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SIR: New Unlikely Ally

ExoGrim as Mandane and Zeke

Black0ut as SIR

The streetlights illuminated the city, the twilight hour having arrived. The silence was all consuming as if it accused any who would dare to walk with veritable rage. A man walked the street, wearing an overbearing coat with it’s hood up, with a plastic mask, and to complete this image were blood-red gloves. The mystery man had noticed his tail about an hour ago, but waited for the right time to deal with them. Noting an alley that would seemed to be an endless void of darkness, the man walked in hoping his pursuers would follow him.*

Mandane walked into the alley with no hesitation. The grin on his face painted firmly, as if it refused to budge. Zeke had his axe and sword drawn, preparing for a fight. When something traveled through the shadows, Zeke raised his weapons and Mandane simply lowered them.*

A subtle glow of red emerged as they approached deeper into the alley, as a pair of mismatched eyes, one looking as if it burned, while the other seemed to be pure white. Several gunshots rang out, as a meaty claw that was half the size of the duo combined, shot with impressive strength through the darkness in an attempt to stab them.*

Mandane slapped the claw away, taking each bullet like it was nothing and said, “Why are you so hostile? We only came to help you. Why do you attack those you don’t know?”*

A second claw shot at Mandane, as if in hope to impale him while he was distracted. The other claw redirected to Zeke, with similar intentions. A deep voice that sounded inherently evil roared, “All the better to off a stranger, than let them become enemies. Besides, a veritable feast like you is far more appetizing than words can describe.”*

Zeke was caught by the claw, the bladed nails piercing his side. He fell to the ground, pulling something out of his pocket. Mandane calmly took deep breath, “Someone seems to be getting used to the transition from Human to Tiefling. I know ways to get you through everything, only if you let me though.”*

“Well, best not to reveal secrets to meals…” The deep voice growled, as the voice took on a more elegant tone, losing its previous demonic sound. “But I suppose that I may be inclined to release you from certain death...if you correctly identify what I am.”*

“Well, you’re no longer Human, but you’re not a Tiefling either,” Mandane noted, “Not quite an Aasimar… Is it possible that you’re both Tiefling and Aasimar?”*

The creature chuckled, “Something like that. As the new Demon in charge, you should know what I am. I’ll give you two minutes to guess, after that, I get to be content and full.”*

“I’d personally call you a freak of nature,” Mandane replied, “But if you want the technical term, you’re a Daeva.”*

The creature paused in its attack, as it’s claw-hand was dangerously close to Zeke’s neck. “If I were dishonorable, I’d still eat you. But, far be it from me to break a promise. You’re free to go.” The Daeva said grumpily, lifting both of its clawed hands into the shadow, as the creature’s eyes stared out at the imposing duo.*

Zeke tossed the Daeva a pill, “That should help ease the pain from the transformation.”*

The creature didn’t move as it stared them down.*

“Listen, Simon is it, we mean you no harm. We only wish to help you recover from the drastic changes to your body,” Mandane stated calmly.*

The eyes shifted, as the Daeva stood up, until it reached eight feet in height. “Who says I want to receive help with this transformation? I’m perfectly fine with the pain, as I’ve grown to love the feeling of change that accompanies every transformation. The real question is… how should I destroy you Demon Lord?”*

“You do realize that, without the proper medical treatment, you can’t survive the Daeva transformation process. Also, the gods of the world will hunt you down once they find out of your existence,” Zeke explained, sounding concerned.*

Suddenly, a loud crash sounded as part of the building that formed the right side of the alley was demolished with one of Simon’s claws, the sheer force creating a slight gust of wind. “Let them come. I’ll devour them one by one.” The Daeva shouted, pausing after the defiant statement. He remained silent as if he were reviewing his options. “However, I’ll need an army strong enough and resourceful enough to kill them. You shall be the first peon I shall use in my conquest to dominate this pitiable world. Once I have achieved my goal and absorbed their power… I’ll re-make this world. Make sure to create a species far less prone to corruption, and petty war.” Simon growled, his demonic voice coming out once more.*

“One, I am no one’s peon,” Mandane snapped, “And two, starting a war to end war is the most hypocritical thing I’ve heard in a long time. But, I guess you can make your little race after I eradicate all Humans and Angels left in this world.”*

Two fires appeared, both completely different. One flame was nearly black, and had appeared right behind them, with the heat of a hundred infernos. The other was in front and had a more lighter tone, and didn’t seem to generate heat. “Did I say to speak, Worm? No, I didn’t. You should know which flames surround you, Insect, and you should know that this is just a small inkling of what I can conjure. Who knew a few days of training could grant me this power, many more must lie in wait.” The light flame seemed to spawn all over his body, not revealing the dark figure’s actual appearance, but instead seemed to function like a piece of armour.*

“I am not a worm,” Mandane ranted as he slapped the fire in front of him away, “I am not an Incest… And I’ll be damned if I’m anyone’s peon!” He grabbed the Daeva, pulling him out of the fire, “Now, listen here SIR, you best be careful what you say around me. I’ve killed Angels, Demons, and Gods alike, a Daeva won’t be that big of a problem.”*

Simon’s face, seemed to disappear, as did his corporeal form, as he reappeared further down the alley. “Demons don’t scare me. You, in particular, don’t frighten me in the least. So your scare tactic doesn’t frighten me. And furthermore, if you could kill gods, why haven’t you conquered the world already? Surely an omnipotent Demon Lord such as yourself, must be lounging around being, for lack of a better word, a lazyass sitting on his heels?” The Daeva replied with it’s angel voice, emphasizing sarcastically. The flames on Simon seemed to make many cages of holy fire around Mandane, while a less extensive one of hellfire appeared around Zeke.*

“Fire Seal,” Zeke muttered, sealing the hellfire around him in a jar. He was going to say something, but he noticed Mandane’s current condition and backed off.

Mandane, slowly but surely, began to admit a dark aura, darker than that of SIR’s, “You’ve got three seconds to either join the Dark Crusade or get the hell out of my sight.”*

The Daeva snickered, the holy fire shrinking down to the point where it touched his skin. A extra layer of hellfire formed on the outside and filled the space the previous fire left. “And if I refuse, oh Dark Shitty One? What then? Will you cry yourself to sleep with your beautiful boyfriend over there, wondering how you ever got to be such a pathetic, piece of trash? Or are you going to simply just pout like the little bitch you are?” Simon shot back savagely, cackling as he finished his monologue.*

The fire around Mandane exploded, leaving nothing but the dark aura in sight. Mandane, now covered in black, shadow-like tattoos, emerged from the fire. He jumped into air, grabbed Simon by the throat and pinned him to the ground, “Let’s try this again, join me in the Dark Crusade, or die.”*

The Daeva laid on the ground in shock, then began to chuckle. After a few moments in the chuckle turned to a laugh, then to a terrifying wail of a sound, that didn’t match any living (or sane) beings. “Alright, Mandane, Prince of Calamity and Power, Ruler of Demons, Destroyer of Men and Angels. Should you give me… your left hand, yes, your succulent left hand, I’ll join. After all, everybody has a price. Hell, I bet most of your demonic allies are here for a specific promise that you made them, eh. Give me your hand, and I’ll work ‘till I croak! I’ll even be your official torture device! I can just taste the flesh of your enemies as I dine on their delicious SCREAMS, eating a quarter of a limb… at a time! Bwahaha!” Simon stated with horrifying glee in his demonic voice, as he began to laugh maniacally, as the last shred of his humanity faded away.*

Mandane raised his left hand, as if to end the Daeva. Then the tattoo around his wrist began to ripped his hand from it’s place on his arm. As the hand fell on Simon’s face, Mandane said, “Deal it is. We should get to HQ, I’ve begun to realize how damaging this form can be and you still need medical attention.”*

Simon stopped laughing insanely, responding in his angel voice, “It shall be as you command, My Lord. I shall be your sword and shield.” The hand seemed to disappear, as if it had not existed in the first place.*


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New Contract: Pawns in All Games

ExoGrim as Mandane

Frostlich1228 as Oni

Oni sat slumped slightly in his chair, looking into his glass, then up to his fireplace, the only light in the room. The normally neat room was thrown into disarray, tables flipped, books strewn about, all thrown there in a sudden burst of rage due to the current situation. Oni wasn’t just mad, he was furious, everything he had done up to this point essentially snatched away because of his former brother’s betrayal. Some power hungry Demon swiped his revenge right out from under him and he refused to take it silently.

Just a little more planning, he thought to himself, Then they’ll see… I’ll make them all see…*

A man stepped from around the corner. He looked to be that of a simple wimp, his hair was straight and bushy. He had the glasses that a generic nerd would have and he only stood 5 feet 6 inches tall. The only thing contradicting his wimpy demeanor was the grin pasted on his face, “You must be Oni… pleasure to meet you.”*

Oni dropped his glass, causing it to shatter on the ground as he stood up, “How did you get in here?”*

“Let’s just say, it’s hard to ignore me when I knock,” The man said as he looked back to the broken door.*

“So who the hell are you? I’m in a particularly bad mood… And people know to avoid me when I get like this… So you’re either too stupid to care, or you’re here for a damn good reason…” Oni deduced.*

“My name is Mandane Stillfist, Man of Pride and The Grand Elder of the Demon Race,” He replied.*

Oni clenched his teeth at the name, “So… You’re the one who turned my brother against me right? I know he’s dead… How exactly did all that work out for you?”*

“Well, you see, I’m Grand Elder, I have my army back, I have the soul of the strongest human ruler, and I can finally began my Crusade of Darkness,” Mandane listed out, “As for Dervish, he attacked you out of his own free will. I personally would’ve kept you… as long as you didn’t use your mind control on anyone.”*

“Yes, yes, I bet you’re very proud of yourself… But they were supposed to be mine! MY revenge! But you swiped it like some… Two-bit rat…”

He replied with venom in his voice, “You and your Sins…”*

“I’d be careful if I were you,” Mandane said with coy, “I forgot to mention, but I’m also a Monk of The Dark Arts and a necromancer. I could do things to you that would make you less than unless, but I could also make you even more powerful than you already are… your choice.”*

“Like I need some… Demon to make me powerful… I’m not like my brother… I already am powerful, I’m just working on finding something to do with it…”*

“A professional chess player without a rival, are you?” Mandane grinned at the idea, “I know of a mission that you could do, as well as many more powerful figures to… deal with. Maybe if you join me, you could do more with your power.”*

“In case you haven’t figured that out yet… I’m not much of a follower… but…” He stopped to consider, “Erggh… I could still do better on my own, I don’t need you to get things done! How about I find what’s left of the society and finish them off? I doubt you got them all.”*

“I would’ve actually,” Mandane said in frustration, “But I can’t kill them for another year, thanks to that damn God, Orpheus. Of all the pawns in the game, I was never expecting him to be in play.”*

“Well I guess you’re shit out of luck, huh buddy? Too bad, all of this could’ve been avoided by doing your job right the first time…” He added with obvious snark.*

“Well, as of right now, you’re an enemy,” Mandane stated, his frown turning back into a grin, “And you don’t have Divine Protection… so, I could just kill you now and end this all together. But we wouldn’t want that, now would we?”*

Oni sighed, realizing his position, “Fine… I’ll help you… But don’t expect me to like it…”*

“Good, I could use someone who knows the insides and outs of the Grimlocke Family, since you were once apart of it,” Mandane said gleely.*

“Yeah, yeah, I know I’m powerful but don’t get too excited… This is temporary…”*

“But temporary is the best way to work, makes things more interesting,” Mandane replied as he tossed Oni an invitation, “Feel free to come if you want to meet your new comrades.”*

“I’m positively holding my breath…” He answered sarcastically, pouring himself another glass of wine.*

“Well, you see,” Mandane said, taking the glass and taking a sip, “A pawn must always celebrate a promotion, even in the midst of war.”*

“Woohoo… Is that better?” He said dryly.*

“Considering that you still breathing, yes, much better than I expected,” Mandane said as he walked out the door, “It’s always nice when you don’t have to kill an annoyance.”*

Oni took the entire bottle and poured it down his throat, “Aghh… Fuck my life…”*


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Urgent Help Needed
ExoGrim as Jack and Gemma
Frostlich1228 as Wisp and Mur-Murr

Wisp sat in silence in Blue’s hideout, having already taken a look around it’s new surroundings a few times and with Dollie locked in her room again, the soul core didn’t have much to do. The sense of defeat the core felt still reverberated through it, hoping anything could take it’s mind off of the society’s current predicament.*

Gemma walked over to the soul core, “How are you, Wisp?”*

The core looked up at him, Not… Well… I have been attempting to comfort Dollie but… She isn’t speaking to anyone…

“Not much I can do there,” Gemma replied, “Considering that my long dead girlfriend is somehow still alive and I’ve had to watch Jack break for the third time now… I’m starting to get the feeling that life just hates me.”*

Wisp’s core began to glow slightly brighter as it spoke, We will make them all pay… We have to… And to do that, we can’t stop… No matter how bad we feel about what happened, we have to keep fighting…

“Easier said than done,” Jack replied as he walked into the room, “Since we’re fighting people we used to call comrades.”*

I know… Vile Necromancers… W- Wisp was cut off suddenly by the sound of knocking coming from the entrance of the compound, which seemed impatiently fast.*

“I’ll get that,” Gemma volunteered as he put his needle in his mouth. Jack put his hand on his knife, ready to pull it out the moment Gemma opened the door. The door creaked open as Gemma said, “State your business.”*

A small woman with long black hair stood at the door with her hands behind her back and a huge, almost unsettling, grin on her face, “Hey there! Is this the... Demon Society by chance?”*

“Demon Society…” Gemma replied, “Last I heard that organization went down… something about lack of funds.”*

“Yeah, something about a lot of people dying right? I hear they got preeeetty fucked up…”*

“You know more than I thought you did,” Gemma stated, “And judging by your encounter with Mortis, you’re not the most friendly.”*

“Oh! You know about that huh?” She smirked, “Well, I know as much as I do about you guys cause I’ve been looking around for you for weeks… Although… Admittedly not as hard as I could have… It took like… Loads of torture to find out where this place was… Pretty well hidden… If I do say so myself…”*

“Funny how you say, ‘loads of torture’ was required to find us,” Gemma said, “Considering that torture was for what you would describe as ‘fun.’”*

“Well it was fun! But also useful! Which is just greatness…” She put her hands together, “But let’s cut to the chase, I’m here to join you!”*

“No need to be rude, but we don’t have time for psychopaths,” Gemma replied bluntly.*

“Wow! Thank you… I really do pride myself on it…” Her smile dropped, “But seriously I’m here to join you…”*

Jack quickly made his way towards Gemma, “How about you leave with your monstrous crap before I kill you myself. How’s that sound?”*

“Oh hey! You’re Jackie right? Jack the Ripper? I’m glad to meet someone as fun as myself!” Mur-Murr looked past him, “Well, since you guys seem like you’re living in a fucking hovel right now… You may actually want to reconsider your statements Jackie… Unless you don’t want someone who can help you patch up all your dying buddies…”*

“We already have a healer who can do that,” Jack responded, “Beside, you would do more harm than good. I can already tell you’re meant to torture your prey. Five bucks says Yellow made you.”*

“Ding Ding Ding! Too bad I don’t have anything to give you…” She exclaimed, “And from what he tells me, your healer might be a little bit… Broken… Even if that wasn’t the case, sometimes you need a monster to fight a monster right? Who knows, maybe all your friends wouldn’t have died if you had more than a single healer… Like that revenant of yours…”*

Jack sighed in frustration, “First a malfunctioning soul core… and now a walking torture chamber. What other pieces of shit does Yellow have for us, Wisp?”*

Wisp finally decided to speak up, after listening to the display at the door, As much as I don’t like her… The King created her to help us… Her unique soul made her that way… But it also gives her the tools she needs to aid us… I think we need all the help we can get right now…

“Because that totally help last time, Mary!” Jack snapped back, letting the name slip in his frustration.*

Wisp stopped in it’s tracks, Excuse me? What was that you called me?

Nervve sucked air in through her teeth, “Oooh… You shouldn’t have let that slip buddy… Daddy won’t like that…”*

“Do I look like I give a shit,” Jack challenged, “You wanted to know who you were, Wisp? Is that correct?”*

Yes… So you know? You’ve known this whole time? Wisp said

“Correction,” Gemma said, “I’ve known this whole time, I only told Jack after we made it to America. You’re Bloody Mary, Wisp. You killed yourself trying to absorb a soul too powerful for you.”*

Bloody Mary… How do I know you’re not lying? Not… Making this up?

“Words may lie, but thoughts are truth,” Gemma stated, placing his hand on the soul core. He transferred the memory of the night Mary died to Wisp, down to the last gory detail.*

That… Was… Me… I knew it… I knew I did something horrible but… So many people… Wisp slowly said.

“Draaaaama Queeeeen…” Mur-Murr rolled her eyes.

“Not like you aren’t, ya monstrosity,” Jack spat, “Beside, there’s no way of knowing that you’re telling the truth. How do we know that you not here to kill us?”

“She telling the truth, Jack,” Gemma interjected, “As much as I hate to admit it, she’s here to help.”*

“Well, thank you… I think you and me are going to get along very well…” She grinned, replying in a sinister tone.*

“Don’t think that this makes us friends,” Gemma stated, “I already know about all the innocent lives you’ve tortured and killed to quench your bloodlust. I’ll tell you this now, nothing can escape me.”*

“Well aren’t you all just so sensitive… And I’ll tell you something… I’m much scarier than I may seem…” She countered.*

“I’ve always wondered what fear felt like,” Gemma muttered, “Maybe, if you’re lucky, you might be able to get a spoke out of me.”*

“Oohoho… I really like this one…” Nerve responded wickedly, “He’s kinda hot…”*

Jack grabbed her by the collar of her dress, “You better not lay a finger on him, bitch.”*

Enough! All of you! If she’s going to be working with us you can’t be at each other’s throats all day long… If you really must hate each other, could you at least not make a scene about it… Wisp interjected.

“Aww… But making a scene is so much fun!” Nervve said, scrunching her face.*

Jack took a deep breath, then throw her into the wall to his left, “If you need me, I’ll be making a plan to get Winter back,” He said as he left the room.*

“I hope I get the chance to tear his heart out of his chest…” She said angrily, “Oh well! Good things come to those who wait! But they also come to those who act… Hmm…”

Are you, talking to yourself?

“I’m the only interesting conversation at the moment…” She shrugged.*

“I tell you now that killing Jack isn’t the easiest of task,” Gemma explained, “He has a 360 Defencive Circle protecting him that can take a beating. Not to mention that I’m likely to be fighting with him, and we’re one of the best duos in the Demon Race.”*

“Everyone needs to sleep right?” She responded in a sing-songy voice, “I’ll go make myself comfortable! Ciao!”*

“Trust me when I say that I’ve already tried that method… let’s just say that it didn’t end well,” Gemma countered.*

Mur-Murr chose to ignore his words, leaving the room and heading out into the main area. Wisp stayed silent for a few seconds, before hovering over in the same direction. I need to… Think about some things… About ourselves…

“Good luck, Wisp,” Gemma said as he made his way to bed, “I personally have a few things to think about myself…”*
The Doll

xXedge_lordXx as Mortis Seghor

Smallelvenprince as Ophelia Roswell

{7th of October, 1710. Paris, France}

Blood. Dear god, the blood. “Shit, that wasn’t… Master Seghor? I-I’m so sorry!” A young, redheaded woman apologized profusely.

“It’s alright… I should have known better than to teach a starving vampire under the blood moon. But, I forgive you, Ophelia…” He managed to get out as his last dying breath, before the rages of people persecuted her, and having her executed.

{13th of October, 1710. Paris, France.}

There was a figure in the prison graves, digging up a very particular grave. One of an executed vampire. He gathered her dismembered body, then bringing it back to his estate in the countryside. He sewed her back together, piece by lovely piece. He then gathered the proper materials, gathered from victims of his newly found vampirism, and muttered strings of Latin. Slowly, dark shadows had enveloped the girl’s body, healing the body as the bodily substances required disappeared.

Once this was done, she sat up, yawning and opening her eyes, “Master…?” She whispered in a monotone voice, now his puppet.

“What a good girl, even after being dead six days you still remember me…” He cooed, stroking her hair to neaten it.

“What may I do for you, master?” She asked of him.

“What a good question… there are a few things you could do for me, my darling doll…” He mused as his arms wrapped around her waist…

{24th of June, 2016. Seattle, Washington.}

“Ophelia, have you seen my journal anywhere?” Mortis called from his study.

A pale, redheaded woman stood in the door, “Master, you had it in your room last night, from the last I saw. Would you like me to fetch it for you?” She asked, barely any emotion in her voice.

“That would be good of you to do, yes.” He replied.

She immediately went and got the leather bound journal, being ever so careful with it as it was an old book. She placed it on the desk in front of him, “Here you are, sir.” She said with a bow.

He looked her over in her doll like dress, gesturing her to come closer, “Come, my little doll, keep me company a while…” He cooed to her as he normally would, scarce ever having to raise his voice to her.

She nodded and curled up in his lap, nestling to where he could hold her and write at the same time. This was the normal thing for the pair, ever since that night so long ago. She did as he said, and he would reward her with various things, even if some seemed a bit more for him than for her.

She was his now, completely.


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Reawakened: Timeless Death

ExoGrim as Mandane, Zeke and Thadias
Black0ut as T.D. and SIR

“How’s the recreation coming along, Zeke,” Mandane inquired as he stepped into the laboratory, “Mortis just finished mending the soul back together.

“Just have to get a few kinks out and then we’ll be set for testing,” Zeke explained as he placed the last bone in place, “Should work better than the original if I do this correctly.”

Mandane chuckle, “That’s what I like to hear.”

A shadowy claw picked up one of the bones, as a very serene voice asked, “Why do we need him again? He doesn’t offer much of a tactical advantage, nor is he truly that much of a commodity… Why don’t you just allow us to absorb him? We’d get a little stronger from whatever puny strength he possesses.”

“Well, you see,” Mandane began, “King Mathias is the strongest human to ever walk the Earth… to the point that he puts Hercules to shame. As a Revenant, he became even stronger, and he didn’t even have his whole soul. Just imagine what we could do with this kind of power, not to mention how pissed Orpheus is going to be once he finds out that I took his Archangel.”

“Well, pissing off the god who literally helped you with your takeover seems like a bad idea. And if this… mortal was so strong, why not take his power and consume it, binding it to you?” Serenity, one of two facets to emerge after Simon’s sanity fell, each taking on an aspect of either the Demonic or Angelic parts of him, asked.

“Who said I wasn’t going to?” Mandane replied with a demonic grin, “My Necromancy technique is more of a… personal one. I can’t command a undead unless I have absorbed their soul in some capacity. I like to call it, Soul Command. Under the right circumstances, I can even do it to the living.”

“Hmmm… that sounds highly intriguing… and probably has useful applications outside of combat. Would you mind telling me about it?” The shadowy figure seemed to dissolve into a woman with casual business attire. “After all, I could learn a lot from you.~”

“Maybe another time, when we’re not busy killing humans,” Mandane replied.

“Everything’s finished,” Zeke exclaimed, putting his scalpels back in his pocket, “Everything’s set for the revival. I wasn’t quite sure how durable the original armor was… so I used a module similar to Gretak’s. I, also, laced the bones with Titanium, making the body more durable. I hope everything works out.”

Serenity yawned before she walked over to Zeke. “It seems like you have magic with living material. Glad you’re with us and not with the Demon Society rabble. Although… Rage would love that for various reasons…”

“Well, as the Sins’ medic and engineer, it’s what I do,” Zeke said, blushing slightly.

“Anyway, we don’t have time for flirting… I’ve got the beast to revive,” Mandane stated bluntly, now holding Mathias’ soul in his hand.

I’ll collect your head for what you did to my son… Tearing you apart bit-by-bit will be so much fun… And perhaps I’ll give in to my base desires… and feed, Bastard King. A voice seemed to telepathically speak.

“How cute, Mathias still fights, even after his defeat,” Mandane chuckle, beginning to drain the soul and power the body that Zeke provided him, “There’s no more resisting now!”

...D-damn. W-well...If you’re taking a bite out of me... allow me to return the favor! The soul began to glow with a reddish glare, as if it’s sheer anger would destroy Mandane.

Mandane quickly fell to the ground, his leg snapping under him. The fight for control was one stronger than any he had faced before…. And he loved every second of it. His tattoos slowly formed around him, reacting to the massive spike in pain, “You’ve been fun, but I’ve done this for years! You’ve only just began practicing!” He exclaimed, looking at the soul in his hand.

It doesn’t matter if I lose... just if I can break your scrawny neck! The soul shot back as it attempted to do just that.

Mandane managed to keep his neck intact as he slowly gained the upper hand, “What do you have to say now?”

How...About….Go die in a hole…? The soul responded weakly, Mandane’s will overpowering him.

“There we go…” Mandane replied, “Become mine… Timeless Death.”

I’… after this war is over. I’ll be laughing as they drag your sorry ass off to Yellow… The spirit’s struggles started to go weaken, then ceased entirely.

Did tiny soul hurt you? We squash it for you if you want! A more demonic voice emerged, as the business woman seemed to transform into a hulking 8 ft. tall monster, with red skin to match it’s name. Rage destroy spirit. Make Spirit stop hurting boss. Rage make boss happy?

“No, no, no need for that,” Mandane said through his heavy panting, “I broke him. Time to see if this will still work. Been awhile since I’ve done this.”

“Are you absolutely sure that this is wise? Waging a war with the Humans and Angels is fine…” The Daeva asked hesitantly, shifting into a business woman one more. “However, you're also challenging the Gods themselves. At the same time. With considerably less power. With weaker minions. And a slightly unattractive face. I could go on with all the flaws I’ve noticed, but I think we need a bit more subtlety to our actions. I say this, of course, with no disrespect to you, Mandane.”

Mandane quickly dashed over to Serenity, moving in for a punch but not connecting. As his fist extended out, however, a massive force sent her flying back, almost like a ragdoll, “So, What was that about being weaker?”

“Now, now, no need to kill your new pet so early,” A voice said from behind all of them. A young man emerged from the corner of the room. His lean and frail looking body suggesting that he hadn’t eaten for weeks, if not more than that. He took out a piece of raw beef and took a bit out of it, before saying, “What’s the reason you woke me up anyway, Mandane?”

“Ah, Thadias, good to see your up…” Mandane said, turning towards the figure, “I need you to be ready for when the Crusade starts.”

The Daeva stood up, a slight trickle of blood slid down her face, past her left eye. “You do realize hitting me with the aftershock of a punch still doesn’t prove your point, nor does it set a good example of you being the leader I know you to be…” Serenity started, nodding at Thadias in greeting before continuing. “Besides, that was a cheap shot. If you really want to keep pounding me until I’m sore, I’d prefer… a less destructible area.”

“Hold on!” Zeke quickly said, realizing something. He rushed over to one of the many strings in the room and pulled it. From the ceiling, a large dragon hide dropped, making a loud crash on impact.

“Not this crap again…” Thadias muttered, “You know that nothing’s going to break that.”

“Like I said before, Zeke seems like he has magical fingers that can do anything. He’s quite the interesting specimen. Where’d you find him, Oh Glorious Leader?” Serenity asked, as she wiped the blood from her head.

“He came to me alongside Dervish and Racain,” Mandane answered, “But, before that, I meet his sister, Shela, and that’s what started the Round Table… in a sense.”

“Interesting. And what about you, Richard of Pride?” The Daeva asked, leaning against a nearby wall.

“Can you hurry up and punch the damn hide? So I can tell Zeke, ‘I told you so,’” Thadias demanded impatiently, staring down Mandane.

“Fine, go and ruin the fun,” Mandane said, pouting slightly, “At least this will have some fun to it.”

Growing increasingly bored due to the lack of attention and from not being answered, Serenity formed a small mouth made entirely of holy fire behind Mandane, making it move the moment Mandane spoke in order to mock him.

Mandane noticed the jaw and turned to it. He stared at it for a moment before he flicked it away and readied his fist, “You’ll get your time to get answers once I practice my new strength.”

“Uh-huh. Sure, that’s totally believable. Like how you promised Rage to be your Torture Master, yet you haven’t done anything to remotely hint that you’d do that. Richard of Pride, you have very bad habit of not delivering on your promises. So, either start delivering on your promises or stop giving them out like candy.” Serenity scolded, her eyes burning with holy fire. “This is pitiful. A king should always fulfill his promises, protect his subordinates, and most importantly inspire his people to follow him. Out of those three, you have none.”


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Reawakened: Timeless Death, cont.

“You beat everyone, for crimes so simple that they shouldn’t be punished, you lie, and you haven’t inspired the new arrivals, much less impress your old guard. Should I mention the dissent among your ranks, or has your mind cleared enough that you can see beyond your childish views?”

“Well, first off, I need to apologize for the little mishap with Rage being Torture Master, we haven’t gotten anyone worth torturing yet, so a bit of a delay there,” Mandane answered readjusting his glasses, “And remember, you can’t hold me to the same regards of that of a King, as I don’t have a Kingdom yet. I, if you give me the time to concentrate, I can show you what it takes to get some moral around here.”

“But you are the Grand Elder correct?” Serenity asked quietly.

“Sadly, Grand Elder doesn’t mean much at this state of the ritual, so, in technicality, my command is limited and my trial to glory is far from over,” Mandane admitted, grudgingly.

“And who’s fault is that?” Serenity snapped, her eyes turning into a bright light, “You had to only wait to conquer this realm. Literally, just wait, until you were old enough. Instead, you planned a coup, that pissed off, not only the former Demon Society, but several Gods and Goddesses! This horrible situation we’ve found ourselves in, is due to your bad planning skills! Hell, in our current state We’ll fucking lose this war in the next few years! What then? What then, Mandane? I...I don’t want to see everyone killed by gods. I… I just wish things were far different than what they are, even if my unusual birth never happened. So… I guess what I’m trying to say is… Think ahead of our enemies, plan for their every possible move. Don’t rush blindly in with no fallback plan.”

The tattoo started to form around Mandane, as his usual grin transformed into a demonic growl, “I’m only going to say this once, so you better listen closely. I’ve been planning this endeavor for thousands of years, from the death of Matthias to the War against the Gods. I’ve been through hell and back, literally, to get to what I am now. I’ve been forming this for my whole life, you’ve only tagged along within the last few days. What makes you think you know how my strategies work?”

Serenity rolled her eyes, irritated by Mandane’s ego. “Sounds like somebody hasn’t gotten laid in awhile. And while you think I don’t understand your plans, I truly do. You forget that I am an Angel, Human, and Demon. I think ridiculously fast and can formulate plans quickly. And from that skill, I can tell you that we have a good chance of dying if we continue on this warpath. Richard of Pride, your name forsakes you to the point you actually can’t see what’s about to happen. Like a potential jailbreak.”

Zeke put his hand on Serenity’s shoulder, “I wouldn’t recommend pushing anymore buttons. Something happened to him that caused to to start losing control of his Dark Arts, I’m still trying to find a way to give him back control… with little success, unfortunately.”

Serenity glared at Zeke, then sighed. “Alright, I’ll let the illustrious Mandane be. Gods knows he needs to find a girl who can get him to calm the hell down. As for you, Zeke…” Serenity stated, turning towards him, “Sunday, a Fancy Restaurant, 5 pm, I’m paying the bill. Got it?”

“Um… sure,” Zeke said, flustered. Then a loud smashing sound filled the room. Zeke looked over to see that Mandane had punched, and decimated, the Titanium Dragon Hide, “I’m not sure if I should be happy that my theory about Mandane’s growing strength is correct, or sad because it took me weeks to find and kill that dragon.”

“Well, let’s not worry about the past and stick to gazing at the future.” Serenity responded gently, as she turned towards Mandane, “What about that soul you’ve been squishing in your hand? You going to actually make it a servant or are you going to keep using it to get out your sexual frustration?”

Mandane sighed, the tattoos now gone, “You know, to be honest, I forgot that I had finished absorbing it. I managed to make Timeless Death work, but we don’t need him right now. I’m sure he’ll need all the energy when Jack comes back to try and save his poor little niece, if everything works as intended, I’ll have a guaranteed subject for our Torture Master.”

“Well, Rage will be happy. All’s well that ends well.” Serenity muttered, as she stared intensely at Zeke. “Especially with that one.~”

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An Angelic Moment
Insane Darkness as Alciel, Yuki
A.k.a Insane Dankness

Black0ut as Blue

The normal din of metal hitting metal echoed through the underground fighting arena, as contestants and general practitioners of combat, practiced their skills in order to, hopefully, win the tournament.

Blue walked in, dressed in a black leather jumpsuit, brandishing a sword and shield combo as she made her way to the entrance area. It was guarded by a minotaur, with a wicked-looking war-axe that was coated with a dark-red liquid. The Minotaur nodded when he saw Blue, and permitted her entry into the mythril encased arena. This is going to be interesting… I can’t attack first, and I can’t kill. This should be quite the spectacle for anyone who watch… Blue thought nervously, as she slid on a golden masquerade mask. She went to the opposite side of the door that allowed her into the aforementioned arena and waited for her opponent.*

A giant orc entered the battlefield as her opponent. As he entered, the torches surrounding the two lit up suddenly. The orc wielded a giant two-handed longsword akin to his size, spiked in places a sword shouldn’t be spiked. Torchlight reflected off of his golden-plated armor, blinding the audience. Before anyone could say anything, he rushed Blue without hesitation, leaving many noticeable weak spots.*

Blue waited, preparing to roll away once he had swung, in order to retaliate and defeat him.*

The orc swung right to left from the ground up, swinging with brute force rather than speed. He felt that it would only take one hit to knock the little Angel down to Earth.*

Blue rolled away, the sword nearly catching her leg in its brutal strike. Coming up behind the orc, Blue plunged her sword into the soft spot behind the orc’s knee, before retreating to a safer distance.*

The orc, weaker than he actually seemed, fell to the ground screaming in pain. The pain prevented him from getting up, let alone finishing the fight.*

The Judge counted to three, before proclaiming her the winner. After three more battles that ended similarly with Blue as the winner, a new challenger entered, with a devilish grin.*

“Aww, aren’t you just the most adorable Angel to ever fall down to Earth? Would you like me to send you farther down?” Yuki whispered mostly to herself. She licked her lips in anticipation for what most people wouldn’t expect.*

“Come at me if you dare, fiend! Let’s see if an Angel can teach you some humility… or manners.” Blue called, bracing herself as she ran at the new foe, attempting to provoke an attack with her shield raised.*

Yuki moved Blue’s shield aside and hugged Blue. “OH MY GOODNESS! You’re as soft as you look! Now, how about those lips?...” Yuki lunged for Blue’s lips, attempting to get a kiss out of her while the audience cheered.*

Blue stood shocked, as Yuki kissed her. After a moment, Blue struggled to get away, as she fell on the ground. “W-what…” Blue exclaimed, her mind still reeling from the stranger’s display of affection.*

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An Angelic Moment cont.

“Hello Blue! My name is Yuki! I know ALL ABOUT YOU! You’re just so AMAZING! Please, at least be my friend?! Also, I kinda don’t want to fight you now, so please don’t force me to!” Yuki pleaded fiercely as she bowed with her eyes squeezed shut.*

Blue just stared in confusion, as she stood, up and begun backing away, her masquerade mask nearly falling off. “W-why did you… how do you...?” Blue started, as her brain was flooded with questions. She stopped once she hit the bars of the arena, her dazed state causing her to not notice them. She, then asked, albeit in a quiet voice, “Why did you k-kiss me?”*

The Judge freaked out on the sidelines. “Hey, come on! There wasn’t any magic infused in it, so shut your trap!” Yuki said viciously. Her face was contorted with rage to the point that she could pass for a Demon. She then turned back to Blue, her face all nice again, to answer the more important proposed question. “I kissed you because I was curious how your lips tasted and felt. Besides, the crowd sure enjoyed it! Just like I did...” The hoots and hollers of the audience backed her up on her statement.*

Blue blushed, the humiliation of her situation finally catching up to her. “W-w-well… are you going to fight me, or are you going to keep…doing that? BEcause if you aren’t going to fight, then… that means I won the round.”*

“I don’t know about that. I think these guys are kinda tired of watching men sweat their balls off. They might accept it if I have my way with you here. I mean, it’s a perfect setup! You can’t run anywhere and we are the only ones in here. They might even find ways to throw money all over us!” Her mouth salivated severely at that thought.*

Blue paled, realizing that the crowd was barbaric enough to allow this kind of behaviour. Mustering up her courage, she walked as far as she could from Yuki, as she replied coldly, “As if I would ever allow that to fucking happen. I could just drop out now and allow you to advance. I don’t have to put up with this… this perverted charade!”*

“Ah, so what you’re saying is that you’d rather do this alone instead of with an audience? I can respect that!” Yuki’s face lit up happily. “We could make it even more personal that way…”*

Blue summoned a raincloud, that caused a giant bolt of electricity to hit her shield, disintegrating it entirely, but leaving Blue unharmed. “I refuse to put up with this any longer. Give me my leave, Judge!”

“As you wish. Masked Crusader, you are disqual-” The Judge started before Blue stormed out of the arena, with Yuki trailing close behind. Annoyed that the elemental was still following her, she growled, “Go. Away. Now.”*

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An Angelic Moment cont. 2

“But I lo-” Yuki started before the Judge announced the new fighters. “The two fighters in the final rounds are Yuki and Alciel!” Yuki pouted, realizing that she couldn’t follow Blue out anymore since her love rival was her opponent.*

Blue paused in her hasty escape upon hearing Alciel’s name. With a flash of her hand, a self-contained tornado spun, causing the godling to disappear, as she hid amongst the crowd to observe the battle.*

“I think it’s time for the asterisks to end, don’t you?” Alciel asked Yuki, suddenly appearing behind her.

“I really don’t know what you mean by that, but you stole my girl, you bastard!” Yuki responded viciously.

“Yeah? You stole her first kiss, you bitch!” Alciel countered angrily.

Yuki blushed fiercely at the realization. Alciel took the opportunity to pull out Double Tap and shoot both of Yuki’s knees.

Yuki’s scream was filled with rage and severe pain. She fell to the ground with a loud thump. The Judge immediately started to count down. 3… 2… A sword swung at Alciel’s feet from where Yuki was lying.

Yuki pushed herself upwards with the sword she was carrying. Pure hatred resonated from the fierce look that she gave Alciel.

“I’ve stared into the eyes of the God of Death. You don’t frighten me,” Alciel informed, attempting to scare her even a little bit.

Yuki was unaffected by his “bluff”. She threw her boot dagger in Alciel’s direction. Alciel easily shot it out of the air, grabbed it, and shanked her in the side.

Red water spilled out of her. However, it wasn’t enough to stop her.

“Do you think that I can’t fight anymore?! What do you think I am?!” She yelled at everyone in the room.

“Uh… Almost dead?” Alciel sarcastically responded.

“You… Shut your mouth, you damn Incubus! How dare you steal my woman’s heart, you barbaric imbecile! It’s in your nature to abandon what you shove your dick into!” Yuki ranted, baring her teeth at Alciel.

Alciel performed a triple backflip, then no-scoped Yuki in the mouth. “1080 No-Scope, bitch! How do you like that?!”

Yuki tried to talk, but it only came out as jibberish. She still yelled at Alciel, though, letting him know that she wasn’t down for the count yet.

Alciel walked up to her and pointed Double Tap at her head. “Judge, end this now. She’s going to get herself killed if she continues to be this stubborn.”

The Judge answered Alciel’s plea. “Very well. The winner of the finals is Alciel by a landslide. It was over before it even started!”

“Be happy that I don’t want to kill you. I will give you mercy this time. Oh, and by the way, Blue has watched you from up there since the beginning.” Alciel pointed to where Blue was sitting in the audience.

Yuki broke down in tears once she saw Blue in the audience, verifying that Alciel was telling the truth. She picked up her sword as Alciel carried her out of the arena.

He walked back into the arena to accept the prize he won: the original Alciel’s grenade launcher.

Alciel held a huge smile on his face while he held the legendary weapon previously belonging to his namesake. He then looked into the crowd where Blue was, but she was no longer there.


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Behind the Iron Facade

Smallelvenprince as Fiori

Black0ut as Blue

Blue yawned as she walked home from her most awkward encounter yet. Upon arriving at the safe house, she opened the door, and noticed that it seemed to be devoid of people. Shrugging, Blue closed the door behind her, and proceeded to flop on the couch, and, within a few moments, fell asleep.

Fiori came from down the hall to the main area, noticing Blue in her peculiar attire, “Is that even comfortable?” She wondered aloud, tilting her head as she leaned in the doorframe. Blue rolled over, before returning to her slumber, unaware that Fiori was in the room.

Fiori was getting bored now, something that often happened, and she decided to blow off a limb… very loudly. With a wet sounding “bang”, her arm went across the room, accidentally landing on Blue.

Blue lazily opened her eyes to find the severed arm on top of her, but didn’t process what it meant for a few seconds. Upon waking up enough to realize what the arm was, she let out a blood-curling scream, and quickly jumped away. “What the hell?! W-wha…”

“Relax, just my arm. Nothin’ to freak out about. I’ll live.” Fiori said monotonously, going over and collecting the amputated appendage. She then reattached it, popping her elbow, where it was severed in the first place. “That oughtta do it.”

Several rain clouds formed, bringing a bitter rain that soaked everything except Blue. Blue’s face twisted into anger and looked as if she might lash out at Fiori. After a moment, the clouds dissipated and Blue calmed down, albeit slightly. “Fiori… what the fuck? You blow off a limb onto a sleeping person and think it’s ok?!”

“To be fair, I did not mean for it to land on you.” Fiori admitted, turning around and leaving the room.

Blue followed Fiori, intent on delivering a stern lecture to her emotionally devoid friend. “Tell me, Fiori, in what way is it appropriate to explode a limb, especially when it's in front of people? Why are you acting so bitchy all of a sudden?”

“Can I ask how I’m being bitchy and not just not caring about anything?” Fiori inquired, still walking as she went to the second story where her room was. In all fairness, she felt the exploding limbs thing was the only way she felt anything nowadays, but she didn’t really say it and thought other people would catch on to it.

“Well, you started walking away while I was talking to you. You haven’t apologized, and, to top that, you’re acting more like a stranger than one of my closest friends. Hell, I was depressed enough that I was contemplating suicide and where were you? Blowing off your fucking arms. So, yeah, bitchy currently describes you.” Blue practically growled, crushing a small ball of water in her hand

Fiori froze upon being called a friend, was she really Blue’s friend though? She hadn’t mentioned it before now, how could she even consider Fiori to be a friend? When these thoughts occurred to her, she darted for her room, locking the door as she shut it. She drew the curtains and locked the windows as well, shutting out the world entirely before ripping her own heart out and throwing it across the room. “S-... stupid thing…”

Blue knocked on Fiori’s door, realizing that she must have upset her. “Fiori, please open the door. Look, I’m sorry if my words hurt you, but I’ve been having a shitty week and I shouldn’t have took it out on you. So, please Fiori, will you let me in?”

Blue got no answer, and upon listening through the door was the sound of flesh being torn to shreds, Fiori having started ripping her heart apart as well as the rest of her simply tearing itself up.

Sighing, Blue slumped to the ground. “You know, Fiori…” Blue started, “I envied you. You had so much freedom, so much life. I never really had that, as Godlings get trained from birth in a variety of bullshit, so that the Gods can use our bodies as vessels. I don’t know when, but somehow I remember the first time we hung out. You were such dope then. But it was that goofball that made me into who I am now, and… seeing you like this, so devoid of cold… I don’t know, I miss my friend. I don’t have many of those left. Henry and Shade are dead. The Demon Society are their own clique. And well, I failed miserably as a leader, didn’t I? I don’t really have a team, nor do I have a single person I can depend on. So… Fiori… Please open the door and let me in. Not just into your room, but… just open up to me. Tell me what bothers you or what doesn’t, ok?”

The door unlocked by itself, a soft click being the indication. But, Fiori was in the corner of the room with her now torn apart heart, various lacerations and bad bruising all over her as well as tears in her wings. She was deathly still aside from actively bleeding, the blood pooling rapidly around her. She didn’t say a word to Blue, seeming to be lifeless.

Blue stood up, a mixture of horror and pain etched on her face. She walked forward, and hugged Fiori, as she used her magic to keep Fiori’s blood in her body. Blue remained quiet, not wanting to upset Fiori further.

“I… don’t… deserve you…” Fiori whispered finally, starting to shake as her eyes glazed over.

Blue held Fiori closely, as she tried to comfort her friend. “That’s not true. I… haven’t been the best friend, have I? I’m sorry… I promise that I’ll be here for you more often, ok?”


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Behind the Iron Curtain, Cont.

Fiori’s head tilted back against Blue’s, the Godling’s sight being plagued with a vision of the past.

Heat. Heat everywhere, but from what again? Oh, right, the flames… Fiori’s voice narrated the scene, it being from a third person perspective. I only left for a few weeks… or… or was it a few months? She continued. What time is it…? 17… 1701, right. In Australia. My hometown… of… of… fuck I forget it’s name… She was struggling with the memory details in where and when, but the picture that was painted in the vision was clear as day. Where’s Lucia? LUCIA! It was then that the past Fiori had begun running, finding a redheaded woman in a burning building. Despite the fire around them, Fiori didn’t seem to be suffering a bit. Everything was quiet except for a ringing, and some muffled, often incoherent speech. Lucia… it’s okay, I can get you out of here! Fiori’s voice rang out before becoming muffled once more, the other woman’s voice being much quieter. Fi… I’ll be alright… I… what you went for… but it must’ve been really somethin’... Her voice kept going in and out, nothing being heard clearly again until a now familiar phrase was said from Fiori, I… don’t… deserve you…Everything went white before Blue’s vision cleared, Fiori having fallen onto her side lifelessly, not even breathing but beginning to bleed again. Her eyes were no longer glazed over, and her usual neutral expression was on her face, tears running down it. “I never should have left her… we could have gone together that day if I had never gone to the fountain of youth.” Those words appeared in the pooled blood, continuing with, “That’s why I swore to never get close to anyone again.”

“Well, would she want you to submit yourself to this kind of torture? Day after day, week after week of isolation, pain and misery? I don’t think...Lucia would have wanted that.” Blue hesitated, an idea popping into her head, “ you want to see her?”

There was just a nod, no words appearing or being heard.

Blue concentrated, as she asked Orpheus for a favor. Within a few minutes, a white-ish orb of light appeared in the room, as Blue passed out from the sheer strain.

Slowly, Fiori sat up and turned to the light, tears and blood still all over her.

“Fiori…” A voice called, it’s tone sweet and kind.

“Lucia…?” Fiori breathed, beginning to tear up a bit more, some more gashes appearing as she couldn’t help it.

“Fiori, don’t hurt yourself! Please stop!” The voice begged, as the light tried to take on a more humanoid form.

Fiori managed to get the lacerations and such to stop appearing, even if it was only a temporary fix, “I’m so sorry…”

“It’s ok. I don’t blame you for what happened. Life is strange and full of many events that we can’t control. Besides, I’m no longer in pain. I really am in a better place, although I miss you...” Lucia said, trailing off as she stared at Fiori, “But it looks as if you took my pain and then some. Is there some way I can help you, Fiori? Alleviate your pain?”

The injuries started to fade the more Lucia talked, “Just knowing you’re okay is enough for me…” Fiori said softly.

“Well, if just being here helps, then I’m glad I could come here.” Lucia said sweetly, a slight smile showing on her face. “Oh, Fiori… I wish I could stay here with you… unfortunately I don’t have much time left to be here. Just promise me that you won’t hurt yourself anymore. I wouldn’t be able to stand anymore of it…” As soon as she finished those words, Lucia faded away, as Blue woke up.

Fiori took a deep breath, the last of her wounds fading except the one in her chest, it cauterizing itself to heal. Her heart was too damaged to be put back, as it was literally minced meat now. She looked over at it, “I guess it matches my metaphorical one now…” She whispered, placing her hand over the hole in her chest.

“Fi...ori…” Blue weakly muttered before passing out once more, her body unused to having divine energy channeled into it.

Fiori picked up Blue, taking her to her room and tucking her in like a child. Fiori then went back to her own room, which was just an empty bedroom save for a pile of pillows in the one clean corner, and started cleaning up the blood. Hopefully no one would notice all the white towels missing and the small amount of utterly destroyed flesh in the trash. Hopefully.*


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A Grim Occurrence

Blackout as Axel

smallelvenprince as Ophelia

xXedge_lordxX as Mortis

A man dressed in a black trench coat, with a fancy fedora, approached a gloomy manor that seemed to be residing next to a graveyard. “I wonder…” The figure murmured, as he drew closer. Reaching the front steps, he knocked on the door and waited. During this seclusion, he summoned a shadow mask to conceal his face.

The man was greeted by the owner of the manor, “Hello there, how may I help you?” The owner greeted in a friendly manner, almost a little too friendly.

Speaking in a similar voice, the man coughed out, “I’m doing an around the w-world travel by f-foot, and I seemed to have gotten l-lost. W-would you allow me to spend t-the night here at your home? I can certainly p-pay for staying here.” His voice held a slight german accent, and he sounded like he was beginning to suffer hypothermia.

“Of course, and you need not pay.” The owner smiled, “My name is Mortis, what is yours?” He asked as he led the stranger inside to a couch by the warm fire.

The stranger shivered, as he muttered out, “Axel Abendroth. Thanks for letting me in. Not too many nice people left nowadays, with the various countries all squabbling with each other, tensions are getting pretty high. But I digress. How are you, Mortis, and how did you come by this place?”

“I’m doing quite well, actually.” He smiled as he sat with Axel, “And I built this place from the ground up, not a penny spent other than for the land. I know some people, so that’s how I got the supplies for it.” He explained, leaving out that the labor that built it was all undead.

Axel smiled lazily, finally relaxing as he lowered his mask, to reveal mismatched eyes, one white the other brown. “You know, it’s people like you that restore my faith in humanity. I’ve always been a bit jaded when it come to people, as I can’t really accept them when they bicker with each other, ya know? I just wish the world were a far more kinder place. Take you for example, you let me in without knowing who I truly am, and now we're having a pleasant conversation. I just wish more people were as kind as you, Mortis.” Axel sighed, a deep frown settling on his face as he took off his fedora to reveal white hair.

Mortis nodded in agreement, “The best way to teach the world is by example, so that’s what I try to do. Be nice to people, and, at least hopefully, they’ll return the favor.” He said, then getting up, “I’m going to make some tea, would you like any?” He asked.

“If it isn’t too much hassle.” Axel responded sheepishly, as he scratched his head.

Mortis nodded and smiled, putting the kettle on and getting out some New Moon tea for himself and his guest. He sat back with Axel as he waited for the water to boil, “So, tell me a bit about yourself, Axel.”

“Not to much to tell, honestly. I’m an only child to middles-class parents. I scored high enough to go to high school in the German education system. And I graduated from college with my bachelor’s degree in computer science. What about you though?”

“Well, I was the first of two children, my younger sister I lost contact with some time ago…” He started, “After that, our parents were in an accident and unfortunately we lost them both. I was about eighteen at the time, so I was able to take care of myself quite well. Then a few years back, my wife and I moved here from Paris.” He went on, his slight French accent coming out a bit.

“So, uh… Why’d you move here? I mean, not to sound ungrateful, but this place is a bit creepy, what with graveyard by the front entrance.” Axel asked nervously, as he stood up with his mask and hat, looking at the door with a slight frantic look. “And, uh… where’s your wife? Wouldn’t she be helping you out at this hour with a guest?”

“Don’t worry about her, she went to bed earlier. As for why this particular house, I’ve always liked eerier atmospheres, and my wife indulges me in this.” He explains nonchalantly, hearing the kettle whistle and going to get it off the stove. He came back with a tea set and some tea bags, setting the tray they were all on on the coffee table in front of the couch.

Sitting back down, Axel looked skeptical. “God knows I can’t really fault anyone for being eccentric, but… this is still is a bit unnerving. In truth, my brain is telling me to get out before something happens, but I guess I’ll stay more out of sheer curiosity, than anything else. Why’d you move to the U.S.A.? Paris is far nicer than here. I mean, mein Freund, this is a bit uncomfortable for new arrivals.”

“My wife and I took a trip to this particular city before deciding to move, and while deciding where we thought of here, and the rest is history.” He replied, he seemed to have an answer to everything, didn’t he?

“W-well… I guess I can’t argue with that. When did you come over to the so-called ‘Land of the Free’?”

“About five or so years ago.” He said simply.

Too many things don’t add up… I can tell he’s lying to me… “What’s your last name, by the way? I don’t recall getting it.” Axel asked cautiously.


Axel stood nervously once more, and backed away to the front door. “L-like I said, something isn’t right with this picture and I’m beginning to feel that I shouldn’t find out…” Axel murmured, holding his hands out as if they would repel Mortis. “You’re a bit too nice, even for a fellow foreigner…”

Mortis simply played dumb, “What makes you say that?” He frowned, not getting up.

“Even when travelling, nobody's ever this kind to a traveler, especially one they don’t know. I don’t want no trouble, man. You can have whatever you want!” Axel quickly grabbed a bag from one of his pockets and threw it in Mortis’ direction.

Mortis caught it with cat like reflexes, “I want for nothing, my darling guest. And I’m like this to everyone, why would I be any different for a stranger?” He asked, getting up and handing the bag back to Axel.

“Two things: Firstly, Darling guest. Nobody talks like that anymore. Secondly, You caught a bag without even trying too hard. I’m out. This is just too weird for me.” Axel stared straight at Mortis, while he fumbled with the doorknob.

From seemingly nowhere, there was suddenly a needle in Axel’s neck, it being filled with tranquilizer. “Now, now, no need to get… hasty.” Mortis chuckled, watching as the drug took effect.

Axel slumped to the ground, muttering out a single word, before succumbing to the tranquilizer: “Why?”

Mortis carried the limp figure to the guest room of the manor, tucking him in like a child. He then left the room to check on Ophelia.

A skeleton seemingly popped out of the ground, wearing an old-fashioned suit and tie, complete with a monocle.

Go find out what you can about our host, and start by materializing by the door. Axel commanded mentally, and the skeleton seemingly disappeared. After a few minutes, a knock could be heard, accompanied by, “Is there a Master Mortis at this residence?”

Mortis paused in the hall, then going to the door, “That would be myself.” He replied.

“Would you kindly step out? I’m a bit bone-tired at the moment and would love to talk to you.” The skeleton asked loudly, almost as if he were mimicking a banshee.*

He opened the door to the skeleton, cocking his head to the side on seeing the sight, “How peculiar… but alright…” He said softly, stepping one step out the door.

“Excellent! It is rare to meet someone who’s not afraid of the dead, so I will welcome it with as much joy as I can manage!” The skeletal figure exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air. “Today is a fine day, wouldn’t you agree?”

Mortis nodded in agreement, “Any day that I’m breathing is a fine day to me.” He joked, smiling.*

“A pun! Another jokester is in this world! Happy days are a-head, but we best not lose it!” The skeleton shot back. Unbeknownst to Mortis, Axel had climbed out of bed and began exploring the upper levels.

“Better not to lose our heads, hm?” Mortis chuckled, completely unaware of Axel getting up.

“Well, we best keep that way from the bone-heads, but I think it might pull their funny bone?” The skeleton replied, adjusting his monocle.


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A Grim Occurrence, Cont.

Axel snuck through an open door the only one he’d seen on the whole level. Shutting the door softly behind himself, Axel turned and peered through the immense darkness trying to find anything incriminating.

He was then met with the glint of a greatsword, “Who are you?” A female voice asked in the dark, faint red glowing from eyes looking to him in the darkness.

Stuttering slightly, Axel responded with, “A-A-Axel Abendroth. W-w-who are you?”

“I won’t tell you until you say the truth. My Radar capabilities know a threat when they sense one. Now, tell me before I behead you.” The much heavier accented voice demanded, unmoving and stoic.

“I-I-I’m a traveler! Mr. Mortis gave me tea and it tasted funny and I was tired and Mortis let me spend night here! Please don’t kill me… I haven’t done much with my life, I mean... I’m still a virgin…” Axel admitted shamefully, as he cowered on the floor, curling up into a ball.

“You aren’t even human, much less a traveller, I can tell by those eyes and the unnatural colour of your hair. My master likely saw it too, but he probably sees no threat in you… honestly, I really shouldn’t go to bed early…” She added that last part quieter than the rest, “Now, I will only ask one more time, who are you?”

Axel stood up, a grin on his face. “Thank you. I just needed some evidence that Mortis was involved with something. I already knew he knew I was a slight threat, as he attempted to drug me with a tranquilizer. But my dear, that’s beyond the point. Let me elaborate on why attacking me is a bad idea.” Axel began walking forward, letting the blade impale his body. “I can fucking end your existence with a single crack of my neck. Hell, I could make you kill Mortis. All you would have to do is move that blade a little for me to act. So, Ophelia, was it? Would you kindly fuck off?”

“I will not, fuck off per se, however, I will remove my blade and you will leave. And leave my master unharmed.” She negotiated, keeping her emotionless state and keeping still.

Axel’s body broke and reformed with audible crunches, as he grew to a very tall height, as his signature scythe appeared in his hands. “I own you, not Mortis. You have nothing to negotiate with, nor enough power to stop me. I am Death, and Undeath is highly annoying to me. I could smell this place from a good hundred miles away. Let me reveal my motives to you: Mortis is already in cahoots with Mandane, and by this point is probably thinking about joining. This will come to pass, and I will not try to stop it. But, when the time comes, and I give you the order to drag him away, you will obey. I don’t wish for Mortis to perish in this foolish conflict, but I don’t want to be seen doing it. I don’t seek to gain his favor, merely… make sure the balance isn’t destroyed.” Orpheus stated quietly. “Now, you will not give Mortis any clue that we have met. To do so… Well, I did mention I can physically control you, right? It’d be a Shakespearian tragedy if I had to intervene.”

“Why would you have me do this, why even bother interfering with anything having to do with what I will do? Do you think he will listen to me? Dolls do not talk back, you know.” She said that last part a bit vaguely, but it was implied he would understand if only somewhat.

“Which is why you’re the perfect sleeper agent. You already have his trust, so when you get him to leave the coming conclusion to this most recent war, you will do so by force. You can use me to feign your innocence, as I can manipulate you. If you have any remorse, or even care, you will make sure he escapes, lest he perish.” Orpheus replied, as he began walking towards the door, “After all, who ever said Dolls lack free will? You obviously don’t. Oh, by the way, attack me. I would rather the suspicion fall on me rather than you.”

“I have one more question.” She said, “Why not have his sister back in the picture? I know Lydia is with you, is she not? He doesn’t know of her alliance, and truth be told I’m not entirely sure either, so I couldn’t tell him a thing.”

Orpheus tilted his head, as he turned back to face Ophelia. “I’ve already revealed too much to you. For your safety, I shall not divulge anymore information. Now strike me, so I may knock you out.”

She sighed, begrudgingly doing as he said, going all out with her sword’s power. As the sword ripped through him, shards of metal shot out in every direction and lodged into him.*

With a simple flick of his wrist, a dark energy propelled Ophelia outside, and she, ironically, landed in an empty grave. Jumping down, he sliced the skeleton Mortis was talking to, with his scythe. “Don’t try to tranquilize guests. It irritates Gods and Goddesses alike and is just plain rude. Be happy that I didn’t find anything linking you to any crime that the Gods ordained. Goodbye, vile Necromancer. Hopefully your manners will improve by the time I come to visit you again..s.” Orpheus proceeded to walk away his scythe glistening, as it turned a dark shade of red.

Mortis immediately went to check on Ophelia, luckily she was only unconscious and not seriously injured. “Thank goodness…” He praised under his breath, carrying her back inside to their shared room and placing her in bed like a delicate, porcelain doll.
Check Up: Distant Feelings

ExoGrim as Sonidia

Smallelvenprince as Dollie

Sonidia walked around to check on everyone who wasn’t gone to rescue Winter. As she went through the rooms, she noticed one that was sealed using magic, “I wonder who would be in there…” She removed the runes and knocked softly on the door, “Is anyone in there?”

Dollie answered the door, it looking like she had been crying again. “Can I help you?” She asked in a somber tone, seeming to have lost all emotion.

“You okay? I just noticed this room and I didn’t expect you to be in here,” Sonidia asked.

Dollie gave a shrug, leaving the door as she went back to her bed, a certain bottle being on the side table.

“Is that Mathias?” Sonidia asked nervously.

Dollie gave a small nod, looking to the bottle, then burying her face in her pillow.

“From what I heard, he’s was a great man, putting his people before his power,” Sonidia said, “I tried to be like him when I became Queen, but all my people wanted was war. I’m still not sure if I could save them at this point, so many have already died,” Sonidia began crying herself, “What am I supposed to do when I’m such a failure?”

“I honestly don’t know… I kinda feel like a failure myself…” Dollie murmured, muffled from her pillow. She then picked up her head and sat up, her arms wrapped loosely around her torso. “I could have saved him had I gotten there sooner… I just… don’t see any other person being at fault other than myself…” She rambled on, a hand idly rubbing her stomach.

“A lot of times, the most damaging losses are the one’s you could’ve stopped,” Sonidia stated, remembering what happened to Danica, “But in the end, we all have to accept that, in the end, Fate is a cruel mistress who only wished for the strong to survive.”

“Then why did we survive? Hell, why did I survive? Right now, we aren’t exactly the strongest, and I know I’m definitely probably the weakest out of us all, so why…” The succubus paused, “... why did he have to go?”

“You know, I’ve always asked that question when it came to me, Gemma and our sister, Danica,” Sonidia admitted openly, “Why did I survive, why was he allowed to survive, why did she have to die? And what does Jack see in him that I don’t?”

Dollie gave a shrug, laying back down. As she laid on her back, the slight swelling of her stomach was apparent, but she gave no hint to Sonidia as to why. The only person to know at this point was Wisp, as she told no one else.

Sonidia noticed the swelling and went for the gamble, “Dollie, are you by any chance… pregnant?”

Dollie gave a nod, “You don’t have to worry, I have actually taken care of myself.” She assured truthfully, just no one has really noticed when she was out of her room.

“Good, miscarriages are a big problem as of late, and I don’t want to see another child never see life,” Sonidia said, putting her hand on her own stomach.

Dollie decided to not press into the matter, being a person to take hints. She scooted over a little on the bed, deciding to let Sonidia sit with her.

Sonidia took the offer and sat down next to Dollie, “Hey, Dollie, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure.” Dollie answered, looking over to the other.

“What do you think of Gemma? Can you be truthful about it please?”

“He’s alright, I guess. But, I haven’t talked to him much, so I don’t know him too well.”

“Do you want to know what he did to be exiled?” Sonidia inquired.

Dollie nodded, “Sure.”

“When my father was in charge, Gemma protested the war against the humans for control over the forest we called home,” Sonidia explained, “I was just becoming old enough to take the throne when I heard a scream. When I went to see what happened, Danica was on the floor, dead, and Gemma had his hand through father’s chest. He had told me that it was for the people, but I can’t believe that he could ever justify killing his own father and sister to try and save a fallen Tribe.”

“Oh… that’s… pretty hardcore… and not in a good way.” Dollie said softly in response.

“Anyway, the two of us need to be on our shape, physically and emotionally, if we want to be useful for once,” Sonidia said, getting up suddenly, “If you want, I can see about training you.”

“I’m not sure I wanna train too much, all things considered physically speaking…” Dollie admitted, “While I would like to, there’s no such thing as too cautious with some things, y’know?”

“I guess you’re right,” Sonidia replied, “Infants are very fragile, making fighting something to avoid when possible. Maybe after the baby’s has been born and has had time to grow up a bit?”

“That’s what I was thinking about doing, yeah.” Dollie agreed, staring at the ceiling and sighing softly.

“Alrighty then,” Sonidia said cheerfully, “Try to keep me in reach, since I’m the only one here who can deliver a baby.”

“Will do, definitely.”


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Fate’s Cruelty

ExoGrim as Winter, Jack, Gemma, and Gretak (and Armor)

Smallelvenprince as Nate and Dollie

Frostlich1228 as Mur-Murr, and Wisp

Black0ut as T.D., Thadias, Orpheus, and Blue (Plus random thugs)

Jack checked his watch as he waited for the others to show up. Gemma twirled his needle in his hand, looking almost like he was still asleep. The briefing room was built around the Master Terminal, making it usable during briefings.

Wisp showed up near first, as he usually did, but this time he was much quieter, however despite this, one could almost feel the heat of the soul core burning in his center, Jack…

Nate came in twitching up a storm, finding a seat next to Gemma. He seemed to just want to get this over with so that they could head out and to the mission already.

“Yes…” Jack said to Wisp, “Is there something you need?”

No… I have everything I could ever need to bring these monsters down…

“Be careful what you say, Wispy, someone might take offense to that.” Mur-Murr said, walking up behind the soul core, “Not me though, I’d just kill you.”

“Better be careful of what you say yourself,” Jack spat, “Remember that you’re only here because we need a healer and our current one is mentally damaged."

“Among other things,” Gemma muttered, before saying, “Alright, it looks like everyone is here. Shall we get to the briefing then.”

Nate simply gave a nod, being awfully quiet.

“I think I can say just about whatever I want, what are you doing to do to stop me?” Nervve asked, leaning forwards.

Before Jack could draw his knife, Gemma threw his needle at his arm. The needle formed around Jack’s arm, pinning it against the wall, “There’s no need in fighting, we need to get Winter back if we have a chance to win this war, meaning we need all the effort we can muster to get her back… do I make myself clear in this instance?”

Nate gave a yelp and almost fell out of his seat, shaking more than before, if that were even possible. This had been the first noise he’d made in the entire time.

“Wow, you seem a lot more calm today… How many drugs are you on, speed demon?” Mur-Murr asked.

“I’m not on any… I just haven’t slept in literal days…” He growled at Mur-Murr, his stance becoming aggressive.

“Well, that might be your first mistake then, from personal experience… Drugs are just… Great…” She replied, “They don’t have as much effect on me though, I don’t think.”

“It’s not my fault, it’s been the fucking stress. Stress causes me to not sleep, and not sleeping puts me on edge… like a lot of edges. I get overly paranoid, which causes more stress, which causes more sleep deprivation… you get the picture. Vicious cycle shit.”

I’m sorry Nathanial… I understand how you feel… It hasn’t been easy for me either…

“Thanks… I guess.” Nate seemed to be more calmed by Wisp’s words, probably the calmest he’d been in days.

“I, personally, just learned to live without sleep,” Gemma replied, “But not all beings are capable of that, so, sadly, there’s no way I can help. But, I’d like to get to the rescue mission, with you all don’t mind.”

Nate gave a simple nod, settling down a bit in his seat by Gemma.

Gemma cleared his throat, his needle returning to his hand, “I have found a secret entrance to the Demon Society HQ… one I believe that Mandane was using to smuggle his men into the base and attack from the inside.” Gemma explained, “We will have to use that entrance to get back into HQ and navigate through the prison corridors to get to the main brig, which is being guarded by the man of sloth, Thadias Thornspitter.”

“Is it the toilet? Are we going through the sewers?” Nervve sighed.

“No, it’s a secondary entrance to the HQ that was meant to be an emergency exit. They forgot about it and Mandane forged it into a entrance.”

“How does someone forget about that? You guys just get more and more incompetent the more I hang out with you.”

“It’s because we had other, more efficient exits installed in the later years,” Jack snapped in reply.

“And so you didn’t get rid of the old ones… Man you guys should be glad I’m here to carry this team."

Carry us to our graves is more like it

Mur-Murr merely replied by sticking her tongue out.

“Carry the team, eh?” Gemma challenged, “Were you the one who made all the plans? Were you the one who single-handedly managed to repair the Master Terminal? Were you the one who found and utilized all the areas and entrances that Mandane used? I think not.”

“Ah, then you were the one who got all your friends killed, makes sense to me."

Before Gemma had a chance to respond, Wisp stepped in front of him, She is playing you, ignore her…

“One doesn’t play when one doesn’t have toys to play with,” Gemma stated, “Besides, I’ve dealt with enough bitches to get around things. Not like she has any useful info that I don’t already know.”

“Oh, I’ve got pleeeenty of toys…” She winked slyly.

“I believe one of them walked out on you the other day, if I overheard right…” Nate said under his breath.

“You. You are are on my hit list now. I’m going to hit you.” She explained in an unamused tone.


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Fate's cruelty, Part 2

“Good luck with that.” Nate scoffed, rolling his eyes.

Gemma sighed, “Orpheus, you should take over from here.”

A shadow in the corner of the room formed into the grim visage of the God of Death. “Impressive that someone saw through my disguise. Oh, well.” Orpheus murmured, as he spoke in a much louder tone of voice, “As for all of you, your bickering doesn't improve your chances of survival. Mur, Yellow lent you as an agent to help us out in this dispute. Do that instead of fighting the people you're supposed to protect. Jack, Gemma, don't act like children. And as for you, Nate… try to be more kind. Now then, weren't you all leaving to rescue the cat-girl-thing? I would advise you to do so, hopefully before my patience runs out.” Orpheus’ scythe materialized in his hand as uttered the last part of his request.

“Well, then,” Gemma said, “Let’s get going, I’ve memorized the route to the last detail.” He walked out the entrance.

And where is this entrance exactly? The back?

“We just have to follow him,” Jack stated, “He’s not one for explaining things.”


Gemma stopped short of the lower end of the bridge, where the exit was placed, “Looks like someone is a little over cautious. Mandane has guards in the area.” Gemma said this despite no one being in sight.”

“... I don’t see anyone.” Nate commented, seeming like he’d pass out any minute, since at the moment he was between adrenaline bursts.

I see them… Quite a few, but not unavoidable…

Gemma scanned the area, “There’s a sniper on that roof over there,” He said, pointing at the closest room top to the bridge, “As well as two Magus’ and two Soldiers. This may have to get ugly if we want to get past.”

I could take out the sniper… Although I’m going to be stretching the effective range of my magic if I do.

“That will have to do, everyone else, be ready to fight,” Gemma replied.

Wisp began to charge up his Soul Plasma beam, steadying itself so it could aim with pinpoint accuracy. After a few seconds, Wisp let loose the blast, causing the sniper to drop into a heap almost as soon as it connected with his chest.

The Soldiers began charging at the group as one of the two Magus began firing a beam of electrical energy. The other Magus began going around the building.

Nate intercepted and redirected the energy with his daggers, albeit being a little fried afterwards. The electric energy went back to the two Magus, frying them even worse as they collapsed to the ground. “I totally… got this…” Nate got out before falling over.

Gemma grabbed the one soldier’s weapon arm and stabbed him repeatedly. Jack used Countermeasure to deal with the other one, “That just leaves the Magus.”

Mur-Murr looks up at the magus’, using her pact ability to sap energy from them, quickly tiring them, while transferring it to Wisp. The surge of new energy allowed him to charge up a second Soul plasma beam without shutting himself down from the lack of power, ripping through the now weakened mages.

Good Work… I’m surprised you even know what teamwork is...

“Bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh.” She replied, childishly mimicking the core.

“Enough of that,” Gemma said, “We don’t have the exact time for childishness, perhaps, after the mission you can make fun of Wisp. But right now we need to focus.”

Mur-Murr looked over at Nate, shrugging, “He’ll walk it off.”

Jack grabbed Nate has Gemma made his way to the door. Gemma nodded and Jack began to repeatedly slap Nate. Gemma looked at the pad next to the door, “A code lock, eh? This shouldn’t be a problem.” Gemma channeled his Demon Sense into the guards on the other side. Gaining an access code, they opened the door and dispatched the two guards by the door, “Come on now, let’s get going.”

Nate was unresponsive at first, but as another burst of adrenaline hit him he was up and at it in no time, albeit a few sparks going up and down his skin as well as a little foam at the mouth. “What’d I miss?” He asked Jack.

“Just a complete massacre of the enemy,” Jack shrugged, slowly getting his humor back.

“Yep, we won, let’s go home.” Mur-Murr replied sarcastically.

“Yeah, okay princess.” Nate rolled his eyes, shaking his head and following Gemma inside the building.

Within the Corridor, The Armor, Gretak, slowly awoken, “Gretak hears people approaching. Should Gretak deal with them, Master Timeless?”

A deep voice that sounded broken, simply said, “Kill them. Show no mercy.”

“As you wish, Timeless Death,” Another voice answered from within the Armor. Gretak walked in the direction of the team.

“Why don’t we all just wait for them to get here? We could easily wipe them out here, given the fact of how weak they are…” A third voice chimed in.

A sword swung free of it’s sheathe and cleanly cut the wall. “Question me again. I dare you. We’ll see how well the Man of Sloth survives against the undead. But then again, we all know that I can and will kill you…” T.D. growled, barely restraining himself.

By this time, Gretak had ignored Thadias and made his way to the rescue team, “Gretak see intruders… Gretak kill intruders…”

Nate squinted at the armour down the hall, “Now, am I seeing shit again or is that a giant suit of armour coming to kill us?”


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Fate's Cruelty, Part 3

“Well… He’s certainly large… But that just means he bleeds more, right?” Mur-Murr confirmed.

“That would be Gretak, man of Gluttony,” Gemma stated, “And I have an advantage over him.” Gemma flicked his wrist and sent the Armor flying into the wall.

Nate gave a yawn before snapping his fingers, setting the area surrounding Gretak ablaze, disorienting the giant.

Mur-Murr quickly used one of her claws to launch herself to the side diagonally, then quickly swiped Gretak with the other, leaving gashes in the giant’s armor.

Under the Armor was another set of armor, this one more durable than the last. Gretak thrashed around, trying to get up, “Gretak will kill intruders! Gretak has the power of legends!”

“Yeah, okay big guy…” Nervve replied as she twisted her flesh, snaking it through a slit of Gretak’s armor, she then began to carve him up from the inside of his suit by turning one of her bones into a razor sharp blade.

A sword appeared at Nervve’s throat as a ghastly figure stepped beside Nervve, “I would appreciate you not harming him. He’s still useful after all... “ T.D. said quietly, moving the blade to draw a thin line of blood across her throat. He wore what appeared to be wooden armor, and a metallic helmet that masked a darkness that just seemed to leak out of the helm. Shadows seemed to swirl around him, with such force it looked like a wall surrounded him. Raising a wooden sword with his free hand, he aimed it at the former allies. “Next one to move dies.”

Mur-Murr looked down at her bleeding neck, “Throat slitting? Really? Gosh you’re boring…”

Gretak, taking advantage of the pause in fighting, punched Mur-Murr with full strength, sending her flying, “Gretak no like Creepy Lady. Gretak kill Creepy Lady.”

Nervve let out an audible ‘Ooof’ as she flew across the room, “I- uh… take offense to that… but… it’s also sorta… flattering…”

Wisp floated forwards slightly, gazing T.D. down. What have they done to you… If there’s some way to free you, we’ll find it… For Dollie’s sake at least… Then I’ll blast that monster all the way to purgatory myself…

T.D. didn’t respond, instead throwing the wooden blade at Nate, and proceeded to try to slice Wisp, “Well, sadly, you’re already in purgatory, my fellow abomination! Let’s see if I can cut your masks up!” T.D. cackled maniacally, as a small voice echoed with his laughs, “Help me...”

Jack slammed his knife into the sword that was meant to kill Nate, “Countermeasure!” The blade quickly flew back to T.D. as Jack placed a Circle around Wisp to keep him safe, “I don’t care who you are! I just care that you die right now!”

A red, glowing eye, formed in the helm of Gretak, “Oh my… That technique.” A voice emerged from inside the Armor, different from the one the Armor used earlier, “Who is this man, Timeless Death?”

T.D.’s head swiveled to Gretak, before simply snapping back to keep an eye on the intruders, “That is Jack the Ripper, my sworn guardian who let my closest friend die. From what Mandane showed me, he didn’t even fight, but simply ran away. I believe that he has some issue with you Gretak, but what it is, I do not know.” The corpse that was formerly Matthias explained, before turning to Jack. “Thadias, go tell Mandane, we have guests, but it will be taken care of soon.”

“Don’t order me around, corpse. I’ll get to it when I feel like it.” A voice said from further down the hall.

“Armor! Release me!” the voice inside Gretak demanded, “I need to get a better look at him. As for you Thadias, you better hurry before I give you a good reason to.” The armor stated to bend in unnatural ways, creating an opening in the front. An extremely old man, wearing only rags, fell out of the Armor. He looked as if he was long dead, his skin close to his bone. He grinned, “Now then, Jack the Ripper, let’s see how you do in a true duel against a master.” And the two of them disappeared without a trace.

“Well, well. Gemma the metalmancer. What will you do without the powerful Jack? Are you going to let everyone here die, like your poor, pathetic sister? Or the miserable piece of trash you called a girlfriend, shortly before she killed herself? Well, at least the Goddess is a far better person than you’ll ever be and, hey, maybe this time, you’ll be able to protect your friend here. Let’s test that, shall we?” The corpse picked up the wooden blade, and once more threw it at Nate, before charging Wisp.

Wisp floated up sharply, spinning downwards and sending out an arc of soul fire in T.D.’s direction.

The blast caught the undead in the chest, but seemed ineffective. “How do you think a soulless creature will fare against your blasts? I think you’ll have to try a bit better than that...Or maybe...You’re taking pity on me for Dollie’s sake? Go ahead and take her. She deserves better than a soulless corpse. You, I spare. Gemma, and Nate are my targets.” T.D. whispered, his eyes shifting from a blood-red to a light blue, if only for a moment. A slight whisper seem to emerge from the undead, as if he were saying, “Dollie”, before quickly redirecting his fury onto Gemma.

Gemma flicked his wrist once more, sending T.D. flying. Black, feathered wings magically formed on Gemma’s back. He glared at the corpse, “I don’t need a soulless monster reminding me of my failures. I’ll be leaving here with Winter, if you don’t mind.”

Nate tossed a fireball at the incoming wood, burning it to ash in half a second.

T.D. stood up, a smirk on his face. “Gemma, Gemma, Gemma! So touchy about everything. I already met your dead loved ones as a Greater Harbinger, so… I already heard the juicy bits about you. From the people you killed indirectly. Their blood is on your hands, and sadly, I got to watch their deaths. Such joyous screams filling the air then. But that was then. We’re here in the moment called now. So… let’s have a more honorable duel. You kill me, you get Winter. I wound you into submission, go free. And I dine on the tortured screams of your friends. No magic, and we fight with decent weapons. Agreed?” The figure inquired, a bloody line forming across his face in the shape of a smile.


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Fate's Cruelty, Part 4

Gemma took his needle out of his mouth, “I’m not one for ‘decent weapons.’ I hope you’re okay with just this.”

“I am. But you can’t use any of your metalmancy, or whatever the hell allows you to control metal.” T.D. said, before sheathing his blade, and nodding at the armor, “Honor this duel. Should I lose, you do not engage them. After all, We only have a slight disadvantage because of Ms. Scissor hands back there. But that does allow you to go ask for Mandane’s aid. Oh well, I guess my bloodlust has rendered me inert against your pretty boy looks Gemma. But in all seriousness, I can’t wait to tear a limb off of you...” A small, nearly unhearable voice whispered, “Kill me, please…”

Gemma’s wingspan opened to it’s fullest. The Corridor started to fill with black feathers, blinding everyone in the area. Gemma slowly walked towards T.D., ready for his duel.

The corpse’s smile widened in a grotesque way. “Let’s do this.” He drew his blade and charged, before attempting to jump over Gemma.

Gemma flew up to meet the undead halfway, punching him in the gut before kicking him back into the ground. Though his face was emotionless, his eyes and soul burned with an undying rage.

A big explosion occurred when the corpse hit the ground, a variety of stone shards flying up, as well as a cloud of dust. A figure moved through the dust, going in a vertical line towards Gemma, his armor cracked and battered. His eyes carried the same rage, but seemed to falter occasionally. Swinging his sword in tandem with a quick left hook, the world seemed to pause as if the very fight itself was being viewed by the gods themselves.

Gemma grabbed the sword by the blade, blood running out of his closed hand. He drove his needle into the side of T.D.’s neck and slashed downward, tearing through that side of his throat. After the gruesome attack, Gemma elbowed the undead into the ground.

“Hahahahaha! I love a challenge! Oh this is going to be fun! But Gemma, didn’t you find it weird how I have shadows surrounding my body? I have no need for it, truly. None of my organs functioned before, so why would I need a throat now?” Taking his helm off, the shadows seemed to cease as they formed into a normal sized head devoid of any features except a pair of red eyes, and a red line which was a bit lower. “Mandane and Zeke gave me some upgrades...nice ones too. Perhaps… I should stop playing with you” The shadows stripped the tattered armor off of the undead revealing a simple shirt and a pair of jeans, all of course damaged. Using his sword he sharpened his left hand until the fingers resembled bone spikes. “Round 2, Gemmy.” The undead got into a battle position waiting for the Fallen Angel to attack.

Having enough of T.D.’s games, Gemma put his hand on his holy necklace and began chanting, “By the name of the Holy Mother of the Forest, Nadya, may I be guided to trump over the monstrosities of the unnatural act of necromancy…”

The undead paled, as if someone had dealt a severe blow to his body, the shadows fading ever slightly. “Since you have broken the terms of the duel… I may call in a favor with a couple of these wonderful Dark Gods that happen to view this fight… Oh. I don’t need to chant like you, Gemmy, I only need to promise your soul to them… Which I do.” The shadows strengthened to a frightening degree. A dark blade formed into his claw hand, while his existing sword sprouted hellfire flames. “Come here, Gemma. Let’s finish this…”

“You know, I’m starting to think you’d be a horrible father. I don’t really care what Diablo said about you. You’re a disgrace to everything you stand for.” Gemma shot back.

The shadows parted for a moment, revealing the pained human face of Matthias, before the shadows engulfed him again. “Says the one who fucked up the chance of fatherhood by letting his girl die. Besides, you also helped kill off Shade. If you hadn’t hurt Dollie, none of this would have happened. Diablo would still be alive. Jack would have Shade. And the Demon Society wouldn’t have collapsed. So, as far as I’m concerned, you killed Shade, and Diablo. You injured Dollie, and destroyed a helpful organization. All I’ve done is tried to kill you. I didn’t kill friends and loved ones.” The corpse stated, his gaze urging Gemma to the ground.

Gemma dove down and grabbed T.D. by the throat, beginning to purge him. As the fire consumed the corpse, Gemma whispered, “I am sorry, Lord Mathias, but this must be done.”

A sword plunged into Gemma’s right wing lighting it on fire, as well. The shadows melt away, as the voice that had spoken in such soft tones merely whispered, “Thank you, Gemma..”

Gemma merely let his wing burn, as his feathers retracted to restore vision to everyone, “Come on now, we have someone to save.”

Nervve clapped as the display ended, “That was a hell of a fight, and so much drama! I didn’t really follow most of it though…”

Wisp merely stayed silent, saddened that there was nothing that they could do to save him, and wondering how Dollie would take even more news like this.

Nate had passed out. Finally, since the kid needed some sleep.

Jack was thrown out of the portal, beaten and bloody… and unconscious. Gemma picked him up and opened the door to the main brig.

Nervve took a look at that injured Jack, smiling slightly before looking around at her teammates, “Wait… Aw come on do I have to? Look, he’s fine! I think he looks better like this anyway!”

“You can wait until we get back to base, but yes, you do have to heal him.” Gemma replied.

“Well, at least I get to see him squirm a little, my healing is far from painless, but he’s a man, I bet he can take it.” She replied.

Gemma quickly noticed the unconscious Nate and woke him up with metal dust in the nose.

Nate woke up right quick, sitting up straight, “What did I miss?!” He asked, looking around quickly.

“A battle to the death and us about to rescue your girlfriend, nothing too fancy,” Gemma replied.


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Fate's Cruelty, Part 5

Hardly after Gemma finished, Nate was up and starting to run ahead of everyone else, leaving a blazing trail behind himself. At least he wouldn’t be too hard to find.

On the other side of the door that Nate bursted open, literally, was Winter. Her wings were still visible, while her hands shackled to the ceiling. She slowly regained consciousness, as she muttered, “Nate… is that you…”

Nate tossed his daggers into the chains, breaking them and catching Winter before she fell, “Hey you…” He smiled for the first time in weeks, holding her closely.

Winter let out a weak smile before returning to her slumber, her breathing soft.

Nate got up, Winter still in his arms, and walked out.

Gemma followed Nate, Jack slung over his shoulder.

Nervve watched them as they walked, shaking her head, “That Nate is so innocent, she was all tied up, missed a glorious opportunity…”

Will you ever learn how to feel empathy for others?

Mur-Murr looked up at the soul core, “No… Probably not… I think daddy said that it would ‘Never happen due to the nature of my soul’ or something like that… Not like I really need it anyway…”

Well… This may be foolish… But I still have hope for you… Empathy is not a weakness… And with that, the soul core joined it’s long lost friend.

“Hey, Wisp,” Gemma said, “If you don’t mind, I’d like to make an appointment with Yellow.”

Really? For what purpose? Wisp inquired.

“I just want to chat with him about a few things,” Gemma replied, his wing still ablaze.

I should let you know, The King in Yellow doesn’t like to stop what he’s doing to… Talk…

“Tell him it’s the son of an old friend, I’m sure he’ll understand,” Gemma stated.

I… Shall… Wisp relented.

Back At the Base...

Gemma kicked the door open and place Jack on one of the tables. He looked at Winter and used his Demon Sense. After confirming she was okay mentally, he led Nate to one of the empty rooms.

Nate continued to carry Winter, not really wanting to let her go.

Wisp floated over towards Nate, It will take some time, but she will heal, then we can finally shift our focus to the ones responsible.

Nate simply nodded, “I’m just glad to have her back…”

Gemma walked out of the room, summoning his wings as he approached Blue, “Hey, got anything for Godly fire?”

Blue, having apparently decided to go back to the Arena, was in her typical jumpsuit. “Ummm...not yet? This falls a little out of my realm of expertise...I’ll ask Orpheus for some help.” Blue closed her eyes and when she reopened them, the entirety of her eyes had turned into a black color. Using Blue’s voice to speak, Orpheus asked, “What seems to be the problem? I’m busy making skeleton puns for a friend.”

“Do you know ways to extinguish Godly fire,” Gemma inquired, pointing at his wing.

“Oh. Is that all? That’s child’s play to me. I thought you were actually injured from the gist of what Blue was telling me. But… you probably won’t like the remedy.” Orpheus explained gesturing with Blue’s hands.

“Not need to worry,” Gemma replied, “I’ve been around Irene long enough to develop an immunity to pain.”

“Well how do you feel about me burning your wing?”

“Isn’t it all ready on burning though?” Gemma stated.

“Well, when you are given God Fire in some aspect, It is usually as a curse. Y’know, a last ditch ‘fuck you’ kind of thing. However, if you are given a blessing in the same manner...let’s say the War vixen gave it to you, the blessing and curse are on equal levels and therefore cancel out. Irene could heal you, as could I. But, for the sake of not having to carry a mark from a Fallen Goddess, I’ll give you mine. Do be warned; From what I gather, Irene’s extreme pain is a level below this. It is possible that you could be killed, but I’ll give you two favors with one stone, I’ll keep you alive during the process, and you will owe me 30 years of servitude. Which for demons, is like a week. And no, I don’t want you as a Harbinger. You’re more suited to this world than the world of the dead.” Orpheus explained, as he reached his hand out to grab the fire.

“Then that begs the question,” Gemma inquired, “Is it a blessing or a curse when you gave it to yourself?”

Orpheus paused, the question catching him off guard. “Depends on what your Godly powers were. If they leaned towards being more malevolent, than curse. Vise-versa, if they’re more benevolent than blessing. If they’re neutral either way. Why do you ask?”

“Well, it’s looks like I’m in a bit of a predicament, because I don’t know my Godly powers,” Gemma stated, slightly ignored the question.

“Well, if my intuition is correct, I’d say you were a Fallen Godling. I was curious as to how you were able to see me regarding the debriefing room, but I didn’t want to jump to conclusions. I will permit you amnesty and an offer to affiliate with me. I don’t like leaving people to become targets for other Gods and I don’t want any Dark God to find you out. So, what do you say?”

“I think I’m fine,” Gemma said, “Thanks for the the offer though.”

“Suit yourself. Irene’s going to follow you like a bloodhound… Immortality’s a curse. I wonder if I should make din--for Sonid-” Orpheus started to say, releasing his control over Blue. She blinked her eyes a couple times, before blankly staring at Gemma. “Did you get what you wanted?”


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Fate's Cruelty, Part 6

“Finding out that we’re one in the same in terms of race, I think I did,” Gemma answered.

“You’re a godling? Are you sure? I mean, yeah you do have wings… but, I never heard about you. I wonder why. But that’s for another day.” Blue said, turning to the rest of the group, “You guys want me to make you some food? I’ll have to go out for groceries soon, but we can still have a semi-home kind of meal.”

Dollie came from upstairs, over hearing Blue, “If you guys want, I can cook. I mean, I’m pretty good at it so…” She said softly.

Blue smiled and walked up the stairs giving Dollie a gentle hug. “I think our manly men down there wouldn’t mind some food, and I know I wouldn’t mind some help. We girls gotta stick together after all, through all kinds of situations.” Blue offered, giving a knowing wink.

Dollie nodded and went downstairs with Blue to the kitchen, helping cook.

“You know, I’ve been waiting for you to come out to ask this,” Gemma stated as they were cooking, “But, why haven’t you told anyone?”

“I haven’t really… been in a mindset to. Y’know?” Dollie replied, shrugging her shoulders.

“Words and emotions may be blurred, but one’s memories are always unchanged.” Gemma replied.

“I beg your pardon?” Dollie asked, turning to Gemma.

“Right, you guys don’t know my Fallen Sense,” Gemma realized, “I can view the memories of all those around me. Where do you think I get all my info?”

“I figured you were just… really good at it.”

Wisp quickly floated around the corner, not in great haste, but not quite leisurely either, as soon as it detected Dollie’s soul moving for the first time in weeks. Wisp locked eyes with the succubus, beginning to gently float towards her. Dollie… We… We missed you greatly.

Dollie smiled at the soul core, gently petting the top of the mask that faced her, “I know… I just needed some time, Wisp.”

I’m so sorry about… Everything… That I couldn’t help you… or him… or… Anyone...

“Let’s not dwell on it, okay?”

Dollie… I promise I will always be by your side… I will protect you… I think it’s what he would’ve wanted... For you to be safe…

Dollie couldn’t muster a reply, instead going back to cooking.

The silence persisted for a few seconds before being interrupted by Mur-Murr walking down the stairs, “Who’s cooking? I am really hungry.”

“Blue and I are.” Dollie responded, not looking up.

“Hey, you’re that healer I came here to replace! I’m Mur-Murr, we haven’t met.”

Dollie smiled at the little woman, “I’m Dollie, it’s nice to meet you, Mur-Murr!”

“Nice to meet you too!” Nervve scooted up next to them, “Hey, you know, I just remembered something that Daddy told me about Wisp here.”

“And what was that?” Dollie asked with a tilt of the head.

“Apparently, due to a unique quirk of this one’s design, whenever he gets embarrassed, he vibrates!” She smirked devilishly, “Isn’t that hilarious?!”

“I’ll try not to embarrass him too much then.” Dollie said in a gentle tone, resuming her cooking.

Blue, growing slightly unnerved by Nervve, said quietly, her voice a bit shaky, “Are you going to help us out by cooking with us? If not… then please wait with the others.”

“Well, I could start by cooking you.” She replied, before busting into a chuckle, “Kidding~ but seriously what’s your problem with me?”

“W-well...jokes like that unnerve me. And, unfortunately, because I’m bound with Orpheus, I can tell what you are…” Blue said quietly, working away as she talked, “and that...makes me a”

“Wow, I’ve heard of racial discrimination but Spiritual? It’s not exactly my fault my soul is like this, blame my dad.” She explained, “Although, I happen to like what I am.”

“Well, when something’s engineered to kill everything, and also likes doing it, that makes me a little concerned for general health.” Blue responded, her voice barely over a whisper.

“You don’t know anything about why I was made! As far as I know I was just a test!” She exclaimed.

Blue, more cowed at this point due to a lack of confidence, merely replied sheepishly, “I-I’m not trying to anger you. O-Orpheus shows me things...L-like that you’re good at killing…”

“I am, a lot of people here are, what’s your point? I’m using my abilities to help you…”

“B-but you look more innocent than you should out of everyone here, and you c-could kill me. I mean, you have a bloodlust that goes beyond simply killing someone. You have...this dark aura around you…” Blue explained, her voice becoming slightly louder.

“And yet… I haven’t killed you yet… I was leaving anyway...” She finished, getting up and walking upstairs.

Keyword, yet. Blue thought grimly, lowering her head slightly.

Dollie seemed to read Blue’s emotion, gently petting the Godling’s head assuringly with a smile in her direction.

“She scares me… more than anyone I’ve ever met. I...don’t know how I’m supposed to act…” Blue admitted, speaking her thoughts out loud, “I don’t hate her, though. She just…” Blue trailed off her emotions getting the better of her, as she used some of her magic to keep herself from crying.

“Maybe if you get to know her, some of that fear will go away, but don’t push yourself too much to do it, okay?” Dollie said, continuing to pet Blue with one hand and skillfully cooking with the other.

Blue nodded slowly, but returned her attention to cooking, “I’m just afraid that she might hurt me or one of my friends...and what’d I would do at that point. But I’ll give it a try.”

“Trust me, if she knows what’s good for her she won’t hurt anyone here.” Dollie stated, acting rather motherly towards Blue.

“I’m afraid that she might not know that. I...well, I just have no clue as to how I’m supposed to act. I just don’t want any trouble. I don’t want anyone to get hurt.” Blue said solemnly, as she got lost in her thoughts.

“No one will on my watch, trust me.” Dollie assured, playfully bumping hips with the godling.

“Yeah… yeah, you’re right. Maybe I need to relax a bit. Besides, this food ain’t going to cook itself.” Blue said, finally calming down.