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  • But the problem with that is Anna doesn't know...Ayame or John would have to tell her.

    And P.S
    I keep a constant lookout for your posts too :)
    That last post honestly made me wince in anger a bit, that's some damn good writing :)

    If it made ME wince in anger I can't imagine how Anna will feel if she finds out :/
    And I feel like I must apologize. I took a little jab or two at Ayame in some of my posts. Some intentional, some not. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have let my dislike of her color my actions. (This would have all been in one post, but there is a character limit.)
    I'm not going to lie, I was immediately turned off from Ayame when I read that she was a Zombie. I just found it really jarring. I mean, there's suddenly this five hundred year old, undead teenage girl that's a professional mercenary inserted into a series about fighting aliens? I hope you can understand why that didn't seem to sit well to me.
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