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Capricious Assassins
Part One

Havenbrook Manor
Oct. 21st, 3349
12:12 p.m.

Titania focused her strength and power on her newest technique, avoiding the curious looks of her fellow Hunters. Four wooden weapons; a longsword, a rapier, a waraxe, and a dagger repeatedly struck a dummy, the axe slowing her down due to her inexperience with the weapon.

"Damn, girl!" said a voice that was beginning to be more familiar. "Looking stylishly good!"

As Titania focused on the voice she soon realized that she wasn't paying attention to what she was doing, as her arms slowed down dropping the axe and rapier onto her foot. "Ow." She murmured, her eye twitching turning to the voice. "Hey, Ra- Mom. I didn't think you were coming today... you working?"

Runseca sighed. "For once, no. I actually have the day off... unless one of the other gods call me. I thought we could... I don't know. Do mom and daughter stuff that doesn't involve training." She smiled. "It makes me really happy when you call me mom, you know?"

Titania gathered up the assorted weaponry, and put them back on the shelves. "Well, I got something to brighten your day even more, then. But give me a minute or two to get it, 'cause, uh... I'm not exactly allowed to run in the Manor after nearly knocking over Mina."

The goddess giggled. "Of course. I love surprises."

Titania walked briskly towards the manor, her pace almost what a normal person would call running. Walking into the manor, she disappeared. One minute, two minutes, several passed until she came lumbering out with a big canvas. "Why do they make these so awkward?!" The Thrope half-whined, trying to hide a smile.

Runseca tilted her head. "Well, what is this dear? Some project you have been working on?"

"A painting with a twist." Titania said as sge turned her work over for her Godly mother to see.

It was horribly drawn with charcoal, the image being of Titania and her true mother. The art should've belonged to a toddler's doodles rather than a noblewoman's drawing. "So... what do you think?" Titania asked with a grin.

"It's, um... e-um..." Runseca smiled. "It's a unique drawing of... us?"

"Stop lying, it's purposely bad." Titania's longsword cleared its sheath, slicing the canvas from top to bottom. The front part of the canvas fell, revealing a beautiful painting of the two underneath, the colors bright and vibrant. The sword returned to its sheath, as Titania laughed. "So... instead of the crap I drew earlier... I hope you'll like this a bit better."

"Oh... it is delightful!" Runseca rushed over and looked over every inch of it. "So beautiful. I... I don't know what to say? No one has ever done something like this before for me. The other gods, yes, but no one worries about the messenger goddess' favor. Thank you."

"Well, it's yours and as for favor... Gods are still people. And every now and again, people need to be reminded that they are cared about. Especially if they just so happen to be a parent that works hard and risked their relationship with their child in order to tell the truth." Titania started, gently setting the painting down. "I don't care that you're a Goddess. I care that for, awhile now, you've been trying to be a good mother to me. So... consider this me accepting you fully as my Mom, not as the Messenger Goddess."

"Oh..." Runseca placed a hand on her chest. "You're going to make me cry. I... have never been so touched. After... after the hardships my sister had with her daughter, I was worried about approaching you, but... now I know it is the smartest thing I ever did."

"Nah, the smartest thing you ever did was being a kind and caring person that showed it." Titania replied, giving her a hug. "So, come on. Let's go shopping. I think we'll have a lot to talk about."

Runseca nodded, wrapping an arm around her. "That sounds like an excellent idea. How about New Vento City? With our speed, we can be there in minutes."

"Sounds like a plan." Titania nodded, breaking the embrace so they could both run uninhibited. She nodded her head downwards towards the painting, asking a silent question.

"Oh." Runseca picked it up and darted away, fast enough to leave a brief after image. She was back within a minute, wiping her head. "Sorry it took so long. I couldn't decide where to hang it."

Titania laughed, a goofy smile on her face. "I'm so.. wow... I knew you were faster than me, Mom, but I didn't quite expect 'afterimage' fast. If I even end up half as fast as you, I'll be very lucky."

Shaking her head, the Wolf Thrope looked over towards the training grounds. Finally spotting her quarry, she took off her armor and approached. "Jay, you mind putting this away?"

The Light Elf frowned, but nodded. Magical hands grabbed the armor piece, carrying it off.

Walking back, Titania's body blurred. "Ready to go?" She asked, her voice distorting somewhat.

Runseca did the same. "First one there gets to buy the other something to drink!" She rushed over to the doorway, motioning her daughter to follow.

"Guess I'm buying then!" Titania said, as she ran forward and disappeared, her speed rendering her invisible to most people's sight.

Runseca rushed to keep after her, her super reflexes allowing you to avoid things while maintaining speed. "So that technique you were practicing!" she shouted over the rushing wind. "I didn't teach it to you! It looked very clever, using your speed to wield four weapons at once!"

"Only downside is that it's a bit hard on my arms, but eventually I'll be able to do it with ease!" Titania answered, narrowly sidesteppind a tree with a familiar dent in it. "So, did you hear about what happened with me a few months prior to your first visit?"

"There are a number of things to be sure," Runseca commented. "Which one were you referring to?"

"Either my daughter or the assassination attempt. Your choice on which to choose to talk about." Titania replied, raising a hand to scratch one of her ears.

Runseca frowned. "I know about the assassination attempt. Honestly, when I was considering whether or not to approach you, I remembered that, and how I almost lost my chance..."

"Well, my recent trip to hell allowed me to talk to someone who knew more about it... he... well, I don't know if he was good or bad, but he told me someone from my former life as a noble wants me. Said it was dead or alive and from the amount of money, an influential House." Titania informed, jumping over a rock. "So, when I can, I'll ask a Goddess not in the pantheon to help me find who's coming after me."

Goddess... not in the Pantheon?" Runseca nearly ran into a tree thinking about that one, instead running up then down it. "You mean the one your fellow Hunter Sylvie worships?"

"Yeah. Her name's Ahusirra. Nature and Fertility Goddess... who's generally nice. It was interesting to see her 'mortal form'... And I do owe her for saving my life in the Neren'tevan forest." Titania explained, as she briefly looked over at her mother for a moment.

Runseca looked over as well. "It would be nice to meet her myself. Maybe the other gods should get to know her."

"I could set you up with a time and place if you want." Titania suggested, stepping up onto and jumping off a wolf in her path. "She's met a lot of people at Havenbrook already... including my girlfriend, although that ended with Ahusirra detecting someone powerful enough to scare her. Someone who's name started with an 'H'... Lord Havor or something similar..."

"H-Hastur!" This time, Runseca was distracted enough to smash into a tree, after which she tumbled to the ground.

Titania reacted out of instinct; decelerating by scraping her feet and claws on the ground. After about fifty feet, she stopped fully for a moment only to rush over to the Goddess. She quickly grabbed her arms and pulled up, gauging Runseca's injuries. "You okay?"

"Ugh, yeah. I, um... heal quickly." Runseca dusted herself off, a bit embarrassed. "You weren't talking about Hastur, were you?"

"I believe that was the name Ahusirra said, so yes." Titania answered, tilting her head to the side. "Why do you ask?"

Her mother placed her hands on Titania's shoulders. "He is an Old One. One of the Elder Gods. He is more dangerous then you can imagine. Please, whatever you do, avoid him at all costs."

"Alright... if I can I'll avoid him. But if not, I'll just talk with him and try to get him to leave that way." The Thrope responded.

Runseca let out a grim laugh. "No... no, you do not talk to Hastur. You run. Understand? Please, just... run."
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Capricious Assassins
Part Two

Titania blinked, surprised that all the Gods she talked to were scared of Hastur. "Alright. I'll run if I see him... but why are you so scared of him? Did this Elder God do something to you in the past?"

Runseca blinked. "Um... I'm not sure. Maybe my parents have a history with him. They have just always instilled in my head how dangerous the Old Ones are. Dangerous... and strong."

"Maybe they got into a fight with him and made an uneasy peace?" Titania suggested, shrugging after a moment. "Regardless, I think we should get going. Oh, and I'm buying you a drink and then some. I mean, you did kinda get hurt because I said something." Titania started, blurring as she got ready to run again.

Runseca looked like she might argue, but only nodded, and ran with her. Once they arrived, they stopped by a stand to get some Mirandia soft drinks. "So tell me about this daughter of yours?" Runseca said as they walked to the market. "You mean the duck girl?"

"Yeah. Her name's Faith. She wandered in half-dead from exhaustion. She ran all the way from Neren'teva and through the Duchy because of... er, personal reasons." Titania cleared her throat, slightly changing the topic. "I took her under my wing as an apprentice, but apparently I've got a winning personality... she liked me and because I'm kinda motherly, she... well, became my daughter."

"That truly is wonderful." Runseca gasped lightly. "That means... that I am kinda like her grandmother, doesn't it? Oh, how exciting..."

Titania laughed, "Well, feel free to go say hi to her whenever. Just be careful. She can be sassy if she thinks your being rude." Titania half-warned, smiling at her mother.

"Me? Rude? Never..." The goddess laughed. "So, what do you wish to shop for today? Perhaps a nice dress? A good book? Sweets?"

"Dresses and maybe some jewelry..." Titania answered, pausing to think. "Maybe some boots if we have the time."

Runseca bumped her shoulder. "We have all the time in the world. If we run out of time... why, I'll put Tempora himself in a headlock to give us more time. Anything for my girl."

Titania smiled, hugging Runseca with a bear-like grip. If she only knew how little affection I got from my mortal parents... She thought somewhat bitterly, a somewhat remorseful look in her eyes.

When Runseca pulled back, she noticed the look. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." She said, brushing off the concern quickly, a overly happy smile on her face. "Let's go find you a nice dress to wear, and maybe a necklace to go along with it."

There pair spent the next several hours simply enjoying their time together. It was filled with laughter and joy neither had experienced in a while. Walking in the new dress Titania insisted on paying for, Runseca danced a bit as she walked. "Oh, such a lovely day! I don't remember the last time I had so much fun!"

""Well, I'm glad I got to spend it with you." The Thrope replied, practically beaming at her mother.

A narrow arrow slashed the Thrope's cheek cutting it open. "Why...? Just why.." She grumbled, as she searched for the attacker's location. A man approached, his bow on his back.

He was dressed in silk robes, the whole outfit reminiscent of Stormrend. As he approached his sandals clacked on the stone pathway. "Konnichiwa. I believe you're my bounty." He said simply, looking at Runseca for a moment. "And... good guess is that you're her mom, the divine one, anyways. So... mind if I take your daughter?"

The goddess narrowed her eyes. "You know who I am and yet you openly assault and threaten my girl? You are either insanely brave... or simply insane."

"I prefer polite enough not to shoot her in the head." A slight hint of movement sent Titania to the ground her face paled and her eyes wide with terror. "And please, no reaching for weapons or anything. I'd rather talk. I'm not heartless enough to kill a girl who does good in the world, but if she attacked me and I had to defend myself, things happen."

"Now... Runseca, I believe. I'm a demigod too, but one who's killed other demigods, fought Aratenda and the Destruction Goddess and still lived. I want to make you a deal."

Runseca squeezed her fists tightly. "What did you do? What... what deal?"

"I won't kill your child, and I will give you the name of the one who targets her. In exchange, well, the price is extremely high." He paused, examining her eyes, her hands, her stance. "You really do love her, huh? I thought you were just bullshitting her. After all... don't you have other children besides her?"

"I have had other children besides her, and I cared about them. But Titania is my only child at the moment, and I love her dearly. I have never felt so close to a child of mine." Runseca kept her stance defensive. Dozens of thoughts ran through her head. She knew she could rush over and kill most men before they could blink, but she didn't know the nature of his powers. It was a crap shoot when it came to demi-gods, and it would be a guess even if she knew his godly parent. "What do you want from me?"

Tapping his chin he pretended to think. "What do I want..." Casting a glance at Titania, he frowned. "She is rather irritating.... so I'd ask two things; One, that you beat some sense into her. Two, I want you to give me the full amount of money I would've gotten for killing her. Or... I just take her and then you can find out how strong I am, given that I just might not be a Terrian God spawn. Perhaps... you may recall other Gods not of your pantheon?"

Runseca squeezed her fists even tighter. "If it is money you want, you can have it, but I am not beating me own daughter. Why do you care? Obviously you don't if you are willing to take a pay off. Just tell me how much."

"Better yet... why don't I just show you who's targeting your child...? Oh, and any attempt to kill me will result in her dying." He said as if he were reading a newspaper, shrugging as he sighed. "Trust me, I'd rather not kill her. She seems nice... if albeit too reckless, kind, and emotional."

"No attempts," Runseca said, nodding. "Please... show me."

"For that... we'll have to go to Bevland. I have a man that works directly for whoever hired assassins after your child. You'll have to kill him after I show you, of course." The assassin said as he walked backwards, as his gaze flicked to the woman on the ground. "And you might want hurry, she does only have five hours with that poison in her cheek."

Runseca blurred as she got ready to run. "Then let's get going. Because if she dies... you die. I don't care who you are or what you can do." Runseca looked down at Titania. "I will be back with the antidote. I swear it to you."

"Oh, I expected you would try... but let's just say I'm not really here with you anymore. The third city to the west of this one, meet me there, and we'll talk. Hide your daughter, as she is still being hunted. And finally, look for the Demon Mask." He said, going behind a nearby building.

Runseca quickly grabbed Titania, and running far faster then before, rushed her back to the manor in minutes. She dropped her off in the infirmary, and gently took her hand. "I will save you."

A somewhat weak squeeze was her response, as the Thrope tried to smile. "Sorry... I wanted... to make... this day... special... for you..." She said slowly, a visible spread of purple spreading across her cheek.

"You did. Thank you. I love you." Runseca kissed her forehead, and was off. She was in the city she was told to go to, and searching every nook and cranny for the assassin.

Eventually, she found a alleyway that had a demon mask hanging next to it, two yellow-ish eyes peering out at her. "Hello, Goddess. Still somewhat cranky with me?"

"Murderously so," Runseca said honestly. "Let's hurry. No stalling. I want the antidote and the person who hired you."

He laughed, stepping out of the darkness the alleyway provided. He wore a black three piece suit, with slacks of the same color. Tilting his head so his hat didn't fall off, he smiled. "You are adorable. Follow me."

As they walked, he filled the time with idle chatter. "So... why is this such a big deal to you? She's a usual spawn and definitely not the strongest one you've ever had... why go through all this trouble to find the people targeting her?"

"Again, why do you care?" Runseca folded her arms and looked around. "If you must know, part of it is fear of losing a child after Saboran lost most of hers. Part of it is respect for her father. Some of it is pride over what she does and the kind of person she has grown into despite all odds. The rest I can't explain. Is it so wrong for a mother to care so deeply for her child simply because she is her child? It is really all the reason I need..."


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Capricious Assassins
Part Three

He rolled his eyes. "Considering some of your immortal family are complete and utter assholes, yes, I do believe other reasons besides your love for her is needed... especially when my parent gave me a lovely scar as a proof of his 'love'. How would I know if you were the same as them?" He countered, his voice chillingly upbeat.

Runseca scowled at him. "I am here, dealing with the devil that I would love to kill just to save her. We gods are not all made the same, especially compared to the originals. I would give my life for her, and may Nemesis take my life if I ever betray that pledge. Now... can we please get going and find the antidote before it is too late. Does your client have it?"

"Nope. I do. Or rather, I know what it is and what to do. As for killing me, I'm not yet ready to die. Still got a few more things on my bucket list to check off. Like slaying a Vampire Queen, but that's all in due time." Stopping he pointed to a door to his left. "Well... here is the place. Enter and get your information. Oh, and do give him the mercy of a quick death after you find out who he works for, 'cause if you don't... let's just say, his life will be really unpleasant for the next few months."

Runseca glared at him for a moment longer with suspicion in her eye, then quickly kicked the door open, stepping inside.

A man in his early thirties stood up, confusion etched into his face. "Who the hell are you?! Guards!" Upon uttering this five armor clad warriors stepped in between Runseca and the Human.

Runseca ran forward, removing all of their helmets and punching them out before they knew what was happening. She pinned the man to the wall and lifted her arm, her hand vibrating at an incredible speed. She jabbed it forward, and the wall next to his head practically exploded from the force. "Talk! Who hired you to put a hit on the Havenbrook hunter Titania! Tell me, or next one goes into you chest!"

The man paled and gulped. "Holy fuckin' shit, lady! Umm..." His eyes glazed over, and something about him changed and he relaxed. "The Fixer is not threatened by you. You need him to give you information, or you won't find who you're looking for. So hands off, beautiful."

Runseca looked surprised. She dropped him and grunted. "Speak. Who are you?"

"I am the Fixer. The person who sets up contracts on individuals. And you are... upset over a Titania Regallis, correct?" He asked rhetorically, dusting himself off. "You want information on my client, and then... well, this day was going to come eventually. A fight for my life... so fascinating..."

"Who is you client!" Runseca demanded. "Tell me, or else there will be no where you can hide. I will bring the wrath of the gods down on you!"

"Oh, hush. We both know you're going to kill me anyways. No one ever comes to me demanding answers and thinks about letting me live." He responded, walking over to a cabinent. Opening it, he pulled out a bottle of whiskey and two glasses. Going over to his desk, he set the glasses down and poured a bit of whiskey into both cups.

Taking a sip, he sighed. "House Castillo. Don't know which one of them... could be the son. Probably is, but the father is also suspect with his involvement in arranging a marriage between Titania's house and his own." He looked wistful and smiled. "Mind taking a shot with me before we move on to business?"

Runseca picked up the glass. "Why would the family they hope she will marry into wish her death? A jealous brother? The father having a change of heart? Surely, you must have an idea."

"Babe, I just set up the Contract and didn't meet with a family member, just a servant who tried to hide their crest. Could be any of those things or more. I had a guy looking into it named Koz, one of my better associates, but he hasn't reported to me in awhile... aka, he's dead." He poured another shot and downed it. "So... now what? Do I get a kiss on the cheek or a hand through the gut... or both?"

Runseca took the shot. "I don't know if there is any point in killing a middle man like you. If I do, someone will just take your place. Is that why you're telling me this, assuming you're being honest? Because you assume you're going to die anyway?"

He chuckled bitterly as he stared at her. "Yes. I told you client secrets and as such, my life is forfeit anyways. Whether by your hand or a different client, it does not matter. They'll come. Now the only question is what you'll do." The man answered, taking another shot.

Runseca leaned forward. "What if you told them the job was complete? It would save you and take the heat off of Titania long enough for me to find out who it is... and eliminate them."

"Wouldn't matter. How do I word this... My reputation has made me a popular choice as a broker of contracts. This in turn has given me many secrets on a variety of people. Word gets out I broke contract, then everyone else comes after me." The Fixer explained, shaking his head as he refilled her glass. "So, even if I did, I'd die. It's still a losing scenario for me." His eyes drifted behind her and he let out a bittersweet smile. "It seems your boyfriend over there has made it clear that our time is up. It was a pleasure to meet you."

Several shadows came out of the ground latching onto the Fixer, seemingly absorbing whatever they touched. The man screamed out in pain, his bones becoming visible as the shadows moved up. They started going faster, his skin muscles and bones fading into the darkness until nothing remained. "I told you, give him a merciful death or his would be far more painful than it needed to be..." The assassin's voice said with a disappointed tone.

"I didn't realize you'd be the one to kill him." Even the goddess was affected by the sight. She scoffed after a moment, and turned around. "Now... the antidote. I am running out of time."

"There is no antidote, because it won't kill her. This was the only way to talk to you without you two trying to kill me. Do whatever you want, but leave me alone. You come after me and I live, Titania gets something worse than my shadows.." He said walking out of the room, said shadows covering the doors and windows out of the building.

"Wait!" She called out. "Why did you do this? What is your stake in this?"

A bit of the shadows near one of the windows opened slightly, allowing his voice to drift in. "Sorry. We're not friends and last time I checked, you and I aren't in a relationship. Guess you'll have to find out later, then. For now, take care, Runseca. You're too kind for your own good." She could see him walking away before the shadows closed the hole, still blocking her without taking significant damage.

She sighed and grabbed the bottle off the desk, taking a huge swig. Once the shadows finally disappeared to release her, she quickly made her way back to her daughter's side.

On the table next to Titania was a single rose with a piece of paper around the stem, a smiley face drawn on the paper. The Thrope murmured something, her eyes closed. Runseca sighed in relief and picked up the paper.

"Heya Goddess. As you kinda owe me for helping you two... go and get a dress back at the city you were in. I paid enough that you could get any dress for her. So do it. Also, I have a crystal for contacting me. Feel free to do so at your leisure. Or not. Either works. Now... as for my actual favors... Money. And a promise you won't kill me on sight. It wouldn't do well if you killed me off before I could actually get to know you." The note read, an 's' at the bottom of it.

"Hmm..." Runseca read over it a few times before gently placing it down. She smiled down at her sleeping child, and gently kissed her on the head. In a flash, she ran off to go get that dress, as well gather up the money to pay off their dangerous yet helpful would-be assassin.


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Capricious Assassins
Part Four

When she arrived to the rendezvous point, the town Titania had been attacked, there was a burly tradesman who approached her, "Would you care to see my wares or sample some of things I offer as a service?"

"Actually, I was told a dress was paid for here for me. I'd like to pick that out."

"Of course, of course. Any dress is available. But first money you owe me." He smiled flirtatiously, winking at her.

"The money? But I thought... oh." She frowned, thinking she had more time. "Excuse me." She was gone in a flash. She returned a few minutes later with a sizeable sack of gingling coins. "Will this cover it?"

The man seemed to fade, as a figure clad in all black walked past. "Please walk with me." The adsadsin's voice whispered, as he left his back open towards her when he walked.

Runseca hesitated for a moment, contemplating an attack, but instead simply followed him at a comfortable distance.

"So... how is she? I hope conscious or at least healthier?" He asked idly, his figure more shadow than flesh.

"She's out but her color has returned. You know... you could have found a better way to get me into a conversation." Runseca rolled her neck. "So who is your father?" she probed. "Hastur?"

"Could be. Could be a different Old One. Could even be a normal Terrian God." He replied, not giving her a definite answer. "Like I said, you're not a friend and we're not dating, so no information. Besides," He paused, eyeing her up and down. "You're not my type." He gave her a chance to see him, the shadows clearing enough to show fair skin, and green eyes.

"Hmph. Well, same here." Runseca folded her arms. "Anyway, I have your money. What other business do you have for me?"

He smirked, rolling his eyes. "Gods are so sensitive these days..." Shaking his head, he looked up. "This contract out on your daughter is bad business for Assassins. We're losing too many, too quickly. But I want to change that. So, consider me helping you to resolve this, just for the money you hold in your hand."

Runseca cautiously offered it to him. "Then I guess that makes us partners of a sort."

"It does." He confirmed, grabbing the money. A shadow zipped by, pooling into his own shadow like a liquid. "And thanks for not attacking me. It would've been embarrassing if you actually hit me when I'm being nice. Also might be a bit inappropriate, considering you'd be 'hitting' on me."

Runseca chuckled. "Bit of a smart ass, huh? Now that I can deal with. Never hurt my daughter again, and you have my word I will never try to harm you."

"Now what kind of hurt are we dealing of? If we're talking about 'poison' hurt, of course not. I face strong opponents openly. If we're talking about weapons, only if she attacks me and refuses to yield. Emotionally or mentally are entirely off the table... I can't be held accountable if she takes something the wrong way." The assassin half-joked, as the shadows hid his face again. "And are you sure that you can deal with me? Seems a tad bit presumptuous, but I suppose I could find something to annoy you to no end if you wish to try..."

"I'm sure you can." Runseca gave him a various look. "But I would work with the three Demon Lords themselves if it meant tracking the down the one hiring assassins to kill my daughter."

"Tell me then...once you find him, what'll you do with him?" He asked, turning left abruptly into an alleyway.

Runseca followed. "Find out why and if he has any accomplices, then kill him."

"And if he gets to Titania first? Or say if he kills all of her friends, rendering to her an existence of wishing she were dead?" The Assassin pressed, as he laid against one of the walls.

Runseca squeezed her fists. "Then I'll kill them all... make him suffer the same loss before he dies..."

"You get so murderous so quickly... maybe you need to find a way to calm your rage down." He suggested, raising an eyebrow at her.

Runseca gave him an off look. "Now if you're coming on to me, forget it."

He snorted, rolling his eyes. "And apparently taking things out of context too. If I wanted to fuck you, Runseca, I'd ask you if you were interested, not try to seduce you in some half-assed way. I merely meant, what about finding something that you can do to relieve your anger, in other words, an activity, like drawing, dancing, non-lethal combat..."

Runseca looked away. "I've never cared about a child of mine the way I care about Titania. I'm... protective. But I will find her would be killer and stop them."

"Protective enough that you might screw yourself over. Trust me, your reactions, your attitude? I've seen it before, and that person, while she wasn't a god, fucked herself over royally. I'd prefer you don't either, considering your speed and Titania's are indistinguishable from one another. So think. What happens if you kill whoever is responsible with your speed?"

"They... they will assume it was her..." Runseca frowned. "Okay... I see your point. Then what do you suggest?"

"What would I suggest... you are a Goddess, so use your mimicry of different voices to scare them then take them with your speed. Let them know who you are and the consequences should they not stop. Then return them home, unharmed. Use the crazy voices again to tell the whole family who's been doing something, and that an action targeting your child will not be tolerated, that it is their only warning." The assassin answered, dropping the shadows to look into her eyes. "So... what do you think?"

Runseca slowly smiled. "I think I like the way you think."

A chuckle escaped his lips, shaking his head as he did so. "That might be a bad thing... I'm a bad influence, if I am able to corrupt a normally good Goddess." He started, leaning against the wall. " So... after this is all done, and your daughter is safe, the only threat left would be me, right? So... what are you going to do then?"

Runseca gave him a serious look. "I don't kill allies to tie up loose ends. Just... be on your way, and we will be on our way."

"I'm an opportunist, your divinity. I go for whatever can get me a lot of money, which could consist of targeting your daughter again." The man explained, the shadows fully covering his body once again. "So, for now, I'm on your side... but you'll have to persuade me somehow to stay loyal to you."

Runseca nodded. "I'll cross that bridge when we come to it."

"Fair enough." He nodded, taking a scroll from underneath the shadows. "In this are the specific ways to contact me, should you need me. It was a pleasure doing buisness with you, Runseca. Oh! And that also gives you a name to call me."

"Is that so?" Runseca slowly opened the scroll.

On it was his crystal contacts, what towns to do certain things in to gain his attention, and a name: 'Shini'. The assassin yawned, his shadows nearly hiding him from sight.

"Alright. I'll be in contact... Shini."

The man nodded, as he began to seemingly sink into the ground. "I'll eagerly await your call... and seriously go back to that shop and pick any three things out. I do actually own it after all... and a good chunk of this lovely city." With that, he seemed to vanish, a hole in the wall he was leaning on and a grate where he had been standing being the only places he could've left.


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The fallowing is done by Zombiesplitter 53 and Dhalexpert

Don't lose your compassion for others

HaveBrook Mannor
Oct,23 2349

Elma was packing her bags, with books and what she had brought ready to leave the guild and go back to the inn." Alright then come on boy, time for us to move again." Elma dire wolf wagged his tail and fallowed behind Elma.

"Leaving so soon?" Eraqus stepped into view. "You've only been back a few days."

Elma looked up and down surprised to see Eraqus, she then took a deep breath.” Figured you be happy, after all you said I should comeback in two or three years. Besides I’m only goanna live in the inn if you guys need me or if you find Es I’ll be there.”

Eraqus shook his head "Not what I meant. I... actually want you to stick around. We have a hatchet that needs burying, especially since you seem to think I'm out to get you."

"Why wouldn't I after all, I only took your arm." Elma moved Eraqus out of her way and went down the stairs her dire wolf fallowing closely behind.

Elma, stop." Eraqus followed after her. "Look, I got my arm back. I got my life back. I have a new perspective on life. And I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings before. I was just... trying to be realistic."

"You have nothing to apologize for It was my fault that you lost your arm to begin with, a lot of things had happen since you were dead. Me taking your arm I already felt guilty, then I broke a mages staff spreading corruption near the guild. And if that wasn’t enough I lost my sister in law to an Old one!" Elma rubbed her eyes." I have to leave now, I have things train for any way."

"Lady Havenbrook... wants to talk to you before you go." Eraqus stopped following her, hoping she would stop on her own. "You left before without saying goodbye. Are you going to do it again?"

"I'm not leaving leaving, I’m just going to be away on my own for a bit. But fine I'll go talk to Mina it's been a while anyway."

Eraqus waved her over. "Come on. I'll go with you." He grinned. "Gotta make sure you remember how to get there."

"Yea fine, boy wait here I’ll be back in a few minutes." Elma dire wolf sat on the ground waiting for her command.

As they made their way towards the office, Eraqus sighed. "You don't really like me, do you? A shame, since I consider your brother a good friend."

"I don't hate you and besides you and my brother are good friends, the same can't be said for us. After all I expect you to hate me for what I sad and did to you before you died."

"No... no, I don't hate you." Eraqus stopped at the door. "I'm too old and experienced to hold that grudge."

“Well that’s helps a little not much but thanks for not holding a grudge.”

Eraqus grunted, and opened the door for her.

When she entered the room she saw Mina eating some meat with ice cream and mayonnaise on the side.” Ugh Mina?”

"Hey, don't knock it until you try it. Have a seat." Mina reached into her desk. "Read the papers lately?"

“That I have, capital of a nations taken by raiders with a vampire leading them. Sounds like something from a nightmare.”

"I happen to have an article from Bevland right here." Mina cleared her throat and read, "'In the late hours of the night, the captial of our neighbor, Helvan, was beset upon by a force that swept through it like a hurricane and left just as much destruction in its wake. Escapees claim that the army appeared overnight, and that several members, including its leader, were seen sucking blood and using powers vamperic in nature. This reporter cannot help but turn his eyes towards the south.'"

Mina placed it to the side and said, "It goes on to question if this is just the start of the second Nocturum Wars and urges Bevland, along with Themosa and Mirandia across the sea, to take up arms, and prepare to either be attacked... or to unleash a preemptive attack of their own on the vampire megacity." She let out a humorless laugh. "That stupid vampire bitch might have just flunge her people into a war that will wipe them out... and you know who I can't help but blame for all that death in Helvan? Myself. Because I could have done something when her army was small, and I didn't."

“It’s not your fault after all she could have killed us as well.” Elma shook in fear.” This is truly the end times huh?”

"Not if I can help it," Mina countered with confidence. "I sat on my hands with both Tecunte and Alice, and look at the trouvle it caused. So I'm taking the fight to Hastur. But I can't do it alone. I need strong fighters, strong warriors, and strong magic users... like you."

“No, Mina we have no idea what this woman has now. Bandits from all over could have joined her by now, besides I’m not my brother. I never fought in major battles I’ve never been in wars, I’m not You Eraqus, Character, or anyone in this guild. I’m just a teenager that went way over her head, who just wanted to be with her brother. Now if you excuse me I have to work on my training away from here.” Elma turned her back and went to the door.

"I can't stop you from going," Mina said. "Just know you are always welcome back."

Elma didn’t say anything and left Mina office, she called out to Sam and left the guild house. Once outside since she got on her horse and left. After about three hours of riding, Elma made her way to the inn and rented her old room. Once settled in she decided to the local bounty board for work.

"Fresh out of the guild and already looking for trouble, huh?" asked a voice behind her.

Elma looked at the woman behind her and raised her eyebrow." Look alright i'm just looking for work and get some practice along the way alright."

"I see. Would you like a travelling companion?" the woman asked. "I could use an escort."

Well as long as you pay me fine, not many good jobs on here anyway.” Elma and the woman walked out of town to the stables, were Elma helped the woman onto her horse.” So any place I can take you?”

The woman pointed north. She had fiery red hair and eyes and a Shaw over her head, but little else, her clothing reminiscent of a belly dancer. A dangerous thing for a lone woman to wear. "There is a grove a little ways outside of the city."

“A grove, Alrighty then Sam we’re moving.” Elma dire wolf ran ahead being her scout, Elma looked at the woman and raised her eyebrow.” Aren’t you cold wearing that I mean it’s getting close to winter after all?”

Hmm?" The woman looked down at herself. "No, not really? You get used to it. I mean... you're probably used to being bundled up in mage robes, right?"

"That I am but the's are magic robes, they will at least warm me up a bit. I'm in some belly dress, look mind telling why you need to go to this grove. I never seen the place you described."

The woman sighed. "A local man, an important one whom many counted on, died yesterday. I need to pick flowers there for his funeral."

"Hum that's very nice of you, i'm shocked that nobody else is doing this for this man since he was so important. Did he have a family and what did he do?"



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Part 2

"He has family, all in mourning. They bought flowers from the local shop because it is so dangerous out there. As for what he did, he was a local constable. Took down a lot of baddies. It takes a strong man to stand up for justice nowadays, but I loved his compassion for the common man the most. He never turned a blind eye to those in need."

"Hum he sounds like a very good man, a shame most people don't ma moralize him. And yea heroes are hard to come by now days, especially one that is compassionate."

"I know!" The woman rushed up to Elma's side and wrapped her arms around Elma's left arm. "Compassion is so important in these dark times, Elma. Things happen that get us down, and make us want to turn our backs on our fellow man. But we have to stay strong and look out for each other.

"Yea we do but people are scare now, a group of raiders taking a capitol. The cult of Hastu are starting to show up more, monsters becoming more visions. People are starting to think that the gods have abandoned us."

"We... they haven't abandoned you." The woman released her and walked by her side. "Maybe... they just want to let man do their own thing. Maybe they're even... a little scared of Hastur."

"Hay if I can fight Hastur myself, and I’m still considered a rookie of a mage despite how much I've grown. Then the gods have no excuse, if a mortal was risked fighting Hastur to save her friend!" Elma got off the horse and started walking ahead. “Let’s just go and get your flowers alright then you could leave me be."

The woman sulked her head. "O-okay. I'm sorry if I upset you."

"It's not your fault, just remembering my failure with a friend who was kidnapped right from under me. Go ahead and lead the way so I could take you back."

It was a short trip north, along the edge of the forest. A few passerby eyed the pair, but they had no trouble. They came to a tranquil grove, lush with flowers. "A leyline runs through here," the woman explained. "Some people wanted to plow over it and build another town, but it is kept this way as a tribute to the goddess of compassion. She really likes flowers."

“Hum she sounds like a friend of mine, she and my brother would have loved seeing this place.” Elma shook her head to regain her composure.” We shouldn’t get flowers from her, if this place is a tribute to a god best find your flowers elsewhere.”

"Oh, don't worry about that." The woman crouched down among the plant life. "She qanta to share the beauty with everyone. You should take a few for your friends while you're here."

"I don’t think my friends would like flowers so much, besides we have what you need all though." Elma took a few flowers for Esmerelda garden." I'm sure my friend would like this once we get her back, come on let's go." Elma helped the woman onto her horse as they made their way back to town.

"It really was kind of you to escort a perfect stranger like this." The woman chuckled. "What if I had seen you as a target and had been leading you into a trap?"

“That’s what my wolf friend was for, he would had howled if this was a trap. Besides no bandit woman would dress like you, close look expensive.”

"A little," she said with another giggle. Approaching town, she climbed off the horse and asked, "So how much do I owe you, Elma?"

Elma sighed” Alright look since you weren’t carrying any real cargo, and this is for a funeral. I won’t change you.”

"Oh, no no. I insist. Please..." The woman reached into a satchel. "At least take a couple silver."

“Its fine really, this was more like helping someone with an errand it was no big deal.”

"Okay. But... can you do me a favor, Ms. Van Dam?"

Elma raised her eyebrow realizing she never mentioned her last name.” Ok what kind of favor are we talking about here?”

"Please... don't let the compassion you have had in your heart fade away. You set out on your journey to help people, and that is something we need more of in this world. Times are dark, yes, and it is easy to abandon those in need. But you have a good soul, Elma. Don't let it be tainted, and you will do great things. Maybe even better than the ones you look up to."

“I highly doubt that, after all I can hardly defend those around me. Or I just end up making things worse.”

The woman shook her head. "You are too hard on yourself, Elma. I foresee great things from you. Would you... mind a gift?"

“A gift huh, sure why not. I’m sure you would insist anyway.”

The woman pulled out a small, red orb attached to a bracelet. "Hold on to this charm, and it will protect you from harm, as long as your heart is filled with compassion and love for others."

"Humm that's incredible but, why are you giving me this? I mean I’m a no body I’m just some teenager who's great at using magic, though I still need to practice but why give me this?”

The woman giggled. "No one is a nobody. And I like to help people. So don't worry about it." She turned and started to walk away. "Well... nice meeting you."

Elma looked at the bracelet and it took her a moment to think about what this woman gave her." Hay wait up um who are you by the way?"

The woman looked back. "My name is Lusbie."

Elma raised her eyebrow." Lusbie? that name sounds very familiar were have I heard that name before?" Elma eyes widen when she recognized the name." The goddess of compassion!" Elma yelled she then quickly gave the gift back." I'm not worthy of this, I think you should find someone else for this gift."

"This is why I avoided giving my name," Lusbie said with a chuckled. "Please... take it. If you truly honor me, you will accept my gift."

"But you’re a goddess, I’m just a mage from Miranda hell I’m a failure I can't accept this on principle I would be embarrassment to you?"

Lusbie sighed. "And I am telling you there is more to you then you realize. Do you call this goddess a liar?"

"N-no." Elma look down at the bracelet and wrapped it around her arm." Um thank you for choosing me, I don't know what to say thank you I would have never thought I would be chosen less speaking to a god."

Lusbie giggled. "I'm just a normal person deep down." She rubbed Elma's hands. "Anyway, must be off. Stay strong, okay?"

“I-I will thank you.” As the goddess disappeared Elma looked at and gained a new bost of confidence, so much so that she decided to go to the local library and asked for there most advanced spell books.


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Savages from the Ice land

Halven capital

Alice Palace

Oct, 26 3349

Alice and her men started repairing their new home after disposing of the corpses, thanks to the gods Alice ship is now in the ship port along with all the ore that was in her fore at her pervious home. To prepare for the coming battle Alice replaced the gates they destroyed with Iron doors, as well as add spiked to the walls so they can’t climb them, but to make sure her enemies were trapped. “Right city is starting to look more and more defendable but I need numbers, Gods I hope Grimora can get this woman down here.”

Once Alice reached her palace she was approached by her bandit generals. Wulfrick stepped forward. “Took the prisoner out of their cells like you suggested boss, killed the rapist, and the child fuckers kept the rest and put them to work.” Lorica then stepped forward our archers our ready to go madam we also ransacked there weapons vault now we have crossbows to add to our ranks, we also moved cannons to the walls as well and catapults on top of the buildings.” Lorica then stepped forward. “Our monsters are well fed as well, and the giants thankfully haven’t been eating my beast. When the Halven army comes we will ambush them in the woods like you planed boss.

“Great to hear good to know that things are coming along greatly thank you three.” Just then Crixus come through the door. “Madam Scarlet has finally arrived and she brought a few people with her.”

“Thank you Crixus, come with me for a moment the rest of you are dismissed.” As Alice generals leave Alice lead Crixus to her throne room.” Ugh I hate having to hire mercenaries, hiring people that only fallow me for money. They have no loyalty to anyone but coins.”

“Alice didn’t you promise these bandiest riches they wish they could have, so bribing mercenaries with money should be no different then what you do with bandits.”

“Ugh I know you’re right let’s just hope Scarlet can help us out like she did last time.” As Alice entered her throne room, she saw a pirate standing in the middle of it.

Scarlet was admiring the throne room before turning around and seeing Alice.” Alice it’s been a while, wow you look completely different you’re no longer look like the naive woman that I met months ago, you truly seem to playing your act.”

“Yea me being the bandit demon lord seems to work well for me, a lot has changed since you last saw me Scarlet but I once again need your help.”

“No kidding bandits from all over want to join you, they heard of a group of bandits just taking a capital. Bandits form all over want to join you, it’s a lot to take in, and so I decided I’m going to join you as well as well as my marauder tribe.”

“You’re joining me as well Scarlet, but aren’t you a pirate lord and have your own island?” why join me?”

“Why because as fun as it’s been for the last three hundred years, I feel like doing something again and let’s be honest here you need help running this city once you go out raiding and conquering and doing all that fun stuff, besides I know every major bandit group, pirates and smuggler in Terra even some of the up starts. That way whatever you raid you and take you could trade for gold. Basically I’m asking to be your treasure and recruiter.”

“Hum well we do have a lot of sugar salt and jewelry, as well as many other things we could sell. Hum well I guess I don’t have a choice in the matter so fine you’re hired.”

“I knew we would come to an understanding now then down to business, your seconded in command has told me that you have been looking for mercenaries. Understandably so you do need to defend this place otherwise you’ll be destroyed, so I have a few options. There’s the storm born company, there’s very expensive mix of Thorpe Humans and Elf’s. Very magic heavy, there’s good a supporting and kill hundreds with magic, if you want the whole company that’s what two thousand men there. Then there’s the blood wolves, these guys are brutal if you want a front line there you go they are mostly Thorpe and Ophidian so there a savage bunch. There’s also sum smugglers groups I can introduce you two, so for now I’ll talk to my contact and see if I can get you a meeting with the leaders of those mercenary’s as well as others.”

“Thank you Scarlet got to admit, it’s great to see you again and I have to admit it would be nice to have someone manage this city for me. I should also come up with some rules so we don’t kill each other as well.”

Just then Satako came barging in screaming.” Alice portals just open near the entrance of your palace, people wearing leather armor are outside your palace!”

“What, what the hell are the gods getting revenge on us or something!” As Alice charged outside she could see that she was surrounded by people with fur for armor and are armed to the teeth. As Alice marched down to the courtyard she confronted the mysterious arrivals.” Who the hell are you people?!”

A large man stepped forward. “Northlander you are the lady the woman with the scythe told us about, heh you don’t look impressive at all you look like the you would kill over in a matter of minutes in the cold.”

“Hum the cold well considering that it’s winter and I’m surviving you don’t know what you’re talking about, were are your from again and who are you.

The man looked at Alice up and down.” My name is not your concern, but me and my people are from the land you call the land of Ice.”

Alice crossed her arms.” That’s impossible, nothing can survive down there let alone thrive down there ether.” Alice then looked at the people around there.” However now that I’m thinking about most people don’t go down there, and the few that do ether don’t go very far or die by the monsters down there.”

“Heh you call those monster? We call them food, we hunt the beast that haunt your cowardly dreams you can’t imagine what we have seen down there.”

“Sounds like fun might have to bring those monsters up here, now the question is what do you want?” Alice said stepping forward to the man.

The man smile looking down at Alice.” You don’t want to fight me little girl, I could crush your head like it’s a block of ice. Besides who are you to challenge and step up to me little one?”

Alice grabbed the man’s beard and pulled him down to her level.” I am Alice valentine and I’m the leader of this city, you say you hunt monsters that haunt my dreams? I am the monster of nightmares you may think you are a monster, you haven’t seen what I’ve done. I’m the monster that will bring army’s to their knees, I burn city’s villages and nations.” Alice let go of the mans beard.” So you can ether join me and my group or go back through that portal, and back to your lands.”

The man smiled and stood tall.” Ou you think your know strength heh, you show no fear not what I expect from a Northlander, hum I am RorSkull WarWolf and these are my people. We were told by another woman that you needed forces, to help you defend this.” The man looked around.” Place, but against my better judgement I wish to see if this place is worth fighting for. Besides Hunting monsters over the course of years gets boring, and my people need new hunts.”

“Humm very well, you could stay here but do not attack my people or my monsters.”

“Huh very well, you better be what that woman said you were.” The man back down and the people fallowed behind him.”

“Well seems like the goddess of war has given me savages, wonderful add to the madness why doesn’t she ugh well I am giving war so she does like helping me they better be worth there sault in defending this city otherwise might have to kill them.” Finally Alice generals came down.” Great you guys finally arrived, we have an uneasy alliance with our new arrivals so for now keep an eye on them will you. For now Scarlet we have mercenaries to talk too I can't wait to hear what I have to give them in order to have them join me."


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It Begins

Hastur’s Castle
High in the Mountains
November 1st, 3349
12:12 pm.

The day was overcast, the cold wind howling outside, but Esmeralda was nice and comfy in her room. She was slowly lifting a spoon with her mind, very early in her psychic training, when she heard someone at the door. Expecting someone to come in, when they didn’t, she got curious and walked to the door.

“Shrimp tempera!” The guard watching her room fused to the cultist bringing her lunch. “Why does she get such good food when we have to eat slop?”

“Hastur’s orders,” the second guard said. “We have to keep her happy and content.”

“Why? She is so stupid, she actually believes we’re too high up in the mountains to escape.”

“Yeah, I know. All this for a baby.”

“Yeah. Why is he so worried about this kid. I guess eating them as soon as they’re born is when they are the most tasty. Maybe he is fattening her up to eat her too…”

The door suddenly flew open with a blast of wind magic, Esmeralda looking furious. “No one is eating my baby!”

They guards jumped up and rushed to attack her. She was able to knock one back with another wind blast, knocking him out and knocking his knife away. The other punched Esmeralda in the chin, nearly knocking her out and causing her head to ache. “You’ll never get out of here alive!” he yelled.

He moved to strike her down. Her eyes darted over to the knife on the ground. “If you hurt my baby, Hastur will kill you!” she cried out. This caused the guard to hesitate. As he did, Es dived for the knife. She turned to stab him, and gasped when she succeeded in doing so… directly into his throat.

Esmeralda held her hand over her mouth and teared up as he gurgled and dropped to the ground. Horrified by her own actions but now desperate to leave, she reluctantly pulled the knife from his throat and made a run for it.

What she didn’t notice was the yellow mark appearing on the back of her neck, or Hastur appearing over the dead guard. “The first sin of blood, the blood of the enemy. That went quite nicely. Thank you, my loyal minion.”

Esmeralda rushed down the hall in the direction she thought the main door out might e. She was just starting to wonder how she was getting so far without running into anymore cultist when another jumped in her path, his face hidden under his hood. “D-die!” he yelled, rushed her with another knife.

Esmeralda screeched, holding out her own knife. To her shock, the man made no attempt to block, and the knife was driven into his chest. As he fell back, Es looked into his hood, and saw his youthful face, no more then sixteen. “Why… w-why did you… just let me do that?” she asked, leaning down to try and heal him.

He pushed her hands away. “Now my… family will be safe. But you… must not stop. Please… keeping… r-run…”

As the life faded, Es burst into tears. Was this boy innocent. What kind of game was Hastur playing with people’s lives. She shook her head. She couldn’t stop now. The main door was just ahead. She grabbed the knife the boy had been using and ran for it. Hastur appeared where she had been. “The sin of innocent’s blood. Only one left.”

Out in the courtyard, one more guard stood in Esmeralda’s way. “I don’t want to kill anyone else!” she cried out desperately.

“No one will stand in my way,” the cloaked man said, his tone making it sound like he was talking to someone else entirely. When he attacked, he was playing for keeps. He swung his sword left and right, up and down. If it hadn’t been for Kva and Charter’s training, Es would have been dead in seconds. Still, it was all she could do to defend, using her wind magic for quick bursts of speed to dodge. This man wasn’t some innocent boy sacrificing himself, and he looked to be fighting to kill.

Esmeralda fell back, the knife falling to the side. The man stood over her, and prepared to strike her down. He hesitated though, gasping loudly. “Y-you…”

Es had no choice. She used her limited psychic reach to pull the knife into her hand and jumped forward with a desperate scream, plunging the knife into the man’s gut. As she fell on top of him, his hood fell off, and she cried out in horror. “Diamante!” It was her brother! “Why… h-how are… no!”

The Elf coughed up a mouthful of blood, covering his mouth briefly. “I was… transported here… somehow. Didn’t care how. Just wanted to save you.” He looked into her eyes with a tired look. “You looked like… a-a cultist. I would never attack you… h-had I known.”

“I know. Please…” She held her hands over his wound, but nothing was happening. Where was her light magic?! “I’m sorry! Oh gods, I can’t… don’t leave me, brother…”

“Not… your… f… fault… love… you…” Diamante’s eyes slowly closed, and his body went limp.

Esmeralda screamed in anguish, but had little time to grieve. “The final blood sin,” Hastur said behind her, his symbol fully forming on the back of her neck. “The sin of kin’s blood.” Esmeralda screamed demonically, as the curse Hastur had been slowly casting on her, combined with the chemicals in her food, took holding. A dark light formed around her, lifting her into the air. She cried out in pain, in sadness, in anger, and finally, in a burst of energy, the transformation was complete. Panting softly, she slowly turned to Hastur. Her skin tone now matched her brother’s, her hair was black as ash. She knelt before Hastur and bowed her head.

“What do you wish of me, master?” she asked. “Do you really intend on eating my child?”

“Eating your child?” Hastur laughed. “Don’t be silly. Your child is the key. The key to bringing my father into this world… and bringing Terra to its knees.”

Es stood up, and looked back at the body on the ground. “Clean this mess up,” she barked to one of the cultists before walking back into the castle with her master.


Throwing Diamante onto a pile of corpses and bones some distance from the castle, the cultist looked at the knife in his gut. “No use wasting this,” he said, and pulled it out. The pain made the Elf’s eyes shoot open, and the cultist gasped and backed away. “You’re alive. But I checked! You were definitely…”

With a primal yell, Diamante tackled the cultist, ignoring the blood he was losing as he took the knife from his and stabbed the stranger over and over and over again. By the time he was done, the man’s face was unrecognizable, the tip of the knife broken off in his forehead.

His anger spent, Diamante quickly dressed his wound. The fake death pill he had planned to use on Esmeralda had done its job for him, and Esmeralda had missed his vital organs. But now he had to survive. Survive climbing down an incredibly large mountain covered in snow, with all but his undergarments gone, his only supplies what being what the dead cultist had on him and a broken knife.

As he watched a pack of hungry wolves come for their next meal, he finished his makeshift bandage and readied his knife, the largest of the wolf eyeing him up. Diamante gave a half-crazed smile. “Bring it on, pup.”


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ZombieSplitter53 and ExoGrim
A Small Light

The night sky was clear with stars filling the void of darkness that was the beyond. A few clouds drifted by, but none seems to block the moon in all of it's glory. The beauty that was the night... so elegant, so inviting, but yet so mysterious. So many parts of the sky were unanswered, unsolved. It was almost like magic... but even magic could be explained.

Mina stared up at that sky sadly. She wondered if her lost librarian, her lost family, had a view of these stars. If she was even still alive.

One of the stars gleamed brighter for a brief second and then a streak of light zoomed passed it. the streak kept moving through the night sky... seeming to get brighter and brighter as it traveled. The light was beautiful and elegant, just like the sky it inhibited. However, as the streak got closer, it was no longer a distant light in the sky, but rather a bright orb of energy slowly falling into the nearby forest.

"Hmm..." On a whim, Mina decided to check it out. She quickly jumped on a horse and took off towards the forest, keeping the light in sight until she was in the forest.

The light shined through the trees before suddenly going dark... the energy being gone from sight.

Mina tied off her horse and slowly walked ahead. With her plump belly, she was in no condition to fight, but she wouldn't have to with her Judge drawn assuming she could sneak up on any foe. Naturally, she hoped that wouldn't be a problem.

After a few seconds of walking, she came across a small crater with a small light emanating from within it.

"A... meteor?" She chuckled. "Perhaps a gift from the gods." She slowly approached the crater, still cautious.

Laying within the crater was a young girl. She looked no older then eight years in age... her blonde hair still seeming to glow as she rested on the earthen material around her. She wore a long white dress, matching her almost colorless skin. Whether she was unconscious, or merely asleep, was unclear. But one thing was clear, she was alive and looked like any normal human.

"Why am I reminded of the first time I met Aemilia," Mina whispered, reluctantly holstering her gun and sliding down to the girl. "Hello?" She lightly shook her.

The girl didn't seem to move in reaction to the movement. Her soft breathing and curled body showed her in a very innocent way as she laid almost motionless in the crater. After a few moments, her glowing hair dimmed, no longer illuminating the darkness.

"Hmm..." Mina sighed and walked back up the crater. She returned to the lip with her horse and slid back down, and gently placed her hands under the girl, seeing if she reacted to being lifted.

A jolt shot through Mina's fingers when she attempted to pick up the child. The girl's eyes opened slowly, fluttering almost. Her vision set on the woman before her and terror filled her face. Without any warning, the girl turned into a ball of light and darted behind on the many trees, her glowing hair making it harder to hide then she had thought.

Mina cursed softly, opening and closing her hand to try and regain feeling in it. "Wait!" she called out. "I won't hurt you! Are you okay?"

The girl peeked slowly out from the tree. Her eyes were an glimmering blue, innocent looking and still filled with fear. She seemed to calm down within a few seconds however, forming into the ball of light once more to zooming back to the ground. "A-are you... Mina?" The girl asked shyly... touching her pointer fingers together as she spoke.

"That's right." Mina crouched down, making herself look smaller and less intimidating. "How do you know me? What... is your name?"

"I'm Spark..." The girl answered, lowering her eyes. "Mama said you needed help."

"I see. And who is your mother? Are you a demi-goddess?"

"Mama is... different." Spark explained, seeming to have issues finding the right words. "She... is special. Mama's not a goddess, but... they trust her."

"Do they? That is good." Mina stepped forward. "What is her name? Why does she want you to help me?"

"Mama doesn't have... a name." The young girl told Mina. "She told me you needed help and that I was going to meet you."

Mina nodded and held out her hand. "Come here, Spark. If she trusts me, you can too, right?"

Spark approached the maiden nervously. "I... guess..."

Mina kept her hand extended, patiently waiting for the girl to come over. "Tell me how you are meant to help me."

"She said you needed fighters... and that their were bad, bad people going after you..." Spark got ever closer to the guildleader.

"Do I know your mother?" Mina asked. "How does she know me? Why does she want to help me?"

"I don't... know..." The young girl replied with cheeks flushed with embarrassment. "Mama never told me..."

"Okay, okay." Mina stood up. "How about we head... to your new home?"

"Okay... but, ummm, I need to talk to a person named Starstorm first..." Spark stated as she stopped in front of Mina. "I've only existed for a Terran week and Mama told me that she could help me figure out what I can do to help."

Mina nodded. "Oh, that won't be a problem. She is our head witch and scientist, and I am sure she would be eager to meet you."

Sparked smiled lightly as her cheeks turned red once more. "Really?"

"Oh, yes. She would find you quite interesting." Mina looked back. "Ever ride on a horse before?"

"No..." The strange girl admitted.

"I'll ride with you. Come, dear." Mina reached for her hand.

Spark took a deep breath before giving the guildmaster her hand. Her head leaned to the side, looking at the creature behind Mina. "Is that... a horse?"

"It is. His name is Patrick. He is as loyal a steed as you will ever find. Come." Mina started leading Spark up the crater.

The child seemed to walk up the slope of the crater without any issue. Her eyes set curiously at the horse. "Do we sit on his back?"

"We do." Mina lifted the girl up, placing her in front of the saddle and climbing up herself. "Comfortable enough?"

"Ummmm... yeah..." The child said nervously.

"Then let's be off." Mina started back for the manor, going slow at first. "Hang tight. You don't want to fall... Spark, right?"

"Yeah..." Spark muttered quietly.


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A Small Light
Part 2

They were soon back at the manor, where Mina brought the horse to the stables. The pair walked inside and headed for the basement. "What do you think of my home?"

"It's... dark..." The young girl remarked as she followed Lady Havenbrook.

"Oh, I'm sorry. It is late. You'll like it when it is daytime." Mina knocked on the door to the lab. "Nervous?"

"Ummm... yeah..." Spark admitted. "There's so much... I don't know. It's scary being without Mama."

Erin opened the door, and looked down at the strange child. "Hmm... interesting. I mean... mine name is Erin. Who are you, child?"

The girl looked up at Mina then back at the ground. "My... name is Spark. Are you Starstorm by chance?"

"I am Erin Starstorm, yes. Do you know me, dear?"

"No... but Mama does..." Spark remarked quietly.

"I see..." Erin knelt down a bit so they were at eye level. "So, deary... would you mind a test or two so we can know more about you?"

"Yeah... I would be okay with that."

"Come on in." Erin led her inside an began to gather her instruments. "I'm going to need to take a little bit of blood. Is that okay, Spark?"

"Whatever you need..." The small girl answered.

Erin took her time with the teats, looking at her blood, tissue, and magic among other things. It took a couple hours for ger to be satisfied.

The girls tissue seemed rather delicate... almost like it's creation was rushed. Her blood, however, was the interesting part of the child. Instead of being crimson red, the sample came out as a glowing, vibrant yellow. It looked alive as it remained in the vial. It felt alive. The vial of blood became increasingly warm... almost to the point of being too hot to touch. Whatever Spark was made out of, it was a powerful, but unstable force.

"You are an interesting... um, child," Erin said, placing the vial on a shelf. "Who did you say your mother was again?"

"She doesn't have a name..." Spark explained to the Thrope. "But she knows you very well."

"I see. How... cryptic. And you say you are here to help us? What exactly can you do if you don't mind my asking?"

"I'm... not sure." Sparked looked at the ground beneath her in shame. "Mama wasn't very clear on what I can do."

"Wanna go test it out?" Mina asked. "See if you have... like, electrical magic?"

"Ummm... sure." The young girl replied, though not quite sure what the Guildleader had planned.

She was led to the outside training area, magic lanterns illuminating it. "Now, you see that training dummy?" Mina asked. "Why not try hitting it with a spell?"

Spark looked up at Mina innocently. "What's a... spell?"

Mina scratched her head. "A spell is a projection of magic, a... special power that comes from within you. Given your... nature, and the way you arrived, I figured you magic might be electric based."

"Okay... I can try..." Spark said hesitantly as she turned to the dummy. She closed her eyes and focused on the energy given to her by her mother. It was apart of her... it was her. The magic began to flow through her body, creating an aura around the child. After a moment, Spark opened her eyes and pulled her arm back. A ball of energy swiftly formed in her small palm... one radiating with power. Within seconds, the young girl sent her arm forward, unleashing a massive wave of light energy. The wave incinerated the training dummy almost instantly... leaving only a pile of ash behind. When the magic faded, Spark panted with great exhaustion.

"Whoa..." Erin crossed her arms, impressed. "How old did you say you were again?"

The child's glowing hair started to flicker as she continued panting. When the light faded completely, Spark fell to the ground and lost consciousness.

"Hmm..." Erin nodded to Mina. "I will continue my tests."

Mina nodded back and picked up the child. "Come on. Let's find you a nice, comfy bed to rest in."


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In Your Dreams
Part One

Mags laid down in her bed, the news of Her Friend's capture weighing heavily on her mind. They had no idea where she was, and the fact it was an old one means they could be anywhere on Terra right now.

As Magdalene drifted off to sleep, she awoke in what she knew instantly was a dream, sitting in the library, laughing and talking with her friend. She made the most of it, trying to push the fact that it was all fake out of her mind for the moment.

"You know, you seem to be simply glowing lately," Esmeralda said, pulling a pot of tea out of a book and pouring it for Mags. "Is there, perhaps, a special someone in your life again?"

Mags smiled sadly, "Yeah... You'd be surprised who though..."

"I would?" Esmeralda scratched her cheek. "Let me guess... it is someone strong... someone famous... aaaaaand... I bet it's a girl."

"Wow. Right on all three." Mags chuckled. "It's Methos. She's the sweetest..."

Methos giggled, sitting next to her. "So are you."

Esmeralda poured Methos a cup like she had bee there the whole time. "You two make a cute couple."

"Thanks." The goddess took a ginger sip. "So who is your friend, dear? She looks familiar."

"Methos... She's Esmeralda... She worked in the library..." Mags would've normally been overjoyed to see the Goddess, but had a hard time keeping her mind off of her friend.

Esmeralda body flickered and distorted for a few seconds. Methos looked concerned. "What has happened to her? You said 'worked' in the library..."

"She was taken..." Mags quickly looked over into her Lover's eyes, her gaze serious and full of fear. "She was taken by an Old One! By Hastur!"

Methos' eyes widened in pure fear. She got up from the table and stepped away, shaking slightly and breathing heavily.

"I can't let him keep her... But... what can I do...? I've come so far and yet I'm still helpless! I'm back where I was as a kid, just on a bigger scale!" Magdalene clutched her head in her hands. "They could be anywhere in the world too..."

Methos was silent for the longest time before saying, "Anywhere in the world... h-hard for you to find out there... but not in here..."

"You're right... But... How do we fight him?" The Farm girl stood up, walking over to Methos and placing her hands on her stomach. "We'd have to... Gather some kind of... Divine army... Get as many gods willing to help us as we can... Or we could... Find out why he wants her... If we can do that, maybe we can find a way to make her worthless to him..."

Methos nodded, and finally turned back. "First thing to do is to find out where she is. I... don't like the idea of getting as close to him as being in the dreams of someone in his presence... but I won't let you down."

"N-No!" Mags exclaimed. "I want to go with you. If it's dangerous then I can't let you go alone."

"But you'll be in danger!" Methos shook her head. "What if... something happens?"

"What if something happens to you...?" The Sheep hugged her. "My love..."

Methos sighed, and closed her eyes. "Very well. But if I tell you to run, you run, okay?"

"Alright... But only if you run with me..." Mags stood on the tips of her toes, kissing her lightly.

Methos kissed her back, and opened a portal out of the dream. Floating above it, she pointed towards the distance. "I have secluded the dreams of any who have the aura of being near an old one. It is my intent to avoid them, ut this will also significantly limit where we have to search. It should not take long at all, assuming she is asleep."

"Well... It is the middle of the night. She should be... Unless they're... Torturing her..." Mags shook her head, trying to put the thought out of her mind.

"Come on... let's hurry." Methos took her hand and they floated along until they came to a darker section of the dreamscape. "What kind of dreams might she have? Knowing will make it easier to find."

"Uhm... She has a Fiance named Charter, she'll probably be dreaming about him!" Mags quickly replied.

After a bit longer, Methos looked even more worried. "I think I found her, but... that can't be right..."

"W-What is it?" The Bard asked, her face sharing the concern.

"There are... multiple... is she with child?"

Mags nodded slowly. "She is... Is the baby... Dreaming?"

"I believe so. Come..." Methos flew them over to a pink bubble among a group of black ones. "Want to practice opening a way in like I showed you?"

Mags stepped up to the bubble carefully, taking her hands and pushing them in, pulling them apart to open up the way inside. "How was that?"

Methos smiled happily. "That was excellent. You have a real... knack..." She trailed off as she stared ahead. Before them was a short hallway with three doors. The one opposite was plain white, while the ones on the left and right were more decorated. One was yellow and pink with books, flowers, and decorations on it, while the was black and purple, an ominous yellow glow in the center.

"What is this...?" The goddess examined the three doors. "I sensed three dreams. I thought... perhaps it was because she was having twins, but..." She pointed to the left and right. "These seem to both be of a grown, matured mind."

"I... Don't like that purple one... The Book One seems like it would be Es', the one we are looking for..." Mags considered briefly. "And I guess the white one is the baby? Since there is not much to it... But the purple one... Do You think... It's...?"

Methos shook her head. "I don't know what to think..." She looked back. "I guess... we should investigate the nice looking one. Unless you would rather check the black door."

"Um... No thank you..." Mags said, walking over to the door with the books and pressing her hand against it.

The door was warm to the touch, and pushed open with ease. No locks, no latches, an open mind. Inside was a house, warm and cozy. The smell of fresh bread was in the air, and traditional Lustanian music played in the air.

Down the hall, in the living room and adjoining dinning room, was a group of people, mostly Elves and Light Elves. Mags recognized Safria, and guessed the rest were also Es' family. An Elf in in twenties or thirties sat at the table with Charter, locked in an arm wrestling competition.

"You're here!" Esmeralda came up to Mags from behind, ushering her forward to watch with the rest. "They have been like this for at least five minutes! Neither budging."

"Equal in strength," Safria commented from the couch. "Equal in stubbornness." She took a long drag from a hookah, the smoke she blew out taking the form of multi color butterflies that fluttered away.

"Hi Es..." Maggie said, smiling lightly as she knew that this was the real one and not a product of her imagination. "This is Methos. We came to see how you were doing."

"Methos?" Es gasped. "You brought a goddess to the party and didn't tell me ahead of time to prepare?"

Methos smiled sheepishly. "Please, I need no special treatment. You have such a pleasant home. It makes for a good happy place."

"Yup! Whenever I am down, I just think of home." Es nudged her head over to Charter. "With a new addition. You two want tea? Cake? I... have some fresh fruit from the market."

"Um... Sure..." Mags said, her eyes darting past for a second. "Have you noticed anything... Weird lately... In here?"

"Wierd? Weird how?" Past Es, everyone's face distorted for a fraction of a second. "I have a new neighbor, but haven't met them."

"Esmeralda, dear... where are you?" Methos asked. "We need to find you?"

Es looked around. "I'm home. One of my homes. The other is the Manor of course."

"This neighbor... Where does he live...?" The Sheep asked, feeling uncomfortable all of a sudden.

Esmeralda pointed towards the door. "Across the street. I... don't know if it is a him, though. I've never met them. They never come out of their house."

"No... I mean... Where does it go? Have you ever been inside?" Mags asked, cautiously eyeing the door.

Esmeralda shook her head. "No. I... have never had the nerve to go near it. I don't think they're friendly..."

"Me neither..." Mags looked at Methos. "Any ideas? Do you think we'll have to disrupt her dream?"

She nodded. "We'll have to make you aware if we want to find out where she is. Otherwise, she'll just think she is in her home."

"Esmeralda. My Friend." Mags stepped forward. "You are dreaming right now... Somewhere far away from us... I think... Do you remember?"

Esmeralda blinked, then started to shake. "No... no!" She collapsed onto her knees, holding her head. "Stop! Let me... have my peace, please!" All around her, her family warped and distorted.

Mags knelt down quickly hugging her. "It's okay! It's okay... It's Mags. We're real. I'm real. Your friend is here for you..."

Esmeralda looked up at her. "Please, I... how is Charter? Is he okay? And Elma, and my sister? Were they hurt?"

"They are fine. Though... Very worried. I don't think I've even seen Charter sleep since..." The Dreamwalker explained calmly. "Es... Do you know at all where you are?"

"No... but..." Esmeralda thought on it. "Hastur! He said... he said I would die from the elements if I left, and the air is so thin. It is always so cold."

"The mountains," Methos said. "She must be really high up. There is a lot of space to cover, but it does narrow it down quite a bit."

"That'll take a lot of time and people to search, especially if the air is so thin." Mags considered out loud for a moment. She looked Es in the eyes. "How... is he treating you?"

Esmeralda sat back. "Well, I... it's strange. He treats me well. Pampers me almost. Good food, a nice room. He keeps the others away from me. But he speaks of some plan he has for me. Never says what it is though. It worries me..."

"That... Almost worries me more than if he was just treating you bad..." Mags raised a fist up to her chin.
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In Your Dreams
Part Two

"What do you think he wants with me?" Es asked. "All I know is... it has something to do with being pure."

Mags thought for a second before looking back. "Methos... You would probably know more about this, right?"

Unfortunately, the goddess shook her head. "There are any number of reasons he could need a pure soul, including a sacrifice of some sort. It could also have something to do with her being pregnant. Or it could all be a game to Hastur. The only way to find out more is to.... probe more of Esmeralda's dream." She looked towards the door. "All of it."

Mags gulped, looking over at Esmeralda. "Es... We are going to go in there, try to find out what is happening..."

The kidnapped woman slowly nodded. "Please be careful. Don't... don't get hurt on my account."

"We'll do everything we can..." Mags hugged her one more time.

Es squeezed her back then stepped away. Methos placed her hands on Mags' shoulders. "Come. Let's allow her to enjoy her dream." The pair stepped out of Esmeralda's dream and back into the hall. Methos reached for the other door, but hesitated. "What is... I have seen many locks on the door to one's heart... but never one on the outside of the door." She slowly unlatched it. "We must be sure to lock it again, depending on what we find of course."

Mags took a deep breath. "Alright... I'm ready..."

Methos slowly pushed the door open. Within was a mirrored version of the home they had seen in the other room. This one, however, was dark, dinghy, bleek, and empty.

Empty, that is, except for a figure in a cage taking up the living room. It was too dark to make out exact details, but it looked to be an Elf, with a dark complexion and long, black hair. "Company?" Why was the voice so familiar. "Come to free me?"

"Who... Are you?" Magdalene asked cautiously.

"Mags... i-it's me..." The woman stepped forward. Save for the complexion and hair, she was an exact copy of Esmeralda. "Please let me out. I've been trapped in here for so long."

"No... No you're not... The one in the other door was Esmeralda... You're just... Some kind of Shadow..." The Sheep stepped back.

"You're not even... going to entertain the thought that I might be the real one? Even a little? Bah!" The dark Esmeralda sat down. "You're no fun. What do you want anyway, Mags?"

"I... I don't even know what you are? Could she be... Like Morghana?" The Havenbrook Hunter turned to check in with her Lover again.

Methos opened her mouth to speak, but the dark being said, "You know, it is very rude to talk about someone when they are right in front of you. Why not ask me what I am?"

Mags looked back and forth. "I... Kind of did... Well, okay, what are you then?"

The woman reached out and tapped over Mags' heart. "We all have light and darkness inside us. Some, like Esmeralda, have almost all light. So much so that the darkness is almost nonexistant. But it is still there, small as it may be." She stepped back and did an exaggerated bow. "That's me! But I'm not small anymore. Lord Hastur saw to that. And I am growing stronger and stronger every day."

"So what... Is his plan to... Turn you to his side!?" Magdalene stepped forward, "I won't let him do that..."

Suddenly, some strange dark laughter could be heard all around them, echoing eerily in the shadow.

"Ooooo! Spooky scary!" Dark Esmeralda laughed. "Best run away, little sheep."

"Yes little sheep... Little Magdalene... " A figure in a long green robe stepped up behind them, long tendrils with glowing tips falling from the hood as it spoke etherially. "And if it isn't the Goddess of Dreams herself..."

"No..." Methos took a step back. She should have known they were watching Esmeralda's dreams. "I-if it isn't one of Hastur's little puppet creatures. Still making life miserable for everyone around you, Xelitha'qha?"

"What can I say? It's in our nature. But, you and the other gods fixed that, didn't they?" She chuckled, taking a step closer. "Genocide is the most permanent solution, isn't it?"

"Who are you? How do you know my name?" The Bard clenched a fist.

"Esmeralda's memories of course, I've been sifting through them and you and your powers came up a lot... I was expecting you to try something like this... Eventually..." Xelia shrugged, "I guess if it works the first two times... Why not try it again?"

"Hey, Xelia?" Dark Esmeralda reached out of her cage. "Your boss gonna get me outta here soon? I want to spread some misery myself. I'm tired of sharing a room with miss perfect. I wanna be in charge already."

"Patience my child. It'll happen." The Old one creation looked over, an affectionate tone in her voice. "Isn't she just the sweetest? I feel almost like a Mother."

Methos snared. "We know what you're up to now. And we have a clue as to where you are. Whatever you're up to, we'll stop you."

"But finding us isn't the problem, is it? How will one of the weakest, most pathetic gods stand up against my Master?" Xelitha'qha asked, belittling her.

"Don't speak her to that way!" Mags defended.

"Oh... I'm sorry..." She replied sarcastically. "I bet even I could match you now Methos... While you have stagnated, I have only grown more powerful..."

Methos lowered her gaze. That was a possibility. "I don't... I don't care. I'd take you on anyway... if it meant stopping whatever Hastur has planned."

"Then you must just be plain suicidal then... Makes sense, it was probably going to happen eventually... considering what happened to girl you liked centuries ago..." Xelia prodded the Goddess.

Methos practically growled, and the room shook violently. "Hold your tongue, wench. You may have grown stronger, but this is still my realm! Would you like me to show you what pains I can cause even one such as you?!"

"This is my sphere too... The Mind..." Xelia pulled off her hood, revealing many cloth bandages over where her eyes would be, some kind of green light shining though them.

"Allow me to start." Xelitha'qha quickly locked her gaze on Mags, delivering a massive mental blast directly into her head, causing her to fly backwards.

"You will direct your attacks at me! Leave her out of this!" Methos held out her arms. Half a dozen knights formed around Xelia, stabbing swords into her. The swords weren't real but the pain was.

Her form dissipated, revealing a illusion of her own as the Eldritch entity formed behind her, sending a psychic blast towards the God this time. "Good Effort Goddess!"

Methos bounced of the cage but was quickly on her feet again, sending dozens of blasts of her own out. "Die, witch!"

She quickly shielded her mind, but the blasts quickly cracked it and broke though, hitting her with a Savage headache. "Not bad... That actually went through.. but how's this?"

Xelia formed a green, helix like Lance of psychic energy, shooting it towards Methos' head in an attempt to drive her at least partially mad.

Methos formed her own pair of glowing orange cutlasses. "Sure you want to do this? Even if you win, you risk shattering Esmeralda's mind during our fight."

"A Game of Chicken then?" Xelia vanished, suddenly appearing behind Methos. "I'll oblige..."

Methos vanished herself, reappearing in the same spot but turned around. She swung her swords overhead.

Suddenly, the familiar inky black body of a Nightgaunt appeared, taking the full force of the Attack and falling to the ground, it's form slowly dissipating as Xelia seemed distraught, quickly kneeling down beside him.

Methos did the same. "Are you okay?!" she asked frantically. "Why did you do that?!"

The image of Xelia in front of her quickly distorted and fizzled out, revealing Magdalene. "M-Methos..."

"I figured out there was something protecting her... Explains why I couldn't enter the dream earlier and why my blast didn't subdue her..." Xelitha'qha chuckled, standing exactly where she had been before. "You and your precious Nightgaunts... So mindlessly loyal..."

"You!" Methos snared angrily. "You were having us fight each other this whole time?!"

"Of course. A few tricky manipulations here and there. Although, you were fighting me a little, don't feel too bad..." She snarked, stepping closer.

Methos held out her hand. "Enough. We are leaving. And you're not going to stop us, got it?"

"Why would I? Just don't come back, or I'll make sure to feast on all that delicious love she has for you..." Xelia pointed at the sheep. "Oh... And you better hurry up. Don't want your little Mortal to fall into a Coma again..."

Suddenly, as if on cue, Magdalene began to have a hard time keeping her eyes open. "M-Methos... She's right... I... I've never... Felt him this weak..."

Methos sent a threatening look at her enemy briefly before grabbing both the Thrope and the Nightgaunt. Forming a bubble around them, the trio floated up and out until they were out of the dream and flying to a safer part of the dreamscape. "Are you two okay?"

"I... Am losing power... Fast..." Baphomet struggled to say.

"I... I don't feel so good..." Magdalene huffed, feeling extremely weak as well. "Methos... Please... Save Baphomet..."

"Of course." Methos stopped and held her hand over the Nightgaunt. Pure energy flowed between them, the goddess doing everything in her power to heal his wounds.

Baphomet quickly recovered his energy, but still faded back into Magdalene's mind to recover further. The Bard stood up slowly, wrapping her arms around the Goddess's waist as her own energy returned as well.

Methos closed her eyes and sighed. "We got the information we came for... but that was far too close. I am sorry you were put in such danger. I should have seen through the illusion."

"I should've seen through it too... I... I should've listened to you and not fought... But... She made herself look like you..." Mags admitted, slightly cursing herself.

Methos hugged her tightly. "It's okay. You... you should probably rest up, love. You've been through a lot."
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In Your Dreams
Part Three

"Okay, will you... Stay with me... For a while?" Maggie kissed her neck lightly.

Methos smiled softly. "I'll stay for as long as you need me."


Back in Hastur's castle, Esmeralda stirred in her bed, slowly opening her eyes. "Was it all a dream?" she asked out loud as she sat up. "It felt... so real."

Xelia meanwhile stood outside the door, a subtle aura affecting Esmeralda as the Eldritch spawn quickly removed any memory of her meeting with Magdalene and Methos from the Light Elf's mind.

As soon as she was finished, she turned the corner, a tray complete with cups of tea and a stack of brand new books in her arms. "Good morning, Esmeralda..."

Es looked over, sulking her head a bit. She still wasn't used to the being before her. "Good... good morning, Xelia. How... are you?"

"I am wonderful, how are you?" She replied happily, setting the tray down. "Care for some tea?"

Esmeralda nodded, and climbed out of bed. "I'm... okay. I had a nice dream..."

"What was it about?" Xelia nodded before replying, picking up the new books and putting them on the table.

Esmeralda looked them over. Even in her state, she couldn't help but be giddy about them. "I was at home with Charter and my family. Some other friends were there too, but I can't remember who."

"Having a family like that does sound nice." She sighed, shrugging. "I brought you some brand new books too... All recent releases."

"I see, thank you." Esmeralda lowered her head. "But... why? Why are you so nice to me? What do you want from me?"

"Don't know yet honestly. But Lord Hastur is paying you the utmost respect So I will too, of course." Xelia sat down, pulling off her hood to reveal her tendrils and her wrapped up face. "I hope I'm not too scary for you. I was hoping we might be able to get to know each other some."

Esmeralda slowly sat down, and smiled softly. "That... might be nice. I don't care what people look like, as long as inside their... ahem..."

"There used to be many more like me, but now there are only three of us left. It gets pretty lonely, being one of the last of your kind." Xelitha'qha spoke, taking a cup of tea and moving up and under her tendrils to drink it.

Esmeralda nodded and took her own cup. "Well, please... tell me all about your people."

"We are called Illithid, we were a proud people with types and races as varied and diverse as all of yours. There were many of us during what you would call the 'Age of Darkness', spanning the entire continent. My people are Hermaphrodites, we can act as both Male and Female, some even switch regularly. We spawn our larvae into pools to be raised by an Elder, which our children will die unless under the care of..." She explained simply.

"But the Gods decided we were not fit for their new world, so they exterminated us as well as killing all of our Elders, making it so our children could no longer survive to adulthood. Luckily, I was saved by Lord Hastur, the only reason I was spared is that I was under his protection at the time, my other siblings were spared in a similar way..."

"Oh..." Esmeralda lowered her head. "I'm really sorry. The gods... especially the older ones can be so cruel..."

"We were also the original practitioners of Psychic Abilities, a skill that is almost lost in this age. It's a shame because such abilities could be mastered and unlocked by anyone with sufficient time and willpower." Xelia stated sadly, showing it off by effortlessly levitating her cup.

"Could you... teach me maybe?" Esmeralda asked. "I'm always willing to learn something new."

"Really?" The Illithid seemed surprised, but intrigued. "It would take quite a bit of effort, and it certainly wouldn't be easy."

Esmeralda smiled. "I'd be one of the few Light Elves in the world who could do it. Sounds cool to me. Plus you said you wanted us to get closer, right?"

Xelia briefly considered before nodding. "Very well then. You shall be my apprentice..."

Esmeralda's smile widened a bit. "Good. Who know? Maybe... we'll become good friends... maybe?"

"Speaking of... I have done a little research on your guild... Isn't one of your friends a Dreamwalker?" She asked curiously.

"You mean Mags?" Esmeralda nodded. "She is supposedly best friends with the Goddess of Dreams. I bet they're even closer."

"The Goddess of Dreams watched, as she always does, while my people were murdered." Xelia sighed. "If she can travel dreams I'm surprised she hasn't tried to contact you yet..."

Esmeralda frowned and scratched her head. "That's... true." She lowered her head. "It really is strange..."

"Well, I'm here for you Student." Xelitha'qha placed a hand gently on her shoulder. "With anything you need."

Es nodded. "Thank you... teacher."


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Opportunity by the Throat

The hallway remained empty... most of the scientist working on various projects. A large, brutish man walked through one of the many sets of doors... one labeled "Prisoner's Bay." He rotated his arm as he continued to his destination. Stopping at the door label "Energy Conduit," the man leaned against the wall next to the entrance. A rather small Elven man walked out of the door moments later. He turned to the brutish man and said. "Good to see you on time for once, Gravic."

"Oh shut it Doc." The larger man remarked. "You know that time does matter in this place."

The Doc chuckled. "Guess you have a point there. Anyway, there is a more important matter. We have managed to get our hands on a replacement lab tech."

"Really?" Gravic raised an eyebrow at the Elf. "What do you intend to do with her then?"

"She will remained in captivity until we get what we're looking for. It's more important that our new recruit get situated and prepared for the job."

"Hello. Talking about me, I take it?" A Light Elf with a river of Bluish White hair walked towards them. "I'm Tess..."

The Doc readjusted his glasses as the Light Elf approached. "Good... we've been waiting for you, Tess. I am known as The Doctor around here... but you can just call me Doc. This here is Gravic. He will act as your bodyguard continuing through your time in this facility."

Gravic merely stood quietly as the small Elf explained everything.

"So... What exactly is this 'Opportunity' you promised me?" The Light Elf crossed her arms, the Bags under her eyes apparent.

"Straight to the point I see." The Doc smirked as he beckoned her to follow him. "We discovered a mass of energy recently. This energy is nothing like any we've seen before... it's stronger... it's very existence was magic. The point in this facility is too harness this energy so that we could use it to end all war in Terra Dolar. Unfortunately, the Counsel doesn't share are enthusiasm, whence why we must work in secret. My apologies if there was someone important to you that you had to leave... but I'm certain once we gain control over this great power, you can reunite with them."

"No. I don't have anyone." She shook her head. "So, where was this Energy Source discovered?"

"Right here." The Elven man answered. "We built this facility around where it feeds it's power into the very earth around us. We have reason to believe it's a conduit of some kind... a channel of raw magic."

"Alright... But, what is it exactly?" Tess asked for clarification.

"We're not sure yet." The Doctor admitted. "It's rather powerful... some of our leads are even believing it's sentient in some way. No of these claims have been proven however... as it's mostly wide spread speculations."

"Am I allowed to see it? Or is that above my pay grade?" She continued asking as she walked, examining her surroundings.

"I would show the stream to you, but then you would go blind in an instant." The Doc remarked with a chuckle. "The energies that are emitted from the mass are quite damaging to the eyes."

"Alright then... What's the deal with this girl I'm replacing? I might be a little concerned if I found out she died or something similar..." The Light Elf put a hand on her hip.

"She's not dead, just in our prison until she explains herself and rejoins our cause."

"Heh... What'd she do?" Tess chuckled lightly.

"She attack us during one of our tests and destroyed many of our most invaluable pieces of equipment." The Elf explained. "It was almost like she changed in some way... snapped somehow."

Tess shuttered slightly. "And you sure this... Whatever it is... Didn't cause it?"

"Not sure... for all we know she found something that drove her insane." The Doc explained, readjusting his glasses once more.

"And I hope you've been looking into this, right?" She stared them down incredulously.

"Yes, this is a research facility... do remember that." Doc returned the glare. "If a problem is brought up, we will not rest until it has be solved."

"So. Let's go it the point. What am I doing here exactly?" Tess asked plainly.

"You are here to fix, build and create any tech you seem useful to our research. All of are machinery is yours to manage and manipulate as you see fit. All I ask is that you keep your hands off of anything involving security... that is Gravic's job, not ours."

"No regulations... That's why I came here..." She smiled wickedly.

"We don't see the need in keeping someone from carrying out there work efficiently. As long as it can operate, you can do what you will to it." Doc returned the wicked grin.

"Good. When do I get started?" She stopped and turned on her heels.

"When ever you like." The Elf remarked.

"Alright... Where is my work station then?" She looked around briefly.

"Right here." The Doc stopped in front of a door labeled "Technology and Engineering." "This will serve as your main base of operation... though do keep in mind that you will be needed in other parts of the facility as applicable."

"Sounds good... Happy to work with you..." The woman bowed lightly.

"It'll be a pleasure to work with you as well." The Elvish man cleared his throat. "Now then, anything else you'd like to know?"

"Pay?" She said simply, smiling at them.

The Doctor chuckled lightly. "You will get your payment in due time. For now, this facility has the supplies for living conditions."

"Then I would like to see my room." Tess nodded.

"I'm sure Gravic can handle that." Doc looked at his bodyguard with a small smirk. "In the meantime, I have other business to attend to."

Gravic merely grunted and said. "Follow me."

"Very well." The Light Elf followed behind him quietly.

Gravic remained quiet as they made their way through the many walls of the facility. It was rarely noticeable, but every step the man made had great weight to it.

"Don't talk much, do you?" She said off handedly, not expecting a response.

"I'm don't have many reasons to speak." The brutish man remarked. "My fist have done most of the talking."

"Ah... I see." She chuckled, continuing to follow him.

Gravic stopped in front of a small door. "This will be your living quarters for the time being."

"Thank you my Good Man. Have a nice day..." She gave a small wave.


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Loving Memories, Struggled Beginnings
Part One

Fifteen Years Ago

“Mina, you can’t be afraid to hit me.” Janne said to the girl across from him in the training yard, his shoulders slumped. “Just because I am blind doesn’t mean hold back, okay?” The seventeen year old sighed. “Eraqus told you to get stronger. You need to practice if you want to run your family’s guild.”

“Damn it… I’m trying. I just…” Mina grit her teeth, and took a deep breath. No more holding back. It had been over a year but she was still struggling to get into her new role, even with the help she was given. But today would be different. She was healthy and rested. Her belly was full, and her heart was strong. Her burns had long since faded, save for some scars on hands. As cliche as it was to even think it, this was the first day to the rest of her life, and she was going to start it by punching her best friend in the face.

Or at least try, as he was quite fast. Still, she rushed him, going for a solid right hook. Janne looked down, stepping back as she came closer. His hand went up, his palm taking the impact of her blow, doubling back again to counter her follow-up as well. Mina had seen the move enough times by now, however, and instead of a follow-up punch, she shifted her momentum and went for a spinning kick to the side.

The hit landed, causing a small grunt from the teen as he elbowed her leg downwards and checked his shoulder into her chest. Janne rubbed his side. “Cheap.” he groaned with a smirk.

“And your move wasn’t?” Mina rubbed her leg. “You said to hit you, and I hit you. Looks like you’ll have to keep that guard up from now on.”

Janne raised an eyebrow, holding out his hands. “Then is this an upping of the stakes then?” the boy’s fingers crackled with electricity to show his point.

Mina stepped back, holding her hands up. “Hey! No magic!” She ducked to the side to avoid an attack, something hard to do with electric attacks.

“Tell that to a Hydra who spits poison. Or a drake that spits flames. Or a bandit who can use magic. Being a slave appealing to you that much?” Running forwards, Janne slid to the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust from the ground, pivoting on his hands that sent out lashes of lightning.

Mina spun and ducked, but couldn’t avoid it all. Her whole body jerked and twitched, the teen crying out in pain before collapsing on the ground, motionless.

Janne got up to his feet, wiping off his pants leg. He sighed deeply, shaking his head. “I may be blind, but I know a faker when I see one Mimi.” he said, knowing that her pet name would get a rile out of her.

Mina practically snarl, jumping to her feet. She shook a bit, her extremities numb, and stomped forward. “You’re too violent! Between you and Eraqus’ fire, I don’t know if you guys want to train me or kill me.” She swung at his face.

Once again, he held up his hand, stopping the impact. He gave her a simple shrug. “One in the same if you aren’t up for the task. We can always find someone else more capable to replace your uncle. Would just require giving up your birthright.”

This time, she did snarl, that one striking deeper then he probably intended, and she suddenly sent out a flurry of kicks and punches. He had lit the fire in her teenage tempered belly.

Not bothering to block, he dodged out of the way, a little amused at her lashing out. Finally, he reached out a hand, holding the top of her head as she tried to wail at him. “Okay, okay, I take it back you little nutcase, calm down.”

“Oh, you take it back, and I’m supposed to just forget it!” She grabbed his arm and jumped, putting Janne into an armbar and pulling.

“Ow, ow, ow!” Janne groaned, huffing, “Come on, bully the disabled kid why don’t you.” he teased.

“Oh, cry me a river.” Mina pulled for a few more seconds, but then let him go, breathing heavily on the ground. “You’re a… jerk sometimes… you know that?”

“Oh yes, I am such a bad guy. Please miss, I prostrate myself before you for judgement…” Janne tone deafly stated, sitting up. “Be warned, last time I did that the person touched me inappropriately.”

Mina blushed, sitting up as well. “Pervert.” She cracked her neck back and forth. “Are we going to go on a mission soon? I’m ready enough, but you two keep holding me back. How am I supposed to send people out on mission if I don’t know what it is like for them?”

“Because you can barely face me without losing your temper.” Janne scratched the back of his head.

Mina leaned over and poked his cheek “That’s because you know how to push my buttons and get off on it. Come on… a small mission. Something simple. Let me pull my weight around here some more.”

He waved her finger away. “Busy little bee. Take that up with Eraqus, not me. Nothing sounds better than being alone with you again. Like our nights in the alleys.”

“Such a pervert!” She jumped up. “I’m going to take a shower. Try and not imagine me in your head.”

She quickly ran off, and the Elf Janne realized some time ago was watching them approached him. “Need help up?”

“I am blind, not cripple you know.” Janne noted lazily, getting up with a grunt. “I’m fine.”

Eraqus rolled his eyes. “I meant because you might be tired. Sensitive…” He folded his arms. “So… what do you think?”

“Oh she’s definitely been ready. Knew that ever since I helped her take her uncle down. I just hate the idea of her being in danger. I am her protector after all.” the teen stated with a deep yawn. He stretched out his arms, and began walking to the manor with the elf.

“I must admit, when I first met you, I was… skeptical.” Eraqus kept his eyes forward. “Nothing personal, I’ve just been with this family for so long, it is hard to trust a stranger with someone like Mina… Lady Havenbrook. But I must say, after seeing what you can do and how much she enjoys your company, I feel like I can trust her with you.” He grinned. “Though I’m sure you don’t care what I think, right?”

“My heart just flutters at your praise.” Janne put his hands in his pockets. “You really think she enjoys having me around that much? Wasn’t my impression.”

“She’s young. She has… strange feelings she doesn’t quite understand, and acts out to compensate. Plus she has a temper, one she developed after her brother’s presumed death.” Eraqus smiled at Janne. “She takes her aggression out on you because she trusts you not to judge her too harshly. A sign she likes you. At least, that’s how I see it. It’s been a while, but I do remember that age. Elves have good memories, you know?”

“I guess. Just don’t know quite yet how I am supposed to feel about her.” Janne admitted, blowing out a frustrated sigh.


Several years passed, and Mina came into her own. Now in her early twenties, she was able to get the business back on track thanks to those supporting her, and was drawing in new and talented Hunters. Not every Hunter was equal to the last, however, as Mina was dealing with now. “Gods blast it…” Mina tapped her pen against her desk in irritation. “Where is she?”

“She?” Janne questioned from the corner of her office, lounging back. If his eyes weren’t forcibly fused shut, they would have been closed.

“Starstorm. Erin Starstorm.” Mina grunted angrily. “She showed such promise when she first started here. Such a smart and powerful mage. But her field performance has been terrible. Perhaps she is afraid to face me…” Her eyes shifted to Janne. “Can you get her for me? West wing, first floor, room 119. Convince her to come face her termination with her head high, to her tail tucked between her legs.”

“Tail?” Janne asked, sitting forward, “Are you asking me to break a poor kitty’s heart?”

“Rabbit, actually. And no, she is going to be let go either way. I am simply asking you to go down there to get her in my place. My temper is... better. But I admit, if I was the one going down there, I might… snap at her.”

“A rabbit is even worse. Cute little things…” Standing up, he rubbed his neck uncomfortably and went for the door. “You owe me big time for this.”

“Add it to my tab,” Mina muttered, pulling out the appropriate papers and getting her big, red stamp ready.

Janne passively strode down the halls, lazily taking his time. He really did not want to do this, so he wouldn’t. He’d do his own thing with this Starstorm. Damn Mina for making me soft with women…

When he stepped into her room, she was packing things into a suitcase angrily, muttering to herself. “I-if you’re here to tell me what a bother I am, a dozen other hunters already beat you to it, so leave me alone.” She turned and jumped a bit. “Oh, my… ahem… I mean…”


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Loving Memories, Struggled Beginnings
Part Two

“If I am here to tell you what a bother you are, leave you alone?” Janne repeated sarcastically. “You really have a softer skin than Mina.”

“Who…” Erin thought for a moment. “Oh, Lady Havenbrook. You… you don’t know what it is like. I try, and I try. I have some of the most powerful magic here, and yet I fail to assist on every mission. Do you know what it is like to be… to be berated by everyone…” She stared at his face. Despite her distraught state, she was fascinated by his injuries.

“Well, I do. Before I was homeless, I was a ward at a church where the nuns would abuse us, and the priests would use us as either torture dolls or pleasure toys. And then being alone on the streets meant everyone saw you as an urchin. I was blind too, so people thought they could take advantage… so eh, maybe a little.” he leaned against the doorframe. “Also Miss Havenbrook is not afraid to use me for a verbal and literal punching bag.”

“Yeah, well she is good at that, I hear…” Erin sighed and turned back to her stuff. “Look, I’m leaving. Havenbrook wants to see me so she can fire me, so I might as well save her the trouble. Guess I’ll have to go back to Themosa so everyone can say I told you so…” The thought sent goosebumps up and down her arms.

“Hm? No you don’t.” Janne noted as if she were crazy.

“I… beg your pardon?” Erin turned back again. “I’m sorry, but who are you anyway?”

“Not really that important. But anyways, you don’t have to go. You’re too powerful to let just waltz out. Besides, nothing would push Mina’s buttons more than her seeing me being sweet to a cute bunny girl.”

Erin smirked. “Well now… that sounds intriguing. Though how do you know I’m cute? For all you know, I’m as ugly as… a-as, um… as a naked… mole rat… ahem…”

“Wait there’s a difference between that and a rabbit? I suppose the tails but…” Janne shrugged, chuckling amusedly. “I use my magic to detect the nerves in a person’s body. Use static electricity to see outlines to those jumbles. You don’t know it, but you are surrounded by my power.”

“I see. Curiouser and curiouser. I wouldn’t mind studying your…” Erin’s shoulders slumped. “Well… it doesn’t really matter, huh? Unless you have more sway then I think even Eraqus does, she is going to kick me out, so exactly how do I stick around?”

“You seem to be fixated on studying me like I am a mole rat. Why?” the man asked, scratching his head.

Erin bit her lip. “Well, I, um… I like to study interesting things. Pick things apart, find out how they work. You know, I… this wasn’t my first choice, being a Hunter. I wanted to be a scientific mage. I went to college, believe it or not. Graduated the top of my class. But I go tired of people taking credit for my work. I only put up with it in school because at least I got to study interesting things, like people with unique abilities. But I left home and decided to be a Hunter because then no one could take credit for my feets. To bad most of my so called ‘feets’ amount to shite… pardon my Virandian…”

"I see. Well, before you run off to wherever. I have a proposition." Janne reached out, touching the bottom of her chin.

Erin raised an eyebrow, not used to being touched, and admiring his gumption. "Alright. And what is that?"

"Well, I know a dusty old basement that hasn't been used in a while. Havenbrook needs a laboratory." Janne said, his hand moving up, patting her cheek.

"A... a lab?" Erin fell silent for a bit. "One where... I would receive full credit for all my achievements?"

"Might be a little dusty." Janne quipped with a shrug.

Erin laughed. "Well, I'll let you know that I am something of a neat freak. I would enjoy the challenge of cleaning it."

"Then it is all yours Erin." Janne reported with a step back. "I'll inform Mina."

Erin tilted her head. "Just like that? You don't think she'll have something to say? I get the impression she doesn't like me very much..."

"She has a stick up her ass that is easily dislodged if you know how to do it. I've become adept at wiggling that stick out."

Erin giggled. "Thank you for that mental image. I will use it well. And... thank you for your help. Not sure why you are, but I suppose I will owe you a favor."

"You may owe me more than one in the future Ms. Starstorm. If this relationship persists with you and my friend."

Erin smiled confidently. "It is my hope the three of us will one day be the best of friends."

"Already half way there." Holding out his hand to the girl, the blind man offered a smile.

Erin smiled back, giving him a firm handshake.

"Hey, I found a solution to your problem that didn't involve me hurting the poor girl's feelings," Janne noted with a sour frown, walking with his arms behind his head as he and Mina were on a stroll to slay some monsters outside a nearby village.

"Oh? Is that why I still haven't seen Starstorm in my office?" Mina gave him a suspicious look.

"She's currently building a little burrow in our basement. I hired her as our Guild scientist."

"You hired her? Really?" Mina grinned a bit. "Since when did you take an active interest in who works at the guild?"

"Since you made me the bearer of bad news to girls with big hearts." Janne noted with an irked tone. "It's not like I care about running the guild. That's your mess to deal with. I'm just hear to make sure you don't have anything blow up in your face."

Mina scoffed. "Fine, she can stay. I've been thinking of hiring a scientific crew anyway. She can be one of them. Who knows? Maybe I am wrong about her and she'll be running rhe labs one day."

"You often tend to be wrong. Your hotheadedness truly is an inspiration to us all." Janne stated, rolling his eyes. "Speaking on the matter, we will need more people in general. Our library is a disaster. We barely have enough cleaning staff. The food..." He continued to list off problems.

"Okay, okay." Mina frowned. "Nag, nag, nag. You're like my wife or something. You're lucky I need you so much."

"I'm only looking after your best interests." Janne stated, sighing. "I'm not staying around forever you know."

That made Mina flinch a bit, but she shrugged it off and smiled. "To bad. I... kinda like having you around."

"Your attitude often says otherwise." The blind man pointed out as if backing her into a corner.

Mina frowned, sighing softly. "I'm sorry. I really am too much to handle sometimes, huh?"

"Sometimes, though I suppose I should be honest..." Janne began, stopping his walk.

Mina stopped after a few steps, slowly looking back. "What... is that?"

"Answer is simple about why I stick around. Why I put up with you. Simply, it's because I love you," the man said without any embarrassment.

Mina blushed fiercely, and laughed. "Yeah... I love you too, you big jerk."

Janne shook his head, "Everyone knew you liked me. Even Eraqus," He explained.

Mina blushed even more. "They do not! You... s-stop it, we... w-we have a mission to do!"

Janne smiled warmly, nodding as he turned to follow her once again. This time though, the two stood close together.


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The Warmest of Welcomes
Part One

The cool breeze of late autumn blew by, Yuffie shivering ever so much in her sweat covered workout clothes. Arale, on the other hand, was used to the cold depths of the sea, and actually preferred this. Whether that would remain true when the snow came remained to be seen, but for now, she had the advantage of resistance to the elements. As she swung her practice sword at her partner, one could hardly tell anymore that she was once unfamiliar with fighting on land, graceful and as smooth as the water she called home.

Yuffie had improved too, however. In the absence of their master, she had doubled down on her training, and it wasn’t long until she was able to gain the upper hand. Her mind focused completely on the battle, nothing else allowed to get in. With a parry, and feint, and a thrust, she struck Arale in the wrist, knocking the fish-girl’s weapon from her hand, and held her own sword to Arale’s neck. “I believe that make six to three today,” she said, calming from her battle high.

“Eyup!” Arale declared, smiling happily. “You sure have gotten better. I bet master would be most impressed.”

“Yeah, maybe,” Yuffie said, mumbling, “If he comes back from his trip with his girlfriend…” She suddenly let out a loud sneeze, shivering and holding her arms. “It’s too cold! Come on… we can train inside.”

“Oh, but inside is warm and my skin dries up…” Arale complained, but followed all the same.

“We’ll… practice our water combat in the pool,” Yuffie offered.

As the two made their way towards the front of the manor, Arale would be the first to spot the small gathering outside in the courtyard. Mina and Eraqus were meeting with two people outside, though bundled up as they were it was hard to make out the faces.

They had a clue, however, when Mina wrapped her arms around one of them. “Welcome back. I’ve missed you so much!”

Eraqus grinned. “How was your trip alone… just the two of you?”

“If only all it was was a honeymoon trip.” Lyr said, pulling back his hood. He was taller than Mina now, his hair longer and having to be tied back. “It seems with his sister gone, Yig is spiting me by destroying my country. Things are worse than before. We didn’t even enter the capital. It was cloaked in the smoke of riots.”

Orochi pulled back her own hood, still in her human disguise. “I can not help but feel guilty. Perhaps… if I was to go back to him, he would stop his actions against the innocents of Lyr’s home.”

“I appreciate your reckless courage, but even if you returned his crusade would not end.” Lyr rubbed his chin, letting out a weary sigh. “It seems my birth father has taken the legions of the army and is fighting against the cultist armies springing up everywhere. Unfortunately, at this point, Kemar is all but in civil war.”

“Master!” Arale jumped from seemingly out of nowhere, wrapping her arms tightly around him. “I missed you so much!”

Lyr’s grim demeanor seemed to melt away slowly, and he wrapped his arm against the mer-girl. “Hello Arale. I have missed you as well.” He patted her fishy head, softly bringing her back to her feet.

Yuffie walked over a lot slower, briefly flashing Orochi an envious look before lightly waving her hand. “Hey. Glad you didn’t forget about us. I… mean, like, your mom and… and stuff…”

Lyr released Arale from his arm, and turned to walk over to Yuffie. He raised his hand, and put it on her head as well, carefully rubbing the top of the light elf’s head. “I could never forget about you Yuffie.” he told her genuinely.

Yuffie tried to fight it, but couldn’t help but smile. She really was glad to see him again. “I’ve checked in on their training from time to time,” Eraqus said. “But they’ve mostly insisted on doing their own thing. They’ve come along quite well, though. They have trained together so much, they pretty much know what each other are thinking, and make a good duo. They have had quite a few missions while you were gone too.”

“Good.” Lyr leaned down, kissing the top of Yuffie’s forehead. “Keep up the good work kiddo.” Her master said with a light smile. He had a more mature demeanor. He was less like her older brother, and now a father. Though the look in those golden eyes were still very much her brother’s.

Orochi tensed up a bit at the kiss. She had matured as well, not flying off the handle like she might have before, but she was still the jealous sort. “E-even with the problems in the Duchy, we still had a wonderful time! I can’t wait to go back and see more of Lyr’s beautiful country. You had a great time too, right… Lyr?”

The Ophidian nodded, looking over to Mina with a slight, empty smile, “You should tell her the news Orochi.”

Mina narrowed her eyes. “No…”

Orochi yelped, grabbing onto Lyr’s arm. “Yup! I’ve got a little Lyr junior on the way!”

Yuffie’s eyes bulged out so much, it looked like they might fall out. Arale scratched her head. “I… do not understand. Are we not Lyr’s juniors?”

Yuffie grunted. “It means she’s going to have his baby, genius!”

Arale gasped and clapped her hands together. “Such joy! But… where did you lay your eggs, Orochi? Or are they still in your nurturing pouch?”

Orochi blinked, and looked at Lyr in confusion. “We birth children like humans Arale. Not like your kind.” the teen explained. He looked at his mother, “We had Xia’tar make sure there was no possibility it was Yig’s. But it’s ours. Apparently it was foretold to happen by Kayumi. And the fact it isn’t Yig’s poses a good future ahead of us hopefully. I probably don't need to explain the threat of a new Elder God birth being prevented is.”

“Yes… I would… agree with that.” Mina placed her hands on her hips. “And you’re… alright?”

“Oh, I couldn’t feel better,” Orochi assured her, but Mina’s eyes were on Lyr, not her.

“A few months ago this is hardly what I wanted at all. But I have it now, and… I suppose I am happy. She’s definitely an idiot but… she’s my idiot now I suppose. I took responsibility of her.”

“Aw…” Arale hugged Yuffie. “Isn’t so romantic?!”

Yuffie pushed her off of her. “Yeah, well, I agree with one part of what he said,” she muttered. “So what now? You’re going into daddy mode? I hope you haven’t weakened since leaving…”

“Someone’s just jealous it’s not her baby.” Another voice said from behind the duo, a pair of breasts pressing against the back of Yuffie’s head as Kara leaned on her. “Poor girl has had her love taken from her. Oh, but what would that poor elf boy think with his girlfriend fawning over her master?”

Yuffie jumped a little, and stuttered. “I-I don’t… I’m not jealous! I don’t want a baby. Besides, it would be… um… weird with Big Brother Lyr. So… yeah, ew…”

“Oh you poor thing. So deep in denial.” Kara flashed a wave to Eraqus, before standing straight. “So, do you two plan on getting married at all?”

“Of course!” Orochi blurted out, no doubt in her voice. “Absolutely.”

“I don’t, but you can see her stance on things.” Lyr looked to Mina, “Can I have some time alone with my mother guys?”

Everyone reluctantly walked away, save for Orochi who looked worried. “Is everything okay?”

“Go to my room and unpack. I just want to see my mother without the crowd. I’ll be along in a little while.” He patted her arm comfortingly, then urged her to go.


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The Warmest of Welcomes
Part Two

Once she finally walked off, Mina sighed deeply. “Lyr… you… you…” Before much else was said, he once more embraced the blonde haired woman tightly, holding her as if he never intended to let her go again. Mina closed her eyes, smiling widely. “I love you, Lyr. I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too.” Lyr said, hugging her even more tightly. “Mina… there’s something else you should know.”

Mina wasn’t used to him calling her by her name, and hesitated before asking, “What is it?”

“My mother is missing.” Lyr whispered, shaking his head, “And she isn’t in hiding.”

“Your mother? You mean… the Ophidian Queen?” Mina stepped back. “Well, is there any clue as to what happened to her?”

“No. Which means only one thing. This is Yig’s doing. And I plan to go for her eventually. When the country is… less in turmoil. Hopefully my… hopefully the head marshall can secure some sort of peace before I leave again.”

“I don’t want you to go alone,” Mina said. “There has to be someone here you can take with.”

“Not just someone.” Lyr said, letting go of her. He looked up to the cloudy overcast sky. “Everyone.”

Mina smiled softly. “You really have grown up, huh? Any other time, you would have refused any help.” She stood up straight. “You will have the whole guild at your disposal.”

“I’ll let you know when the time comes.” Leaning forwards, he kissed Mina’s cheek before stepping around her to head towards the manor. When she turned around to look at him, he whistled, a large white raven coming from the sky to land on his awaiting arm. He was almost a mirror image of her at his age.


Erin made her way back to her lab after greeting Lyr. She was surprised how much someone could grow up in just a little over a month, and she worried about exactly what he had seen back home. But she had other things to worry about at the moment. After the death of Tecunte, Aemilia had burned out her powers. The absorption of so much life energy had additionally aged her to just older then Drayce and Eliza. Overnight, she went from a ten year old with over fifteen years of knowledge and dangerous eyes to a teen who was relatively normal on the outside and had to learn things children half her age already knew, such as how to read.

Erin would hardly say Aemilia’s education was the worse result of Esmeralda going missing, but the Light Elf had been taking care of her reading lessons, something both Erin and Eliza had taken over since Es was kidnapped. She knew they would be working on that now as she reached her lab.

“E-Eliza! G-Get off me already! W-What would your mother think if she saw!?” a familiar voice cried out pleadingly, “A-Aemilia, not you too!”

Erin rushed inside and gasped as the pair of girls piled on a familiar face, snuggling with him. “Drayce?! Where have you been?!”

“Oh no! Please not a third, I can barely breathe as it is!” the dragon thrope called out, squeaking on the last word. A black mouse sat on one of the lab tables watching almost… amusedly?

Erin moved her hands left and right, forcing the pair to get off him, and pulled Drayce to his feet. She knelt down and placed a hand on his shoulder. “When you left, we… we were afraid you would never come back…”

“Huh?” Drayce tilted his head, looking at Erin confused. “Why would I not come back? Aemilia and Eliza and Mina and you and everyone is here. This is my home you dummies.”

“But why did you leave in the first place?” Eliza snuggled up to him again, rubbing her cheek against his. “You’ve been gone for over a month. Where did you go?”

“I went south.” Drayce said, instinctively rubbing his cheek against hers in kind enjoying the contact. “I have a big fight coming up, so I decided to fight some big monsters to get stronger.”

Aemilia stood next to him, blushing slightly at the sight of him. This was the first time she had more then a glance at him in full, and he was more handsome then she remembered. “How far south? We’re already pretty far south. Did… did you go to the Land of Ice?”

“Mhmm.” Drayce affirmed with a big smile. “Oh, I brought you some more crystals too Erin! I thought you’d like to have more.”

She placed both hands on his shoulders and shook him lightly. “Drayce, you… you were down there for over a month?! The… the cold! The wendigo and wolves and other monsters! The… th-the solitude! Are you okay?!”

“Well, I had all the fire I needed to stay warm. And the monsters were a little troublesome but I beat them all up over time. As for the last one… um…” he looked up and away, “Well, I mean I am used to being alone. I-I’m fine, really.”

“Oh, Drayce…” Erin hugged him tightly. “How could you do something so dangerous. Don’t you realize how much we care about you? How sad we would be if you were gone?”

“Well there really wasn’t any other way to train around here. Nid is going to be coming for her battle soonish, so I figured I might as well be as strong as possible to try and have a chance of beating her.”

Erin sighed, but relented. “Well… it is good to have you back. Were you eating okay? Finding a hotspring or two for a regular bath?”

“Stop mothering him, mama Erin.” Eliza took his arm and pulled him close. “Did you see? Did you see? I got a little taller. Though no one grew as much as Aemilia, of course. And I got stronger too. I bet I could beat you up, even with your training.” She smiled a toothy smile.

“Na uh. I could totally beat you. You’re still just a little baby demon.” Drayce taunted, poking her stomach with his finger.

She giggled, but frowned a moment later. Aemilia could tell what was on her mind. “Are you… going away again soon?” the homunculus asked.

“Hm?” Drayce leaned back to look up at her, shaking his head. “The fight won’t be far from here, so not really. Why are you so down?” he asked in genuine confusion.

The girls shared a look. “We don’t want you to leave again,” they said together.

Erin sighed. “You have a lot of fans here, little dragon.”

“I guess so.” Drayce said, scratching his head. “I guess this is what happens when I decide to take two girls as my loves…”

“Two loves, huh?” Erin grinned. “Interesting. Well, you and your two loves should get reacquainted. But first, have you told Mina you’re back?”

“She was busy with other things. Apparently Lyr came home not too long ago too.”

Erin nodded. “You should be sure to say hello to him.” She rubbed her chin. “Huh… I wonder which of you is stronger now…”

Drayce shrugged. “I don’t really want to find out. I already have one fight with a god coming up.”


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The fallowing is done by Blackout & Dhalexpert
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Training yard

Charter was slashing his sword at the training dummy wearing getting used to his new armor, his new armor being made of Leather but had a dark color to them his hands wrapped in bandages showing how hurt his hands were. Charter continued to attack the dummy until his sword cut the dummy in half.

A familiar Thrope approached him, a smile on her face. "Hey, Charter. I see you got some new armor... expecting to take the world down?"

Charter ignored her and went to the grindstone to sharpen his sword, Slone walked towards Titania."My master has not been the same since the light Elf was taken from him, he spends all day training only sleeping for a few hours and hunts dangerous monster at night. My master is not right in the head."

"Well, regardless I have a way to bring him back." She whispered drawing her longsword and spinning the shield she had just purchased not ten minutes ago.

"Charter Van Dam, I am demanding a fight from you. If I win, you'll have to explain yourself for this uncharacteristically rude behavior... and then you will have lunch with me. You win, you choose." Titania challenged, getting into a fighting stance as other Hunters and staff noticed and got somewhat closer.

Charter stopped sharpening his sword and looked at it. He then looked at Titania." Go away I want nothing to do with you." Charter walked past Titania and again started to attack the dummy.

As Charter swung, Titania's blade caught his, holding it as the two blade scraped against one another. "Well, that's too bad... because I'm not leaving. Friends don't leave each other, especially if one of them is feeling shitty." Titania growled, her shield raised just in case he struck at her.

"Ugh fine then." Charter then turned to Titania and started to sword and started to swing his sword halfed assly not really wanting to fight her in the first place.

Parrying his blow, she bashed his face with her shield. "So... you're making me think you want to tell me what happened... maybe ask in your overly proud way for a friendly ear."

Charter rubbed his chin and turned his back." There's nothing worth talking about, now go away." Charter went back to the training dummy.

Slone stood next to Titania." You need to get him angry, mention Esmerelda. Please you have to force him to fight, provoke him i'm begging you." Slone said whining to Titania.

"So we can't talk about Esmerelda and what happened? And here I assumed you were a man..." She taunted, blurring her body as she got into a blocking stance.

Charter started to growl, and when he turned his head over his shoulder and she saw his red eye." Don't you mention things you know nothing about, don't you dare talk about it again."

"Oh, grow the fuck up. If you are going for an intimidation thing it isn't working. Because my eyes..." Titania started, growing angry at the man in front of her evidenced by her feral eyes. "Change too. So... come on over... before I say her name again."

Titania's arms disappeared, as did the daggers she had on her person. She still held a defensive posture, angling herself so that he couldn't charge full on without her getting in a few good blows.

Charter then put his sword back in it's hold, he then grabbed his bow and fired arrows at her. Titania easily dodged the blows, but Charter kept moving forward with each shot until he was finally in front of her and kicking her in the gut." You want me angry fine i'm angry." Slone went into the crowd not wanting to get in the way.

Several small cuts, as well as a fairly large cut to his side, greeted Charter in return for the kick, the Thrope grunting with a small amount of pain. Titania's daggers returned to their sheaths, as an invisible punch sent Charter flying back a few feet. "Charter... I've gotten a lot stronger... You don't want me to kick your ass." She growled, staying low to the ground, getting ready to throw a dagger at one of Charter's arms.

"You wanted a fight I'll give you one, you asked for this." When he charged Titania he was hit with a dagger, but he ignored the pain of the dagger and punched Titania he continued to punch her stomach and face until kicking her leg bringing down to a knee, he then grabbed her head and trusted his knee into her face." Funny you have cut me how many times, and haven't even used my sword yet." Charter then tried to stomp Titania.

Titania narrowly rolled out of the way, thankful that she had tied her hair up earlier. "Three, and all of those were meant as warnings." She growled, her arm blurring as she hit Charter with an uppercut, accompanied by a hard kick at his right leg.

After Charted go hit in the leg, he then shook of the pain and tackled Titania. He lifted her up and slammed her into the ground, when Titania tired to punch him he wrapped his arm around her attacking arm drove his elbow into it." Enough of that damn speed of yours."

Titania gritted her teeth, as her good arm raked large, bloody marks into his arm, her claws slick with blood. Kicking him off her with surprising strength, she disappeared due to her speeding up, Charter heard her distorted voice seemingly everywhere, almost sounding demonic. "Enough of your Godsdamned bullshit! You are acting like an asshole, and so far, you haven't even told me why Esmerelda's name upsets you or explained why you decided to shrug me off when the man I know as Charter fucking Van Dam says hi to every person and treats them with respect. So... What. The. Fuck. Is. Going. On?"

"I said fuck off, it's not your concern. Now quit acting like a coward, and fight me you damn demi god or are you to scared to fight as a normal person."

"Charter... if I wanted to, with this speed... I could kill you. Not going to, but the battle could be over. As for fighting 'normal', I'm not normal, because when I'm almost disappearing, that's normal to me. You're asking me to fight with a handicap, to spare your damaged pride... If anything, you're afraid of my ‘normal state’."

Character said nothing, he instead walked into the middle of the area. Character then grabbed a piece of dirt, and tossed it up the dirt disappearing. Character then stood placed his shield up hoping she would run into it.


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Part 2

A hard slap was what he received, her claws not even digging in to him. She deblurred and shook her head. "Stop trying to rage at the world... because in this world, the one we fight in, you have friends who give a damn. You want to take it out on someone, go ahead and do it to me. But you get to live with me watching you do it and not fighting back." Titania said softly, her eyes losing their feral look.

Character then dropped his sword and shield, and looked at Titania.” You want to know why I’m angry, why I’m bitter and when I hear Es name I get anger?” Character then grabbed Titania.” It’s because my would be wife and unborn child were taken by Hastur and his fucking cult right from under me!”

"Then why the fuck are you taking it out on every person here, hmm? Am I as bad as Hastur? Do you just hate me that much? Or do you not realize that I would fucking help you in a heartbeat if you would only ask?" She said with a frown, grabbing him with a gentle grip. "I'm not the enemy here... and you've already forgotten who you were before Es. You want to get her back? Stop trying to lose your shit on everyone... and talk with people."

“Stay out of it, this has nothing to do with you or the guild. This is my fight I’m going after him and his damn followers. Besides what would you know you never lost a loved one and child to a mad god and his cult.”

Another hard slap followed his words. "I was nearly a sacrifice to Harpies, I have had to go to Hell and hold my girlfriend while she was practically dying in my arms. Do not try to say I have no idea what you are going through, because I have a fairly good understanding of what you're going through. Now, grow the fuck up and we'll talk more about this over a meal. Unless you really want to have an audience to watch and listen to you."

Character looked around and realized that people were around, he then let go of Titania and left. Slone came for the crowd and looked at her.” My master is not in the right state of mind right now, he blames himself for Esmeralda being taken.”

Titania closed her eyes, putting the pieces together from when she was in the forest with Ahusirra. "More mine, as I was nearby... but it all happened too fast for me to help. I'll go talk to him, and hopefully, he'll listen." Titania replied in barks and growls, before searching for the Hunter Knight.

She finally found him, Character was sitting near a river sharpening his sword.” What the hell do you want now.”

"To talk, but I think you're too pissy to actually do it. Maybe you'll prove me wrong though." She replied, crossing her arm, the other dangling limply at her side.

“I already told you why I’m angry, I can’t imagine what there doing to her. Gods forbid she gives birth to my first child and the sacrifices it.”

Then tell me what you want to do, because you can't do it alone." She said softly, taking a couple of steps closer.

"The hell I can't!" Charter rubbed his head." This is why I never allowed myself to fall for anyone, i'm irrational I'm not thinking straight and i'm full of grief."

"Which is why you need to talk to somebody." Titania replied, putting a hand on his shoulder. "We will find her and we will get her back. But you need to not take it out on anyone and everyone... maybe spar with me every now and then, get some of the rage out."

Charter shrugged his shoulders. "I have been hunting the dangerous monsters Terra has to offer me, that helps me get my anger out temporarily. I will not be satisfied until Esmeralda is back here."

"Well, taking it out on everyone won't help. So... from now on, you're having lunch with me everyday until we get her back and I won't take no for an answer." Titania stubbornly demanded, offering a smile.

Character rolled his eyes.” Ugh Fine man you make me miss being a traveling sell sword.” Once Character calmed down he realized that there was someone feeling worse than him.” Ugh I’m an ass, Look Titania Fine we’ll have lunch Fine. But after that I need to talk to someone.”

"Alright... need me to give you a ride over to wherever you need to go?"

“No it’s a family matter, besides I think she can help me in some way to get Esmeralda back. All though it’s pretty stupid it might work, come on then let’s go eat seeing as though this is your idea.”

"Alright, I'm paying and we get a healthy walk to the town nearby." Titania replied, practically beaming at him.

“Ugh you know you sound more like a nagging housewife than a friend you know that?”

"Then maybe you shouldn't have pissed me off earlier. Might've made me less aggressive... guess you'll have to deal with it." Titania replied with a snort, rolling her eyes as she began to walk in the direction towards the town.

"Ugh you woman are way too sensitive to things, by the gods you are all so hard to deal with. I'm sorry alright damn are you happy now."

"Says the one who literally threw a fit, and refused to calm down for awhile. You sure you want to say I'm hard to deal with?" She rolled her eyes and began tossing her dagger into the air.

Charter took the knife."Yes because I have something to be angry about, you would be the same if your child was taken from you and the person you love was as well."

"I would, yes, but if I were you, I'd be happy someone is trying to make me feel better and is trying to be a friend to me." Titania took out her other dagger and started tossing it in the air, preparing to catch it when it came back down.

Charter then snatched the other dagger." Look it's not like I don't appreciate it, but i'm just nervous for Esmerelda. If they convert her then my child would be endanger as well, I need to get her back."

"Which is why we'll get her back. Why do you assume the worst case scenario will happen?"

“Because she’s been there to long, this is not some bandit that took Es. It’s a old god that has plans for her.”

"Then we need to find where they are, and bring a team of highly skilled warriors, mages, rogues... and maybe with some divine help. You know any gods, who can do that, Charter?"

“The warlord god possible, the god of light and the goddess of justice. Those are the one I know who could help, the god of light might need convincing though.”

"Then we get in contact with them, rally our own forces in the manor, and lay siege on Hastur." Titania suggested.

"That we will, now if you excuse me Titania I really have to talk to another person that really needs me. She really needs my help."

"Alright... tomorrow we'll have lunch together." Titania replied, hiding her disappointment with a smile.