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The Perfect Couple
Part Two

“Well, boohoo for you! You didn’t just show me up, you humiliated me! And showed them… that everything you said is true. You didn’t redeem me. There is no redeeming me.” He looked away. “I’m finished. I lost my dominant arm. My magic is all messed up. You were right. There is no reason for your apparent lover to keep me around…”

“Oh… well… well, boohoo for you, you big baby! So you got put down. I don’t remember hearing you being such a coward before. You want to run away from your problems just because they’re difficult? Well newsflash buddy, life sucks for all of us. You aren’t the only one to have suffered, so don’t think you’ll earn sympathy for acting like a total idiot.”

“Says the woman with two arms and functional magic that just made me look the fool in front of everyone.” Eraqus crawled to his feet. “Why do you even care? Hell, I bet if I was gone, you would get my job.”

“Perhaps, but I don’t want your friggen job. The only reason I went through all the trouble of kicking those guy’s ass was because you needed to get out of your hovel eventually. I kicked your ass for disrespecting me, so consider it payback.” Kara crossed her arms. “So convicted to quit? Look Mina in the eyes and tell her then. And don’t you dare plan on looking away either. See where it gets you.”

Eraqus glared into her eyes for several moments. He then suddenly chuckled, shaking his head. “You’re an insufferable woman, you know that?”

“I make my living off of being such.” Kara said, turning her nose up at him. “Now apologize.”

The Elf blinked. “I… apologize for what? I thought you said kicking my ass was payback, and I still have to apologize? What about every insulting thing you said about me? And, you know… the humiliation?”

“Apologize mister!” Kara demanded with a shake of her fist.

Eraqus rolled his eyes. “Fine… I’m sorry. You’re not Lyr’s whore, and I’m sorry for what I said about Ophidians. Jeez…”

“See. Wasn’t so hard to uphold being a gentleman now was it?” the girl asked, pushing herself up with her feet to kiss him on the nose again, though this time with the lack of sending him flying away.

He rubbed his nose, remembering the pain. “What is that power of yours anyway? Between you and Lyr, do all Ophidians have weird, secret kinds of magic?”

“Weird? I’d hardly call it that. Ever hear of spirit energy?” Kara asked with a curious look, clinging to his incomplete shoulder.

“Is that like Chi from Stormrend?” Eraqus asked, scratching his head.

“Same basic concept. Well, I unleash it on demand, so I don’t even require a weapon for my attacks. No special wand, gun or sword necessary. I suppose you could call me an Ophidian battle monk without all the special quirks that come from training as one.” She explained, her attitude becoming quite bubbly at this point in time.

“I see.” Eraqus sighed, rubbing his eyes. “Listen, I… I need a drink. You want to get a drink?”

“You aren’t allowed.” She pulled the elf away from the manor. “Consider your last call long since passed.”

“Then, ugh…” Eraqus flinched in pain. “Then what would you suggest I do with the rest of my day?”

“You could come take a walk with me. Show me the special things about the landscape. After all, I haven’t done a lot of exploring of this strange country after all.”

“You’ve been around for a while now. Besides, I’m sure Lyr has already told you that I make for lousy company.”

“Show me the landscape.” Kara said more forcefully, furrowing her eyebrows. “I haven’t done a lot of exploring.”

Eraqus frowned. He wasn’t sure what it was about her that compelled him to listen. Could a hypnotic spell be working if one is aware of it. Finally, he slowly shook his head and asked, “Have you… seen the lake?”
“I have not.” the girl said with a clear shake of her head.

Eraqus took a deep breath, and nodded his head to the side. “Come on. It isn’t far from here. Just follow me, and try not to do anything weird.”

“No promises.” the girl said chipperly, not letting go of him as they began their short journey.

They walked in relative peace for a while, Eraqus pointed out a few aspects of the manor and area as they went. He was used to giving tours. What he wasn’t used was people giving him odd looks, wondering why he was with the woman who had just floored him like they were a couple.

When they were off the main grounds and away from prying ears, he asked the question burning on his mind. “So is what you said true? You know, about you and… Lady Havenbrook?”

“Mhmm. Though it is a lot more nuanced than you probably think. When I was… much younger, I became a slave to a very mean man. That same man so happened to capture Mina during her trek across the desert and our relationship was… very close while under the influence of a drugged wine. It wasn’t love, it was just comfort away from the confines of our suffering. Everyone needs a confidant, and her husband is away so often, she needs to keep the loneliness away to properly focus on her work.”

Eraqus shrugged. “I guess. I just never thought she would do that kind of thing. Unless Janne knows about it. Does… does he?”

“That’s between her and him. None of my business. What about you? Ever get up in there before you know who finally confessed to her?” Kara questioned with a couple light pokes in his side.

Eraqus jumped a bit. “N-no! I… I could never…”

“That almost sounds like a fib.” her mouth upturned.

The Elf sighed. “Look, I… I’m not going to say it never crossed my mind. But I could never. She is one of my oldest friends. At least, one that is still around. I could never endanger that. Besides, I’ve known her since she was six or seven. It is kinda hard to think that way about someone you first met as a little girl.”

“Very noble of you.” Kara said with a slight nod. “You’re royally missing out, but… it is noble.”

Eraqus chuckled. “Would you believe me if I said I’m just happy she’s happy?”

“Sure, I’d believe you. Just gonna be hard during those late night sessions missing that right hand of yours.” Kara chuckled evilly.

He nudged her with his empty shoulder. “What do you take me for? You think it is either Mina or no one for me? I’ve had others. Not… for a while now, but I’ve been a bit busy.”

“I just like teasing you about it. After all, look over there,” Kara said with a finger pointed over at a tree. When the elf look, he got a glimpse of Mina’s bare back and buttocks before she disappeared behind a tree.

Eraqus blinked and rubbed his eyes. “I… who… was that…?”

“Wasn’t real. But spiritual energy is great for a lot of things. Manipulating one’s perception of the real world being one. Illusions are easier when you aren’t the one paying to make it. Mina’s favorite. You say it, I can make it a fictional reality for a time.”

Eraqus quickly shook her head. “N-nothing of Lady Havenbrook, please. It just seems… wrong. Like peeping on her in the shower or something.” The Ophidian chuckled, laying her head against the elf softly, closing her eyes as they walked. He blinked in confusion at that. She was surprisingly comfortable with him considering how they were just butting heads a while ago.

They arrived at the lake. Despite the cool day, the area around the lake was warm, likely due to the open sky reflecting warm rays off the clear surface. “Here we are,” the one armed Elf said. “Lyr spends a lot of time here training with his two… uh, students, I guess you’d say.”

“You say that like they aren’t. A lot of people seem to have scandalous ideas about him and those two. I guess it isn’t helped by just how insistent he is of denying the allegations.”

Eraqus tapped his lips, then shook his head. “Nah. Lyr… isn’t like that. He’s a very respectable young man, considering… you know, fifteen. I mean, compared to how I was at that age…”

“I am sure you have quite the stories old man.” the young adult said with a roll of her eyes.

“Hmph.” He turned his head away. “Well, if you’re going to be rude…”

“Well, compared to an Ophidian, you are old.” Kara reminded the man, going to the water’s edge, reaching behind her and removing her skirt.

Eraqus quickly looked away, ever the gentleman. “Whoa, hey! A little warning next time! Bad enough you are already dressed so scantily...”

“Come take a swim with me.” Kara said teasingly. She jumped into the water moments later with a splash.

“I’m not really dressed for it,” he said when she came back up. “All I have are my boxers, and I doubt you want to see me…”

“Are you coming or not?” Kara asked, rubbing her face free of the water.

Eraqus sighed, pulling off his shirt, showing off his chiseled abs. “Ask the recently crippled man to swim. Sure. What could go wrong?” He stripped down to his boxers, not shy, but not used to this kind of situation, and slipped into the water.

The young woman swam over to him, looping his arm over her neck. “If you are going to be a baby about it, I’ll help you.”

“I-I don’t need your help… I mean, I might, but… not yet.” He shook his head. “You are extremely eccentric, you know that?”

“And you’re a grumpy old man who broods too much.” She met his gaze, giving him a serious look. “Guess we do quite the balancing act, hm?”

Eraqus slowly smiled. “Yeah… I think we do. Though… and hyperactive Ophidian and a brooding Elf? Think that could actually work?”

“I don’t care.” Kara said, pressing a finger in his chest and swimming away, her legs just visible underneath the water’s surface as she kicked up some water at him intentionally.

After some consideration, Eraqus decided to swim after her. Things were down for him, but it wasn’t over. And maybe, just maybe, he found something new worth exploring.


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Black0ut & Frostlich1228:
A Natural Proposal

Havenbrook Manor
7:54 PM

Jay walked quickly, his lab coat trailing behind him. He opened his door and quickly took off his lab coat and pants, and began rummaging into his drawer for his nicer clothes. After putting on a nice three-piece suit he had purchased, He nervously paced in his room, having already sent Titania over with a message for Sylvie, asking if she would like to go out for dinner. Checking around his room even though he knew no one was in there, he grabbed his favorite book, opened it and took something small and put it in his pocket. "You can do this... It's just a date... Stop panicking... She loves you, and you can't screw that up. Hopefully. Oh, Gods... I'm a mess." Sancros murmured out nervously.

Suddenly, he heard the Huntress' voice outside. "Jay? Are you in there?"

Taking a breath to calm himself, the Light Elf walked over to the door and opened it, saying as he did so, "Yeah... just finished putting on some clothes. Sorry for the slight wait."

As he did though, he immediately saw that Sylvie's belly had already grew a few inches bigger and able to clearly be seen under her shirt. "It's nothing. Although, you don't have to wear clothes, I wouldn't mind."

"A gentleman always dresses up for his lady." Jay replied, offering a slight bow to her, before looking at her belly. "She's growing fast..."

"Yeah... I probably should've explained more..." Sylvie scratched her neck. "You wouldn't mind if... She was born in the next month or two... Right?"

Jay's eyebrows shot up, concern etched onto his face. "N-no, I don't mind...its going that fast?"

"Well... The world is in danger from Tecunte... I wasn't sure if I could afford to take nine months of leave while you all need me and I sure as hell wouldn't have let you fight without me out there..." Sylvie pointed out, chuckling awkwardly. "So I... Asked Ahusirra to... Speed her up... Some more..."

"Ah. I see. Well, if that's the case, I should be more supportive. Or more over, I'm going to start taking care of you. Cooking, cleaning, maintaining your weapons, all that stuff." Jay replied as he leaned in and hugged Sylvie gently.

Sylvie gave an annoyed sigh, but smiled still. "So... Where are we going...? I could use some meat."

"A restaurant in the nearby village. I hear the food is quite good, and in advance, we won't have to walk there. I got a carriage to take us." Jay answered as he led her slowly away, trying to go at her pace, not his.

The Maiden held her belly as lightly as she walked. "Normally I'd be opposed... but... I've been feeling really queasy lately..."

"Due to the pregnancy." Jay explained briefly, as he smiled, "I already studied up on what's happening to you, so I could help you."

"Thanks, I'm not- Oh!" Her eyes widened in surprise. "I felt something... I think she kicked."

"Well, with how fast she's developing, I'm not surprised. But... can I feel?" Jay asked nervously, becoming somewhat more timid than he usually was.

"Of course. Here." She moved her hand, lifting her shirt up past her belly.

Jay gingerly laid his hand on her belly, trying to see if he could feel the baby kicking. After a few moments, just as he was about to remove his hand, the baby kicked once more. The Light Elf's eyes lit up as he looked up at Sylvie, a grin on his face.

Sylvie giggled. "That's your little girl..."

Jay stood up and peppered his girlfriend with kisses. "Did I ever tell you just how much I love you?" He asked as he continued to lead her towards the waiting carriage.

"Maybe once or twice... " She followed.

They soon reached the front doors, and Jay helped Sylvie down the small steps outside. "I guess I should fix that at some point." Kissing her cheek once she reached the last of the steps, he guided her to the black carriage, and opened the door to let her inside, offering a hand he wasn't sure she'd take.

Reluctantly, she did take it. "For the record... I'm only letting you help me because I love you..."

"Well, I love you too..." Jay smiled, helping her into the carriage before he joined her. The carriage took off with a lurch, but then gently settled as it went along it's way.

"I'm still not used to these... And..." The Human Woman waved her hand to cool herself off, despite it not being too warm. "Is it getting warmer in here? Strange..."

"Just hot flashes... they'll fade..." Jay said, holding her hand.

"You know... We're all alone back here..." She put a hand on his lap. "It'll be a little bit before we get to town."

"Kisses only... okay?" Jay bargained, slightly worried for the baby, but his lust for Sylvie very high.

"We'll save that for later..." She grinned, the heat filling her with desire. "For now..."
The Huntress unbuckled his pants, crawling her hand inside. "We'll do this..."

"O-oh... we're doing that, are we?" Jay managed to say, as he felt Sylvie's hand grab him.

"What's wrong? Have any objections?" She teased, rubbing him slightly through his underwear.

"N-none that I can think of..." Jay managed to get out, as he hardened in her grasp quickly.

Reaching under his undergarments, she gripped him firmly, but gently, rubbing it up and down at a steady pace as she watched his expression intently.

Jay began to moan softly, the pleasure of Sylvie rubbing him off starting to get to him.

She continued, bringing her lips up to his and beginning to kiss him passionately.

Jay began to moan louder, his breath becoming more ragged, as tried to turn the table on his lover by invading her mouth with his tongue.

Surprised, but happy with this, she brought herself above him, resting on his knees as she leaned forward. As she did, the Huntress continued to kiss him, moving her hand to rub him faster.

Jay had to restrain himself from thrusting up towards Sylvie, but despite the immense amount of pleasure he was experiencing, Jay moved a hand up fondle Sylvie's breasts.

She let out a pleasured gasp as well, having to stop herself from moving onto him. "Mmm... Oh I can't take it..."

She moved her hand, breaking off the kiss and lowering herself between his legs as she wrapped her lips around his member.

Jay's moans grew louder and louder, no doubt heard by their driver, who kept driving. Now using both of his hands to pleasure his lover, Jay closed his eyes shut lost in pleasure.

Letting go of it with a pop, Sylvie panted. "Go ahead... Do it... I don't want to mess up your suit..."

She then went back down on him, wrapped her tongue around his shaft.

With a cry, Jay thrusted forward as he came, shuddering from the intensity of the pleasure and his orgasm.

Her cheek puffed out from the quantity, however, she quickly closed her eyes, swallowing down the fluid in two gulps.

She took a deep breath, lowering a hand down into her own underwear to help relieve the pressure. "I should... Thank the ladies in the Manor... What a good trick and... It tastes good... Kinda salty..."

Jay panted, worn out from Sylvie's prowess. "I... wish I... could give you... some release." Jay panted out, as he looked into Sylvie's eyes.

"You can..." She climbed back onto the seat, her pants and panties down, revealing just how wet she was.

Jay moved one hand up to Sylvie's breasts to resume his work, while he used two of his fingers to gently stroke Sylvie's entrance. "Then I'm glad... that I get to let you have fun."

"Mmmn... I'm glad too..." She said, playing with her other breast.

Using his thumb he played with her button, and increased the pressure on his two fingers, as they threatened to slip into Sylvie's honeypot. Moving his hand away, Jay came up and opened his mouth closing it on Sylvie's nipple as he sucked and used his tongue to try to drive her mad with pleasure, as his free hand moved over to assist Sylvie's.

"J-Jay... Don't do that... They're so sensitive..." She gasped, holding his head with her free hand.

He gently pulled his head back, still sucking on her nipple before releasing it with *pop*. His lower fingers began to pick up speed. "Well, I guess I'll have to go faster to make up for it, huh?"

Sylvie panted, biting her lip. "Please..."

Jay straightened and leaned in, his mouth connecting with Sylvie's as he playfully fought her with his tongue. His fingers had become slick, allowing for more strokes as Jay moved even faster.

"Mhmm... Mmm..." She moaned lustfully, grinding her hips into his fingers.

He added one last finger as he went as fast as he possibly could without entering her and while he did that, his second hand went up and gently went back to playing with her breasts, despite the protest she had earlier.

She moaned loudly, then again, gripping onto edge of the seat. "A-Almost... There..."

Jay moved his mouth over to Sylvie's neck and began to gently nibble up and down her neck. Moving his hand to hold her closer, Jay waited a mall devilish smile forming while he nibbled.

Sylvie began to take deep inhales of breath, her eyes almost glowing slightly as she looked into his. "J-Jay... Ahn... Cover my mouth... Ahn... I'm... Going to..."

Jay moved his mouth back to hers to fulfill her request, saying before he did so with a big smile on his face, "I love you, Sylvie."

"Mmmmhnmmnnnnahhh!!" She muffled out into his mouth, fluid running out of her lower parts as her orgasm lasted a good three or four seconds. As it concluded, Sylvie's magic flared up, leaving the Elf's tongue slightly tingly and leaving her completely limp.

Jay smiled, as he stopped nibbling her neck and licked the fluid off his fingers. "Mmm... I like being able to hold you in my arms... and as much as I'm enjoying this... we're nearly there... so... while you're limp, I'll redress you." He reached down with his now-juiceless hand and grabbed her panties, sliding them over her legs until they were on right.


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A Natural Proposal, pt.2

"We are... Going to finish this... Later..." She huffed out, her chest rising and falling rapidly.

"That's if you have enough energy to continue. After all, I don't want to tire you out too much. What kind of boyfriend would I be then?" Jay teased, as he grabbed her pants and struggled to put them on her for a few seconds before sliding them up.
"You are truly... The pinnacle of the Masculine Sex..." She smiled, rubbing the side of his face.

Jay blushed, and the shyness that only Sylvie got to see popped out. "S-say t-things like that... and I might replan this night..."

"Oh really?" She laughed. "The good kind of replanning or the bad kind?"

"Good. A bottle of wine, a warm meal, and some candles for setting the mood." Jay replied, opening the door, and lifting Sylvie, tiny wisps of light hiding under his jacket as he healed his muscles to allow him to carry his woman like a bride.

"Uh... Oh! I feel like... One of your Queens! I don't even get this kind of treatment back at the village..." Sylvie smiled, surprised. As they exited however, the Huntress made a point to look into their driver's cabin, smiling as she saw his face flush with red.

Carrying her into the Restaurant, Jay went to a table having already made reservations prior. Sitting her down, he took his seat and stared at her for a moment. "Y'know... you deserve to be a Queen. With all the qualities you have, all the wonderfulness that makes you, well, you. You deserve to be treated like royalty, because to me, you are my Queen."

"Wow... Did you rehearse that, dear?" Sylvie leaned forward. "You're so cute..."

Jay's face turned a very bright shade of red, but due to the other people in the room, he didn't become shy. "I... umm... I didn't rehearse that. That was all from my heart, right here, right now."

"Well, if I'm a Queen, you're my very special King. I don't want to be better than you..." She pointed out, reaching over and placing her hand on his.

"I don't deserve someone as wonderful as you, Sylvie... but I'm happy I have you." Jay said staring into her eyes with the most gentle look he had ever given.

The waiter coughed, not wanting to ruin the moment, but still needing to do his job. "Here are your menus, if you need me just call out George, and I'll be right with you." The waiter said, putting the menus down, before attending to the other patrons.

"Oh, Can I have a glass of Tea? That's what you call it I think... The leaf juice." Sylvie asked, looking back over at Jay. "Jay please, you more than deserve me... You are the sweetest, most honest, heartfelt man I've ever met... I'm happy I could make your life better... Maybe even... Help undo what was done to you..."

Jay shook his head, a rueful smile on his face. "No one can do that... but you ease the pain and make me want to live in this world, and that's something only you have been able to do so far." Desperate to change the topic away from his past, he asked instead. "And speaking of things you've only done... how does your connection to Ahusirra work? Is it like you're connected to each other?"

"Our connection? Well... We are connected to each other... In a more figurative sense... She gifted me with her power, and as we have the same power, we are connected. Therefore, I'm connected to her more than the other villages due to being her chosen and having some of her power." Sylvie explained, thinking on it for a moment.

"I see. So she boosts your natural powers then, and you get stronger when she gets stronger.." Jay trailed off in thought, as the server returned with their refreshments.

"I... Guess that works yeah, although, I'm not sure I would get stronger with her." Sylvie corrected, taking a sip of the tea before staring at the strange yellow citrus fruit on the rim of the glass. "What... Is this fruit? I don't think I've seen it before actually..."

"A Lemon, I believe. A lemon is sour by itself but can flavor a drink when slice and put into a drink like that." Jay explained, as he looked up at the man.

"Not quite, sir. You usually take it off the glass and squeeze the juice into the drink." The waiter corrected, offering a curt smile. "Have you come to a decision on your dinner?"

"I'll just have a... Helvan-styled salad." Jay ordered, looking over at Sylvie to see if she need more time.

"I want... Meat... Can I have... The Mutton?" She said, looking up at him as she toyed with the lemon slice.

"A Mutton, and a Helvan Salad. It'll take a bit, but I'll be back with your food as soon as I can." The waiter said cheerfully as he wandered out of sight.

"Thank you." Sylvie said, licking the Lemon. Satisfied with the taste, she then took a bite. "Mmm... That's good! Like... It kind of makes my mouth tingle.”

Jay chuckled, his eyes darting around as if looking for something or someone.

"Jay... What's wrong...?" The Maiden asked, putting her fruit down.

"Oh, nothing. I was just looking around..." Jay replied, his bad leg shaking for some reason.

"Jay..." Sylvie leaned forward. "Are... Are you not telling me something?"

"Telling you what? I'd don't lie as much as I used." Jay replied, his attention back on Sylvie.

"You just seem... A little out of it today... Are you alright?" She asked with a concerned voice.

"I'm okay. I'm just... realizing how lucky of a guy I am to have an amazing person like you, Sylvie." Jay replied, offering a smile.

"Maybe it's not luck. Maybe Ahusirra brought us together somehow. Whatever happened, there's nowhere I'd rather be than at your side, my love." Sylvie returned the smile, taking a sip of her tea.

Jay blushed once more, his stoic nature crumbling at her words. "And I feel the same. I just wish I had met you earlier in my life."

"What when I was a little girl?" The Huntress joked, highlighting the age difference before becoming serious. "I wish I was born earlier for you..."

"If you were, you would've never found me. Or you would've been one of my owners. I... also wouldn't be the same. I would've been more hateful, less understanding. With how I am now, I can appreciate what my past self couldn't." Jay replied, as he reached over and gently rubbed her face. "But... this is a romantic outing. Let us not discuss the things of past or the thoughts of what could've been done. Instead, we should be thankful for the present, and look towards the future."

"The Future sounds nice..." She sighed contently. "Jay... What do you think Baby Jasmine will be like when she grows up?"

"Well, she would probably be headstrong, intelligent, kind, and charming, just like her mom." Jay said sweetly as the server arrived with the food.

"And She'd probably be Brave, Just, Courageous, and Empathetic like her perfect Father." She reached over and poked his nose.

Jay blushed once more as four men arrived, carrying instruments. After only a minute of setting up they began to play a sweet soft melody, as the Light Elf stood. "Well, if I'm going to be a perfect father... then I guess I should do something... something I should have done earlier..." Taking a knee, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring. It was intricately carved, with nature being the primary focus. It held a green jewel that sparkled as he moved it in his hand. "Sylvie... will you marry me?"

Sylvie held her mouth in awe for a moment, the ring being beautiful and opulent, like nothing she had seen at home and few things she had seen out of it. She then lowered her hand, smiling happily, even getting a little teary eyed. "I was waiting for you to ask... Yes, Jay... Of course I'll Marry you..."

Sliding the ring onto her hand, Jay stood up and hugged her, sighing with relief. "I was hoping you'd say that... I love you, Sylvie."

"It's about time I take part in a ritual of yours." The Earth Mage hugged back.

Jay didn't respond, instead leaning down to kiss her passionately, holding her closer.

"So... Uh... How does this work now? Is that all we do to be married?" The Human Woman asked, chuckling awkwardly, indicating she still didn't really know the details.

"Well, we'd need a priest to consecrate the marriage. Right now, we're engaged, meaning we're going to get married. At least that's how I understand it." Jay replied just as awkwardly, his time being free not allowing him to understand such concepts.

"Oh... So like... A specific kind of priest? Because Kva is a priest but I'm not sure if she's the kind of priest who would consecrate a vow of love..." Sylvie asked, a few ideas in her head.

"Probably a priest of the God of Love. Mujan'tella, or something, is his name." Jay explained as best he could.

"What about a priest of Lexina?" Sylvie snarked, thinking back on her time meeting the deity.

"That's not marriage, that's an orgy, dear." Jay rolled his eyes, still smiling at the woman he loved.

"You know it's a shame... My village had them around during our main three holidays, but because of my status, I was never able to join..." The Huntress tapped her chin, intent on making him blush. "How would you feel about that, Jay?"

Her tactic was successful, as Jay's face turned a bright red. "W-well, I don't really know as I've never been in such a situation... but..." Jay leaned in towards Sylvie's ear, "I do know if you were there, I'd make your eyes roll back in pleasure."

"I know you would..." She flirted, bringing him back to the table.

"Shameless flirt. Lucky for you, I love that about you..." The Light Elf replied, giving his most flirtatious look he could muster.

"I love your flirtyness too, I like someone who knows what he wants." Sylvie complimented.

Jay grabbed her hand. "Me as well, although we both know who wears the pants in our relationship."

"Both of us... Wait, no, I wear a dress... And sometimes nothing..." The Huntress seemed confused by his saying.


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A Natural Proposal, pt.3

Jay chuckled, shaking his head slightly. "It's a saying people use to say who's the dominant one in the relationship. So..." He explained, tilting his head to look at her.

"Oh, you mean me!" Sylvie looked away, slightly embarrassed she didn't recognize the saying. "Well, I hope you don't have any problems with that, lover."
"Of course not. Besides... I... kinda like it like that..." Jay murmured, looking away to try to hide his blush.

"Is that so? Well, if you decide you want to be in charge when we get home, you know, for a little change of pace, I'd be happy to play along for you." The Green-Haired Village Woman offered her lover, sitting her large breasts on the table.

"I wouldn't mind that..." Jay accepted, still looking away as his face was turning more red as they talked.

"I kind of feel like I'm in the mood to be controlled by a big, strong man like My Jay..." She looking at him, fluttering her eyes seductively.

"Then if that is what you wish, then that is what I shall be." Jay replied, as he looked at her, trying hard not to blush again.

"This is why I love you..." She teased, resting her head in her hand.

"W-well, I..." Jay started, too flustered to say anything else, as his lover had completely allured his mind.

"Don't worry, you'll get a break when the food gets here darling..." Sylvie laughed.

As soon as Sylvie had said that, a familiar voice coughed, alerting her that the waiter had been there for some time. "Your food, sir and madam." He laid down the two dishes and bowed before walking back to his other patrons.

"That man is far too stealthy..." Jay grumbled, casting a suspicious eye at the waiter.

"Oh well..." She looked down at the succulent Lamb. "This is what I'm focused on now..."

Jay looked down at his salad and smiled, but it seemed somewhat bitter even if there was some happiness going along with it. "You're right. Food's more important."

"Hey Jay... This evening has been perfect..." She said, taking a fork to her mutton.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it. I wanted to make this evening as magical for you as possible." Jay said sweetly, as he used his fork on his salad.

"Well, unless you plan on using your actually magic, then I think you succeeded." She put the fork in her mouth in an attempt to be civilized.

A bouquet of water and light flowers floated down towards Sylvie. "Well... I thought I'd do a little magic to see if I could improve it." Jay replied, smiling as he took a few more bites of his salad.

"Okay, okay..." Sylvie tilted her head back and forth. She then reached her hand over and grabbed a nearby flower pot resting on the window, her hand glowing green and causing one of the bright red roses inside to bloom voluptuously and lean towards him.

"Keep it up and I might have to seriously impress you." Jay chuckled, as he smelled the flower.

"Impress me in the bedroom later..." She talked dirty, leaning forward. "I'm just... So sensitive and horny lately... I want to just take you right now in front of everyone!”

"Ah, but in a bed, I'd be able to give you even more pleasure than here. So... shall we go and do something a bit more fun?" Jay returned, raising his eyebrow as he leaned in too.

"As long as we take this food to go too... We can take it right? I've heard that." Sylvie stood up, having hardly gotten into her dinner but not even caring. "I'll go down on this in the car, and then you later..."

Jay stood up as well and walked over to Sylvie. "Mmm... promises, promises. I'm going to make you scream out my name a few times" Jay whispered, gently biting her earlobe.

"I'm getting excited... You better deliver..." Sylvie grinned devilishly, kissing his cheek.

"For you, always," Jay replied, kissing her cheek as he led her away, Light Orbs in the shape of hands carrying their plates away, as Jay tossed a few gold coins at the waiter that had served them. "Besides... I'm also a little excited... I get to have you twice in one day."

Following him out, she carried some of her own plates. "You can have me two times a day, everyday if you want..."

"I think I'd wear you out if I did that... but I'll try to keep it to once every other day, just so I can have you practically pounce on me for some fun." Jay teased, a new elemental hand appearing and opening the carriage.

"Oooh... Practical." She held her belly, stepping up. "Maybe I should do that with my roots. Even it up?"

"Up to you, my love." Jay said casually, helping her in before getting in himself.

However, a little push with a large, brown root on his rear end helped him get up quicker.

"Why thank you, my fair lady." He grinned, as the dishes flew into the carriage and floated.

The Village Girl laughed. "Our daughter is going to be a little terror... Imagine if she inherits all of our magic."

"That's a terrifying thought... I have a ridiculous mana pool... and if she gets my natural knack for magic... well, we'll definitely have our hands full." Jay thought aloud, laughing after a moment or two.

"What I really wonder though... Do you think she'll get the ears...?" The Huntress asked. "I just realized I have no idea how Human Elf hybrid babies work..."

"It's a thought we can ask Lady Havenbrook about, and with her connections, perhaps these 'gods' that everyone talks about." Jay replied logically, thinking about it himself.

"We could ask Ahusirra. I'm sure she knows." She suggested, trying to cross her legs but failing because of her belly.

"How would one do that?" Jay asked curiously, as the carriage lurched forward.

"I... Don't know..." Sylvie admitted.

"You said you had a link to her, right? Even if it's only to her power she would probably answer your call. Either that or I can try calling her loudly. Who knows, she might even show up, given how she wanted my opinion on her." The Light Elf offered, as he brainstormed new methods to contact the forest goddess.

"I have her power, I don't think that means I can call her at will... " Sylvie corrected.

"What about prayers, then? Gods can hear prayers can't they? Why not ask her through one of those?" He said, rubbing his head lightly.

"We don't really pray... At least not like you do. We aren't really meant to have direct contact to her, we simply honor her with our treatment of nature." She explained.

"Not my Gods. I don't... ahem. Maybe I can lock onto her magical signature through you? Maybe send a bit of my magic to pester her?" Jay hypothesized, conjuring an additional water orb just in case.

"Forgive me if I'm not too enthused about pestering our Goddess with questions..." She hesitated.

"You're her chosen, you think if she was so fickle about being bothered that she'd take such great care of your village?" Jay argued persistently, trying desperately to keep his voice kind and warm. "She'll be okay, or at the very least, annoyed with me."

"Can't we just ask a nurse? I regret mentioning this..." Sylvie looked down and away.

Jay sighed, but nodded, knowing he wouldn't win his battle with his fiancée. "As you wish. I apologize if I sounded apathetic or if I was being rude. I sometimes forget that I can be a bit of an ass when I think aloud."

"No! No, I'm sorry... I... I shouldn't have been dismissive of you... It was a fine idea, I just thought... Please forgive me..." The Huntress looked back, speaking in a panicked voice.

Jay wrapped his arms around his love holding her for a moment. "I won't forgive you because, in my eyes, you did nothing wrong. I was at fault, not you. So, please... don't think I'm mad at you." He said softly, kissing her cheek as he pulled back to stare into her eyes.

"I didn't ruin this did I? I'm sorry... I ruined our trip..." She hastily spoke.

"You didn't ruin our trip, Syl. In fact, this whole night was for you, and you told me you enjoyed yourself. To me, that means our date went well. So, stop trying to blame yourself." He said quietly, kissing her lips.

"O-Okay... I just need to... take a breath..." She said as she did so, the manor coming into view.

Jay held her gently as he snuggled her in the back of the carriage, not knowing any other way to comfort her besides physical affection.

After a few moments, the carriage lurched to a halt in front of the Manor. Sylvie shook her head lightly, "We're here... I'm sorry Jay, I don't know why I acted so pathetic there..."

"We all have our moments of weakness, Syl. Nothing to be ashamed of." Jay replied as he opened the carriage door and hopped out, offering a hand to Sylvie as soon as he was stable on the ground.

Taking it, Sylvie stepped out onto the solid ground, sighing in relief.

As soon as Sylvie has stepped out, the plates of food floated out following the two as they approached the Manor. "Y'know... I never took the time to appreciate the small details, like how the night sky can be so stunning... perhaps my change of view is because I met you, Sylvie. I think you opened my prejudiced eyes to the world around me and let me see things the way they are, not the way they seem." Jay murmured, as a frown crossed his lips. "Perhaps I should've been a poet instead of a Hunter..."

"You would make a good poet." Sylvie laughed, "Or even a storyteller."

"Perhaps... perhaps. I'd be the most broke poet ever though. I only seem to be poetic when I'm with you, so I believe my poems are only for you, Syl." He replied, kissing her cheek as they reached the manor's doors.

"You seem to be taking a liking to Syl." She smirked, "I don't mind it, it's a good nickname."

"I was hoping so, otherwise you'd be a lot more cross at me." Jay chuckled as he opened the door gesturing inside to his fiancée.

Stepping past him, she held the door open so he could come in too.

"Why thank you, my fair lady." Jay said, bowing his head once he was inside.


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A Natural Proposal, pt.4

"Fair Lady? Well then..." She gave him a sly look.

"I could say something... that would you jump me before we even made it to the room... but, I like teasing you, so I guess I'll keep it a secret." Jay replied, winking at her as he took her hand and led them towards his room.
"You forget, I have no problem with spectators..." She ran her hand down to his rear end.

"Getting frisky, are we?" Jay replied, stopping and turning so he could kiss Sylvie passionately.

"The more time you spend kissing me, the more time I could be spending riding you..." The Huntress teased, accepting the kiss anyway.

"Oh? I thought it was my turn... wouldn't it better if I was pounding you into submission?" Jay teased back as he returned to leading them towards his room.

"Yes. Please do that..." Sylvie looked away as they came upon Jay's room. "You know how to get a girl excited Jay..."
Opening the door, he mentally sighed in relief, knowing that if Titania was not in here, then she was most likely with Kva. "Well, then I better not disappoint you then..." He replied as he took off his suit and tossed it in the corner, which was followed by his shirt. With a speed that would rival most of the Gods, he had stripped down to nothing, seemingly ready for what was to come.

"I... I want you to undress me..." Sylvie bit her lip.

Jay grinned and did so, sliding off her shirt in a smooth, quick fashion. He gently played with her breasts for a moment before going lower, sliding off her pants and panties. He stood back up and lifted her up, carrying her to the bed. After gently laying her down, two of his fingers gently began rubbing her entrance, his thumb playing with her button.

"Mhm... Mhmm..." She breathed out, holding her thighs open for him.

With a smile, he began to increase the speed he was going at, going faster and faster. Then with a brief moment of pause plunged his fingers into Sylvie's opening, as he maintained the speed his fingers went.

She gasped, pushing her fingers against her skin as she kept holding herself open. "Jay...!"

His fingers began to move faster and faster, Sylvie's wetness helping speed him up. He soon added a third finger to put more pleasurable pressure on his lover and to see if she would orgasm from the additional finger.

Sylvie wiggled her hips in ecstasy, "I'm... I'm getting close..."

Jay smiled, as he moved his free hand up to her breasts, toying with them, as he leaned in to passionately kiss Sylvie.

The Huntress looked into his eyes lovingly, happy they had found each other as the pleasure reached its tipping point. "Mmmn!.. Mmph!"

Pulling his mouth back, he smiled as he line himself up with Sylvie, gently rubbing himself against her opening. "Ready, my love?"

"Yes! Yes, I'm ready...! Please take me..." She cried, nodding desperately.

With a smirk, and an evil expression, the Light Elf plunged himself deep inside her. Leaning in, he resumed what he had been doing prior, except with an additional hand to toy with Sylvie's breasts.

Syl cried out, sweat rolling down her forehead as she instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist, gripping the bed sheets in her fists.

He moved faster and harder, as he pounded against her, enjoying her screams of pleasure. As he worked on her, he leaned down to nibble her neck remembering it worked well last time.

"Ah! Jay... Jay!" She moaned out, however, she held her arms around her, trying to let him know not to go any faster than this.

Catching onto what she wanted, Jay maintained his speed and continued to nibble her neck, slight hickeys appearing wherever his mouth went.

His lover's eyes rolled back as she let him take command for the most part, enjoying being on the submissive side for once. Moans made their way out of her mouth uncontrollably now, not bothering to stop them as she reached her limit.

Finally moving his mouth away from her neck, he intertwined his tongue with her, as he began to reach his own limit, his own moans coming out alongside hers.

Sensing this, Sylvie waited for his upcoming gift with excitement, holding him closer as she continued to pant from his assault.

Jay shuddered, releasing his seed into Sylvie as he cried out in pleasure. However, instead of slumping from a lack of energy from his orgasm, he continued, hoping to pleasure Sylvie more until she came as well.

Satisfied with the warm feeling inside her in combination with the waves of pleasure shooting through her, it only took a second for her to orgasm, letting out a high pitched cry of joy.

Slowing down as he was sure she was too tired to continue, he panted out, "Enjoy... yourself?"

"Yes... Yes I did..." She huffed, a satisfied smile on her face.

Removing himself from her, he laid down next to her and wrapped his arms around her. "I'm glad... then." He murmured, gently kissing her cheek.
She reached over and held his hand, still catching her breath. "You really are... The pinnacle of the male sex..."

"Maybe... maybe. But if I am, then you are the pinnacle of the female sex." He said sweetly, holding her in a firm, yet gentle grip.

"Well, that wasn't up for debate, I was gifted by Ahusirra." Sylvie joked, leaning her head against his.

"And I am glad she did so... After all, who would I snuggle with in the night?" Jay grinned, snuggling closer.

"What about Titania? You don't snuggle with her?" Sylvie poked some fun at him.

"Nope, she'd beat me up if I tried. Besides, that slot for her was already claimed by Kva and I think you'd prefer me without the bruises and cuts... unless you're into that kind of thing." Jay teased back.

"They went at it pretty hard, I heard..." The Huntress trailed off. "Speaking of... What do you think of them? Do you still distrust Kva?"

He paused, as he tried to think up an answer. "I still don't trust her fully, mostly because she flat-out tried to lie to me. And some of it was in part of how bloodthirsty she was. If she ever turned against Titania, my master wouldn't last long against her. But besides the mistrust I feel? I'm happy she makes Titania feel special. I haven't seen Titania so at peace before... Kva seems to take Titania's rage away, and for that, I'm glad." Jay answered, closing his real eye.

"Well... To be honest, I wanted to get a swing at him myself after what he did to you... I understood her anger..." Sylvie defended, opening up to him.

"I know. And I still think he spared me. He didn't have to hit a squishy spot with no vital organs, or use a non-lethal poison. But regardless, anger and violence only breeds anger and violence. Which is why I keep a tight grip on my emotions usually." Jay replied, opening up as well.

"I don't know... You're probably right..." The Forest Maiden admitted. "Kva's a strange one... I don't think I'll ever understand her..."

"Me either... but the one thing I do understand is you, Sylvie." Jay murmured, leaning over to kiss her cheek.

"Such a sweet talker..." The Huntress kissed his nose in return.

"Perhaps... or maybe I'm a bit of a kissass. Probably both." He joked lightheartedly.

"I'm happy to be married to you... I love you Jay..." Sylvie leaned down, planting another kiss on his lips for good measure.

"I love you too, Sylvie." Jay replied, snuggling into her.

"Copycat..." She rubbed his head.

"You know... imitation is the best form of flattery." He replied.

"Well, thanks then..." She chuckled.


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The fallowing is a colabe between Dhalexpert&Zombiesplitter53

Alice’s Castle

Sep, 20, 3349

3:45 pm

Alice was in her room with the god of Mischief, rubbing his shoulders. "Wow, I'm sorry for overworking you this past month, with the raid Lorica and Arakan bringing the rest of their tribes. And of course your mother. How is that whole ordeal going by the way? You haven't talked about it much."

"It is hard to say," he answered. "If what you said is true about my son, it is only a matter of time until they make their move against her. And shortly after... me."

"Now why would they do that? The only thing you did was be a pawn in her plan. I mean, who would believe you took it? I mean, you don't mess with the other gods."

Seclavar chuckled. "You really think my mother won't sell me out? She is so twisted and looney right now... especially after another of her plans failed. She is about ready to snap."

Alice bit into the god’s shoulder, taking a bit of blood. "You realize that, because of that, the others won't believe her. They know Tecunte would say anything to save her sorry hide, so even if she frames this on you, who would believe her?"

Seclavar smiled softly. "Yeah... I hope your right. Doesn't... Free me from the guilt, though. If I had been stronger, so many lives could have been saved. Especially... my aunt..."

Alice turned the god’s head and kissed him. "You can't change the past. I should know that, but for now, you do what you can and get stronger." Alice kissed the god again, this time being passionate about it.

When she pulled back, Seclavar nodded. "Well... as to the future, you have two of the Band of Seven to take care of. Who are you bringing with?"

"Hmm, that's a good question. Guess the new recruit Ergo. He did well during the last part of the raid, and might as well bring Marlee as well. And lastly, hmm... the cog tribe did have a person named Blisk in their ranks. Guess I'll bring him."

"You're going yourself, right? Try and be careful." Seclavar stood up. "I'll get ready and make sure I send you to the right place. You should gather your people."

"Right, best I get dressed too." Alice grabbed her dual swords, one being silver, and put on her black plate armor. “It's been awhile since I wore these, and I haven't tried these swords yet. Practiced with them, but they haven't had blood on them yet."

"Just make sure you don't touch yourself with them. I'll be right back." Seclavar stepped through a portal.

"Hmm, I wonder where he's going. Oh well, better get the others." Alice went outside, looking around her growing village. "Yo, Ergo."

The Light Elf quickly approached Alice. His armor was much the same as before, but all signs of his old loyalties were gone from it, insignia and colors those of Alice and her army. "Master Alice. It is good to see you in High health. Are you here for my reports on the village? Or perhaps my investigations of the loyalty of your higher ups? I know you did not request these, but I wished to be prudent..."

Alice put her hand up. "Those would be rather useful actually, I would love to know how the former slaves are doing. And since we brought two bandit tribes along since then, I would love to hear how things are between the two groups and if I have to get involve."

"I do not believe so, Master Alice." Ergo pulled out some notes. "There was some feuding between the bandits, but following your example, they have elected representatives to integrate and come together. There was some intimidation of the Light Elves, but they are stronger than the bandits originally assumed, and no major conflicts have occurred."

"Huh, good to hear that. Actually, I'm surprised to hear that. Nice to know that there is no infighting going on. Now as for my generals, how are they?"

"They all seem to be in high spirits. However..."

"However? Is there a problem with my higher ups? If so, which one, so I may have a talk with them."

"Forgive me, Master, I... do not know. It is only whispers... seeds of deception." Ergo shook his head. "I will need to investigate further, but... I fear you have a traitor in your ranks."

"A traitor huh? I will stay on my guard then. But for now, I need you to prepare yourself. We are going hunting for two members of the seven. Prepare yourself, and get Marlee and Blisk.

Ergo bowed his head. "I will fetch them right away." He ran off, giving Alice a moment to think alone.

"A traitor in my ranks huh? Well it was only a matter of time before that happen. For those that have power, there will be those that think they could do a better job. Could be Rumi since she's not under my control, and Alagor since my sister and Gravel warned me about him, but for now I have a mission to accomplish." Alice thought to herself, she then looked around at what she accomplished. "Ah, I came a long way since I first escaped. I know whoever the traitor is, my army won't follow them."

"Hello, Ms. Alice!" Marlee run over with the other two following behind. "What are we going to do today? Go after demons? Attack Hunters? You know I would fight a dragon with you if you wanted..."

"I appreciate it, and trust me, that will come into play at some point. But at the moment, we’re going after your former comrades to have them join us. We must bring them to our cause."

Ergo nodded. "While your methods of recruiting them are not my favorite, I understand why you do it."

"So who are we going after?" Marlee asked.

"Hm, I believe it's Tezrian and Babani, since according to Rumi they’re the only ones that travel together."

"Do you believe we can do this, just the four of us?" asked Ergo, not in a concerned way, or thinking practically.

"Have some confidence my friend. I do think we can. Besides, we have to succeed at gathering them so we can proceed further." A man came to Alice with blond hair, his hair in a mohawk cut, the man himself about six feet tall and was covered in block soot. “My lady."


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Part 2

"Ah, you must be Blisk. Arakhm talks highly of you."

Seclavar stepped out of his portal. "Couple of new guys I see."

"Yep, better give them a real test to see what they can do. Now where have you been?"

"The pair moved. Took me a while to find them." He nudged his head towards the door. "They're in Bevland. Possibly on the the way home. Now or never I suppose."

"Great, best we hurry on this before the return home. Alright then, let's go everyone, and remember, while silver weapons are great against my kind, we don't go down with a single cut. Also, we’re here to capture them, not to kill them."

Each of them nodded, and stepped through the portal. Before Alice followed, Seclavar quickly said, "Be careful."

"Aren't I always? Don't worry, I will be back." Alice stepped through the portal, being transferred to Bevland. "Huh, nothing but forest. I should have brought Lorica here for this."

"I have to warn you about something," Marlee quickly said.

"Hmm? What is it Marlee?"

"Distracting Babani and dropping your guard with the Construct will get you killed," Marlee said. "The Netzi-Construct relationship is a ruse. Babani isn't controlling it. Rather, it is operating independently, controlled by a wraith name Tezrian. So don't turn your back on either, alright?"

"Hm, well thanks for that information. It's a good thing that you told me that. I mean, me fighting a Netzi, I would have easily underestimated it. Did you all hear that? Keep your guard up no matter what. Hum, Marlee tell me more about this construct."

"It's a Goliath-class, specially made in Drăculești. That means pure size and strength. It is equipped with a massive warhammer even us vampires would have a problem lifting, let alone actually wield. Just... try to not get hit." She looked at the two non-vampires. "Especially you two."

"Right, well, then that's good to know then. Marlee, best we start scouting the area. Sure, she will instantly know vampires are around, but with you, you could deceive her. But that's not how you are, is it?"

[Ha ha.... hahahaha!]A voice laughed in their heads.[Deceive me? Really? How simple minded do you think I am?]

"Well, I did deceive a goddess, but in all fairness, she was a moron. So make this quick and show yourself, or do you want your pet to come out first?"

[You don't want to fight us both at the same time. So you are trying to goad me into coming at you one at a time. You see, you can not fool me. I can read your thoughts like an open book.]

“Good then. You know that you’re going to be joining my army, I don’t care if it’s both of you or separately, you will join me.”

Ergo placed his hand on the ground. "Something... something is coming. Something heavy."

It only took a few more seconds for the tremors to be felt by all. From the treeline, and large construct stormed forward, and smug looking Netzi on its shoulder. [Can't work for you if you're dead!]

"You would like that, wouldn't you? Last chance. Bow down and serve me or fight."

[Sorry. Gonna have to decline.] Babani quickly floated away from the construct. The hulking beast lifted its hammer, ready to strike Blisk. At that same moment, Babani held out her hands, and Blisk found himself unable to me. [Be smashed into pulp!]

Alice turned into a swarm of bats, dodging the charge. She returned to her normal state and fired a fireball at the construct.

The ball of fire just bounced off. It simply wasn't strong enough to stop it. It looked as though Blisk would be smashed until Ergo jumped towards him, knocking him out of the way at the last second. The hammer smashed down where he had just been standing, the ground exploding with a plume of dust.

Marlee used the chance to fly over to Babani, reforming from bats and trying to slice her down. Babani didn't even move, using her powers to knock the attacks to the side. She slashed at Marlee with a chakram as big as her, getting a good hit on Marlee's arm.

"Damn it." Alice looked at the battlefield, trying to come up with a plan. "Hmm, Reaper, I need your help!"

"Yes, mistress?" The Reaper asked, appearing behind her. As he did, Tezrain continued to swing his massive hammer and Ergo and the recovered Blisk. Ergo tried his damndest to hit a joint or other weak spot, but the Goliath wasn't a man in armor but rather the armor itself, and moved much faster then one would think. Meanwhile, Marlee deflected, blocked, and dodged the flying chakram, Babani simply controlling it with her mind.

"Reaper, I need you to do two things. One, bring me some of my zombies. About nineteen. Second, see that wraith? Think you can fight it?"

The Reaper held up its hand, dark swirls of magic forming, from which zombies started to rise. As he did, he looked over to the Construct. "Yes, mistress. I am one of the few being that can harm it. However, it is one of the few being that can harm me back."

"Good to hear, about time I had you do your job in harvesting souls. However I do want you to be careful, okay?"

"I will do what I can." The reaper roared, and quickly flew forward. He tackled into the Construct, passing through it just as it was about to flatten Ergo and coming out the other side with a terrifying creature, the wraith know as Tezrian. As the two slashed and clawed at eachother, the Construct stood frozen, its controller now occupied.

[What have you done?!] Babani yelled in their heads. [Leave him alone!]

"Looks like that worked. Reaper, use my zombies as you see fit. Take as many as you want. Ergo, Blisk, help us with Babani." Alice move forward and slashed Babani in the back with her steel sword. Blisk threw a fireball at the woman, giving Marlee a chance to catch her breath." You alright Marlee?"

Marlee was covered in wounds, breathing heavily. "I'm fine. I never... knew her powers were that strong. She was freely controlling her weapon while restricting my movements at the same time."

"Must be some sort of magic I never heard of. Look, for now I need you to rest. You still have that silver bomb on you?"


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Part 3

"I do." Marlee pulled it out. "But if one isn't careful with it, it could kill all three of us."

"Yeah, well, that won't happen For now, give me that. I can use my fire magic to set it off." Marlee gave the bomb to Alice.

Blisk was swinging his ax at Babani, missing all his blows. "Will you stand still, you little shit?"

She flew around, dodging and using psionic boosts to make it easier. [Will you just die, you ugly shit?!]

She held out her hand, and the Construct suddenly started moving again, the woman forcing it to move manually and run towards Blisk. Maintaining her levitation, her chakram attack, and moving the construct was obviously having its toll on her.

"Oh, no you don't!" Alice attacked the chakram, forcing it to the ground. "Reaper, keep this thing busy." Alice herself turned into a swarm of bats and returned to normal, grabbing hold of Babani and headbutting her repeatedly.

Not used to being hit, she flew back. [Don't touch me, you beast!] She lifted Alice into the air by her neck. [Never touch me!]

"Ou shut up, you weak fool." Alice kicked the woman jaw and threw something on the ground. “Ergo, hold on to that until I say otherwise." Alice punched the woman again and continued to do so on their way down. "You’re pathetic, not used to actual combat aren't you?"

[I... d-don't need to be used to it. That's what... my powers are for!] For every punch Alice delivered, she received a psionic one of equal strength back.

"You really think these magic powers of yours hurt me? Ha! This is nothing compared to what I've been through, but it's time I finished you off." Alice kicked Babani off her. "Now Ergo, fire the bomb!"

Ergo quickly tossed the bomb, and dove away, not aware that it would have no effect on him.

Alice threw a fireball at the bomb and kicked Babani off of her. The fireball exploded, a cloud of silver came out of it. "Enjoy your silver bath bitch." Alice turned to a swarm of bats but stayed in the air, not wanting to go anywhere near the cloud.

The cloud of smoke and silver hung in the air as the construct stopped moving. Ergo stood up and walked closer. “Is it over then?”

He suddenly gagged and gripped his throat as he was lifted into the air. Babani herself rose out of the cloud, a psionic shield over her, protecting her from the silver. [You think that was enough to defeat me?!] She threw Ergo, slamming him into Blisk. Behind the Nezti, a swarm of bats turned into Marlee, trying for a downward stab, but Babani read her mind and easily dodged, catching her. [I’m gonna need you to stop getting in the way.] With a sickening snap, Babani broke Marlee’s legs and arms with her mind and tossed the woman like a ragdoll before slowly turning to Alice. [You… I kill.]

“Really? I highly doubt that, but you’re free to try.” Well damn, that bomb was best shot in beating her. Welp, guess I do this the old fashioned way. Alice charged Babani, turning into a swarm of bats to get to her quickly. She changed back to normal and swung her sword at Babani.

Babani swung her body from side to side. It was harder to read thoughts while fighting, but not so much that she couldn’t predict the incoming attacks. Or multitask, as while Alice was trying to hit her, Babani’s discarded chakram flew up and straight towards Alice’s back.

The chakram hit Alice in the back, causing her to scream in pain. Thanks to her armor it didn't go through her, but it did reach her skin and started to burn her. Alice quickly punched Babani jaw an’sd kicked her away from her. “ Damn little shit.” Alice pulled the Chakram out of her back and looked it over. She threw it and went into the forest.

[Where do you think you’re going?!] The Netzi Vampire reached into her satchel and pulled out a pouching. From it rose a dozen ball bearings that flew into the forest and after Alice. [I’ll turn you into swiss cheese!]

Alice hid in a tree, trying to think of a plan, until she heard something coming through the trees. “What the hell is that?” Alice saw about a dozen or so steel balls coming at her.”Oh great, she’s really determined.” Alice turned into a swarm of bats and flew up.

The deadly steel balls flew around her, only her small forms stopping them from hitting her. By flying between the trees, she was finally able to make them hit the foliage. With that over, she landed, and found the forest silent. Silent, at least, until she heard the sound of someone approaching.

Who she saw however was Blisk, who seemed to have recovered from his encounter. “You damn bitch, you think you can toss me like garbage? I will show you garbage!” Blisk ran to Babani, hopping to chop her in half with his axe.

Babani flew up, holding out her hands. Blisk stopped, struggled, and started running towards Alice. [Die by your own person’s hands!]

Alice easily grabbed Blisk’s axe and threw him to the side. “Do you really think that would have done anything?” Alice raised her hands and fireballs started to come out of them Babani put a up a barrier to stop the attack. Through the smoke, Alice popped out and plunged her silver sword into Babani’s gut. “You have no plan for battle, do you?”

Babani would have cried out if she was able, coughing blood up. [I have… a few plans…] From all around them, daggers shot out from under the foliage, stabbing into the both of them. [I… will take you… with me!] Again, her oversized chakram flew over, wobbling a bit from Babani’s weakened state, but headed to decapitate Alice.

Despite the vast amount of pain Alice was in ,she threw Babani to the side and used her swords to stop the chakram. She threw one of her swords to the side and grabbed the Chakram. “You underestimate my willpower!” Alice threw the Chakram at Babani side. “I will not go down as easily as you think I will.”

The oversized weapon was large enough to nearly slice Babani in half, if not for a last second deflection that still left a huge gash. She let out a mental cry of anger and anguish before lifting Alice in the air with all her energy and focus. [I… hate… you!] she screamed, each would punctuated with a mental punch that felt like a brick to the gut.

Alice could feel her neck about to snap when Ergo jumped onto Babani’s back, tackling her to the ground and smashing something in her face that burst in a yellow haze. He was tossed to the side, slamming hard into a tree, and the Netzi’s body twitched as she struggled to stand. [What did… do to… me…!]

Suddenly, a hook pierced into Babani’s gut and she was dragged in to the forest and thrown back out of them. “You think you can control me and get away with it?!” Blisk yelled.

“Guys, I need you to will hold her off if you can. I need to find Marlee and get her back on her feet.”

“Already here!” Marlee, having recovered, tackled Babani and tried to force her to drink the hypnotic potion, but Babani still pushed back at her arm. “I… can’t… she’s too… strong!”

“Marlee don’t waste it yet, we need to weaken her more. Break her down and make sure she can’t refuse then.”

From the side, a group of Zombies ran over and started beating on the downed woman. The Reaper appeared next to Alice, a sphere of dark power in his hand. “I have capture the wraith, master.”

“Heh, and I was starting to get a little worried about you.” Alice started to pull the dagger out of her back, she then forced the blades into Babani hands. “Alright then, now Marlee, I believe we have a new recruit to gain.”

As Babani desperately popped the heads of the zombies one by one, Marlee shoved the entire bottle into the woman’s mouth. She held it there, messaging the Netzi’s throat until shestepped struggling, and laid limp. Marlee fell back and sighed deeply. A-are you okay, master Alice?”

“I’ve been better. So this is only the third strongest of the seven. So now we have two to hunt down, which means we’re going to have difficult battles ahead of us from here on out.”

“We need to get her back to heal quickly,” Marlee warned. “It is incredible that she took this much damage and is still alive, but she won’t last long.” She looked around. “Where is Ergo?”

“That’s a very good question, where the hell is Ergo, hum, for now let’s get her home. Blisk take Babani home. Reaper think you can open a portal?”


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Part 4

The Reaper opened the portal, allowing the team to return home, Blisk carrying Babani, the Reaper still holding the soul of the wraith.

“You go too reaper, need to get rid of that thing for now. Just hold on to it back at home alright? Marlee, you and me will find Ergo.”

The team split up, and it wasn’t too long until they found Ergo. The Light Elf was laying limp, not moving.

“Ugh, mortals. Hey Ergo, wake up. Can’t have you dying on me after your second mission.”

“I’m… afraid I can’t move,” Ergo mumbled softly. “I used a paralysis bomb on her. I, uh… won’t be able to move for another hour.”

Marlee rolled her eyes. “Figures.”

“Well at least he’s not a corpse. Marlee, get him up will you please.”

“Don’t we have plenty of his kind?” Marlee moaned, walking over and lifting the man onto her shoulders.

“Marlee, watch your tone. He is one of my captains so watch it. Hey, darling, think you can open me a portal?” Alice asked the god of mischief.

“Of course.” Seclavar stepped out of the trees and opened their way home. “That was a close one.”

“I had the situation handled. Oh, and thank you Ergo for saving me from getting my neck snapped. I very much appreciate it.”

Ergo smiled weakly. “Any time. You saved my people first.” Marlee carried him away, heading into the portal.

“Go rest and get some blood,” Seclavar instructed. “You’re more hurt than you’re letting them know.”

“Yeah, I’m going to be alright, Marlee are you feeling weak by any chance?”

“I’m alright, Alice. Please, just take care of yourself. We all need you.”

“Oh alright, fine” Alice went through the portal and was in the middle of her village. Where she finally fell to the ground unconscious, due to blood loss. Seclavar was quickly by her side, carrying her to Alagor to be treated.
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The Inseparable Two

Jay’s magic flew fast, speeding towards Faith like a bullet. The Light Elf didn’t fear for his student’s safety and instead readied himself for her counterattack.

Faith deflected the bullet of water with her sword swing, hoping to split it with as little effort as possible.

The bullet dissipated as it was countered and in its place, a giant orb of water was conjured and formed into a massive snake. It lunged at Faith, its fangs threatening to pierce her skin.

Faith allowed her instincts to fuel her escape as she transformed and did a 180 degree flip and turn into the opposite direction of the snake, the wind behind her keeping the snake at bay. Before the lunge neared her, she blasted herself upwards. As soon as she was high in the air, she turned around to face Jay. The Duck squawked in his direction as winds at the speeds rivaling tornadoes gathered around her body. A loud, hawk-like screech resonated through the area as the wind continued to increase in its intensity. Its origin was from the head of a giant hawk made of air hovering over the water snake. Instead of conjuring the bird away from her body, Faith enveloped herself within the hawk itself, so as to theoretically protect herself while she attacked. The Light Elf smiled and gestured for her to come down, the snake dissipating.

The wind settled slowly as she descended, returning to her original form. As her feet landed on the ground, she walked a few feet closer to Jay. “H-how did I do?...” she asked reluctantly.

“Confident voice, please.” Jay asked in Elven, not wanting to hear her stutter.

Faith coughed, before rephrasing her question in Elven. “How well did I perform this time?”

“Better than before. You really are improving, but we’ll need to work on your conjuration practice. You get too… well, I’d rather not use a word to offend you… so let’s use… cautious. You need to know when to fight and when to run. My snake construct was not fast enough to immediately force you to dodge. You had enough time to send an attack at me to disrupt the spell, or my concentration for a second. Furthermore… you have to master your animalistic side, and I know that’s a task befitting a god, but I need you to try. Titania struggles with hers daily but she doesn’t give up for you. I need you to do the same for me. When you can do that, you’ll be able to guard Titania like you wanted, instead of being someone she has to protect. Okay?”

Faith waited until she fully understood what Jay said before she responded. “I… I understand. I will do my best for both of you.” The Duck Thrope nodded her head, truly intending to do so.

Loud thumping came from the roof of the mansion. A familiar face peered from the rooftops. “Hey! What are you doing down there, Faith?” Zodiak asked, dramatically scrunching his eyebrows in confusion and raising his voice so she could hear.

“I-I was train-ning!” Faith yelled, albeit much quieter than Zodiak had. She had cupped her hands around her mouth and beak, but even she knew that it wouldn’t help much.

“I’ll come down there, then! Then you can introduce me to this crazy-lookin’ guy!” Zodiak gestured to the Light Elf who refused to remark on Zodiak’s random appearance and proceeded to jump off of the expensive building, rolling so as to disperse the impact. As soon as he had his two feet planted on the ground, the man bowed. “It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Light Elf. My name is Zodiak Diraven. I believe you work for Titania, the Wolf Thrope girl, am I right?”

“Faith, why is this Human so damn informal and slightly rude? Does he just like referring to peoples’ races in lieu of their names?” Jay said somewhat stoically, his voice calm but his words betraying his annoyance. “I’ll… let it slide for now, as a favor to you Faith. Please… tell him not to call me Light Elf again… it’s one of the few ways to piss me off… that and, boy.”

Zodiak looked to Faith for help. “Did I do something wrong or does he not speak Doloran?”

“I-in a roundabout way… he asked that you don’t call him Light Elf. And he s-speaks Doloran.” Faith’s face gave a little more away than her words.

“I apologize for offending you, good sir. I mean no ill will with my appearance here. I am a friend of Faith’s. Please don’t think too bad of me. I should’ve been more respectful with my approach to a new face.” Zodiak gave the Light Elf a more apologetic bow, hoping to be in his good graces instead of needing to worry about losing appendages from someone who he hadn’t even learned the name of yet.

“It’s… fine. Just… try not to do it again.” Jay replied in Doloran, forcing a smile as he murmured in Elven. “Syl… give me strength.”

Faith shot Jay a concerned look. “Th-this is Jay. He’s been train-ning me in magic-c…” She gestured to the man himself, her robe sleeves dangling off of her wrist.

“Well, if you want to be a better bodyguard, I have to train you. Besides…” The Light Elf started, switching to Elven as his voice warmed up. “I believe you’ll be far better at magic than I ever will.”

Faith’s eyes widened, then quickly covered her head with her hood, gently holding the edges.

“Bodyguard? Better? So she’s already someone’s bodyguard?” Zodiak asked Jay quizzically, tilting his head slightly and raising an eyebrow.

“I guess I should explain it to him…” Jay mumbled in Elven before switching back to the common tongue. “It’s a long story… and I’ll explain as best as I can, as I learned what happened from Faith and Titania…”

Faith peeked out from within her hood, preparing to hear the story from another’s second-hand perspective.


The clash of metal weapons echoed over the training ground. Magic and sparks flew off the two combatants weapons, as they eyed each other’s forms and stances.

“Jay… you seem to be improving with your melee defense.” Titania commented, her longsword aiming menacingly at the Light Elf.

“And you seem to be learning not to take every attack head on. Thought I was going to win early there for a moment..” Jay responded, his water orbs aiming at the Thrope.

Several of the water orbs sped towards Titania at lightning fast speed, but were avoided as Titania dashed forward, only to be repelled by a giant barrier of water.

“Tie, for if we keep going on, we’ll be too tired for the evening. And, Sylvie, um, wants me. So I’m cooking her a meal, and to do that I need my energy. Beside, I’m pretty sure your girlfriend is the same way, especially after that Harpy mission.” Jay said idly, leaning in to whisper. “So when are you telling those two your deal with the Queen?”

“I… it was rash of me, okay? I didn’t want to slaughter the girl I protected so long ago, and besides that, it was sacrificing my life for a town’s. Not really so-”

“Kva loves you. Faith loves you. You lost the right to choose whether you live or die for others. You have to live for them. Now, you need to tell them, or I will.” Jay reasoned, his voice dropping its warmth.

“You w-wouldn’t do that to me...” Titania replied, shocked at Jay’s tone.

“I would and will do that to you.” Jay growled, before placing his hand on his head, gently rubbing his temples. “You can’t keep doing this honorable, near-suicidal bullshit. I don’t deserve it, and neither does your daughter or your lover. So, get your shit together and tell them. I’ll hide Andy when you tell Kva, so let me know when you tell her, and don’t,” His gaze pierced Titania’s as she opened her mouth to argue. “Argue. This is final, and I’m not budging on my position. Oh… look, someone you need to tell is coming over here. I guess this is the perfect moment, huh?”

Faith fluttered in from over the building, noticing Jay at the last second and instinctually cringing as she got closer to the two. She transformed, off balance, and landed, falling down and scraping her knees on the dirt. “Oww…” She placed her hands on the ground to push herself upwards into a standing position, wincing as she did so.

Several orbs appeared, some holding Titania back, while the others healed the minor wounds. “Ah, Faith. We were just talking about you… Oh, right! Did you finish the reading I assigned to you?”

Faith took a deep breath. “Yes-s, sir.” She stared into Jay’s eyes, standing tall and not wanting him to think she was lying, which she wasn’t.

“Great! By far, I think you’ll be one of the best mages in the world if you keep training long enough. I’ll prepare a test for you come next week, and we’ll review the aspects of conjuration, manipulation, elemental summoning, and a couple other things. But that can wait for now. Titania wanted to speak with you about something dire, but she wishes to speak to you without me there… so, I’ll see you tomorrow, and I expect a two page essay explaining what you’ve read.” Jay waved goodbye, walking away in a hurry towards the Manor.

“O-okay?... Bye, then-n.” Faith raised a hand to wave at Jay, then shifted her attention to Titania. “What d-did you want to-o talk about?” Faith asked, trying her best to make her words fuller and less stuttery.

“N-not here… and, um, please don’t be upset with me…” Titania replied meekly, grabbing Faith’s hand as she walked into the forest with her.
The Inseparable Two - Part 2

“Uah… W-what? I… If I d-did somethin-ing, please te-tell me…” Faith slowed slightly as she talked, almost tripping with Titania’s pulling momentum, but caught herself before she fell completely.

“It’s not you, it’s… well, it’s me. I’ll explain when we get to a certain spot of mine.” Titania replied, her proud and confident nature shattered and broken. “I’m sorry.”

“S-sorry? For wh-what?” Faith jumped over a stray root that seemed to try to attack her legs. She turned her head to glare at it, but her hood got in the way.

Finally arriving at the hidden, meadow that she had shown Melinda, Titania led Faith through, and sat down next to a tree. “I did something rash, without thinking about the consequences…. And you won’t like what I’m about to tell you.”

Faith looked into Titania’s eyes. “I-is this any different from-m the last thous-sand times you did someth-thing rash withou-out thinking of the co-consequences?” Faith tilted her head at the end of her sentence.

“Yes… it’s a lot different. So… umm… you have to promise me something… you won’t act on what I’m going to tell you and you won’t get angry at one of the people involved.” Titania asked quietly, her voice almost a whisper.

“I will-ll. Just know that if you ev-ver change your mind, I’m going to h-hold you to this promise. No matt-tter how suspicious it is-s.” Faith glared at Titania, wondering what was going on in the Wolf Thrope’s head.

“My latest mission, I went to go stop a Harpy invasion of a town. The villagers were in the wrong, and expected me to slaughter the Harpies, who had held their oaths. So… I met their leader. She… she said the only way to end the war, was to kill her daughter, a royal of the Harpies… which was the little chick you and I saved so long ago. She grew up and was a little taller than you. I… I couldn’t kill her in cold blood… so I offered the Queen a second choice… a sacrifice...”

“A… s-sacrifice?” Faith’s complexion turned a paler tone than her previously pale skin.

“A Thrope sacrifice… to be exact.” Titania corrected nervously, rubbing her ear gingerly.

“Are you implying… i-it’s you?” Faith’s voice trembled at the realization that she arrived at.

“Yeah… I offered myself up to the Harpies.” Titania answered, her fingers digging into her ear.

“S-so… What happened?” Faith asked reluctantly, her fingers doing the same old song-and-dance that they would usually do when she was nervous.

“I wasn’t executed, obviously. The princess remembered me and begged her mother to fight me. I think she did cause she didn’t want me to die. I was allowed to end the war on one condition: I train up Andy until she is as strong as me, and then we’ll duel to the death. And that’s about two years from now.” Titania explained quietly, watching Faith closely to see her reaction.

Faith frowned. “Do you think you’ll… be okay-y?”

“I… I don’t know. Maybe, but that means Andy dies, or vice versa. I’m not exactly ecstatic with the idea, though.” Titania murmured, looking away from Faith.

“Was there no oth-ther alternative?” Faith questioned, concerned.

“Besides the first two? No… she didn’t give me a choice.” Titania answered, frowning deeply as she continued to look away.

Faith leaned on Titania, closing her eyes. “I’m sorry you hav-ve to do this, Titania… If th-there’s any way I can help you… please, tell-ll me.”

“I can’t interfere in how she perceives me, and I must train her… but you could become friends with her. Friends tend to be great influences on each other.” Titania hinted, as she gently rubbed Faith’s head.

“Okay…” Faith whispered, her breathing slowing.

“It’ll be okay…” Titania tried to comfort as she sang her lullaby to Faith, as she began to walk back through the brush only to be confronted with a ghostly apparition.

“Am I interrupting you two? Sorry… being dead tends to make talking to others far harder than normal.” Koz grinned at Titania’s wide-eyed look. “Oh, come on! Not a ‘thank you for what you did’, or a ‘how are you here’ speech? That hurts, Titania. Also… tell Kva I want to kick her ass for telling you. She said she wouldn’t say anything… about me being good. What a brat… I should’ve known better.”

“K-Koz…?” Titania barely got out, partially frozen in shock and horror.

At the mention of Titania’s harasser, Faith quickly stopped leaning on Titania and lightly pushed herself off of Titania’s body. “Why are you here?” Faith growled at the apparition.

“Hey, shortstuff. I don’t know if you know this, but spirits do what they want, and mortals like you don’t get to tell us what to do.” Koz replied, chuckling at Faith’s hostility. “You didn’t read my message. Nor did Kva. You both disappointed me. Now I have to tell you, because Kva will send me to her god… Anyways, a Human house in Bevland put the hit on you.”

“W-what?” Titania paled, her eyes widening.

“Why would a House in Bevland be chasing you, Titania?” Faith looked over at Titania, confused.

“You didn’t tell her you’re royalty? Oh shit… I am not going to envy how you get to explain that to her. Faith… what’s Titania’s last name?” Koz asked, shaking his head at Titania.

“She… she never told me. I’ve only ever called her Titania.”

“Well… I may be an ass, but it’s up to her whether she reveals her name.” Koz replied, as he started to fade. “Guess I didn’t store enough power… remember: Human House, wants to capture you if poss-” And with that Koz faded away entirely, leaving the two of them alone.

Faith’s muscles all seemed to untense at once as she walked up to Titania to hug her. “Don’t worry about what he said. I… I’m here, if that gives you an-ny solace…”

“It does… I… this is just a bit too much to take in…” Titania murmured, her expression a cocktail of emotions.

“You don’t need to tell me anything you don-n’t want to…” Faith clinged closer to Titania.

“No… you deserve to know.” Titania said, allowing her accent to bubble through in its entirety. “My full name is Titania Regallis of Bevland, fourth-born of House Regallis. And, um, I hope that doesn’t change your opinion of me…” Titania gently wrapped her arms around Faith.

“Why would it? You’re still Titania, aren’t you?”

“Nope, I’m the mother from hell who trains her daughter mercilessly.” Titania rolled her eyes, the beginnings of a smile on her lips.

Faith found herself rolling her eyes and starting to smile as well. “Obvious-sly. Who even i-is Titania, anyway?”

“I don’t know, but I like her name. She probably loves a certain teenager, and is maybe a bit too overprotective when it comes to her. Who knows how such a woman thinks.” Titania continued joking, her smile slightly widening.

“Certain-nly not me.” Faith’s own smile spread wider with Titania’s.

The older Thrope kissed Faith’s head, as she picked her up and started walking back. Titania began to sing a song, but unlike the one she usually sung, it was not in Elvish and it was somewhat upbeat and cheerful.

“My child, My dear, please listen here: You are my shining light. You bring me joy everyday, and make me smile when sad. You are invaluable to me, and no soul could take your place. When you leave for new adventures, please... don’t…. forget... to come home…” Titania held Faith closer to her. “I’ll always be here when you need me, Faith.”

“Okay…” Faith whispered, opening her eyes after listening to Titania’s song.

For awhile, Titania merely made small talk with Faith before arriving at the training grounds. “Are you still dead set on protecting me?”

“Of course.” Faith looked into Titania’s eyes, determined.

“Then get a practice blade. It’ll be the first to knock the other down wins. I won’t be going easy on you.” Titania said sternly, setting Faith down and disappearing from sight only to reappear with a practice blade of her own.

“Understood.” Faith held out a hand and a practice blade flew towards her, landing in her hand perfectly. “Ready?”

“Yes. Your move.” Titania replied, a fierce look in her eyes appearing as she became serious.

“I’m not that stupid, Titania. You go first.” Faith looked at Titania in a way that implied that she knew she was being underestimated.

“As you wish.” Titania replied, before dashing forward, her wooden sword swinging down diagonally, using her left hand to swing at Faith.

Faith blocked the blow as if it was as much effort as blowing a feather into the air, the wind slowing Titania’s sword swing before it could reach her. She then used Knockback, amplifying her swing knockback potential multiple times over to blast Titania’s sword out of her hand. She then ducked the left handed swing and punched at Titania’s stomach with Knockback.

Titania’s speed allowed her to back away from the blow by a mere couple of centimeters. Quickly retrieving her sword, she pressed the advantage once again, going heavily on offense. She thrusted her sword at Faith’s stomach, swung her free hand at the girl’s side, and kicked at her legs to overwhelm her.

Faith blasted wind into Titania’s face, pushing her own frail body away from Titania’s barrage. She then, in order to cheat Titania’s winning prerequisite, started to float off the ground and above Titania’s range. “I appreciate your effort. It makes me feel not as weak, for once.”

“Your far stronger than many here. You just happen to lack the experience.” Titania commented, her body blurring before disappearing. For a few moments, nothing happened. Then, the Thrope suddenly appeared in the air, having used a tree nearby to jump at Faith, the older Thrope planning on tackling her to the ground.

Faith reduced her size by becoming a duck, using wind magic to push herself away from Titania’s attempts of grounding her. She then quacked angrily, before changing back. “That would’ve really hurt, you know!”
The Inseparable Two - Part 3

Upon landing, she turned and smiled. “Jay’s watching nearby, so even if you were hurt, he’d heal most of the damage from you. Besides, you really think I’d jump up in the air without a way to bring you down and without hurting you?” Time for the trump card… And I might not be able to run for quite a bit of time… The Wolf Thrope thought, as she recalled what her Godly mother had done. Running in a circle underneath Faith, Titania seemed to disappear as a mini tornado formed around Faith, ripping her from her spot in the air.

Faith’s gems on her clothes glowed as she moved the wind caused by the tornado in the opposite direction that it spun, dispelling the tornado entirely. “Really?... That was your plan? Drag me out of the sky with wind?”

A sword flew up at Faith with alarming speed, while Titania ran up the manor before lunging at Faith once more, The Duck Thrope having to take one blow or the other.

The sword smacked Faith straight in the arm. As the wild and vicious Titania made her way through the air, Faith pushed the Wolf Thrope’s body downwards, even floating above her to do so. As Titania made her descent to the ground, Faith continued to push down with even more wind pressure so that there was nothing Titania could do to escape being pinned to the ground, gritting her teeth and even drawing blood with the effort.

Titania hit the ground hard, landing on her feet, and arms. She let out a cry of pain, and her body began to blur, her body vibrating as she seemed to go further into the ground. Digging her way out, from under Faith’s wind magic and popping back up to the surface Titania let out a sigh. “That… actually hurt. You’re getting better, Faith.”

“So… Is this not over?” Faith asked, hoping that she wouldn’t end up hurting Titania any more. She held her position, playing defense in case Titania was trying to pull her leg, figuratively or literally.

“Nope. You didn’t really knock me down, than make me land in an awkward position. So…” Titania trailed off, grabbing her sword before launching herself at the Duck Thrope, several far better ideas of attack popping into her head, but all being too dangerous to Faith to even try to do.

Faith merely backed away from Titania, pushing the Wolf Thrope back into the ground with her own momentum. “Please stop trying to fight up here. I don’t want you to keep hurting yourself…” Faith pleaded.

Titania gave a cocky grin as she landed before seemingly jumping at Faith only to miss her by a few feet. However as she approached her destination, Titania jumped off of the side of the Manor, and sped toward Faith like a bullet, her arms held wide.

Faith slowed Titania’s approach as best she could as she backed away from Titania’s range. Faith glared at Titania fiercely, not wanting her to continue the same plan multiple times that would end up hurting her.

As Titania began to fall, she used her sword to swat the Duck Thrope down to the ground, making sure to make it far weaker than she usually would swing.

With the angle Titania swung at Faith before she transformed back to her normal form, she ended up in the trees, getting torn up by the branches and leaves and ended up collapsing on the ground, unconscious, as a thick branch hit her in the back of her head on the way down.

“Shit…” Titania breathed out, using her speed once more, even as her legs protested, to get to the Duck Thrope. Lifting her up, she rushed back into the guild ignoring the various looks and comments she got.

“To do that to a kid…”

“What a hothead… couldn’t even hold back against a little girl.”

“Brutal. That’s far too bad of a beating to give a child.”

“I bet she’d’ve fucking killed that girl if she wasn’t on Guild grounds.”

Finally reaching the Infirmary, Titania laid Faith down in a bed, as Jay lowered his book. “How bad?”

“I… she’s unconscious… I think she hit her head while we were fighting.” Titania replied, a hint of panic in her voice.

A couple dozen light orbs formed, healing the wounded Duck Thrope. “Take care to not kick her ass again. She doesn’t seem to be very wounded besides the blunt force trauma to her head.”

Faith groaned, but refused to wake up from her unconscious state.

TItania’s eyes watered, as she sung the lullaby that Jay had taught her to Faith. Halfway through, she broke down to guilt-ridden to continue. “I’m so sorry, Faith… I… I…” She trailed off, dropping her head as she sat besides Faith.

“Crying won’t help her and it won’t make her feel better when she wakes up. Maybe just holding her will make you both feel better.” Jay advised, cracking his neck as he continued reading his book.

Titania, following Jay’s advice, lifted Faith partially up. Wrapping her arms around her, she gently resung the Elven lullaby, hoping somehow it’d wake up Faith.

Around two-thirds of the way through the lullaby, Faith’s eyes opened slightly, before she relaxed in Titania’s embrace.

“See? Perfectly fine. Faith… stop takin’ damage. You won’t live long if you do. Also, Titania, for hurting your daughter, you have to do one thing for her, whatever that is.” Jay called out, turning a page in his book.

Titania continued to sing until she finished. “I… right. Whatever you want… I’ll do it...”

“I… want you to let me protect you…” Faith groggily stated, before moaning. “Did I hit my head or something?”

“On a tree branch, yes. I would’ve been more worried, but you seem remarkably fine.” Jay commented, turning a page.

“I… I… okay. You get to protect me. Just… if I tell you to run, please do so…” TItania relented, sighing deeply as she looked at the ground.

“Okay…” Faith responded reluctantly.


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The Bird and the Stone

Titania woke up, and for a moment, forgot where she was. Panicking, she realized her arm was under something. Before she pulled away, she realized where she was: In Kva's bed holding the Dhampire as she slept. smiling as she snuggled into Kva's sleeping body, she let out a sigh and thought about their most recent fight and the things she had to do to make up for it.

Kva gripped her hand tightly, like the knot of the hangman's rope as she marched forward. She quickly found her goal, Titania's door, and threw her fist against it with a combination of frustration and anger. "Titania!"

The Thrope jumped, having just put on clothes after taking a shower. "U-umm... yes?"

"Let me in!" The Vampire grinded her heel into the floor.

Titania hesitantly went forward and opened the door. "Umm..." She stammered, unable to come up with anything to say out of sheer nervousness.

"How could you!" The Elf stepped in, wearing her full armor like usual.

"How could I what?" Titania asked, her battle adrenaline beginning to course through her veins.

"I know about your mission. With the harpies." Kva stated, crossing her arms.

"Ah. That's what you're angry about. The same thing everyone is." Titania sat on her bed, her eyes tired-looking. "You're not the first to start yelling at me for that, and I suspect even Wilhelmina is going to yell at me for that."

"No backup, with three choices that all sucked yet no one realizes that I heavily thought about it. Killing the harpies might've ended my life anyways, killing the Queen's daughter might've enraged her enough to have me killed, and finally, the path I took, where I chose to die to end a war. Which do you think was the best, Kva? All of them, regardless of how I felt about Andy, were possible death sentences and all of them had their perks and flaws. So, which one was the best out of all of them against an entire flock of harpies?" The Thrope looked down, not trusting herself to speak another word without a burst of emotion that might fracture her relationship with Kva.

Kva stepped forward, not backing down from her aggressive stance. "After falling for each other... After I told you were the only one I had given my heart to in hundreds of years, you practically go on a suicide mission! There's not being afraid of death, then there is hurling yourself into it! Why were you so willing to throw your life away? After we're finally happy? After I'm finally happy with you!?"

Titania's Lover shook her head slowly, "Do I mean nothing to you...?"

Titania looked up, a hurt look in her eyes. "That's not fair... you mean the world to me. I... I didn't want it to go that way. I was supposed to have one other person go with me, but he was worried admit someone and I didn't want to fight him on it."

"I'm sorry, okay? When I headed out for that mission, my first thought was how nice it'd be to come back to you... I get I fucked up big time, I get that everyone has a right to be mad at me, and I get that I should've looked for another way to resolve it. I just... want one person... to just not yell at me as soon as they find me. To not immediately think that I wanted to die." Titania slowly began blurring, trying to hide the fact that her eyes were streaming tears.

"What am I supposed to think when the first thing you do after we sleep together is start training someone to kill you!" Kva fought back, toning down her anger somewhat as she saw Titania cry. "Didn't you think how I would feel? You may have thought sparing that harpy was the selfless thing to do, but you didn't consider Me, or Jay, or any of the people that care about you."

Titania didn't reply, instead enhancing her speed to disappear from sight. She moved past Kva and hid in the hallway, as she struggled to pull herself together to endure Kva's assault. Moving further away, she moved towards a supply closet the staff used and hid in there. She sat down and bit her lip hard enough to draw blood to focus on something else, instead of the discussion she had with Kva. Failing miserably, she instead began to think. Best day ever, followed closely by my betrothal to some asshole. Maybe... I leave. For a week. Get my head together. Not deal with the massive surge of pissed off people... no. This is my fault, and I'll bear it accordingly. No one, save Faith and that crazy shadowmancer, knows my Grove. I'll just hide there, if it gets too much.

Kva stood motionless in the hall where Titania had passed her, thinking, all she could do was think. The Fencer couldn't believe she would just run from her, not even willing to listen to what she had to say.

"Maybe Koz was right..." The Death Priest stepped into the room, sitting down crosslegged on the floor in the center of the room.

"Was this a mistake...?" She whispered to herself, closing her eyes as she began to meditate.

The Thrope sighed, and tried to steel herself for what Kva had to say. Opening the door, she walked towards her room, and upon entering, said quietly, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what I put you through. I'm sorry that I'm a mess. I'm sorry I ran from you right now. I... Faith is doing me a favor... and if it works, Andy won't be a problem. If... if you want to yell at me, or if this puts too much of a chasm between us... I understand and... accept the consequences for my actions."

"And what is Faith doing...?" Kva asked, looking up at The Thrope from her sitting position.

"Befriending Andy. Seeing as how the princess didn't want me to die, my hope is that by Faith becoming friends with her, she'll lose the will to fight." Titania answered, sitting down as well.

"But that doesn't solve the Harpy problem." Kva pointed out, sighing. "You asked me earlier what I would've done... Do you still want an answer?"

"I would." Titania, laid against the wall closing her eyes.

"My Father once told me that when given a choice where all paths lead to tragedy for you or others. Make your own." Kva placed her hands in her lap. "I would have moved the Villagers. They made the decision to snub the Harpies they knew were a threat and it backfired. If they will will not abide by their word, then their land should be given to the Harpies as reparations for the trespass."

"That would work... if the mayor wasn't too greedy. If he was removed from office, those people might accept it. Any idea how to remove a corrupt official?" Titania asked, reaching up to rub her ear.

"Plenty of ways. Have him voted out of office by his own people, go to his boss, as high as he can go, and work our influence to have him removed from power. Expose his corrupt deeps... And of course, the simplest option... You are quite stealthy enough to it off." Kva added grimly.

"Going to his boss and proving his corrupt deeds seems good. Killing him would be a bit excessive, and voting him out would make an enemy that could potentially prove dangerous later on." The Thrope peeked an eye open, a sigh promptly coming out. "I'm sorry, Kva. I'll try to make this up to you, some way, somehow."

"I know a few ways you could accomplish that... Puppy." Kva teased, sighing. "But really... Please just think about us next time you are put in a position like this..."

"I will... this has been incredibly humbling. Perhaps I should ask Nina for some pointers on negotiation." Titania sighed, closing her eye, "Last thing I want to do is hurt you enough to be angry at me again, so I better learn damn well quickly."

"You should be happy, the fact that I got angry at all shows how much I care." Kva smiled, although Titania could gleam it from her tone of voice.

"Still gotta work on not being too rash, though, so something like this doesn't happen again." Titania murmured, evidently still kicking herself down. "Kva... how do you do it? How do you seem to act with such a grace and fluidity, but also be rational and thoughtful at the same time?"

"A lot of it comes from meditation and solemnity. I tend to distance myself so I can act without bias... But it can leave me seeming cold or cruel, disregarding the emotions of others..." Kva admitted, "But you're helping change that..."

"M-me? Are you sure there isn't something else making you more open to others?" The Thrope asked, doubtful of having an effect on Kva.

"Well there's being here... But... It's mostly you..." The Dhampire tapped her chin.

"I..." Titania started, trailing off as she struggled to find words to say, but failing. After a couple moments, she shrugged and looked away. "I'm making you more open to others? That's... a little hard for me to believe, to be honest. Why do you think that's the case?"

"Because you make me happy?" She answered Titania's question simply.

"Fair enough. You make me happy too... are you, uh, still too angry for a hug?" The Thrope asked, opening her eyes to look at Kva.

"Just get over here." Kva replied impatiently.

Titania quickly got up, and practically tackled Kva with a hug, followed by a kiss on the cheek.

Kva gently and softly patted her on the back. "So... Where is this 'Andy'?"

"She has a room in the Manor, but if I had to guess, she's in the forest. Why?" Titania asked, looking at Kva with a quizzical look.

"If she's going to stay here and be your apprentice, then I may as well meet her." The Tall Elf replied, shrugging.

"Okay. Was just a little worried that it was for a different reason..." Titania murmured, kissing Kva once again. "Guess I shouldn't suspect bad things automatically... you don't deserve that."
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The Bird and the Stone, cont.

"You wouldn't be the first or the last." Kva looked away.

Titania walked around Kva and stopped in front of her, dropping down to a knee. "I'm sorry, okay? That was wrong of me to do... I guess I'm a little on edge with all that's happening that I'm not thinking clearly. Please, please forgive me..."

"Fine..." Kva looked down, smirking slightly at the sight of her on her knees. "That's a good look for you down there."

Titania blushed, looking away as she tried to hide it. "W-well, you seemed to be enjoying yourself. Making m-me blush has to be your f-favorite thing to do, K-Kva."

"Oh, it's certainly enjoyable." The Dhampire reached down to rub behind Titania's ears.

"H-hey...!" Titania protested, but made no move to stop her lover.

"What?" She asked playfully as she continued to scratch her ears, then rubbing them slowly.

"N-nothing..." She murmured out, her inner canine enjoying the attention. "Just... no one has ever touched my ears before..."

"Do you mind it?" She asked, chuckling as she began to rub her head lightly.

"N-no.. it's just a new feeling is all." The Thrope answered, her accent fully coming in.

"Come on. We should go meet your new friend before we get caught up in this..." Kva chuckled, holding out a hand to help her up.

"Aww... and I was beginning to like it..." Titania replied, accepting the hand and standing up.

After their playful exchange, Titania and Kva both made their way outside to locate the young Harpy, letting the Wolf Thrope lead the way to her the best she could.

They found her outside in the training area. “Hi-ya!” The young harpy, looking dainty and fragile, had her war face on. While curious eyes watched her, she fiercely flapped her wings to hover over a dummy. As she did, she used a spear, tightly wrapped in her talons, to savagely stab into it, ominously hitting all the key kill points before stabbing it in the chest, landing, and using her weight to push the spear through. She let a victory cry, a cross between a yell and a screech, raising her arms in the air in victory.

“Not bad… but you could use some work, Andy. Your attacks hold a lot of power, but you’re leaving yourself too open to counter attacks from a more seasoned opponent. That could be worse than if you stayed more defensive. Try to push an attack or two through, and back off to see if your opponent wants to return fire. That way you can block an attack, while probing their defenses.” Titania advised, before looking back at Kva, “However, um, my girlfriend here wants to talk to you.”

Andy wiped her brow, yanking out the spare, and turning to face them. “Yes, teacher. Hello, um… what is ‘girlfriend’? Is that different from… a girl… friend?” She scratched her head.

“It's like a mate…” Kva spoke plainly. “I don't exactly know the Harpy equivalent.”

“I know mate. But… how can you be mates when you are both women? Can your people have chicks with two women?”

“Not exactly. It's not for the purpose of making ‘chicks’.” The Fencer answered casually.

“I see. You wingless ones are very interesting. I am learning…” Andy looked between the two woman and bowed her head. “I am sorry, girlfriend of my teacher. You wished to speak with me, but I started speaking to you. Please… I will tell you whatever you wish to know.”

Kva raised an eyebrow under her helmet, tapping her foot. “How… Old… Are you exactly?”

“Uuuuh…” Andy slowly spoke silently, trying to convert her age into Terrian years like she had been taught. “I’m… f… four.” She held up four fingers. “I am four years old.”

Kva just turned her head to look at Titania silently.

“I did rescue her when she was a hatchling… So I’m not entirely surprised...” Titania said, chuckling nervously. “Um… s-so I’m going to be quiet for a little while…”

“Is there a… problem with my age?” Andy asked in concern. “My people age differently than you wingless. We need to mature faster than you to become true warriors. I would say I am… I believe the age would be… middle teenager? That is what my mother said I am like.”

“That's… Still very young. Do you typically leave your nests at this age? Or… At all?” The Vampire folded her arms.

“Our people do go out to journey and explore when we come of age. It is essential to know the world outside our nests so we know what we must protect our kin from.” Andy slumped her shoulders a bit. “Though I admit, I am younger than most are when they set out, especially as the daughter of a Harpy Queen.” She glanced over at Titania, wondering if she had done something wrong.

“Her age is fine, Kva. Faith is only sixteen currently and she’s doing combat missions well above her age group. Andy should adapt in much the same way if not a bit quicker.” Titania pointed out, raising an eyebrow at her lover.

The harpy girl looked between the two. “Am I… in trouble? Am I not allowed to be here?”

Kva shook her head, sighing. “I'm not exactly sure training someone so young to fight is a good idea. And while your Duck is going on missions, the word from Eluviana said the operation went south fast. They were barely able to complete their goal and Eraqus was severely injured.”

“Well… as far as I’ve heard, at least from Jay, something happened. Magical corruption or whatever that screwed with the mission anyhow. I doubt you or I could have done much better in their positions.” Titania argued, frowning as she crossed her arms. “Besides, I don’t just train in combat, I train the mind as well. General negotiation, bartering, tactics, to name a few. Combat training is just something I use to ensure protection of one’s self, which in this world, is necessary.”

“Apologies, but…” Andy held her feathered hand out. “Is this a discussion about whether you will train me or not. Because I started combat training as soon as I hit my… there is no wingless word for it. When I got bigger. All harpies are trained from the moment they can hold a weapon. If… if I can not learn to fight here… I would have to return home.”

Kva grumbled slightly, “I am not saying you cannot stay. That is Titania’s decision. However I reserve the right to disagree with Mina’s decision to send so many new recruits with Eraqus. Other than Charter, they were all Green as Grass. I can't help but feel like she underestimated the Fairies.”

“Green?” Andy’s eyes darted around in thought. “Green… an expression meaning inexperienced, right? I heard others using the term and guessed that based on context. And if this is true, you might be right. We are taught from a young age that Faeries are dangerous and not to be underestimated. But I do not intend to do anything why I am still ‘green’, teacher’s girlfriend.”

“You're quite clever actually. And please, I'm just Kva.” She nodded with containment.

“So I will be allowed to train with you, teacher?” Andy asked hopefully.

“Yes, and soon I should be able to teach you in a practice battle how to better fight… plus some book knowledge would probably help.” Titania replied, uncrossing her arms.

“I might be able to teach you as well.” Kva surprisingly offered. “I have hundreds of years of combat experience from practicing, studying, and the occasional travelling. I'm sure I might be able to rub a fraction of that off onto you.”

“Hundreds of years? You wingless have longer lifespans than I thought.” The harpy nodded. “Very well. If it is okay with teacher, I would like that. The more I can learn, the better.” She did a small twirl of her spear. “I must grow strong and be ready to destroy all my enemies.”

“It is okay. Kva is actually stronger than me, and far more skilled. She, uh, technically outranks me in the Guild and is actually surprisingly likeable. At least, surprisingly to people who are biased, and if you get on her good side, she’d probably would make sure to take care of you in the Guild. I mean, she already does that for me, but she gets to tease me every now and then as a result.” Titania replied before walking closer and whispering, “Just don’t make her angry. She’s a little scary when she’s mad.”

“That wasn't mad… You didn't know what I was ready to do to… you know who…” The Elf mentioned, a hint of regret in her voice. “But I will train you. You have potential if nothing else and I don't want a repeat of what happened in Eluviana. We may not have spoke much, but I have a great deal of respect for Eraqus as a fighter and a peer. It was a shame what happened to him, but it goes to show a lack of skill or planning doesn't merely affect you, in a battle, it affects everyone you fight alongside.”

Andy nodded. “It is settled then.” She looked at Titania. “May I go take a shower? I have been training for a while, and I wish to bathe now.”

The Thrope nodded, “Yes you may, and if you ever need to take care of yourself in the future, feel free to do so whenever you want.”

Andy nodded. “Good to meet you, Ms. Kva.” She bowed, and walked back to the manor to try out one of those delightful shower rooms she had been encouraged to use instead of the local lake.


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Future Considerations
Part One

Havenbrook Manor
The Forge/Armory
Sept 20th, 3349

Charter made his way to the forge area of the manor and looked down at the desk worker. "Hay buddy, is Ed around here?"

Ash sat on the other side of the desk, this being part of the work program Davon was having him do all over the manor to gain experience in addition to training and stealth skills. The cat Thrope seemed thoroughly bored, however, his legs up on the counter and eyes half open. "Who?" he asked after a long yawn.

Charter raised his eyebrow at the kid. "We started taking kids now? Alright. Is there a Netzi working the fo
rge, he's the head weapon-maker here. But I think the better question is who you are, kid."

Ash suddenly jumped over the counter and raised his hand. "Name's Ash, chief. Smooth talker, lady's man, and greatest thief this side of Terra Dolor."

"Thief huh, well let me introduce myself. I'm Charter Van Dam, Knight, mercenary. And one one of the greatest worriers this side of Terra Dolor, so much so that the Warlord god trains me." Charter keeled down to Ash." And I don't like thieves."

Ash grinned. "That mean you gonna beat me up, buddy?"

"No your still a child, after all and besides who did you steal from anyway?"

"Pft." Ash placed his hands behind his head. "Just rich humans in Stormrend that couldn't be bothered to help a cute little orphan kid out. But that was small time. One of these days, you'll know my name the world over, chief."

"Well if your going to be a thief just keep stealing from, rich assholes this i'm fine with it. Now then if you don't mind I need to go talk to Ed."

"That's the head furry dude, right?" Ash pointed back. "He's with Eraqus. Fixing his arm or something."

"His arm, it should be his leg after what happen on the last mission.Hum Excuse me kid but It's best I have a good talk with them, keep safe kid." Charter went past Ash and entered the forge.

It only took a few minutes to find them in the back. Eraqus indeed had healing braces on his legs, but Chater saw what Ash meant by his arm, or lack thereof. Most of Eraqus' left forearm was gone, and Ed was taking measurements to replace it with a prosthetic.

"What in the bloody hell happen!" Charter looked at Eraqus. "Eraqus, The hell happen to you when the hell did you lose your arm man!"

"I guess things were a little too heated and they kept me separated from you." The Elf sighed as he lifted his stub. "I couldn't transfer my power into the crystal like a mage. So when your sister went nuts, I had to overload it by holding it. And since my element is fire, it blew instead of just melting down like with ice magic. When it blew, it took my hand with it, and they had to take the rest of my forearm because of the magic poisoning. I'm lucky I didn't lose more..."

"Ou so the crystal that Elma was saposed to destroy took your arm, i'm... i'm sorry about that."

"Not your fault..." Eraqus sneered. "It's Elma's," he said with a hint of contempt.

"Wo there buddy, I admit Elma screwed up on that mission. But you losing your arm was not her fault, hell that crystal could have effected any of us it just happen to effect her when she got near it."

"Yeah, well..." Eraqus gave him a serious look. "We need to have a talk about her and her performance so far."

"Really and what does that mean rather or not she can stay here or not she could stay? Excuse me but isn't that Mina decision to make."

"And I have a heavy say in that." Eraqus held up his good hand. "Please... I want to have a calm discussion, not an argument."

"And i'm her older brother so I'm going to be a bit angry about this." Charter took a deep breath." Look Elma is a rookie we knew that, I trained her to fight monsters to which she does great in. But she hasn't killed people, there is no training for. But she is improving."

"Then maybe she belongs off the front lines!" Eraqus took a deep breath and held his hand over his eyes. "Charter, please, she... she has freaked out at almost every step of the way. She has run from fights. She has hid in the back during fights. She has freaked out during fights. And now, the one thing I was sure I could trust her with, her will to resist magical corruption, nearly cost a few lives. She nearly killed me, and this..." He lifted his stub again. "This is a little personal!"

"Look I get it she's a coward in a lot of ways, but that's just a normal persons reaction to the things we go after. Hell out of all of us here she's the most normal, She never hunted monsters before she's not me you or anyone here. She was a school girl before coming her so her freaking out is normal."

"She is going to get someone killed if she goes out again..." Eraqus stared him in the eyes. "Or get killed herself. Is her life really worth her pride."

"And what are you suggesting she do, just stay here and study?"

"Study. Train. You said yourself that she is just a student." Eraqus shook his head. "How about this. Let me talk to her. If she still wants to go out afterwards, she can have another chance, even if I advise against it."

"Fine talk to her, though I doubt that she will like it. Just get your arm fixed first please."

"I'm good for now," Edminfar said, silently listening as he took measurements. "It'll be ready asap. Did you need anything before you go, Charter?"

"You could look at my sword and shield and see if you can improve them, they have seen plenty of battle so if you could improve them then that would be great." Charter left his sword and shield to the side.

"I will." Ed watched as Eraqus walked off before saying, "Listen... don't hold anything against him, Charter. When you go through an injury like that... just... just take everything with a grain of salt. He's wounded, and not just his body."


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Future Considerations
Part Two

"I understand, I heard about the fight. To think people actually doubt him, there a bunch of morons have they not seen him fight before? The should know he's injured and if he was his normal self he would have crashed that woman."

Edminfar floated over and picked up the shield. "Just make sure he isn't too harsh on your sister without stepping on his toes. Good luck with that."

"Yea i'm going to need that, but I will try and keep my cool."

Outside Elma was looking at books trying to figure out which new magic she should learn." Hum I could focus on getting lighting magic, Or wind magic. Or earth magic, ugh so many choices were do I start?"

"Why not try for all of them?" Eraqus asked as he approached from behind. "Could take a while though."

Elma turned around to see Eraqus metal arm."Ou Eraqus, what happen to you?! your arm is gone!"

Eraqus sighed. "I lost it because of the crystal blowing up in my hand."

“Ou no I’m sorry to hear that, if only that crystal didn’t effect my mind you would have your arm right now.”

"Yeah... if only..." Eraqus placed a hand on her shoulder. "Listen, Elma. You... about your... future here..."

Elma blinked in confusion.” My future what are you talking about?”

"I'm thinking... maybe the field isn't the place for you. Maybe you should reconsider being a Hunter."

“You want me to quit, is that what you’re telling me?”

"Not quit," Eraqus insisted. "Just... take time off to train. Like a... a year... or two..."

“So you want her to quit is what I’m hearing.” Character finally catching up to Eraqus.

“Character I can handle this.”

Eraqus shook his head. "Your inexperience is dangerous. As is your fear to kill others. You... you could be killed. Or... someone else..."

“Well excuse me for wanting to keep my morals and not kill. Wait we’re is all coming from?”

"Your performance, naturally." Eraqus narrowed his eyes. "You want to keep your morals and avoid killing? This is not the career for you. I am going to say this simply and clearly; you will have to kill as a Hunter. Kill creatures. Kill monsters. Kill other humans. If you can not handle this, you will need to leave."

Elma narrowed her eyes.” Character I’m having trouble remembering, how many assignments have I been on?”

“Um four?”

“Right I failed my first one no question, my third I was mind controlled.”

"And you hesitated on this last one." Eraqus shook his head. "You know I like you, Elma. And your brother. I am trying to look out for you. You don't want to kill someone, but what happens if you hesitate to do so, and one of your friends gets killed?"

“Eraqus did I say I was fucking finish talking? Could have sworn I didn’t, so I recommend shutting up and letting me finish!”

Character eyes widen, he never heard his sister swear before.

“Now my second mission, I helped you all kill that mutated dragon. And my forth mission which you weren’t even there for by the way, I helped save a village that was carrying the last remains of those crystals.”

Eraqus' eye twitched. "You have a lot of nerve snapping at me like that after what happened. I came here to have a serious talk as a friend, but I am your boss. You would do well to remember that."

“And I appreciate you looking out for me I do, but in regards to me leaving no! I will not be treated like some child that didn’t know what she signup for, I’m aware of my morals may get in the way of things but guess what realized how stupid it was.”

“Wait what, what do you mean?”

Elma took a deep breath.” What I saw in that crystal was maddening, and the horrible things I saw in there made me realize my morals mean nothing.”

"I'm not telling you to abandon your morals," Eraqus stated. "I'm saying that this isn't the kind of work where you can afford to let them make you hesitate."

“And they won’t, see on the way back here I had time to think about what that crystal showed me. And in that moment I realized that killing no matter how much I don’t want to do it is nessary.”

"Very well." Eraqus looked back at Charter. "I made you a promise. She can stay. But she is your responsibility now. If these are just words, and she gets someone killed, it was your call to keep her here, got it?"

“She always was my response ability one I’ve been slacking on, that changes now.”

Eraqus patted his shoulder. In a low voice, he added, "And teach her a little more about chain of command. If she talked to Lady Havenbrook like she did to me, she would have been out on her ass. She obviously didn't have the training of a soldier like you did."

“Yea I’ll get to that don’t worry about it.”

“Um mr Eraqus with all do respect I’m not a child, I appreciate you worrying about the others for my mistakes. But I promise it won’t happen again.”

The Elf walked over to her. He smiled softly. "You're not just a child. And if you say you'll do better, I'll trust you. Despite all that has happened..." He looked down at his missing arm and shook his head. "...I still consider you a friend."

Elma looked at Eraqus missing arm and lowered her head. I promise that I will do better.”

He nodded. "I'm heading back to the forge. Good luck with your training." Eraqus nodded to Charter and headed out.

Character looked at Elma.” You do realize that things just got harder for you right?”

“Yea I know I will do my best to get better.”


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Details and Rediscovery
Part One

Havenbrook Manor
Sept. 22nd, 3349
10:10 a.m.

It was around ten in the morning, breakfast being over and done with and people went about their days. For Mina, it was business as usual, though with the return of her husband to be, she had much more reason to smile now. Her first meeting was with a young elf. He was around 14, short, with long blue hair that was braided into a thin cord on the left side of his head. "I hear you will be attending the tourney this year Ms. Havenbrook." The knight captain of the Companions said with a relaxed grin.

Mina looked him over, resisting the urge to ask why such a young man was a captain. "Y-yes. Not personally, for obvious reasons. But I will be encouraging my Hunters to join in."

He nodded, "You may still attend. I assure you there are more than enough spectator seats. And we will have experienced barrier maintainers keeping the area safe. After all, having a high name guild will be good for publicity. It'll add a fire to the knights that hate guilds."

Mina chuckled nervously at that. "Rrrright. So, It's being held here in Serasam, right?"

Nodding, he gave her a charismatic smile. "At our headquarters, correct. It is about a weeks ride from here."

"And how many participants do you expect? How many are allowed from my guild?"

"We don't have a set number restriction. If our number of participants gets too high, then we will adjust accordingly."

"Interesting..." Mina crossed her legs. "Tell me more about the rules."

"Well it is all very..." The young elf was cut off, turning his head as another elf and a strange fish girl came in after a quick knock.

"Oh! H-hello," Arale said with a small wave.

"You the tournament kid?" Yuffie asked.

"I can hardly be considered a kid any more. I am the captain of the Companions, one of the Nine. So yes, to answer your rude question."

"Yuffie," Mina snapped. "Behave yourself or leave."

Yuffie jumped. "S-sorry. Um... uh..."

"Can we enter?" Arale blurted out, then covered her mouth.

"Don't be absurd." Mina waved them off. "You're too young and green. You wouldn't last past the first round."

"There's nothing stopping them." The captain clarified. "We have a lot of beginners showing up looking to get scouted. We have a class level for them."

"Class level?" Mina raised an eyebrow. "How many levels are there?"

"There are four. C-tier for the newer fighters. B for the intermediate. A for high level, and S for only the most elite. I myself will be fighting in B-tier."

"Awesome!" Yuffie laughed. "So we can enter, right? Please?"

Mina sighed. "If it is okay with our friend here and Lyr... I don't care."

"Hm..." The elf glared at Yuffie. "Do I... Know you?"

Yuffie blink at him, squinting her eyes. "What... is your name?"

"My name is..." He looked her over and then nodded. "Right, I remember now. You left me waiting in the art room till twilight."

Yuffie blinked again. "I... you... a-a man named Lyr, he... he told me... I mean, he brought me here that day..."

"What's going on?" Arale looked between them. "Are you two friends?"

"I see? You skipped out on me for a man did you?" He rolled his eyes. "And to think I wanted to show you my art book."

Yuffie stepped forward. "Come on, now. H-he was taking me away from poverty and a possible life of slavery! I... I'd still like to... see that art book. Why did you wait so long, anyway?"

"You two go to school together?" Mina asked.

The two were still ignoring the other two women, focusing on one another, "And to think I was planning on maybe confessing to you." He said, crossing his arms. "Well I left home on my own and started a new life without anyone's help. Are you happy with this man you ran away with?" He mocked.

"It isn't like that! He's a friend, but mostly my teacher!" Yuffie placed her hands on her hips. "And we barely knew each other! Ready to confess, my butt!"

"We knew each other enough! Besides, that ship sailed long ago. You aren't even that pretty anyways. I bet your breath stinks too."

Arale gasped and placed her hand over her mouth. "Oh, my!"

"Yeah?!" Yuffie stomped her foot. "Well, you're a shrimp, you were always stupid, and I bet you're weak as hell!"

"I passed all,my classes with straight A's, I am the captian of a knights guild and besides..." He smirked. "I am taller than you. Shrimp!"

"Oh, good for you! This is what I get for thinking you might be different. Typical Elf with his typical Elf privilege looking down on the stupid, ugly Light Elf, huh?"

"This is... getting out of hand," Mina said, raising her voice.

"You're hardly ugly you know. After all, I didn't care you were a light elf. If I did, I wouldn't have ever taken an interest in you. Though stupid is absolutely on point!"

Yuffie's lip quivered. She flipped him off and chocked out, "Screw you! Have fun with your life you luckily got without me to ruin it, asshole." With that, she stormed off.

"Oh, my..." Arale tapped her fingers together. "This is... awkward is the right word?"

Mina sighed and took a sip of some ginger ale. "That would be correct."

The young man crossed his arms. "My name is Ja'lal. Me and her used to go to the same school together and... Well, we both had a big crush on one another. One day she just suddenly disappeared. Life at home was rough, so I left and found the Companions. Rose through the ranks quick."

"I can see that." Mina smiled lightly. "You are kinda young to have a rank."

"The guy who made me his successor wasn't supposed to die for a long while." Ja'lal explained. "And everyone seems to like me so I didn't face opposition."

Mina nodded. "Well, um... Arale, can you go find Yuffie and make sure she doesn't do anything stupid?" She watched the fish woman walk out. "So, um... I don't like getting involved in personal matters. Though if you want to ban her from your tournament..."

"Why would I want her banned?" Ja'lal asked in surprise.

Mina chuckled. "You know, young love scorn. Though it sounds you are mature for your age. I know another teen who could learn from you..."

He raised an eyebrow but ultimately let it drop. "I should be going. It was nice to finally meet you miss."

Mina nodded. "Just send me a letter on all the official rules, please."

"I will do." He bowed low, "Good day."

Mina bowed her head back. "Good day."


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Details and Rediscovery
Part Two

Standing straight, her dignitary turned and departed. Arale caught up to him as he was making his way to the exit. "E-excuse me, mister... knight... sir?"

"Hm? You? Questions about the tournament before I go?"

"Can you... get Yuffie to come out of her room?" Arale pointed to a door down the hall. "I think she's crying."

"You're her friend. Can't you?" Ja'lal questioned silently?

Arale rubbed her arm. "I-I guess. I just figure... since you made her cry..." She turned and walked down the hall.

Ja'lal grunted, following after. "It's her own fault. She wanted to get snappy with me."

Arale looked back at him. "W-weren't you the one who called her ugly and smelly first?"

"I called her pretty but stupid. Which she is."

"Yes, but the first insults were you saying she isn't that pretty and her breath smells." Arale looked away. "B-but I could be wrong."

Ja'lal frowned. "Is her door locked?"

Arale frowned back. "Of course, or I would be in there with her."

The elf sighed, reaching the door Arale had pointed at. He knocked on the door, crossing his arms.

"I said go away!" Yuffie cried out. "Leave me alone! I want to be left alone!"

"Oh really? Don't want to yell at me more?" Ja'lal said annoyedly.

There was a pause before an even louder, "Piss off! I hate you!"

"Say it to my face and I will coward!"

Yuffie threw the door open. "I... hate... you! Piss... off!"

Ja'lal frowned, stepping forward and grabbing her shoulders. He pushed her inside, all the way to her bed and climbed on her to pin her down, all so he could press his lips against hers and firmly kept them there.

She let out a muffled cry, kicking her legs slightly, but after a moment, didn't struggle. He didn't break it off, his hands moving from her shoulders down her arms, his touch light as continued to kiss her. She suddenly started kissing him back, sobbing softly as she put some force behind it.

His hands left her arms, continuing to makeout with her as he held her in a hug, bringing her as close as possible to hold with great need.

She finally broke it off, sobbing into his chest. "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!"

Ja'lal sighed, putting his chin on top of her head. "I know..." He stroked her head, letting her cry.

She sniffled. "You were my... only friend. I-I didn't mean to abandon you. I... I'm such... such a..."

"I love you." He said to her softly.

She gave him a surprised look. "You.. y-you do?"

"Of course I do." He stated, offended. "Why do you think I was mad when I saw you? I told you I was gonna confess at school."

"You r-really were?" A few tears rolled down her cheeks. "I-I love you too!"

"Oh yeah? For how long?" He asked slyly. "Bet you I've loved you longer."

Yuffie chuckled, wiping her eyes. "I loved you for months before I left."

"Well I loved you for years," he said triumphantly.

"Y-yeah?" Yuffie grinned. "Well, I actually loved you the moment I met you."

"Funny." Their noses touched. "Same."

"Ahem." They looked over to the door to find a blushing Arale. "Should I... have left you guys alone? I-I didn't want to... be nosey..."

Ja'lal pushed away, scratching his head, "I-I think she's better now!"

Yuffie quickly sat up. "Y-yeah, much... m-much better."

Arale nodded. "Good, um... th-thanks, Mr. Knight."

"Y-You can... Go now..." Ja'lal choked out, completely red.

Arale nodded. She gave them a deep bow, and quickly walked away.

Scratching his head, he glanced over at Yuffie before looking forward again. "Wanna makeout again?"

Yuffie laughed. "Of course!"

"And if I said no?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

Yuffie folded her arms and scoffed. "Have you always been this... contradictory?"

"Win your division matches... And maybe I'll let you become my girlfriend." Ja'lal said, patting the girls cheek as he stood.

Yuffie laughed. "You kidding? I plan to win the whole thing!"

"If you do that, I'll marry you on the spot." The elf said seriously.

Yuffie blushed. "Liar."

Ja'lal shook his head. "Win your division matchs and I will be your boyfriend. Win you entire class... And I'll propose. Knight's honor. There are 4 divisions per class, with the top 4 of each division going to class finals. You'll have a lot of obstacles. Overcome them, and I'd be stupid to wait longer than I need to."

Yuffie narrowed her eye. "Alright... you have a deal." She jumped to her feet and hurried for the door.

"Off to train?" He asked as she ran by.

"You know it! You're in B, right? Is C okay for me?"

"It should be since you're hardly a fighter. Wait, why in the god's many names are you so excited? Surely not to marry me?"

Yuffie blushed. "N... n-no! To... to show you up a-and make you keep your promise! A-and to show you how much of a fighter I really am!"

"So you don't want to marry me, you just want me to propose because I promised I would? I see." The elf noted, rubbing his chin.

"Well, I..." Yuffie rubbed the back of her neck. "I'd... probably say yes. I wouldn't want to be rude and humiliate you..."

"Nice of you to spare my feelings." He turned the other direction and waved a hand. "Guess a class win won't be too much to look forward to then, huh?"

Yuffie pouted, and walked back, leaning against him. "When I win... we'll make the best couple."

"And if you lose, prepare to do a lot of begging." Ja'lal teased, letting her put her weight against him to let her have her moment.

Yuffie closed her eyes and whispered, "You got a deal."

"You have a month to train. Make it count." Ja'lal told her in a determined tone. I'll be watching you when the day comes."

Yuffie nodded, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek before running off.


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Stopping a Twisted Father
Part One

Havenbrook Manor
Sept. 22nd, 3349
12:04 p.m.

It was only a few minutes after noon that Mina received a call from her Scrying Disk, the device shaking a little and glowing red as it had a week ago. She quickly activated it, her heart rate speeding up. “Hello?”

Suddenly the image of the Railroad leader appeared before her, he seemed slightly haggard as he gave her a serious look. “It's time. His Slave Auction is being held off site, so many of his guards are being diverted there. Normally that's where we'd be attacking, but there's been an outcry about a certain Fly Thrope being pulled from sale by Merce himself. My insider says they're still at his corporate headquarters.”

“So because of the auction, security will be lighter then usual.” Mina pounded a fist into her palm. “Excellent. I will spare no expense to make sure my people are there on time. Just need you to be ready. They will be under your orders.”

“One more thing… Could be nothing but…” Peacock glanced around. “The Netzi’s been purchasing a lot of raw materials. Steel, Copper, Gold, Silver, all in large quantities. All shipped directly to his Corporate office. Now, normally a few shipments wouldn't be worth noting, it's a magitech company, but he's tripled his deliveries. Not only that, but they usually go to his factories, my reports tell me they haven't left the tower yet, the fact they were sent there at all is strange.”

“Strange…” Mina rubbed her chin. “Could they be a part of some nefarious project he is conducting personally. Or something else…” She shook her head. “We’ll have to stay on our toes and be prepared for anything.”

“Good idea. Meet us on the outside of the building. Look for three lanterns.” He nodded quickly.


Several Days Later

The group of Hunters walked down the gritty Themosa Streets, even in the nice parts, the city could feel suffocating. Among the group was the Two Netzi, Veeti and Chivi, then Jay, as well as Mags and Carol, Nina and Eliza trailing behind, trying not to stick out too much.

Eliza, naturally, was hidden under a cloak, her wings tucked inside. She might look more conspicuous if not for others dressed similarly all around. The growing resistance, or ‘terrorist movement’ as the papers labled it, was taking its toll, even in the more financially stable cities. The demon girl looked around warily. “We almost there? This place makes me… nervous.”

Carol shook her head, “I don't know… We just need to look for the lanterns…”

Mags frowned, this being her first foray into the heart of Thrope cruelty, the grim atmosphere and heavy fog a far cry from the sister’s rural country home. “Somehow this place is as ominous as I always imagined it to be…”

Veeti sighed, “City’s a lot different for Thropes…”

“Go to Helvan. I assure you this looks like heaven comparatively.” The Light Elf murmured, turning his head to gaze at the metropolis.

“I'm sure if you asked any Light Elf they'd say that, but your point still stands.” Nina replied, her claws glowing with magic under her cloak.

“Let’s get this over with quick quick,” Chivi muttered.

Suddenly in a window, they spotted three lanterns lit up in a row, their signal. Carol quickly approached the building the lanterns were in, knocking on the door, a large Thrope with a crab claw for a hand opened up.

The Cow smiled, “Cancer. It's good to see you again.”

He cracked his neck, “You too, hurry up inside, the lot of you.”

Quickly leading them in as he said, it was only a short distance until they saw the rest of the Railroad. It's signature leaders, Peacock and Fancypants, both in thick, protective looking leather. There was Cancer, the pinkish skinned slug Thrope Grimoire, as well as a pencil thin Male Light Elf and a Sheep Thrope that looked much like Magdalene, only her fluff was less white, having been stained with dirt.

Peacock smirked, standing up, “Welcome to the railroad.”

Eliza looked around. “This… is a train?” she asked innocently.

“I really need to fill your education of the world and its wonders when we get back, Eliza.” Jay murmured in Elven, her innocent look rendering him unable to be as cold as he normally was. Switching back to Doloran, he bowed his head towards Peacock. “Thank you for having us here. I presume you’re going to be explaining our operation to us and leading us?”

Chivi held Veeti’s hand. “We doin’ whatever you say to save Betty and Erin.”

“That's the plan Babe. Our mission you already know, we're going to rescue your friends and any other slaves we come across.” He explained, a metal chain dangling from his wrist. “My team is going to make a distraction from the front of my building with the help of a friend, one we're currently waiting for. You will be going into the lobby and up through the train loading zone in the back, Fancypants and I will be with you, we'll meet with our agent inside who'll tell us where they are being held, then we head there with her and free them as well as anyone else we have time to.”

Veeti looked around, “And who're we waiting for?”

There was a loud knock on the door that made a few of them jump. “Yo!” a woman called out. “Open up! It’s cold out here!”

Fancypants chuckled, quickly walking over and opening the door, “It's about time Ginger-rina, we were waiting.”

“Sorry. Not like I can walk around in the open without raising an eyebrow.” A red-headed monkey woman walked in, looking around the room. Her eyes darted around some of the shorter individuals. “Young crowd. I little ones sure you are up for this?”

Mags blinked, “We're Hunters, from Havenbrook. Two of the Thropes we're saving are our friends… Why do you seem so familiar…”

Nina pulled down her hood, revealing her eyes, “Korra Devolina, the leader of the Thrope rebellion. I can't say I expected to see you today.”

Jay stepped forward eyeing the woman up and down. He offered a brief smile before it became stoical. “Let me see... I believe you’re a former noble, and have not been out of the role for very long, as you still hold the posture. If I had to guess further, I’d say you probably were working with this resistance before you were de-nobled, otherwise they wouldn’t dare let you come near their operations.” The former slave analyzed, sticking his hand out. “My name is two hundred fifty-one. Pleasure to meet you, Lady Devolina.”

“The pleasure is mine.” Korra flashed a winning, almost seductive smile. “Former slave, huh?” Her thumb traced the calluses on his hand as she shook it. “ They worked you hard and for many years. Broke your leg, which didn’t heal right? You have a girlfriend too? If not, I know another Light Elf that would like you… though you have an aura of coldness that might be a turn off to all but the toughest of ladies.”

“I have a fiance, so yes. And forty-six years of torture in the slave trade would make anyone cold and calculating, and only the strongest-willed of former slaves make it out without hating the races that enslaved them. I consider myself one of those kinds of people. You seem… interesting. Not like most nobles, yet still one of them.” He rambled on before he smiled sheepishly. “Sorry. I sometimes get carried away. Old habit, I’m afraid. I hope I didn’t bother you too much.”

“Not at all.” Korra nodded to Nina. “And you’re right to wonder. Normally, I wouldn’t want to draw attention to the Railroad by getting involved. But this is a special case. So, here I am. So… we ready to do this?”

Peacock held up a hand, “The rest of my team are still setting up, besides…” He looked over to the Thin Elf by his side who was looking at Jay intently, “I think my friend here wants to say something.”

The Light Elf was all skin and bones, shaking at little as Peacock gave him a gentle nudge. The jittery Elf gave Jay a shaky smile, holding out his arm to reveal he too had a number, Five-Ninety-One. “I-I-Its good to m-meet you. I'm… Cal, but I go by F-F-Fingers.”

Eliza quickly stepped forward. “Hello! I’m Eliza. Are you going to help us save my moms?”

It was as if everyone of the Railroad suddenly seemed distraught, even Peacock who had already known about it. Cal looked down, them gave her a comforting smile, “We-we-we'll do the… The thing… We'll save them… I p-pick locks, pretty much a-any kind, I can help you…”

Peacock raised a concerned eyebrow, “Are you sure? You're not exactly much of a fighter.”

“Don't w-worry, I can stay back behind you… besides, I already said… I would help…” He nodded quickly.
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Stopping a Twisted Father
Part Two

Eliza grinned under her hood. “Just stay behind me, mister. I’ll beat up anyone who tries to hurt you, and you open any doors I can’t break down.”

“Yes, my dear pupil, you’ll do a good job protecting him, but try not to get carried away. And remember our last training session: Strike with lethal intent.” Jay advised before placing a hand on Cal’s shoulder. He spoke in Elven, hoping that Cal would know what he was saying. “For what it’s worth… I’m sorry. You got it worse than I did, my brother-in-arms.”

Fingers nodded, giving him a sentence in Elven back. “Thank you… We'll go back there s-s-someday, end slavery there… Avenge our families…”

“We will. And maybe… maybe then the nightmares will stop, brother.” Jay smiled warmly, releasing his grip on Cal. Turning away from the other Light Elven man, Jay conjured an orb of water. “So… railroad leader, what’s our plan?”

Hearing the sound of a flare outside, Peacock looked at Cancer, Grimoire, the Sheep, and Ginger. “That's your cue, make as much noise as possible. Me, Fancypants, Fingers and the Hunters will Head to the back of the tower. When we are finished, we'll launch our signal, that's when the distraction team pulls back, you don't want to be caught sandwiched by guards, it'll be bad… That's our time limit. If it gets too hairy down there Ginger, launch your flare and pull out, we may be captured or worse, but the railroad and the rebellion will live on with you, understand?”

“Yeah, yeah, but only as a last resort. I’m not leaving you guys out to dry if I can avoid it.” Korra grinned and cracked her knuckles. “Let’s go bust some heads and save some slaves!”

“Alright Hunters.” He smirked, “Lets get moving, stay behind me.”

As they quickly left through the front of the building and rounded the corner, the building came into sight, having been obscured on the street view up until this point by overhangs and railway lines. The Modern looking tower shot into the sky like an obelisk, a stylized ‘M’ adorning the front of the structure.

Veeti narrowed her eyes at the structure as they climbed a flight of stairs up onto the railway platform. She then twitched her antennae, calling her creation Strider, now fully complete with skin bearing a hexagonal pattern, lightning sparking under the lines, as well as in it's segmented tail. The Lizard leaped up from a alley, having been hidden as they searched the streets and ran on it's two legs across the tracks, the lightning arcing off the metal.

Chivi’s own Construct floated above Veeti’s, as if to cover her. “You knowing layout of place?” she asked her lover.

“Yeah.” Veeti nodded as they spotted the back door. “If he pulled them from sale, he probably kept them himself… The most secure places in the building are his secret private lab and basement… We'll check the Lab first.”

Suddenly, sounds of havoc tore across the block from the other side of the building, causing the guards defending the back to move around, leaving the door wide open. Peacock quickly hugged the side of the door as he reached it, motioning for Fingers to pick the lock. The Scrawny Elf pulled out two small metal tools and after only a second, the lock came undone. “Easy.”

Magdalene seemed amazed, the Railroad living up to their legend. “Incredible…”

“The Lobby should be empty, but Eliza, you go in first, go through any guard you see.” The Railroad leader ordered.

The demon girl nodded, reaching for the door with one hand while the nails on her other hand glowed read. Inhaling and holding her breath, she quickly swung the door open.

As Peacock had said, the lobby was mostly empty, however, a few guards, three, had spotted them as they were running towards the front door, pulling rifles on the group. “Thropes! Stop right there!”

Eliza let out a primal scream, tossing her cloak off. Shots rang out, but they hit only cloth, Eliza in the air in a flash. She dive bombed, slitting one man’s throat as very flew by. Using her spacial awareness as she had been taught, her claws were through the belly of the second guard without even looking. Slowly, she turned her head towards the third and growled, “You can’t leave alive. Must save Amam.”

He took a few steps back before a Deer Thrope in maid’s clothing quickly came up behind him, disarming him and knocking him out with the butt of his own rifle in one swift motion. Fancypants walked forward, cradling his own rifle as he smiled, “Lovely. It's good to see you.”

“What's up, where are our Targets?” Peacock asked quickly.

Lovely nodded, taking a bag of rifle shot off of the man’s unconscious body. “They're in the secret basement, below the stairs. I'd watch yourself though, they didn't have escorts and your targets were alone with him and armed. They weren't attacking though.”

Mags sighed, needing to reveal what she had discovered in the dreamscape, it seemed a fight with them was inevitable. “They're… Being controlled… By collars around their necks, I didn't tell you because I didn't think he would arm them… but… he has…”

Veeti blinked, her mouth agape. “Mind control collars…? What the fuck has gotten into you dad… He was always cruel but… This!?”

Eliza looked over to her with a worried look. “Amam… might attack us?”

“Yes… I'm sorry Eliza… We have to find a way to stop them without hurting them…” Magdalene answered regretfully.

“We might have to hurt them, not enough to necessarily wound them greatly but enough to incapacitate. If we’re going to fight them, we should use a plan, and I think I might have something. Erin is not a skilled melee combatant, and as such, if we get someone to close the gap against her, we can end her magical attacks early. Also, I don’t know who has magic here and who doesn’t, but don’t use water magic while she’s conscious, as it fuels a very powerful spell of hers. As for Betty… ranged attacks might work. She’s too strong up close, and that puts anyone who’s fighting her at a disadvantage… So definitely ranged attacks on Betty.” Jay advised, knowing full well that the group would more than likely toss his advice aside.

Veeti nodded, the Heiress agreeing. “If Betty was able to remake her gauntlet… One good full power hit is enough to destroy every bone and every organ in your body. Anyone with ranged weapons, go for the two large tanks on the underside of the weapon. It's pneumatic, it's powered by air, puncturing those tanks will make it so her weapon releases it's built up air, making it little more than a complicated pair of brass knuckles.”

“I can do that easy.” Fancypants nodded at her, “Just keep her attention on you.”

“Everyone understand the plan?” Peacock confirmed.

Chivi nodded. “I try getting close to Erin.” She looked down at the pouting demon and rubbed her head. “Remember, you gotta save them by any way needed. You will save them. Then they recover.”

Eliza sighed, but gave a determined nod. “Got it.”

As they entered through the secret door by tugging on a false light fixture, Lovely made her way upstairs to free any slaves she could find. The hallway they found themselves in was cold, dark, and oppressive, unfeeling metal walls flanked them on both sides. As they neared the basement workshop, two familiar silhouettes rounded the corner, stepping forward, they revealed themselves to be the two Thropes.

Betty smiled, far too wide, “Eliza? Everyone? Are you here to help daddy too?”

“Oh, gods,” Chivi muttered. “They think that they’re in control…”

“Amam?” Eliza stepped forward, holding out her hands. “I’ve missed you!”

“I've missed you too sweetie. You can come meet my daddy, we can even get you a special collar too if you want it. It's been hard without you, but now that you're here we can be a family again.” The Fly Thrope crouched.

Jay’s real eye twitched, as a deep-seated rage built up within him. Holding back from doing something rash, he thought of something. “Betty, I forgot to tell you… While you’ve been gone, I’ve been teaching Eliza magic. Oh, and I threw away some of the papers you had lying around. And maybe sold a few things of both of yours.” He taunted, trying to see if he could draw them up through their collar-induced haze.

Erin’s head twitched ever so much, almost to lightly to notice. But she only said, “That’s okay. I have no intention of going back, and Betty’s father has everything here that I could ever need.”

Eliza took several steps forward, one hand behind her back. “Can I… s-see one of these collars, Amam?”
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