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Return What Was Lost
Part Two

"So I'm to lead a small team?" She confirmed, asking her god. "And if we die in Hell, we are trapped there forever. Probably something like that..."

"Which is why I can't ask you to do this." Mina gave Kva a concerned look. "I understand your loyalty to Taydar. And I really want Eraqus back. But the danger of this mission... how could I live with myself if one of you died in Hell?"

"You're concerned we may pay a life for a life." Kva concluded, sighing. "But such is the price of these things, death isn't so easy to reverse. Besides, Eraqus has done more for this world in his life than I ever have, I'm usually more focused on the next."

"What a courageus soul." Another goddess appeared in the room, a Light Elven looking woman in red, with long, blonde hair. "Such devotion to both comrades and patron god deserves our respect and assistance." She stepped before Kva and smiled. "As long as a follower of the god of Death would not be opposed to the goddess of Life's help."

The Dhampire turned her head, looking over at the elegant goddess. "Mevah? No. I would not be opposed. And although harmony between life and death holds the world together, we Death Priests always had the distinct impression you didn't like us very much."

"I don't like death priests and priestesses unaware of the need for harmony. You are one of the good ones who does." Mevah held her hand over the desk, and four small, humanoid figures of light appeared on it, the one standing ahead of the others looking a bit like Kva. "I don't suppose you have heard of soul tethering, have you?"

"I can't say I have." She tapped her fingers on Mina's desk unconsciously.

"As had been said, it is taxing on a living body to be in the Inferno." Three of the bodies moved back, and we'e replaced with three more forms, those these ones were just outlines, as if hollow. I like moved from each of the three solid bodies to one of the hollow ones. "So we will have Saboran make temporary, non-living bodies to inhabit. Most of the group will be connected, or tethered, to them, so they will resist Hell and be able to be pulled back if they are destroyed."

"They need a living host to remain cohesive for long, however." From each of the three hollow bodies, a cord connected to the body representing Kva. You, and the other heads of your groups, will keep them grounded, and they in turn will give you strength. This means, however, while they can not truly die, you still can, and with each one lost, Hell will have that much more weight on your soul." Mevah smiled. "You follow, dear?"

"So, I need to act as a kind of director for these empty vessels and with each one I lose I become weaker." Kva confirmed, looking towards Mevah.

Mevah nodded. "So choose who occupies them well."

Taydar stepped forward and held out his own hand. The desk transformed into a square model depicting a map split in four, with mountains and valleys and many other much more unpleasant things, and a large building at the center. "I hope you can change this back?" Mina grumbled. "That was Elluviana mahogany."

Taydar looked to the Dhampir. "This is Hell. As you can see, it is divided into four sections with the main city of Hell in the center. In all likelihood, there is one fragment in each section. You will have to lead four teams, four each, and send them in the four directions to search."

"Hopefully one team at a time." Kva noted, examining the map.

Taydar slowly shook his head. "You will all have to go in at the same time, twelve in total, with you and three other Captains."

Xia walked over. "Please understand that the imbalance of harmony between light and dark is having an effect on the living world too. We have to fill the slot too. If you don't get Grimora now... we will have to replace her."

"Replace her how?" Kva asked, looking at the Queen of the Gods.

"With anyone we can find," Jeren said. "We have a few candidates lined up. But we want Grimora back if possible."

"Then I'll do everything I can." Kva agreed, bowing towards Taydar. "What will I be facing? Demons, I imagine."

Taydar nodded. "Mostly. The loss of Grimora has caused some of them to escape Hell. Beware of the souls down there too. Most are harmless... But not all." He stood tall. "Do this for me... return my daughter to me, and In ill be in your debt."

Kva merely waved it off. "I do not wish to indebted the god I have sworn my life to."

The gods all nodded. "We will have Saboran make the empty shells. Be ready to move out in the next few days." Taydar bowed, and the gods departed.

"Are you sure about this?" Mina asked.

Kva was quiet for a moment before replying. "Yes... I think I am... This is a chance to do good for the world, the afterlife, and the God to which I owe my life..."

Mina nodded. "Get me Eraqus back, and the gods won't be the only one owing you one."

"Ms. Havenbrook..." Kva sat down, looking her in the eye. "I have something important to tell you about me. I've told a few others this and because of that it'll probably make it's way to you sooner or later... I want you to hear it from me."

Mina frowned. "Whatever it is, you can be honest with me. You have been one of my best Hunters for years now."

"I wasn't originally born in Virandio, although I did spend a very long time there." Kva looked down, then back up. "The Truth is I was born in Draculesti. I'm a Dhampir."

"A... half vampire?" Mina leaned back. "This whole time... explains a lot of things. But... how have you drank blood this whole time?"

"My Rapier is of traditional Nocturnum War design, it stores blood. During my sparring matches it absorbs blood that would normally go to waste on the ground. Then in private, I drink that." Kva explained, happy Mina was at least taking it well so far.

"I see. And the clothes you where all the time... protect you from the sun?" Mina rubbed her head. "This is... wow... A lot to... all this time..."

"I refrained from telling you because I wanted to avoid a witch hunt against me or people cowering in fear and distrusting me more than they already do. I had even greater reason this year with Alice showing herself as a threat to us." Kva continued, trying to relationalize her choices.

"I can understand." Mina slowly leaned forward. "How many... other people know about this?"

"No more than a handful. Betty, Erin, Terra, Titania and our newest Hunter Johanna." Kva listed off, it was a short list, she planned to keep it that way.

Mina nodded. "We'll keep it that way. To be honest... A year ago, I might have had a freak out. But I was once terrified of Ophidians. I jumped when I saw one like some people do with a big drop or a big dog or... ahem, clowns..." She shuttered at the thought of an Ophidian clown.

"But Lyr showed me I need to drop my preconceptions of Ophidians. They still make me nervous, as do vampires, but you have been with me for years. You are the same person now as you were before you told me. Be pretty foolish of me to suddenly grab a silver bullet now, huh?"

"Are you sure I'm not using my suggestion to make you believe that?" Kva chuckled, quickly holding up her hands. "Forgive me. That Joke was in poor taste."

Mina waved it off. "It's fine." She took a deep breath. "Well... I guess you should get ready. Pick out the three who will be on your team. I'll have the other three captains do the same."

"Right. Don't worry, I won't go so easily." Kva assured.


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Black0ut And Frostlich1228 present:
The King, Queen, and the Jasmine Jack

Havenbrook Manor
Hospital Ward
5:22 PM

The Light Elven slave awoke, his only eye lethargically looking around. He breathed in a painful breath that made him regret waking up. He had been awake a few times before, and had listened to the nurses for the brief moments when he was awake. They had shared gossip that likely was spread across the manor, but it was probably true. While he had wounded himself too bad to do anything, someone else had died. Eraqus, the Elf that had apologized initially and had set him down the path to redemption, was dead. His remains were little more than pebbles on the ground, as Aemilia had drained his life force in its entirety away.

“Dammit…” He croaked out, his voice still too weak to be above a whisper. He looked around and noticed the various telltale signs of people who visited him. Titania, Sylvie, Faith for sure. Betty might’ve appeared, as well as Erin, but due to his still icy relationship with Betty, he doubted they had come to see him. His thoughts began to coalesce into true thoughts. I was right… it was a suicide mission… just not for me or anyone else. Just him. That bastard owed me a few things… a couple drinks… one day acknowledging that we were equal level Hunters... and hopefully a hand righting all of Helvan’s wrongs. Bastard, we… Mina… Titania and Kva… Lyr and Erin… Ed… We’re all going to miss you. I… heh… I forgot why I stopped getting attached to people… it hurts too damn much when they die. From now on, no one save Sylvie, Jasmine, Betty, Erin and Titania shall receive any form of affection or friendship from me. That way, the chance of pain will be less and I won’t… have to mourn another person... it’s better if I don’t dwell on things like that and focus on things more important, like when Sylvie was pregnant... that was a happier time. Not the birth part, though. That scared the hell out of me...


Sylvie sat up slowly, her hair a mess after a grueling night of throwing up and kicks from her child. She was getting clearly restless.

Sylvie put on a good enough face for the rest of the manor, but this last week she had really been feeling it. The second week of her pregnancy she had mood swings and her libido had shot up. The Third week she started getting extremely nauseous and sick off and on, not to mention the fact she practically jumped on Jay every time she saw him. These last few days though... They've been the worst... She's cried, yelled at Jay, practically intimidated him into at least playing with her breasts multiple times. Her head's been in and out of trashcans left and right, combined with the kicking, she hadn't actually slept for two nights now.

The Huntress lethargically wiped some saliva off of the corner of her face and she looked for Jay. "Jay...? I'm thirsty... Are you awake?"

"Mmhmm..." He murmured, as two light orbs grabbed a pitcher and poured it into a cup, which was shortly brought over to her. He groggily opened his good eye, and rolled over to look at his wife-to-be.

Holding the glass gently in her hands, she took a few sips, feeling immediately sick again. "Ohhh... No more throwing up…”

A bowl floated over to her, propelled by water magic. "Here..."

Leaning over the side of the bed with the bowl in hand, she let out a number of loud retching sounds before sitting up and wiping her mouth. "Thank you..."

"No problem... I know it's a dumb question to ask, but are you feeling better?"

Sylvie blinked, "No... Although I... Do feel lighter... So my back hurts less..."

"Well... that's good." The Light Elf murmured, rubbing her back as gently as he could.

The Huntress washed her mouth out with the water before kissing Jay on the cheek, her mouth still probably a little unpleasant from what had just occurred. "I love you... You know I do right?"

"Yes... and I love you as well... despite my aching bones. I honestly did not expect you to start jumping me for sex all the time. If I had only known..." Jay teased, a small smile in his face.

"If you had known, you'd do what?" Sylvie gave him the stink eye.

"Ah, something. If I ever get really drunk, I'll tell you." Jay teased even more.

The Huntress pushed him playfully. "Tell me! Tell me now, you!"

"Oh... I don't know... I'm getting mighty tired..." He responded, offering a silly grin.

She puckered her lips. "You're no fun sometimes."

He leaned in, kissing her gently. "Perhaps I'm just fun in different ways?"

"You've yet to... Prove... That... To..." Sylvie's face suddenly lost color. Looking down her heart raced wildly as she spotted a large and wet, red spot on the bed around her legs. "J-Jay..."

"Oh shit..." Jay managed to get out, before his magic lifted her into the air, as he scrambled out of bed in his underwear. He threw open the door to their room. "Oh gods... doctors... medical room." He flew her out as he began a steady jog to keep up with escorting her at such a fast speed.

The jostling certainly didn't help as a another wave of color left her face, the Human Woman's thighs and undergarments were coated in red. Suddenly Sylvie began to scream loudly, gritting her teeth and breathing hard. "A-Ah! Ssss... Jay! Please slow down...!"

He did as she requested, slowing down, but still maintaining a somewhat quick speed. "Sorry, love. Didn't mean to hurt you..." He replied as he struggled to keep his voice neutral to mask the panic behind it.

Sylvie groaned painfully again, putting a hand on her leg. When it came back it was covered in a pink, sticky gunk. "What... Is this-ah...! Normal?"

"Your water broke, so that's the... amni... that's what the baby was in." he replied as they headed upstairs.

"But- Aaghhah!" Sylvie screamed again, gritting her teeth. "Isn't it supposed to be... Watery?"

"Not... not exactly. It's not purely water, per se, and depending on what you've been eating will affect what was and still is, in your womb." Jay murmured, as they reached the top of the stair case with many wide-eyed Hunters and staff looking at them. A gigantic hand flipping them all off was all that the light elf acknowledge them with.

"Jay!" She yelled out, sucking air through her teeth. "Are- Are we close...?

"Very close, Syl. Just another few seconds and we should be there." He replied, as her looked for the medical wing, his eyes scanning for the ward. Finding it, he enhanced his leg and kicked open the door, shouting "Lady with a baby!" as he entered.

The Doctors Shot up, but one in particular was the first to Sylvie's side. It was the one who had informed her of her pregnancy in the first place, the one who looked into her nausea before she set out on her way back to her home.

Grabbing Sylvie's hand, she brought the Huntress over to the closest bed, examining her. Turning her head, she yelled. "Get me Towels and a Pot of water! Right now!"

The Neren'Tevan woman let out another wail, but she was quickly instructed by the doctor. "Push! Breath and Push. Keep your breaths steady."

Jay stood idly by her side, an unsure look on his face as he regretted not being able to do more.

Suddenly the Elf was knocked out of it. "We have to pop her water. Her Mucosal plug has already been released. Just keep her attention on you and keep her breathing and calm. Can you do that?"

"I-I can." He replied as he grasped her hand and held it with a gentle grip. "So, Syl... do you remember when we first met? Back when times were much simpler?"

"S-S-Simpler?" She chuckled, screaming and breathing again shortly after. "Like... When we fought those Zombies?"

"You were so brave... and strong. Far more talented than a simple hedge mage could ever be... yet you seemed to be also fragile at the same time. Tough and unyielding, but in a foreign land with its strange ways... however did you do it?”

"Willpower and a... Alot of faith..." Sylvie smiled, screaming as she felt water rush out of her. She look down to see the doctor, taking a thin needle into her to rupture the water.

The Doctor smiled, "Keep pushing dear, the baby is beginning to crown."

"Why did you choose me as your significant other? I was quite cold to you when we first met under that tree... or rather... an asshole of a person. I was quite a deleb (terrible) person wasn't I?" He smiled sadly, sighing as he realized his many mistakes. "How did you see underneath the cold demeanor I had?"

"You... Hahn... Something spoke to me... Maybe it was your... apparent respect for nature... The fact you trusted me so soon... The... way you spoke to me.." Sylvie took a deep inhale, pushing between breaths. "I... Can't help but think about that doe... My... Spirit Animal... A Sign from Ahusirra brought me to you... Maybe she knew... Maybe it was... fated..."

The Doctor looked up, "This is where it hurts the most... Grit your teeth. Jay, right? Hold her hand and keep her steady. This will be bloody..."


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The King, Queen, and the Jasmine Jack, cont.

He made his grip more firm, and rubbed her face with his free hand. "Perhaps. But I shall give you a name that no one, save you, shall ever know." Leaning in he whispered, "When I was a boy, my mother named me Hin en' ar-kaane, or child of noble valor. I kept it but changed it so it fit me better when I became a bit older... So my name now, and the only name I recognize as mine... my name is Edan en' ar-kaane. Feel free to call me whatever you wish, my love."

"Okay..." She then suddenly let out a blood-curdling cry and she pushed, the head of the baby popping out in its entirety. The doctor placed her gloved hands of the sides of the child's head, guiding it out of her as she pushed harder and harder.

The Light Elf took a brief look, before he used his light magic to keep himself steady and avoid passing out. "U-uh..."

She pushed and pushed, blood running out of her and onto the towels in a large amount. The Doctor quickly looked for her Nurse, ordering, "Get me a magical healer! Dammit... Just keep pushing."

Light Orbs formed around Sylvie, healing her where need be. "You already have one." He murmured, as he began to sing a new song he had been working on. It was melancholic in tone, but sweet in words.

The song told of their love together, that couldn't be stopped by the elements themselves, nor could it be strengthened by them as it was already an unbreakable thing that they had forged.

"..Sinomë. I love you, Syl." He whispered, finishing his song as he laid his head next to hers and squeezed her hand to reinforce his words.

Sylvie gripped his hand tightly, "I... I love you... Edan..."

With one, final push, she felt the bloody baby slide into the waiting Nurse's arms. It was pink and bloody, but healthy, however it was silent, almost as if it was in contemplation, a single eye open.

Sancros blinked, opening his own eye to look at the baby, before giving a small smile. "Heya... Jasmine... It's nice to finally meet you."

As the doctor lightly pinched the baby to get her to take her first breaths and to make sure she could cry they heard a scream of terror from the nearby door.

Both Medical Women stopped what they were doing, The Nurse having put a blood Iv into Sylvie's arm. "Uh... What the?"

As one of the Doctors went to check out the scream, she stumbled back from the door, her eyes wide. Standing on all fours outside the door to the medical area was a grizzly sized bear. It's fur was a pure white, smooth and long like human, flowing off of it. It bellowed, it's stance non aggressive as it watched them curiously, almost with a reverence.

A watery barrier blocked the bear from entering. "No. No. Nononononono. I am tolerant of many things, but bears being close to my baby girl? I draw the line there. You may have been summoned by that Goddess, but today is a day where I relax with my daughter and wife, not with a bear as company." Jay groaned out, putting a palm to his head.

"No... It's okay... You can let her in..." Syl assured, the bear not trying to force its way in, simply watching them.

"But- It's... fine..." The Light Elf grumbled, as the water barrier disappeared.

The Bear slowly made its way over to them as the doctor hurriedly but carefully handed Sylvie the baby.

The Huntress smiled, cradling the baby "It's a Luna Bear... Sacred to my tribe... It's... It's Jasmine's spirit animal..."

"How are you sure, Syl? Couldn't it be a random Luna Bear showing up?"

"That's not possible... They only exist in the deepest part of my forest... And that's thousands of miles away." Sylvie said, looking down at the baby and noticing something that made her smile. The Ears of the baby were rounded like a human, but came to a point at the end, like an elf. "Jay... Look..."

Jay reluctantly took his eyes off the bear, and looked at what Sylvie was pointing out. He immediately softened up, smiling at the newborn baby. "She... she has our ears... I... I'm so happy." He managed to get out, his voice full of emotion, which created an usual image of the Light Elf without his stoic nature.

Jasmine stopped crying and she looked at Jay, the infant reaching her arms out to him. "I... I think she wants you..."

Jay gently reached under her arms and held her like the loads of books he read had taught him. "I am... terrified and happy holding her." He murmured quietly, as he gently rocked her back and forth.

She closed her eyes gently, the nurse wiping her gently with a towel, keeping her distance from the kindly bear.

"Sylvie... I think we're going to have our hands full... especially with the non-aggressive sacred bear. Speaking of... what's your spirit animal?"

"I told you remember? It's the deer." Sylvie answered, smiling at the long haired, fuzzy creature. "Although that's not a half as alarming as a bear. Lucky Dad. At least she's still a baby or she probably wouldn't fit in this room..."

"... That bear gets bigger? The bear that is already huge, will grow to the size akin to a dire animal? Why do I have a bad feeling that she's going to be troublesome in the future..." he murmured nervously as he looked at his baby once more. "Jasmine... Dad's going to take care of you and make sure you'll grow up to be a strong, independent woman. And you'll probably gain my nasty habit of conjuring when you're emotional... that'll be fun for you later in life..."

The Baby merely gave a slight yawn as Sylvie looked on. "I think... She has your nose..."

Jay chuckled as he walked over to Sylvie, conjuring two light orbs to hold and rock the baby girl. "Who knows... maybe she'll change a bit when she gets older and resemble her mom more. All I'm happy about is that we're now parents... and that I have you in my life."

The Doctor poked her head out from behind Jay, but the bear had made its way back out of room. "Oh... Whew... Well uh... Sylvie and Little Jasmine will stay here until the morning, then you can take them. Just to keep the baby warm and make sure there are no complications.

Jay grumbled something incoherent before nodding. "I understand. I'll be coming back later today and staying with them."

"Alright. Don't worry, we have no plans to force you away." She smiled, rubbing her neck. "Just... Please keep that bear calm..."

"Don't worry... She's as gentle as a butterfly." The Huntress reassured, "It won't be long, Edan~."

"I hope so..." He murmured, as the orbs lowered Jasmine into her mother's arms. He leaned down and kissed Sylvie on the cheek before walking back towards the lab.

"Hey... Don't forget to give Titania the good news." She stopped Jay, smiling lovingly.

"I promise I will... after tomorrow. She'd be far too excited and energetic to calm down after awhile... besides, Kva would be upset with me if I stole Titania away... again." Jay replied sheepishly, an image of an angry Kva glaring him down unnerving him.

"I'll see you soon... My Eternal Heart." The Huntress closed her eyes, the healing may have stopped the bleeding and pain, but she was still exhausted.


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MarineAvenger & ZombieSplitter53
Moving Forward
Part One

Waning Moon Guildhouse/Bar
August 4th, 3349

Things were looking up in the realm of the gods. The traitor was dead, plans were in play to fill in missing places, and Saclavar, in exchange for leniency, had divulged the location of the golden Hind. There was debate as to whether it should be killed or returned to Nemesis, but Saboran wanted none of that argument. Seeing her homunculus creation again and seeing how she was treated reminded the goddess of her own daughter, and that brought on the usual sadness. She had tried a few more times in the past months to talk to her, but nothing had worked. But she wanted to try again, and so she was once more knocking on the door to Eso’s little business.

The door opened, a wolf Thrope looking up at the goddess, one of his ears twitching upon seeing her. “Hi.” Nitain greeted with a happy smile to their visitor.

“Hello, young man.” She smiled at him. “You’re Nitain, yes? I haven’t had much of a chance to meet you properly.”

“Because most of the time you are usually just busy to see Ash. I guess you are here to try and talk to her again?” he asked suspiciously, cocking his head to one side curiously.

Saboran opened and closed her mouth. “Well… maybe… I can have a drink with you first. I’ve been here so many times and we never talk. I don’t even know your godly parent.”

“O-Oh, well… um, about that we… don’t actually have anything to drink. Eso sort of… caused the cupboard to collapse so we are kind of low on stock. Would milk work? It’s cold, I promise.” the young man was quick to point out.

The goddess’ smile widened. “I love milk. May I have a glass? Even goddess’ get thirsty, after all.”

“You know I have a question for you too.” Walking behind the counter, he got out two small glasses, then quickly snuck one of them back under the counter for a replacement that was less dirty. “Can… is Eso allowed to actually marry me?”

“W-what?” Saboran chuckled in surprise. “I didn’t even know you two were an thing. Eso… doesn’t get a chance to get that close to many people.”

“Well I mean, she is already my wife, of course! Nothing could ever change that truth. I am just merely asking should I say… actually propose and… give her a choice in the matter.” he noted, mumbling the last parts.

Saboran leaned back and thought on it. “Well, it doesn’t happen often, but the gods and goddess’ have taken Terrian vows with others before. Usually not under their real name, mind you, but she wouldn’t be the first to marry a mortal.”

“Hehehe…” Nitain chuckled, “Good. Anyways, you wanted to know who my parent was right? Well it’s Reht’nar. Though like you, he hasn’t exactly been there for me, so here I am.”

That struck a blow to her, her stomach clenching. “W-well, he spends… most of his time in more nature filled areas protecting… n-nature. Um… I-I could say something to him, though. Do you like hunting?”

“When I was younger. But Eso is asleep when all the critters are out, so I can’t miss an opportunity to sneak beneath her covers should it present itself.”

“I… see. Well, the next time I see him, want me to encourage him to come over and see you? I’m sure he would agree.”

“Mmm… you can if you want. If he says no, I wouldn’t exactly be heartbroken. I got over that years ago.” Nitain drank his milk fast, wiping his mouth. “Anyways, I’ll go get Ash for you when she comes back. She’s been gone for several days but she should be arriving soon.”

“Several days?” Saboran sipped from her glass with a worried look. “A job, right? Hopefully… not a dangerous one…”

“Mmm… nope. She just left one day with a few words goodbye and said she’d be back within the week.” Hopping up from his stool, he brushed off his pants. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go take a bath. I-If you hear a scream, don’t worry about it, ‘kay?”

“R-right. I guess… I’ll just wait.” The goddess sighed, drinking her milk. She pulled out a mini tool kit and a knife and started cleaning it to pass the time.

A minute after Nitain stepped away, there was indeed a scream which sounded suspiciously like Eso’s coming from upstairs followed by running and laughter. Several hours passed by, the guildhouse doors opening to admit in a tall teen girl. Her red hair was done back, ponytail softly swaying behind her with each step. Her open jacket was a bright red to match her head, with a v-neck gray shirt to show growing cleavage beneath. Fingerless brown gloves covered her hands the same color as her pants and thigh high laced up boots. A clothing bag was slung over her shoulder, indicating she had been on a trip, her amber eyes glaring at the back of the woman she recognized as her mother.

“Ash… it is… it’s good to see you.” The goddess smiled awkwardly. “How was your trip? W-where did you go?”

“Dad’s grave. Was his birthday a few days ago.” Ashanti responded back coldly, crossing her arms.

“O-oh? You… should have called me. I would have had us there in moments.” Saboran shrugged. “We could have… spent time after, and you wouldn’t have had to travel for so long.”

“I liked the time alone. I could think. Besides, why would I call you? Until you popped up, you didn’t even know he was dead.” Ash stated pointedly, “What do you want… mother?” the girl growled out. Saboran had at least got her to acknowledge her as a parent in the last few attempts she tried to visit, though it was always said in distaste.

Saboran stood up from her stool and walked over. “You know what I want. I want us to be a family. It is what I always want.”

“Will you give up that stupid dream already? You had a chance to, and you wasted it when you abandoned us. I don’t know why you stubbornly persist despite how many times I tell you that it’ll never happen!” Ash yelled, a fire in her eyes: literally.

“Because I love and care about you!” Saboran said, not wanting to get angry but unable to help it. “You are the one who is stubbornly holding on to this grudge. You think your father would want that?”

“Oh please, don’t think you can preach about what he would want. You don’t know a single thing about him, or me, or… anything! So piss off already, will you!” Ash smoldered now.

“You are such a hot headed, overly…” Saboran squeezed her eyes shut and clasped her hands over her face. “No… I don’t want this. This is how it always ends up, and we are here right at the beginning. Why… do we have to fight every… single… time…?”

“Because I hate you.” Ash said as if that should have been obvious to the goddess. “Do you still not get that?”

Saboran stood in silence for several seconds. “What… w-what if we went on a trip together? Something to… bond over.”

“I highly doubt there is anything that’ll drive me to spend even five minutes more than I have to with you.” Ash challenged.

Saboran slowly lowered her hands. “What about… a secret project of mine? Something the other gods don’t know about?”

This time it was the daughter’s time for silence. She glared at Saboran, mulling something over in her head, “What project?”

“Something I’m doing with the mortals.” Saboran held out her hand. “Come on, I’ll show you. The others don’t know you’re back yet, so you wouldn’t even have to let them know.”

Ash grunted, tapping her foot. “This is a trick…” Her voice sounded a little less hostile than before.

“A trick to what end?” Saboran asked. “Just come look for ten minutes. No, two minutes. If you get bored or hate it, we’ll come right back.”
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Moving Forward
Part Two

With a hesitant look, the young woman frowned deeply, but stepped forward and took hold of her hand. “Two minutes.”

“Great!” Saboran opened a portal. She took Ash’s hand and quickly pulled her through.

All around them, various men and women moved to and fro, a large majority of them Netzi. They seemed to be in some kind of forge or Blacksmith shop, a much larger than your average seller of weapons. Saboran grinned and waved her hand. “Welcome to the biggest forge in Serasam, located under the Havenbrook Organization’s Hunter’s Guild.” She eyed some of the broken equipment. “It’s a… little run down, but that’s the point of us being here.”

“So what are you saying? This place is the project or something?” Ashanti queried, looking around with a scrutinizing eye of a blacksmith’s daughter.

Saboran walked around a table, looking over some weapons that needed serious care. “That’s right. These people did the gods a solid, but it still isn’t recommended we interfere all that much. But I’ve learned the importance of mortals and our need to be there for them. So I am helping them get this place back up and running at one hundred percent.”

“Who runs the forge then? If it is one of you ‘husbands’ I swear to the gods…” the girl warned dangerously.

Saboran held up her hands. “No, no, no. He’s an old friend… a-and fling, but that was a really long time ago. Not married, no kids, just… just friends. You wanna meet him? I can introduce you right now.”

“A fling?” Ash rose her eyebrow, rolling her eyes and not looking at her mother. “Whatever.”

Saboran held out her hands. “Just… just wait here.” She quickly walked off.

And minute later, Ash heard a long whistle from behind her. “Lovely. Simply lovely. Please tell me you’re joining us and I get to look at you everyday.”

“If you don’t look away, I’m gonna plant my hammer firmly between your-” She turned around quickly, expecting to find a human.

“Hammer, huh?” Ed gave her a big smile, floating up to eye level. “You brought your own tools then! I love a woman who is… well equipped.”

Ash blinked several times, “A Netzi? I suppose from seeing so many I should have expected… and you certainly love your double meaning sentences, don’t you?”

“They are the best, are they not.” Ed took her hand. “I… am Edminfar, my lovely, lovely dear.” He brought her hand up to his lips.

She let him kiss her hand, but quickly pulled it away afterwards and put it on her hip, “Flattered, but I am here on business, not for pleasantries. Mother said you needed help. With what exactly? I know this place looks like it has seen better days…”

“Your mother, huh?” Ed looked around, hoping to spot another sultry specimen. “Well, we need help with everything. The machines and equipment need repairs, tools need to be found, cleaned, and organized, and I have an entire guild’s worth of weapons that need cleaning, sharpening, and plain old repair. Can a lovely lady like you help Ol’ Ed out with that?”

“You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. You obviously know how to forge things. Think I can come to you for specific orders with rather extensive deals on pricing? I have my own place that needs fixing up, and I have access to the funds. I don’t trust Eso with money anymore than I do Nitain with Eso.”

“Eso, huh? Same as the goddess of the Moon… anyway, that sounds like a fair trade if you can do good work.” Ed narrowed his eyes. “Can… you do good work?”

“As sure as I am you stared at my ass before introducing yourself.” Ash returned, taking her wrench from the back of her toolbag behind her waist, spinning it in her hand. All her tools used to be her father’s and she refused to work with anything else.

“Oh… I see you already found him yourself.” Her mother walked over. “What are you talking about?”

“Saboran?” Ed looked between the two of them. “Your mother?”

“Unfortunately.” the demigod affirmed.

“Well, we would be honored to have such a lovely demigoddess working for us.” Ed floated close to her face. “When can you start?”

“Just point me where I should start.” Resting the wrench on her shoulder, she looked at the woman behind the Netzi. “Going to help us?”

“Um… y-yeah, of course!” Saboran made her own tools materialize. “I’m ready and willing!” she stated, excited to be doing something with her daughter.

For several hours following, the pair did all they could to get some equipment up and running. Saboran had her godly skills, but Ash kept up just fine. After awhile, they separated, the goddess working on repairing a sword while Ash repaired a crossbow. It wasn’t long before she noticed Ed smiling her way.

“You know, I hope you remember that comment about my hammer,” Ash called out to him, pulling back the arms of the weapon to reattach the string. She pulled back the thing to test it, loading in a bolt.

“Can I tell you a secret?” Ed asked. “Something between just the two of us?”

Ash shrugged, turning the weapon over in her hands, “Just hope it isn’t too bad.” She fired, the bolt shooting below Ed’s feet into the floor. “Because this works now.” she teased.

Ed swallowed hard, but he was never one to avoid risks or not except a challenge. “Your mother is very, very lovely. But I believe… that you are even more beautiful. In fact, you might be one of the most attractive women I have ever laid eyes on.”

“Thanks Ed,” Ash said, shaking her head and laying the weapon on the table. “Why keep this between us?”

Ed looked around and, in a low voice, said, “Well, your mother gets a little jealous, you see? And she used to have a wicked temper. That still the case?”

“Maybe. I barely know her. Barely care to know her.” the girl went onto the next weapon, frowning deeply.

“Well…” Ed tapped his foot. “Wish that wasn’t the case. But it isn’t my place to try and fix your relationship. Though… maybe if you two had something in common…”

“I don’t want a fixed relationship with the likes of her. She abandoned me and my Dad for other guys. When my father died, I was left all alone. And then she comes back years later wanting my love because she realized all her other kids were dead. I’m hardly grateful to her.”


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Moving Forward
Part Three

Ed floated behind her. He placed his hands on her shoulders and started to rub them. “Such anger. You really are her child. Anything Ol’ Ed can do to make you feel better?”

“You can start by taking your hands off me. Keep it to the banter unless you want bodily harm.” Ashanti warned him, her tone implying it would be his last warning.

Ed sighed and floated in front of her again, sitting on the table. “Alright. No touching. Maybe a kiss later if things go well, but we aren’t there yet. So… what do you enjoy. This work seems to make you happy. Thought I saw an actual smile earlier.”

“Look, I think you’re fun, but I’m not into Netzis. Or perverts. I have a hard enough time keeping one away from harassing my friend back home as is.”

Ed sighed, and shook his head. “Alright, alright. It’s a part of me. But I’ll try and avoid it. Keyword being try.” He slowly stood up, rolling the shoulder with his prosthetic arms. “You two really are alike. She treated me the same way when we first met, and I was fifty years younger and even more handsome then I am now.”

“What exactly was your relationship?” Ash questioned, “She said fling, but that can imply many things.”

“Oh, we were close for quite a while.” Ed closed his eyes as he remembered days long past. “Met while she was checking out an open exhibit of weapons here at the manor. This was a while before I met my wife. I don’t think she was into Netzi either. Still isn’t probably. But we bonded over our shared passion for smithing. And over time… we just bonded.” He opened his eyes. “Simple stuff, though. Dates. Flirting. A bit of kissing. A bit more than kissing. Though… never all the way. She went away before that happened.” He looked to the side. “One of my deepest regrets.”

“I’m surprised.” Ash grumbled angrily, “She sure acts like a whore…” she noted venomously.

Ed gave her a serious, surprised look. “Never seemed that way to me. Why do you say that?”

“I told you why before. She left my dad for other men. Had kids with them. Did so before even meeting him. She didn’t love him. If she did, she would have commited. But the first chance she got to find another man, she took it. That’s what a whore does.” Ash explained, nothing but bitterness in her tone. “I can’t tell you how many nights I stayed up hoping that my ‘mommy’ would come home. How many sad, blank stares I got when I asked my father that question. I wish I had moments like this with her. I want to love my mother. But she did too much wrong. And not nearly enough right…”

“Is she still like that?” Ed asked seriously. “Does she still sleep around? Still a whore? Is she still the woman she was back then?” He shook his head. “You don’t actually know, do you?”

The girl looked away. “Of course I know! The answer is yes. I bet I am not even her last kid. If she really was so lonely, she could just sleep around and pop out more. Why does she need me?”

“Guess I could have done the same…” Ed sat on the table, looking down at his legs. “Netzi usually only have two children, you know? Kinda a tradition. Don’t ask me where it comes from or exactly why. It isn’t like there is an overpopulation problem with my kind. Anyway, I only had one. Before I could have another, my… my wife died. And my daughter left me. I couldn’t get over my wife. Developed a lot of bad habits, not the least was drinking.” He pulled out a small flask. “Never really got over that one. I… I guess I could have always had another kid to replace the one that… stopped loving me. But… it wouldn’t take the pain away.” He took a quick swig.

“What are you saying?” Ash said with surprise, “You think she honestly had a change of heart? Went from a flighty goddess taking every strong man who could swing a hammer to a self-conscious mother? You know how stubborn she is, correct?”

“The gods are fickle beings. Bound to change their fancy at a moment’s notice. Wouldn’t surprise me.” Ed looked over to the goddess, hard at work at her true passion. “I tell you what. I never thought I’d see her as the type to roll up her sleeves and help mortals, especially if it meant taking orders from one. She is very different in many ways. How many? I don’t know. Neither of us know much about her. Me because any chance for us to be together was lost when I got married…” He looked at Ash. “You because any chance for you to be a family was lost when you decided she could never change, and never be forgiven.”

Ash gripped her pants tightly in her fists, squeezing her eyes shut. With a deep intake of breath, she let it out quickly and stood up. With a furrowed brow, she quickly made her way over to Saboran. “Mom,” She began rather pointedly.

Saboran jumped a bit, so surprised by the way the short word was said, she dropped her hammer. “C-clumsy me.” She quickly retrieved it. “What is it, de-... Ash?”

“Did you love my father?” the girl asked quickly, putting her fists on her hips. “Did you really care about him, or was he just another man to suck off and run from?”

Saboran looked away. “I… I did care about him,” she answered, a slight tone in her voice saying she was sure she wouldn’t be believed. “He was strong, and smart, and very handsome. He was always so kind to me. He didn’t know I was a goddess at first. Wasn’t nice to me because of that.”

“You’re damn right. And don’t you ever forget about him. If you do, I’ll really never forgive you.” Ash leaned down, kissing her mother and wrapping her arms around her tightly.

Saboran gasped, her eyes starting to water. “A-Ash, you… why… I-I…”

“You ever betray our family again, and you’re dead to me no matter how much you try to beg. But if you really loved Dad, and you genuinely want us to be together… you get one chance.” Ashanti said in her mother’s ear, letting her head rest on her shoulder.

Saboran let out a soft sob, and hugged her daughter tightly. “Never. I’ll never betray you. You’re my one and only now. I swear on my very existence.”

“Fine. I hope you mean that.” Ash hugged her mother back for once without holding back, “I… I-I…” she sighed. So many years of animosity. She was having a very hard time getting over it. “I love you… Ma.”

“I love you too.. my dearest daughter,” Saboran returned with earnest.


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Frostlich1228 and ZombieSplitter53
Part One

Kva quickly stepped to the side of a lunging imp, impaling it on her rapier. She quickly readied her whip as another approached her, fire building in it's mouth. After but a moment, a burst of flame flew towards the Dhampir, but Kva pulled her blade over and used the impaled imp as a shield. As the Demon on her blade sizzled from the flame, Kva snapped her whip with her left hand, the chord of thorn wrapping around the neck of the imp, and with one swift pull, it's throat was cut from all sides. The Elf was speckled with demon blood, many imps and some taller demon's bodies littered the floor around her.

Hearing more fighting, she looked over to the one she was fighting alongside, Magdalene, her hair still black, even after all the time that had passed from her excursion to Themosa.

The Sheep raised her scythe, taking off the heads of two imps in one fluid motion. Suddenly, a demon clad in black armor approached her with a two-handed sword, ready to cleave her in half. Magdalene, or whatever she was now, charged forward, using a well placed dodge to avoid a lethal downward strike. She then gripped the handles of her weapon firmly, bringing it up and easily removing the demon's arm, forcing him to drop the weapon and she seamlessly removed the other. Ducking and rotating around the demon, she hooked her scythe around it's neck from behind, and after giving it a second to understand the position she had it in, she pulled it forward, removing it's head.

Kva seemed impressed, "I don't know whether that is training or merely instinct... But that was well done."

The Black Sheep chuckled, upon closer inspection, two small black horns now poked from her fluffy hair. "Want to see an encore?"

"I know we would." Three demons stepped forth. The single female was humanoid save for the green skin and single horn, wearing a Stormrend-like dress. One was a rather short male dressed similarly to a shinobi, claw weapons on his hands. The third was a very tall, muscular brute with Red skin and two large, yellow horns, wielding a club. "Stand aside, or you will be next," the woman said.

"Ooo Scary." Mags taunted, wiping the black blood off her weapon as Kva walked up.

The Fencer took her battle stance, pointing her Rapier forward. "I don't know what's happened to you sheep... but I won't complain..."

"Can't you see? I'm better in every way." She Smiled, gripping her weapon's handles. "And if you three think you're getting past us, you have another thing coming..."

"Sorry, little sheep," the big guy said. "But you ain't gonna stop us."

The short demon pointed his claws forward. "The goddess promised us perminant residence in this world if we destroy your precious house. So move or die."

"And you are supremely gullible if you actually think she will." Kva noted, shaking her head. "She'll use you and throw you away to tie up loose ends, just like everyone else she's ever dealt with."

"That is a risk we have to take." The female demon pulled out a whip. "I am Shiori, and I will be your death."

"It's not a risk, it's a certainty. But if you are so eager to die..." Kva cracked her neck.

"Then we'll be happy to show you up." Mags boasted.

"Tch." Shiori cracked her whip. "Typical Terrians! Always so high and mighty! You think too much of yourselves." She stepped forward and whipped again, aiming for Kva.

Using her quick Dhampir reflexes, she caught the whip in mid-snap, pulling it towards with great strength, hoping to take the Demon off her feet for an opening.

The demon indeed stumbled forward, but used her free hand to somersault before launching into a flying kick.

Kva merely sidestepped to make her miss, almost like she was toying with the demon. "I see Demons aren't feared for their skill."

"Screw you!" The opponent channeled her power through the whip, and it caught on fire.

Kva smiled slightly under her mask, sending a razor sharp arc of demon blood from her blade towards her, threatening to cut her in half.

The demon was faster then she appeared, but not quite fast enough as it sliced into her arm, nearly cutting it off. "What are you?! The was no normal Terrian attack!"

"Or maybe you simply underestimate us." She replied, raising a hand up and causing the blood spilling from the demon's arm to turn into spikes and explode outward.

Shiori screamed in pain, her arm completely shredded. "Fucking bitch! I'll kill you!" She pulled out a second whip and charged madly, the whip rapidly cracking and twirling like a whirlwind of leather and steel.

Kva braced herself, transforming into mist and passing through the Demon Woman, appearing behind her and going for a slash at her legs.

The attack toppled Shiori to the ground. "You... you're a vampire!"

"Looks like you figured it out just a moment too late..." Kva placed the point of her sword against the back of her neck. "Tecunte sent you into a suicide mission so we had to waste manpower killing you that we could've used to fight her. You're nothing but a worthless distraction in her eyes. Utterly disposable."

Shiori smiled. "And you talk too much."

Kva suddenly sensed a demonic pressence behind her as the short demon, previously invisible, dug his claws into her left shoulder.

Kva grit her teeth, Instinctively grabbing the arm and attempting to flip it over her shoulder.

He tore at her skin as he flew over, but disappeared before he hit the groan. He let out an echoy laugh, saying, "I am Tebev of the demon shinobi, and you can't kill what you can't see!"

"Oh... You are so naive to think that..." Kva readied herself, waiting for the enemy.

She felt shifts and movements in the air, one particularly strong movement behind mags.

Mags was locked in her fight in with the large demon demon, flipping backwards out of the range of an attack.

"Sheep!" Kva called out, "Behind you!"

Mags reacted quickly, striking behind her with the pointed wooden tip at the bottom of her weapon.

Tebev let out a loud 'oof' as he was hit in the stomach, and disappeared from sight.

"Do not ignore Tek!" The big demon slammed down his huge weapon.

Magdalene quickly blocked it with the handle of her Scythe, struggling to keep the weapon from crushing her, sweat rolling down her face.

Tek laughed heartily. "Such a puny little creature." He slammed down again. "How will you avoid being crushed by Tek's might power!"

Magdalene grit her teeth, focusing on her environment. Suddenly, she began to smile as a massive boulder materialized from black smoke above the demon's head, falling quickly towards him.

It hit with a loud crunch, and he stumbled back, seeing stars. "Now there is... four sheep girls..."

The Sheep huffed, clearly tired from using the energy. She slowly pulled out her harp, strumming it as she focused the energy around the demon. "Maybe... You should just take a nap..."

"Ha ha ha!" Tek stepped forward, rubbing his head. "You really think that... your puny harp... will..." He started to sway back and forth, his eyes getting heavy. "Stop or... Tek will... destroy..."

She grinned, raising her Scythe up, "Don't worry 'Tek', I'll take care of you..."

She put force behind her next strike, a reaping slash aimed straight for the groggy demon's throat.

His purple blood sprayed out like a spout as his eyes rolled back and he dropped to the ground. That left the invisible demon, who suddenly appeared in front of Kva, poised to gut her.

The Cut cleaved open Kva's belly, blood spilling out onto the already blood soaked ground. The Vampire gripped her stomach, breathing hard. "Dammit..."

Tebev laughed heartily. "This is where you die!" He lifted his blades. "I will get a bonus for killing a vampire!"

Kva looked up at him, her red gaze piercing him as she stood up. "You know... I don't use my full power very often... I don't like witnesses seeing me and I don't want a witch hunt... Besides... It can get... Grisly... I have some mercy for my enemies..."

"But since most everyone is off fighting their own fights far away except for the sheep, and I don't give a damn about being merciful anymore, especially not towards demons... I think this is a good opportunity to cut loose..." The Fencer closed her fist, blood starting to draw towards her, pooling around her feet and forming armor as it crawled up her legs. The red life essense bonded with her, the armor forming long, sharp, 6 inch long claws on her fingers as it reached further, then massive wing of blood, and a demonic horned helm grinning with bloodlust in it's eyes.

She stepped forward slowly, the blood swirling and flowing across every inch of her as she spoke in a terrifyingly deep, echoing voice. "You'll be a desiccated corpse when I'm through..."

The demon fell back. "You... y-you're a monster!" He blundered ironically.

"How very cute..." She smiled a mile wide, teeth riddled smile, then got all on fours, crawling towards him unnaturally, like a creature possessed.

"Get... get away from me!" He tried to escape by vanishing again.

He disappeared before Kva's eyes, however by focusing intently she sensed his blood, getting a general idea of where he was and launching sweeping volley of slashes with her long claws.

He reappeared, missing an arm and a leg. He uselessly tried to crawl away. "Please! Spare me! I was only following orders!"

"No. Not this time." Kva growled, "Actually... I'll let you decide... Do you save yourself, or your friend with the whip? I'll let one of you go."

Shiori laughed. "Like we would ever go so low as to bargain for..."

"Her! Kill her!" Tebev pleaded. "I'm crippled! I'm no threat! She can still stab you in the back! And she... likes to kill children! Kill her!"

Kva chuckled grimly, which then turned into a laugh, "What an expected response... You failed the test..."


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Part Two

The Vampire raised a hand into the air, it glowed with black energy and the demon man could feel his blood beginning to boil from the inside.

"Please, no!" He screamed, before pain overtook him and he dropped to the ground, motionless. That left the lone female demon, shaking in fear.

Kva's gaze turned to her now, her blood wraith form looming over her. "Now do you see? Even your own allies care nothing for you. He couldn't even face death with dignity."

Shiori grit her teeth, and slowly stood up, holding her arm. "Well, I can. So get it over with."

"W-Wait..." Someone said from behind the Fencer. It was the sheep, she was knelt on the ground like she was prostrating, her hair slowly losing it's dark color. "D-Don't kill her..."

Kva shrugged, "It's about time that form or whatever ran out of juice... As for her, I didn't plan to, but on one condition..."

Shiori narrowed her eyes. "What? I already said, I will not beg."

"Fool. I'm giving you an option here and you'd rather choose death?" Kva shook her head. "The Condition is you go back where you came from and never trouble the mortal world again."

The demon woman looked surprised. "That's it? You'll let me go if I promise to return to demon world and stay there?"

"I'll know if you're lying." The Blood armor slid up Kva's body, the entire suit becoming a ball in her hand. "I have your blood. All I need is a little time and I'll be able to find you anywhere. You can't hide."

Shiori took a step back and held up her hands. "Okay, you win! I'll go home! This place blows anyway..."

"I hope you'll remember my generousity." Kva called out from behind her.

She disappeared around the corner. A few seconds later, however, the pair of hunters heard a muffled scream.

A man walked around the corner, at least six and a half feet tall. He wore black pants and a green coat with no shirt underneath, as well as small, black sunglasses. The extremely muscular man held Shiori's face in one hand, the woman struggling to get free. "Where are you going?"

Magdalene huffed, slowly remembering where she was as she stared at the large demon. "Of course... Even more..."

"Don't worry. I'm not interested in you with your power diminished." The man looked over at Kva. "You, on the other hand..."

Kva scoffed, looking at him incredulously, "Interested How, exactly?"

"In a fight." He held to female demon by her face. "These ones were not worthy of your strength. I am."

"Really? Well then, put her down and we can fight." Kva suggested, motioning towards the girl.

He through the woman to the side, the demon rolling over and over before coming to a dead stop. He slowly unbuttoned his jacket and said, "You seem to be the strongest one fighting out here, and I am tired of standing by and watching as the weaklings around me fail. You will provide me with the challenge I desire."

"Then let's get on with this." Kva cracked her neck, twirling her blade a few times.

A demonic aura surrounded the man, and his muscles grew in size. He charged with incredible swiftness, and swung an upper cut at her gut.

Kva took her dueling stance. "Ready?"

The demon's fist connected with her stomach, knocking the wind out of her and launching her back.

She flew back, her body sliding against the ground as she dug herself to a stop. As the vampire stood up, she recognized the unmistakable taste of her own blood. "I guess so..."

He cracked his neck back and forth. "I am Kōhai. It is a pleasure to fight you." He held up his fist, and motioned for her to attack.

Drawing from her ball of blood, she sent a flurry of blood crescents hurdling towards him, intent on cutting him apart as she followed behind them to create a way in.

For such a big demon, he moved with incredible speed and grace. Still, many cut into him, though he didn't seem to care. What he did care about was when the speedy Dhampir was right in his face.

Kva quickly formed a claw of blood as she reached him, sending it up his chest and towards his head, only gathering more blood as she sliced.

Kōhai was able to step back before his head. He grinned. "Good! A challenge. I will reward you with 30%!" As his muscles expanded, a sent a right hook to her side.

Quickly vanishing into mist, she appeared behind him, sending her rapier through his throat.

He gagged, and in that moment, it seemed it was over. He suddenly stepped forward, however, and did a quick roundhouse kick back.

Not expecting it, the attack launched her backwards, breaking a few ribs. Kva coughed violently, holding her chest. "Dammit... Okay..."

Kōhai rubbed his neck and slowly walked over. "That was a good move. Had I not raised my power at the last moment, I might have died."

"Well... You're tough, I'll give you that..." Kva looked over a Mags, who was holding her Scythe in her hands nervously, trying to figure out if she should step in.

In response, the Dhampire raised a hand, shaking her head. "It's better you just stay out of the way sheep... I can handle this..."

"That is noble of you to say. I shall... try and make this quick." Kōhai punched downwards. Kva was able to dodge, and the ground practically exploded where she had just been.

Kva placed her hand on the ground, gathering the blood from the bodies under the demon and causing them to explode in a huge burst of spikes in all directions.

Kōhai's eyes widened behind his glasses. He held up his arms, and dozens of spikes penetrated him all over, in his stomach, legs, and arms. He wobbled for a moment, then fell to one knee.

The Dhampir huffed, she had burned through most of even her sizable magic pool, which had usually never been a problem for her before.

"She's dead!" Someone called out. "We won! Tecunte is dead!" This resulted in a chorus of cheers.

"She... She is?" Mags looked back, smiling almost in disbelief.

Kva chuckled, looking at the demon. "Well... What now?"

Kōhai slowly stood up, the blades of blood falling away. The wounds quickly filled in. "It have no loyalty to a dead Goddess. I didn't feel very loyal to her when alive. We are finished here for now. However..." He looked down at Kva. "You and I are not finished. We will fight again, and next time I will not hold back. I expect you to get much stronger between now and then."

"You haven't seen half of what I can do..." Kva eyed him down, putting her blade away.

Kōhai chuckled, and retrieved his jacket. Placing it back on, he walked off without looking back.

Kva quickly made an effort to scan the area for the demon woman, not so much out of worry but out of curiosity.

She was against one of the trees, bleeding from the forehead. She was shaking a bit in pain, which at least meant she was still alive.

Kva crossed her arms, "What do we do with her?"

"I... Maybe we should take care of her?" Mags suggested, but all she got was a slightly condescending look.

"You won't be able to convince Mina of that." Kva replied, pulling a med-kit off her belt and pushing it into Mags' arms. "There... If you want to help, then do it."

The Sheep looked down at the medical case, then nodded, making her way over to the demon woman to first check if she was responsive. "Uhm... Hello? Are you awake?"

She slowly opened her eyes. "Y-yeah. I... what are you doing?"

"I was going to... Sew your wounds...?" The Sheep looked off to the side, realizing how dumb she must look by patching up not only a demon that tried to kill them but an agent of Tecunte.

"If you wish, but... why? Are we not enemies?"

"Are we? Your friends betrayed you and your previous employer is... Out of commission..." Magdalene pointed out to the woman.

Shiori nodded. "Well... thank you. You Terrians are capable of such unusual kindness."

Mags slowly began to stitch her up, the wounds Kva caused, as well as the Big Demon's. "Not everyone... But some of us try to do what's right, especially those in the manor.

When Mags was finished, the demon woman sighed. "Do I... belong to you now?"

"Uh... What?" Mags blinked. "Why would you belong to me...?"

"Isn't that how you Terrians operate? You defeat a demon and enslave it. I heard you already have one here."

"N-No! She's... She's my friend's daughter. They raised her from an egg." The Bard corrected, working on a cut on her leg.

"I see." Shiori tried to hide her hopeful look. "So I will... be free to go?"

"If you want. I won't stop you. Just promise not to hurt anyone." She explained.

Shiori smiled softly. "Th... thank you. It is kind of you. I swear, on my honor, I will not harm anyone on my way home."

"Hey... Um... And if you need help ever, I guess you know where we are. Just... Ask for Magdalene." The Sheep finished up on her sewing.

The demon nodded, standing up. "Thank you. And... so for trying to kill you and your friend."

"Uh... No problem... I guess." Magdalene rubbed her neck, standing up alongside her.

Shiori bowed her head, and quickly ran off before Kva could change her mind about sparing her.

After a few seconds, Kva walked up, watching her leave. "Are you sure that was a good idea? She knows where we live..."

Mags just frowned, sighing. "I... I don't know... It just seemed like the right thing to do..."

Looking away, Kva stared back towards the manor. "I hope it was..."


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Demon Hunting
Part One

Alice castle
Aug 5th, 3349
6:27 pm

Alice was sharpening her ax and thinking of a way to capture the demon dragon." Hum how would I catch this thing? I could offer it my blood and prove that i'm worthy of taming it. Or I could just beat it down and see what happens." Alice looked out side and to Mina guild." That was quiet the blood bath Mina had a few days ago, it made for quiet the meal for me however." Alice looked around her room." I haven't seen Seclevar since that battle were is he?"

As if hearing his name, the god appeared before her. He looked quite tired, and gave her a small smile. "Hey."

"Were have you been? I haven't seen you in days what's been going on with you lately?"

"Decisions being made on what to do with me." The god payed down. "They decided, since I turned on Tecunte and handed over the Golden Hind, they'll just keep an eye on me. In a sense, I'm on probation."

"Hay your not dead, so look at it this way. If you weren't by my side and aided me with your mothers down fall, you get probation instead of a death sentence." Alice kissed the gods cheek and smiled at him." See how being around me is good for you."

Seclavar chuckled. "Yeah. I guess you have a good point. So... what are your plans going forward?"

"Well I have been keeping my conquering to a halt as of late, I mean weave been raiding and taking what we want but never occupying anything. So I've been thinking it's about time I got my empire started by taking a city."

"I saw that you let your sister go." Seclavar raised an eyebrow. "You think that was a good idea?"

"I can't keep her here, what use is she to me as a prisoner. This way she has a chance to get our people out of the city her way, and if not I will slowly make my way back home with an army of thousands of men, and the seven and take the city by force."

"Ah, I see." The god smiled. "You have a kind heart, letting her prepare ahead of time. Hopefully not too kind for a conqueror."

"She's the only blood related family I have, I might as well give her a chance to change the council mind . Now as for the rest of Terra I will not be as merciful it's been a long time since I showed my demon side." Alice looked at her hat and sees the sparks on them. "Heh now then as for my current mission, there are demons in Bevland were gonna kill them."

"The demons?" Seclavar nodded. "Right. The tear caused by my mother disturbing the balance. Are you sure that is wise?"

Suddenly Alice right hand started to be covered with red markings, the markings then spread across her entire body." Ou i'm sure call it me twisting the knife in my betrail to your mother."

Seclavar was silent for a few moments. "You know... that attack on the Havenbrook Manor included my mother. I hate to take away your hope for revenge, but... it's over."

"Wait you mean HavenBrook actually killed Tecunte?"Alice cheered." She's dead she's finally dead, I wish I was there do see her death and done it myself. So now we can call this killing Tecunte last act, also with this power I have thanks to Aratenda my army is much more powerful now, how Ever I can't be reckless ether. "Alice thought about the mission she's about to go on." It would be best if I brought my hole army with me on this one."

"Are you planning on wiping the whole demon army out?" Seclavar shook his head. "I know you might be able to do it, but even with your power, you might lose a considerable chunk of your army in the process."

"If it's just me and the small bit of the seven I will be slaughtered, besides I think you underestimated how strong I've gotten, besides why not whipe out the demons do you have a plan on what to do with them?"

Seclavar shook his head. "No. The gods are staying out of it for the moment, seeing if the mortals can handle it themselves. I just don't want you getting hurt, nor do I think it would be rightfor you to do such a great service and not get any recognition."

Alice rubbed the Seclavar cheek." Aw you worry about me but if you take me to the ruler of the place then I can negotiate with them get my name out there and all that. Think about it they were having such trouble they had to hire raiders to do there jobs."

The god sighed. "Very well. Who will you take to meet with them."

"Let me bring Rumi, she's more level headed then some of the others also she won't agree with me constantly like some of the others. But that's why I like her."

"Alright." Seclavar climbed to his feet. "Oh, um... about that traitor you might have... If they were associated with my mother, they might still be a traitor. But it is hard to say when you don't know who they are."

"Well hopefully if all goes well then they will die on the mission, let me go get Rumi and well be ready to go."

The god nodded. "I'll locate the demon camp." He reluctantly vanished from sight.

Alice suppressed the power she was given by the goddess of war, so much so that the markings on her body dispersed. Alice made her way to Rumi room and knocked on her door." Rumi you there?"

Rumi opened the door. She smiled at Alice, and it looked like a real smile. "Hey. What's up?"

Alice raised her eyebrow." Wow you look happy, like really happy what gives your normally not this happy?"

Rumi shrugged. "I'm just happy my Empress is back home and safe. Thank you for that."

"Yea don't get used to that, eventually I will conquer that city i'm giving my sister a chance to do it her way before I go in by force. Now then I need your help with diplomacy, well more of negotiation."

"Jeez, just take the tamhank you." Rumi rolled her eyes. "Negotiations with who?"

"Whelp if you remembered a few months ago the goddess of war told me that Bevland was being invaded by demons. We are going to talk to the rulers there and get them to hire raiders to do there job. And thank you for the complement."

"I think they're already fighting over there. What more do you think we can do?"

Suddenly marks started to appear on Alice right arm and spread through out her body, he eyes also went black with her red eyesores cutting through. Rumy felt a strange power run through her, something she hasn't felt since she was a thrall. "We get them to hire us, we kill the demos take there loot at get some reputation for it that way other bandits will hear of us."

Rumi smiled. "Welll... that does sound like a good idea actually."

"Great so let's get a move on shall we." Alice called Seclavar name and opened a portal for the two ladies.

Rumi looked around slowly. "So this is Bevland? Didn't really look around the last time I passed through."

"Yea well I never been here at all." Alice closed her eyes and her eyes went back to normal." Huh lookes like they been driven back pretty far Id say, come on let's go find who's in charge."

A few guards stopped them, one saying, "What are you ladies doing out at this time of night? Who are you?"

Alice took off her hat and bowed. "Good evening, my name is Alice Valentine this is my advocate Rumi and we are here to solve your demon problem. So can you lead us to who's in charge?"

The men exchanged a look, and the second one shrugged. "Can't hurt, I guess."

"Unless she is a demon in disguise." The first man held out his hand. "I need to test your blood first."

Alice attempted to bit the man finger but he pulled his hand back in time. Markings started to appear on Alice body and her eyes went black." See I was trying to avoid this, but if i'm gonna rule best say who I relay am. I'm Alice Valentine i'm a vampire, and i'm here to handle your demon problem."
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Demon Hunting
Part Two

The man gulped, and slowly nodded. "F-follow me."

As they walked into the camp, Rumi said, "Should have just done that from the start."

"I was trying to be civil about things, you know not hit them immediately with the vampire thing. Whelp guess I should show this side of me more huh."

They were surprised to find an Ophidian as the leader of this group, a large, strong looking woman her gazed at the pair. "Who are you?"

"Me i'm Alice, i'm a raider, pirate and the woman who led her raider army to raiding Helvan of it's mines it's city and ship yard."

"I see. And... what can we do for you?" The Ophidian waved her hands about. "We don't have much for you to raid here. We're a little busy with the demons, you see."

"See that's what i'm here for,I'm gonna solve your demon problem for you. I mean why throw your useless solders at the problem, when you have some raiders that can do it for you. Pluse raiders dying why do you car what happen to me?"

"Don't call me men useless!" The woman snapped. "You have no idea what it is like here!"

"I can have an idea, but I could send insults back in forth but let's talk about payment. What do I get for clearing out your problem huh?

"We Don't have much to offer..." The woman sighed deeply. "One for each demon slayed. A thousand if you can clear them out completely.

Alice put her hand on her Chine." Rumi what do you think, I mean they lost how many men over months and there offering us a thousand gold to kill who knows how many demons, doesn't seem well does it?"

"That is true." Rumi grinned. "I'd say Ten thousand is more like it."

"Ten!" The Ophidian jumped out of her seat. "That's more then we even have for this effort! Scrpping together every bit of gold we have, the most we could even go is five!"

Alice clapped her hands together."Whelp it's been nice knowing you then, have fun having your people die it makes no different to me come on Rumi let's go home." Alice turned her back and started to leave.

"Wait!" The Ophidian cried out. "Fine! We... we will pay your the ten thousand. I don't know how, but we will find a way. But only if there is not a single demon left alive!"

Alice bowed her head." Thank your for your patronage, go ahead and clear out your men. We will return tomorrow with my men and handle your problem."

Rumi walked out with Alice, chuckling. "Kindness, but in a way that still rips them off. Not bad."

"Not bad I have to thank you for raising the price more, but be ready for a betrayal. They could try and back stab us, and if they do we may have a new home."

Rumi nodded. "Maybe. But Ophidian females are more Nobel then most give them credit for. I admit, I'm a bit worried about how badly the common man in Bevland will suffer trying to raise that money."

"Well they will be fine, besides we need the money more then they do. Anyway best we go back home get some sleep and be ready for war tomorrow. Alice rolled her eyes." As much as I don't want to say it, it might be best that you use your weapons that you gutted me with."

Rumi chuckled. "You mean my silver daggers. Not still bitter about that, are you. After all, I've gotten over the enslavement thing. Well... mostly."

"I still remember how that burned me, that was easily the worst pain I ever felt. But I mostly gotten over it but still you might want to also use the pistols I gave you as well."

Rumi pulled out one of the pistols and grinned. "Looking forward to this. Demon killing is something I can get behind."

"I'm sure it is. after reaper teleported the duo back home Alice told her men to get plenty of rest before fighting the demon army. After a day of rest Alice was teleported back to Bevlend with her army, she then went to the Ophidian leader." I'm back so point me in the right direction so I can get the campaign on the way."

The woman folded her arms. "Not a bad sized force. You'll need it." She pointed south. "Just a few miles out, you'll come across the first of the demon lines. We estimate their main camp is twelve miles away."

"Ugh well then this should be interesting then." Alice looked at her men." Gents we have a glorious assignment, we get to hunt down demons today. So you know what that meas, plenty of loot things to scavenge and of course demon bones and hide to peel of there skins! We get to show these wimps how true worriers fight, this battle with prove to everyone on Terra that this united bandit tribe is not to be messed with. We raided plenty of ships raided cites, we have done more then any bandit on Terra. We are war bound now let's go show these amitures how it's done!"

The army marched south, and it wasn't too long until they came across the first wave of demons. Imps and gargoyles, roaches and flying eyes, bats and serpents, and many more. All of the lowest rank of demons, but strong in their own ways and great in number. It would not be an easy fight.

Lorica couldn't help but smile."Ou look at those horned Gargoyles, hay Alice you don't mind if I catch a few of theses things would you?"

"I don't mind but were here to kill them and we don't have and charms to capture them so, I doubt you can catch them."

"Aww that's a shame, besides It's been a while since I got to fight something let's go already!"

"Archers, fire!" From Alice back line archers fired into the demons.

The demons had their powers, but they weren't very smart. They rushed in head long, many of them toppling over. Still, they continued the charge. One of the gargoyles, lacking the stone skin but faster then the Terrian kind, leapt at Crious, claws extended.

Wulfric trusted his clamor sword through the gargoyle torso and slammed it to the ground He then ordered his gladiators to charge the the demons, his spear men rushed forward first piercing into demons while others jumped over them and cut into there heads.

Lorice yelled and her men went from the side, there monsters jumping the monsters from the sides flanking them. Lorica herself ran with her duel axes and started to chop into the imps." Ha ha ou they feel like any other meat bags."

Marlee looked back. "Looks like the normal men aren't having too much of a problem. As for us with real skill, we might as well be fighting babies with knives." She sliced a roach in half, its giant insect insides splurting out.

Alice herself cut a serpent into pieces, she then used her dark magic to pierce into several demons." These are small fry Marlee, no more then normal monsters, let them have there fun."

"It won't be like this forever," Rumi warned, dodging and weaving around the slashes of a demonic mantis. "I'm sure stronger ones are ahead."

“Indeed.” Satoko cut down on of the demon eyes and looked around.” These are just normal monsters at best.”

Crixus bashed his sheild over a gargoyle head multiple times leaving its skull cracked.” Then I guess we better end this quickly then.” Crixus started to push forward using his mace to bash the skulls of every demon that was in his way, he then ordered the archers to continue firing into the hord of demons.

Push forward they did, until a couple hundred demons lay dead behind them with minimal losses. They continued through the forest, and hit another wall. There were more of them now, and not just the lower rank scum. Slightly higher rank demons, many with humanoid shapes, from four to nine feet tall, with peach and brown and blue and green skin, from one to eight eyes. Many had weapons or body parts that were weapons. These would be tougher for Alice's normal soldiers. They looked like they could think.

Alice had a plan however, Alice sent her undead worriers charging at the demons even though they were cut down easily Alice threw some fire balls at her undead then suddenly explosions of purified salt spread to the daemons." Great work on the explosives Gravel."
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Demon Hunting
Part Three

"You got it, boss!" Gravel laughed as he tossed bomb after bomb. When the explosions died down, there were only half the demons left. "Let's mop 'em up, boys!"

Alice put her hand up."Hold on now why don't we let our newest members get there shots in." Alice looked at Babani and Tezrian. "Would you two like to have some fun as well?"

[Oh, yes, very much]. Babani bowed her head. [It would be our honor. Are you sure we are worthy, master?]

"Ou come on now don't be so modest, your plenty worthy. Now go have some fun."

The Netzi nodded and flew forward, her faithful wraith-possessed construct following. It was a blood bath, body psionically thrown or ripped apart, chakrams cutting off parts, the construct mashing demons into mush. Ergo took a step back, looking pale. "They... sure like their job..."

"That's a good thing isn't it, heh look around boys were decimating them with very little lose on our end. I'm so proud of you all killing demons like there nothing great work boys."

Ergo shook his head. "I fear they will only get stronger. Are we prepared?"

"Ou I have a surprise for them when we get closer to there portal that the bitch created. Look don't worry to much about it alright we will continue to press forward and be victorious."

The next wall they came across had the mid rank demons and slightly higher rank demons. Many of these appeared humanoid, some enough to pass off as humans, elves, and the like. They were much stronger, and the power Alice felt told her she could take them on easily if alone, but would be in trouble if ganged up on by too many.

Alice steeped forward he ax in hand and looked at the demons." i'm going to say this one time witch is more then what I can say for your previous underlings, get out of my way or be destroyed."

Two stood before Alice, a Red one in a loin cloth with an axe for a hand, the other violet in a trench coat with a long blade on his forearm. "No can do, missy."

"There is no retreat for us. Besides..."

"We'll get a big prize for the head of a vampire."

"Really well then, it was worth a shot. But it looks like you have me surrounded and my human friends can't fight you it would seem, but I have a surprise for you and my men." Suddenly markings started to appear on Alice arm then it spread to her entire body, her eyes turned black and her fangs and claws extended. Suddenly Alice army including the seven felt power flowing through them." Then I guess I better bring the slaughter to you worthless fools."

The pair back up, intimidated. The one with the axe arm yelled angrily, and went for an overhead strike on her.

To his surprise Alice stopped the attack by grabbing the back of the ax." Aw that's cute demons scared of a little vampire like me." Alice yanked the ax out of the demons hands and drove her claws into it's throat once it was choking then Alice drove her ax into its shoulder and dragged it into the ground slammed her ax into the back of the demon neck cutting into it's bone ripping it's spine.

"You bitch," cried the other, going to stab her in the back with the blade that was part of its arm.

To his surprise Crixus was able to block the attack with his shield, Lorica then jumped on the demeon and used her tribal gualunt claws gutting into them like they were paper. Lorica then laughed." Ou so much power this feels amazing."

The rest of the demons charged. As usual, the strongest of the group had little trouble. But it was different for the others. This was a real fight between armies, and losses started to pile up.

As they fought, a human looking demon in a green coat and shades approached the vampires. "Alice Valentine, yes?"

"Funny I don't remember saying my name to you fools, do I know you or something?"

"No. But I know you thanks to your association with the late goddess." He placed a hand on his chest. "My name is Kōhai. Please... come with me."

"And Why would I come with a demon that worked the bitch that wanted my head, and why should I trust you?"

"I wasn't asking. I don't care if you trust me or not." Kōhai walked up to a large boulder. "Bring whoevwr you want. But you'll come with me... or else."

"Heh Rumi!" Alice getting the pink haired assassin attention." Come with me, apparently i'm a invited guest."

Rumi rushed over, giving the demon a cautious look. "Are you sure this is wise, Alice?"

"Mistress? I knew Havebrook couldn't kill that bitch, but at least I finally get my hands on that woman!"

Kōhai chuckled. "You think I mean Tecunte. She was a client, and the means by which we entered this world. Nothing more. My true mistress is glad she is gone. We no longer need to worry about the gods. Now..." He lifted the large rock, pointing towards the crowd of fighters. "Will you come with me or not?"

"Le't hurry up and get this over with,my men can handle your forces. So let's hurry this up and show me your boss."

They moved deeper into the forest. After about ten minutes, they came to what seemed to be the demon camp. At the end of it was a large, ornate tent. Inside, Alice could feel an incredible demonic force. "Enter," Kōhai stated, standing next to the entrance.

Alice went into the tent and she can feel the demon power going through her."Ugh so you are the person i'm supposed to kill, your not very impressive."

"Kill me!" The female demon lounging on the chair laughed obnoxiously. She was quite lovely by demon terms, with pale skin and large wings, and very little in the way of coverings. "You obviously have no idea who I am."

"Yea and I don't care, who you are. You were hired by that bitch goddess, you need to die just to satisfy my joy in destroying everything that woman had a hand in. And to also take your loot and bones."

The female demon shook her head. "You are quite a humorous young woman. Tell me... how much are getting paid for this?"

"Ten thousand gold, but I expect a be trail so probable a village I get to destroy. You still haven't told me who you are or how do you know me?"

The woman bowed her head. "I am Shōmetsu, one of the three Demon Lords. I know you because Tecunte offered us permanent residence here if we destroyed the Havenbrook Organization plus an entire country if we then turned our army against you." Shōmetsu shrugged. "Never had any intention of going against you, though. We can secure our own country. I hear your intentions are even grander. Full conquest on behalf of your confined Vampires, yes?"

"Yes I plan on conquring for my people to get out of that prison city, however I also plan to have my own people a nation that I rule to unite raiders and slaves under my rule. To have our own homes, you still haven't given me a reason why I shouldn't kill you if you were going to in the first place."

"Well..." The demon stood up. "To put it bluntly, you can't. I could kill you in an instant. But my problem is your army is putting a dent in my army. I can't rule here in Terra if all my subjects are killed. So how about I give you the ten thousand and you leave? We have raided about that much ourselves. So how about it?"

"So before I agree or disagree with anything I must ask, what did you do with the courses of the people you killed. Did you eat them or burn them?"

"Me?" Shōmetsu chuckled. "I prefer Terrian cuisine. But many of my men prefer human meat, and it isn't that easy to keep an army fed."

"Well there goes that plan, tell me What did the bitch say about me? I'm curious to hear what she said about me. Did she mention when we first met I took her eye, or that I plunged this ax into her chest?"

Shōmetsu nodded. "Wouldn't shut up about you. It was quite humorous, actually, how angry she would get." She walked to the side and fetch a large orb. "So still intent on fighting us, right?"
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Demon Hunting
Part Four

"Well i'm glad I brought you some entertainment on how much I tormented that woman, but yea pulse you were gonna kill me so yea you need to die."

"Such a sour puss. I said I probably wasn't going to bother. Tell you what." Shōmetsu held up the orb. "Do you know what a Jabberwock is?"

"Yes the demon dragon, yea i'm gonna take that from you to."

"Oh, really? Tell you what. You fight my little pet. Win, and we'll leave, and you can keep him. Lose but survive, you all retreat. Lose and die..." Shōmetsu grinned sinisterly. "And I feed your entire army to him."

Alice looked at the marking on her body. Remember what Aratenda told you Alice, if I take to much damage then my army will feel it so I can't be to reckless. But on the other hand I could get a demon dragon on my side. Alice turned to Rumi. "Could relay use your feed back here Rumi."

Rumi was shaking a bit. She was staring intently at the demon woman. "I-if... if she is really a demon lord, then... th-then according to legend, she is one of the three strongest Demons ever. Maybe... maybe we should just cut our losses and leave."

"Leave?" Shōmetsu shook her head. "Why you can't do that. You simply must fight my pet first! It will be such a joy to watch..."

"Ugh well I don't I have a choice here, look i'll fight your dragon but on one condition." Alice pointed to Rumi." She leaves this camp unharmed and your men stop fighting my men."

Shōmetsu waved her hand. "Sure, sure." She closed here eyes for a moment. "There. I ordered a retreat. Now, let's step outside and get this show started."

Alice went outside her marking vanishing from her body, this way her men won't feel what's happening." Alright call your beast, I can't wait to have a dragon under my command."

The Demon Lord nodded and through the orb into the air. It exploded in a flash of blinding light. When her eye sight returned, a horrific sight faced her. A black and purple dragon of incredible length, stared her down, black bile pouring from its mouth.

Alice eyes widen in horror, but she started to laugh." Wow look at you I'm gonna have to start conquering fast if I want you on my side." Ahhhhhhhhhhh, i'm dead, this is it I'm a goner. No Alice you could do this, you fought the seven and taken more then many vampires before you I can do this.

The Jabberwock roared loudly, enough to make Alice stumble back a bit before swiping at her with its claws.

Alice quickly turned into a swarm of bats passing through the claws, she then turned back to normal and threw fire balls at the giant beast.

The fireballs helplessly bounced off, and the creature let out a deep chuckle. It continued to swipe at her, but not too fast, as if toying with her.

“Ou you like playing huh, well then I got something for you then.” When Alice dogged the last attack, drove her ax into the Bach of the dragon leg.

It cried out in pain and anger. It suddenly shift, slamming its weight into her side.

Alice taking a page from Marlee quickly turned into a swarm of bats and got out of Dogged the attack and laughed.” What’s wrong don’t like your toys fighting back?!”

It suddenly moved with quickness she didn't think such a large creature could have, and snapped at her. She barely moved back in time, and she realized she almost just lost her head.

Alice heart started beating faster out of fear, she then looked at her ax and saw that it changed getting a more demon looked and of course getting sharper.” Ou so I can drink it huh?”

"Wouldn't recommend it," The Demon Lord mumbled softly.

The dragon didn't slow down. It snapped again and again, nearly biting off a limb each time. A black flame started to burn in the corners of its mouth.

Alice drove her ax to the side of the dragon mouth and ran across its side blood pouring out.” Now then time for an experiment.” Alice bit into the demon dragon and drank the blood. Alice then started to change, her fangs and claws extended bat like wings popped out of her back and her eyes started to glow purple.” Ou I’m loving all this amazing power I’m getting!”

Soon after, pain started to seep in. It was too much, all at once. Her skin felt like it was on fire! Her stomach churned and boil. It felt like every pore on her body was going to explode.

"Tried to warn you," Shōmetsu muttered as the dragon prepared its demon fire breath.

The goddess of war marketing appeared over Alice body purefying Alice demon blood, while burning her a little. Unfortunately she was too hurt to move, so she used her dark magic to make a small barrier around her.

The flames washed over her, boiling the inside of the barrier. In the end, she was on the ground, scorched and steaming.

Shōmetsu walked over, tapping Alice with her foot. "Are you dead, Alice?"

Alice picked up her ax and drove it into the demon lord.” Does that answer your question?”

Shōmetsu frowned, pulling out the axe and healing almost instantly. "Such a bad attitude. Still, you survived. I am impressed." She sat down on the ground next to Alice. "Want to know a secret, Alice dear?"

“Let me guess this dragon is a baby or something like that?”

"No, no. Though he was holding back. Honestly, he could have eaten you from the start." Shōmetsu sighed. "I lied. Our invasion is a failure. Now, I could stick around and just kill everyone. But that's no fun. You see, the death of the goddess of darkness caused an inbalance. With a flood of light in this world came a flood of shadow, and combining that with the higher level of discord, we were able to make a portal from our realm."

She let out another sigh. "But... Tecunte is dead. And our intel says a mission is underway to restore Grimora. Once that happens, our portal will close, and I don't want to be stuck on this side. So... we're pulling out soon."

Alice eyes widen.” Wait the gods are trying to bring back Grimora? When we’re and how?”

"Geez, it is all take take take with you." Shōmetsu shook her head. "Havenbrook. They are going to Hell to find her soul. And pretty soon, I think."

“Havenbrook!” Alice slowly got up to her feet.” Not with out me she’s not, if it weren’t for me warning her about this she would have never known she died. Or about Tecunte killing her to being with.”

Shōmetsu stood and nodded. "You should march over there and demand to be included! Then, in a few days when we are all gone, come back and claim you cleared us out, and get your reward!"

Alice nodded her head.” That doesn’t sound too bad, but if i find out your lying I will come back for you.”

Shōmetsu waved her hands comically. "Well, now I really must flee." She laughed. "You're all right, Alice. Take care of yourself. If you think my men were bad, wait to you see the demons in Hell."

Alice eyes twitched as she walked out of the demon camp and back to her men, her leaders quickly ran to her side.

"Did... we win?" Gravel asked, scratching his head. "One minute, we were losing men left and right. The next, they up and run away."

Alice walked to Crixus and bit into him, draining him of blood, so much so that he fell to the ground." Ou that's great, sorry Crixus but I desperately needed the blood."

Satako rushed to her side. "Master what happen, did we with the battle."

"Yes and no, well it turns out we lost men for nothing."

Rumi shook her head. "I don't think so. The Demon Lord convinced you to leave for a reason. She might have continued attacking, but I bet you scared her into worrying she might not have had enough men when she goes home and has to deal with the other Demon Lord's. These men didn't die for nothing."

Alice smiled at Rumi sure let's go with that, but for now we camp mourn our dead bury them and collect our reward. After that were heading west Helvan, but before all that just make camp and rest i'm going to Havenbrook."

They all nodded, and walked off to gather the men.

Alice on the other hand called Rumi over. "Rumi when i'm gone you and Crixus are in charge alright ? And if that Ophidan tries to betray you, kill her and her guards. Spare the normal people."

"Got it." Rumi looked down at the unconscious Crixus. "I'll... let him know when he wakes up."

Alice nodded her head and her reaper open a portal back to her castle, were the moment she got to her room she passed out on her bed.
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Ultimatums and Consequences Part One (Zombie and Marine)

It was the early morning hours at the Havenbrook guild manor, most not up as breakfast was not for another two hours, and the sun was just barely coming up to give everything a pale blue glow, a light fog hanging around from the rain the previous day. In a room at the top of a manor, a little black mouse with purple eyes glanced upwards at her owner, before moments later a pile of women’s clothing fell on the rodent. “There, that should be enough. I made sure to get ones that didn’t look too menacing. It’s the first time I had to use money. It is still a weird concept for me, but Miss Mina insists I get paid for my efforts anyways. Convincing Erin to let me draw from my… ‘savings?’... though was hard without telling the truth. I think she knew I was lying to her.”

The former goddess of Discord formed around the clothes, trying to cover herself up from the young eyes. “What did you tell them they were for?” Tecunte asked, adjusting her clothes and looking down at her modest attire.

“I just told her that I wanted to really try this new money thing for no reason,” Drayce scratched the top of his head, “I don’t know why she was so suspicious of me though. I thought it was a good excuse.”

“Erin is… a paranoid person at times. Who can say what is going through that head of her’s.” Tecunte sat down at the bed. “I know this is a little late to be asking this now, but is this really a good idea? You know... helping? You could get into so much trouble. It wouldn’t be right for you to get in trouble for me.”

Drayce tapped his chin, “Mmm… I suppose I could get in trouble,” With a chuckle, Drayce jumped in front of the goddess and leaned down, their noses close together, “But I decided to protect you and I’ll do that no matter what. Besides, I’ve come to really like you.” he stated cheerily.

Tecunte smiled softly, but it was a forced smile. “So much of my malice died with the rest of my being. I almost miss it… because without it, I am left with the knowledge of what I have done and none of the wicked intent to cover the guilt. I have done nothing to make you like me, Drayce.”

Wiggling his butt, he jumped up and pounced on Tecunte, pinning her down with ease. He had a cheeky grin plastered on his face, “You decided to be my friend, that’s enough for me. I wouldn’t let anyone else stay inside my clothes. Oh yeah, that reminds me, you get pretty comfy right? I hope there are enough pockets in there for you to nap in. I couldn’t exactly ask my last mouse for his advice on stuff like that cause the other mouse didn’t know how to talk.”

Tecunte stared at him with bewilderment for a moment, then laughed. “Yes, Drayce, it is very comfortable. Maybe that is what I really needed all along. The kindness of a dragon boy and a vacation where I do nothing more then a pet mouse. Your little buddy is a lucky fellow… even if I suspect he was also emergency food.”

“Nah, I don’t eat my pets. Besides, since you sort of took his body to reside in, he’s not really mine anymore, he’s yours. Which is fine. Honestly he got too nippy when I tried to go to sleep, and he didn’t much like flying or fighting.” Rolling to the side, he got off the bed and sat cross legged on the ground. “I wanna see you try on the clothes. I really do hope you like them!”

Tecunte blushed. “Um… alright, but only the outer clothes. It isn’t right for a young, impressionable boy like you to see a naked girl if you aren’t her boyfriend, alright?”

“Oooh… alright.” Drayce said, nodding rapidly as he looked on, eager and excited.

Tecunte slipped her top off and looked over the pile. “Actually, this shirt and this skirt looks really cute.”

The door suddenly swung open. “Drayce!” Eliza shouted. “We need to talk… to…” She stood in the doorway wide eyed at the woman in her underwear, her pants around her ankle. “D… Draaaaaayce?!”

“Hi Lizzy,” Drayce said, waving to the teenage demon. “This is actually great! You’re a girl, so you can join in with me!”

Her eyes suddenly seemed to bulge out as she rushed forward, swinging her fist onto the top of his head. “This is the kind of pervy stuff you do when we aren’t around!” she yelled, literal fire foaming at her mouth.

“Ow…” Drayce pouted, pressing his fingers together, “What’s so wrong with giving a girl some clothes?” he asked in a curious tone. “I’d get you some too, but you barely wear anything…” he complained innocently.

“Getting a girl…” Eliza looked up. “So you weren’t doing anything dirty with…” She stared at Tecunte her eyes slowly narrowing. “Wait a minute…”

Drayce choked up a bit, quickly looking between the goddess and the demon. Trying to think of a way to distract her, he quickly tackled Eliza, rolling around as he tried to finally pin her for once and win a surprise wrestling match.

Eliza rolled with him for a few moments before he was on top of her, holding her hands down. “Hey! What are you…” She blinked at where Tecunte was. “Where did she go?” she asked, a mouse climbing onto Drayce’s shoulder. “She disappeared!”

“Forget about it…” the Thrope said with a sigh, and grunted happily. “I finally got you right where I want you. How’s it feel to lose?”

Eliza frowned. “Annoyed. If I had known you were going to do that, and I wasn’t distracted, I never would…” She shook her head. “You’re making me forget! Me and Aemilia need to talk to you! It’s important!”

“Hm? Why didn’t you just say so?” Drayce queried, getting off the demon. He looked to his shoulder and chuckled, giving the mouse’s head a loving rub with his finger.

“We can come later… if we’re bothering you.” Aemilia’s voice came from the doorway, but she didn’t come into view. The dragon boy could just see her hair next to the door frame.

“Hm? You guys never bother me.” Drayce tilted his head to the side curiously. “Why are you hiding in the hallway?”

“She looks a bit different now.” Eliza said. “I think she’s afraid you won’t like her now.”

“Th-that isn’t it!” Aemy said in a tone that said that was exactly the reason.

“Hm? That’s a weird thing to think. I told you already I like you no matter what you look like.” Standing up, Drayce walked to the door and peeked out to surprise her.

Aemilia jumped and gasped. It was her, alright, but she indeed looked different. She was older, looking at least as mature as Eliza, with a white, satin one piece dress Mina wore at her ‘age’. Most surprising of all was the lack of a blindfold, her beautiful grey eyes looking into Drayce’s and nothing bad happening.

Drayce was stunned speechless, even his mouth slightly opening with the words he tried to form being lost. It wasn’t her new body he seemed to like, because his fiery orange eyes were captivated with hers, and he did not dare look away. He took a step forward to be in front of her. He felt odd now being slightly shorter than her. “Y-You’re… definitely… an angel…” he whispered like he was in a trance.

Her cheeks turned red, and she was completely speechless at first. “You… r-really… think that?”

“I wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true.” He protested a bit childishly. “What… do you think of… me?”

“I think you’re so… very handsome.” She stared. “Your eyes are… so cool…”

“Yeah, yours too.” Drayce choked up a bit, then quickly leaned forwards to peck her on the lips. “S-SowhatdidyouandElizaneedtotalktomeabout!?” he said in a very rapidly, afterwards breathing quickly through his nose to calm his beet red face.

“Grr…” Eliza was standing behind them. She quickly yanked them both into the room and tapped her foot impatiently. “It is time for you to choose.”

“Choose?” Drayce asked, looking like a confused puppy. “Choose what?”

Aemilia stared down at the floor. “Eliza thinks… w-well… I guess we both think it is time you decide who… wh-who your real girlfriend is…”

The demon teen nodded. “That’s right. You told us both we’re your girlfriend, but Erin said you’re only supposed to have one other person as your boyfriend or girlfriend. So… tell Aemilia you pick me.”

“N-now wait a minute!” The silver hair teen pouted. “He was my boyfriend first. S-s-so he’s going to pick me!”

Drayce groaned a bit in dissatisfaction, then looked to the mouse on his shoulder, “Oh yeah! Tec-... I mean, a girl I am close to says that a boy like me should only see his girlfriend naked, so I suppose that is how southlanders determine stuff like this, right?”

The pair looked embarrassed. “You want to…” Aemilia started.

“...See us naked?” Eliza finished.

“Well, she said that referring to one person, so I don’t know how to determine it with two. Maybe just whoever I see first?” he asked neither in particular, looking up to the ceiling contemplatively.

The pair looked at each other with embarrassed eyes. You could practically hear the argument in their heads, both with themselves, and with each other, as they were both willing to leave, realized the other would leave and they could stay, realizing the other was going to stay, and realizing the other would do anything to get chosen.

When Drayce looked down again, he was surprised to see them both throwing off their clothes. As Drayce said earlier, Eliza was wearing a lot less, and Aemilia got caught trying to take off her dress. “I win!” Eliza shouted triumphantly, but this didn’t stop her embarrassed rival from slipping off her simple underwear.


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Part Two

“C-can w-w-we close th-the door?” Aemilia asked, covering herself with her arms.

However, to Eliza’s dismay and possibly Aemilia’s relief, he wasn’t even looking at them. Drayce still had his eyes glued to the ceiling, his face scrunched up in thought. He laid back casually and began mumbling something to the girl’s ear. In reality, he was secretly talking with Tecunte in private. “What do you think I should do? You didn’t explain the rules if there were two girls.” he whispered in a confused tone to the black mouse laying comfortably on his chest now just below his collar.

“I-I don’t know!” Tecunte said in a squeaky voice. “Nothing like this has ever happened to me! I, um… w-well, I guess… you need to decide which one you like the best. And if you can’t decide… pick the one you think is the prettiest. It must be very embarrassing for them. You could at least look at them.”

“Well, the problem with me is they are both really… well good. I find them both equally attractive… Aemilia is smarter, but Eliza likes to play rough. Mmm…” Drayce then nodded, and sat straight up.

“Who… are you talking to?” Eliza placed her hand on her hips, clearly not too shy despite an earlier hesitation. She had a strong physique and was groomed but not bare. She had a large bust for her size and fairly wide hips.

“T-to himself, I guess.” Aemilia hesitantly lowered her arms, though her face was beet red. Unlike Eliza, she had a delicate form. A body that screamed lover, not fighting. Hairless and petite, though it did look like she’d at least have upper A-cups if she continued developing more than she had.

Drayce’s face reddened slightly, but had come up with an idea that he thought could work if he understood it correctly. “Okay, so you want me to pick who my girlfriend is, right? Well then I will definitely have to choose Eliza for that.”

“Yes!”Eliza pumped her fist.

“W-what?!” Aemilia stepped forward slightly, her lip quivering a bit. “B-b-b-but why?”

“Because you’re going to be my life partner! Or… whatever the equivalent down here is. You said I had to choose who would be my girlfriend. I did that, so you can stop pestering me about it already and just let me love the both of you. I’m not going to choose between two girls who both make my life equally more fun and would be worse off with either gone.”

The girls looked between each other, and they suddenly started laughing. “We must look pretty silly,” Aemilia said.

“I look silly,” Eliza corrected. “You look cute.”

“Th-thank you. You are very pretty too.” It seemed the two realized this was all pointless, for more than one reason. Most boys could not have two girls he loved equally, and would have had two for selfish reasons. But Drayce was different from most boys, from a completely different way of thinking and living. Maybe he could have more than one girlfriend. Though more than one life partner was a different story.

They both realized this, and as they quickly redressed, they shot each other a cold look. They were friends, and would remain that way, but they would also remain rivals it seemed.

“Thank you for being honest with us,” Aemilia said.

Eliza nodded. “Sorry to put you on the spot like that.”

“It’s okay.” Drayce said, waving his hands. “I just want both of you to know…” he looked off to the side uncomfortably and then leaned forward with both his hands close to his chest and rosy cheeks. “I-I love you!”

The girls grinned, holding hands and leaning forward. “We love you too!” they shouted together. Drayce began to laugh, followed by the girls moments later. For the pet nestled inside his clothing, the sound of laughter and joy was almost too much. She never really had been apart of happy moments, and Drayce began to wonder through his laughter why his shirt had tiny wet spots.


It was another rainy day as the early morning became noon. The skies were only lightly overcast, not a major storm like the previous day, the gray, fluffy clouds releasing a steady torrent of heavy rain. Out in the muddy training yard, Lyr had a sword of faint light in his hand, striking at a target dummy several times. Each time the blade hit the target, it shook with a light thump, enchanted to never be able to be broken.

The Ophidian teen breathed heavily. He was out here for his third straight hour, clothing soaked completely through, his golden hair now a muted yellow as damp as it was. His breathing was hard, and his heart was heavy. He and Eraqus didn’t get off on the best of terms, and each had a burning desire to protect Wilhelmina Havenbrook with their lives, oft with differing viewpoints of how to do that. But over his time here, despite the rivalry the two had grown on one another. Lyr had begun to see the elf almost like an annoying older brother. A brother who had been turned to stone and shattered.

Lyr let out a loud yell, slamming his sword into the dummy, forcing it from the muddy ground and causing it to fly away. Still it did not break. It merely moved. Lyr’s shoulders slacked and he stabbed the sword into the ground, falling to a sitting position as he let his head lay low, merely letting the cool droplets fall over him.

“You’re a mess.” Graendal walked over, an umbrella over her head. “I am sorry for your loss, but you are going to catch your death out here. Please, come inside before you get sick.” Lyr said nothing in response. He didn’t even move a muscle to acknowledge her presence.

She sighed, and leaned down, pulling at his arm. “Come on, don’t be so stubborn. What will catching the flu or a cold do to make you feel better. Let’s… go inside and talk. I’ll dry you off.”

“Will you kiss me?” Lyr asked in a sullen voice, still refusing to budge. “Like you did during the wedding.”

The disguised goddess blushed, caught off guard. Why would he ask that? Surely… “I… I-I’ll do whatever you want me to do if you just come inside. Please, do it for… for you mother if not for yourself.”

“Do it now… here,” he slowly turned to look up at her. His face was placid, but there was obvious pain in his eyes, “Please. Then I will go inside.”

Graendal nodded slowly. She knelt down, not caring that her stockings and dress were getting wet. She gave him a gentle, loving kiss, trying to remember exactly how they did it at the wedding.

Lyr pressed into the kiss, perhaps being a bit more forceful than the one they first had, but not in a bad way. He slowly pulled back, letting out a small sigh, “I know you’re my mother’s maid. And this may not be the most appropriate thing to ask, but I am not pressuring you because you are being paid. I… I’m not one to take advantage like that.” Another sigh, this one deeper, “Come share my bed with me… I wish you to.”

Graendal’s eyes widened. Somehow, she thought this was a trick. But no, he was in no condition for that. But would he hate her and say she took advantage of his state. He was afraid of taking advantage of her though… “Y… y-yes.” The rain on her face hid a tear of joy. “I will. Need to… w-warm you up, right?”


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Part Three

Lyr nodded, his face slightly relaxing. He slowly got up, and let her hand slide into his. By the time it was pitch black outside, the rain pattering harder against the window of Lyr’s spacious room, the two were finished. Many, many hours had passed. Now, the young teen laid under the cover, letting the white haired maid roll over onto his arm. He was covered in sweat, breathing steadily as his body was finally allowed rest. Strangely, he hadn’t pictured the meek maid to be so hungry in her efforts, but the covers of books were deceiving. Still, that did not detract from how he felt about their actions. “That was… better than I had expected.” he admitted in a soft tone. It wasn’t remorseful, just saddened. “Thank you.”

“It was everything I could have hoped for.” Graendal snuggled against him, a hand rubbing his chest. “I’m sorry. I know I’m not enough to help you forget your pains completely. I just hope I… helped a little.”

“You did.” Lyr affirmed, closing his eyes. He was slightly different from the boy she had become infatuated with before. There was certainly a fire in him that was undeniable, but despite the weight of being a demigod now, and all the responsibility that came with it, he was still very much ‘human’. He hated, he was saddened, he found joy. He was not a one-dimensional object of affection like she originally thought. That was what she learned about Lyr Havenbrook during her time as his mother’s maid. And it was done, her goal realized. Lyr had taken her goddess’ virginity, not her brother.

And yet, a small part of her was disappointed. It took her a moment to realize why. Because he had taken Graendal… not Orochi.

Before she could think any more on it there was a knock on the door. “Lyr?” Mina called out. “Someone said you had come inside. Can you open up? We need to talk.”

With a small sigh, Lyr put a hand on Graendal’s shoulder to calm her, “She’s going to find out anyways. Just relax, okay?” he said soothingly. At her nod, he got out of bed, sliding on his underwear and pants, not bothering with a shirt to cover his fit torso. He glided to the door, and opened it.

Mina smiled at him. There was another woman with her, and after a moment, he recognized her as the Queen of the Gods. “I’m glad to see you inside. I was so worried when I heard how long you were out…” She looked past him to the woman in the bed, and her smile immediately fell. “You… who… i-is that the new maid… n-naked in… your bed?”

“Yes… it is. I decided to get the stick out of my ass already, and let her help me. We bonded more than I thought we would during our few days together, and I wanted her to make me feel good.” Lyr spoke in a serious, matter-of-fact tone. “Is what you came to talk about something important or are you just going to mother on about how I choose my relationships?” He really must have been in a sour mood to be so defensive of a girl not too long ago they both really had no care for.

Mina looked him in the eyes, and slowly smiled. “Just be careful, okay? I actually wanted to talk to you about a mission.”

Xia stepped forward, ignoring Graendal for the moment. It was none of her business. “We are sending four teams into Hell to find the four parts of Grimora’s soul you and Drayce were told were there. We would like you to lead one of the teams along with Taydar’s chosen, Kva. We have made a deal with Miss Havenbrook. Help us restore Grimora’s soul, and will will give you back your lost Elven friend.”

“Eraqus…?” Lyr said in surprise. He looked like he had been slapped. He was only silent for a few moments, “Who am I going to be leading?” the Ophidian said with a determined tone, his mind already deadset.

“That is up to you to decide,” Xia answered. “We have devised a means so only one person will be in permanent danger of death, so as the team leader, you have the right to pick your own team of three others. Anyone you deem worthy.” Her eyes drifted into the room.

“I’ll start thinking on prospective candidates.” Lyr looked to Xia, “Would I be able to call on Destani’s help? He is my patron god after all. Surely there isn’t a rule for his intervening when it is his follower on the line and not direct intervention. A small technicality, but you think enough of one to let it slide?”

“Yeah, sure. You will need his help getting Eraqus…” Xel gave Graendal a shocked look. “You! I thought I sensed… what is this harlot doing in your bed?!”

Graendal shrunk down, turning her panicking face away. “What are you talking about? D-do I know you?”

Lyr looked a little annoyed, “Would you mind explaining yourself?” he asked the queen, brow lowered. “I don’t exactly appreciate you calling a girl I took the virginity of a harlot.”

“Disgusting, Elder One bitch!” Xel pushed past Lyr and held out her hand. “Reveal!”

Orochi shed a few tears as the gig was up. Her skin and hair slowly shifted color, and when she looked up at Lyr, her eyes were a cross between human, and reptilian.

Lyr remembered that face from their first encounter, and his jaw tensed. He took a step forwards. “So you aren’t Graendal… but Orochi. The same woman who wanted me to be her pet? The one whose plans with her brother has divided my home?” the teen closed his eyes. “Was that really your first time, or was this just all a long con to finally get in my bed?” he asked in a way that could almost barely be heard.

Orochi held her covers tightly, many more tears falling freely. “It was my first time, okay?! And… a-and I wanted it to be with you, okay?! With the one I had come to adore, and not… a-and n-not… with him…”

“With him?” Lyr asked questioningly, looking to Xia’tar. “Mind filling me in on what the hell I am exactly missing here?”

Xia shrugged. “Something about internal family disputes. Evidently, Yig wants to have a child…”

“With me!” Orochi cried out. “Do you think I want to be raped by my own brother?! So I fled here. Here where… y-you could protect me. Even maybe… come to love me as I love you.”

The Goddess Queen scoffed. “I apologize. I knew she had disappeared and was hiding somewhere. If I had known it was here, I would have gotten rid of her for you sooner. But… I know now.”

Lyr’s face was stone, a statue showing no emotion. He went over the first time they first met, her awkwardness now making sense. Her clumsiness as a maid now all clicked together as he recalled each of her failures vividly. Her determined and hard work put in at the farmstead made sense now, as did the kiss the two shared after their dance. He thought about the kiss in the rain, and the time they spent getting joy of one another’s flesh. He took it all under consideration as he uttered his next words, “I don’t share those feelings Orochi. I don’t love you.” he made clear, but stopped the queen before she looked too satisfied. “But I can’t deny that there is a disconnect between the goddess I first met and the girl I see before me now. I will promise to protect you as best I can. If my feelings for Graendal transfer to you… we will see. But I am at least willing to give that love a chance. For you.”

That seemed enough to make the woman burst into tears of joy. Mina walked up behind him, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Are you sure? Xel can take her away now… but not if you pledge to protect her. Then she won’t be able to interfere.”

“Despite the man who raped you and your deep hate for Ophidians, you accepted me as your son and gave me a home. Despite your fiance’s injuries, and his time away, you see past it and find a love for Janne. I don’t understand love, I really don’t. But I won’t take the example set by the woman I respect fall away for a grudge. That isn’t what this organization is about. We don’t let people fall to the wayside without a fight.” There was something in his tone that was odd, something new. It was a determination and confidence different from the one he usually presented. She recognized it because it was the same way Janne got talking about her. He may not understand love, but she did. And she knew the signs of a man in love.

She smiled, happy and proud. “Alright. I trust you, son. And I’ll prove it now.” She took Xel’s arm. “Come on.”

“What?! You’re really just going to…” The goddess started.

“He needs time to plan, yes?” Mina winked at her son, and dragged her out.

Xel sighed, walking down the halls. Whatever. Out of my hands now. She’s going to end up with Yig anyway. Her baby won’t have a mortal father. So… She looked back, gasping. “He sounded like he really does… and… he is no longer exactly mortal. Could… could it be…?”

“What are you muttering?” Mina asked.

Xel shook her head. “Nothing. Just… c-come on. We have more people to talk to.”


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Late that night, Orochi spent one last night in her own room, as Lyr had promised she could move to his. She was so excited, she couldn’t sleep! Would they share the same bed? No, certainly not. Not at first at least. But she had did it! He knew who she was, and he didn’t completely reject her. Nothing seemed like it could ruin her night.

“Found you!” yelled a familiar voice. Yig appeared in her room. She sat up on her bed, completely petrified. “What is this… lowsome human disguise you wear. Heh… no matter. You let it down for a few minutes, and that was all the time I needed.”

“No!” Orochi screamed, but Yig was on her. With one swipe, with pajamas were shredded. He needed to take her home, but best their first time be in the ironic place of where she thought she would be safe. He stuffed the remains of her shirt in her mouth and shoved her against the wall. With no hesitation, he roughly inserted himself into her, and she cried out in pain and anguish.

It only took a few deep pumps for him to realize something was off. “You… you no longer have your maidenhood!” He sniffed her. “You reek of another man! You have had another, you wretched whore! You are mine! Only mine!” He slammed himself into her. Faster. Harder. Deeper. “And I will make sure to wash away his filth with the glory that will make my child!”

“Unfortunately Yig, fate has other plans.” a soft, conniving voice that rolled like a purring feline stated. The room fell away from reality, everything fading into violet smoke. The snake Elder was taken from his sister’s roughed up flower and was thrown back several feet, this place he was in infinitely expansive. Kayumi stepped up to the panting and wet goddess on the ground -for various reasons from various places- and put a finger on her chin. The amalgamation of evil smiled down at her, “I hope you aren’t too damaged? You do have a baby to give birth to and open deliveries can be seriously messy business.” he mused.

She gasped between heavy sobs, holding her belly. “You mean… L-Lyr… already…”

“What are you doing, Kayumi?!” Yig stomped forward. “You claimed you would help me find her. And now that I have, you tear us apart!? Begone! Your services are no longer needed!”

“Mmm, you are correct, I did give you the means to find her. But how do you think I knew the way to find her?” Kayumi bowed to Yig to mock him, “After all, as dumb as you are, surely you should have noticed my handiwork of illusion making. I am sure it left some residue from her discarding of it. Mixed in with the smell of the golden haired boy as you were pounding your sister into the next millennium, yes?”

“You… you bastard! You set this all up!” Yig snarled and screamed. “How dare you defy me!” he yelled as he charged Kayumi, in his rage forgetting what a dumb idea that was.

Kayumi sighed. Yig was powerful, but he would never truly be a challenge for the master manipulator. To add insult to incoming injury, he even used the most basic spell he could think of to repel his attack, a simple push of telekinesis sending the large snake barreling backwards. “Honestly, there is a reason people warn about making deals with demons Yiggy boy.” Kayumi chuckled, flipping some of his rose gold hair over his shoulder. “There is always a catch.”

Yig pushed off the ground, holding his side in pain. “This… is not over. I will have my bride… and for you, I will have my revenge.”

“Oh, the grudges of the gods never truly end Yig. Perhaps maybe one day you will get your grubby mits on her, and once you do you are fully entitled to have her ride you till the humans go extinct. However, until that day comes, Orochi is under my guiding hand. I only regret not getting here sooner before your dirty meat defiled her. The fact she actually managed to sway the boy… intrigues me. Though really you may have done me a favor in raping her. Sympathy is always a great motivator for love after all.”

Yig spat to the side, and used a considerable amount of power to force a portal open. He gave them both one last threatening look before vanishing within.

Orochi finally got her breathing under control, and looked up at Kayumi. “Thank you. You… y-you have your plans. Your schemes. And your own reasons for helping me. But still… th-thank you.”

“Mmm, to have one of the Elders being so kind. Why it would warm my heart if I cared about such a thing.” He bent down, putting his cheek against his fist. “You do have a very appealing figure. Though I have to ask, are you really into the whole domination thing? There is damn near a puddle.” Kayumi noted. If Orochi didn’t know any better, one would think he was bantering to try and help her mood.

Orochi blinked, and chuckled softly. “You really are one of a kind, aren’t you?”

“Ah, alas I am unfortunately only one part of a greater whole. Though if said whole was to come together, the universe would likely end anyways. I honestly must thank you Orochi. Watching you fumble about in the human world has been more entertaining than some of the paths I saw you travel in my visions and my, my they were rather… graphic.”

The snake goddess blushed and looked away. “Just… j-just take me home, please.”

“A true maiden indeed. Adorable.” Kayumi waved his hand, shadows circling Orochi’s body to numb the pain coming from the rough treatment of her nethers, any damage repaired for her. “I look forward to seeing that baby my dear. It isn’t along quite yet, but the night is still young and full of opportunities. Remember that I call dibs on being the godfather.” With a chuckle, Kayumi snapped his fingers and her world darkened for a few seconds, only for her to be back in the Havenbrook manor, laying naked in the hallways outside Lyr’s door.

Naturally, she didn’t think it wise to enter. But then the thoughts and emotions came flooding in. What Yig had done. Whether or not he would be back. And almost as scary, what Kayumi could possibly want with her child. The tears were real when she knocked on the door. “Lyr? Please… c-can I come in?”

There was a long span of silence, a feeling of dread welling inside her until finally the door opened, Lyr standing the same as he was when she left. “You couldn’t sleep either?” he asked softly.

She looked up at him, her clothes in shreds, her face covered in tears. “C-can I… s-sleep in here tonight? E-even if it is on the floor… please?”

Lyr sighed, “He came for you, didn’t he? Did he manage to do anything?” She slowly nodded, but her pained eyes said yes for her. He nodded slowly as well, coming forward and softly embracing her. “I was not there to do anything when my mother was violated. But I am here now. I promised to keep you safe. I am sorry I failed on this night to do so.” he whisper to her.

Orochi sobbed softly and held him tight, never wanting to let go, and praying to any god that would listen that he might feel the same.

Lyr let her into the room, allowing his arm staying around her upon her request. Despite what she said before, he did not force her to sleep on the floor. She was safely beneath the warm, heavy cover, his arms around her as an unspoken promise of protection from whatever may come for her. “You’ll stay here from now on. I was planning on putting in a separate bed, but I think that plan can be safely disposed of with the latest developments.”

“Thank you,” she said in a whisper, her eyes closed and tears finally gone. For the first time in a long time, she felt safe. And with a soft kiss goodnight bestowed upon her, Lyr let her settle in against him, and fell asleep cradling her in his embrace.


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SmiteGrinder & Black0ut present:
A Hell of a Meeting
Havenbrook Manor

4:27 PM

Sancros dragged himself towards a chair settling into a chair. Breaking out of the Hospital Ward proved tricky, as they said he wasn't in good enough condition to leave. He disagreed. During a transition of the nurses, he snuck, or rather, stumbled out. He had enough focus to heal and defend himself with his magic if need be. He slowly relaxed, going limp on the chair.

Out of the corner of his eye, a dark figure turned the hall into the emptiness of shadow. Of what was still visible, the figure was likely female, long black hair and an intriguing set of armor. what was showed of her left arm in the light was only that of bandages... from the shoulder all the way down.

Light orbs floated into the air, illuminating the room in light as the Light Elf opened his empty socket to stare at her, obviously not in the best mood after Eraqus' death. "Can I help you?" He asked, his voice taking a chilling tone.

"Yes..." The woman stated, turned to look at the Elf with her blood red eyes. ""I am looking for a unoccupied room to sleep in for the night."

"Check in with the head maid or butler, as they have the relevant information... shadow creature." He replied, as the light faded away into nothingness.

"Quick to judge a book by it's cover I see..." The ‘shadow creature’ murmured. "Would you believe me if I told you that I am merely a human?"

"No. You're eyes are too much of a give away, and the arm as well. Besides, after all that's happened here, I'd be a fool not to judge others. And you're not human, at least not completely. There's... something else, but it's not anything I can identify easily. In other words, a book that should be judged by it's cover." The Light Elf replied coolly, a couple water orbs appearing near his hands.

The woman looked at her arm with a bored expression. "Ah, right... it's been so long since they did that damned ritual that I tend to forget the scars it left behind."

"I don't care how you became what you are, I care about what sort of creature you are." Jay replied in a monotone voice.

"I am no creature. I am merely possessed by a demon known as the Mistress." She stated simply. "I am forced to act as her vessel until the day I die... constantly fighting her for control of my own body."

"Uh-huh. And let me guess: Either you work together at times and share a symbiosis with your body, or you both always fight for control. And judging from your word choice it's the latter, not the former. Sounds like a fun situation." He rolled his eyes before raising an eyebrow at her.

"Admittedly, it's easier said than done." She continued, seeming unfazed by his sarcastic tone and rude facial expression. "But I've proven that my will is stronger than hers. As long as I don't push my limits, she will never have control."

"And why would that be bad? Because she would have control over your body?" He asked irritably, the pain in his body spiking.

The maiden paused for a moment. "I see now. You're trying to find a way to aggravate me... find a weak point in my temper. Interesting how you waste so much time to get into peoples heads. Were you trained to manipulate others for your own gain? Or was it that something made you adopt this habit. Maybe you were attacked during you're early adventuring years, maybe abused in your childhood... or maybe you were never given a childhood to begin with. Perhaps you were, or are, a slave..."

"You're good. And no, if I truly wanted to get into your head, there are better ways to going about it. I could've been nicer and gotten close to you, becoming your friend. But I'm a rather blunt person, and I'd rather have you know where I stand in regards to how I feel about you. But alas, the clever not-human figured out my diabolical plans. Oh no. Whatever will I do...?" He responded sarcastically, an annoyed look on his face.

Happening for only a split second and barely noticeable, the mere gaze of the woman turned enraged, almost feral, and a faint, ghost like roar could be heard in the hallway that they stood. However, throughout the entire event, her face remained emotionless... void of any sign of this sudden rage. Was Jay's mind playing tricks on him? There was no way to know for sure. "I find your insults and rhetorical phrasing rather boring. Unless you have something else to say... I believe I should be going. If you ever wish to speak again, my name is Johanna."

"You never answered my question: What. Happens. When. She. Gets. Your. Body? I can assume all I want, but you're more reliable in the way of data. Not that I don't recognize you as a person, but having a demon in your body is rather an unusual thing to have. I already studied someone who was a demigod, have research notes on a demon, and plan to interview a Nature Goddess. And, besides hearing noises I'm not sure of convinces me that talking to your demon would be interesting if not refreshing."

"I wouldn't know." She admitted bluntly. "She's never been able to wrestle control for longer than a few minutes. Though I will always hear her dark whispers... she's never been able to communicate outside of my mind. Perhaps you should have a mage check and make sure you're not going insane if you hear noises like that often."

"...You do realize I'm one of the best mages here, right? I fought the main threat with the best, while the others protected the Manor. If anything, I should be checking you for insanity." He grumbled as more water and light orbs appeared overhead.

"Using your authority as a threat to a new member." Johanna leaned against wall of the hall they stood in. "Not only is it rather pathetic, but it leaves a bad impression on the guild. I wonder what your leader would think if she knew that one of her best mages was abusing his power to try and beat Hunters into submission."

"I'd like to point out, all I'm doing is being an ass. I have not used my power or authority to do anything to you. So check the attitude and bullshit, cause it won't win you any favors. Now, if I wanted to threaten you, I'd conjured many orbs in the shape of weapons and toss them at you. So if you really want me to give you a reason to complain to Lady Havenbrook, I can arrange that. But I'm not looking for a fight, just pointing out the flaws in what you're saying. Might want to improve on that." He commented, as all of his orbs disappeared.

"It would help if treated me like a person and not a test subject."

"I don't know you, nor do I trust you. And seeing as how a friend of mine died before you arrived, I don't and won't care. So, how about this; if you let me talk to that demon, I'll treat you with more respect. Seem fair?"

"You really want to talk to her that badly..." Johanna sighed briefly.

"I've talked to one other demon, so it'd be interesting to get her perspective. And maybe learn her history a bit." The scientist hunter confirmed, tilting his head ever so slightly in the chair, as water orbs carried him and it out into the hallway where she was. He took a brief moment to groan before standing.

Go on... if he wants to talk, let him. The whispers in her head stated. I always enjoy admirers.

You better not do anything I'll regret... Johanna thought as she sighed once more. Dark energy started to leak out of the bandages of her left arm as a malicious grin touched her face. Without warning, a large, shadow like claw sprang from the energy took hold of Jay and the chair he was sitting in. He was raised above the ground and pinned to the wall as the woman walked over to the Light Elf.

"Ah. There's the demon. So... not to be rude, but what age are you in Terran years?" He asked, unfazed by his current situation.

"Terran years?" The Mistress chuckled. "The longest physical body I've had only ever lasted two hundred years... but my soul as been around since the beginning."

"Intriguing... What happened to your original body? Was it destroyed by others of your kind?"

"My sister was jealous of my power, so she had me killed... forgetting that we never truly die." She explained. "Even if I can only influence this world through vessels and cults, I will still have power over her."

"And what do you intend to do with this world and with your vessel slash not-human Johanna? World domination or revenge against your sister?"

"What do you see me as?" The Mistress said with a coy smile. "Some being of destruction for you to end? You may not see it now, but there is more to Demons then you mortals think."

"No, I think you are similar to mortals, just with a longer lifespan than us. I did say you're not the first demon I've talked to, nor do I think you'll be the last. What I'm intrigued by is the fact you were so willing to talk to me. From what Johanna said, I assume you were indirectly responsible for your combined nature?" He asked, conjuring a light orb in the shape of a hand to scratch his head.


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A Hell of a Meeting, cont.

"Even as a mere soul, I still had some influence. I managed to get a hold of a necromancer... convince him that I was what he needed to surpass Taydar himself." The demon explained. "Little did he know I was planning on using him to fuel the ritual needed for my resurrection. The only thing I needed was a vessel... someone capable of sustaining my power." She let out a small laugh. "And my timing couldn't have been better. The day I started making preparations, the next incarnation of the Ravenhelm monster had been born. I just needed her to grow up and be ready. Luckily I am a very patient woman."

"And so you bonded to her when you could. Out of curiosity, how would you describe your relationship with your vessel? She doesn't seem to like you very much... and before you answer, can you please put me down? I rather talk to you without the threat of being crushed to death..." His normal eye closed while the empty socket peered at her ominously.

"Ahhh... but the threat make things more amusing." The Mistress retorted. "And admittedly she doesn't take to fondly of me... though I guess it doesn't help that I had her entire family slaughtered."

"That'd do it... and about the threat... You know, just demonstrating your powers abruptly is more effective as you have added shock value and more potential fear, while this... this is not scary, nor intimidating. It's more... annoying than anything. I might need to teach you how to effectively strike fear into others." He murmured before cracking his neck. "But continuing on topic, I assume if she was ever threatened with danger she could not overcome, you'd step in?"

"If a challenge proves to be too hard... I will step in to deal with it." She answered. "But, there's usually not much that can out stand the combination of my magic and her power."

"Well, if I were in better shape and if I had my staff re-purified, I'd be one such example. I mean, I could probably still pose a threat to you currently, but the chances of me winning are slim and are in your favor. Out of curiosity... how did you once look? I'm sure you could give a rough outline with your magic, or use something out of your skills to show me. That is, if you can." He challenged, knowing she could kill him if she wanted to.

"Unfortunately, I am no changeling." The demon remarked. "Why do you want to learn more about my kind anyway? Fascination? Or are you just obsessed?"

"I train one of you. If I am to learn how to better train a Demon in magic combat, I should learn how you function, right? So there's that, and the fact you are rather charming, if a tad silly for the misuse of fear tactics." He answered, cocking his head to the side.

"Why thank you..." The Mistress stated, a sly look touching her face. "You're quite impressive for a mortal. I bet I could just eat you up."

"Unfortunately, this one is taken. And if you knew how I started, it would be impressive. Now, uh... I've asked probably a couple times now, but, uh, you mind putting me down? You're kinda tweaking the bad leg that's broken."

The demon let out a sigh. "I guess I can let you go..." The giant claw lowered the Elf to the ground and released grip, before flowing back into the bandages.

"I appreciate it. It lets me get a glimpse of your personality, and this conversation lets me gain new information, as well as letting me knowing who you truly are. Not that I don't trust you, but learning who someone is a pastime of mine. I hope you don't mind?" He asked as he took his seat in the chair he had sat in.

"Even if I did mind, it wouldn't change the matter, now would it." She countered as she readjusted her bangs.

"More than likely. I am too curious for my own good." The Light Elf chuckled humorlessly, a painful grimace forming as he felt the extent of his wounds. "So... can Johanna hear us talking or is she locked away?"

"She is locked away. She will have no knowledge of our conversation." The Mistress answered. "I like to keep my interactions a secret... makes things more interested when she gets control back."

"Then that answers my second question, who really is in control of the body. So, if you have so much freewill, why let her choose to join a Hunter's Guild? Wanted to test out the extent of your power?"

"That's for me to know and for you to find out." The Mistress grinned as she tapped Jay's nose with a finger.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were flirting with a taken man." He replied raising his eyebrows before steering the conversation back to a more scientific tone. "I take it you're hunting for potential lovers, then?"

"Under normal circumstance, yes, I would." The demon responded. "But this body does not have the capabilities of maintaining a child... as least not a mortal one."

"So you'd only be able to use another demon for a mate. Makes sense." The Light Elf nodded thoughtfully, "Since you've answered most of my questions, do you have any for me?"

"Not that I can think of." She noted. "You seem to be a reliable mortal... for the most part."

"How so? I could be a very unreliable individual, as you have no observations besides this conversation." He replied, curious as to what she would say.

"You're different. Most would have tried to kill me... but you seek to learn more about me."

"I'm a scientist, Madame. It's a habit by this point to learn more about someone or something. Besides, I have a good idea of someone's strength. You could kill me, and all I'd be able to do would be some minor wounds with maybe one major one that wouldn't be lethal. Anyways, killing you would be rude of me, seeing as you've answered all the questions I've asked of you." He nodded his head at her, before closing his eyes to rest for a moment.

"Good to know you know your place of power." The Mistress stated with glee. "The question is, now that you have your answers... what do you intend to do with them?"

He paused, not expecting her answer. For a few moments, he was silent. Then his answer popped into his head. "I suppose... I shall make a study out of the information I've gathered, maybe continuing asking you questions without you roughing me up when in weak and without a way to protect myself. Of course, that depends if you're still willing to talk with me, of course."

"I'm always willing to talk... even if it's about killing me." She stuck her tongue out at the Light Elf.

"I swear... you and my student would get along way too well." He groaned, rubbing his temples. "And again, I don't want to kill you. If I did, it'd be kill first, questions and biopsy later. As it stands, I view you as someone who'll more than likely struggle with full acceptance at the Guild, so I thought that maybe you'd like someone who won't just look at you and be intimidated. I mean, I'm sure you don't have many friends..."

"Not like many people in the guild are going to actually meet me." The Mistress pointed out. "You do have to remember that Johanna has control most of the time."

"True, but my point still stands. Were you to show yourself, you wouldn't gain any friends from doing so. So, what I am curious is whether you see me as a potential rival, or a potential friend." Jay asked, standing up to look at her, albeit tilting his head downwards to do so.

"I guess you're a potential friend... until you prove otherwise that is." She answered, stating the last part jokingly.

"Of course, of course... the most deadly thing in the world is a nerd with barely any magic, after all." He sarcastically joked, rolling his eyes as he smiled.

"But I like a challenge." The Mistress stated in a similar tone.

"Perhaps when I'm less damaged, you and I can see about sparring. As long as you don't tear me to shreds, of course." Sancros replied, a gleam suddenly coming to his eyes.

"Alright, I won't tear you to shreds... unless you ask nicely."

"Alright, smartass. We'll fight a bit later. I'm going go and crawl my happy ass back over to the Infirmary and rest. You take care of yourself and with the roommate you have, okay?" He said tiredly, as he began to walk away.

"No worries, just find me when you're all healed up." The Mistress stated. "Who knows, you might even learn my real name."

"Oh? And if I learned your name, would I be a friend of yours then?" He asked, leaning against a wall to look at her.

"We'll have to see..." She began to walk down the hall. "Until then, everything's up in the air."


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Meet the Students
Part One

The next few days after the Elder Goddess’ identity was exposed, she was finally starting to establish a somewhat normal routine. The fear of Yig coming for her again despite word of Kayumi’s protection was ever present, and as thus, the one dedicated to her safety in person was the only thing to stave off the madness. Lyr slowly pulled down Orochi’s dress down her body, letting out a small sigh, “Do you honestly not feel safe dressing yourself?” the Ophidian asked his new roommate, becoming her caregiver to make sure she continued to stay healthy through her depression.

“I-I can!” she said, a bit embarrassed. “I-I just… y-you do it so well, I… wanted your help. If you don’t… want to, though…”

“If you want my help, I suppose that is a good enough reason.” He slowly pulled up the zipper up her back, and took her hair brushed, slowly beginning to stroke it through her snow white hair.

She closed her eyes. She acted prissy on the surface, but she loved the attention deep down. It wasn’t exactly something she was used to with her brother, as any attention he gave her was the wrong kind. “Do you know where I’ll be working today?”

“You aren’t. My mother is giving you time off for the foreseeable future right now. To give you time to settle down before letting you serve again. Besides, being an Elder doesn’t net you a lot of positive points with a lot of people.” He set the brush aside and reached out, putting his hands on her shoulders to lean her back so she could be against him. “Honestly, I am still unsure of my feelings as well.”

She frowned, closing her eyes. “I can not help what I am. And I have learned a lot about what it is like to live in the mortal world thanks to you and your friends. How… many people know who I am?”

“Right now, just Mina’s closest Hunters. In case your brother shows up again… or you do something regrettable.” Lyr’s face was hard, and troubled. He didn’t feel as free-spirited as he had a week before for many reasons, “I don’t really believe you’ll do anything. At least not anymore. Not with what he did to you. You’d be a madwoman to go back to him.” His hand rested on her forehead, “And you deserve an apology from me.”

Her eyes shot open. “W-what?! Why… you didn’t do anything. Why would you need to apologize for something?”

“Because I took advantage of you, or should I say Graendal, purposely. I didn’t exactly know how far your feelings went, but I knew something was at least there. And I used that fact to sleep with you when I was down. Not because I loved you. It was for a selfish reason, and I am sorry.” Lyr spoke softly, looking down into those eyes of hers.

They softened, and looked guilty. “No, I… I took advantage of you just as much. If not more. You were depressed. I knew that was likely the reason, and that you might regret it later. In a sense… I used a drug named misery to take advantage of you. I am the one who should be sorry.”

Lyr was silent on that point, merely staring down at her. He pushed her up, though took her wrist when she tried to step away to turn towards him. He slowly tugged on her arm until she sat on his lap, facing him. Once more he stared at her and reached up, his fingers softly touching her cheek as if he was looking for some answer in her.

She stared into his eyes, and slowly smiled. “Maybe… we should stop apologizing for the same thing, huh?” Lyr nodded, and he leaned forwards, giving the goddess an experimental and hesitant kiss. She gave him a kiss back, a sweet, slow one that showed she wanted it, but wouldn’t force it.

The teen’s hand slowly trailed down from her face and went low to the hem of her dress to slowly lift it up. He had just put it on her, and he didn’t exactly feel like taking it off of her now.


He opened the door to his bedroom two hours later, once more having his clothing in orderly condition. Lyr felt Orochi’s arms wrap around his, and he couldn’t help but form a very small smile, “Do you regret that one?”

Orochi giggled, leaning against his arm. “Not in the least. You?”

“No, I don’t think I do.” Normally, having a girl latch onto him like this would have off-put Lyr, but there was something special about the circumstances surrounding her. He thought back to their first meeting, and the way she acted then. It was hard to imagine that dominant woman was the same one constantly smiling in his presence like a schoolgirl. “Would you like to meet my students? I really should go back to training them. I had to postpone our last one because of recent developments. I wouldn’t want to disappoint them again, yet I doubt after that you want to leave me alone.”

“I would love to meet them,” Orochi said excitedly. “They must be tough, strong guys to be able to live up to your training. Kick butt, macho men. Though I bet you could still take them both on at the same time with your eyes closed.”

Lyr shook his head, but kept quiet on correcting her. It would be funnier for her to have the revelation herself. Thus, he left the manor, letting the girl cling to him no matter how much slower it made him walk. He frowned when they entered the forest and he noticed Orochi’s scared gaze sweeping the trees like something would jump out and get her. He reached over, patting her, “Your brother isn’t coming for you. Not while I am around. I promised, remember?”

“Y-you promised you’d protect me from him, but…” She looked up at him. “I believe you’ll try, but what if he overpowers you? I… I would sooner have him take me back then let him kill you.”

“I wouldn’t want that for you. I want you to be safe, no matter my condition. That madman shouldn’t have you. I refuse to let that happen again.” Lyr’s hand tensed into a fist, “I can’t die till I pay the bastard back for raping you.”

Orochi stared at him, seeing the determination in his eyes. Had she really succeeded in winning his heart? Maybe. But Lyr had such a good soul, far better then Yig’s, or hers for that matter. He might simply be like this for all women like this. She smiled again, and loosened up her grip on his arm. “Thank you, Lyr.”

He nodded, not saying anything more on the subject. Up ahead, there were two pairs of clothing hanging from a low branch, and the sound of splashing around. Orochi noticed quickly that the clothing was female. The Ophidian’s arm slipped from her and he walked forwards, hand on his hip, “This is new Yuffie. I didn’t realize you enjoyed playing with Arale so much.” he called out to the lake.

“Is that you, teach?! She’s teaching me to swim, and, well…” Yuffie splashed at Arale. “I was tired from training, and you know what they say about all work and no play.”

Orochi’s hairs stood on end as she tensed up a bit, but stayed back. “Your students… are girls…”

Lyr didn’t hear the comment, squatting down by the water’s edge. “Yeah well, today we are doing something. I let you two off the hook last time, but your magic is less intimidating than Esmeralda’s Yuffie, and your combat skills need work Arale. I heard you let Yuffie beat you at hand to hand.”

Arale swam to the edge, climbing up on shore. “Y-yeah, but… b-but one of us had to lose, right? A-and she didn’t beat me that bad…”

Yuffie chuckled, swimming over to the edge in underwear that was a bit too revealing when wet. “If you say so. If you ask me… you were stomped.”

“Good thing I am not asking you Yuffie. And just for that, you can do hand to hand training first without drying off. Freeze your buns off in the breeze.” Lyr told her, stepping away.

Yuffie pouted. “You’re so mean sometimes! I was just being honest…” She shivered a bit as a cold breeze rolled by. “W-who’s the maid with the sour look on her face? You mean to her too?”

Orochi blinked, and tried to make her expression more neutral before Lyr looked over.

“Don’t worry about her. I’d worry more about yourself.” He held up his arms defensively, “Faster you beat me, the faster you can get warm after all.”

“Hmph. Guess I’ll just have to kick your butt now.” Yuffie shivered a bit more, and stepped forward, arms held up in a combination of what she was taught and what she had made her own. Trying to take Lyr by surprise, she went for a leg sweep, something she almost never started with.

Lyr smirked, using his faster reflexes to shuffle backwards, letting her leg go by as he moved back in just to sweep her own out from under her with a laugh. “Good. Least you’re learning unpredictability. You have to act a bit faster though. Most monsters will have sense more attuned than yours.”


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Meet the Students
Part Two

Yuffie sprang to her feet, her chest shaking in a way that annoyed Orochi for reasons she wasn’t sure about. “He-yah!” She lifted her right leg. She had developed a fighting style that used her legs for attacking, leaving her arms for quick shots and defense. She initiated an onslaught of kicks, firing off several every second.

This seemed to take Lyr off-guard, the last close quarters training they did together not this adept. That didn’t mean she landed anything that wasn’t blocked, she would need to be on par with his above human reaction-time to do that, but for a normal person, he was impressed. He side stepped one of her kicks and grabbed her ankle. “Wait a minute…” He looked at Yuffie with a suspicious look. “I know this fighting style…” he glanced to where he saw the clothes earlier, and at the set belonging to Arale. Of course they were Ophidian made. “You’ve gotten lessons from Kara, you cheeky elf.”

Yuffie grinned. “I plan to win the rank of the tourney I’m entering, and I’ll need more training then this and the low rank escort missions Arale and I am given. Kara taught you well… and now she teaches me well.” She jumped up, swinging her other leg at Lyr’s head.

Lyr ducked, pulling Yuffie so she fell to the ground. His knee went to the small of her back, and he had her arm restricted behind her as well. “Kara wasn’t my only teacher unfortunately for you.” the Ophidian noted with an amused chuckle.

Yuffie struggled, but was pinned, unsure what to do. “They, ugh… teach you how to get out of holds?”

“Yep. Maybe after I teach Arale how to do them, I’ll teach you how to get out of them.” her teacher noted. For their casual spectator, seeing Lyr dominate another girl and seeing her squirm began to raise her heckles more without realizing.

“You…” Orochi stared at Yuffie with a jealous, hate-filled look, her eye twitching and her fists tightening.

She took a step forward, but Arale quickly walked over. “Really, master? You’ll teach me holds like that?!”

“Yeah. Believe it or not, size sometimes doesn’t matter depending on the hold. With your smaller frame, learning a few would probably be beneficial. Though with how much you swim,” He poked her moist side. “I am sure you got quite a bit of muscle under there.”

Orochi snarled, and Arale giggled. “You really think so? Then I will strive to take down Yuffie each time we spar after you teach me.”

“So exciting. Can’t wait…” Yuffie struggle. “Gonna keep manhandling me, or can I get up?”

“Yeah, yeah. Go dry off now.” Lyr instructed her, slowly getting off to let her free.

Yuffie grunted, and jumped to her feet. A few weeks ago, and she likely would have been really hurting and would have struggle to get up. It was a testament to both her hard work and Lyr’s fine instruction. She walked off, grabbing a towel and her clothes and ducking behind a rock.

“My turn, my turn!” Arale stepped forward, rolling her shoulders and getting in a fighting stance. “I’ve been practicing those grappling moves. I just haven’t been able to match Yuffie’s speed on land, which is why I’ve been practicing on land more often, just like you instructed.”

“Good, then let’s see your progress.” Over the next half hour, Lyr went more in depth with Arale’s training then he had Yuffie’s, though there was a specific reason. The light elf was easier to train due to her naturally quick learning, and Arale was almost smarter, but had the handicap of being more aquatic in her past daily life. Orochi was forced to watch silently, Lyr giving his attention and putting his hands on the very exotic fish girl.

Orochi sat against a tree, her arms folded tightly, her face stuck in a pout. Lyr was pressed against Arale, his arms brushing her breasts as he held her in a double arm bar. “You really think I can… ugh, stand up to stronger people with these holds?” Arale asked.

“You’ll have to take someone by surprise, but with the proper technique, you should have no trouble whatsoever.” He slowly released her as to not strain her muscles, and slowly helped the girl to her feet. “I think you’ve got this down though. Keep at it, and you will have it mastered in no time.” He reached his hand up, petting the top of the mergirl’s head.

“Grr…” Orochi’s hands dug into the dirt.

Arale giggled. “Thanks. I’m gonna wash off, then see if Yuffie is done with her solo exercises.”

“Alright. Good luck.” Lyr watched the girl go retrieve her clothing and run off to find her rival, leaving the Ophidian to cross his arms, smiling a little proudly as he turned to the approach of stomping footsteps in the grass.

“About time y-you’re done with those… those… tramps!” Orochi snapped, giving him an angry look.

Lyr frowned, crossing his arms. “Excuse me? Why the hell are you insulting my students? They’re nice girls.” he contested.

“Th-they had their arms and hands and… a-and b-boobies all over you! D… didn’t you see h-how they were looking at you?! They… they were only thinking of one thing!”

Lyr’s cheeks reddened slightly, but he shook his head, smirking. “You’re the extremely jealous type.” he noted amusedly. “It’s a good thing you're not my girlfriend then. Maybe I should go and take Arale if she was so inviting.”

Orochi’s eyes widened in fear. “No! I mean… I-I mean, she… she’s a fish! You… you wouldn’t… like that. I mean… besides, she… sh-she wasn’t flirting… a-as much as that Elf girl. M-maybe… no at all…”

Lyr rolled his eyes, “No she wasn’t Orochi. Look…” he touched her cheek, “They are my students, and my friends. A lot of my friends are girls. If you want to love me, you are going to have to deal with that. Understood? I don’t want you being unnecessarily jealous.”

“But… b-but…” Orochi’s lip quivered. “How am I ever going to win you over if you have all these pretty girls around you?”

“Am I just a prize to be won? I wasn’t aware. If I was going to love a girl, I wouldn’t fight to win her, I would try to give her reasons to fall in love with me. No one wants to be forced into something. Let love happen naturally. If you have to force it, then it will never truly be love.”

“I-I won’t force it!” Orochi took a deep breath. “I-I’m sorry. Just after twelve years of waiting and wanting, I can’t help it. I…” She closed her eyes. She breathed in… and out. “Okay. Okay. I promise, as long as a girl doesn’t try and snatch you away, I won’t do anything. And if she does…”

“You’ll have to deal with it.” Lyr told her simply, shrugging. “Guess you can’t lose then, can you?”

Orochi folded her arms. “I never lose… except against… ahem…” She shuttered. “Anyway, I’m sorry. They were… nice. Though the Light Elf should focus more on the fight and less on showing off, and the fish girl holds back because she is too nice and is afraid of hurting you.”

“Next time, speak up and tell them that yourself. Sometimes they don’t exactly believe the advice I have to give them.” Lyr reached out, taking her hand, “Now come on. I want to take you instead right now. I’m just starting to see why people enjoy relationships. And… you’re very good, despite not being much more experienced than me. Must be the thing with all snake women...”

Orochi blushed. “I-I wouldn’t know. Never been with one. Though I am… sure you have been with plenty.”

“You’ve been my only one. Come on, I know a little spot that’ll be comfortable. We can get a quick one in and then… maybe I’ll just spend the rest of the day escorting you around.” His face lightened a bit from the more serious mood it was in that morning, and he held out his hand. Lyr didn’t know why Orochi made him a new person. He always felt strange around her. One thing he knew though was his mother would be very cross to know exactly just how frequently the two were pursuing those feelings physically.