Hunters of Terra Dolor (Role Playing Section)


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Zodiak stood in his own little corner, completely surrounded by the Hastur clones. As each approached, he slammed crushing blows into them, causing them to either back away or crumble at his feet, before making follow-up attacks, either with his own body or with the body of another clone. He had a few cuts and scrapes, as well as bruises, but it wasn’t slowing him down. He kept his eyes dashing between his foes, adeptly taking each one on with precision and accuracy. After a bit, he started getting a rhythm to their attacks and they seemed to become easier to crush instead of harder.

Exhausted, beat to hell, and desperate, Ledono and Birusu looked at each other and nodded. “I think it is time, sister,” Birusu stated.

“I agree. Without me, there might not be another way to bring us back,” Ledono warned.

“Oh, there is a way. We trust in the mortals.” Birusu grinned. “But if that doesn’t happen, know that through all these years, after all our feuding… we are still sisters, and I wouldn’t want to go out with anyone else at my side.”

“Agreed.” Ledono gasped her sister’s arms, and the two rose up, slowly spinning around eachother. “Ranseca! Take care of everyone!”

The messenger goddess’ eyes widened, and yelled to everyone, “Gather in a circle around Sancros!”

“Can it be a sphere?” Faith asked sarcastically from above the circle once most of them had gathered.

“Easier said than done!” Titania called out, a cut to her cheek in the exact same spot as her bullet wound caused her to lash out at Jerindek with a kick, and dashed away towards the circle grabbing Mags and Kva along the way. “You and I are cuddling after this, Kva…”

Ranseca started circling around them, moving faster and faster and faster. Any of the Hastur clones that tried to get at them were simply knocked away. Jay had to cut off his attack to prevent it from bouncing back in, giving Yog a chance to recover and prepare a strike, but it was too late. A torrent of power was erupting from the rapidly spinning sisters, electricity and energy blasting off them as they spun in a blur. Ranseca moved even faster, and faster, and faster still. She looked into the circle, and noted one person was missing. Searching the room, she found the God of the Hunt slowly making his way through the storm.

“What are you doing?!” she cried out.

“Just trust me!” Reht'nar called back. As the sister’s power reached its peak, he leapt at them, grabbing Lodono. “They’re going to need you when this is over.”

“No!” Lodono cried out before being hurled into the top of the protective cone Ranseca was making just as everything went white.

Everything seemed to disappear in a void for a few moments. All about, the group found themselves in a serene field, flowers and trees abound, a fresh smell on a cool breeze passing by. Had they been transported to another place? Another time? They had little time to speculate as everything went white again, and they then found themselves back in the throne room.

The destruction was incredible. The walls were charred and barely standing, the roof had been completely blown off. The Hastur copies around the room all crumpled into dust, and the King and Queen of the gods fell to their knees, looking as they should, like they had taken an explosion to the face. Even Yog look winded, parts of his body breaking off and dropping to the ground. Birusu and Reht'nar were nowhere to be found, evaporated into less than dust.

Runseca stopped her running in the worst way possible, tripping and slamming into the ground with a crash. Moving so fast while weathering the explosion had left her frail and broken, looking on death’s door. Her hair had even turned white.

Titania arrived at her side, tears staining her face. “Why? Why did you…? When this would happen…?” She choked out, cradling her mother’s head.

Ranseca coughed and smiled weakly. “I’ll be… f-fine… please, he’ll be up any second. Go… kick his...ass…”

Titania nodded, before briefly disappearing only to reappear to put Faith next to the near dead God. She charged angrily, her speed increasing as her body began groan at the exertion, raising her blade to cut the Older God down with a flurry of blows.

Faith radiated power, as she had just devoured her beans like they were candy. The resistance the wind put up against Titania’s attacks seemingly disappeared and her strikes seemed a lot faster and hit a lot harder, not to mention how it made the rest of her body feel more powerful. As Faith simultaneously casted all of these ridiculous magics, she was also healing Ranseca’s wounds. She grimaced at the noticeable drain of her mana and the few remaining beans that she had, not entirely efficient with her Light magic as her Wind, but she seemed to be managing well.

“Elma, get your ass over here! Now!” Jay called loudly as he added his own healing magic into the fray, knowing it would likely take the three of them to heal the dying Goddess.

“I’m kinda drained, that sorta happens when you make a lightning storm and make a conjured dragon!” Elma sad weakly walking to the goddess, she kneeled down and used her healing magic or at least as best she could with how little magic she had.

Faith looked out of the corner of her eye to Elma, not wanting to remove her main focus from Titania. “Come. Grab my hand. I’ll give you some of my mana.”

“Keep safe!” Skye yelled out, “I'll do it!”

“Skye what're you doing!?” Scathatch protested but her daughter has already flew over to Ranseca's side, using her powerful healing magic to recover her wounds.

“I do believe that a Goddess such as Ranseca doesn’t deserve this sort of fate. I will lend my own hand as well.” The White Knight calmly walked over, overpowering the healing capabilities of all four mages with one touch to the Goddess’ arm.

Her breathing steadied, and she gave them an uneasy smile as she slowly sat up. “Thank you all, but you should have saved that energy for yourselves,” she warned as Jerin and Xia slowly started to walk over, intent on taking out the healers.

Shadows slowly crept out from a certain individual as he stepped forward. Unsheathing his tanto with his good arm and raising his face mask up, he whispered. “Charter, you fight Jerin’dek. Erin, fire support. Ahusirra, help Titania.” With that brief bit of ordering, he was off his tanto trying to slip under the Queen’s guard and toward her neck, his shadows trying to deflect any attacks the Corrupted Goddess threw at him.

“Well… Good to know where I stand.” Zodiak commented, a little discouraged.

“Good I’ve been meaning to get my hands, and the man that harmed my sister!” Charter pulled out his sword, and charged the king of the gods. As he swung his sword the god blocked every blow, until Charter did something that was unbecoming to him. In the middle of attacking with his sword and his shield Charter kicked the god in the groin, catching the god off guard Charter then slashed his sword across the gods eyes blinding him. As Jerin yelled in pain he started to swing wildly not knowing were Charter was. Charter went behind the god and thrusted his sword into the gods kneen bringing him to the ground, and started bash his head repeatedly with his shield.

Jerin let out a blood curdling roar, nothing a sane man would expel, and a blast of energy knocked Charter away. He slowly rose to his feet, his bloody and mangled mess that was once his face very slowly recovering as he prepared for the next assault, relying on his ears while he waited for his eyes to recover.

Magdalene didn't want to allow him any rest, her hair inky black as she charged at the God, swiping at him multiple times a second. Even so, the God parried most of them, only a few superficial wounds getting through. Frustrated, Mags summoned another Scythe with her mind, the weapon attacking him autonomously from behind as she continued her pressure.

He wasn’t able to predict the attack, and even with all his power, he couldn’t defend from to sides at once. The Scythe pierced his chest, and he coughed up a mouth full of blood. Even so, he reached out and grabbed Mags, lifting her by her wool in one hand and punching her repeatedly in the stomach with the other.

The Sheep spit up a spatter of blood, feeling her ribs crack as she concentrated on Baphomet in her mind. Suddenly, the room went dark as the Nightgaunt took shape over her, his massive form only growing bigger as he manipulated reality. He slammed Jeren'dek off of Magdalene with a Savage backhand, bringing a fist down to try and crush him. Jeren’dek raised his arms to catch the fist. He grit his teeth, his boots scraped and the ground itself started to crack under the incredible pressure. He was pinned, and slipping.

As the Nightgaunt began to raise his other fist, his eyes caught a beam from Hastur, aimed right for the now vulnerable Mags. Acting quickly, and mostly on his instinct to protect her, he raised an obsidian wall out of nothing to stop it. However, something about the power of the Old One cared little for the physical barrier put in it's way. In a brief second it was disintegrated, Baphomet's last action being to block the attack with his body before it hit her. The attack slammed into his arm, the black limb crumbling into sand, then the shoulder, then the chest, and then there was nothing but a pile of fine powder. The fabric of the dreamspace crumbling much like he did.

Jerin slowly stood up. Yog’s laugh echoed through him as he slowly walked over to the downed Sheep Thrope to finish her off. “Baphomet, no!” Methos suddenly charged the King of the gods, her fist a burning white as she punched him. He slammed into the ground with enough force to crack both it and her skull, and Methos kept punching him, over and over again with tears in her eyes.

Eraqus rushed in and grabbed Mags, running away with her. “Faith, Elma! Lend me your energy!” Erin cried out, then started chanting softly.


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“There’s barely any left, come on people!” Elma despite her complaint she did lend some of her power to Erin.” You better know what your doing, i’m running on reserves here!”

“It’ called the power of loss.” Erin raised her staff,and their combined energy flowed into Methos. She lifted Jerin up, the normally reserved goddess savagely pummeling the man who killed her trusted friend and nearly killed her love. When she was done, her knuckles were literally beat down to the bone. But so were many parts of the once proud King. Panting heavily, she tossed him aside. “Someone finish him off! I don’t care who!”

“With pride.” Sancros said coldly, as a couple dozen watery weapons manifested before plunging into the King’s body. They waited for a moment before pulling out of the now hole-y King before plunging back in, Sancros’ anger just as palpable as Methos, making sure to leave the god unrecognizable as more than a pile of meat. “No one hurts my sister.”

Erin started to burn away the remains as a loud cracking noise could be heard, just as Nemesis had promised, two cracks appeared in the orb Eraqus was carrying, totalling eight in all. Without the explosion to mask the sound, Yog heard it this time. “So that is your plan? Well…” He wrapped a long tentacle around Titania’s neck and lifted her into the air. “It won’t matter if I kill you all first!”

“Fuck… You…” She wound up her sword arm with her speed before launching it at the amalgamation of the two Old ones, with a complement of her two daggers to push her sword in further. Using her last dagger, she struggled to cut his tentacle, hoping to free herself as she kept an eye on her very hopeful attack.

“Don’t. Fuck. With the duck.” Faith blasted wind explosions all around Titania in an attempt to free any opposition that dared attack her. More explosions littered the battlefield as Faith rose off the ground. “I am Faith Regalis. Remember that as you perish.”

He fell back, releasing her and crashing into the ground. Luckily, Titania’s speed allowed her to stop from slamming into the ground herself. Yog snarled. “I am… tired of laying here. Xia’tar! Kill them right now!” Tentacles flew out from him, but instead of targeting one of his attackers they stabbed into Xia’s back, pumping pure corruption into her to power her up.

“Give me a break!” Shini growled as he threw what looked to be a small ball that blew a white powder into the air. Shini retreated as his shadows covered him in a protective layer, “Don’t breath or let it touch your eyes. Natural poison and irritant.” He called out, reloading his rifle.

Xia coughed and gagged, temporarily blinded as she swung her sword wildly. She heard a sound behind her, but was too slow to react. The Platinum Knight hit her with her sword like a bat, sending her flying towards Charter. “Heads up!”

While she was heading towards Charter, Charter pulled out his bow and fired what was left of his explosive arrows. Shot after shot prices her armor and started to break each piece til it reached her flesh, Each explosion blew off chunks of skin off her. Once Charter was out of explosive arrows he switched to his normal arrows but coated it with a very deadly toxin that he used when last came to the Castle. Charter fired for arrows into her chest filling her with more poison, this poison seemed to slow her down slowing her heart. “Who else wants a piece of her, that poison won’t keep her down forever!”

“Betty… right?” Ahusirra looked down at her, cuts and scratches all over the Goddess.

The Fly Thrope looked up as she passed her a small round vial of a watery white liquid. Betty tilted her head, “What is this?”

“Hind's blood. Nemesis gave it to me just in case he took control of one of us. Use it with that cannon on your back and you might be able to… bring her down!” The Nature Goddess’ shield cracking as another beam hit it.

Betty quickly unlocked one of her Basilisk venom tanks, throwing it at Xia’tar and as it hit the grown, she punctured it with a well placed shot. The pink gas exploded out over the Queen Goddess, Betty hoping it would lock her up as she readied her new cannon.

Xia’tar slowly rose to her feet, shaking violently as the poison and venom worked in tandem to keep her still. She tried to move, only for Erin to cast a spell that weighed her down even more. The goddess felt like she was up to her neck in quicksand with a thousand pounds on her back.

Coating her steel balls in the liquid, she loaded them into the cannon along with light powder, pointing the weapon at the Goddess. Only Shini stood in her way… She had seen how he raised their friends… How callous he was… And that magic… That was the only thing that could've disintegrated Tack… It didn't matter, she had to take this shot, even if he got caught in it… but she just growled and yelled, “Get out of the way idiot!”, and she fired.

A blinding white blast arced from the weapon, like the Sun itself had been loaded into it. The Steel Balls with the blood riddled Xia's body, the incredible surge of light magic burning every inch of her skin, now she probably knew what it felt like to be a Vampire.

Shini, having distanced himself, closed the distance to Xia and dropped a few balls into the holes she had, before running clear from a very loud and dangerous explosion. A gold coin seemed to land near Betty, perhaps the assassin’s way of thanking her.

“Well… she’s dead.” Valyrie walked over to the smoking cloud. “So does that mean…”

“She’s not dead!” Eraqus yelled out, looking down at the eight cracks in the orb. Before he could shout another warning, Xia’s arm stabbed out of the smoke, plunging her sword into Valeryrie. chest. The knight fell back, with the sword in her and the severed arm still clutching the sword.

Xia stubbled forward, large chunks of her body missing. A bloody mess would have been an understatement. Black bile leaked from her eyes, nose, and mouth, and she lumbered forward like the undead. “Th-the corruption is keeping her alive…” Erin muttered. “S… sort of…”

Silver rushed up to the Goddess, but he was cut off by another beam, looking over, Xelia, Ahusirra, and Skye were clearly struggling, the attacks trying to find ways around any way they could. One of the beams took a strange trajectory over the barrier however, Skye desperately moved her shield up to stop it from hitting anyone behind her. However, that stopped her seeing a tendril snaking along that ground. It shot up as soon as it had the chance, impaling the First Sylvan directly through her chest, as it did, and her shield dropped, two more gripped her arm and leg, pulling her into pieces and scattering her form all over the floor.

Ahusirra's eyes widened, screaming out her daughter's name, the only direct link she had to the Man that was once her entire world. Her eyes set alight with fiery agony as she changed into her wolf form, the second time in this fight, charging directly at the Avatar of Yog Sothoth, letting out a primal roar before mauling and burning him in equal degrees.

Yog finally let out what sounded like cries of pain. Eraqus rushed the Goddess Queen while Yog was distracted. He sliced off her head with one quick movement, then blasted the severed cranium while it was still in the air. Xia’s body dropped to the ground and melted into ooze. As it did, two more cracks appeared on the orb, and it started to shake violently.

Yog managed to shove Ahusirra off of him as the orb shattered and a beam of light flew straight towards the Old One. It seemed it was over for him, until it suddenly curved upwards, shooting straight out of the destroyed roof and exploding in the sky. Everyone stared up in anticipation. When nothing happened, Yog laughed in his deep, echoing voice. “That’s it? That was your ultimate weapon? A fireworks display to welcome me here?! Haha! Oh… I am so grateful to you for that, it almost makes me not want to kill you. Hahaha! Ha… but seriously, it is time for you all to die.”

“Silence!” All eyes turned upwards to find a woman floating in the sky. She was majestic, with an aura of sanctity about her. She was beautiful, with creamy, light skin and flowing blonde hair. And she was really, really, really big, her entire face taking up the space of the shattered roof. “Enough of this! You, who have slain my angels. You, who would plunge this world into darkness. Begone!”

Yog actually seemed to shrink down in fear a bit. “You… you can not harm me, Aethrealla! I am too strong now! With the Blood moon…!”

Suddenly, time seemed to skip a beat, and the red moon disappeared from the sky, leaving only the regular, gloriously full moon. “I did it!” Destani stepped out of a portal. “I fixed the time…” He looked around at all the carnage, and nearly vomited.

Yog snarled. “It matters not! Even without the Blood moon, I have grown too powerful! The stronger your celestial light, the more my barrier effects it! You can not even enter here, and it is because you are too strong! Now watch as I finish growing in power until I am strong enough to stop even you!”

“Hmph…” The giant woman backed away, and held out her hand. Each of her five digits glowed, and after a moment, so did Titania, Sylvie, Charter, Zodiak, and Eraqus. Their wounds healed, they felt a mass of strength from within, and their respective weapons began to radiate with a celestial power that was nearly overwhelming. “Go forth, my chosen. Vanquish him in the name of your goddess!”

“V-vanquish him?” Eraqus looked up at her. “Th-that… we can’t… that’s what we… I guess summoned you for! How are we…?” A tentacle surged forth from Yog. Eraqus instinctively held up his sword, and it split the tentacle down the middle, the appendage falling to the ground and disintegrating. It grew back, but… was Yog a fraction smaller? Eraqus smiled widely. “Oh, this is going to be cathartic…”


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“Ou I feel great!” Charter yelled, as he dueled weiled his ax and sword. Charter leaped into the fray hacking and slashing tons of tentacles. The tentacles started to disintegrate all around him, some tentacles came behind Charter but Titania cut into them.” Thanks wolfe I ou one.” Chater said while adding enchantments to his blades.

“No problem! Although, I bet I can cut more of them down!” Titania’s speed allowed her to cut more tentacles with her seemingly larger and more fiery sword. Her blows reduced many a tentacles to dust as she began to remember her combat dance Kva had taught her. “You’re going to lose, guys! What’s your tentacle count, Sylvie?”

Barely even trying, it took only microscopic amount of magic to stop them and impale each of them with a hundred needle like branches. “I lost count.”

“Come on…. It’s not fun unless we can compete to take down this monster.” Titania whined, as she looked behind her to see a arrow whiz past her into a tentacle. “Thanks for the save!”

“Not a problem.” Each arrow Eraqus short was like a small explosion of light on Yog’s body. He tried to grow back, but kept getting smaller and smaller. Thirteen separate tentacles rushed Eraqus at once. He shot a few down, but the rest slammed him into a wall. They were still vulnerable. Before they could completely crush him, Erin blasted them with a ball of fire.

“We might not be the chosen five, but we’re still in this fight!” Erin declared, launching fireball after fireball at Yog’s body, using up all the magic she had left to help.

Betty smiled, her eyes filled with an anger she was eager to let out as she activated her flamethrower and torched the mass of tentacles. Yog squealed like a burning snake, his tentacles retreating, only to be chopped off by the others. Suddenly, a large tendril shot out from above, falling straight towards Betty.

Surprised by this desperate attack Betty made an effort to try and deactivate her flamethrower fast enough to stop it, but before she could pull her arm away it pulled back and lashed down at her. Betty screamed out in pain, as the others looked towards the sound they saw the Engineer's Gauntlet on the floor… still attached to her arm… The Fly fell back, biting her lip and she tried to put pressure on the gushing wound, it was clear she was losing a lot of blood extremely fast.

“Betty, no!” Erin and Elma ran over, Elma using the last of her magic to heal while Erin, with little other choice, scorched the wound to cauterize it.

“AAAAGGHH!” The Color had quickly drained out of her face, laying on the sticky floor, however, she wasn't losing any more blood at least. “I'm okayyyy… I don't… I feel woozy…”

“Damn it, no more!” Eraqus’ sword burst into brilliant flames. “You won’t take anyone else away from us!” He charged recklessly, ignoring his injuries, and slashed away with righteous fury.

As Yog tried to turn around, a searing ball of plasma like energy collided with him from Àine, who had been fighting against him for most of the fight. “Did I say you could ignore me!?” His tentacles reached out for the small target, accompanied by a flurry of laser blasts. It was clear he was desperate now.

A wall of vines quickly took the impacts of the lasers, turning to dust as Sylvie almost stood over him. “I'm going to make you pay for… Everything…”

Vines held him down while Sylvie literally shoved her arm into his body, he felt a massive pulse of energy, then another, all leaving his body in waves as he was drained. “Consider this your check…”

Methos, Lodono, and Destani combined their magic into a blast that blew a hole right in the center of the Old One.

Sancros sent magic to bombard the Old one, while with his remainder of his mana he poured it into healing Betty. “Don’t you dare die… not… not…” He stammered, his voice breaking. Corruption pulled the now non-combatants back.

“Stay here. You can’t fight, so you have to stay safe.” Black said, as she stepped forward to block any attacks. She noticed a limp body with silver hair, flaming sword inert. “Silver! Get her!”

Silver sped over under the effects of his quickness potion, slicing up any tendrils that got in his way and picking the woman up, checking her pulse.

It was there faintly, more than likely to spite the big gaping hole where her lung would have been and a smaller hole through her intestines. “Hey… it's bad, huh? I feel a bit tired and… and cold.” She murmured faintly, a weak bloody smile trying to lift the mood before just dropping to trying to breath. “Sorry, sir… I failed to marry your daughter… I was mean to you… and now my blood is… staining your armor. I'm truly horrible. “

“Calm down. You'll be fine…” He tilted a potion into her mouth. “It's a health philter. Drink this. Slowly.”

She drank a bit before slowly raising a hand to stop Jacque. “No good… too much damage. Although… this is surprisingly… familiar. Though… last time I wasn't dying.” She said slowly, her eyes having a twinkle to them.

“Titania…” She heard a familiar voice. The Reaper Kva floating over her.

Jacque looked up, “K-Kva?”

“Later…” She looked up at the large God looking down through the ceiling, “Hey! Aetherella was it? Please… Can you heal her?”

The giant goddess nodded. As the Old One was sliced down by the other four and the barrier weakened, she was able to reach her hand inside. “I have lost many angels today,” she stated. “It will take a lot of energy to bring them back, but I have enough to heal a few of my precious mortals.” Her palm stretched over Titania. The experience of having one’s lung grow back would be hard to describe, but Titania soon breathed easier as the holes in her body sealed up, and the hand retreated back.

Titania moved a hand over the holes, still shocked and surprised. Looking up, her cold and vicious look that had been there since Kva died, evaporated into an indescribable look. “Thank you…”

Aetherella nodded. “Now if you would be so kind, as the mortals say, I believe you have more Arse that needs to be kicked.”

Titania chuckled as she got up and disappeared from sight to grab her sword. “All right. Far be it from me to pass up a fight.”

“I’ll be honest: kinda disappointed I wasn’t chosen. However, I don’t need no power boost to KICK SOME ASS!” Faith yelled, waving her hand across the battlefield to destroy any tentacles that dared pop up. As the explosions riddled the battlegrounds, leaving nothing in their wake but her own allies, she laid her eyes upon those allies that were particularly injured. “I should probably do something about them…” Her other hand rose to heal their wounds, before she immediately fell out of the sky, her eyes slowly closing as she stared at the broken ceiling above her, wondering what happened.

Zodiak, after the initial fight in the war, had one arrow left. He pulled out the piercing weapon of death and ogled it for a moment, wondering if he’d already shot it before. It was covered in blood, almost to the point of appearing like it was what it had always looked like. He loaded the arrow into his bow, which seemed to pull back twice as far, and twisted it, getting a feel for how it would release. When he let go, he staggered back at the sonic boom created by the force of the flying arrow. The arrow pierced Yog three times before clicking back into the quiver on Zodiak’s back. He smiled before noticing a duck falling straight out of the sky, nothing cushioning her fall. “Faith!” he exclaimed, panic in his voice, as he quickly returned the bow to his back and bolted to save her.

The duck fell further and further towards the ground, seemingly destined to become a splat on the castle floor. Two normal daggers managed to slow her momentum before she was snatched out of the air. “This is why I worry…” a voice that sounded distant said, before the duck was deposited by Betty.

Zodiak slowed to a walk, looking around to find the duck’s position. Once he did, he quickly jogged over to her, before meeting the White Knight face to face. He paused for a moment. “Aren’t you… Aldren Ravena? You’ve been dead for 300 years.”

“The one and only.” he answered, giving Zodiak a bow. “And you’re… Zodiak Diraven. My descendant. It’s a pleasure.”

The old one looked on at the battle, he started to actually sweat. Something so the side was coming towards him, he used his tentacles to block the but his tentacles caught on fire. When he looked down he saw Charter looking up at him. “ Ou I’m not finished with you yet.” Charter chuckled to himself. Charter started swinging his sword and flame started coming out of it, the god easily blocked the flame but with his vision being blocked he was surprised that his tentacles were cut so easily. When he looked down again Charter was cutting tentacle like they were vines, one tentacle grabbed Charter foot and tossed him in the air. He then quickly pulled out his arrow and started firing them at the old god filling him with poison. “Monster I may not have magic, but I will take you down!” A tentacle grabbed Charter out of the air and slammed him to the ground. And tossing him to the side.

“Arrogant human, you think some mere human can defeat me! I have killed your so called gods and soon I will be stronger than that bitch above us, I will drag her down here and fill her with corruption!”

Charter looked around and saw the warlord god’s hammer and grabbed it along with his shield. Charter charged forward with the massive hammer and slammed it on the ground, fire burst like a tidal wave burning the old god. “I would have you know i’m not arrogant, i’m just really really stubborn and hard to kill.”

It wasn’t too long until Yog, despite all his yelling and postulation, was reduced back down to the size of his original host. A tiny portal back to the edge of the cosmos opened behind him, threatening to suck him back in. “No… I will not go that easily…” He scanned the room, and fixated on Xelia. “Let’s see if you’ll attack one of you own!”


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His tentacles stretched out, nearly grabbing the Illithid woman. They stopped a few inches short, and the god glowed with a yellow aura. “No!” cried out Hastur’s voice. “This… must end now. Xelia! I’m sorry! Truly… I never meant to hurt you!”

The Illithid slowly made her way over, “My Love… I wish this could've ended differently… I only meant to stop this… To save Esmeralda… Perhaps… I almost thought of her as… Our child…”

“Xelia… I was so blind.” Hastur grunted in effort. “Perhaps… in another life, we can be together again. But I ask you, please… finish me, and send this bastard back to the oblivion where he belongs!”

She leaned in, rubbing his 'face’, “I once wondered if we were capable of love… Capable of having a family… I was so skeptical… And it's not easy to change our ways… but we can… I learned that…”

“Goodbye My Dear…” He could almost swear a tear ran out of her eye, she could cry?

“Good bye, Xelia. Please… do not forgive me…” The front of his robes opened, tentacles parting way to reveal a dark, heart-like organ.

Taking a dagger off of her belt, mostly a decorative piece that she never used in combat, it was intricately decorated with a green, spiraling tentacle design. She closed her eye, and quickly drove it into his vulnerable heart.

Hastur slowly slumped to the ground as Yog’s energy was forced back into the portal. “This isn’t over!” he cried out, his voice getting more and more distant. “I shall return one day! The world will be mine, and all shall bow before the might of Y-”

The portal suddenly close. “He talks to much,” the goddess stated, no human size and standing next to Xelia. She turned to the others and extended her arms. “My children… you have fought the greatest of foes and prevailed even where I was barred. You have my everlasting thanks. I have scanned you minds and know all that has transpired. I am ever so grateful.” She sent out a wave of energy, healing all inside and outside of the room.

Faith slowly opened her eyes and sat up, only to find that everything seemed okay except for the world around her. “Geez… Really puts everything into perspective when everything’s over, huh?...”

Aethrealla chuckled. “I suppose it does, little duck girl.” Her eyes wandered over to Shini. “Hmm… the only one to be motivated by revenge. And yet you did help, even if you caused much harm before hand. Still, you have my gratitude as well.”

“Anaqua.” Was all that the assassin said, his arm still hanging limply by his side. “If you know me as you say you do: Anaqua.”

She nodded, and opened a portal, Anaqua appearing out of it. “Go… be with the one you treasure.”

He nodded, glancing over at Xelia. “I'm sorry for your loss… but you still have one family member that cares somewhat about you. Don’t… shun the possibility. “

The Blue Clad Illithid looked around, then at all the blood, then at Shini. There was a moment of silence before they spoke. “Don't say you told me so…”

“And you haven't changed.” Xelia shook her head, sighing.

“I never said I was perfect.” The female voice took over. “Just better than you. And Shini… You clearly went through a lot for me.”

“Eh, the contract was shit, some of the friendlies were shit. But the reward… getting the only person that I consider a parent back? Worth it. Although, I now realize that I dislike Reaper cuts. That shit is painful.” Shini tugged his cloth mask up a little, trying to mask his emotions.

“Maybe you have changed Anny.” Xelitha'qha stood up slowly.

“Not. Another. Word. Shini, we are leaving.” Anaqua opened up a portal, the entire situation being a hit to their pride.

Shini sighed, rubbing his temple. “For what it's worth, Anaqua didn't and still won't let me go after your Esmeralda. You two are siblings that say ‘I love you’ in the weirdest ways..” The assassin seemed to blend in with what remained of his shadows as he went through the portal. A knife landed near Betty’s feet, with a note attached to it. Large red letters read, ‘don't open until home’.

The castle started to shake and crumble. In an instant, the Goddess transported everyone back to the Havenrook Manor. Several of the survivors ran up to Aethrealla, wanting to learn about the Goddess of the gods, Methos had more important things on her mind, kneeling down next to Mags. “D-dear?” She shook her shoulder. “Are you… okay?”

It took a second, she was unresponsive for the last half of the fight, but eventually, her eyes did open. “Wha… What happened?”

“We won.” Methos answered sadly. “Many, many of your friends survived. But… I am afraid… Bephomet…”

“I know… but… I hoped it wasn't true…” Tears ran down Mags’ face, “It felt so lonely in there without him… but… He left me with enough power to wake myself up… I was so scared I was going to lose you too…”

Methos held her love close. “I am so sorry for your loss. I don’t even know what to say. What I can do to make it even close to being better…”

“Just… Hug me…” Magdalene nuzzled into her chest.

Meanwhile, Betty was recovering her senses after her Injury, looking down at her stump of an arm, then suddenly something hit her. “Erin! You grabbed my gauntlet right!?”

Erin looked over at her, the rabbit woman exhausted despite the rejuvenating magic. “Betty? You… y-you lost and arm, and that is your first question?” Erin reached to her side and lifted the gauntlet. “I-I mean, I have it… but… inside…”

Betty visibly cringed, “I should've been more careful… Are you okay Erin…?”

“Y-yeah, I’m fine. I… should have protected you. I’m sorry.” She smiled nervously. “M-maybe Edminfar can help you build a replacement. I… I bet anything you make would be ten times better than a real arm.”

Betty leaned up and kissed her, then looked around sadly, there was a lot of faces missing. Tack… Ferron… Her eyes drifted to one corpse, beaten to a bloody mess, but she quickly picked up a pair of bat ears and gagged, covering her face. “Fuck! Bea… Gods…”

Erin nodded. “You… you wait here, okay?” She stood up. “I’m going to… see if I can talk to the Goddess, alright?”

“I'll… try to… Just don't be gone too long…” Betty's voice cracked, trying to hold back tears.


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Esmeralda ran out of the building, which looked like it took a beating while the Hunters were away. “C-Charter!? Elma?! A-are you okay?!”

Charter walked up to Esmerelda and picked her up. “Were Ok, it’s over it’s all over. Hastur Yog the blood moon, everything is done we… we won.” Charter then kissed Esmeralda. “We can finally live normally now, no more cult no corruption no old god.” Charter said smiling brightly.

Sancros approached Ahusirra, closing his eye as he did so. “While I still don't like you… I'm sorry you lost your family. You… didn't deserve that.”

The Goddess was just knelt down, holding the scattered wooden remains of her daughter in her arms. She didn't react to him, but it sounded like she was singing a small song in elvish under her breath. Jay recognized it as some kind of old lullaby...

He mentally groaned at what he had decided to do: He took a step closer and hugged her. Humming the song as he had didn't remember the words, he hoped it would comfort her. From behind him, Sylvie sat next to them, putting a hand on Scathatch's shoulder as she sung the words. It was a lullaby her mother had sung to her when she was little, passed down from her Mother… It seemed like it went all the way back to Ahusirra and Skye…

Elma weakly made her way to the guild manor and sat on the nearest bench.” Ugh never have I felt so weak, I used up all of my magic and then some they really pushed me. I’m so tired, if I could just rest my eyes for just a bit.” Elma slowly slipped in and out of consciousness, until falling asleep on the bench.

Four individuals were grabbed and deposited into a Grove, the last person the only one who could see the speedster. Titania slowed down and hugged everyone she cared about: Her love, her mother, and two teenagers she considered her own. “I love you all…” She said softly, her noble accent prominent.

Andy hugged her tightly, not knowing how close she had come to losing another mother. Ranseca shed a few tears, as she did know what was almost lost, and silently vowed to make sure things never get that close again.

Kva chuckled, hugging Titania tightly, whispering into her ear, “You owe me snuggles…”

“And a ring as well.” The Thrope hinted at using a similar whisper.

Meanwhile, back at the Manor, as Eraqus collected himself, he felt a small tap tap on his shoulder, a certain Fairy Princess floating behind him. “Well… That got dicey a few times back there…”

He chuckled, turning to her and bowing his head. “Thank you so much for your help, my Queen. You are a lifesaver. If there is anything we can do to thank you…”

“I can think of a few things… but I never did ask…” She leaned in. “You got a Lady in there Elf Boy? And I don't mean Havenbrook…”

He let out a nervous laugh. “Well, as it so happens, I am single at the moment. Are you suggesting… you and I…?”

“If you're up for it Mr. Knight.” Àine say on his shoulder, crossing her legs. “Although we Fairies can be a little hot to handle… Do you think you can keep up with this Queen?”

Eraqus grinned, surprised by his own eagerness to try a new experience. “Only one way to find out.”

With people celebrating being alive and for winning an impossible war, Black merely studied the new Goddess. While everyone had gone off to do their own things, she had slipped off to retrieve the soul of the one she emulated. She had safeguarded it for so long, she wasn't sure she wanted to part with it. Regardless, the corruption being stood a safe distance away from everyone else and merely pulsed her corruption to simply ask, “Can you do something for me?”

Aethrealla turned to her and nodded. “What would you like, my dear?”

“I am not Alexis Regalia. I am imprint of her soul, left incomplete. Yet… while I have a body of sorts to use, she does not. She… Has someone she still loves. Perhaps… you could give her a form to have?” Black pulsed out, holding out the soul she had safeguarded for centuries.

Aethrealla nodded, smiling sweetly. “You have done well to keep her safe for so long.” She started forming a body, she asked, “What about you, though? Where will you go now that your task of protecting her is complete?”

“I… do not know. I am not living, not in a mortal sense. Given that, the sky’s the limit.” Black answered, simply melting into a small blob that was indescribably dark.

Aethrealla finished making the vessel, dressing it simply before the soul floated into it. “How do you feel, dear?”

The woman looked around, obviously stunned, confused, and baffled. “W-what? H-how?”

“I asked her if she would make you a body, she said yes. You now can go and be with Aldren. You no longer have to see life through my… Eyes.” Black said in Doloran, as the ball of corruption scooted away.

“But… what will you do?”

“Y’know, I've already been asked that by Ms. Goddess of Gods. Fairly certain I don't know. Maybe a bodyguard and keep someone else safe. Maybe I just return to being stock standard corruption. Maybe something destroys me, I don't know. All I know is that I don't know.”

“Why don’t you come with me?” Aethrealla offered. “I am sure I can find something for you.”

“Are you sure? My imprint of her could fade and you'd just be left with corruption. You sure you're up to dealing with me?” Black warned, yet still made its way to the Goddess.

Aethrealla chukled. “I will handle it. Come… let us make you an identity all your own…”


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The fallowing is done by Dhalexpert&Zombiespliter53

The beginning of a new age


The cult of Hastur readyed themselves for there god to come and lead them through Themosa. "Heh this country will be easy for Hastur and his father to take they have been fighting each other and weakening over these last few months."

"Exactly once he's done with the real false gods, this hole content will be ours for the taking!"

all around them the ground could be felt shaking, as they looked up the could see swarms of Harpys flying over head and a giant elephant could be seen coming out of the forest with Lorica riding on top of it.

"What the hell," one of the cult leaders muttered as the swarm of raiders, tasked with dealing with any cultist reinforcements, swarmed towards them. "Don't... don't just stand theid gawking! Archers, open fire!"

Fromm the elephant came a loud tiger roar, and all around the cultist came Thrope and Ophidians coming from the sides of the forest and ambushing them. They came with weapons held high as they charged in slicing there archers to peaces.

As for the massive Elephant it charged right in to the camp destroying several tents, as Lorica jumped off it to started clawing away at the nearest cult member.

The cultist sounded horns to signal they were under attack. From out of the other side of the woods, cages were wheeled forward and opened, releasing all manner of beasts, from trained Basilisk to Manticore, as well as their own squad of harpies, to rip and tear into the raiders.

"Heh now were having some fun now!" Lorica lifted her axes and charged into the battle with the others Lorica in a tide of savage blood lust started chomping limbs off, silting throats and slicing into Basilisk. from the skys some harps were doping explosives on to the cult, as well as fighting there own.

The battle seemed to rage on forever. Minutes seemed to blend together as the adrenaline of the fight ran through the raider's systems. Portals opened to allow the cultist to reinforce those fighting above, but the couldn't leave. Not while the Raiders posed a threat.

The battle was not completely one sided, however. Far more cultist and their monsters died then Raiders, but Raider deaths were piling up. Marilith twirled her blades about, slicing those before her. She didn't see the small, strange creature, like the mix of a dragon and a rooster, sneak up behind her.

Marilith!" Wulfirc sliced through the cultist and jumped on the strange beast and he then started to sab into the creature." You stay away from my woman damn beast."

It cried out and fell to the ground. The pair looked to the side at the sound of a skwack, and six more of the same creature walked forward.

Marilith's jewel glowed, then her eyes did the same. "Cockatrice," she said in an echoing voice. "Don't let them scratch you or breath on you."

"Great now we gotta worry about these things then, how what will happen if they do any of that to us then huh?" Wulfirc asked.

"They'll petrify you," Marilith answered before her eyes and the jewel returned to normal. She jumped a bit. "Ugh! What are those?!"

Wulfric looked confused."You just said that they were Cockatrice and to not let them scratch or breath on us because they will petrify us, your jewl was glowing and so was your eyes." Wilfirc said while slicing one in half.

"Really?" She sliced off the head of another one. "I don't remember that."

"We will get to what happen to her later, we need to keep fighting." Crixus shouted.

The harpy leader of Norsca flew tearing apart the cults harpys. "You pathetic vultures, how dare you join these worthless humans that are not worth fighting for!" she said clawing one of them

"You serve humans!" One yelled back. "We serve a god! One that will give us dominion over all the mountains!"

"Mountains is that all, we rule over entire nations we can fly over these sky's freely with these humans with us. We don't need rule the entire land." She used her claws on her feet to scratch one of the harpy.

"We'll see where that gets you! Kill her!" The leader of the cultist harpies and two others charged the Raider harpy leader.

She smiled and screeched at the top of her lungs. Suddenly several harpys started falling to the ground.

They looked around and saw a pack of manticores flying towards them, with what looked like raiders riding them. Using magical weapons to cut down the harpys.

"Fall back! Fall back!" the Cultist harpy leader cried out, turning to retreat before she was cut down herself.

“Ha fools, these sky’s are mine!” She yelled as she lead the rest of her harpys and raider down dive bombing in the massicer.

“Come on, we need to end them quickly we can’t afford to lose so many.” Crixus yelled as he started swinging his sword and plowing into the cult.

That's when Crixus suddenly found himself surrounded. Three manticore landed in front of him, and they didn't belong to his side.

"Huh... seems like you could use some help," said a familiar voice. A short woman with pink hair stepped next to him, holding up a pair of pistols. "Mind if we cut in?" Rumi asked.

Crixus looked surprised.” Rumi?! A manticores charged Crixus, but he fired both his pistols at it.” How why are you here?”

"Taydar sent us." Marlee jumped down from the tree line, stabbing her swords into the head of the injured manticore. "He wanted some help from the vampires for his daughters' friends helping in this fight."

"We also have a message from the Queen." Richard rushed to stop another charging manticore, showing off his impressive strength. "But that... can wait... for later..."

Lorica came in cutting the head of the manticore Richard was holding, Lorica looked confused at the sight of Rumi Marlee and Richard. Lorica had to stop herself from hugging Rumi and Marlee, she then talked a cultist that was behind them and ripped her throat out.

Tezrian jumped out of the woods in his construct suit and grabbed the head of the third manticore, twisting. Babani hurried after him, using her powers to help snap the beast's neck. She let out a psychic yell, and dozens of cultists went flying through the air.

Wulfric looked around confused until he turned around and saw the seven, a madone tried to jump Wulfric but he plunged his sword into it's gut. Others charged Wulfric but he coped some in half, others some actually cutting Wulfric but he just kept cutting Madons down. Until a cult member dived onto him dozes jumped on him finally bringing him to the ground.

"Wulfric!" Marilith dived into the group, slicing and dicing and trying to get to him before it was too late. She noticed a Light Elf with blood red eyes doing the same next to her. "Who the hell are you?"

Ergo briefly glanced oved and shrugged. "Does it matter as long as I'm on your side?"

They then heard a loud yell, and it was Wulfric jumping up his head painted red with his own blood. he then with a hammer and shield using both as weapons started smashing heads and breaking bones. "Waaaaaaaah." Wulfric then threw his hammer and pulled out his sword and started coping them.


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Part 2

Ergo folded his arms and sighed. "As intense as always..."

The whole area shook, and far to the east, a large beam of light shot up from the castle. The cultist all started to cheer, believing it to be a sign that they had won, until what looked to be a giant woman appeared over the castle, and the portals leading to it closed, chopping two fleeing men in half in the process.

"What in the hell is that to the east." Lorica asked.

"I don't know if it's a friend or a foe?" Crixus said in confusion.

Richard looked around. "The cultist seem to be panicking, so she is at least not on her side. Shall we mop them up?"

What was left of Norsca and the seven started destroying the remaining cult members. Crixus firing pistols and slashing the cult to bits. Lorica lead used her two axes to chop heads and limbs as her beast started to chomp and devour the cult. Wulfric lead his men to the thickest part of the battle grabbing a near by battle ax, and started to kill cltest by the dozen. To the Cult the raiders looked like monsters out of a book.

Marilith laughed loudly as she murdered cultist by the half dozen with each of her swings. She was having some much fun with what was left of them, she barely flinched when something cut her side. She chopped it down, then her shoulders slumped when she saw it. "Wulfric! Come here! Hurry!"

Wulfric continued to clear a path, when he heard Marilith calling for him, he put his ax down and looked at her." What is it Marilith?"

The snake woman quickly took off her necklace and handed it to him. "Make sure my daughter gets this. Promise me you'll give it to her."

"Of course I will, but what is happening you took nothing but a flesh wound. This small scratch won't kill you?"

Marilith sighed, slowly, very slowly and painfully, moving to the side to show the dead Cockatrice behind her. "I-I'm sorry. I was... sloppy..." The flesh around the scratch turned to stone and it quickly started to spread.

"No no No. I can fix this, I will not allow you to be some damned statue!"

Marilith nodded. "I know you will. If anyone can bring me back, it's you and... my... little..." The petrtification finished spreading, turning her completely to stone.

Wulfric held onto her he then looked at the cultist and grabbed the nearest battle ax and charged towards them, Lorica and Crixus saw Wulfric act in a way they never see him. They saw Wulfric blinded by his rage with one swing he cleaved three cult members in half and threw the battle ax at a Cockatrice head the weapon piercing it's skull killing it instantly, one cults tried to stab him in the back and he grabbed him by the throat and squeezed him crushing his throat and tossed him like a tissue.

Wulfric took care of the rest of the cultist as the others watched in awe. Rumi walked over to the petrified Marilith and looked her up and down. "I take it this Ophidian woman was special to him?"

"Damn she was turned to stone, that's a horrid way to die." Lorica said.

"Yea she was very special to Wulfric, they had a very interesting relationship. I'm sure Wulfric will try and get her out of her stone prison." Crixus looked at Rumi and hugged her, as did Lorica.

"You damn morron we've been worried about you and Marlee hell all of you really." Lorica said.

"Even me?" Richard asked with a chuckle.

Lorica extended her gallants." I ought to rip your damn throat out, for hunting us down you bastard."

"Down Lorica, we may hat this man but he came to help us. We could at least hear what he has to say from his precocious queen."

"Oh, right... the queen." Richard rubbed the back of his neck. "She, uh..."

"She wants you dead." Marlee walked over, arms crossed. "Rumi and I tried to talk her out of a vendetta, but what can I say? Her daughter was killed and she wants blood. She's so vindictive about what happened that she even banished Liliana for her part in everything."

"Damn so Lilith is out and about in the world, you so called queen has gone mad. You lost your daughter, hate to in form her of this but this is Terra. This is not your little prison city, people live and die everyday her daughter chose to go to battle and she died that's how it is." Crixus said while looking around at the hundreds of dead raiders and Marilith.

Marlee held up her hands. "Hey, don't shoot the messenger."

"We're here to deliver a message and help with the cultist," Richard insisted. He nudged his head towards the grumpy looking Netzi and said, "If we were here to kill you, Babani would have attacked you the moment the fight was over. She, uh... she's still sour about the whole mind control thing."

Wulfric rejoined the group tossing a cultist to the side. " The hell does your damned leader want, hurry up and say your peace!"

Ergo rejoined the group in case things got violent. "She is surprisingly patient for one known as the Blood Queen. She wants us to give you a chance to turn yourselves in. Go to the vampire city and face trial. If you don't, she'll want your heads. Maybe she'll send us after you. Maybe an army of vampires. We don't know. All we know is she will hunt you down if she has to."

"Realy she want's us to turn ourselves in?" Lorica looked at Rumi and Marlee." Hay Rumi Marlee, I can asume since you two weren't mind controlled for a long time and had free will I can guess you were in prison. Tell me what can I expect if I go to your prison huh? Do I get the Alice treatment?"

The pair exchanged a look. "Well, at first... I might have said yes." Marlee said truthfully.

"B-but things are different now." Rumi insisted. "There have been major reforms in the prisons since the chamge in leadership. Men and women are now 100% seperate, as are vampire and non-vampire prisoners. Things are better."

"Look, I'm not going to lie and say I would turn myself in if I was in your shoes," Marlee stated. "I'm just saying if you don't... she's going to come after you. Not right away. You have time to think about it. Try and... find that promised land to build Norseca again. Just... when she does decide to come for you, she'll use the raiding you do to track you down... and stop at nothing to get your heads. I'd... prefer if your heads stayed on your shoulders personally."

"That's nice to know but if your leader does come for us, it will make the reputation of the vampires that's already bad even worse." Crixis pointed out. "See we are in this nation helping the local resistance of Thrope, we've been raiding mines villages the usual stuff. But we have freed more Thrope then we did light Elves if that's even possible."

Lorica looked at Ergo." Ou and Ergo we ran into Scarlet, she informed us that when Alice helped your kind escaped that they made it to Lustania so there nice and safe."

Ergo actually cracked a smile. "That is... good to hear. Thank you. For what it is worth, I don't want you captured either. Please be safe."

"Now hold on a minute." Crixus protested. "You don't have to leave, I mean you could join us again. I mean Rumi Marlee Ergo you have to admit that being with is way more fun and exciting then, well being back in that prison city."

"He has a point, we could us you three again. Hell we also plan on uniting the Ophidian race under our banner uniting them under us, we got more harpies giants. Hell we even found Grot again." Wulfric said.

The three looked at each other, and slowly shook their heads. "Sorry," Rumi said. "There were good times. But we are back where we belong. Things are hard for the vampires, and they need us. But... if I can ask a favor of you?"

"Sure for and old friend I will hear you out?" Crixus said. "Besides there's something I want to tell you all anyway."

Rumi nodded. "Gravel... he quit the band of seven. He went out to... to you know, 'find himself'. If you run into him... please don't hurt him, even if he is dumb enough to attack you. He has been through a lot already."

"If we do find him then, we won't hurt him hell we might bring him back to our side. Hell we've see what that city for so long without leaving it could do to people. Now as for our news. Alice and seclevar had a child." Crixus said.

Rumi let out a joyful cry and clapped her hands together. "Really?! I didn't think they had time. Oh, but I'm sure gods have their way. Oh, I love babies..."


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Part 3

"Boy or girl?" Marlee asked.

"It's a girl cute little thing looks like Alice actually but with black hair. we could show her to you after all we did win this battle and you six might as well come with us, and also we could use the help with carrying our friend back."

Richard looked over to Babani. "Do you mind?"

The Netzi grunted, and Tezrian carefully lifted the petrified Ophidian, easily carrying her back to the Raider camp. They were unfortunately much fewer in number then when they left.

Lorica looked back at there numbers.” Damn this reminded me of when the four army attacked us.”

“Yeah but at least we’re victorious in this one, now we just wait for the gods to do there part. And hopefully our friends are still alive.” Wulfric said.

"I think I saw the castle crumbling from the sky," Richard said, looking to the east and confirming it was no longer there. "I guess that means we won. No more Hastur. Though if you had this much loss on the ground, I hate to think of the losses up there..."

“True, Hell we just faced the backup and look at how much we lost.” Lorica said.

“Hopefully our god friends are still alive, and if not we can try and find a way to bring them back. I mean Alice brought back Tecunte.” Wulfric said staying behind with Marilith.

"Mother!" Angelika rushed over as Marilith was placed on the ground. "What... what happened to her?"

“A cockatic, it turned her into this. She wanted me to give this to you.” Wulfric put the necklace around Angelika neck.

"But... but she's going to be better, right?" The girl asked desperately. "She's not..." She fell silent as the jewel started to glow again.

"What the hell, it's glowing again Crixus Lorica come over here and look at this?!" Crixus and Lorica came over and looked at the jewel.

The girl's eyes glowed as well, and in an echoing voice, she said, "To the east, in the land of the Ophidians, there is a desert cactus known as the mandragora. One prick of its needles will turn you to stone. However, brew the flower that grows on top of it, and it will make a potion that cures petrification."

"What in the hell, who are we talking to right now because you're clearly not Angelica... Are you that goddess that is imprisoned?" Wulfric asked.

"I am. You know of me?" the entity talking through Angelika asked.

"We promised our statues friend that we would free you, and defeat the false god there." Crixus showed off what was left of there forces." As you could see we used to have the numbers but we don't at the moment."

"Yes... you did well to defend the world against the forces of Hastur. Were I free, I would reward you, but I am more powerless than this child in this state. All I can offer is information."

"Our god friends are they alive at all? Lorica asked.

The imprisoned Old One was silent for a moment, then answered, "Yes. They lost their lives in the battle against Hastur, but their lives have been restored."

The raiders cheered in the fact that there friends will be brought back from death. " Yeah! We did it we won!" Lorica yelled out in cheered.

Crixus looked around and looked back at the goddess." I have a question for you, can you find people that are reincarnate?"

"I... do not know. I have never tried."

Wulfric and Lorica turned to Crixus." Crixus she's gone, we need to let her be. Let her live her new life."

"I just wanna know, there was a woman a vampire that was our leader. Her name was Alice Valentine, she was recently reincarnated, can you tell us what race she is now?" Crixus asked.

Angelika's possesser was silent for a long time. When she finally spoke again, she seemed tired. "I am unsure if I can locate her exactly. I know three things however. She is a Light Elf... she is in Helvan... and Grimora knows where she is."

Everyone stood in scilance." S..She's a light Elf, and is in Halven. That's some weird since of irony." Lorica said. "She's the race that she first helped in the country that she captured." They all looked at each other not saying a word.

"I must... rest now," said the goddess. "I have used up... to much energy..." The glowing faded from both Angelika and the jewel.

Wulfric picked up Angelica." Alright kiddo let's get you some sleep, your probable tired form what happen.I'll explain it to you later."

Lorica looked at the seven and at Crixus." I'll go grab the baby to show you guys,um yea." Lorica left quickly leaving Crixus and the seven alone.

Richard shook his head. "I'll leave out what we heard here. No need to get the Queen sven more upset. But you should leave Alice be. Let her enjoy her second chance."

"I will she made us and we did her bidding even in her death with the death of Hastur. She deserves her rest for whatever she does. However you must also leave Alice be the old Alice payed for her crimes with her death, you let her be."

Before Richard could answer Crixus Lorica came coming back with a sleeping baby with black hair, that looked just like Alice.

"Oh!" Rumi rushed over. "Can I hold her? She's so cute!"

Lorica handed the baby to Rumi and the baby rolled her head into Rumi breast." Hum she's so cute when she's sleeping."

She's a baby. She's probably cute when she's throwing up." Rumi rubbed the baby's cheek softly.

Marlee stepped over and looked the baby up and down. "Wait, so... then if her parents are... then that makes her a vampire demigod? Not many of those around..."

"Actually according to her father she's the only one, which means she's gonna be a very strong vampire when she grows up." Crixus said.

The baby open her eyes still being half asleep, she started sucking Rumi finger.

"Awwww! She's so adorable!" Rumi exclaimed. Babani and Ergo couldn't resist the urge to come over and look at the baby.

Richard chuckled and placed a hand on Crixus' shoulder. "Don't worry. Alice, reincarnated or not, is dead. Many vampires, including myself, are followers of Taydar. If he deemed she should be reincarnated, I will respect that and leave her be."

“Thanks for that, can you also keep the little on a secret to.”

Wulfric then came rushing in.” Crixus we got a problem, it’s Korra she’s gone along with her princess friend.”

"Korra?" Richard tapped his lip in thought. "Devolina? The leader of the Themosa resistance?"

“Yeah the person we’re sapose to be our ally after we single handily saved her resistance from being snuffed our!”

"Excuse me, sir?" Becky, their Cat Thrope conductor, walked over. "They, um... left a message with me."


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Part 4

“Crixus took the letter.” Thank you miss conductor, now what does this say, hopefully she has a good excuse.”

"To Crixus, Lorica, Wulfric, and Marilith. I am sorry for my hasty departure. The truth is we wouldn't have lasted this long without you. I fully admit that, and you have my gratitude. But we can no longer ignore the truth. We are freedom fighters, fighting for the people, while relying on a famous band of Raiders. The more famous you get, the more we look like hypocrites for relying on you. We have just come about a very fruitful mission. If it fails, we will likely not survive, but if it succeeds, we will expose massive corruption and horrific business practices in the country.

I know you will likely never forgive me for what you surely see as a betrayal. I am leaving the city we captured in your hands. Maybe that will be enough for you to not hunt down my people for revenge. I am sure you would rather have the princess, and I hope you can understand why that isn't possible. I promise, when this is all over some day, I will find you with some way to properly thank you for your services. For now, though, I must say goodbye.

Yours Gratefully,

Korra Devolina.

p.s. Becky did not know we were leaving until after your forces were gone. She deserves no punishment."

Lorica roared loudly.” That bitch! We risked everything for her and she pulled this shit!”

The baby started to cry, and Rumi held her tightly. "C-calm down. It sounds like she has her reasons."

Marlee folded her arms. "Still, not cool. She should have thought of the consequences when she first joined you. You going after her?"

“You damn right we are!” Lorica yelled

“With What army.” Crixus pointed out.” Look around you Lorica we don’t have the numbers to go after her, she waited till we were weak to do this we were played.”

"Ssh. It's okay," Rumi whispered to the baby. "Auntie Lurica is just a little p.o.ed."

Ergo sighed. "I hate to be 'that' guy, but we should get going ourselves. We need to report back, and it is a long trip back home."

“You sure you can’t help us with staging a rescue, and saving this dumb woman?” Crixus asked.

Richard shook his head. "Ergo is right. Besides, in case our Queen orders us to come after you, you don't want us to know where you are, right?"

“Ugh fairy pointe, Ok so they won’t kill Korra right off the bat if her plans fail. So we’re gonna split up, Lorica you and well the army will stay here and do your thing. Me and Wulfric will go to the desert and free Maralith and deal with this false god.”

“No take the army, me and Scarlet will hire mercenaries to deal with this mess we’re in.”

"You shouldn't need a large force in the desert," Rumi said, handing the baby back to Crixus. "You should leave the army here like Crixus suggested in case someone tries to take you guys out while you're recovering. I bet Crixus, Wulfric, and maybe that kid could handle finding that cactus."

“It ain’t just about finding that kid, there’s one more false god there. And he leads the Ophidian race, and I doubt they will just let us take what we want.”

Rumi nodded in understanding. "Alright. Just... be careful."

“No promises after all we’re raiders, ain’t nobody ever gonna just give us anything.” Crixus said.

Lorica while holding the baby, rocking her back and forth to calm her down.” You know Rumi you had a pretty horrible year with everything that happened to you and all, but are you sure you can’t stay if not for us just defend the non-combatants, and the children.”

Rumi frowned. "Please... don't..." She looked back at the others, and sighed. "Alright. I'll... stay behind. But only for a few weeks, and only because I am protecting innocents like children, okay?"

“Lorica smiled and hugged Rumi.” Thanks Runi And Don’t worry if the gods are alive, then they can teleport you back home.”

Rumi nodded, taking the baby back and talking baby talk to her with a big smile on her face as the others took their leave.

Once away from the others Lorica angerly shouted.” Becky..Becky, Becky you usless sos were the hell are you?”

"Right here!" The cat Thrope rushed over. "Yes, boss? Sorry boss. Um... yes, boss?"

“ Becky, I need you to lock down the train station while we’re gone. Now as for me Ugh, I need to go see my family.”

Becky saluted. "Aye aye. I'll lock it down while you enjoy time with... your family?"

“It won’t be enjoyable kid, see most people know this about me. I’m not from this country, I live in the far west reagen we’re there’s plenty on mountains and plains. I need to go there and convince my father to lend me some soldier.” Lorica seemed annoyed at the idea.

"O-okay." Becky bowed her head. "I wish you luck."

“Thanks kid and I’m gonna need a lot of luck, if I’m gonna go back home And convince my father that lending me soldiers will be profitable, and worth the journey.”


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Frostlich1228 & Black0ut present:
Overdue Reprieve (set before the final mission)

Sylvie sat quietly in her room, the events of the battle of Norsca still on her mind... The Death of her Friend Kva... And her failure to save her...

Maybe Titania should've just killed her... If that Knight hadn't blocked that attack... Well, she didn't think she'd be strong enough to survive it... The Sylvan felt partially responsible, at the very least, she felt responsible for a lot of pain lately…

The door opened nearly silently, revealing a tired, one-armed Light Elven man holding a bundle of cloth. He paused as he saw Sylvie looking forlorn. "Syl... you okay?"

"Jay?" She perked up, her glowing eyes almost lighting up by his presence. "I... I'm sorry I've been so quiet since returning..."

"It's... fine. I heard about Kva... and how Titania reacted. I'm so sorry you had to go through that." He said softly, his eye closing as he sighed unhappily. His magic lifted the tiny girl hidden in her bundle of cloth into the crib nearby. He slowly walked to Sylvie and sat down on the bed with her. "Do you want me to talk to Titania? I could probably get her to apologize."

"Well..." Sylvie seemed surprised. "I wouldn't want you to have to do something you wouldn't want to. I know you two haven't been getting along lately."

He remained silent for a few moments before shrugging. "We aren't getting along. She did try to kill one of two women I love, so... not really any place lower in our friendship we can go to. However, If she wants to pick a fight during that time, I'll make sure to only break one leg. Wouldn't want to hurt her too badly."

"I tried to bring Kva back... But I wasn't strong enough... Or... I don't know... I understand why she did it..." Sylvie admitted.

"That is still not okay. Attacking a friend over your best friend's death? She should be happy I wasn't there, lest she end up with a mechanical limb. Then she'd really have a reason to bitch at me." Jay tried to joke, but something in his words showed a seething anger he had hidden very carefully.

"Jay... I won't ask you to forgive her. Just to understand. Remember, they loved each other very much, as much as you and me." The Huntress pointed out, wrapping an arm around him in a half hug.

"Syl... I'm way, way more fucked up than Titania is. I did horrible things to people when I wasn't angry. Even when I'd get hurt emotionally, I could weather it, save... for one exception. but even then, I didn't take out my pain on others." Edan pointed out, shaking his head slowly. "She has no excuse beyond she went a little crazy. She will have to answer for that."

He briefly turned his head away, sighing. "But if you insist, I'll try to be nicer to her."

Sylvie had a feeling she knew what he meant and sighed. "Thank you. You know... She needs you now, more than ever..."

"Kind of hard to forgive and forget how shitty she's been to me... but you're right. Like I said, I'll try." He murmured, his magic manifesting an arm of light to briefly rub his forehead before disappearing. "It seems I will never be able to win an argument with you..."

"Well... I've done my fair share of regrettable things..." Sylvie sighed, looking down at her wooden hand.

"And why do you regret that?" He asked quietly, closing his eyes. "It was either betraying your goddess, or mildly hurting me. You chose the right option."

"Mildly!? I... It wasn't Mildly... I... You were right... I should've at least waited for you to leave..." The Plant Woman looked up at him suddenly, shaking her head.

"Sylvie. It hurt like hell, but that's not new to me. Hasn't been for awhile. Besides…" He looked away, towards the crib. "You can't break what's already broken."

He felt her wooden hand intertwine with his, her touch still somehow gentle. "I'm so sorry I hurt you Jay... I love you..."

"I love you too. And... I'm used to pain. Besides, you're here right?" He asked softly, rubbing his head.

"Always." She leaned into him. "I love you Jay."

"I love you too..." Edan replied in his reserved tone, wrapping his only arm around her.

The Huntress looked down at his stump after a few minutes of silent snuggling, saying lightheartedly. "We should really fix that... Huh?"

"Yeah... maybe I'll have a hook for a hand. Terrify everyone I meet by talking like a pirate. 'Yarr, ye be a daft and foolhardy person to speak to me. Arrr!' I'm sure they'll run for the hills." Sancros joked, a low chuckle emanating from him.

Sylvie let out a laugh, she couldn't remember the last time she laughed. "So... My Love... I've been testing my powers recently and I made an interesting discovery..."

"Oh? Pray tell, what is this discovery of yours?"

"Well... I found out that by using my magic... I can... Stimulate the nervous system and send powerful feelinging through the body..." She chuckled, listing off on a finger. "Numbness, Pain... Pleasure..."

Edan's face turned a bit red as he tried to regain his composure. "U-um... I... erm... w-what a b-bad time for m-my s-shyness to come b-back..."

"I mean... I figured you must be rather pent up... It has been a while..." Sylvie shrugged, scooting closer.

Edan's face merely grew a brighter red, as two hands of Light hid his face so she couldn't see how embarrassed he was.

She slowly brought her hand up and knocked on the side of her wooden head. "What's wrong? Hard?”

"Oh... my... Gods..." He managed to get out as he tried to suppress his shyness and embarrassment. "So much... teasing..."

"You missed this, didn't you?" Sylvie lightly pushed him with one arm. "Come on. Admit it. You missed this."

His response was little more than a squeak. "M-maybe..."

Sylvie's eyes gained a brighter, happier quality to them. "Knew it... Soo... Is that a yes? Ooor...?"

Edan's magical hands disappeared, as he almost timidly nodded.

Sylvie placed a hand on his lap, rubbing it gently before stopping, looking over at Jasmine's crib. "Maybe... We should have someone watch her while we have our fun..."

"Betty?" He suggested, his eyes still closed.


After a few minutes out of the room dropping off Jasmine, Sylvie returnee with a few mood candles in her hands, setting them around the room and striking a match to light them. "Now we are all by ourselves..."

Edan gulped, noting the near predatory tone of her voice. When she had been human, she had the same tone when she'd jump him for sex. "Y-yeah..."

She stepped forward, standing in front of him and running her smooth wooden hands along her thighs. "You can... Close your eyes if that makes it better for you."

"Y-you being here makes it b-better." He replied, rubbing one of her hands.


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Overdue Reprieve, cont.

She slowly gripped the top of his pants, pulling down to reveal his underwear. "Let's see what's down here..."

His member poked up, almost as if on command, the woman it'd bury itself in being far too close. "U-ummm…"

"You're so cute..." She chuckled. "How are you still so shy around your Fiance?"

"I'm n-naturally shy... I... put on a a-act for everyone else. A-and... f-first c-consensual relationship I-I've had." He explained with a somewhat heated tone, looking everywhere but at Sylvie.

"Is it weird because I'm made of wood?" Syl looked up at him.

Words formed in the air out of light, detailing what the main wanted to say but struggled to do so. 'No, not really. You could be anything in the world and I would still be okay with sex with you. I'm just... damaged. Physical relationships are hard for me... hence why it took so long for me to be okay with it. Think of it as accrued trauma: I can still perform and do sexual things, but being comfortable with them... that's the hard part.' He looked at her, a small smile slowly peaking out. 'You're the one who made me happy enough to go for it and comfortable enough to enjoy it. Don't worry about it.'

"I love you Edan. I promise it won't be uncomfortable. I have been considering how I would do this..." The Former Human told him, reaching a hand up to her chest. Her Wooden body glowed a faint green, turning into what seemed to be a softened vine like material that still seemed to be wooden. As she brought her hand down to his revealed member, her touch was soft and her hand was gentle, almost like the smooth skin he was familiar with.

The words got fuzzier as the Light Elf's control ebbed away. 'Oh... I've... missed... this...'

"So have I..." Sylvie sighed, taking three fingers and running him up and down.

Edan squirmed, her touch knocking his mind away as the more primal part contended with her. He tried to figure out how to pleasure her, but struggled to keep a single coherent thought.

She then slowly wrapped her fingers around, taking it in her palm and pumping it lightly.

Edan bit his lip, the pleasure almost overwhelming him. He mentally groaned at how sensitive he was, and how close he was with so little.

"You're getting worked up already..." She chuckled, rubbing her thumb against his tip as she continued her motions.

Edan shuddered as he came, before promptly putting his hand over his face. His water magic mirrored his embarrassment at having come too soon with a watery Sancros holding his face with two hands. "Oh Gods..."

"Well... That was surprising..." She tried to lick some of it up before realizing she had neither a mouth nor a tongue anymore. "Oh... I'm going to miss tasting things..."

Words of light formed quickly, almost transparent in his embarrassment. 'I couldn't even last for a couple of minutes...'

"Hon we haven't even gotten to the good part yet." Sylvie crawled up on top of him.

Edan squeaked out his reply, as his magic translated for him. 'The good part?'

The Huntress ran two fingers across the bottom of her pelvis, the smooth wood splitting into an opening for him to fill. "Ready love?"

Edan closed his eyes, knowing that he wouldn't last very long as he whispered, "Always."

Sylvie lowered herself onto him, nuzzling into his chest as she glowed with magic, the pleasure radiating through his entire body like a wave.

He struggled to not come again so soon, but he moaned loudly as his eyes rolled back in his head. His magical words seem to distort into elven, almost fading away with how much pleasure he felt.

"That's my lovely fiance... A smile is such a good look on you." She wiggled her way all the way down his shaft, filling his mind and body with magical bliss.

The light elf gripped the sheets, desperately trying to last a little longer. His words continued to sign to Sylvie, telling her how much he loved her and how close he was. His moans grew as he began to reach his limit.

Sylvie continued happily pleasuring him, even though she felt nothing herself, making him happy was all she wanted, it had been a harrowing time recently for the both of them, but especially him.

Edan's body shuddered as he came again, this time too lost in the aftermath of his orgasm to sign at her, let alone speak.

"That's a good boy. Go ahead my love." The Huntress whispered into his ear as she picked up her pace.

The Light Elf's eyes rolled back in his head, the pleasure simply too much for him to process. He made an unintelligible sound as he came a third time, too far gone in the pleasure to even think.

The Sylvan sighed, running her smooth wooden fingers across his face gently and lovingly, allowing him to catch his breath.

His mind slowly returned enough for him to speak in Elven. "What...? I... haven't ever... what kind... of magic is this?"

"What kind...? I'm not sure... Life Magic if I'd have to guess. Earth or Light." Sylvie theorized.

"I wish... I could make... You feel good." Edan murmured, closing his eye.
"It's okay. I already do." She rubbed his head.

He gently reached up to brush her face, or at least, what he thought was her face. "I love you." He whispered, opening his eye to look at her.

Sylvie slid off of him, laying in bed beside him. "We're... We're an odd couple... Aren't we?"

"Probably. I'm a disgrace of a man, while you're the Goddess' chosen. Seems like a pretty big difference, love." He joked, suppressing a chuckle at his own joke.

"I'm also a tree. I guess all those jokes about light elves are turning out to be true." She nudged him playfully.

He rolled his eye, before poking her mask. "Oh? Mind telling me one such joke? Or should I make a tree pun?" He teased.

"Well. I wouldn't want to be root. You're a Tree Fucker. You Fuck Trees." Sylvie leaned in, chuckling playfully.

"Oh, the sheer horror! What will everyone say about me fucking trees? I might have rumors spreading already about Cedars and Evergreens. Although that might Spruce up our relationship... Don't know about the side birchs though. Might stick a hole in the plan." Sancros said with a straight face, trying not to laugh.

"Don't uh... Make me... Bark you... Up the wrong tree." Sylvie stuttered, the Village Girl clearly not being as good at word play as he was.

"You're still adorable." The Light Elf teased, running a hand over her mask.

"You know... I've been thinking..." She smiled. "With everything that's been happening... We forgot about our wedding..."

Sancros raised an eyebrow. "I thought... Erm, so what did you want to do for it? Anything in mind? Perhaps forest themed?"

She looked down at her body. "I think I've had enough forest for a while... What do you want to do?"

The Light Elf blinked as he tried to answer, only for a small frown to appear. "If I'm being honest, I don't know... I never expected to find love, let alone get married... so, I have no ideas about what the theme of it would be or, well, any fantasy about it. S-sorry." The man scratched his head sheepishly.

"Well. I don't know anything about getting married. That's part of your culture, I thought you'd know how." Sylvie gave an exaggerated shrug.

"Fourty years of thinking slavery was normal would beg to disagree..." Sancros replied, one of his magical hands appearing to rub his temples. "Besides slaves don't really get marriages. It's more we get paired up by the owner and told to produce a child, lest there be consequences. My culture is that I don't have one."

"Mmm... Why don't we..." She hummed. "Make one up. Let's throw together some stuff from my culture and some stuff from Light Elf Culture or whatever you want. That way it can be unique to us."

He paused, looking thoughtful. After a moment or two, his eyes grew grim for a moment, before he nodded. "I'll try to find out what other Light Elves do for marriages. It surely can't be too hard..."

"No. Do what you want. Anything you like." She told him.

"Even if it is millions of puns about trees?"

"Even if it's tree puns..." She smiled internally.

"Well, I'll have to find something that I like enough to incorporate into a wedding then..." Sancros murmured.

"Well. Take your time darling. Although, maybe we should wait until all this business with Hastur is over and done with." The Sylvan explained.

"Perhaps. Perhaps that would be the wisest course of action." Sancros murmured, closing his eye, his mind locking itself down so Sylvie couldn't hear his depressed thoughts, or his still hopeful ones.

She sighed, laying flat on her back, the bed supporting her strange body. "Wherever I do. Wherever I go. I'm happy as long as I have you and Jasmine. You mean everything to me Edan."

Something about the Light Elf shifted, as if his bitterness and pain paused his response, all the secretive thoughts he had disappearing. A slip that allowed a single thought, innocent in nature and almost child-like in hope, Do... Do you really mean it ? As soon as the thought was out, his mental shield was up once more while he hoped that she hadn't picked up on his slip.

Sylvie rubbed his arm, laying against his chest and being careful her antlers didn't poke him. She hummed softly, making no mention of the thought, if she had heard it, she wasn't letting on.

Sancros relaxed, her humming reminding him of earlier times. For once since her transformation, he didn't think about his grudge with a Goddess nor did he worry about having to raise Jasmine and tell her the truth when she was old enough. He sighed, loving every moment of being with Sylvie.


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Frostlich1228 & ZombieSplitter53
Milking the Truth

It was early in the morning in Themosa, the rebel's captured city layered with a thick fog. Korra stood in a cemetery, slowly examining the graves. She had to get away from the others for a while. Needed some time to think alone. Was this the best place for it though? It just reminded her that since starting this crusade of hers, she had been surrounded by death. Soon, though... she would likely be buried herself, the war in the hands of the people.

She heard a sigh from nearby, the Flamingo Thrope James standing with his hands in his pockets. "You know. Even we have to remind ourselves to keep fighting when we look at places like this..."

"How many graves like these exist from both sides because of me?" Korra wondered outloud. "Was it even worth it? I have to wonder..."

"Well... Some would say slavery is worse than death. I'd be one of those people." Fancypants looked over at her.

Korra nodded. "Well... it'll be over soon. Over for me. The people will puck up the fight, and probably do a better job then I ever did..."

"What're you going to do? Run yourself into them?" James asked skeptically.

"Yeah. That doesn't sound like the Korra I met all those months ago." Peacock asked, walking up beside her.

"Actually... something like that, yeah." Korra took a deep breath. "I have failed as a leader. We are short on numbers, we have falling morale, and I have turned to bandits and murderers for support. I... feel I would make a better martyr..."

Peacock and James' expressions dropped, the former replying, "Korra... I know it's bleak... But that's a drastic step... How do you even plan to go about that?"

"We'll tell them where we are anonymously. They'll come running when they learn the princess is here. We'll act like most of my men abandoned me, I'll surrender, and when I am no doubt brought up for a public execution, I'll have a staged assassination attempt on the king... which I will save him from."

James blinked. "Are you nuts!? You're going to sell yourself out!?"

Peacock sighed, "That's... There's a lot of ways that can backfire Korra, a lot of variables that could easily end in a pointless death and then the rebellion is leaderless."

"I... I realize that, but... damn it, I don't know what to do anymore!" Korra ruffled her hair. "I thought things would be fine if I had money, but manpower isn't as easy to buy as I had hoped. Once I drop the raiders, I'll be back to being short on men and short on confidence. I don't... know how to fix this..."

"Look. I've... Been looking into it... I think I have a way to fix our manpower problem..." Peacock stepped in front of her. "It's not going to be easy... But with a well trained strike team, I think we can pull it off."

"Yeah?" Korra raised an eyebrow. "Okay. Color me interested."

"Have you heard of Heartlands Dairy Incorporated?" Peacock asked. "Tall Corporate Building, one of the biggest food producers in Themosa."

"Yeah, of course." Korra folded her arms. "Not one of my favorite places. Rumors of their involvment with slavery so unsavory it is hidden even in a country where slavery is legal make me wonder exactly what is going on there."

"I well... I know the secret... I've been inside. Rescued a few slaves from there but the security is so tight we can only get half a dozen out every year, if we're lucky..." Peacock prepared himself for her obvious next question.

"Why is security so tight for a dairy farm?" Korra frowned deeply. "What goes on down there?"

James looked away as Peacock explained further. "Did you ever wonder how they produce Dairy in a corporate tower? In the middle of the city? No grazing fields or grass in sight? You might think they're just an importer like the other food companies... but if you look deeper... particularly at their expenditures... they pay no import taxes on Dairy..."

"So they have to have the cows they are milking on site," Korra stated. "There is no other way to produce the milk unless... oh, gods..." The color drained from her face.

He nodded. "They take girls illegally from Serasam and other farms around the middle of Terra Dolor... Sometimes... Two Dozen a month... Then they're filled with drugs to make them more pliable..."

"And then they're milked like animals?!" Korra's words dripped with rage. "That's... one of the worst... I can't even begin... I..."

"That's all they see them as... Just... More efficient Cows..." His voice was cold and empty. "It's easier to ignore the crying and the begging when they see that bonus at the end of the month.. "

Korra punched a fist into her palm. "Alright... I'm in. I want to bring that whole company down. We're getting every single woman out of there. Not just a few. All of them."

"That's the plan... If even half of them join us, that's huge... but if we reveal what they are doing to the public, the Thropes of the city's outcry will be massive, that means even more recruits... And if we get concrete, irrefutable proof? Many Humans will also turn sympathetic to our cause. That's not a thing to be a taken lightly...

"But before all that..." He continued. "We should do it because that place is an abomination of an almost indescribable nature. A rotting sack of filth and greed that needs to be cut away. And now that we have you and the rebels, we can do this..."

"Agreed." Korra smiled. "Sounds like you two just saved my life. I don't have time to martyr myself with so much important work to do."

"That's the Korra that your Men and Women believe in..." He couldn't help but smirk too. "We have someone who knows the layout, at least of where the slaves are kept... One of the girls we rescued from the place..."

"She helped us take down Merce with her Sister. Remember that little Sheep girl with the beefy Cow Thrope?"

"Think she'll be willing to help us out?" Korra smiled. "Who am I kidding? With your charisma, she's probably begging to help."

He chuckled. "I've tried to keep her out of it. But that girl has a hell of a fire in her. I imagine that her Sister will want to come too... She did good work taking out that... Dragon Construct of Merce's..."

"Speaking of Merce, wonder if that little rat knew about this little operation..." Korra wondered out loud before shaking her head. "Just tell me when and where you needs us to be, and we'll be there with bells on."

"I'm not sure. Although I wouldn't put it past him. They make it a point to keep what they do a secret from other corporations, don't want to give their enemies any ammunition..." Peacock held out his hand, "So then... Ready to do a little freedom fighting?"

"Oh, yeah." Korra rubbed her hands together. "This should be both inspiring, liberating... and fun."

"I don't know if Fun is the right word... I prefer Cathartic..." Peacock cracked his neck, "Come on. I'll let you in on the plan."

Korra led the pair back to the hotel she was staying in. She included Bethany and Terra in the conversation, and Veronica included herself, but after hearing the truth, she wish she hadn't. "I think I'm going to be sick," she muttered, turning a shade of green. "I just had a glass of milk not ten minutes ago..."

"That's unfortunate timing..." James cringed slightly.

"It's only Heartlands. Although, it's hard to tell if the store changed the labels for some reason." Peacock told her. "Heartlands is almost always the cheapest though... The aforementioned lack of import taxes..."

"So what are we waiting for?" Veronica insisted.

"We?" Bethany raised an eyebrow. "Princess Buttercup wants to do something now?"

Veronica glared at her, and Bethany glared back. This was obviously not the first time they had exchanged words. Terra cleared her throat to try and clear the air. "W-we will do whatever it takes to free these women, and anyone being held captive. You said security was tight, yes?"

"Yeah... They didn't seem to like us freeing them very much..." Peacock told her.

"But you said you have a plan, right?" Korra asked. "We're all ears. Ready and eager."


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"Well. We know that the upper levels of the tower are dedicated to office space. But... What we are looking for is the sub level of the building. When they contracted they made it a few floors deeper than they were technically allowed to... That's where the have the girls, then they ship the... Milk... Out from there to the trucks... But you don't see it leaving the front door, so we figured, tunnels." He pulled out a light blue map of the building, official blueprints with pen markings indicating tunnels snaking outward in every, some with large red X's over them. "Of course. They caught on. So the tunnels have better security now. They require a key card and pin number that changes regularly."

"So how about we just beat up guards and start running them through until one gives up the card and code?" Bethany suggested coldly.

"Because the exits have the ability to shut all at once and go into lock-down. If we get caught and trapped in there, it's game over. But, if we're going to free all of them we need to disable that lock-down function. Or gain control if it... If we lock down all but one exit we could keep any reinforcements out while we get the girls." Peacock pointed towards a floor near the top. "Almost every station has a switch that allows for security lock-down. But the signal has to flow through a Master command console here... There, the switches can be individually deactivated, that let's us be as loud as we want without fear of lock-down."

"I-I know a bit about the magic used in these systems," Terra stated. "If I can get to the controls, I should be able to diactivate them and keep them from being activated until we want them active."

"Good... That works..." Peacock nodded, then looked over at Bethany. "And try not to kill any unarmed workers..."

Bethany held out her arms and shrugged. "I'm not an animal." She tapped her foot. "Not even the ones working on the girls?"

"Look. I know they're sick. And fucked. And faaaar from innocent... But they need to be tried. They're unarmed and I refuse to kill unarmed men, that's not how we work." Peacock leaned forward.

Bethany sighed but nodded. "Okay, okay. Sorry. I won't kill anyone unarmed. Promise."

"Huh, guess you can teach at least this old dog new tricks," Veronica muttered, earning her a snarl from the wolf Thrope. "So what will my job be?"

Korra chuckled nervously. "Uh, Veronica... you're not..."

"Hmm... Now that you mention it... Maybe there is something you can do..." The blue feathered bird Thrope tapped his chin. "The problem is you're supposed to be kidnapped... And if people see you with us... Well..."

Veronica smirked. "Isn't that what a good, old fashioned mask is for?"

"Well. What do you do then, besides being Princess, of course?" Peacock chuckled, leaning into his hand.

Veronica thought of taking an insinuation with that, but decided against it. "Well, I am an expert in bureaucracy and negotiation. I am versed in sword play and, thanks to Korra, martial arts. I'm fast, nimble, dexterous, and... well, you can check with Korra that I am well versed in the seductive arts."

James let out a laugh, Peacock rolling his eyes, "Well... Maybe you can use your diplomacy to keep any outside forces at bay while we hold the CEO Sylus Whittaker hostage..."

Veronica nodded, rubbing her chin. "Promising serious bodily harm to him if they don't stand down should work." That earned a surprised smile from Bethany.

"We can also use him to convince the guards not to fire on us..." Peacock suggested.

Korra took a deep breath, not liking the idea of putting Veronica in the line of fire but knowing she couldn't convince her otherwise. "And I'm guessing I'm to lead the assault once the lock-down is taken care of?"

"Yeah. Once the lockdown is taken care of, you go up and capture Sylus, we'll free the girls and get them out. They have a system that let's them project their voice throughout the building from the CEOs office, use that to inform the Guards that they should stand down." Peacock continued. "We'll disarm them or take them out."

Korra nodded. "Sounds like a great plan. Let's just hope it goes smoothly. The last thing I want is for those girls to be caught in the crossfire."

"Yeah. But hopefully they'll watch their fire around them... They're pretty much the reason why they're so successful..." He added, looking around. "Anyone else have anything they want to add?" Everyone exchanged a look, and they all shook their heads.

"There's... One more thing... Not related to the current mission but it's something we might want to look into..." He slid the map out of the way, crossing his fingers together. "My inside lady Lovely told me that a slave auction is being planned soon at the Manor of Mr. Grey... He's the Head Hunter at the Argus Mercenary Company... Could be worth hitting but I've gotten some interesting reports from my guys watching the place..."

Everyone leaned forward in interest. "Interesting in what way?" Korra inquired.

He reached down and pulled out a black and white picture, sliding it across the table to her. It showed a large, burly man, probably a Hunter on one side holding the chain leash of a strange girl. Her hair was completely shaved and she had a large bulky mental ring around her neck as well as cumbersome metal restraints on her arms. The photo was clearly taken at night but even with that and the lack of color, you could tell the woman's skin was much darker than the man's. Her outfit was made up of what looked to be tattered leathers but there was no obvious Affinity on her. She seemed to be human?

Peacock then pointed at the woman's mouth, passing another, closer picture, this one centered on her mouth. Looking closely you could see her teeth, her two front canines being much, much longer than normal, almost protruding from her mouth. As well, her iris's were very dilated, but her eye color was dark, dark than would be normal for a human, even in a picture like this.

"Wait... no." Veronica picked up the picture and studied it. "No, it can't be! Their doors just opened a few... my father would never allow... this can't be what it looks like!"

"Looks like your Father might be looking the other way... And with all the hatred surrounding them recently, he has no reason to defend them..." Peacock sighed loudly. "Looks like they might've tapped into a new market..."

"This is insane!" Korra shook her head. "It is bad enough to target races with no one to defenx them. But if the vampires find out about this..."

"We risk a war," Veronica muttered. "An all out war... neither country would survive..."

Terra sighed sadly, looking at the picture. "Why... why would they take vampires anyway? Isn't that really dangerous?"

Bethany shrugged. "Why have a half demon as a slave? Why do rich people keep tigers and lions and worgs as pets?"

"Unfortunately... I don't see Draculesti being able to do anything about it, even if they knew..." The Railroad Leader told them.

"Yeah. Their political situation is precarious at best and their army is severely weakened after the Battle at Norsca." James took over. "They're being severely boxed in by Themosa, Bevland, and the Recovering Helvan... While their gates may be open, they aren't exactly free to leave."

"The Battle of Norsca put the Vampires under the biggest spotlight in three hundred years, but instead of being scared of them, they saw their victory as proof that if Humans band together, they can defeat even Vampires." Peacock looked directly at Korra. "Human Supremacy and Nationalism is at an all time high. They feel more emboldened and this is the result."

"Great." Korra huffed, nervously tugging at her tale. "Well... let's bring them down a peg. Let's free those poor girls in the basement and those innocent vampires. Expose that this company is both keeping vampires captive and subjecting those women to their sick money saving machinations."

"Don't have to tell me twice." He smirked, leaning back in his chair.

Bethany grinned. "Two birds, one stone. I like it." She glanced at Peacock. "Um... two... rats, one stone. Anyway, let's do this!"


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Frostlich1228 & ZombieSplitter53
Picking up the Pieces

Havenbrook Manor
Two Days after the fall of Yog/Hastur

It was late December at the Havenbrook manor, and things were returning to normal. The building repairs were underway, no more calls to deal with cutlists were coming in, at least for now, and Mina was set to give birth any day now, oddly, thanks to time shenanigans, to a baby she had already seen.

It was a slow process, picking up the pieces after all Yog had done. Hundreds of great Hunters from all over the world were lost, including a huge chunk from Havenbrook. It would tak a while to recuperate those numbers.

Deep in the bowls of the building, work was underway in Erin's lab. Chivi flew in, carrying supplies. "Having stuff from the Ed, Betty. Pervy perv almost touching butt, so hope you needin'. How is arm?"

Betty sat at her desk, looking over at her and then down at her stump. "Its... Taken some getting used to..."

Veeti flew in behind her love, slowly though, not moving particularly fast. "At least you're alive. It'll take more than a missing arm to stop my Sister."

Chivi rubbed Veeti's back, knowing she still had some recovering to do and grateful she hadn't gone to the fight. "Betty strong. Betty fighter. And Betty smart, with super smart sister. Betty will have new, better arm in no time, yes?"

"Hopefully... Although... Zhat was my dominant hand... Writing has been... A challenge" She looked down at a sheet of paper, rubbing her eyes. "For... Various reasons..."

"Need sleepy sleepy," Chivi advised.

"Amam?" Eliza peaked around a cabinet. She had on the same guilty look she had wore for the past two days. "Y-you can... have my arm if you want. I-I only need one."

Seeing Eliza brought a smile to her face, "Honey you need your arm... buuut... That does give me an idea..."

"Yeah?" Eliza slowly stepped around the corner. "W-what's that?"

"Maybe I could make my new arm like yours, but you know, all metal." Betty suggested.

"Yeah?" Eliza walked over with a big smile. "All cool and strong, and maybe shoots fire?"

"I already have a flamethrower." Betty rubbed her head with her now only arm. "You know... I never said how proud of you I was during that fight Eliza... You were so cool..."

"Not as cool as you!" Eliza hoped up and down a bit. "You fought the big monster guy! And you gave up your arm to beat him. Was he scary? Was he big and ugly? Was mama Erin scared? I bet she was scared."

"It uh... Yeah. He was scary. He was real scary... And he hurt a lot of good people..." Betty nodded, then smirked, "You know, you're getting all excited like a little kid again. What's up with zhat?"

"I don't know. Maybe it's... b-because I was afraid I would never see you or mama Erin again. I... can't remember the last time I was so happy to see you."

"Well, we're happy to see you too." Erin stepped over, yawning and stretching. As a magic user who had depleted her mana supply, she had slept quite a lot the past two days to recover. Betty was pleased to see that she was wearing her engagement ring.

"Did we ever tell Eliza and Pearl about... That?" Betty pointed at the ring.

"I don't think we did." Erin smiled brightly. "I'll go get Pearl." She walked into the back where their younger (physically at least) daughter was napping. "Pearl dear. Time to wake up. Mama Betty and I have a surprise for you."

She popped her head out of the covers, the antlers on her head and the floof around her neck completely gone. Along with her a familiar Jackalope poked it's head out from under the covers as well. "Mmn? Momma Erin?"

Erin scratched under her pet's chin and said, "Come on. We have exciting news." As she helped Pearl get dressed she asked, "Do you... happen to remember everything from the past week? Do you remember being... different?"

"Kind of...?" She scratched her head. "It's really confusing... You asked me something about a battle but... You just had the battle but... Now I don't remember the first battle?"

Erin chuckled and rubbed her head. "It's okay. Just... keep your little buddy close by. Something tells me you two are going to become closer then ever." She took Pearl's hand. "Come on. Mama Betty has an announcement to make." She walked with her back to where the others were eagerly waiting.

Betty stood up, looking a little giddy, even with the redness around the eyes. "Hey Pearlie... Soooo... We have a big announcement to make everyone."

Everyone gathered in front of the pair, curious. Erin leaned against Betty and held up her hand, showing of the ring. "Guess who's engaged. You only get two guesses."

Veeti smiled widely, "Oh. Gee. I wonder."

"My Mommy's are getting Married!?" Pearl hopped up and down.

"We are! Hopefully soon now that most of ze fighting is said and done!" The Fly tried to wrap her arm around her, but upon realizing it wasn't there settled for leaning her head on Erin's shoulder.

"Yes! Alright!" Eliza clapped her hands together. "Getting a married! Can I get one too?!"

"Oh... You don't know what that is..." Betty chuckled. "Sometimes I forget... Getting Married is like... A special ritual where you promise to be with someone forever, and from zhen on the two of them hold an powerful bond of love."

"Whoa... that is so much better then food..." Eliza smiled happily. "So when are you going to... get married?"

Erin scratched the side of her head. "That's... a good question. We got engaged right before the big fight and... didn't really have time to plan a date."

"Maybe... After... The Funerals..." Betty's smile dropped, looking back at the paper she was working on.

Erin glanced down to see what was on it. On it was what looked to be a speech, detailing those that died, how she knew them, a little about each of her friends, Tack, Bea, Ferron, even Baphomet, but his name was followed by a question mark, perhaps unsure if she wanted to include him. The Speech was clearly unfinished, but from what was there, it was extremely heartfelt and emotional, Erin occasionally noticing a dried tear stain on the page.

Her eyes looked over a few names, and she smiled softly. "Excuse us," Erin said to the others. "Betty, I need to show you something."

Betty tilted her head, "Yeah?"

Erin nodded, grabbing her hand and pulling her along. "We have two stops to make. First is to the infirmary. I heard someone there just woke up and is in need of a friend."

"Mags?" Betty confirmed, walking alongside her.

"No... well, yes. But I had someone else in mind." Erin guided her to the infirmary and opened the door. "A certain Elf friend of yours."

"No... I... I saw him cut almost cut in half..." Betty held her arm in surprise.

"Almost is right. But a certain pair of girls, a fly and a duck, saved his life." Erin forced her inside. There, laying on the bed, was a dozing Farron.

Betty slowly walked up to him, tears welling up as she smiled. "Hey Pal... I... I thought you didn't make it..."

He slowly looked over, giving her a tired smile. "They... they told me I almost didn't. I was slashed to hell. Out for the count, about to die. But... a patch job you did, putting yourself in danger to save me... and Faith risking herself to fly me to safety... kept me alive just long enough for this healing wave to patch me up."

The Engineer gently hugged him. "You were very my first friend here you know... I'm so glad you're okay..."

He hugged her back. "Y-yeah... okay..." he said, holding something back. "Still, you... you shouldn't have risked yourself for me. If you had died to save me...

"Ferron. Your life is just as valuable as mine." She said, from the hug alone, it was easy for the Elf to notice the missing arm.

Ferron frowned. "I'm... sorry about your arm. Really, I am. As an archer, I can't think of a worse thing to lose."

"I zhink... I'm going to take a break from fighting for a while..." Betty sighed. "Zhat was harrowing... Besides, I have a wedding to plan."

"Oh, yeah?" He smiled, looking between her and Erin. "Congratulations! I... I hope I get an invitation. I... kinda have to take a break from fighting to." He frowned and looked down at his legs. "Don't really... have a choice..."

She looked where his eyes were heading. "Are you...?"

"Not... not permanently. Not like... your arm." He smiled sadly. "Some things were severed and cut off from my brain. They were healed by the Goddess, but they were cut off to long. Everything works. I just... gotta learn how to use them again. Doctors... say it could take up to a year."

"At least you're okay. You're a pretty tough guy." She nudged him with her stump, cut about midway between the elbow and the shoulder.

He chuckled. "I'm tough? You lost an arm and you barely seem to notice." He smiled at her. "I bet you'll revolutionize the prosthetics industry making a new arm." His eyes shifted away. "Listen, I... when we first met, I... didn't have many friends. I jave more now, but... I-I just... want to thank you, you know? For always looking out for me."

"Of course Ferron. Thank you for being my friend too..." Betty just sat and smiled. "Now you get some rest, okay?"

Ferron nodded and laid back. Erin placed a hand on Betty's shoulder. "There is one more person to see," she said, sounding a bit cautious.

"Wha...? Who?" Betty looked back, "Did someone else make it?"

"Yes... I mean, no. I mean..." Erin sighed. "Someone else was... brought back. I heard the Goddess scanned everyone's minds and brought back a few people from each guild that would be the most missed. One of them was... on your eulogy. You should probably see her yourself."

"Well then... Yeah, let's go!" Betty picked up her pace.

"Last time anyone saw her, she was in the rafters of the main entrance." When they arrived, Erin pointed up to a figure hidden in shadows. "There. She... hasn't actually come down for anyone. Maybe she will for you."


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Betty looked up, "Rafters...? What are you talking about...?" Squinting her eyes, Betty could just make out the features of a Bat Thrope sulking in the rafters by the ceiling. "B-Bea!?" Betty looked up, "Bea! It's Betty! It's your friend, what's wrong!?"

"B... Betty?" Bea slowly looked down. "Is that... really you? I can't... I don't know... what is real..."

"Bea! Please come down! It's real. I'm real." The Thrope tried to reach out with her right arm, once again forgetting she had lost it.

Bea noticed, and gave her a guilty look. It was enough to convince her to finally jump and float down, looking at Betty with tearful eyes. "Betty..."

"I thought you... I saw you..." The Fly just gently opened her arms for a hug.

Bea practically jumped at her, hugging her tightly and sobbing softly. "I was dead! I... I remember it! I remember the feeling of being beat to death... the fear... the emptiness and darkness..."

"It's okay... It's okay..." She dug her head into the Bat Thrope's neck. "I... I'm sorry I wasn't able to help you..."

Bea pulled back a little. "N-no. It was my fault. I-I was... sloppy, and reckless, and stupid, and I... I am... so sorry..."

"It's not your fault you died! Are you kidding!?" Betty exclaimed passionately. "Bea. You're a good friend... I... I broke down when I saw you... Let's... Do you wanna get some tea?"

Bea nodded. "Tea... yes. Tea sounds good. If... if that is okay."

"Yeah. Something to warm you up." Betty offered her her hand.

Bea nodded, finally smiling and taking Betty's hand. They made their way to the Cafeteria, the atmosphere a mix of Revelry and Somberness, they had won a great victory, but it was a pyrrhic one, a fact Bea knew all too well. Sitting down, Betty smiled at the bartender and looked back at Bea and Erin. "One Pine Tea for me. What do you guys want? Jasmine? Oolong? Mint?"

"Jasmine," Erin said, and looked at Bea.

The woman seemed lost for a moment in thought before saying, "Huh... oh... um, Mint tea, please."

After their tea got to the table, Betty took a sip, steam still rolling off of it. The Fly noticed Bea's vacant expression. "It... Has to be kind of strange coming back..."

Bea nodded. "I... I can't remember anything from the other side... but I know I was there. I feel it." She looked around. "Some people are looking at me. That's why I was hiding. I couldn't stand the guilt."

Erin shook her head. "There is nothing to feel guilty about. They're just looking because... well, you came back."

"But why me?" Bea sipped her tea lightly. "It's... hard, you know?" she said softly. "Knowing I was brought back and not others. What did I do to deserve it that others didn't? Nothing I can think of. It almost feels like I stole someone else's life."

Betty sighed, "Everyone had people who loved zhem. We love you. You can't blame yourself, it just happened... I don't know why the Goddess... Oh, zhere was zhis big super Goddess named Aetherella. I don't know why she picked who she did, but if you had stayed gone, someone else would be blaming themselves for you not being saved."

Bea thought about it. "That's true I guess." She sighed. "You know... you are so kind to me, a d you don't even know the truth about me."

"The... The Truth?" She tilted her head.

"Guess it doesn't matter as much now that the gates are open, but I'm not from Hastur like I've said." Bea shrugged. "Truth is I'm from Drăculești. I was part of a secret ops group who hunted down escapees. Kinda what that Band of Seven was doing for Alice Valentine, but as my regular job. But I started to feel so sorry for the people that just wanted to live in the open world, and suddenly found myself craving the same thing. So... I ran away myself."

"Escapees like... Kva?" Betty asked, "Wait, are you a Vampire!?"

Bea smiled and shook her head. "No. To be honest, I always wished I could be. I admire them. But no. Just a regular ol' Thrope. You can... probably guess why I became a Bat Thrope now. I, um... heard your mother was one too."

Her smile dropped. "Well... She's still alive... In fact... I need to have a word with a certain Illithid..."

"But... You always reminded me of her, you know?

"Really? Thank you. You kinda reminded me of my sister." Bea took another moment to think. "You know... the doors to Drăculești are open now, and I've been given a second chance. I... I should take some time off, go home, and visit them..."

"What's your sister's name?" The Tinkerer leaned forward.

"Her name is Deborah." Bea chuckled. "I always called her Dea. Dea and Bea. Creative, huh?" She laughed at herself.

"Well I think it's cute." Betty chuckled. "Maybe we'll go too. Kva's Mom is the Queen now I hear... Maybe we can say hi?"

Bea nodded, sipping her tea with a smile on her face. "That sounds lovely."


Up in the Grand City of the Gods, back to where it originated above the ocean, Xelia looked out on the vast expanse of water. She heard steps coming up behind her. "It is unfair, isn't it?" Aetherella stated.

"What do you mean?" The Illithid looked back.

"Everyone got what they wanted. Except for you." Aetherella stepped next to her and look out on the ocean. "In fact, you lost more than you gained. Your home... your love... your people..."

"Well. I'm partly to blame am I not? And even so, I'm a monster." Xelia sighed, looking back out. "I spent so much time trying to figure out if I could love I never asked myself if I actually deserve it..."

"Oh, dear... everyone deserves to love." The Goddess folded her arms. "And you are no monster. You only feel that way because your people were hunted down like monsters by man and god alike.

"Maybe because we literally eat brains. Maybe because I took people's minds away trying to open a stupid door I thought would bring my people back." Xelia looked back at her. "People just as innocent as Esmeralda, people just as good. I must've tore countless families apart... Do I deserve a second chance? Do I deserve a family?"

"That's a question you have to answer for yourself." Aetherella smiled softly. "If you decide the answer is yes... I have something for you."

"Well... I could just jump off this cliff... But It'd be a waste of everything I did... What My love died for... If I left Esmeralda now..." The Illithid sighed.

"It would break her heart." The Goddess gave her a serious look. "I have looked into her mind. She knows what you have done and still loves you." She smiled. "I have seen Charter's thoughts too. He is intimidated by the relationship you have with her. Would you give him the satisfaction of your death?"

"You're an interesting one. You know that? That's something I would've done, looked into their minds... Not that I'm trying to call you a hypocrite..." Xelia chuckled softly. "But now you're suggesting I live in spite of him?"

"I am suggesting you find any reason to keep living, even if it is to spite someone else... at least for now. Everyone deserves a good reason to live." Aetherella stared out on the ocean again. "Besides, you were promised something. Do you not intend to collect on it?"

"I was..." She nodded. "But is that still on the table? And... I do have one thing I would ask."

The Goddess nodded. "Of course."

"If you are going to bring my people back... Give them a finite lifespan or if it is finite, a shorter one. It should still be long. Perhaps five hundred, a thousand years... Maybe make it so we can feed on minds without hurting a target... Or be able to eat other things... Vampires don't have to irreparably damage a person to feed from them..." Xelitha'qha listed off.

"I want us to be able to live together with the other races. Or at least, have a chance to... The lifespan thing means we aren't going to be incentivised to be able to stock up too much power, that means we'll care less about feeding like gluttons. And if we don't have to kill to feed, other races will be more willing to deal with us, perhaps even willingly help us live together with us."

"You have put a lot of thought into this." Aetherella started waving her hands together, forming balls of light one after another. "Do you have any preference as to where your people could live?"

"Heh... I don't know... I would prefer any pockets of land free from too many people... Cave systems and the like were where we lived originally from what I know..."

"Deep Forest could also be an adequate place to-"

"I... May be able to help..." A Voice spoke from behind them, the Goddess Scathatch standing there. She looked worn, her skin under her eyes having been stained with many tears. "I could take your people in... Have them grow in safety deep within my forest... Give them a haven as they spread out..."

Aetherella turned to her. "Are you okay my dear?"

"I... No... My daughter is dead... The one I spent centuries with... The one my beloved died protecting..." Ahusirra shook her head.

Aetherella sighed, stopping her magics and walking over to hug her. "My dear, poor child. For two days I have neglected you. You should have been one of the first I attended to. Can you ever forgive me?"

"Are... You going to... Help her?" The Goddess of Flora and Fauna looked get in the eyes. "Please bring her back to me..."

Aetherella nodded, wiping away some of Ahusirra's tears. "I will. In fact, I will do it for you right now. In any way, shape, or form you want." She held up a hand, and a soul appeared in it.

The Goddess looked at it sadly. "I... I made her into a Sylvan so that I wouldn't have to lose her... So she could live forever... But... She gave so much to stop Hastur, don't you think she deserves a place in the Pantheon? As a true God?"

Aetherella smiled widely. "You know what? I think you are absolutely right." She closed her eyes, and a vessel started to form before them, one built from the desires she read in the nature goddess' mind.


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What formed was something more human... A tan skinned woman formed with long, soft ginger hair that ran down her back, ending in a small braid. Feathers, pure and white, Ran down her shoulder and formed into small wing protruding from her arms to compliment that large ones on her back. The Snow White wings fluttered, she was scarcely dressed but wore a soft peach colored robe than ran down to her bare human feet. Finally, a light circlet of gold, carved to look like flying birds, formed around her head as she opened her eyes and looked around. "What...? Mother?"

"Skye...!" She ran up and embraced her, "You... You look just like I remember you all those centuries ago... You look just like your father... I had almost forgotten..."

Tears welled up in Skye's eyes, "Did you... Bring me back? And... Like this?"

"It was the wish of your mother to bring you back like this," Aetherella said behind her. "But you are not a mortal any longer. You... are a goddess."

"I... I am?" She looked down at herself, her eyes widening at the impressive bust. "I... I forgot what it was like to have these... And actual skin..."

Aetherella chuckled, and hugged her. "Welcome to the Pantheon. I do hope you will feel welcome in my absence."

"Absence? I take it you're leaving then?" Xelia walked up from behind.

"For a while, yes. When my work is complete." The Goddess stretched. "I have used much of my power these last few days. I will have to sleep for a century to recover my strength."

"Ah... I see..." The Illithid nodded, "Well. Thank you for all you've done Aetherella..."

"Yes. Thank you so much..." Ahusirra nodded.

"But I have one more thing..." Xelia held up a finger. "A new people need a new name, don't you agree?"

"Ah, absolutely." Aetherella clapped her hands together. "I take it you have one in mind?"

"The Nuovi. From what I studied from our old language, it means, New Ones." She looked back out to the sea. "A new start. A Rebirth."


The Sheep felt something as she slept, the feeling of a mattress against her back? Her eyes slowly fluttered open, she was so tired these last two days, she had pretty much slept the entire time. She looked around the room at her surroundings, was she at Havenbrook? Aetherium?

As she slept, she heard the soft, dulcet sounds of someone familiar humming to her. It was sweet and nostalgic, and reminded her of home as a child.

"Mmnn... Methos?" She said tiredly, her eyes half lidded.

She was in a bed in her family's Aethereum farm. Methos was at her side, and leaned forward to look her in the eyes. "Magdalene? Are you okay?"

"Yeah... I'm so tired..." She shook her head lightly. "I'm so used to... Baphomet helping me stay awake..."

"Oh, dear... I am so sorry..." Methos hung her head. "If... only I was stronger..."

"You're so strong... My love..." Mags weakly reached up, brushing her hair aside. "You fought so hard for us... Without you... Who knows how many more people would've died?"

Methos clasped her hand. "You are too kind to me. Besides, you fought so well yourself. You were so brave..."

"I did... I did my best... But... He died saving me..." Maggie spoke sadly.

Methos closed her eyes, looking pained. "I should have saved him. If I was just faster, I... I don't... know what to do to... make it any better. It has been so long since I loved someone like you, and so long since someone I loved was in such pain..."

"Just... Keep me company?" Mags smiled. "I'm sure your duties can wait... Let's be two normal people for a few days..."

Methos smiled softly. "I would... actually like that very much." She got up and slid under the covers next to her love, holding her hands tightly. "I love you... so very much."

"You are so soft... Like a pillow..." Mags laid her head on Methos' ample bosom.

Methos chuckled. "And you are soft like a freshly knit sweater."

"You're so silly..." The Sheep kissed her on the cheek before leaning back against the pillow. "So... That Goddess... Aetherella... What... Is she?"

"That's a... difficult question to answer," Methos admitted. "She like... the mother of everything. She made everything. She even made the original ten gods and entrusted the world to us. Not that... we did a great job watching over it..."

"Well. You did your Job. But does the mean... She gave birth to you? Like... Physically?" The Thrope asked her.

Methos scratched her chin nervously. "Well, to be completely honest, no. I was born just like you. I was... even born mortal. I was made a god by her as an adult when she needed help against a great evil." She frowned. "Kinda takes the glamor out of dating a goddess to know she was once a normal human, huh?"

"No! That's so cool! I'll spare you my many questions about the old world for now." Mags chuckled.

Methos nodded. "I will fill you in on anything I remember from it later. For example, this City floats using old world technology, not magic. I'd... be lying if I said I knew how it worked..."

"Did... You have your powers... You know, before? Were you the God of Dreams because you already had that power? Or were you given a power?" Magdalene asked her.

"Actually, I was a lot like you," Methos answered. "Like you, I had powers over sleep and dreams. It is why I was given my specific position. I was a bit stronger then you are now, but I was also a bit older then you are now."

"It must be strange living so long... Even if you do spend so much of it napping." Maggie nudged her gently.

Methos chuckled. "Yeah, it does. Especially since I wasn't born a god. They have Immortality set in their minds as babies, but I wasn't prepared for..." She slowly frowned. "For how lonely it gets..."

"I may not be around forever Methos, but I'll be here for a long, long time." She yawned again. "Sadly, I'm still only mortal, but I'm so happy to spend that life with you..."

Methos nodded. After a moment, her eyes shifted about. "What if... we could change that? Do you... love me enough to spend an eternity with me? I know it is a lot to ask all of a sudden..."

"Of course, but..." Mags eyes widened. "Are you suggesting... I become a Goddess?"

Methos slowly nodded. "I-I mean... you could become a demigoddess, but that would only extend your life a bit. And I don't want to put any pressure on you, but only Aetherella could make you a full goddess, and she might be leaving soon..."

Mags was quiet a second, it would mean outliving everyone she ever knew even possibly her own family, but it would also mean she could be with Methos forever, and she would never truly be alone. The Sheep smiled softly, looking up at her, "Immortality wouldn't be so lonely... If I could spend forever with you... But, are you sure I'm cut out to be a Goddess?"

Methos smiled widely. "Oh, absolutely. I've been watching you, remember? You have shown strength. Valor. Compassion. Understanding. Bravery. You are probably more cut out for it then anyone I know! And trust me, as long as I've been around... I know a lot of people."

"Then I guess it's settled... Wow... What will my family think?" The Sheep blinked, this would be a huge change... "But we have to do something with Destani. He is my Son in Law after all..."

Methos nodded. "You know, he visited me right before the fight, just out of the bloom. Promised if we survived he would do so more often. Must be weird to know he is going to be a child to you despite being many times older. If he tries to push you around, I'll put him in his place."

"But..." Mags looked off to the side, then back at her. "I know it's stupid... But could we... Maybe..."

The Sheep covered her face shyly, letting out a little squeak into her hands.

"Maybe... what?" Methos thought. They were talking about her son... Mags was getting shy... "...have a child of our own? I would love to have a baby with you!"

"R-Really!?" Mags sat up quickly, holding her head for a second. "Is that even possible? I mean... We are both Women... Or does that not matter to Gods?"

Methos shook her head. "Doesn't matter. We just need to go to Saboran and tell her to make us a vessel. Then we would give it our essense and DNA from a hair, and the vessel will transform into a child that is half me, half you, just like a naturally born child. Then only hiccup is I think it would have to be a girl. Not sure on that one. Never asked."

"And she'd be a God?" Mags was blushing brightly, a smile on her face. "Our own little girl... It... It just sounded so stupid in my head..."

Methos giggled, and rubbed her woolly hair. "Well, it wasn't stupid. So... want to go see Aetherella right now?"

"R-Right Now!? S-Sure!" She shook her head and blinked rapidly, still almost unsure if this was really happening. "This Is all going so fast... But we do have to talk to her before she leaves..."

Methos nodded, slipping out of the bed and opening her arms. "I'll carry you there if you wish. I know you are still out of it."

She just smiled, "I guess being sleepy has some perks..."

The pair made their way over to a surprisingly subdued house for the Goddess of all gods. They were welcomed in by the always accommodating Goddess, set down in a simple living room, and given tea and cakes. Aetherella gave Mags a sad look. "I am sorry. I heard about your friend. I am afraid... I have brought so many people back to life that I no longer have the energy for that. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?"

Mags looked down sadly, "Well... There Is one thing we were interested in..."

"Can... can you make her a goddess?" Methos asked. "You can scan my mind to understand everything faster if you want."

Aetherella nodded and closed her eyes. "Ah, I see. While your reasons are not entirely selfless, there is wisdom in your decision. May I scan your mind as well, my dear? Under the circumstances, I feel permission should be given first."

"Of course." Mags nodded, allowing her to enter her now admittedly lonely head.


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Aetherella couldn't help but smile. "Yours is a love so grand, if it were magic it could power every device in the world. And your heart is pure. I... I shall be leaving soon. Asleep for a hundred years to recover my energy. You will not be able to call me if another crisis arises, so I was thinking I might make a few new gods. You... shall be one of them, dear Magdalene."

"I'm not... Very powerful... I hope that's okay..." The Sheep was surprised by how little deliberation it took.

"You will be." Aetherella held out her hand, offering Mags a golden apple. "Please... eat this."

The Sheep took it, looking it over, getting a few butterflies in her stomach. She opened her mouth to take a bite, but hesitated, just staring at it again. "I..."

Methos rubbed her back. "You... you don't have to if you don't want to. It's your choice and... I know this is so sudden..."

"I want to... But... I mean... This is probably going to be the biggest choice of my entire life..." Maggie gulped. "This means I'll outlive my family... Their Kids... Everyone at Havenbrook... Even though I know I'll be with you, It's still a big decision..."

"Well... you have the apple now," Aetherella stated. "The choice is completely in your hands. Just remember that if you do it, there will be someone to always remember your family. They will live forever in your heart."

Mags' eyes teared up a little bit, wiping them away. "Honestly... I don't know how much more time I have..."

She looked up at Methos. "I've... Been getting tireder... And every time I go to sleep it's been getting harder and harder to wake up again... I have a little bit of Baphomet's power left, and my own skill that I've learned... But... Eventually, I'm not going to be able to open my eyes..."

"I'm sure you could give me your power in the meantime, but... Baphomet was always with me, always helping me, and always teaching me. And you're right... I've gotten so much stronger... And maybe I could even learn how to keep myself awake indefinitely, but that takes Time and Energy, both of which I'm running out of... I can't expect you to devote all your time to me Methos and I don't want to force another Nightgaunt into my head..."

Methos gave her a sad look, rubbing the hand that held the apple. "I... can't force you. But I want this so much. I won't lie a out that. If you eat this, you'll be able to spend your family's remaining years with them instead of... spending the whole time asleep. Please..." She looked into the Sheep's eyes. "But you do whatever you feel is best. Mortal or goddess, awake or asleep. Eat the apple or throw it away. Just know that whatever you do, I'll love you all the same."

"How could I say no to that beautiful face..." Mags leaned up and gave her a kiss on the lips. She took another look at the apple, then Atherella, the back at Methos, taking a deep breath in... And then one single, large bite...

The fruit was the most delicious, succulent, juicy thing she had ever tasted. Almost instantly, she felt a change. Her energy shot through the roof, as did the magic in her body. It was strange. There was no physical change, and it all felt so natural for some reason. And yet, she knew she was different.

She looked down at herself, expecting something different appearance wise. She took in a deep breath through her nose, she could feel so much power in her though, despite that. "Well... Is it weird I was expecting it to be way more dramatic than that?"

Aetherella shook her head and giggled. "Methos asked the same question. The gods were always meant to be able to walk among the mortals, and thus not look too different from them. All the changes are internal. How do you feel, dear?"

"I'm not tired anymore... I feel... Pretty strong actually. All the magic in me feels like it's kind of... Tingling in my stomach..." The Sheep stood up, full of energy.

Methos that out a pleased cry of joy, hugging the sheep tightly. "Congratulations! Welcome to the pantheon!"

Aetherella slowly stood up and cleared her throat. "Magdalene... I declare you the goddess... of Family and the Hearth. From this day forth, you shall look over Terra Dolor, blessing warm, happy families and guiding wayward souls back home."

Magdalene blinked, holding Methos in her arms. "That... That's sounds perfect..." Methos nodded, kissing her on the cheek and squeezing her tightly, never so happy in her life.

Magdalene giggled softly at her kisses. "So... Um... What can I do now, exactly? I mean... I can probably do a lot of stuff, but anything in particular I should know about?"

"You'll have to wait a while for the powers to fully develop," Aetherella warned. "But within a year you'll be at full strength. Your senses are enhanced, as is your physical strength. You'll recover from practically any injury. You retain enhanced versions of the powers you had as a mortal, very similar to Methos. You can make portals to anywhere in the world. And you can sense when someone is calling for you specifically. You'll gain other powers too, shaped by your own will and your heart. Ones that will make you unique for your unique position."

"Wow..." The Thrope Goddess seemed astounded by the list. "Can I magically change my Clothes?"

Methos nodded. "It's how we always seem to be in fresh clothes. Simple manifestations like that are simple. Would you like to try it?"

"Sure... Do I just... Picture what I want to look like?" Mags asked.

Methos nodded. "Pretty much. Just use your imagination and let your magic do the rest naturally."


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Focusing on the image in her head, she almost sparked, light flowing up around her body. Her old clothes disappeared, almost dissolving away, as the light faded, her new outfit emerged. It was a warm yellow dress accented with the occasional pink flower sewn in masterfully, white lace at the ends of her medium length sleeves and skirt, stopping just above her knees. On her waist was a sash of White and Pink flowers, matching the one on her head, her wool was floofed and soft, cradling her head. She was wearing that same warm colored heels, not too high or sharp, but functional, something easy to walk in, completed by a small white ribbon on the front of her right shoe. "How... Do I look?"

Both the other goddesses gasped. "You look wonderful!" Methos exclaimed, delighted.

"Like a perfect little angel," Aetherella agreed, smiling ear to ear. "And you are a natural."

"It's not so different than a dream." Maggie smiled at her lovely Goddess. "Wait, can I get as big as you now too?"

Methos nodded. "If you want to. You can't change your general appearance, but things like growing and altering your shape are possible."

"That might be fun later..." She chuckled under her breath, giving Methos a cute wink.

Methos blushed, and Aetherella laughed, not needing to read their minds to know what she meant. "You two really are a great couple. I could not be happier for you."

"Thank you Atherella. But... Do you think I should take a new name as a Goddess? It might be a little strange if the people at Havenbrook realized the girl singing for them in the Cafeteria was a Goddess." The Bard pointed out.

Aetherella nodded. "That is a very good point. Did you have one in mind?"

"How about... Magdalena? I know... It's not very creative..." She admitted shyly.

"I think it is perfect," Methos assured her. "A name, heavenly name that still keeps the old name's charm."

"Last thing. But you probably already know, we're... Planning to have a baby... So you might get even more Angels pretty soon..." Mags wrapped an arm around Methos' waist Lovingly.

Methos kissed her head, and Aetherella nodded in approval.

"I have an idea! We should all throw a going away party for you!" Magdalene hopped excitedly. "You deserve it after everything you've done."

Aetherella laughed. "That would be wonderful. Thank you so much. And..." She offered her hand. "Welcome, my little angel. It is a pleasure to have you."

"It's a Pleasure to be here." She smiled brightly, the next chapter of her life just starting.

As they returned to her room together, Mags sat on the bed, her life having been changed completely and forever. It would take some time to process this... Suddenly, something popped into her head... She concentrated, opening her palm as her black, razor sharp obsidian Sickle formed in her hand, one Methos didn't immediately recognize, but it was similar to her primary one. "Do you... Think Baphomet would be proud of me?"

Methos nodded. "I can't imagine him being any prouder," she said earnestly.

"I miss him... I miss him so much... He was my best friend..." Magdalene looked down at the small Sickle. "This was the last thing we created together..."

Methos gave her a supportive rub of the back. "Hold on to it with pride. And keep your head held up high. It is how he would want you to be."

Tears fell down and wet her new dress. "I... I've had him with me my entire life... Even if I didn't know it... But... Now that's he's gone there's... Just a hole... Like a part of me I never really appreciated is just gone..."

"Oh, don't say that." Methos wiped her tears. "You appreciated him, and he knew that. You wouldn't be so sad if you didn't."

"I didn't even know he was there for most of my life... I should've gotten to spend more time with him..." Mags set the weapon down on the nearby table, wrapping her arms around Methos' waist.

"Oh, Maggie..." She held Mags tightly. "I'm so sorry..."

"I never would've ever met you if not for him..." She squeezed tightly. "He did so much for me..."

Methos simply rocked her back and forth, letting her get all her tears out and humming softly to soothe her.

"I love you... Please... Never leave me..." The Sheep looked up into her eyes.

Methos pressed their foreheads together and smiled sweetly. "I will never, ever leave you," she whispered.

"Good..." Maggie kissed her on her lips, "I think... I want to cuddle..."

Methos nodded, wrapping Mags in her arms and laying down with her. The pair curled up together, holding on to each other tightly and smiling at the warmth they felt from one another.


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Far from the continent Terra dora

Lorica was sailing on Scarlet ship where there was a heavy fog that would typically blind any captain, this however didn’t effect Scarlet who saw that the fog was coming from the mountains form a nearby beach. “Alright Scarlet this is far enough.”

“Are you joking were a good four hundred feet away, is there a reason why we’re stopping here?”

“The reason is because they may have mortars on the beach, and if they see a ship they don’t recognize they will open fire on you and pick the ship clean after it’s sunk.” Lorica said while keeping her eyes on the island.

“Ou well your people don’t mess around do they? Are you sure this is a good idea Lorica, I mean there are plenty of mercenary’s in Terra Dora that you can hire.”

“I know but we keep losing people and have to keep on recruiting, we need an actual army and soldiers and to keep our people safe. We also need a force that will be able to conquer a new land.” Lorica started to lower a row boat.” Wait for me if I’m not back within three days, leave without me.” Lorica got on the boat and started rowing to the beach, once of the boat Lorica started to walk towards the island. After few hours of slicing through the forest Lorica saw scratches on a tree with an arrow carved into it.” Hum now what is this?” Really your still doing this ambush, guess it’s still working for people that hasn’t been here. Lorica fallowed the arrow deeper into the forest, tell her leg was caught on something and she was lifted onto the air. She immediately cut the rope, and pulled out her duel axes.

She then found herself surrounded by humans. And large man carrying a battle ax. “Well hello Valentino it’s been a while.” Lorica said smiling smugly at her brother.

“Lorica, what in the hell are you doing back here, If I recall you said you would never come back her again?”

“I need to talk to dad, I have an offer for him one that I’m sure he would love to hear.”

“Hum well then this should be interesting at the very least, come along then.” Valentino escorted Lorica through the forest into a large village that spanned for miles, there soldiers could be seen training armor and weapons being made, animals being tamed and skinned and butchered. And food being distributed. As they walked through the camp people looked at Lorica walking around surprised to not only see her alive but back at the camp. She and her brother continue to walk all the way to the biggest Hutt in the camp.” Father I brought home a special guest. Lorica walked into the Hutt as she looked at her father and her sister.

The man was a gorilla Thorpe, with a graying beard and war paint over his face. When he stood up he easily dwarfed over his three children, standing over nine feet.” Lorica my daughter, you have a lot of nerve coming back here. If I remember correctly you wanted ran away and didn’t want to take your responsibility to your people.”

“I left to see if I can make it on my own, I wanted to see what was out there. I wanted to see new lands you wanted me to stay here and fight others battle for them.”

“Coward!” A woman said she had golden long hair, with yellow eyes and looked to be the same sizes as Lorica.” You ran from your family, you betrayed us. You were supposed to be a chief under our father as we conquered the other tribes, instead of staying with us you ran from your repos ability!”

“Enough Karr!” Their father yelled.” Why are you’re here Lorica?”

“Simple I want to bring a few thousand men back with to the land I found. And I want you lot to work for me .” Lorica said staring into her father’s eyes.

Her family looked disgusted by the idea, Lorica the woman that abandoned them for years suddenly comes back. Not only that but to come back and want thousands of their own with her.” Insolent little bitch, you first abandon us then you come back after seven years to not only ask to take thousands of our men but take them to some land we never even heard of!” Karr protested.

“Calm down Karr, as disappointing as this is I wish to hear Lorica reason as wanting us to join her on this mission of hers’s.”

“Simple I pay you, you join me on a mission in Terra Dora you help me conquer. It’s that simple your mercenaries after all that should be right up your ally.”

“No.” Her father stood up and walked to her. “You come here, thinking that after seven years you could just come back and I will help you your wrong. You chose to be a deserter now get out of my site, you chose to leave this life live with your choice.” Her father brother and sister left Lorica there standing with nothing, Lorica left the tent and went back to the beach twiddling her thumbs.

“Well that went about as well as expected, I mean I wanted to go to my family who I left behind and wanted to hire them to work with Norsca what was I thinking?”

“Ou come now it was a good idea.” Scarlet as a form of bats appeared in front of Lorica.” Listen Lorica, you have been through a lot this year, sure your family won’t help you that’s obvious. But you have found a way to bring people on your side so you could do it again, you not some dumb raider. You have lead army’s tamed almost every beast in Terra Dora, you will find a way to get people on your side. Best I get back to the ship and get us out of here.”

When Scarlet stood up Lorica grabbed her arm.” Scarlet do me a favor, give me about a month its goanna take Crixus and Wulfric some time to help Marilith. It’s best I stay for a while, get some of the locals to help me out, this land is filled with tribes and monsters that Terra Dora aren’t ready for. I’m a I would say raider but let’s be honest Norsca, Wulfric Crixus me were not raiders anymore were a tribe so best I get tribes all over the land that I can join us.

“That’s the sprite Ok I’ll give you a month, I’ll tell the harpy’s about this place so they can tell me when you’re ready to return home.”

Lorice nodded her head and went back to the island, after about six hours of traveling through the jungles she found wolf prints and fallowed them to a make shift camp. However the second she found the mysterious camp she was on the ground knocked out, when she awoke she saw a woman with black hair wrapped in a ponytail and her that wore leather leather armor with a massive two-sided battle ax.

“What reason do you have coming here, lady? Why do you enter the brutal axes territory?”

Lorica raised her eye brow.” Brutal axes, I never heard of you are a new clan of sort?”

“We have been around for seven years, we are a nomadic tribe we typically don’t stay in one area for too long, we live for battle the land you see around you we took from those mercenary’s weaklings a few miles north of here. Now then answer my question lady who are you?”

Lorica got a good look at the woman and saw that she was a lion Thrope.” My name is Lorica and come from a land far east of here beyond the great sea, I’ve come to make you and any willing to listen a offer.”


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Chatter could be heard all over the camp, some are surprise to hear that there was land beyond the ocean. “Really so what is this offer you come to me with?”

“War, the tribe I’m with raid the lands where I’m from. We burn towns to the ground take their loot and there people and make the people work for us. We dominate monsters and force them to join us.”

The woman scratched her chin.” You dominate monsters huh, alight prove it you want us to join you we have a tradition we have wolf riders being a rider of any monster is a great honor. It shows that you are more dominate then the monster, see anyone could kill a monster. Some can raise them as a pup if there patient but to tame a beast when it’s at its prime show’s your better then it. “

“Hum alight if I do tame this beast you will hear me out?”

“I will hear your offer, but the beast I’ve got in stored for you is one we’ve been tracking for months this wolf is about five years old. It’s young but just is the strongest in his pack, so much that he already made his own pack. So if you could tame it and bring it back here then I’m impressed then we could talk, my men will show you this beast dine is if you can tame it in front of its pack then I’ll be impressed.”

“Well then that sound like something right up my ally, alright I’ll bring this beast to you then you will see that I’m not as weak as you think I am.” Lorica was escorted to the wolves den that she was told about it was six feet on all fours with gray fur, his two canine stuck out of his lower jaw and he was surrounded by at least six wolves.

“Hum yep this is goanna be a pain to tame this thing, but it’s not impossible. I just need to prepare myself I’m sure he could smell me right now I’m sure I could draw him out and.”

“No, see we brutal axes don’t set traps for these beast. Be to show your strength and treat it for what it is an animal, now unless you don’t want to go in there and face the beast like a true warrior.”

Lorica sighed and stood up and went into the wolf den and was instantly surrounded by wolves with the wolf in question slowly walked to Lorica, It pounced looking to devour Lorica. She ducked under it and quickly jumped on its back, the wolf bucked and slammed into the walls. Lorica drove her claws into beast flesh just so she could hold on to the beast, after about thirty minutes the beast started to get tired and slowly started to tire himself out. Lorica then started to wrap ropes around the wolf’s mouth and she started to kick the beast side, and it tiredly started to leave the cave once out the cave Lorica gave the wolf some meat and started to pet it. “Come along boy, we have to show the blood axes leader that your mine.” Lorica got back on the beast and road it back to the tribes camp.

The tribe’s leader looked at Lorica and saw that she came back with the beast she was told to get.” Hum Alright then I said I would hear you out, so you completed our tribe wolf rider tradition. So what do you wish to ask me?”

“A few thing first what is your name, and will you join me and help bring other tribes under my banner to Terra Dorra?”

“Hum I’m Arzu iron hide, leader of the bloody axes now as for me joining you? I don’t see why not as I mentioned we are a nomadic tribe we wonder around looking for new challenges, now as for the other tribes I will join you in trying to bring the others to our side.”

“Great thank you, for this now what tribes do you think we could get on are side?”

“If I were to guess if we were to actually try, I would say the winter tooth clan, black rock, burning blade and the thunder clan if you’re looking for warriors that is. The winter tooth clan, they are more how do I put this they respect their land and territory the work with nature instead of dominating it. Hum but of soft fools if you ask me, but I will admit they are amazing fighters and hunters and have a personal relationship with their wolves that to them it’s a great honor that they eat and sleep alongside there beast. Now as for black rock clan, ugh they are strict and disciplined clan they stay near volcano mining the ore and metal left behind by the lava and was colled by the water making this black rock ore which they mine to make their weapons and armor. Now the burning blades, they are amazing swords men one warrior form that clan is worth at least ten men, they are also fantastic at hand to hand combat as well. Now as for the thunder clan they are big game hunters, hunting giants Lycan Arachid and so on. I’m not sure you will convince them to join you but it will be interesting to hear how you will convince these tribes to join you.”

“Don’t worry Arzu,I could be very convincing and I’m willing to take any trials they are willing to give me, now we have no time to waste we best get a move on the ship I came here on will return with others in a few weeks. So best get to moving. Throughout the weeks Lorica went to the tribes Arzu told her about, and with every tribe came different trials, with the winter tooth clan, that were mostly Light Elves and humans, with Some Thrope. They had Lorica give herself to their shamans were they took her to a towering rock in the middle of their village, Lorica gave herself to the sprits of winter tooth. The sprits saw that Lorica was very conflicted part of her giving into her savage nature like a wild beast, and the other defending her people and the ones she cared for. The sprits saw The Life Lorica lived to her time with her family, to Alice to her tribe working with the resistance. The sprits could see that Lorica did have some good in her but her urge for battle conflicted with her kindness, the sprits went back to the shaman and declared her worth of fallowing just as long as on the way to the other tribes she will work on her savage nature and how to tame it. A week later they were near the entrance of the black rock clan, Lorica offered the tribe a spot in her clan. And to her surprise they wanted to join her with no trial, Lorica looked confused by them agreeing so quickly, but they explained that going to a new land will allow them to study the ore and weapons there. Lorica had no problem with them and allowed the black rocks to join. “With their knowledge of mining and them being warriors they would be a wonderful improvement with Norsca. Only two more tribes before Scarlet comes back, which means I got about two weeks left. I need to keep moving.” As Lorica moved on with her sizable horde of a good three thousand men and woman as well as children traveling with them, she made her way to the mountains once there Lorica and Bloddy axes hunted the monsters around the area and made covers for the children. Once they made it to the burning blade area, to Lorica looked at the tribe’s camp and saw that it looked more like stormrend, races there were mostly Elves and humans. When Lorica looked around they saw that they were wearing mostly robes and little protection, when Lorica offered them to join her side they threw a sword at her and told her to pick it up. When she did so one of the Elves walked forward and challenged her to a fight, Lorica smiled and accepted the challenge. When Lorica charged the man and started to swing her sword like a mad woman trying to hack and slash the man, but the man was dogging her attacks looking like he was barley trying at all with the last Lorica started go get irritated and charged the man about to slam her sword into the man shoulder. The punched Lorica in the stomach and she nearly vomited from the punch and landed right on her back coughing trying to catch her breath.” You’re a savage barley above a wild animal, hell if it weren’t for you looking like one I would confuse you for one Thrope.”

“Shut your damn mouth, I came here to make you join me and the tribes behind me.”

“The way you are no we will not join you, were not marauders like the people you brought with you. So I recommend that you turn around and leave.”

Lorica eyes twitched and she again charged the man again, the man grabbed the blade and looked at Lorica. “Leave here now!” The man said getting annoyed by Lorica.

Lorica animal instincts kicked in and she dropped the sword, and nodded. “Fine then I will leave you be, and I will not come after your people again. But I do have an offer as you can see we accept many cultures here if even one of your people want to join us and go to a new land I’m fine with that.” When the man turned around fifteen of his people went with Lorica about five humans and ten Elves, with this Lorica bowed her head to the leader and left the burning blades camp with barley a hand full of men. Lorica went farther up the mountain were she saw the skull of a at least seventy foot talk giant, when Lorica looked Closer she saw small flames coming out of it. When they approached an arrow made of bone was fired by Lorica foot, when she looked up she saw what looked to be a Polar bear Thrope with Light elves coming out of the bottom of the ribs, The bear Thrope came out emerged and he was much larger than Lorica. “What do you want?”