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Name: Kelio Sparks
Title/Role: XSDF Soldier, Mechtoid Trooper
Age: 7
DoB: May 9th, 2036
Sex: Ambiguous
Place of Birth: XSDF Warship "Arkbird"
Race/Nationality: Type 2 Sectoid
Height: 1.07 meters (3'6)
Weight: 29 kilograms (65 lbs)
Eye Color: Dull Orange-Brown


Kelio has a frail, pale body with skin tinted a vague violet-gray hue and other features characteristic of the purely cloned race known as Sectoids. What sets him apart from his average brethren is his four metal limbs, cybernetic appendages that are in place of organic ones. These can be detached to place him into a black Mechtoid suit with blue lines and XSDF markings. It is more utilitarian than the Ethereal design, namely in that it can use XSDF subsystems.


Being a type two Sectoid, Kelio is rather empathic. Infinitely curious to the point of being obnoxious, he craves knowledge and doesn't mind company either. He has a strong conviction to serve the XSDF, having spent all of his life with them. He's often the one greeting newcomers, always interested in a new face (probably due to the fact that the members of his species look the same). He is prone to being a little fearful, though his mech suit does much to give him the confidence he'd otherwise lack.


Kelio has known the XSDF all his life. Created in a laboratory on the capital ship of the human fleet, he was promptly given a choice about whether he wanted to serve as a scientist or do something else. Kelio didn't think twice about it, taking up the first offer immediately. Evaluating his skills since he was less of a clinical Sectoid and more of a varied one, he ended up becoming a weapons scientist. Studying the work of Penny Anderson, he ended up focusing on pulse in particular.

The Sectoid helped other scientists come up with a stable cannon system to implement into the experimental hover-tanks the XSDF was working on, but his role was not incredibly major. For all his intelligence, he lacked the talent that the other scientists had. His friends reassured him, but Kelio became somewhat disillusioned. Leaving the XSDF in 2038, he travelled to Progressus in hopes of being more valued there.

To an extent, he was, as the colony didn't have many weapons manufacturers to speak of, getting most of what they had through the XSDF or more.... Unscrupulous means. A lighthearted being like Kelio didn't exactly fit into that crowd, though. A deal with a particularly shady buyer went wrong, and he pulled a knife, slashing off Kelio's right hand and cutting into his right eye before running off. Terrified, the Sectoid left immediately after receiving basic treatment, winding up back on Earth.

After arriving on the blue planet in 2040, he had to use most of the money he had left to get a basic hand to replace his lost one, and lost his vision in the damaged eye. Not so useful anymore, Kelio sulked for the next three years, only making enough money to get by. It did occur to him that he could return to the XSDF, but he didn't feel confident enough to try, feeling that he was something of a failure to the prestigious organization. This changed when his old friend in the science divison called him up and asked him to come back. Not one to refuse the call, Kelio let himself be set up on Adamantem as an XSDF science ambassador.

For awhile it was good, Kelio's bright personality doing much to win over the scientists working in the Martian colony. Things didn't go exactly as planned on July 17th of 2043, though. Working on the electronic locks of a bank in Mediotierra, Kelio found himself a hostage in a heist. He expected to die to the unstable criminal's autolaser, but then a sheriff and a deputy broke in, the latter losing an arm to take down the outlaw. Kelio followed the medical vehicle to the hospital, and witnessed them create a cybernetic arm for the man.

Thanking the deputy and being inspired by his bravery, Kelio returned to the Arkbird with a request that he be made a MEC Trooper, figuring he could be a Mechtoid like the old cybernetic soldiers of the Ethereal armies. Although hesitant at first, the recruiters were convinced by his friend, who knew full well if Kelio wanted something, he wasn't going to back down. The Sectoid was given a T1 cybernetic eye and augmented for MEC Trooper duty, and began receiving training for combat. Although his resolve was sometimes an issue, his drill sergeant felt confident that the little Sectoid could be brave when he needed to be.

Cybernetic Enhancements: Tier 1 arms and legs, T1 cybernetic eye, and can be put into a mech suit

Psionic Abilities: (Violet Psion) -Very Weak-

Violet – Mind-Merge

Special Notes:

Str: 3+2 Int: 7
Dex: 3+2 Per: 5+1
Con: 4+2 Wil: 3

Has a customized drone that follows him around, dubbed "Pinyin" by its owner.

(+2 constitution from being a MEC Trooper with mechanical limbs outside the suit. Bonus exchanged for bonus garnered from mech suits when donned during regular battle. +1 will for will checks only when in the MEC suit)

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Name: Cayden Walker
Role: Paratrooper
Age: 24
DoB: July 1st, 2019
Sex: Male
Place of Birth: Malibu, California
Race/Nationality: Caucasian
Height: 6’2
Weight: 184
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Style: Buzz cut
Eye Color: Red
Immediate Family: Desmond Walker (Father; 47); Elizabeth Walker (Mother; 45); Leo Walker (Younger Brother; 22); Bethany Walker (Younger Sister; 18)
Place of Residence before XSDF: Santa Ana, California

Appearance: Cayden has a well built athletic body, nothing extreme like a weight lifter but he is in great shape. He has dark red eyes that were inherited from his father, marking him as a natural psion, although he wears an inhibitor in the shape of a necklace on him at all times to help contain his power. Cayden’s hair is usually cut low in a buzz cut, his off work attire usually consisting of a dark jacket over a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans.

Personality: Cayden has adopted the special forces attitude that seems to come with the job, having an air of professionalism about him and a coldness that is undeniable. Due to the repeated urgings of his siblings however, Cayden tries his best to emulate how he was in his high school days, hanging out and making friends, and having a generally good time. He is able to do so to some extent, but there is a sadness within him, a sort of guilt that hangs over him after he suffered a traumatic event during his time with the US Airborne Rangers.

Bio: Cayden was born on July 1st, 2019 to Elizabeth and Desmond Walker in California. He is the eldest of three children, being the only child of the three to be born a natural psion.

Although his family was moderately wealthy, Cayden was never spoiled beyond the point it turned him rotten. He had a big home by the beach, when he asked for some small things he usually got them. Like any normal kid who grew up the way he did. At a young age, Cayden was always a natural athlete, spending time swimming in the ocean or doing anything active for the most part, although he put time aside for the electronics. In school, Cayden was borderline above average, passing with good grades and even joining the baseball team in high school.

However, there was another side of Cayden and that was the relationship he shared with his father. The two shared a close bond, sharing a mutual understanding with one another that served them well for years. Desmond took his sons-though more often than not Leo stayed behind-on regular hunting trips whenever the school went out for a major holiday. Cayden learned first hand from his father the use of firearms, Desmond passing on whatever experience he could to his son.

It was not until later in his life that Cayden was finally sat down and told the true story about who his father was. Although suspicion was always there, with Desmond’s close relation with his sisters, who happened to own one of the most successful companies on Earth, and his distant friendship with Sasha and Mikhail during his earlier childhood from his mother’s urging, Desmond and Elizabeth told him everything, sparing little detail. It was a lot to take in but Cayden finally came to terms with his parent’s pasts and he moved on, better for it.

After high school, when Cayden joined the 75th Ranger Regiment, he was very successful in his boot camp, flying through with relative ease. His experience as a light infantry airborne unit helped him greatly along his development as a person and he enjoyed the lifestyle, though urging from his parents told him to be cautious of a life in the military.

One day, their nightmares came true and Cayden was changed forever when a mission went wrong. He and his unit were dropped behind enemy lines, their mission to gather intel on reports of black market traders of alien materials in Brazil. When they were closing into their target, their unit was brought under heavy fire from the criminals. The market dealers were killed and the operation shut down when XSDF forces stepped in to assist the battered rangers but it came at the cost of most of Cayden’s unit, the Ranger losing two close friends and only him along with a couple others surviving to tell the tale.

Cayden was to be promoted to Lieutenant and was to be given command of his own unit but he quickly put in his resignation from the Rangers and he was honorably discharged shortly after. Now, a year later, Cayden was interested in following in his father’s footsteps, joining the XSDF to try and prove to himself that he wasn’t beaten yet and to repay the debt to the XSDF for saving him and remnants of his unit.

Special Notes:

Cayden wears a special pendant that suppresses his psionic powers, even after he was told the true nature of his abilities. Desmond did pass on some knowledge of psionics to his son, teaching Cayden the ways of telekinesis and pyrokinesis. Desmond did attempt to teach his son his unique Pulsar Core ability but Cayden has trouble maintaining his orb and doesn’t like how close you have to get to use it.

Although the memory of Cayden’s tragedy is still tender to him, even after the year it happened, he will be open about it, especially to anyone he may be commanding later on. With friends, it takes a little more to get out but he tries his best to move past the Brazilian incident.


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Name: Nicholas Cauthon
Title/Role: Engineer
Age: 16
DoB: March 25th, 2027
Sex: Male
Place of Birth: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Race/Nationality: Caucasian
Height: 5’7 ft
Weight: 142 lbs
Hair Color: Navy Blue (Dyed); Brown (Natural)
Hair Style: Shaggy and Unkept
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Immediate Family: Richard Cauthon (Adoptive Father; 63); Valerie Cauthon (Adoptive Mother; 65)
Place of Residence before XSDF: Scientific Outpost on Megha

Appearance: Nick is a scrawny and pale teenager, having dyed blue hair that he has not changed for years. Nick usually wears a pair of glasses at all times, having bad near and far vision without them. Having grown up on Venus, Nick does not handle cold very well so he usually wears a heavy blue jacket and pair of heavy jeans. He also usually has a pair of headphones around his neck or playing on his ears.

Personality: Nicholas is a shy and introverted person on the outside, not having much interaction with other people from his home that has left his social skills a little undeveloped. Getting past that however, Nick is a determined and thoughtful teen. He can be compassionate to the people who try to get close to him and he doesn’t really push anyone away, just having trouble approaching others.

Bio: Nicholas Cauthon was born on March 25th in the city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands on Earth, having no mother or father as he was left at an orphanage as a baby, an unwanted child that was apart of the massive baby boom. As a baby, Nick was sickly for a while but was eventually able to come over it with the help of medicine.

At a very young age, it was apparent that Nicholas was a genius. At the age of three, Nick had already learned to read and write, knowing his colors and shapes with ease and was ahead of all the other toddlers in the orphanage. When he finally started formal education, he excelled past belief, at the age of five already at at third grade level.

When Nicholas was five, he was found by Richard and Valerie Cauthon, a couple unable to have a child of their own who found Nick by chance during a vacation. The couple instantly fell in love with the child and began the adoption process, finally getting approved and taking the child back to London England where the couple was from. As it turned out, the couple that adopted Nick were fairly well known engineers and scientists, who were on the way to securing passes to the new colony on Venus. They packed up what they could and relocated to the sister planet, beginning a new life.

Nick grew up fairly secluded, learning from experience, his parents and others who lived on the colony about anything from environmental science and biology to cybernetics and robotics, Nick excelling at the later. At the age of thirteen, the pre-teen was already at a college level of education and beyond, bordering genius.
Although the machines he had built were never complex or very useful, Nick enjoyed the practicality of them, his proudest inventions being his prototype A.I. known as Glitch, who Nick kept as a continually developing project and a special interface that he had designed specifically for himself, having to fight for a while to finally get it implanted that allowed him to connect with robots of his design.

Nick’s reason for joining the XSDF is the want to be around the forefront of new technology and to have an environment where he can develop both his skills and knowledge to one day be a famous robotics engineer.

Special Notes:

Nick is a big fan of the famous robotics expert and child genius who worked for XCOM during the Human-Ethereal Subjugation War, Sunny Randolph.

Nick has a total of four drones, three that he can control directly and one that is a prototype simple A.I.

Buzzer is a small ball drone that can act as a scout and third eye for Nick. Ratchet is a drone that can fly at high speeds and is able to pick up small items or tools and also has a small beam that it uses for repairs and cutting. Clunker is a multi-bipedal semi transformable drone that uses a combination of four legs that both walks like a spider and treads that can traverse harsh terrain. Glitch is a cubed drone that houses a simple A.I. developed by Nick himself that he has been trying his best to mimic the A.L.I.C.E. A.I. that Sunny Randolph had developed.


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Name: Connor Karo
Role: Infantry
Age: 33
DoB: March 7th, 2012
Sex: Male
Place of Birth: Riga, Latvia
Nationality: Latvian
Height: 6’1 ft
Weight: 177 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style : Buzzed
Eye Color: Brown
Immediate Family: Johan Karo (Father, 74); Katcha Karo (Grandmother, 101), Tracy (Daughter, 8)
Place of Residence before XSDF: Detroit, Michigan

Appearance: Connor is a very athletic man, having a gritty look to him as well a multiple small scars on his face from previous fights. He usually keeps his head in a buzz and he has a small chin beard, usually keeping the rest of his face a little fuzzy. Connor usually wears a hooded peacoat on his off hours with a pair of grey pants. If he is not wearing that, than he is usually in his sport clothes, a simple t-shirt with a pair of sport shorts.

Personality: Connor’s exact personality as he is a very hard person to pinpoint. Not only having to deal with anger issues from his waning drug use, he is also filled with regret and sadness over the loss of his fiancee, Louise. Also suffering from depression over his ruin career, reputation and the fact he is not able to see his daughter, all weighs heavily on Karo. There are times when Connor is a decent guy in his own right, but many people are so put off by his outside personality, not a lot get to know that good side.

Bio: Born in the Latvian capital of Riga, Connor grew up in a lower middle class home with his father and grandmother (Mother’s side), his mother later dying when she was captured in 2018 during the war with the aliens where she was abducted, experimented on, and later killed when Connor was six. After the war ended, Connor and his family came out of hiding and tried to rebuild what they could of their old lives. Finally, in 2026, when Connor was 14, he and his family moved out of Latvia and to the American city of Detroit in Michigan where Connor’s father worked as a factory worker.

Connor was never very popular back home in his own country, never moving past the death of his mother and not leaving much behind, friends or otherwise, which left Connor seeking attention with his father working all the time and his grandmother not being much help. When Connor started high school, he got in with the wrong crowd, quickly getting into the drug world. It finally gave Connor what he desired, something to take the troubles of the world off his shoulders and allowing him to be around people he understood.

However, this rush didn't last long as the teen quickly found himself without money and couldn’t go to his family for help so Connor dropped out of school and looked for a job to feed his addictions. He finally found it in the form of a run down gym deep in the slums, Connor working there as a janitor. Quickly befriending the gym manager, Connor found out that he was inherently good at fighting, and after a while at the gym, developed his skill to a point where he knew what he wanted to do.

It took years of training but Connor had finally seemed to turn his life around. Having found a job in the UFC as a fighter, Connor was doing good of wiping his past away. He had gone to rehab for his drug use, was becoming the next big fighter and even a fiancee that he had a little girl with. Connor’s world came crashing down around him however as after a year he had left rehab and was about to go for a title match, he had found out his fiancee, Louise, had been murdered. And Connor was the prime suspect.

The media covered his fall heavily, his drug use coming out and his violent tendencies, even though he had never abused anyone. Put on trial for the murder, it took a long while before Connor was given a not guilty verdict for lack of evidence against him and he was released, which the UFC fighter found out, was nothing.

His career ruined, his image stained, and his daughter gone, taken from him and put into foster care, left Connor with nothing, and once again, he was back into drugs. He was quickly found out and arrested again for the possession and was hauled off to mandatory rehab for about a year, afterwards being released from jail after a brief stay. Nowhere to go, and no one wanting to hire him, Connor did the one thing he could do and joined the military.

Connor quickly found himself under the close watch of the XSDF, the Latvian man wanting a chance to redeem himself and to escape the past, however futile it was. Connors biggest hope was to survive long enough to see his daughter one last time.

Special Notes:

Connor is a smoker, having to pick up the habit to help combat his drug urges.

Connor is extensively trained in hand to hand combat due to his past profession,

Connor’s trial and time as a UFC fighter makes his name infamous, almost everyone in America at least hearing of his fall from grace.

Has to be closely monitored by doctors and a therapist as to make sure he does not return to old bad habits.


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Name: Mark Exalt II
Role: Staff Member, Scientist (Head of the cybernetics and biology subdivisions)
Age: 20 (Appears 19)
DoB: November 30th, 2023
Sex: Male
Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia
Nationality: Australian
Height: 6’2 ft
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair Color: Black (Dyed)
Hair Style: Long tied back in a ponytail
Eye Color: Orange
Immediate Family: Elene (Mother, 43), Markus (Father, 49), Vindicta (Older Sister, 24)
Place of Residence before XSDF: Exalt Headquarters (Sydney Branch), Australia


Mark is a slim build with an average height. Mark keeps his hair long and usually keeps it tied back behind his head, dying it a black color as he did not particularly like his original lightly colored hair. He inherited his mother’s genetically modified eyes, although not retaining her reptilian look, kept the orange iris. His usual attire, both work and casual consists of a formal dress shirt with black tie and a vest over top, usually covering it all with a lab coat he keeps open. He has a small gold loop earring on his left ear and a leather necklace with the Avanix symbol.


Mark is an intellectual of sorts, wanting to find the best solution to a given situation in the quickest amount of time. He has little patience for those who fool around, especially when that time could be used better. Often called cold, he does not deny the fact he is hard on others but it is only for the greater good. Calculating and analytical, he does his best to read a person and act accordingly, though usually falls into the standard annoyed and reprimanding state that he is usually in. Often looks too deep in a person, judging them wrongly and usually getting himself deeper under people’s skin.


Mark Daniel Exalt II is the younger son of Markus and Elene Exalt, having been born naturally after his artificially created sister, Vindicta, came into the world. He was born on November 30th in Sydney, which was the location of one of the Exalt Enterprises branches. He was named after Elene’s great grandfather, Mark Daniel Exalt, who was one of the leading minds of the Manhattan project and renown genius.

From the time Mark began to read, he had been enveloped in the world of literature, reading books of all kinds throughout his life. Being taught at home rather than a public setting, it wa not long before the Exalt son was tangled into the world of science, learning from his father about applications of biology and its adjoining fields. However, as Mark progressed he became less involved in biology and began to branch out his knowledge to new areas, one in particular catching his eye. Cybernetics were a key part of his development, learning the ways that different mechanical devices were used to solve things like lost arms or paraplegic people. After he got more and more engrossed into that field, it was decided what his major field would be in.

Reading up on Cross Technologies cybernetic development and applications, as well as EE’s own resources, Mark began to try and work to try and do his own thing, even though he was still in his mid teens. Noting the concerns from his father and mother about not spending all of his time working in his scientific field and to experience new things and develop new skills, Mark made the choice to go to college when he was of age.

The college he attended was Harvard, easily getting in with the help of Elene and others, he decided he would major in biology and dabble in robotics. However in college, just like his family predicted, Mark experienced many new things such as his first girlfriend, first break-up, first college party and many more. It was a time he enjoyed and made many fond memories of despite his attitude towards others. One other thing Mark had did to try it was dabble in kickboxing, going to a couple of classes and rather enjoying the change from his usually timid cram sessions and studying. He didn't make anything out of it, but it kept him in good shape.

Unlike his sister, who had gotten the luxury of having Avanix help her attend college, Mark was on his own. Although the Exalt name was respected in Harvard, there were always students looking to prove they were better than Mark was. This led to heated rivalries for the Exalt son, which he in turned used to develop himself further into who he was, his calculating nature often getting him far with anyone who tried anything other than a rivalry. After the kickboxing lessons and occasional sparring match with his Aunt Emma the few times he got to see her, Mark thought himself more than capable to handle himself.

However, Mark quickly grew tired of the college lifestyle, deciding to drop his studies in pursuit of other options. Leaving college early, Mark returned to Australia briefly to reunite with his family where he learned of Vindicta’s plans for the future, deciding that he would follow his older sister in an attempt to gain his own knowledge and further his skills. Although he would never openly admit it, Mark’s alternative motive for his decision was the fact he did not want to leave his sister alone out of sibling love and jealousy of the opportunity she had gotten.


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Name: Ezra Exalt
Role: Rocketeer
Age: 19
DoB: January 1st, 2025
Sex: Male
Place of Birth: Elene Enterprises branch in Switzerland
Race: Artificial Intelligence
Height: 5’9 ft
Weight: 155lbs
Hair Color: Black with Red Highlights
Hair Style: Spiky
Eye Color: Red
Immediate Family: Avanix (Mother), Sora (Father), Elene (Cousin)
Place of Residence before XSDF: Exalt HQ located in Switzerland

Appearance: Ezra, being an artificial intelligence in an android’s body, looks very similar to a human but a few distinct differences set him apart from the others. To start, his body type is very much normal for what his artificial age is, though his looks are deceiving as he is actually a lot stronger than he appears. Ezra’s skin material is very lighter than a normal person’s skin, looking very pale in comparison and even has some spots of skin where it was darkened to give the appearance of scars. Going for much a punk look, Ezra wears his hair in a spiky fashion and has dyed the black hair to match his eyes, which he can change the design of at anytime. His attire usually consists of a punk designed winter coat with fur lining the collar, colored black and red as well as baggy black jeans with a chain resting out of the pocket, an actual pocket watch attached to the end of it that was a gift from his mother and father with some black combat boots.

Personality: Ezra has a very explosive and fiery personality, acting crazy and rebellious whenever is possible. The A.I. also has a distinct smug side, Ezra taking heavily from his father in that regard. However, Ezra’s character is not without merit, taking a vested interested in those with depressed and self-defeating attitudes, feeling the need to motivate and encourage them. Ezra also takes pride in having an analytical and tactical side on the battlefield, an asset granted to him by his mother.

Bio: Ezra was created on January 1st of 2025, the A.I. coming about as an experiment between the A.I.s Avanix and Sora to try and emulate a familial structure. Named Ezra as a play on the name of the angel Israfel, or The Burning One, Ezra was first given the personality of a young child, skipping the baby portion of his life.

His first android body was given to him three years after he was created, the design taking inspiration from both his ‘mother’ Avanix, and his ‘father’ Sora. During this early stage of his life, Ezra lived with his father in the Swiss branch of Exalt Enterprises, Sora being tasked with helping where he could while Avanix personally oversaw Elene and her kids. Ezra liked his father’s nature, wanting to adopt more of him as time went on although Ezra still had a deep love for his mother, made all the more special given the scarcity of when he saw her, the A.I. soon adopting small portions of his mother.

During the ‘teen’ years of his life, when Ezra received his second android body, he grew curious of what humans his age had done, having all the knowledge he could ever want at the click of a single button but opting to instead learn organically and began school. Ezra enjoyed school for the most part, being fairly popular among the kids and even some of the ladies. Although Ezra’s nature made him a class clown of sorts, the A.I. teen always seeming to get in some kind of trouble, from vandalism to pranking the teacher, Ezra still passed his classes with relatively good grades, eventually earning his diploma.

Finally, Ezra received his third ‘adult’ body that was slightly different from his teen one, keeping almost all of his features but adding his own special flare to it. It was here that Ezra craved something more, something to spice up his life and when Ezra heard that the XSDF was running a recruitment drive, he was all on board, downloading a large amount of data on war, tactics, and weapons, packing his things and shipping out to the XSDF without seeking any approval from his parents, though upon departing to start his training, he had gotten word that two other Exalts had joined the XSDF, their names carrying weight and making Ezra feel stupid for not realizing he could never escape the Exalts or the reach of his mother, no matter where he went.


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Name: Taoming Wang (Romanized), 亡逃明 (Mandarin)
DOB: May 12th, 2019 (age 24)
Birthplace: Shenyang, Liaoning, Republic of China, Earth
Residence: North Point, Hong Kong, Republic of China, Earth
Sex: Male
Marital Status: Single
Languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin
Hair: Black, medium length
Eyes: Brown
Height: 168cm
Weight: 53kg

Preferred Designation:
☐ Luna
☐ Adamantem
☐ Megha
☐ Novum/Progressus
☑ Forseti

Background: Born in Liaoning, China, Taoming grew up in the infamous years of Chinese expansion and upheaval, most of his public record being lost or jumbled in the mess. We know he graduated high school with a middling GPA and spent a year at technical school, but dropped out to move to Hong Kong. Since then, he has worked as a contractor for a few companies before applying here, picking up various connections to organizations around East Asia.

Job History: Little on the record before 2040, although this is not unheard of due to the restructuring in China in the late ‘30s. Most recent employer was an aerospace manufacturing company in Hong Kong, where he was employed with coding software for suits, consoles, and drones. He quit on his own accord two months ago, as he has several times, all without any reported incidents.

Skills and Assets: Taoming is extremely skilled with computers, a rare trait amongst colony applicants due to colony manufacturers mainly being located on Earth. He shows a rudimentary grasp on alien computer protocols, although he would be better suited for human infrastructure, as he knows several coding languages in varying degrees. He is good at seeking out weak code and correcting it as well, making him a possible candidate to monitor cyberwarfare attacks. Taoming is licensed to carry a handgun and scored highly on the safety and storage test.

Personality: Taoming is quite brief, he talks very little and is very direct, almost refreshingly so. He spends most of his time in cyberspace and can be impatient and reticent outside of it, however, talking about his interests can get his chatterbox running. Other than that, he appears to be confident in his abilities and knows what they’re worth, which may explain his employer-hopping in China.

Appearance: His most striking feature is a pure black cybernetic arm that was installed in him by an unlicensed Chinese surgeon that he is unwilling to talk about. Although it's origin is a downside, he appears to have control of the limb and knowledge of self-maintenance, which should keep it from being a liability. He wears his hair at chin length and scruffy, and wears ordinary civilian-looking clothes, usually button-up shirts or leather jackets.


Applicant Supplied Addendum:
Do you require vaccinations? N
Do you require provisions for the Aeternam solution? N
Do you have a criminal record in any Council nations? N
Would you perform military service for your colony if needed? Y
When will you be able to relocate? ASAP
Comments? I would be good for creating software for colony infrastructure, provided a quiet and secure workspace.


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Personal Profile
Name: Willow Teresa Ryan
DOB: December 10th, 2014 (age 29)
Birthplace: Berlin, Germany, European Union, Earth
Languages: English, German (intermediate)
Hair: Light brown, past shoulders
Eyes: Green
Height: 165cm
Weight: 69kg
Identifying Features: Tattoos on right arm (colored rose band) and left ankle (willow branch), shallow knife scar across chest

Professional Profile
Service Branch: XSDF Colonial Patrol
Rank: Specialist
Station: Progressus
Specialization: Rocketeer
Standing: Good
February 12th, 2033 – Enlistment in XSDF completed, file activated
February 19th, 2033 – Underwent psionic testing, positive red and orange, training declined
February 21st, 2033 – Assigned to Progressus
November 13th, 2036 – Promoted: Specialist
March 11th, 2037 – Reprimanded for fraternizing on-duty with civilian woman
September 3rd, 2037 – Reprimanded for mishandling after-action materials (mitigated by squad’s good word)
November 14th, 2042 – Critically injured: Slash wound across chest
December 1st, 2042 – Promoted: Lance Corporal
October 12th, 2043 – Reprimanded for fraternizing on XSDF property with squad leader
October 13th, 2043 – Demoted: Specialist
January 2nd, 2044 – Transfer requested

Public Background: Preferring to go by her middle name, Tess spent much of her life as a modern nomad of sorts, hopping between several English-speaking countries at the whim of her wealthy father, a major financial executive of Exalt Enterprises, and her mother, a high-class escort in Berlin. Generally she never stayed in one country for more than a year at a time, being yanked between her separated parents and their radically different lifestyles. She was held back a year due to low test scores, and graduated at 19, quickly throwing out applications for international work contracts, and failing that, enlisting in the XSDF. She holds dual citizenship in Germany and Australia and is currently stationed in the capital of Progressus.

Qualifications and Skills: Ryan has an impressive aptitude for hauling and stabilizing heavy weaponry including heavy rifles and launchers, and habitually maintains a body that can utilize that aptitude. On the battlefield, she is pragmatic and resourceful, often able of scavenging parts or opening paths to create an advantage where there was a weakness. This mix of power and street smarts made her well-suited to policing the sometimes unpredictable environment on Progressus.

Personality Assessment: Although a loyal soldier with no mental issues regarding homesickness or instability, Ryan’s habits tend to get her in trouble, as could be inferred from her history. She has a tendency to be flirtatious and impulsive, leading to the issues noted below. She also maintains a collection of antique trinkets, primarily weapons, and attempted to secretly keep an enemy combatant’s weapon early in her career. That said, she has not had any recorded problems since then.

Reason for Transfer: Tess was caught in the middle of a physical affair with her squad leader in their Progressus barracks. Although she was repentant and this is usually forgiven, it was her second time being caught engaging in this kind of conduct, and she was demoted and moved to a different squad. She says the incident brings her unwanted attention and gossip, and hopes to be stationed on another colony where she can start over with a clean reputation. Reassignment to Forseti is recommended.


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Name: Tabitha Le’talla (Romanized)
Age: 22 Human Years (2021)
Birthplace: Alpha Centauri A-3
Residence: Tranquil City, Luna, Earth's Moon
Type: Tamearin Female
Marital Status: Single
Languages: English (Lunar Dialect), Tamear
Hair: Varied color, braided, chest-length
Eyes: Cyan or Scarlet
Height: 189cm
Weight: 73kg

Preferred Designation:
☑ Luna
☐ Adamantem
☐ Megha
☐ Novum/Progressus
☑ Forseti

Background: Tabitha was born with a rare mental defect with similarities to humans’ bipolar disorder, but the Tamearins’ unique affinity for psionics makes the issue all the more volatile and troublesome. She swaps frequently between fits of self-consciousness, paranoia, and shyness; then to periods of temper tantrums, confidence, and creativity. Her inability to fit into the normal Tamearins’ attitude in either of these stages made her a frequent target of bullying and shunning, further exacerbating the two polar opposites in terms of rage or reservation. Despite her parents’ insistence that she was normal and could fit in, Tabitha found her own people to be too stressful to stay around, and traded in a large sum of saved allowances for passage on a galactic trade vessel.

After landing on what she would later realize was Luna, a moon to a people she had almost never heard of, she took residence in the upper level of one of Luna’s high class bars, serving drinks and waiting tables to earn her rent. Her human-like yet alien appearance garnered a lot of positive attention, and her success in the Tamearins’ schools allowed her to understand conversations between the advanced scientists and researchers that stopped in, even able to offer advice at times. Her unique psionic abilities were also tested and encouraged by a frequent patron that she grew to trust. Her usage of telekinesis at her job only furthered interest in her, and she was soon garnering respect and fascination from around the moon. Convinced she was not meeting her potential serving drinks, she signed up for XSDF, hoping to reap its physical and psionic training without judgement.

Skills and Assets: Tabitha shares the impressive level of physical maintenance that is common amongst Tamearins, but she will need firearms training before she can be considered for squad placement. Her strongest asset is her psionics. Although she is mostly untrained, she is capable of basic abilities in two paradoxical colors: red and blue. She can only use one of these colors at a time, which correspond to the extremes of her temperament. Her red abilities include telekinesis and Psi Lance, capable of altering and destroying things in her mind’s reach. Her blue abilities involve bolstering her senses and separating herself into a new persona, which is capable of tormenting enemies’ minds, or conjuring and manipulating a weapon of ice if necessary. Although statistically unlikely, her mood swinging during psionic use defocuses power from her abilities, the mental energy instead manifesting around her in a potentially dangerous display.

Personality: As stated in her background, Tabitha’s mood varies greatly from hour to hour. While she is red, she is passionate, short-tempered, and impulsive. She craves the ability to create and destroy, often tempering her delicate mood with sketching or sculpting, hoping to avoid the judgement of her calmer peers. While she is in blue, she is much more like a normal Tamearin, cold, calculating, and detached. She also becomes shy and reserved, however, and her social skills suffer in an equal measure.

Appearance: Tabitha has a light purplish-red skin tone and a wiry, lithe frame over six feet tall. Her hair is kept in an intricate braid that falls down to the middle of her back. Her hair color shifts between maroon and navy to reflect what kind of psionics are active within her, as well as her eye color between a bright red and light blue. This shift can be a disadvantage while engaging those familiar with the Tamearin, as it telegraphs what she is currently capable of. Other than this, she shares mostly human characteristics other than their distinctive ears. She wears functional clothing with little accessories, sharing her race’s common belief that they are beautiful without excessive trappings.


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Name: Khorochar
Age: 60 Human Years (1983)
Birthplace: Tau Ceti 3
Residence: Siberian Wilderness, Russian Federation, Earth
Type: Balmadaar Male
Marital Status: Widowed (equivalent)
Languages: Balmadaar, Russian (intermediate), English (basic)
Hair: None
Eyes: Black
Height: 257cm
Weight: 194kg

Preferred Designation:
☐ Luna
☐ Adamantem
☑ Megha
☐ Novum/Progressus
☑ Forseti

Background: One of Earth’s first intergalactic immigrants, Khorochar was one of a couple dozen Balmadaar who moved into the unforgiving and unsettled Siberian wilderness, their affinity for survival and strength allowing them solitude away from whatever was haunting them. Khorochar was an intertribal diplomat on his homeworld, working for his mate, the chief of his clan. His mate and several close friends were murdered in their homes by a separatist attack in 2023, and unable to handle the constant reminders around him, fled his homeworld in a quest to forget. He moved to Earth and found the tundras of Siberia, building a shelter in the most unrecognizable place he could find. Over his time on Earth, Khorochar’s wounds healed. Settling alone was a sufficient distraction, each day spent gathering, building, hunting, and cooking for months with little time to stand idle and think.

As the sting of his loss subsided, Khorochar began trekking across the tundra, meeting other Balmadaar and humans, cooperating and trading with them where he could, using his old diplomatic wiles. On one expedition, he happened upon a seemingly man-made crater, holding the charred remnants of some kind of facility. Walking through the alloy husk, he learned of XCOM – a warrior clan he had heard of in whispers following their emancipation from the Ethereals – and took up a zealous curiosity of it. Feeling a need to reclaim his sense of adventure, he enlisted in XSDF, their successor, wanting to see what the organization looked like and how they fought in the modern day.

Skills and Assets: Well over eight feet and 400 pounds, Khorochar’s most obvious asset is his strength, able to lift and throw things even gene-modded humans might struggle with. His time on both the Balmadaar homeworld and Earth’s Siberia suit him for any environment, making him a good worker for more naturally unfriendly areas near colonies. Khorochar is also quick for a Balmadaar, capable of more nimble movements than expected of one of his kind. It is recommended he be put in a colony where his skills can be put to use out of combat, such as the docks of Megha or the mines on Forseti.

Personality: Like many Balmadaar, Khorochar speaks bluntly and quickly, unconcerned with flowery or assuring language. He is still somewhat of a loner, however, and his time separated from communal societies has left him more curt and awkward than he might have been before. Still, he is an intelligent being in both experience and logic, as expected for a former advisor and diplomat to a leader. He honors XSDF (which he still refers to as ‘XCOM’) greatly, having walked through the remains of their old base and seen remnants of the long war and devastating strike they survived. He is unwilling to talk about his past, which is quite blameless considering his loss and likely enslavement by the former Ethereal regime.

Appearance: Khorochar has red skin with deeper red tribal tattoos around his body, which holds the Balmadaar’s traditional massive muscle structure and naturally armored skin. The Ethereal’s assistance allowed for the gas-mask like aperture and eye enhancements to be removed, returning his countenance to a smoother crown, softer eyes, a flat center of the face only broken by nasal slits, and a normal-looking mouth with primate-like teeth. That said, much of his face is still wrinkled and scarred from experimentation and age, and his ability to intimidate a man easily is probably still well intact.


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Name: Elicia Ensslin
Title/Role: XSDF Field Medic
Age: 28 (Apparent Age - 25)
DoB: December 21, 2015
Sex: Female
Place of Birth: Liverpool, England
Race/Nationality: Human, English
Height: 1.62 m
Weight: 64 kg
Hair Color: Dirty blonde
Hair Style: Straight, Neck-length, tied back in pony-tail
Eye Color: Blue
Immediate Family: Leon Ensslin (Father, 61, Deceased), Linda Ensslin (Mother, 60)
Place of Residence Before XSDF: Liverpool, England

Elicia has an angular, tomboyish appearance, and generally dresses to match that view. While short, she does pack a fair bit of muscle on her frame, giving her a stocky look. She has a small collection of faint scars under her left eye, and an intricate tribal tattoo covering her right shoulder and upper bicep.

To call Elicia a woman unafraid to live her life would be an understatement on the scale of ‘space is big’. She has a big appetite for risk, and constantly seeks to improve not only her life but the lives of the people around her. Elicia tries to pass herself off as hardened to the ways of the world, but she’s a naturally poor liar and her inexperience and naivety readily expose themselves upon scrutiny. In addition, she’s quick to trust others, and prefers to insist she feels no grudge over any wrongdoing rather than confront the problem and risk harming a relationship.

Doted on by her father from almost the day she was born, Elicia likely would have ended up as another well-meaning but spoiled brat were it not for her mother’s insistence on maintaining a fair degree of discipline in the household. Because of this, Elicia slowly but surely grew into the woman she is today, even going so far as to take the Ensslin’s neighbor and friend’s child - one Frederick Foulke - under her wing as her adopted younger brother.

The two kids grew quite close, the cooler and more methodical Frederick helping reign in Elicia’s relentless ambition and Elicia pushing Frederick to go out and experience life. With this symbiotic relationship established, the two kept close by each other’s side throughout their childhood and well into their teenage years.

However, all was not well in Elicia’s home life. Her father’s constant care and affection began to grate at Elicia’s adolescent nerves, and she slowly began to resent him. Even knowing her grudge was childish, she still could not escape the feeling that such affection was holding her back. Then, in March of 2031, tragedy struck. Leon, while doing his work as part of the Liverpool Police Department, was stabbed by a paranoid junkie, and died in the hospital two days later due to complications.

In another life, this event likely would have broken Elicia. However, Frederick’s father, Albert Foulke, reached out to the fifteen-year old Elicia, and helped guide her on the road to recovery, using his own experience with paternal death to ensure that she didn’t make the same mistakes he did. By offering her work at the boxing gym Albert opened after the Ethereal Subjugation War, Elicia was able to help support her aging mother, and was able to pick up some useful fighting techniques.

After finishing her secondary education, Elicia moved on to the University of Liverpool, seeking a medical degree. However, the rigor of her studies took their toll on her, and eventually Elicia had to drop out of uni, her tail in between her legs. However, she refused to give up on her dream to heal others of their wounds, and instead enlisted in the XSDF in 2040, picking up the basics of field medicine rather quickly. Now, hearing of her assignment to Einherjar as part of the Forseti mission, she eagerly prepares herself, eager to get out and put her medical training to use.

Special Notes:
Elicia has not tested for any psionic potential.
Elicia has the following gene mods: Smart Macrophages, Aerobic Respiration Boost, and Muscle Fiber Density.
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Name: Lawrence Laforge
Title/Role: XSDF Fighter Pilot
Age: 35 (Appears 28)
DoB: July 14th, 2008
Sex: Male
Place of Birth: Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Race/Nationality: Human, Luxembourger
Height: 1.65m
Weight: 55 kg
Hair Color: N/A
Hair Style: Bald
Eye Color: Hazel
Immediate Family: Imani Laforge (Mother, 57), Desta Laforge (Father, 59), Miciah Laforge (Sister, 32), Geordi Laforge (Brother, 29)
Place of Residence Before XSDF: Paris, France

Dark-skinned, with a lean build. Generally keeps himself well-groomed, and has a relatively relaxed posture. Has faint burn marks across his skull and forehead, which he generally keeps concealed under an XSDF baseball cap. Wears a thin visor over his eyes, the sides of which are plugged into ports on his temple.

Lawrence is possessed of a calm, cool - almost bemused - confidence that almost seems to radiate off of him. He tends to approach problems the same way he approaches a dogfight - maneuver into a position where he has the advantage, then eliminate the problem with one fell stroke. Lawrence also tends to strictly divide his personality between professional and off-duty, the shift between strict, rational, and driven to his more relaxed, casual persona catching quite a few of his fellows off-guard.

Born as the eldest son of two Algerian immigrants, Lawrence was a brash and hotheaded child, eager to prove himself in the world. Even the birth of his younger siblings didn’t cool his temper, and Lawrence was always the first to lead the trio out into the city’s heart for whatever misadventures may be found. While the trio frequently got in trouble for their expeditions, Lawrence always ensured that he bore the brunt of any punishments. After all, it was his idea to do it, he reasoned, why give them punishment?

Despite his great ambitions for life, however, Lawrence was listless in his desires, flitting from one topic of interest before dropping it and moving on to the next. However, on one of his preteen escapes, he happened to damage the vehicle of an old WWII French fighter pilot. As part of his punishment, Lawrence was forced to assist the old man until such a time as the man in question - Pierre Bellerose - determined that Lawrence had repaid his debt.

At first Lawrence resented this duty, but just as his parents expected and the film cliches dictated, he eventually grew to respect the centenarian, especially as Pierre would oft regale old, half-remembered war tales to the youth. Then in 2024, two years into Lawrence’s service, Pierre died, his health finally failing him. While in deep sorrow from the loss of a close friend, Lawrence had found something deep within him galvanized - he wished to follow Pierre in his footsteps, and become a pilot. Upon finishing his secondary education, he earned a bachelor’s in engineering in 2030, and in 2032 became a test pilot for the Dassault Aviation Group.

Until 2036, Lawrence mostly tested civilian craft, such as the Falcon 2500, a testbed for the integration of alien flight technologies into passenger aircraft. After that date, however, Lawrence was offered a position as one of the test pilots for the Rafale II, Dassault’s answer to the XSDF’s Firestorm and Lockheed-Martin’s F-42. In 2038, Lawrence was selected to be the first to pilot the completed prototype.

However, on that fateful autumn day, disaster struck. The neural interface helmet - the keystone to the Rafale II’s projected success - suffered a malfunction shortly after take-off. While most of the failsafes triggered safely, a burst of electrical current was delivered into directly Lawrence’s visual cortex, striking the pilot blind mid-flight. As a testament to his skill, Lawrence managed to land the prototype jet, but the pilot himself was not so lucky. While procedures to repair the eyesight of the blind have become, Lawrence was a special case as his visual cortex was not merely damaged, but rather nearly entirely fried. As such, until 2040, Lawrence had to live in complete blindness.

Hearing of his plight, a newly formed French cybernetics company offered Lawrence a chance: they could implant a prototype cybernetic visor, which would bypass the damaged visual cortex, and thus hopefully give Lawrence back his eyes. He agreed without a second of hesitation, and within three months he underwent the procedure, giving him back his eyes and then some.

Once again capable of living his dream, Lawrence enlisted in the XSDF in 2041, quickly being accepted as a Firestorm pilot - ironically piloting the very craft he lost his eyes trying to compete with. Now he finds himself stationed on the Einherjar, keeping careful eye on his craft just in case things become less peaceful than he hopes things will be with the upcoming mission.

Special Notes:
Lawrence’s visor counts as T2 cybernetic eyes, with built in night vision in addition to the infrared vision.
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Name: Osahar cin Ankhor
Title/Role: Marauder trooper, Badka caste
Age: 17 Terran years / 80 Seikronyr Sanoda
DoB: July 16th, 2027 / 74.3057
Sex: Qooda
Place of Birth: Yareyn-class Habitation ship Marna ma Ilaawi (Remember Always)
Race/Nationality: Seikronyr, Sovereign Seikronyr State
Height: 2.14m
Weight: 92 kg
Eye Color: Orange
Immediate Family: Astes cin Tauva (Mother), Ankhor kan Minkah (Biological Father), 2 half-sisters, 1 half-brother (Farkancii), 2 brothers (Aliilaye), 2 daughters, 1 son (Aliilaye)
Place of Residence before XSDF: Asteroid Colony Nak Ardoonka (The Avenger)

Sepia toned flesh, mottled with small patches of bronze colorations. Significant cybernetic augmentation across body, including the entire rear leg and most of right arm. A pair of three-fingered servo-arms extend out from the sides of torso, the bracings covering a large portion of the region. Skin-tight moisture suit covers the body from the base of the head down, save for the arms, and bears a burgundy camouflage pattern, aside from the bright yellow Sovereign Seikronyr State logo on the chest and the various rank hieroglyphs.

Osahar is, despite her liaison position, fairly xenophobic towards the other races of the galaxy, especially towards those formerly part of the Ethereals’ coalition of races, regardless of if they were willing members or not. However, despite her frequently fluctuating emotional state - even when compared to other members of her race - she is quite observant of the atmosphere and occasionally tries to make a pass at being courteous, though with her lack of knowledge on other races’ social customs she does tend to come off rather strongly. In combat, she does tend to come across as self-centered and focused on her own survival, however this is merely due to having nearly no combat operations under her belt in which the other troopers are not capable of taking as much punishment from the enemy as she can.

Born as a part of a clutch of six children just a few weeks before the Seikronyr’s return to the civilised galaxy, Osahar is a member of the last militant generation of Seikronyr, having been fully prepared to fight in a total war against the Ethereals. While in the first few years following Second Contact this militant mindedness allowed her to be fast tracked along her training - finishing shortly after her 22nd birthday (5th via Terran years) - the eventual shift of Seikronyr policies towards more a more diplomatic approach regarding the rest of the galaxy left her high and dry, stuck on garrison duty aboard an asteroid colony.

For the next twelve years she would spend her time slowly transferring herself between various low-level positions, taking time to briefly find an Aliilaye mate and produce of a clutch of three children, one of whom would be found capable of joining the Yinad caste. Like many of her caste’s generation, Osahar would have a difficult time adapting to the new shape of the galaxy and finding her niche, the latter being under the control of the older Seikronyr and the former falling under the purview of the following generations.

During her tours of the various colonies, she was involved with a conflict between Ethereal Loyalists and the Seikronyr asteroid-based research colony Nak Aardoonka, the Loyalists being led by a veteran of the Seikronyr Genocide who wished to ensure his work was completed, one colony at a time. After several months of conflict, Osahar found herself on the team that stormed the Loyalist’s base, the strike force capturing it and killing the Loyalist’s leader after seven hours of bloody conflict, in which she lost her rear leg and most of her right arm.

However, despite the bravery she had shown, Osahar received few accolades for her accomplishments in the conflict, the credit primarily going to the tacticians responsible as well as the fresh recruits, who were lauded as ‘the new generation of Seikronyr warriors’. With this, Osahar returned to a meager life of base duty on the research colony. But, it wasn’t all for naught, as she had made some connections during the war, specifically with a respected scientist she had rescued during an operation, named Nitetis sen Senna. Soon enough, Nitetis approached Osahar with an offer: the Seikronyr looked to establish a formal consulate on one of the XSDF’s planets, and was seeking a garrison of troops for it. Sensing her opportunity, Osahar took this offer, expecting it to be on one of the XSDF’s core worlds, like Novum or perhaps even Earth.

It was to her mild disappointment when she discovered that the consulate was to be established on Forseti for ‘cultural purposes’, as well as to her major shame that the garrison team was herself alone for ‘diplomatic purposes’. With this, she consigned herself to wasting away on this backwater planet, waiting until such a time as she could transfer her commission to somewhere else in the SSS. However, with news of XSDF deployment to Forseti, led by the Commander herself, Osahar has decided to put off the transfer paperwork for the moment, eager for any hint of excitement on the colony.

Special Notes:
-Osahar’s prosthetic arm carries within it an arc welder, capable of performing weak field repairs. Otherwise counts as a Tier One prosthetic arm.
-Osahar’s artificial leg counts as a Tier One prosthetic leg.
-Osahar’s servo-arms are linked in through a Manipulation Receptor, and count as Tier Two cybernetics arms.
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Name: Nitetis sen Senna
Title/Role: Scientist, Dhulka caste
Age: 36 Terran years / 170 Seikronyr Sanoda
DoB: April 21st, 2008 / 21.2967
Sex: Farkancii
Place of Birth: Asteroid Colony Run Qoto Dheer (Deeper Truths)
Race/Nationality: Seikronyr, Sovereign Seikronyr State
Height: 2.08m
Weight: 83 kg
Eye Color: Blue
Immediate Family: 2 half-sisters, 2 half-brothers (Aliilaye), 2 brothers (Farkancii), ten daughters, eight sons (Farkancii)
Place of Residence before XSDF: Research Colony Nak Ardoonka (The Avenger)

Dirty bronze primary coloration, matted with other earthy tones. Significant cybernetic augmentation across body, mostly concentrated around head and arms. Visible cerebral augmentations include the entire left eye, and a large plate positioned at the top of the skull, the plate bearing signs that it can be removed without major stress as well as a few direct access ports. Has two three-fingered servo arms braced securely underneath and slightly outside the flesh ones, a small selection of scientific instruments placed on each. Forearms have been replaced with mechanical augmentations, the tips able to split apart into three-fingers when necessary. Wears a simple forest green moisture suit, covering the body from the base of the head down save for the arms, plain aside from the SSS logo and the hieroglyphs indicating position.

Nitetis is calm, courteous, and lacks much personal ambition, a rare set of traits among the Seikronyr. Instead, his primary goals in life are to obtain knowledge for knowledge’s own sake. The more esoteric and useless the knowledge is, the more it attracts him, and as such he can often be found scouring the Seikronyr Neural Network for the latest in scientific discoveries, his numerous cerebral implants allowing him to process the data with the utmost speed. He cares not where his funding comes from, only that it remains constant until he has decided his current project is finished. Nitetis is ecstatic over being able to access other races’ networks now that he is out of the purview of the SSS’s heavy restrictions on incoming foreign data, though like many of his age group, he has little positive opinion on the races in question.

Born into a rare clutch of seven, Nitetis had few expectations for his life. Spend his life aboard a research colony, perhaps make a few discoveries that would improve the life of the Seikronyr people, spawn a few clutches of children, and then die. Taking this view into account, he spurned such things as personal improvement, and wholly dedicated himself towards the improvement of his race. After all, immortality would be a goal for a later generation, to him his work was to perform the work necessary to lay the foundation for their achievements.

It was this single minded dedication to his work that brought Nitetis respect among the Dhulka caste. While other scientists sought to gather accolades and ensure that they would be remembered - the closest thing to immortality that they could achieve - Nitetis merely worked himself to the bone, attempting to gather knowledge. Because of his lack of ambition, his superiors saw him as a consistently safe choice for promotion, and he quickly advanced through the peerage of the Dhulka scientific community. With this power granted to him, he led numerous crucial research projects, such as the High-Energy Anti-Personnel (HEAP) Gauss round, a specially modified ammunition type that fragments on contact with its target, creating a shotgun-like effect.

Despite his near-omnidisciplinary status, Nitetis has only two true loves among the sciences: biotech and AI development. His work improved the Yinad caste’s sensor capabilities by fourteen percent across the board as well as created the dumb AIs that help ship- and superheavy MEC-board targeting systems, taking loads off of the organic operators. However, in the past few years, his research has begun to stagnate as the Seikronyr adapt to the new way of the galaxy, as the focus of the government shifts away from pure military and life-span increasing research towards establishing a unique Seikronyr identity and culture. Seeing this, Nitetis exercised his sole incident of using his political power for purposes beyond gathering a research team.

By pulling a few strings among the upper echelons of government, Nitetis was able to arrange for a small Seikronyr consulate to be established on the XSDF world of Forseti, despite the lack of Seikronyr citizens on the planet to monitor. He gathered a token garrison force consisting of a single overlooked MEC pilot, a handful of diplomats led by a young and ambitious Hibaya-caste member, and a modest research team under his direction for the purpose of facilitating tech trades or joint research with XSDF staff on planet.

Over the short months Nitetis has spent on planet, he has made significant progress on numerous of his pet projects, and even made a few discoveries which were quickly shared onto the Seikronyr Neural Network and are currently in the process of peer review and experimental reproduction among the scientific community. However, with news of the XSDF force soon to be arriving on Forseti, Nitetis is caught between a mixture of joy and fear, the possibility of a research-disrupting conflict wearing away at his enthusiasm at being able to trade directly with the XSDF rather than through the colonists of Forseti.

Special Notes:
Cranial implants function as a Processing Module and Manipulation Receptor, with the added function of being able to directly connect to computers through the ports on the access plate.
Servo-arms function as T2 cybernetic limbs, with a small sampling of scientific tools inbuilt into each.
Forearms function as T1 prosthetic limbs.
Right eye functions as a T2 cybernetic eye, with up to 1000x zoom in additional to standard infrared vision.


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Name: Tak-sharu kan Katesch
Title/Role: Consul of SSS to XSDF, Hibaya caste
Age: 8 Terran Years / 37 Seikronyr Sanoda
DoB: May 11, 2035 / 64.3094
Sex: Aliilaye
Place of Birth: Yareyn-class Habitation Ship Marnaba Keliya (Always Together)
Race/Nationality: Seikronyr, Sovereign Seikronyr State
Height: 2.34m
Weight: 96 kg
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Immediate Family: Kemat cin Thema (Mother), Katesch kan Amse (Father), four half-sisters, two half-brothers (Farkancii), two sisters
Place of Residence before XSDF: Habitation Vessel Farxad Adeegga (Rejoice in Service)

Flesh tone is a mish-mash of earthy colors, all blending into and upon each other like somebody spilled several buckets of paint into a shallow bowl. Signs of minor cybernetic augmentation around the skull area, and forearms have been replaced with mechanical equivalents, capable of breaking into three-fingers for more dexterous tasks. Solid blue moisture suit covers body from base of head down, excluding arms. The moisture suit bears the logo of the SSS on the chest, and several rank-signifying hieroglyphs run underneath it.

Tak-sharu is, upon initial examination, the model of the updated Hibaya caste diplomat: courteous, open-minded, ambitious, and willing to do whatever it takes to advance Seikronyr interests. Whether it requires days of negotiations or backroom deals or other, less savory options, he has steeled himself for whatever his burgeoning career calls him to do. Tak-sharu has a good eye for opportunities, and will leap on any that promise advancement provided that the cost isn’t too steep. He’s prone to relying on his gut in most situations, preferring to seize the moment and negotiate aggressively rather than be patient and look at the situation rationally. Once involved with a project, it is difficult to pull Tak-sharu away from it, and he is prone to pushing his luck to the breaking point, sometimes even pushing further, with predictable consequences.

Tak-sharu has a dream. Born into a clutch where all but he were taken away into the Yinad caste, it is only natural to form one, to show that one is just as important to the Seikronyr as their siblings. In short, Tak-sharu wishes to end the Seikronyr’s self-imposed exile amidst the stars, and find a new world for his kind to inhabit, this act finally burying their grudge against the Ethereals and their former vassals for eternity.

From the realization of this dream, shortly after Tak-sharu’s twelfth birthday on the Seikronyr calendar, he has relentlessly pursued it with a drive that can only be called eerie. He exited his education at the top of his Hab Ship’s class, and quickly found a position amidst the Interior Administration, who were responsible for ensuring the castes remained friendly and that the government could run with minimal corruption. Tak-sharu’s career was a series of booms and busts, sometimes his aggressive politicking allowing him to reach high rank, before he pushed his luck too far and he would be unceremoniously passed along to another branch of the government.

For twelve Sonada this trend continued, until finally Tak-sharu came to rest in the severely understaffed Foreign Diplomatic Corps. Here he found his niche, the minimal political precedent in the area allowing him to take risks that would be unheard of among the other government offices. He was part of the team that negotiated mining rights with the XSDF to the dense asteroid fields around 111 Tauri, a system that looks reap untold dividends in the coming years.

It was for this combination of youth, ambition, and experience with the XSDF that Tak-sharu was chosen to lead up a consulate on the XSDF colony of Forseti. While initially uncertain of the need for a consulate on a planet that lacked any Seikronyr presence, he later met a Dhulka caste member going by the name of Nitetis sen Senna who would convince Tak-sharu of the worth of this consulate. Emboldened by the scientist’s words, Tak-sharu would seize this opportunity for all it was worth, and began applying himself to the day-to-day operations of setting up a consulate with his usual vigor.

Even after his arrival of Forseti, Tak-sharu did not ease up on his work, even with how little diplomatic work is present on a foreign Elerium mining colony. It is with unprecedented glee that Tak-sharu took the news of the XSDF’s deployment to Forseti. He sees it as an opportunity to impress one of the most powerful individuals in the galaxy, a fast-track to achieving his dream if ever saw any. With this, he made preparations to meet the Einherjar en route, under the guard of the consulate’s sole garrison unit.

Special Notes:
Cranial augmentations include a processing module; a language network node, enabling real-time vocal translations of the major galactic languages; and a built in heavy-duty mind shield, with neural dampening and feedback capabilities.


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Name: Isaac “The Judge” Anderson
Title/Role: Retired Overseer, Intelligence Correspondent for the XSDF
Age: 66 (actual 79)
DoB: 2nd February 1964
Sex: Male
Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia
Race/Nationality: Caucasian/Australian
Height: Taller than average
Weight: Lean
Hair Color: Greying brown
Hair Style: Short
Eye Color: Green
Immediate Family: Thomas A. Anderson (Father, deceased), Claudia Anderson (Mother, deceased), Penny Hu (Daughter), Samantha Steele (partner)
Place of Residence before XSDF: Newcastle, Australia

Distinguishing Features: Right leg from the knee down is prosthetic, uses a wheelchair to get around. Usually insists on doing it himself. Has refused obtaining a functional prosthetic on the grounds that it would “make me lazy and give me an excuse to come out of retirement”. Large scar on his left cheek from a knife wound. Several scars around his body from bullet wounds.

Personality: To people only just meeting him, Isaac typically comes across as confrontational, a bully, or a grumpy old man. Those that get past that, however, discover a friendlier demeanor. If he trusts someone, he does so absolutely. If he perceives he has been wronged, he will pursue a “righting” with a single minded determination.

Bio: Isaac Anderson’s early life was remarkably unremarkable. He studied law at Sydney University before beginning practicing in criminal law, where he met an Italian migrant by the name of Maria. Out of pity for her financial situation, he assisted her in gaining some information pertaining to a case his firm was working on. When he discovered how lucrative such a practice was, he continued doing it, thus contributing directly to the rise of the woman later known as the Overseer.

Using his knowledge of criminal law, Isaac then went on to break it, going deeper and deeper into the criminal underworld. He shot his first man not long after. After he was disbarred from practicing law, he was offered a contract as an assassin. He took it and took on the moniker “the Judge”, proving on many occasions that he was able to locate a target and take them out quickly, cleanly, and efficiently. He became known as one of the Overseer’s staunchest allies, and one of the more dangerous ones too. He met the mercenary Samuel Yokolov during one of his contracts, and the two would later become a fearsome duo in the criminal underworld. For a time, Isaac was even a part of the newly founded “Tribe” mercenaries, though some awkwardness with their leader (whom he now lives with) caused him to casually avoid them for a long time afterwards.

At the age of 26 he married a Chinese woman by the name of Helen, and had a child a year later with her they called Penny. Helen mostly stayed out of Isaac’s “job”, and though mildly disapproved also knew that he was killing people who had killed others and worse besides, and contented herself with that. Unfortunately, her presence and their daughters was discovered by the man Isaac would later call his nemesis, and Helen was assassinated in her own home. After leaving his daughter Penny with Samuel, he began hunting Helen’s killer down, a hunt which would take decades to complete. When his daughter turned 18, the two had a falling out and she left to pursue her own life in Australia, where she became a successful physicist.

A few years later, Isaac became the Overseer when Maria died of lung cancer. Using his new contacts, he continued the hunt, though he did not neglect his new duties. When the Ethereals attacked Earth, he was asked by the Council to continue his job, but to report to them. Reasoning that not helping the defenders of Earth would be stupid, he complied, putting his projects on hold to assist the fledgling X-COM in spotting their enemy and reacting accordingly. After the surprise entrance of EXALT, the Council demanded the Overseer take a more personal role, a directive Isaac reluctantly accepted, opening a dialogue with the then-Commander O’Brien. Discovering his daughter was working for X-COM, he proposed to the Commander a trade: he would bring the Commander’s own daughter to her provided she maintain the safety of Penny.

Isaac was accidentally caught in the group of civilians evacuated from Cairo after Superbia crashed his ship into the city. After revealing himself to the Commander, he began working from X-COM’s base, though he hardly had time to set up before the base itself was destroyed. He participated in Operation Finem Timere, where he and the Tribe successfully deactivated a device that would have made the Ethereal Commander Phobos nigh invincible by consuming the psionic power of his own civilians. Though he survived, Isaac asked that his name be placed on the first X-COM memorial erected in Washington, allowing him to fake his death and draw out his wife’s killer.

A few years later (See file “Judgement Day”), he and a group of other operatives found and killed his target Matthew Lester, CEO of Trust Industries after a series of operations. Having lost his right leg from the knee down as a result, he accepted retirement and went into seclusion, though he maintains a dialogue with the current Overseer.

Special Notes: Even as a cripple, Isaac remains dangerous. His connection with the current Overseer warrants concern, and he is no less effective with a gun. Thankfully, his connection with the Overseer is one of master and student, and thus he still has power over them. It is likely that, at least until old age takes him, Isaac will keep the Overseer in check.
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Name: Slora S’vorah
Title/Role: Volomi Princess/Support
Age: 32 years
DoB: 1st April 2012 (Earth equivalent)
Sex: Female
Place of Birth: Hatching Chamber, Vorah Hive Palace
Race/Nationality: Volomi
Height: 6’ 0”
Weight: 64kg
Eye Color: Yellow
Immediate Family: Queen Gavra S’vorah (Mother)
Place of Residence before XSDF: Vorah Hive Palace

Appearance: Taller than most Volomi and most humans too, and covered in a deep iridescent red carapace. Four yellow eyes set in a V shape on her face, and four mandibles set in the base.

Personality: Slora is, despite her size and station, usually rather timid. She has a tendency to allow others to (metaphorically, of course) trample over her to get what they want, which, additionally, is a fair description of her relationship with the captain of her personal guard. She worries often, though exactly what she worries about varies greatly. As a Volomi, she is baffled by the concept of clothing for purposes other than protection against the elements or armor.

Bio: Slora was born to the thirty-seventh Volomi Queen of the Vorah Hive, and is the third daughter of her mother. As with most Volomi princesses, she was heavily sheltered for the first dozen or so years of her life, living and being tutored all within the confines of her mother’s palace. When she reached adulthood, she was finally allowed outside, albeit with a personal guard, to experience the world of the average Volomi for herself. Learning about the various roles genetics predetermined for her people allowed her to realize something – there was very little she couldn’t do. Indeed, some of the brightest scholars and the fiercest warriors had been princesses. So she tried to learn everything she could.

Her mother, however, began to meddle in her life, stopping her from taking military training initially and from many jobs and hobbies requiring physical labor. At first, Slora acquiesced to her mother’s wishes. After a few years, however, she became bored, and challenged her mother, the only time to date that she has done so to anyone. After a fierce argument, the Queen relented, and Slora started receiving combat training, which she took great pride in.

Now that Volomi engineers have finally succeeded in recreating the spaceflight engines the Ethereal scout vessels used, the Volomi needed an ambassador for their people. Though her mother refused to allow Slora to fill this role, she agreed to allow her to experience the stars for herself, accompanying the Vessel serving as an ambassador for their people. They are to watch, learn, and decide whether these aliens are worth maintaining a friendship with.

Special Notes: Slora, like all other Volomi princesses and Vessels before her, is able to directly commune with her mother. She is also, however, able to shut her out if necessary, though she has never had the gall to do so yet. Though Slora is not psionic herself, allowing her mother to possess her would bring her psionic capabilities up drastically, though the taboo surrounding such an act makes this unlikely.
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Name: Penny Hu
Title/Role: Weaponry Scientist, Physicist
Age: 46 (actual 54)
DoB: 10th September 1989
Sex: Female
Place of Birth: Beijing, China
Race/Nationality: Caucasian-Asian/Chinese-Australian
Height: Very slightly shorter than average.
Weight: 66kg
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Ponytail
Eye Color: Hazel with flecks of green
Immediate Family: Helen Anderson (Mother, deceased), Isaac Anderson (Father), Charlie Hu (Husband)
Place of Residence before XSDF: Sydney, Australia

Appearance: If one had seen her twenty-five years ago contrasted to now, one would swear the only change is the onset of the usual signs of aging. Her face still retains a pretty, youthful look, though likely not for much longer, and her hair has yet to start greying. Her build is relatively middling in all areas, though her husband doesn’t seem to care that much.

Personality: Varies depending on who she speaks to. If she likes them, she is typically humorous and smiles often. If she doesn’t, her personality changes to a sassy, snarky, sarcastically passive-aggressive attitude. Unfortunately for her, this last is usually how she treats officials, something which has held her back on many occasions.

Bio: The life of Penny Anderson has been an interesting one. Born to a contract assassin and his wife, she spent the first dozen years of her life in Beijing with her mother. Unfortunately, her mother was murdered in her own home, and Penny spent the rest of her teens with a Russian friend of her father she affectionately named “Uncle Sam”, while Isaac hunted down his wife’s killer. Shortly after she turned 18 however, she had a falling out with her father and left to pursue her own life in his own country of Australia, where she hoped to pursue a career in the sciences.

Shortly after arriving, however, she was taken by the operatives of Matthew Lester, the man responsible for her mother’s death, and “brainwashed” to hate her father at all costs, using the anger from their last argument as a catalyst. This went undiscovered for a number of years, as she was released back into the world with no recollection of the event.

The next few years progressed uneventfully. Making her way into university, Penny took on degrees in physics, eventually obtaining a doctorate. Being on many watchlists for her familial connections, however, prevented her from moving as quickly up the scientific ladder as she was capable of, thus meaning that she went relatively unnoticed by organizations like X-COM searching for bright minds.

Soon after the war against the Ethereals started, she accepted an unofficial invitation to lead a group of scientists re-purposing the Lucas Heights nuclear research facility to attempt to use the reactor to discover something – anything – that could help a war effort that officially did not exist. It was this, alongside her connection to her father, that first brought her to the attention of X-COM recruiters, by which time they had succeeded in creating prototype laser weaponry. Improving X-COM’s own laser weapons became a personal project for Penny that caused her much consternation.

Her time at X-COM was, to her at least, largely uneventful. She was not, for example, aware that the Commander of X-COM had made a deal with the Overseer to ensure her safety, or that her best friend (and later husband) was initially there to assist in enforcing this deal. Through a convoluted series of events that are better explained elsewhere (see the Story of Defiance), Isaac arrived on base and cleansed her of the brainwashing, allowing a life-long grudge to fall away and for their relationship to mend.

Her contribution to the previous war is larger than one might initially expect. The basic principles of Plasma weaponry were reverse-engineered almost solely by her, and her ideas made Pulse lasers possible. This pedigree saw her receive a job offer from the Exalts after the war ended, an offer which she, alongside her future husband, accepted. They have spent the intervening time working at Exalt Enterprises’ Australian headquarters, their previous experience with X-COM making them perfect candidates for those special projects EE undertakes for the XSDF.

Penny, along with Charles, have recently been selected as part of one of these projects to reprise their old roles in weapons development.

Special Notes: Penny has excellent hand-eye coordination and is very accurate with a handgun, though she hasn’t had cause to utilize this since her last stint in X-COM.
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Name: Samantha “Iron Huntress” Steele
Title/Role: Heavy
Age: 52 (actual 64)
DoB: 13th May 1979
Sex: Female
Place of Birth:
Race/Nationality: Caucasian/American
Height: Tall
Weight: Lean but muscly build
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Style: Ponytail
Eye Color: Blue-green
Immediate Family: Parents unknown, Isaac Anderson (partner)
Place of Residence before XSDF: Newcastle, Australia

Appearance: Attractive enough to garner attention, but visibly strong enough to dispel it.

Personality: Cocky, but aware of what she is and isn’t capable of. Finds it difficult to let go of things she is set on doing or getting, her current partner included. This determination has seen her turn into a capable leader, and an indomitable foe, though she occasionally allows her anger to get the better of her. Despises pirates for some unknown reason.

Bio: Samantha refuses to speak of her early years, citing trauma of an undisclosed nature. It is likely this is in some way related to her age-old animosity with a fellow agent of the Overseer, with whom she has fought on multiple occasions. The earliest event she admits to is the founding of the Tribe, with her as the leader of the then motley band. Recruiting specialists, they became rather accomplished, becoming one of the Overseer’s most trusted forces.

Soon after the death of his wife, the contract assassin Isaac Anderson joined them as part of his own personal endeavors, a stint which culminated in Samantha developing an attraction to him. At the time not reciprocating, he left, leaving her hurt and somewhat embarrassed. She did not allow this to hinder her status as the Tribe leader, however, and instead repressed the feelings and moved on.

During the Human-Ethereal war, the Tribe was called on by the Overseer to keep watch over the X-COM base in Siberia, ready to mobilize at a moment’s notice. Sure enough, notice was given, and they moved into the base to help defend it from enemy forces, losing several members in the process. Though their faith in her as leader wavered briefly, the remaining mercenaries chose to keep her on, thanks in part to some behind-the-scenes nudging from the Overseer, of which Samantha is not aware of. Coming to see their fallen comrades as the fault of the alien invaders, rather than their leader, the group merely solidified.

However, it was not to last. During the Temple Ship Assault, as a tertiary incursion team, three of the remaining six Tribe members perished, and two of those surviving three were badly injured. The Tribe crumbled as a result, lacking the manpower to continue as an all-purpose mercenary group. Instead, the three remaining members went essentially their separate ways, waiting for the Overseer to call on them again (see file “Judgement Day”).

Around three years after the Human-Ethereal war ended, Isaac became Samantha’s partner romantically, though they refused to marry on the grounds of age gap and the legal implications. The fact that by now such an arrangement would likely be considered a de facto marriage by most if not all countries is irrelevant to them.

In between caring for her now crippled partner (which he usually attempted to fend off), she took a few odd jobs, usually as security detail, for various companies around the world, most of which were legitimate. Moreover, she remained on-call as a reserve soldier for the XSDF, volunteering for an active role when recruitment for the Forseti trip ramped up.

Samantha considers this to be her last job before retirement, regardless of how active it turns out to be.

Special Notes: Samantha became a psion after deactivation of the Ethereal Arbiter Minos’ device charged her with psionic energy, effectively awakening her latent psionic abilities with a larger pool of energy than most starters. The energy left in the device, however, was only of the Blue and Green psionic spectrums, and as such unlike most human psions she is restricted to those two colours, finding it impossible to move outside them. She is a Major in Blue, and slightly more powerful than a Minor in Green, though this does mean she is incapable of biokinesis. Most of her psionic abilities are unpracticed and unrefined, save one – a combination of imbuing, self enhancement and psi inspiration that she has come to call “hypermode”. Activating this has the effect of increasing her damage output and resistance, and allows her to shrug off weaker psionic attacks, though this only lasts a few seconds and is rather conspicuous. With the help of a suit outfitted with a psionic enhancement device, the length of time she is capable of holding it increases, but if held for too long she loses control of her management of her psionic energy and is required to burn it all, lest it become undirected and cause friendly fire incidents. Moreover, she has not used this ability for some years now, and will likely need some time to regain the hang of it.
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