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Truth Be Told: Dervish’s Secret

ExoGrim as Dervish

Frostlich1228 as Oni

Dervish opened the door without really knocking, “Hey, Oni! I’m back!” He sat down in one of the recliners, “How has your day been?”

Oni slowly sipped a cup of hot tea as he turned to face him, “It was quite relaxing, but now you’re here…”

“Must be a lot nicer without the DS chumps hunting you down,” Dervish said, “Since they’ve been more focused on me.”

“You sound a little frustrated.” He replied, taking another sip, “Can’t handle them?”

“Frustrated?” Dervish retorted, “Oh please… you know that I’m always for the adrenaline.”

“So what’s the problem?” Oni asked casually.

“No problem,” Dervish replied casually, “You must be over thinkin’ things here.”

He sighed, “So why are you bothering me during my private time?”

“Because I think it’s time you got into the action,” Dervish said, “I’d be pretty bored if I sat in this house. Plus, the more help the merrier.”

“So… What’s you’re really saying is, ‘Yes brother, I do need help dealing with these idiots’, right?”

“With the little one’s no not really,” Dervish finally emitted, “But, they put Jack the Ripper on the job, which is making things a little annoying.”

“And I’ve gotten a little information they may be getting some help from… The King in Yellow.” Oni replied, biting his lip.

“That Underworldly bastard?” Dervish inquired, “I thought he was done with the other races. Shows what I know.”

“That’s what I figured too… But he’s got another gift on it’s way to the Demon Society now… Some hellish abomination he must’ve cobbled together…” He sat his tea down on the table in front of him, “Now, you’re right, The King doesn’t have a history in dealing with the other races, barely leaves his little den. But considering his job, I doubt he likes humans much at all… Which means this alliance makes even less sense…”

“My intel also says that an Angel and Godling are also involved in the endeavour, but the others have already killed the Angel,” Dervish stated, “Besides, who really gives a shit about the humans, anyway?”

“Well, certainly not The King, you’ve seen his ‘gifts’ to them right?” Oni asked.

“Mostly death, and apparently redemption?” Dervish replied, “That’s one I’m still getting use too.”

“I meant the units he’s fielding… Some errant, malfunctioning Wisp unit and now something my sources only described as a shapeshifting beast with barely any control…” Oni began to stretch his arms over his head, “My idea is that he’s simply using the society as a testing ground for his more unstable creations, he’s not really allied with them, so we shouldn’t expect a personal appearance from the demon himself.”

“Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen someone use a society as a testing ground,” Dervish mumbled to himself.

“Perhaps he’s even setting himself up for an attack of his own… There are a few individuals there now that fit his typical list for capture… Maybe he’s biding his time…” Oni responded, “Perhaps we could even convince him to help us, but for now, that’s not an option, the ritual is quite specific and extremely dangerous if done incorrectly, we’ll just have to wait.”

“Hold on,” Dervish said as he jumped to his feet, “What ritual? When were you doing a ritual?”

“The King has a specific summoning ritual that’s extremely complex… There are a lot of minor details that go into it, and if even a single one is done wrong, well… it’d be like the plagues of Egypt all over again…” He took off his glasses and gazed at his brother, “We’d need the Wisp… The ritual’s specifics are inscribed into their minds…”

Dervish sighed as his sat back down, “I thought you were talking a different ritual. Anyway, what makes you so sure you want that Wisp in particular?”

“Because he’d be a lot easier to break… The others are nothing more than automatons, you can’t exactly torture a robot… However… This one’s different… It’s made friends, built connections, given itself quite glaring weak points honestly…”

“Uh… didn’t think about it that way,” Dervish replied, “I’ll have to see what the others think when I get back.”

“And back to your original question… That you need my help…” Oni slowly stood up from his chair, “Fine… I suppose I could play a bit more of an active role in this plan, show those idiots what they turned away personally…”

“Good to see you’re on track,” Dervish said gleely, “Now, how about we deal with their big new unit. That Winter is starting to get numbers, why don’t we pay her a visit?”

“Both of us? Hardly sounds fair… But they’re my kind of odds…” Oni answered ominously.

“Alright, let’s go then,” Dervish said, quickly heading for the door, “We can’t waste time now can we?”

“That wouldn’t be very efficient, now would it?” He let out a chuckle, “Let me get my coat…”

“Hurry up, will ya,” Dervish gave his own chuckle, “I’m going to enjoy this.”


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A Warm Welcoming

ExoGrim as The Grand Elder

Insane Darkness as Alciel

Alciel strode into the leader’s room after his conversation with T.D. not even 10 seconds ago, still thinking about how this guy he was going to meet is supposedly T.D.’s son. And the leader of the Demon Society, no less.

The Grand Elder quickly organized his stuff when he noticed someone approaching, “Hello there, who might you be?”

“Alciel, sir. Alciel the Incubus. I’m a new recruit. T.D. asked me to talk to you.”

“New recruit, eh?” The grand Elder cocked an eyebrow, “Well then, I am the Grand Elder of the Demon Race, Diablo. Pleasure to meet you.”

“Huh, so you’re more of a big-shot than I previously thought. And the feeling’s mutual, sir.”

“What brings you to the Demon Society anyway?” Diablo inquired, “I didn’t expect an Incubus to show up.”

“Well, first it was the hot women employees. Then, I realized that these Demons and such are actually trying to make a difference in this fucked up world. So, I wanted to help them. That’s why I got into sharpshooting in the first place. If I may ask, what made you want to make the Demon Society?” Alciel inquired.

“It was something I had planned for two thousand years,” The Grand Elder replied, “My father, King Matthias, wanted the races to live in peace. I’m merely taking over that job for him.”

“That’s an extremely ideal world you’re dreaming of. However, I would love to help your shared dream become a reality with my trusty weapons Virgin’s Blood and Double Tap.” Alciel stopped talking to kiss both of his guns. “Anyway, yeah. I am happy to work with you. If you need me to do anything, and yes, that includes sexual favors, come talk to me. Now, before this gets awkward, no, I’m not gay. Just throwing the offer out there.”

Diablo shrugged for a second, then said, “I assume you want to know what the whole situation is.”

“Like what we’re up against?” Alciel guessed.

“We’re currently fighting a headhunter by the name of Dervish Grimlocke and his Revenant brother Oni. Though there has been no action taken by Oni, he has been involved with Dervish’s actions as of late. We also believe that a second group is involved, but there has been no clarification on that part as of yet.”

“I’m gonna take a guess and say he’s not going after penis heads. Meaning he’s actually killing people, I guess. And a group behind the scenes? Sounds interesting. If you need intel, I’m your Incubus. By the way, which of your female employees are single? Just for research purposes, of course.”

“Do you really expect me to keep track of that of all things?” Diablo questioned.

“Are you married?” Alciel asked.

“Was,” Was his answer.

“Shit… shouldn’t have brought that up… ANYWAYS! I’m gonna go, I guess.” Alciel started backing out of the room.

“Oh, by the way. Your mission is to investigate the other group, with you can,” Diablo stated.

“Oh sweet, an assignment. Where do I need to scout for them?”

“Try an old warehouse in downtown that was blown up recently,” He answered, “That should be a good place to start.”

“What does the surrounding area look like? Any trees, buildings, etcetera?”

“It’s by the water.”

Alciel gave the Elder an ‘are you serious?’ look.

“Try looking for the Pacific Science Center and from there, go north until you reach a rundown area of the city. The warehouse should be to your left.”

“So, is that a yes on the buildings part?” Alciel sincerely hopes.

“I guess,” The Grand Elder replied.

“Alright, see ya ‘round, then.” Alciel walked to the door and waved to the Elder behind his back after opening said door.

“Good bye, be safe.”

“It’s almost like you don’t know who you’re talking to,” Alciel commented while heading down the halls.


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The Queen of the Eldric Tribe

ExoGrim as Sonidia

Smallelvenprince as Fiori

A slender woman approached the warehouse, her golden locks flowing through the wind. She closely inspected the runes that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye, “This looks like the place,” She muttered to herself as she opened the door.

Fiori looked on in wonder, having been following carefully since a few miles back, “What would a sixteen year old be doing here…?” She wondered very softly to herself aloud.

The woman wandered around, oblivious to Fiori’s presence. She examined various pieces of technology and magical weapons, “It’s kind of sad that the mortals don’t get to use or know about the things that my people take for granted. I guess it’s kind of why I left the kingdom.”

Fiori kept a close eye on her, keeping to the shadows for the best coverage. “She apparently can see the wreck, no mortal would be able to do that for sure, but there’s still the question of what is she doing here…”

The woman then noticed a set of runes along the wall, “These are used for alarm spells… I wonder if I triggered them on my way in.”

Fiori noticed them from afar, not being able to make out what kind they were, “She’d better be careful…”

Something caught the woman’s eye. She dashed over to a painting and sighed, “Still intact, just like she promised.” She then moved the painting and started to plug in the password to the vault hidden behind it.

Fiori followed closer to her, her wings making no sound as she fluttered over, not risking her feet crunching any of the ruin beneath their feet.

The woman sheathed the sword inside and looked back to her stalker, “How long have you been following me?”

“Since a few miles back, if you want utter honesty, if you’d rather a lie I only just stumbled upon you and this place.” Fiori said wittily, landing without a sound where she had been. “Now that I’ve given you an answer, it’s my turn for a question, what are you doing here?”

“Now that I think about it, I sensed a weak magical presence along the way,” The woman muttered, “As for your question, I’ve been asked to help with the extermination of the Sin of the Round Table.”

“Then we have a common ally, you and I, as well as one another.” The fae said rather vaguely, crossing her arms as her wings folded against her back, the fabric of her usual cloak draping over them.

“You must be Fiori, the Eternal Thief, then,” The woman replied, “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“You have me at a disadvantage then, as I don’t even know your name.”

“Not many do,” The woman said, her gaze moving towards the distance, “With the urban expansion that the mortals have been working so many years on, it’s rare that anyone would remember my tribe. Well most others have adjusted to the urban living, we still choose to fight for our forests. It has led to many lives lost, so much bloodshed.”

“I see, but all I needed was a name.” Fiori said bluntly, not seeming to care.

“And why should I give my name to a cold-blooded thief… and a bitch at that,” The woman inquired.

“Because, if you’re a part of the Demon Society, we’re gonna be workin’ together, toots.” The thief said with quite a bit of snark, her origin accent starting to show itself.

“Demon Society?” The woman looked confused by the idea, “I thought the Demons died off over a century ago.”

“They’re alive and well, sweetheart. Trust me.”

“That would explain a lot of the situation around here,” The woman said, “Anyway, that still doesn’t explain why I should give my name to a thief.”

“Like I said, we’re gonna be working together, and it’s the least you could do since you apparently know my fuckin’ life story.”

Gemma yawned as he walked in, “What’s with with all the racket, I was trying to get some sleep.”

“Well, ya see, little miss here won’t give me her name.” Fiori said with some irritation, looking over at him.


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Part 2

Gemma paused briefly, “M’lady.”

The woman drew her sword, “What’s traitor like you doing here?”

Fiori drew her staff, getting between Gemma and the mystery woman, “Don’t you dare hurt him.” She said sternly, glaring.

Gemma put his needle in his mouth, “There’s no point in fighting. You know that, even as Queen of the Eldric Tribe, you can’t win.”

“You know who she is?” Fiori asked Gemma, tilting her head at him.

“Queen Sonidia of the Eldric Tribe,” Gemma responded, “She was formerly my ruler and a close friend. But, after my argument against the protection of the forest, I’ve been branded as a traitor.”

“Still surprised that you carry that needle around,” Sonidia remarked, “I bet your sister would be so proud.”

Gemma’s brow furrowed, “You shut your trap.”

Fiori snapped her fingers, and a roll’s worth of duct tape was wrapped around Sonidia’s mouth, wrists and ankles, “How’s that?” She asked, almost as though looking for approval.

“That’s not going to work,” Gemma said as Sonidia broke free, “She can see magic as it’s being formed, making it impossible to use it against her. If we must fight, we’re going at a disadvantage.”

The fae sighed, conjuring another roll of duct tape and doing things the old fashioned way, seeming to at least somewhat succeed this time.

Sonidia leaped out of the rest of the tape, though her ankles were still bound. She stabbed her sword into the ground and spun around, kicking Fiori in the process.

She seemed unfazed by the impact, shrugging it off. She simply kept taping Sonidia, slightly annoyed in the many, many processes.

“Shining Gleam!” Sonidia yelled, turning into a bright light.

Fiori’s eyes began to water as she closed them tight, stumbling backwards into Gemma.

Gemma moved her out of the way, ready to take the blade head on. After the sword pinned him to the wall, he asked, “May I ask what killing me would accomplish? Being so far away from home.”

“It means that you will be brought to justice,” Sonidia replied, “It means that Lia will be avenged, as well as father.”

A slightly off aim ball of force itself hit Sonidia, getting her away from Gemma, “Stay. Away. From him.” Fiori rubbed her eyes, growling.

“Then I’ll just deal with you first,” Sonidia snapped back, pulling the blade out Gemma, “This sword was build by the gods to kill immortals. It was bestowed upon me by the gods to kills those you abuse their immortality.”

“Do you know why I even got mine in the first place?” Fiori growled, “I originally got it to protect the people I care about until their natural death took them. When that failed, when… when I failed, I turned slowly into the cold hard bitch I am today. Now, would you call that abuse?” She said truthfully, launching another ball of force at Gemma’s assailant. “I’ll only say this one more time, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM GEMMA!!” She screamed.

“In this world, there is no repenting for what you’ve done, there is only justice and revenge,” Sonidia replied, “I will serve justice!”

A barrier blocked the attack that would’ve killed Fiori. Jack walked around the corner, “What make you so sure about that? Says the one who left her kingdom to rot and slaughtered her advisors.”

“Thanks, Jack…”

Sonidia lashed out at Jack. He merely stood there, “You don’t even the half of this world. There is no justice! There is no revenge! There is only survival of the fittest and those that the fit care about!” He grabbed her by the throat and slammed her into the ground, “What do you have to for yourself?”

Fiori didn’t pay attention to the two, tending to Gemma’s wounds, “There’s nothing duct tape can’t at least help… but I’m sure medical tape is better.” She said to him, trying to lighten the mood slightly for him. She conjured gauze and medical tape, as well as other medical supplies, and fixed him up the best she could.

“You have to stop him…” Gemma said weakly.

She nodded and quickly finished up, managing to separate Sonidia and Jack, “We can argue about the world later, we have to get Gemma to a healer first. I did the best I could, but I have no healing magic that works on others.” She said diplomatically, looking between the two.

Jack rushed over to Gemma and picked him up. Looking over his shoulder, he said, “Don’t think this is over. This is your fault after all.” As he dashed out to find a Soul Core.

Fiori glared at Sonidia, a quiet growl still emitting from her.

“Guess there’s no point in staying here,” Sonidia muttered to herself, “Is Jack right? I need some time to think.”

“I don’t know, and I personally don’t care.” Fiori said, walking away, down the hall.

Sonidia sighed as Fiori left, “I’m going to have to talk to Shade about this.” She took her own separate path. A path she wandered for many years.


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A meeting with Mr. Hated

ExoGrim as Winter

Smallelvenprince as Nathanial

Black0ut as Orpheus

Orpheus walked into the Demon Society, his skeletal appearance being masked by various attire suited more for a detective than a god. It included a black trench coat that went to his knees, a fedora that hid his face from view and, finally, black formal shoes that gave away his detective appearance, as they were reminiscent of shoes worn by royalty in the days of old. He gave off a vibe that seemed to say, ‘I’m on official business, get out of my way before I end you.’ He had past the security without offering identification, his aforementioned aura acting as a buffer that intimidated the guards into not acting, and barely raising the alarm that an intruder had entered.

Winter waited in her usual corner for Nate. She checked her watch, “What’s taking him so long?”

She then heard someone fall down the stairs near by, recognizing the voice to be Nate’s. Several “ow”s later, he was at the bottom, face first.

Winter sighed, “Always with the entries, are we?” She helped him up and asked, “What is it this time? You sounded nervous over the phone.”

“I-it’s nothing, just have some things on my mind is all.” Nate brushed it off, sitting up with a bloody nose.

“Well, what do you want to talk about?”

Nate wanted so badly to explain what had happened, but he wouldn’t for her safety, “U-uh… I don’t remember…” He fibbed, rubbing his head.

Winter sighed, “We seriously need to work on your memory problem.”

“Haha… yeah…"

“Anyway, I have to get back to documentation,” Winter said, “They need to be file by 5:38 today, giving me 3.57 hours to finish up.”

“O-okay…” Nate stammered, continuing to rub his more than likely concussed head.

Two skeletons clad in red and black armor, materialized in front of the two. One carried an intricate looking battleax that was a surprising shade of dark pink. The other carried the reliable sword and board, his shield and sword both stained brown. The skeleton with the battleax asked, in a normal, more human, voice, “Would you please come with us? We’d hate to soil dandies, such as yourselves. We both apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”

“Uh… sure I guess…”

The axe-wielding skeleton sighed in relief, “Great! We’ll lead you to a certain man who wants to see you, Mr. Heatd.” He mumbled to his compatriot, in a quiet tone, “By the Queen’s knickers, I thought that was going to be a lot harder and bloodier…” They led the two through various corridors until they ended up right next to Orpheus.

“So… who are you? I haven’t seen you around at all,” Winter asked.

“Ahh, but I know you, ‘Winter’. And you, Nate. You see, I know a great deal of people. Some are dead, some are living and some are yet to be born. I know nearly everything, including everyone’s darkest secret.” Orpheus started, turning away from the statue to face them, but still hiding his true appearance from the two half-Demons.

“I know you’re full history, Nate. How your life will end, who you’ll marry, even the child you’ll have. And the same goes for you, woman of frost and heart of Ice. I could tell you things that would break your mind and twist your souls until nothing but the vilest emotions were left to rot the remains of your pitiful souls.” Orpheus quickly stepped forward and grabbed the two, draining them of their energy but not outright killing them, “I could also do the opposite; I could purify you, make you a paragon of justice and light, extend your life so you’d live several millennia. I am a creature of neutrality, one that doesn’t typically care for anything you pathetic creatures do. However, recent events have allowed me to intervene in a slight non-sensical way. Both of you in the coming days will be important, and what you do now may ensure you join me after your petty ‘war.” The cloaked figure finished, releasing the two and letting their energy return to them.

Upon having his energy drained the first time, Nate had passed out, not having heard what Orpheus had said, unfortunately.

“Can you give me a minute to wake him up?” Winter asked.

“Death waits for no one, little princess. But I’ll give you a brief reprieve to wake him up.” Orpheus stated.

The two skeletons, who had been writing diligently on notepads, began writing on Sticky notes comprising the bare essentials of Orpheus’ rant and put two of the notes in Nate’s hair, as they chuckled lightheartedly. One of them stopped laughing and turned to his companion, “We shouldn’t have used powerful adhesives on those… Those will hurt a lot, Ri-” It had started to say before a dark portal sprung out of nowhere, casting the room in darkness. A giant skeletal hand reached out of that cursed abyss and practically destroyed the two as it dragged the dust of their remains back through the portal.

With a wave of his hand the sticky notes disappeared and an old fashioned scroll popped out of the ether, landing on Nate’s chest. “My...apologies for those two. Most skeletons are moronic, but those two act like mischievous sprites of yore. Please continue to revive your ‘lover’, so to speak.” Orpheus stated, as he stared at the two intently.

Winter chose the quick route for waking Nate up… a quick slap across the face.

Alas, that only succeeded in leaving a red handprint on his face, a “pop” sounding from his neck.

“Well, there is one other,” Winter said, slowly freezing Nate until his body couldn’t remain relaxed enough to maintain sleep, “This will take a bit of time, but it’ll never failed.”

This didn’t seem to do anything either, Nate remaining unmoving minus a few twitches of his fingers, but that was all.

“What the hell did you do to him?” Winter said, looking to Orpheus.*

Orpheus chuckled menacingly, as he stabbed his hand through Nate’s heart. It remained there for a second before it retracted, as Orpheus stood. “Souls are wonderful things… Shame they can be so fragile… and malleable.” Orpheus stated, peering over at Winter.

“It’s a good I was born with more than one,” Winter said, “I’m sure my mother would agree, wouldn’t she? You were the one who killed her, in front of me.”

Orpheus thrusted his hand inside Winter’s body, as he leaned in close, showing his skeletal face while his clothes dissolved into his typical shadowy robe. “I can’t kill people, Winter. I can’t kill any mortal, to be honest. But when they live past their expiration date, I will come to collect. Besides, a deal is a deal, especially in your mother's case. Now… I’ll leave you with a tiny tidbit about your boy toy. Three, now that I think about it. He isn’t dead, nor will he remember this meeting. He is a good, decent creature given his appearance. But I come with a warning: He, who is kind and just; honorable and chivalrous, can possess evil, if not for the right reasons. I will leave you your memories, and… one of my own. It will… no. That’s wishful thinking. I'll postpone on delivering your mother's last wish. Farewell, Winter, the Lost Princess of Ice and Snow.” Orpheus faded away, as did the Demon Society. Instead, what would’ve seemed to be a eerie encounter dissolved into a warm room, Winter’s apartment. Orpheus smiled at his handiwork, his underlings worked well when he asked them to. As he left the two sleeping in their bed, a single thought occurred to him:

Dreams were powerfully dangerous things...​


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Always Looking For An Answer

ExoGrim as Winter

Smallelvenprince as Dollie

“Um… Dollie?” Winter said as she slowly opened the door to the medical office, “Are you busy?”

“Not at the moment, what’s up?” Dollie responded, having been napping on one of the medical beds, sitting up and stretching.

“It’s about Nate…”

Dollie looked at Winter with concern, “What about him?”

Winter hesitated, “I think he’s hiding something from me.”

“Well, I can tell you if he is, it’s not because he wants to. The only reason he does is for the safety of others. Not even for himself, he’ll throw that to the wind.” Dollie explained, head in her hand as she leaned forward a bit. She then patted a spot next to her, offering for Winter to sit.

Winter sat down next to Dollie, “I’ve never been the one for secrets… but that’s kind of hypocritical since I haven’t been telling the truth myself.”

“How so?”

“I’m not fully Demon, I’m only a half-breed.”

“Do you mind if I ask what the other half is? If not, feel free to say so.” Dollie inquired gently.

“My other half is Fallen Angel,” Winter said concerningly, “My father was the King of the Baldrun Tribe, the strongest of the Fallen Tribes.”

“I see…” Dollie said quietly, then taking a pause to think.

“Do you have any other question you want to ask about me?” Winter inquired, “I feel this is a good time to open a few cans of worms.”

“Well, do you have any idea what it is that Nate could be hiding?” Dollie asked, though not expecting a clear answer.

“I’ve noticed that he’s been going to Shela’s office more often than usual, but he seems scared when he goes,” Winter responded, “Other than maybe something to do with her, I’ve got nothing.”

“Chances are he’s being coerced to do something, likely under the threat of someone he cares for, but that’s just me… I’ve just noticed some things about her that seem suspicious, like some wayward files and such, that’s kind of why I stopped going…” Dollie elaborated, “Like I said before, if it were only him under threat, he’d throw all caution to the wind and be either injured or dead by now, but since he’s going along with it, someone he’s close with is under possible fire.”

Winter paused for a moment, “Do you think Shela’s suspiciousness has anything to do with the new recruit Mandane?”

“Maybe, before I stopped going she had his file on her desk a lot of the time.”

“I’ll have to investigate the situation tomorrow,” Winter said, before yawning, “I need to go home and get some sleep.”

“Alright, just be careful, it might be you who’s under threat--” Dollie cut herself off, eyes glazing over for a minute or two, becoming rigidly still and silent.

“Dollie!” Winter exclaimed quickly, “Are you okay?!”

After a time, Dollie was back to her senses, blinking a couple of times, “Winter, be on your guard. I don’t know when, but Dervish and someone named Oni are coming after you. Stay away from that one sushi restaurant, that’s where they’ll trap you.” She warned, a look of terror on her face.

“Okay, I understand,” Winter said, remembering that Dollie had foresight, “I’ll just have to skip dinner tonight, that’s not that big of a deal.”

“Skipping meals is worse than you think, how about you just eat at the mess hall here? The sushi here isn’t that bad actually.” Dollie recommended.

“I guess I can try it, but I do have to get going, so I’ll see you around,” Winter said as cheerfully as possible, before running out the door.

As Winter left, Dollie sighed, “Bye…”


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The Welcoming Party: Guns and Magic

ExoGrim as Dervish and Winter

Frostlich1228 as Oni

Oni slowly levitated the food into his mouth with magic, it definitely wasn’t the best he had ever tasted. He looked up at the waiter, “You can do better… Bring it back better or I’m done with you…”

The waiter started to sweat, “Right… R-Right away sir!”

“Must you be so picky,” Dervish said in reply to the event, “We’re not supposed to be here for the food anyway.”

“If I’m going to be slumming it in this rats nest, I should at least try to enjoy it a little.” He replied.

Dervish sighed, then stood up and looked around, “She’s here.”

“Good… At least this trip won’t be for nothing…” He sipped his coffee.

When the waiter got back to their table, Dervish pulled the trigger on him, “Now she can’t ignore us.”

“Not exactly subtle… But it will have to do…” He said as he watched his food hit the floor.

Winter heard the gunshot. She turned to see Dervish killing a waiter in the restaurant. She cursed under her breath, then took out her rifle and took aim for Oni, “Blizzard Shot.” She said, firing a round.

The bullet tore through the air, but when it reached Oni, he burst into violet petals instead of blood, quickly indicating that it was merely an illusion. Oni charged a blast of magic and launched it towards her from the shadows, hoping to catch her off guard.

Dervish quickly fired a round that distracted her, as she dodged that instead of the incoming blast. The energy sent her flying, slamming her into a wall. Dervish chuckled, “Do you really think that you could win two against one? How arrogant of you.”

“Even I don’t think you can be that stupid… Where are your friends?” He said as he charged another blast.

“I’m alone,” Winter said as she got up, “But you’re the ones who are underestimating your opponent.” She quickly switched to her rocket launcher, “Tri Shot.” Three missile shot from her gun.

Oni quickly used his levitation to stop the projectiles in mid air, turning them around to face Winter and letting them go.

Dervish shot each round in the air, insuring that they would explode near Winter. Winter braced herself for the explosion, taking it full force. Dervish let out another chuckle, “I’ve killed you once, who says I can’t do it again.”

“Because I bet your boss wouldn’t be happy with you,” Winter replied with coy, “I have a feeling I’m too important to be killed.”

“Boss?” Oni asked, turning towards his brother, “Not a free agent anymore I take it?”

“Oh, shut up,” Dervish replied, “I have a title to keep in take here. I don’t have time to explain things to you.”

“Trust me, You’ll have all the time to explain, but first… we’re fighting,” Winter remarked.

“This is a fight? It’s more like a slaughter… You can’t be this stupid…” He replied creating an explosion of energy at Winter’s feet.

Winter took the blow, still standing as she formed her wings, “You haven’t seen the full extent of my power. I may be a half-breed, but my blood runs from the Balrum Tribe, a Tribe of great fighters.” Her eyes began to glow purple and a sword formed in her off hand. Her briefcase turning into her shotgun, “Come at me, I dare you.”

“If you so insist…” He charged another blast, but merely to cover the fact he was firing projectiles at her from behind also.

Winter practically teleported in front of Dervish, kicking him so hard that he went flying. She quickly spun around and pulled the trigger on Oni.

Caught a little off guard Oni blocked the attack with a last minute shield and replied with a point blank explosion to knock Winter away.

Winter dashed back in, swinging several times with her sword.

Instead of dodging back, Oni instead creates a barrier around himself and goes in to grab her forehead, charging it with dark energy.

Dervish shot Oni’s arm, interrupting the spell, “There’s no way in hell you’re using that spell!”

The blast caught him off guard as it passed through Oni’s arm, “You idiot! What do you think you’re doing!”

“Stopping you from ruining the operation,” Dervish replied, leaving the persona that Oni was so used to, “I can’t have you corrupting her mind.”

Oni turned away from Winter, facing towards his brother, “What’s your angle here!? Are you helping me or not you fucking simpleton!?”

“I’m a member of the Sins of the Round Table!” Dervish exclaimed, “I’m the Man of Wrath! I help no one!”

“I should never have trusted you! You’ve always been a reckless fucking idiot, but this time takes the cake!” Oni charged magic through his body, “So much for family, right?”

“Because being half-brothers is considered family,” Dervish retorted, “You were the weakest of the family anyway, isn’t that why father killed you?”

“Oh but I’m done being the family joke… I’ve learned a few things since the last time you saw me… After what that bastard did… I should have learned from that and turned on you when I had the chance!”

“Well, it’s too late for that,” Dervish replied, quickly drawing his pistol, “Scatter Shot!” thousands of bullets fired from one single round.

Oni blocked the blast with his barrier, but it was now beginning to noticeably crack under the pressure. The magus brother quickly created portals all around his sibling, firing dozens of homing blasts through them.

Dervish grumbled to the attack, falling to one knee.

“Let me tell you this… As of right now… We’re no longer brothers…” Oni created a portal underneath Dervish that began to pull him in, “I’m sparing you this one time… But if I EVER see your face again, I will blast you into fucking space!”

“Dispel!” A voice in the distance said. A young boy with a large fan and a middle age man with a collection of weapons came in, “Do you think He’ll make it Zeke?”

The middle age man said, “I’ll take him to Shela, she’ll know what to do… but what about him?”

The boy grinned, “I’ll take care of him…”

Oni sighed, gritting his teeth in rage, “How about you just… Take the girl and walk…”

“Well, I am the Man of Greed. It would be against my ideals to let this deal just slide,” The boy said, “By the way, The name’s Racain. I’ve master anti-magic techniques, so don’t bother with any tricky spells.”

“Master of annoyance more like…” He grumbled under his breath, “Then can we get this over with, I have places to be…”

Racain took the unconscious Winter and started to head off, “Too bad you didn’t take the news well… I was actually starting to like you.”

Oni stayed silent as he watched the sins leave, his rage building in his gut.


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Sad Times: The Price of Living

ExoGrim as Sonidia

Black0ut as Blue

Blue swung Orpheus’ sword, trying to practice with the godly weapon in order to learn it’s vast secrets. After a couple of hours, Blue retired to the makeshift dormitory for some rest. She soon fell asleep, her recent workout proving to be far more exhausting than she had thought.

Sonidia slowly trotted through the halls, still thinking about what Jack had said. She noticed Blue going to her dormitory, quickly following her. As Blue went to sleep, Sonidia popped out from the corner, “Hey, Blue! Nice to see you again!”

An incredibly weak gust of wind, with a single drop of water, served as Blue’s answer, as it attempted to blow Sonidia off her feet. Groaning in her bed, Blue murmured, nearly incoherently, “Nooooo… let me sleep…”

Sonidia giggled, “Must you always push yourself too hard? You know that their must be a balance in training and relaxation, why do you always try to favor one side?”

Sliding out of the surprisingly comfortable bed, Blue yawned. “Well, how are you, S? I hope you found your mode of transportation… decent, given the circumstances?”

“The transportation was fine,” Sonidia said, “I’m still getting use to the fact that I’m supposed to be working with a traitor, a thief and a murderer.”

Blue’s eyes narrowed, as she began to levitate to meet the Sonidia’s gaze, “I won’t allow anyone to slander, maim, kill, or injure my members. Which from what Jack and Fiori tell me, you nearly killed Gemma. I hold back a God’s wrath to ensure you, and many others, survive many of your ordeals. You may be my friend, but Gemma is as well. If the situation was reversed, he’d be getting a warning instead of you. But since you fucked up, I will say this just once: Don’t hurt anyone else, or I will allow Orpheus to do whatever the hell he wants.” Blue stated vehemently, floating down to her original position. Her expression turned to one of sorrow, as she recalled hearing about her friend’s death from Jack. “Besides, we’re already down a member…” She almost whispered, as she sat back down on her bed.

“You’ve got a point,” Sonidia admitted, “Many soldier die, but it’s the ones closest to you that hurt the most. As Queen, I’ve learn that. I’ll try my best to work with the others, I promise.” She rubbed her eyes to remove the tears that were forming, “Anyway, how’s Shade, I didn’t see her when I came by.” Sonidia said, trying to enter a cheerful mood.

Blue didn’t reply, instead letting her somber expression, and the surrounding silence, serve as an answer.

“What’s wrong, it’s not like…” Then realization struck, “No, she can’t be. She wasn’t even fully apart of the physical world. How can she die?” Sonidia fell to her knees and fell apart.

Blue sat still, her expression hardening. “Jack was with her in her last moments. She... died protecting him. I… I… I’m still dealing with it myself. The Pride Sin and the Wrath Sin killed Shade, but judging from the building that it took place in, she put up a hell of a fight. Sonidia… me, Fiori, Jack, and Gemma… We’re all that’s left. This has been an uphill battle from the start, and… too many have died from this faux war.” Blue explained grimly. She then walked over to Sonidia, and gave the larger woman a hug. “This assignment I was given, has been a recurring one. Twenty powerful beings, like us, have come and gone from this job, mainly in pieces. There is a good chance we all might die and manage to eliminate only a couple Sins. If… If you want to leave… I understand, and I won’t hold anything against you.”

“No... “ Sonidia said, standing back up, “I’ve already given up too much to back down now. I will stay and fight, even against these odds.”

Blue stared at her for a moment, before offering a weary smile. “Thank you. I…” Blue’s eyes widened in surprise and fear at the sight of a tall, incorporeal being that merely stared at the two. He wore his traditional shadowy robes and carried a scythe that seemed to reach his gargantuan height with ease, and the blade seemed to give off an aura of horror, as if the blade was able to thirst for blood. “U-u-uhh…” Blue stammered, unable to do anything except slowly curl into a ball out of sheer fear.

“Impressive that, even when sealed, you can muster the magic to project yourself in this world,” Sonidia said with awe, “But I guess that’s what you would expect from a God.”

“Interesting… you know a sliver of information, which is more than most mortals. How I wish to see what your soul looks like…” Orpheus starts, staring at Sonidia in a nearly ravenous, bestial way, before regaining his composure, “Unfortunately, I can’t touch you, due to my agreement with Blue. Which means I don’t know you, or any of your secrets… how intriguing.” Orpheus took a step closer until he was inches from her, staring down at her. After a moment, he moved past her and attempted to console Blue the best he could. “But to be more direct, Queen Sonidia, while I may be strong in god terms, most gods can manifest a weak illusionary form. And that form may vary depending on how that god chooses to appear. I, for example, choose to look like a giant skeleton because it was how most associated me when I was first created. I could alternatively look like a young man with striking features, but that would interfere with my job. Although, I’m more curious about you. What’s it like to be equivalent to a mild demi-god’s strength?”

“Demi-god? Hardly,” Sonidia answered, “Besides, I became Queen out of pure tragic luck, not out of family heritage. I would expect to Isis to not give me all the power of a Tribal Lord.”

“And apparently she forgot to give you common sense against arguing with a god, especially the God of Death. I got to admit that takes a lot of personal strength to do. So, considering I’ve smited others for the same thing you’ve just done, I’ll let you off the hook… for now. After all, I will have plenty of time to discuss, in detail, a myriad of questions concerning you in the foreseeable future.” Orpheus replied, approaching the Queen once more. “Perhaps for your courage, and your friendliness with Blue, I’ll give you the highest honor a god can give.”

“There’s no real need to honor me,” Sonidia replied, “I’ve just been around so much death, that I’ve lost the emotions required to fear it.”

Orpheus stared at he and began to chuckle bitterly, “You know… most mortals would call that flirting with death, but given the current circumstances, I’m not allowed to ‘flirt’ back, so to speak, which is hardly fair...” Orpheus responded, as a slight mark appeared on her arm, barely visible, but marking her as an ally of Death. “That should suffice as a warning to any of your enemies, and should allow you to contact me, should you feel like it.”

“Guess this makes me a Harbinger of Death,” Sonidia muttered, “Is it bad to see this as cool and awesome?”

“Technically, you can’t become a Harbinger until you die, as those fall into my...angel ranks. If you want, and if Blue allows me, I could make you a Harbinger… but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t truly want that yet. The mark signifies you as a mortal who carries my favor, and depending on how apparent that mark is, shows how many favors you have gained from me. Though… we could continue this discussion over some tea if you want…” Orpheus offered, his ghastly appearance fading into that of a man with long platinum-blond hair, with red eyes that appeared to have skulls for Irises. His black robe turned into that of a black hoodie with a simple skull on the front with dark denim jeans. His scythe turned into a small pocket knife which he stuck in his pant's pocket.

“I would, but…” Sonidia began, looking over towards Blue, “I think she’s had enough panic for one day. Can we see about sometime next week?”

“My typical appearance generally can harm her, but this form allows me to socialize with her in a way that allows me to know her better. It’s also more energy efficient and allows me to actually be physically present. Blue, Henry would like to talk to you for a while. Is that ok?”

Blue, finally calming down from her near- panic attack, meekly nodded, as tears streamed down her face. A blue orb of energy popped up out of the ground and hovered over Blue.

“We should allow her a moment of respite, as the dead often have words only for their loved ones.” Orpheus said quietly, as he grabbed Sonidia and walked out of the room, leaving Blue with her specter.

Sonidia stretched, “In the meantime, I have some business to attend to. See you around,” Sonidia left the safe house and made her way to her first mission site.


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First Scouting: Guns Versus a Fan

ExoGrim as Zeke and Racain

Insane Darkness as Alciel

“Mmm, the smell of sap sure is refreshing. It’s a good thing to smell when you could be spotted at any time,” Alciel grimly stated. He soon after climbed up a tree nearby his target’s location in order to activate his Ethereal Scout.*

Racain took a bite out of a piece of bread as he looked at Zeke, “Do you think Oni is really gunnin’ to be after us, meight?”

“Who knows,” Zeke replied, “All I know is that Mandane has special plans for dealing with him. We shouldn’t worry, since you could kill him without issue.”

Racain chuckled, “Guess ya have that right.”*

OHMYGOD, that Kitsune is SO CUTE! Can I take it home with me?! Nevermind, enough with that. I’m here on a mission, not for some pet shopping. But they’re talking about Mandane and Oni. I’m gonna have to listen in so I can understand the issue more clearly. But a guy who can beat Oni? That’s insane. And I would know about Insane. Alciel pondered to himself in his Ethereal form (not to be confused with Erthreal).*

“Why do I have a feelin’ we’re being watched,” Racain stated out of the blue.

“Probably just in your head,” Zeke responded, “We all know how unreliable your Spirit Watch is.”

“It hasn’t let me down yet, meight. Let me tell ya that,” Racain responded in frustration.”*

Damn, my presence changed their conversation flow. I guess I’m gonna have to wait until they start talking again. Alciel sat on a rock outside the building, prepared to wait for them to start talking again about something actually important.*

After a bit of arguing, the both of them calm down. Zeke, after a long pause, asked, “What do you think Oni’s doing right now?”

“Do you really think I care about what that bloody wanker is doin’,” Racain replied, still irritated, “For all I care, he’d be jumpin’ off a bridge.”*

Good to know that this guy is really smart, underestimating people like Oni. I’ve heard my fair share of rumors about Oni. Definitely not walking into any dark alleys anytime soon.*

“With a brother like that, I kind of actually feel bad for Dervish,” Zeke stated, “I wouldn’t want to have my sister to be like that, nor any other relatives for that matter…”

“You, of all people, feel sorry for that two-timer?” Racain said in shock, “Please tell me you’re pullin’ me leg here.”*

“Shit!” Alciel’s body fell out of the tree, forcing him back into his body and landing hard on the ground. “FUCK! No amount of reflexes could’ve saved me from that…” Alciel commented as he stood back up. “Well, they definitely heard that. Now to wait for them to come to me.”*

“That time I heard somethin’,” Racain said as he dashed over to Alciel’s location.

“Hold on!” Zeke tried to warn, but he was a millisecond too late.*

“Time for some hunting. Come here, boy! Who’s a dead boy?” Alciel made the voice that people use for dogs towards the Kitsune running towards him through the scope of Virgin’s Blood. “And… Headshot!” Alciel fired a Soul Deterioration round at the little animal-human-thing.*

Racain took the shot and got right back up, “Watch where you’re aimin’ ya wanker.”*

Alciel jumped into the trees so the Kitsune couldn’t pinpoint his exact location. “Yes, little Kitsune, I do masturbate, if you must know. Your name-calling isn’t off the mark. I never thought that your hide was strong enough to get back up from bullet shots, though. Another experience documented. Now that I think about it, I don’t know if I was supposed to engage in combat. Oh well! It’s a long way back, and I sure as hell am NOT walking that distance just for one question.” Alciel stays in the trees, eyeing his prey like a hawk.*

“Ta hell with this!” Racain exclaimed, “Skycutter!” Racain swiped the air with his large fan, causing the air to turn into several blades that tore the tree to pieces.*

Last second, Alciel jumped out of the trees, fired twice out of each pistol of Double Tap, and took a good amount of wind damage. His instincts roared inside of him, increasing his Kitsune-implanted bullet’s deterioration effect. “That’s IT! I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR SHIT, YOU FUCKING ANIMAL!”*

Racain fell to the ground, “Damn wanker’s got deterioration rounds. Ain’t no way I’m gettin’ out of this one… That’s why I brought you, meight.”

Zeke popped up behind Alciel, a sword and axe in hand, “Burial Grounds!” He exclaimed, swinging at Alciel.*

Alciel barely nicked past the slash in a backflip. However, his gloves were in tatters. “So that’s what that means. I’m outmatched… Fuck. I might actually die here.” He reloaded Double Tap and shot at the ground. I’m going to guess and say that my bullets might be able to disable the ground’s effect as long as I stand in areas where I’ve shot. This may or may not work, but it’s my best chance.*

“Let’s see how long you can keep this up! Snatch!” Zeke exclaimed, Virgin’s Blood suddenly appearing in his hands, “Try taking a taste some of your own medicine!” He pulled the trigger three times, aiming for Alciel’s head.*

“Uh oh… You shouldn’t have done that… My girl only likes to be held by me…” The bullets missed Alciel by miles, then turned around to do a triple-direction scissor attack in Zeke’s location. “I should’ve told you sooner, but… Yeah, sorry bud.”*

Zeke blocked the attack with his axe, but still took one bullet in the gut and another to the leg, “A collector always knows a workaround, for now I have to leave, consider yourself lucky…”

Racain supplement their retreat with a “Vacuum Blast!”*

“I was gonna let you go, as long as you gave Virgin’s Blood back…” Alciel whispered in the direction his enemies were standing a moment before. That is, before his change in attitude. “VIRGIN’S BLOOD! DETERIORATE THEIR FUCKING SOULS! DON’T LET THEM LIVE! LET THEM REPENT FOR THE SINS THEY’VE COMMITTED UPON THE DEMON NAMED AFTER ONE OF SATAN’S OWN SUBORDINATES!”*

Racain noticed Zeke slowly dying, “Slow Death,” He whispered, “That should keep you alive a little longer, but you need to drop the gun.”

Zeke sighed, “Fine,” He muttered as he threw the rifle in the water, “But you better find a good replacement.”

“Have I ever let ya down, meight?” Racain remarked as they made their way back to Mandane.*

“Virgin’s Blood, I’m coming! I won’t let you get away! Stay with me! GODDAMN IT!”*


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Frostlich1228 & Smallelvenprince
"Love and Hate"

Dollie followed Wisp after, having dismissed herself from T.D. for the moment. She softly knocked on the door of the room Wisp was in, “Wisp…?”

A faint voice came from inside the door, Yes…?

“It’s Dollie, I wanted to check on you to make sure you were okay, but I can understand why you wouldn’t wanna see me right now…” She spoke, sitting on the floor beside the door.

Why do you want to see me? I thought you hated me.

“Why would I? I have no reason to hate you!” Dollie pointed out.

But you said you don’t love me… Doesn’t that mean you hate me? Wisp replied.

“No, just because I don’t love you in a romantic sense doesn’t mean I hate you. I still care deeply for you as a friend, I wouldn’t do that if I hated you.”*

Friend… The word stung deeply, But… I love you…

“Loving someone like that doesn’t always mean they’ll love you like that in return, Wisp… I know it’s hard to deal with, but… sometimes it’s necessary.” Dollie explained.

But why Him? After all I said… You have a… baby with him?! Don’t you trust me?

“The baby thing was an accident, accidents happen, and I do trust you, but I trust the both of you.”

It… Was really an accident? It asked slowly.

“Yes, it was completely unplanned, and trust me, I didn’t expect it.” Dollie giggled awkwardly.

I… I thought you did it… To spite me… Wisp admitted.

“Why would I spite you?” Dollie asked curiously.

Because… I said bad things about T.D.? The soul core responded.

“I expect you to, you two already had a rivalry going on after all. I expect it to happen, and I wouldn’t overreact to something that, to me at least, seems a bit trivial compared to the big picture. Make sense?”

I guess…

“Good... “

After a long silence, Wisp finally spoke, So… Where do we go from here? What…. Happens now?

“Well… to be honest, I’m not entirely sure.” Dollie admitted, “Maybe like… get used to being friends?”

How… Do we do that? Maybe… We could start by… Just talking for a while?

“That sounds good to me!” Dollie chirped, smiling a bit.

Yeah… So, Innocence tried to come up with a question to ask, Uh… How’s the weather?


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Final Stretch

ExoGrim as Dervish and Diablo

Frostlich1228 as Wisp

Black0ut as T.D. and Orpheus

Smallelvenprince as Nate and Dollie

Insane Darkness as Alciel

In between Blue’s soul, and what would be considered as the underworld, Orpheus sat in a room devoid of color. “Intriguing… today is when the Demon Society fights The Sins of the Round Table. How interesting that someone will die… from both factions. I wonder how this shall play out… but before this battle commences, I shall bestow the Harbinger rank upon one of the Demon Society members, to truly make it a fair fight. I can’t wait to see the blood run down the street, the dead souls that will come to me makes me anxious, for I cannot watch the battle, and I have no idea with the deal I have struck who shall be returned to the living…” Orpheus began to cackle as faux realm crumbled into mist.*



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Part 1

After hearing the news of Winter’s capture, Wisp quickly flew through the halls towards the Grand Elder’s chamber, where they were scheduled to meet. The soul core was the first there, but it quickly saw it’s friends heading towards it and by extension, the door.*

“Never thought a soul core could float so fast. Damn, wait up, little guy. Impatient much?” Alciel yelled to the soul core in the distance.*

Our friend is captured, we don’t exactly have time to spare! We knows what they’re doing to her right now! Wisp snapped back.*

“Uh huh… And by you running faster, it will somehow result in us doing the same thing? Is that what you’re saying?” Alciel questioned mockingly.*

You’re right… I suppose it won’t… I mean… Getting to her faster would require EVERYONE to be moving fast wouldn’t it? But that’s not happening. It replied sarcastically.*

Everything suddenly began to heat up, loud yelling coming up from behind at a fast pace. A ball of fire went speeding past the two, Dollie being behind it quite a ways, “Nate! Calm down! We’ll find her and get her back, just don't burn down the building!”*

A black blur moved past, entering the door and slamming it shut with enough force to break the door in half. A distorted voice echoed around the room, it’s anger apparent, as it growled out, “W H E R E A R E T H E Y?!”*

“I have no idea!” Diablo snapped, “Do you really think I’d just call you on short notice and have a well thought out plan?! You know me better than that!”*

The blur slowly slowed, until T.D.’s figure stood swordless, having already thrown his sword into a nearby wall. “Fine. Tell me where do you THINK they are?” The Skeletal figure asked, his voice straining to try and sound polite.*

Then the sounds of gunshots filled the air.*

“DAMN! Would you quiet down in here? If this is a discussion, then it seems very one-sided. Let’s CALMLY talk this out instead of rushing into things and getting everyone killed,” Alciel ordered rationally, lowering Double Tap back to his hips.*

Uh Guys… Wisp interrupted, I’m detecting powerful souls and they seem like they’re heading this way, we may be under attack…*

“Then I guess I’ll finally let my animalistic side go… I’ll finally have a meal again…” T.D. started to say as his skull became black, while his eyes transformed, one becoming yellow, while the other turning red. He sped up again, and dashed out of the office, breaking the door entirely, as he begun to search the building.*


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The first thing he found was Dollie attempting to restrain an infuriated, practically on fire Nathanial. It was not going well, but Nate’s energy was much stronger than Dollie’s, about to overwhelm her. *

Alciel sighed. “This REALLY isn’t going well.” He sat against the wall, waiting to see what happened next.*

“Hey, rascal,” A voice said from the distance, “Are you going to help or no-” Then a bullet went through his head, cutting him off.*

T.D. turned directly toward the gunshot, as he rushed through the Demon Society’s infrastructure, decimating walls as he broke out into an uncontrolled sprint.*

Wisp quickly went over to help Dollie, afraid Nate would accidently severely burn her. Ms. Dollie! Are you okay? Do you need my help?*

“Yes please!” Dollie replied, yelping on being burned by a wayward flame. *

Wisp quickly used a purposefully weakened version of his soul ice to help calm Nate’s flames, acting almost like a fire extinguisher.*

Diablo quickly fended off the attackers from afar, as they made their way towards the main corridor. Striking each Demonic gunman with swift, instantly lethal blows, “You will not jeopardise our mission of peace!”


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Inside Diablo’s chambers...

“Too bad you’re too late to stop us,” Dervish said as he walked into the The Grand Elder’s chambers, “I’ve already killed most of your men.”

“You will not get away with this Dervish!” Diablo said as he charged the Sin.

Dervish quickly dodged and put his pistol to Diablo’s head, “Like I said, you’re too late,” Then he pulled the trigger, “Rest in peace, you pathetic old man.”*

An unholy screech filled the whole building as T.D. arrived too late. He stormed into the room and retrieved his sword, and tried to move towards his son’s murderer, but instead offered another blood-curdling scream as Orpheus’ gift became a reality. His armor broke as large bone protrusions came out of his back, much akin to a bird’s wings, as an unholy atmosphere settled in the room. “Heh...heh… haha… I’m going to sever your head and show it to your boss…” His sword turned into a long scythe. The newly-created Harbinger swung his scythe towards Dervish’s neck, intent on fulfilling his promise.*

Dervish quickly dodged the attack, barely being cut by the blade, he pulled the trigger twice, failing both shots, “Hold still you bastard!”*


Back in the hall, Wisp was juggling to keep Nate from turning supernova while simultaneously turning around to scorch some of the incoming grunts, however this combination was quickly draining, and it knew it couldn’t keep it up forever.*

Dollie couldn't hold onto Nate anymore, him heading straight for where T.D. and Dervish were. He only stopped at the door briefly, “YOU ARE GONNA PAY FOR KIDNAPPING MY GIRL, YOU BASTARD.” He screeched, launching soul fire at Dervish. *

“Wisp, take care of Nate. I’ll try to keep the grunts off of you.” Alciel rushed the mob of angry men (and women) and jumped above them all. In midair, he reloaded his Double Tap with the maximum ammo possible. If he was going to go down, it might as well be stylish as hell. “Ethereal Massacre!” A hellfire of bullets rained down upon as he closed his eyes, leading to a bullet implanted in every single enemy. He landed on the ground and his instincts roared as his magic influence raged. He weakened each of the Demons with the Soul Deterioration magic, hoping it would be enough so that he could run back. However, he reloaded mid-run and tried to run back, but was unable to get back unscathed. Many shots rang out in his direction, and most of which were impossible to dodge. He was able to run back far enough to avoid being shot enough to die immediately, but collapsed on the floor in a bloody heap, out of breath and full of holes.*

Dollie immediately put up a barrier, preventing further harm to Alciel as she healed him. It took a minute, but he was back to almost full strength. *

“Well, I feel stupid. I shouldn’t do that again… I’ll use my sniper this time…” Alciel sighed.*

“Good idea, hot shot.”*

Wisp took off after Nate, coming into the Grand Elder’s chambers, he saw the fight taking place between the three, Dervish clearly on the back foot. Wisp locked onto the motionless body of the Grand Elder and his energy began to rapidly build up, turning his gaze onto the Sin of Wrath as he charged his Soul Plasma beam. You’ll pay abomination! Prepare to face real magic!*

Dervish, now dealing with three opponents, quickly pulled the trigger on Nate, then on Wisp, “I’ve had enough of this! Execution Blast!” He exclaimed, now aiming at T.D.*

The Harbinger charged straight towards Dervish, nearly instantaneous transforming his sword, breaking the tip of it, and throwing the shard to protect Nate, knowing Wisp would be able to take the blast. T.D. plunged his sword into Dervish’s gut, as he stared into Dervish’s eyes, “Having my sword in you seems appropriate. Nighty-nite, asshole.”*

“If I’m going to die…” Dervish said weakly, “I’m taking you with me.” He raised his gun, in his last act of defiance and pulled the trigger. He died as he did so.*


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The bullet passed through Matthias’ chest, causing the undead to crumple. What had happened had been a stroke of luck on Dervish’s part as his bullet had struck the remnants of Matthias’ soul. Quickly, T.D. called for one last favor, before his body would disintegrate. His body reverted to that of his human state, and a dark red circle began to spread through his clothes as he began to bleed out, a small pool of blood forming below him. Using the last reserves of his strength, Matthias rolled onto his back, to face everyone. “S-shit… why… why do I feel cold…?”*

Matthias! Wisp called, We can get you help! Dollie is out there! We can get her!*

“Dollie, go help T.D. If you can keep up this barrier, I can watch your back.” Alciel pulled out Virgin’s Blood to aim at the horde. “Just like old times, huh beautiful?” Alciel muttered to his sniper.*

A blast of wind pushed the group of enemy soldiers back. Racain dropped the ceiling, looking back at Alciel, “You just gonna sit there, ya wanker… or are ya gonna help?”*

“Wait… What? I tried to kill you and you took my sniper… Are you truly trying to help us or do you have something up your sleeve, you cheeky Kitsune?” Alciel inquired. That didn’t stop Alciel from reloading Virgin’s Blood, though.*

“Let’s just say, I’ve had a change in heart,” Racain said, “After seein’ my meight die… I don’t want Mandane to have that kind of power.”*

“I’ve been told that anti-violence is the way to go by SO many people. Well, fuck that. Let’s just murder some sons-a-bitches!” Alciel exclaimed, starting off the exchange of bullets with a shot to the head of a grunt, forcing him to fall to the ground, dead.*

Dollie could almost feel Matthias’ imminent death, quickly leaving the scene and going to the Grand Elder’s chambers, quickly rushing to T.D.’s side, “Matthias! Stay awake, I’ve got you!” She said as she began to at least attempt to heal him, hoping like hell it would work as tears ran down her face.*

Matthias gingerly raised a hand to her face, as he studied her face, noting the fine details. “Y-you’re… the best thing… that ever happened to… me.” Matthias said quietly, his strength fading. “I… love…” his hand fell down, as he disintegrated slowly a blank on his face as he turned to dust.*

Dollie stilled herself, almost deathly silent, then growling quietly before drawing her bow and aiming for Dervish’s corpse, essentially just going to town on it at some attempt at making herself feel even a little better, but unfortunately it did nothing to ease her grief. Once done, she looked back to the pile of dust, having a full scale breakdown.*

“Well, that’s unfortunate,” Mandane said as he walked in, “I’ve got a traitor and a dead one. Well, at least I got what I came for. Oh… sorry for your loss.”*

Nate immediately turned to face Mandane, screeching as he charged full, fiery force at him, soul fire and all. “You said if I kept my mouth shut she wouldn’t be hurt! NOW I’M GONNA SCREAM IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS AFTER I GET HER BACK!”*

“Apologies,” Mandane said, “Dervish isn’t the best at keeping deals. But I ensure you she’s safe now that she’s in my hands. Besides, is that anyway to treat your Grand Elder?”*

Nate stopped dead in his tracks, “What…?”*

“That’s a load of shit and you know it, asshole!” Alciel continued to shoot enemies with Virgin’s Blood as he pulls out half of Double Tap in his left hand and pointed it at Mandane. “You’re just trying to shock him so you can kill him easily. Don’t fall for it, Nate!” Alciel ordered angrily.*

Nate heeded Alciel’s words, setting Mandane alight with soul fire before he could make another move.*

Soul Deterioration bullets from Alciel’s pistol soon followed Nate’s attack.*

A barrier formed around Mandane as a giant piece of armor, Gretak, emerged from the corner of the room, “Gretak knows that Master don’t lie. Master is now Elder. Master is only one able to be Elder.”*

If I remember correctly, Grand Elder is a position of respect… And I doubt anyone on this planet actually respects you… Wisp faced him.*

“I’m not working off respect, I work off fear,” Mandane explained, “Besides, most Demons only follow who’s ever Grand Elder at the time, so I’m at the high ground.”*


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“You can’t just come in here saying you’ll be taking over the entire Demon Society. Dollie has a better chance at becoming the Grand Elder than you. How many of us here do you REALLY think will work for you?” Alciel ranted.*

As a group of their former comrades turned to face the group, weapons drawn, Mandane chimed in, “Enough.”*

A dark figure appeared down the hall, wearing a familiar trenchcoat with a matching fedora. The figure walked past the many corpses until he arrived in the destroyed Grand Elder chamber room. He walked directly up to Mandane and raised his fedora enough for the New Elder to see. “Today is not their day to die. Nor will it be so for a year. Should you decide to not adhere to my request, I will have to...act. And you wouldn't want that, would you?”*

“Well, as Archdemon of the Underworld and Monk of the Dark Arts, I’m not obligated to say no to your request. I’ll let them live.”*

Wisp stayed silent, but the sheer apathy in the air could be felt by everyone in the room.*

“You all going to sit there, or you gonna scram?” Mandane asked impatiently.

Racain, using telepathy, told the group, I know a place where Mandane can’t find us. Just follow me.*

Alciel jumped at the opportunity, literally. He jumped off the ground, put his weapons back into place, and ran after Racain.*

Nate managed to quickly get Dollie, and the now bottled remains of T.D., and follow suit, scampering off as quick as he could with added weight.*

Wisp followed quickly behind Dollie and Nate, looking with remorse at the ashes of it’s fallen comrade, even if they did have their differences.*

Racain quickly led them to Blue’s secret hideout, where he saw Jack, Gemma and Fiori on the other side.


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Jack noticed the retreating crew, “What the hell happened back at base?!”*

Nate simply shook his head, then looking to a sobbing Dollie in his arms as she clung to the bottled dust like it was the most precious thing in the entirety of existence, which to her it just might be.*

“In the simplest terms possible, an ambush. They attacked with an army near the Grand Elder’s chambers. However, that was just a distraction. Dervish killed Diablo and T.D. Then, Mandane showed up after Dervish was killed and announced that he was the new Grand Elder. Racain here helped us escape, though.”*

“Dammit!” Gemma said as he heard the news, but still too damaged to get up, “I should’ve know this was his plan! It was right in front of my this whole time!”*

Dollie climbed out of Nate’s grasp, bottle still in hand before setting it on the side table, healing Gemma with a soft touch of the bandages over the wound. She didn’t say a word, then laying in another bed as she curled up around the bottle.*

Sonidia walked in, noticing the crowd, “Fiori, we have company…”*

Fiori sauntered in after Sonidia, “Well, somethin’ big clearly happened if dollface over there is that upset. Do I wanna know what happened?”*

“We’ve got bigger problems,” Jack said, “Mandane’s become Grand Elder. Meaning our race is now our greatest enemy…”*

“Oh, joy…” Fiori said with a tone lacking any emotion, beside a hint of irritability, “Well, we’re screwed. I’ll be under a bed.” She added, casually plopping to the floor and rolling under Gemma’s bed.*

“Not exactly,” Orpheus stated, dropping his simple trenchcoat act, as shadows reformed his typical robes, “You see, I bought you time. A year’s time when technically you were due about fifteen minutes ago. I don’t particularly like Mandane, but I don’t hate him. Truthfully I don’t care what happens to all of you except for Blue and Ms. Sonidia over there. However, due to a contract that binds me, I’ll extend your life expectancy. Should you die in the coming days, you will stay dead for 3 weeks, returning to life after that period. So… don’t lose hope. Your circumstances could be FAR worse than what they are. You have a chance to prepare yourselves for this new war of yours.” He walked over to Racain, holding his scythe directly behind his neck. “You, however, I don’t recognize, Sin. Spit out your explanation before I decide to collect.”*

“Well, if it weren’t for me, Alciel and the Succubus would’ve die in the firefight,” Racain said, “Must ya bloody gods always go jumpin’ to conclusion like that.”*

“BE that as it may, you are the only one here with ulterior motives. Your soul is so stained, I’ll probably send you to Yellow as a gift. So, again, tell me, why shouldn’t I collect?”*

“I’m the Man of Greed no more,” Racain explained, “With my meight dead and Zeke gone crazy, I gave up on the whole bad guy routine. So, I’m here to help any way I bloody can.”*

“Ah, but therein lies the problem; you were the ‘Man’ of Greed. For all these poor simpletons know, you are plotting to betray them to Mandane.” Orpheus stared into the Kitsune’s eyes, as he exhaled a cloud of smoke, “I’ll make you an offer. I’ll make you into a lesser Harbinger and revert you back to the living at the end of this war. Do you accept? Think carefully before answering…”*

“I have one question, Kitsune. What do you plan to do with us? What is your final goal? Be honest, or Double Tap will be shooting more than just grunts today,” Alciel threatened.*

“As the last heir of the Kitsune Kingdom…” Racain replied, “I was hopin’ that, after I took out Madane, I could restore my family’s former glory. I had joined the Sins of the Round Table to act as my own double agent. I thought that I got inside, I would be able to stop him. Instead, I lost two friends to his twisted words.”*

“And you hold no ill will against the person who attempted to take the lives of you and your friend’s?” Alciel questioned, doubtful.*

“How can I blame ya, we attacked you first,” Racain said bluntly.*


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The room’s natural light darkened as Orpheus seemed to get larger, his voice distorting with unholy rage. “ENOUGH. This is not a reunion to become more friendly with one another, nor will I accept anything less than your effective enslavement. So... either you become a lesser Harbinger, and return to the living after this war, or I simply take your soul to the underworld for Yellow to play with. Your choice, dishonored.”*

“Fine, I’ll be the bloody harbinger.” Racain said impatiently, “Not like it makes much of a difference, anyway.”*

Orpheus let out a cackle as large shadows engulfed him and Racain, “I’ll let you all escape the burden of seeing what comes next… farewell, remnants of Demon Society.” The shadows then faded into the floor, leaving an unconscious Blue in it’s place.*

Jack punch a hole in the wall next to him, “Damn you, Mandane! How could he have slipped so easily?”

“The question isn’t how, it’s when,” Irene said as she revealed herself from behind the corner, “Mandane had all of us set up, if we knew when he had started his plan, we could’ve made a counter-plan.”*

At least we got one rat… Well… Two… He said as he looked over towards where Racain was standing.*

“Do you really think that Dervish is down for the count?” Irene challenged, “Think about who Mandane is.”*

If he’s not dead, we’ll kill him again and make sure this time… Poor Mathias… We didn’t really get along sometimes but… I thought we were close to being real friends… Wisp replied, shifting his emotions.*

“Sorry to burst your bubble,” Irene said, hesitantly, “But… you’re going to have to fight Mathias from now on, but he will not be friendly and considerate this time.”*

Wisp turned towards her, What… What do you mean?*

“What I mean is that Mandane is a necromancer and has Mathias’ soul,” Irene stated as bluntly as possible, “Knowing him, He’s already revived both Dervish and Mathias and has made them stronger than before.”*

Wisp visibly shook with rage, Necromancers… Worse than monsters... *

“I also have reason to believe that Mandane is restarting the Dark Crusade, which means that we’ll be constantly trying to protect the humans, leaving little time to plan for an attack.”*

Orpheus returned, repossessing Blue’s body. After fully reforming, he walked over to Irene, as the room darkened once more. “I thought I told you...Never... Come... Back. So Irene… Goddess of Torture and Pain… Where do you want to settle this? I know a few Islands in the Pacific that no human government will notice if they happen to be destroyed.” A dark sword appeared in Orpheus’ right hand, while his signature scythe appeared in his left.*

“That would be fun, but it’s very obvious that you need my help,” Irene chuckled, “So, I’ve only come here to offer my assistance, since I know more about the situation than you do.”*

“I don’t need your help, merely your head on a plate. And we both know that since I can’t die, you will have a hard time trying to defeat me. So… I could care less why you’re here, just that your presence breaks our previous agreement.” The room turned pitch-black, with the only sources of light being Orpheus and Irene. Orpheus stared at her for a long time, Going through his options. With a sigh, Orpheus allowed the area to brighten until it returned to it’s typical brightness. “Speak, Irene. And do it before my patience runs out.”*

“You’re going to have to be more specific,” Irene stated.*

“Share your information.”*

“All I have is what I already explained earlier and the names and powers of the remaining Sins,” Irene explained, “As well as something that is a bit more concerning...“*

“Either spill the information, or die. Either or.”*

“The sins you guys haven’t encountered are Shela Zanterson, Gretak, Zeke Zanterson and Thadias Thornspitter,” Irene began, “But the main problem is that a Human has obtained Demon and Angel blood and managed to survive infusing in him… at the same time… and will be a dangerous threat if his intention are not the most… favorable.”*

“What is the Human’s name, Dark God?” Orpheus growled, his sword floating from his hand to rest at Irene’s neck.*

“Simon Isaac Rivera, but his people call him SIR.”*

Orpheus nodded, more docile due to her information. “Alright. Now get out of this domain, and return only if you have useful information, lest I wear your body so I can spare Blue the torment of having to become me...”*

“Fine, no need to be impatient,” Irene said on her way out the door.*
The Midnight Meeting

Frostlich1228 as Mur-Murr

xXedge_lordXx as Mortis

It was the middle of the night, and all was… Relatively quiet, anyway. Aside from some moans of the risen dead in a manor not too far away. They’d be redead by sunrise, though, as that's when their master goes out into the world.

A figure of about 6’6”, pale and frail, with a hood over his face was in the garden out back though. This was their master, Mortis Seghor. He was the recluse that overlooked the local graveyard, trying to maintain it the best he could. He then spotted an out of place figure in the distance, approaching to see who or what it was.

A small woman with long, flowing black hair and large red tinted glasses was walking towards the graveyard, right behind a man who clearly could not get away from her fast enough. As he reached the back of the graveyard he realized he was cornered and began to beg for mercy, “Please! Please leave me alone! P-plleaasse…”

The woman smiled a thin, sick grin, “Stop being a baby… It’ not that bad…”

As Mortis watched, the woman slowly moved towards the man as he groveled on the ground, “You made that lady feel very sad…”

“Please! I already gave her back her purse! What more do you want?!”

The woman’s arm stretched out unnaturally, turning into a long fleshy claw which she used to hold the man up, “Some fun~”

She proceeds to use her other arm, turning it into a massive spike of bone, to kill him, driving it through his neck. As the man fell limp, the woman put a hand on the wound she created, causing the flesh to weave itself back together, bringing the man to life screaming in agony.

“Let him be dead, one death is enough.” Mortis chimed in, sweeping in from the shadows as he quickly beheaded the man. He then snapped his fingers as some undead brought the new corpse to an open grave, tossing both parts in. “Honestly, you really are a sadist, aren't you?”

“Uhh… Wha’s dat mean?” She asked, puzzled, “People have been calling me that week, you know, through their cute little screams…”

“You like to inflict pain unto others, not caring a bit in the world if they like it or not.” He said, sweeping closer, then looming over her. She could then see his predominantly silver eyes clearer, as well as the messy, raven black hair that was under the hood.

“Is that was that means… Mmm…” She put a finger on her chin, “Well I do think it’s fun… But I feel like they’re just being whiners… Ya know?”

“They whine because they're either in pain or know that they're going to be.” He stated, then sighing, “You just don't care, do you?”

“I care! … Okay not really… But I try! ...Okay not really…” She admitted.

“As I thought.” He sighed once more, the undead having come back from burying the dead man. “Why don't we discuss this at my manor over some tea?”

“Tea? Uhh… Sure… I’m not going to wake up in your bed in a few hours am I?” She asked sarcastically.

“Of course not, why?” He asks as he leads the way to the manor, the two undead at his heels like two loyal dogs.

“So, you like zombies? My daddy doesn’t really like zombies… He says they are a crutch for poopy soul mages…” She turned to him.

“Well, I'm no soul Mage, but I am a necromancer.” He replied, letting her inside first. He set up some tea in the living room, as well as those tiny sandwiches you see in tea places. You know the ones.

“That’s what my daddy calls them, Necrofancers… Dancers… Necromancers… Those guys... “ She quickly took her seat, “He says you gotta start somewhere with soully magic, but Necromancers just stick with the easy stuff and he doesn’t like that.”

“Once you get the hang of the basics, those may be easy, but there is so much more than that.” He corrected, a devilish grin across his face. It quickly dissipated, being replaced with an almost overly friendly smile as he poured her some tea.

“So… Why the spoopy castle?” She asked innocently.

“I like it.” He said simply.

“Where did you get it?”

“I had it built.”

“You must have a load of money… Is it from dead guy labor?”

“It was, and simple transmutation was how the materials were gotten. So, it didn't cost me a penny aside from the land.”

“Hmm… Are… You a dead guy too?” She asked, smiling.

He chuckled at the question, “Of course not, otherwise I would be a Lich, or if I were like those who served me we wouldn’t be speaking like this now.” He replied.

Her smile turned wicked as she looked the man up and down, “Hey, do you know where The Demon Society is? I’ve been looking for like a week… But I keep getting sidetracked…”

“I can get you a map of Seattle and circle it for you if you’d like.” He offered.

“Sweet! One thing though, the people at the HQ kicked me out yesterday… The nerve… I killed them, you know, to relieve stress, then I did it again, and again, and again…” She paused briefly, “What was I talking about? Right! I don’t think they guys there were expecting me though… Maybe… It’s a conspiracy!”

“Hmm, perhaps it is, in that case I can direct you to a few other places that members may be.” He said as he retrieved a piece of parchment with, as expected, a map of Seattle on it. He then circled a few empty lot looking places, “Don’t let the appearance on the map fool you, there’s more than what meets the eye in these places.” He commented as he handed the map to her.

“Sweet!” She took it, turned it left and right a few times, then looked back up at him, “So… You live here alone?”

“I do, aside from the undead here.”

“So… Would that mean you’re very… Lonely…?” She leaned in.

“At times I suppose so, why do you ask?” He inquired.

“Well… I could help… But I’m so shy…” He wrapped her arms around herself.

“Could you?” He asks, tilting his head ever so slightly. Oh the innocence of his tone.

“So? You really want to… Have some fun~?” She smiled widely, revealing a set of razor sharp teeth.

“What would you like to do? I have some games we could play if you’d like!” He said excitedly, not having had company in a while.

“I dunno… I was thinking of something else…” She replied, quickly leaping on top of him, pinning him to the ground with her bone claws, driving them through his arms, “You killed that man outside! YOU RUINED MY FUN YOU SPOILED SPORT! NOW I’LL HAVE TO USE YOU INSTEAD!”

He calmly wretched his arms free, having undead hands keep her in place as he got up and healed himself, “Now now, no need for that. There are plenty of… Toys, at the nearby prison. I’ll circle it in a different colour pen for you.” He said, grabbing a blue pen and circling the prison on her map. “Those you can play with.”

“C’mon! I just want to hear you beeeeeg… To sink my teeth into that chest of yours! No hard feels sweetie…” She purred.

“Well, ‘sweetie’, you’ll hear me beg when we get to know one another better, how’s that?” He chuckled, it turning to a slightly manic laughter. He then cleared his throat, sighing “Ah, but you’ll likely be gone for good after tonight, yes? Likely you won’t see me again.”

“I dunno… It’s a small world out there... hehehe… Maybe we will see eachother again.” Mur-Murr quickly morphed her own flesh around the hands, twisting it through it’s grip in a disturbing display.

“Perhaps, but that’s to be determined another day, no?”

“I guess so…” She smirked, digging her claw into the ground and using it to launch herself backwards through a nearby window before taking off down the street, giggling crazily the whole way.

Mortis looked out after her, chuckling a bit before murmuring to himself “What a bizarre little woman…”


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Professional Friends

ExoGrim as Mandane

xXedge_LordXx as Mortis

It was a dark night, the new moon being the cause of the seemingly unusual darkness in the sky. Had one not been paying attention, they would miss the manor that overlooked the local graveyard, as it was currently darkened, but not completely without activity. Moans from the undead echoed within, and in one window it was lit with soft candle light. The owner of the manor was still up at this hour, waiting for something to happen as he wrote in his large journal.*

Mandane walked up to the manor, readjusting his glasses as he opened the door. He checked his watch and made his way up the stairs. When any undead tried to approach him, he snapped his fingers and they would crumble, “For someone of great mastery, he sure loves his basics.”*

Mandane was then met by glowing, silvery blue eyes from the shadows just outside the study, a raspy breath asking, “Mandane, correct?”*

“Only been Grand Elder for a day and I’m already well known…” Mandane replied, “Yes, it is me.”*

He saw the figure nod, approaching the Sin, “I presume you know who I am, yes? If not, I’ll be happy to tell you.” A grin spread across the tall, pale man’s face as the candles all lit at once, providing some light into the hall they were in.*

“Mortis Seghor, one of the most famed necromancer of your time,” Mandane answered, “The Monks talked a lot about you. To be honest, I was expecting you to be dead by this point, but, you can never really expect anything… now can you.”*

Mortis chuckled, “I do believe once one is… bitten, it keeps them remarkably fresh, now doesn’t it?” He said as he grinned wider, showing what he meant. “Disciple of mine kept that little secret from me until she decided to try and feed off of me, said she would bring me back if I died… but, it ended up the other way around.” He elaborated, then shaking his head, “But we aren’t here to talk about my life story, now are we?”*

“Start to the point, eh?” Mandane murmured, “I have a bit of a dilemma. It turns out that forging a soul that was split is a lot harder than I originally thought, show I was looking for advice. And maybe some help with dealing with a few pests that have been giving a bit of a problem over the years.”*

Mortis pondered this for a moment, “What exactly split the soul? This has my interest piqued… But don’t worry, we shall get to the pests at a point.”*

“It turns out that when powerful dead are defiled, part of their soul is transferred back to the body, making them what’s called a Revenant. But, it turns out that after you kill the Revenant, the soul doesn’t from back together by itself, making my plans become delayed as I try and find a way to fuse the soul back together.”*

“So, you need my help to repair this broken soul?” Mortis mused, then cackling, “What a wonderful project! I haven’t done soul work in decades! This will be fun…”*

“I would advise caution though,” Mandane stated, “It turns out that the pests have The King in Yellow and Orpheus on their side, so anything at too strong of magnitude could bring their attention.”*

“Of course, I will most certainly be careful to not upset the two brats.” Mortis’s grin was turning rather wicked as the conversation went on, then he seemed to calm as he sighed a little, “Consider it done. Now, how would you like me to help with your little, roach problem?”*

“That depends on your fighting skills,” Mandane said, readjusting his glasses, “You’re not much use to me if you can’t fight.”*

“Of course I can fight, though the undead scoured about would tell a different story if you don’t pay attention. I can raise more than just the basic undead, it’s just that for day to day things such as serving afternoon tea requires not too powerful minions, you see.” Mortis explained, “Just the other night there was a peculiar little woman who killed a man outside, it was actually a rather exciting evening as she tried to kill me too!” He giggled, “In the end, she left, and I have the lingering suspicion we’ll see one another again rather soon.”*

“I’ll have to see if maybe I could talk to her,” Mandane said cracking his knuckles, “Anyway, let’s see exactly how skilled you are.”*

Mortis grinned devilishly, gesturing for Mandane to follow. He led the other to a collection of beastly graves, “This has to be my personal favourite of examples to show to people…” Mortis said as he approached a complete dinosaur fossil, raising the raptor from the dead. The raptor was more than obedient to Mortis once raised, causing him to chuckle as he pet the skull. “I have learned there is no limit on how old something can be to raise it, so, I had someone snag me some more… animal-like companions.” He said, turning to Mandane.*

“Impressive, yes… but that’s not what I was talking about,” Mandane replied. He dashed over to Mortis and socked him hard in the jaw and comboed into a double flip kick, before jumping back.*

The raptor immediately bit into Mandane’s arm, then leg, as Mortis summoned a saber toothed cat to accompany it, it biting into Mandane’s side as it pounced from behind. The combo had Mandane on the ground before Mortis called them off, rubbing his jaw.*

Mandane’s arm and leg slowly from black markings on them as he got up, “Nice little trick you got there. But now it’s my turn.” With a single blow, he obliterated the tiger, “Let’s see how a raptor can manage in a duel with a Monk of the Dark Arts.”*

Mortis first cleaned up the tiger’s remains and placed them back where they were, “Apologies for making you wait, I have a touch of OCD.” He said, the raptor clawing into Mandane’s face as it jumped up, then biting into his neck on the way down.*

The markings from on Mandane’s face and neck after each attack. He grabbed the raptor’s peak and slammed it into the ground, cracking the bone, “Not much use when you’re pinned, eh?”*

A large snake coiled around Mandane, biting into his hand to get him to let go of the raptor, allowing it to then bite into Mandane’s face and neck with its large jaws. Multiple other snakes then joined the first, binding Mandane to where he could no longer move.*

“Soul Siphon.” Mandane muttered, the snakes slowly crumbling as the souls that powered them were drained, “Now let’s see how well you do without your undead army.”*

Mortis conjured his staff, facing Mandane, “Then come at me.”*

Mandane dashed in, shattering Mortis’s left forearm as he swept in for the kill.*

Mortis knocked Mandane out with a swing of the staff, then healed his forearm as he dragged Mandane back to the manor, having healed the accidental skull fracture he’d given him. When Mandane woke, he was in a strange bed unfamiliar to him, but at least he was able to recognise his surroundings.*

“Looks like things might be a bit interesting, even if he got a lucky shot,” Mandane muttered to himself as he made his way back to the HQ, leaving the invite to his promotion celebration on the way out.*