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Part 6

“Ou I can’t wait for you to meet everyone, there’s Sam, Patty, Jo Brian.”

“Billy,” Alex said chiming in when he mentioned Billy Emile went pail.

“Right Billy, let’s not worry about her right now.”

“Who’s Billy?” Alister asked

“Um, a very special person and let’s leave it at that, there’s something I wanna ask you.” Emile took a deep breath and looked at his father.” Dad, why didn’t you tell me you were a bounty hunter?”

Alister's eyes widened in anger as he slowly turned his head to Dionissia, the way he looked at he screamed I will kill you.

"Your kid was being stubborn, so I told him the truth. Did you want me to find him or not?" Dionissia frowned and shot him an equally withering glare. "And moreover, I'm not in the mood to be fucked with right now, Alister. Not after spending days worrying about your stupid ass. So you keep your nasty looks and comments to yourself."

My nasty look should be the least of your concerns, why I'm not shooting you is the better question. You had no right telling my son what I do." He said in anger Emile on the other hand pulled his fathers' shirt.

"Dad, why didn't you tell me that you're a bounty hunter?" Emile said with some concern.

Alister looked down not looking at his son." Not here I'll explain it to you later."

"Hoh... You know what, Alister? How about instead..." Dionissia jaw set and her eyes grew angrier as she mulled over something. "Forget it. You're not worth the bullets or the time it'd take to shoot you. After this, we're done." She growled, her knuckles turning white on the steering wheel.

"Fuck me for trying to look out for your stubborn ass. Or for calling people to look for you. Not a godsdamned bit of respect. Not even a thank you when I found your kid for you, something you failed to do." Her eyes flashed up to her mirror to glare holes through Alister. The next slew of words seemed to be in her native tongue as she threw every swear she knew at him, her anger an almost palpable thing. Her driving, ironically, couldn't have been smoother and more perfect; weaving around wrecks and zombies alike with as much grace as the bus could provide, speed fairly consistent, and the ride devoid of any bumps.

"Enough you two!" Emile shouted he got up and walked to Dionissia." Look I know my dad is a hard ass, but he does appreciate what you've done. My dad is not the best with other people, he can be stern and rude, and blunt. But he does appreciate what you've done for him and finding me." Look why don't you come and join us at the apartment? We have plenty of food water, and some good people there as well."

Dionissia continued to glare at the man from her seat, mulling over her options. "I won't beat the shit out of him... but I have my own place. And given how your dad is a prick, I don't think I want to live anywhere near him. He knows where I live and if you want my help in the future, I'll be happy to give it."

"Look I can tell things are getting worse out here, and from what I can tell this is just some massive coverup or were some real-life lab rats for something. Regardless things are gonna get worse and help doesn't seem to be coming, we need to stick together. Please come with us, yea my dad is a prick but you don't have to talk to him. This isn't the time to have petty rivalries unless you know how to grow your own food that's a resource that will become more and more scarce, same with water and gas please for your own sake come with us. With us, you have people you can depend on and have your back, were not perfect but who is? Just think my offer over."

"Okay," Dionissia said through gritted teeth. "I'll think about it. No promises." She finally stared back at the road, devoting her attention back to the road.

Emile smiled at her, he wasn't sure that he would join her. But he was happy that she would at least think his offer over, he then looked back at his father, and his stomach sunk. He would need a long talk with him and figure out who this man was because he clearly didn't know him.