Hunters of Terra Dolor (Role Playing Section)


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Part 5

Charter dogged the shield, and punched the man with his galent momentary stunning the man charter quickly lunged his sword into the mans chest he then punched the man again with enough force to put his on his back. Charter then jumped in the air ready to plant his sword into the mans heart.

The warrior slowly faded away. Fya'munt walked over and placed a hand on Charter's shoulder. "Well done. Your improvisational skills need work, but you show great talent."

"I do try my best, that was a good test to get me ready for the rest of the training you have in stored for me." Charter bowed his head."Thank you for the lesson sir."

Fya'munt bowed back. "Look forward to my future visits." He opened a portal. "Until next time."

Charter nodded his head and put his sword back in it's holster and grabbed his shield and went back in side were not only did his mom returned but also Adam wife. "Ah Charter it's welcome back inside, ou take that armor off boy it's not necessary at the dinner table. Ou and go get your father." Yes mam." Charter went upstairs to get his father."Dad you still here?"

Outside the man's study stood a tall, lean man, human, stern looking, with a small pair of glasses on his face and a pair of swords tied to the waist of his Stormrend-style clothes. He eyed Charter suspiciously as he approached.

Charter looked at the man with suspension."Um dad dinner is just about ready dad?"

"Ah excellent I will be down in just a minute." Charter closed the door leaving his father with his guest. "Sorry for that my oldest boy just returned with his pregnant girlfriend."

The woman sitting before him nodded her head. "Is that so? Well, I won't take up too much of your time. My name is Sakura Mikami. I own a successful line of night clubs in Stormrend, but as of late, I've been hoping to expand beyond the country. I have already settled on a location for a nightclub in this city, and I was wondering if you'd be interested in a partnership. You would provide funding to build the building and your people would help in advertisment. In exchange, you would receive ten percent of all earning for the first five years."

"Wow a hole ten percent huh, Mrs Sakura the iron district is filled with youth and of course looking for fun but a low bar, especially when i'm spending money to build the building and guard it as well as keep people employed. If i'm going to be managing this with you a thirty percent would be a better offer."

"Steep." Sakura shrugged. "Though they did warn me you were a stern buisness man, even if you were the most desirable. But they also said you are intelligent and fair." She leaned forward. "Tell you what. Instead of thirty percent for five years, how about fifteen percent for ten years. A little riskier on your part, but the overall return would be higher, and you seem like the kind willing to take a risk or two. After all, you wouldn't be as prosperous as you are otherwise."

"Madam I was a solder long before I was a business man, and I have been in many battles. And in that time I took many risk but I had a strategy for each encounter, now as for this deal. How about a twenty percent for ten years and I throw in some trades with our liquor business as well."

Sakura sighed. "You drive a hard bargain, you really do. But if there is one man I am eager to do business, it is the great Sir Van Dam." She extended her hand. "You have a deal."

Axton shook the woman hand."Believe me there are a lot of people that wish I stayed on the field of battle then the corporate one, but i'm glad we could come to an understanding."

"I will leave you to your meal." She bowed deeply. "I will arrange all the paperwork for you to sign. Until we meet again. Come, Tien."

The pair left the man alone, walking down the hall. "That was quite the steep agreement. Are you sure it was wise?"

Sakura grinned. "Let him have the money. I have more then enough. A small price to pay for his alliance." She laughed as they made for the exit.

"Hum glad that hole ordeal is over."Axton got out of his study and saw Charter wearing some normal close." Son huh it's been a while since I've seen you with something that isn't armor plating."

"I'm trying, so what was that deal about?"

"Just getting a small deal for entertainment in the district, give people something to work off the stress."

"Hope you know what your doing?"

"Charter I've been in this game for years, it's fine now I believe I finaly get to meet this girlfriend of your in person. I take she's nervous?"

"Ou you have no idea, best get this over with?"

"In deed I've been dying to meet the women that stole my sons heart."

Charter and his father made there way down stares.

In the dinning room, Esmeralda waited patiently for dinner to be served. She chatted casually with Adam's wife. "Charter is the same way! So dedicated, sometimes to a fault, you know?"

"I completely understand, Adam is just so gun ho being so dedicated to his work always wanting to fight monsters."

"It's in the family ladies, not sure why the men in this family are just so dedacted to fighting monsters?"

"It's in our blood dear." Axton and Charter come down the stares." And from what Charter told me Elma may not be the same way but she's getting better with her magic."

"O-oh, yeah, so much bdtter!" Es said from underneath the table. "Y-you would be soooo proud of her!"

"I would hope so, I wanted her to be a witch not a hunter. But by the sounds of it she's growing into one." Axton looked at Esmerelda who is hiding under the tale." Charter would you mind fishing your girlfriend out of the table.'

"Right." Charter knelt down and looked at Esmeralda. "What are you doing?"

"I dropped a... spoon. Um... f-found it." She slowly sat back in her chair and pretended to put a spoon down. "H-hello, Mr. Sir Knight Van Dam... sir."

"Greetings young lady, I see my son despite always fighting monsters seemed to find a very gorgeous women."

Esmeralda played with a strand of hair. "Th-thank you, sir. And, um... I-I see where Charter... gets his good looks from. Was that too much? I'm sorry!"

Relax young lady there's no need to be nervous, i'm not going to interrogate you or anything I simply want to see you."


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Part 6

Esmeralda nodded. "I'm okay. S-sorry. It is... ever so much a pleasure to meet you. Th-thank you for having me over."

"It's good to meet you, now from what my son told us you have a very interesting mind. He told me that you can memorize anything your read with no trouble?"

Es scratched her cheek nervously. "I, uh... yeah, that's true. Kinda weird, huh?"

"What most call weird I would call a talent, it's an amazing gift to be able to remember things that you read is an amazing ability."

"Well, it does come in handy for my job," Esmeralda said, sounding a bit more relaxed.

"I would say Charter told me that your a librarian, you must be very handy to this Mrs HaveBrook." The chief and the staff came out with trays of food.

"Hello ladies and gentlemen, today we have made the Chaliapin steakdon witch is a boil of rice with a rear steak on the top of it, enjoy."

"I also work as the guild's accountant and book... kee... per..." Esmeralda's eyes widened. "This looks... amazing!" She deeply inhaled. "Oh, it smells heavenly..."

"Please dig in this is also Charter's favorite."

"Ou the meat is so tinder and the rice is amazing, I have truly missed having this." Charter grabbed his chop sticks and started digging in.

"Oh, you eat... Stormrend style... heh heh..." Esmeralda's shaky hands lifted a pair of chopsticks. Awkwardly trying to hold them like the others, she struggled to take a bite.

Eva having no trouble with the chop sticks looked at Esmeralda.” Esmeralda you can is a fork if you want to.”

"B-but..." Es grunted in frustration. "Everyone is... using these sticks, and... I don't want to be rude. Got it!" She looked at the steak in between her chopsticks triumphantly, at least until it slipped out and plopped back into her bowl. Hanging her head in shame, she slowly picked up a fork.

Character patted her back.” It took me a while to eat with chopsticks, don’t worry you’ll get the hang of it.”

Esmeralda smiled. "Thank you." She took a bite, and felt like she could melt into her chair. "Mmm... it is sooooooo delightful."

“Isn’t the meat is so tinder and juicy and the rice is superb. Man Stormrend nailed this dish.”

"I would love to visit there some day and try all they have to offer." Es grinned at Charter. "You're so lucky you get to travel so much."

“He traveled because he wanted to.” Axton said” personal I would have had him lead the legion, but he wanted to be a mercenary. I agreed if he continued to help others and not just for money.”

"And now it is his job," Es added with a big smile. "Such a good man."

“Yes from Mirandia to Themosa, Neren’teva and Elluviana. My boy has saved protected people that needed him, and hunted those that threaten them.”

Eva put her hands together.” He’s become the hero he’s always read about.”

"Yes." Esmeralda stuffed some rice into her mouth and mumbled, "He could have any girl he wants..."

“He could.” Adam chimed in.” Ou during our training there were countless women that practically threw themselves at him, but he didn’t budge.”

“My training was more important to me and still is.”

Es lowered her head a bit, taking another small bite in silence.

Character wrapped his arm around Esmeralda grabbing her hip.” But then I found a guild that fit with what I stood for, and stayed for a long period of time and allowed myself to fall in love.”

She leaned her head against his shoulder. "Forever and always, right?"

“Forever And always.” Character leaned his head against Esmeralda.”

“Aw how cute, remember when we were like that Adam.”

“Still are just with our kid now.”

"And soon we'll be the same," Esmeralda said cheerfully.

“Hum Tell me Esmeralda what is your family like? Character diden’t mention a word of them.”

"Oh, they are the perfect family." Esmeralda shrugged. "I mean... mom is always sick, and dad is strict, and my brother is over protective, and my little sister is super shy, and my other sister is always taking the medicine that smells a little funny... But other then that, perfect!"

Axton looked to Charter for support. "There an odd bunch of people, but there great. I visited them about a month ago, there a good bunch of people."

"My family owns a successful florist company." Es laughed nervously. "It is... nothing compared to this. If... i-if your business is a valiant knight, my family's business is a school crossing guard, but... I don't know, they make enough to be comfortable."

Axton rubs his beard.” Hum perhaps I could help them out a little bit, I could see about helping them since there daughter is pretty much hopefully will marry my son so I could help them.”

"Oh, um... h-hello them how? Because my father would reject anything he saw as charity."

“We’re going to be family at some point, it’s not charity it’s me just helping out is all dear.”

Es nodded. "I will give you his number later."

“That would be splendid,in the meantime Character why not show young Esmeralda around the house.”

Character put his chopsticks down as he finished his food.” Um you sure dad?”

“Of course I mean how often is it this young lady sees a mansion outside of a guild house?”

“Um right.” Character stood up.” Come on Es I’ll show you the rest of the place.”

Esmeralda stood up, placed her hands together, and did a short bow. "Thank you for the meal." She took Charter's arm and walked out with him. "Everything Okay? You didn't sound like you thought a tour was a good idea."

"Don't get me wrong it is, more impotently have to show you were the bathroom is Then finally my room."

Esmeralda giggled. "I guess, for the two of us... those are the most important places."

"Yes my bedroom, ugh boy I wonder how your going to react to it." Charter escorted Esmerelda around the house showing her the bathroom, courtyard pool, and the various rooms around the house. Until they reaches a particular door."Right this is my room the part i'm sure you've been waiting for."

Es raised an eyebrow. "You're not going to open it to reveal a torture room, are you? Otherwise, I'm not sure why you are so worried about me seeing where you sleep."

"You forget that this was my room for several years, and that I nerve showed girls my room." Charter opened hos door and in the room was a queen sized mattress with the same shield that was in the barracks however there was a sword in the side of the room that Es never seen before, as well as a few extra decorations such as posters action figures of knights and a few bord games." I realy need to change this place."

"Oh, but it is so cute!" Esmeralda crouched down to look at the action figures. "It's like... a time capsule of your childhood!"

"You see why I don't mention it much, if any other girl saw this they would with out a doubt laugh."

She gave him a sad look. "Why would they laugh? Did they not have a childhood?" She glanced to the side. "Besides, you have cool toys and an awesome sword. That used to belong to an epic warrior or something?"

Charter went to the sword and picked it up." You could say that, it's a replica of my great grandfathers. Back when Marida was a bit more dangerous then it is now."

Esmeralda slipped onto the bed. "What did he use it for? To take out dozens of bandits? Slay a great demon? Protect an entire village from a monster attack?"

"Out side of the demon yes, he was a great hero and my father was learned from him and me from him." Charter put the sword back to the side, and sat next to Esmeralda."I've come a long way since those days."

"You had a privileged life, and yet you are still kind, chivalrous, and honest. You should be proud."

"I try to be." Charter wrapped his arm around Esmerelda." You know me and this bed been through a lot I figured I would eventually lose my virginity here."

"Did you?" Es asked, momentarily uncomfortable sitting on the bed.

"Relax Es it's fine, I said I thought I would it doesn't matter now. Am I making you uncomfortable?"

"No, no, of course not." Es laughed. "I'm just always surprised I was your first."

"Well believe it, like I said I didn't rely cared for sex back then I was focused on helping who I can."

"Were you disappointed I wasn't... you, know... not as new to it as you?" Es asked.

"No Es i'm not disappointed at all, I figured most girls my age aren't virgins. But that doesn't matter now I'm with you now." Charter kissed Esmeralda cheek.

Es leaned against him. "I love you... Sir Knight."

"I love you two." Charter kissed the top of Esmeralda head." Hay why don't we have a little bit of fun, it's going to be a while before we have sex again so want to do it this time?"

Es giggled. "Guess you will get laid in this bed after all, huh?"

Charter kissed Esmeralda and gently layed her on her back. "I will try and be as genital as possible for the kids sake, don't want to startle it after all."


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Operation Inferno Blood
Part One

Havenbrook Manor/Guildhouse
August 20th 3349
3:12 PM

Terra nervously walked up to the door of the Guildleader's office. She had never been this far away from the medical wing before and she didn't know what to expect... or why she was summoned to begin with. Shivering slightly, the young Thrope knocked softly on the door.

"Is that you, Terra?" Mina called out. "Please, come in."

Terra slowly opened the door to the office. "You wanted to see me?" The slave girl asked cautiously.

"Yes, please, come in?" Mina leaned against her desk. "Take a seat. Tell me how you've been."

Terra sat down in the chair closet to her. "I've been getting better."

"Think you're ready to move about regularly?" Mina asked.

"I guess..." The fox girl muttered. "Why do you ask?"

"Well... before that..." Mina grabbed a box off the desk and offered it to Terra. "For you, from Edminfar."

The Thrope child took the box offered to her. With a slight bit of hesitation, she opened the box. It was a hand, or at least an artificial one. While obviously a fake, care had been taken to make it look real from a distance, even matching her skin tone. Terra slowly unwrapped her stub before placing the hand on top of it to see if she could figure out how to attach it by herself.

There was a somewhat disturbing feeling of something alive pushing into her skin, though it wasn't painful. As the symbiote wiggled around, Terra felt an ever so slight shift of magic, a bit more going towards her arm. The sensation of movement ended, and Mina leaned forward, securing the strap around Terra's wrist. "Try and move it. And don't get frustrated if it is hard at first. The idea isn't to force It, but to do it subtly like it was your own hand."

Terra struggled a bit to get it to move, but it worked better than most on their first try. She managed to open and close her new hand and move the wrist a little. She looked up at Mina. "Tell him I said thank you."

"I will." Mina sighed. "With... that out of the way..."

"Yes?" Terra asked nervously.

"Well... I was hoping you might want to pay us back for that hand," Mina stated. "Something... a bit dangerous."

"What would that be?" The young girl inquired.

Mina stepped around the desk. "I need you to retrieve something for me. Note that this isn't exactly the most legit of missions. I wish to ask you because you're so new, and no one outside the guild would recognize you, and yet despite being so new, you're pretty strong already."

"What is it you need me to retrieve?"

Mina folded her arms, looking more serious. "Not many here know This, but recently we were sent into Mirandia on an unofficial mission to kill some escaped Chimera from Fairaven. They failed to worn us one of the Chimera was built around a dragon. Now, a former employee has informed us that they used a scale up to make it, but they still have a vial of blood they could potentially use."

"And... you want to get that vial?" The girl concluded.

"I'm afraid Fairaven can not be trusted with it." The guild leader slowly shook her head. "Who knows what they could make if their experiments start up again. And if they do, we could be dragged down with them for previously helping them. I need you to go to Fairaven, infiltrate the Institute of Magic, and find that blood. Bring it back if possible, destroy it if necessary."

"Okay... I'll do that." Terra smiled lightly. "I have to repay you somehow."

Mina was caught a little off guard. "I wasn't expecting you to agree so quickly. It will be dangerous, you know? Plus it will have to be a solo job. Fairaven is very strict on letting foreign Hunters cross their border. Are you sure you are up for it?"

"I have to." Terra replied encouragingly. "It's the only way I can repay you for all of your generosity."

Mina smiled. "Well, you're a brave one, I'll tell you that." She reached into her desk and pulled out a train ticket. "Do you mind traveling alone, or should someone escort you?"

"I'd prefer someone to make sure I don't get lost." Terra responded.

"Understood. I will send Eraqus with you." Mina handed the ticket to Terra. "He'll fill you in on the details on the way there. All your arrangements will be taken care of ahead of time. Just prepare yourself, and you'll leave right away."

"Okay." Terra muttered as she stood up. "I can't wait to meet Eraqus. Is he nice?"

"He can be a bit rough around the edges," Mina admitted. "But he is a good man, and good company once you get to know him. I've known him for over twenty years and I trust him above all else to get you in and out safely."

The Thrope child nodded and turned towards the door. "See you when I get back then."

"Good luck." Mina watched her go, silently hoping she was making the right decision.

Twenty-five four hours later, Terra sat in the passenger section of train. It wasn't the fancier part the Hunters usually travelled in. It would look suspicious if they'd been travelling in luxury.

Eraqus took a seat across from her, handing her a glass of water. "There you go. Fresh and cold from the dining car."

Terra cautiously took the cup from him. If she had known that Eraqus was an Elf, she wouldn't had been as thrilled to meet him... as her fear of the race still loomed over her judgement. She examined the water briefly before nervously taking a sip.

Eraqus chuckled lightly. "Don't worry, I won't poison you. I don't blame you for being cautious though. I've... heard about what you went through."

"You have?" Terra asked nervously.

"Lady Havenbrook filled me in." The Elf folded his hands and leaned forward. "I'm not going to pretend that growing up as a street orphan treated bad by rich folk is nearly as bad as being a slave who gets a hand chopped off as a form of punishment. But I have an idea what it is like to be treated like less then nothing. No one is going to do that to you in this guild. Though if someone does, just let me know. I'll put them in their place."

"Okay..." Terra looked out the window briefly. "Is there already an entrance I can use... or do I have to make one?"

"You have a contact in the capital that will lead you to the institute," Eraqus explained. "He'll give you the full details. Unfortunately, I can only guide you there. It would look suspicious if we were seen together. I'm only okay going in myself because I'm originally from Fairaven. As far as how you get in, I believe you'll be making your own entrance."

"Good to know." The slave girl muttered. "Are we almost there?"

"Should be there in another twelve hours." Eraqus sighed and leaned back. "We'll want to get some sleep before we arrive. If you want, though, I'll stay awake so no one bothers you or anything."

"It's fine." Terra leaned against the window and yawned. "I'm a heavy sleeper anyway."

Eraqus smiled. "It's good to be on a mission with you."

Terra feel asleep before she could think of anything to say back to him. The young child was so innocent looking, even with her many scars and wounds. For a second, she looked like a normal child that hadn't suffered what she had suffered.

Eraqus watched her with a sad look, thinking of all the prejudices he grew up with. Light Elves. Thropes. Even Ophidians. It all seemed pointless now. With a shake of the head, he closed his own eyes, trying to get at least a little sleep.

The next day, the pair was standing in line to get into the capital. Without looking at her, Eraqus softly said, "Just act natural and you'll be fine, okay?"

"Okay..." Terra replied, still slightly nervous.

Eraqus followed his own advice, getting through rather smoothly. "Next," the guard stated, holding out his hand for Terra's identification, as provided by Mina.

Terra shook a little as she handed him her identification.

"Hmm... Tina Bradford," the man read. "Reason for your visit?"

"I have friends in town who wanted to see me... I'm here to visit with them." Terra replied, trying her best not to panic.

"Is that right?" The man looked her up and down. "Uh... cat Thrope?"

"Yes..." The Thrope girl answered, assuming that it was the race that Mina had put on the ID.

"Hmph..." The man handed the ID back to her, but had a suspicious look in his eye. "You got any foreign animals or plants? Any weapons?"

"Does... umm... this count as a weapon?" Terra held up the chain shackled to her wrist. "Because if not the answer is no."

The guard leaned down and removed his sunglasses. "Ma'am... why do you have a chain on your wrist?"

"My father is a blacksmith... and he needed help with some measurements." Terra answered, hoping the bluff would work. "I forgot to ask him to remove it before I left."

"Forgot to ask..." The man gave her a disbelieving look. "Ma'am..." He stood up slowly. "I'm going to have to ask you to step to the side."
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Operation Inferno Blood
Part Two

"Tina!" A portly, medium height man in his early thirties ran over. He stopped and hunched over, out of breath. "Need to... go back on... diet." He had light brown skin. His somewhat bulbous, black nose and big, floppy ears marked him as some kind of Dog Thrope, likely a Bloodhound. "Tina... there you are. We were expecting you yesterday! Had a big party and everything. What happened?"

"The train was delayed due to a oil leak." Terra answered, acting like she knew who she was talking to. "We had to wait a few stops back for them to fix it."

"Well now, I guess you can't stop that." He grabbed her hand and started pulling her along. "Come on! The party will just be less of a surprise."

"Excuse me!" The guard cried out. "I was not finished..."

"You can flirt with some other girl!" the stranger yelled back. This got the guard several looks, and he fell silent. Once they were out of earshot, the dog man said, "Surprised that actually worked."

"Are you the one that is here to help me?" Terra asked, a little nervousness in her tone.

"Huh?" The dog Thrope laughed as they got away from the crowd. "Of course not! I'm just kidnapping you to sell on the black market. Couldn't have the guards snatching you up first."

"Ummm..." Terra began to shake uncontrollably at the remark, looking like she was about to break down from anxiety.

The man looked back, and they slowed to a walked. "Hey, kid, I was kidding. I'm your guy, alright? Lady Havenbrook's contact."

"O-o-okay." The slave girl muttered, starting to calm down a little.

The hound led the fox to a small cart, helping her inside and signalling for the driver to drive off. "Seriously though... what's with the chain?"

"It's my weapon." The Thrope child answered. "And even if it wasn't... it doesn't exactly come off."

"Well, I'm sure we could get it off if we really tried, but suit yourself." The cart started moving, and the Hound Thrope wiped his forward. "Your name is Terra, right? I am one of Lady Havenbrook's contacts in this country. A woman like her has to have a few everywhere, especially in a somewhat closed off country like this."

"Okay..." Terra muttered. "I was told I'm here to retrieve something... do you know where it is?"

"Still locked away at the Fairaven Institute." The man smiled. "Not going to be easy. Can you fight?"

"I don't know..." The fox Thrope answered, looking down. "I've only ever fought once... but during that fight I killed ten well trained Hunters. I'm not sure if I can do that again though."

"Well, the goal isn't to kill anyone, though fighting might be needed." As the pair made their way down the well paved road, the dog man kept his voice down just in case the wrong person was passed at the wrong time. "I was told you have some pretty good destructive powers. Me and my associates are gonna make a distraction at the front of the building. While we do, you'll bust in the back where we think the blood would be held. You read Elvish?"

Terra shook her head. "We weren't allowed to read... I was lucky that my father taught me Doloran."

"I see. Well, perhaps you can learn now that you're free. You're still young, so it should be easier. In the meantime..." The man wrote a couple words on a slip of paper and handed it over. "This word means blood, and this one this one samples. It should be how the container or cold box or whatever is labelled. These two words mean 'dragon blood'. If you have to, destroy all the blood samples. You know, if you need a quick escape. But it would be a waste if you didn't at least try and find it and bring it back."

"Okay." Terra nodded her head. "I'll try to get it."

The man raised an eyebrow. "That's it? No questions? Concerns? Comments? Lady Havenbrook said you were the same when..." He paused, and slowly nodded his head. "Yes, I see. This is a slave thing, isn't it. You're used to following orders and doing what your told, since even a small question would mean a lashing, right?"

"Yeah..." a tear formed in Terra's eye. "Being rebellious lost me a hand and my father... and I don't want that to happen again."

"Well, I'd say the guy that took your hand and killed your father is more responsible." The man leaned forward. "You're not a slave anymore. Not in Serasam. Not even here. Second class citizen, maybe, but not a slave. So, please... if you have anything to say, please do. I'm not going to get mad, and I'm not going to take your other hand. Tell me your worried, give me a suggestion, tell me this plan sucks. It doesn't matter. But I need to know you are ready, and willing, before we begin. Alright?" He took her chin and turned her head to look at him. "If a little fox can't trust a bloodhound, who an she trust?" he said with a chuckle.

"Well..." Terra thought for a moment. "Depending on what the walls are made of... I could enter the Institute from basically anywhere. Which could make it a little harder from them to figure out where I am... if I pull it off correctly."

"Ah... I see." The Thrope steepled his fingers. "So... you propose entering away from the lab, then heading there while the guards investigate where you came in. That sounds like a good idea."

"Ummm... I didn't mean anywhere anywhere." Terra replied nervously. "I still have to be by the lab, but the walls can be doors to me if their earthen material of some kind."

"Hmm..." Her traveling partner pulled out a schematic. It was a bit dated, and there were several notes denoting changes. "Here is the lab were the most important samples are kept," he said, pointing it out. "Now... down the hall is an animal testing lab. If we go in late, it should be empty of any workers. So, you can break in here, and all you have to do is make a run down the hall. It is only a short distance, but in the confusion, it could buy you several precious minutes."

The fox girl nodded. "It shouldn't be too hard then."

'So... we have a plan?" he asked, holding out his hand.

"Yeah..." Terra replied, not sure how to respond to outstretch hand.

He chuckled. "Sign of respect, camaraderie, companionship, and/or friendship. Simply take my hand and lightly shake up and down."

Shaking nervously, the small fox took the man's hand with her own and shook it lightly. "Like that?"

"Just like that," he confirmed with a wide smile.


Hours later, long after the Institute of Magic had quieted down for the day, Terra sat in a bush just outside the grounds. She wore a skin tight set of pitch black clothing, as well as a tight mask with only her eyes exposed. It was light, feeling like she was wearing nothing at all, leading room for maximum movement, and made her hard to see in the shadows. She had even been provided with a pair of goggles to were in order to hide the natural reflective nature of her eye.

At the point, the distraction was being set up. Terra now had a few minutes to make it past the guards and make her way to the wall ahead of her.

Using the shadow of the wall as cover, Terra darted for the location where they said she would be able to get in.

It was a close one. One of the guards happened to turn towards her as she ran past, but he only spotted her out the corner of his eye. When he looked to see if someone was there, she was already practically at the wall.

It was a matter of memory now. An animal testing lab. Where was the outer wall for that? As she contemplated that, she heard it. A tremendous explosion went off at the front of the building. It was strong, strong enough that the shockwave knocked the nearby guards off their feet, though Terra was protected by the building itself.

Terra place one hand on the wall, using her magic to feel for the hollow portions while using her better than average fox hearing to listen in from the other side.

It was hard to listen for people. There were a number of animals making plenty of noise. She listened for something slightly less panicked and picked up on two figures, likely Elves, who quickly ran out of the room.

Hoping the two were the only ones in the room, the fox girl focused her magic onto the wall. The stone material began to slack and deform as she softened it to the same density of sand. When the deformed portion of the wall was large enough, Terra walked through the wall, peeking her head out of it slightly to make sure no one was there.

There was no one within, at least not any people. The walls were lined with animals of all types, including several monkeys and apes, cats, dogs, birds, and even a couple of very displeased wolves.

Terra tried her best not to think about the caged animals around her as she made her way to the door.

"Hey, you!" Someone yelled after she stepped into the hall.


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Operation Inferno Blood
Part Three

The moment she heard the person's voice, Terra darted for the next door down the hall, where the samples were supposedly being kept. She swung the door open and quickly slammed it shut behind her. With little time to think, Terra locked the door and used her magic to forge the lock into the wall.

When she turned, there was a very surprised lab tech staring wide eyed at her, his hands filled with documents he was evidently trying to take out of there. "Uuuuuh..."

Before the lab tech could say or do anything, Terra tripped him with her chain and slammed his head into the desk next to him. When she was certain he was out cold, at least for a few hours, the fox Thrope looked around for the vials that she was looking for.

There were a number of containers, so many there would be no way of knowing where to look had she not been told what to look for. It took her a minute, reading a foreign language not the easiest thing to do under stress. She soon found the cold box labelled for blood samples, however, and opened it to find dozens and dozens of samples.

"She ran that way!" She heard the tech from before yell outside of the room.

Having taken the time to memorize the writing for Dragon blood, Terra hastily looked for the vial that had the matching label to the words given to her.

She couldn't find it among the smaller sample sizes. It took another minute, but she finally found it. The Institute had more then they thought, six medium sized vials in total, while Terra had only been given a small case which could fit two.

Terra quickly destroyed five of the vials, and led the last one in hand as the darted into hiding so she could figure out how to get out.

A minute later, four guards rushed in. The eyed the down tech and the destroyed vials. "You, keep searching," one of them said to three guards outside. The four remaining fanned out, slowly searching the room.

Terra made her way to the closest wall to her. Unfortunately, she had no time for subtlety, stabbing the wall with her chain instead of placing her palm on it. She quickly pulled her chain back, tearing a large hole in the wall for her to jump through and continue running.

The guards quickly took off after her. "Stop her!" Two more guards in the back of the building ran to get in her way.

The Thrope charged the men, taking advantage of her abnormal strength to run right through the two guards.

They went flying, crashing to the sides with a thud. One of the four remaining extended his hand, and a pillar of earth rose up to block Terra's path.

Being an earth mage herself, Terra merely ran through the pillar, the creation shattering against her small body without harming her.

Most of the guards could not match her speed, but one, a Light Elf, started to gain on her. As he did, explosions of water went off around her, getting closer and closer as the seconds passed.

Realizing that she couldn't run any longer, Terra attached her chain to one of walls. With a swift and strong pull, the portion of the wall was ripped out as the young Thrope turned around... swing the large stone segment at the Elf getting closer to her.

He held out his hands, forming a water shield at the last moment. The segment of the wall popped his shield and sent him flying back. He crashed into the other pursuers, toppling them to the ground.

With that, Terra continued down the courtyard trying to find a place where she could safely escape.

It was a straight shot out of the streets, the guards to injured or busy to pursue. She couldn't stop, however. She might have blended into shadows but she stood out in the light. She was only a couple blocks from the meeting place.

Ahead, from an alley, a Light Elf dressed similarly to her poked her head out. "Here, Terra! This way!"

Terra rushed over to the Light Elf woman. The young girl entered the alley and held up the vial. "I got one... had to destroy the others though."

She was led into the alley. There were three other people waiting, all Light Elves. Near the back, there was what looked like the man who had greeted her, but he was obscured by shadows. "Quickly, give me the vial," the woman said.

"I'd rather be the one to give it to Lady Havenbrook." The fox girl answered. "B-but thank you for the offer."

"We have easier means of sneaking it past the border. They will search you as you leave. Please, give it to me." She stepped forward, hand outstretched. Another Light Elf stepped behind Terra, between her and the exit.

"No, it's fine really." Terra said. "I can deliver it without your help."

The woman looked up at the man behind Terra. "Do it." The girl could here him lifting something.

The man felt something wrap around his leg, before a sharp pain shot through the soft spot behind his knee. With a tug, his leg was moved out from under him, revealing the chain wrapped around it. The links led straight back to Terra, even though she wasn't touching it. "Do what?" She asked innocently.

"Kill her!" He cried out in intense pain. The other two in the back rushed to the sides to hit her with a pincer attack while the female tossed a dagger at Terra's head.

Terra moved her head to the side to avoid the dagger. The chain moved to deflect the attack from the man in front of her.

The two on the side got close, swinging swords intent on a smooth decapitation.

The fox child rolled out of the way and jumped over the woman. She eyed the vial in her hand before pulling off the cork.

Everyone stopped, the woman holding out her hands. "Don't! Please... What do you want?"

Terra didn't even try to negotiate. Instead she down the vial of blood. Perhaps her being tested would be better than not having something to being back the sample.

An intense pain rushed through her. Her belly felt like it was on fire. She collapsed to her knees, sure she would explode at any moment.

"Take her," one of the Light Elves said. Terra's vision faded in and out, her body not able to move. She could hear, though. Hear the shuffling of feet. Hear a somewhat familiar voice yell. Hear weapons clash and blood spill. When it was over, a lone pair of footsteps approached her.

Terra tried her best to focus on whoever was approaching her. "Terra." Eraqus knelt down, taking one of her hands. "What did they do to you? Can you move?"

"Nothing..." Terra barely muttered. "I... did this... to myself."

She felt herself lifted into his arms. As she was carried away, she briefly saw the dog Thrope from earlier in the day. There was no way he was alive with those wounds. "What do you mean, Terra? What did you do?"

"They had me surrounded..." Terra replied weakly. "I had to secure the blood... so I drank it."

"You... probably shouldn't have done that. Don't worry. I'" His voice faded away as she drifted off, unsure if she was falling asleep or dying.

A known amount of time later, the world started to come back into focus. She was laying on a chair on a train, the car bouncing up and down as it went along. Moisture rolled down her cheek, and she realized there was a cold, wet rag on her forehead.

Terra slowly turned her head, trying to figure out who and what around her.

"Hey." Eraqus smiled from the next seat over. "Welcome back. I'm glad to see you in the land of the living."

"Wh...what... happened..."

Eraqus side. "A terrorist cell, but of Light Elves looking to do something good like push for better treatment the wrong way, found out about our plans thanks to a mole. They ambushed your contact, tortured your location out of him, and tried to get the vial of blood from you. You... drank it to stop them."

"And... after that?" Terra inquired further.

"I got lucky, discovering the mole," Eraqus answered. "Once I did, I knew you would be in trouble. I made it there before they should take you and, um... a-and took care of them." He took in a long breath. "I'm not going to lie to you. You're doing better now, even if you are still burning up and probably feel week. But the doctor said... you should be dead. He has no idea how you survived."

"What's going to happen to me now?" Though she spoke weakly, concern was still evident in her voice.

She was given an encouraging smile, Eraqus placing a hand on her head. "I had to wait a few days for your fever to go down and your skin to regain some color, but we were able to get you on a train home. We'll be out of Fairaven in the next hour. Once we get home, I'm sure the head of our labs can fix you right up."

"Okay..." Terra tried her best to return the smile.

Eraqus leaned back. "Try to get some sleep. It is the least you deserve after a successful mission. Trust me to take care of you."

"Thank you..." Terra slowly dozed off as she spoke.


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Frostlich1228 & ZombieSlayer53
The Tale of Two Dreamers
Part One

Magdalene stood in the library, looking at the ancient page she had read, resting comfortably in a sealed glass case. The rest of the area was empty except for her and The Sheep silently contemplated to herself about what she had learned about it.

Suddenly, a familar, dark voice spoke to her from behind, however now when she heard it, it seemed to have a caring, gentle feeling to it. "Well, sweet Magdalene. What are you thinking?"

The Farmgirl turned, suprised to see her partner before something occured to her. "Baphomet? This is a dream then...?"

"Yes. Your dreams are so real, sometimes it's difficult to distinguish between our worlds."
He agreed, looming over her in his true form before crouching down.

"I have to ask... How come when I put myself to sleep I instantly know it's a dream? But when I fall asleep normally, takes some time?" Mags inquired to her friend.

"Simple. It is because you know you are going to be asleep and dreaming. Your cognition adjusts to the dream instantly because it is expected. However, it is hard to expect when one falls asleep naturally, your mind merely shuts off at random."

"I... I guess that makes sense." She said, looking back towards the page. "I was thinking about what the shopkeeper and his grandson said... About this page... About The Dreamer... Melanae..."

"I have not heard of such a figure in my lifetime... Nor have I witnessed my Mistress discuss it, albiet most likely due to the short time I spend with her. I... Suppose you could ask her yourself..."
Baphomet suggested.

"I could? I... I guess I could... We just have to call her right? Out in the Raw Dreamscape?" The Thrope girl looked back.

"Perhaps even easier than that... Now that My Mistress has regained control of the Dreamscape and now that you have grown a bond with her, it is likely we can summon her here from here inside your dream." He advised, bringing himself closer to his charge. "Go ahead... Call her... I will amplify your call, creating a beacon of sorts..."

"Right, okay." The Young girl agreed, gathering energy in her before releasing in with her voice. "Methos! M-My Lady! I need your help!"

There was only silence for a while. Then, a oval vortex of energy formed. The patron goddess of this world stepped out, looking worried. "Dear? Are you okay?"

"You came! I... Wasn't sure you would..." The Bard said shyly, smiling up at her.

"Of course I did. I..." Methos looked around. "Is everything okay? It sounded urgent."

"I need your help... Well, we all do. There's a Vampire threatening all of us by the name of Alice." Mags explained, walking towards her slowly. "I... Want to get stronger... I found a special page that taught me how to switch places with Baphomet, the person we bought it from said it was written by The Dreamer, a woman named Melanae who lived hundreds of years ago... Do you... know who that is?"

Methos' expression turned to one of sadness. "Melanae. That is a name I have... not heard in a long time ago."

"She was a friend of yours... I'm sorry..." Magdalene felt instantly guilty for bringing it up.

"No, no." Methos held out her hands, two large, round pillows appearing. "Please... have a seat."

Accepting the pillow, The Sheep placed herself down into it gently, looking at the Goddess. Methos still radiated with an Ethereal beauty she had never seen before, almost mesmerizing Mags; like a priceless work of art one must stay at a distance of or risk ruining.

"Melanae... was a dear friend of mine," Methos admitted. "Long ago, her passion for learning everything about sleep and dreams brought her to my side. She was a powerful woman. And you remind me of her in your kindness. She even had her own Divergent Nightgaunt."

"That would explain the Nightgaunt 'Language' on the page as well as why she had such a spell in the first place." Baphomet reasoned, walking up beside Mags.

"The Page we found was from her journal. Did she... Ever show it to you?" Magdalene asked hesitantly, trying to be careful of Methos' feeling, seeing her, at least for a moment, as just a friend, not a goddess.

Methos thought on the question. "At times, she did. To go over some spells and such. We were close, and we valued each other's opinions. But the inner workings of it were a secret. It was a journal, after all."

"And... Umm... You wouldn't happen to know where the pages have ended up after all these years, would you?" The Sheep asked hopefully.

Methos slowly shook her head. "I can likely find a few of them. But many more are scattered. If you wish to find them, it would not be easy." She smiled lightly. "Although..."

"What is it?" Mags leaned forward slightly.

"Maybe you could find them easier... If we worked together?" Methos suggested.

"Worked together? W-Would you really be willing to work with... Me? You're..." She trailed off, the offer catching the Farmgirl off guard.

"A goddess?" Methos sighed. "I suppose you have every reason to think like that."

"No no! I'm just... I'm sorry! It's just..." Mags held her hands out as she spoke, stopping herself to think. "I guess part of me is still not used to all this... It's going to be hard, but... Maybe I should just stop thinking about you as a goddess..."

Methos nodded. "I have a confession of sorts, if you would hear me out."

"O-of course. Please go ahead..." Mags nodded slightly.

"She and I were... very close. And when she died..." Methos closed her eyes. "I-I lost it. She was sacrificed as a dark witch in some archaic ritual. Her interest in Nightguants had everyone claiming she was trying to summon demons. But I knew the truth. Some people wanted her gone, and they whispered in enough ears. She was my... my only friend at the time."

"That's terrible! I... I know how evil people can be..." The Sheep attempted to comfort, her in empathetic instinct kicking in. "What about your family...? Don't you have a Son? Destani?"

Methos smiled softly. "Destani is sweet. He is a good son. But his father needs him, and he has his own life. He doesn't visit much. I... I am mostly alone. And when Melanae died, I didn't even have the Golden Hind you met with me. I was alone. It... It drove me to a dark place."

"Working with the goddess of Darkness..." Baphomet confirmed, having been mostly sitting and just listening up until that point.

Magdalene saddened, "That's... No one should be that alone..."

After a moment to think, The Sheep walked directly in front of the Goddess of Dreams, looking up at her. "No one should be that alone..."


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The Tale of Two Dreamers
Part Two

Methos slowly shook her head. "Still, what I do was so, so wrong. To plunge the world into such chaos. Worse still, I dragged poor Eso into my plan."

"The Moon Goddess? You were... You were sad, you weren't thinking straight... You shouldn't blame yourself..." Maggie said, placing a hand on Methos' shoulder.

"Hmm..." Methos smiled at her. "You really do remind me of her, you know?"

"Who?" Mags tilted her head.

"Melanae." Baphomet clarified.

"I... I do?"

"So much." Methos clasped Mags' hands. "So what do you say? Want to be my partner in the search for those pages?"

Mags found herself staring into Methos' eyes which were deep and black, like portals to far off worlds. The Sheep nodded without thinking, even blushing slightly as the goddess gripped her hands. "Uh huh... I'd love to work with you..."

Methos leaned forward. "And from this day forth... we can be like true friends?"

Magdalene frowned slightly, seeming slightly dissatisfied by her words, but not truly understanding why. "Yeah, I'd... I'd like that... Friends..."

"Oh, joyiousness! It has been so long since I had a mortal friend!" Methos bounced their hands up and down. "We shall become so close!"

However, before Mags could speak, Baphomet stepped forward. "Magdalene... You find my Mistress beautiful, don't you? But beyond approach due to her status."

The Sheep looked over, becoming flustered. "B-Baphomet! I-I..."

"It's the same as with Zulik. Only you see yourself as small and insignificant. Instead of lowering them to your perceived status, raise yourself to thiers. You are a Hunter of Havenbrook, you have defeated Monsters and are working to save a world you have already played a large part in saving, by rescuing a Goddess. I would even call you her Champion, The Champion of Methos, right Mistress?" The Nightgaunt looked up at her.

Methos lightly cupped Mags' chin. "Is what he says true? Do you have such a low opinion of yourself? What warrants these feelings after all you have accomplished?"

Magdalene saddened, she didn't speak, but the dream they were in caused the projected the Sheeps inner thoughts as a disembodied voice. I couldn't save my Sister... If I had been stronger... Braver... Tougher... I could've saved my family... Saved her... My fault... They were evil, yes, but I could've stopped them... I could've stopped it all...

"Oh, Magdelene..." Methos brought Mags into a deep hug. "You must not fall into such despair. It is misplaced."

Tears began to stream down Mags' face, wrapping her arms around Methos in return as she cried. I should've been a hero... I have to do better... I can make it up to her now... Make it up to... Myself...

"You are so strong to carry on with so many personal issues weighing you down. You are strong. And you can be stronger." Methos rubbed Mags' hair. "I will help you become stronger."

"Thank you... Yer' so kind and- and sweet... Ah' won't let you be alone like that again... Like ya' have been... You deserve ta' be happy..." The Young Thrope grabbed Methos' robe, her accent coming out as she became more emotional.

"And you deserve to have the strength you deserve." Methos hesitated before saying, "Bond with me."

"W... What? B-Bond?" Mags looked up, confused by the term.

The goddess nodded. "It is an old ritual. One that has not been done in a long time. I doubt some of the younger gods know of it. We would... share our emotions. Mostly when we are together, but partially when apart. We could lean on each other to be strong."

"Share our emotions? Like... What I did with Baphomet...? But with you?" The Sheep reiterated. "Are you sure...? You really want to... Trust me with this?"

"Oh, my commitment is not in question. I am more concerned whether or not you would want to." Methos lowered her eyes. "The bond might be too... intimate for you."

"I... Intimate?" Magdalene sounded out, blushing brighter. "I guess sharing emotions would be..."

The Farmgirl took a moment to think before nodding her head slowly. "I'm sure... I trust you and... I-I'd like to... Be with you..."

Methos slowly sat back. "Please, have a seat in my lap."

"Um... Oh... O-Okay." The Thrope responded shyly, slowly climbing onto her lap and hanging her legs off the side, her cheeks showing no sign of returning to normal.

Methos wrapped her arms around Mags in a tight hug. The sheep Thrope could feel a warmth growing within her. Soon, should could feel a wave of emotions. Lonliness and sadness were paramount. But along with them was contentment, affection, and relief.

Meanwhile, Methos was flooded with feelings of Guilt, Worthlessness, bashfulness, uncertainty, and sadness like the kind she had before. However, like Mags, happy feelings began to counteract it, a purposeful energy, a desire to comfort and help, but chief among them, love. It was a love of friends, of family, and a newfound love, the love for a certain Goddess.

She looked back up at Methos, smiling lovingly. "I... I feel different... But... A lot more good different. I feel good."

Methos nodded. "That is what is great about the bond. The power of our positive emotions, when shared, bring out the best in us."

"Have you... Ever done this with anyone else before?" Mags asked, feeling a little tired, even in this dream.

Methos chuckled. "Yes. With one other person. I am sure you can guess her name."

"Oh, of course." Magdalene nodded, pressing her head against The Goddess' chest. "So, now no matter where we go, our emotions are connected? Even in the waking world?"

"That's right. Though our bond is stronger here, even when you are a wake, I will be there to give you strength."

"I... I hope I'm not going to be a burden to you... You know, with my problems..." Maggie responded, sighing lightly.

"Never." Methos finally released the young woman. "The process is quite difficult for you to cope with. Perhaps you should get some actual rest."

"Can I... Sleep here with you...?" Mags closed her eyes gently as she laid against her.

Methos closed her own eyes. "That sounds delightful."


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The fallowing is done by Dhalexpert&MarineAvenger

HaveBrook Manor/Guild house
August 23 3349
12:34 PM

Elam sat in the bar area of the guild house reading a book with a glass of Ale on the side of her table. "Hum these spells are very interesting and the things that Elf taught me is interesting, shame I don't know his name." Elma took a swing of her Ale.

"Kind of rude not to know someone's name." Lyr told the woman, leaning back empty handed. The woman had invited him here to talk, but he had no clue why.

"Ou hi you must be Lyr, your Mina so called son right?"

"So called? I am her son." The Ophidian spoke curtly, crossing his arms.

"But your not a kid and Mina is not that old to be?" Elma shook her head. "Ugh any way I wanted to know more about you, we never relay been on an assignment together and we never talked. So I just wanted to talk to you."

"Why? I dont even know who you are. You just randomly dragged me here using that talk explanation."

“Right introduction need that, Um hi I’m Elma Van Dam, I’m Character sister and I would like to know more about the man who’s been helping people around the area.”

"Ask for formalities, I get it..." The teen sighed, "It isnt like I am doing anything that doesnt need doing. This stuff around here is just small fry jobs,"

“Hum have you tried looking for bountts in the near by town? You could earn some challenge then, not that I could do that stuff though.”

Lyr laughed to himself. "Those would hardly be challenging whatsoever. I have... My own contract provider. I only help out when mother requires. When I do not do that, I train my students."

"You have students? Are you qualified to train people?"

That caused Lyr to scoff. "Why wouldn't I be? Your dubious attitude isn't very friendly."

"Im sorry it's just that your no older then I am, it's just strange someone my age being a teacher."

"A lot about this world is strange. Doesn't mean that it is bad." Lyr crossed his arms, "Especially since one of them is a fish and the other an ex-slave Light Elf."

"Hum this world is strange, by the way were are you from? I'm from Mirandia and a royal family. What about you?"

"Im from... Kemar. And a... Royal family." He admitted sourly.

"Kemar what nation is that in I never heard of the place?"

"It's a desert Duchy, belonging to Virando." He grumbled.

"Ou i'm sorry i'm not very well traveled, I've only been in Miriandia and that's it sorry if I seem to be rude about your home."

"Dont sweat it." The ophidian grumbled.

"I'm sorry i'm not very good at this type of things, listen I apologize i'm not making you uncomfortable am I?"

"A little, yes. Look, apologizing so much won't get you anywhere. It'll make people think you are weak." The Ophidian explained curtly.

“In someways I am, I’m only good with magic. Outside of my last mission I never had combat experience, and I never killed anyone.”

"That isn't exactly a bad thing. Most people should go their lives without killing." Lyr chuckled, "Ever been punched in the face before?"

“You mean outside of training with my brother? No, I was in a magic college and the fights there were senction. You know to test new spells and to practice.”

"It does you good. Everyone should get punched at least once in their life. Toughens you up in a way. To prepare you in life for the harder hits you'll take."

“I think my brother fallows that ideology, he’s been training me for bandits. Every time he hits me he calls it getting my lickings? Whatever that means.”

"Well, training is one thing, but just being mean is another. Isn't Charter the one with the big direwolf?"

“Yea and my big brother, matter of fact he and his girlfriend went to Mirandia to meet our family, I wish I went with them so I could tell our dad about the mission I was on.” Elma shook her head.” Ou but I’m rambling, say do you have siblings?”

Lyr shook his head, "Not technically. I mean, Mina has her baby on the way. And my students are like sisters to me. It's the thought that counts I suppose."

Elma nodded her head.” Agreed it’s still shocking to hear that someone pretty much my age with students, then again I did try to teach Terra about her earth magic.”

"How old are you?" Lyr asked

“I’m eighteen, not the youngest person I here, nor am I the oldest.”

That caused Lyr to chuckle, "Three years my senior, huh?"

“Wait you’re only fifteen?! I thought you be older then that.”

Lyr shook his head, "I am just mature I guess. My age means little."

“Well you’re definitely more mature then the people I knew before coming here, the We’re lack of a better word bitches.”

"Sort of like you when you are being rude?" Lyr questioned with a very wry grin.

“Ou you’re funny, no not like that I mean there stuck up. Arrogant rich snobs, who looked down on others.”

"Sound pleasant. But being rich doesn't make you snobbish."

“You be surprised, then again it doesn’t help when you can afford whatever you want.”

"Hasn't corrupted me, or my mother as of yet." Lyr leaned back, drumming his fingers against the counter. "Got a boyfriend yet?"

Elma cheeks went red.” What I’ve been working on my magic so I never thought about it.”

Lyr looked at her in surprise. "Everyone I know runs into them so haphazardly, I find it better just to ask in case anyone unexpected gets jealous."

“Well I’m single, so there I doubt anyone wants to go out with me.”

"Why would you think that? There is something out there for everyone.'

“Well I’m a witch a inexperienced one at that, I’m easily nervous I’m a bad at starting conversations and I just want to burry my head in my books.”

"Mmm... I do not believe that. You've gotten along with me just fine. I don't believe you give yourself enough credit."

“My brother tells me to be confident, I try but so many things are terrifying. The monsters the raiders, this world is much more terrifying then I thought.”

"Unfortunately, that is life." Lyr said grimly. "However, there are people, here to help you."

“Yea like Erin Character and you, Right?”

"Me? You barely know me. But if you turly wish to rely on me..." He shrugged non-commitally

“I mean why not everyone needs friends right, there like candy you can never have enough of them.”

"Until you throw up I suppose." Lyr pointed out.

"Why must you be a downer, anyway do you want to at some point to train together and help me with my magic and I can assist you in some way."

"I do not need any assistance... Trust me on that. Though since I am sticking to non-important missions, you can accompany me and the students."

“Um do you kill on these mission?

"Sometimes, no. If we do, it is usually monsters or bandits." The Ophidian explained simply.

"Um." Elma wiggled her fingers together."Monsters i'm OK with, but raiders and the humanoid races I don't think I can do it."

"Nothing wrong with killing bad people. There are no good bandits."

"Did you not hear what I said earlier? I'm not one for killing people even if they are bad people I don't think I can do it?"

"And if the person tried to hurt you or others?" Lyr questioned her, "There is a difference between doing what it right, and killing because you like it. I myself do not... Like killing but I do it because it is my job to make order."

“You sure you aren’t my missing brother, Character told me the exact same thing when we first trained together.”

"No, but my family is ever expanding at this point in time." Lyr sighed, "If you want to stay home those missions, I won't force you."

“Hum it would be best to handle my problem at that point then to risk everyone’s lives on a mission.”

"I am not going to force you into anything." Lyr pushed up from the counter, stretching out. "Training usually happens early in,themorning, so I hope that isnt a problem."

“Well I could use as much training as possible, Character is great and all. But I should get a verity Of teachers.”

"Then feel free to come whenever you like." Lyr patted her on the shoulder, then departed.

Elma waved as he left.” Thanks for the talk Lyr!” She shouted.” Such a nice kid, can’t believe he’s younger then me and leading people. Ugh the world is full of surprises.”


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Threats Back Home
Part One

August 25th, 3349
12:54 p.m.

The sun was high, the trees were dense, and the temperature was on the rise. A bead of sweat rolled down Captain Lancelot’s neck. This far north, at this time of the year, the forest was sweltering, and could be mistaken for the Elluviana jungles. William didn’t complain, however, even if his armor intensified the heat. He needed to set a good example for the rest of the group, after all. Dorothée Arnauld, on the other hand…

“It’s so hot!” Bea wiped her brow and chugged some water. “How can anyone live in places like this. Where I am from, temperatures are much more reasonable. My city stays warm in winter, cool in summer. Are we almost there?”

“Must you prattle on with your incessant, and annoying, whining.” Jefar Hevenal shot her a dirty look. “You are not the only one who is hot. All you are doing is wasting energy with all that complaining.”

Sylvie however was quite comfortable in her armor, not only made for this type of environment, but she was used to the heat this time of year. “Is it really that bad?”

Bea wiped her forehead. “Of course it is. Are you not sweat like insaneness?”

“Not really. Just use the shade and keep out of direct sunlight.” Sylvie advised. “Your Dark Leather isn't doing you any favors either.”

The Bat Thrope pouted and turned to Jay. “Can you do something about it, Mister water mage?”

The Light Elf sweated profusely, but turned his head towards the Thrope. “No can do… Unless you want to be knee-deep in battle with a healer who can’t cast any more heal spells?”

A wave of refreshing energy, slightly making everyone feel better, washed over the group. “No good having us go into battle exhausted and about to pass out either,” Celes Authorian countered with a giggle. “Besides, between you, Sylvie, and myself, I think we can stay healthy, don’t you?”

Jay opened his mouth to counter but merely shrugged instead. “Perhaps… but we should still be cautious of how much magic we use.”

The Green Haired Huntress looked around for a moment, walking over and picking a dark green leaf off of a vine that was hanging off a huge tree. She then turned towards Bea and offered it to her, “Here, chew on this, it should help.”

Bea smiled at her, doing as instructed. “It is good to have some who knows the land with us.”

“And can hopefully tell us how much farther to the village.” Lancelot glanced back. “We need to meet with your village leaders and set up camp.”

“We're almost there. Bushmint is usually a sign we're near the village, also, if you listen close you should be able to hear some commotion.” Sylvie explained, keeping quiet for a moment and hearing some faint voices off in the distance. “It should be just up ahead.”

“Excellent.” William looked over the others. “When we get there, spread out. Try and gather info. According to Sylvie, her people are relatively accommodating to outsiders since they have to have their goddess’ approval just to get in, but take caution not to make waves regardless. Titania, Jay, you will accompany Sylvie and I to meet the village leader.”

“Just let them know that you are my guests, okay? That should help them open up to all of you. Other than that, be mindful of Nature, at least enough to keep up appearances.” The Human Woman explained, brushing away a curtain of flora and unveiling her village.

It was surprisingly large for a forest village, everything built in a circle around a central point, facing inwards. There were buildings of all kinds everywhere, getting more stable and complex as they neared the center with basic thatched huts on the outside transforming into more solid, older looking stone buildings. There were a number of tents on the outskirts of the town as well as in between homes, some of the smaller ones looked to be medical tents while the bigger ones looked to be herbalist dens, complete with plants adorning the outside.

There was a large area set aside around the town for farming, various crops of all sizes surrounding everything except the entrance and it's stonework road. At the end of the road was a large statue of a nude, long haired woman, holding one hand out as if offering something, with another behind her back. The woman had vines growing up her legs and arms, carved from the stone, and what seemed to be glittering gems for eyes. It was clear that this was what the buildings were facing, and the central point of the town, trademarked by stands of people presumably trading or giving away food, a market of some kind.

Sylvie smiled slightly, pointing past the statue to a large wood and stone building, much bigger and older looking than everything else. “That's where we're headed.”

The group fanned out as William led the way. Ed followed a ways, stopping before the statue and letting out a long whistle. “Now this is what I call art. Who is this delectable one?”

“That would be Ahusirra, our goddess. This statue has been here for as long as the village, maybe even longer.” Sylvie said, the strange group walking into the market having seemed to attract some attention.

Titania cracked her neck, as several of the men looked at her. “Is it common for outsiders to receive this much attention, or is it because you’re here, Sylvie?”

“Yes to both.” Sylvie said, motioning for the villagers to come in closer. Women and Young Men, both wearing very little due to the heat, approached the group in a circle, all talking over each other.

“Lady Sylvie is Back!”

“Who has she brought with her?”

“It's sooner than I expected. It's so good to see you!”

Suddenly, a young man hand gently pulled on Titania’s arm. When she turned, she saw a fair young hunter with light brown, short hair looking up at her. “A-Are you a Thrope?”

“I am.” Titania replied, raising an eyebrow at the man, “Have you not seen one of my kind before?”

“O-Only one... “ He stuttered, “Would you like some food? Water? Thropes are blessed by Ahusirra, It must be so wonderful to be so close to nature! Our home is your home!”

Slightly taken aback by the man’s fervor, Titania took a half-step back, but managed to smile. “I-it is good, most of the time, to be so close to nature, but as for, um, refreshments, I wouldn’t want to impose on you.”

“Oh not at all!” Another young man approached next to him, having already found a glass of water and what seemed to be a small, cooked lizard. “You're not imposing on anyone here.”

Meanwhile, three young women approached Jay, Sylvie having been almost completely surrounded at this point. The Women gave the Light Elf alluring smiles, looking up at him while only wearing light leathers to cover their private areas. The Red headed one of the three girls stepped up, “You're a Elf! Wow…”

“He's so handsome…” Another one spoke.

Jay took a few steps back, “Umm… I’m a Light Elf, not a regular one. And I’m not that good-looking.” He protested quietly, his eyes peering around for Sylvie to help him out of the situation to no avail.

“Oh, but you are! You're the real elves, not those other ones!” The Third said, “They only call you something else because they're jealous!”

“Jealous of that lithe frame… Beautiful skin… Gorgeous hair…” The second replied as the first stepped a step closer.

“Would… Would you… Mate with me?”

Suddenly, Sylvie was standing next to her lover, wrapping an arm around him. “Celeste, Granne, Lysette. This is Jay, my Mate.”

All three of them seemed stunned before the first one, Celeste, backed up and apologized. “I'm so sorry! I didn't know you were Sylvie’s chosen mate! Please forgive me!”

“I-it’s okay. I’m not one to take offense to being flirted with. B-besides, you didn’t know, so it was an honest mistake.” Jay replied, relaxing somewhat with Sylvie beside him.

“Ladies! Gentleman! Please!” Lancelot held up his hands. “You are all very kind. Even friendlier then I imagined you would be. But we must meet with your village heads. We will be here for a while, so there will be plenty of time to sate your curiosity later.”

The Crowd quickly backed away, clearing a path for the guests and their important task, however there were still whispers as they walked around the statue.

“The Chosen’s Chosen!”

“Does that mean he'll become the new Chief?”

“A Elven Chief!?”

As they rounded the statue of Ahusirra, the secret of the statue’s hidden hand was revealed. Hidden behind her, in place of a normal hand, was a large, gnarled claw, almost like an engorged version of Titania’s own.

“What the hell?” Despite his previous urgency, William couldn’t help but stop and rub his chin. “A claw? I sign of hidden power? He readiness to strike down those that besmirch her charity? Or perhaps a sign of sinisterness below the surface of beauty…”

As Sylvie reached the top of the staircase leading up to the top of the building, she looked back. “You're mostly right. Ahusirra is a Mother Bear. Gentle and loving to those she loves, but savage and brutal to those that aim to do harm. That claw is a reminder to those in the village, that while she loves you, if you deign to hurt her other children, she will have no mercy…”

William turned and joined her. “I would like to meet her. But we have more pressing matters.” He waved his hand forward. “If you would introduce us?”

Rapping her knuckle on the wall to announce their presence, Sylvie stepped inside, the others following shortly behind her. It was a dimly lit, but cozy place, small beeswax candles giving the air a fresh and calming scent. The rug before them led directly up to a currently unlit fireplace, in front of it, two chairs adorned with tables on each side. Sitting in one was an older looking man, a long mane of dark, almost greenish hair decorated his head, and as he stood up and looked at them, a short but bushy black beard greeted them alongside elaborate markings on his face.
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Threats Back Home
Part Two

His serious look lightened up as he set his eyes on Sylvie, walking over to them. “My Daughter…”

“I'm home Father… We're here to help you.” The Huntress responded briefly, bringing him in for a hug.

After a moment, he pulled back, looking closely at the others. “Please, introduce yourselves.”

William stepped forward. He lowered himself to one knee and bowed his head. “I am William Lancelot, representative of the Havenbrook Organization, a Hunter’s Guild of Serasam. We come seeking out the dark happenings that plague this country, and as many are concentrated deep in the forest, I humbly request to use your town as a base of operation.”

He sighed, “You mean the Trees…”

William nodded, looking up. “Indeed. Reports of increased monster activity have come from across the country. Many have included accounts of the trees themselves attacking people. Whether the trees are being cursed or it is simply a monster resembling the trees, we seek to put an end to it.”

“We are well aware of the Monsters, that's exactly what my Daughter left to figure out.” He looked over at Sylvie. “Sylvie. You recognised the younger Hunters in the square, right? Dalen, Lysette, Granne and the like?”

Her eyes narrowed, “Yes… Now that you mention it… Where are our senior Hunters?”

The Middle aged looking man looked over at one of the windows in the back, then walked over to it slowly, opening it for his guests to see. What they saw was unfamiliar even to Sylvie, there were yards and yards of medical tents set up behind the building, all seemingly full, the cloth on them was seemingly new, despite bloodstains, meaning they were probably created recently. “And these are only the ones that we could find, bring back.”

“Gods…” Titania murmured, raising her hand to her mouth as if it could shield herself from the grim sight. “Is… can we help them with healing?”

“If you could, we’d appreciate it greatly… Our Lead Herbalist is doing everything she can but… Potions and Plants can only go so far, and our village is too small to have many magical healers.”

The sound of footsteps turned Titania’s head to see Jay walking out of the room, with a somewhat hurried gait. “It seems you’ll have another healer tending to your people very soon.” She murmured quietly.

Lancelot finally rose to his feet. “So, good sir, do we have your permission? You have my word we'll not be a disruption to your town, nor will we draw any fights here if at all possible.”

“Please. Stay as long as you need. We’ll set up some housing for you… We… have a number of vacant houses now…” He nodded, saying regretfully.

All this time, Sylvie was staring outside the window, she could see into some of the tents, these were people she knew. “I… I heard it was bad from the fairies but… This… Father, where's our Lead Hunter? Misil?”

He just shook his head, however, “He was out teaching some of the Children to hunt when all of this started. We haven't seen him… One of the kids made it back but he was shaking like a leaf, he hasn't said a word since…”

Sylvie felt like she was being stabbed in the heart, closing her eyes. “What about Spencer? He likes to go out.”

“He's thankfully, fine, that strange Light Elf is cooped up in his lab like usual. You should pay him a visit, I'm sure he'd like to see you.” Her Father placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

Sylvie looked back towards the other two, “I guess that settles it…”

William turned to her. “I will go talk to the others. Why don’t you go see your friend. Titania, if you would like to accompany her?”

“Are you sure you don’t want me to at least escort you back, sir? It’s dangerous to go alone, and I don’t want to leave a commander unguarded if I don’t have to.” Titania argued, a look of concern on her face.

He shook his head. “I will be find. This village makes me feel… safe. Please, go with her.”

Titania nodded her head, not without offering a look of worry. “As you wish, sir.”

“Let's go Titania. My Friend is next door, the building with the round roof.” Sylvie sighed, walking past her, but stopping parallel.

“What’s your friend like, Sylvie? Is he as… interested in Thropes as the rest of your people are?” Titania whispered as she walked forward, her eyes on the ground and thus not noticing that Sylvie had stopped.

Following behind her, The Maiden spoke. “Not really… Not that he doesn't, you know, like Thropes… He's just from The University of Neren’Teva? I think it was? On the coast. He came here a few years ago to study the forest, magic, and Neren’Tevan history. And… we sort of took a liking to him.”

“Ah, so he’s just a guest here. I wonder how well read he is… wait…” Titania started as she looked up to realize she had lost track of where Sylvie waas and where she herself had gone. “Um… where do we, uh, go next?”

The Chosen Woman walked up past her, pointing up to a wooden building that sort of broke the ‘Old Inner, New Outer’ theme of the town. It looked as of it had been hand built, either by the villagers or the man Spencer himself. Sylvie rapped on the door like she had done before, finding it unlocked, she walked it.

As she did, a skinny Elven man fell from above them and hit the ground hard, ladders falling all about. He was wearing a light yellow labcoat and had big, bottle glasses on his face. His voice sounded slightly goofy, almost as if he was doing it on purpose. “Well… I guess I forgot to lock that, huh?”

Sylvie raised an eyebrow, “What were you doing up there?”

“I was trying to hang a new star graph I made, but it was too high up, so I just… stacked some ladders…” He replied, rubbing his head.

Titania stepped in, having already heard the conversation. She pointed upwards, and merely asked, “You want some help, then? So, y’know, you don’t fall again?”

“Uhhh.... Yes, that sounds better than falling.” He hopped up, handing her the rolled up graph. “Oh, guh… Where are my manners? I am Professor Spencer Pallida from the Neren'Tevan University of History and Culture!”

Sylvie shrugged, the man bringing up her mood some. “Close enough?”

Titania climbed onto the precarious stack, as she tried not to think about the ground, before realizing she nothin to pin the map in place. “Hey Sylvie! Toss me up some pins or something similar, ‘cause I won’t be able to pin up his map otherwise.” She asked, as a slight wiggle of the stack nearly made her fall off.

Picking up a pin and small hammer from off the ground, Sylvie tossed them up, careful not to hit her or the latter.

Titania struggled to catch them, nearly falling off as the stack tilted, but managed to stay on the damned thing. Working quickly so she could get down safely and not crush anyone with her heavy iron armor on, she hammered in the pin as quickly as she could. Within a few moments, the task was done, and as the Thrope began to climb down, she misjudged a step and promptly crashed down, leaving a slight indentation in the floor. “Oww…”

He quickly pushed his glasses up, then helped her to her feet. “Marvelous! I have to thank you for this! Sorry about the ladders though, I should've gotten a taller one when I took Sylvie here to Havenbrook.”

The Huntress nodded, “He knew the trains far better than I did. Which was almost not at all honestly…”

“Considering you lived in this village your entire life, I’m not surprised. Had I been in your shoes, I doubt I would have even that amount of knowledge, given my...past occupations.”

“What did you do…? Wait! Don't tell me! You strike me as… A Furry Mailwoman!” He guessed poorly, making it hard to tell if he was joking or not.

“No, although nice try, Professor. Sylvie you want to take a gamble on what one of my three occupations I held?” Titania asked, her accent slightly poking out.

“Well, according to what Jay told me… You must have had some wealth, and considering your skill… I'd have to say… Assassin?” The Huntress chose her answered.

“Ah! A Dangerous Assassin!” Spencer added jovially.

Titania smiled at the man’s energy but gently shook her head. “Nope. Try the opposite of that.”

“An… Noble? Perhaps? Your skills could have been taught, I suppose.” She guessed again.

“Yes! Quite fancy!” He raised a finger.

Titania sighed, and nodded, “I wouldn’t exactly call it an occupation, but yes, I was a noble at one time.”

“You Havenbrook folks are very unique, you know. Never have I seen such Diversity!” He tapped his fingers together.

“So, Spencer, have you found anything out about the trouble? The Monsters, the Trees?” Sylvie asked him seriously.

The Jubilant man frowned slightly, “That… Right… Terrible thing… Never in all my years have I seen something capable of luring monsters…”

Luring monsters? That… that’s indescribably bad. What triggers the lure?” Titania asked as her voice became more elegant and regal.

“Well, it's merely a hypothesis right now. However… What I've found are that monsters from the areas outside Neren’teva are being drawn into the forest.” He said, pulling a diagram off a nearby desk. On it was a map of the world, dots surrounding Neren'Teva with arrows pointing in. “Other Monster Hunters have reported monsters running into the forest. Now, maybe a few is normal but… This many? Not a coincidence. Like they are drawn to something, much like a fly to a light.”

“What do you think it could be?” Sylvie asked.

“Oh, any number of things. Maybe migration patterns, maybe looking for shelter… But my theory? Neren’teva and these forests have a history…” He paused dramatically. “Of Cultists! There are a lot of cults throughout history that popped up here. Perhaps… Cultists are creating something enticing to the monsters, drawing them here… There is a lot of power here, much they might want…”


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Threats Back Home
Part Three

Remembering her conversation with William, Titania paused at cultists, as she thought about the implications could mean. Mina better promote me for this, if we have cultists and dangerous monsters to deal with… She grumbled inside her own head. “Perhaps… perhaps. But out of curiosity, have you considered, they might not have made something, but rather summoned something?”

He tapped his chin, walking over to a cork board and moving some things around. “Hmm… Summoned something… It could be possible that they summoned a corrupted creature… If this creatures radiated corruption, it would not only explain the trees but also the monsters… quite intriguing indeed!”

“Well, if you find out anything more, please come to us in town. We'll be staying here for a while.” Sylvie stated, picking up some of the ladders and putting them aside.

“Oh I will! You have my word! Now… must think on your friend here’s theory... So many possibilities!” Spencer looked back towards the board, seeming intent on it.


Late that night, the group sat around a table in one of the houses given to them. Half the team was missing, however, and William explained why. “Minus Edminfar but plus the… interesting one Sylvie picked up on the train, we have ten people. I have split us up into two groups of five. Team Alpha consists of myself, Sylvie, Titania, Jay, and the fox girl. I sent the rest of the members, Team Beta, out on reconnaissance.”

“Thankfully with a guide from the village, the forest can be really tricky without one.” Sylvie added, looking at Lancelot.

He nodded. “Sylvie, your with me for obvious reasons. Jay, you're here because I only need one healer out there for simple reconnaissance, and I would like you and Sylvie to lend your healing abilities to the village. Just don’t tire yourselves out. Titania, I want you on Alpha for the same reason most of the ones on Beta are there; you work well with Sylvie and Jay, and that makes for better cooperation if need be. As for her…” He looked back at Fenix, who was sleeping while floating in the air. “...naturally, I would like to keep the unknown one within eyesight.”

Titania peered at the girl for a moment, before slipping off her iron armor and turning into a wolf. She approached the girl and tilted her head, before gently poking the fox with a paw to wake her up.

“Mmm…” Fenix slowly opened her eyes. “What, woofwoof?”

Titania looked curiously at her tilting her head the opposite way. She let out a few low barks, “What are you doing here? Aren’t you a little too young to be joining us?”

“Already been in hunthunt. All die. Not Fenix, though. Get away, get away. Wanna keep witda boom boom. You likein da boom boom, yes?”

“The boom boom? What is that?” Titania asked, noting the Thrope’s was not using proper grammar.

“It’s da bap and da zoom!” Fenix floated down to the ground and started swinging her fist around. “Bads come, and biting, and snap snap. And you go bang! You go pow! Such fun, such fun! And den, the big one is here, and time for the boom boom!” She held up a finger, and a sphere of pure energy started to grow larger and larger.

Titania let out a growl, but didn’t seem to be threatening Fenix with it. “I suppose so… why? Are you going to do that to me?” She asked curiously, as she laid on the ground.

“Huh?” The sphere quickly shrank into nothingness. “No. Jusa dem dem. You comraden. Yous and me fight and do boom boom to da bads. The monsters. Maybe we even… be the friendlies.”

“I’d like that. I’ll let you get back to sleep. Let me or Sylvie know if you need something.” Titania replied, nodding her head, as she began to stalk back towards the table.

William waved his hand of a map as she returned. “These are the areas reported to be attacked. These are the areas where cult activity has been reported. I’ve worked with the villagers here…” He looked up at Sylvie. “Who are shockingly accommodating.”

“They may be reclusive, but they treat those who're willing to help us well. Not to mention you are my guests, any guest of mine they will treat like family.” The Green-Haired maiden defended.

He smiled. “Well, from what we can tell, this is where the attack will likely happen next. And based on cult sightings, these are the two places they will likely be at the time. Team Beta is checking out one of them. If they are there, Bea will return and we will go to join them. If they are not, the whole team will return and we will go to the second location together. Any questions?”

“None here.” Sylvie nodded, looking over at Jay and Titania.

“Nothing about the mission, no.” Jay replied, as he looked into Sylvie’s eyes.

Titania transformed back into her mostly human form. “What happens if Beta is attacked and we don’t hear back from them?” She asked, before donning her armor.

“The team has been instructed to avoid combat at all cost and report back as soon as possible. Based on the distance, it should only take a little over a day to reach their destination. Based on that, if we hear nothing from them in the next.” Lancelot pulled out a pocket watch. “Forty hours, we will go to where they were sent to investigate.”

Titania nodded, “That answers what I wanted to know. No further questions, sir.”

William turned to the Light Elf. “Jay?”

Jay took his eyes off of Sylvie and looked at the field commander, “Yes?”

“Any questions?” the man asked, hoping distraction wasn’t something he had to worry about with Jay.

“No. It seems pretty straightforward to me.” He replied, leaning back into his chair.

“Alright.” William stood up. “I’m turning in early. “I suggest the rest of you do the same.” He nodded to each of them in turn, then walked off to the beds.


Twenty-four hours later…

A thin Crimson trail led from the treeline up to Bea as the Bat Thrope spotted the village up ahead. A small smile crept on her dirty, wary face. She pushed on, even though the last of her reserve strength was just about up, and it was hard enough to move on her own, let alone drag another person. She and the unconscious Celes stumbled into the city before collapsing to the ground, a pool of blood slowly spreading.

Hours later, Bea slowly opened her eyes. She found she was among the other injured. Her eyes slowly shifted to the side, spotting Jay and Sylvie on their healing duties. “What… happened?” she asked in a tired tone.

“You're up!” Sylvie looked down, “Honestly, that's what I want to know. You stumbled here half dead with Celes with you.”

“Celes…” Bea coughed. “Wouldn’t have made it if not for her. “Is… i-is she…”

“She's… Not good… But stable…” Sylvie answered, looking over at Jay.

“You’re lucky to be alive. Your wounds are… damning actually. Sylvie and I poured most of our energy out for you and Celes. As for her… just be grateful that the villagers were patrolling around where you fell. They shouted, Titania ran, and you both lived.” Jay explained, scratching his head as he leaned heavily on his staff. “Celes is going to be okay if I have a say in it. So, as your doctor, go to sleep and when you wake up call for me, and I’ll come if I’m available, okay?”

“I’ll… try.” Bea squeezed her eyes shut in pain, tears rolling down her cheeks. It wasn’t physical pain, however. “It… they… th-they all.” She shook her head. “I can’t stop seeing it. Seeing them. Everywhere. Ripped apart like… l-like animals.”

Sylvie covered her mouth, the description made even her queasy. Just more people she had known killed by these creatures. The Huntress swallowed, “What… Did you see what did it? Did you see anything?”

Bea slowly nodded. “I saw them. Just like the others said, it got so dark. B-but… I can see in the dark. And I saw them. Twisted abominations. Some beyond imagination. How they were even alive… just masses of parts. But there were others. Others that attacked us. The biggest ones… they’re not trees, Sylvie. They look like them at a distance, but if you look close enough, you can see… goat like hooves, tentacles, gaping mouths and piecing eye. And far above, in the sky… a giant mass, floating there. Hundreds of mouths, vomiting some creatures out or eating others. It was… I-I can’t… even…”

“Rest and try to think of other things.” Jay ordered sternly, as he grabbed Sylvie’s arm and lead her outside. “This has just gone from bad to fucked. We need to re-evaluate our situation and come up with a new plan of action.”

Sylvie looked up at the statue of her Goddess, a deep fear in her heart. “To deal with this… We'd need Divine Intervention....”
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The Blight that Fills the Sky
Part One

Deep within the Pineforen Forest
August 27th, 3349
10:25 p.m.

Lancelot lead the way as seven hunters slowly, cautious, and quietly moved to the west. The mission had barely begun, and already he had lost three people, and had two others at half strength. He couldn’t dwell on it, though. Regret and guilt needed to come later. Any hesitation could get more killed.

He had considered leaving Bea and Celes behind, but they insisted they could come, and he needed everyone he could get. At the very least, the death of their comrades were not in vain. Thanks to that last attack, Lancelot was able to pinpoint exactly where the Cult was operating at this moment. And so, it was the seven of them, William in the lead, Titania close behind, Bea, Celes, and Fenix in the center, and Sylvie and Jay watching the rear.

Sylvie looked forward with a hint of dread behind her eyes, Bea’s description unsettling her greatly. Still though, she carried forward, determined to defend the village and people she loves. “H-How close are we?”

“Should be there any minute.” William looked back. “You all alright?”

“I won't lie… Bea’s Description… Unnerved me…” The Huntress shook her head. “Just… abominations of twisted, dark life… but I won't flee, I joined Havenbrook to protect people.”

“Not to mention your people, right?” William added with a smile.

“Of course. I just never thought something like this could exist, especially not in Ahusirra’s sacred forest.” She replied.

“I’m starting to think this is more than just a regular monster attack,” William muttered, looking forward.

“If we live through this… I’m asking for a raise. And I’ll drag everyone to the bar for at least one round on me…” Titania proclaimed, tapping her shortsword on the ground. Her confident mannerisms hid, or at least Titania hoped they hid, how terrified she was of the situation.

It wasn’t long after until they heard the sounds of people. Murmurs and laughs, and the light from fires up ahead. They came up to the edge of an artificial clearing, dozens and dozens of men and woman within, all shapes and sizes but otherwise indistinguishable from each other thanks to their dark blue robes. On the back of their robes was a sigil the Hunters had never seen before, but it gave them all chills for some reason.

“Guards all around,” Lancelot whispered. “Numbers are way out of our favor.” He turned to the others. “I have an idea. It is time I put myself in danger. We need a distraction. I’ll fill that role while you six thin their numbers. Any objections?”

“I object to that plan,” Titania whispered back, shaking her head as if to emphasize her words, “because putting the team leader into a role like that doesn’t help out that much. If something goes awry, we then have no leadership left. So… I propose that I go in lieu of you. I’m faster than you are, and have decent armor on should I need to fight.”

“I immediately object your plan.” Jay icily said, his face emotionless, “You will be in the most danger, and there will be no healers nearby to restore your health should you suffer major damage. It is… a very… bad idea.”

“Then I’d better stay ahead of that horde, then.” Titania replied, her voice firm and unyielding.

“It is my duty to shoulder the danger,” Lancelot insisted, but knew it was also his duty to delegate. “I… fine. But put off fighting. Distract them by talking. Buy time. Don’t do anything to get them to attack you unless you have to, okay?”

“I will, and thank you, sir. I won’t let you down.” Titania practically beamed, as she tried to get a handle on her excitement, “Just to be clear… how much time do you need me to stall for? Is it only a short distraction or do you a bit longer to circumvent their guards?”

“Celes?” William turned to the white mage.

She closed her eyes and chanted softly, and vale of white covering her. After a minute, she said, “The area isn’t that large. If we split up and move quietly and efficiently, a five minute distraction should be all we need.”

“What about Titania?” Sylvie asked with some concern.

“Once we are ready, we will make a loud attack from all sides,” Lancelot answered. “It will give Titania a chance to slip out of harm's way. She… really is the one with the best chance.”

“Then… Fenix, if we need to make noise to cover her, you can help with that, right?” The Green-haired woman looked over at the Fox Thrope.

The girl quickly nodded. “Yes, yes. Wolfy needin’, Fenix make the big boom boom in sky, lightin’ up like firework!”

Sylvie smiled, the unique woman having grown on her a great deal. “Then let's get ready I guess… Good Luck, Titania.”

“Thanks… and the same to you guys…” Titania replied, letting her nervousness show slightly.

“Let our faith and belief in the almighty guide us forward!” shouted what looked to be the Clan leader, standing on a stand raised up on a small boulder. “We have done well so far. Dark seeds of our goddess spread across this land, cleansing it. But we must continue on! It is only… then…” He slowly fell silent, as did everyone else as Titania slowly walked into the gathering like there was nothing out of the ordinary.

“Keep going, I want hear the rest of your speech. Sorry for interrupting.” Titania apologized nonchalantly, as she waited for the man to respond.

There were murmurs abound, a few reaching for weapons. “Who are you?” the leader demanded. “How did you find us?”

“You think us Demigods can’t find ordinary mortals without some divine aid? I normally would be insulted, but in this case, I find it rather cute. As for those of you reaching for your weapons… well, a Demigod of the Messenger Goddess can really, really out draw you. Plus it’s might rude to draw weapons on a guest.” Titania chastised, offering her signature disapproving, motherly frown. She sighed after a few moments, before looking up at the leader. “Please continue. I want to hear what you were going to say… I mean, besides my interruption, you surely had something inspirational to say to your people, right?”

“She’s just asking for it now,” one of the border cultist muttered to another. Instead of a response, he heard something thud on the ground. He looked down to see a severed head, and looked up in time to see Lancelot’s sword before it severed his own.

The Cultist leader grit his teeth. “So, you admit to heresy! The heresy of carrying the blood of the lesser gods! How dare you even think of approaching us, the Cult of Shub-Ishnigarrab?!”

“Wow, okay… first…” Titania seemed to vanish before appearing behind the leader. “That’s very fucking rude of you. Second…” Doing a similar trick, she returned to her original spot. “I just wanted to hear what you had to say to your men. I could have slaughtered quite a fair number of your people, but I didn’t. Instead, I chose to walk in here, hands off my weapons, and just listen to you talk, and you have the gall to spit on that level of generosity? You do realize I’m being nice, right? Shame on you for trying take a woman’s compassion for granted. Next, you’ll probably either have your people try to kill me or restrain me, without even the common courtesy to hear me out! All of you should be ashamed you let that man talk down to a women as if he owned her!

From behind a tree, Sylvie quickly shoved her antler gauntlet through the throat of one of the guards, silencing him. She then swiftly readied her spear, accurately tossing it through the heart of the cultist closest to her from there, killing him instantly.

The leader smiled. “Well then, I apologize, young lady. I was just telling everyone the importance of our vigilance and sacrifice to assure our goddess Shub-Ishnigarrab can spread her young across the country. How would… you like to join us?”

“Join? Hmm… at the very least you apologized. But I recognize my worth already, but you don’t seem to. What assurances do I have that you’ll treat me fairly, because this conversation has made me wish that I hadn’t opened a portal here…” Titania replied, a sad look appearing across her face as she let the faux truth sink in.
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The Blight that Fills the Sky
Part Two

While he pondered that for a moment, Celes made an invisible, sound proof, sealed square around three guards. With a snicker, Fenix slowly intensified the fire of the torch behind them. By the time they realized this, all their oxygen was gone, and they dropped like flies.

“I-is this true?” The leader rubbed his chin. “I can only imagine the possibilities if we had that power. We would be able to spread across the world with ease.”

“But that kind of power is heretical, isn’t it? ‘Lesser gods’ wasn’t it? So, obviously you don’t want someone with such racial impurity. Guess my portals are unwanted here. Hmph!” Turning around, she crossed her arms and started walking off, her face having changed from sadness to anger.

Several of the cultists guards clustered together talking amongst themselves at the strange nature of their ‘guest’. One man’s eyes widened as he saw a figure, but before he could sound an alarm, a giant glob of water encased them all and slowly dragged them out of sight,the bubbles marking their terrified screams.

“Um… where do you think you’re going?” The cult leader asked angrily, several cultist stepping in the way. “We want this power. We will take this power.” He narrowed his eyes. “Though I wonder why you didn’t use it to leave…”

“Looks like we might have a sacrifice,” a guard said with a chuckle before Bea’s throwing knife punched through his throat.

The cultist leader rolled his neck. “Well… what do you have to say for yourself?”

She turned back, but instead of being angry, she gave off a deadly calm. “I was waiting for your apology, but you gave none. I hoped for your humility, but there is none. I hoped that maybe, just maybe you were going to be a worthy group to join… but you have a rude and horrible way of treating guests far stronger than you. I haven’t even drawn my blade, and you react with fear and panic. So, boy, if I truly wanted to, I could take your head clean off, and be gone before your men had time to react. I want an apology, sincere and from your heart, right now. Also, take back the ‘we will take this power’ shit, because I am not losing my virginity to fucking assholes.” She replied in a deadpan voice, as she stared into the Cult leader’s eyes.

“Enough of this! Capture her. In fact… just kill her!”

All around Titania, two dozen men and women closed in, only for a huge explosion above them to blow them all over and surprise everyone else. Lancelot and the others rushed in. It was time to clean house.

Titania appeared near the leader’s body, already drawing her shortsword which she held above her. “We’re going to have a talk later, and the torture I’ll do to you will make you wish I had just killed you..” Upon saying that she aimed and slammed her blade through the leader’s torso to pin him to the ground, making sure not to hit any vital organ as she did so. Quickly unsheathing her longsword, she used both hands and moved into a defensive stance.

Having retrieved her Spear, Sylvie rushed forward towards the bulk of the group, around six cultists, while staying low to the ground. Normally such a group would give even her pause, but this was her environment... and there were weapons everywhere.

She pounced on her first target as soon as she reached him, puncturing his back with her gauntlet and sending him to the ground. His scream drew the attention of the other five, who approached her, daggers and swords drawn and readied.

The Huntress pulled her weapon from the body as two of the cultists charged towards her. The Maiden dashed forwards towards them, dodging to the side of a swung blade and stabbing the robed man in the left side with her spear, puncturing through many vital organs. The Other sought to take this opportunity now that her weapon was occupied however, bringing his blade downwards towards her left shoulder.

Sylvie quickly caught the blade in between the antlers of her gauntlet, twisting it to side to disarm her attacker, a move she had learned from watching Kva fight with her whip. In one seamless motion, the Chosen Woman spun around halfway, slamming the elbow of her spear arm into his head, sending him to the ground with a thud. Wasting no time, she brought her foot down hard on the man’s neck, snapping it viciously, something she had often done to still living catches to offer them a quick, painless death.

The remaining three cultists took a step back from this, obviously unsure how to approach her. Sylvie didn't plan to even give them the chance, however, as her hands glowed with green magic. All at once, a ring cage of sharp roots exploded from the ground around them, pointing in. Before they could even react, the three men had been punctured from multiple sides by the plants, almost akin to an iron maiden that left them upright and draining their lifeblood into the soil below.

Bullets of water shot through the cultists like a hot knife through butter, but once lodged, the water would then move under the skin, tearing all the muscle tissue aside before it either reached the brain or the heart, before violently tore the organ to shreds leaving nothing but a corpse with a scream held on a breath that would never come. The first volley only hit three people, but the next hit far more and resulted in many blood-curdling screams, the man who was responsible for it walking forward as one might when they go for leisurely stroll.

“Bastards all of you… to slaughter the people the way you have… you deserve no mercy. No quarter.” The Light Elf condemned, as he walked until a mace from a sneaky cultist found it’s way onto his body, specifically his bad leg.

With a scream of pain, the mage crumpled to the ground, holding his leg with a cry. The cultist chuckled, and raised her mace to finish hiqm off, only for a giant glob of water to engulf her entirely, but curiously gave it’s occupant air as the Mage struggled to catch his breath or at least feel less pain. “You don’t get to die… not yet. I’m going to turn you over to my fia- girlfriend’s tribe. Let’s see how nicely they’ll treat you when they know what you are.”

As he continued his horrible magic attacks, he looked out of the corner of his eye to see how Titania was faring.

The Thrope moved gracefully as she parried a sword away and slit it’s wielder’s throat, as her original title became apparent. The next challenger to approach was more cautious; using her shortness as a means to evade the Thropes blows. Titania was greatly annoyed at her attacker’s strategy, but moved forward regardless, as her armor was dealt a blow that dented it, the Thrope uncaring as she kneed the taller woman in the crotch. The blow dropped her to the ground, and Titania slashed downwards, cutting the woman from her eyes to her stomach.

Three people charged at her with curses and swears on their lips, wielding swords, save one who wielded a flail. Titania tilted her head, her face still a stark contrast to how she usually was; emotionless and without mercy. She returned their charge with one of her own, only she slid down when she got close and knocked two off their feet. The third, who wielded the flail, swung it and sent Titania flying back with a grunt, the blow having connected with her helmet. The Thrope laid motionless for a few seconds before getting up. Her face was bloodied and blood streamed out of her new open head wound, coating Titania’s already bloodied face with even more of the vital essence.

She spat out some blood and a tooth, and charged the flail wielder, raising back his weapon to strike again, but a sword pierced his chest before he could do so. Titania’s blade slid quickly up and out of the cultist’s head before it caught one of the blade-wielding zealots. She reached and pulled the man closer before leaning in and biting the man’s throat, his screams soon turned into gurgles.

Her last opponent backed away in terror, as she dropped his lifeless compatriot.

“W-what the hell are you?!” He screamed out, as he tripped over his own feet.

But before he could fall down a bloody hand caught him, Titania’s emotionless face greeting him.

“Something that’s hungry for blood.” Was the only reply, as a clatter, then a soft wet sound was heard; the sounds being Titania dropping her sword in lieu of her dagger, which she drove into the man repeatedly.

As the life disappeared from his eyes, she dropped him and reclaimed her sword, but put away her dagger, as she murmured to herself. “I won’t refrain from my nature… I’ll indulge it to its full potential.”
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The Blight that Fills the Sky
Part Three

Bea watched her with a shutter, almost missing the charging trio in front of her. Three daggers flew from her, sinking into their legs and allowing her to slice their heads clean with her scythe. “E-everything okay?” she called out to Jay, while nervously notting Sylvie’s own brutality.

“Just fine!” The Light Elf yelled back, limping and nearly falling as he held his staff with an iron grip, as he struggled to stay up. His magic had also retreated to be more defensive, the bullets had begun coalescing into weaponry that held the cultists back.

He was suddenly blanketed in a warm glow. “Sorry for the wait,” Celes called out. Her side was bloodied, as it seemed she had been tending to her own reopened wound.

“We almost have them!” Lancelot yelled out triumphantly, taking down his fifth foe.

Over head, Fenix laughed giddily and childishly as she easily dodged knives and arrows. “Can’t hit, can’t hit!” She held out a staff that was taller then her, and a swirl of wind formed underneath the cultist. It rose up and up and up, until they were gone from sight.”

The last of the foes collapsed before the onslaught, particularly the two brutal attackers. In the silence, there was some snickering. Soon, it gave way to the laughter of the Cultist leader.

Wiping the blood off of her spear onto her leg, Sylvie glared over at him. “I knew you cultists were crazy from the stories… but to laugh while we make a puddle of your followers…”

He continued to laugh. “I-I’m laughing because… the puddle… i-is what I want.” He weakly held up his hand. “You beat us… for now. But… there will always be more. Not that… you’ll live to see them!” The blood on the ground, on the trees, and on the hunters quickly flowed towards the Cultist.

Titania rushed the cultist, but felt distantly a twinge of pain in her legs, notifying her she would need to conserve her energy to keep fighting. Opting instead for a different approach, she grabbed and flung her dagger at the cultist leader. He died with a long breath, but his blood only flowed with the rest. It swirled and blackened, then flew up and disappeared in the sky. Everything darkened. At first, it seemed as though dark clouds were covering the moon.

But it was far worse. Far above, a creature of unfathonable horror materialized. Hundreds of feet in all directions, it was a mass of arms, goat legs, and mouths that spewed forth dark objects that fell to the ground.

“Shit! Shit, shit, shit!” Bea crumpled into a ball. “It’s happening again!”

Titania dashed over and picked the other Thrope up, her face still emotionless. “On my honor as a warrior of House Regallis, you will not perish this day. And… I would like it if you don’t just give up and abandon me. You’re far stronger than you realize.”

Bea slowly nodded, not used to such affection. “Thank you. I-I won’t.”

“Everyone, together.” Lancelot looked around. “To me. Light, we need light. Celes, give us light.” A moment of silence. “Celes, we need light!” More silence. “Damn it. Jay, you have the energy to give us light?”

However, before he could give his answer, a deep, mighty roar, echoed through the forest, shaking the ground, the trees, and even their bones. However, it seemed to have come from deep in the woods, not from the massive creature before them.

Lancelot gazed into the shifting darkness. There were things moving about, slowly moving closer, but the roar seemed beyond them. “What the hell was that?” he muttered, raising his sword but unsure where to aim it.

Sylvie’s eyes however seemed to widen, as if she was familiar with the sound somehow. Before she could say anything either, the sound bellowed again, this time closer, much closer.

Suddenly, far behind the trees, appeared a light, bright and orange, so much more obvious due to the darkness surrounding them. This worked to illuminate the monsters surrounding them. Grotesque, monstrous things. Tree-shaped beasts with tentacles and gnashing mouths. Misshapen dog-like things. One was a tall, reptilian humanoid with a huge head. It opened its mouth briefly, and what looked like a head with a horrified expression could be seen briefly before it crunched down.

William slowly backed away. “S-Sylvie… you… you know this forest. Where do we go? That light… is it part of… this? Or something else?”

“Something else…” She said slowly, putting her hand on his chest and pushing him back.

The light only got brighter and brighter, bigger and bigger, it even began to flicker like fire… No… It was fire.

They heard the howl one last time as a huge beast came through the treeline on the opposite side of them. It was a massive, elephant sized, humanoid wolf-like creature made from blacked, gnarled vines and wood, leading up to a huge Maw. From the parts of the beast they could see into, it was leaking out fire from some kind of core, engulfing the entire beast in bright red and orange flames.

The first thing it did was size up the creatures before it, as well as the Hunters, before locking it's eyes on Sylvie. After but a brief moment of looking at her, it snarled, breathing a torrent of flame in front of it, setting the ‘trees’ directly in front of it on fire before clawing it's way towards Sylvie and her friends, or more specifically, what they were fighting.

Everyone of the creatures took a step back, caught off guard. Only the mindless tentacles beasts moved forward. Fenix, for all her talkative nature, was wide eyed with wonder.

The creature dug up dirt and set it ablaze as it charged, rending the creatures to the right and left of it apart with it's flaming claws. As it reached them, it sunk its teeth into one of the horrid beasts, picking it up and slamming it down into the ground before tossing it to the side.

Despite this display of power, one of the creatures still struck at the group of hunters, picking Sylvie up and pulling her towards its mouth. The Maiden fought hard as she pushed her weapons into the ground to keep herself still, but the monstrosity was quickly overpowering her efforts.

Several big almost cannonball-style water orbs lunged at the beast, all of them avoiding Sylvie, but tearing the creature’s flesh open2, and taking the arm that held Sylvie. “You do not get to touch her, fucker!”

As the creature attempted to grab her with another arm, something flew into it at almost a bullet like speed, punching through its body and sending it to the ground. Standing up on the other side was what appeared to be a woman, however, like the beast, she was made entirely of gnarled wood, a dull green ‘core’ in her chest. Her feet and hands ended in sharp claws and she had a pair of lightly glowing green wings on her back which appears to have fireflies surrounding it. Lastly, her head was in the shape of a bird, like a Eagle, Falcon, or other such bird of prey, with roots coming off the back of her head and hanging down like hair.

The plant woman quickly took up a defensive stance, clawing into another of the creatures as the flaming wolf continued its rampage. As she killed her target, the woman then half turned her head to look at them, talking in a human voice, even though her beak wasn't moving like a normal mouth.

“Are you all injured?”

A bit dumbstruck, William said, “U-uh… yeah. But we need to get out of here. Ana one of us is missing.”

“The Celes one?” She confirmed, “I'll do my best to locate her. Sylvie, stay here, do not put yourself at unnecessary risk.”

“Huh!?” The Huntress blinked, still trying to process some things, “B-But, who are you!?”

“Skye, close adherent to Ahusirra. We'll discuss it more after…” She said, slashing at another creature. “Cu Chulainn! Find a way to take out that thing in sky! We'll keep this grove clear and buy you time!”

The beast seemed to nod with understanding, moving back into the trees quickly, but… not before cleaving another two of the creatures apart, just for good measure.

“Are you still willing to do battle with these monsters?” She asked the group again.

“Notin want ta diedie, so…” Fenix grinned, shock past and determination replacing it as she formed a massive fireball at surprising speed and obliterated something that looked like a mesh of organs in the shape of a tiger.

Bea took another shuttering breath, but she wasn’t about to die without a fight. She flew up into the air and started spinning, dozens of throwing knives flying into the surrounding enemies.


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The Blight that Fills the Sky
Part Four

Titania flicked the blade in habit, despite nothing being on the blade. She soon charge at one of the monsters, running slower at first and then surging with speed, hit the monstrosity hard, before plunging her hand deep within the monster’s insides.

She twisted and pulled and clawed everything inside of the abomination, it’s blood oozing out, before her longsword struck at what was, or at least she thought, it’s chest, causing it’s ichor to spray onto her face, before it grew wise and grabbed her sword arm and her leg, and began pulling trying to rip the limbs off. Titania let out a howl before she leaned in and started ripping it apart with her sharp teeth. She felt some relief on her limbs as it began to die.

By the time she was done, the creature had a person sized hole in it. Titania paused and tried not to retch at the nasty black blood that she had ingested, however soon threw up the foul substance. Another creature approached her, it’s tentacles reaching for her before a sword slice severed two of them.

“Watch it… I’ll fuckin’ eatcha.” Titania warned, her sword directly in front of her as she charged the abomination and plunged her blade deep into it, the black icor making her the black, rather than the red, swordswoman she was known to be. Strangely it seemed that luck had been in her favor as the creature seemed to weaken almost immediately after her sword strike, and with a bite died quickly.

Taking her advice, Sylvie was careful, staying back, however as another approached her, this one in particular having far, far too many eyes to count. The Huntress reacted quickly to it's attack and ducked under a swipe of it's tendril. Grabbing hold of it, the creature tried to put her towards its one large maw, but the Huntress nimbly leapt onto the creature, stabbing in one eye at a time with her spear until it ceased moving.

As the eye beast was leaking out it's pungent bile, Skye found herself in front of another two of them, covered in tentacles, each one with small hands at the ends of them, and on some of the fingers of those hands, even smaller hands with eyes.

Unphased by the nightmarish imagery, Skye casually blocked one of its blows, grabbing the underside of it and lifting the monster off the ground, a feat which must have required insane strength, which she then threw into the other with enough force to turn the both of them into a pile of meat.

Suddenly, the ground shook, then again, then again, like footsteps. However, as the group looking around, it wasn't hard to see what was making them as a shadow cast upon the clearly.

Standing there, stood a gigantic tree, which had to be over one hundred feet tall. Vines and branches hung off of it as well as two giant arms, each with massive fingers.
This was the creature that stood to threaten this monster in the sky.

William took a step back. “What… a-are we… looking at?” He looked over to Sylvie like she might have the answers.

“A-A ancient tree… From the center of the forest… brought to life…” The Human woman stood, mouth agape.

“I-is it on our side?” Bea asked. “Gods, I hope it’s on our side…”

“Go, biggun’ wood!” Fenix shouted excitedly, clearly deciding it was. “You smacken da ug-ug!”

As if commanded by her, the tree reeled back, sending a colossal haymaker into the side of the creature, the shockwave of which briefly picked the group of hunters up off the ground. It let out a hundred roars from its many mouths. Having now means of real defense, it started vomiting out dozens of monsters and flinging them at the great tree.

However, due the sheer size of it, it proved to be quite ineffective as it casually crushed them under an unseen foot. The Tree began to prime itself for one final punch, crouching down slightly, the tree bent it's arm and extended it upwards, connection a gargantuan uppercut directly into its mouth, the first coming right out through the top and raining black ooze all over the forest below.

With another string of roars, the Elder God slowly faded from sight. It had no intention of taking anymore punishment, and was soon gone. The blackness that consumed the forest, save for the tree’s shadow, faded as well, and the monsters slowly melted away.

William sighed, collapsing to the ground. “We survived,” he muttered, as if trying to convince himself it was true.


Licking their wounds, the group slowly made their way back to the village. No sign of any of the creatures could be found. Unfortunately, there was no sign of Celes either. A 40% death count against an Elder God were good numbers, but it sure didn’t feel that way.

Walking along, Sylvie looked over at Skye, who had decided to accompany them. “So… Who are you now that we are away from that?”

She chuckled, “My full title would be, Skye, Daughter of the Isle, First of the Dryads, Adherant to Ahusirra.”

“First of the Dryads?” She confirmed, “Like… From the stories. The nature sprites and spirits of the deep woods?”

“Correct. And what else has your stories told you?” Skye asked.

“That Flaming Wolf… I had a hunch but when you called him by name I knew… Cu Chulainn, the Watchdog of Chulainn. Guardian of the forest in its darkest times…”

“Although, there is more to his tale.” Skye replied stopping, “All of you, I know you are weary, however, there is yet another I would like you to finally meet. Although you have already met, in some regard.”

Stepping out of the forest in front of the small weary group was an almost human looking woman, a spitting image of the statue in town, her hair was a deep, almost inky black, and her skin was a slight tinge of green. Just like the statue, she seemed to forgo clothes, instead, her long hair drooped down over her breasts, and the vines running up her legs hid anything else the might have been there. Lastly, her eyes were also black, like a dark void as she looked at them, smiling sweetly.

As she cupped her hands in front of her, the tree and forest seemed to bend around them, forming a circular clearing in which she stood at the center, smiling lightly.

It was then her mouth open, a kind of mystic, unknown power coming from her slightly wispy, ethereal voice. “Greetings to you all. I am Ahusirra’tielli.”

“So, um… you exist?” Bea laughed nervously. “I-I mean, of course you… w-wow. You really are a god beyond the usual pantheon, huh? I mean, you would have to be to do what you did.”

“Not truly. The other gods have such power and more. They merely choose to keep it for themselves.” She stated, looking at Sylvie gently.

Eyes wide at the sight of her Goddess, the deity that was everything to her and her people, Sylvie couldn't help but kneel.

“I… I can't believe I'm… Seeing you in person…”

“There is no need for that, my child.” She said, allowing Sylvie to stand up.

“Why appear to us now?” William asked, clutching a wound on his side. “Why help us? Not to sound ungrateful, of course. But of all the times to appear, why now? What made us so worthy?”

“What makes you worthy? Beside the fact that you keep my Chosen and her partner in your company, you came all this way and gave the lives of your own to defend the forest, a land not your own.” The Goddess explained. “You are a true friend to the woods.”

“Your… chosen?” Bea looked around.

“Oh! Oh! Fenix is know! Fenix is know!” She point to Sylvie. “Green lady, yes! Yes! Hush hush home. Planty likes. I like her, yes?”

She laughed lightly, the sound echoing slightly. “Yes it is her. Her line of Women, I granted them my power. Or a power akin to mine, at least.”


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The Blight that Fills the Sky
Part Five

A little Awestruck, Sylvie stood up slowly. “I… I never doubted you, I knew my magic was a blessing from you!”

“Of course. Your Loyalty is your most gracious quality Sylvie. Loyalty of Friends, Family, Religion, and Ideals.” The Goddess replied.

“Thank you for assistance.” Jay said stoically, as he tried to think of what this so called ‘goddess’ was. Tree spirit? No… too old to be one of those… Think… All the gods are nothing more than simple creatures we have yet to identify… think, think...

“It is no issue. Truthfully, I hadn't helped during the other appearances of the old one due to the suddenness of the arrival. This time however, I was able to figure out where it was likely to be summoned. In part, thanks to your scouting party and subsequent return, I was able to deduce that the cultists ritual was the cause of the Old Ones arrival.” The Deity explained, “I had felt the need to deal with it myself, due to the threat.”

“Yourself? All I saw… was the….” Sylvie said, putting two and two together as she spoke.

Ahusirra’s face become calm, “Yes. The Guardian of the Woods you know as Ch Chulainn is a… Part of me. His sphere is the more savage side of nature.”

“And so… This form is your serene side?” The Maiden confirmed.

The Goddess nodded. “Yes… The Truth of the Fae is a duality of Power and Grace… Something I would say fits two of your companions to a tee. Specifically, young Titania and Fenix. Thropes embody this truth of nature in their very cores.”

“Fenix is thanking.” The young Thrope looked between Sylvie and the deity. “Huh… feel. Is same. Same color. Same… glow. Greeny girl… little glow, though. You given little glow?”

“You are very observant young Fenix.” She smiled softly towards the Fox.

Titania looked between the three, trying to draw up an appropriate response, as her feral side still made her bloodthirsty. Coughing gingerly to get the Goddess’ attention, Titania asked, “Sorry to interrupt, but this serenity and power duality you speak of… the feral side, at the start, is stronger than the more sophisticated side. So… were you more primeval at the start?”

“Such a question as that is akin to asking whether the chicken came before the egg.” She mentioned. “I, like you, had this duality from the beginning. But all beings are different, and this balance can be rebalanced through life. Some, like you and Drayce, embody the primal. While others, like your Head Witch and her partner, are more in tune with their serene nature. But there is rage in them, just as there is peace in you.”

“I understand, or at least, I think I do. While that answered questions I was going to ask, that doesn’t exactly answer my first question. Were you more primal at first or more serene?” Titania asked again, flicking off the black blood on her longsword.

“In the age before, the forests were a peaceful place. A peace before the actions of Man and Elf bespoiled it… So looking at it like that, I suppose the answer would be… Serene. But such a thing does not mean that Rage is any less a truth of my nature.” The Goddess answered, looking up rather wistfully.

Titania nodded and gave a curtsy despite the dented armor hurting her slightly to do it. “Thank you for the knowledge, Goddess of the Woods. I have one last question, but it is… rather… how should I, ah screw it. I’ll be blunt: I have seen you fight and it intrigues me far more than any other combatant I’ve seen. And so, when I’m less damaged and when I’m not fatigued, would you be willing to have a duel with me? I already know I won’t win, but I want to see how our different strengths play against one another.”

“Fight her!? B-But…” Sylvie looked over at the Wolf, doing a double take.

However, The Goddess waved it off. “It is quite alright… I will answer your question, but before I do… Jay? You have been quiet. As the partner and mate of my Chosen, one who has proven himself noble of heart time and time again, how do you feel about me?”

“I would ask that you do not make me answer that. You will not like the answer.” Jay replied cautiously, keeping his voice as warm as he could.

Sylvie seemed confused, but Ahusirra didn't seem to mind. “As you wish… Now… I would like a word with Sylvie alone, for her sake and privacy… Then, I must depart for now. The next time you return here, I would be more than happy to acquiesce to your wishes Titania.”

William smiled and patted the wolf Thrope on the shoulder. “Come on. Let’s give them their privacy.” He led the others away in the direction of the village, leaving the two alone.

Ahusirra and Skye smiled at the Huntress, approaching her. The Goddess placed a hand on her shoulder, “You have come so far, Sylvie. I have been keeping a close eye on you. I am proud of you.”

“Th-Thank you My Lady. You are too kind.” The Huntress nodded.

“Your journey has taken you far, but you have avenged your brothers and sisters, saved your people, and even helped the world itself…” She went on, a warmth emanating from her body.

“You gave me the power to.”

“But the will.” Ahusirra said, “The Will, was your own.

“You may have done much, but your journey is far from over. Threats still linger, Threats to this forest, your home, and the world. But you have the power to stop it.” The Goddess continued, “But for now, rest, relax, if not for you, then for your child.”

Sylvie smiled, “Of course you know… you can sense her, can't you?”

She nodded, “I can… The Magic is making her come quickly, but even so… Two more months is a long time when you are needed to protect the world.”

“What do you mean? Are you saying you can… Speed it up?” The Maiden asked, seeming surprised.

“Of course. It will be harder for you, but you are strong, and she will need to be born soon.”

“I… I accept… The longer this takes, the less I can help and the more danger she is in.” Sylvie nodded, touching her belly lightly.

“Very well.” A bright, ball of green light formed in the nude Deity’s hand, it twisted and swirled before she thrusted it into her stomach, passing through her like it wasn't even there. As she did, Sylvie was forced to take a step back, the energy jolt filling her, but after but a moment, it subsided.

Afterwards, Skye walked in front of the Huntress, a ornate, carved wooden spear in her hands. “This is our final gift to you for now. This weapon is as old as the woods, and its power is undeniable, but treat it with caution. This weapon transforms blood into branch, twisting veins into vines and flesh into bark. This is the Gae Bulg.”

Slowly taking the weapon, she looked the Dryad in the eyes. “Why entrust me with this?”

“Because the world needs you. And this will help. However, take time to practice, this spear can afflict anyone with its curse, even you.” Skye answered, the wood of the weapon almost beating, as if it was alive.

“I… I will entrust this with my life. You have my word.” She finally said, determination and newfound purpose.

“Now go, my child. We will meet again, sooner than you may expect. Until then, I think you have a team and a home, celebrating a well earned victory…” The Goddess said, her and Skye suddenly dissipating into a cloud of fireflies, flying of into the sky.
Quick Friends
By Insane Darkness

Faith had her face buried in a thick book, enjoying the slight breeze flowing through her hair and wrist-feathers. She flipped to the next page, ready to read the next block of text that laid ahead. She adjusted her glasses, keeping them from falling off her beak-nose.

Zodiak’s feet scuffed against the dirt road, kicking up a few rocks and some dust every “step”. In his peripheral, he noticed that a girl was on top of the rather large building next to him. With his attention fully focused on her, he almost didn’t see the giant stack of books that sat next to her.

Faith heard a scuff of feet below her, intrigued by who was going to the guild this time. Ripping her gaze from her book to where the sound originated, a man stood, looking directly at her clad in almost all black and a shortbow with a quiver stuck to his back. His look held a slight intrigue to it. “H-hello?” Faith whispered, hoping that the man heard her. She kept a hand on her book, expecting the man to just walk on past.

“Hello there, little Thrope girl! It’s a lovely day, isn’t it?” Zodiak spread his arms to gesture towards his surroundings as a whole.

“I-I suppose…” Faith muttered, feeling slightly uncomfortable at the strangers forwardness.

“Why don’t you come on down here? That way, we can have a real conversation. I have a few questions I’d like to ask, if you don’t mind.” Zodiak held the girl’s gaze, hoping that she wouldn’t disengage from the conversation.

“I mind… a little…” Faith murmured, slowly glancing towards her stack of books.

“Apologies. I did not mean to tear you from your books. If you would rather be left alone, that’s perfectly fine. I shouldn’t have assumed anything.” Zodiak turned to walk away, but the girl’s voice made his step stop in mid-air.

“Wait,” Faith ordered, her voice a little louder than before, “I c-can answer your ques-stions.” She took a deep breath, left a feather on the page she was reading, closed the book and leapt off the building, falling gracefully to the ground.

Zodiak now faced the girl, whom of which he could poke in the forehead and she’d end up falling backwards. “Well, now. That wasn’t so hard, was it?” he jabbed, a small smile stretching across his face.

“D-do you want my he-help or not? Don’t mock-ck me.” Faith stared up at the man who towered over her, noting his kind yet laid-back demeanor while he still tried to be polite towards her.

“I didn’t mean to mock you, uh… What is your name? I suppose that could help, just so I can refer to you by something other than ‘little Thrope girl’.” Zodiak started walking slowly, waiting to see if the girl would catch on to his social cue that he didn’t want to just stand around next to the building and chat.

Faith followed the strange man, not sensing any dangerous tendencies coming from him. “My name’s Faith. And you are?”

“No last name? Well, then. I’m sure you have your reasons.” Zodiak paused, glancing towards Faith to see if she had anything to say. She said nothing, so he continued, “My name is Zodiak Diraven: the one and only. Lady-killer, Bandit-slayer, a man betrayed by his own family. You know, like a modern anti-hero. Pleased to make your acquaintance, Miss Faith.” He bowed as he continued walking, finding the act a bit awkward after he’d done it. He cringed, outwardly and inwardly.

“Did you r-rehearse th-that?” Faith questioned, poking a little fun at the simple-looking man.

“I suppose a few bits of that introduction were, in fact, rehearsed. But, I do change it up for every new person I talk to. The same thing gets old much too quickly if you say it too often,” Zodiak pointed out.

“So, y-you said you had que-questions for me?” Faith recalled, trying to keep the actual topic of conversation in line. She twiddled her thumbs, one of her nervous habits that she could never escape from.

“Oh, yes. Thank you for reminding me. See, there are a few things I wanted to know about this place. First of all, what is it called and what do you do here? I saw you on top of the building and I was completely distracted from everything else.” Zodiak threw out an excuse he’d used way too often yet was true every time he used it.

“This p-place is a Hunter’s Guild own-ned by the Havenbrook Organization. You go on miss-ssions and stuff for money an-nd experience, I-I guess… Recently, I-I’ve been purely doin-ing research...” Faith explained, hoping her explanations were sufficient.

“I see… Like mercenary work, then. And how strict are your employers?” Zodiak looked over at the small, frail looking girl. However, he noticed that the girl held a slight air to her, as if she had been trained to fight by someone else. He noticed the bag of throwing knives at her waist, as one had been sticking out. There was also the sword on the opposite side of her body than where he stood. He was staring at somebody armed to the teeth, he realized. I don’t know why I saw the throwing knives THEN the sword, but... She’s so young. For someone like her to go into basically mercenary work at such a young age… I can’t imagine what she’s had to suffer in order to end up here. I mean, it’s a nice place, I’m sure, but… still. he thought, actually trying to imagine what she could’ve possibly endured.

“Mina is re-really nice. She’s m-more-or-less my boss-ss. The other-thers in the guild are al-also really nice.” Faith’s twiddling became stronger, so much so that a pint-sized tornado started forming around her fingers. She looked up at Zodiak, hesitant to say anything more to him. “A-anything el-lse?”

“I suppose there’s one more thing I’d like to ask, but it’s more of a request.”

“O-okay?...” Faith muttered, wondering what the man would possibly want from her.

“Would you spar with me, Faith?” Zodiak smiled, trying his best to appear friendly, as to not offput the girl.

“I-I suppose…” Faith shrunk into herself, hiding behind her wavy robes.

“Great! Now… We need to make a circle…” Zodiak trailed off, walking towards a tree to grab a stick before he heard an explosion of wind behind him. He turned around quickly, the sound scaring him half to death before he noticed the circle on the ground. A smile grew across his face. “There’s more to you than it seems, huh?”

“There always is, Zodiak. I am not just a small, frail girl incapable of protecting myself. I am capable of much more than that.” Faith was ready to spar, her sword in her right hand and her left hand ready to reach behind her for throwing knives as she stepped up to one side of the circle. A smile stretched across her face as well, ready to enjoy the battle ahead.

Zodiak held his hands in the classic brawler stance as he stepped onto his side of the circle, but instead with his hands flat rather than balled up. “I never doubted it for a second.”

Faith paused, realizing that the only weapon Zodiak held was strapped to his back and completely useless for sparring. The man’s fingers also seemed to have a few slight cuts dotting them. “Where’s your s-sword?” Faith asked, her stuttering trying to come back.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m perfectly capable of defending myself without one. Now, come at me!”

“Okay…” Faith readied her sword again, waiting for Zodiak to make his move. He didn’t look like he was planning anything, but she kept her guard up.

Zodiak stood still, waiting for Faith to make her move. He looked around, but she didn’t look like she was planning anything.

“Fine… I’ll go first.” Faith grew impatient and thrust her hand forward, throwing out a force of wind towards Zodiak strong enough to topple any normal man.

Zodiak stood still as the strong wind passed, his feet firmly planted into the ground. “My turn,” he noted aloud.

Zodiak ran quickly forward, anticipating her reflex sword swing at his approach. Even with his opponent being so short, he was able to avoid her swing while guiding the blade into the ground, making it stuck there for a short time. He spun around the girl, picking up one of her throwing knives to use as his own, before getting blasted backwards.

Faith expended air from beneath her, forcing the man to be thrown backwards and fall down. She ran towards Zodiak, and before he could get up, pinned him to the ground by sitting on his torso. She held her hand up to the sky. “Give up.”

“I’m good. Really.” Zodiak made a push to get Faith off of him, but he was met face-to-face with a sword blade, in which he laid back down and shrugged.

“That’s what I thought.” Faith’s mouth turned up a smile, her blade now residing in her sky-reaching hand.

“I guess I went a little too easy on you unconsciously, huh?...” Zodiak noted, a little disappointed that he’d been pinned by a girl. He placed the throwing knife back in her bag.
Quick Friends - Part 2
by Insane Darkness

“Those throwing knives were my mother’s…” Faith started, ready to spill her own story to Zodiak. “My father… He went berserk one day… He attacked me… I was just playing with my friends when I saw my father… coming across the hill. He… wasn’t smiling. I knew… something was wrong. He grabbed my collar, pulled me across the ground. I had to fight to breath. It was… painful.” Faith held a hand to her neck, as if she still felt the pain physically when it was more mental and emotional now.

“I’m… sorry to hear that.” Zodiak glanced away. “Would you… like a hug?” He always felt like a good hugger and knew that hugs were very powerful things.

“As long as I get to… finish my story.” Faith laid down on Zodiak’s chest, listening to his heartbeat as her sword clattered to the ground next to them. His heartbeat was strong, powerful. Hers was weaker in comparison. A slight blush coated her cheeks as she continued. “He beat me, right in front of my friends. Took off his belt and… hit me with it. He’d never done that before. One hit me right on the head, forcing me unconscious. And yet… he didn’t stop. Next thing I knew, I woke up in my bed, covered in injuries. My mother was there… a worried expression on her face… with a tinge of anger. It was then that she gave me a bag. A little bag for a little girl. I guess they were supposed to be a birthday present, but… they found better use then than any other time.”

Zodiak wrapped his hands around Faith’s small body, embracing her like he said he would. A small tear escaped one of Faith’s eyes, he noticed. He decided not to mention it and instead waited for her to continue.

“After my mother healed me, I ran away. It was her idea, but… it was a lot harder on me than it should have been. If I met any conflict, my throwing knives helped me through it. The robes I’m wearing right now were from that time. They’re not as baggy as they were at the time, I guess. But… yeah. That’s my story.” Faith relaxed, her muscles less tense after telling such a personal story.

“I… was betrayed by my family. I was supposed to become the Tsar’s bodyguard. However, just after one conversation with the guy, I knew that I hated his guts. Pardon my Elven, but he was, for lack of a better term, a giant asshole.” Zodiak sighed, moving Faith’s hair a little.

“Keep going. I’m listening.” Faith turned her head so that her chin was laying on Zodiak’s chest.

“I told my family how I felt. They just told me, ‘You should be honored to work for the Tsar!’ and ‘You are the strongest of your relatives!’, ‘There’s no doubt you’ll be a great bodyguard for the Tsar!’, ‘Just give it a try!’, ‘Don’t give up so easily!’, stuff like that. Nobody listened. They all had expectations for me to fulfill. So I dashed all of them. Threw their expectations in the trash and ran away. I was not going to become the pet of a callous, corrupt leader. My story is a little simpler with a little more emphasis on emotional and mental damage than yours, I suppose. Still… The world is a dangerous place.” Zodiak stared at the sky, reminiscing his past.

“Do you regret running away?” Faith asked.

Zodiak picked up his head to look her in the eyes. “Do you?”

“No.” Faith responded without hesitation.

“Then there’s my answer to your question.” Zodiak laid his head back down on the ground.

“Would you… like me to introduce you to Mina?” Faith offered, changing the subject to something a little more productive and light-hearted.

“I would appreciate your kindness in doing so. However… let’s just rest here for a bit…”

“Okay. I’m ready when you are.” Faith rotated her head so she could hear his powerful heartbeat once more. However, upon a different outlook of the man underneath her, she felt his heart was powerful in more ways than one.


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MarineAvenger & ZombieSplitter53
Hurtful Truth
Part One

Havenbrook Manor/Guildhouse
August 28th, 3349
3:44 p.m.

Drayce paced around the main floor of the manor’s expansive library, scratching his head as his boots tapped the floor with the rhythmic pace of his back and forth, a small book in his open palm. His eyes quickly scanned the pages, stopping to look over at the elf who sat in a chair, brushing the hair of the small girl in her lap. “You do not know of Mithrite? It is all over the place in the north. It falls from the sky and has a brilliant blue glow when left in the dark long enough. I am surprised there are no records of any here in the south, even under a different name. The memories I have regained truly leave me with a lot more questions than answers.”

“Well, are you sure it isn’t under any different name?” Esmeralda asked. “What do you use it for anyway?”

“I have checked this book of minerals over about three times now, and there is no matching description. Anyways, we didn’t use it. The dragons had no need of shiny rocks when they could just make fire. Not to mention seeing in the dark isn’t exactly hard for us.” Scratching his head, Drayce closed the book with a snap. “I bet they’d be pretty sought after here for people who’ve never seen it.”

“They would probably be very valuable,” Aemilia agreed. “A rare mineral only found in the land of dragons. Too bad you didn’t bring a bunch with you. You could have been rich.”

“It will be at the top of my list next time I am being exiled.” Drayce responded back with a nod, sighing heavily.

The young girl frowned. “O-oh, I… d-didn’t mean to upset… s-sorry.”

Drayce placed the book back onto a shelf and stepped away, a little look of surprise. “Did that come off harsher than I meant it? No apologies needed. I think I just find myself too narrow-minded I often forget that I am supposed to be nice.” he chuckled, “Anyways, I had no concept of money. To be honest, it still confuses me a little to trade a worthless shiny thing for simple needs.”

“Well, it is a medium for barter, really,” the Light Elf explained. “In it simplest form, I trade an object you want for an object I want. With money, items are given worth that is translated into coins, and that is traded. It might make things seem more complicated, but it allows for payment for services in something that could be spent on anything, and a means of government collecting taxes.”

“Even that seems a bit strange to me. I prefer the freedom I have rather than be run by a collective.” Rubbing his chin, the dragon Thrope seemed troubled. “I also have no means of using said government to find out who my mother was. Or who her killers were.”

“Tell us again exactly what you remember of her,” Aemilia said. “It might help us narrow things down. You said she was a cat Thrope, and you two were lost in the Great Northern Sea, right?”

Drayce nodded sadly. He had yet to speak to his grandfather about that night, but the young man did not feel ready yet to confront that issue. “Yes. Her robes were also modeled like mine, though I was informed mine are the more masculine version for Thropes.” He put a hand on the dark violet attire. Just wearing the fashion seemed to make him feel closer to her.

Esmeralda clapped her hands together. “I got it! Believe it or not, I have several books about fashion, including fashion from around the world, now and in the last twenty years. Perhaps you can use them to narrow down where you came from… yes?”

“I… don’t know squat about fashion at all though. At least I knew what I was looking for with the mineral. I’ll be completely lost.”

“Well, I’ll try and help with that.” Es looked the teen up and down, committing his clothing to memory. “In the meantime, maybe we can narrow things down some more.”

“I think he is from Elluviana.” Aemilia ‘looked’ up at him. “People tell me his fashion is unique, and that describes the island nation very well. And it is the most heavily Thrope populated country and is a northern nation.”

“Really? But isn’t that… Eeluu- place like… big? And since it is an island has… a lot of coast in the north where I could have fallen from?” the Thrope asked, walking close and bending down so their noses almost touched.

Esmeralda blushed at what she saw as an unusual, affectionate-looking gesture, but chalked it up to Drayce’s unique nature and the fact that it wouldn’t bother the blind girl. “Yeah, but isn’t a single nation easier to search then all of Terra Dolor?”

Drayce grunted a bit, standing straight again and looking away, “Yeah well… your face is stupid…”

“That’s more like…” Es blinked. “Wait… wha?”

“Well, I suppose the only real option I am left is to ask… the old man just if he remembers where he found me?” Holding his arms tightly around himself, the Thrope look strangely uncomfortable by that.

“You mean your grandfather?” Aemilia hopped out of Esmeralda’s lap. “I’m surprised you haven’t doen that already, actually.”

“Well, the last time we actually tried to talk I had tried to kill him and I ended up impaled in the side by a ballista bolt.” He rubbed the back of his head. “I’d ask you or Eliza to come, but I feel that wouldn’t be appropriate for what we will end up talking about.”

“Well, that is up to you.” Aemilia rubbed her hands together. “I… wouldn’t mind being by your side though.”

Drayce looked at the blind girl then reached out and placed his hand on her head, petting her softly with a smile. “Thank you.”

“Well, um… while you do that, I’ll go hunt down those books.” Es smiled at the cute display as she stood up. She stopped for a moment to look at her face in a mirror, looking a bit confused as she walked on.

Later after a quick respite that consisted of the two merely napping together in Drayce’s room, the pair set off to the secluded lake not far from the guild. Stretching out his tired muscles, the Thrope looked over at the girl. “You did not have to dress so nicely.”

She brushed off her pink and white sundress, the color delightful without being imposing and complimented by a white sunhat. “B-but… isn’t your grandfather a… you know? Shouldn’t I dress better than my usual cloak?”

“Well… you never dress nice for me…” the Thrope pouted in a mumbled, “If you think so highly of the old man, why don’t you marry him?” Drayce mocked.

“I-I… didn’t realize that mattered to you. I guess I don’t really think about how I look around others since I usually can’t see myself.” Aemilia moved a tiny bit closer. “Maybe I’ll start dressing nice when I’m with you too.”

That caused Drayce to redden slightly, “You promise to?”

“Of course!” Aemilia moved closer still. “But people might start to suspect things if I dress nicely around you.”

“S-So? It isn’t a… well kept secret about our real relationship.” he moved closer the rest of the way and took her tiny hand in his, looking away.

Aemilia looked away herself, but smiled. “Drayce?”

“W-What?” he choked out.

“Th-thank you…”


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Hurtful Truth
Part Two

“S-Stop being stupid… come on, we are here.” he quickly said, heart thumping. He did not let go though. The two stepped by the edge of the water and Drayce hesitated. “H-Hey old man… I know you’re listening. Come out and I won’t have to beat you up.” It was a decent enough attempt to impress his girlfriend.

After a minute of waiting, goosebumps ran across Aemilia’s skin as an overwhelming power drew near. The water surged up, flowing onto the land and taking humanoid shape before turning into the God of the Sea. “Drayce, you know you don’t have to threaten me. I will always try to…” He looked down at the girl curiously. “ come when you call.”

“Y-Yeah well, I had to make extra sure you heard me this time. It’s been… a while.” Drayce breathed out slowly, looking ashamed. “Sorry…”

“Sorry?” Uladan knelt down. “Please, my boy, you need not apologize. Especially for what I am sure is going through your head.”

“Do you… know what happened? About my fight with the big Chimera?” Drayce asked embarrassed.

Uladan slowly smiled. “You mean when you kicked its ass?”

“Grandad!” Drayce protectively covered Aemilia’s ears. “For shame!”

“Sorry. Kicked its butt, then. I was… so proud. And surprised. I… didn’t know you had that kind of power. I am curious as to where it all comes from.”

Drayce looked down, his hands falling away from Aemilia’s head dejectedly. “The gods do not know already then?”

Uladan frowned. “Know what? Please… tell me.”

Drayce tugged at his collar. “I did not become a dragon when I came of age to transform, old man. I was still lacking an animal semblance. I became a dragon after… forming a covenant. With an Elder God.”

“You…” Uladan clutched his shoulders tightly. “How could you do that?!”

“You’re asking me of all people that? I didn’t exactly have a choice. He did threaten to blow up the world if I didn’t leave him alone. I was going to get something out of it. I am stubborn like that.”

“Oh, Dryace…” Uladan hugged him tightly. “Why didn’t you ever tell me?”

“I’m sorry, but you and the old hermit dragon did sort of shatter my memories.” the young man pointed out, “Besides, what would you have done? Go tell off the big, naughty Elder God, world shattering dragon not to talk to strange little boys?”

The god leaned back and chuckled. “Don’t be a smart… guy.”

“I have a lot of bad influences… I can’t help it. Anyways, this is all irrelevant. I need an answer! One I need the truth on!”

Uladan stepped back, surprised. “A-alright. Calm down, son. Ask your question.”

“Do you remember where it was you first found me!?” Drayce pressed, stepping closer to the god. “I need to know!”

“In the sea, of course.” Uladan frowned. “What is this about?”

“Where in the sea? I need to know Uladan! I need to go there!” Drayce exclaimed, eyes wide. It had been the first time he ever formally addressed the god before.

Uladan stood up straight and took a deep breath. “If I remember correctly, it was part of the sea known as the Benetin Reef, off the coast of Elluviana.”

His eyes were wide. Drayce recalled something. “Of course…” he whispered softly. “I… the swirl of colors I saw when the darkness cleared. When you found me. That was… a reef?”

Uladan nodded. “You may have drifted a little, but not by much. Otherwise, you would have drown before I found you.”

“T-Thank you. I have a starting point now then.” Drayce smiled determinedly, then clenched his fists. “One… last thing if you don’t mind answering.”

Uladan slowly nodded, a worried look on his face. “Go ahead, son.”

The young man closed his eyes. “...what became of my mother’s body? Was she… really dead when she was in the water?”

Uladan slowly closed his eyes. “She’s gone, Drayce. But… she wasn’t dead when I found her.”

Tears rolled down Drayce’s face. “You said she’s gone. Not dead.” His fist clenched tighter. “Where is she?”

Uladan slowly held up his hand. A large orb of water appeared. Within formed an image of the woman from Drayce’s memories. She was surrounded by a light blue aura, and her her slowly bobbed up and down. It seemed she was under water somewhere. “I… couldn’t save her… but I didn’t want to let her die. She was awake long enough to say your name before slipping into a coma. She would have died within moments had I not used my magic to put her in stasis. I have not been able to wake her since.”

“You knew… when I was alone with the dragons… when I was alone in the south… all this time you knew. To spare my feelings?” Drayce growled.

“Of course!” Uladan insisted. “What would you have me do?! She… she’s healed. But she will not wake up. What would you have me do? What is worse? You thinking she’s dead, or knowing she is alive but you can never see her, in a state that might as well be death?”

Blood trickled from between Drayce’s fingers, his claws having come out and extending into his own hard skin. “Go away…” he whispered, trembling. “Leave… I don’t want to see your lying face you bastard old man!” he flew forwards, the flames of chaos burning where he had stood.

Uladan blocked. “Drayce, please! Don’t do this!”

“I hate you!” the dragon shrieked, weak flurrying blows against the god. “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!”

The god grabbed his hands. “No you don’t! You’re angry! Please! Calm down!”

“I hate you…” he repeated, slamming his head into Uladan’s chest. “I hate you… I hate you… I hate you…” Each successive blow grew weaker until Drayce merely collapsed into sobs.

Uladan slowly knelt before him. He slowly hugged the boy, risking an attack but unable to help himself. “I am… so sorry.”

“Bastard…” he whispered, accepting the hug briefly, before pulling himself away. Drayce turned, only to find himself embrace by a pair of arms that just barely fit around him. He dropped to the ground, seemingly accepting Aemilia’s embrace with a lot less hesitation.

Uladan watched them, momentarily giving the girl an angry, suspicious look. He slowly let out a breath, and stepped back. “I-I’ll… go now. I really… am sorry.”

With the sound of the god departing, Drayce’s embrace only slightly loosened. When Aemilia attempted to speak, she was cut off by his lips stopping hers from making a sound. Whether it was to keep her quiet or a moment of affection was beyond comprehension as they shared a first kiss.

She blushed fiercely, but followed along. She held him even tighter, as if afraid to let go.