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Been working on my Bio for Knights, How're you all?


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"Because you never asked for my help," Michael says.

"Because we already HAVE help." He gestures to you and Mouse. "You're the boss, Michael…just let us do the work," he says with a sigh. "The last time I let you help, you shot one of New York's mob bosses in the shoulder."

Michael shrugs. "He was reaching for a gun."

"That was unloaded, and he just wanted to show it to you."

"I take that as an offensive gesture."

-What would happen if I and any of my best friends were crime lords...


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So just to break the quiet, what do you guys think our characters from xcom characters would do after the war?

I can see Luke being a counterterrorist officer.


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Yakone it could have gone one of two ways, I'd never actually quite decided. In the Story of Defiance timeline she was never a soldier or fighter at all, but a scientist. That spark of curiosity still existed in her in Liberation of Earth, but she had other priorities and that shaped her a bit differently. She might have gone on to work in a science department anyway, or she might have unwittingly followed SoD!Atka's footsteps and joined a police force.