RP XCOM: The Story of Defiance.


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The following is a collaboration between Dhalexpert as Scarlet/Lilith and Zombiesplitter53 as Jessica/Alexia

Alexia sits alone, picking at a tray of food, a sour look on her face. Mumbling to herself, she says, "'Why don't you eat lunch today? I'm sure you'll enjoy it.' Lying bitch. Just wait until you wake up."

Hay, any one siting here, or are you just going to talk to your self all day.

Alexia looks up at Scarlet. With a shrug, she says, "It's a free country...I think." She ponders the Russian right to sitting next to someone as Scarlet takes a seat across from her.

So, is there a reason your sitting here by your self and having a full blown conversation with your self.

Alexia shakes her head. "No. I'm just used to talking to my sister, so when she's not around, I end up talking to myself."

Well, you have some one to talk to now. Scarlet extends her hand Hi I'm scarlet Van dam and I'm a "soldier".

"I'm Alex." Alexia surpress a curse for using her own name. "Lab tech."

Alex OK, so your a scientist huh so that means you will be dissecting the aliens, A word of warning though, the aliens I kill there may not be enough of them left to study.
Alexia chuckles. "Planning on blowing the lot of them up." She looks Scarlet up and down. "Or were you just going to rip them apart with your bare hands?"

Heh heh OU I do plan to reap them apart with my bare hands, if I get the chance or better yet tear them limb from limb.

Alex raises an eyebrow, then shrugs. "Well, no, I probably won't be seeing them much, at least not at first. That's more Vahlen's job. Though I'll have to examine them at some point, since I'm here as a micro-biologist. The only other thing I can do is genetics, but unless we figure out a way to mix the aliens with you guys, that's mostly useless.

Genetics huh, I have to admit becoming super human will probably make the aliens soil them selves, but that's the point I want to instill as much fear into the as possible and I have a felling ill get to do it very soon.

Alexia puts on a cautious smile. "You're sure eager to get your hands on them. You're to...you know?" She points her finger at the side of her head, swirling it in the 'crazy' motion. "I only ask because my sister had to deal with someone who wasn't all there yesterday."
Scarlet chuckles. well some people call me crazy other call me a monster, but there right I am a monster. I love the smell of blood and killing people I love destruction, so yea you can say I'm crazy.
Yawn...Everything okay? You seem a little upset.
I'm okay. You remember Hugo Strange from the other day?
Yeah, why?
I think I just met the Joker.

Alexia keeps the smile on her face. "Well...I guess we need a monster or two to fight the aliens. Fight fire with fire, right?"

that's kind of the plan, by the you said I'm crazy so what does that make you, because your name tag says Jessica on it witch means you either stole that lab coat or you some made up thing this Jessica made.

You told her your name was Alexia!?I
messed up, sorry!
Just say it's my coat."
Um, yeah, I grabbed the wrong lab coat this morning. This is my sister's coat. Dr. Vahlen...didn't even notice, since my sister and I look alike."
You no I had a hard life but there are a few things I picked up in that life, I learned to trust my instances and I learned when people are lying to me, and your lying. So tell my which of her personalities are you her rage, her smarter half or are you just some love toy she made up because she was lonely one night.


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part 2
"Hey, I don't have to answer to you, you psycho!" Alexia jumps to her feet, slamming her hands on the table, her bracelets bobbing up and down.

Alex, calm down!
"Just 'cause you're an open book about how much of a mental case you are, doesn't mean everyone else needs to be." Alexia sneers at Scarlet. "If this is how you treat everyone you come across, your gonna have a hard time..."
Alex, that's enough. People are probably staring at us. She doesn't even know anything, she's just making assumptions based on all the voices she probably has in her head.
Alex plops down and starts hastily shoving the last of her food in her mouth to keep herself quiet, glaring at Scarlet the entire time.

You no what you may call me a psycho, and right now your thinking the voce in my head is making assumptions of you. but I am the voice that us to be in her head.
Alexia wipes her mouth. "I don't know what the fuck you're talking about, wacko."

You see like you I used to live in my makers head, but her life got so fucked up that she did not want to live in it any more, so she pretty much gave me her body with out even thinking, and if you call her weak. Scarlet point's at Alexia wrest My make may have had it rough in more ways then one but at least she never tried to kill her self, unlike your maker.

Alexia's fists clench in rage, her fury bubbling to the surface. "Don't you dare talk about weakness, you psychotic bitch! Because I'm pretty sure giving up your body to some uncontrollable ghoul because you can't deal with your pain is the weakest thing I've ever heard. Though if I had to guess, you took advantage of her weakness, and one day, she'll probably figure out the mistake she made, and then she'll boot you out like a bad roommate." She folds her arms. "As for me? Like I said, you don't know what your talking about, because I'm sane, every part of me. Now piss off, because you're really starting to piss me off."

Alexia, you need to calm down. I know what your thinking, and even if you wouldn't get us kicked out, she's a trained killer. No matter how much you take care of our body, you can't take her.

I tell you what you worthless doll, you let out Jessica for a small moment, and in exchange Ill let my puppet out. Scarlet see Alexia getting more angry. Ou please bitch you really think you can take me, you be lucky if can beat the crap out of your oun bead sheets in the morning little alone me.

Alexia lets out a low growl and jumps to her feet. She makes to jump over the table, like a wolf pouncing, but suddenly stops. She slowly sits down, folding her hands. A security guard runs up and asks, "Is everything okay?"
Jessica smiles to him and says, "Of course, sorry. I was just joking around." The guard nods and walks away. Once he's out of ear-shot, Jessica says, "I'm sorry for my out burst, you just struck a nerve."

Heh so your Jessica huh Well it looks like the puppet keep her word, so I better keep mine
Scarlet's head hit's the table like she was hit in the back of the head, she's like that for a few minuets.

Jessica slowly reaches forward. "Are you okay...um..."


Scarlet head slowly get's off the table, she cracks her neck a few times swing her left and right arm in a circular motion, and then stretches her body.

Few it's been a while since I hade control of this body, now that you let me out Scarlet I may not lit you back out.

You fucking bitch.

Shut up you worthless murderer, maybe if your good I will let you back out.

Lilith looks across the table and sees Jessica being very patient.

OU hi there you must be Jessica it's nice to meet you, My name is Lilith Lilith Extends her hand. I'm sorry if my other half gave you any trouble.

Could be a trick. Be careful.

Jessica cautiously shakes her hand. "Well, she did say some harsh things. Why do you let her out at all. There's medicine you could take to get rid of her. You don't need someone like that controlling your life."

I could ask you the same question, you could get rid of Alexia if you wanted to. But I'm sure you have your reasons, but let me tell you reasons why I let scarlet out and take my body.
Lilith get's a large frown on her face. See my parents were terrible people the beat me burned me and molested me from when I was born all the way till I was 15. Once I was 15 it got worst, my family forced me to become a prostitute, and made me sell my body for money, and when I refused to do it they would just drug me and make me do it any way, they pumped all kinds of drugs into me cocaine lsd and a bunch of others, and in my bitterness I made scarlet. A monster to do the things that I wanted to do to get me out of that life, but she took control and took my passion for justice and made a sick version of it.

Jessica's brow droops, her expression that of one punched in the gut.

She could be lying. Luring us into a false sense of security.

And if she's not?

I...Then I feel sorry for her. But don't put her burden on your shoulders. And that psycho bitch could jump out at any second.

I know, Alex. I'll be careful. Just remember that not everyone is as lucky as we are.

"Listen...Lilith." Jessica searches for the right words. "I can't say that I can relate. I had a harsh childhood, but my mother was always there for me, so compared to you I have no right to complain. And I'm only eighteen, hardly old enough to start giving out life advice. But you're a grown woman now. Whatever your reasons for creating Scarlet, you don't need her anymore. People are often stronger then they realize." She rubs her bracelets. "My sister taught me that when I was at my lowest point. You don't need Scarlet. You're better then her. I can tell that just from the few moments I've seen you."


SCARLET, SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH. I have my body back, and you will not get it back that easily, Lilith looks at Jessica. Sigh look jess I would love to get rid of scarlet to get her out of her body, but like the way you need Alexia I need scarlet because like she said I can not stomach the sight of blood hell I can even think about killing some on, actually it makes me sick to me stomach the thought of killing, and that's why I still have her. she can do the things that I can't do.

She's almost as crazy as the other one.
Someone could say the same thing about me. They have, haven't they?
Jessica nods. "I understand. I don't agree, but I understand. Just remember that it's your body. Control her, not the other way around."

Scarlet Van Dam please report to the hanger bay, Scarlet van dam please report to the hanger bay.
Well it looks like I'm about to get first dibs on the aliens, Lilith gives Jessica a bright smile. You no this is the first time some one ever showed me kindness. Lilith gets up and hugs Jessica thank you for your kind words, that was also the first time I ever hugged some one,well I better get to the hanger before they take off with out me. Lilith waves at Jessica wish me luck.

Jessica waves back, watching Lilith leave and hoping she reached her.

Jessie...I'm sorry I lost control like that. Thanks for stopping me.
That's what sisters are for, right?
Jessie, I'm...I'm not like Scarlet...am I? Some...parasite that's...

Jessie slams her fist on the table, making several people give her an odd look.
Don't you ever say anything like that again! You're my sister, and I'd die if I ever lost you!
...thank you, Jessie. I love you, too.



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X-COM Mission Parameters
Alien Abduction Mission

Operation: Devil's Moon, March 3rd, 2018

Location: Berlin, Germany
Time: 2130 Hours, Local Time

Mission Details: Berlin was the location of one of the first alien attacks, now believed to be for the purpose of mass-human abduction based on the number of reported disappearances and the unusual pods that seemed to encase their victims in an unknown green substance.

Alien activity on site was believed to be negative, but a recon team of German soldiers tasked with investigating the site has failed to report back.

Investigate the site, discover the whereabouts of the German recon team, and neutralize any threats. Keep in mind that we are still unsure about what the aliens look like or how they operate. Reports and footage about them vary from little grey men, to small flying robots, to tall, lanky humanoids with impressive dexterity. Exercise extreme caution.

Number of soldiers for this mission: Four (4)

Soldier's names:
Pvt. Johnson, David
Pvt. Carraway, Lewis
Pvt. Van Dam, 'Scarlet'
Pvt. Nguyen, Lindy

Gear: Player's character will be equipped with the following supplies:

- Primary weapon: Either an Assault Rifle, Assault Carbine, SMG, or Battle Rifle

- Secondary Weapon: Either a Pistol or a Machine Pistol

- Equipment: Two (2) of the following; a medikit, ceramic plating, a battle scanner, an AP grenade, a HE grenade, a flash-bang grenade, a smoke grenade, or a High-capacity magizine.

Terrain: This will be a short mission. It takes place on a single city block leading up to a medium-sized factory. Along the way, there is a bus stop, a single alien pod, and several abandoned vehicles, including an armored transport vehicle that shows no signs of damage and still contains most of it's supplies, though there is no sign of the soldiers. Four of the German soldiers can be found on the way, all dead, in various states of decay, from relatively intact, to one that has been eviscerated.

The textile factory at the end of the street can be accessed through a large bay door or a line of first-story windows. There are several shelves, machines, and piles of clothing to act as both low and high cover. All of the aliens will be encountered in this building.

Three Sectiods with Plasma Pistols
A single Sectoid Commander mind controlling a German soldier, who is equipped with an shot-gun and a grenade.

Conditions to complete mission:
Eliminating the three Sectoids. The Sectiod Commander will retreat when it is first discovered, and cannot be killed.


(2) Retreating from the mission site by returning to the dropship. Retreat can only be ordered after the aliens are first discovered

However the mission is completed, 75% (3) of the soldiers must die during the course of the mission.

Notes from the Commander:
The Commander and Bradford stand in Central Command, looking up at the hologlobe as it tracks the dropship on its way to Germany. "Cross yer fingers, Bradford," the Commander said. "We need to trust our men are prepared to face somethin' they couldn't possibly be prepared for."

Bradford nods, and gives the Commander a curious look. "I'm surprised with your opinion of Van Dam that you'd send her out on our first mission."

The Commander smirks. "What's wrong? Lost faith in someone you pushed for already?" She shrugs. "Call it a test of her ability to follow orders. She's a pain in the arse, but I'm don't think she's as unreasonable as she let's on. If she plays nice, and gets back alive, she'll get her grenade launcher." She turns to leave. "Keep me informed. There is someone I need to talk with, and your more then capable of handling this."

"Yes, sir." The Commander exits, and Bradford turns his attention back towards the hologlobe.
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Frostlich1228 & and ZombieSplitter53 (Interview with the Commander: Ammelia Cross)

The Commander sits in her office, softly singing along to an Irish folk song playing on a large radio on the side of the room. The intercom sounds, but rather then a loud buzz, it plays the first few notes to the refrain of R.E.M.'s It's the End of the World. The Commander smiles, "Yes?"

"Ms. Cross is here."

"Send her in...and Peggy?"


The Commander chuckles. "Thanks for fixing this damn thing."

"You're welcome."

Ammelia walks into the office slowly, holding her hands in front of her. She has a large black spot around her left eye and a small amount of dried blood in her nose. The Commander turns her music off and jumps to her feet. Running over to Ammelia, she grabs hold of her chin and gently lifts her head. "Are ya okay, Lass?" She asks with a mother's tenderness.

"Yeah, I'm f-fine." Ammelia says quietly, "It still hurts though... "

"Please, sit down." Morrigan guides Ammelia to a chair and leans against her desk. Not bothering to hide her accent like she normally does, she says, "I was only told ye looked like you'd been roughed up a tad. I woulda had ya go to the infirmary if I'd known ye looked like this."

"I don't want to go to the infirmary on my second day here, that's just embarrassing." Ammelia says with a frown, "Besides, it can't be that bad, a few punches aren't going to kill me... "

Morrigan sighs, trying to find the best way to word her thoughts. "Dear...I'm familiar with your file. And I know someone in your...condition...probably doesn't like asking for help. But we have rules on this base. And if you look like this on your second day, I need to know why."

Ammelia gives the Commander a defeated look. "Fine...my roommate beat me up, she said I had no experience and that I've never even killed anyone. When I told her that I was prepared for what killing someone does to you, she punched me in the face."

The Commander keeps a calm look, but can't keep her eye from twitching slightly. She swings around her desk and sits in her chair. Typing on her computer, she asks, "What was the name of your roommate?"

"Her name was..." Ammelia pauses for a minute, then lets out a heavy sigh, " Scarlet...Scarlet Van Dam, if I remember correctly."

The Commander stops typing, this time unable to hide her anger. "I knew I should 'ave... who's bright idea was it to put her with a rookie?" She continues to type rapidly. "I'm sorry this happened to ya, love. This was my responsibility, my failure. I need to know what you'd like to do."

Ammelia rubs the back of her neck. "Just keep her as far away from me as possible, can you do that? I just don't want her near me... " She looks down at the floor and shakes her head. "I can't believe I'm doing this. I can't believe I'm already running to the Commander for help... "

"Yer not runnin' to anyone, love." The Commander looks Ammelia in the eyes. "I don't care if you're the most experienced soldier on base or greener then bottle of good absinthe. If someone attacks you, I need to know. And speaking of which, you look like you could use a bit 'o spirits." She ducks down and rummages through a drawer.

Ammelia cracks a smile at her. "Me? Drink? Sorry, but no, my dad told me that drinking does more harm than good. I've also had some...bad experiences with alcoholics."

Pulling out a small bottle of a light green liquid, Morrigan smirks. "Anything you'd like to share?"

"Well, my biological father was an pretty heavy drinker. I guess it makes sense, he had four kids to take care of all by himself, not to mention that he had to have someone watch me twenty-four seven." Ammelia relaxes in the chair, "Most of the time it was my sisters, lord knows they were less fun to be around. Breaking my things, teasing me to no end, they hated being around me, and it showed..."

Morrigan frowns. "Well, your father...you adoptive father is right." She places the bottle back into her drawer, suddenly losing her thirst. "The drink does cause a lot of harm." She turns back to her computer. "Let's see who's got a room open, love." Her frown deepens. "I'm sorry, Ms. Cross. I've been talking to you like a child, haven't I? You just remind me of...someone. It won't happen again."

Ammelia gives her a smile. "Don't worry, I'm used to people talking to me like I'm six, I guess it doesn't really bother me that much anymore." Her eyes suddenly widen, "Oh! All this talk about fathers reminds me, my dad wants to contact me every once and awhile here at the base, you know, just to see how I'm doing. Is that okay?"

As she types, Morrigan says, "All staff will be allowed to contact the outside through their room computers once the final checks on our firewalls are finished. I'd say give it another day, two at the most. As long as you realize that all transmissions and conversations will be monitored." She glances at Ammelia. "Not that I have any reason to distrust you or your father, mind you. It's just policy."

"Thanks so much!" Ammelia touches her bruised eye and recoils in pain, "How am I going to explain this to him though..."

Morrigan smirks again. "You could always tell him to he should see the other guy. But otherwise, just tell him it happened during training. You're an adult, he should understand." She looks at her screen in confusion. "Wait this says your roommate is...oh, wait, different woman. I'm going to bunk you with an Amelia Fisher. The name thing might be a bit confusing, but it's better then where you are now. You'll have to have a third roommate I've been trying to place. Her name is Sonya Randolf. Don't worry, she's an engineer, not a soldier, and she doesn't take up too much room."

Ammelia stands up and sticks out her arm for a handshake, saying, "Thank you for all your help Commander. It means a lot to me."

"Anytime." The Commander shakes Ammelia's hand. "After all, if I can't at least do this, what good am I." She glances at her clock. "Ms. Van Dam is likely landing in Berlin as we speak. That'll give you plenty of time to repack your stuff. You'll be sent a message of the location of your new room by the time you're done."

Ammelia nods her head and smiles before leaving the room, the bounce returning to her step as she walks around the corner. Morrigan presses her intercom. "Peggy, I need you to send a message to, um...whoever takes care of room assignments. And to Bradford once he's available."


"Tell them that Pvt. Cross was uncooperative. She refused to tell me who attacked her, said it was her own problem. Poor girl let her pride get in the way. However, considering who her roommate is, we have to assume it was likely Pvt. Van Dam. We'll be moving Cross to the room of Pvt. Fisher and Ms. Randolf. Van Dam can have her room to herself until we find someone crazy enough to bunk with her."

"Very good, sir. I'll send the messages right away."

Shalquoir jumps on the desk and meows, turning her head to the side. Morrigan looks at her and says, "Because without cameras in the rooms, it would be her word against Scarlet's." Shalquoir meows again, and paws lightly at Morrigan's arm. Morrigan frowns. "I know she's telling the truth, but ye know how complicated these things are. Fer now, the best I can do is get her away from Scarlet. And hopefully gettin' a taste of battle will get Van Dam to lighten up." The cat walks up to the computer and taps the screen, still displaying the room assignments. "Oh, don't worry, there will be hell to pay when I find out who screwed the pooch on this one."

Shalquoir jumps off the desk, and the Commander grabs her coffee, putting a little more whiskey in it before taking a drink. After a few minutes, she heads out on her way to Central Command to observe the mission.
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Mission: evil's Moon

Lindy: is any one else nerves, I mean wear going into alien territory here.
David: Yea, I have family in Berlin and to see it like this, it makes me think how do we stand a chance.
Lewis:Were going to die all of us, this is the end it's the end of the world.
Scarlet punches Lewis and breaking his noes.
Lewis: ouch you bitch why did you do that.
Scarlet: two things first, scarlet slaps Lewis, and second. We don't need people freaking out during a mission. Scarlet walks to the exit Listen to me you sniveling lumps of meat, You choose this we are not the military we are a volunteer program, you all no what were getting into and now that the time has come to finally fight the aliens you all turn into a bunch of bitches. Big sky's door slowly opened. Listen if you want to be a bunch of pussies, then stay here and suck your thumps, but if any of you are true warriors then Quit your wining and get out here.

Scarlet get's off the ship.
David: Fucking woman, you will not show me you hear me.
Lindy: Yea there is no way I'm leaving the fait of humanity to this bitch.
Lewis: This is a terrible Idea.

All the recruits get off the ship.

Bradford: Scarlet did ye have to punch Lewis in the face.
Scarlet: We was losing his nerve but I got him off the ship, if I did not bitch slap him we would still be on the ship, and the others will try to get him off wasting not only my time but your time.

Bradford: speaking to all of the solders head set. Listen up, this is a scout mission at 2057 hours the aliens came in and attack Berlin dew to the mass of disaperience we believe this was an abduction. One week ago these alien containers came out of the sky and a green substance some how paralyze them, but reports say the substance has dissipated a germen squad was sent in but they recently went missing, so your objective it to find the firing team if possible and take out any remaining aliens.

Lewis: Yes sir
David: Yes sir
Lindy: Yes sir
Scarlet: Alright then

Scarlet, I need you to move up to the statue in front of you, Lewis move up to the police care to the left, David move up to the red car ahead of you.

David, Scarlet and Lewis move into there positions.
David: Central I have movement 30 meters north of my position police vehicle.
Bradford: Roger that move to the next vehicle for a better vantage point. Lindy move to that police vehicle it's the only place that is full cover so you better double time it.
Lindy and David move there to there position.

Lindy: what the hell.
Bradford: What do you see Lindy report.

Lindy: it's one of the recon team sir it looks like something.
A creepy noise surrounds the area.
Bradford Is that your man Lindy
Lindy no sir that's something else.

Scarlet: Fuck this, this tactical shit boring while were siting here the aliens are possible escaping. Scarlet moves up to the bus stop What the fuck.
Bradford: Scarlet what are you doing, wait for our orders.
Scarlet: Shut up central look I found one of the recon teams, but it looks like he's been dead for months.
DR Vahlen: even move troubling it looks like something burst out of him from the inside.
Scarlet: I'm going to investigate this you go and talk to the others.
Bradford orders the other solders to push to the building.
Scarlet slowly walks up to the building, and get's to cover next to David.
Bradford: Lewis disarm him.
Scarlet looks around the area and see some shadows in the back OU shit Central it's ambush a set up a trap, Lewis get the fuck out of there.

The posses solider shots Lewis and then set's off a grenade.

Scarlet: FUCK. Scarlet moves forward and see a little gray alien in her way Drop dead Scarlet fires half her magazine at the alien
Bradford: David there is a alien right next to. Before he can finish his sentence the alien as killed David.

Lindy: Damn it you son of a bitch how about a pineapple for you. Lindy throws a grenade at the alien that killed David. Fucking scum ball.

An alien comes behind Lindy and fires at Lindy cheats Fucking little bastard.

Scarlet: You mist on you little shit. Scarlet runs to the gray alien and kicks it in the face, The alien points it's gun at scarlet but Scarlet grabs it's wrist and yanks the weird object off of the gray things wrist.

Scarlet: Well well it looks like your defenseless, let me ask you something you little worm, do you fell fear. The alien makes a strange noise, if that's a no then let's change that shall we. Scarlet kicks the alien in the gut once the alien is on it's back Scarlet get's on to of the alien an viscously beats the alien.
Bradford: Scarlet....Scarlet....SCARLET
Scarlet stops punching the alien, and she sees that the aliens brain and most of it's face is missing.

Scarlet: How long have I been punching that thing.
Bradford: 3 minutes Scarlet there is nothing that you could do for the others, get back to the ship.

Scarlet: walks back to the ship. Sigh the commander is not going to like this one.


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Amelia Fischer
In the middle of Siberia
Siberian Federal District, Russian Federation
3:41 PM

Emily kicked the back of the seat in front of her, grunting impatiently. It was childish, but Agent Smith showed little reaction, despite the treatment. The jeep banged and bumped, the wheels squeaking loudly as they went over unpaved roads and drifts of snow.

“So,” she sighed.

“We’re almost there,” Stockard said.

“You said that an hour ago.”

“We’re closer than we were an hour ago.”

“You said that on the 32-hour plane ride.”

“If it makes you feel better, most of it was going in circles over the Aegean.”

“Why would that make me feel better?”


“Why’s security so tight anyway? Do the aliens know any plane from any other plane? Are they even attacking planes?”

“That’s classified,” Smith said.

Emily leaned forwards between the two front seats, looking angrily into Agent Smith’s dead black sunglasses.

“Anyone ever tell you that you’re one annoying son of a bitch, Smith?”

He turned to her, much to her surprise.

“My wife, before she left me. Unfortunately, she died of leukemia but three months ago, and I wasn’t there to help her. My son blames me for not being there, and won’t commit to his studies to spite me. But I’m still here, fighting for them – for X-COM. As long as the aliens think I’m an annoying son of a bitch, you are free to think so too.”

Emily paused. She really didn’t need to know that much about him.

“You’re a complex man, Smith.”

“That’s classified,” he muttered.

She sighed and took her feet off of the back of Smith’s seat. She could barely sense an exhale of relief from him. She laid her feet across the seat of the truck, putting her head against the hand rest.

“You guys mind if I try to get some sleep?” she said. “I don't really sleep on planes.”

“By all means,” Stockard stated.

Emily closed her eyes slowly. She felt the rock of the truck, nudging her side to side in her seat. She heard the squeak of the dated metal, the soft hum of the engine flowing through the door like electricity. She felt…familiar.

Amelia Fischer, 14
A dozen miles from home
Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA

August 2nd, 2005 - 5:12 PM

The boys chuckled to themselves.

“This new girl is so dumb,” the long-eared one said.

“I know right?” said the short-haired boy, “this is going to be hilarious.”

“Hey, guys,” I said from the third row of seats. “We’ve been driving for a while. Where are we going, anyway?”

“Don’t worry, we’re almost there,” the short-haired boy said.

I slinked down in my seat. Seriously? The boys have to take me halfway down the Piscataqua to pick on me? You'd think a new town and high school would actually be interesting. I mean, at the very least, it must be a good prank for all this build up. Which means it’ll be even funnier when I see it coming. Worst case, I kick their ass. I punch the air convincingly. Pow-pow-pow.

The car glides to a stop, the brakes whining as it closed in.

“We’re here!” the long-eared boy says.

We all walk out of the car, except for the short-haired boy’s big brother, who drove us here. To my surprise, they’d brought me all the way to some dock. The Atlantic Ocean, literally but yards from my feet. If they were a little older, it would almost be romantic. Instead, they snickered to themselves again.

“Ok, check it, biggest port in all of the state.”

“Heh, yeah, you first, Emily.”

“First for what?” I asked.

“Hide and seek, dummy. You hide, we look really hard to find you.”

“What do I get if I win?”



“I don’t know, a girly thing! Just go!”

Really? They brought me all the way here so they could pretend to get me lost? I should just throw one of these nitwits into the sea right now! I scurry away, watching them as I run between stacks of crates and beeping machines. They don’t even pretend to count while I hide. Are all of the kids in this town this stupid?

The boys whip out two GBAs and start playing some game. I run across the dock and find a nice stack of containers, climbing to a nice perch. Hiding inside one of them, I lay down and crack open the door. I can barely hear the boys giggle to themselves, playing their games. I lay out some swatches of cloth that are in the crate and lay down on them. Not bad at all.

Thirty minutes later, I'm still watching them, laying comfortably in my hiding spot. They look up from their games to see a guard staring at them from behind angry eyes and a bushy beard.

“Hey, you kids just can’t hang around here all day, this is a place for working people!” he shouts.

The boys look around worriedly.

“We’re just, uhhh…playing with a friend.”

“Well, take your friends and buzz off,” he grunts. “This is no place for kids to be running around. There are dangerous machines here.”

“Yessir,” the long-eared one says.

The guard walks away and one of them steps forward.

“She has been gone a long time,” he said.

“Just yell for her, I’m sure she’s just behind a box somewhere waiting for us.”

“Uh…Emily?” he shouts half-heartedly. They look around for me, but I’m nowhere to be found.

Emily! You win! Come out now!” they both shout.

“Well, this was an easy reversal,” I whisper to myself.

They wander around, scared to go too deep into the port. They shout and shout, getting more and more panicked. I giggle to myself as they scurry around, freaking out.

“Oh God, man!” the long-eared one said. “We lost her, man!”

“Shhhh!” the short-haired one replied. “It’s fine. We’ll just…um…call the cops. They can find her, right?”

“What if she got crushed by a box or something?! This was a stupid fucking idea!”

“Don’t cuss!”

“We’re going to be in a lot more trouble than cussing if we don’t find her,” he says, punching his shoulder hard, “we need to find her before we go to jail!”

“I know, I know, let’s just go home. We’ll tell your brother that we were just dropping her off, and when we get home, we can call the cops. We can say she ran away from home or something and we had nothing to do with it.”

“Yeah. Yeah, let’s do that.”

They both get back into their brother's crappy SUV, and after a little bickering with their chauffeur, they all leave. Whoops. I can’t believe they’d just leave me here! I knew I was trapped, marooned by the neighborhood boys in a place that I shouldn’t have been in. It didn’t feel that way, though. I laid on the blankets and cloth and felt cozy. The walls of the crate were solid and simple. The sea breeze bounced off the open door like a laser and blew by my face like a gentle touch. I actually liked it in this tiny little crate. At that very moment, I wondered…what’s the inside of a real ship look like?

The crate suddenly shifts and I bump into the wall beside me.
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Amelia Fischer
X-COM Headquarters
Siberia, Russian Federation
4:29 PM

Smith’s hand halfheartedly shook Emily’s leg. She looked up to see Stockard glancing back at her. She was on the floor.

“You alright back there?” Stockard asked.

“She just fell out of the seat,” Smith mumbled.

“Yeah. What, they don’t put seatbelts in these trucks?”

“It was made decades ago. You don’t really have to worry about collisions out in the middle of nowhere anyway.”

“A fair point, I suppose,” Emily muttered as she got back into the seat.

“Good you got some sleep at least.”

“Not really. Just…deep in thought.”

“Ah. Anything interesting?”

Emily cocked her head, considering if she wanted to share her thoughts.

“The last time I was the new kid,” she said with a pause, “and what it meant for me.”

“Don’t worry. We’re all teammates at X-COM. Just…your teammates might be a little stranger.”

The brakes of the truck whined loudly as the truck came to a stop. The entire metal box on wheels hissed loudly as it settled back.

“We’re here,” Stockard stated.

A black bandana slung from the front of the truck into Emily’s lap.

“Really? A blindfold? Why?”

“That’s classified,” Smith said spitefully.

Emily put on the blindfold, barely being able to see out of the bottom. It didn’t matter much, it was just snow. Stockard’s hand grabbed her and helped her out of the truck, followed by her large duffel being slung onto her back. They walked quietly for a little ways before reaching any solid ground. They went indoors, into some lift that whirred to life as they pressed buttons around her. After a few winding passages and lifts, Stockard finally grabbed the cloth behind her head.

As the blindfold was taken off her, the first thing Emily saw was a massive globe of glowing blue light, every nation in the world outlined in brilliant colors. Two dozen drones typed rapidly on computers and passed clipboards to each other, frantically working on tasks unknown. Blips and swirls appeared on the globe at random, each one prompting interest in the workers.

“Welcome to X-COM, Private Fischer,” Stockard said.

“Private?” Emily muttered.

“We have our own ranking system here. Don’t worry, everyone’s starting off on the same page.”

“This is pretty amazing,” she admitted, “is this where I’ll be working?”

“No, this is the Situation Room. This is where our monitors pick the missions you and your colleagues will go on. Normally, you won’t go in this room, but we find recruits respond well when they realize an entire network is at their back. As long as you’re an X-COM soldier, you’re not alone.”

“Well, that’s good,” she said, surveying everything.

“We also have massive research labs, a high-tech fabrication lab, along with–”

“If I can speak freely?”

“Go on.”

“I’d like to go on a tour and everything, but I’ve been awake for at least two days…do you think you can just point me towards the barracks?”

“Well, it’s a little odd, but yeah. Follow us.”

They took another lift down a floor, the little waist-high doors hissing open. They walked past a common room with a bar and a few game tables, as well as some other interesting features Emily couldn’t quite process yet. Two recruits threw darts against a board, one of them looking at her rather crazily as she passed by. The entourage got to a large metal door with a sign over it that said “Barracks #4.” They clicked a button to open the door, a rather surprisingly cozy looking room sitting inside. Three bunk beds laid against the far wall, a total of six beds. Most of them were empty and devoid of color, but she did register a few bags scattered about one of them.

“This is you,” Stockard said.

“Thanks. Maybe a tour later, yeah?”

“Well, we have to go. There’s some potential recruits in L–”

“That’s classified,” Smith interrupted.

“–Classifiedland that are waiting for us. I’m sure someone else will be so kind, though.”

Emily paled a little at the realization that she had missed the tour window, but she was too tired to even consider walking around a big military base for a half hour.

“I’ll miss you guys,” Emily muttered drowsily.

“The missions will come in for you soon enough. Fight hard, stay safe,” Stockard stated with a salute. “Vigilo Confido.”

“Velado Convivo,” she tried to parrot.

The two X-COM agents departed, probably never to be seen again. Emily briefly wondered if a guy like Smith is considered normal around here. She wandered over to one of the bottom bunks, collapsing down onto it utterly. She stared at the empty bed above her momentarily, sighing as she considered her decision to be here. She wondered if that civilian, Tom, survived. Her eyes closed at long last.
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O200 hours, X-com base.

Scarlet covered in alien blood throws her gun in a corner.

Sigh I'm tired,need sleep. Scarlet notice a message on her computer, what now.
Scarlet walks to her computer and sees that she has two messages. what the hell.

The screen displays Bradford, sitting in his office. "Pvt. Van Dam. Congratulations on surviving your first encounter. The Commander would have liked to congratulate you herself, but she is currently being detained by the Counsel in regards to the result of the mission. She does deeply regret the loss of your squad-mates, and has asked me to send out a request to everyone to pay at least a few minutes of respects at the memorial. You did well today, though we would ask that, in the future, you follow orders closer, and you watch your temper. Failure to do so could get you or your squad-mates killed.

Kiss my ass central, if I had fallow orders I be dead right now. Great there's more.

"However, as it was not your fault that the mission ended so poorly, and we at least recovered valuable research materials, you have been promoted to the rank of Specialist. Please go to acquisitions at your earliest convenience to pick up your new insignia. We have determined, based on your performance, that you would be best suited as a scout. Your training to improve your reflexes starts tomorrow at 0800 hours in the Officer Training School.
Well at least the admit that the failer was not my fault, and a promotion to, so scout huh well at least I get to do some training.

"Finally, your request for a mini-grenade launcher has been approved. Please report to Engineering after your training tomorrow and ask for Sonya Randolf. She will show you your new weapon. "Thank you, and good luck on your next mission."

Wow the commander keep her word so she can be trusted, looks like I ou her my loyalty. Wait there is another message.

Again, the screen displays Bradford. "It has been brought to the attention of Commander O'Brien that your roommate, Ammelia Cross, was assaulted yesterday.

I fucking new that kid was weak, looks like all that talk about her wanting to help others and standing on her oun was bull shit.
Pvt. Cross was directly questioned by the Commander, but she refused to name her assailant. Well, looks like there's hope for her after all.
However, based on your history of violent behavior and in light of your approximation to the victim, you are our prime suspect. As Pvt. Cross has refused to name you as her attacker, we can bring no charges against you, but in the best interests of Pvt. Cross, she has been moved to another room. You will have your room to yourself until further notice. Please limit any contact with Pvt. Cross to public areas. Failure to do so will result in immediate detention and possible discharge from Project X-COM. You've just started your move through the ranks here. Please do not end it so needlessly."
I fucking dare you people to take me out of here, and as fro the runt if she takes my offer there is not a damn thing you people can do to me, but once I do get my hands on that runt she will experience true pain. Scarlet get's up and heads to the shower.

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Leon's Medical Journal Entry No.1

My first day at X-COM is nothing like I expected it would be. First of all, HOW AM I NOT THE HEAD SCIENTIST?! I know I can do better than this Vahlen woman all the scientists keep talking about but yet, I'm doubted by those with inferior intellect. They put me up with a roommate even though I should have a private room; she was interesting to say the least but in the end, her humanity will limit her from achieving her true potential. She says she feels sorry for me but I still cannot comprehend why she would say that? I am smarter than her, I will achieve more in my life and most importantly, I'm not the same old scientist who follows ethics and carefully selects his experiments, I just do them. She will never even be a fraction as good as me.

We had 3/4 of our team annihilated by those aliens and what's worse, I'm not allowed to study any corpses we got from the mission. The best way to defeat our enemies is by learning about them, not conserving them for later use; this is war, we can't sit around and wait for the aliens to make the next move. The one person who did survive the mission is simply insane; she may be a good soldier but I don't think she will limit the violence to those aliens. Many people may compare me to her yet what has she done with everything she's killed, blown it up most likely whereas I have carefully dissected each one of my corpses, each time learning more.

I don't know if these soldiers can do it but I know I can give them the best chance at finishing this.


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Scarlet Van Dam journal entry No, 1

Well, my first couple of days at this base have been interesting, I peat the shit out of my roommate.

I will not apologize for what I did, why are we making this any way. No better question WHY DO YOU HAVE MY BODY.

Shut the hell up scarlet, now that you set me free the same way I did to you, your just going to have ta deal with me.
Any way I met this girl just like me, she's not like me only her other half is a little more house broke then mine, and they seem to be in sync with one another.
And if that Damn Alexia try's to face me again, I'll beat her down like that damn alien.

Right how can I forget, we hade our first mission and it went horrible three soldiers died on our watch.

That was not our fault, central fucked up and we be dead to if it wasn't for me ignoring central, but hay at least I got to turn an alien into nothing more the a piece of meat.

Yea, and we got promoted to a scout.

I would prefer a more aggressive class, but at least we get a grenade launcher.

Well, I heard our training will requires us to be dogging bullets.

Dodging bullets, like in the matrix.

Like the matrix.

OU hell yea, I change my mind I love this class and can't wait for training, I'm going to be a more bad ass then neo.

Heh, maybe the commander will allow us to wear all black with some black shades.

Are you serous.
No, we will not be wearing that on missions.
How about in the combat simulator.

Well see what happens.
Fuck yea, this is going to be awesome.


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Settling into the Job

The picture flickers to life, displaying main engineering. Supplies, equipment, and machinery can be seen here and there, and people can be seen walking in the background, occasionally looking towards the camera as they pass by.

The face of a silver-haired girl comes into view, close enough to block most of the shot. "I don't see the red...oh!" She runs back from the camera, coming into full view a few feet in front of the camera. She wears a plain, black-and-white stripped shirt, blue overalls, black, slip resistant shoes, and a small, yellow bump-cap.

She pulls a small device from her pocket and points it at the camera. A green outline momentarily appears around her. She takes a few steps to the left, then a few to the right, smiling as the camera follows her motions to keep her centered. She returns to her original position and puts the device back into her pocket.

"Ahem...video log... for sun...Sonya Randolf, March 4th... um..." Sunny glances at her watch. "...9:45 am. M-my time here has been...I have been very busy...w-which I'm grateful for. Usually, when I've secured a job, they still don't trust me t-to do much. But Commander O'Brien and Dr. Shen have been very understanding, and have trust me t-to do what I came here for."

Sunny frowns, and sad look washing over her face. "I was very upset to here about o-our loses yesterday, but I hope th-that with the materials we recovered, their deaths won't be in vain. I hope we can use this a-as an opportunity to prevent future loss of life."

Sunny reaches onto the table next to her a lefts a small, circular device about the size of an American half-dollar. "This was recovered amongst the fragments of the alien weapons...I-I mean, pieces of them, but this one was intact. We are s-stil examining it, but by comparing it too our technology, w-we believe it is some kind of monitor, as well as a self destruct device."

She places it on the table and puts an anettena-like device onto it. She places another such device on an object shaped life a gun, transparent with a small radio-like object in it. She puts on a pair of safety glasses on, and uses a small electro-rod to run a current through the circular object. Almost immediately, the gun-shaped object is destroyed in a small explosion. A couple of techs run over, but Sunny waves them off with an embarrassed look.

Pulling off her safety glasses, Sunny continues. "We believe these were monitoring the aliens' vitals, and destroyed the weapons upon their deaths. This is v-very important for our s-soldiers to remember. If they find an alien weapon, do not touch it w-without extreme care, e-especially if they know it's owner has died. We p-probably won't be able to recover an intact weapon, at least not without capturing a live alien somehow."

Sunny walks over to a large object covered wit a tarp. "By comparing the scorch marks from the mission with those from other locations, a-and by examining footage from the view-cams, we are now sure the a-aliens use some kind of high energy, super h-heated plasma. While we have l-little hope of replicating it now, we can use th-this knowledge for building armor, and use the technology in the weapon fragmenta t-to improve our w-weapons. As for the mental abilities displayed by the a-aliens themselves..."

Sunny clumsily pulls the tarp away, revealing a small, armored, tracked vehicle with a simple turrent gun, and nearly drapes herself in the tarp. Throwing the tarp to the side, and attempting to tap the redness from her blushing cheeks, she says, "This is a Super Heavy Infantry Vehicle, or SHIV. I believe this particular one is from the United States, since it looks like a slightly modified version of the one I designed for the U.S. army. Th-there is little I can do for our soldiers against the aliens' powers, b-but I'm hoping a machine would be immune to them."

She walks back to the table and holds up a large schematic for the camera, so large it almost completely blocks the camera's view of her. "Um, as they are now, I-I don't think they'd work well enough, especially after the other day. B-but I've made improvements to the designs, including a new metallic composition for the armor that is both strong and light, a newly designed t-turret that won't overheat as fast, a-and a brand new A.I. I programmed myself to work in c-conjunction with radio control."

Placing the schematic to the side, she smiles brightly. "The Commander and Dr. Shen h-have already approved of the new plans. I start work o-on the first prototype today. I-if we all work hard enough, we might even have it ready before the next mission."

She thinks for a moment, but deciding she's said everything she needed to for now, she presses to fingers against her forehead and flicks them upwards. She skips over to the camera, and shuts it off.
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700 hours, local time. March 4th, 2018.

Atka visualized her opponents, lining up the direction of their shots in her head, and moved accordingly. A series of imaginary plasma shots screamed through the air, but none of them hit the Inuit woman as she moved with speed and purpose. Lifting her gun, she went through the motion of returning fire and taking down at least one opponent. She took a breath, and stopped practicing for a moment. “It won’t be that easy on the battlefield, Atka…” she muttered to herself, taking a breather. And yet, she had to be prepared. It seemed that even against an equal number of the siquttipaa XCOM’s forces barely stood a chance, so Atka had to be at her best.

Once she had gotten a drink and rested for a few minutes, she went back into her training, doing physical exercises to keep up her strength, and later mental exercises. The Canadian pulled out a visual recorder, making sure no one was around to bother her. “All right…this is a weird way to start off a visual journal, but I’m going to try to strategize a bit. The great spirit knows we’ll need strategy against this superior enemy we’re up against.” First, there are small gray aliens armed with arm-pistols that were reputed to have mental prowess, as a strange leader-type had shown. XCOM had our first run in with these ‘sectoids’ last night. They probably work in small groups and try to use their powers to overcome physically-stronger enemies like us. They probably will try to flank us and use those strange mental powers to throw us off, as we saw with that mind controlled soldier.” Atka shuddered, in spite of herself. “I’m not sure how we’re going to fight that yet…”

“Then there are small flying robots that are hard to hit, and could use their beam weapon to launch stinging bolts of energy or reconstruct armor and circuitry almost miraculously. We’ve seen these things in the news around Germany; the Russian, Modya, mentioned seeing them on TV. Another type that works in groups, but they’re more aggressive since they have no fear. For those we probably need to just gun down and avoid them getting on top of us. Focus firing is key here, so they don’t repair each other. Considering their technological wonders, I imagine engineering will want to mess around with things once they get the chance,” Atka mused.

Atka sighed. “I suppose what scares me the most are their infiltrators. There have been reports of strange creatures with reptilian eyes that can mimic human appearance for everything but that, and have accuracy that makes a lot of human marksmen look like amateurs. Not only that, but they can spit some sort of debilitating poison, and are exceptionally dexterous. What to do about these…” Atka wondered, pacing back and forth in front of the camera. “I think all we can do is kill them quickly, use the element of surprise, or overwhelm them.” Cracking a smile, she adds, “Or have our Dragomirov blow them sky-high. So far explosives are probably going to be our best friend, whether it is flash-bangs, hand grenades, or even smoke grenades, we need to be using our tactical equipment more. Operation Devil’s Moon went poorly, in part, because they didn’t think to use their tactical equipment, and just rushed ahead. Hopefully we can fix that. I might even suggest some of these things to the others and central…if I can get a moment of Bradford’s time in the first place.” Atka thinks for a moment, then nods, pleased with herself and feeling a bit better. She walks over, and shuts off the camera.


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DarkGemini24601 and ZombieSplitter53: "Scientists and Vodka Don't Mix"

Modya sat down in the bar in the morning, having a light drink. Anxiety kept him from sleeping any later. The first mission XCOM had undertaken was a disaster, and there was no arguing that. On top of it all, that one person...that psychopath...had to be the one to survive, of all people. "Chelovechestvo obrecheno..." he muttered before downing a shot of vodka.

Jessica slowly walked into the bar, looking back and forth like a girl sneaking into a movie theater. When no one stops her, she quickly walks up to the bar and takes a seat next to Modya. She taps on the bar like a child waiting for an ice cream bar. While she waits for the bar tender, she looks at Modya. "Hi! I'm Jessica. Call me Jessie."

Modya looks her over with a mixture of confusion and curiosity, and the nods slowly. "Hello then...Jessie. My name is Modya," the Russian finally replies, his accent apparent although he has clearly been practicing his English. He pushes the shot glass to the side, debating on whether he should hold off or have another.

Jessie smiles. "Priyatno poznakomit'sya, Modya." After a moment, she asks, "Why so glum?"

He seems impressed by her usage of his language, and then responds, "Well, I'm sure you heard how our first mission went...three people dead without much of a fight, and the survivor happens to be that crazy woman I've heard people whispering about. Things are not looking good for humanity, to say the least..."

Jessica nods slowly. "Yeah, those are...those are good reasons. And the woman is...quite out there." She gives Modya an optimistic grin. "But it's always darkest before dawn right? And now we know what we are dealing with, so we can be better prepared." Nudging Modya on the shoulder, she adds, "And with big, strong men like you, how can we lose, right, tovarich?"

He seems to relax a bit. "Perhaps you are right. At the very least, we should send more than four next time..." He seems to enjoy the admiration she is giving him, but deep down doubts that he really deserves it. Modya looks her over again for a moment. "You're not a soldier, are you?"

Jessica shakes her head. "Lab tech...b-but don't worry, I'm off duty." She looks at Modya's empty glass. "Whatcha drinking?"

Why the sudden nervousness... Modya thought to himself. The soldier then answered her question. "A shot of vodka, of course."

"Of course." As the bartender walks by, she asks him, "Can I get a shot of vodka?" He raises an eyebrow towards her, but nods.

"Ever had it before? Modya asks while getting another for himself, though resolving that this will...probably...be the only other one he has for now.

Jessica shakes her head again. "My first. When I found out the drinking age in Russia was eighteen, I decided to try some." Her eye's shift back and forth like they're being watched, and in a low voice she adds, "If my sister found out I was here, she be so mad. But she's asleep, and what she doesn't know won't hurt her, right?"

"As long as you don't stumble into her room drunk. There's a reason they're in ..."shot glasses" was it? Forty percent alcohol and all," Modya says with a slight grin. "By the way, interesting choice of hair color you have there." He looked over her dark green hair with a bit of amusement and curiosity.

Jessica beams. "Thank you!" She cries out, making no distinction between 'interesting' and 'good'. "My sister thought it should be blond, and I said blue. We tried mine first, and when we tryed to change it to blond, it turned this color, and we both loved it." The bartender arrives with the drinks.

Modya chuckles, and then drinks a little of his vodka. "So what does your sister do, Jessie? Is she a scientist like you?" he asks, watching her to what Jessica's reaction to the drink is when she tries it.

"Yeah. You could say we pretty much have the same job." She takes the full shot. Her eyes widen, and she slowly puts the glass down as she struggles to keep the smile on her face, a tear forming in her eye.

"I did warn you it was strong," Modya said, looking a bit concerned.

Jessica lets out a laugh, as much to try to let out the heat in her throat as towards Modya's words. "I-I don't know what you're talking about." She looks at the bartender and points to a bottle. "That one, with the deer. Give me that one." The bartender shrugs and obliges.

"So what is your sister like? She sounds a bit protective if she's worried about you drinking, though some protectiveness isn't that bad..." Modya says while finishing off his shot.

As the bartender pours her drink Jessica answers, "She just worries about me. She's a lot stronger then me, a lot more...forceful, I guess you could say. She thinks that if she doesn't protect me, I'll let people walk all over me." Jessica frowns as she looks down at the shot of Jäger. "Though sometimes she's right. I wish I was as strong as her."

"I don't think you're as weak as you're implying..." Modya responded. "Have you had someone try to 'walk over you' like that on the base?" he asks carefully.

"No." Jessica takes the shot. Responding more favorably to it, she motions for another. "Though that Scarlet lady did accuse me of being too weak. Said I cr...needed my sister because of my weakness. I know she was just being...well, being her, but..." She rubs her bracelets instinctively. She shakes her head, and puts on a smile. "Now I'm the one being gloomy, huh? I shouldn't doubt myself, right?"

"I don't think evaluating yourself is a bad thing necessarily...if you can't see your flaws you end up causing problems for yourself and others," Modya replies. "Sorry you had to deal with her though...I am not looking forward to having to go on a mission with her...especially with the rumors. Someone told me they thought she attacked another soldier, and a more authentic report said she hit one of her fellow soldiers on Operation Devil's Moon..." He sighs, running a hand through his hair in frustration. "She's going to be the death of us...her recklessness seemed to be the death of those three, if that's any proof."

Jessica smiles. Downing her shot, she says, "What if told you I think there's good in everyone, even Scarlet. Pre...p-pretty nieve, huh?"

"Some people have to think that way...but I personally prefer to be prepared for the worst. Even if there is good in her, most likely she'll go down a path that will get her and others killed or force us to take her down."

Jessica shrugs. "Y-you could be right. I guess...guess we'll have to stay out of her way if that happens huh?" She smiles broadly at Modya. "You would know bet...better then me. I'm no soldier. I-I'm not even old enough to drink...I mean...I mean back home." She downs another shot.

“We'll have to deal with her when that time comes..." Modya starts to look concerned again. "Is something wrong? You're sort of breaking up..."

"Breaking up?" Jessica laughs loudly. "I'm not a...a radio, silly!" She shakes her head, the turns to Modya. "Anyone ever tell you you...you have the prettiest eyes." She frowns. "I'm sorry, the handsomest eyes."

Modya sighed. You're not going to even consider taking advantage of a drunk woman, Modya... He thought to himself, imagining that his friend Nina would probably say the same thing to him in this situation. "I think you've had about enough, Jessica..."

"I'll tell you when I had enough!" Jessica shouts, but smiles. "Yeah...I'm sure you'd know better...n-not that I'm callin' you a drink...drunk." Jessica woozily stands up. She extends her hand. "I-It was nice mmmeetin' you, Modya." Her knees buckle slightly, but she corrects herself.

Modya nods. "It was nice meeting you too..." After a brief moment of consideration, "Let me take you back to your room." Can't just leave her alone like this, who knows what will happen?

"No no no, I..I couldn't.." Jessica wobbles a bit. "Um...okay. It's in the, um...it's to the left." She leans against Modya's shoulder.

Modya guides her to the left, and eventually back to her room. "Get some rest..."

Jessica fumbles to open the door. She smiles and looks at Modya. "Not gonna ask to come in?"

"I don't think there's a reason for me to do that..." Modya replied cautiously.

Jessica snickers. "You're a real gentleman. Don't e-ever let anyone tell you otherwise." She gives him a light peck on the cheek and ducks into her room before he can see her blush. "Don't be a stranger," she says from behind the door.

He seems a bit surprised, and stands there for a moment. "...see you around then, Jessica." He walks off, shaking his head. She probably wouldn't remember half of this afterwards anyway, an imaginary Nina chides him. And that is probably right, but still... "lyudi strannyye" he mutters as he walks back to his quarters.
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The fallowing collaboration was done between Dhalexpert and Zombiespliter 53

The Commander sits her office as usual, feeling like she has been able to leave in days. Finally finished with one giant stack of paper work, she takes a break while waiting for the next one. She softly sings along with her radio, the southern twang of Reba McEntire filling the room. "It sounded like somebody else was talkin' askin' 'Mama, what do I do?'. She said 'Be nice to the gentlemen, Fancy, and they'll be nice to you'."

Scarlet knocks on the door, and opens it.
Hay commander you called form me, I heard you wanted to congratulate me yesterday so I had to come over, they told me that the council was giving shit.

The Commander glances through her door at the middle-aged secretary, who sends back an apologetic look. As the door closes, the Commander turns her music down and puts on her war face. "Yes, Ms. Van Dam. Though no offense, but I'm just glad someone made it back. I hope you'll understand that the Counsel wasn't exactly happy with the results."

Well for as fare as I'm concern the council can kiss your ass, because I notice on the mission there were no scopes or combat knives, I've been to mention that why do we have no scopes or knives.

"Because, Ms. Van Dam, we have to follow the rules, even me." She folds her hands. "That's the reason I wanted to see you, actually."

Scarlet folds her arm. What no knives or scopes in a war, that is the dumbest rule I ever heard in my life, And you can tell the council I said that. And what is this you wanted to see me about.

The Commander raises her hand, her frustration nearing it's boiling point. "I can't...tell them that, even if I said you..."
She taps her finger rapidly against her desk. Shalqoiur jumps onto the desk and pushes the Commander's coffee towards her with her head. Letting out a long sigh, she mumbles, "Thank you, love," and takes a large gulp. Looking back towards Scarlet, she says, "Do you...have any idea as to why we failed that mission so spectacularly?"

AW a kitty.
Damn cat.
Well in my opinion who ever sent in the first team, the aliens took them out and waited for any dumb humans to show up, We just happen to be those humans and the hole thing was a trap.
The Commander shakes her head. "That's not entirely the case. Trap or no trap, our loses were too great." She leans back in her chair. "Now, I'm not saying we could have known the aliens would mind-control one of the German soldiers. But that doesn't mean we couldn't have been more cautious, and that could have saved some of my people. Everyone was too hasty, everyone screwed up. Including me. And including you."

OU god damn it
My fault, as fare as I'm concern that was you and centrals fuck up, and I said you because apparently you were doing something more important then leading us, and cautious if we were any more cautious we would have been wearing bubble wrap over our armor.

The Commander springs up, making Shalquoir jump. Slamming her hands on her desk, she shouts, "I didn't say it was yer fault, you fecking tart! But just like everyone else, ya rushed ahead. The only difference was they rushed ahead under our order, while you rushed ahead against orders." She narrows her eyes. "And I was back in Central Command before you breached the factory. If I had been back sooner, I would have ordered you to stick with the group." She stands up straight and folds her arms. "And that would be my fault, if I believed you would have followed my order."

The reason I rushed and not fallowed orders was because, I saw the trap and the second I notice it, it was all ready sprung. If I hade fallow centrals orders I would be dead in the ground like the others, and you would have nothing. So your sorry ginger ass should be thanking me for salvaging that mission.

God damn it scarlet calm it down, we can't afford being kicked of x-com.

Bullshit!" The Commander twists her computer screen around, opened to a written account of the transmissions during the mission. "Right here, only a few minutes into the mission, ye pushed forward because, in your words, you found our tactical shit boring. Then ye told central to focus on the others while you investigated a dead soldier, again without orders. By the time you joined the rest of the team in the factory, Pvt. Carraway was already approaching the mind controlled soldier."

That's it I'm taking over, out of the driver seat.
Scarlet starts rubbing her head, like her brain is about to explode.
Looks like you and I will have to finish this conversation some other time, looks like your about to meet another solider, my god damn other half, witch is a damn sham because I would have loved wiping your Irish ass. Scarlet goes to the chair and sit's down. her body tilts forward.

The Commander raises an eyebrow. She exchanges a look with Shalquoir, who's ears flick backwards, her feline- equivalent to shrugging. "Ms. Van Dam, you obviously didn't catch this, but I'm in the mood for any nonsense."

Scarlet get's up out of the chair.
wow I'm sorry for my friends outburst, but first things first. Lilith extends her hand hi commander I'm Lilith van dam and I'm the original owner of this body and it's a pleasure to meet you.


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Part 2

The Commander narrows her eyes, looking down at Lilith's hand like it's a knife. She sits in her chair, turns her computer screen to face herself, and starts typing. "I read in your file that you had signs of schizophrenia and other such disorders, but it didn't mention multiple personalities. Either you're faking, or this personality should be practically buried by the other one."
it's more like the other way around, scarlet is the other personality and I'm the person that made her, Lilith once again extends her hand and again it's a pleasure to meet you commander.
The Commander stares Lilith in the eyes for several seconds. She clears her throat, and out of the corner of her eye, she can see Shalquoir lean forward and sniff Lilith's arm. When she leans back and sits still, the Commander shrugs lightly, and grasps Lilith's hand. "Well...if nothing else, I find it hard to believe Scarlet would be able to stay calm this long."
Aw such a cute kitty, Lilith starts lightly rubbing Shalquoir. And your right scarlet was a second away from punching you in the face so I hade to step in and hope fully explain our side of the mission.
The Commander grins. "Oh aye? Explain away. I could use one. And please try to remember that your 'other half' has left me a bit perturbed."
Right the reason scarlet stop fallowing orders was because we saw one of the recon teams or what was left of him, and what was strange about him was that the invasion started last week, but the body we found looked like he was dead for 7 months and the weirdest thing about it was the cause of death, it looked like a full grown something burst out of him.
The Commander taps her fingers on the desk, practically examining Lilith as she speaks. She glances at her computer, reading it for a moment. "That would coincide with Vahlen's comments." She leans forward. "Listen...Lilith, was it? The issue is not whether or not you...whether or not Scarlet had good reason to stop. It was a matter of if she should have, despite the find. Had she not stopped to examine that body, and gone in the factory when the rest of the squad, you could very-well have died with them. But you also could have seen the trap soon enough to save someone." She shoots Lilith a desperate look, longing for her to understand.
Sigh, look Scarlet was born out of my miss trust and anger, I made scarlet in a part of my life were I was broker and did not trust any one to help me. So scarlet does not trust any body and rather rely on her self then depend on others, because to her she thinks like I use to, if I trust any body there just going to use me up and then get rid of me the second there done with me, and in a way she's right, you people are just going to use me up and then throw me to the curb, so can you at least see were she is some what coming from.
The Commander nods. "Yes I can, Lilith. But this is where I'm coming from; I will not needlessly send people to their death. If I was really ready to use you up and throw you away, I'd just send you out as a meat-shield." She shakes her head. "But as it is, if you can't trust me, then I can't risk your life anymore by sending you out. If you can't get through to Scarlet, then she's off field duty. I won't loss anyone else if I can avoid it."
Sigh look commander, Lilith sits in a chair. Scarlet is not going to trust you, mainly because she just meet you a few days ago, Sigh look maybe if you stop being a commander for just a little bit, and be your normal self then maybe scarlet will trust you. because to her she see you as some one she just three days ago, and is all ready barking orders at me like I'm a well train dog.
"Because that is my job." The Commander shakes her head. "What do you want me to do? Put Scarlet in charge? Let her go out there and do what she wants? What kind of image does that give me in the eyes of the other soldiers? I can't give Scarlet special treatment because she thinks she's entitled over all of her comrades...I'm sorry, I mean all the other people here that she doesn't think she has to work with."
The Commander reaches into her desk. "You say the only way Scarlet will listen to me is if I stop giving her orders to listen to. Treat her as an equal, and thus above everyone else on base. If that's the case, I'm afraid I'll have to ask for her resignation."
Lilith rubs her head, and says under her breath. Your being just as stubborn as Scarlet right now.
Look commander, I'm sure you relies Scarlet is not like most soldiers she's more aggressive more trained and I'm pretty sure even you no this, if she wanted to destroy the entire base if she wanted to.
Look how about this, while I'm on base I will try to control scarlet a little more that way she will be more willing to listen to you will that work.
The Commander thinks for a moment. She finally places the resignation letter back into the drawer. "Alright, Ms. Van Dam. But I expect you to get it through Scarlet's head between now and her mission that if she wants compromise, she'll need to meet me halfway. I'm willing to work with her, but only if she's willing to work with me. After all, I'm getting a lot of flack for letting her stay on base. She hasn't made me exactly popular, you know."
Sigh Lilith says under her breath, finally something we can work with.
Alright commander ill try to have scarlet be little more nice, and once she see you lead a mission and sees you actually lead a squad, then trust will be born. I just need you lead the missions and then scarlet will trust you, So pretty much keep doing what your doing and don't let central lead again.
The Commander reaches into another drawer. Hand a sheet of paper to Lilith, she says, "Take this down to engineering to get Scarlet's new toy. Hopefully that'll make her more cooperative. And remember, we're all in this together. If you fail to get Scarlet to understand that..." She circles her chair around, turning her back to Lilith. "You're dismissed."
Well Scarlet getting a grenade launcher, and you keeping your word yea I'm sure will trust you just a little bit it's small but it's better then nothing. Thank you commander and it's one again nice to meet you. Lilith leaves the room and heads to engineering.
The Commander steps out of her office as soon as Scarlet is gone. Walking up to her secretary, she says, "Peggy, tell Bradford to have the security staff on alert. I'm losing hope that Scarlet will come around, and if she doesn't, she could single-handedly destroy this whole project. I'm giving her one last chance. If she spits on my attempts again...we'll end this problem, by any means necessary." Peggy nods, writing down the Commander's orders, and Morrigan leaves, heading for the base's rec-room. "I need to find a good game of pool."


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DarkGemini24601 and ZombieSplitter53: "Billards"

Modya sunk the eight ball to secure his victory. "Not bad, maybe you'll beat me next time," he said to Atka.

The Inuit, for her part, muttered something in Inuktitut under her breath, and then replied, "Not my fault I didn't know how to play this game before coming onto the base."

"You learn fast though," Modya said genuinely, though he relished in his victory none the less. "Up for another attempt to beat me, Atka?"

"...you enjoy making me suffer, Dragomirov..." Atka muttered, shaking her head and opening a can of sprite, drinking a swig of it. "Probably not, I'll quit trying to win against you...before I get further behind, can't say I'm ahead now can I," she quipped before enjoying more of the soda.

Morrigan casually walked into the room, uncomfortably cracking her sore neck. She wore a regular pair of jeans and a light green t-shirt, as well as baseball cap for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. She was often surprised at her own ability to blend into a group, even amongst soldiers she was in command of. Indeed, none of the soldiers around her paid her any mind as she walked in, believing her to be a member of the civilian staff. Of course, most of them had only seen her once, during the brief opening commencement, and the late arrivals hadn't seen her at all. After multiple encounters with individuals who forgot her position above her, it felt good to be amongst them on her own terms.

Atka noticed the new arrival, and waved over to her. "Hey, the Russian's looking for a challenger at pool if you're interested. Good luck beating him, though."

Morrigan smiled, quickly walking over before someone took her place. "I might have to take ye up on that offer." She casually approached the table and asks, "What's your game?"

"Typical eight ball pool," Modya replied, adding a bit of chalk to his cue stick. Atka glanced over at Morrigan as she got closer, feeling like she knows the new arrival but can't place her yet.

Morrigan grabbed her cue stick and said, "I have to warn ya, I'm not very good, but I don't want ye goin' easy on me?" She looked at Atka and asked, "Yer sure ye don't mind sitting this one out, love?"

Atka thought for a moment. "If you don't think you're that good then I can't have Modya wiping the floor with you...how about a match between equals, then," she said, and held out her hand, having Modya pass her the cue stick.

"Aye, sounds like a plan." Morrigan looked at Modya and motioned at the table. "Controller of the table breaks where I'm from."

The Russian nodded, and borrowed the cue stick temporarily as Atka set up the table. Once it was ready, he shot it forward, scattering the balls across the table and avoiding any of them falling into the pockets prematurely. He then returned the cue stick to Morrigan.

As she lined up her shots, Morrigan casually asked, "So how are things on your end of the base. Everyone's a bit down over the last mission, wouldn't ya say?" She took a shot, sending the two-ball towards the corner pocket, and let out a quite scoff when it stopped millimeters from falling in.

Atka nodded. "I think everyone's upset over that, it did go really poorly...but..." she hit one-ball, which then hit the side of the table and then the corner next to the pocket she was aiming for, and stopped next the pocket across her target. Modya shook his head. "We'll do better next time though. I'll just be glad to see a mission without the infamous psycho on it."

Morrigan nodded in return. "It's good to hear everyone still has hopes." She looked around the room. "It's also good to see everyone mingling. I remember when we first got here. The scientists and engineers seemed too afraid to talk to the soldiers." She noted an engineering chatting it up with a soldier at the bar.

Modya thought back to Jessica for a moment. Not necessarily the best thing, depending on how you view it... he thought to himself. Atka seemed lost in thought for a moment, and then sighed. "Something the matter?" Modya asked her.

"Just thinking about something...I was practicing the other day and came up with some ideas on how to combat the aliens we've seen so far, but I know central's probably too busy to take suggestions, you know how the Central Officer is."

Modya chuckled. "Stiff like a Soviet?" he joked, borrowing the joke his friend had made to him about a week ago.

"What kind of ideas?" Morrigan asked, slowly circling the table and struggling to find a good shot.

"I was considering how the aliens fight and their strategies to try and find out ways to deal with them better. From what I've noticed, the Sectoids work in groups and are clever if cowardly. Their mind powers are dangerous, but they fight somewhat like humans in terms of flanking tactics and such, while the Drones seem more aggressive but have a similar group mentality. Because of their repairing ability, I figured we should focus down them so that they can't fix each-other mid-battle," Atka explained.

"Those infiltrator ones though...I think someone started calling them Thin Men or something..." Modya shakes his head.

Atka nodded. "Those are the worst we've seen so far. Their weapons are the most powerful, and they rarely seem to miss. With their poison spitting and ability to mimic appearances I'm not so sure a human can win one-on-one against one of those. Of course, when in doubt, call in the explosives, right, Dragomirov?"

The Russian grinned. "Of course, that's the final solution."

Morrigan grinned back. "A good boom is always fun, but I'm thinking the boys in the labs might throw a fit if we start blowin' everything up. Still, until we meet them in an official mission, it's good to keep everything open as an option." Morrigan finally sinks her first ball. "The Officer Training School just opened up. Why don't ye tell them your ideas. Ye have some good one's, and they be daft not to listen."

"I might do just that," Atka replied. "Thanks." She hit her ball again, this time having it ricochet and sink into the pocket she desired. "You know, I get the feeling the Commander might have brought a lot of Irish staff with her, I-" Her eyes widened a bit. "Wait..."

"Somethin' wrong, love?" Morrigan gives her a concerned look. "You haven't been offended in some way, have you?"

"No, not that...you're just a lot like someone I've met before..." Atka said meaningfully, raising an eyebrow at Morrigan. Modya just looked at Atka without a clue what she was talking about.

Morrigan gives her a frank look. "Don't tell me you've forgotten me already, dear. It's only been..." She shakes her head and takes off her hat. "I'm sorry, I forgot I was trying to be inconspicuous. No deception was intended, I can assure you."

Atka smiles. "No problem, I understand."

"I feel like I missing something obvious..." Modya lamented, to which Atka just laughed.

Morrigan extends her hand. "I'm Morrigan O'Brien." In a low voice she adds, "I'm in charge around these parts, but while I'm out of uniform, let's keep that between us."

Modya seemed surprised for a moment, then nodded, and shook her hand. "Right.

Morrigan looked Modya over. "You look familiar to me. What was your name again?"

"Modya Dragomirov," the Russian soldier and explosives specialist replied.

The Commander nodded, "Aye, that's were I remember you." She winked at Modya. "I hired ya to blow shit up for me. You're going to get a lot of sass from Vahlen, but when I say aliens go boom, you'll deliver, right?"

"Of course. When you don't want anything to remain, nothing shall remain," he said proudly.

An alarm started to sound, a large red light blinking in a rhythmic pattern. Morrigan frowned. "Never a dull moment, huh?"

Atka shrugged. "We are at war, after all. Good luck, Commander." she said quietly enough that only they three could hear.

"Thanks. But if that's the alarm I think it is, it's our fly-boys that'll be needin' the luck." Morrigan gives a quick salute and runs off.

Modya glanced over at Atka. "You think it’s...?"

"A UFO..." Atka replied grimly.


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Close Encounters

The alarm rings out in throughout central command. The Commander rushes in and asks, "What's going on?"

"UFO sighting, sir," one of the techs says, rapidly typing on the computer. After a moment, she adds, "It was sighted over eastern United States. And looks like it's stop over New York City."

"Reports are coming in about an attack on Carnegie Hall." Bradford says, pressing his finger against his earpiece. "Shall I scramble interceptors?"

The Commander nods. "Aye, send two from our American hanger, separated by ten minutes. Tell the first one to do what he can, but if he's in trouble, pull back and leave it for his back-up."

Twenty minutes pass, everyone running about, the Commander monitoring the situation on the ground while Bradford sends details to the pilots based on satellite imagery. As the first interceptors approaches the site, the pilot says, "Eagle One approaching target. Prepared to engage."

"Clear to engage." Bradford stands in front of a large monitor, watching the images captured by the interceptor. "Use extreme caution."

The interceptor fires it's machine-guns, the heavy artillery bouncing away from the ship as a light blue glow appears around the ship. "Machine-gun fire is negative. Switching to missiles." The missiles are fired, exploding outside of the ship. The alien craft fires back, hitting the interceptor twice. "I've been hit. Integrity at 50%. I can still engage."

"Negative, pull out," The Commander shouts. "You've done you job." As the first interceptor disengages, the Commander hits the switch for the second one. "Eagle two, your target is covered by some kind of energy shield." She looks at one of the screens. "Our satellites show massive energy spikes when the missiles hit them, which fluctuated significantly between hits."

"Roger, central. I'll try concentrated fire."

"Target the top of the ship approximately ten feet from the center," Bradford adds. "We were getting some odd readings from there during the attack."

The second interceptor reaches the alien ship, and immediately pulls up. Once fifty meters above the ship, it dives down, concentrating machine-gun fire on a single point. Once the energy levels spike, the Commander shouts, "NOW!" The interceptor fires a barrage of missiles. After the first two explode against the shield, there is a bright blue flash of light, and the third missile hits the ship, followed by the fourth, then two more. The ship shutters and shakes in the air, explosions going off all over the ships. The ship pulls up, heading east. The interceptor continues firing, and after a few more shots, the alien craft rapidly loses altitude, letting of another round of explosions before crashing and sinking into the ocean.

A round of triumphant cheers resound through Central. The Commander hits the comm and says, "Good work, Eagle One and Two. I think we showed them we aren't about to be pushed around. Turning to Bradford, she says, "Assemble a team and get them to New York. We've got clean-up duty to attend to."


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Dahlexpert & ZombieSlayer53 (Sunny Side Up)

"Let's hustle, people," Dr Raymond Shen shouts to be heard over the loud machines in engineering. "We don't know when there'll be another attack. I want to be sure the new med-sprays are in working order, and we still need to fix the flaws in the smoke grenades so they don't explode on our soldiers. And where are those plans for the new S.H.I.V.s?" Shen rubs his throat, convinced that he'll lose his voice before the week is through.

Scarlet walks into engineering. "Wow, this makes my gun shop look like shit. I might have to spent some time here."

Wait, really, this is what calms you down? I thought you liked killing and, you know, being a mass murderer.

"Don't get me wrong, I love doing that, but making weapons is my version of meditation. You know, it keeps me calm.

Wow, and I never knew about this.

"I also love dogs, and any animal that isn't a cat. You didn't know that, either."

Who are you, and what have you done with my mass-murdering psycho.

Scarlet gets a light smile on her face. "Shut up. We need to get our grenade launcher."

Shen glances at Scarlet as she enters the room. Handing a clip board to an attendant, he approaches her and says, "Good afternoon, officer. What can I do for you?"

Scarlet looks at Shen. "Okay, let's try this 'nice thing'." Scarlet let's out a long sigh. "Hello, sir. I'm Scarlet Van Dam. Um, the Commander said she would have a little present for me."

Shen nods. "Indeed we do." He walks up to an intercom system. Over the PA, he says, "Dr. Randolf, can you come up to the main floor please." Turning back to Scarlet, he asks, "Do you have the release form?"

Scarlet takes the piece of paper the Commander gave her out of her pocket. "Yeah, um, my present should be a grenade launcher. The Commander said you people should be working on it."

Shen takes the paper and examines it. As he does so, from around the corner, what appears to be a walking bunch of large, blue schematics comes awkwardly walking up, a pair of arms wrapped around them. From behind the stack, a young girl's voice says, "Sorry these took so long, d-doctor. M-Mr. Kent made a mistake on a few of them, a-and I wanted to fix them before delivering them."

Scarlet sees a schematics. "Hey, you dropped thissssss..." Before fully finishing the sentence, she opens the blue print and looks at the S.H.I.V. plans, yelping like teenage girl who just got tickets to her favorite boy-band. "Wow, this thing looks amazing. And is that a mini gun, a mobile turret that's heavily armored too?"

Sunny lets out a yelp at the sight of Scarlet, dropping the plans. Nervously picking them up, she mumbles, "Y-y-yes. We hope t-to have one r-ready soon."

Scarlet puts her hands on Sunny's shoulders. "Please, you have to let me help you. I want to build this S.H.I.V. with you guys. Come on, you've got to let me in on this thing."

Sunny's eyes widen at Scarlet's touch, letting out another shriek and dropping the plans again. "I... I-I...y-you want to...I..."

Scarlet raises her eyebrow, wondering what is going on with Sunny. "Hey Shen, what's wrong with this one. She's all tense and stiff." Scarlet lets go of Sunny and starts picking up the blueprints.

Shen looks at Sunny and asks, "Could you get that weapon we had you working on?" Sunny nods, and rushes off. Helping Scarlet gather the papers, he says, "Sunny is quite intelligent, but she's also as young as she looks. And she hasn't had a lot of contact with other people, especially soldiers. Put simply, I'm afraid you scared her."

"Wait, she's as young as she looks? That would mean she's a god damn child." Scarlet thinks to herself, God damn you, ginger, first you hire a person with no combat experience, and now I see you hired a child. And you have the nerve to say I should trust you? As far as I'm concerned, you're more messed up then I am.

Shen nods. "Yes, both the Commander and I objected when the Counsel insisted we take her on. However, she's proven so far that she's here for a reason. I wasn't calling her 'doctor' simply out of courtesy, and these plans we are holding were all designed by her." He shrugs. "If it wasn't for her age, I'd make her my second here."

"Wait, the Commander objected to having this child here?"

See, she's not completely messed up.

Doesn't mean I have to like it. "So she's really smart, and if she was older, she would be your second? Wait, she made these plans?"

Shen nods. "These are based on plans used by the American Military, but she's made a number of improvements specifically for our encounters with the aliens." Sunny approaches from around the corner, carrying a rectangular case. "You can ask her yourself. Just remember what I said about her inexperience interacting with others."

"Right, parenting, okay. Lets do this." Scarlet looks at Sunny, and put's on a little smile. "Hey there, little one, sorry for scarring you there. But when I saw these plans, I just got excited. Did you make these?"

Sunny nods, "Um...y-yeah. I thought the old ones were good, but they wouldn't have worked for X-COM." She places the case on the table. Working on the a small combination lock on it, she adds, "I also made this."

Scarlet lets out a loud gasp. "It's the TBL-37 grenade launcher!" Scarlet picks up and hugs Sunny. "Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, I always wanted this weapon.

Shen raises an eyebrow, and Sunny's eyes dart back and forth nervously. "Y-yes. I-I-I would have g-got you a bigger one, b-but this is the best I-I could do f-for a Scout. I-It's mostly used w-with smoke rounds and flares, b-but I've designed special 37mm HE grenades f-for it. Y-You'll only have o-one shot per battle, b-but it'll get you out of a s-sticky situation." Sunny nervously bites her lip. "P....p-please put me down." She glances at Shen with a begging look.

"Hm, one shot per battle, huh? Well, I'm sure the Commander will upgrade that once we face more and bigger aliens."

Scarlet put the munchkin down, you're scarring her.

Scarlet puts Sunny down and rubs her head. "Thanks for my new toy little one...ugh." Scarlet look at Sunny's hair. "Hey kid, why is your hair white."

Sunny gives a confused look to Scarlet. "Um...I don't know. B-because my mother's hair was white...I guess."

"huh, wow, white hair. You know, I was thinking about changing my hair, and I was thinking white hair with red at the bottom, and after seeing your hair, I see that it might work. "Hey, Shen, do you guys need help around here?"

"Help?" Shen thinks for moment. "Well, most of the main work is done with the machines."

Sunny ducks her head shyly. "What...about weapon manufacturing?"

Shen nods. "What do you know about assembling guns, Ms. Van Dam?"

"Well, since my cousin found me, I've been making a lot of weapons. I have some of the weapons that I made in my room, and I believe you people took a crate from me when we first got here. Kind of my gift to X-COM. Would like me to go get my guns?"

Shen raises his hand. "That won't be necessary. We have enough weapon parts to supply every man, woman, and child in China. But while we use the machines to build the parts, the Commander and I insist they are assembled by hand. We believe by doing so, we are more likely to see any problems the weapon could potentially have before it reaches a soldier."

"B-but...it takes a lot of time," Sunny adds.

Shen nods. "We could always use volunteers to assemble the various rifles and pistols we use, especially after missions when we disassemble every weapon to check for defects."

"Well, during my time working in my family gun shop, we always did work on guns by hand. So I could always help you people if you would like. Plus..." Scarlet rubs Sunny's head. "I get to work with this little genius."

Sunny moves her head away. "Can you stop treating..." She says loudly. She flinches, covering her mouth and saying, "I'm sorry."

Scarlet give her a somewhat serous look. "It's all right, kid. You don't need to apologize. You want me to stop treating you like a kid, is that right?"

"No, I just..." Sunny nervously rubs her hands together. "It's okay. I-I am a kid, right? I...I'm used to it."

"No, you're not just a kid. You are now a part of this program, which means you're my equal, even if your young, and it's my fault if I'm not very good with kids. Or people in general."

Sunny says nothing, but gives Scarlet a smile. Shen glances at his watch and says, "I'm sorry, Ms. Van Dam, but we're on a time crunch. Despite her age, Sunny is really important, and I need her to oversee the SHIV production."

Sunny closes the case and hands it to Scarlet. "The combination i-is 7338."

Scarlet grins, happily taking her new toy.
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This is a collaboration between Adrammalech and Frostlich1228.
Amelia Fischer / Ammelia Cross
X-COM Headquarters
Siberia, Russian Federation
9:10 AM

Emily slowly opened her eyes, dreading what time it even was. She felt like she had slept a whole day, and it was perfectly possible. She groaned lazily as she moved her heavy limbs, swinging towards the side of the bed. She looked around dimly, remembering where she was, and vaguely noticing someone in the bunk beside her. She cleared her throat in preparation to speak.

“Hey,” she said with a sigh, “who are you?”

Ammelia jumps and turns round quickly, she is wearing the Standard X-com uniform and her bright blond hair is done up in a bun behind her head, however she has a huge black spot around her left eye that immediately catches Emily's attention.

“Wha!? Oh... Sorry you scared me... I didn't know you were already in here, I guess you don't snore much do you? “She giggles a little to herself.

“Nah, I had to sleep quietly when I was young,” Emily said as she wiped her eyes. “What's your name?”

“I’m Ammelia” She says with a smile, “I’m your new Roommate!”

“Really?” she tilted her head with interest. “That's my name, too.”

“Yeah I know! But I'm British so it's pronounced a little bit differently than yours, but it's still very similar. “She says with a slightly mechanical tone in her voice.

“That's pretty cool. You can call me Emily though, that’s what my sister calls me. I'm American, myself...well, born in Germany, but barely remember it.”

Emily could tell there were some odd things about the girl, but wasn't sure what she should ask about.

“So, uh...where'd you get the shiner?” she said, looking at Ammelia's black eye, “Been on a mission already?”

“Oh, this... I was hoping you wouldn't notice... Well, My roomma-”Ammelia stops herself and quickly reconsiders her words, “gave it to me during training, he was pretty tough, It wasn't really much of a fight...” She starts taking some dresses out of her bag, and places them in the small drawer next to her bed.

Emily squints and looks at her with a bit of doubt when she interrupts herself, but decides not to push it. She gets up and unzips her duffel bag, poking through her own things. She pulls out a pair of dark pants that look exactly like the ones she's already in and tosses them on the bed.

“Your last roommate, huh? Some guys are like that. No sense of degrees, just kill mode and sleep mode. You'll get used to 'dealing' with 'em, a project like this,” she paused, looking aside. “What's your story before coming here? I know you said you're British, but your voice sounds a little...different.”

Ammelia closes the drawer and looks back at her, “Ah, you noticed didn't you? Most people don't usually hear it this quickly, you’ve got pretty good ears. “She says, keeping her grin.

“I guess, I've heard a lot of accents,” Emily says, trailing off a little nervously.

“Oh, my accent!” Ammelia pinches the bridge of her nose, “ I thought you were talking about something else, I'm sorry.”

Emily squints again. “Yeah, it sounds a little...well, whatever. Sorry if it seems like I'm prying. My last base was kind of a no-secrets kind of deal. Makes trusting easier when you're asking for cover.”

She pulled out a similar shirt from the bag and tossed it on the bed.

“For what it's worth, you can trust me with whatever while we're here. I usually keep to myself.”

Ammelia sits on her bed, “Well it's not really a secret... I just... I don't want you to think I'm weak... “

“Weak? I mean, you're here, aren't you?” Emily says, sitting down on her own in kind. “The recruiter guy said 'best of the best,' so that's something.”

She sighs, “Fine, I guess there's no harm in telling you, I'm actually Blind and Mute, This isn't even my real voice.”

Emily stared at her for a moment in disbelief. “Well, uh...shit, I thought you were going to say your boyfriend hit you or something.”

“How can you see me, then?” she asked shakily, holding up her hand and moving it around experimentally.

She giggles a little, “ I'll save you all the nerdy details, The short version is that I have device that runs through my ear and connects to my brain, it lets me see my surroundings by detecting the subtle movements of thing around me. “

“That sounds pretty cool, science is pretty amazing these days,” Emily says with a modest smile. “Your voice is pretty convincing too. What if something's not moving, though? Like...what if an alien is standing still or hiding in cover?”

“Well, you did it, Now I have to bore you with the nerdy details.” Ammelia crosses her legs, “ The SAaIDA or the Sound Amplification and Infrawave Detection Apparatus if you're feeling technical, Detects Infrawaves, The very slight vibrations in Space Time that molecules make when they are in motion, Now, Molecules are always Moving, Shifting and Changing, The SAaIDA can pick up these incredibly slight movements and uses them to form a three dimensional grid of my surroundings in real time, So just because you're not moving, Per se, Doesn't mean I can't See you. “

“Interesting, it sounds pretty impressive. Thanks for indulging my curiosity,” she replied, getting up and leaning against her bunk. “Don't worry about people calling you weak, if the commander says you're strong, you're strong.”

“No problem, I don't usually have people to talk to other than my two friends, this has been really nice.” Ammelia sighs, “ Also Thanks for the compliment, But I have zero formal military training or battlefield experience, So I am most definitely the least experienced person in this entire base... “

“Zero?” Emily looks surprised. “Have you fired a gun, at least?”

“Of course I've fired a gun, X-Com has some standards.” Ammelia's grin fades, “ I said I have no Formal Military training, But I was taught how to fight by a Ex-Special Operations agent.”

“That's good, good,” she replies, a little relief apparent in her voice. “Well, hey, I never got a proper tour,” she says, getting up. “Want to show me where a girl can get some food around here?”

Ammelia rubs her stomach, “Actually, I am pretty hungry... I think the Mess Hall is down a floor and then right, But if we get lost I guess we could just ask one of the staff where it is. “

“Well, come on, let's go get it,” Emily said, gesturing towards the door with a smile.

Emily walked outside, eager to see the base, her new roommate behind her.
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X-com servalience fee 012000 hours, training area

Scarlet is hard at work doing her scouting training, God fucking damnit this is bull shit, Scarlet is running from machine gun fire trying not to get hit.
Scarlet runs to cover to get a breather, Damn doing this for four hours I'm really pushing my self here fucking hell.

Come one Scar, you've been through wore then this.

I no I have but not for this long, this is killing me.
Just endure it for a little bit longer, and you'll be done
Fine, I'm getting up, OU god damn it this hurts.

After 34 minuets Scarlet has finished her scout training. the training computer says, Congratulations Scarlet you have completed level 6 of your scout training, tomorrow you will start level 7 were two machine guns with four hundred rounds will fire at you, have a nice day.

Scarlet drops to her back out of exhaustsen.

My legs heart so much right now, you no it's going to be a while before we get another mission right.

Yea I no, but at this rate well be the fastest person on the planet at this rate, if were not all ready.

Yea so in saying that I'm going to get something to eat, and then get some rest.
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