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"They never do..." Brian looked up as the food came. "Please, enjoy your meals. I have a feeling you haven't had something nice in a while."

"Been a long time..." Miranda practically drooled and she took a hold of her crab leg.

Brian watched them as they ate. He could get a judge of their normal meals that way, though he had a feeling they weren't frequent or very nutritious.

Melissa tore into her ribs, looking at him, "So what's your game? Just being nice? Or are you just milking us for info?"

Brian smiled. "Can't it be a little of both? You two seem like you've had a rough time. I don't mind helping you out. In the meantime, any information you give will help. Maybe you can give us the info we'd need to arrest the people you owe money to. That's a win-win, isn't it?"

"And what stops you from arresting us afterwards?" Melissa glared.

"My word," Brian said plainly. "And I never go back on my word. This is an official deal besides. You talk, and you get off Scott free. Come on." He waved his hand to her. "It isn't like you owe any favors to the people who did that to you."

"Come on Melissa. Give him a chance." Miranda looked over.

"You don't understand. Good things don't just happen to us. To Me." The Gruffer Girl muttered.

"What exactly happened," LeBron asked. "Why did your parents kick you out? You two look pretty young. They can be held accountable."

"I got addicted to drugs. That was the last reason they needed. They hated me for years." Melissa said. "Plus, I was corrupting their perfect little girl."

Brian glanced over at her sister. "How old were you?"

"Eighteen." Melissa told him. "On my birthday in fact."

Brian clenched his fists angrily, and needed to take a minute to calm down. "Alright. I want to help you girls if I can. If you need a reason why, we'll say it is to show you not all adults are shitty people."

"Help us how exactly?" Miranda tilted her head.

"For starters, we're going to mop up the people who decided to take out your dues from your sister's hide so you don't have to worry about them," Officer Walker explained. "Then we're going after your parents. I'm not as familiar with custody law as I am criminal, but I am sure there is some legal action that can be taken against them for throwing you out, regardless of whether you were eighteen at the time or not. Don't worry, we'll get this all sorted out as best we can."

"Like I'd even want to go back home with them anyway." Melissa gritted her teeth.

"You won't have to. Instead, maybe you'll get some money out of it. How does seeing your parents sound to you?"

"Sounds shit honestly." Melissa told them honestly.

"They're... Misunderstood..." Miranda defended, although understanding where her Sister was coming from.

"How so?" Brian asked, expecting them to be more excited.

"They just... Have complicated feelings towards Melissa." Miranda admitted.

"They hate me." Her sister replied quickly.

"And why would they hate you?" Brian asked. "It isn't in a parent's nature to hate their own child."

"You haven't met them. I was always useless and a burden to them. Just a lazy drain who did nothing." The Tougher Girl leaned forward.

Brian looked like he wanted to argue, but his partner raised a hand to silence him. Instead, Brian said, "Well, let's see if we can get something..." He looked out the window and fell silent.

"Thank you for the meal. Really. Most police don't really um... Look at us homeless kids so favorably..." Miranda finished off her drink.

Brian nodded, watching someone outside. "I can't say I know what you're going through, but I have enough empathy to imagine. You've had it rough. Though, as much as you've probably seen this coming, I do have to insist that drugs aren't the answer. They'll only make things worse."

"Oh okay let me just go to rehab." Melissa rolled her eyes. "Oh wait. Rehab is for rich celebrities not homeless children."

"No need to be hostile," LeBron stated before noticing what his partner had. Someone was shuffling their way through the parking lot, and they did not look well.

The Sister's turned to look over, Miranda muttering. "What's up with him?"

"Probably got what those kids in the Eastside Have. Been a lot of homeless folks getting sick lately, even been some assaults." Melissa seemed non-plussed.

Brian slowly stood up. "Why haven't I heard about that?"

LeBron stood up with him. "Admittedly, the higher upside don't always see what happens to the homeless and vagrants as top priority..."

"Could be a drug addict too. They can be dangerous..." Miranda mentioned, suddenly looking at her sister. "No offense..."

"We're going to check them out," Brian said, heading for the door. "You two stay here, okay?"

"Be Careful." Miranda said worriedly.

They stepped out of the diner, a crowd of people looking on from within. They couldn't hear what was being said but the person was unresponsive, at least until they got close. The stranger looked up with vacant eyes before lunging forward, and sinking their teeth into LeBron's neck.

The Sister's eyes widened, the two of them standing up with Melissa muttering a shocked "Fuck..."

Brian kicked the person off LeBron but he was bleeding badly. While Brian tried to stop the bleeding, the attacker slowly rose to their feet and started towards Brian.

Melissa quickly ran out of the diner and towards the two cops despite her sister trying to stop her, picking up a brick off the ground as she went and lobbing it at the sick man's head.

It connected with a sickening crack and thud, hard enough to floor someone. And yet, the man kept walking forward like he hadn't felt it at all.

Regardless, Melissa had succeeded in getting Brian's attention. He pulled out his weapon and shouted a warning. When it was unheeded, he fore into the man's chest. Nothing! He continued to approach even as blood leaked out of the wound.

Brian fired again, and finally the man went down, a bullet hole in his forehead.

"What the Fuck... I've heard of adrenaline junkies but they don't survive a shot through the heart..." Melissa said out loud.

"Melissa... please, um..." Brian cleared his throat, trying to get control of his own adrenaline. He pointed to LeBron. "Push down his wound while I call an ambulance."

"Fuck... Okay..." The Normal Hardass Woman nodded, replacing his hands.

Brian reached for his radio. "This is officer Walker. I'm on the corner of 3rd and Chestnut. I need an ambulance, my partner is severely injured and bleeding out." He looked towards the diner. "Someone, get me some water and clean rags!"

As he was trying to get help, Melissa could feel LeBron's pulse in his neck, and she could feel it getting slower.

"Shit... He's fading out!" Melissa looked back at the gathering crown. "Is anyone a doctor!?"

"I-I'm a nurse." A woman ran up, pulling out a large gauze from a medipack and pressing it against LeBron's neck. "I... he..." she stammered. "I don't think..."

"Fuck!" Melissa stood back and up, looking at her blood covered hands.

Brian stepped over, watching as the nurse tried to desperately save his partner... but she shook her head as she sat back, giving him a sad look.

"What the Fuck... I..." Melissa seemed perturbed, looking back over at Miranda who was just covering her mouth in silence.

Brian had little time to mourn. From around the corner stumbled another man, shambling like the one he had just taken down. Then another. Then another. Seven in total limped forward, heading straight towards them. "Back in the diner!" he order the others, raising his weapon. "Freeze!" no response from the shamblers. "A said freeze!" Still nothing.

Melissa pushed the doctor away from the fallen cop, then grabbed onto Brian's shoulder. "Come on! Let's go!"

Brian blinked a few times. He seemed at a loss. Obviously, he had never lost a partner in this small city where little happened, let alone lost one in such a horrific way. "Y-yeah, um... where is your sister?"

Melissa quickly looked around, finding Miranda helping to lead people into the diner.

Brian nodded, happy to see they had cool enough heads for the situation. "L-let's get back into the diner. I, um... find a weapon to fend these... people... off. And everyone stay together. We'll be stronger as a group."

Melissa put a hand on his shoulder, "Hey. We need your head in the game right now."

He took a deep breath and nodded. "You're right. Thank you. Go help your sister get people into the diner. I'll see what I can do to give us a little more help." He looked over to his car. He needed to get the shotgun from the front seat.

"Hurry up then!" Melissa pushed the doctor to go faster, picking up a chunk of heavy asphalt to cover him.
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Brian ran for the car, dodging around the attackers and firing at ones that got in his way. Only headshots seemed to do anything. Every other shot was brushed off.

He quickly threw open the door to the squad car, and retrieved the meatier weapon along with a box of rounds. Turning back, one of the approaching women dived for him. He was barely able to lift his leg in time, kicking her away and making a run for the diner. He shouted into his radio, "I have multiple attackers, I need back up!"

Melissa crushed the woman's head with the chunk of road, Miranda throwing her a old pipe from next to the wall of the store and Melissa just kept swinging.

Brian made it to the diner and motioned for them to follow him in. Closing and locking it, he hesitated for a moment before asking, "I don't suppose either of you know how to shoot, do you?"

"I do." Melissa told him.

"Okay." He handed her his handgun and a couple magazines. "Hopefully you won't have to use it."

Even as he said that, the people outside started to bang on the windows and doors of the diner. What was happening. He had read the reports of random attacks happening all over the city, but this was like something out of a horror movie! These people, from their hollow eyes to their resistance to injury to the bloody way they were... they were like zombies.

"What is happening? What kind of drug does this to someone?" Miranda looked out at the crowd.

"I don't know, but we need to keep these people safe." He looked at Miranda. "Can you check to make sure there isn't an open back door?"

"Right." She nodded, running up to one of the waitresses, "Show me the backdoor!"

The dumbstruck waitress nodded, and led her to the back of the diner. She screamed as one of the zombies walked in through the back door.

"Fuck!" The Young Woman cursed, holding up her gun and firing at it, putting a shot into it's chest before landing one in the head. Then she ran forward towards the door and slammed it closed.

"Everything alright?" Brian shouted back, watching a window that had a large number of them pounding on it now.

"Yeah!" Melissa called back.

"What're we going to do? That window won't hold forever." Miranda asked him, "We could try going to the roof."

"That's a good idea." Brian turned to the cashier. "How do you get to the roof?"

"U-uh... there is a... service door in the back..."

One of the windows shattered, and Brian fired at three zombies, the force knocking them back. "Show everyone where! Get up there! I'll hold them off!"

"Please don't die Brian!" Miranda called out to him, literally pushing people up the latter to the roof.

Brian fired again and again, needing to buy the people as much time as possible. Something caught his eye that made him freeze though. LeBron, his partner, was walking towards the diner. But he was dead! The gapping, still bleeding neck wound was proof of it! But there he was, walking along with the rest of the creatures.

"They... really are..." Brian muttered, dumbstruck.

"Brian!" Miranda called again.

He blinked, one of the undead reaching out for him. He quickly pulled the trigger, blowing its head off, before running to the back to join the others.

Melissa fired shots out as the door began to crack and buckle under the pressure as Miranda took Officer Brian's hand and pulled him up.

Brian collapsed onto the ground. His arms were aching from the continuous firing and kickback, but he wasn't finished. He pointed his shotgun down the stairs as the creatures reached it... and fumbled over it. They were too brain dead to properly use the stairs.

"Are we safe?" Miranda huffed loudly.

"For now," Brain said, trying to catch his breath. "But let's block these stairs just in case." He turned to the sisters and said, "And thank you."

Melissa pushed a large box over the entrance to the roof, looking back. "Do you have any idea what the fuck is happening?"

Brian helped place the heaviest items they could find. "I'm not sure. We have gotten reports of bodies being found, partially eaten, all over the city. Then that turned to violent outbursts of random people in random locations. We thought it might be drug related, but this? This is something out of a horror movie..."

"Shit... You called for back-up didn't you... If they come here..." Melissa looked directly at him.

Brian nodded and grabbed his radio just as they heard sirens down the road. "Subjects are extremely hostile and dangerous. They are impervious to injury save for shots to the head. Possibly contagious. Whatever you do, do not let one get a hold of you." He looked over the side of the building at the mass of zombie-like beings pushing their way inside. So many were bloody and had injuries that should have had them on the ground, but they were still moving, eagerly trying to get to their meal.

"Is this really how I'm going to die? To some cheesy b-movie monsters?" Melissa seemed indignant.

"Nobody else is going to die," Brian assured her. "Not on my watch." He watched as the other officers pulled up. "How do I convince them to just fire at a crowd of seemingly injured citizens...?"

"You could... Try to shoot one yourself...?" Miranda considered. "If they see you shoot one and it doesn't go down...?"

Brian thought about it for a moment, and then quickly said, "Hand me my pistol."

Melissa handed the gun back to him backwards, "Be careful."

Brian nodded. He watched as his fellow officers shouted in effectual warnings. Brian fired, hitting one of the creatures in the back and through the chest three times. "Shoot them!" He yelled. "They're already dead, shoot them in the head!"

"You have to shoot them or they'll kill you!" The Studious Sister yelled out down to the cops.

One of the cops finally fired, striking one of the zombies in the head. Then another fired. All in all, there were less of these creatures then they had thought, the rush of the moment making about twenty zombies seem like a hundred. Soon, they were mowed down, but the other officers hesitated as the last one, in one of their uniforms, lurched out of the diner. With a heavy sigh, Brian aimed at his former partner, and put him down for good.

"I'm... So sorry..." Miranda muttered.

"Yeah..." Brian whispered. "Me too..." He turned back towards the girls. "Come on... let's get you somewhere safe."

"How... How big do you think this is?" Melissa asked him as they moved the boxes out of the way.

"I don't know," Brian answered honestly. "Somehow, I feel like this was just a small taste... and it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better..."
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Nervous Unions

Dionissia crept around a corner as she scanned for any of the unliving horde. It looked clear for the moment, but that could easily change. She moved cautiously forward, holding a piece of rebar that was somewhat shaped into a sword. On her hip appeared to be a holster, but the thick sweater she wore hid what was in it. She looked unsure of herself, jumping at practically anything that moved. "It's a great town... you should study there..." She whispered to herself, silently swearing at her bad luck, as she made her way towards a hardware store.

It was empty, or at least seemed so from the outset. It was also a mess. It seemed there had either been a struggle inside or it had been looted. Likely both. The halls of the small store were littered with clutter and nails and all sorts of items that would poke at one's feet and/or make noise.

Across the store, however, in the back by the register, it sat like a golden beacon. A bright, shiny new fireman's axe sat behind a locked steel cage. The lock itself, however, was battered and beaten, as though many an individual had attempted to break it off, and it looked to be on its last leg.

She moved closer pausing to pick up p some of the debris; in the right hands, this stuff could be golden. Obviously, her hands were not suited to the task at all, but someone's might. Eventually, she arrived at the cage, looking at her makeshift sword and the fun she had. She wasn't a good enough shot to take on multiple zombies and she didn't really want to be found. She glanced around once more before she began to swing her rebar down.

After a few smacks, the lock seemed to start giving way. She was so focused, she almost didn't noticing the approaching shuffling noise coming from around the corner of the counter.

Her eyes widened in fear as she broke into a cold sweat. This was precisely what she had hoped wouldn't happen. Zombies were insanely fast. If this was one... she quickly whipped around, holding the rebar as if it was some magical sword that would somehow drive off whatever had made the noise.

Lucky for her, and a bit unlucky for the other person, it was a woman who stepped into view. She was an attractive redhead in her late twenties wearing the exotic attire of a fortune teller, clothes that reminded Dionissia of a European Gypsy. She gasped, at first afraid she had walked into a zombie, then recoiling in fear as she worried she would get a piece of rebar across the head. "Wait!"

The Laconian woman quickly rushed forward, putting a free hand over her mouth as she glanced around. Noticing no activity from their surroundings after a moment, her attention returned to the woman. "Not so loud..." She whispered, her grip surprisingly strong, "don't alert the zombies."

The other woman nodded, whispering, "Sorry. I was afraid you might hit me. The Strigoi... zombies... are not the only ones to worry about."

"Yeah... there was a lady dancing in the streets, executing them." The bouncer shuddered. She took a step back and sized the other woman up. Her gaze flicked up as she stared into her eyes. "But that doesn't really matter. Why did you decide to head here instead of a grocery store?"

"Well, I was hoping to find some kind of weapon." She sighed. "I am more at home with a sword then a fire arm, not that those places haven't been tore apart too. There is only so much I can do unarmed."

She clicked her tongue in slight annoyance. "Swords aren't that easy to come by. Especially not in a hardware store, Paidi mou. (My child)" She shook her head, the Amazonian-esque woman hefting the rebar gently onto her shoulder. "What are your plans for survival? Do you have somewhere you're staying? Enough food to last?"

The gypsy woman sighed. "A place to stay is good for now. But supplies is another question. I have a plan for somewhere safer. An apartment complex on the edge of the city. But I have some people with me, including a pregnant woman and a child."

The bouncer let out an audible hiss of air as she glanced around. She knew she had to talk with Jay; he was the guy who armed her with a gun and kept her from being eaten by a mini-horde. "How... how many people are we talking?"

"Um... me, three more adults, and a child," answered the fortune teller. "Five of us in total."

She offered a sigh as she made up her mind. "Do you have a map or know the city well? If you'll meet up with me later... I can talk things over with my... friend, and we'll decide whether we'll... well, if we'll ask you to join us." She held up a finger. "No tricks. I'm not exactly keen to trust people after they lie to me. So... do we have an agreement?"

"If you have the means of getting us to safety, then yes, I agree. I do know the city, and I think I can find an old map in a brochure I kept for sentimental reasons." The other woman smile. "I am Ethelinda."

"Dionissia." The bouncer returned the smile, offering a hand to shake.

Lindy gave her a firm handshake. "I understand, I do. The feeling of mistrust towards others. I have it too. Some call me paranoid. I believe I am cautious. Either way, I will be sure not to betray your trust."

"Glad to hear it." Dionissia stared at her for a moment glancing away as she thought she heard a distant sound. Was it the psychopath? "How good are you at running Ethelinda?"

Lindy blinked a few times before saying, "Um... pretty good, I believe."

"Then you should have no problems running in a few minutes." Dionissia turned around, walking back towards the lock to break it. After a few swings, the lock broke clattering to the ground as the display case for the axe opened. Not wasting anymore time, she grasped her target and glanced over at the other woman. "Think you could use this axe for a bit? We might, uh, need to fight our way out if I'm right... and if I'm wrong, you still get a shiny new axe."

Lindy nodded, taking the axe. "Let's do this. Let's hope we work well as a team."

Dionissia creeped back towards the entrance of the store, peeking out of one of the windows to see if anyone living was nearby. As she stared out, she couldn't shake the feeling that something was looking for her at the same time.

Whatever was out there wasn't making itself known at the moment. Either she was being paranoid, or whatever it was had some intelligence. For the moment, all she could see is a pair of the slow moving ones, simply standing staring at a wall, as if the were machines that shut down until food was located.

The bouncer opened the door carefully, staying low to the ground as humanely possible. She stepped out, nervously glancing around as she made her way out. Hopefully, it was just her paranoia as she was rather exposed outside, given the lack of places she could hide behind.

Up on the rooftops, two figures stalked them. They crept along silently, watching as the two women slowly made their way outside.

Lindy, for her part, kept an eye out for runners while occasionally glancing at the standing figures. She didn't think to look up, but a nagging feeling told her something wasn't right.

The bouncer snuck further along, oblivious to the rooftop stalkers. She glanced around as she eyed potential ways to escape should they need to make a quick and hasty retreat. As she did so, her gaze flicked down to Jay's sidearm for a moment. It was more for show than anything; her aim wasn't that great to begin with and he had only just started to teach her how to aim and shoot with the stupid thing. Why are guns so readily available in America? In Europe, guns are so hard to acquire, but here... here they're as common as clothes... no, don't get distracted, Niss... keep your attention on what you need to do: Watching for danger so you can survive...

"Wait..." Ethelinda stopped, her eyes going blank for a moment. "Step closer to me, quickly."

Dionissia took a few quick steps back towards her, her hand drifting to her gun. There was a screech as one of the undead flew down from above, landing where she had just been standing. This one was different from the others. Instead of showing atrophy in its muscles, they had seemly grown stronger, especially in its legs. It turned towards the women, staying on all fours like an animal, its long claw-like nails clinking against the ground. It reared up like a cat ready to pounce.

Dionissia quickly dropped her rebar sword, opting for bullets as this... thing looked too strong to fight with a large piece of metal. "Fuck, fuck, fuck..." the bouncer whispered loudly. She fired one, two, three, six shots into the enhanced zombie. Only one shot seemed to really hit towards its head and even then she wasn't sure if she had killed it; the rest of her bullets seemed typ stroke over various spots on its body. "Back to the store!" She called as she aimed her gun, only eleven bullets were left in the clip, and she only had one spare clip to use.

Lindy ran back with her, looking up as another screech signaled there was another one nearby. She didn't look back as she practically tackled the door to open it.

Dionissia ran back as well, her eyes wide as she followed suit, diving through the door, somewhat hitting her new friend in the process. She fumbled her way into a sitting position, aiming her sights down at the door.

One of the leaping creatures made a dive for the door, only for Lindy to slam in shut and lock it. As it screeched and clawed at the thin metal door, Lindy rushed to her new companion's side. "Are you okay?" she asked in a concerned tone.

Dionissia shook, her eyes darting from Lindy to the door and back to Lindy again. She nodded slowly as she got up shakily. "W-we need to find a d-different exit. T-that door won't h-hold them forever." She tried to say, only getting the words out in a whisper.


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Lindy nodded, worried about how shaken Dionissia was, so much so that it blinded her to her own shaking hands as she glanced around. "There," she said softly. "That door leads to the back. With any luck, there is a back door there."

The bouncer took a deep breath before she nodded. "Th-en let's go. B-better than h-here, that's for s-sure." She started moving towards the back, her knuckles turning white as she held the gun with a death grip.

Lindy placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. "Please, be calm. Panicking will only worsen our situation. I know things are dire, but I will help keep us safe as best I can, okay?"

Dionissia let out a strangled laugh that almost borderlined crying. "I'll b-be fine... I already got ch-chased by a horde. Just... startled." She gave Lindy a shaky smile, as she tried to stop shaking for a moment.

Lindy nodded and smiled back. Her nerves were rattled themselves, but she was trying to hide it for the sake of her new ally. As they reached the back door, they slowly opened it with a slight creek. After listening for a moment, they heard a crunching and sqelching noise around the corner.

Dionissia took a shuddering breath before cautiously entering the room, gun ready to blast into more than a few zombies. Her aim wouldn't be the best as her hands were shaking and her breathing had become unsteady.

There was a lone zombie within, and it didn't seem to notice them enter. It was too busy munching on the guts of what looked like the shop's former cashier.

Dionissia took a knee, following the training and advice Jay had given her. She took a deep breath and fired; the bullet missing the creature's head, embedding into the wall behind the zombie. The bouncer quickly fired three more bullets, the last of which hit the zombie in the head.

She went into the room, hurriedly glancing around for anything else that might prove to be a threat.

The was nothing. For the moment, they were safe. There was a heavy slam behind her that made her jump. She turned back to find Ethalinda had decapitated the partially eaten corpse. "The dead don't always stay dead anymore, especially with an intact head," she explained. "Best not to have any surprises behind us."

Dionissia nodded as she took another deep inhale of breath to steady herself. She shut the door behind them before proceeding any further. She looked for another door, old service tunnels, something that might get them both out alive.

She regretted the deep breath. One thing the movies never went over was the deep, sickly sweet smell of rot these things produced. It almost distracted her from the door that seemed to lead into the back alley.

A slight cough exited her lungs as she moved towards the door. Fresh air would do her good... as long as the zombies weren't around it. She waited by the door, listening for anything that may be on the other side, albeit with the sleeve of her shirt over her mouth and nose to avoid the smell the best she could.

At the moment, she heard nothing outside. No shuffling and moaning. Just the sound of the creatures in the front clawing at the door, Lindy's gentle breathing, and her own rapidly beating heart. "I guess it's time to go." Dionissia whispered as she opened the door. She held her gun up, ready to fire a few more shots if need be.

Lindy followed close, hands tightly gripping the axe handle. As they stepped into the alleyway, they could hear the shrill screeches of the leapers in front. "Wow, they... really wanna eat us, huh?" Lindy said with a forced, nervous smile.

Dionissia gave a shakier smile, as she took a few steps forward. "Zombies are kinda like guys; they want what they can't have. I think they'll get over it though."

Lindy nodded. "So... where do we go now. Back to my hideout?"

"Or we split here... which is probably a bad idea." Dionissia frowned, running one hand through her hair. "Only problem with your idea is that I don't you well. You could have me killed on the spot..."

Her gun started to drift in Lindy's general direction before it stopped. She took a deep breath, lowering her gun before continuing, "Which would be dumb considering you've held an axe behind me the entire time and you could've fed me to zombies. Sorry. I'm just a little scared, paranoid, and worried."

Surprisingly, Lindy nodded. "It is hard to know whom you can trust in times like this. I can sense the wicked intent of some people I have seen... and thus avoided. But I mean you no harm."

"Okay... let's head to your home then." The bouncer gave the woman a kind smile, raising her gun back up as she resumed her scan.

The pair slowly moved out of the alley, ducking behind cars and slowly moving along. The leader she had shot was still moving about, though slower and with half its face missing. The two managed to sneak away without being noticed, and made it to a small, single story motel a few blocks away. "We are in the room at the end," the gypsy stated. "As far from the lobby as possible. We were closer before, but the moans within were keeping us up."

Dionissia nodded, looking at the various rooms that were unoccupied. "What about the room next door or the one next to that? Are they clear of zombies?"

"The one right next to us is clear," Lindy answered. "Not sure about the others. We figured it was best not to bother any locals if it could be avoided."

"Then I'll take the room next to you. Don't want to cause anyone to be unnerved by me." She holstered her gun, offering a shrug as she did so. "Everyone gets antsy when a foreigner has a gun."

"Yes, I suppose that is true." The fortune teller nodded. "I will tell them about you so when they do see you it isn't as much of a surprise."

"I'll head out in a couple days, just to let the zombies shuffle around; have someone I need to get back to before too long." She glanced away for a moment, a soft laugh somehow managing to escape her. "Thanks... for getting me to stop at the hardware store. I wouldn't be alive right now if you hadn't."

Lindy chuckled. "No trouble, um... friend?"

"How about cautiously good acquaintances?" Dionissia gave a cheeky smile as she walked towards the motel room. She snuck look back, eyeing up Lindy's natural beauty. As she turned back, she hoped she hadn't been caught staring; that would be more than a bit awkward if Lindy wasn't at least somewhat interested in women.
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The fallowing is done by Dhalexper&Zombiespliter53
The scavenger hunt

The Santa Bernista Apartment
1300 Hours

The city was a wreck, most of its 250,000 citizens dead. The majority of the citizens of the city, those still alive and not in hiding in their homes, were located in two spots, though at the time, those of the Santa Bernista complex only knew of their own. For all they knew, they were the last humans on Earth.

The apartments were, for the time being, split into two factions. One, in the upper floors, was run by a band of mobsters who had set up shop in the city before it was cut off. They were few in numbers but well supplied and well armed.

The opposite, more numerous but lacking weapons and supplies, was those in the lower floors. They acted as the guards for the entrance, though the stairs from the first floor were already destroyed, making it impossible for the majority of the undead to get up. The majority... but not all.

The two factions butted heads for the first few days, the mobsters wanting to be left to their own devices, the citizens preferring unification, even with obvious criminals. At the moment, both sides were ignoring each other.

The citizens of the apartments' lower floors were headed by a police officer. While Brian Walker didn't fancy himself a loner by any means, he was unaccustomed to the awesome responsibility of leading so many people, and he had his hands full between those fearing the upper floors, those fearing what was outside, general bickering, and supplies running low. He was holding his palm against his head when Emile entered the aparBrian looked up and smiled tiredly. "Please, come in. Have a seat. Emile, right? I've heard about you."

As Emile entered the apartment, he could see the tired look on his face it was one Emile was starting to get. He was used to leading a team, but a bunch of people that most he didn’t know was getting to him, especially what Paul did earlier. But he couldn’t imagine leading the entire complex and dealing with the criminals upstairs. He took a breath and started walking to him.

“Ugh hay Brian, um I need to make a request um, do you think it will be alright if me and someone from my group go and scavenging for food?”

Brian looked up and smiled tiredly. "Please, come in. Have a seat. Emile, right? I've heard about you."

“Yea I’m the one that gave you guys the water.” Emile entered the appointment, the man must be tired if he didn’t hear what Emile said about scavenging for food. “Um are you doing alright you look really tired?”

"Yeah, yeah... just... a little worn out." Brian folded his hands. "I imagine you might be feeling the same. Heard a lot of our younger people, and even some of the older ones, are relying on you a lot. That's a lot of pressure."

“Yea, and the added pain of me being a thousand miles from home, and my family mostly my dad might be dead right now. I try not to think about it, but at least I have a small group, you have this hole apartment to think about.”

Brian nodded, his smile slowly fading. "You said... you wanted to go out..."

“Ou you did hear that, um yea I do figure me and one of my people should go and search for food.”

Brian blinked. "You want me to send out two teenagers alone into that danger? You of all people should know how dangerous that is."

“Yes I know, trust me I’m fully aware of the danger. However sooner or later we’re gonna run out of food, I wanna at least try and find some before we get to that point.”

Brian sighed, leaning back. "Why do I get the feeling you'll go out, even if you have to sneak out?"

Emile smiled at that comment.” Yea probably, but I just wanna make sure that we’re all gonna be fine. That and I do need to get aquatinted with, Ugh my new home.”

The cop sighed but slowly nodded. "What about weapons? We're a little lacking on those. Do you... know how to use a gun?"

“I did some hunting back at home with my dad, I know how to use one. Now as for me getting a gun, I figured that I go and ask our buddies upstairs.”

Brian chuckled and rubbed the side of his head. "You do know what kind of people they are up there, right?"

“Yes but they also need food, and they already Ou me for bringing a bus filled with water. Ou and your welcome for that by the way, and no I will not let it go.”

Brian chuckled. "Alright, alright, you're welcome. Alright... you convince them to give us a few weapons, and I won't try and stop you from going out. Deal?"

"Ou your gonna make this difficult for me huh, ugh well I somehow lead my team out the city, and got people that were trapped in a school waiting to die basically. What's the harm of trying to convince the criminals to lend us some weapons. Emile then put his hand into his forehead. "Ou boy this could be a challenge, any tips on what I'm walking into?"

Brian leaned back. "The man you want to talk to is Anthony Bradford. He and a couple buddies of his were the first to set up shop here. And remember that you're not dealing with some common street punks. These guys fancy themselves professionals and businessmen first and criminals second. It would almost make them easier to work with if they didn't dislike me just because I have a badge and I wasn't in anyone's pocket when this all went down."

"Great how nice, I'm dealing with criminals that see themselves as businessmen." Ou this is gonna be fun negotiate with these people and trying to convince them to give us weapons on top of that too. Yea fuck it, I'll come back and tell you how it goes." Emile left Brian room and started to make his way upstairs keeping his bat close at hand and gripping it tightly.

When he reached the divide between the two groups, he found himself facing down two large toughs in suits giving him an odd look. "Can we... help you, kid?" one of them asked in a low voice.

Emile put his bat over her shoulder.” Yep I need to talk to your boss, because I need something from him.”


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Part 2

The other man scoffed and leaned forward. "Threatening us, kid? Why shouldn't we drop you on the ground now?"

“Ou it’s simple you want food? You let me talk to your boss, you wanna starve you can beat me up.” Emile shrugged his shoulders.” Pick one.”

The second man cracked his knuckles, but the first placed a hand on his shoulder to calm him down. "Alright. You wanna talk, let's talk." He waved for Emile to follow him. "Let's go talk to Tony."

“About time.” Emile fallowed the two men into the area and made she to keep his guard up and his grip on his bat tight.

A variety of men watched as the passed, all tense and on their own guard. They went up a couple more floors and the man said, "Wait here." He stepped into a room, emerging again a minute later. "Go on. And try to be respectful."

“Heh.” Emile stepped passed the two man and went into the room where he looked at Anthony.” You must be Anthony, I’m Emile and I have an offer to make you.”

The man took a long drag from a cigarette and blow out the smoke slowly. He looked tired, almost as tired as Brian did. "You've got balls, kid. Alright... I'm listening."

“Whelp I’m breaking day light so I’ll get to the point. I’m looking to scavenge for food with one of my people. But the problem is, I need guns for me and her. So here’s what I was told by Brian, you give some of your guns to the people down stairs and I get to go scavengeing for food.”

Tony laughed. "I see, I see. You know, I have a lot of people up here." He stood up. "A lot of hungry people. And your deal sounds like a good one. Problem is I don't trust cops, or even people sent here by cops. So why should I believe you'll actually deliver the food, and not just use the guns to attack us?"

Why should you trust me, is that a joke? That water you and your men are drinking, it came from me that was meant for my people to last us weeks. Not be given away to two separate groups of people for a few days. That’s number one, number two. I don’t care what your beaf with Brian is about, I only care about my people and the people down stairs. I need to make sure there taken care of, so I’m gonna make this very simple for you. You give them guns you get food, you don’t give them guns I sneak out and find food anyway and Brian knows that. And you will get no food and you can starve. So give me gun now so you can eat or don’t give me guns.” Emile put his bat on the table.” And I’ll take them off your zombie body. No matter what I’m getting those gun, wether it some today or all of them tomorrow.”

Tony stared at him for a few moments. He was a hard man to read. Finally, after a long period of silence, he slowly smiled. "What's your name?"

“My name is Emile Van Dam, and have you made up your mind yet?” Emile said staring into his eyes.

The mobster nodded, walking to the side and over to a large case. "I assume you wouldn't be asking for a gun if you didn't have some practice. I'll set you up. I'll even give some to your friends downstairs." He looked back. "What's your preference?"

“Personally I do prefer hunter weapons, bolt rifle shotgun very simple. But since I can’t carry all of that or the ammo, I guess I’ll take a bolt action rifle and a pistol. Now as I can’t say for sure, I could bring her up here if it’s fine with you?”

"Sure, go get her," Tony said. "I'll pick out something nice for you in the meantime."

“Thank you for that, and thanks for listening to my offer.” As Emile left the room and down the stairs, he quickly leaned against the wall and started breathing rapidly.” Ou man that was scary, I didn’t think I could pull that off, but I did now to find Sam and get her armed to. She’s possibly in her room though, might be best to knock.

As Emile made his way back down stairs, and knocked on Sams door.” Hay Sam its Emile open up I got good news.”

The door opened, 'Rock N' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution' playing on a small speaker connected to a phone. Jo was sitting on a bed, reading a book, and looked up as Sammy greeted Emile. "Good news, huh? Let me guess... anti-zombie powder?"

Emile looked around the room and waved at Jo.” No god don’t I wish for that, we’re going upstairs I got pramison for us to go scavenging. And I somehow convinced the leader up stairs to give us guns, so time to get you armed.”

"Really? Cool! Let's see what we can do."

As Sam stepped out, Jo sat up and said, "A-are you sure you two should go out alone? Or... at all? I know we need food, but... it's dangerous out there..."

“I know Jo but we do need food, and it’s not gonna fall from the sky. Sooner or later if this is the apocalypse, and not just a few weeks disease. This will become the new normal and food will be harder to fine, but don’t worry I’ll take good care of Sam here. Ain’t that Sam?”

Sammy nodded, winking at Jo. "We'll be back before you know it. And two people can move more silent then a group."

Jo slowly nodded. "A-alright. But if you get into any trouble, get back here as quickly as possible."

Emile silently nodded and he closed the door behind him. As the two started walking Emile looked down at Sam,” you know we might fine a bunch of trouble right.”

Sam nodded. "I know. I just don't want her to worry any more then she already is. Besides, like she said. If we get in over our heads, we can run."

“That’s the idea, hopefully the stores haven’t been raid to much and by the now the zombies should have have left them by now.”He said as the two made there way upstairs.

"So how'd you convince them to give you guns?" Sammy asked.

“They need food, I went to Brian first of course but he would only let me out if I convinced there boss to give us weapons. So I was straight up with the man, ether he gave us guns and he gets to eat. Or he doesn’t and possibly starves to death, and we take those guns anyway. Basically, I gave him almost no choice, and I’m sure his people are starving.”

Sammy laughed. "Wow, you've got even more guts then I thought. I would have been scared out of my mind."


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Part 3

“Ou I was don’t get me wrong, but I had to remind myself that I need to help you all after all I’m your leader. You may not have voted for it, and there are time I don’t wanna be, but I am and your needs are important to me.” He said with honesty.

Sammy nodded, giving him a warm smile. They returned to Tony's room, Sammy gasping lightly and pointing at him. "You! I knew you were a mobster! On sabbatical, my butt!"

Emile raised his eyebrow in confusion.” Say what now, I’m sorry but you know this guy?”

"Yeah, I met him and his buddy at a diner. They were talking business but pretended they weren't in the mob."

"What do you want kid, a medal?" Tony shook his head and place a rifle and a 9mm handgun on the table in front of Emile.

Emile picked up the rifle and looked it over, it reminded him of hunting with his father during the summer, he then used the strap on it to put it on his back and looked the pistol over.” Yep all seems well, now what about my friend here, Sam what do you want?”

"Hmm... I've done a bit of airsoft but never used a real gun. Any recommendations?"

Emile smiled at her.” Ou, it just dawned on me that Ou yea not everyone hunts Emile, I would recommend a handgun.” He then gave his handgun to Sam. “This will work just fine, not much recoil easy to use it should do well against any zombie.”

"Thanks." Sammy took it, looking it up and down and chuckling. "The serial number has been removed.

Tony smiled. "Of course, it has." He got another handgun for Emile and gave him a serious look. "You have to... finish off someone you know yet?"

Emile looked down as if he was gonna cry.” My coach, he Ugh tried to find us a boat to get off the island he got attacked. Managed to get my teammates and him out of the hotel we were in to her school, once there we did a test to see if he’d turn or not and he did.” Emile squeezed his bat as tears came down his face.

Tony nodded slowly, slowly pulling out his handgun and looking it over. "Had to... put someone down with this very gun. Thought it would get easier... but it's been a week now... and I still see myself pulling the trigger in my nightmares..." He sighed. "You'll be alright, kid. You're strong. I could tell by the way you charged in here. You didn't let any fear of going into the lion's den stop you from doing what needed to be done. Just make sure you don't become reckless with that bravery."

“I’ll try not to be, but thank you for the advice. But consider yourself lucky, at least you had a gun to put your man down.” He wiped the tears off his face.” I had to put my coach down with my bat, still haunts my dreams every night.” He shook his head and looked at Sam.” Ready to head out?”

Sam nodded, giving him a sad smile. "One last thing," Tony said, sitting back down and lighting another cigarette. "Don't go wild with those guns. These things, these... zombies... they're attracted to the noise. Fire of a few rounds too recklessly to take out one that could have been dealt with a bat, you might end up with ten more."

On that note, Sam scanned the room, and picked up a crowbar. "I'll just... borrow this too..."

“Heh will see if we can’t find you a better while we’re out, although I’m sure we still have plenty of close weapons from when we were at the school. So do you want to leave now, or keep the crowbar you have?”

Sam gripped the tool/weapon tightly and nodded. "We can leave with this. Let's do this."

Emile shrugged his shoulders." Alright then see you all later." Emile and same went back down stairs and made there way to the gate, once there Emile took the bus key that he made into a keychain off his neck as the two boarded the bus, once on board the gate opened and the two were now on the road hoping to bring plenty of food." Alright then, so Were to first ugh Sam are there any nearby stores?"

Sammy nodded. "There is a general store to the north, and a grocery store a little farther to the south. We can also try the drug store to the east."

“Hum general stores don’t usually have much for food, grocery stores could work but it could be risky could be filled with zombies. And the drug store witch has medicine.” Emile tapped the stearin wheel.” To hell with it we’re going to the grocery store.”

"Cool." Sam looked out the window. "Hope we can find a path through. The streets probably suck."

“Ou I’m sure we could, but in case we don’t.” Emile tapped the dash board. We could just run them over.” After a few minutes of driving, Emile turned to Sam.” So Sam why don’t you tell me about yourself, like what was your life like before this?”

Sam chuckled. "You sure you want to hear? It's kinda boring."

“I’m sure most of our lives were boring, we’re both what eight teen? Nothing very exciting happens in our lives till now, besides we can get to know each other more while we’re out here. So shoot what we’re you before this?”

Sam leaned back and looked up at the roof. "Well, don't tell everyone this but I had money. I mean, my family did. Not that I cared. In fact, I hated it, because to keep their lavish lifestyle, my parents worked all the time or socialized with rich assholes." She twirled a lock of hair. "So I started acting out."

Emile raised an eyebrow.” Wait you’re rich, you could have fooled with that. I mean you’re not entitled at all, in fact your very nice. So what do you mean you started to act out?”

"Well, you know... just started dressing like this. Humiliated them that their prim and proper girl was all Goth. And I started to get into fights at school. Anything to attract attention, even negative attention. And it work..." Sammy huffed irritabily. "But instead of acting like responsible parents and owning up to it, they sent me to live with my aunt until I got my act together. Bastards. They just wanted to hide their problem. Probably tell everyone I'm at some fancy school for snobbish bitches..."


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Part 4

Emile chuckled.” Ou I think you did the right thin, I can understand the need to be wanted or trying to get attention. See I almost went through the same but for different reasons. See my mom died when I was seven, and my dad sent me to Boy Scout to keep me distracted. But once she was gone he became distant, I remember him being gone a lot when I was growing up. That’s why I got into baseball, to get his attention eventually I Started to like it and we hung out more.” Emile started to smile remembering his dad.

Sam smiled. "So you were able to work things out with him." Her smile faded a bit. "I hope he's okay. I hope my parents are okay too..."

Emile smile faded.” Yeah I try not to think about it much, or if I I would like to think he’s fighting back home and is in charge of people. But he was in the military before I was born. So I’m sure they re-enlisted him.”

"Then he's got plenty of firepower at least. Something to fight back with." She chuckled and looked down at her weapons. "Don't have to rely on mob guns and improvisation."

“Hay will get more guns, but for now we need to work with them. There just trying to survive like us, who they were before doesn’t matter.” So cheer up, besides you look better with a smile.” He said smiling at her.

She laughed. "Thanks. You're quite charming. I can see why Patty likes you so much."

“Heh yea she pretty cool girl, might have to help he find her family and bring them to the appointment. You know once we’re fully defend and she eventually learns how to shoot, Huh I have a lot of work to put into that girl.”

Sam shrugged. "We can help you know. Don't think you have to shoulder everything yourself. I'll do whatever I can. After all, Jo needs to learn how to defend herself too."

“Heh thanks Sam you pretty cool to have around.” He said smiling at her.

Sam gave him a playful wink and looked out the window. "Turn right here and it'll just be down the block. Just watch out for any cars blocking the roads."

He smiled at the wink and turned right, as the two made there way down the road and Emile hitting some cars along the way. The finally made it to the grocery store.” You still alive Sam?”

"Y-yeah..." Sammy held her stomach. "Bumpy ride, but I'll be fine." She looked out the window at the store, along with the collection of zombies between them and their prize. "We'll need to clear out the immediate area if we want to do this safely."

“Hum I do have an idea but it’s a risky one, no matter what in both of them we need to make some noise and distract them. Because I’m hoping that if we can, bring the ones that are also inside outside. Assuming there are some inside.”

"Oh, I'm sure there are." Sam looked over. "What's your idea?"

“Well option A. We can find a emergency exit, break the open it’s door. The pro some zombies in the store will come to it, the cone is there all still in the store just in one area. Now the other option is a car alarm, pro the will start coming at the noise but it will take some work. Because im not sure if they’ll come through the window or not, the con is we have to move the bus to a safe area possibly behind the store we’re there could be more zombies.”

Sam rubbed her chin and looked over to some abandoned cars in the parking lot. "I... vote for the car alarm. It'll act as a constant distraction, and if it goes out for some reason, we know it is time to leave."

“Yea, that does seem like the right call doesn’t.” Emile tapped his rifle.” Sam I need you to help me with this.” Emile took the keys out the ignition and put it on his neck, he then opened the emergency hatch above the bus.” Come with me for a minute.”

"Of course," she said, following closely.

Emile went up first he then helped Sam up,” Alright so here’s how I see things, I’m gonna go into the parking lot and look for a car to set off.” He then gave his rifle to Sam.” But first I need you to shoot out the windows.”

"Sure, if you think you can trust me..." She shook her head. "No, you can trust me. I won't let you down."

“Ou I know you won’t, but just in case let me show you how to use this.” He handed his rifle to Sam and stood behind her. “Now the safety is on so the gun won’t fire yet, now this is a bolt rifle which means after every shot you do this.” He took her hand and helped her reload the handle in the middle of the gun.” Now for this situation it would probably be better to lay on your stomach and start shooting so at least then you have more control of the gun.” You understand?”

Sam nodded. "Yeah, thanks. I think I've got it."

Emile snapped back into reality, and saw just how close he was to Sam and how soft her skin was. He then quickly let go of her.” That’s great yea, um I’ll head into the parking lot and see what I can find.” He said grabbing his bat and went jumped down the bus.

She gave him a curious look and blushed lightly before focusing up, following his movement with the gun.

He went through the parking lot and started hitting random cars with his bat, until he finally got one of the car alarms to go off, and another and another. He then waved at Sam to shoot into the window, as he started running away from the parking lot.

She aimed carefully and fired, shattering the windshields of each car in turn. Any zombie that was attracted to sound of the gunfire was distracted by the car alarms blaring, and started to make their way into the parking lot.

His ideas was working, maybe a little to well as other zombies were also attracted to the noise some that the two didn’t even know were in the area went to the parking lot. Thankfully none spotted Emile and he made his way back to the bus.” Alright jumped down Sam, don’t worry I’ll catch you.” He said holding his arms out.

She hopped into his arms, smiling at him. "You're pretty strong, huh? Brains and brawn."

“My dad raised a damn good man.” He said putting her down and looking at the parking lot on the other side of the store.” We better move quickly, hopefully we can get a bunch of food to everyone.”

Sam nodded. "Stores usually have loading docks, right? Let's pull around the back and go in from there."

“It will also be good to bring the bus back there as well, that way if they come back we don’t have to face a horde of them.” The teen made there way back on the bus and made there way to the loading dock, we’re there we’re still some tucks sitting in the back.” Hum, we might be luck after all.”

Sam pointed forward. "Pull back next to that truck, up to that loading dock. We can go through the truck for stuff that survived before hitting the store itself."


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Part 5

“Heh yes mam.” He said chuckling to himself, as Emile parked the bus right next the truck.” Alright let’s see what we can find.”

Sam cautiously stepped out, scanning the immediate area before hoping onto the open back of the truck. Most of the perishables were no good, having been outside for days. But there were plenty of things that were still okay to eat. Boxes of chips and beef jerky, several cases of water, soda, and other beverages, bowed coffee and tea. They also found some other items they could use. Fresh, clean towels, bandages and other medical items, and various bathroom essentials from toilet paper to shampoo. It took them a hour working just the two of them, their arms tired and their heads aching from the alarms up front, but the filled half the bus.

"Well now..." Sammy said, dusting herself off. "Shall we pop inside for a bit? I want to see if they have a pharmacy, look for some canned goods, and maybe get some candy and sweets for the kids we have back there."

Emile finished putting down the last of the boxes, and dusted himself off and looked at Sam.” Yea a pharmacy will be great to find, some rubbing alcohol will be great for the doc. Heh and finding some sweets will make for some decent snacking, but we should check the wear house before going into the store see if we can find all we can back there.”

"Alright." Sam held up her crowbar. "Lead the way. I'll back you up."

As Emile opened the door he made sure that his bat was at the ready, he moved slowly into the wear house not sure if there were zombies still around. But as he got further into the wear house there was no undead around, looks like there idea worked for the possible ones back here as well.” Ok looks like we’re clear for now, maybe they didn’t get the chance to come back here.”

There was suddenly some shuffling in the back of the warehouse at the sound of his voice, then more moving around. Something was in here, sneaking about.

“Shit we may have a problem.” Emile kept a hand on his pistol just in case.” Hay who ever is back here, you better say something or say that you’re human at the very least.”

There was more shuffling about, then someone peaked their head over a few boxes before quickly ducking back down.

Emile looked at Sam and calmly made his way to the person.” Hay it’s ok we’re not here to hurt you, we’re just trying to get some food for our people. We were the ones that lead the zombies outside out of the building, so it’s ok you can trust us.” While Emile was being honest, he kept his hand in his bat just in case.

"They're not deadheads," a female voice said, as if conversing with someone. "Yes, that's true... maybe... you think I should? Alright..."

Emile looked at Sam in confusion and motioned her to go check the rest of the wear house.” Um hay it’s alright I’m friendly, Emile then put his bat down and walked towards the woman.” It’s my name is Emile do you have one?”

The woman stuck her head out again, sizing him up. "He put his bat down... that's true..." She slowly stepped out and pointed a bat of her own at him, the end of which was stained red. "Ted says you might be hiding something else. Are you?"

Emile looked at the woman with some fear, and he didn’t see anyone else behind her. But he slowly pulled out hit pistol.” Alright you caught me, yes I was holding this, but I wasn’t gonna use it on you.”

The woman raised an eyebrow. "You could have kept lying. I wouldn't have known until it was too late." She slowly stepped out of the shadows, and attractive woman in her early to mid 20s. She wore a white, one piece dress of an almost Victorian style that showed sign of ware. "Emile, you said?"

“Yea that’s my name, your right I could have kept lying to you but what I can tell your alone and there’s no one else here. And if it wasn’t for me and my friend you probably would be dead right now, do you have a name?”

The woman smiled widely and bowed deeply. "Wilhelmina Victoria Alexandria Blossom Newton, at your service. You can call me Billy. No, other people can call me that too. Shush, you'll scare him away."

Emile raised an eyebrow at the incredibly long name, as the woman looked to be having a conversation with herself. "Ok um hi Billy um, can you help me and my friend gathering food in the store?"

Billy's smile dropped and she pointed her bat at him once more. "I need this food. What do I get if I help you?"

"Ok Relax look how about this, I'm with a group of people in a apartment. If you help us we can bring you to our home, does that sounds good to you?"

Billy smiled again like her emotions were controlled by a switch. "With my own bed and everything?"

“Yes with your own bed, a Tv showers and all that good stuff. You can get all that if you help me and my friend gather food and other important items around here.”

"Um... uh..." Billy looked around quickly, then dropped her bat and quickly picked up a case of Gatorade. "Where do you want it, boss?"

Emile took a sigh of relief that he convinced the woman to help them.” Alright for now put them in the bus out back, if you can find a cart to make it easier for yourself.” Emile then picked his bat back up.” I need to go and find my dark-haired friend, I doubt we can take everything here, unless do know how to drive a truck Billy?”

"Drive?" She tilted her head slightly. "I drove once... but I crashed." She shrugged. "But I was in handcuffs, so... maybe."

Emile expression changed to one of comcurn.” Handcuffs, Ugh bill before you came here where were you before this hole zombie apocalypse thing?”

She grinned and said, "That's a secret, boss. But keep me happy and well fed and I'll tell you some day. I'll even bash some heads in for you. That part is the fun part."

While Emile was concerned about the woman, the need to gather as many supplies as possible over came his worry, and having another hand was definitely needed.” Alright that works, now if you can drive the truck that’s great it will give us more to work with, if not just all the supplies on the bus. That works for you?”

Her head bobbed up and down like a bobble head as she moved outside.

Emile sighed and rubbed his head. “Brian is gonna kill me, but hay maybe if I bring enough supplies he will look past me bringing in on more person, now to get back to Sam hopefully she’s found a pharmacy around here.” Emile left the back and started looking around the store for same before looking for more supplies.

He stepped into the pharmacy, finding Sam looking through the shelves, her eyes darting between bottles and a medical book she had found. She scratched her head, obviously not having much knowledge of prescriptions. "Oh, hey. How'd everything go with the crazy lady?"

“Ugh well it was interesting to say the lease, a few thing came out of it. One she’s gonna help us gather supplies, and second she coming with us.” He rubbing his head.

Sammy slowly looked over. "Are you sure that's a good idea? She seemed... unstable."

“Look maybe having a crazy person could be useful, and also we can use an extra set of hands to help us move all of this food.”

"I hope you're right. Anyway, do you know anything about medicine, because..." Sam's eyes slowly widened as she stared behind Emile, and her could hear the sound of a shotgun pumping.

“Ou you have got to be fucking kidding me!” He shouted as he raised his hands up.


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Part 6

"Well, well. What do we have hear?" A man said, chuckling to himself.

"Turn around... slowly," said a second man.

Emile sighed and did what he was told, without putting up a fuss or argument.”

"You the ones that set off all those alarms?" The first man lowered his shotgun, but only a little. "Pretty smart for a bunch of kids. You here with anyone else?"

“Nope but thanks for the compliment , so I gotta ask were exactly were you hiding Huh?”

"Pft..." The second man glared at him. "What makes you think we were hiding? Why would we need to hide? From you?"

“Well the fact of which we were the ones that got rid of the zombies, and two you ether saw what I did and came after or you just saw the aftermath of it.”

The second man gave him a dirty look. "You've got a smart mouth, don't you?"

"I think they saw a couple kids clear the way for them and decided they could take advantage of them." Sammy grinned. "Two big, strong men who needed a couple kids to clear the way for them."

The first man turned his gun towards her. "Shut up before I shut you up, bitch."

Emile gave the first man a dirty look.” You watch your fucking mr, I don’t give a shit how old you are you will not talk to my friend that way.”

"Yeah?" he turned the shotgun on him again. "And what's stopping me from blowing your head off right now?"

“That horde outside, there attracted to noise. So go ahead fire you’ll be dealing with a bunch of undead coming after you.” Some sweat started to fall off Emile head, while he was keeping it cool he was panicking internally.

"Yeah, well... they seem pretty occupied with those alarms, so... guess it is your unlucky day." His finger moved towards the trigger when his partner grunted in pain and fell forward, bleeding from his head. "What the fuck!" he yelled, turning to face Billy and her bat.

Emile quickly took advantage of the distraction, and pulled out his pistol and fired two round into his leg forcing him to the ground. He then took his gun away from him.” Nice work Billy.” He then turned to Sam.” See I told you she be useful.”

Sam nodded, visibly relaxing. It seemed, despite her outward bravado, she had been as tense as Emile. "What do we do with him?"

Emile first grabbed his weapon and gave it to Sam to hold onto.” Told you we find you a weapon.” He then looked down at the man.” So you’re going to answer my questions, are you currently with anyone and if so we’re are they and how far are they from us?”

"N-no, it's just the two of us!" the man insisted. "The boss wanted us to prove ourselves, so he sent us out alone. Please, if we don't come back with food, we can't come back at all!"

“Well that sounds like a personal problem, I got people that are hungry to and I can garonty that I have more people then you. But out of curiosity who is this boss of yours we’re are they at?”

"They're at a insurance center turned fort. I-it's near the docks on the east side of the island. His name is Roei Al-Amin. Please, I..."

He was silenced by a thwack that made everyone jump as Billy hit his partner in the head again. "Blah, blah, blah. Can we kill him now?"

Sam grimaced and the now bashed in skull. "We're not going to murder him in cold blood..."

"Pft, why not?" Billy asked. "From where I was standing, he was about to kill you two in cold blood." She looked at Emile, grinning. "I'll do it for you if you'd like."

Emile was take back by Billy killing the other guy, but not to much since he did the same to several undead.” Not yet I’m not done with him.” Emile turned back to the man.” You need to continue, what else can you tell me about this group?”

He glanced back at Billy. "If I talk, you won't kill me?"

“Well that depends on how you answer me now doesn't, you can ether keep talking or I won’t kill you, but those zombies might. So, you can ether keep explaining things to me, or my friend can kill you right now.”

Billy slapped her bat into her palm, and the man gulped. "Okay, um... they... They're all cold hearted over there. You have to be, or they won't accept you. Don't try and reason with them because it won't work. And, um... and they're combing the island for every bit of supplies, even though we have plenty. They're also fighting with the survivors at the police station, so if you head in that direction, you might get caught in the crossfire."

Emile took in all the information he could from the man and he tapped his fingers on his knees. To everyone shock he was helping the man up.” Sam Billy continue to scavenge what you can, and you do you know how to drive a truck?”

He was shaky on his legs but nodded. "Y-yeah, I can."

Billy sighed and walked away, but Sam gave him a warm smile as she went.

“That’s good, because there’s a few trucks out there hopefully we can make a few back to back trips with you. Besides my boss would love to hear what you told me.”

"So, you're going to take me with you?" He looked down at his legs. "You have a doctor, right?"

“Yea we do, be great full that I chose not to kill you. But with the amount of food we’re gonna bring back, this should last us some time.” Emile and the man made it to the back and Emile put him near the truck area.” Best figure out how to start the truck, I doubt it has a key.” He then left and went back to Sam.” Think I made the right choice?”

"Not killing him?" She nodded. "Of course. We can't let ourselves become like them. And if we had left him, the zombies would have picked him off."

“Yea still feels weird though, saving someone that was going to kill you. Speaking of.” He then pointed at Billy.” Any final thoughts on our new friend there?”

Sam scrunched her nose in thought. "Still think she's a bit of a wild card and too violent. But she did save us back there. We at least owe it to her to give her a chance."

Emile padded her back.” That’s my girl, we got to try and give people chances. Besides some part of me thinks that, that’s the woman the gipsy told me about.”

"The one you were supposed to find?" Sammy asked.

“Yea I mean she fits the mark, a few years older then me, most probably won’t like her and most importantly. Not fully up there in the head, if it’s not her I’ll be shocked.”

"Well, then, we better keep her safe. From others and herself." Sammy placed several canned vegetables into a cart. "But yeah, I think you did the right thing."

“Yea well will see.” Emile continued throughout the store grabbing canned fruit, pots and pans juice evaporated milk. And many other thing, he decided to go talk to Billy.” Um are you alright?”

"Hmm?" She seemed to be arguing with herself when he approached. "I'm okay. My friends are just overly cautious. They think you're trying to trick me."

Emile looked around her to see no one was there, which meant she was talking to herself, or she had voices in her head talking to her.” Ugh Huh, well then Ugh what are your friends saying about me?”

"They think you're going to use my help and then just leave me." She grinned. "You wouldn't do that to me, would you?"


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Part 7

“What the no I wouldn’t do that to anyone, I help people that need it.”

"Yeah, I noticed." She looked over to where the man was preparing one of the trucks. "You sure about him? Could end up biting you in the ass. Probably thinking right now about when to betray you. Come on, let me take care of him."

“No and the reason why Billy is because, when I bring you to my... our people there gonna think the same of you. I’m thinking bringing you will bite me in the ass, but I’m doing it anyway because you deserve a chance I don’t know if both you or him will betray us. While yes you did save me, and I’m great full for that, the others might not see that.”

Billy blinked a few times, deflating a bit, and let out a long breath. "Okay!" she suddenly exclaimed. "You're a sharp one, aren't you? Guess I'll be counting on you to put a good word in for me."

“I’ll do my best to give you a good word, regardless we’re almost done here. Heh and here I was hoping to get to know Sam more, but I guess me her and probably you, could check out a convenient store once we get this stuff back home. And I’m gonna need to talk to Brian about possible expansion and defense.” He said as he got closer to Billy and rubbed her head.” But don’t worry you can count on me.”

She gave him a friendly, innocent smile and went back to work. By the time they were finished, the alarms on the cars were starting to wane, as was their ability to attracted the attention of the undead. Whatsmore, though it had work to keep the undead busy, it had attracted quite the crowd.

“Shit, Wrap it up everyone we might be getting company soon.” Emile pulled out his hunting rifle and looked through the scope of any started to run there way we would have to take them out.

There were several wondering over, though none of them were running. He did see something strange, though. A woman, with no visible signs of being the undead, was among them, slowly walking towards the store.

“What the fuck? Is that a normal person, or something else. Maybe if I were to shoot the one next to her she might react to it, or I could wake the hornets nest.” He thought about it and weighed his opinions.” Guys there’s something out there, a woman she doesn’t look undead though, but she’s walking with them. Get to the bus and the truck right now, I’ll be right behind you.” He said giving the keys to Sam for her to start the bus.

He gave her a worried look and said, "Be careful, okay?"

“I’ll try but no promises.” As Same went to the back he looked around, and saw there was an emergency exit to the other side. If he things got bad he could go though there, and the sound of the alarm would draw the zombies to him and not the others. He turned his attention back to the horde of zombies and saw the woman again, he then decided to shoot the zombies that was next to her to see how she would react.

She turned to watch the zombie fall, then turned to look at Emile. She slowly started towards him. Again, she looked human, though there was an emptiness in her eyes. As if she was staring through him at nothing at all.

“Okay well then that didn’t get the reaction I was expecting, I don’t trust this thing. Alright.” Emile loaded another round.” How about I wound you instead.” He then aimed for the woman, and fired at her shoulder.

That got her attention in a big way. She suddenly looked up again, and her eyes turned blood red. She opened her mouth, and her jaw seemed to dislocate unnaturally to making her mouth much bigger.

Then she screamed. A high pitched, ear piecing scream that made Emile feel like his brain was melting. It was so loud and prominent, he could see he could see ripples of sound in the air.

Every single zombie turned to face them. She suddenly broke out into a sprint, screaming the entire time, and the other zombies chased after her, like they were following a Siren's song, and headed straight for the supermarket.

Emile yelled in pain until he saw her sprinting after him.” Shit.” He then loaded his rifle and started shooting her and backing up, to the back. He told Sam and the others to go without him he’ll catch up with them later. He then ran out the emergency exit setting off the alarm, for whatever good it would do him. He was hoping that he could give Sam and the others a good distraction so the could leave, as he ran into the streets.

The others jumped onto their vehicles and took off, going around the corner. Emile's sports history gave him the edge on running against the undead, but several of the zombies were sprinting themselves, and he doubted they'd get tired. Simply out pacing them wouldn't be enough.

He had to think quickly this was clearly not going to be a war of attrition that he could win, but he remembered a few things. One that he had his wallet still in him, and the second was that he saw a gas station not that far off. As he was running he did make his way to the gas, and quickly pulled out his wallet. Thankfully for him he still had his card his dad gave him. As he put the card in he started to catch his breath, as the horde was still coming his way, as fast as he could he put his zip code into the machine and was able to use gas. He started pouring gas everywhere, he then held the nozzle and was able to hold it in place. As the horde was nearly on top of him, he quickly ran to the side of the gas station were he saw a latter. He quickly climbed it to get away.” Alright bitch we’re are you.” He said catching his breath.

The horde was fresh on his tail, the Siren ahead of the pack. They went where she went, including into the middle of the station.

When they were close enough to the station, Emile pulled out his pistol and started firing into the gasoline hopping it would catch fire, when it finally did he fired a few more times before getting down for cover. When the flames reached the pump that was pouring the gas, causing the flames to go into the pump causing an explosion.

Sam nearly lost control of the bus as the shock wave shook everything. Looking out the window, she could see the smoke from the flames billowing nearby. She drove over and parked outside the flaming gas station, stepping out and surveying the carnage.

The station had been obliterated, and there was a stream of fire shooting up in the center of it. Bodies were everywhere, most too charred or in too many pieces to be identifiable.

"Emile!" she cried out desperately, shielding her eyes from the flames. She had little hope she'd find him, but she had to try. "Emile, are you there?!"

When the station exploded, Emile was still flung off the roof and hitting the ground hard.” Ah fuck! Damn it, Ou well at least that bitch is more than likely dead permanently anyway.” Emile close his eyes trying to pull himself together, until he heard a voice. When he heard it again he was sure it was Sam, her then forced himself off the ground when he looked down he saw that some wood was stuck in his leg.” Ugh god damn it, alright this is going to hurt.” Emile forced himself up and started to limp to the sound of Sams yelling.” Sam, over here!” Emile waved to the others as they saw him limping and bleeding.


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Part 8

"Emile!" Sam ran over to him, looking down at his leg. "Damn... you crazy bastard!" She put his arm over his shoulder to help him walk. "Think you got enough of them?" she joked, trying to lighten his likely sour mood.

“I think my kill count in in the fifty’s or sixtys, heh heh. Ou it hurts to laugh.” He said as Sma got him back on the bus.” Ou Brian is gonna give me an earful, but hopefully this food will make the blow easier.” He said laying in one of the chairs.

"We've got company." Billy was in the back, looking out one of the windows. "Not surprising. That explosion was pretty loud. Every deadhead on the island probably heard it."

"Good." Sam sat in the driver's seat. "Maybe it'll draw them away from anyone else trying to survive. Hold tight, Emile. I'll drive as smoothly as I can."

“Please do, and hopefully with that explosion it means that our home is a lot safer. Or better yet it could mean if every zombie heard it, means we could start finding the others family’s.” Emile smiling.

Sammy quickly, but carefully, made her way back to the apartments. They weren't followed, or at least didn't appear to be. Surprisingly, the man who Emile had spared had come here on his own with a truck, and people were busy unloading it.

Sam pulled next to it and quickly move to Emile. "Come on, let's find that doctor."

“Yea alright.” Prople were releved to see the two teens alive, but when they saw Emile he was in horrible shape.

Sam brought him to the room acting as a medical station, Ryou rushing over to help. "What happened?"

"Oh... just a little explosion," Sam said sheepishly. "A totally necessary one, I'm sure."

“Yea doc was dealing with a horde of zombies, hade no choice but to cause an explosion.”

"Had no choice... I'm sure a clever kid like you could have thought of something. You know, you scared everyone here with that stunt." Ryou laid Emile down on a bed and grabbed a pair of medical scissors. "I'm going to have to cut the pants leg off to see how bad it is. Hopefully we can find you a replacement, or someone can sew. On a scale of one to ten, how bad does it hurt?"

“About a solid eight doc, and trust me that explosion I made was the clever solution. There was a different zombie in the horde, a woman when I shot the zombie next to her she looked down at it like it was nothing. Then shot her her, her eyes went blood red and it dislocated her jaw and screamed. Her screaming I could see ripples of sound coming from her, and then she ran and when she did the entire fucking horde ran with her.”

"Hmm, I see... I'm trying to document all these different variants. I'll add her to the list. But more importantly right now..." She cut into his pants and tore off the pants leg. She grimaced at first, but her expression lightened after a while. "It hurts worse then it is. Doesn't look like it hit anything vital. It has to come out before it gets infected though."

“Welp aren’t I happy that we brought you a bunch of medical supplies.” He said chuckling to himself.” By the where’s Brian? I need to tell him something important.”

"Samantha, can you get officer Walker please," Ryou asked the teen, and she nodded and walked out. Ryou took some tweezers and clamped down on the piece of wood. "Ready?"

Emile took his shirt off, and put it in his mouth.” Yea I’m ready.

Ryou stuck out her tongue slightly and pulled, the wood quickly but painfully coming out.

Emile bit down on his shirt as the piece of wood was taken out of his leg.” Ou well that hurt, I could have been worse though.”

"Yeah, and you could have done a lot more damage," Ryou said sternly, patching him up with antibiotics and a large bandage. "Was it worth it though? You get plenty of stuff?"

“Well considering we now have a truck and a bus filled with water, food, and medical supplies and medicine. And learning about a new zombie, annd we got two more people and the only thing I got was a busted leg. I would say this was fantastic for a teenager and no one died, I think that’s the best part in all of that.” He said smiling brightly at the doctor.

She smiled back, patting him on the shoulder. "You did good. Now rest up. I suggest giving that leg time to heal, so let the rest of us do our part now."

She stepped away, letting him lay back and try and get a little R&R. After closing his eyes for a while, however, he got the feeling someone was standing close to him.

Emile opened his eyes and he saw long haired blond woman with a moderate bust looking at him. He lightly blushed, not used to women being so close to him.” Ugh hi can I help you?”

She blinked a few times, staring into his eyes and pursing her lips. "You're the boy my brother was talking about? Don't look like much. Though you are kinda cute."

Emile raised an eyebrow.” Your brother, wait you mean Brian? Huh didn’t think he had siblings.”

"Mhmm. I'm Crystal. Are you eighteen?"

“Ugh Yea I’m eighteen, will be nineteen in a few months why?”

"He's not interested in whatever you're selling, Ashley." Brian walked up behind her with a stern look on her face. "I told you, no stripping. I have enough to worry about without think of men with their dirty paws on you."

"I told you, it's Crystal!" The woman stomped her foot. "And of course they can't touch." She winked at Emile and whispered, "That's extra."

Emile face went beet red, as she whispered to him. But he did his best to regain his composure.” Ugh um what was I, Ou right. Brian I news for you, you already see the good news with the truck and bus filled with food water and medicine, as well as some medical supplies for the doctors and other things.” Emile face then went stern.” Now the bad news, this can go from terrifying to god damn nightmare which one do you want?”

Brian crossed his arms. "Just give it to me straight. What do we have out there?"

"Well to the diare news, I saw a new form a zombie a female one. This one was weird, when she saw me kill a zombie next to her she looked down at it and turned back to me as if it didn't care, that was until I shot her." Emile started to shiver at the thought of it." Her eyes went blood red and she dislocated her jaw, and the scream ou god the scream I would see waves come out of her mouth when she was screaming, but then she ran and not only did she run but the normal zombies that walk ran as well as if fallowing her."

Brian rubbed his chin. "So we possibly have a zombie type... that acts as an alarm that directs the other zombies. Great..." He shook his head. "What is this illness that is causing such varied kinds of monsters? It... can't be natural..."

"Yea no kidding we also have another threat, a human one. So we got a problem there's a group of humans that took over the port and there taking everything, and killing all those that don't join them, they are currently from what one of our new arrivals told me, currently fighting the police at the police station."


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Part 9

Brian closed his eyes. "Others have mentioned as much. Are they on the east side of the city?"

“By the sounds of it Yea they are.” Emile looked down at his leg and was annoyed that he is now hurt.” Um if I could make a suggestion, we might wanna expand or at least have an escape plan in case something happens here.”

Brian nodded. "That's a good idea. And I've been talking to the guys upstairs. You're little chat with them has made them more willing to discuss things. So thank you for that."

Emile chuckled at that.” Heh little Colorado boy helping people come together, heh mom would be proud. And dad would be proud that I’m leading people.” When Emile mentioned his family he wiped he face, as he still thought of his father.” But I’m glad to have helped Brian, not just with the food but with the people upstairs as well.”

Brian smiled. After a moment, he said, "That... woman you brought is a little..."

"Weird," Crystal finished. "She was talking to herself. Is she okay?"

“Doubtful I mean I did find her at the grocery store, we’re she’s been there for who knows how many days. She also well, might possibly be an exconvict.” He said unsure.

"Or mental patient," Crystal muttered.

Brian grunted, thinking for a moment, but sighed. "I'm not going to turn anyone away without good reason. She can stick around as long as she doesn't become a danger for the others. We'll just... have to keep an eye on her."

“I will be sure to do that, in the meantime I do need to rest up. Are my people doing ok there not to worried for me are they?”

"I just talked to them," Sammy said from the doorway. "They're worried but I let them know you're in good hands."

“Thanks Sam you can tell them to see me, hell most of them are my teammates. Pulse I’m sure that Patty is very worried about me.”

Sam nodded. "Just take it easy for a while. Let us pick up our slack while you recover, okay?"

“Heh yea I’ll try and relax for a while just make sure you guys don’t get into to much trouble while I’m like this alright.

Brian smirked and said, "We'll try not to burn the city down. Come on, let's give him some rest."

Everyone walked out, though Crystal stopped at the door and looked back. "I'm only twenty-one, you know?"

“Really and I’m eighteen, leading people that I barely know. If you ever want to talk to me, about well anything I’ll be here or you can find me in my room.”

"I might take you up on that," Crystal said with a wink before exiting herself.

Emile sighed and laid down on the nurse bed.” Ou what a day, things just get worse and worse by the day. I’m pretty sure this is the end of the world, and no body is coming from us.” He said looking at the ceiling trying to rest.


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The fallowing is done by Dhalexpert & Blackout

My actions have consequences

The Santa Bernista Apartments
West Side of Town
Windcrest Island, Michigan

Emile sat in the med bay his foot fully wrapped up because of his injury, he stared at the celling until he was finally decided to get up and walk around with his crutches. He decided to go into the stair case and sit for a while and ponder the last few days.

"So you're the kid everyone is talking about... the determined teenager, the one who'll even stand up to mobsters." A soothing voice came from above him, sounding rather upbeat. "I think you and I should have a chat, kid."

Emile looked up to see a rather handsome man wearing a suit, while before everything happened Emile would have been impressed. But now he couldn’t really care what the man was wearing.” Really yea I’m the teen that’s been feeding the people around her, sure but what do you want with me?”

"The moment? Nothing. I just wanted to see the kid who survived all odds... and who also brought an unstable psychopath into our large home." Louis walked down the steps wearing the same smile he typically wore. "So, kid... heard from a rumor that you met a new deadhead. What were they like?"

“Rumor heh alright, yea this one was definitely different. It looked like a human woman, she looked to have a thousand yard stare until I shot her, then her eyes went red and she dislocated her jaw unnaturally making it wider and the screaming.” Emile shook a little just thinking about it.” If banshees were real then I just saw one, and when she ran all the others ran with her.”

Louie nodded. "I haven't had the... misfortune of meeting one, but surviving against the special infected is a feat in itself. You did good, kid. I also hear you're a leader of our community as well, right? Something about other kids?"

“Yea I found them when me and my team escaped the city, I thought that there school would be a safe haven I was wrong there. Turns out most of there staff and students were turned, and the group I lead is what survived. I didn’t want to be in charge, but I just started leading them and got them out of there.”

"You know, you're kinda like a superhero in that way: getting a great responsibility... but at the same time trying to still be a kid." Louie shrugged as he stopped in front of Emile. Now that he was close, Emile could see that while he wore the smile, he didn't appear to be as gentle as he let on; his eyes were far colder for a moment than they had any right to be, before the look promptly switched and almost gave off a warm kind of feeling instead.

"So, kid... name's Louis. Feel free to call me Louie if you want. Before I forget, would you mind telling me about that guy you brought back with you?"

Email was taken aback by the man stair, that when he put on a warmer one he kept his guard up.” Ou him Yea he tried to kill me, but I shot his leg he told me what he knew and I brought him here why do you ask?”

"You see, from what I hear, you defended yourselves from them, but you also just started a war." Louie sighed taking a few steps past Emile to a safe distance, just in case the teen tried to jump at him. "Emile, you essentially told the corporate guys where we are approximately, and they have better guns than we do. And now, I have to hurry and setup alliances with the other groups, dotted around the city, to hopefully stand a chance. In short, you and your friend might've fucked not only us mobsters, but you regular people... which is why I'm asking because if I can figure out how to un-fuck us, I will. I need information to do that, so..."

“Ou... Ou shit.” Emile started sweating.” Ugh he said they were attacking a group at the police station, so maybe if we rescue them not only will we get more people maybe some better weapons as well.”

Louie paused as he stared at Emile. He slowly started to nod as he seemed to relax. "Only problem is that criminals don't typically work with cops and vice versa... kid... you're going to owe me later for what I'm going to do."

He cracked his neck, as his smile turned into a frown. "Why the hell are you out of whatever half-assed bed they put you in? Are you trying to become a cripple, eh?"

Emile raised an eyebrow, as he was wondering what the man was doing.” Um what? My leg isn’t that bad, I can walk plenty with crutches.”

Louie's smile returned bit his gaze grew more commanding. "Kid, listen... you're acting tough and that's respectable, it is. But I know if I kicked your foot right now, you'd scream. Until that ain't an issue, go the fuck to bed. Do what the doctors tell you, because I doubt they let you haul your dumbass out with a fucked up foot, right?"

He was particularly right the doc was taking a break, and if she saw him she would rip his head off. Emile didn’t say much, but he grabbed his crutches and lifted himself up.

"Let me help you. That way if you run into any nurses, you can just say I didn't give you a choice when I took you out of your room." Louie gently patted Emile's shoulder, offering a more mischievous grin. "Consider it me bailing you out for going out scavenging."

“Heh yea sure, I’ll chop this up to the one time I got help compared to all the others I’ve help yours with.”

"Don't be a smart ass. Its bad for your health, kid." Louie said softly, his voice lower. "Let me give you a little advice: the nice mobsters are usually the ones you don't wanna piss off." He gently patted Emile's shoulder, as he started walking in front of him. "Let me do all the talking, Emile. I don't know how well you can lie convincingly."

“Ugh not very well actually, so yea it’s probably best you do all the talking. Would rather not get into more trouble then I might already be in.”

The two made their way back to his room, with Louie managing to sneak past some of the nurses without them knowing. However when they got to his room a nurse appeared behind them glaring down both of them.

“What are you two doing?! Emile did you sneak off while we were out of the office? Your meant to be resting, you can’t put to much pressure on your foot while you’re hurt.” She then turned her attention to Louie.” And you what are you doing with him, are you trying to bust him out of her as well?!”

"Nah... I was gonna talk to him about what he saw..." Louie looked at her, sizing her up. "Don't wanna start a massive fight between everyone, so I'll let the kid rest until he's better."

“Really is that why he’s out of bed right now, you couldn’t ask him what you wanted without carrying him?” The nurse questioned.

"I needed to know everything he could remember... and to make a sketch of the other guy they left for zombie chow." Louie smile turned a bit cold, as he turned fully to face her. "Any other questions... Doc?"

She twitched her eye at him and sighed.” No that’s fine as long as you’re not bothering him to much, but he does need his rest.”

"Well, he was arguing about that same thing. Guess I can't ignore it if the medical professional is saying the same thing." Louie sighed, walking back towards the door. "Talk to you later, kid."

Emile looked at the man as he was leaving.” Ugh right um see you, it was good to meet you Louie. And I do hope i can help you fixing the mess I’ve made.

"We'll see kid..." He replied loudly, dropping his voice to a worried whisper once he was out the door, "we'll see."


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ZombieSpitter53 & Black0ut present:
Alliances in the Dark

The darkened skies provided a gloomy atmosphere as Louie marinated in his thoughts: the lawlessness of the city, whilst a good thing for most criminal activities, it disrupted organized crime and made it nearly impossible to make this as profitable as it should be.

Louie sat with his best friend nearby and with their Doctor in tow, doing his best to explain their next course of action and what he, and a few others, would need to do.

"You wanna go to the cops?" Tony rubbed the back of his neck. "We're having a hard enough time dealing with the one cop downstairs and you wanna involve more?"

"Yeah, I do. Tony, we can't win this if everyone else is dead. Think of it like this: We have the feds outside the city breathing down our necks. We got the dead outside our walls. Eventually, our supplies are gonna dwindle to nothing and then we're fucked." He stood, rubbing his own neck as for once, the smile he wore was replaced with a frown.

"We got some time and we could raid various places for food and supplies to delay it. We've got people growing shit to keep us fed, but that's gonna eventually be our only source of food. For christ's sake, we have the literal evil corporation next door eyeballing our territory. I'd rather get the remaining people in the city to be on great terms if those pricks try anything."

"I agree," Ryou said. "I know the people running that other group. They're ruthless, even compared to you guys... no offense. Point is, if we don't have everyone we can have on board, if they swarm us, we're dead."

Tony sighed, but slowly nodded. "Alright... fine. But how do we go about this? Cop downstairs mentioned something about coming here because his old buddies have gone a bit trigger happy. How do we approach them?"

"That's the tricky part... we got two options so far: One, we grab the other groups to make ourselves an intimidating force to where they'll have to agree to join, simply because they're outnumbered... which is a bad one because it'd be very easy to get them to flip on us. Or two..."

He gave them a nervous smile, one that bordered a full dip into anxiety. "We send our best negotiator over, unarmed and unescorted."

Tony groaned. "Our best negotiator... would be you, wouldn't it?"

"Unfortunately... yeah, it's me." Louie rubbed the back of his neck. "Which means no guns and no backup."

"Are you sure you want to go alone?" Ryou asked. "At least take me. Remember, going they're not the only dangers out there. You'd be unarmed against the undead."

His frown returned and deepened, "I would like the company... but you're the only real medical official we have here. You really willing to risk your life for a mobster you don't really know?"

She shrugged. "You saved me. I'd still be stuck in that vet office if not for you. I owe you one."

Louie closed his eyes and raised his eyebrows, letting out a sigh. "Alright. Just... be careful. I'd feel terrible if we lost the only doctor we had... and one of the nicest ones at that."

She smiled at that. "Thank you. I'll be careful. And maybe having a doctor with you will be an incentive to join us."

"Well, there's that and then there's your flirty personality. If I don't win 'em, you surely will.

Ryou giggled, twirling a lock of hair. "We'll make quite the team. Let's head out while there is still daylight."

Louie nodded. "I'll meet you on the third floor. Just need to grab some supplies for the trip."

Ryou nodded and walked out. Tony gave his friend a worried look. "Please, be careful. We need you here. You can't leave the talking to me, after all."

Louie gave him winning smile. "Nah... you're good at talking, you just need some pointers. Don't worry so much; I'm one tough sonuvabitch. I ain't gonna leave my best friend to manage things on his own." The smooth-talking gangster walked forward and gave Tony a hug. "And that's a Louie Cipolletta promise." He whispered.

Surprisingly, the hardened man gave him a hug back. "Thanks. I... never properly thanked you for watching out for me after my brother... you know..."

"Hey. Don't think about that. That's only gonna lead you down a dark road." Louie shuffled a few steps back, giving his best friend a small smile.

Tony smiled back and nodded. "Good luck. And don't let the doctor get you into any trouble. She's a fiesty one."

"Me? Get into trouble?" He joked before nodding. "Yeah, we'll be careful. I still need to beat you in blackjack, after all." And with that Louie headed out of the room in a bit of a sprint. He had to grab supplies after all, and he didn't want to keep Ryou waiting for long.

When he was finally ready, she was waiting on the third floor. She had a small medical case in her hands. "I figured a peace offering would help at least get us in the door."

He nodded. "Smart. Knew that there was a reason I liked ya, Ryou." He gestured with his hand to the elevator. "Shall we?"

She smiled and stepped inside. "You're quite the flatterer, you know that? And that's coming from a natural flirt."

"Hey, stop that... you might make me blush." He gave her a wink as he entered himself. "Besides, the best compliments come from things that are absolutely true."

"I suppose that is true." She gave a more seriously look as the elevator went down. "What do you think our chances are of coming out of this on top?"

"Thirty percent if it was just me. You're boosting that number to forty-five percent." He answered, turning his gaze away from her.

She blinked after times. "You were willing to go alone believing in such low odds?"

"Yeah. Just because I'm the leader here doesn't mean others can't lead if I die. Besides, this needs to be done regardless of whether I want to or not." He offered a shrug as he stared at a distorted image of himself. "But... I guess the biggest reason is... I'm responsible for everyone here. That means I can't just simply not do something because it's dangerous.

"I... suppose that's true." Ryou smiled softly. "Well, we're in this together now. We'll make it through somehow. I mean... we're both too charming not to, right?"

"Well, if the worst comes to pass, you'll make it back. I ain't letting you die on my watch." He took out a cigarette, putting it in his mouth.

She nodded. "Alright. But let's try and both make it back. We haven't had much of a chance to share a drink yet."

"True. Can't help but think part of that drink is to seduce me." He shrugged as they reached ground floor. "But that's probably wishful thinking on my part."

Ryou playfully bumped into him and said, "Pull this off, and that might just be what it is."

He raised an eyebrow as he slowly smiled. "Adding some incentives I see... that just might work." he leaned closer to her. "But, you know, you might've gotten a better deal if you only offered a kiss. I am a sucker for simple gestures." As he finished, he walked out of the elevator, putting the cigarette back into his pocket.

Ryou grinned, muttering, "Oh, we're going to get along just fine," and followed after him.

As the two traveled, Louie did his best to sneak and avoid the undead hordes that roamed around the city. However, as they went along, something seemed to spook Louie, as he nervously guided Ryou into an apartment building. "We're gonna need to stay here for a bit." He whispered quietly, as he crept up the stairs.

"Did you see something?" She whispered.

"Horde. Too big to sneak around, unless we want to test how well we can run. Which means we'll need to hole up in here... let's find a room we can stay in temporarily until this blows over." He cautiously headed up the steps, tentative steps followed by hesitant breaths were the only noises they heard.

"Something higher up," Ryou cautiously suggested. "Unless these things have worked out stairs or elevators, that is our best bet."

"I wouldn't put it past them to be honest." He murmured, as he che led around a corner. With no zombies in sight, he moved towards the stairs heading for the third story of the building.

Like before a cursory scan revealed nothing of note to him. So he headed for one of the rooms at the far end of the hall, hoping that one of them would be viable as a place to rest and wait.

They entered one of the rooms. No sounds. No noxious smells. No signs of a disturbance. It looked safe for now.

Louie let out a sigh, as he checked a nearby window, which only revealed a couple zombies meandering through the streets. "So... since we're here, I guess we'll just have to shoot the shit with each other. Just... very quietly." He whispered.

Ryou nodded, sitting on a chair. "Well, how about you tell me about yourself?"

"Well, I'm a loveable asshole that just so happens to be from one of New York's toughest neighborhoods. I was talented enough that I could've been on the other side of the law, but chose this life instead." He gave a shrug. "Besides that, there's not that much to tell. What about you? Where'd the talented, beautiful doctor Ryou come from?"

"Japan at first, obviously. But more recently Chicago. Had a good gig down there too. I always knew I wanted to be a doctor. Being a flirt came later." Ryou sighed, leaning back. "And it was what ultimately almost ruined my career."

"Why? You're actually nice, kind, and thoughtful. How does being a bit flirty almost ruin your career?" Louie raised an eyebrow.

"Being flirty with the wrong guy, that's how." She sighed. "Believe it or not, the affair with my head medical chief was his idea... but that's not what he told the board when it was discovered. I didn't even know how much trouble we'd get in. Well, you put all the blame on me. I 'seduced' him, supposedly. So... I had to leave to keep my medical license."


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Alliances in the Dark, pt.2

"And so you came to a small city to rebuild. Except now there's zombies walking around. You really can't catch a break, can ya?" He asked rhetorically sighing himself.

"When... I was a kid... people used to tease me. I was the nerdy kid who studied super hard to be successful in life. Even the local gangbangers and hood rats wanted me to succeed." He smiled wistfully, taking a moment to hop up onto the counter. "I've come far from being that kid. But... I guess the point I'm trying to frame here is this; I don't care what happened in your past and I don't care what people say about you. As far as I'm concerned, you're a goddamn hero." He hopped off the counter walking closer to her.

"You frequently help people deal with illnesses and unlike most other jobs, you don't get any kind of benefits besides a salary. Granted, I think you do need to turn down the flirtiness a bit, but otherwise? You're still a hero, just by a different name." He offered a shrug as he headed back to his counter top perch to peak outside. "But that's just my two cents. My word isn't exactly a trustworthy one by the law's standards after all."

She gave him a serious look for a moment, followed by a genuine smile. "Regardless, that... that means a lot to me. That's probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. Thank you."

"Nope. No thanks needed or required. Just saying what I think." He casually pulled out his cigarette, placing it back in his mouth. "But if I was looking for a proper thanks, well, that dazzling smile of yours already suffices."

Her smile widened, and she giggled. "You really are to much." She slowly stood up and walked to the window. "How's it look out there?"

"Clearing. I think." He replied, glancing back down towards the street. Around ten zombies roamed below, but seemed to be in the process of moving past the building they were in.

Ryou stared out with him. She hadn't really had much of a chance to observe them. The 'normal', everyday zombies, the shambling and running kind, tended to simply stand around until they noticed or heard something. These ones were walking now, but who could say if they were following something they just heard or something they heard hours ago that they were too dumb to realize was long gone?

Then there were the odd varieties. Some included the ones she had been told about. Some people said they had spotted zombies leaping along the ground like animals. The teens from the school said they were attack by a gigantic Brute of a zombie. Still others said they once saw what looked like a normal human walking among the zombies. A human that didn't set them off? Or perhaps a zombie that looked human? What was the cause of such variation?

"A mutating virus?" she absent-mindedly thought out loud, watching as two small zombies, possibly once children, hopped along the ground like little Goblins to catch up with the rest.

"Well, it doesn't seem to kill them. Maybe it's like that cordyceps stuff. Gets in your blood and then drives you around." He sighed. "Regardless, this... I don't think if I had my guns, I'd be able to take out the big guy. He'd probably eat the bullets."

She nodded. "It was a good idea taking cover in here. It looks like they missed us."

"It also gave us a moment to talk." Louie said softly glancing over at her before quickly averting his gaze. "There's not exactly a lot of time for me to socialize with people I like when I'm running a colony. And it doesn't help that everyone is looking to me for their survival."

She nodded. "Maybe you should collaborate more with the guy downstairs from us. I know he's a cop, but I' sure if you put your heads together, things would go at least a bit smoother."

"Yeah... maybe." Louie smiled wistfully as he looked up as the ceiling. "That'd be something... a cop and a crook working together. I guess the apocalypse is a perfect time to try."

Ryou chuckled, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Well, let's take it one step at a time. We have an entire group of cops we need to win over. Though with our combined charm, it should be a cake walk."

"Fair. I'll handle the female cops, you get the male ones." He grinned, placing the cigarette back into his pocket whilst hopping off the counter.

Ryou laughed and headed towards the exit. "You sure make a lot of use out of that one cigarette, by the way."

"To be fair, it helps to calm me." He laughed as well as he followed after her.

Sneaking through the streets once more, Ryou led the way, knowing how to get to the police station. It was a gran building. Ryou said it was coverted from an old museum, and it showed. "So... how do we approach this?" She asked.

"Hands up, no sudden moves, and we approach from where they can see us coming from a ways away." Louie turned his attention to her, offering a smile. "Once they drag us in, we'll be charming and polite to them, making them humanize us to their level. It's foolproof."

Ryou nodded, though looked nervous as she stepped forward. "Alright... let's do this."

Louie stepped out with her his hands up as he walked with Ryou towards the station. This was always the riskier part of his plan as it required patience from others, which tended to be little to none. Still, he scanned as they approached, hoping to spot an officer that might be on guard duty.

A reflection of the sun caught his eye. Looking up, he spotted an officer with a sniper rifle watching them closely.

He continued walking, swearing internally at how dumb this idea was. If he didn't absolutely need the police's help, he would've just ignored them. But now, being so close and with the added down side that the police were more trigger-happy than before, unnerved him. As they got close he called out. "Uh, hello? Is, uh... anyone here?"

The man with the sniper reached over and said something in his radio. A minute later, five armed officers quickly stepped out of the front door, sweeping the area and casually popping off a zombie that had wandered over before all training their guns on the pair. "And I thought we were serious about this," Ryou muttered nervously.

"Uh... hello, officers. Kind of a nice day, right? I was kinda hoping to talk with you guys... without having several guns pointed in my face, but I guess the apocalypse makes everyone jumpy." Louie started with a winning smile. "Name's Louis and this is my friend, Ryou. We were hoping to talk to someone in charge?"

They police studied them, as if trying to decide whether they were zombies or not, and whether or not they should be shot regardless. Finally, one asked, "Are you armed?"

"Nope. Not a single gun or blade to be had on us. Unless you count our good looks as weapons, then you might have a problem." He kept his smile up, trying to be friendly as possible. "What's, uh, what's your name officer?"

"Bradley. Ryan... Bradley." His attention turned to Ryou. "Are you a doctor?"

"I am." She, slowly, lifted the case she was carrying. "And I brought some medical supplies. It's not much, but I'm sure it could help."

"Well, Bradley, pal... could we talk somewhere where the zombies aren't liable to try to eat us?" Louie asked, glancing around at the other officers. "I mean, I like the outside, but I feel it's a little hazardous given the horde we passed to get here."

He nodded, motioning for everyone to head inside. "You'll have to excuse our... caution. The last people we met on the streets started shooting at us immediately. We lost two officers and had two more injured."

Louie's smile turned grim, nodding a bit as he moved forward slowly. "I can relate. I lost a couple buddies in a store to people who just randomly started stabbing them. We couldn't even get their bodies to bury them before the dead came to check on the commotion." He sighed, the smile faltering. "I just hope that order returns to the city... too many good people have died, most of them needlessly."

"Agreed." The officer looked him over. "Louie, was it?"

"Louie or Louis. Either works." Louie glanced at the man, starting to lower his arms as slowly as possible.

He noticed, and sighed. "You can put your arms down. Just no sudden movements. Like I said, everyone is on edge. Though why wouldn't they be? It seems like it's the end of the world..."

"It's only the end if we don't band together." Louie started before sighing. "Although that's easier said than done. But, uh... I'm a diplomat of sorts. I got sent from a group to see if we could join forces with the police and try to set about taking back our city. It's why I was asking who was in charge, so I could hopefully broker a deal."

"We'll bring you to the chief," the officer said. "He's a bit abrasive, but he'll listen. Just as long... you're not from those fanatics on the east side of the island, are you?"

"We're from the west side," Ryou explained. "Are the others really that bad?"

"Well, besides our skirmish, we know they've been sweeping the island for every scrap of supplies they can and cutting down anyone who doesn't want to join them and seems useful. Avoid them if you can."

Louie's smile dropped as even his expression morphed into a rare glare. "Then they're little more than dogs from the sound of it. Pity. We were hoping they'd be more reasonable instead of being merciless looters." He said, his tone frigid, his eyes gone cold and dead.


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Alliances in the Dark, pt.3

The officer picked up on it and sighed. "Yeah, well... times like these always bring out the crazies. Just so happens these are organized crazies."

"All the more to talk to your chief, then. Better to have friends to deal with the crazies than not." Louie's gaze drifted over to Ryou as he examined her reaction to his colder demeanor.

She was giving him a concerned look, this being the first she saw of it, but she said nothing. Possibly out of respect, possibly to avoid upsetting him more.

They entered a side room, one with several cots laid out in it. Injured officers were laying in here, and based on the fancy badge and medals on his uniform, one of them seemed to be the chief. He sat up painfully, and looked over the two strangers.

Louie, having snapped out of his frigidness, gave the chief a warm smile. "I take it you're the police chief of this station, sir?" Louie started, inching very slowly towards the man in question. "My name's Louis Cipolletta, though most call me Louie. I wanted to strike a deal with you, in regards to aiding and assisting your officers in the field and out of it: I want to help you rebuild and take the island back from the crazies to the east and the corporate bastards who only care how much money they can squeeze out of a human life."

The chief blinked in surprise. In a deep, gruff voice, he said, "Well, that's quite a proposal. I take it you don't come from the east side then? Or are they suddenly trying for a truce after shooting me?"

"I'm not from those pathetic dogs. They give human beings a bad name and they'll fall apart eventually due to the infighting they have." Louie took an additional step forward. "No, I represent a group of concerned citizens. We want to reestablish order, mainly because this lawless bullshit where people are dying en masse is not beneficial to anyone."

"I like that, but it won't be easy..." The chief extended a hand. "Steel. Byron Steel."

"Pleasure to meet you, Chief Steel. I apologize for what I'm going to ask, given your injuries, but... would you mind if we took this conversation to a more private location?" Louie's expression turned apologetic. "With everyone back home, they'd probably would want me to be more tactful when I discuss their affairs to a group like the police. You know, the old, stupid fears about police."

He raised an eyebrow, but the chief nodded. Holding his side, he slowly stood up and motioned for Louie to follow him into a side room.

The mobster followed suit, following the police chief into the side room. Once they were truly alone and the door had been firmly shut, Louie leaned against a wall. "So, to get some bombshells out of the way, I'm a mobster and the people who control my group are as well. We, like you, hate the disorder. We hate the fact that life is being interrupted and we especially hate groups that are gonna contribute to that disorder, such as the corporation that is more merciless than any other faction and the wild thugs who need to be put down."

Louie let out a sigh. "As it stands, you're outnumbered and outgunned. If the zombies don't do you in, the Corp or the looters will. I am here as an offer. An offer to join forces for a time. We'll pool what we have and the same goes for you." The mobster looked up at the ceiling wistfully. "And maybe we can go back to the lives we used to live... before we entered this hellish nightmare."

The chief shifted a bit uncomfortably, weighing his options. He looked to the side and said, "We... we need food. Tired of looting our vending machines."

"Easy. What else do you need?" Louie reshifted his gaze back to the police chief with renewed interest.

"Medical supplies." Steel looked towards the door. "I have several wounded officers out there and practically nothing to treat them with. The hospital is to the east, but there are a few smaller clinics near you."

"That'll be harder, but I'll try. For now, Ryou will do her best to treat your officers until we can scavenge up some resources. Fair?"

"Fair." Steel looked him up and down. "You know, the police are usually the last people a gangster turns to, even ones in their pockets."

"I can't do my job if there isn't a semblance of yours left." Louie reached into his coat pulling out his cigarette once more. "And while I dislike the police... well, you'd have better stock on how the local gangbangers operate. And considering how... petty they are, we'd rather wipe them out as a contender to this island than actually support them."

Louie offered a shrug as he looked up, his cigarette almost falling out of his mouth. "That, and the fact that if we don't make an alliance, the corporation will simply kill us off one by one if we don't see eye to eye. That tends to force everyone's hand."

"That, we can agree on." Steel sighed. "And what would you like from us in exchange for your support?"

"Shared resources, combat aid if we need it... basically the same things we'll give you with the added caveat that you won't immediately arrest us when or if the apocalypse ends. You know... the simple things."

Byron nodded. "I think that's fair. Though you were wise to pull me aside. Some of the others wouldn't be so quick to join your side if they knew of your criminal background. I'm having enough trouble keeping people in line. Even had a few officers abandon us all together."

Louie shook his head, offering another sigh as he reached into a pocket for his lighter. "Like I said, we have to stand together to remain strong." He lit his cigarette, inhaling deeply before letting out a puff of smoke in a relaxed sigh. "Although I can't say I'm surprised that some of your men left. Corrupt cops are way too common, and even more that already lost their humanity in exchange for power."

Louie tilted his head, hiding his eyes under the brim of his fedora. "But the fact so many stayed and are trying to restore order with only their oaths binding them... that's goddamn impressive."

Steel couldn't help but smile. "These are good men, the lot of them." He sighed. "If only Walker had stuck around..."

"Funny you should mention that name..." Louie's smile widened, blowing out a smoke ring, "seeing as I have a man who appears to be a police officer, who has that name and has been a royal pain in my ass."

Steel smiled himself. "Then that would be him. He always was a pain. But he's a good man. He just... wasn't the same after his partner died during all this."

"Did they come back? Or did they fully die?" Louie asked, his smile waning somewhat.

Steel sighed. "According to Walker, his partner got up after his throat was torn out. Had to put him down a second time himself. Messed him up a bit. Made him feel like he jad to protect everyone around him no matter what, even if it was without our help. The expression 'You can't save everyone' was a challenge for him."

"My... best friend, he... he lost his brother. Put him down himself but it fucked him up." Louie said somberly. "Loss affects everyone differently and it can warp them. Or it makes them stronger and helps them prevent loss for another. Either way... I think, Chief Steel, I probably should head back home and let everyone know what's going down." And hopefully a damn good date with Ryou later...

Steel nodded. "That's a good idea. Here." He reached behind his back and handed Louie a radio. "Call ahead of time when you or someone else is coming back so my men aren't as jumpy. And we'll get you a couple handguns so you're not defenseless going home. It took a lot of guts to come here unarmed."

"Best chance to make this deal was to brave the streets unarmed. If we showed up armed, there's no telling whether we'd be shot down or if we'd simply lose our stuff." Louie headed for the door. "You're closer to the pricks who call themselves criminals, so I'll be sending people over when I can, usually with one of my wiseguys leading them."

The chief nodded. "Thank you. And good luck on your way back. This will all be for nothing if you're killed before you deliver the news."

"You got it, Chief. Just take care yourself. Bullet wounds ain't nothing to scoff at." Louie said as he walked out, hopeful that he could collect Ryou, exit the police station and make it back to their base in a timely manner.

Ryou was looking over the wounds of one of the officers. She looked up as Louie approached and said, "I think my place is back at the apartments, but the next time we send people over here, I think one of the other doctors I brought with me should come and stay here. They could use the help, especially if they get any more injured."

The mobster nodded, "Of course. I'll have a talk with the boss about it, but I'm sure he'll say yes." Louie glanced around at the various wounded people dotted around and sighed. "Well, let's start heading for their armory: we're being given guns so we'll be able to protect ourselves and our journey is going to be a pain in the ass, given the horde that we'll pass by..."

The officer from earlier walked them to the police's weapons cache, offering them both a handgun, as well as giving Louie a shotgun. "Do you want someone to escort you back?" he asked.


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Alliances in the Dark, pt.4

"Nah. You need every officer here, just in case those pricks come back. This is more than enough. However, " Louie gently handed him back the shotgun, "I'm a better shot with a handgun than a shotty. We'll be fine with just these. But thank you for the concern."

He nodded. "Be careful out there, and thanks for coming. It gave a lot of the boys in blue some hope."

"No problem. Just keep hope that we'll all make it through and we will." Louie's smile turned a bit playful. "Can't wait till we get ba k to normal times when I can make fun of you Blues about donuts... regardless," He looked at Ryou and gestured with his head towards the door, "it's time for me to escort the lovely doctor back."

Ryou giggled and stepped by his side. "Never lose that charm. It is your greatest weapon."

"Nah... probably it's the people around me. After all, I just lead people. My charm only helps me do that." He shrugged as his smile dropped, as he looked a little more shy than he normally did. He glanced around as they made their way out of the station so no one save Ryou would hear him. "I wouldn't have been able to make it here or strike a deal if you hadn't been around. So... thank you, Ryou, for helping me out."

Ryou smiled at him. "Of course. We all need to help out. And it was really brave of you, willing to come here alone if need be. Thank you for all you've done for us. For me."

The mobster blushed, murmuring under his breath in Italian as he looked away for a moment. "Mi stai rendendo morbida...(You're making me soft...)" When Louie glanced back, he stared into her eyes with rather intense, almost smoldering eyes. "Careful... you might spark something that you might regret later."

Ryou giggled. "I've done many things I regret. I doubt this would be one of them."

"Then... may I steal a kiss from you?" He asked, his voice softer than it had been. He stepped closer, their lips a mere inch apart.

Ryou smirked and said, "It isn't stealing if I give you permission... and I do."

The mobster's lips pressed against her firmly before he wrapped an arm around her waist, deepening the kiss. Since the two were still in view of the police officers, Louie brought his other hand behind her head, dipping her slightly.

Several of the officers laughed and cheered at the display. Ryou chuckled against his lips, returning the kiss in earnest.

After a few moments, Louie moved back slightly to look into her eyes, a goofy grin settling in lieu of his normal smile. "So, may I be, uh, so bold to assume that we're an item now? Or is this a more casual thing?"

Ryou smiled back. "I don't really do the casual thing anymore. I just hope you'll treat me right."

"Then you don't got to worry. You'll find I treat people the way I wanna be treated." He gently kissed her cheek. "Besides, why would I mistreat the personification of perfection?"

The doctor laughed. "Oh... you're gonna be fun..."


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Black0ut and ZombieSplitter53
Depths of Depravity and Faith

She hated the rain.

As long as she had been alive, Dionissia despised the rain, for it had only brought with it bad news. She had lost her best friend simply because the rain had made the road slick. She had been roofied on a rainy night and subsequently, although unwillingly, lost her virginity.

The rain was a secret tyrant that always trampled her life. Such was a rainy day when she had come home after scavenging to find the soldier gone, his rifle on her bed. No trace, no note, just gone as if he hadn't existed in the first place. So why did she walk the streets days later after such an event in more abominable drops of water, despite the pain of failing to keep her friend safe?

She was looking for a fight. Anything from the jumpers who had tried to kill her up to a hulking zombie that could squish her into paste was fair game. She needed to vent, to scream, to violently hit something and what better way to do that than to kill the undead.

There was shuffling ahead of her. It seemed as though she might get her fight after all. The sound of the rain tried to cover it up, as if trying to hide it, but there was definitely movement ahead around the corner.

She readied her blade, as she walked brazenly towards the noise her gaze making her look more monstrous than the zombies she was hunting. As she rounded the corner, she raised her blade ready to strike at whatever would be there.

What she came across was an unusual sight. She had found some undead, but they were different from the usual fair. They were small, some possibly once children, though others looked like adults who had shrunk and shriveled up. There was a dozen of them, like they were a back, surrounding a pair of bodies and munching on a snack. When she turned the corner, one of them looked up. A young girl, maybe ten, who gave her an almost curious glance.

The murderous bartender sheathed her sword as she took out her handgun. She'd need the bullets to kill all of them fast. She raised her gun, taking aim at the girl's head. At the very least, the rain might prove to be useful; it would dampen the sound after all.

The girl stared at her almost curiously, until one of the others noticed their next meal. One by one they started towards her. They were quick and nimble, hoping around like little imps.

Dionissia fired as many bullets as she dared waste before switching to her sword for a more vicious and personal fight.

They were fast and numerous, but she had a righteous fury that wouldn't dare let her down. One by one they fell, small bodies slashed or shot and fallen to the side. It seemed to last forever, but was actually less then a minute. She soon found herself panting and tired, surrounded by death, or at least more death then before. All the zombies were dead, save for the little girl, who still watched her curiously while snacking on the body.

"What... about you?! Come... on, take your best shot!" Dionissia shouted, tears forming in her eyes out of sheer rage. "You already killed the city, so tell me what else do you fucking want?! How much more are you going to take? When does it end?" As the rage in her subsided, her eyes lost the fire they possessed, growing somewhat dim. "How much more will you things take from me?"

The girl gave her a curious look. Aggressive or not, she was the undead and didn't understand. Someone else did, however...

"Such fire. Such ferocity. And yet... such sadness." A man stepped out of the shadows nearby. He was tall and handsome, and wore religious garb. "Tell me, my child... what has happened to you? I sense even more sadness in you then most of the survivors I know."

Dionissia turned slightly, her gun pointing in the direction of the strange man. "And who are you?"

"My name is Christopher St. Michaels. I am a Bishop with the Roman Catholic church. Please, I mean you no harm. I am simply trying to find lost lambs and bring them to safety."

Dionissia raised an eyebrow. Catholics and Pagans don't generally get along... "I don't think we're in a pasture, Chris." Her gun lowered somewhat, as she eyed him suspiciously.

Chris chuckled. "I realize that. But what better time to try and help people then a time like this. Please... I really do only wish to be of service. I can not do that if you shoot me though."

She flicked her gaze between the zombie and the man for a few moments. "I don't know if you're going to shoot me if I turn around. The gun stays. I won't shoot you if you give me no reason." She said softly, wiping the bloody sword off on her pants.

"Very well." The man took a deep breath and glanced at the zombie, sorrow in his eyes. "Such a terrible, Hell sent illness to discriminate against no one, not even children." He looked back to Dionissia. "Tell me though, what leads you to such great anger?"

"Why do you think I should tell you? Like I said, I don't know you. You could be a raider dressed up as a priest just waiting to steal my gear. Doesn't exactly make me want to be nice."

Christopher sighed. "I don't suppose there is any way I can make you trust me, is there? I am unarmed if that helps."

"I'll... pat you down. In a building." She briefly scanned around for a suitable pick before landing on a somewhat dilapidated two story apartment complex. "That one, unless... you'd like us both to walk away?"

"You are free to search me, dear." He started towards the building. "I have nothing to hide."

As the two entered the building, Dionissia started searching the man thoroughly, her experience as a bouncer coming in handy as she checked very obvious places and more promiscuous places, just in case the man hid anything in any place. "Okay... why is a man dressed as a priest traveling around a zombie infested town?" Dionissia asked as she searched.

He chuckled. "Well, I am not here on some holy escapade if that is what you mean. I was simply here visiting an old friend when I was caught up in all this." She found various trinkets. A rosary. A bottle of clear liquid. A large cross. But he had nothing gonna that would be considered a weapon, less he use the cross.

The bouncer held onto the cross as she took a step back. "Then why the walk around a city of the dead? Are you trying to get yourself killed?"

"I could ask you the same thing." He held up a hand. "Sorry... that was rude. I was out looking for medical supplies. One of the people in my care is sick, and the nearby pharmacy was picked clean of what I needed. And, of course, I was looking for anyone else I might be able to help... like you."

Dionissia frowned, pacing for several moments before sighing. "I'll help you find some medicine... mainly because I need to stockpile some just in case." She stepped away with his cross. "I still don't trust you, so no sudden moves unless we're being chased, okay?"

"Of course." He bowed his head. "Please, if you won't tell me your woes, may I at least have your name?"

She hesitated for a moment as she debated whether to tell him. "My name is Niss... anything else you want to know?"

"Much, but I doubt you would be comfortable telling me. For now, I am happy with your name." Christopher smiled. "Shall we go? I will lead the way if you'd like, so I can not sneak up on you or something."

"Please do." Dionissia gestured with the hand that held the cross, still studying him up. He was rather attractive, even if he was more than likely a religious zealot.

Christopher stepped back outside, where the rain had let up a little. Seeing none of the undead in sight, he started down the street. "So why have you not tried to join one of the factions of survivors yet?" he asked.

"Factions? So we're already dividing into groups to kill each other?" Dionissia rubbed her temples, more agitated than before. "What are these factions?"

"Well... there is a group in a corporate complex to the east... and another in some apartments to the west. And in the center of the city are the police." Christopher looked back. "I admit, I was thinking of bringing my small group to one as soon as the sick one is healthy enough to move."

"And which one are you planning on heading to?" Dionissia asked, her eyes darting around at any noise she heard.

Christopher, on the other hand, seemed unusually calm. "The west side. I don't have all the information but from what I've heard, they seem to be keeping to themselves while the other two fight for control. Divided into groups to kill each other, as you said. It is a shame, but... it almost seems like it is human nature."

Dionissia snorted, "It is human nature. Whether it be during any modern war or earlier, we kill each other over stupid shit. Fuck, if you wanted any proof of that, Christianity has enough kills that you could probably rewrite all the bibles in the world with blood."

Christopher finally dropped his smile and l[ked away. "Yes, you are... very likely right about that. That not even including the Church's silent consent to the slave trade. And its platform of noninvolvement during the Holocaust."

She raised an eyebrow. "Not many priests admit that their religion has fucked up in the past. Here," She tossed him the cross she had been holding, "you can have it back. Doubt you'd be able to kill me with it and if we run into a zombie, it's better than nothing."

"Indeed." He placed it back into his pocket. "So please, won't you tell me of your woes? It might make you feel better."

"You're pushing it, Chris. I'm not... in the mood." Her eyes darted away, nearly begging for something to interrupt their conversation but to no avail. "Let's find your pharmacy..."

"Very well. I will not ask again." Christopher led her to the pharmacy, but frowned and ducked behind a car as he looked within.

As the bouncer ducked behind as well she asked in a whisper, "The undead, I take it?"


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Depths of Depravity and Faith, pt.2

"Worse," the young bishop stated. "Other people. And they appear to be well armed."

"Maybe you can convince them to spare you because you speak for God and Jesus Christ. Or maybe they'lldrop their weapons once they see you're a priest, given how well you did with me." Niss deadpanned, as she peeked out to see how many they were up against.

There were four of them. They had a pipe, and crowbar, a pistol, and a shotgun. "They just might," Chris said. "But I'm not sure I want to find out."

Niss let out a sigh as she took out her gun. "You might want to find somewhere to hide before this kicks off." she murmured, frowning slightly.

Surprisingly, he did not try to stop her, instead ducking out of the way and saying, "Please be careful."

She double-checked her options: She could try taking out their ranged people, but given her piss-poor accuracy, that likely wouldn't happen. She could try to rush them, but she would get swiftly blown apart by the shotgun. So the last thing she could do would be a distraction: get them to pay attention to something else.

She raised her gun and fired once, taking a chunk of mortar off a nearby building, that would draw zombies to the area. "Be stealthy and make your way to a building. I'll try to follow you in a bit." She said softly.

Christopher nodded, and slowly made his way towards the building. Thanks to the rain, the people inside were unsure if they had heard a gunshot or lightning, but two of them moved forward to investigate, the ones with the pipe and shotgun.

Nearby, the zombies didn't care what they heard. They started moving in the direction of the fallen debris, seven of them in total, at least one of them the faster variety.

Niss got low and aimed again, using the car to attempt to hide the flash from the shot as she shot again, this time hitting the building the bandits were in. She didn't aim for the men, that was still too hard mentally and skillfully for her to do well, so Niss aimed for more brickwork, hoping at the very least the zombies might be interest in the clattering. "Come on..." She said breathily, her pulse quickening.

The undead were dangerous but easy to trick, heading straight towards the building, on an intercept course for the men coming to see what the noise was.

Her job done, Niss decided it was time to withdraw. She could kill whoever won the fight, or at the very least, get them to surrender if they were the living. She tried her best to keep her head on a swivel, to ensure that if either the zombies or the living notice her, she would have ample time to run away.

The confrontation was quick but brutal. The zombies noticed the pair first, the runner leaping at the man with the pipe, ripping into his throat like a rabid dog. The woman with the shotgun fired at it in a panic, blasting its face off and dropping it. She fired again into the group, knocking a couple back, but the others advanced. The sensible thing to do would have been to run, but she was too panicked. She fired again and again, until only one remained.

She fired. Nothing happened. Out of ammo. Before she could react, it lunged. She held up her hands to defend, and lost her left pinky and index finger in the panic. As she cried out in pain, collapsing to her knees, the other two finally made it over, the man with the pistol putting a bullet in the undead's head.

Niss unslung her assault rifle, as she attempted to move back towards the car. If she could get there, she could threaten them to drop their weapons and move back into the store... hopefully. Otherwise she'd be practicing how to shoot people a lot sooner than she had expected.

The trio were distracted by a current issue. The bit woman insisted she was fine, but with seemingly no recourse, the woman with the pistol used it to put a bullet in her head. She shrugged, and Niss could barely hear over the rain, "More loot for us."

The bartender took aim over the hood of the car and called out, "Really? Cause if you fucking move, it'll be more loot for me. I could use a new handgun..."

The pair slowly raised their hands. While doing so, however, the man suddenly leaped forward, grabbing the shotgun from the ground and turning to fire at her, unaware the weapon was spent.

The soft click was all Niss needed to send two bursts towards the man, dropping him to the ground. Whether he was dead or wounded, Niss didn't think about it as her heart raced. "You want to try your luck too? Or do you mind dropping and kicking your gun over?" She called over to the woman.

The woman slowly turned around. She dropped her pistol and kicked it forward, glaring at Niss. Though she gave a tough persona, there was fear in her eyes, expecting a swift death to soon come.

"Good girl... now drag your dumbass, bleeding friend inside with you. We're going to have a life-altering chat... one you better not have any delusions about lying through." Niss grinned as she moved to a standing position, her aim still on the other woman.

The now unarmed woman helped her partner to his feet, the man holding his side and wincing. The moved out of the rain and back into the pharmacy as instructed.

"Priest, let's go. You wanted to take a look inside, and now it's basically open for you to find your medicine." She called out, promptly stalking forward after the two looters.

Christopher followed behind. Before he went to find what he came for, he quietly asked, "What are you going to do with them?"

"I might shoot them. I might let them go. Honestly, it's up to them." Niss replied in a whisper, before turning her attention to her prisoners. "So... I see that you have no empathy for people in your own group. Why shouldn't I put two bullets in each of your skulls?"

"Because... b-because you're not like us?" the woman offered. "I mean, I-I had to kill her, she was going to change! I was... doing her a favor..."

Niss laughed, a cold and cruel sound, her gaze growing more predatory. "'More loot for us', right? Yeah, that wasn't for her." Dionissia fired a single shot into the ground, before raising her weapon. "Lie to me again. I fucking dare you. Answer the question or... well, the zombies can have their fill for the day."

"Fuck you, you damn bitch, you're gonna kill us anyway," said the injured man.

"Shut up!" his companion said. "Look, I... I-I'm sorry. Something about this situation makes you turn... cold. Our living arrangements don't help either. I don't... I shouldn't have said that... I..."

"Lost your humanity? Devolved into baseless animals that simply kill whatever or whoever is in their way? Yeah, I can see that. What did you two used to do?"

"I... just worked at an insurance firm. For the man that is our current leader, actually. I did a little hunting on the side..." The woman rubbed her arm nervously. When her partner didn't respond, she gave him a hard nudge.

He sighed, wincing a bit. "I worked at the docks, selling fish. I was there when everything went to shit."

Niss nodded, studying them up. "Alright... so tell me, if the situation was reversed and me and the priest were sitting where you are, what would you do to us?"

The pair exchanged a look, and the woman sighed. "I-I... if we couldn't convince you to join us, we'd... probably shoot you..."

"Well... at least you're honest." Niss sighed, as she glanced over at the man. "Now, you... tell me about this insurance company. How would you describe it?"

He chuckled. "Ruthless. Conniving. The man in charge is a real bastard. Probably stab his momma in the back if she crossed him. But you don't want to know about the company... you want to know what it has turned into."

"Right. So what is it like now?" Niss took a few steps back as she went to lean up against a wall.

"It's kill or be killed, survive no matter what," he explained. "Everything is run with military level efficiency, and if we don't provide for everyone, we get kicked out. The man running things is a tyrant."

"So if I put bullets in your heads he wouldn't care, eh? Fair enough. And since you've failed, your lives are forfeit." Dionissia hummed softly for a moment as she aimed her rifle down at them. "I should kill you. You're nothing but raiders and honestly... the world would be better off without you."

She lowered the gun somewhat, still ready to take a shot if need be, but no longer pointing the barrel at them. "I'll be putting you in makeshift holding cells. Make me believe that you're intentions are good and I'll let you out. Try to break out... well, we'll be in this situation again, except I'm not going to be feeling as nice as I am now. What're your names?"

"C... Claudia... m-ma'am," the woman answered.

"Damien." The man frowned. "Wouldn't it be easier to just let us go?"

"I believe she is under the impression that doing so would be like letting two wild animals out of a cage and not expecting them to turn around and attack you once free." Christopher walked over with a bag full of pain relievers, antibiotics, bandages, and various other odds and ends.

She nodded in Chris' direction. "And considering I got your two... acquaintances killed and shot one of you, chances are you'll come back looking for revenge. And I really don't need that shit." She gestured with her rifle towards the door, a soft squeak of a yawn escaping her lips. "Go on. We've got a lot of ground to cover and when night hits, you'll want to be inside a secure building."