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Depths of Depravity and Faith, pt.3

Claudia helped her partner up, and the two headed for the door. Christopher followed behind Niss, saying, "I do wish such violence was not needed of course, but given the circumstances, you handled that quite efficiently."

"I wasn't... sure what I'd do..." She whispered back, sighing somewhat. "I... haven't killed anyone. Not directly. Killing the dead is fine but killing people? I... I doubt know if I could handle that."

She quickly moved ahead, remembering that there was still a pistol outside she needed to confiscate, lest her prisoners get ideas.

Christopher found it first, slowly picking it up and looking at Niss.

The bouncer cocked an eyebrow, her weapon still aimed in the general direction of the two corporate stooges. "No sudden moves, alright? Can you slowly hand me the gun?"

He smiled, and gripped the barrel of the gun, offering it to her. "You seem to be vary cautious with your shooting, so I'm guessing you lack experience, but you are an expert compared to me. I'm sure, even if I wanted to shoot you, I'd probably miss from two feet away."

"Well, as optimistic as that might be," Niss started, grabbing the pistol from him and shoving it down the back of her pants, "I'm not exactly a trusting person. All it takes is one bad judgement call to end up dead."

"I understand. Truly I do. But... if you shut yourself out of trust completely, you risk turning into these people." Christopher bowed his head. "But there I go again, preaching. I should leave you be. I am sure you have grown tired of my company. I just wish I could repay you for your help."

"How about a raincheck for another round of scavenging? Gods know I need help, and it'lll give me time to... assess you better." Niss briefly looked over at her prisoners, not to check on them, but to avoid the preacher's gaze.

He smiled and nodded. "I would like that. Maybe you can meet my group, though they aren't as... easygoing as myself. One of them is a bit of a handful. But I can't leave them. They need my help."

"When I fully trust you, I'd be happy to. You're the first Catholic priest I've met that hasn't been exceedingly preachy and defensive of the Bible." The bouncer reached out and attempted to ruffle his hair. "You just might be the best priest I've ever met."

He let her, chuckling. "Thanks. I do try." He turned to leave, saying, "Do be careful with them. You know what they say about a cornered fox baring its fangs."

She nodded, giving him a smile. "And you be careful about wandering up to strangers. Who knows what other weirdos you'll encounter besides me." Her eyes flicked back over to the two thugs. "Best get going though. It's going to be a long walk."

He nodded once more, and headed off in the opposite direction as her.


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Black0ut & Dahlexpert present:
Detectives of the Apocalypse

A rather athletic woman stalked nearly silently through a store, her assault rifle slung over her shoulder and her pistol holstered. She held her rebar sword at the ready as she looked around for enough food to sustain her for a few days. The city was being picked clean and with zombies hordes roaming around, it was getting harder to scavenge what one might need.

Dionissia stopped by a shelf as she spotted a box of nutrition bars.

As she took them however she heard something around the corner, and she quickly turned to see what it was. What she saw was a nothing at first but, then she saw a small mirror and a pair of hands.” Alright now we don’t have to fight each other, I’m just trying to find something for my people.”

"And who's we?" Dionissia asked, glancing around for any additional people in the store. She slowly took a few steps back seemingly on high alert.

“Relax lady I’m not gonna hurt you, not unless you do something stupid. Besides it’s just me here, I’m just trying to find some food same as you.”

"Then why don't you come out? Not exactly sending the right kind of message by being just out of eyeshot..." The bouncer took a few hesitant steps away from the outstretched hands.

When he did get a good look at her through the mirror, he recognized the woman.” Wait a minute. Dionissia, is that you?”

She stiffened, more nervous than before. "Depends on who's asking..." Dionissia replied as she backed up behind a shelf, cautiously gazing back at the hands that were still in view.

Alister sighed and came out, this time holding a shotgun.” It’s me Alister, you remember right?” He asked hoping the woman would remember him.

"Vaguely." The bouncer replied as she stepped out, sword pointed down. "But then again I barely remember life before we started having to hide from the dead."

"Heh I don't blame you for that, but I see that your looking for food again. Look why don't we work together again, after all having two is better then one and all that."

"Alright... then let's get going. Just, uh, don't start shooting while we're looting." She gave him a smile as she continued searching. As she searched, Alister could see the dark circles under her eyes, her more disheveled appearance and what appeared to be vague impression of what might have been tears.

“Wow you look like shit since the last time I saw you. What, did you lose something important?”

"Someone." Dionissia said softly, pausing for a few moments as she stared at the empty shelf ahead; her shoulders sagging as her gaze grew far more tired than she had any right to be.

“Heh sorry to hear that, everyone seems to be loosing people they care about during this. If you’re curious, I still haven’t found my son. Alive or otherwise:”

"If he suddenly disappeared, that probably means he's still alive. You still have a chance to find him and like I offered last time, I'll help you find him when I can."

"Well I wanna try and find him on my own for now, besides I don't wanna keep you from your group for to long they might think your dead. Which by the way how have things been going since I last seen you?"

Dionissia again paused, this time as she stared blankly at the ground. "I'm the only one left. So... about as well as you'd think."

“Heh well sorry to hear that, I’ve seen way to many people die during this. But I’m used to seeing people die, but hay if you ever need a place to stay you could go to the police station. There a good bunch.”

"Thanks..." replied Dionissia, smiling a bit, "but I'll stay where I am. Working water and multiple levels is kinda great."

“Suite yourself, but my offer still stands but I do hope things do get better for you. It probably won’t, but I’m hoping things change for the better.”

"Me too. Would be nice to go back to being a bouncer at a bar. I don't remember if I asked you before or not... but what did you do before our current shitshow of a situation."

“That ugh, well I was a bounty hunter. My son doesn’t know though, I’m not sure how he would react if he knew.”

"How old is he?" Dionissia asked as she grabbed several cans of food.

"My son? He's eighteen, he played a baseball game here and I had to see it from afar just so he wouldn't see me. I love my son and I don't want him knowing that his dad is a killer for hire."

"But don't bounty hunters bring in their..." She paused as her accent slipped through, thinking of the correct word, "quarry alive?"

“Normally yes, but usually don’t have the patience or time for it. And they were scum anyway that would have rotted in prison, so I depending on the day would just kill them.”

Dionissia frowned, as she slid a bag that was half-filled with cans. "But if you felt justified... killing people... why do you feel bad about being around your son? Wouldn't he understand?"

"Just because I'm fine with what I do, doesn't mean that my son will be. Imagine that if your father was a man that killed for a living, and you never knew about it. When ever he sent you to family members, or to be at a friends house for days until he came back, your thinking that he's out on business but instead he's out hunting people. How would a eighteen year old handle that?"

"Well... he'd probably need time to adjust. Waiting will only make it worse if he finds out from somebody else."

“I know but I just, I we lost his mom when he was young. And I don’t want him hating his last parent.”

"He probably won't hate you. Besides with the dead roaming around, he won't really care beyond the fact that you're alive."

“Humm I do hope so, because if not then I just wouldn’t know what to do.” He said looking down at the ground.

"He'll adapt. After all, he's the son of a bounty hunter, right? Adaptability is probably in his blood." The bouncer sighed, as she walked closer to him. "But the question is where have you looked for him? There's probably a bunch of enclaves that you've haven't visited."

“Well if I were to think like him for a second, if his coach is alive there out of the city by now. My son would probably be thinking of a long term survival plan, and would go for food and water. Which means he’s ether held up in a supermarket, or a school more then likely a school. But when I checked one it was filled with zombies, which means he’s with a group of people but I don’t know where.”

"Then go to the groups. One of them probably has him and if they don't have any children, then he's not there." She offered a shrug as she picked up her bag and started to head outside. "Let's go. Zombies'll probably wander by."

“Yea I’ll be sure to do that, assuming that other groups don’t shoot me on sight.” The two left the supermarket and looked at a gas station that looked like it exploded.” What the fuck who plows up a gas station?”

"Someone getting eaten by zombies, more than likely." The bouncer gave a shrug. "Or someone wanting make a distraction."

"Humm." He then looked at the ground and saw a wallet." What the well whoever it was left there wallet." When he opened it his heart sunk." No this is my son's wallet, he was here and his card is gone?" He then looked around and saw that one of the pumps were loose." He used the pump, and poured gas on the ground. Which means he possibly still alive!"

"Then we should go find him before he gets too attached to his group... but my help will cost you..."

“Cost what, money is worthless and I don’t have food on me at the moment, so what in the hell do you want?”

"Teach me how to shoot better. That's my cost. It's not asking for much."

“Is that all, heh well that’s gonna be easy to do. After all shooting isn’t that hard to do.”

"I'm not an American. Other countries are harder to acquire a license to shoot." She frowned a bit at his confidence. "And I have shot a gun before. It's easy to pull a trigger, hard to actually aim and hit what you're aiming at."

“Heh good point, alright then it looks like you got yourself a new friend. For now anyway as long as you continue to help me find my son."

"I feel responsible now... given how you attract the zombie horde at every turn, if I don't at least try to keep it somewhat quiet, I think you'd get eaten." Dionissia snarked, a friendly smile settling on her lips.

“Ou you got jokes, funny for someone that can’t hit the broadside of a barn. Hell you might hit over the damn barn.”

"Well, even if I miss, I probably didn't draw in all the zombies in a seven-mile radius." She countered, smirking. "And I bet I could hide well enough they wouldn't find me... unlike somebody who'd be found in seconds."

“Never was one for stealth, I always found stealth boring. I would much rather take my prey down from either a far or up close.”

"I know, big guy. But you're not the most dangerous thing in the city. Being quiet means actually finding your son and not being killed outright... and also being able to protect him when you find him."

"Yea fine then, I could try boring as that maybe. Besides form what I've heard and my age stealth might be the best thing for me, I'm not young anymore and I've heard about some of these weird zombies. Stealth might be my best option."

"I almost got killed by one, so yeah... the 'weird' zombies are a little too dangerous to agitate." Dionissia shivered involuntarily, the monsters still disturbing her despite the time passed.

"Yea I've ran into a few of those damn things, Egh those bastards are such a pain in the ass to deal with... and there so disgusting looking." He also shivered just thinking about them.

"You got attacked by the jumpers too? What happened?"


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Detectives of the Apocalypse, pt.2

"Eh I haven't met that one yet, saw a banshee once, thought it was a regular woman at first but she was off. A dumb scavenger shot her and ou man that was a hellish day."

"What happened? I assume that 'banshee' means she was screaming? Loud enough to bring others?"

“Ou not just bring others, when that bitch started running the slow ones started running with her. So imagine a horde but there all running.”

"Oh fuck no. That's... that's a nightmare and a half. Are the zombies evolving into scarier shit?" She gestured for him to follow her, unsheathing her sword.

“I don’t know, I hope not because if so then we are well and truly fuck if that’s the case.”

"Like we aren't already? Zombies own the streets, while people are still bickering and killing each other. Humanity needs to get our shit together if we're going to survive." She glanced back at him, offering a shrug. "Now where are we heading to first? You're the man with a working car."

“Well we both still need food, so I guess we continue the search. We go from store to store until we find something.”

"Alright. I'll follow your lead then. You seem to find all the really good spots, after all."

“Alright then, but don’t blame me if you might get killed. Or bitten by zombies, but if you do I’ll put you down quickly.” He said smiling.

She rolled her eyes, a slight smile on her face. "As if that's reassuring... but I think I'm a little too tough to die like a bitch. Let's go."

Alaester rolled his eyes and got into the car, and drove off with her." Alright then from what I scouted, there should be a grocery store near by from this gestation."

"Any idea of the creeps we might find?" She asked, double-checking her pistol and sword.

"Nope none at all, just keep your guard up and I think well be alright." He then looked at the parking lot and got an idea to draw out the possible zombie's outside with the car alarm, but when he hit the car the alarm didn't go off. "Huh that's weird the alarm should have gone off then."

"Someone could have stole its battery by now... or its just dead." Dionissia gave a shrug as she brought her pistol to bear aiming at the car before murmuring a 'bang'.

Alaester open the hood of the car to see that the battery was still intact.” Hum that’s odd, well we better get inside then.” As they went inside most of the store looked empty, as the went around trying to find something Alaester instead found a dead body of a man.” Huh he’s not a zombie, must have been a scavenger. Looks like he’s been here a while, no bullet wounds someone just hit him in his head.”

Dionissia calmly impaled him through the head with her sword, struggling only a little bit to retrieve her weapon. "Gotta make sure they stay dead." She explained, grunting softly as she tried to wrench her blade free.

Alaester put his foot on the corpse so she could have an easier time getting it out.” Yea but he looked pretty dead already, eh we should probably look around see if there is any food still around. Doubt it but couldn’t help to look.”

"Fair. Want to split up a bit to cover more ground? I can understand if you want to stay together for safety..." Dionissia asked, as she finally got her sword out of the corpse's head.

"Hum we should separate for a while cover more ground, just be careful when your around here alright don't want you dying before I can teach you how to shoot."

"I won't, big guy. You'd be too noisy and heartbroken to search for your son without me." Dionissia gave him a cheeky smile as she split off from him, determined to find enough food to last them both for awhile.

It was after a few minutes when she heard the mass groaning, which sent shivers down her spine. The dead were starting to get a little uncomfortably close to their scavenging spot. She continued to search, her adrenaline kicking to make every little noise audible to her.

Alaester rolled his eyes and headed to the back of the store where the wear house was. As he looked around, there looked to be plenty of food back there, but a large majority of it was taken.” Ugh scavengers looks like they couldn’t take everything, so they took what they could.” He then decided to see if the security cameras were still working, and went to the administrative office.

As he did so, a fairly loud crash came from within the store, before Dionissia burst through the door, looking around for anything that might prove useful at blocking the entrance up. Groaning when she couldn't find anything she called out, "Better hurry your ass up! I can't hold this door forever!"

He rolled his eyes at the annoyance, as he looked around for something to block the door with. When couldn't find something, he decided to block the door with his shotgun by putting it between the door holder. "Well then I guess that should work." Well this is just fantastic, what the hell happened?"

"The Horde had a jumper in it. Bastard lunged through a window at me and alerted the rest of them. Took a bit to... well, I doubt know if he's dead or not, but I didn't care to find out."

"Heh so were trapped until further notice, what a wonderful day huh." Well since were nit going anywhere, think you can help me with this computer, I'm trying to see the security cameras."

"Uh... that's not my area of expertise.... I'm just a bouncer." Dionissia gave her friend a sheepish smile, rubbing the back of her neck nervously.

“Yea well it’s not mine either, but I’m sure there should be a pice of paper around here with the password for the computer.”

"Doesn't that only happen in the movies?" She asked, looking for said paper despite her doubting words.

“I’m well aware that this isn’t a move, otherwise I be trying to hack the computer. Which is the dumb, but people do sometimes forget passwords or change them. So that’s what I’m hoping for.”

"Well, let's hope these people were forgetful... or we're doubly fucked. Or we kill a horde. Either or."

“Let’s just hope they kept stuff like this around.” As Alaester and Dionissia looked around the room, the zombies continued to bang on the door trying to get in. He then found a binder that had a bunch of employees names as well as a password.” Ha found it.”

"You go take a look at the computer, I'm gonna make sure they can't bust through. If they do... it'll be one hell of a fight." She started towards the zombie door, slinging her assault rifle into her hands.

Alaester opened the computer and look through the security cameras, and saw there’s where plenty of zombies around the wear house. But that wasn’t his concern, as he went through the cameras footage he saw his son.” Emile! My boy is alive.” He cheered but as he continued to look through the image his heart sunk, he saw his son telling people to leave him behind as he was being checked by a horde lead by a banshee.” No he went to the gas station, and we saw it exploded. My son he can’t be.”

He heard footsteps approaching quickly as Dionissia whispered into the room, "I think we have maybe ten minutes, maybe more if some wander away." She glanced in the room, finally noticing the silence. "Did you find what you were looking for?"

He was still silent until he opened the door to her.” Yes but it’s not what i wanted, my son was here. And from what I saw he came here with a girl, found one that was already here and was held up by a guy. He helped them all out, but in the end I saw him getting chased by a horde led by a banshee.” He pulled out his wallet.” And we found this at the gas station, so my son might be.” Tears started to appear on the middle aged man face.

The bouncer quickly pushed him back into the room, shutting the door behind her. With a speed to rival very few, she wrapped her arms around him. "Hey, hey... if he was... we would've found a body. And since you didn't see it happen, there's a chance, right? Hold on to that hope."

He whipped his eyes and nodded his head.” Yea your right, but at least I know he’s with a group. From what I saw it was just him and some dark haired woman so it’s something.”

"Well, I think we go with my idea- that is if we make it out of here. And..." Dionissia bit her lip, her mind racing at what she was about to offer, "I have a place you can stay if you want to continue working together... it's got running water and is really safe against the undead..."

“Hum is that right, well then I did promise that I would teach you how to shoot. Me being around you more will definitely help with that, alright I accept your offer, but we need to get out of here first:”

"Right... how do we do that with the undead horde outside the door, mangling your shotgun?" Dionissia asked, stepping away from him to frown at the door she closed. "We kinda need them to disperse if we want to get out, right?"

“Humm, alright let’s think of something because fighting that is suicidal.” Alaester paced back and forth trying to think of something that will get them out of this situation.” Humm hay Dionissa you have any ideas?”

"Your shotgun can and would be able to punch a hole through the walls with enough shells. The problem with that is that's the only thing holding the door shut. And that gun will bring more zombies than my rifle or the handgun. Is there anything we can burn?" Dionissia asked, opening the security room door to peer outside.


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Detectives of the Apocalypse, pt.3

"Well there's plenty of paper around her, this is an office after all there not gonna need this anymore. Plus i'm sure that there all dead anyway so they have no place to argue."

"Then we can try to burn them. If we get enough things to light on fire by that door, we can hide in here after opening the door... until the dead burn up. Only... someone has to light the fire, then run back here with flaming zombies behind them. So... who do you think is better at running, you or me?"

“That might work, and I think you might be the better runner. Wait hang on a second.” Alaester look into the wear house and saw that it was way to bright.” Wait a minute, if my son was here and he had a group then it’s possible that he took one of the trucks, which means the opening for the back is open.”

"So we have a better exit... let's get searching then. Like I said we have a few minutes before the dead break through that door." Dionissia rushed out, intent on finding their proverbial backdoor.

Alaester grabbed his shotgun and saw that it was still in good condition, once he saw that it was he helped Dionissia gather as much paper as they could, to hopefully burn the zombies around them.

Dionissia reached into her pocket, pulling out a lighter before she promptly tossed it onto the flammable barricade. "Let's get ready to run, Alaester." The bouncer took out her sword, ready to defend herself when she started running.

And it didn't take long, as the undead converged against the door, opening it slightly as the shotgun was no longer keeping them out. They clawed out at the room, as fire licked at their arms, legs, and feet.

"Damn it we can't keep them back for long!" Alaester then saw a air freshener spray bottle." Hay let me see your lighter really quick." She handed him the lighter he then grabbed the air freshener bottle, when she sprayed it across the flame and made a mini flamethrower burning the zombies a lot faster.

"Athena' tits, that's hot!" The bouncer recoiled from the makeshift flamethrower, moving back to a safer distance.

He continued to burn the zombies with his makeshift flamethrower. As more and more of zombies started to get burned and started to run into each other, the opening for them finally cleared up for them to get out.

As they ducked and weaved through the burning horde, Dionissia let out quiet swears, nearly naming all the Greek Pantheon by name out of fear.

Alaester was unphased by what he was doing, his time as a soldier made what he was doing simple. As they got closer to the exit he told Dionissia to run.

And run she did, taking off like a bat out of hell, her sword slashing out at any zombie that dared to get too close. Within moments she bursted through the burning horde back out onto the street. She turned around ready to charge back if her friend hadn't made it out.

Thanks to her doing that, it easily made a path for him to fallow her out. He tossed the can and gave her back her lighter.” Thanks for the light.”

Catching it, she gave him a brief smile, before jerking her head towards his car "Well, how about a ride to repay me?"

"Yea fine but we had better hurry, I don't want them to come for us and regroup. Who knows if there's a special one among that horde."

"There was." Dionissia shivered before she made a beeline towards his car, hoping that they would have enough time to actually get in and drive away.

"Ou yea we better get moving." He ran along side her and got in the driver seat, and started the car hoping that whatever smart zombie that was around didn't noticed them.

The bouncer quickly slung her rifle forward, ready to shoot any zombies that tried to go for them. "Drive, godsdamnit, drive!"

Alaester shrugged his shoulders and stepped on the gas, he ran over several zombies on there way out of there out of the grocery store parking lot.

Dionissia finally slumped back into her seat, breathing a sigh of relief. She slowly glanced over at Alaester as exhaustion finally struck her. "S-sorry... I'm... not used to this. Or how fucked up everything has gotten..." She looked out the window as a shaky breath escaped her lips.

“You will eventually, and that’s the sad part about all of this you will get used to it. Hell eventually you will start killing people, and even that will become normal. I’m already there, I’m just waiting for the others to catch up eventually.” He said still focusing on the road.

"Maybe I'll just end up killing bad people... I'll be some kind of anti-bad guy." She joked, a fragile smile coming to her face as she glanced back at him.

“You can keep that hope all you want, but at some point you will kill someone that doesn’t deserve it.” He said as if he’s done that before.” Regardless hopefully that day won’t happen to you.”

"That's, uh... rather grim." Dionissia gave a nervous chuckle and rubbed the back of her neck. "Too many bounties make you, uh... this optimistic?"

“War, bounty’s seeing many good friends and comrades die for a pointless war, take your pick of the letter it’s all the same to me.”

"You need to relax... maybe get laid. There's gotta be a girl out here somewhere that can get you to stop brooding." Dionissia teased, trying her best to lift the mood.

“Unless that woman has my son, I’m not interested. My boy is all that matters to me, no one else does anyone that gets in my way of trying to find him, will be put in the ground.”

The bouncer merely raised an eyebrow. "Okay. But you realize that being this high strung could fuck up your search, right?" She sighed before shaking her head. "Losing your head or being too obsessive about what you're looking for is a good way to fuck up. Take it from the college student: taking a small reprieve is better than focusing on something with laser-like proficiency."

Alaester chuckled.” The collage student, you want me to take advice from a college student. That has got to be the funniest thing I’ve heard in years, well let me tell you as a parent. It doesn’t matter what happens to me, I could care less if I die three weeks from now or tomorrow. If I can see my sons face and know that he’s alright, everything else doesn’t matter.”

Dionissia sighed. "Look, all I'm saying is that when you do find your son, do you want to him to see you again while you're on the verge of a psychotic break? Or do you want to give him a dad again?" She shrugged as she turned her gaze back to the outside world. "Just because you're desperate to find your son isn't an excuse to stop taking care of yourself."

Alaester thought about what she said and sighed.” Ugh your right, fine once we’re completely safe I’ll try and relax or something.”

She blinked, once, twice, thrice, before she turned to look at him. "Okay... didn't think I'd actually get through to you. Uh... I have a few books back home if you want to read them?"

“Heh yea sure I just hope my eyes are good enough to read them.” He said jokingly.

"I don't know... you're getting pretty old." Dionissia teased, letting out a bit of a giggle as she reclined in her seat, eager to show him around the fairly large homeless shelter.

“Ugh Huh, yes I’m old but not that old I’m only forty five years old.”

"You sure, Grandpa? With your attitude I thought you might've been in your sixties." The bouncer teased, playfully punching his shoulder. "But let's change gears; where are you from? I hardly know anything besides that you're a bounty hunter and that you're not a Greek bouncer."

“Me I was born Texas, but lived in Colorado. So I’m a thousand miles from hole currently, joined the military right out of high school got married had a son now I’m here trying to find him.”

"Well, that does explain the guns and training." Dionissia nodded to herself. She glanced up at the road. "Take a left here, then on the second intersection, take a right."

Alaester fallowed her directions and decided to mention more about his past." Heh no the military gave me training but I already knew how to shoot, my father taught me how to hunt when I was young and then I taught my son. My father was also a military man."

"So it's a family legacy thing... that's cool. Wish I had one that was as cool... all I've got - take a right past that zombie - is a bunch of farmers... only the region I'm from has a cool legacy." She pouted, crossing her arms.

"Well it's not a legacy, my son isn't joining the military even if it was still around. My son wanted to be a baseball player and peruse that dream of his." He said running over the zombie." Eh being a farmer is not bad, especially now with the world going to hell. Shit you being a farmer is probably the best thing for you right now, because you can teach people how to grow plants and such."

Dionissia let out a sigh, shaking her head. "I wasn't really that good with plants; they all died despite my best efforts. The best I could do is teach someone else how to do it and hope they understand how it works. I'm better off following Laconia's Legacy than my own."

“Wait who’s Laconia, what is that relative of yours or something?”

"Laconia is a place, not a person. But you might recognize it..." Dionissia smirked, as a prideful, haughty attitude took over, "if I call it Sparta instead."


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Detectives of the Apocalypse, pt.4

“Really why would you fallow the Spartan legacy, from what I read they were pretty hard.”

"Because I was born in the city of Sparta. By all technicality, I'm a Spartan, just not a traditional male Spartan soldier. Besides, I can fight with a blade just fine if need be."

“Heh I would prefer bullets and arrows, but yea I didn’t realize you that far away from home. I knew you lived across the pond, but personally didn’t know where.”

"It's easy to hide my accent, given that English is an easy, lazy language to learn. I'm surprised that you figured out I'm not American. Most don't realize the rest of the world can speak their language fluently if given the chance."

"The military allows me to go to other nations, and what most nations don't understand is that my country allows it's soldiers to go to plenty of other nations and defend them. I've been to England, Russia Africa. I've been all over the world probably twice."

She stared at him for a moment then chuckled. "I guess that makes you world-weary, huh? Learn any languages while you were touring the world?"

“Some yes but not many, even the languages I know I hardly use.”

"Well, what can you speak? Can you speak Greek?" She asked excitedly, briefly pausing to give other directions.

“Eh mildly, I’m not fluent in most of those languages but I know enough to make a mild conversation.”

She nodded, before her smile turned into a grin. "Well, you'll be learning a lot of Greek from me. I need a language partner, after all. Don't wanna become rusty with my native language."

“Ou how nice, I get to go back to school after twenty years and brush up my Greek language. Ou how fun.”

"Or not." Dionissia frowned, as she turned her gaze to look out the window. "No need to be a dick about it."

“Look I’m only joking, I’m always gonna be a sarcastic ass but I wouldn’t mind you teaching my.”

"First things first: I'm hundreds of thousands of miles away from home. I won't be able to make it there if the world is screwed, so I will never see my family again. Two; just hearing someone speak my native language is reassuring- no, comforting to me." She said softly, gazing out the window. "The next left is the last one we'll take, and then we'll be at my home."

As Alaester turned left, he understood how she felt after all his wife’s family lived across the ocean, and to not see them again was heart breaking to him.” Ugh fine, I get it me speaking your language will mentally help you.”

The bouncer stayed quiet as on their right was the shelter; it was rather large complex, befitting of the idea of a shelter for the homeless. While many doors and windows were boarded up, those only appeared to be the first floor in its entirety and less than a quarter of the floor above it. It would take time to secure all the various entry points, given if they wanted to defend it from the variety of freaks that lived in the area.

"Here's my home." She almost whispered, looking and sounding more tired than she had been.

“Heh a homeless shelter, hay it’s better then nothing and I’m sure it has plenty of beds to use.”

"And running water. So you can have showers or baths." Dionissia replied, opening the car door to step outside.

“Heh a shower, Ou that sounds fantastic that police department doesn’t have one obvious so I could really use one.”

"Well, until we can find a generator, it'll be cold. Just so you know." Dionissia stretched before remembering something important. "Before I forget, I have a couple people here... looters. I have them locked into a room. Don't let them out, please."

"Ou that's fine they can stay in there for all I care, if you got a makeshift prions that works just well for me. And a cold shower works just fine for me, it wakes the body up and after a while you get used to it."

"That's true... didn't think I would." Dionissia sighed before glancing around. "Wish we had a generator we could use to power up the place. It'd help us out a lot..."

"Yea but electricity is a luxury we can't afford, but you do what we have to do now. Regardless this place would make for a good location for other people to live here."

"We'd have to be careful with who we brought over. One wrong mistake and we'd be risking a lot of people's lives." Dionissia started walking towards the door, shrugging as she went. "Anyways, pick a place where you want to sleep and be mindful of those two."

"Yea that would be nice, and I'll be careful around the people your keeping prisoner. I won't let them out, besides i'm sure there's a reason why you got them locked up anyway."

"Well, they know where I was roughly and if they can easily execute one of their allies, then they could just as easily bring more people to kill me." She shrugged as she pushed the door open. "Which is why I think they'll stay here for some time. Beats making myself a direct murderer if I don't have to."

“Heh it’s the closest thing that we’re gonna get to arresting people nowadays, so good work for you actually keeping some ideal of justice around.”

"I wouldn't say justice... more, I don't really want to kill anyone if I don't have to." Dionissia shrugged as she pointed at the stairs. "Up there is where you'll find a variety of rooms to sleep in. The furthest room on the second floor to the left is where those two are. I gave them each separate room opposite from each other. I'll be heading for the showers for obvious reasons. Welcome to your crazy apocalypse home."

"Heh alright it will work for now, I'm surprised that you don't try and save more people. With more people you can get more food and water." He said honestly.

"Aren't I doing that now?" She raised an eyebrow. She shrugged before she headed up the stairs for her shower.

"I believe that you have me, and two people that want to take your head off. But you got me for now, I will help you anyway I can though until I find my son, then I might think about it."

"That's fine." She waved to him as she headed up the stairs. She paused briefly before she took off for the showers, "In case you're gone off to do whatever... see you around, Al."

Alester waved goodbye to her as he went to the bed. "Ugh well things are slowly going my way, but I still need my son."


Niss sighed. She knew some locations on where Alaester’s son may have been, but if she revealed that, he would’ve rushed off to find him. She needed someone, as selfish and shallow as that sentiment was. She sighed again as the cold water poured over her. She really wasn’t a good person despite what people said.


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The fallowing is done by Dhalexpert& Frostlitch

Windcrest, Michigan
Aleister made his way down the road, looking for any undead that might attack him, as well as some scavenger that see the weapons he's carrying as something they might want. As Aleister made his way through he did see a few zombie's around the corner, he quickly made his way into a building and looked at his scar rifle and looked at how much ammo he had which wasn't much." Damn it I'm running low, best to rely on my old pistol and knife. But for now I better let them go on by and hope they don't see me."

Suddenly, he heard a sound next to him, a Zombie he hadn't seen slipping our from behind a toppled bookshelf, but before he could raise his rifle he witnessed an arrow fly past him and punch into it's skull through it's eye.

When he saw the arrow hit the zombie, he questioned where it came from. When he turned around he saw a woman holding a bow and arrow, now while she did save him he wasn't sure if he could trust this woman." Ugh thanks now then I would like to ask why are you and why did you save me?"

She was tall and extremely pale with short black hair that was fitted with violet highlights. Her facial features gave off the impression of a eastern or central european nationality, however her accent confirmed this, a thick Polish. "Trying to get away from them. Like you are? Correct?"

Aleister looked at the woman up and down, he then looked at her weapon.” Heh yea I am, but I’m also looking for someone, and I’m hoping he’s still alive in all of this. Nice bow by the way it’s a very good weapon in times like these.”

"Thank you. I used to compete with it." She lowered it cautiously. "Who are you looking for?'

“My son, he was here to win a state championship game when all this happened. I’m hoping he’s sill alive through all this.”

"What kind of championship? I was here for the Archery Nationals." She raised an eyebrow.

“Baseball for him, you look to be his age as well. Heh I think you two might get along well if he’s alive that is.”

"Baseball... The American Sport. I'm not as familiar but it seems respectable." She nodded. "I'm Bernadetta."

"It is in it's won way, It's good to meet you I'm Aleister it's a pleasure to meet you. So then what brings you here, did you live here before this happened, or are you stuck her like some of the people here?"

"Stuck. I lived in Poland. I came her to compete with my Sister."

"Huh well then I'm sorry to hear that your stuck here, you sound like another woman I ran into. She's also stuck here and her home is across the ocean, but I'm hoping that you find your sister, if I could help I have no issue lending you a hand."

"I... Have found her... She's upstairs... We were laying low here."

"Ou well then, I'm glad that you found her then." He took a quick peek outside and saw that the horde hasn't completely moved passed. As he sighed he looked at Bernadetta." Mind if I stay here until the horde move pass, I would rather not deal with these thing at night."

"Can I trust you?" She told him matter of factly.

"Well the fact of which that you haven't shot me yet, and you did save me from one of those special undead. I think you can trust me, and you have my word I won't put you or your sister at harm."

"Good. Because if you do I'll hang you out above the undead by your pierced foreskin." He threatened, poking the tip of one of the arrows.

Alesiter rolled his eyes at the threat." Ugh huh, I will assume that since you know how to use that bow you know how to hunt right?"

"I grew up hunting." She told him. " Why?"

"Heh I like you already, and my son will defiantly like you. Your not in high school are you, and if you are are you out of it?"

"I'm... Not that young. I'm just past college." She raised an eyebrow.

Aliester shrugged his shoulders." Alright then, we should probably go up the stairs. It's dangerous to be down here for to long."

"Let's go. We can scan the area from the top of the fire escape." Bernadetta replied, turning around as she spoke.

“Ugh so I gotta ask, besides your sister do you have anyone else here? Are you part of a group or something?”

"No. I've had a few offers. But... They didn't work out." She lead the way forward.

“Fair enough, I am with a group for now anyway. There at the police station, a good group of people to be honest with you.”

"Police Station huh? And they're trustworthy?" She asked curiously.

“There a good bunch Yea, they got weapons and all. But now might not be the best time to go over there, we’re currently defending ourselves from another group, bunch of fucking crazy bastuards.”

"How big?" Bernadetta asked with concern.

“From what I’ve see, there pretty big they attack us on a regular bases. We’ve been able to hold them off, but I fear we may not have much time.”

"Why don't you get out of the city then?" Bernie turned around.

“Why do you think I’m out here, I’m trying to find us something as well as give them some food. But thankfully we met another group, and if things go poorly there we can hopefully join them.”

"How many do you think are operating out here? Eventually they'll all form up or get wiped out..." The Pale Woman muttered.

“I don’t know, this island doesn’t have enough resources for everyone. Eventually war will break out, and they will have to connect to the rest of the world. Not like there’s much there ether.”

"It has to be better somewhere, right? Some other country or place must have this figured out better than we do." She tried to find a glimmer of hope, but she wasn't sure if she believed her own words.

“That’s hopeful, but more then likely we don’t know how the rest of the world is doing. Or if it reached them at all, for now we just gotta protect the ones we care about.”

"Yeah. I agree. It's all we can do..."

As the two continued there way up the stairs, Aleister started to think about the rest of the world but more importantly his home. He did make sure his family were alright, and he knows how capable they are. But he was still worried for them.

As the two continued there way up the stairs, Aleister started to think about the rest of the world but more importantly his home. He did make sure his family were alright, and he knows how capable they are. But he was still worried for them.

As they reached the higher floors, they eventually stopped, Bernadetta turning back at him. "I have your word you won't hurt her."

“Yes, you have my word I won’t harm her, can hurry up and get inside.” He said impatiently.

She opened the door quickly, heading inside the locked room in front of them with the help of a key. As she entered, she knocked on the wall three times before sitting down.

Aleister also sat down across from her.” So then this sister of yours, is she special in some way? Or are you just very protective of her, and where are your parents anyway?”

"My Parents are in Poland... My... Sister..." She hesitated for a moment. "Is just an ordinary little girl. I love her."

“Hum well then, that’s nice knowing that you’re a good sister I hope that you’re sister appreciate you.”

"Thanks. I'd do anything for her." She nodded. "Elzbieta!? It's me!"

After she called out, he heard the sound of someone walking towards the door. "Bernie?"

"Yeah. And I have a guest. Don't worry. He seems fine."

As she opened the door further, she could see a rugged man who looked to be in his late forty’s holding a pistol.” Can you hurry it up, feeling a bit unhinged out here.”

The little girl had short brown hair in a small ponytail, she had features like Bernadetta, but also enough differences to make him question what their relationship really was.

When he entered the room and looked at the girl, he just starred at her for a while and then looked back at Bernadetta.” Well then thanks for letting me in, I do appreciate it.”

The Room wasn't much, a small apartment with food stockpiled on a table as well as a few first aid kits and what looked like a bag of medicine.

“Heh well at least you guys have a stock pile of meds, and food. Or at least enough for a few weeks anyway, that’s pretty good for the two of you.”

"I've been scavenging all around the city. It's hard to find the Diabetes meds she needs."

“Diabetes meds? Ou well then I’m sorry to hear that, I forgot what this is like for people with certain problems.”


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Part 2

"It's hard. Most pharmacies have been completely emptied by looters already. We were lucky to even get this, another group decided to give it up to us for free." Bernadetta told him, seemingly grateful.

“Huh a group of people helping someone in need, heh that a rareaty. I would consider that lucky, just out of curiosity, what will happen if she doesn’t have these?”

"Her body won't be able to produce insulin. Kidney Failure. Basically a death sentence out here."

"Huh well then, I'm not much of a religious man but I do pray that this does end soon because the apocalypse usually doesn't go well with people with problems. Or things that are out of her control, maybe you two should find a group and maybe they can help you find some meds."

"What about yours? Are you well supplied?"

"I wouldn't be out here if we were, I'm trying to help them as best I can. But us getting attacked constantly doesn't help, and me being alone out here means I can only bring back so little."

"You don't travel with your group?" She raised an eyebrow.

“I was a soldier in my younger days, and I was a bounty hunter before this hell happened. I can more then handle a few zombies that come my way.”

"I imagine a lot of people say that. But all it takes is a single slip up. One bite. And you're dead." Bernadetta crossed her arms.

“Hay with age come a lot of experience, now while I’ve never dealt with this type of situation. Doesn’t mean I don’t take pracautions.”

"Are you saying you're old?" The little girl chimed in, looking between them.

“Hay I’m forty five years old, I’m getting up therey in age and that’s a good thing. Means I got a lot of experience.”

"That's how old my Dad is." The Child pointed out.

“Heh well then be respectful then.” He then looked at her her sister.” How old is she?”

"She's twelve." Bernadetta explained.

“Twelve, heh well aren’t you a young one. Way to young to be in an apocalypse, look my offer still stands about you coming to the police station.”

"Maybe. I want to check it out on my own first." She told him, sitting on the couch.

"I understand that don’t wanna go somewhere, that your not sure of. Like I sad we don’t have much there, but you’ll at least have protection. And your sister won’t be alone when you go scavenging anymore.”

"I... Fine. We can head over and meet them once the horde below dies down." The Archer seemed quite hesitant.

"Thank you and look I understand that your nervous, I'm a complete stranger and I'm telling you to join a group you know nothing about. But I promise that nothing bad will happen to you, or your sister."

"Who's your sister?" The little girl asked suddenly, Bernadetta sighed and gave her a look.

Alister sighed.” Give me a good reason why I shouldn’t kill you?”

"That's seems like an overreaction. She’s, my cousin." Bernadetta shook her head. "It's easier to explain."

“Ugh Huh, see the way I see things is. If you’re willing to lie to me about your family, then what else are you lying about.”

"My family is the most important thing to me. When people hear cousin, they get the impression that I wouldn't do any god damn thing in this world to keep her safe." She gave him a grim look as her expression darkened. "But make no mistake, if anyone even touched her, I'd pin their dick to a tree with an arrow."

“Alright calm down Mrs archer, I wasn’t questioning how much you loved her. I just want you to be honest with me from now on, that’s it can’t build trust on lies now can’t we?”

"I just met you. Keep that in mind." She put a hand on her hip.

“I just met you as well, and I haven’t lied to you at all. Everything I’ve said has been true so far.”

"She is like my Sister. Keep that in mind."

“And that’s all well and good, I’m just saying just don’t lie to me again if you plan on joining that group in the police station.”

"It's not like you're the leader. But I'll consider it if you don't threaten me again." She crossed her arms.

“I won’t threaten you, or your cousin don’t worry you have nothing to fear from me. All I’m trying to do is find my son that’s all.”

"Then get cozy and we'll leave first thing we can. Does that work?"

“That works for me, but I’ll take watch for a while. You look like you could use the sleep.”

"Fine. Although you're the one who trekked though the horde to get here." She pointed out.

"Heh I'll be fine trust me; this old man still has plenty of sprit in him. But out of curiosity you wouldn't happen to have any melee weapons around, would you?"

"A Machete. Maybe a baseball bat. Fire axe." Bernadetta listed off.

"I can take the fire ax, way more vestal and good several things thank you. If you can show me where it is, i'll take the first watch."

"It's on the kitchen table." She pointed. "Just stand out the door. Only one way in."

"Heh alright then, I have no issue with that." Alister then grabbed an ax and stood at the door, and allowed Bernadetta to get some sleep.

As his shift neared it's end, he began to make his way back inside the room, when a strange noise made him perk his ears up. It was the sound of someone walking upstairs, one person.

Alister quickly ready his ax, not sure what was coming his way. If it was a slow walking zombie then there would be no issue, but he also kept his hand on his pistol in case it was a human.

Walking up the stairs was a strange looking woman in a yellow sundress, wearing a floppy hat, both of which were covered in blood. She seemed to be a little weary, but blinked with surprise when she saw him. "H-Hello?"

Alester raised an eyebrow at the woman." Um hi, is there something I can help you with. Are you in trouble with all that blood on you?"

"Please. I need help. My family... They're stuck under a car in that horde... I fought my way out, but I couldn't save them." She pleaded with him. "I'm begging you. I have two kids."

“Sounds like there much safer under that car then you trying to rescue them, besides I’m one man what do you want me to do about it?”

"I don't know. You're strong. And tough. Please. They'll due out there." She begged, stepping up towards him.

He then quickly pulled his pistol out.” You can stay right where you are, and as far as I’m concerned I don’t care what happens to them. Besides there’s no read for me to help, and you could be lying to me and feed me to them.”

"Why... Why would I do that? What do I have to gain? Please. You're my only hope..."

Alaster rolled his eyes and wondered what he was doing.” Alright fine I’ll help you with this, but if this is a trap your dead.”

"Oh Thank you! Thank you sir!" The Woman smiled, hold her bloodstained fingers up.

“Yea Yea whatever, let’s just hurry this up before your dies.” Alister fallowed the woman to where she said her family was.

She slowly guided Alister back down the steps, through the halls of the abandoned apartment complex. All the while he couldn't help but get a bad feeling, like something was very wrong.

“Your family better be in trouble, otherwise you’re gonna be zombie food lady. As he fallowed the woman he gripped his ax tighter fully expecting a trap of sorts.

"Don't worry sir. I promise you, it's right this way!" She nodded.

"Ugh huh." Alister still kept a tight grip on his ax, but just incase this was a trap. But if it was true then he was more than likely in deep trouble.

As they reached the bottom floor Alister looked out through the tempered glass wall and door that kept out the undead. The horde outside was mulling about, not trying to claw their way inside like before, and there was a truck out in the street, tipped over upside down from a serious accident.

“What in the fuck, you failed to mention that your car was tipped over lady. What in the fuck did you hit to make your car tip over that way?”

"We weren't driving it, they just crawled under the truck bed to hide." She answered, pointing towards the back of the truck.

“Ugh Huh, well then you’re coming with me to explain to them that I’m friendly and to help me drag them out.”

"Do you... Have an extra weapon?" She blinked.

"I do but I don't trust you with it, so there's a fire extinguisher fight next to the door so you can use that. If not then you can come un armed to help me."

"I'll... Stay back..." She looked around.

“Fine then.” Alister opened the door slowly and made his way outside, as he looked at the horde he thought to himself what the hell was he doing. When he got closer to the car he readied his ax for whatever was behind the car.

Two now undead people were pinned under the car, they both looked like they had been torn apart, their faces and chests completely turned to unrecognizable meat and bones.

“Ugh Huh just like i though.” He sighed in annoyance figuring this was a trap to get him outside. He then turned around and looked at the woman.

He turned to look at her as he closed the glass doors, shoving a piece of wood between them. "Oh no... Looks like they're already dead."

Alister was not surprised, he figured this was a trap of some sort.” Lady I’m gonna give you once chance, open the door. Because if I find a way inside your dead.”

She looked at him, the sides of her mouth tearing apart sickeningly, revealing a long sharp tongue covered in blood. "No. I'm already dead."


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Part 3

She let out a high-pitched screech, the other undead almost bring attracted by it as they turned their focus towards Alister. "And I can't wait to feast on you..."

Alaester eyes widened at the woman, as he was in shock that she was undead. But he quickly reigned his composure and started shooting the glass door and her in the process. He went through the glass and looked at the woman." What in the fuck is this bull shit here?!"

Her fingers elongated into claws, tearing the flesh as they covered themselves with blood. As she spoke, she began to growl with a primal demonically deep voice. "What's the matter...? Don't you want to SAVE. MY. FAMILY?"

Alester eyes widened. As he pointed his gun at her and fired multiple times." I never wanted to, personally I couldn't care less about them. I knew I should have listened to my instincts." As he made his way to the stairs he fired a few more shots at this weird monsters.

The shots found their marks, but the undead woman just kept walking as the gunshots drew the rest of the horde through the broken window behind her.

“Ugh shit.” Alaester decided that he shouldn’t be wasting bullets, and decided to run where Bernadetta and her cousin was. When he got in he locked the door and but heavy objects in front of it to hopefully slow it down, he the woke them both up.” Wake up it’s time to go!”

"Ugh. Huh?" The Archer blinked her eyes open. "Wait. What's happening?"

“Found a new type of zombie, bitch could fake being human and it brought the horde into the building.”

"Fuck! What!?" Bernadetta hopped up, grabbing her weapons. "Angie, we're leaving!"

Alaester readied his shotgun.” I blocked the door, that should give us some time before they come through. I would suggest going out the window but I’m not sure there’s a fire escape out there.”

"There is. I made sure of it. But what about the supplies?" She looked around at the stockpile they had accrued.

“You take what you can carry, I’m sorry to say this but take what’s more important I’m sure that damn bitch will get in soon.”

"Fuck. Okay. While we're stocking up, use the furniture in here to block the steps, buy us all some time." Bernie explained quickly.

"Got you, I'll by you two as much time as possible." Alaester looked through the eye hole and saw that the hall way was clear. He quickly started to fill the hall way with plenty of items to at least by them some time before he closed the door again and blocked the door again.

As he filled the hallway, he could hear the sound of the undead further down the stairwell, but as he turned around to lock the hotel door back, he could hear what sounded like singing, echoing off the walls and up into the hotel.

"God damn it!" Alaster quickly ran up the stairs hoping to at least save the two people that helped him out, as he made his way up the stairs as quickly as he can hoping to get to them in time.

As he reached the room, he found that they had been using the time well, packing up as much as they could, however there was still some non-essential things left unpacked. The Archer looked over, giving him a serious look, "We out of time?"

"Yes and no the undead zombies are down stairs they won't be getting up. But that bitch, that whatever she is, is more then likely in the building but I don't know where."

"What exactly is she? She's an undead?" Bernadetta asked him.

“Heh I wanna say yes, but they don’t usually talk. No it’s something completely different, it can talk think, it acts just like a human.”

"That's... Fucking creepy." She sighed, grabbing a handful of arrows. "Bottom of the building is probably going to be swarmed. We'll have to fight our way out."

“Heh story of my life so far, alright hopefully we can find somewhere else for you two to go. Don’t worry, I will watch your backs and make sure you’re cousins Is safe.”

"You know how to get to that police station from here right?" She leaned over and threw on a backpack of supplies.

“Yea I do, but it’s gonna take a while especially at night. So we’re gonna have to be extremely careful on the way there.”

"What I wouldn't do for some night vision goggles..." She crouched down, helping her cousin get her pack thoroughly secured.

"Yea well there are luxuries we can't afford that being one of them. We will have to move quickly, I don't know where that bitch is but i'm sure she's in the building somewhere."

"Alright. You ready Alaster?" She looked over at the window.

“Probably not, but if it means getting you two out of here then sure.”

"I have to keep an eye on her, can you take point? You know the way."

Alaester rolled his eyes and got in front of the two as he pointed his shotgun forward, while he couldn't see much in front of him he was very cautious. He didn't know where that talking zombie was after all.

As they opened the window and walked out into the fire escape, they looked down to see the hoard at the bottom of the set of stairs. Luckily, it seemed like it was possible to fight through it, the majority of the undead seemed to have followed the strange woman into the building.

“Well at least most are inside, which means that it will be Easter to get through the streets, and hopefully somewhere safer. But we better not linger to long.”

"Yeah. I-" They heard the sound of something loud falling down the steps behind them, then more of that humming, but louder. "Shit. Okay, we're going."

Alaester aimed at where that monster was coming from, and looked at the two.” Listen just stay calm, do not run off in a panic.”

"I'm not the type." Bernadetta pulled her bow out, aiming it back at the door inside the apartment for a month before they heard a knock. Then the doorknob turning halfway, clicking again the lock.

"Hello...? Mister?" The voice of the woman called out, it was cold and artificially sweet. "Please. Open the door. You're not scared of a little girl, right?"

“We need to move faster, that locked door isn’t gonna hold forever. That damn thing will more then like break the door down and come for us, and if that happens we’re done.”

"Fine. I'll cover the front. You cover our backs." Bernadetta called out.

"Yoo-hoo! I hear you in there. Don't you want to play?" The Undead Woman called out.

“Fuck off you damn cunt! Your not wanted.” Alaester motioned the two to hurry out the window .

As they did, he heard the door slam powerfully, "How rude! I'll have to show you what it's like to be one of us. I'm sure you'll enjoy it."

Thankfully for them they weren’t in the main room, they started making there way down the fire escape, they were hoping that she would find them.

"Fine. Have it your way." She said, the sound of a door cracking loudly spilling out behind them as they sped down the steps.

Luckily for them they are out of the room and started to make there way down quickly.” Damn it she’s in the room, we better hurry before she calls the horde here.”

As they reached the bottom of the stairs, Bernie looked down at the dozen or so undead looking up at them and kicked a raised latter that was currently up, the sharp metal landing into one of their necks. Then she began to take shots from above into them with her bow, knocking them down one shot at a time.

Alaester started swinging his ax at the undead, not wanting to use his gun to draw more of the zombies to there location. He swung over and over, slicing heads and the bottom jaws of them.

After getting through two or three, another group cane around the corner, one going straight for his arm but he was quickly stopped in his tracks by an arrow to the eye.

“Heh thanks, boy you and my son would really get along with each other.” He said hitting another zombie with his ax.

"Less Talking..." She fired another shot, pulling her arrows back out if the heads as she went along. "More... Killing..."

“Hay you doing alright? Something bothering you?” He said looking at her.

"My head... Hurts..." She out firing to hold her skull, suddenly, they heard something from the top of the fire escape.

"Yoo-hoo!" The undead woman called out. "You know. It's rude to run from a lady."

“Ou shit, hay come on we have to get moving.” Alaester picked her up and put her arm over his neck to help her move faster.

"No! She has a headache. Can't you tell." The Creature laughed, Bernadetta holding her head tighter.

"What... Is this...?" The Archer struggled forward.


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Part 4
"I wonder if I can get her to pass out!" The Undead Woman laughed.

“You fucking monster.” Alaester handed Bernadetta to her cousin, as he grabbed her bow. He then fired it at the zombie’s stomach hitting it.

"Guh!" She stepped back, holding her gut ad the effect on Bernadetta seemed to stop. "You fucking! I'll personally eat your fucking heart!"

“Well, that seems to have worked better then I thought.” He handed Bernadetta her bow back and switched to his pistol ready to fire at the zombie.” We need to run as quickly as possible.”

"Right!" Bernie kept her cousin close, picking off just enough to get them clear of this crowd.

As they got away from the zombies and into the darkness, they took a short rest.” Alright are you guys, ok?”

"Y-Yeah... I'm okay..." She huffed, checking on her cousin.

“That’s good, we need to get out of the streets and some place safe, a gas station maybe?”

"Not many around in the middle of a city. I know a supermarket." Bernadetta added.

"I wouldn't recommend it, that market is more then likely infested with zombies. There has to be somewhere better for us." He tried to think about a place for them to hide out." Look I'm sorry for this, I'm sorry that I brought the zombies to your hiding spot."

"Don't be. You didn't know. We just need to find place to go..." She tapped her chin. *There's an old movie theater not far away. Boarded up last I saw."

“Well that could be ether a good or a bad thing, good if nobody is in there, and bad for two reasons. One there’s a group there, or two someone was wise enough to keep the zombies in there.”

"Then we can clear it. We can't stay out here." She muttered.

“Ugh as much as I don’t like the idea, we might not have a choice. Alright fine will go there, but hopefully it’s safe.”

"I know the way. Let's go." She nodded, peeking out of the alley.

As they traveled their way through the alleys, avoiding the streets that are filled with zombies. After much traveling and sneaking they finally saw the movie theater.

"There." She examined it for a moment. "We could probably get in around the back."

“Yea hopefully, I still say that this is a bad idea. But for now, I don’t see anywhere else for now, hopefully it’s abandoned.”

She pointed out some straggling zombies in the street, maybe a half dozen. "We should take them out quietly. If we want to secure this location, we can't bring more here."

“Yes fine, let’s just deal with them quickly. Hopefully, it’s just them, why don’t you take the ones in the back first.”

"Right." She pulled back her bow, firing at an upward angle and expertly picking off two of them from afar, both arrows connecting with the face.

With the first two dead, Alaester moved for the others with his ax. When he got close enough to them he swung quickly, slicing into the back of there heads.

The Last two charged towards him, one of them being quickly disabled by a shit to the knee, then finished off with another arrow in the eye.

Alaester swung as hard as possible hitting the lower jaw of the zombie, before winding up again and plunging his ax into its head.

"Good work. You're almost worth sharing food with." She joked, stepping up behind him.

“Ha Ha very funny, we best hurry up we don’t know how many of them are around.”

"Right." She darted forward, next to the theater was an alley way, the gate on it was broken it and there was a couch behind it, moved from where it was at the door with extreme force. It looked like a large number of them had forced their way in, but as of right now, they didn't see any.

As the group made their way into the theater, Alaester kept an eye around each corner. While he didn't like being in the movie theater, it was better then nothing." Ugh keep your guard up, and watch your backs."

"I know..." As the entered the back of the building, a parking lot revealed itself to them, showing a grizzly scene. The entire lot was covered in bodies, mostly undead, filled with high caliber weapons fire. They seemed to have been approaching a line of concrete barricades that had been moved here to defend the location. Behind them looked to be soldiers, or what used to be soldiers, Alaster recognized them by their uniforms as U.S Military, but as for their faces, they were simply raw meat, chewed flesh, and bone.

He counted at least a dozen soldiers, but at first glance, it looked like their high caliber weapons had already been looted by some other party before them.

“God damn it, that explains what the hell happened to some of the others. Taken out by undead, and having there weapons looted by scavenger, what a disgrace.”

"They backed themselves into a corner. Or... They were trying to defend whatever was in here." Bernadetta mentioned.

"Teh they had better been defending some civilians, because if not then they weren't ready for what they saw. I'm guessing they were expecting normal zombies not whatever they faced. Right you wanna go in first or do you want me to?"

"I'll watch your back. You're going to be better in close quarters anyway." She answered.

“Right.” Alaester opened the door to the theater and gave a quick look around, he then motioned the two girls to fallow him.

Inside was another door, covered in blood on the outside, and more dead soldiers up against it, but when they checked it, it appeared to be locked.

The Archer immediately started to rifle through the guards pockets. "Search around. If they were guarding it there has to be a key."

“Could be there also can’t be one ether.” Alaester started to search the body’s, taking any ammo that could be useful to him but also searching for a key. He thoughts to himself what could kill trained soldiers, zombies should be target practice to them minus the special ones anyway.

Eventually, they heard a confirmation from Bernadetta's Cousin who held up a key she found dropped in a pile of dirt. "Is this it?"

“That would be something alright, hopefully it’s a key to the building. Though part of me hopes it’s not, because I don’t wanna see what killed these men and women, if it’s still alive.

"If the door is locked it shouldn't have gotten in." Bernie explained.

“Well here’s hoping.” He handed her the keys.” Open the door, I’ll go in once you open it.”

As Bernadetta opened the door, a rough smell hot their noses, like old week old meat left in the sun. "Oh... That's... Yikes..."

“Yea nothing inside Huh, keep your guard up and be ready we might have to run if it comes to it.” Alaester covered his mouth with a bit of his shirt and went inside.

As they stepped in, it wasn't hard to locate the source of the smell, it wasn't undead, the hall was lined with bodies. Not eaten, but extremely thin, mostly skin and bones, it looked like they had starved to death.

"Fuck. Looks like. The Horde just waited them out." Bernadetta muttered, poking one with her bow.

"God damn it, there's no worse way to die especially for soldiers. even if they came back they won't be able to do anything to us, but shit I didn't expect this to happen."

"But what was worth protecting in here? We still don't know."

“If there’s anything at all, you’re assuming that whatever they were guarding is still here. Hell for all we know they could have been defending people from something and failed.”

"But the door was still locked." She walked around, opening another door, revealing the projector room. More bodies lay on the floor, Men and Women slumped next to each other, two bodies caught their eye, each holding pistols with a bullet hole in the side of each of their heads.

Bernadetta sighed and began to pry the guns out of their hands for later.

"So where is this thing that they were protecting huh? Where is a possible cure for this bull shit, where's the food or something worth defending." Alaester said frustratingly." Ou wait it doesn't exist, they were trying to defend these people, and something happened to them. Whatever is was there gone now."

After a moment, they met back up and entered the theater itself, more bodies lined the entrance, but one caught their eye, surrounded by very clearly security personnel. It only took a second to figure out who is was as they spotted a Mayor's seal engraved onto the fancy black briefcase next to the corpse.

Bernadetta pointed it out, "I guess it wasn't a what. It was a who. Looks like the Mayor."

“Heh the mayor of this island, dead at a movie theater. That’s a god damn shame, which means this place really is lawless, and there’s no body to bring order around here that’s fantastic.”

"I never really thought there was ever a chance. There's been too much death to deal with all of them. Can't organize the military or police anymore. Every us just fighting fir themselves." She knelt down, looking over the briefcase. "It's locked."

"Then we take it with us, we might also need to find a vehicle. we can try and get to the police station in the morning, after all were not going anywhere tonight."

"Roads are clogged. Don't know if we'll be able find a way through." She pointed out.

"So are most things, but we can try and get there regardless like I said I'm taking you there so things can be easier for the both of you."

She sighed. "You know how to drive?"

"I'm forty five years old, it would be a shame if I knew how to shoot and didn't know how to drive."

"You'd be surprised. This is America after all." He chuckled devilishly.

"Quiet you, I'm unfortunately aware how most of my people are. While some can't do it because of mental or phcal problems, others are just lazy."


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Part 5

"I mean learning to shoot before learning to drive. At least I won't have to worry about finding guns in this country." She leaned over to pick up the briefcase.

“Ou Yea sure, heh if you were anywhere else you be dead and have only a kitchen knife.”

"Except I can live off the land. Cities? Really not my style." She spun the tumblers on the case lightly with her thumb.

“I can as well, never liked city’s. There to cramp and packed tight, Ugh I enjoy the forest and roil areas and such. Which is why we’re going to the police station, it’s not in the city and the people there will protect you.”

"Come on. Let's find somewhere away from the bodies to sleep. I'll clear the rest of the building." Bernadetta nodded.

“Possible one of the theaters, that could work. But I do agree we should clear the rest of the building first.”

"Are we splitting up or working as a group?"

"We stick together, splitting up would be a bad idea for everyone. So we stay together and it boost our survival odds."

"Fair enough. We checking the left or right of the theater first?" She asked putting the case down for a moment.

"I would say the right, now most theaters have an exit in them so if things south we can use those exits to escape."

"Yeah. If I had to guess I'd say we have to unblock them first though." She pointed out quickly.

"Hum." Alaester lead the way to one of the theaters, but in most of them there were several dead people in them. " Ugh well then the right side is a complete bust, let's check the next side."

As they made their way over to the left side, the bodies stopped, it seemed like most of the people wanted to stay close to the Mayor and his guards. Looking around, they didn't see anything that was an obvious threat either, and with all of the doors blocked, this looked like as good a place as any to sleep.

Alaester locked the door behind them. and looked around." Alright this should work until the morning, hopeful anyway and the chairs look comfortable enough to sleep on."

The Archer finally laid her head back, extremely tired after having to wake up so suddenly. "It'll have to do."

"Indeed thank fully these chairs are really comfortable, so we should get some sleep in no time." He said being more tired then them, as he hasn't slept all day and was originally the first on guard duty.

"Hey. Sleep next to me alright. It's safer." She called out to her cousin.

Angie rubbed her arm, pretty disturbed by all the bodies, "Y-Yeah. Uhuh..."

“You’ll be fine, don’t worry they won’t be coming back. Besides your cousin will protect you.”

"Thanks... Mister... Alaester..." She nodded, hopping up onto the seat.

He smiled at the gesture, before closing his hoping to get them to the police station tomorrow.


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The fallowing is done by Dhalexpert & Zombiesplitter53

Finding your families

The Santa Bernista Apartments
West Side of Town
Windcrest Island, Michigan

Emile called his group to the cafeteria. "Alright then everyone, we are gonna go on a field trip. We are going to get your families, mostly your parents. Brian has approved of this, so which means we have the go ahead to do this, now this is how were gonna do this. Were gonna get patty family first, fallowed by Sam then Josephine and then Paul's. This might take us a day to do this or more to do this, so we might have to sleep in the bus. Does anyone got a problem with this?"

The others muttered softly, but no one seemed to have an objection, least of all the four teens who were worried about whether or not their families were even still alive.

"Question," Billy suddenly said, raising her hand like they were in school.

"Ou hay Billy, Ugh sure how are you? Sure you can ask your question?" Emile wondered what she had in mind, thou he was thinking if she wanted to come along, and if so she probably wanted to smash some heads.

"Can I come too?" She asked, smiling snidly. "I'm all cramped up in here and I need to stretch my legs. You could use someone ready to smash some heads in case things get out of hand anyway." She shrugged. "If nothing else, I'd make a good distraction in a pinch."

Emile shrugged his shoulders." I don't mind you coming, you could be useful if we do run into trouble. I also want some of my teammates to come as well, I know you guys have been around getting food for everyone but I only need a few of you to come."

Alex shrugged his shoulders as well as some of his friends. "Sure thing man we got your back."

"Great to hear, hay Mr Sazuke you coming along to?"

The teacher was lounging in the back with a cigarette, and smiled. "We stop at a gas station to grab some smokes and you got it. You could use an adult on the team anyway, even if you've shown yourself to be pretty capable without us."

He put out the cigarette and walked over. "Anymore adults you want to ask to come with?"

"If they want to I don't mind, hell we might have to find a new gas station you know since I blew up the last one." He said rubbing his head. " Well then we had better get a move on and bring some food and water with us, mostly for Patty family I'm hoping there alright but we don't know how they might be."

As if on cue, a journalist named Larry stuck his head in the room, his ever present smile flashing at Emile. "Your bus is all loaded up. Should have enough food to last you a while in case you can't get back right away."

"That's the point, were going on a field trip. I say field trip what I really mean is me and my people are going to rescue there parents, and I'm praying that there still alive."

"I'll be praying for you," the journalist said. "I'd come with, but... I'm not much of a fighter. But I'll be holding down the fort for you."

“Right, hopefully this will be done and over with in about a day or do. Well I better get going, I have a lot of driving ahead of me.” Emile went into the bus and sat in the driver’s seat.” Alright Patty where is your home again, I’ve only been there once.”

"Um... let's see..." Patty looked around the unfamiliar part of town. "I... I think..."

"Would this help?" Lindy Young, the fortune teller Emile had met earlier, stepped onto the bus and handed Patty a small map. She looked at Emile and said, "I shall accompany you. I am quite familiar with the backstreets of this town. And I have other... skills... that you might find helpful."

“A the fortune teller, I don’t mind you coming. You where right about me finding that woman by the way. And she is, a very interesting one to say the less.”

Lindy looked back at Billy, sitting upside down on one of the seats, and smiled. "Yes. I knew she would be."

"Found it." Patty showed Emile where they were on the map and where her apartment was.

“Right then, hopefully they are still alive and things go smoothly on our way there. Best we get them first and get the gas later, we’re gonna need plenty of it.” Emile started the bus and the were on the road to Patty apartment.

Some of the students who hadn't been out yet stared out at the streets, seeing their beloved home in such a decrepit state. Jo gasped as she watched five zombies tear into some poor soul, like wild animals looking to satiate their never ending hunger. "Things will... never be the same, will they?"

One of the baseball players shook his head.” No they won’t, but hay at least we’re going to get your families hell look at us and Emile. We can’t go home, and more then likely our families are gone. Hell most of our friends are more than likely dead to.” One of the zombies saw the bus and ran into it, and was quickly killed.

Alex smiled at that.” Hay Emile remember when we escaped the city?”

“How can i forget, it was the first time I killed two of those things.” Said looking at the road.

“You mind if I tell them about it?”

“Go ahead, we know how it was for them but I don’t think they know how bad we had it.”

"What happened exactly?" Sammy asked curiously, all attention being turn to Emile's teammate.

“Well we were trying to leave the island on one of the ferry’s, but we were having trouble mostly from the main land. Apparently they were on lockdown for quarantine, which looking back we were fuck before we knew it. So we decided to go back to the hotel and head to our room, our coach wanted to go find a boat for us. We waited for hours for him to come back, he then call us panicked and told us to open the door. When we did we didn’t know it at the time but he was being chased by two of those damn things, when we got him into the room he was already bitten. So we were panicking, that’s when our good buddy driving currently decided to head to you guys school, but there where the un dead to handle. So Emile grabbed his bat told us to open the door and waked both of them, he threw up a second after because why wouldn’t he.”

“You didn’t have to tell them that.”

“Who’s telling the story, besides it make you not look like you enjoyed it. Anyway we go down the stairs and the lobby, was a massacre from the small peek that we saw of it. But we went out the back way and saw some zombies eating someone, we pushed through them. We got on the bus barely, because when we dealt with that group another came behind us, and they were runners. So we got on the bus and started ramming our way through traffic, some of the zombies tried to stop us but we ran them over. And the rest is history, we found you all and you know what happened next.”

"Yeah... your coach didn't make it..." Jo pulled her knees close to her body. "I... I admit I'm scared. What if my parents are dead or... or worse..."

Leon started rubbing her back.” Ha come on now, if the worst happens then that’s what we’re here for. Speaking of worst.” Leon looked at Paul.” Hay clown, you’ve been quite lately the fuck is wrong you?!”

“Leave him alone Leon, boy lost his girl let him grieve.” Emile said from the front.

Paul looked over and softly said, "Look... I... I'm sorry, alright?" This was a shock to everyone who knew him, especially the girls who had never heard him apologize for anything before.

“It’s fine Paul I had you do something you didn’t want to, but just don’t make stupid decision like that again.”

“What was the decision?” Alex asked.

“His girl was bitten, and I told him to put her down.”

"Look, I..." Paul looked up. "I admit, I'm used to getting my way. But now I've lost my coach and teachers. I've lost my friends. And I've lost me girl. Who know if my family is still alive. I... have no one. So I guess I'm trying to say... I could use a friend or two. So... I'm sorry for how I acted before."

Everyone looked shocked at him, but not Emile.” Suffering leads to changes, you suffered enough so I forgive you. But you don’t gotta worry about me, it’s the others you need to worry about.”

Paul looked at the others, and Sammy said, "I'll believe this change when I see it, but... fine. Just try not to act like a pompous ass and we'll get along fine."

After about thirty minutes of silence, they finally reached her apartment. Emile looked at the building and back at Patty.” Alright then, Billy Alex your coming with us. Someone keep the the bus running while we’re in there.”

"I got it," Sammy said, sitting in the driver's seat. "Be careful out there. No unnecessary risks."

“Yea I’m not gonna blow up anything this time don’t worry, besides that’s your job to be taking unnecessary risk.” Emile referring to when they met, and he helped her with the makeshift armor he made her.

Sam gave him a wink. "Have fun," she said opening the door.


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Part 2

A zombie immediately turned towards them, only to have its skull caved in by Billy's bat. "Oh, how I missed this!" she practically sang.

Emile smiled at Sam and turned to Billy.” Yeah I figured you did, that’s why I’m bringing you. Just don’t go taking on things you can’t fight alone.”

"Yeah, yeah." Billy grinned at him. "As long as I get to have my fun."

Patty looked up at the apartments, focusing on one on the second floor with blood smeared on the door.

“Hay come now Patt I’m sure it’s not there blood, maybe there ok and they are just scared.” He said hopefully comforting her.

She nodded. She lifted a crowbar up to her shoulder and said, "Let's find out."

“Billy your up front with me.” As they entered the apartment, the building wreaked of dead and rotten flesh.” Ugh god damn it it wrecks in here.”

"Tell me about it." Billy felt like she was going to gag. She flinched at the sound of something clinking against the roof above them. "Hmm... sounds like we've got stalkers."

"Let's just get to the apartment fast," Patty suggested.

Patty stood next to Emile and Bill as they made there way to her home. Alex kept his shotgun in his hand as he watched there backs, finally they made it to her home.” Alright Patty this is all you will be right behind you if something goes wrong.”

Patty nodded, and tried the doorknob. "It's locked. Is that a good sign? Or a bad one?"

"I'd say good," Billy offered. "Dead heads don't know how to lock doors."

"Good point." Patty pulled out her keys and worked on the stubborn lock. As she did, Emile couldn't help but feel they were being watched.

As he looked up, he saw it. One of the zombies was peeking at the from of the side of the roof.

"Shit, look alive we might be having company in a minute. Billy stay behind us, Alex front and center with me." Emile switched to his hunting rifle and aimed at the zombie, but he didn't fire at it in fear of the others coming. But he couldn't go with his bat nether since he never seen this kind of zombie before.

It watched him carefully before ducking away again. "Got it!" Patty said, opening the door. As she did, the zombies swung down from the ceiling. They were beastly, on all fours, each with razor sharp claws and a hungry look.

“What in the fuck is that thing!”

“Just shut up and shoot it!” Emile ordered as he and Alex fire at the strange zombie.

He hit one in the shoulder as they all leapt to the side. They were quick and maneuverable, more like aiming at wild animals then the usual undead. "Inside!" Patty yelled.

Billy ran in, as Emile and Alex kept shooting before finally getting inside themselves.” God damn it I can’t catch a break, first a screeching zombie, now this. Ou and there was also the hulking one back at y’all school. I’m starting to think I’m unlikely, regardless Alex guard the door I got the windows.”

“H... hello?" a voice called out from within the apartment.

"Mom!" Patty ran off in the direction of the voice.

Emile looked at Patty and wanted to be happy for her, but he fallowed her into the room not knowing what was in store for her. If the zombies can be hulking monsters banshies, or whatever the hell was outside. Who knows if some could talk, he fallowed closely behind her with his bat in hand.”

He followed her into a bedroom. Inside, a woman was laying on the small, twin side bed. She looked incredibly pale and thin, and was clearly malnourished. There were two girls in the room as well, twins with amber brown hair and blue eyes around nine years old or so. They all regarded Patty with delight, but Emile and his weapon with fear.

“Alright there alive that’s great, it’s good to meet you miss. My name is Emile and I’m here to get you and your family out of here, and to a much safer place. We have food and water in the bus, but before that there’s a zombie out there that we need to get past.”

"O-oh..." The mother sat up slowly. You should... just leave me. I'll only slow you down..."

“Well unfortunately I’m not that type of guy, and I do want to save as many people as I can. So unless you’re bitten you’re coming with us.”

She shook her head. "I wasn't bitten, I'm just... a little under the weather. And we ran out of food."

"I see three of the leaping guys," Billy called out from the living room. "One of them is scratching at the door like a dog or something."

The little girls gave Emile a scared look. "Are they gonna get in?" one of them asked.

Emile looked down at the child and patted her head not while I’m here, and if they do you won’t be here to see it.” Emile rubbed his head as he tried to think of a plan for them to get them out of there. He then opened a window and yelled to Sam to bring the bus to there side.

He heard the bus moving, but as he did, one of the zombies rounded the corner and took a leap at the window.

“Sam!” He shouted as the zombie went through the window, he almost jumped out the window to help the people in the bus but couldn’t because he would abandon the people he was with. Emile decided to take action.” Billy there’s three of those things out there right?” Emile asked his friend to give him his shotgun, he then told Patty to stay close with her family. He closed the door behind him and told Billy to Alex to stand with him as he wanted Billy to open the door.

Billy nodded, reaching for the doorknob and quickly opening it, catching one of the creatures by surprise.

Emile fire his shotgun right at its head, completely obliterating it’s head off it’s shoulders. “Kill them and clear a path!” He shouted to the others.

"Go time!" Bethany darted out of the apartment. One of the leapers jumped at her and took a swipe at her head. She ducked back gracefully and it soared over her. By the time it had landed and turned, she was ready with her bat, first to its spine, then squarely smashing its head between the bat and the ground.

Alex saw the third one and aimed his rifle at it, but before he could fire to lunged at him. But Alex stepped away from it, however he did trip leaving him open to an attack. The zombie tried to lunge at him, but Emile fired his shotgun at its chest putting a hole in it. This allowed Alex to use the rifle and shoot its head, Emile helped his friend up and the switched weapon again.” Alex Bill get Patty and her family down stairs I need to go help the others.” Emile switched to his bat as he ran outside panicking.

There was a horde making its way to the bus, including four runners. Everyone was standing outside the bus, ready to defend it, even Paul.

When Emile came outside he looked around. and held on to Jo." Were is Sam! is the zombie in the bus dead? Is she still in there?!" Emile said in a panicked state."

Jo sighed, but gave him an encouraging smile. "I'm okay," Sam said, stepping down from the bus. She was tired, sweating, and covered in zombie blood, but seemed okay. She pointed to one of the shoulder guards Emile had given her, large teeth marks in it. "You saved me," she said.

Emile gave a sigh of relief, that the gear he gave her back at the school paid off and saved her life.” Ou thank god, alright then. We need to hold this area for now, until Billy and Alex get Patty and her family down.” Emile looked through his scope and looked at the horde, and he saw a banshee.” Patty hurry the the hell up!” Emile said panicking.

It moved forward slowly. It at least seemed to be in no hurry. The runners, on the other hand, were quickly upon them. Luckily, running ahead of the rest of the horde made them easier pickings then they would have been otherwise.

Emile aimed at the one of the runners and fired at its leg.” Hit what you can, I know that there fast but ether go for there knees or chest slow them down as best you can. But whatever you do, don’t hit the what looks like a normal woman in that horde.”

They all nodded and prepared for the zombies. As they reached the group, teamwork was key. They were able to take them down without injury thanks to the zombies' single-minded focus, going after one person while ignoring the others. Even small Jo scored a hit, bashing a zombie in the knee and allowing Paul a follow-up to its head.

It was good for morale. What wasn't so good was the every approaching horde, numbering in the dozens. As they drew near, however, Patty, Billy, and Alex came over with Patty's family in tow, loading them onto the bus.

As the got on the bus, Emile got back on the wheel and drove off.” Alright that one family down, next we need to hit a gas station and then go to Sam family home.”


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Part 3

Alex escorted Patty family to the back of the bus, where there was plenty of food and water.” Now then miss you need to eat slowly, don’t want you chocking on the food here.”

"Thank you," she said gratefully. "I... I was afraid we would die in there," she admitted, tearing up. "Thank you all so much."

“It’s no issue mam, I’m glad we could help.” Alex gave the the woman and her kids plenty of water first, they could have been severely dehydrated. He then started to give them food one at a time, he didn’t want them to choke. He also didn’t know if there stomach could handle large amounts of food just yet.

As the girls slowly ate, one of the twins asked, "Where are we going to go?"

"Do you live in this bus?" asked the other.

“No no, we live with a group in a apartment that doesn’t have zombies in it. There are plenty of people there, as well as kids so you will be safe when we get there. But for now we’re getting the teens in this bus family’s that’s all.” Alex then looked at Emile.” So we’re going to the gas station next and then Sams hous, you look quite worried for Sam there buddy.”

Leo then came behind him.” Yea I mean you two were alone together at the school, and at the grocery store. You wanna tell us something buddy?”

“Yea that you’re both dumb assess, and you need to mind your own business. There’s nothing there, we’re good friends, same with me and Patty.”

“Ou Yea friends, you mean like you and Jessica were just friends.” Leo teased.

“Shut the fuck up Leon.”

Sam looked over from her seat, having heard her name but not the conversation. Seeing an annoyed Emile, she asked, "Everything okay, Emile?"

Emile tapped the wheel." Yea everything's fine, just fine Sam."

Leon looked at Sam." Ou we were just talking about how you and Emile are getting along, you two sure have been alone a lot." Emile then gave him a swift punch in the nuts, forcing Leon to his knees.

"Seriously Leon, you should know not to tempt Emile. You know how he is, were just joking around Sam giving our good friend some shit. And taking about you Patty and him, nothing else. It also embarrass our good buddy here." Alex said honestly.

Patty glanced over to Sam, who only shrugged. "I understand," Patty said. She looked at Leon and said, "Maybe you... shouldn't tease him too much."

"Naw he's used to it, it's only when we talk about people he likes he gets embaraced. He knows I'm only joking with him. Besides Emile you gotta admit, you have been getting rather comfortable with both Sam and Patty."

"Your point, look Leon there friends that's it."

"I know, I'm just saying, you go thought a lot that we don't consider. Maybe you should get with one one of them to, get some of the stress off of you."

Patty blushed fiercely while Sam laughed. Patty's mother looked up from a small bag of chips and asked, "What are you guys talking about?"

"N-nothing, mom!" Patty quickly said. "Just... n-nothing..." She glanced at Emile, her face red.

She could see that his ear was red, which showed that he was embraced by the situation. They then got to the gas station, where Emile started filling the bus with gas and saw some propane tanks. Emile then tried to carefully open it but decided agents it, he joined Sazuke inside as he tried to find the keys for those propane tanks.

"So you two, since Emile is gone what do you both think of our fearless leader." Alex and Leon asked.

"I like him," Sammy said plainly. "Not that I'd want to get in your way, Patty. You saw him first."

Patty looked down at her hands. "Thank you, but... I doubt he likes me as much as he likes you. You're so much more interesting then me."

"Well you two do have a lot in common Patty, you could try but thanks for your honestly Sam. You and Emile do have a lot in common, and yea I will admit Patty Emile does see you like a friend, and will protect you. But Sam I don't know, he never really talks about his feelings."

Sam nodded. "Well, we'll have to see if we can change that. Maybe get him to open up some more. He certainly deserves it. A shoulder to cry on."

Jo leaned over the chair and joked, "And if you three can't come to some agreement, you could always share him."

Patty blushed, and Sam laughed, though she put her hand on Jo's face and pushed her back.

Emile then came back out with the keys, what looked to be fresh blood on him.” Ugh well tanks could be great for heat, god forbid if winter comes and this is still going on.” When he turned around everyone was looking at him.” What?”

“You Ugh got some blood on you buddy, something happened?” Alex asked.

“Ou found the person working the register, had a bit on his neck. I would say from about a week ago, put him down was all.” Paul help Leon with these tanks, there’s still food in there shockingly. Not the most healthy of food but, I’m not complaining think the rest of you can get that while I pump gas?”

"We're on it." Sammy sat up and motioned for the others to follow.

As they worked and Emile filled up the tank, Suzuke loaded as many cartons of cigarettes as he could carry onto the bus. "Figure we'll be able to get even friendlier with the guys upstairs sharing these." He took out a towel he had found and wiped off some of the blood he had got on him. "How are you holding up, Emile?"

“Depends, I’m helping others get there families back meanwhile my family could be ether dead, or starving to death. I’m a thousand miles from home worried about them, but I can’t because I have to keep the people near me safe.”

Suzuke rubbed the back of his neck. "I mean... you don't have to. No one would blame you for being selfish and just worrying about yourself like most people do."

“Yea I could be, but that would make me another selfish person at the end of the world. Plus I’ll probably die slower, but nothing would get done, sure I’ll probably die fast helping others. But at least I’ve helped them, that’s how I see it anyway. I can be selfish and get nothing done, or die faster but I’ve help those I care for live another month.”

Suzuke smiled. "Just make sure you don't try and shoulder the entire world on your shoulders. We're here to help you too, you know?"

One of the twins looked out her window. "Little girl..." she said.

Emile raised an eyebrow.” Little girl, what are you talking about?” Emile then looked at the directions she was talking about.

There was a group of the undead walking out from around a corner. In the center of the group was a young looking girl, with long, black hair and a blue and white dress speckled with blood.. Her sunken eyes, devoid of that sparkle of life, said she was among the undead, as did the blood dripping from her mouth as she snacked on something that likely once belonged to a person. As they walked along, the girl turned her head, stopping and starring at Emile and Suzuke.

“What the fuck is this shit, well that’s one question I never wanted answers to. I guess even kids are on the chopping block for this whatever it it’s. I kinda figured they weren’t but that’s just.” Emile sighed and knocked on the bus.” Everyone get on we’re leaving. He said not turning his back to the zombie child.

Everyone loaded on the bus as the child continued to stare at Emile. Her eyes might have lacked a spark of life, but he could swear he sensed a spark of intelligence in them. What's more, she didn't attack. None of them did. Some drooled, moaned, and even snarled, but none advanced like they mindlessly did before.


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Part 4

Emile started to get more worried by the second, why weren’t they attacking or moving towards them?” Why is it starting at me like that? And why isn’t she or the zombies around her moving at all, what is it up to?” He then started to mover to the front of the bus, until he was finally inside it.” Sam can you drive for me?”

"Yeah, sure." She looked out at the zombies. "Is everything okay?" She quickly started up the bus.

“No, that fact that that group of zombies is starting me down is haunting. And there just standing there that’s kinda creeping me out, besides you can drive to your home you know it best.” He then handed her the map. He then went to the back and sat next to the fortune teller. “Hay do you have a vision about zombies not attacking people but just starting them down?”

Lindy looked out the window and stared over at the zombies. Her eyes went blank for a few seconds before she nodded. "Oh... quite interesting. You are familiar with the varieties these beings are coming in, yes? The slow ones, the fast ones. The jumping ones. The large ones."

“Yea getting a nice verity of the bastards, I can handle slow and fast zombies. But those are just a nightmare. Why you have therory?”

Lindy nodded. "I believe we can call this one a... smart zombie? Perhaps that is why she only watched and did not attack." She looked out the window as they started to drive away, the zombie group starting to move on. "There is more though. Their auras were... connected to her. Almost like she was controlling them. Or, more likely, that she could control them on an unconscious level."

“Ou how fantastic.” Emile looked out the window.” You know the more I see of these things, the more I’m realizing that it’s over for us isn’t it. The world is gone and we’re returned to tribes, only with Guns. But even thoughts won’t last long ether if we can’t make bullets.”

"You might be right," Lindy said honestly. "But we don't have to become wild again. It is our job to retain order in this world. People like you, who looks out for others, you'll be important for the future."

“Heh your assuming that I live that long enough for the future, I can admit I’m a good man. But I’m just trying to help Brian out, and most of you as best I can.”

"Do not think too negatively," Lindy insisted, placing a hand over his. "None of us truly know how long we have left, but that does not mean there is no chance of us surviving through this."

“Heh yea I guess you’re right, I just hope I can at some point get off this island and be able to go home.”

"That will require us making our way to the group on the east side of the island. Perhaps we can negotiate something with them to try and get a boat."

“Something tells me from what I’ve heard that ain’t gonna happen. But I’ll find a way to get home and see my dad again, but for now my focus is keeping you all alive.”

Lindy smiled. "Thank you. You are too kind."

"Almost there," Sammy called back.

“Yea and I can say that’s my problem, I’ve got to much of my mom in me is what my dad would say.” When he heard Sam say there almost there, he then grabbed his rifle.” Heh but for now my kindness is help you all and that’s good for now.”

Lindy nodded. "Just remember it is okay to be selfish from time to time. You need to worry about yourself too."

“Heh you and Mr Suzuke both sound very much alike, heh alright I’ll try and think for myself from time to time.”

She smiled and nodded once more. Sam slowly pulled the bus up in front of one of the houses of a residential street. She stared out the window at it, saying, "This is where I live with my aunt and her boyfriend."

“Humm it’s a nice house.” Emile stood up and grabbed his pistol.” Alright then Billy your with us again, don’t want you getting bored.” Emile then grabbed his bat.” Alex take my rifle and keep an eye out from the undead on the roof, Leon watch our sides. Jack keep an eye south no telling if that damn zombie girl will come back, everyone else look over the bus.”

"I-is there... anything specific I can do?" Jo asked nervously. "I want to... be of help to Samantha..."

Emile tapped his bat trying to think of something she can do for her friend, he didn’t want her to go inside in case Sams aunt was part of the undead. But she didn’t know how to treat wounds ether. Emile then rubbed his head and gave her his bat.” You can come with us but keep at a distance, if things start going bad I need you to find the quickest way out understand?”

As they headed off the bus, carefully looking around, Jo mentioned, "I-I was in the gurlscouts for a few years. I can't think of much that I did that can help, but I do know basic first aid."

"Heh that's actually very helpful, more then you think actually. I'm hoping that her family isn't hurt, but if they are you can at least help them get back on there feet. Alright then we should get moving, Sam you and I will take point Billy you and Jo will watch our backs."

"Gotcha," Billy said, shouldering her bat. They stepped up to the door and Sammy pulled a key out of her pocket, slowly sliding into into the lock. She frowned as she turned it. "It... wasn't locked. Why wouldn't they lock it?"

Emile readied his pistole." Well then there could be a list of reasons, but for now let's focus on where they are before we focused on what possible happened to them." Emile opened the door and readied his pistole turning the safety off.

Inside was a modestly decorated home, having an older esthetic that clashed with Sammy's goth look. They stepped inside slowly. "It's too quiet," Jo whispered after they stood there for several seconds. "Maybe they're hiding."

Emile readied his pistol, and he whistled loudly.” Hello is there anybody here, we have your niece Sam with us. Don’t worry we’re not gonna hurt you.”

There was still silence. Billy asked, "Should we split up and search?"

"No!" Jo said with a hiss in her tone. "Haven't you ever seen a horror movie? We search together."

Sammy nodded in agreement. "Let's start from the bottom and work our way up." She stepped forward towards a door, leading to the basement.

“Right the basement, and going by horror movie logic. That is also the worst place to search, but we have no choice in the matter and I’m hoping that everything goes smoothly.” Sam led them to the basement and Emile turned in the lights, Emile went down first and he was ready to fire at the first thing he saw.

What he found surprised him a bit. Half the basement was used for storage, but the other half, half the area of the house, was divided into a massive bedroom. Seeing the coast was clear, Sammy unlocked the door leading into the bedroom and gripped the door know. "Ready?" she asked Emile, preparing to open it.

“Hold on a minute Sam, let’s try knocking again. Because after seeing the basement, someone definitely lives here well quite a few people live her. So let’s try knocking and hopefully wake whoever’s here up.” Emile knocked on the door. And Said that they were friendly and if Sams Aunt was there, that they have her niece.

Sam giggled bashful and said, "A-actually, this is, um... my room..."

Emile cheeks immediately went red out of embarrassment, him trying to sound like he knew what he was doing, only to be told this was Sam room. He quickly went behind the girls and had his back turned.” Yo- you go in, I’ll just be right here.”

Sam slowly placed a hand on his shoulder. "Come on, don't be like that. I want to show it to you." She slowly opened the door, scanning it to make sure no one was in it.

When Sam touched his shoulder he was taken a bit off guard by it, but he quickly regained his composure and was happy that his friends weren't here to mess with him." Alright then hopefully no one's in here, but I'll watch our backs here, and hay you can at least bring some of your close with you."

"Good idea." Sammy stepped into the room. "Want anything to drink?" she asked, walking over to a mini fridge. "I've got water, Blue Bison energy drinks, Santa Cola... I might have an apple juice in the back."

"Ou you have a mini fridge, that's actually pretty cool wish we could take that with us but we need to focus on the essentials. But I would like to take a blue bison energy drink, Bills Jo you want anything?"

"I'll have that apple juice," Jo said.


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Part 5

"Unless you have beer in there, I'll take a Blue Bison," Billy added. She looked around the room and whistled. "Pretty fancy. And expensive looking. Your aunt rich or something?"

"No, but my parents are." Sammy sighed. "And they still think they can buy my love."

"Heh it will take more then that to earn your love I'm guessing." The two girls then looked at him." What I think Sam deserves to be loved, and we been good to her right, I'm hoping that she's happy with us."

Sam smiled at him. "Very happy," she said with a wink before starting to grab some clothes.

Emile blushed slightly at the wink, but turned around when she was gathering her cloths. It’s not like he wasn’t used to seeing female cloths, but he wanted to be respectful and not look as Sam gathered her belongings as he finished the rest of his drink.”

After a few minutes, she stepped out with a duffle bag in hand. "Alright. Let's put these down by the door and check upstairs."

“Right, I’m starting to get a little worried now, I figured we run into something by now good or bad. But the fact that there’s nothing yet makes me nervous.”

They headed back up cautiously. As Sammy put her bag down, her head snapped up at the sound of the ceiling creaking. "That came from my aunt's room."

Emile sighed.” Whelp it’s make or break time, hopefully everything will be fine. Sam show is where her room is I’ll be right behind you.”

They made their way upstairs, Sam in the lead. Once up them, they cautiously walked towards a room with the door slightly cracked. Emile heard Billy whisper, "I smell blood."

Emile then grabbed Sams arms and told her to move to the side, as she did Emile kicked the door and readied his gun to fire at whatever undead was possible in the room.

A woman was staring out the window, slightly rocking side to side. On the bed was an absolute mess, what might have been a man once, completely torn apart, missing huge chunks down to the bone in many places.

“Aw shit, Sam you don’t wanna come in here. Billy I need you right now, Jo look over Sam because we may have a problem. “Emile whispered to the group.

Sammy looked distraught, and Jo quickly took her arm and pulled her away as Billy stepped forward. Even she grimaced at the brutal sight.

Emile hide his disgust from the others, but to him he felt like he was getting used to this. He shook his head and aimed his gun at the woman.” Miss I’m gonna need you to turn around slowly.”

Turn she did, and slowly, though more from physical need then instruction. The entire front of her body was covered in blood, from her mouth down to her waist. Her skin was dry and withered, like a raisin in the sun, her eyes sunken and vacant of human thought. She looked deathly, skin and bones barely holding together. As she started moving towards Emile, her joints creaked, and she was very slow, as if unable to move well.

“Ou no, I was afraid this would happen. Billy you mind taking this, I don’t wanna waste the ammo and I don’t want Sam to see this.”

Billy nodded solemnly. "Go... go talk to her. I'll deal with... this." She lifted her bat and cautiously walked forward.

“Right the part I’m not the best with.” Emile left the room and went to Sam and Jo. He saw Jo trying to comfort her friend, Emile sighed and hugged Sam while turning her head away from the door While Billy put down the zombie.

Sam seemed to be in shock, staring towards the door. "Is my... aunt..." She jumped at the sound of a loud crack and the thump of something hitting the floor.

"Yea, I'm sorry Sam but Billy is putting her down. I'm sorry Sam I don't know what happened to her, but she didn't survive and was gone." He then squeezed her tighter hoping to comforted her.

She started to sob and sniffle, soon breaking into a full cry, her dark mascara running down her cheeks. She held him tightly, sobbing against his chest.

“SSH it’s ok Sam it’s alright.” He motioned for Jo to help as well hoping she could hug her back, he then started to rub Sams hair and started whipping her eyes of mascara. “It’s gonna be alright Sam we’re here for you Sam.”

She nodded as Jo hugged her back. "Thank you. I just... if my aunt is... gone... and with my parents across the country... I'm all alone now."

"No no your not alone, you have Jo your best friend, and there's Patty and." Emile couldn't really think about anyone else. Ou god damn it. Emile then swallowed and said." And you have me, I will be there for you as well because I know exactly how you feel, and if you need me for anything my door will always be open to you once we get back home."

Sammy nodded once more, stepping back and wiping her eyes. As Billy returned, Sam said, "We can... we can go. There is nothing for us here anymore..."

Emile continued to rub Sam head, but there was one issue.” Well there is one thing, it’s not major but Sam can I have your permission to take your blinkets? It’s because sincerely we’re gonna be sleeping on the bus, might as well be comfortable. But more importantly to cover the broken window.”

She nodded, and led the others to the spare bedroom and a closet full of Spear sheets and blankets. She went down to her room once more, getting her own thick quilt and such. They called some others in to carry the blankets and some pillows. They all saw Sam's distraught face and remained silent, assuming what they had found.

When the blankets were on the bus, Emile grabbed some duck tape and put several straps on a blanket to cover the window. Once that was done he told Alex to take over driving, and told Paul to tell Alex where his home was.

Paul stepped up to the front, glancing at the map. "East of here a couple miles, then north."

“Right, hopefully we can get there before the sun goes down.” Alex looked back at his friend, but he quickly went back to focusing on the road.

Emile went to the back and grabbed some napkins, and put some water on them. He then went to Sam and told her to look up, when she did he started whipping her face of its mascara.

"Thank you," she said, finally having stopped crying. "I must look so pathetic..."

“No you don’t look pathetic, who would say that. You taking this exactly like anyone should, no one will blame you for crying. In fact why don’t we try giving you some good news.” Emile signed the fortune teller to come where he was, as well as the teacher.

They both stepped over, Lindy looking sympathetic while Susuke sighed and said, "Sorry, Samantha. Is there... anything we can do?"

“How about some words of encouragement Sasuke, and Lindy, your vision helped me find Billy, maybe you can give Same a positive reading?”

"Perhaps I can try and see what has happened to Sam's parents?" She pulled out her tarot cards.

“Um that may or may not be a good idea, she Looked down at her cards and sighed.” Sam what do you think?”

Sam slowly nodded. "I mean... if I learn they died now or later, I will have to face to. Might as well make it now."

Emile shrugged his shoulders.” Alright Lindy, you can tell her what you see. And hay why not for fun give her a glimpse into her future, it could be brighter right?”

"Yes, I can do that." Lindy handed Sam the deck to shuffle. When she was done, Lindy sat on the floor and started laying them out. "Hmm..." after a while, she smiled. "The cards tell me your parents are alive."

“Ha see so not all is lost, there still alive so maybe one day we can find them, if we ever get off this island. Do you have anything else Lindy?”

Lindy turned over the last of her cards. "Unsurprisingly, I see much hardship in your near future. However..." She tapped the Lovers card. "You will not be alone. Someone special will be there for you."

“Heh that’s great knowing, so you won’t be alone after all. Thanks Lindy.” Emile then rubbed Sam head.” Heh see so you won’t be alone after all.”

She nodded. "I'm not sure how much stock I should put in fortune telling, but it's comforting."


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Part 6

"And it at least gives you some hope." The teacher looked out the window and sighed. "We are in desperate need of that these days."

“Yea no kidding.” Emile looked back to see Patty and her family, notably her mother who was now resting on the chair.” But at least I gave that hope to someone, don’t worry Sam you’ll find your special person.” He rubbed Sams head and walked over to Patty and her family.” How are you guys holding up?”

Patty smiled at him. "We're doing well. I can't thank you enough. Jess? Allie?"

The twins smiled at Emile as well and walked over to Emile to hug his legs. "Thank you!"

Emile smiled at the two.” Hay look it was no problem at all, I just wanted my friends to have there families back.”

"Are we going to get yours soon?" One of them asked.

"Where do you live?" asked the other.

Emile stopped smiling at them and rubbed their heads.” Heh don’t worry about my folks, I’ll see them eventually.” He said knowing he wouldn’t ever see them.

They gave him a worried look but said nothing more. Trying to change the subject, Patty placed her hand on his arm and looked at her resting mother. "You saved them. You really did. And not in a 'they could have died' way. They have been low on food for a while, and my mother hasn't eaten in days. If you hadn't brought us to get them now, we would have lost her, and my sisters would have starved."

“That’s why I went to them first, I figured that they would be. But truth be told I wasn’t expecting much, in fact I was thinking the worst case scenario happened to them. That’s why I went they needed the help more.”

Penny looked towards the others. "Is Samantha doing okay? Her aunt... she was...?"

Emile shook his head.” She didn’t make it, I don’t know what happened I don’t know how it happened. But her family is gone.”

"That's horrible... and so unfair." Patty sighed and looked down. "I hope she doesn't end up resenting me."

“No, I don’t think that’s gonna happen, your family needed the help the most that’s why I went there first. But Sam has us, and will be there to cheer her up.”

"We'll help!" the twins said together, smiling brightly.

“Heh if you think you can cheer her up go ahead.” He then looked at Patty mom.” Once we get to the apartment there’s a doctor we have there, the only one actually. You might wanna see her once we get there.”

The woman nodded. "Thank you. You are too kind."

“Yea it might be the thing that gets me killed one day, but until then I’ll help who I can. Or I’ll eventually see myself as a villain, and selfish of everything.”

The mother chuckled softly. "Well, I'm hoping you'll live a long life as a hero."

“Heh yea hero, I don’t really see that I mean I’m just a teenager that’s been rather lucky so far. But, I’m hoping that I do live a long life past this. Paul how much further!?” He shouted from the back.

The former footballer looked back. "About three blocks. Should be there in a couple minutes."

“Great hopefully this one goes smoothly, hopefully.” Emile grabbed his bat and again wanted Billy to join him, but before he was at the front, he gave Sam a hug and rubbed her head.

Sam smiled at him. "Did you... want me to come too?"

“Four might be a bit much, but if you want to tag along I won’t stop you. But I will tell you to be careful.”

Sam nodded. "I will be. Gotta stay safe until I see my parents again, right?"

Emile didn’t say anything, he didn’t want to ruin her hops and dreams of hopefully seeing her family again.” Right don’t want that to happen.” Alex stopped the bus in front of Paul house.” Alright everyone you know the drill, keep the bus safe until we come back.”

Everyone nodded, and Emile, Sam, Paul, and Billy stepped out. First and foremost, they had some opposition they had to face. There were half a dozen zombies clawing at the front door, with one of the clawed Leapers among them, pacing back and forth on all fours.

“Heh well we had to work eventually.” Emile put his bat away and pulled out his shotgun.” Fuck my life, I wish that we could get close to it before it sees us.”

"Want me to try and get it?" Sam asked, holding up her pistol.

“Naw it wouldn’t do anything, and I can’t risk as explosion right now so might as well go with the cripple it option.” Emile fired a the clawed leaper, hitting one of its back legs with his shotgun.

It quickly turned and let out an unhappy roar. The rest of the group turned and headed towards the teens. The leaper quickly dashed forward, a little slower then usual with its injury, though a little faster then expected since it felt no pain.

“Well I did a half decent job on it, but I would rather it not move at all.” Emile again instead of aiming for its head, fired at one of its arms with his shotgun this one taking one of its arms completely off.

It stumbled over but was quickly up again, leaping at the group. As it swiped its claws, Paul suddenly stepped forward, swimming his bat and connecting with its arm, sending it tumbling to the side with a broken wrist.

Emile cracked a smile and looked at Paul. ”Heh nice swing there Paul.” Emile then ran towards the leaper and slammed his bat into the top of its head.” The rest of you handle the others.”

"Gladly." Bully rushed amongst the group with reckless abandon, gleefully smashing heads while Sam fired at those she wasn't attacking, aiming carefully so as not to hit Billy in the process. It only took a few minutes to clean up them all, none of them particularly fast movers.

“Alright nice going everyone, Paul hopefully your dad is home. If he is then we might be able to spend the night here instead of on the bus.”

"That would be great." Paul looked towards his home. "And surely those zombies were trying to get to someone, right?"

“Yea there’s hope there, so why don’t you open the door and see if anyone is home.” He waved Paul to the door.

Paul walked up to the door, unlocking it and carefully looking inside. "Dad?" he called out. No immediate answer. "Maybe he's hiding somewhere.

“It’s possible, but it’s also possible that he’s gone Paul we don’t know for certain. Regardless we do need a place to sleep for the night.”

"So we either find your dad or clear the place out," Billy said bluntly, pushing past Paul and surveying the entryway. "Not bad I guess. A little big but I guess that means more room fo-"

She fell silent as a shotgun barrel peaked out from around a corner and was pointed directly at her face.

Emile then cocked his shotgun and pointed it at the door.” If I were you, I put that gun down mister, we have your son here, but if you shoot my friend there.” Well, your gonna have more than one problem on your hand.” Emile motioned to Paul to speak up.

"Dad, it's okay! These are my... friends?"

"I wouldn't go that far, but we're on friendly terms at least," Sam said.

Paul's father stepped out of the doorway, not yet lowering the weapon. "Paul? What are you doing here? Tell him to lower his gun, and I'll lower mine."

"Sir your gonna put your gun down because I saved your life, I saved your sons life and that woman that your pointing that gun at will more then likely kill you before you even think about firing it. So lower your gun, before she kills you."

Billy gave him a toothy grin. "Tick Tick, old man."

The man looked between her and the others. He finally slowly lowered the gun. "Fine. But you didn't save me. I was fine "

Emile rolled his eyes.” Right, I’m sure if the dozen zombies broke in being lead by one that has massive claws on all of its limbs came in your one shotgun would handle it.” He said sarcastically.” Paul is there a reason why you’re not running to your dad?”

Paul stammered a few times before muttering, "We don't have... that kind of relationship..."

"If you expect us to run into each others arms like a bunch of sissy boys, you've got another think coming." Paul's father looked at his son. "Took your damn time getting me," he said, turning and walking towards his kitchen."


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Part 7

Emile blinked a few times stunned by what he was hearing.” Ex fucking cues you? That’s your reaction to seeing your son after the world went to hell? You think of maybe going to the school, seeing if he was alive or checking the area around there maybe try and look for him?!”

The man stopped and looked back. "And how was I supposed to look for him when the world is like this? I knew he was fine. He's made of stronger stuff like me. He not some weak child or some girl. Now learn how to talk to your elders."

Emile eyes twitched at that last remark, but he took a breath.” Ok look, we are going to take you somewhere safe. There’s an apartment nearby that has been turned into a shelter for many people, there we have food and water so we are going to take you there.”

The man sighed, obviously not wanting to leave, but obviously having no choice. "Fine. Let me grab a few things."

"Actually, I really do think we should stay here for the night," Sam suggested. "It's getting dark out, and... I don't know. I have a bad feeling, like... that something bad will happen if all we have is the bus to protect us in the dark."

"That is a fairly good point, we never been outside the apartment at night before not to mention all the lights and the noise of the bus will get some attention. And I did mention that we were gonna try and stay here, before meting Pauls." Emile looked the man up and down." Guardian, hay paul do you mind if we crash here?"

"Now wait a minute," Paul's father said. "How many people are you expecting..."

"Dad, please!" Paul scoffed. "These people are here to save you. If you're not even going to thank them, letting them stay the night is the least we can do."

The man gave him an angry scowl before huffing and walking into the kitchen.

Paul sighed. "Of course everyone can stay here."

Emile couldn't help but smile at Paul, and wrapped his arm around his neck." Look at you standing up for people you once bullied, I think I'm turning you into a decent human being Paul. Though you can still use some tuning but I think I can say your a bit better then the person I first met, Sam do you mind bringing the others in. Paul go and check on your dad, Billy you and I will look around and block any easily breakable areas. Ou and Sam can you tell my team to bring the propane in as well, would rather not blow up the bus."

Same chuckled. "You got it." She went back towards the bus and Paul walked to the kitchen.

As they checked out the windows, Billy muttered, "I think I know why Paul is such an asshole at times." Oddly enough, there was more sadness then annoyance or anything else in her tone

“Yea I’m starting to see that to, but hopefully he’ll get it together because we do need him, he’s started coming around as of late.”

Billy looked towards the kitchen. "Parent’s suck..."

“Some do Bill but other don’t, you can’t help who you’re born with you just gotta deal with what you got. Heh now I just feel sorry for Paul, but Billy don’t kill his dad, you can wound him but not kill him.”

Billy chuckled, smiling again. "Alright. I won't kill him." She moved a dresser in front of a window and added, "I'll just shove that gun up his ass if he points it at me again."

“Use a broom stick it will hurt more.” As the others started getting inside, Emile and some of his teammates were making defenses around the house. Emile was actually worried about Paul, and decided to go and check on him.

Ad he stood outside the door, he could hear them arguing.

"You should have come straight home anyway!"

"Oh, like that's an excuse? There are fucking zombies out there!"

"You watch your mouth with me boy! If your mother was here..."

"She's not here because YOU drove her away, remember! She couldn't stand how you always yelled. How you're always angry at everything because of your regrets!"

"The only regret I have is having a little asshole like you as a son! You're nothing but a disappointment!"

"Oh, here we go. Because winning a damn football match is the only way to be something. The only way to make you happy. You bitter, old..."

"I said watch your mouth when you're talking to me! You think I won't put you down on the ground in front of your little bitch friends?"

The door opened and the two looked at Emile the teen shook his head and entered the room.” Wow such a good father, yelling at his son for something he himself couldn’t do a that can’t get out of his own house to look for his boy. And now that he’s in front of him, he doesn’t hug him he doesn’t cry tears of joy knowing that his sine is safe naw. He complains.” Emile then turned to Paul.” Grab a chair and sit down, because when I’m done with your father you will go help the others.”

Paul slowly sat in a chair as his father crossed his arms. "You gonna lecture me, boy?"

“Lecture? Boy? As far as you and I are concerned I’m more of a man then you are, see unlike you I’ve been fight those zombies, I’ve been feeding my people giving them water. You see all those people out there, they all fallow me, even if I’m your sons age, and I got several adults in that group. They all to the oldest to the youngest fallow me, your son even fallows me and I had to break him down but even he takes my orders. What do you do heh?”

The older man narrowed his eyes. "So you've turned my son into your obedient little bitch? Big fucking deal. But if you think I'm just gonna fall in line..."

Emile started to laugh.” Ou you hear that Paul, he doesn’t want to fall in line. He thinks he can order me around, like I’m some pussy.” He continued to laugh.

Paul gave him a worried look, not expecting him to laugh at that. His father raised an eyebrow and asked, "Are you not quite right in the head, boy?"

Emile then stopped laughing and looked rather serious.” Ou I’m fine, see this is what’s gonna happen ether you fall in line, or you get left behind. See I came here because I figured Paul would want his family back, like the other teens out there and all of them I expect when we get back to the apartment to contribute in some way. But you, if your fat ass can’t fall in line then you’re gonna stay here, see wether I wanted it or not I’m practically the second in command of our group, our leader is back at the base holding it down.” Emile then got right in his face.” So, fall in line now, and fallow my orders. Or when this is over you can stay here and die.” Emile said rather angerly.

The man cleared his throat nervously. "You... you wouldn't... leave me behind to die." He stepped back. "And... I'm not lazy. I never said... I wouldn't help."

“You better, and if you insult or degrade anyone including your son around me. And for what I heard if you degrade those women specifically out there as well, then your ass done because I have no place for bullys you will get get your shit together now or your done tomorrow. We’re done talking, Paul let’s go.” As he was about to leave he then looked back at the man.” Why the fuck are you just standing there, get to helping!” He shouted at the man.

His eyes widened a bit, and he hurried out the room. Paul slowly smiled as he watched his father carry in supplies. "That was awesome."

Emile took a massive exhale and slumped over.” Ugh me doing this is exhausting, seriously keeping up this poker face of mine is gonna leave me dry one day.”

"Yeah, I can see why." Paul crossed his arms. "I'm... sorry about him."

“It’s whatever, can’t be helped I doubt I could change him. I’m hoping when Brian gets a hold of him he will do something with him.”

Paul sighed. "I dreaded coming here... but I couldn't leave him to die. He's my father after all. Hopefully he'll come around and not be too much of a stubborn ass."

"And if he doesn't Brian will handle him, but for now we need to survive the night. Hopefully things go well and it won't end badly for us."

Paul nodded, and moved upstairs to find some spare pillows and blankets.

Ethelinda smiled as she went over some of the food they had before her eyes suddenly darted to the door and she shuttered. She then looked around in a panic. "Emile? That's enough."

Emile sighed.” Yes Ethelinda what can I help you with, if you’re referring to when I put my boot up Paul’s father’s ass I was just making a point is all.”

"No!" Lindy stood up. "The supplies, we have enough for the night. Call everyone in." She looked Emile in the eye. "They're coming."

Emil's eyes widened." Alright no mare everyone that's in, lock the bus and get your ass inside now. Man it's good having a fortune teller by your side." Emile ran out side and helped pick up Patty's mom, since she was still more then likely weak to run, he told Patty and Sam to pick up Patty's siblings wile Alex locked the bus and Leon and a few of his teammates grabbed the last of the propane as they all ran inside.


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Part 8

Everyone piled in to the building just as the sun dipped below the horizon, the blood red sky turning black and the stars coming out. As everyone sat in silence, worried about the sudden rush to get in, that's when they heard it. A deep, primordial howl echoing through the streets, followed by another, then many, many more."

Emile started to sweat, as he and the others heard the horde outside going through the streets. It reminded him of when he was running from the banshee but on a much greater scale, he was hoping that there wasn't one out there because if there was then they were more then likely dead.

A hand was gently placed on his shoulder, Lindy sitting at his side. "Are you okay?"

"Not really I'm getting flash back to when I ran from the banshee, and when I was in the city. And the school, I have a lot of bad memories from this. I'm hoping that there isn't a big one out there." He whispered quietly to her.

Lindy looked away guiltily. "I... I am afraid... there is something worse still out there."

There was another loud howl, this one much closer. "Holy crap..." Sam looked over the railing upstairs. "Emile. You have to come see this."

"God damn it." Emile said menially not wanting to say a word to loudly, as he went upstairs where Sam was and looked at what she was pointing out.

A dark being trudged though the streets, tall and muscular. It had pale green skin and a curved face with large, pointed ears, giving it a humanoid bat appearance. Its large mouth was filled with razor sharp teeth, and it had large hands with talon-like claws. It was a walking nightmare.

"What is that... Nosferatu looking motherfucker?" Sam whispered. "And why haven't we seen one until now?"

"I don't know, where are all these fucked up zombies coming from? Hopefully they will keep walking and not notice us." He whispered to her.

A large group a zombies headed in its direction, going straight towards it. One bumped into it, and its eyes glowed red as it angrily lashed out. With a single slash of its claws, the zombie that dared touch it, along with half a dozen behind it, practically fell apart into sliced pieces in a brilliant display of blood and violence. It then continued down the street, occasionally sniffing the air, until it disappeared around a corner.

Both and Sam and Emile gulped down there fear from what they just saw." Ou shit, what in the fuck is this how do you make something like that?" Emile whispered as he was panicking." We would need heavy weapons to even scratch that thing."

"I think it best we avoid it at all costs," Lindy suggested, joining them. "I think I know how. It isn't a fortune or premonition. Simply a hunch."

"Yea no kidding, but I would like to hear your hunch though. But if that's what where seeing this at the first hour what does the rest of the night has for us?"

"Ad long as we are quiet, I believe we will be safe. As for this... Nosferatu, as you called it? I believe they only come out at night. I am not sure why, but if they were a common occurrence, someone would have run into them now. So if we only travel outside during the day..."

"Then we don't see these things at all, humm it makes you wonder what else come out her at night if that's walking around with no issue. God what the fuck are we dealing with."

"Maybe it's better if we don't know," Sam said. "I'm gonna... start handing out some food..."

“Right, and keep an eye on Patty mom she’s the weakest of all of us right now. Once tomorrow comes and we find Jo parents, we need to make a bee line back home.”

The others nodded, going to feed everyone and prepare for bed, leaving Emile to his thoughts.

As he was loading his weapon, he couldn’t sleep, he was to terrified from what he saw to sleep.” What the hell is going on, it’s like this place is one big testing grounds or something where are all these zombies coming from, and what’s going on outside this small how are the major city’s doing and is this happening all over the world?” All these thoughts prevented him from sleeping.

As he sat there restlessly, he heard a creaking noise approaching him.

As he heard the noise, he just finished loading his pistol. He turned quickly his gun pointing a whoever was coming up.

Jo gasped, raising her hands. "I-I'm sorry! I-I couldn't sleep and... a-a-and I heard you fidgeting..."

Emile lowered his weapon.” Ugh sorry Jo I’m just disturbed by what I saw earlier how can I help you?”

"I... I want to know if I can help you, Emile. You do so much for us... and I feel bad."

“Heh I do appreciate it Jo but, you can help by resting right now. I’m just staying up not just because I can’t sleep, but because I’m staying on guard and with all the zombies out there I’m just being careful.”

Jo sighed. "I... alright, I'll try. I'm just... worried, you know? After what happened to Sammy's aunt..."

“I know... I, Ugh look I’ll come down truth be told I’m not very helpful in a gazed state.” He then stood up.” I’ll come down and help you with Sam, okay.”

Jo waved her hands. "No, it's okay. You've done so much for us, for Sam, already. Please, you need your rest too."

“Heh alright then I’ll get some sleep, you just keep watching over Sam alright I am rather tired.” Emile got up and went down stairs with the others, hoping to get some sleep.

Everyone seemed so peaceful. In the dream world, all the strife of reality faded away. He couldn't help but notice the adorable sight of Patty and her family, curled up together and smiling.

Emile smiled at them, he was happy that he was able to save her family. He rubbed Patty head and found a spot on the floor and laid down, his eyes grew heavy by the second until he finally went to sleep.

He was awoken the next morning by some light spilling through a window onto his eyes. Looking around, he saw most everyone was still asleep, but there was some sound s coming from the kitchen, as well as the smell of coffee.

He stretched and started getting up making his way to the kitchen, he did however kept his pistol on him as he was just used to having it on his waist.

To his surprise, it wasn't one of the girls or adults in there but Paul, standing at the stove. The smell of meat and eggs filled the room.

“Huh and here I was thinking one of the girls woke up and started cooking something, I also figured I would go hunting at some point. But why are you making breakfast Paul?”

"Well... I figured we had a lot of food we don't have room for here, and it would be a waste to let it... uh, go to waste. So why not use it up before we leave and give everyone a nice breakfast." He looked back and smiled. "Dad can't cook for shit so I had to learn."



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Part 9

"Heh that's a good skill, to have around." Emile stood against the wall." You know my father was a very stern man, since my mom died, he's been rather distance, but he still cared for me. My dad put me in the boy scouts so I can learn many different skills, he would also take me and the whole family to a cabin during the summer and we stay there for months. While he didn't say it much, he did love me. he would hug me rub my head and all that good stuff, never once did I doubt him or had to apologize for his actions."

Paul frowned, looking back at the stove. "Sounds like a good man. I wish I could say the same..."

"He was or still is depending on if he's alive or not, regardless yea I can see why you were an asshole before. But you’re slowly changing into a mildly decent person, point is you decide the person you want to be."

Paul nodded. "Yeah. You know... it's strange..."

"What this whole situation, and the world going to hell or is it something else?"

Paul chuckled. "I mean, yeah, that. But also, me. I... hate my father so much. And yet... I'm just like him, huh?"

"You can still change, were both young we have our hole lives to become something different. So what now do we leave your dad here, or do we bring him with us?"

Paul sighed. "No... no, we'd better take him with. After all, leaving someone behind is something he would do, and I don't want to be like him."

"Hum, well there's hope for you yet. But for now I'm gonna go and relax for a little while before everyone wakes up." Emile pated Paul back." Don't worry you'll come around, eventually."

Paul smiled. "Thanks. I'll try my best."

"Heh don't worry about it, I'm gonna go look outside and see if things are alright for us to go." Emile left the house and went outside.

The city was as bleak as always. In particular, the sight of the various corpses reminded him of the creature last night. At least there was no walking dead in the immediate area. One of bodies had a crow pecking at it. It looked up and cared angrily at Emile, as if challenging him for its meal.

"Teh damn bird." Emile went into the bus to make sure they didn't pick up and stragglers. When he didn't see anyone on the bus he went back out and looked around the area, it wasn't that long ago he was in that city with his coach now was nothing but a corpse itself. He then went back into the home satisficed that he saw nothing worth concerning about.

People were starting to get up, some risen by the smell of food. Patty was busy handing out plates while Sasuke and Lindy packed up supplies. He could hear Sam in the kitchen talking to someone, likely Jo.

Patty's sisters look up at Emile as he walked by and smiled warmly as they ate some eggs. "Hi, Mr. Emile," they said together.

"Hay, well the streets are clear for now. Minus the ten now permanently dead zombies, but outside of that Jo your family is next then we can get back home and get Pattys mom to the doc so she can look her over properly." Emile then took a seat and grabbed himself a plate.

Jo stuck her head out of the kitchen and said, "Thinks, Emile. I don't think it's far now. Just a little east from here."

"Well that's good to hear, that means we can reach them and go back home." Emile then grabbed a plate of eggs and started to dig in." These are pretty good Paul."

"Thanks," Paul said. "Eat up, there's plenty. Don't want any to go to waste."

As Emile started to eat the breakfast in front of him, knowing that this will more then likely be the last time he has eggs and pancakes. Unless he finds chickens and flower, but this was good.” Alright once where done eating, we can get moving take what we can and head out.”

Everyone nodded. They really were a good group that he could count on. Everyone ate their fill and climbed back aboard the bus. It was getting a bit cramped between the new supplies and new people, but the should have been enough room to rescue Jo's family.

“Alright Jo up front, we need directions to your home darling.” Emile said sitting in the drivers seat.

The petite young woman joined him up front. "Go back to the main street, then drive east for just over a mile. I'm a lot closer to Paul's then I thought."

"Drive carefully and keep your eyes open," Sasuke said ominously.

“Don’t worry sir, I’ve gotten you this far haven’t I we just got one more mile to go and then we can get back home.” Emile started the bus and started to drive to Jo house.

Sazuke nodded. "I trust you. And everyone in our group. It is the humans outside of our apartment I'm not so keen on."

“I understand where you’re coming from, people are desperate now many will now kill you for scraps. But there are still good people out here, Hell I don’t even live here and I save you all countless times.”

Jo nodded in agreement. "I think our teacher is just worried because of the rumors about the people on the East side of the island. But I'm sure they're not that bad. Besides, we'll be ducking in and out of my home. We probably won't even see anyone else."

“Here’s hoping, because I do see where he’s coming from. We haven’t ran into those people yet, but from what I’ve heard about them. They are not to be trusted at all.”

It only took about ten minutes, dodging the undead and ducking around abandoned cars, to reach Jo's home. "Who's coming in?" Jo asked. "We should keep it to a small party. My dad's fine but his girlfriend gets creeped out by strangers easily, especially armed ones."

“Hum Jo, Sam Alex you three can handle this. We can keep a look out on the bus, if you need us just shout loudly.”

"Alright." Sam turned to Alex and smiled. "Ready to go save some more people?"

“Always here to help, besides this should hopefully be easy then we can all go to our new home.” The three got off the bus and approached the home.

It was quite small compared to the last two. Very quaint, but cozy looking. Jo stepped up to the door, surprised to find it unlocked. "Dad?" she called out, but got no answer.

Alex swallowed hearing about what happened last time.” Jo we may have a problem.” He said sadly.

She frowned. "I... but... what if they're out? O-or maybe... they're hiding like Paul's Dad."

“They could be, I’m just talking right now is all I hope there alive but the last time the door was left open it didn’t go well. Regardless we need to fallow through on finding your family.”

Jo nodded, and slipped inside. The other two followed, looking around slowly. After a bit of silence, they suddenly heard some shuffling of feet coming from the room to the side.

“Well someone’s here, if there undead or not is a mystery so you want me to go first or do you Jo?”

"Um... I'll go..." She shook a little as she lifted a bat and walked towards the living room. "Dad? Please... please don't be dead."

She stepped into the room, her living room. "Dad!" they heard her yell, followed by a loud thump.

“What the fuck was that?” Alex and Sam rushed to Jo side as they both wondered what happened.

They found her on the floor, moaning and holding her head, a man and a woman tired up near her, and three other men standing, all of them pointing shotguns at the teens. "Don't even think about moving," one of them said.

“Ou is that right, I count three of you. Look we just want the people that you got tied up is all, we don’t wanna cause any trouble. Just let them go and we will be in our way.” Alex said calmly.

One of the men whispered, "If they're not interested in the supplies, maybe..."

"Shut up!" yelled the first. "We let them go, they walk out, and five minutes later they walk back in with a dozen guys and kill us!" He looked at Alex. "Why do you want these people?"

“Because that’s the girl you just knocked down family, we came to get them just let us take them and we’ll be on our way keep whatever else you find here. We don’t need it.”

The first man smiled. "And what if I let you take the man but want to keep the women?"

The other two men looked over at him. "Ed, this is hardly the time..." one started, only for 'Ed' to turn his shotgun on him and fire into his chest.

"Don't question me!" he said with a crazed cackle.

"Holy shit, man!" The other man quickly dropped his gun when he found he was being aimed at. "Roei...!"

Ed shot the now unarmed man and scoffed. "Roei isn't here... and I'm tired of following orders." He turned back to Alex. "These guys never let me have fun. Will you? Wanna have some fun with me? You can have to woman here. You kids like those nice, round tits, right?"

"When Emile heard two shotgun shots go off, he yelled to Billy to come with him as Emile grabbed his rifle and went into the house.


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Part 10

The teens eyes widened in shock from what they just saw, Alex didn't know what he should do in this situation. he then tried to come up with something." Ugh sure I do like tits and stuff, so maybe we can talk about something."

"Oh? Is that so?" The man motioned his head towards Sam. "Tell me what you'd do to her. Don't spare any details."

As the others moved into the house, they saw someone in the shadows on the other side of the doorway leading into the living room. Emile was afraid it was another zombie, or possibly the shooter. When Emile's eyes adjusted, it was a man, and he did have a gun, but he was focused on peeking into the living room.

Alex swallowed as he looked at Sam, he then looked into the living room and saw Emile there." Sam I need you to work with me right now, Emile is here but I need you to play along with me alright? Otherwise were both dead." He whispered into Sam ear.

Emile could see his friend but saw Jo on the ground, he wanted to come up with a plan but at the moment he couldn't get a shot in.

Sam nodded silently as the man waited for Alex's answer. While Emile waited for an opening, he noticed someone moving. The was another man in the next room over. He noticed Emile and held up a finger to his lips.

"Well, what will I do to this woman, I would take her to the ground and disarm her first. Then I will rip off her shirt and bra and start playing with her breast." Alex looked like he was about to vomit in his mouth, he didn't care for Sam in any way he thought that her and his friend would be a good match. So, to have him describe how he would violate her made him very uncomfortable." I mean look at them there so plump not as big but I'm sure they will grow later."

Sam raised an eyebrow but kept her mouth shut. The gunman laughed. "I like you, kid. You're better than these wimps at least. How'd you like to join me? We could have all the women we want."

As he spoke, the second man slowly crept forward, getting closer to the gunman.

"Well that sounds fun and all but, not interested." He then talked Sam to the ground and shouted. "Emile!" Suddenly the gun man was shot in his shoulder by Emile and his rifle.

"Fucking bustard!" Emile shouted.

The man recoiled in pain. "Bastards!"

Before he could try and lift his weapon, the second man pointed a handgun at the back of his head. "Drop it, Armstrong!"

Ed froze and smiled. "Jackie boy? Is it really you? I didn't know you were working with children now."

"I said drop it before I drop you." The man reached down and knocked the shotgun out of his hands. He looked over Ed's shoulder to look for the one who fired the rifle.

When he noticed the teenager four teens and a older woman, portably in her early twenty's looking at him." Well I thank you for the help, but I would like to know why your here, and why do you have my friends parents tied up!" Emile shouted as Alex got off of Sam.

"Sorry Sam." Alex said looking down at the floor.

Sam chuckled and patted his shoulder. "It's alright, really. You really had that psycho going."

The second man, "Jackie", pulled out a badge. "Easy, kid. Jack Harris, FBI. I was transferring this piece of shit when we got stuck on this island. He escaped my partner and I've been hunting him down since."

"Hunting me down? Still upset about the hole I put in ol' Arty's face?"

"Shut it! He's a sociopath and a murder who has a tendency to chop up women after he's had his sick fun with them."

"And you were moving him through our small city!?" Sam asked angrily, checking on Jo.

"Ou well since you said all that, Bill cave his skull in." Emile ordered but before she could do anything, Alex stopped her.

"Hold on a minute, Emile he mentioned a guy named Roei sounds like that guy from the other group right?"

"Ah so he really is bringing horrid people, point stands, Billy kill him."

"Ha!" Armstrong laughed. "Like you'd just kill a disarmed man. You don't have th-"

It only took one well timed swing to snap his neck. Harris looked down at his former target. "So ends the Phantom Butcher..." He couldn't help but notice Billy and Emile both staring at him, both with weapons still raised. "You're... making me a little nervous, kid."

"That's good because I have several questions for, but first. Billy make sure he's dead. Jo get your I'm assuming parents Alex Sam search the house, we this will be the last of the supplies we need." He then turned his attention to the agent." Now as for you I have several questions for you, first and the most obvious what the fuck is going on!"

Harris slowly holstered his gun and raised his hands. "Easy kid. Just cause I'm a federal agent doesn't mean I have all the answers. All I know is I didn't have any problems with the dead not staying dead until I got to this island. Pretty suspicious if you ask me."

"Wait a minute, wait a god damn minute. When did you get here, because I need to figure this out. Because I've been here for a few weeks now." He said lowering his gun.

"Weeks?" Harris rubbed his chin. "My partner and I only arrived a week or so ago. There were no boats coming to or from the island, and no one would explain why. We were desperate to get rid of Anderson though, and across the lake and over the island was the fastest way, so we found a private boat owner who didn't know what was going on either."

Emile could feel his mind cracking.” Ok let me get this straight agent man, I’ve been on this island for two weeks now I’ve seen some the most disturbing thing no one should see. And your telling me that the world is fine?” Emile voice started getting more deranged.

Harris seemed worried about saying anything more and setting Emile off. "I mean... yeah? I think so? I mean, I don't know about now, but a week ago... yeah. No zombies."

Emile didn’t say anything as he left the room and quickly made his way outside, he then pulled out his pistol and started firing at one of the abandoned buildings. Leon saw what Emile was doing and tried to stop him.” Emile, what the fuck man the hell are you doing wasting ammo?!” He yelled.

Emile turned to his friend and he looked almost as deranged as Billy, he then finally broke down crying as he hugged his friend.

The others looked out the window in concern, as did Sam, Jo, and Jo's family from the house. It was disheartening to see their leader break down like that.

“Hay it’s okay buddy, I don’t know why your crying but it’s gonna be okay. We saved a lot of people today, and by the looks of the window we saved Jo family. Wait is Alex alright?!”

Emile slowly started to regain his composure.” He’s fine I was just given some bad news was all, hay agent man get out here.” Emile yelled out.

"I'm taking orders from a kid now?" Harris muttered, but stepped outside. He reached in his pocket for a cigarette, scoffing when he saw he was out.

“Okay agent man, this is what’s gonna happen your coming with us. You are gonna tell our real leader what you told me, your also coming with us because you will not survive out her for to long. Or you could take your chances out her, I honestly don’t care anymore it’s up to you.”

Hawkins blinked tiredly and few times and shrugged. "Whatever. Not like I have anything better to do now that I'm stuck on this island and your lady friend bashed in the head of my target."

“Yea he’s dead dead now, you might as well get on the bus and wait.” Emile went to the bus and told his teammates to help gather supplies from the house. After twenty minutes they got all they can as the bus was nearly full, Emile started the cramped bus and started to drive back to the apartment.

Sam made sure Jo was okay before moving to stand next to Emile. "Um... is everything... okay?"

“No, not even close the FBI agent there told me he got here a week ago. But had trouble getting on the island because no one would lend him a fair.”

"A week ago." Sam tilted her head. "Does that mean... things are okay off the island? But then... why hasn't anyone sent help yet? I assumed it was because they were having their own problems."

“That’s why I was crying, because I settled with the world ended, I could handle that. But if the world is fine and it’s just here, that tells me ether we are truly just contained on this island, or it hasn’t gotten everywhere yet. I don’t know anymore.”

Sam nodded. "Well, um... I'm sure there are answers somewhere. We'll find them, I'm sure of it."

“Hopefully.” It took a few hours but they finally made it back, when the gate opened Emile got off first.” We’re home.” He shouted to the others.

There was a round of applause from everyone in the bus, cheering on the young man had drove them through Hell and back. They climbed off the bus as people came out of the apartment to help with supplies. Hawkins stepped next to Emile. "So who's your boss? I figured it'd be you."

“No I’m just the dumb teen in charge of the other teens, I don’t lead this complex. That would be Brian he’s a police officer, and another man that you don’t need to know about. Hold on, hay Brian you around I got someone that wants to talk to you.”

"Brian's in a meeting with some shady looking guy in a suit and tie," Crystal called out from the doorway. "But he wanted to see you as soon as you got back."

Emile raised an eyebrow at that.” Thanks Crystal, Ou and Crystal be careful around Paul’s dad. Don’t want him touching or doing anything to you, I don’t Brian to kill for no reason or me for that matter.”

"O-okay." Crystal smiled and winked. "Thanks for always looking out for me, babe!"

"Quite the ladies’ man, aren't you?" Hawkins stated.

Emile smiled at her and looked back at Hawkins and shrugged her shoulders.” I look out for my people, even though I don’t live here I help where I can.” Emile then waved to Ethelinda.” Hay can you help get patty’s mom to Ryou?”