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Part 11

"Yes, Emile," Lindy said with a smile. "We'll be okay. You go see Brian."

“Thanks, alright let’s go.” Emile went into the building saying hi to the people around him, he seemed very popular for a teenager that even adults respected him. When he reached The office, he opened the door.” Hay Brian I’m back.”

Surprisingly, he was with Tony Bradford from upstairs, and they didn't have a gun to each other's head. "Emile! Thank God you're back. I was worried. Did you lose anyone?"

“No surprisingly, but Sams aunt was already dead before we reached her, we also saw two new zombies one being easily ten feet tall. But it only came at night, the other was a child that looked like it was controlling the zombies. But it did nothing, but everyone is accounted for, I also found this FBI agent.”

"Jack Hawkins," he introduced himself.

"Pft, fuckin' feds..." Bradford scoffed. "What was that about some kid zombie controlling other zombies. Why didn't it try to eat you? That's, like... the one thing they wanna do."

"I don't know, It saw me near the bus buy it was just staring me down with it's blue eyes. I can't tell if if was curious or studying me. Regardless it didn't do anything, so for now it's nothing to worry about. Mr Jack here has something you might wanna hear though."

Hawkins explained to the others what he explained to Emile. They fell silent in thought for awhile before Brian said, "Is this... a good thing? The outside world is okay?"

“Good I feel cheated, if my friends die what do I tell there families. Ou your kids were eat by zombies, how the fuck do I explain this to them!? Or to my father hay dad my coach is dead because I bashed his skull in, but it’s all right because he was a zombie. Do you know how insane that sounds!?”

"Pretty insane, yeah." Tony crossed his arms. "Well if everybody is fine, where the fuck is our rescue?"

"There might not be one," Jack said, sitting down. "They surely know that there trouble by now. Someone would have realized after a day something was wrong. That no one has attempted to at least contact you? Reeks of a cover up."

"Ou that's fan fucking tastic! So were ether genie pigs in whatever the hell this is, or this is being a cover up and were permantly stuck here. But were is the military? I haven't heard not one chopper since I've been here?"

"Good question," Jackie said. "You'd think they'd want to monitor all this or something. Maybe... they have other means."

"Alright, this is all speculation. We should try to get word to the outside world to find answers." Brian pulled out a map of the island. "Emile, you ever hear of a Private Military Company?"

"I'm assuming that's some kind of mercenary of sorts, but why do we need a mercenary to help us?"

Brian shook his head. "Don't need a merc. Just their equipment." He point to a large structure on the north part of the map. "A large PMC, Harbero Miltary Contractors, has a base on the island. If anyone has the equipment to contact someone, anyone, it's them. I felt it was too dangerous to go for when I thought no one would answer, but now I think it is worth a shot."

"That could work assuming anyone's alive, hell for all we know they could have been killed by the other group or the zombies. At night they were defiantly mauled, they didn't stand a chance at night. There are several zombies that could have killed them with eases."

"Then we go during the day," Tony said, standing up. "I'll get some of the boys ready."

Brian nodded. "I'm going too. Tired of sitting here doing nothing."

"You all have fun with that, I think I did my part for a while now. Because me knowing that the world is fine and nothing is wrong it's to much so, you two can have all the fun you want. Brian you better not die, this agent dude I can't answer for but you better not die Brian."

Hawkins chuckled. "Thanks a lot, kid."

Brian nodded to Emile. "Get some rest. Lord knows you earned it."

"Heh yea sure, but you need to be careful to. You have a sister here and if you die, she will be devastated, and truth be told I do not want to be in charge of all of this here."

"I'll be careful. Promise. And good work. You've made a lot of people happy."

"Heh yea, Except for Sam, I wish that I could have been there sooner. Now she's all alone here, but I can do what I can for her and the rest of my people. Though before you leave I'm sure Mr Hawkins could use then rest."

Jack stood up and stretched. "That I could. Been a long, sleepless week. A good rest in an actual bed sounds really nice right now."

“Yea there are plenty of beds, I’m gonna go and get the supplies off the bus. Also Sazuke found a bunch of cigarettes from when we were at the gas station, do with them what you will.”

Tony grinned. "Been running low. Thanks, ki-... uh, Emile. Rest well."

“Yea I’ll be sure to.” Emile left the men alone. And went to his room. His baseball uniform was on a chair along with his hat, he went to the bathroom and whipped his face. As he looked in the mirror he thought about what he had heard, that the world might be okay, he wasn’t sure if it was for now or if they will never know there situation. But there was one person he knew that this didn’t matter to and that was Sam, Emile took a shower and though about her situation. When he was done he put on some more comfortable pajamas and decided to pay Sam a visit, he figured that Jo would be with her family. When he got to their room, he knocked on the door.” Sam you home?”

After a little while, Sam slowly opened the door. Her eyes were a little red, but she gave him a smile. "Hey, Emile."

He looked Sam over he was sure that she was crying, since she was alone and could fully greave her aunts death.” Ugh I came to cheer you up, or to at least be a pillow for you. That didn’t come out right, Ugh I want to be here for you.”

Sam nodded. "I know what you meant." She stepped aside. "Please, come in."

Emile stepped inside there room and finally got a good look around, while they couldn’t decorate much since they didn’t have anything. He sat on the bed and looked at Sam.

Sam rubbed her eye and cleared her throat. "I'm... sorry... for all the trouble."

“Your no trouble Sam, I wanted to be here for you.” He opened her arms.” Come here let me help whipe those tears away.”

A few tears rolled down her cheeks as she moved into his arms, curling up on his lap like a child.

Emile gave her a light smile as he started rubbing her hair, and his other hand whipping her.” It’s ok Sam I’m here for you, I know hard this is for you.” He remembered his own mother’s funeral back when he was a child and how it crushed him.

Sam chuckled grimly. "I... feel like such a... spoiled, entitled brat, knowing loss for the first time." She looked up at him. "Does it get any easier?

“No no it doesn’t, I’ve lost my mom when I was younger and a dog. Each was just as painful, and it’s because you care.”

Sam sighed. "Here I am, blubbering like a baby when we've all gone through so much, but you've had it the worse, having to put everyone's burdens on your shoulders."

“Heh it’s what it is, I saved you all and I just became your leader. I didn’t really have a choice I’m the matter, but I don’t mind. Though I’m sure my friend says otherwise.” Emile looked at Sam and started whipping her eyes. “I take that Alex said something to you hasn’t he?”

Sam chuckled. "He was forced to say all this intimate stuff about me. Do you think my boobs are too small?"

Emile eyes widened at that, yes he looked at the majority of women bust and while Sam wasn’t as big as Ryou or Crystal. But they were mature adults, besides he wasn’t gonna to hurt Sams feelings while she’s already down.” No they Ugh, they are good I mean when it comes to our group you do have the biggest breast.” I’m gonna die aren’t I? He thought to himself.

Sam instead started laughing. "I can see why your friends tease you. It's kinda fun." She looked into his eyes. "You're... really great, Emile. And I'll do anything to make you feel better, like you have for me."

“Hem anything Huh, I’ll be careful who you say that to. Some might think you have feelings for me, not that I’ll mind if you do.”

Sammy stared into his eyes for a few moments of silence before closing her eyes and bringing her lips towards his.

Ou well then. Emile started leaning in as well and his lips met hers, he did like Sam and while he didn’t know where this would lead and he didn’t care, for once he decided to just be in the moment and continued to kiss her.

Sam sighed happily, pulling back after several solid seconds, staring into his eyes. "Is this... okay?"

He was surprised that she pulled away.” Why wouldn’t it be?” He then kissed her again.” I do like you Sam, and I knew you liked me but I didn’t know it was like this.”

She nodded. "I just... don't want you to feel like I'm using you." She looked away. "Maybe... I am a little, but..."

He kissed her again.” Sam I know you’re using me right now, and I don’t care. Are you happy?”

Sam smiled. "I am very happy as long as you're here with me."

“Good because I won’t lie, I do need some affection, being around a bunch of beautiful woman and a leader. It’s more then a little overwhelming.”

Sam slowly stood up, walking to her door and making sure it was locked. She turned back and slipped off her shift, smiling. "Affection... I can help with that."


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Part 12

Emile was taken aback by Sam locking the door and taking off her shirt, his face went a beet Red at the sight of Sam.” Um ok... Sam are you sure you wanna da.. do this?” He said nervously.

Sam nodded. "I'm sure... as long as... you're okay with it. I... I know I'm not as... as sexy as Lindy or Crystal..."

“Now who said that?” Emile lifted Sam by her legs where she was more eye level to him.” I said you didn’t have there big breast, I think you’re plenty sexy with or without the makeup.”

Sam giggled, rubbing her head against his chest. "Thank you. Emile... let's have some fun and forget the world for a while."

“Heh just for a little while, I can do that. After all what’s one day Huh?” He carried her to the bed, but then stopped.” Hay Ugh can we do this in my room, don’t want your friend having to possibly sleep out her room.”

Sam nodded. "Of course." She slipped out of his arms and slipped her shirt back on, unlocking the door. "Let's go, Emile. I can't wait."

“Ou I can’t ether.” As the two teens left the room and went to Emile room, he was sure his friends gonna be on him if they found out but he didn’t care, he needed some “affection”. As the went inside his room they immediately went to his bed and took off there clothes, he also wanted to go to his room because he had some condoms there. The last thing he wanted was to get Sam pregnant, or a baby at all.

Sam laid on the bad, a little shy but trying not to cover herself up. "Just so you know, this'll be my... first..."

“I figured, but don’t worry.” Emile gently moved her hands.” I’ll be as gentle as I possibly can.” He said kissing her cheek.

Sam smiled sweetly. "Okay. I'm ready."

Emile decided instead of taking off her shorts, he would instead play with her breast. Since they were the reason why he’s here now.

She sighed contently. "You're so gentle," she said with a smile. "That feels good."

He layed on the bed and message her breast while kissing her neck, he wanted Sam to feel relaxed after the day she’s had. Emile then gently pinched her nipples, hoping to see how she would react.

She gasped a bit, smiling at him. Her thighs rubbed together in excitement.

He smiled and kissed her one of his hands slowly went down in Sams pants and was rubbing her through her underwear. He didn’t want to put his fingers into her yet, he was trying to get a feel on his Sam would react to things.

He could tell the usually bold girl was a bit bashful, but she didn't resist. Instead, she moaned softly as he felt her moistening up, and she gently rubbed the outside of his pants.

Emile looked at Sams face as her face turned red, he did like the look on her. He had to remind himself that this was Sam first time, he couldn't be too aggressive with her. he started to rub her a little faster as he was playing with her breast as well.

She fidgeted a bit, breathing faster and faster. "E-Emile..."

"It's ok Sam just relax." Emile kissed Sams as he started to rub her faster.

She started to raise her hips. "Something's... c-coming, Emile. It feels... so good..."

Now was a good time. Emile then moved her panties to the side and put one of his fingers inside of her. He kissed her again, this time putting his tongue into her mouth as well.

She let out a cute squeal, arching her back and soaking his hand as she fell into organic bliss.

As she came Emile continued to rub her until he stopped. He then layed her on her back and took off her pants and shoes, he also took of his cloths except for his underwear." Heh yep still very sexy."

She gave him a tired laugh. "You're... not so bad yourself. Time for... you to feel good... too."

"You don't have to Sam, this is about me helping you out." Emile then got on his knees and put his toung into her as she started to lick her love juices.

She moaned louder then before, biting her lip. "But I... want you. I... I-I..." She turned her head away. "I... need you."

Emile stopped licking her and looked at her, truth be told he was nervous. While he wasn't a virgen anymore he hadn't been with a woman in over a year since his last girl friend. But he swallowed his nerve and took his underwear off and put the condom on." Sam I need you to relax for me alright."

She nodded, taking a deep breath and relaxing herself as much as she could.

Emile slowly started to slid his dick into Sam he didn't know how much it would hurt her, but he was sure it would be painful.

She did flinch and tense up a bit, squirming a bit uncomfortably and taking a shuddering breath.

Emile started stroking Sam hair." It's Ok Sam I won't move, just tell me when you want me to."

"I-it's fine. I'm okay." She opened her eyes and looked into his. "It doesn't hurt that much. Please... you can start moving."

Emile started to move rather slowly, he wasn't sure if she was in great pain or not. But he did move slowly hoping that she wasn't in to much pain. He then started to kiss her cheek hoping that he was relaxing her.

After a short time, her pain ebbed and was replaced with pleasure "So... this is sex?" She chuckled "I can see why... everybody likes it so much."

Emile then smiled and started to thrust faster into her, while he didn't care for the condom he still felt good with Sam. He then started to play with her breast and kissing her.

She moaned louder and louder, clearly enjoying herself. His touch. His kiss, and each pulse pounding thrust pushed her closer to the edge. He could feel her tightening around him and knew she was close.

Emile started thrusting faster into her as she can feel her tightening around him, he also started to moan from pleasure, he then started to rub her lower area while he was still thrusting.

"Emile... Emile!" She reached up, wrapping her arms and legs around him. "I-I cumming again!"

"Then cum for me.. Cum for me Sam. "He switched positions with her to where he was now at the bottom and she was on top, this allowed his cock to go deeper into the goth.

She held her breasts tightly as she bounced on top of him, moaning loudly and lewdly until her whole body tensed up, her head snapping back as she came again.

Emile garbed her ass and thrusted harder into her even faster, he then finally cam into the condom. and hugged Sam tightly.

Sam hugged him back, huffing and sweating. "Th-that was... incredible," she managed to say.

Emile hugged her tightly and smiled." Yea it was, Heh it has been a while since I've had sex. You were amazing."

"So were you." Sam closed her eyes, listening to his heartbeat. "So... what happens now? Is this a onetime thing? Or are we a thing now?"

"Is that a question." Emile started kissing Sam." Were a thing thing, why would I leave you now huh?"

She laughed. "Just making sure." She closed her eyes and asked, "Have we... known each other long enough for me to... to say I think I love you and not sound weird?"

“It’s slightly weird, but I do appreciate it. I mean we have been in several near death experiences.”

"I suppose we have, haven't we. Tends to push people together." She snuggled up against him. "Should I go before your friends come back? Or can I... stay here awhile with you?"

“You can stay, besides once we’re rested I wanna go again.” He said with some excitement.

Sam grinned widely. "Yeah... me too."


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Black0ut, Dahlexpert, and Frostlich1228 present:
Hellish, Ubiquitous, Remorseless, and Terrifying

The rain seemed to be omnipotent; it seemed to always rain whenever something terrible happened, or tragedy struck. As it so happened, or rather as the rain deemed it, it was raining, drenching the city in gray clouds and downpours of rain. Louis lit his cigarette, taking a deep puff before exhaling. “Everyone just has to get into trouble in this city… I’m too fuckin’ nice... “ He grumbled as he tried to figure out where the hell this ‘Al’ character had gone. He was a sucker for a pretty face and since it was a request and she was desperate enough…

He looked around the area further before hopping off the car he’d been standing on. He quickly unholstered his gun as he searched around, hoping that he wasn’t going to get himself killed over nothing.

Suddenly, as he stood searching around, he caught the sight of a familiar face heading towards the police station from the city, he saw the familiar face of a certain archer, now accompanied by a little girl, as well as an unfamiliar military looking man as well.

“Whoa, hold it there, pals!” Louis called out as he got closer keeping his gun lowered. He paused a moment to study the military man, nodding to himself. “Hey, your lady friend got worried about you. You, uh… Ali- no, uh Alist-” Louie cleared his throat. “You Al?”

The rugged man looked at the mob boss, up and down, and grunted. “Why the hell does it matter to you. More importantly, how the hell do you know my name, I don’t know who you are so you best get to explaining how you know me?”

"You've got to be… Louie?" Bernadetta looked up at him in disbelief. "We're miles from that hotel. How did you get here?"

“I walked.” Louie shrugged before turning to ’Al’. He opened his mouth before glancing back to Bernie. “And I ran. But mostly walked. As for you,” His gaze shifted back, “some broad named Dionissia, busty and tries to act all cold and ruthless but is actually a softie, came by my home while it was raining and begged me to help her search for you. I agreed and here we are… and its still fucking raining.”

“Ou it’s just a little bit of rain get over yourself, also you know Dionissia? I’m more surprised that she mentioned me to anyone, which means she trusts you in some way. But why would she mention me to you? Unless your important to me in some way you and I have nothing to talk about, now if you excuse me I need to help get this young lady her to the police station where she'll be mildly safe.”

"I'm not a damsel in distress Alaster, need I remind you." Bernie pointed out harshly.

“I’m aware, I'm getting you there so you and your cousin can have some bit of protection. Scratch that, so you don’t have to worry about your cousin as often.” Alester rolled his eyes at the woman.

"Fine. But what are you doing here Louie? Pretty far from home." She diverted her attention.

“I’m working with the police… as weird as that sounds. Consider me a friend if you’re trying to befriend the fuzz.” Louie holstered his handgun. “And I can’t turn away anyone that desperate. Doesn’t matter who it may be.” He glanced around, seeming to note something. “Inside. Now. Doesn’t matter the building. And do it slow, unless being eaten is on your agenda.”

"Fine. You know the area right? Lead the way." The Archer gripped her cousin's hand tightly.

“No… I don’t. My area is miles away. This is new.” Louie said quickly before he pointed towards a hardware store. “Let’s go in there. There’s a backroom to those we can hide in.” He looked at the military man, “Can you take point?”

The man rolled his eyes as he got in front of everyone, he then kicked the door open and kept his gun pointed front. As he moved into the building there was nothing at the moment. “Alright, we're good.” He still kept his weapon in his hand just in case something popped up.

Louie took the rear, his magnum slipping free of its holster as he glanced back around reaffirming the threat he saw. “Let’s hurry. They haven’t noticed yet… and I don’t wanna fight with the special deadheads...”

"Yeah. We ran into one. It gave us a lot of trouble." The Polish Woman readied her bow.

The military man shivered at the mention of the special zombie she mentioned.” Yea that one was definitely something else, a very creepy bitch that one was.”

“Well, I’ve dealt with the ‘leggy’ zombies before, but these ones aren’t normal.” He started as he shut the door behind them. “I don’t know of any that start actively looking for someone. They only wanted me and not my guys. Thought I lost them ten blocks ago.”

"You see one that talked yet?" Bernadetta wide-eyed him as they moved.

“No… didn- wait, you encountered one that talks?” Louie’s eyes matched Bernie’s look. “You’re kidding right? You’re messing with me?”

"No. She sounded like a psychopathic serial killer. She could even fuck with my head from far away somehow." She responded, rubbing her temple.

“Great. That’s… fucking perfect.” Louie took out another cigarette and quickly lit it, taking a deep drag. “So that’s what fucked you over, Bernie? Why didn’t you head over to me? I could’ve helped keep you safe and given how trigger-happy the police have been, I’m surprised you decided to head towards them.”

“Ou they won’t shoot, since I’ve been helping them to deal with another group of killers. God damn bastardes think they can take the police station for whatever reason, I've been proving them wrong.
With a few traps here and there and some very calculated shots, they make for good target practice and keeping my skills sharp.”

“The gangbangers right?” Louie asked, as he moved whatever junk was around against the door in a vague attempt at a barricade.

“You know of them? I’m guessing you're with another group then that’s opposed to them. Good those bastards deserve to die, god damn animals all of them.”

“I agree. That’s not how you do business. Examples need to be made if animals like them are to learn.” Louie said coldly, his perpetual smile dropping into a blank expression. “But we shouldn’t be talking like that around a kid. They’re impressionable.”

"I feel like I'm missing context. Who are these gangers?" She asked as they reached the building.

“Bunch of savages that are run by I'm guessing another savage, they raid and attack anyone in sight. They have been attacking the police stations since I showed up.” Alester explained.

"How large are they? Can you tell?" She looked around a corner for any undead.

“Don’t know, but they must be pretty large especially if they are taken from gangs and prisons. So I'm guessing they might be decently large. But I'm guessing our friend there knows more than we do.”

"So you've both met folks at the police station now? Am I understanding right?" She nodded.

“I met the Chief of police.” Louie replied, before glancing back at everyone. “We’re allied now. Hopefully crime and law can work together to bring back society… because we desperately need it.”

“Well that’s gonna be tough, considering that your mayor is dead along with whatever help could have been to bring order back here.

“He ain’t my mayor. If the accent isn’t giving it away, I’m not from here.” Louie shrugged before cracking his neck. “And it’ll be easy. We’re not reestablishing a government, we’re making a new one. Emergency powers and that kind of shit.”

"We did nab a weird briefcase he died holding though. But it's locked." She pointed to her backpack.

“Then break into it. Don’t be polite about it.” Louie glanced back, narrowly noticing something that was hurtling towards him. He barely was able to move before whatever it was bursted through the door and barricade, said debris shredding one of Louis’ arms.

“God damn it.” Alaester switched to his pistol not wanting to waste too many shotgun shots, he fired multiple shots at the undead hitting its chest mostly.

It let out a growl as it was shot, the bullets obviously hurting it and dealing some damage. It quickly got low as it readied itself to jump at Alaester and maul him with his claw-like hands.

Bernie quickly fired two arrows into it's back, one after another, flicking the string with lightning speed as she backed up.

It let out an ungodly roar as it leaped at Alistair, its claws flailing wildly as it sought anything fleshy to rend. It however missed, as several loud gunshots echoed from where Louie lay, impacting it’s torso and arm. “Fucken…!”

Alister kept backing away from the zombie until Louie started shooting it. It allowed Alister to look around to see if he could find some melee weapon to jam into the jumping zombie, after all while his shotgun was viable he didn’t want to shoot a bouncing zombie with others around him.

While the zombie snarled and turned to face Louis, who had only just gotten up from the rumble, Alaester could see a power drill with a drill bit attached resting nearby that he could use as well as a half-broken crowbar.

"Hey!" Bernadetta called out, having shooed her cousin upstairs. She quickly loaded two more arrows, firing again at the monster.

As soon as the arrows hit it let out another roar as it began to leap haphazardly through the room, trying to avoid whatever was hurting the creature. Louie fired a few more shots before he tried to study its movement patterns to help them avoid its ruinous charge.

Alister on the other hand grabbed the power drill, when he pushed the button it didn’t work but was still useful but could still be used as a weapon.” Hay you damned monster what’s wrong getting a little overwhelmed?! Come on I’m older the all of these people.” He shouted his arms wide open.


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Hellish, Ubiquitous, Remorseless, and Terrifying, part 2

The monster bounded towards Alister, claws outstretched and ready to tear into the older man as it leapt for him,its arms outstretched. It opened its mouth and uttered a gutteral word as it lunged, “KILL.”

Alister's eyes widened as it spoke, but he still dove out of the way, having the zombie jump into a wall. When he got back up he drove the drill in one of its legs hoping to cripple it.

It screamed as it swung an arm to bat Alister away, it’s grotesquely muscled leg spurting a thick black ichor. “KILL. KILL YOU.” It screamed repeatedly.

“Not happening ugly.” He then pulled the drive out and drove it back into its leg. He the grabbed its back and neck tossing it to the ground and pulling out his shotgun

It screamed for a moment, before it tried to lash out and slash what it thought was vulnerable human, only for Louie’s gun to sound off a couple times, two more bullets riddling its body, it paused its attempts to kill Alister, to instead try to crawl towards Louie it’s claws rending gashes in the wooden flooring. “KILL, KILL, KILL YOU ALL.”

“Alister looked the zombie over.” Sorry buddy I don’t think so.” He then fired several shots into the zombie head and chest just to be sure it was gone. He then looked at Louie.” Still think they can’t talk?”

Louie didn’t respond as he slumped to the ground. “Fucking hell…” He murmured as he looked at the bleeding mess that was his arm. Bones poked out where his elbow was supposed to end. “Talking zombies are more of a pain in the ass then regular ones. Got it. Well, at least he didn’t take the arm.”

Bernadetta rushed over quickly, ripping her shirt and tying a tourniquet around his upper arm. "Shit. Do you have a doctor back at the station?"

“No, Ryu should be over at my base… but we were given radios to communicate with the cops if we needed assistance.” Louis just stared at his arm.

“Hum, which one is closer? Depending on which is closer, we might just be able to get you to either or. But then again if your base is closer than my friend here will take you there.”

"His base with the doctor is a few miles into the city. We're closer to the station I think." Bernie sighed.

“Yeah… you are. Steele’s going to be so happy to have to take care of me…” He chuckled nervously, before reaching into his pocket for a cigarette, his old one having been lost in the commotion. He looked at Bernie for a moment. “Do you got a lighter?”

"Yeah." She lit it, holding it under his cigarette.

“He can smoke later, come on we can’t have you bleeding out on us. But then again I could burn the metal and put them into the wounds.” Alister said smiling at the man.

“Not a bad idea, but let's save the extreme measures for when I’m unconscious.” He said between puffs. “I can walk and I can give you another gun to use along the road.”

“Eh works for me, just don’t die on us because trust me I wouldn't wait any moment to put you down.” The solder said bluntly.

"Maybe calm down Alaster. He's not that far gone." She stood up. "We'll take turns carrying him, the other person will watch our backs."

“Fine, I guess that means that I got him first then which is annoying.” Alister got under the man's shoulder and helped him walk.

“I don’t need… well, no, I do need help. Any minute the adrenaline’s gonna wear off…” Louie visibly shivered. “I’ll try to be as quiet as possible as we travel, but I can still fight even with a broken arm.”

"Don't exert yourself. We're not far. Just keep cool. Meditate." Bernie commanded.

“Wait… don’t tell me… you’ve never seen someone get this fucked up before have you?” Louie glanced over at Alister “Has she?”

"Please. My Father had his arm torn into by a bear. I've seen worse." She rolled her eyes.

“Well, bears aren’t as bad as people, at least in my line of work.” Louie shrugged. “At least bears won’t torture you for fun or make you watch your buds die.”

"Keep talking if it'll distract you. Although I feel like you'd do that anyway." She responded, watching the area.

“Why do you think I immediately grabbed a cigarette? It’s enough of a distraction.” Louie raised his hand to take hold of his cigarette. “Go grab your cousin. We need to get moving, especially with the racket we made.”

"Angie's coming. Don't worry." She looked down at the girl hugging her leg. "Let's go."

Alister then helped the man down the streets, He was hoping that there weren’t any other zombies coming after them. While he would have no issue dumping the man and letting him be a distraction, he wouldn't since he was mildly useful. “Hopefully you can tell us more about this group of yours, where are you guys exactly?

"Well my police-aligned friend, we're situated in a hotel. Thing's got a nice basement generator that's only accessible by stairs. five sets of keys and permission from our boss, lest you get shot. Or you use the service elevator." Louie chuckled. "Say… Al, you got kids? Or are you the stereotypical badass who doesn't need 'em?"

“I have a son, my only son. He was here for a baseball game to win the national championship, he won but a week ago a few weeks ago something happened here. Clearly so, I got to a fair about a week or so ago and have been looking for him since, I’ve recently found out he’s alive. He was in a grocery store and apparently blew up a gas station, found his wallet there. So for now i’m looking for him.”

"Ah. Well, I got this pain in my ass, - which is why I immediately thought of you - who has been through a lot. Looks like you too. Anyways," Louie glanced over at Bernie for a moment before shrugging, "he's been taking on food runs, water runs, any kind of run at all. Got hurt in the most recent one, but uh… his name was… uh… what actually was it?..."

"You… Don't remember? Are you sure you don't have a concussion?" She glanced over.

“I don’t know. I mean I did just get kicked so hard that my arm is broken, and I am rather tired…” He shrugged, wincing slightly, his adrenaline beginning to fade away. “So I very well could. But even tif I did, the only thing that’ll help is just getting to the police station. Still... thanks for worrying about me, doll.”

"Are you like this with every woman who helps carry your battered half-corpse to safety, or just me?" She squinted at him.

The joking smile faded in lieu of a more serious expression. “If both of you hadn’t stepped in, I’d be dead right now. So, I’m being legitimate. Thank you for worrying about me. Most people wouldn’t.” He took a deep breath, plastering his charming smile back on after a moment. “Besides, if I’m being honest, at the end of your last visit, you were… starting to warm up to my charm. So, I’m simply testing waters. Nothing to worry about, promise.”

"I've only known you for two days. Maybe pump the brakes a little. Although you did give my Cousin medicine, so you're off to a good start." Bernadetta smirked. "Almost balances out your terrible sense of humor."

“Yea yea whatever, you said something that was important to me. You said got someone that has been on food and water runs?” Alister pulled out his wallet and showed him a picture. “Is this the person that you're talking about?” The picture was of him and Emile, together after a hunting trip.

Louie studied the picture for a moment before nodding. “Yeah, your kid’s back at my place. Stubborn ass almost started a war with the corporate dickheads. Killed a few of em and brought one back alive- along with a psychopath that he befriended.”

"Looks like your son has been found. That's lucky. Who knows what could've happened out here." The Archer nodded at Alaster.

Alister stopped and a few tears came from his eyes, he whipped them off and sighed. “My son’s alive and with you all, That’s good because I now know where I'm going. You are taking me with you back to your home.” Alister said not giving the man a choice

“Okay. I ain’t got no issues as long as you’re adhering to the rules we’ve set up. And no, I’ll treat you like everybody else living there, which means all the penalties will apply.” Louie warned before nodding at him. “With that out of the way, welcome to The Family.”

“Yea whatever I don’t care for your family, I just want my son and get the hell out of here.” The man said but quickly regained his composure. “Look, thank you for telling me where my son is, and I'm thankful for it, But i’m just worried about him and how to get him out of here. By the sounds of it sounds like he has been doing what I figure he do, find food water and shelter.”

“If you’re going to try to dislodge him from the hotel, he’s not going to want to leave his friends. He’s one of the three inside our building with any real say so, because he manages all the kids, which is to say… what you remember about him and what he actually is now… he’s probably a lot more different than you realize.” Louie sighed, before scanning around them keeping his eyes peeled for any zombies.

"Are you sure it's him? The person you're describing seems pretty different." Bernie pointed out.

“Yeah, he looks the exact same.” Louie turned his gaze back to Bernie. “He’s a kid who got thrusted into a position of power where he’s in charge of far too many lives. Psychologically speaking, the kid saw a lot of shit that grown men would struggle to process. He had to grow up too early.”
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Hellish, Ubiquitous, Remorseless, and Terrifying, part 3

Alister was silent for a while.” See that’s what I didn't want for him, I wanted him to be different from me but he has a lot of me and his mother. His mothers kindness, and my determination. Didn't think he would become a leader of a group though. Damn stubborn boy always wanting to help others.”

"It almost sounds like you're proud of him." She added quietly.

“But I assume you wanted him to remain a kid for as long as possible right?”

“Yep, never wanted him to become a soldier like me. I wanted him to become his own man but this damn whatever it is seems to have made that choice for him.” He said defeated.

“Well, he ain’t. He’s a survivor, for better or worse. That’s what we all are now. Screw what we may been before: police, criminals, athletes… our first and only job until we can secure this damn island is to be what humanity has always been: survivors.” Louis said quietly, his eyes casted down at the ground. “And in this new world, that’s better than trying to remain a helpless kid. Only thing that’ll lead to is kids being ill prepared for the dead to attack them.”

“Heh yeah I figured that I did a good job of teaching him how to survive, hunting, camping and all of that, I did a good job in that department. But I need to see him regardless but for now we need to get you to the police station and patch you up.”

"I taught Angie to survive long before this, but I hoped she'd be able to have a normal childhood. Not this. Not everything." She sighed, the little girl looking up at them and frowning slightly.

Louie chuckled, the sound bitter and angry. “This… is actually better than my childhood. You all must’ve had very cushy lives growing up… ain’t nothing like life in the Bronx or Harlem. I don’t think either of you would survive more than a few days in my old neighborhood. Zombies probably died when they entered, given all the gun-toting psychos, gangbangers, and transients that live there.”

"I grew up in a cabin. I hate cities. Of course this would happen and I would be stuck in one." Bernadetta sighed loudly. "I wonder if I'll ever see it again. Considering I'm on the other side of the world."

“Well, his bartender girl is one of those far flung people. Think she’s… Greek? Yeah, she’s probably Greek. But, uh… I guess that’s not that reassuring, right? If we survived here, your home’s probably safe too, right? Especially given the snow to slow down the dead.”

"Think you can find a plane and fly across the ocean?" She asked in jest.

“Depends.” Louis replied seriously, his smile slightly fading.

"On?" She blinked a few times.

“How badly do you want to go back?” He asked softly.

"How badly… Well. It would likely be safer. But it's not an immediate goal." Bernadetta considered seriously for a moment.

“Look you two can talk all you want about flying our friend here, but at the moment we handle one thing at a time. Not to mention we don’t know where these zombies came from, or how this started. But for the moment we need to focus on the present. First off getting off this island then will see what happens after.”

"No, no, no… You're thinking too small, Al Capone. We have no idea what the rest of the world looks like now, right? For all we know, it's worse out there than here. We got special zombies that can talk and different variants. Out there is far more dangerous. No, what we do is secure our territory, block by block, inch by inch. If we take the island over and take out all the zombies, then we won't- fuckin'...!" Louie swore, wincing at the pain that was starting to seep in. "Goddamn it… a-as I was… saying… it's… safer to be… here…"

"Do you really think it's possible to clear an entire island?" She raised an eyebrow.

"Do you think it's possible for a country to survive this o-o-or for an island to be cleared? Which sounds more -FUCK- possible?" Louie countered, gritting his teeth.

“Look, take it from a guy that’s tired, claiming territory is difficult holding it even more so. Not to mention none of us know how to make bullets, so eventually we might have to go to more primitive weapons. Since we're on an island and all.”

"Bernie is d-doing fine with a bow… and… not as hard… as you might think. Doing it by hand… is hard. Doing it with a- God… a ammo press is how we… can manufacture it from… shit around us… making… gunpowder… isn't that hard." Louie struggled to say. He reached into a pocket before pulling out an orange bottle. "Didn't wanna… use any…"

"What is that?" She eyed him.

"Hard drugs… cocaine… heroin... definitely… not… medical-grade… painkillers…" Louie teased he stopped walking, trying to open the bottle with one hand to no avail.

Alister grabbed the bottle and opened it for him.” A warning: you're not allowed to die, you told me where my son is and you will take me to him. But if you turn I'm killing you, but if you're near death, we could use you as bait to lure the other zombies around.” He said rather coldly.

"Thats… cold." Louie replied, lifting it up to his mouth to swallow a couple pills. "But not… unreasonable. You must… be fun… at parties."

“Teh, survival makes you do cold and heartless things, I’m sure my son hasn't done anything like that as of yet. And I'm hoping he wouldn't have to. Point is your not allowed to die until you take me to my son, after words you can kill over for all I care.”

"You're… really bad… at negotiating…" Louie managed a pain-riddled chuckle. "You should… have… waited to… say that… kind of… shit." He shifted his gaze over to Bernie. "Mind if we… rest for a bit? My guys… will probably… find us…"

“Humm you look like you're getting worse, If I were to help you I would say if had alcohol to pour it on your wound. It would hurt like hell but it would at least clean the wound. Now as to stop the bleeding you might have to tear your shirt, or wrap it around you.”

"I just… need to… catch my breath…" Louie glanced over at his arm, noting that Alaester was right. Blood had already soaked through the makeshift gauze wrap that Bernie had applied. "Fuck… my luck… is shit…"

"Put him down. There's no reason to kill him here." She nodded, pulling off her shirt.

"Bernie… take my gun… and fire it… it'll heat the... barrel enough to… cauterize my… wound. I'll… probably scream… though. So, best… we get into… a building." Louie gave her a smile, wincing every so often as a surge of pain hit him. "Al… go… find a… building… for us…"

"That's too loud. Alaster. Mind if I have one of your shotgun shells?" She looked up.

“I really do hate parding with ammunition, but fine whatever.” He handed her one of his shells. “ I still say we use the alcohol on him.”

"Thanks. But we need to cauterize it. Disinfecting it won't stop the bleeding." She lowered her head and bit off the metal cap of the shell, pouring the gunpowder directly onto his wound. "You're going to want to bite onto something."

Louie reached into his suit, pulling out a knife. He bit onto the back of the blade, shaking his head slightly. "This… sucks…"

Bernie pulled out a flip lighter from her pocket, lighting one of her knives and getting it red hot before pressing it down onto the wound, the gunpowder igniting with a bright, searing flash.

"Fucking…!" Louie did his best to turn his scream into something else, something quieter. Instead, he gave a choked sob, his uninjured hand clenching hard enough to turn his knuckles white.

After a moment, she pulled the knife off of his wound, taking a little bit of burnt blood with it as she wiped it off on the ground. She then took her knife and cut her shirt into ribbons, tying it around the wound once again.

His body struggled, only held in place by his own will. "God… damn… it…! Thank… you…" He growled, one of his eyes wincing as he gripped his suit hard, popping several buttons off it.

"Don't mention it. Now I have to deal with you staring at me the whole way back." She looked off to the side.

“Well that looked painful, wish we had a wheelchair for him. But that might make things worse trying to move him now.”

"'He' can hear you." Louis growled again, shaking his head for a moment. "I can walk… just… give me a minute. Not everyday you break your arm." He shifted his gaze over to Bernie, staring directly at her face. "If you don't mind the blood splatter and the big -shit- hole in the elbow, you can have the suit I'm wearing- god- if you're embarrassed."


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Hellish, Ubiquitous, Remorseless, and Terrifying, part 4

"I'm being sarcastic." She offered him her arm. "I really don't care if you stare. It doesn't bother me."

“I’ve seen worse things darling, a little bit of blood and guts won’t turn my stomach. Just hurry up and disinfect his wound.”

"I'll be fine." Louie said quickly, drawing his handgun. "Just need a moment…"

"Hey!" A different voice rang out, female, lower in pitch but younger sounding than Bernadetta's. A Woman in beat up looking leathers, as well as medium length dirty blonde hair cut into a side shave that hung off the right side of her head. "Who the hell are you all!? Don't think about pulling anything!"

"I've had a hell of a day, dealt with special infected, scoured the city for these two, and broke my arm. What makes you think I give a fuck what you want, Lady?" Louie called out shaking his head.

"L-Louie? Is that you?" She put down her guard. "How do you get into this much shit? It's like you ask for this…"

"If I was more of an asshole, I'd be fine." Louie groaned as he rubbed his temple with his gun. "Mind giving us a hand to the station?"

Alister looked at the woman.” Hello Melissa, I see that your still patrolling around.”

"You are… uh…" She narrowed her eyes. "Something with an A… Uh… Asshole?"

Alister chuckled at that.” Ou the young having no respect for there betters, see that’s why your stuck walking around instead of going into the city. Because cops have shit survival skills.”

"A cop!? Did you seriously just call me a cop!?" She seemed indignant. "I'm about as far from a Cop as a person could literally get. And I'm only stuck walking around because I'm actually doing my part for my people. This is coming from the guy who just came and fucking left."

"Enough." Louie glared at Melissa and Alister. "If you two wanna hash it out later, feel free to do so. Leave me the fuck out of it. As for me, I'd rather get to the station, get taken care of and head back towards my home." He took a deep breath. "So knock it the fuck off and let's act like the adults we're supposed to be."

Alister smiled at the man, While he was older then him he was still very much tougher and more skilled. He did help the police with their scavenger problem and left, them he figured that they would be fine without him. “Heh fine but, you better get back to work boy.” Alister helped Louie as they were clearly getting close to the police station.

Melissa rolled her eyes, getting on the other side of Louie and helping carry him along. "So how did it go south this time Louie? You look like you got mauled by a pack of tigers."

"Talking Jumper zombie. Jumped through a bunch of debris, and sent that debris into me… and these three had to deal with a talking intelligent shrieker zombie." Louie answered, shrugging a bit. "So things are getting tougher than we all thought."

"The hell? Worst I've seen in a creepy lanky one but I didn't get close enough to find out what it did. I'm not that curious." She blinked.

"Well, they're curious about us." Louie shrugged, wincing slightly. "So we'll have to plan to kill them off before they reciprocate."

“Yea yea, let’s get you into the police station, patch you up and then you can take me to your group.” He then paused and looked at Bernadetta and her cousin.” Take us to your group and I can see my son again, i’m curious to see the man he’s become with you all.”

As the police station finally came into sight, they could see the perimeter that the survivors had built around it to protect it, it was rather sturdy looking.

"Looks like we're here." Bernadetta added. "I need some sleep…"

"You need sleep, huh? Well... I'll be staying here for some time. Considering how close Steele and I are, I'll ask him if we can get some supplies for the trip back home." He offered, giving her a sly smile.

"Good. Today has been too long." Bernie patted him on the back, heading ahead of them into the station, Angie giving a wave as they passed.

"Hopefully they still have coffee…" Louie grumbled, shaking his head slightly. "They have to… they have to…"

Alister let go of Louie as Melissa took him, Alister grabbed a chair and looked restless. He was now so close to finding his boy, and he can finally be the father he’s supposed to be. But there was some fear in his heart, what kind of man his son has become.


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A talk between friends

It had been several days since Emile saved his group's parents; Sam had left not that long ago as he kissed her goodbye. He then went to his desk and pulled out his journal.

Dear journal it has been several days since We saved most of my group’s family, all except Sams her aunt was unfortunately turned and I had Billy put them down. But something happened when we came back, I wanted to help comfort her but that turned into something else. I ended up having sex with her and now were a couple, it’s funny I didn’t want a girlfriend. I wanted to focus on baseball but ever since this happened, I haven’t thought about baseball started how could I? I have been running for my life damn near daily, now I’m in a relationship with A woman that I met the day this started. I do like Sam, but I am hoping that I could make her happy during this. I don’t know what will happen if or when we get off this island but I just hope that I can get her to safety.” Emile put his journal away as he put his pants on and a shirt and left his room.

Outside were his friends all looking at him. “Well, well if it isn’t Emile So you have been busy as of late huh?” Alex said smiling at his friend.

“Yea you have been all lovey-dovey with Sam as of late huh? So what you two are a thing now?”

Emile looked at his two friends.” So what if we are is there a problem with it?”

Alex and Leon started laughing and Alex wrapped his arm around his friend.” My friend the straight man, the one that broke up with his girlfriend back home to focus on baseball. Now he’s traded that one, with a decently busty goth girl with a great ass.”

Emile took his friend off him and smiled while rolling his eyes.” Look my girlfriend does have a great ass and a nice pair of tits, but that’s not all that I like about her. She’s a brave saw that when we first met. She’s determined spunky, and many other things. Look I do like Sam and that’s how it is.”

“Did you two have sex then?” Leon asked and Emile stayed silent.” Are you kidding me you did, ou you gotta be kidding me? You had Sex with Sam, Reilly?! You who wanted nothing to do with sex a year ago are now having sex now?”

“Look it just happened, she kissed me I kissed her back and that led to us having sex.” He shrugged his shoulders. “That’s just how things go especially now, with how crazy things are.”

“Look Emile we're not mad at you, hell you deserve to have some fun especially after what you’ve done for us. You saved us so many times that you deserve to have someone take the edge off you.”

Emile smiled at them and hugged his friend. “Thanks now then is there a reason why you guys wanted to see me?”

“What is there a reason why we need to see our friend, look it’s been a while since we’ve been boys. Come on man talk to us how have things been with you? You’re doing alright?”

“Heh honestly no I’m not, I’ve been under so much pressure and stress and all of that bull shit. It’s a lot to take really. But with you all helping me things have been alight, you guys and the others have been helping me keep my head straight and not become a manic.”

Alex chuckled. “Hay what can we say, your our friend we’ve always well I’ve been there for you for most of your life, Leon was the most recent addition since we meet him freshmen year but I’ve been there for you the longest but Leon is alright too, even if her jokes too much,” Alex said jokingly.

“Hay comes on now, it’s my job to lighten the mood of things, you guys are normally way too serious all the damn time you never let yourselves go.”

“Hay I would have you know I know how to have fun; you just haven’t seen me do it.

“Ou yea he can be fun, honestly I’m shocked that you haven’t tried to go for Crystal yet Alex. Honesty I think you two can hit it off.”

“You think so, but she’s a grown woman and I’m a teenager.”

“Well, she’s not that much older than us, besides she’s a cool person that could use some improvement here and there. I think she could use a firm hand, and you are definitely firm hell once this was over before the zombies you were going to the military right?”

“Heh that I was, I was going to join the army and everything. I was training your dad helped me out with that Emile, I learned so much from him basic would have been a breeze.”

“Heh until you got there and start getting prissy.” Emile then turned to Leon.” Hay Leon, can you give me and Alex a few minutes?”

“Heh say no more boss man, and hay congratulations on finding a girl by the way.” When Leon left the two friends looked at each other.

"Heh was have been through a lot haven't we?"

"Yea... Yea we have even known each other since we were what Six?"

"That about right, we been in fights, parties, we hunted together. We did a lot as two kids that didn't like each other in the first few weeks of boy scouts."

"Heh yeah. But look at us now friends closer than brother, hell at this point we might as well be brothers. And as your brother, I gotta ask. Do you think I really do have a chance with Crystal? Because if I don't I don't wanna piss off Brian."

"You can try, but you've always loved risk. After all, weren't you the one that said no risk no glory?"

"Heh that I did, and you seem to be the one taking that saying literally."

"Heh, yeah I guess I am, look just try with her alright I would rather not have my brother die without at least shooting his shot right."

Alex chuckled and padded Emil back." Heh thanks for the advice, hope you and Sam have your fun can't wait to see what happens with you two after we get off of this island." He said leaving the room


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The fallowing is done by Dhalexpert&Zombiesplitter53

Welcoming a new player

In the city of Windcrest, Michigan

A tall man with short black hair and wearing a lather jacket, he was smocking a segregate as he walked through the streets, his pearcing red eyes looked through the scattered remains of the city. "Heh nothing as usual, and it's becoming harder to find food around here." He then started to make his way to a small grocery store.

Within were some scavengers, working to gather as much as they could and leaving nothing behind as they engaged in idle banter.

“Ou great, scavengers how annoying.” He said to himself. He kept his pistol in his hand as he approached the scavengers. “Hello there.” He said to the scavengers.

They all snapped to attention, two pistols and a baseball bat pointing towards him. "Who the fuck are you!" one of the men shouted.

“Hay now relax, I’m just like you. Trying to get by in this insanity that we’re in now, I’m just curious about what you all found is all.” He said smiling at them.

They all looked confused by his casual attitude. "Um... food? And... medicine?"

“Really that’s good, don’t worry I’m not gonna take what you have I’m just trying to find some food myself.” He said walking closer to them.

They all stepped backed up a bit, clearly skittish. "And why should we let you have anything?"

“Ou come on now where’s your humanity, how about sticking up for your fellow human? I mean look around you we have to stick together right?” He said getting closer to them.

They all exchanged a look, and started laughing. The man who had done most of the talking walked in front of him. "You're nuts. Maybe I'll just put you out of OUR misery."

The man sighed.” See this is why I don’t talk to the rabble, my dad told me Alexander don’t talk to petty thieves. They’re dumb, thick, and can only see the moment.” He then pulled his pistol out, and shot the man in front of him in the stomach, and the others holding a gun in the throat.” You put them down son like the garbage that they are.” He then pointed his gun at the man with the bat.

He quickly dropped the bat, holding up his hands. "H-Hold on, man! I... you can have whatever you want."

“See it didn’t have to come to this, all you had to do was listen to me but no.” He then shot the man that threatened him I’m the head.” No you worthless scavengers never listen to reason, much like a wild dog. You need to be put down.” Alexander walked to the last man and looked at what they gathered.” Humm not bad, you take some of it and leave.”

"Y-yeah... okay." The scavenger started gathering up what he could. "You... you should... meet the boss. He'd like you, I'm sure."

“Huh you have a boss, must not be much if they brought you lot in Huh. I’m assuming that they are what just as rabid as you all?”

"O-oh, no. He's all fine and sophisticated like. He just... gets people that'll get things done."

“Ugh Huh, well then seeing as though I have nothing better to do sure why not. I mean it’s better then me trying to find some safe place to sleep for the night.”

"H-he can definitely provide that." The scavenger loaded his things into a cart. "Um... follow me."

“Sure thing.” Alexander saw the man he shot in the throat crawling to him, to witch he shot his head and took his gun.” Such a waist of life foolish scavenger.” He said as he fallowed the man again.

They made their way out, quickly moving down the street. A few of the undead were scattered here and there, but none were unavoidable. Eventually, they came to a large two-story corporate building that was set up like a fort, with fences and barb wire and patrolmen, as well as a single gate with which to enter. "Best... stick close to me until we see the boss. We don't like uninvited strangers here."

"Heh, this place looks like a prison them a base to me. But sure whatever, I will have to work I guess that it's better than sleeping on concrete, but this place looks a hell of depressing."

"Yeah, well..." the man trailed off, like he didn't have the will to argue with that. They entered after a check in, and he passed off his supplies to someone. They made their way to the back of the complex and up the stairs. "Just... try to be respectful. The boss isn't the most patient sort."

“Respect is earned not given, I’ll respect him if he’s worth the doing so. If he’s not I’m sure I can find someone else to look after me.” He said fallow the man up the stairs.

His escort led him to a large office. He opened the door and waved his hand. "Please, head inside. Someone has ready told him to expect you by now. Just... don't do anything dumb."

“Well I guess that all depends on you lot huh, but sure I won’t do anything dumb.” As Alexander mad his way into the office, he saw two figures a man and a woman.

The woman didn't seem very happy, as if the two had just been arguing, though the man had a cool, neutral expression. "Yes, come in. What's your name, fine sir?"

“Ou me I’m Alexander Baccari, ran into some of your scavengers let’s be honest that’s what they are. And truth be told I killed two of them and one of them brought me here, so you have a few spots open for me darling?” He said smiling at the woman.

She gave him a smile back, making him wonder what it was for. The man waved a hand in front of the seat before his desk. "Please, have a seat. I am Roei Al-Amin."

Alexander took a seat in one of the office chairs.” So I gotta say this place is hell of depressing, I mean I get the hole defense thing but come on. Where’s the style the flair, the elegants? What not a fan of the dramatic?”

"Not really." Roei smirked. "But I'm always up for suggestions."

“You can get rid of the barbwire fence for one, let’s be honest here the undead don’t feel pain and that I doubt is gonna slow them down. But as much as I would like to talk decorating, I believe I can help you out. But before I can say how I can help you, how can you help me?”

Roei chuckled. "You're a man who knows what he wants and expects to get it, huh? Alright, I'll play along... what would you like? I have much to offer."


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Part 2
“Ou what do I want, many things actually. I want money, sex, power, influence. But because of the current state of things. Food, water and a roof over my head. The sex part I can find on my own.”

Roei laughed. "Alright... I can provide. Now the question is, what can you do to earn it? I'm assuming you can at least handle yourself in a fight, after killing two of my men."

“Ou Yea I can handle myself just fine, my father made sure of it but we don’t have to go to deep into my history. Just know that I can handle whatever I need to handle.”

"I sometimes ask people to do things they're... not the most comfortable with to survive. Would that be a problem?"

“Well that depends on what are you going to ask me to do, give me some examples.”

"Well, let's start with killing anyone that tries to get in our way."

Alexander looked at the man.” Really no room for negotiations Huh? I mean don’t get me wrong I have no issues with killing, but if I can get what I want from intimidation or threats, then I will. But sure killing is not an issue.”

"You seem like a man who is used to negotiating. What did you do before everything went to hell?"

“Ou I was in the mob.” He said casually.” My family wasn’t the biggest but we had some decent enough power around Detroit, I would normally shake people down before getting violent.”

"I see. Well then, you should fit right in." Roei leaned back. "There is a group of surviviors on the west side of the island. According to my sources, they have some mobsters of their own, though they're from New York. Maybe... you could convince them to join our side."

“Ugh Huh, I highly doubt it but it wouldn’t hurt to at least try. So then, is this the part where you show me my room and welcome with open arms?”

Roei raised an eyebrow. "Don't push it, friend. You're welcome here, but you'll be expected to follow a chain of command like everyone else. However, if you'd like, my sister can help you find a room."

Alexander rolled his eyes, of course he would be expected to fallow orders, much like he did with his father. But he would keep his options more open this time.” Sure, I would very much like a room after being in the streets for so long, and dealing with the undead. Would you mind miss.”

"Right this way." She led him out and sighed. "Since my rude brother didn't feel like he had to Introduce me, I'm Zahra."

"Good to meet you, so that's your brother huh? Not much is he, I mean I understand survival and all that. But let me guess there are mostly monsters here isn't there? And by monsters, I mean the worst of humanity right?"

She scoffed, crossing her arms. "It's intolerable. I don't think there is a single man or woman here I'd trust not to stab me in the back."

“Ou you don’t say, I’m sure I can fix this place up a bit and put some discipline in them.”

"Well, be careful how far you take that. Roei doesn't exactly like people challenging his power. He's more dangerous then he let's on."

“Ou, he’s one of those I appear weak but I’m actually strong folks. Heh alright that’s good to know, now you said there’s another group out there?”

"Two, actually. The Police are set up in the middle of town. And there is a group set up somewhere on the west side of the island, likely in the large hotel over there. They're mostly civilians as far as we know."

“Ou well that’s good knowing, the police are the biggest threat from that analysis. And the other one, if there just civilians well we don’t have to kill them just give them a few threats and they’ll fall in line.”

Zahra sighed. "I'd prefer if that wasn't needed. We should be working together, not fighting or threatening each other. But if it is indeed what is needed... I would prefer threats over violence."

“Well I’m saying threaten because if you’re people has already met them, I’m sure that they want nothing to do with us.”

"True. Though there have been a few confrontations with them. They aren't completely helpless, so best not to assume they're weak if you run into them."

"Ou so they already know of you, that's not good at all. Because I meet your men and put down two of them and forced the third to bring me here, so if they have seen your people I'm sure they want nothing to do you lot."

"True." They stopped outside a room. "This is your place. A room converted from an office. It isn't much, but it's at least spacious."


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Part 3

“Heh alright then, hay at least it will be better then a prison cell and those beds.” He then turned to Zahra.” Would you like to join me, I could use the warm company.”

Zahra chuckled. "You're not propositioning the boss' sister as soon as you've gotten here, are you?"

“Mam I’ve been in prison for several months, I haven’t seen a woman in a long time, there’s no rules saying that I can’t do it. Besides.” He got closer to her.” We don’t have to like each other, and I can be quick given thirty minutes or so.”

Zahra looked him up and down herself. "I like your boldness." She looked around and whispered. "Alright... why the hell not?"

Alexander smiled.” Nice to know my charm hasn’t completely faded away when I was in prison.” He brought her into his new room and locked the door behind them and started kissing Zahra, he shockingly wasn’t to aggressive or have his tongue down her throat, he was aggressive sure but mostly held the kissing as he brought her body closer to him.

Zahra chuckled softly. "You're not at all what you seem like, are you?"

“Ou I can be, but I was taught not to show your true self to people you just met.” He then started to unbutton Zahra shirt.” And when it comes to women don’t be a savage, or treat them like an object.” He took her shirt off and started sucking her neck.

She sighed contently. "Whoever taught you that taught you well. Wish there were more men around here like that. Mostly, their all thugs and brutes."

“Ou is that right?” Baccari moved to Zahra nave and removed her bra.” Don’t you worry about them, I’m sure I can bring them to heel, but let’s not focus on that right now.” He said suckling one of her tits and messaging the other.

She nodded, hands running down his side. "You really know how to make a woman feel good. I'm glad I said yes."

“Ou I am to, because I had to be very aggressive in prison. But now, I can be more myself.” His hands then started to go down her waist as he removed her belt and unzipped her pants.

She let him. He was gentle enough for her to let him take control without being so gentle she got bored. "What were you in prison for?"

“Ou me well.” He then quickly took her pants off.” Defending my territory from vermin gangs, who thought they could do what they want.” He licked two of his fingers, and slid them down into her underwear and to her entrance.” See I have class, but I do not let anyone take what is mine.”

She brought their faces close together so their noses were touching and said, "I like a man that defends what is his."

"Ou good." He put his finger deeper into her and started rubbing faster, as he kissed her again. "Because you are mine right now, and I'm gonna fill you up to the brim and you are gonna like it." He then started licking her breast and his other hand was rubbing the other.

She panted faster and faster. It seemed clear she hadn't been with someone in a while.

He could feel her getting wetter, as much as he wanted to bring her to a climax his needs was more important, he stopped rubbing her and put her on the bed. He got down on his knees and started to licking her pussy, his tongue going deeper inside her.

She moaned loudly, holding the bedsheets tightly. "Where did you... learn..."

As Alexander continued to lick her when he heard her question he stopped, and put his fingers where his tongue was.” How did I get so good, we’ll before I was sent to prison I was a bit of play boy. I got any woman I wanted on a daily basis.” He then pushed his fingers deeper into her and pulled them out.” Ou I would say your more then ready now.” He pulled his pants down and rubbed his tip at her entrance slowly went into her.

She gasped, her back arching a bit as her pushed farther into her. "Well, I can... s-see you... b-being a playboy h-here...!"

Alexander smiled and started thrusting his hips.” Aw you can see it? Good.” Alexander started thrusting faster as he started sucking her neck.

She laughed, and fell silent, giving herself to the pleasure, holding his back tightly as her mind went numb.

As the minutes passed he could feel he was about to burst, he looked directly at Zahra.” You listen here, you are mine now no one will touch this body as long as I’m around.” He started to thrust faster.” No one can have these lips. These breast or any part of you so long as I’m here, acknowledge that you are mine and I will fill you up.” He said stopping mid thrust.” Say it.”

"D-don't... stop..." She looked up at him desperately. "I-I'm yours... every bit of me, I am only yours!"

He smiled and kissed her deeply.” That’s my girl, and and now for your reward.” He started thrusting again, but grabbed her butt and started thrusting faster and with a loud moan he released inside of her, his he felt like he released months of build up into Zahra. As he looked down he kissing and held her while he was still cumming into her.

"W-wow..." She smiled, almost drunkenly. "That was... amazing... God..."

He smiled at her, and looked at her. She was definitely sexy in her own way.” Well I’m glad I was able to satisfy, but truth be told I don’t think I’m done with you yet. I wanna go again.”

She chuckled and nodded. "Well, like I said... I'm all yours."

He chuckled.” That’s my girl.” An hour and thirty passed and Alexander continued to fuck Zahra, each time releasing his seed inside of her. As he was standing he had his on her legs as he held her in place and released inside her again. They both collapsed onto the bed as he was breathing heavily.” I think that my forth load there, Ou you are definitely a great fuck.”


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Part 4

She laughed tiredly, smiling as she rolled to face him. "My brother would definitely torture and kill you if he knew about this. Me too, probably. How exciting."

He smiled back at her.” Boy if the idea of getting caught, and being tortured and killed excites you. You must have been really bored around here.”

"You have no idea..." She looked at a desk clock and cursed. "I need to go. He's probably wondering where the hell I am." She sat up and quickly grabbed her tossed about clothes.

He looked at her getting dressed and smiled at her, he though that it might be fun to keep her around. Plus if she truly hated it around here, he might be able to convince her to leave with him. But he didn’t have the numbers for that yet.” Heh I’m sure you’re brother will also have work for me as well, but before you go mind giving me a kiss darling?”

She looked back and grinned. "Didn't think you the lovey dovey type." She leaned down and planted her lips on his.

He held on to her for a while before letting her go.” I have moments, after all we men want is to shower our woman with love and affection. Now get going I’ll a few minutes afterwords.”

She nodded, getting dressed and taking a minute to make sure she was presentable before leaving him to himself.

Alexander laid in bed smiling for a few more minutes, after enough time passed he stood up and got dressed.” Heh day one in a new area and I already got myself a lady, not bad.” He left the room and walked around the office, as he walked around he felt like he was back in prison with the amount of shady people around, he turned his nose at them paying no mind until he found his new boss. “Hay Roei you got any work for me?”

Roei stepped away from some large and imposing men and over to Alexander. "Actually, yes. I have a few jobs I need taking care of. Most immediate is a gun run." He crossed his arms. "Believe it or not, one of my scouts claims he found a gun store in Police territory that hasn't been touched. Maybe they missed it somehow. Maybe they're holding off on looting it until they really need it. I don't care, I just want those guns."

Alexander raised an eyebrow at that, something didn't add up but whatever it could give him some good standing with this group but it can also help give him some serious fire power." Heh alright then, so what am I doing this alone or are you going to give me one of your goons to help me with this?"

"I've got two guys I can spare. Not the brightest pair but they can shoot a gun. You'll be in charge of them. I also have a cargo truck you can use. Normally I'd send you on foot. Cars are loud and gas isn't exactly available once it runs out. But I want those guns."

"How very generous of you." He said sarcastically. "Alright, then you tell those goons to meet me by the truck then and don't worry I'll be sure to give you those guns no problem." He said smiling at him as he made his way to the truck.

He found it around back of the complex, someone leaning into the engine. At first, he thought it might be a child, but instead it was just a small woman, wearing a full body jean work clothes, the top slightly unzipped to show of her small bust under a tight shirt. Her hair was a bit disheveled and she had spots of grease on her face, but she either didn't notice or didn't care. "Hi! You must be the new guy."

He raised an eyebrow at the small woman. "Ugh yea that's me, the name is Alexander guess news travels fast around here. So what's your story you the mechanic around here or something? Did you come from a prison-like most of this rabble I'm assuming?"

"Me? Naaaaah." She placed her hands behind her head. "I'm just a damn good mechanic. Best one this place has right now. A lot of the vehicles they've brought me have been pretty beat up by the undead. I fix what I can, replace what's too far gone with parts scavenged from other vehicles. It's hard work, not a lot of support, but they feed me and give me a zombie-free room." She grinned. "Bonny, by the way."

"Huh a mechanic around here, that's a good find hell at this point mechanics might just be worshiped at some point. But it's nice to meet you, Bonny, I will do my best not to ruin this truck for you. So now I just gotta wait for the people to accompany me on this little mission."

Bonny spied past him and said, "Oh, you get the Vincent Brothers." She pointed to two Russian men, one big and burly, one shorter and slim, both with a sore look on their face, heading their way.

“Ou how swell I get what looks like two idiots that are good at scolding me, well I can make them fall in line when needed.”

"Just... don't say that to their face," Bonny warned. "They tend to be quick to anger... and violence."

“Ugh.” As the two approached the truck Alexander just starred at the two.” Alright you two know what we’re doing right?”

"Retrieving weapons from Police territory," the smaller one said with a thick accent.

Alexander sighed.” Well it’s something, alright so let me make this clear now. When we’re out there, I’m in charge understand?”

The pair exchanged a look, and the large man smiled. "Loud and clear. You are in charge."

“Alright well at least that’s established.” But just in case, because I’m sure none of them trust me. Best to keep my guard up around them.” Right then, let’s get going we’re burning daylight.” The three got into the truck and left the camp.

"Boss says it is on Miller and Marine," the shorter Vincent said, looking at a small map. "How would you like to approach it?"

“Well barging right in is stupid, we don’t know if they have it rigged or not, Humm we could use the zombies to see if it’s a trap. Hum but it has to be one of the slower ones though. But if it’s not rigged and no one is inside, well then we go in and take there guns. But if someone is there you let me do the talking.”

They both nodded. "And if Killing needs done, I can do killing," said the larger brother, looking over a shotgun.

“Ugh sure just, do what I say we get the guns and do not kill unless you’re defending yourself from a zombie, or I tell you to do I make myself clear?”

The large man frowned but nodded as they approached the gunstore.

As they approached Alexander made sure to look around for any zombies, when he was sure the cost was clear he got out the truck.” Alright this should be simple, but look around first. Don’t know if they have the front door trapped or not.”

"I will check," the younger brother offered. "I have a good eye for these things."

“Ugh fine, but the very second you spot something you come back here. Don’t need you alerting any zombies or anything like that.”


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Part 5

The man nodded and quickly darted towards the store. His brother stepped up to Alexander and placed a hand on his shoulder. "You should trust us more. We will keep you safe, you will bring back guns, you will be rewarded." He smiled a suspicious smile. "We are having your back."

As Alexander looked at him he recognized the smile, from a multitude of people.” Ugh right sure, buddy I trust you about as far as I can throw you. So the only thing I need from you is to get those guns, nothing more nothing less.”

"Hmph..." the larger Vincent shrugged, stepping back. After a few minutes, his brother contacted him over a small two way radio, speaking to him in Russian.

While Alexander didn’t know what he was saying, if this was going where he thought it was going he might as well have an advantage.” Hay big guy I’m gonna go and look around, you know make sure that no zombies or person comes and sneaks on us.”

"Understood. Just watch were you go. Brother says there might be booby traps around perimeter."

“Don’t worry I’ll be fine.” Alexander went through the ally way being mindful of where he was, he wasn’t sure where traps could be but worst of all people. The last thing he wanted was to get jumped by a human or a zombie.

He found a door leading into the back of the weapon shop, next to what might have used to be the owner, or what was left of him. He reached for the doorknob, but something made him hesitate to open it. Instinct.

He looked around and assessed everything, using all his senses. Sight, there were scorch marks on the wall opposite the door. Touch, the doorknob was slightly warm. Scent, there was an unusually high smell of heat in the air. Hearing, there was some kind of faint humming noise from the door. It is left him with a bad taste in his mouth.

He backed away from the door and put his hand on his pistol.” Well this is clearly a trap bastard rigged the door with something, and clearly there’s someone inside. And they clearly dealt with the owner.” He turned on his radio, he thought about saying something but hesitated. If he warned the brothers things could go well and they could get the guns, or he could not tell them and let them die.

He decided it would be better to tell them, if there boss found out he slep with his sister he was a dead man. At least the guns might give him some standing.” Gents, we might have company just found the possible store owner, and I hear humming coming from inside.”

"Where are you?" asked the shorter brother. "I will come to you."

“No don’t come to me, it’s better that you’re were you at. This way we can hit them from two directions, for now just be aware that someone might be in here. Wether they are alive or not I don’t know.”

"Very well. We will move in on your signal."

Alexander looked around for something, and found a large tree stick the size of a bat at the foot of a tree. When he picked it up it had some weight on it, he looked back at the store and went to the nearest window and smashed it.

There was no alarm, likely by design. Whoever was there didn't want a break in to alert everything living or dead within the area. But there was some shuffling around. Someone was definitely inside. Alexander climbed in and looked at the door, seeing if he had opened it, the contraption would have roasted him alive.

"Ou a modify flamethrower, very impressive on anyone else that would have definitely worked and more than likely has worked on others." He held onto his pistol tight as he looked around, the gun store since he heard movement from the inside." Alright now then who the hell is in here?"

After a while, he noticed a shotgun poking out from around a corner, pointing his way.

“Shit!” He quickly ducked out of its way and into some cover.” I’m only going to say this once to you, lay down your gun and I won’t have to kill you.” He yelled at the stranger.

"That's funny," a woman's voice called out. "I was about to say the same to you. And considering you're the one who broke in, I'm less inclined to believe you."

Alexander was surprised to hear a woman’s voice, but she was currently his enemy and he had to find a way to deal with her.” Listen all I want is the guns here nothing else, just surrender or I might have to kill:”

"Oh, is that all?" She laughed grimly. "Look, this is my place fair and square. I ain't given up the only thing I have. You want guns? How about you gimme some food and I'll think about it."

“Not exactly a good negotiation honey, the people I’m with will just people after you until he has those guns.” Alexander sighed.” But I’m more responsible, so why don’t you come on out and we can talk things over. Or my can come through the door and we kill you, trust me I’m giving you a better deal.”

There was a long pause, and a long sigh. Slowly, the woman stepped out from around the back, shotgun still in hand. She was tanned with fiery red hair, a strong build, and light freckles on her face. Her looks and her accent made it seem like she had come straight off a southern farm.

“Alright so you’re willing to talk good, now I can make you an offer where you can get food and water. But you’ll be working with a let’s be real a tyrant of a boss, at least for now until I find something, or you can stay here and the zombies can get you. Or my associates can kill you and you get nothing.”

"So what your telling me is I have a choice between shit and more shit?" She narrowed her eyes and lifted her shotgun a bit. "I think I'll take my chances alone... with my gu-"

The larger of the Vincents suddenly darted forward. Where he came from was unclear at the moment. He slapped the shotgun out of the woman's hand and grabbed her neck, lifting her up with one hand and choking her.

Alexander was taken aback, he was surprised to see the big guy.” Huh nice work.” He then looked at the woman.” You know you should have taken my offer, now we’ll now comes the choice where we take your guns, and you die. Damn shame, but at least I can say that I tried.” He said taking her shotgun.” Vincent deal with her.”

"W-wait!" The woman choked out. "There is... gun safe... know... combination...!"

“Is that right, put her down. If there is a weapons safe I would rather not blow it up, it will attract the damned undead.”

For a moment, the man kept her suspended, like his bloodlust motivated him to kill her despite anything else. But he finally opened his hand, the woman dropping like a bag of rocks. She hacked and coughed, rubbing her neck, red and already starting to bruise.

“Take a minute to regain your composure, then you can show me where those guns are.” He said coldly as he looked down at the young girl.

She was quite the attractive southern bell, despite the defiant look she gave him. The shorter of the two brothers join the others. "The front door's trap is disabled. We can exit any time we wish." He gave the woman a look that made her more uncomfortable then she already was.

“Good at least we don’t have to worry about being burned.” He then looked back at the girl, while she was attractive he already had a little something back at base.” Now then lady, would you kindly open the gun safe. As much as I would like to blow it up, I would rather not bring the zombies here. So can please get a move on.”

She slowly rose to her feet. "How do I know you won't kill me once I do?"

"How do you know we won't kill you before bothering to ask again?" The shorter Vincent aimed his pistol at her head.

Alexander then pointed his gun at the shorter Vincent.” Allow me to make this clear to the both of you, I do the talking and the threatening. You two just stand somewhere and look tough.” He then turned to the girl.” Now as for you, if I wanted to kill you we wouldn’t be talking right now. You would already be dead, and I would have walked out with that safe and most of the guns here by now. So I say again, would you kindly open the gun safe before I really start losing my patients and finally start hurting you.”


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Part 6

Her eyes widened a bit, and she nodded. "It's... back this way," she said reluctantly, cautious walking towards the back. As Alexander followed, he could hear the brothers muttering in Russian.

“If they try something just kill them quickly, or leave them for the zombies.” He thought to himself , as he fallowed the woman to the safe he got a good look at her. For southern girl she did look attractive but why come to a place that was more dangerous?” So where are you from?”

She sighed. "New Orleans. Came here to visit family. Turns out they skipped town just as I got in. Next thing I know, all the boats are shut down and people are eating each other." She walked past a few guns on the wall, eyeing a few, but made no movement for them. "What's your name?"

“Alexander was brought here via prison transport, they we’re gonna take me to New York. But as you can see that didn’t happen, heh now I’m just moving from place to place until I found this group. Who I don’t really trust.”

"Yeah, well, that's probably a good thing with those two. They have this... look in their eyes..." She knelt in front of a small but thick safe and started unlocking it.

"I've noticed, it's a look I'm very much used to getting. I'm sure that they will try and do something to you and me, but I won't let them. If they try and attack me I will deal with them, until then open the safe and show me what's in it."

Again, she sighed, and opened the safe. She pulled out a case and placed it on a desk. Opening that, it was a brand new revolver, long barreled, a shiny silver color, having obvious custom parts. The gun alone would likely cost well over a grand, the parts possibly nearly another grand. It had a speed loader and a box of ammo.

Alexander whistled at the gun.” Wow a big iron revolver, never thought I would see one of these. I think I’ll keep this for myself, now as for you what do I do with you?”

The woman's eyes shifted about worryingly. "Um... take what you want and let me be?"

“Humm as much as I would like to do that, I don’t think my two companions will allow it. Look if you run now you might escape them, or stay and see what happens.”

"You want me to run? Where? I have nowhere to go, even if I could get past them."

“Well then I guess you’re option is to stick around and join me Huh, as I said my boss is a piece of shit. But I don’t plan on staying there forever. So I ask again you can join me or start running now.” He said smiling at her.

She sighed. "Fine... I'll join you. Don't have any better options..."

"Of course you don't, we never do now then I want you to play it cool when we go back out there. Mostly because I don't know what they're up to, I don't trust most of the people I'm working with now. So I recommend that you keep a weapon and be ready to defend yourself."

"Um... okay..." She reached out and grabbed a pistol and a clip off a shelf, loading it and hiding it behind her back. "Ready."

“That a girl, now again just play it cool if they do something then be ready to kill.” He opened the door where the brothers were still talking to each other.” Alright gentlemen time to load these weapons up.”

"What about the woman?" asked the smaller brother. "We can think of many good uses for her."

“How about you just worry about getting the guns, and leave her to me. Mostly because she will be coming with us, and you two had better control yourselves.”

"What?" The older brother huffed. "She is dangerous. She is the enemy. We were sent for guns, not girl. I say we kill her now."

Alexander quickly pointed a pistol at the bigger of the brother.” Allow me to make this clear I’m taking her back with us, because I’m in charge. I’m also taking her because she’s clearly creative, if she made those traps on the door. So we’re taking her with us.”

The man slowly smiled. "You are the boss..."

Alexander kept his eyes on the man as he slowly lowered his gun." Alright then, go grab the guns and put them in the truck." He ordered but still kept his hand on his gun, he decided to keep an eye on both the brothers, since he had no idea what they were thinking.

The walked past him, and the woman stuck her tongue out at them and asked, "So what do you want me to do... boss?"

“You see what there doing right, bring the guns onto the truck. Then we can leave a lot quicker and go back to base.”

"Alright. Just watch our backs while we work. The traps were meant to keep the humans out. My silence in here was meant not to attract those things, and I've spotted some weird ones in the area..."

“Great more of those special zombies, I would normally avoid those because I was alone. But now I guess if it shows up we might have to fight it, or burn it. That flamethrower you made can work as a weapon right? And not just a trap?”

"Oh, sure. Want me to grab one for you?"

“I would appreciate that, and get yourself something to. After all we can’t be defenseless out her, don’t know what will show up, undead or otherwise.”

She walked away, calling back, "What was your name?"

“My name is Alexander, and that’s all you need to know at the moment. Now let’s get these guns onto the truck before someone shows up.”

She nodded, carefully taking down a makeshift flamethrower and placing it on the counter next to him before moving to load weapons onto their truck. Everything seemed to be going well for a while, the truck loaded and ready to go. Then Alexander heard some kind of muffled noise in the back, and realized he hadn't seen the others in a few minutes.

He turned the safety off his pistole and followed the noise. " Hay Vincent brothers, where the hell are you two? I swear to god if you're doing anything to that girl I'm shooting you both. We came for guns not fooling around with anyone, we need to go."

The larger brother came out carrying a box, walking past Alexander. "Is fine. Just dropped something. You are worrying too much."

"Uh-huh, where is your brother then? Like I said I don't have time for pleasuring were on a time secduiel and I would rather leave before we start getting the wrong attention."

"He's back there cleaning up mess. Go see for yourself."

“Cleaning up mess Huh, alright then I’ll go and see.” Alexander went to the back not fully believing what he said, and was preparing for the worst.

The larger brother placed the box down and, as Alexander walked away, pulled out a pistol and pointed it at his head.

Alexander was unimpressed." Relly your gonna chose right now to try and do something to me huh? Just so you know this will not end well for you, put the gun down and you might survive what's gonna happen to you."

"You talk big. Only reason you are not dead yet is because I do not want to attract creatures. Now drop gun and walk."

“Ou is that right, well I guess an ape can be right every once in a while, Huh.” He put the gun and started walking.

He found the shorter brother with the woman, standing behind her as one hand fondled her voluptuous chest, the other tightly wrapped around her neck. "You should've just fallen in line," he said to Alexander. "But we know why you're here. He wanted to get rid of us, so he sent us with you as the "leader" to push is over the edge." He squeezed both hands. "No one pushes the Vincents and lives to regret it."

Alexander sighed in disappointment.” Ugh now this is why I don’t work with vermin, they are worthless especially when you leave them undisciplined. You think I care about you two or your so called leader? Please, he’s nothing to worry about. Now as for me, you should have just fallowed my orders.”


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Part 7

"Oh yeah?" The man frowned and looked at his brother. "I'm tired of his mouth. Kill him."

Alexander quickly turned around moving the gun away from him, he then quickly punched the larger Vincent in the throat. He then took his gun away from the larger Vincent and shot a few rounds into his stomach.

He fell to the ground, holding his gut and moaning in pain. "You bastard!" his brother yelled, tightening his grip on the woman. "Drop it or she dies!"

Alexander calmly turned to the other brother and looked at him, he then started to laugh at his attempt to make him surrender. He looked down at the man he shot and stepped on his hand , and pointed his gun at him.” What do I care, I will kill your brother before you kill her.” He then fired one shot into the downed brother shoulder.” Threats don’t work on me, so I suggest that you let her go or I kill your brother and then you.”

The man snarled angrily before suddenly releasing the woman. "Okay! Now let my brother go!"

Alexander did let the bigger brother go, but he then fired into the smaller Vincent leg bringing him down, he then fired another shot into his arm.” Did you really think you were just gonna walk away from this?!” He then curbed stomped the bigger Vincent.” Vermin! I’m so sick of low grade crimes thinking they can get one over on me!” He then walked to the smaller Vincent and grabbed him by his head.” Why can’t you fallow orders!”

"We are... we will... follow your orders..." he offered.

“Ou you will? No see you clearly think that this was ok, you and your dumbass brother thought you can get the best of me, because your leader doesn’t discipline any of you. Well that’s gonna change right now.” He stepped on the leg where shot the smaller Vincent and took off his belt.” They say god disciplines us because we are children, he does it not to hurt us but for our benefit. What I’m gonna do to do is for your own good, and you will respect my order from this day forward!” He then started whipping the smaller Vincent with his belt.

The Young woman watched from around the corner as he whipped the man into submission, wondering what she had gotten into. After a while, something distracted her and she stepped into the main area, leaving Alexander to his work.

He continued to whip the younger Vincent, as the older one looked on. Once he was done he dragged him the the bigger brother, and whipped the older on as well despite the wounds he already had. He then stopped and looked at them.” If you both don’t bleed out, you will listen to what I say from this day forward understand? I am your boss now got it!?”

They painfully and nervously nodded, their whole bodies shaking. Suddenly, there was the sound of glass breaking, followed quickly by a FWOOSH, which came with a wave of heat and the smell of burning flesh. "We have company!"

“Damn it, you two go find somewhere to hide while I deal with this.” He ordered as he quickly made his way to the girls location.” The hell is going on?”

She fired the makeshift flamethrower again as the undead broke another window, coming in in droves. "Damn it, where are they all coming from?!"

“Good question, guess they must have heard the gun shots I was making. But still they shouldn’t be here that quickly, and attacking already.” He shouted pulling out his pistol and firing at the zombies.

As they swarmed in, practically tripping over each other, they suddenly stopped moving. Instead they all looked up, looking between the pair together. Slowly, a smile crept on all their faces and, as one, they all said, "Well, hello. Is it just the two of you?"

Alexander eyes widened in shock.” Is it just me or did the horde of zombies just talk?”

"I heard it too, but I can't guarantee we're not both crazy..." she answered.

"Oh, come now," the horde said. "After all the different creatures you've seen on this island, does one with intelligent thought really surprise you?"

"I-I see a lot more then one talking," said the country woman.

"That's because my horde speaks for me. You can call me Zeed, and unlike some of my more... unstable counterparts, I am smart enough not to show my face, less I risk it being blown off." The zombies looked around. "This is a gun store, isn't it? How exciting."

“It has a name, of all the fucking zombies we find one that’s intelligent. What in the fuck is going on here?” Alexander regained his composure and looked at the horde.” What do you want?”

"Well, honestly, what I really want is to add strong people to my horde and... eat the rest. But I'll make you a deal." They all smiled their creepy smile again. "Guns are oh so bad for my precious followers. Leave now, with only the weapons you have on your person now, and let me destroy the rest. Refuse... and I eat you and destroy them anyway."

Alexander looked around at the few guns around the store but remembered how many they took, Truth be told it was a good deal for what it was worth. But could you really trust a zombie? especially one that could talk?" You would just let us leave and you will destroy the guns in this store?"

"Have I any reason to decieve you?" Zelda asked. "I can let a couple of you go in exchange for not losing any more of my lovely children. Do we have a deal?"

Alexander clenched his fist at the idea he had to work with a zombie." Fine then you have a deal, you let us go and you can take the gun shop."

The Zombies waved their hands toward the back door. "After you. I doubt you want to walk past my horde."

Alexander kept his guard up and picked up the brothers. "Come on you two, now listen to me do not shoot these zombies I'll explain why later but for now just do what I say."

They looked confused but nodded, limping towards the back door as the other two followed, the horde watching them closely with that same creepy smile.

Once outside, their female friend closed the door and urgently whispered, "Let's get out of here before they realize we loaded the bulk into the truck."

Once they got outside they quickly started the truck and drove off.” What the fuck was that!? We got talking zombies now, what the hell is going on around here?”

As they drove away, they heard a heart sinking sound, the sound of dozens of voices crying out in anger at once. The southern bell looked out the side mirror. "They're pouring out and running this way! Step on it!"


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Part 8

Alexander did exactly that, he figured that they would possibly be gone before they would be on them. He tried to think of a way to lose this horde, he turned corner to corner hoping to lose them.

After a while, they didn't see them following anymore. Just the usual zombie here and there. They let out a sigh of relief, and the woman said, "You sure know how to keep a girl on her toes..."

“Yea my current woman thinks that too, but still keep your guard up. I stilling can’t believe that we saw a talking zombie, and it was controlling the others. Even movies don’t do that shit, what the fuck is this?”

"Maybe it is... mutation," the older brother said, still holding his stomach. He was a tough bastard to be shot so many times in the belly and still be able to talk. "Could... possibly be more. Either way, should report to others..."

“Truth be told I’m amazed your talking, but yea we need to tell the others about this. I doubt they will believe us, but regardless the idea of this will have them thinking.”

The ride back was relatively uneventful, just a few undead to run over. When they pulled into the complex, Roei was there to meet them, his sister at his side. He gave the two injured brothers a suspicious look as they limped off to be treated. "I... see you not only all made it, but you came back with one extra."

“Yea, we need to talk and we need to talk now about what I saw out there and trust me your not gonna believe it.” As the three went into the building Alexander explained what happened with the zombies, but left out what he did to the brothers.

"Talking, zombie controlling intelligent zombies, huh?" Roei rubbed his chin. It was obviously not easy news to believe, but he was taking it in stride. "This sure complicates matters. We had an advantage when we believed none of them could think. I wonder if there are more like him..."

“God I hope not, I can’t imagine more of those damn things. If there are more around then we are well and truly fucked.”

"Maybe. However..." Roei rubbed his chin. "What if there are more? The one you spoke of seemed awfully possessive. I bet, if there are more, they wouldn't exactly want to share anything. We could use that to our advantage..."

“The flying fuck we are! I tell you what, you wanna deal with the talking zombies go ahead. Me I’m dealing with the non walking, talking corpse.”

"Yes, I understand." Roei stopped and nodded his head. "You did a good job today. Weapons and information. That's what I like to see."

“Yea sure like I said when things need to get settled that’s what I’m here for, now thankfully I didn’t have to kill anyone.” He said glancing at Roei sister. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not afraid to.”

She gave him a slight nod. Roei patted his shoulder. "I have to make sure those guns go where they need to go. My sister will get you whatever you want. You've earned a reward or two." He walked off without waiting for a response.

Alexander grinded at the woman.” Whatever I want Huh? It’s almost like he knows that you gave your body to me, without even knowing it.”

She chuckled. Looking back towards the loading dock, she said, "I couldn't help but notice you made a new friend."

“Yea found her in the gun shop, she’s definitely a creative girl that’s for sure. She plenty of flammable traps to defend that building.”

"You think she's cute?" Zahra asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yea she’s cute, got that nice southern attitude, she’s pretty strong nice bust and.” He then looked at Zahra.” Ou dear god your jealous.”

"Me? Jealous? I am not." She was silent for a moment before asking, "She have a name?"

“Huh you know I never asked, you would think I would after saving her from those idiot brothers.”

Zahra, interestingly, didn't look surprised. "About them... you didn't kill them..."

"No but a few bullet wounds, and some good show of force will more then likely put them in line. Like I said, I'm gonna disaplen these people around here. And if I can't well." He turned to looked at Zahra." Maybe you and I should leave."

"Leave... my brother?" She looked away. "I don't know... if I could..."

"Really? After you said that if your brother figures out that I fucked you he might torture us, look I get you don't wanna leave your brother but. Do you agree with his methods? Mind you I'm not that better."

"No, I don't. I mean... I could try and leave him if need be. But if it comes to that, we'll need to be very careful."

"Well nice to know that you could do that if you need to, but for now." He went behind her and held on to her." I do believe that I was promised a reward, from your brother that you would give to me."

She chuckled, leaning against him. "Meet me in your room in five minutes." She slowly walked away, pausing to look back and say, "Bring your new friend. I'll show you how jealous I am..."

Alexander raised an eyebrow at that, but smiled regardless. He went outside, and motioned to the girl to come with him, and he was escorting her to his room.


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The following is done by Dhalexpert & Blackout

Family reunion

"Broad, for the last time, you ain't allowed to see the boss." A burly man with suspenders raised a handgun towards a rather tall olive-colored woman dressed in more rugged-looking clothing.

"And for the last time, I want to check with him about the man he sent to go find my partner. So don't be an ass." The woman replied, staring him down without a hint of fear in her eyes.

Emile looked at what was going on at the gates and sighed." Can't go one fucking day without something going on around here now can you." He said to himself, as he went towards the two arguing he didn't recognize the woman, however." Alright, you two what is going on, and who is this lady?"

"Broad's-" The mafioso started before he was rudely interrupted.

"My name is Dionissia. I asked Mr. Louis to find my partner. His name is Alistair." The Spartan woman said, glaring down the guard. "Except, this asshole won't let me go see his boss ask about an update."

Emile looked annoyed by this and looked at the guard." Look man if all she's trying to do is see find her partner then let her through, besides I'm sure you guys can handle one woman now can't you?" He said looking up at the mob guard.

"After the psycho, you let in, we gotta be careful. Besides, the way I see it, she's got an assault rifle, a pistol, and a fuckin' sword. I say I got enough to be worried about her."

"Look, I'll leave my shit here, alright? I just want the news to see if they found my partner. That's it and then I'll be out of your hair." She looked over to Emile, a pleading expression on her face.

Emile sighed.” First of all, I will keep quiet about Billy, and you know how she gets about people talking about her. Also, she could just leave her weapons here, where she’s going I’m sure most of you all will have guns trained on her anyway. Just let her in it will only take a few minutes.”

The thug groaned as he lifted his gun, enough that if he fired it would miss her. "Fine. But if the broad make any move I don't like, I'm putting two in her head, Capiche?"

"Yea yea whatever, I'm sure you have other things to do than mess with our guess." He then turned to the woman." I would recommend that you stick close to me, there not gonna shoot the guy that's been helpful to them."

"Thanks..." Dionissia started, as she started gently dropping her weapons on the ground. "Nice to know that there's at least one other decent person here. What's your name?"

“I’m Emile, and you could say I’m the second in command around here, though I don’t act like it sometimes. So you said you were looking for your partner? What happened exactly?”

"He went out and didn't come back. I know it sounds stupid, but seeing as he's a lot better at fighting than I am - he's former military and a bounty hunter - it seemed like he got in trouble." Dionissia rubbed her neck. "He's a little too stubborn to die so easily though... which means he's in trouble. I plead with your group to go look for him if I made an exchange of food and water, but this man named Louie instead offered to search for him for free."

Emile slammed his hand into his face when she mentioned Louie.” Great that idiot went to help him as well, he may not be the leader of these guys but he’s important. He also saved my ass from starting a war with the other group, look I tell you what I can help you find those two since you gave us some food and water. What you gave I’m sure can’t help everyone, but I will at least give you my assistance.”

"Okay... I'm just... worried. I don't have a good track record of keeping my friends in this world." Dionissia replied, her voice far quieter than it had been. "So... you're second in command? Not to sound like an ass, but why is a teenager running with criminals?"

“Well first off I’m not, my actual leader is a police officer named Brian I help him out. These guys listen to me because I’m the main one feeding them, I’ve given these people a truck and bus filled with food and water. They may not like how I talk to them, but I put food in their belly and do what they don’t.”

"Okay... so you earned their respect then? Who else lives here besides the thugs?" Dionissia asked, tilting her head slightly.

“A police officer named Brian, and a bunch of civilians. They live downstairs.”

"Oh? I thought everyone here was a single group... are you all divided? Or is it more than your groups help each other out?"

“Well yes to both, see they were both here at the same time and the mob guys don’t like Brian and Brian doesn’t like them. I’m kinda the middle man between them and give them both food, they're slowly getting along though. Now why don’t you tell me about this partner of yours, you said he was a soldier and bounty hunter? Sounds like a tough bastard.”

"He is. I think if a zombie bit him, he wouldn't get infected, it just might turn back into being human." She joked before shaking her head. "He's smart, strong, dependable... the only issue is that he's not thinking straight. He's looking for his kid..." She paused as she sized him up. "Out of curiosity... what's your dad's name?"

Emile raised an eyebrow.” My dad’s name is Alaester, and as far I know he’s in Colorado worried sick about me.”

"What does he do for work?"

“He does… he does… Huh, you know I never really asked that question, he would be gone for long periods of time and send me to other family members to take care of me. And we always had money. Ou wait a minute, no there’s now fucking way.”

Dionissia smiled as she wrapped an arm around him. "And you look just like him. I told him you'd be fine. If that stubborn ass could survive anything, you'd be just as hard to kill. So what happened at the gas station?"


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Part 2

Emile was wrapping his head around his father being on the island with him, but he came back to reality.” I was being chased by what we're calling a banshee zombie, I decided that if I can’t outrun it might as well kill it. So I used my card got one of the pumps, spewed gasoline everywhere went to the roof, and shot it which caused an explosion. Wait. How do you know I was at a gas station?”

"You left something behind. A wallet, I think? Could be wrong about that. But your dad figured out it was you. Almost got eaten because of a nearby horde, one is probably drawn to the sounds of explosions."

“Yea I’m surprised that he figured it out, also that explains what happened to my wallet. So my dad is here, it’s still a lot for me to take in.”

"What's there to take in? Your father, unlike many people here, is alive. You got him back. I'd say the only thing to take in should be your excitement and happiness to have him back in your life." A pause. "Unless that's a bad thing."

“No it’s not a bad thing, and I am excited I just. I accepted that I wasn’t gonna see him again, but he came to find me. I couldn’t be happier.”

"Good... I'm sure he'll be ecstatic." Dionissia gave him a smile before she glanced around, noting architecture as well as exit points. "How would you feel about leaving all this behind to escape with your father?"

His smile then quickly faded, and he looked around the complex.” I… I can’t leave, if this was on day one or the first few days heh yea I would have left with no issue. But now I have a responsibility to these people, I helped feed them and gave them water when they needed it. I helped rescue some families, I… I have a girlfriend who has no one and who needs me. I can’t leave.”

She clicked her tongue as she shook her head. "That's going to be hard. Your dad is gonna try to force you to come with him and given his arsenal, he could do it. You'll need to have a conversation with him and hope that you can reach his stubborn ass."

"I'm sure I can reach him in some way, I'm not worried about it. Regardless, I think I can convince to help the people here anyway Besides, he won't just have me to take back home but my entire team as well, and I don't think he is a big enough boat to get here. But regardless I think I can convenience him to help around here, now when was the last time you saw my father anyway?"

Dionissia rubbed her neck. "Well... he went off for supplies about three days ago." She shrugged. "But he didn't come back within our day limit, so I went hunting for him in the nearby areas to our base. When I couldn't find him, I went to your mishmash of a group for help."

Emile sighed.” Alright, I’m used to him being gone for weeks at a time, so he’s not dead. Maybe he ran into some other people or something, if I know my dad we won’t just up and die for nothing.”

"Exactly. That's why I asked Louie." Dionissia nodded. After she paused, as her tone became a bit more curious. "Do you know why you're father was gone so often?"

“I assumed that it was work-related, but now that you told me he’s a bounty hunter. It makes since why he was gone for so long, but it doesn’t matter we need to find him. Believe it or not, we do have allies with the police station, we check there first then go where there’s food and water. After that.” He paused and got a worried look on his face.” And hope he’s not at the hotel I was originally in.”

She raised an eyebrow. "You're... not seriously debating on trying to find him that way, right? Because we have hordes of the dead between here and there, with no guarantee that he made it there or if he's on his way back right now." Dionissia crossed her arms as she frowned. "Your dad and you have a real issue with patience. As much as you may be used to doing things on your own, you have to realize that rushing into danger with a half-assed plan is gonna get you killed."

“Yeah well if I did that most of my people’s family would be dead, and most of the people here would be starving or dying of thirst. Sometimes it’s better to rush into something and save some people than to wait and guarantying that they die.”

A pen's point rested up against his jugular for a moment as Dionissia shook her head. "Me, putting this pen to your throat in a secluded area... this is planned. I could kill you and walk out, with no one the wiser. The difference between something planned and something rushed is that a plan will bail you out for far longer than the short term." The pen moved, seemingly disappearing up a sleeve.

Emile didn’t fletch when she pointed the pen at him, as she put the pen back he sighed.” Well if you were to kill me right now, you more than likely won’t make it out of here alive. But to the reason why I’m in a rush, imagine if this was your family? And there on this hell hole of an island, and if you’ve seen what I’ve seen what comes out at night. You want to same them as quickly as possible.”

"Your father, as much as he's a moron who doesn't understand the meaning of stealth, tried to find you. And when he started running into trouble, he called for me to help him." She paused. "I get you to want to find him and reunite in a blood-soaked field, but right now, he's out there along with Louie and whoever else, and when they're done, they're heading here. That means if Al comes here and his son has fucked off somewhere else, guess how well he's going to be?"

Emiles eyes started to twitch, he knew she was right. But on the other hand, she hasn’t seen what he’s seen, what massive zombie or whatever it was he saw. If his father ran into that monster, no he couldn’t have unless he found a place to stay. He wanted to move her out of the way, but he knew that she was right. If his dad did reach here and he wasn’t here then he will be angry.” One day, I will wait one day and then I’m searching the station for him.”

"Two. You'll wait two days because one doesn't mean shit given the scope of the city." Dionissia stared him down, which given her imposing height was easy to do.

“No you get one, my dad may be a tough man. But I’ve seen what terrors come at night, and if my dad sees it and he’s on the street because he doesn’t know of it. No, you get one day, you don’t like it I’ll find him without you.”

"I've seen the special zombies. He has to. And whereas I've injured one, he's killed plenty. Two days." She replied before shaking her head and switching to her native tongue "Teenagers are so stupid..."

Emiles eyes twitched at her comment.” Ou you’ve seen the “special zombies” Huh?" He then condescendingly slowly clap his hands." Oh well done, great work you've injured one special zombie I know my father can kill them. But let me tell you what I've seen and why I want to get him as soon as possible. Have you seen the zombie woman that runs, and when she runs she has the hole horde running alongside her have you seen that?! Or how about one that has claws on every limp you might have seen that one, or how about my personal favorite. Have you seen the one that's over twelve feet tall has claws the size of a machete, and it killed ten zombies in one swing Have you seen that one yet you dumb ass!"

Dionissia paused, nodding for a moment before flipping him onto the ground by his wrist and applying slight pressure. "One, don't you dare talk to me like I'm fucking stupid. I didn't survive this long because I don't recognize the fucking dangers this city has. I had to scratch and claw my way to this point whereas you had friends to bail you out and what looks like criminals to help you. My 'friends' are dead, either turned or killed." The bouncer pressed his joint to bring a sharp amount of pain to his arm. "Second, I don't give a flying fuck about what you want. You're arrogant, childish, and stubborn as hell. All of which, you've used to piss me off to such a point that I'm going to make you an offer: if you can beat me in close quarters combat, I'll listen to you and we'll go. Until then, you're going to stay in your child's place and listen to me. Got it, Emile?"


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Part 3

The late teen yelled in pain as Dionissia had her knee on his arm, however, the young man did listen to her.” Ou I hear you loud and clear.” He then used his arm that wasn’t pinned to punch her in the jaw forcing her off.” And from what I hear you don’t know what I’ve been through.” He then lunged and her and drove his fingers into her eyes.” You seem to think I had help. I lead my team out of the meat grinder that was our hotel and the city, only to lead them to another meat grinder that was a school. I had to kill my coach there when he was bitten, I saved what reminded me. Time and again I’ve put myself at risk for others, and now I can finally be selfish and get something that I want!” He then stopped gouging her eyes and looked at her.” I don’t care what you say, with or without you I’m finding my dad.” He then got off her.” I’ve seen what happens if I wait with these types of things with my girlfriend’s family and I’ll be damned if that happens to my dad! You can bet me all you want but regardless I’m going after him tomorrow.”

She snorted, her eyes closed as a little blood leaked out of one of them. "You shouldn't piss off a Spartan." Her legs whipped out as she knocked him to the ground. She opened her good eye to see where he had fallen before jumping on top of him to pin him down. Her arms going to pin his. As her rage reached its crescendo, she headbutted him hard, angrily hoping to draw a little blood.

She then heard what sounded like a pistol being loaded.” What are you doing to my friend/leader.” When she turned around she saw another teen with short black hair and staining daggers into her. But with the distraction, Emile was able to punch her off him and get back to his feet.” Hold on Alex, she knows where my dad is.”

“Your dad? Come on he can’t be here on the island with us.”

Dionissia glared but didn't move from where she had fallen. "Funny thing about pointing guns at someone; it usually makes people not want to help you. Especially when there's only one other person who knows what you know." She growled, spitting out a wad of blood.

“Well, then you should have thought about that before attacking my friend here.” Alex lowered his pistol and put the safety back on.” Now then you mentioned his dad if he’s here on the island we best get moving to find him.”

"No. I said in two days we'd go look for him. Not immediately. Like I said, pointing guns at people tends to make them not want to help." Dionissia slowly stretched, not wanting to give the girl a reason to shoot.

“Lady, you probably should have thought of that before telling my friend here that his dad was here. Now you be lucky if he doesn’t leave tonight, and try and save him. Trust me one is about all he can manage, and he’s not gonna budge on it you might as well go with his idea.”

Dionissia didn't reply, instead opting to take a bit of cloth out from one of the pouches she had on her rolling out a bit of cloth to wrap over her eye. Once that was done, she merely crossed her arms and waited.

“Alright it’s settled then, we taking the bus to him?”

“Sure I don’t know if he’s hurt or not, but if he is best to take the bus don’t want to linger on the streets for too long. Also if he’s hurt I wanna get him back as quickly as possible.”

“Alright we take the bus to the police station, but what if he isn’t there?”

“We’ll then we keep looking if I know my dad which I’m starting to question if I do or not. Then he’ll be somewhere easily defensible, I can name a few places like that.”

“Cool doesn’t worry buddy will get your dad back, he’ll it’s about time you had some good luck. Despite getting Sam.” He said smiling.

Emile rolled his eyes, and told Alex to make preparations.” Now as for you lady, you can either come to help us. Or go back where you came from, personally, I would like your help since you’ve been with my dad for a while.”

Dionissia stood up, nodding. "I'll help you find him... but first, I think I get to do something to you first, for trying to gouge my eyes out."

“You're not taking his eyes,” Alex said sternly, to which Emile just got in front of him.

“Fine, as long as it doesn’t involve shooting or stabbing me, or hitting me with a blunt object then go ahead.”

Dionissia gave a rather wolf-like grin as she lifted her leg and kicked as hard as she could, right between Emile's legs.

Emile fell to the ground holding his balls, Alex looked down at his friend and shook his head. "Boy that had to hurt."

Emile laid on the ground, holding his crouch. "Yea, it's up there as one of the worst pains I've felt."

"Now we're even. As soon as you can pick yourself off the ground, I'll tell you where your dad said he was heading... but I'd suggest waiting a day unless you want to limp and curl into balls of pain." Dionissia cracked her knuckles, before glancing at Alex. "And you... if there is a next time that you decide to point a gun at me... I will hurt you instead of being passive. Okay?"

"That depends if you hurt my friend again, I will not hesitate to shoot you. But be lucky If our resident psycho found you because if she found, ou we wouldn't be having this conversation. It's probably better that we're leaving tomorrow because if Billy saw ou boy she would want to kill you."

Emile then slowly started to get back up, able it slowly.

"And?" Dionissia raised an eyebrow. "I'm trained in a fighting style so lethal, it turned it inspired and spawned more and that's without factoring I've also trained to use a sword with it. If I really wanted to kill people, I could." Dionissia smiled coldly. "So... if she finds me, I'll just break her arms... that is if you’ll let me defend myself that far?"

“Well, you can tell the psycho that, hopefully, you don’t meet her. Besides getting my friend back in order is more important anyway.” Alex walked to Emile.” I’m sure he’ll come up with something, he always does.”

"Alright. Just get some ice on that. And pray I didn't rupture anything you want to keep." She paused, sending that it was now time to be moving along. "I'll be in a rundown apartment near here if you need me. See you tomorrow, Emile."

“Yea I’ll talk to our doctor, I’m sure I’m fine though. Does your appointment have an address? There’s now plenty of run-down apartments around here.”

"It's the brown one with the black skull graffitied on it. Umm... on 4th and H... yeah, Higgs. Not that far, but then again, I'll have to kill whatever is inside before you guys show up."

Both Alex and Emile looked at each other.” Um, look lady how about you stay for the night, I highly doubt you can clear a building by yourself. No offense but why don’t we work together to kill that zombie problem you have.” Emile said.

Dionissia rolled her eyes. "I appreciate the concern, but I already killed a horde of twenty by myself, without getting bit. I think an apartment will be far safer than that."

The two teens looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders." Fine then guess will see you tomorrow, I still can't believe that my dad is on this island I can't wait to see him again."

"Just be careful of what you wish for..." Dionissia murmured in Greek as she started to walk away, "you may not like who you find."

The next day Alex knocked on Emile's door.” Hay buddy today’s the day you ready?”

His friend came out holding a hunting rifle a pistol and his bat on his back.” More than ready, with my dad with us we can finally start expanding and hopefully start making a safe zone for people and the police.” He said excitedly.

“Heh I haven’t seen you this happy in a while, I’m sure you’re dad also can’t wait to hear about your girlfriend.”

“One thing at a time buddy so let’s get this show on the road!” The two left the apartment in their bus as they made their way to the location Dionissia gave them.

They found butchered zombies, sliced into either piece or dismembered enough to not be threats. Gore seemed to be splashed in every which way leading them to the building in question, like a horrific gingerbread trail. When they finally came to the building, there was a bloody arrow drawn towards one of the windows, as if to say, 'I'm here.'


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Part 4

“You know it’s sad that I’m getting used to this. If we ever get off this island, we’re gonna need some major therapy.” Emile said with Alex agreeing with him. The two teens made their way to the arrow but kept their weapons at the ready.

As they looked around and, in the window, it pointed at, the teens noticed Dionissia in the second-story window. She was further back and appeared to be sleeping in a chair.

The two teens looked at her and sighed.” Alright let’s get inside, don’t know what room she’s in. But we better get ready for whatever’s inside there.” The teens loaded their weapons and walked into the building.

What they found was similar to what they found outside; around seven zombies littered the ground, their bodies quite literally in pieces. However, the sounds of the dead could be heard inside as some of the undead seemed to still be stuck in their apartments and rooms.

The two teens stood side by side each other as they heard the noise.” You think this is what Brian and the others had to deal with before we got to the appointment?”

“Probably but remember this whole thing was still early when we got there, these people more than likely starved to death, or died of thirst.”

“So what would have happened to Penny's family if we didn’t get there first. Yea that was a good call to make Emile.”

“Yea anyway let’s find this woman and go find my dad.” The two made their way up the stairs and there were more undead pieces littered around, finally, they saw one of the doors open and saw Dionissia sleeping.

As they started to enter, Emile noticed a thin string near their feet and as his gaze followed it, he noticed an assault rifle pointing at their heads: it seemed the reason Dionissia was comfortable sleeping with the door open, was because of her lethal warning system.

Upon closer inspection of the bartender- who was sleeping in a chair- they found she was in her usual outfit, three leather jackets to stave off bites, a motorcycle helmet, a pair of jeans coupled with boots covering her calves. Next to her was a crude sword that was covered in dried blood and viscera. However, directly in her lap was an M17 handgun, with its safety off, as a last-ditch effort if things went poorly while she slept.

"Well, then that's nice to look at she would have gotten at least one zombie but that's about it." Alright, let's get in there." Emile wanted to open the door some more, but before he did he knelt down and slowly opened the door, and got in through the crack. Once inside he disarmed the string from the rifle and looked at his friend to come in, once inside Alex looked the rifle over and figured he holds on to it. Emile went to the sword and moved it away he then moved to the side of her and told Alex to move to her other side so she wouldn't shoot them, Emile then started pushing her to wake her up.

Dionissia woke up with a start, one hand reaching for her sword, the other for her pistol. Within moments, it dawned on her that she hadn't been woken up by a gunshot and that her sword was gone. However, after that realization came another: zombies weren't that smart. She slowly released her gun and lifted her hands up. "I got food if you want it... the apocalypse is hard on everyone, so take what you need." The bartender's voice came out in a whisper, full of exhaustion and tiredness.

"Well we can talk about the food later, but you promised me that you will find my dad and it's time to get going. So you can get yourself up and feed yourself now or eat on the bus." Emile said to the tired woman.

Dionissia paused, sighing as she relaxed a little bit. "Thought I was dealing with a looter. But for future reference, just close the door and knock. Surprisingly enough, I don't try to kill polite people in the apocalypse." Dionissia stood up, stretching her back until it made satisfying pop. "Before we go, give me back my sword. I'll need it to make sure you two don't die, considering my accuracy with guns has gone to hell after you gouged my eyes. Thanks for that, by the way. It isn't like I needed my vision to see any human or zombie threats approaching me."

Emile handed the sword to the woman.” Well, we didn’t think you would answer the door, mostly because of who would knock in this situation. Now as for your eyes sorry about that, but give it a few days and you should be fine.”

"You're lucky I already took my repayment out on you..." She murmured in Greek, switching back to English. "Let's go, before I change my mind."

The three went outside to the bus, once inside Emile drove to the police station. Alex on the other hand was curious about something. "So how did you meet my friend's dad, did he save you or something?"

Dionissia snorted, shaking her head. "Not really. We met while we were both scavenging for food. We fought side by side against the dead until we trusted each other enough to join forces. And if anything, he's been getting us nearly killed with his aversion to being stealthy."

“Humm it’s still hard to take in, my friend's dad is here with him. I can’t imagine how things are gonna be once we find him, he can add so much to our group. But we need to find him first. I know my friend is just itching to find him.”

"Well, they're going to fight. That's the first thing that'll happen. Mainly because Al wants to leave and he doesn't particularly care if your kids live or die. Getting his son out of this city is the only thing he wants to do, while Emile wants to stay and keep you guys safe. So... I'm fairly certain they're going to fight, whether they just argue or throw fists... that's up to fate."

Alex looked puzzled, he’s known Emiles father since they were kids surely he wouldn’t just abandon them. The locals he could see, since he didn’t ow them anything but Emiles team he wouldn’t.” Sure they may fight but I’m sure he will convince him to help.”

Dionissia laughed, shaking her head. "Given how fucking stubborn he is, I doubt that Emile's gonna win him over. If anything, I expect that he's going to take Emile by force if he has to. So... let's hope I'm wrong."

“I hope so too, a lot of people really on him and he’s become a damn good leader for most of the people there. Especially the kids and the tees, I know Brian respects him. I just hope he can convince his dad to help as well.”

"Me too, kid. Me too.." Dionissia looked off to the side, her perception of the outside world fading, as she merely wondered one question: what was Alistair going to do? And... what was going to happen next?


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Part 5

As the trio made it to the police station Emile tapped the steering wheel.” You alright buddy?”

“It’s just, I might be seeing my dad again in what’s felt like a lifetime. If he’s not here then hopefully the people inside can point us to him, I’ve never been here but we do have an alliance with the police here so hopefully, they can help us.”

Time passed as the group made their way into the police station, with the officers letting them through with only a quick verification of their identities, stopping Dionissia. Several officers disarmed her before allowing her entry, with a single police officer following behind them the entire time.

"I swear to Ares, if people keep fucking disarming me over minor shit, I'm going to beat the shit out of someone," Dionissia grumbled, her skin tone flushing as she continued to get angrier.

“Yea well the benefits of having some allies, now then I need to talk to one of you officers. I need to know if you saw a certain man around here?”

"Which one? You're going to need to be more specific..." A rather large officer said, with a stitched nametag that read 'Sgt. Stevens'. He quickly moved over to them, offering a friendly, if worn-out, smile.

“A man named Alister, a little bit taller than me older man around mid forty looks like me but older. Has he been around here?”

"There's someone with that description... Is the man you're looking for an asshole?" Stevens asked, his smile evaporating into a frown.

"Heavily armed, with military-grade equipment?" Dionissia asked, tilting her head.

"Yeah... he's here. Are you coming to take him back to wherever the hell he's from?"

Emile Glared at the man.” He’s my dad, asshole.” He said with some anger in his voice.

"And the amount of fucks I give is still zero. Are you coming to collect him?" Steven's replied, his gaze relaxing into boredom.

“Yes I’m hoping that he can help us at the hotel, as well as many other things. Unfortunately, we can’t go home yet.”

"Oh? I almost want to ask..." Stevens sighed, before grabbing the radio on his shoulder. "Uh, Jacobs? Can you bring a Mr. Alister to the front of the station? He may be a bit ornery, but tell him some kids and a young woman are here to see him." As he set his radio back on its receiver, he gave the group a shrug.

Emile was visibly nervous, it felt like an eternity since he last saw his dad. He didn't know how to react when he saw him. After a few minutes of waiting an older man that looked to be in his late forties came to the front of the station.

"Alright Steven, what the hell do you want? And what's this about kids wanting to see me?" When he looked he saw his son the person he's been looking for for so long, tears started to go down his cheek. Emile smiled at him and he rushed and hugged his dad tightly crying into his dad's shirt.

Dionissia smiled, thoroughly warmed by the reunion. "I found him, Al. Took a bit, but I found him."

Alister looked up at Dionissia." Thank you for finding him, and Alex too." He then looked his son over and he was different. He looked exhausted, tired, and worn down he also looked like he had seen many battles." Emile where is the rest of your team, where is your coach?"

Emile looked down and twirled his fingers. "Ugh our coach died the first day, he tried to find us a boat at first but got bitten by those zombies. We saved him and left the hotel we were in, we went to a school and buried him."

His dad sighed, and held his sines shoulders." Alright, what happened was not your fault, but we need to leave this island and go back home."

"Ugh, I can't leave yet."


Dionissia took a step back, then another, wincing a little in preparation for what she thought was going to be a physical and mental fight about what to do.

“What do you mean you can’t leave?”

“I mean I can’t, there are people that depend on me. I’ve become a leader to so many at the apartment that we live in, I’ve saved people both people my age and adults. So many really on me being there.”

Alister was silent for a while, he then started to scowl at Emile.” Son, you don’t Ou these people anything, I am proud of what you have done so very proud. But you can’t stay here, these people are not your responsibility. You’ve known them for what a few weeks? You have your own life away from here, this is not your home or your people.”

Dionissia sighed as she took a seat, idly playing with her hair. "I told you, Emile... he's not going to simply say no..." she whispered to herself.

“Dad I understand that I didn’t know these people for long, but many of them look to me to help them!”

“Emile there not your problem, I get you to feel responsible for them because you helped them. But this is their home, not yours, you have a life beyond this island. You have college scholarships and even offers from Europe and Japan to play baseball over there, you will just throw all of that away for people you are only known for a few weeks?”

Emile was silent thinking about what his father said, and he was right he did have a life outside this island. He collage to worry about, and a possible baseball carrier waiting for him. But he looked up at his father with determination in his eyes.” Yes, it’s worth it, your a soldier didn’t you used to save people?”

"They're both so fucking stubborn... I doubt if I got involved it would change anything..." The Bouncer sighed, taking a small metal canteen she'd gotten off a corpse - thoroughly washed of course - and took a sip of the apple whiskey inside.

Alex sighed looking at his friend and his friend's father arguing.” Um, Mr. Van Dam, I’m sure you got here on a boat right?”

Alister looked up at Alex.” Yes.”

“Well, I’m sure whatever boat you came on, was either stolen or is not big enough for the baseball team to get on. So why don’t you stay and help us, while also trying to find a boat?” Alex suggested.

Emile smiled at his friend for the suggestion.” Exactly, come on dad please you can at least help my friends outright. I mean I’m sure the other parents will question why I and Alex are the only ones that made it back.”

Alister was silent for a whole minute, he then a begrudgingly.” Ugh fine.” His son smiled and hugged him tightly.

"Wow... I thought you two were going to actually fight... kinda glad I was wrong. I'll drive the bus back this time; give you guys some time to talk and have a proper reunion." Dionissia started as she stood up, cracking her neck. "Alex, was it? Toss me the keys and I'll go start the engine."

Alex was hesitant to give her the keys but did so anyway it would be foolish for her to betray them now.

“I won’t fight my son, but all I will say is that your mother would be proud of you. She to would have chosen to stay, to help.”

Emile smiled brightly at the compliment.” Thanks, dad, Ou I can’t wait to take you back and show you to the others. Especially Sam.”

“Who’s Sam?”

Alex chuckled.” Ou that’s his girlfriend, another reason why he didn’t want to leave.”

Emile looked embarrassed by the comment, and his dad rolled his eyes.” Of course, there’s a woman involved.”

Dionissia jogged back outside, waited to be given her weapons back, and then finally boarded the bus. However, she'd start the bus only after the stubborn asses got on. Fuel was becoming more precious, after all. "Mmmm... really hope the special dead are staying the hell away..."

“Now why would you say that you trying to jinx’s us or something? We had an easy time getting here and then you and say that. It’s like you want us to get attacked.” Alex said.

"If I wanted us to be attacked by a horde, I'd honk the horn. But I really, really don't like killing anyone I don't have to." Dionissia answered, starting the bus as she took a headcount to make sure everyone was on the bus. Once she double-checked, she took off and headed back towards the apartments, her full attention turned to driving.