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  • Currently drawing one of the randomly generated soldiers I got in XCOM 2. Looks really cool so far! :D I hate drawing armor though holy shit
    I've sort of returned to do more art despite having not drawn anything in over a month. Life, why must you be so busy?
    Sorry for being MIA lately. Computer viruses, installing Windows 8.1, class starting, art revolution... Lots going on.
    My computer has a virus of some sort. I practically can't do anything at the moment. :/
    My Dad is blasting 80's music downstairs. Not bashing 80's music, but why does he have to play it at a million decibels? My ears bleed.
    I do have a suggestion for you related to Juniper that I think you might like, but I'm waiting for approval on it. If its approved, I'll give ya a PM explaining it.
    Not to pressure you, but you are missing out on a lot of fun stuff if you haven't started reading the recent story posts. Once Juni's bio is ready, I recommend starting from when the New Delhi Campaign 'Begins.' Post is "Aryan's call to Arms." However, if you just start reading from when your bio is posted that's perfectly fine.
    If you don't already have strong plans for how Juniper is recruited, I could always help you out with that. *Tom waves*
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