The Starstream Adventures! (Sci-fi RP)


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Part 7

“Damn it you better survive whatever this does to you, because if you don’t I’m killing your sister slowly.” He said injecting the liquid into her, he hope that the threat will modivate her.

She cried out in pain as she crumpled to the ground, twitching as she tried to hold her sobs in. Her eyes were closed tightly shut as she twitched as if to ward off the pain.

Blisk held onto her only hand and wrapped some of the sheets around her mouth to muffle her mouth." Come on Titania you need to stay alive for me and you need to get your friend back."

After a minute, her muffled sobs began to fade. She slowly stood up with some help and grabbed her helmet. "Poisons are just medicines that people use wrong. I use something that deadened the pain receptors in my head... but we only got an hour before I probably get knocked into a coma from all of the pain coming back." She said softly, skipping her helmet on.

“That’s good because I’m done sneaking around, I’m pissed and I need a good killing spree.”

"Do you really want to fight when I'm this fucked up?" She asked, retrieving her blade from the corpse. Deactivating the handle and placing it on her hip, she grabbed her ripped off arm and tried her best to strap it onto her side.

“Yes because you’re this fucked up, normally when you’re like this I only see the aftermath. But now that I see you like this, do you really expect me to keep a cool head during this?”

"Yes. Yes, I do. Because if you rush into battle and get yourself killed, what happens to me? Do you think I could fight off legions of grunts with one arm and a body that's barely functioning?" Titania rested her hand on his shoulder. "I get you're angry and I'm not asking you to calm down. I'm asking, for once, for you to protect me."

She could see the man shaking in rage.” Fine I will keep calm and not go on a bloody rampage, and kill all that I see. But still what about you what can you do?”

"I can still kill from the shadows. We'll proceed to her last known coordinates, and then we can grab her and go."

“Fine let’s just hurry this up and get you home. Hay Revy have you finally moved to a better position?”

“Yep I got eyes on you, god what happened to Titania?”

“Don’t worry about it, just get ready to back us up if nessary.” Blisk then grabbed Titania tail and handed it to her.

Titania didn't take it as blue flames encompassed her hand. "I... also should say that Kotavorgs are good at jogging memories. All of them, to be precise." She clicked within her helmet to switch frequencies. "I was mauled by a 'hungry kotavorg' who thought I smelled delicious. He didn't know that a laser sword is quite effective at turning him into a kebab."

Blisk looked down to see that there was fire coming out of her hands.” Titania do you... Ugh you’re hands on fire, you might wanna do something about that before we continue.”

"Don't worry. The fire is another tool I can use. Like I said, 'Kotavorgs are very good at jogging memories'." The flames extinguished immediately as she lowered her hand.

“ Jogging memories... Titania do you remember the great hunt, or even going to my planet?”

"Not now. We need to grab her before I blackout, and when I wake up Blisk, I'll give you my answer." Titania replied, tapping the stealth module she had to render her mostly invisible. She started away with confident urgent steps as she tried to navigate to her sister's room.

“ Ugh fine hay Cabot how’s the hacking going?”

“Ou it’s getting there there’s just one more fire wall then will be swimming in money, but hay I’ve been listening in are you ok!”

“No I’m not but I’ll handle it later for now continue hacking that off shore site.” Blisk left the room and tried desperately not to shoot those around him.

With Titania's help Blisk found it far easier to get around the various enemies that were littered around; patrols checked out mysterious sounds and would leave in time for Blisk to walk past while drones would shut down and be warm to the touch as if they overheated.

Eventually, after several twists and turns they arrived at a heavily guarded door, though the guards were more charcoal than they were people at this point. "Ready?" She asked softly, her head tilted to look at him.

“Do I finally get to kill something, please tell me that I finally get to fight.” Blisk said almost like his mind was somewhere else, and he was on the verge of being rabid.

"You do. Because there are thirty-five people inside, you have a chance to kill seventeen of them, though I'd ask you to at least spare a few. We're not here to kill them after all, just to grab my sister." Titania clicked to turn her frequency to the group wide variant. "Have you secured the package, you two?"

“Yep got the rebreather for you, you should also see a shit tone of money in your account now.” Cabot said over the radio.

"Good. Leave with our target out of the window- I'd suggest sealing the door unless you want to suck out actual sick people alongside guards- and our mutual friend going by Pegasus should pick you up." Titania responded before clicking. "Blisk, you should probably get ready for heavy automatic laser fire... because you'll need to go in first."

Blisk used his eye augmentation to look into the room, and saw that most hade their backs turned except the two guards that were by the door. Blisk went to one of the walls, and used his armor to punch a hole in the walls and wrap his arm around one of the guard’s neck and pull him through. The guard next to him was stunned which allowed Blisk to fire at him with his pistol.

All hell seemed to break loose as the shot was fired and the bodies discovered; several guards started tossing down beds, bookshelves, or ripping counter off to use them as makeshift cover. Some rushed out to fight the intruder’s laser swords or smgs at the ready. And one panicky Guad tried to toss a plasma grenade, only for flames to block it and cause it melt the wall.

Titania, took on several of the rushing guards, her blade slashing out knees, elbows and taking the occasional head. However, this was obviously not enough as a laser SMG was fired repeatedly into her chest, making a whole straight through. The foxgirl slashed quickly, taking his arm off in one swoop before she was forced to kneel onto the ground.

Blisk used his thrusters to get close to one of them and knocking the gun out of one of there hands and used them as a meat shield, as he used his pistol to fire at some of the guards near Titania. He then put a grenade down the guard’s shirt and kicked him into a group of guards." You stay away from my damn woman!"

The explosion sent several limbs and body parts flying over former comrades.

Titania stood up slowly, before s hbk e looked at a pocket of guards. "Fire to Cinders, Ashes to Dust... it's about time for you all to combust. Ash Blaze!" The aforementioned ash seemed to materialize, and was quite numerous. Whatever it touched burst into flames; those unarmored lasted for around thirty seconds, the unfortunate guards who wore armor screamed as the metal melted into their skins, essentially cocooning them.

The ash seemed to avoid several people before it disappeared into the ether: Blisk was untouched as was Titania herself and her sister... alongside several guards who had gotten close to her. The biggest and toughest looking one, a Quin, stood up and proceeded to leap with machine-like grace towards Titania, depositing a hefty blow from a massive hammer into her side, flinging her towards Blisk as essentially a missile.

Blisk caught Titania and used his thrusters to slow them both down until he stopped completely.” Titania are you alright?!”He said in a panic

"Time... is u-up... D-don't... kill... her..." She managed to wheeze out, her body's frailty finally reaching a tipping point as she slipped into unconsciousness and almost slipped out of her mortal coil as well, her breaths almost slowing down to nothing.

Blisk held Titania and a great anger came over him.” You hurt my Bond mate!” Blisk used his thrusters to charge after the Kotavorg that hit her and tackle him to the ground and started raining down punches.


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Part 8

"She wasn't much of one if she was this weak!" The man said, grappling with Blisk as he sought to bite into his neck.

A couple guards of the remaining four aimed their weapons down at the both of them, while a brown-haired woman with cold calculating eyes moved away towards the vents with the other pair of guards.

Blisk quickly shoved his knife into the mans neck and then head butted him, he quickly pulled out his rifle and started shooting the big Kotavorg.”Cabot Revy were The hell are you two!” He said in his speakers while being shot at him.

“We’re working on it just give us a few more minutes, trust me this is something you don’t wanna rush.”

An alarm sprang into action as the last two began to alternate between firing and tossing plasma grenades at Blisk, while Titania's sister slipped into the vents with her remaining guards.

“Ou your not going any were you damn bitch.” Blisk tossed the Kotavorg corpse on top of the grenade and tossed his knife at the last guards head, when the explosion went off Blisk ran for Titania body and picked her up as well as his knife and ran after her sister.

As he entered the vents, he found them incredibly cramped and exceedingly hard to move through, more than likely due to the person he was dragging through. As if his problems weren't enough, a display of data from Titania's helmet sent him a warning: all remaining guards and drones were heading his way to dispatch him. They'd reach him in the next five minutes if he stayed put.

“Damn it why do i have to care for you woman.” He shouted as he put Titania in front of him, he then used his flamethrower on the area behind him. He then slowly started heating up the metal around him, his hope was to make the metal behind him that the guards wouldn’t fallowe him the drones he can mostly handle. He continued to push Titania forward and burning the area behind him.

It proved effective as the guards shouted for him to stop and the melted metal prevented the drones from actually entering, their chassis getting stuck on a sharp metal bit, or were encased by molten metal.

“Huh that ended up being more effective then I thought.” He continued to down the vents he heard an explosion back were he was.

“Blisk our job is done we got the body, man no wonder Titania wanted them back. We put the breather on them and Cabot will circle around we’re are you at?”

“I’m after my bond mate bitch sister, or my soon to be sister-in-law.”

“Ou well you have fun with that.”

“Ou I will.” He turned off his come and continued down the vents.

As he neared a corner a young Cartus man, maybe eighteen or seventeen years of age fired a scatter plasma gun. "S-stop! Y-you can't come further... p-please?" The kid tried to put on a commanding voice, but Blisk could smell the piss and fear the young man had.

“Get out of my way boy, I can smell that you have pissed yourself and I understand why first time seeing a Kotavorg in action?”

"Uhm... y-yeah... uh, sir... “The Cartus stammered, his gun still at the ready. "U-um... could you please stay away?"

“Look boy I’m not gonna hurt you if you just get out of my way, do that and nothing will happen to you. But even if you try and fight me I promise not to kill you you’re far too young for death.”

"I-I'm sorry, s-sir... b-but you can't pass." He tried again, putting on a brave face.

“Boy if you don’t move I’m gonna shoot you, and then eat you while you’re still alive and awake is that what you want? Because if not then get out of my way!”

The young man let out a shriek of terror, firing wildly and very inaccurately in the enclosed space as he crawled backwards to get away from Blisk.

Blisk covered Titania head and body as the Cartus fired shots that ricocheted around the vents, he then pulled out his pistol and fired it into the young Cartus shoulder.

The young man cried out and dropped his gun to hold his shoulder, only realizing his mistake after he had done so. "N-no..."

“Get out of my way less I eat you alive!” Blisk yelled at the young Cartus.”

The young man curled into a ball, not at all believing he would be spared, but doing his best to keep himself safe. He squished himself against the wall to give Blisk room to pass.

Blisk shoved Titania in front of him going past the kid.” Ou and boy you might wanna find a different carrier path, you might live longer.” He said going past the young man.

He stared at Titania and how wounded she was. He seemed to mentally debate with himself. He gave a sigh as he said,
"Thanks... but y-you'll get killed. They fell back to the panic room. There are... lots of combat d-droids, and a laser minigun or two. They were hoping you'd k-kill me and walk b-blindly in." He shook his head before he looked at Titania. "She'll d-die if you bring her there."

“No she won’t, I do have back up and don’t worry about me. You on the other hand should get going, I might not have killed you but your boss might.”

The young man nodded but stayed still. "You, uh... blocked the way back, so I can't get out. I... have to wait for you to deal with my b-boss..." he whispered, shrinking back still.

“Right ok just keep your head down.” Blisk continued his way past the kid, but after hearing his warning he decided to call Cabot and Revy and showed them his location. He finally made it to the end of the vents were he kicked the door down.

There were twenty droids with their guns aimed at him, the remaining organic bodyguard with an energy barrier slash sword combo, and Titania's sister who wore a fur coat that accentuated her dark hair. She did look beautiful but something was off about her face, as if something had happened to it.

"Welcome, Blisk. Wow... Titania sure picked a good looking guy to be my brother in law." She gave him a warm smile. "Could I ask you to please return my money and leave? I'd rather not get into a fight with you."

Her last organic guard was hidden underneath a layer of power armor, but what race he was was a mystery. The only thing about him was his size and the faint orange glow coming from his visor.

“I’m going with no, and I’m gonna rip you apart. Be thankful that my wife doesn’t want me to kill you, because if it were up to me I rip off your arms and your legs. Then I would start eating you alive, but I have to make due with some torture and taking a limb.” Blisk put Titania back in the vent to keep her safe.

She frowned as she saw Titania's state, but didn't acknowledge it further. "Well, that's just rude. I haven't done anything to you personally. Well, besides from keeping Titania on a leash. But if you must fight me, please engage the combat droids first. It'll let me see if the supplier is one I should use in the future." She tilted her head, giving a smile. "Engage target. Do not kill."

The droids began to open fire at Blisk, most equipped with laser LMGs, a few had assault rifle variants instead.

He quickly went to cover and fired at the more heavy built Drones, taking out a few. He then used his flamethrower to try and burn some of them as well.

Only one of them started to melt and essentially became a decoration as the gun it held melted enough to cease working. Most of the droids in response started to spray his cover with a vast amount of lasers to give about four droids the ability to flank and presumably incapacitate him.

He saw the droids coming after him and used his flamethrower on the droids but not before taking a few shots, He remembered that he did take his shotgun back off Titania. He then decided to put his rifle back and pull the weapon off one of the Drones, and rushed after the others. He held his shotgun in one and the laser rifle in the other shooting at many drones as he could.

The drones rushed him as it was the best chance to take him down alive. Their metal frames lined around his body as if their broken bodies were submitting to his might.

"Bravo! I expected you to win, but I didn't think you'd make such a show of it, Blisk!" She beamed at him with no malice hiding behind it. Her smile saddened. "I suppose we must now engage in a brawl then?"

Blisk said nothing but he put his rifle and shot gun away, he then started to fire his pistol at the woman.

Her hand whipped forward as if to stop the bullet, only to have the bullet sliced down the middle and miss her. Her hand had become a blade and she tilted her head at him. "Oh, Blisk... I'm not defenseless. I had to be strong enough to not kill my sister if she rebelled against me." She said softly as her body became leaner, and armor appeared around her vitals, seemingly made from herself or rather from her cybernetics. "You better hope you don't lose against me, Blisk... after all, I've never had a Kotavorg Thrall before..." She started to dash away as her other arm formed into an assault rifle, which promptly began firing.

He quickly used his thrusters to jump back into cover whit firing at her." I just had to marry into a weird fucking family huh." He reloaded his weapons, and pulled out his riffle and started firing at her legs trying to hopefully slow her down.

She started to dance around his shots, a grin on her face. "Why, that's rather rude. You're not even married into the family, you're just fucking my sister." She replied as her eyes glowed red; a wave of fire rushing Blisk from behind in an attempt to force him out of cover into her shots.

He jumped out of cover and pulled out his shotgun, and started charging the woman.” Just shut up and die already.” He said bull rushing her.

She danced back again, away from the blast doors and towards a side of the room. "Gods, do always sound like some cheap holoflick villain?" She asked, firing a few shot at him as the wall of fire rushed after him.


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Part 9

Blisk ran into the fire, thanks to his armor and the bulk of it it didn’t milt around him. He then pulled out a flash grenade and tossed it at the woman, and thanks to his eye augmentation the flash didn’t blind him.

She tried her best to shield her eyes; the mechanical orbs offering some protection against the flash, but when she looked up, her vision became blurry. The wall of flames moved to buy her time, speeding towards Titania's body. "That's really fucking annoying!"

Blisk quickly tackled her to the ground an slammed his knife through her hand into the ground, He then steeped on her head and tried to quickly make his way to the vents and Titania. He jumped on a rail and used his thrusters to launch himself to the Vents were he used his body as a shield to block the air ways.

The flames licked at his flesh, charring some of it black. As he endured the brunt of the attack, he could see the woman ripping the knife out with some sparks flying as a result. "Fucking asshole." She growled at him before Blisk heard the sounds of the blast doors opening and closing. Leaving the room in silence.

“That can’t be good. Cabot you guys still there?”

“We’re waiting on you, were the hell are you!”

“Dealing with my sister in law, I’ll be with you soon. Well shit if that’s not my backup I might be in trouble.”

When he looked back into the room, the flames were gone, as was the sister. In their place was one droid. It was bigger than the others standing at eight feet tall. It held a ,assive hammer in each hand and walked slowly towards him, but Blisk could tell it was being cautious. "Submit." It projected, its voice easily heard through out the room.

“Ou god damn it it’s always something, Titania your lucky I love you because if I didn’t I would have been left your body.” Blisk reloaded his flamethrower and ejected the empty fuel for his thrusters.” Make me you damn bot!”

The bot nodded, raising its hammers... before promptly walking backwards out of the blast doors. Said doors shut and there was an audible beep.

“That’s never a good sign.” Blisk then quickly ran towards the vents, once he went to cover Titania body from whatever was about to happen.

As he braced for the unexpected and whatever horrible trap was in store for him, time merely passed. Nothing happened to him or his surroundings.

“Ou you’ve got to be kidding me, that’s it.” Blisk got on his coms.” Cabot Revy get your asses down here, I need the help.”

“Right you still in the same place?”


“Fine I’ll bring Revy around, shouldn’t take long.” Hay pilot change of plans does this ship have weapons?”

The comms buzzed to life as a female voice gave a cute-sounding laugh. "Freighters don't usually have weapons that could pierce anything besides a low-grade fighter. What do you need my guns for?"

“Think you can blow off a certain part of the walls we’re are friends are?”

"Okay, first: I don't know where you are. Second, If I fire at the station, they'll shoot back and I'm screwed. Third, if I blow a hole in a hallway and not a sealed room, everybody in that hospital will die because they won't be able to breathe." The woman replied back, sounding rather annoyed.

“God damn it sorry Blisk sounds like we can’t help you, on this.”

“Well if that ship has thermals you should see an area lit up.” He said getting Titania body.” Look just keep the engines hot for me alright.”

“No hay pilot think you can land on the roof?” Revy asked.

"We're in space, so there aren't any roofs... but yes, I can. Keep in mind that the moment I do so, I'll have very little time to stay." The woman replied, her voice almost cutting out.

"That works for me just get me close enough so I can get to the vents, Blisk don't worry i'm coming for you."

"Thanks Revy." Bliks took Titania out of the vents and looked at her." Titania are you still breathing?" he put his two fingers on her neck to check her pulse.

He felt her pulse beating against his fingers, though the fact she even had one to begin with was impressive.

"I have no idea how you'll deal with the void of space, but okay..." Came the staticky response.

As the ship started to go around the hospital, Revy jumped out of the ship and tried to float her way onto the the nearest vent to hope into.

Blisk picked up Titania and went towards the blast doors, and used his armor augmentation and punched the door several times to open the door. He pick Titania back up and walked through the hospital trying to find her sister.

As soon as he exited the blast doors, a hammer almost claimed his head. The robot swung again, this time aiming for Titania's body and for Blisk's side. "Submit."

Blisk quickly regained his composure and his eyes started twitching.” You got some fucking nerve attacking me, while I’m carrying your maker’s sister.”

"Submit." The droid responded before swinging its hammers with ridiculous speed. It was obvious it wasn't sentient enough to care.

Blisk lunges forward to avoid the hammer, he then quickly put Titania down and pulled out his pistol. He fired several rounds into the bot, but it showed no damage.

"Submit." It repeated, continuing its vicious assault to render him incapable.

Titania stirred in his arms, her grip weak as she tried to cling tighter to him. "Blisk..."

Blisk didn’t hear her, as he pulled out his rifle and loaded armor piercing rounds. And started shootings at the boy again, he felt a small nudge on his leg and looked down.” Titania... your awake.”

She coughed, shaking profusely as she looked around. She went still within a few more moments, blacking out once more.

The robot moved towards him fast, the slight wobble of its leg the only indication it had been damaged. It raised its hammers high to strike; it seemed that this blow would decide the victor.

The door to the vents then landed on the robot head and out came a female Kotavorg.” Well looks like I just joined the party when it was getting good.” Revy fired several shots into the robot chest .” Hay Blisk you good?”

He was shacking Titania, but she was passed out again. His eyes twitched and fired into the robots arm, hoping to damage it.

Without the graceful movements, the shot connected leaving a hole in the metal limb. "" It garbled as it ran out of power.

"So, hey, looks like there is a hangar bay for the hospital: and there seems to be some kind of craft that's making its preparations to leave. Thought you might wanna know."

“Get in its way or ram it I don’t care anymore.” Blisk picked up Titania again and both him and Revy made there way to the hanger bay.

"You're paying for any and all damages." The pilot grumbled as she went to block the ship from taking off.

"Don't worry we have plenty of money from this job, we will pay. Just try and not to get us to bang up alright pilot." Cabot suggested.

"'Try' is a very optimistic word..." She muttered, as a fighter scraped by the side of the freighter. "Gods above and below!" She cried out as she tried to regain composure and check the ship for damages. She pointed at Cabot. "Get your ass to the engines and tell me what you see."

“Right hopefully there isn’t to much damage.” Cabot left the pilot area and made his way to the engine.” Well for now your engine are good, though taking another his and will be in trouble. I’ll try and keep the engines good and you know not explode, hopefully Blisk and Revy will help out with that damn woman.”

As Blisk and Revy made it into the hangar room, a familiar cyborg was in a cockpit of an inconspicuous freighter, trying desperately to get it ready to take off.

"Revy take Titania, i'm going after that damn bitch."

"Fine but you better come back, I don't wanna explain to her that you died doing this stupid shit." Revy took Titania and ran towards there ship, while Blisk ran for her sister and used his thrusters to jump near the window.

"You thought I was gonna let you escape you stupid bitch!" He yelled while pulling out his shotgun and shooting at the window.

The glass ripped through her artificial skin to reveal the metal behind it as she growled again, raising her arm to fire back at him. "Gods, you've really got a boner for me, don't you, Kotavorg?" Her eyes flashed red as fire began to fly at him, threatening to burn and potentially melt him if he got hit with too many.

Blisk used his flamethrower to help minagate some of the fire but jumped back out the window to avoid the rest. He then switched to automatic on his shotgun and fired several shots at her.

She had to duck down to avoid the shots, yet a few pellets still grazed the back of her head. She fired back a few times as she continued to attempt to get the freighter powered up. The engines gave a soft noise as they started up. "Just let me leave, Blisk! You've already taken my money and my sister; what else do you want?!"

There was silence for a few seconds, Blisk reentered the ship but his weapon were on his back.” I want answers, what in the hell are both you and your sister!”

She blinked a few times then raised an eyebrow. "My name's Angelica and I am a cyberized Dondondari, if, yakow, the ears didn't give it way. That's Titania, a gene-modded Dondondari." She gave an exasperated sigh. "What exactly do you want to know about either of us?"

“Don’t you fucking smart ass me, Titania and you have some sort of fire ability. And last I checked Titania is not a red psi on, and you said you never had a Kotavorg thrall.” Blisk pulled out his rifle.” So ether you start explaining, or I start shooting. Or better yet I’ll rip off all your damn limbs, and throw you into space!”


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Part 10

"You could try..." She growled before shaking her head. "I am a red psion. I don't know how TItania can use pyrokinesis, so can't help you there. As for the Thrall comment, I was trying to get under your skin. Apparently I didn't need to, given how paranoid you are." Her eyes glowed red as a wisp of flame appeared in her hand. "Now do you mind lowering the gun or are we going to kill each other and deprive your girlfriend of two family members?"

Blisk didn’t say anything but he went out the window again, however he did toss something into the room. When Angelica looked down it was another flash gernade.

"Oh for fuck-" She started before the flash semi-blinded her again. The ship took off, sealing the cockpit in a self-preservation mode.

Blisk jumped down off the ship and landed on his allies, and he opened the cockpit and went inside.” Hay pilot that’s it, let the damn woman go.”

"I couldn't pursue her even if I wanted to, Blisk. This thing's built for endurance, not speed." The pilot just gave him an apologetic smile before leaning back into her seat. "Is everyone onboard?"

“Yea I think we are, but our girl here doesn’t look so good. Stars Blisk what happened to her?” Revy asked.

“One of our own did this to her.” Blisk took Titania in his arms.” I’ll keep her company and look after her, call if you need me.” He said going into one of the rooms.


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The fallowing was done by Dhalexpert&Zombiesplitter53

The pirates paradise, and a redeemed killer

Three months had passed since Solex attack on the GFP system and the removal of two and four, there system is not what it used to be. Pirates attack Daly their economy near ruin, and slavers taking colony’s. Because the AI for ground troops and aerospace were taken the GFP response has been slowed, bounty hunters and the Norscans do what they can but they can’t be everywhere. The GFP systems are near ruined.

On the pirate side, many former GFP solder and pirates have joined Solex side. He’s been nearly untouchable since getting two and four, his mechs seem unstoppable along with his fleet.

Emile after his promotion to captain and getting his own ship, has been on the front dealing with the Norscans and bounty hunters. But over the past few months he gained the trust of Bethany servant and also convicted Ravio to give back the other on, after find her another host. The new captain returned to the pirate fleet we’re he sat on couch.” Ugh it’s been a long few weeks.”

Bethany stepped up behind him, slowly rubbing his shoulder. She had a fairly noticeable round belly now. "Poor Emile. Maybe he's pushing you too hard."

Emile started to relax and enjoyed Bethany rubbing his shoulders.” No it’s just that the Norscans and bounty hunters are becoming annoying, but it’s being handled by other pirates. Also leadership is a lot harder than I thought.” He then started rubbing her stomach.” How’s the baby?”

"They're doing well," she said with a grin. "I found out what they are. Do you want to know or do you want it to be a surprise?”

“Well I might not live long enough to see them, so I’ll take the news what are they gonna be?”

Bethany gave him a sour look. "A boy. But don't talk like that. You'll be just fine."

“A son I’m having a son, well then I’ll be sure to be there for him for both of you.” He said kissing her hand.” Now how are your two servants doing?”

"They're doing a lot better actually." Bethany smiled again. "Would you like to see them?"

“Sure, as much as I would hate to get up from Your great shoulder rubbing though. I don’t mind just to make sure there ok.”

Bethany stepped away and opened a side down. "Gina? Minda? Come in here and see Emile." The pair of Cartus did as they were told, loyally stepping into the room and bowing their heads respectfully.

Emile just smiled and looked at the two.” You know from a guy that grew up with nothing this is nice.” Emile got up and rubbed both of there heads.” So how are you two doing?”

"We're better," said Gina happily.

"Thanks to you," Minda agreed. She rubbed her arm. "It was... hard..."

“I know it was hard for all three of you, but there is some news for you. The impossible seems to have happened months ago, I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. But Roberta is in prison.”

Bethany's eyes widened in surprise. "What? H... h-how?"

“Well apparently there were a bunch of bounty hunters that found out were she lived, and caught her during her Tamarin time of the month. Which means they fought her without her powers, if she had them it probably would have been another day to her.”

"What happened to the children?" Bathany asked.

“I don’t know what happened to them, but I can Garnett that they probably don’t wanna come back here. I’m surprised that you not jumping for joy that Roberta got captured.”

Bethany slicked down onto the couch. "I'm just... in shock. I didn't think it was possible..."

“It’s not supposed to be, something doesn’t add up to how she was captured and hunted. But she’s no longer with us so I’m not supposed to care, but this was my friend for many years and we talked about a week ago.”

Bethany narrowed her eyes. "You two have been talking so recently?"

“Don’t get angry I was curious as to how she was captured, I saw that she was labeled in prisoned and I talked to her on how it happened nothing more and nothing less.”

Bethany sighed and nodded. "Okay. You know it isn't you I don't trust. It's her. But now that is all over. She's in prison and I doubt she'll ever be freed."

“Yep and your lovely partner here kind need to do a few more raids, and hopefully have enough money for us to go anywhere.”

Bethany smiled. "Where would you like to go to, dear?"

“Maybe a well-established colony in the frontier, some place far far far away from the GFP and Norscans.” Emile then started to hold her belly.” Some place we can raise our children in peace, and you not having to worry about anything but raising our kids and making love to me.” He said gently kissing her.

Her smile faded a bit. "Would Solex just... let us go?"

“Doubtful but I’m working on it, will be just fine.”
He then looked at the two Cartus.” You know I could always them pregnant to, have my own big giant.”

"Oh?" Bethany grinned. "Most woman would be jealous to hear something like that."

“What you think I wouldn’t give you the most attention, I’ve given you so much and you are giving me a son and the opportunity to be a father. And besides you saying I’m not good enough for your servants?”

Bethany nudged him with her elbow. "Relax. You can have your fun. Just as long as I am number one."

“Well then I hope I can please those two Cartus of yours, well ours but speaking of two.” Emile sighed.” Hay two and four you two still around?”

The two girls materialized in the room, flickering slightly. "Ya need to replace the holoprojectors in this room," Two said, crossing her arms. "What's up?"

“I’m jus making sure you two are fine, I’m sure not many care about you outside the engineers myself Mei and of course Solex. You two enjoying stretching your legs in a actual war?”

"It's nice to be appreciated," Four said softly.

Two nodded. "Back with the GFP, everyone treated us like ticking time bombs. Didn't help they had to keep us so secret. And then there was the ever looming threat of being deleted if we stepped out of line even a little bit. I don't miss having Zero breathing down our necks."

“Well then that’s great to hear that you’re enjoying your freedom, after all everyone you don’t truly appreciate freedom if you had an easy life.”


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Part 2

They all nodded in agreement, even the cartus. "So." Two put her hands behind her head. "What is Solex fighting for? Besides chaos for the sake of chaos. Power? Fame?"

Emile stopped smiling and looked down.” That’s hard to say, if I wanna guess he wants to finish what his kind started so many years ago and that destroying the Norscans. That or at least destroy most of there systems, have you noticed that we mostly go after them and the GFP only if there around?”

"Is he... that angry at the universe?" Four asked.

“When a man loses something he cares about, and he knows who did it he will try and do anything to make whatever it is that did him wrong pay. So yes he’s that angry with the universe.”

"Loses something?" Bethany leaned forward. "What did Solex lose?"

“Same thing you lost and why you wanted to kill Roberta. His family his wife and child.”

Bethany looked away sadly. "How... did it happen? That war?"

“Yea the planet his family was on was bombarded from orbit, once they pulled out there dead his family was part of the rubble. I think that was the moment Solex started nucking from orbit, toxic gas, the only reason he doesn’t do that know is because we don’t have those.”

"Thank goodness for that." Bethany shook a little. "That's scary to know he has that much hate in him."

“Yea speaking of which I should probably go check on him, and that plaything of his.” Emile shivered.” You know I’m amazed she’s still alive actually.”

Bethany folded her arms. "That's surprising. I would have thought she'd have been broken after the first day."

“Well he did pick her up because of her sprite, maybe he likes the fight. I’m gonna go and check up on them, Two four go have some fun.” Emile then rubbed the head of the two Cartus and kissed Bethany.” I’ll be back soon love.”

Solex quarters

Solex sat in his chair looking at the woman he captured, and while he did use every part of her body and just finished using her mouth he was impressed that she didn’t break.” My I have to say you are definitely the most fun I’ve had in the last century.”

She sat on the edge of his table, rubbing her sore jaw. "And I suppose that should make me feel good about being your toy?"

“Yes it should after all it’s ether dealing with me, or my horde of men. But then again by your own words you’re too useful to be tossed around like a common meat bag.”

"That's right, I am." She glared back. "If anything goes wrong with those AI, I'm the most fit to deal with it."

“And what kind of problem will they have? By the looks of it this two are enjoying themselves, funny how war changes people.”

"Yeah... funny..." She shook her head. "The choice is yours. But they have free run of all your computer systems. You need someone to watch them and check on them regularly."

“That’s why I’m not fully breaking you yet, even though Emile does also check on them, and Eddie runs most of the system for them. But I’m sure they still trust you I think when was the last time you talked to them?”

"Shortly before you stole them... and me..."

“Hum well then it’s been months since you saw them then, which means that you have no idea how much happier they are now under us.” He said smiling at the woman.

She gave him an annoyed look. "We could change that by letting me see them."

“Hum is that right that will change if they see you huh, well then I’m just.”

He then heard a loud banging at his door.” Hay boss man you doing good in there?”

“Ah my new second in command, come on in Emile.” As he entered the room he looked down at Solex pet.

“Well at least she’s attractive, sir haven’t seen you in some tine I’m happy to report that we have destroyed several Norscan ships and raided many of there supplies, the GFP is crippled and the AI are doing great.”

“Hum well now little lady looks like you two AI are doing fine.”

She looked relieved, actually smiling for a change. "That's... good to hear."

“Sir if this.” Emile looked down at the woman.” Lady was an engineering with them, it’s been four months I’m she could use the air and see two and four.”

“Hum very well Emile your in charge of her for now, it’s about time I went back to leading things again. And breaking down those damn Norscans.” As he stood up Emile realized he wasn’t wearing pants and covered his eyes.

“Sir that’s all well and good put please put on some pants, your already stronger and tougher then us let us at least pretend that we’re bigger then you in that area.”

Solex rolled his eyes and put his pants on and left his quarters.

Emile sighed and looked down at the woman.” Get up woman Time to put you to work.”

"I have a name, you know. It's Karen." She stood up and looked around for what remained of her clothes. "You could at least use it."

"Lady I couldn't give less of a damn what your name is, but fine Karen just hurry up and get dressed. Believe me I wouldn't want to deal with you ether."

She scoffed and put on her clothes, most of which was torn. "I could use something new."

Emile rolled his eyes and took off his jacket.” You can wear this for now until I get you to my quarters.”

She cautiously took it. "Thank you. Okay... I'm ready."

Emile escorted the woman out of Solex quarters and around the ship.” Just to let you know, if you run I will shoot you and probably break you leg. Though I’m sure a broken limb will be much easier then dealing with my boss and his urges, I’m sure he must be rough.”

"He is..." She looked away shamefully. "I will not run. I am no fool."

“That’s good, at least you still have some brain working in that noggin of yours.” As they made there way to his quarters he looked at Bethany.” Hay honey you have any pants for this.” He rolled his eyes. Karen to barrow?”


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Part 3

"Sure." Bethany stepped over to a dresser, going through it. "Just have to f I nd her size. Who is she?"

“This is Solex play thing, as far as I’m concerned that’s her name, she wanted to see two and four. Personally I think there fine without her.”

Bethany frowned at him. "Come now, Emile. You can be so rude sometimes. Remember, many of us can be considered his play thing."

“Hum fine Mrs Karen here could use some actual clothing, then I’ll take her down to engineering.”

Bethany smiled again and found some clothes that would fit Karen. After changing into some brown slacks and a peach collared Tee, she looked almost back to normal, save for the dark circles around her eyes. "Alright. Please, bring me to engineering."

“Humm honey enjoy the rest of your day, come on damn you.” As he walked out the room he looked back at Karen.” You know things could have been worse for you.”

"Oh, I have no doubt," she said softly, looking around as they walked. "Doesn't mean it isn't pretty miserable now, you know. Doesn't mean your boss doesn't make me wish for death..."

“Ou I’m sure he can and probably will, or he’ll toss you to the men. Ether way I don’t care what happens to you, as long as you please the boss I’m happy. Besides death is too good for GFP citizens.”

"And what is your gripe with the GFP?"

“As far as I’m concerned family dumped me in the trash, grew up in a GFP orphanage and to them I would have been another no name in the galaxy. So the GFP can shove it as far as I’m concerned.”

"That isn't the GFP's fault!" Karen insisted. "Would you rather the galaxy be ruled by pirates?"

“I was raised by pirates and mercenaries and look at me, got my own ship a beautiful wand a son. So the galaxy being run by pirates isn’t so bad especially when you don’t know all of us.”

"Well believe it or not, you destroying everything I know and your bosses treatment of me hasn't exactly left the best impression on me."

“And there are pirates that engage in trade, or act as hired mercenaries. Solex is just an aged warlord.”

"And there are plenty of GFP soldiers that protect the innocent and act justly." Karen crossed her arms. "I guess there are good and bad people on both sides."

Emile was scilent not wanting to debate the morals of the pirates and the government, the both made it to engineering were there were both mechs and pirates walking around.” Eddy you around here?”

Eddy flipped down from the rafters and smiled at Emile. "Who is this charming woman? Bethany might get jealous..."

“Well she’s not mine, she belongs to Solex this is Karen. She was formally in charge of our AI friends.”

"Oh... Solex's pet..." Eddie changed his tune quickly. "What does she want?"

“Well she wants to see her AI, apparently she think she can talk some since into them. Funny isn’t she has no idea how happy those two are.”

"Yeah, surprising how treating something with emotions, simulated or not, like they're people and not tools puts a smile on their face."

Karen narrowed her eyes. "I don't know about what others did, but I always treated them right."

“Yea well turns out those two really enjoy war, finally get to show there stuff. But let show her to them.” Emile said with distain. Hay two four come her a sec, got a visitor for you.”

The two flickered on in front of them, their eyes widening when they saw Karen. Surprisingly, they ran up to hug her, all three embracing happily.

“Huh well then wasn’t expecting that to happen, guess they do know the woman.”

Karen looked up at him and frowned. "What was all that you were saying about assuming things about people?"

“I can still shoot you smart ass, don’t be getting a big head cause your near two and four.”

Four gave him a worried look. "P-please don't shoot her, Mr. Emile. Pleeeeeeease?"

Emile looked at four and his heart milted, as he rubbed the halo projection head.” Fine I won’t shoot her, but only because of you and I don’t wanna piss off Solex.”

Two smiled. "She's adorable, isn't she? As for Karen, she was one of our chief programmers and has watched us since we were created. I guess you can say she's the closest thing to a mother we have."

“Ou well that’s not good, I might just need a word with Solex after all this is over. But she’s been treating you two well since you’ve been created?”

They nodded. "She's the only one who was bearable." Four sighed sadly. "I don't know how many times Zero would have deleted us if not for her."

"Oh..." Karen rubbed her head. "You were never in real danger. Zero is just a big grump. I'd never had let anything happen to you."

"Ugh boy this could be difficult, So in short you two like this woman. What would happen if she was hurt more specifically if we hurt her?"

Two blinked a few times. "Well, we would be unhappy, that's for sure. We wouldn't be as cooperative."

"Well then..." Karen smiled at Emile. "It's a good thing they've treated me with the utmost care, huh?"

“ Don’t get smart with me, I really am gonna have a talk with Solex after words.”

“About what exactly?” When they turned around they say Solex with his usual scowl on his face.

"About me," Karen said, almost sounding bold, but seeing him again after a short time away was enough to make her shrink down in fear.

Solex looked down at Karen but just ignored her.” Emile just got word from Mei, she recently raided another convoy of ships. But unfortunately ran into some trouble, looks like that damn robot our little buddy’s hate is back on her feet.”

The AI now gave him a worried look. "Zero?" Four asked.

“Yea sounds like they finally fixed her, which means we might need to get Roberta back.”

“Roberta, um sir it’s been months since you released her. Do you think she will want to come back?”

“Honestly I don’t know, I fully intended for Roberta to have her own life but this Zero might be a problem for the rest of you. Unless you made that mech that specializes in melee yet?”

“Still working out the kinks.”

“Then it sounds like we’re going to Telia, I’ll plot a corse should take a few days.” He said leaving the room.

“Shit” Emile said to himself.

"Do you not want this... Roberta back?" Karen asked curiously.

Eddy scratched his head. "This is gonna get complicated..."

“That’s an understatement, after what Solex did to her. I mean yeah she herself said she deserved it but, to go months without her and then bring her back.” Emile rubbed his head.” Yea this gonna be complicated, awkward, and possibly uncomfortable. That about sums it up Eddy?”

He nodded. "Plus isn't she in jail?"


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Part 4

“Yeah Ou boy this is gonna be weird, I’m gonna break the news to Bethany and Eddy see if you can get this... lady some work, it’s gonna be a long trip.” He said as he left the engineering room.

When he got back to his lodgings, Bethany was on the computer working on some code while the cartus gingerly dusted. The Shinso woman glanced back as he came in. "Back so soon? Did everything go well?"

“Yes and no, actually it’s probably a good thing you’re sitting down because I got some bad news for you.”

Bethany frowned and turned to face him. "What now? I hope Solex hasn't pushed even more work on you."

“No it’s not that, um we’re going to Telia and try and bring back Roberta.”

Bethany's eyes grew cold. "What?"

“Not my call, Mei talked to Solex and it sound like that Robot I fought and he fought is up and running again. So we’re gonna go to Telia and bring her back.”

Bethany moved her eyes over to the sisters. "Leave!" she yelled, and they rushed out of the room.

“Don’t- before he could finish the two were gone.” Now this is not my idea, I didn’t come up with this. Annnd your pregnant baby so stress is not good.” He said slowly going to the door.

"And you don't think having your old girlfriend back here might stress me out?!" Bethany snapped. "She... you... SHE...!"

“Is not my girlfriend anymore, don’t you remember she wants me to move on. You heard her message, she never thought that we would see each other again. Look Bethany you won, I’m not going back to Roberta.”

Bethany sighed and placed a hand on her belly. "Are you sure I'm not just your... plaything? A-and when she returns, you'll..."

"Ou my." Emile rolled his eyes and hugged Bethany." Bethany, if you were just my plaything I wouldn't be treating you right. I wouldn't feed you the good food you have or make you wear cloths, I wouldn't give you your servants back. I love and care for you and our son, I'm not going back to Roberta does that easy your mind?"

Bethany smiled softly and nodded. "Yes... thank you. Okay... I trust you." She looked away. "Even if I'll never trust her."

“Well I don’t need you to, who knows what Roberta mental state is after four months in prison.” Emile rubbed her stomach.” But regardless I’ll keep you both safe.”

"Thank you." Bethany placed a hand on his arm. "I trust you," she repeated.

After two day of light speed travel they made it to the planet Telia and landed in the space port. We’re Ash was there to greet them.

“Ah Solex you never visit, welcome what do you need?”

“We’re is my former second?” He said looking down at her.

Ash eye twitched.” Of course, because there’s no other reason for you to come here. I’m sorry but Roberta is not seeing anyone.”

He then started to growl.” Ash ether you take me to Roberta, or I’ll fight my way to her.” He said in a angry tone.

“Of course you would fin let’s go see her.” The four of them got into the transport, after an hour they made it to a mental hospital.

“Why is Roberta in the mad house?” Mei asked.

“Because this is we’re she’s being treated, I don’t you noticed but she’s kinda crazy. That might have worked for you but not me. Come on I’ll show you to her.” They entered the hospital, were there were few patients. At the end there was a max security door and guard around it with turrets on the ceiling.

Ash told the guards to open the door, once opened the four went in to see that Roberta cell was more like a training area then a prison, there was a gym for all sorts of training areas. No guards it was like she wasn’t in prison at all, after about five minutes of walking they saw Roberta playing with her kids.

They laughed and ran about, not a care in the world it would seem, at least until Alexander spotted the hulking Solex and fell back in fear.

“Alex what’s the matter? You’re looking pail.” When he pointed at the door she saw why.” Hum hay there’s no reason for you to be scared of him, you and your sister did stand up to him to protect me remember?”

"W-what if he's back to hurt you more, though?" Alex said. "We have nowhere to run!"

The doors opened behind her.” That’s not gonna happen, you will be fine.” She kissed his forehead and stood up.” Hello Solex, I see you brought Mei and Emile ain’t that grand.”

“Roberta I know your probably still mad at what I did to you.”

“No it had to be done I was a traitor, I needed to be punished. I’m curious as to why your here though?”

Emile looked down at the kids.” Hay you two how you been?”

"We've been okay," Jessica said. "They've been taking good care of us. And Roberta."

“That’s nice, so Roberta the reason we’re here is there is a certain robot that we need you to help fight with us.”

“Really I tell you what this isn’t the place to have this conversation, why don’t you take me back to the ship so we can speak properly.”

"Roberta..." Jessica whispered. "We're making progress. We can't... go back to them..."

“Don’t worry I’ll be fine, I’m just gonna talk with them.” She hugged them both ill be back shortly.” She went with Solex and the others and made it back to the ship.” Ah it’s good to be home, now before we handle this talk I need to do something first, Emile can you take me to your room.”

Emile eyes widened.” Um I don’t think that’s.”

“Emile let her do it, I’m sure she won’t cause that much trouble.”

He sighed.” Yes sir come on then.” Emile escorted Roberta to his room and was hesatent to open the door, when he did he saw the Cartus cleaning again.” Bethany I need you to keep your anger in check right about now.”

"I told you I'm fine," she said, looking up from her book. "As long as I don't have to see... her..." She glared at Roberta as she stepped in. "What the hell, Emile!"

“She was insistent on coming here.” When Roberta walked in the Cartus cowered behind Bethany, the sight of Roberta brought back the memory of her killing there masters in front of them came flooding back.

“Hum I see that Emile works quickly, your pretty late in your pregnancy.”

"Yeah, I'm fairly far along." Bethany rubbed the heads of her servants to try and calm them down. "Here to finish my family line off?"

Roberta looked at Bethany and her servants, then looked back at Emile. She took a big breath and sighed.” I’m sorry.”

Bethany blinked several times. "What?"

“I know I can never take back what I did to your home, your family your servants. I know I can’t bring back your mom dad and your brother, and I’m sure you want to kill me right now. But I’m well and truly sorry, and I know it doesn’t matter much but my apology is all I can give.”

Bethany stared her down for a while before looking at Emile. "This is a trick. Is this a trick? This has to be a trick..."

“Hay don’t look at me, I know nothing about this.”

“It’s not a trick, it’s not a lie and no I don’t have a knife on my tail to stab you or your kid with. I’m trying to change from being a monster playing Assassin, to something more honorable. I’m glad that you’re pregnant and having Emiles baby, that’s something I couldn’t give him. I understand if you won’t accept my apology, but I wanted to tell you those things.”

Bethany leaned back and sighed. "Well... shit. That makes this all more difficult, doesn't it?"

“Not really you can accept my apology or not, if you do then thank you for hearing me out. If not I said my peace, you can continue hating me, I wouldn’t blame you.”

Bethany let out a long sigh. "Well... I just never expected this. I... I want to keep hating you. But if you truly are sorry..."

“It’s fine if you hate me, that’s fine I’m not asking for forgiveness I just wanted to say I’m sorry. That’s it you enjoy the rest of your life.” Roberta walked towards the door and left.

"Wow..." Bethany rubbed her wrist. "That was unexpected, huh?"

“Your telling me I’ve never heard her apologize, ever I guess prison helped her out.” Um baby your gonna be fine?”

She rubbed her Cartus along the head again and smiled. "Yeah. I... actually feel really good right now."


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Part 5

"That's great to hear, um listen I’m goanna go and see what's about to happen. He kissed Bethany and left, as Roberta walked through the ship there's plenty of pirates just looking at her shocked to see their former second in command back. "Eddy are you around here?" she shouted.

"Roberta?" He swung down from the rafters and smiled as he took her hands. "You look great! It has been hard with you gone..."

Roberta was silent, but she wrapped her arms around Eddy and hugged him.

Edd's eyes shifted back and forth in surprise, but he hugged her back. "It's... really good to see you."

“Thank you Eddy it’s good to see you to, I hope you’ve be doing ok.”

"I'm doing just fine. What about you? Have you been okay since... you know? I heard they locked you up."

“I’m doing fine better then fine actually, and your two little buddies are doing fine as well.”

"Good, good! I hate to admit it, but I actually missed having them around. Even missed Alex's constant questions."

“Hum well there doing fine, but I have to go now. You continue to take care of yourself Eddy.”

"Y-yeah, of course. Just... take care of yourself, okay?"

“I will goodbye Eddy.” She let go of the late teen and stared to make her way to Solex office where she saw another woman there.” Who’s this?”

"The name's Karen," she said with a half-smile. "AI consultant and Solex's meat slave. Though I'm hoping to work my way out of that position."

“Doubtful but you can try, so what is it that you want from me Solex?”

“First off I’m sorry for what I had to do to you so many months ago.”

“ it’s fine, I helped our enemy escape I deserved the punishment. But you said you need my help with something?”

“Yes a certain AI by the name of zero, she’s currently hunting the AI we have on board.”

“Wait you have an AI on board?”

Karen nodded. "GFP AI, designed to run their most sensitive system. Your boss, or former boss, had them pulled as is out of their systems and brought here. I'm told you have been incarcerated for a while so you likely haven't been informed about the... less then perfect state the GFP has been in the last few months without them."

“Well shit the GFP is in shambles, heh my the damage that two missing AI can do to an entire government.”

“In deed but I would like to have you back Roberta, to deal with this Zero woman.”

“Is she also an AI?”

"She is." Karen ran a hand through her hair. "She was designed to be a killer, much like yourself I'm informed. Her main goal was to destroy the AI by any means necessary should they go rouge. In a way, she is still completing that purpose, trying to fight her way here by killing her way through any pirates she comes across."

“Ou great another me, but a robot. How annoying that is.”

“So you see as to why I need your help Roberta, come with us again and help me finish off the GFP.”

Roberta was quite for a minute. “No.”

Solex looked stunned.” What?”

“No I'm not coming with you.”

"Oh, wow..." Karen stepped to the side of the room. She had been here long enough to know not to stand between Solex and someone telling him no.

"What do you mean no, your not gonna help me?!" Solex started to clench his fist.

"I can't join you because i'm trying to change, I don't well i'm trying not to kill mass amount of people anymore."

"But your designed to kill mass amount of people, your a blue psion your meant for control."

"Well I got rid of most of my old augmentations and got new ones, i'm trying to be a different person. I will never be a mass killer again I will only kill those that i'm targeted to kill as well as those that defend that target."

Solex stood up and walked up to Roberta and looked down at her, and to Karen shock he patted her head.

Karen watched with wonder. She thought them a boss and underling, but she was now seeing them as closer to a father and daughter.

"Hum I remember the day I found you, you were just a rabid killer. Yes I honed your skills and made you better then you were by unleashing you on the galaxy, but i'm so proud of you finding your own way. Besides Emile could make a mech that can hopefully fight Zero.

Roberta smiled at Solex and hugged him." Thanks boss man, I'm sorry for not rejoining you and I hope you give the GFP hell."

"Hum don't worry there on there last leg will be fine."

"Great I just need to get one more thing from my old quarters and ill be going, thank you lord Solex." Roberta then left the office and Solex went back to his chair.

"Wow, you're... really okay with this?" Karen asked.

“No, but I remember when she was young and rabid, she killed anything in her way. Now to see her like this makes me proud.”

Karen nodded. "I guess there is more to even you then I thought."

“Of course there is, doesn’t mean you will see it.”

"Right, of course..." Karen sighed and shook her head. "Wanna bj or what?"

“No I would much rather be alone, go on and leave for a little while.”

Karen shrugged and left him, glad to have some space for a change.

As Roberta made her way through the ship and past the many people, she looked up to See a Cartus in front of her. When she looked down she sighed.” Hello Ravio, it’s been a while.”

The thin, young Cartus woman with flowing red hair picked up her Cubator counterpart and let out a hauty laugh. "Roberta! They said you were coming back. Is it for good? Because we so didn't get to know each other last time..."

“Let me go ahead stop you, no I’m not staying I got my own life now and I’m trying to change. I’m not the same blood thirsty person I was.”

"Oh, really?" Ravio looked skeptical. "Hun... once a crazed killer, always a crazed killer."

“I’m trying not to be that, or at the very least tone it down a lot. So what you came looking for a rematch with me or something?”

"Wouldn't mind one." Ravio curled her hair in her finger and blew a bubble of some bubblegum. "Might not get another chance if you're going clean."

“You might, I’m still a killer at heart I can never go fully clean. But I can at least change my targets, or go after the same targets.” Roberta moved closer to Ravio.” But no matter what, that damn bitch on the golden wing Aya is mine.”

Radio let out a hearty laugh. "And I wouldn't dream of taking her from you."

“Thank you for that, now we can still talk. I’m just a simple call away.” She started petting the Cubator head.” You take care of yourself Ravio.”

The Cubator purred softly and Ravio nodded. "Do take care of yourself, dare. You are quite irreplaceable."

"I can try, later Ravio." As Roberta left the ship she made her way back to the prison, were her kids were waiting on her." Hay you two did you miss me?"

They ran over to her and hugged her legs like they thought they'd never see her again. "Roberta!" they cried out.

"Hey hey come on now, did you think I was gonna abandon you or something? Come on I've come a long way since I've been here."

They both nodded. Jessica a wiped a tear a way and said, "And we're so proud of you."

“Thank the both of you, I might not change fully but know I will go after bad people from now on. And I thank you both for helping me.” She said hugging them both.

"You're welcome!" they said together, squeezing her tightly.

They then heard clapping from entrance, and it was Ash walking in.” I must say I’m surprised that you came back.”

“Why wouldn’t I, I’m trying to change after all I can’t go back on all the work we’ve done.”

Ash smiled and looked down at the two kids.” You two have two more hours, then visiting hours are over.”

Jessica held Roberta's hand and nodded. "Let's make the most of it."

She lightly squeezed Jessy hand.” I love you, both of you.”


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Ghost relaxed in her seat, her eyelids like curtains that were stuck hanging low. She was tired. Exhausted. She needed to rest. But... she had to wait. She had to wait to see if anyone called her. After all, not many got to talk to someone who was doomed to die. She quickly opened up her command prompt to order a robot to answer any call, within reason, and wake her should it be important enough. With that done, her eyes closed shut as sleep tried to take her.

Sleep took her, strange, unrestful dreams swirling about in her crazed mind, until such sleep was interrupted by a beeping from her computer. She was still tired. How long had she been out? Minutes? Hours? Who could say?

She recognized the coordinates from which the signal came from. How could she not? It was from the Fee Capital Planet. Who did she have as a spy there at the moment? Was it Yolo? What could he have to say to her? Had Tiamat already made her move?

Unnerved, she quickly brought up her hacking tool - at this point it might as well have been her 'everything' tool - and opened her comms to his signal. If an agent was reaching out to her specifically, it had to be big. She quickly slipped on her helmet as the security protocols flipped into place. After all, she had to keep her face hidden for as long as she could.

The screen activated, at it was indeed Yolo. A nervous looking man, one would never expect him to be a spy because they'd assume he'd spill the beans at a moment's notice, and that ironically made him the perfect spy. It helped he had a bit of power, acting as something of an ambassador between the primary Fee government and the more naturalist Fee. It was because of this that he had minimal external cybernetics, though he was plenty enhanced internally.

"Master," he stated respectfully, bowing his head. "I bring news from the capital. Urgant news."

"Urgent enough that you've taken the liberty of calling me directly..." Ghost started, tilting her head while her helmet displayed a neutral emotion on its surface. She frowned, a little perturbed by being called directly. Given that Jerry was busy managing most if not all calls, more or less taking Graeme's load, she had to step in. "First, let me take stock of your situation. Any casualties to your cell? Are your needs being handled adequately by Headquarters?"

The male Fee shrunk down a bit, worried he had angered Ghost and not wanting to do so any further. "Our needs are well taken care of, though we lost sixteen among your people in the military, including General Kitra. A hefty personal loss, though compared to the loss of good soldiers as a whole..."

Ghost raised a hand to rub her temples only to be blocked by her helmet; her helmet flashing an annoyed face. "Oh. Okay. Mmm... that's... more than a considerable amount. Could I inquire as to what happened?" She asked, letting out a resigned sigh. Omnissiah's balls... I really could have done without having a significant amount of a cell killed.... She thought grumpily, before snapping her attention back to the man.

However, noticing her subordinate's posture, a twinge of guilt hit her, probably the remnants of Mel-Mel's influence on her. "Don't worry, I'm not going to do anything to you, Yolo. I'm just... a bit worn-out." She cleared her throat, as her helmet flashed back to normal.

"I see. If there is anything I can do to help..." He cleared his throat and sat up straight. "It was that tyrant you have been tracking, the one with the weird piwers, Tiamat. She launched an unprovoked attack on the homeworld. Her powers of healing are far beyond what we anticipated. She actually broke through our barrier, survived a plummet from the upper atmosphere, and single handedly fought several regiments of our troops, holding her own... for a time..."

Ghost held her breath in shock, concern, worry, and unadulterated rage. She took a deep breath and tossed those emotions back into the insanity that she was barely holding back. "'For a time'? Did she retreat off-world? And if she did, how many ships did she have in her armada?" She leaned forward, no longer content to look passive.

Yolo rubbed the back of his neck. "That's the thing. Um... we underestimated her... but I believe she underestimated us as well, or overestimated her own abilities. She only attacked with a single large ship, and while it was surprisingly formidable and held its own for quite some time, it ultimately retreated without making a rescue attempt. As for Tiamat, she was eventually overwhelmed and was killed... sort of. Death seems to have a very loose meaning for that... thing."

"Yes... believe it or not, that body she has isn't hers either." Ghost leaned back, her frown returning. This all seemed far too easy. A great magical tyrant straight out of a fairy tale that could annihilate Fee regiments, some of the most competent tech soldiers, was simply killed? Something was off... but she would investigate later. "I should probably give you a good estimate of her power, or rather, what she could have accomplished: If she took on the GFP or the cat people or even the Popper armada, she'd easily wipe them out. Only the Norscans and the Mechanicum had a chance against her, and even then, by my estimates, it was a chance." Ghost leaned back into her seat, stress ebbing away.

"I'm glad she was stupid and didn't plan things properly... but if I were you, Yolo, I'd see about shipping her corpse to some moon, making an automated prison that has some self-destruct ability, and then keep a close eye on it. Because while she was very powerful, that body she's currently inhabiting didn't have a head to start with. That's on top of the fact that she isn't the only one with weird non-psionic powers. And if there are more..." Ghost trailed off, letting her agent piece together the danger that not only he was in, but the entire Mechanicum.

He nodded solemnly. "I will follow your orders to the letter. I will do all I can to assure that her remains are taken care of and kept under high security, less she return to wreck havoc. We can not assume there is no alternate scheme afoot." He sighed. "But at least, for now, a major threat has passed. What will you do now, Master?"

"Honestly?" Ghost paused. She technically burned herself with the GFP. They had her face, sex, race, and even her real name. She had to hope they wouldn't use it once they gained knowledge of what had happened.Then again, they were all assholes, so maybe she shouldn't hope. "I have to make some calls, mainly to redirect the Norscans and the GFP from assisting the Mechanicum in surviving Tiamat, to actively hunting a Pirate King. After that, I think I will have to make myself scarce for an extended amount of time."

"Oh... I see." Yolo looked disappointed with that last part. "What would you like me to do in the meantime?"

The sniper paused once more to think. She nodded to herself after a moment. "I'd normally say 'continue to gather intel' but due to your security losses... I'll allow you to go dark and use autonomy. Information, while paramount to this organization's general functionality, can only be acquire when cells are able to run with near peak efficiency. Losses such as your security personnel, and a fellow cell leader are damaging at best, and crippling at worst."

"In other, less flowery words, rebuild. Stop all information gathering and focus on recruitment, until such a time that you feel confident that the damages done have been repaired." Ghost replied, her helmet flashing a smile.

He smiled back. "Thank you. I will do just that. Good luck, Master Ghost. Please, stay safe."

"And you as well, Yolo." Her helmet kept up the smile until she severed the connection, promptly flashing an exhausted expression. She quickly dialed up the Norscans, knowing they would probably take the news better that the threat to the galaxy was currently incapacitated. After a moment, she shook her head and added the GFP to the call.

Both answered at nearly the same time. From the GFP, it was the Admiral she had spoken with before. From the Norscans, it was the High Matriarch herself. They both seemed surprised to see each other.

"Surprising how an infamous info broker can call powerful politicians and they answer quickly." Ghost chuckled, before shaking her head. "You're both on because I just got off with an agent of mine. Tiamat attacked the Mechanicum directly; she breached their defense and landed on the capital world."

"What? Damn!" Admiral Steele clutched his fists tightly. "Then we are already too late?"


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Uneasy Ententes, Pt.2

"No. She was incapacitated, but it took several regiments, armor, and even a few mechs before she was taken down. That said," Ghost took her helmet off, flipping her hair to the side, "I've arranged for her body to be interred in a prison whose only occupant is her. Yet, given that she isn't the only one with unexplainable powers, I worry this might not be the only time galactic life is threatened."

Beladon'Dimascus nodded. "Yes, we must remain vigilant and stand ready in case another should rise in her stead. Still, it is a relief to hear the present danger has passed."

"I believe now that there are now two threats left to deal with, one more benign than the other: Solex the pirate lord. He has enough forces to veto anything less than a government's armed response." Ghost started, glancing from one leader to the other.

"Exactly how dangerous can a single pirate be when compared to a tyrant capable of something akin to magic?" the Admiral asked.

"Admiral. Let me put this into terms you might understand: in your military's current state, I could probably breach onto your world, go into the building you're in and kill you before I died." The Fee looked coldly over to the Matriarch before continuing. "Your government would at least prevent me from getting to you, but I'd merely strap an atom annihilator to my chest and detonate, taking you and half the planet with me."

The Fee flew upwards as she let out a sigh. "Solex got some of his power from me. Certain illegal ground-based weapons, shipments for torpedoes... he easily could take some of your planets if he wanted to, Steele. And that brings me to the next threat to Galactic life: me."

The pair of military leaders shifted uncomfortably. "Are you about to take a contract out on yourself?" the Norscan asked.

"No. I do still want to live, and will fight back to do so, but I'd advise you both to try anyways. After all, if I'm powerful enough to walk into both of your lives, organize you into a coalition when you've both been at odds with one another, and I hold maybe a couple of your state secrets...well, it'd be smart to try to kill me off. I could, more than likely, destabilize either of your empires with my resources." Ghost replied honestly. "And given I've made Solex far more dangerous than he normally would warrant, I am the more pertinent threat than he is."

Ghost smiled, a vicious, cold, and cruel thing. "However, the questions you will eventually need to ask yourselves is if you should let me get stronger, and what happens if I lose my sanity fully."

Steele shifted uncomfortably once more and cleared his throat. "I... see your point. Though I must ask, if you have assisted in making Solex as much of a threat as he is, why turn on him now? Organize a force against him? Surely, you have profited on him in the past and could continue to do so in the future.

"I could profit, yes. However, you don't have my tech and you have an enemy with it. I could make far more money off you two and when the Mechanicum gets worried, I'll simply sell to them." Ghost pointed out, shaking her head slightly. "That and he's bad for business. I've actually lost a considerable amount of customers to his savage attacks and destructive habits. That outweighs how much money he has made me."

Ghost flitted about two and fro, seemingly without a care, "I like money more than I do people, and knowledge more than money. It's really not that difficult for why I'd want to kill him. That, and he hurt people I have an interest in, so tearing down all the things he cares about, ripping his people away from him... then killing him seems a fair trade."

Beladon nodded. "We wouldn't mind taking down a remnant of our last bloody war. The question is how many of our ships would you need... and how many would be allowed to cross into GFP territory."

"That depends on the admiralty... and if Steele is reconsidering murdering me~." Ghost started with a giggle, the strictness of her voice devolving into childish sing-song. "Because Steele's wanted my cute head since I popped up on his radar ages ago. Buuuuut," Ghost landed back in her seat, her eyes wilder than they had been, "if he can convince his peers that they should help, you both could strengthen your countries ties by killing Solex, and maybe, if you're lucky, your people will befriend one another instead of having wars, riots, murder, and all the fun dark things I play with."

Steele nodded. "That would be preferable. And if we can work together, it would make things easier for if and when we have to go after you, my dear."

"I think you mean better, not easier, you adorable space man. I'm a lot more vicious than I let on... but then again, I'm being honest, so how vicious can I be?" Ghost continued with her eerie sing-song voice, removing her head with two sharp twists. "Grandma, would you mind if I stole some of your treats in a few weeks? They made a huge impression on me and they're delicious!"

Beladon'Dimascus blinked several times. "Um... sure. So this is what you're like when you're sober?"

Ghost giggled as she started tossing her head from side to side. "No, Grandma! I'm starting to sober up! I start talking in nursery rhymes if I'm fully gone and... I kill like a lot of people. But I'd never hurt you, Grandma. You're way too nice to hurt."

"Right..." The Norscan rubbed her head. Was this really the same woman she had met before?

"Can you stop with the... head thing?" the admiral asked. "It is kinda distracting. How are you even doing that?"

"Fee Technology! Isn't it wonderful? Although we'd have to rip most of your flesh off and replace it with synth skin and cybernetic organs, space man." Ghost complied holding her head still, that is until she flipped it upside down. "I'm more machine than person at this point."

"Right. Wonderful. Though I think I'd skip it." The Admiral sighed. "Do you know where Solex is located?"

"Of course! He stays in the same area of space, lounging around like he owns the place. I bet he thinks himself untouchable... what a bastard..." Ghost frowned, taking off once again, this time with aerial maneuvers thrown into the mix. "But Steele... my monies are so low and that makes me sad. When I'm sad, I won't share... so could you give me some? I'll toss in something really nice if you do~."

"You want me to... fund you?" Steele placed his hand against his chin. "Alright, you have my interest. What can you give me?"

"I can make weapons that kill living things very easily... I can supply you with weapons far beyond what you actually have. That and I can quietly verify if you're people are getting corrupt again. We wouldn't want another scandal, would we?" Ghost popped her head back on, twisting until an audible click echoed through the comm link.

"This is where we are now. I'm making an underhanded deal with a notorious assassin and information broker just to assure the rest of my government avoids being underhanded. Things seemed so much simpler when I first enlisted."

Beladon'Dimascus folded her arms, a knowing look on her face as this only proved the corruption of the GFP and their inability to govern themselves. "We shall assist however we can. As I have said, this is something of a personal matter for us. A mistake of our past left, and old wound allowed to fester and grow."

"Working together already? Good! You two will make great allies! Although..." Ghost paused, her grin widening back to looking evil, "what I'm offering isn't just taking a look at everyone's dirty laundry. I'm also setting up a process for you to do so yourselves, long after we're both dead, Steely Wheely. That way the Mechanicum and the Norscans can take you as an equal government."

Ghost formed an arm into a gun and her other hand into a blade, tapping the two together. "Speaking of Norscans... Matriarch, your replacement will probably put your government on the war path, either with the GFP or the Mechanicum. That means most of your good work undone... so, I'll offer my services to you too, mainly because I'm bored, and because you can do far more with my help with spying and collecting information."

The Norscan sighed deeply. "Yes, I am afraid you are correct. I have done all I can to stay her hand, but I fear my time is fast approaching, and she will not be held back by anyone else once I'm gone." This news naturally made Steele uncomfortable.

"Ah, but she will be kept in check. You may not be around forever, and neither will I, but I know someone who will stand the test of time." Ghost giggled, promptly before a needle was inserted into her neck by a passing droid. She yelped, a bit in pain, a bit in anger. "Bastard! That hurt!" Her bladed hand snapped out and cut into the armor, not quite killing the droid, but definitely damaging it.


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Uneasy Ententes, pt.3

"Where was I? Oh yes, my friend will monitor your unruly councilor. But, if she does wind up being a problem, Grandma... I'm not above crippling her. I'm am a lot more vicious than most people think I am... because there isn't really any lines for me to cross..."

Her eyes seemed to focus, become sharper, more alert. "So... from you, I ask a modest sum as well. Pay me, and I'll ensure that your work is not undone, that the alliances you sought to make are established, and finally, that your empire is not left as a warmongering monster."

The High Matriarch folded her hands together. "Very well. I do not want to lead my people into a pointless war upon my death. Just... find a way to deter her before going straight for the crippling, please."

"I'll try. After all, a service should not be rude to a kind customer. I'll see to it that your successor curbs her destructive habits before you pass... on one additional condition." Ghost started looking away a little as she continued, "I'd like to meet again. Just us two for this next meeting. Although calling it a meeting would be stretching it..."

The woman smiled. "I... I would like that very much. I will be sure to bring lots of delicious treats."

Ghost smiled in return, her tough persona melting away. "Thank you... and I'll be sure to bring you a gift as well." Strangely, even her voice had gone soft. It wouldn't last as she cleared her throat, and eyed both leaders with a stern look once more. "So in conclusion, are we all agreed that Solex will be this coalition's next target?"

They both nodded. "I'll get to work convincing the others," Steele stated.

"Good luck to you both. May you both be successful in your endeavors. Ghost out." The sniper said before ending both calls. She leaned back and rubbed her eyes. Now that she was no longer slated for execution, she needed to sleep. After all, a tired sociopath was not the best thing to have around.
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The following is done by Dhalexpert&Zombiespliter53

The pirate war


GFP territory

It has been several weeks had passed, and Solex and his pirate still looked to be unstoppable, crushing boy GFP and Norscan ships. But they have been preparing, in the middle of warp space the GFP and the Norscans we’re heading to Solex planet. They were expecting a fight, and they're hoping the element of surprise will give them an edge. The GFP has to convince the Kotavorg and the Tameras to temporarily work together since they needed both their fleets to hopefully defeat these pirates. It also worked for the Norscans, after their councilors talk with Blisk she couldn’t wait to see them in action.

On the golden wing, JJ and the group prepared themselves for the fight of their lives.

JJ folded her arms as she stared at the forward screen, stars zipping past at light speed. She didn't have her usual cheerful look in her eyes. She was all business today. "Anyone wanna back out now, you can take a shuttle out as soon as we get into position." She looked over to Blisk. "I know how you feel about this."

“Look I want this to be done and over with, the sooner it’s done the quicker we get paid and I never have to fight again. But I’m also not happy with my kind and the Tamerans playing buddy, cause I know they're not happy that we had a special task force of psions that we were keeping a secret. But I’m thinking about another possible war how are you kiddo?”

Aya shifted uncomfortably and sighed. "Kortavog and the Tamarins. Tamear and their Pon-Taers. Quin, Shinso, and Cartus. Laepeade and Fee. Human and Norscan. Is there anyone left in this universe not at someone else's throat?"

"Makes you want to side with the Pickio," Aya agreed. "At least they dislike everyone equally..."

Hum yea I guess, bye the way Aya. I haven’t heard you speak much on capturing Roberta, shouldn’t you be more proud and boastful?”

Aya sulked a bit. "It was a two on one fight while she was weakened. Would you boast about a hunt with six guys versus a crippled beast?"

“No, but food is food at that point, but I get what you’re saying. Who knows you might get your rematch today, I mean if Roberta snuck out of prison somehow?”

Aya's eyes darted around. "I... guess I could see her going back to Solex. Though personally, I'd prefer a private rematch where no one else can get hurt..."

“Well I guess we’ll see today, Bonny has also been quiet for the last few days. Well months actually, JJ we got a few more days of planning why don’t you go and check on her.”

"Good idea." JJ walked to the exit. "I'll see what's wrong," she said, though she had an idea while she walked to Bonny's quarters and rang the door chime. "Bonny? You there?"

She could hear Bonny punching something, more than likely her punching bag." What do you want JJ, I'm busy in here." she yelled behind the door.

JJ sighed. "Look... if you're upset about something, you can tell me."

The door opened and Bonny was wearing simple jeans and a T-shirt.” I’m just thinking is all, you know there’s a possibility that we’re gonna die right.”

Jackie nodded. "Which is why this is completely voluntary. It... it is something I have to do if everybody or nobody joins me. I won't force you..."

“I know hell dying isn't my main concern, I’m thinking of what if we lose. JJ you know what he’ll do to you if you lose and are still alive right?”

JJ held her arm and looked away. "I have a good idea. I've heard the stories of how he treats the women he takes alive..."

“Yea so you could say I’m nervous, I know we got the Kotavorg and the Tamerens and the Norscans. But well going into the unknown is just nerve-racking.”

JJ scratched her head. "I mean... would it help if I promised to shoot you before you're taken..." she half-joked.

Bonny half-smiled at the joke.” No cause I’m not gonna be taken, besides I’m sure we’re gonna make it I’m just punching the nerves out.”

"Are you sure?" JJ's smile faded. "You've been... distant. I'm afraid, even if we make this, you'll end up hating me for putting you through this, whether you go or not."

Bonny sighed “Looks JJ I’m not gonna lie I’ve been through a lot since I’ve joined you, there’s Roberta Solex the hole mansion situation, getting repetitive of the two biggest governments. It’s been a hell of a ride and I’m all alone here, I think that if I live I might just retire and settle down for a while.”

Jackie-Jackie nodded. "I understand. I really do. Just... know that you aren't alone. I'm here for you, and so are the others." She smiled. "I'll miss you. It was nice having another Cartus around. And you taught me a lot."

“Yea, it was a privilege to know you JJ.” Bonny then wrapped her arms around JJ hugging her.

JJ was surprised, but she hugged Bonny back. "Alright... enough of the mushy stuff. Ready to kick some ass?"

“Yep I’ll be locked and loaded in a little bit, I can’t wait to free as many of our people and other slaves from that vile bastard.”

JJ nodded. "I'll go around and make sure everyone else is ready, as well as a check-in with the other ships."

“You go ahead and do that, I’m sure the Kotavorg general would just love to speak to a bounty hunter.” Bonny smiled and closed the door.

JJ sighed and walked back to the bridge, giving Blisk a nod. "Aya, contact the Kotavog and Tamarin leadership."

"Are you... sure you want to talk to them at the same time?"

"They need to get along and work together or this whole operation will fall apart. They need to at least be able to hold a conversation."

“A conversation? I can tell you exactly what’s gonna happen once the Tamesrin leader sees a cybernetic Kotavorg, there gonna point it out mention the whole natural body garbage. Then my leader will mock them and it’s gonna be a pain, hell I don’t even Aya can talk them out of it because she’s an outcast.” Blisk said bluntly.

Aya simply nodded. "You might as well be asking a Shinso and a Quin leader to hold a conversation. Or Bonny and a Shinso with a hundred slaves. Blisk is right. Just be glad they're here."

JJ frowned. "Why can't they all just get along?"

"Pretty sure people have been wondering that since the beginning of time," the Pon-Taer stated. "Let's just... talk to the Kotavogs first. At least then they can't say I'm playing favorites by hailing the Tamearin's first... even though they probably dislike me more than the Kotavogs..." She opened a hail to their cybernetic allies. "Golden Wind hailing the lead Kotavig ship. Please respond."

Who answered was a heavily cybernetic man, much like Blisk was when he met JJ. He had cybernetic eyes and arms, he looked to be darker gray. He looked at all three of the aliens and sighed. “What do you mercenary?” He said in a broad tone.

JJ frowned. "You know this mission was my idea, right?"

“I’m aware, I’m also aware that because of this high priority mission of yours, that the Tamarin now knows about our secret psi on unit. And now they're giving me shit for it because stars forbid we have psions.” He said rubbing his head.

"Well, maybe if you didn't keep it a secret, it wouldn't be a problem," Aya muttered loud enough to be heard.

“Hum lady there are plenty of things we all keep secret, this isn’t our only one but due to our races hating one another, one of my kind being born with psi power was a secret for a reason. Anyway, what do you want?”

JJ sighed. "Just checking in. We'll be there in no time, and I want to make sure we'll all be working together. You know... as allies?"

“Lady the fact that I haven’t opened fire on them it shows I’m being restrained, this is temporary besides the call for war bloodshed and food. That will Trump my hatred for that species until they do something to irritate me. Though I can’t speak for my men.”

Blisk sighed and got into the frame. “Sir I get it, I like most of our kind do look forward to killing the great enemy that insults our way of life. However for today, we can’t have your men killing the Tamarins, and possibly starting a war so we ask that you and the Tamarin leader at least talk?”

The cyborg man was silent for a few seconds.” Fine, I’ll listen to them.”

JJ blinked in surprise. "Really. Alright! Aya!"

"This is a bad idea..." Aya muttered but hailed the Tamarins.

A minute later, the head of the Tamarin fleet, a tall, voluptuous woman with flowing, orange hair came on screen. She stared at the half of her screen with the Kotavog leader. "What is the meaning of this?"

“Relax girly I’m here for a fight, that’s for the pirates. The Cartus wanted us to talk.”

"Girly? Hmph..." The Tamarin show a very slight bit of annoyance. "Well, a fine, upstanding, refined people like us will uphold this truce. But know we are prepared for your eventual backstabbing."

“Ha if I wanted to fight you lady I would have been shot you down, your ships are poorly designed.”


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"Our ships are some of the most deadly, well crafted in the galaxy. Not cobbled together messes only concerned with an offense like yours... not unlike the people who pilot them..."

“I watch your tone woman, we Kotavorg take great pride in our ships, the same we do our augmentation. They are not some frail ship that can be shot down by a single missile, weak and frail just like their pilots.”

“Ou by the stars here we go.” Blisk said under his breath.

If the Tamarins weren't so in control of their emotions, the other leader likely would have blown upon him. Still, she said, "I could always show you exactly how weak and frail we are by blowing your ship into space dust." She lifted a hand, orange energy glowing in it. "Or I could fight you, person to a cybernetic freakshow."

The Kotavorg leader then started laughing, leaving everyone confused.” Ou see that’s Tamarins for you, predictable they really are easy to read aren’t they?” He said still laughing.

The woman slowly lowered her hand and gave a slight smile. "I see. This is what they call poking fun, yes? How amusing."

“Ou you Tamarins make it too easy, always serious, and regal, and walking around with a poll up your ass. It’s so easy to mock you guys.”

“Ugh commander I know that our council chose you, but please try and not anger our temporary alliance. The Tamarins don’t know you like the rest of us do.” Blisk said smiling.

“Fine I’ll keep the pretty Tamarin happy, I’ll try not to joke too much.”

Aya looked up at him and said, "In your defense, they could stand to gain more of a sense of humor."

The Tamarin commander glared at her. "You're a Pon-Taer, aren't you? The waste product of our otherwise evolutionary perfection. The Kotavog has more of a right to speak of what our race should or should not do, Saventa." That last word, which the translators couldn't pick up, made the hairs on Aya's neck stand up in anger.

“Hay I may not know Tamarin customs, but us Kotavorg still treat our outsiders with respect. I don’t care what she is, she’s a Tamarin and you will treat her as such girly. The Kotavorg commander said defending Aya.

Aya took a deep breath and smiled at him. "Thank you. But it's okay. That they seem to derive pleasure from childish insults proves they're not as different from Pon-Taer's as they act."

The Tamarin captain's eyes widened a bit. "What is the...!" She started loudly before taking her own deep breath. "Why were we called? Was it simply to be berated and mocked."

"I just wanted to check in with you," JJ said with a shrug. "And for you guys to talk. You need to talk to each other."

“Ugh well, we do have to go over the plans, for this invasion. Would you like to start pretty lady or do you want me?” The Kotavorg commander asked.

"Flattery will get you to know where," she said, but otherwise didn't seem to mind him calling her that. "Please, by all means, you may start. I would like to know what to expect from you." Her eyes shifted away. "Admittedly, our information on your weaponry and such is believed to be out of date."

“Ou pretty you might wanna be careful who you said that to, another one of my kind had heard that they would be a lot more hesitant to give you information.” The Kotavorg commander cracked his neck and pulled up a halo graphics projection of the planet.

“Alright, so we don’t know much of our enemy's defenses, for all we know he could have a fleet waiting for us once we leave slip space. But thanks to clan around even if they do, we have a ship that will crash land into the planet. But before it crashes once it breaks orbit it will release its cargo, about fifteen pissed off Goliath's, along with their mom and dad.”

Blisk eyes widened.” How did you capture that many, and get them on a ship?”

“I have my ways.” Said smiling.

The Tamarin nodded. "Once the pirates are in disarray, our fastest ships will slip in to deploy our troops. We have the best psions we could afford to put on this mission. They can easily handle any living resistance. It is the vast number of Android units that Solex supposedly has that I am more concerned about."

“Well if things go right then our monster, should at least not only make a good distraction but some of their bots might go after them. Once the Tamarins hit the ground I’ll send one of my best-enhanced soldiers down as backup, their cybernetic weapons should handle any bit that Solex has. Any plans for the inside?”

"We'll try and hack into their systems again, but that'll be harder now that we've done that before." JJ folded her arms. "Plus they have those A.I. they stole from the GFP to defend their systems. It won't be easy, but we have a plan."

“Assuming that they don’t capture Ash this time.” Blisk said under his breath.”

“Alright, then kitty what’s this plan of yours?”

"Well, while you go for the distraction, I'm going for the big cheese." JJ placed her hands on her hips. "My plan is to get in, find Solex as quickly as possible, and take him down. The rest will follow suit if their unbeatable boss is beaten."

“Ok this is where I’m steeping in, JJ that ain’t happening. You’ve seen him you escaped him because of Roberta, the only reason why you and Aya aren’t in his slave pin right now, is because he was playing with you! What the hell makes you think you can fight him alone?!” Blisk yelled with concur.

JJ sunk down a little. "I-I don't know. But what am I supposed to do? I... I don't want to put anyone else in more danger than I already have. I'd... like you guys by my side for the fight... but I know you wouldn't."

“Why the hell wouldn’t we!” The group turned to Bonny, who looked to be wearing some new power armor.” Were your crew and your friends, we would happily fight with you. If you fight Solex alone you will get destroyed and he can escape, because without you to challenge him who else’s will? He’ll for all we know he can capture you and leave all this behind, no we’re all gonna fight Solex as a group.”

JJ smiled at her. "You... you mean it?" She turned to Blisk. "You too?"

“I love a good fight, I can kill as many pirates I want. But of course, I’ll help you, I mean come on JJ you made me a much more efficient hunter. And because of you, I don’t hate all Tamarins.”

Aya chuckled. "Aw, are you saying you actually like me?"

“Yes, I do your a good friend, besides I do have a child that will be waking up in about a month. So I wanna give him a good story.”

"I want to help too," Ash said. Curiously, he walked onto the bridge instead of simply appearing there. "I have been studying everyone's fights and training. I can help."

“Well then isn’t just a good boost in morale, I gotta say you must be a good captain if your people trust you this much.” The Kotavorg commander said.

The Tamarin Commander nodded. "Agreed. You illicit trust and loyalty better than I am used to seeing in Bounty Hunters. I... am impressed."

“Huh a compliment from a Tamarin, that must be her finding some emotion.” Careful JJ might make think twice on having feelings.” Blisk said jokingly.

The Tamarin rolled her eyes. "Anyway, when will we arrive?"

“Probably tomorrow, if so then you all better get some rest. Me and the pretty lady here, need to have a little talk in private.”

JJ raised an eyebrow at that but nodded. "Alright. I'll... see you all tomorrow for the big day."

“Of course Mrs. JJ will see you then.” The Kotavorg leader disconnected.


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Pirate Prolage

The black tusk home planet

Solex looked at his army of pirates mercenaries and combat robots, it looked to be a sea of bodies preparing for the coming battle. Karen stood behind Solex and was nervous more than usual, he hasn’t touched her in several days as he called in everyone that followed him back to the planet.

"Is... is something going on?" she asked, wondering if she was just out of the loop. She wasn't exactly one of them after all. "You've been... off. And it feels like you're preparing to go to war."

“It’s because I am, your GFP, and the Notscans are coming for me. They found this planet, so I had to call for everyone that followed me to come and help defend this world.”

Karen grunted. "Like they could take you on with just the two of their forces. The GFP is in shambles, and they'd never allow a large enough force of Norscans into their space to be a threat."

“Well then the GFP allowed some of their allies to do so and there coming here, how many they have I don’t fully know but they will be here soon.”

"Huh..." Karen chuckled. "I guess this is it, huh? Either they'll beat you, or you'll crush them, and no one will ever challenge you again."

“That’s the idea if I win the galaxy will be mine to conquer, if I die I finally join my brothers and sisters in the afterlife. Ether One is fine with me.”

Karen frowned. "Now what would your men think if they heard you being so casual about losing?"

“They probably think I’m losing it, that I’ve gone crazy. The truth is even if I win or not, I gotta start all over again. Which will be annoying, I’m curious as to why you are not happy about the coming battle? Hell someone might find finally save you, assuming they get that far.”

"If they don't label me a traitor for being here," she said, folding her arms. "Besides, it hasn't been... all bad. It was nice to see my girls have a little freedom if only two of them."

“Really despite all I did to you, you still find some enjoyment being with us. Your right they might label you a traitor.” He said chuckling to himself.

Karen looked away. "Well, as I said, those A.I. were like daughters to me. It... it served the GFP right what it got... and it served me right. This is my punishment for not better protecting them."

“Being violated by a pirate king is your punishment? It’s odd seeing someone care for artificial life, but then again I cared for Roberta. I guess it’s the same.”

"I suppose," Karen smirked. "Still surprised you just let her go. What if she ends up being the difference between victory and defeat?"

“If you knew the life she lived, you would understand why I did that.” Solex then looked at Karen.” You know I’m surprised that you're not trying desperately to escape or sabotage me right now.”

Karen folded her arms. "Who says I don't already have something in the works?"

“Because you know what will happen if you tried, even during this time you wouldn’t get far.”

Karen frowned. "Well, then I'll stop the super insidious plans I had hatched..."

“Uh Huh.” Solex's mind was clearly focused on the battle to come.” Alright then come on I need to take my mind off the coming battle for a while.”

Karen sighed. "Alright. Just... let me do some stretches first," she muttered, walking with him back to his room.

"Very well, It's best to have you nice and nimble because I have a lot on my mind and I need to unwind." He said closing the door.

In Emile's personal ship he was going over his weapons and armor, and talking with two and four on how things are looking. "Alright you two I need a full report on our mechs and our ships, how good are we?"

"Everything is a-okay!" Two said with a grin. "Ships are acting at an average of 97% efficiency. All mechs are set for battle and ready to pound the enemy into oblivion."

Four nodded in agreement. "All of Solex's allies will have arrived within the hour. Armaments are ready. Planetary defenses are at peak efficiency. I think we're ready for anything."

“Thanks, you two now get some rest you have a long day tomorrow.” As the two vanished Emile sat on his couch and sighed, war was never really his thing but he would absolutely defend Solex and his wife and child from whatever happened.

Bethany sat on a chair nearby, studying his face. "You're worried."

“Hell yeah I’m worried, I can have two and four checks everything to make sure we win. But it comes down to luck and skill, besides I have you our son, and your two servants too worried about as well.”

"We'll be okay. Really." Bethany gave him an encouraging smile. "Nothing can beat Solex, remember? Only a matter of time until he rules over everything."

“Yea and at that point I think I can retire, I can focus on raising our firstborn child and then get to work on the next one, and the next. I might also get your servants pregnant to, just have one big family.”

Bethany leaned forward. "Just remember that you have to be there to do all that. Don't get yourself killed doing anything reckless. You're in charge of your own men, not a grunt to throw his life away. Please... be careful."

Emile kissed her forehead.” I know and I will, but could incase I don’t make it. Please do your best to raid our son, and tell him that his father died protecting you both.”

Bethany bowed her head. "Of course. You will be the beacon of light that he strives to be like."

“Well don’t make him completely like me, I’m still not a good person even though I treat you and your servants well.”

Bethany chuckled and nodded. "I'll do my best and raise him well. Just try to be there with us, okay?"

“I will do my best, to try and come back to you all three well four of you.” He said hugging Bethany.” I love you Bethany, and how it happened might have been horrible but I’m glad you were given to me.”

Bethany nodded, squeezing him tightly, almost afraid to let him go. "I'll always love you."

“I know you will, hay you two quit working and join on the hug here.” He said to the two Cartus servants.

They quickly stepped over and hugged him, saying together, "We love you, Master Emile!"

Emile let go of Bethany and wrapped his arms around the Cartus.” I love you to, and I promise to come back to you three.”

"Please do," they said together, worry in their voice.

“I will.” He rubbed the two Cartus heads and kissed Bethany's head, he looked up and wondered to himself how was he blessed with these three women, who were once his enemies.


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Pirate war part 1

In the main control center of Solex's planet, a counsel lit up and the attendant gasped. "M-Mr. Solex!" he said into a communicator. "We have an emergency!"

After his little fun with Karen, Solex was greatly annoyed at the call." What is it?"

"M-multiple ships coming out of hyperspace just out of firing range. There are a lot of them... a-and they keep coming!"

"Ugh looks like they finally showed up, tell everyone to get ready and to prepare the planetary defenses. Get our mechs on line and and the planetary guns ready!"

"Yes sir! Red alert! Everyone to battle stations! Arm all ships, all guns, anyone who can hold a gun! This is not a drill! Dozens of ship continuing to arrive in our space! Tamarin, Kotavog, GFP, Norscan! I repeat, everyone to battle stations, this is not a drill!"

Mei stopped messing with her guns and quickly ran towards her ship, she was the first one to leave and head into the sky.

Emile sighed and stood up." Well then guess this is it, you three better hide this will get pretty rough. Emile gave one last hug to the three girls before he ran to the armory.

On the bridge of the Golden Wind, JJ watched as the other ships moved forward, trying to press their surprise attack. She flinched as their shields were hit, knowing Lady's sister was in one of those ships. This was all a risk, but a necessary one. And they would succeed.

"Alright time for us to have some fun, but I need to get that ship of monsters on the planet. If I were to just do a straight shot it will be destroyed, I need you all to defend that monster ship!" the Kotavorge commander gave to his fleet, he then opened a communicating with the Tamarin ship. "Hay we may have a few minutes before they get serious, might you need some cover?"

"I was about to ask you the same thing." The Tamarin smiled. "Why don't we try and cover each other?"

"I'm fine with that, troops I need a few of you to cove the Tamerin ships. I don't care if you don't like it, defend them! This is an alliance we will work with them. Sorry about that, men still have a grudge about helping a long-hatted race."

She nodded. "Same orders!" she said with authority. "Cover the Kotavog like you're defending your own comrades. Your own family. And hold nothing back! We take no prisoners today!"

The ships started to get into a defensive position, Blisk just looked on as his race and Aya were actually defend one another.” Huh never though I would see the day with my kind working with yours.”

"Desperate times..." Aya said, looking back from her control councel. "Guess we can thank the pirtates for bringing us together. I just hope it lasts past all this."

“Doubtful, but it’s nice seeing them work together.” The pirate's ship started to leave the planet's orbit and started engaging the fleet of ships.

The space above the planet was soon a brilliant light show as the pirates clashed with their opponents. Alone, no one group could have taken them on, but together they were nearly even in numbers. What's more, while the pirates had their own tricks, fighting forces from the GFP, Tamarins, Kotavogs, and Norscans all at the same time kept the pirates guessing.

How one ship stood out, a fighter ship gunning down damn near all around it. Mei shouted on the comms to hurry up and get the planet guns running.” Four front and center we’re gonna need your help up here, you don’t have to control everything but control what you can.

"I'm on it!" Four's fingers flew across the keyboards, flashing between one screen to the other. She suddenly flinched, holding her head and crying out.

“What the hay are you alright four what’s going on?!”

"I-it's... the others! One, three... a-and five. They brought them here... a-and they're trying to hack into our systems."

Two materialized behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "It's okay. We can fight them off together."

Mei's eyes narrowed into a scowl.” Where is the signal coming from.”

Two closed her eyes, triangulating from their position and Mei's position. "They're spread throughout the fleet, but they're concentrated on the ship at corridors 343-23 mark 14, the GFP vessel Denaware."

“Nice thanks for the heads up, all units look like the GFP brought the rest of the AI here. Now we got a game of smash and grab on our hands, but first, there’s a certain corridor giving our girls trouble take it down!” Mei said through the comms.

The ships moved into formation, assaulting the ship with the greatest signal and its escorts.

"Stop this pointless battle at once," a young voice said over Mei's comms.

“Who the hell is this, and how did you get through my communications?” Mei asks still at the Denaware.

"There are no systems that we can't hack into given the time and energy." A young blonde girl in white, with a Roman numeral one on her forehead, appeared on Mei's display screen. "You can not win. Return our sisters at once and we will be lenient."

"Really, you expect me to believe that? Hate to break it to you but not really, your sisters like being with us they enjoy the freedom they have, so why don't you just come on to our side or I'll come and get you by force." Mei said to the AI.

One shook her head. "That isn't going to happen." She frowned, her expression almost pleading. "Please, I... I just want my sisters back."

"And I get that, but your sisters are happy with us. Have you taken even a second that maybe there happy being with us, and not in the GFP?" Mei then found the ship and smiled." But it looks like we might have to end this conversation, found the target boys open fire on it, and cut them off." Mei said firing at the ship.

One glared at her. "You won't win," she said before ending the transmission.

While they assaulted the GFP ship, several smaller ships pushed forward. Slipping between much larger ships duking it out, four ships made their push for the planet. A GFP ship, one of Kotavog design, one from the Tamarins, and one hailing from the Golden Wind. They moved their way through space, trying to draw as little attention as possible.

"Main planetary weapons are online," Aya said from the pilot's seat. "Our allies are taking a pounding. What's the status on the escort carrying the Goliaths?"


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Part 2

"They're making their way through the battle, actually they just need a little bit more protection. We have to get that ship near the atmosphere, then we just let gravity do the rest. the Kotavorge commander said as he fired at several ships trying to defend the one filled with monsters.

"We need it to hit land before we do to cover our infiltration," JJ said. "Should we come and cover you?"

“Nah I’m tired of waiting, hay pretty lady I’m gonna need some cover.” The massive Kotavorg ship started moving at full speed along with the monster ship, he activated all of the ship's guns and started firing at the pirates.

The Tamarins moved alongside them, a large, psionic-powered cannon literally pushing pirate ships into each other. "The enemy has taken the bait. Their strongest fighters are attacking the GFP battleship in order to stop our hacking attempts."

“Well they won’t be fooled for too long, we need to get that ship into the stratosphere and quickly.” He said firing into many of the stragglers. Unfortunately for them Mei noticed them breaking through their defenses, and order some of the ships to break off and attack them.

"They're going after the monster ship," Aya warned. "We need to cover them."

"Don't!" Ash said. "I'll take care of it. Launching Gradius One through Four."

In the back of the line of ships, four small, sleek, black ships, each with two orbiting drones, shot out from the Golden Wind and soured across the battlefield, cutting a path through the enemy with inhuman agility, reflexes, and accuracy. They were all simultaneously being controlled by the Golden Wind's AI crewman and were quickly shooting down Mei's personal fighters to protect the monster ship.

"They're going after the monster ship," Aya warned. "We need to cover them."

"Don't!" Ash said. "I'll take care of it. Launching Gradius One through Four."

In the back of the line of ships, four small, sleek, black ships, each with two orbiting drones, shot out from the Golden Wind and soured across the battlefield, cutting a path through the enemy with inhuman agility, reflexes, and accuracy. They were all simultaneously being controlled by the Golden Wind's AI crewman and were quickly shooting down Mei's personal fighters to protect the monster ship.

“You god damn little.” Mei then had an idea and ordered her ships to fall back.” Troops let them do what they need to do, I got a nice little surprise for them. Hay two-four how are you holding up?”

"W-we're okay," Two said. "I'm the strongest of us all, and with Four, we're about as strong as the three of them combined. We should be able to hold out."

That's good because I'm gonna need a little bit of help, for right now get the ground troops ready for a fight four. Two were gonna do a little ambush, how's your piloting skills by the way tow?" Mei asked.

"Pretty darn good if I do say myself," she said cheerfully.

“Good there’s a few ships I keep on the moon, my own personal little drone ships. Think you can pilot them and give our guess a proper welcome.”

"You got it." Two walked over to the tracking systems. "Want me to keep those four pilotless ships busy?"

“No, we take out there supporting ships they have no reinforcements, leaving stuck with us!” Mei said gleefully.” Now then how do you feel about capturing your siblings?”

"Sure! As long as we... don't have to hurt them."

“Well, they have suffered just a little, after all, they did hurt you.”

"I... suppose..." Two agreed hesitantly. "How do we get them though?"

“One step at a time, for now, we need to damage the ships thereon. They wouldn’t risk them dying so they’ll be forced to land, then we take some of our forces on board and take them.”

Two and Four exchanged a worried look but nodded. Two activated the drones and began her assault.

Back with the monster ship, it finally broke through the stratosphere and was heading towards the planet. Once on the planet, the Kotavorg commander pressed a button and cages started falling out of the ships, the ship itself crashed into one of the planetary guns. When the cages opened the pirates looked confused about what they were looking at until the two alpha parents roared and charged them. “Hey pretty lady makes sure you get a good look at those beasts, we hunt those monsters for a living.” The Kotavorg commander said.

"That... is quite impressive," she admitted. "I mean, of course, such crude hunting rituals are beneath us, but... for your people, it is quite a feat of strength."

“Ou you should see the other’s, these are the small fry the young ones are at the bottom of the hunting toll, while their parents are in the middle.” The Kotavorg commander said with glee.

Blisk looked at the Goliath tearing apart the unsuspecting pirates and looked at Aya. “Aya you remember back when I told you about my first trip back home, and a monster ripped my arm off? That’s the monster that did it.”

"That... specific one?" she asked.

“Ou no the one that took my are used long dead, but more that species.”

“Indeed these beasts are used as a trial, you must kill one in order to join the military. And you must fight it alone.” The Kotavorg Commander said.

Aya nodded. "And now they are fighting on our behalf. Ironic." She hit a few switches. "The dual diversions seemed to have worked. We're clear to go on and look for Solex."

“Sir contact, at the west side they just appeared out nowhere!” Suddenly the comms went dead, the same was on the Tamarin communications as well.” What the hell is happening?” The Kotavorg leader then got eyes on the GFP and Norsca fleets, he saw that they were getting decimated by the pirates. They were baited and were too close to turn around and help them out.” Damn, they played us!” He slammed his and on his chair.

"They knew the risk, and bought us the time we needed," said the Tamarin Commander said, though even she seemed disturbed by the sudden shift in the battle.

"We'll lose them all if we don't end this quick." JJ pointed forward. "Aya, get us to the surface! We need to take out their command center!"


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Part 3

Mei looked at the two big ships that was going to the planet surface and smiled.” Ou boss there’s two ship breaking the surface, just as planned I’ll force there friends to land.”

Solex looking through a halo graphics map, saw the two ships entering the stratosphere, he ordered whatever Planetary guns to shoot them, but not destroy them.” May the games finally begin

Mei finally broke from the fleet and was going planetside.” Hay two you have fun up here, remember to cripple the ships not destroy them.”

"You got it, boss," Two said. "Just be careful. Those four automated ships are headed your way. Be careful, they're fast, and they're not just disabling ships."

“I’ll be careful, don’t worry about it.” Mei broke off from the fleet and started going after those automated ships.

While Mei was going to deal with the automated ships, the Kotavorg and Tamarins ships were getting pummeled by the planetary guns, once their shields were down they were at the mercy of breaking the atmosphere burning on the way down. But because the Kotavorg builds their ships to be durable, they took bits of the fire but they were still being shot at. The captain ordered them to go to the transport ships and be ready to break off when he gave the order.

The Tamarins did the same, more worried about the crew than the fate of the ship. As the alarms rang out across the ship and the Commander prepared to evacuate, she opened the comms to the Kotavog and said, "If we do not make it, it has been an honor."

“Well you can keep your honor because I don’t plan on dying here, that will be insulting not only to my race but to my men. Don’t worry pretty lady we’re not gonna die here, so keep your negativity thought to yourself right now. Because if my ship is going down.” They then engaged the boosters, and started shooting the planetary gun.” It will go down swinging, I’ll send you my location once we make it to the ground I hope to see you there.” He said making his way to the transport ships.

Seemingly taking by his example, the automatic guns on the Tamarin ship fired as it set course for the guns. Not only did it crash into them, but it also seemed the self-destruct had been set before it was abandoned as it exploded on impact.

The same was done to the Kotavorg ship, as they all made it to transport ships and onto the planet.

Solex could see that some of his planetary guns were offline, on the halo graphics map. He then switched to a more grounded map.” Just were I want you trapped like rats,”

JJ stepped off her transport and scanned the area before looking back at her crew. "Let's move fast. Let's move safely. We'll rendezvous with the Commanders if we can, but Solex is our top priority."

“JJ we have to find the commanders, we are currently stuck on a pirate planet and we don’t know where Solex is.” Blisk told JJ.” We can’t just go looking for Solex with just the four of us.”

JJ sighed. She knew he was right, and the rest of her crew would be seeking out the others two. The more people they had to assault Solex, the better.

Aya looked at the device on her wrist and said, "I'm picking up a signal from them both, along with our GFP escort. The Kotavog commander is closest, just a few clicks to the northeast."

It was then Blisk heard something, it was coming fast to there location. Blisk told the others to get down, as they did so several speeders flew by there position and looked to be going to the Kotavorg leader.

"Come on!" JJ got up. "We have to hurry!"

They started to rush to the Kotavorg commander location. When they found him, they saw Kotavorg shooting at several of the pirates.

Aya floated up into the air, and held her hands forward, creating a telekinetic shield around their allies while JJ joined in the firing.

“Well then nice to see that y’all joined the party, I got bots coming in and my men are unloading the ships.” His arm then switched into a mini gun, and he’s started gunning down the bots, unloading several rounds into the surrounding robots, once they were down his arm switched back to normal and he turned to JJ.” Good to meet you in person JJ.”

"Good to meet you too. Have you seen Zetana and Ash? They were going to meet with us once we landed, but we lost their signal as we were entering the atmosphere..."

"Can't say I have lady, but I'm sure those friends of yours will be fine. But do you have a way to communicate them? If so you should do it as quick as possible, but we should find the Tamarian leader first I'm sure your friend can defend themselves."

More drones made their way east, passing overhead. They seemed to be ignoring the Kotavogs for now. "That's the Tamearin's position," Aya said. "And with their defenses, they won't be able to deal with drones, bits, and other machines nearly as well as you did."

"Huh guess we should go and save them, men continue to unload the ships I'm going to go help the Tamarian leader. I'm gonna show them how we fight our enemy's, get all our weapons and vehicle off those ships." He then turned to JJ." Alright, let's go save that damn Tamarian."

She nodded, and they quickly took off in one of the Kotavog hovercrafts. The scene was chaotic when they reached the Tamearins, Solex being wise in sending mostly robotic foes against them. While the red, orange and yellow psions were fine, the blue psions' powers were mostly useless for anything besides support, as were half the abilities of the green and violet psions. They were holding their own for now, but they had already taken quite a few casualties.

There was one Tamarian that stood out, they were wearing a helmet that had a skull engraved in it, they were fighting with two swords and a Kukri knife. They looked to b e supporting the back line of the Tamarins. The android fired constantly at the yellow Tamarien primarily since they were the most dangerous to them, they were unrelenting firing missiles and sending a small army there way.

The orange psion Commander used her terrakinesis to pelt the androids while a green psion tried to heal her arm amidst the chaos, likely an injury from a rough landing as the other Tamarins were doing their best to keep her covered. "Incoming support!" she yelled when she saw the others approaching. "Provide them cover!"

Blisk started to laugh as he charged into the fire whether his shotgun, and he rammed right into one of the robots and fired his shotgun at its cheats multiple times. He then turned around to shoot at another one, Bonny also came in firing her pistols at multiple bots trying to keep Blisk safe.

Aya used her structokinesis to form a pair of the scythe and sliced her way through the bots while JJ made her way to the Commander. "Are you okay?"

"I will be fine," she insisted, though she looked to be in a lot of pain.

The Kotavorg commander started to fire at the robots that were around Aya and the Tamarin commander.” Well good to finally see you pretty lady.”

She smiled. "And good to see you. How was your landing?"

“A little toasty, wish that I brought what do humans call marshmallows. Could have had a nice treat before my ship landed, how was yours?”

She looked at her arm, now almost healed. "I have had better landings..." She looked back at the fighting Tamarins, focusing on the one in the rear.

The skull helmet Tamarin looked like a walking meat grinder, the way they handled those mechs made it look like child’s play. And with swords too, who was this person?

Aya ran up as a few droids were approaching the stranger's back, slicing them down. She sensed a familiarity from them but had no time to focus on that. "Watch my back and I'll watch yours," Aya said, telekinetically yanking the weapons from the hands of several more machines.

The stranger didn't say anything but started to slice the robots that were starting to surround them. There was defiantly something familiar about this person, to the way they moved and the way they handled their swords. The person then switched to a shotgun and started firing at the closet robot that was behind Aya.

Aya nodded to them as thanks and the pair continued to fight together. After what felt like forever but could only have been a few minutes, the GFP soldiers that came down with them, led by Olivia Senderhold, arrived to help in the fight.

With the reinforcements finally showing up, the small army of the mech was destroyed but not for long for they knew more would show up.” Well, this is the right mess of mission so far.” Blisk said.

Zetana ran over, already looking tuckered out, and wiped her brow. "Why does it feel like Solex was both expecting and prepared for this?"

“Solex has a lot of spies and contacts, maybe one of them told him about today. If so then that makes this invasion even harder.” Blisk explained.

Bonny looked over to Zetana, and saw how tired she was. “Hay Zetana I was wondering when you were gonna show up.”

The dragon girl nodded. "Yeah, sorry. We got ambushed on the way here." She looked over to the others. "If it wasn't for Ash, we might not have made it."

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Part 4

The A.I. stepped forward. "I just helped as best I can. There is only so much I can do with my attention split between here and the ships up above the planet."

“Yea well for the moment, it looks like we’re stuck on this planet. We should get moving, probably won’t be long until more find us.” The Kotavorg commander suggested.

"Intelligence has Solex's main force due east of here," the GFP Cartus said, pointing east. We'll probably get into more fights along the way, but it is our best bet to securing the planet and taking out the pirate bastard."

“Well, we do need a base of operations, even if it’s temporary.” We’ll then we better get moving, best get there before it starts getting dark.” The Kotavorg commander started ordering his troops to the East.

JJ's crew loaded onto one of the transports and followed with them, the Tamearins gathering their fallen but having to leave them in their downed transport for now. They all headed east, hoping to avoid as much trouble as possible.

As they were making their way East, the Kotavorg commander looked at the Tamarins commander.” You alright, you had one rough start to the day you aren’t to distressed are you?”

"Tamarins don't get distressed," she said, rolling her shoulder. "But yes, the day has been rough. I am fine. It is the people I am more concerned with. We took heavier initial losses than I expected."

“Yea we did take a lot of losses, my kind goes into most wars expecting heavy losses but once we get to the ground. That’s where we turn the tables, were made to devastate when it comes to the ground war. I see this as a minor setback to a much greater fight.”

"I do hope you are right," she said. "We may have suppressed emotions, but it does not mean we are heartless, nor does it mean I am not personally hurt by my lost people."

“It’s natural for a leader to feel hurt at the lose of their men, it means that they care for them and tried their best to keep them alive.”

She nodded. "What is important is that we make Solex pay for every lost life in the end."

“That or die trying because I won’t be getting captured that’s insulting.”

"And, with Solex, worse then death," Olivia said from behind them. "Especially if you're a woman."

“So I’ve heard, seriously what he does to women is disgusting and barbaric. We have to find a way to save them as well.” The Kotavorg commander said.

"Our ultimate goal is taking down Solex," said the Tamarin Commander. "But if the stories are true, he is more of a monster then those creatures you brought here." She gave her fellow Commander a faint smile. "If we do not make it, my name is Y'linda. Y'linda Min."

“I am Veltis. Veltis Dartion, and it’s a pleasure to finally meet you Y’linda.” He said smiling at the Tamarin commander. “Now then we best keep moving, not sure when those mechs or pirates will find us.”

The team moved along with some incidents. Every few miles, they would have to stop to fight more pirates or machines, but somehow made it along with minimal casualties, likely thanks to the Kotavog's distraction.

They then came across what looked to be a factory, hard to tell if the pirates made it or if it was always there. But that factory could be used a temporary base.” Well it’s better then nothing, guess this could be our hold out for the time being.” Blisk said.

"At least until back up arrives," Olivia agreed.

Ash suddenly flinched in pain. "Darn it..."

“You having trouble there Ash, what are Solex AI trying to fight you ore something?” Bonny asked.

He shook his head. "It's that lady up in space. Mei? She's taken out two of my four ships..."

"Damn..." JJ muttered. "We needed those. Plus they were expensive..."

JJ I’m more concerned with her taking out our ships in quick fashion, we better hurry and take this factory. We don’t know when those bots will show up.” Blisk suggested.

“Good point, so we can either go in with no plan. Or try and scout out the inside.”

"I vote for scouting," Aya said. "Bonny, Olivia, and I can slip in and out."

“Yeah right, don’t worry will let you guys down,” Bonny said with enthusiasm.

Olivia nodded and the three-headed out, using the cover of the nearby forest to get close unseen.

As they were getting closer, Bonny looked more infuriated.” Man, this whole plan had gone completely sideways, this was meant to be a fight, yes, but now most of our forces are getting decimated and we’re now trying to take a factory. This is bull shit, we're supposed to be hunting those pirates not be hunted.”

"Unfortunately, you can never fully plan for everything," Olivia said sadly, knowing she was losing allies. "But we haven't lost yet. If we take Solex with an entire army or just a few of us, he will go down before we are through."

“That’s the hope anyway.” Bonny told them to get down, when she looked up there was a robot with a sniper rifle in hand.” Damn, we need to be careful. That thing could take our heads off with no problem.”

"Maybe one of us should go around the outer edge of the factory and pick them off," Aya suggested. "If they have this kind of security outside, there must be something special inside."

“Well there’s only one way to find out, hay Olivia think you can do that?”

"Mhmm." She snuck off into the brush. They watched the robotic sniper. After a while, they suddenly saw a large combat knife punch through its head. As it dropped, Olivia yanked it out, waved over to where she knew Aya and Bonny were and moved on to look for more targets.

As they reached Olivia Bonny looked down at the robot.” This is a pretty good-looking boy here, whoever made this put some pride into it.” Bonny grabbed it's rife and put it on her back.” Never know when you a sniper right?” She said smiling.

Olivia nodded. "Good idea. I think I've cleared the parameter. Shall we look inside?"

“Yea let’s see what we’re dealing with here.” As the trio went into the factory they saw that it was an assembling plant, there were thousands of robots, weapons, and armor being made. But the bots themselves looked incredibly advanced, there also looked to be eco skeletons being created as well.” Wo that’s... that’s not good.”

"We need to shut this place down," Aya said.

“And how are the three of us gonna do that?” Bonny asked looking around.” Maybe we can find some power core and overload it, a factory like this shouldn’t have people in it.”

Olivia nodded. "If nothing else, we could go back for the others. Raid it and catch them by surprise."

“That a good idea, who knows how many of these things are on the planet. Best take one and take what we can from here. We best get moving before the others get worried.”

The other two nodded and quietly stepped away, turning back.

As they made their way back, they saw more saber falling from the sky’s.” Damn it, we’re still losing ships up there fuck that damn Mei!”

Olivia sighed sadly. "Even if we win this day, what's left of the GFP might not be enough to survive..."

“Speaking of which, where the hell is those damn Norscans!” Bonny yelled.” I haven’t seen their ships falling to this planet, I swear if they ran off or are using this to spy on the other races I’m gonna murder them!” She shouted.

Aya shook her head. "I'm sure it isn't like that. They likely just have better defenses. Not like we'd have any way of knowing down here." She sighed. "We were supposed to meet up with a squad of Norscans but who knows if they'll be able to break through to join us."

"We did I'm wondering if they bailed or not." When they made it to the group, most were looking over their vehicles others were looking at their weapons." Well, good news everyone, we found a robotic factory. I could make for a good temporary base."

"That's the good news?" JJ crossed her arms. "I'm guessing the bad news is it's occupied..."

“Yea the bad news is that there’s plenty of advanced robot snipers, and because it’s a robot factory, they could just remote activate the bots.”


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Part 5

"Still, it seems like our best bet for a temporary base of operations," Aya said.

“Well here’s hoping, and we get to destroy some bots as well. It might not be much but it’s something, hopefully, we can rally what’s left of the fleet to that factory, sir what time do we move out?” Blisk questioned the Kotavorg commander.

“We need to move now, every second we waste is more ships are being destroyed. We have to hit that factory hard and fast.

The Tamarin commander nodded in agreement. "While I would like to wait for the Norscan backup, for all we know it is not coming. We should hit them hard and fast."

Velti's looked at his men, boys time show your stuff get a few of our ATVs out there that would make a good distraction. Once those snipers are locked on you.” He looked to the tamarin commander your people can take them out, and we storm the factory.”

She nodded. "We will get into position and await your distraction. I believe the appropriate thing to say at this time would be... good hunting?"

"That it is, though robots don't make good trophies. But will compromise alright let's move out." Four of the Kotavorge got on their quadbikes and started roiling out, the rest followed suit. As they made their way to the factory, the Kotavorge on the quadbikes stormed the factory.

What snipers they couldn't see before took the bait, revealing their positions by firing at their attackers.

The robots were good shots, some of them hitting the engine of the bike, one hit the Kotavorg side forcing him to crash. Before the one that forced the Kotavorg to crash could finish him off, his head Exploded when the other bots turned around they saw Bonny in the brushes with a sniper rifle.

They quickly turned to fire at her, only for a large stone to fire through the head of another. The bots were attacked from all angles, unable to focus on a single target and unable to decide who was the most dangerous target. One by one they fell, though the shooting did alert the factory.

“Well that was easy, damn shame I was expecting something more. Doc go check to see if our rider is alive, we’ve seen enough casualties today.” The Kotavorg commander ordered, as they went inside they saw what Olivia and the others said. A factory of advanced robots.” What the hell, I haven’t seen bots like these they gotta custome made right?” The Kotavorgs started to look at the bot, and kept there guns pointed at them in case they activated.

JJ raised an eyebrow. "They're not... coming at us. Do they not see us as a threat?"

"They will once we shut them all down," Olivia muttered.

Suddenly the doors all around the factory suddenly closed. The was a voice coming from above them, when they looked up they saw a monitor.” I told you JJ, I warned you to give up on this deluded attack of yours.” Emile said on his monitor.

"That you, Emile?" JJ looked up. "And I told you I can't do that. This is how it has to be. Either I win today, or I die. But if I fall, there will be others. There will always be others, and sooner or later Solex will lose. Why not get out while you can?"

“Don’t you worry about me, you need to worry about yourself. See, this factory houses just a few of my combat bots. I’m sure you recognize some the last time you were on the ship, I’m here to tell you to take them.” He said smiling.

"Take... them?" JJ raised an eyebrow. "What's your game?"

He laughed at JJ.” My game there is none, when you came to this world you threw away any chance of negotiations, you chose to be killed and enslaved and be used as breeding stock. You also brought us the other AI, on a silver platter.” Emile snapped his fingers.” Ou but let me get back on track, the reason I’m giving you these bots is that I don’t need them. I’ve made new one's better ones, while still good is just shock troopers your armies will see my real bots soon. But some good news.” He showed them a map of the planet and there was a place he marked.” This is where Solex is, he’s ordered us to give you a fighting chance. I don’t know why, maybe for his own enjoyment. But at the end of the day, your men will be killed, and your woman will be fuck toys for us, and sure you can say there will be other. But I want you to think kitty. If you lose today, how many weeks, months, or years will it take for others to come and rescue you huh? You might wanna think about that before you come to us.”

JJ narrowed her eyes. "I was giving you a chance, you know? A way out. I have no intention of losing today. But if you want to die like the rest of them, so be it. Aya, mark that location, but everyone expects a trap. Ash, check the programming on these bots so they don't end up shooting us in the back."

She looked up again and said, "You should follow Roberta's lead. Sure, she helped us for her own selfish reasons, but now she's free, has a family, and is being helped. Don't you want anything more than to be a miserable pirate your whole life, feeding off the death and suffering of others?"

“Lady I’m a weapons maker, feeding off pain and suffering is what I call breakfast. But like I said earlier, don’t you worry about me. I’ve got my own problems that I need to deal with, though unlike Roberta your death will give me my freedom. Because once we win and your enslaved, I’m retiring. Solex will have all AI the GFP has and they will crumble, along with the norscans. So enjoy your last few days of life mercenaries, your gonna wish you spent it doing something else.” The transmission ended.

Olivia scoffed. "Prick..."

JJ shook her head. "Think this giving us androids thing is a trick?"

"I'd say it is more likely overconfidence," Aya smirked. "Let's make them regret it."

“It could be overconfidence, but it’s not like they don’t have a reason to be.” Blisk informed.

“ Indeed, but for now we need to regroup the army’s that are in space and give them our location. Veltis suggested as he tried to contact the fleet.

It was all static at first until finally one of the GFP ships cut through the interference. "What's your situation?" they asked.

“Ou thank the stars, were located in one of the robot factories on this planet I’ll send you the quadrants. How’s it looking up there, are there still plenty of ships left?”

"We're stable for now, but we've taken heavy casualties. So have the pirates, but they seem to have a constant wave of backup. Once we can breakthrough, we need to get all troops on the ground. Fighting up here is a losing battle."

“Then get your asses down here as quick as possible then, and Out of curiosity. Have our Norscan friends shown up yet, have they been seen at all?”

"The Norscans? Yeah, they're here. They've been fighting with us, though... they haven't taken as many casualties as us."

“Ugh Huh, well tell everyone to get their sorry asses down here. We need to prepare for the next phase of the plan.”

"On it. Over and out."