Hunters of Terra Dolor (Role Playing Section)


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Jun 23, 2013
Part 6

"M-me?" Alagor shook his head. "I am no fighter."

“I don’t care, you’re a vampire you should be able to overpower the majority of humans. Also you will be there medic, and having some combat experience under your belt will help.”

Alagor slowly nodded. "I... understand. How could I refuse?"

“Good everyone else I will tell you you’re assignments later, you four stay here.” The rest of Alice leaders left, leaving Rumi Marlee, Gravel, and Alagor.” If you have any compliments speak now.”

"I think it is a wonderful plan," Marlee announced, smiling brightly. "One that is sure to succeed... as long as none of these morons mess anything up.

"Why do you look at me when you say that?" Gravel asked in annoyance.

Rumi stepped forward. "While I'm sure the slaves will be grateful for their freedom, what do you plan to offer them in exchange for fighting for you?"

“Vengeance, revenge is a very sweet thing to tase I should definitely know that. Will offer them a spot in the army for the raid, they can help free the others.” Alice looked at Alagor.” Ou and Alagor the crew of that ship is free game for you, you capture them and bring them back for your experiments. Or drain them of there blood, point is if you wanna bring the crew of that ship back here do whatever you want with them.”

Alagor bowed his head. "You are too kind."

"What will we do with the slaves that don't join us?" Gravel asked. "Send them to the lab too?"

"We let them go, as i'm sure my alchemist would love a ship full of slaves to excrement on. But a crew of a ship especially a slave ship should be plenty for him.As for the slaves, the can be set free Or we can give them work around the castle there choice."

"Um..." Marlee slowly rose her hand.

"Yes Marlee you have more questions about the raid?"

Marlee quickly pulled her hand down. "No. I just wanted to say... if there are slaves that don't want to stay... we could send them to Lustania... maybe? They take refugees and former slaves by the boat load."

“Hum good thinking, let the people live there lives. Good thinking a Marlee.”

Marlee nodded. "Thank you." The others remained silent, having nothing more to ask.

“Then you’re all dismissed, Rumi I need to speak to you in private.”

Rumi remained as the others left. She folded her arms. "Marlee seems to be your biggest fan now. Must feel great for you."

“Ou it’s amazing seeing that woman show another personality other then her anger, but we have other problems.” Alice took a seat on her bed.” I believe the god of discord has finally lost her mind, and figured out I’m not truly on her side.”

Rumi nodded. "Took her longer then I thought it would. So does that mean she'll turn on you?"

"More then likely she will, and the perfect time for that will be during the big raid i'm planing to do. Or she will go after one of my men or my sister, but there is a small glimpse of light because of this. I asked Seclavar to have the goddess of war, watch our raid hopefully with her watch us and knowing we can bring war to the world. Possible it's a small chance but maybe she will help us."

Rumi rubbed the back of her neck. "I guess... it is a good thing to seperate yourself from Tecunte if you are bringing in another goddess."

"Ou i'm not getting rid of her, see what that Bitch doesn't realize is that because she's the goddess of discord and her killing her sister and having chaos around the gods is her job. Now if she would just say she was doing it because she was bored, there's a chance that not only will the gods forgive her but for the goddess of darkness can return."

"You..." Rumi tilted her head. "Did you... reveal her secret and risk her screwing up all your plans... in order to save Grimora?"

“In a way yes, but this also tells me Mrs Havebrook has gods on her side as well.”

"Well... what do we do now?" Rumi asked.

“For now you plan on how your going to take a slave ship, Ou and tell Alagor if he hurts any of you he will be used as a training dummy. And if Marlee and Gravel or you hurt Alagor, you will be cleaning his lab until I say you can’t.”

Rumi smirked and nodded, leaving Alice alone.

Alice layed down on the bed." Ugh what a day, first I get Marlee then the hole crap with the gods. The next few months should be interesting I just hope things continue to go me way."


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Same Place, Different Time
Part One

Havenbrook Manor/Guildhouse
Main Lab
August 14th, 3349
3:14 p.m.

"Damnable formula!"

Erin stood before a rather large chalkboard filled with numbers, symbols, equations, and all sorts of scribblings. She squeezed her fist in anger, her piece of chalk snapping in half. She simply kicked the pieces over to the other half dozen broken pieces and grabbed another. "Ten years! Why can I not solve you! You are the bane of my existence and if you were more then a theoretical figure, I would have you destroyed."

With a scoffed, the rabbit woman slowly sank into a seat and rubbed her temples. Her epiphany from the night before was failing her, and she was regretting not going to implement as soon as she had it.

As the mage sat in her chair, a strange opening appeared in front of her. It look unstable and seemed to flux in shape in size. The other side was unclear, as the appearance was constantly changing to different locations. small bits of lightning sparked out of the portal... before someone was shot out of it. The man crashed into one of the many shelves, not moving at all.

"Dear gods!" Erin was concerned about the man, but she could pass up a chance to study what appeared to by a fracture in space-time. Besides, considering its instability, the man likely did not survive. Pulling out her wand, she magically brought over a dozen different instruments. She directed them all towards the anomaly before rushing to check on the man. "Hello? Are we still breathing, sir?"

The man yawned. "Did I oversleep again?" He inquired, quickly getting back to his feet. He looked down at the woman next to him, tilting his head slightly. "Who're you?"

"Um... Erin Starstorm. This... is my lab. The one you came crashing into. Usually, it is more polite to introduce yourself first. Especially when you come flying into their work space... through that." Erin turned to the cosmic hole. "Though you could always just skip the names and explain that."

"That, my friend, is a time anomaly." The man stated. "Havenbrook's Head Witch, Amanda, asked me to help her stabilize it... and we unfortunately failed at that." He looked around the room briefly. "Speaking of Amanda, where is she? We both got sucked into that thing... so we both would've popped out at the same place."

"You, um... you came through alone." Erin looked between him and the anomaly. "I don't know any Amanda. Did you say Havenbrook? I... wait, where... when are you from? And shouldn't you... go back before it closes?"

"3552 is the year I came from." He remarked. "I'm assuming by your reaction that our theory is correct. So, sorry to tell ya, but going back through that wormhole is a bad idea. It only goes one way... and that's backwards."

Erin let out a grim laugh. "W-well, that... that's crazy! Why would you make a one way trip? Why are you here?"

"We were trying to stabilize it." The Hunter replied. "Amanda wanted to study it, so we worked together to make a Megitech stabilizer capable of holding that much energy. It would've worked too, if the device didn't malfunction."

"So what now?" Erin hurried over to her devices. "This thing isn't going to last much longer, and if you are from where you say you are, I don't have the tech, magic, or know how to keep it open or open it again."

"No point in going back in." He stated. "All I can do now is let it close and try and find a way back."

As if on cue, the portal slowly closed, vanishing with a slight pop that made Erin jump. "Okay, um... okay... um... you... now... uh, you... claim to be from the future but... b-but there is no mortal magic that can be make a stable time portal without, A, being made of arcane magic, and B, without being formed or gifted from the gods. Alastor Simoriana proved that in his studies over two hundred years ago. And yet you... claim to be from over two hundred years... in the future."

"Let's just say that Alastor's studies didn't take into account that Magitech was eventually redesigned and became much more powerful than it once was." The time traveler explained. "Or the increase in magic users that should be happening in about 50 years."

"Why, what happens in fifty years?" Erin quickly held up a hand. "Wait! Don't... answer that. Don't tell me anything more about the future." She sighed. "You... you mentioned your boss or whatever, Amanda was it? You said she worked here? In this lab?"

"Yep, she is Head Witch for the Havenbrook Guild... or at least she is in my time." He stretched a bit before looking back at Erin. "The name's Varadis by the way, Varadis Rin."

Erin cautiously shook his hand. "A pleasure. You know, you are taking this surprisingly well considering the only readily available means of you getting home is the hard way, sitting around and waiting two centuries."

"I've handled worse." Varadis said dismissively. "Kinda what happens when you're a Hunter and an Engineer."

"A Hunter and engineer... for the Havenbrook Organization? So it is still around after all that time?"

"Why wouldn't it be?" The engineer grinned. "It's the most successful guild out there... Ever since Wilhelmina Havenbrook took control at... around this time..." His grin faded as he realized what point in time it was. "Of all the points in time to land, why do I land in one of the most important ones in history."

"Why? What makes this so..." Erin shook her head. "Of course, Tecunte. Does that mean we win? Or do we lose and grow from it. No! Stop! Argh!" Erin took several steps away. "Don't..." She pointed her wand at him. "You need to swear something to me right now!"

"And what would that be?" The Hunter inquired.

"That if anyone asks you any question about the future, no matter who it is, you will take a moment to think about it, and if it is anything of importance that could have unwelcome effects if known, you will refuse to answer it. If you are not careful, you could damage time. Maybe even destroy this organization, or prevent yourself from being born."

"Shouldn't be too hard... as long as I can keep from being captured by Tecunte." The Magitech engineer answered.

"I will ask this." Erin started looking over her devices. "Are you familiar enough with what will happen during this time to know whether or not someone with your name was in the guild at the time?"

"Not that I would know of." Varadis told her. "My parents moved to Havenbrook from a different Guild... so I doubt there is anyone here who holds my family name."

"That's good... and bad." Erin started taking notes from her instruments. "At least there is less of a chance of you bumping into a descendant. Though if your name had been among those in this time, it would have been possible that you were supposed to come here, and we were dealing with a closed time loop. Otherwise, you have simply altered the past by being here, and we need to be careful, as I said before. Now..." Erin looked back to him. "Back to the matter at hand. This woman you spoke of. You are sure she was pulled into the time anomaly with you?"

"Yeah, the anomaly became a vortex, we were the only ones in the room when it happened." He explained as he tapped the end of his sword. "It took both of us and god knows how much equipment."

"And yet you and only you came out in this time." Erin wiggled her nose in thought. "Curious. Considering how unstable the anomaly was, she could have been flung back a mere day, a month, a year... or whole millennia. And I am at a loss as to how to find out when she is."

"The only thing we can do is wait and see if she pops up at all." The Engineer remarked with a yawn. "While I'm stuck here, I might as well be useful. You mind showing me your forge?"

Erin chuckled. "You, uh... you need to see Lady Havenbrook first. I'm sure she'd be... pretty... in..." Erin stopped talking. Stopped moving all together.

"Something the matter?" Varadis leaned to the side, giving her a bit of a worried look.

Erin stood completely frozen. Behind Varadis, another rift opened, this one completely stable. An unfamiliar man with blonde hair and red eyes stepped out and point at Varadis. "You! Who the hell are you?"

"The guy from the future apparently." The Hunter said jokingly. "Why does it matter to you?"

"Um... hello?" Destani chuckled and raised his arms. "God of Fate? Son of the God of Time! Ring a bell?"

"I'm sorry... God of what?" Varadis gave him a look of ridicule. "I'm sorry, but, last time I checked, there's only one Goddess in this world."

"Only... one..." Destani raised an eyebrow. "When are you from?"

"The year 3552." He answered. "15 years after Magitech Renaissance."

"Magitech..." Destani scratched his head. "I don't foresee... whatever! The point is, you don't belong here! I am taking you back to your own time before you screw something up." The god grabbed the time traveler's arm and held out his hand to form a portal. Except, nothing happened. "What the hell?" He extended his hand again and again, but still nothing happened.

"Looks like time doesn't want me to leave." Varadis gave the God a sly grin.

"Don't be ridiculous." Destani stepped away. "3352, right?" He snapped his fingers, and a portal opened. "Aha!" He grabbed Varadis' arm again and pulled him towards it, only for the portal to vanish. "You... you used some odd means of transporting that is... incompatible with my powers. I never even thought that was possible." He stepped away and formed a portal again. "I'm going to try and figure this out. You... don't do anything that'll damage time. Seriously. And are there any more of you?"

"Possibly one more..." The Hunter thought for a moment. "Though, I have no idea where she could have ended up."

"One more... okay. I'll see if I can find her. Though it doesn't seem like I can move her if you are any indication. Anyway, no trouble!"


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Same Place, Different Time
Part Two

Destani ducked into his portal and was gone. "...ted in meet a time traveler," Erin continued. "Though I can drop you off in the armory and go get her if you want." She tilted her head. "Is something wrong?"

"Sooo... um, weird question, but do you guys have a pantheon?" The man inquired.

"What do you mean?" Erin raised an eyebrow at the seemingly random question. "We have one because there are gods. That's like asking why we have parents. Because he have a mother and father."

"Trust me, you don't wanna know." Varadis answered. "Now that that's out of the way, to the armory... I'm sure Lady Havenbrook wouldn't have a problem taking a trip down there."

"No, I suppose not. Come." Erin led him out of the lab and down the hall. "Through these doors. The one in charge is a Netzi name Edminfar. Try and be... kosher while I get Lady Havenbrook."

"Alright... later Ms. Starstorm." He replied before entering through the doors in search of Edminfar.

"Hello, stranger," a Netzi said once he was in, slowly polishing a shield. "Haven't seen you around. Name's Ed. New recruit?"

"Ed, eh?" The "recruit" smiled. "Is that short for Edminfar by chance?"

"Why, it is as it so happens." Ed looked up with a grin. "Guess you were directed to me. Looking for armor? A weapon? Or perhaps work in the forge?"

"I'm actually here to work with your forge, though for things you wouldn't expect."

"I see." Ed floated up onto the counter. "What did you have in mind?"

"Just some magitech weaponry." Varadis replied nonchalantly. "Figured you guys could use some extra fire power."

"We don't get requests for magitech weaponry beyond Constructs. We do occasionally get other requests, but they are very expensive." Ed floated behind the counter and opened the door to the back. "Come, I'll show you around."

The Hunter followed Ed towards the back. "Well, let's just say that magitech is my specialty. I'm an engineer in the field."

"Well, good then. We could use someone like you." Ed waved his arm at the various workers and machines. "Well, what do you think?"

Varadis looked at the various constructs and machinery. "Better than I was expecting. Mid grade steel plating, mana stabilizers, magic connectors so that they can be directed with only thought. All in all, it's pretty good for someone who doesn't main the field of study. Given enough time I could probably upgrade your whole arsenal in no time... since at least someone else here knows what they're doing, for the most part."

Edminfar folded his arms, looking a bit displeased. "Most of us know exactly what we're doing, some more then others. Some of us have more then fifty years of experience, in fact."

"But you see, where I'm from... these constructs are merely toys for the kids to practice on." The engineer gave the old Netzi a coy grin. "I've worked on more advance projects then you could have the time to theorize ideas for."

Ed's eye twitched. He obviously didn't care for what he saw as smugness and disrespect. "Boy... if you're so skilled and have had so much better experiences, then why are you bothering with this backwards armory with it's inexperienced crew?"

"Because, unfortunately, I can't get to my own forge right now." The Hunter explained. "Kinda hard to use equipment that technically doesn't exist yet."

"Pompous, insulting, and lacking sense." Edminfar huffed. "You're a real keeper, huh?"

"Excuse me." Erin waved from the doorway. "I have our guildmaster. If you're done looking around."

"Oh, he's done." Ed walked away, muttering, "I have work to do on my pathetic, out of date gear."

Without hesitation, Varadis unsheathed his sword and pointed it in the direction of Edminfar. The blade look different from most swords. It had a large barrel-like frame with a thin, sharp blade connected to it. After a brief charge up, a round fired out of the barrel. The shot traveled faster than most and seemed to be made of condensed air... for those who could actually see it in time. At it's velocity, the "bullet" flew past Ed's head and slammed into the wall in front of him, leaving a large dent in the structure. "So, tell me old man, can your swords do that?"

Edminfar looked over to the wall, then back and Varadis, shaking in anger. "You come... into MY forge...!"

Erin rushed over and grabbed the time traveler's arm, pulling at it. "We need to go, now!"

"Maybe if you realize that you having more experience doesn't automatically make you better than everyone, than we wouldn't have a problem, now would we?" The traveler countered. "Just because you end up revolutionizing prosthetic doesn't make you a engineering god."

"Out!" Edminfar yelled angrily. His Construct suddenly started moving in the corner of the room.

"Fine, fine." Varadis waved his hand dismissively and walked towards the door. "Be just like other old fart I've met: arrogant, rash, and unwilling to change."

Erin dragged him out of the room, Mina sitting on a chair, waiting. "Are you absolutely out of your mind!?" Erin barked out.

"Maybe a little..." The Hunter remarked.

Mina shook her head. She stood up and offered her hand. "Wilhelmina Havenbrook."

The man shook her hand. "Varadis Rin. Magitech Engineer, Expert Swordsman and apparently Time Traveler."

"Yes, Erin told me of your little trip." Mina smiled. "So what do you plan to do now?"

"Well, I was going to use the forge to gear your Hunters with a few pieces of magitech... but it turns out the old man isn't too happy about my criticism."

Mina folded her arms. "Young man... Your criticism was based on the fact that our weaponry and machines are old compared to what you are used to, right?"

"Hey, I tried to be nice about it." The Young Hunter remarked. "Honestly he's lucky I didn't trash his construct there."

"No, you are lucky." Mina sagged a finger at him. "It might seem all too simple for you, but you came in here and essentially mocked and insulted all the hard work that man put into this place. You insulted his livelihood. You might as well called his children ugly. Now... is this an attitude I should expect from you from now on. Maybe... putting down our sciences, or our intelligences. After all, we are two hundred years behind your knowledge. We are like dumb children to you, right?"

"Whoa, whoa, no need to jump to conclusions here." Varadis too a step back as put his hands to chest level. "There was just a bit of a misunderstanding between the two of us.... that's all."

Mina nodded. "Alright then. Erin tells me that you were a Hunter for this very organization in the future. Would you care to join us once again in this time?"

"I don't see why not." The Hunter from the future replied. "I mean, my loyalty is always in the hands of the Havenbrook Guild... doesn't really matter which lady Havenbrook is in charge at the time."

"So the future head of the Guild is a descendant..." Mina started.

"Ssh ssh!" Erin interrupted. "None of that. We must limit our knowledge of the future, or we risk changing things for the worse."

Mina sighed. "Very well. You my join... or I suppose continue your position as a Hunter. However, if you wish to work in the forge..." She bit her lip nervously.

"What? Afraid that I would kill Ed?" The traveler stated jokingly. "With worse come to worse, all I would do is trash his construct... not like he can't just build another one."

Mina shook her head. "I think that would be a very bad idea. You see... Edminfar has full atonomy and control of his crew. If you want to work in the forge... you're going to have to get his approval. And after what just happened... Well, let's just say destroying the thing most dear to him would only make things worse."

"You know, for the guy who's invention is the soul reason I'm still alive... he's kinda an ass." Varadis remarked as he leaned on the wall.

"Edminfar is many things," Erin stated. "A genius. Strong willed. An annoying pervert. But he is not an ass. You might not have meant to, but you insulted him and disrespected him."

Varadis coughed a few times, covering it with his hand. He looked at his hand, cursing under his breath. "Of course the only one who can fix it is the one I piss off."

Erin walked over. "Fix What? Is something wrong?"

"Does a synthetic heart count as something wrong?" The Hunter inquired.

"If it is malfunctioning, I would say so." Mina walked forward. "Is that the case?"

"Yeah, it's been malfunctioning." He explained. "And no one from my time knows how to fix it... I've only gotten temporary treatments since it started having problems."

"Why do you think someone from our time, engineering prowess or not, could fix tech from two hundred years in the future if people from your time couldn't?" Erin asked.

"Because he invented it." Varadis countered. "If anyone knows there way around this symbiote, it would be him."

Mina and Erin exchanged a look. "Alright." Mina gave him an encouraging smile. "I'll talk to him. Why don't you find a room and rest?"

"Hopefully we can work things out with him..." The time traveler muttered before walking off. "Let me know if and when he's willing to help."

Erin and Mina gave each ther one last concerned look before going to talk to the Netzi.


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Long Journey Home

Central Duchy of Kemar
Royal Duchy Train
August 15th, 3349
1:14 p.m.

Sylvia sat in the dining car of the a train, on route through the Duchy of Kemar. Out the windows was nothing but vast desert as far as the eye could see, not much for a sightseer. Most everyone was relaxing somewhere, chatting privately, or in Jay's case, sleeping.

"Always a shame to see such a pretty thing like you eating alone." Across her table, Edminfar climbed up on a chair to sit across from her.

"Is it? Well, I don't really mind. I guess I could wake Jay up, but considering. how hard a time I have sleeping on trains it's a miracle to me he can." Sylvie said, poking some potatoes, "You're the Guild Crafter right?"

"That's right." Ed fiddled with part of his artificial arm. "Lady Havenbrook doesn't have a lot of contacts up north, and we aren't sure what you'll be facing. I came along to make sure all the weapons and armor stay in good condition. Also to visit somewhere new to be honest."

"Well, I can assure you it's much better than this desert." Sylvie deigned to look out the window and at the wasteland outside. "It honestly just makes me sad."

Ed looked out the window. "Why's that? In general? Or because of the stories of what this place used to be?"

"I heard a little bit of the story, so... A little of both I guess." The Huntress answered. "In Neren'teva I don't think there is even a single centimeter devoid of life. But here it's just... Nothing. For Miles."

"I find it unnerving myself, to be honest." Ed seemed transfixed now. "I think of poor little Mina... travelling through this alone as a mere child. The pain... the thirst... the loneliness."

"Kind of like being out a sea? Yeah, I can understand that, the fear of being lost miles from anywhere or anyone." Sylvie confided, "And she walked it as a child?"

"Oh, yes. She did not come out of it unscathed either. But it did make her stronger." Ed sighed. "I am Sorry, my dear. I am more accustomed to flirting with the pretty ones, not depressing them."

"Is that why you came over here? Good thing you waited until Jay fell asleep then, he can be... Touchy, sometimes." The Maiden smiled, looking back over to Ed.

Ed smiled back. "You have any Netzi in your village, dear?"

"Not a one. I've uh... Actually never seen a Netzi in person until came to Havenbrook " She rubbed her neck lightly. "We do have some experience with fairies though, so we just describe you as Beaver Fairies."

Ed's fur stood on end. "Mind a... little advice?"

"Sure. What is it?" Sylvie looked left and right.

Edminfar shook his head slowly. "Never, ever compare a Netzi to a Faerie. We are usually a tame people, but to be compared to those... bugs..."

"Bugs? That seems a little uncalled for. Why the hatred?" The Mage asked in confusion. "I mean, sure, they can be rude, but so can anyone else."

Ed opened his mouth, but paused for a moment. "I'm... not entirely sure. Made it is some kind of natural dislike for such a hateful people, but it has been that way for thousands of years."

"So... You're really okay with hating someone without even knowing why?" Sylvie confirmed, lowering her eyebrows. "Despite our people's... Mixed relationship with them, we respect them, they care for the life in the forest and protect it, just like us."

"Well... maybe it is a bit close minded." The Netzi smiled at here. "Tell me more of your dealings with them."

"Their current leader is Aine, formerly Princess Aine. They live farther in the forest and occasionally our hunters run into them while out on hunts." The Human Woman explained. "They can and have acted rude to us, calling us mediocre hunters and stupid Humans. Even the Princess insults us occasionally, calling us, 'Incompetant Biggies'. But we have always had fair dealings with them, we sometimes trade supplies, both sides have helped eachother on hunts, and recently, to help eachother deal with the increase in monsters. They like to say they only help us out of pity and didn't need our help, but I feel like it's just a tough front."

Ed chuckled. "That does sound like them. Though... I am not used to hearing of them working with others. Your people must be something to pull it off."

"We both are protected under Ahusirra... Our Goddess." Sylvie clarified for Ed. "Although, I couldn't tell you if they worship her like we do... I think they just see her as a Guardian of Nature instead. Still, she gives both our people's a common goal."

"A goddess? A guardian?" Ed shrugged. "They both work, right? As long as it helps you get along."

"Just don't be surprised if you get a lot of weird glances while in my village. Like I said they've never seen a Netzi before." She stated, "Who knows, maybe if you get on their good side you might even get propositioned... If that even works..."

Erin's grin widened and widened. "You know how to please an old man's longing heart, young lady."

Down the dining car, one of the waitresses screeched. Moments later, a large bottle came flying through the air.

Sylvie quickly ducked the bottle, it barely missing her head, "What? Who threw that!?"

"Shut it!" someone with a high pitched voice yelled.

Ed shook his head. "Some people, huh?"

"I'll be right back." Sylvie said, walking towards the direction of the bottle to locate it's source.

"It's none of our concern!" Ed called out, reaching a hand forwards her in defeat. "Damn... they always end up walking away. Guess I'll just have to hope she is right about her village."


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Long Journey Home
Part Two

The waitress, a young woman with short violet hair let out another cry, holding her serving tray out to cover her from another bottle. "Please, calm down!"

Looking over at the Waitress, Sylvie asked, "What is going on over here!?"

"Who this?! Conduc-duc?" At the table was a small fox Thrope, looking little more then a seven or eight. "Food is da yuck. Promise good. Promise GOOD good. Want the good! Bring! Bring!"

"I-I brought her her food," the waitress asked. "She only took a few bite b-before she started yelling! You would think the food was laced with poison or something!"

"Is poison!" the child yelled. "Poison! Hate! HATE!"

"Look, where are your parents?" Sylvie asked, already beginning to be annoyed.

"No parents. Lone lone. You..." the girl looked her up and down. "You clothing.. you coming from the Ner'tev, lady?"

"Um... Yes. Why? Is that where you're going?" Sylvie asked, trying to remain calm.

"Sit, sit!" The girl pointed to the seat across from her. "Help Fenix. You have brain, yes? The no brain, or no use da brain. You use, yes?"

"Uh... Sure." She said, sitting down. "Wait, why did you throw that bottle?"

"Fenix got the raging!" She bounced up and down in childish frustration. She pushed her plate forward. "This is da bad. Is... Is, um..."

The waitress cleared her throat. "Authentic Neran'Teva Mallad with sweet and spicy orange sauce and fresh, organic rice pillaf."

"Not, not!" The girl pushed the plate forward a little more. "I know, I taste. Not da authen. No, iz not! You being da Ner'tev. You doing the munch. You tell. Tell. Is not da authen. Is not da freshy."

Sylvie took a fork and scooped a small amount into her mouth. "I... Have no idea... I didn't grow up on the coast... I think I... Recognise some herbs in here though..."

"Argh!" The irritable Thrope laid her head against the table. "Too much salt. Cooked wrong. Rice not fresh. Is not the authen. Is... cheap imitation. So... disappoint..."

The waitress shook her head. "M-maybe you should... try a Kemarin dish? I can assure you that would be off the utmost authentic quality." She looked to Sylvie for support.

"Sure. Although I don't possibly know what could go in it, is it cactus sand soup?" Sylvie asked, looking back outside and once more noting the lack of anything.

The waitress chuckled softly. "I will have the chef make you a delightful serving of grilled Kemarin tandar and a side of Andolian mashed potatoes that I promise you are fresh."

She quickly rushed out of the room, leaving the two alone. "Thanking, thanking," the girl said, placing her cheek in her hand. "Fenix wanta taste home before go. Been time, big time. Guessin' want sand food when bye bye..."

"So... You're from the Dutchy?" Sylvie tried to piece her words together in her head.

"No, no. Lady silly. Not understandin' Fenix." She looked up. "Ner'tev home sweet. Workin' Duch. No more now." She lowered her gaze, her eyes drooping. "No more..."

"So you are going home. What happened? Why?" The Green-Haired woman asked, putting her elbows on the counter.

"Die, die..." Fenix sniffled, rubbing her nose. "In guild... little guild, but good. Strong friends. Big guild jealous. Know them. Sure them. Big group scalies, attackin'. 'Member bangs. 'Member booms. 'Member... screams..." She slowly shook her head. "All die... All die..."

"I'm... I'm so sorry. I know what it's like to lose friends..." Sylvie sympathized, placing a hand over hers.

Fenix wiped her eyes, then wiped them again. "Stop!" she seemed to yell at herself. "Not babe! Tears stupid!"

"Look, tears are natural. It's okay to be sad. I'm not going to judge you." She comforted, giving Fenix a light smile.

Fenix looked up, wiping her eyes once more and giving a weak smile. "Lady who? You not Conduct-duct, right?"

"No. I'm a hunter from Havenbrook." She replied simply.

"Havenabrooka? Fenix know, Fenix know!" Fenix cheered up a bit. "Work with. Iz two. Iz... pale girl wida shadow scare scare, and an Elfie. Elfie kinda wimp wimp. You knowin' these?"

"Um... I know a Shadow Girl and... Ferron? The Archer?" Sylvie confirmed.

"Yes! That guy. He skiddy, but good widda shoot shoot." Fenix smiled a bit wider, seemingly easy to shift emotions. "Why Havena lady goin' to the up up up? Visitin'? Workin'? Gotta any scaaaaare scare monster gonna go to the boom, putin' down like good milk?"

"Working. My home in the forest is being attacked by... Corrupted Trees. According to Ms. Havenbrook." Sylvie elaborated.

Fenix stood up on the seat and leaned forward. "Fenix can join! Fenix gotta magics. Fenix go da boom boom onda scalies. Go da boom boom onda tree tree!"

"Sounds good, we could use the help. Just... Be careful with the... Boom booms... Try not to destroy anything but the monsters, the forest very important to my people." Sylvie cautioned the Thrope.

Fenix giggled. "Little Boom Boom. What Fenix call lady?"

"Sylvie." She answered, "You're a unique woman, but even so, I'm glad to be hunting with you."

Fenix floated up as gracefully as a Netzi and offered her small hand.

"Ah, right." Sylvie smiled, the custom still slightly foreign to her, as she accepted the handshake.


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Trouble Back Home
Part One

Sylvie stretched lightly, sitting up in her bed in the medical bay, after multiple checks to the Huntress' health, she was finally being cleared, being kept longer due only to her complaining about slight nausea, heartburn, and some fatigue. Now only waiting for them to come back with whatever they might have found, Sylvie kicked her legs apathetically, frankly quite bored of the place and eager to continue training.

"How are you feeling?" She looked up to find Mina standing by the door.

Sylvie stretched out her back, looking at the Lead Hunter. "Better... A little sick, but nothing that's going to stop me... I'm very eager to leave this room."

"What exactly happened to you?" Mina asked, picking up her chart and scanning it. "I'm sorry I have been more attentive. Things have been crazy lately."

"I overexerted myself while training... I pushed my magic too far and passed out. Then I woke up here... I need to remind myself to slow down." The Huntress sighed, explaining.

"That is a problem," Mina muttered. "You need to take care of yourself. Watch how you practice, limit your magic... don't get into fights with short tempered Ophidians..."

"You know?" She sighed, "Well, however you found out, he's going to think I told you... Great..."

"He... told me, actually." Mina frowned. "Why did you agree to not tell me, though. I hope you weren't giving him special treatment just because he's my son."

"We... Worked it out... He was the one who brought me here, besides... I may have chosen my words poorly... It just felt petty and hypocritical to run to tell on him..." The Green-Haired woman explained, looking down.

"Well... we all make mistakes. In my early days, I can't tell you how many promising deals I lost because I didn't hold my tongue." Mina sat on the side of the bed. "Considering the remote place you came from, I feel you have done well so far fitting in."

"Thanks... I've even found love..." Sylvie said, thinking of her Light Elf.

"That is true." Mina smiled at that. "Can you tell me more of your home?"

"My village? Well... We're an all Human tribe. Some of the Elves think that's weird because we live in an Elven Country and our Goddess has an Elven name, but they think a lot of our customs are weird..." The Neren'Tevan Woman explained, her tone becoming reminiscent. "We have the rare Elf join us, but that's it. We dedicate our lives to Ahusirra, our Fertility Deity, and treat her forest with great respect. Yet another thing outsiders seem to feel is strange..."

Mina's smile faded. "Tell me... tell me about the troubles your village faced when you left."

"You mean why I came here? Well... Our village and the area around it is usually free of monsters... There are monsters in the forest but the forest usually..." Sylvie thought for a moment, "How did the Elder put it... Moves them around us thanks to Ahusirra's power... But for the last few years, we've been seeing more and more monsters getting closer to our village than ever... We've lost a lot of people because of it and we can hardly hunt anymore without threat..."

"Sylvie... let's assume for a moment I believe in your goddess. You have given me no reason not to, and if what you say is true, maybe their is a being out there like a goddess. If is keeps them away and they aren't staying away, is it possible there is something young with you guardian deity? Perhaps she left? Perhaps she... was hurt some way that limits her powers?"

"I... Never considered that..." Sylvie grimaced, "You mean Tecunte, right?"

"Perhaps." Mina folded her hands. "I happen to know that your home country is our next stop. The goddess told us herself in a... manner of speaking."

"She came here? And said that Neren'teva is next?" The Earth Mage contemplated. "I can't see someone like Tecunte beating Ahusirra... But... Maybe she did weaken her somehow... Or is attacking the forest to get to her..."

"I don't know." Lady Havenbrook stood up and paced a bit. "I do have an idea of what we'll be facing. Tecunte made me experience it first hand."

"What do you mean?" Sylvie leaned in.

"The psychotic bitch sent me and Eraqus to the forests and we nearly got caught by these... things. We didn't get a good look at them. They were... large and round like trees. Black as the night. So hard to see because the sky blackened. They were... terrifying."

"Corrupted... Trees? And they weren't... Pale, and Human shaped... Were they?" The Huntress asked with a feeling of dread deep in her chest.

Mina gave here a concerned look. "I don't think so. I'm not even sure if they were trees or something shaped like them. Why? Is there some other monster we should worry about?"

"No... It's... In the inner forest you will see these trees, tall and pale, in the shape of a woman. These trees are sacred to the forest. So much so we bury our most honored dead under them, like... My Mother..." She clenched her fist. "These... Things... Shouldn't even be able to lay eyes on our forest... Let alone set foot in it and... Even less if they are... Corrupting our most Sacred places..."

Mina leaned forward. "Does your opinion of them mean I can help you lead the fight against them?"


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Trouble Back Home
Part Two

"This is what I came here to do... If this is the source if my people's problem, you can count on me..." The Healer gave a determined gaze. "And we do have allies... My Father is the head of the Village, there is... Also the Neren'Tevan Fairies, although we usually put space between us... And maybe... even Ahusirra herself, they say she prefers to keep to the quiet, but there are many stories of her ferver when it comes to defending the Forest... and this is a dire situation..."

"Great." Mina looked pleased. "Because we will need them, and you. I have few contacts in Neren'Teva, and while we have hunters from there, most are from major cities. We will need someone who can lead them deeper into the forests. Besides, I remember you mentioning that your village is incredibly hard to find if you don't know exactly where it is thanks to your goddess."

"And if you don't respect the forest, although, since we will be there to protect it, I doubt that will be a problem for us." Sylvie said, "You see... Guides will tell you that the forest... moves around it. Depending on your intentions, it can take weeks or minutes to locate."

"Never the less, unless you have any objections, I want you on this Hunt," Mina insisted. "I'm willing to pay you extra for you personal knowledge, of course."

"No Objections... In fact, I would have objections if you didn't send me." Sylvie smirked, standing up slowly.

"Think you'll be ready to go soon?" the guild leader asked. "We are on a time limit, after all."

"Yeah. I'm almost done here." As she said that, her healer walked cautiously towards them from behind a curtain, looking over the two of them.

"I'm not... Interrupting anything, am I?" She asked, holding a clipboard in her hands.

"Not really, doctor." Mina turned to her. "Though I would like to know if she can leave here soon."

"Well, she's all set actually." The Doctor smiled at Sylvie.

"Did you find out what was causing the nausea?" The Forest Girl questioned.

"We did." The Doctor stated, walking over to her and showing the clipboard, the patient's eyes widening. "Congratulations."

Mina instinctively placed a hand over her own stomach. "You're...?"

Sylvie looked at the sheet closer, then back at the Doctor. "I don't understand, how far along am I?"

"You're... Just about through your first Trimester, about two and half months along." She stated to Sylvie's surprise.

"T-Two and a half months? My first time was only thirty days or so ago... That can't be right..."

"Well..." The doctor held up a finger, "It could be related to your magic. We sometimes find that healers children grow faster than normal."

"Yes, but this fast?" Mina asked in surprise. "There must be something else." She shook her head. "Sylvie, with this new knowledge, if you don't want to go..."

"No, I have a responsibility to my people, besides, I can still fight. A tummy ache and heartburn won't slow me down." He pushed insistently.

"Okay, but I want a few tests done when you get back. From our healer and from the labs, alright?"

"Very well, you have a deal." Sylvie nodded, sighing.

Mina rubbed her shoulder. "Are you... Okay with this pregnancy?"

"Okay with it? Of course I am! I just wish it was at a better time..." The Maiden defended. "I love Jay so much, even if sometimes he doesn't really love himself... I'm glad to share this with him... I know he'll be overjoyed when he hears about our little girl..."

"A girl... how wonderful." Mina took a deep breath. "We'll, I will leave you to get out of here. Please be ready to leave soon."

"Of course. I'll get my weapons together, this has been a while coming." The Huntress smiled, "I can't afford to let this stop me."

Mina placed a hand on the woman's arm. "We'll figure this out. And hopefully save your village."

"Listen... Ms. Havenbrook..." The Huntress stopped her. "I'm not going to tell you how to do your job, but if you decide not to send Jay with us, keep an eye on him for me, and... Try to keep the baby to yourself, I don't want him to have even more to worry about."

Mina nodded. "If that's you wish. I'd just recommend not waiting too long to let him know."

"If he stays, I'll tell him the second I return... Well, maybe after a good nights rest..." Sylvie reevaluated her sentence.

Mina nodded. "Well, he might prefer to go with you. Would you... object to that?"

"Of course not, I'd actually prefer it myself, I've been meaning to show him my home. I just wish it was in a better state right now..." She said, smiling at her before seemingly considering something. "Wait... What's today's date? With the mission to Stormrend and my stay here, my sense of time is a bit muffled..."

"August... 11th," Mina answered.

Sylvie seemed distraught for a moment, letting a long sigh out. "I missed the Solstice Festival... It's a big deal for our village, one of three seasonal celebrations. I managed to at least paint myself for the first day of Spring... It will... be good, to be back home..."

"And soon you will be." Mina gave her an encouraging smile before going on her way.


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Leads and Preparations

Town of Shinrela
Southern Neran'Teva
12:25 p.m.

After a long train ride, the group of Havenbrook hunters finally arrived at their destination. Only a few miles north of the Duchy, the lush forest atmosphere surrounding the town was a welcome departure from the arid desert landscape they had to previously travel through.

No trains ran through the forest, however, and Sylvie was off securing transportation. This left the others to wonder the Town, including the duo of Titania and Jay.

Titania had begun to occupy herself with browsing the various storefronts, with a reluctant Jay following behind.

"Look at this! This necklace is so nice... Faith would love this!"

"No. You are not going to spend most of my money again. These funds are in case everything goes to hell." Jay explained, annoyed at what he thought to be the seventh request for a trinket that day.

"Pst!" A hooded figure stood in a nearby alley, poking their head out. "Pst!"

"Ignore them, Tita-" Jay started to say.

"Yeah? What do you want?" Titania responded, turning her attention to the figure.

"Come." The figure had a slightly high pitched voice, and slowly moved back into the alley. "Not in public.”

Titania bravely followed the figure, confident she could take them down, leaving a flabbergasted Jay behind.

"Gods... her common sense is about as good as a peasant taking on a dragon..." He grumbled, as he too followed.

The figure was at the end of the alley. They had a very odd look to them, the bottom of the cloak and the sleeves swaying as if empty. No face could be seen under the hood, only blackness. "I know who you are," they said.

"A wolf Thrope swordswoman who has little time for games. Who are you and why did you call me here?" Titania asked impatiently, tapping her foot on the ground.

"Typical, impatient, quick to anger Thrope," the person mocked. "I know you are from the Serasam guild. Hold you tongue and practice a little patience."

Titania growled, but remained silent, as Jay finally caught up.

"I come bearing news from up north. News will undoubtedly find uselessly. Know that it is at the cost of my pride that I bring it to you, but I have my orders.”

"Okay... and this news is?" Titania asked , casually resting her hand on her sword.

The hood tilted to the side. "What? Will you not be offering me a reward? Not even praise? Talk about ungrateful... are all Thropes so rude?"

"I have no fucking clue who you are, what your message is, and you've been passive aggressively insulting me without cause. So tell me... what is this message that is so damned important?" Titania growled, glaring at the figure with anger.

The figure stood in silence for a while. After a bit of awkward silence, a small sheet of paper poked out of the hood. "Here."

The Thrope gently grabbed the paper from the figure and began to read what it said.

Jay, meanwhile, tossed several gold coins towards the man to try to placate him.

It was a map of the country, hand drawn but fairly well done and detailed. "You are headed for the hidden village to the north, right? Note the blackened areas of the map. These are where the plight on are land is strongest. Until you are ready to fight It, avoid these areas as you travel north." The coins floated into the air and before the individual's face. "What are these?"

The common currency of Terra Dolor... gold coins which are the highest currency." Jay answered with a raised eyebrow.

Titania tensed as she had a sneaking suspicion about what the figure might be. "Most people are visible under their cloaks. But then again, you're not most people are you?"

The individual showed no physical sign of tensing. Again, they showed no sign of moving except under the hood. Their voice, on the other hand, sounded nervous. "W-what do you mean? I'm, uh... an... Elf. Just you common, everyday... filthy, loudmouthed Elf."

"Quit the act and speak freely. It's insulting to yourself and to me." Titania replied walking closer to the figure.

"You... You are very rude!" The figure leaned forward, the void that was their 'face' coming close to Titania's. "I am not obligated to tell you anything about me, stupid Thrope!"

"Berating someone when delivering a message that was sent from someone else... and you also require payment from me? You have a lot of gall to call me rude, as you insult my people, thing." Titania growled, her different color eyes briefly holding a feral look.

"I am not a 'thing'! Sorry, annoying little woman! Do you want me to teach you a lesson?!"

"Then give me a name to call you, dammit! Give me details about you so at the very godsdamned least I can be more respectful to you! Is that too damn hard to do?" Titania roared, her hands balled into fists.

The figure scoffed, and the darkness under the hood came out of it in a sphere, the cloak falling to the ground. The darkness dissipated, revealing a Faerie of androgynous appearance, but something about the way they carried themselves implied male. "I am Sorie, one of the attendants to Princess Aine herself, and you will show me the proper respect."

"Okay, okay... I'm sorry I disrespected you, Sorie. You must understand how strange it would be if a stranger came to you and gave you a map, but did not reveal themselves. My sincerest apologies." Titania curtsied as best as she could, trying to appeal to the Faerie.

He tilted his head, obviously surprised by the sudden shift in mood. "Um... yes, well... I suppose if the position was reversed..." He looked over to Jay to judge his mood.

The Light Elf merely shrugged, putting on his more stoic face. "Out of curiosity... do you know just who this woman is?" Jay asked.

"Her?" Sorie pointed to Titania. "Only that she works for the Havenbrook Guild. Why? Should I?"

"Jay..." Titania growled, turning her feral gaze towards him.

"He'll know and won't say anything." Jay reassured his companion, while casting a hard stare at the Faerie. "You speak to Titania Regallis, of House Regallis, of Bevland. Or in short... you just disrespected a noble of a foreign nation."

Sorie blinked in surprise. Even among the Faeries, they knew to be cautious with such things. "Is this true, Thr... M-Miss?"

“Unfortunately, yes. I am indeed Titania Regallis, but Titania is fine. I don't hold ceremony over every thing, I won't bore you with formal inquiries, and no... I'd rather not talk about why I'm a Hunter." Titania quickly answered, rubbing her head gingerly.

"Tch." The Faerie looked physically ill as he floated down to the ground. The inch tall man dropped to one knee and lowered his head. "I... a... a-a... a-apologize. It was not my intention to speak ill of a noble member of Bevland and risk incurring their wrath."

Glaring at Jay for a moment, her gaze softened as she looked at Sorie. "Please stand... you're not on ceremony and... a proud race like yours should be comfortably flying, not kneeling. I harbor no ill-will towards you, Sorie."

"Arrogant Faerie asshole..." Jay murmured quietly, despite being glared at by Titania.

The Faerie floated back up, very relieved not having to prostrate himself anymore. Clearing his throat, he said, "Yes, well... nobility or not, you must realize how embarrassing it would be for a Faerie to openly assist you. Hence the disguise and seclusion."

"My apologies to you, Sorie, for putting you in such a tough position. Now that I know who you are, and that you're not here to hurt me, how would you like me to pay you for your services, which are exceptional?" Titania asked soothingly, trying to recall her lessons in etiquette and rhetoric.

"Uh... if you want, but..." The coins from earlier floated up. "Aren't these round disks payment? Not that I have much use for them..."

"Exactly. You have no use for them, which means they have no value to you. Therefore, it's no longer payment. So... I'll let you decide how I shall pay for this knowledge." Titania answered, as she went to lean against a nearby wall.

Sorie folded his arms and thought on it. "Well... do you have any Serasam... food? My people are quite interested in the food of other lands. But we travel so infrequently, we never have a chance to experience them. If you had something I could try and... extra to bring back to the princess..."

Jay slowly tried to slink away as the Faerie said food, before Titania said, "Jay..."

"What?" The Light Elf replied innocently.

"The candy, Jay."

"What candy? I have no candy, I've be-"

"I know you have three pockets of your favorite candies, give the gentleman one pocketful."

Jay sighed, already recognizing that Titania wouldn't relent. Grumbling, he pulled out the candies he had bought for Eliza, glaring somewhat at the Faerie as he stepped forward and dropped the candy in front of Sorie.

"Oh!" Sorie made the candy float in front of him as he looked it forward. "Confectionery treats, and enough to sate the princess for quite a while with their size, as well as... sneak a few for myself." He moved them into a pocket of the cloak. "I thank you. Perhaps I was somewhat misinformed about Thropes. After all, the dignitary from the Faerie village that told us of your coming and asked us to assist you was friends with a Thrope, I believe he is in you guild. Do you know him? He is a lizard or snake Thrope of some kind. Lin... or Lyve... Lyte?"
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Leads and Preparations, cont.

"Lyr. And he's an Ophidian, not a Thrope. I haven't gotten the chance to speak with him, but I hear he's a big softie at heart." Titania informed, pausing for a second before tilting her head. "Why would a representative of the Faeries know Lyr Havenbrook?"

"Well, I... obviously, he... he..." Sorie rubbed his chin. "I'm not sure. Sig, the other Faerie, said he was briefly here... completing a trial of some kind for our patron god, but I was not given all the details."

"A trial for your patron God? That's somewhat suspicious... I wonder what the trial was for in the first place..." Titania murmured, looking lost in thought.

Jay moved closer to the Faerie, offering a smile that held no warmth, "Thank you for the map... but if she ever offers you my candy, I hope you say no in the future." The Light Elf whispered, his thoughts less threatening than his actions. I have to get something really big and amazing or get a bunch of small nice things and blow Eliza's mind with all the presents... it's the least I can do after what she went through...

"Well, at the very least, you can take joy in knowing you have made a princess happy. And a Faerie Princess, no less. I will be sure to mention you." Sorie floated down to put on the cloak again. It was much more obvious what was going on now that they knew only the head had someone in it. "I must go now. For... what it is worth, non-Faeries or otherwise, I do hope you succeed. We have lost two Faerie villages to this threat... over... 700 men, women and children..."

Titania snapped back to reality with a grim look at the death count. "That's... Gods..." Taking a moment to compose herself, she continued, "Tell your princess that I won't stop until the threat is dealt with, and that your dead can be laid to rest."

"I will do just that. Just be careful. You aren't the first ones going in to try and deal with this. None have succeeded... many have not returned. Sorie floated out of the alley, leaving the pair alone to contemplate what they were facing.

Six hours later, the team was gathered in the Pegasus, a upscale inn in the northern part of the city. Rumor had it Mina was forced by the chaos goddess to face whatever was up there first hand, and whatever it was scared the hell out of her. It was thus no surprise that she had sent a large force composed of a number of B-rank Hunters instead of the usual healthy mix of C and B.

Besides Jay and Titania, Sylvie had been sent as a guide and a liaison for her people. The only other C-Rank Hunter was Dorothée Arnauld, the Bat Thrope eager to make up for her mistakes in Mirandia. Edminfar had come along as well, there to take care of everyone's weapons as they were so far from any direct allies. Additionally, Sylvie had somehow ended up getting a Hunter from a now destroyed guild to volunteer her help, though her young appearance and odd behavior made her hard to be pictured as a fighter of any kind.

There were another six Hunters from Havenbrook. Je'nara Steamwood, B-rank Light Elf, acting as the group's mage. Jefar Hevenal, B-rank Elf, acting as the group's archer. Selma Belmen, B-rank Elf, acting as the group's lancer. Menden Helmelen, B-rank Netzi, acting as the group's machinist. Celes Authorian, B-rank human, acting as the group's healer along with Sylvie, and mid-range swordswoman.

Finally, there was William Lancelot, an A-rank human acting as the team leader. He was a stern, cold looking man. His square jaw, buzz-cut, and serious attitude made him seem more like a military man then a Hunter, and from what little Titania and Jay had heard of him, his history reflected on that. They sat with him in the restaurant/bar on the bottom floor of the Inn, where he was carefully copying the details on the awfully small map they had received onto a more manageable large one. "You two did a good job getting this, provided we can trust your source."

"We can trust them. Their interest in seeing this resolved is greater than our own." Titania replied, looking away for a moment. "Nearly a thousand casualties and those are the ones that are documented. Gods..."

"Now's not the time for empathy, Titania. It's a time for war and vengeance. We need to be efficient, brutal, and determined if we're going to win." Jay lectured, as he pounded his fifth mug of ale.

A small smile inched its way onto the captain's face. It seemed Jay was thinking what he was thinking. "Whoever they are, whatever they are, they won't be a problem for too much longer. And everyone will be happy, accept my that goddess, though to be frank, I couldn't give a damn about her mood."

"Regardless, this seems like a bad set-up. Limited intel on the enemy's numbers and weaknesses, alongside the fact that Tecunte might kill us afterwards. Excuse me for my vulgar language, but this screams of being a fuckin' slaughter, and not on their side." Titania warned, glancing at Jay to see that he had polished off another mug.

William glanced around the room at the others, all trying to enjoy themselves. "I was out and about the town gathering some Intel as it so happens. I was going to wait until we reached Sylvie's village before sharing it with everyone, but it would be a good idea to tell you two in case I don't make it."

"Why would you not make it? You're an A rank Hunter, far more experienced than either of us..." Titania responded melancholically, putting considerable pressure on Jay's seventh mug to prevent him from picking it up again.

"Well, because of the nature of our mission. Hope for the best... but plan for the worst." William cleared his throat. "What do you know of cultist?"

"Not much beyond basic details." Titania replied, as Jay struggled to lift the mug, using his magic to no avail. "I'm assuming the intel has something to do with 'em?"

William slowly nodded. "Supposedly, they have been seen within the area of each disturbance. Not incredibly close, mind you. Miles away in fact. But the approximate distance has always been the same. Pretty suspicious, if you ask me."

"That is suspicious... I assume we'll be attacking them first or are we splitting the group in order to deal with the multiple threats?" Titania asked, her ears perking up at the thought of battle.

"I don't have enough details to decide on that, but for now we are sticking together." The captain folded his hands. "I do not like being in the dark. And most of the sightings are to the north where there are less and less known villages. It is our hope that Sylvie's people can be trusted to help us find these Cultists."

Jay looked away, an irritated look replacing the carefree one he had earlier. The Light Elf held his ire, and his tongue, so their commander could finish.

"Sylvie alone could probably track them for us, so a whole village probably means we'll have our next objective soon." Titania murmured, cracking her knuckles.

William nodded. "Good. We shall be heading out in the morning. We aren't sure exactly what we will be facing." His eyes briefly glanced over to Jay. "We should all be prepared to defend ourselves and for a long travel. This is no vacation."

"Oh, but for a warrior, it is. What better vacation is there than battling a worthy foe? " Titania replied cheerily, her companion acting almost the exact opposite of her.

William raised an eyebrow and leaned close to Titania. "Is... he going to be okay? I am not accustomed to such heavy drinking on a hunt."

"If you think that is him drinking heavily, you'd be sorely mistaken. That's light compared to what he's used to... and if I had to guess, he's nervous, like everyone is." Titania replied, her voice dropping to a whisper, "And he'll be fine. But, as a friendly warning to you, sir, try not to say anything negative about Sylvie or her tribe in front of him. That might push him a bit over the edge

He blinked a few times. "I was... only speaking cautiously. I am not used to immediately trusting those I have yet to work with, but I did not mean to insult Sylvie. I will be more careful in the future.

"That's all I ask. Personally, I agree with you... but love tends to make one biased, sir. And with Jay..." Titania shook her head, "He'd defy any order if he in favor of Sylvie."

"Hmm... thank you for letting me know that." William stood up. "I will be heading to bed after talking to the others. I suggest you do the same soon. We will be leaving early."

"I'll try. See you later, sir." Titania replied curtly, offering a small smile.

He bowed his head and left the two alone.


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Little Scamp
Part One

A warm, pressurized shower. One of the most simple luxuries in life. But something those with take for granted, and those with out never know the joy of. For the longest time, Marlena was the latter. Life in the boondocks, among the lowest and the poorest, a cold bath was usually all you could hope for. Bathing from her husband were at best a splash from a bucket, at worst a high pressured hose to literally wash the stink of other men off her. She loved the feel of the hot, steaming water warming her body, loosening her muscles, and washing away to toils of the day. She often lost track of time in there, but couldn't now.

The scar woman reluctantly turned the water off and stepped into the washroom proper, grabbing a towel. She was happy she was allowed to use a private shower, worried there would be none with so many people in the manor, but the building was far, far larger then she had believed, a makeshift fort with more then enough bathrooms to go around. However, that did not mean she was alone. Spotting the door ever so slightly ajar, and an eye peering within, she suppressed a scream but dressed even quicker. She made to her simple under clothes, a shirt and some shorts, when she suddenly charged the door, shoving it open and pinning her peeper to the wall. "Who the hell do you...!" She blinked. "A kid?"

"Hey, lay off me, love!" Ash yelled, struggling to get her to let him go. "What's your problem! Let me go!"

"You have ten seconds to give me a good reason not to kill you right now, boy!" Marlena shouted, placing her hand over his throat.

"Because... the lady of the house might get upset about it?" Ash stated with a smile.

Marlena narrowed her eyes. "Five seconds. Four! Three!"

"What's going on here?" A familiar voice asked, Davon standing in the hallway with his new signature black jacket with gold embroidering and the family crest displayed on the back. His blue hair seemed to have vanished, being replaced by his natural brown.

"This little shit was perving on me in the shower!" Merlena answered, furious.

Ash looked at Davon. "Hey, I'm just a kid. It's okay when a kid seems a naked girl, right?"

"Not when he's trying to!" The scarred woman punched the wall next to his head.

"Peeping isn't cool kid." Davon said, looking to Marlena. "Especially on her. Besides, you don't look that young to me."

"Oh, I see how it is." Ash furrowed his brow. "It's okay to treat the twelve year old like a child no matter how mature or skilled or totally awesome he is, but once her does something wrong, now he's 'not that young' and gets tried as an adult."

"Because you have to learn what you does has consequences." Davon told the young man, crossing his arms. "Marlena, let him go."

"Let him go!" She looked at him in shock. "But... he's just like them! Just like the men... who..." She shook her head. "We should take care of this before he grows into another rapist!"

"Whoa, now!" Ash's eyes widened. "A-all I did was look at a naked girl! I-Is she crazy?"

"Marlena, remember what we talked about you throwing around accusations?" Her boss asked, putting his hand on his hip. "The boy's learned his lesson about peeping."

Marlena frowned deeply, as though she had been scolded by a parent, and let the boy go. "Cool," Ash said, rolling his neck. "Thanks for that mate." He gave a quick wink before quickly taking off down the hall.

There was a whooshing sound quickly coming towards him as a pair of bolas wrapped around his ankles.

Barely catching himself, he turned back and yelled. "What the hell! I could have broken my neck!"

"I didn't say I was done with you." Davon said, walking behind the kid and picking him up by the scruff of the neck.

""Yeah, I know." The boy grinned. "I was just testing your reflexes. Good news! You pass!"

"Kid, if you don't take this seriously, I am going to make your rear end red as a monkey." Davon warned him once.

Ashes cat ears twitched, and his eyes shifted back and forth. "Alright, alright. Just don't... do that."

"Good..." The man said to the dangling kid, then looked back at Marlena. "Calm down. You aren't going to hurt him. He is just a pervy kid."

"I know, but..." The scarred woman lowered her voice and whispered, "This is how it starts. We could nip it in the bud here."

"Be nice. He is only a kid who finds you really beautiful. Take the compliments where you get them."

Marlena grit her teeth. "If you say so. What are you going to do with him?"

"Hm... Where are your parents kid?" Davon asked sternly.

Ash looked away. "I have no idea... and I don't care to know."

"I see. So we're both orphans. Good to know." Davon set the cat eared boy down. "That makes us practically family now."

"Tch." Ash folded his arms. "Heard that one before. Well, Titania said I could stay here, so if you plan on throwing me in an orphanage now to rot with 'one big, happy family of other orphans', it isn't gonna happen."

"Why would I send you to an orphanage. That would take more effort than it would be worth," Davon waved his hand. "Come on, let's talk."

Ash sighed, and reluctantly walked over. "Well, that's what the last adult who talked about family tried to do."

"You'll find I am not most adults." Davon led the young man threw the halls slowly.

Marlene followed close behind. Ash placed his hands behind his head. "So where are we heading? Turning me into that Mina lady?"

"No, we are going to my room. I wish to learn more about you. And if you misbehave, Marlena will turn you inside out."

Ash looked back at the woman. In a low voice, he asked, "What's with the scratches?"

"She was abused badly. She was near death when I found her."

"Really? Not some big fight or an attack? Just abuse?" He looked back again. "Guess I got it easy."

Marlena narrowed her eyes. "What are you looking at, shrimp?"

The lord frowned, falling back to her side. "What is your problem?"

She frowned and looked down. "I'm sorry. I know I should act in a more respectable fashion..."

Davon's arm wrapped around her. "You're trying. I will not scold you for that. But please, he talks tough because he is a kid still. I bet deep down he is a real sweetie."

She gave him a small smile. "I do hope you are right."

"Have I been wrong yet?" Her protector asked curiously.

She chuckled softly. "No, I can't say that you Have, Davon."

"Good." He pressed to,fingers against the side of her head. "So stop being a punk."

"Okay, okay!" She swatted his hands away in annoyance, but her smile remained.

His smile persisted as well, his arm going around her side. He knew she hated it. Davon also suspected she didn't too.


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Little Scamp
Part Two

"You two wanna get a room?" Ash asked, walking backwards with a hands behind his head.

Davon shot Ash a look, then let his arm fall away from Marlena. Suddenly a knife went spiraling towards the Thrope.

Ash ducked his head to the side, a few strands of hair falling away. "Are you crazy?!"

"Better grab that knife quickly." Davon told him seriously, drawing Rose and running after towards him.

Ashes eyes widened as he darted away, rolling on the ground, grabbing the knife, and rising into a defensive position. "What are you doing, you daft bastard?!"

"You talk with all your opponents?" The man asked, going for a very heavy upswing that tiny knife could never hold against.

Instead, Ash used his size and agility, flipping backwards to avoid the attack. "Stop! Or... or I'll fight back!"

Davon let the swing continue, using the momentum to spin and throw another surprise dagger.

Surprisingly, Ash's dexterity was incredibly high, and he caught this one. Now dual wielding, he yelled, "You asked for it!" He charged Davon angrily.

Davon held his sword out in a defensive stance, letting the boy come to him.

Ash knew he couldn't compete with Davon's skill or strength, so he had to be fast. He tried to go low, dropping down and going for the legs.

That didn't work out as well as Ash would think it would have, the cat being shoved backwards with a kick to the chest, sending him rolling backwards.

"Bastard..." Ash ran forward again, this time pouncing high with surprising height.

That resulted in him being caught by his raggy shirt and thrown into the wall.

Ash gasped and panted, quickly tiring. He was used to running, not fighting. Gritting his teeth, he tossed a dagger at Davon's head before running forward to go for his belly.

In a remarkable display of speed, he caught the weapon by the blade, spinning around Ash and grabbing him. When he was shoved to the ground and had a blade at his throat. "Well... I see you really are sloppy."

"Screw you, old man!" Ash snapped. "Just do it already!"

Davon was silent for a moment, then let out a bellowing laugh.

This only made Ash angrier. "W-what the Hell is your deal?!"

"You've never had stability, have you kid? If I wanted to kill you, I would have done it while you were peeping on my maid. I was testing you. If I am going to be your caretaker, I need to know what there is to know. Including how well you fight."

"You don't need to fight if you can get..." Ash raised an eyebrow. "Caretaker?"

"Caretaker?" Marlena mirrored.

"Look kid, you got three options. Option A, I take you to Mina to get your bottom switched for peeping on a woman and get expelled from the Manor, option B, you leave to go back to the hole you crawled out of so you can eventually die there alone, or C, you take my generous offer to care for you. You're an orphan, and it isn't like I am not in the business of taking in strays I like."

"That's true," Marlena agreed.

The boy looked away. "You don't leave me with much of a choice, do you?"

"You're the one who got yourself into this mess." Davon reaffirmed.

Ash pouted. "Well... I'm not gonna call you something stupid like dad!"

"How about papa?" Davon suggested, "We can even toss a ball out in the yard."

Ash sent him a wicked, almost murderous look.

Davon gave him a daring look back.

"How about I just call you Davon?" Ash suggested.

"You have such a lack of imagination." The lord said, getting up slowly. "Go find yourself an empty room. Itll be yours."

Ash rolled his shoulders painfully. "You treat everyone you plan to care for so roughly?"

He glanced at Marlena and shrugged. "Yeah. Pretty much."

Marlena shook her head. "You're sure about this?"

"People asked me the same taking you in. Yes, I am sure. Get going Ash. Me and my maid need to chitchat."

Ash scoffed, and continued to roll his shoulders as he walked off. "Chat about what?" Marlena asked.

"You keep questioning everything I do. From the clothes I wear, to what I eat, to my decisions. I am wondering why."

The scarred woman looked away. "It... i-it's nothing..."

"Well now I know it is definitely something. Do you want to tell me?" Davon asked her evenly, not sounding too forceful.

"I-it's just..." She let out a long breath. "You have been so kind to me. And now... I-I'm worried about you. You haven't been quite the same... since..."

Davon's face looked perplexed. "What are you talking about?"

"After the princess left you, I been worried you were... upset. So I've been trying to keep an eye on you." Marlena bowed her head. "I'm sorry if I overstepped my bounds."

Davon stood silent for several moments, sighing lightly before he touched the top of her head. "You didn't overstep anything."

Marlena slowly nodded. "I'll try to be less pushy. Unfortunately, it is in my nature. But know that all I want is for you to be able to hold you head up, stand tall, and be the kind man that saved me when life itself threw me away."

He pulled the smaller woman into a hug, petting her head, "Just be you. Don't change just because you feel you owe me."

She pushed down any feelings of being uncomfortable with a man. This was Davon, after all. "Thanks. You do the same."

"We'll see." He mused softly.


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Surprise Inspection and/or Training

Havenbrook Manor
August 25 3349
1:23 PM

Elma was by the river practicing her magic at a safe distance away from the manor. “Alright now then I have to learn how to make a familiar, there are all type of them but which one to summon? Hum well for now let me keep working on my current spells, hum now what can I do with my fire?” Elma started to practice her fire magic.”

Her fire was shortly doused with several water orbs, although the magic user kept themselves hidden, with only a vague chuckle giving Elma a clue as to where they were.

“What the water magic?” Elma heard a small chuckling coming from the bushes, but she ignored it.” OK let’s try this again.” Elma started throwing fire bolts at the water making sure not to hit the forest around her.

As soon as the flames hit the water, more water orbs joined the fray, attempting to extinguish all of the flames. Then, they all coalesced into a giant orb of water that moved directly over Elma.

Elma quickly used her ice magic to freeze the orb of water, and then used her fire magic to milt the ice destroying the orb. Elma turned to the bushes were she heard some small chuckles and just stared in that area.

Several new water orbs appeared, except they moved with malicious purpose, speeding towards Elma with dangerous accuracy.

Elma started to doge the orbs, but since she wasn't a proper warrior she used what she learned in college to make a small barrier around herself to protect her.

The orbs bounced off, hardly affecting the barrier. Moving back, the several orbs formed a giant orb, which flew at Elma’s barrier, intent on breaking it.

Elma broke her barrier and moved out of the way of the orb.” Alright who’s out there, and why are you attacking me?!”

The owner of the orbs did not speak, but their orb moved back towards Elma, breaking apart into many tiny, bullet-shaped spheres of water that struck from every side at incredibly fast speeds.

Elma being belted with the water was brought to her knees., Elam quickly made a barrier and saw her staff. ”This ends now!” Elma quickly destroyed her barrier and ran for her staff.

The water bullets followed Elma, like baying hounds after a wounded deer, and struck her as she went for the staff. However, they seemed to slow ever so slightly, most of the bullets not fully connecting or outright missing her.

Elma took a nosedive to her staff finally reaching it, Elma then used her staff to make a block of ice and made small spikes come out of the ice to counter the water that was attacking her. “Alright this is your last warning come out now, or you will regret it?!” Elma knees shaking hoping it wasn't a bandit near by trying to kidnap her.

A vortex of water appeared in lieu of the water bullets and tore apart Elma’s ice barricade, and narrowly missed her, but began to slowly move in her direction.

“Alright i’m tired of this.” Elma put her power into her staff and slammed the but end on the ground making a sudden blizzard, the blizzard froze the water coming to Elma and the river itself. Elma fell to a knee most of her magic being drained.

A familiar crippled Elf stood up from the bushes, brushing the leaves out of his scarf. “You’re pretty good for a beginner-level mage. What’s your name, girl?” Jay asked somewhat callously, as he approached her.

Elma lifted herself up her powers coming back to her. ”My name is Elma van Dam and I'm a member of the Havenbrook Guild, now who are you? are you a raider? If so how many of you are there?”

“Why do you assume I’m a raider, or another such miscreant? I could just be another concerned party… or a slaver… or a trader… or an assassin. You do have a older brother… right?” Jay questioned, as water orbs lifted the defeated mage up into the air.

“Um yes my brother Charter, you still haven’t answered my question who are you and why were you attacking me?”

“Like I said, consider me a concerned third party who knows about you and wished to see your skills in action. Firstly… you did well enough against my basic attacks, but when push came to shove against my more advanced magic, you crumbled and used all of your magic to block it. Conserve it, so you can continue to defend yourself without the risk of running dry on your mana pool.” Jay lectured, before he turned his back to her and went over to the bush, leaning down as if to pick something up.

“Well my apologies ou great teacher, but I didn't become a master witch. I’m a witch yes but I left my first year, I was told I had potential but I left to be near my brother. So excuse my guy who knows me and I don’t know a single thing about him.”

“The sass, while expected, is not appreciated.” Jay called over his shoulder snarkily, grabbing his own staff. Whirling around, he walked as close as he dared, and sat down. “I’m entirely uneducated when it comes to magic. All my attacks were learned on my own, and my expertise was self-taught. Now you know something about me. Did it make you feel better?”

“It helps yes, a name will help more but whatever. What was the purpose of all this?”

“Initially? I just wanted to mess with you. Most newbies are pretty adorable when confronted with another magic user. But then I thought, ‘why not test the girl and see how good she is? Surely she must be adept to merit such praise from other Hunters at the Havenbrook Manor.’ I see they were not wrong, and so now, I’m interested in your abilities.” The Light Elf explained, the water orb holding Elma moving towards the ground so her feet could touch the ground while in the confines of the orb.

“Well, I'm still new to this hole combat thing, I'm not a trained warrior or trained to be one. I learned to get control of my magic I thought I was going to be a witch studying for the rest of my life so excuse me if I don’t live up to most standards as a witch.”

“Technically, I wouldn’t either, as I have no formal training in magic and can only use basic constructs with only one truly advanced spell. Still, I’m stronger than you… by a lot. And I do mean a lot. So… in the interest of furthering your magical powers to see you succeed as a Hunter of Havenbrook Manor, I’m going to begin training you in mental focus exercises and some basic conjuration practices.” Jay replied matter-of-factly.

“You're going to train me, heh.” Elma thought about what she was going to say next, and instead of sounding like a pompous ass she just nodded her head. “Fine then you said you can help me conjure something, do you know any conjuring spells?”

Jay nodded, and released Elma from her watery prison. “All of the water that you’ve fought against would count as only two spells with me just manipulating the spell to suit my needs. So… yes, I do know a thing or two about conjuration.”

Elma sat on a rock and took off her shoes and poured the water out of it. “Ok fair enough then, whelp.” Elma stood up leaving her shoes to the side. “Where do we start?”

“Let’s start with you conjuring a single orb of fire and ice, and we’ll work up from that.” Jay replied as he stood up, and slowly walked over to face Elma.

“Um Ok.” Elma did what she was told and a small light of fire appeared in her right hand, and in her left hand was a bit of frost. “Ok so now what?”

An orb of water and a sphere of light appeared above Jay as soon as Elma had conjured her magical elements into being. “Next, we’ll start the process of manipulating the elements. To do so, we’ll take your most easiest element, which I think is fire, and try to shape it into an object. A knife should suffice for now… but to do it, try to think about the qualities of a knife. The edge, the sharpness, its uses, and try to mold it in your mind until you think it’s perfect.” Jay instructed, doing his demonstration with his water orb.

“Um sure.” Elma started to think of a knife, she then pictured a knife in her mind and when she opened her eyes her flames were turned into a butchers knife. "Cool looks just like the one our chief used to have.”

“Good job.” Jay said warmly, offering a brief, but kind smile. “Most people would struggle with using their mind’s eye to create something, but you seem to not even be fazed by it. Interesting. But… for now, we’re done. Go back to the Manor, practice what you’ve learned, and when you can conjure knives with your eyes open, we’ll meet again in… two week’s time.” Jay instructed, as he started to walk away towards the manor.

“Ou if only he knew.” Alice make a sword with her ice magic with ease. "Well this is ice and is more solode so it’s easier to make but with my fire hum that will be a little more difficult, and he doesn't know I use light magic as well, but one thing at a time I don’t know his name and he doesn't know I use light magic so it works itself out.” Elma went back to practicing what Jay taught her.


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Ready for Travel

HavenBrook Manor/Guildhouse
Hunter Rooms
August 18th 3349
12:34 PM

Charter started pack his bags for the trip back home to Mirandia." Ugh I wonder how Esmerelda is going to handle seeing my home, gods she's probable going to faint seeing it. And the works we have and the library, and the rooms, Yea she's going to loose it."

The was a light knock on the door. "Mr. Van Dam," he heard Mina call out.

Charter raised an eyebrow, he not talking to Mina since the hole travel through time event. Walked to the door and opened the door." Um hay Mina it's um, it's been a while." Charter looked at Mina stomach." Ou I see your relay blooming with the baby, huh Esmeralda is going to have a belly like that soon." Charter shook his head."Um how can I help you boss?"

Mina chuckled. "You were heading back to Mirandia for a while, right? I was hoping I could ask a favor of you."

Charter rubbed his hear. "Huh that's weird you normally don't ask for favors, so yea Mina what can I do for you?"

Again, she chuckled. "Well, I don't usually give people orders when they go on vacation, or whatever the reason we are going is, so yes, a favor." Mina reached down next to the door and lifted up a rather large package. "I need you to deliver this to the Havenbrook Organization HQ in Mirandia. It is an important delivery, and I would rather not trust it to the mail service."

Charter took the package and looked at it. "Huh I didn't think you had another HQ outside of this one, aren't you just full of surprises. Yea I can delver this, so were in Mirandia do I delver this?"

"The Headquarters is in the capital," Mina explained. "There head there is named Norman. You'll know him by his unusual hair. Please bring this to him with my blessing."

"Great so in my part of Mirandia, well a little ways out. Don't worry Mina I will make sure to get this to Norman with out fail."

"Thanks. Oh, one last thing." Mina pointed down the hall. "Eraqus said someone was looking for you. Big guy, regal armor. Really, really big hammer. Said you would know him. He is waiting for you in the bar."

Charter's eyes widened knowing who it is."He's an old friend of mine, thank you for telling me Mina I better go see him." Charter quickly mad his way out of the room and down to the bar, after looking around a bit Charter finally saw the man Eraqus was talking about. " Fya'munt, what are you doing here?"

The warlord God took a quick shot and sighed in disappointment. "Looking for a good ale, for one. Are these weak spirits all you mortals have to drink?"

"Hay were a guild not an inn, you take what we get for drinks. Now why are you down here, don't get me wrong it's good to see you again but you don't come down here for no reason."

"Obviously, I came down to see you," Fya'munt stated. "I want to speak with you again about my previous proposition. Please, have a seat."

Charter took a seat next to the warlord god. "Look like I said then, I am honored I truly am. But I have to many things down here to leave behind to train with you, I'm now have a baby on the way."

Fya'munt held up a hand. "I have reconsidered my previous stand and have decided I was a bit... hasty. Please, hear me out."

"Of course I always have time for a god, I do live to serve them. Well the good ones anyway."

Fya'munt grinned. "Good to hear I am one of the good ones. I still wish to train you. However, I realize that you will not leave you friends and family. So... I wish to train you in another way."

Charter smiled." That's good to hear, don't get me wrong as much as I would love to see your plain in the relm of gods, I would much stay down here. So what's this idea you have?"

"Training here in the mortal realm," the god stated. "It will not be quite as fulfilling as it would be in my domain, but it will increase you power, strength, and skills immensely and prepare you for the day when you do join me."

"Hum well that does help me and training with a god does sound amazing, sure I would love to do this."

Fya'munt leaned forward. "Do not take this lightly. It will be trying. I am not a lax teacher. You may come to regret this."

"I doubt it, I expect it to be trying. Also since you did come to me personal, I would not want to disappoint you."

Fya'munt nodded. "I will try and make sure it does not interfere with your normal life. Sometimes I will come myself, sometimes I will send another to test your strength."

"That works for me, so then let's get this started the sooner the better."

Fya'munt chuckled. "No need to be so hasty. I am aware that you will be departing soon, is that not so?"

"That I am, hum." Charter rubbed his chin. "Why don't you come with me to Mirandia, my home is there once there we can train in my family courtyard."

"That sounds like a good idea." The God leaned back and took another shot. "However, I must request you keep this between us, alright?"

"I will try my best, my friend however my lady is very well gitty and has been looking forward to this trip just being the two of us."

Fya'munt raised his hand. "Do not worry about me. I will leave you be as you make your way home. I will meet you there. That way, you two could enjoy your trip together."

Charter bowed his head to the god."Thank you sir, might I say once again it's a great honor to serve you and to be chosen personal."

Fya'munt bowed his head back, raising to his feet and offering his hand. "Do great battles."

Charter shook his hand. "I will continue to dedicate my battles to you."

The god walked out to teleport away out of sight. Charter was left to return to his packing. When he was done, he wondered back to the library to look for Esmeralda, only to find out she wasn't there.

"What the, now were did she go hum maybe she's in the stables?" Charter went to the stables looking for Esmeralda.

She wasn't there either. She wasn't in the garden or the greenhouse. She wasn't in the labs or the armory. Charter finally found her, of all places, in the bar, sitting with a couple members of the female staff.

"Es?" Charter shouted getting her attention, he then grabbed a chair and sat next to her."What are you doing here of all places, I never seen you drink."

"Well... I thought I would... try it jus thionce," Esmeralda said with a giggle, leading the other to laugh.

"She was feeling nervous," one of the maids explained. "We suggested she get a drink. Took a lot of effort, but she finally agreed."

"Well as long as it's not alcohol then it's fine, but why are you nervous is meeting my family that nerve racking to you?"

Esmeralda looked up at him, flushed. "Why you think I'm nervous 'bout family? I'm not nervous. I'm nervous about other ssssstuff."

A Hunter cleared her throat. "There might have been a little bit of alcohol."

"Ugh well if it's just a little it's fine, you mind giving me a minute with Es here. I don't want the others to hear about this."

The others respectfully left them alone. Es held her glass towards Charter, spilling a bit. "It's Apple! Y-you can't... even taste da... nasty stuff!"

Charter took the bottle out of Es hand and put it on another table, he then picked up Esmerelda in a carrying position and carried her to her room>Charter gently put Esmerelda on her bed. "Alright now that there's no eyes on us, why are you drinking Es your pregnant come on now what is truly wrong with you?"

Esmeralda gasped, sitting up and grabbing his collar. "I'm pregnant! I completely forgot! What have I done?! I'm... the worst mother..." She burst into tears, collapsing against him.

Charter wrapped his arms across Esmerelda. Alright Charter she's pregnant, she's probable going through a lot of emotional problems. Gods how do I deal with this? "Look Es your not a bad mother, drinking a little bit is not bad as long as you don't drink multiple drinks and get black out drunk."

She slowly nodded. "I-I promise... n-never again..."

Charter rubbed Esmerelda head."It's OK it's fine, look how about we go to my home so you can meet my family. It's a long way so that way we can talk as much as we want and I can mentally prepare you for Mirandia."

Es shook a little. "But... b-but... what if they hate me?"

"They won't hate you, this is my family were talking about. They will love you, bust mostly think your awkward.

"How can you be so sure?" Es curled up. "I am not easy to love..."

"Well you got me to love you which is not easy to do, I mean before I came I traveled all across Terra. Well most places anyway, I killed all sorts of monsters and didn't care for most. Then I came here and loved you, look have some confidence, my parents will like you."

Esmeralda looked up at him. "Can we not... tell them about this?"

"I won't now then should we get a move on to my home?"

Erin closed her eyes. "Mind if I... take a nap... first?"

"Yea alright take a nap first, I'll keep packing my stuff."


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A Woman of Darkness and Secrets
Part One

Havenbrook Manor/Guildhouse
Main Lab
August 19th 3349
1:12 PM

Working to the middle of the night on projects, Betty finally leaned back, staring at her finally completed Flamethrower prototype. She lost some time earlier in the day working with Eliza on Blisk's Treat-a-pult, but it was worth it to see the look her daughter's face when it was finished.

Standing up and stretching, Betty could hear the sounds of movement in Erin's work area, clearly she was still up and working as well. The Fly slowly made her way behind a stack of two boxes, peeking out from behind them to check up on her lover.

Erin was tinkering with her alchemy pot, still unable to get it to work properly and too stubborn to get the sellers more money for a new one. It was here, in one of the few situations when she lacked control, that Erin showed she wasn't the most patient of women in the world, deep frustration setting in.

The Tinkerer smiled, thinking of the besf way to cheer her up. She quickly looked over to make sure Eliza was asleep, satisfied she was, Betty slowly crept up behind the Rabbit.

So frustrated and focused on her alchemy pot, the Head Witch hadn't heard Betty make her way right behind her. The Fly smiled mischievously, gently reaching her hands up and rubbing Erin's soft, sensitive ears, pushing against her back and rear-end with her body. "Guess who?"

Erin smiled and chuckled. "Is that you, goddess of infinite beauty?"

"If you feel zhat way..." Betty smiled, taking a hand and running it along her hips then down to her thigh as her other continued massaging her ears. "Eliza's asleep right now you know..."

Erin slowly nodded, spinning around in her chair. "You know I would never say no to something like that."

Betty leaned forward as her hand crawled it's way down under Erin's pants and into her underwear, rubbing her softly. "I don't zhink I know of any better way to work off frustration..."

Erin leaned forward, gently kissing the fly woman. "I can't think of anything better for any emotional state," she stated. The logical, somewhat cold persona she had seemed to melt away at times like this.

"Neither can I..." Betty said, moving her finger along to teasingly rub Erin's button as her free hand brought her ears together, massaging them both like she had done the first time.

"Mmm..." Erin closed her eyes and smiled pleasantly. "You know just how to touch me. I'm like one of your trinkets. You know exactly what to press to operate me the best."

"Maybe you like me being like this? In control?" The Engineer asked softly, rubbing her faster now as she brought her hand down from Erin's ears, kneading her breast through the Mage's shirt.

Erin huffed and panted softly. It is... a nice change of pace. Plus I can... always trust myself... in your hands..."

Betty leaned over to her ear, whispering softly and giving Erin tingles down her back. "Let's take zhis back to our room..."

The Fly removed her hand from her lover's spot for only a moment before placing her right hand there instead, circling around the chair and pushing it towards Erin's room as she played with her.

Erin laughed, this being the most enjoyable little ride ever. "I don't want to give you an inflated ego, but you could teach the god of love a few things about pleasing women."

"Well, if zhere's one zhing people say about me, it's zhat I'm creative." Betty laughed as they reached the room. As they entered, Betty suddenly pulled the chair to a stop causing the Flys fingers to penetrate deep into her entrance.

Erin gasped, shaking a bit. "You did that on purpose, you cheeky little thing."

"What? Me? Innocent little me?" Betty smirked, much more confident after thier first time was such a success. Now that she was further inside her, Betty placed a second finger in, pushing them in and out at a steady pace. "I would never..."

Erin placed a hand on Betty's arm, leaning forward. "So close... just from this. S-slow down... or I'll..."

"Uh... Isn't zhat the goal?" Betty's confidence fell for a moment before she shook it off, going with it.

"You're right... We don't want it to be over too fast..." The Fly said, slowing down as she started to remove Erin's pants with her free hand.

Erin's breathing slowed a bit, and she chuckled, slipping her shirt off. As usual, she didn't bother with a bra. "You're just too good, dear. I really need to start taking notes so I can at least please you half as well."

"Just do what I am doing." She replied as she pulled Erin's panties down with her foot, proceeding to spin the chair around. "Wing it."

Betty pushed The Rabbit's legs apart, stepping between them and prying them open so they could no longer close as well as opening her up. She then pushed her middle and ring fingers back in, pressing them into her further now.

Erin bit her finger to suppress a loud moan, her hips raising a bit. The subtle but meaningful movements of her partners threatened to overwhelm her. She had been reluctant at first, not sure if she wanted this to be part of her relationship. Now she only regretted not doing this from the start, even if she appreciated the build up.

"I zhink we should finally get to ze good part." Betty smiled widely, removing her fingers slowly and kneeling down between her legs, which were still unable to close and fight the building pleasure. The Fly leaned in, mere inches from her partner's most sensitive area. "Ready, my love?"

"Mhmm," Erin muttered with a nod. "It was the only time she was really timid. The shy but wanting look on her face was quite cute. Adorable, even.

"How can I say no to zhat face..." She sighed lovingly, bringing her tongue up and into her, starting with long, slow licks around the outside which ended at her button.

Erin held Betty's head, careful not to pull her hair. "Betty... please... make me... think of no one... but you."

"Mmhm." She muttered out, unable to talk and please her bunny at the same time. Betty took a deep breath, piercing Erin with her tongue, licking from the inside this time and back out to her clit once more, even flicking her spot up once her tongue reached it.

"Betty... Betty!" Erin held her mouth to muffle her cry as she climaxed, giving Betty a light spray. Even when she was done, the rabbit woman twitched with delight.

"Wow... Here I still had a few more zhings planned..." The Fly said, wiping some of the fluids off her face.

Erin panted heavily, but smiled. "Sorry. But... this doesn't mean... I'm down... love."

"Oh? What does zhat mean?" Betty asked, standing up and rubbing The Witch's chest.

Erin slowly rose to her feet. "I want to make you feel good too. But... I'm afraid you're wearing too many clothes for that."

"Well... Okay..." The Engineer fake considered, slowly removing every article of clothing she had on until she was completely nude, throwing them in a pile a few feet away. "Lead away my lovely. Do whatever you like..."
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A Woman of Darkness and Secrets
Part Two

"Mmm, I've been testing a few things, actually." Erin led her to the bed and sat her down. She opened her palm, and Betty could feel her loins warming up. "How does that feel?"

The Fly clutched her crotch, the warm sensation building up a hot, lustful desire in even the normally innocent Engineer. Betty spread her legs out a little as she removed her hands, her entrance already wet. "W-What is z-zhat...? I-It feels..."

"An experiment, using magic," Erin explained. "Don't worry, I tested it on myself. Kinda... burned myself a bit in the process, but it was worth it. Now let's try this." Next, Betty could feel air brushing against her. It moved faster and faster, like something long and smooth rubbing against, the pressure building and building.

Betty whined from the sensation, holding her chest as she squirmed and writhed in joy.

The feelings only intensified, the warmth remaining, the wind rubbing, shaking, and occasionally poking inside. It took a bit of concentration, but not so much that couldn't cup Betty's breasts, lightly sucking on one. "These are so much fun, you know? So bouncy and soft. I'm a little jealous at times."

Betty tried to keep some composure and reply to her, but nothing came out of her mouth but soft moans. The Fly's mouth hung open slightly, the tip of her tongue poking slightly out as she held onto the bed.

Erin climbed onto her lap, using her magic to pleasure the both of them. She wrestled Betty's tongue with her own, moaning along with her. This was pure delight for her. This was happiness. Just her, Betty, and no clothing between the two.

Betty meanwhile had nothing in her mind other than the bliss of ecstasy, she was in Aetherium on Terra being in this hot, sweaty lock with the love of her life.

A small trickle of saliva ran down Betty's chin as the heat consumed her mind, but she didn't care, she couldn't, the pleasure was too much. Betty moved her legs farther apart, causing thier openings to rub into eachother as they moaned, The Fly only added to this as she began to grind her hips into her.

Erin followed suit in pure, unbridled passion. Without even thinking about out, her stream of wind intensified. She moaned louder and louder. She didn't care. She couldn't. She could have been in the middle of the main hall surrounded by people, and she wouldn't be able to stop. Not when she was so close again, her loins smacking and squelching.

After only a few more moments Betty reached her absolute limit, wrapping her arms around Erin's neck as she climixed. But even after that, the pleasure was still too much, every nerve in her body shook with euphoria and bliss, climaxing yet again as she screamed out uncaringly. Feeling yet another surge coming to the front Betty wrapped her legs around her too, thrusting her soaked hips into Erin's for one final, immense jolt of orgasmic pleasure.

Erin quickly cut off her magic as she met a similar explosive end. She collapsed against her lover, as energy drained from her. Sweaty, tired, and twitchy as she tingles all over, she could only smile as she tried to regain her energy, her head nestled in Betty's breasts.

Betty huffed, having never experienced such a thing in her life, an experience that her first time, good as it was, could never compare to. "D-Did... Did everyzhing slow down for you too...? Zhat was.. Unbelievable..."

Erin laughed softly. "Have I told... recently... how much I love you?"

"Probably... I... I'm having a hard time... Zhinking, after that..." The Tinkerer smiled widely, that was, until they heard a knock on the bedroom door.

Through the wood came a muffled, deep voice. "Witch? Erin? Are you in there? It's late, but I noticed your work lights on."

Erin jumped a bit. "Y-yes, I... I am here. Can you give me a moment? I... I'm not dressed properly."

Betty quickly made her way out from under Erin, finding a scented towel and cleaning herself off, offering a second one to Erin.

Meanwhile Kva stood outside the door, swearing she had heard some commotion in the room on the way in, but she pushed it from her mind. "Take your time. I'll wait out here. It's... Important."

It took a bit, the pair fighting fatigue, but soon the were fully dressed, though their clothes were a bit wrinkly. Erin took a deep breath and opened the door. "Good evening, Kva. W-what... can I do for you?"

"It's about what you saw against the Chimera's." Kva replied, answering as Betty tried to stay out of sight.

"I-I see." Erin stepped out of the room, moving a somewhat moist strand of hair off her for head. "You mean... When you lost your armor, right?"

"It's... Related." The Death Priest said, motioning for her to sit down nearby.

Erin did so, sitting in a nearby chair. She flinched, still quite a bit sensitive. "Ahem, s-so... tell me, why come now? You seemed to want us to completely forget what we saw before."

"Because some... Complications... Have arised..." Kva sighed, noting that she was slightly sweaty and breathing hard. "Are you... Sick?"

"Huh? No! No, I was... having a nightmare. A horrid, terrible... sensual... I mean, sensationally bad dream. Please, go on."

"Very well. I will cut to the chase then. One of the hunters here, Terra, the recently freed slave from Themosa, she needs your alchemical skills." The Elf leaned forward, "Do you have any way to counteract the effects of Vampire Blood?"

"V-vampire blood?!" Erin opened and closed her mouth. "I-I mean... I've been working on something ever since that vampire, Alice showed up. Why? Do you think she gave Terra some of her blood and made Terra her servant?"

"No... She... Bit, a Vampire, in a scuffle. Accidentally digested her blood." Kva explained, trying to lead up to the inevitable reveal so they wouldn't be as caught off guard.

Hearing movement behind her, Kva turned around and noticed Betty casually walking away from Erin' room. "Betty? Right?"

The Fly turned around suddenly, her back straightening out from suprise. "Kva!? Wow what are you doing here!?"

She raised an eyebrow. "I have something to tell Erin. Come, you should hear it too."

Awkwardly stepping over to them, The Fly took a seat, looking at Erin. "So... Um... What's going on?"

"Um... apparently the new girl bit a vampire and ingested some of their blood." Erin leaned forward, giving Kva a suspicious look. "Who's the vampire?"

Betty seemed like she put something together. "Wait... If you're ze one telling us, doesn't zhat mean you have a stake in zhis? Are you... saying...?"

Kva chuckled grimly, "You catch on quickly. That's impressive... She's right, I'm the Vampire..."

Erin instinctively lowered her hand to her side where her wand usually was, though she naturally didn't have it. "These clothes of yours. That's why you where them all the time. To block out the sun, right? It allows you to operate in the day so no one would suspect you."

"Well, naturally. But I wasn't lying to you about my helmet." Kva mentioned, "I am still a Priest of Taydar."
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A Woman of Darkness and Secrets
Part Three

"So... A Vampire...?" Betty confirmed nervously, however, Kva held up a finger.

"Specifically a Dhampire..." The Fencer added, crossing her arms. "A Half-Vampire. Terra, the Fox girl, bit me during an argument, despite my warnings. Now we are in an... Unfortunate situation... She is addicted to my blood and the process of riding it out would be torture for her..."

"I see." Erin fathered her thoughts. "How... long ago was this?"

"About seven days. I explained to her a few days ago what I am and that she could either suffer through it or take more, at least until I sorted this out with you... She decided to drink more of my blood, fully understanding that it might make it harder to cure. That was three days ago." Kva explained fully, sighing.

"But wait... If you're a vampire... How did you not burn up when you took your armor off during our mission?" Betty questioned intently.

"Good catch. I wouldn't have done that normally, luckily it was so overcast that day that barely any light could come through." The Newly revealed Dhampire explained.

"Does Lady Havenbrook know?" Erin asked.

"No." She explained, "And other than Terra, you two are the first I've told..."

Erin glanced over at Betty. "Right now, with everything going on... if Mina was to finds out about this..."

"Kva would be removed?" Betty finished.

"Probably... It... Doesn't help that I am sadly familiar with her... Alice." Kva mentioned regretfully. "We were close... Although that was almost three-hundred years ago now... She is no longer the little girl I knew."

Erin looked surprised once more. "If you knew her, however long ago, does that mean you might know some weakness we can exploit?"

"I only have bare knowledge of her powers. We trained under my Mother. But that was three hundred years ago and she was a child, who knows how far she has advanced. Take her necromancy for example, she learned that after I left Draculesti. Who knows what else there is." Kva explained, leaning back.

"And your Mother was-"

"The Vampire, yes." The Fencer stopped Betty, answering her question before it was fully asked.

"Why did you leave the Megacity?" Erin inquired. "I'd imagine it is a rare thing or there would be more reports of vampire atta-... o-of vampire sightings."

"Because the whole city felt like a prison. When Alice, an innocent little wide eyed girl, snuck out of the city. She found herself at a village and once they learned she was a vampire, they tried to kill her." Kva told the story, a sad coldness in her voice as she spilled her secrets to them, deciding it was better to tell them the whole story now, rather than have it come up later. "This was only just after the Nocturnum War, the world still feared us, although, the actions of our leaders hardly helped that. Using the training she got from my Mother, she killed them in self defense, when she returned she was reprimanded for leaving. The Little girl I knew lost her innocence that day, all caused by the Vampire Council's isolationist attitude and arrogance. If they hadn't forcibly locked us in our own capital, she wouldn't have felt that call to leave... Many fought against the Council's plans to close the gates, including my mother, a legend of the Nocturnum War who fell for a young vampire hunter prisoner of hers. No matter how much we tried to convince them not to turn the city into a prison, they refused to budge. I refused to dedicate my life to such arrogant pig-headed leaders. So I left the city in secret and went to find a new purpose."

"As a Priest of Taydar?" Betty guessed.

"Yes... Normally, Taydar hates the undead... But I am not fully a vampire... And... Despite the hatred, Vampires are closer to him than any other race... As a Dhampire, I felt like I could be closer to Taydar than any other race, that it was a rare and unique opportunity to serve Taydar as something not quite living and not quite dead." Kva went on.

Erin nodded in understanding. "Well, we... all have our beliefs about vampires. And half-vampires. Shaped over the last three hundred years. But while Alice threatens to reinforce them, you stand to challenge them. After all, you are a valued ally." She smiled. "I will continue to keep your secret, and help with Terra."

"Yeah. I trust you Kva." The Tinker nodded, giving her a comforting smile.

"Thank you both. This was a rare experience for me, I didn't know how you two would handle it." Kva stood up, giving a slight, elegant bow.

"It would've been easy to say Alice bit her or simply keep her under your control." Betty pointed out. "But you didn't. You put your well being and job here in jeopardy just to help Terra, even though she fought with you... I zhink you are kinder zhan you make yourself seem..."

Kva looked off for a moment after hearing Betty's words, her expression still dull and cold even as she turned back towards Erin. "By the way... I might regret this but... If you have any tests or experiments relating to Vampires you think would help you get the advantage over Alice, Just ask."

"Well... now that you mention it, that would be a big help." Erin shook her head. "Don't worry. I won't do anything crazy like testing how long you can stand in direct sunlight. But we can start with some blood tests to counteract the effects of your blood on Terra."

"Right. You want those now then?" Kva asked, looking at her arm.

"We can... wait for the morning." Erin chuckled. "I am a little worn out from... f-from a long day of work."

"Very well." Kva replied, going to leave but Betty stopping her.

"Somezhing still doesn't add up... Where have you been getting all your blood from? Have you been sneaking into rooms at night? Do you have another who does gives it to you?" Betty asked, extremely curious.

"No. None of those. Do you two know about the sanctioned sparring I do out in the courtyard every few days?" Kva said, her question more or less rhetorical. Slowly unsheathing her sword and pricking her finger, the blade drank the blood up before their eyes. "It's better of use than on the floor."

"I see. Your sword takes the blood from opponents and you drink it in private." Erin nodded. "It is an ingenious way to sneak a drink, though it might upset quite a few people to know."

"This was the least intrusive way to do it, only using blood that would've gone to waste otherwise. But that doesn't matter to them, right? Mistrust and fear is hardly rational." The Dhampire shrugged.

"That is so. Especially with vampires. It does not help one is threatening to kill us all and destroy our guild." Erin slowly shook her head. "No matter your past, your friend is only making things harder for you."

"She is making things very difficult for me..." The Elf emphasized, "The Council unwittingly created a monster in her. A monster driven by pure spite."

"Do you think we can beat her?" Erin asked.

"I can't predict the future. We will see when the time comes." The Black-Leather clad woman said simply.


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The fallowing is a collaboration between Dhalexpert&Zombiesplitter53

Business/family business

A few miles out from the Capital City of Alexandria
5:54 p.m.

The cast country side was warm and beautiful, set with the backdrop of the setting sun. Reds and oranges painted the tapestry. Esmeralda and Charter casually made their way down a main road. They rode on the front of a rather large cart. Besides Esmeralda's sparse luggage, she had insisted on bring gifts, as well as a plethora of books in the hopes of trading with local bookstores.

She took a long, deep breath. "It is so nice here. Clean and clear. Reminds me of home, if a little warmer."

Character looked at the package Mina gave him a few weeks ago.” Say Es before we met my folks, I need to deliver this package to Havebrook HQ.”

"Hmm?" She glanced over. "Okay. What is it?"

"Don't know haven't opened it, but I want to get this done and over with quickly so you can meet my family."

Esmeralda nodded, the slowly lowered her head. "I'm... still nervous, you know?"

"I know you are, but don't worry I put a good word in for you."

Esmeralda giggled softly. "I would have hoped you'd be doing that all along."

Charter warped his arm around Esmeralda and hugged her. "Come on let's get this delivery over with so we can meet my family."


"You da guy?"

The pair stood in a spacious lobby of the Havenbrook Mirandia Headquarters. Workers of all sorts walked about as a man in a very fancy, very expensive looking suit walked over, a human in his mid thirties.

"You must be Norman, yep Mina sent me to give you this don't know what's in it though." Charted gave the package to the well suited man.

"Is that right?" Norman took it and looked it over carefully. "That mean youz didn't open it, right?"

"Yep never opened it, mostly because it's none of my business."

"That'z right, it izn't. Guess she picked the right manz for the job."

"Is this another Hunter's Guild?" Esmeralda asked, glancing around and tapping her lip.

Norman laugh. "Nah, tootz. Havenbrook iz more then a Guild. Mina'z grandad started it off az a side thing. Butit waz, and still iz, a distributor of many fine productz we hold the patent too, az well az workin' with other big businessez for importing and exporting. Why, in thiz city alone, we have partnerships with th' McBanonz, th' Montaguez, th' Van Damz, and th' Pippinz."

"Wait a minute my family is helping the HaveBrooks, my Charter Van dam how long has this been a thing?"

"Uh..." Norman folded his arms and tapped his foot in thought. "About six months, I thinkz. We waz offering a joint account dealz on thatz new line of firearmz for the city guard that came out six months agoz, working with our Stormrend HQ, and the Van Damz offered the best deal. They stayed on after that. Been profitable for us bothz."

"Hum funny how my family decided to help a month or so after I joined, though I doubt they knew I joined before hand though hum I could mention why they joined. But it's my father and i'm sure he had his reasons."

Why don't you go ask him now?" Norman gave Esmeralda a smile. "Show 'im the little cutie you got with youz. Sure he'd like her."

Es giggled. "He thinks I'm cute. Such a nice man."

"Oh, I am a very nice man," Norman stated, his smile a bit farther then friendly.

Charter started glare at the man. "Right well then guess we will be going, we have a long day ahead of us. Come on Es let's go."

"O-okay. Bye, Mr. Norman." Esmeralda walked out with Charter, their pace awfully quick. "You're in a hurry to see your parents, huh?"

Character seemed to be in a bad mood after the talk.” Yea sure, it’s a bit of a way and we’re burning daylight. So let’s keep moving.”

"Is everything okay?" Es looked back at the building. "Is it because you didn't know about your family's business deals?"

“I’m fine.” Character took a deep breath.” Just don’t like other guys being charming you is all.”

Es scratched her head, then giggled. "That's so cute of you!" She grabbed his hand. "But remember, I am yours and only yours."

“I know I hate that you made me like this.”

The Light Elf giggled. "Come on. Let's go home. To... to your home, I mean. I mean... I mean, your old home, not... you know what I mean, right?"

“Right lets go to my home.” Character and Es made there way through town. Until they made it to the iron district."Honey welcome to my part of Mirandia." Around Esmerelda was a banner of a hammer with lightning around it, the district were made of stone, and gears all around, there's were shops an inn and a church on top of a hill. "Honey welcome to the iron district.

"Whoa... this place is huge!" Es looked around in wonder. "This is just one district? This city makes my home capital look small by comparison!"

"Ou you haven't seen my home yet my home is a little ways out, so let's get moving." On the way to Chaarters house they stooped by a alchemy shop. "Ou hay Esmerelda, here's your chance to meet one of my parents this is my moms shop."

Esmeralda yelped, and ducked behind him. "I-is she here?"

"Well she is the owner, so yes I would think so, come on I wasen't scared meeting your parents you shouldn't be ether."

"That's because your a brave knight, and I'm a not-so-brave librarian!" Esmeralda's knees shook a bit. "W-well... l-let's do this. A-afraid you."

"Great let's go." Charter and Esmerelda went into the shop were they saw a middled aged woman with black hair and tanned skinned, she was making a potion right behind the desk.

"Hello and how may I help you." When the woman turned around she saw Charter." Charter!" She rushed to him and hugged him lovingly."Ou my baby boy, what are you doing here you left a few weeks ago?"

"Well it's a bit of a story mom, but the main reason i'm here is because I want you to meet someone." Charter stepped to the side."Mom this is Esmerelda."

Es laughed nervously and waved her hand. "I-I think your shop is very pretty!" she blurted out.

The woman walked up to Esmerelda and held her hand."Ou so your Esmerelda your the sweat lady that took a fancy to my son, and your also carrying my future grandson. Well I already have a grandson form Adam and his wife, but Charter I never thought he would have kids, especially to a light Elf guess the god of love must have been watching you two."

"He is?" Esmeralda looked up at the ceiling. "I hope not. I've never met him, but one of my co-workers back home says he's kinda a pervert."

"One of your cowworkers?" Charters mom looked to her son.

"Yea from time to time, the gods do visit us."


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Part 2

Her eyes widen. "Th--The gods themselves see you in person. Wow you must be extraordinary people to have the gods themselves see you. By the way my name is Eva it's nice meet you."

Esmeralda shook the woman's hand, her own slightly trembling. "I-it's nice to meet you, Mrs. Van Dam. I'm Esmeralda... oh, I... already said that, didn't I. Heh heh..."

Eva put her hand on Esmerelda shoulder. "It's fine darling your nervous I was complete I was nervous when I met my husbands parents to."

"Y-you were? H-how did you... make the belly butterflies stop?"

"I let my husband do most of the talking, but I eventually got used to the family."

Es nodded, and looked back at Charter. "You heard her. Do most of the talking!"

“Ou you will be fine quite panicking, anyway nice to see best show Esmeralda were our Home is.”

“Ou from what you told me of We’re she lives, she might pass out.”

"Why's that?" Es asked. "Is it really that big?"

Character mom giggles.” Ou you’ll see, anyway Character I’ll see you tonight. Esmeralda I looke forwarded to talking to you more.”

“Yea mom same here.” Character and Esmeralda left the alchemy shop, leaving Eva to her work.

"Well, um... that wasn't so bad, huh?" Esmeralda floated up, oblivious to any looks it might draw. "Think your dad will be the same? And will we see your brother?"

“My brother will likely see him at dinner same as my father, and Esmeralda come down. People are staring.”

"They are?" Esmeralda looked around, and slowly dropped to her feet. "How are people here? I hair this country has something called a... uh, dem-o-cratic government, and everyone is treated the same in the eyes of the law. Is that true for Light Elves too?"

“Especially light Elves, everyone is treated equally. There’s no slaves, people aren’t forced to work to death. At least without getting paid they aren’t.”

"Sounds really nice." Esmeralda smiled. "Someday, when I feel my time with the Havenbrook Organization is through, I look forward to moving here. It's a little warm, but everyone seems pleasant, it is closer to Lustania then Serasam, and we'll leave near your family." She giggled. "I wonder what will be harder, pulling me away from the Havenbrook library or pulling you away from adventure."

“A good question one that won’t be asked until years Dow the line, now come one my home isn’t fare now.” Esmeralda and Character made there way through town, after going past the church there was a giant building it looked like a mini tire castle with other building to the side of it.” That’s my Home.”

"No, way!" Esmeralda stared at it, wide eyed. "This... this is almost as big as the royal Lustanian palace! You live here?!"

“Yep that’s Home, generations of war and & hunting monster gave us this. “Character pointed at two giant statues.” Those two people are my ancestors, they had a code that we live by today. Defend the weak and protect them from all that wants them dead.”

"When were they around?" Esmeralda asked curiously.

“Century’s ago, when Mirandia once hade Kings and Queens And was once devied.”

Esmeralda nodded, taking a few steps forward. "What do you even do with so much space?"

“A lot of stuff come on I’ll show you.” Character Escorted Esmeralda to the castle ,once at the front gate they were stood by a soldier.” Hay Character what are you doing here man?” The armored mad extended his hand

Character shook the mans hand and smiled.” Just visiting Stone and to show my girlfriend around.”

“Girlfriend?” Stone looked at Esmeralda.” I think something is wrong, she’s to pretty to be your girlfriend.”

Esmeralda giggled, and held up a finger to her lips. "Ssh. You can't say those things. Charter gets jealous."

Stone looked at Character.” This guy jealous, what happened to the guy that hunted monsters with me?”

“He’s standing right in front of you, and can still kick your ass.”

“Ha there he is, Look go right in Character I need to go tell everyone about this.” And just like that the armored man left.

Esmeralda giggled again, leaning against Charter. "Now I'm having fun."

“Ou I’m sure you are now come on.” Once inside Esmeralda saw the cort yard was massive, there were soldiers training and running drills.

"So this is like the guild, but you train soldiers instead of Hunters." Esmeralda watched them all. "They're really disciplined. I guess this is how you were first trained, right?"

“As a trainee yes, those are the new recruits. We have a different area for our hardened warriors.”

"Can you show me your room?" Es asked. "I'd assume with some many rooms, there are enough that they wouldn't have to change yours."

“Of course you want to see my old room, yea alright I’ll show you just stay close alright it’s easy to get lost here.”

"I can imagine." She held his arm as they walked. "I'd probably need a map just to find the bathroom."

“I’ll show you that later.” As Character and Esmeralda walked around the castle, seeing statues and other trinkets until they stopped in front of a door. Character opened the door and the room had a shield over a bed and a long sword next to it, other then that the room was ordinary.” Welcome to my room.”

"It looks... nice." Esmeralda gazed around. "A bit spartan. I guess you're not one for decorating a lot, huh?"

“Well this isn’t really my home Home, this is the place I became a knight so I consider this place home.” Character escorted Esmeralda to the window and pointed.” See that mansion down there that’s my actual home.”

"O-oh... another... super big building..." Esmeralda held back a frown. "You think your father is there?"

“More then likely yes, that’s our family Home, this place is the Home for our soldiers and the people we train and get off the streets.”

Es nodded. "I guess... we should go see him now, huh? It would be rude otherwise, and if your friend told him about us, he is probably waiting."

“Nah most of my friends stay and live here, there our knights guard extend family. They stay here so my father probably has no idea your coming.”

"Alright. Then should we see him now, or check somewhere else?"

“No there’s nothing much to check out, best get moving.” Character pulled Esmeralda close to him.” You’re going to be fine alright.”

"If you say so," she responded, sounding unsure. "But I said the same thing about you and my family, and look how my father reacted. But then, I guess you hadn't been lying to your parents for years like I was."

"That's true, but you will be fine now then come on our chariot awaits." Charter and Esmerelda made there way back to the court yeard were there was an actual chariot, Charter put Esmerelda on the carriage and Charter jumped on as well." To the main home my good man." The man nodded and the group left the castle.


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Jun 23, 2013
Part 3

"It is so odd, having to take a carriage because your property is so big." The longer they were there, the more intimidated Esmeralda sounded.

As they made there way to the mansion the mansion had a design of a castle but on a much smaller scale it had smaller buildings around it, the other buildings were used for the servants. Once out the carriage Esmeralda and Charter were met by a butlour." Ah master Charter it's good to see you." The man seemed to be a light Elf in his middle age." Who is this?"

"This is Esmeralda my girlfriend."

The man bowed his head. "hello madam i'm charles the head butler of the Mr Charter."

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Charles." Es did a small curtsy. "Uh... no need to butler me... u-unless you have to... or want to, or whatever."

"I feel like doing it madam, I have served this family for nearly a hundred and fifty years. I have seen most of the Men and women here grow up and become great people serving them is a pleasure."

"Oh... uh, cool!" Es looked up at Charter. "He's nice."

"That he is, is the lord warden home?"

"That he is, him and master Adam and his wife are here as well. Your mother is not home yet."

"It's fine Charles we ran into her in town, so my father and brother are here good to know." Charter looked at Esmerelda." Best swallow those butterflies."

Esmeralda let out a pained groan, holding her stomach. "I, uh... I will do my best."

"You will be fine." As they entered the home, the house was massive on the inside by the living room was there were chairs and choushes all around the room had a very elegant look to it the room was a silver color as the rays form the sun brighten the room.

"Man..." Esmeralda slowly walked along. "So, are you guys richer then Lady Havenbrook?"

"Don't know I have no idea what Miss Have Brook income is like, or what elese she has her hands in."Charter walked Esmerelda further in the home. She saw a wall of the with the family banner over it, with a table under it. Around behind the table was the kitchen, which had jars of spices and other dyed food in the bottles." This is the kitchen and the family table."

Es clapped her hands together. "Home to many a fun, respectful family meal, right? Oh, to be a fly on the wall to your dinners as a child."

"They were pretty fun back then, we would mess around A lot. Me and my brother fighting with wooden swords as well as a few business talks."

"I can picture it now." Es leaned her head against his shoulder. "I bet you were a delightful child. Not me. I used to get into all sorts of trouble."

"Well I did have a few adventures or two."

"Heh Lile when we went into the forest looking for gold." A voice came from across the room and a man with a child in his arms looked at Charter. "Har Charter diden't think you would be home so soon."

"Hay Adam great to see you, thought you be working?"

"Just got off a few hours ago, and you must be Esmerelda."

Esmeralda bowed her head. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Sir Adam."

"Great to see you two, it's nice to see you and person your much more beautiful in person then a image."

"Easy Adam is your wife near by?"

"At the moment no." Adam looked at there child. "Cassia has missed you two brother."

Charter steeped forward and looked at the baby." And I missed her to."

"So cute." Esmeralda gave the baby a delighted look. "How old are you, little one?"

The young girl look at Esmerelda." Um..i'm this many." The little girl held two fingers.

"So cute!" Esmeralda lifted her up and squeezed her. "I want one!"

"You have one growing in your stomach right now, remember."

"Ou right your pregnant Charter told us about that."

"Does that mean I won't be the only one running around here?"

"Yes Cassia that's what it meas."

Esmeralda grinned, placing the girl down. "Sir Adam, where is you father?"

"Our father is in the middle of a business mating, so he's currently busy at the moment. Thouh i'm sure he could use the detraction."

"Hum Es stay here and gain your nerve."

"Our father is in the middle of a business mating, so he's currently busy at the moment. Thouh i'm sure he could use the detraction."

"Hum Es stay here and gain your nerve."

Esmeralda slowly nodded. "Don't worry." She knelt down and ruffled the girl's hair. "I have this precious one to keep me company."

Charter left the room and made his way up stairs to his fathers study. Were he was using the same devise they used to talk last time." Now Leo if I were to give you some of my forces to help you with the giant situation down south what do I get."

"Come on Axton were talking about giants here, and I know you you will never pass up the chance to fight giants. But if your willing to help us were getting a shipment of rifles pistols and gold from stormrend, i'm willing to give you thirty percent."

"Your talking about giants my friend, you know what it takes to take them down. it will take artillery and plenty of bodes, not to mention an army to take them down, sixty percent and believe me if you go to anyone else with this they will want more then what i'm offering."

"Ugh you drive a hard bargen Axton, but because of our history I know that's as high as you'll go and I know if I go to othes with this they will charge a lot more especially a guild. Very well my friend you got a deal."

When Axton was done with his deal he turned around to see his oldest son." Charter your here?"

"Good to see you to day, I see you been busy."

"Ugh giants are moving further down Mirandia, figured I give our army a good fight."

"Heh I bet, um Esmerelda is here I brought her here to meet you."

"Ah the light Elf, who is pregnant with your child Good to hear but first come with me son I would like to talk with you." Charter fallowed his father through the house.

Esmeralda sat in the hallway a distance away, Charter's niece sitting in her lap. "So tell me, how does it feel to live in such a big house?"

"Its's amazing this plan is so big.. I get lost some times but daddy helps me."

"That I do it's a little hard to keep track of a kid with a big house."

"I used to think my house was pretty big," Es said. "Though after visiting here, my home seems as small as a doll house. You... you're very lucky."

"I would like a doll house daddy."


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Part 4

"Maybe if your good, I will get you one." Adam picked up his daughter and put her in his lap." So Charter met your family huh how did that go?"

"Um... okay. In the end, anyway." Esmeralda folded her legs together. "I had been lying to them about where I worked, and Charterpushed me to tell the truth. It almost resulted in me staying home, but Charter fought it. That, plus me being pregnant, convinced my dad to let me go back to the guild, but things have been a bit awkward now."

Adam raised his eyebrow."Why did you have to lie to your family."

Es pulled her legs close. "Because... they only let me leave because I promised to be something big. Graduate from one of the greatest colleges in the world, be a big shot. Instead, I'm... just a librarian. I love my job. I love the people I work with. I love my books. But... it isn't what I left to do..."

"Hum the gods have plans for us, and things don't always go our way. Look Es things with your family i'm sure will get better just give them some time, pluse i'm sure you will do something big."

She smiled softly. "Maybe. Maybe not. Though it is hard to imagine every being or doing anything as big as... as your brother. He... he was professionally trained. He travelled the world saving people. He has a giant home and a rich legacy. And I... I am just a librarian from an upper middle class family of florist from a semi secluded island. It's... intimidating."

“Hum Esmeralda you seen my brother enough, you’re with him every day. You see how one of his eyes are red?”

"Yeah, of course. Though I always just assumed he was born that way."

“He was though because of his size, and strength some thought he was vampire halfling.”

"Guess he had it rough, huh?" Es said.

"Yea but he rose to those that said he was a vampire, eventually he beat enough of them to shut them up. Challenge after challenge he fought them to prove his worth some thought he was adopted he shut them up too. The point is Charter rose to many challenges since he was a kid."

Esmeralda smiled. "He reallynis something special, huh?"

"That he is when he first came back home, he told us of all the monsters he slained. I truly beleve if Charter was an orpher or a vampire he would be the same person, See my brother chose to be what he is now and you can two."

Esmeralda nodded. "Alright. I'll try. First, though... gotta meet that dad of yours."

Charter returned down satires with out his father. "Charter were's dad?"

"He's busy he has one more business deal to get though today, so how have you to been."

"Daddy and Es-mer-lda have been talking."

Charter picked up Cassia."Esmeralda Cassia that's her name, heh pretty soon will have a baby of or own it feel weird."

Es rubbed her belly. "What are you hoping for?"

"Personally I would love a son, someone I teach how to handle a sword and protect people when he can."

"And someone whoncan be just as strong as his daddy?" Es added.

"Though if i'm honest I wouldn't care if we have a boy or girl, as long as we can both teach them to be good people i'm happy."

Esmeralda nodded. "Agreed."

"Well this is all very nice by let's get dinner going, Ou Charles best get some of the sheffs ready for dinner."

"As you wish sir."

"Ever had food from an amazing chief Es?"

"Only back at the Manor." Es stood up. "Though they always have to cook for so many people."

"Well prepare for a lovely dinner, I give the elves credit for as long as they live gives them ample time to master there craft. Wish I could live for three hundred years." Charter then started to hear something in the court yard. "Um honey give me a minute, I have to go to the court yard."

"U-uh... okay. But what should I do?"

Cassia pulled Esmerelda pants."Play with me."

"There you go, practice those motherly skills."

Esmeralda leaned down and took the girl's hand. "Alright. Let's go play."

Charter smiled and made his way to the court yard were he saw the warlord god. "Sorry to keep you waiting, had to make a delivery to the HaveBrooke HQ here and I also ran into my mom and some friends coming down here."

Fya'munt turned around, hammer at his side. "It is fine. I am a patient man. I have to be for some of the ones I have to train."

"And I apreicate you training me, so then who would be my first opponent."

"A warrior from long ago. One that fights with sword and shield like you." The God held out his hand. "Are you prepared?"

Charter pulled out his sword and shield and prepared himself."Ou i'm ready this should be a good learning experience for me."

The warlord expelled energy, and from the ground rose a beam of light. Out of it stepped a warrior only a few inches shorter then Charter. Their armor looked like that of an old Mirandia soldier, and the crest on their shield marked them from a period about three hundred years ago. He took a battle stance similar to Charter's own.

"Who in gods name is this guy?"

"He is a royal Knight of the Mirandia army," Fya'munt answered. "He fought valiantly in the name of this country when the vampires swarmed it from the east coast. He participated in fifteen successful battles before her succumbed to his communulative wounds, not willing to rest to heal. He earned his place among my army."

Charter bowed his head to the man. "It's an honor to meet you brave sir, I look forward to this battle, as much as anyone."

"Show me what this generation has to offer," the spectre responded, his voice echoing. He held up his shield and slowly approached.

Charter approached the man trying to figure out what he was going to do. Charter swung his sword at the man, but easily blocked it leaving him wide open for Charter to crack him with the side of his shield." That's what I have to offer, and I haven't gotten started yet."

The warrior nodded, and swiped his sword. When Charter blocked, he too got a shield to the side. The two went at it, and it was an odd fight. Blow for blow this warrior from the past matched Charter. It felt like he was fighting a mirror.

Fya'munt walked to their side as they fought. "Warriors and Fighting styles are quite diverse. On occasion, however, you will come to fight one not unlike yourself. One who implements your own style. When this happens, unless you change something, the fight will go on until one of you makes a mistake, one of you tires first, or one of you receives back up. All of these are left to chance. Never live the decision in a battle to chance. The solution? Do something he can not anticipate. You must improvise, and do something outside your usual fighting style."

Character looked at his Sheila and put it down, leaving him with only his sword.” Alright lets try this again.”

Giving Charter a perplexed look, the knight from beyond kept his shield and charged forward.

Charter waited for just the right moment until finally dodging the charging attack by moving to the side and slashing his sword on his back. "Ou I have new surprise for you."

The warrior fell to his knee for a moment. He quickly tossed his shield towards Charter before charging once more.