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  • Sarge, I found this on the ChristopherOdd discussion. I think Meeq is some sort of spammer.

    "Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts..."

    That has no place in that thread, and reading it, it sounds like some weird advertisement. We should probably remove that thread.

    Edit: I'll see if Zombie can take care of it.
    Hey Sarge. I play on the Space Engineers server. Do you know if its been updated? I keep getting a message that the server is not up to date
    Hey, random suggestion for the site. I've noticed hyperlinks are really stealthy. They're not a different color, bold-faced, or underlined at all. Is that intentional? I feel like they should stand out more, so people can recognize there's a link and not just plain text.
    Not sure if you saw my message on steam, but I finished the book icon for the general roleplay boards last night. Check the drop box.
    Hey there, I was wondering... With the post ratings, what's the difference between "informative" and "useful"? They seem fairly similar to me.
    The new board is titled 'Gaming Role Playing' right? Does that mean we can't do roleplays there that are not related to such? And if so, is there anywhere we could do something like that?
    Site will be going into maintenance mode soon to move the site to new server.
    Random server problems. We are not on the dedicated server yet. Sorry for problems. Once we are on our own box we will be rock solid.
    Sarge if you want after I get home today or anytime during the rest of the week, I am free for IWD multiplayer or anything else you have in mind to do.
    Make sure to use new rating system guys! its to your benefit to provide feedback to friends posts!
    By the way, Sarge, it might be helpful if you moved the "New Transition Boards" and "Help Me Make More Prefixes" to somewhere that fits them better, now that we have a dedicated subforum for our RP.
    Just a heads up, I found two typos, one for "goodbye" in the We Love Gaming panel thingy, and "Gamigon" in the About section.
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