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Friends and Foes - Loves and Losses. pt.7

"I see that in her and more. You'll have a lot to discover on your own. She's what I'd call a true noble... if albeit a bit reckless, and too honor-bound for her own good. You probably didn't know this... but she chose to go out. To face me. She was more worried about losing her friends, and love interest, than she was her own life." Koz focused on Kva, his eyes weary. Then his eyes changed, becoming cautious, then alert and hardened. "Kva, you need to take her and run, now. Get as far away as you can. I'll buy you a few minutes." Koz stood up with a grimace, and ran forward picking up the scalpel and throwing it, a soft metal twang marking it's deflection.

"Koz... I knew you were too good to be true. Now... I guess I get to play with you and your new friends instead." A figure manifested itself from the wall, and had a very reptilian appearance with large eyes, and leather armor, but the more eye-catching thing was her weapon, a glowing halberd that seemed to appear alongside her.

Kva quickly stood up, grabbing Titania with her left arm and readying her sword with her right. "So, finally done hiding?"

"I wasn't hiding, I was waiting to see if Koz was smart enough to do his job. He wasn't and now I think I know who killed the others." The Chameleon Thrope replied, her hands glowing with her two magics types.

"Kva... give me my weapons and run. I will hold her off. Keeping Titania alive until she can fight back is far more important." Koz said quietly, before directing his voice back towards the other assassin. "The only fucking thing you're going to play with is a dagger to the throat."

"I would be excited, but your legs are too damaged to give me a proper challenge. Still, killing you would give me some pleasure, I suppose..." She said as multiple versions for her formed out of thin air, each with their own halberd.

"I have a way for you to take her on and give her more of a fight Koz." She said, cutting her palm and forming the blood into a three inch diameter ball in front of him. "Drink. It will heal your legs and give you a boost of strength."

Looking at her for half a second with regret, he drank the blood. His legs stopped being wobbly, and his eyes seemed to sharpen in clarity. "I know I'm going to regret that... but thank you. I'll need my daggers." he said softly, his eyes locked on the other assassin.

"I'll wait. It'll be fun to kill a blood-crazed Ophidian." The Chameleons voiced together, grinning as they readied their weapons.

Passing his daggers along, Kva turned around, looking back at him for a moment. "I... Apologize for treating you so harshly... It was a complicated situation... But if Taydar decides now is your time, then I hope he judges you fairly..."

"It's okay. I made my choice to be seen as a villain. And if I die here, I'd like it to stay that way. Kva," Koz replied, turning his head to look at the Elf. "Cherish her. It's not often you find your love so close."

"If you can, make a lot of noise, try to wake up the other hunters... And... Good Luck." Kva nodded once, quickly making her way out of the room.

The sounds of combat echoed, as Koz fought his opponent, almost as if the noise was the chasing the Elf. A guttural roar also echoed, as if something primeval and powerful was in the manor. As Kva kept running, she soon found a giant wall of water that seemed to be closing in and blocking the noise of the battle.

"Perfect... Who's there! Show yourself!" Kva yelled.

The water wall seemed to falter before disappearing entirely, and the somewhat distant sounds of combat died as well, signaling the caster couldn't keep the magical barrier up.

Kva narrowed her eyes, if this was cast by the assassin, does that mean Koz won? The Dhampire kept Titania close as she made her way back, peeking into the medical area stealthily.

The room was messy, but the sight was clear: The Chameleon was dead, her eyes gouged, and her throat slit. However, a very large blood trail led to a corner where the other assassin was shallowly breathing, his left arm and right leg severed, coupled with a deep hole through his chest. There was also blood on the wall in the shape of words.

"Glad you're safe... they won't come after you now that she's dead." Koz murmured out, his eyes having lost most of the clarity and luster they once had.

Kva placed Titania back on the bed, then looked over at him. "This is what you wanted Koz... But... At least in my eyes you've redeemed yourself somewhat..."

Koz offered a pained grin. "Take care of her for me. Find my son i-" His body spasmed for a moment then ceased, as the light left his eyes, but his grin remained.

The Death Priest slowly reached forward, closing his eyes with her fingers. Kva took her helmet off of her side and placed it next to Titania before giving her the water, the five minutes having passed. After a few moments, Kva leaned in, "Titania?"

A cough erupted from the Thrope, as she opened her eyes. Upon seeing Kva's face again, the Thrope's turned a bright red. "U-umm... hi."

"Hey..." Kva turned her head. "Don't mind the blood."

Titania, taking her advice, instead stared up at Kva instead. "I'm sorry."

"You should've told me... I'm not so frail that I would've died so easily... I said I would protect you..." Kva smiled at her, this being the first time Titania had seen her without her mask for an extended period.

"I... I just didn't want to risk the chance of losing someone. I am frail and weak when it comes to the people I care about." Titania whispered, showing a more vulnerable side of herself. She gently and slowly reached up, with what she thought was her good hand, and held Kva's face.

"He's dead, Titania... I took care of him..." Kva explained, "But... You're not safe yet... There are others..."

The Thrope nodded gravely, but merely smiled. "Well... as long as I have you here, I don't really mind."

"I..." Kva hesitated, thinking on what Koz had said. "I love you... Titania. I've spend hundreds of years in a... Melancholic malaise... But... Finally... It was worth it... I think I've finally earned my happiness..."

Titania merely let her actions speak for her, as she leaned up while gently guiding Kva's face down, so she could kiss her.

Kva gladly accepted, holding her shoulders lightly as she leaned forward. As they kissed though, Titania could clearly feel the fangs in the Fencer's mouth with her tongue.

Although somewhat surprised at the sharp fangs, Titania continued kissing her love, becoming a bit more aggressive with her approach.

Kva obliged, becoming more aggressive as well, plunging her tongue deeper as she gripped the sides of her arms.

Titania let out a surprised moan, before breaking off the prolonged kiss. "Not here... Let's go somewhere else..."

"Yeah..." She pulled away, looking down regretfully at Koz' body.

Titania followed Kva's gaze, and flinched slightly. After a moment, she saw that he was no longer breathing. "What happened?"

"It's... A long story... I went out there to kill him and I brought him to you, but turns out he was... Under threat of death from other Assassins..." Kva explained, hesitating, but now that he and one of the assassins were dead, she had little to fear. "You were his responsibility, and, while he made it look good for them, he was never trying to kill you. And if he never completed his mission, they would never go after you themselves... That other body, was the Assassin, he died holding her away from you..."

"But... he attacked me in the past. Why did he have a sudden change of heart?" Titania asked, confused at what the implications meant, but willing to accept them if Kva could explain.

"He was never even upset at you over his sister... He dealt with the slavers, but that was when the Assassins found and 'recruited' him... He likely did it to look good in front of them, like this time..." The Fencer explained to the best of her ability.

Titania got out of the bed and took a few steps towards the corpse. She stopped right in front of him, an unreadable expression on her face. "You stupid jackass..." She whispered softly, before turning around to look at Kva. "I'm going to need to bury him... my family in Bevland has a crypt for family members and those who served us. I... I was wondering if maybe, um, you wouldn't mind going there with me...?"

"Of course... I still haven't paid rites to his body yet..." Kva agreed, "I should probably tell Mina what happened..."

"Yeah... it's going to smell like blood in here for awhile." Titania replied before frowning. "Are you sure you're okay going to Bevland? It'll mean that you'll meet my family. And some of them are complete assholes..."

"It's no problem... I've deal with a few sanctimonious nobles before..." She replied.

"Then it's settled! We're going to Bevland in the future. Do be warned, this won't be too easy to do... considering why I ran away in the first place... perhaps my Mom would be willing to help me out..." Titania thought aloud, as she tried to plan her way around being arranged marriage.

"Titania..." She replied seriously, turning her head. "I'm sure you felt them... The Fangs... I wish I could've told you sooner..."

"I'm not upset. I think you forgot what I told you." Titania started softly, walking forward until she was right in front of Kva, a warm, gentle smile on her face. "You'd be surprised what I'm okay with. I love you for who you are, not what you are. Nothing will ever change that."

"Thank you..." Kva smiled, wrapping an arm around her. "Let's get out of here for now..."

Titania didn't reply, merely leaning into Kva, to give her answer instead.
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Friends and Foes - Loves and Losses. Pt. 8

Titania wrapped her arm around Kva's waist, and gently guided her away from the partially ruined hospital and towards the Dhampire's room.

Snuggling as close as she could, Titania merely murmured out, "Kva... I want to spend tonight with you..."

"Are you sure you're not too... Shaken up?" Kva asked softly.

"I'm okay... after all, I got a smart, beautiful, talented woman right next to me." Titania flirted, pressing slightly harder into Kva.

"Of course... I'm sure they'll want to look over the bodies... Especially Mina. But us... I think we deserve a break..." The Dhampire brushed her face with the back of her finger.

"And that break has been long overdue." Titania replied, walking slightly faster.

Making their way to Kva's Bedroom, not wanting to risk Jay walking in on them, the Fencer quickly locked the door behind her. The room was hardly anything, sparse would be the only apt word, dimly lit with only a bed in the center, some chairs, and a bookcase with enough literature to keep one busy.

"I hope it's not too drab for you..." Kva smiled lighly, never expecting to actually have someone in here.

Titania laughed, a bright smile on her face. "Not at all. One of the inns I had to use didn't give you a bed, just a bunch of planks."
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She began slowly taking off her shirt, to give Kva a nice show of her figure, before moving onto her pants, to reveal her frilly lingerie.

Kva chuckled. "You wear such revealing underwear in your day to day?"

Titania blushed, and rubbed one of her ears subconsciously. "W-well, not usually, but its not like anyone was going to see me wearing them... besides, it was before I knew how my day was going to go..."

Kva shook her head lightly, placing her helmet on the bookshelf, she slowly removed her armor, wearing only a tight fitting set of skin color leather underwear and bra.

Titania merely raised an eyebrow, not wanting to interrogate her girlfriend now that they were close to intimacy. She pulled her frilly panties down, and soon slipped her bra off, revealing herself entirely.

Kva smiled as she looked her over, walking forward as she did the same. Now that all of the Dhampire was on display, Titania could see that almost all of her body was well taken care of hair wise, everything smooth and blemishless. The Elf was tall and thin, Titania could even see the slight outline of her ribs, however hee breasts didn't suffer from such a problem, not being the largest, but being respectable C-Cups. Her backside, at least in contrast to her bosom, was quite small and firm.

Kva ran her hands down her body slowly, sensually, before placing them against her hips, walking forward towards Titania.

Titania took in all of her partner's curves, feeling slightly inadequate as she was a smaller B cup, biting her lip at the arousing sight. Taking a couple steps forward, Titania wrapped her arms around Kv's waist before going lower to her real target. "You ready?"

"Are you?" She whispered softly.

"Always." With that Titania moved one of her hands to play with Kva's button, while she plunged her tongue deep into her lover's folds, making sure to move it all around inside of the Elven woman.

The pleasure hit Kva quickly, but she kept her composure, however her breathing did noticeably quicken. Biting her slip slightly, the Fencer grabbed the back of Titania's head, leaning it back gently and stepping forward as to be positioned directly above her, the Thrope being in between her partner's legs.

Titania reinserted her tongue, doing all that she had before, except she added a new move to it, as she moved her tongue around, she'd almost pull her tongue out before pumping it back in. As she did so, Titania started to slow, teasing her partner with the pleasure she was giving.

"You... You tease..." Kva spoke between breaths, closing her eyes.

Titania letting out a muffled giggle, and quickly sped up, going faster and faster as she felt that Kva was on the edge of orgasming.

The Swordwoman's toes curled and hands formed a fist, the pressure building and building. "Mmn... I'm... Almost there... More..."

The Thrope brought her free hand over and shoved a finger into Kva's slit, hoping that would help stimulate her lover. Her tongue slipped entirely out of Kva for a moment, before plunging back in.

"Hah... Hah... Hah..." Suddenly Kva pushed the Thrope deeper in, a small amount of spray coating her mouth and chin. "Mmmn... You know you're... supposed to start slow..."

"Something I'll have to work on, then. But if you're so confident that's the way it's supposed to be, why don't you show me?" Titania challenged softly, as she stepped out from under her partner.

"Gladly..." She grinned devilishly, running her hands up Titania's sides. "What did you call me...? A Domme?"

Kva's hands reached her armpits, beginning to lift up her arms and gripping onto her wrists firmly, but not enough to be uncomfortable. The size difference between them was more apparent when Kva lifted her up off the ground a foot or so, taking full advantage of her Dhampire strength. "Do I have your consent to continue, my little puppy?"

Titania blushed, unused to Kva being more forward then her. "Y-yes..."

"I will never do anything to hurt you without your permission... If you ever feel uncomfortable, just say... Let's go with... Bevland... Say that and I'll stop immediately..." Kva explained, pressing her up against the nearest wall. "Understand?"

"Yup, got it." The Thrope replied, slightly anxious to see what Kva had in store for her.

"Good..." Kva gave her a wicked look, leaning in and running her tongue up Titania's neck, her hot breath making her skin flush. The Elf then pressed her body against her love, their breasts squishing againat eachother.

The Thrope shivered in pleasure, the technique being an unexpected, but welcome, surprise as she squirmed slightly in Kva's grasp.

Kva then lowered her head to the height of the Thrope's breasts, wrapping her tongue around her right nipple while occasionally nibbling on it lightly with her front teeth.

Titania let out a content sigh, as she continued squirming. "Perhaps I - mmn- should take some - ah- pointers from you."

"I'm Three-Hundred and Forty-Nine years old... There's a lot you can learn from me." Kva bragged, bring her knee up as she rested Titania's entrance on it, moving it back and forth as the Elf began to kiss her deeply again.

Titania moaned, the Thrope unused to the unusal administrations Kva was giving her. She used her tongue to her advantage, snaking it over to Kva's to playfully wrestle with hers.

As they kissed, Kva subtly brought the Thropes hands together in such a way that she could hold both of them at the wrist with a single hand. Wasting no time, she lowered her leg, now slightly wet with liquid as she placed her pointer and middle fingers into her, using her thumb to stimulate her spot.

Titania gasped, then began moaning at the sensation of Kva's fingers entering her, her mind trailing leagues behind in foggy state of euphoria.

Kva then pressed her fingers into Titania deeper and faster, removing her mouth from hers and beginning to nibble up her neck with her front teeth.

Titania's eyes rolled back, as a cry of pleasure escaped her lips. A spray soon coated Kva's hand and wrist.

Kva scoffed, licking some of the fluid off her hands. "Done already? Not if I have any say..."

The Dhampire had a hard time pulling away from Titania's neck, however, this caused an idea to pop into her head. "Titania... I'd like to drink from you... I haven't had Been able to drink too much of anything for a while..."

"I promise you'll enjoy it... It'll only be a slight pinch, but it'll increase your pleasure and make you more sensitive... Not to mention you'll be under my suggestion... If you like that idea..." She explained further, looking into her eyes. "What do you say, my love?"

"I don't mind. Go ahead, my temptress." Titania replied through breaths, as she lost herself in her lover's eyes.

Kva sighed, "Good Puppy..."

The Dhampire sunk her fangs slowly into Titania's neck, and like she said, there was only a very slight pinch, almost like a syringe. Afterwards however, as Kva drank, everything seemed much more intense, everything sharper and crisper. Sounds were clearer, tastes were more in depth, every nerve ending in her body felt like it was working double time, making her normal skin feel like her breasts, while her normally sensitive areas took it so much farther than normal. Every touch, every wayward rub along her privates filled her with a extreme, overflowing pleasure, it was almost too much to handle. Lastly, Kva almost glisted with light in her eyes, being drawn to her much more, almost like she was a Goddess.

The Elf then pulles away from her neck, a small amount of blood trickling down from the holes which she promply licked up. "There... How's that, my Pet?"

Titania shivered in pleasure, and would've reached out touch Kva had her hands not been held up. "Wonderful, Mistress." She squeaked out in a meek voice, her natural shyness on full display.

"Then let's give you your reward." Kva slowly let her drop down, instead grabbing her legs and lifting her up from there, putting them up over her shoulders and letting them hang off Kva's back. This position placed her back against the wall and conveniently left Kva's mouth in front of her lover's entrance.

From this point, The Dhampire simply started by teasingly licking her once, letting Titania get acquainted with the newfound increase in stimuli.

Titania squirmed, the pleasure almost painfully pleasant. Moans began to come out of her mouth, and she tried to squirm closer so Kva could eat her out better.

"Oh...? What do you want me to do? I want to hear you say it..." Kva teased, her mouth just tantalizing inches away.

"P-please, Mistress... eat me out..." Titania begged, her voice hot with lust.

"Okay Pet... I'll oblige you..." Kva started with a few shallow licks... before plunging her tongue in, hoping to make the Thrope scream with pleasure.

Titania cried out in pleasure, her mind returning to its blissful foggy state. She orgasmed once more, her arms and legs losing their strength as she became limp against the wall.

"Should I continue?" Kva asked, after allowing the Thrope a few moments to recuperate, of course.

"Y-yes, Mistress." Titania replied meekly, still lust-filled for one more round.

Going into her once more, Kva made sure to explore every part of her, but always returning to her button as she licked back out. She repeated this again and again, until every inch of her was properly reached and claimed as hers.

Titania, still too sensitive from the drinking and from her previous orgasms, cried out once more as she came. She slumped against the wall, her energy spent.

Kva smiled as she let her down gently, helping her over to the bed where she laid her down and then laid down beside her herself. The Dhampire then gently wrapped her arms around her love, knowing the sensitive effect she had would wear off in an hour or two.


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Friends and Foes - Loves and Losses. Pt. 9

As Titania's body calmed down, she let her eyes close, and she whispered, "I love you, Mis-Kva."

"I love you too, Titania. That was all for you, your pleasure... You deserve it..." Kva whispered.

The Thrope let out a sigh, moving her hand to grip Kva's. "No... You deserve far more than a former Thrope noble..." Titania said softly.

"Please... I'm just a creepy Vampire woman who hangs around dead bodies..." She countered, "No need to put me on some pedestal..."

"You're not creepy, you just isolate yourself from others." Titania pointed out, "I'm too reckless, and with little thought to how everyone would feel, I chose to die to keep you, and everyone else, safe. I think that, maybe, I'm... not good enough for you." Titania's face darkened, her low self-esteem kicking in.

"I think you care so much about helping people, that you were willing to sacrifice yourself for others. But the truth is...We wanted to protect you the same way, and we have the means to. You merely became caught up in your own selflessness, I hardly blame you." The Dhampire continued, brushing her hair.

"Still wasn't fair to you. Wasn't fair to anyone. Maybe it's my dented pride, but I just... don't feel as good about myself as I used to." Titania explained shakily, letting her natural accent out. She waited for a moment so she could calm herself, before continuing. "You deserve someone who's still emotionally intact, can fend for themselves, and who can protect you. And I'm none of those..."

"I'm not even emotionally there... You can and have done well in your duel, and when it comes to protection... I can most certainly handle myself..." Kva listed off, pointing out.

Titania was silent for a few moments, before she leaned back into Kva. "You... why do I get the feeling you're going to win all of our future arguments?"

"I'm not sure about that... You're the emotional half..." She replied.

"That may be true, but you're the logical one who knows how to calm me down." Titania pointed out, snuggling as close as she could, despite her skin still being sensitive.

"You're so adorable..." Kva kissed her forehead gently.

"N-no, I'm not..." She weakly protested.

Kva just rolled her eyes, laying next to her peacefully and her helmet sat lonely on the other side of the room.

As the two slept peacefully, the thing that they both had missed began to dry and crack on the wall. Koz’s blood letters formed out all he had gained from his battle, letting himself take grievous injuries in order to acquire it. It only said seven words, but they were painful and important. “I love you, sister. Human House Bevland.”
Insane Darkness and Black0ut present...

Titania’s arm was bandaged extensively and was wrapped in a sling, as to remind herself not to overexert herself. She sat in a chair, her longsword firmly planted in the wooden boards. She slept fitfully, still having terrifying dreams of Koz brutalizing her, mixed with old memories of her past.

Faith stood by the door frame on the outside of Titania’s room with perfect view of her mother’s suffering. A tear fell down her face, which was quickly dried away by the wind inside the building. She closed her eyes before stepping in, her steps full of self-blame and self-hatred. She gripped her blade in anger, bit her lip and closed her eyes harder all at the same time, all to prevent any more tears from dropping. She closed the door behind her slowly with the hand that wasn’t on the blade.

Titania remained asleep, apparently in a deep sleep. Her longsword remained in her good hand almost like a security blanket for a toddler, the blade slightly damaged, much like it’s owner’s current state.

Faith took a deep breath, stepping forward before collapsing onto her knees, her face ending up near Titania’s shins. The image of Titania’s injuries resonated within her mind, making more tears form under her eyes. “Dammit…” she whispered to herself, “I sh-sh-should’ve b-been ther-re…” She stuttered more out of sadness than her natural tendency to do so.

Titania’s ears twitched at Faith’s words, and her eyes slowly opened. Upon seeing her daughter crying, Faith found herself in Titania’s arms, the Demigod having snatched her from the floor in a heartbeat’s time. “Faith… what’s wrong?”

Faith blew her hood over her head, preferring to internalize what she was feeling and also finding herself unable to put it into words.

“Please… tell me what’s wrong… did I upset you somehow, cause if so, I’m sorry. Just please… talk to me.” Titania pleaded, her insecurities showing through again, along with her accent.

Faith went through a series of sniffles, before responding with, “H-how c-can I p-p-protect you-ou if-f I can-n’t ev-ven p-prot-tect mys-s-self?...”

“Faith… It isn’t your fault I’m hurt. It’s mine. And you can protect yourself… I had a talk with Jay about it and you forced him to the brink with your power, to where he was beginning to fear for his life. You’re strong, my daughter, and one day, you’ll be even stronger than me. Of that I’m sure. So, don’t think you’re not strong. You are in more ways than one.” Titania assured, holding her close as she did her best to snuggle.

“H-he was-s hol-lding back-ck…” Faith muttered, “I c-couldn-n’t prot-tect y-you… I’m w-worthless-ss…” She snuggled closer to her mother.

Titania pulled back, her eyes kind but stern. “Faith… you're not worthless. You mean the world to me. I would fight this entire Guild for you. And… it's my fault I got hurt, not yours. I chose to go out so he wouldn't hurt you or anyone else. I love you too much to see you get hurt even remotely close to what happened to me. So… stop blaming yourself.” Titania explained, kissing Faith’s forehead.

Faith switched to Elven, hoping to make her point more clear without all of her stutters. “How can I not blame myself?! The only thing I’ve accomplished here is looking cute! I don’t want to be cute! I want to protect you!” Faith paused, releasing a few sadness-ridden coughs. “I don’t want to sit idly, watching people get hurt. I want to be the one to feel their pain instead… I don’t want people suffering in my place. So… don’t try to make me see otherwise…”

Titania stood, carrying Faith with her one good arm. “You haven't been trained to look cute, even though you are. I've trained you to be a warrior, and you've come far, farther than a peasant girl from Neren’teva should have. You surpassed Jay's expectations in magical ability, even though you barely know how to control it.” Titania began, her voice firm and confident.

“But--” Faith started.

“But this is a lesson I had hoped to keep from you. That you won't always be able to save everyone. I went out into the forest with the knowledge that I probably wasn't coming back. I still did it, because not only do I love you, I would happily take anything coming your way. So, yes, I won't be able to change your mind. But I don't need to. I just need you to understand that there will be a day, whether it's me or someone else you love, that you'll lose them. And that it's okay. You've already given me hope in the future of this world, and love that I never thought I would need, but now rely on.”

“You talk too much… How am I supposed to respond to that?...” Faith muttered, nuzzling closer to Titania’s breasts by instinct.

“You aren't. But I'm glad you listened to me.” The noble replied, as she laid Faith down in her bed, before crawling in to snuggle with her.

“Titania… Why won’t you let me protect you?...” Faith asked simply, hoping to put it in Elven words as simple as possible.

“Because I'm too stubborn. And afraid of what that’d mean.” Titania whispered, her accent fully coming out.

Faith shifted upwards on the bed to be eye level with Titania. “Stop it. Let me protect you. You’ve trained me to do so. So let me help you sometimes.”

Titania smiled, rubbing Faith’s head. “Alright… alright. On one condition.”

“What’s the condition? Do I have to eat something disgusting?”

Titania sighed, and took on a serious face. “You have to beat me in a fight. That is the only way I'll let you protect me, as I know you'll be strong enough to deal with anything that comes your way.”

Faith sighed. “I was afraid you’d say that… But okay. It sounds like a reasonable condition.”

Titania snuggled closer, holding her daughter close. “I… I'm sorry. I'm a bit paranoid about you being in danger… consider it a mother’s worry.”

“Umm… I’m old enough to feel that way about you too, you know… Even if I’m your daughter, it’s a similar feeling, I think…” Faith felt puzzled with being unable to rightfully express her emotions.

“I know. It is, and coming home either with a big scar on my head or being wounded by Koz, is not a good way for you to see me. I just worry about you, even when I'm the one in danger. I know it's not rational and perhaps I've grown far more attached than a parent should, but… you're still my little girl, albeit, a bit older and far wiser than she once was.”

Faith smiled, relaxing in the bed. She closed her eyes, before she smelled something… off. Something left behind by someone else. Her eyes shot open at the realization. “Who is this I’m smelling on you?” Faith asked, a little defensive and protective.

“It's my new perfume… I decided to get some from a passing trader… is it that bad?” Titania lied, somewhat embarrassed by the idea of Faith finding out about her relationship with Kva this way.

“It’s not an it… It’s a who. And yes. They smell terrible. Who is it? Do you have another child that I’m not aware of? Wait… They’re older… There’s no way someone young could emit this scent…” Faith started analyzing the scent that was barely hidden under Titania’s own.

Titania shook her head for a moment, trying to think of an excuse, and a man she had fought appeared in her mind. “I admit… I was fighting with a man who used his fists, and he pinned me down to the ground. I was stuck in a weird position and well, it took me awhile to get out of his hold.” Titania partially lied again, this time using truth to mask her secret.

“Zodiak? He told me about that. I asked him about his injuries and he said that he sparred with you and you got a little… vicious, I think he put it. But no… This is not his scent on you either… Titania. Tell me the truth. Please. I wouldn’t withhold secrets from you if you asked.” Faith pleaded, finally noticing Titania trying to think up more excuses.

Titania, seeing Faith plead desperately to her, cracked, and sighed. “Well… umm… this is a bit awkward for me to tell you like this but… I met somebody I like and, umm… well, I'm in a relationship with said person right now.”

“Really? I want to be in a relationship…” Faith looked into Titania’s eyes, wonder glinting in them and a smile on her face. “What are they like? Tell me!”

“Well, they're really sweet, even if they try to pretend they're not. They're afraid of showing off their soft side, cause they might get hurt by others. They're brave and loyal, and look out for me. They treat me far better than I deserve and… they make me feel special. Unique. Even if they don't feel so themself.” Titania described, a warm smile on her face as she recalled Kva’s personality.
Part 2

Faith gave Titania a glare of disbelief. “Not to be rude, but that sounds a lot like you, Titania.”

“Hey, she's real! I- aw crap. You're too good at interrogating me…” Titania grumbled.

Faith’s eyes widened, before she looked away from Titania. “O-oh… I didn’t know you swung that way…”

Titania raised an eyebrow. “I could go for either gender, but it just so happened to be a girl. Why is it such a big deal, Faith?”

Faith held up a finger, asking Titania to stop talking as politely as possible. “Just-just give me a moment to process this… I honestly thought it was a guy you were with, so hearing this just… shocks me, I guess. I didn’t expect this... It-it’s not bad, but… I mean, it’s… Oh boy… How do I put this in a way that doesn’t make me seem like an asshole?... Um… I accept your decision? And I think it should be about your happiness?” Faith’s voice sounded like she had to convince herself that she believed what she was saying.

“Wow… is this where we're headed to? Another fight over something that shouldn't even be a big deal? Okay. Seeing as how you need time to process I'll see myself out.” Titania scoffed, getting out of bed, and disappearing from sight.

Before Titania could escape, a wind wall appeared at her door, somehow outspeeding Titania’s own incredible speed. “Wait! I-you’re right… It isn’t right of me to feel this way… I don’t want to feel this way… I’ve never had feelings for a woman or even a man, so I don’t know anything about relationships anyways… It’s wrong of me to judge you and I’m sorry… I don’t want to fight you over this. Honestly, I want you to be happy. I mean, that’s what I have always wanted for you. I’m glad that she makes you happy and I understand that if this issue drives us apart, you can go to her instead of me… In fact, you should go now. I’ll just… be here. Maybe…” Faith let down the wind wall and covered her body with the blanket, slowly moving into the fetal position.

Titania slowly blurred back into visible sight. She let out a sigh, rubbing her temples as she sat down on the bed. “You silly, foolish, moronic girl… I don't hate you and I never will. Sure, I'm still angry at you, but I love you. That won't change because of a fight. You're my daughter, and the reason I spend time with you isn't because I just like you or just that you're my adopted daughter. I love you for who you are: a dorky bookworm who has a heart of gold, and who didn't, and still doesn't, believe in herself despite how amazing she is. This won't drive us apart. Maybe fray a couple connections between you and I, but it will never drive us apart.” Titania gently rubbed the small mass hiding under the blanket.

“I ---- wa-- -- -e re------...” Faith mumbled incomprehensibly, pulling the blanket closer to her body.

Titania laid down, all angry thoughts silenced by her motherly instincts as she wrapped her arms around the smaller Thrope. “I'm not going anywhere until you're better, so prepare for a lot of snuggles.”

A small air bubble surrounded Faith, pushing Titania’s arms away from her body. “I -o-- wa-- t- -e re--a---...” Faith repeated, only slightly louder than before.

Titania began vibrating her arms to speed through the wind barrier, as she tried to hold onto Faith. “I'm not leaving you, and you're not going to force me to! I'll break both of my arms trying!”

“I don’t want to be replaced!” Faith dashed out of the blanket in her Duck form, flying around until she was hiding behind Titania’s chair.

Titania was silent for a moment, then laughed. “That's what you're worried about? You're not going to be replaced. Not now, not ever. Did you stop to think that I literally walked into a forest ready to die so you wouldn't? You think I would suddenly turn on you when I fucking love you so much, that I try to spend everyday with you? Sure, I'm in love with a woman, and yes, I will have to give her a portion of my time, but that does not mean she takes your place. You are my child, and I adore you. Nobody, not even me, can take you away from me. You understand, baby girl? You're not being replaced.”

Faith continued to stay behind the chair, unwilling to move or respond. Although, due to her sudden speed on the way to where she hid, the chair toppled backwards on top of her, pushing her weak duck body into the ground and a surprised, “Quack!” escaping her bill.

Titania was almost instantly there, almost breaking the chair as she threw it elsewhere. Picking up Faith's duck body, she began examining her wings, looking for any damage that would transfer when she became more Human.

Another quack escaped Faith’s bill, one of less panic and pain and more full of appreciativeness. She allowed Titania to do whatever she needed to do, knowing that Titania knew what she was doing.

After thoroughly examining her daughter, Titania let out a sigh of relief. Going back over to the bed, she set Faith down and transformed into her own bestial form. Hopping up onto the bed before circling around a spot and laying down.

Faith pulled on the blanket with her bill, trying to pick it up from under Titania’s weight.

Titania, instead of moving, leaned more onto it, more amused at what Faith was trying to do.

Faith playfully pushed Titania off of the bed with wind magic, then blew the blanket up into the air, uncovering her clothes that she’d left behind from her quick transformation and dash to the chair.

Titania hopped back onto the bed, and feeling a bit revengeful, decided to gently lay on Faith.

Faith tried to move towards the clothes, but ended up stuck under Titania’s weight, albeit not enough to physically harm her frail duck body. Faith mentally struggled to push the blanket flying in the air across the room, so as to not cover her clothes once again.

Titania rubbed her head against the duck she was holding hostage, enjoying the snuggle time in their Thrope forms.

Faith put up her best attempt to both breathe and escape Titania’s powerful clutches. Many quacks escaped her bill in protest.

Titania whimpered, but released the Duck Thrope anyways. She hopped off the bed to crawl under it, and promptly tried to nap.

Faith transformed back, glad that the curtains were shut, Titania’s door was shut, and Titania herself was under the bed. She quickly redressed herself before crawling under the bed to snuggle with Titania willingly.

Titania peeked an eye open, and her tail swished in the air, very happy to see that Faith wasn't upset with her earlier attempt at snuggling.

Faith smiled, snuggling closer into Titania’s fur, no longer able to smell the woman’s scent on Titania and trying to unintentionally cover it with her own.

The Wolf Thrope relaxed, as she slowly closed her eyes to savor the moment, as she wished it would last forever.


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Saved by a Miracle
Part One

Terra woke up after many hours of rest... to find herself no longer on the train back to the Manor. She moved her head to the side to see the many vials of liquids and artifacts surrounding her. Did Erauqus actually save her in time? Or was she still in Fairaven... about to become to their next experiment. Either way, she was too weak to fight back, as the dragon blood still ran through her veins.

"You're awake. Good." Terra couldn't make out the person on her side that was speaking at first, only noting her large ears.

"Who... are... you." The fox Thrope asked weakly

"Erin Starstorm. Havenbrook Head Witch." Erin leaned over, examining Terra's eyes. "How are you feeling. And please be specific."

"I... I feel like everything is burning... like I'm on fire."

"If you had to give it a number one through ten?"

"Ten..." Terra answer, before her breathing weakened again and she began to look as if she was going to lose consciousness once more.

She felt a wave of healing energy wash over her. "Please, I need you to stay with me. How much blood did you drink?"

"Just... the one vial... I destroyed... the rest." The young girl replied in between her breaths.

Erin held up another vial of blue liquid. "I need you to drink this, okay?"

"Okay..." Terra muttered as she attempted to reach for the vial in Erin's hand.

Erin carefully lifted her head and helped her take the drink. "This will help my magic tell the difference between your blood and the dragon blood. And the vampire blood for that matter."

"So... you're the one... she was talking about..." She remarked, her voice still weak and her breathing still faint.

"Who is that?" Erin asked, placing a beaker next to the young woman's side, along with a a knife.

"K-Kva... the one in the black armor..." The fox Thrope answered... before her breathing suddenly halted.

Erin reached over, sending a jolt of magical energy directly into Terra's lungs. "Terra, stay with me!"

"If I die... I'll get to see father... right?" The fox girl murmured as her hope dwindled.

"Don't speak like that." Erin moved with earnest, placing a glowing hand over Terra's belly. "Do you think he would want you to die so young?"

"All he ever wanted was for mother to save us..." Tears began to form in her eyes. "Maybe this is what he meant..."

"Keep talking to me." Erin carefully cut into Terra's arm. "What do you know about your mother?"

"I... don't know anything..." Terra replied. "She was... never there... but father always said she would come save us..."

"Maybe she'll save you some other day. But today, it is my job." Erin placed another braker by Terra's head. "You are going to want to vomit. Do not try and hold it back, understand?"

"O-o...kay..." The former slave answered... seeming to lose her strength again.

Suddenly, her stomach churned as Erin chanted a spell. She opened her mouth, and the very walls of her stomach felt like they were melting. A small stream of red liquid flowed out of her mouth and into the nearby beaker.

Terra held her vomit as best she could... her resolve being strong, even if her will was weak.

As the dragon blood drained from her body, Terra slowly started to feel better. Her energy didn't really return, but the burning quickly started to disappait. Her breathing began to normalize and her vision became less and less cloudy. It looked like she would survive the ordeals... for now.

"Terra?" Erin leaned close "Can you hear me? Are you okay?"

Terra looked up at Erin, raising her hand and poking the rabbit Thrope's nose. "Boop."

Erin rolled her eyes. "I'll take that as an affirmative. You ready for the next part?"

"I guess..." Terra stated in her usual nervous tone.

"Now... getting the dragon blood put was actually the easy part. It was so foreign to you body that it stayed seperate. The vampire blood, however, has been absorbed into your system. It'll be a bit harder to find." Erin lifted a rather large needle. "Hope you're not squeamish."

The mere sight of the needle sent terror into the young Thrope's eyes. Her body began to tremble uncontrollably and she tried her best to move as far away from Erin as possible.

Erin quickly placed a hand on Terra's arm. "We can do this later if you wish, but it must be done eventually. If we don't take care of it, your physical cravings will grow an grow until you have withdrawal symptoms."

"Okay..." Terra barely managed to mutter in return. "I-I think I can trust you."

"You can." Erin flicked the needle lightly. "This is a special mixture of anti-vampire substances. Not sure how effective it would be on an actual vampire, but it should be enough for you. Now... see the machine to your right with the blinking light?"

"Yes..." Terra noted as she turned to look at the machine next to her.

She felt a sudden prick in her arm. Looking back, Erin was putting the needle down. "That wasn't so bad, was it?"

Terra looked down nervously, making sure her arm was fine.

Erin placed one hand over the cut she had made and another over where she made the injection. Chanting softly, she slowly moved the later hand all over Terra's body. Everywhere it went, Terra felt intense pain. Worse yet, her head was starting to pound like a sledgehammer. Terra's head slammed onto the bed she was placed on as she cried out in agony.


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Saved by a Miracle
Part Two

"Just a little longer, Terra. I promise." After making a pass everywhere, Erin brought both hands over the cut. Blood with a faint glow to it poured out into a beaker until it was half full. The pain slowly faded from Terra as Erin closed up the wound and let out a sigh of relief.

Terra was crying by the end of the process. The moment the pain faded, the young slave curled up into a ball and continued to whimper... dark memories slowly closing in on her mind.

"Terra?" Erin ran her hand down the girl's back. "I'm so sorry. This was the first time I've attempted something like this. Please talk to me."

Terra did not respond to the fellow Thrope... too afraid to do anything but lay there and let the tears roll down her face.

"So pitiful," said a voice from the shadows. A woman in red, with long red hair and an intense look in her eyes stepped forward. "Surely, this is not enough to put you down."

"Who are you?!" Erin stepped forward to stop the woman. The stranger simple held out her hand, and Erin was thrown back, falling unconscious.

"I-I'm scared... I killed him, I know I did." The young Thrope said, her tears drying up a little. "But what if he had a next of kin? What if his family comes after me? I can't be strong forever... I just can't."

"Who is it that you killed that gets you so upset?" The mystery woman asked. "Who is worth your grief?"

Terra didn't know why, but she wanted to be open with this mystery woman... like the young slave knew her long ago. "M-my owner. He tortured me and killed father. I was scared, but I had to kill him. It was the only way to be free."

"And what is wrong with that?" The woman asked. "Did he not deserve it?"

"What... what if someone who knew him comes after me?" Terra nervously countered. "He was a guild leader and a slave owner. Someone is going to want to know what happened and they'll find me... and kill me."

"No, they won't. Don't you see?" The woman stood above her. "You're stronger then you every realized. It took that bastard's cruelty to bring it out, but you escaped from him, made it here, and survived. You even survived dragon's blood! You will destroy anyone that comes for you. You have the power to shape your own future now, and no one will get in your way."

Terra wiped away a few of her tears. "How do you know?"

"Because I've been watching you. Ever since you powers awakened, I have been aware of you. And I'm impressed by your determination. But you need to get stronger. This power is nothing compared to what you can fully accomplish."

"Who are you?" The young slave asked her. "And why do I matter to you?"

The woman stared down at her, hesitating. "What... do you know of your mother?"

"Nothing..." The Thrope responded, looking up at the woman. "Do you know her?"

"Oh, yes. She is a great woman of power and renown. She left you with your father to be raised under his life style. But then you were both taken as slaves. She... did not know until recently."

Terra sat up to get a better look of the woman. "Do you know where she is now?"

"She is close." The woman leaned down. "What would you say if you met her?"

"I would tell her that I'm sorry that I couldn't save father." The fox child looked down at the floor. "And that I want to be able to know what it's like to have a family... even if father isn't here to be apart of it."

"Little one..." She leaned down and whispered, "I... am your mother."

Tears from in Terra's eyes once more as she embraced her mother with a tight hug. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry I couldn't save father. I'm sorry that I'm not strong enough. I'm really sorry, mother."

She closed her eyes. She hugged Terra, something she was not used to doing. "Do not blame yourself. You power had not awakened. There was nothing you could have done. It was my fault. Had I known, I could have given you the power you needed."

"But... I should've been stronger. I should've fought harder... for everyone."

Terra's mother squeezed the girl's shoulders lightly. "Then you will use that pain, understand? You will use the pain of regret! You will use the pain of loss, and you will become far stronger! That way, the next time someone you care about is in trouble, you will not fail them!"

"Okay..." Terra looked away for a brief moment. "I'll... I'll try my best."

The woman turned her chin towards her. "Don't try. Trying your best is for weaklings and people who do things half-assed. Don't try, do. I want you to do your best. If you do that, then even if you fail, I will be satisfied."

"I'll do my best then." The young fox corrected herself.

Her mother smiled and rubbed her head. "I will see you again. Soon, I hope."

"I'll be hear when you do." The young Thrope replied, smiling at her mother.

The woman nodded, and vanished from sight.

"Ow..." Erin slowly sat up, rubbing her head. "What happened? Where did that woman go? Are you okay?"

"Everything's okay..." Terra assure the witch. "That was my mother."

"What did she want? Who was she?" Erin rubbed her head. "And did she have to knock me out?"

"She wanted to make sure I'm okay." The young Thrope replied. "I don't know why she had to knock you out though."

Erin sighed, shaking her head. "Alright. Go get some rest. But I expect you to check in with myself or the doctor every couple of days until we're sure you're okay."

"Okay." Terra looked over at Erin. "Thank you for saving me."

Erin nodded. "Go. Get some rest."


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What is your fear

Alice castle
Sep, 6 3349
Main hall

Alice is surrounded by her commanders. "Alright so due to our recent success. Alice looked at Lorica and Ackrely. "I want you two too bring the rest of your forces to my castle."

Lorica cheered. "Yes! Finally I can bring the rest of my boys here, can I bring the monsters I have there as well?"

"Yes bring all of your forces."

"Wooo" Lorica cheered, Ackrely bowed his head at Alice.

"Thanks boss, the boys will love to have something to do. And with all the materials you brought us, they will have plenty for you my lady."

"Thank you now then, for the seven. Rumi tell us about the two seven were going after."

Before she could speak, they heard a commotion down below. A figure in a cloak was walking through the flung open doors and the guards were threatening him and being ignored. A couple ran up to him, then suddenly started screaming and running like frightened children.

"What in the hell is going on?" Alice grabbed her ax and her and her leaders went down the stairs, once down the stairs Alice saw a being with a cloak on." Who dares approach my home?"

The figure slowly lifted his arm. A gangly, decrepit finger point out towards Alice. "You..."

Gravel scoffed. "Want me to deal with him?"

"Hold on a minute, Gravel. Do I know you, because I never seen you before in my life?"

"You do not... but I know you." He wagged his finger. "Come here."

"Yea that's not happening, no one especially someone who I don't know and is wearing a hood and is cloaked up."

The mystery man slowly lowered his arm. He looked over to Rumi. A few moments later, she started screaming and crying. "Get them off!" she screamed, swating and clawing at her bare arms. "No! No!"

"Rumi!" Alice grabbed Rumi arm to keep her from doing damage to herself. After a minute Alice realized who was in front of her. "Satako take care of Rumi. Well if it isn't the the bitches heal lap dog, the god of fear." Alice pointed her finger at Rumi." Release my friend."

"I serve no one!" Vay'nar released the various men and woman around him and slowly walked towards Alice. "You misinterpret my reason for being here."

"Really, I have you mother posed as a criminal pretty much driven her out of her realm. And of course have her wanting to kill me so explain to why would you of all people come to me?"

"To learn the truth." He pulled back his hood, revealing a skeletal head. "Come... here."

"Crixus make sure Rumi is all right, Alagor if she doesn't get better help her. And don't mess with her brain."

Alagor nodded. "Of course, mistress."

Alice got closer to the god. "Alright you now have my attention, so what do you want?"

Lily locked a collar around Alice's neck. Rumi and Gravel quickly locked chains onto her arms and she was shoved against the wall. At the cell door, Alice's warden slowly stepped forward, the smug looking vampire's high heels echoing as she approached. "Welcome home, Alice."

"What is this lunacy, Rumi wouldn't do this to me and Gravel is under my control. And you, you fucking winch when I get back to Drăculești I will have you head on a spike."

The woman, Madam Sherry Devlin, laughed. "You are back! Don't you... remember?" She frowned. "Or are you playing stupid... as usual."

Alice struggled trying to get out of her chains. " When I get out of here, you will be the first of many I kill."

Suddenly, memories came flodding back. Her castle. Vay'nar! He had been Tecunte in disguise! She tricked Alice, pulling her away from the others and dropping her in the middle of a prison cell. Her captured people had been freed. But what of her army? What of those loyal?"

Devlin snapped her fingers in front of Alice's eyes. "Hello? I'm talking to you. Pay attention."

"My sister, my loyal followers. Wait the council bring me the council and I will tell them where she is

Devlin laughed loudly. "She was found, fool! They saved her after they slaughtered your men." Lilith Valentine is, my sister I will tell them were my sister is."

"My men... slaughtered? No Lorica, Satako, Crixus, Wulfrik,Ackrely. My generals, what of the elves that were in my care, or the gladiators? And the rest of my men?"

Devlin shook her head. "Since when did you care if others live or die? If you must know, most of them are imprisoned here. Now... I have some questions for you. That goddess that dropped you off here... why did she interfere when gods normally stay out of these affairs."

"Tecunte! I know you here me, when I get out of here I will torture you forever! You will never grow your skin back your realm will burn under my heel, I will turn you into my slave and personal torture victim forever!" Alice shouted to the heavens.

Devlin's whip cracked right next to her ear. "Hey! You're talking to me, not your goddess friend."

"And as for you, your nothing to me. Your not worth my time or presence." Alice stooped talking for a moment and remembered what the goddess of war did to her." Wait who took out my army?"

"Why... you did, in a way." The warden laughed. "For whatever reason, as you weaken, so did they! It was easy for the Serasam army to mop them up. Now, stop stalling!" She cracked her whip again. "Why did Tecunte do this to you?!"

"Why does this matter to you? you don't care about that, or me for that matter. My men slaughtered, I promised them an empire and they were ambushed."

"Because of my own reasons! Because I have my orders! Talk! Why did she betray you?! Because you betrayed her first, right?"

“Alice raised her eyebrow, and smiled realizing what is happening.” Betrayed her no, she betrayed me when she killed her sister.”

"You're full of shit, Valentine. You always have been." Devlin shook her head. "Even a god can't kill another god."

“Ou they can, see she killed her with the blood of golden hide. Not sure what it is but Tecunte used it to kill her sister.”

The warden slowly stepped forward. "Yeah? And why would you care? Who cares about Grimora?"

“I do, she was my friend and good partner and I will conquer the world of gods to get her back.”

Devlin laughed. "Why care about her at all? You would actually challenge the gods for her?"

“Indeed And I will kill all who mess with my people, including you god of fear.”

The warden folded her arms. "How did you know?"

“You take the form of someone I used to fear, I feared her because that city was all I knew. Now that I’m free of that place, she’s nothing more then a distant memory not worth fearing. Now release me before I cut you down like I did your mother.”

Devlin's skin melted away to reveal the god's skeletal form. "This is your greatest fear, Alice. To be trapped in this prison once more. And yet you showed surprising courage, and worried about your teammates. I am impressed."

"Your mistaken, while I do fear being back in this cell. My greatest fear is having those that fallow me butchered for me not being there, failing them."


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Part 2

"I could hear that in your voice." The chains melted away from Alice's arms as robes reappeared on Vay'nar. "I came because you have set my mother on the path to be destroyed by the other gods, and I had to determine the truth."

"And I told you it, let this be a lesson to your mother to never betray me or ever think of me as her servant or underling. Now I could help her."

Vay'nar chuckled. "And how could you help her?"

"Tell me, because i'm no god what has been happening since I told the other gods about your mother?"

"Preparations are being made to 'take care of her'. Naturally, they have not been shared with me."

“But has there been chaos dissoray, mass panic.”

Vay'nar nodded. "Naturally. And you don't help with that."

“Is that not what she does, can’t she just admit to what she did and say that she wanted cause panic around the gods?”

"She has killed a fellow god. She will do it again. She will be dealt with."

"Lady Alice!" Marlee took hold of her arm. She was back in castle. "You've been standing there silently for a minute or two." Marlee glared at Vay'nar

Alice look at Marlee. and took her hand out of her arm." Can the gods not bring back one of their own? Your gods, after all can't her father bring her back to life?"

"It is possible," the god said. "With her soul but we cannot find it anywhere."

"Tecunte has it." Alice rubbs her chin. "Hum I have an idea, how about you and your father get Grimora soul from Tecunte realm, and bring you moron of a mother here."

Vay'nar slowly shook his head, his emotions hard to read from a skull. "I am here to test the truth of for myself... and to deliver a message. Stay out of our way."

"Really so then mama boy, who's way am I staying out of yours or your mother? Or the gods themselves?"

"The gods themselves. You have been lucky with them so far, but do not mistake your fortune for your own skills. You will go down with her if you try and interfere."

“Humph you think I would save that bitch, she’s not worth my time. I just wish I could see her excaution personally.”

The god floated forward a bit. "Before I leave... What are your intentions for my father?"

Alice smiled at the god.” Why do you care? It’s not like the gods care much for each other, all I’m doing is giving him something you’re sorry mother wouldn’t.”

Vay'nar was silent for a moment, then slowly turned and walked away. "I might be in touch soon."

"You do that, i'll be sure to treat you more like a friend next time."

The god looked back as he laughed. It almost looked like he was smiling.

Alice fell to her knees and started to breath rapidly.

Marlee was at her side in an instant. "A-and you okay?"

Alice did something that she never done with Marlee, she hugged her. "I'm sorry for making you worry."

Crixus looked at her master. "Alice what did the god of fear showed you?"

"It showed me, me being back in my cell and all of you being slaughtered.My greatest fear was having you all dead."

Marlee smiled. "It is good to know you care about us so much. We will make sure that never happens."

"Of course I do I care for you all."

Satako bowed her head." And we care for you to and will fallow you to our last breath."

Wulfrik nodded." I to will fallow you till this world is ours."


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The Ties that Bind
Part One

Betty awoke slowly on the floor of her cage. The transition was quite sudden, taken to an abandoned town and going to sleep after a harrowing day only to wake up being loaded onto a train. They didn't exactly know what had happened to the deal with Charmles, maybe he canceled? They didn't know. What they did know was they were in for a long, uncomfortable Train ride. It was only a few hours after they had been loaded on that they witnessed fires and explosions coming from the abandoned town in the distance...

It had to have been them... They had come too late... They were already on their way to Themosa, they were sure...

If he had just been there for as long as he had originally planned, they would've caught him... He just had to move... It could've been for any number of reasons...

But that was the past, they were now well across the border into Themosa and heading towards the city, the slavers could operate with much more freedom now. Betty estimated it would only be around thirty more minutes until the reached their destination...

The Tinkerer pressed her head between the bars as far as they could go, staring up at the night sky.

"You'll be comfortable," Erin suddenly said softly. "Your appeal is your hands, your mind, and your skills. Unless someone buys an extremely expensive piece of art and uses it as a coaster, they'll be careful with you as long as you cooperate. Can't hurt that creative mind or skilled hands, after all..."

"They won't hurt you eizher... I-I mean... You may be worth less but..." Betty stopped for a moment, talking about the monetary worth of her lover making her sick to her stomach. "But you're an expert in alchemy and Magic... Our skills are just as valuable... Especially together for anyone interested in Magitech..."

Betty slammed into the bars of the cages with her body again, more out of a depressed frustration than an actual expectation of escape. Tears ran down her face as she grit her teeth, "Dammit... I feel so helpless... I've run every option through my head and... while I zhink I can get out of zhese ropes... I can't zhink of a way to get you out of zhose cuffs or... get zhis stupid cage open!"

"I was so stupid," Erin muttered, barely even noticing Betty. "They would have let me go. I would have followed them... and I would have stopped them all. Every last one of them. But now we're both here because of me. Maybe I'll be punished. They probably won't risk me using magic. A laborer. A server. Some... object of pleasure..."

"Erin no!" Betty said, kneeling in front of her. "I won't let them! I won't let zhat happen!"

Erin looked up at her. "I don't... think we'll have a choice. The chances of us being sold together..."

"H-He already tried doing zhat once right? Maybe he'll try it again?" The Fly reasoned, attempting to use logic, anything, to try and inject some hope into this situation.

"Betty, you shouldn't get your..." Erin's eyes shifted about, and she shook her head as if coming out of a trance. "Sorry. I am... not used to being this out of control. I haven't felt this way since we lost Eliza." She lowered her head. "Eliza... to be taken from you, find you... then lose you again so quickly..."

"I... I saw her... At least I zhink..." Betty said, "I... I don't know if you were awake or not but... The town we left, I saw it burning in the distance, explosions... Big, magic blasts... Eliza is coming for us..."

Erin was silent for a moment, then laughed. "Wow, she... she's just like Drayce. I'm just glad that town looked abandoned. Who knows? Maybe she come through that door and rip open this cage any minute now."

"I just wish she could just grown up as an innocent little girl... No fighting, no killing, just a big happy family all of us..." Betty sighed sadly. "I guess zhat's just not how ze world is... Our poor baby must be going through so much to do zhat much damage..."

Erin took a deep breath. "You know... this is all illegal, right? Mina and I looked it up with Esmeralda when they took Drayce. According to the Bobiden Amendment to the Slavery Recovering Act of 3289, any freed slave found in Serasam can be extricated unless they can prove they have become a functional member of the county's society, and you have a job, a family, savings... I know it doesn't mean much, but at least the law is on your side."

"Well... Not anymore..." The Engineer replied as they entered into Themosa City proper. "I still can't believe it... I loved him for so many years..."

"To think... no regrets. I mean... surely, deep down, he must feel something..."

Betty chuckled grimly, "Why would he... He was almost never around... And he even has the guts to try and justify zhis by using Veeti's Mom's murder? How deluded must one be to... to treat an entire race like... non-people just because of ze actions of so few?"

Erin sighed. "Story of our world. If it isn't us, it's Elves and Light Elves. If it isn't them, it's Humans and non-Humans. So tiring..."

Suddenly, the train began to slow down substantially as they neared a massive, tower like building lined with windows. The train ground to a halt directly under it, and all was quiet for a few moments.

"Erin..." Betty gulped, taking in a deep breath. "If zhey take you from me I don't care if I have to sell my service to Tecunte herself... I will bring you back..."

"Don't get so hasty. We have one monster to deal with." Erin sighed. "Do you know anything about this company he owns?"

"Nothing at all... Honestly, zhey showed you ze paper and you have seen more of ze city than me, you'd know more zhen I do." Betty said, picking out the sound of footsteps heading their way. "Someone's coming."

Erin's ears twitched. "Just be calm. Give them no reason to do anything."

Stepping in front of the Cage were two large, burly looking Human guards in suits wearing ties. The first had his arms crossed in front of him while the others brought out a large cart. "Mr. Merce will join you inside, we're the ones taking you in." The first man said.

"Is the cage really needed, gentlemen?" Erin flashed an unamused smile. "We are bound, far from home, and being watched by such... healthy specimens such as yourselves. At least let us stretch our legs."

They both gave eachother a look between them, then nodded, the first one unlocking the cage and yanking Betty out painfully by her arm "Grab the Rabbit... If the two of you try, anything, in there, I can promise you Mr. Merce will find a way to punish the two of you."

The Other man quickly followed suit as his friend said, roughly pulling Erin out by her elbow. Betty's blood boiled as he handled Erin, but the Fly kept it together, looking over the situation for some kind of idea.

"Watch the merchandise!" Erin snapped. "Bruise us before he sells us and he'll be punishing you."

"We are very good at not leaving marks... Marks that can't be covered up, anyways..." He replied, bringing both of them together and facing them towards the door.

Erin sighed, and slowly walked forward without resistance.

As they moved forward compliantly they came across an ornate, double-door inside which they could hear the faint sounds of talking and cheering, but they were unable to make out what was being said.

The Man holding onto Betty listened in on the talking for a moment, then checked a watch on his wrist before turning to the two of them. "You two are to walk forward and make no sound, got it?"

"This is going to help determine your price in negotiations, so the more behaved you are, the more expensive you become... And the more expensive you are, the more likely you're going to be well taken care of by your next owners." The Second Man explained, looking at Erin in particular. "That goes triple for you Rabbit, especially if you want to stay with your girlfriend here..."

Glancing over at Erin, then up at them. "W-What are we, going to be doing exactly...? S-Sirs..." The Fly asked, trying to get on their good side by using the honorific, even though it made her sick.

"See... Thata Girl..." The Man holding Betty smiled at her, "You'll just be walking alongside us and up the stairs... Understand?"

Betty sighed deeply, "Yes..."

"You're not going to make us do anything undignified, are you?" Erin asked.

"Assuming you Thropes have dignity..." The second Man muttered under his breath while the other shook his head.

"No, you are simply walking, you're going to make yourselves look presentable to your future buyers." He answered, checking his watch again to confirm it was almost time.

"So don't act too rowdy, or someone might decide they want to tame it out of you." He offered advice, putting extra enphasis on the word 'Tame'. "Or do, honestly, it's all a paycheck to me... It would just be a shame if two High Skill slaves got bought out by some pervert..."

Erin shivered a bit, giving Betty a look to urge her to avoid that.
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The Ties that Bind
Part Two

Betty agreed, her large eyes looking quite disturbed by the choice of words. Suddenly, a small ringing came from the watch that the first man had, prompting him to nod to his partner and unlock the door.

It was a elegant, red-carpeted staircase that led up a dozen or so feet. The two of them were lead up it and through a garish looking, long hallway flanked by elegant white and gold wallpaper and matching, sparkling, gold plated wall lights.

As soon as they reached it, the talking, clapping, and occasionally cheering became louder and louder; only growing more so as they walked through the hallway towards what appeared to be stairs that flanked left and right at the end of a large lobby up ahead.

"So we are to be sold like prize hogs at market," Erin muttered, struggling to keep her anger in check.

"I guess so..." Betty looked down sadly.

"This is the best way to curry up interest in new slaves... You want to know what happens when slaves are not sold quickly enough...? They go on sale... And only the worst of the worst buy slaves on sale..." The First Man pointed out as they reached two-thirds of the way through the hall. "So, my final piece of kind, helpful advice... Smile..."

Erin glanced at Betty, trying her hardest to do so.

Taking a deep breath, Betty did the same as they finally reached the end of the hall.

Flanking them on both sides was a red rope barrier that had been set up between elegant marble pillars, and on the other side were what seemed to be a sea of wealthy look Humans. The lobby was massive and grandiose, with shiny marble floor tiles on both sides of the long red carpet they were walking on. Up the stairs and to the left and right of the floor above them were balconies overlooking them, each with even more people, although those at the top seemed much wealthier than those near the bottom.

After a moment, The Two men stopped a few feet into the lobby, standing still with them for a few second until a voice echoed out from what Betty assumed was some kind of magitech voice amplifier system.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we start tonight's show off with our main event. Two slaves that arrived here just on time!" Looking around, Betty pinpointed the source of the voice. Up above the stairs was another balcony, higher than the others, and floating there was Marc, speaking into a device.

They were walked forward slowly yet again, Ooh's and Ahh's coming from all parts of the audience as Marc began to speak again. "On My Right, we have my prized Slave, revealed to you all after all this time for sale. Betty! This One of a Kind Fly Thrope is exceptionally clever, Intelligent, and a quick study. She's also an expert engineer and crafter, able to build and replicate machines to your heart's content. Her Fly Eyes give her excellent vision, weighed down by little other than a hatred of Lemons."

The cacophony of voices grew louder as some in the crowd began to point towards Betty, with others talking between them. The Fly wanted nothing other to hide and get away from these people, but she kept up her smile, directing it in particular towards the upper balconies.

As they continued a few more feet, so did Mr. Merce. "And Accompanying her, Erin! Despite her common Affinity, her skill in Magic, Magical study, and Alchemy are extremely high! These two lovers make an even better pair! Especially for those interested in Magitech, but don't wait, if one is bought without the other you'll lose a great opportunity!"

The Humans in the crowd began to take a look at Erin, whispering and talking between each other as they watched her closely... Some a little too closely for comfort...

Erin smiled pleasantly, but between clenched teeth muttered, "This is utterly humiliating..."

As they continued forward, the response from the audience seemed good, especially from those up in the balcony.

"As you can see, they are quite complaint and Well-behaved! And That's why they don't come cheap! The Prices are Two-Hundred Thousand for the Rabbit, and One Million for the Fly!" He said, "These fine Slaves, like all the Pets coming up, will be displayed in the Showing Room for the next hour so you can see them up close before the sales are finalized in a week on purchase day! Any not sold here or on the next purchase day a week from then will be moved to auction."

The Men began to take them up the stairs, giving them a few moments out of everyone's scrutiny due to the next two slaves coming in from the train, what looked to be a Sheep and a Mouse.

"We really have to sit and watch zhem gawk at us for an hour...?" Betty whispered in Erin's ear.

"Two hundred thousand?" Erin squeezed her fists. "I've mastered three elements! I have a doctorate! Graduated top of my class here in Themosa! And that is all I am worth to that cretin?!"

The First Escort shrugged. "Well... Affinities are a big deal in the Market. And yours is well..."

"Dirt Common." The other man said.

"What he said, and while your magic is impressive, that's only a hazard to buyers. Unless they want a bodyguard, but having a slave bodyguard is generally not very well advised..." The First guard continued, walking up the stairs and past the Humans in the balcony, towards an ornate oak door.

Erin stepped close to Betty and stayed there. The eyes watching them, judging them, was unnerving. The thought that someone she new from her college days being there was sickening. Most of all, the idea of being separated from Betty was terrifying.

They were brought into another large, fancy room much like the one from before, however, this one had metal chains on the walls behind another red rope barrier. At the end of these chains was an ring that appeared as if it could be opened and closed.

The Two Men hooked two of the chains that were next to eachother to them, around the chain of Erin's cuff on one and tieing Betty's rope bindings around another one. The Second guard then left and headed down a flight of stairs at the other end of the room, the first staying behind. "He's going to open up the doors for the customers to get a closer look, don't do or say anything, okay? It'll only be bad for you..."

"Doesn't it look bad when the so called 'compliant' slaves are chained like animals," Erin asked.

"I-I don't have much of an opinion about the slave trade... We just need money to help our little brother, he's sick with plague..." He said, his eyes shifting between the two. "For what it's worth... I hope someone good buys you..."

Erin blinked in surprise. "Um... thank you."

"We have little girl back home, you know..." Betty told him, looking up into his eyes.

He frowned, "I wish that was the first time I've heard that..."

Erin lowered her eyes and simply sighed.

They heard the door open, and a crowd of people came in as the Sheep and Mouse that was behind them were chained up next to them by another pair of guards.

The Crowd of Humans, thankfully, stayed on the other side of the barrier, talking amongst themselves as they passed by, gawking at the slaves that were already chained, and the ones still coming in.

Betty didn't say anything, she just looked over at Erin, trying to focus her thought on her instead of the Humans. That was, until the sheep girl beside them, who looked a lot like Mags, began to cry loudly, garnering some attention.

Erin gave her a sad look. "Please, don't make a fuss. It'll make you look bad and you won't get a good price."

"I m-miss my brother... I don't know where he is... I-I didn't come in with him..." The girl replied, trying her best to stop her tears.

"W-What's your name...?" Betty asked quietly, trying to pick a moment when there weren't too many people in front of her.

"M-My name is... My name is Kate..." She whispered back, her voice still breaking.

"Well, Kate, you need to be strong so you can see your brother again soon, right?" Erin gave her a pleasant smile.

"O-Ok... I will..." She nodded, sniffling slightly. "Thank you..."

Erin nodded. "We're here cheering you on."

"Well well well..." A Human Woman with bleached white hair said, standing in front of The Rabbit. "I thought my eyes might have been playing tricks on me... But it is you, the star student..."


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The Ties that Bind
Part Three

Erin's hairs stood on end. "T-Tabitha. You... s-so you were able to make your r-riches, huh?"

"Well of course." She placed a hand on her chest, "Looks like you weren't though... Have a tough break? I thought you left for Serasam when you got tired of all of us Humans."

"Yeah... I got tired of the discrimination. And just so you know, I am here illegally. I was kidnapped with Betty here." Erin smiled softly. "How about... helping us out."

"Help you? You cost me my dream job... They looked into my school record and saw I got lower test scores than a Thrope! They denied me on the spot!" Tabitha replied, leaning forward.

Betty growled a little, but held her tongue. "But... Zhat's... zhat's their fault for zhat, not Erin's."

She looked over at Betty, "I blame them too! You have no idea how hard that was for me to live down... It always came back up!"

"But you look like you succeeded just the same," Erin noticed. "So why do you need to be so upset about it?"

"Because it took so much more blood, sweat and tears..." She answered, pulling back and calming down, "You want me to buy you? And then what? Just let you go? That would put me into a hole."

"We, um... we would find a way to pay you back!" Erin insisted. "We work for a very rich woman."

"So, I buy you two for an insane amount... Only to then let you go because of a promise you'll give me back what I paid?" She confirmed, clearly unamused. "For all I know you could be lying... I won't do it unless I get proof I'm going to make more back than what I paid..."

"Make more?!" Erin placed a hand on her chest. "I am not a slave! You should try and help us out of the kindness of your heart! Have some empathy!"

"But if you leave and you go back to Serasam, you'll no longer be legally mine. If you choose not to pay me that money back, guess what, I'll be living in the street! That's too much of a risk, I need proof! Besides, need I remind you that if you didn't try to be so much better than us Humans, I'd have the money right now!" She countered.

"What if you just buy one of us?" Betty asked her.

"Excuse me?"

"You can buy Erin for two-hundred thousand, that's a lot less to have to risk. You'll have a favor from a Hunter 's Guild too!" The Fly suggested, almost pleading.

"What are you doing?" Erin whispered urgently.

"I... I want you to be safe... And... And maybe if she buys you and she gets the money from Mina, then she'll come back and buy me too." Betty responded, desperation in her big black eyes.

"Yeah... But there's a big risk there..." Tabitha chimed in. "You could be bought at any point during that time by someone else. Then you'd be alone."

Betty seemed sad for a moment. "It's... It's worth the risk if keeps Erin safe..."

"Absolutely not." Erin shook her head. "I promised I would stick with you. They will find us eventually, I'm sure of it. I would rather suffer with you then leave you while I go free."

"But Erin! You said in ze train you shouldn't have convinced him to capture you too! Zhat you could've been out zhere saving me..." Betty reminded, "Think of Eliza... She needs you... I don't zhink we'll get another chance like zhis..."

Erin lowered her eyes. "I-I... v-very well. I will differ to your knowledge in this." Erin looked back to the woman. "Please purchase me so that I might be freed and come back for Betty. I will make it worth your while."

Erin sighed. "No... no, anything I could have done has passed. I refuse to leave your side."

Betty smiled, "You're so stubborn... I love you, Erin..."

Tabitha looked on, feeling a pang of guilt for how she had treated Erin moments before. "This guild of yours... I could contact them via Disc, tell them where you are..."

"Thank you... But..." Betty paused. "Can you do one more zhing?"


The Tinkerer looked over to Kate again. "Free her and her brother... If you can find him... They can't be worth much... We'll owe you..."

She considered for a moment before nodding, "Very well... I... Wish you good luck, Erin... Despite my grudge..."

Erin smiled at her. "Thank you. May we both come out of this better off."

"I hope you do..." Tabitha bowed slightly, walking over to find the seller to place her purchase order in advance.

After some more time of Humans moving to and fro in front of them, judging their quality, they heard a loud ringing echo through the area, causing everyone to go quiet. The speaker quickly came online again, "And that is the time alloted for preview. Thank you all for your interest. The Slaves will now be moved. Everyone please come to the dining hall for the after event show and party."

And with that, the Humans left, leaving only the slaves to be collected by their guard pairs. All except for Erin and Betty whose guards were nowhere to be seen.

Erin looked down each side of the room. "Bathroom break?"

After a few moments, Mr. Merce floated his way through the door, accompanied by his own guards. "Well... Did you enjoy the event?"

Erin folded her arms. "We've been standing here, chained to the wall, while being ogled like choice cuts at a butchery. What do you think?"

"Well, your day is finally over, you can relax..." He crossed his arms.

"You're such a manipulative monster... I loved you... Every feeling of joy I've ever felt from being kind to you was fake..." Betty spilled out, now that she was ungagged.

"Still upset? I thought you would've gotten over it by now..." He rolled his eyes.

"Get over it...? Get over it!?" Betty growled. "My entire childhood... Everything was a lie... How am I supposed to get over it...?"

"Please..." He shook his head. "It was just business... Besides, I still fed you for years and kept you off the street... If anything, you should be grateful..."

"Grateful!?" The Fly lashed out.

"Save it, Betty." Erin sneered at the man. "He's just like all the rest. He sees nothing wrong in the kind of monster he is. He can't be saved."

"You're just... Zhere's nothing in you... Nothing at all..." Betty evened her voice, but still speaking with distain. "And ze worst part... You hurt Veeti, ze one you supposedly love...."

"She's confused... She spent far too much time around you, Betty, and she doesn't know what's right anymore." Marc said, flying towards them.

"I'm not sure you ever knew what was right..." The Engineer looked away from him.

"I almost feel sorry for you," Erin stated. "Veeti obviously cares about Betty. By doing this to her... you've probably lost Veeti forever. How sad... but deserved."

"This is just a... Family Spat. She'll get over it in time." The Netzi floated over to Erin. "Are you just jealous of our relationship because your parents are dead?"

"You- How dare you!" Betty defended, her mouth open in disgust.

"Cheap insults and stabs to get your rocks off?!" Erin snapped.

"I wasn't there at that protest myself, but honestly? They should've known what would happen. They didn't know their place, like those protests ever changed anything... All they did was act as martyrs for an ill-fated rebellion that'll only serve to get even more of them killed." Marc went on, intent to instigate the Rabbit.

Erin screamed, yanking at the chains to try and get to him. "How dare you! How DARE YOU! You are nothing compared to them! They died for a purpose! A noble cause! When you die, It'll be for nothing! Nothing!!!"

"Erin, he's just trying to get under our skin... Like the parasite he is..." Betty looked over at her.

"But it's true though... The rebellion will be squashed, and I've been working on a few things to help do it..." The CEO smirked, "Things you two will be the some of the first to see..."

He snapped his fingers, pointing to them "Bring them upstairs..."


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The Ties that Bind
Part Four

The two large, suited Men removed them from hooks and pushed them forward, their impressive strength evident.

Erin took a few steps forward before darting back, a rage she hadn't felt since Eliza was taken overwriting her judgement as she charged Marc.

"Men" The Netzi commanded.

Suddenly, the Thrope heard her Lover's voice let out a painful scream behind her. The guards had almost lifted Erin up, electrocuting her with a small square device placed up against her back and putting in her through a great deal of agony.

Erin squirmed on the ground, tears involuntarily coming forth. "Why... is this... happening?" She sobbed out. "Is this punishment... for some crime? Was I... a bad person?"

Betty took some hard, deep breaths, having also been electrocuted by a third guard that had run up from the corner of the room. "No... You're not... Don't let him... Get to you..."

"Who can say... It was your actions again that Charmles that led me to you..." The Netzi shrugged. "But even after he asked for my help to take revenge on you... He sold me out... He wasn't there when we arrived at the town, so I got suspicious and left early... And my guess as to who was behind me? Havenbrook... They would've only been that close if he had told them exactly where to go..."

"He... Tried to help us?" Betty confirmed with confusion.

"Because even he... is above garbage... like you," Erin muttered, shaking as she struggle to her feet.

"Garbage? I'm a wealthy CEO, owner of the most profitable Magitech company in the nation, no, the world! " He countered, having Erin collected again.

"She meant... A Garbage person... Even zhat's flattery..." Betty shook her head.

"Say whatever you want. I won't lose any sleep at night... This is what you Animals deserve." He floated past them, leading the guards and by extension them up the steps.

Erin seemed to have shut down for the moment. Between the assault on her body, her mind, and her parent's memories, she was at her limit.

Taking them up a few flights of steps tucked in the back of the building, the decor started to become more and more practical until they merely became grey metal walls, indicating this place wasn't meant for the public.

As they reached a large metal door, Marc vibrated his antennae, and after a few moment, the door clicked open, revealing a largd workshop filled with tools, piles of spare parts, and half finished wonders of tech.

But the first thing he did was have the two of them put into yet another cage against the wall and opposite the door; this one, however, was equipped with a small slot in the middle, most likely for sliding food through.

Erin sighed. "At least it is a cage away from all those rich folk..."

"But with him..." Betty pointed out as he walked through a door, hearing the clicks and clankings of metal.

"You think we'll get sold together?" Erin asked quietly.

"I do... Zhere has to be some hope, right?" Betty sighed sadly.

Erin reached over and took her hand. "As long as we are together, hope stays alive in my heart."

"I feel ze same..." She said, her smiling fading however as Marc walled back into view, carrying what looked to be a weighty looking metal ring, fitted with buttons and dials of all kinds, as well as a Syringe filled with a mysterious orange fluid.

Betty's heart filled with dread, instinctively putting herself in front of Erin. "What... What are you planning to do with zhose?"

"What is that stuff?" Erin demanded.

"Just something I've been working on..." He smiled wickedly. "You see... I've recently been working more with Biology, than technology... Thrope biology, to be specific. Partnering with the Themosa Institute of Genetics, I've been studying just what makes a Thrope brain different than a Human or Elven one... It's safe to say, I've made some strides..."

"I didn't ask for your life story!" Erin snapped. "What does that stuff do?"

Seeming slightly disappointed he couldn't talk about his work, the Netzi explained. "This vial here... It's filled with a hormone that I found in the brains of Thropes... An exact chemical duplicate... That hormone is related to Thrope affinities. But I found out, the more of this hormone a Thrope has, the more animal parts from that affinity come through in physical traits..."

"The more there is, the closer a Thrope is connected to their animal, in body, but more importantly in this case, mind..." He seemed proud as he spoke, twisting the Syringe in his hand so it glisened with light. "I call it, P.R.S., or, The Primal Reversion Serum... It contains so much of that hormone that it act like the mindless animal their affinity was based around..."

"What... is wrong with you?" Erin stated in disgust. "I know for a fact that kind of biological research has been illegal for hundreds of years! Just... s-stay away from us..."

"Desperate times..." He said evily, "But don't act so melodramatic... The tests have shown it's only temporary, besides, all it would likely do to the two of you would be making the you frisky and the Fly interested in carcasses, I suppose..."

"If you've already tested it, zhen why ze interest in testing it on us?" Betty fought.

"Curiousity? You are a unique Thrope... And I didn't exactly have this opportunity before..." He answered, flicking the tip of the needle.

"Liar." Erin took Betty's shoulder and pulled her back. "You just get off on it."

"Fine... Then I'll let you decide what I test..." He put down the Syringe, lifting up the ring for a better view, "This..."

"Wait..." Betty stopped him, gulping as a epiphany hit her. That design had looked familiar, it had just been so long ago that she had almost forgotten. "Zhat's like... A Gargoyle Control Collar... One zhat distrupts and changes the flow of magic in ze Gargoyles to control it's actions..."

He smirked, "Right you are... You always were clever..."

"He adjusted it for Humanoid use." Erin closed her eyes. "That. If neither is an option, better that then pumping us full of your drugs."

"Very well." The CEO nodded, floating next to the cage. "Do I have a volunteer? Wait... No, no need... I've decided... Since Erin tried what she did to me back there, I think she needs a better lesson of what will happen if she misbehaves. So I choose-"

"No I won't-" The Fly opened her mouth to protest before being stopped.

"Betty." He looked over, "At least let me finish. She won't care if something happens to her, after all."

"Bastard..." Erin glared at him with all the hate she could muster. "Don't... don't touch her. P... please..."

Ignoring her comment, the two guards that threw them in entered the cage, pulling Betty out by her shoulders. The Fly gave Erin a sad look. "It's okay... He'll... He'll do less to me zham he'd have done to you..."

"She is right, I guess it all works out then." He said as he clamped it around her throat, although it was clear that the power was not on yet.

"Please!" Erin pleaded. After some hesitation, she lowered herself, prostrating herself. "P-please... I won't do anything like that again. Please, punish me."

"Erin... It's okay... It's okay..." She said sadly, looking into her eyes. "Whatever happens, I love you with all my heart, okay?"

Erin nodded. "I... I-I love you too. Always."

A switch was flipped on by Marc and a slight whirring could before Betty suddenly became rigid, standing upright with her eyes wide, all the hairs on her body standing on end. This lasted for just a moment however as her body loosed up again, looking around.


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The Ties that Bind
Part Five

The Netzi nodded confidently before asking. "Betty, how are you?"

It took a second for the Fly to respond, but she did, her voice seeming normal enough, but missing a tinge of emotion. "I-I'm fine..."

"Good. Untie her please." They quickly did as he commanded, untying Betty's ropes and letting her stretch her arms.

"Now. I'll just ask you a simple question, just answer it for me." He explained and Betty nodded. "Erin. When did you two first start dating?"

"Lover's Day... I confessed to her when we were out eating dinner..." The Fly obediently answered.

"What is the point of this?" Erin asked sadly.

He placed his finger on a reader and then turned a dial. After stiffening one more like before, Betty began smiling.

"Tell her why you're doing this Betty."

"I'm doing zhis to help Mr. Merce with his research!" She answered brightly and energetically. "I'm happy to help him with whatever he wants to do!"

Erin scoffed. "Right... I am heart broken she is so willing to help you, Merce. I have completely forgetten about the collar around her neck."

"Oooh! Erin, you should wear one too! It's really nice! Everyzhing feels so... Loosy." Betty walked in front of her. "Why do you have to be so difficult for Daddy? His inventions are great!"

Marc raised an eyebrow, "Daddy? Huh, I didn't tell her to call me that. Interesting."

"Yeah, right." Erin looked away. "Probably wanted her to mean something else with that."

"You know... I've never tested this on someone with their partner right here... Betty." He called out, "Please remove Erin from the cage for me."

"Alright!" The Fly said, making her way inside and gently grabbing onto Erin's arm, trying to lead her out.

Erin struggled, trying to yank her arm away. "Stop this!"

"Hey, hey, shh..." Betty leaned in, "If you just do what Daddy says too, it'll be better! I mean, if you really want zhis over, doing what he says will make it over faster."

Meanwhile, Marc seemed to be jotting down some notes. "Her logic and reasoning is unchanged... Still acting in Erin's best interest..."

Erin glared in his direction before finally walking along with Betty. "Just... get it over with."

"Betty... I want you to kiss Erin..." He commanded, but she frowned.

"Are... Are you sure...? I'm... Not... Sure..." Betty strugged.

"Alright, would you please kiss Erin for me?" He changed it to the form of a question.

"Uhmm... Okay! But... Can you turn around, it's kinda embarrassing..." She turned to Erin as he shrugged and did so, taking some more notes. "Erin, would you please kiss me for his test?"

Erin gave her a look of deep regret and despair, but nodded, leaning up to kiss her.

As Betty leaned in to kiss her, it felt... Wrong... Like she was kissing an entirely different person and Betty at the same time. However, during the kiss, Erin felt something slip into her hand, it was thin, small enough to hide in her hand, and sharp, a piece of scrap metal off the floor most likely. Betty then whispered to Erin, pulling away from the kiss only slightly. "Use it as a last resort... And if you use it on Daddy, don't kill him, I love my Daddy, but... I love you too..."

"I understand," Erin whispered back, amazed at her devotion even under the effects of the collar, and slipped the shard into her sleeve.

"Okay Daddy, I'm done!" Betty said, turning on her heel.

"Good... So she responds less eagerly to orders... More willing to obey questions..." He reviewed, looking up at Erin. "Well, how is she? I can set it to reduce her free will however much I want, this would be closer to normal, about a twenty-five percent free will restriction."

"She is like an exact copy of Betty," Erin stated. "She looks like her, acts like her. But she isn't her."

"Are you sure? I felt like I may have made her too... Happy..." He looked at Erin, grinning slightly. Erin snarled, and refused to speak anymore.

"I'm almost done here... But how about I give you a choice..." He offered, "Betty keeps her collar on, and watches you twenty-four seven, and the two of you can have some alone time together in a small guest room... Or... I could remove it, and you two will go back to the cage, and sleep there for tonight..."

"I would like to spend some nice time alone with Erin, and I do love this collar, but I'll leave it up to her." The Collared Betty looked over at her lover, letting her decide.

Erin tried to weigh her choices. Ultimately, she decided she would rather have Betty comfortable, even if it made Betty mad at her later. "Just... keep it on her. But... you might as well put one on me too."

"Oh? Really? And you're willing?" He asked, genuinely suprised.

"Yeah! I mean, zhat sounds great, but I though you didn't like them...?" Betty chimed in.

Erin rubbed her cheek. "I would do anything for you."

Betty's peppy exterior broke into a frown for a moment, "Okay... It'll all be alright."

The Netzi went to command his men, but they had already brought a second out. "Well, place it on her. This way I can even have them act as lab assistants for a time..."

The Large walked up behind the Thrope, opening up the collar and placing it on her powered off.

She took a deep breath, silently saying goodbye to the world as she knew it.

Suddenly, she heard a click, her entire being shaking and her mind jumping around, unable to even form thoughts over the buzzing sound in her ears.

She still heard voices from the outside, though very faintly. "Try bubbly as well, let them match... Just make sure she loves me and the collars like Betty, with no desire for escape... Yes... Twenty-Five is a good number... For now..."

Another jolt of confusion and buzzing hit her, but after it was over, she found that she was at least semi-aware, although everything was still buzzing and groggy. She could faintly see the real world through her eyes, but it was like she was behind a window pane, an observer in her own mind.

Meanwhile, Marc looked on, smiling to himself, "Erin... How do you feel?"

Erin smiled sweetly, and bowed her head. "I am feeling quite well, my master."

"Good..." He floated forward, "How's your collar? No desire to blast me with magic?"

"Isn't it all nice and floaty?" Betty added in.

Erin frowned and tilted her head. "B... blast you with... why ever would I wish to harm you, sir?"

He rubbed the side of her head, "Good... You'll be so useful to me like this, I almost don't want to sell you..."

"Zhen don't, we'd love to work for you..." Betty suggested, kissing Erin's cheek. "Right, my sweet?"

Erin nodded. "Why not keep us?"

"I think I just might... At least for now..." He decided, rubbing Erin's head lightly. "The room I'm giving you is back down the stairs we went up, then straight ahead, the guest bedroom is at the end of the hall. Enjoy the luxury, Girls."

"And feel free to have some bonding time between each other while you're away from prying eyes. I certainly don't mind." He laughed, ordering the two men to open the door. "You two are to return here first thing tomorrow, understand?"

"Yes sir!" She saluted, Betty"s new personality much like an excitable child.

"And Erin." He looked back, eager to hear her obedient voice yet again. "What do you say to your new owner? You must be quite excited."

"Thank you so much for your kindness!" Erin bowed deeply. "I love you so very much!"

"Good girls..." He snickered, feeling victorious as he leaned over his workstation. "Now... It's time I get back to work..."


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Birds of a Feather
Part One

Eastern Serasam
Near the Mountains
Sept. 8th, 3349

Titania stretched her newly healed arm, and flexed her fingers. She held a pensive look as she walked before unsheathing her longsword and grabbing a whetstone from the sack she had brought along. As she sharpened her blade, she hummed the elven song she usually sang to Faith.

She spotted a village u in the distance. A man was running in her direction, a panicked look on his face.

Putting the whetstone away, she quickly picked up speed, and reached the man. "Harpy problems?" She asked, hoping she wasn't terribly lost.

"Y-yeah. Are you the one..." With barely a sound, a harpy swooped down and dug her talons into his back.

"Godsdammit!" Titania growled out, stabbing the harpy through the abdomen, not quite killing her, but definitely wounding her severely. "I was talking to him! You do not get to interrupt my conversation when I'm meeting someone for a quest!"

The harpy screeched in anger and pain, dropping the man and flying away. The villager gasped and coughed on the ground in pain.

"Hide in a bush, and don't move. They won't go for something they think is dead." Titania advised, before running as quickly as she could towards the town.

When she got there, the whole town was under martial law, guards everywhere. Not too far to the east, several harpies could be seen circling in the sky. A man in fancy dress walk over. "Are you... from the guild?"

"Yep. So... what provoked the harpies to attack you guys?

"It was a mistake!" The mayor look past her. "Where are the other hunters?"

"If you don't think a demigod can handle your problems, then you have asked for the wrong kind of help." Titania sighed, looking at the man with a frown. "Where are they coming from?"

The mayor pointed to the east. "J-just a few miles away. We were testing the limits of our hunting ground and... how were we supposed to know they were watching the forest too?"

"Well, breaking an agreement with them, at least in Harpy culture, is on grounds for them to execute the group that broke the agreement. I'll negotiate, and if I can't, I'll kill most of them off." Titania drew close, her eyes hardening. "If the negotiation goes well, don't break their agreement with you again. Unless you want to have more harpies than this flock coming for your heads. Understand?"

The man shook his head nervously. "Y-yes... o-of course. A... just a mistake."

"I'll be back in a few hours. If you see any harpies, tell them that you'd sent someone to talk to their leader." With that, Titania began to run at her blur speed in the direction of where the harpies were coming from.

After a while, three harpies swooped down to atrack her.

Titania used her speed to dodge the incoming attacks. "Hey! I'm not one of them! I'm just trying to figure out what happened! They said that you attacked them while they were expanding their hunting grounds, but I believe that there's more to the story than just that! So please... please tell me what happened, in your eyes that these people did." Titania pleaded, sheathing her longsword to show her peaceful intentions.

They slowly landed, and one with a more bat like appearance stepped forward. "Tricks! Lies! Humans always lie! Always try to kill kin!"

"I'm not Human! I'm Thrope! Do you not see the animal ears I have?!" Titania slowly walked forward, cautious of the harpy leader. "One of your girls attacked me. I could've killed her, but I didn't. I don't want to kill any of you... your race tends to be fair, if sometimes a bit rude. And I still haven't heard your story. What did the village do to upset you?"

"They came onto are territory!" The bat harpies pointed towards the forest. "West half theirs, east half ours. Always like this. But they push! They push into fields, say mistake. Push on it plains, say mistake. Now push into forest. No more mistakes! They break agreement, we... eat... humans!"

"Hey, I understand. You guys are normally very agreeable and come up with good propositions. But isn't eating them a bit too far? Sure, they did break their agreement, and, yes, that makes them honorless scumbags... but eating them?" Titania approached closer until she was directly in front of the bat harpy. "Harpies are honorable. Harpies are loyal. Harpies can be kind. Don't let them steal away that which makes your race proud..."

"Hmm... woman with ears of dark is right." The harpies nodded. "We will not eat them. We will... kill them? Half! Kill half, and pile up to make message."

"No... don't kill them. That'll mean more humans invading your territory, and possibly harming your children. I want to know what it'd take for you to be more lenient on the town. Do you want more territory? Or an offering?" Titania asked, as she stared at the creature.

"Can not say. Must... Must speak with leader." The bat harpy pointed at Titania. "You! You speak with with leader!"

"As you wish. I will meet with your leader." Titania replied, nodding her head at the Harpy's words.

The two other harpies flew to her side. "These ones will carry you."

"Be careful not to latch onto my hands... they're like your talons.

They exchanged a glance, then flew up. They cirled around her for a moment before flying down and grabbing on to her arms.

As the pair flew towards the mountains, the other nearby harpies following curiously, the bat harpy flew close to Titania. "Dog ears is trusting. What would you do if dropped? Die with splat, yes?"

"Probably. But I trust in how honorable a race you are to not do so. I hold Harpies in high regard ever since I saw what bandits did to them." Titania explained, offering a smile.

The harpy sneered in turn. "Ugh... steal our princess. Force our labor. Glad they are dead..."

They suddenly swooped down, an act that felt like a punch in the gut and made Titania glad she hadn't eaten in a couple hours. They landed on an elevated circle of land on the mountain side, and Titania found herself surrounded on all sides. One thing was for sure; either she would have to succeed at diplomacy or she would have a serious fight on her hands.

"Wait... you're those Harpies? I thought you live further away! If that's the case, It's a pleasure to see you all again. I'm Titania Regallis, the one who saved your princess." The Thrope said proudly, practically beaming at the unfriendly faces around her.

"Is that so?" The largest, strongest, most intimidating of the harpies fluttered down. She had brilliant blue hair and feathers and looked like she could bench press a horse. "You claim to have saved my daughter?"

"I did, Your Majesty. We were on our way to attack your forces, not knowing what was going on. I overheard some bandits talking and killed two and kept one of them alive to help me. Then I noticed an egg, and a little girl. I took her outside and told your warriors to turn on the bandits... Then I gave back your daughter. And I also gave your people a dagger, with my House symbol." Titania explained.

"Do you have another with this symbol to prove this?" The harpy queen asked.

"Do I have your word you won't attack me if I show you?" Titania asked, hesitant to draw her blade to show the Queen Harpy.

The Queen grinned. "I am not fearful of you, little one. Draw your weapon."

Titania did as the Queen asked, and drew her blade, but carefully and as slowly as she could, she held the blade with her other hand, and nodded towards the hilt. "That thing on the pommel is the house crest of my family. It is also the one on a dagger you should have. If you don't have it... well... I'm kinda screwed, aren't I?"

"Screwed? You are not 'Screwed. I know that symbol." The harpy queen smiled. "We do not forget kindnesses for the harpy. It is why I am willing to listen to you now. I am assuming you wish to speak on the behalf of the cowardly village leader?"

She nodded grimly, a sad look on her face. "If I had to guess, he wanted me to kill all of you. I told him I was going over here to negotiate, rather than fight, more or less because your people made an impact on me when I met them earlier. So... I'm here to ask and see what would end the raid on the village. Also, did a harpy get here with a sword cut to the abdomen? I kinda had to protect someone on the way here, and I tried to make it non-lethal."

"Your concern for my people is admirable. She made it back and is being treated." The harpy folded her winged-arms. "We would not seek retribution if it was otherwise, however. You were defending yourself and another. Even a villager doing so would not illicit specific punishment. Vengence for acts during war is a sign of weakness and is not the harpy way."

"Still, my apologies... I was hoping to resolve this without hurting any of your people." Titania bowed her head, as she resheathed her longsword. "So... how can I end this war between you and the town?"

"Simple." The Queen cracked her neck back and forth. "A fight. You will fight on behalf of the village. If you win, we will let this indiscretion slide."

"Alright. Any rules I should be made aware of and who will I be fighting?" Titania asked, cracking her neck.

"It is a fight to the death," the queen answered. "No other rules. And it is the duty of the harpy leaders to take up the challenge."

"So, you are my opponent, then? I don't really want to kill one of you... but if this the way towards peace, then I guess I don't have a choice." Titania's shoulders slumped down, a depressed look on her face.

"I didn't say I would be your opponent." She whistled, and a few minutes later, another, smaller Harpy, looking to be around the human equivalent to her mid-teens, flew over. "It just so happened that my daughter was about to take her test of leadership by bringing back fifty human heads. But beating you sounds like an even better test."
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Birds of a Feather
Part Two

"Please, no... don't do this to me... Look, I need an experienced fighter, because while I'm a Thrope... that's only half of what I am. I'm part god too. And if I fight her with my full strength..." Titania shook her head, her legs vibrating until they disappeared along with her, as she reappeared behind the young Harpy. "You'll lose a daughter. One that I protected with my life. Please. Someone, anyone, but her."

Her hesitation made the Queen grin, and grin that widened even more with pride when the princess jumped away and raised a very familiar looking dagger. "Foolish dog woman!" She declared in a high pitched voice that was more cute then intimidating. "Any non-harpy, part god or not, is no match for the harpy leader kin! If I can not defeat you, I have no right to be princess. Now draw your weapon!"

"I...oh gods... okay. I'm so sorry. I wish... I wish that I didn't have to fight you. I remember holding you all that time ago, you were so small. You even wrapped your little wing around my finger. You were smart, and you grew into a fine young lady. I'm proud of you. And I'm so, so sorry. I hope we meet again, in another life. One where I don't have to kill you." Titania spoke gloomily, a couple tears falling down her cheeks as she drew her longsword, heartbroken at what she had to do.

"Why... why are you crying?" The harpy girl hesitated, taking a step back. "Is this a trick? You..." She studied Titania's face, her memories making her take another step back. "You... you're really... I remember..."

"I saved you when you were a chick. One of the men was laughing and drunk and borderline about to fall on you. I came in and killed all but the nicest one there and I carried you out. You were so little... and we spent so little time together... so I don't blame you for not remembering me at first. The bandits, when they figured out I had you, came after you with weapons. Your flock protected you, and when the occasional guy came, I cut him down while holding you. I... I really don't want to hurt you, let alone kill you." Titania recalled mournfully, sheathing her longsword. She looked at the Queen with bitter eyes, her frustration seeping through. "So, in altering the contract with you... if instead you received a sacrifice, would you call off the war?"

"S-sacrifice?" The princess muttered.

The Queen knelt down to be eye level with Titania. "What sacrifice do you propose?"

"Myself. A Demigod is a rare creature to kill, even rarer to find. I'd say you have something that you will probably never find within your lifetime again. A willing Demigod sacrifice. So... kill me and end the war. There is no use for your people and the townspeople to keep dying in a war over borders. So end it with one last casualty." Titania offered, staring the Queen in the eyes.

The Queen slowly pulled out what looked to be a ceremonial sword. "Very well. An unusual request, but one too noble to honor. If you truly accept this, turn around and lowered yourself to your knees."

Titania sighed, and did as the Queen asked, turning around and lowering herself to the ground. "Don't risk your daughter. Had I fought, you'd be grieving now. Love her while you still have her, because things may happen where you won't have her anymore." Titania advised, closing her eyes in preparation for what was to come.

Moments after hearing the sword raise to the ground, she felt one of the harpies grab onto her back. "No!" yelled the princess. "She must fight me! Do not kill her, mother."

The Queen blinked in surprise. "But... what if she is right? What if she kills you?"

"I don't care! She is not from the village and has nothing to do with this! She saved me! It would be without honor for her to die like this!"

"I do not want to kill you, chick. You have far more to live for, than I do. I may have a family, but you have a flock. They'll look up to you when the time comes." Titania said sagely, standing as she turned to hug the princess. "It's okay. You... you don't have to watch. I just want this war to be over, for too much blood has been spilt. We can pretend that I'm still here with you, watching over you as you grow older and wiser..." Seeing that her words were more depressing than calming, Titania began singing her Elven lullaby, hoping it would calm the princess enough.

The Queen slowly lowered her blade and sighed. "The... The princess has spoken. However, it is obvious you will not fight her. So... I suppose I must come up with an alternative, if you would hear me out."

"I will." Titania said, briefly continuing her Elven song that brought sadness and happiness together in haunting melody.

"As long as the humans keep out of our territory, I will cancel the war. However, you must fight the princess, and she must defeat you. Since she can't defeat you now, you must personally train her until she is strong enough to beat you."

"I find no reason to not accept, but I must warn you, my Lady: I am a nice teacher with strict exercises that borderline on cruel. If she is put into my care, she will be subjected to a test every now and then, where I will accompany her into the field, keeping her alive, but judging how well she performs. With those warnings out of the way, do we have a deal?" Titania asked, holding out her hand.

The Harpy woman grinned, taking her hand with her feathered hand. "I would expect nothing less. You are an unusual Thrope. In a good way. Please, send our princess back stronger then I could ever be to lead our people proudly. Just know that she might surprise you with how fast she learns."

Titania fished in her bag for her map and held it in front of the Queen. "If you ever want to send a representative to check out the Princess, or if you need aid, or just want to visit, go to the big X on the map. It's the Havenbrook Guild. Before you get over there land nearby and approach on foot. It'll make the guards less crazy."

"I will keep that in mind." The queen smiled down at her daughter.

The princess looked between the two woman before finally reaching up, slowly taking Titania's hand and smiling herself. "I promise to do well, Master Titania."

"And I promise to teach you well, Chickadee." Titania smiled, putting the map down as well as a compass just in case.

"Um... th-that's not my name," the teen mumbled quietly.

"I know... I never got to learn it before I gave you back to your mother's warriors. So... what is your name?" Titania asked, as she gently ruffled the teen's hair.

She giggled. "It's Androdameia. It means 'Subduer of Men. But... y-you can call me Andy if you want. I... I'm sorry I wanted to fight you to the death."

"I don't blame you, Androdameia. You were defending your flock's honor. And... I still have much to show you of this world." Titania replied with a smile. It soon faded as she stepped closer to the Queen and whispered as quietly as she could. "You're postponing the death match until I can train her better, correct?"

The queen nodded. "Of course. It is for the sake of honor. I trust you will still train her to your fullest ability, though. You seem honorable enough to do so."

"I will... but she might get attached. Which will make this a bit more messy than it should be. My current student, being a quick learner with no combat skills, is currently at a quarter of my combat prowess. I give your daughter a maximum of two years of training before she can stand up to me. The time for training might make her change her mind. Do you have an idea to counter that?" Titania asked, still whispering.

The queen shook her head. "At this time, I trust her not to grow too attached. But two years is plenty of time for me to think of something." She bowed her head. "Good luck to you."

"And to you as well, Queen... actually, I need one tiny favor... can you send me back down? I could run down the walls, but I'd be so worn out I wouldn't even make it to the town..." Titania asked kindly, offering a nervous chuckle.

The harpy woman laughed, signalling from the two previous harpies to come lift Titania up. "Until next we meet. Safe journies, noble warrior."

"And may your battles never claim you." Titania replied as she was flown away.


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Eyes Down Low
Part One

Havenbrook Manor
Sept. 10th, 3349
12:12 p.m.

Walking towards the office of Ms. Havenbrook, Mags and Carol were beside eachother, both with grim expressions on their faces, however.

"I know we can get in contact with them again... We have to..." Magdalene sighed, looking up at her sister.

"Then why be worried? They won't just ignore us." Carol pointed out.

"But... What if they can't help? Then what will we do? I'm sorry, but... It's hard not to have a few doubts..." The Sheep questioned further.

"They'll help... Peacock's a good man... A troubled man, but it's a troubling business." The Cow explained, placing a hand on her sisters shoulder as they reached the door. "Keep being strong, for your friends. Strong like you have been. Strong like I know you can be Maggie..."

Mags nodded, sighing as her face grew determined, knocking on Mina's door. "Ms. Havenbrook?"

"Please... come in." When the entered, they found Mina standing by the window, staring out. He raven sat on her shoulder as if to comfort her. Between the kidnappings, the assassination attempts, the looming vampiric threats, the pestering gods, and the recent deaths, she was losing her usual vigor.

"Ms. Havenbrook..." Mags frowned slightly, placing her hands together near her waist. "We... Could come back another time... I know you must be going through a lot too..."

"Not as much as certain people." She slowly turned around. "Please, take a seat. What is on your mind?"

"Carol says she knows how to contact the Railroad from here..." Magdalene explained, looking over at her.

"Yeah... You have a Scrying Disk, right? We can use that." The Cow woman confirmed, picking the device out with her eyes as she spoke.

Mina followed her gaze. "The Railroad? What... the actual one, or do you mean...?"

"Their leader, Peacock himself." Carol nodded, "I can get you into direct contact with him."

Mags seemed suprised. "I... I didn't know you could do that... I thought there was a system you had to go through..."

"There is, but that's to gain trust... Trust I already have." The Sheep's sister pointed out.

Mina nodded and retrieved the disk. "How did you acuire this trust?"

"I told you how they protected me right? Saved me? It was Peacock who personally did it..." Carol explained, bringing up some unfortunate memories, however, she kept them well hidden. "While I was making my way out, I helped him out of a bad situation, so he took some time to teach me how to fight back. You... Could even say I'm a reserve agent."

"You're... You're saying you're a member of the Railroad?" Maggie eyes widened, a look of wonder in them.

"Not officially... He pushed me to go home to my family, and to Mags, protect them... See them again..." Carol continued, "I have the training, but he told me the Railroad... Wasn't best for me..."

"Perhaps, but it is good for us he sent you home." Mina set up the disk on the floor. "Think of yourself as a foreign agent."

"So... How do you do this? Just input a frequency or-" However, Carol answered her question mid-sentence by walking up to the delicate device and pulling the signal Crystal from it.

"I just hope they'll answer our signal," Mina stated. "Make sure you mention your name in an opening message, Carol."

"Right." Carol nodded, pulling out a small black case and opening it. Tucked comfortably inside was a signal Crystal, like the one had removed. Other than being slightly smaller, the only major difference between the two was that Carol's was tinted an opaque red color, instead of the normal blue.

She placed the new crystal in and it began to glow. "Now I just need to tune it to the new signals..."

Mina watched her. "You know what you're doing. Better then me, and it's my device. Oh, for them to make some kind of device that doesn't rely on such complex magic and uses simple machines to work..."

"Oh, I don't really know how this thing works either, all I know is that I am supposed to switch this... Crystal thing here with the red one and turn it to the right frequency." She explained as she did just that, pressing a button to initiate the call.

It only took a minute for the call to be recieved, though there was only static. No one was responding at first.

"Come on... Come on..." Carol tapped her foot.

Suddenly, the image of a Thrope in a lab coat appeared before them. As far as the three of them could see, she had no eyes whatsoever, only thick, pink stalks hanging off her head. She had three vertical slits where her mouth would have been and pink skin that glistened slightly. Her hair was pitch black and done up into a ponytail behind her, giving her a scholorly look.

"Hello?" She said in a younger sounding voice, her mouth slits vibrating slightly. "Which Agent is- Oh! Carol! It's good to see you!"

The Cow smiled, "It's good to see you. Everyone, this is-"

She waved it off, however, "It's okay, I can introduce myself. I am Dr. Phoebe Tiliin, head... General Science Lady and Doctor for the Railroad's Conductors."

Mina smiled warmly, bowing deeply. "Mina Havenbrook, Head of the Havenbrook Organization's Hunters Guild."

"And I'm Magdalene. Carol's Sister." The Dreamer Sheep introduced.

"Magdalene? Carol talked about you a lot, it's good to finally speak to you." Phoebe bowed lightly as well. "So... What's this about?"

"We... Need the Railroad's help. We need to speak to Peacock." Carol stated with a friendly, but urgent tone.

"Is it that you can't tell me? I'm the Third in Command here, tell me what's going on." The Scientist looked over at Mina.

"Not at all," Mina assured her. "It is that this, um, Peacock and his skills are what we need more right now, namely to help find some kidnapped comrades. Honestly, I hope when they are found, they won't be in need of a doctor."

"Oh no..." She shook her head, the stalks swaying back and forth slightly. "Alright, I'll go get him, just stay on the line."

Mina nodded, smiling at Carol hopefully.

"Phoebe's the one that designed the red crystal thing... If I remember her explanation, the red Crystal picks up frequencies much lower than the normal ones, so only people given the custom crystal can contact them like this." Carol looked over to Mina, crossing her arms.

"Really?" Mina rubbed the back of her neck. "Guess it is a good thing you're here. Not that I'm about to ask Alice for that."

"Speaking of... Has that bitch done anything yet? She doesn't seem to have made any moves against you yet." Carol asked the Lead Hunter.

"She claims she'll leave us alone for now since she is no longer paired with the goddess of discord." Mina chuckled. "She even said she'll promise to never attack her if we kill anyone from the Cult of Hastur we find."

"Who?" Mags asked, the name instilling a sense of strange dread in her even so. "Who is... That?"

Mina shook her head. "Don't worry about it. We have other things to worry about."

After another moment, they heard a man speak through the disk, appearing in the hologram shortly after. His pink spiked mohawk drew the eye greatly, following that down was a thick, black leather pants and jacket with metal studs. Azure Feathers also addorned his neck and poked out from his back, the tail feathers having 'eyes' of color punctuating them. "Well, if it isn't my favorite Country gal. How ya doin' babe?"

Carol put a hand on her hip, "Could be better, we need your help."

His expression dropped, his eyes focusing on Mina first. "Well well well, look at that... Ms. Havenbrook of the Havenbrook Hunters Guild, right?"

"Your doctor told you about me?" she asked.

"Oh no, I know who you are already. You're famous! People have been talking." Peacock smiled, pulling up a chair.

"Famous?" Mina rubbed her chin. "Not sure I like the sound of that. Famous for what?"

"Well, you saved a bunch of villages from giant Chimeras, stopped a Stormrendian crime ring, and word on the grapevine is some Neren'Tevans saw you going inside the forest, and not long after, the monster activity dropped significantly." He listed off on his fingers.

Mina sighed. "I am glad to be of service, but I'd rather stay out of the spot light. I'm sure a man in your position can appreciate that. That you have is why we are contacting you now."

"Well, the good you're doing isn't usually illegal... There are an alarming amount of people who want me head." Peacock shrugged. "I'm used to it. So, what's the help you need. You're a good friend Carol."


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Eyes Down Low
Part Two

"My... My friends, my fellow Hunters, were taken by Slavers headed for Themosa city... They're probably there already..." Mags stepped forward, normally she'd be more nervous in front of her hero, but this wasn't the situation she had hoped to meet him in.

"Any names?" He grew serious, "Anything at all?"

"He's a Netzi. He's has a huge company named... Masterworks Inc... Goes my Marc Merce..." Mags continued and as she did, Peacock's face grew darker and darker.

After she finished her sentence, The Railroad Leader took a deep breath, sighing. "Shit... Yeah, we know who that is..."

"Uh oh," Mina mumbled. "So what we have been told is true. He is well known for his involvement in the slave trade."

"Well known? He might be one of the biggest traffickers of slaves in Themosa. Or at least the most prestigious..." He told them bluntly. "He's well known for his 'Slave Fairs', big, lavish parties with the main event being a introduction and line-up of his slaves to potential buyers, and they go quick. We usually don't bother setting up plans to free the slaves he is selling because they are usually bought by the time we get there."

"W-well, can you try anyway?" Mina quickly asked. "The slaves' names are Betty and Erin. Betty is a Fly Thrope, and a very skilled tinkerer. Supposedly, she is worth a lot of money, so she might not be sold right away if she is really expensive."

"A Fly Thrope..." He nodded his head.

"You can't miss her, she's got big compound eyes." Mags closed her hands, bringing them together.

"I haven't even seen her, and I couldn't miss her." Peacock chuckled lightly, "The entire noble elite is talking about Merce's prize, Million Gold Thrope. I have agents within his Slaves, they told me the star attraction of their latest Fair was a 'One in a Million' Fly Thrope and Bunny."

"That's them!" Mina stepped forward. "What can you do for them? Please, I am sure you usually don't take too many specific requests, but free them, and... I don't know. I can help your cause. Normally I wouldn't get involved with an illegal operation with possible ties to a rising terrorist cell, but this are desperate times."

"There are few problems... You... Might not like to hear... So, do you want the good news or the bad news first?" Peacock asked, looking over at Carol briefly.

Mina sighed. "I guess... the bad news."

"The Bads news is a slave of Betty's price tag will under the absolute highest guard, hell, I'd be shocked if she wasn't in a two-foot thick steel vault. It's going to take a while if we do this normally, waiting for an opening to strike could take months." Peacock replied, leaning forward on his knee. "And... We've been getting some bad reports of that place... Some of the Slaves that he's auctioning for cheap, we've saved a few... Some were unresponsive, twitchy, others like vegetables... Just, nothing there... That's not even the worst, one young girl was... I don't know how to put it, feral? Acting purely on instinct. The tests Grimoire ran on them showed there was tampering with their brains, and that feral girl? The Hormones in her body were a hundred times the normal amount."

He shook his head, looking Mina dead in the eyes. "Whatever he's doing there, it's sick... Twisted... He's a godsdamn monster..."

"Experimentation on Thropes like they're animals..." Mina squeezed her fists tightly. "Like the monsters that I hate to call our ansestors two thousand years ago. Is there even any actual good news?"

"Actually, thankfully, there is." Peacock comforted. "A Thrope of her price tag, he wouldn't risk hurting. He'd only do something to her if he was sure it was safe... And, I can get reports every other day on their progress in there, we can track their movements easily."

"I don't usually ask this, but if you want to bring that fucker down, you'll need to help us..." He said, tapping his fingers on hid leg. "It's not just hard to do with my team alone, it just may be impossible. But, if you send your Hunters to assist, we would surely have the manpower to break through whatever defences they have. Of course, we'd still need to wait for an opening, I doubt you'd want to risk your people and mine needlessly. We call this operation a Crack and Smash, wait for the perfect moment and brute force our way in. It's more Fancypant's style, but it's our best bet."

"Fancy...?" Mina shook her head. "Whatever you need. We'll send however many forces you think you'll need. In fact, we have a secret weapon perfect for brute force."

"Oh? And what might that be?" He raised an eyebrow.

Mina grinned. "How would you like an angry, loyal demon eager to save the women she considers to be her parents?"

He blinked. "I'm sorry what."

"Betty and Erin adopted a little demon girl and have been raising her... She's been... Upset, obviously." Mags chimed in.

"That..." He chuckled louder, exhaling. "You people are strange."

"You have no idea." Mina rubbed her chin. "Any way you can get the resistance to help you... if you happened to know them? Hypothetically?"

"Let's drop the pretenses. Yeah, I can see if Ginger is willing to help, she owes us, after all." He nodded.

"Hey Peacock." Carol said, smiling at him. "Thank you."

He waved nonchalantly, "Pfft, don't mention it Babe, I'm happy to put a scumbag beaver in his place. It only helps that I'm saving your friends too."

"I'll send our people out right away," Mina said. "They will be at your disposal until the mission is through. I'll send some supplies with them as an initial payment as well. Medical supplies, materials, and the like."

"No, it might be better if I wait for the opening, then contact you all to come. It could take a while to find the right time, additionally, the more comfortable he gets, the easier it will be to catch him off guard." Peacock suggestion, holding his chin. "We could do it sooner, but that could put all of our men at more risk. It's up to you."

Mina shook her head. "I want to do it when it has the best chance of succeeding."

"Alright..." He looked over at Mags and Carol. "Do you think you two could... Step out? For a moment. I'd like to speak with your Lead Hunter privately."

Carol narrowed her eyes, "Peacock, what're you talking about?"

"Carol. Do you trust me? Just give me a minute." He countered, forcing the Cow to groan slightly.

"Fine... Come on Maggie." Carol said, stepping out.

"Um... Right. I understand." Magdalene agreed, stepping out with her.

Mina placed her hands on her hips. "What's up?"

"When we save them... They might not be the same people anymore... Physically, or Mentally. Are you prepared for that?" Peacock asked, straightening out his legs and speaking with a dead serious tone.

Mina slowly nodded. "I realized that as soon as you mentioned the others you have rescued."

"I'll do my damdest to get them out of there, it's just... There aren't a lot of happy endings in my line of work..." He looked over at the door sadly. "Not even Carol."

Mina followed his gaze. "So I am coming to learn..."

"Speaking of... What's your relationship to Carol? Is she one of your Hunters?" Peacock asked, tilting his head slightly.

"Not exactly. We have some trouble down south, and I offered her family refuge from it at my mansion."

"Thanks for that. Although, I get the impression it was more of a favor to her sister." He pointed out.

Mina grinned. "I do like to reward me up and coming Hunters."

"Has she told you? Carol?" He asked, "I'm not sure of your policy with 'medicine' in your Manor."

"We have done what we can to slowly get her off it," Mina answered. "But it has been an extremely slow process so far."

"Grimoire... Phoebe, tried to do it herself, went through a dozen different things, all failures. Hopefully you'll have more luck now that she's on less of it..." He nodded a little. "She was in an awful state when we first found her..."

"She is doing better," Mina assured her. "But her family still suffers. I only hope we can help with that too."

"You're a righteous gal, willing to help people." Peacock looked off to the side. "Maybe we can even take down the Men who did that to Carol... Finally shut that sick operation down for good..."

"Isn't that what the resistance is trying to do?"

"It'll be even easier with your help... Every day we wait is another poor girl ripped from her family. But... We should probably focus on one thing at a time." The Railroad Head explained.

Mina nodded. "I'll do what I can. Just help us and we'll help you."

"Mmhm. I'll contact you as soon as I get more information." He smiled, standing up and stretching.

Mina bowed her head before leaning down to end the call.


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Eyes Down Low
Part Three

She then heard a faint knock on the door, "May we come in now?"

"Yes, of course," Mina answered.

Opening the door, they both stepped in. Carol being the first to speak. "I'm not going to ask what you were talking about. Just tell me whether or not you want me to inform the others."

"Make you team." Mina gave her a serious look. "Anyone you want."

"Alright... Although, the ones who already volunteered would be my choice... And maybe a few others..." Mags considered, ready to head out before being stopped by Carol.

"I'll do it, you just stay up here, keep Ms. Havenbrook company." The Cow said, walking off down the hallway and giving them a casual wave with the back of her hand.

"This is personal for her," Mina murmured.

"Yeah... It is for both of us... We refuse to let a repeat of what happened to our family happen to Eliza's..." Mags lowered her head. "But it seems like the world is eager to challenge that..."

Mina clenched her fists tightly. "Not if there is anything we can do to stop it."

"Mina... I... I might be able to do something... We could try to talk to them, see how they're doing..." Magdalene looked up at her.

Mina looked down at the woman. "Oh? How could we do that?"

"This may be... Hard to believe at first... But I've become pretty skilled at travelling from mind to mind in the dreamscape. I was able to speak to Eliza like that when she was taken... I see no reason why I shouldn't be able to do the same for Betty and Erin." The Sheep explained, sitting down in a nearby chair.

Mina pulled over a chair to sit across from her. "Then let's do It! Um... please. M-maybe it would give us a clue to freeing them."

"It can be a little... Weird, are you sure? I can go myself if you prefer." Maggie confirmed, pulling out her harp from it's bag, having brought it with her in preparation for this suggestion.

Mina quickly shook her head. "They are my responsibility. And I am ready to do what I must to get them back."

"Alright... You're going to want to relax for me, get comfortable..." Magdalene responded, strumming her harp lightly.

Mina nodded. She reached as best she could, closing her eyes and making sure she was in a good position.

Mags then put the full force into her spell, although, making sure she was ready first. The Thrope's harp song echoed through her ears, making the woman feel as through her mind was swimming in warm syrup.

When Mina opened her eyes again, she was in her office, but Mags was gone. "Mags? Did it work?"

"Who's this now? Ah... The Mistress of the Manor herself, it's good to meet you."

As Mina turned around, she saw an adorable little girl, like a smaller Mags complete with sheep-like hair and eyes. The difference being two large, twisting black horns that poked out of her head.

"Uh... h-hi. Assuming you're a friend." Mina looked down at her hands. "Is this really a dream? I'm instantly aware. Has Mags' power here grown that much?"

"Some are more in tune with their dreams than others, and you seem naturally gifted. However, my dearest Mags has been improving much, so who's to say?" The little girl spoke in a harsh, deep voice.

"R-right." Even the stalwart Mina was unnerved by the creature straight out of a scary story. "Speaking of the young sheep woman... where is she?"

"It takes a bit longer for her to find you, she was not born doing this, as I was." He said, looking past Mina as the Sheep Thrope in question placed a hand on her shoulder.

"You're really aware in here. It's exactly like the real world." Maggie looked around.

"This is where I spend much of my time. It is better then some of the alternatives." She looked to the door that would normally lead to her bedroom. There were two doors now. Beyond one was a dimly lit tent warm some soft, sinister laughing. Beyond the other, a room of fire. "You caught me during a good dream."

"You've been through much suffering. Yet you changed your fate, and the world around you, despite the odds. That ability is something I admire about mortals." The little sheep girl spoke.

"I-I should introduce you. This is Baphomet, he's like... My guardian Nightgaunt. He helped me a long time ago and I wouldn't be here without him." The Farmgirl stepped forward.

"Well then, I should thank him," Mina stated. "Mags has been invaluable to my Guild."

"Your next line is; I haven't actually done that much..." Baphomet predicted in her voice.

"I haven't actually done that much... O-Oh!" Mags pouted. "Fine you..."

Mina laughed. "So, how does this work, Mags?"


He nodded, twisting and stretching unnaturally into his true, Nightgaunt form. He then quickly reached his claw out, forming a tear into the fabric of the dream.

"Whoa..." Mina smiled. "Impressive."

"When we get in there, stay close to me, you uhm... Don't want to get lost..." Mags recommended.

Mina quickly moved to her side. "Heh... eh, yeah, will do."

After a moment, the fabric of the dream shattered like glass around them, revealing the twisted technicolor plane before them. They stood on a large rock platform like before, orbs representing dreamers moving around. "Welcome... I think it's really pretty here myself. Like... Being inside a rainbow..."

"Yeah, I can see that." Mina looked around in wonder. "How are we supposed to find anyone in this expanse?"

"Simple. We're still in a dream, just... A collective dream. All we need to do is think about them and they will be brought to us." She explained, "Bring every memory you can think of with them in it."

Mina nodded, closing her eyes. She thought about who to look for, deciding on Betty and focusing her thoughts.

Dream orbs sped past them, the number of them getting smaller and smaller as Mags focused on Erin. Eventually, only two remained, all had proceeded as it had before... except...

"What... What the...?" Mags said, looking on. The orbs were distorted, static-y, like there were under some kind of duress. "Baphomet... Have you ever seen something like this before?"

His faceless expression revealed nothing, his tone was slightly shocked, however. "No... Never..."

Mina floated close. "Could this be the result of some of that... experimentation? But I thought he wouldn't do this to such a prize..."

"I don't know... They're both like this..." She said, walking forward. "Peacock said he'd only do it if he knew it wasn't dangerous but... How could this not be dangerous...?"

"Is it safe to enter?" Mina asked.

"I don't know..." She said touching and opening the bubble.

"Mags! Be careful!" Baphomet warned a moment too late as the dream enveloped them.

Suddenly, they were surrounded by black and white, distorted space, everywhere... The silence was deafening, except for a slight buzzing coming from behind... Behind a pane of glass that stretched to infinity in every direction, and behind it, Betty, crouched down and holding her head.

"Betty!" She stepped forward towards it, Baphomet grabbing her arm to stop her.

"Something about this place... This dream... Is very, very wrong... Everything is... So loud, it... Hurts to pay too much attention to it..." The Nightgaunt gripped his head with his other hand.

"Can we communicate with her while we're here?" Mina asked. "Can you hear me, Betty?"

However, she just stayed huddled, not reacting to their voices. Not until Mags walked up and knocked on the glass wall, some of it seeming to reach her as she looked over slowly.

The Fly Thrope perked up, dark bags under her eyes showing an extreme tiredness as he made her way to the window, still covering her ears.

Mina stepped net to the sheep Thrope. "Betty, listen! We are coming to get you! Do you understand?"

Betty's face scrunched up in pain as she look at them, shaking her head back and forth.

"I... I don't think she hears us..." Magdalene observed.

"It's... Too loud... In there..." Baphomet held his head with both hands now.