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  • So wait, were you thinking our first encounter with each other would be written from your side or my side?
    My character, Joel, is about to go to the shooting range and i noticed Ayame said she is too. Was wondering if you could write up some kind of encounter, or i could if you want.
    you did great making my guy sound like I wanted, and you did great making every thing in the fight sound real.
    I also would like to see if stevie, ayame, and anna meet some were to... um... make up for what happened.
    Yo Zombiesplitter53, I wanna have Axton continue training Ayame in using different weapons, but I want your permission first, before I write any more training journals.
    So what do you think about just starting both our characters off right where we started in Season 3?

    Because I'd hate to just end it after all that character development and story, and all the story we still had ahead of us.
    hay i'm so sorry that I got in involved in your story.I thought it would make since to have Alex do it since he thought about it and he saw what the instructor said to kasagi. and again i'm so sorry
    But the problem with that is Anna doesn't know...Ayame or John would have to tell her.

    And P.S
    I keep a constant lookout for your posts too :)
    That last post honestly made me wince in anger a bit, that's some damn good writing :)

    If it made ME wince in anger I can't imagine how Anna will feel if she finds out :/
    And I feel like I must apologize. I took a little jab or two at Ayame in some of my posts. Some intentional, some not. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have let my dislike of her color my actions. (This would have all been in one post, but there is a character limit.)
    I'm not going to lie, I was immediately turned off from Ayame when I read that she was a Zombie. I just found it really jarring. I mean, there's suddenly this five hundred year old, undead teenage girl that's a professional mercenary inserted into a series about fighting aliens? I hope you can understand why that didn't seem to sit well to me.
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