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New Club on the Block
Part One

Van Dam Manor
August 1st, 3349

Axton was in his study going over the ships trade routes." Hum pirates are becoming more of a annoyance then ever, going to have to order more cannons and mortars for there defenses. As well as some gun boats or some frigates to defend the trade boats."

"Lord Van Dam." A servant named Jeffery stepped into the room, bowing. "A moment of you time, please."

"Yes Jeffery is there a problem, does my wife need me for something?"

"Nothing so urgent, sir." The man walked over and handed Axton a letter written in fine hand writting, and stamped with a vaugly familiar signature. "A message from a Ms. Sakura Mikami. As a contributor, she has invited you to her business on the eve of its grand opening."

"Ah Mrs Sakura, form the night club deal of course sure why not I have no meetings with the council to day is she in town or in Stormrend?"

"In town," the servant answered. "She actually found a fairly good spot in the business district to set up, free of nearby competition."

"Hum well then I will be there soon, fetch me my horse Jeffery and that will be all for you today thank you for your time." Axton reached for his over coat and head outside.

It took him less then a half hour to make the trip to the bustling business district. Despite harsh times around the world, Mirandia was experiencing a small economic boom, likely one of many things that attracted Mikami. The roads were packed, and Axton ended up walking a few blocks to the building.

Outside stood the Stormrendy swordsman that seemed to act as Sakura's personal bodyguard, looking as serious as ever.

"Ah Sakura's little body guard, I take it that your boss is close is she not?"

The man raised an eyebrow at the comment, pushing his glasses up. "She is. You're expected, Mr. Van Dam." He did not step away from the door, however. "Are you armed?"

"Everyone in the city is armed whether its a dagger or a gun, this is Terra after all were all armed so yes i'm armed."

"I am going to have to ask you to hand over your weapons." The swordsman held out a hand while the other was kept near his swords.

“Very Well then.” Axton took out his pistol and dagger and gave it to Sakura’s bodyguard.” Is that good enough for you?”

"That is all," he asked suspiciously. "If I were to search you..."

“You would Fine nothing, besides what threat does an old worrier turned business man pose?”

"You can never be too careful," was his answer.

"In this case, I feel you are being too careful, Tien." Sakura stepped outside, taking the weapons from him and handing them back to Axton. "Caution is all well and good until it turns off one of our few benefactors."

Axton took back his weapons.” Thank you Mrs Sakura, it’s good to see my business partner again.”

"It has been too long. For that, I apologize. Busy, after all." She placed her hand on his arm. "Care to look around?"

“Seeing as though you went through a great deal to get me to buy this place, I would enjoy a look around.”

Walking in, it was a grand club, making incredibly well use of the already spacious building to make it feel even bigger. The center of the room was on a lower level, currently occupied by chairs and tables. The pair stood on an elevated area encircling the party floor, with a large stage at the far end. A stair case on the west side of the building led up to a balcony, a sizeable office up there, and the east side of the room had a bar with a vast variety of drinks, everything from cheap Kemarin Rum to incredible expensive Virandian Vodka.

"First impressions?" Sakura asked with a grin.

“You should be happy that I offered you that alcohol deal, it would have cost you a fortune to bring liquor here. But as for impressions I like it good for the young people.”

"Come. I want to show you something cool." Sakura led him behind the bar and placed a hand under the table. "I want this place to serve a variety of services, at least until I find what I really like. Watch this We have a dinner room for performances and such." She pressed a hidden button, and the tables and chairs sank into the floor. "A dance floor." She pressed another. The center of the stage moved out, turning into a stripper stage, with a pole sliding up in the center stage and two more in the back. "And a strip club for late nights. The mechanisms are the best in Mirandian and Serasam tech, linked with Themosa and powered by magic tapped directly from the cities ley lines. All approved, of course."

“Very impressive, during the day people can come and enjoy a good meals and the like, and at night the soldiers could have there fun. An excellent feature I admit.”

"I have one more thing I'd like to show you," Sakura said. "How familiar are you with unique Stormrend cafes?"

"Not much I haven't spent much time in Stormrend."

"Come." She open the door behind the bar, leading to a kitchen. On the other side was another door. "Thanks in large part to your contributions, I was able to purchase the adjoining building for a little pet project of mine." Stepping through the second door, the pair stepped into a quaint, brightly lit, pleasant looking cafe.

Before them were a ten young women, all of various shapes and sizes, but all quite attractive. "Greetings, Mr. Van Dam," they said in unison, bowing their heads.

"Lady's." Axton looked at Sakura."What is this?"

"Ever hear of a hostess club?" Sakura asked.

“Unfortunately no, the downside of being a councilor is I don’t get out very often.”

"Well, a hostess club is a quiet little establishment in which people pay to enjoy some tea and snacks or a light meal with a pretty young girl to talk to. Kinda like how a waitress will flirt and talk with someone to get a tip, but that is their jobs. You'd be surprised how popular it is in Stormrend to just have some company to chat with, but it hasn't really caught on in other countries." Sakura walked up to the girls. "Axton... may I call you Axton? This is Angela, Pamela, Sandra, Monica, Erica, Tina, Rita, Sandra, Mary, and Jessica."

Axton bowed his head."Hum this is a very interesting idea, it could help with people that have trouble talking to others, and other women that just like to babble." Axton looked at Sakura." Make sure they are payed extra for there efforts."

"Oh, I pay well, don't you worry." She grinned. "So, what do you think overall?"

"Overall not bad it's not to bad at all, i'm glad we are working together here."

"I know you are a busy man, but I do hope you'll stop by from time to time to check in and have a drink."

"Or a snack," one of the girls said with a snicker.

“I could from time to time, I’m sure my youngest boy and his wife would love to come here, more so his wife.”

"Well, I won't keep you anymore." Sakura bowed her head. "Thank you for coming."

"Please come again," the girls added, bowing themselves.

"Hum" Axton bowed his head and walked out the building." Such an interesting woman, with all these ideas hopefully won't go overboard with her ideas."

Five weeks later

Axton looked over a letter he got form Charter."Hay dad Elma training is coming along well, she has come a long way since she last saw you. Don't worry we will make a hunter of her yet. Hum that's good to hear that my daughter is becoming a great hunter."

"E-excuse me... sir?" Jeffery stepped into the room, looking a bit off put.

“What is wrong Jeffrey?”

"A, um... a-a... a Judge... is here to see you." Jeffery swallowed hard. "And he doesn't sound happy."

“Really bring him in I would love a talk with him.”

Jeffery ducked out. A few minutes later, in walked Judge Meltosis. His armor, covering him head to toe, was elaborate and imposing, with a grand helmet sporting two large horns, wing-like blades on his grieves, armored wings set on his back, and a grand, royal sword. As Judge of the Capital district of Mirandia, given supreme authority over the busiest, most lucrative, and most populated part of the country, he had those that looked up to him, those that hated him, and those that plain feared him.

"Axton Van Dam, head of the Noble Van Dam line, I presume."

“Yes please come have a seat would you like a drink?”

"Cold water," the Judge answered flatly.

Axton went to the side of the room and poured the armored man a glass of water.” Now then tell me why is a judge visiting me?”

"Does the name Sakura Mikami ring a bell?" The Judge remove his helmet, revealing a stern face with a pointed nose, giving him the look of one with a beak.

“Sakura what about her, what does this have to do with my business partner?”

"So you admit you have business dealings with the woman and her clubs." Meltosis took a slow drink. "You are in a lot of trouble, Mr. Van Dam. How my investigation goes will determine if you'll spend the next twenty years in jail or not."

Axton eyes widen.” What! What in the gods name are you on about what is wrong with that night club?”

"A former employee by the name of Alexandra Gilbert contacted us weeks ago with evidence of drug dealings at her place of business, The Singing Canary, Mikami's club. Since then, she has been acting as a mole, only leaving unannounced for her own safety." The Judge stepped forward. "Mr Van Dam, your business partner is currently the biggest distributor of White Tiger heroine in the district. Possibly the country."


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New Club on the Block
Part Two

“What! Drug dealers in my district!” Axton shouted.” Judge We’re is this woman so I may speak to her?”

The man folded his arms. "You mean so you can warn her?"

“I have been leader of this district longer than you have been a judge boy, I treat my citizens like my family I wish to only talk to her. Believe me when I say drug dealers are not tolerated here.”

"Hmm... perhaps we could use you..." The Judge reached behind himself and pulled out a bow. He opened it to reveal a small, glowing orb, as well as a green pill. "We were going to raid her business, but if you could get a confession from her, it would make things so much more simple."

“I will not tolerate an open raid with no evidence in my district.” Axton took the orb.” What does this green pill do?”

"The orb is a magical recording device. Swallow the pill, and anything you say or hear will be recorded for the next two hours."

“Very well then this shouldn’t take me long.”

Axton was handed the items. "Make sure it doesn't." The Judge turned around and walked out.

Axton left his study and went to his castle, there he grabbed Charter friend Stone and they both made their way to the night club. Since it was day time it should be a cafe.

Axton found Sakura on the second floor balcony of the main floor. Several club goers were watching as a popular Mirandia singer was performing on stage. "Quite a performance, huh?" she stated as the pair walked over. "Not cheap, but the club is packed because of it."

“Stone stand by and bring me a drink please.” Stone bowed his head and went to the bar, Axton sat next to Sakura.” So how is business?”

"Oh, it is doing quite well. Full or near full every night. Customers are very happy, shipments are all on time, and the Hostess Club is doing better then I imagined it would." Sakura laughed. "I should have come to Mirandia a long time ago."

“Speaking of the other business my I have a chat with the girls, I heard that one of them was recently fired.”

"Hmm?" Sakura nodded. "Alexandria. She stopped showing up, and acted weird when she was here. Heard from an employee he thought he saw her in my office looking at files and sneaking around the back room. Might be a spy from a rival club." She looked at Axton. "Where did you hear about her being fired?"

“I was looking through my files and saw that an employee was fired, figured I come by and ask about it.” Stone returned to Axton with a cup of water.” Thank you Stone, if you will excuse me I will go and have a chat with her.”

"Of course." Sakura smiled a him. "You can use the doors through the kitchen. Just be mindful of the ones working."

“Hum.” Axton put a pill in his mouth and then drunk the water.” Stone with me.”

“Yes Sir.” Stone fallowed Axton through the kitchen.” Sir I also informed Mercy as a back up she should be in the Cafe by now.”

“Excellent work.”

Once in the HostessCafe, the girl named Jessica, wearing a stunning lolita uniform, walked over. "Mr.Van Dam! You should have told us you were coming. You want a seat?"

Axton bowed his head.” That would be appreciated, also round up all the girls I wish to talk with you all.”

"All the girls?" Jessica looked around. "It'll take a bit..."

She flipped the open sign, and twenty minutes later, the other customers were done with, and the ten girls sat around a large table, looking up at Axton.

“Now then as you girls know there was a termination of one Alexanderia, mind telling me why?”

The girl's looked around at each other. "Um... because she was a bitch," Rita chimed in.

"She always had to have her way," Sandra added. "And liked to point out everything we did wrong."

"From her point of view at least."

"She constantly showed up late, then stayed late to try and make up for it, but who knows what she actually did after hours."

"She always asked weird questions about drugs."

"She once accused me of prostituting myself out because I had a regular customer! Such a bitch!"

"I once saw her come out Ms. Mikami's office, but I don't think Mikami was in there."

"She snooped around the storage and supply rooms a lot. I bet she was stealing things, but nothing was ever reported."

Jessica cleared her throat to calm the other girls down. "Then she just stopped showing up a few days ago. I heard Ms. Mikami was going to confront her about everything the next day. I think Alexandria heard about this and decided to bail and quit before she could be fired."

Axton looked at the young girls. And that’s all she was being a bad employee, you’re not lying to me are you?”

Sandra frowned. "Why would we lie to you?"

“I’m just asking can you tell me more about Alexanderia, please any more information will help.”

The all shook her their heads. "Only that she was a last minute hire," Rita said. "And that she got away with a lot. It was almost like she was being favored or something, though like we said, she was going to be fired anyway."

“Hum can one of you take me to We’re she would usually go when she was snooping around.”

They started chatting quietly, obviously unsure about letting him in the back without Sakura's permission.

Stone started to get in the huddle.” Lady’s will one of you please help the councilor out, need I remind you he is currently a co-owner of this place.”

Jessica sighed. "I-I'll show you."

Stone bowed his head." Thank you, my lord this woman will escort us."

Axton bowed his head."Thank you very much, now my lady after you."

Stone looked to the woman outside, and nodded his head. When the waitresses looked outside all they saw was a crowd of people.

Jessica scratched her head, but led the pair to the back storage room. "She would snoop around in here." She pointed to the back. "Especially back there. We're not supposed to go back there, though."

"Hum thank you Jessica I will see you get a raise for your help, your gonna want to leave now. Grab the other girls and go to my castle now and don't ask questions."

Jessica, looking incredibly confused and nervous, nodded and took off.

"Stone watch my back as we go here, make sure no one comes behind us."

"Yes sir I will watch our backs."

In the back of the storage room were several large boxes and crates. Several of them were marked with Sakura's personal seal and nailed shut.

"Stone smash the creates open so we can see what's inside." Stone fallowed his orders and used his mace to smash the box and flipped the led.

"Well now what do we have here?" Stone looked into the box to see it filled with powder." Well sir looks like the judge was right."

The powdered substance was in small bags, evenly proportioned. Axton could suddenly feel the orb in his pocket pulsing.

"I thought this thing was a recording device why is it pulsing." Axton looked at the orb so it's potions to see everything.

"I lied," said Judge Meltosis' voice from it. "It is also a two way communicator. And we heard you found our evidence. We are preparing for the raid now."

"Excellent, so this means my name is clear then?"

"I will still need to investigate the records to make sure you are not connected, but for now you're fine."

"Ugh judges, always so annoying. Stone were done here let's get back to our castle."

As they walked out of the back room, there was havoc about. The staff and customers were yelling and running about as soldiers rushed in, the Judge himself pointing out people to arrest left and right. In the main club, furniture was being destroyed and mechanized walls being torn open to get the secrets that were supposedly being hidden in them, and Sakura's office was being ransacked. "Akton!" Sakura ran up to the man. "Axton, what is going on! Stop them, please!"

"Stop them you want to tell me why you lied to me! That Judge cam to me telling me that you have been selling White Tiger heroine in this night club!"

"W-what?!" Sakura looked incredibly shocked. "Th-that's preposterous! I would never do such a thing!" She jumped at the sound of a large crash, the stage being smashed in.

"Hay what the hell this looks more like a destruction of property then a search the fuck are you doing!" Axton shouted.

One of the guards stepped in front if him. "The spy was very detailed. When the drugs are not being peddled along with prostitution in the other club, they are in secret compartments in the walls and stage."

"Spy?!" Sakura looked to Axton once more.

"The Judge gives you his thanks," another soldier said to Axton. "And for rounding up the girls for interrogation for him. Where did you find the drugs?"

"In the back." Axton face looked more menacing." But how ever a word of warning, this is not Axton the councilor or the business man. This is the leader of the most powerful military in Mriandia talking to you, if I find out that this was a ruse a lie I will have you and that judges heads and whoever hired you brought to trial and removed from power am I clear!"


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New Club on the Block
Part Three

Sakura glared at the man as the soldier walked off. "You... you did this to me!?"

"A judge came to me earlier telling me that you were selling that you were White Tiger heroine, they threaten to put me in prison for twenty years so tell me right now is there drugs being sold here?"

"No!" Sakura screamed, angrily slamming her fists on his chest. "Why would they even think that?"

"Alexandria, he told me that she was came to him telling him all of this." Axton sees the raid team going to the back . "Best you see this for yourself and give yourself and so you can explain what they find."

Sakura's glare didn't go away as she stomped away. The Judge walked to Axton's side, folding his arms. "A beautiful sight, is it not? Taking down a drug dealing, and such a bold one at that."

"You better be right about this, if your wrong you cost me a great business partner. And if your wrong you better believe I will make sure that the next time I hear of giants near the area you and your men will be the first to respond!" Axton said through his teeth." Stone go get Mrs Sakura."

"Yes sir." Stone ran after Sakura.

"Who do you think you are?" Meltosis slowly turned to him. "The spy brought as perfect magical copies of the books, stolen letters, and a sample of the drug. And even if that wasn't the case, you are talking to the highest authority in the land! You will do as ordered or I will make sure your nobility is stripped!"

“And you’re talking to the leader of one of the strongest army in the world! My nobility is a bonus, if you are wrong I will see your ranked stripped!”

Stone finally caught up with Sakura.” Hay Wait, Look Axton doesn’t want to do this to you.”

"Then he shouldn't have!" Sakura shoved past the soldiers in the back who were looking over the powder pockets. Sakura grabbed one and threw it at Stone. "Open it! Taste it!"

Stone opened the bag and tasted the product.” Sugar?”

Axton look at Stone.” What it’s sugar?”

"Of course it's sugar! Fine, pure cane sugar imported from Lustania, the best you can get!"

"Then why is it in little drug bags!" a soldier accused.

"Because they are perfectly proportioned for tea! This is a tea shop! Look!" She pointed to two other boxes that had been smashed open, with perfectly proportioned bags of tea leaves. In anger, Sakura grabbed a crowbar and smashed open another, baggies of coffee coming out, and another with baggies of candies.

"Bags of coffe and tea and candies. Stone looked at Axton who looked like he was about to blow a gasket." But what about Alexandria What about her and the stuff she found and gave to the judge?" Stone said.

They walked out of the storage room to find the Judge. He was in the ransacked office, looking at two sets of papers. "There has to be some mistake."

"I-I don't understand it either," a soldier said, tapping one of the sets. "These... these look official. They even have the right stamps. But they match the dates of these, and they fit with the other records. These are... fakes. They are the best fakes I've ever seen, but the woman gave you faked documents."

Stone looked at Axton and recolonize the look he has." Sakura your going to wanna grab a seat, and a drink. But one more question were is your body guard?"

"He was arrested by these idiots when he tried to defend me," she said angrily, stomping out of the room.

Axton held Sakura arm and when she looked up at him she sees a look she never saw from him." You come to my place of business destroyed it, and you were wrong about because some one gave you a false account!"

"It was damning evidence!" Meltosis insisted. "How were we to know that some disgruntled employee would go this far! It is illogical!"

"You are a judge! Your saposed to look a all the evidence and make sure it's real! Let me make this clear to you, you and your men will pay for all the damages in this place and the liquor that you damaged. And once your done with that you will be brought to the counsel for trial for the destruction of property, now get the hell out of my place of business and analogize to my business partner and release her bodyguard at once!" Axton shouted.

The Judge glanced at Sakura. "We do apologize for our actions. You will be compansated... within reason." He stepped over to Axton. "And you watch who you threaten. Trying to impeach a Judge is a very stupid thing that can get you in a lot of trouble with our many allies." He walked past him, ordering everyone to leave and leaving the place in ruin. Sakura collapsed, sobbing softly into her hands.

Axton grabbed a chair and sat down." I'm sorry usualy when a Judge comes to anyone even a councilor they must fallow there orders, see Judges are the seven rulers of this country so I had no choice in the matter."

"It's gone," Sakura sad sadly. "I-it's all gone. My stock is contaminated or confiscated. My club is trashed. My documents are all messed up. And worse... My customers have all been frightened away by a Judge! Not only that, but I'll be lucky if any of the girls return after being interrogated..."

"The girls are safe believe it or not told them to go to my castle, they will be safe there, the customers can be brought back with all the evidence I have against that judge I will make it public. The documents can be redone and I can buy more goods and the club can be restored once again I can pay for."

Sakura shook her head. "You've already contributed your fair share. I can't ask you for more money..."

"I'm still a part time owner and this is, impart my fault I thought that he was telling the truth only to be left with the destruction of my business."

Sakura wiped her eyes and gave him an angry look. "I want him... to pay for this. I want that man taken down. He doesn't deserve his position."

"Ou he won't see this is were he screwed up, the crystal ball he gave me is a listing device and recorders everything that was said. Including what he said about the documents, and me losing my temper so I could challenge his position and more then likely get him out of office."

"Someone will have to run against him, though. Someone new. Fresh. Someone... The opposite of him..." Sakura slowly rose to her feet. "If... if I were to try and take his place..."

"You could try, though I doubt they will go along with it though but I wish you luck in that." Axton stood up. "But for now we better work on getting this place fixed."

Sakura nodded. "Thank You, Axton. Help me fix this place up, and I might even forgive you for doubting me."

"Stone get Mercy and see if she can help with the clean up as well."

Stone nodded his head and went outside to get her."

"Who is Mercy?" Sakura narrowed her eyes. "Another spy?"

“She’s another person like Stone an Ophidian that my army took in and raised her to be something better then what she was meant to be."

A blond woman came in with Stone, she looked young in appearance and looked like a maiden. Mercy bowed her head. "My lord."

Sakura folded her arms. "You didn' answer my question. Is she another spy?"

"I'm his assassin, i'm sen't behind enemy lines to kill enemy leaders. But since there is no war on Miriandia, I merely help the church and help people that need me."

"Just so happened to be nearby," huh?" Mina started sorting through some papers to try and find some order in them. "I just hope she was only hear to spy on me and not to take me out if it turned out to be a drug dealer."

"She was back up encase things got hostile is all."

"I mean you no harm, I was sent to make sure stone and my lord had back up." Mercy started to puck up some of the tables whiles Stone started to move the dabree of the stage.

Sakura held her head. Tien stepped into the building. He looked like he had been roughed up quite a bit. His eyes scanned the room, his gaze lingering on the people.

"Gods damn it, I guess I will have to bring that judge in for harming a civilian. I can add that to the list of things he's done today."

"Do not bother." Tien wiped his mouth, a bit of blood from a busted lip on his hand. "They will say they were in the right because I resisted."

"I do believe i'm still being recorded I probably have five minutes left on this thing so that excuse won't work for them."

"Look, I... I have more work to do then the lot of us here can handle." Sakura looked up at Axton. "Can you just... leave me for now. I'll let you know the cost of repairs when I get it."

“Very Well then, I will leave you to this.” Axton Stone and Mercy left the building.

“She seems nice, a shame about this place being destroyed sir.” Mercy said.

“Hum things can be repaired, but for the moment if there is a drug dealer around here. Mercy you and the other peacekeepers keep a lookout.”

“Yes sir.”

Back upstairs, Sakura stared out of the carnage that was her club. A large, unnaturally large smile spread across her face. "Too easy," she said, and laughed.

"Who thought it would take such little effort to discredit a judge?" Tien mused, tending to his light wounds.

Sakura laughed louder and maniacally. "Oh, he was too eager. Only a matter of time until he loses his position... and someone comes in to take his place..."


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Royal Pains Part One (Marine and Zombie)

Before the Havenbrook Assault...

Davon leaned against the side wall of the spacious room, looking at Marlena as she inspected the clothing they had just spent the day buying. She stayed isolated too much because of her still noticeable scars, so he did his best to try and make things less gloomy. "You know... Pretty much all everyone says I am in line to be put in as Stormrend's king. Arlia's relinquishment of her crowned title to me basically makes me next in line now that the current ruling family is being disposed of."

"Oh, yeah?" The maid smiled at him. "And will you accept the position?"

"I... Don't know." Davon crossed his arms, looking a bit pale. "I have to make a decision tonight. I'm thinking of just passing it off to a vote."

"You're not going to push for it?" Marlena gave him a confused look. "I thought this was what you wanted."

"I don't know what I want. I just know one thing, and that is what I'm going to do would make my reign end very shortly." The man said, frowning.

Marlena slowed her folding. "What are you talking about. What... What are you going to do?" Her tone was an odd mix of concerned and threatening.

"My brother is going to be at the tournament coming up as a competitor. I'm going to fight him..." He began, his face hardening as he looked away. "And then I am going to kill him!"

"What, no!" Marlena quickly walked up to him. "You know the rules as well as I do. Killing is forbidden in the tournament. You... you'll be committing a public murder!"

"Exactly. See why I can't be the king?" Davon pointed out, "Can't rule as a criminal."

"No, you can't. Which is why you will not kill him." Marlena stated it like it was a simple fact. "You will fight him. You will beat him down. But you will not throw your life away!"

"I'll not let him get away this time. This time he pays with his life..." Davon growled dangerously. "Nothing else matters,"

"N... nothing else... matters?" Marlena grabbed his shoulders and lightly shook him. "What about your future? What about the people back home who care about You? The... people here who care about you...?"

"I'm lucky to have met all of them." Davon said in a heavy, somber tone. "But soon my story comes to end. With my blade shoved through his chest. You wouldn't understand. Don't understand."

She laughed grimly. "You think I don't understand a lust for vengeance? A desire for revenge? You forget who you are talking about? I... look what it did to me! It drove me insane." She gently took his hand. "You saved me. You can't be a hypocrite and go down the same road."

Davon's jaw tightened, "And why the hell do you care so much about what I do? This has always been the goal Marlena, the end game! I never planned on growing old, or doing anything grand. Everything I've done, it's all meaningless until I kill him! He took my parents, the girl I loved... And the one I fell in love with left me! I have nothing to lose by doing what's right!"

"Why are you so loyal to a girl and parents you know were wicked?!" Marlena closed her eyes. "And what about me?!"

"Because just because they did bad things, didn't mean they were bad people! Our parents loved us! We were happy! And what about you? What about any of this would ever have to involve you, huh?"

Marlena's expression fell, looking even sadder and desperate then before. "Please, Davon... after all this time together, don't... don't you feel anything?"

Davon's breath hitched momentarily, and he looked away, not answering. It seemed he didn't have it in him to immediately say no.

Marlena took a deep breath, clearly disappointed. "I see. Well... You should know the feeling isn't mutual. I... honestly thought that something was developing. I... g-guess I was wrong."

"Why?" Davon asked, looking to the side. "All I did was help you out. I don't expect you to repay me with... With love..."

Marlena shrugged. "I can't help but care for the only man who ever did me a real kindness. The man who did so much for me. You're really that surprised?"

"A little. For a girl who hates men, falling in love with one again. I didn't exactly see you wanting a relationship." Davon had a guilty tone now. He looked over the scarred woman. "You can't fall in love with me. You'd have to deal with me constantly."

"I already deal with you constantly," she muttered. "As my boss or as my love, the only difference is the level of intimacy. Not that it matters. Come the tourney..."

Davon frowned, "Loving me would mean you'd have to be a queen. Surely that would be too much for a squalor girl to handle."

Marlena rubbed her arm and looked away. "You have a point. Guess I would have to deal with it, huh? That is, if you actually make it to the throne. It is a young girl's dream, isn't it? To meet a handsome man and become a princess? Are you really going to take that from me?" She asked, half joking.

"Never imagined you were the type of girl who dreamed of being a princess." Davon noted, coming close to her. "Something you dreamed about while the men pounded you?" he tried to make it sound light-hearted.

Marlena shrugged. "I admit, I... I dreamed of someone to come along and... sweep me off my feet. You know... save me. It... it's silly, right?"

Davon scratched his head. He glanced at Marlena, going over to quickly do just that, holding her so she was bridal. "There..."

Marlena rolled her eyes. "Really know how to make a girl's dream come true, huh?" She muttered.

"I could put you back down if you'd prefer that." Davon challenged flatly.

Marlena thought about it, but shook her head, and payed it against his shoulder. They stayed like that for a moment until he heard her sniffle.

He let out a deep sigh, and went over to her bed and sat down, letting her lean into him as he stared at the wall contemplatively. He held her head in his hand, pressing it into him harder as he leaned his head on top of hers.

"I can't," she said softly, sadly. "I can't... lose the one man... what will it do? He'll be dead, and you'll rot in jail... No one truly wins..."

Davon closed his eyes. "Marlena..."

She sighed. "Yes, Davon?"

"Do you remember your last name?" He asked softly.

Marlena slowly shook her head. "No. I stopped trying to remember it. For all I know, I... never had one..."

"Alright. I'll be sure to fix that." He said cryptically. "You should lay down. It's getting late."

Marlena crawled out of his arms and walked over to her bed. Slipping her uniform off and hanging it up, she didn't even bother with her pajamas, simply laying on her covers, curling up and closing her eyes.

For almost an hour, Davon sat, merely watching Marlena. He thought about many things during that time. He slowly took off his coat, and pulled off his shirt, looking down at his bed. He walked over to the maid's bed, carefully getting on. He came up behind her, and put his arm over her, pressing against her from behind, taking her hand and closing his eyes.


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Royal Pains Part Two (Marine and Zombie)

Present Day...

Davon sat in the royal palace in Stormrend, in a private meeting room alone with the steward if the castle. Davon stared at the overly ornate crown on the table, gaudily adorned with gems and solid gold. "The elector counts voted for me unanimously? I guess that means it is decided then..."

"Well, that is up to you," the steward stated. "After the mess that was and followed the last line, not to mention the death of so many and the scandals, it is only natural they would want someone new. Some one... young but experienced who can bring change. So, uh... what do you say?"

"I'll do it, but I'll do it on my terms." Davon said, leaning his cheek on his fist. "Of course, I will assign a steward to follow my orders when I am not here. I do have obligations to the Havenbrook Organization, and the conflicts that they are involved in are more than just one nation. An old friend of mine, Luciana, will be just the fit. You'll find her bookshop in the merchant's quarter. An unorthodox choice, but she has some lesser noble ties a few generations back so she is legitimate."

"I... I see. That is... quite unusual. And what about... me, sir? I have taken my stewardship quite serious over the years, and feel I would make an excellent assistant to this... Ms. Luciana."

"She'll just be acting as a royal proxy. After all, she doesn't know the castle and its staff like you. And I imagine we will need to audit the banks and royal treasury. Civil war and rotten royalty tends to lead to missing funds. I trust you'll do an adequate job? I am quite good with numbers myself, and it'd be a shame to discover someone who'd grown content in corruption."

The steward clapped his hands together. "I will give you nothing but my finest, most honest work. Now... exactly how often will you be away, sir... er... your majesty?"

"Long enough. Until my service at the guild is finished or Stormrend is truly in danger." Davon leaned back. "Use it as a rally message. The new king is out in the world making a difference while keeping the interests of Stormrend close to heart. Get some nationalism stirred up among our citizenry. Gods know they need it." Reaching into his pocket, he slid a folded up piece of paper to the steward. I want every guard and soldier in the capital city mobilized. I want a coordinated operation on these businesses in the city. Locations and fronts for the underworld. Drug dens, brothels, assassins hideouts, slave auction houses. It needs to happen all at the relatively same time. Once they realized they were systematically being rooted out, they would scatter like the rodents they are. Some will slip through the cracks, and I have already taken the liberty of already sending personal messages to the town and cities that house 'sanctuaries'. They'll be on high alert. Stormrend has an underworld problem. That problem is solved by the end of the night. Am I clear?"

"Whoa..." The steward nodded eagerly. "Yes, I understand. If we hit them just right..." He bowed proudly. "It will be done, your majesty. This nation will be spotless thanks to you."

"Not spotless. We'll never eradicate crime entirely, but in the future, we aren't bowing to criminal empires. We're the authority of Stormrend. Time to let the people know who really looks out for their interests. Well, you have a lot of work ahead of you. Dismissed. And send in the woman outside will you. I need to speak to Marlena alone." When the steward bowed and turned to leave, Davon added, "One last thing..." When the man turned, the man threw the gaudy crown at him. "Have the gems stripped, gold melted down, and use the money to fund the foundries. After all, our soldiers need the best. I can have something more... Restrained made up in the meantime."

The man nodded. "Yes, sir." He bowed his head and walked out, sending Marlena in. She seemed amazed to be in the palace of all places.

Davon kept his face neutral, and cleared his throat, "Well Marlena, I must say that this won't be easy for me to do. So I am just going to do it. You're fired. I'm done with you as my maid."

Marlena sulked. "Well... that isn't exactly what I was hoping to hear..."

"Well, being a king I could have access to countless number of maids. Such verile, and gorgeous flowers ready to be plucked in their prime," he noted casually.

Marlena folded her arms. "Well now... you sure let this go to your head quick, huh?"

"I have the position of power, might as well enjoy the luxuries of it." Davon took a folder, and slid out an official looking document and set it on the table with a pen. "Sign this. It'll mark the termination of you services officially. Paperwork is always a hassle."

Marlena frowned deeply. She was hoping it was just a joke, but it didn't seem that way. She slowly walked up to it, and signed the bottom. "There. Happy?"

"I am." The man said and slowly stood. He quickly seized her arm, and pulled Marlena close, pressing his lips against hers forcefully, leaning into her with a slight intensity for their first kiss together. They went slighter further, an intricate dance for dominance Marlena knew about well. Davon finally pulled back, smiling, "Congratulations Mrs. Reinhold... You're no longer my maid."

Her eyes widened. "You... M... Mrs. Reinhold. I... s-so you... w-want..."

He looked to the side, and picked up the paper so she could see it. "What you signed... Was our marriage contract. Granted, someday we will have a proper royal ceremony but I didn't want to wait that long. Not for you. Not for another minute."

Marlena laughed. "Does that mean, if I didn't sign the paper to end my job, I'm now your wife maid?"

"If you didn't sign the paper, you wouldn't be my wife. Yet. This license just makes it official legally." His arm went around her waist, holding the woman close. "You're now the queen of a nation. How does it feel?"

Marlena frowned again. "Honestly? Overwhelming. Will they... accept a queen that looks like me?"

"The most beautiful queen in the history of the royal court? I think they will be dying to accept you." Davon stroked the side of her face, looking Marlena in the eyes. "I'm... Glad to have met you. I don't care about your past. How many men your husband forced you to take, how many scars cover your body... To me, it's all just bluster keeping me from the amazing diamond I found in the rough."

Marlena smiled, a tear escaping her eye. She threw herself against him. "Davon... I... th-thank you. I love you."

Davon hugged her back tightly, letting out a small sigh, "I'm never gonna let anything ever happen to you. I swear on my life," he chuckled, patting her her head, "Though I suppose I could sell you for a pretty lenny. I know a lot of lowlifes who would pay quality coin for a sexy royal delight."

She elbowed him lightly in the stomach. "You humor is amazing. Truly."

“Part of my charm..." He noted in a low sour tone. Davon smiled warmly. It may have taken him forever, but his heart felt at peace. There was still the matter of his brother, but the tourney was still a ways out... And he had new family that too priority.


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Welcoming the New Crazy Powers

Havenbrook Manor
September 10th, 3349
12:00 p.m.

Johanna stepped slowly into the library and took a seat in one of the corners. She pulled out a small book from her bag and flipped to the page she was on, leaning back as she continued reading where she had left off.

In silence for several minutes, she felt a presence. Someone was nearby, as if floating directly above her head!

The Mercenary tilted her head back in order to look up and whoever was there.

She fpund a Light Elf staring down, reading over her shoulder. "Interesting," she said softly.

Johanna swiftly shut the book closed. "And who might you be?" She pondered to herself, examining the Elf in order to see what kind of weapons carrying.

She saw nothing on her, just a pleasant yellow sundress and a disappointed look. "Oh man... Oh! Sorry. I'm Esmeralda." She floated down to he feet. "A pleasure to meet you!"

"Johanna." The maiden answered as she offered her unharmed hand to the Light Elf.

Es took it and shook it vigorously. "It is so nice to meet you, Johanna. New recruit, right? I know because I remember everybody's name and face. But not yours! Until now, of course. Bing! That is the sound of me committing you to memory!"

Johanna mere looked at the woman as she shook hands, not sure what to make of her. "Well, how long have you been here then, Esmeralda?"

"Goin' on four years now," Es answered. She leaned close and whispered, "Between you and me, I'm kinda a big shot here. Not to get a big head or anything."

"Judging by your look and attitude, you're not a Hunter I assume." Johanna stated as she stood up from her seat.

Esmeralda shook her head. "I take care of the library and the books. Make sure all the books and all the money is in the right place." She waved her hands around. "Like to read? We have a book for eeeeeeveryone here. What is your pleasure?"

"Me? I'll read anything I can get my hands on." Johanna told her. "As long as it's decent I don't care too much about the genre or story."

"Excellent. Then we will get along swimmingly." As sat in one of the chairs. "Please, sit back down. Tell me all about yourself. I wish to know everything you are willing to share."

"Well, for starters, it's kind of important that you know that I'm a vessel for a Demon." The new Hunter mentioned. "And that she can take control if I push myself too hard."

"Whoa, really?" Es's eyes widened with wonder. "What kind of demon?"

"I don't know." The damaged maiden admitted. "All I know is that she refers to herself as the Mistress."

"The mistress? That's a funny name." Esmeralda giggled. "Do you at least get special powers out of it?"

Johanna lifted her bandaged hand, forming a claw of shadow energy around it. "You tell me."

"Oooooh... I bet you can kick major butt with that!" Es was either very relaxed or had seen much in only three years. "You used to fighting monsters with it?"

"No, I was a mercenary before this." The maiden explained. "Mostly escort, but I have done a few assassinations."

"Really?" Esmeralda leaned forward. "Mostly bad people, I hope."

"It was whatever put food on the plate." She replied grimly. "I focused mostly on dealing with rivalries when I was forced to take a assassination job. People who wanted to deal with competition or an old enemy."

"Rivalries and old enemies, huh?" Es rubbed her chin. "Let me guess... Stormrendy?"

"I was born and raised there." The damaged woman stated. "I left the business because it was too easy. People were too gullible and there were to many dark corners to hide in."

"And we can give you the challenge you desire." Esmeralda clapped her hands together. "Plus you get to help people, right?!"

Johanna turned her head to look at Esmeralda. For a second, a roar could be heard in the distance, barely noticeable, but there. For a second, it was like Johanna had made the sound, but her lips made no movements until she said, "If I must work with others, then I will... otherwise I prefer to work alone."

Esmeralda lowered her head, a bit worried. "W-well... I'm sure you could... get a few solo missions, but... you'll need to work with others eventually..."

"If that is required to keep a job here, then I will." Johanna rolled her left shoulder. "But, for now, I must get back to training... I need to get accustom to this area."

Esmeralda stood up, and offered her hand. "It was a pleasure to meet you. Remember to, um... stay out of trouble, yeah?"

"I've never been one for trouble anyway." Johanna assured her as they shook hands again. "It was a pleasure meeting you as well, Esmeralda."
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Some things are never right

Oct 6 3349

Elma was practicing with her magic out in the forest, throwing ice spikes, fire balls and lightning bolts and making constructs. "Huh not bad not bad at all, but I can still do better."

A flock of birds sudden flew out of the trees, seeming to be flying away from something.

"What in the, mist have been my magic the scared them off." Elma shrugged her shoulders and went back to her magic, though she couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching her. "Alright who's there, is there anyone out there?"

The sound of something slashing the trees filled the air. She may had been training in solitude, but she wasn't training alone. Something else was there... sharpening it's tools of war.

"I'm gonna say this one last time." Elma formed a ice spike in her hand. "Come out now, or get an ice spike."

A shadowy, whip like blade loomed it's way out of the trees, followed by a woman in black leather armor. The whip retracted into the bandages that surround the entirety of her left arm. "I had a feeling someone else was here..." She remarked as she looked at the mage.

"Do I know you? More importantly who are you and what are doing all the way out here?"

"My name is Johanna. I came here to train in silence." The mercenary answered.

"I'm Elma Van Dam, I came to do the same thing. Though be warned I'm with the guild up the road, so i'm no weakling if you attack me I will fight back."

"I have no intention of attacking a fellow Hunter." The armored woman stated.

Elma raised her eyebrow. "Fellow hunter? Ou so you’re a new hire huh, Well great to meet you.” Elma took a breath and decided to act like her more loving and warm personality.” Say I’m currently living in the inn nearby, wanna get a few drinks do you have money on you?”

"I'm not one for drinking." Johanna responded, not sure how to take the sudden change in attitude. "I'd rather keep my mind the way it is."

“I’m typically not this way, this is how I usually am but do to certain events I’m a not in the mood for most things.”

"Well, I thank you kindly for the offer... but I still decline it." The Mercenary stated. "I care little of relief and being carefree."

“So you would rather live with a stick up your ass forever? Seems like a boring way to live I say.”

Elma went a sudden wave of anger pulse out of Johanna, followed by a barely heard roar. Despite this sudden burst of energy, Johanna seemed calm as she said. "If you intend to insult me, then I have no reason to continue speaking with you."

Elma blinked and looked the woman up and down." Look lady just relax alright, if I insulted you i'm sorry but relax I don't know what you did before coming to the guild." Before Elma continued she stooped talking and took a minute to think." Look what do you like to do in your personal time?"

Johanna raised an eyebrow. "I don't recall doing anything that implied that I was angered by your notion. I merely stated a fact based on the situation."

"Right, look why don't you and I go to the inn you don't have to order alcohol, so why not go there and talk I would like to know what you did before joining the guild."

"I was a mercenary." The maiden answered. "I got paid to kill or protect... sometimes both depending on the contract."

"Ou you sound like my brother, only he was more of doing the work for free. He just loved to help people you know? As for me a few months ago I was a student back in Mirandia, so i'm a little green."

"Tell me then, does your brother have demon inside of him?" Johanna asked. "Or did by chance watch his entire family die trying to save him?"

Elma's eyes widen. "Um no you have a demon inside of you?"

"Yes, but there is no need to be alarmed, she has no control over my actions." Johanna assured the mage.

"Ugh this guild I swear it takes in the strangest of people. So how did a demon possess your body?"

"Through as ritual casted on me many years ago." She answered once more. "Since then the two of us have been fighting for control of my body."

"That seems like a hassle, I mean fighting for control of your body with a demon. That's seems like an annoyance."

"It's what my life has become..." The damaged woman looked off into the distance. "A life of war and blood."

Well even if you see your life that way doesn't mean you can't have some fun around right, do you even know how to have fun?"

"Considering two people can have a different definition of what's fun... I believe I entertain myself quite effectively."

"Alright then what do you do for fun then? Read practice listen to people sing what?"

"I read and I train." The mercenary replied. "I like to keep my routine simple in case something happens."

"Hum well as much as I would like to say what do you think will happen, before you came here we were attacked by the goddess of discord and her monster army. And there's the vampire a few miles from us with a growing army, so yea keep your suspicions and if your worried about the vampire coming to attack us don't be. Apparently Mina talked to her and she won't be attacking us."

"Good, I like to avoid bloodshed when I can." Johanna remarked. "What's necessary isn't always the best course of action."

"Indeed, but I want to learn more about this demon you have. What's it like is it a boy or a girl demon are the truly evil or good because there inside of you?"

Johanna slowly walked up to Elma, leaning close to her ear. "She is a hellish entity built through suffering and agony. If there is any good in her... she's too damn good at hiding it."

"Ou really can I talk to her for like a few minutes,please it will be relay quick and i'll make sure nothing bad happens to your body."

Johanna grinned devilishly. "Who said you weren't?"

Elma narrowed her eyes and smiled. "Really." Elma made a small orb of light in her hand. "I figured you would have glowing eyes or something like that."

The Mistress chuckled. "That's why I did the impression of her. She only come down with a normally lethal illness, so she'll likely get control back in the next hour or two... no point in doing my own thing if she's just going to get control back before I have time to finish. Though, I think my last line was a bit too harsh... I know she's called me much worse, but I don't think she sees me as completely evil."

"Hum I can understand that, so tell me then what are your intention on joining the guild? Are you doing this for fun or are you looking for protection from something?"

"Mercenaries generally become Hunters after a bit." The Demon answered. "I figured I'd just point Johanna in the right direction and see where she went from there."

"Hum so it's mostly because you want to fine, but a word of warning if you hurt anyone that I care about, I will do everything in my power to take you down are we clear?"

"Crystal." The Mistress confirmed ominously. "I wouldn't be here if I intended on hurting anyone."

Elma nodded her head. "Great now then come with me I would love to show you all of my spell books, who knows maybe there are some spells that you could use in the future."

"I'll be sure to pay close attention." The Demonic woman said with glee.


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Oct 12 3349

12:49 pm

Alice bandiest burned the village that they were contracted to, taking the gold they had and looted the shrouding houses as well as the territories the demons once controlled. Over the past few days the bandit tribe made camps in the woods but kept the kids of the former village around. Lorica sat on a log eating a apple and looking at one of the kids and back at her apple.” You want it?” Lorica kept the apple in her hand and pointed it at the kid, the child walked to Lorica and grabbed the apple but struggled to take the apple.” Come on, you want it don’t you aren’t you hungry? Come on take it, take it.” The child slipped and fell to the ground, sniffing.” Guess you didn’t want it, must not be hungry enough.”

The child whipped his eyes.” I hate you! You killed my mom and dad, I’m gonna I’m gonna.”

“You’ll what, kid hate to brake it to you but your parents were soft. If they wanted to protect you they would have taken something from me and eye my arm or something, but they didn’t they stood there and dyed.” Lorica stood up and knelt down.” Listed this world is not for the weak, your mine now your my son now understand. So I say again what are you going to do about it?”

The kid looked at Lorica for a few moments, and reached for the apple again this time poking Lorica in the eye to take the apple from her and started eating it.

Lorica smiled and held her eye she then patted the kids head.” That how you do it, you fight for what you need no one will give it to you understand?” The boy nodded and Lorica patted his head and left the kid. And went to the other leaders, the seven were busy patrolling the area. “What is taking Alice so long? We can’t stay here much longer.”

Crixus looked at Lorica.” She will be back besides will be leaving in a few days, we just need water and a bit of food for the trip since were going to be traveling a lot not to mention getting to Hevlan is no small trip while out in the open. To avoid guards we need to stay in the forest, which has its own problems.”

“Not to mention we have a bit of a problem with the water situation.” Satako mentioned.” Some of our scouts have been getting attacked by some unknown bandits, but they been taking our boys instead of killing them? What should we do Crxus?”

“Humm Lorica get yourself captured by them, see what’s going on, and see if you can convince them to join us. You two day to do so otherwise we will take what we have left and kill them.”

Lorica rolled her eyes. ”Fine, two days then send well.” Lorica looked around the camp.” Man those demons and villagers really took down our people, we might need to hire mercenaries or something.”

“Well tell Alice about it once she gets back, but for now you best get to it then huh Lorica our people were taken by the river side.” Satako gave Lorica a vase to carry.” Just pretend to get water and let them get you, defend yourself if you have to but this is mostly scouting.”

Lorica snatched the vase.” Ugh this is a bad idea, but fine I’ll do it best I get going then.” Lorica left the camp and carried the vase with her, after hours of walking she reached a river bay that was surrounded by forest.” Hum not a bad place for and ambush, I see why our people was taken.” Lorica started to head sounds coming from the forest in front of her, like bones being used like an alarm she looked back into the forest and saw vines being used to surround the forest like a wall?” Humm fuck it.” Lorcia but the vase to the side and walked into the forest, she pulled out her axes and started to chop the vines and as they fell she could hear bones falling off the vines. The more she chopped into the vines the louder the bone sounds got louder until she was hit with a dart, Lorica took the dart out of her neck and fell to the ground. When she woke up she saw she was in a village and felt her hands tied together, when she looked around she could see Thrope Humans, Light Elf, and Ophidian.” What the hell is this, were are my men who are you people?!”

A Wolf Thrope walked up to her.” You are in our camp, and you and your friends were stealing our water the life blood of our village.”

A light elf rushed to the wolf side.”Filtiarn it’s the chieftain he need you.”

“Hum, you’re not going anywhere, might as well make yourself comfortable.” As the Wolf Thrope left Lorica saw her ax on the other side of the room, obviously she couldn’t reach it without being seen so she decided to see if she could get some information.” Hay Light Elf what’s wrong with your chieftain huh?”

The light Elf keeps her back turned to Loricia. “That’s none of your concern outsider, besides you tried to take our water our only resources here.”

“Your only resources? Don’t your people hunt, plant crops something?”

“Plant crops yes but we have very little, for so many people. Not to mention the Chieftain is very ill, and we been hunted by guards and other bandiest forcing us to live like this. All we wanted was to live in peace to live outside of the city walls, but we have been driven back to where we no live in fear.”

“You know I’m part of a group of let’s call us people willing to make our own future.”

“Bandits, your one of the diseases of this world.”

“Quite the contrary we seek to bring people like your clan together, earlier on we were bandits but if trouble comes our way we fight it. We take what we need for our people I mean look around you, my family seeks to unite Terra under one person our leader our chieftain our war chief. We have brought many bandits under our rule and even slaves, we were the group responsible for raiding Helvan, and who dealt with the demons here.”

The woman eyes widen. “Wait you dealt with the demons that was attacking, villagers from there were talking about raiders who killed those demons as well as burn there village.” The woman said scowling Loricia.

“We did that because they tried to kill us nothing personal, but anyway look I get it but listen I have an offer for you people you could join us see the world and help us take down the weak nations that hid behind there walls.”

“You wish to fight all the nations? Why for what purpose is there to go to war with the world?”

“Because if you haven’t realized the world is going to hell, the way things are now the world will go to hell. I don’t know about you, but our leader sees this as an opportunity. See she was chosen by the gods themselves to burn this world, the gods are looking for balance and they chose her to do it and I should know I’ve seen them.”


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Part 2

“You seen them?”

“Yes the goddess of war, Mischief and discord. Well formerly discord she was a real bitch but we broke ties with her.”

“Let me get this straight, you’re with a group of people that is planning to fight and take down the world’s government, and the gods themselves are backing you?”

“Sounds crazy doesn’t, but hay if you don’t let me go well my people will come looking for me swords raised wanting our men back.”

The woman blinked her eyes in panic.” Um is there a way to call off your men?”

“There are if you let me go, just untie me I can get my men and I can leave.”

The woman nodded her head and released Lorica. Lorica then stood up and grabbed her axes.” There I let you go now will you leave us be?”

“Hum tell me is your people happy the way you’re living here?”

“Were living just fine the way we are thank you very much.”

“Sure you’re living just fine but winter will be here soon and the river will freeze then what will you do then huh?”

“We will find a way we have for years, we will survive again.”

“Why just survive when you can thrive with us, we have food, water, shelter, we hunt the monsters of this Terra and tame them. We have no fear in our tribe and we are very welcoming so why not join us?”

The light Elf stood up and walked to the door.” If you wish to persuade us then don’t talk to me, best you make some news to the entire village.”

Lorica nodded her head and walked to the middle of the camp. And walked to the Chieftain tent were she saw a lion Thorpe sitting in a chair with bandages all over him.” What in the world is with him?”

The Wolf Thorpe quickly turned around to see Lorica. Who released your cuffs, and how dare you come here!”

“I came here to make a case.” Lorica went back outside.” Attention villagers aren’t you sick of living here, living in a state of constant fear people aren’t meant to live like this. You must jump every time wind blows, but have no threat I hail from a group of people that fights for what it believes in.” People started to come out of their tents and listen to her.” Join me and live lives beyond this forest, my tribe is very open if you wish to join us then let my people go and come with me if your nervous then stay here and continue living in fear.” Some of the people started to nod their heads in agreement others still not listening to Lorica. Suddenly Lorica was talked to the ground when she got up she saw the wolf Thorpe.

“You will quiet shredding your lies, we will live just fine as we are as we always have!”

“Brother enough!” Another wolf Thorpe came out of the Chieftain tent, this one looked like more of a shaman then the other one.” Our father need you by his side.” Filtiarn left Lorica on the ground the larger wolf Thorpe lifted Lorica up.

“I am Convel I am Filtiarn older brother and shaman of our people, and shaman to our people.”

“What’s a shaman?”

“A person that communes with the sprites and the earth, I also get visions from the gods themselves so I know you are telling the truth. You come from a group of people that has raped ships and villages, your leader also unites people under her and you I have seen you. You have not been on this land long you came here from an island, were you lead a group of hunters that tame beast.”

Lorica eyes widen.” Alright then um that’s interesting. Um so you know about me so you know of my people?”

“I do and I have seen your coming, come if you want us to join your master cause you must take a certain trial.” Convel escorted Lorica to his tent were he saw a woman and a child, as they go past them he gave Lorica an orange beverage.” Here this is how Chieftains are made, it will give you a vision of the future if you live through it if not then it will kill you.”

“Humm” Lorica looked at the orange drink and looked at the shaman doubting his words, but she went along with it and drank the orange liquid. Suddenly her body felt like it was on fire, her heart raced her flesh lungs and muscle feel like they were burning away, but in her pain she saw a vision, she saw the people around her fighting alongside her no longer living in the jungle she saw Alice conquering lands, and helping her allies build homes and there tribes growing and capturing and hunting great beast and marching all across Terra as she laughed about it. After a few hours Lorica stood up shaking her head.” Ugh that vision, I saw your people with us hunting and conquering along us a glorious vision of the future. Lorica stood up and went to the chieftain tent.

“What are you doing here you dare show your face here!”

Lorica went past Filtiarn and to the Chieftain, who seemed to be a dying lion Thrope.” What do you want half breed woman.”

“Ou you can tell I’m half Thrope huh, nice to know, your son let me drink your little orange drink you know the thing that gives visions.”

“Traitor, how dare you allow this outsider participate in our tradition!”

“Relax son the fact that this woman survived says that she is meant to replace me, and besides I knew about her when I had to drink the same position.”

“Huh well then it’s safe to say that in my vision you weren’t there, so in saying that I will at least make it quick.” Lorica slowly walked to the chieftain and pulled out her ax, but the chieftain pulled off something off his neck.

“Here this is given to every chieftain, just make my death quick.” The youngest of the chieftain left the tent and went into the woods, while the older brother started to pray. Lorica took the knife and thrusted it into the old man chest. Once the deed was done Lorica put the tribal knife In a lace and put it over her neck, when she looked around she could not find the shamans younger brother As Lorica walked down the steps the other villagers around her saw the neckless she was wearing and started to fallow her. Lorica ordered the villagers to release her men, once done she marched the villagers outside the forest and back to Lorica camp.

Satako saw about three hundred men matching to their camp, when she saw Lorica in front of them she smiled.” Well Lorica I’m surprised we were just about to march down to the river, and then you showed up with some new recruits.”

“Yea I’m the leader of these people, and they fallow me and our cause but we should still recruit other people to our cause after all we did lose a lot of people during not just the demon battle but also during the raid of that village. But for now its best we rest after all we still have a long trip ahead of us.”


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Unlikely allies

Have Brook manner

Charter Woke up and looked at Safria sleeping next to him, Charter gave her a kiss and got dressed. Once he left the room he went down the stairs and looked around for the newspaper, once he found one Charter eyes widen in horror and quickly rushed to Mina room." Mina Mina open the door, it's Charter we have a massive problem!"

Mina opened the door, still in her red, silk pjs. With a yawn, she asked, "What is it?"

"Whelp it seem our vampire friend got tired of waiting, and chose to show the power of her army." Charter showed Mina the paper." The headline says Bevland demon problem solved by a vampire and her army of bandits, after they finished the job they destroyed the village."

"What the hell is she up to?" Mina took the paper. "Greedy bitch. Makes herself look good by taking the demons out, only to turn around and stab the suffering soldiers in the back?"

"But this shows that making that deal with her was best option, I mean if she and her army can fight demons then we probably wouldn't have lasted long. But the only good news is that this had to have costed her greatly."

"I guess..." Mina leaned against the doorframe. "Though she probably made up for it in gold. Plus it shows making a deal with her is only a temporary solution. She probably made a deal with them too. It is only a matter of time until she turns on us."

"Ou come now do your relay have that little faith in me?" the voice came from the window Alice sitting on the edge of it smiling." Now what could I have done so terrible that makes you think I will attack you and break our deal?"

"Damn it. Remind me later to strengthen the magic barrier to keep her out." Mina walked over to the window and held up the paper. "Have you no dignity? No honor?"

"What are you on about?" Alice took the paper and read it."Ou guess the leader of that of that army couldn't pay my men and though killing us would be easier than paying us ten thousand gold, ou well that's not my problem. But to make things easier for you, I made a deal with the leader of that army she couldn't deliver and probably decided to kill us since were bandits or she couldn't pay. My men were defending themselves."

Mina opened her mouth to argue, but remembered who she was talking to. "Whatever. What are you doing here?"

Alice put her hands on Mina Arms and smiled." I wanted to congratulate you, you did something I've been wanting to do for months killing that bitch goddess of Discord. I only wish I could have driven my ax into her some more and chopped her into little tiny pieces, but that's not the reason i'm here." Alice let go of Mina and sat on her desk." I hear your gonna revive the goddess of darkness, I want in."

Mina folded her arms. "Where did you hear that, hmm?"

"Have Brook, I have gods backing me just like you. And I have Tecunte son as my beloved hubby, so he told me that you planed to bring back his aunt and my true and only goddess. Besides I oue her she gave me something that I still use today, and I'm responsible for all this happening anyway so best I bring her back to the world of the living."

Mina's eyes moved over to Charter to see his take on it.

Character eyes twitched.” Hell no we’re not working with you, have you forgotten you said to us!? You threaten us planned to kill us.”

“And if it wasn’t for me warning you about all of this you would be dead right now.”

"Says you." Mina tapped her foot. "Why should we trust you?"

“I’m sorry who was it that told you about Granoras death to begin with, who told you that Tecunte did it? Who told you that war was coming and you better be ready for it? If I didn’t tell you any of that or me reveling myself to you, you would have never boosted your defenses besides you Ou me!”

Mina's eye twitched, and she gave Alice an angry look. Her anger mostly stemmed from Alice technically being right. "Why does Grimora mean so much to you? We have to go to Hell to save her, you know?"

“Ou no you took away my kill, I wanted to kill Tecunte I Ou it to her Grimora to bring her back to the land of the living!”

“You really are fixed on this aren’t you we Ou you knotting so beat it.”

Mina held up a hand. "Maybe this can be... mutually beneficial." She gave the vampire a serious look. "You're sure about this. You'll literally go to Hell and back for this."

"Mina do you know who you’re talking to, wait she could be a valuable distraction. I mean how many people would want payback on her for all the corpses she raised?"

"Ha ha your funny, i'm sure there will be plenty of sprites that want me dead but I don't care I'm getting my goddess back."

"Alright then..." Mina stepped forward. "You can come with... on one condition."

"Mina!" Charter shouted

Alice smiled." Of course there's always something with you Mina, alright what do you want?"

Mina held a hand to calm Charter down. "We have a system to make sure only one in a group of four will be at risk, acting as the anchor for the others. You will be that anchor..." She pointed to the side. "And Charter will be in charge of you."

"What! You want me to work with this woman!"

"Ou it will be loads of fun, you want me to work with someone that wants to kill me in a place were i'm the destruction for a bunch of spits that probable want vengeance on me." Alice thought of the idea and realize that this might be the only chance she could see her family." Humm fine I'll work with you then."

Mina turned to Charter. "I feel you will be able to reign her in the best considering you already know her to an extent, but if you truly object, I'll find someone else."

"Ugh." Charter looked at Alice."Ugh I will try and work with her the... the best way I can."

"Aw such a train mutt, always doing what he's told like a good boy."

"That trained mutt will be your boss on this mission," Mina warned. "Watch what you say."

Aw did I hurt the dogs feelings."

Charter raised his sword to Alice." This dog will have no problem cutting you down Like I did Tecunte."

Alice put Charter sword down." Whelp since i'm gonna be on this mission, does this mean I get to stay here till you go on this mission?"

"No." Mina gave her a dirty look. "The mission is in three days. You have until then to prepare. Be back here at noon or you'll be left behind."

“Aw and here I was hoping we could get along in that time, but Ou well I’ll be sure to be here then. Ou and Mina don’t forget to kill a certain cult for me in Oder to keep this little guild of yours around.”

"If we come across any, we will." Mina nudged her head to the window. "Time to leave."

"Aw and here I thought we were just getting along, but Ok i'll leave just don't forget our little deal and I will keep my distance but know this." Alice stood face to face with Mina." My empire is starting to build, I got tired of waiting and soon Hevlan will fall to me once this is over, so my finall words to you is what I said to you last time. War is coming ether prepare yourself for it or get destroyed like everyone else."

Alice went to the window and flew away from the manor. "I hate that woman, and I have to work with that."

"You'll be fine. Besides, she keeps picking fights with elder gods, and we won't have to worry about her much longer. She over confidence will be her undoing."

"We don't know her much boss, I mean it could be a ploy she could be smarter then we give her credit for. I mean we did kill Tecunte for her so we did do what she wanted to do, not to mention she is gathering followers rather quickly."

Mina turned to him. "You sound a bit nervous. I hope you're not saying you can't handle a woman like her."

"She faced demons Mina, something we have done yes however facing a demon army and winning in open conflict I would be a fool to say I wasn't a bit nervous. If I may Mina you should be worried to of her to after all we both have children to think about, and with her lingering around we might have to raise them in a very split land if what she says is true."

Mina placed a hand on her belly. "Then we should take care of her sooner rather then later..."

"If I may mam, if we do go after her we might lose so for now let's keep our deal with her until we find a opportunity to fight her."

Mina nodded. "Right." She cleared her throat. "Well... I think you have seen me in my pajamas enough for one day."

"Huh ou right sorry boss, anyway look I will keep my feeling in check with her so I will metaly prepare myself you that mission." Charter left the room trying to figure out how to work with there enemy.


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SmiteGrinder & Black0ut present:
The Two Beasts

Havenbrook Manor
Training Yard
1;37 P.M.

Titania practiced her strikes, making sure to not actually hit the training dummy. Her longsword stopped mere centimeters away from the dummy, as she swung with her normal speed. After a few minutes of practice, she sheathed her blade and sat down, taking deep breaths to slow her heart rate down.

The sound of fabric shredding could be heard as Johanna lashed out her attacks on the dummy in front of her. She was hitting it with a long, sharp whip of dark energy emitting from her left arm. A circle was marked in the dirt surrounding her... which was likely a warning to others as the whip touched the circle several times, but never crossed it. Her movements were fast, almost intractable as she continuously tore through the target dummy.

A blade wrapped itself in the dark energy as Titania looked at the girl curiously. "Nice speed with that whip of yours. Does it do anything else?" She asked casually, as if the current situation was normal.

Rage emanated out of Johanna as she turned her head to looked at the Hunter. A faint, but noticeable roar seemed to echo from her, even though her lips did not move. the biggest oddity, however, was when she calmly stated. "It's just an extension of the magic in my blood. Normally it's just a claw, but I can extend it to be this way if I so choose."

"Interesting... care to spar? I'm kinda interested in fighting a magical fighter like you... I hope you don't mind too much?" She asked, unwinding the blade from the magical whip.

"I suppose I could use practice that's more skill oriented." Johanna remarked, the whip retracting into the bandages that covered the arm it originated from. "Are we going to use practice weapons then?"

"Nope. I want to go at you with a real weapon, and so I can use my powers against you, and vice versa. Besides, training with the practice weapon won't help you train as efficiently as a real weapon would." She explained, stabbing her sword into the so she could lean on it.

"Fair enough." The dark energies reformed around her hand, creating a claw around it. "Lead the way."

"I have a spot in the forest; a clearing that works pretty good as a battleground." She said as she started walking, not checking behind her to see if the girl was following. "And some ground rules; We're going until the other yields, but no killing, okay?"

"This is a sparring match, not a duel." The mercenary remarked as she followed Titania. "I don't plan on killing you."

"Well, I'll keep from hurting you too bad. Don't want you to think I'm an asshole." She joked.

Either Johanna didn't noticed the joke or didn't care as she replied. "You're actions aren't going to be as effective as your words... as accidents do happen."

"Not if you're a master swordswoman. Besides, while accidents do happen, you can remove some of the chance of a screw-up if you're safe about it." She replied, her patience running thin on how long it was taking them.

"Master swordswoman huh?" The damaged woman noted as they continued walking. "So you've had a lot of time to practice then?"

"I have. What about you? How much training have you had?" She asked, as she debated whether she should carry her to the spot or not.

"I've had a bit of time to practice the powers given to me." The mercenary answered. "But I doubt I've mastered it."

"You will in time. After that, you'll start experimenting to see how much you can improve your abilities..." Titania said cheerfully, before stopping and turning towards the other woman. "If I could get us to my sparring area faster, would you say no?"

"I wouldn't mind decreasing the travel time."

"Alright... here we go." She murmured as she lifted Johanna up, and ran in a circle quickly building up speed, becoming a blur of colors as time went on. She then took off, going at an intense speed before arriving at the spot in a matter of seconds. She raised an eyebrow and asked, "Are you okay?"

"That was different..." Johanna seemed okay from her appearance and tone.

Setting her down, Titania looked relieved. "Good... sometimes people get a bit hurt by that, so I'm glad that you weren't." Unsheathing her blade, she stuck it into the ground. "You sure you're ready for this?"

Johanna took her sickle off of her belt and walked backwards to give a bit of distance. "I'm as ready as you are."

"Very well. Why don't you make the first move?" She said, lifting her blade out of the ground into a defensive stance.

Johanna took a moment to examine the warrior's form. Knowing that she was fast and a master at her art, the mercenary had a feeling that this would not go in her favor. Despite these odds, Johanna still extended her claw into a whip like blade and quickly made the first move as lashed the weapon out from the left at a low angle.

Remembering her time fighting Kva, who used a similar weapon, she quickly dashed at the warrior, using her blade to deflect most of the damage, her leg being cut open by her lackluster defense.

The whip quickly retracted to it's claw state as Johanna leaned back to avoid the incoming slash and grab hold of the blade with the clawed hand.

Titania's fist came up and slammed into Johanna's face, before she pulled back to deliver another hard punch.

The mercenary let go of the blade as she sent a hard kick into Titania's side.

The Thrope stumbled away from the blow, as she swung her blade at Johanna's legs, using it to gain some distance from her opponent.

Johanna blocked the blade with her sickle and lunged at the wolf Thrope with her claw.

Titania fell backwards, one of her legs blurring as she did so. Striking out with her super fast leg, she began using both her hands to pull the blade out. "Strong, aren't you?"

The kick sent Johanna back with enough force to make her lose balance. After skidding on ground for a short bit, the maiden grabbed hold of the ground with her claw and got back on her feet. With her claw still on the ground, Johana looked up at the Thrope, not saying a word in reply. Something was different about the look in her eyes... almost as if she had become feral. She charged Titania again, being much faster then she was the last time.

Shit. Titania thought, quickly getting to her feet, as her legs blurred to gather speed and get her quickly out of there. She got into a defensive stance ready to riposte back if she needed to.

Johanna continued her pursuit after the Thrope, slashing at Titania whenever she got close.

"Awww... you're so cute! You're blindly slashing at me like it'll work. Guess I should crack a rib then..." She taunted, her body blurring as she zoomed forward, her fist aiming for the girl's stomach.

Instead of reeling back in pain, the girl slammed her claw into Titania's head and grabbed hold of it. Whoever, or whatever, Johanna actually was, she was definitely more resilient than a human... but smarter than a monster.

Titania growled, and her own flesh and blood claws pierced through the gloves that were worn to protect against them. Her claw went for a swipe against the woman's head, while her sword sought to chop her in half.

The mercenary blocked the sword with her sickle as the Thrope's claws tore open her cheek. Show more signs of being a feral beast, Johanna returned the growl before throwing Titania into a nearby tree.

The breath rushed out of Titania's lungs as she hit the tree, but she got up relatively easily, a small amount of blood coming from her lip where she had bit it. She rushed the girl once more going for what looked like a stab, but she slid down, her sword going for a vertical cut while her claw went for a meaty slice.

Titania's sword was met with void energy as the claw extended into a shield like form. Dark spikes surged out of the shield the moment the weapon connected as a form of retaliation.

The Thrope slashed the girl's legs with her claw, raising her foot and kicking hard into the girl's undercarriage, hoping it'd be enough to make her lose concentration.


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The Two Beasts, cont.

Johanna managed to nick the swordswoman's arm with her sickle, but couldn't counter the sudden kick, which caused her to fall to the ground.

"Yield!" The silver wolf roared, standing up but moving back so Johanna couldn't surprise her with any close range attacks.

All the anger on Johanna's face dissipated as her claw flowed back into her bandages. "Guess you are a master had your art after all. You win."

"You're not bad yourself... But you should work on your strategy for battle... you had a couple points when you could've taken advantage of kicking my ass, but you didn't. Also, work on blocking your blind spots, or you'll get put in a bad spot." Titania critiqued, offering a bright and cheery smile.

"I'll remember that next time." The mercenary remarked as she got back her feet. "Perhaps we should we about doing this again soon."

"If you want. Or you and I can share a drink at the bar if you're up for that." She suggested, checking her blade for any blood before sheathing it.

"I'm going to have to decline your offer." The mercenary replied. "I don't drink."

"Alright. Sparring it is. Do you want me to take you back to the Guild quickly or would you rather walk?"

"I'd rather walk myself." She answered. "But I kindly thank you for the offer."

"Okay..." Titania said somewhat disappointedly, before she became more relaxed. "Where'd you learn to fight like that? It was almost like I was fighting a younger version of myself, not to be, um, narcissistic, but I was more primal rage back then and your fighting style reminds me of that."

"Primal rage?" Johanna raised an eyebrow at the wolf Thrope. "I don't recall having that kind of anger in my blood."

"You do. Considering the look you held in your eye halfway through the fight, if you didn't and were only pretending to look like you had lost all decency, I'd say you were the best actor I've ever seen." She replied, raising an eyebrow at the girl as well.

"Hmmm... odd." Johanna thought for a moment. "My father must've been hiding something then..."

"Your father? Maybe you can ask him if he knows?" She suggested, offering a mild shrug.

The mercenary paused for a moment. "He's dead... alongside the rest of the family."

Titania frowned, and she looked at the mercenary. "I'm sorry to hear that... is there anything I can do to make up for bringing up such a bad topic?"

"Some time to think about the events that conspired today would be appreciated." The maiden answered, placing her sickle back on her belt.

"You like using big words, huh? Alright... I'll leave you be if that's what you want. See you around?" She asked as her body blurred, building up speed.

"See you around."

She zipped away with incredible speed before vanishing from sight, her footprints marking that she was there at some point.


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Frostlich1228 & Black0ut present:
Inevitable confrontations

Havenbrook Manor
Medical Ward
10:54 A.m.

The Hospital’s room was dark, and no one stirred within, be it nurses or patients, save one. Jay contemplated his choices, as he had unintentionally hurt Sylvie with his near sacrifice when fighting Tecunte. She hadn’t abandoned him after finding out, but she wasn’t okay with what he had done either. Titania had stopped visiting him, only briefly walking by every couple of days. He groaned in frustration and recalled the day where it all had gone to hell.

The Huntress sat next to Jay next to his bed in the medical area, leaning her head back and sleeping on a pillow the doctors provided for her. Her shirt was off, the top of a modest bra was just visible under a wrapping that bound her abdomen and ribs. She had sat here most of the day, as long as she could, waiting for Jay to wake.

His empty socket opened as a small light orb appeared inside the hollow cavern, making it look like he was peering out at her. "I have a feeling I'm in trouble..." He murmured, far better than he had been prior to his dark choice he made earlier when he thought of the past.

Sylvie shifted, her eyes tightening as if she was in pain, a bead of sweat rolling down her face. "Cave... A-Ahusirra... F-Forest... Cave..."

"Sylvie? Are you okay?" He asked, his magic dissipating as he opened his other eye.

Syl suddenly shot awake, looking around for a moment before focusing on Jay. "Jay? You're awake!"

"Syl... you're scaring me... you just were talking mentioning something to do with your goddess. Are you feeling alright?" He asked, putting his hand on her forehead with an imperceptible hiss of pain.

"It's fine... I've just been... Having dreams... Ever since Jasmine was born..." The Huntress shook her head. "That's not important right now! You almost died! What did Tecunte do to you... You were like a pincushion..."

"So Titania hasn't told you..." Edan coughed, feeling more nervous than before. "I might have... done something I wouldn't normally do if I had my staff... Um, that wasn't her, per se..."

"What does that mean...?" Sylvie leaned forward, a concerned look on her face.

"I wasn't strong enough without my staff to fight the Goddess, and Titania wasn't strong or fast enough to take care of her. She charged me and in order to weaken her enough for Titania to take her down, I locked myself and Tecunte in a cage of water, the bars being various bladed weapons I've seen throughout my life. And I tightened it." He explained, looking away slightly, "She was down and far worse off than I was, as it was over two hundred weapons. I... was thinking of the threat she posed to you and Jasmine when I tightened the cage. I didn't want my family or my... almost family to suffer if I could eliminate part of the threat."

"You idiot! You're too similar to Titania for your own good..." She kissed him lovingly. "I don't know how I would live if you had died there with Eraqus..."

"Well, I... I was scared that if I let that version go, she'd kill you. Being faster than Titania means that she would have outfought you and made your spear a liability. I'd rather die than let that version of her even touch you." He whispered, too afraid of his own words. "Besides... I... thought I died. everything went black for a few moments and then Titania was there... Perhaps I'm just too stubborn to die. I still have a wedding to plan after all." He flashed a charming smile at her, while he worried about what her words had meant. Then the Light Elf remembered what Sylvie had said about being connected to Ahusirra. Perhaps that was Ahusirra telling me she wished to meet... in a cave near the forest...

Sylvie tilted her head, "What's wrong?"

"You know me far too well." Jay noted, shaking his head. "I'm wondering if what you said to me was your Goddess asking for a meeting with me."

"With you? I... I don't know... I don't even know how to contact her..." Sylvie looked down, "And Ahusirra has never talked to me through dreams before... She usually sends messager animals or other signs..."

"You literally said only three words to me repeatedly and looked... in pain but also stressed. Also, you're connected to her like that big leafy thing that protected us was. Makes some sense that she can use you to communicate with others." He tried to rationalize, feeling a little unnerved himself.

"I don't know... My dream is fading, but it didn't look like it was from around here..." Sylvie tried to recall.

"Nevertheless, if your goddess demanded a meeting, it must be important, as she wouldn't go for me initially. But if I go out into the forest, there's a good chance I could figure out where she wants me to go." Jay thought aloud, a pensive look on his face.

"No. You are to stay in bed, understand? You have to get better." Sylvie chided him.

Light Magic lifted him up and started moving to set him down. "But I am better... I'm not coughing up blood or fading in and out of consciousness. And I can compensate for my um... mana 'drain'? I think that's what it's called when you overuse your mana, anyways."

Sylvie put her foot down. "I said no! Look just... Let me get you some water or something, okay? Stay. Here."

The magic gently lowered him back down. "All right, Syl. I'll stay... as long as I get to kiss you at least once." Sancros bargained.

The Human woman relented, leaning in to kiss him once more.

The Light Elf returned the kiss, before looking into her eyes. "I love you, Syl. I promise I won't risk my life like this again. I promise."

"Okay... Let me get you your water..." Sylvie smiled, taking a glass off the table and making her way out of the room.

Jay waited for her to return, grumpily counting the seconds down.

"Congratulations Jay..." A voice spoke from the window, upon looking, he immediately recognized the figure of a wooden Woman adorned with wings, Skye. "I see you are recovering well enough..."

"Well enough. I take it you were contacting me through Sylvie for your Goddess" He asked, conjuring a humanoid made of water which sat in a chair how he normally would.

"Ehhh... Kind of. Point is, I'm here for you Jay." Skye folded one leg over the other. "I sensed that you may have some questions for all. And... I'm also checking in to make sure you are fine after the big fight."

"I'm just tired and have four holes in my body. So, fine I guess. As for my questions... I hope you won't be too angry at me for not recognizing Ahusirra's divinity, as I don't recognize any gods as being divine. As such, most of the questions are in that line of thinking, which requires you to be able to accept that. So... will you?" He asked, his watery doppelganger raising a hand to its face.

"There are plenty who don't recognize her power. Just don't let her hear you say that." Skye looked over at the door.

"I won't... after all, your goddess even asked me how I felt about her with Sylvie around." Edan replied, before his curiosity got the better of him. "I know you yourself are quite powerful, Skye, as are the others of Ahusirra's domain, but is that strength more magical based or is it more physical?"

"Magical and Physical... But mostly Physical. My lady may not usually look the part, but in a fight, she does not finesse things." Skye replied, stepping from the window sill. "She goes for the throat and won't stop until her enemy is crushed."

"Seems reasonable, given that she is not a trickster Goddess. Alright... you still remember the Wolf Thrope that challenged your lady to a battle, right? She'll be getting a new sword that can light itself on fire. How would she fare in battle against her, just so I can advise Titania whether she should, or shouldn't use it?"

Skye chuckled, "A fire sword? If you remember, my lady's other self is already on fire."

"Well, combine that with the fact she's only half-mortal and that fire can stick and burn for a long period of time, that might be a risk that I may want to help her avoid if possible." He replied, shrugging nonchalantly with a somewhat audible hiss.

"Half mortal? She is a demigod?" Skye seemed amused. "Did you not just say you do not credit the Terrian gods?"

"I did say that, but those in the pantheon do live forever unless killed in battle. Therefore, they are immortal. Both Elves, Thropes, Netzi, Humans, Ophidians, and Faeries all have finite lifespans therefore mortal. So, while I did say half-mortal, it doesn't mean I am saying she is half divinity, just half of the Immortals many like to call Gods." He explained, his water doppelganger showing a look of some irritation on its face.

"I did not mean to irritate you." Skye held up her hands defensively. "You know... My Lady is nearby, if you'd like to ask her about things yourself. She may even be able to help you with your staff problem."

The Doppelganger's face softened, and its owner's voice became quiet. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't be taking my frustration out on you, not after you saved my life. I'm... frustrated with life right now. So... I hope Ahusirra will forgive me if I'm not as calm or nice as I can be." He replied, a nearly dead tone being all the emotion he let out. "I'd be happy to talk to her. I, ah, someone will have to stay and tell Sylvie where I am, as I'm too weak to maintain so much mana while wounded and staff-less."


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Inevitable Regrets, Pt. 2

"Don't worry. I'll just distract her with a deer or something..." Skye replied lightheartedly, reaching out to help him off the bed.

The Doppelganger broke up into water orbs that flew around Skye and behind the Light Elf to help lift him up. "Or something? Wait, I don't wanna know. I can plead ignorance that way."

"I can see why she likes you." The Tree Woman snickered.

"Oh, shut up." The Light Elf murmured, grumpily blushing.

"She's out in a clearing not too far from the manor. Follow me." Skye explained, making her way out the window and hovering with her wings.

The water lifted him out of the window and lowered him to the ground. Taking a few stumbling steps he called up to Skye. "You realize I'm better, not that I'm doing great, right? And you also know I can't fly when I'm this injured..." He grumbled, as he walked in the direction of the forest.

"Oh... I appear to have been naïve..." Skye chuckled, putting an arm under his leg and lifting him up.

"You're enjoying this way too much..." He grumbled and then another thought popped into his head. "Or is there something else you'd like to tell me as an explanation?"

"What do you mean?" She tilted her head, moving into the woods.

"Besides what happened in the forest, you and I haven't said or done anything together... and yet here you are making jokes, as if we've known each other for years. So, what I am trying to say... why the sudden change of heart?"

"Oh... I suppose it is because of the good news. Little Jasmine. The Victory over Tecunte. Perhaps it has put me a quite cheerful mood." Skye tried to explain.

"Uh huh... Right." He murmured, not believing her but dropping the subject anyways. "Regardless... I thought your Goddess stayed in her forest in Neren'teva, and didn't travel."

"She does... But... She wanted to see something..." Skye said as they reached a familiar clearing. There, with flowers blooming around her feet as she stood, was the Goddess Ahusirra, and below her... The Rubble remains of the former Chaos God.

"Hello, Ahusirra." Sancros said casually, looking at her with bored interest. "I see you have come to take a look at what remains of Tecunte... although why you would do so still eludes me."

"Hello, my child. It is good to see you." She said, still looking at the remains. "A powerful entity died here... A Child of Mevah, Goddess of Life. I felt as though I had to see it for myself."

"Didn't know you were the sentimental type." Jay raised an eyebrow, a suspicious look on his face, before he shrugged. "She put up a hell of a fight... as the several holes in my body prove that. Although... why show remorse to the one who tried to have your home destroyed, along with your people?"

"While she did cause us many problems. She did not do it to spite us, nor did she do it to spite me. She did to to spite Havenbrook and to spread Chaos, can one truly fault someone for following their nature?"

Ahusirra slowly reached down, picking up a chunk of the body and watching it crumble in her hand. "I sooner would blame the Gods for creating a Chaos God to begin with, one that they could not keep in control."

"You may have a point," He started laying down, his pain disabling him. "but for order to exist in any world, Chaos would need to apart of said world. And for chaos to be a thing, it cannot be controlled, lest it cease to be chaos. So it's more of an eventuality that a Chaos God would break free of the control of the other Immortals, not if they can contain one."

"I suppose I saw something common between the two of us." Ahusirra admitted. "Nature and Entropy go hand in hand. It is always creeping, always looking to take back from civilization what is rightfully hers. Perhaps Tecunte's view had some degree of legitimacy. This world is far too orderly. The balance is skewed. It is a shame she wanted to instead skew the balance the opposite way."

"Such is the politics of all Immortals. In this world, you either die a hero or live to become the villain. She, as well as other Immortals before her, were good and understood the balance. But since you guys live eternally, unless slayed in battle, it's natural to assume that you'd become villains given enough time. The same applies to us mortals, but just on a faster scale." He sighed, closing his actual eye while leaving the hole open. "To be honest, seeing as I could never tell Sylvie, I have killed far too many people, with many of them being innocent and I wouldn't change what I've done. But... I suppose evil understands evil. But what I don't understand... is why you split yourself into two pieces. The anger, rage, and overall darkness that makes you into that fiery beast, and this serene, peaceful, and good form that you use to talk to me. Either embodies nature, and can act like the other half, so why split yourself?"

"Like you said, they both embody nature..." Ahusirra looked back, Skye giving her a concerned look.

"It is part of my nature, Jay... We cannot easily change how we are... The World around us on the other hand..." She said, gently growing a flower from the vines twisting around her hand. "The World can change how we are... The World has more sway on us then we like to think... Events that can change the very fabric of who we are as people."

The Deity took a number of steps forward. "I wonder what you might've been like if you had not become a slave... A slave to wretched parasites, too weak to survive any other way... But they will soon understand, their perverted order will not last over those who wish to be free..."

"Unfortunately, I would never allow myself to aid the resistance process besides through monetary means. If I were to set foot in Helvan, there would be a genocide until I was killed... and I don't know if I could stop with the slavers there. Parasites they may be, they still are... somewhat people." He replied, a dark expression taking hold for a moment before dissipating. "Besides... even with a change of heart and a good upbringing, I'd still be shown the signs of how shit the world is. It would take longer for me to become as evil as I am, but it'd still happen. As it stands, there's only one thing stopping me from becoming the next monster and that's your champion... should she die... I'd like you to promise me something."

"And that is, my child?" The Goddess inquired.

"Kill me. I... will not be the most sane of mind, and I doubt I would listen to reason due to overwhelming grief. And should I have nothing to stop or persuade me to change, I'll do things that'll make what Tecunte did child's play." He answered, offering a grim smile. "Of course if it came down to it, I'd caution you to be wary of me, no matter how I look or what damage I've sustained."

"Losing someone Special... Someone you love... That can break even the strongest will... It's what makes heroes... And monsters..." Ahusirra spoke, looking down slightly. "Many have taken the anger and pain of loss, taken it to do great things... Used it to guide them... And remember, if such a thing were to happen... You still have a Daughter."

He paused as he reevaluated his request. After a moment, he spoke again. "Then how about this: Should I give in to my darker side, and if I am not channeling it for good... then will you? I'd rather the task of slaying or battling me fall to someone else than my own kin..."

"Very well... And if such a thing happens, I will take care of little Jasmine." She nodded once. "Does that sound acceptable?"

"It is. Thank you... and on a different, lighter subject, how, er, resistant to oil fires are you? Titania's getting a new blade to use and depending on what you say, I'll tell her whether to use it or not. Despite contrary belief, I'd feel bad if you got too hurt in a fight."

"I may have some woodlike elements, but I will not burst into flame like a pitch torch." Ahusirra reassured, smiling softly.

"Well, the type of flame used is akin to siege weapons, so... you'll probably be fine. Anyways, I know you don't owe me any favors, considering you just gave me one as a promise... but uh, it's just a question and uh, if you'd help clear out a monster area... because, uh, my student got upset when I unleashed a lot of my power on her at her request that she turned my staff back into a corrupted artifact... anyways, would, uh, consider it?" He quietly asked, humbling himself as he knew he was asking a lot.

"Yes... I can feel an imbalance in the energy here..." The Goddess crossed her arms below her ribcage. "It would be easier to simply correct the imbalance, eliminating all the monsters would be pointless, as they would simply return."

"True, and a rather peaceful option. So does that mean you will help?" He asked, a curious look in his eye.

Ahusirra stepped up to one of the trees, rubbing a leaf gently. "I can hear them crying for my help... The Corruption is hurting them... But you should also play a part in the healing process. As well as Sylvie, after I am done removing the Corruption. That is what I ask of you."

"I'll try. After the battle with Tecunte, I'm far weaker and have less magic at my disposal." He explained, as he struggled to his feet.

"Perhaps I could help you with that... Although now, I must ask you a question..." The Fertility Deity walked towards him, stopping only a foot away, allowing Jay to feel her passive magical energy licking his skin. The sensation was not unlike what he felt whenever he was with Sylvie, a slight tingling, except this time it was all over. "What do you plan to do... When your hunting days are done? Or do you plan to raise little Jasmine within Havenbrook?"


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Inevitable Regret, pt.3

"I... hmm... I'd first ask Titania to transfer over my slave papers to Sylvie, and from there... Well, I already have a passive job within Havenbrook that pays pretty well... I suppose if I was done hunting, I'd buy a nice house in the nearby town, and just work at the guild. Maybe taking her in, every now and again to see the Guild and some of the people in there. Why do you ask?" He asked, raising an eyebrow suspiciously.

"Why not our village if you are done with the Hunter's Life? They would gladly welcome you back with open arms, build you a house. That far into the forest, you'd never have to worry about your 'Slave Papers' ever again. A peaceful life far from your woes." Ahusirra smiled, listing her points with an undeniable charisma.

"As much as that appeals..." He started off slowly, a small smile on his face. "That would also mean forsaking any relations I have as I'm still a crippled young man, and not many would risk the journey to your village. Plus, it'd take them awhile to go to Neren'teva and then into the forest."

"But... it would not be my choice that would lead me to your village. If she decided to go, I would too... as long as you didn't press or influence her into doing so." He finished, a light orb appearing in the cavernous hole as if it were an eye.

"I'd hate to say she already seems rather pressed... She grew up there after all..." Skye noted, having been watching the conversation from the back.

"She has a point. What do you define as 'pressing'? Moreover, if I did press her, and she did decide to go, you would leave her?" Ahusirra raised a closed hand up to her chest.

"No... but I would come to talk with you... and it would not be a pleasant conversation. That would, of course, strain or destroy whatever working relationship we have and make me more hostile to you." He answered, his voice going cold and vicious, before lightening up as he continued. "As for pressing... I know she sees signs in nature and, of course, listens to you and Skye. So, as long as you don't send a vague message through nature or directly tell her via Skye and or you, I'll be fine to move to your village."

Ahusirra shrugged, "Very well, I would not alienate the future husband of my guardian... But the same goes for you, what stops you from pressing her to stay?"

He thought for a moment. "I suppose you have nothing but my word... and the promise that should I break my word, that you may do whatever you want to me." Edan shrugged, but only a slight amount of tension in his shoulders betrayed his nervousness about letting her have that kind of power over him.

"Whatever I want? What if I turn you into a flower?" The Goddess chuckled ethereally.

Skye simply smirked, "Maybe this good mood is infectious..."

"Then I'd be a flower. A flower that probably wouldn't feel anything. If that is what you deem a fair punishment, then it'd be a fair one to me." He murmured, his own smile a more grim one.

Her smile faded slowly, returning to her more solemn, serene, look. "You're rather serious you know. Much like many gods, in fact..."

"I'm afraid all my jovality was beaten out of me... also an eye, and my leg is broken. Not to mention my body is a mish-mash of scars. Am I missing anything...? Oh right. Over forty years of a doctrine that I am nothing and that my only purpose was to live, work, and die. Expecting me to function should be more of a priority." He explained, clenching his hands into fists as many orbs surrounded him in a shield.

"I apologize. I don't talk to very many outside my glade. This may be the first time I've left in a hundred years." Ahusirra seemed saddened. "What would you say... If someone told you that they could remove those scars...?"

He gritted his teeth and closed his eyes, trying to regain control. "I am not that man, not anymore..." He murmured to himself, barely audible. After a few moments of battling his demons, his hands unclenched and the orbs dispersed.

"And what? What would that do? It only removes the physical evidence, Ahusirra. My mind is still fucked up, as I get to see the best ways to kill anyone should I get angry enough. I have killed so many people with these hands... so many." He paused for a moment, trying to recollect himself. "I have had my scars healed before, you know. It changed nothing and those pantheon of gods did nothing. You are the only one I can't hate because you do give a damn for your people... but I am not one of yours, at least not an original one. You only care about how damaged I am, because I'm with Sylvie. Were I anyone else, I doubt you'd cared about the cold and emotionless Light Elf that everyone tends to hate." He let out a hollow and bitter laugh, devoid of all but pain, anger, and desperation.

"So. I'll tell you what... I'll do it. I'll come back out of this forest to wherever you want to go, and we can heal the scars up. Just... don't get your hopes up on it fixing me." He murmured, a bubble of light magic covering him as if to ward off the emotional scars.

"Why are you so convinced you are evil? Sylvie doesn't seem to believe that." Ahusirra asked simply. "Evil never sees itself as evil. Therefore, wouldn't your line of thinking prove at least your morality?"

"That's only if the evil was never good in the first place or didn't aspire to be good." Jay said quietly closing his eyes as he regained control over his emotions. "And I'm convinced because some part inside of me still wants to kill people. No... it wants to kill the races of those who enslaved me. Humans. Elves. And I would make it into torture for them. I am not remorseful for what I've done; I'm afraid of what I will do. My morals are simply to just... do whatever makes sense in the moment."

"And you have no reason to feel that way? You cannot be expected to forgive after so many years a slave. But... It seems to me you are making good progress in that regard." The Goddess pointed out.

"Per...perhaps you're right. Maybe I have changed." He murmured, a water orb appearing in his palm. "But maybe I haven't. Maybe all I do anymore is for others... helping them when they need it, not taking any time for myself."

"I'm... better now. Thank you... let's, uh, go to wherever you want to take me." He practically whispered.

"Would you still like it done?" Ahusirra confirmed, giving him a serious look.

"Yeah... why not. She'll probably like it." Jay answered quietly, as his water orb shifted into a flower.

"This is about what you want, Jay..." She replied, running a hand through her hair. "Do you want to have them removed?"

"Sure." He said simply, his gaze drooping down to the forest floor.

"Very well..." Ahusirra replied, walking around him and placing a hand on his back. The tingling grew more intense as it enveloped his entire body, his limbs glowing light green with magical energy. The sensation was so great it threatened to make him pass out, but seconds before he could it was over.

"And you have been reborn, Jay..." The Goddess smiled, taking the hand from his back.

Moving a hand underneath his shirt to feel, he confirmed what she had done. "Thank you... I suppose I owe you for this?" He asked softly, as he turned his head to look at her.

"No nothing." Ahusirra asked, looking back towards the manor. "Jay... I did this for you because you mean much to Sylvie. And because you are good, you care for nature, have a respect for life... You are as much one of my own as she is. I saw how you rushed to the aid of the village's injured back in Neren'Teva..."

Stepping away from him, she sighed, looking up. "But you might not like me for much longer... I have waited for too long I think... And I think the time is right... It is time I step onto the stage again... It has been a long time..."

"What... what exactl are you planning on doing?" He asked, his nerves beginning to creep back on him again.

"I wish to bring nature back into balance. To defend my home. As long as the world is the way it is, what I love will always be in danger..." The Goddess took a few more steps away from him. "You know... An Army of Demons attacked my forest... Even more hunters from Sylvie's home died, Skye took care of the creatures herself..."

"They could've decimated everything..." Skye continued her Goddess' statement.

"I need to be reactive. Besides, I think the time is right anyway." Ahusirra finished, looking back at Tecunte's body.

"And how do you plan to do that?" he asked, some suspicion on his face.

"Bring life." She answered simply. "I look at places like the Duchy and I see the horror that has been wrought to the world. Whether I am seen as a Hero or a Villian, will be left up to fate. If I continue to be a passive observer, if I do not become a player in that fate, then when another Tecunte happens, when another old one is summoned to my home... I may not be able to defend it..."

"Use Havenbrook as an ally and ask them for help when you can, when you go out... how weak will that leave the village?"

"The Terrian Gods aligned with Havenbrook are the problem Jay..." Ahusirra pointed out. "They allowed Tecunte to run wild, they refused to aid you. They are the reason you were injured and your friend lays here as sand..."

"They are the reason Titania lives and why I didn't die before Sylvie and I gave you your next champion. They, no matter how much I hate them, do try to keep balance. I know at some point in your life, you were like them; you may have looked down on us mortals, you could've stayed isolationist, and you did by only servicing your followers, but you changed. And I don't give a damn whether or not you want to do this, what I am saying is don't do this alone." He argued back as he stood up with a grimace.

"Or I will make myself a problem for you later on... Just so you have to confront me." He crossed his arms giving her a stern look.


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Inevitable Regret, pt.4

"I never said I would do it alone..." Ahusirra looked back towards him. "They are not all bad... But the few that are good are weakened..."

"For now, they are. But what did you expect? A chaos Goddess, who ceased to care about anyone or anything, save herself?" He asked raising an eyebrow. "How defended will the village be when you're gone?"

"I never said I would leave either. But... The More nature there is, the more power and reach I have." Ahusirra explained.

"I do agree that you need to expand, just remember of the balance. If you overdo it, there will be major ramifications for doing so." He replied, giving her a concerned look. "The stronger you get, the more of a target you make yourself and as much as you Immortals forget, you can die. So... just watch your back."

"Speaking of... I especially don't want them to have that golden hind... And especially not nemesis. They could easily see me as a threat and get rid of me..." She pointed out.

"It's hard for them to consider killing gods and their other weapon... she's not a threat and Drayce would give them hell for even trying to use her." Edan said as a thought popped into his head. "Which is why you need to meet her. Get her to like you... I have a proposition for you, if you'll hear me out."

Ahusirra smiled. "Very well... What is it?"

He raised a hand, offering a gentle smile. "First I need to know if you can look like us mortals."

"Well... I never have before... But I could do it, yes." She noted.

"Then stay at Havenbrook for a bit. Find mortal allies to help you and defend you in times of peril, befriend the Homunculus Aemilia to avoid any potential attacks against you... and perhaps bond with your champion, see through our eyes what life is like for perhaps... a month. It's a risk, but it is a risk that could benefit you greatly in the long run." He pitched before looking into her eyes. "If you say no, I will understand. It is a lot to ask of an Immortal, as your time is precious."

"And what shall I say to your guild leader? Do I pose as your Grandmother?" Ahusirra replied with some humor in her voice.

He rolled his eyes, putting a hand to his face. "I think you forgot the whole former slave thing...anyways, you're a Fertility Deity. Obviously a young woman would be more apropos. As for the whole thing with Lady Havenbrook, I know your strength as a powerful mage, I could get you into the Guild as a part-time Hunter and I could also get you into our lab. You're smart, and know a great deal of things, not to mention purifying artifacts... but I'd reserve that to only low-grade ones. Going after heavily-corrupted artifacts could get you into trouble, as it's more likely to reveal you. But overall, you already have a way in. So, let's see the transformation into a mortal."

She shrugged, roots wrapped her up from the ground below her, twisting around her in a spiral pattern. After a few moments they lowered to reveal her form, her skin a caramel tone, her hair still its shiny black, but her eyes were a normal white with light green irises... Although the more pressing matter was she was now completely nude, the vines no longer covering her nethers. However, either ignoring it or simply not caring, she asked. "How is this?"

Edan's face turned a bright red, as he looked away. "G-great. No one would know that you're an Immortal... but um, I-I know you're a Fertility and Nature Goddess... but, uh... um... how do I put this without being rude... Doloran words are so stupid..." He struggled, as he struggled, and failed, to regain his composure.

She walked closer. "What is it? Is it the hair?"

"Erm... n-no, you look fine, um... it's... th-the..." Taking off his shirt with the aid of some of his magic, he quickly covered the mortal-looking Goddess as well as revealing a more tattered shirt underneath. "A-ahem. you're, uh, not wearing anything. The better mortals tend to get a tad bit flustered, while the worse ones may try to use you if you are wearing nothing." He explained in Elven, his face showing just how embarrassed he was.

"Oh... Your clothes thing... Right." She let out a slightly chuckle. "Very well. Although I'm sure most mortals would have a hard time taking advantage of me. I could break their arm one handed."

"Not that they'd know you could. It brings a lot of trouble considering, you, um... are very attractive." He murmured, looking away as his composure continued to fail him.

"If you are propositioning me then I must decline." She stated simply.

"I'm not. Just... pointing out why it'd be a problem given... your looks." He held a hand to his face once more, as he took a step back. "I... I'm going to have to teach you some social rules between us mortals. So, um... me blushing is something a lot of more chivalrous, good guys would do if a woman who looks the way you do, were in front of them... mostly nude. Now, if I were a... despicable guy, I'd start flirting with you and try to get you into a bed that way. But I'm not like that... so, um, no... I don't want sex, I'm just rather embarrassed is all." He explained, having to look away as he did so.

"And why is that so despicable to be interested in me as a potential breeding partner?" The Goddess questioned.

"Because those people tend to 'breed' than be an asshole afterwards, usually." He replied, still looking away.

"Right. You all think you have to stay after. These modern practices are so odd." She made a point to note.

He nodded his head. "Well, you also inspire a different lifestyle in your village. Doesn't exactly surprise me that you'd be at odds with it. But... I promise to help... teach you how to blend in with us mortals... provided that you, uh, wear clothes next time. Or don't, it's all about what makes you comfortable. Just, uh, don't expect me to be entirely able to focus on teaching you." He warned, his voice returning to its soft and gentle tone.

"But Mistress, what about the village? How will it be protected when you are away?" Skye said with concerned, but Ahusirra reassured her.

"Do not worry, my child. You can take care of it when I'm gone, Besides, my passive energy will be enough to keep the village safe for at least a month." She went on to say.

"I don't mean to interrupt you two... but there are some things I'll have to do in order for Ahusirra to get in, namely clothes, some social rules, and maybe some bribery. There's also the fact I'm technically missing too..." Edan worried, as he started to hobble away in the direction of the town.

"Yes... I suppose I do need clothes... Skye, stay here, we'll be back." She nodded towards her adherent.

As they walked, Edan couldn't help but start up a conversation. "So... this being your first time as one of us mortals must be weird to you... and maybe a tad bit exciting, I hope?"

"It's... Certainly different..." She stated, looking forward towards the town.

"Out of curiosity... Can you form some, um... pants out of the environment? It'll make things a bit easier with the locals, and I'll be able to look at you and not, um... get so flustered..." He asked, rubbing a hand through his hair.

She sighed as she called spiders down from every tree nearby. The Arachnids quickly and precisely moved over her, forming a pair of white spidersilk pants before retreating back to their homes. "Better?"

He turned his head and looked at her for a few moments before nodding. "Better. And I apologize for forcing you into this... I hope in due time you can forgive me for this."

As they approached the town, Edan stopped and looked at her. "Just, uh, follow my lead. Many people know me here, as I act as a doctor when I'm not in the lab... and feel free to choose what strikes your fancy in terms of clothes. I have enough money... if I had remembered to grab that pouch in my room. No matter, I should still be able to get you what you need." He paused analyzing her. "Are you ready?"

"Yes... Let our urban excursion begin." She answered, looking over at Jay.

Walking out of the forest, the two approached the clothing shop that Jay occasionally shopped at for replacement clothes. It was a rather drab building, with a slightly faded sign. Upon opening the door, it's true look was revealed. The numerous clothing racks, which were filled with all manners of clothing, from simple shirts and pants, to colorful, extravagant dresses, filled the spacious room. "I suggest you go ahead and find something you like. Or do you need me to help you?" Edan asked, looking at the Goddess in disguise.

"All of these look so... Limiting..." She looked over at the store owner, a woman in what looked like her thirties. "What is the least 'clothes' you have..."

She blinked. "Do you mean... What's the most revealing thing we have?"

"Yes... I suppose that works." The Goddess replied, watching the owner give her an odd look before she went to look for something.

"Oh dear... I guess you'll have plenty of suitors after you. Don't say I didn't warn you." The Light Elf murmured before leaning in to whisper in her ear. "But under no circumstances should you use your full powers or your strength. It'll draw the wrong kind of attention, okay?"

"Right. Of course." She nodded as the woman came back with a pink, sleeveless sweater. It's stitching was thick, but the fibers soft, however, it looked as though it had been cut up, like it was hardly even a shirt. "This is one of our most popular items recently. It started as a fashion trend from Stormrend but quickly got around due to its... Revealing nature?"


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Inevitable Regret, pt.5

Ahusirra just tilted her head. "That looks lovely I suppose. What do you think Jay?"

"I think it'd look good on you." He answered looking between the sweater and the Goddess.

"Would you like to try it on?" The owner asked.

Ahusirra smiled and nodded, "I think I will."

They quickly left to go towards the dressing room, when she came back she was wearing the pink sweater in all it's glory. The Sweater wrapped up the waist, but left most of the back completely exposed, only leave a seven or eight inches of cloth in the front to hide her breasts from view.

"Well? How do you like it?" The Goddess asked, the sides of her large breasts easily visible.

"I... um... yeah, i-it looks good on you." Jay struggled to say, as his face went red. He looked up and whispered to himself. "This is going to test my willpower..."

"Good! This is sufficiently comfortable as well. I would... Like to purchase this." Ahusirra smiled at the Owner.

"Good, then let's go to the counter." She nodded, "I take it you want a few more things? Or are you good?"

"No pants or shoes? Huh... I suppose if that's what she wants, it's what she'll get." He replied, tilting his head to the side. "So... before we discuss payment, I do need to bring up a problem... I left my money at home, which I'll kick myself for a week or two. I was hoping you wouldn't mind if I came back later to pay; at twice the current price, of course, for doing something this stupid and for bothering you."

"Jay, you're a pretty frequent shopper here right? Don't worry about the double, a tab will be fine." She let him know, looking over at the other girl who was currently looking at shoes and pants as per Jay's recommendation.

"Thank you... with the Manor having been attacked and with my current injuries... things have been hectic. I'll owe you one... anything you need, within reason, I'll do it for you." He promised as he turned to look at Ahusirra.

She had picked out a pair of heels, looking at them oddly.

"So... What's her deal? Didn't I see you in with another girl not too long ago? Did that not work out or is she a friend?" The Woman asked, putting an elbow on the table.

"A friend. I'm actually planning a wedding with that 'other girl', and we have a kid already." Edan smiled, all the tiredness seemingly gone from his face. "So, I guess I'm doing something right."

"Oh! Congratulations!" She said, leaning in. "You know I do wedding gowns and Tuxedos, right? You promise you'll give me the call?"

"Of course! You're the best in the business and you've always been nice to me. Way I see it, I might make all the groomsmen and the Best Man come here for their Tuxes." He replied, offering a friendly smile as he looked back at her.

Her eyes lit up. "You're the best! Thank you!"

As she said that, Ahusirra placed a few pairs of elegant floral pattern pants, a pair of more practical green slide in shoes, and a few more revealing shirts. All in all, it was enough to last her some time at the manor. "Alright. This is everything."

The Shopkeeper smiled, "Alright... Tab for... Jay and..."

She was quiet before suddenly realizing. "Oh! You want my name... I am... Call me Aife." (E-Fah)

"Yeah... Strange names are becoming a dime a dozen the more time you spend at the Manor." He joked, before resuming his more stoic nature. "And I'm sorry about this. Like I said, you need a favor in the future, just name it, okay?" Aife, huh? It'll be interesting to see if she remembers that name later on... and Titania'll want to train her... oh gods, this is going to wreck my nerves…

"Alright you two, have a nice day!" She gave them a wave.

"And you as well, Lady Shopkeeper." Aife bowed her head slightly.

As they walked out, Edan waved back before he sighed. He looked over at her, shaking his head slowly. "You are going to end up tempting a lot of guys to sleep with you due to your clothes... fortunately, I'm immune to that effect. All you can do to me is get me flustered, which I am curious as to why." He noted aloud, more talking to himself than her. "Who knows... maybe you'll even find someone you love in this short time you're here. I mean given how people are already staring at you, I doubt you'll be in short supply of potential breeding partners."

"I am not available. And I will not be searching for love." The Disguised Goddess looked off to the side, her tone darkening instantly.

Edan stopped and looked at her, closing his missing eye to give him a more empathetic look. "I believe that tone tells of someone who's lost a love. I won't pry... but... I hope that you'll trust me in time to tell me." He said quietly, as he took her hand and proceeded to try to walk forward with her.

Her hand squeezed his hard, almost getting hot as magic poured through it. "Perhaps this was all a bad idea..."

He stopped and turned, giving her a hug in the process. "It'll get better. I promise... just... let out whatever you're feeling, okay?"

"If I did that... Everything would burn." She said ominously, her voice growing harsh and growly.

"Then we leave town and then you do so. I have enough mana to put out all of the flames and you need to vent." He stated, not giving her a choice, light magic surrounded his arms and legs as he lifted her up into a princess carry.

"Put. Me. Down." She grit her teeth, "No amount of venting would ever help me."

"And no amount of healing will fix me. Seems we have similar problems. And as to your request, no. You can go ahead and break my body into pieces if you want, but until I can actually help you, or you decide to tell me what's wrong... I'm going to be. Right. Here." He replied his voice firm, but still gentle. He continued walking but looked down at her.

"You are playing a dangerous game." She attempted to calm herself. "You're going to get yourself killed for no reason doing this one day..."

"And? You think I can't recognize what that look not moments ago meant? You're hurting, and you're putting on a brave face. I'm not just going to let you suffer alone. So... for once, let the almighty guard of Ahusirra, Forest Goddess and Fertility Deity, fade away and just be a regular person. Talk." Jay growled back, opening his missing eye.

"No. And I see you lied to me about not prying, didn't you?" She shook her head, looking down at her clothes. "I believe I am done here. Leaving my glade was clearly a mistake."

"For fuck's sake... the only reason that I began to pry is that you threatened to burn the nearby area, not to mention the threat of death you gave me. But y'know what? I'm almost laughing... you act high and mighty, but just because of one thing, one tiny thing that makes you vulnerable, you throw a tantrum. If you want to leave and go back to your safe, little forest, go ahead. But I will not let you throw the reason of your departure onto me. I'm trying, for once, to make sure someone else is okay... and for some reason you don't want me to care about you. But unfortunately for you, as much as I want to tell you to fuck off for being a massive asshole to me, I'm not. So... knock it the fuck off, stop bitching at me and tell me what's wrong." Jay stopped, setting her down, as his irritation shined through.

"You know what's truly humorous? Acting this way? Pushing it on me? You are the type of man who only knows how to push, push, push. I let you see one chink in my armor and you are using it for all it's worth." She stepped away from him, her eyes on fire.

"Why can you not understand that some things are to be left private? But no, you only intrude under the auspices of helping, but really, your curiosity is only hurting more and more. If you will not accept it is not your place to know my secrets after a brief meeting, then I have no business with you."

His eye grew colder, and the smile dropped. "Fine. I'll drop it. And I'll drop the niceties, seeing as how that's bothering you so much." He began to walk away, squishing an orb of water in his hand as he did so to alleviate the anger.

Ahusirra went off on her own way back towards the forest, parting ways from Jay, if it was permanent or she would still go along with Jay's plan, no one knew.

It was a slow and painful walk back to the manor as he stopped using his magic to strengthen himself. This is what happens when you try to show anyone compassion... they shit on it and make you wonder why you even bothered in the first place. Perhaps... No, she was right. I shouldn't have worried and tried to help her, when she expressly told me not to. Yay... this is going to be quite a shitty day... He thought, sighing in frustration. He passed by the guards and entered the grounds of the manor, stopping to catch his breath and to wait for the pain to stop spreading.

His face paled, and he soon sat down on the steps, the physical, as well as the magical, overextension straining him to the limit. He closed his eyes and breathed through the pain. After a minute or two of staying there, Jay got up and continued his return to the medical room, all but collapsing into a bed.

"Jay?" Sylvie's voice called out from beside him. When he opened his eye, he spotted her sitting in the same place she had sat all night. This time however... There was not only a glass of water on the table, but a sleeping baby Jasmine in her arms.

"Hey, Syl... how's our flower doing?" Edan asked tiredly, unable to do more than look.

"She's quiet. And she wanted to see her Daddy..." The Huntress smiled, "I'm sorry it took so long to get your water... But I ran into a doe on the way down and I thought it would lead me to some answers regarding my dreams."


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Inevitable Regret, pt. 6

His face paled, and he soon sat down on the steps, the physical, as well as the magical, overextension straining him to the limit. He closed his eyes and breathed through the pain. After a minute or two of staying there, Jay got up and continued his return to the medical room, all but collapsing into a bed.

"Jay?" Sylvie's voice called out from beside him. When he opened his eye, he spotted her sitting in the same place she had sat all night. This time however... There was not only a glass of water on the table, but a sleeping baby Jasmine in her arms.

"Hey, Syl... how's our flower doing?" Edan asked tiredly, unable to do more than look.

"She's quiet. And she wanted to see her Daddy..." The Huntress smiled, "I'm sorry it took so long to get your water... But I ran into a doe on the way down and I thought it would lead me to some answers regarding my dreams."

"It's fine. As long as I get to see an angel like you everyday, I don't mind." He smiled and then his eyebrows shot up coming with a quiet groan. "I hate to ask you for this... but could you find me a cane tomorrow? I'll need it in my current state so I can go pay off a shopkeeper who's let me put some things on a tab."

"Sure... How kind of her to keep your tab for so long." Sylvie stated, nodding. "What... Exactly did you buy? Oh, was it baby clothes!?"

"No... Recently there was a woman interested in joining the Guild, but she could barely afford anything. I have a lot of money, so I took her out for clothes shopping. The lady has been nice as she hasn't pressed the issue, but I still feel bad. When I go to see her tomorrow, I'll get some baby clothes and maybe a couple other things while I'm out." Edan explained, as he looked into her eyes.

"I'll do it. What did I say about you going out?" She fought, leaning in closer. "Besides, it'll give you a chance to watch Jasmine."

"Stubborn... As you wish, my love. But are you sure I should watch Jasmine? I'm not really in the best shape to take care of her... maybe Titania and Kva could help?" He suggested, knowing he had probably put himself out of commission for longer due to his fruitless excursion.

"Are you sure you want Kva watching a baby?" Sylvie gave him an incredulous look.

He raised an eyebrow, "And would this sudden concern have to do with the fact she's a vampire?"

"Well... Maybe... But she's a death priest..." His Fiance scratched her cheek nervously. "That just doesn't seem like the kind of person who should watch a baby...?"

"Neither is a cold, emotionless Light Elf, but you seem to be fine with that." He pointed out, rolling his eye as he did so.

Sylvie looked concerned. "Jay...? Is something wrong? I thought you'd be excited to look after Jasmine."

"I'm just worried that I'm a little too damaged to take care of her. I don't want to say yes, just in case that's true." He explained, as his gaze shifted towards his daughter.

"You're wrong. You're a good person Edan, and I think you'll make an even better Dad..." Sylvie assured, the baby opening her eyes slightly.

"Yes, these days, I am a good person. In the past... not so much." He corrected in a somber tone.

"Hey. That's why the past is the past." She gently placed a hand on his shoulder. "Now is what matters most, right? And now you have a loving fiance and a newborn baby girl."

"That's true. Still doesn't make me less worried about taking care of Jasmine, however." He conceded, steering the topic back to his original point.

"Why? Are you afraid you'll hurt her?" Sylvie continued her questioning.

"It's more along the lines of I'm afraid I won't be able to take care of her. What happens if I'm holding her, and the pain becomes too much and I drop? I... I don't want to put her at risk of getting hurt or being mistreated if I'm in too much pain." Edan answered, worry etched into his face.

"Jay... I-"

However, she was interrupted by a voice coming from the door. "I can take care of her."

Looking over, Jay instantly recognised the disguised Goddess, Aife, standing at the door in some of the clothes Jay had bought her. Meanwhile, Sylvie tilted her head, "Um... Who are you?"

"My name is Aife, I'm a friend of Jay's from town." She looked over at the bedridden mage.

The mage stared at her with a stoic face not revealing anything. After a moment, he painstakingly nodded his head, a fresh grimace brought to his lips. "I can vouch for her. I was trying to get her into the Guild a bit earlier, but we had an argument, which was my fault and then I took four water orbs through the chest when we fought you know who." Edan explained, as he reached up towards the bed frame and pulled himself up with a hiss.

"But are you sure you trust her enough to take care of Jasmine... She's... She's the most important thing we have..." Sylvie looked back at him, her face showing serious concern.

"I know... and I do. She's helped me out, and I've tried to return the favor. Plus... if you're really that concerned, I can ask Kva if she's up for babysitting with Titania." Edan replied, raising an eyebrow at Sylvie.

"Maybe... We could have Aife here Babysit whenever Kva and Titania can't. Or... Maybe they can keep an eye on her to make sure she's doing it right." Syl suggested, leaning up to Jay's ear.

"Let's go with option two and then option one once we're sure she can take care of the baby. That sound good, Syl?" He whispered into her ear, offering a ragged smile afterwards.

Sylvie sighed, nodding slowly as she kissed him on the cheek. "Okay..."

"I think you missed." Edan teased, using his magic to help him move, as he kissed Sylvie passionately.

"Hehe... Sorry..." The Huntress rubbed the side of his head lightly.

He rolled his eyes but smiled anyways. "You got nothing to be sorry for, goofball, Speaking of apologies, has Titania seen the baby? I haven't had the chance to ask her yet, and if she hasn't, she'll be cranky for a week.."

"I don't think she has..." Sylvie's eyes widened.

"Would you mind showing her the tiny one for me? She'll probably be excited and will want to hold her."

"You can come too if you want Aife. At least let you meet a friend of a friend." Sylvir offered to the Goddess in disguise.

Aife smiled back, "I think I would love that, please, lead the way..."

"Jay..." The Forest Girl said, "Are you feeling well enough to come? I'm sure Titania would be happy to see you awake."

The Light Elf paused, groaning internally. After a moment of preparation, he got out of bed with gritted teeth and wobbly legs. "Yeah... just don't be surprised if I slow down and rest every now and then."

Sylvie placed an arm around him to support his back, using Mana from her natural Mana pool to heal him, instead of transferring energy like usual.

"Thank you... now let's go bother the wolf... hopefully she's not too busy." He murmured, finishing the sentence in his head. With Kva.

Helping the Elf down the hall, eventually they reached the door to the Wolf Thrope's room. Inside, they could hear some commotion even before they opened the door, muffled squeaks and moans standing out in particular.

"...I believe they are too 'busy'." Sancros groaned, putting a hand to his face. You... oh, Godsdammit. How did I know... Titania, you're worse than me and Sylvie... by a long shot... and that's saying something.

"Maybe we should come b-"

However, Sylvie was interrupted by Aife once again, who casually called out through the door. "Hello? Lady Titania?"

Edan groaned, before calling out himself. "Kva, Titania. Hate to interrupt you, but I’m finally conscious for once, and, uh, need a favor from you both. I apologize for the inconvenience..." The Light Elf looked at Aife. "They're sharing an intimate moment with each other and now one of them, will want to murder me..." He whispered, a frown showing as well as some annoyance.

The noises did indeed stop, and after a few seconds, Kva opened the door, in a loose fitting shirt. However, her helmet was still on as ever. "You better have a good reason..."

"Besides from being barely alive enough to visit you? Truly the sweetest comments only come from you." He rolled his eyes before he took a serious tone.

"Look, I'm too damaged to take care of my baby girl, and you're one of the few I trust with her. All I want is to know if you'll take care of her while I heal up. Same goes for Titania."

Kva blinked, "You want me to... Babysit? After I told you what I am? I have to admit, I didn't expect this."

"I just want to point out that being... what you are, you've been nothing but a good person, maybe being an ass here and there. And given that race doesn't really matter to me, why would I care and judge you on that?" He asked, frowning slightly. "Besides, I gained a lot of respect when you took that bastard down when I couldn't."

"You were focused on saving Titania. You were there when I wasn't, even though I promised to protect her." Kva sighed, "But such is the past..."

"Even so, it was barely any kind of protection at all. Not like what you did." Edan murmured, his expression dropping into a tired and worn look. "Anyways, I do trust you, enough that when the silver-haired dumbass forgets she had something to do with me, I relax because she's likely with you."


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Inevitable Regret, pt. 7

Coming from behind the door, a voice that was slightly irritated rang out. "Oh, come on, it was only once that happened and it was-"

"Twice and you made the same excuse both times." He countered, smirking as he heard her. "As I was going to say, it's not the only thing I need help with." Nodding his head over at the Disguised Goddess, he continued, "She needs help registering through the Guild, and... well, I don't really have the authority to bring her in, seeing as how we C-rank Hunters aren't high enough rank to do something like that." A cough came to his lips that rattled him, leaving him with a very sharp pain in his chest. He gritted his teeth and paused for a moment before continuing. "I'll owe you twice and whatever you want me to do, consider it done, or done to the best of my ability."

Kva chuckled, looking Aife up and down. "Her?"

"Yes." Ahusirra grinned. "I am Aife."

"She seems... Interesting at least... And you said anything I want?" Kva looked back over at Jay.

"Uh... What are you planning...?" Sylvie chimed in, her eyes darting back and forth.

"Anything, as long as you aren't planning to leave me nearly dead, as I'm kinda already there." He replied, staring into Kva's eyes with a determined look.

Titania peeked her head out from behind Kva and peered out, looking with curiosity at Aife.

"You have a decent amount of money, right? Well, there is a pink building near the edge of town. I want you to go there and pick out some nice ‘toys’ for the two of us, I'll let you decide what you think we would like." Kva chuckled, obviously knowing how shy Jay is. "Think of it as payback for interrupting us."

His face turned a bright red as he looked away. "Oh, Godsdammit... y-you are evil..." he murmured before looking back. "Fine... and the other favor?"

Titania chuckled, "I haven't seen you this embarrassed since you wondered what Sy-"

"Shut. Up. I'll bring up some of your embarrassing moments in history if you don't stop."

"Okay, fine, fine. It's not like it's that embarrassing considering what you just did." She teased, rolling her eyes as she did so.

"Wondered what I what?" Sylvie leaned in, her eyebrows raised.

Jay shot Titania a cold look before murmuring quietly, "Can I get away with telling you later?"

Titania grinned before walking back into the room, before returning with a normal-sized pair of pants and a shirt that was too big for her.

"Are you really embarrassed to tell me?" Sylvie questioned him. "I'm your fiance, whatever it is I won't judge you…”

"I'll judge me. And given the fact that we're with company, I'd rather not say anything." He replied stubbornly, as he tried and failed not to blush.

Kva looked over, focusing on Jasmine. "So, that's the Baby?"

Sylvie nodded, "Isn't she beautiful?"

"She is. I didn't see many babies in my line of work..." Kva shrugged.

"Well, living here you more than likely will see more." Jay replied, tilting his head. "But, again, your second favor? Or are you going to make me wait?"

"Titania. I think you should decide." The Dhampiress looked back at her love.

"The favor was not for her, but for you. I don't believe giving it to her changes that fact." The Light Elf said stonily.

Titania raised an eyebrow, clearly finding his words a bit too hostile to Kva. "Maybe we just hold onto it for a later day, and use the favor when we want to." She suggested.

"There is always that drawing you made a while back... but I'm not that much of an asshole to speak more of it. No skin off my bones if today is going against me... as well as a fair portion of women being pissed off with me." He opened his lack of an eye, offering a bored, irritated look at the Wolf.

The Thrope narrowed her eyes, her anger boiling up. She closed her eyes and let out a sigh, before opening them with a more calm look "Y'know, at times you almost act like a girl on her period; all upset and pissy. Just relax and calm down... I doubt you came all this way just to fight with me..." Titania replied, trying to appease the grumpy man.

The Light Elf grumbled, looking more grumpy than before.

"Well, the reason we came here was also to show you Jasmine. But I guess you don't want to see her... That's fine... It's a shame though, she's got a very squishy face... It's very cute..." Sylvie turned around, rocking the baby gently.

Titania walked out of the room and approached Sylvie. "No... I'd like to see her" She said curiously as she tried to get a better look at the baby.

The Light Elf hobbled over to the door and cracked his neck. "So... I may not be able to move, but I have my contacts. From what I've heard from others, who only got the barest details, it sounds like you're doing something dangerous, some kind of mission for Lady Havenbrook. So... how dangerous will it be?" He whispered, his lips not moving so as to avoid drawing attention.

Kva turned her head a few degrees toward him. "Extremely. But only a select few will be technically at risk of death. I just happen to be one of them."

"Dumbass. I see why you're spending time with Titania then. Does she know? Or are you waiting to tell her, when she won't be as angry at you?" He asked, keeping an eye on Titania to make sure she hadn't heard the conversation.

"I planned to tell her after we finished, until you came to the door, that is..." Kva answered with a hint of annoyance. "The Truth is that she can come... I will be the only one in danger, even if she tags along and dies, it'll only be a puppet of her. I'll be the only one in my real body..."

"And you think that she is going to be happy with the possibility of you dying? Tell me... if you end up with permanent injuries in whatever fight you're going to, that she won't immediately blame herself, or worse, go into a rage and put herself more at risk to protect you? This is slightly worse than the Harpy incident with her..." He murmured quietly, annoyance in his voice with a hint... of worry? "Just... don't die. I don't want to see her heart broken again when it could've been prevented."

"Someone is going to be heart-broken anyway... I'm doing this in exchange for Eraqus and as a personal favor to Taydar... It's not just my duty as someone who has been devoted to him for hundreds of years, but to Mina and everyone who knew Eraqus." Kva explained. "She won't be happy that I'll be in danger, but at least she will be there to help me. Besides, unless we leave this job all together, and even then, there will always be a risk of us dying."

Sancros nodded, his stoic face not revealing anything. "Then I wish you speedy success... and I do not envy you the argument you will have with her. Are you sure that your second favor shouldn't just be me explaining it for you? That way she only gets mad at me and the cohesion between you two only gets stronger."

Kva shook her head slowly. "No. It should be me. I will not hide from the responsibilities I must adopt."

"As you wish. If I were you, I'd tell her... yes, Titania?" Edan said, as Titania looked at him with a look of suspicion.

"What did you mean...?" She asked, a frown on her lips.

"You know, creeping up on someone discussing things with another person is quite rude, especially given the fact that you haven't even asked me how I'm doing." Jay tried to guilt trip, narrowing his eyes.

"I checked in with the doctors... they said you were stable and that I should leave you alone to rest." She shrugged, pursing her lips but not resuming the previous topic. "Anyways, your friend looks strong. I'd love to spar with her... um, that is if you're okay with it, Aife."

"Well... I'm not really much of a fighter, not as good as you..." Aife sulked, stopping for a moment to collect her words.

"Well, more reason to spar, right? You can get stronger that way, and I can help teach you to get stronger." Titania stubbornly persisted, offering a gentle smile.

"It's her form of a greeting and getting to know you better. You can say no if you want to, and she'll listen and not pester you more for a sparring match, right?" Jay glared, his voice somewhat cold.

"I will, I will..." Titania grumbled, casting her eyes towards the ground while she frowned.

Aife considered before shaking her head. "Perhaps not right now... Maybe another time."

"Alright... some other time then." Titania replied, her gaze raising up to look at Aife, as well as her smile.

Sancros began hobbling away while the attention was on someone else, having noticed his gauze had begun to turn red from his over-activity.

Sylvie however, noticed him leaving, walking over. "Jay...?"

He offered a pain-filled smile, and stopped. "Y-yes?"

"Is everything okay?" She noted his pained expression. "I... Should get you back to bed... I think maybe you've been moving around too much..."

"N-no... I'm fine. Just need... a moment to breathe." He murmured as he sat down and laid against the wall. I hate it when she's right... Everything with Ahusirra weakened me substantially and if she had hit me, I'd be very much dead. Good thing it's just blood loss then.

"J-Jay!" Sylvie leaned down, Looking him over. "Jay you are not fine!"

"I've suffered worse... besides... it's only a mild flesh wound. I just... need a... moment." He managed to get out, giving her a pain-riddled grin.

The thrope walked forward taking a knee so Jay could see her face. "Take a moment to rest and then go to bed. You need to heal and being here is not doing that." She said stubbornly, looking him in the eyes.

"I... said... I'll... be... fine." He got out, his breaths becoming more ragged as he tried to speak.

Sylvie quickly leaned in and pressed her lips against his, pulling away after a second. "Jay... Shut up... And go to bed."


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Inevitable Regret, pt.8

He sighed and nodded his head slowly, but did not speak.

Titania moved closer and quickly found the gauze under the second shirt he had worn. "Stupid... you did too much today. These are soaked... Kva, do you have any medical supplies I can use?"

"Yeah. Hang on." The Elf made her way back into her room, coming back out with a white box of supplies which she laid next to the elf.

Titania quickly opened it and pulled out antiseptic, followed by some more gauze. As she unwrapped the bloody gauze away, it revealed four healing holes of various sizes, the skin around the wounds purple and battered. He barely made any movements, concentrating on breathing.

"I still can't believe what you did... it was worse than every reckless thing I've done in my life." She said quietly, her normally cheerful tone becoming more melancholic. She turned her attention back to the box and found some pads, gently putting antiseptic on a few of them, handing some of them to Sylvie. "I'm going to need you to get the holes on his back, just the area around them, though." After saying that, she gently patted the pad around the area of one of the holes, trying to be as gentle as possible.

Sylvie nodded, looking over at Aife, "Can you please hold Jasmine for me?"

The Goddess nodded, gently taking the baby and holding her like an expert as The Huntress worked on Jay's back. One particular wound made The Human Woman Cringe slightly, but she was used to animal wounds, she could handle this. After a few seconds Syl followed Titania"s example, patching his back up like she did his front.

Unrolling the gauze, she wrapped the front side of him and passed it back to Sylvie wrapping the wounds close. After they were done. Titania sat back, relaxing somewhat. "Maybe you coming was a bad idea, Jay."

"Perhaps... but worth it. Not everyday you get impaled by magic and live to tell the tale." He replied, too tired to do anything but talk. "Besides... Tecunte was faster than you... eventually she would've tripped you up... like when she knocked you to the ground."

"Not where I was going with this conversation, but... okay. I was fine, she may have had claws like me and she may have been faster-"

"She was choking you. I call that life-threatening." He grumbled, getting quieter as he grew more tired.

"We'll talk more about this when you're better. Now, you need to rest, heal... and not do anything stupid. I think I speak for everyone here when I say that you need to get better... and stop trying to do everything." She said softly, as if she was talking to a younger brother.

"Wait... Jay, what are you saying...?" Sylvie stopped them. "Because... It almost sounds like you did this... To yourself...?"

"He locked himself in a cage of water orbs... except they weren't just orbs, they were all weapons, from swords to arrows to axes and lances. He almost died turning himself and Tecunte into pin cushions."

"And she was going to defeat you and more than likely kill you before I took her down. Given the choice between -" He coughed violently, his bandages turned a light red signifying he should stop but he continued anyways. "Her defeating us and attacking the other squads versus me massively weakening her for you to defeat, with a chance of dying... option B was better. And the holes were accidental. I only expected to get hit once with my magic, not four times."

"Still doesn't make me want to hit you any less. You were dying, Jay. There was blood everywhere and you could barely talk. You think I was just crying for shits and giggles?" Titania kept her voice steady with a hard edge to it.

"You were alive. With only some minor wounds, instead of laying in a broken heap. Besides, I seem to remember someone offering her own fucking head on a platter to some Harpies a while back... oh, and I know it's still ongoing, right?" Jay tried to growl his voice coming out weak.

"This is not about that. We are talking about you-"

"You... forgot, didn't you? What happens when you die. What happens to me. What it entails. The promise that you made to a broken slave. So much for, 'I'll make sure you stay out of the Trade", right?" He said, his voice dropping in strength.

Titania's eyes turned feral, and she spoke in a low voice, warning him with her tone. "I'm going to assume you didn't mean that. I'm also going to assume you're saying this because you feel we're all attacking you. Well, despite that we're not, I'll be honest: I really want to knock a tooth out of your mouth... but the last thing you need is a concussion on top of all the injuries you've suffered." Her eyes lost their fierce intensity as Titania calmed somewhat down. "Go get some rest and stop being an asshole 'cause you have to explain this to Sylvie. We both did stupid shit in the past, let's just get through it."

Jay lowered his head, not out of shame, but because the blood loss, pain and energy loss grew too much.

When Titania looked up she saw tears running down Sylvie's face. "But... How could he do that... Jasmine was just born... The rest of us were there we could've helped..."

Kva walked over, placing a hand on Sylvie's shoulder. "I understand how that feels... And yeah, what he did was stupid... But you'll forgive him... Love works like that.

Titania looked away, shame etched into her face. She picked up the Light Elf, gently slinging him over he shoulder. "He has to get back to the infirmary... I'll get him there as quickly as I can, without hurting him more." She murmured, still guilt-ridden over what she had done.

"And Titania. I've already forgiven you. You don't need to worry... but..." Kva hesitating. "When you come back... I'd like to talk."

"O-okay..." Titania hesitated as she took off at a decent pace, almost looking comical with the taller Light Elf she carried. Setting the wounded man down on the bed, she paused to look for a nurse or someone else to care for Jay in his damaged state.

Walking by, she did spot a nurse, Jay and Sylvie's personal one who had been helping them practically nonstop this past week. Her eyes widened as she saw Jay, then narrowed. "He snuck out again, didn't he?"

"Walked out with Sylvie and a potential new recruit to the Guild over to my room before uh... passing out after a couple of minutes." Titania explained, offering a curious glance. "He's snuck out before?"

"I haven't seen it personally but... Yeah, I guarantee it... He has low self esteem and very little knowledge of his own limits..." She smiled, despite saying that. "But thankfully he has you, Sylvie, and now a baby to help even him out some."

"Me too... me too. I changed the gauze on him because it bled through, so I think he might need some medical attention." She replied, looking down at the aforementioned man.

Walking over, she pulled unwrapped bandage a little, looking at the wound. "Looks like his wound reopened, I'll stitch it back up and rewrap it in brand new bandages."

"Thank you... and sorry for the extra trouble." Titania said tiredly, as she turned around without a reply, making her way back over to Kva.

When she got back to the group, she quickly spotted Kva and Sylvie encircling Aife, looking down at the baby.

Titania coughed, looking curiously at the two circling women. "Am I interrupting something?"

Kva turned, "No, not really. We were just asking Aife a few things."

"Surrounding her doesn't strike me as very friendly." She replied, raising an eyebrow at her lover.

Sylvie raised a eyebrow, "Are you sure you're not being just a little paranoid."

She shrugged nonchalantly, some tension still in her voice and body. "Probably... Having a fight with your best friend that was very close to ending your friendship would do that to you. Mind if I listen in then?" She asked, sitting down next to them.

"Of course." Aife waved her over, continuing. "So, I came here because I want to thank the people who saved my village. If not for you, I don't know what might've happened."

Titania smiled, relaxing into the wall she was leaning on. "Sylvie's the one that gave us the heads up. She's the one you should be thanking, cause we would've gotten lost and had we arrived somehow, we wouldn't have done well without her Goddess' blessing."

"Yes. I have heard a little about this goddess. Sylvie mentioned her when you were gone." Aife smiled contently.

"She is the driving force of good for my entire people. We revere her and do whatever we can to honor her." The Huntress continued.

"Yeah... Sylvie didn't mention that her goddess made a deal to spar with me, although I'm too weak to probably give her a good fight. It's kinda why Kva trains me in combat... and teases me while she's at it." Titania replied, trying and failing to give Kva the stink eye, as she somehow ended up looking less intimidating.

Kva just chuckled, "You're adorable..."

Sylvie smiled, but it quickly dropped. "I... Should go and keep an eye on Jay... Don't want him to get out of bed again until he's better..."

"Yeah... a nurse told me he's snuck out before, so your gut feeling is right... and I'm not adorable! I'm a terrifying tiny menace that scares all." She joked, her face growing red. "B-besides, you're far more cute than I am."