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On the Edge of Darkness

The offices of Amin National Insurance was abuzz as usual, with clerks and paperwork moving quickly to meet demands and quotas. Many people quickly darted out of the path to the President's office as Zahra quickly walked towards it, an obvious woman with a mission that no one should dare get in the way of.

The doors the office flew open as she stepped in and walked right up to the boss's desk, holding up a file. "What is the meaning of this?" she demanded.

Roei Al-Amin, the company president, didn't look up from the paperwork he was filling out. In a calm voice, he asked, "Don't you know how to knock? Everyone else knows to knock or make an appointment or something, but you? Just can't seem to get it in your head that you're not a special..." He looked up, noting the irritable look in her eyes, and sighed. "Tonya?"

Roei's young secretary, a woman of Chinese decent with a stern look and a strong body hidden behind a lavish work dress, walked over and took the files from Zahra. She looked them over and said, "The Temarin Firm Case. It was settled just this morning."

"I can read, thank you." Zahra closed her eyes and shook her head. "I want to know why it was 'settled' this morning. I thought we were going to stop pressuring them to sell."

"We were..." Roei looked back down at his paperwork. "But then the board and I had a late night meeting last night. Decided to up our offer. They took it. We own them now. End of story."

"They only took it because they were afraid if they didn't..."

"That we would crush their little business in a matter of weeks?" Roei shrugged. "Then they would be right. They were the last major insurance firm in the city other then us. With them out of the way, all we have left are a few mom and pop firms here and there. And soon they won't be a problem."

"Don't you think you're falling into the category of the evil, maniacal insurance company a little too willingly?" Zahra crossed her arms. "We were supposed to work with the Temarins and use their ties to the locals to strengthen our own ties. Improve our image."

"And that is no longer necessary if we are the only major firm in the city the locals can go to."

"Roei, that is a really bad idea to..."

Roei suddenly slammed down his hand and stood up. "I will not...!" He cleared his throat and adjusted his collar. "I will not have my employees questioning my every move." Tonya turned towards the door but her boss held up his hand. "You don't have to leave. She was just leaving." He walked over to Zahra. "Do not think just because you are my sister, that means I'm going to give you special treatment. Father did not give me any. You are not on the board, not yet, and you will never be if you keep stepping on my toes like this. The Temarin File is closed. Now... please... get back to your work so I can get back to mine."

Zahra stared daggers at him for a few moments. Since he had taken over, she had seen a darker side of him she had never realized was there... or had never wanted to admit she saw. With a huff, she turned and walked out, her brother calmly returning to his desk and resuming his work as if he was never interrupted.


Roei scoffed as he walked across the sizeable parking lot away from the Temarin Insurance Company Headquarters, shaking his head. "What a dump. And did you see that workforce? When the takeover goes through, I want to issue a test. The bottom half of them will be terminated immediately."

His secretary nodded in agreement. "It won't help your popularity, but it will send a clear message that only the best will be allowed to stay."

A loud moan made them both turn around halfway to their car. A man shuffled out from behind a parked vehicle and looked towards them. He groaned loudly, angrily, and started towards them. He moved faster and faster, as if he had to remember how to run, snarling as he got closer. In the dim light of the setting sun, he looked like he was covered in dry blood.

Roei just gave him a bored look while Tonya pulled out a handgun and shot him in the legs. The man tumbled to the ground... but quickly climbed to his feet and started forward again, just with a limp this time. "Damn drug addicts." Roei waved his hand dismissively. "Put him out of our misery."

"Yes sir." Tonya fired twice more, bullets punching into the man's chest. He fell back, his head hitting the ground with a sickening crack. The pair stepped forward to examine him. "Ugh..." The secretary said in disgust. "I don't think that's all his blood..."

Roei, in the meantime, was more focused on the man's eyes. Open, hollow... and still darting around. Was he still alive? How? Before he had a chance to verbalize his surprise, they were distracted by the sounds of more shuffling, more moans. Several more men and women were emerging from behind cars, moving at various speeds towards the two. One sprinted towards them, screaming angrily as she ran, until a bullet to the forehead dropped her.

Tonya only had a few moments to smile at her aim when the original attacker suddenly sat up and lunged forward in one smooth motion. She screamed in agony as he took a bite out of her leg, the shock and surprise causing her to drop her gun, the weapon sliding under a car.

Roei thrust his leg forward, his foot bashing in the man's face and sending him falling back. He grabbed Tonya and the two started slowly moving to their car again. For several agonizing seconds, they inched forward as the shuffling got closer and closer.

Roei glanced back while his secretary concentrated on moving forward and not passing out from shock. Whatever these people were, they were rapidly getting closer. Even the man who had bit his secretary was crawling forward despite his shattered, bloody face. They wouldn't make it... unless...

"Quick, give me your laptop," he said. "I have an idea."

"A-are you going to use it as a w-weapon?" Tonya stammered out, having a hard time focusing with the blood loss and pain.

"A weapon? The info is far too valuable for that." Roei suddenly stepped away from her, almost making her fall.

As he picked up the pace to his car, she cried out, "What are you doing?!"

He looked back. "Keep moving, I'll get the car and get you if I can."

She glared at him as she painfully, slowly limped forward. "You son of a bitch!" she yelled. "Get back here and help me!" He did not respond, and he reached his car just as the first of their pursuers reached Tonya, grabbing her shoulders and tackling her to the ground.

Roei started the car up and looked over to them. Tonya was screaming as more and more of the "people" piled on to her, going in for bites. He sighed sadly. Good secretaries were so hard to find. With a shake of the head, he shifted into drive and drove away.


"She... she pushed me," Roei explained to a police officer at the station. "Insisted I run ahead. Leave her. I didn't want to but... I wanted to help, but... I... she saved my life..." He placed his face in his hands. "Oh God... they ate her..."

The officer raised an eyebrow. He did not seem to be buying the "A mob of cannibals ate my secretary" story. Another officer stepped into the room. "What's going on?" asked the first.

"We checked the scene," answered the second. "No sign of anyone but there was a lot of blood."

"No sign of... anyone?" Roei looked confused. "They were eating her alive though. Did they... God, did they take her body for leftovers...?"

"We'll have to investigate that," said the first cop. "In the meantime, until we can verify your story, I want you to stay in town."

"Why?" Roei looked at him angrily. "I told you, I was attacked. I'm not the one..."

"Your secretary is missing, and either you're responsible, or a roving band of flesh eaters gobbled her up." The officer grunted. "I know which one is more likely." He stood up. "Do not leave town. Now go home. We'll call if we have any questions."

Roei grumbled as he stood up, grabbing his coat and stomping out. Now he was out a secretary and was being blamed for it. He could hardly imagine a worse day...
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Roei sped through traffic, swerving around slow or even stopped cars. The city was in chaos and he had to go to the one place he didn't want to be right now; work.

He arrived to find someone fleeing across the street from a hoard of three attackers. Zombies basically, he might as well call them what they were regardless of how crazy it was. He had no time for them. He was just happy for the distraction as he made his way inside. The lobby was a mess, plants knocked over, bodies strewn about, someone in the fountain turning the water red. And the smell? It was almost as bad as seeing his wrecked workplace.

He made his way to the top floor. Good thing the elevators still worked. Nothing kills your zombie slaying mood like having to walk up thirty-five stories. The door opened, and immediately one of the undead turned around. They had barely enough time to moan in hunger before a bullet to the brain dropped them.

The rest of Roei's zombified coworkers turned towards the noise. He had quickly learn that gunshots attracted attention, but it was a tight space anyway. Besides, he was in a hurry. He quickly moved through the office, eyeing each zombie in turn. He had also learned that not all monsters were created equal. Any who seemed to have a modicum of wits or could move at a reasonable pace were shot in the head. He used a bat to the skull for any others that got too close. He would rather have just shot them all, but a third lesson he had learned was that when the shit hit the fan, ammo became scarce.

He stormed into his office at the end of the room, smashing in the skull of an underling he was thinking of firing anyway. Guess he wouldn't have to worry about that now. "Zahra!" he shouted.

His sister poked her head up from under the desk. "R-Roei...?"

He let out a relieved sigh. "I told you not to come here. I told you it was dangerous."

"I-I thought I could help someone if I did. I... I'm sorry... I never expected you to come for me though."

"You're a pain in the ass to be sure," he said, turning around to face the oncoming hoard that meant to block their escape. "But you're still family." He lifted his bloody bat and handed his pistol to Zahra. "Let's go."

She smiled and nodded, the two moving out.


If Roei couldn't leave, either because he was under police orders or the ferries were closed, he would make the best defense he could here. Ever since the loss of his main building, Roei had been turning the former Temarin Insurance Company HQ into a fortress, using supplies from off the island and, once that was no longer an option, across it.

Using his deep pockets, the buisnessman had strong wire fencing set up along the perimeter of the structure, reinforced with road blocks and topped with razor sharp barbed wire. At the single entrance to the compound was sentry station, always manned with two men with assault rifles and one with a sniper rifle. Food, supplies, medicine, weapons, and ammunition had been secured by any means necessary. Roei had accounted for everything.

At least, he thought he had. He was now facing two muscle clad bruisers who had an unexpected issue with current management. "You got all this stuff together, and that's nice and all, but that don't mean you should be in charge!" one said.

Roei chuckled. "And who should be? You?"

"That's right." The second man chimed in, looking around at the crowd that had gathered. "We need a strong leader to keep us all alive."

"I see. Well..." Roei cracked his knuckles. "I have you beat in, well... most strength departments. Mental, Intelligence, financial. So if I can show I can beat one of you in physical strength, will we be good?"

"Beat us? Ha!" The first man stepped forward, cracking his own knuckles. "I'll take care of this. Won't take more then a minute..."

He was right, but not for the reason he believed. In terms of brute strength, he outmatched Roei. But in tactics? Dexterity? Experience? The man was obviously one who used said brute strength to get what he wanted, never facing a real challenge. Within a minute, Roei had not been touched, while his opponent was on the ground with a broken, bloody nose, a twisted ankle, and Roei holding him in an armbar. He cried out that he gave in. Roei still dislocated his shoulder.

"Son of a bitch!" the second man shouted, stepping forward and pulling out a knife.

Roei didn't hesitate to quickly release his captive and pull out a handgun, putting two in the knife man's chest. He dropped with a thud, and everyone stared on with stunned silence, especially his sister. Roei stood up and declared, "I brought you all here. And if you work with me, most of you will survive. Work against me, and you'll likely die. By the hands of those things... or..."

He pointed his gun at the other man. "Roei, don't!" his sister shouted.

Roei didn't hesitate to blow the man's brains out. He looked at some nearby guards and point to the first man he shot. "Put him somewhere secure. I want to see if simply dying makes you rise again."

As they did as they were told and the crowd dispersed, Zahra glared at him with watery eyes. "What's... happened to you?"

"Absolutely nothing," Roei said coldly, walking past her. "The world changed. I'm simply adapting..."
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The fallowing is done by Dhalexpert & Zombiesplitter53
Dark days for a teenage baseball player

Windcrest, Michigan
Simon Belmore High School
August 6th
12:01 a.m.

Despite the mid-summer month, Windcrest's largest High School was abuzz with activity as summer clubs and sports continued on through the summer break. Due to a rash of illnesses this year, the High School Baseball season had started late, but it was nearing its close.

It was only a few hours before one of the last games in the season. The visiting team from Colorado Springs was set to face off against the Windcrest Wildhawks. The visiting team was winning in games with the score at 4 to 2, but it was anyone's guess how things would go today.

While they waited for the game to start, some of the visitors were exploring the school, killing time and talking with their opponents before the game. Unlike the bad reputation the local football team had, the baseball team was relatively friendly, as were your average student.

One players from the away team was being extra friendly to his opponent, he was shacking there hands, wishing them a great game, and talking about the latest movie with some.

“Man I’m gonna miss this, I’m almost happy the season started late. Mean I didn’t have to miss graduation before today game.” One of the larger players said.

"Yeah, and the weather is pretty good this time of year," a teammate agreed. He smiled and nudged his friend. "Hey, why not try and make a... special friend while you're here. Someone to remember the trip and the year with."

“Come one man you know me, I’m a gentleman. Wouldn’t be right to mess with a girl and then leave her all heart broken. Besides I don’t do one night stands you know that.”

You’re way to nice of a guy Emile, come on you been single for what a year now.”

“Hay there’s a reason for it, I plan on going pro after this. I don’t wanna drag a girl into that I wouldn’t be around her as much as I would like, then she’ll get all depressed and complain. I don’t need that, and they don’t need it ether.”

"Well, you could at least try and make a female friend for once." One of the boys looked around and pointed to a girl reading at one of the lunchroom tables alone. "Her. She's cute. Clothes are a bit shabby, but she looks your type. Try and talk to her... unless you're scared..."

“You know I’m not scared, it’s a matter of being respectful.”

“Ou come on big guy, we’re not asking you to date her just talk to her. Look all alone she looks like she could use a friend.”

Emile rolled his eyes.” Fine I can waste some time anyway, game doesn’t start for a while. As Emile got up he heard his friends singing the ESPN song behind him.

“Um hi is this seat taken?”

The girl jumped a bit, having been fully engrossed in her book. She looked up at him with amber eyes, brushing aside some long, brown locks that fell in front of her eyes. She wore a somewhat worn, quite baggy sweater and a brown knit hat. "U-um... n-no. You can have it. I'll find another seat..."

“No no, I asked because I wanted to sit next to you.” As Emile sat down, he offered his hand to the girl.” I’m Emile, I’m one of the visiting baseball players who are you?”

"I-it's Patricia..." She cautiously shook his hand. "My friends call me Patty. I mean... my family does. Don't... have many friends..."

"Well that a shame, you look like a nice girl. So then what were you reading before I startled you?"

"Oh, um... something you'd probably find weird..." She sighed, knowing it would probably drive him away like everyone else, but she showed him it was a book on occult magic.

Emile took the book and looked it over.” Huh some magic, this looks pretty cool never seen anything like this before. Your using this for a game or something?” Emile said being genuinely curious.

Patty blinked a few times in surprise. "Um... yeah. I read it to get more into character for D&D. But I also just... like it... you know? I like... weird stuff..."

“Well it’s not that weird, I mean I read this kind of thing from time to time. So what you looking to make a sorcerer from this?”

"Y... yeah, that's right! I mean..." Patty smiled and leaned forward. "You really like this stuff too? You're not trying to trick me, right? Because... sports players don't usually..."

“Hay I might be a sports guy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like these kinda things ether. Personally, I prefer the ranger class, mostly the monster slayer class. To me that just fun.” He said smiling at patty.

She nodded. "Wow, that's... great! I'm not usually approached by boys, because..." She looked down at herself briefly. "Let alone by someone who shares my interests."

“And I find that hard to believe as well, you look like a cute girl to hang around with. And if there are people that don’t hang around you, there loss I guess.”

She blushed. "You're... too kind, really. Um... do you wanna..."

"Well, if it isn't poor poor Patty..." Several boys in Football jerseys walked up, the one who had spoke sitting next to her and grabbing the book. "What are we reading today?"

Before he could lift the book, Emile slammed his hand down on top of his.” Clearly something above your iq, now I recommend you leave the little lady alone.”

The rest of the baseball players looked on from outside, they decided to sit and watch how things played out. They’ll help if their friend needs it.

The footballer glared at Emile. "You're going to want to move your hand away from mine before I break it."

“Really because I could say the same thing, now I’m gonna ask really nicely for you. Let go of the book and leave the lady please.” He said through gritted teeth.

The footballer pulled his hand back and stood up, but didn't leave. "This your new boyfriend, triple P? Figures you'd get some out of towner who doesn't know what kind of freak you are."

"Please leave us alone, Paul," Patty said, almost desperately. "We didn't do anything t-"

"Shut it!" Paul pointed at Emile. "He touched me. Know one but my girl touches me, on or off the field."

When Emile stood up, the football team quickly realized, that he was at least a few inches taller then Paul. “Really, you one of those pig head guys aren’t you? No one touches me.” He said in a mocking tone.” Really, I did, so what are you gonna do about it? Or are acting this tough because you have numbers behind you.”

"I don't need them!"" he said, playing right into Emile's hands. "I fight my own battles. The question is if you're willing to fight over... her."

“I’m willing to fight for anyone that can’t defend themselves, that’s what real men do. And I’m telling you right now, I’ll break your damn jaw if you think I’m gonna let you lay a single hand on her.”

“Emile!” Some of the baseball players started coming into the cafeteria.” We got a problem.?”

The football players stepped forward in response, and Paul took a step back. It seemed a bit of a cowardly nature appeared when he faced an actual threat, much like most bullies. "Yeah, we have a problem," one of Paul's larger teammates said. "Your boy is messing with things that don't concern him."


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“Buddy it does concern him, see my friend here will fight you. He’s not bull shitting you he will fight for this little lady, I’m trying to make sure he doesn’t get pulled from our game by starting a needless fight.” He then grabbed the book and handed it to the patty.” Here you go miss, you might wanna come with us for a few minutes.”

"Um... o-okay..." She stood up and walked past Emile, whispering, "Be careful... he fights dirty."

“I’ll be fine little miss.” Emile then looked back at Paul.” You’re lucky, I got very important game versus your baseball team. And by this little conversation I can tell that as people there better then you, but if I see you after my game picking on some again then I get to beat yours.” He then pointed at the other players.” And the rest of your asses, you enjoy the rest of your day.” Emile grabbed his bat and left with his team.”

Paul cursed several times. "Forget them... They're not worth it..."

As they walked away, Patty smiled at Emile. "W-wow... I-I've never seen anyone stand up to him... stand up to all of them like that before."

“It what I do, I can’t stand bullies. Or anyone that mess with people that are small or weaker then them.”

"Well... thank you." Patty held her book tightly. "Did you... want to go somewhere after your game?"

“Ugh I don’t know.”

“He would love too.” One of the players stepped in.” What did in mind for our friend?”

"Oh, um..." Patty suddenly looked a bit flustered. "I don't... h-have much money. But... the beach? O-or... the library?"

“He would love to go to the beach with you, after all once we win our game today he could use some place quit to relax.”

“Now hold on a minute, I don’t need you answering for me.” Emile cleared his throat.” I would like to go to the beach with you Patty.”

She nodded eagerly. "Great! I'll... see you at the game? I'll be cheering for you all."

“Ou um great I’ll hopefully see you there.” As he waved he looked at his team mates.” I hate all of you. Why must you do this to me?”

One of them grinned and put an arm around his shoulder. "You're gonna have a blast, trust us. For now, though, we have a game to win."

“Yea we do, but once this game is over, I’m kick all of your asses. But for now, we got a championship to win boy, but most importantly let’s enjoy this last game together.”

Evening came and the game was on. It was a close one, but Emile's team won 5-4. There were handshakes with the other team and "good games" and cheers all around as the crowd started to disperse. Looking around, Emile couldn't see Patty at first. Had she changed her mind? But then he saw her by the stands, smiling at him.

He went up to the stands and waved at her.” Hay I’m impressed that you actually watched the game, I thought you would have shown up afterwards.”

She shrugged. "It... wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I saw that three run hit you got in the 7th. Turned the game around. Bet my classmates were really sweating after that."

“It’s what I do, I’m just sad now. This was my last year doing this, which means my school might have a much harder time now.” He said chuckling to himself.

Patty laughed herself. "Well, at least you're confident. Come on. Let's..." Her stomach suddenly growled loudly, and she chuckled nervously. "L-let's walk to the beach and talk."

Emile heard her stomach growl and he sighed “Hay Ugh my team is going to celebrate at one of the local restaurants, why don’t we go there first and then walk to the beach?”

"What? No, no, I'm fine! Besides, I'm... short on cash right now. Really, I'm o... kay..." She suddenly looked faint and wobbled a bit.

Emile put his hand on her shoulder to keep her steady.” Your clearly not okay, look come with me I can pay for you to get in. My dad gave me plenty of money to enjoy my time here, so you’re coming with me for food, the beach alright?”

She slowly nodded. It was embarrassing, but she was hungry, hungrier then he probably thought, so she finally smiled and said, "Okay."

"Alright then, um let's go then." Emile stood up and held Patty hand as he escorted her down the stars, wanting to be sure that she didn't wobble around the steeps.

She stepped carefully, and as they made their way to the others, she held her hand tightly. The group decided on a pizza party, and Patty seemed to enjoy herself. She consistently declined more food, but when others insisted, she would always take it, obviously having a deep appetite and being hungrier then she let on.

When things were winding down, Patty looked over to the side at half of a pizza. "Do you think I could... t-take some home? My family would enjoy this. I-I can pay you back when I get paid on Friday..."

"You don't have to pay me back, I probably won't be around that long anyway. Besides this is me wanting to help you, I don't need you to do anything for me but enjoy yourself."

She nodded eagerly, giving him a grateful smile as she gathered up the slices in a container to bring home. She carried it with her as they finally got some alone time. Aside from the occasional passerby, they had the beach to themselves. They chatted about school and hobbies, including their shared interest in 'nerdy' things.

Patty walked close to Emile, sighing contently. "You're, like... the nicest guy ever, you know? It... sucks you'll be gone in a few days..."

“Yea well that’s how things are, but I’m glad that I was able to put a much need smile on your face. I gotta say you do look nicer with smile then you did when I first met you, and sorry for those idiots that you call a football team, hopefully they lost there game today.”

"Thank you. If... if you want, we can spend more time together before..." She was interrupted by two men suddenly running up to and behind them in a panic, one of them clutching his arm. "Was... was he bleeding?" Patty asked.

“I think he was, what in the hell was that about? Maybe he was attacked by a crab or something.” He said shrugging his shoulders.

Before Patty could return to her previous thought, they heard shuffling ahead. Turning forward again, a figure in the dark was slowly moving towards them in a shambling manner. "A... a-another hurt man?" Patty asked nervously.

Emile looked suspicious and got in front of Patty.” Um hay buddy you hurt do you need some help?” The man was unresponsive.” Patricia, stay behind me.”

"O-okay..." She peeked around him nervously.

As the clouds parted and the .oonlight shined down, they could see that the person had blood rolling down their chin from their mouth. They had an empty look in their eyes, eyes that locked onto Emile. With a heavy moan, he started towards Emile slowly, arms outstretched.

Emile eyes widened at the sight of the man.” Patricia, how good are you at running?”

"Um... u-uh... I can run, but... I'm not super athletic," she answered.

“I don’t need you to be athletic, I just need you to run as fast as you can. Don’t worry I’ll protect you, now run!”

Patty took off just as the strange man reached out for Emile, the smell of death about him.

“The fuck Is this?” As the man reached out Emile, he quickly punched him in his jaw, it had little to no effect on him. Emile then started to back up.” Alright then you go we’ll come on then.”

The man practically growled as he reached out and grabbed his shoulder, his blood covered hand gripping him tightly, and reached out to bite him in the neck.

Emile used his hands to hold him by his neck, he also got a good whiff of his breath." Ou god your breath reeks!" Emile then kneed the man in the groin, and that also did nothing. The man was quickly starting to overpower him, Emile in desperation chose to grab the man by his shoulders and as he went to bit him Emile tossed him to the side. " Shit I gotta get out of her, Shit patty I can't leave her alone out here." Emile then ran in the direction Patricia was going.

He heard a scream from up ahead. It sounded like Patty up by the road.

"Shit Patty I'm coming don't worry!" Emile ran towards the screaming hoping that Patty was alright."

He found her on the ground by the side of the street. Luckily, she seemed unharmed. It looked like she had screamed because of a woman ripping out the throat of another woman on the street.

Emile looked at what was happening in front of him and couldn't believe what was happening, but he couldn't get to distracted He lifted up patty." Patty look at me, we need to run back to that restraint, we need to get back to my teammates understand?"

Patty looked like she was barely holding it together but nodded. "O-okay... yes... okay."

Emile quickly lifted her up, and they both started to run away from the beach and started making their way to the restaurant.

Once there, several of his teammates were still laughing and eating leftovers. One looked over and smiled. "Already swept her off her feet, huh?" He then saw Emile's serious expression. "What's wrong?"

"We need to leave right now, I can't explain what me and Patricia just saw but whatever we saw it's coming here. We need to get on the bus and go home, but more importantly I need somebody to drop her home." He said in a mild panic, he's teammates were confused they never seen him like this.


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"Okay, calm down man..." Hos teammate stepped forward and placed a hand on his shoulder. "We'll go with you, alright? Man... never knew you could be this shaken."

"If I explained to you what I saw you would be to, now come on let's hurry it up!" Emile held onto Patty hand and brought her to were they can talk alone." You still shaken up to?"

"Y-yeah, a little..." She moved a hair off her face. "I've... never seen someone die before. And the way she died, I... I can't believe it..."

"Yea I haven't ether." Emile rubbed his face not believing what happened." Ou god I can't believe this, one minute I'm enjoying a talk with you, then in the next were running for our lives. What the hell is going on?"

"I-I don't know." Patty sighed and closed her eyes. "I'm sorry. Can... c-can you take me home? I just... I feel safe around you."

"Well that's some trust, I mean I could try I can possibly go to one of my friends, or we can get a cab or something." Emile went and grabbed his bat. "Actually, the cab idea sounds much better, don't worry I can pay for it."

"Thank you." She smiled softly and reached out, taking his hand. "For everything."

"It's no problem, I'm just being a gentleman trying to help a lady that just needs some help." He said slightly quizzing her hand.

The next few hours ran together as a blur. He brought her home and explained the situation to her mother. They reluctantly parted ways and he went back to the hotel he was staying at with his team. He explained things to the coach, then the police over the phone, though it seemed this wasn't the only attack that night.

The next morning, they went to the docs to get a ferry to the mainland so they could go home. The coach was taking forever though, and they suddenly heard him yelling at someone.

"God damn it what is he yelling at, the sooner we get on this ferry the sooner we can go home and I can forget about last night." Emile then rubbed his head." Can someone go and check on him please?"

One of the others walked over. He returned a minute later and said, "The guy said that the... the island is on lockdown. Something about a quarantine. The ferries are closed and... n-no one is allowed on or off the island..."

“Lockdown... quarantine? Why do they need a lockdown for, and what are we supposed to do?!”

"We're supposed to sit tight on are hands like good little boys until they say we can go," the coach said, walking back over. "This is bullsh... crap. I won't stand for this. Come on... I'll take you boys back to the hotel and find a private boat to get us home."

“Yea I just need to make a call.” Emile called his dad and told them that they were gonna be delayed, but when he answered his dad sounded out of breath and in a panic.” Dad what’s wrong?” He told him nothing and asked to speak with his coach.” Um coach my dad wants to talk to you?”

The coach took the phone and said, "Sorry about this. I would have got them out last night if I knew this was gonna happen."

“Look that doesn’t matter, things are getting crazy over here. The hole state has been put on lockdown, listen please just make sure my son is safe.”

"Yes, yes of course. I won't let anything happen to any of these boys. Are... are you okay?"

“It’s debatable, I’m currently lock at my home watching police and swat team heading to the city every hour. So for now I’m fine, but I don’t know if things will get worse.”

"Alright. Don't worry, I'll keep these boys safe until my last breath."

“Thank you, now then let me talk to my son again.” The coach returned Emile phone to him. Where they talked for a few minutes, before saying I love you to each other and hanging up.

“Alright then we’re stuck, hopefully there’s no traffic on the way back to the hotel.”

After fighting through an unusual amount of traffic, they arrived back at the hotel. As promised, the coach went out to see if he could find a private boat after buying the team lunch.

Hours passed. The coach didn't return. Some of the students were getting worried. One of them tried to get past his nervousness by teasing Emile. "Hey, while the coach is out, why not visit your girlfriend?" He asked.

“First off she’s not my girlfriend, second she’s probably doing god know what. I’m sure Patty has a life of her own. Besides why didn’t you try and find someone Huh?”

"Come on, you know I'm after Debbie back home. She'd never date me if I shocked up with someone out of town. Besides, I bet the girl would love to see you're still here."

“Yea well as much as I would like to leave, coach could come back any moment. He’s been gone way to long, which means if he shows up and I’m gone I’m going to get my ass handed to me. But seriously we’re the hell is he?”

The phone to the room rang. Aside from the hotel owners, only the coach knew the number to the room.

“Huh speak of the devil and he will show up.” Emile picked up the phone and put the speaker on.” Yeah coach, you found us a boat?”

"Open the door!" the coach yelled, clearing out of breath. "For God's sake, open the door!"

"What the hell, alright." Emile went to the door and opened it. and there coach came running inside." Woa Coach are you OK?"

He was holding a cloth to his neck, blood profusely spilling out. "Close it, quick!" he coughed out. Outside, running towards the door, were two figures, a man and a woman, both of whom looked disheveled and reminded Emile of the man from the night before, though these two were much faster.

Emile slammed the door and locked it, sweat stared coming off of Emile and last night to go through his head again and he started breathing quicker.

"What the hell, coach what happened to you?" One of the players asked

He laid down, breathing heavily. "All the boats... are gone... then I got out of my car... those two attacked me... took a bite... out of... me..."

"Wait those two fallowed you here?!" Emile then slowly walked away from the door as he could hear then two slamming into it, trying to get into the room. "Coach are you sure your alright?" Emile said in a nervous tone.

"No, not... alright. Just need to... lay down..."


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"Maybe we should... call an ambulance," one of the other students suggested.

"The ambulance? Do you remember how long it took us to get here, hell I'm sure it will take the ambulance even longer." Emile rubbed his head, as he could still hear the banging of the two "People that attacked his coach." Look why don't we turn the TV on, I wanna hear what's going on out there. And someone guard that door, if they break it we might be in trouble." Emile said while turning the Tv on and going to the news.

An emergency broadcast was going on, declaring a state of emergency. "Law enforcement is telling all citizens to stay in doors at all costs," the reporter stated urgently. "Again, something is causing random citizens to attack each other. Do not leave your home for any reasons. If you are out, get a weapon and get in doors immediately!"

"Well that's not good, looks like we are indeed stuck here. Wait Coach, you said those two people fallowed you right, so that means they had to get in somehow. So, what's going on in the lobby?" The entire baseball team looked at Emile with a panic look.

The barely conscious coach slowly shook his head. "Mayham. It is... a bloody mess. I don't know... h-how safe... it is here..."

"Damn it Okay, look we can't stay here we have to go somewhere." Emile paced back and forth, all the while still hearing then banging from the outside. "Ah alright look why don't we go back to that school that we were at yesterday, that could work right?"

The others nodded, evidently deciding Emile would be their leader with the coach down. "What about the guys outside the door?"

Emile was silent and looked back at the TV when it said get a weapon, he sighed and walked to his bat. When he picked it up he sighed again." Open the door."

The others looked at each other nervously, one eventually walking over to the door and opening it. The woman immediately ran inside and towards Emile.

Emile took a deep breath and swung the bat at the woman head dropping her instantly, Emile looked like he was about to throw up." I'm sorry but please stay down." Emile was hopping that she would, but winded his bat up again.

She groaned softly, her brains clearly rattled, but she did slowly start to push up while the man from earlier stepped inside.

Emile swung his bat again at the man next and dropped him as well he then slammed his bat into the back of the woman head, and the man’s head. He then vomited on the ground clearly disgusted with what he was doing. "Grab coach, and your bats we need to get moving."

They all did as they were told, but as they were leaving, the coach said, "Leave me. I'll... just slow... you down..."

“Coach we can’t leave you our parents asked you to look over us, also you’re the adult here we’re supposed know what to do?” Emile said his toune sounding depressed.

The coach nodded, trying to think straight. "Um... avoid the lobby. Need to... get to the bus... around back..." He looked around and pointed to the right. "Down there... then turn right..."

Emile nodded he then looked his coach over; he saw where he was bitten and knew he wouldn’t last much longer.” Alright guys we need to get moving.”

They all nodded and followed him closely. Turning right down the hall and right again towards the back, they quickly found a door to the back. The crisp night air came with the smell of death. Straight ahead was the bus. To the left, two of those... people... we’re biting into a downed person. Straight ahead were three more, who moved towards the group, albeit much slower than the two in the hotel had.

“Guys we need to get to that bus, I need some of you to help me out. And the rest run to the bus and get it started.”

Two of the others stepped forward, Ralph and Leo. The others took off for the bus while the trio headed towards the shambling people. "We cracking some skulls?" Leo asked, some nervousness in his voice.

“Yea... were cracking some skulls Emile said in a very depressing/ defeated tone. Emile ran forward and swung his bat as hard as he could at the stumbling person.

Leo and Ralph each took one of the others and swung as well, Ralph hitting his target so hard that he cracked open their skull, along with the bat. Leo didn't hit as hard but his target still dropped to the ground. "I think I'm goanna be sick..."

“Yeah it doesn’t get easy easier.” Emile then looked at the two people eating someone. Until one turned around, and it slowly stood up.” Get on the bus now.”

The pair rushed to the bus as the standing person started towards them, this one a runner.

“Ou shit it runs! Run to bus go! Go! Go!” Emile yelled as he Ralph and Leo got on the bus, he quickly closed the door behind him.” Start the bus god damn it!” Emile yelled in fear.

One of the students started the bus and moved it forward, expecting it to scare off the attacker. Instead, they ran right in front of the bus as if they thought they could take it on. They couldn't.

This seemed to be the case all the way to the school. People would walk or run into the side of the bus as it weaved through stopped traffic. "What is wrong with these people?" someone asked. "It's like all they care about is trying to get us."

“I don’t know but keep driving, we have to get to that school no matter what! Hopefully else to attack.” Emile said holding on to the chair.

The student driving obviously wasn't that familiar with the controls of a bus, though it didn't help that there were several abandoned cars in the way. Somehow he made it, however, and they pulled into the parking lot and right up to the entrance of the dining area outside the cafeteria.

Emile rubbed he’s face as he looked at the school.” That honestly could have been worse, but we’re here alive to a degree. Okay well this is it, hopefully the lockdown happened during school hours.”

“Emile buddy you sound nervous, I mean we somehow survived the drive here so what’s wrong?”

“Well ether this plan of mine works, and we have a place to lay our heads for a while. Or we don’t and we’re gonna be in deep trouble. So guess I’ll go out, and knock.” Emile open the bus door and grabbed his bat, as he left the bus he made his way to the cafeteria door and knocked.

For a minute, there was nothing, and the door was locked. He tried knocking again. He considered breaking in the glass, but that would let those things in too.

Then, a short girl with pink hair peeked around a corner. Seeing a group not moaning and covered in blood, she ran over and opened the door. "Inside, quick!"

Emile looked at the girl but didn’t have time to question the hair, he whistled and the bus was turned off and his baseball team came off the bus and into the school.” Thank miss we really appreciate it.”

"Yeah, no problem. Just wasn't expecting anyone else..." She led them over to the others sitting at the benches. To Emile's dismay, there was only a little over a dozen students and a few teachers. One was Paul, the boy he had clashed with the other day. He was talking to one of his teammates and had a girl clutching his arm.

"Emile!" To his surprise, Patty ran over. "Oh, God... I had hoped you got off the island in time..."

Emile held on to Patty shoulder, to prevent her from hugging him.” Careful now Patty, I’m covered in blood her don’t want you getting all dirty. And to answer your question we couldn’t today has been in one word Hell, but it’s good seeing you again.”

Patty smiled softly. "It is good to see you too." She looked at the others laying the coach down. "Oh no..."

“Yeah, it’s not been a good day for us, our coach is more than likely dead. You guys wouldn’t happen to have shovels around, here would you?” He said in a depressing tone.

"In the utility room perhaps," one of the teachers said, a Japanese man smoking a cigarette. Naturally, such a thing would normally not be allowed in the school, but they had more things to worry about. "There is something you should know about your coach..."

“Really I highly doubt you can tell anything about him that I don’t know.”

"What if I told you he might become one of them?" the man asked.

“What the hell are you talking about, this isn’t some move or Tv show. He’s not gonna become a zombie.”

"W-what if he does though," Patty asked gently. "What if Zombies are exactly what these things are. My books, they all..."

“Patty this is not a fantasy ether, he’s not coming back!” Emile snapping at them both, he then rubbed his head.” I’m sorry, it’s just been a long day. The amount of shit I’ve seen to day and just to get her, only to be told that this is some zombie apocalypse it’s just a lot to take in.”

"They're full of shit anyway," Paul agreed. "Witchy woman reads too many books."

A goth girl with the pink haired girl scoffed. "Just hope your belief doesn't get someone killed."

The teacher sighed, dropping his cigarette and stomping it out. "Regardless, you did well to get your team here." He walked over and smiled. "Mr. Kabito. But you can call me Sazuke on account of the informal situation."

“Emile shook his hand.” Emile van dam and I’m sorry for my outbursts it’s been a hellish day.” He then looked to Patty.” I’m sorry for yelling, a man shouldn’t yell at a lady for no reason.”

She shook her head. "It's okay. We're all a bit jumpy..."

"Emile!" one of his teammates called out.

Emile closed his eyes hoping that he was not about to be proven wrong.” Yes, please tell me coach is not getting back up.”


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"He... h-he's not... but we think he's about to... go. He wants to talk to you."

A wave of sadness came over Emile as he walked to his coach with his bat in hand.” Hay coach, I’m not sure if you were awake for it all but. I managed to get us out the hotel, and to the school we were at yesterday nobody died on the way her ether.” He said knelling down.

The coach nodded lightly. "I knew you... could do it. Please... take care... of them. And... s-sorry..."

“It’s alright right, you did your best for us, I mean we won several games... and Championship... met great people... and.” Tears started to roll down Emile face.” I’ll take.. good care of... everyone sir.”

The man nodded one last time and smiled. "I know... you... will..." his breathing slowed, and finally stopped. Several of the others looked away, unable to stand seeing his passing. Even several of the other students looked saddened by his death.

Emile pressed his head onto his and shut his eyes, he then took a deep breath and slowly got up.” Your gonna want to move now.”

One of the players looked at Emile confused.” Wait what do you mean?”

He looked to Patty and Mr Kabito.” We now have a dead body, so now we’re about to who’s right. Ether I’m right and he stays dead, and if so we burry him. But if you’re right I’m praying your not, then we all have a lot to think about.”

“Emile come on man this is insane, our coach our friend just died and thinking about him coming back as a zombie! Have you finally lost it!”

Emile put his hand on his friend shoulder.” I don’t know, but we have to know fully what we’re dealing with.” He pointed his bat at Patty and Kabito.” But if there right we’re never going home, but if I’m right then I’ve finally lost it. But if I’m wrong. He flipped his bat to were the grip was pointed at his teammates.” Do any of you wanna do it?” They looked at Emile most of them disgusted and disappointed that he was thinking this way, but no took his bat and they backed up.” Alright then, coach if you’re sprit can hear me please don’t get up.

Several minutes passed, several tense minutes, but the man didn't seem to stir. It seemed they were wrong, at least about him.

Then the coach's eyes fluttered open... and he slowly stood up, looking up at Emile.

Emile cliched his bat tightly and said under his breath.” God damn it. “before swinging his bat and yelling.” God damn it!” He hit the side of his former coach head, when it went down Emile continued to slam his bat into his head all while yelling.” God damn it why did you have to get up... why! ... why you were meant to stay dead... now we can never go back home why!” The former coach head was looking more like a splattered watermelon, clearly Emile was long gone.”

“Emile!” One of his teammates took the bat from him and held him back.” It alright, he’s gone he won’t be getting back up.”

When he snapped out of his anger, he looked down at what he did. And then looked at his hand and how bloody they were, his hands started shaking and his knees buckled. Emile finally broke down and started crying after all he did today, this was the kill that broke him and made him realize that there stuck.

The others gave him his space. Even Paul looked saddened by this. After a few minutes, he felt a hand gently being placed on his shoulder. "I'm so sorry," Patty whispered as she pressed against him.

Emile didn’t say anything as he continued crying, until he felt Patty behind him. He turned around and hugged her waist.” I can’t... I can’t keep doing that.” He said into Patty shirt.

She rubbed his head. "We'll... w-we'll keep everyone safe so you don't have to. I'll help you any way I can."

Emile after a few minutes finally stopped crying and stood up, he then looked down at what remained of his former coach. he picked up his remains and looked at his teammates." Come on then he deserves a proper burial and thank you Patty for the sympathy."

The others nodded, and went to go get the shovels. "After you're done with that, we might want to move on." He looked around and stated, "We're not as secure as you might think here."

Emile stopped and turned around. "Trust me your not going anywhere right now, the only reason why me and my teammates got here is because of that bus out there. The roads are blocked by abandoned cars, and if you think about running these things over they would just get in the way and try to crash you. If you wanna leave that cool, but can me and my friends get at least a good night sleep first?"

Sazuke nodded. "Seems reasonable. I'll take first watch." He pulled out a cigarette and added, "Just don't wonder out of this area. Like I said... this place isn't as secure as it might seem..."

Emile nodded his head and made his way outside, once out one of the teachers gave them each a shovel. Each member took one but Emile told two of them to wait at the door, just in case they had company. The team didn’t travel far but they found a good enough spot to bury there coach, it took the team thirty minutes to dig a good enough hole to put there coach in, it took fifteen minutes to bury him. They then quickly made there way back inside not wanting to be out longer then needed.

“Hay Emile, what’s the plan here?” One of the players asked.

“We survive, I know we won’t be here long but for now we have food water and shelter. But if we do have to leave this place, make sure we take as much water as possible.”

"That's a good idea," Sazuke said, stepping over. "Sorry, didn't mean to eavesdrop. You make a pretty good leader though. Good head on your shoulders. Maybe we should load the extra water on your bus now while we're still clear of any of those things outside."

“It would help clear my mind from what I did, might keep the others distracted as well. We don’t know if or when the power will go out, so yeah take as much water from these fountains as you can.”

The teachers rallied everyone together to load the bus with extra water bottles from the cafeteria and jugs filled with water from the fountains. By the time they were done, everyone was tired. Patty herself yawned, all while looking outside with a worried look.

“You scared?” Emile said sitting next to here.” You got plenty to be afraid of, but for now we’re safe.”

She nodded. "My family got off the island before they closed down the ferries. I was supposed to join them after I got paid tomorrow. Now I'm... all alone..."

“You, I’m a thousand miles away from home. But hay at least you got me right, and I’m sure you have some friends here right?”

She looked over to some of the other girls and nodded, then looked back at him. "Thank you. It's nice to have someone I know I can rely on."

Emile patted her back. "That's what I'm here for, I'm here to help people." Emile then looked around." This is not what I was expecting, I was hoping for more students and teachers being around here."

Patty gave him a dark look. "There... are more here. In the rest of the school. But... They're already gone..."

"Gone? Wait what do you mean there gone, what happened before we came here?" Emile asked in confusion.

Patty pulled her legs close to her body. "This... I don't know. Virus? Disease? Curse? Whatever it is, it spreads like wildfire. It only took to of them to wonder in and start a chain reaction. They attacked, and those they attacked became one of them, and within a couple hours, there... there were more zombies in the school then humans..."

Emiles eyes widened and he covered his mouth. "So, let me get this straight, yawl hiding right now and were basically waiting to die. So, when we pulled up with our bus that was just god’s blessing huh?"

Patty nodded. She looked over to the girl with Pink hair. "Jo knows a place we can go. An apartment complex with high floors. The zombies seem to have problems with stairs. But we were afraid to go as we were. We might be spotted."

"And then we showed up. Ugh I get my friends out of one meat grinder and into another, look if we do plan to leave here we will need weapons." Emile held onto to his bat." I got my bat but to get to the other weapons around the school after what you told me will be difficult, well I mean each of my team members could go with one person to get a weapon."

Patty eagerly nodded. "That sounds like a good plan. We could get to the gym and get all sorts of things to use as a weapon there!"

Some of the students and teachers looked at the two. "Emile you can't be serious you want to arm these people?"

"Well we can't stay here after what I heard, we might wanna leave sooner rather then later. So here's wat's gonna happen, some of us are gonna go to the gym me and my friends will escort those that want to fallow there where we can get enough weapons to hold off the damn monsters, the other half of my team and the rest of you will go to the utility room and grab some weapons there. Does anyone have a problem with this?"

"I-I do!" The woman holding onto Paul's arm looked disturbed. "You want me... I mean us to go out where the zombies are?"


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"Yes, but me and my friends are going to protect you. Except for my friend Lio who broke his bat over a zombie head earlier today, look I get your scared, but you can't stay unarmed. Look me and my friends are the only ones with weapons here, we won't let any of you get hurt if we can help it."

Paul placed a hand on her shoulder. "Ad much as I hate to admit it, he's right. I don't like not having a weapon. Alright... we'll go. Just make sure you watch our backs."

“Ou don’t I got your backs. Alright so this is how it’s gonna go, my half is going to the gym. And the people that come with me are. Patty, the goth girl and the one with the pink hair, Paul, his friend and the girl that’s been clinging to him and Mr Kabito. So that means, Alex, Ralph, Jun and Jason your with me. The rest of can handle the utility room, make sure you guys make it back alright.”

“Don’t worry we got you, we won’t let anything happen to these people.”

“I know, but if you feel like you might get overwhelmed pull back immediately.” Emile gave a quick fist bump to his friend and lead his half to the gun.

The group quickly followed him. "I'm Jo by the way," said the pink hair girl. She nodded towards the goth and said, "And this is Sam."

"It's good to meet you both, and thank you again Jo for letting us in. I just wish we had showed up earlier, we probably would have gotten you out of here sooner." Emile then looked at the woman holding onto Paul's arm. "And who might you be miss?"

"Bella Parker," she answered softly, looking around worryingly.

"Well then good to meet you all, don't worry we won't let anything happen to you all." Emile then looked at Paul. "No matter what." As they started to get close to the gym They could hear gowning coming from around the corner." We might have company."

Bella ducked behind Paul, who didn't look too confident himself but was putting on a brave face. It was Sam who joined Emile at the front, ready to deal with any trouble.

Emile looked at Sam and smiled at her." well aren't you a brave soul, I do apricate the want to fight but for now you don't have a weapon, so I'm gonna have to ask you to stay back Sam."

She nodded. "Just don't be hasty or reckless." She smiled. "That's my job."

One of the undead shuffled around the corner, several of the others gasping. They recognized him.

Alex then smiled at Emile." You know I think we found your soulmate Emile, she's just as protective as you are."

"Don't get any ideas." Emile then looked at the zombie and looked back at the others." Your gonna want to close your eyes."

They nodded, most of them doing so. Only Sam kept watching as the zombie lurched towards Emile.

"Alight buddy, I'll make it quick." He charged forward and slammed his bat into the zombie head, once it was down, he slammed his bat into the back of its head. It stopped twitching, but just to be sure Emile slammed his bat into it one more time and it fully stopped moving. He then looked at Sam." You’re not disturbed by this?"

"Oh, I'm disturbed alright." Sam folded her arms. "But for all we know, this could be the new norm. If I don't get used to seeing it, it could get me or Jo killed."

Emile looked down at the dead body." Yea and that's what I'm afraid of, I'm already slowly getting used to this. I like you Sam, you seem to be a genuine good person I like that you are thinking of your friend and how to protect them." He said smiling.

Sam smiled, placing a hand on Jo's slightly trembling shoulder. "We have to look out for each other."

"Sure you're not already used to this?" Paul snared at Emile. "That's the second sport's coach you've bashed the head in of. He was my coach. Now his brain is leaking on the floor."

Emile rolled his eyes. "Listen here boy this was the fifth person I had to take down today, I don't like doing this. I have to do this in order to protect my friends and your ungrateful ass, but what are you doing ou right cowering behind me while I defend you. So you know what." Emile flipped his bat around to were the grip was facing Paul. "You do it, protect that girl of yours."

Paul blinked in surprise. "You... I... I'm... you're doing... so good though..."

“No, because you seem to think I’m used to this. I hate doing this, I hate smashing theses things heads in. But you seem to think I have no problem, so ether take the bat and put the people you knew out of commission. Or shut the hell up and quit being a smart ass.” Emile said while staring him down.

Paul scoffed. "I... don't take orders from you," he said, but fell silent.

Emile flipped his bat around and looked at Bella.” You might wanna find yourself a new boyfriend Bella, a man that refuse to protect his girl or anyone else is not worth it.” He said turning around and leading the group to the gym.

Paul grumbled as the rest of them followed closely. The sounds of moaning and shuffling could be heard all around them. Around corners. On the upper floors. In classrooms. It was almost as unnerving as having the zombies with them. When they reached the gym, there were four of them in there, three teens and an adult. They didn't notice the group at first. Seemed these things were fairly dimwitted.

“Hum Alex, Ralph, Jason, Jun do you guys mind taking them down? If you have trouble I’m right behind you.”

“Sure thing big man.” Alex said smiling as the four made there way to the undead, Alex and Jun had no issues hitting the zombies in the back of there heads, Jason hesitated but when it saw him he quickly put it down. Jun in the other hand when the teacher looked at him he froze, and started shacking.

The Zombie, on the other hand, showed no hesitation. As soon as it saw him, it rushed him, moving faster then the others had.

Jun eyes widened and he swung his bat wildly at the zombie hitting its head. But he couldn’t bring himself to finish it off, before it stood back up Emile slammed his bat into the back of its hand killing it. He then patted Jun shoulder.” Its alright I’m here to help you.”

“Ugh thanks Emile.”

“Right everyone look around, see what you could us as a weapon.”

Everyone spread out, looking for whatever they could find. "W-why do some of them run... and some of them not?" Bella wondered out loud as she searched.

“Couldn’t tell you, maybe the fast ones are the ones that get the infection or whatever this is going first. Then the slow ones are just body’s that are just there to slow you down?” Emile said sitting in one of the bleachers thinking about the day.

As the others search, Patty sat next to him and sighed. "You know... you can't just keep looking after the others without thinking of yourself. If you need someone to look after you... I can try my best. I'm not as strong as you... but I can listen."

Emile took his hat off and rubbed his head. “I have killed three of these things on the way here, I killed my coach. I killed dumb ass there coach and killed two more to get to this gym. I lead my friends from one meat grinder into another, and now I’ve somehow came here and started leading you all. My life was supposed to be me graduating and praising a baseball carrier, now I lead a bunch of people thinking about how I can keep them alive. I don’t know how much longer I can do this Patty.” He said looking down.

She gently rubbed his arm. "Only a little longer. Then we'll be somewhere safe and you can take five."

“Yeah just a little longer.” Emile put his hat back on.” Right come on we need to get you a weapon as well.”

She nodded and the search continued. Baseball bats, both wood and metal. Hockey sticks. Some metal rods from the weights. Even a few cricket bats. Sam placed a large hunting knife in the pile. When everyone gave her an odd look, she shrugged. "Found it in the gym teacher's office. Don't ask me why he had it."


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Suzuke looked over at one of the bodies. "Can't exactly ask him anymore..."

Emile shrugged and looked at Sam. Hay same can you show me where you found this knife?”

"Yup." She brought him into an office space to the side of the room. Besides the usual desk, it was filled with sports equipment and memorabilia decorating the walls, along with a dry erase board displaying a football play.

“Perfect.” Emile went the side and found some of the baseball equipment.” Hay Same come here for a second.”

Sam walked over casually but alert. "What's up?"

“Well no offense but, what you’re wearing makes you a little exposed.” Emile pulled out some Baseball catchers equipment.” But hopefully will this, you can at least have some protection. Do you mind if I put this on you?”

"I suppose not." She raised an eyebrow. "Just don't let you hands wonder, okay?"

“I will... do my best not to.” Emile told Sam to sit down as he lifted on of her legs and started putting the leg guard on.” So how do you know Jo by the way?”

"She's my best friend," Sam said casually. "We're kindred spirits of sorts. And I need a friend, and she needs a friend, along with someone to stand up for her. Jocks and such... no offense."

“None taken, I’m not really a jock. Well I’m a nerd at heart, but I’m a nerd that likes baseball.” He put her leg down, and started putting the other leg guard on her other leg. “Besides if you haven’t noticed I’m nothing like those moron jocks here, but while I’m wasting time, tell me something about you Sam.”

Sam grinned. "Well, you can probably tell I like dark things. But I'm not a stereotype either. I'm not emo or nihilistic or anything." She chuckled. "I mostly started dressing like this to get attention from my parents, but now I do it because I like the look, regardless of what people say about me."

Emile nodded his head.” Well from my point of view, the look does suit you. And it’s definitely appealing to the eye.” He said putting her leg down, Emile then grabbed the chest piece and used the hunting knife to cut into it.

"What are you doing?" Sam asked curiously.

“I’m pretty sure you probably don’t wanna wear this big chest piece. So, I’m cutting into it, to smaller bites on your stomach and arms. You okay with that?”

Sam nodded, grinning. "That's pretty clever."

“Yeah will hopefully you do like it.” Emile finished cutting into the chest piece and walked over to Sam, he wrapped the pieces of the gear around here stomach, and her arms.” Alright that should do it.”

Sam looked herself up and down and nodded in approval. "Looks good. This might just save my life. Thank you." She started to say something more, but was interrupted by a scream outside the room.

“I can’t leave them alone for five minutes?!” Emile grabbed his bat and ran out of the gym office.

The others turned to him, Jo pointing towards the women's locker room, which Paul was running to. "Bella!" he shouted.

“God damn it, someone please tell me what I’m running into and what the hell happened?”

"We don't know!" Patty said. "Bella insisted on going to the washroom alone, then we heard her scream."

"Fucking I can't be gone for two minutes, to help Sam out. Now I got this to deal with, Alex come with me let's go and deal with this."

"You got it Emile." The two-boy made their way to the washroom along with Paul.

When they got there, they found Bella wrestling with someone on the floor, a scantily clad woman in just her underwear. She'd be attractive if someone hadn't bitten off one of her cheeks, exposing her teeth and gums. She was on top of Bella, desperately snapping her teeth at her. Paul yelled angrily, wacking the undead girl in the side of the head with a hockey stick.

Alex was about to steep in but Emile stopped him.” Let’s see if he can do this, will back him up if he needs it.” Alex nodded his head and took a step back.

Surprisingly, the otherwise cowardly bully proved his worth. With anger, disgust, and a hint of glee, he bashed the zombie's head over and over until they stopped twitching. "Stay... away... from my... girl..." He said, out of breath.

Emile not looking at the near naked zombie came to a realization.” Ou well this is not good, we need to get out of here and fast.”

“What do you mean?” Alex asked.

“I mean if they weren’t aware of it already, Bella screaming might have alerted the zombies to our location. Which means they know were out of the cafeteria, and we better hurry back.”

Paul quickly helped Bella to her feet and nodded. "Alright, let's get moving before we're surrounded."

“You three go on ahead I need to make a call to the others.” As Alex Bella and Paul left the changing room, Emile called his friends in the other group.” Man I hope phons still work.”

One of his teammates, using the coach's phone, picked up. "Hello?" Kyle said softly.

"Kyle it's Emile, how are you guys doing on your end? because we might need to leave sooner than we thought. Paul's girl ran into a zombie in the girl’s washroom, her screaming might lead some to our location so we might be getting surrounded soon." Emile left the room and regroup with his group.

"We're okay. We got the tools and stuff with no problem but some of them saw us on the way back. They're starting to group up at the doors. They're holding for now, but..."

"Damn alright look if there's a back door go and use it, will see if we can meet you at the bus. If you make it to the bus before us see if you can make it to the back-parking lot near the auditorium alright? But if we make it to the bus before you were should we pick you up?"

"Pick us up at the cafeteria," Kyle said. "And... good luck."

"Same to you buddy." Emile hung up his phone and sighed. "Alright were gonna make our way to the bus, which means were going to have to fight our way outside. Once outside we should hopefully be able to move around more, were going to go to the bus move. But if it's gone, were gonna go to the auditorium any questions?"

Everyone shook their heads. There were nervous looks all around, but everyone seemed ready, grabbing a weapon and sticking extra ones in their shirts to carry. Even Bella was holding a baseball bat.

As the group head out the gym they had a quick look around, for the moment they were clear." Everyone stay close, not sure were the zombies are but keep close stay together and shout if you say something."

There were a few groans above them. Suddenly, several doors burst open. The undead shambled forward, blindly walking towards the group. They walked up to the railings and fell over the sides with sickening crunches, and yet most still were able to get up and move towards them.

“Looks like no one gets the luxury of staying behind now. Stay together everyone and let’s hurry out of here.” Emile charged forward and started swinging his bat into the horde of undead.

The rest followed suit, swinging their weapons to defend against attacks. All was going well, until a door ahead literally smashed open. Out stepped an unusually large zombie, a brute with muscles on muscles, who charged the group.

"What in the hell is that!?" Emile yelled in horror, he wasn't sure how to make of it. his team and the group was also taken abate with the monster, and they decided to fall back. " Damn it were getting surrounded, and then there's that thing coming for us." Emile started to panic but his friend Alex put his hand on his shoulder.


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"Hay Emile come on man we need you to focus, you we can figure this out."

"No I can't because I'm certain we can't beat that thing with the weapons we got, does anyone else have a plan here?"

"A-a distraction!" Patty said quickly. "These things are pretty narrow minded. The fastest one of us draws their attention?"

"Ou great well then, hay football boy looks like your up see if you can get that thing off our backs." Emile ordered.

Paul grit his teeth. "Damn it, why me?" He looked around the corner. "A-all I have to do is run, right?"

“Yep all your doing is running, just keep that damn thing of us.”

Paul scoffed. "Fine. But don't leave me behind." He hesitated, closing his eyes for a moment, but finally he ran out around the corner and yelled, "Over here, you bunch of undead fuckers! Come and get me!" He ran away, the zombies shuffling after him, including the Brute who was fast despite its size.

“Alright then we better keep going, if we get outside we can look to see if the bus is there. If not then hopefully Paul can reach the auditorium, so we better more quickly so those things don’t catch up to him.”

Everyone nodded and made a break down the hall. Once they got outside, they saw both the bus and the other group, a large horde following after them.

“God damn it why can’t anything be simple today? We got to help them fight of that horde, but just long enough for the bus to start once it does Bella gonna need you to call Paul and tell him to reach the auditorium.”

"O-okay!" She pulled out her phone, ready to call. The others ran amongst the second group, using their weapons to target the zombies that could run.

Sam took a wooden bat to one of their heads, dodging the blood that sprayed out of it's wound. "Try not to get any blood on you," she said. "Especially in your eyes, mouth, or on any open wounds. Seen enough zombie flicks to know what happens then."

"W-what happens?" Bella asked, nervously holding her arm.

“Mean we might become them, same way you can get any other illnesses. So basically, don’t get hurt, or let blood get into your more exposed areas.” Emile swinging his bat into one of them dropping it.” You really know your stuff Huh Sam?”

Sam nodded and grinned. "I like my horror flicks, what can I say." She looked to the side as they heard the roar of the bus starting up.

“Alright everyone on now we need to get out of here!” Emile yelled as everyone got on board, but Emile got on but waited by the steeps.”
Now we just need Paul’s sorry ass.”

Patty pointed down the parking lot. "It's over there. If he made it, he'll be wait for us there."

The driver finally got the bus moving and started running over the undead as they made their way to the back-parking lot.” Ugh come on dumb ass we’re, are you?”

"Hey!" Paul ran out into the open, waving his arms. "Over here! Don't leave me!"

“About time, wait here and be prepared to floor it I don’t know we’re that big bastard is that was chasing him.” Emile got off the bus and started swinging his bat at the undead that were around the area.” Come on dumb ass we don’t have time to waste!”

"Don't call me... a thank you would be nice!" With a huff, they ran back to the bus, the undead on their heels. They drove of, slamming into a few more of them, the zombies still chasing after them until they were out of sight. Everyone dared to breathe a sigh of relief.

Emile sighed and went to the back of the bus, once he sat down and finally had a moment of peace it just occurred to him how tired he was. From waiting to get on a fairy to take him to the airport, to hearing the news about this outbreak, to killing his coach, and somehow becoming the untold leader of these group of students and teaches as well as his friends. His eyes were heavy and once he sat down a minute later, he was fast asleep.


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Black0ut & ZombieSplitter53
Wise Guys of the Living Dead

August 3rd
John F Kennedy Airport, New York
10:48 a.m.

On an unusually warm mid-summer day, a man in a suit grumbled as he made his way through the airport. He stopped at the cafeteria, getting an extra large coffee. He needed it, for his eyes made it look like he hadn't slept in days.

He sat down at a table, looking around nervously. He was meeting someone here. He just hoped the right person showed up.

"I'd lay off the coffee here. Tastes like shit." A voice said behind him before a cup appeared out of his peripheral. "I brought some cold brew instead. Interested?"

The man jumped a little, and took the cup with a thank you. What was with him? Tony Bradford was supposed to be a rock, not some frightened shrew. "Sit down, Louie. We need to talk..."

"But I was so enjoying standing..." Louie teased as he sat down, dressed in an expensive looking suit with a matching black fedora. "Don't worry about someone taking a shot at you. I brought my crew and bribed security. You're actually the safest you've ever been. Now... what's wrong, Tony? The shit you're in must be bad if my comedic ass is startling you."

Tony sighed. "It's Joey Falcone. I don't know how that little cock-sucker is a Made Man now, but he's after me. Before, when he had a problem with me, I didn't care. Fuck him. But now?" He shook his head. "I don't have proof it's him, but my guys, my friends, everyone I know is in trouble. Paulie's in the hospital because his brakes were cut. Leo's home was suddenly raided. Danielle left me after two years with no explanation other then she suddenly doesn't feel safe with me. It's crazy, I know it is Falcone, and I'm running out of friends."

Louie winced. "You should've come to me a bit sooner. I might've been able to arrange an accident for Joey... but now it'dbe seen act of war. I could disappear you for a bit... and since you're not a made man, your Dona and Capo won't really care." Louie rubbed the back of his neck. "Why the hell does he even despise you? You're considered one of the best enforcers in the buisness…

Tony let out a long breath. "Because his sister's crazy. And I don't mean the crazy like 'all women are crazy'. I mean she's out of her mind. But I didn't know that until... after I started going out with her. And when I tried to break up with her, she went nuts. I don't even want to know what lies she told her brother..."

Louie stared for a moment before laughing. "Yeah, pal, you're pretty fucked. Did you at least get a piece of that ass?" He chuckled into his own cup of coffee, his eyes almost twinkling with mirth.

Tony gave one of his rare smiles. "It was almost good enough to keep her... almost."

Louie snickered. "So what'cha need? Somewhere to lie low? Or do you need a hit? I know the Cartel guys ain't exactly friendly with your Don... but it'll be messy."

"Maybe a little of both." Tony looked around, even though he was sure they were fine. "My brother is a vet in this little island city in Michigan. I have a friend there that came give me a place to lay low while business is... taken care of. But I'd need to get to Detroit without anyone knowing. No paper trail, no flight records telling anyone where I went. Can you do that for me?"

"I can... my Capo head a jet and owes me for not taking a bullet tho the dome. He has a couple planes we could take." Louie held up a hand. "Before you protest, they don't know you like I do. They've heard ne vouch for you all the time, but you ain't our family. I have to come along if you wanna go."

Tony slowly nodded. "Alright. I could... use someone I can trust to have my back and not shoot me in it." He shifted a bit and raised an eyebrow. "Why is that anyway? I know I can be a hardass and I haven't always been the nicest guy to you, yet you treat me as a friend... one of the few I can really count on. Why?"

Louie's smile dropped, one of the few rare moments when he became more serious. "You stuck up for me against some thugs. It was a losing fight; six against one. You... I don't why the fuck you decided to stick up for me, but you did. You probably saved my life. So even when you're being shitty to me or when you try to drive anyone else away, I'm going to stick with you and be in your corner." He looked away, his eyes looking more tired than his young body should've allowed. "And I don't want lose anymore friends."

Tony took a deep breath. "It's a nature of the business. One I wish I had been warned about going in." He patted Louie on the back. "Cheer up. A smile suits you better. How is Don Giovanni treating you?"

"He's a good boss. Heard down the grapevine that yours truly might become a Caporegime later on for being such a good wiseguy." He returned his gaze and his signature smile returned. "Which means I can make sure your ass doesn't get into too much trouble. Then again, I'm sure even if you did, you'd probably kick some serious ass."

Tony couldn't help but smirk. "What can I say, I know how to fight. Not enough to get me far in the business, but I'm happy when some prick isn't trying to wack me. So when can you get me outta here?"

"If I make a few calls, I can get you out within an hour or two." Louie smile deepened into a grin. "Depends on how much ass I have to kiss and how fast a... acquaintance can grab a suitcase from my apartment."

"Okay. Thanks, Louie. However much this costs you, I'll pay you back plus interest."

Louie raised a hand. "Don't worry about it. Just, uh... after all this is over... if I get into a scrap, come help me out?"

Tony nodded. "You got it. I'll always have your back."

Louie pulled out his phone as he stood up. "Alright. Time to make some calls and get you the hell outta here and away from the crazy broad and psychopathic brother." With that, Louie walked by the entrance, presumably to charm whoever he needed to.


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One Week Later
Windcrest, Michigan
Jerry's Family Diner
Corner of 3rd and Jefferson

11:48 a.m.

The skies were clear. The birds were chirping. The smell of fresh flowers mixed with the smell of fresh coffee. Tony sipped on a fresh cup as he looked around. A friendly mailman a little ways away. A couple with their baby. Some cute waitresses walking about. Everyone looked fairly pleasant.

Tony used to look down on these small cities. He never understood how his little brother could stand to live in such a boring place. Now? It was pleasant. It was friendly, at least compared to New York. Best of all, there didn't seem to be the threat of some rival gangster shooting him in the back. He was starting to get the appeal.

"Guy could get used to this..." Louie mused, a slow smile spreading across his face as he walked up to his friend. "How ya doing?"

"I'm... doin' okay, actually." Tony let out a content sigh. "It hasn't been too bad here. A little boring, but I think boring is what I needed. How are things back home?"

"Pretty good. Made enough money Giovanni doesn't really care where I go. It was between you and Hawaii." Louie shrugged. "So I decided to see how you were doin', of course."

Tony chuckled, though with Louie, he could never tell if he was joking or not. "Any news about the situation with Falcone?"

"Yeah... the rat bastard decided to, in thinly veiled terms, threaten me. So naturally, I told my Capo and my Capo told the Don. Your Don is getting involved the last I heard, something about a talking to. In about a week or two, you should be safe to travel back home... if you're still wanting to."

"Home is nice, but I won't mind relaxing here a bit longer. It's, you know, peaceful. Nothin' I'd like to keep forever, but it's nice not to have the constant pressure of the business. Besides... this place might be a perfect place for us to set up shop, if you catch my drift."

"Be careful with that. You gotta talk to your boss and I gotta talk to mine before we can make a joint venture... but if they say yes, why not? It'd be fun to have a gig with you and officially have you on side." Louie cracked his neck. "God, I need a masseuse."

"I'm sure we can find you one in town." Tony sipped his coffee. "They have a lot for such a... quaint place."

"So are you guys, like, mobsters or something?" When they looked behind Tony, a teenager with a lot of dark makeup was hanging over the side of Tony's chair from the booth next to them. Her expression wasn't worried or nervous, more curious with a bit of boredom.

Louie laughed. "Nope... although that'd be way more interesting of a life if it were. My name's Louis and this my good friend and bodyguard Tony. He's a bit in trouble do to a few... well, complaints at work, so they gave him a sabbatical." Louie paused, his smile becoming sheepish. "You, uh, know what that means right? Sabbatical?"

"That's, like, paid time off to take care of stuff, right?" the girl asked.

"Yep. So he's on sabbatical until they can sort through the complaints. I tell ya, big corporations are a pain to deal with... they demand an arm, a leg and your first-born child as a down payment... but the play's great, and you'll find life long buddies." Louie's smile deepened into a grin as he held out a hand. "I'm terribly sorry. Been talkin' your ear off, and I ain't even asked your name. So... what's your name, Miss..?"

She reached out and shook it. "Samantha Brown. You can call me Sam. Or..."

"Sammy!" Another girl walked over, much shorter and smaller, with bright pink hair. She was wearing a waitress uniform. "The manager said you can only hang out here if you don't bother the other customers." She bowed her head to the two men. "I'm terribly sorry if she was bugging you."

"Actually, it was the other way 'round. You see, we saw her, so we decided to chat her up. She was introducing herself and was trying to politely excuse herself when you stopped by." Louie replied, his smile beckoning a bit embarrassed. "My sincerest apologies, Miss...?"

Tony rolled his eyes at his friend's antics, and Sam nodded. "That's right. They're visiting business men from... New York, I'm guessing from the accents."

"Oh..." The other girl smiled. "I'm Jo. Was there anything you were looking for in town? Entertainment? Hotels?"

"Actually, my friend's been staying here on sabbatical. I'm the new guy around town. Had to show up and pester him because what respectable brother-from-another-mother would I be if I didn't?" Louie relaxed into his chair. "But, uh, since Tony hasn't shown me the sights, what would you recommend, Jo?"

Tony gave him a glare, wondering if he was having too much fun with these kids, but said nothing. "Well..." Jo tapped her lips. "Because the city is on an island, we have to be fairly self reliant. We have a little amusement park to the north, and a small aquarium/zoo to the south. In the center of the city is a pretty cool shopping district with some fun arcades. And we have our own grade school and high school. And, obviously, there are some nice beaches on the edge of the city."

"What's the crime like here?" Tony asked.

"The crime?" Sam narrowed her eyes suspiciously.

He look back. "My brother lives here. Has an animal hospital. Wanna be sure things are safe for him here."

The half-truth seemed to work, and Sammy said, "Pretty safe around here, though these punks from Detroit moved in about a year ago. The Crimsons or something else stupid. They're still a pretty small gang though, and haven't caused too much trouble yet."

"Though there's also the..." Jo hesitated, looking around and quietly saying, "The murders..."

Louie's smile dropped a little as he whispered in response. "The murders? People are actively dying here?" He shared a concerned look with Tony. "From the way you're talking, these Detroit hoodlums aren't responsible for the murders..."

The girls shook their heads. "The Crimsons are a problem, but they're just a bunch of punks," Jo explained.

Sammy nodded in agreement. "Adults all want to be quiet about it. They say to avoid a panic, but I know it is to avoid losing what little tourism we have." She shrugged. "Don't know all the details. All I know is, for the past week or so, they've been finding people dead. Slaughtered. No apparent motive. No connection between the victims. And all of the at least partially... eaten..."

"Jesus..." Louie, despite the constant smile that seemed to pervade his very existence paled. "Thinking maybe someone's on bath salts, like that guy in Florida?"

"Maybe." Sammy placed a hand to her chin. "My aunt works as a journalist and she isn't good at making passwords for her computer or hiding documents. Seems they have a couple of theories, but they're leaning towards some crazy cultists that think they can get away with this because it's an isolated city, considering the randomness of the victims and the fact that not all the bite marks are from the same person."

"Just be careful if you go out late," Jo cautioned. "The last thing we need is for more people to die because the adults are all hush hush. Seems like we've got the mayor from Jaws running the town..."

Louie laughed. "Don't worry. Got some self-defense lessons to keep me safe. But in case you run into trouble..." Louie fished into his pocket for a business card. "Here's my number. I'm staying at a hotel near here, so I can stop by if you really need it. As for why I'm even offering... well, when you've grown up in Brooklyn, any one who ain't got a reason to warn you of danger and is friendly despite the... ominous nature a muscular brute like Tony has... well, those people are rare. Not many good folks these days."

"Wow, thanks." Jo smiled brightly. "I-is there anything else I can get you?"

"More coffee," Tony said bluntly, finishing his cup.

"Don't worry about it. He'll take a refill of his order, and I'll have anything sweet to drink. Just stay safe, alright?"

"Sure thing." She went off to get their beverages and Sammy sat back in her seat.

Tony looked over to his friend and said, "Didn't know you were so good with kids."

"Was thinking about having some when I find the right girl." Louie let out a sigh as he stared up at the sky. "And it doesn't hurt to know how to talk to everyone. Part of the business."

"I suppose that's true." The two chatted it up for a while while they enjoyed their beverages, trying to avoid more talk about work and instead talking about their time off. When they were done, they both left a reasonably large tip before heading out. Outside the diner, Tony asked, "Where are you headed now? You're serious about sticking around for a while, yeah?"

"Of course. As one of the top earners, and since I'm favored by the Don, if I ask for time off, I can get it." Louie shrugged. "And what can I say? I miss seeing your face from time to time."

"Well, as long as you don't start buying me flowers..." Tony stretched a little. "Nice to hear if we decide to set up shop here, our only competition is a couple of street punks. Heard a rumor the mayor has plenty of skeletons in his pocket too. Though..." He rubbed his chin. "Those grisly murders in such a quiet place like this..."

Louie's smile dropped, morphing into a frown. "That sounds like a helluva lot of trouble. Multiple serial killers eating people? This reeks of a fight. If we want to set up shop here... we need to sort it out first." Louie tapped his hip, double checking to make sure his .44 magnum revolver was still there. "You wanna see if we can catch the sick fucks doing this? We'll probably get a reward from the police if we do..."

Tony smirked slightly. "That actually sounds like fun."

"Doesn't it? Just make sure to bring a gat. A licensed one. We don't need to draw any unwanted attention to us while we pretend to be superheroes." Louie's smile returned, accompanied by a determined look in his eyes.


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Two Days Later

The pair sat in a rental car in a sleepy neighborhood late at night. The back seat opened, and in stepped Noah Simpson, Tony's friend from the area. Truth be told, Tony didn't want to get him involved. He wasn't part of the business, just a small time peddler of stolen goods from behind his smoke shop. But Noah lived here, and was their best shot for local news and rumors.

He handed Louie and Tony a cup of coffee and asked, "See anything yet?"

"It would help if we knew what we were looking for," Tony said bluntly. "Why are we here?"

"So, all this crap started a week or so ago, right?" Noah gave them a smug smile. He always had that smile when he knew stuff others didn't, which wasn't very often. "Well, around that time, some sick looking guy came over from the main land and collapsed after getting off the boat. Supposedly, when they tried to treat him, he went nuts. They're keeping it out of the papers, but I heard he killed an emt, and injured another along with a cop and three other people before being stopped. Now... a lot of those people he hurt have gone missing, and if I was a cultists trying to cover things up... I'd go after one of them. Like, say... one who lives in the house up the block."

Louie tapped his finger against the dash, his gaze having snapped to the house. "Who lives there? Name, occupation, gender, if you got it?" Louie asked, his voice becoming soft; a dangerous sign Louie wasn't in a playful mood. "I'll toss in a couple hundred bucks if that helps."

"Nah, forget it. Any friend of Tony's is my friend. Uh, let's see..." Noah went through his pockets and pulled out some scraps of paper. "Marina Gil... Gillespie? Think that's who this one is. She's in a local band. Oh, I think I've seen them. She has quite the pipes on her. Think she lives here with her boyfriend. Not sure if I just couldn't find what he does or if he's a freeloader..."

"Hmm." Tony sipped his coffee. "Been quiet so far. Their lights are still on. Guess they go to bed pretty late..."

"Hmmm..." Louie fingers stopped drumming as he reached for the door handle. "I'll be back in five minutes. If I'm not back... get the hell out of town." With that, Louie stepped into the cool night air, his eyes scanning around him. He quickly walked towards the residence in question, ready to use his piece if need be.

Tony watched him carefully, not sure what his friend was up to, but trusting him.

Things were eerily quiet as he approached the front door. The air was dead and quiet, not even the sounds of crickets or a barking dog. There was no sounds coming from the house at first, but as he got closer he could hear some light shuffling from within, easier to hear since the door was slightly ajar.

Louie quickly unholstered his magnum, hiding it behind his back as he called out, "Hello? I was in the neighborhood, driving to meet a friend, when I noticed your door was ajar.. you alright in there?"

He poked his head inside, and immediately recognized the smell of fresh blood. The living room was in disarray, like there had been a brief struggle. In the corner of the room was a black lab, shaking slightly and staring, unblinking, towards a nearby room. It was from hear that he heard the sounds.

Shuffling and shifting.

A light sob.

The sound of something tearing. The sound of something cracking. A loud crunch.

His revolver whipped out in front of him as he moved inside towards the sound of the sobbing. "Hello? You okay? Why's there a smell like blood?"

As he got closer, his voice echoing through the silent home, the crunching and tearing stopped as a shadow showed a raising figure from the next room over. They slowly turned and stepped into the living room.

It was a young woman, attractive save for the pale look of her skin. Her hands, mouth, and chest were red with blood. A large bandage hung off her left arm, previously covering a bite wound that looked infected. No, worse; it looked like it was rotting. Her eyes were vacant and hollow.

The woman let out another sob as she stepped towards Louie. When she spoke, blood flowed out of her mouth. "Help..." she said in a cracked, soft voice. "Can't... broke... want... hun... gry..."

"Sure. Got a bagel in my car. You, just, uh... don't come any closer. This piece ain't for show and as much as I dig the whole cute girl thing you got going for ya, I'm not exactly looking to get eaten by your cult." Louie quickly replied, backing away towards the entrance.

"Please... help..." she said softly, then suddenly stopped. She starred forward, bloody drool rolling out of her mouth as her vacant, nearly white pupils dilated. She just stood there for a few moments, as if she had been momentarily switched off.

Then her eyes moved to Louie, and they were no longer sad. They were filled with an intense desire for him, and not the good kind. She let out a blood curdling scream and suddenly took off, running towards him with surprising speed.

"Shit, Shit, Shit!" Louie aimed at her legs, firing twice; the first shot missing wide but the second obliterating her knee in an explosion of gore that probably woke the neighborhood. He quickly backtracked further, hitting the wall. "Stay the fuck back!"

She lay still for a moment, as one would expect. The shock and rapid blood loss should have been enough to put her down.

But it wasn't. She slowly lifted her head and grabbed the blood splattered carpet, dragging herself forward as she stared at Louie with that same intense wanting.

"Never had a girl want me this bad, but, uh... how about no?" He said, placing a shot into her head. He stood there slack-jawed as he stared at her for a moment, promptly before taking out his phone to snap a picture of her. After the deed was done, he bailed, running straight for the car.

Tony and Noah were already out of it, weapons at the ready. "The fuck happened?!" Tony asked. "Are you okay?"

Louie fumbled with his phone, his hands suffering a slight tremble. He quickly navigated to the woman's face. "Is this fucking lady who lives there? Because I think she thought I'd make a great dinner given she fucking charged me after a moment like a... a..." Louie glanced around. "Everyone, in the fucking car. We ain't safe anymore... and if this is like some fucking horror movies I've seen, neither is the city." He took quick steps over to the car, glancing over at Tony. "We need somewhere to lay low and regroup. I'll explain on the way."

"Yeah, of course. Everyone in." Tony had never seen Louie like this. Didn't know he was even capable of being shaken like this. He quickly got in the car himself and took off, just as sirens started to approach.

"I fucking shot her knee off. She, no, it didn't bleed out, just kept fucking crawling after me. She had a bite mark like every one of those zombie flicks... and she had fuckin' blood dripping out of her mouth while she was talking to me..." Louie stared at his revolver, seeing his distorted reflection. He tossed his phone into the backseat. "Is that her? Or is that someone else?"

Noah jumped a bit, and fumbled to pick up the phone. "Uh... y-yeah, that's her. Missing part of her face, but yeah."

"And she attacked you?" Tony said in disbelief. "Like she was rabid or something?"

"She fucking rushed me. And she kept murmuring about how hungry she was, right up until she apologized, looked like she died, then charged. She was looking at me the way I look at Lasagna." Louie blinked as he tilted his head. "I just... I've taken people out before. Hell, I ended up in a shootout with you against Yoshima's boys. That ain't felt like any of those moments. That... fucking scared the shit out of me, Tony. Why the fuck did that scare the absolute fuck outta me?"

"I don't know, man. I... it sounded different from those times. Just... try and calm your nerves. We'll figure this out. First thing to do is to get somewhere quiet and safe..."

Louie took off his fedora, placing it against his heart. He took a deep breath, trying to restore what little composure he had. "I'll call for some backup. Fuck it. I can have some of my guys come over and bring us some supplies. Just... tell me what you need and I'll get it." He glanced back at Noah. "Can you hand me my phone back, pal?"

"Yeah, sure." Noah handed over the phone, his hands shaking a bit themself. "I'll... keep an eye on the news for us."

"And I'll see what I can do about making some more allies in town," Tony added.

"Good... we're gonna need a few people and somewhere accessible by elevator only. No stairs... maybe the hotel?" Louie thought aloud, putting his stressed brain to locating potential safe havens within the town that would be relatively safe, easy to defend, and if these were film real horrors come to life, where they wouldn't be easily able to swarm past their defenses.


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A few days later...
The Santa Bernista Apartments
West Side of Town

Things had gone down hill fast throughout the town. More and more, sightings of the "unwell" had been coming in and more attacks had been reported. The woman Louie had killed was originally classified as a domestic homicide with the boyfriend as the prime suspect since his blood was found all over the scene but he had been no where to be found. By Louie's account, there had been too much blood at that place for him to have gotten up and walked away from, and yet that seemed to be exactly what he had done.

No sooner had Louie's backup come in then the docks had been closed, all movement on and off the island city closed in a state of emergency. Theories ran abound in the local papers and news, ranging from cult activity to a conspiracy over blowing a few attacks to some kind of illness, the last one now the predominant theory.

Tony sat in one of the apartments he and Louie had procured, nice and high up on the tenth floor of the twenty story high rise apartment complex. They had several apartments in fact. He looked over some of the weapons they had managed to smuggle in, but had a feeling they wouldn't be enough.

"Wow, you're brooding early, friend. A penny for your thoughts?" Louis asked as he moved lethargically into the kitchen for a bottle of water.

He glanced over at his phone for the ninth time in the last few minutes. "It's my brother. Vinny said he wanted to make sure the animals at his vet were okay, then he'd be here. That was a while ago. How long does it take to make sure a couple of cages are locked?"

"Then take a couple guys and go get him. Just be careful when you do. Police are getting crazier by the day." Louie replied, as he looked over the whiteboard he had installed into the room, glancing at the projects that still needed to be done: They needed to reinforce their rooms, just in case set up an independent area for stockpiling their shit and someone to manage it. "I'd come, but someone's got to keep these guys... well, maybe I could give Johnny what I need and have him work on it while I go with you. Yeah, I'll shoot him a text and I'll go and the boys can stay here working on what we need."

"You sure?" Tony asked, grabbing his phone and making sure his gun was loaded. "Like you said, things are crazy out there. Don't need to put you in any more danger then I already have."

"Let's be real, I send some mooks in with you, ain't none of them gonna stop you from being stupid. Better if I come along and smooth-talk our way in case we come across police." Louie replied, offering him a grin. "And besides, we work great together. Ain't nothing gonna stop us when we're out there."

Tony nodded in agreement. "Alright. Let's get going. Driving in that mess down there isn't gonna happen, but it is only a few blocks away."

"Alright... lead the way. And if we get stopped, let me do the talking." Louis checked his magnum, and shuffled eighteen bullets into his coat, just in case. Sliding the gun into its concealed holster, Louie flipped his fedora onto his head, ready to go out.

The streets were relatively quiet thanks to the stay at home order that went into effect after a large attack on the local high school. Still, the two couldn't help but feel like they were being watched out of every shadow.

Then, about halfway there, they heard the most peculiar sound. A voice, the voice of a young woman, singing not too far away.

"Keep low. We ain't here to investigate every little thing." Louie said quietly, urging Tony to move on. He had a hand on his holster, his knuckles turning white from anxiety.

They continued on, staying behind some cars. As they passed the source of the singing, they found it was a young woman, gleefully singing and prancing about while several of the sickly looking people closed in. She showed no fear, however, dancing about with surprising acrobatics and occasionally bashing one of them in the head with a baseball bat.

"Crazies have already started to come out," Tony muttered. "Come on. Leave these things to their meal. We're almost there."

"She ain't going to be got..." Louie murmured in response, taking out his revolver just in case.

The odd singing woman actually provided a good distraction, their way to the animal hospital clear for now. Once they reached in, they found the doors locked. Tony pulled out a lock pick and said, "Watch my back..."

Louie raised his gun, finger on the trigger, ready to shoot if need be. "As if I'd let some monster eat my effective brother..."

Tony chuckled, though cursed after a while. He needed to sharpen his skills a little more. He finally started to get it as someone in a police uniform wondered over, though they didn't look like they were there to arrest them for breaking and entering. They stared at Louie with that same wanting look that woman gave him before, hands outstretched.

"You're gonna need to hurry the hell up, Tony." Louie aimed and pulled his trigger, blasting the zombie's left kneecap.

It fell and slammed into the ground with a loud thud, smashing its face in. Despite the injuries that would have stopped a normal person, they looked up, blood leaking from their nose and mouth as they crawled forward.

In the distance, they heard the woman from before yell, "Hey, where are you all going?" Moments later, Louie could see that his gunshot had attracted the crowd.

Luckily, he heard a satisfying 'click' behind him, and Tony opened the door to the vet. "Got it. Come on, inside."

Louie quickly backed up into the entrance, keeping an eye on their backs while he hoped Tony made sure that anything inside wouldn't be able to touch them.

Once they were in, Tony quickly closed and relocked the door. He was just letting out a sigh of relief when he heard the all too familiar click of a pistol. "Who's there?" a woman's voice asked from the shadows.

"You'd think we'd be back in our ghetto neighborhoods with the number of life-threatening circumstances we've went through." Louie groaned, staying deathly still. "Lady, we're just two guys who just narrowly escaped one psychopath, a horde of zombies, and a hungry cop who wasn't looking for donuts. Name's Louie, if that helps put a name to this handsome face. The handsome mug next to me is Tony and we're looking for his brother."

"Tony... Anthony Bradford?" An attractive Japanese woman wearing a doctor's coat splattered with blood stepped forward, lowering her hand gun, if only slightly.

Tony raised an eyebrow. "Yeah. You know Vinny?"

She nodded. "I'm a friend of his. Work at the local hospital. We exchange favors every now and then, when I need something for an animal or he needs something for a person. Ryou."

"Nice to meet ya... now, uh... could you holster your gun?" Louie slowly and deliberately holstered his revolver, giving her a winning smile. "We should talk more civilized-like and less like we're about to have a shootout." He moved slowly, not going near her as he looked around. "So, uh... what brings you here amidst the piles of very hungry people?"

"I was checking on my cat. Wanted to get him home among this chaos." She slowly placed her gun in her pocket. "Sorry. Not sure who I can trust these days. Though considering you're not drooling blood or eyeing me like a fine hamburger..." She glanced at Tony. "Um... you gonna put your gun away?"

"Still thinking about it," he said coldly, holding his pistol tightly.

"Tony... she had us dead to rights. If she was remotely considering trying to kill us, she'd have shot one of us and then negotiated." Louie raised his eyebrows. "Lower the piece, pal. I know its hard to trust people, and it's okay to not trust everyone we meet, but we should at least show a bit of decorum." Louie's gaze fell on the woman, and though he smiled with warm looking eyes, his voice seemed a tad bit colder. "So, Doc... I know a lot of people who love their animals... but not many go out into the streets where they can meet one of the most grisly ends imaginable. Tell me... was it really your cat that brought you here or the meds?"

Ryou looked between the pair. She was obviously considering her options, and her eyes lingered on Tony's weapon and their clothes. If she really knew Vinny, there was a chance she knew who his family worked for.


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She sighed and said, "Okay... not here for my cat. I'm here for drugs. My hospital was overrun. There are plenty of meds for animals that work on humans too if you know what you're doing." She gave Louie a sincere look. "The coat isn't just for show. I'm here so I can help people. Just so happens the people I can no longer help didn't want to let me leave."

Tony looked around, noting a bag with supplies hastily placed in it. He finally lowered his gun the rest of the way. "Isn't honesty great?"

"Yeah, it is..." Louie drew close to Ryou, sizing her up. "Look: we've set up a base with our own people. We've plenty of space, and we have a way in and out that the Deadheads can't use but... the thing is that enough people are dying. The city's already fucked and the police ain't doing much. We can protect you... but you'd need to come with us." Louie held up three fingers. "I'd be willing to let you bring three of your patients or three friends with us. We'll get ya sorted, give you your own rooms, and you'd get several areas to treat patients. You essentially don't need to ever worry about a place to sleep, or whether you'll get eaten in the middle of the night. Or... we leave you to try and survive with what little you have with several hordes, psychos, and cops who'd rather shoot on sight than detain anyone." Louie leaned against a wall, casually taking out a cigarette which he promptly lit. "I figure that this is probably the best offer you have, seeing as you have very few armed groups that can protect you, aren't demanding you join them, and who are asking sweetly if you will."

Ryou gave him a sly smile. "Sounds like a good deal. Got anything to drink at your base?"

"A few bottles of bourbon, some wine, and a bottle of scotch that no one knows the age of." Louie's tone softened up as he relaxed. "Before we celebrate that, do you know where Tony's brother is?"

"Yeah, he, uh..." She looked over to the side room. "He locked himself in there."

"Why? Your company not as good as you seem to think?" Tony asked, though looked nervous. "Or did you threaten him or something?"

"He locked himself in to... keep me safe from him..."

"Shit." Louie let the word out in a single breath as he walked over to the door and knocked on it. "You alright in there, pal? You're brother's here to check on you..."

After a few moments of silence, a voice called out, "Tony? Are you there?"

"Yeah, I'm here." Tony walked over. "Come on, man. Open the door. I'm here to get you outta here."

"Not... gonna happen." A cough. "You get the nice doctor outta here and go."

Louie's smile dropped as he tapped the doctor's shoulder. "We should give them some time to talk. Any room in here we can go to, so they got some privacy?" He asked, his voice weary and tired.

"Um... y-yeah..." Ryou pointed to the side. "Follow me. I... th-this way..."

Louie patted his friend on the shoulder before following behind Ryou. Once they were sufficiently far enough to not be heard, Louie whispered, "He get bit?"

Ryou nodded. "The other day. Caught someone trying to get to the animals. Struggled with him while the police were on the way." She ran her hand through her hair. "Why is this happening? It's... a nightmare..."

"Because something bad had to happen. The world either burns or shines and it doesn't care what happens when it does." Louie offered a shrug. "Only thing people can do is help others when they need it. That and indulge their vices. Case in point." Louie took a long drag off his cigarette, blowing the smoke out away from her

She chuckled. "Yeah. Well, I'll be having that drink. Though I also plan to try and learn what I can about all... this." She looked towards where Tony was. "I need to learn if you always get it from a bite. Though, in Vinny's case... he got it. This illness... it turns you into a corpse before it even kills you..."

Louie sighed, running a hand through his hair. "I suppose knowing you rot before you die is good knowledge to have... as for your question, no. Breathing the same air as the infected doesn't infect you. Considering I had to shoot a girl at close range, I think I got it on good authority."

"That's a relief at least..." Ryou let out a long sigh and tried to smile. "I guess I lucked out by finding you guys, huh?"

"I suppose luck's going all around. Never thought we'd find a proper doctor at the vet's... nor one that would give any supermodel a run for their money." He winked at her before offering a charming smile.

She giggled. "You're not so bad looking yourself. But let's save the flirting for wh-" A gunshot from the next room interrupted her.

Louie took off like a shot, his gun already in hand as he raced back towards Tony, a far more murderous look on his face than what had been there before.

The one who had fired the gun... was Tony. He stood in front of the door, now open, Vinny lying motionless on the ground. "He... he asked me to. Begged me. I... I couldn't... let him become one of them..."

Louie opened his mouth, then closed it. He put a hand on his shoulder. After a few moments of silence, he managed to form some words. "I'm sorry. I... maybe if we had gone with him when this started..."

Tony shook his head. "We couldn't have known. He... he was attack days ago anyway." He took a deep breath. Anthony Bradford wasn't one to get emotional, but even he was struggling. "We... need to get out of here."

Okay. Let's take the front entrance. Back has the crazy lady and the hoard." Louie quickly reloaded his revolver, glancing over at Ryou. "You know how to shoot with that thing? Y'know, besides pulling the trigger?"

"I'm sure I'm not as good as you, but I can hit a moving target if need be." Ryou pulled out the pistol and nodded. "Let's avoid fighting if possible. What's this about a crazy lady?"

Tony cleared his throat. "Someone singing in the rain of blood and gore. Makes for a good distraction at least. If she's still alive, most of these things should be round back by her."

"Here's how we're lining up: I'm going first to deal with anything in front of us, Ryou gets the middle since we're escorting her back, and Tony, you get the back because you're the toughest bastard I know, and I doubt anything's gonna be able to get to us, much less past you." Louie walked to the front door, gun at the ready. "No shooting if we can help it. These zombie-esque monsters are attracted to noise." Louie surveyed his two companions, his smile hardening. "Ready? Shit's about to go down."

Tony gave a stern nod. Ryou gave a nervous smile. "Let's bust some heads and dodge some bites."

Louie nodded and rushed through the door, scanning left than right for any potential zombies roaming the street.

The way was mostly clear, though there were a few potential risks. One was a group of four, though they were distracted by a body they were munching on. The other was a lone zombie, something of a pudgy male, who was close enough to notice the doors open.

As they stepped out and made their way forward, the lone former human started moving towards them. Louie couldn't help but remember his first encounter with the woman who bolted towards him, compared to this one which seemed content with a slow shuffle.

"Tony, get her home. I'm gonna give you guys a distraction. That way you'll get home safely and I'll be shortly behind you, after taking some detours. Go now, while the only dead head is one that can barely move." Louie said softly, aiming his gun at the lone zombie.

"Louie, I..." Tony had just lost one person he cared about and didn't want to lose another, but he knew better then to argue with Louie, especially now. He grabbed Ryou's arm and pulled her along, saying, "You better come back safe."

As soon as the two made it to a corner, Louie groaned internally. He was an idiot for caring about Tony, for caring about anyone given his occupation, but as the zombie shuffled closer to him, he merely let out a chuckle. "Fuck... I need to stop being such a nice guy..." with that, he fired his revolver into the shambler's head, the remains of its head lurching back as it fell. With scant time else, he took off at a run down the street, away from the four zombies that would likely be the first to consider him a nice meal.


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The fallowing is done by Dhalexpert&Zombiespliter53

Our new existance

The Santa Bernista Apartments
West Side of Town
Windcrest Island, Michigan
A few days after the initial outbreak...

Things were starting to reach a level of normality, if that's what you could call it. After making it to the Apartment complex, Emile and his group found that it had already begun to establish itself as a safe zone. Over a hundred people had taken residence in the upper floors, with the first floors stairs destroyed so the undead couldn't climb up and get to the living.

There were two main groups. One was run by the few police men who had survived and not stuck with the rest of the police survivors back at the station. They were handling the majority of the civilians. The other group was full of shady looking individuals, many in suits, packing an unusual amount of weaponry. The two groups stayed out of each other's way, though sooner or later they'd either have to work together... or fight over dominance of the building.

Then there were the high-school students and teachers. Most of them stuck around Emile, even the adults. Whether he had asked for it or not, he was looked at as a leader of sorts, if only for a small group.

In the early morning Emile woke up and got dressed, he went to his desk and pulled out a notebook and pen.” Its been a few days since we came to the Santa Bernista apartments, I was hoping that only my people would be here but no over a hundred live here, the first day we got here hade to pay tribute for the people here. It’s a good thing we took as much water as we cold from the school, I still don’t know how long we have before the water goes out. I told my group to call there families and tell them we’re they are and that there alive, I’m still in shock that all this is happening I just hope that one day I can go back home.” Emile put the book back in the desk and left his room.

He nearly ran into Patty in the hall. "Oh! Emile... h-hey..." She had a ting of guilt in her tone. Had one for days now.

“Hay Patty how you doing, your setting in alright? Because you look like something is bothering you?”

"Y-yeah, it's... you..." She sighed. "You and your teammates. I just feel... so bad that you got caught up in all this..."

“Yeah... don’t feel to bad we’re here now, besides if we did make it to the airport we probably would have died. So, I just learn to deal with it, so how are the others everyone doing okay? How’s your family?”

"They're okay for now." Penny rubbed her arm. "My family managed to get out before everything was shut down. I stayed behind because we... didn't have enough for all of us. They're hunkered down at my aunt's house." She looked back. "The others are... okay. Though Paul is acting weird. More distant than usual. And come to think of it... I haven't heard much from Bella either."

“Great isn’t that just swell, I might have to talk to Paul. Ugh I swear to god, but your my people and I’m your leader whether I want to be or not. Tell you what I’ll go check on them both make sure things are alright.” He then rubbed Patty back.” And don’t worry your family will be fine, and hay maybe someday we can go looking for them.”

She nodded and smiled sweetly. "Thank you. You should talk to some of the other people here too. Some of them are... interesting."

“Yea no kidding, but first.” Emile went back to his room and grabbed his bat.” Best take this with me, never know, say hi to Sam and Jo for me will you?”

Patty nodded. "Come get some breakfast when you have time," she said as she moved on.

“Right sure.”As Emile walked around the area he ran into his friends, but said that he had to go and find Paul some wanted to join him to make sure the two don’t fight. But he reassured them that he would be fine, and told them to get breakfast. As he continued to walk and not pay attention he rand into a rather busty woman wearing a lab coat, the woman was definitely beautiful but Emile realize that he knocked her down by mistake, he then offered his hand to the woman.” Um sorry about that um need a hand?”

"Yes, please." She took his hand and stood up. "Quite the gentleman, offering me help and sweeping me off my feet."

“Um yes, I was told to alway be a gentleman to lady’s by my father. It was no problem.” Emile looked to the side trying not to look at the woman breast.

She chuckled, realizing his circumstance, and offered her hand. "I'm Dr. Amagi. But please, call me Ryou."

“Ugh alright Ruou, I’m Emile I’m the one that came with the new group, it’s nice to meet you.”

"Nice to meet you too." She looked him up and down and seemed happy with what she found. "So where are you headed this morning?"

“Just trying to find one of the people I came here with, wanna make sure he and his girl are alright,”

"Well, how noble of you. Glad to see a man with a sense of responsibility." Ryou gave him a flirtatious wink. "Why don't I go with you? I am a doctor after all."

“Ou Ugh sure I don’t mind, I could use the company.” As Emile and Ryou started walking he couldn’t help but look at her.

She smiled without looking back. "It's okay to take a look," she said. "I understand. You're a growing boy after all."

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to gawk, it’s just your so beautiful me being a growing boy is no excuse.”

She bumped her shoulder into his. "Hey, don't worry about it. I take it as a compliment. You... have a girlfriend?"

“No.. no I don’t, before all this happened I wanted to be in the MLB. Or in a foreign league, didn’t wanna drag a girl through that and have them wait on me.”


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Part 2

"Well, hopefully we'll be able to get to some normality. But who knows how far this epidemic has spread at this point." As they reached the door to Paul and Bella's room, she winked at him and said, "Maybe you and I can have some fun. You're eighteen, right?"

“Ugh.” He cleared his throat.” Yes I am, but I need to think of my people first no offense.”

"None taken," she said with a giggle. She lightly knocked on the door, her face turning serious when there was no answer. "Mr. Delacruz? It's the doctor. Can I come in?" Still no answer. "Should we... just step in?" She tried the door. "It isn't locked..."

Emile stepped into of the woman, and pushed the door open with his bat.” Hay dumb ass your being called the hell is wrong with you!?”

Paul suddenly stepped out of the side room. "H-hey, um... what are you doing here... whatever your name was?"

Emile rolled his eyes.” Well he’s alive, it was nice to meet you miss Ryou but I need to talk to this fool here.”

She nodded. "Alright. Check up on Bella while you're here and let me know if she needs anything." She gave him one last wink then walked off.

Emile smiled at her and waved, the foolish grin he had quickly faded as he looked at Paul.” Alright numb nuts, what’s going on with you Patty said you and Bella have been acting weird so what’s up?”

Paul stepped forward angrily. "Watch it, pal. Don't make me kick your smart-ass... ass."

“Great use of words dumb ass, now as much as I would love to beat you down. I’m here to talk so you’re gonna answer what’s wrong with you?”

Paul scoffed and looked back to the other room. "It's... it's Bella, okay? She's sick."

“She’s sick and had you had me tell the good doctor to leave.” Emile rubbed his head.” Alright so when did this start happening?”

"A day or two after we got out of the school. She... she isn't one of them!" Paul insisted.

Emile tapped his bat.” Alright I’m not gonna smash her head in yet, but you need to take her to Ryou and quick. Because if she is infected she will have to be put down, so hurry up and take her to the doc and figure out the answer.”

"O-okay, I will. Just... don't tell everyone else until we know, okay? I don't want people freaking out and attacking us... her."

“Paul I’m not heartless, I’m gonna let you handle this and if turns out to be nothing then great whatever. But if she’s infected, I don’t care how you do it she has to be put down. Or you release her with the others. No Matt what if she does turn, she’s done understand?”

Paul slowly nodded his head. "Okay. Um... thanks..."

“It’s no problem, but until the doctor says otherwise, I recommend that you keep some distance from Bella. You can still be near her, but just be far enough away that if she does turn, your not bitten.”

Paul looked back towards the bedroom. "What do we do... if she is turning? Do we wait? Or do we... do we kill her while she's still... human?" The thought seemed to make his stomach turn.

Emile rubbed his head and put his hand on his shoulders." You saw what I did to my coach right, I waited because I couldn't do it. What were going to do is wait for what the doctor says, and from there will decide from there." Emile started to leave the room. "Don't worry will figure this out, one way or another."

Paul sighed, looking back before exiting and going the other way to find the doctor.

As Paul left Emile looked back to were he thought Bella was and walked to the room, as he entered the room he locked the door behind him and held his bat tightly." Bella you around here, It's Emile don't worry I'm not gonna hurt you."

"Emile?" There was some shuffling, and the door eventually unlocked. Bella opened it, looking deathly ill. Her skin was incredibly pale, her eyes were vacant, and she had a small mark on her arm he hadn't noticed before. She had been bitten, only a shallow bite, but the skin around it was red and black and cracked.

“Ou no, Bella back at the school in the washroom we’re you bitten by that woman? Because if so you’re not looking to good.”

"I'm not feeling so good," she responded in a hoarse voice. She smiled sadly. "Paul keeps saying it's just the flu or something... but it's over... isn't it?"

Emile looked at her and put his hand on her shoulder.” Yea it looks really bad for you, I’m so sorry Bella. I wish I was there to help you sooner.”

Bella wiped away a slightly red tear. "Yeah, well... the ditz is always the first to go, right?"

“Well you weren’t the first ones, you made it out of that school, and even before I got there you survived. So you did survive for several days Bella, and that’s something to be proud of.”

Bella nodded as they heard the others coming back. "Thank you for everything. I... I know he isn't the nicest guy, but he really does care. Try and keep him safe and... and he might just save you too someday."

As the two entered the room they both looked at Emile, the simpathick look on his face faded to one of anger when he saw Paul.” She’s just sick Huh.” He said tapping his bat.

Paul's shoulders slumped. "You don't... knowing there is nothing we can do."

Ryou sighed. "He's right in a way. I just wish you hadn't tried to keep this a secret from us. Come Bella." She looked at Emile. "Thank you. I will let Officer Walker know, and tell him to tell everyone else they need to be honest for the sake of us all."

Emile stood face to face with Paul.” If there was ever a reason for me to beat you down, this would be it, and I would have every reason to do so.” Emile then took a deep breath.” But I won’t, instead.” Emile grabbed Paul shirt.” Your now gonna protect that doctor, because when Bella turns and she bites the only doctor here! I can’t save you Paul, that’s it your done and it will be out of my hands.” Emile released him.” You are going to protect Ryou, you’re gonna be with Bella for her final days, then once she turns you will. And I mean you Paul! You will put her out of her misery do I make myself clear?”

Paul nervously nodded. "Y-yes... I-I understand. I-I will, I swear."

“Good.” Emile brushed passed him and looked back at Paul.” The fuck you just standing there for, go to her!” Emile said finally leaving.

Paul rushed to Bella's side as they walked to the doctor's room.


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Part 3

"That was impressive," said a woman with a Romanian accent as Emile walked past her.

He looked at the woman, the woman looked like a belly dancer with what she was wearing. She was another very beautiful woman, but after what Emile went through he wasn’t blushing or nervous around her.” Ugh you heard all that, alright I’ll bite what was so impressive about that?”

"You are a strong man despite your youth. Were another would be a scared little boy in an unknown new world, you are quick to take charge and assert yourself. This will be important in the coming months." She motioned to the stairs. "Please... follow me. I wish to read you."

“Read me? You know what after that I’m willing to get my mind off of it and take the distraction. Lead the way.” Emile fallowed the woman into the stairwell.

They walk up a couple of flights and entered one of the rooms. It was sparcely decorated, like most of the rooms. Most people didn't exactly get a chance to bring a lot of personal affects. This woman, however, had several fortune telling implements, along with several fancy blankets and pillows. She sat among the pillows on the floor and spread out a cloth before grabbing a deck of cards. "Please... sit across from me Emile."

“Fortune teller Huh? Truth be told I never put much stock into these things, but with how it look like the world will turning on its head sure why not.” Emile put his bat down and sat across the woman.” Alright how does this work?”

"It is fairly simple on your part." She handed him the cards. Looking then over, they seemed to be tarot cards, but far fancier ones then one would normally find in your average store for ten dollars. "You shuffle these anyway you wish to. Then I will do the rest."

He rolled his eyes but went along with it, Emile didn’t know much about shuffling cards. So he shuffled them like you would uno cards, who’s is not very good.” Um here I guess, sorry I’m not very good with cards.”

She chuckled. "It is okay. What is important is that the cards have contact with you. Your fortune is read already. I need but to flip over the cards to reveal it." As she took the cards, Emile felt something strange, like an energy flowing between him and the woman. A spark of sorts.

“What the hell, Huh I don’t know why but for some strange reason I feel like I could trust you. And for some reason believe you, that’s a first for me.”

"You are one for whom trust comes with some difficulty I take it?" The woman started to lay cards face down in a circle.

“Trust is a hard thing to give people, especially now. I had very few friends back at home, some are in my baseball team here. Now with everything that happened trust is a very precious resource to give away.”

"This is true." She started turning the cards over, revealing elaborate designs and pictures with coin sand swords and people in various positions, some of the cards upside-down. "I know little of trust. I am a gypsy, you see. So few people throughout history have ever trusted my kind. Liars, thieves, and con-artists are we all."

“Well it shows what they know Huh, your alive and there not, guess they took more stock in what you said they still be here. But you have to admit so many people claim to be fortune tellers that are hacks, I’m going on a leap trusting you here, I’m also curious what your vision might say.”

She nodded. "You have a strong soul, and quite the destiny ahead of you. Despite your hesitation, you will make many allies on this journey." She turned another card. A skeletal figure on a skeletal horse, upside down. "Though... many of them will die... including those close to you..."

“Humm, well that was realistic I try not to think about it you know. That one day I’m gonna get them killed, I mean I can put up a front sure and be the person they need. But I know that one day I’m gonna be the reason I get my friends killed.” Tears started to fall off Emile face.” And I don’t know how I’m gonna be able to deal with that.”

The woman gave him a sad look. "Well, this is not something you hear a fortune teller say very often, but destiny is not as set in stone as one might think. Knowledge of the future can help change it. If you ever want to know of impending danger, please come to me. We shall try and prevent it together."

Emile looked up at the woman and whipped his tears away.” If you can see the future I need to know about this place here, do you think or predict if this appointment complex will last?”

"Let's see." She closed her eyes, and Emile could sense a strange energy about her. After a minute, she finally said, "It will last for a good while, but not without trouble. It is not only the creatures we must fear. There are other humans in the city... wicked ones... who will try and take what is ours. I fear a conflict with them is unavoidable."

Emile was silent for a while until his silence was broken with a sigh.” Will get to that bridge later. But for now I guess I can talk to you normally, so you seem to know my name but you never mentioned yours.”

She smiled. "Ethelinda Young." She extended her hand. "Please, call me Lindy. All my friends do. At least, they would if I had any."

Emile shook the women’s hand and smiled.” You know you remind me of a friend of mine, here name is Patricia but her friends call her Patty. I’m sure she could like to meet you, and and most of the people I brought might be interesting having a fortune teller around.”

Lindy bowed her head. "I would appreciate the chance to practice my talent. Thank you, Emile. You have been most pleasant and open minded. It is refreshing."

“Well the world is ending, a fortune teller that might be able to see the future could be handy. Besides I’ve always had an open mind, I won’t scoff completely at certain things.”

Lindy bowed her head. "There is one more thing I should tell you. You might be the only one who will believe me." She reached to the side and placed an elaborate crystal ball into her lap.

“Ou we’re using the crystal ball, you know I was wondering if you were going to pull this out or not.”

Lindy chuckled. "I don't use it very often because it is cliche and most people assume it is a hoax. And it usually is. But let's just say some of us have more talent than others." She waved her hands over the ball, mists within swirling about. "I see someone... a woman. Not much older than you. She is important... but there are those that will not want her here. Will not trust her, and with good reason."

“Really well don’t this sound interesting, someone no older than me Huh. So, what will be the reason people don’t want her here, I mean how bad could she be?”

The gypsy concentrated and frowned. "Let's just say she isn't all there upstairs. People will fear she is dangerous... and they won't be completely wrong."

“Hum well then if we ever find this person, whoever she is I’ll be sure to help them as best I can.”

"Very good." Lindy bowed her head. "It really was a pleasure. We must do this again sometime."

“Sure, anytime just ask, but be sure to meet my people as well. I’m sure a fortune teller could possibly lift their hopes up, you take care of yourself Lindy.”

"You do the same," she said with a smile.


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Part 4

He left the woman and made his way to the cafeteria were he found Patty Sam and Jo. He sat next to the three and put his head down.” Ugh this morning was a pain, god damn Paul.”

Patty ribbed his back. Jo rolled her eyes and asked, "What did he do now?"

“It’s what he didn’t do, I’m sure there gonna announce it soon. But back at the school in the was room, Bella was bitten by the woman that attacked her. That was days ago, Bella isn’t gonna make it and will turn soon. He told her that she was sick.” He chuckled.” Point is Bella is going to the doctor to be examined and when she turns Paul will be the one to put her down.”

"Oh, God..." Jo looked down sadly, guiltily. "I... I shouldn't have let her go alone. This is my fault..."

“It’s no one fault, point is were here now and it happened can’t start blaming ourselves for these things.” Emile then rubbed his head.” Ou and there’s also a fortune teller here as well had a nice talk with her, she’s a very nice woman.”

"Fortune teller, huh?" Sammy gave a skeptical look. "She didn't take all your money, did she?"

“Even if she did what could she do with it, besides she gave me a very intriguing reading. According to her, I or we will make a lot of allies but.” He tapped the table.” But I’ll lose those closest to me even those I care about, she also said that there will be a group from the city that might come and fight us one day. Not the most bright of fortunes.”

Jo shrugged. "Maybe it is a sign that she is honest. After all, don't most fortune tellers tell you what you want to know, not things to make you worry?"

"Maybe..." Patty rubbed her wrist. "Other people from the city..."

“Who knows will deal with it when it happens, but she did tell me something else. That I would meet a woman a few years older then me, and that’s all I’m saying about that.”

"Oh?" Patty gave him a look for a moment that was hard to read, but it was quickly gone. "Well, that's... nice to hear."

“I don’t know will see if I run into her, but how was you guys morning? Hopefully not as crazy as mine.”

They all shook their head. "We have enough food for now, but sooner or later we'll have to start searching the city for supplies," Sammy said

"You mean going back out there?" Jo deflated a bit. "We should leave it to the guys upstairs. They have guns."

"Maybe." Samantha shook her head. "But guns are noisy. And they'll want to keep everything for themselves if we don't help." She looked around and continued. "And I heard a rumor about the zombies. They don't want it spreading though, so keep it between us for now."

Emile ground.” Well yea but we all can’t sit around and do nothing but slowly starve to death. Hum I might go out today, hay Sam if I’m able to go and get supplies today will you join me?”

Sammy nodded. Jo opened her mouth to protest, but Sammy quickly said, "We'll be careful, I promise. Andt'll be easier if there are just a few of us. These things seem to have excellent hearing. Smaller groups make less noise."

“Thanks Sam now I just need to get primison to leave and Ugh this should be fun, I’ll try and talk to the man in charge later. But for now I need to eat my breakfast.”

They all nodded, turning their attention to their meals and trying not to think of what horrors awaited them.

Emile dug into his meal and started to think about what the fortune teller told him. A strange woman Huh, well if she’s going to be important I hope to find her quickly.


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Troubled Youths

Windcrest, Michigan
August 4th

It was midday, the sun high in the sky, when Officer Brian Walker got the call to investigate an old warehouse in the middle of town. Evidently some young individuals were seen sneaking in, possibly for drug related reasons.

Honestly, Brian was relieved. This kind of case might have been boring and mundane, but with all the reported attacks and killings as of late, it was a breath of fresh air to hopefully only have to set some kids straight.

He kept his lights off as he pulled in front of the warehouse. His partner got out, taking the shotgun out of the car. "Do you really think you'll need that?" Officer Walker asked.

His partner, LeBron Jameson, shrugged. "You know what they say about having and not needing versus needing and not having. Besides, what if these attacks are all related to some crazy people on new drugs?"

"Fair enough..." Walker approached the warehouse, taking out his flashlight. "Just keep it pointed down..."

As they investigated the outside of the warehouse they heard some muffled talking inside, it seemed like the people they were after we're still in there. There was some light shining through the windows above them too.

Brian raised a hand to his partner, urging him to stay back as Brian inched closer to a window to see what he could hear.

He heard what sounded like a woman screaming, "Get off of her! You assholes!"

Brian quickly moved inside, unholstering his handgun. "Police!"

He kicked open the door to reveal a scene, four kids, looking to be in their teens and early twenties and were in filthy, dirty clothes, were standing over a young woman with dirty blonde hair and a side shave. She was beaten and bruised with a black eye and a bleeding nose, her arms tied behind the chair so she couldn't move.

Parallel to her was another tied up woman, lighter blonde hair that was long, straight, and proper, although face still had mud on it. The four youths, three men and one woman looked over, yelling "Cops!" as they bolted away further into the warehouse.

"Freeze!" he yelled. His partner quickly came in behind him as he ran over to the tied up girls. "Are you okay? What happened here?"

They didn't stop, heading off further into the building. The battered girl spit out some blood, "The little bastards jumped me!"

The other girl chuckled nervously, "Officer. We were just walking down the street and they attacked us..."

"Stay here with them," he told his partner and ran off.

"Shouldn't I back you up?" LeBron asked, but Brian didn't stop. "Always has to play the hero," he muttered as he moved to untie the girls.

"So uhhh..." The Straight Haired girl looked around. "You're not here for us right?"

"That depends," the officer answered. "Are you going to be honest with me, or are you going to make things up and play dumb?"

She blinked rapidly before the side shaved woman spoke up. "I'm not saying shit to no fucking cop!"

"Melissa!" The Other Girl called out. "We're so sorry."

LeBron chuckled. "Why don't we get you untied, then we'll talk."

In the back of the warehouse, Officer Walker slowly stalked about, trying to spot one of the people he was chasing. "Come on out. I don't want to accidentally shoot someone..."

He looked over a number of barrels that were stacked up, behind it was an open box full of syringes and medical bottles of some kind of fluid.

"Damn druggies," he muttered, continuing his search for the others. Realizing he wasn't going to find them on his own, if at all, he radioed in for backup and returned to the girls. He gave the beat up one a concerned look. "What's your name?"

She just grumbled, "Melissa. Happy?"

"I'd be happy if I knew what happened here." Brian sighed and pulled out a small medkit. "Mind if I patch you up a little? At the very least, I have some pain killers that might help."

"I told you what happened grabbed me and beat the shit out of me!" Melissa yelled.

He put a small amount of alcohol on a cloth. "Now why would they randomly attack you like that?" he asked the other girl, figuring he'd get more out of her.

"Because... They... Wanted to steal from us..." Miranda muttered.

Brian slowly wiped a cut with the cloth, softly saying, "You know you can be honest with me, right? I promise you won't get in trouble."

"That's bullshit and you know it. You have rights." Melissa called out.

"You're just going to arrest us anyway right?"

Brian looked over at his partner and sighed. "Let's make a deal. We cops like to make deals with people who do lesser crimes to catch people who do worse crimes. You be honest from here on out, and as long as you didn't kill someone, I won't arrest you."

"We didn't hurt anyone officer... We were... We came here to buy drugs..." She bit her lip.

"Miranda! Dammit!" The other sister just closed her eyes.

Brian, surprisingly, nodded understandingly. "I thought as much, given the location. Though these are usually are a quick exchange. Not many drug deals end with someone tied to a chair being beaten."

"We may have owed them... A teensy bit of uh... Money..." Miranda muttered.

Brian raised an eyebrow. "This seemed pretty serious. What is a teensy bit?"

"About... Five Thousand... Dollars..." She sighed.

The officer blinked in surprise. "I... see. That's quite a bit of scratch, huh?" He looked around. "Why don't we... get out of here, hmm? Go someplace safer."

"The Police Station?" Melissa bit her lip.

Brian smiled. "Something tells me you wouldn't appreciate that. How about the diner down the street. Nothing cheers me up after a beat down like a nice lunch. My treat. All I ask is that you be open with me."

"On you?" Melissa raised an eyebrow.

Brian nodded. "On me. What do you say?"

"Okay!" Miranda called out. "Lets just go!"

Brian nodded and motioned for them to head for the exit. As they left, his partner whispered, "Why are you being so nice to these two?"
Brian shrugged. "I don't know, they seem like good kids mixed up with bad people. It's those damn Crimsons that's the problem. Maybe we can set them on the right path and get a little info out of them in the process." He stepped ahead and opened the back door of his squad car. "Just a temporary sit, I promise."
"Miranda..." The Grumpier Sister moaned.
"I'm sure it's okay." She replied back sitting down as her sister reluctantly followed.
The officers climbed in the front. "So it was Miranda and Melissa, right?" Brian said. True to his word, he did not turn in the direction of the police station.
"Yeah... Why...?" Melissa squinted, touching her bruised face.
The officer laughed. "Because it's nice to know the names of someone you're talking to. I'm Brian, by the way. This is LeBron." He turned another corner and pulled into the parking lot of a small family diner. "You live near here?"

"Yeah. Well... We sort of live wherever..." Melissa looked out the window as they drove.

Brian frowned. He had an idea what that meant. He parked and stepped out, opening the door for the girls. "What happened to your parents?" he asked softly. "They still around?"

"Yeah. They fucking kicked us out." Melissa said with venom.

"What? Why?" He waved his hand. "Later. First, food." He led them to a booth and handed them a couple menus as the waitress walked over. "What will you girls have?"

The sisters took time to look over the menu, Melissa putting it down first, "Rack of Ribs."

"Um..." Miranda muttered. "Just a nice salad."

"Sis he's paying, get something nice." Melissa muttered.

Brian nodded. "Please, you've had a rough day. Get whatever you like."

"Okay. I'll have the Crab Legs." Miranda nodded.

The two officers both ordered a burger and fries, and while waiting for their food, Brian folded his hands and said, "So... can you tell me anything about the people you were dealing with?"

"A bunch of homeless kids. They work as a go between for the gangs who make the drugs in exchange for a cut." Melissa told them.

"Figures..." Brian sighed. "Bad enough these gangs are moving into our city, but now they're wrapping innocent kids into their crap." He shook his head, trying to control his anger. "And how did you end up owing them so much money?"

"We... We lost some merchandise..." Melissa hesitated.

"So you're some of those homeless kids peddling drugs," LeBron asked, raising an eyebrow.

"No! No!" Miranda but in. "We were... Buying... She's lying..."

Brian chuckled. "That's an awful lot to be buying for personal use." He sighed but smiled. "So you lost the drugs, and like usually happens, instead of giving you a chance to make it up, they'd rather take it out of your hide, is that right?"

"We didn't buy that much in drugs. We put it on a tab, but they didn't tell us about the interest..." Miranda assured him.
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