hastur..."

"I don't want to die either... I don't want to leave you... But... I love my friends... And... I love you..." She told her. "If Hastur wins... He could kill you... Or worse..."

Methos closed her eyes. "You... you're right of course. I was just being selfish." She chuckled grimly. "Imagine... a goddess being selfish. What an original concept," she muttered, her tone thick with with sarcasm.

"It is for you." Mags gently kissed her hand.

Methos smiled at her, but her smile quickly faded. "I'm tired of it."

"Don't be. You're better than them. They would let us all die to protect themselves..." Magdalene told her. "You're different."

"That has to change." Methos squeezed her hands shut. "They need to take responsibility. Act like the gods they are supposed to be and do something about this."

"You might be able to convince them... Or at least convince the other Original Gods. All you need is some of them right?" Mags suggested. "I can help you."

Methos chuckled. "Thank you, but they are far too arrogant to liaten to a mortal's plea for morality, no matter how right you would be."

"But if it were paired with yours perhaps..." Mags countered.

Methos thought about it, and slowly nodded. "We won't know unless we try, right?"

She sighed contently. "I love you Methos... I promise I'm going to be with you for a long, long time..."

Methos kissed her lightly. "I love you too. And I promise to make sure you can keep that promise."

"Hey... Keep my family safe... My Sister will whine but that's just her... I..." Mags looked off to the side. "You haven't ever met them... Have you?"

"No." Methos rubbed Mags head. "We should change that."

Mags looked to the side, noting a vase of fresh flowers. "They must've came by when I was asleep... They'll be in their room..."

"I uh... Don't suppose you can use your Goddess powers to make me instantly better?" Mags joked sarcastically.

Methos shrugged. "I can try. You have already healed so much on your own." She held her hands over Mags, a soft light and warm feeling emanating from them.

Mags felt invigorated, the pain all but stopping as she sat up, pulling the bandages back on her arm to reveal that her cuts were completely healed. "Wow... You're amazing..."

Methos giggled. "Only because I'm so eager. Come on. Let's go see your family."

The Sheep stood up, "Yeah. Lets."

They made their way down the hall a ways, towards the living area of the Manor. They passed by many of the smaller rooms before coming to one of the largest ones, usually reserved for the higher rank hunters. Mags looked up at her love, "Ready? Just... Keep in mind that they are farmers... They might be a little shocked..."

Methos nodded. "I'll keep that in mind. Though I just know I will love them."

Mags knocked on the door and of course the first to open it was the busty Cow Woman in a plain white tee. "Who is it!? Oh... Mags!? Ah didn't expect you to be out of the hospital so quick..."

"Hey Carol..." The Sheep brought her sister in for a hug.

Carol smiled, looking over at Methos, whistling. "Woo... Your friend is big... Pleasure to meet ya."

Methos looked down at herself. "I suppose I am fairly tall compared to most mortal women. The pleasure is mine, Ms. Carol. I am Methos, Goddess of Sleep and Dreams."

"Really now?" Carol examined her closer. "I've been hearing about the God's helping Havenbrook... So Mags... Is she the real deal?"

Mags looked between them. "She is. She's helped me alot. And I've helped her."

"She has." Methos placed a hand over her heart. "You sister has helped me a great deal. She even saved my life so to speak. I do not know what I would do without her."

Carol seemed impressed, punching her sister's arm weakly, "Saving the God's now? I knew you had what it takes."

Mags rubbed her neck bashfully. "I... I don't know about that... But... Thanks."

"You're a hero Sis. The Kind you always thought you couldn't be." The Cowgirl reassured, Mags growing a grateful smile.

Methos looked past Carol. "Is the rest of the family here? I would very much love to meet them."

"Oh. They're having dinner." Carol turned her back to them, calling. "You guys! We have two special visitors!"

Methos scratched her cheek nervously. "Oh, I... hate to be a bother..."

"Oh Calm down... Guys! Guests!" Carol called again.

A Male voice called, "Bring them in! We have enough food for them!"

The Cow chuckled, motioning them to follow. "You heard him. Come on."

Mags smiled, wrapping her hand around Methos' lovingly, leading her forward.

Methos eagerly followed. In all her years, she can not recall ever being invited to a family meal.


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They came across a table with Six seats set. Mags' Father in one, Selene in another, Carol taking her place next to Selene. Leaving three open. Mags took one, patting the seat next to her for Methos. However, that still left one strangely open.

Before them on the table was a classic Farmer Feast, lacking any Bird, Beef, or Lamb meat obviously. However, there was a large, glazed Ham glistening beautifully surrounded by various fruits and veggies of all kinds; Steamed Carrots, Celery, and Peas, slices of Honey Melon, Mashed Potatoes in Pork Gravy.

"Oh, my!" Methos' eyes lit up as she sat down. "This all looks so wonderful!"

The Horse Thrope gave her a warm smile, "Thank you. And this is...?"

"This is My Dad, Selene, you've met Carol." Mags introduced. "And uh... This is Methos..."

"Methos?" Selene asked. "Like the..."

"Yes. She's the Goddess of Dreams " She smiled awkwardly.

The goddess lowered her head. "It is a pleasure to meet the family that raised a wonderful person like Magdalene."

"Wow..." Mags' Father blinked. "The... Pleasure is ours. I uh... Hope our meager food is enough to please you..."

"Dad. Please. Just, treat her like any other guest." Mags told him plainly.

"Are you- Of course dear." He nodded. "I apologise."

Methos folded her hands and looked around. "So, um... do we... pass the food around or... do I simply take..." She looked at Mags. "What is the proper etiquette in this situation?"

"Please. Take whatever you want. We usually let the guest have the first plate." Mags told her, it looked like they had already started, but just barely.

Methos nodded, takong one or two of everything, but waiting for Mags to make her plate before starting to eat. "So it must feel... unusual to be here in this manor when you are used to farm life," she said, trying her hand at casual conversation.

"Yeah. It's a change. Better than being out there with Hastur attacking everything." Her Father answered.

"I wish I could've nailed some of those cultists myself. But they kept us inside." Carol chimed in.

"It is all so sad though." Methos sighed. "To think so many have fallen out of our grace to follow one like Hastur..."

"I only wonder what they see in it. In him." Mags chimed in.

"Maybe... They're just desperate... No where else to go..." Selene mumbled out.

"Desperate? It's practically su-... They won't get anything from it. Whatever he offers them is a lie." Carol stopped her suddenly before continuing.

Methos blinked, wondering about the abrupt pause. "Yes... well, as long as we have people like my beloved Mags, we gods will be okay. The others would be so lucky to have someone like her."

Her Father smiled. "You've made quite the impression on her, huh dear?"

Mags blushed, chuckling. "I guess... You could say that..."

Methos nodded. "She has. I am so happy to call her my love."

Everyone on the table seemed shocked, her Father clearing his throat. "I'm flattered you care so much about her... She's lucky to have you as a friend..."

"Dad... She... Love loves me... We're together..." Magdalene correct, her face beat red.

Another pause, this time being broken by a smiling Carol. "That's my Sister! Wow! Are you two...?"

"Um... I'm not sure... That's appropriate to talk about at dinner... Heheh..." Mags looked away, scratching her cheek with a finger.

"Ah... I see. I see." Carol leaned in, giving her a wide knowing grin.

Methos chuckled lightly, placing a hand over her mouth. "I see. Apologies. I see that such an announcement should have been handled with more... care. But it is true. I love dear Magdalene. More then I have loved anyone in a very, very long time."

"I'm... Uh... Happy for you two. It's just... I never thought my daughter would be with..." Her Father took a moment to recover himself. "Please. I'd... Like to know more about you as a person... What do you like to do for fun?"

"I explore the dreams of mortals, doing what I can to make sure they are pleasant and enjoyable whenever possible." Methos blinked, and laughed softly. "I, um... realize that probably isn't something your... average person enjoys..."

Carol chimed In. "He's asking if you have any hobbies. What does a God do for fun?"

"Does sleeping count," Methos joked with a giggle. "I work so often, I have little time for fun. But I enjoy a good book, and... well this may seem silly, but I spend so much time unconscious where I don't have to eat, so I really enjoy sampling food from around the world. This is all quite excellent, by the way."

"I... Thank you. That's very kind of you." The Horse Thrope nodded.

"Selene? Do you want to say anything? She's nice I promise." Mags looked over at her.

The small Bird Thrope shrunk, before gulping. "Um... Miss... Methos... So... You really love my Sister? You two really... Love one another...?"

"Oh, yes we do, my dear." The goddess smiled at her. "I love her with a passion. If only the other gods could get over their feelings of superiority, they might find the happiness that I have whenever I am with your sister."

Selene smiled softly, "That's really nice. I'm really happy to see Maggie with someone who loves her so much. She's an amazing Sister..."

Carol winked a silent message of acknowledgement at Selene.

"Your 'Maggie' is many things. A good friend, a skilled fighter, a master musician... oh, but I am likely embarrassing her so much."

When she looked back, Mags was beat red. "No. Uh... Nope. Continue. Heheh..."

"Yeah. Keep talking about her 'skills'." The Cowgirl asked smugly.

Mags just looked at her desperately, mouthing 'Carol Why'.

Methos smiled widely. "Well, she fights ever so bravely when against even the toughest foes, she is thoughtful and intelligent, and when we are alone, she does the most delightful thing with her ton..."

"Kissing!" Mags screamed. "It's a kissing thing!"

"Oh? You must be a pretty good kisser then Sis." Carol teased.

"I hate you... You're a butt." Maggie looked up at her, clearly exaggerating.

"Love you too Sis." The Eldest Sister leaned back in her chair.

Methos frowned, leaning over to Mags. "Have I spoken out of turn?" she whispered.

"No... It's okay." Mags laid her head against her arm.

"You two are... Very cute together..." Selene told them.

"Thank you," Methos responded wholeheartedly. "I can only hope you find someone someday that makes you as happy as your sister makes me."

"Heh... No... I don't think that'll happen..." Selene said sadly, looking down.

Mags leaned forward quickly. "Hey. Don't say that... You will. I know it."

Methos frowned. "I'm sorry if I said something to offend."

"You didn't. I... I'm sorry I made you feel bad... I've ruined everything..." Selene shook her head, Carol patting her on the back.

"Hey... You didn't do anything... Calm down..."

Methos nodded, taking a small bite and giving an encouraging smile. "I agree. You have ruined nothing. I... I am having a joyous time." She looked at the empty seat, then to their father. "Are we... expecting your wife sometime soon? I know it is rude of me to ask after I have started eating..."

"Fuck... I... I'm sorry... I should've told you..." Mags bit her lip in regret.

"No. Its personal... And a valid question." He sighed. "My wife, their Mother, went missing years ago... We... Still set up a chair for her, in case she ever comes back one day..."

"Oh my... I am so sorry." Methos lowered her head. "Were there... any clues as to where she might have gone?"

"All we know is... She went after me after I was taken..." Carol looked away, it clearly being a point of shame for her. "So. Somewhere between here and Themosa."

"Oh? I didn't... I'm sorry." Methos poked at her plate. "Maybe I could... try and look for her. It's a long shot, but I could search for her through her dreams."

Mags' eyes widened, "You... You could? But... It's been years..."


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Methos nodded. "We have a device back home. We... we aren't supposed to use it to help mortals, but... well, I wouldn't be the first one to use it for such a reason."

"What... Kind of device?" The Mags and her Father asked at nearly the same time.

"It uses a sample of a person's DNA to search for them around the globe," Methos explained. "It is an ancient peice of technology. Normally... I would need something of her's. A hair, for example. But I could try it... with something from her daughters."

"And... This is safe... Right?" The Hooved Man asked her.

Methos nodded. "Of course. At worst, we... simply don't get a strong enough signal to find."

"Well. I guess if we really have nothing to lose." Mags nodded, but Carol suddenly stood up.

"Yeah. Let's do this. If we have any chance of finding her we have to take it!"

"What if... She doesn't want to be found?" Selene chimed in sadly.

"Then... At least we'll have answers." The Eldest Sister Countered.

Methos nodded. "I will take Mags to take care of it right away. Though..." She chuckled nervously. "Do you mind if we finish eating first? Everything is... so tasty!"

"Of course." Their Father smiled. "Please, all of you finish eating. And... Thank you for offering to help."

"Oh! Um... We actually have... One more offer..." The Sheep said, looking at her lover. "Methos here suggested we could use... A better place to stay... Better than being cramped up in this one room."

"Oh?" He asked. "Do tell."

Methos nodded. "As I am sure you know, the home of the gods is a vast megacity floating above the ocean. It is far larger then need be for us gods. There would be plenty of room to assure you... you all live up there in comfort. At least until the present danger is dealt with."

"You will be able to breathe up there. Grow your own farm again. Selene, you can take care of your birds in peace. Carol, you'll be as far away from Themosa as physically possible." Mags told them. "You'll all be safe..."

"You... Want us to live in Atherium?" He blinked, his face the face of total disbelief. "We're... Just a simple farm family... Wouldn't that... Anger the other God's?"

"You wouldn't be the first to be given sanctuary there." Methos looked down. "And I deserve to get something. I do not care if the other gods don't like it. I will make sure you are all safe and comfortable."

"I... Can't believe..." He stood up a bowed. "Thank you my lady... This is too kind..."

"Maybe for you... I'm not sure if I want to sit up in Atherium while all this is happening..." Carol crossed her arms.

"Please Carol... Life isn't just about fighting... There are people who need your constant love and support..." Magdalene's eyes darted over to Selene.

The Cow Lady noticed this, then sighed, "Alright... But if you get hurt I'll never forgive you..."

"I will do my best to prevent that." Methos reached into her pocket and produced a pill for each of them. "Here. Swallow these without chewing."

They all did it, all except Selene, who just stared at it. Mags took quick note, "Selly? What's wrong?"

"You're doing all this nice stuff for us... Putting yourself at risk..." The Bird shook her head. "You barely know us. We'll just be a burden..."

"But that isn't true." Methos smiled at her. "I know I barely know you, but I love Mags, so I love you. You are like the family I lo... n-never had. Please... you are certainly no burden."

She lowered her head, "Can we... Bring... Anything?"

Methos nodded. "Bring whatever you'd like. I'll even provide you with special feed for your animals."

"Then... We should probably pack..." Selene said, sitting up.

"Hey... I love you." Maggie told her, but she just seemed to get sadder, walking over and opening the door to her room.

Methos tapped her fingers on the table nervously. "I thought... you would all be excited. I'm sorry. Was... this a mistake?"

"No. Please don't... Selene is... A complicated person... She blames herself for a lot... She's been in a lot of pain since Mother... She doesn't want to burden you, or any of us..." Mags reassured her, kissing her cheek.

Methos nodded. "Well, um... while they pack, you want to head up and see if we can find your mother?" She asked Mags.

"Yeah um... Let's..." Mags felt a sense of worry sink into her stomach, she had a bad feeling.

Methos gave her a sympathetic look, taking her hand as she led her through a portal to the land of the gods. As promised, Mags felt much stronger, the gravity and thin air no longer a burden on her. They stepped into a large, circular building with a simple looking pool of water in the center, a few feet in diameter, a few feet tall, and only a foot or so deep. It was filled with sparklingly clean water.

"Wait... Something's wrong..." Mags felt compelled to stop not far into towards the pool.

Methos stopped and looked back. "What is it?"

Memories flashes of Selene in her head, entering her room downcast even as Mags told her she loved her, of what she had said. "Can... Can you see through that thing?"

"The pool? Yes, of course," Methos answered. "It is what it is for. Did you need to check something before we look for your mother?"

"Can... We look at Selene... She didn't look so good... I'm... Concerned..." The Sheep told her.

"Of course." Methos waved her hands over the water. "Normally I would need some hair to find her, but since we know where she is..." An image of the young woman's room appeared in the small pool of water.

Mags leaned over, Selene was just sitting on her bed, her face cast down. She shook her head lightly, reaching down and haphazardly fumbling under her bed. "I... What's she doing...?"

After a few moments she seemed to grab a hold of something, pulling it out and revealing a chord of tan rope, a hammer, and a few nails. She sat on her bed and just stared at them, Magdalene's eyes widening. "Selene... You're not..."

Methos looked on sadly. "M-maybe she... maybe it is something... w-we can interrupt any moment you wish."

Selene shook her head, beginning to loop the rope slowly. "Y-Yeah! Let's go back!"

Methos nodded, quickly opening a portal directly into the room.

Mags quickly stepped through as Selene was hanging the noose up, basically tackling her sister to the floor. "Selene! No!"

Her face was pale as she looked at her sister's. "M-Mags...?"

"Selene, why?" Methos asked. "After you were told you would be brought somewhere safe and... a-and happy..."

"I... I..." The Bird looked at her Sister and then at Methos. "I'm... I'm just a burden... I'm not worth all this... I don't deserve this... Living in the city of the Gods? Mags helping me so much... I'm a terrible person... I don't... I don't deserve to be safe... I don't deserve to be... happy..."

"Yes you do!" Mags fought. "You're the sweetest kindest person I know!"

"No I'm not! If you even find Mom, I'm sure she hates me! It's my fault Carol was taken!" Selene sobbed. "I'm a terrible, selfish person! I ruined your visit! You should hate me! I even just sat around while you were getting hurt! You'd have a better life without me!"

"That... isn't true." Methos knelt down and looked at Mags. "Do you... mind if I share something personal about you?"

"Oh... Of course." Mags nodded.

Methos smiled at the bird Thrope. "You obviously have no idea how much joy you bring your sister just from being around. I... I have seen her dreams, and in so many of the happy ones, you are there. I know from them you have the capability for so much love... and you have such a wonderful smile. Her dreams would be so empty without you in them."

"But... She just thinks that because I'm her Sister... I don't deserve it..." She shook her head.

Magdalene just squeezed her tighter. "Selene... I know personally how much blaming yourself gets you no where... I blamed myself for Carol too... But Carol is here, she's okay, and she forgave you years ago..."

"But... Mom..."

"Mom made the decision to go by herself... She didn't do it because she hated us... She was struggling with her own demons..." Mags looked her sister in the eyes. "We can find her... If you really insist on blaming yourself so much, do you really want to... Die... Before you can say you're sorry? Before you can hug her again? She loves you Selene. We all do. You're the heart of this family. It wouldn't be the same without you..."

Methos nodded. "Listen to your sister. She knows what she is talking about. Please... don't do this. Your death will hurt them so much more then you seem to think."

The Bird Thrope just sobbed and sobbed, her breathing heavy. "I'm... I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry you had to see this..."

Methos looked away. "I should... leave you two alone. This really is none of my business."

"No... You're a part of the family..." Mags put a hand on Methos' shoulder. "You deserve to be here."

Methos nodded. She suddenly knelt down and hugged the two sisters tightly.
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A Broken Homecoming

The bright sun beamed down, ever joyous despite any tragedy or misery. Titania up at the sky, her mask hiding the wistful look she had. She had just arrived home from the war, leagues beyond the rest of Havenbrook's forces. She let out a sigh as she went to go find her pupils. Searching for her daughter first, she went room to room in the manor checking for Faith in all her usual places, only to groan once she realized that it was Faith's weekly hunt for books. Exiting the Manor, Titania went to the nearby forest, hoping she could find at least one of the elusive girls.

She didn't have to search too long, thank the gods. She needed only to follow the yells and angry grunting. Androdemia, her young harpy pupil, was constantly training. But word was she had tripled her efforts in the last couple of weeks, after another harpy was seen in the area. She was found by a tree, using it as a training dummy as she thrust and stabbed her spear. Sweat flew off her body as she yelled angrily which each thrust.

"Good form, but what's got you so mad, Andy?" Titania asked, taking her mask off and clipping it onto her armor whilst pulling her hood down.

"Nothing!" Andy snapped, then looked back. Seeing it was Titania, she instantly calmed herself, and bowed her head. "S-sorry, Master Titania. I-I... didn't realize it was you."

"It's fine... as long as you tell me what's bothering you." Titania pressed, crossing her arms and raising an eyebrow.

Andy lowered her head. "I... I am ashamed. My mother... my mother fell valiantly in battle. It is something to celebrate. And yet... I have this pain in my chest..."

Titania hesitated for a second, her maternal instincts clashing with her own pain. After sighing she merely opened her arms and gestured for Andy to come closer. "You wish she didn't have to go, but you also are happy she died protecting her own... did I get your emotions right?"

The harpy girl nodded. "To die in battle is the greatest death one can have. But... I hate that she died. Is it... wrong? Why am I not happy for her? Why do I only... feel emptiness?"

Titania stepped forward and hugged the girl, gently stroking her hair. "Because you love her. And because when someone who has been with us, who has shown us such love in return... it is a blow that never heals properly. Or... in other words, you're mourning. Which is fine... I'm mourning too."

"You... you are?" Andy shook a bit. "Who did... you lose?"

"Kva. She... died in my arms." Titania practically whispered, her eyes filled with heartache and unspoken sorrow.

"Oh... I am sorry..." Andy closed her eyes. "Did she... die a warrior's death?"

"Yes... but not against a worthy foe that deserved to... take her. Which is why I will hunt those who aligned themselves so closely to Alice." Titania said, her voice going ict and cruel as her eyes showed off her grieving mindset, before her maternal instincts kicked in once more. "But that is the past. As is the deal your mother made with me. You... can choose what you want to do, whether killing me in combat or... being a friend. The choice is now yours to make."

Andy's eyes shifted about. "I didn't... think about that. I mean, I... I still... want to fight you, but... b-but... I don't want to kill you..."

"Then how about this: when you're done training, we'll have a fight to test you. You beat me, you'll be ready for the world. You nearly win, you're going to go hunting with me and earn money at Havenbrook until you can beat me." Titania offered, taking a step back to give the young girl a smile.

Andy quickly nodded. "Yeah! I mean... I would like that very much, dear master."

"Oh, stop. No need to keep being so formal with me... we're friends after all." Titania replied, disappearing and reappearing in a nearby tree. "And as such, there need not be any formalities. Besides... if I'm being honest, you're above me in social status due to being a princess."

"Whoa..." Andy was always amazed at her great speed. "Thank you, M... Titania. I have... not had many I could call a friend. It feels... nice to have one."

"Friends are common but true ones are rare. But you'll learn that in time." Titania started as she took one of her daggers and stared at it. "I've known you since you were just a hatchling, so I'd always consider you more closer to family. However... in lieu of your mother, I'll tell you that she and I couldn't be prouder of you. You'll probably grow stronger than both of us by the time you reach her age."

Andy blushed a bit and looked away. "Th-thank you. I, uh... I-I better finish my training s-so we can have that fight."

"For now... training is over for today. Instead, you and I are going to hang out. And maybe go shopping in the town nearby, if you're up for it." The Thrope offered, sheathing her dagger.

"Yes. I would like that." The girl tilted her head. "But... what is shopping?"

"The bartering of services or items you want. It used to be just favors at one point, but then... we made coins to be the replacement for that." Titania explained, hopping out of the tree. "Oof... so we could shop for clothes, weapons, amulets or any number of things. And because I'm sneaky... I may have stolen an expensive wine to sell from my boss and friend. It's my payment for going on a terrible mission... anyways, I should be able to pay for anything you want. Just be careful when we go into town. Those people will not be used to a Harpy, so if any problems arise, let me handle it, okay?"

The girl nodded. "Got it. If we need anyone to pay for their insolence, I will let you do it."

"Rule one of towns and cities: No fighting unless they try to kill you. So if we do find a jerk, I'll use words not weapons." Titania corrected, as she paused, seemingly thinking heavily about something. After a moment or two she spoke. "Would... would you like me to... show you some of my speed? It would get us to the town faster and you'd see the world in a new light."

Andy's face lit up with the most adorable smile. "Y-yeah! That... that would be so cool... I mean, if you don't mind..."

"Of course not." Titania began blurring before Andy was lifted up into her arms in a princess carry. "Y'know... you should talk to my daughter, Faith. I think you two would become quick friends." With that, she began running in a circle, using the trick she saw Runseca use. Soon she took off like a bullet, weaving in between trees like a graceful dancer on a stage.

"Whoa!" Andy had a big smile glued to her face, exhilarated, thrilled, and terrified all at once. "This is awesome!"

"Nah, but I appreciate the excitement you have." The Thrope tried to hide the smile she had, but failed, her pride in her speed showing. They soon neared the town, Titania slowing down to a stop to set the harpy girl down. "So... which store would you like to go first?"

"Well... I would normally say weapons, but..." She looked down at herself. "I have been told my choice of attire leaves something to be desired. Perhaps... clothes?"

"Clothes it is... and I got just the store. Jay and I go to it whenever we go shopping. He knows the owner and has helped her out before, so we get special deals." Titania started, as she started walking. "Come on."

Andy quickly followed behind. It wasn't long, however, until she felt something was off. It was the eyes on her. All around, she was getting more and more stares, and the murmurs were getting louder and more frequent. She heard the word harpy a lot, as well as the word monster.

Titania began to notice it too, and quickly. Her hood was quickly pulled over her head. "So... You all have the gall to talk behind her back, to insult her? Well, how about this: whoever would insult Andy, someone I care about, a girl that you all demonize... You'll get to deal with a very pissed off Hunter." She growled out, her eyes daring for someone to speak.

Everyone started to back off. Suddenly, a tomato flew through the air at the young harpy.

Reacting quickly, Titania caught it. "Seeing this... whoever is brave enough to throw something at Andy, please step forward." The Thrope asked, her voice icy and emotionless.

She was surprised to see a young boy run forward, younger then Andy, at least physically. A woman ran to grab him, but not before he threw another tomato. "Go away, monster!"

Titania caught the second tomato, this time a bit more messily. "Boy... why are you mean to Andy? She hasn't done anything to you."

"Please, he doesn't know any better..." The mother pleaded, but the boy pushed out of her grasp and pointed at Andy.

"That's a Harpy! They're monsters! I read all about them! They helped that vampire lady to the west! My uncle died fighting them!"

"I know how terrible that battle was. I was there fighting the vampire lady. Someone I loved died during the battle with her... yet I do not hate vampires. One of my older brothers will never walk again because a giant's boulder sent wood into his legs, but I do not hate Giants because of it." Titania lectured sternly. "Just because someone similar killed your uncle doesn't mean Andy here is the same. Don't be mean to someone you don't know just because someone of their race was bad."
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A Broken Homecoming, pt.2

"But... b-but...!" He stomped his foot. "She's a harpy! H-harpies kill women and ate men!"

Andy crossed her arms and huffed. "We never kill anyone who doesn't deserve it. And we do NOT eat humans! That is a dirty old wives tale! We haven't eaten humans for a long time..."

"I have a question for you, kid: Do you hurt people and steal their livelihoods from them? Do you perchance own a living being against their will? No? Well, in several different countries, some Humans do that. But... I never assumed anything about you." She chastised the child, her eyes raising for a brief moment to show her irritation towards the mother before she looked down at the kid. "I am way worse than, Andy. She tries to be honorable and is incredibly sweet with people. I kill people for money. Do you see the difference between us? One is definitely nicer than the other."

The boy shrinked back, shaking nervously. "I-I... I'm sorry. Please... d-don't hurt me..."

"I don't hurt kids. However," Titania looked up at the mother, her eye challenging the woman, "your mother needs to raise you better. As such, I'll be expecting her to check in with me monthly. Now go on home and do your chores. And if you have none, help your family with theirs."

He nodded. "Y-yes ma'am!" He ran off. Surprisingly, the mother gave her an almost grateful look as she ran after him.

Andy stared up at Titania as she walked back. "Whoa..."

"What?" The Thrope asked, her confused gaze turning to look at her apprentice.

"You, like... beat him without even throwing a punch." Andy's face lit up. "Can you teach me to intimidate so well?"

"Sure, I can try... but you might not have a really strong maternal side to do it with." She started, rubbing Andy's head. "The reason why he listened was because I mothered him and he stopped because I acted like a scary mother. You might get that if you act poorly with people."

Andy scratched her chin. "So it isn't just about being scary with some people. Sometimes you have to act... like a stern, disciplining parent? Is that it?"

"Somewhat, but only with noncombatants. Otherwise, normal intimidation tactics are par for the course." Titania nodded, motioning for Andy to follow. "Although some people who are just dicks for no reason deserve proper scare tactics."

Andy nodded. "I get you." Her eyes shifted about, and she poked her fingers together. "Um... dicks are bad, right? What is a dick?"

"The word has been used as a euphemism for rude and horrible people... however it also can mean a man's... well, his uh... how do I word this without sounding overly dirty..." Titania tried to clarify, one of her sharp-ish teeth bit into her lip as she tried to come up with an answer. "His genitals. However, certain words are impolite when talking with others. Calling someone a dick would fall under this impolite category." Titania opened a door to a rather drab building they had just reached and ushered Andy in. Inside, there were clothes for all ages and sizes. The myriad of colors went from basics to the nearly unfathomable.

"I will try and remember that. I don't want to be impolite to the wrong people." Andy scanned her new surroundings, taking in the rainbow of colors. "Whoa... how do they get the clothes like this." She rushed over to a dress. "Look! It's as blue as my feathers! That's amazing! All we have in the flock are... browns, greys, blacks, and whites..."

"Well, with wolves, we got a similar problem. Like you I'm rarer than most with white fur, but there are grey, black and I believe brown. Point is, I understand, so go for whatever peaks your interest." Titania gestured for the owner to come over.

Andy searched for a while. "I like... orange. Can I get something orange? Oh!" She picked up a pair of tan shorts. "And these!" She looked at the owner. "Are these form fitting and light enough for a warrior who needs to be protected while remaining light enough to fly quickly?"

The woman paused for a couple of moments, obviously surprised and a bit unnerved by the harpy. She soon recovered and shook her head. "No... but I could sew it to fit your body size perfectly. I'd just need to take your measurements first." She answered, shooting Titania an annoyed look.

The Thrope merely shrugged and smiled sheepishly in response, feeling suitably ashamed she hadn't sent prior warning before they arrived.

"Measurements? Okay. You simply need to know how big I am, right? I guess we should measure everything while we're here." Andy reached down and started to take off her shirt.

Titania's hand held her shirt down, offering a gentle smile as she chuckled. "No, not here, Andy. Most people have an aversion to seeing one another nude, save for intimate moments in privacy. There is a room where you change and... where measurements happen." Titania's voice held an unsure note in it but it dissipated as the owner nodded. "So, let's use one of the rooms she has, okay?"

"Oh... okay. Apologies." She followed the owner to a room for measurements, undressing there. She had a surprisingly tone and fit body for one so young, but she still had a fairly slender build.

The woman took out a tape measurer and set about her work. "So, Andy was it? How do you know Titania?"

"She is my master," Andy explained. "She is teaching me to be a strong warrior. We were supposed to fight to the death when I was strong enough, but I do not think we will do that now. Instead, she will train me so I can be the greatest, strongest Harpy leader ever."

"Oh. I see. I asked because the entire time I've known her, she's loved being a Mother to kids. Her friend tells me about some of the kids she's thought of as hers... a Thrope boy named Ash and a Duck Thrope named Faith. She doesn't see Ash since he went to Stormrend, but Faith still lives with her at the Guild." The woman rambled as she went for a few more difficult, and unpleasant, measurements.

Andy didn't seem to mind. "Does she... see me as her child?" she both asked and wondered out loud.

"It depends... but the way she acts around you... well, it would be better to ask her, but in my opinion, probably. If she knew you for long or if she did things like trying to protect you at the cost of herself, that'd be a good sign that she considers you one of her own." The woman replied logically, removing the tape measurer. "Why do you wonder, though? Are you wanting her to be one to you?"

"Do I... want her to be?" Andy tilted her head and scratched her chin. "I... don't know. My mother is gone now. She died in battle. Perhaps... Titania could..."

"Could fill the void?" The owner asked, as she stood up.

"The void..." Andy placed a hand over her chest. "Yes... perhaps."

"Well... if you seek to have Titania as a new mother, why not try to act as such towards her?" The woman suggested, offering a shrug. "Or perhaps reach out and befriend Faith? That could also help you get Titania to become more motherly to you."

Andy nodded. "All right. I'll try that. Thank you, clothing woman. You have been very helpful. I would pay you for your help, but I have no currency." She blinked. "Wait... how am I supposed to pay for these clothes with no currency. Perhaps... I am to barter for something else. My master did not clarify..."

The Woman paused for a moment, then smiled. "It's fine. Titania'll pay for you. Probably." She shrugged. "But for armor, I can't make good leather. I can make an underlay that's form fitting, and I'll add a section for a leathersmith to insert armor for you. The final product will be entirely form fitting, but it will take a day or two for me to set it up."

Andy nodded, and bowed her head before grabbing her clothes and putting them back on. "Thank you for your kind words and for not throwing food at me."

"No problem and I apologize for the people out there. Most of us civilized people aren't very civilized at all. I hope you can forgive a bad first impression." She said as she waited before opening the curtain to escort Andy out.

"That is okay. I suppose it is a better response then my people would have given a trespasser." Andy stepped out and smiled at Titania. "It went well, master. Are you going to exchange currency for me?"

"Of course!" Titania unhooked her coin purse as she merely looked up at the other woman.

"Four gold, three silver."

Titania grabbed the assorted coins and try to hand them to the owner, only for the woman to shake her head. "Is what I would charge you, but she had to deal with jerks out there, and you look dead tired. In the future, please take care of yourself. Last thing I need is a fatigued and worn- out friend slash customer."

"Alright, I promise. What, uh, about Andy's shorts?"

"Will be made in a day, and it'll be shipped up to you."

"Is that good for you, Andy?"

The harpy nodded. "Yes. Thank you." She walked over to Titania and bowed to the shop owner. "You are very kind." She slowly lifted her hand and took hold of Titania's.

Three rapid sets of blinking were the only sign that Titania noticed.


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A Broken Homecoming, pt.3

"No problem, Andy. Have a wonderful day." The woman replied as Titania started to leave.

"So, where to next, Androdemia?" Titania asked, her memory of when the harpy girl was just a hatchling popping into her mind.

"You said... we could look at weapons?" Andy squeezed her hand slightly, blushing a bit.

"I did... we can see what's here or we can head back and I can have Ed show off his weapons. Up to you, Andy." Titania suppressed a yawn, her eyes showing the lack of sleep she had.

Andy frowned at that. "Let's head back home... t-to see what the Netzi has, I mean."

"As you wish." Titania replied, blurring as she lifted Andy up and started off at a dead sprint towards the Guild. Titania's speed was more noticeably slowing down, as what seemed incredibly quick became a slower process. Once she arrived at the Guild, she sped past the guards on duty and set her charge down. Titania's mask was back on her face as the Thrope cracked her neck. "Here we are..." Her voice held an almost exhausted tone to it, as Titania started to lead the Harpy girl inside.

"Wait." Andy smiled up at her. "I had fun today. But... I feel we can do the rest later, after... after you have had some rest."

"You sure? I can keep going..." The thrope tilted her head as she looked at Andy.

Andy nodded, and yawned. "To tell you the truth, I'm, um... tuckered out is the word? All that training... I could use a nap myself."

"Then we'll both try to get some sleep. I'll..." Titania started, as she tried to guess the harpy girl's mood. "Uh, leave you be then.

Andy rubbed the back of her neck. "You know... um, n-never mind."

"What is it?"

The harpy blushed a bit. "Sometimes, when harpy families nap, mother and child will... lay together. You know... for warmth. But I guess that isn't needed here..."

"We can take a nap together if you want." Titania offered, removing her mask to show off a tired but warm smile.

Andy's face lit up ever so much, and she shyly reached for Titania's hand once more.

The Thrope took her hand, smiling as she led the girl to her room, intent on taking a nap, or rather, sleeping as it had been a few days since she slept. She knew she'd have to talk to Faith about Andy, but at the moment, she was happy to have someone she considered family with her.


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Homecoming with Hastur

Hastur shook his head solemnly. Esmeralda was kneeling before him, fully corrupted once more. "You are turning out to be more trouble then you're worth, you know that?" he mumbled.

"I... I understand that... that I..." Es strated.

"Do you!" Hastur's voice boomed, and the corrupted Elf felt so much weight pushing down on her. "My closest ally lost a leg because of you! If it wasn't for that child in you, I would torture you to death right now!"

Esmeralda struggled to stay up. "P-please, Master Hastur, I... I'm sorry!"

"Master. Please. I put myself there for her sake." Xelia said from behind, hovering herself off the ground with her power. "It's not her fault. It's Havenbrook's."

Hastur let up the pressure, but was still clearly angry. "Look what they have done to you!" He looked at where her leg used to be. "My precious dear... you have been so damaged..."

"I'm not the kind to put myself in such a compromising situation, but all my attempts at subtely and reason we're ignored." The Illithid put her head in her hand. "They are the most stupid, stubborn, imbecilic lot I have ever met. I offered them practically everything they could want, including safety, but they would rather continue this foolish resistance and fight us at every step."

Hastur shook a bit, and in a low voice said, "You should have simply killed them. You held back for... her sake."

"I did." Xelia nodded. "There is value in getting showing her that we are truly in the right. And... I care about her."

Hastur was silent for an uncomfortable amount of time before saying, "Well... we have her back. You... you did well. Please do not think I will forget about your sacrifice. Now my father can be born into this world. His reign fast approaches."

"Good. Esmeralda has done much to help us. If she had chosen to stay with them during that battle, I likely wouldn't have been able to recover her." Xelia floated over, rubbing the Elf's hair. "But her cooperation and loyalty to us have aided my plans greatly. I think she should be rewarded."

Hastur grumbled. "We will... discuss that later. Please, show her to her room and get her settled in. Then come back to me. We have much to discuss."

"Of course Master." Xelia bowed her head slightly, helping Esmeralda up.

Walking down the halls with the ancient being, Esmeralda rubbed her arms as if cold. "H-he's really mad at me, isn't he? I... I never wanted to leave. I-I can't even remember why I stayed now that you guys gave me his gift again."

"It's okay dear girl." She rubbed her wrm lightly. "He is simply angry I was so hurt. He loves me. Just like I love you. We're almost like... A real family..."

"You were hurt because of me." Es hung her head low and squeezed her fists. "I was so stupid. I should have told you to kill them. It is what they deserve for getting in our way."

Xelia looked down, "Do you really feel that way?"

The black haired light elf nodded. "Stupid Elma, hurting you like that. She was supposed to be my friend! If I get my hands on her, I'll... I'll..." A passing cultist was thrown across the room.

"Why couldn't they just accept your wishes? I offered them every way out. But don't worry, when you become Queen, you can judge them yourselves and do what you wish with them." Xelia patted her on the back.

"Become... Queen?" Es looked up at Xelia. "I mean... when master's child is born through me, I figured... you know, no one would care that much about me with him around..."

She chuckled, "What do you mean? The Mother who ushered our Master's Father into the world? His vessel? That is an undeniably important role. Many will follow just because of that. Besides, the cretins on this planet will need a more direct ruler, right? You can fill that role."

Xelia bent down, "Picture it. You, sitting on a throne made of gold and glittering gemstones, the world at your mercy, you can even have your old friends serving in your court as your little pets. Esmeralda: the most powerful Woman on Terra."

"Whoa..." Es paused outside her room, the same one she had stayed in before. "No way. That's... a lot of pressure. Hopefully I'll have a friend by my side to help me out. A friend... who is like a mother to me."

"Of course. Always. My sweet daughter." Xelitha'qha replied with clear affection, opening the door before them with her mind.

Esmeralda stepped in, sighing sadly as she sat down. "Is there really nothing that can be done to restore your leg?"

"Sadly. It doesn't seem like it. I could find a mechanical one, perhaps a particularly powerful healer would be able to restore it, but my body is so frail and weak normally, it would likely be even harder."

Esmeralda looked away. "It... it really is my fault. The Master is right. If it wasn't for this child... I don't deserve to be Queen of anything..."

"They took you. They took you and held you captive against your will. The same thing we did, yet they act superior." Xelia pointed out. "It's hardly reasonable to blame yourself for that."

"I will show them no mercy next time," Esmeralda stated, rage in her voice. "As you say, those who kneel before me will be lucky to be my pets. Those that resist... will die a most painful death."

"That's the spirit. We'll show them."

The darkened Light Elf looked around. "It is good to be home. Can you send some servants to get me something to eat. I... I promise not to hurt them unless they anger me."

"Of course. Remember, best behavior okay?" Xelia rubbed her head, sending out a Psychic call for some servants.

Es smiled at her. "You better get back to the master. I would hate for him to be more upset with me for keeping you too long."

"Rest. I won't be long." The Illithid smiled, making her way out as she passed by the two servants coming to Esmeralda's room. The Eldritch spawn gave them a glare to make sure they do as they are told, then made her way to her Master's Chambers.


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"Damn it!" Hastur was again in a rage when she entered, wiping an entirw dresser across the room. "Useless Snake! Yig is such a child! He forgets his place! We can not count on him for anything!"

"When has he ever bothered to do anything, Master?" Xelia pointed out, floating in quietly. "He merely sits slothfully upon his throne of indulgences."

"When has he ever bothered to do anything, Master?" Xelia pointed out, floating in quietly. "He merely sits slothfully upon his throne of indulgences."

"Well, forget him!" Hastur took a moment to calm himself. "My father will punish him for his lack of participation. How are things going with my brother beneath the waves?"

Xelitha'qha grumbled in frustration. "He is stubborn as usual. It seems as though my brother has been convincing him to hold off."

Hastur needed another moment not to lose his cool. "Well, please... keep working on it. The time is nearly upon us. With my and Cthulhu's magic, we can activate the time compression spell. We need that blood moon here before those interfering hunters find us and ruin our plans." He sighed. "I want to be done with that Light Elf sooner rather then later."

"Done with... How? We should talk about what we plan to do with her once this is all over." She suggested, taking a seat.

Hastur slowly turned back. "I sense that you had something in mind yourself."

"I would like to reward her for her loyalty to us. Do not misunderstand Master, I'm not controlling her. She returned of her own volition." Xelia pointed out to him.

Hastur let out a grim, angry sounding laugh. "You do... remember she is just a mortal, right?"

"I'm just a mortal Master, be it one that has lived an extremely long time." Xelia told him. "Besides, considering her role in bringing your Father into this world and giving us control of the world. Isn't that worthy of a reward?"

"Her reward should be being allowed to live that long." Hastur turned towards the window. "When this is all over, she should be made an example of. How no mortals, present company excluded, will be spared should they cross us. She should be strung up. Dismembered. Perhaps raped to death by a dozen beasts."

"Master Please!" Xelia stood up suddenly. "There's no need for that. The fact stands, she hasn't crossed us. In fact, our goal couldn't be completed without her help. Despite Havenbrook trying to cure her she stood resolute in her desire to aid us in our goal."

Hastur quickly turned. "Do not forget who's goals you serve! Who are you more loyal to? Her... or me?"

Xelia's expression dropped to one of legitimate hurt, the silence deafening as she lowered her head.

Hastur's energy deepened, the pressure in the room intensifying. "I asked you a question. Her... or me?"

"You. Master." The Illithid looked back up at him. "I have simply spent much time on her. She'd make a fine pet."

Hastur nodded. "He turned back to the window and said, "Of course. I'll let you keep her. How cruel would I have to be not to?" They were sweet words. The words Xelia wanted to hear. Needed to hear. Which was all the more reason she didn't believe them.

She was sure Hastur cared for her, that's why he was mad? Or was it? Was she now just a damaged tool? If he truly did care, why would he vehemently oppose her, like this? It was a simple request, and he didn't make requests of him often, was she not even worth a reward? Even after her millennia of service?

"Then I suppose I should make my leave." The Guardian told him. "Excuse me, Master..."

Hastur nodded. "Good evening, Xelia," was all he said, still staring out the window, plots a plenty running through his devious mind.

The Illithid however was filled with a sudden apathy for her Master. How dare he deny her such a simple thing? The life of one mortal? And for what? Petty revenge?

"Perhaps that rabbit eared bitch had a point..." Xelia thought, going back to Esmeralda's room.

Esmeralda stared down at her food in such a way it made the servants flee in fear. She wasn't unsatisfied, however. She simply had things on her mind.

The Illithid stepped back in, looking at the servants first, then Esmeralda, her expression rather grim.

Esmeralda's face instantly lit up when she entered, taking a bite from the meat pie they had brought her. "You're back so soon. Everyrhing went okay, right? Is the master still angry?"

"You could say that..." She sighed, "Best stay away from him for the time being."

Es poked at her food. "Did I... get you in trouble?"

"No... He is merely being difficult..." Xelia sat next to her on the bed, wrapping an arm around her gently.

Elma leaned into the unusual looking being, closing her eyes. "Thank you, Xelia. For saving me. For taking care of me. For defending me. You mean so much to me."

"I feel... The same about you..." The Alien-like woman leaned her head in. "I... I love you... Esmeralda..."

Esmeralda's smile widened. "I love you too... mother."


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The End of the Norscan warlord


Since Alice was sentenced down in Hell, she has been violated and tortured. But just like in Terra Alice didn’t take this lying down, every moment she got free from her chains she would slaughter every demon that tortured her. This created a constant stalemate with the demons and Alice.

“Waaaaaa!” Alice yelled as she slices a demon in half.” How many times must I tell you.” Alice said as she grabbed a demon and punched it repeatedly in the face and screamed.” You won’t break me!”

"You know the point is that you're supposed to be broken, right?" Anju noted, standing near the massive tree of time.

"I will never break, I can be the next nine thousand years and I will always keep my boleaves no matter what!" Alice screamed while thrusting her claws into a demons neck and pulling out it's spine.

Anju shook her head. "That won't be needed. Look at the tree. It's dying, which means your time here is almost through."

Alice turned around and looked at the ground."So my time is nearly at the end, I can say goodbye to this body my memories my friends and the person I love. Heh some life I've had huh, I've lived a life of pain and misery and what do I get for it a complete reset of my life. My how generous of the gods."

Anju sighed. "It could be worse, right? You... could be stuck here for eternity."

Alice sat down near the tree." You know I wonder how my norscans are doing I hope there alright but more importantly I wonder how Seclevar is doing right now i'm sure he must be miserable."

Anju scratched her chin. "I... wasn't supposed to tell you this, buuuuut..."

“But what, what happened to Norsca. But more importantly what’s happening to Seclavar!” Alice said in a panic.

Anju waved her hands. "Nothing bad! I wasn't supposed to tell you this because you aren't supposed to have any hope in here, but... but Grimora was able to convince her father to let you say goodbye to her and Seclavar."

“A..a “For the first time in thousands of years Alice smiled with tears rolling down her face.” I get to see my friend and my love again.”

Anju nodded. "They will be here to say goodbye. Like I siad, Grimora had to fight for it. She... had to fight for a lot of things for you. Shows how much she truly loves you."

“I will thank you for this wonderful news, so when or were do I get to see them?”

Anju looked up at the tree. "It looks like another... twenty years I'd say. But you need to be good. Taydar will be watching."

“Twenty years, that gives me plenty of time to do what I need to do. Once again thank you for telling me this, I’m gonna miss you Anju.” Alice hugging the demon.

Anju blinked in surprise, but smiled and hugged her back. "You're welcome. I might not agree with all you've done, but I have to admit you've rubbed off on me. Oh! Um... did you... want to know about your former friend, Kva?"

“I don’t care what happened to her, her soul could rot for all I care.”

Anju frowned. She had heard they were once friends. "Okay. I'll leave you be. Please, hold on to your sanity for twenty more years. It's almost over."

“I’ve kept it this long what’s twenty more years?”

Anju nodded, and disappeared throught the time bubble.

"Oh, sweet little Alice is leaving us?" A Succubus that had been around for quite some time laughed and floated down.

"We'll miss her?" said a twim Succubus, joining her sister. "She has been so mich fun to screw and torture."

“Yeah and I’ll miss killing you two for last thousands of years was enjoyable to, might as well do it again.”

"Oh, you wouldn't want to do that," said the first.

"Why not... have some fun with us?" Asked the second. "You were told to be good after all."

“I’m gonna say this once, stay away from me. I have something I need to give to my would have been housband, and I don’t need you two screwing it up.”

The demons scoffed, and floated up. "Your lose. We'll be sure to send some harpies over later to peck out your eyes."

“And I’ll kill them too, and rip there arms off and make sure to use there nails to scoop out your eyes instead Alice threatens.

The pair only giggled as they flew away. Twenty tears came and went, feeling longer then ever as she waited for it to finally be over. It was impossible to keep track of time, which only made it worse.

Finally, one day, as Alice was recovering from being disemboweled, the wilting and sagging tree started to shake. It slowly started to shrink, and over the course of an hour shrank into nothing, the time sphere around Alice disappearing.

Alice looked down and realized that her friends weren’t coming for her.” Figures, I should have known that they wouldn’t show up, should have known that the gods would get my hopes up for nothing.”

A pair of hands were placed on her shoulders behind her. "You shouldn't be so quick to lose hope," Seclavar said. "After all, twenty years for you was mere minutes for us. Took time to call me."

When Alice turned around and saw Seclavar she started tearing up and jumped on, forcing him to the ground.” I’ve missed you Seclavar, I’ve missed you so much!” Alice said sobbing loudly.

Tears rolled down his own cheeks as he held her tightly. "I missed you too. But it has been so much longer for you. I am... so sorry."

"I know, we both have been through so much." Alice kissed Seclavar." Ou I've missed your taste, I've missed holding you I wish I could give you something that would last you forever but now that the tree is gone I don't think I can." Alice said while still sobbing.

"It's okay." He hugged her tightly, sobbing softly himself.

"Ahem." Grimora stood nearby, clearing her throat. "Should I... leave you two alone?"

Alice looked at Grimora and almost didn't want to leg go of Seclar but she did and hugged Grimora, placing her head in her cheats."Ou I've missed you two, I do appropriate everything you've done for me. To every portal to the last battle I had and even now with you just being here, thank you so much for staying with me and helping me with everything."

Grimora hugged her back. "Your plan worked, you know. Things aren't perfect, but the Vampires are finally free. You sacrificed so much, and they'll never know..."

"Yep all this so that there precious blood queen will get credit for this a hundred years from now, but I knew that going into this. But my people are free now so it was all worth it, all the carnage the death and the pain it was worth it."


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Jun 23, 2013
Part 2

Grimora nodded. "Would it make you feel better to know your sister didn't get away with framing you? She was exiled from her home for her part. And we have a spot waiting for her down here."

"That damn idiot, more then likely knowing her she confused to doing it. That damn fool, What about Norsca or Rumi and Marlee are the people that were my leaders even alive now?"

"Rumi and Marlee are back with the vampires," Seclavar answered. "They were pardoned. And your people are still out there, raiding and recruiting new members."

"Huh figured that those two would go back to the vampires, hell i'm more surprised that they were forgiven. But Norsca still being around i'm suprise at that nice to know there still around. But." Alice looked at Seclar." I wish I could give you something, you know so you could not be heartbroken ether of you."

Seclavar nodded. "Sure. What is it?"

Started rubbing her belly." I was hoping I could give you a child, you know the child that I would have given you once all this was over. But I don't think I can." Alice sighed." It would have been interesting, a child born in hell to the a raider queen and the chaos god. Sounds like the stuff of legends."

Seclavar rubbed his neck. "Actually, I mean... it isn't two late. I could still have a child made that is part me, part... you."

Alice eyes light up."That would be perfect!" Alice looked at Grimora." Ah but my best friend, the one who helped me so much with everything. How can I possible repay you for everything you've done for me including this reunion of ours, how can I easy your pain in some way?" Alice said while hugging Grimora.

Grimora shook her head. "I will just be happy for you to be out of here. Besides, you're giving me someone to remember you by too." She stepped back, producing a large syringe. "Let me see you arm, quickly. Before my father gets here."

"Well a severed arm wouldn't be the worst thing I've been through in here." Alice extended her arm and let Grimora held it.

Grimora took a plentiful amount of blood and tucked the needle away just before a man in black armor arrived. He had an overwhelming presence about him and couldn't be anyone other then the God of Death. "Alice Valentine. Step forth."

Alice rolled her eyes and walked to the god." You know, you would figure that you would both hate and like me, after all I've defiantly filled this place to the brim with souls."

"That is true. But you also... hold on." Taydar snapped his fingers, causing sparks to sprout, and Alice's nidity was covered in a simple shirt and slacks. "You also killed many who were undeserving. And you don't seem like you have repented even after such long penance." He leaned down. "Perhaps a few thousand more years are needed."

"Daaaad..." Grimora pouted. "You promised. Just like you promised to be nice to my friend."

Taydar looked at her, then back at Alice. "Very well. Are you ready for your final test to see if you are deserving of reincarnation?"

"A few things, one it's nice having cloths again thank you for that. And Second test what do you mean, was my twenty thousand years of being a plaything for demons not enough!?"

Grimora looked concerned, as did Seclavar. It seemed neither of them knew this was coming. Taydar narrowed his eyes. "No. But this is a simple test. All you have to do is meet someone, and I will see how you react to them."

His daughter's eyes widened. "Father, no. That isn't fair."

"Silence. I will be the judge of what is fair." He held out his cape. "Come on out."

From behind him, a teenage girl with jet black hair peaked out. There was something incredibly familiar about her, even if Alice couldn't put her finger on it at first.

Alice eyes widen as she knew who this was." Is this some kind of a joke, what is she doing here?!"

The girl flinched, but Taydar urged her to step forth. In a soft voice, she said, "I am sorry, Alice. I... I am Tecunte... but part of me is not. Not the Tecunte you knew. I was split from her during my final fight with Havenbrook. I was hidden away by a young man named Drayce who helped me realize the horrible person I was. I... am." She was pale and shivered lightly. "I... I remember everything. And I remember my feelings. I was always so... so angry, even when I seemed otherwise..."

"I don't care you are a blight! You killed your own sister and tried to use me to plunge the world into chaos, I don't care what version of that woman you are I will never..." Alice stooped herself and remembered what she did to Tecunte back in the frozen part of hell." Huh. I hate you with every part of my being, but why were you so angry?"

Tecunte was shielding herself, and caught off guard by Alice's sudden tone shift. "Because... I felt like no one ever cared about me. The world moved on and on, so many people happy and peaceful, but even my own supposed husband had no time for me. And then I met you, someone... I could relate to." She squeezed her eyes shut. "But you hated me too. From the very start, even when I was being nice, you hated me. Why... why shouldn't I have been angry? Why should I care about the world when no one cares about me! I... so I wanted to see it burn. I was wrong, of course, but... it is too late to change what I did. I can only pay for my sins."

Alice eyes widen and she keeled down and hugged Tecunte ." I'm sorry I..I didn't know, see I have heard so much about you and how you used people, so I was nervous and after I was betrayed by my would be boyfriend and sent to prison. So I couldn't trust anyone. If I had know any of that I would have treated you fairly and for that i'm sorry."

Tears rolled down Tecunte's cheeks. "Don't be sorry. I was a horrible person who did horrible things. I deserved all that hate. That... that is why you get to decide my fate, after all I did to you. I can either be given a fraction of my power back and try and be a fair and balance goddess again, or... or I can die here. Join the rest of my soul in Hell and suffer... like I surely deserve."

Alice looked at Grimora and the look in her eye said that she wanted Alice to give her sister a chance, she then looked at Seclevar who looked like he didn't want his mother to be brought back. Alice took a deep breath and sighed." Fine you deserve another chance, however please be different and look after your son maybe you could fix the relationship you had with him."

Tecunte smiled widely, wiping away tears and hugging Alice tightly. "Thank you! I'm sorry for everything. I promise, I will make you proud."

Taydar nodded in approval.

"You better, I'm putting a lot of faith in this for you to make admins for everything that you did, just be nice to your son and your sister and not kill her again Ok." Alice said patted Tecunte back.

Tecunte chuckled. "I promise."