Hunters of Terra Dolor (Role Playing Section)


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Jun 23, 2013
Part 3

Taydar stepped forward. "I've seen enough. You have learned more forgiveness then you once had. I will allow your reincarnation. Please... give your last goodbyes.

Alice let go of Tecunte and stood up and walked to Grimora." I'm gonna miss you so much, pleas take care of that little girl of yours make sure she becomes a proper goddess."

Grimora hugged her friend, shedding a few tears. "I will. I promise. She'll be just like her aunt Alice."

"Don't make her too much like me, after all I ended up down here." Alice hugged Grimora back and patted her head." I truly will miss you Grimora and thank you for everything." Alice let go of Grimora and looked at Seclevar.

He sniffled and wiped his eyes. "I'll... be watching you. Try and make sure you stay out of trouble, you know?"

"You know you can't after all I don't know what i'm gonna be when I get my second chance." Tears started to fall down Alice face as she embraced Seclevar, and passionately kissed him." But know that I will always love you and pleas if you can." Alice held his arm." Please take care of our child if you can."

He nodded. "She'll be someone who will remind me of our good times everyday. I... I love you, Alice."

“I love you too Seclavar always.” Alice hugged Seclavar and kissed him on his cheek, she then let him go and walked to the god of death.” Alright I’m ready.”

He held out his hand, and everything went white. It took Alice a moment to realize she was in an all white room, so white it was almost blinding. "Hello, child." Alice turn, and a beautiful, quite tall woman in white and red with the appearance of a Light Elf stepped forwards on bare feet. "I am Ledono, Goddess of Creation. I will be guiding you to your reincarnated form. Please..." She waved her hand to a white, comfortable looking couch. "Lie down."

Alice being a vampire didn’t like the color of the room, she had to put her arm over her eyes just to see the couch.” You know having a all white room, doesn’t go well for vampires.” Alice said finding the couch and sitting in it.

"Well, to be honest, I don't get many vampires here. But..." The goddess snapped her fingers. The room was splashed with colors, brown desks, red and black furnature, patterned walls. It almost looked like an office for a business man or psychiatrist now. "Is that better on the eyes?"

“That’s Just perfect,” so the I gotta question. Why are you making my new body? I mean don’t you hate me or something?”

"Hate you?" Ledono tilted her head slightly. "Why would I hate you?"

"Well i'm pretty sure most of the gods hate me, after all the destruction I've done and the people I've killed and all the city I've burned and putting Terra in terminal."

Ledono shrugged. "It is not my place to hate. Such hate breeds destruction, and that is my sister's department. Besides, your destruction leads to new creation." She giggled lightly. "Speaking of my sister, I'm sure she is a fan of your work."

"I bet she probable was it's a shame I never worked with her, damn I probable should have reached out to her. But hay can I ask for a favor before i'm reborn? My people my Norscans, how are they what are they currently doing right now?" Alice said in a worried tone.

Ledono nodded. "I believe they are doing okay. As far as raiders go at any rate."

"Well there Alive and are doing well that's all I needed, Ok so what happens now do I close my eyes or something. Walk into the void my body disperses what?"

Ledon smiled. "Just lay back and close your eyes. It will be over quickly and painlessly."

"Well then at least this death would be painless." Alice did what she was told and layed down and closed her eyes ." Wow I've had a pitiful life until I made Norsca and escaped my pitiful home, you want to know why I don't regret what I did?" Alice asked the goddess of creation.

Ledono placed her hands on the sides of Alice's head. Alice started to feel lightheaded and floaty, like she was in a dream. "Please, tell me my dear."

"If I regretted what I did then that would mean I enjoyed all the horrible things I did. All the killing the cites ive burned. If I thought for a second that what I was doing would not help my people that would mean I accepted being a monster."

Ledono nodded gently. "And even after all the carnage and death, you still want to know that you did some good. That the persona of a monster you used to frighten your enemies was not the real you."

"Of course not, I had to play the roll of a monster so people could get of there high horses and there ass and do something.

Ledon smiled. "In that, you succeeded." He smile faded as Alice consciousness grew weaker. "Your next life won't be easy. Seek out the familiar, even if anything familiar will be faint. And try and avoid violence if you can. Prove that you had the right to come back. I know you can do it."

"Humm, Of course my life wound be easy, when has it ever been. All I can say is that I will try and not be my old self again but I have no idea how my continuous would be though, I will try to be nice in my new body though.

Ledono said something more, but it was lost to Alice. Everything faded. Thoughts. Memories. Cares. Worries. All was taken away, though before her mind went completely blank, she could feel her warmest memories of friends and loved ones still hidden away in the back of her mind.

When she opened her eyes again, a man and a woman were smiling down at her. "It's a girl," someone said, and the pair hugged and kissed and looked down at the baby with the utmost love and happiness fir their new daughter.

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Oct 23, 2016
Frostlich1228: "The Lonely Queen of Blood."

Lanathel slowly made her way through the darkened Halls of her castle, the walls shooting up far above with the intermitten pillars curving at the ceiling. Stained glass windows, mostly dark reds and earthy greys, blacks, and whites, reflected their light down into the hall.

The Blood Queen walked, the Castle quiet, quieter than it had been in centuries, perhaps a millennia. Without the council and each of their houses servants, vassals, guards, and family walking the halls, it felt like a hollow shadow of what it used to be. Like herself, after the death of her daughters. Even Alice, as she thought of the innocent child she had failed, not the terrible monster she had become. The Monster that waged a bloody war against her own people and the world, masquerading it in the name of saving the Vampire people. It was now teetering on a edge.

The kingdoms she had worked during the battle with Alice were wary of the people of Draculesti, eager to pounce at a moments notice, their armies rested just outside the gates of the city, boxing them in. They had lost many Brothers, Sisters, Sons, Daughters and Fathers in that battle, she could remember the blood running through the streets like after the rain on an Autumn morning. All killed in nightmarish ways, by the bite of a Vampire, Cleaved in half or raped by thralls, eyes gouged out by harpies, young men crushed inside their own armor like tin cans under the weapons of the Giants. While the War had really only lasted a few battles, those battles were of a scale the old General hadn't seen since the Nocturnum Wars, the War that had made her the War Hero she was today. It was not a hard to understand tenseness, it was not hard to understand why they had found it easy to put the fact that Draculesti had fought alongside them to the back of their minds.

Her footsteps echoed throughout the lonely hall, bouncing and reverberating off the Gothic Architecture that was the signature style of the Vampires for centuries. Her head turned, finally seeing a servant still cleaning and sorting out one of the rooms of the council members. They locked eyes for a brief moment, the young woman almost frozen by the sadness in Lanathel's gaze; managing only a bow before her eyes shot away from her and back down at her work mopping the dust off the dark marble floors.

She had been working nearly without rest trying to beg, and plead, and almost prostrate herself before the leaders of the other countries, trying to assure them that such a tragedy wouldn't happen again. They were paying a significant amount of gold in War Reparations, helping to repair the damage to the capital of Helvan and to the countryside caused by Alice and the Seven, decorated heros of the Vampire People in their own right.

People wanted the remaining members dead, to be strung up for killing so many, it took a large number of political favors just to ensure that the mind controlled Seven could be returned to her custody and pardoned. However, such a pardon was clearly a straining point on Lanathel's diplomatic talks with the other leaders.

They didn't care that they were under the control of Alice, they still wanted them to pay for their crimes. Lanathel, however, just didn't have the heart to let any more of them die, there was already too much death.

Such a razor thin line... So tenous... One wrong step and they could wipe Draculesti off the face of Terra, and the Vampire people with it. Many losses were counted on their side, many Vampires counted among the piles of bodies. They were too weak to pose any threat, too weak to defend themselves any longer.

Memories from the end of the Nocturnum War flashed in her head, it was a similar situation that charged the Elders to lock themselves away within their own walls. She was right back where she had been three hundred years ago. All the convincing, and trust building and all the efforts she had made the last three hundred years... And she was right back where she started...

But now she was alone...

The Vampire Queen. The Blood Queen...

The Lonely Queen of the Vampires, that was a name that had been circling around in taverns and in poetry. She turned her head to stare out one of the many windows. It wasn't a misnomer. Leave it to bards and singers to get to the real truth of things...

But she couldn't do the same thing the Elders had done, else all this would likely happen all over again. She had to be better, do something with this new position, anything but that... She would keep the gates open, even blockaded in as they were, even if it meant they could all be butchered at any moment. This cycle wouldn't continue. One way or another.

Perhaps a Queen was what they needed, perhaps the aristocracy was what was to blame... Perhaps in some sick way... Alice won.

That thought made her want to vomit. She hated the woman. Hated her with a burning passion. She hated more that she felt that she was partially responsible for her creation. She hated Alice the monster... And mourned Alice, her Daughter...

She would make sure, in whatever pit she was rotting in now, she wouldn't have the satisfaction of winning, even if she never knew what had transpired after her death. Lanathel would make sure her sick dream never became a reality.

She also wouldn't give Alice the satisfaction of turning her into a copy of herself, infecting her with her blind hatred. She would teach the Vampire people to live with the humans, to live peacefully. Sternly and powerfully, if nessicary. She would repair their reputation even if it took all of her remaining life, and that of her descendants if she had to. She would show her people that monsters like Alice would not be tolerated in any capacity, and if any more sprung up... They would face the same fate as the Raiders of Norsca...

"My Queen." A Guard in Full Dark Regalia called out to her from behind, cracking the silence of the Castle. "Today's Executions are beginning. More of the Norsca Raiders as you requested."

"Good. How many do we have left in the dungeon?" She asked, half looking back.

"If we continue one every day as you instructed? A month and a halfs worth." He answered simply.

"After the execution, fetch me Rumi and Marlee." Lanathel commanded. "I need to see if they're ready to return to their work."

"Yes Ma'am. Would you like an escort to the Gallows?"

A moment of silence. "I would... Lead the way..."

"Yes My Queen..." He bowed.

She had to find an outlet for this hatred and wrath inside of her. Luckily... There were familiar vermin still out there... And she wouldn't rest until she had the heads of the rest of the Norsca Raiders decorating her throne room. She refused to exist on the same planet as the filth that butchered her daughter...
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The fallowing is done by Dhalexpert&ZombieSplitter53
A vampires long redemption

Two months ago
Serendella Ranch
Several miles south of the capital

"Olivia!" Jane called upstairs from the kitchen. "Olivia Serendella! Did you finish gathering those eggs?"

A blond light Elf wearing overalls came out of her room. " Yes mom I got plenty of eggs, I gotta say these raiders even if they are raiders. There not bad at all, no protection money open fields I even started training with one of them."

"Oh, don't let your father here that." Her mother stepped out of thw kitchen. "You know what he thinks about an honest day's living. Raiders and bandits don't exactly stand for that."

"Well I would take these guys over the city guards, you remember how they were treating us before the over taxing the foul mouthing taking things from us. At least these guys respect us, and my trainer isn't bad nether. I think her name is Satako"

"You always have been something of a Tomboy, training with your father's swords and bows when he wasn't around." Jane leaned against the wall. "You think what this Alice women has promised is true? That they'll free all the slaves in the country?"

"Well there doing a damn good job of it so far, I've never see so many light Elves around. I mean that weren't in cages. So by the looks of it she's keeping her word, huh funny isn't it a group of raider care more about us than our own countrymen."

"Yes, it is funny..." Jane shook her head. "But watch your language. Save the cursing for you father." She looked towards the door. "Where is your father anyway...?"

“I don’t know probably bringing in the cows or something, you want me to go check on him?”

"Please do. I hope he hasn't..." There was a commotion outside, and the sound of Olivia's father yelling. "Mitchell?" Jane ran to the door and threw it open, rushing outside. There were several men out there, two restraining the Light Elf who was cursing up a storm.

"Hay what the fuck are you bastards doing out here, what are you doing to my father you jackasses!" Olivia yelled.

One of the men turned around and held up a hand. He was a tall, lanky man, his entire body covered. He wore a cross between a gas mask and a plague doctor's mask. "Please, my dear. No need for such profanity. My name is Alagor. I work directly under Alice Valentine, and I've come to bring you a great opportunity."

"And what kind of opportunity is this, what does Alice want with a bunch of farmers. Does she need me to fight for her or something because I can do that but why do you need my family?!"

Alagor slowly walked forward. "It is pretty simple, my dear. I have experiments to run. Important experiments for the betterment of both your kind and vampires." He waved his hand, adding, "Mostly vampires I admit. But Alice says I can not experiment on the Light Elves in the capital. It arouses to much suspicion. And so... I am here, obtaining my test subjects some distance away."

"You can't take him!" Jane rushed to her husband, only to be grabbed by a third Raider.

"Actually, I'm looking for two subjects," Alagor noted.

"What type of experiment is this, what do you plan on doing to my family!"

"Why... turn them into vampires, my dear." Alagor smiled at Olivia under his mask. "Wouldn't that be wonderful?"

"That's not possible, we light Elves are immune to vamperism. Now I ask again let my parent's go!" Olivia shouted.

Alagor shrugged. "Well, there is a good chance your parents will simply... well, die. But you know what they say about eggs and omlettes. Now... are you going to give us trouble?" He snapped his fingers, and four of the raiders rushed Olivia.

Olivia quickly went into the house and ran to her room she quickly grabbed her bow, and pointed it at the door waiting for the raiders to come in.

One poked her head inside, a mean looking woman with a scar over her eye. "Little pig, little pig. Come out to plaaaaay..."

And arrow went close to her eye." Stay away from me if you come any closer to me Satako will have your heads for this you fucking monsters!"

The three remaining raiders laughed. "Who do you think she works for? She works for Alice, you little twit!" He motioned for the other two to go around the back. "Alagor was given permission to be here. Now, lay down your bow, and we'll only rough you up a little bit."

The door opened and Olivia came charging out, and rove and arrow into to the woman eye and kicked another in the groin. "I am Satako student, if she finds out that you assaulted me she will have your heads. She said as she started to run out the house.

As she ran out the back door, one of the men grabbed her by the hair. "Then 'e jus 'ave ta make sure she dont find out, eh?"

"Really." A voice said to the side of them. "Because from what i'm looking at, I see four of my morrons attacking one of my recruits." Satako said on her horse.

The man immediately let Olivia go and backed away. "Miss Satako... please. I waz jus follin Master Alagor's orders..."

"Really because last time I check, Alagor doesn't give orders to soldiers!" Satako looked at Olivia and picked her up." I recommend that you idiots just start running because you will be training till your arms fall off!"

As the raiders ran Satako looked down at Olivia." Come on now we need to make you stronger so you can hold your own, and learn to survive out here." I don't know what Alagor plans on doing with your family, but I will talk to Alice about it now than let's go and get you stronger."

Olivia never saw her parents again. She was sure Satako would keep her word and talk to Alice, so what happened? Did Alice not listen to her? Did the incoming armies muddle things up? All Olivia knew was Satako supposedly died in the final assault, as did Alice, and all that was found in the castle lab was bodies. Her parents were likely dead.

Three Months Later

Miles and miles away from the capital, a nobleman rode his horse through the countryside. In order to satisfy the Light Elves holding the royal family hostage, slavery had to be abolished throughout the country. It was a slow process however, and not everyone heard the news.

This nobleman, Charles Montgomery Allan III, had heard the news. It was why he was taking the two slaves tied to a rope and trailing behind his horse down this back rode. His estate was quite some distance away from the capital, and it would take years for him to have to free his slaves as long as he paid off the right people and the inspectors. Maybe decades.

He reached back and yanked on the rope, almost making the pair, a man and a woman in practically rags, nearly trip. "Come along. Don't doddle. If we do not reach the next town by sunset, neither of you get to eat." He laughed haughtily. He was a rich old miser. He didn't plan to feed them today either way.

A woman with black light armor and a hood walked past, she had a bow and arrow on her back and a short sword to her waist.” Excuse me sir but didn’t you hear, slavery was abolished here. So why do you have those light Elves like that?” The woman asked.

"Hmm?" He smiled. "Simple my dear. Because I am rich enough to not care about such a silly law change. Now, run along."

“Ou because this is a toll road, pay me and I forgot what I saw her saw. Three hundred gold coins.”

"Three... three hundred gold! Are you out of your mind?!" The noble turned up his nose. "I won't pay."

"Ok let me put it this way." The mysterious woman pointed her bow at the man." Here's what your gonna do, you’re gonna get off your horse and give me everything you have do you understand?"

"O-oh, my..." The pudgy man quickly dismounted, nearly stumbling as he did. "Y-you know... I have reconsidered." He pulled out a small pouch and held it out. "Th-three hundred is more then fair of a toll..."


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Part 2

The woman put her bow down." Thank you for your patronage." The woman said smiling under her mask, she than pulled the arrow back and shot it in the man’s skull. She then pulled her hood down revealing that she was a light Elf, she than took the pudgy mans cloths rings and saw that he had more money on him. She looked at the two light elves and used her short sword to break the rope, as she got on the noble mans horse she looked at the two light elves and tossed them some gold." Best head east, or south I don't care where just be careful."

"Thank you!" The man said, both bowing their heads. "Thank you so much!" They both ran off towards the south, waving back at the woman gratefully.

The woman than headed west riding on her new horse heading towards Bevland, on the way she sold the rich mans cloths for a good bit of coin bit kept his rings as a personal prize. She was heading towards a small village in Bevland till they saw a small group of people assaulting something.

"Leave me alone!" a young woman covered head to toe in protective clothing pushed away from one, but was grabbed by another.

He pulled her sleave up, and her arm started to burn and bubble in the sunlight. "Whoa, no way! The bitch really is a blood sucker!"

"Think you can just go wherever you like now that your door is open?" A third man asked. "We should have turned our armies towards your home after that Helvan business. Maybe... we should make an example out of you..."

"Do so and you will be dead man!" The group looked at a woman in black light armor and a hood and mask. She got off her horse and grabbed the woman bringing her into shade, and pulled her slaves down.

"What are you doing?" the leader of the small gang asked, stepping forward. "Don't you know what that is? It's a fucking vampire. My brother-in-law died fighting those vampires in Helvan."

"Ou boohoo your brother-in-law died, he joined the army he was gonna die anyway. Why take it out on a vampire that did nothing to you. When the actual person responsible is dead."

"Don't you see?" Another of the man stepped forward. "It's all a conspiracy, lady. It wasn't just one vampire, it was all of them! They're mind controlling are leaders! We gotta kill them all before they take over the world!"

“Wow you’re making me Question why Alice didn’t kill all of you

"Look... how about this." The leader drew a sword, as did the rest of his group. "There are five of us and one of you. Good enough reason to PISS OFF?!"

The woman raised an eyebrow helped the Vampire on her horse.” Hay I got a better Idea, hows about I take this Vampire and you all can go back to inbreeding.” The woman started to pull a small bag out of a pouch.

The five men slowly circled in. "P-please," the vampire said. "I'm not worth it..."

“Ou I know you’re not, but I’m sure you’ll pay me back somehow.” The woman threw the bag down and a cloud of smoke came out, she quickly got on her horse and left with the vampire.

"Whoa!" The vampire held o her tightly. "That was a neat trick. I... I'm Lilith, by the way. Lilith Va... I mean, you can call me Lilith or Lily."

“Olivia and that was my last smoke bomb, you had better be worth this.”

Lilith frowned sadly, not sure if she was. She kept quiet all the way to the next village.

Olivia got off her horse and told Lilith to do the same.” Alright now than before we go anywhere are you a wanted criminal if so what for?”

Lilith shook her head. "Criminal yes. Wanted no. I was excommunicated from my home for treason. I... I-I killed some people that I felt were hurting the vampire race, but they were important to the current vampire queen. I chose this punishment because I knew it would be hard." She shrugged. "I knew I might die out here. But... if that's what happens, it's what I deserve."

Well I won’t let you die, you will work for me.”

"Work... for you?" Lilith started to protest before she remembered all the jobs she had been turned down. "You don't mind... working with a vampire. Most people don't even give me a second thought when they find out what I am."

“Well considering my former leader was a vampire and killed the bastard that kidnapped my parents and she freed me. I don’t mind.

"Wait... you used to serve under Alice Valentine?" Lilith took a step back. What if she recognizes me?

“Don’t get me wrong I hate Alice even if she averaged my parents death, she’s the one that allowed them to be experimented. So Vampires killed my family but freed them to, so I may hat Alice but not all vampires.”

Wonder if she would hate Alice's sister too... "Okay. I hope you don't want me to work for you because of how strong vampires are. I mean... I used to be really strong." She pointed to a spot over her left breast. "But part of my exile was a magic brand that limits my power. It gets weaker every day, but will take a hundred years to fully go away. Right now, I'm probably no stronger then you are, with limited powers."

“Well if you’re lucky we won’t be fighting much, because I’m a thief. I steal from the richest people in Terra and give to people I think needs it most, or at least that’s the plan anyway.”

"The plan?" Lilith tilted her head. "That mean you haven't been at it for long?"

“No because my home was recently sacked, so I’m working on this plan.”

"I see. Well..." Lilith placed her hands behind her head. "Thief wasn't exactly the job I was hoping to get, but I've tried every legitimate job I could think of, so... I guess you have a... partner? Employee? Um... servant?"

“A partner who just so happens to be a vampire, besides I already have a place to rob. See I killed this rich fat slob, so I plan on robbing his estate and freeing the light Elves there.”

"Oh? I see..." Lilith poked her fingers together. "If possible, can we... avoid... killing?"

“If we can help it Sure, besides if we do kill we’re going have to drag the bodies somewhere. And I really don’t feel like doing that, we just gotta knock out the guards steal a few desirable jewels some coins.” Olivia looked Lilith over.” Perhaps some new clothes for you and free any light Elf we see, hopefully they had a kid for your sake.”

Lilith looked down at herself. "I guess I... did assume the wrong choice of clothing when leaving. Our information is centuries out of date, after all." She shrugged. "Oh, many of my powers are sealed away, but I can still do this." She shrank down, and where Lilith had been standing was a golden blonde fox. "Will this help?"

Olivia looked stunned at the transformation." Huh that helps sure, but um I thought Vampiers can only turn into bats not other animals?"

Lilith transformed back. "Normally, some can transform into wolves as well. But with my current power, a small fox is the best I can do. Still, pretty handy for a thief, right?"

"That it is, you can probable look around the outside and get a lay of the land. Now as for me I'm going get a look of the interior by doing my thing, now were gonna need some supplies we need a kart to hold all the stuff. I need some smoke bombs a lock pick which I can make and something blunt to knock people out with."

"Something blunt... oh!" Lilith reached into her bag and pulled out a retractable constable baton. "Will this do? I brought iit with me. I... figured I needed some weapon to defend myself without killing anyone."

"This will do nicely actually so on the topic of food because best talk about this now than later, you Lilith how are we going to handle the hole blood thing with you?"

Lilith rubbed the back of her neck. "Because of the diminished power, I need less blood then usual. But I still need blood. I... I-I..." She looked away in shame. "I've had to survive by feeding on rats so far..."

“Ou by the gods that is pathetic.” Olivia rolled up her sleves and stuck her arm out.” Come on get it over with.”

"Are... a-are you sure?" Lilith gave the arm like a thirsty woman in a desert.

Olivia rolled her eyes.” Yes! Now will you quit staring and just drive.”

Lilith rushed forward, sinking her teeth in the wrist and drinking liberally.

Olivia flinched at the bite, but left Lilith be. After two minutes Olivia started to get woozy.” Alright Lili That’s enough.”

"Hmm?" Olivia released her, licking the blood off her lips. "Mmm..." Her legs wobbled, and she fell to the ground, holding her groin.

"Ugh geese woman how much of my blood did you drink woman?" Olivia held on to here head.

"S-sorry. It's... been a while." She reached into her bag and offered a bar that smelled of fruit to her. "Here. Eat this."

Olivia took the bar and bit into it."Ugh thanks for that, I might need some water as well.Do you mind taking me on my horse so we could head west so we could scout out our targets."

Lilith nodded. She lifted the Light Elf on her back and carried her to the horse, helping her up and climbing behind her. The vampire woman was incredibly flushed and shaking a bit.

"Lilith for the love of the gods don't feel guilty, your a vampire you need blood you can't be starving yourself like this." Olivia said in a weak tone of voice.

"Huh? O-oh, no, I... w-when some vampires drink, they tend to get a bit.. e-exited." Lilith swallowed. "Y-you know... like... a-aroused..."

"Please tell me that drinking my blood turned you on in some way, and that you haven't drunk people blood in a very long time and that's the idea."

Lilith nodded. "Yeah. That's the idea."


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Jun 23, 2013
Part 3

“Ugh you know I wonder if Alice had that problem, I mean she would drink ocean of blood for the battlefields. So the raiders mentioned. Are you gonna be alright?”

Lilith nodded and smiled. "We just teamed up and you're already worried about me. Thanks."

"Well your my partner after all, besides we both have nothing and no home to go to. So all we have is each other, guess it's best I start worrying now than later."

Lilith's smile widened. "Well, partner... we have slaves to free and a mansion to raid. Let's go."

"Right i'll just be sleeping wake me when we get there, because I still need to recover." Olivia closed her eyes and rested on Lilith shoulders.

Lilith chuckled and took the horse's reins, heading in the direction of the estate Olivia had mentioned.

After several days the two finally arrived the mansion. It looked more like a castle than an actual Home.” Wow, so that’s the place huh, its goanna take several days to scout the place.”

"Well, no time like the present." Lilith jumped off the horse. "I'll scout around the outside. Get a good lay of the land and what we're dealing with. No one will look twice at a little fox."

“You do that, I’m gonna get a better view from the inside see what rooms are worth loot into and avoided. And to snatch me some little goody’s that people won’t notice.” Olivia put her sword on the horse, and grabbed two daggers and the blunt weapon Lilith gave her. She also changed into a set maid's outfit to disguise herself.

Meanwhile, Lilith turned into a fox and took several passes around the manor. Besides having to avoid the pair of angry dogs, it was smooth sailing for her. She went back to the horse every now and then to draw a map and update it with anything new she found.

Olivia had another challenge of her sneaking through the house undetected, making sure people didn’t see her face. She went room to room stealing small jewelry and coins that were laying around, she also did some maid work to keep the suspicion down. After two hours she found were the light Elves were being kept, they were under the house in a giant basement chained to the walls. The sigh reminded her of going through Alagor lab, once outside Olivia looked like she was having a panic attack.

Lilith walked up to her after a minute, quickly transform to her humanoid for and placing a hand on the woman's shoulder. "Are you okay?"

“Yeah... Yeah I’m fine just Um need to get myself right in the head, Ugh so did you find anything?”

Lilith held out the map. "I made this! It shows the whole grounds, along with possible patrol routes for guards, the location of the dogs, and possible entry points."

"That's good I also found several rooms, some with good valuables and Also were they keep there light Elf slaves." Olivia looked the map over and pointed to the left side of the house." There's a basement right there they are keeping a good hundred or more down there."

"A hundred just being kept there?" Lilith rubbed her chin. "They wouldn't need that many on standby, or be able to affordably feed them, unless... the head of this house hold is... or was, as the case may be, running an underground slave selling circuit. It would also explain all the extra guards. We stumbled upon something big. Maybe... we should alert the local authorities?"

Olivia put her hand up." Don't bother the laws just recently changed, and i'm sure guards won't be thrilled to save Light Elves. Also they can easily buy them off and make them forget what they heard and saw and come lock us up, so we need to save them ourselves."

Lilith nodded. "Alright... I'm in. What should we do first?"

"First we need to get in, now when everyone is asleep I can pick the lock and get in the front door. But if they are gonna sell them off like you think they are, this might get more violent then I want it to be, so if there is a auction on Light Elves I saw a sky line in on the roof we can enter that way steal some valuables and wait for the auction to start. House should be busy by then."

"And while everyone's eyes are busy on the auction, we can knock out the guards watching our escape route." Lilith sounded excited. "Then swoop in, fight off a few goons while the Light Elves escape, and run away with our loot."

“Keep it down, yes that’s the plan but do you mind not shouting the plan so half of Terra could hear it!”

Lilith covered her mouth. "Sorry," she whispered. "I guess I got over excited..."

“Yeah I know just make sure it doesn’t happen again, last thing we need is a roaming guard hearing this.”

Lilith nodded. "So... tonight?"

"No whenever this auction is we hit than, until that happens we keep scouting out the place. If the auction is tonight then we hit than alright."

The pair didn't have to wait long. Good thing too, as some of the items Olivia took were starting to be noticed as missing. The day after then, the auctions started. The slaves were taken out of their storage in droves, set up in the main lobby of the manir with what looked like the eldest son of the house hosting it. His three sisters sat at the side of the room in fancy dress, watching as people bid on living people like they were objects.

Olivia and Lilith came through the skyline, since the entrance was to crowded with people." Alright so let's get our coins, some valuables and then we free those slaves. And try not to get emotional."

Lilith rolled her eyes. "Yeah yeah. You take the same advice. I know this is hard for you, seeing your people like this. Just remember that we're here to save them." She transformed into a fox. "And don't let the quest for shiny things make you forget that saving the people is more important. It... is to me, anyway."

Olivia rolled her eyes and put a mask on to cover her face, Olivia went into one room stealing earrings jewels necklaces. As she moved to another room she took a mini statue, some coins and plenty of silver items." Ou this is quiet the haul, but remember Olivia i'm also here for the slaves."

Lilith took care of the more dangerous rooms, able to slip in easier as a small fox. She hauled off all she could carry to the horse hidden outside, as well as occasionally grabbing some things from Olivia to bring out so the Light Elf could carry more. They got out with a small fortune, even if the items would sell for considerably less than they were worth.

Lilith heard a small whistle coming from one of the windows and saw that it was Olivia.she dropped what she had let to Lilith." I'm going to free the slaves now, best you get to them and free them. I'm gonna cause a distraction."

Lilith softly shouted, "Okay." She rush the stolen loot back to the horse and made her way back to the manor, waiting for the distraction.

“Ok now than what will make for a good distraction?” Olivia pulled out two bags she had on her.” Well time to test out these babies.” Olivia lit the sparks on the bags and dropped them, when the bags fell smoke came out of them as well as firecrackers.

People started to yell and scream, civilians and auctioneers running out while the guards draw weapons and ran in. Lilith slipped in among the smoke, her eyes allowing her to see better then the humans. She stealthily snatched the keys from a guard and got to work unlocking cuffs. "Run for it," she whispered as she freed the slaves.

Olivia moved among the smoke, and quickly went into a room waiting for the noise to die down." Ok so those smoke with firecrackers worked perfectly, now hopefully Lilith will free the slaves." Olivia slowly pulled out the heavy paton Lilith gave her as she waited for the smoke to clear.

When it finally did, more then half the slaves were freed. All eyes turned to Olivia, and the guards didn't ask questions. It was a dozen to one, and they all came charging at once.

Olivia quickly ran up the stairs as the guards fallowed her, Olivia jumped off the side of the stairs and fired two arrows at the guards. Once she landed she ran away from the guarded by going to another room." Ok think Olivia I might think of something to Give Lilith more time."

A guard ran in front of her from around the corner. Caught off guard, he raised his sword to swing at her.

Olivia quickly used her dagger and plunged it into the guards throat and kicked him to the side." Alright quickly think Olivia got to hide somewhere, Hum" Olivia Puled out another one of her smokes bombs and threw it to the opposite of her and quickly made her way into one of the rooms, and opened the window but hid in a closet.

"Quickly! After her!" Most of the guards ran out towards the smoke bomb while three stayed behind to search the rooms.

One of the guards saw that the window was open in the room that Olivia was in and went to tell the other guards that Olivia escaped outside and the guards went outside looking for Olivia. She came out of the closet and looked around." Ok now than I wonder how Lilith is doing." She leaves the room and made her way to the basement." How are things down here?"

"Everyone on the show room is gone, and I just have these three left," Lilith told her.

"That's enough!" The three sisters stood in the doorway, one with a foil, one with a rapier, and one with a saber. "Prepare to die, fowl theives."


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Jun 23, 2013
Part 4

"Remember," Lilith whispered. "No killing if you can avoid it."

“Yea no promises.” Olivia turned around and fired an arrow into one of the sisters thighs.” But nothing was said about crippling.”

She cried out in pain as the other two charged forward. The pair were fast, rapid swing keeping Olivia dodging. The third sister broke off the arrow but Lilith ran over to keep her busy, using a pair of daggers to parry her attacks.

“Hay come on now, I’m just taking a few items for you all. Tell you what stop this and I won’t mention your slave trade here.” Olivia continued to dogging the attacks.

"We don't have a slave trade because of you!" The first woman yelled angrily.

"Do you know how much you have cost us!" shouted the second. "You've ruined us! We'll kill you!"

“Well you’re right about that, and I’m sure dear daddy would be disappointed, or he would be if he was around.” Olivia said while thrusting her sword into one of them.

"You bitch!" the other cried out, bursting into tears and trying to stab Olivia.

"No killing," Lilith said as a reminder, stabing the third sister in the hand and punching her hard in the head until she was unconcious.

Olivia grunted and dodged the second sisters attack and used the heavy baton Lilith gave her to hit her in the side of her head knocking her out. As for the first sisters Olivia plunged her sword into her leg and used the baton to knock her out as well.” Ugh it would have been simpler to just kill them.”

"Yeah... but it's better for your soul not to." Lilith walked over. "You did really good. How did... I do?"

"You did alright, still wish we could have killed them because it's what they deserve." Olivia sighed."But this is fine, we did take a lot from them now we just gotta sell it all to someone." Olivia looked at the remaining light Elves." Come along you all we can't stay here for long."

The pair led the Light Elves out the back, knocking a few guards out along the way. Once they were back to the horse, Lilith said, "We sure got a lot of loot. You mentioned helping others with it?"

"If we can there are a few light Elves that can use money after all they have no money so I could probable help them with some of the money we make so they can leave here."

Lilith smiled and nodded. "You know... beneath that rough, edgy exterior is a really nice person, huh?"

"Well you can't judge a book by it's cover, just because someone seems angry at something doesn't mean they are. Well it's a fifty fifty toss on that one."

Lilith jumped on the horse and offered Olivia a hand. "Come on. Let's go cash in our winnings... partner."

Olivia grabbed Lilith hand and got on the horse as well." Yea I need a nap, what an exhausting night." Olivia layed her head on Lilith shoulders.

Lilith chuckled and took the reigns, trotting away from their first job as partners.