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  • Sarge, can you please, for the love of god just allow Zombie to delete posts and accounts... so there is *someone* dealing with the spam bullshit? And maybe give more people moderation roles so we can keep on top of this bullshit?
    just wanted to inform you that since the update today there has a glitch were when you try to access the inventory on dinos and storage by holding the E key then scroll over to access it will not let you open it
    with the update today was a level 57 and now that its back now a level 49 any idea why it rubberbanded that badly?
    was just wondering whats going on your server95 in ARK constant timeouts and unable to connect only server having a issue on thanks for any feedback that can help :)
    Hello Sarge, i was not able to send a msg for some reason so here will do i guess. A server restart occurred while i was flying and i logged back in mid-air to fall to my death. My argentavis had also died because of this. Is there anyway to get the bird back, or maybe a new one, its not really my fault since i got kicked(No it was not my connection, other players were also kicked because of a update)
    Hey Sarge, I didn't notice you online with slack. Whenever you get a chance, can you update the Ark server to v192. Thank you so much for your time Sarge. Have a great weekend sir.
    Werid glitch with server. anyone that notices problems with site please let me know.
    Hey Sarge, what happened to the RP links in that little top bar (next to Forums and Members)? I used to use them a lot and they've disappeared.
    Hey Sarge I noticed you said to PM you if the ARK server ever went down so I came here, since update 181 came out for the game the server has been down for around 2-3 hours now. Do you have an idea about when it will be updated and back up? Have yourself a good day! :D
    Sarge, I found this on the ChristopherOdd discussion. I think Meeq is some sort of spammer.

    "Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts..."

    That has no place in that thread, and reading it, it sounds like some weird advertisement. We should probably remove that thread.

    Edit: I'll see if Zombie can take care of it.
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