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This will be the official posting area for the collab (between me, @Black0ut, @Frostlich1228 and @smallelvenprince) called Demon Society. I would like to apologize for posting earlier than I said I would, I'm not the best at being on time :oops:
I would like to thank all those involve (see names above) for joining and bringing unique characters.
Like... dislike... I don't care (ratings are broken anyway).
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Intro 1- Patience is Key

Winter entered the room with a smug grin on her face. She had grown so used to the Cartel House that it started to feel like home to her. Al Capone sat in his arm chair, waiting for what Winter had. She set the briefcase down and innocently said, “Is this what you’re looking for?”

Al Capone shook his finger, “Always jumping to conclusion I see. Well… I guess you were always the best at that too… especially with that Calculator of yours.”

“Oh, you mean my Demon Sense? It’s nothing special,” Winter gave out with a small bit of pride, “But I’m guessing that you want your 30.85 billion dollars you worked so hard to get.”

Al Capone sighed, “Again with the accurate conclusion. But yes, it would be nice if you could give that back.”

“Well I have it in my briefcase right now,” Winter gloated as she opened her briefcase, revealing several stacks of cash, “Too bad that the cops are showing up soon. Otherwise I would give it to you right now.”

Everyone in the House started to panic, “The cops?!”

People started to rush supplies into their escape vans. Everyone bumped into everyone as they hastily prepared to gun it. The place quickly began to look like a headless chicken farm. Al Capone didn’t seem to budge an inch, but he did move about a half a millimeter. Actually, he was shaking in 2 millimeter increments, at a speed of about 10 millimeters a second.

Finally, he got up and yelled, “The hell do you mean the cops are showing up soon!?”

“Well, they spotted me during my last run and manage to put a tracking device on me wasn’t looking,” Winter calmly explained, “So I have reason to believe they’ll be here in 8.55 minutes from now.”

“You’re a sly kitty, but an accurate one at that,” Al Capone remarked, “Alright, we have 8 minutes to get the hell outta here.”

“7.95 if you don’t want get spotted,” Winter retorted.

“Oh shut up and get to the roofs already!” Al Capone snapped.

Winter grabbed her briefcase and put her hood over head. The hood was meant to hide her cat ears, the thing that made her Demon heritage evident. She put her free hand in the pocket of her hoodie and trotted off to get on the high ground to the intersection in which the crew would take their run.

When she made her way to the roof of a restaurant, the cold air chilled down Winter’s spine. The Seattle air was frosted and heavy, the only way she wanted it. She spun her briefcase in her hand, turning into a rifle mid motion. Winter pointed the gun out into the street, scanning the area. She had about 5.87 minutes before Al Capone made his dastardly escape. After a few seconds to steady her aim, Winter was ready to take the shot.

As Al Capone’s van rushed through traffic, Winter pulled the trigger with perfect timing. The shot took out the front-right tire frame. The van spun out of control quickly, crashing into a street light. Winter jumped off the roof to see if the job was done… something she should have been doing a long time ago.

Al Capone, who remained unscaved, got out of the van, more furious than ever, “What kind of treachery is this?”

“What do you mean by treachery?” Winter remarked softly, “I’m merely a member the Demon Society.”

“Demon Society eh?” Al Capone readjusted his collar, “Well, it’s gonna take more than kitty like yourself to beat Al Capone.”

“But you’re not the real Al Capone, now are you,” She said, “Since he died 30.69 years ago.”

“How did you know?” The faker asked.

“It’s simple really. Just mere homework.” Winter replied, spinning her rifle in her hand. The rifle was now a shotgun. She pointed it at the faker, who was now frozen in place by her magic. As the ice trinkle up his neck, she said, “You had always seemed to forget that patience is key. I merely waited you out, using each of your achievements against you.”

“Don’t think you can get away with this!” The faker spat, “My brothers will have your head for this!”

“Too bad that they won’t find out,” Winter said as she pulled the trigger on him.

With the threat dealt with and the cops showing up soon, Winter changed her gun back to briefcase and put her hood on. She looked up at the stars, as it was night now. The Guardians were watching her, seeing her remove those that wanted to destroy mankind. She slowly hurried off after her stargazing moment… she did have 6.66 hours to get back to Headquarters for status reports.


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"The Power of a Soul Core"

The city had been flooded with disappearances as of late, but not of the living kind. Bodies in the morgues around the area had been reported missing by the staff, two or three each month, a small number, but it was certainly not a coincidence. Wisp had been assigned to the investigation, these thieves were hiding somewhere, and with its special sight, it’d be more easily able to see them.

After investigating the morgues who had reported the disappearances, Wisp had come up with nothing. It left the last morgue on its list, cloaked in its own magic to form an elaborate human disguise. It took the form of an almost pale white man who was rather tall and lanky, wearing a grey suit with a black tie with a set of matching grey shoes. Its hair was ebony, spiked in all directions; it pushed up its glasses as it walked, behind them were his green eyes that seemed to shimmer and flicker like a roaring flame.

“Oh poo… We haven’t found anything at all yet…” It said to itself, “There has to be something, Whomever is responsible can’t hide from us forever!”

All of a sudden Wisp stopped; as people walked past it on their way back and forth from work, Wisp felt something below the ground, in the sewer system. Soul magic mixed and swirled below them, but it was primitive, not nearly as pure as its own. It sensed multiple lifeforms pulsing with the magic, stuffed into them violently like a doll, each holding far more than a normal person would ever be able to. In the center stood a man, focusing the magic through himself like a conduit, creating a web of soul strands to pull the others around like puppets. Wisp had seen this kind of magic before, it was one of the most basic kinds of soul magic, making it popular among humans due to it’s ease of use: Necromancy.

Wisp made its way into the sewers through a manhole in the sidewalk, being awarded a few strange glances from the locals, but that didn’t matter to it. Wisp quickly reached the end of the latter, the swirling energy mixing with the sloshing sludge water and putrid air was a wretched combination, but it pushed on down the tunnel, determined.

“We’re almost there now…” It said to itself, “This magic is wrong, he has stolen the corpses of many of the city’s dead, we won’t let him defile more…”

Wisp reached a thin, round, grate, taking a few minutes to crawl through to the other side. As it made its way out, it was greeted with the sight of an unholy sanctum amidst the refuse, filled with ritual circles and candles to aid in the flow of ambient energy. Wisp’s eyes set on the man in the middle of it all, who was surrounded on both sides by the reanimated dead as he twisted souls between his fingers, most likely that of rats and other vermin. The necromancer quickly picked up on Wisp’s presence, appearing to him as a bright sun in the darkness.

“Well…” The mage turned around, “You certainly aren’t an average human, not only did you find me down here, but your soul… It burns like a brazier! You must be another wielder of the dark arts…”

Wisp chuckled childishly, “Silly, we aren’t like you, we’d never stoop to the level of a base necromancer!”

The necromancer picked up on the strange tone change, he was probably beginning to realize that this man, may not be a man at all. “And what makes me base? I’m simply using the same magic you seem to be filled with…”

“You idiot, our magic is in its purest form, unlike yours…” Wisp replied, “Your watered down usage spits in the face of true soul magic… It pains me to see it used in such a sad manner…”

The necromancer seemed confused, then his face quickly twisted to anger, “True soul magic? And what would you know of that? Mine is just as powerful as yours!”

“That’s funny! It’s so cute that you think that, your magic is wood to our gold, but please, test yours against ours, maybe you could win…” Wisp said, smirking devilishly.

“Fine… I’ll be happy to use your soul! It’ll power far more corpses than these rats ever could!” The necromancer snapped his fingers, causing the eight undead that surrounded him to turn and face Wisp. With another snap, they rushed towards him with a cold bloodthirst.

Wisp’s smiled sadistically, hungry for battle as he formed a concentrated ball of soul fire in his left hand. As the closet zombie swung its arms towards him, Wisp rolled to the side and scorched the nearest three with a cone of rainbow fire, that swirled together with whites, reds, blues, and greens. The fire used the overstuffed soul energy as kindling, causing an explosion that ripped the raised dead apart violently from the inside out, splatting the nearby area with gore.

The necromancer’s eyes widened at the show of power, quickly commanding his remaining undead to flank the pale man.

Wisp shook its head at the creatures, “You shouldn’t have done that…”

It quickly spread its arms out, sending a wave of chill towards the undead around it, freezing each one solid and causing them to shatter like glass upon hitting the floor. At this point, the necromancer was backing up, clearly terrified, not even bothering to give orders to the last two undead, allowing them to rush forward in bloodlust.

Wisp stood there as the creatures approached, “Please… Hit me… Just once…”

However, as they neared him, iron spikes launched out of Wisp’s body, impaling the zombies, but revealing its true form. As the magic settled, the necromancer set his eyes on his enemy, an ever rotating, ever hovering ball covered with pulsing engravings, adorned with four white masks hovering slightly over the surface on each cardinal direction. The masks each had a unique design, one depicted a grinning, horned devil, another depicted a smiling, soft angel, yet another depicted the visage of a weeping man, and the last showed a face of pure rage. Through each of the mouths, the necromancer could see the power he saw before much more clearly, a heart made of burning soulfire, the core that powered the unholy contraption that floated his way.

Now helpless, the necromancer crawled back, screaming in fear, “W-What… What the hell are you!?”

The ball hovered over him, the masks switching as it spoke, “We are W-797, but prefer to go by, WispWispWispWisp…"

The orb spun faster and faster as the anger mask locked onto the necromancer, a powerful, charged blast forming in its mouth, and after the blink of an eye, the man’s soul was instantly vaporized, his cheap magic not being nearly enough to survive the concentrated, soul-plasma beam.


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“Timeless Death”

12 o’clock AM.

“Heh. That should be the last one. After this potion, I'll be set for life!” The alchemist exclaimed with glee. Walking carefully past the fallen body of a police officer, he failed to notice the figure at the end of the street. As the figure approached, the streetlights seemed to darken and fade altogether, as if the bulbs had succumbed to a deadly disease.

“Typical humans…” the figure muttered, “Always assuming there are no consequences to their actions…”

As the alchemist put the potion in a briefcase, he noticed the lack of lights. Quickly, he grabbed the briefcase and bolted for his dresser, finding his pistol. He went to the front door firing into the body of the man walking, several bullets embedding themselves into his chest, causing the figure to fall to the ground. The potion-maker went to his garage and jumped in his car. Starting the car up, he opened the garage door and sped off leaving behind his lab.

Sighing with relief, the potion-maker smiled, happy that he'd lost his pursuer. " I'm do happy That asshole didn't bring backup, or else I'd really be screwed." his smile quickly faded when he looked into his rearview mirror. The figure, an old man around 80 or 90, sat in the back of the car with an unlit cigar. “Mind if I smoke? I haven't had a-” The man began, before the alchemist grabbed the briefcase and jumped out of the car.
Tumbling, he finally came to a stop, just in time to see his car crash into a barrier.

“D-did I get him?!” the bloodied alchemist wondered aloud nervously.

“No,” The old man answered tiredly, stepping in front of the potion-maker, albeit with a sigh, “You just ruined a perfectly good Cuban. And before you try to ruin again, Just listen to reason, ok?” The alchemist nodded, slowly looking for his case.

“Now, I don't want to hurt you, cause you look like a nice kid. How about you hand me that potion and promise to never make another, aaaand maybe I'll forget this incident ever occurred.” the demon offered, moving his hand forward.

“Never.” the alchemist quickly responded, opening the briefcase and pulling out the potion. He quickly took the top off and drank the potion. He began screaming almost immediately, his body morphing, changing, growing, the 5 foot 4 man quickly reaching 10 ft. tall. The monstrosity turned towards the old man, only to realize he wasn't there.

“Over here, beautiful.” A deep voice growled.

The beast turned again to see a figure, looking almost skeletal, clad in ebony armour, wielding two swords with the same coloring. His eyes burned red, two fiery coals that threatened to engulf the alchemist's will. Quickly, the figure slashed at monster, cutting the beast deeply. The giant roared in anger and pain, and swiped at his armored foe, missing the diminutive figure, enraging the former man even more. Over and over, he swung at the ebony-clad man, and over and over, he missed, with the figure retaliating by cutting him further. Eventually, the armored man swiped at the alchemist, ensuring he would never see again. The giant soon fell, his wounds getting the better of him.

“It's time someone showed you how fun dismemberment truly is!” The Demon said with murderous glee, raising his swords high for a killing blow.

“What the hell are you? Who the hell are you?” The former alchemist screamed in pain, his wounds showing his weakened state.

“I am all that you wronged. I am everyone you killed. I am all who wish for justice. I am a Revenant. However, I think your tortured screams will suffice. As for my name, call me… T.D. for Timeless Death.” The undead replied, his eyes growing brighter, making the gates of hell seem like a more inviting area, “Let’s get to work on that body of yours…”

The alchemist stood up, almost as if in a hypnotic state, and reached out to the voice, retrieving a sword from the Revenant, before following through with the ancient undead’s words.
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"Bloody Flowers"

It was a stormy night, arrow marks and bloodstains being washed away in an alleyway. “Resquiete de pace.” A soft, feminine voice murmurs, disappearing from the sight. It was an unfortunate turn of events for a healer, but sometimes what needs to be done, has to be done.

Her name was Dollie Flowers, and she loved red and flora of many types, frequently both at the same time, but not on nights like this.

Another being trying to threaten humanity, what was she to do? Let the monster go around eating souls for eternity? Of course not. She hated doing this to other things, especially since her compulsion is to heal and not to harm.

This is something she had to do in her line of work, to both heal and harm, but the latter protected people, helped them. She didn't want to, but for humanity’s sake it was a must, even if it was a thankless job.

She took time to meditate, to pray and to wash away negativity, and blood, from the hours before. “Poor creature probably didn't know what it was doing… I wish I'd been able to teach it different.” She said in the silence of her apartment, then blowing out the candles before tending to her red cosmos in the window. “It was for a greater good though…” She sighed, sitting in a nearby chair.

Dollie looked out the window, becoming lost in thought. Why did she want to do this job? Why help humanity? She asked herself these questions and more as she sat, then noticing what she was looking at.

She found herself staring at a small bird with a broken wing on the telephone wire just outside. She opened the window and gingerly brought it in, placing a gentle hand on its little wing. The bird then sprung back to life after a little green glow, “There. All better.” Dollie chimed, letting it outside once more.

She then went to bed, slightly happier than she would have been going to bed earlier. She then answered one of her own questions, why she wanted to help humanity. It was because, like that broken bird, they are creatures of this world as well, and they needed help, whether they knew it or not.


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Questions and Answers: Why Should You Lead?
ExoGrim as Winter
Black0ut as T.D.

Recordings from Agent Simon Isaiah Rivera via a covert listening device, coupled with an Agent’s reported sightings of a old man labeled T.D. and a young girl named Winter.

T.D.: Do you think you can defeat me, Winter? Or, alternatively, what do you think about our mutual soul-based entity?”

Winter: Fighting you, I’d probably only have a 5.89% chance of winning. Though I do have at least a 98.55% chance of getting every shot on you if we were to fight. As for the Soul Core, he seems a bit boring and doesn’t have a true personality… plus I can only calculate his volume due to his spherical form.

T.D.: Oh? What do you think I would do if I revealed my true form to you, and attacked you? Also do you have any wine? I’m a little thirsty…

Winter: Well, I’ve only fought one Revenant so far, I ended up being the only survivor (shakes nervously). I’m not strong enough to challenge you yet, but I might get stronger in the near future. And why are you asking an 18 year old for wine…?

T.D.: (his eyes glowed red briefly, before returning to the illusionary ‘human eyes’) You’re a demon that doesn’t drink? I find that a little hard to believe. If I don’t drink something to alleviate my murderous rampage… well… (The illusion evaporated, the Revenant’s true form appearing from where the old man once sat, his eyes glowing red) I’d. Kill. You. Where. You. Stand. (the illusionary form returns) So, I’ll ask you two more questions. One, Why do you want to lead our squad? Two, Will you attempt to not sound condescending? I think you’re a nice girl, so… aggravating me to the point of thinking about decapitating you isn’t really a good thing.

Winter: (sighs briefly) before I answer those questions, my dad has a bottle of scotch, if you’re interested.

T.D.: I would love to have some scotch. Although, your attempts to pacify me are noticed and appreciated.

Winter: (pulled a bottle of scotch from the pantry and and a bottle of fish sauce from the fridge, opening both and handing TD the scotch, while drinking from the fish sauce) You must know, to start off, I have no idea what condescending means, so if you could define that please.

T.D.: (sighs, then seemingly disappears from the room, probably ran out of the room. Target moved too fast to record, and thus is lost. Five minutes later, he returned with a laptop and sat down handing the computer to the other demon.) Your generation uses these… electronic devices? Look it up.

Winter: (quickly looks up condescending) Oh! I didn’t mean to sound like that to begin with! My bad sir. (rubs the back of her head in embarrassment)

T.D.: You’re fine. It’s fun seeing you all flustered and embarrassed. Let’s see… You still haven’t answered my first question. (his eyes turned into two burning red orbs, emphasizing every word slowly with deliberate malice) Why should you lead? (took a sip of the scotch, his eyes returning to their faux state)

Winter: Right, I feel that I should lead because I have a better understanding of the area and the people in it. I also have unmatched mathematical skills and the best strategic prowise of my generation. I’m willing to do what it takes to protect the humans from what they can’t themselves.

T.D.: Combat skills?

Winter: I’ve been in a unit before and I’ve completed five solo missions, each requiring some form of combat.

T.D.: (snorts) Yet, even with a small army, I'd wipe the floor with you.

Winter: No need to be so quick to judge sir. We Demons have grow stronger than back in you time. You have seen the Grand Elder... haven’t you?

T.D.: (tilting his head) And how do you suppose they developed their strategies? Who do you think helped them become the force they are now?

Winter: I can estimate that you helped found the Demon Society, but the strategies are different for each leader, making it more of a variety on how things get done.

T.D.: (chuckles) I didn't help create the Demon Society. I trained it. For example, I have noted that you don't trust me, evident with how you refuse to look away from me. I have had 28 openings to attack and kill you. I'm not going to harm you, though. That'd be like harming an ant. Observe. (T.D. apparently teleports at this point behind ‘Winter’ and holds his cane to the back of her neck, cutting her slightly, which is pretty creepy) Young one, your order refused to allow an undead to join, based on the slim chance that a rogue, powerful Necromancer took control of me. Only recently have they allowed me to join the group I raised. Please don't make assumptions. They often upset me.

Winter: 341.58 meters per seconds… you almost broke the sound barrier. I am impressed by your skill and speed. But you had a miscalculation. There were 34 openings you could have taken, not 28. Just thought I’d let you know.

T.D.: (apparently, the ‘undead’ nods his head) But why would I reveal all possible attacks, should you turn out to be an enemy. I could totally take you out right now. However, my girl? I think you're adorable. Unfortunately, that means I'll test your will. Prepare yourself. (The lights in the building apparently died, with the man’s eyes being the only light source, at the time.) You failed. Not bad though. Your will is impressive, as not many could fight as well as you do. Now tell me three things: What is your name, Where did you get that briefcase, and would you be interested in going to a restaurant after this?

Winter: My name is Winter Johnson, rookie member of the Demon Society. The briefcase is an heirloom of my mother's, before she died. As for the restaurant… there better be really good fish. (at this point, Winter finished drinking the fish sauce and threw the bottle in the recycling bin) You also have a stronger presence than the other Revenant. He didn’t seem to realize that it’s harder to bend a multi souled creature, such as cats.

T.D.: (He apparently moved his sword away from her neck, before any damage was done. This is pretty crazy, boss) I appreciate the compliment, but I don't particularly enjoy those things. Winter. You’ve got balls of steel. You passed.

Winter: Well, that’s not a compliment I’m used to. Real quick though. (As she pulled a piece tech off of T.D.’s back) What do you want to do about the listening device on your back? This looks like human technology.

T.D.: I know. I let them listen in. You see, Winter, I could remove it, but doing so eliminates the fear tactic I've employed. They know I'm dead, they know I can reach their van that's parked across the street in under a few seconds, and they know I could kill them all before they even turned the ignition on. They’d be very wise to not share this report, if they value the lives of their families. After all, I took their badges and memorized the names. (The old man looked stumped for a moment, then his face turned red, as his eyes turned back to normal eyes) Sorry for controlling you for so long. How do you feel?

Winter: I have a bit of a headache, but I’ll be fine. But in the meantime (she said as gunfire filled the streets) I have to get back to target practice. These streets won’t clean themselves. (She grabbed her briefcase, which suddenly turned into a rifle, and walked over to the window. Damn it boss, what did you get me into)

T.D.: Winter. We'll not kill anyone. I will deal with any enemy we encounter, so just cover me and try not to maim them.

Winter: Who said I was gonna kill them? They have legs for a reason.

T.D.: No maiming, or I won't take you to my go-to sushi restaurant. While they have an all-you-can-eat buffet going on. And I'd be footing the bill.

Winter: (Her mouth seems to drool at the bribe… what is with this girl’s obsession with fish anyway) So, where should I be aiming for then?

T.D.: Go for either their weapons, or scare them in my general direction. Did I mention I’m friends with the owner?

(She gave him a salute, and by that point I left. That is everything I heard. End report.)
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Blood And Ice: Unique People

ExoGrim as Winter

Smallelvenprince as Dollie

Dollie was doing signature spontaneous cartwheels down the hall, singing a song as she had just departed from meeting someone else just earlier, not noticing a new person as she wheeled on by. Unfortunately, this person’s briefcase ended up smacking Dollie in the face mid cartwheel.

Winter didn’t pay much mind to the woman she hit, she had more important things to do. She glance over, to make sure there was no permanent damage, then quickly trotted off.

Dollie, dazed and bruised slightly, sat up from her faceplant. She healed her nose with a snap back into place. “Wonder who that was…?” She mumbled as she curiously looked in the mystery girl’s direction.

Winter made her way to the restaurant, then realized her talk with T.D. wasn’t until tomorrow. She lowered her head in embarrassment, then went back to see if the woman she hit was okay. At the very least, I should apologize. She was only 1.22 miles away anyway.

She found Dollie sitting in an alley near where the collision had happened, blowing bubbles to her heart’s content as she failed to notice Winter. The bubbles appeared in different shapes, despite the classic, round bubble wand.

“You're quite childish for woman in her twenties.” Winter observed, “May I ask what your name is ma’am?”

“Dollie, Dollie Flowers. How ‘bout you?” She inquired, putting down her bubbles by her side.

“I’m Winter Johnson, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” Winter said, freezing one of the bubbles so it landed in her hand, “I have feeling that you’re not exactly human… judging by that magic. Are you a Demon by any chance?”

“One succubus at your service~” Dollie chimed, just soft enough for only Winter’s ears to hear. She rests her head in her hand, looking up from the ground she sat on.

“A succubus eh?” Winter chuckled letting out a large grin, “You must be using the idea of the loli to get guys attracted to you.”

“I'm a two sided coin, you just get to see the heads side… unless you wanna see the tails too.” Dollie winked, giggling girlishly as she leaned back against the brick wall behind her.

“Well, with what I’ve researched on the Internet, I’m fine with this form,” Winter remarked, “But that’s besides the point. If you’re still active, that means I’m going to have to kill you.” Her briefcase turning into a shotgun as she spoke.

“Woah woah, hey now there’s no need for that.” The succubus raised her hands in some kind of surrender, “I don't steal souls like most succubi do. I'm a healer, and an archer, those don't include hurting humans, capiche?”

“A healer.” Winter said, putting her finger on her chin, “Do you know of the Demon Society by any chance?”

“‘Course I do.” Dollie smiled, starting to relax again. “I was hoping to join in on it, actually.”

“Well, I happen to be a member myself,” Winter said with glee and pride, “I might be able to get you in, if you want.”

“I’d love the opportunity~!” Dollie squealed, hopping straight up as her bubbles disappeared to parts unknown.

Winter seemed to freeze in place. She knew this feeling. And she knew that it meant bad news. She quickly looked around to see if she could calculate the locations of the enemy. Then she saw the bullet, heading for Dollie. She intercepted the attack and fell to the ground… blood gushing from her shoulder.

Dollie gasped, quickly putting up a barrier in case the shooter tried for either of them a second time. Then, she dropped next to Winter, placing gentle hands on her shoulder, “This is gonna hurt, but I don't want that bullet stuck in there the rest of your life…” She said before prying the cold metal out, the blood just gushing more. Dollie then did a sewing motion with her fingers, a mystic thread and needle coming in behind where the movement was. The wound was then closed, Dollie then saying to Winter, “Hey, you still with me?”

“Yeah, I’m still here,” Winter said as her hood fell off her head, revealing her long hair and cat ears, “But what are Demon Hunters doing here? At this time of day?"

“The answer is simple,” A slender man carrying a rifle said, “It’s whether or not you want to know.”

“Well, you're gonna have two choices, one of which I hope you won't choose.” Dollie said, a charm on her bracelet coming to full form; a bow, which as she drew the string, an arrow of energy appeared in it. “You're either gonna say, or you're gonna die.”

“Well, we happened to figure out that you creatures are no longer nightwalkers,” The man said, “So the boss sent me to deal with you two. If I had known I’d find Blood and Ice, I would had planned a better intro.”

Dollie sighed in annoyance, “Go freakin’ figure.” She mumbled, then aiming the bow at the man’s heart. “Leave. Now.”

“Do you really think that’s going to work,” The Hunter bursted into laughter, “I’m wearing a anti-magic cloak. No attack you can pierce it.” The man was completely oblivious to Winter sneaking behind him with her cat-like grace.

Dollie rolled her eyes at him, “Yeah, okay.” She said with a snarky tone, noticing what Winter’s plan was as she put on her best poker face. She then withdrew in a deceitful surrender to the hunter.

The man bursted into another laugh, until he heard Winter cock her gun behind him. She chimed in with a simple, “Could you repeat that last part?”

“Uhm, you can’t pierce my anti-magic cloak?” He said nervously.

“I think you know where I’m going with this, Dollie.”

Dollie smiled, “So…” She then placed the knife charm, now full sized, against the hunter’s throat, “Should we leave ‘im or…? I mean I know I don't usually like hurting people, but this guy seems like a real dick.”

Winter hit the hunter with the butt of her rifle, “Nah, I’m sure the Grand Elder has better use of him alive. I say we bring him back to HQ and see about you getting in,” She gave Dollie a coy smile.

Dollie smiled wider, withdrawing and shrinking her knife back down. “You got any handcuffs to restrain him?”*

“No, but I have ice,” Winter remark.

“I'm sure that'll do ‘icely’.” Dollie chuckled.

Winter chuckled herself, putting ice around the man’s wrist, “No need for puns, let’s go.”
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Frostlich1228 & Smallelvenprince

Demon Society Headquarters
1400 Hours

Wisp walked down the hall in his human form, returning to his room after a day of studying the fascinating creatures and their singular personalities, he came across an interesting sight.

Dollie had been cartwheeling down the hall before him, singing an Anna Kendrick song as she had done so. She hadn't noticed the bad boy, boy band looking man she just wheeled by, simply continuing on her way.

Excuse me miss, what is that you are doing? Wisp said, turning towards the woman.

She stopped just long enough to hear him, “Huh? Oh, just cartwheelin’. I was bored waiting on everyone to show up to the briefing.”

Briefing? I wasn’t aware of a briefing… Wisp’s head lowered slightly.

“It's an introductory briefing, so everyone meets each other. I'm Dollie by the way, what's your name stranger?” She asks him, approaching and tilting his head back up to her eye level.

Me? I’m Wisp! It spoke smiling, Dollie huh? Interesting...

She seemed to catch on to his multi sided personality, “So, how many times you gonna switch on me, Wisp?” She inquires with just a hint of snark.

Well, aren’t you quick… I hope you don’t have a problem with it… It answered.

“‘Course not, honey. Just makin’ sure I got my ducks in a row ‘bout you first. Besides, I already find you interesting…” She just slightly cooed, leaning perhaps a little too close, a little too intimately.

Well then… You like me? That’s interesting…

“Well, you're interesting, so colour me interested.” She grinned a bit devilishly, withdrawing as she giggled. “You and I, switchy, we could either be best friends or I could be your worst nightmare. Play your cards carefully.”

You assume you are even a threat to me, but fine, friends it is… It replied slowly.

“Atta boy, makin’ connections, ‘round here it's necessary in the subtle game that's played. We team up, we just might win.” Dollie smirked, patting his cheek. “Also, you with the green undertone, I think I like you most…”

You can tell? I need to fine tune this disguise then… It sighed loudly.

“Now, now, don't be so sad about it. I've got an eye for detail is all, sweetie. Don't be too down about it, okay?” She assured with a soft hum.

I was just so proud of it is all… It took me a long time to make.

“I’d be proud too, you look damn handsome in it.” She encouraged, “So be proud of it, no one who’s human would tell those undertones apart. I’m not human, that's why I'm able to know and actively look for it.”

It took even longer to make due to my original form being so different…. An absolute pain in the ass. It grumbled angrily.

“Damn.” She softly said, “Well, that just makes it even more impressive.”

Well thanks lady! That’s really nice of you to say! Wisp said, smiling brightly.

“There's that innocent smile.” She smiled with him, “Now, could ol’ snarky in there show me a devilish smirk? Kinda curious about his smile.”

Curiosity is dangerous, but this time, I’ll indulge you. It said, giving the demon her smile.

“You know what they say, ‘curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back’.” She remarked, grinning in a more sly manner back at him. She gave him a boop on the nose with a giggle, leaning up against him.

So… What is it you do here, Miss Dollie? It asked the succubus curiously.

“Well, I'm a healer and an archer, but mostly healer.” Dollie answered, beginning to circle around him a bit like a predator to prey.

Despite her circling, Wisp stayed as resolute as ever. So, how do you heal? The Animus Tree? Soul Magic?

“Soul magic is right on the money, my good man.” She said, “Spirit healing is in fact my specialty. Now, what do you do?”

I’m a Soul magus, a powerful offensive mage using the Animus Tree in it’s purest form, not like those foul necromancers, ever spitting in the face of the ancient art. It explained in detail.

She comes up behind him, leaning on his back, “Well, there's something we can agree on, hot head.” She purrs in his ear, hands on his shoulders.

Well… That’s interesting… I’m starting to like you more and more Miss Dollie! It spoke lightheartedly, turning around to face her.

“I’m startin’ to like you more and more too, sweetheart~” She cooed, stroking his cheek as her stare softened.

Well yeah! Uh… Miss… Dollie… It scratched its head awkwardly.

She turns to the way back to the briefing room, walking with spring in her step as she mentions “You should show me that original form of yours sometime, switchy.”

And you as well, Rosey… Wisp replied quickly, giving her a wave goodbye.


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Action are better than Words: The Hell that is Dervish
ExoGrim as Dervish
Frostlich1228 as Oni

Dervish kicked down the door with style… style meaning he had no concern for safety. Everyone turned to see who it was, even the actors on stage. Dervish spat into the corner and began his swag walk, “I can’t believe you people even watch this shit. Shakespeare is soooo overrated.”

Oni rolled his eyes as his half-brother walked towards him, “It’s only overrated because you’re a degenerate with no taste for the classics”

Dervish chuckled, “Well, at least I have class. But that beyond the point, why did you bring me here. Other than a few kills that is.” His grin grow wider during his last sentence.

“Because I have a problem that needs to be dealt with…” He said, motioning for his brother to sit beside him.

Dervish sat next to his brother, using his magic to lock the doors, “Explain fast, these people won’t kill themselves.”

“I want to bring down The Demon Society, you have heard of them right?” He casually turned his head.

“Oh, those pathetic brats. I’m still at the ‘Grand’ Elder for forming that organization. Do you even realize how hard my job’s been since that started?” Dervish said, shooting someone in the head without really aiming, “So yes, I’ve heard of them… And I’d be happy to help.”

“So, they’ve been affecting you too?” He confirmed, cracking his knuckles, “Well, that makes this a lot easier… Not only did they slam the door in my face and deny me entry into their clubhouse, they ran me out with some of their pet demons on my tail… Said they didn’t take undead like me… Idiots… They don’t know what they turned away…”

“Considering that we’re related, they probably had more motivation than you think,” Dervish said, killing two more people, “But, I guess there no point in trying to stop you. I’d enjoy some pay back. And as for affecting, their not that big a problem, I usually kill them easily.”

“No doubt you do… But it’s not just the fact that they idiotically turned someone of my caliber away for being an undead… They’re massive hypocrites… My sources say they recently brought a revenant into their fold, probably some amatuer that barely comes close to my strength in magic…” Oni explained, “I’m glad you’re so eager… Because I’m going to kill them all, burn their little fort to the ground, and build a mansion on the ashes with the money I’ll get… I’ve gotten quite a few offers from people who want them gone, one way or another… And of course, I’ll split it with you sixty-forty.”

Dervish grinned, “And I already have a plan in mind.”

He shook his head, “Your plans aren’t historically sound brother, but I feel like we’re think the same thing here… We kill everyone in this theatre, that should draw the attention of The Society’s heavies, after this, it’s onto phase two…”

“Actually…” Dervish trotted off, speech wise, “I had a particular unit in mind. It has your little revenant grudge in it, who I’d like to say is called T.D.. And a annoying succubus that I’d very much like to show my gun. So, if we want to get their attention, we’re going to have to step it up a notch. I say the only thing we leave here is human ashes.”

Oni smiled wickedly, “Take down the building too, just for good measure.”

Dervish sent out an electrical pulse, that immediately burned the theatre to the ground, “Now that that’s done, let’s get to waiting and planning phase two.”


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The 11 New Souls: the Cat, the Succubus, and the Revenant

ExoGrim as Winter and the Grand Elder

Smallelvenprince as Dollie

Black0ut as T.D.

Frostlich1228 as Wisp

As Wisp entered the Grand Elder’s hall, it canceled its disguise in order to speak to him face to face, transforming back into his normal form. As Wisp floated into the room, it gazed up at the Elder, being that first time they had met face to face.

“It’s nice to see that you could make it, Wisp,” The Grand Elder said as the orb approached, “How was the issue with the missing corpses?”

The problem was dealt with, Wisp said, his faces swapping back and forth from each of his personalities. A necromancer was desecrating the tombs of the dead, stealing bodies from around the city to raise… We killed him, easily, he was a amatuer testing his limits at best…

“That’s good to hear, it’s so hard to trust undead with them walking around,” The Grand Elder glance over at the corner, “Are you going to hide there all day T.D.?”

“Perhaps. I am quite old, you know.” An elderly voice responded, as an old man stood up from the corner. “Although, not all undead are susceptible to necromancy. I think I prove that theory quite well.”

“Well, how about you meet Wisp? It’s a new soul core that we found and you’ll be working with,” the Grand Elder said with a smirk

“Oh?” The man walked slowly over to the glowing orb, his cane tapping on the floor. “This shrimp is working with me? I feel a little insulted you'd think that little of me, G.”

Wisp didn’t turn or move, simply rotating his rage mask to face the revenant. That’s interesting, coming from a decayed, soul-stuffed abomination like you.

The old man seemed to evaporate as a figure clad in ebony, with a skeleton head appeared in his place. “Don't test me, specter. I didn't commit a crime so heinous that I was split in four, nor did I act childish, like yourself”

I may act childish! But I’m still better at magic than you! Even an advanced undead still pales in comparison to the purity of the power I wield. It replied quickly.

“Alright,” the Grand Elder snapped, “Enough before I break both of you!?

About then, there was a small knock on the door, as well as a voice Wisp recognized, “Hey, switchy, that you in there?”

Yes Miss Dollie! Come in, we’re all waiting for you! Wisp spoke, turning towards the door.

At this point, a young girl carrying a briefcase and wearing a hoodie dashed in. It was a face that Dollie and T.D. knew, “I so sorry for being 5.43 minutes late. I had a bit of a cat nap in my office.”

Dollie entered after her, giggling and saying “Heya snowflake, was wondering when I would see you again.” She then went over to Wisp, at first being a little weirded out by its form. Of course she grew used to it quickly, smiling as she gave a small stroke to the mask of innocence on it.

T.D. looked at the two, trying to decide if he wanted to anger Wisp. After a moment, the undead commented, “A succubus, eh? Nice to see you have good tastes, Wisp. Really solidifies your argument. Bravo.” T.D. turned to Winter, “Hey, Win. How are you doing?”

Winter just stood there, waiting for the fight to start. Hoping that no one could read minds... or emotions.

“I’m not your usual succubus, I hope you know that.” Dollie retorted as she rolled her eyes, “I don’t steal anyone’s souls after all, my job’s healing them. And no, not synonymous with sleeping with them.”

He doesn’t understand tact, Rosey…
It’s not his fault he’s so bad with women… He probably hasn’t had one for years with a body like that…

“Hey T.D., do you need ice for that?” Winter remarked with glee.

“Says the spirit who can’t even have fun the normal ways. What does she do? Enter all four aspects of your soul and then pleasure each one? Damn, I didn't ever imagine that you were so desperate, Wisp. Do you always befriend succubi in such a way or is this a one time fling?” T.D. remarked, grabbing a small bottle of whiskey from his armour.

The bottle shattered in his hand after a beam of light shot through it, it having been an arrow from Dollie’s bow. “How about a little more respect for the person in the room you’re referring to as if she ain’t here? Otherwise it may be the one day I don’t regret a shot through someone, honey.”

T.D. gained two glowing, red orbs in his eyes, before teleporting behind Dollie. “I'm going to remain calm for this meeting out of some respect for my pupil, but know this: I do have some respect for you. After all, it takes some courage to stand up to me. I personally don't have a vendetta with you, rather with Wisp. I apologize for upsetting you, but even after a few long, probably hundred some-odd years, I'm still bitter with our soul buddy. So, again I apologize for dragging you into our… grudge, Ms. Dollie.” The undead whispered quietly, before teleporting back to his initial spot.

The Grand Elder stood from his seat, “Or you could do me a favor and not fight with Wisp. Preferably before I decide to see how durable your skull is.” Then he teleported behind T.D. and grabbed his head, slamming it into the pillar next to him, “Any objections?”*

T.D. rubbed his head, feeling no pain, but knowing the blow had to hurt. “Only two. If he attacks me, I'll break this agreement. Two, you owe me a bottle of Chàteau later…” The undead teleported to stand next to Winter.

“Wisp, do you also abide to my request?”

Of course Grand Elder… I apologize for this behavior…
But he started it… Wisp said, lowering himself.

Dollie makes a small circle of chalk, conjuring the same whiskey T.D. had before taking it over to him, “Here, I know how guys like you love their whiskey so much.” She chuckled.

T.D.’s eyes softened, then the orbs disappeared. “Thank you. But it's for a more medicinal usage. To alleviate my rage, so I don't hurt anyone. Again, I apologize, Ms...Dollie, was it?” The undead bowed, unsheathing his second sword and offering it to her.

“Mhmm, Dollie’s the name.” She giggled girlishly, “Why give me one of your swords, if I may ask?”

T.D. continued bowing, but responded with, “Because I humiliated you and I was do you put it... An asshole? I believe that's the term...anyways, I disrespected you, and that was not my intention. The sword has some jewels in it, as well as the hilt being solid gold that puts its price somewhere between 300 and 600 million American dollars. I hope that serves as a step to a proper apology.”

“Or you can just apologize like a normal person,” Winter said as she opened her briefcase, “But, if you really insist, I can just as easily hand her 300 million from here.” She handed Dollie a stack of hundred dollar bills. “Anyway, I’d like to get to finding out what we need to do now that we’re a team… plus I’d like to get a sparring match or two in before we leave.”

“Oh yes… that,” The Grand Elder said, “We have a large problem. I have reason to believe that the Demon Mercenary Dervish is planning to kill all members of the Demon Society. I’d like you to investigate his whereabouts and a attack he did on a low-end theatre. And no fighting amongst yourselves, do you understand that?” As he glares at T.D.

“As long as Wisp keeps himself in check, there will be no issues.” Turning away from the Elder, T.D. raises a picture, “By the way this is a baby picture of the Elder as a baby. Just if you guys are curious, I got 50 copies of this…”

The Grand Elder sighed, “Yes, it’s a picture of me as a child, now get out of my office please.”

Dollie giggles a little, “It’s so cute! But okay, we’ll leave. Or at least I will.” She shrugged, cartwheeling her way out of the office.

We’ll get the job done Grand Elder… Or at least we will… Wisp spoke, following Dollie out of the room.

“I'll see you, kid. You seem to have found the perfect job to go into. I'm going to miss the days I helped raise you, when you weren't bashing my head into many objects. So long.” The undead stated sadly, before teleporting away.

“Well, see you at the next report,” Winter said as she dashed out of the room.


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Demon Training and A King’s Mission

ExoGrim as Diablo

Black0ut as King Mathias

The King’s Halls, officially called Jorrvaskr, was empty, the sounds of servants having ceased for the king’s personal time with a young acolyte. “And so, if you swing your weapon in such a manner, and swing your hidden blade, you’ll be able to destroy several opponents in that manner. However, if used poorly, it could leave you wide open for an attack. That should conclude our training session, Dia.” The king finished, a proud smile plastered on his face.

Diablo presented a large grin as he put his sword away, “I’ve always been a quick learner, my Lord. When do we get to the fun part?”

The King groaned, his proud smile turning into a disapproving frown. “Dia, there is no fun in combat. Only pain and suffering. Besides, when you defeat me in mortal combat I doubt you’ll feel happy enough to have fun.” The king’s expression darkened, “I’ll miss you when that happens, kid. Actually, I’m saddened that I won’t live to see your reign as King, when the unity between humans and metahumans can live side-by-side. I suppose when that day comes, my spirit will show up and give you some small amount of praise for your work.”

“Metahuman?” Diablo inquired, “What is that? I’ve honestly never heard you use that term before.” He tilted his head in confusion, “Is it a term for you use for Demons?”

“It is what some wise men call you. I chose to adopt it in turn, and so I call you by that name, Dia.”

“Huh… that kind of odd, since Demons have a completely different hierarchy from humans.” Diablo said with a tiny bit of pride, “Plus, we live longer than you do.”

The King merely smacked the Demon’s head. Hard. “Do not boast. It is unfitting of an honorable warrior such as yourself. I swear, Dia, I wonder why I endure your banter when I raised you better! Your mother and father left you to die, and I found you, taking you in and caring for you, as my own. So…” The king ranted, smacking Diablo’s head again, “Be more honorable and noble. Adopt the principles I taught you, my son. You need to be a better man than I.”

“Which is why I found a way to make peace with the Demons,” Diablo snapped.

“Do you want Stable duty?” The king said quietly.

“No, seriously, My Lord.” The young Demon pleaded, “Just hear me out.”

“Diablo, if you go off on a tirade and disrespect me again, I’ll do more than give you Stable duty.” The King said menacingly, his voice softening after a moment, “Go on, then.”

“Well, I did some research my race some, and found a few good piece of information.” Diablo explained, “They have a figure called The Grand Elder. I decided that I would try to get that title and teach the other Demons to protect and care for the humans. It may take a few thousands years, but I’m willing to wait.”

“Well, when that happens, know that I’ll be proud of you, my son. You have the will to accomplish anything you desire, if you put your mind to it.” The king said, turning abruptly and throwing his sword at a wall. A moment later a man collapsed, his dagger falling to the ground. “Even as an assassin.”

1304 years later.

The Grand Elder sat down next to his old friend, “Nice to see you’re still alive, My Lord. What brings you to this run down sushi place though? I thought you didn’t like the Japanese culture?”

“Eh, they got good Saké here. And I rather not be too murderous yet. How are you, my son? How’s life been treating you?”

“Well, I finally became Grand Elder, and I just started an organization meant to protect the humans. I call it the Demon Society.” The Grand Elder responded, “Anyway, How long have you been dead?”

T.D.’s eyes burned through the illusion, “Diablo, I would prefer not to lose a friend today…” His eyes burned brightly, eventually diminishing into vaguely red ‘human’ eyes, “I’m sorry, Dia. I’m...not myself. I haven’t been that way for a long time… I’ve been dead for a millenia and some change, yet I still don’t know how to control my rage…”

“Heh, It’s good to see that my old man’s still here,” The Grand Elder said, letting himself grin, “I’m actually like to see if you wanted to join the Society. I’d think you’d like it there.”

“Perhaps… But perhaps not. I already have been booted out of several organizations, including my own. Why exactly do you want me?” The undead asked, a frown on his illusion’s face.

“Why would I not? You taught me how to fight, why not teach more younglings, like how you taught me? Plus, I need you to train a certain girl.” The Grand Elder said, his tone slowly turning more stern, “She’s a bit different from the others.”

“Consider me intrigued. Why does this girl warrant special attention, and why should I train the young ones?”

“Well, she has a unique Demon sense called the Calculator,” He explained, “One I’m sure you’re familiar with. And I believe she may have access to true Demonic Rage.”

“Interesting. Are you sure she possesses such power? She'd be equal to me in terms of power. But it does beg the question,” T.D. started, a stoic expression masking his feelings, “Why not look for someone who's stronger than me? I'm sure the illustrious Wisp could do a better job than I.” T.D. raised his bottle of Saké, taking a sip of the alcoholic liquid.

“I’m not entirely sure if she has the power, but she isn’t the easiest to upset. Too much patience.” Diablo said, “As for Wisp, I don’t trust soul cores enough to put it to the task. Plus, you have more skill and knowledge that you have used to train other Demons, like me.”

The undead tilted his head, a frown appearing on his illusionary form. “Regardless, I've been retired for a long time. I haven't trained anyone for centuries, regardless of skills and talent. And while I did train you, that was done while I was alive, not in this unholy form. So, I guess I'm going to say no to your request.”

“If you won’t do it for the greater good,” As the Grand Elder stood, T.D. suddenly saw him as the young child that he knew and loved, “Will you do it for me, Father?”

T.D. groaned, his paternal instincts going into overdrive. “Urgh… this goes against my common sense… but… fine… I'll do it. But you better get me some old wine for this…” The undead grumbled, a frown on his face.

Diablo let out a chuckle, “Come on, I’m sure you need a place to sleep. I’ll let you crash at my place.”
First Encounter: Annoying Little Brat!
ExoGrim as Dervish
Smallelvenprince as Dollie

Dervish kicked down the door to the church, a devilish grin on his face. Unfortunately, the place was completely empty. Dervish gritted his teeth, “God damn it! It’s twelve o’clock already,” He sighed, “Brother was right when he said I had a horrible sense of time.”

Little did he know a passerby saw him and noted him as rather suspicious, Dollie having followed him as she made notes on him. “What’s he doing in a place like this…?” She wondered aloud, but in a whisper.

Dervish heard a noise behind him and quickly pulled the trigger on reflex. The shot just barely grazed Dollie’s neck, “Oh, sorry madam. I thought you were someone else.”

She presses her fingers to the wound, healing it in a soft glow as her face became rather serious. “Who are you, and what are you doing?” She asked.

“While, if you haven’t read the news… let me explain.” Dervish began, “I’m a Demon and a headhunter, by the name of Dervish. I don’t have the time meddle with succubi. So if you don’t mind, I need to find a new target.”

“Tell me, you'll have plenty of time.” She says with some sass in her voice, binding him in place by the soul as she walked up to him. Dollie made sure to take his gun since he was unable to move, a little smile on her face.

“Bonjour,” Dervish’s voice said from behind her, “Like my little trick.”

“Clever boy, aren't you?” She chuckles, then sighing. “In all seriousness, what are you up to? Depending on your answer is what will make me leave you alone or not.”

“Do I need to say it again,” Dervish snapped, getting annoyed, “I’m a headhunter. I’m here to kill whoever I damn well feel like.”

“Relax a little, darling.” Dollie said softly, turning and locking eyes with him to put him in a hypnotised like state. “Now, stay calm for me, alright~?” She cooed.

Dervish chuckled, “Trying to mess with my electronic impulses to calm me I see. Too bad that my Demon sense is all about electricity,” Lightning bolt flew as the hypnosis backfired, “I believe they call Interference. It’s comes with it’s upsides.”

Dollie quickly backed up, shaking her head, “As a by the way, you're killing no one on my watch if I can help it.” She said as she drew up her bow, clearly not happy.

Dervish vanished and reappeared behind Dollie, “You don’t seem to realize how fun killing humans is.”

“I'm not the killing type, I s’pose.” Dollie put down her bow, it reverting to a charm once more. “Can I ask you something?”

“Only because I lost my blood lust… and boner.”

“What makes you like it?”

Dervish chuckled, “There are many things that contribute to that. The way a mangled body forms with every shot. The blood splatter as you obliterate organs. And most importantly… The look on their faces as they see their life flash in front of eyes. The fear is sooo thrilling to watch.”

She thought for a moment, getting an odd look on her face, a… perhaps slightly manic one. She then shook her head as she returned to her previous expression, “I… don't know how to reply to that.”

“Then don’t,” Dervish said as he walked off, “I have business elsewhere anyway.” Then he muttered, “Annoying little brat.”

She quickly drew her bow once more, shooting him in the shoulder to pin him, or at least stun him. “Are you so sure you're going somewhere~?”

“Remember when I said my Demon Sense was electricity based,” Dervish said, now behind Dollie once more, “Well, that also includes the electric of your brain. Allowing me to predict your action and vanish accordingly. I’m giving one warning… don’t fuck with me.”

At this point, she was shaking, a small giggle being heard. She pinned him by hand to the wall, finally catching him off guard as her grin went wide, “Are you so sure~?”

“Well, looks you’re not so far off from myself,” Dervish’s grin widening as well, “They may call us crazy… I prefer the idea of being… more… knowledgeable than they give us credit for. Too bad you’re trying to kill me though.”

“Now who said I was trying to kill you~?” She whispered as she leaned in closer, giggling more.

“Then too bad you never seemed to see me coming,” Dervish said as he pulled the trigger on his pistol. The round ricochet off the nearby lamp post and into Dollie’s leg, “You are naive… and annoying. If you don’t mind, I’d like to leave now”

All that came up was a puff of smoke, no one being there, but there was a note left. It read, in all caps, “IT WAS FUN PLAYING, MAYBE WE CAN DO THIS AGAIN SOMETIME~!”

“Heh… I guess I’ll be seeing you real soon… ya annoying little brat.”


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Frostlich1228 as the Illustrious Wisp

Black0ut as the Nimble T.D.

The streets were silent, the streetlights having long been extinguished. No-one was present on the darkened streets, the populace having locked themselves in their homes. A young man holding a book, stumbled out onto the main street, slightly limping. An old man walked after him, a slight grin on his face. "Where are you going? The party's only just beginning!" The old man called, cackling after a moment.

Wisp hopped off of a nearby roof in its human disguise, landing between them. Taking a second to gaze at the old man with it's piercing eyes, Wisp spoke. What do you think you're doing, old man? What is going on here?

The ancient man groaned, as his target got further away. Throwing his cane at the book-carrier's feet, causing the man to fall down, with the cane stuck in his leg. The undead let his illusionary image decay, until his unholy form stood out. "I'm working a case. This scumbag decided to study magic, but got bored of the 'easy' stuff, and moved onto necromancy. You?"

Is that so? Wisp asked, looking over at the Undead, Then I'll be taking that book out of your hands…

T.D. teleported behind the fallen necromancer, taking his book, and his sword, it's illusionary form of a cane fading away. "Is that so? Pray tell, what interest do you have with this? I'd rather have a legit reason than a request." T.D. responded, a slight red glow in his eyes.

To keep it out of the hands of any more monsters like yourself, now I suggest you step out of my way... Wisp said, looking over its shoulder as it heard T.D's voice.

The undead merely laughed, his eyes turning into two fireballs. "Well. I guess a bigot like you will have your motives, but it won't make me relinquish the book." His eyes became more intense, "You'll have to kill me, if you want it."

The necromancer crawled away, afraid what the two might do to him.

Well... Since you're clearly a threat to this organization's operation and safety along with actively jeopardizing my mission, I'm sure the Elder will see this as an appropriate use of deadly force... Wisp answered coldly, abandoning his disguise at the surprise of the old man and his target.

"Soul Core. Don't test me. You really don't want to have an...'incident', do you? Because I promise you..." His eyes turn into blood-red orbs as he unsheathes his second sword. "You'll have a bad time."

The undead teleported over to the necromancer, ramming a sword through him and using him as a living, soon to be dead, shield. The undead them teleported over to the soul core, slashing at Wisp with his free sword.

Wisp quickly floated back as it cast soul ice in the area in front of it, hoping to slow T.D down for an easy to connect, high powered attack.

The undead kicked his dying shield off his sword, letting the necromancer take the full brunt of the attack, as the Revenant teleported behind the soul core, slashing again with both swords in a wide arc.

T.D.'s swords slashed across Wisp's back, leaving a large gouge in the sadness mask. As soon as Wisp registered the hit, it fired two Soul fireballs, one at T.D from the mouth of the mask facing him, the other from the Deceit mask, the complete opposite direction where T.D was standing, as it was trying to predict his next teleport.

The undead teleported away, leaving his least valuable sword to take the attack, while he disengaged with the soul core. "Do you really want this? By the end of this, you'll lose most of your masks, and I'll probably be dead. How much of yourself are you willing to lose? While we both hate each other, I don't want you to die, or any aspect of yourself to disappear. We, Wisp, are dying relics. Sooner or later, we'll both kick the bucket, and the younger generation will do the same shitty things we do, until they die." The undead yelled, turning away after a moment, "This battle is pointless. I bid you adieu."

We figured you would realize what you were fighting... But I had honestly hoped you were just an idiot. Wisp said, following behind him, I really want to get away from you too, smelly, but that book is what I'm after... It contains powerful Animus magics and we are the most educated in the subject... So I'll repeat one last time, hand it over.

"I'll repeat this for you, floating corpse, no. Regardless of what you think, I'd rather turn this into the Grand Elder than give it to you." The undead muttered, turning to glare at the Soul Core, "So either kill me, or leave me the hell alone."

Do you really think you even have a chance against me, freak? Or are you just suicidal? If you knew anything about Animus magic, you'd know I could kill you in an instant with little effort. You can't keep dodging forever…

The undead teleported a few feet behind the Core, his eyes no longer aflame. "I do realize your potency against me. I do know what you're capable. I don't care. I've killed other Entities with similar powers. Your attempts to initiate a fight disturb me. I could kill part of your soul, by simply destroying your masks, but I'd rather not. However," T.D. said, teleporting for a second, and wielding both swords, " If you force me to fight, I will." Darkness begins swirling in the undead's eyes. " i hope you enjoy speaking happily and sadly..."


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Part 2

Then you leave us no choice... We cannot leave that book with you... Wisp said, quickly ramming into T.D's chest, spewing out soul fire from each of the masks as he spun them, creating a sun of circling fire all around.

An arm flew off of the undead, landing with a thud, while it clutched a sword. The undead teleported back, a melancholic expression on his face. "...How dare you. HOW. DARE. YOU." The undead screamed, his eyes darkening until his skull turned black. "I should thank you. You angered me to the point of deciding to kill myself to rid the world of you." T.D.'s eyes turned into white orbs, illuminating the street with their brilliance, "D-I-E..." The undead spoke, his voice losing its typical sound, sounding more gravelly than the norm, before seemingly disappearing.

Wisp kept rotating, trying to keep all it's angles covered as it waited patiently for the first sign of danger.

And it came quickly with a sword throw, the severed hand attached to the sword, sailing quickly at the anger mask.

With a quick reaction Wisp dodged by hovering vertically, twisting to the side and blasting the severed hand apart with a quick gout of fire.

A sword slash came out of the ether, as the ruse went off without a hitch. "Cocky, eh? Maybe I should go visit Dollie, bring back her head for you too enjoy, hmm? Maybe then, you'd grow up..." A distorted voice said, the sound coming from all around the Core.

You monster! You say I'm a bigot when this is what you show me! Wisp quickly started spiraling rapidly, first releasing a nova of ice to try and slow T.D down, then firing its soul plasma beam in all directions, causing super heated beams of gas to fill every inch of air.

"How am I supposed to show you my true self, when you refuse to see me as anything but a monster?" The undead shouted, safely out if range of the attack. "I didn't ask to be brought back. I didn't ask to become this unholy form. But here I am. A Revenant, cursed to wander. But you don't care, do you? You'd rather see me as a creature, not a sentient being. Well, go ahead. Kill me. But you better look me in the eyes while you do it." T.D. tossed his sword away, his form shimmering, distorting, but visible. "Show me the evil that lurks inside you, spirit. Prove to me why they separated your soul into mere pieces." The undead then sat on his legs, leaning his head forward with his eyes shut, waiting for his death blow.

I... I Don't want to... If I killed you here, I doubt the elder would be pleased, even if it was in self defense... But this is your only warning Revenant... If you jeopardize me and my operations, or threaten Miss Dollie again, I promise I will get written permission from the elder to bring in your head and mount it. If you want to show you're not some monster, don't threaten my friends, this organization, or any humans without reason! And most importantly... Just keep away from me... I don't care if we're supposed to be a team! Until I can trust you, I won't risk a knife in my back...

Wisp shifted back into his disguise, snatching the book from the ground near T.D. while starting to walk away slowly.

"Who's the real monster here? Cause it isn't me. I wouldn't bring an outsider into this and Dollie... she's a nice girl. I wouldn't dream of hurting her." The undead began, a single tear forming in his right eye. "But you could see me do it, right? You could see me kill without remorse. You no longer see me as a person, but rather a thing. You... don't know what it was like, having your life snatched away, the things you built, the people you knew...dead...gone. And you'll never have to experience it. No, you'll just keep hating my very existence, regardless of my intentions. Well, Wisp, that is why you'll never truly feel. Sure you have your collective masks to elaborate on yourself, but you'll be a bitter, wretched creature. But I forgive you. I forgive you for hating me. And I'm sorry tonight ended the way it did. But," The undead quickly teleported and yanked the book away with his one arm, and teleported a few feet away from where he initially stood, "I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. You're not an enemy of mine, even though I'm practically dying. No, I consider you a friend. I hope, eventually, you feel the same way." The undead's left leg faded away into dust, as cracks appeared in his armour, "I'll get this to the elder, Wisp. Take Care." The dying Revenant disappeared, intent in finding the elder, so Dia could heal him, leaving the Core in the darkened street.


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“A Chance Encounter”

Black0ut as the Nearly Dead T.D.

smallelvenprince as the Seductive Dollie

The undead walked through the streets without his typical guise, with a few cracks in his armour and his skull, stopping at a wall, and collapsing.*

Dollie had been walking home when she saw him, “T.D.?” She asked, running over to him as he had collapsed. *

“Who…? I'm sorry, my strength is gone, so I can't even see. Who's there?” The undead asked, his eyes empty of any light.*

“It’s Dollie, what happened?”*

T.D. coughed, a slight line of red liquid going down his mouth. “Nothing. Just slightly banged up. Would you believe that I fell down a flight of stairs?” The undead joked, coughing after his statement.*

“Hell no I wouldn't believe that.” Dollie said after she got him to his feet, “You're comin’ with me so I can fix you up.” She continued, guiding T.D. up the back way to her apartment and laying him on the couch upon going in. *

“Unless you can heal a shard of a soul, you can't help. I don't even have organs to heal.” T.D. explained quietly, coughing again.*

“I can heal just about anything, including soul shards, so you're in luck. I just need to get under your armour.” Dollie said, going for the bits that hold his chest plate together. *

A gauntlet weakly grabbed at her arm, as a small light appeared in the undead’s eyes. “No...I-I can't allow that. It's all that's holding me together. I-if you remove it… you may anger a couple gods...and kill me at the same time.” T.D. pleaded, his strength diminishing until he could no longer hold her arm.*

“Relax, skully, I promise I know what I’m doing. I wasn't gonna remove it completely, just open it up a very little bit to get a hand in.” She assured, getting him open just enough like she had said, placing her hand on the soul shard and beginning to heal it. *

The undead’s eyes flooded with light, as his strength improved.*

“See? I told you I know what I'm doin’.” She giggled, closing him back up after and sitting with him. Dollie then sets T.D.’s head in her lap, looking down at him with a smile. *

The undead’s eyes turned into two white dots, as he quickly got up. “T-thank you, Ms. Dollie. I had received some healing prior, but Dia isn't really specialized in that area. Although, he did regrow most of my limbs…” The undead replied, getting lost in his thoughts. “Truly, thank you for healing me.” Unsheathing his lesser sword, he offered it to the Succubus.*

“Keep the sword, sweetheart. You need it.” She said politely, then coaxing him back down to the couch if only to sit with him a bit longer. *

The undead’s eyes twitched, and his voice sounded nervous, “U-um… I can make a new sword pretty quickly, so take it. Use it however you see fit.” T.D. responded, looking very uncomfortable.*

“Seriously, it's fine.” She insisted, “But I do appreciate the thought.” She said. She began to notice his discomfort, “What's wrong?”*

“Erm, nothing. Nothing is wrong.” The undead before teleporting away for a moment, before returning, albeit without a sword. “ were you doing before you found me?”*

“I… I'm kinda blank to be honest…” It was her turn to be nervous, though she had been telling the truth it would always make her unsettled when she couldn't remember chunks of time. “Worries me a bit actually…” She whispered, half hoping he hadn't heard. *

The Revenant looked at her curiously, “Need me to go get a good hypnotist? Maybe that would help jog your memory…” T.D. offered, turning his head to look at her.

“If you wanna, you can try…”*

The undead teleported, disappearing for a few minutes. After seven more minutes, the undead returned, his eyes dimmed ever so slightly. “She told me to give you her card, and that she’ll see you tomorrow, at ten A.M.” T.D. murmured tiredly, handing Dollie a small black card.*

“Alright…” Dollie says quietly, then saying “It’s pretty late, you wanna just crash here tonight?”*

T.D.’s eyes fluctuated, growing large before shrinking to their normal size. “… I got a nice little crypt nearby. So...erm...I’m sorry?” The undead replied, his statement sounding more like a question.*

“It’s alright, my door’s always open if you change your mind.” She smiled sleepily, then getting up and stretching. “I was gonna head to bed soon, so I figured I would offer.”*

T.D.’s eyes turned pink, if only for a moment. “Again, thank you for your kindness, Miss Dollie. Take care, and- oh, by the way the sword is in your bedroom, underneath your bed. See ya.” The undead then disappeared, leaving the succubus to her thoughts.*

Dollie smiled a little more, then going to her room and retrieving the sword. She replaced the ordinary knife charm on her bracelet with a new one, the sword given to her by T.D. She admired how it looked in its new form, “It’s so pretty…” She said aloud, before going to bed.
Issue of Life: The Lack of Memory
ExoGrim as Winter Johnson and Shela
Smallelvenprince as Dollie Flowers

Winter finished her desk work early. She mostly just did the paperwork that The Grand Elder and T.D. were too lazy to do themselves, but was also part time treasurer. Part time meaning that she finished so fast it might as well be so. She lowered her head to the desk and began her routine cat nap.

Dollie had been wandering the halls for a while, having time to kill before she would go to the hypnotist T.D. had recommended to her. She popped her head into Winter’s office, curious as to whose it was. “Oh, it's snowkitten.” She said softly, then ducking back out once more.

Winter quickly woke to the sound of a familiar voice, “Dollie? Hey,” She shout as she tried to catch up to the succubus, “Long time no see.”

“Hm? Oh, hey kitten.” Dollie replied, “It has been a little while, hasn't it?” She said tiredly, not having had much sleep. “What's up?”

“Heh, heh,” Winter began nervously, “I’m going to our hypnotist Shela. She said she might be able to find out why I can’t remember any of my childhood.”

“That's funny, I have the same reason for going… well, more so my memory just blanks out sometimes… but I do know how that feels. I don't remember a good chunk of my early life either.”

“I actually have that same issue with blanking out. It happens when my anger, out of some miracle, outweighs my patience. It’s scary to think of what I could’ve done during those blanks.” Winter shaked nervously at the thought, “Anyway, How have you been, Dollie?”

“Well, last night I had to fix up T.D. because he got into some shit… I dunno what it was, but it really messed him up. He almost died on me for a second. But, he’s alright now.” Dollie went on, smiling with some relief at the end.

“Oh yeah…he never told you that he and Wisp got into a fight that night. Something about Wisp not seeing him as a human, but rather a monster to kill.” Winter said as she took a drink from her fish sauce.

“... Well, I'm gonna need a talk with Wisp at some point…” The succubus said with slight annoyance, then sighing. “They're like oil and water, honestly…” She then looked at her phone for the time, “Shit, I'm gonna be late…”

Winter chuckle, “No need to worry, I already texted her saying that you might be late,” She said as she put the phone, that Dollie just noticed was out, away. She took another drink from her fish sauce.

“Thanks… hey, maybe we could go together? Like each other’s moral support?” Dollie suggested, seeming to be slightly nervous about going alone.

Winter blushed, “Um… sure, that would be nice.” She replied, trying her best to not fumble her words.

Dollie gestured for Winter to follow, walking to where the hypnotist’s office was.

Winter knocked on the door and a soft, very innocent voice said, “Come in please.”

Dollie took a deep breath before entering, “Uh, hi… I’m the one T.D. may have mentioned to you?” She explained, “Sorry, I’m a bit nervous… I'm usually on the hypnotising side.”

The woman in the office looked no older than 15, but her voice was that of a person in her mid twenties, “Oh, yes. And you and Winter wish to do this together? If i’m not mistaken.”

Dollie nodded, then asking Winter, “Do you wanna do it at the same time, or one at a time in case someone goes off the rails?”

Winter replied, “I’d prefer that we did it one at a time. Just in case something happens.”

“Alright then,” Shela quickly said, “Shall we began? Dollie, you should go first… since this was meant to be your appointment.”

Dollie nodded, laying on the usual therapist couch in the room opposite the two chairs. One Shela was in, the other for anyone else in the room.

“Now, before we began, I’d like to say that… despite everyone’s thoughts, This is not hypnotism. My Demon sense is foresight, which normally allows me to see the future. But I’ve managed to find a way use it in the opposite way. The ‘hypnotism’ part is when I place the event back into your mind using Memory Thread.”

Dollie nodded in understanding, “Sounds good… should we start now?”

“Put your hands in mine please, I can’t view someone’s past without skin contact.” Shela said as she offered her hands to Dollie.

Dollie did as she was told, sitting up and taking Shela’s hands.

Soul energy began filling the room in long, thin threads. The memories that lived inside Dollie, now open to beings who could see souls. Shela looked for the most recent dormant memory. She saw a slender man, one she knew very well. Despite the vulgar taste in her mouth, she did what she promised. She let go of one hand and form Memory Thread her fingers and began etching the memory back in place. When she finished. All the energy retracted, remaining in the state the Dollie’s mind had them in… except that one encounter.
Part two

Dollie opened her eyes, having closed them earlier, and started shaking. “Wh-... I don't…” She stuttered, afraid of seeing herself in that manic state the memory entailed. “How was I like that…?”

Shela sighed, “Dervish has a habit of… how do I put it… the worst out of people. When T.D. first approached me, I feared that he may have had some involvement.” She explained, trying not to cry, but failing, “He didn’t used to be like that though. I don’t know what happened. How do I save him?” She began sobbing uncontrollably.

Winter looked at Dollie, not sure what to do in this situation.

Dollie wasn't sure what to do either, sitting and staring at the floor as she still shook.

Then Winter hugged Shela, trying to comfort her, “Don’t worry. I promised that I’ll find a way to fix him. I won’t let you be sad anymore, not like before.” Now Winter was letting tears fall off her face.

Dollie composed herself and got them both tissues, settling her shaking to a small tremor. “Will you both be okay…?”

Shela managed to stop crying now, but Winter still had more tears as she walked out of the room, “I’ll be fine ma’am. But I think your little kitty needs a little more comfort.”

Dollie nodded, going after Winter.

Winter was in her dorm, crying herself to sleep, mumbling, “Why… Why couldn’t I have been strong then?”

Dollie crept in quietly, “Winter?”

Winter noticed Dollie, and settled her crying to a short sniffle, “Yes?”

“You okay? What happened in there?”

Winter blew her nose on the tissue from earlier, “I’m not really that okay. I just remembered why I forgot everything.”

“How did it happen, if you don't mind me asking? Feel free not to if it’s too much for you.”

Winter slid to the right, offering Dollie a seat in the bed, “I’d prefer if you were closer for me to explain what happened that night.”

Dollie sat next to Winter as she was asked, looking over at the cat girl.

Winter wiped a few more tears before she told her trauma story, “It started on my first mission as a unit member. Me and a few friends had to take out a revenant that tried to join the Society. The Grand Elder said we couldn’t trust him. We managed to take him out… or so we thought. I was forced to sit there and watch me friends die in front of me. I went into a rage after that. I don’t remember the rest. I was told that it took both the Grand Elder and T.D. to stop me.”

“O-oh… Oh wow…” Dollie said softly, “I'm so sorry…”*

Winter twiddled her thumbs, “Dollie, can I ask a favor from you?”

“Of course, what is it?”

“Could you stay with me for a bit longer… help me finished my cat nap. Not that I’m asking for anything intimate,” Winter said though another blush.

Dollie smiled, “No problem.” She said, cuddling up next to Winter.


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Frostlich1228 & Smallelvenprince
"The King in Yellow"

Demon Society Headquarters
2100 Hours

Wisp slowly hovered into the HQ, scarred from his encounter with T.D and exhausted from the overuse of his powers. Knowing it’d need repairs, Wisp sought to call the person who knew his construction the best, his creator. Wisp quickly found a room out of the way of the public eye and began tracing runic symbols into the ground with what was left of its magic. Normally Wisp’s magic did not affect physical objects like this, but this particular spell simply cast the runes onto the ground temporarily and was specifically used for summoning only. The problem was that it created a glowing aura of soul energy, making it a beacon for anyone with even weak soul detection powers, but Wisp had little other choice.

Dollie had been a hallway over, and was on her way home when she had noticed the soul energy from Wisp’s spell. She followed it to the room, curiosity getting the better of her even against her better judgement.

As Dollie entered the room, she saw Wisp finishing his runes on the floor, powerful soul energy whipping around the room. Now all that was left was to finish the ritual by blasting the middle with a final spell. Quickly though, Wisp picked up on Dollie’s presence using its Demon Sense, turning around to face her and revealing the huge gash across sadness’ mask which had begun to crack outwards.

“Wisp? Holy shit are you alright?” Dollie asked in concern, she knew that Wisp and T.D. did a number on one another, but didn't know that it was that bad on both sides. “And what are you doing…?”

We’re Summoning our creator to help repair our form… He designed every Wisp himself, he’d know how to mend us better than anyone.
Wisp replied.

“Oh, I see…” Dollie said softly, unsure if she could help at all.

I apologize for not coming to see you… But I was unsure if you had experience repairing a being like myself… Wisp spoke, breaking the momentary silence.

“It's okay, I understand.” Dollie assures it, kneeling in front of Wisp and ever so gently stroking the sadness mask, being careful not to break it.

Wisp turned, powering a simple soul fire blast to finish the ritual. As the flames reached the enter of the runes, it was swallowed up by a shadowing portal being formed, filling the room with a dark fog that crept around Dollie’s feet.

Wisp looked at her, Don’t be scared Miss Dollie, my master may look a little sinister, but he’s actually really nice.

Dollie silently nodded, taking Wisp’s word for it as she slowly stood up.

The mist instantly retracted, pulling up into a column of darkness. After a few seconds, a large, lanky figure stepped out, adorned with a bright yellow cotton sheet covering his entire body, leaving only his grey, abnormally long, gnarly hands visible to the eye. No other features of the creature were viable underneath except a hint of a nose and eye sockets.

"Quis me vocat?" The creature said in an unnaturally deep voice, but stopped as it saw Dollie and Wisp. “I explained that you should not summon me in the presence of others… Why have you?”

I did not intend for her to find us, but as you know, the summoning ritual is quite obvious to other soul magus’. Wisp replied to his creator.

“It is fine… It has been long since I’ve laid eyes on a succubus…” He said, focusing on her.

Dollie gave a slight lush at the attention, giving a small and shy wave to him.

“Tu es timidus? Are you… Nervous? There’s no need to be…”

“A bit… I just have never met anyone like you…”

“Then allow me to introduce myself… I am Huáng yī zhī wáng, Rex in Crocus, The King in Yellow… Jailer of the Underworld…”

“O-oh… I see…” Dollie still sounded rather meek, looking up at him despite that she was rather tall herself. “So, you made Wisp?”

The King in Yellow’s long fingers twitched unnaturally, but his voice remained steady, “Yes… And hundreds more like him… While the Wisps may not be my strongest creations, I am the most proud of them… Automatons that can utilize the power of the soul greater than even some of the more powerful demons…”

Dollie smiled a little, “Well, personally I think this one is the best, even if it’s a little banged up right now.” She said, seeming to warm up to the King in Yellow.

The King of the Underworld bent down to survey the damage, looking Wisp over. “Ah… I see... While all my Wisps look similar, they are all unique, I made sure to create them intimately to ensure that the most evil men on this planet’s souls would have the ability to properly serve the greater good forever, perhaps being able to payback their heinous actions in time. This Wisp was a special project of mine… I like think turned out quite well.”

Dollie nodded in agreement with him, gently patting one of Wisp’s masks that wasn't as badly damaged affectionately.

Can you repair me creator? Wisp asked looking up to him.

“Hmm? Yes, of course… Easily…” He said as he laid his hand on Wisp’s mask, pumping massive amounts of power into Wisp’s core. Then he traced his finger over the scratch, causing the rended magical steel to instantly pull itself together as if possessed. “Done.”

Dollie looked on in amazement, tilting her head just slightly in curiosity to just how powerful the magic was. “You feel better?” She then asked Wisp.

Better than ever! I feel so full of power! The ball exclaimed.

“Good!” Dollie chirped, tempted to hug it like a child to their stuffed animal.

The King in Yellow chuckled slightly, “Do not be afraid to call on me again if you are severely injured… But for something like this… I believe your little friend will be able to help you in the future…”

“You think so?” Dollie asked him, tilting her head like earlier.

“Etaim” He replied, “I will give you a simple scroll that will teach you how to reconstitute magical metals… Quite niche, but it will allow you to heal him effectively.”

Dollie nodded and smiled at the King, giving a small squeal of excitement.

The tall figure summoned a blank parchment from thin air, opening it up with his hands as he leaned in and droned incantations onto it. “Inbue ego cum librum de anima relati , fit ut faceret illud secundum virtutem infundit eam in medio eorum in perpetuum.”

After he finished his incantation, he handed the scroll over to her, “Reading this will permanently imprint knowledge of how to preform this spell on to your mind.”

Dollie accepted the scroll, “Thank you…!” She said gratefully, then looking to Wisp and patting its orb softly.

Thank you for your help master, I shall only summon you again if I am severely injured… Wisp said to The King.

“Good… Then I shall take my leave…” He responded, “It has been a pleasure meeting you Dollie…”

“It's been a pleasure meeting you as well!” She said to him before he left.

As quick as he came, The King of the Underworld was gone in the same pillar of black fog in which he arrived. Wisp turned towards Dollie, I’m happy you two seemed to get along! And now you can heal me! I think this visit went well…

“I agree!” Dollie replied, “He was really cool for giving me the scroll, too!” She added, kneeling next to it once more.

Then should we head to a place where you can practice it? Wisp asked.

“I can practice at home, I have a few things that have magic metal that need repair anyway. Perfect for practice, am I right?” Dollie giggled.

Right! Wisp asked, We could head to the training hall and practice our combat skills, what do you say?

“Sure.” Dollie agreed, standing so the two could head to the training hall.
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Stop With The Secrets: Nothing Escapes a Perceptive Kitty

ExoGrim as Winter, Dervish and The Grand Elder

Black0ut as T.D. and Shade

Winter walked towards T.D.’s office. She had to talk to him about the documents she had. She was also more furious with him about the files then she has ever been with anyone she’d ever met. The knock on the door was quiet enough to not be threatening, but loud enough to show anger.*

As the door opened slowly, Winter saw a display of cat-affiliated items, ranging from exotic catnip to expensive tuna. T.D.’s current guise resembled a young man of twenty, with ebony hair, with matching eyes. “Come in.”*

Winter’s first step froze everything over, “I’d like to tell you now that no amount fish will get you out of this one.”*

T.D. raised an eyebrow, “So, I'm not allowed to get many treats for you? Pity.”*

Winter threw two files on the table. The first one was labeled “Wisp,” while the other labeled, “Timeless Death (T.D.).” Both were mark as classified, “How about you start your little grovel by telling me why these were in with the classified documents?”*

T.D. yawned, not looking the least bit worried. “And what does this piece of parchment mean, Winter?”*

“It’s everything one would need to know about you and the Soul Core. And I know very well that you can read and know exactly what these are. I’ve seen you in the Classified Area before. So don’t think you can just try and play dumb with me,” Her tone making it very evident that she could snap… and would.*

T.D. sat at his desk, a look of confusion on his face. “I’ve been involved in plenty of classified things. You'll need to be more specific about the classified activity in question.”*

“It’s the fact that you’re very existence is classified! How am I supposed to keep everyone in line with I don’t anything about the two problem people?!” Winter snapped, “How about you tell me that… King Matthias?”*

“Did you truly need to know that? Or rather, did you want to know? Because those are two different things. I'm here because the Elder asked me. If you ever invade my privacy again, I will leave your organization.” T.D. responded quietly, his irritation seeping into his voice.*

“Then what about your fight with Wisp? My Outrage 2.89 years ago? Or how about the fact that Oni is still alive?! It’s nothing but secrets with your ass! If you insist on making this god damn job so hard, then there’s no point in working with you!”*

T.D. stayed silent, as he got up from his chair and started walking closer to her. In under a second, he lifted Winter into his arms. “Hold on and close your eyes.” The undead stated quietly, before taking off at a dash.*

After they stopped moving, Winter slipped her way out of T.D.’s grasp and pointed her shotgun at him, “Where the hell are we!?”*

T.D. walked right up to her gun, a sad look on his face. “This… is my home, a crypt buried under the city. And it shall serve as a quiet place to talk. Unless you'd rather shoot me full of holes?” The undead answered, putting a hand on the girl's head.*

Winter stepped back. She turned her weapon into a rifle and aimed it at the ceiling. To make sure he wasn’t bluffing, she shot it, proving that it indeed was cement. She sat down criss-cross, “Alright then, now can you start explaining yourself?” She sound a little more calm, slowing getting her patience back.*

“Then ask me a question. Preferably when you're not screaming at me.” The undead replied, grabbing two chairs, one wood, one stone.*

“Well, we can start with the three questions that I asked earlier. What happened during my outrage, why did you feel the need to fight Wisp, And why didn’t tell me that Oni was still alive?”*

“Well, which one do you want me to answer first?” T.D. said, sitting down on his stone chair.*

“How about you answer them in chronological order. That being the order in which I asked them.” Winter said, still irritated.*

“Fancy language is for more pompous people, Winter. Use more common words. As for the fight with Wisp and I, did you think that we wouldn't clash eventually? We nearly killed one another over a book, Winter. That should tell you how much we dislike each other.” T.D. answered, grabbing an old book from his stone coffin. “Ask another question.”*

“Now about my Outrage, what happened while I was snapped? How did you and the Grand Elder stop me?” Winter said, shivering at the idea of what she could’ve done in that state.*

“Well, I won't tell you what happened, but I'll tell you how I defeated you.” T.D. started to explain, but stopped.*

“What is it? Was I really that bad?”*

“Well, The Elder temporarily made me temporarily alive. Not undead. I was turned into this form you see here. I grabbed your hand, and you shot me, not instantly fatal, but fatal nonetheless. I died, again, holding your hand. I couldn't see your face, but you were crying for some reason. The Elder knocked you out and beyond that… Well, I don't recall it.”*

“Oh…” Winter said solemnly, “As for Oni, why didn’t you tell me that he’s still alive? Especially since he’s working with Dervish?”*

“Well, you never asked. Nor did you tell me what your connection to him was.” T.D. stated, turning a page in his book.*

Then a slender figure appeared out of nowhere, “Talking about my brother, are we? Hope you don’t mind me barging in on your little questionnaire.”*

The undead sighed, putting his book down. “Hello… Dervish, is it? Well, you are intruding in my domain and you are technically an enemy of mine. However, as long as you don't draw, you are welcomed in this space.” T.D. stated, a smirk on his face, as he shook his head, getting his illusion’s hair out of his face.*

“Welp,” Dervish said, appearing on T.D.’s coffin, “The two of you can feel free to ask me anything want as well. I’ve always wanted to let a few cats out of my bag.”*

“Hilarious, given current company. Do you have a reason for being here, Dervish? Or do you just love crypts?” The undead said dryly, raising an eyebrow.*

“What? A guy can’t get to know his enemy a bit before killing them? Not saying that I’m gonna do that now. But you do have a good point, crypts are great for hiding bodies. Honestly, I’m only here because I got bored… that and I love stretching the limits of my Demon Sense. But that’s besides the point of my arrival. Am I rambling now? I lost track.”*

“Probably. Anyways, Dervish, I allowed you in here for two reasons. One: It's not polite to murder guests. Two: I want to convince you to leave town. I've already seen you in action before, and I know your Demon Sense. You're a master at your craft. Truly one of the best hunters of this age. This Demon Society you want to destroy is small-time. Why not attack the Live Corporation? They would be far more valuable targets…” The undead pointed out, yawning after a moment.*

Dervish let out a devilish chuckle, “If you knew who my contractor is, you wouldn’t be asking that question. And it’s not my brother, working for his arrogant ass would be a waste of my time.”

Winter merely sat there, in shock at what she knew.*

“Eh, I'm not really afraid of anything, or anyone, so try a bit harder if you want to intimidate me. Also, Whiskey?” the undead asked, grabbing a bottle out of his coat.*

“Sorry, I only drink the finest of wines,” Dervish answered, “As for my contractor, Have you hear of the Sins of the Round Table? ‘Cause I’m pretty certain that you have fought… and lost… to Gretak before.”*

“If he calls a draw when I'm mildly upset, a loss, then maybe I should pay him a visit. Take a few limbs back with me.” T.D. stated, an evil grin on his face. After a moment, he asked, “Lightweight?”*

Dervish looked around the place for a bit, “At this moment, I realize that you might have fucked up.” His hand inched towards his pistol.*

The undead stared, then laughed, “Seriously? You can't even read my electrical impulses because those parts are dead! They don't even work! Furthermore, you think all three of us are the only ones here? I have 24 personally-trained guards, with their weapons already drawn! And those are fucking Wraiths. Nevermind, the fact I can out draw you on my worst of days. So, the question comes down to whether you can even walk out of here, let alone kill anyone. But you haven't drawn yet, so you're still in my good graces. But let's say you kill me, eh? You just pissed off 3 Powerful Gods. Congratulations, you just won a lifetime of pain and misery as they hunt you down and kill everyone you care for! Good job, Dervish. Good job.” The undead mocked, cracking his neck to tell his guards to close in on the intruder.*

“Who said your electrical impulse came from the brain?” Dervish said, but it was too late for T.D. to attack. Dervish pulled his pistol faster than anyone could react. Each shot killed a wraith, and two shot demolished T.D.’s kneecaps, “Wraiths are nothing compared to what I’ve killed. No need to worry though. I know that I can’t kill you, but her…” Then he put a bullet in Winter’s heart and left, without a single trace.*

T.D. teleported to Winter, picking the bullet out, and throwing it into the crypt. “Hunt him down, Shade. Kill him, then mutilate his corpse. Take his head and bring it to me.” T.D. ordered, his voice cracking, as his eyes turned pure white, and he disappeared.

“As you wish, M’lord. I shall ask my contacts for assistance in this matter. Time to ask the Angels for some assistance. Maybe I can get an Avatar to assist me…” Shade trailed off, disappearing from the room.



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Part 2...

T.D.’s armour cracked and chipped, as his legs began dissolving, before he arrived in Diablo’s room, Winter’s dying body clutched in his arms, as he screamed, “Dia!” His voice akin to a banshee in tone.*

The Grand Elder rushed to the undead and quickly did the best healing he could muster with the lack of experience he had in the art, “The two of you are stabilized now. What the bloody hell happened though? You went off to talk to Winter and come back nearly dead?” The strain in his voice making his concern very obvious.*

“I...underestimated our two prominent enemies, Dervish especially. I took her to my safe house to talk, and he bloody showed up! He stunned me, using the brief second to shoot Winter. I have Shade assembling a war party with a few Angels and a few Gods.” T.D. glanced at the collapsed cat girl, holding her close as the undead let loose his rare tears.*

Diablo gritted his teeth, “No one harms a pupil of mine and expects me to stand back. Get Dollie and Wisp, we’re going to need everyone we can get to put an end to this madness.” The Grand Elder put his ring on and ripped off his cloak.*