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Name: Noire Francois

Title/Role: Soldier Paratrooper

Age: 24

DOB: October 17 2019

Sex: Female

Place of Birth: Marseille France

Race/Nationality: human (French/Swiss)

Height: 5’7

Weight: 135

Hair Color: Black

Hair Style: long

Eye Color: red

Immediate Family: Eva Francois (Mom) Jean Francois (Father) Blake Francois (Brother, 23) Diana Francois (Sister 18) Adrian Francois (Brother, 18)

Place of Residence before XSDF: Bordeaux France

Appearance: Being born with gen mods, Noire can be recognize by her bright red eyes, and good physique.

Personality: Noire has a confident personality, she has shown a love for training and battle. She is very proud of her super human ability’s inherited by her mother from birth, and is always thread to meet new people. She wishes to help people out, she wants to help people out in the galaxy as well she hopes this personality of hers will lead her to new corners of the universe.

Bio: Being the Daughter of Eva Aegerter and the nesses of Ellen Exalt, Noire was known throw out the world. Noire was bore into a life of luxury thanks to her late grandmother Lusette, Noire never cared for material things, she never wanted her parents to spoil her .Even though she was born in a big house on the beach, she did enjoy swimming at the beach and play with her brothers and sisters watching her mom and dad enjoying the sun.

Noire school life was tough, being a genetic human most people thought that she was better than them which got her picked on. During her high school years she was constantly bulled, kids would spray paint freak on her locker, carve worthless on her desk and pulled terrible pranks on her. One day when she was walking to school some students fallowed her and through rotten food at her, which caused Noire to final snap and forgot what Eva told her. To treat people like an egg, when Noire strike them back she sent most of the people to the hospital with broken bones and concussions. Eva had to remind Noire that she’s not a normal human, that she’s different both Eva and Jean told the teachers about the incident to which the students were suspended. After the incident Eva gave Noire the green light to fight back her bullies, but to not go full or half force. After Noire was told to defend herself, she got into a lot of fights for most of her time in school, which would get her kicked out of school and tend night school throughout senior year.

Noire went to college and got a degree in engineering, to fallow in her father’s footsteps. But she wanted to change the people’s views of her, to prove that she’s not some rich kid that goes around proclaiming that she’s the daughter of a hero and she deserves respect. Noire wanted to make her own name and defend people across the world and in the colonies. Noire left France to join the U.S ranger. She knew in America she would be ridiculed, and judged by most people again. But she felt like she had to join the best military in the world to prove to herself that she can handle anything.

She wanted to be like her mother the ultimate soldier that saved the earth. Noire got inspired by Eva’s stories, she wanted to be just like her in so many ways she wanted to have her confidence her attitude her pride her strength and will. But Noire realized that she has all of those and is like her mom in a lot of ways. She has her mom’s kindness pride and determination. Noire realized that she is like her mom and was proud of it. During the Human Defense of 2039, Noire unite worked alongside the XSDF taking out any local criminals in the areas. Nories demonstrations during the Human Defense cough the eyes of the XSDF though she wouldn’t join them

Special Notes: Being the daughter of Eva, Noire is incredible strong and fast. Unlike her mother Noire doesn’t tire using her powers to the fullest, she is not as strong as her mother, but is more efficient with weapons then her mother. Noire might also have gen mods passed down to her, though this has not been confirmed by her mother or and Doctor. Thanks to her getting constantly picked on as a kid Noire hates being called a freak demon or an abomination. She is also tends to talk faster then she thinks, which means she may sayings that offend people without thinking She also hates smoking and rudeness.


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Name: Cassia Van Dam

Title/Role Soldier Support

Age 31 (Appears to be 25)

DOB June 23 2012

Sex Female

Place of birth Dead hours Alaska

Nationality Native American

Height 5’8

Weight 145

Hair light brown w/Ice blue streaks

Hair style long n straight

Eye color Green

Immediate Family Ashley Van Dam (Mother) Catharine Van Dam (Mother) Adelphus Van Dam (Brother)

Personality: Cassia has a go with the flow kind of attitude, she friendly to those she calls her friends. But her attitude is always positive and care free.

Place of Residence before XSDF Progressus

Bio: Being born to a tribe of mercenaries, Cassia learned very quickly that life is hard. Being born to the current leader Ashley, Cassia had to prove herself to her peers which caused a lot of fighting between the kids. But even though the always fought, Cassia loved her siblings and would help her mom treat animal injures make medicine and help feed there many dogs.

During the Alien invasion, Cassia mom Ashley brought her and Catharine to XCOM thinking both of them will be safe. However Cassia was exposed to the aliens several times when the attack XCOM, once XCOM drove out the aliens, Ashley started to train Cassia in hand to hand combat and how to use weapons.

After the war, Cassia would return home and continue her training. After many years of training Cassia will face her trials to become a full-fledged Van dam and was now able to become a mercenary for her tribe. As a Mercenary Cassia was put on many assignments for the military.

In 2040 the during the during their beginning months, of Progressus colonization the XSDF contracted the Van Dams to help the troops on the planet keep things in order and to help out the colonist take care of the colony.

Special notes: Cassia is psionic she seems to have control of her abilities, and seems to use them to full effect to help the colonist. She is heavily trained in both weapons and had to hand combat, she can also very religious.
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Name: James August Delanor
Nickname: 'Fancypants'
Title/Role: Soldier, Engineer.
Age: 24 (Appears 21)
DoB: April, 1st, 2020
Sex: Male
Place of Birth: Newport, Wales.
Nationality: White/Welsh.
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 158
Hair Color: Dark Brown.
Hair Style : Slicked down, Average mens hair parting to the right.
Hair Length: Short-Medium, to the base of skull.
Eye Color: Green
Immediate Family: Mariella Delanor, Mother, 57. William Delanor, Father, 63. Maria Delanor, Sister, 23. Camille Delanor, Sister, 26. Christopher Delanor, Brother, 25.

Place of Residence before XSDF: Westly Living Center, Luna.

Appearance: James has a fairly standard build for a man his age, skinny but lean. He enjoys taking care of his appearance, therefore he always tries to keep himself looking like an interview at the job of his dreams is just around the corner by constantly styling his hair and wearing slick suits whenever he can. You can almost always find James with a pink streak through the left side of his hair, he prefers to wear this as often as he can as he feels that it shows off his confidence.

Personality: Fancypants is confident in his skills as an engineer. While he often talks a big game about his abilities, unlike some, he isn't exaggerating and he certainly isn't afraid to prove it. Growing up a normal person in a family of all psions has made James quite the socialite, not only because he enjoys it but also to help him stand out amongst his shyer siblings. He enjoys talking to people that share his interests, and if they don't, he can more than fill that time by blabbering on about them in a hour long, one-sided conversation. James is rarely serious, even in the face of danger, cracking jokes and other sarcastic comments to help himself calm down and try to raise his own morale, often though, this tends to raise the morale of his teammates as well, or simply, outright annoys them, James says it's about half-and-half. Fancypants has a quick mind, while this can help him learn quickly and come up with an idea on the fly, it can also make it hard for him to sleep, focus on something for a decent length of time, and also forces him to write his ideas down in a notebook so he doesn't lose them. James tends to get frustrated when he meets someone better than him, whether on the field or in the labs, and causes a growing, silent resentment to build up, as well as a need to try and outdo them. This need to be better can as has gotten James in a few bad situations, but his skill in battle and his technical expertise more than make up for this showoff-y-ness.

Biography: Fancypants grew up in Newport Wales, born in the post war baby boom. His parents owned a popular fishing company that netted them a sizable profit. They were also the head of one of the biggest boating clubs in the city, enjoying yacht rides and races with good friends. The Ethereal-Subjugation war put a screeching halt to their club and seriously cut into their annual income, but they survived thanks to money they saved in advance. In the middle of a war and with the terror of the Ethereal attacks a constant threat, Mariella and William considered their situation with only a single young daughter to carry on their name, and decided to expand their blood line by having three more children. Their names were Christopher, James, and Maria. In 2023, with the war only a few years past, the family used their money to head to Exalt Enterprises HQ to test themselves and their children for psionic potential, believing that psionic ability would elevate their status even more. The results of the testing came back Positive for both Mariella and William, along with all their children, all, except for James. James grew up being envious of his siblings abilities even though they never held this over his head or acted superior to him. James constantly tried to outdo them with little success, even intentionally acting much more friendly around guests and other people to help himself stand out from his introverted siblings, but mostly failed, still being much less capable than the rest of his family. He had almost given up on the idea of beating them, that was until he discovered his talent for computers and robotics in high school, something none of his family could even hope to wrap their heads around. James embraced this talent, taking it all the way to college to get his masters degree in engineering and robotics. After finishing school, he had heard from his parents that his brothers and sisters had left to study and perfect their psionics at an institute for gifted youngsters on Luna. Not about to let his siblings get the better of him, Fancypants also took a shuttle to Luna, being invited to work on the moon by building rovers and other automated exploratory vehicles that set out to examine planets for habitable conditions while he stayed at a large living complex known as Westly. James eventually got bored of this life however, and set his eyes on something more exciting, something that would make him even more well known, that's when he found XSDF. Knowing the fame that members of the XSDF get from those back on earth and all the dangerous, mysterious races that they get to uncover, James quickly joined on as a field engineer, as the front line seemed the best place for his knowledge of drones and mechs to be.

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Name - Alexandros (Ἀλέξανδρος) "The Herald"
Nationality - Greek
Age - 23 years
Height - 1.78m approx. 5ft 10 inches
Hair Colour - Whitish Blonde
Eye Colour - Light Grey
Class- Shadow Operative
Visual Reference-


They say faith is simply blind trust, but what if your faith was the only thing you had ever known? How far would you go defend the only thing you ever knew in life?

Alexandros was born to a lowly prostitute who had no clue who Alex's father was but nevertheless, she gave up her 4 month old child to her strangest client for €50. This client wasn't interested in her specialties but rather asked her questions about her religious beliefs and at the end of the session, he grabbed her left breast and looked into her eyes. He pulled away moments later saying "I was mistaken; the father was the one." Alexandros was ushered away to Nepal; there he grew up learning about this fanatical religion whose followers were referred to as the "Vassals of the Light" and they claimed that everyone else's mind was shrouded by darkness. Despite the outrageous circumstances, Alexandros believed every word that came from Sun's mouth, the leader of the cult, and went on to initiate others into the religion.

During his time with the Vassals, Alex was trained in firearms (mostly handguns since they couldn't get much better weaponry) and was quite profficient. It was decided that he was going to start his career as a fighter for the cult when he turned 16 however, the Light had better plans with him.

At 15, it came to the time where Alexandros had to prove himself to the Light to see if he was worthy. He was to be locked in an empty cave with some dry wood on the floor. Once he entered, he would have to light a fire with his faith. As soon as he entered, he noticed that the wood instantaneously started burning . After an hour had passed with Alexandros still in the well-lit cave, the rock covering the cave was heaved away and there he saw every one of the 324 followers on their knees, proclaiming him "The Herald" who would bring Light to every corner of the world. He stood proud and his face met Sun's who gave him a small nod. He didn't have to say any words to accept this title; his face told it all.

The cult took it as a sign that the time had come for them to break off into different parts of the world and preach their religion. Many of the older cult followers were opposed to this heavily and called Alexandros the "False Shepherd" who would lead the Vassals into darkness and death. They then left the cult, almost halving the cult's followers, and the "Vassals of the Light" fell into hard times. Their military force was reduced down to 14 young men, each armed with a single handgun; their food supplies shortened to the point where some followers killed themselves to avoid suffering and Alexandros could not control his people so they were left to do what they pleased.

The final blow came from the Nepalese military when Alexandros was approaching his 18th birthday. They swarmed the huts in which the cult lived and massacred any man who fought back and took the rest as prisoners. The cult's fighters went down in mere seconds and Alexandros was held at gunpoint, undefended, in front of the rest of the followers; he was told that they and he would live if he abandon their religion. Alexandros stood up from his meager throne and said "We have led sinful lives. There is no Light. We have been rescued." His eyes immediately went to Sun who defiantly rose up in the crowd and said "They were right; you are no Herald." In the next few seconds, Sun's body was defiled with gunfire from all directions and his corpse left as a warning.

Broken, Faithless and Destroyed, the followers were segregated into different camps with some kids as young as 8 years old left without their mother. Their plan for Alexandros was quite different; they took him to Kathmandu where he was detained for 2 weeks before being introduced to around 150 of the cult's former followers who had told the military about the Vassals and where they were. Overcome with emotion, he barked at them "They killed Sun." The leader of the former followers responded with "I never liked him anyway." He punched Alexandros in the stomach to put him on the ground and spat on his head.

The darkness started to chip away at the former leader, weakening his faith and his resolve. He went days without food in his stomach, searching for something to fill the void in his life; everything he once knew, driven into the ground because he was too proud to step down as leader, too stupid to understand the choices he made but, he was also too young to throw his life away.

Conveniently on Alexandros' 18th birthday, he received a vision from what he thought to be the Light. He remembered it exactly:

He was kneeling beside all of the faces he remembered, even the deserters, but they were kneeling in front of an empty chair. Soon, a figure began to materialise in the chair; it was humanoid in shape but about 3 metres tall when sitting and its face was a complete dark abyss.

Alexandros managed to force out the words "Who are you?"
The voice of the figure boomed throughout the room "I am your precious Light. You sinners have brought shame upon me so I must sit in this chair while darkness envelopes the minds of everyone living and dead."
"I...I can still help, I...uh, I still believe"
The room was quiet for what seemed to be days in Alexandros' mind but finally the figure replied "Prove it.

When Alex woke up, he was greeted by a slender woman with a certain toughness about her, a few years older than him, in navy blue. Once he managed to recover, he caught a glimpse of the woman's badge on her left breast which read "XSDF". He managed spurt out the words "Where am I?"
The woman replied "You're lucky we found you. We found you drenched in your own sweat and about to die."
"But where am I?"
"You're at a secure location; we'll get you back to Kathmandu as soon as possible"
Alex quickly replied "Wait...I can work for you, whatever it is your company does."
"We don't just hire random soldiers we find on the street."
Alex realised his chance and took it. He went down on his knees and said "Please...I have nowhere to go...I...I...I can shoot a gun."
The woman accepted the challenge and placed an empty can 100 yards away "Prove it"
Alexandros got handed the handgun and he quietly whispered "Light, give me strength" and he shot the can right in the middle.
"Alright, you can come to the recruitment camp and if they think you're good enough we'll take you." The woman had an impressed expression.

Without saying a word, Alex nodded and he knew his journey as the Herald has just begun.
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Name: Thomas "Ice" Wolfe
Race: Of African descent, Native American.
Nationality: British
Role: PFC -> Medic
DoB: 10/13/2002
Sex: Male
Place of birth: Manchester, U.K.
Age: 41 (apparent age 30)
Height: 6'6
Weight: 260 lbs
Hair color: Black
Hair style: edged taper ( effectively a fade with straighter lines.)
Eye color: black
Immediate family: none
Place of residence before XSDF: Manchester, UK in a small house.

Appearance: Thomas has a milk chocolate complexion,a yin-yang tattoo on the back of his neck, and a muscular build. His synthetic arm is black with a white stripe, ending with a snake head at his synthetic wrist. He also wears a stoic expression and has not smiled in years.

His memorabilia includes a locket, which he wears around his neck, a steel rapier from his days at West Point, and a small golden ring with a small diamond, a small ruby and a small piece of jade, that Thomas wears on his right hand. In the locket resides the pictures of Thomas's parents. Underneath his father's portrait lies another photo. In the photo, Thomas's is smiling and has his arm around a girl with blond hair. Both of them are in formal military garb.

Personality: Intelligent, Cold, apathetic, jaded, brave, loyal, and distant. All of these can be said of Thomas. However, during his personal time, Thomas becomes distant, staring at nothing in particular or as an alternative he boxes 'till the bag breaks.


Thomas came from a rich background, he was the son of wealthy philanthropist billionaire. Thomas hated the money that came with his last name, as he was often left alone (with 'playmates' his father had hired) when Richard, his father, was busy (which was most of the time). Eventually his mother left his father for cheating, and moved to America as a result. When Thomas showed a desire to join the military, his father pulled some strings so he could attend a prestigious school. The prestigious academy he had decided on was West Point.

Thomas was 16 when the Ethereals first attacked. During a brutal attack on the USA, West point was attacked. Many recruits tried to fight the aliens who laid waste to the academy but to no avail. Thomas was one of these recruits. As soon as he picked up a rifle, he took 3 plasma bolts to his right arm, reducing it to nothing but charred flesh. And he would have died if not for a instructor who ordered him to leave, while simultaneously picking up Thomas's rifle. Thomas obeyed, he glanced back to see his former instructor aiding the soldiers in beating back the alien assault.

During the Ethereal Subjugation War, Thomas opted out of West Point in favor of patching up survivors, with a small group of people, in the U.S. who survived alien attacks. The group held many of his friends as well as his mother. As Thomas continued to save lives, he grew more jaded with each life he failed to save. It grew to the point, where his cheerful demeanor changed into a cold, apathetic metaphorical mask. A few months later his father called him. Thomas could hear the gunfire in the background, all his father said was "I wish I could have seen you grow, son. I love you and--" a deafening sound cut the call short.

Thomas became more twisted and bitter with the world, as he blamed it for his problems. Eventually his arm was replaced with a lifeless synthetic counterpart. After the war, Thomas would inherit his father's money, as he was the sole heir. Thomas would spend much of the money to charities, to help people globally. However, on March 25th, 2025, Thomas's mother passed away of natural causes. Upon hearing about his mother's death, Thomas locked himself away for half a year, reemerging quieter and more reserved.

To avoid thinking about his mother, Thomas would spend money on robotics to help further the technology. This eventually led to Thomas gaining a new arm built to his specifications. Thomas wants to join X-COM/ XSDF because he has nothing left to come home to and the only thing he can rely on is his medical skills as, well as his combat skills.

Side note: Thomas doesn't generally like Sectoids or Ethereals but can put his... strong dislike of those Xenos aside to work with them if need be.


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Authorization Confirmed, Retrieving Files

Name: "Al" Zz'khaz Hireshnak Heknazhar Ts'kalik-sha [Note: High Dreaconinian is one of the the most difficult languages for humans, as body language and gestures are vital to communication. Combined with the differences in larynx, it is recommended that non-dreaconians DO NOT attempt to use this language, so that no offence is caused.]
Title/Role: Soldier, PFC
Age: 94 Earth years
DoB: Approximately 28/02/1950
Sex: Male
Place of Birth: Styx Prime [Luhmen 16-4]
Race/Nationality: Dreaconian, Ts'kalik-sha tribe.
Height: 2.25 meters (7'5 ft)
Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs)
Hair Color: White spines on top of head, black hair on the back of head
Hair Style: Long pony tail, reaching the lower back.
Eye Color: Yellow
Immediate Family: None surviving
Place of Residence before XSDF: 1950 - 2036 Styx prime, 2036 - 2039 The Red Crab
2039 - 2044 Progressus


Al is slightly taller than many other drakes, but still much shorter than an Alpha Drake. His skin is a deep red with swirling blue tattoos, marking him as one of the Ts'kalik-sha tribe, of Styx Prime's northern mountains. As well as the tattoos he weaves bones and tungsten rings through his hair partly as tribal symbols, but also as relics of his home world.


Al is distrustful by nature. He has seen too much violence to have faith in others [see bio]. He prefers his own company to that of others, and the company of a bottle to his own. The wars on his own planet left him with a burning hatred of both the Silicids, and of the Vash'nacan tribe.


Zz'khaz Hireshnak Heknazhar Ts'kalik-sha was only a few years old when his tribe were butchered by the Vash'nakan tribe, in the first raid of another long war. He had been learning to hunt in the high pastures with his mother at the time. They had returned to find the village burned and the corpses of the tribe scattered around. For a few years they traveled around the mountains, hiding from the attacks. Somehow they survived to the end of the conflict. His mother died a few months later.
Zz'khaz Hireshnak Heknazharn Ts'kalik-sha spent another decade or so in the mountains, before he came across the wreckage of a Silicid transport ship, untouched by scavengers. Having nothing left on Styx Prime he set about cannibalizing the ship, until he had a small spaceworthy craft. In this he limped to the next star system, where he found a space port, where ships docked to collect elerium from the mines throughout the asteroid belt there. Knowing that his ship was only one step away from disaster, he decided to sign aboard The Red Crab, an FTL freighter bound for Progressus, as a crewman. Over the next 3 years the Red Crab trudged across interstellar space at twice the speed of light, while Zz'khaz Hireshnak Heknazhar Ts'kalik-sha spent his time between watches drinking and gambling with the rest of the crew. This was when Zz'khaz Hireshnak Heknazhar chose his new name. The chief engineer of the Red Crab was an elderly human, who taught him English. The engineer had a taste for the music of Paul Simon. The first piece of Earth music that Zz'khaz Hireshnak Heknazhar heard was "You can call me Al." He decided to adopt the name, as none of the non-dreaconinans could pronounce his birth name.
On the 12th of May 2039, Al stepped out into Progressus. He soon found work in the docks, where his height was a great advantage. It wasn't long before he attracted the attention of a Human Supremacist group, and he was ambushed by them on his way home. Five thugs cornered him in an alley. After he opened the stomach of one with his claws the others fled. Although he escaped unhurt, the incident unsettled Al. He became increasingly conscious of the threatening looks of passers by, and the whispering in the bars. Coupled with his desire to feel a mountain below his feet again, after 5 years on Progressus, Al joined XSDF. It soon became apparent through training that he was well suited to the role. His years hunting on Styx Prime had given him skills in stealthy movement. His build allowed him to carry more equipment than a human and his claws and speed meant he could fight up close just as effectively.
He was fast tracked through, and arrived at XSDF HQ on the 1st of January 2044.
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Name: James MacKenzie
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White European, Human
Reccomended Class: Scout
Date of Birth: 15/5/2019
Age: 25 (appears 23)
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 136 lbs

Hair: Black, central spike/mohawk with braid behind right ear.
Eyes: Blue/Grey.
Build: Slim and small.
Casual Wear: Open black canvas jacket over done-up black hoody. Black skinny jeans. Purple/Orange trainers. Often wears in-ear headphones.
Reccomended Combat Wear: Light or Very Light armour types. Tac vest may also be an option.

Physical: Slightly above average scores across the board. Looked dissatisfied after tests - drive for self-improvement evident. Shows affinity with rifles and pistols. Can cope with an SMG, though is uncomfortable.
Mental: Appears normal. Can be introverted and tended to "lone wolf" on team exercises. Can become angry or frustrated if he jarrs with teammates or an obstacle he cannot overcome on his own.
Non-Combat: Generally quiet, keeps his head-down. Spends time reading or listening to music in down time.

MacKenzie was born in (what then was) Scotland, Britain. He lived with his parents in Glasgow, and although the War was over, it wasn't easy going. His father was crippled from injuries sustained from the Human-Ethereal Subjugation War and his mother was badly scarred, especially on her face. MacKenzie spent the first 14-15 years of his life looking after his parents whenever he was able, while still attending school and scoring acceptable grades.
Aged 16, MacKenzie applied to join the European Union Army. He was fully trained but failed the final assessment by two marks. Understandably he found this frustrating and worked incredibly hard to improve his physical and teamwork capacties. However, as he was about to enter boot camp for the second time his mother fell terminally ill and MacKenzie stayed with her. His father soon contracted the same illness and MacKenzie had lost both parents by the time he turned 19. He has been working in the Glasgow PD until now.
MacKenzie has attracted the attention of the XSDF because of his incredible drive and commitment to the cause. We hope that with the right training MacKenzie will become a strong asset for our cause.

"I know my physical assessment wasn't the best you've had, and I'm sorry for that. If you give me the chance I swear to improve and become a soldier you can be proud of."

James MacKenzie was recruited as an XSDF PFC on November 14th 2043, and is being transferred to Einherjar on the next shuttle.


Name: Narcisse Astor Bellerose
Title/Role: Fighter Pilot
Age: 27 (Appears 24)
Date of Birth: May 22, 2016
Sex: Male
Place of Birth: Rennes, Brittany, France
Race/Nationality: Human, French
Height: 1.70 meters (5'7")
Weight: 81.65 kilograms (180 lbs)
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style : Short, Choppy, Front swept towards his left side
Eye Color: Cyan
Immediate Family: Ivonne Bellrose (Mother)
Place of Residence before XSDF: Megha Colony

Due to a terrible childhood laboratory accident, Narcisse had lost much of his body, requiring the use of a number of synthetic bodies throughout his life. His current EE issued SF (Synthetic Full Body) Frame, much like his previous ones, is meant to mimic the human body as much as possible in terms of construct and function. However, this frame strays from the others aesthetically in that instead of a skin-like surface, his body is covered in a sort of jet black, smoothed, rubberesque exterior. Its coincides with a "rebellious phase" of his, yet his taste in clothes hasn't changed from apparel that hides his body from others. He also wears a pair of durable glasses bent to fit closely to his face normally and contact lenses for when he's working. He's perfectly able to afford corrective surgery, but keeps putting it off for whatever reason. People who get a good look at him will see a young man with a handsome face, even with glasses. Yet as they look lower, they'll see that his body from the collar down is bathed in black. Coloration aside, his body features the same attributes a strong, healthy man around his age would have including muscles in the usual places, made possible by synthetic muscle tissues underneath the skin that he's maintained through rigorous exercise.

Narcisse tends to come across as a bit of an introvert given his preference of keeping to himself instead of socializing with others, especially strangers since it's uncertain how they might react to his degree of augmentation. Lately he seems to have given up on trying to hide the fact that he's a cyborg, his time with the XSDF showing him that it's pointless to try and hide such things. Therefore, he's attempting to adopt the manner of someone cold and aloof when in the presence of others, trying to distance himself as much as possible. Additionally, since he dislikes loud, rude people and enjoys times of peaceful solitude when he's not the center of attention, he's most comfortable alone wherever possible. During such instances, he tends to relax and betray the more lighthearted, playful part of himself very few have ever seen. This part of his personality is, in fact, his dominant quality, which sometimes breaks the surface when he's more familiar with his surroundings. Years of relying on himself has led to slightly selfish tendencies, yet he still endeavors to help anyone who may genuinely need it and hasn't already received it. He derives a great deal of contentment from other peoples' happiness. but prefers to look on from afar, gaining an odd sense of pride from being alone. Narcisse is closer to coming to terms with what's happened to him than ever before. Yet the accident and its affects throughout his life still burn in the back of his mind, leading to a wrathful side seen by even fewer people.

Narcisse was born during the war to his mother Ivonne and father Maximilien in the north-west of France. Prior to the war, Maximilien became the head of RoseCorp, a wealthy company based in Rennes that made its name in the research and development of new technologies. The war had naturally dealt serious blows to the company's assets but through his leadership, RoseCorp survived and became a well known supporter to the rebuilding efforts of post war Europe. But it was amid the conflict that Maximilien became captivated by the invaders' technological prowess and the possibilities they presented for mankind. Inspiration would hit closer to home when in 2021, it was discovered that both he and his son Narcisse were psionically gifted.

Narcisse loved both his parents, even if it was in differing ways. His mother was the parent he spent more time with. She was always there when he needed her, either with a kind word, a bandage, a piece of advice, or a hug if it had been a particularly bad day. His father, on the other hand, he saw less often, and when he did it was usually in the labs where his psionic training would take place. The two of them had similar abilities, yet Maximilien took to them faster and spent whatever time he could to teach his son. He was strict at times, but only because he realized the importance of proper discipline in using this new power, and the possible, revolutionary applications it could be used for. Narcisse always looked up to his father, wanting to be just like him when he grew up. Anything that his father wanted him to do, he would do without question.

The culmination of their efforts took place on the research station Urasa, located on the North Atlantic Ocean. It was a secret project meant to utilize psionics with the aid of adapted alien machinery with the intention of connecting people of all kinds from across space. Both Narcisse and his father would be fastened to a massive, room-spanning machine during tests, reaching new landmarks with each experiment. Success seemed like a certainty until tragedy struck in August of 2023. An accident occurred during an experiment involving the machine that resulted in considerable destruction to Urasa as well as dozens of human casualties. Amongst them was Narcisse who was participating in the experiment at the time. He barely survived, but with severe damage to his body, much of which had burned away. In cooperation with Exalt Enterprises, Narcisse pulled through, needing to have the majority of his body replaced by an advanced artificial substitute. His reawakening was made all the more surreal when it came to his attention that he had lost his psionic abilities.

The Urasa incident was a substantial loss for the company, one that threatened to be its undoing. Unfortunately, the situation turned dire when, two years after Narcisse's surgery, Maximilien mysteriously disappeared in space, aboard the research vessel Thermidor. The ship and all its crew are presumed lost with no hope of being found and Ivonne is elected the new CEO of RoseCorp. The task of rebuilding the company looked impossible, but Ivonne managed it and eventually even Urasa was fully operational once more sans many of its previous projects.

The same could not be said for Narcisse. He had become more aggressive, and often lashed out against anyone nearby. Having him home schooled was necessary, yet did little for his anger issues. He underwent continual therapies, both physical and psychological. By age 9, he had mastered control of his first SF Frame, a feat accomplished through much therapy and frustration-inducing falls. Unsurprisingly, Narcisse developed a liking to punching bag "exercises", a taste he has even now. To anyone who'd inquire, he'd say it's to maintain his strength and dexterity, but usually it's a means of stress relief for when he's feeling particularly angry. But back then, when it felt as if nothing could quell his sense of loss, therapy wasn't enough for him.


[Bio Continued]

As the demands of running a company consumed more and more of Ivonne's time, she simply could not give Narcisse the love and support she once could. So guidance came in the form of the Bellrose's loyal family butler, Timothy Greenfield. Sometimes, he was the only one able to calm the boy down long enough to impart some words of wisdom, things he felt he needed to hear. Narcisse would value their time together, even if he didn't admit it or show it at the time. He would take much of what Timothy said to heart: making the best of things, turning a disadvantage into an advantage, and helping others. He also said to trust people and accept their help, but Narcisse seems to have trouble with those things on the whole. But Narcisse had no problem trusting Timothy, and Timothy, likewise, felt that the boy was good at heart, not at all the vicious wild child his demeanor would suggest. Narcisse soon noticed this and decided to take advantage by convincing Timothy to let him outside of the house unsupervised. At first, it really was to explore and be away from the prison his house had become. He loved everything about the outside, its sights, its smells, his fellow children frolicking without a single care. The only thing he didn't like about it was how ill fit he felt in joining them, but he still loved to watch them nonetheless. Upon another excursion, he saw bullying for the first time and almost immediately stepped in to put an end to it rather violently. It was happiest he'd felt in a long time.

For weeks, without anyone in the house noticing, Narcisse would spend his trips around Rennes searching for potential bullies to beat up, not even staying to see if the victim was alright, running away before they could even get a good look at him. He took his fair share of bruises, but managed to hide it from everyone surprisingly well. However, it was only a matter of time till there came a fight even he couldn't win. He was found in the hospital soon afterward, no one more surprised than Ivonne and Timothy. It took sometime until he could look either of them in the eyes again.

As unlikely as it seemed, Narcisse did manage to eventually piece his life together with the help of his family in the years that followed. He still had his anger issues, but learned to not take it out on others as much. And for the first time in a long time, he started to resemble the loving son he once was. Unfortunately, despite even Timothy's best efforts, Narcisse would continually have difficulty opening up to people. This would be the case as he went on to live in and attend a university in the United Kingdom for a time. But, miraculously he became unlikely friends with a young londoner named Louis Caldwell.

Many avenues laid before him, but what captured his interest more than anything else was space, though perhaps not in the way shared by most people. Space just seemed more peaceful and as he put it "There's less people who'd want a piece of me up there." A peculiar statement given his intention of becoming a fighter pilot for the XSDF, an organization that he'd long admired for their support of transhuman rights and campaigns against organized crime. His choice of being a fighter pilot stemmed from his reluctance towards front line combat and the temptation of replacing his body parts with combat-oriented cybernetics. He moved to the newly constructed Megha colony, where his training began. During his stay, he showed enough promise to be chosen to test pilot two types of fighter craft, the Shifter and the Seraph.

By age 25, he had enlisted and began serving the XSDF aboard the Arkbird, seeing action on a few skirmishes against outlying rouge replitan factions, including remnants of the infamous Harvesters, a once powerful gang of replitans known for their tendency of ripping ships apart for their precious materials and launching what remained, living or otherwise, into the sun. It was while serving on the Arkbird that Narcisse changed into his latest frame, garnering much attention from his crewmates, who began referring to him as the "Blackbird", a nickname he himself never cared for. Even though he tired of the attention he got from the crew, his main reason for wanting a transfer to the Einherjar is its mission away from the immediate vicinity of Earth. It may be subconscious in nature, but there's something about being further in space for him. It's almost as if...

Special Notes:
Narcisse's newest body is noticeably stronger and more resilient than that of the average person's. However it is weaker when compared to military grade prosthetic and cybernetic appendages.

Towards the cybernetically/genetically augmented - he sympathizes deeply with them, yet at times considers his case to be more serious than anyone's. He usually does so jokingly, but not always. He's a little less sympathetic towards those who replace their body parts without "good reason".

Towards the psionically gifted - he's somewhat accepted the loss of his power and does not harbor any misplaced resentment for any psionic. However, he has knowledge of some of their powers, enough that he's come to be very wary around any psionic. To him, tragedy is only one lapse in control away.

Towards extraterrestrials - he naturally considers any sentient to be their own person, and even aliens that aren't sentient to still deserve respect. That said, he is especially fond of sectoids and balmadaars.


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Name: Charlie “Charles” Hu
Status: Minor character, weaponry scientist and physicist.
Age: 42 (actual 56)
Race: Human, Chinese

Appearance: Average height, lean but relatively unfit. Short, black hair, brown eyes. Caucasian lineage apparent in his facial features, but largely overridden by Asian heritage.

Personality: A joker. Intelligent, but prone to moments of density. Does not react well to pressure situations.

Bio: The husband of Penny, formerly just her best friend, and a colleague. Was an agent for the Overseer at one point, but largely only as a “right place, right time” thing.


Name: Captain Kearichi
Status: Minor character, Princess Slora’s captain of the guard.
Age: 54
Race: Volomi

Appearance: Dull brown carapace. Shell has multiple scratches and gouges in it. Two of the three barbs on his left arm have been snapped off. Part of his back shell is damaged, revealing stumpy, ineffective and damaged wings. Will respond viciously if this area is touched, indicating it is a source of physical pain for him, and as such usually wears armor over it.

Personality: Commanding, a bully to many. Assertive, aggressive, abrasive. Disapproves of nearly everything.

Bio: The captain of Volomi Princess Slora’s personal guard of six. Trained her in combat, and frequently uses this as a platform to utilize authority over her. Timid as Slora is, she allows it.


Name: Vessel Urilio
Status: Minor character, Vessel to the Volomi Queen.
Age: 34
Race: Volomi

Appearance: Reflective brown carapace, with exception to his hands and part of his lower arms, which appear to be slightly singed and blackened. Angle of his eyes is slightly sharper than most other Volomi.

Personality: Meek, shy, and showing early signs of paranoia. Has a few nervous ticks. Natural loner.

Bio: Urilio is reaching the end of his mental lifespan as a Vessel. Repeated possessions by his Queen have taken their toll on his brain, damaging parts of it and resulting in memory loss and changes in his personality. Nowadays, he keeps to himself, afraid that he might snap and injure others as past Vessels have done.


Name: “The Overseer”
Age: Unknown
Race: Unknown, assumed Human

Appearance: Unknown

Personality: Varies according to who they are. Given distinct personality shifts over time, it is thought that there have been three separate Overseers. Current Overseer is noted as nigh unemotional when it comes to making decisions, relying largely on a logical outcome. They are, as with the theorized past two, surprisingly honorable in their dealings and have never once reneged on a promise.

Bio: The Overseer is not a name, but a title. The one who fills that role is given command of an extensive array of information sources, to do with as they will. They are information brokers, recluses who watch over everything they can, and more besides. With the resources of the Overseer at their disposal, there is little a determined individual cannot do, though all have thus far stopped short of something as drastic as toppling governments. Whether this is due to restraint or incapability is unknown. Since the Human-Ethereal war, the Overseer has had a close partnership with X-COM/ the XSDF, utilizing their own resources and agents to assist the organization in efforts to keep the peace. They maintain an uneasy truce with law enforcement agencies and secret services the world over, being allowed to continue operating so long as they don’t prove a threat to society.


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Greyhound Squad NPC Members (Minor Characters)
Part 1

Owner: DarkGemini24601

Name: Zoya Lagunouv
Title/Role: XSDF Soldier, Sniper Class
Age: 26 (Apparent Age 22)
DoB: April 14th, 2017
Sex: Female
Place of Birth: Pevek, Russian Federation
Race/Nationality: Russian
Height: 1.65 meters (5'5 ft)
Weight: 53.5 kilograms (118 lbs)
Hair Color: Red
Hair Style : Short, just below ears
Eye Color: Brown
Immediate Family: No Siblings

Appearance (Measurements - 32B-24-26): Short and nimble, Zoya's specialty lies not in strength or sturdiness but with deadly precision.

Personality: The Russian sniper is steadfast and does not crack easily under pressure. She comes off as a bit cold, and isn't the best in social situations, but refuses to let down her comrades.

Biography: Zoya grew up in the arctic port town of Pevek. Although it was the administrative center of the region, there wasn't much to do there, so she took to hunting. This is where Zoya got her deadly accuracy, and it lead her on to bigger and better things when she visited Moscow and signed up for the famous XSDF. In her time training there she met someone who would become like a sister to her: Karolina.

Genetic Modifications: Depth Perception

Str: 5 Int: 7
Dex: 7 Per: 6+1
Con: 5 Wil: 8


Owner: DarkGemini24601

Name: Karolina Mägi
Title/Role: XSDF Soldier, Sniper
Age: 22 (Apparent Age 20)
DoB: May 19th, 2021
Sex: Female
Place of Birth: Kaiyn, Estonia
Race/Nationality: Estonian
Height: 1.80 meters (5'11 ft)
Weight: 68 kilograms (150 lbs)
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Style : Long Ponytail
Eye Color: Blue
Immediate Family: Jaan (Brother, 19)
Place of Residence before joining the XSDF: Talllinn (Capital of Estonia)

Appearance (Measurements - 32C-26-31): Karolina is fairly tall and well built due to where she grew up, and has a slight tan to her otherwise pale northern european skin.

Personality: Bright and cheerful, Karolina is usually the one to lighten the mood, but never in an excessive way (See: Megan Connor). She is no stranger to hard work, though her downfall is her naïveté when it comes to people (which is where Zoya comes in).

Biography: Karolina was born in a small farming village in the Estonian countryside. She helped tend the fields, and her beauty made her the poster child of the village. This in turn lead the village to help her find a way into the wider world to represent them, and this lead Karolina to join the local military. Stationed in the capital, she met a visiting XSDF recruiter and was inspired to take to the stars, meeting Zoya.

Psionic Abilities (Blue Psion)
Blue - ESP

Special Notes: Artificially awakened to psionics. Potential to increase aptitude over time.

Str: 6 Int: 7
Dex: 6 Per: 5
Con: 6 Wil: 7


Owner: Black0ut

Name: Jelani Biobaku
Role: XSDF soldier, Scout
Age: 25
DoB: May 4th, 2018
Sex: Male
Place of birth: Dertu, Kenya
Race/nationality: Kenyan
Height: 5'3
Weight: 112 lbs.
Hair color: Black
Hair style: Braided, cornrows
Eye color: Brown

Personality: A cheerful, happy-go-lucky kind of guy. Wants to please others in a sincere, naive way. However, Jelani becomes bloodthirsty in battle, intimidating enemy and friend alike.

Appearance: Jelani has a dark brown-bluish complexion, with a scar under his left eye. Generally wears a hunting vest over his uniform when off duty.

Biography: Jelani comes from a destitute village, but was not born there. He was abandoned in the middle of the village, during the cover of night. Jelani was later shunned, to such an extent, he left for better prospects. He had heard of an interesting group called XSDF, and wanted to enlist to truly figure out who he really is.

Str: 4 Int: 5
Dex: 7 Per: 6
Con: 6 Wil: 6


Owner: ZombieSplitter53

Name: Akizuki, Airina
Title/Role: Soldier
Age: 23 (Appears 22)
DoB: March 22nd, 2020
Sex: Female
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Race/Nationality: Japanese/Caucasian American
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 100 lbs
Hair Color: Blond
Hair Style: Long ponytail
Eye Color: Brown
Immediate Family: Airi Akizuki (Mother), Jack Franklin-Akizuki (Father)
Place of Residence before XSDF: Tokyo, Japan

Inheriting her mother's size and stature, Airina is a petite woman. She has blond hair like her mother, and keeps it in a bun.

Airina has a fiery, impulsive attitude, and tends to be pushy, much like her mother. Despite their similar sizes, one thing Airina didn't inherit was her mother Napoleon Complex. She only laughs at people that mock her size. While Airina can have an attitude problem, she is incredibly loyal to her friends and family, and loves to joke around with them.

Along with her cousins, Airina grew up hearing stories about her mother and aunt's time in XCOM. Inspired by them, she desired a chance to prove her worth with the XSDF. She knows she can't go it alone, however, and has managed to convince her more timid cousin to join her.

Airina has a very hand-holding relationship with her Mari. Close since birth, Airina constantly pushes Mari to move forward. In stark contrast to their parents, in which Marina would have to keep Airi from moving too far forward.


Owner: ZombieSplitter53

Name: Akizuki, Mari
Title/Role: Soldier
Age: 21
DoB: April 21nd, 2022
Sex: Female
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Race/Nationality: Japanese/Caucasian American
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 121 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Shoulder Length
Eye Color: Brown
Immediate Family: Marina Akizuki (Mother), Tanaka Akizuki (Brother)
Place of Residence before XSDF: Kyoto, Japan

Mari has soft features that usually lead to those underestimating her. While this isn't completely unfounded, she is stronger than she looks. She has kind eyes, and a kind smile.

Mari is quiet and timid at times, not seeming to be one cut out for military life. She is more skilled than she lets on, however, and most of this image comes from a lack of self-confidence. She is brave when she needs to be, and as loyal as her mother, aunt, and cousin are.

Along with her cousin and brother, always enjoyed listening to the exploits of XCOM. While not as inspired by them as her cousin Airina, she saw a chance to push herself with XSDF. She needed a little extra push to do it, but deep down, is excited for the chance to travel the galaxy and toughen herself up.

Mari counts on her cousin for a lot, even as an adult. Close since birth, Airina constantly pushes Mari to not hold back.This has gone a long way from changing Mari from the recluse she was in her teens.

Mari is a skilled acupuncturist like her mother, if not more skilled, and has learned her mother’s ability to combine acupuncture with imbuing for both offensive and medical reasons.
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Greyhound Squad NPC Members (Minor Characters)
Part 2

Owner: DarkGemini24601

Name: Kriemhiel Adolfsson
Title/Role: XSDF Soldier, Rocketeer Class
Age: 23 (Apparent Age 21)
DoB: January 2nd, 2020
Sex: Female
Place of Birth: Berlin, Germany
Race/Nationality: German
Height: 1.83 meters (6'0 ft)
Weight: 71 kilograms (156 lbs)
Hair Color: Jet Black
Hair Style : Medium Length (to the base of her neck)
Eye Color: Brown
Immediate Family: Janina (Mother, 51)
Place of Residence before joining the XSDF: Berlin

Appearance (Measurements - 38D-26-30): Kriemhiel is tall, well groomed, and seemingly aloof. She can often be found in uniform.

Personality: Much like Lt. Commander Brea her countenance belies a kind and understanding nature masked by past trials. She is very formal however, a formality colored by national pride.

Biography: Born to a Captain Adolfsson formerly from XCOM, Kriemheil seemed destined for success. Her two aunts and parents helped guide her and raise her right. When she wanted to join the German military at eighteen, Janina did not oppose her; happy to see her legacy in action. Kriemheil would eventually join the XSDF, and reached the rank of specialist during an operation in South America. The slaughter of the troops they were rescuing and a few losses of her comrades left an indelible mark on Kriemheil.

Special Notes: Like her mother, Kriemheil is certainly worth considering as an officer, though further field experience and consideration is necessary.

Str: 6 Int: 7
Dex: 6 Per: 6
Con: 6 Wil: 7

Owner: ZombieSplitter53

Name: Luna Inverse
Title/Role: Soldier
Age: 35 (Appears 28)
DoB: July 5th, 2008
Sex: Female
Place of Birth: Beijing, China
Race/Nationality: Human/Chinese
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 134 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Straight, Shoulder length
Eye Color: Brown
Immediate Family: Lina Inverse (Sister, 31)
Place of Residence before XSDF: Luna Colony

Appearance: Fairly attractive with deceptively soft features, Luna hides a fiery vixen behind a gentle persona. She keeps herself modestly dressed, but isn't afraid to show off her femininity.

Personality: Luna is one of the best friends you can have, and also one of the worse enemies. While gentle and playful with those she is familiar with, she seems to hide an inner sadist, and when someone crosses her, she gets a familiar smile and look in her eyes that make everyone around her take a step back. Other than that, she likes a good joke, and is always ready to give one out.

Bio: The 'responsible one' of a pair of sisters, Luna fought her entire life to reign in her younger sister. Her rebel of a sister would usually do something wrong, and Luna would be the one to punish her. This continued into their adulthood, including an embarrassing incident including a shower, a video camera, a few bucks to be made by Lina, and a severe punishment to be followed.

One thing was evident, however. As much as she acted resentful, Lina usually followed her sisters example, if with a little hesitation. Whether this was because she respected Luna, or wanted to prove she could do anything Luna could do, is anyone's guess. With that in mind, and the realization that her sister has fallen into a rough crowd, with rumors of her seeking out a pirate group to join in the wake of a failed music career and the death of their parents, Luna joined the XSDF in the hopes of not only finding her sister before she was too far gone, by leading by example once again, and getting Lina on a better path.


Owner: DarkGemini24601

Name: Avril Charbonneau
Title/Role: XSDF Soldier, Destroyer Class
Age: 25 (Apparent Age 22)
DoB: August 7th, 2023
Sex: Female
Place of Birth: Paris, France
Race/Nationality: French
Height: 1.73 meters (5'8 ft)
Weight: 59.5 kilograms (131 lbs)
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style : Medium Length and Messy
Eye Color: Green
Immediate Family: Fraser (Son, 9)
Place of Residence before joining the XSDF: Progressus

Appearance (Measurements - 36E-26-31): Avril has something of a wild appearance to her, with unkempt hair and something of a predatory smile. Her figure, particularly her impressive bust, tends to catch a few eyes.

Personality: As her appearance would suggest, Avril has a fiery personality and won't easily back down from a fight. Her passion and quick temper has gotten her into trouble on more than one occasion.

Biography: Born to a rich family in Paris, Avril was something of a disappointment to her parents. She would get into fights at school, and was sent to a reform school. After graduating from it but not high school she drifted between different lovers, eventually getting pregnant from one. The child brought a change in Avril, who could not bear to abort it, and she snuck aboard a transport to Progressus to try and change her decadent lifestyle. Falling into poverty, she reached out to the XSDF as a last resort.

Genetic Modifications: Adaptive Bone Marrow B, Hydrothermic Skin

Special Notes:
Str: 6 Int: 6
Dex: 6 Per: 6
Con: 7+2 Wil: 6


Owner: MarineAvenger

Name: Hunter King
Title/Role: Gunner
Age: 27
DoB: November 29th, 2017
Sex: Male
Place of Birth: Canberra, Australia
Race/Nationality: Australian
Height: 5’9
Weight: 154 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Combed Back
Eye Color: Brown right/Yellow left
Immediate Family: Fiona (Wife, 27),
Place of Residence before joining the XSDF: Canberra, Australia

Appearance: Hunter looks very much like a businessman, having his black hair combed back and slicked up. Hunter has been known to dress very nice, usually in a suit. Hunter has a cybernetic left eye which is a different color than his other natural eye and a cybernetic right arm.

Personality: Hunter has very much a cult of personality, being a bit egotistical about himself but underneath is a good man. He acts very much the rich guy role, wearing expensive clothes during his off time and bragging about his adventures. Likes the nickname, “The King”

Biography: Hunter was born in the capital of Australia into a family of law and money, his mother a lawyer and his father a corporate man. After high school, he joined the academy and became an officer though that line of work never really interested him much so he went into the security business for Exalt Enterprises. When the headquarters were attacked by humanist terrorists, Hunter lost his arm and eye from an explosive he was throwing away from civilians. After he got out of the hospital, Hunter worked for his father briefly before wanting to get back into action, joining the XSDF as a soldier.


Owner: MarineAvenger

Name: Aknin Jugurtha
Title/Role: Titan MEC
Age: 43
DoB: September 13th, 2000
Sex: Male
Place of Birth: Constantine, Algeria
Race/Nationality: Arab-Berber
Height: 5’10
Weight: 167 lbs
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Style: Shaved
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Immediate Family: Cameron (Brother, 34), Mohammed (Father, 67)
Place of Residence before joining the XSDF:

Appearance: Ankin keeps a clean shaven and gruff look to him, still looking in his early to mid thirties. Due to his body modification to become a MEC trooper, Aknin’s limbs have been replaced with cybernetic ones, the limbs having a similar color to his natural skin though upon closer inspection, it is apparent they are fake.

Personality: Aknin is a no nonsense sort of man, having little to say except when directly asked something. In Aknin’s mind, any tough situation has a solution and he will take the time to think something out or if he is not in the mood, steamroll right through it.

Biography: Aknin grew up in the City of Bridges, Constantine, to a family who owned their own fruit market. Aknin lived a fairly ordinary lifestyle growing up, having real nothing of note going on during his childhood. In high school, Aknin’s grades were less than average and just barely graduated with a diploma. Afterwards, Aknin got into the oil industry as a driller and spent much of his twenties and thirties as a driller before he got laid off. Afterwards he joined the XSDF to be apart of a team again and could find no other job.


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Name: 滝川 秀吉 (Romanji: Takigawa Hideyoshi) Preffered: "Hide" [pronounced He-day]
Title/Role: Interceptor pilot, SA
Age: 37
DoB: 06/08/2007
Sex: Male
Place of Birth: Kyoto, Japan
Race/Nationality: Human, Japanese
Height: 1.59m (5'3 ft)
Weight: 62 kg (137 lbs)
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Straight, to centre of shoulders in length, tied back when flying.
Eye Color: Grey
Immediate Family: Takigawa Yuuki (sister)
Place of Residence before XSDF: 2007 - 2036 Japan
2036 - 2040 [REDACTED]
2040 - 2044 Einherjar

Apperance: Hide is considerably shorter than average, with medium length dark hair, and grey eyes. He has faint shrapnel scars on his right cheek from the Korean war, and his left arm has plasma burns below the elbow.

Personality: Hide is very laid-back when on the ground, he enjoys reading and music. When working he is extremely dedicated, and able to make snap decisions under pressure.

Bio: Hide was 8 at the start of the Etheral subjugation war. Soon after the outbreak his family moved out of Kyoto to his Granparents' house in Hokkaido. When walking one day in the summer of 2018, Hide heard the roar of engines overhead and looked up to see an alien Scout-ship flying low, pursued by an XCOM Raven. As he ran for cover the Scout was ripped apart by the Pheonix cannons of the Raven. From that day he became inspired to become a pilot. He joined the JASDF at 21. He was selected to train on the firestorm and became attatched to the 6th Air Wing. In 2032 his squadron was deployed to carry out raids on North Korean troops. While flying over Pyongyang he came under heavy fire and was forced to Eject. During the battle, his canopy was breached by flak, is helmet protected most of his head, but he recieved sveral scars from shards of glass on his face. He evaded capture for 3 days until XSDF forces pused the front lines past him. On returning to Japan he was promoted continuing his service until 2036 when he transferred to [REDACTED] where he carried out flight testing of the [REDACTED] following a forced landing at [REDACTED] Air Force Base, he recieved plasma burns which kept him from flying duties until Spring 2038. After two more years at [REDACTED] Hide joind XSDF, where he retrained on the SL Collector. As of 2044 Hide is stationed on the Einherjar.

Name: Brienne Martinsson
Title/Role: Engineer
Age: 23
DoB: 06/08/2021
Sex: Female
Place of Birth: London, UK
Race/Nationality: Human, British
Height: 1.78m (5'10 ft)
Weight: 68 kg (150 lbs)
Hair Color: Blond
Hair Style: Short, cropped close to the head.
Eye Color: Blue
Immediate Family: Ian Martinsson (Father), Mary Martinsson (mother), Alfred Martinsson (Brother), Rebecca Martinsson (Sister)
Place of Residence before XSDF: 2021 - 2040 London,
2040 - 2043 Novum
2043 - 2044 Berlin, Germany

Apperance: Brienne stands a little taller than average, with short blond hair and vibrant blue eyes. She has a small birthmark below her left ear. She is normally seen wearing jeans and a t-shirt (usually referncing some obscure sci-fi show) under a lab coat.

Personality: Brienne is quite shy around people she doesn't know, but is quick to laugh and (though she will never admit it) likes nothing better than taking part in witty banter with her friends.

Bio: Brienne lived an unremarkable life before joining XSDF. She grew up in south London, went to school, achieving high grades in maths and science, but had little interest for other subjects. She began learning German in her penultimate year at school. On leaving school she had very high grades in maths and physics, leading her to earn a place at the newly esablished Univerity of Novum, where she studied mechanical and astronautical engineering, leaving in 2043 with after a 3-year course. She was given a job offer at NEBEC, where she spent a year before being approached by an XSDF representative, who offered her a place on the engineering team at XSDF, working aboard the Einherjar. She accepted and is due to transfer aboard at the start of 2044.
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Name: Нонна Косков (Nonna Koskov)
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Nationality: Russian
Occupation: Sniper
Rank: Specialist
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Length: Medium (With Side Drills)
Eye Color: Green
DoB: 17.11.2017 (DD,MM,YYYY)
PoB: Российская Федерация, Самара (Russian Federation, Samara)
Age: 26
Height: 5,4 ft
Weight: 72.3 kg

Born just outside of the city Samara into a rather poor family as the only child, Nonna grew up as a working child, in the morning she went to school and in the evening she went to work to support her family as best as she could. There was never any time for playing with friends or taking a break. For that Nonna grew up as a humorless girl and anti-social. After the age of ten her father died of poor health. Nonna decided to drop out of school in order to be by her mother's side, who was also very sick. At the age of 16 Nonna’s mother also passed away and Nonna was left alone. The government gave her the decision to either move to a relative til the age of 18, or enlist into the military.

Military it was for Nonna. Her relatives never cared about her anyway, why bother with them now. The first couple of months were hard training for Nonna but she pulled through and at the end she was one of the best of her troop. At the age of twenty Nonna started her special training as a solo sniper. For the next six years Nonna was taught everything from close combat to stealth and patience.

One day while walking through the military camp Nonna overheard the mentioning of the XSDF and decided to take a deeper look. Sick of the same old military camp Nonna knew there was nothing more for her to learn here, with that thought she applied for XSDF and was accepted shortly after. A small space training lesson followed to get used to live in space and before she knew it she was aboard a space shuttle heading to Novum where she would then join the Einherjar.


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Name: Alath
Title/Role: Genetic Scientist
Age: 17
DoB: March 17th , 2027
Sex: Ambiguous
Place of Birth: Luna
Race/Nationality: Sectoid, Type 1
Height: 3'6"
Weight: 61 lbs.
Eye Color: Solid Black


Alath has a scrawny muddled grey body with long, skinny limbs and a large belly just underneath the glowing orange center of his chest. He lacks any visible facial features beyond a pair of large, solid black beady eyes that never seem to blink. His head is bulbous and pulsating, radiating with a faint psionic signature as is with all Sectoids of his kind. Alath's one identifying trait is his dryer, slightly wrinkled skin which could be signs of aging and/or exhaustion.


As is with any Type 1 Sectoid, Alath is cold, calculating and monotonous. He believes in nothing else than efficiency, optimization and the completion of a goal; without any form of morality to stop him. The only thing that matters for him is his goal, which is to make the soldiers of XSDF stronger, and he doesn't seem to realize when he's doing amoral or horrible things while chasing this goal. Efficiency and results comes before morality. Despite being cold and uncaring for such things, Alath has undying loyalty to XSDF and would halt all operations at the beck and call of his master and as amoral as he is, he is still well-mannered and polite.


Alath was cloned in a dark, cold underground facility in the expanding Luna colony. Cloned by a private scientific group outside of XSDF, the sectoid was considered their first big project and was planned to be staffed among them to help out with the growing scientific community of Luna. Alath was initially given a choice, but being a Type 1, the small grey alien simply scuttled out of its cloning tube and requested training.

In 2030, Alath was commended as a respected member of the scientific community and as a masterful geneticist and chemist. Alath considered the praise to be pointless and a distraction, as he grew more distanced from his fellow researchers. Interactions with the humans halted altogether as the sectoid grew more...ambitious...with his medicine work. His methods became exotic and disturbing, integrating normally unpopular chemicals into his medicine and demanding test subjects.

Praise went to uncertainty. Uncertainty became horror. Horror mixed with terror upon April 17th, 2031 when the dead body of a human researcher was found lying in Alath's work area.

And Alath, nowhere to be found.

The human researcher was one of the scientists that proposed the project to create Alath, and was considered by many to admire the sectoid. He died of a horrific asphyxiation assumed to have been caused by Alath's prototype medicine. Whether or not Alath forced the man to consume his prototype is unknown as the Sectoid fled Luna completely.

Alath remained under the radar for many years, shifting from various colonies and avoiding authorities of every kind. No master to serve, no purpose or reason. It was hell, all caused by the incident on Luna that would paint the sectoid as a mad scientist and as a murderer. Alath just wanted to make things better, and the stupidity of a single human would make him hunted by the entire race. He became somewhat of a colonial boogeyman, aswell, being briefly sighted in various colonies.

13 years of hiding and speculation end on 2044, when XSDF receives an application for a Type 1 Sectoid scientist named Alath. Whether seeking some form of redemption in his mind or simply finding purpose once more, Alath is a masterful scientist who seeks to enforce efficiency and improve the soldiers of XSDF. Why he wishes to work with humans after previously detesting them would never be revealed, but they have become his designated masters and he would serve these humans with every inch of his brain power.

Even if it means the death of himself, or another..

Special Notes:
Alath speaks in a very brief deadpan sentences with an apparent lack of some words, namely pronouns. He considers this to be the efficient way to respond. He doesnt speak unless spoken to first, anyway.

Alath almost never sleeps, staying up all night in the laboratories and only sleeping at the command of a higher official.

The only thing Alath would ever question his master to do, and I mean the ONLY order he would question, is the order to go to Luna.


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Name: Ayako Henderson (Kanji/Kana: ヘンダーソン 彩子)
Age: 23 (Physically: 21)
Gender: Female
Height: 5’10 ft
Weight: 135 lbs
Nationality/Race: African American/Japanese
Place of Birth: Paris, France
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Immediate Family: Fay Henderson (Mother, 59), Minato Henderson (Father, 49), Megumi Henderson (younger sister, 20), Hanako Henderson (younger sister, 20)

Ayako, being the first child of two of the most socially inept people to ever take up parenthood, formed a rather odd mix of personality traits. While her dedication to her work is exactly what you might expect of someone of her station - going so far as to even reach the point of obsessiveness - she is rather outgoing, though not the best at determining when she’s gone too far. She’s quick to trust those who prove themselves competent, and tries her best to ensure that such competence does not go to waste, eagerly assigning projects to those under her - and failing to recognize that not everyone has the boundless energy she has for her work. In addition, Ayako does have a bit of a lecherous streak, though she tries her absolute best to keep it under wraps.

Ayako is tall, and has a significant amount of lean muscle on her frame - built from a lifetime of training under her father and performing heavy labor in workshops across France. Her hair is rather thick, and falls to her shoulders, though she generally keeps it in a tight bun to keep it from catching in any machinery. She generally eschews make-up while in the workshop - after all, don’t want the chemical bath you’re cleaning the sheet metal in to react with your mascara and light your face on fire. Ayako dresses practically, typically clad in a thick work jacket and cargo pants while on the job. Perhaps the only sign she cares about her appearance are in her sleek, modern looking glasses, which she is prone to cleaning incessantly while deep in thought.

Born June 4th, 2020, Ayako was the first child of Fay and Minato Henderson, two XCOM veterans who had retired to France along with a close friend of the family, Saka Hatake. While Ayako was a priority on the two parents’ minds, their careers oft stood in the way - Fay obtaining her Master’s Degree in mathematics and going on to teach college level mathematics while Minato took this chance to open his own dojo - thus forcing Saka to be a sort of second mother to Ayako. Still, the impromptu family worked well together, even with the addition of Ayako’s twin siblings Hanako and Megumi three years later.

During her education, Ayako found herself quite well-liked among the other students, though for the most part she failed to realize the reason behind this was her rare lineage, being a black Asian in the fairly white country. It was only in high school that this was brought to her attention, as friendly greetings gave way to flirting and offers of romantic interest. One particular rejectee, however, decided to cast away this illusion in a fit of rage, announcing to her just exactly why she was so sought after. This revelation shook Ayako, and is perhaps what drove her to entirely cast off romantic involvement as she threw herself into her work with gusto. She graduated high school with a 19 on her bac, a near unheard of score - a sign of what was to come from her university education.

After finishing her bac, Ayako enrolled at the École polytechnique, a military engineering school in the heart of Paris, with a double major in mechanical engineering and applied mathematics. She received her PhDs in record time, at the age of 21, before finishing off her education with a Masters in aerospace engineering at the age of 22.

Despite the discouragement of her parents - Fay especially - Ayako enlisted in the XSDF as a starship engineer straight out of university, her prodigious education and relentless work ethic quickly driving her up the ranks, and in 2044, she was transferred from the stardocks in Normandy to the Einherjar, to fill the position of Head of Engineering in light of a need for more experienced personnel. She is set to arrive on Forseti shortly after the arrival of the Einherjar.


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Name: Viviana Sousa
Title/Role: Lieutenant Commander of the XSDF
Age: 42
DoB: August 17th, 2002
Sex: Female
Place of Birth: Lisbon, Portugal
Nationality: Portuguese/German
Height: 6’2
Weight: 137 lbs
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Style : Long to shoulders with the sides braided
Eye Color: Brown
Immediate Family: Orlando Sousa (Father; Deceased), Anne Sousa (Mother; Deceased), Catalina Sousa (Older Sister, 46), Hector Sousa (Younger Brother; Deceased), Henry Sousa (Son; 14)
Place of Residence before XSDF: Luna

Appearance: At a young age, Viviana has always had smooth features and a nice contrast of color from her Portuguese and German lineage. Viviana’s body, although a little muscled, is nothing she shies away from, sporting a slightly larger than normal chest. However, her time serving in a military lifestyle has left her with three main scars, the one on her left cheek, and a large scar across her right eye from an accident that lost her her eye, needing it to be replaced with a cybernetic one and a cybernetic right hand.

Personality: Tough is most likely the word that would come to mind when you first lay eyes on Viviana, however this is a wild misconception as her actual personality is one of a very understanding and motherly figure. Although Viviana can be quite abrasive to troops when need be, she always explains a situation out and tries to find the best solution that will leave both parties happy. Catch Viviana in a good mood, and she may be a bit flirty and willing to have a good time, but catch her in a bad one and watch out, she has a bad habit of grabbing ears.

Bio: Viviana Sousa was born on August 17th, 2002 in Lisbon, Portugal to Orlando and Anne Sousa. Viviana was the second born of the family, her older sister, Catalina, being four years older than her, and her younger brother being born three years after her. Viviana’s father, Orlando, was a Lisbon native who worked as a police officer for their nation’s army, and Anne owning just a simple bakery.

Viviana’s life was normal for the most part in her early childhood, being a little bit of a tomboy who liked to play futbol on the weekends as well as help in her mother’s bakery. However, familial life was disrupted with the breakout of the Human-Ethereal Subjugation War. Orlando was drafted into the XCOM project as a security guard but unfortunately became one of the many lost after the first base assault on XCOM HQ, while Anne held down the fort back home with her teenage kids. It wasn’t until aliens had visited their capital city for an abduction mission, and broke into their villa that Viviana learned she had an innate skill for killing. She had used an old rifle that had belonged to her dad, and used it to fend off a small patrol of Sectoids that just happened to venture too close to her family villa.

After the war ended, Viviana had to put her life plans on hold as she stayed behind with her now widowed mother to help with her bakery while her older sister went overseas to help with reconstruction and her brother tried to continue schooling. After she turned 18 however, Viviana left home with her mother’s consent and joined the same organization her father had fought and died for.

Viviana made quick work of her initial training, rising through the ranks quickly with the help of her natural finesse for the military, the people around her who seemed to be naturally drawn in by her charisma and her yellow psionics that were unlocked upon her training’s completion. Becoming a leader of her own squad, Viviana went on several excursions with her team while on Earth, becoming renowned for her effectiveness with a zero mortality rate and popularity from her troops, all the while learning to use her abilities to their fullest potential.

However, her military life did take quite the toll on her, Viviana suffering more than one bad injury in the field, later in her career needing a cybernetic right hand and cybernetic right eye, as well as a large burn in her right side and large scars on her face that made her less sought out by male suitors.

Wanting to take things a lot slower though, Viviana voluntarily resigned her team due to the fact a tragedy back home involving her mother and brother being killed at the family bakery, leaving her position for a quieter guard job on the moon colony of Luna to grieve, where she hooked up with a male Tamearin, having a son but the father no longer in the picture.

Now, having left her son in the care of her older sister, Cat,who went about managing the bakery, Viviana has taken up an offer by command to retake a leadership role as Lieutenant Commander of the spaceship Einherjar, as well as the XSDF itself.

Special Notes: Yellow Major Psion with Green Minor: Powers include Blackout, Shockwave, Electrokinesis, and Psi Inspiration

All cybernetics are T1


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Project 19 Name - The Doll


Age: 23
DoB: February, 11th, 1996
Sex: Female
Race/Nationality: Caucasian, French.
Height: 5 feet, 9 inches
Weight: 178 lbs
Hair Color: Tannish Blonde.
Hair Style : Short (Formerly)
Eye Color: Dark Blue (Formerly)

19 is a female Human woman in her early third decade. She has the ability to radiate and project her own emotions into the surrounding area, forcing targets inside to experience it themselves. Extended exposure to some emotions can have extreme effects, such as suicide. Her skin has been replaced by a pure white alien alloy to hide 3rd- 2nd degree burns over almost all her body and to replace her destroyed skin. She has also been given robotic eyes to replace the ones lost in the fire.

Notes: 19 is my first experiment on a psionic human, and was a partial success. 19 was recovered from Europe, near the shore of the human country called France, or so Avaritia tells me, he is not obliged to give me the truth after all. It took a sizable amount of resources and supplies before Avaritia even considered my offer, it seems he is quite fond of some of his pets. It was worth it however, this powerful blue psion will be perfect for this project. I plan to use her as a weapon, reprogramming her and sending her behind enemy lines with her powerful ability, causing adverse effects in the staff and soldiers of enemy bases while she hides undetected. She proved resistant to me but with enough sedatives I was able to operate on her freely. Using psionic emitters, amps, and some of my own biokinesis on 19's brain, I was able to force her psionics to stay active and lock her into a single ability, allowing her to radiate whatever emotions she is experiencing. Extended exposure to this aura will wear down the defenses of even the most powerful psion given enough time, but the stronger they are, the longer it will take, the max I've seen being a few days.

Sadly, during one of my scheduled measurements on 19, the machine I had her hooked to burst into flames, I was able to escape the inferno, however 19 was latched down to a alloy table a few feet from the device. After my sectoids extinguished all of the flames, we found her, miraculously still alive, but was burnt almost beyond recognition. With the supplies required to properly and most effectively replace her skin too valuable to use, we instead replaced it all with a suit of alloy. Much of her face was burned, she seems to be blind and mute, however speaking doesn't seem to be a problem, it seems I wasn't able to suppress all of her abilities with my reprogramming, an easy mistake to make as this was the first time I've done something like this on a psion. Since her eyes were heavily damaged in the flames, she could no longer even attempt to fight, as such I replaced her eyes with mechanical cameras wired to her brain, returning her full range of vision. Her lack of speech is the reason we didn't add a mouth to the mask section of the suit, only adding eye holes, a stoma in her neck for breathing, and a feeding dock in her stomach. She cannot fulfill the purpose I had planned for her in this state, barely being able to walk correctly, moving almost like a marionette on string. 19 is being held in a cyro pod until I gain access to the resources to properly fix her, however, it may already be too late for that, I'll have to see once I leave this planet.
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Project 24 Name - Arachne

Age: 9 (Biologically)
Sex: Female
Race/Nationality: Caucasian
Height: 3 foot, 7 inches.
Weight: 95 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style : Short Bob
Eye Color: Dark Green

Description: 24 is a young human female clone created with special organs that allow her to house and be host to thousands of genetically enhanced, extremely venomous arachnids.

Notes: The human 24 was cloned from was abducted along with the rest of her family from a north American province known as Michigan. I bartered with Gula for a sample of the girl's DNA, as he refused to part with the original girl. I realize I could've simply abducted one myself, but I refuse to get my hands dirty in such a matter, it's easier to just for trade something he needs. I never found out what happened to the original girl or her family, but knowing how Gula operates they're likely husks or kerberant food by now. I used the DNA to clone the girl, adding special organs into her chest cavity to allow 24 to store and feed thousands of arachnids inside her body. Her digestive system takes a percentage of the sugar and a few other specific nutrients she consumes and redirects them to her arachnid sacs as well as converting them into a syrupy solution for easy consumption. The slits in her arms and on the sides of her abdomen also allow her to release the arachnids in a painless and convenient manner.

The arachnids themselves are a unique species created by me, taking specific traits from native arachnids to maximize lethality. Part of this involved giving the spiders a hybrid venom, part hemotoxin and part neurotoxin, so that even if one part was cured, the other would still be in effect. A single arachnid is currently able to kill a full grown human male in merely thirty minutes to an hour. (Sol Time)

Strangely, 24 thinks that the arachnids are her biological children, even though the thought is preposterous. 24 takes care of them, protects them, and even names them for almost no reason. The creatures follow pheromones that are excreted from the same areas as her slits, these pheromones allow basic communication between her and her arachnids, but she acts like they are actually talking to her. The arachnids themselves don't even have the capacity for sentient thought, so 24's claims can't have any basis in truth. I will run more tests to try and discover more about this, until then I will place her in stasis following standard humanoid containment protocols.

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Project 37

Project 37 is an amorphous, sentient, suspension of thinking nano-machines inside a container of meld.

Notes: 37 is my latest success, this time, I planned to create a deadly, almost invincible, living weapon that can not only shift into any form as to fit within any crack or crevice, but also change it's density and P.H. at will, allowing it to crush, drown, or melt foes with ease. However, I have not yet perfected it's ability to transform into a gas, if the nano-machines pull too far apart, they won't be able to pull themselves back together, thus all but destroying it. 37 is nigh impervious to all conventional ballistic weaponry, but can be disabled by being evaporated or petrified through the use of extreme heat. It can also be frozen, however the freezing point of meld is so extremely low that it hardly matters. If large parts of it are destroyed 37 will begin losing information, starting with a temporary loss of combat memory and general information, and in extreme cases of mass loss, permanent loss of memories and personality. Strange side effects have emerged due to my tinkering. These side effects are not a detriment to 37's original function, but are interesting none-the-less. 37 has taught itself how to change the color of it's liquid by manipulating the subtle trace minerals that make up about 1% of it. This has revealed to me that 37 has enough processing power to gain sentience. While this gives it the ability to learn and adapt to new problems, I will now need to find a way for it to remain loyal to me. Therefore, I have created a kill switch in 37's nano-machines that respond to my heartbeat. This way, if my heart were ever to stop, 37 and the rest of my creations would destroy themselves to prevent reverse engineering and the use of my experiments against the rest of my race.

Storage: 37 is to be stored in it's sealed alloy container until I can find a way to distill 100% loyalty in it, so far, it is coming along smoothly enough, however her new found AI properties are causing a few instances of disobedience that will be corrected before it is ever deployed in active combat.
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