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A Social Call, Cliff-side Calligraphy, and an Okay Guy

A gentle breeze swayed through the holographic cliff-face, ruffling the fiery mane of the Shinso sitting at it’s top. Yet, despite the wind, Gazan’s arm moved gently, carefully, guiding the brush along the canvas. The world had long since fallen away around him despite this recreation of nature’s beauty. In his mind there existed only himself, his brush, the canvas, and the idealized characters he was to produce. A calculated yet sudden flick of the brush finished the stroke, and Gazan lowered the brush into the ink pot, measuring out in his mind the ideal form of the next line. So enraptured was he in this task that he did not notice the holoroom doors manifest behind him, nor the entrant into his little universe.

“Hey, Gazan!” JJ shouted excitedly and suddenly, trying to get his attention with her usual lack of grace.

The noble froze at the sudden intrusion to his meditative state, brush halting mid-stroke. It took Gazan a moment to recognize the voice as he was suddenly returned to reality, prompting him to sigh and shake his head lightly, twisting the brush to finish off what he began.

“Captain Jackin,” the noble said, setting his brush aside and turning upon his stool to face the Cartus. “To what do I owe the honor? A simple social call, a chance meeting, or perhaps something more?”

“Social call mostly. I just realized we haven’t really… interacted much since you came on board. Like, much at all.” Jackie-Jackie scratched her chin sheepishly. “I didn’t want you to think I’m avoiding because you’re… you know. Because I’m not.”

“I assumed as much,” he replied, standing from his seat to look over the side of the cliff at the vast and rolling ocean below. “The duties of a Captain are not too dissimilar to those of a noble - and those are more than enough to keep one from fulfilling all the social obligations one wishes to,” he added, tucking his thumbs under his belt as another sea breeze rolled in. “Especially considering those you have taken in as subjects of this little kingdom.”

JJ smiled. “You have a very eloquent way of speaking. Very practiced and noble in its own right.” She stepped forward to look at his canvas. “You must be so much more well educated than I am.”

“Well, whilst there are finer institutions to attend, the South Kruger Institute of Fine Arts did prove to be a wonderful finishing school before I set out upon the wider world,” Gazan replied, his attempts at modesty doing little to humble himself. “But I believe the ‘school of hard knocks’, though it may not offer formal degrees, is an equally capable institution in some regards. Certainly easier on tuition,” he joked lightly.

“I suppose. There are a lot of things you miss out on without proper schooling though.” JJ shrugged. “Not that I was ever going to have much of an education anyway. My family needed me to help out too much for me to be in class much. You… come from money, right? I don’t mean that in a bad way, just a neutral question.”

“Well, compared to most, I do come from a wealthy background,” Gazan admitted. “Though wealth comes with expenses, and we were hard pressed to meet those. It certainly became evident over these past few generations that my line descended from warriors, not administrators.”

“I guess being a group of warriors does little to sway people in your favor during relatively peaceful times, huh?” JJ mused. “Were you losing your position? Is that why you’re here, working for me?”

The noble shook his head and snorted. “No, I am not here because my position was being lost. I am here to rebuild my clan with the forging of a new legend,” he said, turning back to face JJ. “That is the duty of the last scion, to reclaim what has been lost and press forth into uncharted lands. Once upon a time my ancestors were kings and queens. But I shall step beyond even that, and replace the gods themselves. That is why I am here.”

JJ blinked several times. “W… wow. That’s quite the aspirations. Um… you really think someone like me can help you get that far? It’s a bit out of my range of qualifications to help you replace the gods.”

Gazan brushed his mane back and then raised a single finger towards the sun hovering high in the simulated sky. “Grandmother said this. People walk the path of people. But the path that opens up that path is the path of heaven,” he said, lowering his finger as he finished towards JJ, twisting his hand into an outreaching gesture. “It does not matter what qualifications you have or have not, for in being alongside one such as myself you will naturally aid and be aided in turn.”

JJ scratched the back of her head. He was quite the dramatic one, but it was somewhat infectious. She nodded and gave him a toothy grin. “Alright… I’ll do my best. I am excited to go on this journey with you.” She bit her lip lightly. “I do have… one question. And I’m not sure how to ask it without offending you.”

“I am the one who stands at the top of not taking offense to things,” Gazan replied. “I encourage you, speak your mind. You are the Captain after all, Jackin.”

“Well, you have quite the journey ahead of you, and an even bigger, grander destination to reach. So why take this journey with me? I mean, I’m not trying to stereotype or anything, but you’re a… I’m… you know…?”

“The matter of our kinds, yes,” Gazan analyzed. “The answer is simple - I could sense no dishonor here, no air of vice. There are those in this profession who use it as little more than an excuse to be as vile as they hunt, and an environment such as that is no fertile soil for the legend I wish to produce,” he finished. After a moment, he added, “Additionally, paying for starship travel is an expense I wished to lose.”

“Yeah, well… starship upkeep isn’t any better…” JJ chukled. “So you’re not afraid of what other people might say? I mean… a Shinso working for the ‘lesser people’? Most wouldn’t be caught dead working with a Cartus, let alone for one…”

“If another person has a problem with you, it is they who are the one with the problem,” Gazan replied simply, returning to stand beside his canvas, analyzing the unfinished work of calligraphy. “As such, the burden falls upon them to solve it. Why should I change the contents of my words and deeds for another? It would not make my life better.”

“Yeah… yeah! Screw what other people have to say, right?” JJ laughed. “Thank you, Gazan. I was a little nervous about coming to talk to you, but you’re an okay guy. I’m glad I came.”

“‘Okay’?” Gazan lightly ribbed, arching a bemused eyebrow. “I am marvellous. A one of a kind galactic treasure.”

“Couldn’t agree more.” JJ looked at the canvas once more. “What, ah… what does that say, by the way?”

“In my native tongue, and when it is finished of course,” Gazan said, eyeing up the work, “it would read ‘Zenchou wakan’, or Perfect Harmony. It is the state of an ideal world proposed by an ancient philosopher, where everything acts in accordance with both their nature and out of deference to others’ nature.”

“That sounds ideal. Though perfect harmony would require a perfect universe… or something close.” JJ gave him a small smile. “Think we’ll ever get there?”

“No,” Gazan replied. “After all, there are those whose nature inevitably conflicts with the nature of others. Plus many of that philosopher’s other ideas about what one’s true nature were are… outdated, at best. However, the characters are complex and beautiful, when written by a master’s hand, so I took to recreating them.”

“Well… I like it. You have quite the skilled hand. And it is something to strive for, even if we’ll never get there.” Jackie-Jackie cracked her knuckles. “At any rate, I should let you get back to it. Is there anything I can do for you while you’re on my ship, though? I want everyone to be nice and as comfortable as possible.”

“Truth told, there is a single issue I have,” Gazan said, nodding slowly, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. “The human girl, Elisa. I worry for her. Those such as you and I were prepared for this life in our own ways. We have our own cores that we can turn to in difficult times, to draw power from. Her…” The noble gave a rare show of hesitation. “I do not know if her resolve will keep her strong in times of crisis.” Realizing how he sounded, the noble put on a quiet, reserved smile. “Not to say I believe she should be dismissed. I do not control the paths others walk. But, until such a time as she can acquire such a core…” he trailed off, letting implication finish his sentence.

JJ nodded. “I will keep an eye on her and make sure she has a chance to build up that core. Thank you. That’s very noble of you to request something for another’s sake.” She thought for a moment, and decided to give him a deep bow. “Until we speak again, good sir. May your dreams never be limited.”

Gazan chuckled lightly, beckoning her to rise. “Firstly, it is ‘your Grace’. I am a Duke, after all,” he began, before shaking his head. “Regardless, go and do as thou wilt, Captain Jackin. Until we meet again,” he said, waving the Cartus off.

She waved back, leaving him to his alone time.


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Just some simple kidnapping and robbery(Featuring Zombispliter53)

Deep space

A blue haired Tamarian was filing her nails humming to herself. “I’ve got a lovely buck of skeletons de de and here they are just sitting in a bunch do do do.” She lifted a bunch of skulls and started tossing them to the side. “Big one small on some big as my head, ou I don’t know what it is about that earth song but for some reason it’s just stuck in my head. But I say I do love the human songs for the fifty’s even though it was a thousand years ago, isn’t that right Zazks?”

The Quin stood chained to the wall he was covered in wounds suggesting he has been whipped and tortured. “You know I’ve been thinking while you’ve been torturing me, you have something over that Damn Kotavorge that hunted me don’t you? You have Blisk working for you, makes since he’s one of the most wanted bounty hunters in the business.”

The woman just smiled at him. “You know I’m told that that the Quin value intelligent, no Blisk does not work for us. As sad as that is because he’s a damn good mercenary a constant professional, very good at what he does.”

“Then why are you keeping me alive then why not just kill me and get it over with.”

“Because my boss/captain want’s you alive, he has his own plans for- the woman phone rang as she picked it up she then opened the cell. “Well then looks like my boss what’s to have a word with you.” She escorted him through the ship were a bunch of pirates were implanting slaves chips into the skulls of people and putting shock collars around others. As she escorted Zazks to the captains quarters Zazks say a chair at the end of the room the chair looked bigger then Quin.

“That will be all Roberta, please wait outside for me and go ahead and unshackle him.” The Tamarian bowed her head and unshackled Zazks and she left the room. Zazks could see a data pad briefly from behind the chair.

“Look Solex I can explain what I di-“

Solex pointed his finger and Zazks stopped talking instantly, as he went back to his data pad after what felt like hours to Zazks Solex finally spoke. “Six months ago I put you in charge of gathering twelve thousand units of red sand and to gather my Kotavorge from a scientist, and instead of delivering them to me you instead killed my scientist stole form me and went to a small little plane called Tiptree.” Sloex tossed the data pad to the side. “Now tell me what compel you to do something so stupid?”

“Look Solex I have a perfectly good reason for.”

“Stop. Let me ask this again, what made you think that you could steal from me and get away with it?”

“Look Solex I thought I could get you something better out of that deal, I felt like I could give you something better.”

“That is the shitest excuse I’ve ever heard, you stole from me because you thought you could get away from me. You weren’t expecting me to hire bounty hunters to bring you back to me.” Solex turned around and looked at Zazks what Zazks saw was an eight foot tall black and red scaled alien, then likes he never seen before his red eyes looked to be seeing through Zazks.”

“Solex look there’s nothing I could say to regain your trust, so just kill me and get it over with.”

“Kill you, no see I don’t believe in killing those that betray me. Death would be a mercy for those that are that stupid, instead I got another punishment for you.” Solex went to his desk and pulled out what seemed to be a shocker collar.

Zazks turned pail and charged Solex. “I will not be turned into some damn slave!” He threw a punch towards Solex but it was blocked, his hand felt like it was getting crushed by a vice grip when Solex twisted his wrist, Zazks could feel the bones in his wrist about to snap he then felt the air escape him. In a quick instant Solex punch him in the stomach bringing him to his knees, and putting the shock collar around his nick.

“Now then be a good dog and lay down.” Solex pressed a button and shocked Zazks, the electricity making him twitch on the ground.” Roberta!” The Tamarian came back into the room and bowed her head.” This is your new pet, this how you control him have fun.”

“You are to kind sir, I will treat him like a good pet. Isn’t that right.” Roberta said pressing the button and held it to continuously shock Zazks having him twitch on the ground until he fell unconscious. “Ou I’m goanna have fun breaking you, once again thank you Boss man I’ll be sure to make him a good little slave. “She said taking the Quin out of the room

Solex then went back to his and turned on his computer, and started to look over this new mercenary company.” Hum the golden wing company huh, hum doesn’t look like much nothing to worry about at the moment. But I should keep an eye on them in case they start getting a little too big.” Solex left his office and went to the deck of his ship were a Cartus was piloting the ship.

The Cartus in question had black long frizzle hair and red eyes, when she turned to Solex she bowed her head. “Captain Welcome back, is there anything that you need?”

“Mie I want to test something, there’s this new bounty company. Apparently they of course captured Zazks, but also took down King and a terroirs cell. I want you to get their attention. Do whatever you need to do so I could put a bounty on you.”

“So what’s stopping other bounty hunters from you know hunting us down?”

“I will have Roberta contact Mr Blisk so he could tell his boss about this bounty I want you to make enough noise so you could get a substantial bounty.”

“Well there is this bank I’ve had my eye on for quite some time now, I guess I could work on that. Don’t worry boss man I’ll make enough noise to get attention.” Mei said leaving and going to the shuttle bay.

“Alright lady’s and genital men we are goanna do an old classic bank robbery, Solex wants us to make enough noise so some new bounty hunting company can come after us, I don’t know why he’s interested in this new company maybe he sees this as a new chess peace or something. But regardless this bank is heavily defended, this bank is a dirty one, it belongs to the mob on this station. Now then this bank Alarm will go off the moment we break in guns blazing, so this is the plan. Team A will be led by me we are goanna go rob the bank and keep the local goons distracted, team B will be split up into two parts one will take the money to our drop off point and the other end will get us a ride off this dirt ball

As the pirates made there way to the bank one group went to the side of the building while the others went through the front. Mei then fired a gun at the cameras. "Lady and gentlemen my name is Mei and this human name is Guther, I'm not here to kill all of you, and I’m here to take your money now if you would be so kind bank tellers please open the cages so we can make this go smoothly!"

Everyone quickly dropped to the floor, and one of the tellers shakingly said, "W-we don't have any currency that isn't digital."


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Part 2

Guther, a hulking human of frightening proportions, grabbed the teller by the neck and squeezed. "We know the mob bosses of this station keep valuables, litinum, and a bunch of cards with tons of credits here! Now do as the lady said!"

“I recommend you listen to him see he’s not as nice as me.” Mei could here sirens outside.” Ugh Guther be a doll give the local goons a warm welcome, as for the rest of you.” Mei shot the door to the back open and grabbed the bank manager.” Lets a move on shall we.”

Guther walked out, and the manager walked with Mei. As he opened the vault, he said, "You're out of your mind if you know who owns this bank and you still go through with this. This is all theirs. They'll find you. You'll be dead within a week!"

"Buddy who I work for sees your boss as a gnat in the galaxy swarming his little pile of shit he calls a planet. Now then open the vault and get me inside." She pointed her shotgun and shot one of his coworkers looking at him the entire time. "Before you start to really upset me." Mei could hear explosions coming from the outside." Sounds like the local goons didn't stand a chance, now hurry up!"

"Okay." The man was obviously debating if dying here was better then facing his bosses. He finally made a choice and opened the vault. It was filled with Federation credits, bars of gold encased latinum, and prizes ranging from ancient artifacts to rare, exotic paintings.

Mei whistled as she admired what she was looking at. "I gotta admit this is quiet the hull for a gnat, Alright then gentlemen let's get to work." Mei put explosives on one of the walls plowing it up lettign in part of team two being lead by Roberta. "Your getting better sis, and here I was starting to think you were gonna get blood thirsty."

"No i'm a professional, now then I'm gonna let you do your thing while I keep the goon busy." Mei said giving her shotgun to Roberta as she gave her a machine gun.

"I will take some time for our ride to get here, think you could keep them off our backs until were done."

"Of course sis, i'll give them a good and proper fight." Mei said loading the machine gun and heading outside as she started firing at the police.

She join Guther, who was carrying a Mag-excellerated mini-gun meant for tanks, the obviously genetically enhanced man wielding it like it weighed nothing. He fired at a police vehicle until it exploded, flyingg up in the air and fliping onto its roof. He laughed gleefully. "So much fun. It's okay to kill them, right?"

“You’re asking me that now? Of course it’s fine to kill them we need them gone right. But leave one car around, keep at least one of them on our tail.”

"You got it, Mai." The large man grinned gleefully as he mowed down another vehicle, ripping it to shreds, and doing the same to the cops hiding behind it.

“That’s my good boy.” Mei said fireing at the helecopters above them. While team A was dealing with the police, team B being led by Roberta was taking the money. She saw the bank manager and walked to him.” Excuse me your the manager of this establishment?”

"Um... y-yeah... why?" He held up his hands. "I already opened the vault for you. What more do you want?"

“A few things, were does he live does he have family?”

"My... my boss?" The man blinked. "He lives in the big building with the large clock on the north side of the station. He... he has a wife and three kids..."

“That’s wonderful how old are his kids “

"Um, I don't know... twelve... n-nine, and six I think. W-why?"

“Ou that’s adorable because I’m gonna pay them a visit once I’ve wrapped up everything here.” Roberta looked at the camera and could see Mei and Guther had delt with the local law enforcement.” Hum won’t be long until the real fire power shows up.” Roberta went to the council and opened the garage for them.” Alright Mei Guther fall back to the garage, we got what we needed we will swap teams, there you will get fresh ammo for them. We are currently stealing a small transport ship, so keep them busy.” Roberta looked at the bank manager and patted his cheek.” Thank you so much for cooperating with me, but Ou if or when you’re boss shows up give him this phone will you?”

The manager nodded. "Okay. Just please go before you get me in any more trouble then I will already be in. Please."

“Ou don’t worry we will and don’t forget to give him that phone.” Mei and Guther and the rest of the pirates left the bank in armored trucks, as for Roberta she stole a nearby car and went to the mob bosses house and waited. Two hours passed and she saw the boss leaving.” Finally now then time I got a little chat going on.”

The mob boss, a very large man named Alexander Godfrey, who looked like he could have been a Quin in a former life, had just finished touring the bank, talking to the local authorities, recieving the phone, and snapping the bank manager's neck like a twig with one hand. He looked the phone over, scrolling through it and calling the only number saved in it.

“You know you are very slow you know that, here I am after robbing your bank and you decided to take your time.”

"I have a lot of people working for me that I had to talk to and explain myself to," Alexander stated, pulling a cigar case out of his pocket. "Even someone like me has rabble I must answer to, such as those that had things in my bank you took." He popped a cigar in his mouth and lit a wooden match. "It's fine, though. I just need to be sure that when I return their property along with your body, I don't get any of your blood on their stuff and all will be forgiven."

"Aw see that's cute you think your gonna retrieve those goods, trust me when I say there long gone. See my comrades more than likely destroyed the roadies, and whatever the hell was in there way. More than likely they are on a ship getting away right now."

"Right. And I could never follow them." He lit the cigar and took a long drag. "You broke into my bank with no masks. I know what you look like and my cameras picked up several of your names. I'll find you within a week. Your dead, understand me? You're all dead. And you specifically? I'll remember your voice, and when I find you, I'll make you watch me kill you comrades, your friends, your family, and everyone who was even remotely nice to you until there is nothing left of you but a sniveling mess that is begging me to kill you!"

He could hear laughing over the phone." Wow talk about generic, I hope you remember those words because I got a surprise for you." She whistled and he could hear commotion in the background." Hay pretty lady, please give the nice man your name please."

"Honey, whatever they want, don't give it to them!" Alexander heard his wife cry out.

He squeezed the phone hard enough to crack the screen and clenched his teeth. "What do you want?" he asked softly.

"Aw that's a good boy, see I don't want anything. See I love very few thing in this galaxy, I love sex I love money I love torture killing bringing so called big shots to their knees. I love everything this galaxy has to offer, and there's nothing you could give me except one thing. Tell me how does it feel to be on the other end of something that you’ve done to so many people huh?" Roberta said rubbing Alexanders wife hair.

Alexander snapped his fingers to get his goons' attention, writing on a piece of paper to get to his house now. "I've always respected those that I've dealt with, and never harmed those that didn't harm me in the first place. So far, you have wronged me twice, robbing my bank and breaking into my home, and I don't even know you, and I doubt I have done anything to you or whoever you work for."


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Jun 23, 2013
Part 3

"Ou you haven't it's just that my boss got bored, and you just so happen to be on the menu were pirates we don't need a reason to fuck with people. Now if your wondering were your kids are, they are currently tied up in there room completely safe. Now right about now your so called people will come try and fight me, so before they get here i'm gonna fuck your wife or torture her I can't decide which. Say good by to your husband baby?" Roberta said pressing the phone on his wife's ear.

"Whatever happens, you make sure she fucking suffers," his wife muttered, looking at Roberta with nothing but rage.

"Stay strong," Alexander said back. "Whatever happens to you, she'll answer double for," he added as he rushed out of the bank towards his car.

Roberta closed her phone and tossed it to the side. "Ou well aren't you just a strong willed mobsters wife, I'm gonna enjoy making you. Not my bitch that's to good for you, my play thing." Roberta said stroking her cheek.

She looked up at Roberta and smiled. "You do understand that, no matter what happens now, you are going to suffer. There is no way you'll get out of here alive. The building will be surrounded any second now and there is no way to escape."

"Shh" Roberta hands and eyes started to glow blue and with the wave of her hand she calmed down her anger went away and she became calm." It's Ok don't worry you will be fine now then." Roberta stared into her eyes and used her mind control on her. "Now tell me were would your husband make his goons come from?"

The woman blinked slowly. "For me... he would bring them in from... everywhere on the station. The ones from the bank would... get here first."

"Good girl now then tell me what secrets does he have in this house. Does he have weapons money things he doesn't want people to know."

She blinked again. She pointed to a painting. "Behind there... a wall safe. He has a card with thousands of credits on it... bars of latinum... and a high powered laser pistol." She pointed to her bed. "An illegal, experimental plasma rifle under the bed." She looked up at Roberta. "There is a panic room in the basement with a lot of weapons too."

Roberta started to chuckle at the woman." You so useful darling." Roberta said kissing the woman." Now then I want you to remember the last big argument you and your husband had, and how bad it was. To you that was the last straw and you want to get back at him, your gonna take everything you just mentioned, except for that plasma rifle and wait for me in the panic room." Roberta said using her suggestion power on her.

Alexander's wife nodded, startinn to look angry. She got up, opened the wall safe, and took all of its contents out of the room, heading for the basement. Outside, Roberta heard several vehicles start to pull up.

Roberta went upstairs and went into the master bed room and grabbed the experimental plasma rifle. and put it on her back and loaded it. "Alright then bout time for me to stretch my legs."

The men outside kept their distance. They were obviously afraid what would happen to their boss' family if they went in guns ablazing. As the minutes passed, however, more and more cars showed up. Dozens and dozens of men and women stood outside, so much so it was intimidating. The mob boss himself drove up, and lifted up a loud speaker. "It's over. Send my family outside or this will get far uglier then you can imagine."

Roberta just smiled at being surrounded, and said to herself. "So many play things so little time how many puppets can I take be fore he realize he't out matched, let's find out." The window open and the mob boss could see the person responsible for taking his family, a blue haired Tamarian. "Aw you brought all this just for me, how flattering."

He waved his hands, several of the various mooks taking off in various directions. "We have you outnumbered and surrounded," he said. "Unless you can pull a suprise spaceship out of your ass, you have no way out."

"Really because I don't think i'm surrounded, to me a see a bunch of puppets that will be mine soon. And when I kill your men and cripple you i'm gonna take everything you have here, and take your wife to my ship and have her on a leash begging me to please her." Roberta said smiling.

There were several loud noises down stairs as several people started to bust in from various parts of the building and fight. "You know what? I'm sick of talking." He threw the loud speaker aside, pointed to the window, and said, "Open fire!" The men and women didn't have to be told twice, and they opened fire on the room Roberta was in while Alexander walked forward.

Roberta started to laugh she then started to crawl to the door Roberta looked at one of the men coming up the stairs, she looked at him and used her mind control on him." Come here puppet, I need you to defend me understand?"

He ran over to her, turning to fire on his follow men. He took out two and wouned a third before he was popped full of holes and crumpled to the ground.

Roberta came out of the room and fired the rifle at the down goon and fired two more plasma shoots at the goons before going back into the room and switching to the shotgun." Alright then let the games begin."

The entire house erupted in gunfire. Bodies on both sides dropped, priceless pottery and paintings were destroyed, and the blood flowed. Roberta's people were better trained, but they started to get overwhelmed by numbers, the mob boss obviously not caring how many bodies he had to through at this problem until it was solved. Alexander himself was not afraid to get in the fray, busting open his own front door and unloading his own high powered boom stick that punched fist sized holes in anyone that got in his way. A few men made the mistake of thinking his plus size was all fat and engaging him in had to hand. He killed most of them with single, well aimed, back breaking and neck snapping punches.

Roberta on the other hand mind controlled many of Alexanders people temporary bringing them to her side. Roberta herself was firing slugs and plasma rounds at the goons, until she finally started to press the attack using her ESP psi power making her aware of the house, she fired through walls blew heads off and looked to be a one woman army laughing the entire time.

The two killed their way through the house until Alexander finally caught a glimpse of the woman, killing his people with so much joy, and took off after her.

Roberta from the corner of her eyes saw the man coming and fired two shots at the man hoping to force him into cover.

He did indeed duck into one of the side rooms, the shots missing him by a hair.

“If you thought that running towards me when I have a shotgun was a good idea then you are a fool!” She shouted throwing a grenade in his direction.

It exploded, and for a moment there was a moment of silence. Then, the wall smashed, Alexander running through it and firing at her.

Roberta quickly dove into cover and started firing back at him.

He ducked to the side. "It's over," he yelled, reloading. "You're dead! "And everyone you know is going with you!"

Bright lights shines over the house and a gun ship fired two missiles at the house. From the ship Mei and Guther came out along with a hulking black and red scailed figure.

“Ugh high captain.” Roberta said nervously.

"Who the fuck are you now?" Alexander demanded, backing down a bit as he was now outnumbered.

Solex ignored Alexander and looked at Roberta.” Do you know how long I’ve been looking for you little thief, I’ve been searching for you all this time. What a coincidence that you happen to be here.”

“Hay come on now boss man you still made I stole from you?”

Alexander lowered his shotgun a bit. "You know this wench? She stole from my bank, broke into my home, and kidnapped my children and wife."

"Wow kidnapping, I gotta admit Roberta that's kinda a new low even for you." Mei said to her.

Roberta smiled at Mei." Ou come on now I had to take a hobby after I left you guys, kidnapping seemed like a good one."

"What did you do with my wife and children," Alexander demanded.

"Ou your kids are tied up upstairs, and your wife is down stairs in your panic room with all the money weapons I had her take for when I was done with you here." Roberta said smiling." Though I had to mind fuck her though, so your wife currently is under my control and is mad at you."

Alexander grit his teeth and stepped forward, pointing the shotgun at her face. "Tell me why I shouldn't blow your head off right now..."

"Because you made the one mistake that you shouldn't do, you turned your back on a pirate."

Mei at that point fired her gun into Alexander's back taking him to the ground. "Wow that's some good acting sis."

Alexander lay motionless on the ground, and Guther stepped forward. "What we goanna do with the kids? Sell them? I know some slavers that likes small children. Tiny bodies and hands are useful."

"Ou come on now we got plenty of money, and guns that we don't need to sell them off. Just let them be orphans besides." Ou honey you could come out now." Roberta said as the former wife of Alexander came up the stairs." I got me a nice toy and a whole panic room full of weapons."

Guther nodded, and looked down at Alexander. "Seems like a waste to get away with all this only to have bounty hunters after us. You sure you want us to let them Goldensun or whatever guys know about this?"

"Yes hell other bounty hunters might come after us to, but it could be fun." Mei said smiling at the thought.

"Ou that reminds me, I wanna see the look on her face before I take her with us." Roberta released Alexander's wife from her mind control." Hi sun shine, how are you?"

"What's going on?" She looked at her husband on the ground and tensed up. "Bastards," she muttered, shaking a bit.


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Part 4

"Aw that's cute she's scared, ou there's no need to be scared. Because i'm gonna take care of you from this day forward and your life will forever be filled with pleasure." Roberta said smiling at her.

"Men grab the weapons and money, Mei Guther you two stay on the station, i'm sure a bounty will be put on you in probable a day." Solex said getting back on the gunship.

"Yes sir." Guther looked at Mei. "This should be fun."

"That it should be, it's been so long since we were the one's being hunted. I can't wait for them to come to us, though there will probably be a bunch of other bounty hunters coming for us as well."

"Ou I know you two will handle it, now then." Roberta looked at the widow." Come along honey time to come to your new home."

She didn't bother to fight, knowing there was no point, and sadly walked along with Roberta.

"That's a good girl, Mei Guther you two have fun, boys grabby the weapons and money and let's go back to the ship." The pirates nodded and went into the panic room and grabbed the reaming money and weapons around the house, and got on the gun ship. While Mei and Guther took one of the cars, leaving the house in ruins and the children orphaned.


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The fallowing is done by Dhalexpert&FrostLitch

Space station LXG-7724

Blisk walked out of a nearby strip club, enjoying the entertainment of the lady’s there. As well as getting rid of some small time bounty’s a blonde Cartus waved her hand at Blisk.

“Don’t Be to much of a stranger Mr Blisk, don’t hesitate to come again.”

“Heh will see, but thanks for the show and the entertainment.” As Blisk continued to walk he started to think about the golden wing. Hum if we are gonna stay here, we should probably buy a office building or some place for us to live. That way people can call us there instead of on the ship? It could also mean us not going back and forth all the time.

“Ah but that would be expensive as hell to do, well maybe it won’t it’s just a thought.” Blisk thought was interrupted by Laepaeed.” What the hell, excuse me miss are you lost?”

The brightly colored insect turned and looked at him, mentally preparing herself for what would likely be an 'enlightening' conversation. "I'm not a Neonate. I can find my way on my own."

"I bet your ten feet tall, but why in the galaxy is a Laepaeed doing all the way in the ass end of the galaxy cloths to the frontier? Aren't your kind like living in hives?"

"Moving Hives." She corrected.

“Okay my fault, but aren’t you a royal? I thought you guys never left.”

"Well. Clearly you are wrong about one of those things. You figure out which one." The Laepaede shook her head slightly.

“Look Lady I don’t know much about your species, outside of your high archery and that you guys almost went extinct. Thanks to the Quin surprise attack and the Demigor.”

"That's more than most people care to learn. But you've surprised me Kotavorg..." She tilted her head slightly.

"Yea well i'm not like most Kotavorges, I tend to not let heat of battle get to me. And It's a huge galaxy might as well learn about other races and all that, but to the point it's rare seeing a royal out here are you a bounty hunter?"

"That is my current occupation, yes." She crossed her arms.

“Cool Well I work for this bounty hunting company, the captains a Cartus if you’re fine working with that? We’re a new company so if you’re tired of working alone you could join us.”

Yyashtra'kari lowered her shoulders. "I think I already have..."

Blisk raised his eyebrow.” Wait wait a minute, you you’re a part of the golden wing and its crew?”

"I am. I take it to mean you are too." She gave him an incredulous look. "I'm surprised you haven't seen or heard of me yet. I strike quite a figure."

“Yeah no kidding, how I missed a ten foot tall bug woman is embarrassing. Well then I guess introductions are in order I’m Blisk Oliver Blisk But I don’t go by my first name.”

"Right. I am Yyashtra'kari." She nodded, fluffing her wings a bit.

“Well then it’s good to be met Yyashtra’kari, so then I have to ask what makes a royal like you turn bounty hunter?”

"Right to the big question I see. Very well, but if I answer I expect you'll answer a question of mine" She offered him.

“Sure I typically have no problem mentioning what I’ve been through. Pluse I’m sure you have a hell of a story.”

"I was exiled from my hive." She answered simply. "I am not allowed to return."

That’s Ugh pretty harsh thing for your kind right, I mean aren’t you all about sticking together?”

"We are. I am the first Royal to be exiled in at least one thousand years." Yyashtra'kari mentioned with shame in her voice.

“Damn so what exactly did you do that was so agregous to get you exhaled?”

"I would rather not discuss it further." He took on a hard tone, focusing back on him.

"Fine then, I won't pry any further on the question about your past then. So since were gonna be crew mates is there anything you want to know about me?"

"You seem like an interesting one. I'll admit I don't know much about Kotavorgs. What are you doing on the Golden Wind?" The Laepaede looked down at him with scrutiny.

“Hum Good question, maybe I was tired of hunting alone. Or im getting older and sick of being hunted, could be a number of reasons.”

"So we are your retirement plan?" She chuckled, inspecting him from top to bottom.

“Could Be but I don’t know, I figured I could travel with you all for a few weeks. Then go on my mary way, I didn’t expect to get attached to you all. And start enjoying your company.”

"You... Aren't like many Kotovorgs I've seen..." She mentioned off-handedly.

“Yeah I guess trama has a way of changing people even Kotavorgs. Or there’s not many of my clan that wants to leave our home world.”

"It's not so simple to leave your home." Yyashtra'kari spoke with a heartfelt timber.

“For my clan no, for the ones you see in the military it’s easyer for them. My people have two major clans, mine prefers to stay in our system. Though there slowly branching out.”

Yyashtra'kari slowly made her way over, the introspection intriguing her, as it often did.

"Though I gotta admit my people are slowly coming into the frontier, and carving out a nice path for them self." Blisk looked up and saw that Yyashtra'kari was slowly getting closer. "There a reason you getting closer?"

"Because I'd rather not have this conversation from twenty feet away?" She tilted her head.

"Right well then, do you have any other questions for me. Like my augmentations, how long I've been doing this. Wait if you’re a royal how old are you anyway, and how long have you been doing this?"

"I... Am not fond of augmentation. Nor am I fond of your kind. But you caught my interest." She told him bluntly. "In my two hundred years of life I have heard of not a single pleasant interaction between my people's and yours."

"Yea considering most race that come into my people space don't last long, also you’re not the first to not like my augmentations. And besides this is a pleasant interaction, I haven't shot you yet you haven't tried to kill me. So this could be count as pleasant."

"If that's your idea of pleasant I pity your people." Yyashtra'kari stated. "To answer your other question. I have been doing this for around five years. A fraction of time to my kind."

"Well nice to know that, and my kind don't need much pity. We’re trying hell us being most of the military is a good sigh. Besides were not talkers, were worrier’s soldiers engineers, pilots. Basically we know how to destroy and fix things talking is not our strong suite."

"And it is ours? We are adept at many skills, each of us for and assigned a role we would be best at and honed until we are nothing less than a master."

“Hum it’s a shame my kind doesn’t branch out to yours. We could use those skills, then again compared to you royals we live very short lives.”

"Our races are in no way compatible. That is just a simple fact." She culled that thought quickly.

“Nether is my kind And Tamarin, and yet her I am working alongside one.”

"You mean Aya? How much are you really working together?" She raised an eyebrow with suspicion.

Well considering we already collected a bounty on someone, and the ship has no holes. Well no new ones anyway that we didn’t cause, I would say we get along.”

"I feel like you may be looking too much into a alliance of convenience." The Insect answered matter of flatly.

"Look when your race is known for its violence, and eating literally anything that moves. You make the best of what you can, hell it's a good damn merical that me and her haven't once fought each other you take any small victory you can."

"I have things I need to do for the crew. I am looking for some Starship parts. Do you... Know where I might find some here?" The Laepaede looked around.

"Yea if you want quality parts, yea there's this shop on the upper level of the station. The parts there have a lot of spare parts to all sorts of ships there, hell you might just get lucky finding something."
"Thank you. We can continue this discussion another time perhaps." Yyashtra gave a nod towards him.

"I look forward to it, hopefully you could tell me more about your past and how a royal got Exiled." Blisk said leaving Yyashtra

As she watched him walk away, she just shook her head. "What are you doing Yyashtra..."


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Frostlich1228 & ZombieSplitter53
Crushing Expectations of Others

Lady and the talk Insectoid Yyashtra'kari stood facing eachother silently as they waited for their debriefing from JJ. It was painfully silent within but Lady tried to strike up conversation anyway. "So... Hi... You're a Laepaede right?"

Yyashtra sighed, "I am. And before you ask I am a Royal."

"I don't know what that is. I didn't even know what a Laepaede was until I heard people talking about you." Lady chuckled awkwardly.

The Insect just shook her head, "Why do you Humans not do more research on the Universe you live in?"

"I just... It didn't come up?" The Human girl looked back and forth.

"As much as I love talking about my people it does get tiring." The Insect finished, the awkward silence creeping back in.

JJ and Aya stepped into the room, the former her usual exuberant self, Aya her usual reserved self. "How are you two doing today?" JJ pointed at Lady. "Sorry. How are you three?"

Yyashtra seemed confused for a moment as Lady nodded. "We're good. You two?"

"Guess she hasn't told everyone," Aya muttered, adding, "Big mouth."

JJ chuckled nervously. "N-never mind that. Um... ready for a bounty mission?"

"Told what who?" Yyashtra'kari crossed her arms.

"Uhh..." She chuckled nervously. "I have a Yorin friend in my head..."

Yyashtra blinked, looking between Aya and Lady. "A Yorin? Is it... Controlling you?"

"Oh for- No!" The Human Woman rolled her eyes. "Part-Ners."

"Right..." The Insect seemed apprehensive.

JJ held up her hands. "It is all under control. Trust me. She wouldn't be able to get away with controlling Lady as the only Yorin aboard. We trust her. Please do the same. After all, you're going to be on a mission together."

"We are?" Lady asked. "To where?"

Aya brought up a star chart and pointed to a planet not far from them, relatively speaking. "Planet Zexious. Don't worry if you never heard of it, they prefer it that way. The only reason the locals of this system know of it is to know to stay away."

"There are a few Human settlements down there," JJ explained. "Human... and only human. They don't seem to care for non-humans, and will only trust a task to them in emergencies."

"So it's an emergency then?" Yyashtra sighed, a planet of all Humans?

Aya brought in a close up of the planet, showing one of the small settlements. "The number of humans is low, and their technology limited thanks to casting off the rest of humanity that welcomes alien life." She moved a marker to Northeast of the settlement. "So it makes them a prime target for a band of Shinso raiders to take up camp and do what they do best... raid the humans."

Lady blinked, something clearly on her mind. "They aren't... Taking Slaves are they? I know Human slaves are illegal but whose going to stop them out here?"

JJ nodded sadly. "They have taken a number of villagers hostage. We don't know what they're doing with them... but given the Shinso history..."

Lady slammed her fist down, "Then we need to stop them. Right away."

Yyashtra gave her a curious look before replying, "Yes. If they have them they could try leaving the planet at any moment. We must be quick. But more importantly we should be quiet, I don't think they'd be afraid to use them as hostages."

"Right." Aya pointed to the settlement once more. "You will be going to the town with JJ. I'd join you, but we're afraid I look too human and they'll feel like we're trying to trick them with my presence." She waved her hand. "It's complicated. Has to do with an encounter years ago. Yyashtra is obviously not human and JJ, as a Cartus, might garner sympathy. Lady, you'll have to do a lot of the talking however."

"Yeah. It's just... I haven't been around other Humans in a long time... I might sound a little out of touch?" Lady reminded.

"If they are so far away from... Earth? I imagine they've been away just as long as you have." Yyashtra pointed out.

"That... Yeah, that makes sense. Thank you..." Lady trailed off. "Ye-Aahstra."

"Close enough." The Laepaede ruffled her wings slightly.

JJ smiled. "Once we get down there, try to find out all you can. Where the raiders are located, what their numbers are like. As you two said, we are on a bit of a time crunch so don't beat around the bush. I want to get to them before they have a chance to flee. Any questions?"

"What will you be doing Captain?" Yyashtra'kari asked.

"I'll be fighting along side you when we get to the raiders," JJ stated. "I can fight too, I just usually stay back. I want to be there to give lady emotional support though. And you will be our enforcer, a tall, intimidating yet sexy bug lady ensuring the humans don't get jumpy and take out any aggression on us."

"Sexy...?" Yyashtra seemed perplexed. "Right..."

Aya rolled her eyes. "You'll also be there to counter the Captain's... enthusiasm. Remember, JJ, they are that keen on alien life. Try and not make a bad name for all non-humans everywhere."

JJ nodded. "Yes ma'am! Oh, and Lady? I hate to say this but... it is probably best to keep Yixx a secret from them."

"Yeah. I don't think that's a super good idea either. Just try to let me know if you think they have any of those scanners." She replied.

"They shouldn't." Aya sighed. "One last thing. The... the pay isn't going to be high on this one. Some Elerium, a trunk of ancient trinkets they found, and some food is all they can afford. We are mostly taking this as a humanitarian mission. They've either turned off everyone else in this system or can't afford their pay. But if you two don't want to take the risk for little pay, we'll understand and ask someone else on the ship. You two are our first picks though."

"I'm Glad to-" Lady was interrupted.

"That's a lot of risk for not a lot of pay, all for a bunch of Humans that are so unpleasant to be around that were in danger of being attacked by the people we're trying to save." Yyashtra'kari shrugged nonchalantly. "Why not let this happen and let them learn their lesson?"

Lady gasped, stomping her foot. "These are innocent people about to be sold into slavery! How could you say that!?"

"It would probably improve their quality of life." The Insectoid remarked.

"Ah-You! What are you a racist or just an asshole!?" Lady's face went red.

"We are risking our lives doing something that they would hardly do for us. Do you think they're going to be grateful after we do this? Probably not. I'm struggling to see the point." Yasha sighed.

JJ sighed. "I understand your point. And you're right. They probably won't be very grateful, and even if they are, I don't they'll change their views on non-humans anytime soon. But I won't sit ideally by while others are forced to go through the same life my parents fought to escape from." She gave Yyashtra a sad look. "But if you say no, I'll understand. It isn't like this is a military organization. We can't force you. Only ask you."

Yyashtra'kari shook her head, but then the words of Yip, that Cartus Girl rung in her ears. "Fine. But I expect at least some lovely decoration money. To make my room more hospitable."

Aya smiled. "You can have your pick from the artifacts and anything shiny we see in town."

JJ nodded, and placed a hand on Lady's shoulder. "Ready to head out?"

"Yeah. Right Ms.Kari?"

"Yyashtra." She emphasized heavily.

"Right... Sorry..." Lady scratched the back of her neck.

The ride through the atmosphere was smooth and comfortable on the shuttle. It really was a beautiful planet. It was a shame the humans here would neither share it or take outside help to expand further on it. They landed in the center of the settlement, making their presence immediately known. A lack of surprises was what was important.

As they exited through the rare of the shuttle and people gathered round, JJ said, "We're counting on you, Lady. But I'm here if you get flustered or are unsure what to say. Try... to have fun with it. Like you're the leading lady in a play. Humans have plays, right?"

"Yes. Okay." The Human Woman stepped out, looking over the crowd. "Don't worry. Don't worry. Me and my friends are here to help with your Shinso problem."

There was a lot of murmurs among the gathering crowd. A lot of people looked angry. Likely over their missing loved ones, but the group couldn't help but feel some of the hostility was pointed their way. A few people walked up, several gawking at the tall insectoid. "You couldn't have sent a group of all humans?" one of them blurted out.

"We... Don't really have that many Humans. We sent all we could." The Woman raised her hands up in front of her. "My name is Lady. I was born on Earth. You can trust that I trust these people."

"And you think your trust means..." Started the same man.

Another man raised his hand, an older man with an aged look of someone who was only a few years off from meeting his maker. "You forget yourself, Tabin. They are here where no one else would come. And I do not think I have to remind you that you are missing someone too. Would you scare off someone willing to help you?"

The man named Tabin sighed sadly. "N-no... no, Father Tasgar."

The old man nodded, and raised a winkled hand. "I am called Tasgar. I am the village's leader, in a sense."

"It's good to meet you. I'm Lady." She held out a hand.

He shook it. As he did, JJ let out a yelp as a child yanked on her tail. "Whoa... I think it's real!"

"You're really tall!" A little girl said to Yyashtra'kari. "Are you a bug?"
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Yyashtra looked down, "I am an Insectoid. You are a human youngling?"

A thought suddenly occured to her, smiling, "Would you like to see my wings?"

The little girl nodded her head eagerly.

Yyashtra proudly unfurled her beautiful butterfly like wings, if she was going to be on this planet, she would at least show them the Majesty of her people to leave a lasting impact.

"Whoa..." said the little girl in awe, as did several other children, at least until several parents ran up and dragged them away from the forbidden aliens.

Father Tasgar shook his head. "I am sorry. It is instilled into our heads that anything alien is bad. These Lion-like aliens that take our people are not helping with that."

Yyashtra wrapped her wings back around her, looking at the man. "That's why we're here to help you."

He nodded. "The alien..." He scratched his head.

"Shinso," JJ said.

"The Shinso have a camp only a mile or so outside of the village. They stay so close because they are unafraid of us... and rightfully so. We have no means of defending ourselves against such a threat. Not without many, many loses..."

"Any idea of numbers?" Yyashtra asked. "Well armed?"

"Very well armed as far as we know."

"There are at least a dozen of them!" a woman said, most people looking at Lady regardless of who was asking the questions. "Please, they took my husband! I just want him back! What do they want with us?!"

"It's alright. We'll get your husband back." Lady assured. "Is there anything else we should know?"

They thought. "A cat," one of the men said. "Small and white. We tried to sneak into the camp. We saw the cat, but didn't think anything of it. But then all the aliens came running out of the camp towards us and I swear it was when that cat looked at us."

"A Cat... I... Don't know what that is..." Lady squinted strangely.

"I think I have heard of these, but only in passing." Yyashtra added.

JJ nodded. "We'll keep an eye out. Thank you." She patted Lady on the shoulder. "Let's head towards the camp, the sooner we get there, the sooner they get their people back."

"Do you know what he's talking about?" Lady whispered to JJ.

"There are these cat like things called Cubators that he could be talking about," she whispered back. "I've never seen one though."

"What can they do?" Lady continued.

"Some can get all big and scary, but this one might not be able to if it didn't for them." JJ tapped her head. "But they usually have telepathy. It is probably acting as alarm that alerts everyone there as soon as it sees someone. We'll either have to avoid it or take it out."

"Right. Understand." Yyashtra nodded confidently, "I brought a rifle today for this very purpose."

The villagers pointed them in the right direction, and the group took of quickly. As had been stated, they arrived to the camp in very little time. "How shall we approach this," JJ wondered outloud, inviting suggestions.

"See if you can find that Cubator. Take it out first. We have to blind them." Yyashtra'kari advised.

JJ moved close to the camp. She suddenly doubled back, and pointed to a small white mammal laying down near the entrance to the camp. "I think that's it. I've never seen one up close before."

Yyashtra nodded, slowly pulling out her silenced rifle. It was a long, black, hex pattered looking thing with a strange, alien scope on the weapon that started narrow then bowed outward into almost an oblong shape. "Lethal or Non-lethal?"

JJ had bad things about these creatures, which threatened to push her into lethal, but in the end said, "Non-lethal if you can."

Yyashtra nodded, loading in what looked to be a clip of darts into her gun and taking aim at the cat. With a deep breath and a few moments to steady her aim, holding her gun with four of her hands, she fired with a soft 'Thwick'.

The Cubator wobbled a little, yawning, before curling into a ball and falling asleep, snoring and purring softly. "Nice shot," JJ complimented. "Now let's get closer. And keep your eyes and ears open. There could be more scouts."

The group moved slowly closer, Yyashtra gently picking up the small cat as they passed by it.

JJ pressed against a sandbag wall hastily set up at the edge of camp. "Alright." She looked at the pair. "First thing's first. We need to find the villagers and try and get them out. These Shin... these raiders won't hesitate to use them as hostages."

Yyashtra gave the area a once over with the scope on her rifle, looking for whatever sign of them she could see.

She saw two tents with a pair of guards in front of each, one in the center of the camp, one near the other end.

"If I had to guess they're in those tents." Lady whispered.

"The issue is that taking them out without being revealed will be difficult since they are so bunched together." Yyashtra'kari added. "But a distraction might just make security tighter..."

JJ nodded. "You have something in mind?"

"You wouldn't happen to have any psionics would you?" She looked over at JJ.

JJ shook her head. "I'm afraid not. But I have, um... a good throwing arm."

"How good are you at acting?" Yyashtra continued.

JJ smiled. "I can bat an cute eye to save my life if need be. What did you have in mind?"

"Well. They're captives are human and they look likely have Cartus slaves..." Yyashtra responded, letting their minds do the rest of the work.

JJ nodded, looking around. She spotted the shabbiest looking tent and said, "I'm going to changw into something cheeper and more demeaning. You two keep an eye on the guards. I'll lure them away from the tents, and then you can sneak in."

"Right. Good luck." Lady smiled at her.

JJ snuck into the tent of the slaves. A few minutes later, she came out the front wearing shabby clothes and immediately made her way over to the tents. She checked the far one first, spotting weapons and the like. Most likey their armory. She then made her way to the one closer to her two companions. The sounds of light sobbing could be heard from within. This was the one.

"Excuse me," she said to the guards, timid with a shake in her voice. She was a pretty good actress from thw look of things. "The master wants to see you. Both of you. H-he said he'd send someone else t-to watch the... th-the humans."

"Which master?" One of the men asked suspiciously.

JJ thought for a moment. She didn't know the leaders name, of course. So she flinched, amd looked on the verge of tears. "Th-the last time I called the master by his name... h-he..."

The other Shinso chuckled. "That's Staven alright. Come on. Let's see what he wants..." They walked off. JJ waved towards where she hoped the others were watching, and moved to follow the guards to keep an eye on them.

They nodded, Yyashtra and Lady moving up to the tent where they believed the prisoners were.

Lady looked over at her, "So now what?"

"We get inside." Yyashtra explained.

"But how? There are still guards at the door?" Lady replied but was suddenly shocked when the large Insect Woman cuffed get hands behind her back. "Hey! O-Oh...!"

Yyashtra just shook her head, passing her the key. "I cuffed you in such a way that you should be able to open it easily from behind you."

"Mmhm." Lady nodded.

"Act like you're being captured, once we get in, take out the soldiers closest to the captives first, we'll only have a moment." The Laepaede explained, leading her up to the front of the tent, the cuffed Human in tow.

"Excuse me. I was told I would be able to find allies here that would be interesting in trading." She spoke properly and well articulated.

One of the Shinso looked her up and down. "Yeah... and what are you looking for for this one?"

"Can she work?" asked the second.

"She can work. She's skilled at many things including weapon repair." Yyashtra said, Lady doing her best to sniffle and cry.

The pair exchanged a smile. "Alright, throw her in with the others, then we can talk business."

As Yyashtra walked past them, the second guard asked, "How did you hear of us...?"

"I merely asked around my Hiveship and they mentioned that they saw a Shinso ship land on a nearby world. We have dealt fairly with your people before. And we have no love for... Humans..." Yyashtra pushed Lady forward.

The Shinso considered for a moment, but seemed satisfied as they let her go into the tent. They would get a bonus for the exchange after all.

Yyashtra smiled as they entered into the tent, looking for anyone that might be more obviously in charge, as well as keeping her eye out for JJ, hoping she would find a way inside.

There were more then a dozen humans within. A woman was walking back and forth between them, seemingly trying to comfort them. All eyes gazed with fear as the insect woman entered, even more so when they saw Lady cuffed.

Yyashtra, not seeing guards within, glanced back for a moment. "Alright..." She stepped up to them, whispering, "I've been hired to rescue you."

They all looked to the woman who was comforting them, and she folded her arms. "Hired by who? This some sort of alien trick to get our hopes up?"

"Why would I trick you if I already captured you?" Yyashtra asked, Lady walking up and unlocking her handcuffs.

"Don't worry. She's telling the truth. I'm with her." Lady smiled.

"Who sent you?" the woman asked again nervously. It looked like she was hopeful, but such hopefulness was being kept back by her xenophobia.

"Your Townsfolk." Yyashtra answered.

"Father Tasgar." Lady added.

She looked surprised. "They asked you... so no one else would come to our aid..."

"We can't trust them," one of the other woman said softly.

"We don't have a choice. Unless we want to be stuck here." The woman took a deep breath. "I'm Zemora. Just... just tell us what you need us to do."
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"We need to get them out quick." JJ walked up behind the other two. "I was able to send the other two away with the same story, but they're going to realize they're being led around any minute now."

"Let's head out the back of the tent quickly, if we get into a gunfight, we do whatever it takes to cover the targets." Yyashtra'kari advised, readying her pistols.

The humans were gathered up and they followed her out the back, the scared villagers looking around for the guards and unusal feline that were usually patrolling and relieved not to find them. They almost made it to the nearby treeline when a pair of Cartus slaves suddenly stepped into view, carrying a heavy jug of water. They stopped short at the sight of the others, the jug slipping and banging on the ground. Their eyes widened, their hairs stood on end, and they looked ready to scream.

Yyashtra'kari quickly pulled out her four pistol set, pointing two at each slave, shoving one in each of their faces. "Make a noise and I vent your skulls."

"Yyashtra!" Lady said in a hushed voice, speaking calmly to the Cartus. "We're freeing these people. You can come with us. You don't have to be slaves anymore..."

The pair exchanged a worried look. "If we're caught... we'll be punished," one said.

"Where would we go?" asked the other.

"We have a place." Lady smiled at them. "You'll be free. You have a chance."

"It isn't like you have much to lose," JJ added. "And I doubt we can treat you worse then they do here." She rubbed her chin. "In fact, you should probably gather all the slaves and head to the human village so you can't be threatened either."

"You can't let them go," Zemora insisted. "How do we know they won't run to their Shinso masters the moment they are out of sight?"

Yyashtra looked at JJ, "The Human is right. If we let these two go back they could jepardize the entire mission, willingly or unwillingly. We should take these two only, if we push our luck all our charges could be killed."

JJ tensed up a bit, obviously not liking the idea of not trusting her own people, but she knew she couldn't let her personal emotions sway her. "You... y-you're right. Alright, you two, come with us. We promise you won't get hurt as long as you cooperate."

The pair of Cartus nodded nervously, warily stepping among the humans and walking with them into the treeline. Behind them, they could hear the ruckus of the Shinso running around, looking for the Cartus that had falsely sent them away from their posts, and questioning where their Cubator had gone.

Yyashtra ordered them to help pick up the pace until they were well outside of the camp. The Insect, now believing themselves to be at a reasonably safe distance, looked over the group of civilians. "Well... Mission accomplished then?"

JJ folded her arms and tapped her foot. "I don't know. We saved the humans, but there is nothing stopping the Shinso from going back and simply taking them again..."

"Are you suggesting we attack? We..." Yyashtra trailed off, casually doing a headcount. "Where's Lady?"

JJ scanned the immediate area. "I... she was right here..." She looked back towards the camp.

They were far away, but she briefly saw the pink hair of the woman dodging from cover to cover on her way back inside the camp.

JJ shook her head. "Guess she's a few steps ahead of us." Heading back quickly, she said, "Come on!"

Yyashtra growled, "Someone has to escort these people! I'll do it! Just go get her!"

"On it!" JJ rushed to try and catch up with Lady without getting caught. Luckily she was in disguise. Lady wasn't.

Lady slipped behind rocks and into tents, avoiding everyone she could, however, one tent was still occupied Lady learned as she slammed into the furred chest of a huge Shinso.

The Dark Grey striped fur Shinso looked down at her curiously, chuckling, "Well what are you doing here girl?" He growled out, putting a hand on her head. "Try'in to escape are ye?"

"You're going to want to let go of me..." Lady glared at him.

"Or what? What's the little girl going to do?" The Shinso dug his claws slightly into her head. Lady quickly reached up under the Lion Alien's arm with both hand, twisting her feet into the ground and using it like a lever to flip the seven foot tall cat over her shoulder and onto the ground.

He grunted primally, reaching up to try and tear out her throat, but with his arm still it hand, Lady bent it backwards with a sickening snap, one that would've caused him to scream out if not for Lady digging her heel into his throat. "Struggle and I'll break your neck just as easily."

"Lady, what are you...?" JJ rushed in and skidded to a stop. "Whoa. Did you do that by yourself?"

"What? This? Pfft. Mr. Kitty here isn't so scary." The Shinso muffled out some words but choked when Lady out more pressure on his larynx.

JJ walked over and scratched her head. "What are you doing? We have the captives."

"I know you aren't as cold and calculating as Yyashtra. We can get the slaves out too. You know we can." Lady explained.

JJ hesitated, looking back, but slowly smiled and nodded. "You're right. Let's get them out of here. I even have an idea of how to deal with the Shinso themselves."

Lady smiled brightly, "Alright. Let's do this."

JJ looked down. "What do we do with him?"

"Up to you Captain." Lady saluted, looking down at him.

JJ smirked. "Knock him out... painfully if possible."

She nodded, quickly repositioning her foot and giving him a curb stomp to the head, causing his eyes to roll back into unconsciousness. "Now what, Captain?"

"You go and talk to the Cartus. I'm sure you could convince them to go. I'm gonna sneak over to that armory tent and see if they have any explosives."

"You... Might be more convincing... Are you sure it should be me?" Lady confirmed.

JJ rubbed her ear in thought, then nodded. "If it's me, they might just think I'm another slave trying to rise up. They'll believe you more then me, funny as that might sound."

Lady took a deep breath, "Alright. Good Luck."

JJ nodded and took off towards the back of the camp. With the Shinso all angrily running about, it was easy for her to look like just another confused slave in the midst of the others. Lady didn't have it so easy.

The Woman managed to sneak her way even closer to the tent, Yixx giving her information as they went.

"Okay. You're good... H-He looks like a guard so he'll probably be going right..." Yixx spoke, her voice stuttering here and there from nervousness.

Seeing an opening and with the slave tent in sight Lady made a break for it, crouching down and moving as fast as she could through the chaos.

One of the guards turned just as she ducked into the tent. She thought she was caught for a moment, but no one came in after her. In the tent were a dozen Cartus of various age and gender, all looking at her with confusion. "G-go back to your tent or r-run away," one quickly said. "Before you get us in trouble."

"I'm not one of the captives. I'm here to free you. All of you." She offered them an outstretched hand. "You can be free. We just have to hurry."

They all looked confused, but many stood up. "Are you sure?" another asked. "We'll be punished if we're caught."

"Severely punished," a third emphasized.

"You'll be punished if you stay. Over and over. For the rest of your lives. Your kids will be punished. Your kid's kids... Until someone makes a stand and takes a chance." Lady told them all. "You have that chance now. Who knows when you'll get another one."

They all murmured and whispered before falling silent, one of them standing tall. "What do we do?" he asked.

"Follow me out and quickly. I think my friend is off making a distraction." The Human Woman smiled, peeking out of the tent.

She spotted JJ with something in her arms, sneaking from tent to tent. Suddenly, a Shinso stepped in front of Lady, snarling at her. "What are you doing here?!"

"You're going to want to walk away pal. I'm taking these slaves out of here. We have a hundred more Mercs waiting to come in right now." She glared up at him. "So if you wanna leave here alive. Scram."

He chuckled lowly. "I'll deal with them when they come. For now, you're mine." He reached out to grab her.

She acted quickly and on pure instinct, lunging forward and slamming him directly in the bridge of his nose with her forehead, raddling Yixx a little inside her cranium, but she was in combat now and didn't give it much thought.

The Shinso looked surprised as he held his bleeding nose. "You little...!" He stepped forward, sweeping his claws with his free hand.

The Shinso's claws raked across her chest, drawing a good deal of blood and forcing Lady to back up before charging into him and wrapping her arms around his waist and center of mass. From there she began to land punches into his kidneys and liver with her left hand, assuming that Shinso organ placement wasn't so different from human.

They weren't, and he quickly collapsed to his knees from the pain, not expecting a puny human to be so strong or fierce, obviously having been spoiled by the weaker willed villagers.

Lady quickly circled around him, wrapping her arm around his throat. "Walk. If you stop, or I think you're trying to scream or escape, I'll crush your windpipe before you get out a peep."

He gulped lightly, and started walking forward.

She looked back, pushing the tent open and pulling out a large caliber revolver,
"Everybody stay behind me. Don't lag behind too much."

She began to walk out, they would definitely notice the crowd of slaves, but that's what the meat shield was for. All the Shinso turned to the exiting group, pulling out weapons and pointing them at Lady.

"All of you! Put your guns down and your friend lives. I'll let him go outside of camp. Understand?" She gripped his throat tighter, slowly scanning her enemies with her pistol.
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Some of them backed down. Some of them didn't budge. "What makes you think we aren't willing to sacrifice him to kill you?" a very large Shinso asked, likely the leader.

"Don't you think you've already lost enough today?" Lady tapped her hostage's head with the side of her gun. "Come on. You'd better convince them or this won't go well for you."

"Come on boss, don't play around," he practically begged. To his horror, the Shinso all started to raise their weapons again.

The camp was suddenly rocked by an explosion. Then another one. Then another. One by one, the tents and structures started to randomly explode into fireballs, sending the Shinso raiders into a panic.

Lady looked back at the slaves, "Come on! Hurry!"

She let go of the Shinso, he'd just slow her down, but not before saying, "They clearly don't value you too much. If you want to do something better with yourself, follow us."

The Shinso looked back, and surprisingly followed after them. JJ soon ran besides Lady. "How was that for a distraction?"

As the group began running, Lady smiled. "Couldn't plan it better. And I think we've got a new friend, for now least."

JJ looked back at the Shinso following them. "You sure know how to make friends." A laser beam whizzed over their heads as several more Shinso chased after them. "Lead them through there!" JJ said, pointing to one of the few intact tents.

Nodding quickly, then ran towards and through it, Lady taking blind potshots with her pistol back at the encroaching enemies.

The Shinso followed them inside. Once JJ, Lady, and company were through, JJ pulled a detonator out of her waistband and hit it. The tent exploded behind them, taking the raiders with it. "I borrowed a few explosives. Ready for the big one?"

Lady smiled mischievously, "Let's do It."

JJ pulled out a rather large detonator with a big, red button. When she pressed it, the explosion was nearly deafening, a shockwave pushing everyone forward as the tent with all the raiders' ammunition went up in smokes.

No one followed them after that. There likely weren't many left alive after that massive explosion. As the group move to catch up with the frew villagers, they saw a single ship, its hull blanketed with smoke, dirt, and ash, rising up and taling off into space.

"I hope that's them running with their tails between their legs." Lady stretched casually.

"What do we do now?" one of the former slaves asked. "Where will we go?"

"There is a planet filled with former slaves nearby," JJ answered. "We'll take you all there."

"Thank you... the both of you. We are ever so grateful." The slaves all bowed their head. After a moment, they all turned to the Shinso that had followed them, bloodlust in their eyes.

Lady interposed between them, "Stop. He came with us. That means I think he at least deserves a second chance."

"How can you say that?!" One of the Cartus said. "You know he was one of the ones you saved us from, right? Why did you bring him with?"

Lady frowned, "Look he... I think he deserves another chance... Maybe he can use this opportunity to do better with his life..."

"I will, really! I... don't even like having slaves! Really!" The man rubbed the back of his neck.

JJ raised a suspicious eyebrow, but shrugged. "We'll drop you off with your own people once we come across them. No more bloodshed." She grinned at Lady. "Good job. Wish you had gone over a plan with me first, though. That could have gone bad..."

Lady smiled awkwardly, rubbing the back of her neck. "Heh... Sorry... But hey, it worked out right!"

"It did. And that's what is most important." JJ looked ahead. "Now lets hope our third party member was able to handle the humans without shooting anyone."

Yyashtra crossed her arms, sighing loudly at the villagers, "I'm back. I assume these are your missing friends?"

Everyone started cheering and crying at the same time, loudly greeting each other passionately. To Yyashtra'kari's surprise, many suddenly turned to her, running over and fawning over her like she was a celebrity.

She actually smiled, her gaze turning over to the elder, would this actually change their perceptions of them?

The man stepped forward, giving a small smile and nodding. "Thank you. You... you came through for us when even our own kind ignored our cries for help." His smile faltered somewhat. "What of your allies? We heard explosions a short while ago. Were.... were they lost?"

"They went back for the slaves. I think they're reckless... But the Shinso wouldn't bomb their own camp..." She chuckled, shaking her head slowly. "I think they'll be just fine."

"Well, now that the Shinso are dealt with, we do not have to worry about them taking our villagers... or our food. We should celebrate while we wait for your allies." He scratched his head. "What, uh... what do your people like to eat?"

"Do you have any sweets?" The Laepaede asked. "Humans have these... Small disk things... Like bread but... Sweet and crumbly..."

The elder nodded. "Let's see what we can get you."

Everyone gathered a feast and set it up in impressive time. Everyone was already eating when JJ and Lady finally arrived with the Cartus. They were invited to stay for the feast, the naturally the Shinso was asked to bring his food onto the ship to eat to avoid any awkwardness.

The insect woman was given a variety of sweet pastries to sample. Many of the villagers were more relaxed around her, though she still got the occasional dirty look. The Elder noticed this too and sighed. "We are a good people, I promise you. It will... just take us time."

"I hope that's true." Yyashtra sighed, stuffing a cookie into her mouth as Lady scooted up to her.

"It is. Just some people are more stubborn than others, that's true about every race, right?" The Human Woman smiled.
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The Elder nodded. "Regardless of our views of non-humans, you have done us a service and we will remember that."

"Happy to help." JJ grinned. "Though there is the matter of payment."

"Yes. First, we have the Galactic Credits we promised you." He pulled a card out of a pocket and offered it to Lady. "We were only hanging on to them for an emergency anyway, and this surely counts."

"Thanks. I don't think those Slavers will ce back a anytime soon, they took a lot of losses." Lady stated. "But if they do, you call is and we'll be here lickedy-split!"

The Elder man nodded. "And I believe we also promised you a set of artifacts." He sent a couple of men to retrieve them. "We found them while exploring and excavating. Again, we have no use for them, but perhaps you will."

JJ looked up at her insectoid colleague. "I believe I promise you first pick."

"What are they?" The Laepaede asked curiously.

"We're not sure," the Elder admitted as the two men carried over a rather large looking chest. "We believe they are remnants of a long gone race of people who once lived here."

"Fascinating... May I see them?" She asked politely

"Of course. They're yours now." The men opened the chest to reveal a myriad of trinkets. Some seemed to be jewelry. Some ancient, rust tech. Some could have gone either way. There were gizmos and masks and pottery and statues depicting great beasts.

Yyashtra grabbed for some of the rusted tech instinctively, it's nature fascinating her.

"What do you think it is?" JJ asked. "Think we could get any of it to work?"

Lady blinked, looking one over, "Maybe? It isn't my field of expertise..."

As the three looked through it, they noticed a faint, green glow coming from the bottom of the pile of gizmo and relics.

Yyashtra'kari took her long fingers and gingerly brushed the top layer away, reaching for the glow.

She found what seemed to be some kind of bracelet. At the very least it looked like it went on one's arm. It continued to glow as she lifted it, getting a bit brighter, but still remained fairly dim. "It never did that before," the Elder muttered.

"Strange..." She looked at her allies. "Should I?"

JJ shrugged. "I mean... you could. I'm kinda curious."

"Why not?" Lady shrugged.

Yyashtra nodded, holding her arm up and slipping the bracelet over it.

It was much too large for her arm, and the glow only seemed to dim somewhat.

"Nothing? That's anticlimactic..." Lady seemed dissatisfied.

Yyashtra looked it over more, sliding further up her arm to the thicker parts of her bicep.

Still nothing. JJ frowned. "Maybe it is just some... toy. Can I see it?"

Yyashtra seemed frustrated herself, passing it over to the Captain.

The object's glow got stronger as it passed Lady to JJ, but dimmed again once the captain had it. "Maybe you should try it on," she said, offering it to her human friend.

"Lady I'm not sure this is a good idea..." Yixx spoke but Lady put it on quickly, "Yeah yeah, don't worry we'll be fine."

The object glowed a bright green, and immediately shrank to a comfortable but snug fit around her forearm.

"Woah..." Lady blinked. "Am I the chosen one?"

"Please... It's a Human Artifact, it probably only works on Humans..." Yyashtra justified, her tone seeming slightly upset?

"Actually, we're not sure who left it," the Elder corrected. He looked at the insect woman with sympathy. "Perhaps... there are mire out there, including one for you?"

"That one's probably useless anyway." Yyashtra looked off to the side, sort of exaggerating it now as Lady tapped on the bracelet.

"How do you work..." Lady tilted her head.

"Maybe it's just... Fancy?" Yixx replied.

JJ smiled. "Could be. But we won't know until we do some tests. You wanna head out now that it is a job well done?"

"Yeah. Do you... Wanna get a beer?" Lady asked the Cartus, "Maybe just relax?"

JJ nodded. "That sounds lovely. A cool refreshment after a hard job."

"Maybe talk to that Shinso... Who knows? We could always use more friends... If you're okay with that..." Lady glanced back up to the ship.

JJ shifted uncomfortably, but nodded. "That's a good idea. Will do."

"I think people deserve a chance... A chance to change... I've hurt people too..." Lady closed her eyes.

JJ frowned, feeling guilty about her hesitation. She quickly smiled again and patted Lady on the shoulder. "You're right. And I'm sire this Shinso is no different. Everyone deserves a second chance."
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Gh0st and Dhalexpert present:
Meeting the Neighbors

Solex looked over the money and weapons after the bank robbery. "Hum not a bad haul for a gnat mob boss, i'm sure Roberta is enjoying her new pet." Solex then looked at his message and saw two messages on his terminal." Hum now what is this?"

The terminal glitched for a moment before an arrow appeared over one of the messages, along with text to click it.

“Ugh I know I shouldn’t click this damn thing, I’ll have Keep one of the hackers on standby.” Against his better judgment Solex clicked the arrow icon.

"Good. You accepted. I was worried I would've had to get your attention more violently." An androgynous voice said as a distorted face shifted across the screen, cycling through different species. "Ooh, what are you? Some fringe alien? Nevermind, that's a little rude." The voice cleared their throat. "Pirate, what are you planning on doing to the Golden Wind?"

“First off this pirate has a name and it’s Solex. Second i don’t know who you are, but who told you about my plans for this little bounty hunting company?”

"Alien Being sounds a bit better than Solex, but whatever." The ghostly image replied, before the image went crystal clear on the eyes; the two orbs looking opaque and lifeless. "As for how I know... I control a vast amount of information in this corner of the galaxy. To not know would be a liability."

The image went back to its - if ghostly faces could be considered as such- normal grainy image. "So why are you encroaching on the Wind- and be careful, I might try to assassinate your girly henchman if I don't like the answer."

"You send me this message and tell me that you have this wealth of information, if you did then the answer should be obvious to you. I want to see what they can do, nothing more or less. I control many things out here. Smuggler lanes, pirates, mercenaries, space stations, bounty hunters. I've made a nice little empire for myself here, and I want to see if this new blood will give me any trouble. And i'm sure you thinking the same thing, because i'm confident your watching them too."

"Of course. But if I want to actually do anything I want, I have to make sure any interested parties keep out or... well, use your colorful imagination of what I'll do. After all, I know where your pirates have been." The screen flickered to a skull with blue flaming orbs for eyes.

"So... are we going to have problems?"

“Depends I’m not your ordinary pirate. See I also have a wealth of information, and while I don’t know who you are yet I can garenty that if you send people after me. I have my own way of finding who you are, so you stay out of my way and I’ll stay out of yours.”

"Cute. But my business is with the Golden Wind, and therefore, you'll either leave them to me to play with or you and I are going to end up pressing our weapons against each other." A pause and then the image froze once more, this time a male human's smiling face. "And I can assure you, your girl you trust will be free game."

"Well, that's unfortunate. I guess they'll wander into my 'tests', then. Have a good day, Solex the alien." The screen gave a mad cackle before reverting back to a normal display, the arrow and all data relating to it gone.

Solex growled at figure. "Great someone to mess with me hum.” Solex got off his chair and made his way to Roberta “room” Roberta was busy having her way with her newest pet the former gangster wife.” Roberta!”

At the sound of her captain voice she detached herself from the former wife.” Yeah boss man?”

“We seem to have someone threatening us, they sent me a message that if I didn’t back off our bounty hunting test that they may come from us. Specifically you.”

Roberta smiled at the idea.” Ou thanks for the warning boss, I’ll be careful. Now if you excuse me I must get back to my toy.”

“What are you doing to her anyway?”

“It’s this drug I’m testing, makes the person crave sex like an animal I’m using it along with my psi power to break her.”

“Keep up the work then.” Solex said leaving the area.

A couple days later…

Roberta took Solex warning but decided to sell the artwork they stole from the bank to a local art auction pretending to be the artiest." Lady's and genital men to the auction, for our first painting we have this beautiful panting of a earth sunset drawn by the artiest Lisa. Can we start with one thousand."

As the auction was going on Robeta went to the bar and decided to get a glass of wine. watching everyone bid on the painting.

A Tamearin wearing Old Earth Wild West gear slid over the bar next to her. "I think you'll get a nice bit 'o value for it." A glass of red wine floated next to him. "Where'd ya take it from?"

"What do you mean were I got it from, I painted those." Roberta looked on as one of the painting went for forty thousand credits. "That's one and several more to go."

"Hey, babe, we both know you ain't painted them. Not dressed as... well, sexy as you are." He gave off a charming, flirtacious smile. "But no worries. I ain't an officer or a bounty hunter, so your secret's safe with me... but a kiss might tighten my lips."

"Keep talking like that and well see what happens, so then you know I stole this. Were I got it from is none of your business. So then tell me who are you." Roberta said looking at her wine.

"Well, as it just so happens, your boss and my boss are assholes. Mine more so than yours. Technically, I should've shot ya and proceeded to do and I quote 'enough horribleness to her body that she can't even be identified by parasites." He shrugged, the red wine floating over to his lips as he took a sip, acutely aware that one wrong move would kill him. "But again, asshole-ish. And given that, I'd like a more friendly introduction, although I'd be lying if I didn't admit some of it having to do with that shapely body of yours."

He looked her dead in the eyes, his cowboy hat going down in respect. "Name's Graeme Smith. And you could shoot me right now... or ya might say...?"

Roberta pulled out her knife to his throat. "I could open your throat right now and be done with you." Roberta put her knife away." I'm Roberta and yes i'm not gonna kill you, it sounds like your boss is taken me lightly. Because if I wanted you dead I would have killed you by now." Roberta said taking a sip of her wine seeing that another painting was sold.

"Alright so your not gonna kill me, i'm not gonna kill you, and your boss is a cunt. So why are you really disobeying your boss and not killing?"

"Well, I could give you the bullshit answer and say that I'm interested in you... But we both have been doing this gig for long enough for that to not be an issue." He shrugged and reached for the wine glass, polishing it off quickly. "You got balls. Broad daylight robbery, well thought out, and you didn't decide to be sloppy and kill everyone. That is a boon, Miss Roberta. And if I had to guess, you're your boss' right hand, his personal executioner, same as me. That means I should take your work seriously and judge you... I think in the long run, you'll be an ally. A very beautiful one, but an ally nonetheless."

He brushed her cheek, but as he did so the flirtacious look had fled in lieu of dark seriousness. "Just try not to stab my group in the back please. Fine women are already hard enough to find." He warned, before shrugging.

Roberta took a swing of her wine." Can we talk outside for a minute?"

"Sure, Miss." He shrugged again, getting up whilst the glass floated back onto the bar. "Wouldn't do if you stabbed me in public after all. Then you'd have a large audience to deal with."

Roberta didn’t say anything as they went outside, once the door was closed Roberta pulled out one of her pistols and pointed it at Grame.” Mr grame I would like to inform you that I do not like being touched by anyone, outside my play things. Secondly I would like to know more about your boss seeing as though you know all about us.” She said lowering her weapon
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Meeting {my} the Neighbors, cont.

"Not all, just a lot. And if you want information on Ghost, join the club. Only person who knows anything is a man named Jerry. And," He started his hand briefly erupting in fire before extinguishing, "before you ask, He's not even remotely viable for interrogating. Last woman who did was turned into a decoration."

His fire came back, this time acting like a cape. "Also, 'play things'? Are you one of those kinky types that likes breaking people or do you just have a bunch of pleasure slaves?"

Roberta smiled.” The universe is a strange place, yes I’m one of those people that enjoys breaking people. More specifically those that think themselves untouchable, those that think that having money and a few goons makes you immortal. I love seeing that arrogance broke, and for those I like I keep for myself or give to the crew. For those I don’t care for I experiment on them, testing new shock collars drugs and using some as live targets. That’s what I like, the universe is filled with scum that think there untouchable hence the bank job. I stole his mony and his wife and even his kids.” Roberta hugged herself.” Ou there’s no better feeling then breaking people inside and out, mentally and physically there core and there souls. The people they were gone forever.”

"Personally, I'd just shoot them, but whatever gets you off at night, I guess." Graeme shrugged, his fire coat disappearing. "So are we agreeing or are you gonna try and 'break' me like your toys?"

“Ou it’s tempting to just wound you and, torture like your boss wants to do to me.” Roberta shook her head, and regained her composure.” However while I agree that a temporary alliance will benefit us both, our bosses might not like the idea.”

"No, they won't. That's why we'll have to rush something out to make them want to be allies." Graeme replied, reaching into his duster to retrieve an immaculate black rose, offering it to her. "So, what do you think we should start on?"

Roberta took the rose and looked it over.” Hum that’s a difficult one, there’s almost nothing our people can’t handle and I’m assuming that you’re boss has her personal army as well?”

"Yeah, I think so. And he... well, I aint ever seen his or her face, but they do a lot. So why not plan a joint attack on the Golden Wind?" He asked, a bottle of wine floating out of the window - the one she had been drinking- and near her hand.

"Now hold on we already have people to attack them, not kill them but see what they can do. Now if your suggesting that your people work along side ours, to see what they can do. Well I might have to contact my people that are on the station first, let them know I hired some back up."

"I suggest exactly that. Although, my people won't be at your beck and call, sweetheart." His voice hardened only for a moment before he continued. "But otherwise, I'll treat your guys with the same kind of respect."

He gave her a flirtacious look, as he smiled softly. "Now about that kiss..."

Roberta pointed her pistol at his chin. "Unless you like lead going through your chin, that shit isn't happening. Now then my people should still be on the station that we robbed, if you send your people in and help mine i'm sure I can soften my boss attitude towards yours."

Instead of fear, he merely grinned as she felt heat behind her head. "Believe me, I'll be doing the same... but knock off the threatening shit already." He gently pushed the gun away. "If you were going to shoot me, you'd already have tried. You probably would have failed, but you could try."

The seductive look faded, becoming the cold one he had started opting for, the fire he made earlier fading away.

“Trust me I’ve killed plenty of red psions in my time, all I need from you is to help my people with the before and after we fight this golden wing. Just get your people to have a early fight with them, and if they capture my people break them out.”

"Hey, I've already said I would. But... If someone gets captured, I do expect some compensation." Graeme replied, before chuckling. "So make sure ya don't leave anyone. I am a greedy bastard who is untouchable." As he said that, he turned around, his duster showing six laser pistols, and a couple laser swords handles. He put a hand up in farewell, but paused. "See you around, Miss Roberta... that is if you ain't got nothing else for me?"

“Nope I gotta go and collect my money, I’ll be seeing you later.” Roberta said putting her pistol back. “Ou the galaxy is becoming a lot more fun again.”

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Frostlich1228: "The Great Lie."

Vessel of Sirius Ravenwood
Fringe Space

It was the same dark atmosphere that it always was inside the room of Nessiera'tora. The Room was candlelit, the shadows of the flame dancing mysteriously against the various odds and ends within.

Inside the room, on a thickly cushioned bed, lay Asiara'Rui, the former High Courtesan, now captured pet, holding a pillow up to her face and sniffing it, blushing, then pulling away in disgust. "This… This makes me sick… I want to smell her more…"

"Well, dear. You won't have to wait long." A voice spoke, only ushered by the whirring of a closing door.

Asiara quickly faced away from her, covering her nose and mouth as best she could. "No! Stop! Get away!"

"Calm yourself. I'm not wearing it." Nessie stepped into the candlelight.

"You're… not? I-I don't believe you!" Asiara pressed her head further up against the wall.

"I haven't renewed it in days. I'm sure you've felt its effects waning." The Lowborn crossed her arms.

"What are you talking about? You probably just… ran out…" Rui muttered.

"I chose to stop taking it." Nessie rolled her eyes. "I… have had a change of mind."

"A change of…" She peeked an eyeball at her, without her suit on, the Lowborn Courtesan was in full view, her numerous burn scars and all. "Why would you suddenly have this… change of mind?"

"Because I've realized that keeping you as my Mind Controlled Slave is… Something I no longer have a taste for." Nessie responded, stepping closer.

"Pfft… That's rich… Like I buy that..."

"Buy it or don't, it really means little." The Green Laepaede crossed her multiple arms. "I had thought originally that subjecting you to the same enslavement and forced subservience that you subject the rest of your people to would be due justice. But recently I've thought better of it… Robbing you of your free will forever makes me no better than the Royals I hate. Besides I think that you understand what it's like to be a Lowborn Pet now."

"Your kind is hardly good enough to be pets." Asiara said with venom.

"Yes. In reality putting you to work would've been much more apt. But I digress." Nessiera'tora shrugged, stepping even closer to the bed. "No. I want you to think for yourself. Have I not treated you well for someone who's own Hive didn't want them?"

"You keep saying that…" Asiara gripped the covers. "Is that really true?"

"They wanted to get rid of you. You were an obstacle. It was probably one or more High Courtesan trying to get ahead of you in the Shara'Sharei's list of selective mates." The Damaged Insectoid Woman sat on the edge of the bed now. "The idea that all Laepaede work together? It's a bold lie. Well… Partly… In a way they did get together, to get rid of you… You became more trouble than you were worth."

Asiara'Rui lowered the covers, "Why… Why Me? Why not one of my sisters?"

"If I had to guess, they probably felt threatened by your boldness and your bright yellow color. Ever since the first Ashara'Sharei, Yellow has always been a favored color for mates and Royals."

"You think I don't know that!? I was born for greatness! I was meant to be the mate of the Royal!" Asiara fought back. "They were just off colored little shits!"

"That's the Boldness I was talking about. That didn't fit within the structure they wanted. So they had you removed." Nessiera explained. "And have you ever asked yourself why you want to be the mate of the Royal? What the point of it all is?"

"What… are you talking about? That's what Courtesan are meant to do, you should know that. They are meant to support the Hive and mate with the Shara'Sharei and eventually replace her."

"They are 'meant' to? Are they? And what says that?" Nessie pressed.

"All of our thousands of years of Evolution! It's our place! We were specially designed for it." Asiara'Rui countered, glaring intensely at her.

"So you are saying you were born to be a slave? You were born to serve? Born for sex? And you have no value outside of that?"

The Highborn's confident visage started to chip away, looking back and forth quickly. "I'm… Not a Slave… I…"

"No, you only do whatever your Royal says without question. Even if it means leaving to scavenge inside of a derelict moonbase while your Hiveship conveniently leaves you behind?"

This time Asiara was quiet, she had no retort.

"Exactly. I believe that you were not born to be a Slave. Nor a Mother. Nor a Caretaker. There is nothing but conjecture and this faith that evolution has the answers to the question of your role in life." The Laepaedan Mercenary crawled up the bed towards her. "I believe Freedom. Your chains are intangible. They are mental. That… Is why I no longer want to control you…"

"So…" The Gold and Pink Insect Woman looked down. "Let's say… you've given me something to think about… what now?"

"Now? That is a good question. You could go. We'll drop you off on the next planet." Nessie listed on her fingers. "Or… You can stay with me. Just pretend like I'm still controlling you. In return, I'll expose to you the truth that your people, the Royals, even the Ashara'Sharei herself, don't want you to know."

"Fine… My Lady…" Asiara curled up slowly into an upright ball. "I have nowhere else to go anyway."

Nessiera gently took her by the chin, lifting it up to look at her, "You will see what I see… The Great Lie…"

"The Great Lie…?" She muttered.

"All in good time. Until then, remember what I said, I don't want Sirius knowing I let you free just yet." Nessie sat next to her.

"You're a strange one…" Asiara shook her head slowly.

"I get that a lot." Nessiera chuckled, laying down with her hands behind her head.


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May 26, 2013
InsaneDarkness & BMPixy: “Drones, the Essence of Sniping, and a Desire to Depart, Part One”
Aboard the Golden Wind, Armory

One of Gazan’s hands carefully traced lines along the laptop he had set up at one workstation, matching them to the small drone he had sitting by his left, the noble’s eyes flickering back and forth between screen and machine, looking for discrepancies he knew existed.

“Ah, of course,” he murmured, spotting the difference. Swiftly he unlatched a circuit board from it’s casing, twisted it, and reinserted it in the reverse position. “Always something backwards.” With a confident nod he tapped a dataslate a few times, only for nothing to happen once more, prompting a rare discontent growl from the fiery-maned bounty hunter.

Ella’s ear twitched as she heard a growl coming from the armory, merely passing by. As she glanced around the corner, she saw Gazan and immediately started shuffling away quickly. Shit, shit, shit! Don’t notice me...

“Ah, Viellin,” Gazan said, raising his free hand in greeting, yet not looking up from his work. “Just the woman I was hoping to run into at this time,” he said, probing around at the drone’s internals to see if there was really nothing wrong with the hardware.

Ella sighed internally. Dammit… “Hello… Gazan…” she murmured, turning around slowly and meandering her way in his direction. “What did you need?”

“A matter of opinion,” he said, relaxing and leaning back from his work, tilting his head to get a better look at the other Shinso. “One persistent point of weakness I keep noticing in my methods is a weakness to those of your trade. My typical armaments lack the range to engage on favourable terms, for one, but the more pressing matter is that you snipers have the worrying tendency to not be a visible piece on the playing board until you have already made your move,” he began to explain, his tone complimenting in an unintentionally condescending way. “So, whilst this drone is my first step in destroying that weakness, I would ask if you would let me pick your brain for a little while.”

Ella’s eye flicked to the right before centering on Gazan once more. “Trying to find weaknesses in your enemies is what a sniper does. Often times, they can expect your movements before you can even think of them. Patterns and past experiences are usually the best approach to understanding what your enemies plan to do next.” Ella rubbed her temples, squinting as she looked down, conflicted. I can’t believe I’m giving this bastard advice… “Your main objective for tackling a sniper is to put them in a position they don’t expect. Show them something they have never seen.” She paused a moment after her rambling. “Did you have anything you wished to ask for me to elaborate on?” she finished, a low humming coming from down the hall.

“Hm, so it is the conflict between foresight and after-images writ large,” Gazan analyzed. “Let them believe they are in control of the conflict until they suddenly aren’t. Simpler than I expected.” Pausing for a moment, the noble rubbed his chin in thought. “I shall ask this - if you were faced with a foe such as myself, what would be your tactics in destroying me? I would like to see that thought process in action, if you don’t mind.”

“Let me preface that some snipers go for information, while others are merely target killers. It always depends on the situation and mission goal entirely. In an all-out fight, the sniper will be behind the front lines, taking out either the other snipers or the larger and stronger targets. They are what would be called modern-day assassins without the need to be close to their target to take them out. Information-gathering can be done through hackers and people who know how to blend in, as well as a few other ways that are slightly less dramatic. Those two are not particularly snipers, but many snipers take on those two skills or others of similar efficiency to improve their overall usefulness to a group. Being a sniper is rather boring and tedious at times, while also being stressful and tense at others. A sniper who has no confidence in their ability and is merely around to gather information is likely more skittish. A sniper who is overconfident will be brash and forward, taking risks level-headed snipers won’t to gain information. In a combat situation, if a sniper is picking off the little guys, then there are too many targets to focus on, since most of the people in a battle are little guys. Focusing on the weaker links can prove beneficial, but often times they aren’t as much of a threat. Because you are as large as you are, you are considered a big threat. To mask your threat level, hiding behind a bigger and stronger guy would usually be your best plan. While you may still be targeted as a secondary threat, you would not be what they would be most worried about. Your best option when facing a sniper is to pressure them into moving. If you are too far away to do so, then you need to find a way to get closer. However, on the opposite end, as a front-liner, you should be protecting your sniper or snipers. Many of us are fragile and relatively useless close-quarters. That’s why we have you. To put it simply, Nick, for example, could crush my head into a wall and I would be dead. However, if he did the same to you, there’s a much higher chance you could still fight back. Just know that there’s nothing wrong with letting a sniper be your main way of eliminating targets, so long as their side doesn’t also have them. If they do, it should be your prerogative to eliminate them or avoid taking shots from them so that we don’t have to worry about you or about them. Outsmarting each other is the name of the game, so to speak. Though, I suppose you knew at least that much, or you wouldn’t be asking about it.”

“I see,” Gazan replied, nodding along with the explanation. “So, the essence of the strategy is exactly as simple as I feared it would be. Get out of their range, and into mine. Alternatively, have someone whose range matches or exceeds that of the enemy.” Pursing his lips, the noble added, “And the idea of putting another ally on the line for my own safety does not appeal to me - whilst I am a knight of the modern era, I am still a knight. However, I presume that manner of thought is exactly why this is an area of issue for me.”

“Let me make this a little simpler… in medieval terms. On top of castles stood archers on the walls. Infantry attacked the walls and died. Why?” Ella posed, raising her eyebrows.

“Whilst normally I would say that it was because the infantry’s commander was either a fool or had a greater strategy in mind, I presume that is not the point you are seeking to make,” Gazan said. “Presumably, it was because the archers had the better position, better range, and no serious threat to their health.”

“Exactly. The solution, then, was to get the better position and the better range. Rushing the walls to where archers couldn’t shoot them was the way to get better positioning. Ladders, an invention that was more than just a new technique to deal with their problems, offered them the better range at a great risk but still better than being merely sniped down helplessly, not to mention the great reward if they succeeded, as there was little the archers could do with a bunch of infantry on their walls surrounded by allies who required range. This back-and-forth game continued until now, where technology has advanced beyond reasonable levels. People are getting easier to predict and counters to counters and counters to those counters keep surfacing. Many older technologies are worth looking into, as they are often outdated and forgotten. On the other hand, newer technologies are expected or sometimes even anticipated. So, many times, the best solution for fighting against long range fighters is just to find ways to where they just can’t see you. ’You can’t hit what you can’t see’ or whatever. Whether that’s true or not, I always make sure I can see my enemy.”

“Well then, I suppose I have my answer then,” Gazan says, confidently and authoritatively nodding. “If people are getting easier to predict, then I who stands at the top of predicting things shall use that to my advantage. After all, snipers are still people as well. If I cannot engage them physically at range, I shall simply engage them psychologically at range.”

“That is one of the biggest ways to take on a sniper, yes. I was sort of hinting at that, but never outright stated it that way. I just mentioned how psychology affects the battlefield.” Ella cringed at herself.

Looking over his drone, the noble took a moment to type up a note on his laptop before replying to Ella. “Well then, before I put my answer into practice next time I encounter a sniper, let me put it in a hypothetical for you,” he said, leaning back in his seat. “How would you react if you shot someone and they parried the round?”


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May 26, 2013
InsaneDarkness & BMPixy: “Drones, the Essence of Sniping, and a Desire to Depart, Part Two”
Aboard the Golden Wind, Armory

“That would be a rather lucky thing to do. That would require reflexes much higher than anyone in the world possesses. A semi-automatic sniper could merely shoot again, while a bolt-action would require some time. Many would potentially shoot again, while some would flee, I suppose.” Ella shrugged.

“Don’t mention luck around me,” Gazan said, levelling a finger at Ella. “I am the one who will replace the gods with a slash of my sword. I will make that tactic a viable and reliable one.” Taking that outstretched finger and using it to rub his chin, he added, mostly to himself, “Yes, and I believe I know just the way…”

Ella triple-facepalmed in her head. Your ego is just… too much to bear… As she was about to turn around and leave, she noticed the drone on the ground and the laptop behind him. “What’s with all this?” She gestured towards the tech equipment.

“My first countermeasure against snipers, Drone Vent,” he explained. “A little flyer, packed full of sensors and light touch of cloaking. I also installed a little neural network in it that is designed to recognize firearms - less than a VI, but more than sufficient for my purposes. It’s job is to sit at a sufficient altitude and scan for hostile targets, then relay that data to my own suit’s sensor array. I’m currently ironing out some persistent issues before I upload it to my replicator.”

“Cloaking… Why didn’t I think of that?...” Ella murmured to herself. “Instead of lower vibrations, maybe higher ones intended for closer range… Or perhaps a combination of both?… Maybe some other improvements, like storage?...”

“Oh? Did you have a surge of inspiration for your own projects?” Gazan asked, cocking a curious eyebrow.

The low humming in the background came into the room in the form of a drone. “You’re not the first one to try drones for reconnaissance.”

“Well then, quite an interesting coincidence,” Gazan said with a smile. “Though my counterpart is far more utilitarian - it’s closer to taking the chassis for a toy drone and bolting on the necessary equipment than what you are pursuing,” he said, his attempt at humility failing in the usual manner.

“Well, I can see you haven’t gotten very far. Toy drones aren’t intended to fly with added equipment, you know.”

“Well, with a generous touch of overclocking, I’ve managed to solve that issue in exchange for reduced up-time, but regardless, tell me of your creation,” Gazan said, motioning to Ella to introduce her drone.

“Speakers, infrared, echolocation, self-repair to some extent, and a few other things I can’t remember and I’m too lazy to find out. But it’s intended to be a combat drone, flying around the field and sending back information while still being able to take a few hits and come back home.”

“Then I suppose this is your answer to ‘you cannot hit what you cannot see’,” Gazan surmised. “Since you will be in the back, it is natural that your drone will be in the front to provide intelligence, thus it needs to be able to fight. However, the opposite is true in my case, hence our differing design philosophies. I believe I’m starting along my quest to stand at the top of understanding the psychology of snipers properly now.“

“Then you might as well pick up a sniper for yourself,” Ella mumbled lowly.

“No, unfortunately, I cannot,” Gazan replied with a shake of his head. “The legend I aim to create requires my current method of battle.” He paused for a moment, as if to remember something, before raising his finger towards the heavens. “Grandmother said this. Symbols are meant to be seen, knights are meant to be on the front.”

I’m starting to think that either she said none of these things or she’s just a drug-induced hallucination… “Yeah, okay… Sure… Whatever… I’m gonna go…”

“Ah, so soon, Viellin?” Gazan asked, resting his chin on the back of his hand. “Between this attempt to withdraw and that slight hesitation in your gait when you first saw me, I’m almost wondering if you would like to avoid me. Did our first meeting truly leave such a sour impression?”

“It’s more that I don’t particularly get along with people who have a very high opinion of themselves, so to speak. I’m not sure you’d really understand.”

“Let me attempt a guess, as I have seen that sort of behavior before,” Gazan began, running his hands along his mane to press it back into a more orderly state. “In the current state of the galaxy, the view is that ‘confidence’ and ‘competence’ are, if not antithetical to each other, poorly correlated. Additionally, being outspoken about how great you are implies a need to confirm that others feel the same way, no? One who knows they are good does not need to speak of it. And, because of these biases of modern day culture, you are wondering if I fit that same mold of one who thinks they are better than they are as an attempt to deal with something more deep-seated - and in this line of work, such people are unreliable allies. Am I on the mark?”

“No. I just don’t have a good relationship with people who have a high opinion of themselves. My family’s about the extent of it, only because I had to grow up with them. If at all possible, I’d prefer to talk to normal people or even depressed people. Everyone else is… stressful. Well, people in general are stressful, but… Getting along with everyone else is more stressful…”

“Well then, considering that you have not yet stabbed me with that wonderful little augment you have, nor tried to break my arm, I’d say that this relationship is improving, no? Perhaps we who know our worth are not such a stressful lot to deal with after all.”

“So you say, but that’s only because I have a sense of morality. I still wish that I wasn’t here.” Ella furrowed her brow.

“Single steps form a journey,” Gazan replied. “Though at this pace, perhaps another 30 minutes in my presence will cure even that issue,” he said, giving an earnest closed-eye smile.

“Nope. I’m leaving.” Ella immediately dipped around the corner and out of sight.

Gazan shrugged, giving a mental sigh. “Ah well, you can lead the tajador to prey…” he said to himself, turning back to his work and eyeing up the code on his laptop. Noticing something, he had no choice but to put his head in his hands at the realization. “Of course it was a missing parentheses…”


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The fallowing is done by Zombiespliter 53&Dhalexpert

Blisk was slowly walking to the golden wing bloody coming off his forehead.” God damn wannabe hunters, I’ve been on this station to long can’t go a fucking day without someone trying to fight me.” As he made his way to the ship he pulled out a medishot and injected himself with the medicine. As he made his was to engineering and laid on the floor letting the medicine do its job.

He heard the clitterinng of small feet along the ground as he rested his eyes. As he slowly opened them, he found a large pair of insect ears staring over his heard.

Blisk yelled almost like roaring into the ears forcing the person to move back. "Eh if your goanna kill me bug man, know just because I’m bleeding doesn't mean I’m dying. So if you plan on fighting me know that it will be a losing battle."

Baich quickly backed away, curling up nervously. "I-I was... o-only seeing i-if yoy were d-dead!"

“I’m not dead it’s gonna take a hell of a lot more then these flesh wounds to kill me.” Blisk slightly moved making himself more comfortable.” Right so I’m on the golden wing right, so what part of the ship did I sleep in?”

"This is engineering. Where we maintain the ship's systems and thw warp core. I-I wanted to make sure someone didn't die where I work. I... might get in trouble..." Baichi relaxed too, but only a little. "Are you okay?"

“I’m fine I’m just a little hurt is all, I’m Blisk by the way sorry for interfering with your work.”

"Baichi. Chief engineer." The insect man rubbed his head nervously. "You are one of the captain's bounty hunters, yes?"

“Yeah Just got done getting her some more money, turned in some gangsters that thought it was a good idea to attack me for a quick payday. Made about a good fifty thousand credits.”

Baichi looked him over. "You look pretty strong. How did you get hurt?"

"It's been a little while since iv'e been fighting by myself, got cough off guard. Bastard threw a pack of frag grenades when my armor augmentation was up, bastard destroyed my armor temporary."

"An entire pack?!" Baichi stepped forward. "And you survived! Wow..."

"My armor is very strong, besides I've taken worse then a pack of frag grenades. Did hell on my armor though and gave me a pretty nasty concussion."

"Perhaps you should go to the infirmary." Baichi's eyes got a bit of excitement in them. "In the meamtime... m-maybe I can... look at your armor?"

Blisk gowned. "Fine then." Blisk activated his armor augmentation his chest and augmented limbs went black with like he was covered head to toe in metal weaving.

"Oooh..." Baichi stepped forward. "Do you mind if I have a closer look?"

“Define a closer look bug man? Hell this aug is a part of my skin.”

"Well then... I'll have to get really close... won't I?" Baichi asked cautiously.

Blisk rolled his eyes.” Fine but just be careful, just don’t touch my more vital augmentation Alright.”

Baichi nodded, and skittered forward, climbing on top of him and moving about. If Blisk was ticklish, it would have been unbearable. As it was, it was simply uncomfortable, a large insect man crawling all over him and occasionally stopping to poke at something and give an impressed mumble.

I somehow miss being shot at and fighting right about now, being crawled on by a bug I’m growing soft. Blisk thought to himself.

"You're armor is amazing," Baichi finally said. "It has sustained a surprisingly low amount of damage. Where did you get these augmentations?"

“My home world, my mechanic she’s the one that got me all what you see limbs included.”

"She is a master at her art." Baichi climbed down from him. "Do your systems have a self-repair unit?"

“In a way do, my heart is in some regards it’s filled with nanomachines. So it pumps blood and fixes my metal limbs.

"That's good. I guess you won't need my help then." Baichi almost sounded disappointed.

“Look Just because I have repair systems doesn’t mean I can’t let you have a look.”

Baichi quickly nodded. "I-I would love to help you out. Um... would you like to do that now?"

“Sure my armor looks like a mess, takes the little bastard some time to fix me.”

Baichi nodded and led the Kortovog merc to a work station. He retrieved a variety of tools and put on a special mask made for a Bajir's head, like a welding mask but with adjustable eye pieces that could magnify to incredible lengths. He sat behind and started by examining Blisk's back. "Th-there are thousands of microfractures. None of them are trouble alone but together they could be a problem. Luckily the nanomachines are quickly fixing them."

"These larger breaks, however..." He grabbed a few of his tools on each hand, including a welding torch. "Can you turn off pain receptors?"

“No I can’t do that, Sunny didn’t want me to be more machine then a person. So no I don’t have pain receptors, but don’t worry I can take a lot of pain.”

"Alright. I'll be as careful as possible." Baichi did just that as he worked, sealing up gashes that would take the nanomachines a long time to fix and could let infections in. It was a mere dull pain, almost like getting a tattoo. It was an odd sight, Baichi treating him like a doctor with tools for a machine. "How are you doing?" he asked Blisk.

“No the worst pain I’ve felt, that still goes to a fifteen foot Goliath flinging me into a tree. But it’s a dull pain like getting your teeth drilled.”

Baichi finished up with his abdomen and moved on to his arms. "This work is amazing, he noted as he repaired. "Like real muscle made out armor. Your engineer is a genius at her work."

“She really is, though my kind has had thousands of years of working with augmentation and robotics.”

"I know. I've, um... studied your people a bit."

“Well at least someone has, most people if not half the galaxy thinks my people are nothing more then war loving monsters.”

"I understand. Most people see my people as nothing but cowards and hopeless wimps. Though... I suppose I am not the best example to change that view..."

"Well to be fair my kind is intimidating, especially after a fight. our adrenaline is still high, so you did take a risk by coming near me especially when I just woke up."

Baichi paused for a moment. "W-what... do you mean? Surely you... wouldn't have attacked me..."

"I'm not exactly a friendly person when i'm tired and losing blood and my adrenaline is high, i'm thinking about survival so I possibly would have attacked you."

"I see..." Baichi started working again. "I will... keep that in mind should you collapse in engineering again. Though I would suggest avoiding that..."

"I hope not to pass out here ether, damn bastards got me really good I've been on this station far to long I need to find a job soon and get off this station. This is why I don't stay with people for more then a week."

"You plan to leave us?" Baichi hoped down, evidentally done. "The Captain would likely miss you."

"I'm not going anywhere,I just need to get off this station for a little while and get some distance from here so those that are after me will move on."

"I see. Well, I am sure the Cpatain can find you something to do. Oh!" Baichi searched through a drawer. "I have something for you."

"Is it a bounty or is it me helping with picking up things?"

"Hmm? No, no, nothing... n-nothing like that..." Baichi pulled out a large jug. "This is a special mixture of iron oxide. If you rub it on your skin, it will help your nanomachines. Give them the materials they need to work faster."

"That's good to know, it's true that I haven't been treating the little things good. Or the rest of my body for that matter, I do for all my years of hunting do need to adapt. And me being a part of a team is something I need to get used to as well as being in one spot for a long period of time."

Baichi nodded. "Being a part of a team is what my people are all about. It helps if you can rely on someone, and I believe you can with Aya and the Captain. As for the others, I am not sure about them all, but from whom I have met I trust them."

“I like these people to but, look being a solo act for about a decade and teaming with others takes time. But at least the people are here are good, even Aya even though she’s a Tamarin.”

Baichi gave what Blisk believed to be a smile. "It is good to hear you get along with Aya. I heard that was not always so."

“Ou the hatred between Kotavorg and Tamarin is very much real between us, so much so that I would have eaten here alive after breaking her arms.”

Baichi sulked down a but. "I do hope you are exaggerating..."

“There’s a reason we’re called monsters, we are known for eating everything including people. But that only happens if we don’t like the person we’re fighting, or we’re really really hungry.”

"Um... r-right. Wrll, um..." Baichi bowed his head. "I do hope I am on your good side."

Blisk smiled and showing his extended knine teeth.” Don’t worry you are after all you helped me out, and you complemented my machinists work and to help the little robots in me. We’re fine.”

"Yes... I am happy to hear this..." Baichi bowed again. "It was a pleasure, though I feel you should go to the infirmary now for your biological wounds."

“Ugh yea I’m sure the doctor there is gonna love fixing me up, any way thanks Baichi for fixing my metal bits.”

Baichi nodded. "Have a good day. Um... come visit when you're in better condition."

"No promises but I will try bug man, you have a good day now and try not to be so jumpy next time. And I’ll try to be less scary next time."

"Y-yes... please do," Baichi said, only half joking.