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    Trying to keep a eye on these spammers. So Annoying.

    Trying to keep a eye on these spammers. So Annoying.
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    Site update 7-29-18

    Site has been updated to use Recaptcha vs question that bots got around.
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    Site is way overdue for some work

    If you are getting a error posting things! dont worry i am working on it. The posts still go through. Update: Its fixed now.
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    Site update 7-29-18

    Few important changes have been made to the website. * Site has been updated from Xenforo 1.3 to 2.0.9 * Site email registration approval is fixed and people can properly register for the site! * New theme installed, but yet to be customized. Expect changes coming soon. * Major bug and security...
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    Site is way overdue for some work

    Guys, The site is way overdue for some work to fix it. Sadly when I upgrade the site and finally do the work we will lose some of the gamigon design. The new version of Xenforo i am pretty sure is incompatible. I am also partially surprised its still working properly and all. Hopefully when...
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    Heads up, been a long time since i posted. In the next few weeks i will be upgrading the site, nothing will change beside newer version of xenforo, and we will switch to using https so the connection between you and site is encrypted. If there are any other complaints or issues please let me...
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    OOC X-COM Think Tank (part 4)

    so likes and so don't work? no problem i am looking into it. the problem we have this we need to badly badly update the forum software. i will check out the issue. thank
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    New webhost

    I have moved the site to a new host. (we went from a collocation where we owned the equipment to a DigitalOcean instance). Site should load much faster. Thanks
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    The Unknown (Original Story)

    I will take the time to read this and give you my response. It might be wroth posting pages in parts on the board. Some people don't like clicking links.
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    Fantasy Talk

    Do you play any fantasy games?
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    My knowledge is based strictly on Gems previous performance. If you think its settled then its settled.
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    New Writer

    Delayed welcome but welcome!
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    Sounds good.