Hunters of Terra Dolor (Role Playing Section)


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Jun 23, 2013
Miridia three miles across the border

August 4rth, 3349


As Alice tried to hunt down Marlee of the band of seven remembering what Seclevar, said to her months ago. “Well Miridia is a big country it could take me forever to try and find that damn bitch, so at the moment might as well find me some recruits myself and it’s been a while since I’ve been on a tare I could use the distraction.” As Alice flew overhead she saw a small camp surrounded with wooden spikes around it. “Ah there’s a nice little camp let me have some fun.”

As Alice turned back to normal and approached the camp, she was stopped by a bandit.

“Halt this is a toll road see and you need to pay to get past our forest, say one gold piece.”

“Ou a tool road, and what if I don’t want to pay to toll what will happen then huh?” Alice said smiling at the bandit.”

“Then me and my friends will take the money off your course, pay the toll or die lady!”

“Ou well since you asked so nicely.” Alice pulled out her sword and thrusted it into the woman gut.” Well in that case I’ll take my chances with the rest of your friends.” Alice took the sword out thrusted it into the woman heart, dropping her to the ground She then took the woman head off and threw it across there wall. Getting the bandiest attention Alice opened to gate and switched to her ax.” Attention scum I have an offering for you join me and live like kings, and never go hungry again or.” Alice pointed her ax at the bandiest. Or you can join the maggots in the ground, take your pick ether way I win.”

The bandiest laughed at the woman, thinking she was insane. “What’s with all the racket out there?” A woman came out of a large tent and looked at the commotion going on the woman was looking at her looked to be a little taller than Alice She wore a heavy leather armor with long black hair reaching her back. “Who in the world is that?”

“Ah you must be the boss of these, worthless maggots I have an offer for you.”

“An offer huh, now why would I accept anything from a mercenary.” The woman looked at her men. “Kill this woman and don’t make too much of a mess.” The woman retreated into her tent, her bandiest started to surround Alice.

Alice sighed. “Why must they make thing so difficult, Alright so who is the first?” One of the bandiest rushed Alice easily dogged the attack and tripped up the bandit, having her go face first into the mud Alice bowed to the bandit. The rest started to charge Alice she smiled and used her powers to get behind the group of bandiest.” Heh you’re not worth my Ax.” Alice pulled out her duel sword.” Alright fun time is over now then come and get me.”

“You damn bitch die!” One of the bandits charged Alice swinging there ax wildly, Alice blocked the attack and cut the bandits arm off and used her silver sword to pierce there heart. “Aw that’s too bad.” The rest of the bandits started to charge Alice, as they started surround Alice they started to attack her. While in a circle Alice started to kill quickly slicing their throats and thrusting there swords into their hearts and lungs and slowly one by one the bandits started to fall.” Aw come on I thought you were going to teach me a lesson, you know what you useless maggots are not worth my time.” For Alice hand came a blue orb Alice put the orb into the ground and the bandits Alice killed moments ago came back to life and started attack there former comrades, Alice on the other hand went into the huge tent and saw the woman talking to a mountain of a man. “ Look you have no home, no family nothing to your name why not join me and be a part of something?”

“Funny that’s just what I was going to offer you.” Alice smiled at the woman

The woman turned around and saw Alice.”Ugh useless filth they can’t even beat a single woman, so you made it to me so what is it that you want?”

“I want you to join me, I plan to go to war with the world and I need leaders so I will give you a choice to make. Join me and live in glory or join the rest of your men.” The bandit’s leader allies came into the tent.” And join me in death.”

Alice couldn’t tell what the woman expression was since she was wearing a mask.” Huh I would call this disgusting but they were worthless, hopefully there better in death then they were in life. Now as for you, you want me to serve you, huh I serve no one that is weak.” The woman pulled out a sword that seemed to be as tall as her. “You want me to join you then, prove to me why I should join you.” The woman rushed Alice and to Alice surprise she handled the sword like a master like the sword was a part of her arm, if Alice wasn’t a vampire and didn’t have keen senses she would have died by now. Not only was the woman fast with her sword but she tried to keep Alice off balance watching for a slip up, When Alice moved he foot back the woman hit Alice in the chest with the butt of her sword staggering her and went for the killing blow to send her sword through her shoulder and cut her heart in half.

Before she could do that however Alice turned into a swarm of bats and went outside.” A vampire?” Before the woman could figure out what was going on her former allies started to come after her and in one swipe she cut three of their heads off, she kicked one of the Zombies and slashed its jaw off so she wouldn’t get bit and the slashed it’s sword words to cut its head off. “Hum is that all you’re even more worthless as zombies, to think I even lead you vermin.” As the woman made her way out side she can see the bats she saw Alice turn into form into the woman she saw earlier. “You’re a vampire!”

“Yes I am, so I’m going to ask you again come and join my side and I will offer the world to you.”

“Huh if what I saw earlier of you was all you can do then you’re not worth serving.” The woman rushed Alice at swung her sword at her, but Alice grabbed the back of the sword.” Wa, you that’s not possible!?”

Alice punched the woman stomach sending her back into her tent, Alice then slammed the sword into the dirt and pulled out her Ax.

The woman came back out holding her stomach and pulled out another sword this one being smaller than the other one.

“A katana you’re a samurai?”

“Don’t call me that, I’m no such thing. I refused to serve the worthless master I was given and became something better now quiet talking and fight me!” The woman rushed Alice again but Alice blocked the attack and used the woman’s momentum to toss her to the side, Alice started to swing her ax this time being more aggrieve actually getting the better then the of the mysterious woman, she could barely block all of Alice attack. Alice head butted the woman and drove the side of her Ax into the woman side, instead of being gutted she was sent flying to the side.

The woman got up and started to swing her sword at Alice again she seemed to be faster than she was before but when Alice parried the attack she punched the woman mask breaking it driving her to the ground. “Huh are you done? Because unlike you I can go for hours and if it reaches night time ou you’re in for a long fight.”

The woman stood up reveling her face, to Alice surprise she was missing and eye since she had an eyepatch and her right eye was yellow. “Ugh I... I yield to you, if you’re going to kill me then get it over with.”

“Did you not here me I want you to serve me, be my general to lead my armies to take the nations of the world under my control what do you say?” Alice extend her hand to the woman.

The woman took Alice hand and Alice lifted her up. “Fine I will join you and your cause, from this day forward you are my master and I will serve you loyally until I die.” The woman went to her sword and picked it up. “Well since were allies I want to give you a gift.” The woman escorted Alice back to her tent were Alice saw the giant man she saw earlier. “This man was traveling across the border my former men and I captured him and found out he had a bounty on his head in Helvan.”

“A bounty in Helvan, so that can only mean he’s a slave. So mister who are you?”

The looked up at Alice and finally stood up and he seemed to be a bit taller than Gravel to Alice surprise. “I am no slave, I earned my freedom in the arena two hundred men fell to me. And instead of letting me go they imprisoned me again and buried me under the arena, but I escaped.”

Alice smiled at the man knowing what that felt like. “Tell me something would you like to join me, and get revenge on the men that imprisoned you?”

“The men that imprisoned me are dead, if any thing I want to see that nation burn to the ground!”

“Sounds like we have a deal.” Hay samurai lady mind letting him go?”

“My name is Satoko.” Satoko released the giant man from his cuffs.”

The man rubbed his wrist and looked at the woman. “You freed me, if you live up to your end of the Bargen then I will happily survey you, by the way my name is Wulfrik.”

“Wonderful now let me take us home.” Alice called for her Reaper and a small portal opened and Alice brought her new allies to their new home.


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Part One

Hecatoncheires, Serasam
August 10th, 3349
4:14 p.m.

Eager to get out of the Manor, and spend some quality time with one she was afraid needed more then he got, Mina walked with Lyr down the streets of Hecatoncheires, a mid sized city to the north of the manor. It wasn't as close as Cleardevon. It wasn't as big as New Vento City. But it had one of Mina's favorite markets to visit personally. She wondered how Lyr felt about it though. It didn't occur to her until just then how miserable he might have been, a teenager shopping with mother, and glanced at his face to gauge his thoughts.

Despite her fears, he was smiling. She hadn't believed him at first when he suddenly stopped her mid argument to tell her an outlandish story, but after mulling it over, what grounds did she have not to believe him? Lyr had his arm around hers, not looking miserable at all. Angel was on his right shoulder, a puffed up ball of feathers who was currently napping.

"You know... I know it was quite the experience for you, but in my eyes, you seemed to mature in a matter of moments," Mina noted.

"That's easy for you to say. You see no wrong in me." Lyr mumbled, despite his smile.

"I'm serious," Mina insisted. "It is surprising to see a teenager so open and honest. Especially with... you know. What you learned..."

"I'm just... Happy you are taking it so well. Not the spawn of your rapist after all." He said with obvious relief.

"That's a good reason why I'm taking it so well. Except..." Mina sighed. "I mean... how are you and I now? You... your father isn't the man that made me his wife anymore. You have no reason to feel attached to me or anything..."

"You've been more of a mother to me than my real one will ever be. I adopted your last name. I live under your roof. I might as well have come out of you at this point."

Mina looked up into his face, smiling sweetly. "You... you don't know how much that means to me."

The Ophidian chuckled warmly. "At least until someone else steals the spotlight."

"Hush, now." Mina patted him on the chest. "So what happens now, my new demigod son?"

"Nothing much. I just... Have some people I need to see. Tie up some loose ends." He noted with a small smirk. "No killing involved... Hopefully."

Mina raised an eyebrow, but patted him on the shoulder. "I'll have to trust you on that. Don't think just because you're a demigod now doesn't mean I won't spank your ass."

"You've never done it yet." He said, giving her a little pinch on her rear and laughing at her jumping yelp.

Mina slapped him on the arm. "Brat!" She slowed to a stop in front of a store front. "Oh... this is new. Virando fashion, huh?" She glanced at then Ophidian teen. "Your powers involve time, right? Does that mean... if I step in here for a while, and you go off to tie up those loose ends, you'll be waiting for me no matter how long it actually takes you?"

Lyr shook his head. "I can only stop a few seconds at most and freeze everything around me."

"Right, but you can't... step through time or something? Leave now, come back half a second later?" Mina folded her arms. "If not, I think you need to consider going to another god for better powers."

"I can make portals to places I desire, but that is the extent of my time powers." He said with a shake of his head. "I won't be forever."

"Alright, alright. Not like I plan to finish shopping anytime soon." Mina walked into the shop, calling back, "Be good!"

He smiled, watching her disappear inside. Turning around, Lyr found a secluded alley way, a vertical slash of light appearing in the air and twisting open. He stepped through and came out in the forest near the village where his first trial had been.

It wasn't too long until he heard the sound of movement. To his left, he heard the snorting sound of a wild boar. Farther ahead, he heard someone stalking through the foliage, likely hunting the boar.

He stalked forward silently, looking through the brush to see who exactly was hunting.

As he had expected, the man he had spared stuck his head out from behind a tree. Slowly, carefully, he took aim. After several seconds, he let loose an arrow. It hit the boar, penetrating a few inches above its heart. It let out a squeal and made a run for it. The man let out a string of curses as he rushed out to chase it.

Suddenly, a line of light flew past the man's head, missing by a mere inch, penetrating the boar and shooting out the other side.

As the animal dropped to the ground, the hunter quickly spun back, arrow at the ready.

"Might wish to reconsider." Lyr noted from the trees.

The man's eyes shifted about. "W-what is this? You... you come to finish the job? You... want to finish me away from my family? That's mighty kind, b-but you... y-you made me appreciate my life and my family, and I'm not about to give that up now."

The Ophidian raised his eyebrows. "Why would I let you live only to kill you later?"

"I don't know," he answered honestly, though didn't lower his bow. "But what other reason would you have to be back here. It's the only one I can think of, unless you just so happened to be in the neighborhood and plan to stop in for a cup of coffee."

"That actually sounds very good at the moment." Lyr said, walking back towards the town. "Come. I am wondering if your wife makes it decently."

The hunter hesitated, but slowly lowered his bow. He retrieved his assisted kill and ran to catch up. "You know, you are surprisingly cordial for an assassin. You... never even told which side sent you, you know?"

"Maybe because I am not an assassin like you seem to think." He said behind himself without stopping.

"I... see..." The man walked up to his side and matched his pace, the boar over his shoulders. "Um... name is William, by the way."

"Lyr Havenbrook." The teen stated in kind. "And your family?"

"My wife's name is Deanna," William answered. "My children, oldest to youngest, are Beverly, Jean, Reginald, Geordi, and Ro. Little Regi was the one you spoke with."

"I see." Putting his hands behind his head, the Hunter glanced to the side, "So, why so many?"

"What do you mean? Why so many kids?" William smiled. "Why not?"

"Cause their loud, obnoxious, and expensive. Besides, last I saw your wife... She was haggard,"

"I... regret to say that may be my fault. I have not been a good enough husband or father. My mind was stuck in the past. I feel I desired so many children because I wanted someone to pass on my blood when my past caught up with me." William turned to look at Lyr. "But no more. I have been looking to the future now, and have become a better person for it. You may find that my wife is a bit happier, at least I hope, and my children are better behaved. As for why so many, well... there is pride in raising a little you. And for all the stress they bring, they also bring joy."

"A weird experience I do not wish to have." Lyr admitted wholeheartedly.

William looked him up and down as they reached the house. "How old are you anyway?"

"Fifteen." Lyr spoke honestly, though he obviously did not look it.

"Well, now... you're younger then I thought." The man huffed. "Life was almost ended by a boy the same age as my oldest daughter..."

"She was quite pretty last I saw her. Plain... But pretty." He murmured purposefully.

"Well, thank you." William held open the door for the boy. "Though if it comes up... leave out the plain part."

With a mirthful laugh, he entered in, beginning to take off his cloak.

"You're back early," called the lady of the house. She rounded a corner, amd indeed looked a lot more vibrant then last time, and had her hair done up and a spot of make-up on. She stopped short when she saw Lyr, eyes widening.

He offered her a small smile. "Good to see you better."

"You, uh... u-uh..."

"It's okay." William stepped up behind Lyr. "The young man has come to check in on me and... have a cup of coffee."

"O-oh?" Deanna smiled nervously. "Change careers to parole officer, have we?"


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Part Two

"You don't even know my career, so how do you know I changed it. I wasn't hired to kill your husband in the first place. Why do you all think I am a bloody assassin? What assassin leaves a target alive?"

"A really... bad one... I guess." Deanna shook her head. "No matter. Please, I shall make you some coffee. Dear, please put that animal away before your son sees it and wants to play with it or something." She took Lyr by the arm. "So what is your profession?"

"I am a guild hunter for the Havenbrook organization." He said, showing her the family crest stiched to his left arm. "I hunt monsters, do jobs, and other things."

"How interesting. My middle child talks often of fighting monsters when he grows up." She led him into the living room. "Maybe you could... talk him out of it. Seems a terribly dangerous job. I would hate for him to focus on that and only that, and considering how much he wouldn't stop talking about you after you left, he might actually listen."

"Maybe. Depending on the guild though, the work may not be all that tough. The Havenbrook just happens to be an elite one."

"Right. Maybe I should... shop around. Look for smaller ones if he still wants this when he grows up." She led him to the couch, urging him to sit down. "Please, relax. I'll get you that coffee." She looked back the way they came. "And make that oaf of a man doesn't start chopping up that beast in the kitchen again..." She quickly walked off, leaving Lyr alone.

After a minute, Beverly walked down the stairs, her nose stuck in a text book as her mouth moved silently in reading.

Lyr leaned back, watching the girl with a curious gaze. Crossing one leg over the other, he waited to see if she would even notice him.

She took a few steps into the room before looking up. Like her mother, Beverly stopped suddenly and looked at him wide eyed. "Moooooom!" She quickly ran back towards the kitchen.

"You came back?" Lyr turned his head to find little Regi starring up at him, as wide eyed and curious as when they first met.

"Yeah, I did." Lyr said, raising a hand to ruffle the boy's curly hair. He had taken quite a liking to the small boy.

"You're not here because daddy did something bad again, are you?" the boy asked. "Because I think he has been really good lately."

"Your dad's been fine boy. I'm just here for a visit to make sure you are all still alright."

"Oh... alright." Regi quickly ran to Lyr's other side and sat on the couch next to him. "Hey, guess what."

"Hm? What is it?" The Ophidian asked with mild curiosity.

"I'm gonna grow up big and tough like you and daddy." The boy gave a big, toothy grin, though was missing a few baby teeth. "I want to beat up monsters so they can't hurt my family."

"An admirable goal. But how can you protect your family if you go off to a faraway guild?" He once again pat the child's head. "Why not start your own when you are older? So you can be close by, and still do some good. There is always a shortage of guilds to do tasks. Just start small. Escorts and deliveries. I don't think people realize how in demand those jobs really are."

"You really think I could start my own?" the boy asked in genuine surprise.

"I don't really see why you couldn't..." Lyr noted, scratching his cheek with a finger.

Regi laughed excitedly. He jumped off the couch and yelled, "Mom, dad, guess what I'm gonna do," as he ran out of the room.

It was a minute later when the lady of the house returned to Lyr, her husband behind her. "Well now, aren't we the talk of the house," she said, handing a cup of coffee to Lyr.

"Usually not a good idea to leave me around impressionable young kids..." He mused with a curled mouth up.

"I'll have to keep that in mind." William sat on a chair by the couch. "Will you be staying for dinner, Lyr?"

Lyr shook his head, "I have other places to be today unfortunately. This is just a visit."

"Well, while I have the chance..." Deanna sat next to the youthful demigod. "I wanted to thank you for... you know, not killing my husband."

He waved a hand as if it was nothing. "You should be thanking him for not giving me a reason. Though I so hope that hole in the chair got patched." he joked with a very wry tone.

"Actually, no." William smiled. "I left it there as a reminder that one's past can easily catch up with them, so I should keep that in mind."

His wife gently placed a hand on Lyr's arm. "You helped us in ways we didn't even know were a problem. Thank you, Lyr."

He nodded, "Just do me a favor and stay out of trouble. I can always as easily come back and rectify mistakes." He left the threat vague so that the man's imagination would do the dirty work for him. When you left a threat vague, people usually always assumed the worst.

William took a deep breath. "No worries about that, young man. You have my word."

With a nod, Lyr took a sip. The coffee was really good. "Don't keep your word, and I will spirit away your wife and daughters. Maybe the little boy too if I feel like teaching him the Dark One's torturous technique.

William folded his arms. "You're not the friendliest, are you?" he said with a small laugh.

"Also not the most serious." He added purposefully.

Deanna chuckled. "Well, um... I can't believe I'm saying this, but you are welcome back any time."

Lyr smiled. "And I thank you for that. I should probably go. I do have others I need to visit."

The parents stood up and walked him to the door. "Don't do anything too dangerous." William said. "You're obviously strong but still young."

"I wouldn't worry too much." To almost drive his point home, he formed a gateway on their porch. "Goodnight. Tell Regi I wish him all the luck." Lyr stepped through the gateway and it close behind,him, leaving a slash of, purple afterhaze in, the two's eyes.

Deanna slapped her husband on the shoulder. "What did you do to make a demigod come after you?!" She scoffed and walked back in.

"N-nothing!" William insisted, hurrying after her. "At least I don't think I did..."

Going in order of how he met the people, his next visit was to the elf girl he had been isolated with. Getting Rume'lurm to spit out where exactly she lived was impossible. At least he got the location of her school.

There were a number of teens running around at this time of day. This east, the students were just now getting out of school. It took awhile to find people who would talk to him, and even longer to find anyone who could direct him. It was as much by luck as anything else that he spotted her, facing away from him and looking in her book bag.

He strolled over, not too worried now that he saw her. He tapped her shoulder lightly.

She jumped a little, her books spilling on the ground. "Oh no!" She cried out, trying to gather them with one arm. The other was in a cast and sling.

His eyes narrowed slightly, bending down and helping her pick up the scattered books, "How did that happen?" Lyr growled angrily.

"W-what?" She needed a moment to recognize him through the dark sunglasses she wore. "O-oh, it's you. The... the boy from that party. H-how... have you been?"

His lips pressed together and he removed her sunglasses.

There was a large, obvious bruise over her left eye and cheek. "You, um... never told me you name..."

Lyr grit his teeth tightly, not realizing,he had crushed her sunglasses in his clenched fist, "Who!?"

The girl took a step back. "N-no one... I mean, I don't... know what you mean. I... I feel down the stairs, you see. I am ever so clumsy..."

He stood up, letting out a sigh. A minute of,silence passed between the two,before he offered his arm to her. "My name is Lyr. Want me to escort you home...?" He trailed off, not, knowing, her name either.

"Y-Yuffie. And as much as I app-" Someone kicked a can nearby, and she yelped. "You... th-that... would be nice, Mr. Lyr."

Lyr sighed hard, letting her arm slip,into his. "Lead the way. And tell me everything."

Yuffie sighed. "Just promise me you won't... you'll try not to get angry."

"No promises." The Ophidian said gruffly.

Yuffie let out a longer sigh. "I tried what you said. I tried out running the other girls. And I tried to even help them a little. It... it seemed to work... for a while. A couple of the girls started to be nice to me. Talk to me... even came over to, you know, do homework and stuff. We studied for the last test together and all got the three highest scores in the class."


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Part Three

"So what went wrong?" His arm slipped from hers, instead going around her side, holding her comfortingly.

She looked away. "Well, the... the girls followed this other girl. You know... popularity and all that. She didn't like a dirty little Light Elf getting so much attention, a-and... and her boyfriend... w-well, I couldn't outrun him..."

"Do you know where they hang out?" Lyr asked dangerously. "I will clear things right up, real fast."

"Lyr, no!" Yuffie rushed to stand in his way. "You know what happens when you try to stand up to bullies? They get worse! And it is even worse then worse when someone stands up for you, because the moment that person is gone..."

"Then I'll make them remember. I'll ingrain it so hard in their head, they won't sleep well when they even think of me. Now... Where?"

Yuffie sulked down a bit. "Sh-she's usually at cheer practice right now." She pointed back towards the school. "H-he's probably there watching her. If he... isn't watching the other girls..."

With a nod, he formed a gateway, ushering her forwards and followed. Lyr glanced around the field, looking around at all the scantily clad women.

"Lyr, please... don't do this?" Yuffie said. Without meaning to, her gaze to one of the teen boys in a group of four led Lyr to his target.

A small ball of light formed above his hand. It was the size of the marble. "I got this." He threw it, the thing soaring at high speed toward the man's head.

The guy dropped to the ground, yelling curses and gripping his head in pain. The other boys, his fellow members of a school sport team Lyr didn't recognize, quickly scanned the area while one of the cheer leaders ran to the downed teen's side.

Lyr chuckled evilly. "Hard to take revenge when you don't know who did it." Lyr told Yuffie.

She nodded, though looked worried. "W-we should go now before he figures it out."

"Who did that?!" the teen yelled, standing up and holding his head. "Who's the little bitch coward that doesn't want to face me?!"

Lyr shrugged and turned away with the Light Elf, "You fell down the stairs, hm?" As they left, a circle of light formed around the teen and his girlfriends ankles, pulling their legs out from under them as they slammed down the metal bleachers.

Yuffie flinched. "I-I think they learned their lesson. B-beside... w-what is the point if they don't even know why they're getting hurt?"

"Because that comes later, my dear Yuffie." His arm was around her side once more. "Does having lunch together sound good?"

Yuffie chuckled softly. "I-I... have no money. Hard to come by as a jobless orphan..."

"Well, I have money. It'll cost you though. If I am going to show you a good time, you have to do the same for me." Lyr told her matter-of-factly.

Yuffie blushed. "As... a-and long as you aren't asking for... y-you know." She smiled. "After all... you said you aren't into to girl... like that..."

"Wipe that smirk off your face. I'm not into boys if that is what you are thinking. I am just not serious about girls at the moment." He looked up. "Might make an exception for you though. Touching a drunk girl lewdly like Rume'lurm would hardly be fun. You got to do it properly."

"I-I didn't mean to imply..." Yuffie cleared her throat. "L-lunch would be nice."

"Glad you came around." He put a hand on her shoulder to stop her.

Yuffie nodded, glancing over to the downed teenagers. Despite her good nature, she couldn't help but enjoy their pain, at least a little. "C-come on... before they notice me and assume the worst."

"Yeah... One moment." His hand went over her face, a soft glow coming from it, and her face was healed. "I'm not so good at healing so your arm is beyond me but... I like your pretty face."

Yuffie giggled. "Thanks. Good thing, since... you know, the sunglasses."

"Come on, those were tacky anyways." He took her bag, slinging it over his shoulder as they went arm in arm to a place she wished to go.

After a while, they wondered over to a small cafe, one that seemed out of the way. Lyr wondered why she chose such a place until he noticed a lack of Elves and that the staff was mostly Light Elves. Yuffie sat down and looked at the menu. "This place is... i-is inexpensive and and pleasant. I'll... have whatever you want me to have."

Lyr raised an eyebrow. "Never been taken out before?"

Yuffie chuckled. "I mean.. I am a Light Elf and an orphan. Not exactly prime dating material."

"I know how it feels. I'm an Ophidian. Everyone hates us." He said with a laugh.

Yuffie smiled. "Not... Not everyone..."

"Apparently. So... If your an orphan, where do you live?"

"Haven's Grove Ophanage," she answered. "Did you know that... that Light Elves make up one of the lowest population percentage in the country, but the highest number of orphans? It is because a lot of parents put their children up before becoming orphans, and... because no one wants to adopt them."

Lyr gave her a sullen look, reaching out and patting her head, "I don't know. Orphans aren't common in our culture."

"Cause of the whole... bandit..." She held a hand over her mouth. "Sorry! I have no idea, really. So far away from Ophidians. I am sure you are a respectable, misunderstood bunch."

"No. What people say are mostly true." He admitted, his hand clenching. "All because of the matriarch."

Yuffie placed her hand over his. "That doesn't apply to you though, right? You have shown me such kindness..."

"Yeah. I'm different. And I plan to change things back in Kemar." To her surprise, his rough hand touched hers softly.

She didn't pull it away, a surprise to herself. "But you are so young. As young as me. I'm afraid... kids like us aren't listened to very often..."

"Well, I am no normal kid." He told her, chuckling. He looked at their hands. "I hope I am not just teasing you. Or leading you on. I just want you to be happy for once."

"I... I am happy... even with this busted arm, I was happier after you showed up." Yuffie looked down at their hands. "Why, um... Why are you here, by the way? Surely not just to check up on me."

"Actually... Just that. You left an impression."

"Me?" Yuffie laughed. "In what way? All I did was whine and cry. You had to spend your time cheering me up, remember? Seems to me I made a horrible first impression."

"I like protecting people. You're a friend of mine. I promised to protect you... And I failed. Then I learned where you live... The fact you could be made a slave any day..."

"I-it isn't you fault. Pleas Don't think that way." Yuffie smiled lightly. "I am sure you have many responsibilities. It... it is my fault for not being able to take care of myself."

"Well... Let's change that. Come live me at the Havenbrook Manor."

"Havenbrook Manor?" Yuffie tilted her head. "Where is that?"

"In Serasam. Esmeralda can teach you, and Erin. The townsfolk are nice. My mother would love you. It could be paradise. What do you have here?"

"Um... well, nothing, really," Yuffie admitted. "But... it is so far away. What makes you so sure I'll be okay there? After all, I'm just some ignorant Light Elf..." She closed her eyes. "Sorry... sorry, I was doing it again..."

"Because I have faith in you." A finger glided across the skin of her hand. "We'll take that fighting spirit deep down, and turn you into a real force to be reckoned with!"

"Like... train me how to fight?" Yuffie asked. "And use my magic like you can?"

Lyr nodded, "Esmeralda is a light elf too. You'll have a home. A family."

Yuffie's eyes shifted about. "Well, I... have no real reason to say no, really. No family... no real friends now... Don't really like the orphanage..."

Lyr gave her a smile. "Good. I'll come pick you up tomorrow. Be prepared."

Yuffie nodded. "I-I will be. Promise. Just... hope I won't be intruding."

"You won't." Lyr assured. "In fact, you'll be adored."

"A-adored?" Yuffie giggled. "Not sure I'm super into that, but I'll give it a try."


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Part Four

Lyr nodded, sitting back. He promised this girl a psuedo-date. She would get one. And make her feel like a princess the whole time."

After they were done, Yuffie sat back with a satisfied smile. She hadn't eaten much but looked like she ate a buffet. Either she was playing it off, or she didn't get much at her orphanage. Based on how skinny she was, it was likely the latter.

They sat and chatted, hours going by. Before she left to go get ready for the next day, Lyr kissed her cheek, reminding her again of his uninterest in a relationship lightly.

Still, she gave him a sweat smile, bowing deeply before running off with a big smile on her face.

Lyr smiled softly, a slash of light forming and admitting hot air of the forest to blow through the hole in the air. He stepped into the forest, the gateway closing. He looked around. He should have stepped right out in the middle of the fairy village.

The town was in an uproar, Faeries flying to and fro, and and every soldier in the area raising a weapon towards the snakeman who had popped in the middle of town from seemingly nowhere. "You there!" one of them said, showing that just because they were tiny, not all of them had high pitched voice. "Who do you think you are?! You have thirty seconds to explain yourself!"

"I am Lyr Havenbrook, Hunter for the Havenbrook Guild, Sage of Light, Protector of Time, and heir to the duchy of Kemar here to visit a friend of mine." Bloody hells, Lyr thought internally, If that doesn't impress them, I don't know what will. Burn these faries, causing me to come up with lofty titles!

"An emissary?" one of them whispered.

"Protector of time?" muttered another.

The one that had spoke first cleared his throat. "And... what friend is that exactly?"

"Sig." Lyr called out, "Told you I would be back!" He called out.

"Stand down!" A familiar looking Faerie with a high pitched voice flew over. "He is a representative of his people and welcomed by the prince!" He looked over at Lyr and winked.

The Ophidian regarded his friend with a smile, holding up his fist.

Sig bumped it. "Didn't think I'd see you again so soon. Didn't think I'd see you again at all, really."

"I said I would. You think I am a liar?" Lyr scorned the smaller boy.

"Hard to tell, the way you teased me..." Sig looked back. "Shoo, Shoo!" He cried out to the dozens and dozens of other Faeries watching them. "I tell You, No privacy around here..."

"So, tell me of life after I left." Lyr demanded, smirking ever so slightly,

"Well..." Sig lowered his voice. "Believe it or Not, they made me an ambassador."

That caused Lyr to blink, "Did my verbal lashing of the prince finally make him see?

Sig laughed. "You Don't know my kind very well. The only way to hide the embarrassment of one of his people working with a non-Faerie and such a local level scrub like me getting any praise was to give me this job. Make sense? I'm sure it doesn't, but that is how it is."

"Strange people you sure are. The girls haggling you like they did before? I can surely take on a few small fry."

"You kidding? They'd break you in half if they are anything like they are with me," Sig stated with a grin. "This all rocks, you know? I got girls. I finally got some decent pay. Respect. And the job is so easy because no one ever comes here. Wish I got it on my own... but getting it thanks to you is second best."

"Just don't let it go to your head like that blowhard Prince of yours. Fame, money and girls is all good until it corrupts.

"Nah, it's me, Sig! I'd never let anything go to my head," he stated with confidence. "So what about you? Pass those trial things? Your magic show here implies you did."

Lyr nodded. "I'm a demigod." He said proudly.

"Whoa, really? Just... just like that? I didn't even know the gods could do that..." Sig rubbed his chin. "So what can you do?"

"Would take too long to explain. I am jist here for a visit." Lyr bemused.

"Ah... alright. So, um..." Sig nudged him. "Wanna meet a girl or two. I know a few more experimental ones. They'd be willing to give you a try if you want to."

Lyr nearly joked, "Sure, but I think I'd kill them. Just as friends for now." He turned down the boy lightly.

"Yeah... I guess." Sig shook his head. He looked back at his village with worry. "Can I share something with you?"

Lyr nodded, urging him to just spill it.

"Something has been going on in this forest," Sig explained. "Dark creatures of impossible nature, or so the half crazed survivors have said. Town villages have already been wiped out. At least Faerie villages. You are a member of a Hunter's Guild, yes?"

Lyr nodded gravely. "You want us to investigate?"

"If you don't mind. Ambassador or not, I can't publicly ask. But I'd still make sure you're paid."

"I'll pass it,on to,mother," Lyr assured.

"Mother? Interesting. Anyway, um... I better head back." Sig sighed. "Job is Easy, but for how inactive it is, there is a surprising amount of paperwork."

"And without even showing me a single maiden. How cruel."

Sig chuckled, scratching his cheek. "I do have a girlfriend. One who gets very jealous. If you promise to be... discreet, I'll go get her."

Lyr shook his head, "I am only joking. Perhaps next time I meet, you can introduce us. You will likely meet some friends of mine if I do not join the fight."

Sig nodded. "Alright. Um..." He extended his hand. "Shaking hands is a custom of nob-faeries, right? One of friendship?"

"I think I would crush your hand buddy." He held out his fist. "This was already a sign of friendship."

"Heh heh." Sig gave him another bump before flying off.

With a fond smile and the familiar slash of light, Lyr dove forward and found himself in a cold sea. Uladan's blessing had seemed like being shorthanded in terms of usefulness, but breathing and maneuvering was a great help. This was where that nervous woman was said to find piece. It was a beautiful coral reef, with small, delicate and brightly colored fish scattering. He heard some of the aquatic people Uladan safeguarded treasured these places for marriage and burial. It didn't take a genius to assume she either had a close love she was courting or a dead person she was mourning.

It would seem it was the latter at this time. He found the young mermaid floating near several mounds, looking none to happy. Down right depressed, in fact.

Lyr swam over, hesitating before laying his hand on her soft shoulder. It would have felt slimy were they not underwater. "Close to you?"

She looked to he side. "It is you. The strange one who saved my life." She turned to look at the mound again. "My... my sister."

"In a battle?" He questioned sympathetically.

"It has been the main way we lose people since the war began five years ago." The underwater maiden sighed. "She was so strong... so skilled... so smart. And yet... she died, and I am still here after doing nothing to deserve it in my last fight."

"You saved my life. And for that, I could become a sage. I owe my life to you miss. And I don't even know the name of the kindhearted girl who risked herself for me."

"That makes two of us." She swam back so she could give a proper bow. "I am called Arale of the Sabartin clan."

"I'm Lyr Havenbrook. Pretty name. Tell me more about this sister."

Arale smiled nervously, playing with the fin on her arm. "Well... her name is... was Nevalla. She was ten years my senior, but she treated me as close as a sister her own age. She was smart, and pretty, and... and popular with everyone. She could heal just as well as me, if not better... but she could also fight. Fight like you wouldn't believe. They could never have killed her... in a fair fight..."

"I'm sure." Lyr chuckled, "I saw a lot of that in you that day." He complimented.

Arale laughed softly. "You are too kind. But you remember that I would not be here if were not for you, Lyr."

"Then we owe a mutual debt. How to go about paying,each other back?"

Arale tilted her head. "Would we not simply be even? You... are a strange one. Where... where are you from?"

"The Duchy of Kemar. Now Serasam." He smirked, "Don't pass up a chance for me to cheer you up."

"I am... not familiar..." Her eyes widened. "You... y-you're from the surface! Of course! It is by the graces of Father Uladan that you can be down here. I see." She gave him a big smile. "I never thought I would meet a surface dweller."


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Part Five

He gave her a large smile. Leaning,forward, he hugged her tightly."I am sorry for your loss."

She was a bit caught off guard, but slowly wrapped his hands around him. "Thank you. I... I admit, I have... had no one to grieve with..."

"You have no family? No friends?" Lyr asked, pulling away, but his hands remaining on her arms.

"Friends are a... commodity that we are in short supply of," she answered sadly. There was one who... I liked... but that last battle..." She cleared her throat, afraid to bring Lyr down. "As for family, they have little time for me. My mother, my father, my brother... they all have their duties to perform..."

She felt his hand touch her too soft cheek. His hands were from the surface, to her sensitive skin as rough as cuddling a coral rock. However, the touch was to soothe. To comfort. It was an intimate touch no friend or family showed except this strange man.

She gave him a joyful smile. "You are so kind. So affectionate. I heard that those of the surface are to busy killing each other to know love and sweetness. But it is us who have become that way since this war began. You... you are like my sister. No matter how bad things,she was always... so warm. Just like you."

Lyr recoiled. "Remembering doesn't make you sad?" He asked in surprise.

"It does." Arale lowered her gaze. "But I also remember how happy she made me. I wish you could have met her. You two would have made for good friends."

"Then I will be twice the friend to you. To make her spirit proud from Elysian." He had a thought. "Can you survive outside of water? Your people can, right?"

Arale nodded. "For a while, yes. As long as we get water regularly."

"Well... Would you like to come with me a while?" Lyr asked, holding out his webbed hand to her. "It'll be an adventure."

"Well, I... have no immediate duties so..." She slowly took his hand. "S-sure."

Lyr smiled at her and a box of light surrounded them to drain the water, forming a gateway, he stepped through. The air was unbearably dry and the heat was intense. Sun was raised high in the air, without a cloud marring the blue sky. Immediately Arale would feel unbearable uncomfortable until Lyr pushed her forwards and she fell into a pool of water. It was not like where they had come from. It was clear of impurities, no salt or waste. It was crisp, very warm but with a soothing coolness to it. It felt euphoric on her skin.

"Oh... this is so nice!" she proclaimed. "Where are we?"

"We call it an oasis. The desert doesn't have many of them, but I know of a few. We're in Kemar." Lyr said, beginning to strip off his clothing to the pants, rolling up the pant legs. Stepping out into the sun, laid down on the hot sand with a sigh. "I forgot how unbearably wet Serasam's weather is."

Arale giddily swan about, loving the feel of the warm water against her skin. She let it soak in for a few minutes before crawling out of the water and laying next to Lyr. "This place is so magical. The opposite of home, yet with a piece of home right in the middle."

"Yeah, it's a nice place. If you ignore the bandits, cultists, and the Matriarch who allows it all to happen." Lyr said with a heavy tone, closing his eyes against the sun. The heat was to his body what the oasis water was to Arale.

She moved a bit closer, and placed her head on his chest, listening to his heart beat. "Still, you sound like you miss it."

It was steady, and strong. Not moving faster even with the softness of her laying against his coarse skin. "It's my home. Of course I do. It's my responsibility in a way, all things considered who I am now." His hand started to stroke her head. "If you had a choice... Would you stay fighting the war for no one... Or would you move on?"

Arale closed her eyes. In a shaky voice, she answered, "I... I long for piece. I have thought of abandoning the fight more times then I care to admit. But... but I won't. I can't."

"And if it wasn't abandoning the fight? But for a reason?" The Ophidian asked the merwoman.

"I... I am not sure. I guess it would depend on the reason."

"Come with me." Lyr told her in a low voice. "You remind me a lot of my mo-... Of a woman who was very dear to me that passed. And of a woman I consider my older sister. And of myself. I understand not wanting to leave the fight but... I do not wish to see you dead. You are not a fighter Arale. But I can make you one."

Arale was silent for a long while. When she finally spoke again, it was in a low tone. "You could... teach me to fight... and then I could go back to help?"

"Yeah. Better than dying. How could you pass on your sister's memory if you are dead?" Lyr sat up to study her expression.

"But... is that... not abandonment all the same?"

"We all have our duties. Sometimes... They aren't always what we expect. Your duty to your people is to be a good warrior. I can make you a greater one."

Arale slowly smiled. "Okay... I like that idea. But... where will I live? How will I live?"

"We have a lake near the manor where I live. It isn't far so you will always be within walking distance. I will visit you to bring meals and the like if you think you cant make the trek."

"I... I should be okay as long as it isn't too dry out. But... why do this for me?"

"Because a friend of mine did the same for me when I lost all I loved. And that saved me. Made me better. I feel its my duty to make people's lives better." Lyr closed his eyes again. "Though... I got to say... Are all of your people naked all the time?" He asked. The fever pitch of battle and seeing her mourning had distracted him from the fact that sea folk didn't wear clothing.

"Not as much as her on the surface." She placed a hand to her chest. "I know this looks like part of my skin, but it is actually skin tight cups to cover... you know, more suggestive parts of my body."

"O-Oh... That's... Unique. But how do you... You know... Relieve yourself and reproduce? Another skin cup?"

She blinked a few times. Her cheeks turned a shade of purple, indicating a blush. "Well, I remove the covering shells and scales... a-around my waist. Then, one can... r-relieve themselves as you say or... initiate mating."

"I-I see..." Lyr said stammering a bit. After some silence, he began laughing heartily.

Arale sat at up latched him curiously. "Did I say something humorous?"

"The situation is funny is all my friend." The Ophidian assured her. "Take a dip in the water again. We'll be leaving soon. I'll get you some clothes. I think Ophidian style will suit you more than... Skin cups." He said without being able to stop a chuckle.

Arale laughed with him. "I will trust you on that. You would know better then I." She got up and quickly made her way to the water, diving in.

At the end of the day, Lyr showing Arale the way around a city he would not,be recognized in. There were always fountains aplenty in the cities, so the sea folk woman could splash water on her face to keep her cool and hydrated. Lyr merely lagged behind, letting her wonder of seeing people beyond her cold, wet and secluded home.

"This is such a wonderful experience," she said to him, sipping on a flavored beverage, something she had never had before. "To be a Mermaid in the middle of the continent. I..." She watched as someone walked by her with an awkward gaze. "I just wish people would stop looking at me funny. I suppose it can't be helped though."

"Most people avoid outsiders. I think youre the first merperson ever in Kemar."

"Not surprising." She looked around at the people. They stared at Her, so why couldn't she stare back. "The... the plain ones are humans, right? And the one that have features like you are... Ophidians?"

Lyr nodded, "Yeah. We aren't like Thropes. We're different."

"What... what are Thropes," she asked curiously as a Lizard Thrope walked near them.

"They're like humans except... Part animals." He explained.

"So like... They are like humans at the base with animal parts... while you are like if a human and a snake were mixed from the core up?"

"Um... Essentially. I'll get you a teacher when we go home. You'll learn to your hearts content."

"Sounds like fun," Arale said enthusiastically.

"Excuse me." The lizard Thrope walked over to the pair.

Lyr immediately looked defensively. He stepped in front of Arale. "Can I help you?"

"That is quite an interesting cewature you have their," the Thrope stated. "What is she?"

"A queen in disguise. A wanted criminal. Take you pick and piss off."


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Part Six

He sulked down a bit. "I do not understand your hostility. I simply wish to offer you a trade."

"What sort of trade?" He asked dangerously.

"Well, I know a number of individuals who would pay a high price for such an interesting specimen. I barter, though a sampling of gold coins is available too."

"How interesting." Arale looked over Lyr's shoulder. "What does he wish to trade for?"

Lyr hissed, sending his fist into the lizard's face, sending him flying. "Nothing I am selling."

"You...!" The man pinched his bloody nose. "You struck me!"

"Lyr, why did you hit that man?" Arale asked with concern.

"Mmm... Call it the Ophidian way." Lyr told the merwoman, "Now, you insult me with your offer. This girl is my student. Under my protection. I won't sell her to a creep. Now scram. You look on the verge of soiling yourself."

"Y-you... you'll pay for this!" the man cried out, seeming more weasel then lizard as he ran off with his tail between his legs.

"Sell... me?" Arale looked supremely confused. "He wished to purchase me? I do not understand. I am not an object or food... or decorative item."

"Kemar is both famous and infamous for its dancers. Some are harmless and innocent. Others extremely seedy. Another effect of my mother's lax behavior."

"I see. And I should avoid things that are 'seedy'." Arale nodded. "There is much to learn. But I... I am a quick study."

Lyr looked back at Arale, a slight bit of proudness in his eye. She remembered her sister, that same proudness in her alone. "Let's get going. Think you have all you need?"

Arale nodded. "I do. Thank you for this opportunity." She looked down at herself and did a small twirl. "And this lovely clothing. I feared it would be too cumbersome, but I actually find it quite comfortable on dry land."

"It's made of silks. They are expensive, so prize them," He smiled warmly. "Little sister."

"Little sister." She smiled brightly. If she had tear ducts, she would be shedding tears of joy. "Thank you!"

He opened out an arm to her, the other behind his back. That was odd. What was he hiding?

She slowly approached him, head tilted. "Lyr?"

"What? I know you know how to hug." Lyr said with a smile."

Arale nodded, and opened her arms wide for him.

He moved close, holding her tightly against his firm body. Something slipped around her neck. It was a thin gold necklace, what looked to be a single pearl attached to it that shimmered like a rainbow, but then set on a blueish pink tone. "It's a special pearl. Enchanted to show mood. A gift. One I hope you... Like. I am not good giving gifts."

She let out a laugh of supreme joy. "No one... no one but my sister has ever shown me such kindness! You... You really are like my big brother now. I don't know what to say but... thank You, but brother."

Lyr placed a hand on her smooth head, giving her smile. He did not have much of a family growing up. Now he had Mina, a mother who cared for him. Eraqus, a deep friend, a man like an uncle, if stubborn. He had Kara, like his caring aunt or big sister. And now he had Yuffie and Arale. Two girls he desired to protect and care after like his own sisters. He could teach Yuffie light magic. He could teach Arale the spear. And in return, they were teaching Lyr a lesson he was coming close to completing. A lesson on how to love.

"You have such a nice smile, big brother," Arale commented. "I hope I give you reason to use it often." She held one of his arms tight. "I am ready."

With a firm nod, the two went into an alleyway. By the end of the day, Arale lay swimming in the large lake by the Manor, the water on the cold side and a bit murky but otherwise pleasant, though it was lonely. Yuffie was taking a hot shower in a room she could call her own, clothes lining her closet that were hers. Lyr stood in Mina's office. He looked over the white haired woman who came to pledge her service. He smiled, but all he felt inside was dread. This woman made him uneasy.

"It is such a pleasure to meet you, Lyr!" She bowed her head deeply. "An honor, really!"

"Mother, who ia this person?" Lyr asked in a flat tone, his gaze shifting to the woman sitting in her chair.

"Well, um... Graendal here came while you were gone and simply insisted on getting a job." Mina glanced at the woman. "She was surprisingly knowledgeable about the guild and sang our praises. So I gave her a job, simple as that."

"A job as what? A servant? She doesn't have the look of a fighter." Lyr said, moving over to his blonde haired mother. He had not changed since Graendal last saw him. No actually he had, subtle changes, but appealing ones.

"Well, I am inexperienced," Graendal explained. "But eager to learn. That is why I have been assigned to general service. Cooking, cleaning, serving. Anywhere that needs my help until I find my niche. Anything to... be here with you." She cleared her throat. "You know... here with your guild, I mean."

Lyr glanced at Mina. "O...kay. Welcome then."

The strange young woman shuffled over to him. "I... I would love to get a personal tour, Lyr. Or do... do you prefer Mr. Havenbrook?"

Lyr tightened, letting out a sharp breath. "Lyr is fine, dear. As for a tour... I... Suppose. There isn't much to see."

"Perhaps, but I trust you can make anything exciting, dear... d-dear sir." The woman rushed to the door and opened it. "Let's go now!"

He moved close to Mina, whispering, "You hired a loon..."

"Give her a chance," Mina whispered back. "She is just eccentric. Though if it turns out she is a vampire or some Chaos goddess in disguise, you have my leave to stab her. Otherwise... consider it a lesson in patience."

Lyr scowled at her. "Damn you sometimes..."

"You owe me for your... new little sisters, you know?"

"I gain you some potential assets and you punish me. Too harsh." Lyr stood, apprehensively following,the pale haired woman.

She bounced a bit as they walked, a certain skip in her step, like one who has found something to excite them after a long time. "So, where first?"

"Well... I suppose I can show you to your rooms, where the showers are. The training grounds and such."

"Hmm... the showers sound nice," she said, keeping her head forward to hide a sly smile. "Nothing beats a nice shower after a long day, right?"

"I suppose." Lyr said with a shrug.

Graendal dropped back and held his arm. "Lead the way, Lyr."

Lyr frowned, but ultimately said nothing as he walked with her to her rooms and subsequently the bathroom.

"Wow," she said softly. "Is this all for me?" There was a tone in her voice, one hard to perceive. If Lyr hadn't known any better, he'd say she was hiding disappointment.

"Yeah, all yours. If you have any problems, tell Eraqus or Esmeralda. They usually handle problems in the manor. If it is really serious, bother my mother I suppose."

"Oh, no problems. It is... sooooo much bigger then what I am used to." She turned to Lyr. "Show me how the bath works. You know... in case it is different then what I am used to."

"Okay..." Lyr said, stepping into the bathroom. He pointed to the knobs, telling her how to operate the bath shower combination.

"Maybe you can show me... first hand." She smiled. "Where I come from, it is accepted that friends can bathe with each other, even if they are of opposite... sex."

Lyr gave her a wary look. "And where are you from Graendal?"

"Wha?" She hesitated for a moment. "Oh, um... you wouldn't have heard of it. A backwaters little town, not even on the map. It's named... Yig... Yidsara."

Lyr narrowed his eyes. "Graendal, I'm going to warn you this once. I don't trust you. Keep your secrets, but I am watching you closely. And you hurt anyone here... And I will kill you."

Her eyes shifted to anger for the briefest of moments before shifting to fear. "Why... w-what do you threaten me? I-I have done nothing to deserve your anger..."

"Trust is a hard thing to earn. You have no trust from me as of yet." Lyr turned, striding away obviously done showing her around.

She watched him walk out, and squeezed her fists in anger. "Fine, Lyr. You want to be stubborn. You be stubborn. Because I am not leave here... until you are mine."

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Havenbrook Manor
Courtyard Training Area

Betty and her Netzi companion Veeti stood together in the courtyard after hauling a large, heavy object covered in a tarp. After around a half hour of Betty pulling, and Veeti doing her best, they let it sit in the middle of the area.

The Two Engineers had chosen around lunchtime to do this, when the Training Area was mostly empty. As the young Netzi looked around, she patted the side of the tarped object. "This good."

"You still haven't told me what's under zhere, alzhough I've got a few guesses..." Betty smiled, the silhouette reminding her of something.

"I'll tell in second..." Veeti smirked, taking another look around, "Good Time, few out here, gawkers annoying..."

"What's this?" a small voice asked, seemingly appearing out of nowhere. Faith stood where the voice originated, curiosity sparking in her little eyes. A gesture of her hand emphasized what she was asking about.

Veeti rolled her eyes, "Annd here are gawkers..."

"Veeti, one person's not going to hurt." Betty looked over, then back at the Duck. "It's something of my friend's."

"I made... Came here to demo to Betty, just Betty... Hint hint..." The Netzi sighed, slightly agitated.

"O-oh... I'm sorry..." Faith's curiosity quickly transitioned into disappointment and sadness as the brightness in her face went with it. "E-excuse m-me..." She turned away from the tarped object and flipped her hood over her head, hoping to avoid as much attention as the other two wanted to avoid.

The Fly reached a hand out in the air behind her, "Wait! Don't go! We're sorry, she's just a little irritable today."

Faith made a half turn at the request. "A-are you su-ure?" Faith rotated her body towards the two, twiddling her fingers nervously

"Yeah..." Veeti sighed, "Feel Bad now..."

"S-so..." Faith paused, gathering her courage to ask again. "What is it?" She cocked her head ever so slightly at the tarped object, her curiosity returning ever slowly.

Veeti pulled the tarp off quickly, although with a small amount of trouble, revealing a metal skeleton of an almost dragon-like creature. The only thing currently on the creature was the 'bones', including rows of razor sharp teeth and long talons on each foot. Each of these bones had some kind of lightning like energy flowing through them, conglomerating in the claws and teeth, making them glow.

"Meet Strider." Veeti smiled wickedly at her creation.

Faith flinched away from the creature, noting the sharp fangs in particular. Whether she was frozen in fear or shock, she couldn't tell. But she has nothing to say to the unveiling of the beast.

"She's looking good! You're work with Ed has been pretty successful so far!" Betty smiled excitedly for her sister.

"It slow going, work with Ed, but look results, hard work..." The Netzi smiled, her gaze turning to Faith, "How you like her?"

"S-s-scary..." Faith made her best attempt at standing tall, trying to hide the true fear the beast had made her feel. "I f-feel lik-ke my head-d is ab-bout to be-e bitt-tten off-ff at an-ny mom-ment..."

"No Worry" Veeti tapped it, "She only listen to me, no bite you."

Faith refused to truly believe her words, but her uneasiness eased up, but only a little. "Wh-why are y-you both-th so s-secretiv-ve abou-out it-t?" she wondered aloud, still keeping one eye on the sharp teeth almost glaring with the possibility of having her head between them. She couldn't prevent herself from shuddering as the thought became clearer in her mind.

"Not secretive really... It Surprise, for Betty. Wanted show her." Veeti answered.

"She's been working really hard on it." Betty said, noticing Faith's legs slightly shaking. "Hey, please don't worry, it won't hurt you I promise, okay?"

Faith took a deep breath and let it out, feeling bad that she was pitied because of her natural fear. Building up her courage, she asked, "S-so, what does-s it do-o? Or-r rath-ther-r... Wh-why do-o y-you hav-ve a mo-monst-ster ske-skeleton?" Her robes and hair blew a little faster in the wind that Faith generated to keep herself from crumbling to the ground or just simply running away from loss of composure.

"Well... It.... Bites, claws, Tail can spear and extend in final version... Um... That it for now..." Veeti explained, trying not to frighten the Duck any more.

"S-s-so a w-weap-pon?" Faith tried to put simply. She pulled on the edge of her baggy sleeve nervously, hoping she was right and wasn't embarrassing herself.

"Yes. Constructs are best tools for Netzi to fight. Control them very precisely." The Young Netzi went over, her antennae twitching slightly.

"Y-you cont-trol i-it?" Faith tried to rephrase what she had heard. "Li-like all o-of its m-moveme-ments?" She couldn't imagine fighting a monster like that on the battlefield, let alone if it was controlled by the will of somebody else.

"Yes. Plenty Netzi have these. Ed has cat. Netzi Chivi has bird." Veeti nodded.

"A-and you hav-ve a gi-giant mons-ster." Faith added, trying to realize how one can go from controlling a bird to controlling a vicious skeletal dragon with teeth the size of her forearm.

"It's not zhat giant. Although I guess she is big...." Betty considered, "You can trust Veeti, she's got it under control"

"O-okay..." Faith forced out, not too sure if she could truly trust what she said as a true fact. "S-so... Are y-you two g-going to te-test it-t on-n some-mething?"

"Well... Was planning see if Links responsive, see if control works... So um... Have to turn it on..." Veeti said, trying to prepare her.

"O-oh... Ok-kay..." Faith stepped away from the creature, maybe a little too far in her opinion. She kept a close eye on it, just to make sure it didn't lash out towards her or anything. She noticed her palms were a little sweaty, so she wiped them on her robes.

Veeti fiddled around with something for a moment behind the Proto Drake before floating back, twitching her antennae with anticipation. After a briefly moment of motionlessness, the construct whirred into life, almost seeming alive with the way it moved for Veeti. "Y-Yes... Working..."

The more Faith stared at the mechanical wonder, the more her curiosity got the best of her. Her fear became a dull beat in the back of her head as she waited to see something she'd never seen anything close to before.

Strider, as she had named, suddenly snapped it's mouth closed, scratching the ground with it's claws and jerking it's. head left and right, looking around. The Construct suddenly snapped its jaw closed a few times as quick as a mousetrap as it's small arms flexed it's glowing talons. "Yes... Working! Yes!"

Faith openly cringed at the sounds its jaws made, imagining how they would feel on her own neck. She rubbed her neck as if she had felt its teeth on it already. She took a deep breath to keep calm, not wanting to be pitied again.

Betty stared on in wonderment as the mech began to take a few steps forward, then long strides, it's backlegs kicking up dirt as it leapt over The Fly Girl. The landing left more to be desired however as it flipped and slammed into the ground on it's back, kicking it's legs erratically to gain traction. Eventually it got back on it's feet and when all was said and done it curled up and laid on the ground almost like a house cat, huffing out hot air.

Veeti shrugged lightly, "Kind of clutz, but movement seems good."

"You did amazing Veeti! She's incredible!" Betty praised before looking over at Faith, "Um... How're you doing after zhat?"

"Th-that was-s... un-natur-tural..." Faith noted, still staring at the tamed beast. The wind blew stronger than it had before, but it was barely noticeable. "Bu-but I'm ok-kay." She made her best attempt at a big smile, but even she knew it kinda fell flat.

"I don't zhink I've seen you around before, are you a Hunter?" Betty asked, her goggles shining a little light.

"Y-yeah... I wa-was train-ned by Ti-Titania..." Faith made her best attempt to explain. She left it at that, hoping the spotlight wouldn't be suddenly thrust upon her. She even looked away as if to show that she didn't want to be the center of attention.

"Oh... Well, I know Titania. We've had a conversation or two, she's very nice." Betty replied, noticing her signals.

"A-after I arr-rrived here, sh-she was-s the one-ne who to-took care-re of m-me..." Faith added, hoping that she could brighten up Titania's reputation even just a little bit. "U-um... so, do-does the dra-dragon have-ve sens-ses?"

"Well... She see, she smell, she hear too. No need for taste, touch is given." Veeti looked over at the napping Strider.

Faith's lips curled into a little smile. "S-so not th-that skel-letal, then-n," Faith noted. She found herself recognizing the dragon as a creature rather than a monstrous beast. She wasn't too sure if the word "cute" would fit the dragon quite yet, though.

"She not that scary. For us, at least." Veeti pointed out, smiling slightly

Faith inched forwards to pet the dragon's skull. Her hand hovered in the air, hoping that she wouldn't lose an arm. As soon as the thought passed through her mind, her arm started shaking and she clenched her teeth.

The Drake's head tilted, then it rubbed its head into her hand playfully, almost as if it was a real creature.

That is weird... Faith remarked in her head at the feeling of bone touching her skin. She continued to pet the creature until she was sure that it liked her.

"I working on very special link system. I may tell what to do, but how she do, up to her. Can take manual control, but gives her an almost... Lifelike feel." Veeti explained, watching as Strider bumped her head into Faith's belly lightly.

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"The Mechanical Marvel." - Part 2

"W-what have-ve you n-named her-r?" Faith smiled at the dragon and continued to softly pet her.

"Strider. What you think? Good? Bad?" Veeti looked between them.

"I like the name." Betty chimed in, "Elegant, but still with a hint of beast in zhere."

Faith leaned her face closer to Strider's. "Hello, S-Strider."

The construct responded by playfully rubbing the side of her head against the Duck's arm, wagging it's tail happily like a dog.

Faith found herself unable to focus on anything else but Strider. "D-does Stri-Strider know a-any trick-cks?" she asked the others present.

"Don't know..." She said, her antennae twitching, indicating she was giving it commands. All of a sudden, Strider did a standing backflip, but once again failed the landing, falling on the back of her neck. Thankfully there didn't seem to be much damage because she quickly made her way back to up feet. "Heh... That count?"

"T-try it again-n..." Faith demanded kindly, the wind picking up and caressing her hair.

Trying it one more time, Strider finally stuck the landing, hopping up and down as if to celebrate.

Faith's smile stretched from ear to ear. Maybe I shouldn't tell them that I had any part in that... she thought to herself. She walked towards Strider and gave the dragon a big hug, the wind around her gradually flowing slower at an almost unnoticeable increment.

"She's incredible Veeti, you've really outdone yourself. "Betty walk over, patting Strider on It's skeletal tail.

"Okay, okay. 'Nough with praise, although is nice, she still in Beta." The Netzi floated up behind her, giving Faith a smile.

"R-really? Strid-der's perf-fect..." Faith let go of Strider to pet the dragon on its head.

"Still have to put skin, extendable tail, hone signal precision... Add Fire Breath." The Netzi listed off, growing more excited with each one.

"Th-that soun-nds coo-ool..." Faith tried to imagine Strider with skin, but couldn't expect her to become any cooler than she already was.

"Okay, should turn Strider off, or wanna play some more?" Veeti laughed, the construct in question sparking a little bit.

"I-I shouldn-n't take up-p all o-of your t-time..." Faith twiddled her fingers, embarrassed that she had so much fun with someone else's pet.

"It's ok... I..." Veeti said, pressing against her temple before a spark erupted from Strider, sending both it and it's owner to the ground.
Betty quickly rushed over, propping her Sister's head up, "Veeti! Are you alright!?"

Faith stood still, shocked. She'd never seen anything like that before. She didn't know what to do. The one thing she did know is that she didn't want to see her new friends hurt, so she curled into a ball on the ground and threw her hood onto her head.

Betty looked back at Faith for just a moment before she heard the sound of Veetoli sitting up. "Are you okay? What happened?"

"Feedback, Ed says can happen when signal isn't precise enough." The Netzi shrugged, "I'll probably have headache, but be fine."

The Netzi looked over at Faith, curled up on the ground and slowly hovered over, obviously tired from what just happened, but still concerned about their new friend. "Um... It okay, I'm fine. Might been too early to test her, it alright."

Faith peeked out from underneath her hood.

Betty held a gentle hand down towards Faith, giving her a slight smile, "Come on. Maybe we could get to know each other better over food?"

"Ok-kay..." Faith whispered, shrinking back into her hood before grabbing Betty's hand.

"Come on." The Fly smiled.

"Actually. We need carry her back in... Hehe." Veeti looked down at Strider, "Want help?"

"I-I can he-help..." Faith commented meekly, standing up next to Betty by this point.

"Are you sure? I mean... We could use zhe help..." Betty confirmed, putting her hands under one side of the automatron.

Faith walked over to Strider, pet her head, then proceeded to lift up at least 3/4 of the beast with wind magic helping with the process. She grunted under the multiple forms of strain she was putting on herself.

Betty seemed to notice this, reaching her hands more under it to help balance out the weight. "Ooph. Don't strain yourself too much, careful."

"I-I'm okay." Faith grunted, moving her hands to better support Strider's weight.

"It's always nice to make new friends here... Zhanks so much for zhe help." Betty smiled, Veeti floating just behind as they returned to the building.

"No problem." Faith smiled. "We should all stick together anyways, right?"

"Yes. Zhat we should." Betty replied, looking foward to the future with her new friend.


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Home Again, For Now

Havenbrook Manor

August 11th, 3349

Charter entered the library exhausted from the trip for Mirandia.” Ugh man I have never been this tired, then again I never traveled from home to the manner and fighting many monsters along the way.” Charter laid his head on the table.

"Ahem." Over him stood his girlfriend, hands on her hips. "Look who decided to come back."

“Es please don’t turn into the nagging wife, I had to deal with the council back home, telling my parents you’re pregnant, and the trip back. So I’m tired.”

"And that simply excuses your unannounced disappearance... again?" She scoffed and sat across from him, looking more put off them he had seen her before.

Charter sat his head up and saw Esmeralda looking more ticked off then he’s ever seen her.” Alright what’s wrong?”

"You did it again. You promised you wouldn't, but you wondered off again and didn't tell me you were leaving. Not even a letter." She leaned forward and narrowed her eyes. "How would you feel if you came back to find me gone, and you had to search for someone to tell you I was going to Lustania for a week?"

“Es this was not a typical visit, Eraqus doesn’t know Mirandia like I do so I was guiding him around to tell the council about our mission and were the corpse was of that monster.”

"You didn't answer much question," was all Esmeralda said.

Charter rolled his eyes.” Fine I’ll be annoyed by it yes, alright you happy now?”

Esmeralda squeezed her fists. "Don't get all annoyed with me! All you had to do is give me a call or send a letter, and I wouldn't be upset! You act like this is my fault!"

“Let ask you something honey, are you this angry with me because you thought I died and left you alone with our future baby?”

"If You, you would be leaving me alone. They are not mutually exclusive." Esmeralda's angry facade started to melt into sadness. "I worry you know. Just from your normal job. Then add things like this on top."

Charter sighed and walked to Esmeralda and hugged her.” I know you’re worried, my job is something to be worried about but I’m not going anywhere okay?”

"I feel it Now, you know?" We placed a hand on her belly. "Before I was simply told our child was in here, but now... I can feel them. Sense the life inside me."

Charter put his hand on Es stomach.” It was simply wasn’t it, just you me and the small worry. Now there this, talk of a vampire coming after us worlds starting to go mad.” Charter sighed.” I know you’re worry Es I know but I’ll be fine.”

"It better be... I'd be mighty upset if you were wrong." She took a deep breath. "So... um... please, if you're not too tired, tell me about you fight with the Chimera."

“Ugh that monster.” Charter let go of Esmeralda and sat back down.” That thing was as big as a dragon and had many animals apart of it, it was difficult to kill. You’re not going to believe this one, but my sister actually helped kill that thing.”

"Really?" Esmeralda finally gave him a wide smile. "With her awesome magic, right?"

“Yea she has gotten better with her magic, she did this one spell that made a blizzard.”

"Like, it was cold? Or a blizzard blizzard?"

“Like an actual blizzard, huge gust of wind heavy snow the whole thing.”

"Whoa." Es giggled. "You think she'll show me some time if I ask?"

“Probably, though I don’t think Mina would like as sudden blizzard.”

"Good point. We would have to go somewhere else for such a demonstration." Es folded her hands. "One of the other Hunters told me you hunted Chimera in a forest too."

“Oh those damn things, yea some local villagers tried to help. They lost there leader and some of there men helping us.”

"Villagers, huh? More humans like You, I'm guessing. I didn't know there were forest villages in you home country."

“They weren’t human, they were Ophidian I don’t know how long they been there but there there.”

"You worked with Ophidians." Es tilted her head. "No offense to the Ophidian pair here in the Manor, but I've heard they are really hard to work with."

“Oh they were at first, but once we made it clear we’re going to help them they complied.”

"Well, that is fantastic!" Esmeralda exclaimed. "You realize the significance of that, don't you?"

“Yea we establish some diplomacy with Ophidians.”

"Well, you should brag about it is all I'm saying." Esmeralda gave him a look in the eyes that says she was expecting something.

“Look I am happy we did something that’s rarely seen, but I have so much going on in my head I can’t focus on this victory.”

"No, Charter... This is when you ask me how things were for me while you were gone."

“You were worried weren’t you, that’s why you were frustrated with me earlier right?”

"Well, of course I was worried." Es turned her head away. "I do not understand why you find that surprising."

“Nine years of traveling the world does that to you honey.” Charter shook his head.” Sorry tell me what happened with you, were you attacked by a cockroach?” Charter said smiling at Esmeralda.

"No," Esmeralda said with a pout. "My life is more interesting then that. I found this fantastic new book store in Cleardavon, and made friends with a Hunter with awesome sleep powers and the ability to summon a Nightguant, and I helped to stop a thief who... lives in the Manor for some reason."

“Well look at you being all helpful, stopping thief’s and making friends that’s great to hear honey.” Charter started to look like he was thinking about something.

Esmeralda glanced at him, and lowered her gaze. "I'm boring you..."

“You’re not boring I was just thinking, i did leave you here twice and have you worried both times. I was thinking maybe we both should go to Mirandia together.”

"That... would be nice, actually." Es smiled at him. "I wouldn't mind meeting the rest of your family in person as you met mine."

“Yea especially since they now know that you’re pregnant, they definitely want to meet you especially my mom.”

"Great! When would you like to go so I can tell Lady Havenbrook?"

“We could go next week, I mean it’s a long trip after all.”

"Next week?" Esmeralda frowned. "Are you sure you want to go soon. You have been traveling so much. Please don't push yourself for my sake. You have changed timezones so often, it is a surprise you get any decent sleep."

“I’ll be fine don’t worry so much, besides when we went to see your parents that took some time to get there. Look I’ll be fine and you never really got to see Mirandia and all its glory.”

Esmeralda nodded. She leaned forward to kissed him on the cheek. "It is good to have you back. Now get so rest. Oh, Erin was looking for you though, but she can wait if you are too tired.

Charter got up and kissed Esmeralda head.” Don’t worry honey, I can make it to Erin.” Charter hugged Esmeralda stomach.” And don’t you be worried ether.”

"I won't." Es scratched her chin. "Before you go, there is something we need to settle."

Charter groaned a little bit. "Yes honey what is it you want to settle?"

She punched him lightly in the arm. "Don't be like that. It's just... Erin said, before too long, she can use her magic to tell us the sex of our child. I wanted to know if you want to find out then, or wait until they're born."

"Hum that's a good question, for one there's the excitement on the day of and you and me arguing about what to do with rooms and other things. But with knowing there sex now that could lead us to prepare for them properly, hum what do you think hon?"

She laughed nervously. "I admit, I ask you because I am unsure. I would like the surprise, but I fear I would buckle under the anticipation. Maybe... we should find out ahead of time. At least it will give us a chance to name them."

"Just what I was thinking, well then shall we go to Erin I heard she got Eliza back and I have a friend of hers that's been dying to catch up with her."

"I need to work on some things. Besides, she said it'll be about another three weeks until she can tell us. You go on ahead without me."

"Yea alright i'll catch up with you later." Charter gave Esmerelda a quick kiss and made his way out side to grab Elza gift and headed to the labs."

When he arrived in the lab, Erin was whistling a small tune as she mixed some vials. She seemed to be in high spirits, or at least the way her hips bounced back and forth in a dancing motion seemed to suggest.

"Wow you must be ecstatic to have your kid back to be swinging your hips around like this, then again you did get Eliza back for those bastards."

Erin stopped, and glared back at Charter. "Let's make one thing clear. You... saw... nothing. Got it?"


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Home Again, For Now
Part Two

"Yea yea I don't see you in months and you glare at me, besides as much as I am glad to see you where's your daughter? I actually missed that little demon and I know someone else has missed her too."

Erin slowly smiled. "She's in the back. She didn't miss her studies, I'll tell you that. I'm sure she would appreciate a break from them."

"Heh yea alright let's go see her." Erin escorted Charter to the back of the lab were he saw a much bigger Eliza like she was in her teens. "Um Eliza is that you?"

"Mr. Charter!" Eliza dropped her pencil and rushed over to him, bouncing a bit. "You came to visit me?"

"Yea I did believe it or not I missed you, and I also know who else has missed you very much. To the point were I had to keep him occupied with constant hunting to keep him calm." Charter whistled and a dire wolf the size of Slone came down, with one batch of his fur on his cheek being black. The giant dire wolf talked Eliza and started to lick her, the wolf also made sounds that made it sound like it was crying.

Eliza laughed and giggle. "Stop, Stop! That tickles!" She looked over to Charter. "Which wolf is this? And... and where is my wolfy?"

"Um that's him that's Blisk Eliza, Dire wolves to grow very fast. And since Blisk was the size of a normal dog when you left he's this size now."

"Is that really you, Blisk?" Eliza stood up and sniffed the air around him, gasping. "It is you! You have grown so big and strong! A big, strong wolfy for big, strong Eliza!"

“Yea he missed you a lot kiddo.” Charter looked at Erin.” Mind if we talk in private?”

"I don't see why not. Just don't try anything funny." She patted him on the arm, and stepped out to give the two privacy.

“Right” as Erin lead Character to somewhere more private, character grabbed a chair and sat down.” So Erin Es mentioned you could tell us the sex of our child?”

"That's right." Erin folded her legs. "Interested are we?"

“Well how can I not be, my first ever child and know what it is will help with a few things.”

"Indeed. You could prepare a name, clothing, toys... plan out how you want to raise them." Erin smiled. "Whether you need to teach them how to get girls or be prepared to keep the boys away. I honestly don't see why it is much of a choice. So... would you like me to?"

“Yes it would be wonderful if you tell me.”

Erin bowed her head slightly. "Very well. It'll have to be a few more weeks, though. It is magic, not a miracle. But considering she has so much longer to go, I'm sure you can wait."

“Yea Esmeralda mentioned that, but there is another thing you can do for me.”

"Sure. And what is that?" Erin asked.

“Well do to the last battle, and the coming battle that some disgusting vampire vowed to bring down on us. Strength alone can only go so far as well as a few tactics so, you think you can make me some more powerful enchantments?”

"Yes, well... further power would be prudent." Erin folded her arm. "I could design some enchantments specifically meant to dealt with Vampires, as well as some for her undead minions considering she claimed to be a necromancer."

“Well for her claimed undead this vampire has I already made plenty of positions for them. But if you don’t feel like then forget I asked about alright.”

"Stop, stop. Don't be so proud." Erin chuckled "I will make you your enchantments. Though there is something you can do for me."

“Of course I would expect you to do something for me for free, so what is it? Spend more time with Eliza?”

"No. Well, yes, that would be nice, now that she is free to move about the manor. But something else." Erin stood up. "Will you follow me?"

Charter also stood up and fallowed Erin.” So um were are you taking me? It’s not some sex dungeon is it?”

"You wish." Erin led him out of the lab and to the door down the hall. "Have you ever been in the secondary lab?"

“No not until you just told me, so you got two labs why do you need two labs anyway?”

"Well, we have a lot of work here, more then even I can handle." Erin cleared her throat. "Sorry. Charmles might be a low toad for how he betrayed us, but he did teach me how my arrogance can turn people off and get me in trouble. I am trying to keep it in check."

She opened the door and stepped in with Charter. The secondary lab was a bit bigger then Erin's, thought it seemed smaller with five other people walking about, hard at work. "Everyone," Erin stated. "This is Charter Van Dam. He is the one helping with our alchemic solutions."

Charter waved at everyone and turned to Erin. "Um alchemic problem? Look Erin i'm not some master alchemist, true my mother taught me everything I know but what is this problem your having in the first place to trust me with this problem your having."

Erin giggled. "I meant solution as in a potion, and solution as in the answer to a problem."

An Elf woman walked up to them. "Brawns and beauty, but lacking on the brains, my handsome fellow?"

"Believe it or not I'm quiet smart , I just wish to know what i'm helping you out with?"

She chuckled, and offered her hand. "Mary Avalon, formerly of the Fairaven Institute of Magic."

Charter shook the woman hand." Charter Van Dam, good to be met. Now what is this thing I'm going to be helping you with?"

"Follow me." The trio walked towards the back of the room, amd Mary asked. "How much do you know about demons, Mr. Van Dam? You know... besides the cute and cuddly little girls?"

"Besides what Eliza, I fought imps a few months back and I also know that there are other types of demons. some can be the size of a giant others about my size other then that as much as a normal person."

"And some can be like small things but the size of a human." Mary pulled a sheet off a table. On top of it was what could only be described as a cockroach with a humanoid shape, four feet tall and three feet wide.

Charter's eyes widen at the creature."Well it's a good thing that Esmeralda isn't here she would lose her mind, so what is this monstrosity and were did you get it?"

"This is a demon. A Roach, the name given to this kind of demon," Mary explained. "And we got it from Bevland. They are having trouble with demons over there. More then ever before. I have a contact, and had them send me this little guy to help with their research."

"Just make sure you it doesn't get out, so what do you need me for? Need me to test it's blood with potions or something?"

"Exactly." Mary looked between Erin and Charter. "I hate to ask this of You, but we have our hands full. We have a vampire and an unpredictable goddess, and we need to prepare on top of our other duties. When I asked Erin for advice, she mentioned you have skills with alchemy, and help out from time to time in exchange for enchantments."

"Hum well that does make sense, alright I could help you out as long as I can get some enchantments for the help as well. Huh makes you wonder what our enemy has up her selves, if she just came up here and told Mina she's coming to kill us. That means she's ether confident in the numbers she has, or she's insane."

"You're missing a third possibility." Erin folded her arms. "Telling us might have been part of her plan. It is easy to assume smugness and insanity. I'd rather err on the side of caution and assume she is started then we think."

"Well there's that as well, but that's why were preparing for them. And she's preparing for us, but for now let's focused on this thing and let me see what in the gods names kind of positions and poisons I can make form this abomination."

Mary went to the side of the room, return with a small box containing ten test tubes. "Here is the blood and... ahem, other fluids. All labelled. Oh, and hold this." She took hold of one of the giant bug's 'arms' and moved it towards Charter.

Charter held the boxes of stuff." Right well then um, I guess I better get to work then huh?"

"No, I mean hold this thing's arm," Mary said, rolling her eyes.

Charter grabbed the arm of the monster and looked at it." Right so what do I do with this arm, I mean i'm not good with muscle tissues."

"Just apply some of the chemicals we'll send you. We want to see if anything reacts poorly with their shell." Mary jabbed upwards on its 'elbow', breaking the upper arm off.

"Not very strong is it huh?" Charter looked at Erin and all around him." Right ok then, I will get to work on thins thing and the other stuff you gave me, and I will keep this between us alright."

Mary bowed her head. "Thank you. Have a good day, Charter."

"Right you as well." As the Elf left Charter looked at Erin."She's interesting."

"She's a good friend. We met while I was in college. She was largely responsible for us getting Eliza back. It was only fitting we offered her a job when they fired her."

"Well at least she's useful to have around, right well then I have to some how help with your science stuff even though i'm a worrier what could possibly go wrong."

"Well, I am a realist. And I have realistic faith in you." Erin patted him on the arm. "Good luck. And be sure to visit Eliza and Blisk."

"Yea I'll be happy to see the little kid, plus I'm sure with her and Blisk going around your lab. I'm sure your going to need some help with them both."

"No doubt. Blisk was... showing so unusual tenancies and test results before Eliza was taken. I wonder what it will be like with her back..."

"Hum yea I noticed when he was hunting that he was more demonic in nature, maybe the aura she put's out effect animals? Or if she ever got cut he licked her to help her out?"

"Maybe. They were left alone around various chemicals a lot," she mumbled. "Regardless, I should get back to work."

"Right and I well hide this arm, don't want Esmeralda to find it and pass out. Or have Slone find it and start chewing on it, you be safe Erin." With that Charter left the lab and sighed." Gods do I have a lot of work now huh, but if this gets me more enchantments then it's worth it."


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Small Addiction, Big Problem

Terra, after a good deal of courage, walked out of the medical ward that she had been staying in. She felt a strange need to seek out the woman who threatened to kill her. The fox Thrope wandered the manor in search of the one named Kva, not quite knowing why she wanted to find her so badly. She got various looks from the various Hunters she passed by, but she didn't pay much attention to them. The only indication of her fearfulness was the nervous look in her eyes as she noticed the large number of Humans and Elves around her.

Eventually she was pointed towards the room of the Dark Fencer and made her way to the door, standing outside. To the Thrope's surprise, the door was slightly ajar, almost as if Kva had forgotten to lock it.

Terra slowly and cautiously moved the door slightly to peek inside.

Waiting for her and sitting in the center of the room was Kva, facing towards the door as if she expected the Thrope. The Fencer crossed her arms and put a leg over the other as she spoke, "I was expecting you."

"Y-y-you were?" The slave girl stuttered as she entered the room.

"I knew that you would be coming here as soon as I heard you had recovered..." She answered, sighing deeply. "I talked to the doctors, you were supposed to be in there for a few more days, but like I had predicted, you got out early..."

"But... but how?" Terra seemed surprised by the fencer's knowledge of the situation.

"Because you bit me..." Kva said, standing up, "I've been around for long enough to know the effects."

"Side effects?" The Thrope asked. "What side effects?"

"Well, where to start..." Kva said, leaning her head back, "Pull that chair up. This will take some time."

As Kva spoke, Terra felt compelled to listen, her limbs almost moving of their own volition, it took her a few seconds to even realize or notice it, but by that time she was already halfway to the chair.

Terra slowly slid into the chair, trying her best not to think about what had just happened to her.

"So... I am going to explain this as honestly as possible... But we're going to start slow... Understand?" Kva said, seeming as bored as usual.

"Yes." Terra replied, seeming a little anxious in the chair.

"First. I want you to try and tell me why you sought me out..." The Death Priest asked, "Why did you come here?"

"It was an urge, like something compelled me to find you." The Thrope explained. "I'm not sure what it was though."

"Uncontrollable right?" The Elf replied, "And your arm. It used to be a bloody, gnarled scab and it was like that since you got here a week ago... But suddenly after you met me, it's healed clean in a day. Correct?"

Terra looked at her stub. She hadn't thought about it but now she noticed that her bandages weren't as bloody as they usually were, the wound usually having to be redressed multiple times a day due to the improper and unfinished healing.

"And then there's what you felt just now right? When I told you to get the chair... You were already on it long before you even considered it strange..." Kva went on tiredly.

"Ummm... yeah..." The fox child answered nervously. "Is there something wrong with me?"

"Depends... It is going to become a problem though..." Kva stated, her apathetic voice becoming frustrated. "Of all the things... Of all the people... That I would end up so unlucky..."

"What do you mean by unlucky?" Terra seemed to share her frustration. "Do you have a problem with me?"

"Not particularly... Although you did attack me..." Kva looked off to the side of the room, planting her feet flat on the floor. "No. It's that of all people, of all the things you could've done, you would end up biting me, is what's unlucky... I even warned you not to try anything else..."

"You threatened to kill me!" The slave girl snapped. "And how am I supposed to know that this would happen? Not everyone's blood is made of toxins."

"You insulted everything I stood for and Instigated the whole mess... You caused this..." Kva pointed out, standing up. "Now we have to deal with this. You've put the both of us in a very situation..."

The girl looked down at the ground with guilty eyes. "What do we do now?"

"First. I need you to promise me something. What we talk about doesn't leave this room unless I say so... This is both of our problems now, so I would appreciate a mutual trust between us..." Kva asked the Thrope, closing her eyes.

"Okay." The Thrope replied. "If it means we'll work together to solve this issue."

"Good. At least we're making some progress..." The B Rank Hunter spoke, sitting back down and leaning forward slightly. "So... I should start by saying my Blood isn't toxic... You aren't at risk of dying..."

"Then what is so different about it to cause these things to me?" The former slave inquired.

"I guess I can't avoid it anymore..." The Priest cracked her neck before answering. "Basically... You're addicted to me... Literally..."

"A-a-addicted to you?" Terra muttered, shocked by the claim.

"My Blood when ingested increases the Strength, Speed, and Durability of whoever swallowed it..." Kva explained simply. "But it also causes the person crave more blood and act with unwavering loyalty to the donor... Basically... They become a Slave..."

"A slave..." Terra began to treble in the realization of what that meant. "But I just got my freedom..."

"It's an Ironic situation, isn't it?" Kva shrugged. "Don't worry. It's not like I plan to make you do anything for me... I honestly want to be done with this as fast as possible..."

"You promise?" The fox girl asked, trying her best not to cry.

"I promise." Kva stated, "And as to help you trust me more... I'll tell you the truth about me... Sound Fair?"

"Yeah..." The small girl replied with a slight bit of hesitation.

"You see..." The Priest grumbled, clearly very much unwilling to say what was on the tip of her tongue. "I'm a Vampire."

Terra tilted her head in confusion. "What's a vampire?"

"I... You're serious?" The Dark Elf asked, her silence giving her all the answer she needed. "Have you ever heard stories of a massive city off the southern coast of your home? That is Draculesti, city of the Vampires."

"No... I wasn't allowed to know anything about the outside world." The small girl answered.

"That might be for the better... Vampire are like everyone else, except they are extremely strong, fast, and durable. They can even use a power to make people do what they want, but all that comes with the cost of having to drink the blood of others to survive..." Kva explained, at least glad the first person she had told here had a fresh a slate a possible. "They also burst into flames in the Sun. Vampires can have kids like everyone else, but also normal people can turn into Vampires, but it's unlikely."

"That sounds like something I don't want to be..." Terra noted as she at the hard floor. "Is it possible that I might become one as well?"

"Not unless I kill you." Kva pointed out, "And even then, it's only around a one out of ten chance."

Terra let out a small sigh. "At least I don't have to worry about that."

"What you do have to worry about is that this will take a long time to get over by simply waiting... And it will be miserable for you. Unless we can find some way to cure it... That is..." Kva sighed once more.

"Do you know of a possible way to cure it?" The young Thrope asked.

"Not really, No. I'm not an Alchemist. There is one here, however, if anyone would be able to figure out a cure, it'd be her." Kva explained, walking over and standing in front of Sixty. "Until then, you have two options..."

"What would those options be?"

"Well, you could either wait it out, trying to get through the withdrawal until we could find a cure. The Symptoms of which aren't pleasant..." Kva offered, opening one hand then the other. "Or... I could give you more of my blood to top you off, you won't have to deal with withdrawal, but it might end up making it harder to cure."

"If it means not having to go through hell again..." The Thrope muttered. "Then I'll take my chances on the cure not working."

"Very well." Kva said, drawing her sword, holding it upside-down and gently jabbing the tip of her finger with the point. A small droplet of blood formed on the Death Priest's finger, the aroma of the blood pungent, it's addictive nature drawing Terra closer against her will.

Terra placed her mouth onto the finger and started sucking the blood until she felt satisfied.

Pulling her finger away, Kva made a slightly disgusted face due to the sensation. "There. That should tide you over until we figure something out..."

"Okay." Terra said, sating up from the chair. "Hopefully we can do that soon."

"I'll be the one to confront the Head Witch. If they must learn my secret, then they should heard it from my mouth..." The Leather-clad woman stood up once more. "Until then, try to make an effort to hide your increased Strength, Speed, and Durability... If this comes out early they could go on a witch hunt for me."

"I'll try my best." The young Thrope confirmed.


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The fallowing is done by Dhalexpert&Frostlich1288
Old friends reunite

Alice castle, Serasam

Augst 11th 3349

2:15 PM

Alice was walking around the area around her castle, it’s been awhile since Alice took in the scenery and just looked around the world and seeing it’s beauty again. Alice took off her over coat and laid in the grass as she looked at the clouds and the trees that surrounded her, shading her from the sun and allowing her to see small glimpse of it through the leaves. “Ah it’s been awhile since I just saw the world, it’s so beautiful the grass is so wonderful and the sky It feels nice having the wind brush over me when I fly around it. Ah this is nice and the smell coming from the trees is simply delightful.” Alice wanted to just lay there and sleep, but she got up and decided to explores the rest of the area.

However the Vampire was quickly stopped by a hollow, unfamiliar voice, uncomfortably close to her. “Taking a Stroll outside with no guards in sight? And during the day no less. What a needless, stupid thing to do…”

Standing directly behind Alice almost as if she had appeared from nowhere, was a black leather clad woman wearing a dark mask that Alice had never seen before.

Alice looked at the mysterious figure and put her hand on the ground. “I wouldn't call this needlessly stupid, but i’m in a good mood you can leave and have nothing happen to you. Or stay and face my wrath.”

“You may intimidate some, but not me.” She said, seemingly disinterested. “I could've killed you right then, if I had the mind.”

“Ou I don’t think so.” Suddenly dark spikes came from the ground and stopped near the woman's throat. “So if I wanted to I could have killed you, but since you're on my property, explain who you are or die.” Alice started to get up and look at the woman.

“I'd watch the threats, be careful, you are not so invincible as you seem to think.” The Black Clad woman cracked her neck casually. “You're more familiar with me than you realize, Alice Valentine.”

Alice looked confused. “How do you know my name, you're some stranger. Who are you and explain quickly or i’ll add your corpse to my army.”

“Let me ask you, do you remember your teacher? The one who taught you how to use your vampiric abilities? A certain veteran of the Nocturnum War known as ‘'The Blood Queen’?” She asked, crossing her arms.

Alice retracted the dark spikes and looked at the woman.” How do you know that name or the person that taught me, are you from the vampire city did the council send you to kill me?”

“Still haven't pieced it together yet? I suppose that makes sense, it was almost Three-Hundred years ago.” The Helmeted Woman pointed out. “I know the Blood Queen because I am her daughter. We trained together under her.”

“ Trained together, the person I trained with died years ago she was an elf and since it’s been three hundred years if she is alive she be on her deathbed right about now. Now this is the last time I will say this who are you and explain now!” Alice shouted.

“They really told you I died? When? In prison I assume, just to make you even more miserable.” She said, pulling out her signature rapier and dropping in front of Alice. “You should remember this, you even used one as a little girl for some time. A Weapon of my Mother’s, a bloodtinge rapier.”

Alice blinked a few times and went to the woman and removed her mask, revealing Kva. Alice eyes widened at the sight of the Elf.” K..Kva?” Alice hugged the woman. “You're alive I thought I lost everyone from my past except my sister, all my old friends are dead I thought you were one of them.”

“And I thought you were in prison still, well, until I found out that a Vampire named Alice had set up here.” Kva stated, the hug surprising even her.

“I escaped the prison and the city itself, what happened to you over the years?”

“I left.” She said. “After that incident that put you in jail, I tried to appeal to have you freed. I was stonewalled at every stop though, like every important Vampire in the city had already decided your guilt. After that I gave up on the city, I left to find some other purpose.”

“Well it’s good to hear you got out when you did my old friend, but unfortunately things have changed.” Alice let go of Kva. “I have been ordered by the goddess of discord to help her conquer all of Terra and to help her spread chaos all over the world, and to destroy the guild east of here.”
“So I've heard. And why work with her? What do you gain?” Kva asked simply.

“I get my revenge, I will march back to my home and kill those that imprisoned me and subjected me to that hellish place. And my revenge will happen, I will take the seven than go back home and kill the council. But not before I torture them and have them witness the fall of there beloved prison city.”

“And then what? What will happen when you accomplish your goals?”

“I have other plans, plans that I can not talk about out in the open.”

“I have no love for the council, but destroying the entire city is a waste. Why not just throw the council into the same prison as you for their corruption and allow the residents free access to the outside.” Kva suggested.

“Because the council need to pay, my imprisonment was my sister idea. I will do to the council what they wanted to do to me and as for my people, they will be freed to leave but they will never return to their old home. They will permanently be exhaled from that city as long as I have it.”

“And this wouldn't be in some attempt at revenge towards Mortals? You should know that forcing them out would drive them to be desperate for blood. Is that what you're after?” The Death Priest replied, an almost accusatory tone in her voice.

“They will learn how to deal with it, then better learn. For too long my people relied on blood banks to feed them, they know nothing of hardship or how to get there food. But that won’t be my problem, that’s a problem for my sister she will lead them to a better future or she herself will become feral and we will be hunted down. But don’t worry about that part, I plan on killing the council and the council only the people are not my concern nor the humans that live in the city so my race won’t have to hunt and die out, heh i’m still being soft on them but it’s to make sure they don’t die out.”

“Despite your intentions, exiling everyone like that will cause the deaths of Mortals and Vampires alike. You'll cause so many situations just like the one that they imprisoned you for. How many little, bright eyed girls will have to go through what you did?” Kva stared her down, her voice melancholic. “Are you truly fine with being responsible for that?”

“Yes i’m perfectly fine with what i’m doing.” Alice looked at her old friend and put her hand on her shoulder.” Don’t worry so much there are things I have planed for my race that you can’t even imagine as well as for that HavenBrook woman.”

“If that's true… Then I have to stand in your way.” The Elf said regretfully. “I knew a similarly bright eyed little girl three hundred years ago. A girl full of hope and innocence. But they put her away unjustly, and now you are in her place… They treated you like a monster, and a monster you became. Maybe if I had done more for you those years ago, I could've prevented this. So It's my responsibility, my responsibility to do justice for the girl you once were.”

“You can try but know if you do attack me right now, i’m not to far away from my army of dead and I can call upon them and bring you down and force you to join my side. But I won’t what would be the point of bringing you to my side, you have no idea what my plans are for my race or Mina. And if you do work for that woman tell her this, once she has that little baby of hers and when she hears about the vampire council hanging by their guts on the walls of the vampire city she has until then to run and come up with a battle plan on how to beat me, and as for you. It was great to see you again and i’m sorry what things between us ended like this, I wish you luck and the coming war and hope that you live through it my old friend.”

“The Same to you. Your powers may be stronger as a full Vampire, but I have hundreds of years more training than you. I didn't attack you today because of our history together, and you have my word, if we win, the council will be tried for unjustly sentencing you.” Kva said sincerely, placing her helmet back on. “I don't take any Joy in doing this, but it must be done.”

“Ou trust me the people I will soon have on my side will be stronger than you, and everyone in your guild will fall to them in no trouble at all. Now leave and take care of yourself.” Alice went back to the spot she was in and layed down looking at the sky again.

As Kva began to walk away, she turned her head just for a moment, saying. “Goodbye and… Taydar favor you when you pass.”


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Family Once More
Part One

Havenbrook Manor/Guildhouse
Main Laboratory
August 13th, 3349
10:22 a.m.

Perched in Erin's Lab, an epiphany hit her, calling the Fly Thrope towards one of Erin's work stations to piece her idea together. The last month or so, she had been in a creativity-less malaise, unable to draw her thoughts from Eliza whenever she was alone, however, now that her little girl had returned to her, her brain was trying to make up for lost time by filling her head with ideas so fast she could hardly even write them down. Dropping a number of parts and bits of scrap and machinery onto the table, Betty smiled as she looked it over, brainstorming where to start.

A few minutes later, she got the feeling she was being watched. "Watcha doin'?" Eliza asked, sitting on top of one of the high shelves and peaking over.

"Hey Sweetie! Amam is trying to build something..." She replied happily, looking over. "Wanna help?"

"Me?" Eliza quickly crawled down. She stepped over, but looked apprehensive. She was more humble now then before she left. "What can I do? I... don't want to break anything."

"Don't worry, it's okay if you break it, we can just put it back together again." Betty reassured, patting her lap to signal Eliza to hop on.

The demon girl did so, having gained considerable weight though could still be considered light. She needed to be in order to fly. "So what are we building, Amam?"

"Well, I was going to build a flamethrower! Buuut, maybe we should start smaller..." She rubbed her daughter's head. "How about you tell me what you want to build, sweetie?"

"I don't know. Why would you want something to throw fire when I can already do that for you?" she asked innocently.

Betty seemed a little surprised. "You can?"

Eliza nodded. "I learned while I was away. Want me to show you?"

"Sure! Just... Try not to hit any of Mommy Erin's zhings, okay?' The Fly lifted her up by her armpits, placing her down on the floor.

Eliza cleared her throat and stepped back. She leaned her head forward nd held out her hands. After a few seconds, her nails glowed a bright red. Wisps of energy flowed out of her open mouth, collecting and condensing into a sphere of fire magic that grew and grew inches for her mouth until it was nearly half the size of her head. Not the most impressive show, especially compared to something Eraqus or Drayce could do, but it was a power coming from Betty's girl.

The Techy Thrope walked over, feeling a sense of pride. "Zhat's amazing! How did you learn you could do zhat?"

The fire ball slowly dissipated. When it was gone, Eliza placed her hands behind her head. "Idunknow. I got angry one day and was yelling at that bad man, and it just shot out. Once I knew I could do it, I practiced whenever I could."

The Tinkerer slowly walked right up behind Eliza, wrapping her arms around her daughter's shoulders gently. "I'm so glad you're home... I'm so sorry it took so long... I'm sorry you were forced to grow up so much without me..."

Eliza placed a hand on Betty's arm. "There is... something I wanted to tell you since I got back. But I was afraid you wouldn't believe me and just get sad."

Betty's face grew concerned. "What's wrong? What is it?"

"Y... y-you know... I don't... blame you, right." A fear tears rolled down Eliza's cheeks. "It wasn't your fault. And... you were hurt so much because of me..."

"You're right... But It wasn't your fault either... It was zhose terrible people that took you..." She countered. "It was all zheir fault... But we can make up zhat time now, right sweetie?"

Eliza nodded. "So you'll... Stop being sad when you look at me and think I can't see?"

"Mmhm... We don't need to be sad anymore... We're together now, zhat's all that matters." The Fly said, kissing the top of her head.

Eliza turned her head up to look at her. "Can you... build...?"

"Yes! Come on, I'll teach you how!" The Thrope said, holding her hand. "We can build a gift for Erin."

"And one for Blisk too?" The girl asked. "He got really big, you know?"

"Yeah, he did! We could make a Treat-a-Pult for him! A little catapult to launch snacks into the air for him to catch!" Betty blurted out as soon as the thought came into her head.

"That sounds really cool!" Eliza exclaimed. "I could play with him and train his refl... refla... his quickness too! Um... what about Erin? What can we build for her?"

"How about... A locket! We can both carve messages in it for her!" She continued excitedly.

Eliza clapped her hands together. "A locket sounds awesome. It... what is a locket?"

"It's like... A necklace that opens up, and... You can put things in it." The Thrope Explained, walking over to the table and picking our some promising bits and pieces, moving them to the side.

Eliza picked up a small ball peen hammer. "And you think I can help?"

"I'll teach you how. Amam and Daughter." She said, smiling contently at her. "Would you like zhat?"

Eliza's head bobbed up and down. "Amam is super smart. And Eliza is really smart too. So... it should be easy!"

"Okay! So, we'll start with the locket!" Betty moved some rounded bits of metal over, a thin chain, some very small metal rods and a hinge over. Then, she lifted Eliza up onto her lap once again, handing her a small hand drill with an even smaller drill bit. "So, there are not too many pieces to go into this, but it's very precise; don't worry though, I'll help you steady your hands, okay?"

"O-okay." Eliza didn't want to admit It, but she was feeling a bit intimidated. She could break things with the best of them, but building things was new for her.

Betty quickly looked over, finding a tiny metal ring that appealed to her, then moved it over. "Okay, so, lets start by drilling. Take your crank drill, and drill two little holes in the sides of the round metal bits."

The Fly suddenly had an idea right after she spoke, taking a pencil and placing a dot on the metal in the places she needed to drill. She then took her hands and held the half circle objects in place. "Zhere, now, I'll keep the bits from moving, all you have to do is ze drilling. I believe in you."

Eliza nodded. She feared very little. She was a brave girl. Few matched her bravery. But she did fear harming her mother. So she moved slow at first, using very little force. She slowly applied more pressure until she finally started drilling into the metal. The first hole done, they moved to the second. Eliza did this one a bit quicker. "D-did I do good?"

"Yes! Zhat's very good! Now, drill two more holes in the other one. Or... Would you like to hold while I drill zhis time?" Betty asked, placing the bit to the side.

"I want to hold it this time." Eliza gave her a toothy grin. "So we share the same work!"

"Right!" Allowing Eliza to hold it steady, Betty expertly drilled the two holes, applying just the right combination of pressure and precision for both, competing it nearly twice as fast a Eliza had done.

"It looks good. What's next?" the girl asked excitedly.

"Now, we can use your fire. Do you see that tiny little metal circle, see if you can melt it onto the top of the half circle piece." Betty guided, pointing it out for her.

Eliza nodded. She placed her finger nail/claw against It, the nail glowing a deep red. She swirled it around and around, partially melting the metal. When it was nice and hot, she put it into place on the other piece. Because of the precision, the melding was seamless.

"You're really good at that, sweetie." Betty patted her head. "Now we just need to screw in the hinge and we can put something in it."

Eliza nodded, watching Betty screw in the part. "What do we put in it? It looks too small for candy."

Betty tested the hinge, making sure it opened and closed properly before taking a pair of cutters and snipping a notch in one of the links of the chain, clicking the chain onto the locket. "Well, what does Eliza zhink Erin would like? We could carve words into it, or we could place an object, liiike... A Heart or somezhing."

"Hmm..." Eliza tapped her lips. "Maybe I could draw a tiny picture of the three of us... maybe? And underneath it says something... about love?"

"That sounds nice. You draw the picture, I'll make a nice little inscription. How about... 'Family, Together Forever'?" Betty suggest, fetching a small hammer and chisel off the table.

Eliza left, returning quickly with her materials. "See these, Amam? They are called colored pencils. Mr. Charter got them for me. I like them because they can draw small things that crayons can't." She quickly got to work, having to remind herself it had to be a tiny picture.

The Fly looked up at her sweetly, halting her engraving momentarily, "If you like them so much, I should get you some more then. You can be our little artist."

"You think so?" Eliza stuck out her tongue as she drew. "I don't think they're very good, but I like them."

"I zhink they're wonderful, you made zhem, after all..." Betty said, trying not to look so it would be a surprise.


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Family Once More
Part Two

Eliza drew few a few more minutes before proudly declaring, "Done! Wanna see?"

"Of course!" Finished with the inscription, Betty brushed some metal shavings off to the side then turned to look at Eliza.

It was very simple, as expected from a small picture. It featured Betty and Erin hugging Eliza, Erin's ears humorously exaggerated. Betty was outlined in purple, Erin in yellow, and Eliza in red. It was nothing worth putting in an art museum, but the girl had shown surprising improvement in a short amount of time, like it had improved at the same rate as her growth.

"I love it. And I'm sure Erin will too!" She said, gently taking the picture from her. "Maybe you can teach me how to draw."

Eliza blushed a bit. "B-but... I'm not as good at it as you are with building."

"Well, we can teach eachother zhen." The Sooty woman replied, placing the picture gently inside the locket, lightly trimming some of the blank white edges to make it fit the piece.

Eliza gently climbed on the back of Betty's chair and looked over her shoulder. "It looks really nice. Think she will like it?"

"I zhink she will love it. Want you show her now?" Betty asked, lifting up the locket.

Eliza pouted a bit. "When we do, can we still make Blisk's treat launcher thingy?"

"Of course! We have all ze time in ze world now..." Betty reassured, lifting Eliza up to hug her.

Eliza giggled, hugging her back. "I missed you. And now that I'm bigger and stronger, no one will ever take me away again. It is my turn to protect you."

"You are ze most perfect little girl an Amam could ask for." She sincerely said, putting her up on her shoulders.

Eliza bounced a little. "Come on! Let's find Erin!"

Walking over to Erin's typical work area with Eliza still on her shoulders and the locket in her hand, she called out. "Erin? Where's my lovely Bunny?"

"Over here, cutie fly," Erin called out from the back, immediately muttering, "I can not believe I said that..." She was found by her precious alchemy pot, tinkering with it and occasionally whacking it with a hammer. "Confounded piece of useless rubbish! It was working perfectly when the warranty let up a week ago. It is a scam, I tell you, and it has me quite... miffed."

"Well, I zhink me and Eliza have somezhing that will cheer you up!" Betty placed Eliza on the ground carefully, passing her the locket.

"Here you go, Er... Amam Erin." Eliza held out her hands. "W-we... made this for you. I mean... Amam did most of the work, but... b-but I helped and... I drew the picture."

Erin took the locket, and opened it carefully. She slowly smiled, her mood quickly uplifted. "What is the occasion?"

"The occasion is we're all togezher again... And... I wanted to teach Eliza how to build. She's really good at it." The Fly explained, bending her legs to be the same height as the demon girl.

"Well, I...don't know what to say, other then..." Erin closed the locket and placed it around her neck. "I will cherish it always. Thank you so very much, my two favorite girls."

Eliza bounced a bit, and wrapped her arms around one of Betty's. "I think she likes it!"

"I zhink she does too." Betty grinned widely, patting Eliza's shoulder.

Erin nodded. "I think it is absolutely lovely." She smirked at Betty. "Teaching her to be a techy, huh? Hoping she'll follow in your footsteps?"

"I want to show her how, see if she likes it. I zhink she might be a really great artist too someday." Betty replied, "Why don't you try to teach her somezhing too Erin?"

Erin rubbed her chin. "I wouldn't mind showing her several things. Giving her the rundown. Getting a little helper for the days when Jay is off. And it would help her think of what she wants to do with her life, whether it be my job, your job, an artist, or something else."

"How does zhat sound sweetie? Doesn't zhat sound nice?" She asked.

Eliza nodded. "I like to learn for my Amams." She pouted. "Except geometry."

"Oh, but you're so good at math." Erin rubbed the girl's head. "Who knows? Maybe you'll combine what we teach you and build megitech. Or, maybe you'll become a barber. Doesn't matter. We'll love you either way."

"Yep! You are already ze greatest Daughter." Betty said, pulling both of them in for a group hug.


Fairaven Institute of Magic

The Laboratory in Fairaven was still cleaning up after the escape of the Chimera's, both tangibly and socially. However, this day, a surprise visitor made his way into the lab of one scientist by the name of Alfondo Charmles.

A Netzi floated his way into the lab, his antennae twitching as he surveyed the area. He was a rather grizzled Netzi, his fur looking unkempt and turning grayish with age.

"Yes, we are still trying to find a replacement for Avalon," Alfondo said to an attendant. "I will deal with her work..." He looked to the Netzi. "Can I help you?"

The Netzi put his arms behind his back. "Yes. Your Boss told me I could find a... Alfondo Charmles here?"

"Yeah, that's me." Charmles waved the attendant away. "We are very busy here. I am surprised they even let you in. What do you want?"

"I happen to know your boss, that's why they let me in." He said grumpily. "You've recently ran into a Chimera problem, right?"

Charmles paused for a moment before stating, "I have no idea what you are talking about. The manufacture of Chimera is illegal, and we would never do such a thing."

"It wasn't that hard to piece it back here, I'm not an idiot. Especially considering the piss poor cleanup." He said, crossing his arms. "And all the transpondance to a certain Hunter Guild."

"I'm here to ask you a question, Elf." He added, floating forward.

Charmles clasped his hands together. "Make it quick, Netzi."

"I'm looking for a Fly Thrope. Have any experience with one?" He asked with a clearly agitated tone of voice.

"What an... oddly specific question." Charmles tapped his fingers against his desk, just as agitated. "As a matter of fact, I do. Why?"

"I've been looking for her. Where did you see her?" He let out a tired but relieved breath.

Charmles took off his glasses and rubbed his eye. "Look, I don't know you... but I'm going to be nice and give you a warning. Stay away from her, okay? The manipulative, conniving, ill-tempered miscreant is nothing but trouble. She ruined one of the most important research projects this lab has seen in the last hundred years all for her own selfish, vengeful desires, and the last time I met her in person... she loosed her ravenous girlfriend to assault me before she herself threatened seriously bodily harm on me." He sipped his coffee. "Do yourself a favor and avoid her at all costs."

"Sounds like you have quite the grudge." He pointed out before asking. "You didn't happen to see a young Netzi with them, did you?"

"I believe I noticed a young, female Netzi with her on occasion," Alfondo answered. "Why are you looking for them?"

"Ah... Good. I'm looking for them because I want to bring them back. Especially my Daughter." He explained, looking Charmles up and down. "You have a problem with the Fly right? Why not help me out?"

The lab mage slowly smiled and leaned forward. "I take they left without consulting you if you have to look for them. Might not be happy to see you."

"Do you think I care? My Daughter is just going through some sort of rebellious phase running off with that ungrateful..." He shook his head, glaring at him. "Are you willing to help or not? You said she had a girlfriend or something now? Splitting them up might just be just the kind of revenge payback you're after."

"True, true. I just didn't think you'd be so... vengeful yourself." Charmles cleared his throat. "They currently reside at the Havenbrook Manor, and are part of the Hunter's guild there. You will find the Manor in Serasam, just east of the town of Cleardavon."

"Thank you. And... You know the layout don't you? I get the impression you worked there?" He asked, seeming pleased.

"Actually, I did," the Elf responded. "I am not sure where the Fly girl's room is, but you will likely find her in the main lab. It is down in the basement on the west side of the manor."

"You've been very helpful, much more than anyone else here. I'll tell you what, how about you help me a little more directly? I'll throw in a handsome paycheck as long as you can keep quiet about it. What do you say?" The Old Netzi offered, smirking at him.

The Elf's smile widened. "Sounds good to me."

"Very Good. Maybe I could even hire you if you're tired of this place, I am working on a few projects you might just be perfect for." He noted, looking at the state of the room. "Gotta be better than sweeping here."

"That is very... ahem, kind of you. But I am satisfied here, especially since one of my most hated coworkers recently got fired for her negligence."

"Well, that's fine I suppose, you already offered me the help." He Shrugged, passing him a slip of straight, firm, paper. "My Card with my Crystal Frequency on it, when your free, contact me, we'll figure out a plan."

As Charmles took the card, he looked it over, it reading 'Marc Merce, Masterwork Industries CEO, Themosa City.' along with the frequency, like he had mentioned.

"Oh... did not know I was speaking with a king of business. I look forward to working with you. Maybe I'll reconsider your offer later."

"You too. Have a good day." The CEO said, turning around floating out of a room, a triumphant grin adorning his face.


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Jun 23, 2013
The fallowing is done by Dhalexpert and Zombisplitter 53

Vampire hunting, on thin ice

Alice castle
Aug,17 3349

As Alice get's her new armor on and equips herself, she lookes at her weapons. "Hum what to choose my ax or my duel swords well one of my swords are silver." Alice picked up her duel swords and went to find her reaper. "Reaper I need you to open a portal to Mirandia so I can find our newest recruit."

The reaper rose from her shadows. "Will it only be you, master?"

"Hum that's a good question hum should I bring my newest recruits?" Alice remembered how many unleaded it took to beat Marlee. "Hum wait right here reaper." Alice left and when she came back she brought Satoko and Wolfric. "Now I’m ready reaper."

The reaper nodded, and closed his eyes, searching the area the mischief god said she'd be. Finding her, he opened the portals. "Head north."

Alice bowed her head. "Thank you my friend, don't worry I will pay you back sooner then you think with plentiful souls for you to take." Alice and her crew went through the portal and the trio ended up in Mirandia. "Alright were heading north I will lead the woman out in the open, you two wait for my orders to attack." The two nodded there head and fallowed Alice north.

Before too long, they found they were not alone, but it was not another vampire they came across. The trio found themselves near a Harpy nest, the bird-creatures gazing down at them. Several flew up, circling above.

Alice looked at the Harpys and redyed her weapons."Hold your ground you two for the moment there not attacking for now we stay on target and ignore those monsters and stay on target." As the trio continued to move the kept there eyes on the monsters circling them.

After a minute, when the trio didn't turn back, three of the harpies swooped down, landing in front of the intruders. "Halt!" said the largest, with full arms and wings on her back.

Wolfric and Satoko pulled out there weapons ready to fight, but Alice raised her hand telling them to lower their weapons." We mean no harm i'm looking for a woman with dark read hair, I was told she would be around these mountains."

"You invade our territory," the head of the harpies stated, barely even acknowledging Alice had said something. "Humans do not belong here. We made that clear to the local villages. You will leave now or we will kill you and display your bones as a warning to others."

"I'm going to say this one last time bird brain, i'm looking for someone a dark red haired woman do you know were she is. Tell me now and we will leave attack and be food for cows."

The two other harpies pointed their spears forward, but the third folded her arms. "We do not want a conflict. The humans leave us alone because we no longer kill them for food. If we were to tell you where this woman is... what would you offer us in exchange?”

“Me getting off your territory, and your lives if that’s not enough what do you want?”

"We do not fear you," the Harpy stated clearly. "And your continued attempts to threaten us will only make things harder for you. Typical human behavior. You act civilized in public, but in practice, you are the very savages you cause us of being."

"Who ever said I was a human to begin with." Alice turned into a swarm of bats circling around the harpy's, until turning back to her normal form."I'm a vampire and the person I seek is also a vampire now tell me were she is or me and my allies will tear you apart!" Alice took a deep breath and thought of another salution."Or you could join me in my search and serve under me?"

The harpy did not look intimidated, but she did look thoughtful. "Find this woman," she ordered the other two, and they flew off. She turned back to Alice. "We will find this person for you, and you will leave and not return."

Alice bowed her head."Thank you that's all I want." Alice turned to her allies. "Well that went well."

Satoko nod her head. "I say so, very well done master we save our strength for that other vampire."

Wolfric looked annoyed. "Ugh I was hoping for a challenge."

The harpies returned a few minutes later, one pointing north by north east. "That forested area. I saw one with red hair camping. I do not know if it is who you are looking for, but it was the only person we could find."

"Thank you for that my offer still stains on you joining my army, if you want to join me come back to that area were you found that woman if your wish to join my ranks." Alice looked towards her men and lead them down the mountain leaving the harpies behind.

There was a light in the dark forest after twenty minutes of walking. Soon after that, they could hear the occasional snap and crackle of a campfire.

"Alright if the target is there I need bait." Alice looked at Satoko."What do you say Satoko up for being the bait?"

She nodded her head."I will do what is necessary for you madam."

"Alright then, I will make this as painless as possible." Alice extended her nails and gutted her, Causing her to scream.

In the midst of sucking a rabbit dry, Marlee jumped to her feet. "Damn, so much for dinner." Despite believing this had nothing to do with Alice and that she was supposed to avoid interfering with the outside world, she couldn't stand by when someone was in trouble. Her form burst into a dozen bats and flew in the direction of the scream.

Satoko started to limp towards the camp sight holding her side.” Help is there anyone here?!”

Marlee transformed a few feet away behind a tree before rushing over. "What happened?" she asked urgently.

“Came from the mountains, harpies came at me. One of there claws got my side causing me to fall, please help me.”

Yes, of course. Um..." Marlee placed a hand on the woman's back. "Come on. I have a camp nearby..." She sniffed the air for a moment, her eyes narrowing and shifting about. "...a, uh... a camp nearby. I can look at your wounds there. What's your name?"

“Satoko I’m satoko and thank you for finding me.”

"Yes, of course." Marlee led her back to the camp, discreetly kicking the dead rabbit to the side and helping Satoko sit down. "Alright, um... not the best with first aid, but I can try. Lift up your shirt." Satoko lifted her shirt showing the wound, it looked like she was clawed by something and recently.”So how bad is it?”

"Well, um... I've seen worse," Marlee answered. "I've experienced worse," she mumbled under her breath. She grabbed a few rags out of a bag and pushed them against the wound. "Hold these tight."


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Part 2

She pushed on the bandage and looked at Marlee.” So what are you doing here?”

"Hunting. I'm looking for someone. Someone who is not easy to find." Marlee pulled out a bottle of absinthe. "Take a drink of this. It'll numb the pain."

Sharp grabbed the bottle and poured it on her wound.” Well who ever your looking for if there in Mirandia it could take you months or years to find them.”

“Or they could be right next to her.” Marlee eyes widen she felt someone grabbing her head and toss her to the fire.” Well look at what I found, a lost bat. A lost bat far away from home.”

Marlee screamed loudly, dark magic bursting out of her and spreading the fire around them. She stood up, holding her burnt arm. "I knew I smelt another vampire in the air! What are you even doing here?!"

“The same thing you’re doing, hunting another vampire. See in order for me to take our home, I need the seven out of my way so I ask again. Join me in taking our home and killing the council.”

Marlee laughed. "You... are truly insane, aren't you?" Her arm quickly started to heal. "You think after everything you have done, after all the trouble you have made, after you... fucking killed me!!!... that I would turn on the Council and join you? Seriously, what is wrong with you?"

“Who said I was asking, you will join me wether you want to or not. And my new friend will ensure it.” Suddenly a someone lifted Marlee by her head and started punching the back of her ribs, every hit felt like a war hammer until she was slammed into the ground.”

She burst into bats, flying behind her attacker and reforming. She panted heavily, holding her sides. "What's wrong, bitch. Scared you can't take me alone? Not surprising, considering you were only able to beat me last time because of your damn zombies. A psycho, a bitch, and a coward."

“Ou really because a true vampire with hundreds of years of experience should be able to kill a hord of zombies. But you Marlee, you’re pathetic you possess skills of a great hunter but you’re to easy to anger thus making all your potential worthless. Even the cheapest whore house won’t take you.”

Marlee screamed out in anger. She burst into bats, flying forward and slamming her fist square into Alice's face.

Alice stumbled back but laughed at Marlee.” Aw did I hit a nerve.” Alice pulled out her steal sword and slashed it against Marlee chest.” You truly are pathetic.” Alice continue to slash Marlee, curing her arm chest stomach and her cheek showing she improved greatly since last time.

Marlee quickly broke apart again and moved behind Alice. When she turned, Marlee slashed her across the chest with her scimitars, the wound burning like fire from the silver. Marlee stepped back and lifted her sounds. "I'd watch who I'm calling a whore. I heard how much you sold yourself in prison. Tell me... was there anyone in there that didn't get a piece of that?"

Alice held her chest and laughed.” Ou yes my raping, every corrupted guard violated me. But when I had enough and started breaking limbs I was sent to the holds to rot. But when I escaped I killed everyone that violated me, but now. Not only am I known for my brutality among my army, I’m also known for my cunning!” Suddenly a katana went through Marlee back through her stomach, the burning proved it was silver.

When Marlee turned around she saw Satoko.” You will never harm my master.”

Marlee laughed a sad laugh, coughing up blood. "What is it they say. No... no good deed goes unpunished?" She looked back to Alice with tired eyes. "Bravo. You beat me by... being a horrible person... and taking advantage of me being a good one. Though I suppose, in your mad mind, you rationalize that you're doing the right thing and..."

She suddenly burst into bat form mid-sentence and made a break for it, weakly flying away from the three and into the trees. If she could get far enough away, she could at least lose the humans.

Alice turned to her men.” Good work both of you it wasn’t much but thank you, now if you excuse me I must Hadley something.” Alice turned in bats herself and went after Marlee.”

“Think we fallow them big guy?” Satoko looked at Wolfric.

“We’re the back up remember, we fallow and then we wait to be called.” The duo fallowed the two vampires.

After flying for ten minutes, Marlee could no longer sustain the transformation. She turned back, huffing and wheezing as she half walked, half stumbled through the forest. Stupid... bitch. Literally a backstabber. Can't believe I feel for that. Guess I... didn't expect... even her to be that... low... She collapsed against a tree, the wound barely healing because of the silver. She pulled out her silver daggers. She would either get lucky, and Alice would miss her, or Alice would find her and Marlee would kill Alice or die trying. Capture was not an option for her.

Alice finally caught up to Marlee and looked at her.” Wow look how pathetic do you look.” Alice looked at a passing rabbit and threw her sword at it killing in, she went to it and tossed it at Marlee.” Eat it and get up.”

"Tch. Don't act like you're noble now." Marlee took the animal and drained it. She slowly rose to her feet. "We both know the blood of an animal will hardly heal a sliver wound like this. And if it did, so what? You're still a backstabbing coward." She pointed a dagger at Alice. "Just remember, if I lose this fight, it was because you tricked me and took advantage of my kindness. You did not beat me fairly... because you never could." She quickly tossed the dagger, and charged while the it was still flying towards Alice.

Because of Alice vampire awareness she easily dogged the dagger and used her free hand to have fire come out of it, the surprise use of fire magic caught Marlee off guard and set her body on fire.” Then heal yourself, kill a dear or a wolf, I showed you my cunning now I will show you my ruthlessness.”

"And give your flunkies time to catch up? I don't think so." Dark magic burst off Marlee's body, putting out the flames. "Let's get one thing straight. Our job is to do everything in our power to take you alive." She sheathed her dagger and pulled her swords out again. "I don't give a fuck what my orders are. I'm going to kill you... and I'm going to enjoy it." She charged forward with incredible speed, slashing her swords.

Alice used her sword to block and parry the attack while Marlee was stunned for a moment, Alice pulled out her other sword and slashed it across her cheek she then kicked Marlee away from her.” You think I needed them to help me Marlee your more so then the other seven are useless, the other vampire in the seven has changed over the Years but you. You’re the same aragent hothead I meet hundreds of years ago.”

"And you're the same arrogant madwomen who I helped lock away!" Marlee pressed her attack, moving faster and faster. To an onlooker, her movements would appear to be a blur. Alice's bloodline gave her an advantage, but Marlee had been in action all the years Alice was stuck in jail. Marlee slashed and hacked, slashing Alice in the arms, in the legs, in the stomach. Marlee gave a Alice a punch to a forehead, then stabbed her sword into Alice's leg.


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Part 3

Alice screamed in pain and fell to a knee and the burn mad it worse.” Ah really not bad so you can Improve over time, but then again so did I.” Alice put her hand on the ground, and one the opposite side of Marlee dark spikes pierced the back of her legs.

Marlee let out a cry of her own, falling to a knee before Alice. She grit her teeth. "Impressive for... all your time in prison. You know, if I didn't hate you so much... I would be having fun with this fight."

“Ou doesn’t worry because under me, the first thing that will be going is that anger of yours.” Alice mustered up some strength to talk Marlee and sink her teeth into her draining her of blood, not to mesmerize her, but to heal herself.

"You stupid bitch!" Marlee slugged Alice in the side of the head, directly in the temple. Alice found herself dazed, and unprepared for Marlee to roll them over. Marlee sat on her chest, wrapped her hands around Alice's neck, and squeezed. "I'm gonna snap your fucking neck, then tear your head off!"

As Alice started to choke, she tried to teach for her sword but her vision started to fade. But Alice snapped out of her daze and after taking in some of Marlee blood and healing some of her wounds, Alice grabbed her arms and started to overpower Marlee and thrusted her claw into her neck and tossing Marlee off her. Once off of her Alice grabbed her duel swords."Enough, i'm done toying with you now your going to join my army right now!"

Marlee hacked and coughed, spitting out mouthfuls of blood. "And how... are you going to do that?" She shrugged, picking up her swords once more. "I see this fight ending with me dead... or you dead."

Alice looked to the bushes and sees Satoko and Wolfric behind her. "Master please allow us to help you."

Alice signaled them to stay back. "No just stay back." Alice looked back at Marlee. "Now then you will be joining my army right now." Alice charged for Marlee.

Marlee cracked in neck from side to side. She momentarily burst into bats, reforming as Alice ran past to kick his in the back. "Maybe it is time to end this." She reached into a side pouch and pulled out a round object.

"Ou no you don't I will not be blinded again by purified salt!" Alice threw her steal sword at Marlee which she easy doges, Alice then started to throw fire balls at Marlee.

Marlee dodged about, laughing. "You're making this to easy! Please, by all means, keep tossing those. Hit this bomb and kill us both."

"Ugh ou I will not die this day, but you on the other hand will be on the brink of death." Alice turned into a sworm of bats and came behind Marlee." Good by hot head!" Alice used her silver sword to cut the arm of Marlee off and slam her to the ground.

Marlee screamed in pain, gripping the stumped tightly. She darted forward, grabbing her severed arm. As Alice moved to hit her again, Marlee yanked the bomb out of her own hand and held it near a burning bush. "S-stop! Th-this explosive... is laced with enough silver nitrate, blessed salts, and shard infused with cellestial magic to kill us in a matter of minutes. Move any closer... and I set it off..."

"Wait is that fear I see in your eyes Marlee? Are you scared ou wait the fact that your making a threat to kill us both says yes you are, but the thing is i'm not worried." Alice motioned towards the bushes and quickle Satoko came out of the bushes and kicked the bomb out of Marlee hand. "Excellent work Satoko, now if you pleas the bottle." Satoko gave Alice what seemed to be a wine bottle.

"Cheating bitch..." Marlee laughed. "Like I said... even if you beat me, I knew you could never do it alone." She looked at the bottle. "Let me guess. Some kinda... hypnotic potion or something?"

"Yes with enough blood in it to heal all your wounds, ou and just to make sure you don't get away I had Rumi make me something just for you Wolfric if you please." The giant of a man put silver handcuffs on Marlee good hand, and put the other lock on his arm. "Those cuffs are the same ones that are on my sister, which means your powers are at the moment are gone your as human as the people around you." Alice opened the bottle."So any last few will words Marlee?"

Marlee smirked. "I just hope I can one day get a fair fight with you... and show you who is truly superior." She slowly stood up. "Well, come on. Let's get this over with.”

Alice nodded her head."Wolfric please lift her up." Wolfric lifted Marlee and opened her mouth, Alice opened and started to pour the elixir down Marlee mouth.

Marlee didn't resist. She knew there was no point, though she chocked a bit.

Alice stooped pouring for a moment until Marlee stopped coughing then went back to pouring the liquid down her throat until the bottle was empty. "Wolfric your can let her go now." The man uncuffed himself from her Alice waited to see how Marlee would act.

She sulked down to the ground, her eyes hollow and empty. A stream of blood flowed to her arm, latching onto it and pulling it back to her body. All the while, Marlee was expressionless, under the potion's spell.

"Rise Marlee my new loyal member of my army."

Marlee slowly rose to her feet, looking at her master with blank eyes. In this state, she was a mere puppet.

"Hum I don't typical like them being like this, just a shell even for this bitch I do want her to talk. Hum." Alice extended her fangs and bit into Marlee seeing if doing this would make Marlee talkative.

She simply stood and took it, but it did nothing. It seemed only under the spell of Alice's alchemist would Marlee be both aware and loyal.

“Hum reaper take us home, more specifically my allies. And as for me take me to the my alchemist, I want words with him.”

Two portals opened, the reaper appearing to usher Alice into the left one.

“Thank you reaper, Marlee come with me it’s time we see the good doctor.”

Marlee obediently followed the woman through the portal. The found the unnerving alchemist in the midst of some experiment involving some unpleasant smelling chemicals.

“Alagor.” Alice came out of the Portal and behind the alchemist.

"Yes, Mistress Oh!" Alagor stepped. "You frightened me with... grr, that. Wish you had warned me." Alice couldn't see Forenzi's face under his mask, but there was definitely a tone of anger as he turned his head towards Marlee.

“Yes well I wanted to congratulate you on your potion, as it seems to work perfectly on vampires.” However, do you mind telling me why she can’t talk?”

"Same reason Gravel couldn't," he answered with a bit more attitude then usual. "The hypnotic potion is only temporary. If you want her to actually have a personality, I need to work on her like I did with the meat head. My more permanent potion and some hypnotic programming. Though you honestly should just do away with this one."


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Part 4

Alice gave Alagor the same look she gave him when they first met.” I will tell you the same thing I told Rumi about you, she is useful to the cause. If we even hope to stand a chance against the council we need all of the seven.”

"Very well. You're the boss, I guess. In that case..." Alagor rubbed his hands together. "I will get to work breaking down that arrogant, condescending, hateful little brain of hers." Alagor took her arm and looked the vampire up and down. "Better built then I expected. Anything in particular you want me to do with her?"

“Keep her arrogance and hot headed ness, I want to break that down and turn her to a more level headed person the hard way. “ Alice grabbed a chair to bare witness to this.” Ou and Alagor once you’re done with her get everyone and meet me in my room.”

Alagor laughed silently. He was being given mostly free reign on the woman. "Very well. It will take even me several hours. You... look like you had a rough fight. Might I recommend some rest for you?"

“Hum I could use some sleep, especially after the fight I had with her reaper.” Suddenly Alice reaper appeared.” Make sure the good doctor doesn’t go to overboard with his curiosity.”

Alagor frowned under his mask. "Come now... where is the trust?"

“Considering the fact that my sister, and Gravel who is currently brainwashed still don’t trust you. Yet I gave you a lab and free range on the majority of your experiment, and recognize your talent I give you plenty of trust.”

Alagor paused for a moment, then nodded. "Fair enough. Please enjoy your rest."

Alice nodded her head and went to her room, once there Alice went to her chest and pulled out a bottle of blood Alagor got from the kid they released and drank a quarter of it.” Ou that’s delicious, almost makes me want to recapture that kid almost.” Alice continued to drink the blood and layed in her bed.

She was awoken with a nudging of the arm. "Alice?"

Alice eyes opened and she yawned.” Ah Alagor thank you for waking me up.” Alice stretched her arms and jumped out of bed, when she looked out of bed she saw all the people she recruited.” Ah all my leaders welcome, your probably wondering why I brought you here today, but first.” Alice looked at Marlee.” Marlee how are you holding up?”

Marlee leaned against a desk, rolling her arm in pain. It felt like someone had chopped it off or something. She quickly smiled and stood up straight when spoken to. "I-I'm good, Lady Alice. G-great, in fact! Um... h-how are you?"

Alice smiled at her.” I’m doing wonderful now that you have joined our cause.” Alice looked at the group.” Now your all probably wondering why you’re here, it’s because I want you all to meet my master the one that put me on this path to begin with, and the one who gains the most out our war.” Alice motioned to the center of the room.” Show yourself goddess of discord.”

The goddess stepped out of a portal next to the door. "Honestly, I am not accustomed to being summoned like that." Tecunte smiled. "Though, considering you called me your master, I don't mind in this instance."

Alice bowed her head to the goddess, while everyone else looked stunned.” Now then for those that doubted my cause, those doubts should be gone.” Alice turned to the goddess.” Now as for you I need you and your sons help, I plan on doing another raid.”

The various individuals game various looks of surprise, save for Marlee who glared at the goddess. Tecunte didn't seem to notice. "A raid, huh? How wonderful. What did you need from us?"

“All I need from you and your son are portals, to get us in and out of the area and the place we’re going to be raiding is.” Alice threw her sword at a county.” We’re going to raid Helvan.”

"Somewhere in Helvan?" Rumi asked. "Or all of Helvan?"

“Not all of it, Well be overrun were hitting key targets. First the gladiator arenas, since they fight and die for others entertainment and train daily they will make perfect soldiers. Next we hit the slave mines, there should be thousands of slaves mining day in night all that raw materials and people could be put to better use. Then there food storage we need that food to feed our troops. And finally the ship yards, there will be untold amounts of riches for our taking.”

Tecunte nodded. "Sound like a..." She looked to the side for a moment, a sour look crossing her face for a moment, but she quickly smiled again. "Sounds like a plan. And sounds like you've done your homework."

“I’ve been planning this for a while, also has your son find the next pair of the seven I should hunt down next?”

Tecunte nodded. "I will send him your way as soon as your raid is dealt with."

"Great also so your should know, I had a runin with an old one." Alice went to the side of the room and grabbed a pin and paper and drew a symbol on it. "Do you recognize this, the bastard with this symbol told me not to touch his cult. Or he will kill my men."

Tecunte's eyes widened in shock. "Did he tell you his name?"

"Yea the bastards name was Hastur, so does this name remind you of anyone?"

Tecunte shuddered and took a step back. She grit her teeth, glancing to the side and muttering, "Shut up." She stared Alice in the eyes and said, "Now you listen to me. If you see anyone with that yellow sign, you avoid them at all costs. Got it?"

Alice looked confused. "i'm sorry what? Were's the anger, the insensitive to kill anyway why arent you telling me to murder his followers?"

"No murder." Tecunte stepped up to her and grabbed Alice's shoulders. He expression, surprisingly, looked almost pleading. "Please... avoid them. For all our sakes."

Alice looked confused by Tecunte actions. "Um sure fine I guess I will avoid them. Which remind me, have the gods found out about your sister? It's been months since it happen."

"What happened to her sister?" Gravel whispered to Rumi.

"Tecunte murdered the goddess of Death," Rumi answered.

"They have their suspicions." Tecunte looked at the others. "Alice... I would like to speak with you alone."


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Jun 23, 2013
Part 5

"Hum Everyone wait here, give me and my master some time alone some place private. Reaper take me and my friend to my ship."
"I believe I can handle that myself." Tecunte opened a portal and they both stepped into the captain's cabin of the docked ship. The sun was peaking over the horizon, though Alice naturally took measures to keep it from leaking into the room. "First... master?"

"I thought you wanted me to be nice to you, you wanted to be partners right? I could go back to talking mess to you and calling you a foolish goddess . Which I do miss doing by the way."

Grimora laughed loudly, standing next to Alice. "Even when she is nice, she mocks you, sister. Not that you have done anything to earn her respect."

Tecunte grit her teeth. "False praise is worse then no praise at all. I had hoped, with the kindness I had showed you, I might actually get some respect for a change."

"You just don't get it, do you?" Grimora grinned. "She'll never respect you. No one ever will."

"Fine then I will stop the hole master thing, felt weird doing so anyway. Now then what is it that you wanted to talk with me about, because I have to give my men there rolls and help build team work with most of them."

Tecunte placed her hands on her hips. "Word is you told Havenbrook what happened to my sister yourself."

"Ou yes when I went back to her guild house, I also told her that I will be coming to destroy her guild and of the war I will bring to the rest of the world." Alice smiled at the goddess.

Grimora laughed hystically, running her hand along Tecunte's shoulder. "Fantastic! Simply fantastic!"

Tecunte squeezed her fists so tight, Alice heard her knuckles pop. "And why did you do that?"

"Because what be more fun to see, seeing Mina and her group laying dead caught by surprise? Or seeing Mina get her manor ready for war thinking she, can defeat me. But instead sees my legion coming down on her and to see her face in surprise right before I kill her?"

"But you told her about Grimora!" Tecunte shouted. "Surely, you realized she would tell the other gods!"

"Relay? Because considering I told her this a month or two ago, and your head is still attached to your body and you standing here talking to me and not dead!" Alice shouted."I think your fine, now let's not do this, were sapose to be working together here remember, and we can not go back to being at each others throats. And you know me trying to kill you."

"Then at least tell me why you had to include Grimora's Death in your little proclamation of honesty," Tecunte insisted.

"Like you could understand any of Alice's plans." Grimora walked over Alice once more, giggling. "She is too smart for you."

"Shut the hell up!" Tecunte suddenly yelled.

Alice looked confused." Who are you talking to, are you sure your alright Tecunte?"

Tecunte blinked, and looked around as though she was looking for someone. "Y... y-yes. Just... just answer the question. P... please."

"Hum why did I tell Mina about the goddess of darkness death? I just wanted to."

Tecunte looked about ready to pop.

"Ou are you angry, are you upset? Well she didn't believe me anyway, so to Mina knowledge the goddess of Darkness is still alive so you have nothing to worry about."

"Are you really that ignorant." Tecunte took a step forward. "She told Runseca. Runseca told the other gods, including my father, Taydar. They are investigating, and what are they finding? That they can't find Grimora!" She stopped directly in front of Alice. "I know what this is. You want to set me up to fail. You want the other gods to take me out so I won't be a threat to you when you turn on me. That's it, isn't it?"

"Now why would I do that? I mean you just killed the only god I worship who gave me a reaper, Why would I want to see you fall. I mean after all I'm a lowly inmortal vampire that can never age." Alice stood eye to eye with Tecunte. "I mean what could I do to you?"

Tecunte slowly smiled. "You know what... you always said how you don't need me. From the beginning. And no matter how much I have tried to help... no matter what I have done for you, you have always stuck to that." She stepped back. "I wasn't always serious before, but now I am; I... am insulted..."

"Ou relay is that right, so tell me what are you going to do about it?"

"Well now... you'll just have to see, won't you?" Tecunte smiled, quickly opening a portal. "Have fun with your raid. Better leave soon. It is a long trip."

Alice narrowed her eyes and sighed “ Seclevar, can you come here for a minute?”

Seclavar appeared a few seconds later. From his expression, it seemed he had been watching the whole time.

“Tell me, in what way do you think your mom will kill me? Teleport me to the seven and, in a prison cell what?”

Seclavar shrugged. "I... I don't know. Honestly, if she was going to kill you, she'd probably would have done it already. At least... the old her would have. I can't predict what she'll do anymore." He slowly shook his head. "I think you really messed up this time. You underestimated how she would react."

“On the contrary my love able friend I expect it, that’s why I need you to do something important for me.” Alice walked to Seclavar until she was face to face with him.” I need you to convene the goddess of war to watch my raid.”

Seclavar turned his eyes away. "You want me to go behind my mother's back for all this."

“Yes, what has your mother done for you? All I’m asking is that you get her to watch my raid, also think you can help me during my raid?”

"Maybe." Alice could sense there was something Seclavar was holding back from saying.

“Seclavar is something the matter? Your not acting like you’re usual self?”

The God of mischief sigh. "Did you know that... if Tecunte is found out... I will go down with her? Did you not realize that? Or did you know and do what you did anyway."

Alice eyes widen in shock.” What! But you did nothing wrong they can’t do this to you I won’t let them.” Alice face twisted in anger.

Seclavar shook his head. "The substance she used to kill Grimora... I was the one who stole it from Nemesis under my mother's orders twelve years ago."

“God damn it Seclavar!” Alice rubbed her head trying to come up with a plan.” Ok look just for now just get the goddess of war to watch my raid, once that’s done come back down to me.”

The god nodded. He smiled softly and stroked her cheek. "At least... I know you didn't know."

“You think I would betray someone I’m starting to care for.” Alice gave the god a quick kiss.” Im not completely heartless.”

Seclavar nodded, and opened a portal. "Until next time," he said, disappearing into it.

Alice called for her reaper to open a portal to the rest of her me.” Listen up in order for this raid to work, we must be one unit.” Alice looked at Rumi Marlee and Alagor.” We’re going to do a smaller raid.” Alice turned to her map.” The great sea is filled with monster, trad ships and pirat hunters. We will be hitting a prison ship and taking it, more specifically. Rumi Marlee Gravel And Alagor will be taking it.”