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Stopping a Twisted Father
Part Three

“Of course, come here darling.” Betty held her arms out, the weapon on her wrist seemingly made with significantly better resources and painted to look but more refined.

Eliza stepped right up to her, then suddenly lunged forward, claws outstretched. She was blasted back by a gust of wind, Erin’s hands extended. “Is that any way to treat your mother?” she asked sweetly.

“Jay must've been telling her lies. I never did like him, always so high and mighty. We're perfectly happy here Eliza, come, join us.” The Thrope sweet talked her.

Eliza shook her head, and raised her claws. “I’ll beat you… to save you, Amam.” A few tears rolled down her cheeks. “I-I’m sorry, Amam!”

Now it was Betty’s turn to twitch, showing some reluctance to raise her weapon. Erin took a fighting stance as well. Along the ceiling, in the shadows, Chivi crept along.

“Erin...I did some research on you. Good grades in Themosa, Graduated at the top of your class, and made it to Havenbrook. But that only screwed you, didn’t it? You let your parents die, horribly might I add, LET Eliza get taken from you without a fight… and the best part is you actually let the one person you love, the only one you trust wholeheartedly, get kidnapped by a deranged man and tagged along as her baggage. Oh, it’s so fuckin’ hysterical that you’re such a fuck up! Good thing I burned that book you kept when Eliza hatched… At least now she won’t have to be burdened by you.” The Light Elf laughed, internally wanting to throw up, but keeping his act together to draw her back out.

Erin twitched more. “You bastard! I don’t think I want you to join us!” She quickly blasted a large fireball at him. Eliza dove towards him, pushing him out of the way as it charred the door behind them.

Noticing the twitches and realizing what Jay was doing, Magdalene reluctantly joined in on his plan. “Um… You remember the times I entered your dreams? I had Baphomet tell me all of your dirty secrets, then I spread it around to everyone! I even wrote songs about the funnier ones!”

Erin screeched loudly, twitching more and more as her emotions screwed with the controlling effects of the collar. She started to rapidly fire Earth, Wind, and Fire attacks with abandon. “Help me destroy them!” she shouted to Betty.

Betty charged forward, Peacock moving in a whipping his chain around her leg, pulling her off balance and off her feet.

“Veeti! I think it's almost working! Say something horrible, the worst thing you can think of!” Mags shouted.

Veeti scanned her brain, finally finding a lie that made her fur stand on end before she even said it. “I… I LIED TO YOU ABOUT EVERYTHING! I took you to that store because I knew you would be captured! I wanted you gone so I could take your place! It's a good thing you were so stupid and gullible!”

Betty twitched more, “You… Zhat's not true!”

“Betty, get a hold of yourself!” Erin shouted. “Only you father matters.” Eliza was suddenly on her, reaching for her collar. She was halted by a swirl of air, and Erin charged a fireball. “From this distance, even a demon will be knocked flat by a fireball.”

Eliza gave her a dead stare, and emotionlessly said, “I love Amam. I never loved you.”

Erin’s expression dropped, the fireball destabilizing. Using this moment of weakness, Chivi dropped down from above and slammed her fists on Erin’s head. Caught off guard, Eliza followed through with her attack, digging her claws into the collar, her superheated nails digging into it. The collar sparked and sputtered, shocking Eliza as she pulled as it, eventually however, it gave way, snapping in two and falling apart.

All at once, Erin’s consciousness shot back into her, the buzzing still echoing in her ears, but her free will was hers again at last. She collapsed to the ground, holding her head and mumbling incoherently as she tried to come to grips with her control again. “Please… save… Be… tty…”

However, the Fly Thrope had her own plans, reeling her fist back as she pulled the chain on her leg towards her with her free hand, putting the Railroad leader in range for a deadly strike. However, before it connected a gunshot echoed from the back of the hallway, an iron ball ricochet off the wall, around the Hunters, off the floor, and through Betty’s Air Tanks, causing an explosion of air the knocked both The Fly and The Bird back several feet.

Fancypants grinned, his rifle smoking, “Get off of him you bitch!”

“Don't act so good.” Peacock coughed, “You used your magnetism to control the bullet.”

“And? It was still cool!” The Noble Thrope bragged as the dust cleared, Betty having retreated into the main lab.

Veeti grinded her teeth, “Looks like she's going back to my father… I guess that means we'll have to fight him after all…”

Carol scoffed, “That wasn't already the plan? We need to make this furry fuck pay… uh… No offense.”

Chivi floated over to Veeti. “We do need to stop him.”

“I’ll more then stop him,” Eliza muttered, eyes glowing red as she headed for the door.

A cold watery hand gripped her shoulder. “Eliza. Take a moment to breathe and calm down. We’ll need information from him on if he has more of those collars on other Thropes. That and it is up to Veeti whether he lives or dies. Understand?” Jay said firmly, his voice warm.

Eliza took several deep breaths, and nodded. “Okay. I’m sorry. But we need to save Amam.”

“Agreed. You take on your Amam. I’ll do my best to restrict her movement with my magic. As for the slaver… I’d say Veeti, Chivi, and Rail Lead take him on.” Jay advised, his staff beginning to glow as he began focusing his magic.

“Wait…” Erin raised an arm. “T-trap. Careful… please…”

“A trap…?” Veeti responded, nodding. “That makes sense, instead of going to his lab upstairs he immediately came down here, cornering himself.”

“Well, we don't have much option do we?” Nina chimed in, “We have to get Betty, and we are on the clock. Plus, we need to skin that rodent too.”

Peacock nodded, “Let's move forward and watch ourselves. Erin right? She can rest here and we can come back for her.”

Erin nodded and waved her arm. “G-go… s-save.”

“We will.” Veeti assured, following Peacock as he made his way into the room.

The entire room was metal, the ceiling easily reaching twenty feet up and was as wide as a city block. Construction equipment, cranes, pulleys, scaffolding encircled the room where in the center back as a large tarp covering something, with Betty standing in front of it.

As they approached her, lights shot on, flooding the room as speakers screeched.

“Well… I should've expected this…” The Voice of Marc screeched. “My own daughter breaking into her father’s company backed by a bunch of animals. Including the famous Railroad, you lowlives have been supported the rebellion, haven't you? You were misguided fools before, now you're just terrorists, terrorists that have brainwashed by a daughter with your agenda.”

Fancypants laughed, “That's pretty ironic considering you know… The Mind Control Collars you invented!”

“Your rebellion has been pushing this city further and further towards annihilation. What happens to the common folk if you somehow win? We're all headed to the chopping block and you can't lie to me and say otherwise.” He countered, “You think I'm a hypocrite? Your brainwashing tactics killed your people long before I created my collars! I'm just doing what you do more efficiently! You're the real hypocrites!”

“Dad!” Veeti growled, “Listen to yourself, you’re talking madness! You've lost your mind over this paranoia of Thropes! You've let what happened to my Mother draw you so far over the edge you can't even see the way back anymore!”

“Shut up! You're spitting on your Mother’s memory! Working with the same kind of people that killed her! These ‘Freedom Fighters’! You of all people know what they can do!” He spat.

“They were just a few misguided men suffering years of abuse!” The Netzi girl tried to get through to him.

“Look outside! They're still doing it! They don't care how many of my guards have families! Or their lives! All you Thropes care about is your godsdamned agenda!” The CEO fought, “Well no more! The revolution dies today! You won't take me like you took my wife! I'll force my daughter out of this mentality if I have to! She lost the right to be an adult and make adult decisions when she chooses to support feral beasts!”
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Stopping a Twisted Father
Part Four

“And you’re any different? Let me make this clear: You are the lowest, most insignificant little shit stain of this country. I couldn’t give a damn who died. What I care about right now is a bitchy, obnoxious engineer who has a daughter and takes care of her, which is more than I can say for you. So… I’m going to give you a chance, because Veeti is a sweet girl who deserves to have a father.” The Light Elf popped the fake eye out and stomped on it, shattering the orb into many pieces. “You’ll lay down your weapons, and I won’t have to explode your heart or brain.” Jay’s staff glowed blue as he closed his eye and concentrated.

“And why are you here, Elf? Feeling some sympathy? Because you know what they're going through?” He mocked over the speaker. “You're people aren't beasts, or maybe I'm wrong, considering the lot of you support this rebellion! Could be the Nighties have a point enslaving you! I used to think it was just business, but I see they think the same as I do. You lot aren't worth basic human rights! You aren't worth jack shit but a hole in the ground!”

Jay laughed, the sound cold, empty, and evil. “You know… now that you say that, maybe I won’t kill you. Maybe I just grab one of your collars and stick it on you and let you experience first hand what your ‘property’ goes through? Oh, but first, I’m thinking about taking an antenna from you…?” He thought aloud lowering his wand and opening his eye. “Ruining your business and making you live the rest of your days as a failure might be better. Make you learn some Humility, hmm? That is, if you’re capable of even growing the fuck up enough to even learn it.”

“That's enough.” Whirring and motors starting could be heard echo through the room as the tarp shifted. “You've done nothing but prove me right. I'll paint the floor with your smashed corpse.”

More whirring commenced as the tarp lifted up off the ground, revealing two giant carriage sized metal claws. “This was always my pet project. But with the help of Betty and Erin’s skills and knowledge, I was able to make so much more progress! It's not quite finished, but it's still more than enough to smash you and wipe you filth off the face of Terra!”

Finally, the Tarp slid away, Betty pulling it off with a pulley. There before them stood a construct the likes of which none of them had ever seen. Gleaming white metal adorned the head, shining beams of metal lead down from a windowed control area to an enormous mouth, filled with teeth the size of whole people. It had claws sharpened to a razor point grating the ground, held up by massive mechanical limbs. Inside the chest was a beating box, almost like a machine heart that bounced up and down on rope thick wires. It was a Dragon… or at least, half of one.

The entire lower portion was unfinished, the lower chest nothing more than a ribcage, but it was still easily as big as a two story house. The mouth snapped ferociously, Marc Merce grinning madly through the pilot area between the eyes. “I am the undisputed god of Magitech! I'll show you!”

Veeti looked terrified, backing up. “But… But… That's… There's no way he could control that! The signal from our antennae isn't strong enough to move something that big!”

“I found a way.” It opened its mouth, pointing at the person he saw to be the biggest threat, the demon girl, Eliza. A spark quickly built up in the Constructs throat, preempting what would most certainly be a terrifying blast of fire.

Even the bold demon was taken aback by the metallic foe, but she wouldn’t back down. She opened her mouth, a fireball of her own forming and preparing to fire back. The Two fireballs clashed, a torrent of fire exploding between them, launching the hunters back with force of air. However, the Massive Construct appeared to be unharmed.

Veeti caught her breath, “Guys! Buy me time, I need to think! Strider! Everyone, try to cut the cables between it's ligaments!”

As Fancypants moved to line up a shot on just that, the colossus picked up a mechanical lifter in its claw, hurling it at the sniper who was forced to dodge out of the way. “Fuck!”

Nina quickly dug her claws into the wall, determined to get on top of the goliath as cut it apart with her magic. She hopped off the wall and onto the head of the creature, her weave enchanted fingers melting marks in the metal.

Marc growled, twitching his antennae left slightly, suddenly electricity sparked across the metal. It arced forward and into Nina’s body, seizing her muscles up and causing her to drop to the floor, writhing in pain.

As Marc motioned to smash the spider, Strider quickly slid in as picked her up in it's jaws, dragging her out of the way. Meanwhile, Carol smashed the support of some of the hanging objects in the room with her primitive weapon, causing a metal beam of two to fall on the head of the Dragon. It did little, however, charging another fireball, this time at Strider. The Blast connected with the smaller lizard, sending it slamming into a nearby wall, It's new skin melting and sloughing off.

Swiftly flying through the air, Chivi’s metallic hawk attempted to send gust of razor wind into the chest area before being swatted away. It’s controller floated above, watching over the madness. She fired her gun at the head, trying to hit Marc, but it was no good. “Can not hit brain. Brain… brain control body… but brain can not work without… oxygen! Veeti! Brain need oxygen! Magic like oxygen! Magic not pumped to brain, not work!”

“Chivi…” Veeti looked again. “You're a genius! But not the way you think! Look, that's no heart, it has amps, speakers. It's a signal amplifier! I was right that there was no way the signal from his antennae could control it alone! He has to amplify it! If we destroy the heart, he won't be able to control it anymore!”

“Alright then!” Peacock nodded, whipping his chain around objects like chairs or cases and hurling them into its chest. A chair bounced off the heart, causing it to wobble and the entire thing to stutter for a moment.

A gigantic two-headed water snake formed, causing Jay to kneel from the exertion of conjuring it. One head went to distract Marc in his cockpit, while the other repeatedly tried to bite into the amplifier.

The Dragon moved a claw to block the snake from reaching the Amp, the second claw smashed the one pecking at the cockpit, spray water everywhere, threatening to short circuit the electronics.

Carol moved in while it was distracted, she need one good hit at it's heart, that's all she needed. However, as she raised her arms, she felt a painful snapping as the Dragon crushed her forearms in its mouth, picking her up and tossing her to the side like trash. She skidded across the ground limp, blood rushing from her shredded arms.

“Carol!” Mags yelled, rushing over to her. Thankfully her sister was alive, but losing much blood. “Jay Help!”

In the meantime Peacock growled, rushing up to it and pulling of his pistol, trying to line up as shot. However, he could get an angle when it was fighting the snake and blocking its heart.

Mags began to cry slightly, but she stood up, gripping her fists tightly. “Baphomet! I am thou… thou art I… I am you… You are me…”

The dream demon flooded the room with darkness, growing enormous as it used it's reality warping power. Marc’s eyes widened. “What the hell!”

Eliza looked up at it wide eyed, but smiled. She transformed into her older form, and rushed forward, trying to use the distraction to fire fireball after fireball at the heart. Chivi used the moment to help carry Carol over to Jay.

Feverishly drained from the snake, orbs of light appeared, shaking as if they might break. They held and soon Carol’s wounds began to seal up and heal. Unable to heal her skin all the way back but able to use his finite magic pool, he poured it all into her.

As he healed Carol, her sister’s guardian still battled with the Mech. Marc looked like he was panicking, having never seen anything like this before. Suddenly, an idea flashed in the panic as the demon clawed at his machine, rending it severely. Marc’s mech reached past the demon, determined to smash where he had seen Mags standing last, and luckily for him, she was still there. Upon realizing this, Baphomet moved to defend his sheep, holding the claw up. His power began to drain as he continued exerting himself in the real world, the plane of the physical harder to manipulate than the one he was used to.


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Stopping a Twisted Father
Part Five

Eliza screeched angrily, having lost herself to the rage. She landed on the claw, digging razorsharp, burning hot claws into it and tearing at it and ripping chunks out of it. “Eliza… KILL… metal… monster!”

“Damn freaky demon brat!” He said using his other fist to slam down on Eliza, pushing the other hand down onto Magdalene harder in the meantime.

Eventually, this proved too much for Baphomet and he was forced back inside Mags, the sheep rolling out of the way narrowly. She screamed in frustration, now two of her loved one's were hurt.

“Baphomet…” She said, watching Eliza go. “I… I…”

“Magdalene?” He said, feeling something building inside her.

“I… I want to kill him! I want to destroy him! For everything he's done I can't take it! I want to be like her… Eliza… Like everyone… We can't let this go on!” Mags screamed out loud.

Baphomet felt like he was listening to a version of himself, but he was surprised to hear it coming from Mags. “We truly have become one in the same, haven't we? You've let your fear, their control over you, finally go, haven't you?”

“I… Have…” She stood up, an inky black staining her white hair until none of it was left.“We're the same.”

Feeling a sense of liberation, her thoughts fused with her companion, she looked down at her empty hands, and using Baphomet’s… No… Her power, formed a vicious, black Scythe from the force of her will alone. But, traces of her farming heritage could be see on the weapon, as unlike typical combat Scythes, this one bore lower and upper handles for ease of use. Gripping it with a feeling of great power, Magdalene leapt up onto the damaged arm of the mechanical beast, severing the final ligaments and backflipping off with a showoff-y flair.

The Right claw collapsed, unable to move any longer, he cursed loudly. “Dammit! Dammit Dammit! Dammit!”

“Eliza! Tear off his other arm! I'll go for the Amp, then the rat inside! Let's give this monster a good show!” The Now Black Sheep readied.

Eliza screeched, fiery spittle flowing from her lips. The left arm swung at her, and instead of dodging it, she simply crashed into it as hard as she could, knocking it back. She dived against the ligaments, ripping and tearing at them like an animal until the arm fell limp.

Finally having her chance to shine, Mags rushed forward gleefully, dodging out of the way of the huge jaws stylishly, like a whole new person. The Target in her sights, she brought up her new weapon and cleaved the amp off of it's wires, completely destroying it with only one or two swift, deadly strikes. With a whir, the entire beast collapsed, the head slamming into the floor even as the driver still desperately struggled to regain control. “No! NO NO NO NO!”

Mags smiled, placing a hand on her hip. “Eliza, if you wouldn't mind, open this tin can…”

The demon didn’t have to be told. She ripped open the eye and reached in, razor sharp claws yanking the man out and tossing him across the room. Marc hit the wall hard, losing his breath, even still, he looked around for a chance to escape. Instead, he saw his daughter floating above him, looking down. “Dad… It's over…”

“It's… Not… I....” He struggled before Peacock lifted him up by his fur. Chivi and her construct floated over to the exit, blocking the way out. Eliza, still fuming, walked over, flexing her fingers, opening and closing her hands.

“What should we do with him?” Peacock looked at Veeti, who then looked at the approaching Eliza. Marc tried to struggle out of his grip, but the Railroad Leader was too strong.

Suddenly, he grinned slightly, “I… Haven't lost yet…”

“What are you talking about? Looks to me like you have…” Fancypants pointed out, his eyebrows suddenly lowering.

“Betty! Shoot them! Do it!” Suddenly a shot fired off from the back of the room, it was aimed at Peacock, but Eliza was about to walk into the line of fire. Reacting quickly and on instinct more than anything, Veeti threw herself towards Eliza, pushing her down to the ground as she fell next to the Demon girl. A small pool of blood forming under the Netzi.

Eliza’s demonic eyes softened as she reached out to her. “A… A-aunt Veeti?”

Marc’s eyes widened in horror, crawling out of Peacocks grip as it slightly slackened from surprise.

“Veeti! No!” He yelled crawling over to her side as fast as he could, and upon examining her, found the gunshot wound in her gut. “No! No! Not my baby girl, what have I done!”

Chivi dropped to her side, dumping a medical kit onto the floor and trying to find something to help through tearful eyes. Eliza’s rage filled ears returned and she flew in the direction of the gunshot, finding Betty, swatting the rifle from her hand, and grabbing her by the neck. She squeezed as she lifted her into the air. “You… hurt… aunt Veeti!”

Betty was surprisingly just as horrified at what had happened, not even defending herself as tears ran down from her large eyes. “Eliza… I'm sorry… I… I wasn't aiming at… He… He Made me do it.”

Through tearful eyes, she squeezed a little tighter, breaking the collar. The demon girl then released Betty, dropping to the ground and bursting into tears.

Betty held her head with one hand, reaching over to Eliza, holding her tightly and crying on her shoulder.

Meanwhile, the CEO’s hands were stained with his daughter’s blood as he helped Chivi with the wound care, doing everything he knew how to do. “Please… Please stay with me Veeti… Goddess of Justice I will accept any punishment just don't let my baby die, please…”

It was almost immediately after that that Veeti opened her eyes, looking upon Chivi, but then surprised to see her father, giving him a small smile. “Veeti?” Chivi sniffled. “Oh, gods… please… don’t leave me…”

“I… I guess it just… Wasn't my time… I'm… Sorry for scaring you…” The Heiress apologized to her lover.

Chivi wrapped her arms around her carefully. “Oh, Veeti!”

Behind Marc, Eliza flew down with her mother. Eliza reached out and lifted the Netzi by his long ears, her claws starting to glow once more.

He closed his eyes, “Do it… I don't deserve mercy, not after what I've done…”

Eliza pressed her burning finger against his throat, but somehow restrained herself, looking at Betty. The Fly shook her head slowly, she didn't know what she was thinking, but he seemed like he meant it. “V-Veet-ti…”

“I'm… alright…” Veeti said.

Marc looked up at Peacock and Fancypants, “Please… Take me as your prisoner… I'll tell you anything to help you… and you can sentence me to a real jail after this…”

The Two Leaders exchanged a look, nodding, “Alright… But we're not Jailors, you'll be given to be judged by the Thrope Rebellion. They'll decide what to do with you.”

However, Eliza didn’t let him go, neither did she drop her claws. “You… took my Amam. Treat them like puppets. You almost killed aunt Veeti!”

He looked down in shame at her words. “You're… you're right…”

“I… should kill you! I hate you! You’re a bad man!”

“Wait!” Chivi called out. “Might need him!”

“I don’t care!” Eliza screamed. “I hate him! He hurts everyone!”

“E-Eliza…” Veeti whispered, looking over at her pathetic father. “My Father may be cruel… And Evil… And terrible… But… I remember when he would sing me to sleep when I was little… Kiss my head when he got home… if any of that man is still in there, then maybe… He still has a chance to… make it up to me… to himself…”

Eliza sighed, and dropped the man onto the ground. She glared at him and whispered, “You should die. But you’re unarmed, and I’m not a monster.” She looked like she wanted to say more, but her eyes were tired. Instead, she walked over to Veeti, sitting down next to her and closing her eyes.

Peacock looked at Mags, still black and Inky, “We should get out of here… We have to be almost out of time by now…”

The leader surveyed the area, Carol was stable but not enough to walk, Nina was out cold and so was Jay. Betty and Erin couldn't walk, but they could carry them. And Veeti was obviously torn up, but she could be healed they got back to Phoebe. Almost everyone was going to have to carry a person, but they could get everyone out.

“Alright. We need to go…” Magdalene agreed, her voice still sad despite her transformation.


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Friendship Between Apex Predators

Havenbrook Manor
10:39 PM

The moon's beams painted the darkened land in light, making the Manor look somewhat menacing if a tad pretty. Titania, either failing to see the beauty or just simply ignoring it, lazed around on the rooftop. She sighed as she held her last family sword in her hands. "Got to make sure this doesn't get destroyed..." She murmured, as her thoughts jumped from one subject to another, finally making it's way to Drayce. I wonder how he's doing... I haven't really had the time to talk to him since that mission in the forest...

As if her thoughts had summoned the young man, an object briefly ceased the beams from illuminating her face for a brief moment, large wings outstretched to the side. With a flap, the dragon landed on the roof, his blackened wings disappearing.

"I don't think I'll ever get used to that." Titania murmured, before raising her voice. "It's been awhile since we last spoke, Drayce. How've you been?"

"Hm? Oh Titania... I did not even notice you." Drayce obviously lied, stretching out his arms with a cute groan.

"Right... because Dragons are known for their bad eyesight." Titania retorted, rolling her eyes. "I assume this is where you usually come to relax. And if it is, I hope I'm not bothering you too much by being here."

"No you are not. In fact I quite enjoy company." He came over, sitting down next to the woman so that their shoulders almost touched. "Most nights like this I just prefer flying about."

"Don't you get lonely doing that?" Titania asked, staring at the moon for a moment before turning her attention to Drayce.

"Why would I get lonely? It is something only I can do, true, but flying is... not like this. It is a different kind of relaxing. To put your mind on manual, easy work. You can just let go and not worry,"

Titania shook her head, offering a small smile. "That is something I'll never understand fully, but I guess I can relate a little bit... but why the need to fly at night? Surely flying in the morning would be better?"

"Because my eyes work better at night. And the moon offers cooler flying winds. Gets too hot having the sun beat down on you. I could take you one day. Up there."

"I'd be delighted to fly with you. Although, being carried by flyers kinda got ruined when some harpies took me up in the air. They weren't at all gentle and it was a very... turbulent ride." Titania replied, rubbing one of her ears.

"Oh? Well then, that ruins half of my plans." Drayce let out in a small,grumble. "I didn't realize you were a woman who we needed to be gentle with."

"Well, they were also threatening to drop me, so I believe I have a valid reason for a more safe ride." Titania rolled her eyes, leaning back onto the roof. "Besides, I'm far more tough than I let on. I just prefer not being held hundreds of feet in the air with the chance to plummet down. As long as you don't threaten me with a freefall, I wouldn't mind flying with you."

"No promises." Drayce said with a smirk.

"Alright, smartass. Maybe one of these days I'll give you a ride while I'm running. We'll see who screams for the other to stop." Titania challenged, offering a cocky grin.

"I can eat you. I hope you realize that." Drayce countered nonchalantly.

"You wouldn't, though. You do kinda owe me for the forest. Plus, I'm waaaaay faster than you. I think you'd struggle to get a hit on me while I'm aware of your intentions." Titania said nonchalantly, smirking at the Dragon. "Besides, last I checked, you don't like hurting people who know you, or care about you."

"You may be fast, but that is hardly a matter to concern me when I can casually blow up a square mile." He said with an innocently goofy smile.

"Eh, fair point. But, I think you'll find that I'm a lot harder to kill than most... so you might be underestimating me." Titania replied, shrugging ever so slightly. "So... I hear you got a girlfriend. Who is she?"

"Hm? I... I don't remember ever taking one. What are these stupid lies you are spouting?" Drayce challenged, crossing his arms.

"You must really like her to get so defensive... but if you don't want to own up to having a girlfriend cause you're afraid, I understand." Titania goaded, trying to see if she could gain a name or if the rumors were false.

"I'm not afraid of anything." the young man said defensively. "You're just dumb, and all your thoughts are dumb."

"And your comebacks are childish and immature of the young man I know you to be." Titania scolded, a frown replacing her smirk.

“Well... Bleh." He stuck out his tongue at her with a grunt.

"I'll take that as 'I'm sorry'." Titania closed her eyes, enjoying the cold breeze. "Why do you like arguing with us Southlanders, huh? Did one of us do something to you?"

"You all annoy me. But you shouldn't take it as malicious. I just like toying with you. Like a tiny mouse." Titania felt a tingle move up her back as a tiny furry face starting sniffing her face of the rodent variety.

Titania blinked, before grabbing the mouse. "Huh... I suppose I understand. Yet, if you keep trying to toy with me, I might feel inclined to do the same." The mouse was set down on the ground, as she was done looking at the tiny rodent.

The white mouse ran back towards its master, running up his arm. "Like how?"

"Let's just say that I'm really good at embarrassing people. A nice hue of red on your cheeks would make your not-girlfriend happy." Titania teased, winking at the Dragon Thrope.

"Please. Only cute girls make me blush."

"Is that a challenge? Cause if it is... it'll be fun making you blush." Titania Replied, grinning at Drayce.

The young man only shrugged. "I doubt you could,"

"Challenge accepted. But on a different note, what's the deal with the mouse? It's a little weird that you have one."

"Well, I've had him ever since I first came here. He's a loyal buddy who knows his place in the food chain. I am part cat thrope you know."

Titania sat up, a look of curiosity on her eyes. "I did not know that. I take it, from what I heard from others, you're remembering your past?"

"Yeah. Some parts of it at least. I don't have a full picture either but..." Drayce's face grew somber and he pulled his legs close. "Not all of it was good."

Titania hugged the Dragon Thrope. "I'm sorry. If there is anything you need, don't hesitate to ask, Drayce."

"Can you help bring people out of comas?" He asked sadly.

"No... but I could ask around and see if one of my old clients knows of someone like that." She offered, rubbing his head.

"Clients? What were you, a harlot? Is that how you plan to make me blush?" He teased, leaning against her as she stroked him.

Titania rolled her eyes, but smiled. "You wish, kid. No, my wandering mercenary days let me meet many people, and a good chunk of them owe me favors for jobs I did for free. Hopefully, I'll be able to get some information that'll lead us to a person or object that can help you out."

"I don't need a harlot anyways... Got someone who,is practically one already..." He groaned.

"And who might that be?" Titania asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I'm not telling! You bad wolfy!" He tapped her nose.

"Drats, you figured it out! Whatever shall I do?" She said dramatically, poking his forehead in retaliation.

Puffing out his cheeks, he began a vigorous poking match, going for her ribs and chest.

"You brat!" Titania returned fire, enhancing her speed to go faster than Drayce could.

The dragon puffed out soot onto her face to obscure her vision.

Titania tackled the general area where the Dragon Thrope was. "Soot is so unfair... so I guess I'll lay on you in return."

"Be careful. I could do devious things." Drayce warned her, flipping them around so he was on top.

Titania laughed, a silly grin on her face. "Not if you don't want my girlfriend coming after your ass." She put her arms around him and tried to roll the both of them.

"My girlfriends would be mad you're trying to dominate me too."

"Oh? I thought you said you didn't have any? Who's throwing around bold-faced lies, again?" She teased, giving up on trying to move him. "So who are they?"

Drayce's face became scrunched off. "If you don't stop I'll really make you blush!"

"Like with Eliza? That went over really we- wait... is she...?" Titania asked curiously, moving her arms to block any punches to her chest and solar plexus.

Drayce's eyes bulged and his cheeks tinged red. He reached below her arms and began lightly poking her breasts, "I said shut up, shut up, shut uuuup!"

Titania paused and bared her teeth for a moment, her eyes briefly turning feral for a few moments before they changed back. With surprising strength, she shoved Drayce off, an angry expression on her face. Without another word, she seemed to disappear and reappear down by training grounds. Taking her gloves off, she released a flurry of blows that shredded one of the training dummies within a few seconds. Pimply sitting down, she took a deep breath as she tried to calm down.

"You know, that was quite the overreaction." Drayce called out from the edge of the roof down to her.

"I have a hard time controlling my animalistic side when I'm angry. You pissed me off and I ran to avoid hurting you. Not really an overreaction in my case, unlike how you reacted." Titania replied, calming down as she banished the wolf part of her away.

"I did warn you. Besides, what makes you think you'd be capable of hurting me?" He asked with genuine curiosity.

"I'm not exactly entirely mortal-born... haven't you wondered why I can run ridiculously fast? Or can disappear from sight and reappear in a different area without magic?" She asked, looking up at him.

"Not particularly. Though you can explain it to me."


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Friendship Between Apex Predators, pt.2

"One of my parents was a God, and is quite powerful, albeit a bit silly. Still am working towards loving her, but that's not the point. So, as a Demigod, I'm stronger than most people here, and more durable. So, that square mile attack of yours would hurt, but it probably wouldn't kill me. And if I struck you, it would hurt more than if I wasn't part god." Titania explained, standing up and attempting to fix the dummy. "She's gonna kill me for this..."

Drayce laughed. Not a small laugh, but a bellowing laugh that made his stomach and sides ache. So much so he rolled off the roof, laughing the whole way down into the bushes down below.

Titania, slightly unnerved and perturbed by the laughter, merely called out, "You okay? And what's so funny?"

His head perked out of the brush as he slowly climbed out. "Sorry, sorry. It's just... You act like that is some heavy burden or something. Or that it is really anything special you should feel bad about. After all... Well... I just hope you don't take what I say next badly."

"Well, considering my father cheated to have me conceived... yeah, it does strain my relationship with my mortal family. That and the fact that it's still relatively new to me." Titania explained, going back to trying to fix the dummy. "But go on."

"Well, I am the sole disciple of a chaos god in the form of a dragon whose sole purpose is to sleep lest he blow up an entire continent... So I think that may be a step above you. Also my adopted grandfather is the god of the sea. Who has my current birth mother in his palace because she was never actually dead, just... Comatose. So I don't know why being a demigod should seem so scary to you. I mean hey... Literal chaos demon here harboring the power of an Elder."

"I never said being a demigod was scary, just that it had a lot of downsides among the perks." Titania pointed out, rolling her eyes. "Plus you probably only have a tiny sliver of that Elder God's power, not the whole thing. You'd probably explode if you did. Furthermore, Eliza, your not-interested-in-at-all girlfriend, is waaaay stronger than you. If she really was trained better, and she is currently, beating you in a fight would be easy for her. So... yes, you're stronger than me, but lack the experience, but you're also neither a demon nor all powerful. I still like you anyways, kid."

Drayce blinked several times. "I did blow up a massive Chimera and scorched a lot of earth in the process... Eliza can barely beat me in a wrestling match."

Titania stared for a moment, before breaking out into a laugh. "Y'know that demons have more than one form, right? My friend witnessed her other form and was impressed enough with how much magic and physical strength she had. So... chances are, she's been going easy on you."

"Well then, put that to the test. If you are so confident in how easily I can be beaten, I would mind thrashing a friend around a little. Nid'll be jealous though. She's been waiting to get a crack at me forever."

"In form and strategy, I can beat you. In terms of power, you easily beat me. Basicially if you hit me too many times, I'll be downed, not to mention I haven't unlocked my god powers all the way. So you'd be fighting me not at full strength. If I kick your ass like this, I get to tease you for a couple days. And if you win... well, that's up to you." Titania offered, yawning as she unsheathed her blade.

"Well... See if you can land a scratch on me." Drayce said, removing his shirt and setting it to the side.

"If that's what you wish..." Titania grinned, her legs blurring to near invisibility in preparation to dodge an attack from Drayce.

Drayce didn’t attack however, he instead closed his eyes, holding his fists close to his side. With a loud roar, a shockwave lifted Titania off her fast moving and backwards. Black mist poured off his body, the small diminutive boy now a towering figure of a man, near six and a half feet tall, with a very large and muscular figure. His hair was now down to his waist, and his skin glistening from the sweat coating him. He put one hand on his waist with a disinterested raise of his eyebrow.

"Interesting... you transform too... no wonder your girlfriends want you." Titania said, intrigued by the transformation for a slight moment. Getting back into a ready stance, she began to run in a circle. Soon, dust stirred up and she became invisible as a tornado formed from her movements, before she launched herself at him, her blade aiming for his left side.

Drayce turned his head to look her directly in the eye, her blade connecting with his body, but sliding off without even leaving a scratch. "Is that the best you can do?" The deep voiced man asked.

Grinning, she aimed a low-blow kick towards Drayce's crotch that was masked by a flurry of attacks from her hand and sword that almost disappeared from sight.

Drayce skidded to one side, grabbing her leg by the ankle and holding her there. "You are fast. But do you wish to know something about dragon anatomy?"

"Preferably no, but I'm sure you're going to tell me anyways." Titania replied, lifting her other leg to kick Drayce's face, while using her free hand to hold her weight up.

He let the hit connect, but merely shifted his jaw a bit. "Dragon eyes are designed to hunt small animals while very high up, and cats can see in the dark. You may be able to move faster than anyone else, but tracking your movements is proving to be a meanial task." With a heave he threw her away like she was a weightless sack. He formed a small orb of pitch black that fired fast like a bullet.

Titania caught herself, but stumbled, unused to being tossed. "Shit..." she murmured out as she tried to dodge, the orb tearing her pauldron off for her troubles.

She let out a laugh, a merry grin on her face. "This is actually the most fun I've had in awhile. But sadly, I don't believe I have the weapons or armor to compete with you, at least in order to actually dent your confidence. But I think you're also at a loss, as I can dodge a fair portion of your attacks. So... stalemate?"

"Sure. I wouldn't want to hurt your face after poking your boobs. Then your girlfriend would have reason to be mad."

"Yeah... and if you did hurt me severely, I'd have to tell Eliza you have a crush on her as payback. Good thing that didn't happen, right?" The older Thrope teased, sheathing her blade and looking for her lost armor piece. "Where did that pauldron-thingie go...?”

"Eliza is not my girlfriend. I do not know what we are, but she isn't the girl I primarily love." The man said, slowly beginning his deformation back to his regular size.

"Then who is it? I'd rather know, so I can stop pestering you for information. That and I never get to talk to you, so I guess I just want to get to know you better."

"Fine... It is Aemilia!" Drayce let out stubbornly, throwing his robe on back in his childish form.

"Aemilia? She's cute. Not that it means much, but I approve. She seems like she'd keep you in check, if you stepped out of line." Titania replied, letting her accent come through. "And because I think it was sweet of you to tell me, my full name is Titania Regallis, a former noble of Bevland. I promise to start ending those rumors for you, so people'll stop asking."

"But... But I don't care Titania!" Drayce urged. "I don't think you get it. Rumors do no bother me whatsoever. I only keep,it secret as best I can so Aemilia won't feel so embarrassed all the time. Drawing more attention isn't needed. And I don't care about who your parents are, or what your last name is. You are just Titania to me. So stop thinking you need to add so many layers to yourself to make me want to accept you. That is no way to be friends."

"It's not so you will accept me. It's so I'm not married off to some bastard in Bevland, which will happen if people start figuring out who I am." She explained, her merry expression being replaced with a more tired one. "So, I have to choose who I tell, as they gain a lot of power over me. It's because I think so highly of you and value you as a friend that I'm risking giving you that kind of power."

"All you southlanders are so dumb... So focused on details that don't matter." Drayce took a seat on the ground. "So try to make me understand. How does one force another to marry? Hm?"

"Usually? By words. For me? Constant supervision under a full estate's worth of guards who all happen to be master swordsmen, each with something unique about them that makes them more deadly. Sure, when they hold me there, I'm not allowed to be injured too greatly, but all it takes is a little too much power with a sword to kill me. Strong as I may be, without armor and equipped with a basic blade, I amount to practically nothing." Titania sat as well looking up wistfully, a smile that held no humor on her face. "I'm not strong enough to beat a small army with my bare hands."

"They'd have to take you from here first, and they don't have that power luxury here. So why worry?"

"Technically, I'm not that valuable, at least C-rank hunters aren't. And given that I'm a missing foreign dignitary, My house could press the other houses of Bevland to retrieve me. Mina is a foreign power, and should she not hand me over, that could mean a potential war." She replied, shaking her head. "Or they could threaten Mina's life with various tactics, such as: Assassination, hiring a mercenary army to assault Havenbrook, or various other methods that are just as efficient, cruel, and leave no choices behind. Depends on how desperately my asshole of a father wants me."


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Frienship Between Apex Predators, pt.3

"That seems like just a typical working day for our guild. And what would they do when confronted with me. In all technicality, I never joined the guild. I have not registered. In fact, in all reality I broke rules by going on my first mission. And since I am not a citizen of the southlands, they hold no authority over me. And who do you think is stronger? A flying carrier of an elder chaos dragon's power? Or some meeercs?" He asked with putting an extra childish emphasis on merc.

"You, obviously. But they don't have to attack you to hurt you. They could try to take down Eliza, they could kill Aemilia, hell, maybe they kill me. Just because you're really strong, doesn't mean the rest of us are, Drayce."

"Then I'll protect everyone." Drayce said, his face turning dark from the casting shadows of the night. "No one will die when I am capable enough to keep them safe. Anyone who attempts to hurt those I love will have ZERO mercy." He smoldered intensely.

"If it comes down to it, I won't allow that to be an outcome. I'd rather my freedom taken away than risk you or the others... even though Kva would hate me for it." Titania murmured, before looking down at the Dragon Thrope. "You guys mean too much to me, even if sometimes people are asses towards me. But this is all hypothetical... as long as my secret doesn't get out."

"Then don’t let it."

"I won't... or at the least, I'll try to keep it that way. Don't want you burning down Bevland looking for me." Titania half-joked as she walked forward and rubbed Drayce's head. "Would you be opposed to sparring every now and then?"

The dragon thrope shook his head. "No,"

Titania smiled, giving Drayce a hug. "Thanks. I find it's rare for someone to be able to fight against my speed and put me in a stalemate. Guess Elder God Dragons make good fighting partners, huh?"

"I'll be sure to go easy." He said, hugging her back tightly. One great thing about being short was always having your head snuggled between breast.

She let out an irritated sigh, but offered a strained smile. I remember when I was younger, boys Drayce's age were total perverts... not really surprising that he's like this, but perhaps he'll grow out of it... or Aemilia will whip this kind of behavior out of him. Maybe I should school him on manners... he'll probably say no. She thought, before shaking her head. "Kiddo... I might need to teach you a bit about girls and etiquette."

Drayce let out a childish chuckle. "You aren't exactly hating the attention." He said, nestling his head by moving it up and down.

"Drayce..." Titania growled out, her voice warning him to stop.

She felt his grip on her tighten, though the nuzzling stopped. "Thank you... For being my friend... Even if you do act strange sometimes." He said in a soft moment of seriousness.

"You're welcome, Drayce. I'm glad that you're my friend... I don't seem to get too many of those these days." She replied, rubbing his head.

He accepted the rubbing, sighing contently.


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The fallowing is done by Dhalexpert&Insane darkness

HavenBrook manor

Sept,16 3349

9:34 AM

Charter was near the wolf den sharpening his sword, and petting the wolf pupsa around him. “Hum look at you all your getting big, your starting to look like regular dogs now.” Charter rubbed one of the wolf's belly and the others started to jump on Charter and biting him.”Ha ha come on now you little scamps i’m not your plaything, even though your teeth are a little sharp.” Charter stood up and through a boon to the side and the pups ran after it.

Zodiak wandered the forest outside of the guild, noticing that Charter had gone into the depths of the trees about half an hour before. I should really apologize to Charter for worrying him the way I did during that last mission… It was a huge misunderstanding and a bad way to talk to someone for the first time…

When Zodiak saw Charter he sees Charter sitting on a rock sharpening his sword and surounded by Dire wolf pups. “Alright alright, I know you're waiting for your daddy i’m sure he'll be here in a few.” A pack of dire wolves came behind Charter, carrying chunks of meat and a giant leg of an animal. On in particular jumped onto charter knocking him on his stomach.

Zodiak stood back a moment, not wanting to interrupt the fun times Charter was having with the wolves. A hint of a smile showed on his face, however, as he watched on.

“Ha hay Slone it’s good to see you two, must be nice being a Wolf again. Going hunting being around your kinds and pack and being the Alpha again.” Slone smelled a strange sent and looked at Zodiake direction and started to growl. Charter raised his eyebrow and look we're Slone was looking.”Alright come on out, if you continue hiding and your not with the HaverBrook guild you will be eaten, but if your an escaped slave still come out.”

Zodiak stepped away from a tree, hands up. “I was in the last mission with the Faeries, if you remember. Zodiak is the name. And you basically threatened to kill me if I killed your… sister, I believe she was to you.” Zodiak bowed, slowly. “I apologize for threatening her the way I did.”

“Ou I know you, so Zodiak is your name huh? I will forgive you since my sister was not in the right state of mind then, so what brings you to my den? Curiosity or something?”

“Still, it wasn’t right of me to threaten a comrade the way I did, let alone someone related to another comrade amongst the group… And for that, I sincerely apologize.” Zodiak hesitated before he returned to standing up straight. “As a former bodyguard to the Tsar of my country, the asshole that he is, I have tendencies that lead me to different outcomes than most others have, I suppose.”

“Hum a formen knight huh, so your a knight as well, that makes two of us. “I was a knight in the Iron legion though I was a high ranking officer back then, So I’m used to people losing in battle just not with my family is all. Also your didn't know about me and my sister.”

“It still damages my pride to have threatened my own comrades…” Zodiak insisted, his voice slightly softer than it was previously. He held a hand to his chest to show he was sincere.

“Look alright things happen,you don’t know everyone here so things escalate espacely with high tension. Look it was your first mission it was difficult mission to be on let’s just learn from this experience and get better from it.”

“Of course. That is the best way to go from here, I suppose,” Zodiak responded, monotone. “I’m sorry. I didn’t catch your name. Could you repeat it for me?”

“The names Charter, Charter Van Dam. And this is my wolf den, this this big guy is Slone my partner.”

“Then, as you’ve noted your full name, allow me to reintroduce myself.” Zodiak took a deep breath, taking a stance similar to how he would stand when speaking to another knight. “My name is Zodiak Diraven. It was a pleasure, Charter Van Dam, to fight alongside you.”

“Alright buddy there’s no need to be formal, I may be a knight but i’m not a officer just call me Charter alright. Using my full name is not nessory.”

“It’s purely a matter of respect. I apologize if my mannerisms are uncomfortable. I have no control over them, by this point.” Zodiak smiled awkwardly, hoping to help Charter understand his personal natural tendencies.

“No I get it but this guild has a layback feel to it, believe me you will start being less formal the more your here I should know I was the same way, during my first few months here.”

Zodiak sat down in front of Charter, expecting to be there a while. “First few months? How long have you worked here, then?”

“I have been here since january, before then I traveled all across Terra Minus certain places because of Elven laws there. But I was a mercenary of sort I hunted bandiets monsters, pretty much what I do now but I get paid this time.”

“Sounds like you had your fun for a while until you found something better. What would you say is the hardest thing you’ve had to fight?” Zodiak questioned, hoping to skip past the small talk.

“Giants easily, that was back when I was in the Iron legion. But if your counting for a one on one, that would be imps.”

“Those little Faeries were probably the worst. They are so frail and I wasn’t supposed to kill them? Geez… That, and finding a Faerie’s pressure points, with their bodies being so small, is very difficult, so that’s one of my techniques completely useless…” Zodiak complained, combing his hair with his hands. “I know this is coming out of nowhere and a little privacy-invasive, but are you married? In a relationship at all with anybody, maybe?”

“I’m in a relationship with the librarian, actually she’s carrying my child. I’m thinking about marriage her to so yeah we're in a relationship, what about you new comer?”

Zodiak exhaled deeply. “Wow… That’s a lot… But congratulations! I… did not expect such a direct response, but I suppose that shows how much you truly care for her. I see her a lot while I’m with Faith in the library, so I know who you’re referring to. She seems like a very nice person and I hope you have a beautiful life together.” Zodiak smiled. “But as for me, I have nobody special in my life. Faith is the closest thing I have to a good friend, but I have no romantic interest in her like that, if you were wondering.”

“Well that’s interesting try talking to more people, my sister despite what happen to her on the mission. She’s a good person, she’s very a caring person and loves helping others. Although she’s a rookie, and when I say rookie I mean green as grass. She’s never killed before until that mission I talked to her about it but she’s handling it her own way.”

“That explains why your sister freaked out about that. I hope she’s okay now.” Zodiak’s face drooped into concern. “And as for talking to more people, I’ll have to consider that. I’m just hoping that I can find those that I can actually trust instead of those blinded by their ideals for my future.” His eyebrow twitched at the memory of his parents.

“Don’t worry about that, the people here are great there’s no cult nuts if that’s what you're wondering. But be prepared though, we do get some very difficult missions. From tough monsters to possible wars spirts, Your going to be busy with us.”

“Well, I suppose that’s good to hear, then.” Zodiak’s face returned to its regular smile. “So, Charter… how many missions would you say you’ve taken? A rough estimate is enough.”

“Me hum well let’s see probably five or six, can’t name all of them on the top of my head though. But without a doubt each mission was more difficult than the last, hell all these wolves besides the two white ones came from my first mission here.”

Zodiak’s eyebrows shot up his forehead. “Only five or six? I would’ve expected more than twenty, to be completely honest.”

“That’s teamwork kid, I can’t be on every mission but even though I been on a few they were tough. The mission we have are for the elite, even though were a small group we are one of the most elite group around here.”

“Impressive… And I suppose ‘the elite’ has room for a former Tsar’s bodyguard, perchance?” Zodiak’s smile grew wider, insinuating that he was trying to be friendly and joke around.

“Well only time will tell, but keep your head up.” Charter put his sword in its sheath. “I tell you what man since your trying to be all friendly with me why not have a few drinks with me?”

“I don’t see why not.” Zodiak moved to stand up, brushing off the remnants of the ground that stuck to his pants.

“Good to hear.” Charter put his arm around Zodiak shoulder. “We have a few drinks, and we can exchange warrior stores how about that.”

“I see nothing wrong with your plans, other than losing a little bit of currency, so let’s do it.” Zodiak’s smile almost seemed permanent as he wrapped his own arm around Charter as well.


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The young mage becomes a hunter at last

Charter walked to Elma room and knocked on Elma door. “Elma you and I need to talk.”

The door opened and Elma popped her head out. “Yes what is it Charter, is this about a few days ago?”

“Yes you said you wanted to improve as a hunter right, and since you’re my responsibility it’s about time I introduced you to something I should have done months ago.” Charter opened the door and entered the room, Elam was wearing her usual magical robes. “Right so were going into town, about time I got you into bounties, have you hunting small targets.”

“So I’m going to be hunting bandiest I take it?”

“Yes it’s about time you fought bandits, you admitted that killing is necessary time for you to practice what you preach.”

Elma nodded her head and grabbed her staff, she whistled and her dire wolf Sam ran to her side. The wolf himself looked like a regular dog.

“Heh he’s getting bigger huh, nice to see you been feeding him properly.”

“You sound like it’s difficult to take care of a doggy.”

“He’s a wolf sis but nice to see that you were actually paying attention with me and Slone, and how I took care of him.”

“What you think I don’t pay attention on how to treat animals? I’ll have you know, I helped take care of our houses and war dogs thank you very much.”

“Huh nice to know mom didn’t just teach you how to be just lady like. Anyway were stalling let’s get to the city, there should be plenty of bounties there for you.” Elma and Charter went outside the Mannor and made their way to the city, after a few hours Elma and Charter made there way to Cleardevon, were Charter was looking at a bounty board near an inn. “Ah there we go, this is a bounty board Elma and it looks like there are plenty of jobs on here, but this is the one were looking for.” Charter took a paper off the board and handed it to Elma.

Elma took the paper and looked it over. “A bounty for a raider group, a hundred silver, fifty copper and one gold coins for completions, so this is a bounty I take it?”

“Yep and if you look who’s offering it it’s the inn keeper, seem like they have been attacking her supplies and it looks like it’s not that far off either.”

“Great so what’s the strategy here, how are we going to handle this?”

“We? Elma this is your mission, I will be watching from the back and if things get to dangerous I will help you out.”

“Are you serious, you’re leaving me on my own for this?!”

“Yes you need to hunt on your own for this one, Elma your stronger then you believe you are, if you have confidence then bandits are truly nothing to you. Besides we all took low bounties on our own, so call this a rite of passage.”

“Umm, you cruel you know that right Charter.”

“It’s a learning experience, so let’s go inside and ask the innkeeper about the bounty.” Charter and Elma mad their way into the inn, a woman with blue hair looking the same age as Elma looked at the two.

“Ou can I help you two out, would you like to see our menu?”

“No thank you madam, we want to talk about the bounty that you put out.”

“Ou that bounty, yea my father put it up. Bandits have been attacking caravans again, which of course has caravans raise their prices for bodyguards and so on, anyway we would really appreciate it.”

“Sure thing lady you have any idea were these guys are?”

“Yea there north of here in the deep forest, if that helps in anyway.”

“Ou it does thank you madam.” Charter and Elma made their way out the door. “Alright so now we have a direction, so now the fun starts we find the bandiest and take them down. Scratch that you will find them and take them down.”

“Is this truly neassory Charter? I mean can’t you and I just continue training together?”

“No sis you I have been delaying this for way to long, this should have been the first thing I had you do when you decided to join HavenBrook. But I didn’t. Instead I just trained you on how to handle monsters thinking that would be good enough, I should have known better now I’m doing what I should have done and having you hunt Bandits, so let’s go were burning day light.”

Elma rolled her eyes and got on her Horse and fallowed Charter into the forest. After several hours of searching they found a camp with a wooden barrier around it, and tents around the area but that was the lookout area the rest was a ruin with archers around the area.

“Well looks like the information we got was a little misguided, seems like this is more than just a few bandiest here. Whelp.” Charter loaded his crossbow. “Best you get down there, and do your thing.”

Elma looked at her brother in surprise and a bit of a panic.” Um yea Charter when we thought it was going to be a few bandits I thought it would be fine, but they have who knows how many on their side maybe Eraqus I should just leave.”

“Hay what happen to that confidence you hade when you faced Eraqus, where’s that Elma huh? Listen sis I know your scared we all were when we first took our first mission, but this is not your first mission you been a several missions and I know you can do this with ease. So stop being so scared of nothing and making excuses for yourself and try and clear out these bandits.”

Elma looked at her brother in surprise that he had that much faith in her, she smiled and hugged her brother. “Thanks Charter for having so much faith in me, alright I think I can do this now.”

Charter hugged her sister back and patted her head. “Of course I have faith in you, you’re my sister I wouldn’t put you here if I didn’t think you couldn’t do it so I know you can do this Elma so get out there and complete your first bounty.

Elma smiled, and she and Sam slid down the perch they were on and made their way to the camp. Elma walked on the road that was leading to the bandit camp, when she was ambushed by at least five bandits.


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Part 2

“Alright lady this is a tole rode lady, if you want to get through you have to pay let’s say a hundred silver to get through.”

“Hay look at her she has a pretty face, he she could pay us in another way. I mean look at her she’s young has a gorgeous face and some dame good tits on her.” One of the bandits said.

“Yea she is a looker maybe we can have some fun first, it’s been ages since we had fun.”

Then head bandit looked Elma over. “Well then lady it seem like my men want something else form you.” He walked to Elma and put his hand on her chin.” And I have to admit someone as young as you will make for some fun entertainment.” The bandiet looked down and saw Elma dire wolf.” Ou a wolf pup to yep I think we will be taking you both. When the man went to punch Elma in the gut his hand hit something that felt like a wall, when he looked down he could see what seemed to be a small barrier around Elma when he looked up at Elma he saw her smile and suddenly his vision started to fade, and blood started to come out of his mouth. When he looked back down he saw an ice spike coming out of his gut. “You bitch!” He wrapped his hands around Elma, but Elma put her hands on his head and started to freeze it the man’s head was frozen solid and Elma moved to the side and the man fell to the ground lying dead.

Elma kept herself from vomiting and looked at the other bandits.” So who’s next?”

“You fucking bitch! Come on lads let’s kill this whore!” The remaining for bandits charged Elma. Elma heart started to beat in fear but she took a breath and had two magical circles appear in her hands, what came out of them were an barrage of fire balls started coming out of them hitting the bandits, while not killing them did set them in a panic, Sam charged one of the bandits and talked him to the ground biting into one of their necks. Elma closed her fist and launched a powerful flame from both her hands it engulfed the remaining bandits, burning there armor and having the bandits yell in panic before dropping dead. Elma finally breather and vomited on the ground, the stitch alone was enough to make her vomit but to hear the screams of their last gasp brought her to the ground and she covered her head of what she did. No Elma you need to be strong, you can’t let Charter down after he gave you so much confidence pluse I can’t go back to the guild unless I improve myself. Sam got close to Elma and rubbed his head against her, Elma patted Sam head and stood up and looked at the ruin. “Well then best we continue huh.”

Elma walked into the camp seeing that the archers were taken care off, she looked at the perch were Charter was and smiled. Elma opened the gate and looked at the bandits who immediately charged her. “Well I have been meaning to use this new magic I learned best I try it now.” Elma raised her arms and opened her hands and lightning started to come out of it sapping the five or so bandits the electricity traveled through each bandit through the ground and bolts passing through their bodies, Elma closed her hands and looked at the bandits with her eyes glowing blue. Elma pointed her finger at the bandits and the bandits started to run from her.” Ou so this is what it’s like to have people fear you, it’s not a bad feeling I could get used to this.”

Charter looked at the even from the perch. “Ugh no she’s getting cocky, I should get evolve and stop this but let’s see how far she goes. Come on Elma don’t let your magic get to your head.”

Elma continued to make her way to the camp until more bandits came out of the tents and looked at Elma. “I’m going to say this once, lay down your weapons and surrender or attack and lose your lives for nothing.”

“Huh you think you kill the rest of us- and Ice spike suddenly pierced the man’s head. Elma looked at the remaining bandits and created a few familiars, Elma looked at her creations and ice hyena, wolf and boar. She looked at her fire creations, a flaming bear, tiger and Elk. “Hum I seem to be getting better at my summoning in quantity, and there not attacking cool.” Elma pointed her finger at the Bandits, go get them.” Elma smiled and her constructs did what they were told and attacked the bandits.

Charter looked from his perch at the carnage. “Gods damn it Elma, better go get her before she does something stupid, Slone let’s go.” Charter slid off his perch and made his way to the camp.

The bandit leader came out of the ruin and looked around. “What the fuck is going on out here?! Who dares attack my men?!” An ice spike landed next to the man’s head.

“That would be me, see I’ve been contracted to kill you.”

“Heh you kill me that’s the best thing I heard all day, you kill me that’s a laugh come here you worthless bitch.” The man charged Elam but was hit by a flaming Elk and knocked to the ground, the man got up and looked at Elma constructs. The man chuckled at the constructs and charged again this time cutting through each construct like they were paper. “Heh well guess they weren’t as threatening as I thought, guess my men did more damage then you thought.” Elma used her flame magic against the man but it went out. “Aw out of mana?”

“Ugh oh.” Elma slowly back up in fear. “Now now we can talk about this.” The bandit punched Elma knocking her to the ground, Sam bit the man’s leg but he slammed his knee on sam neck. And threw him to the side. “Heh you think we can talk after you slaughtered my men, ou no I’m going to play with you for all that you did.” The man ripped the bottom part of Elma robe and kicked her to the ground. Before he could do anything else to Elma Slone talked the man to the ground and Charter slashed the man’s armor and repeatedly slammed his shield against the man’s head, Charter then decapitated the man. Charter looked at Elma and knelled down.

“You got to cocky, never get to cocky or you will become the person that was holding that crystal.” Charter extended his hand to Elma and lifted her up.

“I’m sorry it’s just it felt great using my magic to its fullest.”

Charter went to Sam and poured his healing position down his throat.” Elma remember absolute power corrupts absolutely, your powerful yes but don’t let it go to your head. And don’t let your adrenaline get the better of you ether, but this was your first mission alone and all things considered you did well. Just don’t go full throttle with your magic pace yourself, I mean six constructs? A bit over board don’t you think?” Sam stood up again and went to his father.

Elam lowered her head. “I guess I have a lot to learn huh?”

Charter patted Elma head.” Yes you do, but for now you did well. Now then let’s go and collect that bounty.” Charter but the bandits head on Slone, and whistled to Elam horse. Elma got on her horse and felt the coldness of the settle. “Hum well since were going into town might as well repair your robes as well as get you a new one. We should also talk to Ed about getting you some armor for you to put over your robes.”

Elma smiled at Charter. “I would appreciate that, thanks brother for everything.”

“Of course were family after all, now then let’s get going before you start catching a draft.


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Frostlich1228 & ZombieSplitter53
Warm Welcome
Part One

Havenbrook Manor
Sept 26th, 3349
1:47 p.m.

Mina stood outside the Manor in quiet anticipation as she awaited the arrival of her missing people. Veeti had already arrived with Chivi in a rush so she could be treated outside of Themosa, but Mina was now waiting for the two she was both hoping to see... and dreading to see.

The Carriage she had been waiting for finally pulled up. The driver quickly got out of his seat, walking around to the passenger door and knocking to let them off.

Betty stepped out first, taking the man's hand slowly as her feet finally touched Serasam soil again. However the poor Thrope looked ragged, deep, dark bags under her eyes, hair frazzled and uncared for as she held her head with her hand. Betty stopped in her tracks when she saw Mina, looking away, not wanting her friend to see her like this.

Mina rushed over, however, wrapping her in a tight hug. "I am... so sorry, Betty."

Betty seemed surprised, but gave a tired smile. "It's... It's not your fault..."

"Don't... please, Betty, you are all my responsibility. I shouldn't have let something like this happen."

"None of us knew Mina..." The Fly reassured, wrapping her arms around the Lead Hunter to complete the hug.

Mina sighed. "Where is Erin? Is she okay?"

"I'm... Not sure I'd say... Okay... But she's behind me..." Betty looked up into the carriage, "Erin? Are you coming out?"

Erin slowly stepped out of the carriage. Mina had never seen the proud woman look so meek. So pitiful. Mina moved to hug her, but Erin flinched and ducked behind Betty.

"Mina just... Give her a little bit of space, okay...?" Betty said, turning around and softly rubbing Erin's hand.

"Are we really home?" Erin asked meekly.

"We are..." Betty kissed Erin's cheek lightly. "We're here with Eliza, Mags, Nina, Veeti, Everyone. Our... Our whole family..."

"But are you sure?!" Erin shook her head. "It could be a trick. Do I want to be here? How do I know? Is it... my choice?"

Betty didn't really have an answer to that, her own thoughts had been jumbled for a time too, even after her freedom.

"You are home." Mina pointed to her neck. "The collars are gone, right? So you are really you now."

Erin rubbed her neck. "R-right, how... silly of me..."

Mina stepped to the side. "Why don't... you two go inside. It has been so long. Why not get something to eat, take a bath, and just rest up?"

"Does... Does zhat sound good? We could go... Take a hot bath..." Betty gave Erin a comforting look.

Erin smiled lightly. "I... I do feel a tad grimy. It would be nice to take a bath and clean up."

"Zhanks for coming out here to see us Mina... I'm... Sorry if I seem not happy to see you... I am..." Betty lowered her head. "It's just... I feel like I haven't slept in a month and zhat awful noise is still bouncing around inside my ears."

Mina nodded. "I don't suppose you remember... seeing me in a dream, do you?"

"In a dream...? I zhink so... It was my only real dream in a week so I spent a lot of time thinking about it..." Betty recalled.

"You were in such pain," Mina said sadly. "It was like you were trapped in your own mind, suffering from a deafening ringing that was driving both of you mad. I felt so... helpless."

"I was just... Watching... As my hands did things I didn't want zhem to... My mouth was saying zhings I didn't mean..." Betty looked up suddenly, something coming to mind that she hadn't considered. "How... Long... Were we over zhere? What... Day is it? It was... difficult to keep track of time..."

"It's the 26th of September," Mina answered. "You've... been gone for weeks."

"Have we...? After ze first week or two I just... Stopped thinking really..." Betty sighed. "I worked so hard to find my way out of it at first... Zhere had to be something... some way... Zhat's when you two saw me... But after zhat I just tried to turn my mind off as best I could... But zhat buzzing was just loud enough to keep me from getting used to it but just quiet enough zhat so zhat I didn't just completely lose it... Maybe zhat would've been better..."

"I am glad we didn't lose it." Erin held her hand. "I wonder... if he knew about the pain the collars cause. I wonder if he would care..."

Betty gave a small smile as she felt Erin's hand on hers. "Maybe through testing... But certainly not through experience... If he did know, he probably had no idea how bad..."

Mina sighed. "What a foul little Netzi. I honestly think the fact that he treated you like a daughter at first makes it all the more worse."

"I've never felt more lied to..." Betty rubbed her own arm. "At first I didn't zhink it was real but... It all clicked into place..."

"Ms. Havenbrook? Has... Veeti... arrived yet?" The Tinkerer asked worriedly.

Mina nodded. "She's going to be okay. It was a miracle, really. Despite her massive injuries, she'll recover. Though she... w-won't be able to walk for quite a while..."

Betty put her head in her hands. "I shot her... He told me to shoot... I wasn't aiming for her..."

"Then that is two reasons why it wasn't your fault, right?" Mina insisted. "Why don't you go see her too? She'll tell you the same thing."

"Why don't we all? I... Need to see her." Betty turned her head. "Would you come too Erin...? I don't want to be alone yet..."

Erin quickly nodded. "Neither do I. Besides, I am worried about her myself."

"Can you... Take us to her...? Mina?" Betty asked, hesitating a little.

Mina waved for them to follow. "Did you want to clean up before or after?"

"I just... Want to see her... Please?" She said in an almost pitiful voice.

Mina walked them to the infirmary. She waved her hand to the end, blocked by a curtain. "She was awake last I heard."

As they pulled the curtain to the side, it revealed the Netzi, her lower body was covered in bandages and she had a small bag dripping fluid in to her arm. She quickly looked up, only seeing Mina at first. "Hey Ms. Havenbrook. How's everything?"

"Just fine," Mina said, smiling. "And how are you, Veeti? Feeling any better?"

"I'm not in as much pain as before but..." Veeti inturrupted herself when he spotted her Sister and Erin, giving a comforting smile. "Betty... I was wondering when you'd make it..."

The Fly held her hands together, tapping her fingers. "Veeti... I'm... I'm sorry..."

The Netzi just rolled her eyes. "It wasn't your fault. If anything it was mine. Eliza probably could've taken that bullet, I just reacted in the moment. I'm glad I did it though... For your sake more than anything..."

"And I will always be eternally grateful you protected Eliza like that," Erin stated. "Please, never think otherwise."

"But you can't walk... You could've died..." Betty struggled. "I... Why did someone I love have to get hurt?"

Veeti opened her mouth to speak, but reconsidered, taking a few extra moments to find the right words. "It was a shitty situation but... Everyone's alive and the Doctors say with enough time and magic, I should be able to make a full recovery."


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Warm Welcome
Part Two

Mina placed a hand on Betty's shoulder. "There is a lot of self blame being thrown around. But we all know who is truly to blame. I'll say this now and as many times as needed; you had no control of your body, thus you have no blame."

"I still feel like I did it... Maybe it's not rational... But it's still zhere..." Betty pointed out. "I watched from inside my head as I pulled zhat trigger..."

Erin reached out and took her hand. "It's going to be a while... until we're okay, huh?"

"That's alright you two..." Veeti replied, "You've been through a lot. Just know we're all here for you..."

Betty gave yet another subdued smile. "Thank you... Sis..."

Erin took Betty's hand. "We should let her rest, and try and be more presentable the next time we see her."

"Yeah... And I zhink it'd be nice for ze two of us to have a talk..." Betty nodded, gripping her hand tighter in return.

Twenty minutes later, the pair stood in the showers. Erin faced away from Betty, her ears hanging down, her head low. She hadn't said anything since they arrived.

"Erin..." Betty said over the sound of the water pattering on the floor. The Fly wrapped her arms around The Bunny's waist gently from behind. "I love you..."

Erin flinched. After a few moments, she started sobbing softly.

"I'm... I'm sorry you had to get caught up in zhat with me..." Betty whispered, rubbing her cheek. "But I don't know if I could've made it without you... We can get through zhis... As long as we're together..."

"But... b-but..." Erin dropped to her knees. "I can't... I... I-I attacked Eliza. I tried to kill our friends. I... my head... the pain won't stop!"

"I know... I know it hurts... I can still hear it too... Zhat noise..." Betty sat down next to her, the cool water running over her. "But I know you're strong. We have to help eachother through zhis... For Eliza. For Veeti."

"I'm not strong." Erin shook her head. "I've never been strong. It is all a lie..."

"You are. You're more zhan your tough persona... You're Erin, Head Witch of Havenbrook, Master of Three Elements, scientific genius... My lovely fiance..." The Engineer rubbed Erin's wet hair. "He tried to break us, to... to make us not even feel like people anymore... To degrade us until we submitted... We have to remember who we are and what we can do togezher. We have to..."

"Do you... think Eliza will ever f-forgive me?"

"I zhink she already has..." Betty assured, closing her eyes.

Erin needed a minute before she finally calmed down. She took a deep breath and said, "I'm okay. S-sorry."

No. I... Understand... After all, I broke my promise to Eliza... Zhat we wouldn't be apart again..." Betty shook her head, saying with a hollow voice.

Erin looked up at her. "Surely, she won't hold that against you." She chuckled sadly. "Look at us. We're just going back and forth, having to cheer the other one up."

"Erin... Zhere's been something on my mind." Betty explained, looking into her tired eyes. "Do you feel like we should've killed him...? He's done so much to so many people..."

Erin hesitated. It was obvious she didn't want to answer the question.

Picking up on that, Betty apologized. "I'm sorry... It's just hard not to zhink about... It would've been so easy... But... Is it wrong zhat... some small part of me still sees him as my Dad?"

The Fly shook her head, "What am I talking about... I'm deluded... In denial... Zhere wasn't a speck of love for me in him..."

Erin frowned deeply. "H-honestly... I wish he had died..." Erin's expression darkened. "I wish... I could have killed him myself... for what he did to us."

"It may be better he live ze rest of his life in a cell, cold and alone... Maybe zhen he'll come to understand what he's done..." Betty shook her head. "We should stop talking about zhis... What's done is done."

Erin nodded. "It's... gonna be a long time to get over this, huh?"

"I'm sure it'll be fine now zhat Daddy's gone!" Betty said suddenly and upon realizing it, her eyes widened in horror, tears mixed with the water coming down onto them.

Erin wrapped her arms around Betty's arms. "He wasn't your father. Your... Your real father is out there somewhere. We were gonna find him, remember?"

"No... I... Zhat voice... I talked like I did when..." Betty shook visibly.

Erin placed her hands on Betty's shoulder. "While what? While you were under control? We don't know all the side effects of those collars. They might effect us for a while to come."

"It's over it's over it's over it's..." Betty repeated, her breaths quickening.

"It's over." Erin placed their heads together. "The nightmare is over. And like every nightmare, the effects will fade. With time."

Betty took in a few more breaths, slowing her breathing down. "I'm sorry... I... I should be calming you down..."

Erin shook her head. "We are both... broken. Emotionally broken. It will take us both time to heal. We will have to be here for each other, not one for the other."

"You're right... I should really Practice what I preach, shouldn't I?" Betty smiled, bringing her mouth up to Erin's lips.

Erin lightly kissed her, smiling. "I love you, Betty. And I will be here for you."

"We should go see Eliza... Let's dry ourselves off..." The Engineer stood up, taking Erin's hand.

The pair took their time getting dressed. When they made their way to the labs, Erin took a moment to look around. It felt like years since she had seen her. There was a noise in the back, Eliza back there.

"Eliza...? Sweetie?" Betty called out, a worried look on her face.

The demon girl poked her head around a corner. "A-Amam?"

"Hey... We're... Done with our shower..." The Fly leaned down, giving her a smile.

Eliza started to tear up. Finally, she rushed forward, practically jumping into Erin's arms. "Amam! It's really you!"

Wrapping her arms around her back, being careful of her wings, Betty nuzzled her. "You're our hero Sweetie..."

"No! No, I'm not a hero! I'm bad! I hurt you!"

"We understand. We know you didn't want to." Betty assured her, rubbing her arm.

Erin stepped forward, then back again. Eliza nuzzled in Betty's grasp. "A-Aunty Veeti is gonna be okay. I... when I chocked you, I... didn't mean..."

"I said I forgive you, silly!" Betty rubbed Eliza's head. "We both forgive you..."

Eliza looked over to Erin. "What I said... I didn't mean... I was only trying..."

Erin suddenly broke down, falling to her knees and crying. This caused Erin to start sobbing.

"Erin... I..." Betty began to say as tears started to stream down her face as well, crying with them.

"I'm sorry!" Erin tried to calm down. "I didn't mean to attack you! Please, forgive me!" She was surprised when Eliza immediately gagged her tightly.

"It'll be okay..." Betty said, he three falling silent in embrace.


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When A Star Shines Part One (ZombieSplitter and MarineAvenger)

Havenbrook Manor
Main Laboratory
2:12 p.m.

It was early afternoon, and the main lab was up to full use once more. One might think Erin’s traumatic experience would have made her want to take some time off, but the opposite was true. She wanted to work. She needed to work. She had been in her lab since she had got back, as if afraid to leave. Betty had brought her food and tried to encourage her to leave, but Erin didn’t want to face anyone. Who mood swings and the headaches had improved slightly, but she was as skittish as the rabbit her ears were based on.

As she was so caught up in her work, the world seemed oblivious to her. Suddenly though, a pair of arms wrapped around her stomach from behind and Erin was lifted off her feet, swinging her side to side in a big bear hug. She let out a loud, panicked scream. “Let me go! Let me go!”

“No.” a young voice said from behind, putting her back on her feet as a head rubbed against her back. “You’re finally back, and I am too happy.”

Erin let out a sigh, though her heart was beating a mile a minute. “O-oh… i-it’s you, Drayce. Y-you startled me.”

“Hope you don’t mind the intrusion too much,” A second voice said, walking into her view was Lyr, a small welcoming smile on his face. “When he heard you were back, he wouldn’t shut up about seeing you so I obliged him.”

“Oh, Lyr.” She smiled softly at him. “I didn’t know you two knew each other.”

“We were introduced when he proposed a bit of a… mutual agreement that I couldn’t really refuse.” He came close to her, and put a hand on her arm. “You okay?”

She tried not to flinch at the touch. “Y-yeah, I’m… just…” Her lip quivered a bit and her eye twitched. “N… no, not really.”

“What happened to you guys that has you so spooked. I didn’t pry mother about it because she looked distraught enough.” Lyr crossed his arms across his chest and leaned against the table. Drayce came into view for Erin when he stopped showing her affection though looked anxious not hugging her. He looked slightly taller last she talked to him.

She took several deep breaths, closing her eyes. “I, um… B-Betty’s adopted father… kidnapped us to sell into slavery. Plan all along for her. I pushed them to bring me with to try and help escape, but I was useless in the end. They, uh… he… um…” She instincively rubbed her neck. “He had these… m-modified gargoyle collars. He put them on us, and… we, uh… you know…?”

“Yeah, I know the rest.” Lyr affirmed with a nod. “I am sorry. Seems this world doesn’t like to be kind to people I care about it seems.”

Erin smiled weakly again. “C-care about me, do you? Or Betty?”

“I care about everyone here. I think my mother said it best to you in the first place,” He moved slightly to the right to show the Havenbrook crest sown on his arm. “Havenbrooks care about everyone under our protection. We’re all family.”

Erin slowly nodded, a few tears rolling down her cheeks. “S-so, Drayce, you… take care of Eliza while we were gone. You and Aemilia are her best friends after all.”

The dragon thrope reddened, looking away. “Y-You know… just… did things and… stuff… no big deal, hehe… friends, yeah…”

Erin’s eyes narrowed a bit. “Is there… something you want to tell me, Drayce?”

“T-The rumors are wrong! They are lies! All filthy lies!” he defended himself vehemently.

“Apparently the manor is split down the middle on which girl our little mascot likes more. The guild leader’s younger cousin or our residential half naked demon girl.” Lyr explained in short order. “I hear a lot of money is riding on the results.”

“P-People are betting behind my back?” Drayce pouted.

Erin couldn’t help but laugh softly. “Don’t take it too serious, Drayce. People bet on the strangest things. Though… how much do you like Eliza?”

“Lies!” Drayce cried out, slinking to the corner and pouting stubbornly.

Shaking his head, Lyr looked back to Erin. “Anyways, me and him got you a little gift since you're finally back.”

“A gift?” The rabbit woman nervously rubbed one of her ears. “Oh, you know you didn’t have to do that.”

“According to Drayce, you’ll be taking back those words.” Looking over at Drayce, he sighed, “Come on twerp, you were so excited to finally show her.”

“Shut up, you’re younger than me!” Drayce mocked, standing up.

“Yeah, well I am taller so zip it scaly. Come on.” he waved his hand impatiently.

With a slight miffed look, Drayce reached into his robe and pulled out an oddly shaped lump wrapped up in cloth and held it out to her. When Erin took it, she would take note of how heavy the thing was. Opening up the cloth, it was a massive rock that glowed a brilliant turquoise, brighter than any light in the lab that was for sure.

“Whoa…” Erin held it tightly as she examined it deeply. “This… this is…”

“It is the Mithrite I told you about so long ago. Before you were captured. I was curious if there was any to be found in the southlands, and it turns out there was after a lot of research. Thing is, it wasn’t anywhere hospitable, and I took Lyr to come with cause it would have taken forever to get there even by flying.”

“B-but… it’s such a big piece, I…” She looked at the pair. “This piece must cost a fortune. I can’t accept this. It’s too much.”

Drayce tilted his head in confusion. He pointed at the rock. “That’s just a pebble we found Erin.”

Again, Erin started to tear up. “This is so nice, I… I don’t… deserve…”

“According to Drayce, you’re the first southland scientist to get a hold of this new material. Have fun conducting your research. It’ll probably make you famous once you publish the study.” Lyr told her with a small nod.

“And me and Lyr can always get more if you need!” Drayce said happily. “It turns out that I wasn’t really all that knowledgeable about the stuff. They aren’t just shiny rocks. They are like… magic conductors or something. They are really cool!”

“Here, I’ll show you.”


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When A Star Shines Part Two (ZombieSplitter and MarineAvenger)

Lyr held out his hand for the massive stone. When he took it, the stone began to shimmer even brighter than before, so much so that it was impossible to even stare at it directly. When Erin looked away she had a purple after image of the rock floating across her vision. The light died down enough that she could look back, and instead of bright turquoise, the large crystalline stone was now a golden white.

“And when I hold it and pump some juice into it, the thing turns like… super black! I have no clue what its natural color is. It’s only blue cause of where we found it.” Drayce continued to explain.

“I see. M-maybe I can find that out.” Erin took it once more, cradling it in her hands and smiling sweetly. “You two are the best. To go through the trouble for me… thank you. I’ll be sure to include who found it in any articles I write.” She looked it over for a while longer before looking up at Drayce. “I don’t understand something, though. You said it was too far for you to fly. Where did you find it?”

“Oh well…” Drayce scratched the back of his head. “Well… when I said it was in the southlands that is a technicality. See… it is in the south but… really south. I mean like… really south.”
“The polar ice cap.” Lyr filled in more specifically, shivering just thinking about the place. “Dreadful. If it wasn’t for Drayce’s flames, I’d have been in a bad place. Ophidians… are not built for the cold unaccustomed.”

“Yeah, and we fought some really big baddies too. Like… the kind of baddies that would have the big monsters here for an appetizer after those ate the normal ones kind of bad.” The excitement on his face from such a statement was a testament to the state of those baddies it seemed.

“You… went all the way to the center of the Land of Ice for me and… fought monsters to get this…?” The rabbit woman scowled at them. “Unacceptable! I can not ask you to put yourself in that kind of danger for me. W-w-what if you had froze to death?! Or you were eaten?!”

“Ah, but you see we didn’t and we weren’t.” Lyr quipped, Drayce laughing in agreement as the two bumped fists. “Besides, we were fine. I could have made us a portal out of there at any time if things got too hairy. And whether I like it or not, I got that bastard Destani’s own bloody luck. No better way to tempt fate then be its best friend.”

“I… I guess you have a good point…” Erin slowly smiled. “And now that you mention it, I am going to need a lot more of it to do proper research…”

“Yeah well, have fun with what you got for now you. It’ll be quite a bit before I return to that place. I can still feel the wind chill.” Once again there was an unconscious shiver from him. “I am going to take another scalding bath. You two have fun without me.” Lyr said, stepping next to Erin, he pat her shoulder. “Nice to have you back.”

Erin placed her hand on his. “Nice to be back. Especially with such a warm welcome.”

Lyr gave her an encouraging nod, proceeding to leave the lab at that. Of course, moments after the door was shut Erin found herself tackled to the ground, Drayce once again rubbing his head against her while being squeezed.

Erin chuckled. “Wow! Is this what it’s like to have a loyal puppy?” Her humor was short lived though, because moments later the sobbing came. “D-Drayce? Please… don’t cry. Talk to me.”

“She’s alive Erin…” Drayce said softly between the cries, holding onto her clothes tightly. “I found out before you were taken…”

Erin pushed up into a sitting position. “Found out what? Who is alive, Drayce?”

“My… my mother…” the Thrope said meekly. He pressed his head against her chest harder, “And just when I find out… you went missing too… and… I missed you Erin. I missed you a whole bunch. I wanted to tell you but I am still sad about it, and I… I… I felt like I lost her again when you left.”

“Drayce, I… didn’t realize you felt that way about me.” She rubbed his head. “You know, with the whole way we first met.”

“I don’t care…” Drayce said, shaking his head as much as he could with his face squished against her. “I love you anyways…”

“I… I love you too, Drayce.” She hugged him tightly. “So… please, tell me about your mother. How did you find out about her?”

“The… the Old Man finally admitted it when I asked him about the night he found me. He’s lied to me all this time… saying it was for my own good.” Drayce pulled his face away, looking downcast. “She’s asleep. And nothing he has tried has made her wake up…”

“Old man? Oh… you mean Uladan.” She continued to run her hand through his hair. “Maybe, since he can’t wake her, he thought it was better you think she was dead then for you to know she was alive but you couldn’t help her.”

“He said the same thing… but he is still stupid, and I still hate him.” Drayce said, shaking his head.

“Hmm…” Rather then try and get involved in the family squablings of a super powered dragon boy and a god, Erin moved on. “So have you seen her?”

“He showed me her through a bubble… that’s it. She looks the exact same as my one memory of her…” Drayce rubbed his eyes, cuddling up with Erin sadly.

“Well, I know you’re mad at Uladan, but why not ask him if he can bring you to see her?”

“I’m not strong enough…” Drayce whispered. “I can’t see her…”

“You… you mean… you don’t want to see her unless she sees you as being super strong? But you’re already so strong.”

“My heart isn’t strong enough Erin. I couldn’t handle seeing her like that.”

“I see.” Erin smiled softly. “At least she’s alive, right? And as long as she is still alive, you might be able to see her again.”

Drayce once more hugged Erin, remaining silent and closing his eyes.


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ExoGrim and Frostlich1228: Bad Memory

Sitting in her usual spot near the Bar, Magdalene played her harp, a deep sadness to her tones as they rung out through the room. For the few people there at the time, it was hardly a hearty tune, but a haunting melancholic melody which currently reflected the state of her heart.

Isabel walked into the bar that was set up in the manor, very obviously lost. She nervously looked around at the many people surrounding her, mostly men and many of them drunk. It was very obvious to those in the bar that she was out of place... either not supposed to be there or a fresh member. The young maiden sat on one of the stools, trying to recall her footsteps the best she could with a finger on her chin.

Mags looked up at the woman curiously, but continued playing, not wanting to butt into anyone's business.

The woman nervously approached the maiden and her harp. "Ummm... excuse me? Do you know where this is?"

The Sheep stopped playing, "Um... Where what is?"

"This... place..." Isabel continued. "I'm very lost at the moment... but if I knew where I was I could figure out where I should be going."

"Wait... Like... Here as in Havenbrook? Or... Here as in this room?" The Bard questioned, looking back and forth.

"Havenbrook?" The maiden seemed puzzled. "I didn't know that they had named a town after the neighboring guild."

"Um... No... This is the guild, you're in it now..." The Sheep corrected, not knowing what to make of the girl.

Isabel laughed nervously and rubbed the back of her head. "My bad, it must've slipped my mind. But, what's a tavern doing in a manor? Seems a little out of the ordinary... don't you think?"

"Are you... Okay, Ma'am...?" She asked, a concerned tone in her voice.

"Depends on your definition of okay..." Isabel replied, laughing a little bit more. "I've heard that I suffered a head injury as a kid, but I don't see how that would be an issue."

"I'm sorry I... Didn't mean to..." Mags trailed off, rubbing her neck. "Who are you...?"

"Oh, my name's Isabel." The woman answered. "I came here with a couple friends of mine to join the guild."

"Oh, you want to be a Hunter?" Magdalene's eyes widened slightly. "Well, welcome."

"Me? A Hunter?" Her cheeks turned a light pink. "Oh, no, I'm not a fighter... not yet. I need to be able to control my magic first."

"What kind of magic do you have?" The Farmgirl asked her.

"I'm not sure yet." Isabel replied. "I've only used it in short bursts... and no ones been able to teach me how to use it."

Mags considered for a moment before asking. "Well... What does it do?"

"It's different from time to time." The maiden explained. "It's done many things over the time that I've been able to use it. It's healed, harmed, controlled... I think I even stopped time with it once, though I couldn't tell for sure."

"Uh..." The Farmgirl scratched the back of her neck. "Then let's start with... What element is it?"

"I believe it was Ce-les-tial... yeah Celestial magic." Despite how sure she sounded when she replied, Isabel immediately second guessed herself. "Or was it Chaos magic? Ugh, I can never remember which one it is."

Mags blinked, knowing if it was true, she was quite powerful. "I- Those are very different..."

"I know... I just can never remember which one." Seemingly out of the blue, the same puzzled looked she had when she first walked in reappeared. "Ummm... where are we? Sorry for asking, I'm still getting used to the manor's layout."

Getting a sense of Deja Vu, Magdalene did a double take. "U-Uhm... What?"

Isabel tiled her head in confusion. "Did I say something that confused you?"

"Didn't you just ask that?" Mags looked side to side.

"Did I?" The young woman thought for a moment before giggling. "I guess I did, didn't I. It somehow slipped my mind."

"You are... A very strange lady..." The Farmer Thrope replied, narrowing her eyes slightly.

"There you are." A Elven man with glasses stated as he approached the two ladies. "How many times do I have to remind you that your memory is too poor for you to go off on your own."

"Oh, Ellingar." Isabel looked over at the Elf, giggling some more. "Sorry, I keep forgetting about that."

Ellingar sighed as he readjusted his glasses. "That's exactly the problem." He muttered quietly.

"Oh... Hello." The Bard gave a subdued wave. "You said she has... Memory problems...?"

"Yes, unfortunately." Ellingar replied. "She fell off a tree when she was young and it effected her ability to remember things very heavily."

Isabel laughed lightly as what the Elven monk said. "Oh, you know I would've remembered that... kinda hard to forget something as traumatizing as that. Not to mention it would've hurt."

"She mentioned something like that... Yes..." Mags gave a awkward smile before dropping it. "I'm Magdalene, but I go by Mags."

"Nice to meet you Mags." The maiden said with a smile.

"Yes, it is nice to meet you." The Elf offered his hand.

Mags approached his hand with hers carefully at first, but then shook it confidently. "So... Are you two going to be hunters here?"

"That is the plan, though I'm not sure if Isabel is ready to be a Hunter yet." Ellingar remarked.

"Yeah... That problem of hers seems... Pretty severe..." Mags tried to choose her words carefully.

"Yes, but... despite her problem, she would be a great fighter." Ellingar smirked lightly. "If we could find someone who could train her."

"Are you... Suggesting me?" She pointed to herself, saying slowly.

"Not really. Attempting to train her is very risky... as she has harmed anyone brave enough to try."

"She's... Harmed her trainers? But she seems so innocent..." Mags took another look at her.

"Don't scare her like that Ellingar." Isabel said, her voice sounding concerned. "You know I wouldn't hurt anyone without reason."

The Elf let out a sigh as he patted her head. "Intentionally, no... but seeing as your magic is extremely unstable..."

"So... What does it do? How does it work?" Magdalene leaned forward.

"We don't exactly..." Ellingar admitted. "It's done too many things too many times for us to pin point it's exact capabilities."

"Like what she listed? Really?" Mags looked in disbelief.

"If she's capable of remembering it, it's likely that it actually happened." The Elven Monk confirmed.

"Didn't she say... Time manipulation...?" Magdalene tried to recall her exact words in the confusing conversation.

"Can't confirm that notion, but I remember some on my former guild members talking about everything freezing around them during a mission... so it's very likely that she can."

"That's... Unnerving..." The Sheep ran a hand through her fluff.

"And quite unsettling if she were to be manipulated to fight for evil." Ellingar admitted nervously. "Sometimes I fear that someone is going to take advantage of her weaker mind and use it as a weapon."

"Well, then I'm glad she's here. She's safe with us." Mags smiled welcomingly.

"That's good to hear." The Elf said with confidence. "Now, Isabel, we should get going."

The fair maiden nodded. "Right. It was a pleasure meeting you, Mags."

"You too, feel free to talk to me if you see me in the halls!" The Sheep waved politely at her.

Isabel waved back as she departed along side Ellingar. The two turned the corner and made their way down the hall.


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ZombieSplitter53 and ExoGrim: New Comers

Havenbrook Manor
Outdoor Training Area
12:12 p.m.

Eraqus slowly flexed his prosthetic arm up and down. "Seems pretty light. Are you sure it is battle ready."

"Of course!" Ed grinned. "Who do you think you're talking to? Light but strong. I'm afraid with your magic out of whack, all you can do is open and close the fingers, however."

Eraqus did so. "That's all I need to grip a sword. Though I'll have to learn to write with my right hand now."

"Yeah, sounds like a pain in the ass. Oh!" Ed flew over. "This might make you feel better. Say you lose your sword. See that cord? Point your arm away from you and pull it."

"Why? What does it..." Eraqus paused, noting two new faces. "When did they get here?"

Edminfar followed his gaze. "Must have been when you were recovering. Come on. I want to show off..." He watched as Eraqus walked off to the new men. " work... dang it. Always the business man..."

Ralph nudged his friend, who didn't seem to notice the Elf approaching them. "Hey, Ellingar, we've got company."

The Elven monk sighed. "So that's where those footsteps are going. Just as I was starting to get an idea of what these swords look like."

"I still don't understand how you can figure that out with your sight..." The burly man muttered back.

Ellingar chuckled. "It takes a lot of practice."

Eraqus stopped in front of them. "Hey. Name's Eraqus, second in command. You two are new, right?"

The Monk's ears seemed to twitch slightly as he turned to the fellow Elf. "Yes we are new here. My name's Ellingar, this here is Ralph." He replied as he adjusted his glasses.

Eraqus extended his good hand. "Pleasure to meet you."

Ellingar gave the man a firm grip. "I can say the same to you."

Eraqus looked his face over. "Are you blind, Ellingar?"

"As close you can get without actually being blind." The Elven monk answered. "It's an unfortunate part of me, but I've learned to manage."

"And I still question how you do." Ralph remarked.

"You wouldn't be the first blind man here." Eraqus shook Ralph's hand. "So when did you arrive?"

"Just a week ago." Ralph answered. "We were... greeted by a fellow Hunter when we got here."

Ellingar's gaze shifted as he looked behind him. "If you would excuse me, I have to find our third... she must've lost her way again." Without another word, the Monk walked out of the armory in search of this third person.

"I still don't get how he does it." Ralph grunted. "Though, I still not sure how I tolerate it either."

Eraqus folded his arms, awkwardly with the new one. "Not an easy man to get along with?"

"No, it's just hard to be around a guy who can't actually see you..." The Marksmen remarked. "I really don't know why he even tries to see or how he can see what he does, but he's done some impressive things without sight... so I don't really give a shit."

"You're both Hunters right?" Eraqus asked. "What about this third person?"

"Isabel?" Ralph replied, rubbing the back of this bald head. "If she was going to be a Hunter, I doubt she remembered it. Ever since she hit her head, she's been a bit wonky in terms of memory. The only reason we still try to get her to Hunter quality is because of her magic."

"How did she hit her head?" The Elf asked. "Has she seen a mage for memory recovery?"

"Fell out of a tree when she was young." He answered. "And trust me, we tried. Nothing's worked on her."

Eraqus nodded. "And where do you guys come from?" he asked, unsure from his armor.

"Isabel and I are from Themosa." The burly marksman answered. "Ellingar is from Stormrend, though I have no idea how he got to Themosa from there."

"Aren't you friends? Or... partners? It never came up how he got to Themosa?"

"He doesn't like to talk about his travels prior to joining the Blackfang Organization." He mentioned. "Guy's got a few trust issues I've been trying to work out with him."

"Blackfang..." Eraqus rubbed his chin. "Sounds familiar. Didn't get a lot of flack recently from the growing Thrope resistance for their use of slaves. Like... a lot of slaves?"

"Yeah, our guild leader was kinda a hoarder in that department." Ralph noted. "Guess it's a good thing the bastards dead now... even if everyone else went with him."

"Everyone else?" Eraqus shook his head. "Hell of a way for a Guild to end. How did it happen?"

"You familiar if the girl named Terra?"

Eraqus nodded. "Former slave girl. Missing a hand. Likes her chain. I worked with her personally recently."

"Well, it turns out that while Ellingar and I were out on a mission, she had snapped and slaughtered everyone." Ralph explained. "With how bad it was when we got back, I'm amazed there were survivors."

"Wait, I... thought she only killed her enslaver. You're saying she killed everyone?"

"There were only two who survived the whole mess, a single slave and Isabel." The marksman clarified. "Everyone else... just left as piles of blood and guts."

Eraqus looked away, mumbling, "Maybe we should reconsider her employment if she is that dangerous..."

Ellingar returned with a young, fair girl beside. "Blasted hallways." The Elf muttered under his breath before looking up at Eraqus. "Did I miss anything while I was looking for Isabel here?"

"Just learning about where you came from." Eraqus offered his hand to the girl. "Hello, Isabel. I'm Eraqus."

"Nice to meet you mister Eraqus." Isabel said with a smile, as she shook his hand.

"I heard You're training to be a Hunter despite some... memory problems."

"I am?" The young girl tilted her head in confusion. "Since when was I doing that?"

Eraqus scratched his head. "Um... s-so, what are you doing here?"

Isabel giggled. "I can't stay home all my life silly. Ellingar and Ralph wanted to come here and I wanted to learn more about the world."

"Well, we travel a lot here." Eraqus smiled. "So do you know Terra?"

"No, I don't." The fair maiden answered. "Are they nice?"

Eraqus nodded. "She is. Sweet, shy." He chuckled. "But I hear she has a killer temper."

"Well, I'm sure it'll be nice to meet her." Isabel stated with a smile.

Eraqus nodded. "Right. So, um... what are your guy's fighting styles? Any magic."

"I'm a martial artist and Ralph here is a marksmen." Ellingar answered his fellow Elf. "We're not sure what Isabel is capable of yet, but we do know she can use magic."

"Oh? What kind of magic can you use, dear?"

"Oh, I'm not sure exactly." Isabel answered. "I can never remember how it works."

Eraqus raised an eyebrow and looked at the others. "Is the memory loss progressive? Just... constantly happening?"

"Constantly happening." Ellingar answered.

"That's... really too bad." Eraqus smiled sadly at the young woman. "Maybe you should meet with our lab mages sometime. They could probably think of something to help."

"I don't see why not." The maiden stated. "I like meeting new people."

Eraqus nodded. "Well, I'm still getting used to this." He lifted his artificial arm. "Better get back to working with it and seeing what I can do... and what I can't do. Maybe we can spar sometime."

"Perhaps we should." The Monk replied with an encouraging smile. "It would be nice to practice with someone new."

"It was a pleasure to meet you all." Eraqus offered his hand to the young woman. "Good luck, Isabel."

Isabel shook his hand. "Thank you sir."

Eraqus nodded to the others and headed back over to Ed.


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The fallowing is a colabe between Dhalexpert&Zombiesplitter53
Sisterly bonding

Alice castle
Sep 28
8:45 Am

Alice woke up bright and early something she’s not used to doing and did something out of character for her, she put on her hood and flew outside and saw the earlier morning sun hidden behind the clouds making the clouds different colors. “Wow it’s so beautiful look at the colors, I never thought clouds cold turn yellow and blue, and is that a bit of pink? Ou it’s so magical!”
However the moment the sun came from behind the clouds, Alice flew back inside.”
Wow early mornings are amazing.” Since she was up she decided to go through her castle, the emptiness of the hallways reminded her of how she started out. She kept walking until she stopped at Rumi room and knocked.

It was Rumi herself that opened the door. "What do you want at this... oh! Alice! What, um... What are you doing up?"

"I just happen to be awake I just came from outside. Ou the world in the morning is so beautiful, lavishing vibrant. IT's so amazing but anyway is my sister awake?"

"No, but I can wake her if you want."

"Sure you could wake her up I need to talk with her anyway."

Rumi stepped back inside. A minute later, Lily stepped up to the door in an oversized shirt that went down to her knees. With a yawn, she said, "Do you have any idea what time it is? You keep strange hours for a vampire..."

Alice grabbed Lilith and took her outside. "Look look at the sky, isn't it beautiful?"

"Y-yes... it is very beautiful. Cloudy, so I'm not sure how beautiful non-vampires would find it, but it is a delightful sight. Um..." Lilith chuckled nervously. "It is dangerous to be out here though."

"Um right." Alice brought her sister back into her castle and looked at her. “mm sis do you want to go into the city with me?"

"Go to the city?" Lily placed her hands on her hips. "What city?"

"There's a city nearby, I've been there a few times to get some of the maps that I have now. I figured if I’m going to free my people I best lead by example and let you see the city instead of being stuck here."

Lilith rubbed her arm. "Well... y-yeah, that would be nice. But why do you think you can trust me?"

"Let me think you currently have no idea were we are, and even if you did you will realize that it will take you weeks to get home. Also if you even think about escaping I can just have reaper open a portal to you and bring you back here. So you have no were to go, and also I have been nice to you since you got here so i'm trying."

Lily rolled her eyes. "The correct answer to that was 'Because you have been so trustworthy so far and I want to be nice'. Geez..."

"Ou yea that answer, you want to come with me to the city or not?" Alice rolled her eyes. "Look I just figured we can just act like sisters for once, and not act like the prisoner and conquer for a day."

Lily nodded. "Alright. Sure. Though isn't it a little early for us to go out?"

"Ugh yea fine, besides I just happen to wake up this early. Besides I'm sure I can come up with some new tactic for the next pair of seven." Alice left Lilith and headed back to her room.

As the sun set, it was surprisingly Lilith who knocked on Alice's door, despite the looks she got walking through the halls.

Alice opened the door and looked at her sister." You know I almost forgot about you, I been helping whit the expansion of my little village had some fun times with Seclevar, and had a good training section with Marlee and Babani. So are you ready to go now?"

Lily frowned. "As long as you're not too busy..."

"Ou I can make time, just hold on a second." Alice went back to her room and came back with some contacts. "Here put these in your eye it will help you blend in."

"I didn't think about that." Lilith struggled to put them in.

"Yea the down fall of being in a city where you don't have to worry about anything." Alice easily put her contacts in changing her eyes to red to blue." Hum well don't you look like a regular human now." Alice grabbed a mirror and gave it to Lilith.

Lily smiled. "Hey, I don't look half bad with green eyes."

"Yea yea don't get used to them, now then let's go I want you to the city and get you some fresh air." Alice open the window and turned into a swarm of bats and flew out the window.

Lilith jumped out herself. Before she hit the ground, she transformed into a white wolf and moved to keep up with the bats.

"Hum I’m goanna have to learn that." After a few hours they reached the out skirts of the city and turned back to normal. "Ah it feels good getting some fresh air, so sis what do you think about seeing a different city?"

"It's... small," Lilith answered. "This isn't the normal size of a town, is it?"

"No after my raid I saw cites that are larger than this, but for now it's a different canary for the large walls you’re used to back home huh."

Lily looked away. "Is that the only reason you brought me? To show me how we're missing or something?"

"Will yes, but to give you some fresh air just come on let's go look around." Alice walked with Lilith around the city, Alice getting more looks then her sister. "Well I seem to be getting a lot of attention, but then again you do look like a child."

Lily folded her arms. "Insults on insults. Sounds like someone is bitter about the attention I got back home."

"Well you were a councilor so people were probable surprised to see you. But out here you look like a kid, but come on I’m just teasing you just relax will you."

"Yeah, yeah..." Lily scanned the area. "So what are we here for anyway?"

“I could use a few spell books to advance my dark and fire magic. Also some new clothes as you can imagine wearing the same get up every day gets annoying.”

Her sister grinned. "Oh, but it has such a good super villain look to it. I thought that was what you were going for."

“Lily despite what you think I’m not evil, I’m just willing to get our peoples freedom by any means necessary, unlike you who would rather talk it out. How was that going by the way since you had three hundred years to change their mind?”


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Jun 23, 2013
Part 2

"I was working on that. But now we'll never know if I would have succeeded, will we?"

“I think three hundred years of you making no progress speaks for itself don’t you think? Admit it sis the council is stuck in their old scared ways.”

"You're awfully impatient for an ageless being." Lilith looked away. "Can we just do your shopping? You know, it would be nice to have something to wear myself that wasn't plundered from the castles abandoned wardrobe or donated by cutthroat bandits that provably took it off a dead victim."

“I’m sure it will but at least they think about you.” Alice and Lilith went into a tailor store.
A young light Elf woman who was behind the counter looked at the two sisters.” Hello good evening how may I help you tonight?”

"We're doing a spot of late night browsing," Lilith said with dignity. "Do you have anything in my sister's size, or will you have to let out the chest area?"

“I think we have something in your size little girl.” The woman looked at Alice.” Your daughter is very well spoken.”

Alice smiled and laughed internally.” Yep I raised her right.” Alice rubbed Lilith head.” Now as for me you have any gowns in my sized?”

“I think so I’ll look for you both.” When the woman left Alice burst out in laughter.” Ou this great, hay maybe if you’re good Lily I’ll by you a lollipop.” Alice went back to laughing actually going down to her knees from laughing so much.

Lilith slugged her in the arm. "Guess we know the real reason I'm here. You must be having the time of your life."

"Ou you have no idea, but i'm done joking around as much fun as i'm having let me be serious." Alice waved her hand at the light Elf. "Excuse me mam, but this woman is not a child she's actually my big sister. See our father marred a Netzi and she go out mothers side on height."

"Ou my

apologize madam i'm sorry for thinking you were a child. Um any way madam here is a black gown for you would you like to try it on?"

"Humm sure why not." Alice took the outfit and went to the back.

"Once again madam i'm so sorry."

Lily waved her hand. "It's fine." It's not. Tired of being disrespected. But I don't want to make a scene...

Alice came out wearing a black evening dress with a long skirt with a small opening in her leg. "Ou I love this gives me a more of an elegant look."

"Isn't that a bit revealing?" Lilith comment with the tone of a judging sister.

"Ou I think it's just fantastic, great for royal bails you know I could lure a king to my and sink my teeth into him or queen whatever I fancy. Alice smiled at her sister showing her fangs.

"That's quiet the imagination there madam."

"And a poor sense of humor," Lily added, narrowing her eyes.

“Heh But point is I do love this outfit, but since you know my sister is an adult and not a kid why not have her look around.”

Lily sighed and glanced around the room. "Do you even have anything in my size?"

Umm we actually do, we get a lots of Netzi in this store just tell me what you want.”

Alice looked at her sister it would be bust you go with her, you’re goanna need a lot of clouds after all.”

Lily rolled her eyes. "Fine, fine." She walked to the back with the store clerk. "Don't disappear on me."

"Please I won't be going anywhere, go buy your close I will be waiting for you."

Lily was with the clerk for quite a while. When she was done, she had nearly a dozen sets of clothes, from casual wear to dresses. "This should do for now."

"Yes let me reach into my bottomless pit of money, huh fine how much is all of this?"

"Ou about fifty gold coins."

Alice eye twitch and she looked at her sister." I hate you."

Lily waved her hand dismissively. "Don't mind her. She has plenty of bandit and pirate gold. She can afford it."

"Ha ha ou your funny." Alice gave the woman a gold coin. There you go thank you for the time."

"Ou no problem thank you for your visit, you two are quiet interesting?"

"Ou you have no idea of the half of it." Once Alice changed back to her normal wear she loked at Lilith as they left the store." Alright let's get this out of the way so we can try and be sisters. You disagree with what i'm doing, I think your wrong you understand that for an ageless being yes i'm impatient but extinction waits for no one sis. You tried to talk to the council for three centers it didn't work so now I will force our people out of that city, for the good of our kind to continue to exist."

"Yes, I understand all that and how you feel." Lilith shook her head. "But I didn't bring it all up. You did with your teasing. If you don't want me to argue with You, don't press the subject. I thought the whole point of this was to pretend to be normal sisters for once despite that little problem of you hating my guts."

"I don't hate you, I don't think understand how many chances I had to kill you. There has been many now i'm going to teas you that's just me, but I do love you despite what you think. And I brought you out here to enjoy the change of cannery and to yes at least pretend that things between us hasn't changed, so what do you want to do?"

Lilith shrugged. "You mentioned books. I could use a few good ones. The library in the castle is pretty out of date."

"Yea your goanna have to work on that, I mean i'ts going to be your castle one day and the village two. Right lets head to the book store then, and maybe after that go to the theater and see a play since we can't eat anything."

Lilith saluted her. "You're the boss, boss."

“Ou I do love hearing you call me that.”

Alice and Lilith looked around the town more seeing more stores and restaurants until finally finding a book store. “Welcome you two how may I help you?”

“Hi do you have any spell book for dark and fire magic.”

“Sure do and what about your friend?”

"History," Lilith answered. "And perhaps a good bought of fantasy fiction."

“Alright how about I help your friend out first then you?”

“That’s Fine umm do you have any books on demons?”

"I'll just look around over here," Lily said, and walked to the side of the room.

“Um daemons madam do you know what you’re asking for?”

“I do you have any research on the topic?”

“Um only top science and scholars study Demons.”


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Jun 23, 2013
Part 3

“Hum well sorry for asking then, I’ll go look for the books I asked for then.” Alice went past the confused man and looked around the store.”

Lily walked over to Alice ten minutes later. "How is the search going?"

“Ugh finding a book on demons will be harder than I thought. Looks like I have to take other measures to find what I’m looking for.”

"Like what?" Lily asked. "Breaking into a royal library?"

That’s a thought or I can steal from Fairaven that you place should have what I need.”

"You give me a hard time about the cost of my clothes then want to steal your books. Hypocrite."

“Yes one is free the other takes money I barely have much of. Yes I raided a treasure, but that won’t last long.”

"Uh huh. If you say so." Lily held up three books. "I want these... if they won't break your bank, of course."

Alice looked like she was staring into space.” Huh did you say something. Ou you want those yea fine I’ll get them.”

"Um... okay." Lily carried the books to the counter. "What's the matter?"

“Ugh I’m sure this doesn’t affect you, he’ll you might be happy to hear it. I might have a trader in my ranks.”

"Oh? And who do you think that might be?"

“Could be an one, Alagor and Rumi are my prime suspects, cold be the new bandits I brought in maybe Tecunte planted a spy I don’t know and it’s bugging the he’ll out of me.”

"Could be me and Rumi together you know?"

“Sis considering you were my captive when I last dealt with rebellion. You should know I don’t take treason lightly, so don’t joke around.”

Lilith only rolled her eyes. "So who makes you think you have a traitor anyway?"

“Ergo put the thought in my head, said he’s been looking at my leaders and some have been acting weird. Could be nothing but I still want to look into it.”

"Well, what are you going to do?" Lily asked. "Rely on Ergo?"

“For now I’m just going to wait it out, Have reaper look at my leaders and see if anything is off with them.” Alice shakes her head.” Ou but that’s work we’re supposed to be acting all normal like right?”

Lily. Nodded. "You mention going to see a play."

“Yea we can see one, hopefully it will take my mind of things, but first we better perches these books don’t wanna keep the man waiting.”

Lily nodded. "We'll take these three."

“Um six actually found my spell books as well as a history book on Terra.

"How much?" Lily asked pleasantly.

“Um probably eight silver pieces I think, Ugh boy I’m gonna have to start doing trade soon.”

"Well, we have some books back home," Lily told him. "I'll bring them sometime for sale and trade... as long as you're okay with that, Alice."

“I’m fine with buying it now sis, I’m sure some of my mages could use some new books, as well as Rumi.”

The pair paid and headed to the nearest theater. They watched a performance about a Vampire and a human, lovers torn apart by the Noctunum War and their hope to somehow stay together.”

Alice steared in Aw Of the performance, after that play they saw another performance about the difference gods and goddess and how the made the world. Alice almost shed a tear during this play, for even though it wasn’t her she at least got a chance yo see the goddess of darkness again.

As they walked out, she couldn't help but notice Lilith smiling at her.

“And what are you smiling about, I take that you actually had a good time with these plays?”

"I'm just surprised to see you had a good time. I thought the fun had been sucked out of you a long time ago."

“I’m not completely dead sis, I can still enjoy myself. I just don’t show this side very often and why should I Now a days.”

"Stop being a sourpuss and admit you loved it."

“The playes were amazing, and a spitical to watch as well. And even though the person playing the goddess of darkness was fake it was good to see some images of her, I do miss her.”

"I know, Alice... I know." Lily gave her a heartfelt smile. "Thank you for the fun evening. Really."

"I can still be a sister even though i'm a conqueror, sis look the coming days will be difficult for us so we might as well enjoy this small bit of happiness. Is there anything you want me sis, just as it."

Lilith shook her head. "You've made me happy today. That is enough. Come on, let's head home."

"Yea I've been thinking about that, um reaper can you take us somewhere less public?" the reaper did what it was told and took Alice and Lilith to the middle of the forest. "Sis I have a question for you do you miss your real home?"

Lilith lowered her eyes. "Yes... I do."

"Alright then." Reaper opened a portal. "This will take you strait to our old home, right were you were we last met."

Lilith frowned. "No."

"Excuse me?" The portal closed behind Alice. "I kept you prisoner for months, I put you in a cell I'm taking your strongest warriors from you, i'm threatening your city with annihilation only for me to take it and your saying you don't want to go back home. Ok Lily what the hell?"

Lily folded her arms. "I go through that portal, I'm not coming back. Is that what you really want? Because either you don't realize that, or you're trying to trick me."

"What i'm doing is giving you a chance, you say you can convince the council? Fine you have until I come knocking at your door with my army and do it by force and kill the entire council and get our race out of there with portals, so i'm giving you until then to put your money were your mouth is convince the council you do that I will leave our home alone and go take another city as my capital." Reaper reopened the portal.

Lilith slowly walked through the portal and turned back. "Thank You, sister. So much. I won't let you down."

"You better not, I hope you do succeed in our mission to have our people free." When the portal closed Alice smiled and laughed to herself. "Ugh you better win sis, otherwise I will take that city from you." Alice turned to a sworm of bats and went home."


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Frostlich1228 & Black0ut present:
Metal Fatigue

Havebrook Manor
Main Lab
10:25 AM

Betty sat down at her worktable in the lab, looking something over sadly. She fiddled with it a few times, taking a screwdriver in her hands before just throwing it at the wall near her in frustration.

Her workspace looked the same as when she had left it a month ago, except for a new Gauntlet, the one she had made during her time under control, staining the space. It sat gleaming next to her old one, whereas hers was practical, simple, reliable. The new one was Gaudy and needlessly complicated, so much so it hurt her eyes it to look at. It was the antithesis of everything she was…

A hand poked her from behind, a small sigh coming out as the owner saw what she was irritated at. "Y'know... as a former slave, I must be frank with you: You won't feel normal for a long time. You will have nightmares for a long time and this period of time will suck for you. But where as I am ingrained in with my memories, you aren't. They'll fade until they're a distant, almost unrecognizable thing. But until then, I'm... what Doloran word works here... stealing. I'm stealing that." Jay said, his voice soft and caring. Several water orbs lifted the new gauntlet up out of Betty's reach.

"Fine... Take it..." Betty shook her head. "I don't know what to do with it..."

She sighed, spinning her chair around to look up at it. "It's... Gaudy... It's ugly! But zhat material is nearly state of ze art and ze mechanics are flawless... I was wondering if I should use it instead, toss it, or just scrap it for ze metal... Incorporate it into my original... But that feels like an insult to my pride and joy, knowing zhat it's in zhere..."

"Then don't use it or incorporate it. If you are struggling this much and getting so frustrated, chances are, you need to get rid of it. Besides, if you keep thinking on the what-ifs of the past, you will never start thinking on your present or your future."

"But is it right to throw away something zhat could save my friend's lives simply because of what I went through?" Betty played Devil's Advocate a little. "At ze end of ze day, it's just a weapon isn't it...? Just because I made it when I was... Like zhat... Does zhat make it so I shouldn't even touch it? So I should waste it?"

"Would you carry your shackles with you, even though you're now free?" Jay asked simply, leaning on his staff.

Betty looked down, unsure of what she should say if she should say anything at all. Finally she muttered, "A shackle of my own design..."

"One which I'm taking from you. Betty," The Light Elf started, taking a seat of his own. "Out of everyone here, I know how you feel. I suffered for over four decades, which has made me cold and cynical. I endured pains both physical and psychological... it's why I came for you, it's why I'm here now. To make sure that the one person, even if we don't get along as well, who has one of the sweetest outlooks on life, recovers from this blow she endured."

"Jay... I'm sorry..." Betty shook her head slowly.

"For what? For my time being enslaved? If so, you had nothing to do with it, so you have no reason to be sorry. I, however, do have a reason. I'm sorry I didn't come to save you sooner. I was going to mount a rescue effort sooner, but Titania and Lady Havenbrook stopped me from going. Had I arrived sooner..." He trailed off, casting his eyes downwards.

"No... Alzough I am sorry about that too..." Betty looked up. "I'm sorry about zhat fight we had before... I... Honestly don't even remember what it was about... So much has happened..."

"I was trying to impart my philosophy of violence only begets violence onto you... after we got back Eliza. Wasn't really the best time for me to bring it up, but I lack all the normal social graces that most people have." The Light Elf shrugged, looking back towards Betty, "And indeed much has happened. In lieu off that thought, I may require your expertise as I don't have a clue how engineering works or how to modify something to the extent you can."

"Are you sure I can help you...? I'm not exactly... In peak mental condition right now..." Betty warned.

"And I'm never in peak mental condition, so I'm sure you'll do fine. Besides, are you just going to sit here and do what I did? Get angry and upset about the past? Hold on to all the negative things? Or do you want to make strides towards the present and your future? And look at life with that cheery outlook you have?"

"Of course not..." Betty sighed, her expression lightening. "What did you need?"

"From my job with your significant other, I have money to buy elemental stones of power and seeing as how I'm a magic user, my plan was to incorporate it into my staff to bolster my magic. The only problem is that it is not designed that way and it will backfire if I try to do anything. So, um, my idea was to hollow out some part of it and insert the stone there. Any ideas on how to come up with an idea like that?" The Light Elf asked, twirling the aforementioned staff.

"That's all? Zhat's like... Ten minutes of drilling... Tops..." The Engineer looked back and forth.

"Well... there's another problem we need to work around. You see, my staff is not what it appears to be. It used to be corrupted by water magic and was only recently purified. Given the fact that it reduces my mana cost when casting water magic and bolsters the strength of my water-based magic, I'd say it's still a bit volatile. So the challenge is, how do we get in a magical crystal without potentially exposing me to risks in combat?"

"Mmm..." Betty scratched her head. "Perhaps if we use a toolbit magically charged like your staff, and keep our drilling very steady, the staff would remain stable enough.

"What do you think our estimated time for completion will be?" He asked, mentally sighing in relief. This should keep her occupied and not thinking too heavily on what happened. Hopefully this will help keep her out of that... state of thought.

"Well... I don't know... It'll definetally take longer and I'll need Erin to enchant my tools with Water magic..." Betty threw together a rough estimate. "Maybe... A Day? I don't have much else on my plate really."

"Huh... so, if I asked for another favor... for someone else... would you be up for it?" Jay asked, as he stopped twirling his staff, his empty socket seemingly staring at her.

"You're... Eye?" The Fly guessed.

"I'm fine with my missing eye... it'd throw off my combat style if I got a good replacement." He replied, waving his hand back and forth as if to dismiss the question. "No, it's for a woman named Titania. I don't think you two have met... short Wolf Thrope, kinda acts like the mom of the guild, except when she goes into battle, at which point she's very bloodthirsty?"

"No, we've been acquainted. I zhink I actually met her when I first met you..." Betty pointed out.

"Ah. Well, I'd like to construct her a new weapon, something mechanical in nature to give her an edge. It'd have to be some blade of some sort, but beyond that... well, you're the creative one, not me."

"Well... I could do something like a Trickblade or a Gunsword..." Betty brainstormed, beginning to be caught up in the ideas, Jay's plan working. "Oooor... I could use my newfound experience with oil and fire from my flamethrower work to make something really unique, one of a kind!"

"Like what? A flaming sword?" Jay asked, turning to look at her, his eye lighting up with interest.

"Yeah... We fix an ignition system on ze guard, maybe use some kind of trigger system... Then we add a fuel source to the hilt, connect zhat to the trigger with a nozzle. Finally, we coat the blade in some kind of sticky, long burning fuel... Zhen bingo, flaming sword!" Betty went on, her voice growing more and more excited.

"That'd be amazing... the only downside would be finding a metallic material for the blade, suitable enough to deal with the super hot flames..." he strategized, looking up in thought.

Betty's eyes then turned towards the Gauntlet Jay had appropriated from her. "Zhat metal would be perfect, actually... I doubt she would mind using ze leftovers from zis..."

Jay focused on the gauntlet as well, a slight frown on his face. "What materials is it made out of?"

"High grade Titanium Alloy. Rust resistant, corrosion resistant, but most importantly in this case, it can withstand temperatures of up to six-hundred degrees." Betty explained, sighing again. "It's lightweight too, and very strong... Quality sword material."

"Forging a shackle into a symbol... alright. I hope you don't mind, but I'll still want to help out with this project. I... I hope Erin won't mind..." Jay murmured sheepishly, his emotions showing: the nervousness, worry, and regret like holes in usual icy cool demeanor.

"Why would she mind?" Betty asked, obvious to any undertones that may have been there. "Aren't you her apprentice?"

"I am, to an extent, but... she's... I'm her only emotional support in the lab, as far as I know. And if I leave the place she's hiding out, she might be more worse for wear because of it." He explained, a worried look on his face.

Betty stared. "Her 'only' emotional support? Hello?"

"In the lab. Researching, my dear, researching. You're not there, unless you want to talk to privately, so..."

The Tinker held up a finger. "I haven't left her side since we came back... Right now she's in our room behind you, sleeping early."


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Metal Fatigue, pt.2

"And while that's true, normally she's with me while you tinker. But... she's doubting herself through her own work and it shows. Most everyone is supportive due to what's happened... but there may be a fellow or gal that's a little too ambitious for their own good." He warned, shaking his head. "Regardless, I'm worried, okay? I just want to make sure my fam- friends. I want my friends to be safe and happy."

"These aren't normal times anymore..." Betty shook her head.

"And speaking of... Why are you spending so much time with her? And Eliza?" The Fly narrowed her eyes. "Even before all zhis...?"

Jay smiled coldly, gritting his teeth. "Betty... I'm being nice. Please do not force me to be an ass to you. I'd rather repair whatever was left of our relationship before you were taken, than to start fighting with you..."

"It honestly might be a good idea to start keeping an eye on my friends... If the person who raised me for years could do something like zhat... Then what's stopping you?" Betty sighed after thinking for a moment. "I... What's wrong with me... I'm sorry Jay, if I follow zhat line of thinking zhen I'll be left all alone, just like he is..."

At the end of Betty's first comment, a water orb in the shape of a hand formed behind Jay, flipping her off and remained there despite her apology. "To answer your question, forty plus years with people worse than Veeti's father. And... that's a natural response to being put into a situation like that. And I should know, given my history."

Betty looked at the water symbol with an unamused gaze. "You know... For some reason I don't think you're sincere..."

Jay followed her gaze, and frowned at the watery construct before it dissipated. "You do know I've never been formally trained in magic, so whenever I actually do feel emotion, things like that happen, right? I mean you did just effectively told me I was not to be trusted, when that's been my entire life for longer than you've been alive. I believe that I have some right to feel angry at your words."

"How do I know who I can trust, Jay? How am I supposed to know!? You just said you understood..." Betty swiveled her chair away from him sadly. "It's obvious you don't like me... You probably only came to Themosa for Erin... You're just taking my place in Erin and Eliza's life..."

The Light Elf stood and walked over to Betty before gently rapping his hand on her head, rolling his eyes the whole time. "You're a dumbass. I came primarily for you, stupid. Erin was my second thought. So for whatever gods you pray to, stop being paranoid that I'm replacing you."

Betty rubbed her head, intent on at least teasing him to get him back. "It's not my fault you spend more time with my fiance zhan yours. What else would I zhink?"

"Oh... if you mean publically and on dates, then yes I spend very little time with her. But if you're talking about what happens when we're alone and with no one to disturb us, I dare say you'd be very wrong." Jay winked at Betty before returning to his seat. "Although, truth be told, I'm waiting to hear the news of Sylvie going into labor any day now."

"It won't be very long now." The Huntress in question said from behind him, pushing her breasts around his neck.

The Light Elf jumped, not expecting his fiance to be behind him. "You are far too stealthy, my love. Perhaps I should study from the master herself, so I at least know when you're coming." Jay murmured, his shyness coming out. Reaching a hand behind himself, he rubbed her back, knowing it must hurt due to the baby.

Sylvie smiled, her Belly was easily twice as big as it was when he had proposed, obviously marking the third trimester of pregnancy. "How do you still not know when I'm coming...? I'm very loud..."

Despite her demeanor, that play on words did cause Betty to snicker.

"Oi, you hush." Jay murmured at Betty, his face turning a light red. Let the teasing commence...

"I would be able to if you weren't such a Man..." She leaned down and kissed.

His face turned a darker shade of red, as he narrowed his good eye at Betty to warn her to not to say anything. Syl... why? If she doesn't stop teasing me, I'll turn into a tomato...

She smiled, looking over at Betty. "It's... Good to have you back... I would've went with Jay but..."

"I understand..." Betty said, seemingly confused for a moment, then with some panic. "Didn't you two only get together four months ago? I... Wasn't gone zhat long was I...?"

"No, you weren't... Sylvie's Goddess is kinda helping the process go faster." Jay answered, leaning back into Sylvie.

"Oh... So she is real? I heard a few zhings from zhat mission..." Betty assumed, staring at her belly.

"Yes." Sylvie sighed. "I don't understand why you would think she was fake. I'm not a liar."

"N-No! I didn't say zhat!" Betty held up her hands.

The Light Elf watched in amusement at the scene unfolding before him, smirking at Betty's misfortune while Sylvie couldn't see his expression.

"Really? Alright." Sylvie replied, clearly unconvinced.

"So... Did you come here just to see me?" Betty asked.

"Why not? You've been gone for weeks..." Sylvie nodded. "I like to think we're friends. And I could also take this opportunity to fetch Jay before he got himself in trouble somehow."

"How would I get in trouble? I mean, no one wants to mess with a big bad mage like me, so... chances are I won't get into trouble and end up nearly dead, like how we met." The Light Elf reasoned, closing his eye.

"Jay, you somehow manage to make people angry just by being anywhere near them." Sylvie chuckled. "It's a real talent."

"Better them mad than me. I revert back to how I used to be... and that doesn't end well for anyone..." Jay trailed off before coughing nervously, anxious to change the subject. "S-so Betty and I have a project that just might produce a unique relic in this world."

"Oh really? Spending time with other women I see." The Huntress nudged.

"Oh dear..." Jay groaned, rolling his eyes. "You're the only woman for me. And I would take no other, as no one can compete with you in my eye... especially since my icy cold demeanor is such a huge turnoff for most girls. That is, until they thaw my frozen heart, a talent only you possess."

"Aww... Sweet talker." Sylvie kissed. "But you know, if you wanted to be with another girl, the two of us could always invite her."

Betty scrunched her lips, holding a smirk back as she watched them.

"Ah, but you are the only one I shall ever consider my partner. No one else will be able to win my heart, I'm afraid." The Light Elf wrapped his arms behind his lover. A glare pointed itself towards Betty once more.

Betty quickly chose to look away as Sylvie continued. "Oh, you're the only one to win my heart as well. But you don't have to love another person to mate with them."

"Well, consider it a unique quirk of mine. I'd rather limit myself to one mate, than deprive myself of seeing your beautiful face every night." He sweet talked, offering a genuine smile that was becoming more rare with all the grim events that had occurred.

"Now you're just trying too hard." Sylvie chuckled, sighing lovingly as she looked at him.

"Can't blame a guy for flirting with his fiancé." Jay shrugged, as several light orbs in the shape of hands gently lifted Sylvie off the ground as the Light Elf got up. He turned and planted a light kiss on her cheek before his magic set her down.

"Even after everything... You two still put a smile on my face..." Betty looked down, tears in her large insect eyes.

"Betty..." The Human woman reached her hand out. "Hey... It's okay... It's over..."

Jay sighed, knowing that Betty wouldn't calm down as she was too broken up on the inside. After a brief moment of consideration, he turned to face her and began to sing. It was a soft and gentle tune that seemed upbeat, unless you knew Elven, then it was a very hopeful and nearly depressing song. After finishing, he sat back down in his chair and closed his eye.

Sylvie and Betty listened in intently, almost mystified. Then as he finished, Sylvie smiled and gave her own song. A Haunting, depressing melody filled the room, giving the Fly sitting across from her goosebumps at the harmony.

Despite Sylvie knowing nothing of the language, Jay could understand that the song was Elven. The song detailed an ancient tragedy, about a woman and her love, the husband being killed suddenly and violently, as well as the woman taking terrible vengeance.

Sylvie then concluded after a few moments, smiling at all of them. "My Father taught me that one... He told me it was passed to him my Mother..."