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So just to break the quiet, what do you guys think our characters from xcom characters would do after the war?

I can see Luke being a counterterrorist officer.
I have the fortune of knowing exactly what my (remaining) cast did.

Lester and Chloe married, and he worked as CEO for a large infrastructure corporation with her help before succumbing to a weakness in his lungs and dying before hitting 90.

Bonnie had a child absent the father (since Lester shot him in the face with a shotgun, thanks Carol, you bitch), and that child left earth on a colony ship. She did not follow, and drank herself to death.

Arthur continued working to keep the peace until such a role was no longer necessary - at which point he became a special type of law enforcer under the Overseer's watch. On this job he encountered a young German street urchin, who he took under his wing and trained into a warrior to surpass him. She eventually joined the military, showed a talent for leadership, and was sent to the aforementioned colony to keep the peace when a civil war claimed the life of the previous military leader there. Indeed, Katarine Fleischer made her adoptive father very proud.

And Samuel? Well, the bastard couldn't sit still. He was on the first ship to that colony, somehow ended up as chief of police in its early years, before being poached by the planet's Overseer to work as a trusted, capable operative - though the two certainly didn't see eye to eye on many matters. He later served under Kat as one of her more senior officers, alongside three of his grandchildren (one of which was a convicted murderer and suffered one hell of a guilt complex as a result), fought a clone of himself, and finally acknowledged at the age of like 80 that the battlefield was no longer a place for him. He outlived his wife and was the second last member of his squad to pass on from old age - in the graveyard in which they were buried, no less.