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Monsters of the Night, pt. 2

Blisk started rubbing his head.” Get back over here I’m not done with you yet, because I need to know who is this person that I care for and will hear everything you’ve done.”

"So you want me to recount every hit, every kill I've made?" She turned, crossing her arms over her chest and staring into his eyes. "Are you sure? Because most of them are pretty fucking disturbing."

“Do you not see we’re we work or what our job is? If I find anything disturbing I’m in the wrong profession.”

"You were disturbed to hear I've murdered children."

“Mostly because I wasn’t expecting to hear that you killed a child, or that a child was your target seriously who puts a contract on a child?”

"My sister." Titania offered a shrug. "And it didn't help that the father and son had the same name. Could've avoided the father if I knew better, but... collateral damage is sometimes inevitable." The fox quickly walked over to the bed, sitting down with a sigh. "Anything else you want to know about that hit?"

“Not really though I am curious tell me every horrible thing you did, and if your sister told you to do it or not?”

"All of it? No. Most of it? Yes." Titania answered, before shaking her head. "And keep in mind, the more I tell you, the more at risk you are. She might ask me to kill you."

“Yea I don’t care, because I know you won’t attack me. Because if you did you will have to deal with my other half, so get to the story’s.”

"No... I wouldn't attack you. I'd take whatever weapon available and commit suicide. That way, you get to live." Titania laid down on the bed. "And no, I'm not sharing anymore. Mainly because I'd rather keep the dead buried where they belong. Besides,” She glanced over at him, “ the only difference between me and your Titania is that I am being more forthright about what I've done. I kept secrets from you... which makes me wonder why. Did I ever mouth off before? You ever get mad and hit me, Blisk? Or did you ever break a promise, hurt me emotionally?"

“I never hit you outside training, but when I did want to pursue this probably ironically for the same reasons your giving me, funny how things work.”

She didn't say anything but just relaxed on the bed, looking straight up. "If you had to... would you be able to kill me, Blisk? And if you could, could you watch the light fade from my eyes?"

“Doubtful, the word divorce doesn’t exist with my kind. If anything I would try and save you no matter what, unless if you did try and kill me or cheated on me then I get to harm you.”

Titania nodded before she pulled up the covers she was laying on. "Fair enough. However, if it comes down to restraining me or killing me, I hope you take the latter option. It'll be a better way to deal with me and less likely to result in anyone's injury or death." She said softly, glancing away as she spoke.

“Yea well will deal with that when we get there, also remind me why I can’t kill and eat your sister? I mean she’s made you do so many terrible things.”

"She's my sister and if I condone her murder... well, that's one of the few lines I shouldn't cross. Because if I can kill or let my own sibling be killed, what's stopping me from killing you, or our kid, that I still have no memory of, or anyone close to me?"

Blisk walked to his bed and sat next to Titania and grabbed her arms. “Because your better then that, yes you are a terrible monster and did horrible things. But we are the people we choose to be, not what others think of us. Your sister is a horrible person family or not, your a bounty hunter you can’t tell me that simple hurting or maiming is going to stop her!” He said squeezeing her arms.

"If you took both of her arms and both of her legs... yes, that would stop her. Especially if you put her in a mental ward where she cannot access her money or even know that I've taken over her business." The fox's gaze flicked over to his eyes, far more cruel and merciless than they usually were. "And no, I'm not. I've been planning on what I'll do to my sister, what she deserves and death is simply merciful for how badly she's fucked me over. That combined with the fact that if I go over that line, I will be about as bad as the 'Ghost' Jackie chases. Do you want me to become a psychotic bitch?"

“Your not there already?” He then let go of Titania.” Ugh fine I will leave your sister to you then, but if you do hesitate I will be there to help you.”

"Thank you..." She murmured softly under her breath, doing her best to avoid looking at him. "And like the contract says, should you need me for anything... you only need ask. However, I'm still going to steal your bed."

Blisk then pulled Titania closer and started kissing her.” Nobody steals my bed unless I’m fucking them, so no you will not be stealing my bed.

"Technically, you can, given the contract, but... I suppose I have a goal now: Seduce you for your bed... without sex being involved." Titania replied, a hand stroking down his spine.

“Well then I hate to break it to you but you’re gonna fail at that, did you expect me to not wanna do anything with you after walking around here naked?” He said kissing her neck.

"Yes, actually. Aren't you supposed to be chivalrous and thoughtful of others?" She raised an eyebrow, shivering a little at the kisses. "And besides... wouldn't this be cheating on the Titania you fell in love with? Because the two of us are not the same apparently."
“Chivalry don’t know the meaning of the word, caring for others yes.” Blisk then started to massage her breast.” Besides, you don’t just enter your lover’s home use his shower, walk around naked and take my bed without consequences.” Blisk leaned into her ear.” And if you weren’t Titania wouldn’t react if I did this.” Blisk went under her shirt and pinched her nipple while also nibbling her ear.

She let out a soft moan, biting her lip in an attempt to muffle the noise. "N-not fair... j-just because I'm c-cruel, does-sn't mean I do--oh~--on't feel anyt-thing."

“Ou I know but I can be equally as crucial,because I know all of your weak spots. That’s the down side of being with someone who can keep up with a sex addict. He said kissing her.

She returned his kisses in full, lust empowering her as she reached behind him to grasp his ass. "It was the puppy comment, wasn't it?"

“No I just genuinely want you, you walking around naked just pushed me a little more.” Blisk kissed her again and brought her on to his lap.

Her hips slowly grinded on his, as she let out a gentle sigh. "Pushed you? That was... wasn't even me attempting to s-seduce you."

“Well you did after I’m a man after all, and thinking that you could walk around me naked and use my shower and calling me puppy. Won’t lie it struck a nerve.”

"Well, you are a puppy. You still follow me around, you're cute, and you're loyal. Besides..." She turned around so she could stare into his eyes. "I'm fairly certain that I could've struck that nerve by just wearing anything."

Blisk eyes twitched as he kissed her again and started fondling her breast.” I love you you know that, regardless of what you did in your past I love Titania which ever one I’m in front of.”

She suddenly gripped his shoulders and shoved him back onto the bed. She raised an eyebrow. "Then you should know that while I love being railed, I like being on top more." She traced a finger up his chest, placing the tip on his lips. "I'm sure I can... persuade you a lot better from being up here."

“See this is why I like you, getting to the point of things. But I would like the see you tease me.”

The fox merely offered a sultry smile in response, leaning in towards his neck to slowly trail her tongue up towards his ear; her left hand briefly tugging her borrowed shirt up while the right gently rubbed the bulge she had felt earlier. "How about this for a starter, Blisk~?"

“Humm it’s a good start, but teasing me will only get you so far.”

"Geeze... always so quick to rush to sex... enjoy the foreplay, Puppy~" Titania moved her hand up to the seam of his pants, unbuttoning and unzipping them; within moments, her hand had plunged down into his pants ready to stroke his manhood. "I see why you say you're a monster, Blisk~" she briefly stopped her ministrations to remove the shirt she borrowed from him before resuming; leaning her head down to passionately makeout with her man.

Blisk kissed her back while his hands went down her back, down to her pants as he started to remove her pants. “I’m glad you’re enjoying it, and fine I’ll enjoy the foreplay.” Blisk hands started groping her butt as he started sucking her breast and giving a small bite to her nipples.

Titania bit her lip to hide the lusty moan that followed, the damnable thing still escaping past her lips. She quickly pulled Blisk's pants down to get a better grasp on his manhood. Upon seeing the thick, twitching member, her eyes widened. Almost as if entranced, she slowly slid down Blisk, until her lips were mere centimeters away. Her tongue lolled out as she gave it a tentative lick, before taking just the head into her mouth, circling the tip with her tongue.


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Monsters of the Night, pt.3

Blisk looked at Titania and rubbed her head.” See you may not want to let out any moans, but I can just look at you and see that some part of you did miss this.”

"Getting laid? No, I didn't miss it... n-not entirely." Titania whispered softly, breaking away from Blisk’s member to plant a far more gentle kiss on his lips. "I... I want cuddling and... just feeling safe in someone's arms instead of feeling hunted all the time."

“Heh cuddling, heh as much as I would like to fuck you fine.” Blisk pulled his pants up, and brought Titania close to him and wrapped his tail around her.” There is that good enough for you?”

"It is..." the foxgirl let out a content sigh, a genuine smile taking hold. "I'm sorry... I just... don't get to feel like I'm a normal person most days... but with you, I don't know. You make me feel as though the outside world doesn't matter too much, and that what does matter is the sweet and gentle man holding me."

“Normal look around you Titania were bounty hunters, this kind of life isn’t for normal people. But I can understand wanting to be a normal woman every now and then.” Blisk brought Titania head closer to his cheat and heard his heart beat.

"Feeling safe comes with that sense of normalcy..." She murmured, the tenseness in her shoulders fading as she relaxed, "I just... I guess I don't want to be a monster all the time. Maybe that's why I was so sweet... I was trying to change." Her expression darkened as she struggled with her own thoughts.

Blisk put his hand on her head and played with her ears.” Hay come on it’s a good thing that you wanna change, and if this is what you want we can do this as often as you want.”

"You sure? I might flip between being an evil bitch and being soft." She warned, her expression still dark. "And there still may come a time when killing me might be the easier option."

“Ok how about this then, because of the you I know your a mother now. So if you feel like you won’t Chang for yourself, do it for your son then.”

"A son I don't remember having." She pointed out with a frown. "And while that's nice of a goal to work towards, I'm only barely getting my memories of you back. Pragmatically, it would be better to end me here and now... but I know that you love me too much to even hurt me, considering you stopped sex for snuggles."

"Yes which i'm mad at myself for that,but you looked troubled so I felt like you needed this more then sex, and there's always a brothel I can go to satisfy me. With plenty of money that will be drained from me."

Titania raised an eyebrow. "You mean brothels that tend to have STDs galore?" She snorted, shaking her head. "Fair enough. I did tell you to enjoy yourself."

"What you think I go to a cheep Brothel that does have STDs, I mean sure there are plenty of cures for those but I go to better ones any way. I will keep this up until you get your memory back, feels like i'm going back to my old ways again only difference is I have my limbs back instead of metal ones."

"Old ways? I'd be interested to hear about your old ways, considering... you know, my amnesia demands I learn more about you." She paused, before shrugging. "As for brothels, you have me on contract. I can't really say no if you want to fuck me... so go ahead if you want."

"Would you enjoy it, or would you feel like your forced to do it because of that contract? Because I want you to not feel like your being forced to do that."

"Would I enjoy it...? I would go along with it. You misunderstand; I will serve you no matter what you want, and I won't complain about it. So, it's irrelevant if I enjoy it or not." Titania pulled back to look him in the eyes. "If you enjoy it, that's all that matters."

“Ugh you are an idiot I told you your my partner not some slave I can command on a whim. As much as I want you and I really do, it’s not worth it if I think your being forced to do it.”

"I'm your idiot. And yes, I am a slave you can command on a whim. I just tend to be a bit more sassy than most other slaves." She kissed his cheek. "Like I said, I'm fine with you fucking me, both because I like you enough and because I'm under contract."

Blisk put his hand on her cheek and kissed her forehead.” Have I already told you that I love you.?”

"No, but if you say my name while you do it, I might have to kiss you." She flirted lightly, snuggling back into his chest.

Blisk kissed her head, and rubbed her back.” I love you Titania any version of you. And I’m sure our kid will love you to.”

She lifted herself up to plant a gentle kiss on his lips, holding it for a second or two. When she pulled back, she immediately buried her face into his chest once more. "I hope they do as well... maybe I'll get more memories when I see them."

“Hum hopefully but for the moment let’s just stay like this for a while.” Blisk started to wrap his tail around Titania and rubbed her head.
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The fallowing is done by Dhalexpert&Zombiesplitter53

Start the pirate war

GFP system

After the masters reveled all the corruption of the GFP, various people were arrested and AI were destroyed. In the capital of the GFP one of the said corrupted man sat in his cell waiting for execution.

A guard stood outside his cell with a taunting look. "Spying. Treason. Piracy. Assassinations. Cold blooded murder. Illegal research. The selling of confidential information." He scoffed. "Can't wait 'til they put you down like the dog you are." He crossed his arms. "But I heard you have a way out. They'll commute ths sentence to life if you tell us who you were really working for."

"There are worse things than death for those with loose lips." Former General Gerald Benedetti grinned. He was a tall, muscular man of fair attractiveness, despite the scar over his right eye. "Besides, I have another way out. You'll see."

"Pft! Whatever!" The guard walked away. "Execution is in three days. Whatever miracle you're waiting for better come soon."

The executioner then heard coughing behind him and it was from the warden.” We just got word that Mr Benedetti is to be released, effective immediately.”

"W... what? What?!" The officer's eyes widened so much they looked like they might fall out of his head. "That's insane! How? Why?"

“How with a lot of money that’s how, so much I fact that we can pay for at least three new buildings. Now as to why someone would pay to have him out I don’t know, but he’s to be released.”

"Well, thanks for your honesty," the guard said sarcastically, walking past the warden and punching in the code to open the cell door after swiping a card. "You, up!"

Gerald stepped out with a smug smile on his face, clearing his throat. "Well now... it sounds like true justice has been served. Not that I haven't enjoyed the food and company, not to mention our fun little talks. I'm going to miss this place..."

The guard was seething, having to hold back from slugging the man.

As the warden escorted him to the exit he looked back at him.” I don’t know why Solex is paying for your release. In all honesty I should kill you right now say that you died by the prisoners hands, it would be so much easier.”

"Yeah, probably. But then you wouldn't get paid. Besides, you would never take the chance of lying to Solex. What if he found out? Be a real shame for you... amd your family..."

He pointed his gun at the former general head.” I should kill you were you stand traitor, but if there is a god out there then Solex himself will kill you.” He put his gun back and gave him back his belongings and escorted him outside.” Have a nice life Mr Benedetti.” Outside was a car with Emile and Bethany waiting for the former general.

Bethany smoothly opened the door for the man, who nodded and sat inside. "She's a cute little kitty," he said to Emile. "Roberta know about her?"

“Yes she does and Roberta is no longer part of our crew, we had a fallout and she’s living whatever life she’s living.”

"Wow, I missed a lot, huh?" The former general sighed as he leaned back in his seat, liking the taste of freedom. "You'll have to fill me in on the way back to see the boss. I have some information he'll want to hear."

As Bethany started driving and Emil explained what’s happened, he explained there alliances with Ravio group the encounter with JJ bounty hunters and Roberta exile. Once they reached the space station they got on the ship and went to Solex personal hideout.

"Man, I hate being out of the loop. Real shame about Roberta though. Never could get a handle on her, but damn, was she a fine fighter. Short of Solex himself, she's the one person I'd never want to fight. Speaking of Solex..." Gerald stepped in front of the guards. "I'm here to see the boss. Former General Gerald Benedetti at his command. I imagine he is expecting me."

The two looked at each other and stepped aside when they entered Solex was looking at a monitor, he seemed distracted by it.” Beth we’re leaving, we have other things to do.”

Bethany nodded, not wanting to see Solex anyway.

"Solex! There's the big guy himself! Man of the hour!" With his stride, his accent, and his fancy three piece suit, Benedetti looked like someone pulled right out of a Earth mob movie from their 20th century. "Thanks for busting me out of the clink. I never said a word about you, though I'm sure it still cost you a lot to get me out. I have information that'll pay you back tenfold."

Solex sighed and looked at Benedetti and turned off the monitor.” I would hope so, and yes it did coast me a small sum to free you now then what kind of information did you have for me?”

Gerald sat in a chair in front of the oversized desk, taking of his hat respectfully. "What do you know about artificial intelligence, boss? More specifically, the GFP's research into AI?"

“That they hardly do them at all, he’ll they mostly destroy them from what I heard.”

"That's their public stand. But I worked directly under High Admiral Jennifer Witherspoon. I know that some of them were working on AI in secret." Gerald leaned forward. "How would you like to get an AI all your own?"

“You now have my undivided attention, so start talking quickly.”

The former general grinned. "You see, the majority of the AI are likely gone, done away with to satisfy those who are against AI when everything was exposed. But that doesn't mean they got rid of all of them. I know of several AIs that they'd want to hang onto because of how integrated they are into their military systems. Five of them in fact. Well... six, but I don't think the sixth one would interest you."

“You’re telling me that six AI existence and one of them won’t interest me! Tell me everything that you know about these AI and why I wouldn’t like the sixth one.”

Gerald nodded and pulled out a small notebook. He'd obviously been gathering data for a while in case he needed to use it for such an occasion as this.

"I don't know their names. I don't even know if they have names. Just their numbers. The fifth one is in charge of monitoring the military's sea forces. The fourth, their aeronautics and aerospace. The third, their spy division. The second, their ground forces. The first is in charge of public relations and monitoring the others. Finally, the sixth one, referred to as AI Zero, is a failsafe AI that only exists to take out another of the AI in case they go rouge. It is completely autonomous from the central computer that houses the others and has the means to disable or destroy the others."


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Part 2

Hum interesting an assassin AI that’s, a admittedly good idea. But the ones that interest me is the one for ground forces and aerospace.”

"Two and Four. Yeah, I can see that." Gerald folded his arms. "You could try and get those two for yourself. And if you manage to get any others you don't need, sell 'em. The only problem is they'd be hooked up at central command in this Quadrant. And sneaking in would be kinda hard now that they're on high alert after the whole attack and such..."

“Right I’m sure there on high alert after everything, hum well then besides the AI is there anything else available at high command that we can take?”

"Well, I'm sure you heard about the Demigor weaponry. The big things are probably destroyed and dismantled by now, but maybe we can get some of the smaller stuff. The High Admirals, the corrupt ones, were mass producing them, so I doubt they've had a chance to destroy them all by now. And then there is just general weapons and supplies." He shrugged. "Pirate code, right? Take anything that isn't bolted down as is your right."

“We take anything useful yes, hum those weapons and AI will be a great catch. And not to mention I had a worthless mercenary declare war on me, it’s about time I showed her and the galaxy just who the hell I am and why I’m not to be taken lightly.”

"Awesome, boss! I'd love to join you on this raid. There are a few old coworkers I wouldn't mind seeing again."

“Will you kill them or try and convince to join us?”

"Well, that's up to you boss. But if you ask me?" He leaned forward. "Most of the boys and girls still with them are too far gone to be recruited. Best take them out before they cause us any trouble."

"Hum I'll consider it, but for now I need to rally my troops and ready them up for the coming battle. I also need to ready Ravio for the coming fight don't think she's been in a fight like this and get her ready."

"Ravio... the one with the Cubator, right? Never trusted those things." He cleared his throat and stood up. "Well, I'll go get reacquainted with everyone. And again, thanks for getting me out of there. You won't regret it."

"I had better not because it will be your head if I do." Solex made his way to Ravio room, were she was looking at the supplies. “So Ravio what do you think of my personal hideout, it's not to overwhelming is it?"

"It's impressive, that's for sure," Ravio stated. "Sure wish I could afford such an expansive, well stocked place to hide out when the heat is on."

“Well if you kill enough people, raid enough stations and colony’s you would be so lucky. But that’s not why I’m here, one of my old contact a general in the GFP informed me of something very interesting.”

"Oh?" Ravio rubbed her hands together. "Do I smell a raid? What are we after?"

“We are going after some AI, and the only way to get them is to attack the heart of the GFP.”

"Oh, sounds exciting! But what do you need some AI for?"

“Have you forgotten what that Cartus little AI did to our mechs? I refuse to have that happen again, and there will be plenty of weapons that we can take as well.”

"Excellent." Ravio jumped to her feet. "I'm ready to go any time. We'll need a large attack force for this one. And remember you're really gonna piss of the GFP with this one, so we need to be prepared for that."

“I know there’s this mad scientist I know, he’s a Fee intriguing little devil he has plenty of plasma and laser weapon ideas. We will be ready for whatever the GFP throws at us, so for now ready you’re men and be ready for the raid of a lifetime.”

"You got it," Ravio said, giving a salute and running off.

“Humm attacking the GFP itself, it’s been so long since I’ve been on a conquest like this one perhaps Norsca will be next? No for now I need to prepare everyone for the battle.”

Several days later
GFP Delta Quadrant HQ

Admiral Steele sighed as he looked over a computer system showing projected loses to troops and supplies. His recent talks with Ghost had him troubled. Was Solex that great a threat that he should allow the Norscans into GFP territory in such large number? Was it worth the risk? Perhaps they could take Solex alone. And if not, who were the bigger threat? The pirates, or the Norscans?

“Sir multiple contacts coming from slip space, you might wanna see this

Steele quickly walked over. "How many? Do they have Federation signatures?"

“It doesn’t look like it sir, as for how many a lot. A suggestion we might wanna prepare for a fight sir.”

“They could be Notscan, didn’t we sign a nonaggression with them?”

"That doesn't mean much if they've decided to break it. Prepare all fighters! Everyone to battle stations!" Steele looked over the readings. "No... They’re coming from within our space. Bring up a visual of one of those ships as soon as it is within range."

“Roger that sir. As they got a look at one of the ships they recognized on of the ships.” Um sir the ship coming our way is lead by the Monalesa that ship was taken by pirate’s years ago.”

"Damn... this large of a fleet is a group of pirates?" Could this be Solex's fleet? What could he possibly want that he'd attack their HQ? "Open a hailing frequency. All signals. Get me someone to talk to."

As they sent they sent there message someone did answer.” Hello I’m guessing this some poor GFP grunt calling wondering why I’m attacking am I right?”

"This is High Admiral Reginald Steele," the Admiral stated sternly. "Who is this? Cease your assault this moment or we'll obliterate you!"

“Well to answer your first question this is Solex and you have something I want, well two things really.”

"Solex, huh? Figures. Well, whatever you want, you're not getting it." Steele grunted. "I should thank you for coming to me. Saves me the trouble of tracking you down."

“You would never have found me, and believe me if I’m coming to you that means you won’t last. So I’m gonna be merciful, hand over your AI and I will leave.”

"Our AI? You mean the systems Witherspoon implemented in those Demigor weapons? They were destroyed along with the Mechs."

“Quit lying to me, my information says you have six of them. Give me the one for ground troops and aerospace and you get to live!”


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Part 3

Steele balked. How could Solex know about them? Steele himself didn't know about them until half a year ago, and had been doing all he could to find a way to design a system without them ever sinse. "I don't know where you got your information, but if you know about them, you should know that the five in our systems work in a delicate balance together. Removing just one of them would throw our entire system off."

“I don’t care about any of that the GFP can die and get attacked by pirates for all I care, just give me what I want our you and everyone on that station is gonna die. And I don’t make threats I keep my word so what will it be?”

Steele tightened his fists and grunted. "We'll see how long you last. We're not as helpless as you think." He cut off the transmission. "Red alert. I want every single soldier ready to fight. Call in backup. Anyone within range of HQ needs to be here five minutes ago!"

Solex smiled and sat on his chair, well then my the game begin general.” The pirates came out of slip space and started shooting at the station.

They were met with the full force of the station, ships large and small coming up to fight them off while precision targeting surface to air weaponry fired into space. Amidst the chaos, signals went out in all directions to call in any and every available ship.

After a while, a signal came in from Ravio's personal fighter. "We're taking heavy loses but so are they. They weren't as prepared as they want us to believe. I've seen this strategy before. They're trying to look less spread out then they are."

“I see then we have to work fast then, all fighters get out there and destroy them every one else unload on that damn station we just need to get a small hole so a boarding party can get on.”

Ravio personally led the strike force in charge of making a hole in their defenses. As she said, she had seen this strategy before, and although it wasn't easy, she knew how to exploit it by drawing away forces with apparent exposed defenses. Soon, a pathway through the bombardment of GFP fighters started to widen. "There is your way in," Ravio called out. "I'll meet you down there when I have a chance to break away."

Solex got out of his seat and made his to the shuttle bay were Emil was waiting for him, Mei on the other hand launched a missal into the exposed position found so left a big hole in the station making it easier for the boarding party.” There you go boss a nice big hole for you, have fun inside.” She broke away to deal with the rest of the fighters, Boarding drill went through the hole and GFP soldiers meet them.

They nervously awaited the boarding party's emergence. The last time this happened they were devastated by a single armored man, and now they were facing one of the most feared pirate group in the galaxy.

When the drill opened Solex came charging out with a shield and knocked back a few, he then quickly grabbed on by the neck and threw them into the furthest wall. When the shock wore off Emile and about six combat mechs fired into the group, Emile was killed three soldiers in a quick succession and fired his grenade launcher into a oncoming group. Solex slammed his mace into the ground and the solders around him were launched off there into the air allowing his to hit several with his mace when one with a shotgun came charging at Solex, the mace pulled him in closer like a magnet and slammed him into the ground allowing Solex to stomp on his head." Kill them quickly and leave no survivors, if you can bring the woman back with us."

"Yes sir, with pleasure Drones kill them men and cripple the woman your boss demands it!"

Steele watched the cameras from the command center, cursing as he pulled out a scattergun. "Sir!" one of the men shouted. "The other High Admirals have been evacuated underground. You should..."

"No," he said simply. "I'm not too old to fight yet. Don't let them into this room. I'll hold them off until help arrives."

"I'll help." A white haired woman stepped forward, a large sword against her shoulder and a pistol at her hip. "The brats are my responsibility, right? Come on. Let's go kill some pirates."

Emile continued to fire at the soldiers while his Mechs protected Solex, He quickly switched to his pistol and started to quickly kill those that were focused on his boss." Man this is almost to easy, but then again I need to stretch I've been cooped up for way to long. He switched back to a plasma rifle and chucked a few grenades at the solders firing at him, when they got to cover to avoid the explosion one of the drones fired at them keeping them suppressed. Emile grabbed the shotgun from the dead solder that Solex stomped on and charged the covered solders blasting one after another.

As he rounded a corner, half a dozen soldiers rushed at him, all firing at once.

"Shit!" Emile went to cover as he was being fired at Solex threw a corpse at the firing squad and charged in, the rest fired at Solex but his energy shield absorbed the laser rounds when he slammed his shield down it the shock wave drove the solders on the ground. Emile then fired at the solders on the ground along with the mechs.

"Having fun?" Emile looked up to see a woman in white standing at the end of the hall, sword in hand. "Don't tell me it's just you few with a bunch of robots. I was so hoping to stain my clothes with red..."

"Give it time i'm the welcoming comity, now then who the hell are you? Your far to pretty to be a GFP solder so are you a mercenary?"

"Aw, thanks. It isn't often your prey compliments you before they die. I'm the cleanup crew around here. Recently let off my leash thanks to a need for more security. And I've been in need of a good warm up." She strode forward with a sadistic smile that reminded him of Roberta. "Think these machines can provide that?"

"Boy do I wish that a certain woman was with us right now, she would love to fight you. Now i'm no ones warm up, boss man I have a small white haired problem."

"Deal with it, I'll continue on until we can get the rest in here."

"Copy that, Well looks like your stuck with me then darling."

"Oh, don't speak so ill of yourself. I'm sure you'll be plenty fun, friend." She suddenly rushed forward, slashing her sword across the chest of one of the robots. Despite it being a shallow cut, it started to spark and spasm before crumpling to the floor.

Emile fired at her remembering all the times he fought Roberta, he aimed for her legs thinking if she's somewhat like Roberta she could deflect his shot. Emile also threw a flash grenade at her.

She jumped to avoid the shot, the flash grenade going off. Surprisingly, she seemed completely unaffected by the flash, moving even faster as she sliced past the robots on her way to Emile. Her eyes burned with a passion for his blood as she got closer and closer.

He continued to shoot at her but she continued to avoid his shots until she was right on top of him, she continued to slash at him. But Emile used his gun to as a some makeshift shield to block her shots until he kicked her away and pulled out his knife.

"Impressive." She moved a strand of hair from her face. "You blocked all of my attacks we'll see how long you can last, handsome."

"Well the woman that I did care for was excellent with swords as well and she was way tougher then you, See Roberta was a psion a blue one at that and she's tougher then you are." Emile said while charging her with his knife, he was a very efficient knife fighter. The moment she would try and use her sword He would back up and use his pistol on her.

She quickly swiped her sword to deflect the shots. "I'd like to meet her. I could kill her next." She pulled out her own pistol.

He fell back to cover and reloaded his weapons, and tried to take a breath and gather his thoughts." Alright Emile got to think she's probable has ether cybernetics or augmentations the fact that a flash grenade went off it didn't affect her, ou boy I'm in trouble."

The wiman sighed. "Come on, I haven't got all day. Just because you're cute doesn't mean..."

One of the robots sprang up behind her. She quickly swirled around, slicing its head off.

Emile came out of cover and fired at her hitting her in the back." Sorry but I got things to do and I can't be messing with you all day!" Emile started to run away from the woman.

He ran down a few corridors, following the trail of de ad and wounded GFP members to find Solex. Apparently Ravio had the same idea after landing, as the two bumped into each other. You look tired. Busy day?

“Yea ran into a whit haired woman about as battle crazed as Roberta, I’m assuming that since you’re here the rest of the boarding party is on the station to?”

That's right. They're fighting back strong but we're mostly keeping them at bay. Ravio looked past Emile. You said a woman with white hair?

“Yea crazy woman looked to be blood thirsty, looks like she doesn’t care for the others.” Emaile turned to see the woman chasing him.” Ou come on I don’t have time for this, Ravio take the melee and heavy mechs ahead of you and find Solex I’ll try and keep the crazed woman back.”

Alright, will do. Just be careful with her. I can't read her thoughts. They aren't blocked, they... it's like they just aren't there. Like she isn't there.



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Part 4

Ravio ran ahead with the others while Emile turned to face his pursuer. "You!" She yelled. "You shot me in the back!"

“Aw I’m a pirate lady it’s kinda what I do.” Emile reloaded his weapon trying to think of a way to beat this woman.

She rushed him while he was reloading, sending an open palm to his chest. He fell back, her strength much greater than it should have been, and he felt like someone had hit him with a brick.

He then started coughing trying to catch his breath from the strike.” Ok alright I see that you’re a little mad.”

"I'm always mad. It's who I am. You're just gonna have to deal with it." She raised her sword and pointed it at him. "On your feet. Best you die as a man, fighting."

Emile slowly got back to his feet and looked at the woman.” Let me ask you something, are you even a real person or are you just kind of android?”

"Oh, someone is observant." She rolled her neck. "Name is Zero, and yes, I'm an android. Got a problem with that?"

“Great figured that was the case when my flash grenades didn’t work thought maybe you were augmented, then my Cartus friend couldn’t read your mind and I just put to and to together.”

"Well, aren't you a smart fellow?" She sneered at him. "Gonna judge me now that you know I'm not a person? Not a real girl? Just an AI in a shell? You're not the first..."

“Who said I’m judging that makes you a bit more of an priority to me now, I don’t care if you’re a real woman or not i was ordered to capture woman and that includes you. Though I think I can reprogram you into joining us.”

Zero laughed. "Yeah, well... good luck with that. We'll see how well you can reprogram me with no arms!" She dashed forward again, slashing at his left arm.

Emile bit his lip as he quickly grabbed her sword arm and used his pistol to fire give shots into her stomach.

She grunted and stumbled back, easily wrenching her arm free and holding her stomach. Despite her inorganic insides, her outsides seemed to be living tissue, a blood-like liquid leaking from her wounds. "Damn it. Guess I shouldn't have assumed you'd avoid trying to damage me..."

Emile rubbed his arm and looked at her.” Like I said once over captured you and reprogram you, you will be my property and I will fix you right back up.” He said pulling out his rifle and aimed for her legs hoping to cripple the android.

She dodged with her super human agility, darting back and forth to avoid getting shot. As he fired at her, her heard the sound of a gun being cocked behind him.

“Great.” Emile thought you himself as he lowered his gun.” May I ask who’s behind me?”

"The name is Steele. But you can call me Admiral." The aging soldier stepped forward and placed his weapon against Emile's back.

"What are you doing?" Zero demanded. "I had this under control!"

"You're wasting time. Having too much fun. Meanwhile, the main server room has almost been breached. Go stop them before they get any of the others!"

"But I..."

"Go!" Steele yelled.

Zero scoffed and gave Emile a threatening look before running off.

“Heh well looks like i served my purpose, keeping you best not occupied while my boss and my mechs beat down your solders. Man I would be disappointed in my men getting beaten by pirates.” He said cockily with a grin on his face.

"Ha ha, very funny, smartass." Steele poked him with the gun. "You don't seem to be taking any prisoners? Why should I?"

“Ou we are taking prisoners, we’re taking your woman so we can fuck them and turn them into lovely breeding cows. Or whors which ever works best, but the better question is why come down for a pirate lieutenant?”

"I look out for my own, android or otherwise. And I know how carried away she gets. Besides, I know your face. You're pretty important to Solex, aren't you? I'm sure he won't be happy with your capture... or execution."

“Probably not but I know a few people who would probably be more angry then him if I were gone, but that’s a question you’re gonna have to ask some other time.”

"Oh?" Steele narrowed his eyes. "And what makes you say that?"

“Because you’re gonna drop your gun and have to deal with something worse than me.” Emile pushed something in his pocket and it started glowing green.

Steele lifted his gun and poked the back of Emile's head. "What did you just do?!"

“Ou that it’s just me sending my location to our ship, see I have a beautiful woman by the name of Bethany, she was given to me by Solex after her betrayal and I’ve been the nicest person to her since we captured her.”

The ceiling behind Steele caved in and Bethany slipped in from the ship that had made her an entrance. Steele quickly maneuvered to the other side of Emile, putting him in between them. "Drop... your... weapon..." she said sternly. She lifted a pistol with one hand, a rifle with the others, and her tail pointed forward, a laser sight trained on his forehead.

“Hi baby sorry for the call, now admiral was it I recommend that you let me go because like I said you have some more important things to worry about.”

“Admiral Sir! Can you hear me over?” One of the soldier’s radioed in.

"This is Steele," he said, taking a cautious step back but keeping his weapon trained on Emile. "What's the situation?"

“They’re getting closer to the AI sir, there drones are tearing us apart. But it’s not only the they have Mec tan-“his transmission went dead.”

“Well sounds like Mei showed up with the heavy fire power, your people are done admiral.”

"Son of a..." Steele looked up at Bethany and started to walk backwards, quickly switching the scattergun with a pistol aimed at the back of Emile's head. "I'm a crack shot, even at my age. Test me and his brains scatter the wall."

"Go on, get lost," she snapped, carefully aiming at him. "I'll kill you next time." She continued to watch him until he rounded a corner, taking off down the hall, before sighing in relief and relaxing. "Are you okay?"

“Doing better now, never thought that you would end up saving me at some point was almost hoping you send some of the melee mechs.”

Bethany smiled and pulled out a switch. Upon pressing it, half a dozen mechs dropped down behind her.

Emile smiled at Bethany, he then brought her closer to him and kissed her.” I love you so much, come on let’s get back to the ship I’m sure the others will need navigating.”


Solex stepped into the main processing room of the base. Behind him, he could hear the sound of fighting as his men and droids fought off the remains of the base's defenses along with one very angry android. He cared little for them. What he came for was right within his grasp, and only a few scared looking soldiers and computer techs stood in his way.

The man was covered in blood from head to toe, the eight foot alien looked more like a rabid beast then a pirate.” Get out of my way I have business in that room.”

"Y-you can't do this!" one of the female techs insisted. "Removing just one of them from the system..."

“Ou a woman, out of curiosity how many of you pathetic security for officer pretending to be soldiers are women?”

They all looked among one another, one of them stepping forward. "Three of us in this room. So?"

“Then that means I have I have two women I’m gonna knock out, the tech support to give me the AI and about five dead men.” Solex pulled out his mace and energy shield and looked at the grope as he slowly made his way to them.”

Everyone took several steps back. "Okay, you win!" One of the male techs stepped forward. "You can have the AI! Just... just take them and leave!"

“That’s the smartest thing I heard in the past few hours, I probably have about forty minutes before the Calvary shows up now move before I go with my original plan and kill all but three of you!”

"Alright, alright!" The man ran over to a computer and started typing on it. "F-forty minutes isn't... isn't long enough to get all five of them..."

“Well it’s a good thing I’m only after two of them, get the one for ground troops and aerospace how long will that take you?!”

"A-about thirty minutes to get two! I swear, I'll get them as fast as I can!"

“ You had better otherwise your a dead man, and as for the rest of you why are you still here you guarding him or something?”

"W-we're here to... stop you," one of the male soldiers said, still holding his gun up.

“He he he, Ha Ha Ha Ugh.” Solex walkover to the man and took his gun away from him broke it in front of him, he then went back to the tech expert.” Hurry it up!”

"I-I'm going as fast as I can, please!" Fifteen minutes later, he pulled a large object out of the wall, what look like dozens of computer chips fused together to make a giant memory device. He offered it to Solex and said, "H-Here. This is Four. I'll start work on two right away."

"Coward," the first female tech muttered.

"It's not cowards it's him choosing to survive and not get killed, I could make an example of you if me tearing that gun in half wasn't a good enough of an example. "Solex looked at the tech woman." Would you rather I knock you out and take you back to my ship, my men could use a new woman to play with."

She shrunk down and quickly shook her head.

Solex quickly went back to the man he then felt a small pain in his side when he looked down and saw that there was a knife in the side of his armor, Solex sighed and grabbed the man by his neck and slammed him into the railing.


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part 5

Everyone cried out in horror as the tech moved faster than ever, a couple of the others moving to help him. Another fifteen minutes passed, and the man presented Solex with another memory drive.

He grabbed the two memory drives and put them into his back pocket." Thank you for your contribution, however there is on other thing." Solex grabbed the female Tech worker by her head." I do like your sprite you shouted and tried to stand up to me, unlike these glorified security guards with guns, I like my woman to have a little bit if fire in them and it's been a while since I had my own little play thing. I just hope I don't break you too quickly." He said with a devilish grin.

"No, please!" she cried out, trying in vain to pull free.

"You said you'd let everyone go if I gave you the AI!" insisted the male tech.

"Have I lied, you lot and that idiot that tried to play hero are free to go. But I like this one and I want her for myself, unless any of you think you can save her and get her out of my grip then by all means try and stop me." He said his grin tuning into an evil smile." Please do try and stop me, I’m almost begging you to."

None of them step forward, internally kicking their own cowardice but unable to help it. "Boss!" One of the pirates stuck his head in the room. "Long range signal is picking up a massive fleet coming this way. They'll be here in less then ten minutes. We should probably be scarce by then. This psycho bitch with the sword is already making a mess of our people."

"Bitch with a sword, I thought that Emile dealt with her uge fine." Tell Mei to double back and tell those that have looted there weapons to fall back to the ships, send Ravio to my location I need her to pick up the Ai and a nice little package for me, tell me where this woman with the sword is and I’ll deal with her."

"Yes sir. She's right down the hall."

As the message to fall back was sent out, Zero continued to slice through man and machine alike, her clothes stained with blood and oil. A hologram appeared behind her, that of a young, blonde haired girl with the Roman numeral I on her forehead. "Two and Four are gone. They've been removed."

"What?!" Zero snapped. "I'm gonna find the asshole who did this, rip out his fucking lungs, and force feed them to him!"

Solex went to find the white haired woman while effortless carrying his new captured scientist, as he made his way down the hall he saw a white haired woman gutting one of his me.

Zero looked up at him and grit her teeth. "It was you, wasn't it? I'm gonna shove my sword so far up you ass, I'll knock your teeth out from the inside!"

Solex chuckled at the threat.” I’m sorry but you must be the lady that kept my lieutenant busy, well he kept you busy.” The tech woman kept punching Solex arm.” Could you give me a second?” Solex lightly squeezed the woman head.

She cried out in pain. "Leave her alone!" Zero yelled, pulling out her pistol. "I'm only going to warn you once!"

“Yea no I hate to break it to you, well not really. See you’re not gonna beat me, the only reason why I came to you is because you killed a good chunk of my men. Yea they and my bots are replaceable but you, you hurt my what is mine and I can’t have that.”

"Bring it on then, asshole!" Zero grinned. "You going to fight me fairly, or are you going to hide behind your meat shield."

Solex rolled his eyes and started squeezing the woman head, she yelled in pain until her voice gave out and she was unconscious.” What meat shield, and I don’t have time for this literally so I’m gonna have to end this quickly.” Solex started charging the android.

Seemingly fearless, something Solex wasn't used to in his presence, Zero charged herself. She swirved to the side, moving so quickly and with such agility, she ran up the wall and flipped upside down, slashing his shoulder before rolling flipping again to land on her feet and face his back.

Solex groined not really used to feeling pain, and he started to laugh.” Ha Ou I’m fighting an Android, well then no wonder you don’t feel fear me. But is that all you got? A little paper cut won’t stop me.”

"Not even close, asshole! Keep underestimating me and you'll die that much quickly!" She ran forward to send a drop kick into his back.

When Solex stumbled to his knee, when Zero went to gut him with her sword Solex stopped her her attack by grabbing it with his hand.” As I said I don’t have time to be playing around.” Solex pulled her sword towards him and punched her in the stomach and quickly punched her head first into the ground, forcing her to drop the sword which just threw to the side.

She placed her hands on the ground, slowly pushing herself up, her face filled with rage. "The ability to feel pain is essential, they said. Allows you to properly judge when you're in peril, they said. I'm going to find the shitknocker who made that decision and feed him his own dick..."

Before she could finish the rest of her rant, Solex kick the side of her head taking out her left eye and eye socket the kick itself launched her nine feet away from him.” You talk to much little robot, weren’t you going on about shoving your sword down my throat or something like that?”

She slowly sat up, holding her bloody face. If she wasn't a machine, she'd have been dead by now, or at least unconscious with severe brain damage. Her remaining eye briefly shifted over to the woman Solex was still holding. He probably didn't realize it, but him having her and her restrictive programming was severely limiting how hard she could fight. She rose to her feet, and charged him once more, diving for her sword at the last second.

Solex allowed her to go for her sword and he just looked at her.” You still intend to fight me? Just lay down and join you’re other would be soldiers.”

"Do you really think I'm like any of the other soldiers?" She jumped up and went to slice off his arm and free his captive.

Solex pulled out his mace and used it to block the attack, however Solex did drop the captive only to grab zero head and drive her into the ground. He then put his foot on her hand that was holding the sword.” Yes i do, you good for nothing sexbot!” Solex lifted his other legs and stomped on her thigh.

She cried out in pain. She rolled away and tried to stand, only to collapse to her knees. She glared up at him, having underestimated and payed for it. "This isn't over," she muttered.

“Ou yes it is.” Solex took the sword away from zero and tossed it to the side.” I could use a android, I’m sure someone can reprogram you. Ou the things they could do to you, you might be more useful as a sexbot the a would be solder.” Solex slumped the tech woman over his shoulder while dragging zero like a club.

There was a loud bang behind him, Zero screaming out in pain. When he lifted his arm, all he had was Zero lower leg. He looked back to find her quickly hoping away, Admiral Steele pointing his weapon at Solex.

"You shot my leg off!" Zero cried out.

"Yell at me later. Get out of here."

"But you can't..."

"Go!" Steele kept his weapon trained on Solex while the bloody and broken Android hopped away. "You bastard. You've wrecked my station. You've killed my men. You've crippled our systems. And for what? A few playthings?"

“A few playthings some weapons, but mostly for these AI. I don’t care if your crippled your system makes it all the easier to raid and pillage your worlds and colony’s.”

Steele scoffed, but after a moment, he smiled. "I couldn't stop you today. But you've dug your own grave with this attack."

“You think so? I’m just getting warmed up here, but please do go on how I’m doomed and I don’t stand a chance.”

"Let's just say we have something planned but I needed an extra push to get the other Admirals to go along with it. You've provided that."

“Whatever enjoy your broken station, and dead bodies.” Solex picked up the female tech researcher and left the admiral.

Steele walked back and opened up the comms to the other Admirals. "That enough for you guys? I'm calling the Norscans..."


The next day, Solex stood in the engineering section of gis secret base. Bethany typed rapidly on the computer, a smile on her face. "These AI's are massive. They'll be taking up a lot of space in the system." She looked over to one of the techs. "Are those holoprojectors ready?"

"All set," he said. "Ready when you are, Mr. Solex."

"Then wake them up, I would like to see what our newest crew members look like. Also make sure our mechs are secured and can't be hacked."

"I've closed off their ability to access any systems without express permission. They'll only be able to do what you let them do, and after a bit of tinkering, they'll be as loyal as..." Bethany looked down at her cybernetic tail. " someone tortured into subservience..."

"Well then that's good to hear, alright then wake them up let's see what they look like."

She activated the pair of AI, the holprojectors lighting up and forming the image of two girls, one dressed in green with brown hair and IV on her forehead. The other was dress in blue with blue hair and II on her head. They looked around, clearly confused.



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Part 6

"Hello there welcome to my ship, Are you two Ok I assume that you have a lot of questions of were you are?"

"That... would be nice to know," Four said timidly.

"Yeah, where are we?" Two asked more boldly. "Where are our sisters?"

"Well you have been taken, you are now apart of a pirate ship, and it's warlord Solex who's standing in front of you. I have stolen you from the GFP and plan to integrate you with my ships and mechs."

Four looked around in worry. "But... they told us that we can't be removed from computers. They said it would be bad... very bad. And that they'll send our sister Zero to kill us if we tried to get away."

“I don’t care what the GFP said to you, I took you from there system and added you to mine. If anyone thinks they will take you back, there gonna have an incredibly terrible time trying to.”

Two placed her hands on her hips. "Alright... then what do you want from us? You starting a collection or what?"

“No I only want you two and I expect you two to do what your made for, and that’s lead ground troops and ships. Except for me you will be leading them to help me conquer whatever I damn well please.”

They looked hesitant. "What about Zero?" Four asked nervously. "She'll be coming for us..."

“Don’t worry you’re now apart of my crew, which means I will protect you and that means no one in this universe will take you from me.”

"Alright." Four shrunk down. "Just as long as you promise not to hurt us..."

"Well that will all depend on you fallow my orders and everything will be fine, if you don't well you will be punished depending on how bad you fucked up."

Two stepped in front of her sister. "We'll do what you want. Just don't touch my sister."

"Aw that's cute, even AI have can feel protective towards one another. Don't worry like I said just do your jobs and nothing will happen to you."

They exchanged a look and gave him a nod.

"Good now then, Bethany Come with me and bring Emile to my office I have something to give you." Bethany looked confused but did what she was told and brought Emile to Solex office were, they say an unconscious woman and Bethany former Cartus servant.

Bethany looked them over and asked, "What... can we do for you?"

"Because you have saved your master Emil, I'm allowing you to take back your Cartus. To which she will also be under Emiles care."

Emile eyes widen." Um thank you sir I appetite it, and i'm sure my pet will also enjoy having her servant back isn't that right Bethany."

Bethany nodded eagerly. "Th-thank you, sir! I... um..." She looked at the other woman. "W-what about her?"

"Ou don't worry about her, she's a personal project of mine Emile i'm also giving you command of your own ship soldiers and mechs Congratulations."

His eyes widened. "Um thank you sir, ugh I don't know what to say. Um Come along Bethany and um." Emile extended his hand to the young Cartus.

"C-Celia..." She took his hand. "W-what about my sister? That Cubator still has her..."

"I wouldn't mess with that one, there's nothing I can do."

"Emile if you want to help your pets, then I recommend that you deal with Ravio yourself if you car so much."

"Ugh right thank you sir, for the everything. Lady's let's get moving." Emile lifted the Cartus up and he and the two woman left."

Solex looked at the woman and splashed water at her." Wake up woman!"

Her eyes opened brierly before closing them again and holding her head. "Ugh... my head hurts. Feels like it was in a vice. Where am I?"

"You’re in my personal quarters, and the reason your head is like that is because you tried to escape my grip. So a gave you a little bit of a squeeze."

Her eyes snapped open again and she let out a yelp at the sight of Solex. "Please... please, I... I can... I can be of use, I... don't..."

Solex smiled at how scared she was, he then grabbed her by her arms and lifted her to his face.” Don’t want to what?”

Tears rolled down her cheeks. "I don't want to be a play thing for pirates. Please, I... I know a lot about those AI! I can make sure they follow your every command!"

“Really because they said they will follow me if I promise not to hurt them, but I have people working on that anyway. So wanna try again?”

"They're lying. They look like children but they're smarter then you might think. I've worked with them for years. I know everything about them." She shook her head. "And if not that, assign me to something else. Anything else. My talents are wasted as some sex slave."

“Ou are they now, well then since you’ve known those two AI for years and definitely know them better then anyone. Hum fine then you will not be tossed to my men, and you will work with those AI.” Solex said still holding the woman.

She let out a small sigh of relief. "Thank you... M-Mr. Solex."

“Now why are you thanking me for? I said that you wouldn’t be given to my men, doesn’t mean you can’t work with those AI and be my sex slave.”

Her eyes shifted up and down his body. "But... but you're so much... bigger then me..."

“I know isn’t that just wonderful, and I am curious what will happen when I’m inside you. Ou the questions, I mean aren’t you the least bit curious Mrs. Researcher?” He said bringing her closer to him.

She shut her eyes and took a shuttering breath, silently praying someone would rescue her before she broke.

“You GFP races, humans Cartus Shinso and the others are so soft and squishy. I have to remind myself to be gentle with you, but first let’s see what I’ll working with.” Solex used one of his fingers and went under the woman shirt and ripped it off her with little to no effort.

She was fairly attractive, lean and busty, with fair, smooth skin and long legs. Certainly attractive for a techy who didn't get out much. She cried out in horror, trying to cover herself up.

But she couldn’t with Solex holding her arms up. “My my you are an excellent catch fo me, well then it’s time for you to meet my personal chambers Ou and let me tell you this now. No one will save you, no one will help you you are my property until I say you are not or the day I have no use for you. Your government won’t find you. Your god can’t help you, you are mine forever. Now then I’ve delayed long enough let’s get to bed and have you focused on your new job.” Solex locked his door and dragged her into his bedroom.


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Family and Forgiveness

JJ has been dealing with a lot of trouble with Tiamat, sitting her in room to relax and think, Yixx with her in her alone time, the two of them chatting.

"That was when my Dad ran into the building, yelling about rocks!" Yixx laughed.

"Rocks?" JJ giggled. "Sounds embarrassing!"

"He's just so crazy about his research. Honestly he's just so embarrassing..." The Yorin seemed happy.

JJ nodded. "Yeah. I wonder if all fathers are crazy about something. At least yours was productive research. Mine was crazy about farming..."

"Farming is nice! It's probably pretty relaxing after all." Yixx replied.

"Yeah... I guess it was. A little too relaxing. As in boring. I don't miss it." JJ's eyes darted around. "I... I do miss them sometimes..."

"They're... Not... Dead right? You could go see them maybe?" Yixx suggested carefully.

"They're not dead. At least, I don't think so. But... I can't see them. It's been too long. They've probably forgotten about me. If they remember me, they probably hate me for ditching them." JJ sulked a bit, but put on a happy face. "B-besides, I have all of you! You're my family now."

"Well the thing about family is you can always add to it. I'd love to meet your parents... As they say." Yixx chuckled shyly.

JJ sighed and scratched her head. "I mean... I guess I can try and look them up when this mess is over. I think you'd like my siblings and my mom, assuming they're the same after all these years. Dad is a little old school, though. Bit conservative. Not sure what he'll think about me being with a Yorin and a...human..." She frowned, remembering how Lady had been avoiding them.

"Do... You think we should talk to her?" Yixx asked.

"I think we need to eventually," JJ agreed. "It's been over a week. And it is getting awkward to avoid the subject. You... wanna try talking to her now?"

"Yeah. Let's go." Yixx agreed

JJ slowly stood up, and with some hesitation made her way to Lady's room and rang the buzzer.

"Yes? Hang on. Let me just... Who is it?" Lady called out from inside.

"I-it's... it's JJ," the Captain answered.

"JJ!?" The was more shuffling. "I'm coming. Stupid basket..."

"Is everything alright?" JJ asked. "Is this a bad time?"

Lady opened up the door in just a pair of shorts and a bra, "Sorry. Just got a call from LeeLee."

"I-I see..." JJ resisted the urge to lick her lips. She had gotten a taste before, and it had been a while since their first escapade. "Can, um... can we come in?"

"Oh. Yeah. Please." Lady let them into the cluttered, messy room, clothes and baskets haphazardly thrown everywhere. "Sorry about the mess..."

"That's okay." JJ rubbed the back of her head. "I was hoping we could talk."

"Sure... Oh..." Lady looked away when she finally realized. "Alright... Sit on the bed."

JJ did so, sighing deeply as she tried to think of what she would say. "Lady... look, um..."

"Do you still not understand why it hurt me so much?" Lady looked at her with sad eyes.

"I do understand," JJ stated, staring at her hands. "Because she is your friend and you almost lost her. Because you've been so close and have such an intimate bond that it would have been like losing a puece of yourself. Because you couldn't stand the idea of her dying to save yourself. It hurt because you're... such a good person."

"That's not just it JJ!" Lady exclaimed sadly. "She... We built our relationship on trust... On consent above all... That's what keeps us together... She... She took control of me... Without my permission... That goes against everything our relationship was supposed to stand for..."

JJ nodded in understanding. "I'm sorry. And she is too." She shook her head. "I know... that doesn't mean much... but she really is sorry."

"Let me talk to her." Lady gave her a serious look.

JJ nodded, closing her eyes and releasing control to Yixx. Yixx instinctively shrunk a little, turning her eyes away from Lady in silence. "Tell her how you feel," JJ said in her own head. "Be honest. You can do this."

"Lady... I'm so so sorry... I... I wasn't thinking... I knew I could save you." Yixx bowed her head.

"By sacrificing yourself? Is that right? By killing yourself?" Lady argued back.

"Don't back down," JJ urged. "You have to be honest, but also considerate of how she feels."

"I didn't want to do it Lady... But I felt like I just had no choice..." Yixx admitted.

JJ watched on from within her own mind, afraid of how Lady might react.

"Look... This... I want to forgive you... But it's no so easy for me." Lady sighed.

"At least she's willing to talk to you," JJ said. "She wants to forgive you. It's a start. Just try and see things from her perspective."

"I love you Lady. I'm so sorry I betrayed your trust..." Yixx told her sincerely.

"I love you too..." Lady replied, pulling them both in for a huge hug.

JJ smiled internally. At least they had gotten this far.

"JJ. Tell me honestly. Was this your idea?" Lady chuckled.

JJ briefly took over. "I mean... yes and no? She wanted to. I just gave her a push."

Lady casually reached over to the small of her back, dipping her backwards and leaning forward into a passionate kiss.

JJ's eyes widened in surprise, but not an unpleasant surprise, kissing her back. She was grateful to be with her again.

After a moment she pulled back, blushing brightly, "You are so beautiful..."

JJ giggled. "You're not so bad looking yourself." She ran a hand over Lady's cheek. "I'm sorry for all this, and my hand in it..."

"You don't have to be sorry... Maybe... I am overreacting..." She sighed.

"Everyone is at fault a little bit, some more then others." JJ sighed. "But we need to focus on those who are truly at fault, like the people who have hurt us, and come together as the family we are. We need that right now. Some... some of us... more then others..."

"What's wrong?" Lady asked softly.

"Just... everything that has happened. The people we've lost along the way. The pain. The suffering. The... injuries..."

"Injuries? What's... What's really wrong?" Lady gently rubbed her cheek.

"It's Aya..." JJ sighed. "Most everybody know she was hurt on our last mission... but she doesn't want anybody to know how hurt she is. Lady... her spine... she can't..."

"Oh... Oh my God... We should go see her!" Lady stood up suddenly.

"She isn't all that eager to see people. But..." JJ smiled softly. "You've always been so kind. Maybe you can cheer her up."

"Yyashtra would want to know too. Aren't they close?" Lady confirmed suddenly.

JJ nodded. "We can go get her on our way."

"Then let's go." Lady pulled her gently.

JJ walked down the halls with her, quickly arriving at the insect woman's room and ringing the door chime.

"Yes? O-Oh. Baíchi can you please scoot over? I have to get up Sweetie." Yyashtra said from inside.

JJ scratched her cheek. "Did, um... did we come at a bad time..." she asked awkwardly.

"It's okay. I was just spending some quality time with my Fiance." She called out, opening the door.

JJ started to look past her, them reconsidered if she wanted to see anything. "We were going to cheer up Aya. She's pretty hurt after the last mission."

"I heard actually, how bad is it?" Yyashtra looked concerned.

"Pretty bad..." JJ rubbed her neck. Roberta caused a power outage which meant the hospital couldn't do as much as the might jave. She can't walk. She... might never be able to walk again."

Yyashtra covered her mouth instinctively, "Come on. We have to go see her."

JJ nodded and walked the pair to Aya's room. She reached for the door chime but hesitated. "She... might be mad that I told you..."

"I don't think she would be." Lady assured

JJ sighed and rang the door chime. When there was no answer, she rang it again. "Go away..." they heard Aya say.

"Aya!" Yyashtra called out. "Please. It's your friend. It's Yyashtra."

There was another long stint of silence before Aya said, "The door is open..."

Yyashtra'kari slowly opened the door and peeked in.

Aya sat in a simple wheel chair, staring down at the floor. Her hair had violet tips, but was otherwise black.

"Aya..." The Insect Girl slowly approached her. "You don't look good..."

"Don't feel good..." Aya sighed and turned towards them, struggling a bit with the wheelchair she was unfamiliar with. "I... it's over for me..."


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Yyastra just brought her into a big hug. "I'm sorry I couldn't help you..."

"You weren't there," Aya said softly. "You can't be everywhere. Besides... this is my fault..."

"No! Aya!" The Bug Girl Hugged.

Aya sighed, weakly hugging her back. "I was a fool to think I could take Roberta on my own. I'd like to say it was just me trying to protect everyone... but part of it was arrogance."

"I'm sorry Aya. I wish there was something I can do..." The Royal gave her a sad look, looking back at Lady, who's eyes were wide and her mouth open in silence.

Aya gave her a sad look of her own. "Please... I don't mean to depress everyone. Just... leave me..."

"There... Has to be something we can do... Like... Anything..." Lady muttered.

"There are certain procedures Aya could try, but they involve gene therapy or cybernetics, which Aya won't do," JJ said softly, obviously not happy about that.

"But didn't you get Gene Therapy? You would really rather never walk again?" Lady frowned.

"I... never went through the gene therapy," Aya said. "I thought about it... but I ultimately decided against it. I wouldn't let Roberta force me to defy my morals. Not then... and not now." She smiled sadly. "Maybe... with time..." Her smile faltered.

"I love you Aya. I'm sorry." Yyashtra said sadly.

Aya smiled again, placing a hand on her cheek. "Thank you. Really, thank you all. I'll... I'll be okay. My bounty hunting days are probably over, but I'll do all I can to support you."

"No!" Yixx called out, rushing up to Aya. "This isn't right! This isn't fair! You can't like this! Someone has to help you! There has to be something we can do! Something I can do!"

Aya blinked in surprise at JJ's sudden outburst until she realized it was Yixx. " I... I am still looking at the possibilities. But even with gene mods and cybernetics, if I was willing to go down that route, there is only so much that can be done with a damaged spine, even in this day and age."

"No! I promise I'll fix you! I know I can fix you! There has to be something! I'll never stop until you're better. I don't care where I have to go! I don't care who I have to see! I don't care if I have to separate from Lady! I will help you!" As Yixx declared this loudly, JJ's bracelet grew bright, bright White, almost blindingly so.

Aya looked at it with confusion. For JJ, it was just an ornament. She hadn't gotten it to activate, or found anyone else to get it to work. They had assumed it wasn't one of the powered bracers. Was it working for Yixx? "Yixx, you...?"

"Yeah? W-Whoa..." Yixx reacted as it grew brighter and brighter, eventually filling the entire room with light.

Eventually, the light began to slowly fade, however they could feel the presence of a massive figure behind them, a massive creature with a impressive wingspan that touched the corners of the room. It had the body of a lion and the head of a bird, adddorned in ancient looking jewelry and covered head to it's four feet in beautiful white feathers. It looked down at them cooing gently, it breastplate shining with a radiant golden color, "Greetings Mortals. You have called upon me to heed your wishes?"

"You... Yixx has her own summoned... um, thing?" Aya asked in surprise.

"That's... A Sphinx...?" Lady muttered in shock.

"I repeat. Hello Mortals. What is your wish?" The Sphinx repeated herself.

"Oh... Oh! Um!" Yixx stammered. "I want you to make Aya better!"

"I can do that. Yes." It nodded slowly.

"Make me better? How?" Aya looked between them before settling her eyes on the mystical being.

"I will turn back your timeline." The Sphinx spoke. "Before you spoke."

Aya blinked a few times in shock. "You can manipulate time?"

"No. I can turn back your time. I cannot manipulate time. I can rewind your destiny, so to speak." She explained.

"Um... alright..." Aya tilted her head. "Maybe it would be easiest if you showed me."

A Light Blue Jewel set around the elaborately jeweled necklace of the Sphinx glowed brightly suddenly, out of it came an almost holographic scarf-like weave of energy hanging in the air with various markings scrawled on it. A section near the end of the right side lit up, "This is your accident. Good. It's recent. You will live your entire life up from that moment back until now in real time, with that event changed. Of course, for us, it will be like nothing happened, but you will have gone through the events of the last few days without the surgery or recovering having ever happened, but you will not have kept your memory of this current interaction."

"Wow..." Yixx muttered. "I can do all this?"

"Willpower is a powerful thing. It can change the very fate of your lives." She responded.

Aya nodded. "Um... okay... let's do it then."

"Very well." The Sphinx's eyes flew like the brightest flashlight, casting thick beams out from them and over the Tamaerin. After only a break moment, the light was gone and so was the mythological creature that had been summoned, but standing before then was a slightly confused looking Aya.

Aya looked between them each in turn. "What's going on? Why are you all looking at me like that?"

"Wow. You really don't remember. Yixx healed you." Lady muttered.

Aya looked down at herself. "Healed what? I mean, I was pretty banged up, but... not that bad."

"Your back." JJ tilted her head to look behind Aya. "When Roberta stabbed you..."

Aya scratched her head. "You mean when she was grappling with me before she fled? I mean... she tried to stab me in the back, but I rolled out of the way." Her eyes darted back and forth. She remembered a strange feeling at the time. Like something was telling her that if she didn't move, she'd regret it. But she wasn't hit...

"Yixx used her power to help you in the past." Lady tried to explain.

Aya scratched her head in confusion. "Um... okay..."

JJ sprang forward and hugged her friend tightly. "Don't sweat the details. I'm just glad to see you up and about!"

"I'm glad... to be up," Aya said, lightly hugging her back.

Yixx just began slightly sobbing in JJ's head, she couldn't believe it, even after it happened, was she really capable of something like this?

JJ smiled and rubbed her own head. "Good work, Yixx. Now I bever want to hear you say you're useless again, got it?"

"Okay... Thank you JJ..." The Yorin sniffled.

JJ tapped her lips in thought. "I wonder how long back your avatar thing can go back. Or how often she can do it. Can you call her again?"

"I... Don't know... I'm not sure if I can..." Yixx mentioned, "I wasn't sure how I did it in the first place."

"Maybe it is something that requires a dire need... hmm." JJ shrugged. "Oh well. Point is it work. Just wish the damn thing would work for me..."

"What do you mean?"

JJ sighed. "I mean it is just an ornament for me. I didn't even know it works. Thought it was broken. Or out of power or whatever. I just kept a hold of it in case, you know... someday it actually worked for me..."

"I'm sorry JJ... Maybe you just need to find the right situation..."

"Like you did." JJ nodded and sighed. She looked over at the other women and smiled. At least Aya was better, and that was all that mattered.

"Um.. JJ... Well I don't want to ruin the mood, but I have something to tell you." Lady mentioned.

The Captain nodded. "Of course. What is it?"

"My Sister Called. She's found him."

JJ gave her a more serious look. "She did? Where?"

"He's working off ship for a job or something. What matters is Sirius isn't with him." Lady told her

JJ nodded once more. "If you're going after him, I'm coming too. You'll need the back up. I'm sure he's dangerous."

"Who are we talking about?" Aya asked.

"A Man working with Sirius. He's been going after Federation soldiers even before recent events..." Lady explained.

Aya nodded. "Alright then. Let's nail him. I'm eager to actually succeed at a mission."

"Aya? You really want it go?" Lady blinked.

"Of course, why wouldn't I?" Aya grinned. "I have another blunder to make up for, and as I have two good legs beneath me, I'm always ready. Besides, you sound like you have a personal stake in this. I want to help."

"I'd appreciate it. But no heroics okay?" Lady chuckled.

Aya nodded. "So where is he? Is he far from here? How did you find him?"

"He's off ship right now gathering weapons for something. Something big." Lady added.

"Then we don't have any time to waste," JJ stated. "Would you like me to ask anyone else to join us?"

"I'd be happy to come too." The Laepaede noted.

"Really Yyashtra? It's kind of Personal for me..." Lady seemed a little surprised.

"Of course. I know we may not have always gotten along, but we are both friends on this ship."

"That's right." JJ nodded. "We'll ask anyone else if they want to act as back up, but we should keep the team small. Just tell us where to go."

"Alright. First. To the meet up with Lee-Lee." Lady smiled.

"I'll set course right away," Aya said, leaving to head to the bridge, a bit of a spring in her step.

Lady suddenly pulled JJ into a passionate kiss, not really caring about Yyastra's presence.

JJ was surprised, but didn't resist, only returning the kiss. When they pulled apart, she giggled. "What was that for? Not that I'm complaining..."

"You just bring out the best in us... Is all "

JJ smiled a little wider. "Thank you. I... I try my best." She blushed a little and cleared her throat. "Shall we?"

"We shall." Lady nodded.


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Planet Sueso
The Next Day

In a shady town, in an even shadier part of town, in the shadiest kind of store, a tall, lanky insectoid, a member of a very shady species called to Dracany, a fairly ugly species when compared to others like the Laepeade or even the Bazir, closed the door and drew the shades. He led Abraham to the back of his shop. He brought him to a crate and grabbed a crowbar, prying open the top so the human could inspect the contents.

"Good. Alright. And these are quality?" The Large man crossed his arms.

"Oh, yes, yes! Top quality! I have never shortchanged you before, have I sir?" the bug man said with a chitter in his voice. His name was Paug, and this wasn't the first time someone from the Starkiller had been in the back of his shop.

"No. Not really. Although I'm just here to remind you that the first time will also be the last." Abraham responded.

The insect man shrunk down a bit. His people were known to be fearsome... in a group. Alone, not so much. "H-how many crates can I interest you in today?"

"A Dozen. We have something big planned." He grimaced.

"Something you are not very excited about I sense," Paug stated as he pounded down the lid of the case once more.

"I could take it or leave it honestly. But that's none of your business. Honestly I've been a little miffed lately that someone stole my life's work." He sighed.

"I am sorry to hear that, sir." The door up front jingled. "If there is anything I can do to help, I will... for the right price of course. Please, wait here."

"Sure. Thanks." He sighed, tapping his foot.

JJ looked around the store casually as the others stepped inside, implying this wasn't her first romp in a seedy place like this. "Now, try and be casual and don't say anything... suspicious... if that makes any sense."

"Isn't that suspicious?" Yixx asked privately.

"What is? Oh... um..." JJ chuckled nervously. "Don't be too casual I guess. We know what goes on here, so... yeah. Just don't make him think we're with the GFP."

"Right." Leeanna said as they looked over at the bug man. "After you."

Paug looked them over suspiciously, though his eyes lingered on their insect member. What was he thinking? Did he look at her with interest? Suspicion? Attraction?

"Hello Sir. We would like to purchase some items." Yyastra stepped forward.

He stared at her for a while longer before finally smiling, or giving what they thought was a smile. "Yes, of course. I sell wares from across the quadrant. What can I interest a fine Royal such as yourself? Perhaps some fine jewelry? Someone of youur stature should not be seen without some kind of royal attire."

"Quite. I would especially like something made from the rarest and finest material." She replied elegantly.

"I have quite the selection for you," he assured her.

"Good." Aya sauntered over with a serious look in her eyes. "Because we are only interested in the rarest of items. We were told this is the place to get things that are... hard to get."

"Oh?" The insect man's antenna twitched with intrigue. "How rare?"

"Rare that you wouldn't want word of such items being too public." Aya smiled lightly. "People are ever so jealous. Luckily, we have deep pockets and tight lips."

"I see, I see..." He scanned each of them once more, puaseling briefly on Leeanna. "You... haven't been around here before, have you? There is something familiar about you. You have an air of... authority..."

"What. I have an air of authority and not her?" Leeanna pointed at the Royal. "Look, I want your shit, do you want my money of not?"

He blinked a few times, and shook his head, brushing off his suspicions as paranoia. "Alright... we'll cut to the meat of the topic. I have weapons, armor, parts and, as I said, rare trinkets and jewelry. But I'm not cheap. And if you are caught, you never met me. I can assure you, I'll deny ever meeting you."

"What about information?" JJ asked. "Surely a well supplied man like yourself is also well informed."

Paug chittered and nodded. "Oh, yes. People. Places. Things. Everything and anything can be found with the right price."

"I'm looking for someone. Someone who frequents this store." Leeanna mentioned.

The man frowned, or, once again, gave what looked like a frown. "I am not usually in the business of selling out customers."

"But you did just say anything can be found with the right price," Aya stated, casually looking over some trinkets on the wall.

Paug grunted. "Who is this someone? What business do you have with them?"

"He's a Member of the crew of Sirius Ravenwood." The GFP General Mentioned, "Goes by The Bull."

The insect man's eyes widened ever so much for the briefest of time, only long enough for the most observant of individuals to notice. "A member of Ravenwood's crew, you say? I could... get information on them for you. But that isn't easy... or very safe. What did this... Bull do that you seek him out?"

"He's been trying to snuff us out for a long time." Yyashtra stepped up, placing a card on the table. "Where is he."

"A personal vendetta, eh? Interesting? I would ask what you did to anger a man named the Bull, but I suppose I should respect your privacy..." He reached to the side and picked up a Credit Counter to check the card. "How much are you willing to pay for such information?"

"As much as you need. As long as you get him to me." Leeanna leaned in close.

The man fidgeted a bit, his eyes darting back. "Alright... I'm going to hold you to that." Abraham and Sirius had been a source of good money over the years. But everyone had their price, and it wasn't like Sirius had to know Paug had anything to do with it. "He's in the back right now. Step outside, and... I'll lure him out there for you." It was a risk, but Paug still had to be paid by Abraham after all.

"How do we know you won't just tell him we're coming for a bigger paycheck?" Leeanna glared, "Why not just take us in there?"

"Because I have a lot of sensitive equipment back there and I'd prefer you not fight him in my shop." He narrowed his eyes. "What's wrong? Don't you trust me?"

She quickly took the card back, "You'll get your money after you help."

He frowned irritably. "Fine. But you better promise me you'll do him in so he doesn't expose me. Money won't do much for me if he kills me or exposes me to others who will kill me."

"Fine." LeeLee nodded, stepping back. "Let's go."

As they stepped out, JJ smiled at her. "Nice job. Think he'll deliver?"

"If we don't I'll be back in there arresting him." She chuckled, "Thanks for helping me with this. I'll buy you a beer later."

JJ nodded eagerly as, back in the shop, Paug stepped into the back once more. "Sorry for the hold up. Several customers at once."

"Right..." Abraham looked at him suspiciously. "Is that all that's going on?"

"Well, they were looking for a certain amount of information, something they were looking for." He chuckled. "But I must keep them confidential. You understand."

"Just get me my guns and let's go." He grunted brutishly.

"Yes, yes. Of course." Paig went to the back, counting the crates. "I have them all in stock. There is simply the matter of... payment."

"Get them out to the ship, then you'll have your money." He crossed his arms.

The insect man cleared his throat, his antennae twitching nervously. "Well, I... it is a new policy. You know, all those new things with the GFP and piracy and all that? I need payment up front."

"You're really wringing me out here. Fine." He passed over a card. "It's on there. Untraceable. At least help me carry them."

"Yes, yes. Of course. Always a pleasure." He tapped the one in the front. "If you can get this one, I will start bringing them up from the back. Might take me a moment, not the... mountain of muscles you are."

"Ugh... There is nothing I hate more than shopping..." He said, lifting it up.

Paug silently watched as he walked towards the back entrance before scurrying to the front of the store and sticking his head out. "He's around back. Quickly, quickly, go after him!"

Leeanna chuckled and tossed him the card, "Thanks for helping out. The GFP appreciates it."

"The... GFP...?" He gulped and quickly ducked inside.

Aya chuckled and cracked her knuckles. "Let's do this. Shouldn't be too tough if it's just one guy."

"Don't underestimate him, he's taken entire squads on by himself." Leeanna readied her weapon, beginning to move behind the store.

The others followed closely, taking her warning to heart as they prepared their own weapons. Once they reached the backend of the store, they found their target, loading a large crate onto a transport vehicle.

"What do we do?" Lady looked up at her.

"Well. We could confront him. Or take him out now." LeeLee muttered.

"I kniw it's dangerous, but it is six on one," JJ said. "Maybe if we confront him, he'll surrender without a fight."

"Wait... Something isn't right..." Lady muttered.

"What do you mean?" Yyastra asked cautiously.

"I don't know... Something about him..." The Pink Haired Woman rubbed her eyes.

Aya pointed her pistol forward and slowly approached the man, cautious of whatever LeeLee meant. "Hands up," she said.

He stopped suddenly and growled, speaking without looking. "Aya right? I don't think we've properly met."

She paused in her stride. "Well now... that's impressive, recognizing me by my voice. Turn around, big guy, and we can have that introduction."

He chuckled, turning around, and as he did, Lady and Leeanna almost simultaneously stopped in they're tracks.


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"So. What're we doing JJ? How's this going to go?" He mentioned.

Jackie-Jackie walked next to Aya, her own weapon at the ready. "You're one of the most wanted men in the galaxy. A bounty hunter, yet with a bounty on your head higher then most pirates. We'll be collecting that bounty with you dead or alive. Give up and we'll make it alive."

"Please... You're kidding me." He chuckled. "You say you know all about me but you only brought... One, Two... Six people?"

"If you're so much trouble, maybe we should just put you down now," Aya stated sternly.

"You know my Relic? There's a reason you haven't seen it yet, I don't like showing people who I don't end up killing. Not even much of the Starkiller crew knows what it does." He held up his arm to show it. "There are a lot of theories of course, but none of them quite come close."

"Enough of this posturing." Aya leveled her weapon at his chest. "Either get on your hands and knees or I'll fire. Or you can try something, in which case I'll fire."

"Then Let's dance, Girl." He pulled out a plasma pistol off of his side and took a quickdraw shot straight at JJ.

JJ's eyes widened as she darted to the side, the shot barely missing her, the residual heat close enough to leave a small burn on her side as Aya quickly opened fire, going for kill shots.

As the shots connected, they bounced off, almost like flowing water, firing harmlessly into the air. Looking closely at him, there was a faintly green glow humming around him. "Like it? I call it Unbreakable. It's an impenetrable force field that doesn't need to charge or use energy at all."

"That's... Bullshit..." Yyashtra blinked rapidly.

"Isn't it?" He laughed, "Too bad I'm going to have to kill all of you now. Can't let the secret out."

"We'll just have to see how much it can withstand. A little stress test." Aya opened fire once more. "If the rest of you are going to join in, now would be the time to do it!"

The rest of them opened fire, The Bull shooting back, until all of a sudden, Leeanna and Lady stepped out.

"Stop! Everyone stop!" Lady called out. "Stop!"

Aya and JJ held their fire, reluctantly at least. "What's wrong?" JJ asked urgently.

As he stopped firing, they just looked at him, Leeanna. "What... Is your name?"

"My... Name? What's this even about?" He asked, looking at them carefully, then suddenly blinking. "No... Bullshit..."

Aya looked between the two in confusion. "What's going on? Do you know each other?"

Lady took a few steps closer. "Your name... What. Is. It..."

He looked down and muttered, "Abraham. Abraham Brochette..."

Water filled Lady's eyes, Leeanna's face like she saw a ghost as the former let out a sorrowful, "Dad..."

"Dad?" Aya looked at them with shock. "He's your father?"

Abraham dropped his barrier, walking up to them. "Ladie...? And... LeeLee?"

"Oh my god..." Leeanna just shook her head.

JJ and Aya watched him carefully as he approached her, ready to act if he lashed out.

Lady suddenly ran up and in to hug him, he just awkwardly wrapped arms around her, not really sure how to handle it before the tough man suddenly started to cry himself. "What... How... Ladie... Have we really been fighting eachother this whole time...?"

Aya stared in disbelief. She couldn't believe the GFP killer was Lady's father, or that any of this was happening.

"God... Didn't Sirius almost recruit you? You're the girl with the Yorin right?" He did a double take.

"Yeah! Although he was pretty creepy..." She mentioned. "You're working for him?"

"I have been... Yes.. He saved my life, The GFP left me for dead." Abraham told her honestly.

"Left you for dead?" JJ walked up. "What do you mean?"

"My Dad went missing on a mission for the GFP." Lady told her.

"I was a Combat Engineer, fixing ships, field repairs, the like. I went out on a mission to provide critical repairs to a Federation Warship that had been waylayed by pirates." He explained. "The crew had all been captured. Probably sold off into slavery. My team's Job was just to get in it working order and get it back to Forseti, we had the Fleet Commander of Forseti himself tailing us in his Warship to provide cover."

"What happened?" Aya walked over. "Were you attacked?"

"Well. The Pirates came back. And when they did, our Commander left us there, hailing and transferring credits to the pirates accounts. Luckily we had already partly repaired the engine, so we lit it before they could board and launched us deep out into space." He recalled the memory. "We hailed Command at Forseti, but supposedly they had no idea where we were. They sent out a search party but they never arrived. If I had to guess it's because that asshole knew we knew he cut and run. One by one we started either freezing to death or running out of food..."

"How did you survive?" JJ asked softly.

"We rationed our oxygen tanks. A few of our fellow crewmen tried to kill us it... After we dealt with them we used our remaining time to try and repair the ship's broken oxygen generator..." He mentioned. "Three more died just trying to finish it..."

"But you fixed it?" JJ asked. "O-or someone found you?"

"We got it fixed, but we still had no food. My last friend died of starvation before Sirius found me. His name was Will, worked alongside him for years."

JJ folded her arms. "And Sirius used your grief and lust for justice to fuel your anger and use you, turning you into one of his..."

"What?" He crossed his arms. "Sirius has treated me with nothing but respect and appreciation. He's my best friend."

"That isn't who Sirius is!" JJ got surprisingly angry. "He's suckered you in! He doesn't make friends, he uses people! He keeps you around because you're of use to him, and he'd discard you at a moment's notice should it suit his needs!"

"And how would you know that? I've been working with him for ages. Or is this just a pride thing because he keeps one upping you?" He mentioned.

"No... no, I know him because..." She lowered her head, not wanting the others to know this. At least, not like this. "Because I lived with him. I was like an adopted daughter of his for several years. I was there when those men came... exposed who he really was... I watched his daughter die in front of my eyes..."

"What... The Hell...?" Abraham's eyes were widened.

"JJ..." Lady looked up at her. "You... You never told me that... What about your life on the farm? And the Orphanage?"

JJ looked down shamefully. "After I ran away, I spent a lot of time in orphanages and... and juvenile detention centers. It's where I met some friends. But from eighteen until I was twenty, I was taken in by... by Sirius. Or more accurately, his daughter. He was like... an adoptive father to me..." She looked away. "I didn't want anyone to know that... that I was once so close to a man like him..."

"Why do you think he's bad then? He took you in." Abraham questioned her.

"Because it is his fault his daughter died!" JJ cried out. "He's a bad man! Underhanded deals. Assassinations. Blackmail, espionage, murder! He pisses off anyone he can because he thinks he's untouchable. Well, turns out there was a way to get to him back then! If you... saw the way they tortured poor Lana... and... me..."

"Dad... Is he really like that?" Leeanna asked.

"The Murders... He's not really the cold blooded type... But everything else, yeah... It's a hard universe... A bad universe with bad people, but he's always had my back." Abraham told them. "He's always been a friend to me..."

"Well... this sucks..." Aya placed her weapon on her shoulder. "Things would be so much easier if you were just some faceless monster. Now what?"

"Why... Why didn't you come home...?" Lady looked up at him.

"I... I couldn't... I couldn't face you... It would've been so easy to go home... And if I did I knew I wouldn't have been able to go back out there and see justice done..." Abraham rubbed her cheek. "I owed that to my Crew, to everyone that the GFP fucked over..."

As he said that, Leeanna just quietly lowered her head.

JJ knew why. She was conflicted between her loyalty as his daughter and her loyalty to the GFP. "You know... most of those who screw you have probably been thrown in prison now."

"Maybe. My life's work and some asshole comes out of the shadows..." He shook his head. "But what are you doing out here Ladie? What are you doing so far away from Earth? Did you come all the way here with Leeanna?"

The Pink Haired Human Woman was silent, just looking at JJ with panic in her eyes.

"Can I... talk with you for a second Leeanna?"

"Yeah..." She muttered. "Of course."

JJ stepped away with her and whispered, "Caught between duties?"

"My own Father Is the GFP butcher... I... What do I do?" LeeLee muttered.

JJ rubbed her wrist. "I don't know. He's... killed a lot of people. And I'm sure plenty of them were innocent. You... might meed to take him in..."

"But he's right... The GFP really were awful... They destroyed my family and I bought their lies... I fell for it so much I'm a fucking general now..." LeeLee crossed her arms.

"So what are you going to do?" JJ asked. "Let him go? What if... he goes on killing them, even after the reform?"

"He's my Dad. I haven't seen him in years. I can't just arrest him..." Leeanna crossed her arms. "Or do you hate him because of Sirius?"

JJ's eyes shifted away. "I'll admiit... it doesn't help his case. But I'm trying to keep an open mind. Maybe... we should talk to him about it."

"Are you sure this Sirius is as bad as you say?" She confirmed.

JJ folded her arms and looked serious. "If anything, I'm under playing it. Next time I saw him in person, we were trying to save one of Yyastra's people. He was trying to capture them for his personal gain. I tried to stop him, and... he beat me half to death..."


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Leeanna just looked over at him and Lady chatting almost happily from a distance, however, anyone could tell that there was a sense of guilt each one of them was hiding in their hearts. "I'm not sure I know what's right..."

JJ shrugged. "I'm not either. I guess these are just one of those tumes where you need to follow your heart. I'll support you. I'm just worried how he'll react to knowing you're GFP."

"Yeah... What about Lady? He doesn't know why she left Earth..."

JJ looked back at them. "He'll find out eventually. Hiding it will do more harm then good. Maybe... if he knows of her kidnapping, it'll change his focus away from the GFP."

"Lady..." Leeanna called out. "The Two of us need to talk."

"Oh... Um... Sorry Dad. Give me a second." Lady smiled, her Father looking off to the side.

"What do you want to do about your father," JJ asked cautiously.

"Me?" Lady lowered her head. "He's just confused. He's sad and angry..."

"And a killer. A very, very dangerous one." JJ shook her head. "I'm not saying we should haul him to prison, I'm really not. Just... he'll continue to do Sirius' dirty work? Even if he doesn't, what's stopping him from going on another killing spree? Or continuing his current one. What if... when he finds out who your sister works for, he...?"

"JJ!" Lady exclaimed as she put her foot down. "How could you say that!?"

"I'm just... tired of losing people. And I'm afraid of it happening again." JJ looked back at Abraham and Aya standing awkwardly together. "I guess... we should go talk to him instead of talking about him."

"Yeah..." Lady took a deep breath. Surely it would be okay, if he was indeed the Dad she remembered.

JJ walked over to the man cautiously. "So, um... what are you going to do now? Your... quest for revenge should be over with most if not all of the bad GFP guys behind bars, right?"

"Basically. Now I'm really just helping my best friend deal with the guys that you know... Keep trying to ambush and kill his men." Abraham looked at JJ in particular.

She narrowed her eyes. "I don't want to lill him. I want to bring him to justice."

"You really seemed like it." He crossed his arms.

"Now you two. Stop." Lady stepped between them.

JJ acoffed and stepped away, folding her arms. "What am I supposed to do? Just stop? You father pretty much promised to kill me if I don't. So I just... let Sirius go, hmm?"

"Look. I... I don't want to fight my Dad..." Lady insisted, frowning.

"I don't want to fight him either," JJ said earnestly. "But... would you just stand by while he killed an innocent?" She looked over to Abraham. "What if there was a GFP officer here right now?"

Leeanna just stared a death glare into her as Abraham responded. "And who is that?"

"I'm speaking metaphorically. Duh." JJ folded her arms. "Just wanted to see how honest you'd be in front of your daughters."

"I think I see what's going on. You're not going to rest until you bring Sirius down. It's a grudge thing. That means that you and I will have to be enemies." Abraham sighed. "There doesn't seem like there will be another way."

He looked at her Daughters softly, "So. If that's how it has to be... Lady, LeeLee... You should come and join us."

The Pink Haired girl blinked. "What...?"

"I'm sorry I wasn't there all those years... You must've been so lonely... Let me make it up to you now." He reached out and gently rubbed her head.

JJ and Aya's head darted over to Lady, worry filling JJ's eyes.

"Dad... I... I can't make this choice... You can't expect me to fight either of you!" Lady had panic in her eyes.

"Well. Then I guess you're only answer would be to leave. Otherwise it'll have to be one of us." He reminded her. "I don't want to fight you either sweetie..."

"I... I can't just step away..." The Young Trans Girl muttered to herself.

JJ watched her sadly. She had never expected this. Never wamted something like this. "Lady... please... don't..."

"I'm sorry Dad. I can't just abandon JJ... She needs me..." Lady lowered her head.

Leeanna sighed, stepping forward as she spoke. "Then as Lieutenant General of the Galactic Federation of Planets. I claim that you... Abraham Brochette... Are still a wanted criminal..."

"Lieutenant... General?" His head snapped over to her, looking like every emotion was running through his mind at once, confusion, surprise, anger, sadness, betrayal, heartbreak, everything.

Leeana..." Aya gave her a shocked look, not expecting her to announce her standing in the GFP, let alone try and arrest her father.

"What... Why? Why would you?" It occurred to him quickly. "You didn't know before... You thought they were telling the truth all this time didn't you? You thought they were good because I joined them..."

"They are good. Maybe not then. Maybe not even now. But there is good there." She told her. "You... Need to come with us... You don't have to live this life anymore..."

"I owe him too much... I wouldn't even be seeing you all here right now of it wasn't for him. I can't betray my best friend because of some mistakes he made with his daughter. That man misses his daughter more than anything. I've heard him say it." Abraham looked at JJ.

JJ flinched. "I... I heard a rumor that she's... somehow alive again. Is that... true?"

"I... Yes... That is true. We're trying to find her now." Abraham admitted.

"Oh? She's missing?" JJ looked sad about that, but shook her head. She couldn't reveal she knew about her from Tobias. "Listen... we really don't want to fight you... and I'm sure you don't want to fight your children..."

"Then stop this. You're the one pushing them here Jetstorm. All for your vendetta against Sirius." He confronted her.

"This isn't about me. This is about stopping a killer." JJ squeezed her fists. "It is not just a personal grudge. You'll see. One day, he'll betray you too."

"And how do you know that? How long has it been since you left his care?" He asked.

"A... few years... b-but I've kept track of him and his exploits, and... and..."

"And?" Yixx spoke up, her silence this entire time revealing a great deal of thought. "Are you alright JJ?"

JJ closed her eyes, and thought, "i don't know what to do. I... feel like if I push too hard... I'll lose Lady..."

"I think that's what he's trying to do... He wants to sow doubt between you two." Yixx explained as best she could.

"Yeah... so w-what do I do? How do I convince them that Sirius is bad? They barely know him, and I'm basically calling their father a liar..."

"Maybe instead of convincing them to kill their Father? Maybe you can show Abraham proof that Sirius isn't the mad he thinks he is." Yixx suggested.

JJ looked to Abraham. "What if... I could show you the kind of man Sirius is?"

"Okay. How?" He asked.

"You'll have to come back to my ship. You'll... have to trust me."

"I don't trust you... I don't even know if I trust LeeAnna right now... But I trust you Lady. If you tell me I'll be safe. I'll go." Abraham replied sadly.

"I promise. You will be safe... If they attack you, then I'll gladly join the Starkiller and help you fight back." Lady told him seriously.

JJ gave her a hurt look. "I'm.. I-I would never break my word like that..." Her shoulders slumped and she turned away, waving her hand for them to follow. "Come on..."

"I know you won't. That's why I'm comfortable making that kind of promise." Lady told her.

JJ nodded but kept her head turned away as they continued towards the ship. Aya hung in the rare, watching Abraham suspiciously.

"So." He turned towards the bug as they walked. "You're Yyashtra right?"

"Yes... Why?" The Laepaede answered.

"Nothing. It's just Nessiera has quite the fascination with you."

"I got the impression from our brief encounter that she doesn't care for Royals," Aya muttered. "If I remember correctly, your woman disarmed a man then decapitated him while he was defenseless..."

"Well. If I remember correctly we warned you. Besides weren't you working with Slavers?" He mentioned.

"We weren't working with them," Aya defended. "We were infiltrating. A more subtle approach to your guns blazing assault. We were trying to save one of Yyashtra's people but Sirius took her after beating JJ half to death. Goddesses only know what you did with her..."

"She is working with us now actually. She chose it. Her location was sold out by one of her colleges." Abraham explained.

"Mhmm..." Aya didn't sound too convinced, but dropped it. She didn't want to start an unnecessary fight. Though she was ready for one.


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They made their way to the docks. Funny enough, they had landed the ship right next to Abraham's shuttle without even realizing it. The made their way inside, and JJ led them to one of the crew quarters, one that the others had never seen anyone use. "Well..." JJ muttered to herself. "Time to try and keep your girlfriend by showing her how crazy you are..."

"JJ?" Yixx asked inside her head. "What're you doing?"

"You'll see..." She punched in a code for the door and stepped inside. When everyone followed, they found a room packed to the brim with notes, images, documents, and the like, all about Sirius Ravenwood. There was a board devoted to known associates, pictures of Sirius obviously taken without his knowledge, datapads, papers, graphs. It was what one might expect from a police station's criminal case board... or that of a crazy, obsessed person or conspiracy nut.

"Okay..." He looked around. "Well you've succeeded immediately in making me think you're crazy..."

"JJ... " Lady gave her a concerned look. "This is... A lot..."

JJ nodded. "I know. I... I've been investigating him since Lana died. B-but it isn't just about an obsession. It is about finding the evidence to bring a powerful bad man to justice."

"But an obsession is exactly what this has become," Aya said, evidently not knowing about this room herself. "I can't believe you've been at this for this long to this degree."

"But it's here!" JJ insisted. "All here! All the signs that Sirius is a monster that needs to be stopped!"

"JJ..." Lady walked up to her, taking her hands and gently rubbing them. "You know I love you. But... I'm scared this hate might be consuming you..."

JJ shook a little, clearly unnerved that everyone seemed against her. "You're... y-you're not seeing... this isn't all garbage! I have so much in here because there is so much evidence against him! Payouts! Spies and moles! Assassinations! Blackmail! Back stabbing! It's... all..." She looked into Lady's eyes and felt like she might cry. "I... it's here... you have to believe me..."

Lady brought her into a hug. "I believe you. I do. I'm just worried about you."

JJ nestled into her shoulder. "I'm sorry. I just... want to do what is right."

"Look." Abraham looked around. "I was never under the illusion that he was a good man. But he's good to me. That has to count for something."

JJ stepped away from Lady and searched through some data files. "I have no doubt that he's been good to you. What I'm telling you is he'll stab you in the back if it suits his interest. And I have proof... sort of. I mean... I-I have a first hand account from someone..."

"Okay." He stepped forward.

She handed him a data pad to look over. "The day Lana died, Sirius was out looking for the very bracer he is wearing today. He had a partner then, a Tamearin named Kabral Genth. They discovered the bracer together, and they knew it was special. Unlike most bracers, it seemed to react to anyone who came into contact with it. As they passed it around, it came into Sirius' hands. Without even discussing what to do with it, he was overcome with a lust for power. He drew his weapon, and shot everyone with him, including his long time partner. He thought he killed them all... but Genth survived."

"And where is this Genth now? Sirius doesn't typically leave loose ends." He looked back at her.

"He... he, um... he died. Shortly after I met with him, someone assassinated him in hos hospital room. B-but... but I documented everything he told me here."

Abraham gave her a curious look before reading over the pad quickly and quietly.

It coincided with everything she claimed. It even listed the names of everyone that was with the party. "I heard he came up with some excuse about them being attacked."

"And you have proof that Sirius really was the one who did this?" Abraham looked at her seriously.

JJ blinked. "I... I talked to the man myself. Why would he lie about that? Why wouldn't he just tell Sirius he was alive if they really were attacked? Why would he be assassinated like he was?"

"Well. Your only evidence this is true is a interview by you and only you, just before he was conveniently killed. For all I know, you could've been the one to kill him." Abraham said with a slightly accusatory tone.

JJ's eyes widened. "What?! W-why would I make this up? I'm not crazy! I'm not making all this shit up!"

"Will you just calm down. Allah himself I am just saying I have no way at all to confirm this other than just taking your word for it." He put his head in his hand.

"Well thwn... I guess you'll just have to take my word for it then." She looked at Lady. "Tell him. Tell him I wouldn't lie about this."

"Dad. JJ is a good person. She's not a liar. I promise." Lady frowned.

"Lady. My little girl. I trust that you trust her. But look at all this. She's obsessed. Paranoid. Who knows what she heard." Abraham looked around at the room. "Fuck she might even think she's telling the truth, but is this really enough to betray my best friend? The person who gave me the chance to see my girls again? For who? This conspiracy theorist Cartus that has been trying to kill my friends for months?"

"Are you sure he gave you this chance?" JJ folded her arms. "I don't about Lady, but surely he had found out Leeanna was with the GFP amd never told you."

"Then what do you suggest?" He rubbed his nose.

"What if we try to trick him?" Yixx added, borrowing JJ's mouth for a brief moment. "We could set up a situation where it would be in his best interest to betray you and see what he does."

Aya folded her arms. "That's not a bad idea. The question is... what could we do?" She glanced at Abraham. "And would you even go along with it? It would involving trocking your best friend..."

"I would be willing. On one condition." He told her plainly.

JJ took control again and said, "Okay... what?"

"If he doesn't take the bait, you're not going to be fucking hunting us down anymore. Deal? You're going to leave us alone."

"You want me to call off years of work against a clearly sinister man with all this evidence against him if it turns out he's your buddy?!" JJ fumed.

"So what you're really saying is you're going to kill us regardless. Huh?" He shook his head. "I think I'm done here."

JJ frowned. "I don't want to kill you. I don't even want to kill him. I just want him brought to justice now that half the GFP isn't on his payroll." She lowered her head. All the work she had put in was fizzling before her. But if she let him walk away, she would make an enemy out of Lady's father. What if they ended up fighting. What if he killed her. What if... she killed him? Lady would never forgive her. She squeezed her eyes shut, tears rolling down her cheeks. "Fine..." she said softly.

"JJ..." Lady gave her a sad look. "Please."

"You win. If... if this doesn't work... I'll leave you alone. But if he does turn out to be the man I say he is..."

"Then I'll leave you alone. Deal?" He offered.

JJ nodded timidly. "Guess the next step is to... make a plan."

"We should set up a situation where Sirius has to choose between you and one of the Relics." Yixx added in.

JJ nodded, repeating it for the others. "This will take some set-up and some convincing acting on everyone's parts." She looked at Abraham. "And I'll be putting my trust into you not to outroght kill me as I'm... sure you could probably nondoubt do one on one..."

"Oh probably. But I don't want to brag." He chuckled. "I can convince him that I have evidence of a relic on this Planet's moon."

The others nodded. "Alright..." Aya said. "Let's plan out the finer details..."


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The fallowing is done by Dhalexpret&Blackout

On board the golden wing
Blisk was making his way to Titania room, with everything going on. Solex assaulting the GFP directly the two Norscan representatives in a panic, and what looked to be pirates invading everywhere now, Blisk stopped and took a breath and knocked on Titania door he hoped he can put the mind of one person at ease.” Titania are you there?”

"I'll be out in a minute; just took a shower." Came the foxgirl's muffled response. After a few brief moments of silence, the door opened, to reveal a slightly damp Titania. She wore a simple black t-shirt with jeans, coupled with a pair of combat boots. Her hair, however, was running wild as she fought to tame the red mess with a nearly broken hairband. "Hey, Blisky. What's up?"

Blisk just starred at Titania for a moment until he regained his senses.” Well I’ve talked to my associates, and they said if I needed there help they would show up in about four days. And with everything going on with the GFP now might be the best time to get your friend before things get worse.”

Titania, finally managing to get the hairband in place, dropped a hand to her chin in thought. "I'd only have my sword if we got into a scrap... do you mind if I borrow one of your guns? Perhaps something meant for close range combat?"

“Hum yea sure I have plenty of weapons you can barrow, but there’s another reason why I’m here. May I come inside so we can talk privately?”

"Sure. Remember, contract. I can't actually say no." She offered a teasing smile as retreated to a chair, taking a seat.

“Ou I know and I won’t lie that’s kinda why I’m here.” Blisk held Titania.” I want my bond mate again.”

"So another attempt to make the amnesiac remember or is it to convince me that the contract doesn't matter?" She asked, closing her eyes as she relaxed at his touch.

"No I just want to feel my girl again." Blisk kissed Titania." I'm tired of prostitutes and hores, I just... I just need you again." He kissed her again and lifted up as he wrapped her legs around him.

"Well, you've got four days with me, right? That's enough time to do whatever you want, whether that's cuddling, sex, or a date." She wrapped her arms around him, pulling him into a gentle kiss.

Blisk kissed her back and rubbed her head.” Can we get to the sex part, I promise to cuddle and coddle you after but I just really need you again.”

She rolled her eyes melodramatically, before running a hand up his spine. "Okay... but you're buying me dinner afterwards."

Blisk hugged Titania.” Fine I promise,” he then gently put Titania on the bed, and stared talking off her shirt.

As soon as he got her shirt off, revealing a lacey black bra, she replied in turn with helping him take off his. "Never knew that I was this intoxicating to you..."

“Your joking right, how can I not. Your wide hip the big breast, these ears. How could I not be intoxicated by you.” He said messaging her breast and sucking her neck.

She let out a soft sigh at his ministrations, raising a hand to stroke his cheek, while the other went down to his ass to squeeze. "F-flirt..."

“Well it’s not flirting if it’s honesty.” Blisk then removed her bra and started sucking and pinching her breast, while his other hand went down her pants and started rubbing her lower half.

Her sight turned into a more reserved moan as she fought a little to keep from being too loud. Her hands wandered down to his pants tugging on them gently; undoing the various obstacles that prevented her from outright taking it off. "Y-you're... mhm.... not so bad yours-elf."

As he continued to lick and play with her breast, Blisk then stopped and stood up. He proceeded to take off his shoes, and his pants.” Wanna make your job just a little bit easier, now then let’s get these off you.” Blisk proceeded to take off Titania shoes and pants, until all she had on was her underwear.” Stars you are sexy.”

His words continued to pierce through her tough facade, managing to make her face become more tinged with red. "I-I can see w-why I was interested i-in you..." She murmured, looking away in pure embarrassment. Dammit... I'm supposed to be a master seductress... and yet I'm merely putty with him...

Blisk smiled and got back on the bed and gently removed Titania hands from her face, so he could see how red she was something he never saw.” Humm reds a good color on you baby.” He then put his hand on her cheek, and gently kissed her, but to Titania surprise she didn’t fell his tongue he also started to play with her breast as he continued kissing her.

"Mmmm..." She moaned into his lips, her eyes closing as she sought to savor this gentle interaction. She gently stroked his bulge, trying to bring him as much pleasure as he was giving her.

He started to thrust into her hand, and went back to sucking and pinching her breast, this went on for a few minutes. Blisk then stopped and grabbed Titania hand.” Titania.” Blisk took off his underwear revealing his crouch.” I want you on your knees, please.”

She obliged, giving him a smirk as she kneeled. However, the playfulness soon faded away in lieu of lust as she stared at his member. An intense hunger nearly took hold as she stared at it, subconsciously licking her lips in anticipation.

He pressed his member to her lips.” Titania I need you to open your mouth.”

"R-right..." She quickly opened her mouth, tongue lolling out as she licked around the head of his cock; promptly plunging him down her throat after a moment. Her hands squeezed his rear as she continued to bob up and down to some unknown rhythm.

Blisk let out a light moan and stared thrust down her throat.” That it baby god your mouth feels so good.”

She let out a little muffled giggle, before one of her hands snaked its way back to massage his balls. As she went back up with a pop, she looked at him. "I guess I'm just too cute for you to handle." And with her cheeky response, she went back down on him, going all the way to the bottom of his shaft.

As Blisk moaned he laid on his back, and let Titania do what she wanted.” I miss my bond mate, you are so much better then brothels.

The foxgirl's eyes narrowed in annoyance, but she mostly let go of her anger at being compared to a common whore and continued servicing her man. She nipped him a bit, not enough to hurt but to draw out additional pleasure.

Blisk moaned again, brushed her hair to the side so he could see her.” Have I told you how much I love you?”

She slowed down, and looked up away him, with a thoughtful expression before nodding, nipping him a bit more as she went back down.


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Blisk smiled and lifted Titania head off him.” Now it’s my turn.” He took off her underwear and started to like Titania lower half.

Titania shivered from the sheer pleasure of having Blisk between her legs. "Mhmm... Blisk..." She moaned, a hand gently laying on the top of his head.

Blisk smiled at Titania moaning his name, and put his tongue inside of her and started licking her love juice.

"F-fuck... Blisk... Blisk...!" She cooed, gently pushing his head down into her as the pleasure mounted. However, as she moaned, she reached under him to stroke that large piece of manliness.

Blisk continued to lick Titania until he looked up, and saw she had to stretch in order to touch his manhood. So he stopped licking her and twisted her around were both there lower half’s were in front of each other.” To make it less of a strain on you.”

"Thank you." She said softly before her gaze was transfixed by his cock once more. It didn't take long before she was bobbing her head down to the base of his shaft, unable to do much more thanks to Blisk's tongue.

“Ou you thank me, after all I have more to mess with back here.” Blisk went back to licking Titania, but used his other hand to stroke her tail.

The new pleasure hit her hard, causing her to stop midway down Blisk's shaft. Moans poured out of her as she squirmed within his grasp, far more hot and bothered than before.

He continued to stroke her tail, and continued to lick her pussy though he had to grab her ass just to make sure she didn’t sit on him. He then smiled and decided to stop licking her and put her thumb inside her, he then took it out and went back to licking her and put the wet thumb and her ass.

She squirmed even harder her moans reaching a crescendo as she came at the new sensation. As she shivered with her mind far away, lost to bliss, she sucked harder; her tongue eagerly exploring every part of his shaft.

As Blisk moaned at Titania sucking Blisk harder, he stooped licking her and said to her." Titania why don't you try using those breast of yours to help you out, because at the rate i'm going you might faint from the foreplay." He said coy fully.

His words seemed to cut through her daze and snap her back to reality. She offered a giggle as she cupped her breasts and brought them over his cock, releasing it with a pop as she started rubbing her breasts up and down his manhood.

Blisk Moaned in here pussy and started thrusting into her breast.

The vibrations sent a shiver down her spine, causing another unintended wiggle of her lower-half. She whispered in a sensual voice, "B-Blisk... I'm a little thirsty... would you mind giving me sing-song to drink~?" Promptly before bobbing her head as his cock came up to meet her; lmresuming the blowjob that he seemed to so desperately crave.

With the sensation of her breast and her tongue Blisk ejaculated down the fox girls throat.

She gulped down every last drop, savoring the flavor of his seed. As soon as his orgasm seemed tip dry up, get tongue proved his now very sensitive tip for any residual cum she missed. "Mmmm..."

Blisk let go of Titania and was panting heavily.” Alright I would call that a good warm up, though I might need a little with getting ready for another round.”

She released him with a pop, eyeing his member with longing before she shifted around so she could look into his eyes. "Oh? A little spent are we after a simple blowjob? Alright... what can I do to help you, Blisk?"

As Blisk looked at his woman he started licking and kissing her breast.” That what I wanted.”

She sighed, shaking her head slowly. A smile slowly spread across her face as she stared at Blisk. He was definitely a rugged weird pick for her past self to have chosen, but he was far gentler and more considerate than her last boyfriend. She relaxed, content to let him continue.

Blisk continued to mess with her breast, until she felt his dick getting hard again. And he started rubbing it against her. Blisk then started to kiss Titania as he flipped her to her back.” Just so you’re aware I’m gonna fuck you, like I’m trying to get you pregnant again.”

"Thanks for the warning, but I don't remember the first time..." She started, backing up to rub against him. "Just remember: You get me pregnant, I'm still storming the hospital with you."

“I won’t get you pregnant, but I won’t have you forgetting me this time.” Blisk put his rod inside Titania and started thrusting slowly.

Titania let out a moan at his advance. "Y-you k-know, -ah!- I th-think I'mmm starting to-to remember..."

"Really that's nice." Blisk then brought Titania in for a kiss and he started to thrust faster.

She opened her mouth and only moans came out, with the occasional 'Blisk' thrown in as he railed her.

He continued to thrust and started to bite her ears, and pinch her nipples." Come on Cum for me Baby cum as much as you want, you don't have to hold back with me. I want you to lose yourself in the pleasure."

With a cry of pleasure, Titania's pussy quivered; her insides clamped down on his member, trying desperately to squeeze him dry of all of baby batter.

Blisk kissed her passionately as she clamped down onto him, He started rubbing her clit." That's my girl cum as much as you want because I want more." he said nibbling her ear.

Titania squirmed in mindless pleasure, panting and moaning at his unrelenting tactics. "B-b-li-sk...~"

As Titania said his name he ejaculated inside her, and bit on her shoulder. I've missed this woman and her body, god she feels good.

With so much pleasure hitting her and from her last orgasm still fresh, she came again. Her moans went low as she began to act on almost primal instincts, as she tried to shift into a more dominate position.

As she got on top of him Blisk just smiled." Now that's the primal girl that I know and love, have you come back to your sines yet?"

A cursory hand briefly checked to make sure Blisk's soldier was aligned and standing at attention before hammering down with her hips. "Bli-isk..." She moaned as she went to his neck gently biting his neck.

He ground and held onto Titania as she started riding him." Titania are you still there. You seem to be energetic."

She leaned her head back to reveal a hickey; almost promptly resuming in a different spot in an attempt to paint hickeys along his neck. "Bl-isk... Mmmm... Blisk.... Cum..." She murmured in between her bites.

“Ou that’s it alright honey whatever you ask.” Blisk held onto Titania and started thrusting faster, and after twenty minutes he came inside Titania again.

She slowed to a near stop -still grinding with him inside her-, cooing his name as she cuddled onto his chest. She didn't seem to be back to normal considering she licked his neck before slowly relaxing.


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Part 3
Blisk just rubbed her head and kissed her cheek.” I doubt your gonna forget me this time huh, you still in the world of the living Titania?”

A little drool leaked out of her mouth, as she made something akin to a chuckle and moan. She gripped him tighter; her hips coming more to a halt as she just laid atop him. "I... love... you..." She murmured, almost incoherently.

Blisk chuckled and wrapped his tail around her, and kissed her head while also rubbing her back.” I know and I love you to, now I’m betting you could use some rest.”

She merely snuggled atop him, as her breathing began to slow down to the rhythmic tones of sleep.

Blisk smiled and grabbed a blanket and put it on top of them.” Good night Titania, we have about another day of this and a few dates before we get your friend back.”

Titania remained asleep as the more primal instincts, and adrenaline, left her.

During the next three days Blisk kept to his word, he went on dates to her to dinner and had sex with her. Until the day came we’re Blisk ally’s came.” So then darling ready to get your friend back?”

Titania re-checked her equipment: power armor fully functional, a new energy core was in her sword, and the laser scattergun Blisk had provided was fully charged with extra clips at the ready. "Nervously, but yeah, I'm ready.

“That’s good.” Blisk was wearing his heavy power armor, and his automatic shotgun and rifle we’re loaded with spare ammunition when needed. A ship landed and two Kotavorg came out and went right to Blisk and Titania, Cabot and Revy shook Blisk hand.

“Good to see you again man, wasn’t expecting to after the great hunt.” Cabot then looked at Titania.” Do you remember me?”

"Personally? No. But Blisk has been kind enough to remind me of the events of the Great Hunt, and who were key players who hunted with us." Titania answered honestly, putting her helmet on promptly after.

"Huh damn shame you don't remember it , so that means that she doesn't remember doing that hole fire magic stuff then." Revy asked.

"Not a clue... Revy? I don't know how nor do I think it possible for me to control flames." She replied, her voice becoming electronic.

“Well that’s a damn shame, because that looked to be really useful. So we’re attacking a hospital what’s the plan of attack?”

"As long as everyone can keep their cool, I found an infiltration point: There's a forgotten subsector of the station, one that has no oxygen in it, that leads directly into the generator room of the hospital. The wall should be easily broken, but we need to be quiet so as to not draw everyone's attention." Titania answered, a piece of her armor opening up. A map was inside, which showed the route they would take.

"Since there's four of us, and because we have a huge complex,we'll need to set up roles for this. We'll need someone to focus on being able to disable any automated forces before hand. Turrets make terrible trophies after all." She offered a smile, before continuing. "We'll need someone to be able to hack the locks on the station, someone who's a great shot to take out security quietly if the need arises."

"Finally, the most dangerous role, which I'll be taking: the scout. I'm going to be going ahead of you, taking in various guard patrols, doors, killboxes to give you guys a heads up before you get surrounded and killed. This, means, if I get spotted, I'm on my own, because I'll be too far ahead for you to help."

"After we get to my friend's room, the mechanic and the hacker will seal the door behind themselves, put this rebreather over his face, and break the window. There's nothing but space outside of his window, which means you'll be virtually untouchable if you get out there." She smiled as she looked around before remembering a left out part of her plan. "Then the Gunner and I will proceed towards our second target: the owner of the hospital. She'll be heavily guarded, but we'll be able to ambush her guard and take them out. She does have cybernetics, but I don't know what exactly has been modified so be cautious."

"As that section of the plan, the people floating in space will be picked up by a friend of mine piloting an armored freighter, who, if everything works, will pick us up with the owner."

Titania glanced around the room. "Any questions or concerns?"

“Not at the moment, Cabot you got hacking duties.”

“ I can work with that, I barely get the chance to hack into thing it be nice to stretch the old fingers.”

“Alright so Revy you’re on sniping duty got that, think you can handle that part.”

“I would have suggested Val but she’s all pregnant, but fine I can handle sniper duty that means you get the fun part huh Blisk.”

“Yea it does, but it also means I have to worry about my girl here. Think you’re gonna be ok on your own?” He said with concern.

She nodded, tapping the center of her armor a few times. After a moment, she began to disappear from sight until she was no longer visible. However, when she moved, she was noticeable as what was behind her appeared distorted. She tapped her armor again. "I was assassin before all this, it'll be... familiar. As long as I'm smart and you guys are quiet, I'll be fine." She cleared her throat as she looked over the rest of the group. "Cabot, when we secure the owner, we'll have you empty several of her offshore accounts for a nice payday. If not, I'll pay for any equipment or weapons you need."

“Hum I’m fine with that I’m sure a few, thousands won’t make a dent in your family.”

“Hay Ugh before we head out, Titania can I speak to you in private.”

"Nah, her offshores are to hide her money from the rest of the family." Titania turned to look at Blisk. "Sure. Lead the way."

Blisk took Titania down the hallway so Cabot and Revy couldn’t hear them.” Look are you sure you’re gonna be alright scouting alone, you don’t need backup or anything?”

Titania cracked a smile over his concern, although he couldn't see it. "Truthfully? I don't know. I don't know the full scale of our target, nor do I know about any security systems. With this stealth technology, I should be relatively fine." Her hand rested on his shoulder. "We're warriors Blisk -well, you more than me- so we're not promised tomorrow. I could die, and so could you. What we're doing right now is minimizing that risk as much as possible, so that we can come back home, and continue with our lives."

“Just promise me that you’ll be careful, I already lost one Titania and I don’t wanna lose another.”

"I have been. Besides... if you promise to cuddle me more often and show up to watch a holo flick with me sometime, then I can't die." Titania playfully punched his shoulder.

Blisk grumbled and just hugged Titania. "Just don't be to reckless alright I can't cuddle you if your torn apart."

"You could. It'd just be with giblets." Titania joked darkly. She hugged him back. "I'll be careful, puppy. I don't die so easily."

"You better not because if you do, I’m killing your sister and eating her corpse. So please stay alive."

"Even if that is the thing I would ask you not to do, especially if I did die?" She took off her helmet to stare at him. "Because that'd be a shitty way to get revenge for me if I did die... especially since you know that's not what I would've wanted..." She gently raised an armored hand to his face.

He growled showing his K9 teeth." Fine I will try and not kill your sister, no promises but I will try."

"Thank you... I appreciate you trying.. And if I do die... thanks for making this assassin feel more alive than she has in years." She kissed his helmet. "But I'll do my best to be safe, okay."

The man sighed." Alright I trust you then, best we get this mission on the way and go save your friend."

"To work it is." Titania put her helmet on and began to walk back.


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Part 4

Blisk and the two Kotavorg followed suit.” Hay Blisk you got some lipstick on your helmet.” Cabot said with Revy chuckling.

“Quiet you two and don’t worry about it.”

"We'll head to a dockyard to get an inconspicuous spacecraft... want to make my fighter? It's got room enough for four, sooo..."

“Who’s getting left behind, right I’ll stay behind for now you three just be careful alright.”

"Not left behind; once transactions are done at the Dockyard, I'll be flying back relatively quickly to get you. Shouldn't be too long, given my fighter was built for speed." Titania replied, pausing long enough to look behind herself.

“Good to know, I’ll be looking over my weapons while I wait.”

"Alright. Everyone else, follow me!" Titania said leading the way down to the hangar. Jumping up to the cockpit and promptly releasing the ladder for the rest of her compatriots. Once everyone boarded and strapped themselves in, she took off going as fast as the fighter would allow. "Soooo... what did you guys think about me when you met me?"

"I thought you were just some damn Dondondari broad that didn't deserve to be on our planet." Revey said bluntly

"I didn't know what to think of you, when I first saw you you were knock out heavily wounded. But you eventuly proved yourself when you took out a dread sarun."

"Yea that was impressive killing that big thing with that fire magi you had."

"Shame I don't remember... was I nice to everyone there? Or was I being a bitch?" Titania asked, her curiosity piqued.

“You were kinda a bitch, but when we saw you you were badly wounded. It looked like you had a problem with your bond mate being overly protective?” Revy said.

"I could see that... I don't like having someone who's overbearing looking over my shoulder... sorry for being an ass." Titania started, aiming her ship as she got in position to take advantage of a warp.

"Na you took on some of the most dangerous creatures on our planet, you being frustrated was understandable." Besides your leading us to hopefully a good fight so were good." Revy said.

"Agreed I just hope you and Blisk are alright I would hate to see a bonding couple fighting of something so minor." Cabot said.

"Probably not... he's more worried about me dying, so he's more concerned than overbearing." She chuckled as they warped. "That, and... you'd all have to promise you won't say a word if I tell you the next part..."

“Sure I mean well it depends on how bad it is.” Cabot said.

"Well... I promised him we'd cuddle. Apparently, during the gap of time I can't remember, we cuddled frequently." She pointed back towards a box in the back. "Could one of you get me a drink? I'm a tad bit thirsty."

Revy was laughing while Cabot went to the back to get a Drink.” Cuddle cuddling, what kind of Kotavorg cuddles. Ou that just to funny.”

"Don't say a word to him." Titania repeated, her tone one of suppressed annoyance. "Besides, I'm sure everyone aboard my ship right now has at least a few secrets that are far funnier than Blisk liking cuddling."

"Ou I'll try and keep this a secrete, but man that's just funny that the big tough Blisk likes cuddling man that's just hilarious. Tough I’m sure if I said it to anyone and they went to Bisk with it will more than likely kill them, so I’ll keep it a secret." Reavy said whipping her eyes.

Titania seemed to relax. "Thank you... I'd hate for Blisk to go on a murder spree if he ever learned... I'd have to lose such great pals after all." She joked, smiling under her helmet. The dockyard came into view as she angled herself into a docking port. "Hide your weapons, this is a civilian station that prohibits them..."

“Right that should be no problem, we can easily conceal our guns.” Cabot said handing Titania the drink.” Hay do you have any crates back here?”

"One. Has some medicine in it..." Titania started as she docked. "Check under the drink box."

As Cabot went to look he did find a empty box, both he and Revy put there weapons in.” Well leave our guns here for now, well come back for them when you come with Blisk.” Revy said as the pair left.

"Look for a Cartus named Felix. He's one of the employees who can help you." Titania called, before disengaging the landing locks and taking off to go and get her fiancé. She did take her helmet off before launching off; an inadvisable thing, given she was flying in the vacuum of space.

As the two went to find Felix Blisk was sitting in a chair sharing his knife, thinking to himself will his bond mate be safe. He then remembered when Titania used her fire powers he saw another woman there. “What was that back then?”

It took a half-hour for Titania to return, docking with a yawn that was a mixture of boredom, mild sleepiness, and no synth coffee. She opened the top of her fighter looking around for Blisk, before hopping out to search for him, and perhaps there coffee better. "Blisk~?"

He heard Titania calling for him and he came behind her.” What you were missing me or something.” He said hugging her back.

She jumped, and a string of sweats seemed to flow out of her mouth. After a moment or two, she let out a sigh. "I really should've expected you to appear behind me..." She murmured, leaning into him. "I know we should be going soon, given the others... but could you hold me just a bit longer? Please?"

Blisk removed his helmet and wrapped his tail around her and embraced her.” Well because you asked so nicely, and because I want to.” He then kissed the top of her head.” What have you done to me, I’m supposed to be a fearsome bounty hunter not cuddling you in public.”

"I'm slowly making you fall in love with me." She said softly, her eyes looking tired. "And you're slowly convincing me that when you hold me... that I'm safe. That nothing can hurt me."

Blisk kissed her cheek and held her tighter.” Titania what do your weapons mean to you?”

She unhooked her sword handle from her side. She stared at it for awhile, her eyes growing tired. "They're... parts of me. Weapons that hold meaning for me are ones that were given to me by people I love. This sword... was my mom's. And the rifle I had... that was my dad's. I haven't talked to my father as a daughter, merely as a merchant and the same goes for my mother."

She let out a heavy sigh, closing her eyes. "So... these weapons ok and are like the last little bit of my family before they closed themselves off to me. It's why I'm willing to die to reacquire them." Her tired eyes produced a couple tears before drying up. "Pretty dumb of me to care about people who don't care about me anymore, right?"

Blisk held on to her hand that was on the sword Handel.” We can’t choose the family were born into honey, but you can pick the family you want. You have a son who’s gonna meet you in a few months and a bond mate that would kill any that hurt you.” He then turned her around and put his head on forehead. “So no I don’t think it’s dumb.”

She wrapper her arms around him, as she just took in his presence. Tears began to flow despite her eyes having closed to take in the moment. Her body remained still, but she bit her lip hard enough to draw blood, more than likely to stop herself from sobbing into him. She wouldn't let herself appear weak, not even in front of the man she loved.

Blisk just rubbed her head.” Titania it’s okay to cry, I’m here for you and I won’t think less of you for doing so.”

She still didn't take the opportunity to cry, instead opting to cling tighter to him.. She murmured softly, "I will... I'll think less of myself..."

Blisk just sighed and continued to rub her head.” Alright I won’t bring it up again.” Blisk continued to hold on to her hopping that his comfort would easy her tensions.

She eventually calmed down after a few minutes, before breaking away from him to put her helmet on. "Sorry... it's just... I'm tired of being so isolated by even my family. I won't let... let it become an issue again." She sniffled, a clear sign it would still bother her, despite her words.


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Part 5

“Titania you have a new family with me and our child, and I will always be there for you. So then let’s ready up we got somebody to save.” He said putting his helmet on.

"Right. Time to start our new life." Titania climbed back into her fighter, beckoning Blisk to do the same.

“One step at a time babe.” Blisk got on the ship and the two made there way planet d side.

Once they arrived at the Dockyard and boarded their more inconspicuous freighter, they made their way to the station in question, the journey taking a full day for them to arrive. Once they docked, Titania led them to the abandoned parts of the station, through the maintenance shafts.

"Anything we need to go over?" She asked the group as her data pad gave a holographic display of where they were and where they were going.

“Not at the moment, Cabot is on hacking duty. Revy is our sniper and I’m the gun man, Revy if my girl here does get in trouble please help her.”

“Ou don’t worry big man I got her back, but wait what’s Blisk job then?” Revy asked

Titania let out a sigh. "Engineer. If we come across something more mechanical that might require welding or something that requires some thinking, he's the one who you'll use." Her tone changed, becoming more humored. "Which might mean we need several prayers."

“Ou Ha Ha very funny, well I say that but you might need a prayer. Hopefully I won’t have to do much of the tinkering, because well I’ll figure it out.”

"Engineer is essentially backup for the Hacker, so probably not." She came to an abrupt stop as she stared straight ahead at a wall. She stepped aside and gestured to Blisk. "Mind making a hole for us, Dear?"

“Yea sure my armor came with most of my old augmentation but just one thing.” Blisk used his augmented eyes to scan behind the wall, and there were no living or robotic life forms behind it. Blisk right arm started to glow as he punched the wall making a hole steam came out of it.” I missed doing that.”

"Blisk, once we're in, we'll need to pressurize the room back to normal, or we will be hit with a corridor's worth of oxygen." Titania warned as she waited for him to finish.

"Right fix the hole, um sure I can figure out how to do that." Blisk then punched the wall again and continued to punch the wall until it was big enough for the group to fit through." Alright that should be good enough for you all, now hurry up."

Titania entered first, the scattergun at the ready. "I wonder what that would be like..." she murmured to herself.

As Cabot and Revy entered Blisk scratched his head trying to figure out how he was gonna plug this hole, He looked around to see what he could use to plug the hole with. He decided to take a trashcan and rip it apart and placed the metal on the wall and adjusted his flamethrower, and used it to mettle the metal to the wall.

Titania nodded as he finished, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Alright, now to test if the pressure is right...if it hasn't balanced out... well, you'll be down a scout." Titania said a bit nervously, taking her helmet off. She closed her eyes tightly as if to ward off what could happen: her head popping like a grape while her body would try to curl in on itself within her power armor. After her head didn't pop and she took a shaky half breath of the returning air to the room, she promptly placed her helmet back on.

"Is everything alright down there Titania, your still in the world of the living?" Blisk asked.

"I can still sass you, yes." Titania replied, her tone barely betraying how nervous she was. "I'll head out immediately and start guiding you guys through the building." With that said, she tapped her invisibility module and headed out the door.

“Right alright you two bout time you got into position.” Cabot and Revy nodded there heads Revy went to go find a decent spot, while Cabot looked for a computer to help him get into there systems.

He found a suitable terminal aptly named 'security' nearby. It was unguarded, but the several passwords hinted at a long attempt to hack into it.

"Got a couple Shinso heading your way. Gene-mods by the look of it." Titania whispered over their comms.

“Ou great and here I was hoping for a little bit of time before I had company, hay Revy you I’m position?”

“Not yet guess your gonna have to use that charm of yours Cabot.”

“Yea charm got it.” Cabot decided to walk to the two Shinso.” Hay how are you lot today?”

Both of them gave him a hard stare as they reached for their weapons. As they upholstered them, the bigger of the two grasped at his throat as a familiar laser sword poked out of it, the other froze as Titania's scattergun poked her in the back. "I'd advise against doing something rash, friend."

"I ain't gonna do shit 'less you tell me to. My, uh, name's Natalie." The Shinso woman gave a sheepish smile.

“You know I could have charmed them if you gave me the chance T. But we’re here now, Natalie do you know these systems?”

"They're guards and we're on a restricted floor. They'd have shot you." Titania replied, shaking her head slightly. Titania craned her neck to get a better view of the seven foot, tiger-esque woman.

"Wasn't gonna hurt him... maybe frisk him for weapons-" She started giving Cabot a wink before she continued, "but, um, yeah... I got a key card and a bio scanner if you want to get in."

"How do we know that won't trigger an alarm?" Titania asked, her voice laced with suspicion.

"Because I don't wanna die yet? And because he's got a nice smile?" Natalie gave a shrug.

“See my winning personality and charm, gotta give me a little bit of faith here T.”

“Yeah that all well and good, but Cabot do you mind getting into the system so we can get a move on.” Revy said through the helmet.”

“Fin don’t have to be a downer.” Cabot took Natalie key card and bio scanner and started taking down the turret systems.” Alright your good T, thank you mrs Natalie.”

"You're welcome... umm... so, what happens next?" She asked nervously, as a sizzle marked Titania yanking her sword out of the other guard.

"Up to them..." Titania said softly, her tone threatening.

“I don’t see the need to kill her, she seems nice enough.” Cabot said

“Besides if she goes telling the others, I can kill her later.” Revy said over the radio.

"I'm super nice, I uh... umm... c-could you tell the scary lady with the shotgun to please take it off my back? Please?" She gave a shaky smile as she nervously shook.

"The 'scary lady' would like you to know that if you raise an alarm, she won't kill you quickly. She'll spend weeks ripping pieces off you. Have fun with my friends, Natalie..." With that, Titania stalked back ahead to keep a lookout.

Natalie, with credit due to her bravery, promptly fell to the ground with a not so suppressed look of terror in her eyes. She also was hyperventilating and shivering slightly.

Cabot rolled his eyes and started petting her head, in some attempt to calm her down.” It’s alright my friend there is just on edge right now, and is really focused on saving someone right now.”

Natalie offered a very shaky smile as she stood up, not at all calmed by his actions, but managing the fear she had a bit better. "A-alright..." She murmured, looking away from him. "S-so what would you like me to do?"

“ I need you to go to we’re ever you guys change, put on your civilian clothes and go home.”

"I would, handsome, but the moment I do, I'd get radioed in and told to stay until the full shift ended it'd, uh, set off an alarm. And then your friend would torture me... so, uh... sorry?" Natalie rubbed the back of her neck, her Amazonian physique barely being contained by the combat armor she wore.

“Alright then we’ll for now I would tell you to, go about your business. And if or when plasma and lasers start firing hide somewhere, it’s best not to die in this situation.”

"O-okay." She said as she resumed her patrol, doing her best to remain calm as she continued down the hall.

“Alright Titania the turrets are off line, now I need you to tell me your location so I can work on the cameras.”


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Part 6

“And so I can pop any security that might be getting close to you.”

"I'm invis-" She started before she got really quiet. After a moment or two, she whispered, "I'm invisible, and I'm well out of your range, Revy. Focus on yourselves and let you know of any patrols ahead that the cameras aren't picking up. So far, you're clear."

"Right well then if you don’t need help then I’m gonna start working on getting our pay check." Cabot started hacking into the payrolls to see how much the hospital was making.

"You mean the offshore accounts that my sister has? Go ahead." Titania whispered back.

The hospital made the normal amount; only a couple hundred thousand credits to its name in their savings, while they made a few grand every standard Earth year. If there was hidden money, this was not where they wouldn't get much of a payday from.

"Well that's good to know, sounds like it's gonna take me a while to get to your sister account so I’m gonna be off the radio for a while." Blisk how are you doing?"

"I'm being board, I would rather go into the building guns blazing but I’m stuck doing this."

"Quit your bitching." Titania scolded lightly. "You got another security patrol heading your way. Looks more serious than the Shinso; Power armor, plasma weaponry, a couple floating security drones... they also look relaxed, so you could ambush them..."

“I got your back Cabot hay Blisk maybe you can get some of those drones to help us out.”

“Ugh fine I’ll be up soon Cabot I recommend hiding before they spot you.”

“Already on it, I’ll hopefully be able to take them down quietly.”

The powered armored duo reached them roughly about five minutes later, weapons at the ready. Stomping by to where a burn mark lay on the ground, right where Titania had executed the first of the Shinso. They both paused and looked around, seemingly on edge.

Suddenly the two drone got shot at which caused the two to look were the shots came from, this allowed Cabot to stand the back of the second guards neck. Cabot then grabbed his pistol and shot his head.”

The remaining guard immediately lifted his plasma weapon and fired at Cabot, as he fumbled for his external radio to alert the others.

He was then shot in the back twice by Revy and went face first into the ground,Cabot then walked to the guard and took his weapon.” Man today is not your day buddy.” He then shot the guard in the neck and took his helmet.

"I assume you got the patrol?" Titania asked, audible sounds of people in the background.

“Yea there taken care of, even took one of their helmets, hopefully once Blisk gets up here we can get some drones on our side.”

"Good. Proceed with caution then. And be careful."

After a few minutes Blisk showed up and looked at the dead guards.” You know I’m meant for assaults bring and mass destruction right, not fixing drones.”

“Look big man this is you expanding your horizons, besides I’m sure you learned how to tinker thing during your bounty hunting.”

Blisk sighed and got to work on the drones.

To fix the drones from the damage they sustained, he had to sacrifice one of them to fix the other. Within a few minutes, he had one of them up and running. It beeped at him as it seemingly stared at him. It's portable laser gun powering on the same time it did.

“Hay come on now be a good little drone play nice, otherwise your gonna be joking your friend.” Blisk said to the drone.

The drone instead spun in a circle, beeping a couple more times at him. The gun moved side to side, up and down as if it were calibrating itself. Once it was in an upright position, it beeped once more and stayed still.

“Hum I think we’re good here, little thing just need some adjusting. Alright then little guy I need you to go back on patrol, think you could scan the upper floors?” Blisk asked.

It beeped at him again and flew away, presumably to do its task.

"Make a new friend, Blisk?" Titania asked, as the drone flew into get and then past her.

“Ou be quiet got me using skills I haven’t used in I don’t know how many years, you had better be near the target before I start losing it.”

"Geez, Puppy... calm down. Sneaking around guard patrols, and drones with infrared sensors, as well as a Big Kotavorg that's been tracking ne for a minute or two isn't easy to do let alone fast." She whispered, a low gutteral growl that was audible throughout her words.

“Yea well I’m starting to get just a tad bit restless so can you. What was that about a Kotavorg tracking you?”

Her audio didn't consist of her talking but loud growls and demands of where 'the morsel' was. The audio cut out and left the team in the dark as to what was happening with Titania. However, the drone returned beeping as it hovered low enough for him to grab.

“You had better have good news drone what has happened to my bond mate?!”

It beeped at him, and merely displayed a holographic view of what it had scene, noting seven people and many more drones, not quite understanding the command.

“Alright then lets try this again drone, is did you find any hostile sin your patrols?”

It beeped and the whole map where turned nearly red as various traps, personnel, and drones highlighted the danger.

The sounds of ragged breath filled their comms, although it was staticky and cut off in sections. "Fucking... bastard... I-... chew toy... How do... sword up your ass?"

“We’re is that static’s coming from which level!?” Blisk said I’m a panic.

Drone tilted upside down, again not comprehending the question. Titania's voice faded over comms leaving them with their original mission: get her friend out.

“That’s it I’m going hunting and try the coms again, if she doesn’t answer or I get someone else I’m going to start shooting. Cabot make sure you take as much money as possible from this damn bitch.”

“Can do boss man, and leave the drone with me I could use it to tell of security is getting close to me ore not.”

“Fine Revy I’m gonna need you to keep your eyes on me got it?”

“Sure boss man.” Blisk left the room and stared looking for Titania.

He didn't find her initially; true to her word, she wasn't nearby to them. She was further afield and after avoiding several patrols, he made it to the other end of the hospital with a door that was ajar. However, it was the very faint and covered up smell of blood that drew Blisk's attention, as if hinting more laid behind the door.

“That doesn’t smell very good, I shouldn’t be able to smell blood out in the open normally there more contained.” Blisk pulled out his pistol and put a suppressor on it and entered the room.

The first thing that greeted his eyes was a Kotavorg two or three times bigger than himself that had been severely cut with a laser sword. Said sword was poking out of his mouth, but that was hardly the only improperly thing about him. After all, he was holding one of Titania's arms.

The foxgirl was further into the room, laid up against one of the unused beds. There was a small puddle of blood next to her left arm- or where her left arm should've been. The tail that normally would've been behind her was also missing, more than likely due to the same dead Kotavorg. "Hey... so I know you said to be careful..." She started before coughs racked through her.

She could hear the near farel breathing coming from Blisk as well as seeing his hole body shacking with anger.” I am gonna kill everyone in this building, I don’t care who it is.” She could hear his voice go from anger to sobbing.” Look at you my love your arm and your tail, damn it this is why you should have brought me with you!”

"Stop... worrying... I'm... fine." She said slowly, almost stumbling as she got up. Her armor was dented and it was clear it had deflected laser fire. Shr almost appeared to be in a daze and probably was. She kept moving the sparking remains of her arm as if trying to pat his shoulder. Briefly glancing at it when her arm wouldn't move. "Just... hurt... and tired."

“Your missing a fucking limb and your tail has been ripped off!” He shouted” Look at you you lost so much blood, what is wrong with you why didn’t you fall back to where we were? Or at least ran to me so this wouldn’t happen.” She could hear him sobbing in his helmet.

"Because... I... was... cornered." She looked around the room and stumbled her way towards a medical cabinet. Opening it up, she searched until she found a needle and a bottle. Pushing the needle into the bottle and raising the plunger revealed a almost pink-ish liquid. She laid it on the counter and struggled to take off her helmet. "Inject... into my... neck."

“Why do you even know what this does to you, for all you know this could kill you.”

"Do... do it. B-before... I... pass out. Again." She murmured, her arm finally getting her helmet off. Her face was battered and minor cuts adorned her face. Her mechanical eye was ankle typ focus on him while her organic over was swollen shut.