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Name: Ayame Kasagi Jr
Title/Role: Fighter Pilot
Age: 19
DoB: December 11th, 2044
Sex: Female
Place of Birth: S. Francis Hospital, NYC, New York
Race/Nationality: Japanese(3/4)/Chinese(1/4)
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 122 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Straight, to small of back, usually done up in a ponytail
Eye Color: Brown (Left eye occasionally blue)
Immediate Family: Ayame Kasagi Sr (Mother), Yuna Kasagi (Mother), Kazuya Kasagi (Older Brother), Kazuko Kasagi (Grandmother)
Place of Residence before XSDF: New York, USA, Earth

Ayame was the fit, well defined body of one who takes cares of themselves and has exercised all her life. She is lean and agile, with a modest bust and a face that is a good mixture of youthful cuteness and mature beauty. She usually has a sly, mischievous grin that shows extreme confidence in all she does, though it is possible to see her without such a look when she is working along.

Ayame lets out an aura of confidence that is, at times, overwhelming to those around her. She displays delusions of grandeur that put people off, though she works hard to make sure anything she boasts about is true. Regardless, her attitude towards others, especially those in the same fields as her, including piloting and martial arts, makes it hard for her to make friends. The few that have gotten close to her have noted instances in which Ayame's confidence only seemed skin deep, implying there might be a deep seeded lack of confidence that Ayame is overcompensating for. Tell her this, and expect for her to laugh in your face about how stupid you are being.

After the Human/Ethereal Subjugation War of 2018, an XCOM soldier named Ayame Kasagi shared a brief relationship with a fellow soldier before breaking up with them and returning to her old home in California to reunite with her estranged mother. When she went back to her new home in New York, she did not return alone. She sought out an old love of hers, and woman by the name of Yuna, whom Kasagi described as "The Japanese refugee that stole my heart, then tried to stab me in it." They also reunited, and a dialogue quickly turned to friendship, than love.

Unlike their first child, born of Yuna and artificial insemination, they tried something different with their daughter. Using cloning technology invented by the Exalt corporation to create a daughter born from both mothers, carried by Ayame. The technology was still new, however, and an unexpected complication resulted in Ayame's mostly dominate genes superceding Yuna's primarily recessive genes. While the child indeed shared equal parts of her DNA with both parents and developed traits from Yuna, she was in many ways identical to Ayame. While this was caught early enough to alter it, Yuna insisted that they keep her how she was, and additionally insisted on naming the child Ayame Jr.

Ayame (the child) had a fairly normal American childhood, experiencing the changing world first hand in the eve of the great war between two worlds. Yuna worked primarily out of the home, most of their income provided by Ayame Sr.'s Youth Center/Martial Arts school. While closer to her mother Yuna during her early years, Ayame started to get closer to the mother she shared her name with as she got older, especially when they spent more time training in Martial Arts. While Ayame Sr. wanted her children to stay away from the life of fighting she had experienced, she was none the less supportive when they started pursuing their careers. Kazuya pursued a career in law enforcement, inspired by her godmother and urged by Yuna, while Ayame became fascinated with her other mother's tales of her time as a soldier, than a merc, and than a planetary defender. Combining this with her love for aeronautics, she pursued a career in becoming and XSDF fighter pilot.

One thing she did inherit from Yuna (much to the relief of admittedly less intuitive mother, Ayame Sr.) was her intellect. While not a genius, Ayame Jr. dropped out of school when she was sixteen, passing her GED exam with flying colors before her mothers could go off the deep end on her (luckily, she studied up, as if she failed the first time, her parents would have likely killed her before she got a second attempt). She then enrolled in basic, moderate, and advanced training courses for XSDF fighter pilots, advancing everything with flying colors. She was quickly excepted as a fighter pilot, and was recently transferred to the Einherjar to assist in their defense of Forseti against the claims of the TFD.

Special Notes:
Ayame has had little experience, only having been in one battle since being made an official XSDF pilot, but she showed exemplary skills under pressure. She is one of the highest marked pilots in the XSDF, particularly when taking into account her age and rookie status. She has the makings to be one of the best, but unfortunately, her attitude has much to be desired. She seems to have a problem with authority. She is arrogant to an extreme fault, and over confident. She needs someone to reign her in, or she'll never reach her full potential.


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Name: Marianela Burrick
Title/Role: XSDF Soldier [Domineer]
Age: 21 (Appears 19)
DoB: July 4th, 2022
Sex: Female
Place of Birth: Phoenix, Arizona
Race/Nationality: Anglo-Hispanic
Height: 1.78 meters (5’10 ft)
Weight: 62.6 kilograms (138 lbs) + 4 kg [Augments]
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Short, scruffy with a low set of spikes along the middle
Eye Color: Orange-Brown
Immediate Family: Thomas Burrick (Father, 47), Vee Burrick (Mother, 43), Monica (Younger Sister, 17)
Place of Residence before XSDF: New Alcatraz Penitentiary Colony

Appearance (Measurements: 36B-32-34:

She tends to wear ‘punk’ clothing, such as leather jackets, shirts showing navel, beat-up jeans, and torn-up stockings. They come in black and gray usually, but she’ll also wear red and orange on occasion, and rarely violet. She has a somewhat athletic build from a lifetime of fighting and more recently hard labor, but none of it comes from regimented exercise routines – yet.


Marianela, or “Manela” as her friends call her, has always been a recalcitrant person. She chafes under authority, liking to do things her own way, and follow her own path. She can be petty at times, and could be called something of a kleptomaniac. Although it does not often surface – as she is relatively good at controlling her anger – she has a violent temper should someone push her too far. Such a disposition is what got her to where she is now, after all.


Marianela was born to an unusual couple. Her father, Thomas, had served with the XSDF as a records manager, while her mother, Vee, was one of the Exalt “Handmaidens” – and the one specialized for combat after that. Perhaps Marianela inherited her tendency to get into fights from her mother, but it became apparent at an early age that the girl wasn’t a peaceful one. On top of that, she was the one that started the fights; she was rarely provoked, but rather the one that provoked her opponents.

Luckily for those that she drew the ire of – and, admittedly, those that she outright bullied – she didn’t stay in one place very long. Until she was eight, she usually only had one of her parents together, or was babysat by her aunt Sofia. Thinking that an absence of parental figures was the problem, Thomas elected to bring Marianela with Vee and him to Australia. Marianela briefly got to know Vindicta and Mark – but quickly developed a distaste for the “bookworm” and an indifference towards the “dweeb”.

When she was 14, a lawsuit against another of her aunts, Emma, called Thomas over, and he brought his two daughters with him, desperate to try and get the eldest to shape up. His efforts were in vain, though, as he was not around enough to correct Marianela’s behavior.

The only person she really got along with was her sister, Monica. In an odd contrast to her tendency to torment others, Marianela was highly protective of her shy, quiet sister, and sympathetic to her dream of becoming a singer. She always encouraged Monica to be more outgoing, and even managed to tolerate a few other people long enough to start a band with her when they returned to Australia in 2038.

Despite the constant moving and trouble, Marianela managed to complete high school, largely thanks to the tutelage of a few teachers she managed to get along with long enough to apply herself – particularly in the field of electrical and robotic engineering. When Manela did graduate, however, she gave Monica a sincere farewell and disappeared, going off-planet.

Initially, she hoped to gain extraterrestrial connections and start up an independent tech shop unregulated by the XSDF. To that end, she found her way to one of the larger free ports, the Replitan planet of Merkizo. Getting big was not so easy, though. Marianela took out loans from some groups in the area to try and keep her floundering business afloat, but she ended up falling in debt to Venom.

One day they decided to collect. If not for the intervention of two of Manela’s friends, Araceli and Adamo, she would have likely died there. The two informed her that they had connections with the Busters, and offered Marianela a chance to join to put her skills to use. Not having anywhere else to go, she accepted.

Marianela found that life as a pirate was not so bad after all. She shared drinks and stories with a growing collection of like-minded friends that didn’t mind getting in a scuffle with each other. She put together the best combat droids she could manage with what was on hand with Adamo, and helped modify gauss weapons with Araceli. With her friends in combat, she participated in daring robberies and escapes.

However, such a life is never without its consequences. Marianela did her best to avoid killing, and indeed only some of the senior members of the ship’s crew took lives. But ultimately, pity has no place in the world of criminals. Not only that, but the crew of the Borikus got too ambitious.

In 2042 they attempted to rob a bank in Progressus. It went smoothly enough at first, the local police forces being cowed and not risking a direct engagement against the coilguns of the Busters. When the Borikus team headed up to the space station to bail out, however, they found that the XSDF had beat them there and taken the ship.

Marianela and her team weren’t about to go down without a fight though. Even though there were only eight of them and four combat droids against a squad of XSDF soldiers and a host of enemy battle frames, they lasted for about twelve minutes in a holdout. The end came when the last of their combat droids fell, and the XSDF troops breached. The Buster raiders had wounded some XSDF soldiers. No casualties had been invoked, but the use of deadly force against a dangerous group of pirates had been authorized. Marianela watched her friends die one by one, and when Adamo and Araceli fell something with her snapped.

Without regard for her own safety, she charged out, shotgun blazing, and managed to kill one of the XSDF soldiers. Her friends avenged, she regained her senses enough to back off, but there was no escape. She only had time to raise her arms defensively as another round of shots were fired at her, and then everything went black.

When Marianela awoke, she learned that her upper arms had been shot off by gauss fire, and that she was to be put on trial for the murder of an officer in the line of duty. It was swift trial, and she was sentenced to life in prison for a stack of crimes: armed robbery, refusal of arrest, and murder. As with the majority of former space pirates, she was sent to New Alcatraz.

There, she received basic T0 prosthetics to compensate for her loss so she could perform labor with the rest of the prisoners. They lacked the synthetic skin that more advanced models had, reminding her of the bitter loss of everything she had: her original hands, her friends, and her freedom.

In 2044, an opportunity presented itself. The XSDF were fighting a war against a pirate conglomerate known as the TFD, and they had been taking losses. To compensate, they went to New Alcatraz to recruit conscript soldiers. Although the terms seemed uncertain, the reward was clear: service for freedom. Marianela would languish in prison no longer, and signed up, being forged into a Domineer to fight for her freedom.

Cybernetic Enhancements:

Nervous System Implants – Ocular Receptor, Reaction Time Overclocker, Guardian Node, Respiration Implant, Bionic Link, Quinary Manipulator

T3 Optic A – Ocular Designator
T3 Optic B – Ocular Flashlight
(Local Screens and Blinders)
T3 Right Arm – Arm Pistol
T3 Left Arm – Alloy Knife Protrusion
T3 Tail – High-Frequency Blade
Experimental Exoskeletal T2 Legs – No Attachments

Special Notes:

Str: 6+6 Int: 7
Dex: 7+4 Per: 5+7
Con: 6+7 Wil: 7

Marianela Burrick (Original Art Credit: Psuede on Deviantart)


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Name: Derric Glasieren
Title/Role: XSDF Correctional Officer [Shadow Operative]
Age: 24
DoB: December 25th, 2020
Sex: Male
Place of Birth: Macon, Georgia
Race/Nationality: Caucasian
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 186 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Long, Swept to the right.
Eye Color: Purple/Green Mix
Immediate Family: Cole Glasieren (Brother, 22), Leliana Glasieren (Sister, 18), Niara Glasieren (Sister, 20)
Place of Residence before XSDF: New Alcatraz Penitentiary Colony

Derric tend to stay away from regulation uniform as much as he can, preferring a black, light jacket overtop a red, white, or occasionally purple shirt. He usually accompanies that with a black pair of faded and slightly torn jeans, rounding it off with a black beanie. He tends to stay away from his uniform so much he has the XSDF Officer logo put directly on the front of his hat, and his ranking on the sleeves of his jacket.

Most wouldn’t think much of Derric at first glance, keeping a tight, and almost apathetic or bored look on at most times, especially when annoyed. However, it is not hard for someone to break that stony coldness with him, Derric frequently smiling when he finds something amusing. Filling a typical bad boy trope well, women can’t seem to resist Derric, but he usually rejects them all, wanting to wait for a commitment till he finds the right woman.

Derric was born to young lovers Rachel and Thomas Romland, both people being once captives of the Ethereals before the war for Earth ended. Both had psionics forcefully unlocked with in them, Derric’s father being a strong green while his mother was a strong violet psion. During their days in captivity, they frequently spent lonely nights with one another as a means of keeping hope, and eventually, it turned into love.

In 2020, the couple found out they were pregnant, and when he was born, it was discovered that due to the unusual nature in which the parents had their powers unlocked, both managed to implant equally into the boy, and thus, he had strong control over both violet and green psionics to a degree of success.

The family was happily, none more so than the new parents, who worked together to try and build a life together. However, fortune did not smile on the couple for long. From the beginning, Derric was always a too calm, too cold individual who always picked fights with other boys, or lashed out for no real good reason. However, with time and patience, the parents worked harder with the young boy, getting him to open up more with them and find a degree of stability.

That stability was shattered when Derric was eight years old. The effects of the parents captivity and experiences caught up to them, and both parents’ mental health declined to a point where they could no longer take care of their son, and were administered to a mental clinic where they would be treated, but the effects on their scarred minds were permanent.

In the boy’s darkest times, there was a light of hope. Roland and Elishia Glasieren were close friends and associates to the Romland family, and without a second thought added Derric to their already sizable family. With Derric’s adoption, he was given three siblings who would prove to be the closest people Derric would ever have in his life. Cole was the bright leader of the group, though always sought Derric’s help when he needed it. Leliana was the troublemaker, always coming up with schemes and ways for the siblings to have fun. Niara was the brains, and to Derric’s own admission (and Leliana’s ire) the beauty of the four, claiming with good cause, that Naira could out think anyone, and get what she wanted no matter what.

With the three always by his side, Derric worked past his time of grief, and upon the age of 16, was dead set on helping others, much like his parents had helped him. Derric frequently volunteered at the local police station, learning the ins and outs of the law wanting to become an officer himself out of high school. However fate had different plans when a recruiter for the XSDF named Broker visited Derric’s school. It was then and there, Derric had a new goal, become an XSDF officer.

So he did. At the age of 18, diploma freshly in hand, Derric joined. Going to the proper schools and getting the proper training, Derric found himself as a Corrections Officer, reaching the rank of Sergeant by the time he was 22. It was also with the XSDF Derric finally let his psionics thrive. Unlike most psions, Derric had a very small skillset. It was learned that he had a knack getting into people’s heads, his violet half giving Derric strong Mind Control while his green half gave him the gift of Override, though he could never use it to the degree of his Mind Control. Both abilities are what made him such an effective Corrections Officer, ending rowdy prisoners most of the time before they even threw the first punch. Over the course of his training, Derric also managed to squeeze in a Mind Merge and Oxykinesis to his repertoire.

At the time of the war with the TFD, Derric was called away from his regular post to help be an officer over the new prisoner conscripts into the XSDF, meeting a familiar new face beside him, the leader of the conscriptions, Lt. Broker himself. With him and the Lt at the helm of the prisoners, the higher ups expected great things of the duo, hoping that they would not regret the conscription of such dangerous assets.