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Part Two

Sitting up from the table, with head swimming from the movement, the girl brought for repair was relatively unchanged on the inside. Upon delving into her, Saboran discovered the painful truth of what lay inside the girl which was probably Tecunte’s most heinous act. Her soul was composed of several lost ones that likely had wandered the limbo in hell before reaching salvation. The soul of a small girl murdered by her mother, a show girl who died from narcotics; smashed together in a mess that would have destroyed the soul should it be tampered with.

The girl stood up, letting the blanket fall away from her body as she looked over herself, flesh now more vibrant and mended. The scars around her knees, elbows, wrists, and neck were still visible but muted in appearance as well as the various other operational scars that wouldn’t be able to be ridden of without making a whole new body. Slowly growing in size, the homunculus -now in her womanly form- looked over herself. “That… didn’t hurt.”

“Of course not.” Saboran cleared her throat before turning back. “You look wonderful, dear. How do you feel?”

Frowning, the girl reached behind her to pull out one of her knives. She promptly stabbed it into her forearm and yanked it out, watching the wound close. She then looked down at her clothes and quickly hacked at them until they fell away and she was barren. She used her foot to kick one of the tatters. “Stupid clothes… stupid Daddy…”

Saboran frowned at her, and started looking for something else for her to wear. “Why did you do that?” she asked softly.

“Daddy gave them to me. Though he’s not really my Daddy, is he? He’s just a big liar. I hate liars.” the girl growled. She closed her eyes, then swayed as she stumbled forward into Saboran. “Mmm… I’m tired…”

Saboran held her tightly. It reminded her of her own daughter, and the time they needed to catch up on. “Why don’t you put on these clothes and take a nap. They were made for shapeshifters so they should change size with you.”

With a nod, the girl begrudgingly went back to the table.


“What is it?” the girl asked Ed, holding up the stuffed animal that looked like a fat Netzi, staring into its glossy black eyes. Despite concerns, Saboran had urged socializing as a part of therapy.

“A toy,” Ed answered. “Something for you to enjoy and… you know, play with.” He rubbed the back of his head. “Guess Tecunte didn’t give you many toys, huh?”

“I know what a toy is. But what is it? It’s just another fuzzy thing.” the girl complained, putting it down next to Ed, which he was twice the size of.

“It’s a toy of a Netzi. I’m a Netzi. Um…” He rubbed his head again. “We are a people… um… many of us believe the gods made us to spread our knowledge with machinery and magitech across the world. Most of my people are very smart, and smithing in one form or another is built into our very being. It is what we are here for.”

“Hm…” Reaching out, she picked Edminfer up easily and turned him around, holding his back to her chest. It was like he was the toy now as she slowly pet his head. “Mmm… soft fuzz…”

Ed chuckled nervously, proving that even Netzi can blush. “Rrrrright. So, um… in all the confusion of you trying to kill Mina and me… shooting you and holding your… severed head… ahem… I never got your name.”

“I’ve gone by a few… Daddy called me Precious. I went by Haru… and Juby. I don’t really have a name.” the girl said with a shrug, scratching under Ed’s chin with her finger as she stared off into space.

Sitting embarrassed but not wanting to bother her, or stop what was essentially pampering, Ed said, “Well, we have to call you something. ‘That girl’ or ‘Hey, you’ doesn’t really work. Do you have any preference?”

“Nope.” she stated, sitting down in a chair, letting Ed sit on her lap as she put her lips on the back of his head, nose resting on the top. Her breath softly disturbed the short hair with each exhale. Ed couldn’t see, but she looked like a depressed child even looking like a goddess in her adult form.

“Would you like for me to give you a name?” Ed asked softly. “It wouldn’t be the first girl I named. Something to fit such a beautiful person?”

Her grip on Ed tightened as she turned her head and laid her cheek against his head now. “I don’t care.” She softly stroked the old Netzi, obviously more content with him than the stuffed animal, at least for now.

The Netzi smiled. “You have a very kind touch, you know? You are much more fit for hugs then knives.” He sighed, and closed his eyes. “You should stay here with us, you know? Better then going back to a father you’re angry at or a mother who died in rage and blind fury. We could take care of you.”

“Tecunte is not my Mommy. And Sekky is not my Daddy anymore. I’m going to see my real Mommy. Sabby told me you guys are going to save her. I am going.” the girl stated in a simply lazy tone. Her breathing was growing slower, and she slowly began shrinking to her child form, snuggling with the Netzi. “I’m going to sleep…” she said, a yawn following after, “Daddy…”

Ed’s ears perked up, and his smile widened even more. “Okay. Please… have a good rest,” he said, a hint of joy in his tone.


Sitting in a high backed chair in Mina’s office, the young girl held her Netzi doll tightly in her arms, glaring at Mina for the entire meeting between Saboran, Ed, Mina, and her. Sabaron had been bringing the guildmaster up to speed on the state of her body and the backstory of her broken, multi personalized soul. She was also going to be given a name. She needed one, when she made it clear with various death threats she was going to save her Mother.

“Alright, alright, you can go on the mission to save Grimora’s soul. Just… you have to make me a promise.” Mina gave her a serious look. “All this… wanting to kill me is behind you from now on, got it? It is a little disconcerting considering you immediately tried to murder me and I don’t want to look over my shoulder every five seconds with you here. I have business competitors, old rivals, and a vampire to worry about already…”

“Grr… fine, I suppose. It would only make Tecunte happy anyways if I killed you, and I don’t want that at all.” the undead homunculus grumbled, squeezing her toy even harder.

“Are you sure you want to go through with this?” Ed asked, concerned. It seemed he was taking the fatherly role serious. “I don’t want you to get hurt, Nyssa,” he added, referring to her by her new name.

“You held my head Daddy.” she pointed out, smiling tenderly. A very new expression for everyone involved. “You think I can actually get hurt?”

“I… suppose not. Though there is no telling what could happen in Hell…”

“She should be fine.” Saboran winked at the girl. “Besides, Lyr will be with her, right. Demi-god teamed up with an undead homunculus. It’ll be a fierce team from them alone.”

“I’m gonna get Mommy no matter what. No matter what.” She said fiercely, her eyes looking to Saboran. “Can you… make me some new knives? I don’t want to use anything given to me by Tecunte anymore.”

The smith god nodded. “I will get right on it. They will be the best knives ever, fit for a god. I just hope you’re good with them.”

“She is,” Mina said, remembering their brief scuffle. “Trust me.” In response, Nyssa only gave Mina a mocking grin. In some way, it was almost relieving to see that there was no murderous intent behind the gaze she gave either.


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How to Settle an Argument in A Natural Way

Havenbrook Manor
12:39 P.M.

A loud thump marked Titania's fifth trainee that she had knocked to the ground with her practice blade. Helping him up, she merely offered a smile and said, "You got good form and bladework, but your footing is what's screwing you up. Practice on it and you should get better." Looking up at the other battered and bruised souls, her voice became more stern. "Practice is dismissed. Make sure to take care of yourselves, and rest up."

Moving to the Manor's treeline, she laid against a solid oak, a cup of water in her hands.

"Hey Titania. Mind if I join you." The Voice of the Neren'Tevan Huntress Sylvie spoke from below.

"Sure." She spoke simply, taking a sip of her water.

Lifting herself via a vine, Sylvie planted herself on the branch Titania was sitting on. The Huntress sighed. "It's a beautiful day... Isn't it?"

"It is. How are you, Sylvie?" Titania asked, closing an eye.

"Better now that you and Kva are offering to help take care of the baby. She's with Jasmine now." The Human Woman answered.

"Yeah... How's... Jay? I haven't... gone to see him yet. I'm still too angry and with my luck, he'll say something to tip me over." She said moodily, trying somewhat to keep a neutral expression.

"Well... You saw him when he came over the other day... Other than that time he's been resting..." Sylvie looked away. "Whenever I can keep him in bed that is... I thought he might have been well enough to move... But... I didn't think his stitches would come undone from just a walk down the stairs..."

"Idiot... well... considering his workaholic nature, I'm not even a bit surprised. Given that... I assume you aren't doing too hot. Wanna talk about it?" She asked, closing her other eye.

"You mean like... Physically? Well... My Breasts have been really sore lately..." Syl noted with some shame, which was odd for her. "And... I've been having bad dreams..."

"What are they about?" She asked, tilting her head slightly.

"Some... Weird Cave in the woods I've never seen before..."

"Want to go check it out?" Titania's eyes opened, as a curious look took hold.

"It's all the way in Neren'Teva.. That's all I know about it..." Sylvie sighed.

"Then why don't I carry you there? It'd take a day to get there with my speed... so what do you say? Want to head out?"

"Look... Even if I said yes... The Deep parts of the forest are home to all kinds of creatures, spirits and terrors.." Sylvie warned. "They may not stop to see who I am."

"Then I'll protect you. I've grown to be a better fighter since we went to your village last time." She insisted stubbornly, crossing her arms.

Sylvie put her head in her hands in frustration. "Fine... Then maybe we'll talk about it after this business with Hell is finished... I'll have to get someone to watch Jasmine for a while..."

"Kva will do it. I'll just, uh, have to suffer through some things..." She murmured, her face going slightly red. "Anyways, why are you bothered by going into the forest?"

"I've... Never been that deep in the forest before... It's far past where our Hunters usually go..." Sylvie warned. "There are a lot of stories about the creatures who live there... Not to mention the Forest seems like it's moving our hunters around the center instead of allowing us in... I don't know what that means but... It can't be good..."

"Probably not, but you and I are strong enough to make it to that cave, or at the very least, get out of there while we're still breathing. We could try to talk someone into going with us, but... we don't have many options." She advised somewhat, trying to see if she could make the journey easier.

"And what about Jay? What about Kva? Will we just leave them behind while we go risk our lives? I don't like that idea..." The Human Woman noted.

"Jay's too wounded to come with us, and Kva needs to look after your baby. I would ask Faith to do it... but I don't know how she would react to a newborn." She replied, rubbing one of her ears. "If Faith can take care of your baby well enough, we can bring Kva with us."

"There's that new girl... But that's not my point." Sylvie shook her head. "Do I need to remind you how we felt when Jay almost killed himself? Or how Kva felt when you did it? And you want to go just leave them behind to halfway across the continent, putting ourselves in danger fighting who knows what?"

"Here's the difference: Kva was and is still a bit angry with me for offering my life to a bunch of Harpies, not the dangerous mission I was on. You're angry at Jay for his near suicide by his own magic. Going somewhere that is dangerous, yes, it's unwise to do so and it'll be tough. But we're not being foolhardy; we both know the risks, you more than me, but I accepted going anyways. If we can get another person to go, it's not going to be as dangerous as it would." Titania countered, a frown growing more prominent. "We're Hunters, Sylvie. Danger is apart of the job description."

"And how would you feel if Kva went off on a life threatening mission without you?" Sylvie crossed her arms.

"Considering she was going to Hell and hadn't told me? I was upset, yeah, but I still supported her decision despite the worry I had. What? You think I wasn't going to tell her where I might head out to?" Titania re-crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow.

"You three are so frustrating!" Syl looked Titania in the eyes, exclaiming. "You keep doing the same things over and over again, never learning! We don't want you to Martyr yourselves! We're in this together! Enough with the 'Heroic Sacrifices' and enough going it alone! We need to go together, or not at all, but it seems like there's always one of you each time that just forgets that!"

"That's true. I'm probably the one who does it the most, and Sancros is the one who won't apologize for it. But..." She started, her eyes turning more feral. "We do learn. You claiming that we're going to try to martyr ourselves is highly hypocritical, given that martyrdom is why you're alive. Sancros willing protected you with the threat of death, and because you would've died, you accepted it. So... you still want to keep throwing shit my way?"

"What, during the fight with Tecunte? He didn't have to do that! The rest of us could've handled it!" She dug in her heels. "Pointless sacrifice isn't some heroic thing! He almost left Jasmine without a Father... Left me..."

"I'm not talking about Tecunte. I'm talking about the mine." Titania said in a quiet voice.

Her eyes widened. "The Mine... How dare you bring that up... We have a family now, we have so much more to lose!"

"But at the time of the mine, you didn't. You were only vaguely into Jay." She pointed out, frowning somewhat. "And while I agree you do have more to lose now, you should also know what type of person he is by now." She calmly jumped out of the tree, landing on the forest floor.

"And where do you think you're going!?" Sylvie demanded.

"I'm going to let you calm down and let myself calm down, cause if we don't, I might break a few of your bones." She growled, as she started walking away.

"That's funny coming from you." Syl countered as The Wolf walked.

Titania stopped dead in her tracks, but did not turn to face her. "Sylvie. Unless you want me to truly fight you with no restraints, knock it the fuck off." She said quietly, her voice holding a dangerous tone to it that the Thrope never usually had.

Sylvie narrowed her eyes before sighing. "Fine... Let's just forget about it... Although... Fighting might actually be the perfect way to calm down..."

"So be it. A fight it is." Titania said quietly, walking back towards the training grounds to get a practice blade, not wanting to use her real blade for the fight.

Sylvie hopped off, taking her Gae Bulg Spear and stabbing it down into the dirt, instead following her to get a fake one as well. "You know... For how much you like to do it, I'm surprised we haven't fought yet..."

"We did. You threw a spear into my body during a nonlethal fight. Not to mention that you made a pretty bad impression with your words afterwards." She fiddled with her gloves, making sure they were on properly.

"Oh. Right... Sorry..." Sylvie apologized. "Seems like a lifetime ago honestly... I got too into it back then..."

"Well, back then, I held back not to hurt anyone and I didn't have better control of my powers. Not to mention I didn't use... well, you'll find out." She said ominously as they neared the training racks, the Thrope grabbing a wooden longsword as well as a few weights to make it heavier.

Doing the same, Syl picked up a wooden spear, adding weights until it felt right. "I may not be One-Hundred Percent thanks to Jasmine... But I've improved a lot too since then..."

"Then speak not of what you can do; prove your strength." Titania said monotonously, her accent present among her words. She practically flew at Sylvie, using both hands on the practice longsword in a powerful downwards strike.


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How to Settle an Argument in A Natural Way, Pt.2

Just barely blocking with the shaft of her spear, Sylvie delivered a quick punch to the right side of Titania's abdomen.

Titania recoiled from the blow and moved back. Blurring her arms to the point they disappeared, The Thrope stayed back, letting Sylvie make the move towards her.

Sylvie's eyes widened, never having seen something like this before. The Huntress dug her hands into the ground, a thick shell of roots coming out of the ground around the Wolf, locking her down.

The Thrope herself began to blur and she too disappeared, leaving the roots to look like the held no one.

Growling with some frustration, Sylvie left the roots up as she put her back up against it, using it to narrow Titania's options for approach.

The roots were suddenly ripped apart as Titania became visible again. Rushing Sylvie again, Titania swung downwards once more putting more strength into the blow, as she swung one of her feet at Sylvie's.

Dodging the blow, Sylvie was caught by the trip however. The Huntress instinctively put a hand on the ground to catch herself, pumping magic into it to have a vine shoot up under Titania with the intent to knock her into the air.

The vine managed to send Titania flying back as she had partially dodged the full extent, but was unable to get out of the way. Letting out a beastly howl, she vanished again, more than likely to strike with hit and run tactics.

Looking over at the nearby Garden, she commanded a number of puffy white plants to release spores into the air. Quickly filling the arena, they distorted when Titania passed through them, giving Sylvie at least some idea where she was.

Rearing back, Sylvie picked a what seemed like the best moment, finding a bit of a pattern in her enemy's movement as she launched her wooden spear forward, leading her by a great deal to make up for the travel time.

The spear through Titania back with a groan of pain, knocking the air out of, and under, her. In a last ditch attempt to buy herself more time to get up, her arms disappeared before she tossed her wooden blade at Sylvie with incredible speed.

Not expecting this, the hilt of the sword connected with the Huntress' gut, knocking the air of her lungs temporarily.

Titania stumbled when she got up, picking up the spear Sylvie threw at her, getting an idea as she smiled. She blurred her arm once more and tossed it at Sylvie, her left arm beginning to tire out.

However, Titania’s lack of training with such a weapon showed in her throw, the spear veering off to the side slightly, although it was still enough to graze the Human Woman's arm, however. Sylvie took a number of deep breaths, standing up slowly, picking up her practice weapon as she rushed forward, falling back on an instinctive, rushing combat style.

The Thrope, recognizing the threat Sylvie posed, started to fall back, clenching a fist as she readied herself to counter should her opponent get too close. Why did I even toss that at her? That was probably the most stupid thing I've done this whole fight…

Fainting an attack with her spear, Sylvie instead charged towards Titania with her shoulder, intent on taking her down to the ground.

Titania braced for the pain as she swung hard and hit Sylvie's jaw just as she was shoulder-checked to the ground, letting out an 'oof' as she landed.

Gritting her teeth through the pain, Sylvie took hold of her spear and pressed the shaft down against Titania's neck, choking her, but with obvious restraint.

Thinking of what Kva would do to get out of this, Titania realized she wouldn't have ended up in this situation. She had more advantages, but if she had let her rage through and went heavily on the offensive at the start, she might've had a chance. Now, she had no way to come back from this, as if Sylvie had been fighting her for real, she'd be dead. She tapped the ground to let Sylvie know she had given up, thankful that the spear blocked her from saying anything else at the moment.

Sylvie huffed, falling to the side and laying on her back. "Sorry... That was... A good fight... You've improved... A lot..."

Rubbing her neck, Titania coughed once before she spoke. "So have you. You did well repelling my attacks... nice use of the spores or whatever that was to figure out where I was."

"You can thank your Girlfriend for that... Her advice actually paid off a lot..." Sylvie chuckled.

"I'll have to remember to pay her back in the future." Titania chuckled herself, Sylvie's mirth spreading to her. "I bet if I hadn't given you your spear back, you'd have been in a tough spot... oh well. Guess I'll have to beat you next time."

The Neren'Tevan Woman chuckled. "Why did you throw your sword at me? Seemed like you kinda needed that."

"You would've rushed me otherwise, seeing as I was stunned at the time. Bought me a few seconds. Probably should have wrestled you down and take a couple of punches... but Zodiak kinda made me not want to grapple with anyone... considering how we ended up."

"A simple tip when Throwing your main weapon, you should have a plan to get it back before you throw it... It also helps to carry another spear, or a side weapon... I carry both." The Huntress imparted some advice. "Although, I can't exactly see this tip helping you much, swords aren't really designed for throwing..."

"No, they're not. But daggers are and I usually throw those pretty well. Couldn't exactly throw a real one at you and... well, the original idea I had was to get my sword back. Couldn't really do that when I gave you your spear back..." She noted, closing her eyes.

"So... Are we alright now?" Sylvie asked, turning her head. "All I want to do is wait for Jay to recover, He deserves to be there with us too..."

"Okay. We wait for him to get better... and for you two to have a talk as well." She replied, offering a tired yawn.

"Thank you." Syl smiled, looking up, her eyes catching some birds. "I could just fall asleep here..."

"I hear ya... but we've already gathered a small crowd, so I doubt they'll leave us to rest in peace." She murmured, cracking an eye open to look at the small gathering of Hunters.

"They probably think we'll screw or something..." Sylvie joked, sitting up.

"They better keep dreaming then." Titania laughed, casting a look at Sylvie. "So... you heading back into the Manor?"

"I think I might stay out here..." She sighed.

"Then I'll try to make the crowd disperse and doubly make sure no one bothers you." Titania said, getting up with a mild groan.

"How're you going to do that?" The Green-Haired woman asked.

"I'm going to kick someone's ass. I'll be right back..." She replied, as she stalked off towards the group to do exactly that. Within a few minutes, a couple men swung practice weaponry at her, only to have their weapons yanked out of their hands and used to beat both of them down. Titania growled out loud enough for Sylvie to hear, "Now, if anyone wants to try what these two did, stay here. If not, leave and mind your own damn business.

Sylvie laughed, looking on. "Maybe you should spend more time training and less ogling!"

The crowd quickly dispersed, while the two men got up and walked away, still casting looks at the two of them. Paying them no heed, Titania walked back, rolling her eyes. "You'd think that these guys would've seen women fighting before..."

Sylvie shrugged, "You know, I have to wonder... Are you, interested in men at all? Or is it only women?"

"Last person I dated before Kva was a guy. I'll let you figure it out what the answer is." Titania smirked, sitting back down.

"Wait... Was it Jay!?" Sylvie flipped onto her belly. "You know I guess I always had a hunch but... I guess it seemed too weird to ask.”

"No, no, god no." Titania laughed, offering a big grin. "No, he tried to date me three years into our travels and I said no. I had kinda already looked at him like a little brother, so it'd be weird if I started dating him."

"Well, then who was it?" The Human asked, kicking her legs back and forth.

"Well, he was an incredibly tall Human, taller than most Elves and Light Elves. Pretty cute, was polite and kind... and he had a smile that could melt hearts. His name was Geoffrey. But... he didn't want me to work as a mercenary, probably out of worry. That relationship lasted about a couple months... but I still hope he's doing well." She replied, cracking her neck.

Sylvie nodded. "People like that seem hard to come by out here... You seem to attract good people."

Titania snorted and rolled her eyes. "I doubt that. After all, there was Koz..."

"Right... I'm sorry..." The Huntress sulked slightly.

"Oh, stop it. That's just some shitty business that caught up with me. It wasn't your fault at all." Titania replied, tossing a wooden axe gently in Sylvie's direction.

Not expecting it, the weapon bonked her in the head. Smirking, Sylvie rubbed the spot lightly as she spoke. "Okay... Alright..."

"So, you are you going to stop sulking, or do I have to find more wooden things to toss at you?" She asked, offering a thin smile.

"I'm not! Idiot..." Sylvie countered, trailing off. "So... When did you find out you were interested in other women?"

Titania paused, trying to recall the exact moment. "Well... I'm more of a tomboy than most girls, so it kinda happened when I turned eighteen. Cute girl who I had been friends with, and who was with me in Bevland, joked about how guys were shit at kissing... and I said something along the lines of 'well, let's see if I'm just as bad too.' And, well... I kissed her. We remained pretty cool friends after that."


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How to Settle an Argument in A Natural Way, Pt.3/conclusion

"I don't know if I told you this but... It's looked down upon in my village..." The Human Girl explained. "The people of the village have an obligation to give birth to the next generation of hunters... If they're not, they are holding the village back... Going both ways is fine as long as you have children but... Being exclusive is taken as being a freeloader, not helping the people who raised you."

"Welp... I have no actual blood-related children and I probably never will. Guess your village won't like me too much anymore." She murmured, closing her eyes. "Guess I'm a freeloader then."

"Well. It's different here. There are so many people out here you don't need to worry about your population... I don't think my village's beliefs really translate well out here..." Sylvie pointed out, raising a finger.

"But they are still your beliefs, and regardless of whether or not they translate well, they should still be considered... and now that we're on this subject... why did everyone freak out over Jay being a Light Elf?"

"Oh, that? It was... A combination of things." Sylvie inhaled. "Naturally, we don't see much outside of other humans, so there was the unfamiliarity factor. There's also the fact we have a deep connection with Thropes and Light Elves, on a spiritual level, our goddess has an Elven name, with connections to Eluviana, and many of our stories have ties to Elf Culture. Not to mention... We see Light Elves as... The more legitimate Elf, we see Dark Elves as the subspecies and Light Elves as the true version."

Titania nodded her head slowly, "Which is why many of the girls from your village wanted Jay so badly. I'm surprised they didn't jump him for sex."

"They didn't want to offend him." Sylvie elaborated.

"So they... I'm sorry, it's just amusing to me that he was almost jump by girls who were afraid of offending him." Titania replied, trying and failing to contain her laughter and mirth.

"They also back off when they learned he was with me. No use competing with someone who you see as blessed by the gods themselves to have a perfect body. At least, that's my understanding, I've never even heard of that happening." The Huntress laughed with her.

Titania slowly calmed herself down, opening her eyes to look at Sylvie. "Gods... heh, I swear you can make anyone mirthful just with a few jokes. I'd say Sancros' is lucky to have you."

"I'd say so." Sylvie stood up, offering a hand. "Lunch?"

Titania took the hand getting up. "Lunch. I'll pay seeing as I lost."

"Alright. Sounds fair." The Huntress added, walking with her back into the manor.


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The fallowing is done by Dhalexpert&Zombiespliter53

War is coming

Alice castle
Oct 23 3349
1200 PM

Alice was looking over her ax and that it was her parents, after the event in hell Alice almost feel disgusted with the ax." Heh you will go back to were you belong among the weak, and I will make a new ax one worthy of me. But I need you so you will have one last taste of blood before going back."

"Don't like the axe anymore?" avoice asked from the shadows. "I thought it was one of your favorites."

Alice instantly brighten up and ran and hugged the goddess of darkness." It's a long story let's just say family and me don't get along and this weapon is not worthy of me now, but let's not mention that I said to Rumi that I would get you back and I did and so many things has changed since you were... gone." Alice practically dragged the goddess of darkness to her balcony, the goddess saw a what looked like a thriving village of light elves and there huts." Look I have a village now."

"Wow." Grimora took a deep breath, something she hadn't been able to do in some time. "It is so... vibrant. You did this all by yourself?"

“Ou you haven’t seen nothing yet, wait till you see my army, the grew a lot since you’re.. Death, I’m sorry.”

Grimora slowly turned to her. "You... provided the weapon of my death." She narrowed her eyes. "You were responsible."

“Wait a minute wow, I would like to inform you that since that day I’ve made your sister life a living hell for her since then.”

Grimora smiled and rolled her eyes, punching her in the arm. "I'm joking with you, dummy. Seriously, why would I blame you. Though... you didn't seem all that surprised to see me. Like you knew I was coming back. What did you mean by you getting me back. I'm a... little fuzzy on the details."

“It’s a long story but I’ll try to break it down. So once you died I went to Havebrook and told her what happened, she told the gods. Gods then knew you were missing months later you’re nephew the god of mischief told me that Havebrook was going on a mission to get you and there friend back I join them and here you stand now.”

"Right, right... a lot to take in." Grimora looked down at her hands. "It was..." She cleared her throat, her voice cracking a bit. "S-so Seclavar helped you by telling you about their mission, huh? Figured he hated me, and would never want me back."

Alice started to blush.” Well you could thank me for that to, see I kinda changed him for the better. I’m sorta dating him.”

"Really." Grimora scooted a bit closer and nudged Alice with her elbow. "You to rolling in the sack yet? Be honest now."

“Ou That happened already many times actually, but being around me I definitely changed him he did regret that he wasn’t strong enough to help you then.”

"Well, that's... sweet." Grimora looked back out the window. "Come on. Show me around your village. I want to see what you accomplished."

“Ou you want to meet the people Alright.” Alice escorted the goddess to the village, the goddess saw light elves moving around with baskets of food. Some chopping wood, and some making clothes. “Well come to my coming empire, this is a small stone for now till I get something bigger.”

"Not bad, not bad. I've missed a lot since I've been... gone. Where did all these people come from?"

“Helvan there slave mines, I raded one of there cities raid there mines and there treasure Ou yea I have proper army now.”

"Proper army, huh?" Grimora grasped her arm. "Show me. I want to see all the tough men and women you have."

"Right well, it has been a while since I saw them hope there OK. Reaper!" Alice reaper appeared and is surprised to see his true master alive again." Look reaper I know your shocked to see your master again but I need you to take me to my army." The reaper nodded it's head and opened a portal. Once through Alice could see a war camp with tents every were." Wow I see a few new faces around here, give me a minute." Alice stood on a table and cleared her throat. and in a demon voice she yelled." WARBOUND!" With that she got the attention of everyone." Warbound your war boss has returned." Cheers could be heard all around the camp and her generals made there way to her." Rumi Crixus you regonize our friend don't you?"

Rumi grinned and crossed her arms. "Wow. You brought someone back as something other than a zombie. I'm impressed."

"I told you I would get her back no matter what didn't I, and I did. Mind you I had to travel to hell to get her back but yea I got my goddess back."

Rumi nodded. "How are you feeling?"

Grimora hesitated, then laughed. "I feel like a million gold, of course." She waved to Crixus. "Hey, cutey."

"I'ts good to see you alive and well again goddess of darkness."

Lorica steeped forwarded and looked the goddess up and down." Huh so boss got herself another god on our side, we relay our blessed aren't we?" Lorica was wearing what seemed to be the skull of some monster as a helmet.

"Hum so this is the goddess of darkness, nice to meet you." Satako bowed her head."Wolfirk just kept his arms crossed and looked at the goddess.

"Grimora this is Lorica Satako and Wolfrik, my three extended leaders of my army. Found Lorica on a bandit island, Lorica and Wolfrik I found together Wolfrik being her prisoner back then." Alice looked around." Um Rumi were's the seven?"

"They are all with the alchemist. Something about checkups to make sure they're loyalty is nice and healthy."

"Hum good timing I should go check up on that, Grimoria I want you to meet my alchemist he's also a vampire and I actually have a few vampires on my side now willingly in some fashion i'm sure you'll like my alchemist." Alice escorted the goddess to her alchemist. "Alagor your leader is here we have a guest and take your mask off to show respect."

Alagor hesitated. "My... my mask? Mistress Alice, I... I, um... with all due respect..."

"Ha ha." Give me a minute." Alice put her arm around Alagor." You are about to meet the goddess of darkness the god to all vampires at least to me she is, and my try friend take the mask off." Alice thought for a minute." Well let me see your face first before I let you show it to her first."

Still, he hesitated. After several moments, he finally removed his mask. He had a full head of surprisingly long, flowing blonde hair. It looked like he had the makings for a very handsome man, but his face was covered in scars and stitches, giving it a patchwork appearance. He coughed several times, not used to unfiltered air, and gripped his mask tightly, like he was afraid of losing it.

"Alice grabbed his hand to keep him calm." You look fine friend, come on." Alice turned Alagor around. "Grimora this is my head alchemist Alagor, Alagor this is the goddess of darkness."

"Oh, he is a cute one. I expected... well, let's just say men in masks usually look a lot more... grim."

Alagor bowed his head. "A pleasure. But I thought you were... um... dead..."


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Part 2

“I brought her back from Hell, literally hell was an experience and I met some people who just can’t wait for me to die. Any way how our friends doing?”

"Friends? Oh! They are doing well. Though there was a little trouble with Marlee. She was acting strange, so I cleared her system and I'm starting fresh. She is free from the control right now in one of the cells while I wait for it to kick in."

“Ou is she let me see her it’s been a while since I’ve seen the loud mouth.”

"Right in the back. Um... c-can I put my mask back on now?"

“Of course you can, now bring me to Marlee.”

Alagor gladly put his mask on, breathing a deep sigh of relief. He led the two towards the back, and Grimora asked, "So what is wrong with this Marlee?"

"Well, we use mind control to make the seven willing participants. Marlee's mental programming was off."

"Mind control, huh?" Grimora nudged Alice with a smirk. "Naughty naughty. Take what you can't get willingly, eh?"

“I need them for a special mission when I take my home back, but as you said that we’re not willing to join me so I made them.”

They walked into the castle's dungeon. Ergo sat outside of one of the cells. He had an object hovering over his hands, a glowing diamond, the surface of which shifted up and down, left and right, amd diagonally as the Light Elf stared intently at it.

“Marlee it’s been quite some time, how are you?”

"I'm quite well, Ms. Alice." Marlee walked up to the bars. "Why am I locked up? Can I get out now?"

“I’m a bit, but I would rather see the real you right now since I know you’re not in your trance right now.”

Marlee's eyes narrowed, and she suddenly burst into bats, bats which bounced off the magical barrier and reformed on the ground. "Stupid bitch, let me out of here now or I'll rip your fucking heart out through your ass!"

Grimora chuckled. "Feisty."

“Ah there you are, same loud mouth fool. I would have thought you would be more accepting of me since I’ve kept you alive, and showed you the world and all.”

"As your mind controlled slave!" Marlee stepped up to the bars. "If our situation was reversed, how would you feel, dumbass?!"

“If I recall you surrender to me, don’t blame this on me you willingly gave yourself to me but if you feel angry then.” Alice looked at Alagor.” Alagor open the cell and let me in.”

Alagor blinked in surprise under his mask. "Um... if you think that is wise..." He walked to the wall, removing the crystal powering the barrier. "Do be careful."

Alice walked into the cell smiling at Marlee once inside the barrier came back.” Alright come on here’s your chance to earn your freedom.”

Marlee took andefensive stance. "This... this is a trick."

“Nope I’ve beaten you twice, when we first met and months ago when I took that arm of yours I have nothing to prove to you.” Alice stepped forward standing inches away from Marlee.” Now you can punch me and try and fight me again, or you could listen to reason for once in your life.”

Marlee suddenly swung, slugging Alice in the chin. After that, she took a step back. "I'll listen to what you have to say. But I wasn't going to pass up a chance to hit you."

Behind Alice, Grimora snarled a bit, ready to pounce into the cell and strike back.

"Huh." Alice wiped the blood off her chin and licked it." Now then let me tell you something your a wanted woman now, most want your head, I can offer you something nigher the council or the leader of the seven can offer you. I can offer you leader ship and freedom, and not that fake freedom that you had in the city. I mean true freedom being able to hunt monsters go to war I can offer you an actual challenge to test your skills and to go were ever you want."

Marlee folded her arms. "What do you mean, I'm a wanted woman?"

Alice smiled in delight.” Ou you don’t remember, well a few months back you helped me raid Heavel mines saving thousands of slaves but kill just as many guards. You helped me capture Babi, and recently helped me fight a army of demons however you killed the remaining Bevland army slaughtering there men women and leaders.”

Marlee's eyes shifted about. She did remember. "I... but... if I work with you... you'll make me kill more innocents..."

“Innocent? I’ve killed only slave owners, and that innocent army attack me first it was in self defense. I am doing the gods will you can join me or die later on.”

"And if I join you... no more mind control?"

“No more mind control, however if you betray me. You’re death will be slow and agonizing, I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that.”

"Master Alice?" Ergo stood outside the cell. "May I speak with you for a moment?"

Alice looked down at Marlee and patted her head.” Be good please I would rather not have you going under again because of your pride.” Alice left the cell and the barrier went back up.” Ergo, is there something I can help you with because I’ve been meaning to talk to you for quite some time.”

"I really think this is a bad idea," he said, placing the item he had been fiddling with into his pocket. "She'll betray you. You know that, don't you?"

"It's called taking a chance besides she has no were to go, but speaking of traitors." Alice steeped forward to Ergo." I've been thinking lately see you told me I had a traitor in my ranks, one of my generals no less. But they are all loyal to me and that leaves me to think that you made the hole thing up to throw me off, now you wouldn't betray me now would you after I gave you and your family freedom form slavery would you."

Ergo's eyes widened. "M-master, I... why... w-why would I make something like that up? It would only... I have been nothing but loyal to you! And have nearly died in your service more then once!"

"Hum did I ever tell you how I started, see I started out with nothing I beat bandit boss to death and took there crew the fought alongside sacrifice themselves for me My ship I got because the beveled in me." Alice started to step forward." Until I reached a bandit island were this vampire there taught me to be a true leader, so I started to give them orders and the moment I tried that they revolted I found out they been raping Rumi behind my back for months and they told me they only fallowed me because I gave them riches they never had. Do you know what I did to the leader of that revolt?" Alice but her hands on Ergo face and said in a calm matter." I broke his weapon and tied him to the pole of my sale of my ship I exposed his back and I rammed swords into his back near his spine, all four sword going deeper and deeper just barley reaching his spine. They gave their lives for me they put their lives on the line for me, and they betrayed me until I put them in line." Alice let go of Ergo head. "So my commander convince me why you’re not goanna betray me."


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Part 3

Ergo mouth opened and closed. He looked afraid. Terrified. "I w... I won't. I... would never..."

“I’m sorry I can’t understand you right now, are you saying that you would betray me?”

Ergo blinked. "Never... I would never... betray you..."

Grimora grabbed him by the neck. "Just give me the word, Alice. Give me twenty-four hours. I'll find out everything he knows. Expose every secret, then make him beg for death."

"Now now Grimora as good as that sounds i'm not a dictator, I give people a chances." Alice looked at Marlee and took a knee at the cell." Marlee i'm giving you a chance to trust me to understand what I’m doing is right, to see things from my perspective I know if you see the people I've recited you'll grow to like them." Alice stood up and looked at Ergo." Ergo you’re a good warrior and leader of your people I hate to waste such talent such as yours, but you did swear loyalty to me but. Never make doubt you or make me second guess your actions because if you or you Marlee every betray what I worked so hard for to get here your deaths will not be quick, your my family now and I don't want to hurt people I care for are we clear you two?"

Marlee slowly nodded, as did Ergo, as well as he could with him being held by the neck.

"Good Alagor let Marlee out, and Grimora let go of him he hasn't done anything wrong." Grimora let go of Ergo." Now my friend we have much to discuss there is one more person I need to introduce to you but we need to do this well Alagor finish your work on the other two, then bring Marlee and Ergo to my tent and get the others and bring them to my tent."

Everyone nodded. As Alice and Grimora left, each of the other three gave them their own looks. Marlee gave a look of curiosity, Ergo gave a new look of animosity, and as usual, there was no telling what Alagor looked like under his mask.

Grimora whistled lightly as they made their way back through the castle. "So who is this last person we're going to meet?"

"She's well you'll see when we meet her." Alice escorted the goddess into her tent after a few minutes all of Alices leaders were there." Right Grimora there the last person I will introduce to you is well." Alice look up at her tent." Seclevar,Aratenda can you two come down here please."

Seclavar was the first to show up. From the look on his face, he was expecting Grimora to be here. The goddess of war, however, was surprised to see her. "Grimora! What are you doing here? You belong in Hell. Part of your probation says you can't wonder about Terra without permission."

Grimora pouted. "I got permission... sort of..."

Alice stepped forward.” Good to see you again Arayenda it’s been a while, this was the last person I wanted you to meet Grimora.”

"What is she doing here?" the war goddess demanded. "Do you not know she was a cohort with Tecunte before Tecunte turned on her?"

“Yeah And so was my darling over there, point is we need her we all need each other for this to work. Besides you benefit the most from this I’m sure you can share the power coming from this war.”

"I am a changed woman," Grimora insisted. "Dying will do that to you. All I care about now is helping my best friend with her goals. Otherwise, I promise to be a good girl." She smiled at Alice.

“I never doubted it for a second, Now then.” Alice turned to her men.” Listen up this raid is gonna be different then the last one, were not here to terrorize and steal there resources. We’re here to raid and occupy so we have a true capital and get this war started, now first thing first.” Alice turned to Rumi and Marlee.” Rumi I need you kill the guards and open the city gates, Marlee you will go into the city itself and free the slaves and gladiators, lead them through the city and kill every soldier and city guard you can.”

"What capital are we going to?" Rumi asked.

"Were going after the main capital, were going after the king and queen of Halven witch means we have a big fight on our hands the biggest we ever had. Now then let's go over the plan."" Alice explained her plan to her leaders having Babi go after the ship ports so they can't escape, Gravel was told attack the south walls Lorica and her beast to climb the walls and handle the archers, Crixus and the others will be going through the main gate and leading the assault." Now then any. Questions this will be the last time you get to ask them?"

They all shook their heads. They were all ready.

"Alright then we march tomorrow, tell anyone that can't fight to stay here until we come back for them your free to go people." Once Alices leaders left Alice took a sigh of releaf and turned to the gods." Whelp what do you three think huh not a bad plan huh?"

Arentenda nodded. "You will suffer great losses, but it sounds like a solid plan. Just remember your men will literally rely on you for strength."

"Yea I know, but with all the killing going on heh all that blood I can drink." Ou the tide will turn in our favor then but yes I will loose a great deal of men I might even louse some of my generals, but the if no when we win we finally have a capital to finally get this war started. My undead will play a bigger part in this but we will win no matter what."

The war goddess prepared to leave, but pointed at the other two deities. "Ypu two will help her get there and nothing more this is her fight, and the gods are watching you closely. Got it?"

They nodded, and she left. Seclavar sighed, and Grimora stuck out her tongue. "Someone needs to get laid. Anyway, sounds like fun, Alice."

"Yea I've come a long way since you last saw me, heh the biggest battle my men will face finally a true challenge for my people and once we have the city I will have to quickly be on the defense from the other nations as well as cites but one fight at a time. But for now." Alice hugged both Seclavar and Grimora." I'm glad I have you both on my side and I will always be there for you both."

They both smiled and hugged her back. "We're glad to be here too," Seclavar said. "Good luck. You'll do great."

"I promise not to die on you darling." Alice kissed the cheek of Seclavar. She then looked at Grimora." I also promise to come back to you as well." Alice let them both go and left her tent." Right well then best I get some rest it will be a long siege."


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Dream Love
Part One

Standing under Hakai, her last memory was darkness as in a blink of an eye, her entire world was filled with pain and the snapping and crunching of her own bones echoed inside of her.

Mags' eyes suddenly shot open, looking around quickly, she instantly recognized the place she was in. The gloomy trees shooting up around her, the howls of wolves and the screams of innocents piercing through her soul.

Mags held her head tightly, "N-No! I'm not supposed to be here! This is a mistake!"

A Bodyless voice, an unrecognizable one, spoke with a tone of authority. "You killed yourself to by them time. Fake body or no, it's still a sin."

"What!? But! It was your plan!" The Sheep fought... but there was no response, the darkness surrounding her.

Mags searched for a weapon, but found none, wolf howls getting closer as she shook. Suddenly, the figure of a woman comes through the trees and slams into her body before she could notice any details about her.

Looking down slowly, her eyes widened with horror as the woman looked up at hers. The woman's mouth hung slack, tears running down her face. "M-Maggie?"

"Selene..." Magdalene shook her head. "No... Why are you here... You... You didn't..."

"Didn't what...!? I-I... Oh..." Selene shot her gaze down.

"Selene..." The Sheep pressed her hands down on her sister's shoulders.

"You've been dead for so long... I... I couldn't take it..." Selene looked up.

"For... 'So long'? What... Do you mean...? I just got here..." Mags looked at her with panicked glare.

"You've been dead for two years... I... Carol left... Dad broke... We couldn't lose you too... We couldn't take it..." Selene clenched her sister's shirt. "I..."

Suddenly, wolves broke through the black wood around them, growling and snapping their jaws. Magdalene, who would've put herself in front of her sister, was paralysed in fear, realization, sadness, anger, every emotion one could have fighting in her mind. As the dogs rushed, Mags snapped out of it only to scream one word, "M-Methos!"

The sky itself broke open, and the goddess of dreams flew in, landing before Mags and slaging her hand forward. With a pain yowl, the wolves fell, and the goddess reached back. "Come with me!"

Making sure to grab Selene's hand as well as the Goddess', Mags braced herself for what might come next.

Methos zoomed up into the air, the remaining wolves snapping at their heels. The dream disturbed, it rumbled and shattered just as the goddess escaped with her precious cargo intact. "Are you okay?" she asked desperately.

Mags huffed heavily, looking around, then back at Methos. "It... Was a dream?"

The Sheep then looked down, shaking her head. "That felt more real than any dream I've ever had..."

"Was that... hell?" Methos grasped her shoulders. "Why? Why were you dreaming of the forest of suicides?"

"I... I went there to save Grimora!" Mags defended, her eyes tearing up. "But... I... I didn't know how horrible it would be... Blood and gore I can deal with now but..."

Methos gripped her tightly, closing her eyes and rocking her back and forth. "It's okay. I'm here. It's over now. Such a horrid place. You should have never gone. Damn the other gods for leaving that task to you mortals."

Mags dug her head further into the hug, letting more tears out now that she didn't have a mission to complete. "I... I saw so many slaves... Why would they punish people for suffering? For wanting it to stop...?"

"I don't know." Methos sighed. "I believe the reasoning is... life is a gift of the gods. And to take away your own is to destroy such a gift and defy the gods... or something to that effect..."

"But that reasoning is wrong! What are they supposed to do? Kill them? There's a place in Hell for that too!" Mags argued, pulling back from the hug. "Instead of helping people Grimora and Taydar are putting people in the same place with the people who drove them there! Their Masters tormented them so much they wanted any way out... Why do they have to pay for that? As far as I see it, they are being punished by being killed by their captors... You don't punish someone for being Murdered, do you?"

The Bard looked down and away. "If the other gods really cared about Life... They would help these people... They would've helped my sister..."

Methos hesitated. She had been isolated for so long, she wasn't sure how to react. "If... i-if it helps at all, I... I agree with you."

"Thank you..." Mags looked up into her eyes. "You're not like the others... You're not prideful... Or Arrogant... You are so kind and understanding..."

Methos smiled sadly. "Maybe now. But you know I wasn't always that way. I wouldn't have tried to make the world descend into eternal sleep if my arrogance wasn't so high."

"You weren't arrogant. You were lonely..." Mags reached up, touching the giant woman's hand comfortingly.

Methos slowly shrank down to the size of a normal human, taking a deep breath. "Thank you. So few people would be so kind." She ran her hand through the wooly hair on Mags' head. "Why don't I talk to the gods on your behalf. They might not listen to a mortal, but they should listen to another god. We can have things changed down there."

"You... You would really do that for me?" Mags felt her heart skip, opening her mouth to say something, but found she had no words to properly describe her feelings. Although, Methos could feel how much she was truly moved by the offer, being so close.

Methos took her hands. "It is only right. You are right. They have suffered enough. Maybe they can find something better for penance, or not punish everyone. You know... look at specific reasons."

"Methos..." The Farm Girl's lips quivered slightly, building every ounce of will she had in her, she smiled. "I... I love you..."

Methos' smile widened. "Oh, dear Mags... I love you too of course."

"N-No... I..." She swelled with emotion, butterflys filling her stomach. "I love you..."

Methos looked surprised. After a moment of silence, her face turned to sadness, and she looked away. "No, you... you can't..."

"But I do..." Mags added. "I've never felt more sure about anything..."

Methos kept her gaze away. "I... I know it is wrong to... expect anything from you. From anyone. But... in these months we have been together..." She closed her eyes. "I... think I... love you too..."

Magdalene gently turned Methos' head, looking into her breathtaking eyes for a moment and running a hand through her long black hair before slowly bringing her lips to the Goddess', kissing her passionately.

Methos hesitated at first, but soon kissed her back, putting some force into it, even as a few tears rolled down her cheeks.

After a few moments, Mags pulled back, a sense of profound contentness filling both of them as she smiled. "I hope you're okay with loving a simple Farmgirl..."

Methos chuckled. "Only if you're okay with loving a lesser goddess." She rubbed Mags' cheek. "When did you start to feel this way?"

"I think... The last time we talked... When you heard my inner thoughts..." Mags recalled. "You heard every terrible thing I feel about myself... And you still helped me with them..."

Methos rubbed Mags' hands lightly. "Can you guess when I fell in love with you?"


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Dream Love
Part Two

"Was it... When we bonded our emotions?" The Thrope guessed.

The goddess nodded. "I knew there was something special about you when you first saved me, but that moment when I saw into your soul..." She looked away, blushing. "Oh listen to me prattle on. I must sound so childish."

"You're fine... I like listening to you..." Mags smiled, but just as suddenly it dropped, something about her dream popped into her mind again, the first thing.

Methos looked concerned. "What is it?"

"One of the ones holding the Grimora's soul was this Huge Demon named Hakai..." Mags answered, that crunching feeling coming back into her mind. "To beat him I had to take a risk that let him... Crush... My fake body... But... I still felt everything..."

Methos placed a hand over her mouth. "So you... practically felt like what it was like to die? I am... so sorry..."

"I'm having a hard time forgetting about the feeling..." Mags shook her head.

Methos wrapped her arms around Mags. "Was there... another reason your nightmare was in the forest of suicides?"

"I... Selene has been getting worse, especially away from home..." Mags shook her head. "I-I don't want her to leave me... T-To end up there but... I don't know how to help her other than just being there for her... We both blame ourselves for what happened to our family..."

"Even though you know it isn't either of your faults, right?" Methos rose her chin. "What if we visited her dreams? Perhaps eased her pain, at least while she sleeps."

"Maybe... But... I don't know if we should do it without her permission... There's probably things in there she doesn't want others to see..." The Bard stated with uncertainty.

Methos tapped her lips. "I suppose so. It isn't spmething I usually think about. Sorry."

"It's okay... You just want to help her, that's what I love about you." The Sheep leaned in, only an inch or so from her face.

Methos smiled again. "I want to make your worries fade away. I want to give you everything I can. It has been so long since I felt this way about someone."

"Methos..." Mags smiled at her, an idea popping into her head. "I... Want to see you... In the real world.

Methos nodded, and drifted away a few feet. She closed her eyes and glasped her hands together. "Consentrate, dear, on waking up. I shall do the same."

"Alright." Magdalene focused as much as she could, getting quite used to waking herself up.

When she opened them again, she was back in her own room. At first, she was disappointed to find no one. Then, the room lit up as Methos stepped in through a portal, smiling.

Mags quickly jumped off the bed, wrapping her arms around The Goddess' waist excitedly. "You're even more beautiful now than when I first saw you in Aethereum..."

Methos chuckled, hugging her back. "Just wish I had time to shower. I must smell of dust bunnies."

Mags blinked, blushing bright pink all of a sudden as a thought came into her mind.

Methos tilted her head. "What's wrong? Are you sick?"

"No! Um... No..." Mags looked off. "There's showers here in the manor... You know... Private... Ones..."

"Oh?" Methos knelt down. "I see. Why not... take a shower together. And maybe... do a little exploring."

Mags shrunk, giving her a timid but excited smile. "O-Okay..."

Methos reached down and took Mags hand. "Alright. Let's... enjoy ourselves... my love."

She gulped, her face burning. "I'll... Show you the way... It should be completely empty this late... Heh-heh..."

Methos chuckled, blushing herself, and eagerly followed along.

Arriving at the shower, Mags had checked every corner on the way, not embarrassed to be seen with Methos, but embarrassed to be discovered, besides, if anyone who went with her recognized the god... People would talk...

The Thrope did a quick double scan of the Showers to make sure no one was around this late, which was correct, as she led her newfound love towards one of the curtained showers. "H-Here we are..."

Methos nodded. She closed her eyes, and her clothes faded away, revealing a lean body, surprisingly fit considering she spent so much time asleep. She covered herself slightly. "How... d-do I look?"

Maggie's jaw dropped. "Amazing..."

The Sheep slowly brought her hands up into her shirt, pulling herself out of it as she removed her bra, showing off a modest pair of B cups. "Are mine okay? They're no where near as big a my Sister's."

Methos knelt down, her hand lightly brushing Mags' chest. "You... are perfect, love. Perfect in every way."

The Sheep shuddered from the built up tension, nuzzling her briefly before slipping off her pants and undies, laying bare before her. She had a little bit of her extremely soft wool on her upper thighs, some on her forearms, some cradling the base of her breasts and finally, a small tuft above her entrance. "I... I am yours."

Methos nodded, and turned the showers on. "We'll need them... to cover the noise," she whispered before kissing the sheep woman lovingly.

The Water pattered overy the Sheep as they kissed, her wool becoming dark and heavy as it sunk down to her shoulders. The new, darker color of her wooly hair brought out her red eyes and made them look bigger on her face, making her visage cuter and even sweeter looking.

Mags brought her hands up to Methos' chest, kneading them happily, the orbs feeling like magic in her hands.

Methos cooed softly. "It has been ever so long." She rubbed the sheep's hips. "I will try to remember how to do this." She kissed her again, this time using her tongue.

Mags quickly began to moan lightly, if her partner's skills were rusty, she obviously couldn't tell. The Sheep mirrored the Goddess's move, cradling her waist and backing up against the wall just under the showerhead. The Thrope then slid her hands down from her love's waist, cupping and squeezing her rear.

Methos giggled. "Feisty." She reached down to cup something else. "I can be feisty too," she said as she started to rub.

"Mmph!" She squeaked, caught by surprise, the sudden pleasure making her bite her lip a little. "O-Oohohh..."

The goddess rubbed a bit faster, but not too fast. She wanted this to last. "Such a cute, tiny little flower. Barely touched, if at all, I take it?"

Mags nodded her head quickly, her eyes rolling back a little in their sockets from the feeling. "Mmmn... M-More... Please..."

Methos gently laid Mags on the floor and brought her mouth to the woman's lower lips, slowly flicking the entrance with her tongue. After a while, she pushed forward, sucking and letting her tongue explore inside.

Mags gasped as Methos entered her, curling her toes and clenching her fists. After a few moments of this, the Havenbrook Hunter wrapped her legs around her partner's head without thinking, her body quivering and shuddering from her attentions. "I'm....I'm getting closer..."

Methos smiled, only encouraged. Her tongue moved back and forth, in and out, flowing like an opera singer.

Mags huffed hot breaths of pleasure. "Y-You're... So good..."

The Sheep slowly slid her way under her Goddess, advice from her sister popping into her head as she teasingly nibbled on her lover's collar bone, then her neck. Magdalene then positioned herself as she rubbed her entrance into Methos', caressing her sides at the same time.

"You... Need to have fun too..." She whispered in her ear, sending shivers down her spine.

Methos felt the same, slowly nodding. "Show me what you can do. This goddess is in your hands now."

"Heh... No pressure." Beginning by caressing her chest gently, Mags brought a nipple up to her mouth, running her tongue all over it before taking her nipple gently in her teeth, rolling it around.

"Mmm..." Methos closed her eyes and relaxed, letting Mags control thi n-nbgns. She wasn't used to having her guard down like this, but she was loving it.

Mags gently push Methos onto her back, slowly running her tongue up her well toned abdomen and under her ribcage. "Am I doing good? Carol said other women like this..."

Methos laughed softly. "You are doing quite well. Please, do what comes natural. Think of what you would like."

Lowering down further, the sheep ran a tongue up her sensitive inner thighs, teasingly stopping just before her opening in order to do it again.

Methos let out a sad moan. "Don't stop," she sad sadly.


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Dream Love
Part Three

Mags grinned, but when she noticed Methos' face, it fell into a frown. "Are you... Okay?"

Methos smiled gently. "I just haven't felt this good in so long. Please, don't deny your goddess of such great pleasures."

"Very well." Running her tomgue up one last time, she kissed the top of her opening, sliding her way in and lapping at it.

Methos's whole body shivered, and she squealed in delight. "Yes... please, right there. Deeper... oh, I love it..."

Mags smiled slightly before continuing, taking long, deep licks from the bottom of her entrance to the top.

Methos held off as long as she could. Truthfully, as a goddess, she might have been able to hold off longer. But she didn't want to. She wanted release, needed it, and she got it, her whole body seizing up as the first orgasm in a while thundered through her body.

Mags was caught off guard, but happily continued her licking, gathering as much of her fluid as possible as she slipped a hand into her own panties.

Methos suddenly pushed up. She lifted Mags into the air and pinned her to the wall, passionately kissing her all over.

The Sheep laughed happily, enjoying alll of it. "Th-That tickles!"

Methos grinned. "Ready to be taken to new realms of delight?"

"Only If it's with you..." Magdalene said, her heart racing a mile a minute in anticipation.

Hours later, the pair laid cuddling in Mags' bed. "I've been watching you, you know?" Methos said softly. You and your guardian. I realize that, for a while, you two combined your powers.

She perked her head up, "Y-You have? I guess that makes sense..."

"Oh, Maggie..." Methos held her tight. "What was it like? What did you feel?"

"I... Betty and Erin, my friends that saved you... They were taken and enslaved..." Magdalene frowned. "They had these... Collars on that controlled their thoughts..."

"When I went to save them, their 'owner' tried to kill us... Carol... Almost lost her arm... She was bleeding everywhere so... I-I snapped and... I..." Tears began to fall down her face, running down Methos' body aswell, as they snuggled.

Methos only held her tighter. "You lost control... and he was there to combine with you. For a while, you became one. You needed to in order to... face your enemy."

"I... I don't really remember too much when I'm like that but... She's so showoffy and aggressive, I don't know where she gets that from, neither of us are really like that..." Mags looked down, collecting herself.

"You really hated it?" Methos asked.

The Sheep was quiet for a moments beore practically whimpering. "N-No..."

"Then I'll try and find out exactly why it happened to prevent it from happening again, okay? So no more worries. No more tears."

"No I mean... It wasn't all bad..." Mags held up a hand. "It... kinda... Felt good to be able to do something... To be that powerful..."

Methos smiled. "Well... then perhaps it is control we need to work on, yes?"

Mags suddenly realized something strange. "Where's... Baphomet? He's been really quiet... I thought maybe he wanted to leave us alone but... It's been a while..."

"I don't know," Methos stated. "Try calling to him."

Hello? Baphomet? Are you there?" She thought, but the only thing she heard was a really quiet mumbling.

"I hear him but... He's quiet..." The Bard's face grew concerned.

"Maybe we could try in your dreams." Methos swept her hand over Mags' face, and in a few moments, she was asleep.

Mags blinked, her dream world around her. "You are really good at that..."

Methos was standing next to her. "I know. Now... call to him."

"Baphomet!' She called out, suddenly, the plane shifted around them, finding themselves at a tall, dark cage. Inside was a copy of Magdalene, one she instantly recognized as what her friends had described her transformation as.

The copy's eyes perked up, "Oh. Well isn't this Interesting. Did you come looking for little ol' me?"

"You're.. Me..." Mags blinked.

"Eh... Kinda... It's more like you're half of me." She replied, her eyes turning to Methos. "And if it isn't our newly christened Love, looking as beautiful and as Sexy as ever."

"Um... thanks." Methos looked at her with concern. "Where is the other half of... uh, you? Where is Bephomet?"

"I am here." A voice spoke behind them, although it was softer. Upon turning, they saw that he was thinner than normal.

Mags placed a hand on his lanky frame. "W-What happened? Why are you like this?"

"Forgive me for worrying you... I... Need time to recuperate. The Battles over the last weeks have taken much out of me, Merce, The Demons, and of course... Hakai... Losing that body caused a great deal of my power to go with it... An... Unexpected result of stretching so far, pushing myself... Then you... Dying, severing the connection suddenly." He explained as best he could.

Methos walked over. "Take all the time you need. And please, stop by my forest. Its mystic energies may help you recover faster."

"Thank you, My Lady." Baphomet nodded, he could tell something is different about her.

Mags looked back over at the cage, the blackhaired version of her kicking her legs back and forth. "So... What's up with her? Why is she here if we are not fused?"

"I'll save you the trouble, Baphy. I always exist inside your mind, seeing out of your eyes." The Copy smiled.

"She is an Echo of our transformation, a... Remnant of our Combined Selves." The Nightgaunt Finished.

"Although, I'm still just a little bit more Mags than I am Baphy, but that'll work itself out the more you do it. And you'll see me change too." She continued, hopping up. "Oh! And I know what you're thinking, obviously. Call me Morghana."

"Morghana..." Methos cleared her throat. "Well, no fusing until you are at 100%, got it?"

"Gotcha Honey Thighs..." Morghana licked her lips, "Next time come by after a fight so I can play with you. Assuming we don't burn through the limited energy from our fusion. It doesn't seem like there's decay, so as long as even a little is left after a fight, I'm not going anywhere any time soon..."

Methos laughed nervously and turned to Mags. "I can see what you mean about her... confidence."

Mags' mouth was Agape, "Honey... Thighs?"

Morghana chuckled, "What? They're your thoughts, you're just too shy to say them."

The Original blushed brightly, "T-That's not true!"

"Oh but it is... I don't have your Shyness or your Reservations. I'm the you you've always wanted to be." The Fusion taunted lightly, licking her lips.

Methos placed a hand on Mags' shoulder. "Do not let her bother you. I love you as is, and I would if you were more like her. Just... try not to be too much like her. Some subtlety is always preferred."

Morghana chuckled. "Well, you've got to be doing something right. Although, there is more than one way to skin a cat."

Methos winked at her, then knelt before her lover, giving her a gentle kiss. "I should get back to work. And you, and Bephomet, should get some rest."

Mags held her hand gently. "Okay... But don't be gone too long... I'll miss you... And pease... Come by whenever you want to. I always have time for you..."

Methos nodded, and nuzzled their noses together. "I love you, my darling sheepy."

"And I you, my Gloriously Gorgeous Goddess..." The Farm-Girl laid a soft kiss on her lips.

Methos stood up and nodded once more to the others before departing from the dream.

Baphomet looked over to his host, who could feel a smile coming off of him.

"I take it you... Saw Everything, huh?" Mags asked, his coy silence giving her all the answers she needed.
Insane Darkness and Black0ut present...
The Messenger Clad in Black

A figure encased in ebony armor stood still near the training ground, almost as if they were a statue. Birds had even begun perching upon the figure’s head, almost as if they were unaware of what was inside the black metal.

Boots scratched against the dirt ground as Zodiak approached the training ground from the manor, holding his chest. Noticing the unfamiliar figure, he approached them, curiosity getting the better of him. Taking a deep breath first and releasing his hand so as to not seem injured, he stood tall before greeting them. “Hello. I… don’t recognize you. May I ask for a name, stranger?”

The figure did not respond or move, as the birds flew away, Zodiak’s presence startling them.

“Well, that’s nice. Good talk.” Zodiak turned away from the mysterious figure, instead focusing on the dummies. Please tell me I did not just talk to a suit of armor… I must really be losing it…

“Zodiak Diraven, former bodyguard to the Tsar, Master Marksman, and shameless flirt of anything that has breasts, a vagina, and a pulse. I suppose you’ll do.” A deep, feminine voice said from behind him, as the sound of something hitting dirt occurred along with the voice.

Zodiak slowly raised his hands in the air, refusing to turn around to find out what was speaking to him. “Well, that isn’t ominous in the slightest... Whatever you ask of me, I’ll obey. I’m very injured right now, so I ask that it has nothing to do with labor or getting myself hurt even worse. Also, that part about flirting with women is somewhat true, but a pulse is not exactly required.”

“I’ll make a note of that in future interactions.” The voice noted, a somewhat annoyed tone present.

“That… was a joke… Please… just don’t…” Zodiak’s head dipped downwards, having said something very stupid to someone without a sense of humor.

“Too late. Now… turn around.” The voice commanded.

Zodiak did as he was commanded, albeit slowly. “For the record, I would like to point out that I have no ill will towards-- Oh…” A sword was embedded into the ground behind him, nothing else behind him having changed from his last glance at it. “Hello?” Zodiak looked to the sky.

The armor suddenly moved and grabbed the man’s jaw, holding it up. “Hello.”

Zodiak’s eyes looked down through the skin of his cheeks and lower eyelids to find the suit of armor way too close for comfort. “Well, shit… Good to see you too.”

The figure merely tilted their head and with their free hand plucked the sword from the ground. “I’d expect more caution from a man who’s wounded, and somewhat hunted by his own family.” The figure said emotionlessly.

“Well, what do I have left to lose? I’m a knight that can’t even protect anybody. How fucking fantastic is that?”

“Quite a bit: I could take your sight or any other senses. I can brainwash you through torture to kill the ones you loved. There is far more you could lose. I could even kill that friend of yours… Faith was it?” The figure asked, her tone innocent and calm.

“Yes, and I’d be powerless to stop you. What’s your point? I can lose more, whatever, whatever. Does your head have more than just facts in it or is that all I’m going to hear from you again? You know, ‘See you in the afterlife,’ kind of thing.”

“I don’t plan to kill or harm you, Diraven. I came because you are renowned as an impressive fighter and a humble man. I see that I am mistaken: I see not the man I was told of but his shell. You lie in your feelings of self-contempt and act as if the world is against you. Had I not come here to recruit you, I’d almost pity how much of a waste you’ve become.” The figure somewhat scolded, sheathing the blade and removing her hand.

Zodiak allowed one of his hands to return to his chest. “A man who cannot fight is useless to everyone. A man incapable of preventing one’s death is useless to them and those closest to them. I am now both. And I will never hold the power to protect others again. I can’t even protect myself. My outlook is much too selfish and ignorant to make the right moves or the right choices. So, while you say that I am a shell, I say that I’ve seen a new outlook on life that does not leave me optimistic. Those that say that change takes time have never seen the effects of instant change. And yes, I would also say that the state I am in now would be considered ‘waste’. And yet, you say you wish to recruit me while my services are still loyal to the Havenbrook guild. Why is that?”

“First, boy… you are a waste due to that damnable attitude that has made others worry about you, which, in of itself, is hypocrisy of your earlier statement. Second,” She started, poking a finger into his stomach. “This is not a full-time contract. Rather, it is volunteer work. One I’m sure you’ll say yes to, as your own honor and your affection for Faith will convince you to agree.”

“First off, I have not taken this attitude towards anyone else. Don’t say things you don’t know to be fact. Second off, have you ever thought that, maybe, my honor and my ‘affection towards Faith’, as you put it, would convince me to disagree? One who wants someone to do something would ask them, not threaten them.”

“You seem to misunderstand. My threats are literal; if I threatened to kill Faith Regallis, I’d abduct her and then inform you of my threat, not give you a chance to rescue or warn her. And, were I to be cruel, I would have already removed everything I said I could, as that is merely fact. However,” The Black Knight started, raising a hand as if to ward away any comments Zodiak could’ve had. “I simply ask for your help in the removal of a slave trade from a country not far from here: Themosa. I’ve already asked if others will help and their answers are… well, ambiguous at best. So… will you help me abolish one of the biggest blights in the world or… will you let it continue and fester the like the cesspool of hatred it is?”

“What do you get out of this? This all seems beautiful and benevolent to free the slaves, but what repercussions are you anticipating? What is your goal in all of this? On top of that, I doubt you’ll just let me walk away from this with a firm disagreement or even after I abolished said slave trade. So, do I even get a choice and what will become of me after it’s abolished? There are too many holes you have yet to fill me in on.” Zodiak gave the helmet a suspicious eye.

“I will give you my word: as a former Knight of the Realm, I solemnly swear that no harm will come if you decline or finish your contract.” She said quietly, unsheathing the sword with incredible speed. Holding the blade at her chest, she offered the hilt to the former bodyguard. “Kill me if you do not believe me.”

“A Knight of the Realm, you say?...” Zodiak took the woman’s sword from her hand, analyzing it. Seems relatively standard-issue to me… Nothing entirely special about it. And yet… He stole a glance at the heavy armor the woman was clad in. She seems comparable to my own power at my prime, if not stronger. “Do you still uphold the rules, regulations, and honor you were sworn to as a Knight?” Zodiak gestured his hands forwards with the sword laying horizontal atop them, asking her to retrieve her blade.

Grabbing it and resheathing the blade, the woman shook her head. “No. I do better than what was required of me and as such, no longer use most of what I once swore to uphold.”

“While that leaves plenty of holes in my understanding of your beliefs, I shall take your word, loopholes and all and I shall accept your request. However, I don’t know how effective I will be at abolishing a slave trade while I’m injured. But, I suppose, I can leave that up to you.” Zodiak shrugged nonchalantly.

“I’ll ask of you when you’re less damaged and more able to fight.” The figure replied somewhat warmly. “Try to heal and rest. You’ll need it.”

“You say that like I can control my own healing… Yeah, that totally doesn’t stress me out at all. Only a bunch of slaves are on the line here. No big deal or anything, right?”

“Now you’re learning.” The woman replied, rolling her eyes in her helm. “You might even discover what sarcasm is if you keep it up.”

A giggle escaped Zodiak, shaking his ribs to the point where sharp pains forced him to stop. “Ow, ow, that hurts… But I can’t say I didn’t enjoy laughing like that. Even though it was at my own expense, but… Whatever. Thank you.” He gave the Black Knight a pained but goofy grin, his respect for a fellow ex-knight increasing substantially.

“Go rest. I don’t want you coughing up a lung.” The woman said, her voice still sarcastic, but with a hint of a commanding tone to it.

“I mean, I have two. I could afford to lose one. Well, maybe not… Alright, I’ll go. I shall see you around, milady. It has been… a pleasure… I think? Well, some of the time, it has been, anyway.”

“Take care and may your arrows fly true.” With that, the armor-clad figure climbed the wall that was barring access and soon disappeared from sight.

Dammit… I was going to say something witty about decapitation… Oh well.

Wait, why the fuck did I come out to the training grounds again?...
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The King in Yellow
Part One

Havebrook manor
Oct 23 3349

Medical room

Character was sitting in a chair in the healers office, they were using healing magic and potions on Character wrist, ribs should and arms. As well as treating the multiple cuts he had.” Honestly mr Van Dam this is the worst I’ve seen you, fighting a demon lord are you insane?! The healer asked.

“I was not gonna let my team fight her and have more injured here.”

“Knights honestly you people need to think more for yourself some times, I’ll get mo bandages just don’t move.” The healer left the room leaving Character there to think.

"She's right, you know?" Safria said, walking in with her sister. "You think to much about chivalry and stuff like that. It'll get you killed some day."

Es nodded sadly. "You should have trusted your team to fight with you, not risked everything to protect them."

“I was blessed by the warlord god, I could not let anyone else to take the beating I did.” Character smiled.” Besides how many men can say the challenge a lord of Hell and hold there own for five minutes?”

"Not many. I think that is the point." Safria chuckled.

Esmeralda, however, rished forward and wrapped her arms around him. "Never do something that dangerous again! I don't want to lose you?!"

Character sat in the bed thinking until he wrapped his good arm around Esmeralda.” I can’t promise that, I was raised to do the right thing to help those that need it. I can’t lie to you and say that I will be carful All I can say is that I’ll try. But I will still be fighting monsters giants or whatever Terra will throw at me, but I can promise that I will always come back to you no matter what.”

Esmeralda nodded. "I... I love you so much, Charter. Always remember that, no matter what happens, I will always love you."

“And I will always love you two, and know that I will never abandon you.” Character kissed Esmeralda forehead.

Safria smiled gently at the two for a few seconds. She quickly shook her head. "Yeah, yeah, enough of the mushy stuff. You clear to go out, Charter? We're going on a little trip."

“A trip what kind of a trip are you planning, and how expensive is it?”

"Not very," Esmeralda assured him. "We're going north to the city of Hecatoncheires. Their library is relocating, and selling some of their books at huge discounts."

Safria nodded. "And I want to make my special brownies, but we don't have the right fudge here. Lady Havenbrook says the market place there would probably carry it."

“Ou great how wonderful whelp then.” Character slowly stood up grouning while he did so.” Just help me with my shirt will you Es.”

Esmeralda placed a hand on his chest. "Are you sure you are up for this?"

“I’ll be fine besides there safe healers in town, I’ll live.” Esmeralda helped Character with his shirt and escorted him down stairs, once outside the helped him hit on Slone Es riding on Slone as well and the road to the Hecatonchees.”

Safria climbed on a horse. "It is a few hours north. Have you ever been there?"

“Can’t say that I have, never visited small towns much in my travels Hell there are many places I still wish to visit.”

"Well, I heard you'll like it." Safria rode ahead, yelling, "Hurry up, slow poke! It'll take several hours to get there!"

Es giggled. "She actually sounds excited to go."

“Heh told you all she needed was someone to care for her that wasn’t her family, I told you I make her happy. Come on Slone move it!” Slone started to run faster but not fast enough for his master to fall off.

A few hours later, and the small city was in sight. "So what should we do first? Is there anything you want to look at?"

"Don't know I've never been here before, maybe we should help your." Charter sees a woman with a purple robe and her bottom part of her hair was dyed purple but the rest of her hair was black." Elma!"

The woman raised her head and turned to the direction of the noise." Charter." Elma rushed to Charter side hugged him to which he groaned at the hug." Huh your hurt what are you doing out here?"

"He's fighting demons," Safria said. "Bad ones. Who's this?"

"I'm his sister Elma, now the question is who are you?"

"Elma this is Safria this is Esmereldas older sister."

"Wait this is Es sister, huh she doesn't look all bubbly like Es?"

Es giggled, and Safria frowned and folded her arms. "I'm my own person. And you don't look like strong, confident Charter."

"Care Safria your felling are showing."

Elma giggled." I'm strong in my own way." Elma had a small bit of frost go across her arm and blew it at the Treo."See I have my own strengths."

"Have you improved a lot?" Esmeralda asked. "What are you doing in this town?"

"I heard that this book company is going out of business so i'm here to get a load of new spell books, I could learn some new spells."

"My question is how did you get here, I mean it would take quiet the bit of coin for you to get here."

"Ou I have a horse I bought him from a farmer a few weeks back, and tamed him."

"You tamed a horse? Wow you have come a long way since you joined the guild."

Es jumped over to her. "Wanna check out the moving library? They might have some spellbooks."

"You two enjoy yourselves, I will help Safria out with her erian and meet back with you two."

"Huh Charter your passing up the chance to get a new book, that's not like you at all?"

"I bought a few new ones a few weeks back, look sis just go with Es and keep her safe alright."

"Fine, come on Es let's go."

Safria watched as the pair walked off, then headed toward the market with Charter. "You could have gone woth them, you know. Not like I am so inept I can't shop by myself. I mean... I appriciate it, of course..."

“I can always shop with Es any day of the week, but I’m still your temporary boy friend so I wanna spend time with my time girlfriend.”

Safria grinned. "You want some alone time so you can get frisky without Esmeralda seeing?"

“Hay Now I’m not that type of guy, even though you are tempting.”

Safria laughed. "I'm just messing with you." They entered the market place. "Now, I'm going to look to see if anyone has the fudge pre-made. Otherwise I'll make it myself. Find me some milk. And make sure it is fresh, and it is from a cow."

“Right I’ll try my best with that.” Character went through the market his arm and ribs aching with every step.” Ugh while I’m at it might as well find a alchemist.”

As he searched, he easily found the milk. He was following someone's directions to an apothecary when he noticed four unusual looking men and women standing together, all in dark black robes. There was a symbol in yellow on the back that looked somewhat familiar but he couldn't place it.


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The King in Yellow
Part Two

Character kept his guard up and quickly made his way to a alchemy shop.” Hay do you have poshes to block to help dull pain?”

The receptionist was staring out her window at the robed figures. "Hmm? Oh, sorry. Um... pain relief, right?" She searched under the counter and came up with a few small bottles. "These are all drinkable, only three copper each. Guaranteed to relieve pain in under twenty minutes. Do you want small, medium, or extra strength?"

“Extra strength please I feel like I’m gonna need it.” Character payed the lady and left.

"Master said she is by the library," one of the robed figures whispered as Charter passed.

"He is sure she is the one we need?" asked another.

"You dare question master Hastur? She is the one."

"Pure of heart, pure of soul... perfect for corruption."

“I’m gonna say this one time.” Character say turning to the people in robes.” Go near that woman and I’ll rip your heads off.”

They all slowly turned to look at him. "Who do you think you are? Mind your own business."

“The woman you just described is my business so I’ll say again mess with her, and will rip your damn heads off.”

One of them started to laugh manically. "You fool. You poor fool." He pulled out a knife. "You're already too late!" He charged Charter.

Character used his bad arm to block the blow the knife going through his hand causing him to yell in pain, but he grabbed the knife and punched the hooded finger stomach.

The man dropped like a rock, obviously not much of a fighter, but there was three left, and they all came at once.

Character took the knife out of his hand and charged the three hooded figures, He tackled one figures and plunged the knife into there lungs.

The other two ran up to him, one grabbing him into a full nelson while the other went to punch Charter in the face.

Character took the blow and other shots to his face and ribs, Character then ducked the last punch causing the figure to punch his comrade getting them off Character, he then grabbed the man that was punching him and rammed his head into his opponent several times dropping the man. Character then finally drank the position and didn’t feel the pain he felt earlier.

"Heh heh heh..." The remaining concious man, who had been punched in the gut, laughed from his position on the floor. "You are... too late. By now... the master has... found the chosen one."

“Yeah hate to break this to you but whoever you sent to get your target are more then likely dead because she wasn’t alone.”

Across town, Esmeralda excitedly scanned the spellbooks at the library. "Oh, oh! Elma! How about this one! This is a fantastic price! A bit of an advanced read, though..."

“The more the better, I was getting bored with simple spell books, hay what about this one?”

"Ooooh, that is a rare one for... that little?! Oh, you NEED to get it! Do you need to borrow some coin?" Es reached for her purse.

“Relax Es I have my own money, I’ve been taking jobs as a mercenary so I got plenty of money.” Elma picked up another book.” Hay Es this is a spell book on wind magic here.”

"I have one here. The are to copies, so we can each have one." Esmeralda handed her the book. "Expanding your elements, huh? I'm happy with mine, but of course I'm no fighter."

“No I just like reading about other magic, best to master what I have then master nothing and just be throwing spells.” Elma looked at the book and back at Es.” Hay Es I know you’ve been worryed about me Character Keeps telling me that you wanted to talk about my current actions.”

The Light Elf took in a deep breath. "You just seem... lost. And angry. Is it because Eraqus said mean things about you? He's back now, you know, and he has his arm back. Maybe you can talk, because I don't want you to leave."

Elma eyes widen.” He’s alive that’s not possible! Elma quickly regained her composure and looked back at Es.” It wasn’t just that, I also broke Jay staff which spread corruption. I had to leave to leave a figure out somethings on my own.”

"And... have you yet?" Es asked softly. "Have you... found yourself?"

"In some way I have, I learned a lot in the past few months I've gotten better at my magic but i'm still learning about me so for now just don't worry about me alright."

"I am your friend. And your sister some day. I will always worry a little." Es smiled at her. After looking around a while longer, however, she started to look nervous.

"What's the matter?" Elma looked around and saw some figures wearing some black hoods." Es just stay close to me will you just ignore them alright."

"O-okay." The pair paid for the books and headed out. The robed figures stayed near, and grew in number. Once they were out on the street, one in black with brilliant yellow trimming approached. "Hello." He grinned widely.

"Hi, is there something I can help you with if not please move."

He laughed. "We have come to take you on behalf of our master. I'm afraid... I must insist. Please, come quietly."

"Yea i'm gonna have to say no, so you have until the count out ten to get the hell out our way before something happens to you."

"Ten, huh? How about this?" He stepped back, and several men stepped forward. "Here are ten of my men. Beat them, and we'll let you go. Okay?"

Elma looked around her." Only ten huh, you should have brought more you would have lived longer." Elma had two orbs of ice appear in both her hands, when they fell a ice wolf and a boar appeared." Alright come and get me then."

Then men yelled and charged forward. They were more dangerous then your usual human opponents. It was clear in their eyes that they either had no fear, or they were more afraid of someone other then Elma. Seven charged her while three went for Esmeralda.

The ice boar charged the men coming to Elma ramming it's tusk into there legs, while the wolf Pounce on them and sinked it's teeth into one of the robed figures. Elma on the other hand told Esmeralda to duck and lightning came from her hands shocking all three of the figures.

Es let loose a blast of wind to send them flying. "Elma! Sh-should we run! What if we can't take them?!"

“Hum For now it’s best we do that, I can’t let them take us you more importantly. Character will kill me if I lose you.” Elma made a ice spike and threw it into the ground.” Sheild your eyes Es!” Elma then threw a ball of light at the ice spike making a blinding light that reflected of spike.

They quickly ran, Esmeralda pulling out a smoke bomb as they neared a pair of alleyways. She let it explode, and yelled, "Down this way!" Instead of running down either one, they continued down the street and turned right. They continued running for a while, ducking into another alley and stopping to catch their breath. "You were... amazing... back there... Elma."

“I was holding back, to many people... diden’t want... magic to hurt...them.” Elma said breathing through her nose.

"I could tell," said a voice to the side. A figure in a bright yellow robe, their features obscured, stepped out of the darkness. He laughed. "I think you lost them for now. Catch your breath. I will have to kill one of them for every minute it takes to find you."

Elma took a defensive stance” Who are you, are you with them?”

"It is usually more polite to introduce yourself first, but since I already know you... my name is Hastur." He outstretched an arm. "Nice to meet you, Elma Van Dam."

Elma looked down at the hand and back at the man.” How do you know my name and who were those people?”

"They are the disciples of Hastur. My people. And I learned all about the Havenbrook people." He retracted his 'arm'. "After all, your vampire friend hired you to hunt my people. But that is not why I am here. I am here... for her." He turned to Esmeralda.

A ice spike appeared in Elma hand.” I don’t know what you’re talking about, but if you don’t walk away right now this will be the end of you.”


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The King in Yellow
Part Three

"Right, right." Hastur chuckled. "Here is what is going to happen. You're going to attack me. When that fails, you'll tell Esmeralda to run, and hit me with everything you got. Then I'll beat you with one hit, and go after her." He held out his arms. "Now... begin."

Elma eyes twitched and she combined her fire and lighting magic, she then threw the ball at the man.

It connected, Hastur not even trying to dodge. He writhed and fell in a flurry of fire that seemed to consume him. "Yes!" shouted Esmeralda. "You did it! He underestimated you, huh?"

Elma kept her guard up seeing if the man was alive. As they watched him burn, Hastur stood behind Elma as well, peeking over her shoulder. "Think you got him?" he asked. "I think you got him. Good job!"

Elma growled and grabbed Hastur head and used her lightning magic to shock him. “Leave us alone!”

Hastur backed up, and a tentacle shot out of his sleeve and wrapped around Elma's neck, lifting her in the air. "Now is the part where you tell her to run," he stated.

“No this is the part we’re you get off me!” Elma used her ice magic to freeze the tintacal and break it off her neck, as she was falling she cried out.” Es could us some help here.”

"Right!" Esmeralda ran towards their foe, firing off blasts of wind and light. Each attack seemed to do nothing, and Hustur slapped her away, causing her to smash hard into the wall.

Elma eyes widen and her eyes started glowing,three huge ice spike.” Die!” Elma launched the spikes at the man.

"Enough of this." Hastur wiped away the spikes and grabbed Elma once more. He slammed her into the ground several times before throwing her back into the street. As she lay there, he slowly approached, hundreds of ice shards appearing around him. "I am afraid you must die now."

“Really because I’m just getting started.” Elma held her hands together and two small flames came out, when she slammed her hands on the ground she made a ring of fire engopling them both.

Hastur sighed. "This is really impressive. Really, I mean it. But I'm not know to be the most patient of gods." He lifted his hand, and the flames froze over. Walls of ice formed around Elma until she was completely closed in. As they slowly closed in on her, Hastur said, "I wonder how tiny I can crush you. Guess we'll find out. Well... I will. You'll be dead." He turned and walked over to the unconcious Esmeralda.

Suddenly the he heard something cracking behind him, and Elma came out of the wall of ice." I'm not finish with you yet damn you!" Elam made what looked like a hook and chain and threw it into the mans cheats piercing his heart." You stay away from her you bastard!"

Hastur flopped to the ground like a rag doll, laying still as death.

Es slowly sat up, a hand to her head. "Did we win? I'm sorry I was so useless."

"Don't think he's dead yet, but for now we need to take this chance to find Charter and your sister and regroup with them." Elma grabbed Esmerelda hand and ran out of the ally.

They soon came to Charter, who was looking for them. "Charter!" Es through herself into his arms.

Charter held on to Esmerelda like he thought he had lost you." You alive thank the gods your not hurt." Charter looked at Elma and walked to her."Thank you Elma i'm so proud of you thank you for protecting Es for me."

"Of course what's family for."

"She was so brave!" Es looked back at Elma. "Lord Hastur was so strong and powerful, so much more then her, but Elma was a tricky one. She stabbed her right through the chest, right in his heart. Not that he had one, right Elma?"

"Hum I'm hoping that he's dead but I highly doubt that hes dead, we should get out of here quickly were is Es sister Safria?"

"I'm here..." Safria ran up, gasping for breath. "I can't... run as fast as... need more... exercise." She breathed in and out, then looked over Es, staring at her.

Esmeralda clapped her hands together. "I think Elma is right. There is no way she could have killed someone like Master Hastur. She probably barely hurt him. It is best we run away. I was surprised Elma didn't do so after he knocked me down, honestly."

"Because Charter would have killed me, and also what kind of person would I be if I left my sister in law behind. But um charter how are you standing."

"Took some pain relieving potions, bet get out of her now before all the pain I took will be coming back again and I start coughing up blood."

"Oh, my. We can't have that." Esmeralda noticed Safria staring at her and smirked. She gently kissed Charter on the lips and whispered, "When we get home, I'll make you feel... much better..."

"Why not do it now?" Safria suddenly asked, an edge in her tone.

Es laughed. "So dirty! Right here, in the streets? Naughty, naughty."

When Elma looked at Charter she saw a look in his eye she never saw before." Elma take them and get as far away from her as possible."

"Um Charter are you sure that's a good?" Charter went past Elma like she wasn't there and made his way to the ally were the corpse of the hooded man was.

When he arrived, all he found was an empty yellow cloak. "Now... that's weird..." He turned back to find Esmeralda standing nearby. "This is where Elma left him. How strange. Seriously though, I was super surprised she didn't run away and abandon me. You know how cowardly humans can be, and Lord Hastur was so much stronger then her."

Charter grabbed Esmeralda throat." You have two seconds to explain to me why the hell did you come after my wife and the child she's carrying?!"

Esmeralda's lip quivered. "Charter, my love... you're hurting me." She grinned widely. "Couldn't keep that up. Because she is so pure. We need someone like her. Don't worry. She is safe. She is our... precious mother with her cargo.

Character eyes widen and his eyes started to twitch.” I want you to know this now the things I will do to you that even your god will be disgusted by.” Character snapped the mans neck and yelled out of sorrow and anger.

The body diappeared, and Hastur reformed behind him, his features ever hidden. "You seem to misunderstand, my boy." Dozens of large, purple tentacles flowed out of his sleeves and from under his robes, too many to actually fit under it. "I am a god. She will be unhurt. Untouched. And you will see her again... very soon." He vanished from sight in a blink of an eye.

Charter punched were the god was with his bad hand when he vanished, leaving a hole in the wall.Charter scraming in rage.

Elma came into the ally." Charter what's wrong?"

"They took her, they took Esmeralda."

Safria lowered her head. It had been clear to her that the woman before was an impostor. She was a stern woman who never cried. So she covered her eyes with her arm so no one could see her crying now.

"I..I failed again I let Esmeralda get taken from right under my nose, I... I failed." Tears started to fall from Elma cheek.

"No! Don't you dare cry Elma." Charter grabbed his sister arm." This is not the time for you to be sadden."

"But I failed."

"No this you were tricked, you held your own with a god even though he was toying with you. But this is twice now that a god has used illusion magic to trick you, do not apologize to me get better and learn more about this kind of magic." Elma nodded her head and whipped her eyes

Charter then walked to Safria." I know your sad Safria for the lost of her sister, but you must be strong your the older sister you must be strong and believe that we will get her back and know that I will do everything in my power to get my wife and your sister back no matter what is in my way."

Safria wiped her eyes, and nodded. "I... know we will." Surprisingly, she walked over to Elma, giving her a hug.

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Windows to the Soul


Static filled the air in an infinitely black space, the horrible screeching she had underwent filling the air again, reminding her of her experience, as if mocking her.

The Fly held her head in her hands, struggling again the sound. “No! No-No! It's over! Stop it!"

Soon however, all sound was drowned out, not even leaving her able to think through the all consuming noise. The Fly struggled, standing up slowly as she forced herself to walk through the blackness.

Suddenly, another vision haunted her, her Adoptive Father hovering off to the side of her path. “Look at you… You're nothing. Just another animal. You don't deserve rights, or love, or happiness. Not after you took my daughter from me.”

“I-I didn't…” The Tinkerer struggled.

“Don't speak to me. You only exist to serve at my feet. You and the rest of your kind. If you hadn't have ran, Veeti wouldn't have been shot. If you had actually shot who I intended, Veeti wouldn't have been hurt… It's your fault…” The Netzi pressed her, following her even as she walked past him.

“Shut… Up! Get away from me!” She swatted at him, missing.

“Both of your places is down on your knees, between the legs of a paying customer. That's all you'll ever be good for. Do you think this is what you were meant to do? You're the weakest, most pathetic hunter here.”

Finally, she had enough, screaming to drown out the sound, and when she looked back, he was gone. “You have… No control over me anymore!”

“If you're thinking about this so much, it's obvious he does.” Another voice, this time female spoke. Walking up beside her casually was Tecunte, the Goddess she had defeated. “To think you two were so weak you were controlled by a hunk of metal. Oh Mortals and their fragile little minds…”

“No… you're not real! I killed you!” Betty fought.

“You didn't do anything. Your pet weapon did all the work. If you had been stronger or tougher, your friend wouldn't have had to died to hold me down.” She taunted. “You didn't even help when I was pounding your daughter into the dirt!”

Betty shook her head, holding in tears as she continued forward.

“You should have heard her, ‘'Where’s my Amam, why isn't she helping me!? It hurts so much!’.”

“You're lying!”

“Am I? Or it just a truth you don't want to hear?” She playfully prodded Betty’s face. “And you think you can take care of another Daughter? Truly? Are you going to fail raising her like you failed Eliza?”

Tecunte snickered. “But this ‘death’ is all part of the plan… As long as I'm in here, I'll never die… Maybe I'll take your Daughter as my own personal pet when I return…”

“Zhen I'll just get rid of you!” Betty’s gauntlet materialized in her hand, and with the flick of a switch, she banished the image in a gout of flame.

Continuing, Betty was now confronted with a vision of herself, wearing a stuffy, fruffy dress, bouncing slightly on her toes. “Why did you have to disobey daddy? We were happy!”

“That… wasn't happiness…” Betty faught, growling lightly.

“Oh? And you're so happy now? You can't lie to me.” She stepped in front of Betty’s path. “ Part of you enjoyed it, loving Daddy, not having to think, having him be responsible for all of our actions.”

“I am happy… I have a real family that loves me…” The Fly pushed her out of the way.

“Seems like it… All the suffering, all the nervous tics in your hands. If you had just accepted it, it wouldn't have been long until I would be you. Then we would be happy with Erin forever, doing the wishes of our masters… No need for stressful independence, no need for Friends to die… We just needed to collar the rest of our Family, then we could all be together as happy slaves, admit it… That sounds appealing to you, doesn't it?”

Betty was quiet, struggling to keep the thoughts out of her head.

The copy smiled, stopping her again and running her arms down Betty’s shoulders. “It is appealing to you... “

“Shut up! No it's not! It's just what he put in my brain!” Betty screamed.

“How do you know, dear? How can you even tell the difference between my thoughts and yours anymore? You must be going through such indecision…” Ignoring the scream, she ran her hands up Betty’s shirt and began to remove it. “I know just what you need.. You need to let me in…”

“N-No… Stop…” Betty protested struggling weakly.

“That's it… let me be you… so we'll all be happy… No more choices have to be made… No more stress… Just shut your mind down… And let me take control…” The copy fully pulled off Betty’s shirt, the article of clothing disintegrating in mid-air as she forced her tongue into Betty’s mouth.

The fake- or… was she the fake… pressed her hands against the outside of her bra, pushing her down to the ground as she invaded her mouth. “Good girl… No more new stresses… It is only me now… Blissful limbo is to be our fate… That Pearl will only hurt us more…”

“P-Pearl…” Betty suddenly became aware, pushing her clone away from her. “If I give in to your ‘'peace’, I'll never truly be happy, I'll never truly help people! People like Pearl who need me!”

“You're putting her through the same th-”

“Shut-Up!” She was cut off, “You are nothing more than an echo of leftover doubt! So! Just! Leave!”

The copy began to fade, but left her with one more chilling message. “I'll never just be a memory…”

As she kept forward, a gateway of light shone ahead of her, as the Fly made her way to what she thought was an exit, two silhouettes appeared, glaring back at her from the doorway.

“N-No…” Betty looked on.

“Where are you Betty? Did you stop looking for us?” Her Real Father’s voice called out.

“We need you! How dare you forget about your own parents!” Betty’s Mother fought.

“I-I haven't!” The Engineer quickly countered.

“Haven't you!? You even have your own Family now?” She said.

“It's clear we don't have a place in your life anymore…” Her Father shook his head.

“I had to defeat Tecunte! Save everyone! I promise I'm coming! I know where you are!” Betty pleaded, stepping forward.

“Then do it… help us…” They both spoke in unison as they faded.

Casting her head down, she was unsure if, after everything, she still had the strength to continue her search. That was… until two hands gripped hers. Looking left and right, she saw Erin and Eliza standing next to her, smiling supportively… then together… they stepped through the door…
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Frostlich1228 & Black0ut present:
The Two Clad in Black

Havenbrook Manor
8:49 P.M.

Two dull thumps were the only sounds that told a story; two of Havenbrook's guards had been knocked unconscious, allowing a figure clad in ebony armor to pass unopposed to the training grounds were they stood, still as a statue.

Standing in that yard, training as usual after her mission in Hell, was the Dhampir Kva, currently unaware to the intruder as she practiced on a dummy.

The figure's head tilted, their helm hiding the figure's facial features. "The Dhampir trains to protect her loved ones. Admirable for one so young, considering her age." A deep feminine voice said, her body still ridiculously still.

Suddenly, a cold feeling ran up her spine, a sixth sense, prenatural intuition? She didn't know, all she knew was that she 'felt' something watching her. The Bloodsucker lowered her weapon suddenly, scanning the area with a slow, measured gaze.

The figure remained still, as if she were just a suit of armor. "Hello, young one." She said, her voice becoming more sharp and commanding. "Training to protect Titania, and the rest of your Guild? I dare say that is quite admiral, considering your age."

"Young one?" Kva raised an eyebrow. "Do I know you? You seem to know us, at least a miniscule amount..."

"I do. And I shall be honest, you are a very interesting Dhampir, reminiscent of the vampires before the war." Raising her hand as if to ward off Kva, she continued, "I do not seek a fight with one such as you. You are too important with current events. Especially after your sordid affair in Hell."

"I'll ask again..." Kva stepped forward. "Who. Are. You?"

"I am merely a soldier. A tired one, but one nonetheless. And calm yourself. It's unbecoming of even a Dhampir your age." The stranger said, tilting her head. "Besides, I'm merely... a concerned 3rd party. You wouldn't hurt a woman who stands to gain nothing from hurting you or your family... Kva."

"And how do I know that? Even without Tecunte, it'd be foolish to drop our guard." The Fencer pointed out. "If you won't tell me who you are... Then tell me what you want..."

"Well, I'd like a cold glass of liquor and a sandwich. Sadly, I doubt you have any fucks to give towards any actual requests. So... what I want simply is to tell you I exist. That I exist and that I exist helping Themosa rid itself of its slavery problem." The figure replied, tapping her hilt in arrhythmic manner.

"That and the fact that you are sorely lacking in quality guards to defend your home." The figure shook her head slowly, never entirely turning her head away from Kva. "Any normal ruffian or hoodlum with enough skill could walk through as I did, albeit not without fatal casualties. I'd drag them in if I were you."

"Most understand that the guards are just a mild suggestion, the real things you should worry about when sneaking in here are the Hunters Themselves." Kva stated, leaning on her rapier lightly. "And why tell me this? Why am I so important? Logic would dictate you would find your way to Ms. Havenbrook."

"I have no intention of talking with Wilhelmina Havenbrook. Her child takes precedence over any conversation. I talk to you solely for your power, wisdom, and good character. That, and I had to see who wielded an ancient blade, their skill, e.t.c." The woman rambled on, one of her hands rubbing the pommel of her sword.

Kva's eyes glanced down to her sword, then back up at her. "I thought you said you did not come here to fight..."

"I didn't, as fight probably has a different meaning to you than it does me. When I fight, I kill. But, as I've sworn not to take the life of another soul in my new mantle of a 'Black Knight', I simply spar. When I spar, I consider it the act of putting one's soul out for the other to judge." The Knight explained, unsheathing her blade, but held the blade in one hand and the hilt in the other. "However, if you wish to strike me down instead, I understand. An uninvited guest is not a thing that most will tolerate."

"So you want to spar with me? That's why you came here?" Kva said incredulously.

"Not initially; I seek to gather allies to help me right some wrongs in this cruel, dark world. Yet... I'm merely a soldier, and I'm unable to figure out a way to convince an individual of such a different background to aid me besides showing you what I'm capable of." The figure answered truthfully. "So Lady Kva... what would convince you as to actually help my cause?"

"So. You want help from me. That doesn't explain how you know I'm a Dhampir, or know Titania, it would almost seem like you are spying on us... That or... You knew Me from Draculesti... Which brings me back to the question, who the hell are you?" The Hemomancer pressed even further, crossing her arms.

"Like you don't show your face except to the dead, and probably your girlfriend, the same applies to me in this armor. I do not carry a name with this armor. If you wish to name me, you can." The warrior said, sheathing her blade.

Kva brought her hand up to her mask, resting her head on her closed fist and shaking it. "Then how do you know us? Have you or have you not been watching us?"

"I haven't. Havenbrook did. You are quite a well-renowned guild after all, and getting information is quite easy when your quarry is a Dhampir death priestess. Kinda easy if you know what you're looking for. So, yes, I have inquired after you, no, I haven't been watching you." She replied, crossing her arms.

"To Whom?" Kva asked seriously. "Because that's knowledge I keep very close at hand..."

"If you want that information, I'm afraid I can't tell you. Honor and creed demand I keep that secret." The Black Knight replied, shaking her head softly. "A promise was given and I rarely break my word. Sorry."

"Then if I find out, and I don't like what I hear... We're going to be doing a lot more than sparring..." She stared daggers, her red eyes visible behind her helmet.

"Youngling, do not threaten me with idle threats. Either you're going to kill me or you aren't. There are no other alternatives." She said quietly, her hand grabbing the hilt. "So. Stop the menacing, tough girl act. It really doesn't work on me, and I doubt that'll change anytime soon."

Taking a few steps back, the armored figure sighed. "If I were plotting to do anything to you or your loved ones, would I blatantly reveal myself to you and ask your help? Or would I just kill Titania and have you track me down in a murderous rage?"

"The Latter. If you know this much about me, then you would know exactly how foolish killing her would be." Kva growled lightly. "Fine. I'll give you your fight, if that's what you desire. Maybe I'll puzzle out more about you as well…”

"Not a fight, just sparring." The Knight emphasized, her tone disapproving. "And because I'm not above petty acts either, I'll fight as your lover does, albeit better and less...rageful bloodlust." Gripping the blade in both hands, she eyed her opponent warily, her blade in a defensive stance.

Kva unscathed her Rapier, taking slow steps toward her target. As she neared, she did a few small, fake stabs with her weapon, partly to pressure her, and partly to watch if she ever took the bait, which would leave her wide open.

The armored woman didn't move, looking as if she were a statue once more. "I am not an unseasoned whelp that cannot see the intention of your blade. Strike, or drop your weapon. You do not have all day."

Kva sighed. "I am testing you. Seeing if this 'child' talk is nothing but bluster... If you're going to continue whining I can go elsewhere..."

The Knight moved out of her defensive stance, taking on a more aggressive approach, but with an eerily calm voice. "I guess I should prove myself then."

Moving faster than the common races should have been able to, the warrior struck fast and hard, repeatedly using great strength and speed with her blows in a near flurry of attacks. The figure used her longsword's reach to stay out of range of Kva's rapier.

Forced on the defensive, Kva parried of dodged attack after attack, waiting for a opening. Finding a small window, Kva revealed the weapon in her other hand, cracking her whip forward and hoping to trip the 'Knight' up by wrapping it around her legs.

Backing off with incredible speed, the woman cracked her neck as she stared at Kva. "A whip... that was something I was not prepared for. I suppose I'll have to drop Titania's fighting style then." She said quietly, holding her blade to the side. Moving fast, the Knight charged at Kva, and struck several times, the attack being far more precise and quicker than before.

Realizing she not only couldn't block all of them, but was also being opened up for a strike, Kva expanded into fog, allowing her Longsword to go through it before materializing just to the side of her. She then placed the Mysterious Woman's arm in her armpit, wrapping her arm around it and pulling up suddenly, forcing her to drop her sword or risk Kva breaking her arm.

The sword dropped, but a headbutt into Kva's helmet, followed by a harsh kick at the knees to drop her was quickly performed. Using her free hand to swing, the Knight swung at Kva's face with strong force.


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The Two Clad in Black, pt. 2

The Headbutt was a surprise, the two helmets clanged into eachother, absorbing some of the force. Blocking the right hook however, the knee connected, forcing her step back, but not before kicking the sword farther away.

"I do not need a blade to fight." The figure said, a humorless chuckle erupting from the helmet as she readied herself to move out of the way of a potential attack. "But I fear I will injure you too greatly if I continue."

"Please. You've done nothing to warrant any fear yet." The Dhampire readied herself again.

"Alright. As you wish." Quickly running over to retrieve the blade, she got into a defensive stance as she waited to pick it up. "But I will try to use my blade to avoid injuring you too much..."

"If you insist." Kva shrugged. Suddenly, the Dhampir performed an aggressive lunge forward, following up with a series of extremely quick strikes with her much lighter weapon, trying to force an opening.

The lunge was dodged, but the strikes struck through slicing at the gauntlets, and rending large slashes through them. The Black Knight shifted, balancing on one leg as the other swung hard and fast at the Dhampir's head. Reaching unsteadily, the figure fumbled for her sword to put Kva back on the defensive.

However, Kva reacted quickly, grabbing the leg and using her own momentum to slam her into the ground behind her.

"That is what I want to encounter! Very good!" The woman proclaimed, using her hands to lift herself somewhat off the ground as her feet swung at Kva with purpose; One to hit her side the other to trip her legs.

Kva blocked the higher kick with her arm, letting the lower one hit her. Despite the force behind in, her stance was strong, only causing her to stumble, not fall.

Getting up to a standing position, the Knight got into another defensive stance, knowing full well that her gauntlets wouldn't be able to take any more damage, and that she'd need a good hit to stun Kva long enough to make a dash for the sword.

Kva narrowed her vision, gripping her whip tightly as she made her way foward again, performing another quick volley of thrusts to get in her face. She then suddenly, using her whip hand, began to swipe at her with the spikes on the folded up whip at close range.

Knowing full well she would not survive the barrage long enough, the Knight waited for an opening to tackle the Dhampir to the ground. For a few moments that opening in Kva's offensive pattern seemed to be imaginary as the Knight's armor was worn away, revealing tattered leather clothes underneath. With a charge that bordered on insanity, the figure charged forward, knowing that if Kva disappeared she could re-grab her weapon, and if not take the Dhampir to the ground.

Strangely, she allowed herself to be tackled, but as the Woman was on top of her, that's when she turned to mist. Unable to get up in time, Kva was able to pass to through her and wrap her arms around her waist as she rematerialized. Lurching backwards, Kva delivered a powerful suplex, it seemed as though she had figured out the Knight was trying to go for her weapon now.

With an irritated grunt, as well as a gasp of air, the mystery woman tapped the ground. "Good... good. You'd do well. Congrats on a sparring session well won." She said with a strange calmness in her voice.

"So. What does this mean now?" Kva asked, standing up.

"This means I approve of how you fight and this also means I might give you hints of how I got my information on you. Perhaps even some hints of who I am." The Knight said, standing up slowly. "And that I still want your help to destroy a blight in Themosa, one that if Titania fell victim to, you would be heartbroken and far more angry than if someone killed her."

"Very Well..." Kva nodded. "This world is terrible... Why not help fix at least some of it? Although, even stopping slavery will not end the hatred or prejudice against Thropes, but it's a place to start... I suppose."

The Knight nodded as she walked over to grab and sheathe her sword. "It will. I plan to abolish all slavery in all countries, but Themosa is my first step."

"Sounds simple. But it's not, even if we succeed at stopping slavery, what stops it from coming back? Do we deal with the unlying racial tensions too? Things will not magically change status wise for Thropes as soon as we abolish it, I hope you realize." Kva explained, cleaning her blade with a damp rag.

"I know. However, it allows some change to be able to take place, and gives underground anti-slavery groups a chance to present their ideas and possibly change the country for good." She explained, making sure the blade had not been damaged too significantly. "But would you deny thousands of people the chance to be free?"

"Of course not. But that freedom will not be attained simply by the end of slavery. But one must tackle a single problem at a time." The Dhampir agreed.

"Then we have an agreement." The Knight nodded to herself, and let out a sigh. "I have to ask a few of your comrades if they'll help me, but I suppose I shall take my leave for now, if you have nothing left to ask of me."

"You said you might reveal something about who you are or who you got your information from, didn't you?" Kva asked, tilting her head.

"So which would you like a hint towards?" The Knight asked, tilting her head towards Kva.

"Well, considering you mimicked Titania well... I feel like I still don't quite believe you haven't been watching us..." Kva pointed out. "So, Who are you?"

"Let's just say she's met me before her." The Knight replied cryptically, before she began walking back towards her improvised breach.

Kva squinted, letting her get a little distance before turning into mist, silently moving behind a large tree to watch what she did next.

The Knight wasted no time in dragging the still unconscious guards onto the front steps of the Havenbrook Manor. Letting out a mild cough, the Knight moved away, walking out of the Hunter complex and moved towards the town, breaking off of the standard path to a small-rundown shack. Entering and closing the door, it seemed that the Knight had lit a small candle.

Following her the entire way, off of her tail a fair distance but always keeping in line of sight, Kva looked into the window from a distance away, the candle illuminating the inside of the house.

The Knight pulled up a rough chair made up of a variety of metals and woods. Grabbing a book to read, she sat in the chair and remained still, occasionally turning a page.

Kva muttered to herself. "Either she saw me... Or I am simply wasting my time..."

The Dhampir turned to leave after a few more moments, taking one more look before departing.

The light had been extinguished and the door had begun to creek ominously open, almost as if it were an invitation inside.

"She certainly knows I'm here..." Kva sighed heavily. "Very well..."

The Dhampire made her way to the side of the door, hugging the wall of the house on the unlikely chance she hadn't seen her, then warily peeked in.

"Most people would take offense to being followed, but seeing as you're a cautious person who worries about my motives and what I may do to her newfound family... well, I'd be foolish not to expect it." The Knight's voice said from inside, hidden in the shadows of the small building. "What did you seek to accomplish in your investigation of me?"

"I wanted to see if you would make your way back to a group or a certain castle." Kva responded, caught red handed. "And you saying Titania has met you didn't give me much confidence either... What with the Assassins trailing her and the fact that many of those from her past tend to be rather... Hateful towards her."

"Considering I managed to put you on the defensive, I do think I could kill Titania, which begs the question of why I would alert you to my presence were I an assassin. Same goes if I were one of your enemies." The knight started, reaching a hand out as an invitation. "As for... her past relations, I cannot speak to why that is. I have never wished ill-will on her, and I find it somewhat despicable that people target her for her secret."

"Simple. If you can earn my trust you could quite easily isolate either one or both of us, and considering what you said, getting me away from Titania would be your best bet at completing your objective." Kva explained matter-of-factly.

"If that were the case, when the Ophidian was here, I would've helped him take her out. Instead I remained neutral. I doubt that when you pursued him that I would've found a better chance at taking her out. As for you... well, besides what I know, I don't think it wise to betray someone like you. You are, after all, a vengeful person with skills that could easily murder many." The Knight said, the hand withdrawing into the shadows. "And besides, an easier task would be to kill the Jaded off, the group you spared, so as to force you to me. But this all hypothetical, I mean you no harm, and I don't want you as an enemy."


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The Two Clad in Black, pt. 3

"Good. Despite what you might think of my 'Tough Girl Act' or how you see me as a child, I can and would kill you without hesitation if you made an enemy out of me." The Dhampir told her truthfully. "And even if you killed yourself to escape me I would hunt you through Hell and the Suicide Forest itself to make you pay personally..."

A deep laugh came out, followed by what sounded like metal hitting metal. "I'd expect nothing less, but I would not kill myself to escape you. Rather, I'd make sure we both would go to Hell. But I doubt your girlfriend would be happy with our current discussion, nor would she be happy with me for my explanations which, to most, sound like thinly-veiled threats. I mean you and your family no harm, Lady Kva. A former Knight's word is all I have to offer you any reassurances."

"Then I apologize for following you." Kva gave her. "It was perhaps hypocritical of me considering I go through similar distrust myself... But If being a hypocrite means protecting my Home and Family, then so be it."

"I get it. A stranger clad in black armor, who doesn't tell you who she is or why she's there tends to be disconcerting enough on its own, without said stranger knowing quite a bit about your secrets." The Knight replied, offering a low sigh that contrasted her merriment mere moments ago, "The armor also doesn't help, given the fact you can't actually see me and that it’s somewhat threatening as well. Anyways, if you want to talk to someone else I've inquired about, go to Zodiak. He's uh... a long-term project, considering he needs to heal."

"The fist fighter?" Kva considered before turning. "I suppose we'll see what the future has in store."

"I suppose we will. In the meantime... please, do not follow me again. I'd hate to do what I'm about to again." The woman said sadly.

"Fine." Kva shrugged. "But so you know, if you want people to stop distrusting you, stop acting so suspicious."

The Knight did not respond verbally, instead a orange-yellow glow, faint at first, slowly grew as her answer. The shack house began to whine as parts of it broke to let out a pitch-black smoke.

Kva took a step back on instinct. "Huh..."

"Just remember that I'll have to do this to every place I reside in until we both can trust one another." The woman responded, her voice the only thing heard or seen.

"You haven't yet explained what this is." Kva pointed out.

The windows cracked and broke away from the building allowing the smoke to flow and what was destroying the house: the flames growing steadly as a note seemed to fall out of the window sill.

Kva the let building disassemble itself further before leading down to pick up the mysterious note.

The note read as follows: "Kva... you are a talented warrior, if not a talented leader. Yet, with this negativity you call world-weariness, you hurt yourself more than anyone else. I know your history enough to know that you are an individual who cares more than anyone, but doesn't want to be hurt more than she already has. That's life in a nutshell, being hurt. It is painful and it will hurt you more before you are through, but by shunning it entirely you could miss the things you wanted; Titania for example. Had she not breached your bubble, you two would never share the love you do now.

So, before you either crumple this note slash letter or keep it, I make only one request: Try to be less jaded, as the world still has its good spots here and there.

Sincerely yours,
-A friend"

Placing in her pocket after all, she turned around, making her way towards the Manor once more.


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ZombieSplitter53 & Black0ut present:
Luck in Threes

The Netzi floated up to the door and knocked. It wasn't his first time talking to a Hunter head, but it was the first time he talked to a good one, evidenced by the missing fur and scars dotting around his small body.

"Ms. Havenbrook? Are you in currently?" He asked with as much respect as he could gather into his voice, trying to make a good first impression.

The door slowly opened, Mina on the other side. As the months passed by, her pregnancy had become quite apparent, and the usually confident woman had become a bit concerned about her looks. It didn't help her feet hurt like hell, and the less said about her chest, the better. "Come in, come in. Tack, was it?"

"Tarciferin, but yeah, everyone calls me that too." The Netzi said, before going through. "So... I hope your day's been going good? Besides the job-hunters like me pestering you at every turn?"

"You're not pestering me." Mina made her way to her desk. "I need more people. I'm afraid I lost a few on a rather poor mission to Mirandia recently. You are quite welcome here." She gave up halfway there, sitting on the couch and pretending she had been heading there all along.

"Well, does your forge have an opening or two I might provide? I'm more than just a soldier for hire and I could help with repairs and forging some quality pieces to keep your main Hunters alive and strong, assuming you wouldn't mind of course, My Lady." Tack pitched, turning to face Mina when he realized she had gone to the couch instead of the desk.

"Of course. Doubling up on duty is welcome, and comes with perks. A hefty pay day, for one." She placed her chin upon her fist. "I must say, you look a bit... grizzled, and yet you speak in such a gentlemanly manner. Most hunters... most of everyone who come looking for a job usually aren't so polite."

"I wouldn't want to be rude to an employer and your reputation for being fair is what drew me in. But you would be correct in assuming that I'm not new to this business..." He started, shrugging his shoulders, "well, I hope former A-rank hunters aren't new, otherwise I might have to feel very foolish for how much time I spent."

"A-rank, huh?" Mina smiled. "You'll forgive me if I must ask what guild you were with before. After all, an A-rank Hunter could be different to them and us."

"A Mirandian Guild by the name of 'Serene Swords' was where I used to work. I rose quickly with my crafting skills, which I used to make a unique bow along with a variety of arrows that do different functions. Not to mention the giant dog construct outside." He answered without hesitation. "So... I take it you get other 'vets' of guilds, then?"

Mina nodded. "We get a lot of people seeking a place that is a lot fairer. I could make more money by acting like the other guilds... but I am more worried about safety and the happiness of my people." She leaned back. "So... you speak Doloran quite fluently, huh?"

"Yeah, I suppose. Not a big surprise seeing as I was headed to a different industry when I was younger." He replied, making sure to not give away too much of his past.

"Different industry? You mean you worked somewhere with a lot of non-Netzi?"

"Yeah. I wasn't going to be a mercenary, but this life chose me. So, uh... Two things: so, I assume I don't have my A-rank anymore that I can tote around with? And... is there an Eraqus here, perchance? I kinda wanted to find that Twili and well, see if the stories were- well, I should mention I am a fan of some of the people here at your Guild, as rumors seem to spread about people here at your guild." The Netzi rambled on.

Mina nodded. "Right on both accounts, though you might find yourself gaining that rank really fast if you prove yourself. As for Eraqus, he said he was going to hang out in my bar downstairs. You are free to go see him. He is my second, so he would be happy to meet you. Heh... especially if you're a fan."

"Alright... One last thing; what rank am I now? A C-rank?" He asked, raising a hand as if to stroke an imaginary beard.

Mina nodded. "Everyone starts as C. But don't let that get you down. Like I said, that can change fast."

"Alright. So, uh... I suppose I should head off to first talk to the head of your forge operations, to see if they approve?" Tack asked further, floating somewhat downwards.

Mina nodded, and offered her hand. "Thanks for coming by. It is a pleasure to have you."

"It is a pleasure to be here, Lady Havenbrook." The Netzi replied, shaking her hand with his smaller one, before he floated towards the door, before stopping. Turning around, he asked, with some embarrassment, "You wouldn't happen to know where the Forge and bar are located, Lady Havenbrook?"

Mina chuckled lightly. "The bar is in the east wing on the first floor. You'll find it easily. Go down to the basement floor and turn left to find the forge."

Bowing as much as he could, he nearly floated out of the door as he said, "Thank you, Lady Havenbrook."

Shutting the Guild Leader's door gently, he headed off to his first destination.

The Netzi mercenary struggled to find his way down to the basement floor, but after three or four mistaken turns, he arrived. Entering as quietly, so as to not disturb anyone working, Tack observed the armor that hanged from the walls. "Nice..." He murmured, all his attention drawn to the displayed items.

"Made it myself." Ed limped over from behind the counter. "Not my best work, but I'm fairly proud of it."

"It's still finely made, and moreover, has quality materials used to make it. If a normal armorer was to try to sell it, they'd make a lot of money." Tack replied before turning to face Ed. "I take it you're the head of the forge?"

The older Netzi nodded, offering his hand. "Edminfar. Call me Ed."

"Tarciferin, but everybody calls me Tack." Tack replied, shaking Ed's hand. "I'm new here and uh... still trying to find my place. I was hoping I could work with you in your forge, if you'd be willing to let me and if you had a job opening."

"Always have job's open, especially now." Ed looked around sneakily and said softly. "Believe it or not, the Smith Goddess herself helped expand the forge after we did the gods a few solids. But... don't spread that around. Can't let everyone thinking the gods are out granting wishes now."

Tack's eyes widened with joy as he struggled not to show how interested he was, failing only a few moments later. "That's so cool! What's she like? Is she really the best smith? Is she nice? Does she accept apprentices?" He asked in rapidfire glee, foregoing Doloran as he did so.

Ed laughed. "Let's see," he said in their own language. "Cool describes her well, she is, nice but temperamental, and I am unsure." He smiled big at the youthful exuberance.

Tack's eyes practically had stars in them, as he grinned. "Wow... I promise you that I'll make the best equipment I can and repair whatever you want me to. Does she ever drop by here?" Tack asked, almost floating down to the ground.

"On occasion. I'll introduce you to her next time she is in." Ed opened the door to the back. "Come on inside. Look around."

"Thank you, sir." Tack said gratefully, as he floated past the door his eyes widening at what he saw.

Ed followed him as he looked around, happy to see such wonder in his eyes. "So... are you going to be full time? Are part time as a Hunter?"

"Full time here, but I might try to do some Hunting with my Construct in my spare time." He answered, looking at a finished sword with awe. "Do you think I could eventually make weapons as good as yours? I mean I've made some before, but... not in such good quality..."

Ed placed a hand on his shoulder. "I'm sure you can, though it might take time. I've been at this for a while. So... ready for a test?"

"I'm always ready, especially for a challenge. What's the task?"

"Fairly simple." Ed led him to a well worn sword with a crack in it. "Repair this. Take all the time you need. I'll be judging you more on quality then speed, though I can be impressed if you do it well and fast."

"You got it, boss..." Tack said, taking out an unconventional toolkit he had. Inspecting the crack, he noted that it was indeed repairable and immediately got to work, being careful not to stress the crack further. Using one of the tools he had, Tack sharpened the blade, raising the edge bevel up slightly so the crack was less pronounced. Shaving off some of the 'meat' of the sword with a different tool, he did his best to maintain the shape of the blade, making it somewhat smaller than it had been before.


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Luck in Threes, Cont.

"This blade... I'd say it should be retired... but it could last at least... twelve more engagements." He murmured aloud as he worked.

Ed nodded, trying to hide an impressed looked. He motioned to the others to let Tack use the forge to heat it up. "So far so good. You do have experience."

"I made my Construct, and it's teeth are blades. Have to keep them maintained, or else Rocky gets lazy." He replied as he lifted the blade and moved over to the forge, only briefly returning to grab his toolkit before getting to work on the blade.

"Rocky, huh? I'd like to take a look at him some time. What kind of construct is he?

"Fire, Pitbull-styled. Had him with me for a long time, through the one Guild I was with... not a good one. Too many bad missions made it so I didn't want to fight as much. Hence the scars and missing fur." He murmured in Doloran, as he pulled out a new tool to help him fix the blade.

Ed frowned. "Yeah, the business has its fair share of lousy practitioners. But... you're here now. That's what matters. We'll take good care of you."

"I'll hold you guys to that..." Tack murmured, putting more focus on repairing the blade. After a few more minutes, he eyed it extensively. "It'll last, but I still would recommend whoever's sword this is to consider getting a new one. Stress cracks mean that a new blade will need to be forged, so if he wants to keep the hilt and attach a new blade to it, he can. Otherwise, buying a new sword will be his option, but this person will have time to get a replacement."

"I agree entirely." Ed patted him on the shoulder. "And you pass with flying colors. I'd like to get you working down here right away. Might even have a few new guys you can teach a thing or two to."

"Before I do, boss, could I go see a Twili -erm, Elf by the name of Eraqus? I, uh... heard rumors and legends about him and wanted to meet the guy when I got here. That's, uh, if you don't mind me doing so."

"Of course not." Ed nodded, floating to the side. "Please, take your time."

"Thanks, Ed. I'll start work after I come back from chatting with him." Tack replied, giving Ed a big smile. Floating towards the door, he turned back and nodded his head at Ed. "Thank you for letting me even apply. If you want to see my construct he's laying down outside under a tree."

With that, Tack quickly flew out of the room rushing for where the bar was.

It wasn't hard to find, people coming and going even at this time if the day. By this point, people had started to get their 'congrats on coming alive again' congratulations out of them, and Eraqus was left to himself. He was in the corner of the room with a drink. A solemn, contemplative look adorned his face.

The Netzi floated over and looked at him quizzically. "Are you the Elf known as Eraqus?"

Eraqus took a quick drink and nodded. "I'm an Elf. The name is Eraqus. And you are?"

"I'm Tarciferin, but you can call me Tack. I, uh, man, I'm a huge fan. I heard about you over in Mirandia when I was workin' for a different Guild. The things you did... they sound like they came out of a picture book, or they would, if I hadn't had some of my own moments like that. You inspired me to become a better fighter." Tack practically beamed, excited to see his idol in person.

Eraqus chuckled, putting down his drink. "Really now, who put you up to this? Lyr? Kara? Lady Havenbrook herself?"

"What? No, I'm actually a fan. No one put me up to this. I've actually wanted to meet you." He replied, some of the enthusiasm fading away.

Eraqus looked him over, trying to decide if he was being serious. "You... really are a fan? Wow, I'm... not used to it. I have a few people that like me. A couple friends. But a fan? Coming back from the dead is less surprising then that..."

"You were dead? What happened?" Tack started before realizing how rude he was being. "S-sorry. Not appropriate of me to ask you that..."

"No, no. You'd just end up finding out from someone who would exaggerate." Eraqus leaned forward. "You see, the Goddess of Chaos and Discord was targeting us because we kept messing up her plans. We ended up having to fight her. But the only way to beat her was with a homunculus that could turn her to stone, and someone had to keep her still enough to let that happen. So... I was petrified too." He looked down at his freshly restored had. "Not... all bad. I got a new body out of it. Except..." he trailed off. "Sorry... don't want to get you down. Not sure how to deal with a fan. But it is flattering."

"Well, I'm new to meeting someone I look up to, so it's all good." Tack reassured, offering a smile. "Still, I'm sorry you had to go through that. Had I been able to get through border control a little sooner, my Construct could've held her in place instead of you having to. Um... who made you the new body?"

"Saboran. Smith god. You Netzi look up to her too, right?"

"Not all of us, but yeah, I look up to her." Tack answered, as he floated over to a nearby chair.

Eraqus smiled softly. "So tell me about yourself. You're new here, right?"

"Yeah, I am. I'm part-timing being a Hunter and working full-time at the forge." Tack started, looking up as if he could find his memories there. "I'm from Mirandia, and I was a Hunter back there too. Had an A-rank, but I'm back to being a C here. What else... oh, I make unique arrows that have a variety of uses."

"An archer, huh? If you used to be an A-rank, we have a few C-ranks you can give some tips to. Show the ropes a little. Not required of course, but the more you catch Lady Havenbrook and my eyes, the faster you'll make it to A-rank again."

"I could and will do that... but I'm not just an archer. I have a Construct that can help me take down opponents. But there's a little thing with me that I already told Edmin- Ed about: bad Guild missions have left me with a slight aversion to combat. Not to say this one is going to screw me over, but being the sole survivor of a mission makes you cautious and borderline paranoid."

Eraqus flinched, a knowing look in his eyes. "Yeah, kinda... leaves you scarred, huh? In more ways than one..."

"It does... and the survivor's guilt is pretty bad... but it's nothing time and too much alcohol can't temporarily fix." Tack replied cheerily, only the hint of sadness in his voice and the look in his eyes showing how hurt he was over it.

The Elf folded his hands. "Now, the obvious question. What exactly have I done to make you a fan? After over seven decades, there is too much for me to guess."

"It'd be hard to narrow down a specific event that turned me into a fan... besides, it's more a culmination of all that I heard about you, rather than one singular thing."

Eraqus gave a dismissive wave. "Bit I'm not that great a person. I'm just... I don't know. I'm just not that great. Though I suppose I've done a few... a few good things…”

"I'd argue that you are." Tack responded, slightly tilting his head. "Considering those 'good' deeds have saved a lot of lives, and the fact that you made this world a better place, I'd say that you can't say you're a great person. Or at the very least, if you're too modest, you've done enough to be noticeable."

Eraqus gave him a genuine smile. "Thank you. I... that makes me feel good. Better than I thought it could."

"No problem. Everyone needs to be told how meaningful their actions are every once in a while. Besides, a good guy like you should be showered in praise. So... tell me what's your favorite drink? I'll have a bottle to ya by tomorrow night."

The Elf grinned. "I'd hate to impose, but... I've recently started to have a liking for Virandian Vodka."

Snapping his fingers Tack returned the grin with a goofier one. "You got it. I'll make sure to get to you by tomorrow night, if not sooner.”

"You got it." Eraqus offered his hand. "It'll be a pleasure to work with you, friend."

"Well, maybe not when you discover how much of a smartass I am, but the feeling is the same." Tack replied, shaking the Elf's hand.