Hunters of Terra Dolor (Role Playing Section)


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Jun 23, 2013
Part 3

"You're making this to easy," he said to himself before walking into the throne room. "Congratulations on an amazing win!" he declared. "And an obvious evolution to your powers. Might I say, you look absolutely stunning."

Alice stood up and walked to Alagor her eyes looked like a predators." Take off your mask." Alice said in a cold tone.

Alagor slowly did so, revealing his scarred, patchwork face. He chuckled. "I think there is something of a misunderstanding. I knew you wouldn't let us down. But some of the men were losing morale, so I... I temporarily took command until you came back."

Alice grabbed the mask and tossed it to the side, she then punched Alagor in the stomach bringing him to his knees. She then held up his head. "Take a good deep breath Alagor breath in all the fresh air."

Alagor struggled for breath. "This is... all a-a mistake. I would... never..."

"Never what take my command when you think I’m dead? Allow me to explain the chain of command, your my head scientist not the one to replace me. If I die then Crixus will take my place and any of my generals, not you do I make myself clear!" Alice said grabbing Alagor by his hair.

Alagor coughed a few more times. "C-clear as a punch t-to the gut. My mistake. I-I was only trying to help."

"You can help with your research, now don't get me wrong I appreciate the effort. But if you die all your work will be for nothing, no one else can do the research so you must live understand?"

Alagor smiled weakly. "I understand. I'll... s-stay in the labs from now on. I would never want to usurp your power."

Alice let go of Alagor. “Good because of it happens again, I won’t be as nice as I am now, next time I will eat and drink your blood understated?”

"Understood." Alagor held his stomach tightly. "I'll head down there now and work hard on that project from before. I'm close to a break through."

“Great to hear now then go get your mask.” As he did Alice asked.” So what’s this breakthrough?”

"I believe I have found a Light Elf that I can resurrect as a vampire." Alagor grabbed his mask, quickly putting it on. "He was already dead, so don't worry about me using one of your people. I should go check and make sure nothing was disturbed in the attack..."

Good to hear.” Now if you excuse me I have a speech to make.” As Alagor went to the door, Alice said while showing her teeth.” Remember Alagor stay in your place.”

He bowed his head. "As you say, Lady Valentine."

Alice went to her balcony and looked at her men.” Boys ladies, savages alike today is a glorious day to day we destroyed Hevland and its finest. But we’re not done yet, not done yet. We can’t let them regroup, so tomorrow we march and we raid pillage and sack every city in our wake till this nation is ours! So allow me me to be the first to welcome you all to Norsca!”

Everyone cheered and hollered, and for that day, everyone celebrated heartily.

Alice looked down and cheered with her people.” Now the war for my empire can begin.”



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Black0ut and Frostlich1228 present:
Examinations of Internals

Pearl made her way through Erin and Betty's lab, the two working pretty seriously after she arrived and the young Thrope girl wanted to do some exploring.

She poked her head around a pile of boxes, coming across a workstation separate from her Foster parent's.

Sancros toiled away at it, his white jacket augmented with some gears and a pocket watch he purchased, the decorations sewn into it. "Now where'd I leave those damnable papers... Erin'll kill me if I forgot to put the research notes in with the actual file... a year's worth of documentation..."

She walked up, watching him work. "Hi... Your watch is so pretty..."

Sancro's magic grabbed hold of her as he turned. "Hello? And who are you?"

She screamed, "Ah! I'm sorry! Don't hurt me!"

Sancros kneeled down and looked at her, putting a friendly face. "I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to know who you are. My name is Jay. What's yours" He asked, his voice emotionless and logical.

"I'm Pearl..." She looked down. "Um... Can you please let me go now...?"

His magic dissipated and he stood. "Did someone hurt you with magic before?"

"Not with Magic... No... I just don't want you to hurt me for being bad..." Pearl responded sadly.

"Why would I hurt you? You are still a kid... and you've been exceedingly nice to me." Sancros responded, taking a good look at her to see what had been done to her.

She didn't have anything that looked like cuts or scars, but she did have what looked like a few old bruises poking out from under her dress, other than that, she was untouched.

"I... I've seen what happens to other people when they are bad... What happened to Mommy..." Pearl lowered her head.

"Well, here you wouldn't be judged and you can be sure no one will hurt you. And if they do, tell me, okay? I'll get them to stop." He said with a sweet voice, his eye lightening up.

"You seem nice, like... Ms. Betty and Erin. They are watching me until they can find my Mom... But they said I'm part of the family now...?" Pearl shrugged, smiling softly.

"They want you to feel welcome like I do. But I'm not that nice. Ask Erin. I'm a scary old man, watch out." He raised his hands up to his head, one going to his chin while the other pushed his hair back, going for the stereotypical villain look.

She chuckled, "You look stupid. Like a big dummy."

"Drats... that usually scares youngsters like you..." Sancros started, as an orb of light tried to distract her.

"Ooo. Fancy..." Pearl laughed, "But you're still a dummy."

"Oh? And what is a dummy, Ms...?" Jay started, tilting his head as he had already forgot her name.

"Uh... Pearl?" She stared blankly.

"Pearl... a lovely name." He said, before raising an eyebrow. "What's a dummy to you?"

"I... What are you talking about? It means a person that is dumb... duh..." The child put a hand on her hip.

"Note to self: child has already picked up Betty's sassiness..." He murmured to himself before raising an eyebrow. " And what if they aren't? What if they're smart, huh?"

"Muhbie..." The Themosan Girl poked him in the belly. "Who knows?"

A hand of light poked her in the back of the head. "So... how's your day been so far? Hopefully no bad people have bothered you..."

"My... Day?" She tilted her head. "Oh... Great, I guess. This place has everything!"

"Like what?" He asked turning away from her to find the missing file notes.

"Like what? A pool, garden, our own rooms, a lake, and even free food!" She listed off energetically.

"Well, I can cook pretty well, so if you want me to, I can make you something." He offered, somewhat distracted by his search for the papers.

"Really? How good is 'pretty'? Better than the other food guys?" Pearl raised an eyebrow incredulously.

"Probably." Jay boasted, moving over to a different desk.

"Well. Now you have to prove it! Cook something!" The Nine year old challenged.

"What'd you like?" He asked, finding the documents with a sigh of relief.

"Uhhh..." She tapped her chin. "Cupcakes."

"Chocolate cupcakes? Vanilla? Strawberry?" He asked, walking over to his desk and sliding the papers into their folder.

"Strawberry." She said, bouncing slightly on her toes.

“It'll take an hour for them to cook properly, but you'll have some cupcakes I promise." Turning around, he sat down and offered her a smile.

"Can I watch...?" She looked up at him with puppy eyes.

He paused, trying to fight off the urge to say yes. "No... I want to be able to make the best strawberry cupcakes for you... besides, Betty and Erin wouldn't be too happy if you didn't ask them for permission." And Betty might take my head if she thinks I'm... 'replacing' her again...

"Aww..." Pearl kicked her foot. "And how do I know you're not just buying them? Huh?"

"Inside of five of them, I'll write the letters of your name in frosting and put two circles on the top. And before you ask how," He started, smirking. "It's magic."

"Mmn... Fine .. I guess that works..." Pearl crossed her arms with faux frustration, sticking out her tongue slightly.

"Y'know if you stick your tongue out too far, it'll get stuck... I'd be careful if I were you." Sancros warned playfully, getting up and heading for the door to bake Pearl her cupcakes.

Pearl then went back over to play with her toys, not wanting to test her luck in this new home of hers just yet.

An hour and five minutes later, a pleasant smell wafted it's way into the room, as several magical hands began clapping. "Strawberry cupcakes with specific designs. Just looking at them is making me hungry... might have to eat all of them."

"You'd better not!" Pearl ran over.

Betty then walked up some time after, smiling slightly. "Well, who's this for? Is it for little Pearlie?"

"Yeah, she asked for it while I was looking for some file notes... and speaking of notes, I got the calculations and experiment data for the sword... and for the staff. As well as a gadget that's... weird. You should definitely come take a look at it... Faith brought it in and wouldn't tell me who gave it to her. Some trickdagger, gun-style... but... it shouldn't even exist..." Sancros motioned with one of his hands as a light orb delivered one cupcake to Pearl.

"That does sound weird... But now that we have the notes, we should be able to finish the sword tomorrow if we start early." She nodded, looking over at Pearl who was happily munching on the cupcake.

"Sounds like a plan." Sancros said as a watery clone of himself held the cupcake pan and kept it out of the little girl's reach. "After all, I wouldn't want to stop you from creating a legendary work of art…”

As they spoke, Pearl quickly checked if her name was inside like he had said, biting it in half.

Inside was a P in white frosting, and even though it was printed, it was somewhat cursive in nature. Beside the letter was a tiny letter 'J' next to it.

"Ok Ok..." She took another bite, getting some frosting on your nose. "Maybe you can cook."

Betty chuckled, "I think you've impressed her."

Sancros rolled his eyes, before raising his hand to block a cough, a slight speckle of blood coming onto his hand. "It's not even that impressive... I learned that in my tenth year as two-hundred fifty-one. Given thirty years of practice, I think anyone can make a good chef."

"Now... as for the weapon... it's old... old enough to be an antique on a shelf, well-rusted and totally unusable. This one... it works, with only light rust damage. Gears are all well and done, and... it reminded me of you, making crazy new inventions that shouldn't be possible. It looks like it's before the Vampire War, by maybe a half a decade. You... you want to take a look?" Sancros asked, trying to redivert the conversation quickly so he wouldn't need to talk about his past.

"Maybe you should show Kva too? I can offer you the engineering details, but Kva might be able to offer you historical context." The Fly suggested, "But I can take a look, sure."

"Oh oh! Can I see?" Pearl suddenly asked.

He looked to her and nodded. "But, you gotta go find a scary lady all in black. her name's Kva and she sounds rude. Ask her to come to the lab and say 'some cranky light elf wanted you', okay?"

"Um... Alright... Where is she?" Pearl asked.

However Betty leaned forward and whispered. "She doesn't know the layout yet... Besides... I don't really want her to go alone... You can go with her while I check out this knife."

He nodded, and pointed over to his desk. "Third drawer down, and be careful. I haven't been able to see if it's loaded."

Grabbing Pearl's hand, he walked out with her with a smile. "Oh, probably trying to practice her scariness."

"I bet she's not that scary." The Little Thrope replied.

"Well, between you and me, she's not. But don't let her know that, okay?" Jay asked, a smile on his face as he sent pairs of light and water orbs to fly high over the hallways as a means to contact Kva via a gentle prod, waiting for her to appear.

After a few seconds, he felt one of the bubbles pop as Kva came around the corner. "... What do you want Jay..."

"See? Scary." Jay whispered to Pearl before straightening. "I normally do fine on my own, but... there's something I have... a weapon older than an ancient war... one you should be familiar with, given how your childhood probably was." Sancros coughed, again trying to hide the small speckle of blood that came out with his hand. "Betty's examining internal components, but I need you to see if there is any historical evidence as to what it is and if it is too dangerous to keep...."


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Examination of Internals, pt. 2

"Very well. Although keep in mind I was very young at the time." Kva pointed out, looking down at Pearl. "Who's the kid? Not yours, right? Not unless I entered into a time portal."

"Pearl, say hi to the lady who tries to be scary, or as she likes to be called, Kva." Sancros smirked, another talking cough coming out. "She's staying with Betty... and my boss."

"Tries to be? I'm sure I could easily scare you if I really tried, but I wouldn't want you to fall over dead." Kva patted his shoulder.

Pearl giggled, "Are you two...?"

"Friends? I hope so... she's infuriating at times, but I probably am as well." He answered Pearl, avoiding the implied question. Returning his gaze back to Kva he rolled his eyes. "Maybe I should get my leg healed and then I can prove you aren't scary."

"Might want to fix that cough too." Kva motioned towards the droplets of blood he was hiding on his hand.

"What can I say, magical wounds take awhile to heal... and before we journey down that line of thought, I don't want to talk about it." Sancros said emotionlessly, his face darkening somewhat. "Anyways... how is she? I barely get a 'hi' in before she leaves."

"Titania? She's still upset, of course... But other than that she's doing fine." Kva explained casually. "But I haven't brought it up. Your relationship is none of my business, I think you would prefer it that way, right?"

"I would and I appreciate you letting me handle it." Sancros said as a magical hand opened a door ahead of them. "It's been... an interesting experience. I have had so much time to do research given the closest people in my life have distanced themselves. Even started work on a gel for you, Kva, to counteract your glaring weakness."

"What? To Light?" The Dhampir asked, walking alongside him. "Just so you know, sunlight affects Dhampir's much less than normal, it's hardly Glaring."

"But it weakens you and could get you killed. I do call that glaring." He countered, tilting his head at her. "And you make decent company, despite how you tried to intimidate me when Titania was laid out. Still am a bit surprised you both fell for each other."

"I'm still surprised anyone can put up with you long enough to have a kid. Although, Sylvie is a pretty strange woman." She joked, nudging his arm.

He rolled his eyes, a mild cough coming before his reply. "No... she's pretty great and considering what happens almost daily between you two, I'm glad that I made your rooms soundproof. I can finally sleep at night..." He teased back, as they entered the lab.

As soon as the door closed Betty walked up to the two of them. "Well, it's not dangerous. It's just a remarkable bit of technology, it's got gears like a watch's, very, very small. And despite the rust it is still very sharp."

"Let me see this knife..." Kva stated as Betty handed her the rusted blade. The Dhampir turned it over in her hands a few times to inspect it.

It opened up to reveal a barrel, engraved with eleven letters, some saying 'justice' and others with far more grim contexts. It did appear as old as Jay had guessed it was, and some minor nicks showed it had been used before. The most disturbing thing was that it had two noble crests engraved into it, one that was from Megacity, and one that was similar to the only House from Bevland Kva had interacted with.

"Faith slipped up once or twice and from what I understand, some Knight gave it to her. However... there aren't any nearby knights that hide their face..." He murmured as he looked at the knife.

"A knight, you say? My she has been around..." Kva replied off-handedly. "I know where this is from. These kinds of trick weapons were used by the Vampire Hunters frequently to combat Draculesti in the Nocturnum War. They were reliable and useful in a variety of situations. My Father has a Trick Cane Whip from the same era."

Leaning in, Sancros rubbed his chin. "How would such a weapon still be functional...? This Knight of yours, wouldn't have been alive back then, and by all accounts a weapon like this... it should be an antique and rusted over. Not to mention it's been taken care of to look like it's too rusted..." He analyzed, tilting his head. "Is this knight of yours a vampire? Or a hunter of them?"

"Perhaps. Could be a Dark Elf as well. What's more interesting... It has the crest of a certain Bevland House." Kva turned her head.

He raised an eyebrow as he turned his head. "Surely, you can't mean her House... right? I know they have been renowned as warriors, but it cannot be them..."

"It looks like it... Nocturnum War origins, Connections to Titania's house... And a desire to free the Themosan Slaves..." Kva listed off. "None of it connects... Her motivations don't add up... But she is connected to Titania, Faith, and even Me. Two of which she has recruited..."

"Well... If she wants to free ze slaves, she can't be all bad, right?" Betty added.

"That's not truly accurate. We can't know what kind of agenda she has planned." The Fencer crossed her arms.

"I have to agree with Kva... maybe if the pattern is to grab everyone save Titania, I could be next. Perhaps we could lay an ambush for this knight, group up and demand she tell us the truth?" Sancros offered, somewhat unnerved by what he was hearing.

"Assuming she wants a cripple." Kva said in jest. "But in all seriousness, that's a very brute Force solution..."

"The only thing I can think of is that we either do that, or I can be stubborn and try to acquire information via subtle interactions." He suggested, tilting his head to look at her.

"Up to you. Ambushing her might be a bad idea if she isn't evil. We'd drive her away for no reason." Kva added.

"Stealth it is. So... what do you think about this being used by Faith, seeing as its hers now?" He asked, a hand floating in a familiar small child. "Betty, take her please."

Betty grabbed Pearls hand, her struggling a little. "But I wanna see it!"

"I'll make more strawberry cupcakes if you'll let me make sure it looks cooler." He bribed as he turned to look at her.

"Mmmn... You're lucky you're such a good cook Dummy..." She pouted, walking off.

"More lucky that I can outthink most people.." Jay murmured under his breath. Turning to Kva, he gave her a serious look. "Now what do you think? Do you think she can handle such a weapon?"

"Well she's not an idiot... And I could teach her, if she so desired." The Dhampir offered.

"Betty, I'm taking off for the day a bit early. Tell Erin, I'm sorry." Sancros called out, his attention refocusing of Kva.

"That'll work. For now, you and I got a lot to discuss... and catch up on." He started, walking out as he motioned her to follow, leaving the current train of thought behind along with two strawberry cupcakes.

"So... this Knight of yours... how does she act? And if you fought her, what are her capabilities?" He started, his voice returning to its cold and mechanical nature.

"She fought like Titania for a time, but changed it up when she got serious. If I had to measure, I'd say she's decently weaker than me." Kva walked alongside Jay.

"Does she have any notable abilities and do you think she was holding back at all?" He continued, raising an eyebrow as another cough caused him to wince slightly.

"Almost certainly, she said she didn't want a fight, she wanted a duel... As for her physical abilities she was much faster and stronger than any normal person would be." Kva answered in length. "Her armor as well seemed like it was a durable combination of Metal and Leather under armor. All in all, she was a very skilled duelist with expensive armor and enhanced physicality."

"If I had to guess I'd say she was some kind of Noble." The Dhampir finished.

"Any guess as to who she is or what noble house she belongs to?"

"Well... Judging by that blade... It would be the Noble house of Bevland..." Kva offered. "Though, she could've just found it."

"Well, it's a start. We have at least two leads to chase down and I'll see about getting some of my contacts to take a look into her and see if she has any history to her. But in the meantime, we'll need to establish what you're going to teach Faith, given that you'll be her third instructor and I don't want to teach her something that you'll retrain her in." Sancros started, abruptly turning down a corridor.

"I'll teach her proper spacing, feinting, and dueling techniques. As well as how to actually use trick weapons..." She explained further. "Her skill in actually swordfighting is... Lacking would be an understatement... Non-existent..."

"I'd say you'd be surprised. Titania has trained her quite well. She's not up to our levels, but she is stronger than most already." He noted, cracking his neck. "Magic-wise... something is off. She learned light magic, yet had no idea how to use it and no knowledge of how to implement it. I believe she may have gotten an Immortal's attention."

"Oh? It took you that long to notice? I thought you were a mage?" Kva looked over at him.

"Keep in mind I don't see her as often as you." Jay grumbled, rolling his eyes. "It was probably the first training session when I got out of critical care."

"You know... That energy feels a lot like Sylvie's..." Kva threw out there.

"Very similar... but not quite the same. Like a bit of the magic is off but I can't tell what. Perhaps we should put the two of them together and have them use their magic to see if we can spot the difference?"

"Maybe... Or you could ask them. One is a mutual friend and the other is your fiancé." Kva replied. "Though I'm sure you didn't mean to trick them."


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Examination of Internals, pt.3

"One is an apprentice, not a friend. And I am a scientist, so less interference when we search for an answer, the better." He replied, a frown somewhat on his face. "And I have ways to contact Ahusirra for confirmation. I just need evidence to make sure I'm not crazy."

"You have ways to contact Sylvie's Goddess, huh? You've really embraced your fiance's culture." Kva remarked dryly.

"I think you forget that I'm a scientist and that I don't believe in gods. I merely know her generalized area and can contact her when I need to. Besides, I already heard how you practically jumped to serve your Death God. Wasn't that why you had to sex Titania, so she'd be willing to listen to you and not be so upset?" Sancros rolled his eyes, making another sharp turn in the winding maze of the Manor's corridors.

"Now you're getting into my business." The Death Priest pointed out. "I've spent the last nearly 250 years of my life serving Taydar... He gave me purpose... And I don't need an excuse to sleep with the one I love."

He snorted, rolling his eyes as he coughed once more. "Yeah, but unfortunately you picked the most emotional person to date, so doing the whole 'let's go to hell, and let me put my life on the line' thing was going to either A, piss her off, B Make her cry, or C, all of the above. You should've thought about it and asked her opinion before committing to something like that, and she should do the same." A brief glow of light showed that the Light Elf healed himself, his face paling a bit.

"Are you really judging me? She's refusing to even talk to you right now." Kva stopped, jabbing a finger into his chest. "I asked her to come with me Sancros. That way she could have my back. That's why we are on speaking terms."

"And I'm happy for you two, truly. I hope she has a happy life, if she doesn't want to talk to me ever again. Now, if you don't mind, I'll be returning to the lab for my fifth night without sleep." He replied in a cheerful tone that did not match his grim smile, brushing past her.

"And what about Sylvie? What do you think is going through her head if you are spending all your nights working?" Kva pressured him. "Your health is deteriorating and you have a baby... A baby that I've actually taken more care of than you..."

"And I've been ostracized by everyone I care about. I did one thing unselfishly and I've been paying for it ever since." He snapped, his face a cold and icy wasteland of emotion. "Whether it's Titania avoiding me, or my strained relationship with my fiancée, I've come to the conclusion that I am tired. Tired enough to do something stupid. So excuse me if I work too hard so I can keep my sanity." He turned and kept walking, his limp more prominent with each step.

"You're deluded if you think Sylvie would ever stop loving you..." Kva's tone softened. "She needs you right now. Jasmine... Needs you... Don't be that kind of Father Jay... Don't make Jasmine have to grow up without a Dad... For one reason or another..."

He paused, his shoulders slumping. "I never hoped to have a family because I didn’t want them to suffer slavery. I never dreamt of having a wife that cared... or a child. You don't know what I went through or how dead I am, how broken... but none of this was planned. My rescuer refuses to talk to me for the first time. Sylvie makes small talk, but doesn't look at me like she used to. Hell, Betty thinks I’m trying to replace her in her family life. If I were weak, I'd kill myself right now. But I'm not and I choose to live through this." He murmured quietly, his words slow and methodical. "This... isolation... it's worse than all of the beatings, all of the torture. I legitimately work so I don't have to... think about it." With that, he continued walking away.

"Don't do this to them Jay... Your self loathing is coloring your view of them..." Kva followed him for a few steps. "You are choosing to be alone... Please... See them... They Love you... No matter what..."

"What you and Sylvie have is so rare in this world... Something even Vampires can spend their entire Millennia long lives looking for..." The Fencer took off her helmet, showing Jay her eyes for the first time. They were far softer in this moment than he would've ever expected from them. "Don't throw this away... Be Happy... In spite of this cruel world..."

His laugh was bitter and tired. "I never said I'd throw it away. I'm just... tired. Tired of feeling emotions. Tired of being hurt, and tired of talking with people." He raised his eyebrows, staring into her eyes with an empty look. "So... if I can, I will avoid them so they don't have to see this crumpled and wasted version of myself."

He turned around, walking a few steps. "Kva... if you knew what I had to do, what I went through... you'd cry. So... just... stop... we aren't friends, and we're barely acquaintances... so, I'll stick to being my brooding depressed self, and you can go back to being happy with Titania. It all works out in the end..."

As he walked away, Kva just slowly slide her helmet back on as she watched him leave. She stood there in silence as she watched a man throw away every good thing in life, to choose to be alone, to choose to be sad... To hurt those who loved him... And she slowly shook her head...


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Black0ut & ZombieSplitter53
Heartwarming Reunions
Part One

Graeme looked up at the sky, a slight frown fue to the encroaching bad weather. "Dantè, we'll be heading back now. With bad weather around the corner, I do not fancy our chances in a cave if we want to wait out the storm."

The bodyguard nodded, platelets on his face making a clinking sound. "Alright. I still have no idea why you wanted to go riding, what with Helvan fucked." He started as both made their way back.

"Because riding soothes my mind when I'm worried. Having your daughter missing for a few years tends to do that." He replied with a sigh.

They continued on in silence, a few rumbles of thunder in the distance. Then, out of nowhere, there was a sudden gust of wind. They both thought it was more ad weather when a voice next to Graeme's horse said, "New bodyguard? Is he going to be trouble? I'm not in the mood for trouble..."

"No, Dantè won't be trouble. I doubt he could fight a Goddess, let alone keep her occupied so I didn't have to get involved." Graeme answered, rubbing his graying mane. "Hey, Runsy. What brings you specifically to me?"

Runseca shrugged. "Do I need a reason to visit an old fli... friend? Are you in good health?"

"Decent enough, I suppose. The council is divided on how to deal with a 'Alice Valentine'. As for you visiting me, I haven't seen you in a decade or two... which brings me back to why you wish to speak to me. Surely, you have better things to attend to than just visiting me. What-"

"Do you want, Runseca, Herald of the Gods?" Dantè finished, raising an eyebrow at the Goddess.

Runseca sighed. "What do you know about House Castillo? Your families are... close, yes?"

"I am arranging an alliance with them yes. They are a very wealthy family and have various allies themselves. Why?" Graeme asked, walking over to stand in front of her.

"Rumor has it your daughter was arranged to marry the heir to the house before... disappearing. Is that true?"

"It is." Graeme said slowly, his eyes narrowing. "Why are you so concerned about Titania? You've never asked about my children before..."

"What are you playing at, Runseca?" The bodyguard said with suspicion, his stance turning protective.

Runseca folded her arms. "Titania is in danger. She has already had to deal with more then one assassin. And I have reason to believe that your allied house is responsible. Someone in house Castillo wants her dead."

Graeme raised a quizzical eyebrow, and frowned slightly. "That's a big claim, one I can't take lightly, even fron you. Do you have any physical proof to corroborate? If you do, I can cancel any deals with them without public or aristocratic backlash."

"Well, I... uh..." Runseca folded her arms, looking frustrated. "I mean... th-they're professional assassins, so they would leave any proof. But the go between told me as much. Before he, um... died. But I'm telling the truth! I mean... can't you do some investigation? Surely, the son would want her dead for running out on her. Or the father, as a matter of pride. The point is, she's in danger!"

His eyebrow stayed raised, his frown deepening. "Why do you care? Last I checked, you and I had a fling, but afterwards you stayed far away from me. Why the warning now...?" He leaned down and picked her up, setting her on his horse.

"She has something to lose." Graeme turned to look disapprovingly at his bodyguard. "What? If I was worried about something, I'd dig up an old friend- or in this case, lover - and ask them for help. But the real reason is why she's asking for your help in particular, instead of another God."

"Because this is a family matter." Runseca let out a long breath. "Well... since your bodyguard already knows about us... Graeme... I know your wife gave birth to Titania, but the truth is, her parents are you... and me."

"Horseshit. You wouldn't be able to do that. Unless... Pendener." He groaned, running a hand through his hair, his muscles flexed out of anger, a fair chunk of his arms popping out through torn fabric. "Of course. And you thought it a good idea to keep that from me? The one who raised her?"

"Well, what was I supposed to do?!" Runseca snapped. "You would have treated her differently. You would have treated your wife differently. It could have ruined your marriage."

"Talk to me, dammit! That's the adult thing to do, instead of hiding it for nearly three decades!" He roared, the horses almost laying down out of fear. "As for my marriage, that's already going downhill. So what the hell would that have changed?"

Runseca looked away. "I made many mistakes back then. Giving her up was one of them. But, I... I really cared about you. I just wanted you to have a happy life. But I never stopped watching her. Still, I might have continued to stay out of you life if she wasn't in danger, and she is."

He shook his head angrily and started to storm off, expletives quick to his lips.

A different hand grabbed her shoulder from behind. "I'd wait for him to calm down, moreso he can be reasonable, but... I don't know you, so, if you can, try but... be aware two of his children aren't his. He found out a couple weeks ago from the spymaster. Don't break him more than he already is." The hand released her, as the heavy thump marked that the Armadillo Thrope falling flat onto the ground with an 'oof' accompanying it.

She quickly turned. "Are you okay?"

"Tired, but fine. I am a lazy man and he has made me go riding for the eleventh time this week, because he's stressed out. The oncoming war means he has to lead Bevland's army as a general. Which means lots of stress, which is then put out throught too many horse rides." He explained long-windedly.

Runseca sat down next to him. "I understand his problems and I sympathize. Heck, I felt guilty about our one fling, and now you tell me his wife was worse. But Titania is his, and she needs help. I can do the dirty work in the dark, but not in the light. Posing as a mortal, I have no status. No class. He can get places I can not."

"I'm not Graeme... but I know you have only three options right now with him. You could tell him what you told me, and hope he'll listen. Or actually comfort him, instead of being irritated at him because to me, you both seem like brick walls when you're annoyed or pissed. Then tell him." He replied, his eyes drifting into the sky. "Or if you want to try the dangerous option, youcould try to expand that one fling into something more. However, if you break his heart again, I will be coming to kick your ass. The old man is dealing with enough as it is."

"As... enticing as the third option is, I don't want to risk anything with Titania." Runseca climbed to her feet. "Comfort, on the other hand, I can do."

"Then go. I'm tired and he's bodyguard-less for the moment, which means he's prone to either do something stupid or get attacked." Dantè murmured as he relaxed into the grass.

Runseca nodded and quickly took off in the direction he had gone. "Wait up, Graeme," she called out. "Can we talk?"

He slowed to a stop, his face an example of a calm rage. "Fine. What do you want to talk about?' He growled, his hands squeezing into fists.

"Please, I'm sorry." Runseca slowly approached him. "I know I did you wrong. I should have told you about Titania. And... Dantè told me about your wife's infidelity. I really am sorry."

"So I'm supposed to forgive you just like that?" His voice searched for the right tone before landing on bitterness. "You know... I thought of all the things you could say to me, but telling me that you kept a secret wasn't one of them. You're going to have to work to just make things amicable between us."


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Heartwarming Reunions
Part Two

Runseca cupped her hands together. "Well... I'm here now. And I'm trying to save our daughter. What do you want me to do? I'll... I'll do whatever I must."

"Then just... stop by and talk when you can. Even if it's only for a minute or two." He replied, turning around.

Runseca smiled softly. "I would... like that, actually. I do not have many friends, and Titania has taught me the value in companionship. I am... sorry I have been away so long. I simply feared risking your happiness for mine. I see now they aren't necessarily mutually exclusive."

"No... they're not." Graeme's eyes softened and the proud and defiant gaze faded away, leaving the Goddess to see the visible effects of his age and stress; the graying of his hair, the slouch in his posture, and the scars that hampered his arms. "So... how has she been doing? She hasn't spoken to me in a while... well, written, I suppose would be the correct word."

Runseca shrugged. "You mean besides the multiple attempts on her life? She's... doing quite well, actually. She has met someone dare to her. She has a dear friend she cares for. She... she is like a teacher to some, and like a mother to others. And I was able to bond with her faster then I had ever hoped. I have been trying to teach her to better control her powers, both to make her faster and to, hopefully, one day completely eliminate the pain she feels when using them."

"That's good, I'm happy... wait... who is this 'dear' person to her?" Graeme asked suspiciously, a frown creeping onto his face.

"She... she found someone she likes. You know, a, um..." Runseca cleared her throat. "A... girl... friend..."

His eyes twitched. "A girlfriend, you say? What's her name and race? Is she of noble blood?" He asked his voice becoming far more formal then it usually was.

"H-her name is Kva. She isn't of noble blood. She's a... um..." Runseca hesitated. Lying now would only make things worse. "W-well, she's half elf, half... vampire..."

"Excuse me for a moment." Graeme said quietly before walking over to a small tree. He stared at it before he ripped it out of the ground, tossing it several feet away. He turned and stalked back towards her. "I... I will try to be calm... but a dhampire? When Bevland is at war with vampires, and an army sits in Helvan, a neighbor of ours, ready to march on us, she chooses a Dhampire? I... am so many words and none of them are good ones." He put a hand on his forehead, massaging his temples. "Anything else I should know about her?"

"I-I don't think so. Um... she unofficially adopted a Duck Thrope as a sort of daughter." Runseca looked at the fallen tree. She remembered it was that kind of strength that initially attracted her to him.

He stood deathly still, his eyes containing a barely contained fury. He took a deep breath and calmed down somewhat. "Okay. So... she has, in essence, taken her life for her own, and made a moderate poiticla enemy of the other houses... maybe I can salvage this... just so they don't come after her. I could ask House Gareth to Knight her, James does owe me favors..." He started, trying to fix what he considered a damned situation. "Regardless though... is she safe where she is?"

Runseca nodded. "She is part of a hunter's guild. A strong one, with many strong warrior, several of which are friends that would gladly risk their lives to protect her."

His eyebrows raised in worry, at the start of Runseca's words, but relaxed at the end. "Okay... that eases my worries somewhat, Runscy. I'll work on the Castillo problem from the inside, but... you have to get me concrete proof, otherwise Titania won't have a home that's free to come back to." he warned, before taking a step forward to give her a gentle hug that belonged to a more normal person.

Runseca smiled, hugging him back. "You do the work in the light. Leave the dark work to me. I'll find your proof, and together, we'll nail whoever is threatening our... our precious daughter."

He gave her a squeeze before letting go. "Alright. You go and check in on her... but leave me out of your discussions with her. It'll be easy to play the other nobles if they don't suspect anything." He said quietly, ruffling her hair a bit with one of his big hands.

Runseca nodded and stepped away. She paused, and slowly turned around. "You want a... a-a kiss for... old time's sake."

He raised an eyebrow, a smirk on his face. "Are you getting shy right now? Cute... I haven't ever seen you like this..." He took a step forward so they were in front of each other again.

Runseca blushed. "It's just... been a while since I even... kissed a guy. A-almost... thirty years..."

"Why?" He asked gently as he looked into her eyes, his curious and somewhat intense.

Runseca slowly shrugged. "Guess I... didn't find a guy worth it as much as the last one. He was kinda special to me."

Graeme's confidence disappeared as he blushed and tried to regain his words. "A-ahem... you were also not this good at getting me flustered..." He murmured quietly, leaning down to cup her face. He hesitated for only a second before he kissed her. Runseca's heart fluttered, her breath taken away as she softly kissed him back.

He cradled her head with one of his hands, making the kiss more tender. He pulled back after a few moments, and gave her a smile. "So... I suppose if that was all you wanted, I'll go back and start setting things up... unless you have any objections?"

"Yeah... no... I-I don't know." The smaller goddess seemed conflicted. She never truly stopped loving this man. But what would Titania think if she pushed a wedge in between the parents that raised her while she did nothing. Still, her heart ached foe the tender touch of a loved one, and no amount of gray hairs could stop that. "I... want..."

"Me?" He asked, taking one of her hands in his.

She slowly nodded, going up on her toes and puckering her lips once more.

He leaned down and obliged her, kissing her with more passion than he had before. Wrapping his arms around her, Graeme slowly lifted her up; one hand finding its way to her head to deepen the kiss.

When Runseca finally pulled her head back, she was all smiles. "I... I should... check on Titania. But... m-maybe, if you are free tonight, I could come... visit..."

Setting her down, he grinned. "I'm free most nights... so if you have the time, I would love to see you again." He said softly, rubbing her cheek for a moment.

"You two are adorable! I knew you both loved or liked each other at one point, but I didn't think it extended this far!" A voice laughed, as a shadowy figure seemed to appear from nowhere.

Graeme's face grew harsh as he turned to face the man. "Who are you and why are you here?"

The assassin looked over at Runseca, his upper face revealing to show a raised eyebrow. "You didn't tell him about me? I thought I'd at least be a conversation starter, or the beginning to a plan... but whatever, go on and tell him who I am and what I can do."

Runseca shuttered. "He was one of the assassins hired to kill Titania, but turned to our side for a pay off. He led me to the middle man that hired him, who was the man who told me of the ones who are behind thus. He is also a very dangerous man who can rip most mortals to about with his dark magic with ease."

"Not pay off, favor. Besides, I-" a Fist hit just the right part to send the assassin flying into a tree nearly breaking it.

"You hurt her anymore than you have and I will destroy you." Graeme said coldly, unsheathing a rapier which looked small.

"Ow... did you not hear the part of 'I'm on your side and I want to help'? Runseca, please control your man before I rip a hand off in retaliation." The assassin rubbed his head, looking somewhat disoriented.

"H-he's not my... b-both of you, no violence. Please, we truly are on the same side." Runseca shot the assassin a look. "He knows that if he decided to turn on us, there would be nowhere he could run where I wouldn't find him."

"That's assuming I didn't make a plan to disable you, but... I don't want to be an enemy of yours." He eyed the Large Noble. "You... I'm not sure. You might be able to beat but barely. Anyways... stop being rude, your Divinity. I don't have to fight or help you. So stop getting agressive because your lover is here."

"Don't talk to her like that." Graeme growled, his sharp teeth bared at the newcomer.

"Okay, enough!" Runseca took an aggresive stance between them. "Stop playing 'who has the bigger sword'. We are all friends here. Allies. We all have the same goal, if for different reasons."

"Speaking of, Castillo is becoming a bit more desperate as the family middleman has disappeared. I almost got a written contract, but the bastard I was fighting jumped into an industrial fire." Shini reported, cracking his hands. He turned to the bigger man. "Also, rumors down thr grapevine is that Alice Valentine is moving to her next target and soon. Only places she can attack are here and Vamp capital, but here seems more ideal as an attack target..."

"Dammit... if you're telling the truth, we have a limited amount of time to prepare... I'll rally forces and face her in the field if I can. The two youngest will take shelter and be ready to run if need be..." The Lion murmured, nearly ripping his hair out.

"I should warn Titania," Runseca said. "The Havenbrook Organization has had an eye on her for some time."

Graeme nodded, but held a grim smile. "Do it. I'll stall for as many days as I can when the invaders get here... but I can't guarantee her safety or mine. So... be aware that it could all go to hell."

Runseca nodded. She stood on her tippy toes to kiss him on the cheek, and took off on a flash.


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Bunny Boi
Part One

All of the senior members of the Guild were gathered together. Mina, Ed, Eraqus, and even Esmeralda, even though she was still being watched carefully. Erin stood before them, and took a deep breath.

"I... have something to reveal to you all. A secret I've been... fighting with, but now is the time to be honest." The rabbit woman sighed deeply. "Back when I was captured and enslaved, I-I... I lost hope. I couldn't believe that all my accomplishments had led to it. I... had to get out. So I tried something. A teleportation spell, a powerful one I thought could beat the magic nullification collar I was wearing." She shrugged. "I-I was wrong. I only ended up passing out. But I felt something leave me before I fainted."

She took a moment to collect her thoughts. "When I got back to the labs, I found out that the spell had... actually done more then I thought. A part of me did make it back. A... an incomplete clone, clinging to life. I shut myself in my lab, telling Betty I needed some time alone, but I was actually trying to complete the clone. I saved it, altering it slightly to differentiate it from me by... making it male."

She looked away. "I was ashamed, though. Ashamed I had tried to leave Betty. Ashamed I had used such a forbidden spell. Ashamed it had failed. So... I asked Lady Havenbrook to hide away my shame. We sent the clone away to a private boarding school to be educated away from here." She took a deep breath. "But it isn't fair to him. I can't hide him forever. It isn't fair to the boy."

Mina nodded. "Clone or otherwise, the boy is a living, breathing Thrope. You will all treat him like would would anyone else."

Eliza took another deep breath before turning around, "Matrim? You can come in now."

The door opened, and a young man stepped inside. He looked fully grown, looking the same age as Erin. He wore the school uniform of his boarding school, one of his ears flopping a bit nervously. He slowly walked to Erin's side, looking about. "N-Nice to see you again... Lady Mina."

Mina nodded, walking over as the others looked on with curiosity. She knelt before him, placing a hand on his shoulder. "How have you gotten along, Matrim? Were the other students treating you well?"

"Some of them were. I-I got bullied a little, but the school handled it. They only beat me up a little." With a shallow inhale, he looked up with a face that tried to look confident. "I-I took up training with the rapier, a-and I even managed to kill a monster on our field trip."

"Really?" Mina rubbed his head. "I fight with a Rapier. Maybe we can spar some time."

Erin gave the boy a sad look. "You... you must think so little of me. I am responsible for your creation, and yet I sent you away. I treated you so shamefully. But I promise, your home is here from now on. I will be a proper mother... sister? Twin?" She scratched her head. "E-either way, I hope you can forgive me some day."

"H-Huh? What do you mean Momma?" Matrim said in shock, going to her and taking her hands, "I'd never hate you. You gave birth to me. Cared for me." He smiled a wide toothy smile, looking like a boy that way. "I love you, silly!"

A tear rolled down Erin's cheek, and she quickly wrapped her arms around him. "I love you, Matrim!"

He laughed awkwardly, patting his hand on her back. He looked over to the Netzi blacksmith, and the two elves, but his gaze was caught by Esmeralda. He looked at her hair and skin, which was now tanned on the way to being dark, an aftereffect from her corruption that came and went. Some mornings she wad pale as before, some not.

As was nearly always true, she had a sad gaze on her face. When she noticed she was being watched, however, she quickly smiled at the boy. He was a cute one. Adorable, in fact. And he had a spark of curiosity and charm in his eyes that reminded Esmeralda of herself, at least before...

"So, um..." Erin stepped back. "I need to... to break the news to Betty and the girls." The look on her face told her facing Betty was a terrifying prospect, but she shook it off. "Why don't you spend some time with the senior staff? They can show you the ropes."

"Oh, alright." Mat put his hands behind his back, rocking back and forth on his feet. "I would love to get to know everyone. Just sorry in advance. I'm... A little shy."

"No trouble, my boy?" Edminfar floated over. "How about we start with Ol' Ed? I'll show you the forge and the armory. Maybe... pick out a nice weapon for you?"

"Mmm, mmm." Mat nodded with a smile. "I had to leave my training weapon at the school, so I would like the opportunity to train again. Thank you Mr. Ed."

The aging Netzi led him down to his work space, and introduced him to everyone. They were all very accommodating, welcoming him with open arms. Ed slowly explained all the equipment and activities, the boy listening intently. When they were complete, Ed led him to his personal stash of weapons. "Look around, my boy. Pick out your favorite."

"Wow..." Looking around, Mat went by rack by rack. He found several rapier, but none really suit him. Until he came upon a small box, and opened it. He pulled out a masterpiece blade, but it once belonged to Mina's ancestor, crafted by Ed when he was a lad.

Ed floated over. "That, my boy, was one of my finest. And one of my earliest. It was one of the first pieces of work that I was proud to call my own." He sighed. "Sadly, it has been sitting down here, unused, all alone for quite some time. I just wish there was someone who might call it their own."

"Could... You think...?" His hand moved over the blade admiringly.

Ed leaned over and whispered. "Go on. Take it. Try it out."

He pulled the thin weapon from the box, then stepped back. He thrust the weapon several times, smiling. "It feels perfect."

Ed nodded. "Then it is yours, my boy." He grinned. "You're like a younger version of me, bright eyed and bushy tailed, with a glint of curiosity in your eye. Bet you'll make quite the lady killer some day. Maybe I should take you under my wing..."

"Huh? Oh no, I would not make a good chaser. I could not even manage a date to dances." Matrim said with a shake of his head, "Your time would be wasted on me."

Ed let out a hearty laugh. "Well, if you decide otherwise, I'll be here. How about we go see Eraqus sonhe can test you skills? Sound like fun?"

Matrim nodded rapidly, taking the sword and the scabbard in the box, quickly following the Netzi. He tripped, then blushed as the girls in the armory giggled. "Perhaps... I could use your tutelage."

Netzi chuckled, helping the boy up. The pair talked about wooing the ladies and treating them right on the way to the training room. Ed shared a few secrets to make a girl happy that made the boy blush.

Once in the training room, he was handed off to Eraqus. The Elf seemed to study the boy woth his eyes, sizing him up. "Well now... a fencer. Takes me back to the days I was helping Janne train Lady Havenbrook. Your... uh, mother... is quite skilled with magic. Did you inherit any of that?"

Matrim nodded. "I can use wind, fire, lightning." He said a bit embarrassedly, pressing his fingers together. "I'm... Not good with them though."

"No one is when they first start out." The Elf waved towards a training dummy. "Let's focus on the sword for now. Show me what you can do. And relax. This is an... informal session."

With a nod, Mat drew his rapier and stepped forwards. His form was sloppy but he had a form, and he jabbed at the dummy three times, doing a backflip to thrust into the dummy.

Eraqus smiled at the display. "Not bad. You could use quite a bit of improvement, but you show a lot of potential. How did you rate in your class?"

"O-Oh, I was top of my class when it came to the academics but... It is the actual execution part that... Trips me up."

"Well, academics can be an important part of a fighter's repertoire. One needs a sharp mind just as much as a strong body. Just... don't go out and test that against a giant any time soon." Eraqus grabbed a practice saber and held it out. "Now, come at me. Try to land a blow."

Mat nodded, stalking forward slowly, right foot forward, shoulders back, but he was taking so long in prep, he was open for attack.

Eraqus considered just letting him go with it, but though this would be good for a learning experience, so went for his open left side.

Mat yelped, falling backwards with his sword skirting away. "Ow.. H-hey, that was hardly fair!"

Eraqus shook his head. "Sorry. You were so open, I thought you were asking me to attack you." He smiled. "Come on, try again. This time, don't hesitate."

"But if my form is off, I'll just make a fool of myself." Mat complained, picking up his weapon and slowly standing.

"Sometimes, you have to fail a hundred times before you suceed once." Eraqus took a defensive stance. "Come. I promise I will only defend."

Matrim nodded, taking his ready battle stance again. He advanced forward, thrusting from,the left, top and,side.

Eraqus smoothly dodged right and down, then deflected a few blows. "Good, good. More aggressive though. Hit me. Do your best to hit me."

Mat jumped back, blinking. "A-Are you sure?"

Eraqus narrowed his eyes. "Hit me, boy... if you can!"

The Thrope nodded, closing his eyes. He opened them forming a ball of wind, fire and lightning. He cut a triangle in the air between them, then all three shot forwards.

"Whoa!" Eraqus dodged as best he could, but the lightning orb hit him with a loud crackle. He flat flat in his back, twitching a bit.


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Part Two

"S-Sorry! W-Was that too much?" Mat quickly squicked, trotting over and kneeling by Eraqus.

Eraqus sat up, rubbing his head, his hair sticking up. "M-meant for you to try and hit me with your sword." He laughed. "But you hit me, alright. Thought you said you weren't good with your magic. That was pretty good."

"T-That was merely a simple trilateral discharge. It was taught to me my third week of battle academy." Mat kicked his foot against the ground lightly.

"Well, I'm impressed. Sword fighting and magic. You have potential, alright." Eraqus slowly stood up. "Well, I think we'll call that a good first impression. Guess I should bring you back to Erin..."

"U-Um... Could you... Bring me back to Mina's office? I want to talk to her more if I can."

Sure thing, k... Matrim." Eraqus chuckled. He wasn't really a kid, but he had the innocence of one. They would have to be careful not to let him be influenced by the wrong people. That thought made him wonder what Ed had talked to him about.

He brought the boy to Mina's office, the guild leader relaxing after the little meeting. She was getting more tired lately as the baby took more and more of her energy. She quickly smiled at Matrim when he entered. "How was the look around?"

"I-It was nice Miss Mina. Everyone was nice in their own way." He stared in amazement at her belly, coming,a bit closer. "Can... Can I...?"

"Can you... oh!" She walked over to the couch and sat down, lifting her shirt over her belly. "Help yourself."

Mat nodded, kneeling down. He cautiously reached out, hesitating before putting his hand on her stomach. His eyes sparkled as took in an exuberant breath, his ears standing straight. "So... You really have a baby in there? Like... A tiny human?"

"That's right, my young friend," Mina answered, smiling sweetly at him. "This is my first child. He or she will arrive in this world in just over a month."

"Wow..." Mat rubbed her round tummy, his eyes still wide in amazement. "That elf lady before... Her stomach was round too. Who... Was she?"

Mina's smile faded a bit. "Her name is Esmeralda. She was... I mean, she is our head librarian and book keeper. She isn't completely well right now. She was kidnapped by a very powerful being that messed with head. We are watching her to... make sure we can trust her."

"She was here with you guys, so... She must be senior staff. I need to... Meet her too. And if she loves books, I especially have to meet her!"

"Well, she really does love her books." Mina slowly nodded. "Eraqus, bring him to the library."

The Elf nodded. "Come on, buddy. You're going to love our library."

"Is Esmeralda going,to be there?" Mat asked suddenly, looking between the two. "I... I want to see her. Going to the library wouldn't be half as fun."

"You know it, little friend. It is where she spends most of her time." He opened the door for Matrim. "You'll find her in the back."

Mat nodded, then followed Eraqus out with an excited grin.

They found her near the back. Two hunters were discreetly standing nearby, keeping an eye on her. She was staring down at a book, one of her favorites in fact. But she didn't really seem to be reading it. She was just staring at it sadly.

"A frown doesn't suit your face miss." Matrim said softly.

Esmeralda quickly looked up. She wiped her eyes and smiled. "I'm sorry. I just have... a lot on my mind. I'd hate to bring you down on your first full day here. I-It was Matrim, right?"

"Mhmm." The rabbit Thrope leaned back, looking mischevious. "I'm glad you remembered. Um... I have a favor to ask. Can I... I touch your stomach."

"My stomach? Oh... oh, the baby. Of course." Esmeralda turned and lifted her shirt. "Go ahead."

With a gleeful smile, the Thrope hopped forwards, and softly began rubbing the elf's stomach. "You and Mina! Ooo, I am so jealous. I want to have a baby someday."

Esmeralda giggled. "Sorry, but only girls can have babies. Besides, it isn't always the best. There is morning sickness and an increased appetite and back pains, and your boobs... ahem..."

"Get bigger? But babies are really cute and squishy. They are amazing." He giggled, "You must be so happy."

Esmeralda rubbed her belly. "I am. It is the greatest gift ever given to me." Her smile faded. "But that monster... he wants to take my child away..."

"Oh right. I was told. But don't worry. You have people who can protect you right?" Mat pat her stomach one last time then retracted his hand, kneeling on the ground besides her bed.

"I do." Esmeralda looked into his eyes. "Would you... like to be one of them? I bet you're really strong."

"What? Me m'lady?" His voice carried bemusement.

"Well, yeah!" Es had a bit of her old Es-style excitement in her voice. "I mean, Erin is your mom, right? I bet your magic kicks serious butt, and you're probably a stronger fighter then me." He shoulders slumped. "I can't really fight. Though... I did pick up a new trick..."

"Show me." Erins son said.

Esmeralda nodded, and looked over to some of her books. She lifted her hand, her eyes briefly glowing pink, and three of them floated in the air, swirling around in a circle. "I-it's called psychic powers. It uses the power of the mind instead of the magic within. I can move a variety of objects with it."

"Whoooooa..." Mat's eyes were wide with wonder. He sat on the bed, rubbing one of his ears, "Are you and my mother... Close?"

Esmeralda slowly lowered the books. "To be honest... I used to not think so. I used to think she kinda disliked me because I'm so... weird." She smiled softly. "But after she came back after... something bad happened to her, we started talking more. And she was really supportive when I was rescued. I... I really do think we are close now. I love having her as a friend."

"You mean when she tried to escape and I was made?" Mat ask.

Es nodded. "We are close... and you are a copy of her, so... we should probably be close to, huh?"

"Mhmm. Ed says always keep close to attractive women after all!" He exclaimed, earning giggles from Es' Huntresses.

Esmeralda chuckled herself. "I'm... not that attractive." She looked down at her arms. "And I... look different. My skin is darker, and I have these black streaks in my hair. Probably makes me look stupid..."

"No, no! Very pretty. And your skin..." Mat blushed fiercely than waved his arms, "Sorry, I'm not flirting. You're obviously taken."

Esmeralda leaned against him. "You're not flirting. You're just complimenting me. It's fine. And I know my boyfriend would understand. After all, I would never betray him, just like he would never betray me."

"O-Okay." Matrim chuckled, scratching the back of his head. "I do mean what I say though. You are a very pretty elf."

Esmeralda giggled. "And you are a very handsome young Thrope," she returned, lightly poking his nose.

Mat's entire face ran red, and he rubbed his nose abashedly, "Y-You know! I am... Technically in my 30s like Momma... Uh... Erin..." He shrunk down, embarrassed he called her Momma in front of Esmeralda.

Esmeralda's face lit up, finding him adorable. "Don't be embarrassed. I call my parents daddy and momma all the time." She looked around. "Do you... like to read, Matrim?"

"Oh more than anything. It's actually why I wanted to see you!"

Es' eyes lit up even more. "Yeah?! What is your favorite subject to read?!"

"Classical! Oh I love old myths and legends. Fables. Bed time stories...." He continued to list off many other iterations.

"And epics?" Esmeralda added. "And stories of love, and amazing fights, and fantastical worlds and scary stories?"

"Mhmm! Mhmm!" Mat nodded, taking her hands, "And ballads, and poems. Comedies and tragedies!"

"I love books so much, I could read day and night!" Es stated ecstatically, bouncing their hands up and down.

Matrim laughed with her, looking at her face as she laughed. His eyes were transfixed on her. Mesmerized.

Esmeralda stared back, smiling sweetly. "I... I like you, Matrim. I think we'll be the best of friends."

Matrim nodded, tilting his smiling head to the side and closing his eyes. "I'm glad!"

Esmeralda slowly stood up, and offered her hand. "Come on. I'll show you around, and show you my favorite books."

Matrim nodded, jumping up with a wave of his arms. "I would love that."


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The fallowing colabe is done by Dhalexpert& Zombiesplitter53

She deserves better then me

Serasam Nov 6 3349

Character heard rumors about the cult of Hastu around town. After he "interrogated" one of the cultist, he heard they were in an abandoned building outside of town. Character and Slone made their way to the location and knocked on the door.

A short woman in robes opened the door and looked him over. "New recruit?" she asked.

“You could say something like that, is this were Hastu fallows are?”

She nodded. "You’re a big one. Hastur could make good use of you." She stepped aside and let him enter. A few larger men stepped forward. "You'll have to leave your weapons at the door," the woman stated. "Safety first. There are many fools who would do us harm."

“Ou you don’t say well in that case.”
Character put his hand on his weapon, and sliced the top of the mans head. Character in without skipping a beat, slashed his sword against the other man’s cheats. Slone then open his mouth and and bit half of the woman body, and threw her to the side.” Let’s go boy.”

In the center of the building were several more cultist, a dozen at least. There were another dozen men and women, all preparing to be accepted into the cult of Hastur, when all heads turned to the man and dire wolf who stepped into the doorway.

“Well look what I got here, a bunch of sinners. Sinners committing the ultimate sin, praying to a old god that wants to burn this world.” Character pulled out a bottle and poured what looked to be orange liquid over his sword.” But I don’t care about that, I’m here to ask one question. We’re is Esmeralda!”

"Get him!" The head priestess shouted. While the new recruits scrambled to get out of the way, the cultist grabbed various weapons and charged, eleven to two.

Charter slashed his sword and flames came out from the slash. The flame engulfed those that charged Charter he then charged in with his shield and bash one of the cultist to the ground, once to the ground Charter slammed his shield into the woman skull.

The cultist were nothing for a seasoned warrior. Any that got close to getting a hit in where ripped apart by Slone. In the end, all that was left were four recruits that hadn't escaped, and the head priestess. "You... you won't get away with this!" he shouted. He held up his staff, and a dozen purple tentacles erupted from it, whipping and latching on the Hunter.

Charter slashed his sword again and again, flames coming out with every slash until the flames stopped Charter came out of the smoke and slashed the staff in half. "Slone go and eat the other fools, give me and the head priest some alone time."

"Wait!" one of the men yelled. "We were tricked, honest! Let us go, and we'll never associate with Hastur again!"

"You weren't tricked, you came here of your own free will so die as cultist you wanted to be." Slone howled and the men ran outside the room leaving Charter and the head priest alone, The woman charged Charter but her quickly punched her in the gut." Now as for you, you and me need some alone time." Charter grabbed the woman by her hair and tied her up to a pole.

The priestess struggled, and shouted, "Just kill me already! What more do you want?!"

"I told you, your goanna tell me were Esmerelda is." Charter tore the robs off the woman. And pulled out his sword." So your goanna tell me what the hell that bastard god of yours did to my wife and child!"

The woman shook in fear. "You... i-if I tell you, y-you'll just kill me like the rest!"

"I'm gonna kill you no matter what, how quickly I do it is up to you." Charter put the edge of his sword to the woman ribs and started to cut into her exposing her rib cage, he the put his hand on one of the ribs." What did that bastard false god of yours is doing to me wife and child!?"

"Stop!" she screamed. "Stooop! I-if you promise to spare me, I'll tell you what I know! Stop!"

"You will tell me whether you want to or nor." Charter broke one of the woman ribs by pulling one of them out." What has that bastard god of your done to my wife and child, answer me!" Charter then pulled out another one of her ribs.

The woman grit her teeth and glared at him. "N-nothing you do to me will ever be as bad as what Hastur would do if he caught me. You h-have to either swear you'll let me go... or kill me and get nothing!" Her eyes said she was more afraid of Hastur then him.

Charter broke more and more of her ribs." Allow me to explain I will boil you alive! Tell me what that worthless god did to my Wife and child!" Charter then used his sword to tear open tear other side exposing her other ribs.

"Stop!" The priestess cried. "Okay! A man with burn scars all over his face and eyes! He took her away from a ceremony in New Vento City. He... he had help from the Justice goddess, Nemesis. I don't know who he was or what he did with her, I swear!"

"Nemesis she helped that man so Es is no longer with that bastard god. Congratulation you earned yourself a quick death." Charter plunged his sword into the woman head killing her quickly. Once outside charter saw that Slone ripped apart the four wanna be cultist. "Come on boy were going home." Charter got on Slone and road his way back to Have Brook manor." I don't get it who was this man, is he also chosen by the gods?"

When he got back, one of the guards stepped forward. "Charter! Finally back! I-it's your fiance! Master Janne found her and rescued her. She's back!"

Charter eyes winded." What she's back!" Charter ran to the manor practically breaking the door down, Charter quickly made his way to the medical room were Elma and Safria are surrounding Esmeralda." Charter slowly made his way into the medical room and dropped to his knees at seeing Esmeralda, he then wrapped his arms around her, tears coming down his cheeks.

Esmeralda gasped, and tears rolled down her cheeks as she held him tightly. She sobbed softly while the others looked on, Safria watching them with a sad face. "Sir!" one of the doctors rushed over. "You cannot just barge in here while I am examining an ill and potentially dangerous patient."

Charter pulled out his sword the tip of it being close to the doctors throat, Charter looking like a savage animal defending his family.

Elma put her hand of Charter hand." Charter we need to work on Es, I know you want to be alone with her. But part of her is still corrupted, I’m using all the healing and light magic we have on her. Safria is helping to with what little light magic she has. Please I know you want be with Esmeralda but she need treatment." Charter still had his sword near the doctor’s throat while still holding Esmeralda.

"Stop this!" Esmeralda shouted. "What are you doing, threatening an innocent man!" The black streaks in her hair started to spread as her anger grew. "Put... the sword... down!"

Charter saw what was happening to Esmeralda and dropped his sword." I'm sorry..i'm." Elma put her hand on her brother shoulder and looked at her brother.

"Well that helped at least we now know the more negative emotions she has the more she'll be corrupted. Elma looked at her bracelet more importantly the red jewel in it." Charter I need you to go Safari go with him, keep Charter calm alright."

Safria slowly nodded, taking Charter's hand. "C-come, Charter. Let's... talk outside for a moment."

Charter slowly went with her, but stopped and made his way back to Esmeralda and keeled down and held her hand." I'm sorry Es for everything, but we will get through this and I promise you that I will never let this happen to you again." He then stood up and left the room and closed the door. Once the door was closed he punched a massive hole in the wall.

"Calm down, Charter!" Safria shook her head. "You are getting out of control. Where... where have you been for the last couple of days?"

"Were do you think, Have Brook declared war on Hastu. So I've been hunting every last one of them hoping to get information on Esmeralda, I didn't know someone else had saved her." Charter fell to his knees." Heh look at me, a born solder trained in damn near ever weapon except guns. A skilled potion and poison maker, and I can't save my own wife and child!" Charter punched another massive hole in the wall.



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Part 2

"Stop it!" Safria shook her head. "None of us knew where she was. Janne got lucky finding her. It could have just as easily been you who found her at your last stop. And it could have just as easily been no one finding her." She turned away, holding her stomach tightly. "Just be happy she's home..."

"It's not just that damn it! If I wasn't reckless when I was fighting that demon lord, and didn't get myself hurt this wouldn't have happen." Charter slammed his head into the wall.

"Stop it!" Safria grabbed his shoulders and shook him. "What is the matter with you?!" Tears rolled down her cheeks. "She needs all of us to be strong for her! You think you're the only one who feels guilty? I was useless to help her! I was useless trying to find her!" She turned away, holding her stomach again. "And then... while my sister was captured... I-I did something so terrible as... as sleeping with her fiance..."

Charter held Safria arm." What we did, was both of us showing weakness, our sorrow got the better of us then. Blood started to fall of Charter head." Go to her, i'm not in the right state of mind now, Esmeralda shouldn't see us like this go to her. I need to go and do something." Charter stood up and walked down the hall.

Safria looked at him in confusion. "Yeah... but will she understand that?" she whispered, then walked back into the medical room.

Charter walked out to the training yard and fell to his knees. "Gods! What do I do, i'm broken. For the first time in my life I don't know what to do, how can I protect this land if I can't even protect my own family. Give me answer a sigh something that will get rid of this guilt."

"Calm yourself, Charter." Fya'munt stepped up behind him, and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Perhaps it is time you leave this all behind. You have gone through too much. You have given into your anger and viciously tortured. You have lashed out at those around you. You have become too violent. You have given into your grief and betrayed your love's trust. I feel I must take you away from this."

"To wear, I have nowhere to go. I'm a broken man were can I go?"

"Come to train with my chosen warriors," the god insisted. "Esmeralda will be fine. She has others to support her. She will find another to love. But you are in no shape to help others as you are now. Not while you're like this. You need to be tempered before you hurt someone."

"But what about my child, Es can't raise it by herself. What if she gets corrupted again, or Hastu kidnaps her again? She needs me to help her through all of this. But your right I can't help Es the way I am maybe its best I leave."

"Would you like to say goodbye to her before you go?" Fya'munt asked.

"No I don't want to spread her corruption any further, its best I just leave and spare her the trouble of what I've become."

Fay'munt held out his hand and opened a portal. "Come. We will return someday. I will make you a warrior to make everyone proud, and you will then return."

Charter slowly walked to the portal and was about to step foot into the realm of the gods, but something was eating away at him screaming at him not to go but he grabbed his hand and walked into the portal with him looking at the Have Brook manor and continue walking into the portal with the warlord god.

Meanwhile, back in the medical room, Esmeralda's hair was jet black, her skin dark. Her eyes glowed pink, holding out her hand to raise Safria into the air and choke her. "You... fucked my fiance... while I was away!"

Safria gasped and grabbed at the invisible force around her neck. "I'm... sorry... Elma! H-help... me!"

Elma yelled. Gripping Esmeralda hand."Es calm down we you’re being corrupted again, your skin and hair you’re going back to being evil. We need you to breath. If you kill your sister you will never forgive yourself, ever and you know you won't!" Elma using her light magic to its fullest to help purify Esmeralda. "Were the hell is Charter when you need him?!"

Esmeralda squeezed a little tighter. She grinned as she looked at the fear in her sister's eyes. She suddenly gasped, coming to her senses, and dropped Safria. As Safria coughed and wheezed, to large Hunters charged into the room and grabbed Esmeralda, the doctor quickly grabbing a needle. "Hold her steady!"

"I'm trying here hold on." Elma made ice cuffs around Esmeralda arms and legs and around the center of her chest and not around her stomach." There she's pinned down."

Esmeralda struggled as she was injected with the needle. She glared at her sister. "I hate you," she muttered before her hair slowly turned blonde again. Safria let out a sob before running out of the room crying. Es looked over to Elma, tears welling up in her eyes. "Why... is this happening to me?"

"I don't know Es, but that wasn't you and I'm sure Charter wasn't himself when he did what he did. The truth is Es since you were taken Charter changed, he became more aggressive agitated depressed. He would train all day and night until his body collapsed, he slept for only the or four hours a day. Charter was... Is not himself right now, I’m not excusing him but I’m sure you did some horrible things while you were corrupted as well, it was a mistake and I’m sure they will never do something like that again."

Esmeralda looked away as she started to drift off. "I... will never forgive them..." she muttered, sobbing softly as she drifted to sleep.

"Yes you will Es I know you will." Elma left the room and looked at the two guards. "Anyone seen Charter, i'm pretty sure he would like to explain himself?"

They shook their heads. As Elma asked around, no one seemed to know. For all everyone knew, he disappeared off the face of Terra...


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Black0ut & Frostlich1228 present:
A Lonesome Doe
(Set before 'she deserves better than me')

Sylvie sat alone in her room for almost the sixth day in a row now, she had thought that after Jay had healed they would spend time together, but he has only distanced himself...

The few times they had spoke, all she could do was look at him sadly as he assured her everything was fine, but it wasn't... She knew it...

Her dreams haunted her even further now... The Cave being more and more vivid in her mind... She even considered simply going alone... Maybe it was meant to be that way...

The Huntress looked down as Jasmine, laying in arms, sleeping restlessly... just like she had been...

They both missed him...

Tears began to run down Sylvie's face as she looked towards the forest outside, deep in thought…

Jay popped into her sight, heading into the forest, looking worse than he had when he had been injured. He looked back and up almost at her, but after a few moments of his eyes scanning for something, he turned and continued, disappearing from sight.

"Oh Jay..." She shook her head, continuing to stare at the place he had disappeared, wondering if he would come back.

For awhile, he didn't. It was only after several hours he did, One of his arms hung loosely as he held a metal staff in a water orb that went around his hand like a glove. He limped back, his bad leg bleeding.

Sylvie stood up quickly, staring at him as he returned for only a moment before hopping out, calling a root from the Earth to guide her and Jasmine down. The Huntress rushed over to him desperately, a sad panicked in her voice. "Jay...!"

He held up a hand and tried to muster a smile. "I-it's fine! Just a flesh wound." His arm on closer inspection, revealed that it had bones sticking out, while his bad leg was raked with several vicious cuts. He held his staff away from her, as it glowed a deep blue.

She breathed heavily, biting her lip, "Jay!"

"I'm fine... just had to get my staff back. I'll go and visit the medical wing and listen to them so I can heal." He said, brushing off her concern as he limped past her, his leg failing him somewhat as he wobbled unsteadily.

"Jay! Stop right now! Let me heal you!" She yelled, Jasmine beginning to cry from the noise as tears ran down her face once more.

He did stop, a tired expression on his face as he turned around. "I have my own magic to heal myself. I just need gauze and a brace." He replied, his weak smile wavering in front of her.

"Please... Let me help you..." Sylvie begged him sorrowfully.

"I..." He started, his eyes looking into hers for a moment, before he sighed. "Okay. Go ahead."

Sylvie placed her hands on him, helping him sit down as she poured magic into him, taking from her own magic pool instead of the life around her. Meanwhile, Jasmine looked up into her Dad's eyes, growing silent as she reached up, wrapping her whole hand around his thumb.

He used his other hand to rub her cheek, a look of love on his face. "Thanks, Sylvie..." He murmured, his eyes briefly flicking up to look up at her.

Her eyes began to well up again, holding his hands as she continued to heal him. "Jay... I... Do you trust me...?"

"I do." He murmured, looking away from her.

"Then why have you been ignoring me? Ignoring your little girl?" The Huntress asked, gripping tighter. "Why won't you tell me what's wrong...? Is... Is it me?"

"No." He practically whispered, his gaze focusing on the ground.

"Then why? Why won't you tell me...?" Sylvie persisted, beginning to breathe faster.

His eye seemed to glaze over, as he struggled to come up with an answer. Lie... lie to her... "I... just didn't want you to see me like this."

"Jay! Like what? I don't care if you have problems. We're here to help each other... We are partners, right?" She tried to reassure him.

He mumbled something under his breath, his glazed eye darkening. "We are..." Edan said through clenched teeth, removing a hand from Jasmine to hide his face.

"J- " She stopped herself suddenly, running a hand up his arm. "I love you... Edan... That will never change..."

He let out a choked gasp, a single tear falling before floating back up. "I... I..."

The Forest Girl hugged him tightly, careful not to squish Jasmine as the barely toddler tugged on her Dad's hand.

A broken man's laugh gently came out of his lips. "I... told you... I was too...broken..." His tears flew faster, one dropping onto Jasmine while the others slid down his hand to the ground. "Too many emotions..."

She pulled back, looking him in the eyes. "And I told you I don't care... If you're broken I want to help put you back together... I... I guess I was naive for thinking it would work so quickly... But I don't mind... I won't leave you any time soon..."

He removed his hand, his face tear-streaked. He took a moment to breathe before talking. "I... people close to me can hurt me worse than any wound... for a moment... no... ever since that day with Kva and Titania, I've been hurting. Guess I couldn't managed to keep myself together..."

"I understand Edan..." She pressed her forehead against his. "But I can't help you if you distance yourself... Remember... Together, we are so much more than the sum of our parts..."

Except I break and hold others back... he thought with a depressed tone. "Y-yeah..." He murmured quietly, his eyes closing.

"You know something? Jasmine has been sad all week without her Daddy... But as soon as you're here..." Sylvie moved out of the way, revealing a happy, smiling baby trying to climb up Jay's body.

He smiled and gently wrapped his arm around his child, gently using his other arm to boop her nose. "Well, she's had the best mother in the world... if not the crappiest father." His eyes quickly glanced over. "And before you argue, I haven't been the best dad to her as of late."

"Fine... I'll let you have that... You need to get thrown up on too now..." Sylvie chuckled her breathing becoming more labored as he was healed.

His face hardened as he looked into her eyes. "Stop. You're wasting too much of your mana healing me. I don't want you to hurt yourself trying to fix me... you already stopped the bleeding and the bones are no longer visible. I'll heal the rest naturally." Edan said softly, using his free hand to gently grab one of her wrists.

"O-Okay..." She stopped, the green magic subsiding like usual.

He leaned over and kissed her cheek, resting his head on her shoulder. "You could've done so much better than me..." He whispered.

"I wouldn't trade this for anything..." Sylvie stood up, a little wobbly from the healing.

He stood up, a weakened light magic hand steadying her in his place. "Well, I think you should go to bed... you can barely stand..." He said quietly as he carried Jasmine in his good arm.

"You... Haven't even told me what happened yet..." Sylvie persisted.

"Oh, right. I killed a bunch of water corrupted beings in order to get my staff back, which is still corrupted." He replied, skirting around Sylvie's question. "Come on... you need sleep after healing me."

Following behind him, she clung onto his arm, resting her head on his shoulder as they made their way inside.

After a brief walk, they entered their room. Setting Jasmine in a crib Mina had provided for them, he led Sylvie over to the bed and sat down. "Time for you to rest, Syl."

"But... I haven't seen you in a week..." She chuckled, holding his hand.

"You'll see me much more often... I promise." He reassured her, gently rubbing her cheek.

"I love you..." She snuggled up with him.

"I love you too." He whispered, his body relaxing while his mind stopped it's morose and depressed nature... if only for the time being.

Out in the distance, Aifé watched from atop a tree, smiling as she waited for them to fall asleep.

Sancros stayed awake for a long time, long after Sylvie fell asleep. His eye scanned the room suspiciously for almost two hours, before he closed it, the gaping cavern where his used to be still open despite the soft snoring that came from his lips.

Ahusirra dematerialized into a cloud of fireflies, reforming silently in the room as she stood above their bed, smiling softly. The Deity raised her hand over Jay, repairing any damage that might have been left over, restoring him to a condition he hadn't been in for a long time.

The Light Elf did not stir, but the staff he brought upstairs with him pulsed with energy and floated off the ground, as it silently prepared to release it's corruption in the room on the unsuspecting couple.

Her eyes widened, recognizing the magic she quickly made her way over, sacrificing stealth for speed. Hovering her hands around the crystal, she tried to drain the corruption before it exploded.

The magical staff stabilized, the glowing becoming more rhythmic instead of pulsing randomly. A hand of water floated over her head and pointed behind her.

Ahusirra sighed, turning around, her disguise still active, however. "You are far too flippant with corruption... You could've contracted lethal magic poisoning..."

The dozens of water orbs that she saw formed Elven words. "At the time, dying didn't seem too bad of an option. Considering I had a very, very shitty time of trying to reconcile with quite a lot of people, I'm surprised I didn't do something more dangerous." Edan's vacant eye filled with water into a perfect orb acting as if it were real, while he pretended to rest.


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A Lonesome Doe, pt. 2

"You would leave your Baby?" Ahusirra questioned. "Don't you know how much you would've hurt her?"

"Depression is a dark mistress, she doesn't let you think of anything except ways to escape. Besides... you haven't helped. You already knew what happened, when Sylvie found out what I did to keep everyone safe. You... are really bad at reading mortals. I'm a slave, remember? I never thought I would have a family, let alone have friends. And if I gain something valuable, so valuable that I am literally willing to die for it, wouldn't losing it or perceiving so, also push me to death?" The letters replied.

She sighed. "You're going to have to be stronger. For her. For Jasmine. And the journey ahead..."

He almost snorted as the words dissolved for a moment before reappearing. "I know Esmerelda is gone and that an old one named Hastur took her. You think I don't know what's going to happen next? I am the only one here who knows that a confrontation with that evil is inevitable. So stop treating me like a child. I am strong, because if I wasn't..." He opened his eye, almost with an irritated look, "Sylvie would've died in a cave to my hate, or I would've already killed myself."

"Not that journey... Another. Sylvie's Dreams are growing restless... She will act on them soon." The Goddess pointed, the Huntress beside him was trembling, her head covered in sweat.

"What are you talking about, I haven't- oh...right. The forest. Your forest. My informant only mentioned it in passing and didn't give me too much information... but I know that it isn't as peaceful as it seems, right?" He spoke, his voice quiet as he tilted his head to look at her.

"It depends entirely on you..." The Goddess reminded him. "But you have proven yourself respectful of nature. So you should have little to fear."

"Then tell me what awaits in the forest. I doubt you'd keep something friendly in there." He pushed, his gaze growing more intense.

"Nature. Take that as you will. It is cruel and kind, Savage and Beautiful... But the journey must be made. It is something that all of Sylvie's predecessors have undertook, but I cannot tell you more than that." Ahusirra explained, her voice low and soft.

"Great... so what you mean, is that it's likely to kill whoever we bring in gruesome ways. But fine. I'll go do your damnable challenge... but..." He smirked, his smile becoming more predatory. "I'm going to bring some people... ones you know. I'll need a guide of course, and only one Hunter here has already been. Tack, I believe his name is... you wouldn't object... would you?"

Her eye twitched. "That... Rat... Is here?"

"If by rat, you mean Netzi, then yes. He makes armor and rarely fights. He's a grim fellow who jokes to hide it and, if my source is right, keeps murmuring about a girl named Nanscy." He replied, raising an eyebrow, a frown being etched onto his face. "Let me guess: You want to kill him, but as long as he stays out of the forest, you can't. He did something to you or something you care about and now you want to do whatever to him. What did he do that was so bad?"

"He and a group of Researchers went into the forest almost a year ago now..." She looked away bitterly. "The Animals were uncomfortable with the Netzi's construct, but quickly picked another target who was radiating negative energy, The Expedition Leader. He broke the arm off of... What you would probably know as a Maiden Tree. It was hurt... It bled and clawed towards them, asking for their help, but instead, that Netzi... Set her on fire..."

She held in her anger. "I heard her scream in agony. I FELT it... The Burning... Those Trees and I have a special connection... I had to make them pay for their crime..."

"Tack left his friend behind... The Leader, knowing he would die... And he was right... I tore him apart first..." Ahusirra said grimly. "They committed the most heinous act that they could against the forest..."

The Goddess pointed at the sleeping Sylvie. "Short of killing her."

He nodded, offering a cold smile. "Okay... makes sense why you'd want to kill him. But it only brings two questions... why is he still alive, and why are those trees so dear to you? You hardly let others form a genuine friendship with you, if you threatening to kill me when I was opening myself up to you is anything to go by, so what makes these trees so special?" Edan asked, his voice pointed with some bitterness and slight resentment behind it.

"He is still alive because one of his group, a kind, pure hearted girl, offered me a deal to spare him. She would stay with me, He would go free. I hesitated, but if she was willing to give her life to the forest for him to be free, then maybe there was something I had missed about him, a side I had not seen." Ahusirra put it plainly. "So I agreed, Nanscy would serve me, and in exchange, I exiled him instead. I will not allow him to return."

"So... the only guide you would be willing to put in harm's way, you won't allow back. Perfect..." Sancros suppressed an annoyed sigh. "Y'know... it's moments like these, where I want to yell at you for making my life harder, but you hide conveniently behind reason." He rubbed his head with what he perceived to be his only good arm. "So... out of curiosity, if I left Sylvie, broke her heart... what would you do?"

"Then she would go by herself. And I would allow her to exact revenge, if she so desired." The Deity asked. "And you may tell your Netzi associate that Nanscy is safe and healthy. I have merely given her a place within the forest's natural order as one of my Guardians."

He rolled his eye, as a watery version of him formed. "I won't actually leave her, and I haven't talked to this Tack. As for telling him anything... I do not care about Nanscy or Tack." His copy form shrugged. "They are merely names to me, just as Titania is to me right now. Speaking of... you might want to go see her. She had a lovely purple mark crawling up her face a day or two ago." He said, his voice chillingly cold.

"What... Do you mean? Are you no longer close?" Aifé questioned. "She is sick? Hurt?"

"I am bitter and tired of talking to her. And better than that. Poisoned. Arrowhead, if the infirmary people are right." Sancros answered, a bored expression on his face. "Her own mother, Runseca, couldn't protect her from the shot. So, might want to give her a final farewell before whoever attacked her comes back to finish the job."

"You... Can't really mean that? Can you?" She seemed almost shocked at his disregard.

"I don't care anymore what happens to her. So yes, I can." Sancros said coldly, his demeanor nonchalant, his watery clone walking past Ahusirra to retrieve the staff. "Why do you ask? Surprised that I can be apathetic towards her?"

"Yes... It seemed to me you two really cared for one another." Ahusirra shrugged.

"Well, I'm not a nice man and am still technically a slave. She made the mistake of pushing me away, and never acknowledging what I do for her. Not really that surprising in all honesty." He replied with a bored expression. "So, back to business. Sylvie is going on a vision quest to a cave in your deadly forest. Can I bring anyone, are your guardians going to stand in our way? In other words, rules for what you want me to listen and abide by?"

"You can bring people... Just not the whole Guild.... However, I must insist you two enter the cave at the end alone. And no... I cannot tell you why, just trust me." Ahusirra answered preemptively.

"Alright, fair enough..." Jay grumbled, as he held the staff in his hand, his magical power increasing dramatically. "That feels better. Now... would you care to explain-" Frowning, he moved his bad arm, feeling no pain from it. He raised an eyebrow. "Well... why are you healing me consistently? We aren't friends, and besides the fact I like nature, you don't like me very much... so why socialize with me, when there are others more deserving of your time?"

"He's doing it to me now..." The Goddess blinked. "Because I would prefer if you didn't die? And I never said I didn't like you... Of course there are things about you that annoy me... Like your incessant prying questions into others business with an unwillingness to answer similar questions yourself... You are also... what do they call it... A wiseass. But you have a good heart, if wracked with pain, and while the questions are annoying, they come from a place of caring. Sylvie could have any Man in the world... but she chose you, remind yourself that..."

"You did threaten to kill me for said questions when I was opening up to you." He pointed out, gently slipping out from under Sylvie. "And you don't talk with me normally, unless it's to discuss things such as this 'cave' of yours, or if I come to you with a proposal. That has legitimately been our interactions. It's less of a friendly interaction and more of a hint you don't like me." Walking up to her, the water magic faded away, dispersing into nothing. "She could have any man. She could also do better than me. That is a fact you and I both know."

"And yet. She picked you. I have not been social with you... simply because I do not want to slip and tell you something I shouldn't... It's too dangerous..." She let him know. "But at the cave... You will find out everything... About me, about Sylvie, and about my people... Whether you choose to like me after what happens there, is up to you."

"Well... if I am going to go through this forest of yours, I should ask you for one thing, but you'll probably not go for it." He said softly, closing his only eye.


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A Lonesome Doe, pt.3

"Yes, Jay?" The Goddess raised an eyebrow.

"My leg restored." Was all he responded with, opening his eye.

"Very Well... I didn't want to heal that without your permission." Ahusirra took a few steps forward.

"Before we do that..." Edan hesitated, holding out a hand as he seemingly debated something before he continued. "This is a favor to me. As such... you can ask any two questions of me. They can be about anything, and I... will answer truthfully."

"Very Well..." The Goddess considered. "What was slavery like...? In Helvan?"

Edan grimaced and bit his lip hard enough to draw blood. After a moment, he sighed and looked into one of her eyes. "It... it was hell. Other slaves, including your family, can die at random, so there is no point in making friends. You are objectified, with very little hope of the future. The best any slave in Helvan could get would be a fancy home where you are a house servant. The worst... you end up like me. Broken. Useless. Thrown away. It is," Jay started, his knuckles turning white on his staff. "the absence of any emotion, god, or morality."

"I can see why you would have little faith in Gods." Ahusirra empathized. "The Pantheon did nothing to help you or the other slaves... But Slavery is an artificial construct of Society... One I plan to deal with..."

"You aren't the only one. There is... some Knight that is recruiting people to end slavery in one country. But I doubt the ambition ends at one." Edan informed, tilting his head. "How are you planning to end it?"

"I will take My Gaurdians there... Use my own power to free them as directly as possible..." She explained, tapping her chin. "I'll also regrow the forests the Trade had destroyed, giving the Slaves free, natural territory to themselves..."

"That's good for some slave countries, like Helvan, but countries like Themosa do not care for the forest. You would do better aiding the resistance growing there, rather than directly freeing everyone." He countered, his eye looking up as he began to get lost in his thoughts.

"I disagree. Every problem in Themosa is caused by it's industry. Fish are dying, the sky is blanketed in pollution, and it is all built off the backs of Thropes. And yet, one only need to look at the Elluviana Thropes to see my Vision, the freedom, the happiness and Joy." Aifé pointed out. "When the Natural order is so Imbalanced, only then can strife and suffering like that found in Themosa occur."

"It is their choice if they choose to listen to you. And to counter your argument... what happens when you get stronger by making Themosa green? The other gods will not be happy with what you are doing. So, before you run off to go save people, think about the ramifications of your actions."

"Correction... Some of them will. Other Gods will benefit, Gods that have been far too weak for far too long, and that is exactly what I am counting on..." She gave him a sly smile.

He frowned, crossing his arms. "Well that will be good... but can you assure me that Themosan magitech, which is used by all countries, by every mortal being, will remain after your prison break?"

"That's not true Jay. They do not. Magitech is the artificial enslavement of the forces of the natural world. Shaped and perverted to a horrible extreme..." Ahusirra raised her voice slightly, before toning it down. "It is a tool created by those who didn't have magic, so they could control it... But that is not what Nature intended. They may not have had Magic, but they had something else, Intelligence, a powerful tool... But instead of using what this world gave them, these inventors felt they had to have more. Everyone has a place in the world, if you are not as Strong, you can have Magic, if you do not have Magic, you could be Smart or Fast or Quiet..."

"You yourself has seen what horrors this constant need to control and harvest the natural world creates..." She continued, looking outside. "The Undead in that mine would not have existed if not for Greed... The Manticores wouldn't have existed if not for the desire to pervert life in any way one sees fit... The Basilisks were forced from their homes to a foreign place, they were scared and confused so they attacked. Things are how they are in Nature... for a reason."

"So... if a man is freezing to death and he cannot create a fire, he shouldn't use a tool that would save his life? Or the fact that a lot of medical practices go hand in hand with Magitech? This world isn't designed to be completely composed of nature, Ahusirra. As much as I would be fine with it, you would be breaking a balance by taking out Themosa. Not to mention... making this world overly complacent. Nature exists and dictates things for a reason, but you can't expect to force everyone to adopt your ways. Mortals will abuse nature, yes, but that in turn does keep it in balance."

"You will need to come up with better reasons for instituting a more Natural world, than just that Mortals are fucking it over." Edan argued, his voice becoming quiet.

"Creating a fire is using resources from the world to create a resource from the world. Mortals do not care about balance, they desire change only because they feel they can change it." She shook her head. "Changing things in a perfect system will obviously cause problems."

"Everyone, even the Gods are so obsessed with shaping the world. They all want to find the right answer, but the irony is that the right answer is around them. Nature has a way to solve every problem one could face, it is unfathomably complex and yet so simple, everything ties into each other perfectly, from the Animals to the dirt itself, all supporting each other harmoniously."

"Nature is an engine of problem solving. It discovered the right way things should work long before any Man Woman and Child has walked the world... All we have to do, is support Nature, instead of fighting it..."

"Which is your view. Ultimately, wouldn't you, being the incarnation of nature itself, think nature is the answer? Wouldn't Aratenda view war as a way to perfect the world? You immortals are always so short-sighted with thinking whatever you're god of is the answer." Edan groaned, as he walked in front of her. "All Gods are the reason this world functions, and we Mortals aren't helping. Taking away industry, takes away valuable learning opportunities. Take away learning, you get complacency. While Nature is important, it isn't everything."

Taking a step past her, he sighed. "What's your other question?"

"Nature is so far from Complacent... I do not hate change... I hate pointless change..." Ahusirra sighed. "But I suppose you're right, in a way... Us Gods are born a certain way, with a certain purpose... But we can change... And become more than what we were. I believe in nature because I know it like no other... And if others knew too, they would see..."

"Next. Question." Jay said in a more mechanical voice, walking towards the door to lean on it. "I do not want to argue and debate this with you. You think Nature will save the world, and I disagree. End of discussion."

"Very well... Then what do you think is the answer to the worse of the world?" She asked calmly, yet crossing her arms.

He paused for a moment, before nodding. "Nothing and everything."

"That's hardly a real answer." Ahusirra looked at him plainly.

"Nothing in terms of how to actually get through the worst that this world has to answer, or even change it to be more livable. Everything, if one merely wishes to find purpose through a perceived purpose to fix it." Edan explained, raising an eyebrow. "I would've explained sooner had you given me a moment."

"At least I have an idea. But..." She chuckled. "I should take my leave. And if you need a Guide, a certain Fairy Queen who lives in my woods could help you... You may remember her..."

"I met only a representative of her's with Titania. I do not know her and have had no contact with her." Sancros replied with a frown. "Trying to arrange a meeting with her will be far harder due to her royal status... but alright... I'll contact her."

"You always find a way to complain... Sleep well... Jay..." She dissipated back into her firefly cloud, flying out the window.


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Mistakes & Secrets

Betty was in the lab when she heard the news, the Fly quickly cleaned up her workstation in preparation to see her, however before she could, she ran into Erin at the door. "Erin! Did you hear?"

Erin blinked, looking a bit nervous. "Hear? O-oh... yeah, Esmeralda's back, right?"

"Yeah. W-What's wrong? You don't seem very happy..." Concern grew on Betty's face.

Erin quickly smiled. "O-of course I'm happy. Though..." She shook her head. "She isn't in the best condition. A lot of the corruption is gone thanks to Janne, but we are still keeping her under close watch. We... need to make sure we can fully trust her."

"But we have her now. Zhat means we can work to fix her and it also means we have ze upper hand on Hastur for once." Betty tried to look on the bright side.

Erin nodded. "Yeah. Everything is... i-is looking up." Her smile faded a bit as she stepped past Betty, the nervousness still in her voice.

The Tinkerer walked up to her slowly, taking her hands in hers. "Erin... I know when you're upset... You know you can tell me anything, right?"

Erin looked away. "Betty, I... I-I can't... I've lied to you kept something... important..."

"Lied to me? Why? About what? You know I would never judge you..." The Dark Skinned Thrope leaned in closer to Erin's face.

Erin pushed away. "No, you... I... I tried to abandon you when you need me the most!" She turned to Betty, tears rolling down her throat. "When we were enslaved, I... I tried to escape without you!"

"Why would I be mad at zhat? I was ze one who suggested you should escape without me... I know how horrible it was too... The Buzzing and the commands... If... If I knew what was in store for us I would've wanted your old classmate to buy you and get you away from zhere..."

Erin shook her head. "No. You needed me. I shouldn't have tried to leave you." She sat down. "I tried a... a forbidden teleportation spell I learned during my college days, hoping it was powerful enough to get past the magic nullification." She stared down at the floor. "But it failed. I felt something leave me... but I went nowhere. It was that day you found me passed out in the middle of the floor."

Betty could barely recall, the memories from her collared time hazy at best, but that was probably for the better. "What do you mean... Something left you? Like... Part of your soul?"

"It's hard to explain. It was like... for a moment, I was in two places at once." Erin squeezed her fists. "Turned out... that is exactly what happened. When I got back to the lab, I found... I found an incomplete version of myself." She looked up. "I accidentally copied myself."

"A-A copy...? Like... A exact duplicate?" Betty seemed taken aback by this revalation.

Erin shook her head. "Not exactly. Like I said, it was incomplete. Those days I locked myself in the lab right after getting back? I was doing what I could to complete it. I used myself to save it, though I altered it to make it a boy." She squeezed her eyes shut. "I was ashamed. Ashamed of my attempt to leave you, and he represented a failing as a mage. So I hid him from wveryone but Mina... and sent him away."

"All this time... I can't say I'm not a little hurt you didn't trust me not to blame you... It's the same thing Veeti did..." Betty lowered gaze. "But I understand."

Erin squeezed her eyes shut. "I'm sorry, Betty! I'm so ashamed! I should have told you! I should have trusted you! But... I was so embarrassed. I had experienced one humiliation only to cause another one. Please... p-please don't hate me over this..."

Betty instead held her chin up, bringing her lips to hers. "I could never hate you."

Erin sniffled. "But... I don't deserve your love. Your forgiveness. I am... such a horrible..."

"Under Pressure? Maybe... But you are the most amazing person I have ever met..." The Tinkerer pressed her forehead against Erin's.

Erin softly smiled, then jumped forward, holding Betty tight. "I love you so much, Betty!"

Betty fell backwards in surprise, Erin ending up on top of Betty is a rather compromising position. The Fly just smiled widely as she looked it into her Lover's eyes.

Erin smiled back. She knelt down, giving Betty a loving kiss that lasted quite a while.

As she pulled back, Betty giggled lightly. "You wouldn't happen to know where the kids are... do you?"

"They're both out playing with Aemilia and Drayce," Erin answered. "Should be gone for a while."

"Are you zhinking what what I'm thinking?" Betty smiled deviously.

Erin nodded, quickly standing up. "Last one to take their clothes off is a rotten egg?"

"You're on..." Betty replied, quickly unbuttoning her apron and shirt, launching them off on to the ground behind her.

An Hour Later...

Erin sat with her head resting on Betty's bare chest, her eyes closed. "I really do love you, my sweet Betty Bug."

"I love you too, uh... Carrot... Erin?" The Fly struggled to come up with something quickly.

Erin laughed, and sat up, reaching for a shirt. "I have an idea. While we wait for Matrim to finish his tour, why don't we go see Esmeralda? If you want to, I mean."

"Matrim? Is that the name of your clone?" Betty sat up.

Erin nodded. "I forgot to mention I finally brought him here, to treat him like a person, not a burden. While he meets with Ed and Eraqus and Mina, we can go see Esmeralda. Though... I have to warn you, she is a little different."

"How... Different? What did he do to her?" The Bug saddened.

"She was completely corrupted when Janne found her. A majority of it has been removed, but much still remains. Plus she... has emotional trauma. She evidently did things that... left her with a lot of guilt."

"Maybe if we found her sooner..." Betty looked away.

Erin shook her head. "You can't think like that. We had no idea where to find her. We just got lucky she was in New Vento for... reasons we are still investigating. Come on." She tossed Betty her clothes. "You can try and cheer her up. You're really good at that, after all."

"At least we understand the position she was in..." She wiped her cheek on her forearm, throwing on her clothes quickly.

Erin and Betty headed down to the library. Asking around, it seemed she was in her room. Two guards were posted outside, and held up a hand when they approached.

"Please. She's our friend, we want to see her." Betty insisted, stepping forward.

"I should examine her anyway," Erin insisted. "And if anyone complains about Betty, just say she is my protection. Not like Esmeralda would ever hurt us."

The guards sighed and stepped aside. "Hope you are sure about that."

In the room, Esmeralda sat on her bed. She didn't seem to notice them enter, staring down at a letter.

The Fly Thrope walked forward with trepidation, "Esmeralda...?"

Es flinched, and slowly lifted her head. She looked different to be sure. Her skin tone was darker, as if caught between an Elf and Light Elf, and there were streaks of black in her blonde hair. Most of all, that child-like wonder and exuberance seemed to be missing from her eyes. "B... B-Betty? You... shouldn't be here. What if... I hurt you?"

"I'll just paralyze you. Just don't worry. We've... been where you are..." The Tinker told her honestly.

Es nodded. "Okay. Would you... like to sit down? It would be nice to talk to a good.friend." She smiled weakly.

Betty quickly found two nearby chairs, sitting them relatively close to her and lowering herself into them.

Esmeralda looked down at the paper she was holding. "A... a letter from my brother to my parents. He was searching for me before... before he disappeared..."

"He's probably still looking for you... We should see if we can find him somehow..." Betty reasoned.

Esmeralda curled up, and started crying. "No... no, no, no... he's not. He... h-he's dead... I... I-I..."

Betty just put her hands up to her mouth, feeling like she had made a terrible mistake. "Es... I'm so sorry... It wasn't your fault, I promise... You weren't you..."

Esmeralda shook her head. "How can I... ever live with myself? Why did you guys bring me back?! I'm a monster now. I... killed people... and enjoyed it! I should have been slain like any other monster!"

"When I was under control from those collars... I shot my Sister... When I was trying to shoot my daughter..." Betty lowered her head. "Veeti still isn't able to move... I know how you feel, but we forgive you... It'll just take longer for you to forgive yourself..."

Es looked up. "Does... the pain ever go away?"

"No... But it gets better... Especially if you have people who love and support you..."

Esmeralda nodded. "I... I have you, right?" She wiped her eyes. "I... even after the terrible things I've done, would you... actually forgive me?"

"Of course. This is Hastur's fault, not yours." The Fly gave a comforting smile.

Es curled up again, whispering, "Will... my family ever forgive me...?"

"I... I don't know..." Betty hesitated. "I'm sure if they really love you, they will..."

Esmeralda sat in silence for a few moments before whispering, "Where... is Charter?"

"He's out dealing with a local cult sighting," Erin answered. "He should be home soon."

Es nodded. "Can I... can I have something?"

"Anything. What is it?" Betty leaned forward.

Esmeralda looked up. "Can I just... have a hug? Another person who trusts me would... m-make me feel a little better..."

"Sure..." Betty had a brief moment of doubt, but shrugged it off. She slowly made her way over, opening her arms wide for her to jump in.

Esmeralda snuggled up against her and closed her eyes, trying her best to smile. It was far from easy...


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To Share a Sin
Part One

Matrim walked around the Havenbrook Manor with a large smile on his face, a full belly, and new clothes. Life was good for him.

This quickly changed as the sound of loud crying came down the hall. A Light Elf came running around the corner, and ran right into him.

"W-Whoa!" Mat fell on his butt, his ears sticking straight up in shock. He looked back, his little cottontail wiggling fine. "Phew. Are you... Okay... Miss...?" Mat blinked a few times at the crying girl. He thought she was gorgeous, almost as much as Esmeralda. In fact the two looked... Like sisters.

Safria sat back, sobbing loudly. She seemed completely inconsolable. There was a round mark around her neck, as if she had been chocked. "I... want... to... die..."

Mat blinked several times, then crawled forwards. He put a hand on top of her head. "W-What happened miss?"

Safria looked up. "My... sister... I... her boyfriend and me... I... she hates me... she... chocked... she hates, I... hate... myself... I... I..." She broke down again, crying into his lap.

"I don't understand. But it's okay." Matrim hugged Safria tightly, merely letting her cry. He didn't have much to say, so he would let her take her time.

After ten minutes, she calmed down a bit, rubbing her neck. "C-can you... t-take me somewhere... safe?"

"We can go to my Momma's lab. She's out with her girlfriend." Mat helped Safria to her feet, leading her to the lab. He was taken by surprise when she jumped into him, hugging him and pressing her face into his chest. Mat chocked a bit in surprise, blinking as he blushed.

Safria whimpered and sobbed for a little longer. It was another ten minutes until she calmed down enough to be understandable. "I... my sister..." She wiped her bloodshot eyes. "I... slept with her boyfriend. She was in danger, and in a moment of stupid grief, I ruined their perfect relationship. We told ourselves 'she'd understand, we're grieving." She stared down at the floor. "I-I can't speak for him, but... but it was mostly an excuse for me. I was jealous. Jealous she had found someone so strong and kind and... a-and not a woman hitting, broke, selfish, abusive douche. I... I gave in. And I'll never be able to take it back..."

"I... See." Matrim's ear twitched, "Well, if you can't take it back, you can move on. There are plenty of people to..." Mat remembered his teaching from Edminfer. "Um... Nice people to sleep with. Like me. I could never hit a pretty woman. I-I'm not broke because of Momma. And I would like to think the last two aren't me." Mat pat her head, "See, things are okay."

Safria chuckled but the tears didn't stop. "What... what am I going to do about Esmeralda? She... she'll never forgive me. I... don't deserve to be forgiven..."

"Oh, that's why you're so beautiful. You're Esmeralda's sister." Matrim said, finally connecting the dots.

Safria smiled lightly. "I-I'm not as pretty as Esmeralda. She's gorgeous. I'm skinny and lanky and pale. I'm nothing compared to her. It's why... all the boys have always preferred her."

"I dont think I'd be able to choose. You're both..." He laughed, "Well... Wow."

Safria laughed again. "You... you really are so sweet. You've... been so nice to me and I don't even know your name."

"Oh, I'm Matrim. I-I'm a clone of Erin, but technically her son." He scratched his head, "Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you." Safria lowered her head. "I... I..." She stared into his eyes, a few tears escaping hers. She suddenly jumped forward, kissing him.

Mat jumped in surprise, mumbling into her lips as if expecting to speak. He blushed furiously, this being his first ever kiss. His arms slowly went around her, and he accepted the show of affection.

Safria wasn't sure what she was thinking. She was heartbroken, her stomach churning from guilt. She couldn't confide in Esmeralda like usual, or Charter given the situation. She was depressed, near suicidal, and Matrim was so kind to her. She just wanted something to take the pain away. Needed something. She pulled her head back. "You said.. your mother was out, right? Will she be gone for a while?"

Mat blinked, slowly nodding, "Y-Yeah... Why...?"

She pressed against him. "M-make love to me! Please!"

"M-M-Make... Love..." Mat's ears trembled, and closed his eyes. The words of Mr. Ed telling him to do it. He slowly nodded. "O-Okay..." He said in a trembling voice.

"R-really?" She was surprised how easily he agreed. Hoping she wasn't taking advantage of him, she quickly stood up and started pulling her to the back towards Erin's old room in the back. "C-come on, I'll... sh-show you how."


Afterwards, Matrim stretched his legs, snuggling into Safria. He didn't exactly know if he was doing the right thing, but the way she clung to him made him smile. He nuzzled the top of her head.

After a few minutes, she started to sob. "I'm sorry," she whispered. "I'm so sorry."

"Huh?" Tilting his head, the Thrope looked totally surprised. "W-Wasn't this supposed to make you feel better? Did I do wrong?"

She shook her head. "No... n-no, you were... perfect. But don't you see? I used you! I am... I'm sorry. I stole your first time..."

"Oh, is the first time supposed to be special?" Mat asked, one of his ears flicking. He shrugged, "I dont mind being used if it would make you smile. Esmeralda had such a pretty smile, I want to see yours too."

She gave him a surprised look. Slowly, she did smile. "You... Matrim, you're really something special, aren't you?"

"See. Just as pretty as hers." Matrim patted the top of her black hair.

Safria snuggled against him again and closed her eyes. "You made me feel better. You really did. But... I can't escape from what I did. I'm going to have to face Esmeralda again. But I'm not sure if I have the strwngth to. Maybe I should... just go home. Run away like the coward I am."

"Well running away wouldn't help. Didn't Esmeralda's boyfriend already run? That would make things worse." He sighed, "I could talk to her with you."

Safria slowly shook her head. "N-no... not yet. She is still very angry. I wouldn't want her to lash out. Besides, they knocked her out when she... attacked me. Not sure how long she'll be out. I only made things worse for her."

"Well, we can wait a day." He hugged her tighter. "I'd prefer to stay like this a little longer. You're soft."

Safria chuckled. "And you weren't so soft, if you know what I mean. I'm surprised... that was your first time."

Mat's face went beet red, and he closed his eyes letting out an entirely too embarrassed groan.

Safria chuckled at that, and curled up tightly. Maybe... this didn't have to be a one time thing.

An hour passed and Mat ushered Safria from his mother's room and out of the lab. He walked with her to the cafeteria where he got a snack of a full plate of cookies and two cups of milk. He sat with the light elf, kicking his legs under the table as he told her stories of his time at school, and asked about her life.

She went over it in many details. She talked about some of the good times, like her loving family and her few friends when she was younger. She had plenty of bad things to share as well, however. The way she was picked on when she was younger. The jealousy she had for her sister. Her fight with depression, her self abuse, and reliance on drugs. In the end, she stared down at her empty plate in shame, realizing her negative features would likely drive him away and wishing she hadn't been so honest.

A hand slipped into hers, and when she looked up at him in surprise, he smiled widely at her.

She smiled back. "You are to good for this world, Matrim. You... remind me of Esmeralda. Though you aren't as ditzy." She laughed. "Though I have only known you for a couple of hours."

"I... Really think you should talk to your sister again. You're... Sincere. If not a little messed up, but sincere. I don't think you meant to hurt Esmeralda. You... Seem like a victim in this too."

Safria shook her head. "I'm no victim. But... b-but I do want to talk with Esmeralda again. I want her to understand how sorry I am. But... I-I'm scared of her. W-what if she attacks me again?"

"I'll be there to protect you." Mat said with a smile. "She wouldn't... Hurt... Me." He rubbed his chin, "Least I think. But we should still try."

Safria slowly nodded, trying to look confident, though failing. "A-alright. Tomorrow, when she's awake, we'll go talk to her."

"Tomorrow. Sounds like a plan." Matrim nodded.


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To Share a Sin
Part Two

It was actually a week until they were allowed to see her. After her stunt in the medical room, nobody wanted to take any chances, Mina included. After the week passed, she was finally allowed to return to her room, the guards they had talked about taking away there once more. Esmeralda sat in her room in solitude once more, simply staring at the floor. She was too depressed to read.

Matrim walked to Esmeralda's room, Safria trailing behind. Much to her surprise, the two hadn't had sex. It wasn't needed, for the first time she felt at peace being with the rabbit Thrope. He wasn't fake, and he listened to her. He probably understood her better than her own parents at this point. He went up to the guards, "I would like to see my friend."

"Lady Havenbrook says she can see guests, but we need to warn you that she already attacked..." The guard noted Safria. "Oh. Um... well, go in at your own risk."

Mat nodded, guiding Safria inside and closing the door. "Es! It's me, Mat!" He called out cheerfully.

"M-Matrim! It's been too... long." Esmeralda glared at Safria. "What is she doing here?"

Safria frowned and lowered her head. "I-I... wanted to talk to you."

"Hmph!" Es turned her head away.

"E-Es..." Mat frowned a little. "T-This is for me," he stepped next to Safria, taking her hand, "She... Realizes she can't take back what happened, but her intention was never to hurt. She... Just had no better outlet."

"No better outlet then to screw my boyfriend. My fiance? The father of my child!" Esmeralda grit her teeth. "I hate her. Her, and Charter. He says he loves me, then not only does he cheat on me with my sister, he disappears without even having the nerve to face me." She glared at Safria again. "And you! You just couldn't help it. Was it because it was Charter, or was it because it was my boyfriend?"

Safria flinched. "Esmeralda, please! I'm sorry! I... I'm not going to make any excuses anymore, I just... I-I want to... to..."

Matrim raised his hands, "L-Look, she means it that she is sorry." Looking between them, his eyes stopped on Safria. "You can tell her the truth."

"You're right," Safria said softly. "I... I like Charter... but it had a lot to do with it being your boyfriend. I... I was jealous of you. I've always been jealous of you."

"Tch, why?" Esmeralda shook her head. "You always had the brains. I know how you look down on me. How everyone does. Stupid little Essy, biggest ditz in the world." Some of her hair shifted black.

"That isn't true!" Safria insisted. "You... you're so beautiful! No one ever looks at me when you're around. A-and I might have more street smarts, but you're a practical genius in your own right! You... you have everything. I... could never compete with you."

Mat nodded along, stepping next to Safria, taking her hand, "A-And... She... Doesn't need Charter. O-Or anyone..." Mat meekly said.

Esmeralda looked at them, and at their hands. "Oh... I see how it is..."

"I... Like Safria. She's an honest person. And I think she likes me... Least I hope." Mat said, looking down, "I-I'm sorry, she's also really pretty. I... I don't want to hurt you either Es... You're my friend. I hope... Being with your sister makes us closer."

Esmeralda looked away. She slowly grinned. "Do you mind if... we talk alone, Matrim? Safria can come back... in an hour. It should be all the time we need. Is that okay, Mat?"

"W-What? Nothing needs to be private." He smiled at Es warmly.

"Oh? Fine." Her hair turned fully back, and she pointed at Matrim. "She had sex with my boyfriend. I want to have sex with hers."

Safria gasped, never expecting that from someone like Esmeralda. "W-what?"

Mat blinked, looking like a gun barrel was pointed at his head, "That doesn't make things right. Two wrongs and all that."

"But it will make me feel better. What's wrong? Am I too fat and disgusting for you?"

Mat's eyes widened in shock, "I've... I told you already how I felt about your looks..." He looked down,

Safria lowered her head. "M-maybe... maybe... you should..."

"B-But... I'm not exactly your boyfriend yet, am I?" He asked, now taken aback by her.

Safria smiled softly. "I-I mean... if you want to be... I-I wouldn't be opposed..."

"Would... Nothing else make you forgive your sister...?" Mat asked Esmeralda in an upset tone.

Es' hair slowly turned blonde again as she gave him a sad look. "I... I-I'm sorry, I... didn't mean to put you in such an uncomfortable position..." She looked away. "F-forget it. I don't... deserve it anyway..."

"I-It's not that you don't deserve it!" Matrim quickly corrected, shaking his hands. "I just... Is it really what you want?" He looked between the sisters. "Either of you."

Safria moved a hair back. "I... I-I wouldn't be opposed. She deserves to have some attention. Charter has been gone for a week, a-and he got to do it with another woman. It is only right... right?"

Es slowly looked back. "Only... if you want, Matrim. I... don't want to use you for my revenge..."

Mat scratched his head, chuckling boyishly. "Y-You are... Very pretty."

Esmeralda smiled once more. Safria leaned down and kissed Matrim on the cheek. "I'll leave you two to enjoy yourself." In a whisper, she added, "Make you feel as good as you made me feel."

Mat gulped, but nodded, smiling abashedly.

Safria walked out, locking the door as she shut it. Esmeralda rubbed her arms. "I-it's been a while. Did... did you and Safria already...?"

"I-It was... After you two fought. She needed a release and... She ended up falling for me I guess. I-I've never had a girlfriend,before. I am so caught up in a whirlwind."

Esmeralda nodded, looking down. "I understand. So many thoughts are running through my head right now. And I don't know if I am doing the right thing. But... I need something. If I am ever to forgive Safria... if I am ever to forgive Charter, even a little bit... I... I need to sin as they sinned. To understand them. It might be wrong... but it doesn't feel that way now. Right now, the only thing I'm worried about is... is forcing you to do something you don't want to do."

"You sound just like Safria." Mat said with a very affectionate smile. "And like I told her, you don't have to worry. I should feel,insulted that you guys think I don't have agency of my own." He put his arms behind his back, leaning forward coyly.

Esmeralda giggled, and nodded. "Alright then... let's do it. And... let's have some fun, okay?"

Matrim nodded, now armed with experience.


Hours passed, and at the end of it, the Rabbit Thrope laid on top of the Light Elf, everything about him lax and calmed.

Esmeralda sighed softly. She questioned her actions. Was it the darkness in her that led her to do this, or was it all her. Was she going to regret this later. Was this unnecessary, or did she truly need this. Regardless, she felt content. Even... happy.

The man quickly rolled off of Esmeralda, looking around nervously. "I-I didn't hurt your tummy, did I?"

She smiled at him. "Of course not. How do you feel, Matrim?"

"Hm? Oh, it was very enjoyable." He snuggled beside Esmeralda. "I hate to keep comparing you to your sister but... I'd be hard pressed to choose a better lover. Ed will be ecstatic to hear my progress."

"Ed? You getting advice from him? Just, uh... be careful how much of his advice you take. Don't need you turning into an old perv at a young age."

"I... Think I am beyond that point." Matrim said, giggling uncontrollably.

Esmeralda giggled along with him, curling up tightly with him and snuggling.


Matrim sat at the end of the table, looking between Esmeralda and Safria. It had been a day since he laid with the older of the elves, and the sisters hadnt spoken so far as he knew. He had no clue what would happen, and his ear twitched nervously in anticipation what sort of judgement they would come to.

Esmeralda folded her hands. "I... I don't forgive you. I can't forgive you... yet."

Safria lowered her head. "I... understand..."

Es held up her hand. "I said yet. That... doesn't mean I will never forgive you. Despite everything... I still love you. And I'm sorry I said otherwise. Besides, I have done much worse."

"No you haven't." Safria took a deep breath. "You explained what happened with Diamante. You were tricked. I... knew exactly what I was doing..."

Mat nodded twice, looking between the girls. "A-And I've decided... I want to be with Safria. A-At least to try this whole... Relationship thing. I have a lot of time to make up for. Momma Erin should be fine with her... Just so long as you stop cutting... And the drugs... And sleeping around..."

Safria quickly nodded. "I promise, I will only use what the doctors give me, and you... will be my only man, of course."

Es smiled at them. "You do make a cute couple. Besides... I need Safria to stay here. With her depression, she needs someone special to watch her."

"S-So... Um..." Mat pressed his,fingers together. "W-What... Are... We?"

Es giggled. "We are the best of friends."

Safria nodded. "And if... if she gets lonely..." She blushed. "I-I don't mind sharing you... a-as long as it is only with her." This surprised Es, and earned her a smile.

Mat blushed, looking between the two women like they were predators. They only giggled, sharing the first look of genuine affection since Esmeralda had returned.


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Devil on your Shoulder

High up in the mountains, as a storm formed and the wind blew hard, Hastur stared out of his window. Far, far below, far, far to the south, sat the Havenbrook Manor. The Old One wasn't sure if he should admire their tenacity, or want to crush them for their insolence. Many of his cult's activities had been interrupted by them, and there was the matter of Esmeralda. But none of it would matter in the end...

"This is my fault Master." The voice of Xelia spoke from the doorway. "I should've been there with her, but I thought my Oracles would be enough protection... I couldn't have expected him sneak around them with those portals..."

The Illithid took a kneeling position, "I swear I will return her to us..."

Hastur turned back. "Arise, my dear. No need for saddness and lamentations. The fault is mine as well. I am not so proud to not admit my own folly. I underestimated my opponent. However, all is not lost."

"Yes. I can still reach Esmeralda's mind. And I can even act through it, to some extent. I have a plan, but for now, I will try to prevent thier efforts and stoke her darker side." Xelitha'qha agreed.

"Excellent." Hastur walked past her and into his castle. "I can not reach her while she is in or near that building, but you can. No matter how little of my corruption remains in her, our plans our still on, and it can not be fully removed so easily. With you there to make sure of that, this might even work to our benefit. We know right where she is, they won't be hunting us as much, and this will lull them into a false sense of security."

"And my Oracles tell me we are not thier focus... With the recent attack on Helvan by Vampires we were wondering if they would try to stop it, and it looks like they are, I just spotted a what looked to be a Vampire making her way inside." Xelia explained with a devilish tone. "It looks like they have thrown thier lot with Draculesti... This will give us a critical opportunity."

Hastur nodded. "Why don't you go check on Esmeralda now? I bet she would be happy to see an old friend."

"I think she would..." Xelia backed out of the room, quickly making her way to her personal sanctuary in the temple. She sat, floating in mid air as focused on Esmeralda, intent on seeing through her eyes.

Unsurprisingly, she found Esmeralda reading. It was a lengthy tragic love story. Occasionally, Es would bring her hand up to wipe a tear away. After a short while, she placed the book to the side and laid down, turning in for the night.

"Esmeralda...? Can you hear me dear?" The Light Elf felt the slightly staticy voice of Xelia echo inside her mind.

"Hello?" Esmeralda called out with her mind. "Who i-is that?"

The voice chuckled sweetly. "You don't recognize my voice? It's your Mommy. It's Xelia."

"Xelia?" Esmeralda opened her eyes to fins herself in complete darkness. She looked around nervously. "W-where are you?"

Suddenly, the form of the Illithid apparated behind her. "Right here."

Esmeralda jumped and swung around, backing away a few feet. "X-Xelia... h... h-hi..."

"Hello." The Illithid leaned down. "I was so worried when I heard what happened. Are you okay?"

Esmeralda took several steps back. Suddenly, her skin and hair shifted back to their dark versions, and she jumped forward. "Xelia! I missed you so much!"

The Eldritch Creature felt a sense of satisfaction in that, accepting the hug. "That makes me happy to hear... I take it your 'old friends' aren't treating you very well then?"

She shifted back to her Light Elf form. "Well... most of them. They have been bery welcoming..." She looked away. "B-but... Charter..."

"What did he do?" She asked as she reached out and laid a hand on her shoulder.

Dark Esmeralda again, she shouted, "He cheated on me... and then he disappeared without facing me!"

"That's Terrible." Xelia shook her head. "As far as he knew you were being tortured or worse, but instead of helping you he used that opportunity to cheat on you? I'll admit, even to me that's low..."

Esmeralda started to burn with rage. "And... and they don't trust me! They keep guards on me all the time, just because I attacked my sister once! She deserved it!"

"Sounds like you're less free with them than you were with us. At least we trusted you to do whatever you wanted without watching you like a hawk..." Xelitha'qha reasoned, sitting down next to her.

Light Es gave her a sad look. "But I am dangerous. And... and even though I am, there are still those who trust me. I... even made a new friend."

"Oh? That's good. How have your powers been progressing?" Xelia tapped Es on the forehead.

Esmeralda smiled. "I... I've been practicing. I've had a lot of time on me hands. It hasn't been as easy without you, but I think I'm getting better."

"I'm glad. Don't worry dear, I am going to get you back, okay? Then we can be a family again." Xelia put her hands on Es' shoulders.

Es frowned, and stepped away. "I... I-I don't... think I want to go back..."

"What do you mean? You can hardly go back to your old family, and your Havenbrook family is treating you like a prisoner, even the person you love betrayed your trust..." Xelitha'qha put a hand up to get chest. "But I would never betray you. Your Mommy will always be here for you."

"But..." Esmeralda hugged herself tightly. "You guys... made me hurt people. I don't like hurting people... l-like... m-my brother..."

"We didn't make you do anything. You did it yourself, but is that a bad thing?" Xelia explained "You have been lessened your entire life, pushed around and beaten. But you're strong now, no slavers can hurt you anymore, no Loves will dare do what Charter did. You can be a queen, you can change the world however you like, you will be able to get what you want and no one will be able to kick you down or deny you any more. Doesn't that sound wonderful?"

Esmeralda's hair slowly shifted black, a smile growing on her face. "It does. It sounds like... fun."

"See? That's my girl..." Hastur's Servant said happily. "You want to know something? I have never taught anyone else how to use my power... That's how much I believe in you. How much I love you, my dear..."

Esmeralda looked back, her hair slowly going blonde again. "Do I... have to come back now? Can't I stay for a while?"

"Very well... You may stay, but I'll be keeping an eye on you to make sure they treat you right, okay? I'll talk to you as much as I can." Xelitha'qha assured her.

Esmeralda nodded. "I... probably shouldn't tell anyone about you, huh?"

"No..." Xelia flat out said. "But... I would like you to do me a small favor, if you could."

"What is it?" Esmeralda asked.

"The Next time you see... Ah... What's her name... Betty! That's right..." She took a second to recall. "Do you think you could just... Use what I taught you to open up her mental defenses a little... I want to have a talk with her... Just, don't let her know you're doing it, I don't want you to get in trouble."

Esmeralda shrunk down a little. "You're... not going to hurt her, are you? She is really nice, a-and my friend."

"Noo... I promise I can't even hurt her from here if I tried..." The Illithid stuck out a long, gangly looking pinky finger. "Pinky swear."

Es smiled and wrapped her finger around it, shaking. "Thank you. I should... probably go, huh?"

"Remember... Don't let anyone tell you what to do... Being bad feels really good..." Thrn Xelitha'qha whispered into her ear. "Mommy will see you later..."

Esmeralda's eyes flash pink, and she nodded, a big smile on her face. As Xelia vanished, Esmeralda found herself waking in her bed once again, the darkness of the void no longer surrounded her. Still, she felt the presence of the Illithid somewhere within her, as if she was always being looked over.


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Sparky and the Demon
Part One

Spark floated around Erin's lab, examining the many magical relics surrounding her. She was curious how and when these items had obtained her mother's power... or whether this magic even came from her mother to begin with. In some, it was evidently her mother's energy... the energy of the beings who are called gods in others. But many had a unknown energy signature to them... perhaps one made by mortal enchantments and alterations. Either way, they were not that of her mother's or that of the gods... making her nervous around them.

As she floated about, Eliza crept along the ceiling, watching her closely. This mysterious girl had been here for a while now, and Eliza wasn't sure she could be trusted, even if mama Erin seemed to trust her. She glared at the weird child. Was she planning on stealing something?

Spark seemed to stop at the small gem... one that Eliza would recognize as a lesser fire gem. The mysterious girl placed a hand on the gem and her hair suddenly flared into a bright red color. After she removed her hand from the gem, not seeming to realize what had happened to her, it faded to a dark, powerless grey.

"Hey!" Eliza shouted. "Stop that!"

Spark jumped and darted behind the shelf she was inspecting. As per usual, her hiding spot was given away by the glowing light that was the girl's hair. It also seemed that Spark had yet to notice this property of locks... as she silently peered out as if she was certain she couldn't be seen.

Eliza frowned, and dropped down from the ceiling. She placed a hand on her hips. "Come out, or I'll drag you out. What are you doing in here, glowy girl?"

Spark floated out from her hiding spot. "I... I g-got bored..." She looked up at the grey gem. "I... didn't mean to ruin it... but I think it still looks pretty..."

Eliza walked over, looking the gem over. "How did you do that? Did you... absorb the magic in it?"

"I don't know... certain things I touch do that." The young girl explained, her hair slowly going back to it's normal blonde color.

Eliza examined the curious girl. "Your name is Spark, right? How old are you?"

"In your time or... ummm, my time?"

Eliza scratched her head. "I don't, uh... my time? What's the difference?"

"My Mama's little bubble of existence has a different time sphere from this world. In the Terran week I was created... eighteen years had pasted in my Mama's home."

"Your mama's... bubble. Rrrrright..." Eliza sniffed the girl. Looking confused, she sniffed her again. "You smell... different. You smell like mama Erin's magic experiments. You're kinda weird, Spark."

"That's because I... am magic." The small girl's cheeks turned pink as she responded.

Eliza tilted her head. "Like your... whole body? That... that's really cool! Can you do anything neat?"

"I'm not sure yet." The magical child answered. "Erin isn't finished with the tests yet and I haven't had the chance to get training at all..."

"Then let's go have some fun!" Eliza proposed. "We... we can play fight!"

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Spark asked the demon child nervously.

"Sure, why not?!" Eliza grabbed her hand. "Let's go have some fun!"

"Ummm... okay..." Spark followed the girl hesitantly, not sure what to make of her sudden change of mood.

They made their way through the halls, Eliza seeming quite excited. "I don't have many friends here, you know? I want to make tons, though." She looked back at the girl she was pulling along. "You don't mind having a demon for a friend, do you?"

"What's a... Demon?" The girl asked in a more curious tone.

"A creature from another world that is usually a scary monster. But I'm not a monster." Eliza grinned. "A little scary maybe, but I like Terrians."

"Okay..." Spark was still nervous about the whole situation, hesitating as she spoke.

They made their way into the outside training area, only a few dedicated hunters out there as it was quite chilly. Eliza took a several yards away from Spark and turned, waving her hand. "Okay. Um... you shoot magic at me, and I'll try to reach you. If you hit me, you win!"

Spark closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened them, they spark with energy and and her emotion changed from shyness to determination. "Ready!"

Eliza nodded, and ran forward on all fours. "Here I come, Sparky!"

Spark set a ball of light energy into the sky. Within seconds, the orb split into a hail of magic that scattered across the whole of training grounds. Each shot landed in an unpredictable pattern and in an increasing rate.

Eliza's eyes widened in surprise. She kept moving though, dodging left, right, back, forward. She tapped into her inner power, moving faster and faster. Soon, she was closing in. She yelled as she reached out, nearly grabbing Spark before an orb of magic hit her from directly above, slamming her the ground hard.

Spark crouched in front of Eliza, a worried look on her face. "Are... are you okay?"

"Ugh..." Eliza pished up, and started to laugh. She sat back, and laughed even louder. "That was great! You're awesome!"

The mysterious girl's cheeks turned red. "Ummmm... thanks..."

Eliza jumped up. "Wanna see who's magic is stronger now? It will be fuuuuuun..."


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Sparky and the Demon
Part Two

"Are you sure you want to do that?" Spark asked with great concern. "I don't know my full potential yet and I don't want to hurt you..."

Eliza scratched her head. "Well, I could be stronger... but then, I might hurt you... hmm..." She shrugged. "Well, what do you want to do, Sparky? Race? Wrestle? Um... color?"

"I just want to save Mama..." Spark stated, trying her best not to crumble into a ball of tears.

Eliza quickly lost her smile. "Please... please don't be sad. I'm sorry. I didn't donsomething to make you sad, did I?"

"It's... it's not that..." Spark fell to her knees in tears, unable to control her emotions any longer. "But bad men are trying to take control of my Mama and I don't know where to find them. And- and every second I stay is another second they get closer to enslaving her. I don't know what to do... I just don't."

Eliza knelt down next to her, holding her tightly. "I-I'm sorry. I... have an idea of what you mean. I... was capture by scientist in Fairaven. They did bad things to me for their experiments. It... was awful..."

Spark leaned into the hug, too enveloped in her own tears to speak any further.

Eliza slowly rubbed Sparks back, letting her cry as much as she wanted. She remembered how much Erin and Amam cried when she got back. How much she cried herself. So she stayed with her, letting her cry as much as she needed to.

Spark eventually calmed down and wiped her last tear away from her eyes. "You... you mentioned Fairaven?"

Eliza leaned back and nodded. "That's right. It was were I was held. In a magic building... or a building where they studied magic."

"A woman named Betty said that this Fairaven place would be the most likely place to find the bad men..." The magic girl replied, looking down at the grass below her feet.

Eliza nodded. "Maybe you should tell Ms. Havenbrook about it. I know you came here to help us. That's what Amam said. But we could always help you too."

"Okay... where is Mina now?" The child asked.

Eliza scratched her chin. "Um... oh! I think she excersices in the pool on these days." Eliza took the girl's hand once more. "Come on. She'll make everything better."

Spark stumbled a little as she got to her feet to follow Eliza. As usual, the indoor pool was nice and warm. Mina was drying herself off when the pair entered.

"Ummm... Mina?" Spark asked her as she finished up drying.

"Spark!" Mina looked around. "You, um... should probably stay away from the water, given your... nature." She knelt down in front of the girls. "Is something the matter? You look like you've been crying. I hope Eliza wasn't picking on you."

"No, it's not that... I'm just worried about Mama..." Spark muttered nervously.

Mina frowned. "Why? I'm sure hse's okay? Or... is there something about her you didn't rell me?"

Spark began to touch her fingers shyly. "I guess I forgot to tell you about the bad men trying to control Mama."

"Bad men?" Mina placed her hands on Spark's shoulders. "What bad men? Do you... know where they are?"

"Betty says they might be in Fairaven... but I'm not entirely sure." Spark told the guildleader.

"Fairaven? Is the Institute of Magic up to it again?" Mina grit her teeth. She shook of her anger, and gave Spark a sincere look. "Don't worry, dear. I have contacts all around the world. I'll start contacting them right away, starting in Fairaven."

"Thank you..." Spark smiled at Mina.

She smiled back. "You leave everything to me, okay? Just tell me what I should be looking for to find your mother."

"I'm not entirely sure... they've been influencing her through other means and I don't know how she gives this world her energy... but if Mama is correct, they set up near the area she transmit her energy." Spark explained.

"Okay." Mina nodded. "And what exactly does she look like?"

"No one would know... she's not in this world..."

"I... see..." Mina scratched her chin. "But... if they are trying to steal her energy, she gives off a lot... right?"

"Yeah, they would have an unlimited supply if they figure out how to harvest her energy." The magical child noted worrisomely.

"Okay, I think i have enough to go on." Mina stood up and ran her hand through Spark's hair. "Just leave it up to me, alright?"

"Alright..." Spark hugged Mina. "I trust you..."

Mina squeezed her back. "Alright. Why don't you go play with Eliza?"

"Okay..." Spark said nervously, before leaning up to Lady Havenbrook's ear. "Why is her magic different from all the others? It's not the god's... but it's not Mama's either..."

"Eliza? Because she is from another world, one seperate from ours. It comes from that world, I guess."

"Okay... I'll keep that in mind. I probably should've told you this sooner, but I can adsorb magic... I think." The child explained.

Mina chuckled softly, rubbing her cheek. "Please, if you remember anything else like that, be sure to tell me."


Eliza took her hand and smiled. "Come on. We'll go play something nice and calm. I'll show you my toys!"

"As long as you don't give me any of them... I already have a stuffed griffin from Pearl..." Spark remarked with a touch of embarrassment.

Eliza chuckled, and grabbed her hand, pulling her along once again.


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The Last Straw
Part One

Council of Elders Meeting Room
Oct 15th, 3349

The air seemed even thicker then usual in the council chambers. Lilith, looking even more ragged then usual, was prqctically pleading with the other Elders, as she had been for over an hour. "Please, it is our only chance! If we do not mobilize now, we will be destroyed! From without and within!"


"You would stamp on every tradition..."

"...never open the gates, it is our duty..."

"... would be an unmitigated disaster if..."

It was hopeless. There was no reaspning with these old fools! So wrapped up with tradition! It was the last straw. Lilith tried and tried. But she had to stop thinking about herself. She had to think of her people and what was good for them.

For the first time in weeks, she looked relatively calm. "Junior members of the council, leave. I have a proposition only the main elders can hear."

As they quickly exited, one of the elders stood up. "I do not know whar kind of proposition you have, but it sounds tp me like the matter is closed. We will not..." He jumped as the main doors were slammed, Victor sliding a big lock to bar it from being entered... or exited.

Lilith hit a few buttons on her arm chair. "My proposal... is a little something called the omega protocol."

"Omega protocol?" The eldera murmured among themselves. "We have never heard of such a thing." The elders loosened their collars. Was it getting hotter?"

"Of course you haven't." Lilith injected something into her neck, Victor doing the same. "It is a secret passed down only among the high elders. A contingency in case the council of elders is ever determined to actively be putting the entire nation in jeopardy."

The Elders started to feel weak. One by one, they coughed and wheezed. "What... have you done?"

"Oh, just a little silver nitrate and blessed incense in the air. To tell you the truth, the inoculation I just took only lasts a couple minutes." Lilith gave them a half crazed look, a smile spreading on her face. "Let the Omega Protocol be enacted!" she declared, reaching behind her chair and producing a very large axe.

Halven Norsca

Alice and here soldiers raided Halven since she destroyed there army, there were very little but city guards to stop them. Alice zombies would go in first and feed on the city guards, then the rest of her army would move in and finish them off. Of course Alice would switch this up so here men would have a proper fight. Alice army raided the West, East and North parts of Halven freeing thousands of Light Elf slaves as well as collect millions of gold from the sacking she's done.

After just sacking another city Alice called Marlee. Marlee wearing some steal armor.

Marlee came forward, owing her head. "Yes, Empress Valentine?"

Alice smiled at her and patted her shoulder. "I'm so proud of you, this is the person I was trying to bring out of you even though it came from me humiliating you your stronger for it. I know I normally drink the majority of the blood from our sackings and the rest I give to you and Babi. But not this time this hole city of blood is yours to drink, consider it a gift for a new and stronger you." Alice hugged Marlee." I'm so very proud of you Marlee."

Marlee's eyes shifted back at forth at Alice's flippant nature. "Um... th-thanks. I'll continue to work hard to make you...proud."

Alice patted Marlee back." Have fun drinking all the blood." Alice had collected skulls from certain captains and lords of her raids." No this city was full of weaklings there's no trophy worth taking here, hum I wonder how Lilith is doing? Despite everything I hope she's doing fine."

There was a sudden gust of wind, and there was an unknown woman in a schoolgirl uniform standing before her. "Runseca, Herald of the Gods, at your service, Ms. Scary Vampire Lady! I have a message for you."

Alice smiled. "The Herald of the Gods, truth be told I'm quiet honored to see your face actually. What do you mean you have a message for me, is it from the gods or something?"

"Actually, no. Not exactly, anyway." Runseca pulled out a small scroll. "The message actually comes from Liliana Alexandra Valenestra. Your sister, yes? She and the Vamperic Council of Elders invite you to their council room to negotiate. Normally, I wouldn't deliver messages that don't directly involve the gods, but the goddess of war herself asked me to deliver this message. Because you have been invited, you are allowed to you use a god's portal to go directly to their council chambers."

Alice raised an eyebrow." Um alright, this is odd um since your here think you can open the portal for me?"

"A portal?" Runseca blushed. "Haven't... had to open one in a while." She ran around rapidly in a circle, electricity crackling off her body and forming into a portal. "There you go," she said, wiping some sweat from her brow.

"That's an interesting way to open a portal, thank you Runseca." Hum why would my sister want to see me, well i'm glad she took my advice to pray to the gods. But why would she invite me back home this doesn't make sense, best stay on my guard. Alice grabbed her Dule bladed battle Ax and entered the portal.

The scene she walked to was something out of a nightmare. Some elders were in their chairs. Some were on the long table in the middle of the room. Some where here, and there, and there. All were very much dead. Heads were caved in or severed. Hearts were struck or cut out. It was a shoking sight to see some of the oldest, and strongest, of the vampires in such a state.

Standing at the end of the table, her white clothes stained in red, Lilith stared up at the ceiling. She slowly turned her head to look at Alice. "Hey," she said softly. "Glad you could make it."

Alice eyes widen at the site of the gore." You know for someone who for months made a plied for me not killing the council you seem to have no trouble butchering them, I mean don't get me wrong I told you to take my advice and not listen to them damn Lily. It's better then what I had planed for them, so what's this you want to talk to me about?"

"It's over, Alice." Lilith turned towards her. "I'm sorry, but this has to stop. You could have let those humans go, but you had to take revenge. You could have let that be all, but you had to make your schemes, run your experiments, practice necromancy. You could have finished serving your time, but you decided to bust out. You could have just enjoyed your freedom, but you had to raise an army. And now, because of you, our people are on the edge of annihilation. Because of you, everything we have worked for is going to hell! Because of you, the council died! You killed them!"

Alice raised an eyebrow. "Excuse me, i'm not the one covered in blood. And I told you Our race was doomed even with out me doing what i'm doing now, I told you our race was on the edge of extinction you choose not to listen to me until it was to late! It wasn't until I got the other country mad that you saw how the council real is." Alice took a deep breath. "But there gone, your in charge now and you can lead us to a great future. Trust me this won't be the end of our people."

"No, it won't. But I didn't kill the council. You see, my actions were caused by your actions. Besides, I would never be accepted if I killed them." She held up an axe. It was identical to the one Alice had. "Bet you never knew father made a sister to your axe. He gave it to me before he died. He was going to give that one to you when you were old enough." Victor walked up behind her, and she handed him the axe. "Let's get this over with."
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