Hunters of Terra Dolor (Role Playing Section)


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Divine Familial Duties, pt.5

"Don't thank me. All I said was truth, not praise. The real praise would be how amazing you are: You have inspired countless people and given them the means to carry on when they felt hopeless. You... You've done far more than what is required to be the Goddess of Compassion. I'm honored to finally meet you, Lusbie."

Lusbie was truly taken aback. She tried to speak, but her voice cracked. Taking a moment to clear her throat and drink some wine, she said, "Well now... I am flattered. S-so, um... heheh..." She blushed, not used to such praise. "So-o you want to work with me, yes?"

"I do. After all, Hope and Compassion go hand in hand with each other." Titania nodded, offering a small smile. "Besides, I think having someone in your corner, who thinks that you're amazing, is something everyone wants." Titania tilted her head to the side, her smile transforming into a carefree grin. "After all, you're long overdue praise and I have plenty to give."

Lusbie nodded. "I can tell. Well... who am I to turn down such a friendly partner? I look forward to working with you."

"Same here, Lusbie. Same here." Titania relaxed in her seat, concealing a sigh with a purposely less hidden yawn. "I think you and I will be fast friends."

Lusbie nodded. "I'd like to think we already are."

"Then we are. Just know that you're going to get teased. A lot." Titania took a sip of her water, winking at the other Goddess.


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Requiem for a Psycho

On board the golden wing

JJ and Bonny sat in the lounge, both drinking after hearing news about Solex.” Ugh things just get worse and worse, first Aya and the bounty and now we’re hearing that Solex not only has one AI but two now. But at least the Norscans are willing to work with us, but things seem to be going south really fast boss.”

JJ cradled a drink close, barely having any of it. Too much was on her mind to drink. "Can't believe Solex would make such a brazen move against the GFP, even for such a prize. Though I suppose, in their weakened state, this was the best time to do it." She finally took a drink. "We need to stop him soon."

“How he has two AI and I’m sure pirates are probably flooding the GFP, we are still in the same position a few months ago. Look JJ I think we might be done.” Blisk entered the bar and looked at the two.

“Um JJ you got a message, it might be something you’re interested in.”

"Oh, great. Good news, I'm sure..." JJ slipped away from the counter and walked over. "Who's it from?"

“Um a woman from the planet Telia the planet Roberta is on, so this should be intriguing.”

"Yeah. Patch it through to the main view screen." JJ quickly made her way to the bridge to answer the call.

When the woman came into view she looked to be in her mid twenties with red eyes and white hair, and was wearing a female suit.” Ah good to meet you you must be the leader of these rag tag bunch, my name is Ash I believe you have been tracking my lest say chief of security Roberta.”

"Roberta works for you now? Great..." JJ folded her arms. "As a matter of fact, we are. We know where she is and we're prepared to go in and get her soon. We've just been... distracted..."

“Well that’s to damn bad, because someone I don’t know who fallowed you’re signal and also found Roberta and has leaked that information on the bounty net. So now I have a deal for you.”

JJ looked a bit surprised, wondering who it could have been. There were so many mercs that were there that would want revenge on Roberta. Even more that weren't there. "Alright then... what do you want?"

“I want you to come and end this little hunt for me, see me and Roberta had to kill so many mercenaries and pirates. Good for getting new weapons and ships thank you for that, but my friend is going through a change and she can’t do that while being hunted. So you are going to capture her and send her to me to end the bounty.”

"You're putting a bounty on your own agent?" JJ folded her arms. "What are you going to do with her? Why not ask her to come to you yourself?"

“Because I’m not a bounty hunter, if I were to do that that would be a fraud. And will more then likely get me a bounty as well and I don’t need that, and I’m gonna give her to you and pay for her bailout. Besides wouldn’t you want the reputation of capturing Roberta for yourself?”

"Well, that would be nice. Though I'm not sure that I like the idea of going theough the trouble of capturing her with the knowledge that you'll just pay her way out."

Aya stepped next to JJ. "Besides, once you get her free, what's to stop her from being hunted all over again? You have some elaborate plan to... make people think she is in prison or that she's dead or something."

“I have a way that you don’t need to worry about, anyway Roberta is currently suffering from the Tamarin time of the month. As I’m sure you’re friend cold tell you she’s at her most vulnerable right now.”

"Great, so I get to take her out when she is at her weakest." Aya shook her head. "I'll feel like such a hero..."

JJ still didn't look all that enthusiastic either. "If we do this, you need to make sure she retires from these assassinations. If we capturw and you loose her again, we'll come after her again and kill her this time."

“She’s not returning don’t think she can, but I do have other plans for her but again those are plans you don’t need to know about. Regardless this is something she needs and this something that has to be forced onto her.”

Aya sighed and leaned against the wall. "I still don't like going after her at her weakest. But I suppose we don't have a choice. If we don't, someone else will. Not that I care if she dies, but those kids..."

“Don’t worry about Roberta kids we had a nice long discussion about them, and don’t think just because she doesn’t have psi powers doesn't mean she’s weak. As you know she’s a blue psi on which means her powers are just amplified her skills at least the two powers she mostly use, good luck.” The transmission ended with Ash location.

JJ sighed and turned to Aya, shrugging. "Lay in a course. Let's get this done with so we can focus on Roberta's former boss."

“Why do you two sound so disheartened.” Bonny said behind them.” Look it may not be what you want but think of how many times Roberta kicked our asses, this time we can actually beat her.”

"This is a good thing... for the most part." JJ gave Bonny a small smile. "Just not how we wanted thing to end."

Aya shook her head. "You don't get it. It's a matter of pride, especially after what she did to all of us." She walked away, going to the flight controls. "Doesn't help to know that woman will just bribe Roberta out of prison anyway. In the end, Roberta won't pay for any of her crimes. So much for justice in this universe. What's next? We going to force Solex to retire to a tropical planet surrounded by women and exotic foods and drinks?"

“You wanna bet that he’s probably doing that right now, as he sits high and might with what happened.”

Aya just sighed and punched in the coordinates, setting the ship forward at full warp without waiting for the order. She didn't want to think about Solex sitting pretty. She didn't want to think about how Roberta would likely be sitting pretty too. She just wanted to get this over with amd get paid. At least the bounty on Roberta was really high...

Roberta hit her alarm and got out of bed it had been two days since her Sahcdiydeuh started, today would be her last day and she could go back to hunting the people that hunted her. As she got out of bed she saw the two kids sitting on the couch watching Tv, since it was a Saturday the we’re off school.” Hay you two what you doing?”

"Just relaxing." Alex looked back at her with a concerned look. "Are you okay? Are those... people still coming after you?"

“Unfortunately yes but Ash and her people are mostly handling them, most barely make it out the space port so for now we’re safe.” She said sitting next to the two.

"That's good." Alex smiled up at her. "You want to watch cartoons with us? It is about a rabbit sheriff that fights monsters and pirates and other bad things that attack his moon colony."

“Hum sure why not never watched a cartoon before should be interesting.”” Roberta sat next to them both and enjoyed Tv with them.”

After a while, Jessica scoffed. "This is so dumb. Why don't the pirates act like real pirates? With, like... the killing and the womanizing and the enslaving? All the want to do is steal money."

“That’s because you’ve seen real pirates and how they act, I’m starting to think that I might have ruined you for that. Alright let’s change the channel then.” Roberta grabbed the remote and switched the channel to a fantasy show with a knight fighting off monsters with his friends.” Ah this will work.” Roberta wrapped her arms around both of them.

They were given a brief moment of solice, but it wasn't to last. After 30 minutes, a ring of the doorball alerted Roberta.

Roberta rolled her eyes and went to the door.” Alright who is it and what do you want?”

"Is there a... Roberta here?" said a man. "I have a package for her."

“Yes but I don’t remember ordering anything?” Roberta opened the door.” Who’s it from?”

"It says... 'from an old friend, you know who'. Sorry, I don't know."

“Hum well thank you for time.” Roberta took the package and closed the door, she took the box to the kitchen and listened in there was nothing ticking or counting down so at the moment it was safe. Roberta then took the package to were the kids were and went back to her spot on the couch.

Within was a simple communicator and a letter instructing her to check the contacts. The was only one, labeled 'call now'.


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She raised an eyebrow and and looked at it suspiciously and called the contact.” Um this is Roberta to who am I calling?”

"We don't have much time," a woman on the other end said. "They're coming! Get those kids out of the house now! Drive down to the peer."

“Who In the hell is this and what do you mean by they are coming, you will explain yourself now!”

"There is no time! You have five minutes to get out of the area before a swarm of bloodthirsty mercs swarm your place!"

Roberta tapped the communicator and tapped the walls, the cabinets turned into a wall of weapons and her armor as well. The was quickly turned into a watch, and Roberta grabbed a sub machine gun and two pistols as well as her swords.” Kids were leaving, apparently there are some mercenaries coming our way.”

They gave her a scared look, but sprang into action, having been drilled. They knew not to grab anything they didn't need, simply getting their shoes and jackets and preparing to go.

“Hum I have trained you both very well.” Roberta kissed them both and they left there home and got in the car, Roberta put her weapons away and started driving to the pear.” God damn that Cartus putting a tracker on me, this couldn’t happen at a worse time.”

As she drove off, there was a commotion behind her. Looking back, she could see several ships landing in her front yard.

When she looked in the back mirror she smiled, well then I guess it’s a good thing we left then huh.” One of the dogs barked and Roberta let the windows down to let them hang there heads out.

The kids looked out the back window. "I hope they don't make a mess. Where are we going anyway?"

“To the peer, apparently whoever contacted me knew that the mercs were coming so for now I’ll fallow whoever this is lead.”

"Maybe they're a friend!" Alex said excitedly. "Some hero come to save us!"

“Let’s not go that far son, with my record it might not be a hero. But I can take all the help I can get.”

"Just keep the guns at the ready," Jessie said sourly. "Could be a trap..."

“ Ou I know and I’m thinking about it, but for know in case something does go wrong and this goes sideways.” Roberta handed Jessy a communicator.” That will let you contact Ash it also has a tracker in it, once you turn it on the signal will activate.”

The girl nodded. "I just hope I don't need it."

“I do to, but whatever happens know that you two will not be taken by anyone else I will protect you and I will not die or be captured so easily.” Roberta boated as she continued the drive.

"Okay," they said together, believing her.

Once at the peer the three got out, Roberta looked over her weapons to make sure they were loaded once loaded she concealed them from anyone site and got moving.” Hello is the person that helped me here?”

"Over here~!" A young woman stepped out of a boat at the end of the dock and walked over. "Are you the Roberta?"

“Yes I am, and I would like to know who you are and why you’re doing this. Why are you helping me do you want something in return?”

"Oh my God! I know all about you! You're awesome! A legend!" The woman grinned. "I'm Sally Conner!"

“Ugh alright then Sally look I do appreciate what your doing here but I have a lot of questions, we’re are you taking us?”

"Somewhere you can be nice and safe." She waved for them to follow. "Come on! None of you get seasick, do you?"

"Roberta..." Alex squeezed her hand. "I don't like this. She seems... too nice."

Roberta rubbed Alex head.” I know kid, best keep your heads down.” Right so Sally who sent you?”

"No one sent me exactly. I was asked to join the assault that just went down at your house, but I declined. They never thought one of their own would tip you off."

“Then why are you helping me, I’m sure that my capture or death is worth a lot of money why help?”

The woman sighed. "Why are you looking a gift horse in the mouth? Are you gonna get in the boat or not?"

As much as she didn’t want to trust this woman, without her powers she couldn’t fight dozens of mercenaries.” Get in the boat kids were going.” Roberta got on the boat first and lifted the two kids on it, while the dogs jumped on.

"Excellent." The woman jumped in the front of the boat and sped off. "So... want any refreshments?" she asked.

“Were fine we just ate, before you contacted me. I still don’t know why you’re helping me, with everything I’ve done I’m shocked anyone would help.”

"But... you're Roberta. Like... the legendary assassin of the great Solex. Why is it so shocking someone might have some plans for you other then simply joining a group to bumrush you?" On the horizon, a small island came into view.

“I’m no legend I’m just a pontaer that was made in some lab, but regardless thank you for the help.”

"Oh, you don't have to thank me. Though it's appreciated." They pulled up to the shore of the island, the woman hoping out and waving her hand. "Come on! My shuttle is this way!"

Roberta stepped off the boat and lifted the kids.” Hay you two alright, still feeling nervous?”

They nodded. "She didn't really explain why she helped us," Jessie said. "Please be careful."

“Don’t worry even without powers I can easily take this woman and whoever she brought with her, but stay close to me and if something goes wrong I want you to run and hide alright.”

They nodded and followed closely. When they reached the shittle, the woman was already inside, rummaging through for something. "Wanted to show you something. You wanted to know why I'd help you when you're worth a large bounty, right?"

“Yes that will help put my mind at ease.”

The woman walked out, and leveled a plasma launcher on her shoulder, grinning widely as she pointed it at Roberta. "Because, silly! Don't you see? I mean... I didn't see at first, I'll admit. Some nice bounty hunters pointed it out to me. They said 'why split the bounty between a dozen or more people when you can trick her into coming with you alone and get the bounty all for yourself!' Isn't that smart?!"

Roberta sighed in annoyance. No because if you know who I am, you should know fighting me by yourself powers or not is suicidal.”

She giggled. "I know. But I'm not by myself. Don't you see? The children are helping me! Because if you take one aggressive move against me, well... I hope they're really good at dodging..."

Roberta quickly pulled out her pistols.” You wouldn’t dare, because if you kill them your death wouldn’t be quick.”

"You really want to take that chance?" Her smile only widened. She was clearly manic. "They told me how much you cared about them. Would you be willing to let them die?"

“No but you should know my current boss sees me as her well right hand, and she goes to a great length to protect us. I mean she knows we’re I am right now, and is probably sending a shuttle to get me.” Roberta used her tail to signal to Jessy more specifically the communicator she gave her.

Jessie subtly pressed the switch in her pocket as the strange woman shook her head. "That's fun. But you have three seconds to drop your weapons or I fire. One... two..."

“Alright alright fine, you win.” Roberta drooped all the weapons she had visible, and looked back at the woman.

She stuck her tongue out and giggled. "Should've just ditched the kids," she laughed, not lowering the weapon.


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Suddenly, her whole body started shaking as a highly electric currently rocketed through her body. When it was over, she wobbled for a few moments as steam rolled off her, before dropping like a sack of potatoes.

"I told you she was a bad choice," a familiar voice said. "Wouldn't threaten the children, my ass..."

Roberta got a annoyed look on her face, when she turned around.” Why are you here?”

"Why do you think?" Aya lowered the high powered stun weapon she had used. "To get you. We would have been here sooner but we've had to figure out a way to cut through the competition."

JJ scratched her head. "Can't believe so many people found where you were. I didn't see anyone else put a tracker on your ship..."

“Because they didn’t, you have been compromised by our dear friend Ravenwood who first told me that you idiots were tracking me.”

Aya and JJ exchanged an irritable look, JJ's eye twitching in anger. "The asshole... bet he came to taunt you too. Guess I was wrong about you two being on the same side before..."

“You think I would work with that prick, hay let me tell you something the day we met he let me pass him and all I did was punch him in the stomach. She then looked to Aya.” He also told me that you were crippled.”

Aya scratched the back of her head. "I was... then I wasn't. It's... complicated..."

"Wait, wait, wait!" JJ stepped forward. "After all that work we did, after all his people died fighting your stupid robots, with all the power he has, he just let you pass?!"

“Yea and I’m confident that he’s the one that let it known that I’m here, said that he will let everyone else come from me and hill wait til I’m weak and then come and get me. And as you can see from my black hair that might be now.” Roberta looked down at Jessy and Alex, and walked to them.” Hay you two alright?”

They nodded timidly. "I remember them," Alex said. "They were the two you helped escape from Solex. They're the reason he hurt you and threw you out."

“Yes they are.” Roberta picked up her weapons and looked at the two.” And while I have every reason to kill them and them me my priority right now is getting you two to safety, unless you plan on stopping me in which case I will kill you both right here and now.”

They both raised their weapons. "Send the kids away," Aya said. "We're ending this."

“And we’re am I suppose to send them genius, we’re on a small island. And last I checked they can’t drive a shuttle.”

"Then have them hide in the shuttle!" Aya said angrily. "Unless you plan to use them as human shields, either lay down your arms or get rid of them!"

Roberta loaded her guns.” Kids get in the shuttle, and for mom this won’t take long.”

"Wait." Jessie whispered," I don't think they'll fire if we stay by you. Why don't we stay here so you can beat them easy?"

“Because that’s not how I do things, and I will not put you two in the line of Fire again.”

They frowned sadly but did as they were ordered, running off to hide in the shuttle.

Roberta pushed the button on her watch and her armor started wrapping around her.” So you two couldn’t fight me while I’m at my best, and decided to fight me when I’m at my weakest how very mercenarie of you. But just because I don’t have my powers doesn’t me you will win.”

Aya scoffed. "Is that so? Last time I checked, you ran away bith times we fought. Can't admit your own loses... how very pirate AND sociopath of you."

“I seem to recall me killing dozens of mercenaries before I got to you, but yes I lose and it irritates me to no end that some no named mercenaries forced me to use my ship to kill my target!” Roberta shouted.” But now I will get my victory back.”

"We'll see about that." Aya suddenly hefted the shock cannon and fired at Roberta.

Roberta as quick as she could moved out of the way and pulled out her smg and fired it at Aya, without her powers she has to be extra careful and really more on her guns then her swords and keep them at range.

Aya used her telekinetic powers to push herself and JJ in opposite directions, the pair taking cover behind some trees. "Give it up!" JJ warned, firing at Roberta to force her into cover. "You could barely keep up with Aya with your powers. What are you supposed to do without them?"

“Barely keep up I think you have things confused she never face me when I was at a hundred percent, always hiding behind dozens of other mercenaries before fighting me.” Roberta took a few lot shots at the two while constantly moving to other trees for cover.” Now that she finally gets me when I haven’t fought anyone you do it when I’m weak, cowards! The lot of you damn mercenaries. She said firing her pistol at them.

Aya snarled. "You think I wanted it this way? I wanted to beat you at your strongest, but how could I ever do that when you fight unfair like a typical pirate!" Aya dashed between trees, trying to get closer. "You think you deserve any pity? Any honor? You think you derserve a fair fight, you murderous bitch! Everytime I've fought you, you've had others around me to use as hostages. Don't you see? You never fought honorably! You sending those kids away was the first time you ever did anything with honor!"

When Roberta saw Aya she used her sword and slashed it to stop Aya in her track, when she aimed her pistol at her JJ fired a few shots into Roberta shoulder forcing her to back up and fire at JJ.

Aya moved in close, forming psionic swords and slashing at Roberta's weapons.

She managed to her gun in half, which she then used the now worthless weapon as a modified brass knuckle to punch Aya check.” Do you know how much this coast!” She said pulling out her second sword.

Aya prepared to block. "Not as much as the lives you've taken."

“Ou boohoo i killed a bunch of people your mercenaries, it’s not like you don’t ether. She said using her swords on Aya.

Aya rapidly blocked. "At least we don't murder innocent people who's only crime is running from people like you!"

Roberta continued to slash her swords at Aya, and with Every block Roberta would get more infuriated. When Aya block her last strike Roberta used her leg to trip up Aya front leg and slash into her chest, but before she could do any more damage JJ again shot this time in her ribs driving her back.” Damn it stay out of my business and let her die!”

Aya held a hand up. "Stay back, Jackie!"

JJ scoffed. "No! This goes beyond your pride!"

"Just stay back!" Aya cracked her neck back and forth. "I admit, you're faster then me. Physically, I can't compete with your genetic enhancements without getting my own. But I'll still beat you." The swords disappated and she pulled a hand gun, quickly firing.

Roberta tried her best to deflect the shots but most hit her in her stomach driving her back and her vomiting up blood. God damn it!” Roberta tanked Aya and pinned quickly slammed her sword into one of her hands pinning her to the ground, she then looked at JJ and started running after her like a mad woman.

"So much for staying back..." JJ opened fire with an automatic rifle, using her own enhanced reflexes to fire steadily as she ran to the side.

Roberta used the trees for cover firing back at JJ forcing her to move to another position, but Roberta vision was getting blurry with the rapid blood lose. She decided reload both her weapons and charge JJ again firing bother at the same time at her.


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She suddenly felt her legs being pulled out from under her by Aya's telekinetic ability, dropping her to the ground with a thud.

When Roberta got up she slammed her hand into the ground in frustration, the the looked to the shuttle and saw how worried Jessy and Alex were she then looked down at the knockout mercenary and ran towards the her.

With a pained groan, Aya yanked the swod out of her hand and threw it at Roberta before climbing to her feet.

When Roberta turned around to see if why Aya yelled she saw her sword coming at her, she quickly jumped to the ground and rolled onto her back when the sword went past her into the side of the shuttle Roberta popped back up and dove for the plasma launcher.

Aya quickly formed a new weapon, a long polearm she used to wack the weapon out of her hand before she could fire it.

Roberta eyes twitched as she ran for it again, this time shooting at Aya so she doesn’t take it away from her.

Aya dodged to the side, and changed it up again. She had been learning, training, and preparing for this moment. She changed the polearm into a javelin and through it in Roberta's path, then formed a dozen daggers and tossed them at the pirate.

Roberta stopped in front of the Javelin and turned to see a dozen daggers coming for her, as she tried to run from the daggers she suddenly fell to the ground and her vision was hazy the blood lost had finally got to Roberta.

Aya walked over, holding the wound on her chest as JJ followed closely behind. As they approached, JJ pulled out a pair of psionic dampening cuffs. "It's over," she said. "Keep fighting and you'll bleed out."

When Roberta rolled herself over a blue vile came out of her wrist, she took the vile and stuck it into her chest.

Aya aimed a pistol at Roberta's head, close but not to close. "No... this isn't right."

JJ gave her a worried look. Aya's hand was shaking and her finger was on the trigger. "Aya... it's over... just relax and..."

"It isn't over!" Aya shouted. "She's just going to get out! She'll get away! Disappear! Get to live a nice, quiet, peaceful life with her kids and that's it! No punishment! No retribution! The innocent people she murdered, the women she sent off to be raped and tortured, all of her wicked deeds, and she'll get off scot free! It isn't right." Aya grit her teeth. "There is only one way this turns out with any justice..."

Roberta armor deconstructed and she looked at Aya smiling.” Ha go ahead do it, throw away everything you stand for.” Roberta coughed and blood came out of her mouth.” Go on be a cold blooded mercenary, kill me When I’m at my weakest and even then still needed help to fight me. Orphan those kids in that shuttle there, deliver your true justice because believe me the first steps is always the hardest but killing everyone becomes Easier over time. She taunted.

Aya shook a little more, ready to fire, before JJ put a hand on her shoulder. "Life... isn't always fair, Aya. We've both had to learn that the hard way. But we've ended things today, if not the way you would have preferred. And if we ever have to deal with her again, I'll be there to pull the trigger with you. Just... don't become like her. You're better."

Aya took a deep breath and seemed to relax a bit. "Cuff her."

“The next time we meet I’ll have my powers again, and it will be as it always is. Me killing the fodder to get to you morons before I put you down and complete my job.” The shuttle opened and Jess and Alex came running for Roberta.

They stopped as JJ slapped the cuffs on Roberta's wrists. "Roberta?" Jessie's eyes wondered over to one of her swords, amd she ran for it.

“Jessy!” She the child stopped when Roberta called to her.” Don’t you dare go for my weapon, this isn’t like what I did to your old father. I’m not dying.” Roberta turned her head to JJ could you give me a minute with them.”

"If you try anything..." JJ warned, but she and Aya stepped away.

Roberta walked to the two kids and sat in the dirt, they both ran to her with tears in there eyes.” Hay come on now your getting my blood all over you, your getting all dirty.”

Alexander sniffled. "I don't want you to go away!"

“I know you don’t but apparently by the sounds of it, I won’t be gone that long.” The then saw a shuttle coming to the island.” Ugh speak of the devil.” When the shuttle landed Ash stepped out with a few briefcases.

Jessie looked at her and smiled. "You're here! Quick, the bad people are just over there! You can stop them!"

“I’m not here to stop them I’m here to pay them, and I must say Roberta you look pretty bad.” Two of the briefcase holders walked to JJ and Aya.” Your money is in those cases.”

“Are you fucking kidding me Ash you hired these bastuards!”

“Yes Roberta I need the bounty in you gone, I can’t keep having mercenaries keep coming her for you, hell you saw them attack your house. What would have happened if you weren’t there and those two kids of yours were?”

"Honestly, you should be thanking her," JJ said, knowing Aya was barely holding back angwr and grief. "Now she can pay off the few GFP still corrupt and make you disappear. If the others hadn't gotten you eventually, Ravenwood would have."

“Roberta I know your angry, but this is the first step in your change. I know you can’t stop killing your not meant to, so I’m just gonna send you to a rabilatation because you need help. You can’t stop I know but you will be fixed for not only your sake but there’s as well, those two who are hugging you like they would there mom. You killed there dad and kidnapped there mom, they should hate you but they don’t do you can change you just need help and you can’t get that in a prison cell.”

"So you're sending her for help?" Aya asked a bit suspiciously. "Why? Why are you helping her so much?"

“Because she’s on my planet and was gifted to me by Solex, she’s my responsibility and I know she sees herself as nothing more then a weapon to be used. And while she is doesn’t mean she can’t change her targets to something more reasonable. And despite everything she deserves at least some happiness in her life.”

"She deserves punishment..." Aya scoffed. "Take her. Try and help her. But if we ever face each other in a fight again, I won't hold back, and she won't get away. She will die."

“Your assuming you’re gonna kill here, I doubt you two could well maybe the Tamarin probably but the Cartus doubtful.” Come on Roberta time for your new training, and I promise this one won’t be as bad as the ones your used to. Come on kids Roberta is gonna need your help to.” Ash helped Roberta up as they passed the Aya and JJ Roberta looked at Aya.

“You will never beat me, this proved nothing all today proved is that you are a coward that can’t stand on your own and who always need others.” She then looked at JJ.” And you will never beat Solex so long as you carry dead weight.”

"No one I know is dead weight. Everyone gives me strength." JJ smiled. "Solex will be dealt with. Just be glad he cut you loose."

Roberta remained quiet as she and the kids got into the shuttle.” Again I do wanna thank you both for your help with this.”

They nodded, silently turning to head for their own shuttle.

As Ash got on the shuttle with Roberta and her kids she looked down at her.” I know your anger Roberta but trust me this will be good for you and your family, you just gotta have faith and everything will be ok.” Roberta remained silent as she leaned into her kids.

“Sorry for having you two worried again.”

The hugged her tightly. "You'll get them next time," Jessica whispered.

“Damn right I will, I just hope that our home isn’t to damaged. But even if it was I would still find a way to take care of you both.”

They hugged her even tighter, smiling warmly.