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An Unlikely Meeting

Black0ut as Blue

Smallelvenprince as Ophelia

Blue awoke with a start, having fallen asleep after coming home from fight club arena. She sighed and went to the refrigerator that could hold countless food due to it’s properties. Upon opening it, Blue noticed that it was empty and proceeded to groan. “Really guys? Can’t actually go get groceries can you?” Blue grumbled, as she shut the refrigerator and walked to the door, glancing back to see if any of her surrogate family were behind her. Upon confirming no one was there, Blue left the safe house and headed for the Monster district for some well deserved groceries.

She saw a peculiar looking, pale, redheaded woman in the district. Had they met somewhere before? Maybe, maybe not. The woman had a few bags of groceries, seeming to be headed home.

Blue made her mind up and approached the familiar woman. “U-um, hi… have we met before?” Blue asked in a quiet voice, as her shyness got the better of her.

“I don’t believe we have.” She said simply, “Why do you ask?”

“I don’t know. It’s just like I’ve seen you somewhere.” Blue responded, then put her hand out in a friendly gesture, “How rude of me, I haven’t even introduced myself. My name’s Blue.”

“Ophelia.” The woman responded in turn, shaking Blue’s hand.

“Did we meet at the Arena? You look like you could handle yourself in a fight…” Blue said, as she looked Ophelia up and down, sizing her up.

“Arena?” Ophelia asked with a tilt of the head, not knowing there was one.

“It’s an underground fighting club that’s prestigious enough that most officials turn a blind eye on things that could happen there, like mutilation, death, and a couple other things.” Blue explained, as she remembered what she had set out to do. “Um… I know you just finished shopping, but would you mind coming with me while I fill out my list?”

“Alright.” Ophelia nodded, “I don’t have to be back at my residence for about another few hours, so I have time.”

“So… I know the unspoken rule ‘don’t ask what I am, under pain of death’ blabla, but I’m curious. So, I guess my question is, would you mind telling me?” Blue asked eagerly, a small smile on her face, as they started to walk back to the shopping district.

“Vampire, a resurrected one.” Ophelia said simply.

“Angel-turned-Godling. I really just hate how people don’t interact like they used to. Too many people are too stuffy and stick to their own circles too often. It’s nice to meet a random stranger and just talk to them.” Blue rambled, a carefree smile on her face, as they arrived at the aforementioned grocery store.

Ophelia simply nodded along, her expression only slightly lightening from neutral to content.

“Y’know, the guys I’m taking care of, they are so whiny. They always are dark and brooding, like someone kicked their cat. Men are so weird, I swear. Never really content with just relaxing or having a great time, they just… I don’t know have ulterior motives for things. But, hey maybe that’s just my stress talking.” Blue continued to ramble, as she began to feel happy about the whole ordeal of meeting Ophelia, “Anyways, I’ve been blabbing for awhile, how about you? What’s your opinion on things?”

“Depends on the thing being discussed, but as for the men you’re taking care of, it may be good to talk to them about things such as that. Maybe that will help some with understanding why they’re the way they are. Works on my husband, so I don’t see why it won’t work on them.” Ophelia said, “Maybe they have something to get off their chest, you never know.”

Blue paused as she grabbed a cart. “I never did think about that. I guess, I’ll try that later. Thanks, Ophelia.” She then pushed the cart into the store, going as slowly as possible to continue her conversation and not seem rude.

Ophelia simply followed, “No problem, Blue.”

“Well, I got a question for you… no. I think I got a better Idea. Why don’t we turn this into a game, so we can get to know each other better? Like you ask me anything, and once I answer you, I ask a question. What do you think, Ophelia? Is that cool with you?” Blue asked, as she grabbed a few items off a nearby shelf, and placed them in the cart.

“Sounds fun, how about you start?” Ophelia said.

“Ok… um… what’s it like being a vampire?” Blue asked curiously, as she grabbed a can of beans.

“Well, there is a lot of speculation about you that isn’t true… like the things about garlic and sunlight. We just burn a lot easier, and while it's possible to be allergic to garlic, it’s not our one weakness or anything.” Ophelia started, “And it gets really rough during the blood moon… especially if you haven’t fed in a while.” She added, then asking “What’s it like being a Godling?”

“Well, I can’t really fight anyone, and a God, or Goddess takes over your body whenever they want. We get props and praise for being Gods, or Goddesses, when in reality, we’re more akin to being vessels that endure eternal pain from the various transformations we go through. Although, it works well if you’re trying to get a drink from a guy at a bar.” Blue explained, “ Um… Do you have that allure thing that vampires supposedly have, or is that fake?”

“It’s not a spell or anything, vampires just have a natural allure that most other beings can’t pick up on… well, they vaguely do, but can’t exactly put their finger on it.” Ophelia explained, “Hmm… do you like any of the men you stay with~?”

“Two of them are pretty cute, and I wouldn’t mind dating them. But they’re more focused on business to see that I’m interested in them.” Blue replied glumly, letting out a deep sigh.

“Alright, how subtle are the hints? Because there is such a thing as too subtle when it comes to these things.” Ophelia inquired.

“Well, Remember the Tall, Dark and Brooding type? That describes one of them, and trying to ask him out is like trying to tell a human Gods exist. It’ll take awhile...” Blue complained, as she leaned on the cart. “And the other one is… well, a bit too forward. Anyway, I’m trying to let one simmer down before trying to talk to him, and again, trying to make the other open up a little, so I can talk to him one on one. But, I digress. Um… what cup size are you, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Last I checked I was an E cup.” She said this rather bluntly, looking down at her rather, ample chest. “How ‘bout you?”

Blue paused, turning over to confirm Ophelia’s statement. “No way! I totally thought you were more of a D cup. Damn. Makes my C cup status kinda miniscule in comparison.” Blue looked down at her own decently sized chest. Looking back up, Blue shrugged and asked, “ Well… Seeing as we’ve kinda reached that point, does your guy please you... in bed?”

Ophelia gave a suggestive grin and nodded, leaving no words in place. “So, which of your two suitors would you rather be in bed with?”

Blue blushed, as she put her index fingers together, “… I’m still a virgin… haven’t thought that far ahead…”

“Well, nothing’s stopping you really.” Ophelia shrugged.

“Well, I did say I was an Angel… we don’t really talk about sex very often, but then again, you’re no Angel. Still, I just want to find a nice guy who’s interested in me, for me, rather than having a guy interested in my body. So… Um… How'd you get to be so confident?” Blue said quietly, as she pulled up to the checkout counter.

“I’m not really sure, I’ve just… kinda always been that way I think.” Ophelia said unsurely, some of her memory having faded from her resurrection by Mortis’s hand. It was mostly older memories though, but then again who doesn’t forget stuff like that now and again?

“I slightly envy you. Being brave is easy, but confidence is hard. I've never been truly confident in myself, so…” Blue said glumly, as she shrugged. “Your turn.”

“Who put you down because I will fight them.”

“Then you'd have to fight me, as no one put me down. I just don't have much confidence in myself. It's been that way for a long time now. What is it like to be resurrected?” Blue asked, trying to change the subject.

“It’s… quite an experience, you get dragged to some otherworldly plane for a bit after you die, go to one of three places, and then get pulled right back when brought back to life.” Ophelia summed it up, “Also, I won’t fight you, but if you’d like I can help you with some of the confidence issues if you’d like me to.” She offered.

Blue smiled, “I'd like that, Ophelia. Where should we meet, though?”

“Wherever I guess, I know this town like the back of my hand by now, so I can find wherever you name.”

“Well, why not here? It's a decent enough place and the first place we visited together sounds like a nice place, at least sentimentally.” Blue asked as they reached the cashier.

“Hmm… I like that idea.” Ophelia smiled.

Blue put down a couple pieces of gold, and, with a simple flick of her wrist, the groceries began to float as the two walked out. “Then it's decided!” Blue declared, then added more timidly, “What day should we meet up?”

“Any day is fine with me, so up to you.”

“How about the day after tomorrow?” Blue asked, as she made her way to the secret route that she took to lose pursuers and return home.

“Sounds good to me.” Ophelia responded.

“Take care, Ophelia. Stay safe, ok?” Blue said quietly, as she began to walk down the aforementioned route.


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Tainted Love

Black0ut as Blue

Insane Darkness as Alciel and Yuki

Smallelvenprince as Dollie and Ophelia

Blue flew gracefully through the night sky, with the grace akin to a ballet dancer. The tornadoes she conjured gently set her down on a rooftop overlooking the city’s bay area. “I love the twilight of this city. It’s incredibly beautiful...especially with this view…” Blue murmured, before leaving the rooftop in favor of the streets.

Dollie was walking home from the store, the milk having gone bad in the fridge she went out to pick up some more. She saw Blue on the way back, “Hey, Blue!”

Blue swiveled around, a surprised look on her face. “H-hey, Dollie! What are you doing here?” She asked quietly, unsure if it truly was her friend. Could be a shapeshifter…

From the nearby alley, a large crashing sound was heard by the two. “Geez, you could get lost in these collab areas so easily… Oh! Hey girls! Lovely night, isn’t it?” Alciel yelled, exiting the alley from which the sound originated.

“It is, and I’m not sure I wanna know what you’re babbling on about this time…” Dollie replied, shaking her head and giggling a little.

Alciel walked over to Blue, who was obviously deep in thought. “Blue? You in there? Hello~?”

Blue jumped slightly, her train of thought broken, “U-um… yes? What, uh, do you want?”

“To see your gorgeous face in the moonlight. Now that I’m satisfied, I might as well leave if you don’t need me. I mean, as long as you don’t get lost in your mind on any more dark streets, of course,” Alciel responded.

Blue’s face flushed red with embarrassment, as her voice seemed to slip away from her.

Alciel noticed a hint of evil intent coming from the alley from which he came, but it was gone as soon as he had felt it.

“Everything alright, Alciel?” Dollie asked.

Alciel suddenly collapsed. His Ethereal Scout searched for this thing that was spying on his comrades. I refuse to let a disgusting pervert peek on my two favorite girls in the Demon Society. No offense, Winter.

Dollie caught Alciel’s body, keeping it from hitting the ground.

A small frame… It’s not… a Demon... nor is it an Angel… Wait a second! Alciel, realizing who the mysterious “pervert” was, unactivated Ethereal Scout and opened his eyes.

His body awoke to Dollie struggling to keep him up, “You gotta come back sometime, right…?”

“Found her. Follow me if you wish. I told her I would give her mercy only once, that bitch…” Alciel commented before dashing off in the direction the stalker was headed.

Dollie sighed, “This milk is gonna go bad before I even get back…” She commented before following.

Blue trailed behind, her voice seemingly missing from Alciel’s previous stunt.

The sound of Alciel’s quick footsteps echoed off of the concrete walls and floor of the alleys as Alciel trailed the Monster. Occasionally, he would have to fall in order to track the monster’s precise location, but then got back up and raced after her again. Soon enough, the “pervert” was trapped at the end of an alley. Alciel waited for his comrades to catch up by reloading Double Tap so the Monster couldn’t get away.

Dollie was panting by the time she caught up, getting tired more easily as of late, “Jeez, how do you run so fast?”

“You should have seen Yuki. She was running because she didn’t want Blue to know that she was being stalked,” Alciel told Dollie.

“I see…”

“Tch, you fucking pig. Is this another one of your whores? Where are the other ones, you sack of shit? You don’t deserve Blue!” Yuki growled at Alciel, purely enraged.

“EXCUSE YOU?” Dollie shot an arrow from her bow at Yuki, utter rage in her expression.

Yuki shot Dollie’s arrow out of the sky with an ice arrow of her own. “You heard me, Dollie. That’s a stripper name if I ever heard one. Especially since you’re a Succubus, I’m not surprised you’d be horny enough to seduce another of your own kind who’s supposedly ‘taken’”

“You’re joking right?” Dollie said, “I never have even so much as flirted with him, and I’ve never done such things like stripping in my life. You don’t know me, so don’t act like you do!”

“Dollie Flowers, isn’t that right? Ah, you’re the Demon Society Healer. No wonder your arrows were weak,” Yuki noted.

A gunshot flies by Yuki’s face, landing itself in the wall behind her. “How weak are these projectiles? You’ve experienced them before. I’m sure you want to relive it again, right?” Alciel threatened.

A giant wave of water blocked off the rooftop area, as well as sealing off the area behind Dollie and Alciel. “Why… everyone what is going on? And… Yuki, was it? Why are you verbally assaulting my friends?” Blue asked, quietly.

Yuki fell to her knees, the fact that the love of her life barely remembered her name stabbing her deep in her heart. Tears fell from her eyes as she looked up at Blue. “I just don’t want them to take you away from me. I need you, Blue. Just come with me and you could be happy. I can give you anything you want. These people you work with are using you. Come with me, Blue!” Yuki pleaded.

“I...I…I haven’t known you for long. I don’t even know much about you… Besides the fact that you’re a great kisser…” Blue responded, blushing at the mere mention of the night in the Arena.

Alciel fired three shots in the air. “Yuki… Are you ready to face the doors of Hell? You've committed a crime for which I cannot forgive. You've stolen the purity of an Angel."

“Says the jealous one. She even admitted that I was a great kisser. You were just too slow on the draw, Marksman. How ironi--” Two shots interrupted her, bursting through her stomach.

Yuki drew her bow back and shot three arrows, each intended for one of the three Demon Society members, all of which were shot out of the air by Alciel. “If I can't have Blue, then no one gets her!”

A tornado formed in the small alleyway, directly between Alciel and Yuki. “Enough. Alciel, walk away. You too, Dollie. Yuki and I need to talk.” The water that blocked the D.S. members in dropped, allowing them to leave.*

Dollie listened to Blue, nodding and saying “I’ll be at home, this milk needs to get in the fridge. Alciel, care to join me?” She asked.

“It's a gentleman's duty to escort a lady home. Shall we?” Alciel asked Dollie, holding his arm out.

Dollie smiled and took hold of his arm, walking back to the base with him.

Waiting until the duo left, and making a mental note to talk to them later, Blue asked quietly, “Why? Why all the stalking? Why are you threatening to kill me and everyone who was here?”

“You deserve better than those lowlifes. I am what you deserve. They want to use you, abuse you, then throw you away. I want to treasure you, hold you, and never let go,” Yuki responded, hints of jealousy and anger in her voice.

“And killing me...let’s you somehow ‘treasure’ me? Doesn’t that fall into the ‘wanting to abuse me and throw me away’ category? Isn’t that a bit hypocritical of you to say?” Blue asked calmly, her face devoid of emotion.

“It prevents the lowlifes from abusing you any further. That way, I can treasure what’s left of you and prevent them from getting any part of you,” Yuki gruesomely explained.

Blue let out a sigh, putting a hand on her head. “You do realize that kills any romantic thoughts I might’ve had, right? Doesn’t exactly say ‘I love you’ in the proper way… more or less, that creeps me out. I know Alciel likes me, but if I died, he’d bury me, not keep my corpse around to look at and admire.”

The puzzle pieces in Yuki’s head suddenly clicked together. With Blue being a corpse, she could hide and admire Blue’s beauty forever. Yuki’s expression changed suddenly. She looked at Blue, her face devoid of expression. “Who needs Alciel, right? You have me. Isn’t that enough?” Yuki took a step towards Blue. “Come to me, Blue. We can stay together forever. Make my dreams come true. It is what Angels do, don’t they?” Yuki held out her arms, showing that she wanted Blue in her arms.


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Tainted Love, cont.

“Depends on what kind of Angel you think I am. As a Godling, I technically don’t have to do anything. And considering that you’re staring at me stoically doesn’t help your case. I’ll be honest with you, Yuki, ‘cause I think you should know.” Blue responded, crossing her arms, “I’m straight. I don’t swing for the ladies. And while I can say that you kissing me did mess with me in terms of who I’d be interested in, I still haven’t changed. I’m not interested in you like that. Maybe we can be friends, though. But you’d have to stop trying to kill me and everyone else I know.”

Yuki lowered her head to face the ground and started muttering, “All for you…” She stepped one more step closer, then drew her ice one-handed longsword and slashed at the tornado, freezing it. She then took another couple steps forwards. Her clothes shook violently along with her hair.

“Really? Judging by your weapon being out, you want to kill me… seriously? I mean, yeah, in the brief second after that moment in the arena, I thought you were pretty cute, or even beautiful. But now? I think I’m seeing the real you, and honestly, I’m kinda glad I didn’t fall for you.” Blue said quickly, as she flew up in the air via her tornados, landing on the closest rooftop. “Look, Yuki… I don’t want to die. And if avoiding you means I live longer, so be it.”

A hail of arrows fell upon Blue from above as Blue’s feet were trapped in water. “Where are you going? Let’s play, just you and me. That’s why you sent them away, right? Come on, don’t run away when the party's just getting started.” Yuki’s bland eyes looked up to where Blue stood on the rooftop. “Stay with me, Blue. We could have so much fun together.”

“So, killing me is ‘fun’?” Blue growled, summoning Orpheus’ sword as well as a skull shield into her hands. Using her wind magic, she moved the arrows to rain down on Yuki instead, as she readied herself for the next barrage. “If this is your way of saying you want to sleep with me, It’s a very awful idea. I mean, you could, I don’t know, ask me?! Not to be rude, but you’re kinda being a bitch right now...”

“‘Ask and you shall receive’, huh? An interesting concept, but the world doesn’t function that way. The world revolves around the people who are willing to work for what they want. So, the easiest way to get your heart is to rip it from your body. That is what I want… Yes… That is what I desire…” Yuki hugged Blue from behind, having teleported herself into the water at her feet. “Oh Blue… If only you had just submitted to me…” Yuki whispered in her ear. Yuki’s boot dagger floated through her body into her stomach. While hugging Blue, she attempted to assassinate her from behind.

A strong gale appeared underneath the duo, with the force of a Type 4 tornado, blew them both off the roof, and subsequently into the air, at an incredible speed. Blue swiped behind herself at the elemental’s arms, cutting them off in mid-air. “Get...the….Fuck off me!” Blue barely got out, her magic allowing her to act as if she were in water, rather than a fearsome tornado.

Yuki’s body was ripped to pieces by the wind of the tornado. Without her arms on top of that, regeneration would take a little longer than usual. The pieces of her body flew and landed all around the city. For now, Yuki was forced to give up on killing Blue.

Blue, however, was unable to stop. She, luckily, crash-landed in the monster district with an impact crater. Blood poured out of her at an alarming rate, as a number of gashes and bruises formed from the impact. Barely conscious and in too much pain to move, Blue laid in agony, awaiting whoever would find her.

Ophelia had been wandering the district when she saw Blue crash to the ground. Running over, she cradled Blue’s head in her lap. “Blue? Blue! Stay awake!”

Blue’s strength gone, she coughed weakly. “Who’s there…? I think I might be a bit banged up…” She murmured, trying to focus on her rescuers face.

“It’s Ophelia. Here…” She gently handled picking up Blue, getting her to a softer surface.

“O...Ophelia? What are- cough - you doing here…?” Blue murmured, her blood staining the vampire’s hands red.

Out of nowhere, two Demons fell from the sky. “Sorry to crash in like this. Brought Dollie with me after she dropped off the milk. Wow… That does not feel good on the knees…” Alciel let Dollie off of his back and sat down. He then started to rub his knees to emphasize how much pain he was in, which was obviously not as bad as Blue’s pain.

The godling eyes closed, too worn out to keep them opened. “Who’s there?” Blue asked, her voice almost incoherent.*

“Cheers, Love! The cavalry's here! Oops, wrong time for that saying… Go ahead Dollie. Blue needs your help. I can’t do shit here. All I could do is make it worse,” Alciel yelled.

Dollie immediately went to work on healing Blue, gashes and bruises slowly disappearing.

Blue slowly opened her eyes, her mind still in a haze. “I… I don't… what happened?”

“You almost killed yourself. Yuki was split into many pieces and was scattered across the city. So, for now, you’re safe,” Alciel explained calmly, walking over to where Blue was lying.

Blue nodded slowly, her memories slowly coming back to her. “That woman is insane… she wanted to cut me up into she could love me forever.” Blue said, shivering at the deranged thought. “What the hell kind of love is that?!”

“Not any kind of love I’ve ever heard of. Ophelia, was it? Have you ever heard of a Water Elemental named Yuki?” Alciel asked Ophelia after responding to Blue.

“Not to my recollection.” Ophelia replied, giving a tilt of the head.

“Alright, Blue. Let’s get you home.” Alciel picked up Blue bridal-carry-style and headed towards her place of residence. “Is this comfortable for you? Would you rather have a piggyback ride instead?” Alciel asked Blue, making sure she was okay yet also half-joking.

Blue rolled her eyes, a hint of a smile playing on her face. “You're really enjoying this, aren't you?” She asked, as she gazed into his eyes.

“More than you could imagine,” was his response.


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The Many Faces of Pain

Black0ut as Blue

ExoGrim as Gemma, Sonidia and Irene

Blue hobbled into the main living area with her crutches, Blue’s left leg in a cast despite Dollie’s best efforts. Falling down, onto the sofa in the rec room, Blue sighed as she closed her eyes and relaxed.*

“The hell do you mean ‘minor damage?!’” Irene exclaimed, “Do you even realize how dangerous godly fire is?!”

“Yes, I do,” Gemma replied calmly, “I also know that you faked your death and didn’t tell me, so I’m under the understanding that we’re even in that regard.”

“That was to protect you!” Irene snapped, “I’m hunted by Gods on a daily basis! I didn’t want you, Jack or Mary to get hurt!”

“And yet, in the end, Mary still died,” Gemma stated coldly.*

Cracking her eyes opened, Blue lazily rolled her head to where the voices were coming from. Groaning loudly, she conjured a pair of earmuffs out of the air to block the noise out and closed her eyes.*

Blue felt someone poke her shoulder.*

“Let the battered Godling rest.” Blue murmured, as she encased herself in a water bubble.*

“I think the four of us need to talk…” Sonidia said, poking Blue once more, “It’s important.”*

Not hearing Sonidia due to her wind earmuffs, Blue lazily swatted at Sonidia’s hand.*

Frustrated with the situation, Sonidia clapped her hands together and exclaimed, “Power Seal!” Cancel all magic in the area, including Blue’s bubble and earmuffs.*

Blue finally opened her eyes, glaring at her friend for the interruption. “Ughh...I have a broken leg. Can you please let me rest?” Blue asked quietly, still exhausted from her fight with Yuki.*

“I don’t have time for you to rest!” Sonidia unexpectedly snapped, “I already told you that this is really fucking important!”*

“Nearly dying because some psychopath wanted my body as some sick treasure to idolize isn’t a good enough reason to rest? I almost died yesterday, in a fucking crater, and where were you when you heard me crashing into the ground?” Blue snapped, summoning a bone shield into her left hand, an almost feral look in her eyes.*

“I had to duel with a God for my existence!” Sonidia answered, “Something I want answers for… right now!”*

Blue slapped Sonidia, a look of betrayal on her face. “Have you no morals? No compassion? Before anyone got to me, all I could think of were my friends and how much I’d miss them if I died. Well, so much for that fucking idea. Obviously, I don’t matter too much to you, nor do you care about me beyond using me as an informant for a myriad of things. Fuck you, Sonidia. I’ll sit here and answer whatever you want to talk about, but after that I’m done with you.” Blue responded viciously, as she stood up on her crutches.*

Gemma got in between the two of them, “Listen, both of you nearly died recently. You’re mostly dealing with some form of shock from the situations. The two of you need to calm down, considering that me and Irene know more than you two do.”

Irene had a guilty look on her face.*

Blue glared at Sonidia, but nodded all the same. “Go on then, Gemma. What’s so important that it couldn’t wait a day or two?”*

“We have reason to believe that the Fallen God, Hades is involved in the Dark Crusade that Mandane is planning,” Irene replied.*

“Interesting. So my former predecessor is trying to kill everyone. Not truly surprising.” A deep voice that seemed to echo around the room said, “But what if I told you, Gemma, that everytime you kill the ‘new’ Demon Society, Mandane reforges all of the destroyed undead into a stronger form? T.D. now has the ability to fly? And while the wings are weaker than my versions, you’ll find his strength just below my Greater Harbinger, in terms of skills.” Suddenly a shadow moved from one of the corners of the room revealing the God to all the others.*

“Which is why we need to either kill Mandane himself, or his second-hand creator, Zeke Zanterson. Besides, It’ll take a least a year for Mandane to get the forces to start the Crusade. I personally think that, well I have the time, I need to make some ties with the others, and mend the one with my sister here. What do you say, Orpheus.” Gemma replied.*

“I have already aided you, and by extent, I can longer do so. I’m already under review by a few of the older gods. But, should you find any information that justifies my actions, I will rush back to aid you. However...all I can give you is Blue at the moment. And to do that… I’ll have to sever the connection until you can bring Mandane’s wrong doings to light.” Orpheus explained, letting his words sink in.*

Gemma started to chuckle, the action surprising both Irene and Sonidia, “Funny, in my fight with Mathias, I got my hands on the fact that Mandane is housing and protecting a Daeva. Is that good enough info?”*

“It’s not me who you need to show your evidence to. You must bring it before the God of Justice and the Ruler of the Gods, but to answer your question, it is.” Orpheus’ form began to fade, then reappear, the God of Death groaning, “Blue’s fight has weakened her as a vessel. Wait for her leg to heal, before presenting your evidence. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to bestow her my powers before the final battle.”*

“Alright then, see you on the battlefield,” Gemma replied.*

Orpheus faded away, leaving the four to themselves. Blue slowly walked away, feeling that she was no longer needed.*

Sonidia rushed over to Blue, “Blue… I’m sorry for being a controlling bitch there. I was scared and on edge.”*

Blue sighed, but didn’t turn to face her. “Soni… My spine was broken when they found me. I could barely see out of one eye, and my blood was everywhere. By all accounts, I should be dead. I wasn’t lying when I said that you and a few others kept me going. But...what you hurt far worse than nearly dying. You...You broke my spirit, Soni, with only a few words. I… I can’t pretend that what just happened was okay. I… I’m going to need a few days to think this over.” Blue said, her voice turning into a whisper.*

Instead of replying, Sonidia drew her sword. Gemma, knowing what she was about to do, yelled out , “No!” before she thrusted it into her gut. Magical energy streamed out of her body and formed into crystals around her. She fell to the ground, unconscious but still breathing. Irene and Gemma rushed to her side, fear in both their faces.*

“I was wondering what happened…” Orpheus said quietly, moving a skeletal hand out to command Sonidia’s spirit. “Get up, Sonidia. Today is not the day you die. Besides, I think by this point, you owe me a date and Death does not skip out on a promised engagement.” Orpheus began transforming into his more human spectral form, while simultaneously reviving the Warrior Queen.*

But, Sonidia did not raise. A spectral version of her voice exclaimed, “No! I will not be with the living until I have to pass the trials and cleansed myself of my sins!”*

Orpheus groaned, as he began speaking in the language of the dead, “Goddammit woman! Get back in your body this instant, or else you’ll have me become a Fallen God for nothing! And again, you owe me a date! How is Death able to get a date if the woman of his dreams is a specter?!”*

“Sonidia, you won't be able to make it passed the trials!” Gemma stated, “Danica could pass them and I barely survived with my own life!”*

Blue, stunned by what her friend had just done, as well as suffering from physical and emotional pain, collapsed.

“Great… Blue is now in a coma. This is going to be a day that tests my patience isn’t it…” Orpheus murmured, as he tried to pinpoint Sonidia’s spectral location.*

“It’s no use, Orpheus,” Irene said, beginning to calm down a bit, “She’s in the hands of Nadya now. Her only chance of surviving is through getting passed the trials.”*

Returning his voice to normal, Orpheus groaned. “This is going to be a really shitty day, isn’t it? I better get going, and let’s see how many favors I get exchange today…” Orpheus’ form began to fade, “Take care of Blue, she really is in a coma.”*

Gemma grabbed Blue and place her, gently on the couch, “Irene, can you do me a favor?”

“Yes, Gemma?”

“Stay here with Blue,” Gemma answered, “I have a old friend to visit, back in Eldric Territory.”*

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Official Business

ExoGrim as Zeke

Insane Darkness as Yuki

Zeke walked into the guild house with a lump in his throat. He didn’t want to go, but Mandane forced him, after the situation with T.D.. Zeke approached the guild hall and awaited permission to enter.*

The receptionist opened the doors and welcomed him inside with a smile. “Do you have a specific target to be taken down or are you looking for a teammate, sir? Or are you here for someone specific. Just tell me and I can lead you in the right direction!”*

“I’m looking for the mercenary by the name of Yuki,” Zeke stated, “I’m here under official business for Grand Elder Mandane.”*

Her smile flipped upside down. “Oh… You're here for… her… One thing I should warn you about. She's a little… mentally unstable. Watch yourself around her. First door on the right, sir. Have a nice day.” The receptionist then went back to her paperwork.*

Zeke walked over and knocked on the door, “Hello, is anyone home?”*

“State your business. I have no time for wimps,” Yuki told the door.*

“I’m here as a messenger for Grand Elder Mandane, he requests your... expertise,” Zeke answered.*

“Freezing shit to death? Sure, I am good at that. You may enter at your own risk. From what I've heard about Mandane, I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I killed you if you looked at me the wrong way,” she responded.*

Zeke clear his throat and opened the door.*

Yuki sat in the corner, her one fully-regenerated arm resting on her knee. She looked up to where Zeke entered the room. “I see. So you're one of Mandane’s henchmen, are you? I expected more, honestly.”*

“Actually, I’m his first mate,” Zeke replied, “I would’ve brought Gretak with me, but Mandane said that he needed to stay behind.”*

Yuki threw up her eyebrows in mock surprise. “Oh, I see. So, how strong are you?”*

“A capable fighter, but nothing special,” Zeke stated, “I’m really more there for medical and engineering reasons.”*

“If you can regenerate my left arm for me, I will be your friend forever. See, I got in a fight with a Godling of Death and she obliterated my arms. So far, only one has returned, but I need both to be of use to anyone, including myself,” she told the medic.*

Zeke put his backpack on the ground and asked, “What’s your water to magic percentage level?”*

“My body is basically close to a human’s, in a sense. I'm 70% magic and 30% water. Since I specialize in only magic and I don't use a staff, it makes me more special than most other elementals.”*

Zeke pulled out a weird-looking device from his backpack and started filling it with water, “Of course you’re in the 70 percent range, the hardest percent to get right with this bloody thing.”*

“If I had to feel an emotion right now, apologetic might have been what I would have felt. Even though it's not my fault that I'm 70% magic, you know,” Yuki told him.*

“I know that much,” Zeke stated bluntly, before he closed the device, “This should do it… do you have any mana crystals by any chance? I didn’t bring any.”*

A flying piece of ice landed on the ground near Zeke as Yuki stood up to lean against the wall. After melting the ice, Yuki asked, “Like this? It's not mine, but if it works, I don't know why I should care.”*

Zeke grabbed the crystal, “It’s a bit old, but it’ll have to do,” He said, putting the crystal into the device. He pressed a button on the side and the device began to light up. After a few seconds, the pool of water in the device began to shimmer with the same glow as Yuki, “One vial of Elemental Blood done.”*

“That's just creepy. It looks like it came from me…” She said, somewhat reluctant to be near the medic any longer.*

“You said you wanted a arm, didn’t you?” Zeke asked, “I just did what you asked of me.”*

“Okay, fine. Is it injected, swallowed, what?”*

“No,” Zeke said, pouring the blood on Yuki, “All I have to do is pour it on you.”*

“That's still some creepy shit, man. But I still am grateful to you.” She curtsied with both arms towards him. “What's your name? I at least want to know the name of someone who is so kind to me.”*

“The name’s Zeke,” he answered, “Zeke Zanterson.”*

Yuki almost heard a whisper from Alciel making a pun about ZZ Top, but she shook it off. “They call me 'The Hydra'. It will be a pleasure to work with you, Zeke. Even if you can't fight like me, you are pretty useful.”*

“To be honest,” Zeke stated, “I only hire you because we’re dealing with a bugger by the name of Alciel and you guild members said you were the one to go to.”*

Yuki’s unemotional face twitched at the sound of Alciel. “That name’s familiar to me. Also, for your information, this guild is more or less a slave labor shop if anything. We aren’t a happy-go-lucky band of friends. We are all useless piles of junk looking for money and a reason to live.”*

Zeke chuckled, “No need to deny your anger, The others said that you’d anyting to see him tortured.”*

“That is a nice thought. However, after regeneration, my memories are all scrambled so I can't remember too much at the moment. But I can't deny the feelings of satisfaction I feel while thinking of his body rotting over time,” she admitted.*

Zeke gave out a nervous laugh, “Anyway, we should get going, I don’t want to keep Mandane waiting.”*

“Understandable. Let's go then.” She pushed herself off of the wall and headed out the door. “Don't forget your stuff, Zeke.” She then continued out of the guild.*

Zeke grabbed his backpack and followed Yuki out towards the HQ.


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Dark Times
ExoGrim as Winter
Frostlich1228 as Wisp

Wisp floated up to the room that they had assigned for Winter, it hadn’t been long since her rescue and Nate had been spending quite a bit of time with her, however, Wisp felt like he should check on his friend.

Winter? Are you awake?

“Yes, who is it?” Winter replied.

It’s Wisp… We came to see if you were… Okay…

Winter opened the door. She didn’t look up at the soul core. “How are you Wisp? It’s been a while.”

I am good… We won, after all… But not everything else is so good… The core replied, reminding himself of Mathias’ death.

“I’m sure everything will be fine once Mandane finally falls,” Winter reassured Wisp. “And we can finally go home… where we belong.”

I… This is my home… I hope we can continue to help people after we are done here…

“I hope so too,” Winter stated solemnly, “Though I don’t think there’s much I can do anymore…”

I think you can still help… You just need time, right? Innocence replied optimistically.

Winter tried her best to look up at the soul core, revealing her faded whites. “I don’t think time will heal this.”

O-Oh… I-I… I will make them pay for doing this...

“I’m sorry, but the… thing that did this too me is beyond anything you could imagine. It was build for torture of great magnitude. I don’t think anyone of us could even harm it.”

I can harm a lot of things that ‘cannot be harmed’ Wisp stated.

“But can you harm a god?” A voice asked from the distance.

Wisp quickly looked back towards the voice.

Irene stepped from around the corner. “Not feeling like answering?”

Everything can be defeated… You simply need to find out how…

“Well, with us gods, it’s a different story,” Irene replied, slowly reaching for her dagger. “We’re not so easy to just kill like you think.”

As Irene pulled out her dagger, Winter summoned her rifle and shot it out of the dark god’s hand. “Impressive,” Irene said, “Even without your eyesight, you can still shoot with uncanny accuracy.”

If you try anything… I don’t think you’ll like what happens next… Plenty of people have underestimated me before… And I’m still here… Wisp threatened.

“Oh please,” Irene replied. “I already promised Gemma I wouldn’t hurt anyone. I merely want to test your reflexes… that’s all.”

They’re better than yours...

“I always did think you were cute when you defend your pride,” Irene chimed in as she walked off. “Anyway, I have to go. See ya later.”

“Who was that woman?” Winter asked.

She is new here… I don’t exactly trust her, especially not now... The soul core answered.

“Do you know her name?” Winter asked.

Irene I think… I’ve avoided her so far so I haven’t cared to learn it...

“Okay,” Winter said, “I should get some more sleep.”

Please do… And be careful… There are few more… Unstable people around than when you were last here... Wisp warned.


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ExoGrim as Winter

Frostlich1228 as Mur-Murr

Mur-Murr decided to take it upon herself to visit that woman they rescued during the previous mission, to see what all the fuss was about and to put an end to her boredom. She stopped outside the door to Winter’s room, transforming her hand into a club and ‘knocking’ two times, leaving large dents.

Winter summoned her shotgun, ready to shoot when necessary. She lost her briefcase… but still had her weapons at her disposal. She cleared her throat. “Come in.”

“Awesome first impression, I’m serious… I think I could start to like you.” Nervve grinned, stepping inside.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” Winter inquired.

“I guess you were only barely conscious when I helped save your life so… I’m Mur-Murr, nice to meet ya.” She answered, extending her hand only to turn it into a mouth with razor sharp teeth.

Unable to see the jaw, Winter said. “Well thank you for helping them save me. If you don’t know already, my name is Winter.”

Nervve tilted her head for a second before realization hit her, “Wait… Are you blind?”

“I wasn’t before… but I am now,” Winter stated. “But I still have some vision through my Demon Sense.”

“Mandane’s sleep-overs sound like a fun time. Too bad we were only invited to the after party.” Mur-Murr shrugged.

Winter grabbed Mur-Murr by the shoulders, shaking uncontrollably. “Trust me when I tell… that thing that is working for Mandane… it’s beyond anything you’re capable of. It called itself Rage and did horrors to me and the other prisoners. Don’t even try to fight it… do you understand me?”

“Lady… That is exactly the thing I want to fight! That or chill with a cold glass of tea…”

“Then I question your sanity, partner,” Winter replied. “Only a fool would try to kill it… only a God can.”

“A lot of people question my sanity, most of them are dead now, they were right, but still dead…” Mur-Murr replied, licking her claws.

“And why did you kill them?”

“Because I felt like it… Because I wanted to… Because it was fun…” She answered with a sinister tone.

“That’s why everyone hates you,” Winter scolded. “What you need to learn is self-control. Maybe if you weren’t such an apathetic, cold-blooded killer… people would like you. Ever thought of that?”

“I have… But I just don’t think I can help it… And there are a few people that like me here… It’s just hard to find people who know how to have fun these days…” Mur-Murr stated.

“Maybe because your form of fun isn’t fun to those who die in the end.”

“But death is such an experience! So I help them experience it… Over and over and over… It’s like a rollercoaster that never stops!”

“It’s an experience people never want to go through!” Winter snapped.

“Everyone’s a critic, aren’t they? Too bad, I actually thought I’d like you… Oh well…” Nervve shrugged.

“Can’t you see I trying to help see the wrong in your thinking… is this really what The King in Yellow build you for? Torture and Murder?” Winter pleaded.

“He build me to help you guys… Well… He build me to see if he could, then he sent me to help you guys…” Mur-murr explained, “Look, you don’t understand… I’m not your average shape-shifting woman, making creatures like me, it’s not exactly a science yet, but I’m not complaining…”

“You’re right… I don’t understand…” Winter said, before hugging Mur-Murr. “But I want to understand. I want to help you.”

The shape-shifter was clearly caught off guard, “Uhh… Why do you think I need help exactly?”

“Because the way you see death isn’t healthy. If I can make you see things the way everyone else does… You can learn to be more compassionate… have fun that doesn’t involve hurting people.”

“Well, if you want to try and fix what’s already broken, I can’t stop you, just don’t be disappointed when it doesn’t work out for you.” Mur-Murr rolled her eyes.

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Seeing Love

ExoGrim as Winter
Insane Darkness as Alciel

Winter slowly made her way to the kitchen, trying her best to find the fridge so she could eat something. She cursed under breath as she tripped over one of the folding chairs.*

Alciel, having walked in on the incident, rushed to grab her hand before she fell. “You know, I thought cats always landed on all fours.”*

“Well, I’m only half cat,” Winter replied. “And, from what I’ve heard, Fallen Angels don’t have the best of luck.”*

“Is that so?” Alciel said before spinning her into a dancing pose. “Please, tell me more about you.”*

“There’s nothing really to tell you about,” Winter answered. “Both my parents died when I was young. My father was king of the Balrum tribe and my mother made a deal with Orpheus to ensure I was born. Other than that… there’s not much to know about my life.”*

“If you say so, Winter. Just know that I’m sure that others wouldn’t think that way.” Alciel let go of her to fix the folding chair.*

“What do you mean by that?”*

“I’m sure your life has more eventful things that have happened. You talked about your life before you were born. You didn’t even talk about Nate.”*

Winter chuckled at the reply. “Trust me, you do not want to know the shit me and Nate have gotten into together.”*

“What about the things he’s gotten into? If you know what I mean,” Alciel said, hinting at how he wanted to hear the juicy stuff.*

“I’m still a virgin if that’s what you’re asking,” Winter replied, slightly defencive. “Plus I’m not obligated to talk to you about my sex life.”*

“I never said you had to. I just wanted to hear a good sex story. Those can be pretty good depending on who you hear them from. Besides, I understand that you don’t want to go that far yet. Some people enjoy taking it slow and I respect that.”*

“It’s too bad I’ll never see his caring face anymore…” Winter stated solemnly.*

“The thing about love is that it isn’t affected by whether or not someone is handicapped in one way or another. Even if you don’t see his face anymore, will that change how you feel about him?” Alciel asked.*

“No, I guess not,” Winter replied.*

“You still love him just as much as you did when you could see him. I’m sure he feels the same way as well.”*

“You’re right. I should talk to him…” Then Winter’s stomach growled. “Right after I eat. Can you help me find the fridge?”*

“Just let me take a nap real quick.” Alciel fell on the foldable chair, making a large sound as both him and the chair hit the ground. “Found it! OWW! What the fuck did I hurt myself on?...”*

“I think you landed on the chair I tripped over…” Winter giggled.*

A smile formed on Alciel’s face. Finally, Winter was smiling for once.*


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Trial by Valor

ExoGrim as Sonidia

Black0ut as The Guardians and Orpheus

Sonidia approached the Guardians, ready to face the trials of their void of a world. She took firm and steady… while still being able to grab her sword at any moment.*

Orpheus walked beside her in his more human-ish form, still irritated at her decision. “You know it’s sad when the God of Death is begging a mortal woman that he cares about, to take her life back. If you do this… I can’t help you. That will crush me, y’know? ‘Cause I actually like you.” Orpheus practically pleaded, trying to get her to see reason before going with through with her choice. “Do you know how many times in my lifetime that I’ve been able to say that? Only 3 times. And I got rejected twice, due to the whole ‘God of Death’ title. Please, please, don’t do this. Blue’s in a coma from seeing you kill yourself. You coming back to life could amend things.”*

“Can’t you just trust me for once?” Sonidia snapped. “I’ve planned this for 200 years! No one thought I could pass the trials… it’s time I proved them wrong. So… please… can’t you just believe in me and trust that I know what I’m doing?”*

“Do you understand what you’re asking me? That if you fail, I’ll never see you again? Can you even imagine how hard I’m trying not to panic? How terrified I am for you and how desperate I’m getting?” Orpheus yelled, his voice booming as tears fell from his eyes.*

“Do I look like I don’t know that?” Sonidia said, now crying herself. “I lost my sister to these guys… they changed my brother into something else… I have no idea what will happen to me once I do this. I could die beyond revival… I could be changed beyond repair… But I will always be the woman you love no matter what happens. So… just in case I don’t make it…” Sonidia leaned up against Orpheus and press her lips to his.*

Orpheus tensed and relaxed, as he held Sonidia close. Millions of things passed through his mind before it went blank. Orpheus broke the kiss first, as he peered into Sonidia’s eyes. “Please… be careful, when you fight them.” Orpheus said quietly, his voice nearly a whisper.*

Sonidia whispered back. “I will… hopefully we’ll see each other again.” And she rushed off to where the Guardians waited patiently for their next challenger.*

“A challenger approaches.” One of the Guardians with red stripes going down it’s body said, the voice masculine in tone,. Each of the Guardians looked similar, with slight differences between all of them, except for two that were obviously female. Each Guardian had stripes of varying colors going down their bodies.

“Of course, Lord Valor. No one mindlessly wanders into our realm. Although a random conversation to learn more information about the outside would be a nice change of pace.” One of the female guardians with blue stripes said quietly.

“Wisdom, we should at least just prepare for an attack. After all, we have no idea what this individual can do. Mortal, step forward.” A male guardian with purple stripes asked gently, his tone sweet.*

Sonidia drew her sword and pointed it at Valor. “I’m not here for your pitiful trials. I challenge you for your title as Guardian… Lord Valor.”*

“Well, well. That’s a bold statement. Unfortunately, the only way you can fight me is to beat each member of my entourage in a one on one duel. And before you whine ‘that’s unfair’, I did that to gain my title. So which is it? Turn back and go to safety? Or try to fight five powerful beings in succession?” Valor replied, cracking his neck as he stared at Sonidia.*

“Let’s us begin then,” Sonidia answered.*


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Part 2

“Deception, seeing as how you tried to instigate a fight with the woman, You’ll be first to fight her. Oh, and mortal? We are permitted to kill you, but you can not return the favor. Try to disable each of us as you work your way up. Ok?” Valor stated, as the purple striped Guardian stepped forward, revealing two pens as his weapons of choice.*

Sonidia nodded in response to Valor and turned to Deception. “Your name’s a dead give-away of what you’re capable of. So… what’s the secret behind those pens of yours?”*

“Think of them as straws, I prick you and parts of your soul come to me. Or is it that these transform into deadly weapons? Maybe it shows me killing your love? There are countless possibilities, but unfortunately I can’t tell you, as I’ve already told you their true natures.” Deception said merrily.*

Sonidia started to make hand-signs with her free hand… ignoring the Guardian’s statement.*

The room suddenly seemed to empty of all but the two of them. Suddenly, Deception began to appear in many places, as if he had somehow cloned and hid himself. They all grinned and charged.*

Sonidia finished her spell, adding the hands signs for the Mass quality. “Mass Power Word: Stun!”*

Most of the clones froze in place, as a painful sensation appeared in Sonidia’s back, One pen lodged halfway in. “Illusions and trickery is my specialty. For shame, that you’ll suffer great pain, my dame.” The Deception Guardian whispered in her ear.*

Sonidia grinned. “You don’t pay much attention to where your opponent is, do you?” She said from above. “Now I have you where I want you. Power Word: Stun!”*

The spell seemed to arc down towards the Guardian, his surprise evident, as he realized that she had switched one of his clones in her place. Throwing one of the pens as a means of counteracting her spell, the pen pierced her chest digging itself in, but not quite hitting her lung. The guardian froze as from the spell, his body unable to move as he began to mentally cast a spell to release himself from his new-found paralysis.*

“Funny how you you ended up deceiving yourself,” Sonidia said from behind. “The moment you summoned those clones… you allowed my Fallen Sense to take place. It’s called Copy, I assume you can guess what it’s capable of. And don’t bother trying to break a Power Word. Only a god can.”*

“Oh, is that the case? My, you talk way too much for a mortal. What makes you think that you ever had me in the first place? I just merely sent you illusions that could possibly harm you. Let’s see, who do I see. Let’s go, I’ll throw you out the door. Hi, It’s time for you to die!” The Guardian shouted maniacally from the ether.*

Sonidia grinned once more. “Oh poor me… I can’t do anything if I can’t even see who I’m fighting. What will I do?”*

“How about this: You surrender this fight to me and become my eternal slave forced to do whatever I want and endure what I want to do to you.” The voice said as it seemed to echo around the small enclosed space, before the voice changed from it’s usual merriment to a more serious tone. “However, it’s time you fight serious. I don’t particularly like people who play with me.”*

“Then maybe you should pay more attention… Power Word: Reveal!” Sonidia said, releasing the spell she secretly powered up.*

It revealed the Guardian as he dropped down with a squirming figure with white hair and red eyes. In one swift motion, the man’s head was ripped from his shoulders as the corpse fell to the ground. “There is no such thing as cheating. Only dirty tactics. If you want your God back, lose to me. No more ruses from me, or you. After all, you didn’t succumb to any of my tricks… So why not have a faltering battle?”*

Sonidia channeled energy into her blade, ready to fight Deception head on.*

A waraxe formed into the Guardian’s hands as he took as step forward, his armor forming as well to reveal a menacing figure with armor that seemed to have spikes everywhere. The waraxe bloomed with lighting as it shot towards Sonidia in a brilliant arc of light.*

Sonidia endured the blast, a part of her plan. She let out another grinned. “Is that all you’ve got? I’ve seen little girls hit harder than you.”*

“Well, I didn’t want to be rough, since it’s your first time, but since you insist~.” Deception flirted, throwing his axe before charging her, lighting coming out of his hands.*

Sonidia blocked the axe attack and took the full force of the lightning blow. Almost. She prepared to try another Power Word Stun, to see if he’d fall for it.*

Deception bumrushed Sonidia, tackling them both onto the ground. “I know you like talking, my dear, but I’d prefer you’d stop and just accept your loss. I mean we both are on the ground, and I’m on top…” Deception hinted, trying to see if he could make her blush.*

“You just fucked up…” Sonidia replied, now having the energy build-up she needed. “Power Overcharge!”*

The guardian was sent flying, landing a few feet away, before stumbling and getting up. “Babe, you play rough. I have to say, I like getting screwed by magic as much as any other guy, but still… save that until after the honeymoon~.” Deception responded, his axe spinning towards Sonidia at his command.*

The blade scratch her shoulder as she twitched her finger… stopping a further assault from Deception. The grin on her face widened as she lifted her hand, revealing the strings tethered to his soul. “This is a forbidden technique that not even a God can break: Soul Puppet.”*

“Babe, if you wanted my body, why didn’t you just ask for it?” Deception replied, winking at Sonidia. His helmet faded away to reveal Orpheus’ face, as if the trickster god had taken it as a prize. “Remember what happens if you win…”*

Sonidia forced him to fall to his knees. “Can’t exactly kill him if you have no control over your own body, now can you! I’ll give you one chance; You can surrender now before I make you surrender!”*

“Only if you grant me a kiss.” Deception replied, as he stared into her eyes. “I will surrender and honor my word if you do it.”*

Finally through with him, she kicked him in the head, knocking him unconscious. “Sorry, nothing personal… I just don’t trust you.”*


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Part 3

The darkness faded, and the other four Guardians stood watch as they all smiled. “I knew he would try to get a kiss before he was taken out. Forever alone and forever unloved. Mortal, he would’ve gladly given up had you provided him with his request. For shame that’s he no longer exists…” Wisdom replied, smiling coldly. “I’ll fight you next.”*

“I’ll gladly fight you next,” Sonidia replied. “I want an actual challenge this time. I’m sure Wisdom means that.”*

“If you wanted a real challenge, you’d have stayed in your world. You don’t understand what you just did do you?” Wisdom asked, as she stepped forward.*

“I have an understanding,” Sonidia replied, sheathing her sword.*

“Oh, throw that thing away, Mortal. We’ll not be physically fighting. To beat me, you must defeat me in a battle of minds. Hence my title, Wisdom.” The Guardian stated, as a giant chess board with human-sized pieces, that coincidentally looked humanoid, appeared. “We’ll settle this with a game of chess… although you may want me to explain the rules.”*

“Unless you’ve added something… I already know the rules to chess.” Sonidia answered.*

“Well, the pieces have wills of their own. That is to say, you may order a pawn to move forward 2 spaces, but they could move only one, or it could do 3. It all depends on the pieces themselves.” Wisdom explained as she sat in a lavish chair, the chair floating into the non-existent sky.*

“And how exactly would we command these oversized pieces?” Sonidia inquired.*

“Just tell them where to go, and they will.” Wisdom replied.

“ENOUGH. Wisdom, I’m overruling you. The challenge is a draw, and...Queen Sonidia, was it? You’ll face me. If I win… I’ll claim your soul and body to do with as I please. If you win, you’ll take my soul and rank. Since the groundwork has been laid out, let’s try to kill each other.” Valor roared, his eyes filled with anger, as two weapons, a pistol and a broadsword, that appeared to extend far beyond Sonidia’s vision, materialized in the creature’s hands. Each of the weapons was of an indeterminable metal, the coloring looking like myriad of semi-precious gems.*

“Just making things easier for me? How kind of you,” Sonidia replied.*

The Guardian Leader said nothing as his sword swung with surprising speed, easily breaking the sound barrier. The broadsword attack was soon followed by a number of gunshots the speed also not matching the weapon type, as it seemed to act more like a Light Machine gun than a pistol. “For what you’ve done, I can no longer be valorous. I will destroy you for Deceit’s sake.” Valor said emotionlessly, his eyes filled with peer rage.*

Sonidia blocked the sword before quickly dodging the rounds and prepared a spell on the move. “Is that all you’ve got? I’ve seen Humans with better aim.”*

The sword quickly swung horizontally, as it began to vanish, as if it’s physical form disappeared. Valor’s gun began floating out of his hand, and continued to fire with the same pattern, as it would if Valor held it. “Puny mortal… I like the strength you exude, the sheer confidence in your ability. But I’ll enjoy you more when you no longer bother me.” Valor said callously, as he began to charge at Sonidia.*

The sword tore through Sonidia’s side, leaving her open to a jab in the gut. She coughed up blood as it flew into the air. The ground shook when she landed. All feeling in her sword arm was gone. Is this really how things are going to end? I wasn’t ready, was I? I should’ve listened to Orpheus… Orpheus…*

Valor towered over the woman, sighing as he raised his sword to finish her off. “Pity. You should’ve listened to the Death God…. oh well.” Valor murmured.*

A sudden surge of energy filled Sonidia. She grabbed the blade with her able hand. “No, I will not lose… I refuse!” Sonidia channeled energy into the blade, causing a massive shock to attack Valor’s hand.*

The superior combatant screamed in agony as he had let down his mental guard against resisting pain. The broadsword fell, and appeared to revert back into a dagger, the hand that held it having been reduced to ash. The Guardian Lord jumped back, still screaming, but aiming his pistol at the same time. He let loose a barrage of bullets, all of which exploded, as a tall figure cloaked in shadows, swung his scythe and sword. The figure’s aura seemed to bleed with malevolence, as the God of Death angrily shouted, “This battle is finished! I will not standby as you cheat your own rules for sport and fun!”

Valor’s blood, which was like his weapons’ color, oozed out of his stump for an arm. “You have no jurisdiction here, Death. We are allowed to do as we please.”

“Not when it threatens the lives of mortals who only need a simple test.” Orpheus retorted.

“Any who come into this realm must beat us in a fair fight of our choosing. This-”

“Then why did you stop her when she was going up against one of your own people? What you’ve done…” Orpheus trailed off before adding, “Valor, by default of your own traditions set by the thousands that came before you, as Guardians… you are hereby stripped of your title weapons, armor, etc., and shall be banished away from your godly realm, and the realms of the mortals. May Yellow have mercy on your soul.”

Valor began to fade away, his weapons appearing in front of Sonidia, as well as the weird armor that seemed to hide his race.

Orpheus collapsed, the ordeal proving too much for him, the strain of communicating with all the Gods nearly destroying him.*

“Orpheus!” Sonidia cried out as she rushed to his side. “Are you okay?”*

The skeletal man shifted into his original form, as he weakly opened his eyes. “Please don’t do this from now on… I’m not sure I would survive a second time…” Orpheus murmured, before closing his eyes.*

Still sensing his magic energy, Sondia smiled weakly. “No promises until after we save the Human race.” She donned the armor and took the blade, ready to fight the battle against Mandane. She commanded the pistol to her side and opened a portal back to the Mortal Realm. “I will protect all races, no matter what.”*