Hunters of Terra Dolor (Role Playing Section)


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Jun 23, 2013
The fallowing is done by Dhalexpert&Zombiesplitter53

The rage of a honorable knight

HaveBrook Manor

Training ground

Charter was training with one of the Warlord gods summoned warriors, dew to his injuries he was in pain with every swing. Charter ignored the injury and kept swing his sword and shield at the warrior his anger keeping him going, until he finally put his sword through the warriors gut. Charter then fell on the ground to his knee holding his ribs." Ugh damn it, get up body we can't take a break we have to keep getting stronger get up!" Charter slammed his fist into the ground and slowly started to get up.

"Slow down, young warrior." Fay'munt placed his hand over Charter. After a while, the pain dullled a bit. "Never have I seen such anger in you. It is quite disconcerting. What is the cause?"

My wife and my unborn child were kidnapped by Hastur, I need to get stronger so I can get them back." Charter sat on the side and put bandages inside a healing potion and wrapped it around his sides.

"Hastur?" Fay'munt looked shocked. "The Hastur?"

"Yes that bastard kidnapped her." Charter then grabbed the gods armor and pulled him to his face." And I don't care if he's an old one, I don't care how strong he is I will get my wife and child back no matter what. And I don't care what you tell I'm not running from him!"

Fay'munt frowned, and pushed away. "Even if I tell you that you can't win? Even if I tell you that you will die trying?"

"I... Don't... Care. I will get my family back no matter what." Charter got up and fell back to the ground his body being more exhausted then it's ever been." Get up you stupid body!"

"Easy!" The Warlord tried some more of his admiytedly weak healing magic. "You must recover or you will be of no use to your wife. You can use the time recovering to gather information for the upcoming struggle. You will do her no good if you cannot even hold a sword to fight."

"No! I need to get stronger I can't rest i'm fighting an old one I can't afford to rest, every second Esmeralda is away with those manics the more the will corrupt her for whatever purpose they have for her I can't rest. Get up body." Charter tried to use his sword as a crutch but fell on the ground again hammering his fist into the ground.

Fay'munt sighed. "If I help you this one time, will you promise to slow down a little?"

Charter said while lying on the ground. “And how do you plan on helping me, aren't you gods afraid of the old ones?"

Fay'munt smacked him on the back of the head. "We fear no one! Besides I meant help heal you, you ingrate."

"Fine then if this fixes me and means I could train more then get it over with."

Fay'munt walked through a portal, giving Charter a moment to think alone.

Charter sat on the ground and contemplated everything that happen." Why do those bastards want Esmerelda for? They mentioned her being some kind of mother of something, I can't imagine what they’re doing to her I hope she's staying strong for not just her sake but for our child sake."

The Warlord god reappeared. With him was what looked like a young boy. Black hair, large wolf ears and a tail, and big, blue eyes. "Hey-o, friend."

Charter looked at the boy and back at the war lord god. "Why did you bring this child to me? Were did you even get this kid anyway?"

The boy's expression turned sour and he pointed at Charter. "Watch your tone, mortal, for I am Pendener, god of birth, and I am no mere child."

“I know who you are, I’m questioning why you’re here?”

The shorter god folded his arms. "Well, I was here to heal you, but now I don't feel like it... jerk."

Character managed to stand up and grabbed the god of birth by his neck.” You Listen to me whelp! My wife and unborn child were taken from me bye a cult if lunatics, she is pure innocent and has suffered enough because of her race!” His legs then gave out, while he was cursing at his body tears rolled down his face.” Please help me, I can’t allow my family to in the hands of an old one hands.”

Pendener rubbed his neck. "Jeez. I was just follin'. I'm here, aren't I? Not many gods would come to bother with a mortal they don't even know..." He held out his hands, a radiant light bathing Charter.

Character can fell his injury’s start to heal, his ribs stopped hurting and he can finally stand up with his legs being healed as well.” Thank you god of birth, I’m sorry for what I did I’m just not in my normal state right now.”

"Right. Wife and child kidnapped, right? What are you going to do now that you're healed? Nothing too reckless, I hope."

Character looked at the warlord god,” Can you do me a favor? Think you can take me to We’re I can find challenging monsters or people?”

Fay'munt floded his arms. "Are my warriors not enough for you then?"

“I will be fighting a old god, I respect your warriors and I’m sure that they were the best warriors of the land many years ago and still are. But I need to release all this anger I have I have to get this urge to kill out of me for now, so I’m more level headed. Like you said I need information and as much as it hurts me I need to be patient and get my family back with a leveled head I can't fight Hastur with my heart full of grief."

Fay'munt sighed, and opened a portal. He disappeared into it, going to get someone else. Pendener folded his arms. "You're going to die, you know?"

"I accepted my death a long time ago, I'm fine with dying I only care about getting my family back and that they live happy lives." Charter looked at his sword." I lived my hole life accepting my death thinking I could never find happiness now that I've found it I will do whatever it takes to get it back."

"This sounds like a bad idea," Runseca said as she and Fay'munt stepped out of a portal. "Hey, Charter. You want to fight a powerful monster all by yourself? Because... I know where some action is, but..."

"Ok a few questions are you Ranseca the herald of the gods? And two I don't care what I have to go through to make myself stronger, I will be fighting a old god I need to make myself stronger no matter what."

"Well," the Goddess started, scratching her cheek. "One, yes I am, and two, that wasn't a question, but if you're sure..." She held out her hand. "Come with me if you want to kill things."

Charter bowed his head to the herald of the gods somewhat coming down, but he fallowed the woman." Alright so what am I facing then giant, demon, constructs of stone men?"

"Rampaging manticore. Will that work? I mean... by yourself..."

"That will work perfectly, If I can't beat a mere beast by myself then my family is forever lost to me. Charter looked at his helmet and put it on and gripped his sword." Let's get this over with."

Runseca grabbed his arm, and they were suddenly speeding along. After only a couple minutes, they were in the middle of a jungle. She pointed to the right. "That way. Have fun."

Charter made his way to the direction that the goddess pointed to him, after a few minutes of walking Charter saw the manticore feasting on a recent kill. Charter yelled to get the beast attention.

It slowly lifted it's head, bile mixed with blood dripping from its mouth. It's eyes were bloodshot yet, save for the red streaks, completely white. It was clearly corrupted, driven mad by an overdose of magic. If the eyes didn't make it obvious, the fact that it was feasting on a smaller, female manticore was, as manticore males were only ever known to kill other males over mates and were never cannialistic. Naturally, all rules are thrown out when it comes to magic corruption. The beast let a leg roll out of its mouth and slowly approached Charter.

"Ou great a corrupted beast perfect, just the thing I need." Charter from his point of view didn't see the moster for what it was, instead he pictured Hastur himself and Charter imaging his wife being taken from him. His eyes widen in rage, and he charged the beast out of anger.

It roared madly, charging forward itself. It was mad, but it wasn't mindless. It skidded to a stop after a few feet and lifted its tail, launching dozens of spikes at its foe.

Charter raised his shield most of the spiked hit his shield but some hit Charter, he ignored the pain and charged the beast Charter used the spikes that was stuck on his shield and bashed them across the beast face


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The rage of a honorable knight Pt 2

It cried out in pain, but pushed forward, trying to topple Charter with its superior weight.

Charter pulled out his sword and jumped forward using his sword like a lance and lunged his sword into the beast chest Charter then pulled his sword down leaving a hug cut in the beast.

A surge of corrupt celestial magic poured out, driving Charter back with its sheer power. The mad manticore snarl, ignoring its gaping wound and flapping its wings. Once air born, it turned to the side and attempted to drive its scorpion tail into Charter.

Charter moved out of the way, and wanted to use his crossbow but he didn't have it on him. "I don't need it." Charter put his sword back and pulled out his dagger." Come on you worthless beast!"

It roared loudly, blood dripping from its mouth. It dived bomb, its full weight, teeth, and outstretched claws coming in fast.

"Come on!" Charter didn't move all he did was stay his ground and looked at the beast charter the beast landed where charter was and his sword was placed firmly in his head. But Charter body was crushed.

The Manticore collapsed on top of him, a lifeless, heavy corpse on top of him.

Character then as hard as he can he pushed the corpse, lifting the corpse just enough for him to crawl out of it. Character stood up and pulled his sword out of the beast head, and then started to cut its head off.

There was a sudden gust of wind, indicating Runseca had run up behind him. "That was a close one."

"More, I need more to keep fighting more strong enemy and monsters this was a good appetizer." Charter pulled out his dagger and used it to start carving the beast, taking its teeth eyes and bits of its hide.

"There will be more, but you need rest." Runseca tapped one of the spikes that had pierced his breast plate. "And your armor literally has holes in it now."

"Humm." Charter pulled the spike out and looked it over and saw that he wasn't bleeding." Hum you know can you take me to the guilds black smith, I have an order to give him. And can you tell the warlord god and the god of birth i'm sorry for my actions, I just... I'm just not focusing, but now I realize something fighting this beast I was sloppy I let my anger get the better of me. Being around Es and my sister and the guild has made me strong yes but they also exposed me to emotions that I haven't felt in a long time, I need to go back to what I was before I met the guild but accepting who I am now. Do you understand what I mean?"

Runseca nodded. "I do. I think Fay'munt let you come out here to get some of that aggression out." She took Charter's hand. "Listen to him, though. He knows something about losing oneself to anger." They zipped away, in the manor's forge in minutes.

"Does he Charter looked around and see that he was in the forge back at the manor. “You will have to tell some time but for the moment." Charter turned around." Ed I need your assistance, I need repairs and news set of weapons and armor!"

"Bloody hell, what the hell have you been up to!" Ed floated over. "You youngins have no respect for good armor, you know?"

Character looked down at the hole in his armor.” Well you can thank the Manticor for this look sorry for the damage, but look I need to fix the armor then once we’re done with that I need a new set of gear.”

Edminfar sighed. "Alright... take it off. And what kind of gear? You know, I worked really hard on your last set."

“I know and I appreciate it, but for this new set I need a stronger sword and sheild and a bow. Now for the armor, I’m thinking light armor this time. Armor that doesn’t look like armor but just as tough know what I mean?”

"Well, I can make you some light armor." Ed yanked out a spike and looked it over. "But if you want maneuverability without sacrificing too much defense, the materials won't come cheap. Same if you want better equipment then you already have. I want to save Esmeralda as much as the next guy, but I don't just have that kind of supplies lying around."

Character took a deep breath and left the forge after a few minutes he came back with a large bag, in the bag was pounds of silver, gold and copper prices.” That is all the money I’ve saved up since joining this guild use as much as you need to make my new gear, he’ll I’ll even help you if necessary.”

"Well, can't say you aren't devoted..." Ed leaned forward. "There is this new, experimental metal being developed in Themosa. Supposed to be infused with magic that makes it incredibly durable but incredibly light weight. I might have a contact that can provide a healthy supply."

“Thank you Ed I need to hear that. Ou and don’t worry about Esmeralda, because I’m telling you know I will get her back no matter what.”

Edminfar nodded. "I have no doubt."


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Frostlich1228 & ZombieSplitter53
Pearl of Sunshine
Part One

Betty sat down in front of the mirror, eyeliner under her large eyes, pink blush on her cheeks, as well as mascara on her eyelashes. Her hair was done up in a much neater bun, two black metal pins holding it in place, all in all, she hadn't looked this good since before...

She drove it from her mind, today was a good day. Betty smiled, calling out for her other half, "Erin? You alright?"

"I look ridiculous in makeup," Erin called back. "I highly doubt she will be impressed by us 'looking nice'. Though... I suppose when it comes to interacting with others, you are an expert compared to me."

"We want to make a good first impression, don't we?" The Fly confirmed. "Besides, I zhink you look wonderful in make-up."

Erin walked in, looking okay but obviously inexperienced. "Can you fix me. I look like a clown."

"Alright, come here..." Betty smiled, taking her make-up kit and walking over, dabbing away excess blush and lipstick while straightening the eyeliner. "Veeti taught me how to do zhis... I guess I know why she was so good at it now..."

"How... are you two doing?" Erin asked hesitantly.

"Good... Despite everything, she's still my sister... She risked everything for me, she abandoned her cushy, rich life to keep me safe... I can understand why she didn't want to tell me..." Betty sighed deeply. "It was... A lot..."

"So you two are okay?" Erin pressured. "I do feel she was in a tough place. But I'd also understand if you held a grudge. Though I feel forgiving her is the best option."

"Were fine... Maybe better zhan ever, I could never be more sure of her love for me zhan I am now..." The Tinkerer replied, putting the finishing touches on Erin's make-up. "You look wonderful."

Erin smiled and nodded. "As do..."

"I'm not wearing this dress!" Eliza yelled out from the other room. "I look stupid, and girly, and... and... and stupid!"

"You really don't like it?" Betty looked around the corner.

Eliza wore a delightful black dress that showed off her curves without being too revealing. The back was open, letting her wings get plenty of room. She looked over and pouted. "If Drayce or Aemilia saw me, I bet they'd laugh at me."

"If you friends laughed at you for breathing, would you hold your breath until you passed out?" Erin asked.

Eliza folded her arms. "If I did it now, would it get me out of wearing this dress?" she asked defiantly. Her mental age matched her physical age, that of an older, fussy teen.

"It's okay... You don't have to wear the dress." Betty held up her arms. "Alzhough I zhink you look awesome in it..."

"You... you really think so?" Eliza looked in the mirror. "You're not just saying so to make me wear it?"

"Of course not." Betty knelt down, looking her in her eyes.

Eliza smiled for a moment, then frowned and sighed. "Well... if you like it, I guess I'll stay in it."

"Honey... You don't have to do it just to make me happy." Betty put a hand on her shoulder.

Eliza scrunched up her nose. "But you said I look awesome. And I'm all about looking awesome. So... I'll keep it. Besides, I want to look good for my new sister. Will she be here soon?"

"Mmhm. We should probably go and meet her at the front." Betty turned to her lover, offering to hold her hand.

Erin gripped it tightly. There was a slight shake of anticipation, and nervousness, to it. "Let's go welcome her to the family."

Making their way out to the door, the group of three looked out the window in the lobby. Betty was smiling as she scanned the area outside. "She'll be here soon..."

"How soon?" Eliza asked anxiously, seemingly also nervous. "I mean... w-what if she doesn't make it for some reason?"

Betty furrowed her brow, "Why... Would they not make it...?"

Eliza lowered her gaze. "Bad things happen in your home country, remember? Bad things... like what happened to you." Erin turned her gaze to the side slightly.

"She should have someone with her... Some li-" Suddenly, her sentence was inturrupted by a carriage pulling up in front. "Zhat must be her!"

Erin grabbed her hand. "Well, come on! We should be the first thing she sees, yes?"

"Mmhm!" Betty nodded, making her way outside.

When they got to the car, the back door opened and the little girl they had met poked her head out, locking eyes with them and smiling softly. "H-Hi... You're all... Bigger than I thought..."

The demon girl rushed over, taking Pearl's hands. Her wings shook with excitement. "And you're just the right size! I'm Eliza, but... you already knew that, huh?"

"Yes. Your wings are pretty... Are you a bat?" Pearl asked innocently.

"A bat...?" Eliza snickered. "Oh, like a bat Thrope! No, no, I'm a demon! Pretty cool, huh? You get a demon for a big sister!"

"A Demon...? Like in the stories Momma told me?" Pearl looked her up and down again. "You don't look like one..."

Betty tilted her head, "What did your Mom say they looked like?"

The little girl tapped her chin lightly, pointing at one of the Human guards standing at the gate.

He looked over, blinking a few times at the comparison. "Like... big and imposing?" Erin asked.

She shook her head, "Like Humans."

"Oh..." Betty looked down.

"She's a product of the Themosan Slave Trade alright..." A voice said, James stepping around the corner. "Hey. I just wanted to make she she didn't get into any trouble on the way here."

Erin nodded. "Thank you, though I am surprised you came all this way yourself."

"It's fine. We ran into some Bandits near a castle just outside town, but they weren't trouble, doubt their friends will even know they're gone until tomorrow." James responded show-offingly.

"Oh, that must have been scary for you." Eliza gave her new sister a big, toothy grin. "Don't worry. From now on, if anyone messes with you, I'll be the one to protect you." He eyes briefly flashed red.

"Oooh..." Pearl giggled. "Spooky eyes."

The little girl then frowned, "Are you sure... You really want me...?"

Erin knelt in front of her, making them near the same height. "Now, why would you question that? You mother is a friend of Betty's, we would love another little one to care for together, and I haven't seen such an adorable girl since... well, since Eliza was smaller. You are so well mannered, and I bet behind that pretty face and rosey cheeks is a big, intelligent brain. We would love to have you."

Pearl shook off her frown, but still seemed unsure. "Even if I'm not... Pretty looking? Or rich...?"

"You're plenty pretty, and money doesn't matter. We're here to take care of you, not buy you." Erin looked back to Betty for support.

The Fly walked up, patting the little girl on the head. "Yeah, you're a part of our family now, no matter what."

Pearl sighed happily, looking past them. "So... Is this your house? It's big."

Eliza giggled. "Yes and no. Come on. Let's take a look around. I'll show you all the sights."

Pearl went off to follow Eliza while James walked up, smirking at Betty. "She'll have a good time with you... Oh! And remember to keep in mind, she's around the age for her affinity, but if you can raise a Demon, one little Thrope girl should be a breeze."

Erin rubbed the back of her neck. "It is a troubling time, though. When a Thrope must come to terms with what they'll be for the rest of their life. I struggled with it. I hope we can handle it."

"It's a hell of a lot better than her being cooped up in a cave for this important time, or with Humans who would try to force her to into cages with Monsters and other rare animals to try and bond her with them." James crossed his arms, "Sorry. This is a happy time for you two, please, show her around."

"Thank you... Fancypants, right?" Betty confirmed, causing him to nod. "We really appreciate all you and the Railroad has done for us..."

"Don't mention it." He tilted his back slightly.

"Is she afraid of Humans?" Erin asked. "The guild is primarily composed of Humans, with one as the head of it. Do you think it is a major cause for concern?"

"Doesn't seem like it, it just seems like her Mother tried imparting her hatred into her... How much of that stuck is... Anyone's guess..." James replied plainly.

Erin sighed softly. "How are things going for you and the Railroad?"

"Eventful... Ever since we rescued you people have been paying much more attention to the Resistance than to us... That and the demon attack, we've been able to rescue easily double the slaves we usually do." Fancypants explained.

Erin nodded. "I heard Bevland needs to recuperate their population, so they are taking many more immigrants, including Themosan Thropes."

"Most people we send out go there. But they have their own problems now, don't they..." James replied as The two lovers heard Pearl speak behind them.

"Whoa!" The Child exclaimed, her voice filled with excitement.

Erin quickly turned around. "What is it, dear?"

Standing in the doorway was a familiar spider thrope, her hood down to reveal her face, alongside her Mother Reah.

The Rat Snake Thrope lowered herself, smiling at her. "You must be my niece's new Daughter, you are adorable!"


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Pearl of Sunshine
Part Two

Nina put a hand on her hip, "Welcome. I'm your first cousin, once removed. I know, complicated. Basically, I'm your GrandAunt's Daughter."

"Betty's Family is really big..." She muttered to herself, her eyes focusing on Nina's many. "And kinda cool..."

Eliza grinned, looking over everyone. "Yeah, we're a cool bunch. And you... you'll probably end up being the coolist."

Pearl's face clearly showed she had some doubt of that as she gave James a wave goodbye, the Thrope getting in his carriage.

"Good luck out there." Betty smiled, turning back towards him.

"And try and stay as safe as possible," Erin added.

"You all do the same, don't make our hard work for nothing now." He joked, the mechanized wagon starting up and taking off away from the Manor.

Erin quickly turned to the new arrival. "So... what do you want to do first? Are you hungry?"

Pearl felt her belly grumble just at the thought of food. "You mean like... Real food?"

Betty glanced over at Erin, then back at Pearl, "Oh yeah, real food."

The Nine year old girl looked excited, more excited than one might expect. "Really?! Let's go then!"

The group made their way to the mess hall, Eliza pointing everything out on the way. Up at the counter, Erin pointed to the chef and said, "Now, tell the man whatever you want, and he'll make it."

"Is he magic!" Pearl ran up before she got an answer, getting on her tip-toes. "Magic Man! I... I want... Cake!"

Betty laughed, "For Dinner?"

"Is that bad?" She asked innocently.

Erin chuckled herself. "Normally, it probably isn't the best for you, but we can let it slide this time. What is your favorite kind? Chocolate perhaps?"

"Strawberry!" Pearl hopped excitedly, looking over at the cook.

"Strawberry, huh?" The cook grinned and leaned forward. "How does a big slice of strawberry shortcake sound to you, little one?"

"Ah-mazing..." She giggled, bouncing slightly.

He walked to the back, and came over with a large slice a minute later. "Lucky for you, this happens to be Lady Havenbrook's favorite kind of cake and she wants a few slices ready at all times."

Pearl's eyes widened, "This is... All for me?"

Betty sat down next to her, "It is."

The little girl visibly shook, taking a fork and digging in viciously, recoiling when it touched her tongue. "It's sooo good..."

Eliza nodded. "And when we get to your new room, I have some chocolate you can have. You can eat and eat until you have a tummy ache."

"Is it fancy chocolate?" Pearl looked back at Erin, her mouth covered in cake.

Erin smiled pleasantly as she watched her. "Pretty fancy. Just... don't eat the chocolates in her green box. You... won't like them."

"Um... Okay." Pearl seemed confused, but didn't mind. "What else do you have here? Do you have a swimming pool?"

"I zhink we have an indoor one." Betty tapped her chin.

Pearl's eyes lit up, "You have everything! Show me! Show me!"

Eliza nodded, jumping up and taking her hand. "Only a look for now, okay?" Erin said quickly. "Don't need you getting a cramp right after eating."

"Ooookaay..." She complained, but was still smiling.

Eliza led her to the rather large indoor pool, kept warm or cool depending on the time of year, by an expensive magic system. "Not bad, huh?" the demon teen asked, keeping her distance from the water.

"It's amazing..." The Little Thrope girl gasped out, the entire thing bigger than her old room.

A blonde woman in a one piece walked over, using a towel to wupe her hair. "So this is her, huh? You must be tired after such a long trip."

Pearl smiled, "Slept most of the way..."

Betty tilted her head, "I'm sorry, I don't recognize you... It's probably ze wet hair throwing me off."

Erin giggled. "It's Lady Havenbrook, dear."

Mina laughed. "Probably not used to seeing me out of fancy clothes either. But swimming is my favorite form of excercise, and it is good for the baby."

Betty blushed, hiding her face. "Mina, I'm sorry I didn't recognize you... This is so embarrassing..."

Mina waved her hand. "Forget about it. With the belly, a lot of people don't even when I'm not in a swimsuit soaking wet." She crouched down. "So you're pearl, huh?"

She looked up at Mina, "Yes... Are you the Mina from the video thing?"

She nodded. "That's me. I understand... that humans have put you through a lot. And you have little reason to trust me. But I am here to help. To help Betty and Erin.. and Eliza, of course, to keep you safe. My home is your home."

"That sounds weird to hear... I hope you're not... Tricking me... I would like to have a family..." Pearl said, seeming nervous.

"No tricks. No gimmicks. Just a heartfelt welcome." Mina looked up at Betty and Erin. "Which is why I'm moving you all to one of the master bed rooms. More then enough for the four of you, and Veeti, to be a nice, happy family together."

Betty covered her mouth, "Really? Are you sure? You're not... Kicking anyone out are you?"

Mina shook her head and waved her hand dismissively. "Don't think anything of it."

"Already did." Betty answered, walking closer. "You know... Mina... I see you as family too..."

Mina chuckled and leaned forward, whispering, "You sure that's a good idea. You know how my family usually ends up."

"Well. Zhat's good zhen. Because everyone here is like your family.' Betty point out, offering her another hug.

Mina gave her one, laughing slightly. "Thank you, Betty. Really."

"Right, Erin?" Betty looked back, noticing her silence.

Erin chuckled. "Right. Now, let's head back to our room so you can change out of those now wet clothes."

Betty looked down, then back up at Mina, only just realizing it. She chuckled lightly, "Yeah... C'mon Pearl, wanna see your new room?"

She walked over, carefully wrapping her hand around a few of Betty's fingers, as if still believing there was something up, but after a moment, she reassured herself, nodding up at her new Moms.

Their room was one of the largest in the manor, needing to be to accommodate five people. Still, compared to the rooms Pearl had seen for five or more people, it was huge. Everything had been taken care of, and the second smallest bed, perfect sized for Pearl, was covered in pink and blue sheets and pillows, with several stuffed animals to boot.

Pearl gasped, taking a running dive into her new bed, bouncing slightly but landing in the perfect position, "It's so soft!"

Betty looked at the girl contently, wrapping her arms around Erin and Eliza.

Erin smiled up at Betty. "Thank you. If it wasn't for you and who you handled Eliza, I would never have been prepared for one child. Now we have two. And I couldn't be happier."

"Who knew we'd come so far?" The Fly brought her head up to Erin's, gently kissing her temple. "Zhere's just one zhing to do now..."

"Oh? And that is, love?"

"Find my parents. Now zhat everything with Tecunte is over I can devote more time to search for them..." She replied somberly.

Erin held her tightly, leaning against her and smiling. Suddenly as if cued to break their moment, Magdalene almost slid around the corner behind them, the wool under her eyes wet with tear stains. "B-Betty... Erin... I've been looking everywhere for you..."

Erin's heart skipped a beat. "What... what is it, Mags?"

"It's... Esmeralda..." Magdalene huffed out, fear in her eyes. "Charter came back from a shopping trip and told us that she was taken..."

The Sheep took in a deep breath, "By an... Old one."

Erin's fist tightened angrily. "This... will not... stand. Old One or otherwise."

However, Betty was just frozen, unmoving, like she had locked up. The Fly wanted to run, but her legs betrayed her as she whispered to herself. "Not again...'

"B-Betty?" The Sheep said with concern, but got no response, Betty only whispering as she trembled slightly.

"N-Not again..."

"Betty..." Erin wrapped her arms around Betty. "We'll get her back. I swear."

Tears ran down from Betty's eyes as she just stood still, "Why... Why does zhis have to happen...? Why aren't we allowed to just be happy... Why is zhere no peace... Or rest... Why do they keep taking people away from me...?"

Pearl sat up in her bed, gripping the covers lightly as she watched, her face saddening.


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The fallowing is done by Dhalexpert & Frostlitch1228

Vampire youth

Drăculești 275 years ago, Alice was walking down the street drinking a bag of blood a bored expression on her face. "Ugh this place is so borring, by the gods three's nothing to do around here it's the same thing over and over and over again!" Alice shouted.

Suddenly, Alice felt something playfully slap her head, looking up, it was the tall Dhampir that trained with her, her close friend Kva. "You know, if you're bored I could kick your ass again today."

“Hay come on now, I’m only twenty years old. You’re like seventy you’ve had way more training then I did.”

"That's fair." Kva frazzled Alice's hair up. "Don't worry, you'll be able to stand up to me some day, pipsqeak."

"Please don't call me pipsqueak, you know I hate that. Besides It's not like I have much to do around here, I'm no longer in school, so all I can do all day is train."

"It sucks, but you'll get used to it. At least it’s better than when I was your age and there was a war going on I wasn't allowed to fight it." Kva shrugged casually.

"Umm, it's just I wish we can go outside the city you know? Go where we want see more of the world and see everything it has to offer and see the actual moon for once."

"I'm sure it wouldn't be that impressive... But I agree... Being cramped up in here is a pain, and who knows how long it will they let us leave again..." The Half-Elf nodded, looking far up at the city's ceiling.

“I know I just hope my sister can convince the council to open our door to the world, I hope the world is as beautiful as I imagine it.”

"Don't forget, my Mother and Father are trying their bests too, she'll have some serious pull, and she’s a war icon." Kva stated, "The way she sees it, this blockade was a good idea twenty years ago when the war first ended, but we can't keep ourselves here forever. We have to leave sometime and I'm inclined to agree, but until the council rules in our favor, we are stuck."

“Ugh and that’s what’s so frustrating, just the waiting but you’re right they can’t keep this up forever they have to let us out and I’m sure people don’t want to be stuck here.”

"That I'm not sure about. You know some of these nobles love being waited on hand and foot by their servants."

"Ugh nobles, I swear they don't make things easy always wanting things that they don't deserve. Always wanting to be pampered and always take the easy way out."

"Tell me about it... Good thing my Mother is a warrior first and a noble second." Kva added.

"Let's just hope that's enough, I highly doubt it but I can hope that's all I can do."

Suddenly, two people walked into their path, a tall, white haired dark elf holding a thick metal cane, as well as a young dark elf woman with a black ponytail who looked in her teens, however, Alice recognized them instantly as Kva's Father and their family's personal serv, who had always treated them all like family, willingly: Her name was Atalya.

Kva's Father, Jacque-Le De-Minerva, drove his cane into the ground to get their attention. "Surprised to find you out here. Don't you two have training soon?"

"Don't we train enough? Give us a break for today, will you old man?" The Dhampir rolled her shoulders.

“Yeah I’ve been training for weeks now, I could use the break. Besides it’s not like there’s anything else to do around here.”

He held up a hand, "Tell that to Lanathel, not me. You have to know how yo defend yourselves if you do get that gate open. While both of your magic is good, it needs to be better, the two of you need more control. Especially you, daughter."

"Control... Pfft... The world should see my strength." Kva argued. "Besides it's more fun that way."

Jacque placed his head in his hand, shaking it slowly. "In a real fight, if you don't pace yourself, you'll die. You rely too much on your abilities Kva, it's becoming a crutch."

Alice giggled at Kva.” He does have a point, rely on strength alone won’t always help you l, magic and strength Ou no one can stop that.”

"And you, Alice. You need to remember not to fall into the same trap, you can't focus all your attention on Lanathel's Training, you have a long way to go in physical combat, don't think I haven't noticed you slacking off in my training lately." The Elf pointed his cane towards Alice.

Alice sighed.” Yes sir I will try and get better with close combat.”

"Right. Now... Enjoy your breaks." He added, twirling his cane as he walked off, leaving Atalya to talk to them by herself.

She bowed gently. "Hi Lady Alice. Lady Kva. You both look wonderful today."

Alice bowed her head out of respect and curses.” Um doing well ladyAtalya how are you?”

"Oh. You don't need to call me that Lady Alice. You are too kind to me." She smiled. "I am well, and I have recovered enough to offer you more blood, if either of you would like."

"Not so soon after last time. After that soiree of my Mother's you were basically a husk." Kva held up a hand.

“I don’t need blood at the moment, don’t wanna take all of your blood now. Just make sure you drink plenty of water alright.

"Uh... Don't tell anyone I said this but... Lady Kva, your Mother was really frustrated this morning. I heard her muttering angrily through the door, something about the council." Atalya leaned in close.

Kva crossed her arms. "Sounds like she is getting all the pushback... Of course. Why can't they trust my Mother when she says Mortals can change... My Dad is living proof."

“Because the council is nothing but a bunch of cowards, afraid of their own shadows. If it’s up to them we will never leave this city.”

"I'm sure they just want to keep you safe." Atalya reassured, not wanting to start a fight, however.

“Say whatever you want I still think there cowards, I’m just hopping my sister can convince them to open our gates. But enough about the council, were on our break let’s go have fun.”

"Sounds good to me! Are we going to break something?" Kva stretched, grinning crazily.

“Not sure we can, no real good place to lay low and it’s not we can steal ether. Ugh this place is so boring it hurts!”

"Be careful you two
"Don't worry Atalya we won't get into any, well too much trouble any way besides I might just find myself a partner to mess around with. Hell not like there's anything else to do. “I’d be heartbroken if you got into any trouble." Atalya chimed.

The servant blushed, covering her mouth. "Oh... Well, you know... I'd be happy to oblige you, if you didn't mind..." She spiraled a lock of hair around a finger. "I am here to serve..."

Alice smiled. “As nice as that sounds, I think I will try my luck with some guys more competitive that way. Though I’m sure Kva will like that she's always swung both ways."

"I'm just not picky..." Kva added, shrugging. "Sorry, Talia, not interested, I see you like family.

"You do...? Truly?" She smiled.

"Why wouldn't I? You've been with us for years." The Dhampir smiled.

“Well I mean yeah why wouldn’t she see you as family, I mean you live with her you two get along great why would she see you as a servent?”

Atalya blinked. "Because I am one."

"You put yourself down too much. We don't see you as worth less than us." Kva tried to convince her.

“Yea I mean you’re not a slave, we don’t beat you or lash you or whatever the hell slave owners do. Look just have some confidence in yourself Alright?”

"I'm sorry... You're just both..." She looked away. "So Cool... And I'm just a lady..."

“Please I’m nothing more than a vampire, granted we both have eternal live if we stay out of the sun or whatever that is. But other than that we’re not special.”

Kva raised a finger. "Not eternal, about a thousand years... Give or take."

“Well will get to that bridge on who’s right when that happens. For let’s Go Kva I wanna enjoy my day off with some dates.” Alice protests.

"Dates?" She laughed. "Like what kind?"

“The fun kind, with drinking and eating laughs the fun shit. Now let’s go before I get so board I wanna start training more.”

"Fine, Talia, come on." Kva motioned for her to follow. "Right. Where are we going then? Hopefully not somewhere too grown up, we have Allie here after all. I remember when she was wearing cute bunny skirts."

“I was a child then you damn bastard, you know what just for that we’re going to the one inn you hat more than anything!”

"I'll always see that little girl when I look at you. I watched you grow up basically." Kva patted her on her the back. "I just need to remind myself you're different now. All grown up."

“Please do I hate when people see me as a child, now can we go now.”

"Of course. Lead the way." She smiled.


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The fallowing is done by Dhalexpert & Blackout

A vampire meeting a mysterious warrior

Helvan jungles

Armor-clad boots thumped heavily at a rhythmic pace, almost at a pace that could rival clockwork. Smoke billowed in the distance, the armored figure's goal. Quickly, the trudging noise quieted to an extensive degree, yet the figure persisted. "She should be around here..." A deep, feminine voice whispered.

The armored woman continue walking til she found a camp filled with warriors, some making weapons others butchering animals,, monsters in cages and catapults and battering rams being constructed.

The armored woman merely stood still, as if she was a statue erected for some forgotten battle. In truth, she was scanning the world around her, trying to hear or see any potential threats before proceeding.

A woman came from behind her with her sword on her back." I'm gonna say this once turn away from this camp it's for your own good, we have nothing for you here."

"Do you always treat guests this way? Or am I special case?" The armored woman replied with a chuckle. "But moreover, you do have something, or rather someone, here that I wish to see. So, I'd rather see if this is the correct... army, as it were by meeting with your leader."

Satako kept her sword neat the back of the woman head." I'm threatening you because you don't belong here, trust me i'm doing you a favor, and more to the point what do you want with my leader?"

The figure shrugged. "To see if they're who I'm looking for. If they are, I'll talk to them. If not, I leave. I do not intend to cause trouble today."

Satoko growled and poked her sword at the woman.” Move it then.”

"As you wish" The mystery woman replied, complying with Satoko.

Satoko put her sword back In its holster and escorted the black armored woman, she saw a arena and two people fighting in it.

"Nice. Training the weaker recruits via experience, or do you train them with veterans?" The figure asked.

“I’ll tell you once my master says what to do with you.” Satoko continued to escort to a large tent, once inside the woman saw Alice sharpening what looked to be a dulled bladed ax.” What is it?”

You have a guest master.” Leave us then.” Satoko bowed her head and left.” Now who are you?

"I am the Black Knight and you seem to be the woman I was looking for. Before you ask who I actually am, no, I am under an oath of sorts to not reveal that information as I lose all rights to a name when I wear this armor. Now," The woman said, the armor . "I have reason to believe you are quite strong for your age and well... I would like to ask if you'd be willing to help me with a problem."

“Okay a few things first of all, nice to know my reputation is getting around. And second I’m not a mercenary I’m a conqueror of nations.”

"Ah, youthful arrogance..." The Knight sighed. "Sure. You're a conqueror of nations. You probably have Gods or Goddesses backing you and judging by your army, you'll take over in a few decades, unless the Nations band together to take you out, which may happen in the future."

"Regardless, I come here in regards to your skills; I believe you can subdue people without lethal force. That is, unless your skills have been exaggerated, young one?

Ok I know my race has been gone for a long time, but this young one crap is ridiculous.” Now instead of you beating around the bush just tell me what you want.”

"I want to eradicate slavery, starting with Themosa. I could give you plenty of morally good reasons why, but I doubt you care. There are plenty of things I can offer you as recompense for your time... but what do you want, Alice?" The Knight asked, tilting her head slightly.

“Lady I’m in the middle of planning a raid against Helvan, and the slaves that will be there as well I’m not using my resources for someone I just met.”

"I'm not asking for soldiers or any war materials from you. I am asking for you personally." The woman replied, unmoving and unyielding in tone.

“Really now.” Alice put her ax down and walked to the woman.” You come to my camp and ask me to help a complete stranger with freeing slaves, and what do I get out of this Hum?

"Like I said, you'll be compensated within reason." The Knight offered, before tilting her head. "So... I'll let you choose. I do not know what a conqueror would want nor would I presume to know what you want."

“What do I want, I want those slaves to join me and my army. After all you can never have to many soldiers.”

"If they choose to join you, then that is fine. I will not force them to make that decision, as that does exceed reasonable payment." The armored woman said stonily.

"And if I were to take them by force what, in the gods name can you do about it I wonder?"

"Well, I obviously could try to kill you, but that would serve no one any good. I could rally the Nations of the world to fight you, but I do not wish to engage in politics. And if I wanted to, I could bring someone from your past to come and face you, but I am not the cruel type." The Knight explained, tilting her head to the other side. "But the thing that would more than likely happen is that if you took them by force, the rest of the little team I have assembled of strong individuals would try to subdue you, with some familiar faces among them."

"Ugh threats don't work on me and there no past you can dig up for me to suffer under, rally the nations against me they won't believe you anyway. Look i'll help you if only to get these slaves to join my cause."

"Then do it by presenting a good image to them. Forcing them into your ranks will breed hatred for you amd spark revolt." The Knight replied, her stance indicating disapproval. "And regardless, effectively imprisoning those you rescue into your forces is a bad way of making me want your help. Makes me think that maybe I should take my leave of you."

Bit me woman I’m not here to impress you, I just met you and you have a long way to impress me.”

"Then perhaps a sparring session is in order? Of course, it'd be with wooden weapons as I do not wish to injure you." The woman replied, resting a hand on the hilt of her sword.

"Humm Satako!"

"Yes master what can I do for you?"

"Get me some wooden weapons, and tell Wulfric to clear the arena."

"It will be done." Satako left the tent and Alice looked at the woman.

"Are you sure you want this, woman?"

"I am sure." The Knight replied, cracking her neck.

"Very well then let's get this over with." Alice escorted the woman to her makeshift arena and grabbed a wooden ax." Last chance outsider you could walk away."

The Knight grabbed a wooden blade and swung it a couple of times to get the feel of it. "I decline." She responded, before launching towards the woman with speed that surpassed most mortal races, her blade flying in a flurry of strikes to distract Alice from a hard kick that was coming her way.

Alice blocked the kick and grinned.” Wow that would catch most people off guard, Good thing I’m not most people.” Alice tossed the woman to the ground, she then circled around the woman whistling.” Come on you have to try harder.”

The woman stood up, and continued her flurry of precise blows, using her weapon's reach to avoid her attacks, but readied her armored fist just in case Alice came too close.


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Part 2

Alice started to block the attacks using her ax to parry them, Alice finally slammed her ax across the woman side.

The attack made the armored woman stumble, but she kept up her attack, closing in to use her gauntlet as a weapon as well as the practice sword. She swung hard with her gauntlet into the Vampire's side, while her wooden sword swiped at Alice's head.

Alice stumbled back and grabbed her side and cheek.” Alright play time is over.” Alice gripped the world ax and changed the woman with speed never seen by any race on Tera, Alice gripped the ax with both her hands and swung at the armored woman.

The wooden sword barely managed to get up into a defensive stance before the blow was struck, a grunt of pain being Alice's reward. "Showboating would've gotten you killed had that been a serious blow with a real weapon, Alice. Relax yourself and focus on how you fight." The masked woman coached, a foot striking at the Vampire's knee, along with another hard punch aimed at Alice's face.

Alice blacked the woman punch and slowly got up.” Ou you want me to be serious, I just wanted to give my men a good show. But fine then.” Alice drove her elbow into the woman’s forearm she then kicked the woman knee, bringing her down. Alice then grabbed the knight head and slammed it into her knee.

The Knight slowly got up, somewhat unsteadily, as an excited laugh echoed out of the helmet. "Perhaps I should be more serious as well, then." The Knight stiffened for a moment, relaxing after a second with a sigh. She practically flew at Alice and swung her blade in multiple precise strikes, each attack weaving into another, almost like the Knight was dancing, save for the uppercut she threw at Alice's jaw.

Alice landed on the ground her men cheering for Alice.” Come on boss get up, stop playing with this maggot. Yeah we know you’re better than that!”

Alice slowly stood up and looked at the woman.” Quiet boys I need sport from time to time to. I have to admit though you’re not bad tell me something are you a vampire by the way?”

"I could be. I could also be using magic to enhance my speed. Maybe my armor lets me move faster. But I cannot tell you more than hints about who or what I am." The armored woman replied, offering a tilt of her head as she got into a defensive stance, ready to jump back away from Alice were she to attack.

Alice suddenly appeared behind the woman." Well that's a shame because if you were a vampire you would have seen be coming behind you." When the armored woman turned around Alice kicked her in the gut sending her three feet away from Alice.

The Knight was up in seconds, returning the favor with a punch of her own, as well as a hard strike that nearly splintered when it hit Alice's groin.

Alice fell to the ground her being hit in the groin." That's cheating you damn bitch!"

"So is using vampiric tricks to get behind me and hit me. Now before you try to fight me for real, let's agree to both spar more fairly and to not be rude to each other." The armored woman said in a monotone voice, flicking the blade to the side as if to get some non-existent blood off.

“Fair enough.” Alice quickly stood up and within seconds she was in front of the woman and punched the woman stomach, leaving a dent in the armor.

As she staggered backwards, the Knight's wooden sword smashed into Alice's head, breaking the wood in two. "Well... I... ugh... think we are going to need to stop at about this point, or we might end up trying to kill each other." She managed to get out in a groan, gently rubbing the dent.

Half-bowing with a grunt, the knight said in a friendly tone, "Thank you, Lady Alice. It was an honor to spar with you. I hope you'll consider my proposal, once you're calm."

"I said I would work with you didn't I, this was just for entertainment for my men. They don't often get to see me fight for fun."

The Knight nodded. "Thank you. I apologize for my petty reprisals; you did not deserve to get hit where you did." Pausing for a moment, she coughed and teied to change the subject. "I trust you'll let me walk away unaccompanied? I do not like being followed and tend to... overreact."

“You can leave, but know this if you tell anyone especially the guards in the capital of Halvan. I will find you and I won’t be as nice the second time.”

"Of course. Helvan is not my friend, considering their slave trade. I will not tell a soul." The woman vowed, her bow deepening.

“Please don’t bow, I’m not royalty and you’re not one of my soldiers.”

"You heard me out and answered my request. To not show you this much respect would be to insult you and everyone here." She replied, still bowing.

Alice rolled her eyes at the knight.” You best leave quickly, you have a long trip ahead of you and I have a city to conquer.”

"Alright. Take care, Alice of Drăculești." The warrior said, as she began walking out of the camp.

“Ugh, people.” Alice went back to her tent and continued to sharpen her new weapon.


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Frostlich1228 & ZombieSplitter53
Dark Plans Afoot

Oct. 10th, 3349

A pitch black cave yawned open in all directions, cries and inaudible murmurings echoed off the walls from an unknown source. The only lights were from runes, far in the back of this expanse, runes glowed green with energy, forming the outline of a rectangle standing lengthwise. In the center of this was a large, eye-like rune, formed of squares and rectangles, that pulsed with an ephemeral, otherworldly power.

Suddenly, something shifted in the dark, a number of small, green, glowing spots became visible in the void, eminating a dreadful, soft crackling.

"Any moment... I can hardly wait..." It whispered, the voice echoing, changing pitch and tone unnaturally, almost at random. "So soon... Master..."

A dark presence could be felt even before it arrived. From the shadows, he appeared, his symbol briefly flashing as if to announce his arrival, the Old One in Yellow stepped forth.

The glowing lights shot up, hovering towards him as they swayed.

"Master Hastur." The voice said, becoming distinctly female. "It's so good to see you."

"Hmm... it is good to be among one who shows me proper respect." The yellow moved about as though dozens of tentacles were stretching. "Mortals show no respect lately. But you and you colleagues... you know respect."

The dots then glowed brighter, revealing a long, octopus like face, sillhouetted by tentacles in place her of mouth and hanging down from her skin. The lithe, feminine looking creature, seemed almost like it was starved, her form far too thin for it to be normal. Finally, the source of the dots were revealed, the tips of each of the dozen or so tentacles glowed, pulsing slightly with magic.

For attire, she wore a long green robe with a long trail, as if trying to emulate the Master before her, as well as a hood and a veil over her face. "I would never dream of disrespecting my Master... It is unthinkable..."

"Good, good." Hastur stepped forward and looked around. "How goes your work? And that of the other guardians?"

"My siblings? They are... As they have been. My Sister under the waves still works with your brother, and by extension us... For now." The Eldritch creature spoke. "While our Brute of a Brother leaves us very much to our devices, his service to Yig being of little nuisance."

"And what of you, my dear? Surely your service would never waver from the of the great Hastur, yes?"

She giggled ethereally. "Even if I were to, who else would I serve? Shub'Niggarath? Ithaqua? No; No one fits me quite as well as you Master..."

"I don't know. Perhaps the only one I would serve. Like say... my father?" he asked cryptically. He had the tone of one smiling evily. "Too bad he can not exist in this dimension, right?"

"Unless we do something about it..." She placed a long finger over her tendrils.

Hastur leaned close. "And what would you say if I told you I found a way to bring him here? That within a year, the world will be ours?"

"I would say that such a feat is to be expected from my glorious Master..." She replied softly and happily. "May I inquire of you to share your discovery?"

Hastur cackled. He opened a tear in space. "How would you like to meet the one who will change everything, amd finally let us rule this pathetic world... or destroy it, if that be father's whim?"

Her cheekbones raised slightly, as if smiling, "Please... I would love to..."

Hastur led her through the rift. The pair were in a temple castle far, far in the mountains, the cold and lack of air a problem for those minions not yet used to it, but the dark beings barely noticed. Hastur walked with his loyal follower into the building, a grand structure that was equal parts impressive and menacing. "How long has it been since you were last here?"

"Feels like Ages. I've spent so much time trying to unlock that damndable door..." She sighed. "The Terrian Gods may be weak, but they are skilled at being a thorn in my side..."

"Come." Hastur slowly walked along the corridors. There was no hurry. "What would you say if I told you that the key to our problems lie in the hands of a mortal? A pure mortal, the opposite of any of us, at that?"

"I'd certainly be surprised. But equally intrigued..." The Veiled Monster chuckled lightly.

Hastur stopped at a rather large bedroom door. "Please... go in and inyroduce yourself. And do try to be kind. She is our honored guest, after all." He opened the door to a lush, beautiful master-size bedroom. As he did, a Light Elf suddenly jumped off of the King-sized bed and made a run for the door, a light-magic orb in her hand.

The Robed Creature casually held up a hand, sending a powerful mental blast at her. It crashed into her like a wave, hitting her with a migraine so intense it forced her to the ground.

"Now, now, Esmeralda." Hastur shook his head. "Haven't we taken good care of you?" He turned to his colleague. "Please, introduce yourself and your position to her."

"I am Xelitha'qha, Gaurdian and Watcher to one of the Gates to Our Realm." She placed a hand on her chest. "But I know you mortals have a hard time with the pronunciation... So you may call me Xelia."

"Xelia...?" Esmeralda slowly picked herself up off the floor. "I don't... understand. What... Gates to Our Realm? Gates to where? And there are more of you?"

"To the world we're from. What you would call 'The Old Ones'." Xelia explained. "Although I am not one myself, I come from that world, along with my two siblings. Each of us guards a gate."

The Tall Eldritch Creature knelt down, getting more on her level. "You should be honored to be chosen to aid My Master and I... You're a very Special Woman, Esmeralda..."

Esmeralda looked a way. "A well taken prisoner is still a prisoner..."

Hastur sighed. "You may roam the castle when I feel you are fit, but for now I fear you might try something foolish like trying to go down the mountain. And we can't have you freezing or starving or being eaten by wolves, can we." He moved next to Xelitha'qha. "Look at it this way. What do the humans always say? Something about there always being hope as long as you hold out. So be good... and maybe your beloved with swoop in, kill me, and save you. Right, my dear?"

"Who knows, he was trained by the Warlord God right?" Xelia shrugged, her face tentacles twitching slightly.

"That's right, so you better watch yourselves!" Es folded her arms and pouted, walking over to the bed and sitting down.

Hastur would be smiling if he had the lips for it. "What do you think?" he asked softly. "Isn't she just the most wonderfully pure fool?"

"She's adorable. She must have so many happy little memories in that head of hers..." Xelitha'qha glanced back over. "She'd make an excellent snack... Or a lovely little pet... Maybe if there's enough left of her after whatever it is you plan to do..."

"You may have her if father doesn't want her," Hastur promised. "Preparations are in order. She must be turned. Purity will be flipped, but for that to happen, she must commit the three sins. The Sin of the Enemy, the Sin of the Innocent, and the Sin of the Loved One. We can not force her. It doesn't work that way. But we can... influence her. Point her in the right direction."

"I could most certainly help with that..." Xelia replied with a sinister tone. "I can play with her mind any way you see fit Master. I can find every secret, every fear, every hope, every insignificant detail... All painlessly of course, I could even have her enjoy it."

Hastur nodded. "I will need you to do that. The more we can manipulate her without her knowing, the better. My next request, however... you might not like."

"And that is...?" The Grey Skinned 'Woman' asked with some apprehension.

Hastur leaned forward. "I'm going to need you to get along with your siblings... and convince them to convince Yig and my brother to talk to me."

Her eyes widened. "Master, truly? They are... Hardly worth conversing with... My Sister will likely agree, she is amenable to reason... But I expect she will be lording her superiority over me the entire time... She is insufferably arrogant... But My Brother... He's like speaking to a wall of meat, he barely has the mental capacity to stop stuffing his face of flesh long enough to form a coherent sentence..."

Hastur held up his hands. "Please, my dear. I did not say it would be an easy task. But it is needed. You have time. It has nearly been another 335 years. This coming June will be the tenth Crimson Moon since the Year of Darkness. You have more then three quarters of a year, but I need their power. If we fail, we will have to wait another 3350 years, and even I don't have that much patience."

She lowered her head. "Very well, Master... But I would like to spend more time with you..."

"Of course, my dear." Hastur wrapped a tentacle around her shoulder. "Come. Let us regail each other with tales of fright and woe over some tea. How does that sound?"

"Splendid." She nodded, the tips of her tendrils glowing brighter. "Now... I have to ask... Do you want the Information gathering to be subtle, or the Manipulation?"

"Both," the Old One answered. "Like you aren't even there. She can't know we are looking into her mind or manipulating her at all. I trust you to that though. You're a master of your craft."

"Yes. But there's a sort of... Art... To doing it close... It's far more enjoyable as well..." Xelia shrugged. "Oh well. I can make it undetectable, it'll just take a little longer..."

Hastur nodded confidentially, the pair walking off to enjoy themselves while Esmeralda sipped on a delightful tasting drink, unaware of the plots afoot.


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The fallowing is done by Frostlitch & Dhalexpert

Broken friendship

It was a dark and Rainy night as Kva approached the castle, stealthily and carefully avoiding any of Alice's outside Bandit Guards who would likely force her to kill them, which would make what she had to do much more annoying.

Finally making her way to the Castle Door, Kva spotted two guards and quickly hid in a nearby bush, taking a rock and chucking it behind the corner from them.

The two bandits quickly looked at each other, walking away from the door to check it out, Kva quickly took the opportunity, Misting up to the door and slowly opening it.

As soon as she closed the door behind her, she looked around for anyone who seemed like they might have some standing in Alice's army, mostly going by posture, Armor and Weapon Quality, as well as a simple aura of strength and authority.

To her surprise she found no one that was associated with her army, the castle seemed abandoned but she did feel the presence of one vampire. Kva made her way to the presence of the vampire who was in the master bedroom of the castle, were she saw Alice. Alice was looking around her room gathering maps and some jewelry she collected during raids.

This just doesn't make sense... Are they all out? Or did she know I was coming? Some kind of trap? I guess we'll see... Kva thought to herself, walking up into her field of view slowly.

"So. Where is your protection? Not worried about some of the Seven finding their way to you? Are you so confident?" The Dhampir crossed her arms.

Alice looked up and saw it was Kva." Ou it's you no i'm not worried about the seven considering there's only two of them left and i'ts been almost a year and they still hasn't found me, so i'm not worried about them, now as for the rest of my forces that not your concern. Now the question is why are you here?"

"What do you know about Hastur?" She pulled up a chair and sat down on the other side of the table.

"He's a piece of shit, who if he's not careful will be eating my ax just like Tecunte and his head will be mounted on my ship why do you ask?"

"Good. Because he seems like he's set his plans into motion." Kva leaned forward. "And I'm sure you're on his list as well."

"Ou I know I am, he want's me to cleanse the world for him raiding and burning everything in his name. Heh I do what i'm doing for me, not for him and if his pathetic followers dare come into my camps the will be slaughtered."

"He could kill your entire army by himself if he was so inclined." Kva warned her, despite understanding the futility. "I need your help. We need your help."

"You’re not my problem, i'm not your ally me and Mina have a shared enemy yes but that dose not make us friends. I seek you free my kind she's just a guild leader, so deal with your own problems."

"It is your problem. Even if your crusade against Draculesti succeeds, if he completes his goal, whatever it is, it will most assuredly be the end of you. Think... Alice... The Enemy of My Enemy is my Ally... And he is leagues more dangerous an enemy than you are to us, or we are to you." The Fencer pointed out. "Consider, that if we Ally, he will be the only real threat left to this army you've built. One last enemy."

"No see here's the thing, I don't need your guild. You all despite how strong your guild is, you don't have the numbers like I do. I plan to conquer to weed out the week of this land. What your asking me to do is give up everything I've worked for to help some damn guild!"

"I am asking you to use your resources to keep yourself alive." Kva kept her calm. "Just think of the fact it is helping us as a byproduct."

"No you’re asking me to stop what I’m doing to help you, you’re asking me to stop what I’m doing to help you all kill an old one. I'm doing what I’m doing so you don't need my help."

She sighed, looking up at her. "So what... You're just going to let him have the first move against you? That never was your style... Alice."

Kva shook her head slowly. "You want to fight him after you're done with the city... But you don't gain anything from waiting... You are only losing us to help you..."

"Or are you not really planning on killing him? Maybe you're scared. Maybe what you said at the start was just bluster, that you wanted his head on your wall." She pressured further.

Alice eyes went black out of anger but she took a breath." There is a plan for everything Kva See unlike you I fought already, he knows I hate him and will fight him if he does anything against me. So don't you ever say i'm scared of him, You say I gain nothing from waiting that's were your wrong I gain many things from waiting."

"Maybe a nice spot in a hole next to mine." Kva looked away, quickly returning eye contact.

Alice shook her head." You never could see the grand scheme of things Kva, you have know Idea why i'm waiting bying my time for that god to do something."

"I can't? Letting an Old One go through with his plans seems pretty shortsighted to me." Kva glared through her helm. "Who knows what advantage this could give him? Even more of an Advantage. Call me shortsighted if you like, but you were always Narrow-minded."

"I plan on making the greatest army the world has ever seen, he's not my problem. Besides I hired HaveBrook to deal with the gods followers which means there not my problem to deal with until I decide to do something to them."

"What can a mortal army do against an Old One?" Kva said, her eyes widening. "Wait... You don't know... Do you? How powerful he is?"

She chuckled. "I would've expected you to do some research... but... You've always underestimated your opponents, you're just too prideful to see anyone else as anything but weaker than you..."

"He's god king I know that, but he needs followers can't have followers if there all dead. But you don't know what I’m planning at all an mortal army will be do just fine against him."

Kva put her head in her hands. "I thought we could come to an agreement... I thought a logical argument... About how it could help you would work best, but you are so far in your own little Alice world now, a world where you're invincible and perfect... But it's far from reality..."

"I see the truth!" Alice shouted." This world is not ready for the war to come, there not ready for him you want me to trust a guild who can't even defend their own home! You’re a small group of people not an army, I will not help you, I will not sacrifice everything I built for a guild who wants me dead you should not have come here."



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Part 2

"You seem to forget who killed Tecunte... And it wasn't you." Kva stood up, placing her hands down. "You were nothing but a minor inconvenience to her."

"A minor inconvenience that told Mina everything about her, where your leader even though she won't admit knows she be dead right now if it wasn't for me. I will handle that old one my way, and you and your guild will not have help like you did with Tecunte."

"You sound Jealous, little Allie... You seem so desperate to make it seem like you did something to beat her..." Kva mocked snidely. "Those same connections with the gods are what let us save Grimora... Oh, wasn't that a mission you practically begged and pleaded to be on? Because they went to us first? My... Mission?"

“You What Kva since you guys are so great you can fight that old one by yourself so piss off, and go back to your guild leader.”

"Wasn't that already the plan?" Kva sighed. "My Apprentice is taken and the woman I helped raise doesn't feel even enough of a connection to me to help get her back..."

The Dhampir turned away from her. "You know... Even after everything. If it was you... I would've saved you... As many problems as letting him have you might solve..."

“You spud like my sister, weak minded. But don’t worry at the end of this you and my sister will be thankful for what I’m doing.”

"Because we'll be your slaves, is that right? Like the Seven?" She responded grimly.

Alice shook her head in disappointment.” You know for someone to claim that they know me, you’re an idiot. But if I were to tell you my plans, you be against it just like my sister is. I’m doing what is nessary for Terra.”

"I never claimed that I know you... In fact, you are nothing like the girl I once knew..." Kva narrowed her eyes. "You're just a spiteful, narrow minded woman... But you have no one to blame but yourself..."

"Who knows how many people you'll kill once you get to Draculesti..." She lost the emotion in her voice. "Mother, Father... They'll try to stop you, you know... They always had such high hopes for the woman you would become."

"Because you only care about your Vision, anyone else, anything that stands in your way is your enemy... Is expendable... Is that right?" Kva turned to face her once more. "Even them, they loved you a like a daughter... They tried to show you that mortals and Vampires could live together... But obviously you just didn't care... You just shut your eyes and covered your ears so you could protect your deluded little world..."

“You have no idea of what I’m doing for my kind, when I’m done our people will be freed from that prison of a city. When I’m done with my old home I will have an unstoppable army at my back, and when that army is made I will kill that pathetic old god myself.”

"I left Vampire Politics long behind, but you're so stuck in the past. It's like when you went to prison, time just froze for you." Kva put a hand on her rapier. "But I think we're done here... I told you last time, that when we met again, we would be enemies... But now I have much bigger things to worry about than some shadow from my youth."

“And I have better things to do then to talk with someone who lacks vision, but like I said when all is said in done you will be thankful I chose this path.”

"I doubt it... You'll burn in the fires of your own ambition... And after I'm done dealing with another one of your enemies, I'll do away with the ghosts of my past once and for all and get rid of you." Kva clenched her fist. "For everyone you've trampled over. Everyone you've killed... And to avenge the little girl I once knew."

“I highly doubt it, now if you don’t mind I have a war to win.” Alice turned around and went back to her maps.


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New Recruits
Part One

Alice garrison camp
Oct. 12th, 3349

Alice was sharpening her new axe making sure it was ready for the coming raid. Alice left her tent and looked around her camp.” Been here for a while, caterpults are up ready to go and so is the batteringram but I feel like I need one more thing before this invasion happens Hum. Marlee Rumi front and center.”

The pair of woman, the only two of the seven both captured and fully aware, stepped forward. Marlee placed her hands behind her head. "What do you want?" she asked in a bored tone. Not exactly respectful, but bored was better then angry.

Alice raised her eyebrow at Marlee." Were going recruiting, there's two more groups that I need in order for this raid to be successful, come were going to mountain."

"The mountain?" Marlee scratched her head. "Looking to recruit some mountain bandits?"

"Or something... tougher?" Rumi asked.

"The latter we are going hunting of sorts, though I don't want to give away the surprise as to what were going to be hopefully bring to our side. And if they don't join us well we can at least deal with a certain problem before it becomes one."

Marlee and Rumi exchanged a worried look, but nodded. "Just the three of us?" Rumi asked.

"Yes just the three of us, considering I have you two infuriating a city and free slaves during our raid. This should be no problem, I'm hoping that this won't turn into a fight but you two should be fine for what I plan on bringing to our side."

Marlee sighed. She pulled out her blades, twirled them around, and resheathed them. "Alright. After you, bi-oss."

Alice smiled at Marlee seeing that she's at least trying, Alice and her followers road to the mountains and after a few hours Alice told her group to get off there houses. "Right now then, by now they should know were in there territory, but if now let's get to walking people."

"Their territory...?" Rumi walked along side Alice, looking concerned. "Are you... are we after Harpies?"

"Yep see Rumi you don't know this but when I was going after Marlee, Satako Wulfric and myself ran into Harpies, tried to get them to join me back then but the group were hunting is not them. So we will try and see if they can join us."

Marlee sneered, remembering her defeat. "The harpies on this side of the mountain are supposedly a lot friendlier to Terrians thanks to some kindness done to them by someone. But they are still harpies. Getting them to help won't be easy. I suggest you show respect and dignity, or they won't hesitate to rip your eyes out."

"Well we can certainly try that, as much as I hate talks they are sometimes necessary. Rumi be sure to back me up if something goes wrong your better with negotiations then I am."

Rumi nodded. "I'll try. Just remember that we're here to avoid a fight, not start one."

Marlee raised an eyebrow. "Why are you looking at me? I don't want to take on an entire tribe of Harpies."

"Let's just be careful with this Ok." As the group made there way through the mountain the stumbled across a small group of harpies.

One of them, a rare bat Harpy, snarled angrily. "Turn back, humans, and we might forget we saw you. This is our territory, and the laws you agreed on say we have the right to skin you alive!"

"Ou does it now, because I never agreed to anything after all I'm a vampire and my kind don't take kindly to threats. Besides it's not very polite."

Marlle rolled her eyes, letting her hands rest near her blades. The Bat Harpy took several steps forward. "Vampires! Your kind is not welcome anywhere, blood sucker! You better have more then three people of you hope to attack our tribe..."

"Hold on now i'm not here to fight, i'm here to talk, see I'm the leader of tribe I call the war bound I would like to negotiate with your leader with certain terms I wanna give her."

"Give... her..." The harpies looked between each other. "Do you come bearing a gift? All must present the Harpy Queen with a gift."

"I have a gift of sorts but I must see her first, it's a very special gift that I have not just for her but your entire tribe as well."

The squabbled a bit before the Bat nodded. "Fine. You can come. But if she is not satisfied, it may ne you life. You have been warned."

"Ugh huh I'm sure your leader will want to hear what I have to say." As the harpies started to escort the three, gave a confident smirk to her allies.

They gave a hopeful but worried look back. Deeper in the mountains, they found an oddly lush spot, with grass, a small lake, and even a couple trees. Everyone went dead solent when Alice arrived.

“My my what a lovely little spot you all chose, I can see why you don’t want anyone here.”

"Artificially made." A rather large Harpy stepped forward, the obvious Queen of the Harpy. "It took a long time to get right, and I don't like humans..." She stared for a moment. "Sorry, Vampires, coming in here and messing things up."

“Ou relax I’The harpy strocked her chin. "Helvan, you say? Quite a long way from here. Though I wouldn't mind a place for my people near the ocean."m not her too harm you, quit the opposite in fact. I’m here to offer an appertunaty.”

"Opportunity, huh?" The queen walked over. "Very well. I am in a good mood as of late. Received a letter from my daughter, both to say hello and show she has learned how to read and write." She offered a clawed hand. "I believe your kind start meetings with a hand shake. I am known as Anaxilea."

Alice shook the harpy hand.” Alice Valentine,now my offer is well a big one.” I I want you to join me in a raid.

The Queen laughed. "A raid? Are you mental? What possible reason could we have for joining you? What possible benefit?"

Alice smiled and asked the queen to fallow her, as she did Alice pointed to Halven capital." Join me in my raid,on Helvan capital and the rest of this nation and you can chose to live were ever you want. Think about it the hole nation is your hunting grounds, you can live were ever you wan and fly all over the nation instead of being stuck here and possibly attacked if you fly over villages."

"Ow?" The queen folded her arms. "You are saying we could have a proper territory if we want, free from meddlesome humans?"

Once we conquer this land together yes, just don’t attack farmers. And I would like for our forces to hunt together.”

"Hmm... and how do I know you will keep your word? That you won't simply dispose of us when we are no longer useful?"

“Ah that’s the thing isn’t it, trust is a two way thing. How do I know once we’re done with this, and my army is weakens that you won’t swoop down and finish us off? We don’t, we just have to see how things go won’t we?”

The harpy stroked her chin. "Helvan, you say? Quite a long way from here. Though I wouldn't mind a place for my people near the ocean."

"Well there are plenty of spots for that, but for now we must conquer this land first." Alice extended her hand. "So do we have a deal, Pledge loyalty to me and I promise your people will flourish with me."

"Very well," Anaxilea said after thinking on it a while longer. She took Alice's hand. "You got a deal. Though there is something you should know first."

"Of course so what is it I should know about then?"

Anaxilea waved her hand back to the others. "I may have only one actual daughter right now, but all my people are my children. And I love them like my children. So if I find out you are treating any of them like disposable stormtroopers and not with the respect they deserve..."

Alice placed her hand up. “Don’t worry I understand how you are, I’m the same way. In fact, those that were perversely against me I treated with isn’t that right you two.” Alice turned to Marlee and Rumi

The women exchanged a glance, then nodded. The Queen smiled and nodded. "Very well. We shall head to the location of your army as soon as we are prepared."

“That’s great to hear, I look forward to this alliance.” Alice and her group left the harpys mountain, and she smiled at her two fallows.

Marlee placed her hands behind her head. "That was easier then expected. Though what do you really intend to do with tgem once this is over. They're not the humans you dislike so much, but they could still get in your way."

“They will be our allies though this entire war, after all good help is hard to find.”

"So are we good?" Rumi asked. "Anyone else you need to recruit?"

“Ou Rumi were going to the giants next, after all they will be a problem so best have them as allies.”

"Giants?!" Marlee laughed grimly. "Now I know you're mad. They're even more stubborn then the harpies!"

“Were gonna have to deal with them, and I don’t wanna waest resources killing them.”

"What do you plan to do to convince them to join you?" Rumi asked. "I know three that live not far from here, but they're a mean sort."

“Don’t know never dealt with giants, so we’re going in blind.”

Rumi and Marlee exchanged another worried look, but nodded, knowing she couldn't be persuaded once she set her mind to something.


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New Recruits
Part Two

“Alright then let’s get moving, Rumi lead the way to these giants.”

After a few more hours of travel, they heard a commotion up ahead, like something big smashing into the ground. "Sounds like them. Must have found some unlucky travelers or bandits to attack." Rumi bit her lip. "You sure about this? Even you can't survive if they smash you and break every bone in your body."

“I’ll live Rumi have some faith in me, I mean I convinced bandits. The harpys, Hell you two are still by my side. But just in case, Rumi stay hidden me and Marlee can get away from them easily you can’t.”

Marlee folded her arms. "Yeah. Running away isn't my style, but I will if I have to."

“I didn’t mean running, I meant if they attack us we can turn into bats and dodge there attacks. Now then let’s get this over with.”

Down in a small clearing in a forest, three giants sat near the remains of a bandit caravan. The giants were nine, eleven, and twelve feet tall, each burly, muscular, mean, and dumb looking. The clearing led to cave system big enough for the giants. "Looks like the bandits came to raid their cave," Marlee whispered. "Wonder why. Treasure? Giants are known for hording 'shiny things'."

The twelve footer slammed a fist on the ground, causing three piles of gold to topple. "Your pile is bigger then ours!" he shouted to the shortest giant.

"Just because we can't count doesn't mean we can't see!" yelled Eleven.

"You idiots are too stupid to see the piles are the same!" Eight yelled back. "And now I have to start again." He gathered up the gold and started passing out. He occasionally gave himself an extra coin, but did so with the others too, implying it wasn't on purpose.

Alice cleared her throat loud enough." MY my that's quiet the pile of treasure you got there, however I could teach you three how to count so your not bickering like this."

"Disgusting human filth!" The shortest of the trio, the apparent leader, grabbed a great sword that was like a dagger to him, the other two grabbing oversized clubs. The ground shook when they jumped to their feet. "More who want to take our shinys."

"We don' stole them fair and share," the tallest said.

"It's square and fair," the middle one corrected, cracking his neck back and forth.

"The saying is fair and square you three, and second i'm not a human i'm a vampire. And I have a." Alice though on how she was gonna offer and alliance to three morons." A Trade for you three, you come with me and I can give you a city full of shines with in reason."

"Which city?" asked the leader. "A big city?"

"What's... 'within reason' mean?" asked the second.

"What's a wampyre?" asked the third.

"It means she is a human that eats people. Stupid."

Alice rubbed her head.” Ok in order. The big city were lots of people long way from here.

Alice pointed her finger to the second one.” With in reason mean how much I’m gonna give you,and I don’t eat people I drink blood.

They all looked between each other. "What's your name, little wampyre?" asked the shortest one.

“I’m a vampire, Vampire. And the the name is Alice.”

"Hmph." The shorter one stood tall. "I am Grot." He pointed to the middle one and tallest in turn. "They are Tig and Crag."

Crag smiled with a mouth full of ugly teeth. "You're pretty, Alice."

“Ugh thank you Crag, now then back to what I was talking about us taking a city.”

"What city are we taking?" Tig scratched his hairy head.

"Pay attention, dummy!" Grot snapped. "The one with the shinys.

"Oh." Tig grunted. "But I though all we had to do is go with her."

"Of course that isn't all, you simpletons!" Marlee rubbed her temples. "They are giving me a headache..."

Crag tilted his head. "Simple... ton?"

“Marlee get a grip, now what I want is for you Three is for you to join me in taking a city.”

Grot scratched his chin. "Now, would that be the taking where we gotta carry a whole city? Or do you mean, like... smashing and killing and all that fun stuff taking? Because a city sounds pretty heavy..."

“The smashing and killing kind of taking, see you three help me kill the people with weapons. And whatever shinys that are in the city I will share with you.”

Grot narrowed his eyes. "What if there isn't a lot of shinnies?"

"What if Alice lady only wants to share a little?" Asked Tig. "I bet vampies are stingy."

"There will be plenty of shinnies for you, after all I plan on attacking plenty of city's not just the big one. Join me and I promise to divide the shinnies with you."

"Hmm..." Grot took a few steps forward. "You drink grog?"

"Never did, mostly blood I never even heard of this grog stuff what is it?"

"It's an alcoholic drink made with water and rum," Marlee told her.

"And blood!" Grot said. "Can not forget the blood! We drink it to agree to a deal."

Marlee stepped close to Alice and whispered, "Be careful. There is more alcohol then water in the kind of grog giants make. One hit could floor you."

"Huh thanks for the warning, but there's blood in it and it's been quiet the while since I've been drunk. More then a century if I can recall, but let's have a taste of it then." Alice stepped forward." I assume this means you will join me?"

The three turned and loudly whispered about her before finally nodding. "If you will drink, we will join." The three walked into the cave. They returned with a pot of boiling water, rum, and a jug of red liquid. It took them a while to find something Alice could drink with, but finally found a cup they didn't smash among the bandits. Pouring for her and large portions for themselves, Grot raised his glass. "For allies, for smashing cities, and for all the shiny things in the world!"

"Cheers to that." Alice finally drunk the grog drinking the entire cup in one go, Alice raised her eyebrow and tossed the cup to the side and went to the pot Alice lifted the pot and drunk out of it.

"Oh." Tig grinned widely. "I like her spirit. She is like a... like a little giant."

Alice continued to drink out of the pot until tossing it to the side, and released a lour burp." Ugh well then I thank you three joining me I will escort you to my camp, however there is someone I should introduce you three to first ." Alice motioned to Rumi to come out." This is Rumi she is a human like me, we also have thousands of human and Thrope and Light Elf, and just recently harpys. You three are my first giants, do not kill any of my people understand?"

They looked between each other. "What if we get hungry? Maybe just... one human... or two?"

Rumi made a disgusted look. "We have other food... gods..."

"We will feed you, I should also say this now before Lorcia gets angry. Don't eat the monster that we have in cages and in our camps, anything in the field is free game though."

They nodded. "As long as we are fed and get paid, we'll be happy..." Grot grinned. "...boss."

Alice's stomach made a loud churning noise, and Marlee stepped to her side. "We'll, um... send someone to pick you up once you're ready. We should be heading back, right?"

"Umm yea well head back." Alice and her allies started to walk away, from the giants once away Alice let out a loud burp."Ugh man that grog is starting to come back to me quickly."

Rumi placed a hand on Alice's shoulder. "I don't envy the hangover you'll have. But you did it."

"Yeah... you did," Marlee reluctantly agreed. "You actually got the harpies and giants to join. This... should be interesting."

“Yep, now then once we get back I want you too to get to the city it’s about time I got this raid started.” They both nodded, heading home while keeping an eye on the intoxicated vampire.


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The fallowing is done by Dhalexpert&Insane darkness

Have Brook manor

Elma was dusting the books and keeping the Library clean since her sister in law was kidnapped, she decided to take care of the library in her place." Man Es relay had quiet the collection of books here, even some good spell ones that I didn't even know about." Elma Squeezed one of the books." Just hang on Es we will come for you don't give up on us."

A little Duck Thrope sat at a table, reading a book that she'd been looking forward to reading. She adjusted her glasses to fit on her half-bill, as they were falling slightly with her terrible posture.

Elma continued cleaning the library, until she saw a duck Thrope ." Huh a duck Thrope that's...Well you don't see that every day?" Elma put her cleaning tools down and approached the Thrope." Um excuse me um are you new here?"

Faith looked up from her book to see who was speaking to her, before she looked away, avoiding eye contact with a new face present. "N-no... I've been here rath-ther frequently, actually. I just... don't make myself known, I guess-ss..."

“Huh Really Well.” Elma took a seat net to faith.” I’m Elma do you have a name?”

"Faith Regall-llis... Nice to meet-t you..." A small smile spread across the Duck Thrope's face, barely noticeable.

“So Faith what do you do around here? Are you an alchemist healer or what?”

"I'm a Hun-nter... I comm-mmand wind magic." Faith lifted herself slightly off her seat to prove it.

Elma eyes lit up.” Ou you’re a mage too, so am I! Though mine are fire, ice, and lightning.”

"Wow... You are m-much stronger than me, then." Faith's eyes lit up with intrigue, although a little disappointed to be inferior to this person she just met right off the bat in terms of type usages.

“Well I’m skilled yes and powerful, but I had to push myself inorder to get We’re I am now.”

"Und-derstandable." Faith gave Elma a small smile.

"However that doesn't mean I wasn't determent, coming to this guild has forced me to get stronger with my spells, but I’m sure your magic can become stronger to have you been working on it?"

"Jay has-s been helping me... Unt-til, you know..." Faith's voice dipped into a depressed tone by the end of her sentence.

"Jay huh, mind telling me what happen why did he stop training you I've been gone for a while so I've been out of the loop of things."

"Well... H-he stabbed himself... Man-ny times..." Faith sighed, closing her eyes. "I don't kn-know why..."

Elma eyes widen."I'm gone for a moth and a half nearly two months, and her goes and stabes himself! Have you ever asked him why he did that?"

"H-he wouldn't tell me..." Faith glumly stated.

“Gods damn him, well why don’t I spar with you for a bit?”

"U-uh... I don't know..." Faith covered her head entirely with her hood, shrinking into her robes.

Elma rolled her eyes and pulled Faith hood down." Ou come on now, it's just training why not face an actual mage."

Faith took a deep breath, pausing before she responded with a much more confident, "Okay."

“Great! Come let’s go.” Elma escorted Faith to the training grounds.” Okay now show me what you learned.”

The Duck Thrope ascended into the air, outspreading her arms. As if she simply disappeared into thin air, she was half a mile off the ground, surrounded by a giant hawk of intense wind pressure. As if the hawk was alive, it let out an ear-piercing scream that wasn't nearly as much so to anyone on the ground. She then pushed into a full-force dive towards the woman standing in the middle of the training grounds.

Elma eyes widen and she quickly ran, and she used her fire magic to make a bison to take the hit for her.

The hawk tore through the bison, ripping it to pieces and putting out the fire immediately upon impact. Faith's feet landed on the ground along with the bird's before she pushed off the ground at max speed towards the running Elma.

Elma used her ice magic to freeze the ground around her, causing faith to slide past her. Elma then launched ice spikes at the woman.

Faith pushed off the ground to once again ascend into the air within a few centimeters of being hit by the ice spikes, causing the ice around her feet to virtually explode with the air pressure. She then continued floating in the air within her "hawk form", waiting for Elma's next move.

Elma used her ice magic to to make a pillar and launched herself at Faith. She then quickly used her lightning magic to shock Faith.

Instead of being shocked, however, everything seemed to be blown away from the giant hawk in the sky. Although, there wasn't such a hawk in the sky after it had exploded. Faith still stood from the center of the explosion, exhaling a deep breath that she didn't know she was holding.

“Ou come on now!” Elma shouted as she made a ice slide to catch herself.

"I... I surrender..." Faith breathlessly claimed, floating slowly back to the ground as she held her hands up.

Elma raised her eyebrow.” Surrender? Wait what be it was going so well.”

"I just don-n't see the point of continuing... One of us will jus-st end up hurt..." Faith explained as her feet hit the ground.

“Ugh,and this has absolutely nothing to do with you running out of mana does it?”

"N-no! What do you take me for." Faith gestured to the gems on her boots and gloves. "I have these, s-so that doesnt happen."

"Hum these are very interesting, so what was all that with the eagle and all?"

"Jay helped me conjure it." Faith admitted.

"Ah so your learnng how conjur up things as well, yea he can defiantly teach you how to do that. After all he taught it to me."

"He did?" Faith asked, a little surprised.

"Yea, he trained me with conjuring up things as well. I can conjur up almost anything although me and him did have a fallowing out about two months ago, probable longer."

"Well, w-with him in the hospital, I'm sure that isn-n't going to change."

“Yeah probably best he doesn’t know I’m here anyway, besides I don’t plan on staying long regardless.”

"I thought y-you were a Hunter," the Duck Thrope stated, tilting her head.

“I am but let’s just say I’m not wanted here, I’m just here to save a friend of mine then I’m gone.”

"'Not wanted' by wh-who?" Faith pushed, now curious as to the woman's unique situation.

“Jay Eraqus, and some people who still see me as a coward.”

"Why do they think y-you to be that?" Faith started, a little nervous more to ask the second question. "And are you ac-ctually a coward or?..."

“I had no experience in any hunting or combat experience when I first joined.”

"N-neither did I, though..." Faith added, a little concerned as to why they were treating the two of them completely different.

“Yeah Well I actually ran away from battle a few times, not to mention the one time I didn’t run I was possessed and nearly killed Eraqus.”

"That's not the bes-st track record, I guess..."

“Yeah I know, that’s why once we get Esmeralda back I’m leaving.”

A look of confusion crossed the Duck Thrope's face. "Wh-what happened to Esmerald-da?"

“Don’t worry about it, it’s a family matter. But to put it mildly. A certain group will pay for taking her.”

"How man-ny people are helping you? Surely, it isn't j-just you, right?" Faith tilted her head.

"Mina will get the guild involved if not i'm sure me and Charter will handle it." Elma shakes her head." Ah but don't worry about that, anyway it's nice to meet you Faith. Your a lot stronger then I thought I just wish you would have more confidence."

"Confid-dence can lead to mistakes-s... I'll just stay as my awkw-wardly social self..." Parts of the robes floating around as if to suggest that the robes themselves were the byproduct of such a realization.

“Hum well anyway best I be off, it was nice meeting you Faith.”

"Likewise." The girl gave a nervous smile and turned around, floating off to her hideout above the manor.


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Frostlich1228 & Black0ut present:
A Curious God

The Thrope lay in bed, having already collected her revenge as she felt the unconscious Kva snuggle closer into her. The Thrope sighed, recalling the little argument that prompted Kva’ss annoyance….

The Grove,
Bordering the Havenbrook Manor

Titania swung her sword at an incredible speed, her eyes closed as part of her training. The blade nearly grazed the tree, barely pulling back in time to avoid damaging it. She kept up her strikes, her arms blurring and, at some points, disappearing. After a few minutes of this she opened her eyes and took a step back. "I'm getting sloppy with this speed... fast, precise, and powerful. That's what my bladework should be... need to mute my emotions to fight more effectively too..." She murmured to herself, as she paused to lean up against a nearby tree.

"Aren't there training dummies you can practice that on over there?" A voice stated, Aife walking up behind her.

"Yes, but I don't want to be asked 'hey, why aren't you hitting the dummy?' over and over. When I'm out here, I'm more calm. Relaxed. Focused. Easier to train here than with others." She explained, turning her head to cast a brief glance at Aife. "Why do you ask?"

"I'm just not so sure that tree appreciates it." She put a hand on her hip.

"I haven't hit it and I tend the grove. If this helps me protect this place better, I doubt that striking and purposely holding back would offend a tree." Titania murmured, obviously in a bad mood. "And while that may not be a good answer, nearly being killed a few months prior makes it so I don't care about trying to appease you."

"I apologize if I upset you, I actually have a great deal of respect for you Titania." Aife smiled, walking up.

"No, no... you just caught me on one of my bad days. I'm sorry. Today just isn't my day, you know?" Titania replied, rubbing one of her ears as she took a deep breath as a means of calming herself down. "So why'd you come find me? I'm not exactly in the most traveled spot at the manor."

"Can't I just like nature?' She responded.

"You can. I was just curious about how you found me is all. That doesn't really matter, though." Titania replied as she laid down on the ground, closing her eyes and letting the sword hang loosely in her hand. "So... how are you liking Havenbrook?"

"It's fine. There are so many curious characters here." She smiled, "Including you."

"Me? What's makes me a 'curious' character?" The Thrope asked, raising her eyebrow at the woman.

"You're very nature is a Dichotomy, a... Graceful Savage? Beautiful but wild." Aife pointed out, smiling softly.

"I suppose so, but... I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm that interesting." Titania replied, her free hand drifting over to her ear to rub it.

"Maybe not to most. But you are to me." The Woman walked forward.

"And why would that be?" The Thrope asked, her face taking on a more quizzical look.

"I don't know... Maybe we're... Kindred spirits." The disguised Deity shrugged.

"Maybe... maybe. But what is it that unites us both?" She asked, opening her eyes to peer up at the other woman.

"Look around us." She outstretched her arms. "We both love and understand our place in nature. We nurture and protect it."

"True. Is there anything else or is it just nature that we share in common?" She asked, getting up and sheathing her sword.

"Well, we both have our tempers... And we both know Jay." The Woman added simply.

"I haven't seen you angry at all though. You seem so calm and peaceful... like you wouldn't hurt a fly. As for Jay... what do you think about him?"

Aife tapped her chin. "He helped me get acquainted here, although, he seems like he can be pretty stubborn and confrontational sometimes..."

"Yeah... he's a handful. He's lucky to have a friend like you... he... he struggles to make friends, so the fact you're the fourth person he's opened up to is actually... well, it's a big deal. I'd say it's an honor, but, he'll be more open and more of an ass." Titania looked up at the woman, tilting her head as if she was trying to figure out Aife herself.

Aife chuckled. "Well, I suppose I should be happy he trusts me so. Even if he may be just a little more annoying..."

"What'd he do this time?" She asked, a small, irritated sigh escaping her lips.

"I have... A troubled past, like many, despite telling him I didn't wish to talk about it, he pushed and pushed. It was under the guise of helping, but still." Aife explained.

The Thrope paused and raised a hand to her jaw, a thoughtful expression on her face. "I can see why he'd do that... and why that'd annoy you. However, you know that he won't stop until he knows how to best help you... he's going to keep shoving himself into your life and try to be there for you, whether you appreciate it or not. My advice for you: give him a hint of whatever your past is and it'll make him less likely to press you for more information. That way you can enjoy his company and not be irritated by him as much."

"It's extremely private... I have no desire to speak of it." The Woman said, the painful memory causing her Goddess dialect to slip out slightly.

Titania reached up and patted the taller woman's shoulder. "Hey... It's okay. I promise. How about we talk about something else, you know, that's more happy?"

"Like what...?" Aife asked curiously.

"Erm... how about the most funniest moments in our lives? Mine's where Jay managed to screw up with his magic and ended up stuck in a tree." Titania replied, letting herself relax as her posture slouched somewhat.

"Oh... One time... I..." She tapped her chin for a few moments. "My daughter was out hunting and she ended up slipping on some mud and kissing a Frog."

Titania chuckled, as she walked over to a tree and leaned on it. "Reminds me of when Seclevar personally visited me and pranked me with a Bucket f cold cleaning water, flour and a... was it a pie, to the face. I was looked like some eldritch horror of some sort, by the end of it."

The Woman narrowed her eyes, looking off to the left. "Seclevar... I only know what I've heard, but didn't he have something to do with all the attacks here?"

"Probably, but... if he'd been committed, I, and my fellow Hunters, would be dead. I haven't asked my... parent what happened, but I assume he's being punished less." Titania answered, raising an eyebrow. "Why? Does it bother you?"

"Well, if he almost cost you all your lives, then I suppose so. But now you say he... Helped you? How?" She continued, sitting next to a tree.

"He informed the other gods what was happening with Tecunte. If he hadn't, well... then Tecunte would be taking over the world, save a forest Deity I hope to befriend at some point."

"Isn't she a part of the world?" The Woman asked simply.

"She is, but she only stays in one area of the world, never expanding out. But out of all the Gods and Goddesses I've met, she's the most humble and one of the stronger ones I've met. I hope I get to call her a friend before this crazy world takes me away." She reminisced sadly, looking distant for a moment before snapping back. "Sorry. I'm usually not this fatalist..."

"I understand... I'm... Sure she sees you as a friend too..." Aife smiled comfortingly.

Titania returned the smile with one of her own, but the smile didn't quite reach her eyes. "I appreciate it, but she's probably forgotten about me. It's been a few months, and I'm sure there is probably more pressing matters in her forest that she is attending to. Hopefully, when I'm stronger and more noteworthy, I can leave a good lasting impression on her." Titania replied, unsheathing her blade as she got into her practice stance. "Hence, why I'm training."

"You really admire her so much? What about her makes you want to impress her so much?" Aife stood up, honestly surprised.

"She's kind yet strong, and while she is a deity, she's like me... she has her bad side, the more primal and angry, but she can control it. Not to mention, she intervened and saved me. God or not, she didn't have to save us... but she did. And afterwards, she didn't talk as if she was superior, rather an equal and a friend. That's something I hadn't expected, especially from a Goddess I had never known about. And for that... I want to be more than a passing face in her mind; I want to be able to talk to her as a best friend might. Foolish and dumb, I know... but I still hope that it's a possibility." Titania sighed, as she swung her sword, making sure the blade didn't even graze, let alone touch, the wood as she resumed her practice.

Aife looked off to the side. "Is that so...? Well, I think that maybe that's not an impossibility... She... Sounds a lot like you..."

"With assassins hunting me down and a... deceased friend's warning, I don't believe that I'll live long enough to even remotely attain the sort of skill and fame to make any difference in her perception of me." Titania paused long enough in her practice strikes to shrug before sighing. "So it's a pipe dream, a fantasy of mine that gives me strength to train and better myself despite- dammit, there I go again... sorry. I swear I'm usually in a better mood than this."

"Didn't you help save her people? I think she already has." Aife pointed out, her face growing sad.


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A Curious God, pt. 2

"I did... with the help of others, and I couldn't really do too much to help... actually I made it worse by killing the people who summoned eldritch horrors and by not showing her nearly the respect she deserved." Titania sheathed her blade, knowing she wouldn't be able to continue with Aife there. "How do you know about it? Not many people know what happened in that forest."

"The Truth is... I'm actually..." The Woman hesitated. "I'm from Sylvie's Village. Jay healed me after those things attacked... I should be dead..."

"Well, I'm glad you're not. You seem like a good person and Gods knows how few we have in this world." Titania replied offering a warm, friendly smile, oblivious to Aife's moment of hesitation.

"You would be welcome there any time, you know." Aife held her hands together.

Titania shook her head but still held a smile. "No... I wouldn't be able to withstand people gawking at me for too long. So, maybe an occasional trip to see Sylvie, and hopefully that Goddess when I'm done with fighting."

"They'll get used to you. You'd be treated like a queen there." The Disguised Goddess reassured her.

"It's not that they're the problem, more that I am. I don't want to be treated like a queen, I'd rather be treated like a normal person. But, because I talked to Sylvie, they won't exactly change even if I stay. Besides, I doubt they'd like my girlfriend given their societal views." Titania replied.

"You might be surprised. If anything, I don't think your girlfriend would like them."

"Maybe. But then again, your village does frown on same-sex relationships. I don't think that mentality will make living there any easier." The Thrope replied, shaking her head slowly. "But I do like visiting. Perhaps I'll visit every three months, assuming I've solved my assassin problem by then."

"They won't have a problem with it if you hunt your own food and take care of yourselves, but I suppose that's fair." Aine shrugged. "I hope you all deal with this... Assassin issue. And if you need help, maybe you could call on our Goddess, who knows what might happen?"

"I doubt she'd listen but... I'll go ahead and ask for her anyways." Titania sat down, and kept her eyes open. "Ahusirra... if you remember a Titania, I sure could use some help staying alive and figuring out who's targeting me... that is if you aren't busy."

Aife blinked, not expecting her to do it right then. "It uh... Takes a little bit of time, while you do that, I'll just... Urinate behind that grove of trees over there..."

"Uh... alright?" Titania replied, confused as to why the woman immediately had to go to the restroom. "Just try to be here if she shows up, okay?"

After a minute or two away, a cone of roots spiraled out from the ground, and when they retracted, they revealed the Deity in all of her glory, birds and squirrels flocking to her side. "I have heard you, Titania."

Titania was silent for a moment before disappearing and reappearing in a few seconds a frown on her face. "I... Aife was with me.... and if she suddenly disappeared and you're here..." She started, looking up at the Goddess. "She has to be a Demi-God! There's no way she could've gone so far I couldn't have found her, unless she was a Demi-God!"

Blushing for a moment as she realized she had not paid attention to the Deity, she immediately curtsied as best she could. "U-umm... sorry. I thought my friend was nearby and I, uh, had something to ask of you... and, uh... sorry for disturbing you while you were attending to other matters..."

Ahusirra held up a hand, "No worries. My adherents can protect the forest for the time I am away."

"Well, then... I, um... how do I explain this... I'm being hunted by Nobles in Bevland, and I don't know who they are, but I know they are wealthy, which takes out a fair number of houses. I'm running out of time." Titania started, her militaristic training turning her back into her early years as a soldier. "I was nearly killed by assassins prior and... well, I doubt it'll be long before they come after me again. I do not expect to survive a second assassination attempt on my life, as the first time they didn't know what the full extent of my abilities, and the friends I've made. Next time they will account for it, and I doubt there will be a second such slip-up."

"Without aid, I give myself maybe two more months before they try again. And with others that also share parentage like mine, that's not going to go well. So... should another attack happen or should I find out who it is... will you help me?"

"Well... I do want to reward you for your selflessness helping the Village..." She smiled. "I can aid you in Location, your Knowledge of Bevland paired with my eyes all around. You could find them in days."

"The only problem I have is... well, depending on who it is, changes how I'll have to approach it. If I kill whoever is after me and their family has influence, it'll be worse than before. So... I might have to ask Kva for some help. Not to say we couldn't, it's just... well, I need someone to control my emotions and keep me from doing anything stupid. She'd know what to do. But I agree. Finding out who they are is paramount, and I'll do whatever you need me to do..." Titania sighed, her body tensing up as her eyes narrowed. "Aife is taking too long. Either something happened... or well... I got suspicions as to what it is..."

"Oh?" Ahusirra smiled coyly.

Titania crossed her arms and waited. If she admits to being Aife, all's well. If not, I look like an ass, but she hasn't even gotten upset about it... does that signify that she isn't...? I need to hold steady... I'll find out what the answer is in a few moments. Titania thought nervously, her face a cool, calm mask.

Ahusirra just blinked awkwardly, waiting patiently for her to say something.

Tapping her foot, Titania broke the silence. "Ahusirra. You wouldn't lie to me, right?"

She frowned. "Lie? Most likely not... Withhold information, however... That is a unfortunate necessity..."

"Okay... are you a woman named Aife?" Titania asked, her ears twitching.

Ahusirra bowed lightly. "I am indeed. I apologize for the deception. It's very important I keep up my act."

"No apologies needed. So... um... can I talk to you casually or should I be kneeling when I talk to you now?" Titania asked, offering a more meek smile than was typical of her.

"I never did do the whole 'Kneeling' thing..." She gave a soft smile.

"Okay..." Titania let out a breath she didn't realize she had been holding. "So... umm... I was wondering, why the name Aife? And why the beautiful, busty woman look?"

"I suppose if I wanted to blend in better, it isn't very good... But I chose a body that draws the eyes purposefully, you would surprised how willingly others will part with sensitive information when in the presence of a well-endowed woman..." Ahusirra shrugged. "And because it's enjoyable watching them admire me from afar."

"As for Aife, it is a reference to an old, forgotten tale that came out of the Village hundreds of years ago..." She continued answering. "About a Evil Twin Sister of Mine, named Aife. Considering I am partaking in... all of this... It seemed apt."

"Well... I don't think you're doing anything wrong. You've been extremely nice to everyone... although, your choice of clothes is somewhat provocative and not suited to certain things... eh, we'll go shopping together and I'll help you out with some clothes." Titania replied, opening her eyes. "Although, do be warned, you might end up too appealing to guys and girls alike if I set you up with some clothes."

"Even this feels restrictive... Clothes simply aren't comfortable for me, so the less clothes, the better." The Diety looked down at her naked body, having transformed back.

"How about this: You try on some clothes and if you like it, you keep it, and if you don't, I'll put it back. I'll even find some clothes that are more... appropriate for certain situations. So... please?" Titania asked, a pleading expression on her face, one that won many requests she made to Kva.

"Aren't you interested in women? I'm surprised you want to cover me up. Am I putting your Lover to shame...?" The Goddess joked, holding back a smile.

"Not at all. Two different kinds of sexy doesn't mean I'll choose one over the other. Besides... I doubt you'd ever be able to seduce me enough for sex, seeing as you are too adorably bad at mortal interaction." Titania teased back, rolling her eyes. "You might need to practice a bit more, Ahusirra."

Ahusirra chuckled, bragging slightly. "I can coerce anything natural to Terra with little effort... That includes Terrain Races... And Thropes are even easier than that... If I really tried, you wouldn't be able to resist me for a moment..."
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A Curious God, pt.3

"Although I would obviously never use such a thing on my new friend. You have my word as a Deity." The Black Haired woman bowed, slightly courtly.

Titania rolled her eyes, disbelieving Ahusirra's claim. "You do realize, I'm not entirely Thrope, right? I'll just... assume you can't. Might be too hard for you. But... now that you're here I got two propositions for you; A friendly sparring match or proving your comment... either one sounds like fun, and it be interesting to see which option you choose."

"Fighting would be ill-advised... At least here... But... If you would really like me to use my Coercion on you... Then I would be willing, it flatters me that you trust me so much." She nodded, making her way closer, Titania could feel an aura of powerful magic only a few inches from engulfing her.

Must resist, must resist. Think of Kva, think of how cute she is under that helmet of hers. How she makes you feel... Titania braced herself, ready for whatever the Deity might do.

As Ahusirra stepped forward, Titania instantly felt a wave of magic pour over her, like jumping into a warm bath. Her skin tingled, everything began to sparkle, especially Ahusirra, who began to radiate an inexorable, captivating beauty, but where she was standing, it wasn't overpowering yet.

The Deity raised an eyebrow, speaking with a honey-like voice the felt as though it was pleasantly vibrating Titania's very soul. "How are you doing...?"

"Feels nice, but... you may have to try harder than that if you want to overtake my sort of will." Titania replied, letting her voice waver and knees shake so the Goddess didn't truly know how she was doing.

Taking another few tentative steps closer to The Wolf, Ahusirra's aura only amplified. At the same time, Titania's muscles felt like they were weakening, her thoughts slowing, she was now having a hard time even looking away from the Goddess. As she opened her mouth again, it took a poet's words to even attempt describe it, like Luscious, Luxurious Lavender sliding across Light Lovely Lustrous skin... "And now, my Child?"

Titania gritted her teeth in a grin, not trusting her rebellious tongue to say anything. She narrowed her eyes, as her mind waged a war on the sensual thoughts.

Walking up only inches from her now, Ahusirra's energy was driving her to the verge of breaking. She felt like her body temperature had shot up twenty degrees, her skin felt magnetically attracted to the Deity, an invisible force trying to move her closer...

'She wouldn't lose from a single touch, right...? One wouldn't hurt...' A voice in her brain tried to convince her, it was her voice, but they weren't her thoughts.

'Soft Supple Skin Sliding alongside Savory Succulent lips...' The Voice spoke, repeating similar phrases over and over.

The air itself felt charged with electricity as she whispered, Titania's ears hoarding the noise greedily, bouncing it around inside her head. "Now~?"

Titania's teeth chattered, as one of her hands reached out to touch Ahusirra... before her other hand pulled it back. Her brain had begun to it's retreat the battle in her head going south, as desire to get closer started to fill her head. If she could only just touch her, it wouldn't be tooo bad; She would-

No. Kva... Kva is my last line... but not for much longer. D-damnit... I... I... No... Yes... No... She thought, her mind barely repulsing the wave of attraction.

Ahusirra leaned in, planning to deliver the final blow as she whispered sweet words next to the Swordswoman's head. "I'm impressed... Most don't last this long... But... Kva won't mind... Touch me~"

Titania struggled to keep fighting, to- but it was too late. All the tension in the Thrope's body dissipated as her mind's last line of defense seemingly faded away. Reaching a hand out, she gently rubbed the Deity's arms, as slight twitches in her eyes marked the residual strength of Titania's mind still trying to resist the Goddess.

The Goddess chuckled, weakening the coercion slightly. "I don't know how much of you can still hear me in there, but if you can still move your head... Answer me... Do you wish to go further with this, or admit defeat now?"

Titania, regaining some of her wits, merely offered her clenched teeth grin as a response.

You shouldn't have given me such control... I refuse to be beaten, you'll have to break me first, Ahusirra. Which will happen if you hit me with that at least two more times...

"I like that stubbornness." Ahusirra patted her on the head, sending shivers through Titania's entire body. The Goddess then amped her aura back up again, brushing her hair out of the way of her chest, revealing it. "Isn't there anything else you'd like to touch, Titania~?"

Titania's teeth clenched tighter and her eyes twitched. Think of anything but Ahusirra in front of you, how nice it'd be to give in and squee- No! I am a proud warrior, A noble of battle smarts, a Master of her craft and I won't be broken! Titania mentally roared, boosting herself up enough to try to defend against the Goddess's power.

"Hmm..." She leaned her body closer, her mammaries swinging gently. "There. For your convenience... Just look at how close I am~"

Titania's teeth chattered, but her eyes held a determined look underneath them, despite the constant twitching. You will not win today, Ahusirra! Even with such... a... nice... big... No! I will not fall for this a second time and be entranced by... her... Godsdammit! Dead puppies, dead puppies, morbid horrible things...

"You are really resilient... I just must test your limits to their fullest now..." Ahusirra grinned mischievous, it having been forever since she had been able to have fun like this. "Why not look into my eyes...?"

She moved her head an inch away, leveling Titania's eyes with hers so she had no choice but to look... The Black Expanse of her eyes were infinitely captivating, it was so easy to lose yourself within them, as if they were a welcoming, piping hot sleeping bag on a cold winter's night... Like they were drawing her resistance out of her…

I must... resist... Must... stay... strong... but why resist? There is no reason to resist a beautiful woman like her. None at all... Maybe I should lean in... Titania complied with her thoughts, closing the gap and kissing the Goddess with some restraint, her willpower crushed fully.

Pulling back, Ahusirra smiled, "That was the most fun I've had in centuries..."

"I wonder..." She thought, something changing within the aura, giving Titania her awareness back, however, her body still refused to obey her.

Ah, shit... Welp... it's not like I can't say that I'm not curious, although Kva is going to kick my ass with her guilt trip powers... The Thrope thought, as she quickly restored her mind's defenses, just in case.

The Deity walked around her, pressing her body against Titania's back. "Don't worry, I'll let you two get me back for... this... Wait... You two... Hmm..."

Titania shivered with pleasure, as her face turned a bright red. Is she...? That'd sounds like it'd be fun... I wonder how Kva'd take it...

"Where is she right now?" She asked, strengthening her coercion once more. "Go and get her... You can tell her whatever you think will get her to come with you..."

Titania nodded, as she started to walk off. Her mind was still intact and able to resist, but curiosity made her wonder what Ahusirra wanted with them. If it's sex, I wouldn't mind, but... she made it sound as though it weren't... which begs the question, what does she have in mind? She thought, as her speed took her all over the manor in search for Kva, barely stopping for split seconds to reappear as she searched for her.

Where could she be...?

She eventually found her outside the front gate of the Manor, leaning against the wall and staring off at the faint silhouette of one of the towers of Alice's castle.

Titania grinned mischievously, as she rushed by, making sure to poke certain areas she knew Kva would react to. And let's see... will she be angry, focused, or happy? Or will it be an attack on site cause she can't see me?

Kva jumped, scanning around quickly for the source of whatever had touched her.

Titania snickered, before repeating her poke attack. I'm having way too much fun with this...

She narrowed her eyes, "Titania...? I know it's you."

Titania made another swipe at Kva, this time picking her up and slowing down. "Never said it wasn't me. So... what's bothering you, Kva? You seem rather... wistful and more annoyed with me than normal."

"What makes you say that?" Kva chuckled, looking over at the castle again. "I'm thinking..."

"About?" Titania pressed, kissing the helmet with an audible sigh.

"Alice." She said simply.

"So what's troubling you about her?" Titania asked in a sweet voice, setting her lover down.

"Why did she help us? During our trip to hell? What's the real reason...?" The Dhampir sighed deeply.

"I do not speak for her, but perhaps she grew fondness for Grimora. Maybe she wanted favors from a Goddess. For now, we can only guess as to what her motives are." Titania replied, sitting down near Kva. "However... why not just take your mind off it and hangout with me?"

Kva smiled, "Okay, okay... Racking my brain over the motives of a deluded woman is getting me nowhere..."

"So... besides the whole Alice thing, how has your day been, babe?" Titania asked, as she relaxed and leaned against Kva.

"Slow... Quiet... Acceptable." Kva answered, shrugging.


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A Curious God pt. 4

"Well, that's good... But, uh... there's this Goddess asking for you in the forest... and she kinda told me to get you. And I have no idea what she wants exactly." Titania murmured quietly, not knowing any way to get Kva into the forest than by telling her.

"What... A Goddess? Which Goddess?" Kva asked, her attention clearly peaked.

"Ahusirra, Goddess of Nature and... hmm...I don't remember the second part, but she saved me when we fought those... things in the Neren'Teva forests. She wanted you but for what I don't know. So... wanna go see her? Yes, no, maybe?"

"Alright... I'm curious..." The Fencer chuckled, "Lead the way."

As Titania lead her towards where she last saw the Goddess, she whispered to Kva. "Just so you aren't surprised, she has this power she calls Coercion. It kinda makes you want to... have her for yourself. I think of it like when you bit me our first time together... except you can kinda defend against it mentally."

Kva stopped dead. "So you're saying she can control people? And... She controlled you?"

"Kind of... it's more like attraction to her, but you'd basically be right." Titania started, raising her eyebrows. "And before you start panicking about whether or not I'm being controlled right now... just remember if I was, I'd lead you there without giving you prior knowledge, and even if I was leading you there while under mind control, I wouldn't be willing or able to tell you anything you wanted to know."

"I don't panic." Kva replied simply, continuing walking. "You three seem like you had a lot of fun in Neren'teva, maybe I should've gone.

"I had fun being in Sylvie's village, but fighting creatures bigger than me that ate half the party and were close to eating me kinda ruined the experience. You being there would've made it better, especially if I could've gotten you all to myself, Dhampy." Titania flirted, batting her eyelashes at Kva.

"Yes. That certainly would've distracted the Old One." The Dhampir lightly joked.

Titania rolled her eyes, but smiled. "Just for that joke, I demand snuggles later, along with a date sometime in the future."

"And I would refuse... Why?" Kva rubbed the Wolf's head.

Titania leaned into Kva's hand. sighing contently. "I never said you wouldn't... I'm just letting you know what you'll have to pay each time for bad jokes... Unless you're having a bad day. At which point, you're going to receive as much love as I can possibly give."

"So I pay either way then." Kva laughed, coming up to where the Goddess was supposed to be.

The Thrope smiled and called out. "Ahusirra? Are you still here?"

Suddenly, She could feel the aura overtaking her again, indicating she was close. This time it felt as though it worked it's way in easier, as if it knew Titania's mind better.

"Well... she's here..." Titania murmured quietly, somewhat more relaxed than she usually was.

Looking over, Titania saw that Kva was also slightly struggling with the aura, caught by surprise, she held her head. "W-What...?"

"Coercion. Her ability." Titania answered, as her mental barriers faltered somewhat.

Kva struggled, trying to fight it the best she was able, and she was able to hold it back for a time, much like Titania had. "And... Why... Is she using it on us...?"

The Thrope shrugged. "I may have doubted her ability, and lasted longer than most people do. Perhaps she wants to test you." Titania replied, as she looked for where Ahusirra could be.

"Great..." Kva replied, suddenly, the strength of the aura spiked exponentially, a voice speaking from behind them.

"Well, Hello Kva..." Ahusirra chuckled.

The Dhampir grit her teeth. "What... Did you get me into... Ti... Tania...?"

"Hon-honestly? I... don't know... but she's... a good person, I swear." Titania murmured, closing her eyes as if to ward off the aura.

"She... Is...?" Kva relented for only a moment. "Errgh... I don't like others in my mind... Trying to manipulate me..."

Ahusirra's expression suddenly grew soft, regretful. "What am I doing..."

Titania's mind made another mental roar, allowing her to turn and speak for a few seconds before she'd have to focus on keeping her mental defenses up. "Ahusirra... if you could drop the coercion for a moment..?"

Obeying sadly, the entire aura dissipated. "I... I became too caught up..."

Mentally sighing in relief, and planning to get the Goddess back later, she turned to Kva and looked at her. "Hey... before the anger and rage sets in, causing you to leave stormily... She doesn't socialize much with us 'Mortals' and my stubbornness was making it a challenge with her... probably not smart on my end. Just... please give her a second chance?"

"It's fine." Kva turned around, responding emotionlessly.

"It's not..." The Goddess shook her head, walking past them to head into the woods. "I'm leaving."

Titania let out a sigh. "Hey... just... stay a moment, Ahu. Talk with us and present yourself better. Trust me; Kva's first impression of me was not a good one, and I'm lucky she gave me a chance to show her how I truly was. So... perhaps you should explain yourself to her, as she doesn't know who you are, per se."

"Well... I know her from the way Sylvie keeps blathering on about her." Kva shrugged.

"I... Got too far out of hand. I do not control people like this... I was simply trying to test my ability on your unique make-ups." She sighed.

"Then do it with knowledge and consent. That way, you avoid this kind of situation from repeating. So... just relax and strike up a conversation, I assure you we don't bit- errm... well we kinda do, but not the point." Titania joked, trying to ease tension she sensed. "Kva's more tolerable of people than I am, and it's hard to piss me off enough to fly into an unbridled rage. So... come on back and just talk, please?"


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A Curious God, pt. 5

"I'm the tolerant one?" Kva repeated, chuckling. "But you stopped as soon as I made you aware of it. It's fine."

The Fertility Deity sighed, turning around. "Very well. Although I still should've controlled myself better... It has been so long since I have had contact outside of my circle."

"I can relate. Although, even the other Priests tended to avoid me." Kva nodded, trying to connect to her in some small way.

"Well, I say the other priests are being dicks. You're one of the sweetest, kindest, and honestly friendly people I know. If they can't see that... well, they're going to be missing out on the most amazing person alive." Titania huffed, irritated at the news of her love being ostracized from even her own group affiliation. Reaching a hand over to pull her closer, Titania held her in a affectionate embrace.

"As it turns out... The place I belong is with you." Kva nuzzled her lightly.

Ahusirra smiled sadly, "You two are perfect for eachother…"

Titania relaxed, feeling incredibly happy. "I call dibs on being the little spoon when we cuddle later." She murmured before turning her attention to Ahusirra. "Why the sad look, Ahu?"

"I know you hardly know me... But... There may come a time when I will need your help..." Ahusirra suggested to the two of them.

"And what kind of help is this?" Kva tilted her head.

"Help defending everything I hold dear to me." She stated seriously.

"Okay... well, you can get us to know you better by just interacting with us. As for what you need help with... What does 'everything dear to you' constitute?" She asked, snuggling into Kva even more.

"My Children. My Home. My Subjects... And my Forest... As Well as Sylvie, of course..." She clarified, some emotion clear in her voice.

"Alright... what are we defending against, Ahusirra?"

"Things like Tecunte. Things that threaten the natural order, everything, like the old ones, things that seek to strangle nature, and by extension the balance of life and death." The Goddess' Face darkened.

"And you understand that death has to exist for life to, right?" Kva checked, but Ahusirra nodded quickly.

"Of course. That is the natural order I speak of."

"Fair enough. I'd be willing to help, as long as Kva agrees to as well." The Thrope replied with a shrug, looking up at Kva.

Kva sighed, "Very Well, without that cycle, everything would die."

Ahusirra smiled, "Thank you for saying that... Despite everything..."

"See? Far more tolerable of people than I am." Titania triumphantly said, a small smile on her face.

"I think I see what you mean now." The forest goddess chuckled.

"I won't say much more, cause I plan to tease her more later tonight" Titania said, with a mischievous grin. "So, now that we know your agenda, I think you should show her what you're mortal form is, Ahusirra."

"Right." Suddenly the roots raised up around her again, uncovering to reveal Aife.

"Oh. I knew there was something strange about you. Besides I am really starting not to trust random people who just 'show up' here." Kva spoke with a bored surprise.

"Just... You have to promise Me, Sylvie can't know." Aife looked down at herself, "I can't tell you why, just please trust me."

"...okay. I'll... not say anything." Titania murmured, hesitating as she released Kva. "And I won't pester you about it."

Coughing nervously, she tried to change the subject. "So... why did you want me to bring Kva over again? You didn't exactly explain that while we were testing how effective your coercion was on me…”

"I wanted to test it on her... Being a Dhampir and all." She explained. "It seems it had an effect on her due to her Living side."

"So how long have you been spying on us?" Kva asked, putting a hand on her hip.

"Sorry. I've been keeping an eye on Sylvie, I wanted to make sure everyone was trustworthy..." Ahusirra assured them.

"Not the first time, someone's kept a tab on me, nor has it been the only time someone hasn't told me the full truth about something. So, it's okay. However," Titania started, a thin, nearly predatorial smile emerging. "If I remember correctly, didn't you tell me that we get to choose how to get back at you?"

Ahusirra looked back and forth, "What did you have in mind...?"

"That's up to Kva... I'll let her decide." The Thrope shrugged, her smile becoming one of faux innocence. "So... Kva... your thoughts?"

"I have a feeling I know what you're thinking." Kva looked at Titania's face.

"A-Ah!" The Deity exclaimed suddenly, her eyes widening as she turned around, the air in the forest taking a grim quality to it.

Titania's eyebrows raised in concern. "Ahusirra? What's wrong?"

"No..." She shook her head slowly. "An Old One is nearby... I recognize that kind of energy anywhere..."

Kva took a step back, her calm persona breaking. "W-What...? Are you sure?"

"I could never forget it." The Deity clenched her teeth, growling slightly.

Titania's blade was unsheathed in lightning speed. "Well... This suddenly took a bad turn. Kva... I think we got to fight together like we did before." Her eyes scanned around the forest, the naivety and kindness in her face gone.

Connecting with the birds, she quickly pinpointed the location of the feeling. "He's in town..."

Turning, Ahusirra saw the two readying for battle. "You can't be thinking of fighting him... He's stronger than the one we faced in the forest... By magnitudes..."

"I am and I will. There are innocents in that town... they do not deserve to die. I will not stand idle while he slaughters people mercilessly, nor will I let him continue to plague other lands. Both me and Kva can buy time for more reinforcements to arrive and reinforce us. They will help us kill it off." Titania said with no hint of fear. "I am not dying today and I'm not letting those villagers die. So... stay here if you wish. I'm going to protect people." She started blurring, getting ready to run full speed towards the village.

"Buy time? You won't even last a fraction of a moment against Hastur..." The Goddess quickly reasoned.

Kva's eyes widened even further, "Hastur...? I... Titania... She's not wrong... We need to warn Lady Havenbrook..."

"Warn her, then. I'm not going to fight him, just... keep an eye on the area." She murmured, her body slowing down as she walked in the direction of the town.

"For what purpose? Titania... Even if everyone here, including me, went to stop him, we would still lose." Ahusirra explained, walking alongside her. "He is Supremely Intelligent, Unimaginably Powerful, and Sickeningly Cruel beyond your wildest imaginings..."

"Okay. Thanks for the info. Still going. I'm no longer going to fight him, only observe the town and if everyone's dead, I leave. If not, I'm going to go have a drink at the tavern followed by chatting with some of the store owners, i.e. something I do normally that wouldn't draw suspicion." The Thrope replied, as she continued walking.

"I'm not letting you go alone." Kva put a hand on Titania's shoulder. "We go together or not at all..."

"Okay. Together it is. However, next time you're going off to do something dangerous, I'm coming with you. Sound fair?" She asked, as she grabbed Kva's hand and turned, facing her with a smile and loving expression.

Ahusirra closed her eyes, then began following behind them too, however after a minute of making their way towards the town, the heavy feeling suddenly lifted.

Ahusirra stopped dead, searching for the source again, but coming up completely empty. "He's... Gone..."

Titania paused, a thoughtful expression on her face. "He might've been sizing up defenses, and potential threats, or he's casing the area to determine value for attacking purposes." She murmured, rubbing one of her ears nervously.

"No... He wouldn't need to do that... If he wants something, he just takes it and no small village would be able to stop him..." Ahusirra gulped.

"Which can only mean... Whatever he was after here... He found." Kva replied ominously, looking off towards the town in the distance.

"Well, that's not scary at all..." Titania murmured, before picking Kva up and blurring. "Keep up if you can, Ahusirra." She took off towards the manor at full speed, not waiting to hear Ahusirra's response.


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Plots and Plans
Part One

Alice's Castle
Oct. 14th, 3349

After her less than amicable conversation with Alice, Kva was ready to leave, but that castle's emptiness left her with a unique opportunity to gain intel on Alice's forces, and who she had acquired from the Seven. It had been hundreds of years since she had been gone, those in the band could've changed numerous times by now.

Ducking behind and pillar and checking the surroundings, Kva made her way down to the lower chambers, the place where the dungeon is typically held in castles, she'd be able to find information on the captives she had enslaved there.

"This is ridiculous," said a female voice from one of the halls. It sounded familiar, but not one she had heard for a long time.

"It is not ridiculous!" said an unfamiliar male voice. "You saw what she did to me. What Grimora was going to do. It was humiliating! It was..."

"Scary?" the woman laughed. "Grow up. At least you have your people free. I am being forced to act against mine."

"Then why do it? If you hate it so much..."

"Because Rumi says it is the will of our leader to play along while she tries to make the needed change to avoid war with our own people. What's your excuse?"

"I... I-I want to protect my people. Despite what has happened, I still owe Alice for freeing them. But... I will cease any searches for a traitor. It will not be my fault if they stab her in the back."

"Unless it really was you all along?" The woman laughed again.

"Hold your tongue, wench! Even as a joke, talk like that will likely be the death of me..."

Kva moved up quickly and quietly, taking cover behind a corner and peeking on to get sights on who the voices were coming from.

One was a somewhat familiar looking woman, her aura that of a vampire, while the man was a Light Elf. "Just hurry up and get the damn maps," the woman said. "And I'll think about keeping my mouth shut about your traitorous thoughts." Her tone was more teasing then threatening.

Still, the Light Elf looked even more upset. "You're the only traitor here." He stormed off, mumbling, "Letting you off your leash was a bad idea..."

The Vampire scoffed, heading in the opposite direction, towards Kva.

"That's..." Kva took a deep breath and stepped out in front of her, she'd end up being found if she stayed there anyway. "Hello..."

Marlee skidded to a stop, hands near the hilts of her swords. "Who are you? No one is supposed to be here, and I don't recognize you."

Kva motioned with her head. "What's your affiliation with Alice? Are you two working with her? You didn't sound like you were under her control."

Marlee swiftly pulled out her blades. "I believe I asked first. Don't make me kill you without even knowing your name."

The Dhampir pulled off her mask, revealing her face. "I had a hunch... Marlee..."

Marlee stared for a moment, her eyes widening. "You... Kva?!"

"Yeah..." She looked into her eyes. "You're one of the Seven now, right?"

Marlee slowly nodded. "Y-yeah, um... joined a while ago. And I see you're... still alive. I thought otherwise. Should have known better."

"And where did you hear that story?" She asked, putting a hand on her hip. "I left... We were both being groomed for the Seven... I just decided I didn't want to fight for people I didn't agree with... And rather than stay... I decided I would rather find my own place in the world."

Marlee scoffed. "You left over Alice and you know it. So are you in league with her now too? That bitch has her hands in every pot..."

"No. And it's strange you say that. Because you don't seem like you're under her control like I thought all the Seven were... What does that mean, then?" Kva brought her arms up and crossed them.

Marlee looked taken aback. "You... you don't understand. You don't... know what I've been through. What I've had to do. What she has forced me to do... and what the queen you abandoned expects of us! So don't you dare stand there and judge me!" If Kva didn't know better, she'd say there was a tear in Marlee's eye.


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Plots and Plans
Part Two

Kva looked away, closing her eyes. "I'm sorry. All I know is that woman upstairs is a monster. You didn't know her when she was a girl, but she was sweet, innocent, and kind. As far as I am concerned, that girl is long dead."

The Fencer looked back. "So... If you're not under her control... Then why are you still in her army? Judging from what you said, it has something to do with our esteemed leader, right?"

Marlee nodded. "Unchecked, she fears Alice will do far greater harm then if left alone. Rumi and I are here to deter her from any greater acts of evil then she would already do. Meanwhile, her sister is back home, trying to convince the Elders that they need to listen to reason to avoid war... and to prepare for Alice's coming if she can't convince them."

"I see Lilith hasn't changed, she's as hopeful and optimistic as always." Kva shook her head. "You're just putting yourselves in danger. Alice is a hidden fuse, no one can tell when she'll blow. She's a deluded, single-minded engine of childish spite; I doubt anything you could say to her would change that, it might even kill you."

"She might kill me either way." Marlee looked away. "She already has once. I'm only here thanks to Damian. I... I'm not strong enough to fight her, especially with an army behind her."

"But I am... And together... She has no chance..." Kva walked forward, putting her hand on Marlee's shoulder, then sighing. "But right now.. Hastur is making plans, plans that will most likely destroy us... And yet, Alice ignores it..."

"Hastur..." Marlee scoffed. "Alice thinks herself higher then him. If she is not careful, he will swoop in and destroy her army just for fun. It might be the only thing the kicks her out of this vendetta against the world. I... wish you could reason with her, I do. But if her sister can't reason with her, and an Old One can't intimidate her, what hope do we have to reach her?"

"There is a fine line between Confidence and Delusion." Kva looked over at the Light Elf. "And what about you? Why are you here?"

"He stepped out of the shadows. "I am Ergo. I am here because I owe Alice a great debt for freeing my enslaved Light Elf breathren."

"Freeing? You mean taking you from slavery only to put you into her service?" The Dhampir raised an eyebrow at him.

"We are not her slaves! She... she said anyone... anyone could walk away if... they want..."

"And do you really believe her? Maybe... One or two of you... To prove a point..." Kva leaned down. "But do you really think, if all of you decided to go right now, she would let you?"

Ergo looked away. "I don't... I don't know. I mean... surely..." He paused, thinking of how she lashed out at him.

"She told me herself, she believes Mortals should be subservient to Vampires." Kva pressured him. "Tell him Marlee, back in Draculesti, we have Blood Cattle, servants that we drain for nutrients. Fact is, Vampires can't survive without blood, so we have to feed, but at least there they serve us willingly..."

"But what do you think will happen when she conquers the city and releases our kind out into the world?" The Dhampir asked. "Without our willing servants, we'll have to drain and subjugate people like you, we'll have to force people to be our slaves... Thing is, this is exactly what Alice wants... She thinks it will make us stronger... And she will need slaves too, of course..."

Kva shook her head slowly, leaning in closer as she pointed at Marlee. "You'll end up just like she was... You'll be back where you all started... Except she'll force you to like it..."

Marlee squeezed her eyes shut, cursing under her breath. Ergo leaned against the wall. "What... what can we do? Even if I got every Light Elf to turn on her, the bandits are loyal, and outnumber us more then five to one. We... my people will be slaughtered..."

"We wait for the right time." Kva stood up straight. "You both know what she's planning right? I saw her looking through her maps upstairs."

Marlee nodded. "An attack on Helvan. First step in global conquest."

"Carving a path towards the capital then? I take it she wants Helvan's slaves for her army." The Fencer Strategized. "Killing the King and Queen to free the Slaves... How Noble... That would certainly show the Slaves she's on their side... They'd be complely loyal to her after she did something like that for them. And while they are terrible, killing them will only create a vacuum of power and ruin the image of Light Elves everwhere... Instead of solving it peacefully they resorted to murder... More and more Elves would be driven right into her waiting arms..."

Marlee stepped forward. "Maybe Rumi and I can prevent that. Convince her not to kill the King and Queen, only capture them."

"Maybe. But that wouldn't prevent her from gaining a massive force of Light Elves..." The Death Priest looked over at Ergo. "Although, maybe someone could try to rally them against her in secret."

"Me?" Ergo's eyes shifted about. "I am just a humble soldier. If I was to go to the Light Elves and tell them so one means to do away with the King and Queen and liberate them, what reason would they have to follow me against Alice? I... I am no one."

"None of them are anyone. Not after their ordeal... They need someone who truly understand their plight... Anyone can be a leader, all it takes it a strong will, and a desire to change the world..." Kva smiled softly at him. "But you will be a better leader than Alice could ever be... Because you care... You just need to be willing take a stand against oppression... Theirs... And Hers..."

Ergo was silent for a moment. He remember how he was forced to turn a blind eye to his people, and chose to serve those who oppressed them just to avoid being in their shoes. "A coward," he muttered, and shook his head. "Very well. I'll do it."

"And Marlee... My friend... You have to learn more about this Mind Control she is using on the Seven, with it, Saboran can produce a counter agent of some kind..." Kva looked back over to her old friend.

Marlee nodded. "I'll see what I can learn from that wicked little man she calls her alchemist. It'll be risky, but I want to free my comrades."

"And please... Do be careful... Both of you..." The Woman clad in black said sincerely, "If you feel like she may be beginning to suspect something, or if you are in danger, light two lanterns and leave them in front of the window within the castle's highest tower. I will keep an eye out for it. And in the worst case, you know where we are."

They both nodded. "Thank you," Marlee said. "It was good to see you again. Truely."

"And you as well. You always have a place in Havenbrook with me... If you so choose." Kva responded, sliding her helmet back on.

Marlee smiled. "I'll keep that in mind. Take care."

"You too..." Kva nodded, taking off for real this time.