Hunters of Terra Dolor (Role Playing Section)


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Jun 23, 2013
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Have Brook Mannor
Oct 26 3349

Charter was outside Safri room and wanted to knock on her door but couldn't do it." Ugh right this is going to be difficult." Charter knocked on the door." Safria its Charter, I ugh I wanna talk to you."

It was a full minute before the door opened and the Light Elf peaked out. She had her usual bored expression, but there was pain behind it. "Hey."

"Hay look I want to talk to you, besides I think we need to anyway. May I come in?"

Safria stepped to the side for him. "Done avoiding me out of guilt then?"

Charter interned the room and closed the door." Yea look alright, I do feel guilty over what happen with Es. But I was talking with a friend of mine the other day and I realized that your prob- Your more than likely suffering more than I am, so I decided that I need to see you and be strong enough to see you so here I am."

She looked away. "I'm fine. So don't worry about me. Really." Her voice cracked slightly.

Charter reached out and grabbed Safrai arm and see some recent cuts on her." You started cutting yourself again huh, hum. I said I would make your time here more enjoyable and yet, right when you were actually starting to smile more your sister was taken I’m sorry Safrai."

"Stop. Please, don't..." Safria squeezed her eyes shut. "I shouldn't... it wasn't..." Tears finally leaked forth. "Why... couldn't it have been me?!"

Charter hugged Safria." I don't know, they wanted Es for something to use here for something. But we will find her again, and we will bring her back you have my word on that Safaria."

Safria sighed sadly. "They wanted her because she's pure of heart. If I wasn't... the way I was, they would have taken me instead. It is all my fault."

"It’s not your fault, Es is almost childlike. She always smile wants to help people in need, she wants to make people day better. She really is too good for them, and they want to take all that away from her." Charter looked at Safria. “Listen to me I will get her back no matter what."

"How though?" Safria stepped away, rubbing her arms. "Do you even know where to look?"

"No but we will find her, even if I have to find every cultist under that bastard and beat the information out of them. We will find Esmerelda again and I will bring her back no matter what."

Safria nodded. After several moments of silence, she said, "I got a letter from home. Diamante lost it when he found out and went out to search himself. But... he... he went missing a week ago. He was staying in contact until then, but just... stopped. No calls, no letters."

Charter said nothing." Ether they found him and killed him, or he knows where he they are and is in hiding, no matter what that is information that we need. Have any idea what his last letter said?"

"It said he had a few leads. Felt like he was getting close to the truth, but he also felt like he was being followed."

"Great I get to kill one of them then, no matter what for now we don't know were he is. Look why don't we head to the local inn you need to get out of here and stop mopping alright."

Safria sighed. "Yeah... I guess. A night away sounds nice. This place... just reminds me of her."

Charter brushed some of Safria hair and kissed her forehead." I know come on there's a small town near by let's go." Charter escorted Safria outside and they both got on Slone and road into town, on their way to town Charter looked at were Alice used to be, in his rage he forgot about the vampire and the threat she now posed now that she took a city for herself." Humm one problem at a time, come on boy!"

Along the way, Safria pressed her head against his back and closed her eyes, seeming to take some comfort in the sound of his heartbeat. "Thank you, Charter."

"I'm trying after all were both in grief, but we haven't lost yet you just gotta have hope and I know that Esmeralda will find her way out and back to us as well."

"You really think so? She is more resourceful then people think. Maybe we'll see her sooner then we think..."

“Hopefully.” As character and Safria made there way into town Character looked around and back at Safria.” First things first let’s treat those wounds of yours.”

Safria looked at her arms. "Come on man they aren't even that deep. You're making a big deal outta nothing."

“Well I wanna do it anyway, just for my own conscious please.”

"Fine fine." Safria huffed. "Lead the way."

"Thank you." Charter escorted Safria to the nearest alchemist shop." Excuse me miss, my friend here has a few cuts on her arms think you could help her."

"Humm let me see your arms dear." Safria begrudgingly gave her arm to the doctor." Ugh not that bad not deep enough to kill, but best to give these a quick healing treatment. I'll be back with a healing potion."

Safria looked up at Charter. "I'll pay you back for this. It'll be a while, though. Outta money."

"Look don't worry about it alright, this just me being worried about you is all OK." The alchemist came back and poured a red liquid on Safria arms, and put bandages around her arms." There that should repair the skin and flesh, though do be careful I’m sure your husband here would be worried that your cutting yourself."

Safria blushed and jumped a bit. "Husband?! What... makes you think...?"

“Hum am I wrong for thinking that?”

Character remained calm and shook his head.” She’s not my wife miss, she a Well my temporary girlfriend.”

"Uh, that's right. Temporary girlfriend." Safria narrowed her eyes. "And it isn't weird, okay?"

The woman just blinked."Um alright then, just look after those wounds." The woman sees Charters hands bandaged." You hurt to?"

"No just a result of me training to much."

"Well if then best not to train to hard alright, hope you two have a good day. That will be four silver." Charter payed the woman and then left the store.

"You’re not embarrassed are you Safria?"

Safria turned her head away. "N-no. Why would I be?"

"Because that woman said you were my wife, and you got all flustered about it. Didn't think I would see you flustered at most things, though I gotta say that your cheeks turning red is a nice color."


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Part 2

"Humph!" Safria wagged a finger. "It is only because you are engaged to my sister." Mentioning Esmeralda brought a frown on her face again.

“Ou come on now, you were just smiling.” Character put his fingers on Safria cheeks, and he made a smile.” There you go.”

Safria pulled her head away and laughed. "You're weird, you know that?"

“It’s only weird because you’re not used to this kind of attention, he’ll ever since I offered to be your temporary boyfriend you been smiling a lot. Hell you even been smoking less.”

Safria shrugged. "Gotta give a good impression to my future brother-in-law. So, uh... where are we headed now?"

"We are now gonna go to an inn, best I start treating you like a actual "Girlfriend". Besides it would also help if you actually kissed me for once."

Safria playfully bumped him. "Is that aaaaaall you wanna do?"

"I gotta have some standers, can just take you to a inn and have fun with you. Though it has crossed my mind, because you’re just so darn cute." Charter said playfully poking her side.

Safria giggled, then blushed at her own giggling. After a few awkward moments, she wrapped her small arms around one of Charter's massive ones and whispered, "Thank you for... just being here for me. It means more than a stubborn girl like me would normally admit."

"That's what i'm here for." Charter kissed Safria forehead." But me cheering you up isn't the only reason why I wanted to see you, I have a plan for Esmerelda." As Charter said that, the two made there way to an Inn and ordered food.

Safria digged in. For such a skinny woman, she always ate like she was a starving, fat man. "So what's this plan of yours?"

Character started to eat his food.” Right so my plan is if Esmeralda is... corrupted, you might be able to snap her out of it.”

"Me?" Safria chuckled. "What makes you think I can do anything? My magic sucks worse then my baby sister Rubi, and she can barely light a room."

"Not in a combat direction, I mean if Es is corrupted you could bring her back just by being there. See I’m sure Es corrupted or not knows I’m coming for her, and will slaughter anyone in my way stooping me to get to her. But you she will not expect you coming for her."

Safria nodded. "I see what you mean. And I'll do what I can. You here the latest rumor?"

"No I haven't been in the loop of things lately, been to busy training. What's have you heard?"

"Well, you know that one Elf archer? Kinda a weenie but with a cute butt? Well, he told me he overheard the bunny woman... Erin something... talking the the sheep woman with the dream powers. Supposedly, the sheep woman visited Esmeralda in her dreams and got a clue to where she is."

“Mags found Esmeralda!” Character shouted.” That’s amazing news, now we can find her and bring her back. But first we need to find your brother.”

"Wait, wait, wait!" Safria held up her hands and looked around at everyone staring at them. "She got a clue to where she is. I didn't say she found her exact position."

“It’s a better lead than what we had a few minutes ago, but we still need to find your brother.”

Safria sulked a bit. "But we don't even know where to look for him..."

“Well look over his last letter, or get investigators, Hell for we know he could have found her.”

"Yeah. I hope so. I'll have my father send over his letters, and we can put together the clues. The Sheep lady said that Esmeralda is somewhere very high up and very cold, so probably high up on a mountain, right?"

“Yep it’s not much to go on, but hum. The mountains are harpy territory.”

"Even really high up?" Safria asked. "Well, hopefully it isn't the harpies near here. Heard they disappeared the same time harpies appeared with that vampire lady, so they probably joined her. What she could have possibly promised them to get them to fight for her is a mystery to me..."

“So Alice has harpys now wonder full, wait a minute that makes since. If Alice took the harpys from here and they joined her that means there’s a free mountain with no harpys guarding it.”

"So you think they're somewhere on the west side of the Evenasa Mountains?" Safria smiled. "I suppose Hastur would prefer the lack of Harpies, even if they would be too high up for them. It is still a lot of territory to investigate, but at least we have a start, right?"

“Unfortunately getting there would be different, since Alice is wagging war there it won’t be easy to get there.” Character then scratch his chin.” But maybe the war is a perfect distraction, as cold as it sounds but when Halve try’s to retake there capital we go and check the area.”

Safria nodded. "So we have a plan. Good."

“That we do, thank you Safria.” Character stood up and sat close to Safari, and hugged her.

Safria blushed again, her eyes shifting around. "Wh-what's this for?"

“For giving me hope again, and because I want to.” Character let go of Safria.” By the way you haven’t mentioned your boyfriend in a while?”

Safria scoffed and waved her hand. "That loser? I'm over him. I'll find someone who treats me... like you treat Esmeralda. Or at least someone nice. Wonder if that wimpy Elf has a girlfriend..."

Charter smiled at Safria at how far she's come since she came to Have Brook, Charter then held Safria hand and guided her out of the table, and lifted under her legs and carried her." Well then best I give you Esmerelda treatment huh."

Safria quietly nodded, blushing at the treatment.

Charter went to the inn keeper and asked for a room, he also asked them to put the food they ate on the tab. He then carried Safria to the room." You know Safria the god of love is a very comfortable god he doesn't care if a man has more then one woman in his life, and I have made you happy. But if you want me to be more than that, I can be."

"Safria nodded. “Do you... think Esmeralda would... be upset? Or do you think... she would understand?"

“We are in grief at Es lost, and we found comfort in each other. Besides we both have needs so why not.”

Safria smiled, and rested her head on his chest. "Yeah... why not?"

Character carried her to their room and laid her down.” Safria before I do what I’m gonna do, I want you to know that I do care for you and that will be by your side always. And that I’m confident that the god of love been wanting me to do this for a while now.”

Safria chuckled. "I think... I've been wanting to do this too. No god of love needed."

Character smiled at Safria and kissed her being more loving and passionate then he normally would be.


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Like Mother, Like Daughter
Part One

November 1st, 3349

Hastur stared out of the window of his massive castle, watching the dark clouds roll by. There was a foreboding feeling in the air, and if the Elder God had a face in the traditional manner, one might say he looked solemn.

He suddenly felt a familiar, warm presence in the room, the recognizable hum of psychic energy. Xelia stood there in her robes, her hood down, "Master..."

"Xelia, my dear," Hastur exclaimed, seeming to cheer up, if only a bit. "How goes things?"

"I've made preparations to meet with Anaqua..." She sighed, "At least she won't be as bad as my Brother. Your brother and you at least have similar goals..."

"Yes..." Hastur looked out the window. "Your siblings will ultimately be the goal in us coming together, however. Ithaqua was easy enough to sway, the ignorant beast. Some creature recently laid waste to many a wendigo in his territory, and he was all too eager to form an alliance. Cthulhu, on the other had, isn't much of a team player, and Yig is waging his civil war. I swear, for how old he is, he is such a temperamental child..."

"And yet we have to cooerce them..." Xelitha'qha almost floated herself closer. "But enough about that... I heard the good news, a certain someone's corruption has been completed, and in record time I hear.

Hastur chuckled. "You always know the subject to cheer me up. Yes, dear Esmeralda is on our side now. And so, therefor, is that unborn child of hers."

"I can't express how impressed I am Master, but not surprised. You were always incredible, as I slowly cooerced and manipulated her, you managed to complete her corruption all at the same time, in the same day." The Illithid lathered on the praise, bowing lightly.

Hastur beamed a bit, a sucker for high praise. "Thank you, dear. But do not sell your own work short. You have done quite well. In fact, if you would like, I feel you should continue working with her. She has taken a liking to you. I feel like she started to before her corruption."

"I... Am taking a liking to her as well..." Xelia hesitated to say, "You should know Master, I caught Methos along with her little sheep in Esmeralda's dreams, trying to pry info on her location. But the Dream Goddess has gotten far too weak, even in her own realm, she has fallen for this little Mortal... Bonded with her even... I manipulated them into attacking each other and forced thier retreat."

Hastur laughed. "Excellent, Xelia, excellent. You have done quite well. I am not worried about Methos. Esmeralda had little knowledge of her location. Keep an eye on her dreams regardless. We should not take any chances."

"I have a plan in mind." She nodded, looking back towards the door. "They seemed quite taken with eachother. There is another I'm keeping an eye on that's very similar... They all see each other as a family... I'm almost envious..."

Hastur placed a 'hand' on her shoulder. "Go to Esmeralda. Make her your family."

Xelia genuinely seemed happy as she bowed her way out of the room, off to see Esmeralda. However, she turned her head before she left. "You are welcome to join us, Master..."

Hastur thought on it, and shook his head. "I will see her later. Go on now. Enjoy your time."

Finding her way over to Esmeralda's room, Xelia knocked on the door, a buzz of excitement in her as she imagined the new and improved Light Elf.

The door flew open, a panicked cultist rushing out. "M-Mistress Xelia! P-please, she... she's going to kill him!"

"You call this slop food!" Esmeralda stood over an overturned dish, holding a man in the air by his neck with dark magic. "I ate better as a captive. You don't have to feed me right now that I actually work for you, is that it?! Maybe if I kill enough of you, I'll get a decent fucking meal around here!"

Xelia levitated into the room, looking down at the poor quality food on the floor. "Do you really have the Gall to serve slop to our Master's Newest Companion...? The Lynch pin of our Master's Plan?"

"N-no... s-sorry, master!" The man clutched at his throat. "I'll make something... m-much better... right aGAK!"

Esmeralda squeezed. "Maybe I should just kill you and let someone else cook for me." She laughed loudly. She had a sinister look in her eye.

Xelia looked over at Es, "I think this is the perfect learning opportunity..."

The Eldritch Creature floated over to the man, "Esmeralda, put your hand on his head, then with all your mental acuity and will I want you to picture his head... imagine a popping balloon. Focus on what I have taught you. Kill him."

Es' grin only widened. The cultist's eyes widened in terror. "Master Xelia, please!"

Esmeralda placed her hand over his mouth. "Ssh, ssh ssh, ssh. You talk to much." She placed her other hand on his head. He kicked and let out muffled cries until he fell still, blood leaking from his nose and ears." Es dropped him and clapped her hands together. "I did it! It was so easy, like over inflating a... a..." She stumbled back a bit, holding her head. "Heh heh... guess I focused too much. Bet you could do it without feeling a thing."

"It was very good. But you're right, I could actually make the entire head explode." Xelitha'qha kneeled down, "But that was skipping a lot of steps. Going straight from levitation to that is extremely impressive. Well done."

Esmeralda cackled, clapping her hands once more. She looked at the other man and pointed her finger. "Tea and snacks at once, or she will demonstrate on you!"

"Y-yes, ma'am! Only the finest." He ran off, his life literally depending on it.

Es sighed, sitting on the corpse's chest and looking his bloodshot eyes over. "Master Hastur won't be mad I killed one of his pawns, right? I mean... there are so many more... and this one was pretty stupid anyway. Bet he couldn't tell the difference between a lump of sugar and a lump on the head."

"If he is, I will handle it." Xelia sat down beside her. "How are you feeling, dear? I'm sorry I missed your special moment."

"I feel... great!" Esmeralda floated up to her feet, and took a deep breath. "I feel liberated! I don't... know what was wrong with me before. Why I was so afraid of hurting people or taking what I want, when I want it. I was so pathetic before, but no more! I am Esmeralda, and nonone pushes me around." She grinned at Xelia. "And I have you and Master Hastur to thank."


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Like Mother, Like Daughter
Part Two

"Thank you Esmeralda..." She nodded her head. "But I hardly did anything, Master just gave you a good push in the right direction. But now that we have that push and my perfect little student is free, we can get on to practice the funner applications of psychic power, like what you just did there."

Es nodded. "And I am excited to continue. But first, tea!"

The very nervous looking cultist returned with the tea and some small pastries. He set it on the table and quickly cleaned up the discarded food from before. "W-will there be anything e-else?"

"Yes. What kind of tea is this exactly, Servant?" The Illithid asked, very much expecting an answer quickly.

"Uh... oolong tea. I-is that... acceptable?"

She leaned in, just to try to scare him a little before replying, "Yes it is..."

He let out a sigh of relief. Esmeralda leaned over and whispered, "Can I kill this one anyway? He has an awfully ugly nose."

"Probably not such a good idea I'm afraid, but I have something better in mind..." Xelia looked over, snapping her fingers as an aura formed around the Cultist's head, his eyes glowing green and glassing over as he fell under her control.

"Now... What do you want him to do?" She asked her student.

"Mmm... I want him to run head first into the wall," Esmeralda said gleefully.

Xelia waved and he did so at full speed, knocking some things over and falling onto his back as blood trickled from a broken nose.

Es laughed hysterically. "Oh, please tell me you can teach me how to do that too."

"That all depends on you dear. But first... You need to know how to get into a mind." The Illithid called the Cultist back over. "How familiar are you with lock picking?"

"My brother..." Esmeralda flinched for the briefest of moments. "...tried to show me how. I was never good at it, but I know the basics."

"Yes. Your brother... If he really loved you, he would've wanted to see you freed. I imagine he was coming to rescue you, if he had I imagine you'd still be in that prison." Xelia pointed out.

"Right." Esmeralda brushed her hair aside. "Such a fool. Always acting like he knew what was best for me. He knew nothing. But at least he had a backbone. Not like my depressing sister Safria or that cowardly Rubi. I'd like to show Rubi what it is like to actually live a little..."

"You know what would be fun? What if I were to... Retrieve your siblings, then free them like we freed you. I imagine that Safria has a dark side to her." Xelitha'qha suggested, a conniving tone in her voice.

Esmeralda tapped her lip in thought, then shook her head. "No, I... I don't want to share this with them. I don't want to share you with them. Please, let's... just forget about them."

The Cold Hearted creature felt something warm in her chest from that, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Very well. Now... Where we we... Yes, right! Think of a lock, how you probe and push on certain pins until you get them into the exact spot you need, and when all of them are clicked into place, it unlocks.

"Well, entering a mind isn't so different... Close your eyes and imagine thier mind as the lock, put just enough force on each of the points you need, you'll feel something give... Do that for all of the points you find, and you will gain access to everything... This is easier or harder depending on the persons Will and Mental Training, but for this one here, it shouldn't be very complicated."

Es nodded, and closed her eyes. The cultist twitched and shuddered, and the Elf's eyes shifted around irritably. "This isn't... easy... is it?" The man slowly lowered his head into a bow.

"Of course not. But I know you can do it, it's about mental finesse though, not simple brute strength of the mind." She counciled. "Try again, this time, slowly, control your emotions, patience is key."

Slowly, ever so slowly, the man lowered his hand to his belt. Esmeralda was new to this, but the man had an incredibly weak will. He struggled and fought against her probing, but slowly and surely he removed his knife from his side, brought it up, and slowly pushed it into the side of his neck, Es losing control when he bled out and fell to the floor.

"Very Good. But remember, while you can force a door open to get through it, finessing it open let's you use it later." Xelia called in another one of the Cultists with her telepathy. "After you enter a person's mind, it becomes much easier to do it again. Imagine an army of Slaves, who all don't even know you can control them completely in an instant.

"From inside there, you can rewrite memories, implant commands that can be activated whenever a certain keyword is said, or even change everything about their mind to fit your desires..."

Esmeralda grinned. "Bet you had to do that to me when I was still acting like a fool, huh?"

"Subtely. I did not want to intrude too much. Just a passive weakening of her will to make it easier for you to break free. But that wasn't you, this is who you are." The Thin Alienlike creature spoke plainly before rubbing Esmeralda's head. "But that doesn't matter anymore... My Child..."

Esmeralda gave her a sweet smile, then looked at the cultist. It was a woman a bit on the small size. "Now... what to do with this one..."

"Do... with me?" she said nervously.

"No... Unfortunately we do need servants Dear..." Xelia looked over to her and pointed to the bodies. "Get another and clean up this mess. Take this as a lesson not to serve my Dear Child here inattiquate sludge, she will eat only the finest. Remember, you Servants are nothing and can be replaced easily, do remember that if ever a stray thought goes through your head about displeasing us."

The woman bowed her head. "O-of course. We live only to serve."

She ran off, and Es sighed. "The tea has cooled..."

Xelia levitated and poured her hot tea from the pitcher that had been left behind. "You will be the Child I have always longed for, you would make for an excellent Illithid... Sadly, that is beyond the realm of possibility thanks to the gods..."

"Stupid gods. Think they know what's best for the world." Esmeralda placed her chin against her palm. "World would be better without them. When the master's father comes to this world, will he wipe them out for us?"

"Of course. Then we will reign." Xelia assured her.

Es placed her head on Xilia's shoulder. "Me too? Will there be a place for the mother of the world's new lord?"

"Of course. In time, you will be a Psychic will no equal. You will have legions under your command to do with as you please. And I will be there to guide you as your Mother." Xelitha'qha imagined, her tendrils hanging just above Esmeralda's head.

Esmeralda giggled. "If you are my mother, and I am to be the mother of Hastur's father, would that make you Hastur's great-grandmother?"

"I suppose that makes sense, in a way. Although we are not physically related, we can all be a family. The ruling family of the world. Doesn't that sound wonderful?" She asked, rubbing Es's hair.

Es nodded. "Thank you... mother."

Xelia sighed. "I must go to speak with my Sibling soon, however, I will stay with you for as long as you like."

Es closed her eyes, nodding softly, and whispered, "Just a little longer..."


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When it All come Crashing Down
Part One

Alice's Palace
Nov 4th, 3349

Alice looked over her city and how fortified it was, the walls now had spikes all around them. The gates were replaced with iron gates so a battering ram would take longer to break, if it would at all she places for her archers and mages, look out towers the city was fortified. In the city however more and more raiders and mercenaries joined Alice, as well as the savages from the land of ice and the monsters they brought with them." Ugh man this place is looking great, now i'm just waiting for the Haven army to show up."

"They're out there." Grimora stepped out of the shadows. "Just outside your range of sight. They're afraid to attack." A smaller figure stood behind her, shrouded in darkness.

"Humm they don't know if there kings and queens are alive, so they are coming up with a plan on how to rescue them. They also don't know how many they will be facing, huh cowards your capital was taking by raiders figured they would be pissed."

"Oh, they are." Grimora chuckled as she stepped forward. "They have spies among the city's citizens, and tgey know the royal families are still alive. It is why they are cautious in launching an attack. At least, that is what my little spy has found out for you."

"More spies in my city ugh, It's because of a spy I lost a good general Ergo. Someone wispered lies in his ears lat once my people are free that they will enslave everyone, he's a fool my people couldn't do that even if they wanted to."

"Oh?" Grimora sulked against Alice's shoulders, the small, dark figure staying in the shadows. "Is that regret in your voice. Regardless of hows and whys, Ergo still betrayed you, yes?"

"He betrayed me because of misunderstanding, he didn't understand my people and how pathetic they are." Alice then threw her ax at the figure in the shadows the Ax landing next to them." And I don't like eavesdroppers."

The figure didn't even flinch. They stepped forward, revealing what looked to be a human girl around six. She had a pale complextion and pitch black hair, much like Grimora, a darkness about her that was contrasted by big, blue eyes. She stared forward with an emotionless gaze. "I was not eavesdropping," she said in a monotone voice. "Mother insisted I come, and did not instruct me further."

"The hell is, since when did you have kids Grimora? Alice looked down at Grimora stomach." You can pop them out quick can't you?"

"Oh, please." Grimora waved her hand. "It is bad enough I had to have her. I wasn't going through pregnancy and diapers. Saboran made her with my and her father's essence. Guess who daddy is. I'll give you a clue. I'm the goddess of Darkness, and he is the god of...?"

"I'm guessing the god of light, which would be a interesting combo?"

Grimora nodded and walked over to the girl, pushing her in front of Alice. "Say hello to Erinika, Goddess of Shadows. She is part of my punishment and parole for my assistance in my sister's plans. Meant to... teach me responsibility and such. I'd rather not bother, but she comes in handy as a spy."

“Well that doesn’t sound to bad.” Alice kneeled down.” A new god huh, hi I’m Alice Valentine.”

Erinika simply stared at her. Grimora rolled her eyes. "Sorry. She is only a weak old. Little things like... manners and emotions take a while to set in. Now you greet her back, Erin."

The girl bowed her head. "Greetings. I am known as Erinika, Erin, 'Girl', or 'Hey, you' as the situation dictates. It is a pleasure to meet you, Alice Valentine."

“Hum Grimora I don’t usually agree with the gods, but this might actually be good for you.”

"Oh?" Grimora folded her arms. "And why is that?"

“Well look at your sister and Seclevar, she had sex with her son and had the god of fear. You wanna be different than her and not have this kind hat you, treat her like you’re daughter.”

Grimora sighed, placing her hand on her head. "I suppose I have been shirking responsibility as of late. Hell was a mess even before I died. Well... if you think it is a good idea, I will give it a try. After all, the more she is around me in the coming weeks, the more she'll be like me." She knelt down and placed her hands on Erin's shoulders. "Would you like to see what she can do for you, Alice?"

“I would love to, Speaking about Seclavar. We’re is he haven’t seen him in weeks.”

"He's been filling in as the God of Chaos while they decide who will take Tecunte's place." Grimora smiled at Erinika. "Go on. Show her."

Erin nodded, and walked behind Alice. When Alice turned, the girl was gone, having completely vanished from sight.

Alice looked all around her but she couldn’t see the child.” Incredible yea I can see how she could be useful.”

"Thank you, Alice Valentine." When Alice looked down at her shadow, a pair of bright, blue eyes appeared where hers would be. Slowly, the girl rose from her shadow. "I can hide myself in any shadow. Mother says I will gain more powers in time as well."

Alice patted the child’s head.” Ou I can’t imagine seeing you in a few hundred years how strong your gonna be. But first I have a job for you.”

Erin nodded. "Tell me what you desire, Alice Valentine. My mother said I am to e as loyal to you as I am to her."

“Well that’s great to know. There are traitors in my ranks, and spy’s in my city. Find them for me.”

Erin nodded. "Which would you like for me to root out first? I can use what I know from the enemy camp to find the spy's faster if you wish."

“Find the spy’s first, that way I can root them out. Then there army’s will come to me blind.”

The girl nodded once more, and disappeared into the shadows. Griomora walked over and handed Alice her axe. "Good thing you missed, huh?"

“I did that to spook the kid, I wasn’t gonna kill her.” Alice looked out her window.” Look at them all, they all believe in me they trust me not just to give them money but with there lives as well. It an amazing feeling.”

Grimora placed a hand on her shoulder. "You have come a long way. You should be proud. Though I am sure things haven't all gone to plan, what with the betrayals and the mess with Ergo and the danger your kin now faces, you have made such great strides. A warlord to look up to."

“And this is only the beginning, once I take Halven I would move south. With my undead the seven my mercenarys and the savage to Bevland and conquer there, at the same time. Satoko Lorica And Wulfric will go east, with my raiders and mercenaries and the monsters to Themosa and take those lands as well.”

"And what of Drăculești?" The goddess asked. "I thought that would be your next target. Though, considering what is happening there..."

“Ou I haven’t forgotten about home, that’s why I’m going after Bevland once I take that nation they have nowhere to run. They will be trapped.”

Grimora sulked down. "That's... not what I meant. I, um... don't want to ruin your good mood, but..."

"Stop beating around the bush and tell her already." Seclavar stepped out of the portal, a serious expression on his face. "Fact is, your home is in a lot of trouble. Many in Bevland, Themosa, Lustania, and Mirandia across the sea believe that your assault here was a declaration of war from Drăculești since it is so close to Helvan and the leaders of the attack were vampires. Meanwhile, Drăculești's closed door policy has led them to say nothing in defense."

Grimora looked away. "That... isn't all. I've spied inside the megacity itself. There are those who want to keep quiet, and those who want to defend themselves to the outside nations. Those that went to shell up, and those that want to throw open the doors to prove there is nothing to hide. Your actions have inspired those who have kept quiet for years, decades even, to come out and say they want to leave, and... and there is enough of them that the Elders will either have to do what they say... or..."

Seclavar sighed and leaned against the wall. "Or for the first time in known vampire history, the vampires will have a civil war. You might get those doors open even quicker then you wanted, Alice. But it will likely come at an incredibly high price, and that is assuming the surrounding nations don't attack them first."


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When it All come Crashing Down
Part Two

Alice stood shock, but she slowly started to laugh.” Ou that’s great, wow how amazing is this my actions here has cost a civil war amongst my kind. Not what I wanted but this could be great my sister now has ammunition to let our people out, truth is my kind can’t go to war even if they wanted to. I just hope my sister comes out and speaks for our people if not, I might have to give her a helping hand.”

Seclavar give her a surprised look, but only shook his head. "Yeah, maybe. I just hope your plan to free the vampires doesn't result in them being wiped..."

There was a pounding at the door. "Yo, boss!" It was Dagget, a Merc who took over the watch over the Light Elves after Ergo died. "We got a problem. Can me and this troublemaker come in?"

The two gods disappeared from the room to give Alice space.

“Come in, what seems to be the issue?”

The door opened, and Dagget shoved a Light Elf woman in, knocking her to the ground. "We have more disension... desinsion... er, uh... more traitors in the ranks." He pointed down at the woman. "She was talking about leaving! Taking a bunch of the other Lighties with her, including some of the ones who are soldiers!"

"Please!" The woman held her arms over her head. When she looked at Alice, she had nothing but terror in her eyes. "I won't.. I'd never... it is only because... we..."

Dagget scoffed. "Guess we need to make another example out of one of them, eh boss?"

“Silence!” Alice yelled as she picked up the woman. "You may speak.”

"Please, Master Valentine... I... I..."

Dagget took a step back. "Please, don't listen to her. She's spreading lies. She's another traitor!"

"I-it isn't, I..." The woman shook her head. "I-it isn't a lie. There are some of my people, Light Elves, missing. We... w-we don't feel safe. We would never betray you, please! We're just afraid..."

Alice put her hands on the Elf shoulder.” Don’t worry I will handle this, Tell your people everything will be fine.”

The Light Elf looked surprised, expecting a painful death. "Th-thank you, Master Valentine. A-and I will assure m-my people that they... they can trust you."

Alice smiled at the woman until she left. Alice then made her way to Alagor lab which was under the palace.” Alagor!” Alice shouted.

The alchemist jumped nearly a foot in the air at her shout. "A-Alice?! Is something the matter?" His new laboratory was twice as big as the last one, with a plethora of alchemic experiments going on. There were also several tables with bodies on them. Three of them were uncovered, all Light Elves, all hooked up to some strange life support machines.

Alice pointed to the light Elves.” That’s my problem, god damn it Alagor I thought we discussed this. There’s a army shrouding us you could have kidnaped them, put some fear in their ranks. So why are you taking my people!?”

"There are no Light Elves in their ranks," Alagor practically pleaded. "Please here me out, Lady Alice. I need them for a very important experiment." He looked around as if someone might be listening in. "It might mean the difference between the life and death for our entire race."

“Really? Because last time I checked there were no light Elf Vampires. So tell me Alagor how is you kidnapping my people, and terrifying them a good thing? Explain quickly.”

Alagor quickly moved over to one of the Light Elves. "Yes, well... three hundred years ago, a renowned scientist was investigating why Light Elves, of all the races, are immune to vampirism. He was attempting to find a way to use that immunity to form a magic to wipe us out. Luckily, he died before he discovered anything."

Alagor cleared his throat. "I am using what I know of his research to attempt to make the very first Light Elf vampire. If I succeed, I could possibly find a spell to let anyone become one of us. But, of course, I need a Light Elf or two to experiment on. Preferably, these live ones, though I have a dead one I am working on too. Don't you see? If my experiments are a success, anyone in the world could become one of us! Once we escape our megacity, our popularion could increase by a factor of five within a year!"

Alice smiled at the idea, especially since she knew her race was doomed no matter what. Hearing of a way to increase there numbers was music to her ears.

“Alright while I admit that is a wonderful discovery, you can’t kidnap my people. The light Elves that joined me are already terrifying of me, I don’t wanna scare them anymore. Now if you need light Elves, this nation has plenty of slaves you can buy, until I liberated them you could also check the roads. Just don’t be taking my people, the last thing I need right now is a uprising.”

Alagor sighed, and nodded. "Very well. I shall... patch these three up and send them on their way. I will tell them they fell ill and we saved their lives."

“Than you I would appreciate that.” Alice put her hands on Alagor shoulder.” Our people need that research of yours, I just heard from Grimora that my actions are effecting our people. Apparently thanks to me taking this place, certain countrys think that this is the start of a second vampire war. And that back home people are revolting. They are starting to see the council for the cowards they really are.”

Alice let go of Alagor.” For the first time in Our history I may have started a civil war with our people.”

"I see. does this make you feel, m'lady? Knowing they will be fighting amongst themselves?"

“Both happy and disappointed, I’m happy my people are willing to fight for there freedom, but I don’t want them killing each other for something they should already have. Ugh hopefully Lilith will bring order there.”

Alagor shrugged. "You could always go over and check on her. You have so many ways of doing so now."

"That I can, but I want her to figure out how she could do this on her own for now. But I guess I could go and check on her, for now stop kidnapping on the light Elves please."

Alagor bowed his head. "As you wish. I will ask some of your men to bring me Light Elves from outside the city."

"That all I ask thank you Alagor." As Alice left she looked down at her shadow." You still there Erin?"

There was no answer at first. A minute later, Erin rose from her shadow. "Apologies. I was investigating a lead. What can I do for you, Alice Valentine?"

"MY head alchemist he's one of my leaders I want you to keep a big eye on, now what was this lead you were looking at?"

Erin held up a sheet of paper. "This is a correspondence from a spy. It is initialed. According to public records, only five citizens have those initials, so I checked them all." She held up a second sheet of paper. "This is a note owned by Daniel Evenglow. The handwriting is a match. He is one of the spies."

Alice patted the kids head." Thank you Erin, I very much appreciate it now can you tell me what race is this person?"

"He is a human. Age 36, middle class citizen. He lives with his two sons and his wife."

"Ah well then if you will excuse me, I need to go speck with a traitor." Alice made her way to the mans door and knocked." Hello it's Alice Is anyone home?"

"Alice?" The man opened the door. "I don't know an..." He gasped when he saw who it was and fell back. "Y-you!"

"Yea me." Alice eyes went black and her nails extended to claws." So you want to betray me by sending messages to the enemy army surrounding me, you best explain yourself quickly!"


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When it All come Crashing Down
Part Three

"No, please!" Daniel didn't even bother trying to deny it and went straight to pleading. "Please, I have a family! I was only thinking of the well being of them and my country!"

"And you thought that betraying me would save your family!?" Alice walked closer to the man." Your country is gonna fall to me instead of staying here you should have ran."

"We have no were to go!" he exclaimed. "Please, I-I promise, no more secret messages."

"Die, evil vampire!" An eleven year old boy suddenly ran from around the corner, brandishing a crudely made stake. "Leave my daddy alone!"

The boy did stab Alice in the cheats. Alice just looked down at the wooden stake. "Really kid." Alice pulled the steak out of her cheats like it was nothing, and kicked the kid across the room." Mind your own business kid you'll live longer."

"Leave him alone!" Daniel rushed over and picked his son up. "He's just a boy! Don't hurt him."

"Pick on someone your own size." Alice turned to the side to-find a woman wielding a firearm at her. It looked like a blunderbuss, but had two long, smooth barrels. "This thing is loaded with rock salt blessed by the local temple of the goddes of life and silver pellets. Even you would be floored by it. So leave our home now, and by tomorrow, we will be gone."

Alice used her vampire speed to get on top of the woman and take the gun and throw it to the side she then lashed her claws into the woman side and sunk her teeth into the woman shoulder.

"No!" The man rushed over to try and save his wife.

Alice let go of the woman and tossed her to the man, her wound started to heal." She's not dead hurt but not dead. Alice looked at the family." Explain to me why I shouldn't kill you all right now, and drain you of blood and turn one of you into a possible vampire."

The man struggled for an answer, coming up with none but, "T-to show you are... m-mercuful?"

"Mercy! Mercy to traitors!" Alice moved closer to the family. and grabbed them and took them outside and in front of her palace." Listen up people, this family here betrayed our home sending documents to the soldiers that want to kill us. So I will let you all decide what do I do with this family, do I kill them all or just there father. The one that is the real traitor."

"Kill 'em all!" one of the bandits yelled.

"They're a family of traitors!" Yelled another.

Rumi walked over, shocked at the sight of the family, including an eleven and eight year old boy, facing a lynch mob.

"Let the wife pay for their crimes," one of the men yelled, and several more cheered.

Alice looked at the family." Well you heard there answer, they want your head guess I better give it to them." Alice extended and slit the mans throat, the man bleeding out in front of his family. "The deed is done, you could leave now."

The woman burst into tears. She grabbed her children and tried to run, but several of the bandits stood in the way, one roughly grabbing her arm and pulling her along. "The whole family must pay for the sin, or they'll all turn traitor." The other men cheered mightily as the scooped up the children and carried them along.

A loud demon like yell came from Alice causing everyone to turn to her." Look at you all, let me remind you all were not savages, were warriors we conquer and kill as we go along. The man that did the deed is now dead, the wife that attacked me has been injured, and the children have done nothing. Alice looked at the eleven year old." Say for this one, let that one go." the men did what Alice said and let go of the Eleven year old." What's your name boy?"

The boy wiped his tears, trying to look brave. "Aaron..."

"Aaron huh well aren't you a brave one for stabbing me." Alice looked at Rumi. "Rumi were are you?"

Rumi slowly stepped through the crowd and stepped next to Aaron. She looked quite uncomfortable. "Yes, Alice?"

"Take the the kid train him up, and take good care of the child till he's of age to fight. Alice looked at the remaining woman and her youngest son." Now as for you two what do I do with you, hum. Grimora I need a portal to Serasam."

Grimora appeared behind her and opened the portal. "There ypu go, darlin'. One direct portal to Serasam."

"Thank you friend." Alice looked at the mother and her son." Run there you go, leave now before I change my mind and give you to my men."

The grieving woman obviously didn't wamt to leave her son, but made a run for it tonsave her other child. She gave Aaron one last sad look vefore tge portal closed, and Rumi took the boy by the hand, leading him away.

"I am... perplexed." Erin rose out of Alice's shadow. "Wouldn't killing the whole family have sent a better message to potential spies? And why train the boy? He might try to kill you again."

"He might but the traitor is dead, and that boy he could be of good use later in his life. After all I could use as many soldiers as possible. Besides In some way I did show them mercy, the mother is sad but she's alive and she has at least one of her sons."

"Mercy," Erinika muttered, comtimplating the word. "Very well. I shall continue my investigation." She disappeared once more.

“Thank you kid.” Alice looked at Grimora.” Grimora I need a favor mind opening a portal to my sister?”

Grimora did so, but looked worried. "You sure you want to do that? I can only portal you out if you get in trouble. No other help I'm afraid."

“I know just give me a minute.” Alice went back to her place and grabbed a hood and a mask.” Ok let’s get this over with.”

Alice found herself in the grand palace itself. It took her a while to get her bearings, as it had been such a long time and things had changed, but she soon found her way to her sister's room.

Alice went into her sister room and took off her mask.” Hum she’s not here guess I’ll make myself at home.” Alice went to Lilith supplies of blood and poured herself a drink.

Despite how dark and foreboding the palace tended to be, this room was surprisingly cheery, awash with bright colors. It was also a bit messy, Lilith never being the cleanest. Alice was surprised that, among the many family photos, many included Alice.

Seeing the lights on in the room, someone stepped inside. "Your highness, I know you didn't want to be disturbed, but... who are you?!"

It took Alice only an instant to recognize him. It was Victor Delmond, the queen's right hand and closest advisor. He was also Alice's former lover, and the man who had officially arrested Alice.

Alice eyes widen in anger at her former lover, and drew her ax.” Ou I’ve been wanting for over a century to do this to you.” Alice removed her mask showing her face, and charged the man with ax.

Victor drew a large axe of his own, taking a defensive stance. "Alice! How did you get here?!"

As there weapons clashed, she yelled none of your business, I was here for Lilith but you’re head will make a good replacement!” Alice head butted Victor and drove her ax into his ribs.

He cried in pain but grabbed the hilt of her axe, using it and the fact it was in him to pull it out of Alice's hand. He kicked her hard, causing her to fall back. With a pained grunt, he pulled the axe out and threw it to the side. He didn't advance, however. "Stop this pointlessness. I don’t want to fight you."

Alice snarled But came to her senses.” You’re lucky I’m not here for you, where’s my sister?”

"You!" Lilith stood at the doorway. Despite her ever youthful body, she looked like she had aged decades. Her hair was raged. Her eyes were baggy and bloodshot. She barely wore any makeup.

“Lilith? Wow you look horrible what happened?”

Lilith stomped in, suddenly slapping Alice so hard, she fell to her knee. "What happened? What HAPPENED?! You happened! Do you have any idea what you have done?! Three hundred years of suffering for nothing! You've ruined us!"


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When it All come Crashing Down
Part Four

Alice rubbed her chin.” Ow sis didn’t think you had a mean right hook.” Alice then stood up and looked at her sister.” We were always doomed sis I just made people see it, but this is not the end of us no it’s a glorious new chapter.”

"Are you out of your mind?" Lilith swept her hand back. "Our surrounding nations have been waiting three centuries for an excuse to attack, and you gave it to them! What happened to the plan? You were supposed to give me time, then if I failed, attack here. Not Helvan! Not there, or Themosa, or even the Land of Ice, but here! Now they are knocking at our doors, demanding answers, and half the city wants me to open the doors while the other half wants my head on a spike for not preventing this!"

"Do..." Victor took a worried step forward. "Do you want me to call the guards?"

Lilith scoffed. "Don't bother. She no doubt used a god's help to get here, and would use it to escape." She walked over to the cup Alice had been drinking from and gulped down the blood. "Why are you here, Alice? To gloat? To rub your victories in my face? To laugh at me and kick me when I'm down?"

“I came here to remind you of what your here for. I’m a raider sis I conquered Halvan because I needed a capital, you your here to lead!” Alice pointed out the window.” The world doesn’t want our head it wants mine, so throw my under tell them the truth. Tell them that the vampire that attacked Halvan is on her own and has brainwashed the seven, open the city gates show the world we have nothing to hide.”

"It isn't that simple," Lilith said, rubbing her temples. "The Council of Elders wants to maintain our silence. They argue it wouldn't matter because they wouldn't believe us anyway. And even though I want to say something, I tend to agree that the world won't believe us..."

“Then make them!” Alice grabbed Lilith shirt.” You better find a way to make the world listen, I told you to say fuck that group of cowards! Our race is surrounded by enemies and you want to cower, what type of leader is that!?”

"I am not cowering! But I am running ragged!" Lilith scoffed and looked away. "Things aren't as black and white as you seem to think. Not that you have ever been one to admit when you screwed up."

“Because I haven’t.” Alice let go of Lilith and sat on a chair, she then pointed at Victor.” Get him out of here.”

"Over my dead...!" Victor started.

"Go!" Lilith barked. Loyal to the end, Victor sighed, bowed, and left, closing the door behind him.

Alice then stood up and looked at her sister.” You want the truth sis fine I’ll tell you, the truth is our race is doomed no matter what. We were doomed before I did what I did, we were doomed before this uprising and we were doomed before our enemies got pissed.”

Lilith lowered her gaze. "I know we are doomed if we don't get put of here. I needed more time. And now... I don't have anymore."

“No sis I mean Hastu is coming back to take Terra as his prize that’s why we’re doomed.”

"I see. Then... we are all doomed." Lilith's eyes widened. "Unless ypu destroy him! You can do it with your army, I know you can!"

“It’s not that simple sis, and no I can’t If was my able to kill I wold have done it months ago when he made me attack you.”

Lilith reflexively rubbed her throat. "Well... someone will beat him. Someone always does." She gave Alice a serious look. "Not that the vampires will be much help while we're killing each other during a civil war."

“The people want answers sis you need to be the leader they need right now, our people are scared and rightfully think there leaders are being cowards hoping things will fix them selves.”

"They are scared because of you, Alice. They are scared because somehow freeing them involves you taking over the world. You want me to throw you to the wolves? It is hard to do that when you already did so to us." Lilith rubbed her head. "Please... just go. I have a lot to do and little time to do it in."

Alice looked at her sister and a portal opened behind her." Fine, but I want you to know sis. I'm still going to be raiding, i'm going after Bevland and Themosa. I will raid and sack them, i'm telling you this now I'm coming back her to take the counsel heads. You need to get us out of here, go to the other nations talk to them. Hell talk to Have Brook if you have to, pray to the gods do something. Just don't give up on our people, I know this looks bad but we will not die because of me or to Hastu. We will live on sis, just try and think that I have the best intentions for us." Alice finally went through the portal and arrived back home." Rumi front and center.!"

Rumi rushed over, having just got back from the barracks. "W-what is it?"

"Get our people ready, i'm not waiting for Bevland to attack us. Were going after them and take them out."

"B-but Alice!" We have the defensive position. They can't attack without risking their royal family. Wouldn't peace talks..."

"Were not talking! We attack peace talks take to long anyway. Gather our forces and tell them to get ready for the assault, I need to come up with battle planes so we can ambush them in certain areas. Ou and Rumi I need to talk to you in private. I need to tell you well everything."

Rumi nodded. "Okay. I will... be back soon." She took off to gather the forces.

After a few minutes Alice generals were in the war room. Alice plan was to hit and run, to use her forces to attack the surrounding army and then retreat to the city were they could hit them with there artillery, and go back to attacking them. Alice pointed out were the camps were and witch groups her generals should attack. "That's it then, the seven and me along with our Allies from the land of Ice will go east, Lorica and Wulfric will take our monsters and a few mercenaries to attack south, Lorica and Crixus will take our remaining army to the west and attack them. If or Once the army start getting the upper hands we will retreat, and set off flairs to signal our artillery to fire there cannons and catapults at our enemy. Then when they retreat, we hunt them down and raze there city to the ground. Any questions?"

Everybody shook their heads, understanding.

"Excellent, now if you excuse me, I need to talk to Rumi." As everyone left, Alice sat on her thorn." Rumi what do you think of my kind Vampires, after all you not only hunt us down or at least used to but you also work with them. So what do you think of us?"

Rumi blinked. "I... like vampires just fine. I grew up with them, after all. I only hunt down criminal vampires, and I've hunted down other humans as well. W... why?"

"Ever though of being one? I mean you will never have to worry about dying from normal means ever again, you don't age you heal from your wounds. The only draw back is sun light and of course drinking blood constantly."

Rumi rubbed the back of her neck. "I've... thought about it. But besides the risk it won't work, I... kinda like who I am. I know you don't care much for humans, but... I like being one."

“Hum, Rumi my race is doomed. Because of what I did Bevland Mirandia and Themosa our gunning for my home, and to add the cherry on top the vampires are revolting. Some wanting to do nothing others wanting to open the city to prove they have nothing to hide. My actions has caused a civil war for my people, the first of its kind."

Rumi lowered her eyes. "I'm... sorry. But... isn't the revolt something you wanted? Maybe you could even recruit some vampires to your side. I'm sure there are plenty of them who would like nothing better then to... to heard non-vampires like cattle and rule the world..."

"That's not what I want!" Alice shouted." I want my race to be free I want them to be respected, and seen as equals. I used to want humans a cattle but I've learned to respect them since I worked with them longer and longer. But if we can bring our people to our side then fine, but we need to help our people no matter what."

Rumi nodded. "I'll do what I can."

"Good, now get moving we have a lot of work to do and we have a war to win."

A week later

Mina offered some tea to her guest, a woman in her thirties. "I... understand it you are pretty good at hunting down monsters," the woman said.

"It is our specialty. Would you like to hire us?" Mina asked.

The woman nodded. "I have the most wicked of monsters for you to hunt. And I will find a way to pay anything you ask." She reached over hugged her eight year old son. "No matter what you have to do, no matter how long it takes... I want you to destroy the monster known as Alice Valentine."


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Jun 23, 2013
The fallowing is done by Dhalexpert & ExoGrim

One big miss understanding

Spark wondered around the manor, forgetting how to get to Erin's lab from her new bedroom. Though she recognized that this the time of day when light in this world peaked... it still seemed darker then when she was with her mother. She sense her mother's energy within the many she walked past. They had learn to harness the gift given to them... Spark was certain that it was they called magic. It was a weird term for Spark... as she only knew that her mother referred to it as energy. Even with that knowledge... Spark wasn't sure if they knew that the energy traveled through their veins was what the mysterious girl's whole body.

As she wandered in confusion, she found herself in the training field where she used her first "spell." There she noticed a young woman in the open field...

The young woman fired fire balls at the targets, she also used ice spikes and lightning bolts. She then conjured up what looked to be a bear made of lightning." Alright let's see if this works." The bear charged Elma and raised its claws at her, but a barrier protected her." Awesome! So now I don't have to make a barrier."

Spark watched quietly and cautiously from behind one of the pillars as the Mage practiced her spells.

"Alright then let's try something a little more advanced." Elma had the conjured bear diaper, she then conjured up a ice elephant." Yes! It worked, look at it the tusk on this thing it's ineradicable."

Spark looked into the conjured elephant's crystal eyes. From the constructs motionless face, she felt the fear it had... as it knew that it's was short... and its life was that of misery. It knew that the pain it faced now and in the future could not be avoided... for its body was temporary, but its essence was forever. Spark flew to the elephant... placing a hand on its icy trunk with even thinking about the mage. "Don't be scared... Mama sent me... and I can save you." The mysterious girl said before the animated sculpture glowed and slowly faded away. The magic leaving the ice.

Elma looked at the child with suspicion." Um who are you, and why did you say your mom can save you. Who are you anyway?"

Instead of answering the question, Spark gave Elma a menacing glare. "How dare you use Mama's energy in such a manner..."

"What are you talking about? It’s a conjure up beast, is there something wrong with me summoning a magic beast?"

"How would you like it if I created mortals and sent them to their deaths... only to bring them back to life and die once more!" Spark snapped at the conjurer. "Did you not see the fear in that 'beast's' essence?! He knew you were just going to kill him and bring him back to be tortured again!"

Elma looked at the young child, and knelled down." Alright first I have no idea what you’re talking about, second what do you mean my conjurations feel fear? Do they have a conscious or something?"

Without warning, Spark took hold of the collar of Elma's robes and lifted her to the air with her flight and a strange might in her grip. The angered child flew straight into the pillar behind them, slamming the mage's back against the stone as she yelled into the woman's face. "Of course they're alive! They think and feel just as you do! My Mama is being tortured and manipulated because of people who see her as nothing more then a power to abuse! People like you!"

"What In the world are you talking about, I mean there just constructs how are they alive? And who is this mother of yours that you keep mention like i'm constantly hurting her or something, how am I’m hurting someone I never met." Elma then looked down." And why are you strong for a child?"

Her rage seemed to calm a little as she set down Elma. Using her energy to for a small blade, Spark slit open her wrist. A glowing, yellow ooz leaked out of the child's wound... one that gave out immense heat. "Mama started creating my essence the day Tecunte start her campaign of chaos. Since then, a group of people from Fairaven have built a place where they are manipulating my Mama's essence and how it effects your world. Because of that, my body... one that was meant to be created within one Terran year... was made in a week. This energy in your veins you call magic, is what makes up my whole body and my essence. By mortal standards, I am a construct. Do I look lifeless to you?" The last line had harsh venom in it's tone.

Elma eyes widen.” A living construct such a thing shouldn’t be possible. And you say you were made when Tecunte started her reign of chaos, who apparently is the related to magic.” Elma scratch her head.” Ok I’m guessing you’re the child of a god?”

"No god can do what Mama does..." The magic child stated harshly.

Elma looked at the child confused.” Ok um do do you mind if I do a small test?”

"why should I trust you?" The girl demanded.

“Because this is more of itching my curiosity then a test.”

"The only test you'll get out of me is how fast I can fry your brain."

Elma flicked the kids arm.” Just watch.” Elma conjured a ice wolf, bear and elephant.” Alright what are they saying?”

The kid gritted her teeth. "Give me one good reason not to kill you right now..."

“Ou calm down, there not gone yet. I want you to talk to them.”

The mysterious child formed a ball of energy on her hand. "I'll say this again; give me one good reason not to kill you right now."

"Will you clam down, look at them." The constructs were still there." There still there, I want you to tell me what there thinking before they disappear again that's the point of the test."

Elma suddenly found herself in immense pain as Spark thrusted the orb of energy into her gut. "I refuse to take part of your twisted experiments."

Elma fell to her knees in pain and made an ice prison around the woman. "Would you listen kid?" The constructs then disappeared. "Gods damn it." Elma then sat in front of the child. "Will you listen, I want to know what constructs think. You’re a living construct, I want to know what constructs are thinking and their thoughts."

The prison started to chip away as the girl's hair turned pale white. Soon, the ice that held the child changed into a storm of shards. As the whirling ice ravaged the nearby area, Spark floated into the air and glared down at the mage before her. She raised her hand and the shards turn into a long spear of ice. With one swift motion, Spark sent the spear plunging at Elma. The spear landed behind the mage... the tip of the spear barely slicing open her cheek. "Consider that a warning. I am not a experiment for you to abuse. Try this again and I will kill you."

"Will you relax!" Elma took a deep breath and looked down at the bracelet, and decided instead of arguing with Spark she deiced to talk." Ok let's try this again, you say your a construct and that you can hear what my constructs feel. So tell me what are the constructs thinking what do they feel, are they scared of me?"

"I have no reason to continue this conversation..." Spark remarked before flying off without another word.

Elma made A Ice wall to block Spark in." Hold on now, look I came at you as a curious mage because you peeked my curiosity about Constructs being alive. But let's try this again, and just sit down and talk alright?"

Spark merely passed the through the wall, unphased by its presence.

Elma broke the wall and looked at the child pass through." Damn it, and there goes my chance to talk to a living construct. What was all that she was talking about, hum aw well I might get another chance to talk to her. But for now I need to keep working on my magic, and find out more about my constructs."


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Suspicions and Risky Business


Gravic stood outside of Doc's office like always. And like always, Doc stepped out a few minutes later. Gravic grunted as he approached the Doctor. "Any luck?"

"Unfortunately no..." Doc place a hand on his chin as he walked down the hall. "This energy seems more unpredictable then I theorized. The magic that hides inside of it is different from any I've ever seen. It's almost like it's fighting our technology."

"So this project is more of a bitch then you originally thought..." Gravic summarized.

The comment made a light chuckle leave the Doctor's lips. "I guess you could say that."

"Doctor! Doctor!" came a somewhat high pitched voice down the hall. It came from an unusually plucky Elf, a junior scientist named Elizabeth.

"Ah, Elizabeth... what is the issue?" Doc asked the rookie.

Elizabeth usually brought with her an air of annoyance. She was over eager to please and always brimming with energy, which grated on a lot of people. She was easy to manipulate into doing extra work, which was the only reason some believed she made it here, though those who checked would find her credentials checked out. As she reached the Doctor, she tripped, falling flat on her face. Her glasses slid some distance away, and a high heel show flew up into the air.

Doc picked up her glasses as he chuckled in amusement. "Didn't I warn you that this would happen when you put on heels? You're clumsy enough without them."

"Y-yes, Doctor. Sorry." The young woman climbed to her feet and rubbed her nose. "I... oh, I finished those simulations you asked me to do. I would have been here sooner, but I wanted to make sure they were the correct results, so I ran them a few extra times, and I got the same results, so I'm pretty confident..."

The Doctor walked up to Elizabeth and whispered in her ear. "And that's what I like about you..."

Gravic rolled his eyes. "So... what did you find exactly."

Doc stepped back and readjusted his glasses. "Always getting ahead of me Gravic? Makes me question who the real doctor is sometimes." The elven man replied with a chuckle.

"Well, um... s-sorry doctor. All the simulations were a failure. Um..." She pulled out a sheet of paper for her lab coat and squinted at it, trying to read it without her glasses. "The, um... uh..."

"Perhaps these will help..." Doc remarked as he slipped the scientist's glasses over her eyes.

She blushed from embarrassment, and cleared her throat. "Yes, well... every attempt to contain the kind and amount power you were having me test failed. It was just to erratic and strong to capture and distribute with traditional means. I mean... if this was a real situation, we would have to devise a whole new means of siphoning energy from a magical source." She laughed. "But of course, this is all theoretical, right? You couldn't have really found a single source of such energy."

"Not necessarily." Doc stated with a smirk. "Shortly after Cynthia rebelled against us... there were reports of the energy source fragmenting. Though we have no idea where this fragment went... it's likely that with it we can create this means to harvest the energy just as planned."

"Really?!" Elizabeth clapped her hands together. "Oh, please let me help more! I'll do anything! I'll run tests, I'll crunch numbers, I'll... I'll make coffee! Anything!"

Doc thought for a moment. "Maybe... just maybe... Elizabeth, if you could see about talking to Cynthia... maybe she'll be more cooperative towards someone she doesn't know."

"You... want me to speak with the traitor?" She asked nervously, then cleared her throat. "I-I mean... o-of course I will!"

The elven scientist nodded. "Gravic, show her the way."

"Alright, come this way miss Elizabeth." Gravic walked away from the two, not really caring if the rookie followed.

"W-wait for me!" Elizabeth grabbed her dropped high heel and rushed after him. "S-so, Mr... Gravic, right? H-how do you like working so close with a genius like the Doctor?"

"It's a job..." The large man remarked.

"Yeah?" She stumbled a bit, and quickly took off her other shoe so she could keep up. "S-so what are you like? Tell me about yourself."

Gravic looked at his own hand, contemplating whether to answer or not. "Let's just say there's a reason I'm the only one here who's not a local."

Elizabeth opened her mouth to urge him on, but figured she was already pushing her luck. "So, uh... where is Cynthia anyway?"

"Right here." The man told her as he opened the door to the prison. "Hey Cynthia... one of our rookies wants to talk to ya."

A long cackling laugh escaped from the only active cell. "Really now? Who is this junior scientist who would be interested in a traitor like myself?"

The young woman took a deep breath and stepped forward. "Um... hi? My name is Elizabeth. Uh..." It suddenly occured to her that she didn't know why the Doctor wanted her to talk to this woman. "Uh... how... are you feeling today, Cynthia?"

"Other then the fact that I'm trapped in a cell... and will stay here for much longer... I'm fine." The traitor said with a chuckle. "How about you deary? Doc treating you well?"

"Oh, yes. The Doctor treats me very well. More so then most here, actually." Elizabeth stepped up to the cell. "Is that why you betrayed us? Did someone treat you bad?"

"Oh does he now? I had a feeling there was a flirt behind that cool head of his... still doesn't excuse what he puts her through with these harvesting attempts, but hey... gotta start somewhere with the ladies." Cynthia remarked as she stepped out of the shadow hiding her pale face and ghostly white hair. "The only question is what does he see in you?"

"I-I don't know. I'm smart, I guess? But... but he is a professional. H-he isn't flirting. Um..." Elizabeth scratched her head. "Wait... put who through? You mean that mass of magical energy?"

Cynthia let out another maniacal laugh. "Wasn't it obvious? A large source of unlimited energy that can fight the most advanced forms of harvesting technology? It's alive... she's alive! Everything that went wrong was because she knows what you're trying to do to her. The energy burst that killed a dozen workers? Her retaliating against the agent that has been messing with her mind. The cooling system overloading for no reason? That was her trying to sever the magic holding her in the facility. My rebellion? Merely a distraction in order for her to get her daughter to Lady Havenbrook. Everything has gone according to her plan... Did you think that the gods' most trusted being would go without fighting for her own freedom?"

"Gods' most trusted... no." Elizabeth shook her head. "You're lying. Trying to cover for yourself. The Doctor is a good man. He would never knowingly experiment on it if he knew it was alive."

"Knew?" Cynthia cackled again at the comment. "You think he knows what he's doing? The man is blind to what he is doing. All he cares about it bring an end to the Institute of Magic and replacing it with his own school... his own law."

Elizabeth rubbed her arm nervously. She opened her mouth, then remembered she was being watched by the Doctor's bodyguard. "What... what is going to happen to you?" she asked Cynthia.

"Me? I'm just going to stay here until Spark and Mina come to shut this place down for good." The pale haired woman leaned forward and looked into the junior scientist's eyes. "I've already died once... wouldn't be that big a deal if I died again."

Elizabeth leaned back, as though Cynthia might be able to reach her. She looked over to Gravic and said, "I-I think we've talked long enough."

Gravic walked her out of the prison. "I wouldn't let her words get to your head like that. She was an interrogator prior to becoming our lead labtech... so she knows exactly what to say to get you to believe her."

Elizabeth laughed nervously. "I-I would never believe a-all that nonsense about... s-sentient magic or the Doctor being... some megalomaniacal man wanting to use a living being's very being to over throw the Institute of Magic." She swallowed hard. "All the... the ravings of a madwoman, right?"

The brutish man paused as he looked at the young woman. "You'd be surprised... you didn't hear this from me, but half of what she said is true."

Elizabeth shuttered. "I see. Well, um... I-I am sure... the Doctor means well... r-r-right?"

"Meaning well and doing well are two different things..." The bodyguard muttered as he looked at his hand once more.

"Are you... feeling okay?" Elizabeth asked, noting his fixation on his hand.

Gravic rolled his shoulder and for a second it sounded like... grinding of gears? "I'm fine... just spacing out."

Elizabeth blinked a few times, and shook her head. "Well, um... I-I guess I should... get back to work, huh?"

Gravic's gaze shifted towards Elizabeth. "Perhaps that is a good idea isn't it...?"

She nodded. "Th-thank you for the... i-interesting time." She started to walk backwards. "Give the Doctor my best, will you?"

"Don't worry, I will." The brutish man said before he walked back to Doc's office.

Elizabeth ducked around the corner, suddenly sprinting. She shut herself in her small, mediocre office, locked the door, and sat against it, curling up and rocking back and forth. "Oh, Lizzy," she whispered to herself. "What have you got yourself into...?"


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Friends Our Age.

Pearl poked her head out from around a corner, she had been watching her adoptive Rabbit Mom examining a girl around her age, one that looked a little weird, but Eliza also looked different from her.

After Erin was done with tests, Pearl slinked up to her from around a couple of boxes, slowly walking up behind the new girl. "Um... Hi."

Spark seemed to be asleep until the other girl walked up. She jolted up and cried out, "Mama!" while almost being in tears. The strange girl took a few breaths before turning to Pearl. Quickly, out of surprise, Spark turned into a small ball of energy and flew away... hiding behind one of the many bookshelves. Though still questionable if she hid without thinking or just didn't know, the new girl was still visible by her glowing hair.

"Whoa..." Pearl muttered, slowly walking over. "I'm... I'm sorry if I scared you... I'm Pearl..."

Spark nervously peeked out from behind the shelf. "Are you a friend of Erin's?" The mysterious girl asked.

"Yeah..." Pearl nodded. "I'm... They are taking care of me..."

Spark peered out more, the fact that she was floating becoming evident. Her nervous expression change to that of curiousity. "Why do you have so much of Mama's energy in you?"

Pearl looked back and forth. "Um... What? What does that mean?"

Spark slowly floated down to the other child. "My mama feeds this world with her energy. She protects it, keeps it safe. She told me that some of the mortal that grew in this world adopted her energy... but not as much as you have. She only gives that much energy to those she trust... People like Nemesis and Ransaka. How did you get her trust and why have I never seen you?"

"The... The Gods?" The Small Thrope replied. "Maybe... Your Mom knows the future?"

"Not all of them." Sparked blushed shyly. "She only gives it to gods and goddesses she trust. But you don't have the energy that the gods do... only Mama's. Maybe she got desperate... with those bad science men trying to control her."

"Bad Science Men? I... Is your Mama a... Slave like mine?" Pearl asked sadly, lowering her head.

"No... but people are trying to make her one." Spark explained. "They know she's strong and the know her energy feeds this world... so they want to abuse her to take control of the world she protects. They don't know that she's like them... just created differently. They look at her and see power, not my Mama." A small tear streaked down the girl's cheek as she spoke.

"I'm sorry... I don't know where my Mama is... But... I know bad people have her..." Pearl took a few steps closer.

Spark wiped away the tears. "Maybe if we save my Mama... she can help us find yours."

"Maybe." The Themosan girl felt her hope renew a little. "What's your name?"

"Spark. Mama told me that I needed a name for this world and that she wanted mine to have meaning." The young girl lowered her head shyly as she answered. "But she didn't have time to tell me the meaning."

"A name for this world? So...Is your Mom like... A God?" Pearl asked, her face shimmering with curiosity.

"Not quite... she's more of a source of energy... she feeds this world... protects it." The strange child explained to the best of her ability.

"So like... She's the world's Mommy too?" The Affinity-less Thrope asked, trying to understand as best she could.

"Sorta." Spark giggled lightly. "She didn't make your world... but she does act like it's Mama."

"Your Mama sounds amazing." Pearl smiled, clenching her hand into a fist. "My... My new Mommies, Lady Havenbrook, everyone! We'll save your Mama!"

"Hopefully soon..." Spark's cheerfulness quickly faded. "She wasn't able to tell me where the bad men were working. All I know is that it's a common gathering area of scientists."

"Maybe... Betty and Erin would know... They are... Sciencey types..." Pearl suggested, looking back and spotting Betty working nearby.

"Hopefully..." Spark replied, doubt in her tone.

Pearl motioned for her to follow. "Come on! Let's go see!"

Spark nervously followed the young girl to the busy dark skinned woman

Pearl tugged on Betty's apron, catching her attention as the Fly looked down towards her. "Oh! Hi Pearls. What's up... Who's your friend...?"

"Ummm... Hi." Spark shyly waved at Betty.

Betty leaned down, giving her a welcoming smile. "Hi. My name is Betty... Are you must be new here, correct?"

"Yeah... My-my name's Spark." The magic child replied.

"Spark. I like that name." The Tinkerer stood back up.

"Um... Mama Betty... Do you... Know anywhere where sciencey people do research?" Pearl asked, tugging on her pants.

Betty tilted her head. "Why...?"

"Because... Because sciencey people took her Mama." The Little Thrope balled her hands with determination.

"What? Why would they take your Mom?" Betty looked back towards Spark.

"Because they want Mama's power. She gives the world it's energy... And they want to abuse that."

"She... Gives ze world it's energy...?" Betty looked off to the side, her face pained. "There's one place I know very well..."

"Really?" A spark of hope shot through the magical child's face. "Where is it?"

"The Fairaven Institute of Magic... If anyone would do zhat to your Mom, it's them..." Betty closed her eyes.

"We have to find them and get them to stop!" Spark exclaimed. "Mama was weak when I left... who knows what they did to you since."

"Are you sure she's there?" Betty asked urgently.

"Well... she's still home... but they found a way to harvest her energy." Spark explained. "And they're abusing her energy for power."

"Where's your home?" Betty pressed.

"I wouldn't know... it's not in this world..."

"Uh... What do you mean? Like... In another realm? Another... Plane?" Betty seemed surprised.

"Kind of..." The young girl remarked nervously. "Mama didn't have time to explain everything."

"Well, you have my word we will do everything to help her... Right Pearlie?" Betty looked over.

Pearl nodded firmly, placing a soft hand on her new friend's shoulder. "Right..."

A small tear streaked down Spark's face. "Thank you..."

Betty's expression saddened, but she forced it back up. "Spark. I need to speak to Erin about zhis... I'm sure Pearls would love to play anytime you want though."

"Yeah. You're like... My first real Friend here Spark." The undeveloped Thrope girl said with some red in her cheeks.

"Okay... I'll be ready to play when Erin is done with the last tests she did..." Spark said before hugging her new friend. "See you in a bit, okay?"

"Okay. I'll get my new toys ready. Do you want a stuffed animal?" Pearl smiled pointed over to her toys.

"Sure." Spark smiled back at Pearl.


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The Trouble with Alice Valentine
Part One

Havenbrook Manor
Outdoor Training Area
November 6th, 3349
12:12 p.m.

Mina stood before the entirety of her Hunter staff on the unusually warm November afternoon, finishing up her announcement. "In short, Hastur has declared war on us, and we will respond in kind. From now on, any missions that involve taking down his cultist will receive a nice, meaty bonus."

She pulled out a small sheet of paper. "Finally, the following C rank Hunters are being promoted to B rank, with all the privileges and responsibilities that entails; Titania, Betty, Sylvie, Jay, Charter, and Drayce. Additionally, Kva will now be promoted to A rank. Do not think these are just because of the need for higher rank hunters. I have been watching you all very carefully the past year. You all deserve it. Dismissed."

The group started to disperse while giving the appropriate pats on the shoulder, and Mina stepped to the side to grab a few items from the nice spread of food she had provided. The baby was only a month and a half away, and it showed in both her belly and her appetite.

Sitting down next to her quickly was the Dhampir she had mentioned earlier, a sparse plate of various dried meats resting on her plate as well as a nice tall glass of a dark red liquid that made Mina just a little skeptical upon first glance. The Death Priest noticed her gaze, "What? It's Wine... I have Titania for that now anyway..."

Mina smirked. "Sorry. This business with a certain other vampire has me on edge. No offense intended."

"Yes..." Her voice took on a grim quality. "I feel the same..."

"Everything okay?" Mina asked. "Need an ear to lament to? Because I'm available."

"Did I ever tell you I have a history with Alice?" Kva looked over. "I knew her as a little girl before I left the city..."

"A little girl... hard to imagine. I sometimes forget how long lived a vampire is. Must have been some time ago." Mina gave her a gentle smile. "What was she like back then?"

"She was a sweet girl. Free spirited, independent, always finding some kind of way to skip her training... She was by all extents your average little girl..." Kva recollected, resting her head in her hand.

Mina looked away. "Look... if you don't want to face Alice because of your friendship, I'll understand."

"No. I have to kill her. It's my responsibility. I left her in that city. Her hatred of being confined just grew and festered until she turned into what you see today... A deluded engine of hate and malice that sees no reason or restraint..." The Fencer explained seriously. "That little girl is two hundred years dead, it's time I put my past behind me forever, and avenge the innocent girl Alice Valentine killed and replaced..."

Mina looked a bit surprised, yet somewhat proud of such conviction. "Did you hear? I wouldn't be surprised, seeing how quick rumors spread around here. We had a client the other day. Evidently, Alice killed her husband and... I guess you would say drafted her son, and she wants revenge."

"I'd say that's unlike her, but it's very much not, I'm sure that's not even the worst she's done." Kva lifted up a helmet and sipped her drink. "So... What are you going to do?"

"I don't know yet." Mina placed her hands together in thought. "With our fight against Hastur, there aren't many resources I can spare. Whatsmore, there is an army standing between us and Alice now." She grunted angrily. "Damn it! I... I should have taken care of her when I had the chance. No the whole situation is out of control. Everyone who has died since I first met her... I might have been able to save them."

"I feel the same way... I spoke to her alone two times... Once when I first learned about her being here, out of the city... And again before her attack on Helvan... To try to at least appeal to her logic and will to survive... To try to get her to help us fight Haster, a mutual, much more powerful enemy... And to help Esmeralda... My Apprentice... Who's also my responsibility..."

Kva shook her head. "I could've killed her both those times... I'm at least equal to her in combat... The first time... I was naive to think she'd learn... And the second... because I saw Hastur as a much larger problem... But I see now that while I was right, there won't be much left to save if we don't deal with Alice first... We just have to hope Hastur is taking his time doing whatever it he he is doing with... Esmeralda..."

Mina nodded. "Does that mean if I... were to plan an assassination with a small group... you would be interested?"

"Very much so... But we'll need a distraction... And it's likely she has gods on her side..." She pointed out. "But luckily... Once I heard about the capture of Helvan... I sent a letter to my Mother asking her to arrive here if she would be willing to aid us. That was a little over a week ago."

"Your mother?" Mina sat back, taking a small bite. "Elf, or vampire?"

"Vampire. A Hero of the Nocturnum War for Draculesti, she was our most powerful General. I learned my Unique Magic from her." Kva said with a hint of pride. "She trained Alice alongside me, she has just as much stake in this, if not more, than I do."

Mina nodded. "Well, you have taught me that I can trust some vampires, while Alice told me not to trust others. I am sure if you trust your mother, though, then I can."

"Thank you for your Faith in me Mina... I appreciate it..." The Dhampir put a hand on her shoulder, sliding off after but a moment however. "Do you have any news about Esmeralda?"

"Actually, yes." Mina lowered her voice. "Rumor has it a new high priestess is setting something up between different Cults in New Vento. I have my doubts that it is Esmeralda, but I have Janne checking on it right now."

"You sent him alone? Are you sure that's wise?" Kva cautioned her.

Mina sighed. "He always insists on that being the way. He is a man who always makes my heart ache in fear whenever he leaves. But... I trust him. He has me to come back to... and our son or daughter. I trust he'll come back to me."

"Just... We already have to rescue one friend..." The Fencer looked down sadly. "What if we're already too late... What do we do if Hastur has already done something irreversible to her?"

"I... I don't know." Mina folded her hands. "We'll have to cross that bridge when we cross it." She shook her head. "Please, tell me more about your mother."

"She's known as the Blood Queen. During the War she captured my father as prisoner of war and held him for at least a year. During this time, a bond sparked between them... My Mother was fighting to prevent as many Vampire deaths as she could, she didn't agree with the conquering stance the Draculesti took." She sipped her wine, explaining thoroughly.

"Meanwhile, my Father fought for a Vampire Hunter group known as the Knights, he was the weakest, but was no pushover. His home town of Sisseta was in the path of danger, he fought to save it. Over much time and talking, they understood they weren't so different... Then they fell in love and before he was freed by his fellow Knights, they spend a night together, and she became pregnant."

Mina nodded. "I'd imagine, after three hundred years, he is gone. Did they ever see each other again after that?"

"He's still alive. Dark Elves live for at most around five hundred years, he would be about middle age now." Kva corrected her.

"I see. So... did they meet again after the war?"

"They did. He snuck away before the gates closed and found her. They have lived together in Draculesti ever since. Quite Romantic..." The Death Priest chuckled, "The Story of my parents is actually the subject of one of the best selling romantic novels in Draculesti, but they hate when anyone mentions that."

Mina laughed with her. "Tell me... you called her the Blood Queen. As in, the Queen of Draculesti? Is she still the Queen?"

"No. Draculesti doesn't have a monarchy. Blood Queen was merely a title to describe the magnitude of her powers."

Mina nodded. "That's right. Elders with a high elder. I remember hearing that somewhere. I can't wait to meet her."

"Who knows when she'll be here... Probably soon..." The Dhampir shrugged, getting up and finding another seat.

An hour or so passed, the celebrations filing down, every who was there getting thier fill, although Mina did notice that Betty and Magdalene were missing from the feast.

Suddenly, a man rushed in from the direction of the door, huffing at she looked at Mina. "Ms. Havenbrook! We've seen someome walking to the Manor! Whoever it is is shrouded and we are all ready in battle positions, it fits the description of a Cultist..."

Mina cursed softly under her breath, and got up from her seat. "Already, make sure everyone is ready, but don't strike without my word. We don't want to make a mistake. I'm heading for the front gate. Find Kva and tell her to meet me there."

Most of the Guards made their way to the front gate, watching as the figure approached. Kva was behind Mina quickly, both exiting at the same time.


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The Trouble with Alice Valentine
Part Two

"Halt!" Mina held out her hand. "Identify yourself and your intentions!"

The figure, clad in crimson cloak, looked over the guards and found Mina with her unseen gaze. Her voice was calm, but authoritative, "Are you Mina Havenbrook? I am here to see Mina Havenbrook."

Mina tensed a bit, prepared for the worst. "I am Lady Havenbrook of the Havenbrook Organization. And you are?"

"Lana'thel Minerva... Of Draculesti... My Daughter sent me a message to come here..." She stood tall, Kva smiling slightly inside her mask as she heard her Mother's voice.

Mina smiled and motioned for everyone to stand down. "Welcome. Sorry for the unwelcoming response. We're a little on edge here."

She stepped forward, Mina picking out extremely pale skin as her Bright red eyes glowed from under her hood. "Yes. Well, we are too... May we enter? I would like to get out of the Sun please..."

"Yes, of course. This way, please." Mina led the vampiric guest into the manor, waving away any curious passerby. They stopped in the large lounge on the first floor, a maid serving them tea and small cakes. "How goes things in the megacity?" Mina asked once they were settled. "What is the council's plans to respond to allegations that they are behind the attack?"

"Poorly... We are on the verge of civil war for the first time in our history... All because of a girl I trained up..." She pulled her hood down, a river of slick crimson hair falling back behind her head, hidden by the rest of her cloak. Her eyes with bright red as Mina had seen, but now she could make out black sclera cracking off from the corners.

"I rarely side with the Council, but they are hadling it the best they can, trying to convince the swaths of farmers and people outside the gates that this was an unrelated incedent... But fear hardly makes people reasonable..." She sighed, Kva standing off away from the table a few feet. "This is the greatest embarrassment to our people... An Escaped criminal enslaves our greatest warriors, all who were sent to retrieve her and many of which I helped to train... And now uses them to take a capital city and hold it hostage..."

"So it is true. She had other vampires with her." Mina rubbed her chin. "Maybe... if they opened the doors to the city... I mean, I know it would give Alice one of the things she wanted, but wouldn't it be a sign of good faith?"

"At this point... They might March in and exterminate us. Or if we open it and leave, the people outside might take it the wrong way and see it as a hostile force." Lana'thel shook her head. "I was only in favor of leaving because the rest of the world had forgotten what we had done... But my 'apprentice' just ruined any chance of that. At this rate we may see yet another three hundred years locked within the walls..."

Mina let out a long sigh. "Is there... anything this lowly guild can do to help at all?"

"I have... An idea... If we convince the Council to Field thirr army for the first time in three hundred years, we can go take back the city and kill Alice for the people of Helvan. If we do that, then that's the best chance for the world to know we can be trusted to not only help, but deal with our own problems..." Lana'thel sighed, looking over at Kva who had been standing there this whole time. "Could you please tell your bodyguard to leave? I would rather have this conversation privately..."

"I'm no bodyguard..." Kva spoke.

"Then why is she even here?" She looked back over at Mina.

Mina chuckled. "Please remove your helmet, dear. I thinknyou should stay a part of the conversation after all. This is a family matter."

Kva smiled, taking off her helmet, placing it on the table as she sat down.

The Blood Queen's eyes widened seeing her daughter again, standing up from her chair and wrapping her arms around her. "Kva... It's been so long..."

"It has... Mother..." The Dhampir brought her hands up around her back to return the embrace.

"Kva is one of my best hunters," Mina stated. "She just got promoted to A rank. We would be lost without her."

"I knew you would be a great warrior... I just thought you would be our great warrior..." Lana'thel pulled back.

"I wanted to be my own Great Warrior, to fight for my own cause, not yours or the Council's..." Kva told her. "I needed to find my own path."

"And... Did you?" The Crimson Haired Woman asked.

"I did. It's here." Kva looked her in the eye.

Mina tapped her lips. "If you don't mind my asking, Lady Minerva... how did you get out if the doors are permenantly closed?"

She looked back. "I turned my body into a pool of blood and found a crack in the walls I could seep through..."

Mina grimaced a bit but quickly smiled. "Even someone of your status has to sneak out, huh?"

"They told me they would need me if Alice launched a surprise attack... But now is not the time to defend... We've defended for too long..."

Kva nodded as she looked at her Mother solemnly. "It's time to Attack..."

Lana'thel nodded, "There will be death... Much Death... But we have to fix this damage somehow... As much power as the Vampires have, we are too few, and even those few are split, not to mention it has been three hundred years since our army has seen combat. We will need help. If I can convince them... Can we count on your aid, Lady Havenbrook..."

"You will have it," Mina assured her. "I'm sure the armies of Bevland, Themosa, and Mirandia will join in too. But now comes the hard part; getting your council to get off their asses... no offense."

"No Taken... They are still extremely cautious after our defeat in the War... And now, even more so... But they respect me... I may even be able to get Alice's Sister to throw her voice behind me..." The Blood Queen explained.

"Lilith? I don't know if she'd be the type to kill her Sister..." Kva crossed her arms.

"Ever since Alice started this crusade... She has begun to hate her more and more, like you have I imagine, else you wouldn't have called me... It will still take convincing though." She looked back towards Mina. "Following that train of thought, we need The Leader of the Band of Seven too."

"The Band of Seven... that is the group that was sent to deal with her. Are you sure he wasn't one of the ones captured?"

"Yes... Alice kidnapped Lilith some time ago, she confirmed that Alice never managed to find him..." Kva's Mother looked over at her daughter. "I don't suppose you know? You two were close."

Kva sighed, her eyes darting away. "We were, yes... I'm glad he wasn't taken... But I don't know where Richard is..."

"You don't have to look far," a voice said from the shadows. From them stepped two men, the only free members of the Band of Seven, Richard and Damian. Richard bowed deeply. "Greetings, Lady Minerva. What a surprise to see you here."

Damian gave them his seemingly ever present tired look. "We were investigating the castle and village Alice was previously operating out of when we sensed an extremely powerful vampire to the north," he explained. "We came here expecting to find Valentine. Should have known, even with her surprisingly fast growth, it couldn't possibly be anyone but you, Blood Queen."

Lana'thel smiled, "Damian... Richard... It's good to see you again..."

Kva walked up to both of them, smiling at the two of them, focusing her gaze on Damian. "It really is..."

Damian cracked one of his rare smiles. "It is good to see you, Kva. If I had known you were here, I might have snuck away to see you. Gods know I could use a break."


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The Trouble with Alice Valentine
Part Three

Richard, on the other hand, was far less relaxed. He dropped to his knee before Lana'thel, bowing his head. "Forgive me, my lady. I habe no right to stand before you, or anyone on the counsel. I failed to apprehend Alice Valentine in time. I am ashamed, and once my duty is complete, I will accept any punishment the Elders wish of me, including relinquishing my post if need be."

"No... It is perfectly fine Richard... She caught us all off guard with her ambition and power... Without even mentioning her... divine aide... I assume you heard what happened to them, however?" The Elder Vampiress asked with a sigh.

"We have our sources." Richard slowly stood up. "She has most of them under her control, though supposedly Marlee and Rumi fight for her under their own will. We are still not sure. Still, Alice grows more unstable by the day. She has taken to publically executing spies, and during the attack, she brutally killed one of her own generals for trying to desert with several of his fellow Light Elves. She is quite dangerous indeed."

Kva's eyes widened before she closed them tightly, pain and regret filling her. "I told him what would happen... Just another death I have to make right, it seems..."

Damian looked concerned. "What do you mean? You know the man she killed?"

"I snuck into her castle to gather information, I met him talking with Marlee. I convinced him that Alice was using him, that she wouldn't just let the slaves go free if they asked like she promised, but I told him to wait until the right time... I knew if she found out she'd kill him and it seems like I was right..."

"Guess he picked the wrong time." Damian shook his head. "No one is to blame but the woman who killed him."

Richard nodded, though he wasn't so easily convinced. Practically everyone in the group felt the weight of guilt on their shoulders. "Regardless, you need to speak to the council, correct?" He reached into his pocket. "I happen to have a scrying orb that connects directly to Lady Valenestra. Would you care to use to, Lady Minerva?"

"You do? Well Mina? Would you be willing?" Kva turned to face her.

Mina cleared her throat and fixed her hair a bit. "If you think I am worthy..."

"Of course you are. You've spoken with God's after all.." Kva smirked, looking down at it. "Now then let's set it up and speak with them..."

"Don't worry," Richard said as he set it up. "She is quite cordial. Most of the time, at least."

As if to test this, as soon as Lilith's image appeared, she said, "This better be good news, Richard, because I..." She looked around. "Who are you people?! What have you done to Richard?!"

"I'm here," the man called out with a wave. "We just have some friends who wish to speak with you."

Lilith squinted her eyes. "L... Lady Minerva? I-is that you?"

"Yes. It is I. But there are two Lady Minerva's here now." Lana'thel answered.

"Hello Lilith." Kva gave her a serious look. "This has just been a day of reunions all around..."

"I see that." Lilith ran a hand through her somewhat messy hair. "I-I must look like a mess. Um... it is good to see you again, Kva. Still... hold a grudge against me over Alice?"

"No... I see now you were right... My connection to her blinded me..." The Fencer shook her head slowly.

Lilith sighed. "So... why the call. Telling me you found two more escapees."

"Yup," Richard said. "I'll arrest them right away." His smile quickly faded. "Lady Minerva has a proposition I think you should hear."

"Ms. Havenbrook here has offered the city of Draculesti her support in dealing with Alice. The only way I can see to resolve this situation and repair our trust with the rest of the world is to send our full army to join Themosa's, Bevland, and what's left of Helvan to break Alice's army at the Capitol, and slay her." Lana'thel crossed one leg over the other. "I will lead this army myself, of course and Havenbrook here will send her forces to deal with priority targets, free the Seven, and kill Alice. But we need to have the rest of the council approve of this plan, and I know how defensive they can be."

The Blood Queen leaned forward, a serious expression on her face. "We need to show the world the Vampires care about other nations and are willing to defend them, as well as proving to them we can deal with our own problems. If we don't, the other nations may see our passivity as support of Alice and declare war or force us to pay the damage her army caused, ruining us... We cannot be passive any longer..."

Lilith had a pained expression on her face. "I... I-I agree with you completely. And I support this plan. I... I'm just... not sure how I will... convince..."

"Remind them that we are doing this for the future safety of our people. If we wait, we'll either be killed by Alice or the other nations. To defend ourselves, we have to seize this opportunity to attack, this offense is our defense..." Kva's Mother seemed almost desperate as she spoke.

Lilith let out a long, sad breath. "Of course. I will... do my best. I will make them understand." She shoom her head. "It is sad. This situation almost makes me wish Alice had come here and..." She stopped abruptly, staring forward in silence.

"What? 'Freed' everyone? I assure you if you don't like killing people or sustinence living in the woods you would like what her freedom entails..." Lana'thel narrowed her eyes. "I think you may have spent too much time with her."

"Huh?" Lilith blinked. "No, no. I... wasn't thinking that." She cleared her throat. "It will be done. I will assemble the council as soon as possible. I swear it to you, when I am finished, every member of the Elders will vote to send out our army."

"Do your best Lilith. The fate of our people is in your hands right now." Lana'thel bowed.

Lilith bowed back, and ended the call. Damian folded his arms. "Did she seem off at the end there?"

"Yes... But She's been through a lot lately..." The Blood Queen looked over.

"We are planning to kill her sister. And who knows what she had seen when Alice took her..." Kva pointed out.

"That's true... But she might also tell Alice of our plan if she has been influenced in some way..." The War Veteran replied to her daughter. "When I return I'll have her put under strict guard, to protect her if Alice decides that she's no longer useful, with the side effect of assuring her loyalty..."

"Does that mean we're leaving right away?" Mina asked. "Please, at least stay the night. Enjoy some time with your daughter."

She smiled, "Very well... Damian, Richard, please return to the city in my stead. I will remain her for a time to assure everything goes smoothly with Ms. Havenbrook's forces."

They both bowed their heads and took off, Damian giving Kva one last smile before he went.

Kva let out a long sigh. "That was much more than I ever expected..."

Mina glanced over. "What do you mean?"

"I just thought I was only reuniting with my Mother today..." The Fencer took breath, cracking her neck.


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For Those we would Die For
Part One

Four years ago...

"You have got to be kidding me..." Mina stormed out of her office in a huff, almost running head first into her love in her frustration. "Janne!"

"What is it now?" The blind man asked, his voice defeated as he knew he would now have to work her out of her tizzy.

"Nothing, nothing... just..." Mina sighed. "Believe it or not, we have a squatter. Someone has been camping out in the library, eating our food and reading our books."

"How exactly did they get in?" He asked in surprise, rubbing his head. "And how long?"

Mina motioned for him to follow her. "According to the one who spotted her stealing scraps from the kitchen, she was rescued by us over a month ago. Evidently, she just never left. Why hide in the library of all places though..."

"It is dusty and unused. No one goes there." He pointed out. Janne put a hand on her shoulder to stop the guild leader, "So what are you doing?"

Mina laughed. "What am I doing? What do you think? I'm not supporting a freeloader. I might be more charitable then most, but no one lives here for free."

"I do." He pointed out, poking Mina's forehead.

"Ow." Mina rubbed her head. "You're a special case. I care about you. Hell, I actually know you. Besides, you help me out all the time. This woman, however..."

"I'll deal with her." Janne noted with a shrug. "You keep wanting me to be involved, so let me deal with this." Rubbing,the top of her head, he gave her a small smile. "At least let me,do this before I leave for the next three months."

Mina frowned sadly. "A... alright. Just... you know, get rid of her." Mina rubbed her chin. "Unless you can find something she can do. You were right about Erin. Don't know what I'd do without her as the head of the labs. Maybe you'll find another miracle worker in this... Esmeralda."

"I may." He leaned forwards, kissing her awaiting cheek before turning to make his way to the decripted library.

The old room was dusty and disorganized, no one bothering to maintain it as Mina couldn't find someone who wanted to bother with it. Finding any particular one of the hundreds of books would be a nightmare, and most didn't even bother. As Janne moved deep into the room, however, he was surprised to find several of the shelves in the back were, in fact, organized and dusted. Even farther back, he found what he was looking for. A Light Elf swayed lightly in a makeshift cot, her nose buried in a book.

"I never had much reason to visit this place." Janne spoke up, stepping closer to the cot. "And when I did have my eyesight, I never learned to read."

The young woman flinched, and slowly looked over her book. Noting the lack of eyes, she considered her options, finally deciding to slowly float onto the ground and try and tiptoe around Janne. Naturally, it didn't occur to her that if he found his way back here, he might notice her doing this.

He stuck out his arm, stopping her and shaking his head. "Why are you trying to run?"

"Run? Who's running? I'm not running!" She laughed nervously. "I mean... it isn't like I'm not supposed to be here or anything... heh heh... heh..."

"Because lying is supposed to get me on your side?' Janne queried with a raised eyebrow.

"No, but..." Es held her hands together. "Please, Mr. Man, don't tell the boss lady! I don't want to go home. I... I like it here."

"Not very articulate are you?" Janne rubbed the back of his neck, "My name is Janne Carth. I guess you could say I am the co-boss of this place. Mina sent me."

"Oh, so... she already knows I'm here, huh?" Esmeralda ran a hand thrpugh her hair. "Well, um... she has a nice place! And such lovely books. Just wish they were... better cared for..."

"You want to stay?" He asked with a raised eyebrow. "You know for free is asking a lot."

"I-it doesn't have to be for free!" Esmeralda rushed up to Janne and took his hands. "I-I can be a bit of a scatterbrain, b-but I'm pretty smart. A-and..." She looked around. "I know you can't see it very well, but... this place is kinda a mess. Maybe I can clean it up?"

"Maybe. I have an idea." Janne said.

Esmeralda slowly released his hands. "Oh? And what might that be, Mr. Carth? I, uh... hope it involves me sticking around. B-because I... kinda like this place."

"Yes and no." Janne began, "Yes, it does involve you staying but you need to prove your spot is well deserved. So... For the next three month, I am taking you with me on my quest."

"A quest?" Es scratched her head. "Well... why not, right? I mean, I love the books here. Like... I really like books, but I have been stuffed up in this room for a month. Do you have any idea how hard it is to have to sneak about every time you need to use the bathroom?"

"I'd rather not know." Janne said, holding out his hand to her.

Esmeralda giggled. "I bet this will be fun." He took her hand. "I'm Esmeralda Starma, by the way. My friends call me Es. At least, they would if I hand any friends."

"Janne." He said, taking her hand and shaking it lightly. "Nice to meet you Es."


Three months on mission seemed to go by so quickly. Janne visited the Guild Pact meeting as a representitive for the Havenbrook Guild. It was an unofficial gathering of those guilds who bothered associating to discuss business on one part, and was also a giant expo of all the things the guilds had to offer. Monster hides, weapons, potions, talismans, armor, it was a showcase of the best and greatest.

While there, Janne taught Esmeralda all he knew about being apart of a guild and the various commitments that came with being in one. He bought her a new wardrobe of fine dresses, allowed her to clean herself up in her dream image of herself. Whenever they came across a book store, he would allow her to stop in and get what she wanted if anything came to mind.

Janne told Esmeralda his life story and he learned hers. They would sleep in the same room after a while, and then the same bed. He would help get her ready in the morning else her clumsiness would make her take three times as long.

Soon it was time for their three months to end. Janne looked out the window of the carriage, not far from the manor now. He had his arm around Esmeralda as she slept peacefully against him. Reflecting, he enjoyed the little ex-squatter. He rubbed her head affectionately.

Esmeralda slowly opened her eyes, looking around. Her eyes rested on Janne's scarred face, giving her comfort. "Are we almost back?" she asked, a bit of disappointment in her tone. She had quite enjoyed her time with him.

"Yeah. Excited to fill your new home with all your new books?" The co-leader asked, smiling softly. "You still left yourself a lot of cleaning to do."

Esmeralda nodded. "I'm looking forward to it. I want to... to thank you for being so kind. Ever since I left home... people haven't been so nice to this Light Elf. But you showed me how kind people can still be. And I know I've been a burden. So... thank you."

"Not a burden whatsoever." He leaned over, kissing the top of her head. "I've enjoyed your company."

"Lady Havenbrook is a lucky woman to have you." Es gave him some puppy dog eyes. "Will you... come and visit me in the library. I promise to make it the envy of any librarian."

"I'll make a habit of visiting." He acquiesced, the cart coming to a stop. "Welcome home Es."


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For Those we would Die For
Part Two

Present Day

New Vento City was cold and drab. The rich were staying in this evening while the poor and homeless huddled for warmth. Those in the know avoided the streets for a completely different reason. The cult of Hastur was in town, and rumor had it they were meeting with a different cult for some truly sinister means.

Janne however did roam the streets at this time, dressed in some mediocre but warm clothing. He knew the location said meeting was happening in, and he knew there was a chance Esmeralda would be there. A small chance, but this big a meeting meant a step closer.

He had to duck into an alley to avoid being seen. There, ahead of him just down the street, three robed figures stepped through the doorway of an old, abandoned building. The entrance was guarded by a single, if very large, man.

When the figures were inside, Janne stepped out and started walking towards the building. It did not matter if he was seen now. "Time to begin."

The guard, an oafish looking man if there ever was one, paid him little mind once he saw his face.

That was his mistake, and when Janne was close enough, he broke into a full on sprint to the large man. Slamming his hand into the man's chest, Janne's hand crackled as he sent volts of lethal lightning coursing through the guard's insides.

The man dropped to the ground without a noise besides the sound of his head cracking against the ground. After a few moments, it seemed no one heard inside.

Adjusting his coat, Janne stepped over the oaf's body and continued inside. He stopped once inside, turning his head downwards. "Why are you here Nemesis? To tell me this is too dangerous? I didn't know you valued your patrons so much."

"I do certain ones," the goddess responded. "Everyone has their favorites. And it is too dangerous. These are cultists of Hastur and Shub-Ishnigarrab, two groups that never interact. I fear what they are up to, and there are a few powerful priests here."

"I'm a powerful man." Janne responded, reaching back to pull the knot of his bandages. He removed them, opening his eyes that were once sealed by flames. His milk colored eyes stared at Nemesis. "You opened my eyes to how dangerous inaction is. My sister is here. I know she is. And if there is a chance to bring her home with her child uncorrupted, then I must seize the opportunity." He turned, "You admired my son Lyr for his unconventional actions. I am not all that different."

Nemesis sighed, and shook her head. "I won't try and stop you. I know that I can't. Just... please be careful."

Janne nodded, holding out his hand. "My old self had a set of guns when I killed him. You took them, didn't you?" He asked, already knowing the answer.

After a long sighed, Nemesis reached behind her and pulled out the weapons, handing them over. "Don't make me regret giving these back."

"I'm not him Nemesis." Janne said softly, cocking the hammer. "I have Mina to return to."

Nemesis smiled, and turned away. "In that case... have fun."

He nodded. Looking over the pistols he inspected them. They were thin barreled with curved handles like flintlocks, but fired magic instead of bullets. In another time, another place, a version of him stole these from a man he murdered and used them to shed more blood. Used to at least. Now they were in his hands. He walked down the corridor, searching.

There was a large room in the center of the building where everyone was gathered. Just outside the door, two men with two different symbols on their robes talked quietly.

"With her help, we have set things up faster then expected. Your lord Hastur sure knows how to pick them."

"These sheep will make a fitting sacrifices to both our gods. So much death and destruction. I only wish I could be around to witness it."

From within the room, a female voice called out, "I would like the thank all of the followers of Shub-Ishnigarrab for your assistance. This is the beginning of a wonderful union, and together, we will do more then we ever did apart!"

Janne remained in the shadows and listened. He tried to listen in more.

"It has been over a millennium since any one Elder God has gathered the power needed for the Dead Summoning, but we have done it." There was no mistake. Her tone, her inflections, and her attitude was off, but it was Esmeralda. "There is no stopping it now. The Necromin will rip this land apart, ushering a season of death and pain. And soon, ever so soon, the great Yog-Sothoth shall be reborn through my flesh, and chaos will reign. There is nothing anyone can do now."

Hearing all he need, Janne came out of the shadows and walked to the two cultists. When they turned to him up on noticing his presence, he punched the firsts throat, quickly using his palm to do the same to the second.

With them down, nothing stood in his way to enter the main room. It was quite a sight. Several men and woman, random citizens no doubt, had been drained as part of a massive blood orgy. The room was filled with cultist in a variety of masks, from ornate to creepy, having sex with no care in the world. Several other woman were strung up at the side of the room, stripped bare and chained up in preparation to be sacrificed. And proceeding over it all, Esmeralda sat atop a grand thrown, wearing nothing but a see through gown as her hands and fingers explored her body, a pair of man, kissing her legs.

"Fucking cultists..." Janne grumbled. He'd be more shocked if this wasn't his first encounter with this kind of behavior. There was another reason he was Havenbrook's enforcer. Subjecting Mina to this is what would turn his stomach. "Party's over!" He yelled, his voice cracking like thunder with the use of magic.

Everyone slowly came out of there sexual high, and turned to look at him. Esmeralda was surprised to see him. "Janne, you... what are you doing here?" she asked angrily.

"You should know the answer to that." Janne walked forwards, his boots clapping against the bloodstained hardfloor. "You stole something from me. I'm here to steal it back."

"Kill him!" Esmeralda order. "He's ruining my party!" The dozens of naked men and women quickly reached for weapons, chanting in an unknown language as they slowly approached. Es cackled madly. "You picked the wrong party to crash."

Lightning crackled around Janne's body, and he took a step back as if scared. He ran forwards and leapt at an incredible speed, bounding over the naked cultists. He came to roll on the ground, using his guns to shoot through the heads of the men at Esmeralda's feet. He threw the weapons aside and grabbed hold of the elf's forehead.

Time stopped. "Janne, stop!" Nemesis called out to him. "What are you doing!?" She demanded.

"I created a pact with one god." He began, closing his eyes, "And with your power, I'm gonna take the burden of hers."

"A mortal can't hold two different pacts. It is too much on the soul. It'll kill you!"

"I know." Janne said softly. "That's the plan." The Hunter's hand glew as he used Nemesis' purging magic to begin sapping the demonic energy in the elf's body into his.

Esmeralda cried out loudly as the dark, corrupting energies started to drain out of her. Slowly, her tan skin and dark hair started to lighten. Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, Hastur appeared next to them. "You dare try and steal away my puppet?!"

"Time to take on a new deal." Janne growled, the burning demon energy causing him great pain as it clashed with Nemesis' pure side. "I'm taking her place."

"Oh? And who said I wanted..." Hastur paused. "Hmm... you are strong. Stronger then most mere mortals." If Hastur could smile, he would have a huge grin on his face. Why not make a deal. After all, once Janne was his, surely he wouldn't object to Hastur simply taking Esmeralda all over again. "Very well... let's make a deal. I will make you more subject. But what do you want in exchange?"

"Sight." Janne grinned and bore the pain. "I want to be able to see Esmeralda's face. And my child's." He lied. It was a gamble, but he couldn't have cared who the babies father was.


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For Those we would Die For
Part Three

"I see..." Hastur held up his arms.

"Janne, don't do this!" Nemesis shouted.

"Silence." Hastur casually waved a tentacle, and Nemesis flew across the room with enough force to send her through two walls, several cultist ripped apart by the force as well. A mist flowed out of Hastur's hood, enveloping Janne's face. Quickly, his scars started to disappear, and his eyesight started to return.

Janne blinked, his eyes tearing from the light taken in by them for the first time in years. He looked Esmeralda in the eyes for the first time. He smiled intimately, in joy. Not even had he looked Mina in the eyes. The first person in years was hers. "H-Hey... Es..."

Esmeralda gave him a time look. Her hair was blonde with streaks of black here and there, her skin almost back to the prestine paleness. She started to tear up, a variety of emotions swirling inside her. "W... why? Why did... you do that?"

"Because I love you." Janne said softly. He laughed, a few tears streaking down his face, "You're even more beautiful than I pictured you being."

That only brought more tears from Esmeralda. "No... please, I can't... let you do this."

Hastur laughed. "Don't worry. You won't be apart for very long."

Janne nodded at Esmeralda, the hand on her forehead moving to stroke her cheek. A knife slid from his sleeve as he pulled his hand away and he drew it across his eyes, screaming in agony as blood sprayed from his face as well as dark energy. He took in Hastur's pact, and now he severed it.

Esmeralda screamed in horror, and a flame of dark energy erupted from Hastur. "What have you done?!"

In Janne's agony, he slammed his hand to the ground, golden chains erupting from it. They wrapped around Hastur, binding him. "My name is Janne Havenbrook! I'm the sole survivor of the Nemesis Trials! And in her name, I banish you from this gods forsaken place back to whatever hole you came from!" Hieromancy, known as law magic, was a sacred art used by Nemesis on very special occasions. It was the only magic that could restrain a god. The chains tightened, causing Hastur's form to fizzle. "Leave my family the hell alone!" The chains ripped Hastur apart, sending him back to the place he had teleported from. Golden fire erupted from Janne's left arm, his body rejecting so much godly energy. He let out another agonized yell.

Everyone left alive in room stared at him in shock. "Kill," they chanted. "Kill... kill... kill..."

They all suddenly slammed into the ground, the weight of their sins literally weighing them down as an injured Nemesis limped into the room. An unstable portal opened next to Es and Janne. "G-go!" She said. "Th-that was a... good move but... I don't know how long it will keep him away. The manor is under the protection of the gods. Go! I will... clean up here."

Janne's arm still smoked from the golden punishment, but he forced himself to stand, wrapping an arm around Esmeralda as he pulled her from the throne and fell through the portal.

There was a lot of shouting and gasping, people shuffling all around. One was Mina, who was hysterical when she realized it was Janne. His body drained and his eyes bleeding out, he quickly lost consciousness.


He awoke several hours later in the medical room. Mina sat next to him, sleeping. Janne's eyes were bandaged, his body feeling like it weighed a thousand pounds after using such powerful magic and trying to handle the pact energy of two gods.

He touched the bandages, then moved his fingers to his skin. Smooth. He pulled the bandages up squinting as he took in the room around him. It seemed his gift wasn't entirely ruined. He tried to move his left arm, but winced in pain at the slightest movement.

Mina slowly opened her eyes, gasping to see him moving. "Janne. D-don't try to move. Erin said you were almost completely drained of your magical life force. What... w-what happened?"

Janne looked at Mina. For the first time he looked. "Gods... You're beautiful."

Mina's face lit up like a child on Lady Nichol's Day. "You... you can see me? Truly?" Janne nodded slowly.

Mina laughed giddily, tears rolling down her cheeks. "And you look as handsome on the outside as you always were on the inside." She dropped to her knees and hugged him tightly, sobbing softly in joy.

"Where's Esmeralda?' Janne asked, softly stroking his wife's back soothingly.

Mina's smile faded. "She... she's being watched under guard. She still has some corruption, and she seemsto be fighting with two sides of her own soul. We... don't know if we can trust her."

"I'm going to see her." Janne said, forcing himself to sit forward. "Its my arm that hurts, not my legs."

"Janne, please!" Mina begged. "You are in no shape to move about! You... you haven't even told me what happened."

"This is something that comes first." He stared the guildmaster in the eyes with his new pale stare. "Put your trust in me one more time. Please."

Mina slowly nodded. "Yes... of course. Any time."

"Thank you love. Take me to her. Please." Janne said, slowly pushing himself to his feet weakly.

Mina led him to a room on the second floor, as far away from the important rooms of the manor. Mina nodded to the two Hunters standing guard, and opened the door for Janne. "Are you sure about this?"

"As sure as I was in my decision to rescue her," Janne replied, stepping inside.

Mina nodded, and stepped in with Janne. Esmeralda was curled up on a bed. Her eyes were red, streaks going down her cheeks from all her crying. There was some food and water on a table, but she hadn't touched it. She simply stared forward, to dehydrated to cry any more.

Janne waved his hand, dismissing them as he shuffled his way over and sat down opening his arms. "Come to me dear."

Esmeralda slowly turned her eyes towards him, looking over his scarred eyes, and slowly shook her head. "I don't... deserve it," she whispered.

"Come." He slowly helped her up, and pulled the buxom elf onto him. He let her cuddle atop him like in the old days, and he pet her head to soothe her. He didn't speak. She would open up when she was ready.

She found a few more tears to shed, sobbing loudly in his arms. "I'm... a monster. I killed... I killed... so many... and..."

"All while not in control." He responded firmly, but in a soothing voice. "Don't blame yourself for what you couldn't have done differently."

She shook her head. "But I remember it all. I... I remember enjoying it. So many deaths... oh gods... my brother! I... I killed... I killed..."

"Shh..." He said to Esmeralda. He kissed the top of her head and did not stop for a long while. "Mina... Go get us some books. Simple ones. I'm gonna... Try reading. Gods... Its been forever."

Mina nodded, wiping her eyes. She quickly ducked out, closing the doors behind her.

After a minute, Es whispered, "What if he comes back for me? You almost died trying to save me once..."

"Then I'll die stopping him for good," Janne said seriously, "No one is ever taking you from your home again."

Esmeralda wanted to protest, but she simply nodded, curling up tighter and closing her eyes, trying desperately to block out the dark images the still plagued her mind. His arms tightened around the elf, as if a shield against all those dark thoughts. "Welcome home, Es..."


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Black0ut and ExoGrim: Secret Weapon

Sancros napped on his desk, having completed his research on some magitech bracers that had been destabilized, the bracers now partially usable but only for thirty minutes at most. The Light Elf's magic warded him with two floating shields of all his magic, the shields going around in circles.

Spark peeked around the corner of the door... not sure what to make of the Light Elf and his wards.

His staff, on the other hand, floated over to her as if to inspect her.

Fear enveloped Spark as she looked at the animated staff.

The staff flew behind her and gently nudged her towards the sleeping man, almost making it an invitation.

Spark cautiously followed the staff's invitation. slowly approaching the sleeping Elf.

The Light Elf rolled, nearly toppling his chair over. Still asleep, his hand grabbed his once damaged leg as if to protect it from any harm. "Mnnna..." He murmured out incoherently.

"Hel-hello?" Spark stated to the elvem researcher, a hint of fear in her tone.

His good eye fluttered open as he looked for the noise that had woken him up, settling his gaze on Spark. "Hello... who are you?"

"M-my name's Spark..." The young girl said nervously. "Who are y-y-you?"

"My name is Sancros. I am one of the scientists who work here. Who... is your mom around?" He asked, tilting his head.

Spark lowered her head, trying her best not to cry. "No... I'm here because Mama was in trouble."

"Do you know where your Mama is?" He asked without missing a beat.

"Yes, but that's not the problem..." The child remarked shyly.

"Then what is?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Bad men are trying to take her energy..." Spark explained to the Light Elf. "They know what she is and are trying to abuse her because of that."

"Who is your mother?" He asked, getting a sinking feeling he wasn't dealing with a mortal creature.

"She doesn't have a name..." The magic child lowered her head as she spoke. "But her energy feeds this world and allows it to survive."

"Isn't that disconcerting..." he murmured to himself. "Are you then, looking for people to help your mom?"

"Yes..." Spark confirmed nervously.

"Well, some of the... gods frequent this place. You may be able to get them to help." Sancros suggested.

"The bad men are after Mama's energy... which is stronger then many of the gods..." Spark told the man.

He raised an eye, doubting her claim. "If that is true, then there is no one who can help you."

"But Mama trusts Mina. Mama knows that she's came back from worse situations. Mama knows that you are capable of saving her like you did for the world." Spark lowered her head and try her best not to cry. "She... she wasn't even sure if she'd get me here safely. She doesn't even know if I'm okay. They've been messing with her mind... she can no longer keep track of where I am."

"No one saved the world. All we did was keep it from changing. Nothing mor or less. Now, who are these bad men after your mother?"

"I wouldn't know... but a woman named Betty believes they are located in a place called Fairaven." The young child remarked.

"Alright. Betty will help you out then more than likely. In the meantime, I'll keep you company." He said, shrugging off the open invitation she was offering.

"Okay..." Spark blushed lightly as she lowered her head.

"So what are You? Or do you not know?" He asked quizzically.

"From what Mama managed to explain and from the test Erin did on me... I'm what you all refer to as 'magic.'"

"Ah, a magical being. Interesting... so how did you arrive?"

"I... ummm... crashed in a nearby forest..."

"Define 'crash' for me."

"Fell from the sky and landed hard..." She clarified.

"Where were you before?" He continued questioning her, taking a step around her to go get a vial.

"I don't know... Mama didn't have time to explain." The girl explained, before noticing what Sancros was reaching for. "Ummm, if you want, I can show you where Erin keeps her samples..."

"This isn't for you. I'm continuing some research on a different subject, one that... hmm... you may be able to help..." He said thoughtfully, pausing as he grabbed the vial.

"Ummm... sure... What do you need me to do?" Spark responded nervously.

"You said you're made of magic, right? What kind of Magic?"

"Magic?" The magical child answered confusingly. "There isn't really a type per say."

He held up his hands and two orbs appeared in either one: One a ball of swirling water, while the other was filled with a shining light. "This is Water and Light magic. There is fire, ice, wind, electric, celestial chaotic, and a plethora of others. There are many types of magic."

Spark floated up to the orb of water, grabbing hold of it and examining it. The orb slowly began to disappear as the girl's normally blonde hair started to turn an ocean blue. within the next the orb was gone and the child floated back to the ground.

Sancros paused and rubbed his chin, his staff floated over and a orange-red ball of fire popped out of the top. "Now you have me intrigued... try to safely do what you just did to this ball of fire."

Spark nodded and grabbed the ball of fire. The process was much faster then with the orb of water as the ball evaporated and her hair flared up into a bright red.

A ball of earth appeared next, as Sancros smiled. "Maybe you are magic..."

As Spark went to grab the ball of earth, Sancros noticed a woman standing behind the open door. Her body was transparent, seeming to fade out of existence. her hair was a ghostly white and she had elf ears.

"Hello. May I help you?" He asked, tilting his head to look at her.

"You can see me?" The ghostly lady seemed shocked by his question. "Thank the gods. I knew she would follow through."

"You her mom?" He asked, tilting his head to the other side.

"Me? oh no, I could only dream." The woman giggled at the idea. "My name is Cynthia... or it was."

"Mind giving an explanation then?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, Spark's mother had to separate me from my physical body so that I could get here... but everyone I've tried talking to has been unable to see me." Cynthia explained.

Spark looked back and forth confused with her new brunette hair. "Who are you talking to mister Sancros?"

"A woman named Cynthia." Sancros answered, walking to his desk to grab a document. "She says no one can see her."

"Really?" Spark thought for a moment. "That name sounds familiar..."

"Well..." His staff floated over to in front of the ghostly woman. "She's right there. You can try to go touch her and see what happens." He said as he set down the vial and began writing notes down.

Spark looked confused. "I have no idea who you are talking about mister Sancros..."

"The name I just told you, you said was familiar. The lady who's name sounds familiar is in this room. She says everyone, save me, cannot see or hear her." He answered, as he continued writing.

"Is that so?" Spark tilted her head in confusion as her hair faded back to it's original blonde color.

"It is." He said as he continued writing down notes. "So. Cynthia, was it? What could you say to make Spark believe that you are here?"

"All you have to do is look behind you... Jay."

"Why does every person want to bother me today...?" He grumbled before putting the document and pen down. He turned around to see what he needed to see.

Behind him was a small metal wand like object. The item seemed to radiate with magical energy... being impossible for Sancros to touch without burning himself.

Several water orbs brought it closer as he stared at it. "Well, this is strange."

Spark's eyes opened wide when she saw the item that Jay was examining? "Where did you find that?!"

"It was floating here. I believe Cynthia brought this as proof." Sancros said with a sigh. "Immortals really need to stop trying to communicate through others or themselves..."

Cynthia become to fade in and out of vision. "It appears I don't have much time left. Give that to Spark... and let her know that her mother still cares for her. Even in these dark times, she is still here for her child and will guide her the best she can."

"Alright." Turning to Spark he shrugged. "Your mother will continue to love and guide you to the best of her abilities. However, until I can safely be assured you can handle this weapon, or rather, handle yourself just as well, I will keep this wand." He said stubbornly, his staff floating over to the girl as if to look at her. He grabbed a suitably large and heavy-metal like case and opened it, getting ready to seal the weapon.

"Umm... I guess..." Spark seemed unsure about the situation as she spoke.

"You will be evaluated by me and when I'm assured you can fight, not just by yourself, but with others, I will give you the wand back. Unless you have training and can use your abilities well?" He asked as the wand was released into the case, before it was shut.

"Unfortunately no... Erin and I hasn't finished figuring out all of my capabilities." The magic child answered.

"When you do, you will come learn from me how to fight and how live." He replied, as he grabbed hold of the case, water and light orbs coating the handle so he couldn't directly touch the case at all.

"Could we... train now?" The young girl asked the elven man.

"No. I'd rather know what your capabilities are first before we begin. Otherwise, I may hurt you or you may hurt me. I need to know what I am working with." Sancros said as he moved the case to his desk and put a 'do not touch' note on it.

"Okay..." Spark seemed disappointed at the response. "I'll see you tomorrow then?"

"I do hope so... you seem like a good... " He struggled to find the right words, "person. I very much so wish you a good day, Miss Spark."


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The fallowing is done by Dhalexpert&ZombiesSplitter53

Welcome to Bandit country!

Helvan woods

Oct 31: 3349

8:13 AM

Alice and the seven were sneaking through the forest, her army right behind them." Right then, Rumi take a few of our boys out get a good look at what we’re dealing with before we attack."

Rumi nodded and quickly took off. "What do think about our chances?" Gravel asked quietly.

"Don't know, but Rumi will be fine. If it's a lot then were gonna get a good fight, if it's not much then it will be a slaughter. But no matter what, we take their weapons and whatever this camp has."

"Think it is the entire army?" asked Marlee. "I'm guessing they are still scrambling to get it all together."

"I hope so." The man known as war wolf looked at the group." You north men aren't that strong, they will be nothing but an easy target."

"Pft." Gravel gave him a big grin. "Wanna test how strong we north men are when this is over... if you survive?"

"Ou I would love to weak men."

"Hay stay focused, you two. We need to wait for Rumi once she comes back then I will see how much force we should use. Ugh I should have turned into bats and checked it myself, but bats aren't awake at this time of the day."

Rumi returned with her scputs after twenty minutes. She kept her voice down as she said, "Not ideal. They out number us four to one. They do seem to have an opening, though. The north side is open for a flank."

"Well damn it's not like I have anyone up north to flank them, however we do have three giants and harpies that can go north in a matter of minutes." Humm Grot Tig Crag you’re going north, Anaxilea you and your harpies will join them. Mostly to guide them that should be good for the north, and our flanking. And I don't have enough zombie’s ether." Alice sighed. "Right so the plan is the giants and Harpies will attack north, Anaxilea you Ok with that?"

Before she could answer, Babani floated forward. <It is a trap>, she 'stated' firmly. <I have studied Helvan military strategy. They have used this technique before. Attack from the west.>

"But the west has the most soldiers posted!" Rumi insisted.

The Netzi gave Alice a firm look. <Attack from the west>, she repeated.

“Rumi you’re in charge here, and and the savages will go west. If you don’t hear from me pull back to the city and defend it.”

Rumi nodded. "Okay, but what are you going to do?"

“I’m gonna me and the savages will give that army a good raider welcome.

Rumi nodded once more. "We'll wait for your signal. Um... good luck."

“I’ll be fine don’t worry, come along Warwolf.” Alice made her way west and looked at the opposing army.

There were many a soldier patrolling, including a number of mages likely using magic to sense the perimeter. As Rumi had warned, there were a great number of soldiers there, but a quick scan said it wasn't the most fortified of sides. Additionally, Alice could smell fear among them. There were a lot of green soldiers among their ranks.

Alice smiled at them.” This is gonna be easy, there rookies lots of them.”

“So an easy fight then, what a disappointment. Best make this quick then.”

Alice stood up and yelled order a charge.

As Babani had predicted, they were unprepared for a direct attack. Half of the guards made a run for it, and the other half were quickly slaughtered. For a few minutes, it was completely one sided. However, this turned put to not be as easy as Alice had thought. The numbers quickly moved against her as more and more of the soldiers poured forward, and it wasn't long that her men were the ones being overwhelmed.

Alice quickly fired a flair to call for reinforcements, but it would take time. Alice plunged into the hord of soldiers, burning them with her magic and cutting through their armor like nothing.

Her savages from the land of ice were another story they made a game out of killing the soldiers, beating them with their limbs. Throw them to their monsters, some even bites their hands off.

Alice soon found herself surrounded by twenty-five men. "She's the leader!" one of them shouted out. "Kill her, and they'll fall apart." They all charged at once, and it seemed she would be overwhelmed. Before they reached her, however, there were loud screeches from above, Harpies swooping down to carry off men, or sometimes just limbs.

“Right on time, hay thanks for the save.” Suddenly rocks came out of the sky, when Alice turned around she saw her giants lobbing them. Monsters also started to flank the army, Alice lean the charge and started swinging her ax like a mad woman.

The fight was long and arduous. It was not the massacre the capital was, Alice losing many fine men and women. Many of them were Light Elves, desperate to seek revenge on the army of the country that had enslaved them. Slowly though, ever so slowly, Alice's troops gained the upper hand.

Gravel rammed into a trio of soldiers before bringing his massive sword down, smashing them all. He suddenly gripped his chest, three wind mages surrounding him and using their magic to try and burst his heart.

Satoko fired an arrow at one of the mages throats is, while Lorica jumped over Gravel used her duel axes to chop the reaming mages stomachs.” Ou come now don’t tell me that’s gonna stop you?” Lorica said.

Gravel grunted and shook his head. "Not a chance. But thanks. I'll pay you back." He threw a pair of throwing knives into someone's face and started moving again.

"Alice!" Marlee shouted, running up to her and standing back to back with her. "I think I know were the camp captain is. If we get him, it might stop the fight, or at least lower their morale."

Alice sliced the face off of one of the soldiers great to hear, but we’re slowly getting over run. But if we feel back he will come to us.”

"You want to fall back?" Marlee shrugged. "Alright, you're the boss. Want me to give the signal?"

“Yes, And trust me there’s a plan for this.”

Marlee took off, sounding the retreat. Sir, they're making a run for it!" a soldier told the Captain.

"Press the attack!" he shouted. "Don't let them get back to the city! We can end this now!" With that, the entire encampment pursued, attempting to mop them up.

As Alice army ran portals started to appear sending the raiders back.” Ugh why did Alice call for a retreat?” Crixus asked.” We had them on the ropes?”

"I don't know," Marlee said. "I'm sure she's got a plan, though. She said she did."

“Um were is our fearless leader?” Lorica asked, everyone looked around and to their surprise Alice was nowhere to be found.


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Part 2

Alice waited for the army to pass till she came from the shadows.” Thank you Erin, I appreciate that you’re very helpful you know that.”

Erinika stepped into view. "Naturally. But have you decided to betray your people and leave them for dead?"

“Ou no see ever since the raid, I felt something something digging under my skin. When I drunk all that blood I felt strength I never felt before, so I decided to have this little battle which has more than the capital besides I haven’t gorged myself with since then. Or raised any undead for who knows how long, so if you excuse me I’m gonna eat.”

Erinika nodded. "Enjoy yourself," she said, vanishing from sight.

“Ou I plan to.” Alice put her hands on the ground and started to absorb the blood of her and her enemies, the circled around Alice as she laughed.” How incredible I never had so much to drink, it’s simply over whelming!” As the blood consumed her body changed as well, once she absorbed all the blood she looked at the battle felt. “Heh Heh time to rise and shine my children.” It’s time for war.” A blue orb went into the middle of the field, and all the Helvan soldiers rose again.” Now then were is that camp?”

Elsewhere, the sun had finally dipped below the horizon. Most had made it back to the city, but the army had made it inside. It looked like the end of Alice's army as the rightful owners of this land charged in for the kill. "Damn it, Alice," Marlee muttered as ten men and women closed in on her. "I should have known..."

“No!” Crixus yelled killing one of the soldiers she wouldn’t do this to us, Alice will never abandon us like this.”

"Then were is she?!" Alagor shouted. He had come up to fight, meaning some mindless drones he was working on fought for him. "Face it, she abandoned us! But I will lead us to victory!" His three drones all fell dead and he gasped as five Helvan knights encircled him.

Wulfric plunged his sword into one of the knights while archers took out the test.” Hum some leader, stay in the labs doc.”

Suddenly blood start to travel through the city heading to the palace.

Rumi looked over, her eyes lighting up. She smirked and said, "Here we go."

Laughter could be heard all over the city.” Wow I don’t know what worse my leaders losing faith in me, one of them is thinking they can replace me! Or Helvan best losing to raiders!”

The soldiers all looked around in fear. "It... it is just some scare tactic!" the captain yelled out. "There is nothing that can save them now!"

“Ou that’s we’re your wrong, see while you were trying to breach my city. I was making an army out of your friend. Zombies started to surround the soldiers.

They huddled together, many saying short prayers under their breaths. "Wait!" the captain shouted. "We... we surrender!"

“Ou no you came seeking glory by killing my men, now you’re nothing but food.” The zombie rushed forward and started eating the soldiers.

Even someone as hardened as Alagor was taken aback by the carnage. He watched as the raiders joined the zombies, and the majority of Helvan's forces were wiped out.

“Now then rise my children rise back up and serve me.” A blue orb came from the blood and all of the fallen soldiers rose again.

The men and women of Alice's army cheered. For now, Helvan was theirs, its main armed force in tatters and with a royal house to rebuild it.

When the blood was absorbed into their leader, she went down to her solders, some confused by how they saw. The woman had Alice hair but it was a darker purple, her body seemed to have gained mussel and her womanly features seem to have gotten bigger. Crixus then stepped forward and said." Alice is... Is that you?"

"Of course it's me, who else would it be?"

Alagor laughed as he stepped forward. "You seemed to have gone through an evolution of sorts. How do you feel?"

“Ou I feel amazing, wonderful. I feel like I’m right we’re I should be. However.” There are some things I need to settle, Marlee Alagor. Meet me in my thrown room in a few minutes.”

They exchanged a nervous look and nodded. A few minutes later, the pair was waiting for her to arrive in the throne room.

Alice came through the door and went to her throne, she looked at the two leaders and how nervous they were." Alagor would you step outside for a few minutes."

"Yes, my lady." He bowed and stepped out.

Marlee rubbed the back of her neck. "You're... looking good. Look, if this is about what I said, I was about to die, so... cut me... some slack?"

“Cut you some slack? How many of my men faced their deaths and died still believing in me, no you must be punished. I want you to strip for me strip till you’re bare base.”

Marlee scoffed. "You have got to be kidding me," she muttered, slowly pulling off her close until she was naked as the day she was born.

"That's a good girl now, if you would pleas crowl on your hands and knees like a good little dog. And kiss the foot of your empress." Alice said smiling at her. "Ou but before you do that." Alice pulled out a mirror. "I want you to look at this mirror the entire time you do so."

Marlee grit her teeth in fury at the very prospect, biting her lip hard enough for a trail of blood to trickle down her chin. The image of Ergo's broken body flashed in her mind. It was obvious Alice's loyalty to her generals was fickle. So Marlee forced herself down, crawling over and kissing Alice's foot while staring at herself in the mirror. She fought the tears wanting to well up in her eyes. I'll kill you for this, Alice Valentine...

"What Clown do you feel angry humiliated is that it!" Alice stood up and grabbed Marlee hair, lifting her till she was Eye level." You don't know the definition of humiliation, you think I'm enjoying this huh? You think I want you to crawl like a dog and kissing my foot." Alice put the mirror in Marlee face. "Look at you the so called." Seconded and command of the seven." Is this the face of a leader!?" Alice shouted.

Marlee turned her eyes away. "No," she practically whispered. "It looks like a pathetic whelp..."

Alice turned Marlee head back to the mirror." Don't you dare look away from this, this is you. Take away the pride the stubbornness, and the fake tough act this is you Marlee. You just haven't seen it because you have powerful allies to block it."

Marlee couldn't stop a few tears now. She had never been so humiliated. The thought of being manhandled like this was like an arrow to the heart of her pride.

"Teh." Alice let go of Marlee hair dropping her to the ground." Marlee let me explain what being my general means, it means your the beckon of my army. You can rally my forces to victory, no matter what even when things look bleak and horrible. You don't falter." Alice stood up and picked up her army flag." You grab this banner you march right into the fray of our enemy you inspire them to keep going." Alice put the banner back and tossed the mirror to the ground. "What I saw today was nothing like that, your men were dying all around you and you were accepting defeat. Tell me why I shouldn't strip you of your rank put a silver collar on you and send you to the whore house!"

Marlee slowly shook her head. "I have no excuse. No reason. I am sorry for doubting you. If you spare me... I will never doubt you again."

Alice Grabbed Marlee neck and forced her to look into her eyes." I don't want you to be sorry, I want you to be better. You haven't grown stronger since I brought you here, I want you to grow stronger to be better then you were previously. Then I want you to continue to get stronger til your stronger then the council, hang around your men more get to know them that will drive you to protect them and train them more. Do you understand what I want from you?" Alice said being a bit more gentle in her tone of voice.

Marlee nodded. "Yes ma'am."

"Good, now put your close on and go to my smith. It's about time you got some new armor as well." Alice whipped Marlee eyes and told her to bring in Alagor.

Marlee grabbed her clothes, quickly putting them on and leaving. Despite Alice's intent, Marlee had a completely humiliated look when she told Alagor to go in. He grinned under his mask.