Hunters of Terra Dolor (Role Playing Section)


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ZombieSplitter53 and ExoGrim: Calculating Corruption
Havenbrook Manor/Guildhouse
The Main Lab

“Now… if I mix this canine fur with the… right combinations… it should… have a diminishing effect,” Erin muttered, slowly dropping the fur into the bubbling beaker. After a few seconds, the liquid settled down. “Success! It was even easier then I could have pred-” Bubbling even more intensely than before, the beaker suddenly exploded, filling the room full of smoke, ash, and the scent of cherry blossoms.

Zulik had walked in around the time of the explosion. He coughed slightly when he entered the room. “What happened here?”

“Nothing, nothing! Nothing of concern, I assure you.” Erin coughed a few times from the other side of the room. “Though if you are allergic to nutmeg, I would caution you about coming in.”

Zulik sighed as he continued into the lab. “I’m here to see if we could continue your research on my body’s corrupted state.”

Erin stepped out of some smoke, her face covered in ash, her ears colored pink and gently rubbing against each other in an oddly sensual manner. “Ah, Mr. Zulik, my corrupted friend. Of course, please, have a seat. Tell me of any changes you have experienced lately.”

“Other than my fight with Jay, which you are very aware of…” Zulik answered as he took a seat. “I haven’t had much issue with anything. I figured that getting as much info of what I am will help.”

“That is a wise idea.” Erin grabbed a few instruments from a drawer. “Can you remove your shirt, my dear.”

Slightly confused by the request, but willing to do so, the corrupted elf untied his tunic and pulled off the article of clothing. “What do you plan to do?”

“Well, nothing unseemly, as your tone might suggest.” Erin put on a stethoscope. “You act as if you have never seen a doctor.”

“There weren’t doctors where I came from.” The elf mentioned. “Most of the healing was left to the priests.”

“I see. Well, I am not much of a healer, but that doesn’t mean I can’t report on the state of your being.” Erin placed a fairly cold listening end to Zulik’s chest, showing her bedside manners needed work. “Now slowly breath in and out.”

As asked, Zulik began to slowly breath in and out.

“Hmm… well now… interesting…” Erin stepped back. “Open your mouth and say ‘ahhhh’.”

Zulik let out a sigh before he opened his mouth and performed the sound the mage asked of him.

Erin gazed down his throat, examining it. Meanwhile, her ears reached forward and started to rub his face and head. “Not bad… do you brush your teeth regularly?”

“To be honest… not really.” Zulik admitted. “I just got back into the habit of hygiene when I got into the guild.”

“Well, continue that. Otherwise, you are surprisingly healthy for a corrupted individual.” Erin looked around for a moment, and walked over with a rounded stone, about the size of her palm. “Though your heartbeat is unnaturally faint. Do you… ever have chest pains? Shortness of breath? Episodes of heart murmur or short heart attacks? Or… do you feel normal, despite this?”

“I think the term normal is the fitting term.” Zulik answered, moving his wrist of his gauntlet arm in a weird way that caused the it make a cranking noise.

Erin flinched at that. “Was that painful?”

“What are you referring to?” Zulik inquired. He repeated the wrist motion, making it evident that it was a subconscious movement.

She flinched again. “Please, stop doing that. It might be normal for you, but it is unpleasant for me. Like nails on a chalk board…”

Zulik sighed, but this time he heard his wrist when he did the motion. He raised his arm and repeated the movement to see for himself. “Wait… I was doing that?” He said as he looked back at Erin.

Erin tried to rub the goosebumps off her arms. “That is quite the unusual subconscious action. Does it relieve pain of some kind? Perhaps you are adjusting you gauntlet?”

“Now that I think about it, this arm has been rather stiff… I just thought it was a bone problem.” Zulik checked the outside of his arm, to see if he could figure out the problem.

“Perhaps the added weight of the gauntlet, constantly on your arm, is having ill effect on your bone structure. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing for sure as long as it is stuck to your arm. Hmm?” Erin placed the stone to the side, and walked off to look through so cabinets.

“What are you looking for?” The corrupted elf asked.

She returned with a large vial. “This is a special concoction of mine. Made with rare herbs and a magic stone I picked up from a traveller. It lightens the weight of metal, and I thought it would be wonderfully useful in battle. Unfortunately, I was… well, I… um…” She looked embarrassed all of a sudden.

“You were what?” Zulik requested. “Did you damage it or something?”

Erin scoffed. “I was swindled, okay? Only time it has ever happened, I assure you. The potion does lighten metal weapons for a while, but it also weakens them. You have no idea the embarrassment that came from someone testing it out and breaking their sword in two.” She took a deep breath. “Anyway, I want you to have it. Apply a few drops to your gauntlet at bedtime to lighten its burden on you while you slumber. In a week or two, we will see if this helps with you possible wrist bone… er, problem.”

Zulik took the vial. “Fair enough… though, may I ask you a question?”

Erin nodded. “Of course. Please, um… ask away.”

“Do you have any corrupted artifacts that I could maybe help make more… accessible?”

“You mean, like… absorb the corruption out of?” Erin placed her hands on her hips. “I have told you how dangerous that is, have I not?”

Zulik smirked. “I’d only be doing them one at a time, gradually getting stronger items as we go through your collection.”

Erin sighed. “Very well. It does present me with an opportunity to speed along an experiment with your corruption.” She picked the stone back up and handed it to Zulik. “Close your eyes and concentrate on this. Let your dark magic flow into it.”

Zulik closed his eyes, focusing on the stone in his hand as much as he could. Energy started to flow into the rock, though it was not noticeable as it was only a small amount.

Erin took the stone, nodding her head as the core glowed a faint violet color. Walking off, she went around the corner. A moment later, she let out a small yelp.

Zulik rushed over to see what was going on. “Are you okay?”

Erin stepped away from a reflective shield and said, “Why did you not tell me my ears were making out with each other!” She grabbed a potion off a counter and poured it over her head, returning her ears to their normal color while causing them to droop down. With another scoff, she opened a chest, grabbed a pair of protective gloves, and pulled out a smaller shield, though with her small frame and weaker physicality, she had to drag it along the floor. “This… shield… was recovered from… a cursed mine… five years ago…”

Zulik grabbed the edge of the shield, immediately draining it of it’s power as soon as his hand made contact.

With a curious look, Erin pulled off a glove and lightly touched it. “Impressive as always. And I am sure Edminfar will be happy. He can actually sell this now.” She dragged the shield to the side, and retrieved another round stone. “This was not the most corrupted item I have, but I feel it is best to start small. Helps with studying the effect.” She handed the stone to Zulik. “Same as before. Try to transfer an equal amount of magical power as the other one, or as close as you can get.”

Zulik grabbed the stone and focused his energy on it. However, the magic refused to transfer. After trying, Zulik found he was lightheaded now, almost falling when he opened his eyes.

Erin quickly moved to his side, the sentiment being more than the assistance as should he had fallen, she likely would not have had the strength to stop him. “Easy, now. It seems we have a limitation of you powers. An important thing to note.” She picked up the earlier stone. “Well, I will work with this. Come back tomorrow, and we will try to transfer the energy again. In a week, we will see about your arm. And once I am confident in my look at the comparisons of energy, we will see about giving you something with a more meaty amount of corruption, yes?”

“I can agree with that…” Zulik said, half muttering. “See you then?”

“See you then. Get some rest in the meantime.”


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"The Magic of Lover's Day"
Part One

Havenbrook Manor/Guildhouse
The Main Lab
Feb. 11th, 3349
5:16 p.m.

"Don't look at me like that." Erin said to the dire wolf pup Charter had, in a sense, loned to her, as she leaned into his comfortably large kennel and dripped a few drops of some green substance into his water bowl. He barked, and she rolled her eyes. "It is just an experiment to see the short term effects of magically enhanced supplements to a canine's diet. You will be fine... might turn your stool orange, but other then that..."

The wolf gave her a suspicious look before finally entering its channel to get a drink. Erin smiled. "There's a good pup. By the time I return you, you'll be so strong, your mother will be begging me to take the rest of her children.”

"Uh... Mmhm... Erin?" The Fly-Thrope called out, entering the lab cautiously.

"Yes? Come in, come in." Erin closed the kennel and walked towards the entrance. "Oh, Betty. Welcome. What can I do for you?"

Betty legs buckled a little as she asked, but she kept her resolve, starting simply. "So...Um... I didn't know you had a dog. I like him."

"Hm? Oh, him? He's just a guest of sorts, helping me out on a few experiments before I send him back." Erin looked Betty over. "You okay, dear?"

"Yeah... I'm uh... Okay." Betty smiled lightly. "You know what day it is, right? Why are you down here all alone?"

"Ugh... Lover's Day. That is the reason why I am down here alone." Erin walked over to a counter, mostly looking for something to keep hands busy. "I made a mistake a few years ago, and it has haunted me every Lover's Day since. It is... not something you want to be bothered with, I'm sure."

"Well, we're friends right? I'm here to listen if you want to talk." Betty replied slightly nervously. "Besides, I'm used to spending this day alone too..."

Erin sighed. "Years ago, I was dumped on Lover's day. You know, rabbit Thropes cherish the day. We are promiscuous by nature. Some of the highest birthrates. Highest level of bisexuality. It is an important day for us. So being dumped by someone you thought cared for you is a real... I believe the appropriate word would be a 'drag'." She shook her head. "Then... he came along..."

"He?" Betty asked carefully, sitting down near her.

"Yeah. A man approached me when I was most down. He said something about how a pretty girl like I shouldn't cry. Bought me some dinner. Talked to me for hours. Then we... you know..."

"Oh..." The Insect Thrope frowned, having a bad feeling about where her story was going. "What did he do...?"

"I slept with her, of course." A man said behind Betty. He was tall and dashing, with light blue hair and long rabbit ears. "And it was the most beautiful experience of her life."

"If it was real," Erin countered.

"It was real. All you," he insisted.

"So you say. Go away, stalker. I'm talking to my friend Betty!"

Betty stood up quickly, currently between the two of them as she turned to face the man. "You're the... No, she told you to leave. I suggest you go, this is her lab."

He cracked his neck to the side. "Is this mortal giving me orders."

"Do it, stalker. It is too late for you anyway." Erin quickly walked over and wrapped her arms around Betty's.

He scoffed. "Wait, so you two..."

"M-Mortal?" Betty glanced down at Erin's hand briefly, then looked at him incredulously. "Do you think you're some kind of god or something?"

The man chuckled, and held up a hand. A brilliant swirl of energy, pink with shades of red hovered above it, copious amounts of pure magical force flowing out of it. "Something like that."

Erin cleared her throat. "Betty, meet Mujan'tella, god of love."

Betty suddenly coughed, looking between them. "Excuse me!? You... You can't seriously expect me to believe that..."

When she looked to Erin again, Mujan was the one holding her arm, Erin now where he was. "Believe it or not, it is true. This young, pretty flower was seduced by the god of love."

"Entranced by the god of love," Erin corrected.

"I did NOT entrance you!" Mujan snapped, stepping away from Betty. "Why is that so hard to believe."

Erin stepped past him and over to Betty once more. "You okay? He didn't work any of his magic on you did he?"

Looking rather baffled and confused, Betty held her hand up to her chest. "I... I'm not... He was just over there and..."

"You're scaring the poor girl!" Erin glared at Mujan'tella. "Is that anyway to treat my... my new... girlfriend?"

Mujan'tella raised an eyebrow. "So you're going to pick this mortal over me? What does she have to even offer you?"

Erin leaned close to Betty's ear and whispered, "Play along." To Mujan, she said, "Companionship of one who isn't all high and mighty, for one. Plus I'm sure if I rejected her, she wouldn't spend years stalking me, right Betty?"

Betty blushed brightly, reaching to hold Erin's hand. "Uhm... She's right. We are close..."

"Very close," Erin confirmed.

Mujan slowly smiled, a smile that put Erin off every time she saw it, and he walked over. Kneeling down, he took Betty's free hand and kissed it. "What if I told you I could show you wonders only a god could deliver?"

Betty grew even more surprised as he knelt before her. "I... I'm not... But you are very... No, I..."

The Fly shook her head, taking a breath. "I... I'm here for E-Erin..."

"Trying to get me by seducing away my girlfriend isn't exactly the smartest of plays," Erin stated with an irritated look.

Mujan cleared his throat. "Well, I... of course. I would never do something like that." Trying to hide his annoyance, he stood up and formed a portal behind him. "Well, I... have always been interested in... happiness... good day..." He quickly stepped into the portal, and it closed behind him, leaving the two woman alone once more.

Betty stood in silence for a few moments before speaking. "That was... Really a god? He... I..."

Erin clenched her hands. "You did wonderfully! I must say, I am impressed." She frowned. "I must apologize for getting you involved though."

"Uh... No problem..." Betty replied, looking over at Erin. "He's not... Going to hold a grudge, is he?"

"What? No! No... no. Probably no... I'm sure not." Erin looked down at Betty's hands. "Oh, I'm... sorry about the whole... girlfriend thing. Probably made you feel uncomfortable."

"It was uh... Fine, I think I was too busy being surprised..." The bug girl answered lowly. "It didn't bother me... It was kind of nice, actually..."

"Oh? Oh, well... that is a good thing." Erin smiled at her. "I... you know, I spend every Lover's Day in here, being bitter. I know I am a woman and all, but... would you like to hang out today?"

"I... Yes! Yes I would!" The engineer smiled excitedly. "Where would you like to go? I have plenty of money still left over from my last job."

"Well, we could go into town," Erin offered. "I hear there are a number of sales today. Perhaps a spot of shopping, then some dinner. You could... invite your little friend if you wish."

"Don't worry about it, three's a crowd after all." Betty responded casually. "I don't think she'd really like being a zhird wheel on our date anyhow."

"Our date..." Erin thought about that, and shrugged. Twenty minutes later, she met Betty by the stables where she could retrieve a horse to ride to the city. She wore her usual simple brown dress, but had a more casual cloak over it then the ones she usually wore in the lab.

Betty walked towards her, without her beat up old apron that she normally wore. Her hair had been corralled back into place, the thrope's messy bun now much neater, it also appeared as if small white stones had been weaved into it. Her goggles even seemed like they had gone through a good cleaning, but they still didn't exactly mesh with the look she was going for. Her attire was still fairly simple, wearing a simple manila dress, it very much seemed like the most expensive thing on her was two silver earrings, dangling from each ear.

"Well... Uh... What do you think?" The engineer did a little twirl. "This was the nicest thing I had so..."

Erin bowed her head a bit. "You look quite lovely. The dress suits you just as much as a worker's apron. I am afraid this is the nicest thing I have as well. Haven't been much for formal wear. What say we change... say we... change..." Erin tried repeatedly to get on her horse, a combination of a lack of practice and her vertically challenged nature making it difficult. "Blasted all... get... up..." She finally made, take a moment to catch her breath. "What say we... change my wardrobe... with a spot of shopping, hmm?"

Betty smiled, moving a box to allow her to get on her horse easier. "Sounds good..."

"Hey uh..." She said, gripping the sides of the animal with her legs. "How do you get her to uh... You know, go?"

Erin smiled at that. "At least I'm not the only one who lacks practice. "Hold the reins to stare, and give a light squeeze of your legs to get her to go forward; at the same time, give direction to this squeeze with a thrust of your seat. Make sure you push down and forward with your hips." Erin demonstrated, getting her horse to trot out of the stables.


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"The Magic of Lover's Day"
Part Two

Getting the mare to turn, Betty squeezed with her legs just a little too hard and the horse shot forward into a gallop, threatening to throw her off. "Whoa! Whoa uh! Stop please!"

After a minute, Erin came ridding next to her. She grabbed the reins of Betty's horse and whistled to get its attention, and after a bit, was able to slow both horse to a more manageable speed. Laughing, she joked, "In a hurry to get to town, I see."

Betty stuck her tongue out before replying, "We took ze train here, I've never even riden a horse before."

"Well, you are doing just fine for your first time," Betty said encouragingly. "And it is only a short ride. The manor was built outside of the city to avoid being subject to its statutes and such, but was still built close enough that it wouldn't take forever to reach it."

"Heh... Zhanks." Betty smiled, pressing her hips into the horse much more gently this time, causing the mare to walk forward. "There, I zhink I got it..."

Erin nodded. "Yes, it would seem so."

The pair made it to town, and quickly looked for somewhere nice to spend a little gold. Erin recommended somewhere not to quaint yet not too high brow, and they found themselves in a mid-sized clothing store in the middle of the east side of the city. Erin slowly walked a rack of dresses, an almost pained look on her face. "I am... slightly embarrassed to admit this, but our riding skills are about on par with my... sense of fashion."

"I like them." The big eyed girl replied happily. "Alzhough, I may not have the best fashion sense either."

"Yours is better then mine. Hence why you look so beautiful this evening, and I look like I just walked out of the lab... which isn't entirely untrue."

"I don't know, I zhink that look has some charm to it." Betty nudged lightly.

Erin smiled. "Thank you. I knew I stuck to it for a reason." She pulled out a small red number, as well as a blue one. "What say you, dear? Which fits me better?"

Carefully considering, Betty pointed to the blue one. "I zhink blue would look better on you, not to mention it matches your personality."

"I hope that is a good thing. But!" She walked over to Betty, pushing her towards the dresses. "Enough about me. You have spent this entire time worrying about me. We need to find something that looks good on you."

"Hehe... Uh, right." Looking over her selections, two more dresses caught her eyes in particular. Picking them off the rack, Betty held up two flowing dresses, one a pure, snowy white with a mock pearl inlay in the front, the other a mysterious dark violet with see through pink sleeves and a low cut V in the middle. "What do you zhink?"

"Mmm... not sure how I feel about how the pink mixes with the violet. Besides..." She looked over the other. "The white goes so well with that lovely ebony skin of yours."

"Very well zhen." She responded, putting the darker dress back. "I do like ze frills on this one."

"Great." Erin snatched the dress from her hand and ran towards the counter. "Because I'm buying it for you, and you can't stop me."

Her eyebrows shot up as she chased after her. "Wha!? But vait! I have money!”

Erin giggled, placing the dresses and pulling out her coin purse. "Please, dear, I invited you out, the least I can do is treat you to a nice dress. But, if it puts you off, I will let you pay for dinner."

"Very well... But we are going to eat somezhing nice." Betty stood firm, crossing her arms.

Erin handed her a bag with her dress. "You're the boss. Anything you're in the mood for?"

"Uh... Do you eat meat? I know you're a rabbit zo..." The engineer asked, smiling at her new dress.

"Ah, a common misconception. We Thropes of the herbivore variety do enjoy meat." Erin giggled. "As long as you do not suggest rabbit stew, of course. I fear I would have to decline that."

"Zhat must be unpleasant..." She shuttered a little. "I guess I am lucky fly soup is not more common."

Betty put a hand on her chin. "I zhink I saw a nice looking resteraunt just outside, actually."

"Wonderful!" Erin wrapped her arm around Betty's. "Lead the way, dear. I trust you sense of fine culinary delights."

Betty just giggled at this. "I'm not sure you should, I'll eat pretty much anything..."

As they walked to the resteraunt, past a few other stores, including a bakery selling heart shaped cookies, a bookstore, and a barber; they could see inside that it was packed and as they stepped in, it was easy to notice it was full of couples.

An male elf waiter approached them, his hair slick and shiny as he spoke. "Are you two ladies here for a room, food... Both?"

The Netzi raised Thrope blushed, "Uh... Just food is fine, thanks..."

The elf simply rolled his eyes at this. "That's what the shy ones always say at first. Just like that Human and Light Elf that came back a few minutes ago..."

"Oh?" Erin laughed. "Well, it is the day for that kind of thing. I remember when I was much younger..." She looked over and noted her friend's red cheeks. "Um... just a table for now, please."

Bringing them over to a table, the waiter set out some menus for them. As Betty looked over it, her eyes were drawn to the Steamed, Buttered Lobster.

"I uh... I've never had Lobster before... Can I have that?" The fly girl asked.

"It comes with a salad and steak too." The waiter pointed out.

"Wow..." The Engineer almost drooled. "Erin, what would you like?"

"Hmm... well, if you don't mind treating me a bit, I think I would like that as well," Erin answered.

"Of course I don't mind..." Betty smiled as the man took the menus.

"And what would you like to drink tonight?

"Tea please." Betty continued.

"I would like a nice red wine. Nothing too expensive, though. Use your best judgement, my good sir."

"Very well. We'll be back soon with your food." And with that the waiter took his leave.

"So Erin..." Betty smiled, "Zince we're... You know... Let's get to know eachother."

"Do you... Have any fears? Phobias?" The Ebony skinned girl asked, leaning in closer.

"Fears, huh? That is an interesting topic." Erin rubbed her chin. "I am not a fan of large dogs. The larger, the worse. Believe me, having to meet the parents of that pup I have was quite the terrifying event. Not much else I would say I fear... other then being trapped on an island with no one but a faerie..."

Betty giggled lightly. "Zhats understandable. You're going to zhink mine is... Dumb..."

"I'm scared of... Frogs." She admitted.

"My dear, I find nothing of that sort 'dumb'," Erin stated. "Every phobia has legitimate roots. Though, if is not too much to ask, do you mind if I ask if you know where yours comes from?"

"I don't like Toads either." Betty continued. "Zhey're just... So slimey and warty and... Have you seen them eat!? Its like zhey unhinge their jaws! They catch bugs and they struggle but they can't get away..."

Erin nodded. "I understand. I am sure your Thrope animal of choice contributes to that too. If we're sharing, I must admit being a Thrope of a rodent can make me a bit... jumpy at times. Though I do what I can to hide it."

"Really? But you're so confident! I never would've guessed." The Enginner replied, suddenly realizing something which caused her to smile even wider. "Wait... Did you just call yourzelf jumpy? Hehe."

"Well, yes, I believe that would..." Erin blinked, and laughed. "An unintentional pun, but humorous, yes?”

"Yes..." Betty giggled lightly. "You know, this is my first Lover's day away from my father. Away from Themosa. I wanted to use this chance to at least tell someone I was interested but... I never thought it would go zhis well... I never thought I would fall zhis head over heels in one day... You really are a special woman Erin."

"Thank you, dear. That is very kind of you." Erin nodded to the waiter as her delivered their drinks. "So tell me, who is this person you have 'fallen for', as it were. Did you need advice on speaking with them?"

"Please... You tease me too much." Betty looked off into the corner of her eye. "Zhough, I suppose I don't mind too much."

Erin scratched her head, and shrugged, figuring Betty would tell her when she felt like it. "Regardless, I must reiterate how grateful I am for you stopping by my lab and agreeing to go out with me. Otherwise, I would have spent the day alone, as per usual."

"I'm just as happy... Despite... The strangeness..." She took a slow sip of her tea. "Zhis has been a lovely time. I'm glad I could spend it with you."

"What strangeness would that be, dear?" Erin asked.

"You know... With..." Betty leaned in, whispering. "Mujan..."

"Oh, him?" Erin waved her hand dismissively. "Don't you worry one bit about him. God or no God, he is a big softy. He is the God of Love, after all. He won't bother you. In fact, thanks to you pretending to be my girlfriend, he hopefully won't bother me for a while either."

"Yeah, it works out even better now that we really are." Betty responded happily. "I guess zhere really is a magic to zhis day."

Erin nodded. "I guess there is." After a few seconds, she blinked in confusion. "Wait... what do you mean, re-" She was caught off as the waiter returned with their food.


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"The Magic of Lover's Day"
Part Three

"Here's your food ladies." The waiter smiled as he sat the plates on the table. "And I don't suppose you want to reconsider that room?"

Betty rolled her eyes slightly, then looked back up at him. "We're fine."

"Then I hope you two enjoy your meal... And your date." He smirked.

"We will, and we already are..." The normally shy girl nodded, gazing back over at Erin.

Erin blinked again, and laughed nervously. "Yes, um... th-this looks delicious, um... what... what is this green vegetable with it?"

"It's celery, they come with the lobster." The waiter replied.

Betty tilted her head, noting the look on her face. "Erin? Are you alright? If you don't like celery, zhat's okay, I'll take it."

"No! I mean, I... I really like celery, I was just... blanking. It happens to the best of us." Erin smiled at the waiter. "Thank you. It all looks desirable... I-I mean delectable."

"Both work, miss." He replied as he took his leave.

Using a fork, Betty lifted the buttery lobster meat into her mouth, enjoying it immensely. However, her smiled faded a little as she looked back up at Erin again. "You seem... Jittery? Are you nervous? Don't worry, I understand, but you have nothing to be nervous about. I'm having a wonderful time."

"Nervous? I'm not nervous. What reason would I have to be... nervous?" Erin bit into the lobster, smiling widely. "My, my, this is so moist... I-I mean, juicy... I mean... tasty. D-don't you think?"

Betty giggled, taking another bite. "Yes... It's very good... I don't zhink I've ever put something zhis expensive in my mouth before."

"Yes, um... speaking of expense, are you sure you can afford this, dear?" Erin reached to her side. "Because if not, there is no shame in asking for a hand j... out."

Betty coughed a little, catching what she almost said. "Uh-uhm... Did you say... what I zhink... you..."

Erin sighed, and slowly cut into her steak. "Look, Betty... I must admit, I... when we first came here, I... did not realize you... liked women."

"Well, of course... I..." Her eyebrows raised suddenly. "Did you... Zhink this was... So you... So you don't..."

Erin held up a hand. "Please, Betty, before you despair, know that I am not apposed to the idea. I... I simply... have not had a significant other in..." She cleared her throat. "Going on a decade. And while I am not shy about admitting my strong points, I fear I don't make for good girlfriend material. You have better choices then I."

"Wha but... No, you taught me to ride a horse, you bought me a dress, you're so sweet and smart and... A little nerdy... But I like that." Betty explained, sincerity in her eyes. "If anyzhing, you're too good for me... Which is why I..."

The Engineer suddenly stopped herself, looking through a bag she had with her. "I totally forgot! I uhm... I got you a gift!"

"A gift? From the store, or..." Erin looked puzzled. "Or did you get me this before coming to the lab?"

"Eh hehe... The latter... Actually..." The fly girl said awkwardly, popping up again and holding a medium sized clear crystal, just bigger than her hand. "Its a uh... Infusing Crystal. Basically, it holds magic and retains some of that magic's properties."

"Why, yes, I... I use these in many of my experiments. Good when you can't quite produce the proper amount on you own." Erin took it ad slowly turned it over. "This... is really well made. It must have cost more then a few copper. I... considering you have only had one hunt, I'm... not sure it would be right to except such an expensive gift. Especially when I have nothing to give in return."

"Me and Veeti pooled our money for zhis actually." She explained. "We are trying to make zhis flame caster and Veeti thought we could use a fire crystal instead of traditional oil/gas ignition. Turns out it was... Just a little too unstable... It expelled all of it's stored magic when we first tested it and destroyed our device. Explains why it was on sale..."

"We both decided zhat it was better to use something more conventional, so we scrapped the idea." Betty continued. "But then we had an empty crystal we had nothing to do with."

"Well, you could have sold it and gotten some of your money..." Erin sighed. "Listen to me. It sounds like I am complaining when I should be thanking you. It is a fine crystal, and I do appreciate it." She smiled, and rubbed her hands together nervously. "I... I get absorbed with my work, and I... I am not oblivious to my tendency to be a bit full of myself." She took a deep breath. "But if you... really are sure..."

"I'm sure... Besides, getting absorbed in your work isn't a problem if we work... Together." The Engineer spoke, leaning over the table. "And about being full of yourself. Well, that's only an issue if I disagree... No?"

Erin laughed, and reached over, taking Betty's hand. "Alright then. I wonder what Veeti will think."

"All I said was I was going to give you the crystal... I doubt she would believe half of zhis..." Betty laughed. "I wonder if her gift giving went this well?"

"Oh?" Erin popped a piece of celery into her mouth. "And who did she give a gift to?"

"I zhink her name was Chivi..." She replied, getting into her steak. "Veeti decided to make her a hat with a ball of yarn, spare string, and a flower from the garden. She insisted it had to be homemade."

"That is sweet." Erin cut off another piece of her own steak, realizing she had been neglecting her food. "Chivi was... injured on a mission recently, yes? I believe I heard that from someone when asking about the new dire wolves. I am sure a gift is just the thing to lift her spirits."

"We both promised eachother we would at least try this Lover's Day." Betty stated, putting a fork into her salad. "We never really went out much back in Themosa, Father was... protective of us."

"Yes, well... I know a little something about an overprotective parent or two." The rabbit Thrope practically stabbed her lobster with her fork. "'Erin, don't try and mess with them, they're bigger then you.' 'Erin, why not go out with a nice human boy, that monkey boy is nothing but trouble.' 'Erin, dear, I know you work hard, but maybe not try and compete for a scholarship that will make you enemies.'" She scoffed. "Let me make this clear; I love my parents, and I know they wanted what was best for me. But if I hadn't pushed for a little independence, I wouldn't be where I am. I'd be poor and working a dead end job back in Themosa." She lifted her wine, mumbling, "I do need to write to them sometime soon, though..."

"I understand you. But I only figured out why my dad kept me in when I became an adult." She sighed heavily. "With an Affinity like mine, with the skills I have too... My Father told me I'm a perfect target... For you know what..."

"Oh, yes... I know. There are some unpleasant people in this world that would be quite happy to get their hands..." Erin chewed on the last of her lobster slowly before saying, "I... realize quite late how uncomfortable I must have made you when we first met. You know... in regards to your eyes. I do apologize."

"It was actually... Kind of refreshing. I spend so much time hiding zhem that I was a little excited to have someone be interested in them like that..." Betty explained, her smile returning as she put the tip of the fork to her lip. "I've shown a few people now, probably not a good idea, I know, but I feel... So much safer here at the guild. Like I can be me, almost."

"You can always be you around me. I would desire nothing less." Erin looked down at her empty plate. "Well, um... what now?"

"Uh... I dunno..." The fly-girl answered, standing up and walking over to her.

Erin watched her as she walked over, slowly shrugging. "Should we... get a room?"

Betty bit her lip a little, blushing. "I uhm... I mean... Uh... Okay... If you're sure."

"I almost don't want to give that snooty waiter the satisfaction, but... waiter? Can we... get that room? I mean, we weren't going to, but you have been so insistent, you won us over."

Coming back, the waiter smiled, handing them a small key. "Whatever you say. Please enjoy your night."

"Uh... Uhm... Zhanks..." Betty stammered, still not quite sure this was really happening. As they made their way up the stairs, the younger Thrope gave Erin a shy smile, "So are we going to... Because I've never done zhis before... I might not be good at it..."

"Well, truth be told, it has been so long for me, it might as well be my first time." Erin opened the door and stepped in with a confident stride. She glanced back, and frowned at Betty's nervous look. "Look, if this makes you at all uncomfortable..."

"Maybe... Zhis is going a little too fast for me..." Betty admitted, "I mean... If we go all zhe way tonight... What will we have to work our way towards later?"

"You know... you make an excellent point." Erin closed the door, and sat on one of the beds. "How about we spend the evening talking? Getting to know each other? And then spend the night together, sex free."

"I couldn't zhink of anything better..." She spoke softly, sitting beside her.

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Frostlich1228 & Black0ut, "Love and Loyalty."

Havenbrook Manor
Feb. 10th, 3343
7:30 A.M.

The early hours of the day brought with it a quiet, yet serene image of the Manor. The peace was interrupted by an argument slash yelling match, coming from the training grounds. Jay tried his best to riposte verbally, but seemed to fail on every attempt, and concluded with a very angry Titania trudging off.

"That could have gone better." The Elven mage murmured, sitting down with a sigh, and a miserable look on his face.

The argument had attracted quite the crowd, a crowd with included the familiar faces of Betty and Sylvie. The latter of whom stepped forwards slowly.

"I take it that was one of her 'lectures'?" The huntress asked, looking in the direction Titania had walked off in.

"No, that was her finding out about my scuffle with Zulik..." Jay replied, his eyes carrying a tired look to them. A ball of water appeared in the air, swirling around gently.

"I'm sure she'll forgive you." Sylvie said, trying to make him feel better. "Would you like to get some food, take your mind off this?"

Jay's morose look lingered for a few moments, before he responded. "Sure... anything helps at this point, I suppose." The Light Elven mage then stood up, ready to follow wherever Sylvie wanted to go.

As they stepped past the crowd, Betty gave her newest apprentice an awkward wave. "Uhm... I could come too, if you like."

Jay slowly nodded, but said nothing. Instead five orbs of water formed amid floated along, changing into various shapes to match their current surroundings.

Betty then followed behind the huntress, "Uh... Vhat happened between you two?"

"It's not really your business." Sylvie replied in his defence.

"Well, they were arguing in the middle of ze courtyard... It zort of becomes everyones business then, no?" Betty countered. "Bezides, he is my friend too."

"A conversation, Betty. That's all." Jay replied, one of his water orbs, in the shape of a hand, came down and poked her.

Betty giggled slightly as it reached her. "Well... Yes but it uh... Seemed a little heated. She's your friend, correct? I've zeen you two together before."

"Yes, although our relationship right now is rather strained." The water orb slowly floated back up to join the other magical constructs.

"Would I be wrong to guess that zhat was Titania, ze white wolf Thrope? The one you spoke of when we first met?" Betty confirmed.

Instead of the Light Elf responding, the water balls split into more orbs and formed some letters, 'No, you wouldn't be wrong.' Jay continued walking, the orbs reforming into random objects, almost as if they represented Jay's thoughts.

"I'm zorry if I upset you Jay..." Betty lowered her head.

"You aren't entirely at fault here Jay. Some of the blame falls on him for saying what he did." Sylvie stated, being wary of saying Zulik's name.

"Had I maintained my composure, I wouldn't be under scrutiny by Lady Havenbrook. If anything, like another fight, occurs, I'll be booted out of here. Then I have two compatriots pissed off at me, and one of them is the closest thing I have to family. I'd say a good chunk of the blame falls on me, and the rest falls on him." The Light Elf murmured, running a hand through his hair. After a moment, he asked in a quiet voice that almost seemed foreign on him, "Can we please talk about something different, please?"

"Mmhm..." Sylvie nodded.

"We can..." Betty puzzled. "We can talk about some of the interesting people we've met here."

"Okay. I met an Elven Time Knight named Sela, and a Human assassin named Arlia." Jay added, his face brightening ever so slightly.

"I met zhis adorable little sheep girl and noble elf archer." Betty added.

Adding in too, Sylvie replied. "I ran into a kind mercenary knight with a hound and these two... Strangers... A hunter in golden armor, and a young girl in a purple dress..."

"...Everyone at this Guild is quite amazing, including current company. I think everyone comes here for a reason... and maybe that's why this beginning to turn into a more popular Guild, hunter-wise. Say... have you two met before?"

"We uh... Have... On our first day here, actually." Betty answered.

"She ran into Arlia in the garden... Literally... and I just happened to be nearby..." The green haired girl replied.

"I had to come back later to look for some of the tiny parts. It must have took me an hour to find zhem all." The fly Thrope continued.

"I...see. Well, if you lose anything, just ask and I'll help. Okay, Betty?" The Light Elven mage replied as he wondered where they were going.

Finally reaching their goal, they ended up in the lunch area. It was rather empty this time of day, giving them plenty of opportunities to sit alone.

"The food here is no where near as good as my home, but it'll have to do." The human woman stated.

"Vell, I zink the food here is great. I never had many meals this quality back in Themosa." The soot colored girl reposted.

Jay sighed, before poking both of their foreheads. "It's not a competion, you two. I'm just happy that we can all eat and talk to one another. So... how about we play a game? I'll answer any question you have and in return, I'll do the same. How does that sound?"

"Zounds like fun." Betty responded simply, taking a seat.

"Alright. You can go first Jay." Sylvie spoke as she sat down on the opposite side of the table.

"Hmmm... most embarrassing moments as a child?" Jay asked, sitting down as well.

"Uhh... Who is zis question for?" Betty asked.

"Both of you." Jay replied simply, a slight smirk appearing on his face.

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"Then I guess that means we both get to ask you a question then..." Sylvie pointed out before answering. "Once in my teenage years I mistook one berry for another while training with our village's medicine woman... Eating it, everything blanked out and I woke up just outside of the herbalist's tent, drooling like an animal in heat... Turns out I was trying to mate with every boy I saw and the herbalist had to wake me before it went too far."

"She let me know later that what I ate was an extremely powerful aphrodisiac... It was an... Interesting few weeks after that, let's just say that many of the male hunters began to take more of an interest in me." The huntress explained, smirking lightly and scratching her neck.

As she finished her story, Betty raised her eyebrows in surprise and her dark cheeks flushed with red. "Zhat's... Uh... Wow..."

"Well, I hope they didn't treat you poorly after that, Sylvie. Now..." Jay turned towards Betty, the smirk widening. "Betty. Your turn."

"Uh... Well uh..." She stammered. "One day I had a brilliant idea just after waking up. Not wanting to lose it I uh... Decided to work on my project in my uh... Underwear. It was going fine at first, until I made a small error, I was ztill very much half asleep as it turned out..."

"It uh... Exploded, launching ash everywhere, ruining my hair and covering me from head to toe... I decided to let the air clear out and change my clothes, as it turns out, the ash had left a large outline of my underwear... So as I was just about to reenter... My friend Veeti comes in to uh... See me naked, covered in ash with frazzled hair all over... With my uh... Bits... Perfectly outlined for her..." She finished, her blush still there.

Jay suppressed a laugh, but failed to hide a smile. "Alright... your turn, girls. Ask away."

"I think a counter play is called for... Jay, what's your most embarrassing moment?" The green haired girl asked, leaning in.

"When I lost control of my magic, which dropped a bunch of water on me, and blinded me so I walked into a tree... my clothes provided no buffer. I might as well have been naked. Titania still holds that over my head." Jay answered, only a slight tinge of red marked his embarrassment. "How did you meet your first boyfriend and/or girlfriend and what was it like?"

"Nuh uh uh." Betty stopped him. "Uh... My turn now. Zince you're asking us all this embarrassing stuff, I want to ask you. Vhat's your romantic preference? Sexuality, Race?"

Jay merely shrugged, "Alright. I'm straight, and race doesn't matter to me. All I truly want is someone who has a beautiful personality. And my question remains the same." The Light Elf replied, his face no longer red.

"I uh... Never had one." Betty answered first. "It was zimply me and Veeti in our home most days, working on things together... I rarely went outside for socializing, mostly just picking up parts... Zhere was zis kind dog-girl that lived next door for a year or so... But one day she and her family just... Left."

"I dont know whether she moved or... Somezhing else happened to her... But one day they were just... Gone. Their apartment was empty."

"My apologies, Betty. I hope that the... Dog-Thope girl is okay." Jay replied sympathetically, as one of the orbs turned into a hand, pointing at Sylvie briefly, before going back to a different shape.

Sylvie considered briefly before replying, "I was always too absorbed in my training really... Reading too... My father also told me that as a chosen of Ahusirra, I should pick my lovers carefully... So despite many of the male hunters vying for my interest, I never really picked any of them."

Jay raised an eyebrow, his look suggesting he didn't believe her. "Huh...I see. Your turn ladies." And with that the Elven Mage's magic orbs disappeared as he closed his eyes, opting for a moment of respite.

"When did you first find out that you had magic?" The forest girl asked, putting her arms on the table.

"Two years ago..." Jay responded, his eyes glazing over for a moment before he snapped out of his stupor.

"Not a pleasant memory I take it?" Sylvie looked down, then back up. "You don't have to say anything else."

"Are you alright Jay?" Betty asked with concern.

The Light Elf chuckled, "It's okay, I just... recalled something is all. It was during a raid on a bandit stronghold. Titania was outnumbered, and although she fought valiantly, they managed to defeat her. Before I knew what I was doing, I raised my hand and dozens, maybe a hundred orbs appeared, and struck them down. I collapsed shortly after that..." Jay reminisced, a small smile taking over his usual smirk.

"That's impressive." Sylvie stated. "I knew I had magic for a long time, but it only awakened when my fellow hunters and me were ambushed by a Manticore."

"They called me a hero for killing it, but many of my friends didn't survive the battle." The huntress frowned, looking off to the side.

Jay reached over, putting a hand on Sylvie's shoulder. "I'm sorry. That's terrible, to lose friends in a fight, but the only way we can honor our fallen is to live so their sacrifice was not in vain."

"All I can do now is find out why... Why that manticore was there... Why Ahusirra didn't keep it away, like she always has..." Sylvie continued, lifting her head up slowly.

"And I'll help you every step of the way, Sylvie, if you'll let me." Jay replied, as a few light orbs appeared each shaped like a hand and giving her a thumbs up.

"You're a good friend, Jay... Thank you." The green-haired girl's smiled returned.

Jay moved his arm back and smiled, "No... I'm good at sympathizing with people, when they treat me with kindness." Jay's smile turned into a frown, "Umm... who's turn is it? I kinda forgot..."

"Uhm... You know what... Maybe I zhould leave you two alone..." Betty smiled, looking around for an excuse to leave and finding a calendar. "It's ze uh... Tenth after all and I... Wait... Ze tenth!? Tomorrow's lover's day, I forgot! This is my first one away from my father I zhould make it count! I need to make plans I..."

The Fly-Thropes gaze found it's way back to her friends at the table. "Oh uh... I may have... Momentarily forgotten you two were still there..."

Sylvie gave her a quizzical look. "Don't worry about it? Uh... Forgive my lack of knowledge but... What is Lover's Day exactly?"

"I also don't have experience with Lover's Day. Mind explaining, Betty?" Jay asked, again suppressing a laugh.

Squinting at him, Betty turned back toward Sylvie and bit her own lip lightly. "Lover's day is... A holiday we celebrate to honor relationships... Love... And uhm... Procreation..."

"You mean, it's a holiday celebrating the act of mating and birth?" The spear hunter confirmed.

The engineer girl blushed slightly. "Yes... That would be about right... But it also celebrates love too!"

Sylvie smiled, nodding. "I see! I get it, we had a similar holiday as well. During the middle of the Summer months, everyone would celebrate the act of having children, often picking a girl or boy to mate with to keep the number of young hunters high. If we are... Expecting to be low on able bodies for some reason or the first celebration didn't conceive enough children, It's not uncommon for the village leader to hold the celebration a few more times in the following months."

Jay raised an eyebrow, as another orb of water appeared, this one accidentally showcasing a watery, yet blushing Jay. "I... see. I, uh, haven't really had a town like that, so I'm a little... inexperienced with many celebrations and events..."

"Like I said, it's similar to this Lover's day." The human woman replied, then looking up at Betty. "If that's the case, who are you planning to mate with?"

"I-I.... I said it's also about love didn't I?" Betty stammered. "Uh... I just want to uhm... Use this opportunity to try and find someone... Is all..."

"Makes sense. " The young woman nodded. "What about you, Jay? Are you doing anything tomorrow?"

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Oct 23, 2016
"I'm going on a Hunt soon... something about some ancient mine with Zombies. As for tomorrow... I don't know. I don't remember when the Hunt happens so..." Jay explained, rubbing his head nervously.

"A mine?" The lime haired girl's eyebrows perked up. "I volunteered for the very same mission as it turns out."

"Yeah? Well, if you need anything before the mission, and I'll do my best to help you." The Light Elf grinned, before turning his gaze to Betty. "Are you also going on the hunt?"

She scratched her neck. "Not exactly... My guns could ignite pockets of natural gas, blowing us all up, not to mention my gauntlet hits so hard I could accidentally cause a cave-in if I miss."

"Versus a mage, who's magic might make the place explode anyways." Jay countered, slightly exasperated. "You'd be fine and if not, I'd take care of you."

"I just think it's better if I stay..." Betty admitted. "Honestly... I'd rather not deal with more spirits so soon after last mission. They're not so easy to deal with for me."

Jay raised his hands, attempting to end the argument. "Okay, okay. Maybe when I get back we'll work on something to deal with ghosts more efficiently."

"Thanks. Now I really zhould go, I have to figure out what I want to do tomorrow..." The Thrope smiled, giving the two of them a wave.

Jay waved back, turning back once Betty had left. "So... thanks for helping me out in the grove. I don't think many people would have gone to the extent you did, but... uh... anyways, thanks." Jay stammered, as he tried to think of a better topic.

"Please, don't mention it, you were dying." Sylvie waved it off. "I'm more than happy I found you."

"I assure you the feeling is quite mutual." Jay replied, offering an usually sweet smile. "I hope that eventually I can pay you back for that somehow."

"Hopefully it never has to come to that, but thank you Jay." The huntress replied as she stood up, swinging around the table to sit next to the Elf.

"...You saved my life, and you want nothing in return? Are you sure about that?" Jay asked, slightly puzzled at Sylvie's words.

"I didn't say that..." She said, placing a hand on his leg. "It's up to you really... You're not obligated to do anything for me if you don't want to..."

Jay paused, as he thought about his personal honor code, lowering his head. After another moment or two, he rubbed a hand through his hair. "This is an interesting turn of events..." The Light Elf mage muttered under his breath, before looking up shyly at Sylvie. "I... think I'm ready for anything you have planned, Sylvie."

"Then let me go from here." Leaning in, Sylvie pressed her mouth into his, sliding her tongue inside. As they embraced, there was something odd about the Huntress' saliva, Jay could swear that something about her tongue tasted faintly sweet, almost like berries. The tip of the elf's tongue tingled slightly as the village girl pulled away from the kiss after a few moments, smirking at him.

As well prepared as he thought he was, Jay's face turned a bright red, not at all ready for romantic endeavors. "W-wow. You're quite the amazing k-kisser..." The Light Elf praised, as his innate shyness started to kick in.

"Am I? I wasn't aware actually." Sylvie leaned back.

"Well... now you know. U-umm... so... I gotta ask... why me? There's plenty of other guys in the guild who are a lot better than me..." The Light Elf asked quietly, his normal erudite and cocky attitude suddenly gone.

"Because you're kind... Because you're selfless... And..." Sylvie paused briefly. "Maybe because you're hurt... I... have had the desire to take care of you, ever since I saw those scars... Maybe it would help you to have someone who you know's always on your side..."

Jay's magic flared up slightly, as he used his magic to stop himself from showing how much her words affected him. Nevertheless, he still retained the other signs; his body shook slightly for a moment, and his eyes showed a raw pain that seemed to be constant, all before he gained control of himself a couple moments later. "Thank you. But... I'm sure you can do better than me..." Too close... it's almost as if she understands me... I-I should try to... not be myself? Hide? Not show her my pain? Tell her everything? I... I don't know what to do anymore...

"It doesn't matter if I can do better or not. I picked you." The green-haired woman stated simply. "And... About where we are going to take this..."

She took a deep breath. "I understand it hurts to remember, I get that... I feel the same way about the friends I lost during that Manticore attack... But if this is to go any further, I need you to trust me. Enough to share what happened with me, as long as you hold that, I am not sure we can make this any more..."

"I understand if you aren't ready now, however, or in a week, or a month, or a year. I can wait, I'm patient." Sylvie smiled softly. "Know that whenever you are ready, I'll be there to hear."

Jay nodded, releasing his magic, as he felt himself no longer vulnerable. "...Well... to explain that would take a year's time. And that's the simplified version of all that's wrong with me. But... before I do... explain myself, how old do you think I am?"

"I... You're an Elf so... Forty? Fifty?" Sylvie took a guess.

Jay nodded, "The latter. And of my fifty years of life, I've been a slave in Helvan for forty-six of those years. That's... That's where my scars come from. Why I can't see out of one eye. Why... it's been hard for me to accept Humans or Elves... because those races were my captors." This time Jay didn't use his magic to suppress the tears, as two lines streamed down his face, but he refused to show any pain on his face.

"Forty-six..." Sylvie mouthed sadly. "I... I can't imagine... I had my suspicions but... I could never have known it was for that long..."

The huntress wrapped her arms around him, letting her dress dry his tears. "Jay... I... I hope I can help show you a different side to us Humans... And I will not give up on you, despite your burden... Loyalty is... Everything to me..."

Jay slowly wrapped his arms around Sylvie, as he fought a losing battle to control his emotions. "Thank you..." Jay said, his voice broken and small, devoid of its usual tones.

"Would you like to lay in my room for some time? I'm not sure I'm ready to... Mate yet..." The Huntress said sadly, using a finger to raise his chin up. "But you've said this much, and deserve something."

She quickly locked lips with him again, much more passionately this time, his tear streams wetting her cheeks as well.

After a few moments, Jay broke the kiss, a small smile on his face. "I wouldn't be opposed to that idea... and it's fine. Take your time, I understand."

"Come then..." She said softly, taking his hand. "And I'm laying next to you this time..."

Jay smirked, and followed her out of the room, just as a water orb that had been hiding behind some vases split into two; a smiling Jay in one, and a large heart in the other.


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Black0ut, DarkGemini24601, Frostlich12228, & ZombieSplitter53:

"The Clean up Crew"
Location: Abandoned Mines
Client: Goulcrest Mining Company
Target: Zombies and Skeletons


This is a fairly simple one, though remember simple does not always equal easy. Twenty-four years ago, a mine formerly owned by the Garthram Organization had a disastrous accident. Mishandling of precious crystals known as Faerie Tears caused a chain reaction of magic that left the mine relatively intact, but killed or cursed nearly two dozen men in the area. These men (including those that died) then turned on the rest of the work force and wiped them out.

Despite this not being the first or last accident for workers of Garthram, it was only recently that the company went under. Once they did, the Goulcrest Mining Company quickly bought out several of their mining rights, including the one we are worried about today. Garthram tried a few times to clear out the cursed ones still within, but received heavy loses. The same has befallen looters and bandits.

Now it is our turn. Goulcrest has decided to shell out the funds to let the professionals deal with it. Head into the mines and take out the cursed men within. Aside from ghosts, the mine should be mostly populated by Zombies and Skeletons. The mine itself will be an opponent too. Beware of using strong magic near deposits of Faerie Tears, and be aware of your surroundings. There are a number of tunnels where something can sneak up on you from, and the close quarters will be a problem for long weapons.


Goulcrest Sector 17 Mine
Northeast of the Havenbrook Manor
February 13th, 3349
12:03 p.m.

The team of hunters approached the entrance to the mine, having tied up their horses some distance away in case something snuck out and decided to have a snack. The sky was dark despite being just past noon, an overcast array of clouds blocking out the sun. There was a couple inches of fog that obscured the ground, leading the imagination to picture all sorts of grisly things within it, ready to grab anyone that investigated. The target enemies did not help with the sense of fear that lingered in the air, the mine ahead being a necrophobe’s worse nightmare.

The mission was originally marked as a C rank, but Captain Velmonte’s inability to join on this one combined with the unknown number of enemies bumped it up to B rank. B-rank Hunter Bethany Seracruse was already displeased that her leading the mission bumped up its difficulty. Combined with a team of C ranks, and she wasn’t starting of on the most pleased stances, but she would live. The human in her thirties, with any attempt to narrow her age down further met with violent eyes, holstered her mini crossbows and looked over her hammers. Officially known as ‘tactical war hammers’, the 16” weapons sported a 8” combination of a stainless steel hammer head and a razor sharp back spike. Not her favorite weapons, but need given the enemies ahead.

Holstering them and cracking her knuckles, she looked around as her crew prepared their own weapons. “Alright, people. I want this to go nice and clean. At least as clean as it can go with zombies.” She pulled out a map, laying it on the ground before her. “We’ll take this serpent-esk route through the mines, clearing it out as we go. Our main goal is this large, central processing area at the deepest part, where our skeleton targets are supposedly camping, but I want to sweep the tunnels first so we leave as few enemies as possible to sneak up on us.”

Bethany stood up. “And in case none of you kids have faced zombies before, you’re going for headshots. Cut off the head or destroy the brain. Water magic works well to disrupt the cursed magic within them, like most undead. They don’t care for fire much either, but the mine is filled with Faerie Tears. They’re not too volatile when it comes to physical force, but more energetic magic, like fire magic, can set off a chain reaction that left us with our undead friends in the first place. Don’t… use fire. In fact, avoid any magic aside from water unless absolutely needed. Also, to dispel a rumor that could lead to unnecessary friendly fire, being bitten by a zombie is not enough to turn someone into a zombie. It temporarily transfers the curse, but as long as that person does not die, that curse leaves within twenty four hours. So do not kill anyone just because they are bitten.” She gave Jay a sly smile. “Except the Light Elf. You can do him in. Half in and out anyway.”

“Do not create cause for unnecessary discord,” Solomon spoke up immediately, shaking his head grimly. “Infighting is a surefire way to doom us all.”

Bethany laughed. “Not to worry, time knight. I’m just messing with the boy.” She gave Jay a hard smack on the back. “The Lighties are good at laughing at themselves.”

Sylvie stepped up behind the woman, speaking with a hint of venom. “No magic you say? If you insist.”

Bethany turned back. “Well, you’re Earth magic is likely to cause a cave in anyway.” She looked at her fists. “Those deer antlers aren’t going to break the moment they contact with skull, will they? Don’t need you being dead weight.”

“You shouldn’t worry, deer use these to smash plenty of things harder than a human skull.” The Huntress answered, tightening the straps on the savage looking weapon.

“Right,” Bethany stated with some doubt in her own, though she seemed to have plenty of doubt to pass around. “Alright, let’s head in. Lightie, you mind leading the charge? Maybe use that light magic of yours as a torch?”

“It’s Sancros, and sure.” Jay replied through gritted teeth, glaring at the B-rank hunter. Imbuing his gauntlet with light magic, it shined brightly.

Solomon stepped beside him, having his partisan in one hand and his shield firmly gripped in the other. “We’ll advanced together,” he noted, taking up his standard position at the frontlines as they descended upon the mines.

Jay’s glowing weapons were a godsend, as the mines were pitch black. Bethany lit torches as they descended, both to make it easier to see on the way out, and to mark where they had already been. They might have had a map, but they were still winding tunnels. As they moved in, the exit left behind, one of them missed a step. The sounds of falling rocks was hardly noticeable to a normal person, but it resounded throughout the tunnels. The echo made it hard to pin down at a distance, but the Hunters could hear the sound of moaning nearby, as well as the shuffling of feet.

Bethany pulled out her hammers, twirling them in an unnecessarily showy way. “Brace yourselves. Between the original residents, raiders, and the company’s clean up crew, who knows how many we’ll be facing.”

With a growl of something primal, the first of their enemies made himself known. Wearing the uniform of a miner from decades passed, the undead combatant lunged for Bethany out of one of the three surrounding tunnels. She did a spin, and the monster stumbled past. Without missing a beat, the hunter swung her hammer hard, bashing in the back of its head and dropping it. Its death gurgles were followed by more and more growls, and a dozen more zombies flew out of the tunnels, some moving faster than others, all attacking with reckless abandon and insatiable rage and hunger.

“Form a circle!” Solomon advised, quickly raising his defensive bulwark to ward off the ragged fingernails of an unfortunate vagabond that had long ago wandered into the mine seeking shelter. He then shoved the aegis forward, knocking the zombie away from him for a few moments. Another approached, only to find the bladed head of the partisan bury itself in its partially-exposed cranium. The Temporal Knight wasted no time with the slain zombie, withdrawing his polearm from it in a swift motion so that he could ward off the rest coming from that direction with the weapon.

Sylvie quickly put her back to the rest of her comrades, a strategy she wasn’t unfamiliar with - as it was used to fight off packs of wolves. She quickly stepped forward to stab the zombie that Solomon had knocked down, back-handing another away with her gauntlet arm as she pulled back, thrusting her bladestaff forward into the neck of a third, decapitating it.

Bethany held against a pair that tackled her at once. Without needing to worry about living restraints on muscles and pain from overworking oneself, it was as though the zombies were stronger than they were in life. With a cry of frustration, she shoved them back, and gave a unrestrained kick to one of their heads before they hit the ground, snapping its neck. She swung at the other one, but it flopped to the side, and she stopped short of smashing several exposed Faerie tears. “Shit,” she mumbled to herself, slowly pulling her arm back. Before she could getting her bearings again, the zombie from before lunged at her, grabbing her arm and biting into it with the force of a vice.
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"The Cleanup Crew"
Part Two

An orb of light flew into the zombie’s head, followed by a water orb, and the pattern of orbs continued until the zombie’s head was no longer attached to its body. Another orb, different from the two prior patterns flew over and helped stop the bleeding. “Get your ass up! We still need you!” Jay yelled as he tried to fend off the encroaching zombies with his newly water-imbued staff.

Bethany grit her teeth in anger, and jumped to her feet. Fighting alongside Jay, she found any zombie not killed by his water magic was slowed by the disruption of magic. She bashed another’s head in. And another. And still they came. Starting to run out of stamina against monsters that were tireless, she yelled out, “There should… be a side tunnel down the three o’clock passage! We’ll use it as a choking point! Wolf girl, cut a path for us!”

Titania suddenly disappeared, the darkness of the mine and her own speed working in tandem. Severed heads soon began flying in her wake, before she eventually stopped by what she hoped was the side tunnel that Bethany had been talking about. Her vision was black, as she slashed at anything she heard, before Jay’s light grew brighter faintly illuminating her area, and allowing the former noble to see her objective. “It’s over here!” Titania announced, as she raised one of her daggers and her longsword to swing at the various Zombies she hadn’t killed, but shuddered in pain when she felt something bite into her lower arm.

Upon seeing this, Sylvie rushed out of formation, tearing a swathe through the zombies like a savage animal. Switching from spear to gauntlet and back to spear, she was able to reach the Thrope, pulling the undead creature off of her and kicking it away into the rest of the herd. “I’m here for you! Take out the ones on the way back to the formation, I’ll watch your back from this side!”

“Last stand will have to be here,” Bethany muttered, moving closer to them. “Time knight! You’re the only one with a shield. I need you to slow them down for us!”

“Understood. Sylvie, Jay, take the chance to heal the injured. All of you, get ready.” With that, the Temporal Knight planted his shield - partisan behind it - into the ground, and activated his stasis prism. The hexagonal prism blocked the pathway, buying a definite 15 seconds for the wounded to recover. The first zombie that walked into the wall of frozen time was itself suspended, and the rest shambled uselessly into the barrier as if it were a solid wall.

Bethany smiled widely. “Oh, I’m going to have you on all my missions if I can, time knight.” She dropped her hammers and pulled out her crossbows, firing at the zombies. The bolts hit the prism and froze, suspended like the user of the magic. She quickly reloaded and fired again. And again. Fifteen seconds passed while the others healed behind her, and when Solomon’s magic wore off, twenty crossbow bolts whizzed past him, taking out ten zombies and crippling several others. “Clean ‘em out!” She yelled triumphantly, dashing and jumping over Solomon, bashing the first zombie she came to with both hammers.

The huntress woman sighed heavily, then rushed up beside her, using her fist weapon to smash in a zombie’s head and cut it off with the blade of her spear. She then readied her spear again as another approached her, this one with an arrow in its knee from Bethany’s previous attack. However as Sylvie prepared to attack, the zombie’s knee cracked, sending it tripping to the floor, catching Sylvie off guard. The undead miner lunged for her legs, grabbing it and pulling her forward and to the ground with unnatural strength.

Bethany swung hard and cracked its skull, its rotten innards painting the ground. She smashed the last undead’s neck in, causing it to drop and spasm, still alive but unable to move. With a sigh of relief, she looked over at the others. “We all in one piece?”

Solomon washed dried, brittle blood off his spearhead, giving a nod. “It would appear so. I advise you and Titania take a secondary role in the fighting from herein, lest you fall and join the ranks of the enemy.”

“I can… Work on healing them….” Sylvie said, picking herself up before she felt a sharp pain shoot through her leg. Looking down as her adrenaline faded, she noticed her thigh was bleeding moderately. “Dammit… I didn’t even notice when that happened…”

“Heal yourself. Those who weren’t injured will play frontman, but the goal is to stay alive regardless of who was bitten.” She walked towards the end of the tunnel, waving for Jay to come over. “Can I talk to you?”

Jay gave a noncommittal grunt, but walked over anyways. Once he was next to her, he merely answered with, “What?”

“Yeah, um… that save back there with the zombie biting me?” She paced her hand on his shoulder. “I really appreciate that. Good job looking out for your teammates.”

Jay gave another grunt, still not warming up to his field boss. “Don’t mention it.” The Light Elf replied, as he hid a glare from her by turning his head. Keep her alive and Lady Havenbrook won’t be inclined to give me the boot. Even if the person I have to keep alive hates Light Elves… this job is just going to get harder, isn’t it...

Bethany smiled at him, a smile that quickly faded as she squeezed his shoulder. “Thank you… but if you ever talk to me the way you did before, and I mean ever… I’ll put a bolt through the back of your head.” She walked past him towards the other, knocking her shoulder into his. “I don’t take orders from Light Elves.”

Jay’s magic flared up, as his gauntlet’s light dissipated and several watery orbs appeared, all becoming like arrows and pointing towards Bethany. A few moments pass, as Jay released his breath and the orbs he had. Light soon returned to his gauntlet, as he murmured under his breath, “I’ll not mourn at your funeral, Trash…”

Titania, noticing the switch of lighting dissipating and returning, gingerly walked over to Jay. “You okay? You look like you… Oh. Did she say something?”

“Nothing you need to worry about. Just… watch our backs. Even our ‘glorious’ field commander.” Jay grumbled, before imbuing Titania’s dagger with water. “And try not to get yourself killed.”

“No promises.” Titania replied to both questions, walking away back to the other Hunters.

After taking a moment to heal her leg, making sure to be as far from any Faerie tears as possible, Sylvie stood up, smiling softly at him. “That goes for you too, Jay.”

Bethany, unaware of anyone giving her dirty looks, led the team further into the mine. There was the constant sense that there was an enemy just around the corner, the faint sound of moaning here and there, but nothing jumped out at them, figuratively or literally, as the reached the depths of the mine. It was a large clearing, giving space for those who preferred longer weapons. Outdating mining equipment and magitech was littered here and there, as were the decaying bodies of some of the first to be hit by the original accident. In the center of the cavern was a round chasm, so deep that one couldn’t see the bottom, its origin and purpose unknown. After a bit of searching, Bethany found a switch to activate the lighting system, just enough residual magic left to allow them to see where they were going without having to huddle around Jay’s gauntlet.

Near the large chasm, there were several mounds, human shaped spots of disturbed ground lined up in a row. Bethany let out a small chuckle, and whispered to the others, “Skelies are a bit smarter than the average deadhead, but their tricks and traps are predictable and pathetic. Everyone, pick a mound and approach with caution. Get ready to attack as soon as they spring their ‘surprise’.”

Lowering her center of mass and approaching the mound slowly, Sylvie raised her spear into throwing position cautiously, pulling back and releasing it into the grave a few feet in front of her. With a thud, it seemed to hit nothing but earth. A loud cackle rang out through the chamber, and from the overhead support beams, a dozen skinless, meatless attackers dropped down, two dropping straight towards the spearless Sylvie.

The Huntress’ eyes widened as she parried an attack with her gauntlet, using both her hands to push back against the monster, however as soon as she did this, the other skeleton shoved a rusted sword through her stomach, causing her to cough up a large amount of blood.

The skeleton let out a victorious clatter, and - to secure the kill - it prepared to yank the sword upwards - only to be smashed to bits by a crushing blow from a warhammer. The quite-incensed knight wielding the weapon left only the skeletal arm clinging to the pile of shattered bone fragments with his attack, which kept going, knocking the other skeleton away from Sylvie. “Come, heathens, and meet your maker!” he shouted with uncharacteristic fury.


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"The Cleanup Crew"
Part Three

Several of them let out their odd chattering laughter, and charged him. He had four on him at once, three from the front, and the one behind him slowly reforming. “Someone grab the forest girl and get her out of the way,” Bethany cried out, having to fight off three skeletons of her own. Unlike the zombies, these creatures could block, dodge, their bones were strong, and until they took enough damage to dispel their curses, they only needed a minute or less to reform after breaking.

“Jay, grant my armor the strength of your water!” Solomon requested, vengeance broiling in his eyes as he infused his hammer with pure water of his own.

“As you wish,” Jay replied, his glass eye flaring outwards with an eerie glow from his Light magic. Raising his staff, he quickly imbued his compatriot’s armor before generating many watery orbs to provide assistance against the undead.

Titania blurred, but was still visible, as she raced over to pick up Sylvie, before racing back to gently lay her down. “Focus on her, Jay. She’ll die otherwise…” The Thrope swordswoman replied, before rushing back into the fray.

Several orbs of water dissipated as several orbs Jay had dubbed his ‘saving grace’ appeared, landing on Sylvie in order to save her.

Knowing that Sylvie was receiving the best care possible, Solomon turned his mind solely to retribution. He parried the sword slash of a skeleton one last time, and then delivered a counterblow with his hammer, causing the skeleton to disassemble from the water-imbued strike. “Bring it on!” Solomon shouted. “This knight of Tempora shall take you all down!”

The Kemarian warrior charged forward with reckless abandon, bashing his shoulder into another of the nearby skeletons. The water energy therein was forced into it to render it a useless pile of bones, and another hammer hit claimed a third. The reformed skeleton behind him received a kick in the skull as it tried to rise, being returned to the earth with a swift blast of water from within. The other remaining skeleton warriors had to contend with Solomon rushing headlong into their ranks, his very armor a blunt instrument with which to purify them from the world.

Several of the skeletons chattered, and one made a rush for the tunnels. Once there, it let out a loud, piercing shriek that echoed throughout. It laughed as the rest of the mine’s zombies came forth to join the fight, tipping the scales once more.

“Aw, hell…” With a powerful swing, Bethany knocked the skull off of her opponent and sent it tumbling down the chasm, the body running about in a desperate attempt to find its head. “Form up around the knight!” She looked over to the side. “Hey, Light Elf, leave her! She’s probably dead already, and we need you over here!”

An orb of water shot past Bethany, so close it could have hurt her. “Get this through your head: I don’t give a damn what you have to say right now, and most of the others don’t either. I’m healing her whether you want me to or not, and if you call me Light Elf one more time, I’ll make sure I don’t miss next time.” Jay shouted, several more healing orbs appearing as they attempted to seal Sylvie’s wound.

Bethany’s eyes flared in anger, and her attention turned towards him. She pulled out her crossbow, aimed it at the back of his head, and a moment later, the weapon dropped from her body, along with the hand that had been holding it. Before she could scream, the nearby skeleton she had neglected to focus on drove a pickaxe into her stomach, laughing at her as it knocked her over, picked its sword back up, and ran off to attack Titania.

Titania, however, had minimized her speed, her legs starting to get sore from her constant acceleration. She repeatedly decapitated any skeleton that approached, making sure to parry all of her opponents... except for the charging skeleton that she hadn’t seen.

Solomon was mired in battle with three skeletons, but he was the only one who could even respond to the threat he saw out of the corner of his eye. He knew in the back of his mind the situation was becoming dire, but retreat seemed impossible at this stage with wounded and darkened tunnels all around. So he continued to fight with all he had. “Titania, behind you!” he warned her, giving the Thrope a chance to respond by temporally decelerating the skeleton in her blind spot.

The Thrope spun, swinging her longsword to counter the skeleton’s attack. Growling, her body began to partially transform, before her free hand with the water-imbued dagger swiped at the skeleton’s chest bones and spine, hitting a rib and severing the spine. “Thanks!” she yelled to Solomon, scanning the room, first towards her original opponents to gauge if she could afford to look at the rest of the room, then towards the fallen Bethany. “Again? What, is she made of paper? Does a slight breeze break her?” Titania grumbled, racing towards the B-ranked Hunter, before swiftly depositing her to Jay, standing guard to protect him from any of the skeletons.

The Light Elf, on the other hand, groaned, as the previous balls of water he had dissipated. Creating more of his healing orbs, he swiftly worked on his two patients, Sylvie’s wound soon closing as he struggled to keep his eyes open, the light in his glass eye diminishing at an alarming rate.

Above him, four skeletons, some of the few remaining, had decided Solomon was too dangerous and left him to the zombies. They each attacked the small grouping, one trying to distract the tiring Thrope, two attempting to finish off Sylvie and Bethany, and one diving at Jay, choking him with surprising strength for something with no muscles.

Her eyes opening as sweat poured down her face, the first thing Sylvie witnessed was the undead creature attacking her friend-turned-love. The Huntress pulled herself off the ground, grabbing the skeleton’s collar bone and pushed its spine through the antlers in her gauntlet, suddenly twisting to snap its head off. With no time to search for the missing appendage, the undead creature grabbed one of it wrists and pulled off its own arm, swinging it at Sylvie’s head like a club.

Jay raised his staff, abandoning his last patient magic-wise, swung a tired gauntlet to protect Bethany from the other Skeleton’s attack. I... we can’t win this without some Godsdamned help... If there ever was a time for the God of Fate to either help or not let us die... I would love that. Or, alternatively, if another adventuring group somehow found its way here that’d be cool too…

The walking dead had surrounded Solomon, enveloping him in a ring of writhing claws, gnashing teeth, and kicking feet. A lesser man would have been paralyzed by the inhuman snarls and strikes of the undead, but any fear Solomon had was funneled into booming laughter. "You think me pigeon-livered? I shan't fall to cretins such as thee!" he shouted them down. The attacks of the undead swarm clattered off of his Immoradio Regalia, which held strong and caused parts of the undead to wither when they came into contact with it. But the power within was fading. Although his expertise with water magic paled in comparison to Jay's, Solomon pushed his limits in this time of need.

The pure-white armor shimmered brightly as clear, glowing water enveloped Solomon's entire form. The water swelled, collapsing in on itself as it formed layers of small, crashing waves into a condensed bubble. With a roar of exertion, the Temporal Knight released the miniature sea he had encased himself in, creating a tremendous splash around his figure. The outburst of waves smashed down upon the zombies, causing their flesh to turn to dust, and their bones to fall into piles of useless, purified calcium. "Do not... insult me with such..." he panted, unable to finish his sentence due to the amount of energy expended in such a short time.

Stabilizing himself on his hammer like a cane, Solomon turned towards the others, and began to shamble towards them with all the strength he had left.

The three skeletons still in one piece turned to look over to him. With a brief chatter and a glance at all the fallen around them, they decided on one last charge on the exhausted knight while the others were down. They rushed him, though the skeleton with no head crumpled to the ground after a few strides, its magical energy expended. This caused the other two to stop and hesitate, unsure how to move forward.

Placing a hand on the ground even though she was still weak from the injury, Sylvie quickly attempted to sense any sign of roots or plants. Pinpointing the location of the former, Sylvie took hold of it with her magic, careful to avoid any obvious deposits of Faerie tears as she brought them up. With one more surge of magic, the plants shot up and wrapped around the skeletons, forming a cocoon of roots to hold and lock them in tightly. She smiled lightly as she released her grip on the plants, the exertion causing the newly healed wound to reopen and force her back to the ground.

The room fell silent, only the sounds of the struggling skeletons within the cocoon trying to get out, as well as a few others eyeing the others up.. Behind the others, Bethany in particular slowly rising to her feet. She turned to Jay, giving him an almost sad look with her blood red eyes.


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"The Cleanup Crew"
Part Four

The mage looked at his rising comrade, but noted the blood loss hadn’t stopped.“Godsdammit… I guess my prayers go unanswered.” Jay groaned, before raising his staff high before hitting her over the head. With no perceivable change, he hit her body but found his strength waning, as he fell backwards, too tired to cry out for help. As the newly-raised Bethany approached, a sword point suddenly appeared in her head as Titania frowned, uneasy about putting down a former ally. “May you find peace in death, Bethany.” The Thrope said softly before uttering a war cry as she pulled the blade out and swung once more chopping Bethany’s head off.

As the remaining undead started to move towards Titania, Solomon grit his teeth and rose. His muscles strained in protest as he pulled up his hammer into an offensive position once more. “I am not done yet, monsters,” he growled, stomping towards a remaining skeleton. The undead’s sword slashed across his armor, cutting a groove into it but not quite piercing to flesh; Solomon was too tired to parry or dodge. Instead, he merely swung his hammer down, using the force of gravity and his reserve strength to smash the skeleton’s skull down into its torso - a faint pulse of water extinguishing its animation-energy. Another pair cut into the back of his armor, the first swipe creating a rent in the plating and the second drawing a splash of blood.

Solomon let out a cry of pain, whirling and knocking one skeleton into the other. He had no energy left for magic, and the blows were merely physical - not lethal damage to the undead warriors. “Consider… yourself honored… that you are one of the few to wound me before I return you to your graves.” The skeleton who hadn’t taken the hit directly rose first. Solomon knocked the sword from its hands with one strike, and then elbowed it into the ground. Another gravity-assisted pounding broke the fallen undead into pieces. The other rose as the hammer clattered to the ground, its wielder no longer able to lift the heavy weapon. All he had left was a war cry and a series of gauntlet-fisted blows into the undead - who took the hits, staggered back again and again, until the last of Solomon’s strength left him.

The undead, finally given respite, retrieved its sword, raising it over Solomon’s back where his armor was breached.

A different war cry, followed by a tackle, moved the skeleton away. Titania stabbed her longsword down into the skeleton’s hand. Her claws bursted through the leather gloves she had, punching and clawing at skeleton, before drawing her dagger and stabbing the skeleton’s other hand, and continuing her primal assault. Little by little, the rabid mauling of the skeleton tore it to pieces, and ruined the disparate bones separated by the onslaught. The skeleton resisted for awhile, but ultimately succumbed to attrition, the last of its energy fading and leaving the cavern in relative silence.

Solomon pushed himself off the ground with one arm, reaching weakly up with the other to grab Titania’s wrist. “Enough,” he whispered. “It’s over.”

Titania’s eyes peered at him, but Solomon could tell that it belonged to a feral animal and not Titania. But he also knew she was still in there as a clawed hand gently pushed him away, and she continued beating on what remained of the skeleton’s broken body.

The Temporal Knight allowed his arm to fall to the ground again. He braced himself, collecting what strength still resided in his aching body. The wound in his back, while painful, would clot with time. He could endure; he’d crawled for survival on worse wounds, all those years ago when his home village was destroyed. The tempered soldier took a deep breath, and forced himself to his feet. He allowed Titania to continue expending her energy on the pile of pitiful bones, knowing that soon she would run out of steam and revert to a more coherent state. He’d be there to help her when she did. For now, Solomon stumbled over to the others. He assisted Jay and Sylvie to their feet, pooling the mutual energy of those three so that they could all walk, arms around one another’s shoulders.

When Titania was ready, they would depart, leaving behind the piles of ruined flesh and dust, the mounds of silenced bones, and the corpse of a foolish fallen comrade, lying in a puddle of blackening blood, unable to receive an epitaph or proper grave - the paltry funeral for a Hunter.


Riding in slowly, an extra horse being so tired that it trailed behind Solomon’s, the surviving Hunters entered into the manor grounds. Waiting for the just outside the stables was the Guild’s leader, who had come to meet them when perimeter scouts mentioned one of the horses was missing its rider. Taking note of who was there and, more importantly, who wasn’t, she said, “Who… wants to give the report?”

Solomon dropped to the ground off his mount, the weaponry on his back not being the only burden the knight carried today. “The mines have been cleared of the undead, Lady Havenbrook,” he informed her with a slight bow. “They may be reclaimed by our contractors - with the utmost caution, so that such a situation does not arise a second time.” He reached to the side, gathering some hay which he offered to the riderless horse. “As for our missing leader, she perished in the fierce battle that we waged.” He sighed solemnly. “I wish I could report that she went down with honor and dignity, but the truth of the matter,” he confessed, “is that she attempted to fire upon Jay, and found herself beset by the undead during her distraction.”

Mina didn’t react at first, though her pause was a sign that she was taken aback. “I see.” She looked over to Jay. “And I… trust it was unwarranted, yes?”

Sylvie huffed, slowly getting off her horse. “It was. She was out to get him killed the entire mission, ordering him into… needless danger numerous times. One of the skeletons ambushed me… it was only when he… refused to leave me to die that she tried to kill him.”

“It is regrettable, but it was her own antagonism that led to her demise, and jeopardized the mission,” Solomon affirmed, placing a gauntlet over his heart. “I swear upon my honor that this is the truth: her death was, due to the aforementioned circumstances, an unavoidable casualty of the mission. Jay holds none of the blame; hatred of another’s heritage is thine own malady, not that of the other.”

Mina looked between him, Sylvie, and Jay. After a few moments, her head sank a bit. “This is my fault,” she said quietly. “I was on the fence as to whether or not she was ready to lead a mission. I should have trusted my instincts, and the counsel of…” She sighed. “Regardless, thank you. You succeeded, despite the poor odds. Solomon, as the most experienced member, I would ask you to please give me a report on everyone’s performance on the mission when you have time, something that would have been Bethany’s job. For now… you’re dismissed. Heal up, rest up… and expect to be well compensated for this mission.”

Sylvie offered to help Jay off of his horse, despite her own injury and profuse sweating.

Jay shook his head, and tried to get off of his horse, nearly falling to the ground, tired and, more or less, shellshocked. He walked slowly over to Sylvie giving her a kiss, before trudging slowly off.

“My hero…” The huntress closed her eyes, deciding to just sit down for a while instead.

Titania, on the other hand, assisted Solomon’s walk towards the manor, her hands marred and slightly bloody from her primal tantrum. He studied her wounds and her expression, asking, “are you going to be alright?” although he knew he would likely not find the answer he wished for.

Tears welled up in the Thrope’s eyes but didn’t fall, Titania willing herself to not cry from all she had experienced. “Just… let me help,” Titania replied hoarsely, her voice small and fractured.

Solomon nodded, allowing her this. “If you need to talk to attain some peace of mind,” he offered gently, “I will not be going anywhere. Do not hesitate to ask.”

Titania slowly nods, still fighting her tears. “M-maybe… tomorrow,” she replied, walking away from Solomon and stopping to hug Mina before continuing to the manor.

The Temporal Knight, worried, briefly had the urge to follow. There was nothing he could do for the moment, though, and he respected her wishes, mumbling, “let it be.”


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ExoGrim and Black0ut: Through Thick and Thin

Titania practiced swinging a practice sword with skill, her hope to transfer the speed in her legs to her arms slowly,but surely, failed. With a sigh, she leaned against the training dummy.

Arlia noticed Titania while she was practicing her throwing skills. After what happened last time they spoke, Arlia tried her best to avoid her, but now she felt the need to try and mend things. She slowly approached the Thrope warrior. "Hey, how've you been Titania?"

Titania's ears twitched, but she didn't move. "I've been tired. How about you?" The wolf thrope replied, her voice more rigid than normal.

"I've been good." Arlia replied, taking a look at the practice tummy. "Are you trying to increase the speed of your swings?"

"Yeah, I heard you earlier. Trying to better your aim?"

"Practice always help in the end." The princess remarked. "If you want, I can show you a way to speed your swing."

Titania raised an eyebrow, "Can it speed up a longsword?"

"Katanas are of similar design, are they not?" Arlia countered. "It a simple technique really... for those who are willing."

"That's true I suppose. Alright... can you please show me?" Titania asked, turning to face Arlia.

Arlia placed her hand on her blade, while it was still sheathed. After taking time to focus, she swiped the air in a blurring speed and sheathed the blade before Titania could even noticed that she drew the katana to begin with. "Now that I've shown you what it looks like, would you like the explanation on how it's done?"

Titania nodded, waiting for Arlia to continue.

"Well, it's a process... When I do that, I utilize a power referred to as Chi." Arlia explained. "It's a manifestation of one's physical body... and different from Magic. Unlike magic, anyone can be taught how to use Chi."

"Does it have any physical properties or is it more spiritual?"

"It's a bit of both." Arlia replied. "It's spiritual in nature, but it's limits are your physical limits."

"Well... Can you train me in this 'Chi' of yours, then?" Titania asked, as she lifted her training blade up.

"That I can." Arlia walked behind Titania. "First you need to focus. Learn the balance between your mind and body."

"And that would be...?"

"It's different for everyone." The assassin replied. "That's why you need to focus your mind, find that balance..."

Titania tried to still her mind, which worked. After a few moments, the Thrope Swordswoman grunted, dissatisfied. "Nothing's happening."

"Because you're letting your mind take control." Arlia let out a sigh. "You need to have balance, not absolute control."

"Then show me methods to do that." Titania snapped, before lowering her eyes downwards. "Sorry. I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment..."

"Don't worry, it took me many days to make Chi work... I understand if you're frustrated now." Arlia said in a sympathetic tone. "But I know you can do it."

Titania sighed, and reached a hand over to grab Arlia's arm. "I'm frustrated for a different reason, Arlia. Something beyond training." Titania replied tiredly.

"And what would that be?" Arlia asked softly. "I know we haven't been close as of lately, but I'm still here for you if you want to talk."

"Zulik trying to ask about Jay's history, when he hasn't asked Jay about it. And then there's Jay who started a fight. Then there's the girl who they found nearly dead from exhaustion, and then ther-"

"Hold up." Arlia placed her hands on Titania's shoulders. "Calm down... breath in slowly... then out. And then we can restart this conversation."

Titania paused and did as she was told. After a few moments, she merely sat down. "I guess I'm just stressed out. That mission didn't help things either... it was bad Arlia. I got hurt, Sylvie almost died, Solomon was wounded, and Bethany died. Its... I feel like somehow I screwed up the mission and caused our near defeat..."

"I know that feeling..." Arlia lowered her head. "When I was on a mission with Zulik and Bea, I was injured and Bea nearly died. I felt helpless... and that it could of been my fault that things went the way they did."

Titania nodded, pulling out one of her daggers, turning it over to exam it. With a swift throw, she threw the dagger at a training dummy, watching as the small blade went all the way into the dummy's head.

Arlia waited for a moment before speaking again. "Ready to try again?"


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Through Thick and Thin
Part 2

Titania merely stared off at the training dummy, her eyes containing no emotions and seeming devoid of all sympathy or happiness.

Arlia walked up and hugged her former friend. "It's okay to let it out... I'm here for you."

Titania made no moves to reject or accept the hug, but merely put a non-gloved hand on Arlia's arm. The claw-like nails were bloody and seemed damaged, but if the wolf-Thrope had noticed her hands' condition, she didn't let on.

Arlia noticed the hand and examined. "What happened? Are you okay?"

Titania didn't reply, as she seemed to be shutting everything and everyone out.

"Listen, what ever happened out there, it wasn't your fault..." Arlia said. "But I can't help you if you don't talk to me... so please... tell me what's wrong."

Titania was silent for a few more moments, before accepting the hug. Her voice came out in a small and broken tone, "I was the one to kill Bethany. I had to put her down when she became a zombie... And I lost control in that fight. I could've killed everyone in that state... but somehow, I was able to rein myself in enough to not hurt them. That... scares me. I...I can't even describe how terrible that was. So much blood everywhere... zombies, humans, everyone..."

Arlia began slowly petting her hair to soothe her. "I know it's scary... knowing you could kill everyone you love without a second thought. I feel that why whenever I turn my emotions off... but I've always found a way to fight it. I know you can too. I believe that you can fight the urge to kill and do what's right."

"It's not that I can't control it... It's just... I haven't lost control like that since I was a kid." Titania replied, looking less dead than she had a moment ago.

"You're not the only one..." Arlia's gaze lowered in shame... as if she was trying to avoid something she did.

Titania put both of her hands on her former friend's arms, trying to comfort her. "What happened?"

"There are so many people who I've nearly killed just in this manor alone." Arlia tried her best to keep herself together, but failed slightly as tears fell down her cheeks. "Zulik, you and Jay, Erin... even Davon, I've come extremely close to killing all of them."

Titania stood, turned around, and gave her former friend a hug. "It's okay. You're not getting rid of us that easily. Especially not me. You still owe me an explanation for why you disappeared."

"I left because I had to protect my people, regardless of what father said." Arlia was still crying softly as she spoke. "I didn't want anyone to jeopardize my chance at doing what I thought was right... so I detached myself from everyone I knew."

"Like I said, you could have asked for help and I would have come to help you in your war... did I do something to make you feel like you couldn't trust me then?" Titania asked, as she pulled back to look at her crying friend.

"Expect that Thropes aren't too common in Stormrend... and the two of us entering the military with the same names as two nobles would raise too much suspicion." Arlia remarked, barely calm enough to speak logically.

"Who says I'd have entered under my real name?" Titania replied, frowning slightly. "You do know I can be pretty crafty when I want to be, right?"

"Even then, it's rare that Thropes get accepted into the military. There usually seen as merchants and tradesman." Arlia's gazed raised by to eye level with her friend. "The only Thrope I've actually seen near an outpost was a gunsmith... and he wasn't allowed help during combat."

"I could've at least tried! Who knows, my abilities were strong then, and I was fast then, faster and more lethal than most of those soldiers!" Titania replied grumpily, staring directly into her former best friend's eyes. "One of the reasons I'm angry with you is because you didn't even let me try to help you. You just assumed I couldn't."

"Your not going to let this go, are you..." Arlia's voice turned cold and emotionless. "Why did I even bother. Your still the same stubborn girl you've always been... doing whatever it takes to make the other person look bad." The assassin pushed the Thrope away and began to walk towards the manor. "I'm done here."

"And you're the same stubborn and bitchy friend I've known. If things don't go your way, you throw a tantrum, like the one you're throwing right now." Titania countered just as coldly, speeding towards her dagger to collect it, then around Arlia to stand in front of her. "And right now... you're kinda pissing me off. I mean, I just told you every little thing that's bothering me, and now you're pushing me away 'cause I'm still mad at you? What, did you think I was going to understand and forgive you for just up and vanishing? I understand, and I still care about you, but I'm not forgiving that. So... if you're just going to act like a child... I'll treat you like one."

Arlia placed a hand on her katana. "Get out of my way and I'll leave quietly... stay and I guarantee that only one of us is making it out of here alive." The threat was cemented by the absolute lack of emotion in both Arlia's face and tone. She had turned them off... and she had no intention of turning them back on.

"...So that's it then. The person who was once the closest person to me is going to try to kill me if I don't move. It's nice to know you still care enough to give me the option to move, but I'm declining it anyways. Nor am I going to try to kill you or strike first. I... love you too much for that. We may not be blood, but at one point.. we were family. But I guess... my little sister is no longer in there, is she?" Titania lamented, drawing her longsword out of her sheathe, into a readied position, preparing to counter Arlia's attack. "Regardless of what happens... You'll always be my sister."

Arlia swung her sword in a blur. She went for Titania's throat... a swift and simple kill for a swift and simple warrior. NOOO!!!!!!!! Arlia's blade stopped merely inches from her friends neck. Her breathing become heavy before she collapse to her knees. She had no control over her body... but at the same time she did. Confusion of her state caused her to began to hyperventilate as panic consumed her.

Titania dropped her blade, and sank down as well, giving Arlia a hug, hiding her face to avoid showing Arlia the fear that was on it. "It's okay... We're okay..."

Arlia wrapped her arms around the Thrope and began to cry once more. "Please... make it stop..."

"What's wrong?" Titania asked, holding the assassin close, as Titania herself tried not to cry.

"I don't know who she is..." The princess stated through her tears. "But she keeps taking control of me... trying to kill people I care about... I just want her to go way... please... make her go away."

Titania mentally panicked, but her voice remained calm. "Then let's go ask someone for help. Maybe that Rabbit-Thrope scientist could help?"

Arlia was still sobbing, but still managed to say. "Yeah... let's see Erin."

"Okay... let's get going... sis." Titania murmured, putting her arm under Arlia to give her support, and leaving her longsword behind as she did so.


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The fallowing is a colaberation between Dhalexpert Zombiesplitter 53 & marineAvenger

Havenbrook Manor/Guildhouse
The Garden
Feb. 14th, 3349
11:12 a.m.

The local birds chirped softly as the winter slowly warmed. Soon, the green would start to return to all of the trees, not just the prickly kind, and the feather creatures that retreated north for the winter would come flying back home. Already, the manor’s ground’s keeper was getting ready to change the cold-weather plants with their warmer cousins. He had a month or two, but Lady Havenbrook expected expedient service. She hired him because he was the best, after all.

Mina herself made her way into the garden, the one and likely only dragon Thrope in the world following along as she requested. “Now… I know you might find who we’re going to talk to… er, hard to talk to. But you’ve been on your best behavior lately, and I’m hoping that will continue today.”

“How will I know it will be hard to talk if you don’t tell me who we are seeing? Are they going to put that butter of nuts in my mouth? That makes it hard to talk. That chef woman is mean. I would have almost scorched her if not for… the butter.” Drayce said with a grumpy look, pulling his hood further down his head as his eyes smoldered with deep hatred for the cook.

Mina chuckled, rubbing his head. “I don’t tell you because I’m afraid you might run off… or get violent.” She waved her hand ahead of her, towards the man waiting for them. “There he is now.”

Mina and Drayce saw Charter training his wolves.”Come on Decon, go for the arm, Bliss, Graves, go for their chest. Come on you three, I need you to kill quick, or maim the targets.” As the dire wolves followed Charters orders, Slone noticed Mina and Drayce and howled. Once he did, the other wolves disbanded. “Slone what’s wrong?” As Charter turned around, he saw Mina and Drayce.

“Madam Havebrook, it’s good to see you again, and I see you brought our dragon friend here. Don’t think we were properly introduced little one.” Charter extended his hand. “The name’s Charter.”

Drayce looked over at Mina now with those smoldering eyes and lower lip extended out angrily as he gripped Charter’s hand as tight as he could and shook it roughly before letting go, looking back to Mina angrily.

Mina held her hands up. “Now, before you go getting all hot under the collar… literally and figuratively… hear me out. You have a problem with Mr. Van Dam. And I have asked you ever so nicely not to solve it by trying to kill him. So I figured we would try to work it out the way civilized Southlanders do… by talking it out.”

Charter raised his eyebrow at the young dragon Thrope. “You have a problem with me? Dare I ask why you want to kill?”

“Wolves are disgusting beasts and are inferior to dragons in every way. Besides, you are also what wetlanders call a ‘dick’.” The young man growled at Charter, letting out a sharp breath out his nose which produced smoke.

Charter gave him a confused look. “You think wolves are disgusting? Well, everyone has there own opinion. But them being inferior to dragons? Isn't everything? I mean you're a dragon, the most powerful thing on the planet, so I can imagine you’re very hard to kill, so there’s that. Now me being a dick. What do you mean?”

“And please try and keep it… civilized,” Mina added.

“The way you acted on the mission. You kept making fun of me, and I don’t like being made fun of. I also hate your face… your face is stupid!” Drayce accused, pointing a claw at Charter.

Minna rubbed her temples. “So much for civilized…”

Charter looked at Drayce and instantly thought of his brother, and couldn't help but smile. “Let me guess. You're not used to humans, are you?”
“I never even met one before coming to the Southlands.” Drayce informed the two, crossing his arms in front of him. “I don’t really like humans either. I would much rather be at home. But I can’t… go back. I don’t know how. And I prayed to the Old Man but he didn’t respond to me. Stupid Gramps…”

Mina knelt down next to him. “I know we humans are strange. Arrogant. Self righteous. Maybe even a little… dickish. But we haven’t gotten to the level of the dragons yet. Maybe some day, but it is hard for us with our weaknesses and short lives. We try, though. Like now.” She waved her hand to Charter. “I’m sure he didn’t mean to put you down. You, and how you think and act, is as strange to him as we are to you. But we’re all your allies, we all want you to feel welcome, and we all are here for you until the day we find a way to get you back home.”

Charter chuckled. “ Right, look, Drayce was it? I’m sorry for insulting you, but what I was doing was jabbing. Joking with you. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I was messing with you, I didn't mean anything by it.”

“You thought the best way to make a dragon get out of a rage was to… joke with it? You really are an idiot…” Drayce complained.

“Drayce.” Mina folded her arms. “Be nice, especially when someone is trying to apologize to you.”

“This is me being nice.” The thrope warned.

“Oh, you mean when I was yelling at you? All right, imagine this kid. You see a mythical beast, something that you only read about, and it's raging like a wild animal. But it's a comrade, so killing it is out of the question. So what do you do? Yes, I yelled at you, because I feared for everyone’s life, and I don't know you no, but it was my first time seeing something I only read about. So I... panicked and yelled. And for that, I'm sorry.”

Drayce looked over Charter, then over to Mina with a dubious look. “Is he to be believed?”

“He has yet to give me a reason to doubt him,” Mina answered truthfully. “Besides, who wouldn’t be panicked when facing the might of a dragon?”

“Hehe…” The Thrope put a hand over his mouth to cover a smirk. “So I make you panic, huh?”

Mina rolled her eyes but laughed all the same. “Maybe a little. So what do you say? I’m not asking you to like Charter, but could you at least stop hating him so much?”

“No. But I won’t kill him when seeing him anymore.” The dragon said, planting fists on his hip. “And if one of his stupid wolves gets on my nerves I will make a new cloak.”

Mina stepped over and whispered to Charter, “Just… take what you can get. Baby steps, okay?”

“Just be warned, my wolves aren't your common rabid animals. They are trained military dogs. And are more organized than the common wolf pack, so to avoid you trying to kill my dogs and me killing you in retaliation, why not maybe hunt together. It can make for some bonding experience.”

“Dragons don’t hunt in packs. Besides, I don’t like sharing my meat.” Drayce said matter-of-factly, not due to anger. “And you couldn’t kill me. Dragons are far superior to humans and wolves. So it is best we avoid each other so you don’t end up causing me to kill your wolves or you.”

“Okay, that’s… we are risking going full circle here.” Mina placed her hands on Drayce’s shoulders. “Alright, mister dragon. Avoidance for now is keen. Working on bonding later. Um… thanks for talking with him, Charter.”

“Sure thing boss. I also have some books about the world’s history if he wants to read them. Now then...” Character whistled and some of wolves returned. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to mark these guys. Remembering their names is starting to get confusing.”

Mina walked Drayce away before he could get any ideas. “Come on. I know a big, mean chef lady that said something about saving the biggest boar leg she ever saw for a certain someone who likes his meat raw.”

Drayce’s eyes widened as his mouth began to water. “I love chef lady…”
Insane Darkness and ZombieSplitter53 present...
A Brief Introduction

Faith slowly waddled towards the Guild Master’s door, hoping no one else would speak to her on the way there. Personally, she found the manor too crowded for how much open space there was. She knocked lightly on the door, hoping she wasn't interrupting anything.

Sitting at her desk, nursing a small headache from the last mission, Mina slowly opened her eyes. Taking a moment to look at the paperwork she had been neglecting for the past hour, she cleared her throat and called out, “Come on in.”

Faith jumped slightly at the woman's harsh Doloran tone before hesitantly stepping inside, clutching Titania’s note.

Mina gave her a curious look. “And who… oh, you’re the one who collapsed while our guards were chasing you, right? Back on your feet, are we?”

Faith nodded quickly as she stood in front of the woman. By the way she sat, Faith could tell that the woman was in slight pain. Trying, in Elven, she asked her, “Do you speak Elven?”, hoping that her shyness would not dictate how this conversation would continue.

Mina nodded. “I do,” she answered in the appropriate language. “Is it the language you are more comfortable speaking in?”

“It keeps my shyness at bay. Don't worry, I don't act shy in combat. Then again, I've only ever held throwing knives…” Faith answered.

“Combat?” Mina shifted in her seat. “Please, sit down. Are you here to join as a Hunter?”

“My mother wanted me to join a guild. As you could see by the way you found me, I could not find one. Of course, I knew this was a guild. I was just too shy to, you know… walk in.” Faith sat down, feeling younger and weaker by the second while talking to someone so confident of themself.

Mina slowly stood up and walked over to her cold box. “Can I get you something to drink? Water? Something with more of a buzz? How old are you? I’ve learned not to judge someone’s age just by their appearance.”

Faith sat, shocked, before responding with, “I have been dehydrated recently. Water would be fine, thank you.” Faith thought she was talking to a mind reader for a second.

Mina chuckled, pouring her some nice, cool water and cautiously handing it to the skittish Thrope. “And your age, dear?”

“I am 16, milady. Is that the right thing to call you?... Um…” The Thrope started twirling her fingers around each other, her shyness returning after her possible mistake.

“Milady, Ma’am, Lady Havenbrook.” Mina leaned against the desk. With a wink, she added, “You can even call me Mina if we get close enough.”

Faith smiled genuinely. “I hope I live long enough for that day to come.”

“Now, don’t start doubting yourself before you even join us.” Mina reached back and picked up a mug, sipping from it. “Now… you said you mother wanted you to join a guild. Why’s that? Money? Getting stronger, perhaps?”

“The latter, but to also kill my abusive father.” Faith replied grimly. She proceeded to take a long sip of water to dramatize what she just said.

“I… see.” Morrigan looked the girl over. “You a runaway?”

“By force, milady. I had no choice in the matter. I'm just hoping that my mother hasn't suffered my own fate for herself…” Faith took a smaller sip, reducing the drama it added compared to the last one.

“Well… maybe if you make some money here, you can use it to move her away from that situation.” Mina shrugged. “If you make it as a Hunter. Do you think you’re qualified?”

“By my mother's will, I am prepared to take on a position as a Hunter.” Faith stood up and bowed to the Guild Master. Her glasses fell slightly down her nose, so she pushed them back up as she returned to her short standing stature.

“Well, I don’t exactly have a qualification test or anything like that.” Mina rubbed her chin. “And A little thing like you making it all the way down here from Neren’teva is quite the impressive show of vitality and perseverance.”

“I appreciate your kind words, milady. Although, I have to ask: how did you know I was from Neren’teva? That place is known for its pacifism, even though I told you that my father was abusive.” Faith cocked her head slightly, confused. She assumed that it could have just been her accent, but she wasn't sure.

“Well… you’re a Thrope of what looks like a Temin Mallard, a species of duck native to the Elluvian Straight, limiting where you could likely have come from down to your nations. Plus you had quite a bit of sand on your clothes. The fastest way to here from Neren’teva would be through the Dutchy of Kemar, which you wouldn't have had to pass through for any of the other three nations. So… there you go. And educated guess, by it seems I was right.” Mina grinned. “Plus your accent is fairly pronounced.”

“Your deductive reasoning is impressive. I am thoroughly impressed.” Faith smiled, having been analyzed so easily and precisely.

Mina waved her hand dismissively. “Just a sign that I'm getting old. So…” She slipped around to her desk. “I’m not sure I condone you trying to get are I mg we to commit patricide, but I don’t know your father. Your tone implies I don’t want to know him.” She pulled out a few papers from her desk. “What is your full name?”

“Faith. I abandoned my last name when I left my family.”

“Alright. You’re not the only one to only have a first name here.” Mina eyed the duck girl, estimating height and weight. “Your primary weapons? And do you use magic?”

“I would love to learn how to use a one-handed sword. A dagger doesn't have the range I like and a two-handed sword is out of the question. I also am proficient in wind magic.” Faith beamed at the mention of her skills.

“I’ll ask my second to teach you a little about sword fighting. He always brags that fighting is all he knows so he knows the most about it.” Mina made a few more notes. “We can get all the other details later.” She slid a paper and pen towards Faith. “Everyone starts as a C rank Hunter. Lowest rank. Which means you have access to most of the manor, but not certain rooms. And you can take C or B rank missions. Work hard, fight well, improve, and work well with others, and you'll be prompted to B rank in no time, I’m sure.”

“Thank you... Um… I found a note by my bed when I woke up… I think it's for you. If not, you can give it to whoever it’s meant to, since you would know better than I would.” The Thrope handed her the slip of paper.

Mina slowly read it and smiled. “Seems like someone else wants to be your teacher. You just got here and you're already making friends.”

“Well, I want to make more, I'm going to need to go back out there. I hope to talk some more with you. It's been fun.” Faith bowed and walked towards the door.

“Faith,” Mina said before she walked out.

The girl herself turned at the mention of her voice, holding the door handle. “Yes?”

Lady Havenbrook gave her the warmest of smiles. “Welcome to the Havenbrook Organization. I look forward to watching you grow.”

Faith returned with her own smile. “And I look forward to seeing you again. It will mean that I'm still alive and well.” She proceeded to walk out the door, looking for either the Guild Master’s Second or someone who speaks Elven.


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DarkGemini24601 and ExoGrim: “Dour Dawn, Part 1”

Havenbrook Manor, Second Floor
Dining Corner, Cloudy Morning
7:43 A.M., February 14th

Sela sighed. Too dim. She drained the light from the candles lining the walls across from her, using the cinders to refuel the starving fires nearest her. The glow outshined the pitiable morning rays, which were just enough to see the outline of the hills surrounding the guildhouse. The grove tree to the east, its leaves bare and the bark looking worse for wear, was silhouetted against a masked sun. The orb of fire was suffocated in a blanket of clouds, which stoically held back their tears, instead merely casting shade over the land as a projection of their brooding gloom.

Solomon was out in the gardens somewhere near that meditation tree, lost in troubled thought. She'd only seen him out the window last evening, when he'd returned to the manor. There was nothing for it, Sela knew. Her master would speak of his grievances in person when he was ready. For now, the squire was equally alone with her thoughts - though a stirring hunger prevented her from delving deep.

Obeying the bestial urge, Sela began to dig into the breakfast plate before her. She only adopted a little more dining decorum when she heard approaching footsteps. Swallowing the remnants of the first soft-boiled egg, she peered at the doorway to se who it was. "Oh, hey Zulik."

Zulik was caught off guard by the Sela talking when he entered the room to see about food to keep him going through his training. "Oh, Sela... Hello, how have you been?"

"Well enough. Admittedly the manor gets a little boring once you get to know it. Been doing a little exploring of the nooks and crannies, but I might need to head out into the town soon to get some fresh air," the uncorrupted elf remarked. "You?"

"Decent." The priest replied. "Been spending most of my time training, so I haven't talked to others much. I came here to see about some food to keep me going."

"Well, there's plenty to go around," Sela offered, pointing to the plates laid out across the table's length. She used her fire magic to lit the other torches. "Have a seat."

As prompted, Zulik took a seat and took a moment to quietly pray before eating the food in front of him. It was then that he realized just how hungry he was. The corruption had many effects on his body... and it seem not being able to tell when he was hunger was one of them. He sighed after his first plate. "Always something new to learn about my new body it seems..." He muttered as he prepped a second plate.

"Eh?" Sela questioned, hearing fragments of his speech and seeking clarification.

"Well, I think that the corruption I possess has interfered with my ability to tell when I'm hungry or not," the corrupted elf explained. "It's going to make things interesting to say the least."

"Yeah, that sounds like it could be an issue. Just set specific times to eat at, I guess," Sela offered with a shrug.

"That actually could work." Zulik smirked enthusiastically. "I like your thinking, Sela."

"I just like to be practical. Nothing more to it," she replied.

Zulik chuckled. "So you prefer being on top of things, rather than letting them happen to you..."

"Who sits around and waits for life to fuck them over? That sounds hella defeatist," Sela retorted.

"You'd be surprised at the things that come your way with patience..." Zulik countered. "Oh... the things that life presented to me and Jarison..." Zulik shook his head and shivered slightly. "But least not dwell on past... there so much more to talk about in this present time."

"I'm sure you're curious about the mission. Wish I could tell you something, but I don't know any more than the basic details everyone else has heard already," Sela told him with a sigh. "None of them are really that talkative about it."

"I sure hope Solomon is okay..." Zulik mentioned. "From what I heard... things didn't go to well for them."

"He's been through similar struggles. He'll be fine... if distant for awhile."

"That's good to hear..." Zulik stared off into the distance, seeming void of awareness.

"Something bothering you?" Sela inquired, noticing his pensive state.

"It's just... it seems like we got lucky on our first mission." Zulik noted as he checked his gauntlet arm. "When we went to fight the Gargoyles, it was easy. But... it seems like all of the other mission have been nothing but trouble. Makes me wonder what the point of being here is."

"Stemming the tide. I've never operated under the illusion that the threat of monsters could be every eliminated. We're here to keep it at bay, since no one else is as qualified as us to fight," Sela answered assuredly. "I get that 'more qualified' doesn't mean 'perfect for the job', but we're the only ones who step up to do it."

Zulik sighed. "Yes... you have a point there... it's just that I came here to make a difference. Now I feel like that difference may be a waste."

"The fight in the forest saved that village a lot of trouble, and the clearing-out of the mine prevented further accidental deaths and created a lot of jobs," Sela countered. "I'd say we are making a difference. We few bleed so the many do not have to."

Zulik looked at the fellow elf. "And like that, you've reminded me that this life isn't just hell... thank you."

Sela chuckled. "Wasn't trying to be optimistic, but I'm glad that helped."

Zulik finished his second plate and began to stood up. "I should really get back to training. It always help to practice form in case something happens."


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DarkGemini24601 and ExoGrim: “Dour Dawn, Part 2”

"Fair enough," Sela agreed. "Good luck with that."

Zulik looked at Sela and thought for a moment. "You know, I could use a training partner... what do you say? Up for a sparring match?"

"Hmmm..." Sela put down her fork, got up from her chair, and stretched her arms out in a 'Y' formation with her body as the center. Lowering her arms, she nodded. "Yeah, I can do that. Just let me go retrieve the practice version of my spear, and some salt pellets for my shottie. I'll meet you out there."

"See you then..." Zulik replied as he made his way back to the training field. While he waited, he practice various punching techniques on a strange looking bag tangling off the ground by a void chain.

Her equipment gathered, Sela stepped onto the field. "Creative use of your magic," she commented upon seeing Zulik's makeshift punching bag.

"Why thank you..." The priest turned to the desert elf, dispelling the magic so that they had more room. After kicking the punching bag out of the way, he entered a battle stance. "Ready when you are."

Sela's halberd fell into her waiting hands. She narrowed her eyes at her opponent, and - after a moment or two of seeming to start circling to his side to keep him turning - the young elf suddenly charged. The blunted wooden spearhead lashed out from a distance, driven by the force of a two-handed blow.

Sightly caught off guard by the speed of the charge, Zulik barely managed to dodge the incoming attack. He quickly prepared himself to block the next attack, forming a void chain in his hand for future use.

Sela retracted her spear, and swapped the polearm into one hand. Opening her empty palm, a series of thin flaming cords snaked out, forming a burning netting that she cast out towards Zulik. When he dodged, her spear would snap outwards again towards the already-moving corrupted elf.

Zulik, instead of dodging, threw his chain forward, the two magical items entangling with one another. He pulled the flame net to the side and went to strike Sela with a right hook when she attacked. At the same time, he forged another void chain in his free hand.

Two of them?! Sela's net extinguished itself, as Zulik's gauntlet came flying towards her. In normal circumstances he would have landed the blow easily, but he did not face a normal squire. With a movement unusually blurred, she drew her weapon and body away, narrowly avoiding the hit and continuing to backpedal.

"That..wasacloseone," Sela noted with accelerated speech.

"I see you're fast on your feet." The corrupted elf remarked. "Though your form is a little lacking, you're quite a challenge."

"Toomuchstricturemeanspredictability," responded Sela swiftly. The extra motion blur on her faded for the moment, and she lifted her open hand like a claw. Five threads of fire shot forward, thin columns separate from each-other and therefore not easily entangled.

Zulik chuckled. "You have a point there." Without warning, he shot forward four void chains, two in each hand. Two of them were angled random, but the other two were aimed at her legs.

He's way stronger since Solomon fought him! With no real recompense available to her, Sela chose to rush forward, forgoing her spear for the sawed-off shotgun. The elf took aim at Zulik even as he bound her ankles. 'Blam!' went the firearm, and salt pellets shattered against his chest.

Zulik grunted from the blast, but held his ground. The two chains attached to the squires ankles locked as the corrupted elf pulled up, sweeping her off her feet. With a quick arcing movement, Zulik slammed his open palm into her gut while she was still in the air.

Sela was knocked to the ground, and didn't bother getting up, instead catching her breath. "You'd... be in too much pain from... a perforated torso to pull that move off..." she chided him, sighing. "Not that it matters... had to use a cheapshot for the kill, not like I really won that fight in spirit."

"It turns out I have a lot of pain tolerance..." Zulik replied, offering Sela a hand.

"Against salt, not iron pellets," Sela retorted, seeing that she didn't get her point. She took his hand, pulling herself up. "If this were a real fight you'd vastly outclass me in magical ability. My only chance of winning would be to down you with a shot from my trusty gun here."

"Well, it's a good thing this isn't a real fight." Zulik chuckled in amusement. "Otherwise you'd be down a priest."

Sela smirked. "And he'd have gone down rather unceremoniously too."

"But not without a fight." Zulik pointed out. "I may not be able to heal you, but you'll find that I'm rather strong in my own right."

"Wouldn't be able to deck someone with a punch if you weren't," Sela riposted, rubbing her stomach. "That hurt, you know," she noted playfully.

"It was meant to hurt." Zulik chuckled with a similar playful tone. "Can't learn from a sparring match if you're not willing to get rough."

"Suppose not, though there's a limit. I could set your robes on fire with a spell, but I figured charring a priest would get me in trouble with the boss," Sela explained mirthfully.

"And I have a spell that could melt through your armor," Zulik countered with a coy smile. "But then Solomon would be at my throat for ruining his craftsmanship."

"That fire of yours would have to hit me first. My Fuse is nearly instantaneous," Sela shot back. "Looks like I'm the fastest draw in the desert."

"That fire of yours would have to hit me first. My Fuse is nearly instantaneous," Sela shot back. "Looks like I'm the fastest draw in the desert."

"Fair enough... well, it was nice talking to you." The corrupted elf grabbed his makeshift punching bag. "If you want to talk again some other time, feel free to let me know."

"I will. For now... looks like I've got some training of my own to do," Sela decided as she left him to his own conditioning.

"See you then." Zulik made his way to his room, hoping to get some rest before continuing his training.


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ExoGrim, ZombieSplitter53 And Black0ut present:

Rabbit Holes and Cures

Titania pulled her broken friend along as she searched the manor for the Lab, hoping to find the rabbit Thrope she had heard much about. Eventually finding a door that seemed to be in the right area, she knocked a few times, giving her former best friend a worried look. Please… just last a little longer…

The Lab was filled with a the smell of various incenses, thick with smoke that rolled out of a large pot in the center of the room seeming to filled every pore on their bodies. Erin stood above it, her favorite large, pointy hat on her head, various colored spells flowing from her fingertips towards the pot. “Come in, come in,” she called out. “I will be right with you.”

Arlia quietly whimpered as Titania helped her get to the lab. The assassin’s mental state was at risk, her emotionless side starting to attempt to wrestle control once more. Do you honestly think you can keep me in here for long? Soon, you will realize that this is my body now… and you won’t be able to stop it. The voice echoed in her head.

Erin let out another spectacle of light and colors from her hands for a moment, before the bubbling died down, and she hopped off her chair. “Hello.” She looked Arlia over. “You know, the doctor’s room is upstairs if you hurt yourself in training.”

“There’s… something wrong, and I don’t think normal healers are equipped to deal with my friend’s problem.” Titania said tersely, before taking a breath to calm herself. “Please… I need your help.”

“Yes, well… I will see what I can do. Whom am I to turn others away? Not like I have an important job to do…” Erin sighed, and walked over to one of her tables, clearing off some trinkets. “Lay her down. Tell me everything you know.”

Titania did as she was told, helping Arlia to lay down. “Well… change in temperament. She was sweet and kind one moment and was threatening to, and almost did, kill me the next. But… it seemed like I was talking to… something malevolent, not like Arlia at all...”

“Did it occur to you that your friend might simply be capricious?” Erin stepped to Arlia side. “What troubles you? Unrelenting anger? Voices? Or perhaps you simply ate something that is giving you an off day?”

Arlia didn’t respond, though it was obvious by her shaking body that there was some internal conflict going on. Your letting your emotions get the better of you… it would be better if you just turned them off. The voice snapped, causing Arlia to tear up even more before muttering. “Shut up…”

“I am simply trying to gather the facts,” Erin responded, stepping over to her head. “Or our you perhaps talking to someone else? Something within?” Erin held her hands over Arlia’s head and looked over to Titania. “Does your friend have a history of psychological problems?”

Titania shook her head. “As far as I know… no, she hasn’t. But if I had to guess… I think something happened to her over in her country… something that, I don’t know, changed her? She doesn’t really talk about her past. More or less, she keeps it under wraps.”

“I am a bit short on experience with friends, but I thought that was the kind of thing you share with one another.” Erin flinched, her hands shaking a bit. “Ow… it seems more than just a mood swing.” She leaned forward so her face was over Arlia’s. “What is your name, my dear?”

“Arlia…” The assassin barely managed to say through her mental war.

“Arlia… that sounds familiar…” Erin looked up at Titania again. “An Elf named Zulik… quite a curious man… mentioned absorbing corruption from the weapon of someone during a little spat. Do you happen to know if that was Arlia here?”

“Possibly… she did mention she tried to kill a couple people here… and I do recall that Zulik was one of those names.” Titania replied, holding her old friend’s hand. “We… haven’t spoken to one another in years.”

“I see…” Erin ran towards the back. “I’ll be just a moment. Say… soothing things to her or something until I get back.”

Titania turned her attention back to Arlia, doing her best to sound confident. “Remember when we were kids and we decided to hide in the castle until our parents agreed to let you stay for one extra day? You came up with the plan, and I… I was scared that we’d get in trouble. Remember what you said to me?”

Arlia seemed void for a second… stuck in her mental battle. But, she suddenly said. “No matter what happens… they can’t stop us from being friends. I’ll will always find a way to see you again.”

Titania smiled, and nodded. “And every time you came back, you said that to me when you had to go… Remember the time I tried to hide in your carriage? While you were heading back to Stormrend… I remember my parents kept guards on me for a month after that. Yours were shocked that they had another noble with them… You somehow calmed them down and got me home. You’ve always been brilliant when it came to planning...” Titania’s eyes welled up, threatening to drop onto the Stormrend assassin.

“Please don’t tell me you’re going to collapse too,” Erin stated, walking back over with a potion and a stepstool. “I think I have a temporary solution, but you’ll have to trust me. I hope you do considering you came to me.”

Titania nodded, wiping her eyes with a hand. “Go ahead. I can’t… I’m not at all skilled in treating this kind of affliction.” Removing her hand, she took a step back, and waited for the Rabbit Thrope to do what she needed to do.

“Don’t let it bother you. Even if you were, few are as skilled or prepared for magical inflictions as me.” Erin uncorked the bottle, placing it next to Arlia’s head. It let out a sickening sweet smell, like milk that has long since expired. It even had a milky look to it. “Your friend has some serious issues she needs to work out. Something is tearing at her mind. Bad on its own, but her dark thoughts have drawn in dark mana around her, corrupting her very mind. I have solutions that are… fairly safer than this, but her mental state is failing her. So… I am going to have her drink a solution that will send light corruption through her body. If I calculated things right, and pour the concoction correctly, it will purge her of this corruption. If I didn’t, it’ll either not work well enough, or…” Her eyes darted about. “Well… best not to think about it. Come… help me get her to drink it.”

Titania hesitated, Erin’s last alternative unnerving her. Slowly, she nodded, and walked back over to help assist the Rabbit Thrope. Please, please… let this work… I don’t want to lose her…

While Titania held Arlia’s mouth open and gently rubbed her throat, Erin carefully, slowly poured the potion in, being sure to get practically every last drop. The potion went down smooth, and had an oddly pleasant, fruity taste despite its smell. “Hold her legs,” Erin ordered. She lifted her hand, snapped, and quickly grabbed Arlia’s arms as a terrible, burning pain tore through her entire body.

Titania obliged, but steeled herself upon seeing her friend’s convulsing body. “Are you sure you didn’t make it a little too strong?!” she replied loudly, while struggling to keep Arlia’s legs down.

“We, um… we will see,” Erin stated, it being hard to tell how confident she truly was.

Arlia’s body shaking vigorously. What sounded like a scream of agony was gurgled as her body attempted to reject the potion. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head for a moment, but fortunately came back quickly.

Erin let out a sigh of relief, turning so Titania didn’t see her wipe a bead of sweat from her brow. “She is okay. As expected, my formula was perfect. She should come around in a moment.” She turned back and smiled. “You did quite well, my dear.”

“How so? All I did was help restrain her…” Titania replied, tilting her head to the side, while still holding down Arlia’s legs.


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Rabbit Holes and Cures, pt. 2

“It was quite the intense situation.” Erin responded. “And yet you… you can release her now… and yet you did not give in to panic, despite how close of friends you to are.” She bit her lip. “I’m afraid these large ears aren’t just for show…”

“We used to be close. We have history is all.” Titania replied, pausing for a few seconds before what Erin had said dawned on her. “...did you hear our conversation?”

Erin cleared her throat. “I… I am never one to eavesdrop. That would be rude and uncouth. However… I can not help what I happen to overhear.”

“Which was?” Titania pressed, releasing Arlia’s legs as she walked over to Erin.

Erin shrugged. “Um… well… all of it.” Erin gave her a cheeky smile. “I was just over there, out of sight. Didn’t say I was going across the room, did I?”

Titania snarled, her eyes becoming feral for a moment, before returning to normal. Taking a deep breath, and crossing her arms, she glared at the rabbit, “Not helping your case. But thank you for being honest enough to tell me. Now… I feel you want to know something, so spit it out.”

Erin scratched her cheek. “I was just curious… how far down the rabbit hole this friendship has travelled. You seemed so broken up. Are you two… that close?”

Titania raised an eyebrow, “Like I said, she’s someone I was close to in the past. Besides that, I don’t believe I need to clarify it any further.” Titania took both of her gloves off to reveal her claws, in part to intimidate the rabbit, but also because her hands were a little too warm.

Erin frowned. “I seem to have upset you. Put my foot in my mouth, I believe they say. I apologize.” With a sigh, she walked back to Arlia’s side as the assassin started to come to. “How are you feeling, dear?”

Arlia’s eyes slowly opened as she groaned. “Ouh… my head… what happened?”

“I cleansed you of the dark corruption your mind was drawing in,” Erin answered. “But you must face your inner demons, or this will likely happen again.”

Arlia sighed. “... thank you… for helping me.” The assassin got up from the table, adjusting the sleeves of her armor. “But, if you tell anyone what you know about us, it’ll be weeks before they find you.”

Erin’s ears drooped down. She looked between the weaken assassin threatening her over to the Thrope that was intimidating her. “You two seem perfect as friends to one another… though your attitudes leave little to be desired for a certain rabbit that offered the assistance you came pleading for.” With another sad sigh, she walked back to the pot she had been working with. “At any rate, I did what you requested. Please, leave me to my work.”

Titania’s brooding persona faded as she walked over, ignoring the rabbit’s request. “Sorry. I’m… still shaken from the mission I went on. I lost control and my animal side has been causing me to be more aggressive since then. I apologize if I’ve been… rude or horrible to you. Thank you for treating her.” Titania apologized softly, looking down, slightly ashamed of her actions.

Erin looked back and gave her a soft smile. “Think… think nothing of it, dear. I have been told I can be quite rude myself. And you are quite welcome.”

Arlia snuck up on her friend, suddenly catching her in a neck lock. She quickly rubbed Titania’s head, messing up the Thrope’s hair with the palm of her hand. The princess had a grin on her face. “It’s good to have control over myself again.”

Titania sighed, a small smile appearing on her face, despite her current predicament. “It’s good to have you back… should I start expecting you to prank me more often?”

Erin let out a small laugh. “Feels like she is feeling better already.”

Arlia looked at the mage. “You don’t know how much I appreciate your help… hopefully I can see you again soon for a permanent solution… but for now, old friends have some catching up to do.”


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Black0ut and DarkGemini24601: “Solicitous Solitude, Part 1”

Havenbrook Manor, Exterior Gardens
Titania’s Grove, under the Solitary Pine

The grove was quiet, quiet enough to attract the Thrope Swordswoman to rest. Titania hid behind a tree that obscured her from the normal path, still too shellshocked to interact with others.

Silence persisted for awhile as Titania's only companion in the grove. The wind whispered, calling to them both, but neither were in the mood to answer the call. Instead, they brooded, surrounded by the copse of trees, wreathed in the shade, away from the uncomfortable, glaring sunlight of day. But gradually, Silence found his sojourn coming to an end. In the distance, the sky rumbled. Having received no answer, the wind had called in a storm of reprisal. Thunder drew ever-nearer, and finally Silence was evicted as rain began to fall. He departed, leaving Titania wholely alone.

2:29 P.M., February 14th

But only for a moment. Driven to cover by the flurry of droplets that threatened to rust his armor, Solomon entered the grove in a hurry. Upon laying eyes on Titania, he stood still. Uncertainly, the Temporal Knight lifted his hands up, removing his helmet and placing it to the side as he sat, similar to how they'd first met.

Titania's ears twitched, alerting her to her new visitor. "Hello." The Thrope swordswoman greeted, her voice monotone, and devoid of its usual friendly tones. She didn't look to see who it was, nor did she move from her spot. Instead, she lay still, staring into the sky, looking for something she hadn't found in a long time: peace.

"Hello, Titania," Solomon greeted her in return. "Nasty weather we've been having today," he commented idly. "First a shrouded sunrise, now a midday thunderstorm." The rain began to fall heavier. He glanced over at her, noticing her emotional distance. "...though no natural tumult quite matches up to the calamity in our hearts."

"I... yeah. That about sums it up, Solomon." Titania replied, sitting up and looking back at the Temporal Knight. "Seeking shelter from the rain, or were you seeking me out?"

"I didn't have much choice but to find protection from the rain, but I would be lying if I were to deny that I've been lingering nearby," Solomon responded truthfully.

"I see. Well... what do you want to talk about?" Titania asked, lowering her eyes slightly, as she pulled one of her daggers out.

"I feel as if dancing around the issue will land us in the capital of nowhere," Solomon replied. "Speak of that which troubles you. Releasing those words will release that tension which plagues you."

Titania returned her attention to Solomon, as she stared into his eyes. "I killed a former ally, I couldn't protect anyone, I felt useless." Titania's eyes pointed downwards, her shame hitting her hard. "I lost control and I could've killed you..." Titania whispered, turning away as she drove her dagger into the ground.

"But you didn't. You pushed me away with the gentleness of a mother. And you saved my life when my strength failed me. To say that you couldn't protect your team..." Solomon shook his head. "That is simply untrue."

"Solomon... I lost control. I barely was able to... prevent myself from hurting you. Sure, I destroyed the skeleton before it could harm you further, but... that wasn't me. That was the wolf in me. The same wolf, who wanted to kill you mere moments later. I'm a danger to everyone if I can't control my animal side... so... yes, I can't protect my team." Titania's voice filled with pain, as tears slid down her face. "Maybe... maybe I should leave the guild. Train until I'm strong enough to not break under duress."

"Should we remove our young dragon from our numbers, too?" Solomon questioned. "For a dragon within is far more dangerous than a wolf. Shall we get rid of Charter's direwolves? Shall we banish my squire for her youthful brashness?" Solomon moved closer to Titania. "None of us are perfect. You almost hurt me, perhaps. But you did not. And you shall not."

"And if I do? What then? Will you still hold those same views? I... It's not okay... I-I should've held it together. Not go into a bloodthirsty rage." Titania replied, hugging her legs to her chest.

"Have you ever seen someone die before that?" Solomon asked softly.

"Yes. And I did the killing. I just... don't deal well with losing people who I get to know. It's easy to pretend that they weren't a person if you don't know their name, to chalk them up to be another casualty of the world... but... that was the first time I've had to kill someone I considered an ally. I guess it doesn't sit too well with me." Titania answered, putting her head down on her knees, so Solomon couldn't see her face.

"You didn't kill her," Solomon insisted firmly. "She succumbed to wounds inflicted by an enemy, and you laid her to rest when that illness caused her soulless corpse to rise. She had already passed on. You merely ceased the defilement of her body by foul magic."

Titania lifted her head as she watched the dark clouds swirling overhead. "Doesn't matter. I said things I shouldn't have as she was dying, not to mention, I should've been able to save her from the skeleton."

"I did not doctor the story for Havenbrook. Bethany chose to attack your friend when she should have been focused on the battle. That fatal mistake belongs to her, and no one else," Solomon responded adamantly.

Titania nodded, not willing to argue with Solomon any longer. She remained silent as she peered out into the sky, questioning herself and her morals in the never-ending rain.